Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
XANDER, Clarence F       Glendive 33 Hurdland Mo J E Xander & Jennie Williams 12-May-30 Glendive Dawson 3863  
      Alice Schock Glendive 19 Kullum N D Gottlif Schock & Pauline Myer          
XANDER, J E see Xander, Clarence F                    
YAAS, Charles see Yaas, William H                    
YAAS, Helen B see Yaas, William H                    
YAAS, William H       Paxton 38 Lampasas Texas Charles Yaas & Mary Espy 30-Mar-17 Glendive Dawson 2135  
      Helen B Yaas Paxton 32 Fairfield Maine Altus Hopkins & Francis E Wescott          
YACKEY, Eva May see Green, Isaac E                    
YACKEY, Francis C see Jackson, Robert S                    
YACKEY, Jacob see Yackey, William H                    
YACKEY, William H       Weldon 42 Powderville Jacob Yackey & Francis Lee 17-Apr-29 Glendive Dawson 3709  
      Marion B Groves Circle 50 Dane Wisc James Towers & Margaret Wilson          
YADEN, Lizzie see Thompson, Releigh                    
YADEN, Margent? see Thompson, Raleigh                    
YADON, James M see Yadon                    
YADON, James S see Housley, Walter C                    
YADON, Jessie see Biehl, James W                    
YADON, Lizzie see Thompson                    
YADON, Margaret see Thompson                    
YADON, Margaret see Salsbury, Samuel                    
YADON, Nettie N see Housley, Walter C                    
YADON, Thomas C see Biehl, James W                    
YADON, Vincent V       Brockton 27 Queen? City Mo James M Yadon & Marie Bledsoe 12-Jul-14 Culbertson Sheridan    
      Alda M Petefish Brockton 27 Iowa Frank Petefish & Elizabeth Connord          
YAGER, Edmund J       Ashland 35 France John Yager & P Hess 12-Jan-1896 Glendive Dawson 125  
      Hilda Knutson Allard 23 Norway Torkel Knutson & Gunhild Lee          
YAGER, John see Yager, Edmund J                    
YALE, Fred see Peterson, Hans K                    
YALE, Ruth see Peterson, Hans K                    
YALSING, Louisa see Gruhn                    
YANKA, Barbara see Caduff, George                    
YAR_?, Hannah see Cusker, H J                    
YARBROUGH, Mary E see Douthitt                    
YAREMEY, Mary see Ktytor, Dmytro                    
YARGER, Ollie see Teeters, William P                    
YARGIS, Commodore see Handy                    
YARGIS, Laura see Handy                    
YARKEY, Sarah see Kneffer, Fred W                    
YARMEY, Annie see Tymofichuk, John                    
YARMYE, Annie see Brayko, William O                    
YARNEY, Alick & Dors see Yarney                    
YARNEY, Petro       Scobey 25 Ukraine Russia Alick & Dors Yarney 26-Apr-19 Scobey Sheridan 1508  
      Marie Darchuk Scobey 18 Manitoba Can George Darchuk & Clystna Hnatiuk?          
YARNOLD, Dorothy Mary see Levandaski, Wallace                    
YARYAN, Clara E see Casey, Harry Walter                    
YATE, Della M see McPherson, Marion L                    
YATE, Edward T see McPherson, Marion L                    
YATES, Emma see Derlan, Leo F                    
YATES, Herman see Gilbert, Herbert Neill                    
YATES, Martha see Gorsuch, Roy A                    
YATES, Mary see Doney, William James                    
YAUCH, Anna see Hart, Donald W                    
YDSTIE, Andrew see Kaldor                    
YDSTIE, Andrew see Moen                    
YDSTIE, Anna see Person, Carl W                    
YDSTIE, Helen see Kaldor                    
YDSTIE, Lena see Lund, Paul Otto Antoine                    
YEAGER, John see Yeager                    
YEAGER, Belbia see Turnbough, L H                    
YEAGER, Charles O       Welliver 30 Arkansas John Yeager & Alice Malcomb? 11-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1410  
      Alma Park-hurst Welliver 35 Iowa par Andrew Parkhurst & Mabel Olson          
YEAGER, J C see Maris, Glenn                    
YEAGER, John see Yeager                    
YEAGER, John see Yeager                    
YEAGER, John E       Welliver 23 Arkansas John Yeager & Alice Malcolm? 8-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1176  
      Ruby Wolfe Welliver 18 Missouri Albert Wolfe & Mattie E McMillan          
YEAGER, Lizzie see McDaniel, Ernest                    
YEAGER, Pearl see Maris, Glenn                    
YEAGER, Walter O       P�wood 28 Arkansas John Yeager & Alice Malcolm 3-Feb-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1470  
      Leona Parkhurst P�wood 17 Iowa Emmitt Parkhurst & Alma Halverson          
YEAROUS, Mary E see Keller, Vernon                    
YEARSON, Tillie F see Gibbs, William I                    
YEATTS, May A see Young, Herbert J                    
YEATTS, Ray see Barnard, James T                    
YEDEMO, Gertrude see Dykstra, Albert P                    
YELL, Lillian A see Foley, Louis Joseph                    
YELL, Phoebe see Panger, Noah Herbert                    
YELLEN?, Joseph see Lindahl                    
YELLOW, Calf see Weasel, Millard                    
YELLOW, Calf       Ft Belknap 62 Ft Belknap ??? 16-Oct-24 Savoy Blaine 832  
      Elbow (Longknife?) Ft Belknap 61 Ft Belknap ???          
YELLOW, Cow see Medicine Boy                    
YELLOW, Elbow see Sharp, Phillip                    
YELLOW, Elbow see Sharp, Phillip H C                    
YELLOW, Elk see Small                    
YELLOW, Elk see Spotted Dog, Joshua                    
YELLOW, Eyed Woman see Crazy Dog                    
YELLOW, Eyes see Bird Tail, James                    
YELLOW, Feet see Whitebear, Joe                    
YELLOW, Hair see Karkaldie, Robert                    
YELLOW, Hair see Red Door, Claude                    
YELLOW, Haired Women see Counter                    
YELLOW, Hawk see Rosebud                    
YELLOW, Hawk see Heddrick                    
YELLOW, Hawk see Davis, Arthur O                    
YELLOW, Hawk see Yellow Hawk, John                    
YELLOW, Hawk see Scott, Roy                    
YELLOW, Iron see War Club                    
YELLOW, Leaf see Medicine, Rufus                    
YELLOW, Owl see Cleveland                    
YELLOW, Owl see Feather Earring, John                    
YELLOW, Owl see Brush Horn, Joseph                    
YELLOW, Robe see Yellow Robe, Steve                    
YELLOW, Robe see Frog, Felix                    
YELLOW, Skirt see Necklace, Patrick                    
YELLOW, Skirt see White Eagle, Jerome                    
YELLOW, Tail see Flea, Leo                    
YELLOW COW, Lena see Walker, John                    
YELLOW HAWK, Clara see Rosebud                    
