Past MSGS Conferences


The September 2020 and September 2021 Conferences were cancelled.

In September 2022, the Conference will be: "Shedding A Light On Our Past" at Fairmont Hot Springs (Butte).

How many conferences have you attended?

2019 "Preserving the Past" Helena

2018 "Follow the Trail to Your Past" Great Falls

2017 "Moving Forward Thru the Past" Billings

2016 "Linking Our Trails" Missoula

2015 "Harvesting Our Roots" Butte

2014 "Find the Silver Linings in Your Tree" Helena (25th Silver Anniversary Conference)

2013 "One Leaf at a Time" Bozeman

2012 "Digging Up Roots" Billings

2011 "Gathering Lost Leaves" Kalispell

2010 "Reach For The Stars" Lewistown

2009 "Growing Genealogy" Helena

2008 "Mining Cultural Heritages" Butte

2007 "Where Did They Go?" Billings

2006 "Wander the Wonderland" Gardiner

2005 "Out On A Limb" Missoula

2004 "Gateway To Your Heritage" Helena

2003 "Sagebrush, Soddies & Steam Engines" Havre

2002 "Celebrate - Educate" Billings

2001 "Trails and Rails" Bozeman

2000 "As The Century Turns" Great Falls

1999 "Mining the Mother Lode" Helena

1998 "Around & Around We Go" Missoula

1997 "Tracks" Glendive

1996 "Signpost" Deer Lodge

1995 "Birth of the Big Sky" Dillon

1994 "Bits, Bytes & Bull" Missoula

1993 "Crossings" Lewistown

1992 "Looking Back" Billings

1991 "Westward Ho" Great Falls

1990 "Ancestral Trail to Montana" Helena