Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Williams, Louis to Wyse

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
WILLIAMS, Louis see Rumelhart, Albert                    
WILLIAMS, Louis see Beck, Albert Fred                    
WILLIAMS, Louisa see Moen                    
WILLIAMS, Lucille see Prosise, Donald L                    
WILLIAMS, Lucille M see Hazelton, Simon H                    
WILLIAMS, Lucinda see Deering, Richard J                    
WILLIAMS, Maggie M see Noble                    
WILLIAMS, Malcom H       Havre 38 Salem Mo Henry Williams & Jennie Dulworth 30-Sep-22 Chinook Blaine 727  
      Maud Langford Havre 30 Kirksville Mo George W Williams & Mahala Johnson          
WILLIAMS, Margaret see Wenberg, Howard L                    
WILLIAMS, Martha see Johnson, R D                    
WILLIAMS, Martha J see O�Flaherty, William                    
WILLIAMS, Mary see Thornburg                    
WILLIAMS, Mary see White, Charles                    
WILLIAMS, Mary see Kaatz, Ray                    
WILLIAMS, Mary see Bowen, Floyd                    
WILLIAMS, Mary see Tonkin, Erwin J                    
WILLIAMS, Mary (Connors?) see Quimby, George A                    
WILLIAMS, Mary C (Marker?) see Sonafrank                    
WILLIAMS, Maude see Randall, Lewis B                    
WILLIAMS, Maude see Johnston, Elias L                    
WILLIAMS, Maude E see Helgeson, Harry Cornelius                    
WILLIAMS, Mayant see Davies, Benjamin                    
WILLIAMS, Mollie Buckles see Wettlin, George                    
WILLIAMS, Moses see Williams, Richard D                    
WILLIAMS, Mrs Clara see McNutt, Delos W                    
WILLIAMS, Mrs Ruby see Hart, Joseph                    
WILLIAMS, Myrtle see Marshall                    
WILLIAMS, Myrtle see Corbett, John Miner                    
WILLIAMS, Nancy see Dunn, Robert J                    
WILLIAMS, Nellie see Varden, Jack Charles                    
WILLIAMS, Nellie see Harvey, William Fred                    
WILLIAMS, Nellie see Flanders, James Edward Jr                    
WILLIAMS, Neuport see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, Olive Edna see Skirtvid, Sam                    
WILLIAMS, Olive G see Hill, C R O                    
WILLIAMS, Orlando G see Canoy, George W                    
WILLIAMS, Oscar H       Hinsdale 26 Mn Otis Williams & Meta Beardsley 7-May-18 Glasgow Valley 2360  
      Mattie M Anderson Hinsdale 17 N Y George & Alma Anderson          
WILLIAMS, Otis see Williams, Oscar H                    
WILLIAMS, Otto       Sidney 26 Rolla Mo George Williams & Mary Haley 23-Apr-27 Glendive Dawson 3448  
      Beatrice Waldo Crystal N D 23 Crystal Samuel Waldo & Elizabeth Graham          
WILLIAMS, Owen see Wenberg, Howard L                    
WILLIAMS, Owen M       Intake 47 Mary-ville Mo Owen M Williams & Catherine Owens 25-May-21 Wibaux Wibaux 305  
      Margaret Cronin Greenwood Wis 26 Wabasha Mn Patrick Cronin & Anna Hillman          
WILLIAMS, Owen R see Williams, Roy R                    
WILLIAMS, P see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, Paul see Danglo, Rosario                    
WILLIAMS, Pearl see Shoars, Charles Earl                    
WILLIAMS, Peter see Williams, William                    
WILLIAMS, Peter O see Hill, C R O                    
WILLIAMS, Phillip see Williams, Clair V                    
WILLIAMS, Preston H       Gt Falls 25 Dickinson N D Preston H Williams & Marye A Tuttle 9-Jul-29 Glasgow Valley 3486  
      Marye R Cooksey Gt Falls 20 ??? Jesse Franklin Cooksey & Rosa Scriven          
WILLIAMS, Rachael A see Mann, John L                    
WILLIAMS, Rachael Ann see Williams, Raymond F                    
WILLIAMS, Racheal see Hart, Joseph                    
WILLIAMS, Rachel see Clark, Frank D                    
WILLIAMS, Ralph       Welliver 34 Penn Levi C Williams & Drucilla Krantz 17-Mar-17 Plentywood Sheridan 983  
      Frances Sullivan Welliver 23 Iowa Charles Sullivan & Anna Nancy          
WILLIAMS, Ransom D see Williams, Thomas H                    
WILLIAMS, Rastus P see Wallace, Cecil Irvin                    
WILLIAMS, Ray       Sidney 31 Seheka Mn Frank Williams & Martha Smith 25-Oct-27 Glendive Dawson 3503  
      Lena Lizatte Devils Lake N D 18 Devils Lake Joseph Lizatte & Mary Houle          
WILLIAMS, Raymond       Poplar 21 Houston Texas J F Williams & Callie Owens 28-Nov-30 Glasgow Valley 3606  
      Mary Ellen Mail Poplar 18 Poplar John Mail & Lucie Kuhn          
WILLIAMS, Raymond F       Minot 24 Wadena Cty Mn Frank Williams & Martha Smith 12-Aug-19 Wibaux Wibaux 248  
      Ruby Mann Clark 21 Dore N D Austin Mann & Rachael Ann Williams          
WILLIAMS, Richard       Sidney 22 Glendive George W Williams & Anna Obergfell 28-Nov-28 Glendive Dawson 3668  
      Marion Gallaher Milwaukee Wisc 22 Fergus Falls Mn Charles F Gallagher & Margaret Couch          
WILLIAMS, Richard D       Wolf Point 34 Wales England Moses Williams & Elizabeth Jones 21-Jul-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 157  
      Hazel Mead Wolf Point 25 Long Prairie Mn James Arthur & Elizabeth Hunsueker          
WILLIAMS, Ross Evertt       Chinook 25 Hyrum Utah Ezra J Williams & Francis Ella Stephens 20-Jun-23 Chinook Blaine 761  
      Thelma King Garland Utah 22 Coyoto Utah William King & Aliva Wallace          
WILLIAMS, Roy see Bell, Earl C                    
WILLIAMS, Roy R       Fallon 39 Beaver Dam Wisc Owen R Williams & Margaret Ross 8-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2049  
      Edna Jarman Glendive 34 Carroll Cty Mo George J Jarman & Elizabeth J Calloway          
WILLIAMS, Ruby see Danglo, Rosario                    
WILLIAMS, Ruth see Riggle, T W                    
WILLIAMS, Ruth E see Barr, Ray E                    
WILLIAMS, S K       Redstone 25 Penn L C Williams & D Contz 27-Oct-13 Plentywood Sheridan 101  
      Hannah Crossen Red-stone 22 Wis W M & Hannah Crossen          
WILLIAMS, Sarah see Starner, Earl R                    
WILLIAMS, Sarah see Ellinger, George E                    
WILLIAMS, Sarah see Tonkin, William H                    
WILLIAMS, Savilla see Russell, Charles J                    
WILLIAMS, Thomas see Humbert                    
WILLIAMS, Thomas B       Saco 36 Wales John Williams & Jane Owens 12-Feb-12 Glasgow Valley 2622  
      Emma H Sabin Saco 34 Iowa John Sabin & ??? Hoffman          
WILLIAMS, Thomas C       Reserve 43 Ill Neuport Williams & Elizabeth Ham 19-Mar-14 Antelope Sheridan 200  
      Mathilde Angvick Reserve 31 Cambridge Wis Ole Larson Angvik & Karen Maria Knudsen          
WILLIAMS, Thomas H       Glendive 27 Monasha Wisc Ransom D Williams & Betsy E Hale 4-March-1896 Glendive Dawson 129  
      Lizzie L Lester Glendive 16 Glendive William Lester & Emma D V          
WILLIAMS, Vera see Vanhorn, George H                    
WILLIAMS, Victoria see Lonning, Jacob                    
WILLIAMS, Viola L see Link, Glenn W                    
WILLIAMS, W C see Williams, Dudley C                    
WILLIAMS, Wallace F       Content 70 Ill   2-May-26   Phillips 885  
      Viola Lovina Ebaugh Malta 58 Ohio            
WILLIAMS, Walter V       P�wood 23 Indiana H Williams & Rebecca French 21-Apr-14 Plentywood Sheridan 219  
      Hilda Schow Redstone 21 N D Ole Schow & Helen Gangness          
WILLIAMS, William       Wolf Point 24 St Paul Peter Williams & Mathilda Ulman 14-Jun-21 Glasgow Valley 2783  
      Mary Strodemier Wolf Point 18 Wash Henry Strodemier & Fatima Ricedorff          
WILLIAMS, William see George, John                    
WILLIAMS, William H see Williams, George Henry                    
WILLIAMS, William L see Williams, John C                    
WILLIAMS, William W       Gossett 54 Lodi Wis E B Williams & Adeline Finney 17-Jul-11 Sidney Dawson 963  
      Elma (Hatch) Witcher Sidney 50 Falls City Wisc ??? Hatch & ???          