YELLOW HAWK, John       Poplar 26 Ft Peck Yellow Hawk & First Elk 19-Apr-27 Poplar Roosivelt 1017  
      Adel DeCot-eau Shields N D 25 Standing Rock Reser Henry Azure & Mary Longee          
YELLOW HAWK, Nina see Brush Horn, Joseph                    
YELLOW HAWK, Ruth see Scott, Ray                    
YELLOW HAWK ROSEBUD, Clara see Davis, Arthur O                    
YELLOW HORSE, Unice see Broken, James                    
YELLOW OWL                        
YELLOW OWL, James & Dora see Bokas, Thomas                    
YELLOW OWL, Nina see Feather Earring, John                    
YELLOW ROBE, Steve       St Paul 31 Choteau Cty Yellow Robe & White Woman 17-Dec-21 Glasgow Valley 2842  
      Elfina Old Rock Wolf Point 27 Wolf Point James Old Rock & Fannie Redman          
YELLOWEAGLE, see Whitehawk                    
YELLOWEAGLE, Agnes see Whitehawk                    
YELLOWLESS, Nellie see Gibson                    
YELTTON, L see Norris                    
YENDERK, Marian see Hajek, John                    
YEOMAN, Grace C see Qualey, Olaf T                    
YEOMAN, Mary E see Farrell, John A                    
YEPH, Joseph       Oswego 24 Syria Joseph Yeph & Selma Hamden 9-Feb-15 Glasgow Valley 1642  
      Mollie Hornman Oswego 17 Glasgow B Hornman & Rose Roseblaff          
YERIGAN, Delbert see Yerigan                    
YERIGAN, Wayne V       Fortuna N D 23 Alex-andria Mn Delbert Yerigan & Francis Nichols 7-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2938  
      Eleanor? F Wheeler Helena 20 Helena Victor Wheeler & Nellie Benson          
YESKA, Arthur R see Schultz, Luther                    
YESKA, Edna see Giger, Henry D                    
YESKA, Gradie see O�Brien, John P                    
YESKA, Gustav see Giger, Henry D                    
YESKA, Gustave see O�Brien, John P                    
YESKA, Gustave see Schultz, John G                    
YESKA, Hattie D see Schultz, Luther                    
YESKA, Helen see Schultz, John G                    
YESTERMIER, Elizabeth see James, Whitman W                    
YESTON, Tena see Oleson, Knute                    
YETTER, Julie Anne see Cox, Levi                    
YETTER, Minnie see Talbot, George H                    
YEVCICH, Margaret see Stukel, Edward F                    
YHLEN, Paulina see Horn, Paul A                    
YIRI, Anna see Anderson                    
YLAGLON, Joseph see Ylaglon, George                    
YLAGLON., George       Mondak 27 Turkey Joseph & Jossie Ylaglon 30-Nov-22 Poplar Roosivelt 448  
      Celia Lillie Gosselin Buford N D 20 Buford John Renville & Saraphina LeVay          
YNDOGLIATO, Angelo see Trocinsky, Frank J                    
YNDOGLIATO, Theresia see Trocinsky, Frank J                    
YOAS, Chas A see Yoas, Hugh A                    
YOAS, Hugh A       Paxton 28 Lampasses Texas Chas A Yoas & Mary Esby 16?-Oct-1911 Glasgow Valley 915  
      Daisy Bissel St Ignace Mich 25 St Ignace Phillip Bissell & Sarah J Hanna          
YOCKEY, Jacob see Seubert, Andrew L                    
YOCKEY, Rose M see Seubert, Andrew L                    
YOCUM, Etta see Kurth, Frank F                    
YODER, Ira Jacob       Brockton 33 Huntsville Ohio Solomon Yoder & Saloma Zook 1-Jan-19 Noonan N D Sheridan 1452  
      Marie Ethel Hoar Brockton 18 Nampa Idaho Joseph H Hoar & Lillie Schrock          
YODER, Solomon see Yoder                    
YOHY, Mary see Podrgay, Martin                    
YOKEY, Jacob see Schuett, William O                    
YOKEY, L Ada see Schuett, William O                    
YOLTAN, Rhode see Mattison, William E                    
YONKER, Ida Edna see Jensen, Alfred                    
YOOK, Mary Ann see Leedy, Schuyler C                    
YOPP, Fred W       Beach N D 52 St Paul Mn Fred W Yopp & Augusta Pohl 24-Feb-25 Wibaux Wibaux 478  
      Anna Quackenbush Beach N D 36 Black River Falls Wis John Dougherty & Mary Ann Loughlane          
YORK, Belle see Murdick, Albert L                    
YORK, Dick see Serdotz, Charles                    
YORK, Edson see York, Horace J                    
YORK, Frank E see York, Jonathan M                    
YORK, Grace see Paulson, Francis O�Hara                    
YORK, Grace see Kohl, Lewis                    
YORK, Grace A see Warmbrod, John Luther                    
YORK, Horace J       Glendive 54 Amherst Wisc Edson York & Cordelia Peas 10-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3261  
      Starlight Vadnay Pawnee Okla 23 Pawnee Clarence Vadnay & Wanetta Bird          
YORK, Jonathan M       Saco 24 Wis Frank E York & Mary E Colby 2_?-April-1906 Saco Valley 222  
      Flossie M Tinney Saco 18 Wis William Tinney & Sarah L Hinaman          
YORK, Valerie see Serdotz, Charles                    
YORMAY, Annie see Tymofichuk, Nick                    
YORT, Selma see Hardy, Dean                    
YORTON, Corrine Annie see Newby, Lester B                    
YORTON, Ed see Newby, Lester B                    
YORTON, Emma see Trudell                    
YOST, Ellen see Petersen, Nils                    
YOTENS, Ingrid see Moe Gustav E                    
YOUDEN, Frank see Youden, Otis R                    
YOUDEN, Otis R       Miles City 35 St Johns Mich Frank Yuoden & Margaret A Austin 9-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 3112  
      Lydia Agnes Wilman Pleasant View 18 Chicago Ill Fred Wilman & Anna B Etzingberger          
YOUELLS, Bertha see Osborn, Norman F                    
YOUELLS, O W see Youells, Roy                    
YOUELLS, O W see Osborn, Norman F                    
YOUELLS, Roy       Beach N D 19 Morris-(town)? Mn O W Youells & Gertrude Stecker 30-Jun-26 Wibaux Wibaux 536  
      Alice Wolkow Watertown S D 19 Erwin S D Edward Wolkow & Lily Koplien          
YOUMANS, Alice see Crook, James F                    
YOUND, Ella see McClain, Robert                    
YOUNG, Bear see Fighter                    
YOUNG, Man see Young, Herbert                    
YOUNG, Skirt see Dumb, George                    
YOUNG, Adril? see Williamson, Allen                    
YOUNG, Aggie see Sindt                    
YOUNG, Agnes see Ator                    
YOUNG, Agnes see Ator                    
YOUNG, Agnes see Holland                    
YOUNG, Agnes see Tucker, Claude A                    
YOUNG, Agnes Jac see Anderson                    
YOUNG, Agnes Joy see Sorensen, Ellery Alvin                    
YOUNG, Ailred B see Young, Herbert J                    
YOUNG, Albert Earl see Alavana, John                    
YOUNG, Amanda see Godwa, O D                    
