Norske i Montana Marriages

These web pages are an index to the marriage records of Blaine, Daniels, Dawson, Garfield, McCone, Phillips, Prairie, Richland, Roosevelt, Sheridan, Valley, and Wibaux Counties of Montana, all of which were included in the book “Norske i Montana” by Richard Fretheim, an earlier work by the compiler.

Eastern Montana Marriage Records Index: (File Letter refers to 1st letter of Surname)

Misc. A – Amsrud Amundsen – Andrews Andriash – Azure B – Bawn Baxter – Bettey Bettge – Boudinot Boudreau – Brown, George
Brown, Georgia – Bzoluck C – Chambers Chambra – Cleary Clease – Cory Coryell – Czyzski D – Degraw Degree – Donelky Doney – Dyven
E – Emily Emlay – Eyre F – Follette Follis – Fyaint G – Gildoy Gile – Grant Grantham – Gwinn H – Hansen
Hansford – Hawley Hawn – Hetman Hetrick – Holy Holyk – Hynes I J – Jentz Jenzen – Johnson, Martha Johnson, Martin – Jystad
K – Ketcham Ketchener – Knott Knotts – Kyset L – Larson, Lars Larson, Laura – Len Lence – Lodahl Lodge – Lzicar M – Marvon
Mary – McGrane McGrath – Meussman Meyer – Montgue Monti – Myrvang N – Nesse Nessen – Nystrom O – Olson, Martha Olson, Martin – Parks
Parle – Petersen, Minnie Petersen, Nels – Playle Pledson – Quitney R – Renner Rennes – Rodgers Rodman – Ryzewski S – Schraeder Schrag – Shellver
Shelly – Smith, Annie Smith, Anton – Spinner Spinney – Stone, Fred Stone, Hannah – Szezerbinski T – Thull Thum – Tyssen U & V W – Welbaum
Welch – Williams, Lona Williams, Louis – Wyse X Y & Z


This work is a continuation of the search for the records of those Norwegian immigrants and Norwegian/Americans who came to the Territory/State of Montana during the settlement years. The decision to “do ’em all”, that is, to index all the marriage records for all the listed counties for the selected time period and then “cherrypick” the Norske records for later inclusion in Volume One of “Norske i Montana” 2nd edition follows the pattern established in the compiler’s “Index to Naturalization Records”

The Individual Entries are arranged as follows:

The Groom’s name, place of residence, age, place of birth, and parent’s names

The Bride’s name, place of residence, age, place of birth and parent’s names

The date and place of marriage

The County of issue and document number of the marriage license

“see” reference was made for each name listed in the entry after the groom’s name

Entries were made for all licenses recorded including those for which the certificate of marriage was not completed (probably indicating that the marriage did not take place?)

The most direct and efficient approach to obtain copies of marriage licences is to write to the Clerk Court of the county where the document was issued, being careful to list the document number of the license, the date of the marriage and both the groom’s and the bride’s names. A fee will be charged for search and copying.

The second source is the Montana Historical Society in Helena whose collection of marriage records on microfilm covers all 56 counties. This collection is non-circulating and a fee may be charged for search and copying.

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim’s book “Norske i Montana”. These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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