WILLIAMS, Wilma Elizabeth see Christensen, Fred Bernhart                    
WILLIAMS, Winnie see Hammond, Allen D                    
WILLIAMS, Winnie see Ernstrom, George L                    
WILLIAMS, Winnie see Juhnke, Otto                    
WILLIAMS, Wm see Randall, Lewis B                    
WILLIAMS, Zelma see Morrell, Marvin C                    
WILLIAMSEN, (Willumsen?)       Phillips 27 Wisc   29-Aug-19   Phillips 447  
      Bessie Johnson Phillips 24 Wisc            
WILLIAMSEN, Chris       Dagmar 25 Pine River Wis Lars Williamsen & Hanna Peterson 8-Aug-10 Dagmar Valley 1088  
      Amanda Lentz Dagmar 25 Burner Center? Mn William & Anstina Lentz          
WILLIAMSEN, Lars see Williamsen, Chris                    
WILLIAMSON, Allen       Wagner 37 Iowa   26-Nov-25   Phillips 854  
      Lucille Young Wagner 25 N D            
WILLIAMSON, Anna see Geir, Carl J                    
WILLIAMSON, C O see Sandvig, G O                    
WILLIAMSON, Carolyn F see Vogt, Daniel W                    
WILLIAMSON, Clark M       Pocatello 50 W Vir   22-Jan-27   Phillips 939  
      Mamie B Cooper Opheim 43 W Vir            
WILLIAMSON, Edith May see Peterson, William                    
WILLIAMSON, Eliza see Cooper, Walter                    
WILLIAMSON, Ephriam see Vogt, Daniel W                    
WILLIAMSON, Harriet see Goodall, William E                    
WILLIAMSON, Hattie see Wright                    
WILLIAMSON, Isaac see Anderson, Dale                    
WILLIAMSON, Jennie see Skrukrud, O T                    
WILLIAMSON, John A       Wibaux 22 Blan-chester Ohio T A Williamson & Glenna Smith 24-Dec-28 Wibaux Wibaux 659  
      Rose Arganbright Wibaux 20 Pocahontas Iowa M E Arganbright & Katherine O�Connor          
WILLIAMSON, May see Anderson, Dale                    
WILLIAMSON, Ora Bernice see Rusk, Frank                    
WILLIAMSON, T A see Williamson, John A                    
WILLIARD, Anton see Turluk, Frank                    
WILLIARD, Arthur see Williard, Orr G                    
WILLIARD, Orr G       Glendive 25 Haukinson N D Arthur E Williard & ??? 25-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1295  
      Maylo Murphy Glendive 17 Fargo N D Peter G Murphy & Ella Costello          
WILLIE, Hannah see Knipfel, Franklin                    
WILLIE, Marie see Taylor, George R                    
WILLIE, Ruth see Zuck, Merlin                    
WILLIES, Mattie see Alderice                    
WILLIGHAM, Hattie see Skeels, Ray                    
WILLING, Dora see Stoven                    
WILLING, Dora see Stoven, Henry                    
WILLINGTON, Sarah C see McIntyre                    
WILLIS, Adelia see Doty, John William                    
WILLIS, Bessie see Arnot, Clinton D                    
WILLIS, Carrie (Taft?) see Fine, William E                    
WILLIS, Clair K       Rhame N D 28 Soldiers Grove Wis William H Willis & Minnie Smith 29-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3651  
      Elizabeth Peters Cannon Falls Mn 22 Cannon Falls P A Peterson & Minnie Monson          
WILLIS, Ed see Willis, Irvin                    
WILLIS, Ed see Zeller, John                    
WILLIS, Elijah see Willis, Sidney A                    
WILLIS, Estella J see Anderson, Oscar                    
WILLIS, Harriet see Baney                    
WILLIS, Harriet Isobel see Baney                    
WILLIS, Irvin       Beach N D 21 Mo Ed Willis & Mary Percell 27-May-18 Wibaux Wibaux 205  
      Mildred Plugh Been 21 Wis Byron Plugh & Ella Brig-ham          
WILLIS, Isaac N see Anderson, Oscar                    
WILLIS, John see Arnot, Clinton D                    
WILLIS, Laura see Diehl                    
WILLIS, Laura see White                    
WILLIS, Laura see Dawson, Harry                    
WILLIS, Laura see White, Frank N                    
WILLIS, Leonard see Willis, William                    
WILLIS, Luellen see Wood, Bruce                    
WILLIS, Martha see Zeller, John                    
WILLIS, Mary see Taylor, Arlo C                    
WILLIS, Sidney A       Glasgow 26 Dyarsville? Ken Elijah Willis & Ann__? Keller? 2-Jan-1894 Glasgow Valley 10  
      Mary Rafferty Glasgow   ??? John Rafferty & June C__?          
WILLIS, William       McCloskey N D 55 Kylesford Tenn Leonard Willis & Martha Wallen 10-Aug-25 Glendive Dawson 3250  
      Minnie Hawking Sulpher Kentucky 41 Sulpher Winchester Hawking & Mattie Arnold          
WILLIS, William H see Willis, Clair K                    
WILLISON, David see Smith, Albert E                    
WILLITS, Margaret                        
WILLMORE, Ben F see Collins, Fred A                    
WILLMORE, Nancy see Collins, Fred A                    
WILLOTT, Carl A       Intake 28 St Peters Mo Charles Willott & Marion Koch 29-Dec-22 Glendive Dawson 2941  
      Esther Grace Duel Intake 18 Dedwood Mn Lewis Duel & Minnie Johnson          
WILLOTT, Charles see Kalloch, Elmer                    
WILLOTT, Charles see Willott, Carl A                    
WILLOTT, Clara see Kalloch, Elmer                    
WILLOUGHBY, Alma M see Richardson, York B                    
WILLOUGHBY, Charles see Richardson, York B                    
WILLOUGHBY, David       Poplar 25 Kansas J W Willoughby & Emma Gidley 16-Dec-17 Poplar Sheridan 1226  
      Iva V Atkinson Poplar 22 Mt J L Atkinson & Nellie Bawden          
WILLOUGHBY, Ethel see Bowelle, Bert                    
WILLOUGHBY, Frederich see Bawden, Irwin H                    
WILLOUGHBY, H B see Scheiffert, Lawrence E                    
WILLOUGHBY, Helen see Scheiffert, Lawrence E                    
WILLOUGHBY, J W see Willoughby                    
WILLOUGHBY, J W see Candee, Elmer L                    
WILLOUGHBY, L S see Mayhew                    
WILLOUGHBY, Lanny see White                    
WILLOUGHBY, Mabel see Bawden, Irvin H                    
WILLOUGHBY, Vida see Mayhew                    
WILLS, Antonia see Ramsbakker, Earnest                    
WILLS, Citious see Orgain, Kellog M                    
WILLS, Ezekiel see Grams                    
WILLS, Frederick see Wills, Theodor                    
WILLS, Hannah see Kemmis, Earl H                    
WILLS, J P see Wills, Johnnie L                    
WILLS, Johnnie L       Mildred 21 Leith N D J P Wills & Rosie Kerner 31-Mar-30 Glendive Dawson 3858  
      Cecil Andrews Mildred 21 Mich H E Andrews & Jennie Mae Keller          
WILLS, Lizzie see Coyle, George                    
WILLS, Louis       Coalridge 37 Denmark Jens Jensen & Mary Ann Kristensen 26-Feb-22 Coalridge Sheridan 1788  
      Laura Wagge-mose Coalridge 28 Denmark Hans Han-son & Marie Anderson          
WILLS, Louise see Kirman, J W                    
WILLS, Margaret see Paullus, Clarence E                    
WILLS, Minnie see Mueller, Henry                    
WILLS, Molly see Randall, Eugene                    
WILLS, S M see Randall, Eugene                    
WILLS, Theodor       Wolf Point 42 Germany Frederick Wills & Alvina Stoltz 10-Feb-30 Glasgow Valley 3543  
      Olive Wilson Wolf Point 23 Missouri Louis Rush & Amanda David          
WILLS, Theresa see Reynolds, John                    
WILLSON, C L see Willson, Roland                    
WILLSON, E J see Etcheverry, Jean B                    
WILLSON, Eloise E see Etcheverry, Jean B                    
WILLSON, Roland L       Scobey 29 Mich C L Willson & Harriet Varley 21-Jun-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 917  
      Mabel Alice Reid Scobey 18 Manitoba Can John Reid & ???          
WILLY, Nellie see Thill, Adolph C                    
WILMAN, Fred see Youden, Otis R                    
WILMAN, Lydia Agnes see Youden, Otis R                    
WILMES, Dominick see McNamara Harold                    
WILMES, Terasia see McNamara, Harold                    
WILMOST, Martha L see Watkins, Ray Albert                    
WILMOT , Harold P       Taylor N D 38 Lomis Nebr Jas Wilmot & Lizzie Pierce 19-Mar-27 Glendive Dawson 3441  
      Esther V Strom Taylor N D 22 Taylor Andrew Strom & Hilma C Quick          
WILMOT, Jas see Wilmot, Harold P                    
WILNETS, Bertha see Hartley, Howard B                    
WILSEY, Ray Egbert       Glasgow 25 S D Robert Wilsey & Hattie Towne     Valley 1794 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Josephine Gasesky Glasgow 22 N D Isaac Gasesky & Veroniky? Barta          
WILSEY, Robert see Wilsey, Ray Egbert                    
WILSIE, Edgar Rowland       Jordan 28 Iona Mn W A Wilsie & Libby Rowland 22-Apr-16 Jordan Dawson 1910  
      Minta May Campbell Jordan 24 Corydon Iowa H C Campbell & Tamer Allen          
WILSIE, W A see Wilsie, Edgar Rowland                    
WILSLUND, Marie see Turnquist, William A                    
WILSON, Ada see McDonald, Ernest Arthur                    
WILSON, Agnes R see Ferris, Frank J                    
WILSON, Al see Wilson, Frank L                    
WILSON, Alberta see Wilson, Earle                    
WILSON, Alexander & Marie see Wilson, Ed E                    
WILSON, Alouizo? see Wilson, Chester                    
WILSON, Alvin J       Harlem 28 Wis Jasper E Wilson & Hattie Madison 8-Feb-23 Chinook Blaine 748  
      Eleanor Eaves Rattlesnake 19 Chatfield Mn Thomas Eaves & Alice Dolan          
WILSON, Andrew see Wilson, William Dale                    
WILSON, Anna see Bannon, W T                    
WILSON, Anna see Hodge, B F                    
WILSON, Anna see Mayhew, Lisle                    
WILSON, Anna see Eugh, Elmer                    
WILSON, Anna see Groll, John                    
WILSON, Arthur       Scobey 25 Wis Felix Wilson & Jennie Billman 2-Oct-10 Glasgow Valley 704  