YOUNG, Amelia see Nygren, Ture                    
YOUNG, Andrew see Young, Earl Andrew                    
YOUNG, Andrew see Potter, Harold E                    
YOUNG, Anna Marie see Wirtz                    
YOUNG, Anna Sophie see Peters, Victor G W                    
YOUNG, Anton see Wirtz                    
YOUNG, Archie Williams       Vida 26 Oclaer (Eau Claire?)Wis Wm H Young & Mattie Monti 15-Oct-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 556  
      Anna Lucile Jasinski St Paul Mn 21 StPaul Frank Kaminski & Francis Makoski          
YOUNG, Blanche see Hymer, Alfred W                    
YOUNG, Blanche see Alpaugh, Stephen Darwin                    
YOUNG, Carroll       Saco 22 Mn   6-Jan-25   Phillips 813  
      Hazel Kapphan Phillips 19 Mn            
YOUNG, Celia see Slade                    
YOUNG, Charles see Knudsen, Hartvig                    
YOUNG, Charles A see Young, Thomas W                    
YOUNG, Charles B       Chestnut, Gallatin Cty 26 Council Bluffs, Kans? William Young & Emily Loomis 8-Aug-00 Glendive Dawson 208  
      Grace Martin Bloomingdale Mich 29 Lake Ridge Mich Steve Martin & Ann Culver          
YOUNG, Charles D       New England N D 32 Crystal Mich William D Young & Edith Morgan 2-Aug-28 Wibaux Wibaux 619  
      Mrs Emma Wider Vienna Mo 23 Vienna Frank Terwilliger & Rosetta Miller          
YOUNG, Charles L see Sorensen, Ellery Alvin                    
YOUNG, Charley L see Young, Lowell C                    
YOUNG, Claude H       Savage 25 Mich Wm D Young & Rosa May Cole 26-Nov-11 Savage Dawson 1004  
      Elizabeth I Hall Savage 19 Wisc C H Hall & ??? Hoy          
YOUNG, Clifford       Saco 25 Bertha Mn Jasper Young & Belle Stevens 4-Nov-26 Glasgow Valley 3256  
      Greta Knapp Saco 18 Verdel Neb Jesse Knapp & Mae Collins          
YOUNG, Cora see Whitaker, George                    
YOUNG, Cora Beatrice see Baker William Richard                    
YOUNG, Daisy see Miller                    
YOUNG, Daisy M see Cunningham, Arley W                    
YOUNG, Dalphene see McQueen, George W                    
YOUNG, Daniel see Moore, F B                    
YOUNG, David H see Young, Walter Guy                    
YOUNG, Dora see Osweiler, Paul Leonard                    
YOUNG, Duane see Basener, Ernest                    
YOUNG, Earl Andrew       Brockway 25 Milbank S D Andrew Young & Anna Paul 27-Nov-21 Brockway McCone 37  
      Leona Nagel Brockway 18 Cadott Wisc John Nagel & Barbara Mosier          
YOUNG, Earl M see Lorentzen, Thomas                    
YOUNG, Edna see McQueen, George W                    
YOUNG, Edward G H       Elmdale 21 Sidney George W Young & Mathilda G Lawson 2-May-14 Elmdale Dawson 1484  
      Martha E Golphenee Elmdale 18 Mt Morian Missouri A B Golphenee & Minerva Hiatt          
YOUNG, Ellen see Taplin, H E                    
YOUNG, Emily see McClain, Tracy                    
YOUNG, Emma see Joubert, Ezra G                    
YOUNG, Emma see Howard, William C                    
YOUNG, Esther see Lawrence, Albert                    
YOUNG, Ethel see Jensen, Hans Martin                    
YOUNG, Ethel see Lindner, William                    
YOUNG, Evelyn see LaBrie, Albert                    
YOUNG, Florence see Young, Isaac S                    
YOUNG, Frank see Boles, James C                    
YOUNG, Frank L see Webster, Adelbert E                    
YOUNG, Franklin L       McCabe 45 Marshall Cty Ind Wm L Young & Jennie E Borton 10-Aug-21 McCabe Roosivelt 271  
      Jennette E Fisher Indiana 45 Sycamore Ill John Fisher & Sarah Chap-man          
YOUNG, Fred see Harshbarger                    
YOUNG, Fred see Young                    
YOUNG, G W see Young, Isaac S                    
YOUNG, George R see Young, Herbert J                    
YOUNG, George W see Young, Edward G W                    
YOUNG, Gertrude A see Haynes, Gordon B                    
YOUNG, Gladys see Harshbarger                    
YOUNG, Govenier       Poplar 50 Gulduland Center N Y Peter Young & Rebecca Austin 22-May-16 Poplar Sheridan 742  
      Pearl C Hulen     Centralia Missouri Henry Hulen & Anna Roberts          
YOUNG, Grace see Anerson, Albert                    
YOUNG, H P see Baker, William Richard                    
YOUNG, Hal see Shute Myron E                    
YOUNG, Haldee see Beauchamp, Edmund                    
YOUNG, Hattie E see Huber, Ralph E                    
YOUNG, Hazel see Knudsen, Hartvig                    
YOUNG, Helen Beatrice see Holland, Louis                    
YOUNG, Henry see Friede, Rudolph C                    
YOUNG, Herbert       Hays 27 Ft Belknap Young Man & Blue Lodge Woman 24-Oct-22 St Pauls Mission Blaine 732  
      Grace Hunter Lodge Pole 20 Ft Belknap Leo Hunter & Stella Maine          
YOUNG, Herbert J       Waleston 31 Milwaukee Wis George R Young & Barbara Schneider 31-Aug-29 Chinook Blaine 1159  
      Myrtle Loney Dodson 24 Ledgerwood S D William Loney & Ida Severson          
YOUNG, Herbert J       Waliston 25 Wisc   30-Oct-23   Phillips 735  
      Mat A Yeatts Beaverton 19 Virginia            
YOUNG, Irvin A       Greenfield Iowa 25 Jefferson Cty Iowa J G? & Margaret Young     Valley 629 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Pearl E Carter Greenfield Iowa 25 Iowa D C Carter & Susie Swisher          
YOUNG, Isaac see Mason, H C                    
YOUNG, Isaac S       Elmdale 34 Kirksville Missouri G W Young & Mathilda Larson 12-Jun-14 Elmdale Dawson 1486  
      Florence Young Elmdale 33 Greencastle Missouri Solomon Bockman & Angelina Coffo          
YOUNG, J H       Wibaux 44 Belfield N D John F Young & Eva Stoneknocker 5-Apr-30 Wibaux Wibaux 727  
      Hazel L Carlock Wibaux 43 Ipswich S D H C Cooke & Elizabeth Cummings          
YOUNG, James see Ator, John William                    
YOUNG, Jasper see Young, Clifford                    
YOUNG, Jasper see Whitaker, George                    
YOUNG, Jennie see Colclough, Frederick                    
YOUNG, Joe       Malta 21 ND   22-Jul-28   Phillips 1040  
      Mabel Mitchell Phillips 20 Okla            
YOUNG, John see Chesley, Israel B                    
YOUNG, John see Cooke, Herbert W                    
YOUNG, John F see Young, J H                    
YOUNG, Joseph G see Kappham, Veray Chris                    
YOUNG, Julia C see Sims, Earl C                    
YOUNG, Kate see Clark                    
YOUNG, Katherine see Koebrick, Ernest E                    
YOUNG, Katherine see Wrede, Andrew J                    
YOUNG, Laura see Sands                    
YOUNG, Laura see DonTigny, Adelard O                    
YOUNG, Lewis       Hinsdale 18 Hannibal Missouri Louis Young & ??? 18-Jul-23 Beaverton Valley 2982  
      Ina Chester Hinsdale 17 Hinsdale Jesse Chester & Anna Jansen          
YOUNG, Lila see Potter, Harold E                    
YOUNG, Lilly see Raymond, F W                    
YOUNG, Lois A see Boles, James C                    
YOUNG, Lorene see Lindner, William                    
YOUNG, Lowell C       McCabe 24 Lowell Cty Indiana Charley L Young & Flora W Trump 26-Dec-29 McCabe Roosivelt 1401  
      Camilla Marie Rohde McCabe 17 Cedar Falls Iowa Marius Rhode & Annie Knudsen          
YOUNG, Lucille see Williamson, Allen                    
YOUNG, Lucille see Young, Herbert J                    
YOUNG, Lucinda see Wade, Mario                    
YOUNG, Lucinda see Wade, Riley                    
YOUNG, Mabel E see Webster, Adelbert E                    
YOUNG, Madge see Cooke, Herbert W                    
YOUNG, Margaret see Brown, Charles C                    
YOUNG, Margarethe see Moyer                    
YOUNG, Martha Ida see Shaffer, Caughey                    
YOUNG, Mary see McAuley, Earl H                    
YOUNG, Mary see Thompson, Amos                    
YOUNG, Mrs Paul see Dugan, Thomas                    
YOUNG, Myra see Alavana, John                    
YOUNG, Myrtle see Bradshaw, Ray S                    
YOUNG, Neal C       Chinook 27 Bells Center Wis Will F Young & Rose Rounds 3-Aug-17 Chinook Blaine 413  
      Allie Johnson Chinook 26 Bellingham Mn Millard F Johnson & Merriam Harrold          
YOUNG, Nellie see Armstrong, Fred Albert                    
YOUNG, Nellie see Quammen, Leonard J                    
YOUNG, Olive see Klapphahn                    
YOUNG, P B see Klapphahn                    
YOUNG, Peter see Young                    
YOUNG, Rennie see Friede, Rudolph C                    
YOUNG, Reuben see Crouch, John G                    
YOUNG, Reuben see Young, Victor                    
YOUNG, Robert       Coalridge 21 Coalridge Fred Young & Jane Huitt 31-Oct-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2979  
      Esther Huitt Coalridge 18 Coalridge Emil Hueth & Hattie Stephan          
YOUNG, Rose M see Freestone, Jesse M                    
YOUNG, S see Bradshaw, Ray S                    
YOUNG, Sadie Lois see Kappham, Veray Chris                    
YOUNG, Sophia see Anderson, Edwin A                    
YOUNG, Sophia see Timm, Richard F                    
YOUNG, Sophia Susan see Storie, James N                    
YOUNG, Sophronia see Johnston, Burton P                    
YOUNG, Thomas W       Harlem 33 Miggletown N Y Charles A Young & Mary E Coleman 31-Aug-18 Chinook Blaine 513  
      Kittie Teegardin? Lakota N D 32 Mpls Mn Charles Van Gordon & Olive Abbott          
YOUNG, Veryl Jessie see Lorentzen, Thomas                    
YOUNG, Vessa see Basener, Ernest                    
YOUNG, Victor       Kremlin 22 St Louis Mo Reuben Young & Rose Miller 2-Jol-1927 Chinook Blaine 1001  
      Agnes Anderson West Salem Wis 22 West Salem Perry Anderson & Ella Erickson          
YOUNG, W B see Miller                    
YOUNG, Walter Guy       Brockton 23 Iowa David H Young & Laura B Boyer 17-Dec-21 Poplar Roosivelt 328  
      M Irene Knudson Fairview 19 Clifford N D Henry C Knudson & Emma C Larson          
YOUNG, Will F see Young, Neal C                    
YOUNG, William see Young, Charles B                    
YOUNG, William D see Beauchamp, Edmund                    
YOUNG, William D see Young, Charles D                    
YOUNG, William L see Young, Franklin L                    
YOUNG, William S       Muscatine Iowa 21 Koch Island Ill Willis E Young & Laura Duffield 11-Jul-05 Glasgow Valley 185  
      Monica Portra St Johns N D 21 Kolette Cty N D Gabriel Portra & Mary Amyut          
YOUNG, Willis E see Young, William S                    
YOUNG, Wm see Haynes, Gordon B                    
YOUNG, Wm D see Young, Claude H                    
YOUNG, Wm H see Young, Archie William                    
YOUNGBLOOD, Alma see Bonari, Luigi                    
YOUNGBLOOD, Cynthia E see Frame, Clarence W                    
YOUNGBLOOD, Fred see Bonari, Luigi                    
YOUNGBLOOD, Peter see Youngblood, Ray George                    
YOUNGBLOOD, Ray George       Mpls Mn 26 Mpls Peter Youngblood & Nina Brackman 25-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1238  
      Irene Barbara Mader White Earth N D     Anthony Mader & Lena M Geottle          
YOUNGER, Viola see Lorentz, Noyes                    
YOUNGERMAN, Marie see Wyse, Sylvester D                    
YOUNGKIN, Jane see Tilton                    
YOUNGKIN, William see Kluth, Jacob                    
YOUNGKIN, Wm see Tilton                    
YOUNGMAN, see William Youngman                    
YOUNGMAN, Albert see Youngman, Julius                    
YOUNGMAN, Jacob see Youngman, Louis                    
YOUNGMAN, John       Hulett Wyo 46 Wyo Peter Youngman & Mary Noik 12-Jul-09 Glendive Dawson 705  
      Mary F Watson Hulett Wyo 53 Germany John C Matknoich & Anna C Liepki          
YOUNGMAN, Julius       Poplar 30 Poplar Albert Youngman & ??? 9-May-21 Poplar Roosivelt 234  
      Lucille Whit-right Poplar 18 Poplar William Whitright & Virginia Blunt          
YOUNGMAN, Julius       Poplar 38 Poplar ??? 5-May-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1164  
      Lizzie Cantrell Wolf Point 32 Poplar Otto Brown & Spotted Hail?          
YOUNGMAN, Louis       Poplar 23 Poplar Jacob Youngman & S Kechana 9-Feb-24 Poplar Roosivelt 596  
      Marie Eagleman Poplar 21 Poplar John Eagleman & ???          
YOUNGMAN, Peter see Youngman, John                    
YOUNGMAN, William       Poplar 23 Poplar Youngman & S Hecana? 16-Apr-16 Chelsea Sheridan 719  
      Ruth Standing Bear Poplar 19 Poplar Bear Stands High & Jennie Iron Door          
YOUNGQUIST, Anna see Johnson, Victor                    
YOUNGQUIST, Charlotte see Nelson, Clifford R                    
YOUNGQUIST, Lawrence B       Circle 40 Rockford Illinois Robert Youngquist & Anna Benson 29-Nov-27 Circle McCone 113  
      Adele Huseby Circle 30 Barnesville Mn Ole Huseby & Marie Anderson          
YOUNGQUIST, Robert see Youngquist, Lawrence B                    
YOUNGREN, Amelia see Nauman, William Frederick                    
YOUNGSTROM, John see Swenson, Aaron H                    
YOUNGSTROM, Marie see Swenson, Aaron H                    
YOUNT, George L see Yount                    
YOUNT, Harry H       Cottonwood Lake N D 32 Iowa George L Yount & Emma Hitchcock 29-Dec-14 Plentywood Sheridan 398  
      Ebba L Lake Cottonwood Lake 26 Mn John Lake & Anna Westheng?          