      Josephine Davis Scobey 25 Outside? N D Louis Davis & Teresa Desaily          
WILSON, Artie see Graham, Homer G                    
WILSON, Bernice see LaCoste                    
WILSON, Bert       Wolf Point 32 Burr Oak Wis Danforth Wilson & Mary E Harmon 23-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1548  
      Lillian Anderson Wolf Point 32 Cedar Rapids Iowa Samuel Campbell & Katherine Cerny          
WILSON, Bertha see O�Connell, John C                    
WILSON, Blanche see Diehl, Philip O                    
WILSON, Blanche see Clausen, Edward                    
WILSON, Britt see Sanford, Pat                    
WILSON, C G see Wilson, Frank R                    
WILSON, C W see Hamm, John D                    
WILSON, Candace see Sherman, Waldo C                    
WILSON, Carrie see Barnes, Robert H                    
WILSON, Carrie J see Stoops, Lee                    
WILSON, Celia see Russell, Roy                    
WILSON, Charles see Small, Schuyler                    
WILSON, Charles see Diehl, Phipip O                    
WILSON, Charles see Bronson, Clarence A                    
WILSON, Charles D see Vagg, Harry A                    
WILSON, Charles Edward       Ridgelawn 25 Box Butte Nebr Harry Lincoln & Ida Wilson 6-Apr-14 Ridgelawn Dawson 1463  
      Constance Audrey Kirkland Ridgelawn 18 Plymouth Maine George D & Mildred Kirkland          
WILSON, Charles L see Wilson                    
WILSON, Charles Wesley Jr       Phillips 26 Iowa   14-Mar-18   Phillips 327  
      Pansy Marion Schemp Phillips 21 Iowa            
WILSON, Chas E       Glasgow 33 Alliance Nebr H L Wilson & Ada Pruden 21-Dec-21 Glasgow Valley 2848  
      Ellen C Bergstrom Malta 27 Hoffman Mn Swan Bergstrom & Anna Smith          
WILSON, Chas W see Charles W Wilson Jr                    
WILSON, Chester       Turner 25 New York Aloiuza Wilson & Almira Hoverly? 15-Oct-14 Harlem Blaine 159  
      Myrtle VanAmber Turner 24 Mn Charles VanAmber & Ellen Clark          
WILSON, Christina see Neilson, Neils Johannes                    
WILSON, Clara Louise see Edwards, Andrew J                    
WILSON, Clara W see Hudson, Fredrick H                    
WILSON, Clarence B       Scobey 33 Ontario Can Charles L Wilson & Harriet Varley 9-Jan-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1870  
      Dorothy E Nydegger Absher 21 LeRoy Illinois Oscar Nydegger & Elizabeth White          
WILSON, Corrydon see Wilson, Preston P                    
WILSON, D L see Wilson, Frank M                    
WILSON, Danforth see Wilson, Bert                    
WILSON, David M see Hodge, B F                    
WILSON, Delbert Spencer       Haliday N D 24 Dickrnson N D James Wilson & Harriet Partridge 9-Sep-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1369  
      Helen Bosch Haliday N D 18 Haliday Peter & Amy Bosch          
WILSON, Della see Fitzgerald, John F                    
WILSON, Dora see Jones, Lowell                    
WILSON, Dora May see Pickett, James L                    
WILSON, Dorothy June see Gallagher, George E                    
WILSON, E R see Wilson, Elmer P                    
WILSON, Earle       Phillips 32 Wis   12-May-15   Phillips 14  
      Alberta Wilson Phillips 21 Kentucky            
WILSON, Ed see Larson, Oscar                    
WILSON, Ed E       Reeder N D 23 Gibson City Illinois Alexander & Marie Wilson 27-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1974  
      Alma Wagner Reeder N D 24 Chicago Ill John Wagner & Louise Bender          
WILSON, Edward       Miles City 28 Clifton Ford Virginia James Wilson & Willie Belle Woodson 26-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2172  
      Martha Mingus Miles City 26 Belfast Ireland John Peden & Ellen McFarland          
WILSON, Egbert       Phillips 46 New York State   28-Sep-15   Phillips 54  
      Della Southworth Phillips 45 New York State            
WILSON, Eli see Stazel, Philip                    
WILSON, Eli Mrs see Wilson, Perry A                    
WILSON, Ella see Coleman, Frank H                    
WILSON, Ella (Thompson?) see Arndt, William                    
WILSON, Elmer P       Glasgow 31 N Y E R Wilson & Emma Pierce 1-Mar-20 Glasgow Valley 2633  
      Rella Underwood Glasgow 23 Illinois John Underwood & Mary Parkhill          
WILSON, Elsie see Bennett, Thomas Harold                    
WILSON, Emily see Randall, George L                    
WILSON, Emma see Dumont                    
WILSON, Emma see Saterlie                    
WILSON, Emma see Piche, Clarence                    
WILSON, Emma Naida see Kenoyer, Edgar Alvia                    
WILSON, Ernest see Goudy                    
WILSON, Esma Louise see Babcock, Joseph D                    
WILSON, Ester see Karkaldi, Robert                    
WILSON, Esther see Baney                    
WILSON, Esther see Gedney, Merle L                    
WILSON, Ethel see McHugh                    
WILSON, Ethel H see Wolfe, Henry L                    
WILSON, Etta see McCrea, Rupert                    
WILSON, Etta see Lingle, Donald                    
WILSON, Etta see Lingle, Mearl E                    
WILSON, F H see Wilson                    
WILSON, Fannie see Steele, Chas A                    
WILSON, Fannie A see McNeal, William H                    
WILSON, Felix see Wilson, Arthur                    
WILSON, Florine see Watson, A J                    
WILSON, Frank see Michels                    
WILSON, Frank see Wilson, Oliver                    
WILSON, Frank A       Cereal Alberta Can ?? Grand Rapids Mich William P Wilson & Mary L Barr 25-Jan-21 Chinook Blaine 661  
      Fannie Robbins Chinook 45 Barnesville Mn Nathan C Robbins & Elizabeth Patter          
WILSON, Frank L       Glasgow 23 N D Al Wilson & Mary Smith 15-Feb-17 Glasgow Valley 2068  
      Bertha Reinstad Glasgow 24 Mn Chas Reinstad & Torny? Akre          
WILSON, Frank M       Beach N D 27 Jonesburg Mo Eugene Albert Wilson & Marie Roberts 12-Oct-22 �brides home" Wibaux 355  
      Helen M Kastien Beach 20 Peoria Ill August Kastien & Rebecca Halterman          
WILSON, Frank M       Glasgow 30 D�corah Iowa D L Wilson & Mary E Holm 16-Aug-14 Glasgow Valley 1524  
      Helen Helmer Glasgow 21 Helena H J Helmer & Catherine T McQuinn          
WILSON, Frank R       Williston N D 27 New Brusnswick Can C? G Wilson & Jennie Thompson 25-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1964  
      Gusta Kittleson Wild Rose N D 24 Norway Eric Kittleson & Marthi Syverson          
WILSON, Frazier see Woodworth, Raymond George                    
WILSON, Fred       Great Falls 27 Great Falls F H Wilson & Blanch Bethel 10-Feb-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3002  
      Marie Wilkinsob Gt Falls 22 Calgary Can H G Wilkinson & Marie A Sharpe          
WILSON, Frederick see Wilson, William Walter                    
WILSON, Frederick H       Glendive 28 Urichville? Ohio W N Wilson & Mary Fluhart 11-Jan-12 Glendive Dawson 1043  
      Annie E Derault Glendive 16 Whidby Island Wash Oscar Derault & Cora Stults          
WILSON, Garfield       East Scobey 32 Manitoba Can James Wilson & Elizabeth Harris 3-Feb-16 Scobey Sheridan 670  
      Ellen Ione Wakelam East Scobey 20 Sask Can Wm Wakelam & Hanna J Coleman          
WILSON, George see Babcock, Joseph D                    
WILSON, George see Wilson, Mason Solen                    
WILSON, George see Laurence, Royce                    
WILSON, George M       Glendive 26 Ontario Can Hugh Wilson & Mary Pollard 26-Nov-1891 Glendive Dawson 60  
      Lennie Thorpe   22 ??? ???          
WILSON, Georgia Florence see Small, Schuyler                    
WILSON, Georgie see Waxton, Otto D                    
WILSON, Gertrude F see Cushing, Herbert C                    
WILSON, Gladys see Hale, Charles                    
WILSON, Grace Green see Sanford, Pat                    
WILSON, H L see Wilson Chas E                    
WILSON, Harold A       Richey 19 Edgerly N D John H Wilson & Pauline Triepke 24-Mar-30 Glendive Dawson 3854  
      Florence Eggebrecht Richey 17 Kief N D Herman Eggebrecht & Minnie Moesner          
WILSON, Harry Lincoln & Ida see Wilson, Charles Edward                    
WILSON, Hattie see Fish, George W                    
WILSON, Hazel see Thomas, Clyde A                    
WILSON, Hazel Ruth see Michels                    
WILSON, Henrietta see Ferguson, John I                    
WILSON, Henry see Wilson, Lawrence                    
WILSON, Hugh see Wilson, George M                    
WILSON, Hurlburt C       Harlem 22 Metamora Illinois Page H Wilson & Eliza Betz 28-Nov-28 Glasgow Valley 3435  
      Edna R Zuber Fessenden N D 24 Fessenden Adam Zuber & ???          
WILSON, Ida see Higgins, Arthur A                    
WILSON, Ida May see McMurdo, Perry B                    
WILSON, Ina Mae see Brann, H E                    
WILSON, Ivan A       Sidney 21 Wis M A Wilson & Bessie King 6-Sep-19 Wibaux? Wibaux 253  
      Marie B Pollard Earl N D 21 Mo J R Pollard & Lettie Smith          
WILSON, J Dee see Callahan, Jack                    
WILSON, J H see Wilson, J R                    
WILSON, James see Wilson                    
WILSON, James see Cotton, Robert                    
WILSON, James see Waggoner, Archie                    
WILSON, James see Wilson, Edward                    
WILSON, James see Wilson, Delbert Spencer                    
WILSON, James A see Brann, H E                    
WILSON, James G see Cushing, Herbert C                    
WILSON, James R       Casper Wyo 40 Salem Colo J H Wilson & Bell Rogers 19-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 501  
      Bessie A Welch Boone Iowa 41 Boone ???          