YOUPEE, Elizabeth see Iron Cloud, Thomas                    
YOUPEE, Frank see Iron Cloud, Thomas                    
YOUSKO, Anna see Shriner, William D                    
YRI, Andy       Glendive 22 Bergen Norway Rasmus Yri & Ely Munson 5-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1258  
      Katie Andor Glendive 24 Bebesick Hungary Steve Andor & Lena Webber          
YRI, Andy       Glendive 24 Bergen Norway Rasmus Yri & Eli Yri? 15-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1909  
      Trixie Stager Glendive 20 Wahpeton N D Frank Stager & Mary Rienholt          
YRI, Rasmus see Yri, Andy                    
YRI?, Eli see Yri, Andy                    
YSTENES, Christine see Berven, Knute O                    
YTOI, Anna see Helseth, Oscar                    
YULE, Archie H       Wibaux 25 Wis Willis T Yule & Martha E Bliss 22?-Sep-1916 Wibaux Wibaux 107  
      Esther Forberg Wibaux 19 Norway Kris Forberg & Kari Folkestad          
YULE, Willis T see Yule, Archie H                    
YULY, M B see Nygaard, Paul Gehard                    
YULY, Margaret see Nygard, Paul Gehard                    
YUNCH, Sophronia see Brock                    
YUNCH, Sophronia see Draszt                    
YUNG, Anton see Radons                    
YUNG, Anton Jr       Outlook 30 Aust-Hung Anton Yung & Catherine Mauer 26-Dec-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2905  
      Glennola Redden P�wood 20 Perham Mn S J Redden & Minnie Bell Harrison          
YUNG, Barbara see Radons                    
YUNG, Katherine see Karst, Otto                    
YUNGREN, Fredda L see Shepperd, Jason H                    
YUNGREN, John L see Shepperd, Jason H                    
YURCH, Dell see Lutham, Ethan G                    
YUST, John       Glendive 25 Russia Phillip Yust & Catherine Burkhart 16-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1643  
      Marie Henpel Medina N D 19 Russia John Henpel & Caroline Burkhart          
YUST, Phillip see Yust, John                    
ZABEL, August see Zabel, Julius George                    
ZABEL, Fred see Salvin, Theodore W                    
ZABEL, Jake see Brooks, Merritt Stephen                    
ZABEL, Josephine see Salvin, Theodore W                    
ZABEL, Julius George       Miles City 36 Deerfield Wis August Zabel & Maria Holzhuter 6-Jul-20 Jordan Garfield 30  
      Ethel Milinda Conner Jordan 32 Millport Ind John Conner & Elizabeth Delano          
ZABEL, Leslie W       Wibaux 21 Wibaux William Zabel & Gertie Krinick 15-Dec-29 Wibaux Wibaux 714  
      Eliz-abeth M Baker Rock Falls Ill 17 Tam-pico Tnsp Ill Martin J Baker & Maude Kni-ght          
ZABEL, William see Zabel, Leslie W                    
ZABELL, Edith Alma see Alsaker, Gilbert S                    
ZABELL, Etta see Alsaker, Gilbert S                    
ZABELL, Etta H see Shanahan, Pat                    
ZABELL, Etta Helena see Crowley, John                    
ZABELL, Eugenie see Redekop, Peter                    
ZABELL, Eugenie A see Shanahan, Pat                    
ZABELL, Evelyn see Crowley, John                    
ZABELL, Evelyn see Redekop, Peter                    
ZABELL, Fred W see Brown, Robert                    
ZABIAK, Nellie see Deapak, Michael                    
ZABIRKA, Tekla see Jablonski, Frank K                    
ZABLE, Eva see Klies, Gustav                    
ZABLE, Mary Helen see Brooks, Merritt Stephen                    
ZABOBANIUK, Hastia see Kinedzerski                    
ZABROCKI, Henry       St Phillips 27 Green Bush Mn John Zabrocki & Ciseuski Frances 25-Oct-27 St Phillips Wibaux 587  
      Victoria Watembach Wibaux 19 Green Bush Mn Leon Watembach & Josephine Pelouski          
ZABROCKI, John see Zabrocki, Steven                    
ZABROCKI, John see Zabrocki, Henry                    
ZABROCKI, Steven       St Phillip 26 Mn John Zabrocki & Frances Cysewski 22-Feb-16 St Phillip Wibaux 77  
      Elizabeth Kurkowski St Phillip 19 S D John & Rosa Kurkowski          
ZACHOR, Adolph Herman see Zachor                    
ZACHOR, Willard Arthur       Portal N D 31 Morton Mn Adloph Herman Zachor & Dora Sophia Homeier? 27-Mar-35 Westby Sheridan 2012  
      Emily Martha North North Portal Sask 31 North Portal Arthur North & Eliza Guthka          
ZAHLER, Lillie see Hall, Guy Walter                    
ZAHN, John see Red Boy, Harry                    
ZAHN, Josephine see Red Boy, Harry                    
ZAHN, Libby see Powell, Jacob C                    
ZAIBROCKI, Isabel see Kierzek, Mike                    
ZAIBROCKI, John see Kierzek, Mike                    
ZAILO, Andrew see Zailo                    
ZAILO, Nicholas       Tribune Can 34 Tribune Andrew Zailo & Mary Sereda 20-Dec-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2903  
      Laura Slager Tribunr Can 18 Tribune Minard Slager & Antonette Seibatz          
ZAK, Adam see Sorenson                    
ZAK, Julia see Sorenson                    
ZAKO, Mathilda Bertha see Hunt                    
ZALARSKY, Mary see Tomasck, Jakob                    
ZALKIN, Haney see Zalkin, Henry                    
ZALKIN, Henry       St Paul Mn 33 Russia Haney Zalkin & Ida Krivashey? 8-Feb-15 Glendive Dawson 1672  
      Alice Rubanow Glendive 28 Russia Joseph & Lena Rubanow          
ZALOWSKI, Blendyna see Marcenkowski, William Marcin                    
ZALUD, Emil see Smith, John A                    
ZALUD, Wilhelmina see Smith, John A                    
ZANDER, Erwin       Glendive 43 Howard Lake Mn Fred Zander & Louise Oltezke 9-Sep-26 Glendive Dawson 3386  
      Hazel Enger Glasgow 20 Glasgow John Enger & Elsie Marie Nasrud          
ZANDER, Fred see Zander, Erwin                    
ZANG, Henry see Lynch, John P                    
ZANG, Marry I see Lynch, John P                    
ZAPARYRUK, John       Phillips 23 Austria   31-Mar-19   Phillips 414  
      Sopha Andrews Phillips 37 Austria            
ZARACIC, Louisa see Krest Joseph                    
ZARLING, Ellen (Whitaker?) see Stalcup, John M                    
ZARLING, Herman see Zarling, Oscar                    
ZARLING, Oscar       Hinsdale 33 St Ansgar Iowa Herman Zarling & Minnie Schutty 1-Oct-21 Glasgow Valley 2816  
      Ellen Whitaker Hinsdale 19 Britton S D William Whitaker & Dora Sterns          
ZARTMAN, Charles Cody       Havre 42 Mexico Ind Noah Zartman & Hermah Ford 11-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1130  
      Elizabeth Elda Foss Havre 41 Park River N D James Loughlin Curry & Elizabeth Ann Thompson          
ZARTMAN, Noah see Zartman, Charles Cody                    
ZAUNER, Joseph J       Glendive 23 Roumania Joseph Zauner & Katherine Lennerth 28-Dec-25 Glendive Dawson 3311  
      Margaret Stecher Glendive 25 Bega St George Yugoslavia Joseph Stecher & Margaret Stein          
ZBINDEN, Jester R       Great Falls 28 Mo John Zbinden & Alice Drummons 16-Nov-20 Glasgow Valley 2740  
      Venna V Adams Glasgow 18 Mo Bennie Adams & Minnie Tranthun?          