WILSON, Jane see Larson, Oscar                    
WILSON, Jasper E see Wilson, Alvin J                    
WILSON, Jeff see Gallagher, George E                    
WILSON, Jennie see Roberts                    
WILSON, Jennie see Trotter James B                    
WILSON, Jennie Norris see Cobell, John Mills                    
WILSON, John see Baney                    
WILSON, John see Bartlett                    
WILSON, John       Froid 40 Ontario Canada Louis Wilson & Mary McKie ???   Valley 836 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Anna Friedmann Froid 33 Jordan Mn Ambrose Friedmann & Rose Schonfler          
WILSON, John see Wilson, Rufus M                    
WILSON, John & Ida see Gedney, Merle L                    
WILSON, John A       Wolf Point 31 Missouri John M Wilson & Mary Clemmons 4-Mar-20 Glasgow Valley 2635  
      Ange M Gant Wolf Point 19 Mn Edward Gant & Mitilda Kramer          
WILSON, John B       Med� Lake 38 Dalhomie Ontario Can Robert Wilson & Jane Mann 2-Feb-13 Culbertson Valley 1235  
      Ella Frye Hinsdale 44 ??? John Thompson & Elizabeth Leasure          
WILSON, John C see Palmer, Delbert A                    
WILSON, John H see Wilson, Harold A                    
WILSON, John M see McDonald, Ernest Arthur                    
WILSON, John M see Wilson, John A                    
WILSON, John P see Wilson, William P                    
WILSON, Joseph       Wolf Boint 25 Mt Richard V Wilson & Mary Eagle 9-Feb-14 Poplar Sheridan 151  
      Francis Charging Dog Poplar 19 Mt Charging Dog & Tail Woman          
WILSON, Josephine see Henderson, A J                    
WILSON, Josephine see Furlong, Edward                    
WILSON, Julius H J see Heard, Ralph                    
WILSON, Kate see Vagg, Harry A                    
WILSON, Lark see Hall, T G                    
WILSON, Lark L       Malta 31 Mo Levi McLane Wilson & Mildred Hamlin 16-Sep-14 Malta Valley 1535  
      Zoe N Copple Malta 25 Kans Wesley & Ida Copple          
WILSON, Laura see Burtch, Seth                    
WILSON, Lawrence       Skaar N D 20 Louisville Ken Henry Wilson & Minnie Workman 26-Jul-29 Wibaux Wibaux 691  
      Dorothy Kappel Skaar N D 18 Skaar Frank W & Mary Kappel          
WILSON, Leta see Stazel, Phillip                    
WILSON, Levi see Clamich, Albert B                    
WILSON, Levi McLane see Wilson, Lark L                    
WILSON, Lewis see Thomas, Clyde A                    
WILSON, Lewis see Fish, George W                    
WILSON, Lilace see Nordahl, John                    
WILSON, Lola V see Puckett, Janes R                    
WILSON, Loretta see Ratchford, Harry T                    
WILSON, Louis see Wilson, John                    
WILSON, Lucille see Wright                    
WILSON, Lucy see Reed, Roland                    
WILSON, Lucy see Hill, John                    
WILSON, Lucy see Bronson, Clarence A                    
WILSON, Lucy see Reed, Jesse                    
WILSON, Lucy see Waggoner, Archie                    
WILSON, Luella see Hiler                    
WILSON, M A see Wilson, Ivan A                    
WILSON, Maggie see May, James                    
WILSON, Margaret see Baumgartel, Carl B                    
WILSON, Margaret see Yackey, William H                    
WILSON, Margaret E see Henderson                    
WILSON, Margaret Ivanette see Brink, Albert W                    
WILSON, Marie see Cotton, Robert                    
WILSON, Mary see Anderson, David                    
WILSON, Mary see Calkins, George W                    
WILSON, Mary see Hall, T G                    
WILSON, Mary see Hubbard, D L                    
WILSON, Mary see Hart, Donald W                    
WILSON, Mary see Hey, Joseph                    
WILSON, Mary see Hobbs, R A                    
WILSON, Mary see Hopper, Clyde L                    
WILSON, Mary see Steele, Chas A                    
WILSON, Mary see Stockwell, Howard                    
WILSON, Mary see Wright, James C                    
WILSON, Mary see Noll, William                    
WILSON, Mary Ellen Maud see Heard, Ralph                    
WILSON, Mary Jane see Kelly, Frank                    
WILSON, Mary Louise see Hall, T G                    
WILSON, Mason Solen       Glendive 28 Shelbina Missouri George Wilson & Alice Moran 17-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1115  
      Minnie Gertrude Brown Glendive 20 Glendive James L Brown & Minnie Dobson          
WILSON, Mattie May see Finger, Fred W                    
WILSON, Mau Emma see Palmer, Delbert A                    
WILSON, May see Bartlett                    
WILSON, Meilla see Russell, John C                    
WILSON, Merrell S       Glasgow 22 S D   14-Sep-28   Phillips 1057  
      Myrtle Belle Stockton Glasgow 21 Okla            
WILSON, Merrill see Dix, G D                    
WILSON, Mildred Mary see Smith, Curtis                    
WILSON, Mollisie see Phillians, Ocea N                    
WILSON, Mrs Fred see Nelson, William L                    
WILSON, Mrs Fred see Nielsen, Andrew                    
WILSON, Mrs Pansy see Miles, Jerry Raymond                    
WILSON, N D see Hopper, Clyde L                    
WILSON, Nancy see Hayward, John Herbert                    
WILSON, Nellie see Petrie, George                    
WILSON, Norman Victor       Culbertson 24 Gravenhurst Ont Can W H Wilson & Alice M Parker 14-Jul-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 156  
      Christine McDonald Culbert-son 18 Poplar John & Catherine McDonald          
WILSON, Olive (Rush?) see Wills, Theodore                    
WILSON, Olive S see Wilson, Merrell S                    
WILSON, Oliver see Henderson, A J                    
WILSON, Oliver see Petrie, George                    
WILSON, Orpheline see Beber, Bethuel R                    
WILSON, Page H see Wilson, Hurlburt C                    
WILSON, Pauline see Hamm, John D                    
WILSON, Pearl E see Smith, William M                    
WILSON, Perry see Kenoyer, Emma Naida                    
WILSON, Perry A       Sun Prairie 22 Arkansas   14-Jul-22   Phillips 655  
      Virginia Watson Trine 18 N D            
WILSON, Peter see Hale, Edward                    
WILSON, Peter C see Stockwell, Howard                    
WILSON, Phillip see Fitzgerald, John F                    
WILSON, Phoebe see Duval                    
WILSON, Preston P       Miles City 30 Rosebud Corrydon Wilson & Nellie Brandt 23-Mar-27 Glendive Dawson 3444  
      Verda Shand Miles City 18 Warsaw Indiana B F Shend & B F Goldberry          
WILSON, Richard see Roberts                    
WILSON, Richard see Morin, Edward                    
WILSON, Richard B see Cobell, John Mills                    
WILSON, Richard V see Dumont                    
WILSON, Richard V see Wilson                    
WILSON, Rita see Laurence, Royce                    
WILSON, Robert see Wilson, John B                    
WILSON, Rosa see Rose, LaVerne Albert                    
WILSON, Rose E see Hatcher, Otto                    
WILSON, Rufus M       Cleveland 26 Rush Cty Ind John Wilson & Martha Clayton 16-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 309  
      Molly M Moxley Cleveland 19   Virginia Emmet Moxley & Angie Sarvis          
WILSON, Ruth see Berry                    
WILSON, S D       Phillips 55 Missouri   8-Aug-18   Phillips 365  
      Mabel Giger? Phillips (Sun Prairie) 44 ???            
WILSON, Samuel       Raymond 24 Rosholt S D W O Wilson & Mathilda Mayberry 19-Oct-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2693  
      Eleanora Holland Raymond 19 Sisseton S D Harry Holland & Gusta Schanauman          
WILSON, Sarah see Fishleigh, Frank                    
WILSON, Sarah Ellen see Stone, Almon C                    
WILSON, Stella (Simon?) see Baker, Otis Eugene                    
WILSON, Susie see Lund, Hilmar B                    
WILSON, Susie see Lund, Burdick William                    
WILSON, Theresa see Goudy                    
WILSON, Thomas see Wilson                    
WILSON, Thomas see Hudson, Fredrick L                    
WILSON, Tug see Petrie, George                    
WILSON, W H see Callahan, Jack                    
WILSON, W H see Wilson, Norman Victor                    
WILSON, W N see Wilson, Frederick H                    
WILSON, W O see Wilson                    
WILSON, W P see Brink, Albert W                    
WILSON, Wesley see Miles, Jerry Raymond                    
WILSON, Wilbur see Baumgartel, Carl B                    
WILSON, William       P�wood 24 Mt Thomas W Wilson & Many Shields 24-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1659  
      Dorothy Ryan Froid 21 Ill ??? Ryan & Bertha Welsh          
WILSON, William see Edwards, Andrew J                    
WILSON, William Dale       Ill 22 Fillmore Mo Andrew Wilson & Virgie? Jones 24-Sep-29 Glasgow Valley 3511  
      Kathryn Alyda LaMar Froid 18 Froid Ralph LaMar & Alberta Schutt          
WILSON, William P       Savage 34 Madison N Carolina John P Wilson & Sallie Hill 3-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1508  
      Ruth Theodore Boylan Terry 28 Twin Bridges Frank G Boylan & Jeanette Wells          
WILSON, William P see Wilson, Frank A                    
WILSON, William Walter       Poplar 40 Milwaukee Wis par Frederick Wilson & Heneretta Greer 25-Sep-21 Glasgow Roosivelt 288  
      Daisy L King Poplar 26 Virginia John & Florence Workman          
WILSON, Wilmont O see Henderson                    
WILSON, Wilmot see LaCoste                    
WILSON, Wilmuth see Woodworth, Raymond, George                    
WILSON,, Agnes, see Soderquist, Eric B                    
WILTFANG, Cyrus see Potter                    
WILTFANG, Harriet C see Potter                    
WILTFONG, Gertrude Bernice see Hasler                    
WILTFONG, Thomas Webster see Hasler                    
WILTGEN, Catherine see Arp, Carl H                    
WILTON, Martha see Kelle, Henry S                    
WILTON, Martha see Hicks, H H                    
WILTON, Martha see Dahl, Emma Sophia                    
WILTSE, Frank J       Ray N D 30 Iowa Sim Wiltse & Abbey Bartlett 15-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1362  
      Amy Lena Crawford Ray N D 30 Iowa M M Cline & Rebecca Martin          
WILTSE, Sim see Wiltse, Fred J                    
WILTZ, Margaret see Markle, Walter C                    
WILZ, Andrew G       Glendive 21 Menasha Wisc George Wilz & SaBena? Bartling 16-Jan-18 Glendive Dawson 2326  
      Mary Dvarak Glendive 20 Denver Colo James Dvarak & Antonette Stipek          
WILZ, George see Wilz, Andrew G                    
WIMBERLEY, Wm T see McCallum, Warren                    
WIMSATT, C A see Wimsatt                    
WIMSATT, George       Raymond 23 Kansas C A Wimsatt & Cora Tepler 11-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1077  
      Opha E Drake Raymond 17 N D David Drake & Nettie Waters          
WINARD, Sarah see Raether, Burney                    
WINBERG, Hanna see Lindberg, August H                    
WINCENTSEN, Oley see Hunt                    
WINCENTSEN, Vera see Hunt                    
WINCH, Emma E see Royaas                    
WINCH, Josephine see Forsyth, John                    
WINCH, Morris see Forsyth, John                    
WINCH, Morris R see Royaas                    
WINCHESTER, James see Crane                    
WINCHESTER, Luella see Pierce                    
WINCHESTER, Milton J       Burns 30 Chetek Wisc Russell A Winchester & Mercy Broseng 28-Aug-06 Glendive Dawson 384  
      Ethel Brown Glendive 20 Glendive J L Brown & ???          
WINCHESTER, Russell A see Winchester, Milton J                    
WIND, Woman see Smith, Kirkwood                    
WINDEL, Henry C       Williston N D 52 Bowmanville Ont Can William C Windel & Jane Molyneau 14-Jul-23 Glendive Dawson 3003  
      Alice Fredrickson Williston N D 39 Bergen Norway Christian Fredrickson & Inga Mattson          
WINDEL, William C see Windel, Henry C                    
WINDER, Elvira see Gardner, Harry Seaman                    
WINDER, John S see Colby                    
WINDER, Mary L see Colby                    
WINDER, W E see Gardner, Harry Seaman                    
WINDERL, John see Winderl, Theodore F                    
WINDERL, Theodore F       Glasgow 31 Iowa John Winderl & Barbara Moore 7-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1557  
      Blanch M Rouse Galena Ill 22 Ill William A Rouse & Susan B Gardner          
WINDHORN, August see Kintner, Wm E                    
WINDHORN, Delphia see Kintner, Wm E                    
WINDHOVEN, Caroline see Brinkman, Fred Frank                    
WINDLER, Gustine see Barchenger                    
WINDOM, Hans see McMillan, George                    
WINDOM, Tillie see McMillan, George                    
WINDSHIP, Alboni? see Windship, Ralph                    
WINDSHIP, Ralph       Thoeny 29 Wis Alboni? Windship & Nellie Lesch 14-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2563  
      Emma Dorsey   18 Iowa Edward Dorsey & Mamie Dimson          
WINDSLEIF, Abby see Gladden, Van W                    
WINDSOR, see Winsor                    
WINDSOR, George see Lumsden, Alexander                    
WINDSOR, Helen see Johnson, Harry L                    
WINDSOR, Helen see Cain, Clinton E                    
WINDSOR, Nellie see Lumsden, Alexander                    
WINDT, Gustie see Engelke                    
WINEBARGER, Clara see Collins, William F                    
WINEBERGER, Barbara see Colgrove, Charles Jr                    
WINEBERGER, Jacob see Colgrove, Charles Jr                    
WINEGAR, Susan see Hill, Cleson                    
WINEGARDEN, Dan see Schwind, Peter                    
WINEGARDEN, Grace M see Schwind, Peter                    
WINELAND, C F see Wineland                    
WINELAND, Claude E       P,wood 24 Indiana C F Wineland & Ida Grimes 10-Nov-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2284  
      Gertrude Reuter P�wood 25 Indiana Gaspar Reuter & ???          
WINELAND, Sarah see Brechbiel                    
WINELAND, Sarah see Coakson Roger L                    
WING, Connelly see Wing, William M                    
WING, Elizabeth see Triplett                    
WING, Eva see Henry, Ira D                    
WING, Joel see Thompson, T H                    
WING, John see Wing, Walter Richard                    
WING, Leo       Lodge Pole 26 Ft Belknap Peter Wing & Prisoner 12-Sep-26 St Pauls Mission Blaine 957  
      Isabel Walking Chief Lodge Pole 15 Lodge Pole Walking Chief & Medicine Bear          
WING, Peter see Wing, Leo                    
WING, Rachel see Ricker, Charles                    
WING, Ralp       Harlem 27 ??? ??? 13-Feb-16 Oswego Valley 1819  
      Rachel Standing Oswego 18   Stephen & Patty Standing          
WING, Ralph       Poplar 41 Harlem ??? & Red Doe Woman 2-Mar-30 Glasgow Valley 3548  
      Charity Red Door Poplar 28 Poplar Basil Red Door & Blanche Ricker          
WING, Walter Richard       Bainville 25 Wis John Wing & Julia Hanson 27-Aug-23 Poplar Roosivelt 543  
      Maybelle Mary Provost Bainville 18 Mn Alfred Provost & Mary Billedeau          
WING, William M       Glendive 31 LaPorte Cty Indiana Connelll Wing & Nellie Wolff? 10-Dec-1889 Glendive Dawson 30  
      Maggie Brown Glendive 22 Belvia Canada Andrew Brown & Delia Keilty          
WINGARD, Estelle May see Taylor, Grover Munsey                    
WINGARD, John see Taylor, Grover Munsey                    
WINGATE, Andrew L see Wingate, Arthur C                    
WINGATE, Angeline C see Fimrite, Almont M                    
WINGATE, Arthur C       Sidney 35 Soldier Iowa Andrew L Wingate & Carrie Nelson 28-May-29 Glendive Dawson 3722  
      Bessie May Ralston Sidney 42 Choteau William R Ralston & Ellen Mathewson          
WINGATE, Catherine see Rowton, Joshua Gilbert                    
WINGATE, Levi C see Fimrite, Almont M                    
WINGE, Cora L see Milford                    
WINGE, Josephine see Decker, Kenneth                    
WINGER, Jennie Marie? see Rooney, John Francis                    
WINGER, Nancy see Markle, Walter C                    
WINGER, Thomas see Rooney, John Francis                    
WINGERT, Charles see Frisinger, Carroll M                    
WINGERT, Clarence E       Eatonia Sask Can 30 Mich John Wingert & Lina Leinhart 11-Jun-24 Scobey Daniels 155  
      Julia Pauline Barnes Glidden Sask 24 N D John Peterson & Julia Marie Sovang          
WINGERT, Fannie see Frisinger, Carroll M                    
WINGERT, John see Wingert, Clarence E                    
WINGFIELD, Charlotte see Connor, Thomas                    
WINGO, Cora see Foster, Raymond                    
WINGREENE, Gus Edward       Bismark N D 33 Minneapolis Mn Peter Wingreene & Katherine Wilde 17-Jun-19 Glendive Dawson 2527  
      Garnet Riesland Bismark 29 Watertown S D George D Riesland & Essie Carrie Rue          
WINGREENE, Peter see Wingreene, Gus Edward                    
WINHOFER, Alice see Rowe, Francis                    
WINHOFER, Ester see Rowe, Emmett                    
WINHOFER, Margaret see Gilman                    
WINHOFER, Stephan see Gilman                    
WINHOFER, Stephen see Rowe, Emmett                    
WINHOFER, Stephen see Rowe, Francis                    
WINJE, Lewis       Jordan 32 Norway Lewis & Carrie Winje 16-Jun-16 Jordan Dawson 1929  
      Grace M Hall Jordan 37 Brooklin Ontario Albert M Hall & Eleanor Leader          
WINJE, Lewis & Carrie see Winje, Lewis                    
WINKEL, August see Winkel, Ferdinand                    
WINKEL, Britten W       Malta 20 Can   3-Nov-29   Phillips 1146  
      Ruby Luse Malta 19 N D            
WINKEL, Ferdinand       Glasgow 37 Neil Wis August Winkel & Minnie Heig 9-Sep-23 Glasgow Valley 1991  
      Celia Young Glasgow 31 Alexandria Mn William Kappham & Carolina Falmer          
WINKEL, Theresa see Poppler, William                    
WINKELPLECK, Clara Alice see White, Arthur C                    
WINKENWEDER, Arthur B       Malta 27 Ont Can John Winkenweder & Elizabeth ??? 6-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1978  
      Sadie Irwin Saco 20 Ireland John Irwin & Mary Bell          
WINKENWEDER, John see Winkenweder, Arthur B                    
WINKES, Henry       Lambert 36 Iowa Cty Wisc John Winkes & Maggie Wilhelm 28-Jan-15 ??? Dawson 1668  
      Clara Quinlan Circle 35 Wood Cty Wisc George Wiesner & Sophia Seef          
WINKES, John see Winkes, Henry                    
WINKLEBECK, Fredrick C       Opheim 32 Iowa John W Winklebeck & Margaret McMahon 26-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2294  
      Bertha E Bergeson Opheim 29 Ill Berge Bergeson & Ebi Govig          
WINKLEMAN, Bertha see Hede, John                    
WINKLEPLECK, Clara Alice see Massar, Fredrick                    
WINKLER, Blanche S (Seburg?) see Fletcher, Price E                    
WINKLER, Eliza Hattie see Butterweck, Walter Lewis                    
WINKLER, F W see Ericksen, Henry W                    
WINKLER, Frank see Kienast, Clarence R                    
WINKLER, Hazel see Kienast, Clarence R                    
WINKLER, Odell see Christensen                    
WINKLER, Ruth M see Ericksen, Henry W                    
WINKLER, Tom see Christensen                    
WINKS, Jessie see Haggerty, William Francis                    
WINKS, Minnie L see Northey, A E                    
WINLLEBECK, John W see Winklebeck, FredrickC                    
WINN, Geo see Simmons, H J                    
WINN, George K see Pickett, Thomas A                    
WINN, George K see Winn, Herman                    
WINN, George K       Poplar Creek 29 Holmsville Louisana Henry W Winn & Edmonia Smith 10-Aug-1891 Glasgow Dawson 51  
      Manonia Koons Poplar Creek 20 Ft Buford N D John Koons & Mary Land          
WINN, Henry W see Winn, George K                    
WINN, Herman       Med� Lake 21 Louisiana George K Winn & Winona Kulm 13-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1565  
      Nellie Hubbard Poplar 17 Nebr Harry Hubbard & Eunice Osmond          
WINN, Katherine see Simmons, H J                    
WINN, Margaret A see Pickett, Thomas A                    
WINN, Nona see Mitchell, Dan                    
WINN, Rilla L see McNary                    
WINN, Wallace see McNary Clyde                    
WINNIGER, Emma see Johnson, William H                    
WINONA, see Fast                    
WINONA, see Powell, Charley                    
WINONA, see Medicine Eagle                    
WINONA, see Powell, Charles                    
WINONA, Dora see Smith, Frank                    
WINQUIST, Agnes Theresia see Hagman, J H                    
WINQUIST, John Peter Bengston see Hagman, A H                    
WINQUIST, Mathilde see Hagman, A H                    
WINSHEL, Ralf       Glendive 26 Russia Valentine Wenshel & Frances Wertz 24-Oct-10 Glendive Dawson 852  
      Tillie Wetch Glendive 21 Russia Fred Wetsch & Mary Ann Knoll          
WINSHIP, Albion see Davenport, Cyrus Ray                    
WINSHIP, Albion see Courteau, Fredrick H                    
WINSHIP, Eliza see Pickett, Russell                    
WINSHIP, Eliza Jane see Keongh, Thomas                    