ZBINDEN, John see Zbinden, Jester R                    
ZEBLEY, Ed see Shoars, Charles Earl                    
ZEBLEY, Florence see Shoars, Charles Earl                    
ZEBLEY, Hollis see Libbia, Frank                    
ZEBLEY, Sam see Libbia, Frank                    
ZEBULSKI, Amelia see Komarniski, Emil                    
ZEESTRATEN, Cornelia Sophia see DeBoer, Rouke                    
ZEESTRATEN, Cornelius see DeBoer, Rouke                    
ZEHM, Frank J see Eckes, Albert Loyd                    
ZEHM, Pearl Gladys see Eckes, Pearl Gladys                    
ZEHRENDT, E____? see Goettel, John Otto                    
ZEIDLER, Gibson J       P�wood 21 P�wood Leo G Ziedler & Jennie Gibson 2-Jul-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3025  
      Helen French P�wood 25 Med� Lake Frank French & Susan Fry          
ZEIDLER, Leo G see Ziedler                    
ZEIGE, Alma see Colgan, George H                    
ZEIGE, Herman see Colgan, George H                    
ZEIGER, Beatrice Evelyn see Murch, Harold Dewey                    
ZEIGER, Harriet Ellen see Steen, Forest                    
ZEIGER, Irvin see Murch, Harold Dewey                    
ZEIGER, Irwin see Steen, Forrest                    
ZEIGLER, Clarence       Bloomfield 23 Cashton Wisc Joseph Zeigler & Margaret Peppel 25-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 3479  
      Elsie Schille Spokane Wa     C F Schille & Emma Basler          
ZEIGLER, Joseph see Zeigler, Clarence                    
ZEILER, Henry see Zeiler, John                    
ZEILER, Henry see Zeiler, Jacob                    
ZEILER, Jacob       Sidney 40 Russia Henry Zeiler & Annie Cameron 6-Apr-23 Glendive Dawson 2964  
      Amelia Ramer Sidney 18 Lincoln Nebr John Ramer & Mary Froshiser          
ZEILER, John       Sidney 25 Woodbine Kansas Henry Zeiler & Annie Cammer 14-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2816  
      Blanche Boyd Sidney 24 Kalispell David Boyd & Minnie Shufelt          
ZEITSHIEL, Sarah see Andersen, Marius                    
ZEL LMAN, Ferdinand see Zellman                    
ZELENKA, Agnes C see Werle, John                    
ZELENKA, Francis C see Werle, John                    
ZELGERT, Gusta see Haser, John                    
ZELLER, Adam see Esa, Fred                    
ZELLER, Elizabeth see McCabe, Jason C                    
ZELLER, John       Beach N D 29 Melford Iowa William Zeller & Eliza R Arney 16-Jan-18 Glendive Dawson 2327  
      Martha Willis Beach 18 Decatur Iowa Ed Willis & Mary Purcell          
ZELLER, Mary C see Esa, Adam                    
ZELLER, William see Zeller, John                    
ZELLMAN, Henry       Westby 31 Mn Ferdinand Zellman & Louise Held 20-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 260  
      Margaret B Brown Dooley 29 Mn W B Brown & Jeanette Bush          
ZELLMAN, Loise see Eggert, Henry                    
ZEMAN, Barbara see Ross, Hugh Donald                    
ZEMAN, Henry see Jirasek, Charley                    
ZEMAN, John see Foss, Alvin M                    
ZEMAN, John see Sword, Conrad                    
ZEMAN, Lizzie see Sword, Conrad                    
ZEMAN, Margaret Irene see Foss, Alvin M                    
ZEMBAK, Emilia see Sellickson, William                    
ZEMBLE, Caroline see Fink                    
ZEMDADEO, Joseph M see Fry                    
ZEMLISKA, Edgar W       Bainville 28 Wis F F Zemliska & Lena P Jones 2-Jun-30 Scobey Daniels 473  
      Birdie Storseth Bainville 20 Williston N D Charles Storseth & Sofie Hogenson          
ZEMLISKA, F F see Zemliska, Edgar W                    
ZEMLISKA, Ferd see Zemliska, Norman                    
ZEMLISKA, Norman       Richland 27 New Richland Wis Ferd Zemliska & Lena Jones 4-Aug-30 Scobey Daniels 481  
      Edith Gardner Richland 22 Woodlawn Ill Jess Gardner & Hattie Topping          
ZEMLISKY, Anna see Riba, Adolph                    
ZEMPEL, Anna see Downs, Daniel Edward                    
ZEMPEL, Daniel see Randall, Allen H                    
ZEMPER, Mary see Schochs, W L                    
ZENDAIS, Ferdinand see Zendais, Paul                    
ZENDAIS, Paul       Glasgow 26 Menominee Wis Ferdinand Zendais & Henrietta Kienke 12-Apr-06 Glasgow Valley 221  
      Julia Hengi Glasgow 19 St Paul Mn William Hengi & Johanna Roth          
ZENSVOLD, Grethe see Ashland, Swan                    
ZENTNER, Jennie see Eberle, Edward                    
ZEOHER, George see Nelson, John M                    
ZEOHER, Orpha M see Nelson, John M                    
ZEPP?, Margaret see Butterbrodt, Fredrick H                    
ZEPSKI, Martin see Czyzeski, Peter                    
ZEPSKI, Victoria see Czyzeski, Peter                    
ZEPT, Kristina see Krause                    
ZERBE, Ludwig see Zerbe, William                    
ZERBE, William       Todd Lake 26 Russia Ludwig Zerbe & Rosa Schwenwald 30-May-20 Lustre Valley 2662  
      Mary Rodekopp Lustre 25 Russia Benj & Annie Rodekopp          
ZERIE, Gertrude see Wieglenda, Alvin J                    
ZERIE, Mary see Sanders, Dale James                    
ZERIE, Phillip see Sanders, Dale James                    
ZERIE, Phillip see Wieglenda, Alvin J                    
ZERLING, August E       Phillips 36 Iowa   29-Jul-18   Phillips 363  
      Johana Parker Phillips 24 Wis            
ZERNSTEIN, Bernice see Everett, Austin C                    
ZERNSTEIN, Ernest see Everett, Austin C                    
ZESKA, Helen see Drummond, Andrew John                    
ZETICK, Marie see Tlustoch                    
ZETICK, Marie see Marchwick, Peter Paul Edward                    
ZETOCHA, Francis see Zetocha, Julius                    
ZETOCHA, Frank see Zetocha, Julius                    
ZETOCHA, John see Zetocha, Julius                    
ZETOCHA, Julius       Union 29 Austria John Zetocha & Francis Kramalis 6-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2041  
      Francis Zetocha Union 21 Weston Nebr Frank Zetocha & Frances Juraska          
ZIBBLE, Margaret A see Auds, Fred                    
ZICH, Emma Caroline see Preuss, Albert James                    
ZICH, Mary see Gessner, Geihart                    
ZICH, Mary see Grams, Paul E                    
ZICH, Robert see Reiter, William G                    
ZICH, Robert see Reiter, William G                    
ZICH, William see Preuss, Albert James                    
ZICK, Arthur       Homestead 30 Wis Charles Zick & annie Seymer 7-Dec-14 Medicine Lake Sheridan 362  
      Margareth Ellen Murray Homestead 32 S D John Murray & Mary Sam Pierce          
ZICK, Charles see Zick                    
ZICK, Charles see McRell, John M                    
ZICK, Charles see Anderson, David                    
ZICK, Charles see Cobbs, Edward F                    
ZICK, Charles see Zick, Elmer William                    
ZICK, Chas see Zick, Elmer                    
ZICK, Elmer       Oswego 37 Milwaukee Wisc Chas Zick & Annie Symer 17-Nov-28 Jelmer Johnson res McCone 126  
      Ruth Johnson Paxton 22 Great Falls Jelmer Johnson & Caroline Olson          
ZICK, Elmer William       Nina 21 Wis Charles Zick & Anna Symer 12-Dec-22   Roosivelt 453  
      Jofanna Bench Nina 23 Wis George Bench & Anna Rhymand          
ZICK, Esther see McRell, John M                    
ZICK, Helen see Cobbs, Edward F                    
ZICK, Mary see Tilleman, Arthur                    
ZICK, William see Tilleman, Arthur                    
ZICKERT, Cecelia (Schaffer?) see Aend                    
ZIEBARTH, A F see Barstch                    
ZIEBARTH, A F see Dahlin                    
ZIEBARTH, A F see Ziebarth                    
ZIEBARTH, A F see Ziebarth                    
ZIEBARTH, Albert W see Myhrvold, Robert John                    
ZIEBARTH, Albert W see Ziebarth, Harold W                    
ZIEBARTH, Albert W see Good, Mark Henry                    
ZIEBARTH, Arthur Albert       P�wood 19 Mn A F Ziebarth & Delia Plaisance 15-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1665  
      Florence Fox P�wood 20 Wis ??? Fox & Gertrude Kraus          
ZIEBARTH, Dorothy Helen see Myhrvold, Robert John                    
ZIEBARTH, Harold W       Chinook 32 Ft Assiniboine Albert W Ziebarth & Julia H Strauch 28-Oct-25 Chinook Blaine 909  
      Lucille Bannerman Chinook 24 Chinook Walter J Bannerman & Lena Kohler          
ZIEBARTH, Julia Louise see Good, Mark Henry                    
ZIEBARTH, Nora see Dahlin                    
ZIEBARTH, Philbert M       P�wood 23 Mn A F Ziebarth & Delia Plaisance 18-Feb-14 Plentywood Sheridan 176  
      Ethel M Phillips P�wood 21 Mn L Phillips & Freda Rasmus-sen          
ZIEFRIEND, Anna see Olson, Joseph M                    
ZIEGER, Grace see Simpson, Walter                    
ZIEGER, Harry O       Hinsdale 32 Mt Carmel Penn Irvin Zieger & Mary Roland 15-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3477  
      Sylvia O Webb Glasgow 31 Cleveland Ohio Franz C Webb & Christina Schemmelman          
ZIEGER, Irvin see ZiegerHarry O                    
ZIEGLER, Gertie see Bauer, Christian                    
ZIEGLER, Solomon see Bauer, Christian                    
ZIELSDORF, H France see Sherman, John T                    
ZIELSDORF, Louis see Ross, Hugh Donald                    
ZIELSDORF, Nettie see Sherman, John T                    
ZIELSDORF, Rachel Ruth see Ross, Hugh Donald                    
ZIEMAN, Amelia see Scarseth, Arthur                    
ZIEMER, Agusta see Deteinne                    
ZIEMER, Olive see Peterson                    
ZIER, Julius see Kuske, Rev Paul                    
ZIER, Leona see Kuske, Rev Paul                    
ZIERACKER, Conrad       Nielson 30 Germany   28-Jun-20   Phillips 514  
      Sophie Neubert Wistchester? N Y 28 Germany            
ZIGLER, Martha M see McFarland, Chas H                    
ZIGWIG?, Mary C see Barth, Claud Ludwig                    
ZILCHACK, Mary see Curtis, Winston Ralph                    
ZILE, Catherine see Laumeyer, Joe A                    
ZILSDORF, Anna see Hougstad, Julius                    
ZILSDORF, Henry see Hougstad, Julius                    
ZIMERMAN, Minnie see Weinreis, Edwin                    
ZIMMER, Fred see Schultz                    
ZIMMER, John       Glentana 28 Manvel Wis L J Zimmer & Leonie Ensch 2-Jun-16 glasgow Valley 1869  
      Gertrude Neihof Glentana 19 St Martins Mn Henry Neihoff & Mary Wehrman          
ZIMMER, L J see Zimmer, Peter                    
ZIMMER, L J see Zimmer John                    
ZIMMER, Peter       Glendive 26 Maxwell N D L J Zimmer & Leonie Ensch? 5-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1868  
      Elizabeth Niehoff Glentana 20 St Martin Mn Henry Neihoff & Mary Wehrman          
ZIMMER, Rosetta see Schultz                    
ZIMMER, William Harold       Malta 26 S D   14-Feb-26   Phillips 874  
      Doris Kendle Bowdoin 21 Kansas            
ZIMMERMAN, Adolph see Zimmerman, Al                    
ZIMMERMAN, Al       Wibaux 20 Switzer-land Adolph Zimmerman & Julie Jacques 17-Apr-15 Wibaux Wibaux 30  
      Carrie B Hammond Wibaux 18 Iowa O D Hammond & Merinda Curran          
ZIMMERMAN, Amelia see Owen, John                    
ZIMMERMAN, Amelia see Iwen, Austin James                    
ZIMMERMAN, Amelia see Iwin, John                    
ZIMMERMAN, Augusta see Altman, Frank                    
ZIMMERMAN, Catherine see Gonder, Charles M                    
ZIMMERMAN, Cecelia see Hoffman, Reinhold                    
ZIMMERMAN, Dave see Zimmerman                    
ZIMMERMAN, Elgart Ewold       Glasgow 23 Wis J H Zimmerman & Augusta Knopp 18-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1856  
      Elsie Weber St Paul 20 Mn ???          
ZIMMERMAN, Emelia see Irwin, John F                    
ZIMMERMAN, Emma see Gile Elmer E                    
ZIMMERMAN, Emma see Gile                    
ZIMMERMAN, Ettie see Lowrey                    
ZIMMERMAN, Geneva see Dorrington, Benjamin                    
ZIMMERMAN, J H see Zimmerman, Elgart Ewold                    
ZIMMERMAN, L J see Mason, John                    
ZIMMERMAN, Laurin see Hess, W O                    
ZIMMERMAN, Lizzie see Hewett                    
ZIMMERMAN, Lloyd E       Poplar 28 Elizabeth Mn Dave Zimmerman & Martha Balken 27-May-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3021  
      Elma Gilbertson Verendry N D 26 Verendry George Gilbertson & Lenna Amundson          
ZIMMERMAN, Marcus see Lowrey                    
ZIMMERMAN, Mary see Robbins, Merritt                    
ZIMMERMAN, Nancy see Cox, Milton                    
ZIMMERMAN, Paul see Zimmermann, Robert L                    
ZIMMERMAN, Robert L       Dickinson N D 27 Chicago Ill Paul Zimmerman & Mary Cunningham 10-Aug-30 Wibaux Wibaux 753  
      Iasbelle Sonnenberg Kram-er N D 23 Kramer Louis Sonnenberg & Elizabeth Wagner          
ZIMMERMAN, Verana see Ellsworth, Sam                    
ZIMMERMAN, William A       Edwards 24 Saratoga Indiana William A Zimmerman & Susa Weimer 24-Oct-24 Smoky Butte Dawson 2273  
      Mary Kathleen Snyder Smoky Butte 20 Ellensburg Wash Casy Snyder & Florence Stevens          
ZIMMERMANN, Verana see Merwin, Pearl                    
ZIMMICK, Rosie see Andrysach                    
ZINDA, Ben see Zinda, Phillip                    
ZINDA, John       St Phillip 29 Appleton Mn Joseph Zinda & Victoria Hawke 30-Jan-29 St Phillips Wibaux 663  
      Anna Piesek St Phillips 18 St Phillips John Piesek & Marie Efta          
ZINDA, Joseph see Wicka, Robert D                    
ZINDA, Joseph see Zinda, John                    
ZINDA, Joseph see Zinda, Martin                    
ZINDA, Josephine see Wicka, Robert D                    
ZINDA, Martin       St Phillip ??? Mn Joseph Zinda & Justina Racowski 18-Jan-16 St Phillip Wibaux 75  
      Lucy Czapiewski St Phillip 21 N D Frank Czapiewski & Frances Rabacowski          
ZINDA, Phillip       St Phillips 25 Appleton Mn Ben Zinda & Mary Florek 1-May-28 Wibaux Wibaux 605  
      Alice Brophy Wibaux 20 Wibaux J B Brophy & Ida MacCabee          
ZINDARS, Eugene R       Sullivan 28 Cashton Wisc Julius Zindars & Louisa Schneider 8-Jun-20 Glendive Dawson 2650  
      Dorothea Donohue Sullivan 21 St Charles Mn Frank Donohue & Ada Brant          
ZINDARS, Henry A       Bloomfield 34 Cashton Wisc Julius Zindars & Louisa Schneider 21-Jul-20 Glendive Dawson 2665  
      Mary A Bush Bloomfield 21 Bloomfield Nebr Enoch Bush & Ida Wokersien          
ZINDARS, Julius see Zindars, Eugene R                    
ZINDARS, Julius see Zindars, Henry A                    
ZINER, Puline see Beardslee, A L                    
ZINGER, George see Zinger, Walter A                    
ZINGER, Walter A       Hinsdale 30 Ontario Can George Zinger & Marrie House 26-Feb-24 Glasgow Valley 3041  
      Bertha Smith Scobey 32 Minneapolis Charles Smith & ???          