WINSHIP, Theresa Elinor see Davenport, Cyrus Ray                    
WINSLOW, Clara see Olson                    
WINSLOW, Clara see LaVerdure                    
WINSLOW, Clara see King                    
WINSLOW, Martha see Bickers, Harry                    
WINSOR, see Windsor                    
WINSOR, Helen see Robinson, Hedley V                    
WINSOR, Jessie see Leathers, Russell Charles                    
WINSTON, Edward       Forsythe 22 Marysville Mt John Albert Winston & Mary Harney 4-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 741  
      Leila Steele Forsythe 21 Whitley Cty Kentucky George F Steele & Letitia Leforc          
WINSTON, John Albert see Winston, Edward                    
WINSTONE, Henrietta see Lonergan, Philip F                    
WINSUR?, Helen see Zolman, Anderson C                    
WINTER, Charles H       Sidney 48 McConnellburg Penn Ezra Winter & Rachel Lake 8-May-29 Glendive Dawson 3714  
      Mrs Rachel Combs Sidney 43 Sweet Springs Mo William C Cundiff & Sue A Halsey          
WINTER, Christian see Swanson, Edwin A                    
WINTER, Ezra see Winter, Charles H                    
WINTER, Francis see Fox, Joe                    
WINTER, Frank see Gamble                    
WINTER, John Dudley       Chinook 22 Chinook John Dudley Winter & mary Louise Schumacher 24-Dec-27 Chinook Blaine 1038  
      Cora Robertson Chinook 23 Duluth Mn James Searle & Clara Bagley          
WINTER, Joseph see Mead, John                    
WINTER, Joseph see McKenzie, Clifton K                    
WINTER, Joseph P       Medicine Lake 26 Le Seur Mn Joseph P Winter & Catherine E Dressel 3-Jun-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 20  
      Sarah Ernie Wimbleton N D 21 Wimbleton N D Andrew Ernie & Minnie Voight          
WINTER, Louise see Mead, John                    
WINTER, Lydia D see Swanson, Edwin A                    
WINTER, Mabel A see Gamble                    
WINTER, Mary see Hay, Andrew W                    
WINTER, Stina see Jepsen                    
WINTERMETTE?, Esther see Clark, George Benjamin                    
WINTERMUTE, Nellie E see Mostad, Theodore                    
WINTERMUTE, W Watson       Fairview 41 Manley Iowa William W Wintermute & Ida M Pennell 21-Jun-28 Circle McCone 121  
      Louise Gullickson Fairview 34 Black River Falls Wisc John Gullickson & ???          
WINTERMUTE, William W see Wintermute, W Watson                    
WINTERROWD, Benjamin Thomas       Zurich 33 Winterrowd Ill Willard F & Lou Winterrowd 5-Jan-19 Chinook Blaine 535  
      Nellie M Gifford Zurich 30 Mo Benja-min Allen & Margaret Overstreet          
WINTERROWD, Willard & Lou see Winterrowd, Benjamin Thomas                    
WINTERS, Anna J see Englert, Cassius L                    
WINTERS, Carl see Badroads, Tom                    
WINTERS, Carry see Patton, Dee A                    
WINTERS, Cathryn see Mattox, Harry R                    
WINTERS, Dora see Vanscoy, Edward S                    
WINTERS, Dora see Campbell, James Maxwell                    
WINTERS, Doris see Brownell, Arthur N                    
WINTERS, Francis see Hallquist                    
WINTERS, Georgan see Eline, Henry F                    
WINTERS, J W see Winters                    
WINTERS, Jennie see Fisher, Frank                    
WINTERS, Katherine see Ireland, Chauncey                    
WINTERS, Louise see Gaffney                    
WINTERS, Mary see Aldridge, Albert                    
WINTERS, Sussanah see Miley, Samuel H                    
WINTERS, W J       Stevensville 34 Soldier Idaho J W Winter & Martha A Allen 2-Aug-29 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2457  
      Helen A Bates Med� Lake 31 Batavia N Y Charles A Bates & Nellie A Post          
WINTHER, Anton J       Dagmar 28 Mich Ole Winther & Line Selandis? 4-Jun-20 Dagmar Sheridan 1660  
      Margarethe Christensen Dagmar 22 Wash ??? Christensen & Marie Miller          
WINTHER, Frances see Gormley                    
WINTHER, Fred       Dagmar 46 Big Rapids Mich Ole Winther & Sine Sklander 1-Nov-33 Dagmar Sheridan 2783  
      Sigrid Pedersen Askov Mn 36 Erwin S D Rasmus Peder-sen & Signa Olsen          
WINTHER, Marie see Miller                    
WINTHER, Ole see Miller                    
WINTHER, Ole see Winther                    
WINTHER, Ole see Winther                    
WINTHROP, Helen see Peterson, Otto                    
WINTLER, John see Mead, E G                    
WIRTH, Barbara see Martell                    
WIRTH, Barbara see Scott                    
WIRTH, Christina see West, Grant O                    
WIRTH, Conrad see Wirth, Jacob                    
WIRTH, Elizabeth Jane see Smith, James F                    
WIRTH, Jacob       Poplar 50 Germany Conrad Wirth & Fredrica Schlier 12-Jan-1895 Poplar Valley ?  
      Lydia Kennedy Poplar 40 Sisseton Agency S D ???          
WIRTH, Jacob see Mail, John                    
WIRTH, Jacob & Susan see Cain, Harry E                    
WIRTH, Jacob & Susan see Smith, James F                    
WIRTH, Jacob & Susan see West, Grant O                    
WIRTH, Katie see Rice, Mike Jr                    
WIRTH, Louise see Cain, Harry E                    
WIRTH, Mary see Smith                    
WIRTH, Steven see Rice, Mike Jr                    
WIRTZ, Anna see Deming, Melvin                    
WIRTZ, Fred       Outlook 30 Mn Jor Wirtz & Anna Effertz 22-Nov-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1767  
      Anna Marie Young Outlook 21 Aust-Hungary Anton Young & Katherine Mauer          
WIRTZ, Fred A       Outlook 27 Mn Joe Wirtz & Anna Elfertz 13-Feb-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1262  
      Elizabeth Lock Watkins Mn 22 Mn Valentine Lock & Kittie Hess          
WIRTZ, Helen see Summerton, Park Charles Lewis                    
WIRTZ, Joe see Beckers                    
WIRTZ, Joe see Wirtz                    
WIRTZ, Joe see Wirtz                    
WIRTZ, Joe see Deming, Melvin                    
WIRTZ, Joseph see Krzebetakowski                    
WIRTZ, Joseph see Wirtz                    
WIRTZ, Joseph B       Outlook 24 Mn Joe Wirtz & Anna Effertz 24-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2128  
      Cecelia Kohler Outlook 24 N D Frank Kohler & Anna Shafer          
WIRTZ, Mary see Beckers                    
WIRTZ, Mary see Bird, Robert M                    
WIRTZ, Mathilda see Krzebetakowski                    
WIRTZ, William       Outlook 27 Glencoe Mn Joseph Wirtz & Anna Effertz 23-Feb-14 Plentywood Sheridan    
      Tillie Witte Outlook 21 Hector Mn Albert Witte & Louisa Brocherk          
WIRTZBERGER, Apollonia see Meyer                    
WIRTZBERGER, Elizabeth see Phelen                    
WIRTZBERGER, Herbert       Westby 36 Mn Lewis Wirtzberger & Elizabeth Neubauer 24-Oct-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2278  
      Blanche Sophia Norman Crosby 25 Mn John Norman & Christine Sampson          
WIRTZBERGER, Joseph       Westby 25 Mn Lewis Wirtzberger & Elizabeth Newlander 26-Oct-15 Plentywood Sheridan 562  
      Theresia Weiler Westby 18 St Nichols Mn J A Weiler & Katie Kordie          
WIRTZBERGER, Lewis see Neubander?                    
WIRTZBERGER, Lewis see Wirtzberger                    
WIRTZBERGER, Louis see Wirtzberger                    
WIRTZBERGER, Louis see Meyer                    
WIRTZBERGER, Louis see Phelen                    
WIRTZBERGER, Ollie       Westby 25 Mn Louis Wirtzberger & Elizabeth Newbar? 24-Oct-28 Outlook Sheridan 2372  
      Gladys Logelin Clearbrook Mn 21 Mn Leonard Logelin & Sophie Kaehn          
WIRUM, Lars see Walseth, Erick                    
WISBEL, Elizabeth see Force, George D                    
WISCH, Julius see Voss, Mathew J                    
WISCH, Julius Alfred       Chinook 23 Chinook Julius Wsich & Johanna Knutsen 14-Oct-29 Chinook Blaine 1173  
      Willa Mae Criswell Chinook 20 Ottumwa Iowa John Wesley Criswell & Rosella Smith          
WISCH, Katherine Margaret see Voss, Mathew J                    
WISCHMANN, Henry       Circle 36 Germany Henry Wischmann & Sophia Koppenberg 12-Oct-13 Circle Dawson 1328  
      Pauline Hillebrand Circle 28 Germany Henry Hillebrand & Lissette Springer          
WISE, Albert A see Baker, Guy Herbert                    
WISE, Alice see Baker, Guy Herbert                    
WISE, Anna A see O�Connell                    
WISE, Dorthy see Rounds, Clarence                    
WISE, Ella see Sartwell, Floyd A                    
WISE, Frank see O�Connell                    
WISE, Grant       Steele N D 28 Penn J A Wise & Louisa Seacrist 3-Apr-16 Plentywood Sheridan 716  
      Sadie Martin P�wood 40 Iowa C T Anken�? & Elizabeth J Lenoner          
WISE, J A see Wise                    
WISE, Jane see Shackleton, Stephen F                    
WISE, John see Ragen, Lawrence                    
WISE, Joseph see Loomans                    
WISE, Katie see Koth, Gottleib                    
WISE, Louise see Kurtz                    
WISE, Mary see Petri, Martin                    
WISE, Mary see Petri, Martin                    
WISE, Mary Walker see Ragen, Lawrence                    
WISE, Mattie see Oppegard, Clarence Joseph                    
WISE, Sarah see Culbertson                    
WISE, Sarah see DeGraw, Roy                    
WISEMAN, Charles E see Wiseman, William Florience                    
WISEMAN, Mrs Rose see Rush, Peter                    
WISEMAN, William Florience       Scobey 22 Indiana Charles E Wiseman & Nancy Irwin 15-Jun-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 774  
      Audry Mary Wood Scobey 18 Hinsdale Clinton Wood & ???          