ZINGG, Anna see Siggelkow, C H                    
ZINKE, Clara see Knudtson                    
ZINN, August see Needham, Daniel                    
ZINN, Sofia see Needham, Daniel                    
ZINSLI, Egon R       Beach N D 24 Indepen-dence Mo Gallus Zinsli & Anno Gass 15-Oct-24 St Phillip Wibaux 460  
      Anna Fakler Beach N D 24 Wynona Mn Conrad Fakler & Anna Farrell          
ZINSLI, Gallus see Zinsli, Egon R                    
ZINSLI, Gassus see Zinsli, Joe M                    
ZINSLI, Joe M       Wibaux 28 Arcadia Wis Gassus Zinsli & Anna Gass 14-Jun-22 Glendive? Dawson 2868  
      Mae Hammond Wibaux 27 Beaner Falls Penn James Hammond & Jennie Barnes          
ZINSLI, Lorenz       Sentinel Buttte 47 Switz Mike Zinsli & ??? 11-Apr-19 Wibaux Wibaux 237  
      Anna Laura Miller Beach N D 46 Wis Elijah Smith & Elizabeth McLeod          
ZINSLI, Mike see Zinsli, Lorenz                    
ZIPPEL, Pauline see Schaeffner, W F                    
ZIRKLE, Charles L?       Portland 50   Nohal Zirkle & Amanda Peters 9-Sep-22 Poplar Roosivelt 408  
      Maud Alden Harvey   35 Albany N Y John Harvey & Caroline Maud          
ZIRKLE, Nohal see Zirkle, Charles L                    
ZITSKY, Emma see Brownell Phillip E                    
ZIUSLE, Gallus see Lemire, Louis Emanuel                    
ZIUSLE, Mary Rosalla see Lemire, Louis Emanuel                    
ZIWICKI, Francis see Ziwicki, Frank                    
ZIWICKI, Frank       Foley Mn 32 Germany Lorenz Ziwiki & Magdalen Barnarski 3-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2107  
      Rosa Lundouski Foley 28 Benton Cty Mn Frank Landouski & Francis Ziwicki          
ZIWICKI, Lorenz see Ziwicki, Frank                    
ZLUCK, Barbara see Engelman, Peter                    
ZOANNI, Albino       Culbertson 27 Italy Joseph & Zalinda Zoanni 2-Jul-16 Glasgow Valley 1901  
      Magdalene Cattanea Culbertson 20 Swit Charley Cattanea & Marguerite Farroni          
ZOANNI, Joseph & Zalinda see Zoanni, Albino                    
ZOAS, Clarence see Zoas, William Henry                    
ZOAS, William Henry       Glendive 22 Lampassa Texas Clarence Zoas & Mary Espy 5-Nov-01 Glendive Dawson 229  
      Helen Hopkins Glendive 18 Maine Alex & Frances Hopkins          
ZOASEI, Elinor see Coraline, Nich                    
ZOBOLANUK, Wastacia see Seivert                    
ZOERNER, Frank see Shaide, Arthur                    
ZOERNER, Franzes see Shaide, Arthur                    
ZOFER, Adam see Zofer, Thomas                    
ZOFER, Thomas       Spokane 37 Austria Adam Zofer & Barbara Krall 11-Aug-16 Chinook Blaine 299  
      Minnie Dolph Harlem 29 Florence S D Edward Sutherland & Ida Johnson          
ZOLLAR, Magerite see Schumacker, William John                    
ZOLMAN, Anderson C       Glendive 39 Whitley Cty Indiana John Zolman & Eliza Heron 22-Sep-11 Almy Ranch Dawson 983  
      Grace Almy Glendive 25 Dawson Cty James Almy & Helen M Winsur?          
ZOLMAN, John see Zolman, Anderson C                    
ZOLTICK, David see Snyder, Joseph                    
ZOLVBAMK, Anastazia see Komarnisky                    
ZONILL, Mattie see Fagan, James E                    
ZOOK, Soloma see Yoder Ira Jacob                    
ZOPF, Annie see Karst, Otto                    
ZOPFI, Augusta see Zopfi, Fred                    
ZOPFI, Fred       Wibaux 22 Champlin Mn John Zopfi & Anna Blesi 19-May-05 Wibaux Dawson 338  
      Augusta Zopfi Wibaux 21 Osseo Mn Paul Zopfi & Maggie Blesi          
ZOPFI, Fred & Augusta see Zopfi, Ralph                    
ZOPFI, John see Zopfi, Fred                    
ZOPFI, Ralph       Wibaux 21 Wibaux Fred & Augusta Zopfi     Dawson 3674  
      Mona Helvik Wibaux 18 Hodges Mons Helvik & Mabel Shiul?          
ZUBER, Adam see Wilson, Hurlburt C                    
ZUBER, Edna R see Wilson, Hurlburt C                    
ZUBKE, Erick       Grassy Butte N D 23 Waubay S D William Zubke & Bertha Bartel 12-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1814  
      Ada L Neckels Grassy Butte 19 Ireton Iowa Charles Nickels & Louise Hoerman          
ZUBKE, William see Zubke, Erick                    
ZUCHOV, Clara (Mayfield?) see Porter, Harry A                    
ZUCK, John see Zuck, Merlin                    
ZUCK, Merlin       Spokane 23 Dixon Iowa John Zuck & Ruth Willey 3-Oct-22 Glendive Dawson 2900  
      Sigrid Christiansen Minneapolis Mn 21 Minneapolis Conrad Christiansen & Pearl Hegna          
ZUCKER, Dorothy see Helberg                    
ZUCKER, Henry see McSweeney Patrick                    
ZUEFFEL, Jennie see Henley, August                    
ZUEHLE, Gust see Jankowski, Joseph A                    
ZUEHLE, Linda see Jankowski, Joseph A                    
ZUGECH, Mike see Cristo, Pete                    
ZUK, John       Thoeny 34 Austria Nichifor & Lena Zuk 4-Sep-18 Glasgow Valley 2418  
      Mary Panchuck Grev? 18 Canada Nazako ???          
ZUK, Nichifor & Lena see Zuk, John                    
ZULLO, Bainard see Hunt, J V                    
ZULLO, Hattie see Hunt, Bainard                    
ZUMSTEG, Garfield       Axtell 38 Wesley Iowa J L Zumsteg & Luella Blaster 28-May-25 Richey Dawson 3215  
      Mrs Ella Fillmore Beaumont Kans 33 Beaumont Abe Wright & Mary I Vanzant          
ZUMSTEG, Irene Iowa see Cooper, Pearl W                    
ZUMSTEG, J L see Zumsteg, Garfield                    
ZUMSTEG, John L see Cooper, Pearl W                    
ZUONAS, Blanche see Puckett, Andy L                    
ZUONAS, John see Pucket, Andy L                    
ZURAFF, Edward       Richey 22 Dalton S D Frank Zuraff & Lilli Parker 15-Nov-30 Glendive Dawson 3935  
      Ella Johnson Richey 22 Belt John Johnson & Elizabeth Olson          
ZURAFF, Frank see Zuraff, Edward                    
ZURAFF, Frank see Glissman, George                    
ZURAFF, Grace see Glissman, George                    
ZURCHER, Katherine see Hessenhater, Carl                    
ZURCHER, William see Hessenhater, Carl                    
ZURECK, Mary see Krawzyk, Nicholas                    
ZURICH, V P see Branson, Carl Otis                    
ZURN, Andrew see Zurn, Gordan                    
ZURN, Gordan       Jamestown N D 21 Maynard Mn Andrew Zurn & Josephine Brookman 2-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3900  
      Marion Onstatt Jamestown 19 Jamestown Eugene Onstatt & Frances Cooke          
ZVONAR, Bessie see Peterson, Riley W                    
ZVONAR, John see Huseby, Norlin                    
ZVONAR, John & Mary see Peterson, Riley W                    
ZVONAR, Pauline see Huseby, Norlin                    
ZWETZIG, Marie K see Unruh, Samuel                    
ZYLLO, Emma see Kline, Carl James                    
ZYLLO, Hattie see Kline, Carl James