WISENBERG, Martha see Hobbs, Frank (Glas)                    
WISER, Mrs Mabel see Johnson, William H                    
WISESHALL?, Agatha see Bernauer, Joe L                    
WISHALLA, Susan see Reynolds, Isaac B                    
WISINGER, Jacob see Burg, Alfred                    
WISINGER, May see Burg, Alfred                    
WISLAND, Sophia H see Frame, Clarence W                    
WISMAN, Chora see Nudd, Ashley                    
WISMER, Joe Jr       Bowdoin 27 Canada   21-Jul-23   Phillips 722  
      Laura Traver Hinsdale 19 Wisc            
WISMILLER, Charles       Killdeer N D 31 Chicago Ill John Wismiller & Mary Haines 7-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2924  
      Maude Lehman Killdeer 18 Reeding Mn Sam Lehman & Elnora Stone          
WISMILLER, John see Wismiller, Charles                    
WISNIEMSKA?, Jozefa see Jakanovski, Frank F                    
WISSINGER, Andrew see Wissinger, William                    
WISSINGER, William       Glasgow 28 Kans Andrew Wissinger & Sarah Stowe 4-Aug-06 Glasgow Valley 242  
      Ellen Arvold Minneapolis 23 Mn ???          
WISTING?, Susie A see McNamara, William Lee                    
WITCHER, Elma (Hatch) see Williams, William W                    
WITHAM, Alice see Whitish                    
WITHAM, Alice see Whitish                    
WITHERBEE, Della see Traver, Claude E                    
WITHERBEE, Earl V       Frazer 29 Franklin Illinois Walter M Witherbee & Nancy L Dennis 14-Apr-24 Glasgow Valley 3051  
      Julia Hill Frazer 32 Harlem James Deegan & Margaret St Denis          
WITHERBEE, Walter M see Witherbee, Earl V                    
WITHERS, Leona see Dahlman, Verner                    
WITHROW, Buell see Terry, Earl G                    
WITHROW, Katherine see Warren, Jerome E                    
WITHROW, Lurline see McNeill, Brady Martin                    
WITHROW, Mamie see Cole, Andrew                    
WITHROW, Mamie see Horseman, George                    
WITHROW, Robert see McNeil, Brady Martin                    
WITISH, Erwin R       Redstone 24 Wis J M Whitish & Lulu Cook 30-Jan-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1948  
      Alice E Redden P�wood 22 Iowa R S Redden & Minnie Harrison          
WITMAN, George       Malta 21 Russia   30-Jun-25   Phillips 831  
      Katherine Benner Malta 18 Neb            
WITT, August E see Bartholomew, Oscar S                    
WITT, C H see Witt, Robert E                    
WITT, Charles see Bawden, John Harold                    
WITT, Charles Henry see Witt, James Leslie                    
WITT, Chris       Beach N D 25 Lennox S D John Witt & Reka Hagerman 29-Sep-19 Wibaux Dawson 2572  
      Gusty Hafner Wibaux 17 Emmetsburg Iowa Jake Hafner & Mary Haffner          
WITT, Daisy see Bennett, Thomas Harold                    
WITT, Daisy see Whiteside, Thomas                    
WITT, Flossie E see Bawden, John Harold                    
WITT, Franz C see Zieger, Harry O                    
WITT, Helena see Reuber, Ernest Willard                    
WITT, James Leslie       Nickwall 18 Mt Charles Henry Witt & Norah F Moor 6-Nov-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1251  
      Thelma Iola Baker Nickwall 18 Illinois Charles Henry Baker & Martha C Campbell          
WITT, John see Witt, Chris                    
WITT, Julia see Ahlert, Herman Jr                    
WITT, Louise see Klinkhammer                    
WITT, Louise see Pryor, Roger W                    
WITT, Lydia O see Zieger, Harry O                    
WITT, Mildred Marie see Bartholomew, Oscar S                    
WITT, Oral       Poplar 37 Attica Ind Wm H Witt & Ann C Lyons?     Valley 1211 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Osa Rhodes Poplar 18 Ill Delbert D Rhodes & Laurie Hawks          
WITT, Robert E       Nickwall 23 New Town Ind C H Witt & Nora E Moore 19-Oct-23 Poplar Roosivelt 559  
      Daisy Grensdore? Waska 18 Belgrade Neb J R Grensdore & Daisy Raidecker          
WITT, Sam E       Glendive 21 Hartesbarne Okla Sam E Witt & Dosha E Hunt 6-Jan-29 Glendive Dawson 3682  
      Gladys E Richards Colocado Springs Colo 22 St Louis Mo Ralph R Richards & Nellie Darrah          
WITT, Wm H see Witt, Oral                    
WITTBRAD, ??? see Lukovitz                    
WITTBRAD, Mary see Lukovitz                    
WITTE, Albert see Wirtz                    
WITTE, August & Bertha see Witte                    
WITTE, Bertha see Rosenbohm, John                    
WITTE, Henry see Tobiason                    
WITTE, Henry W       Outlook 53 Glencoe Mn August & Bertha Witte 15-Jun-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2665  
      Elizabeth Cook Outlook Legal Glenwood Mn Frederick Oswald & Minnie Kranz          
WITTE, John see Beeler, John                    
WITTE, John see Rosenbohm, Henry                    
WITTE, Myrtle see Tobiason Art                    
WITTE, Reka see Beeler, John                    
WITTE, Tillie see Wirtz                    
WITTFONG, Beulah B see Potter                    
WITTFONG, Lloyd       Whitetail 20 Little S----? Iowa Thomas W Wittfong & Harriet C Bothwell 26-Feb-16 Whitetail Sheridan 679  
      Gertrude Ames Whitetail 18 Mich Charles Ames          
WITTFONG, Thomas see Wittfong                    
WITTFONG, Webster & Hattie see Potter                    
WITTHERS, Leona see Freel, Amos F                    
WITTIE, Mary I see Hayen, George                    
WITTINE, Gertrude see VonKuster, Ralph                    
WITTINE, John see Gearhart, John W                    
WITTINE, John see VonKuster, Ralph                    
WITTINE, Lucy M see Gearhart, John W                    
WITTKE, Martha see Stahl, Cloyd                    
WITTKOPP, John see Wittkopp, Carl                    
WITTKOPP, Karl       Union 30 Germany John Wittkopp & Magdalen Schmidt 24-Apr-19 Glendive Dawson 2512  
      Christina Bach Glendive 18 Austria Peter Bach & Katherine Ernst          
WITTMAN, Bernard see Wittman, John W                    
WITTMAN, John W       East Poplar River 25 Norma N D Bernard Wittman & Elizabeth Beaker 23-May-28 Scobey Daniels 379  
      Mabel G Doyle East Poplar River Sask Can 20 Kenmare N D Timothy Doyle & Emma Perron          
WITTMAYER, P J see Wittmayer, R K                    
WITTMAYER, R K       Eighth Point 26 Eureka S D P J Wittmayer & T Shoemaker 27-Jul-23 Glasgow Valley 2986  
      Gladys Fields Spokane Wash     Jim Fields & Hanna Peterson          
WITTMIER, Christina see Lee, Arnold                    
WITTRICH, Katherine see Buchmann, Paul                    
WITTY, Fred see Witty, Teddy                    
WITTY, Teddy       Prairie Elk 22 Eighty Eight Kentucky Fred Witty & Inez Smith 24-Sep-30 Circle McCone 152  
      Edith Drewry Weldon 22 Steele N D Edward Drewry & Clara Emmert          
WITUTSKI, Anna see Singer, Mathias                    
WITYSHYN, John       Scobey 24 Austria (Poland) Paul Wityshyn & Mary Bihrey 14-May-25 Scobey Daniels 205  
      Helen Stefaniuk Scobey 17 Man Can Wasyl Stefaniuk & Annia Tkachuk          
WITYSHYN, Paul see Wityshyn, John                    
WITZ, Lily see Buck, George W                    
WITZER, Keturah see Chartrand, James                    
WITZERMAN, Louise see Schmitt, Charles C                    
WITZIG, Anthony see Stewart, Ralph                    
WITZIG, Margaret A see Stewart, Ralph                    
WITZKE, Baldwin H see Witzke, Gilbert                    
WITZKE, Gilbert       Bainville 21 Mpls Mn Rev Baldwin H Witzke & Anne Klopsteg 26-Jun-25 Culbertson Roosivelt 776  
      Francis Schwenke Bainville 18 Cassel-ton N D Charles Schwenke & Annie Knutson          
WIVHOLM, Frank       Dagmar 25 Massachu-setts John Wivholm & Mathilda Peterson ??-Feb-1925 Plentywood Sheridan 2043  
      Elsie Randall Underwood Mn 21 Mn John Randall & Serina Sversvold          
WIVHOLM, John see Wivholm                    
WIX, Fredrich Theodore       Culbertson 21 Culbertson Joseph William Wix & Ethel May Smith 1-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1222  
      Leota Francis Hall Sioux Pass 18 Minneapolis Kans Willis T Hall & Myrtes Beneta? Wells          
WIX, Joseph William see Wix, Fredrich Theodore                    
WIX, Louis L see Job                    
WIX, Maud see Job                    
WIZE, Grace see Barcel, William J                    
WODARZ, Hattie see Daly, William F                    
WODTKA, Albert see Johnstone, Herbart C                    
WODTKE, Anna see Hermann, Wengel H                    
WODTKE, Herman see Herrman, Wendell H                    
WODTKEY, Emil A       Skaar N D 33 Elkhart Indiana Fred Wodtkey & Amelia Klawaitter 21-Nov-22 Wibaux Wibaux 361  
      Mrs Anna Burchette Skaar 29 Copenhagen Den Hans Carlson & Amelia Johnson          
WODTKEY, Fred see Wodtkey, Emil A                    
WOEHL, Martha see Hassik, Peter                    
WOEHLER, Sarah see Wagner                    
WOELFER, Marie see Johnson, Albert M                    
WOELLSTEIN, J H       P�wood 28 Iowa Jacob Woellstein & Minnie Daubersmith 2-Oct-14 Plentywood Sheridan 332  
      Rebecca Selvog Med Lake 24 Mn John Selvog & Christine Gabrielson          
WOELLSTEIN, Jacob see Woellstein                    
WOEPPEL, Fred       Hogeland 33 Stanton Neb Richard P Woeppel & Mary Lerch 14-Apr-30 Chinook Blaine 1200  
      Myrtle A Bevolden Hogeland 33 Foam Lake Can Austin Beholden & Clara Voje          
WOEPPEL, Richard P see Woeppel, Fred                    
WOFF, Bertha see Grunst, George Henry                    
WOFFLEND, Regina see Reinlasoder, Christ Leonard                    
WOFFORD, Eleanor see Welch, Walter Herman                    
WOHL, Bill see Niceler, Christ                    
WOHLERS, Nettie see Iverson, Theodore                    
WOHLF, Alice see Didrick, Glen M                    
WOHLFORD, Jennie L see Ranier, Clyde W                    
WOIGHT, Anna see Landwehr, Joseph B                    
WOJAHN, Carl see Wojahn, Gustav                    
WOJAHN, Carl & Justine see Wojahn, Theodore                    
WOJAHN, Gustav       Beach N D 34 Germany Carl Wojahn & Gustinia Oesman 20-Mar-08 ??? Dawson 581  
      Albertina Stolp Beach 27 Germany Earl? Stolp & Albertina Lippert          
WOJAHN, Theodore       Wibaux 27 Germany Carl & Justine Wojahn 13-Nov-12 Glendive Dawson 1176  
      Meta Schlack Wibaux 18 Brown Cty Mn Fred Schlack & Mary Beabrich?          
WOJOHN, Augusta see Petermann, Clarence H                    
WOKAL, Catherine see Hurick, Victor H                    
WOKEL, Mary see Oukrop, Oscar                    
WOKEN, Clara see Johnson, P L                    
WOKEN, Paul see Johnson, P L                    
WOKERSIEN, Ida see Zindars, Henry A                    
WOLARY, Alpah L see Waid, Carl                    
WOLARY, Bernice see Waid, Carl                    
WOLD, Amy Margaret see Bruneau, Harry G                    
WOLD, Annie see Field, Ludwig                    
WOLD, Bernard       Glasgow 24 Mn George Wold & Anna Ilstad 24-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2329  
      Laura Paulson Glasgow 24 Mn Jacob Paulson & Doretha Trainy?          
WOLD, Carrie see Hanrahan                    
WOLD, Carrie see Funk, Ira                    
WOLD, David L       Scobey 26 Black River Falls Wis Richard A Wold & Nancy Finch 28-Nov-28 Scobey Daniels 403  
      Ellen Nelson Scobey 20 Whitefish John G Nelson & Anna Bloom          
WOLD, Erma see Muxlow, George                    
WOLD, George see Wold, Bernard                    
WOLD, Gunda see Fulberg, Walter                    
WOLD, Hans       Crosby 28 Norway Hans Wold & Mary Andersen 9-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1603  
      Sofia Andersen Ambrose N D 18 Nor Anton Andersen & Olava Knutson          
WOLD, Hulda see Dahl, John                    
WOLD, Isabella see Rathbone, Fay Albert                    
WOLD, John see Wold, John                    
WOLD, Lena see Jones, Vernie W                    
WOLD, Matha see Erickson, Edward John                    
WOLD, Mattie see Erickson, Axel Melvin                    
WOLD, Olaf Engebroson see Wold, Petter O N                    
WOLD, Ole see Olson, Paul                    
WOLD, Ole see Wold, Walter                    
WOLD, Petra see Olson, Paul                    
WOLD, Petter O N       Marsh 57 Norway Olaf Engbroson Wold & Bertomayer Halverson 21-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1661  
      Beata Maria Berg Denver Colr 46 Sweden Gustav & Beata Johanson          
WOLD, Rachel A see Larson, Arthur E                    
WOLD, Richard see Bruneau, Harry G                    
WOLD, Richard see Dahl, John                    
WOLD, Richard see Larson, Arthur E                    
WOLD, Richard see Field, Ludwig                    
WOLD, Richard A see Jones, Vernie W                    
WOLD, Sylvia see Weidner, Virgil C                    
WOLD, Walter       Enid 30 Wis Ole Wold & Anna Erum 6-Apr-10 Glendive Dawson 790  
      Grace Lydon Minneapolis 31 Janesville Wis Richard B Hemstrut & Mary Place          
WOLDSNYN, Justina see Karchuk                    
WOLENS, Inga see Torkelson, Aleck                    
WOLF, Neckless? see She Man                    
WOLF, Addie see Nelson, Erin                    
WOLF, Anastina see Lund, Einar J                    
WOLF, Anna see Fritz, Alvin John                    
WOLF, Anna see Voss, Gust J                    
WOLF, Anna see Brown, Charles                    
WOLF, Cecil Ray see Paulson, Paul                    
WOLF, Christine see Conanz, Constant                    
WOLF, Ella see Terpstra                    
WOLF, Ellen see Ohlson, C                    
WOLF, Emma see Schwarz, Herman                    
WOLF, George       Wolf Point 40 Mt Samuel Wolf & Alice McCallum 28-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2298  
      Frankie Poe Mobile Alabama 28 Ala Frank Poe & Rebecca Treadwell          
WOLF, George see Wolf, William S                    
WOLF, Herman see Scheers, Robert R                    
WOLF, Louisa see Sebastian                    
WOLF, Oliver see Paulson, Paul                    
WOLF, Samuel see Wolf, George                    
WOLF, Samuel see Hensley, James N                    
WOLF, Tillie J see Hensley, James N                    
WOLF, William S       Medora N D 26 Clayton Cty Iowa George Wolf & Hanna Brell 26-Apr-10 Glendive Dawson 776  
      Bessie Craven Wibaux 20 Sandy Hook Kentucky William Craven & Mary Mullen          
WOLF CHIEF, Eunice see McConnell, Frank                    
WOLFE, A E see Wolfe                    
WOLFE, Eber Ernest see Wolfe, Carol Don                    
WOLFE, A E see Skillinger                    
WOLFE, A E see Wolfe                    
WOLFE, Ada see Hedegaard, Nick                    
WOLFE, Addie see Brunzell, A T                    
WOLFE, Albert see Wyatt                    
WOLFE, Albert see Yeager                    
WOLFE, Albert E       P�wood 34 Filley Missouri A E Wolfe & Martha McMillan 24-Feb-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2590  
      Nora Belle Chapman P�wood 16 P�wood Robert C Chapman & Emma D Ator          
WOLFE, Bertha see Grunst                    
WOLFE, Bertha see Payne                    
WOLFE, Bertha see Akres, David                    
WOLFE, Bessie see Harmon, Lewy                    
WOLFE, Carol Don       Opheim 19 Alma Neb Eber Ernest Wolfe & Ada Palmer 26-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1177  
      Mildred Adeline Lindall Clarkfield Mn 21 Clarkfield John A Lindall & Caroline Willander          
WOLFE, Carrie see Bell, Reuben J                    
WOLFE, Charles       Malta 32 Hanover Can John Wolfe & Georgina Esson 3-Oct-00 Malta Valley ?  
      Carrie Howerton Malta 22 Huax? Cty Missouri Lem Howerton & Annie Jones          
WOLFE, Chas see Briggs, D S                    
WOLFE, Christina see Kruger, Andrew                    
WOLFE, Clara see Peer, James L                    
WOLFE, Cora Belle see Elfel, August                    
WOLFE, Dan see Wolfe, Donald Dee                    
WOLFE, Doctor S see Wolfe, Roy B                    
WOLFE, Donald Dee       Loma 19 Ft Benton Dan Wolfe & Carrie Prosser 25-Oct-28 Chinook Blaine 1088  
      Mae Margaert Stevenson Ft Benton 18 Ft Benton Bob Stevenson & Lillian Nichols          
WOLFE, Esther Mildred see Skillinger                    
WOLFE, Ethel M see Snyder, Andrew Clayton                    
WOLFE, Fern Avenell see Parker, Eugene F                    
WOLFE, George see Bell, Reuben J                    
WOLFE, George W       Kevin 25 Mt   26-Aug-27   Phillips 959  
      Ruth E George Malta 17 Mn            
WOLFE, Gilbert       P�wood 20 Pleasant View Mo A E Wolfe & Martha McMillan 1-Sep-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2622  
      Ruby Jackson P�wood 15 P�wood M P Jackson & Rosy M Malcolm          
WOLFE, Grace see Bell, Reuben J                    
WOLFE, H L see Stafsholt, H T                    
WOLFE, H L see Morrow, Eugene Forrest                    
WOLFE, H L see Hulse, Eldon                    
WOLFE, H L see Hewitt, Hiram W                    
WOLFE, H L see Dunn, Edwin                    
WOLFE, H L see Young, Carroll                    
WOLFE, Henry L       Malta 45 Penn   21-Feb-25   Phillips 816  
      Ethel H Wilson Malta 32 Indiana            
WOLFE, Henry L see Snyder, Andrew Clayton                    
WOLFE, Icy Lee see Wyatt                    
WOLFE, Ione Mae see White, Charles W                    
WOLFE, Ira P       Hinsdale 27 Nebr Wm Wolfe & Phoebe Anram 12-Oct-17 Hinsdale Valley 2249  
      Naomi O�Leary Hinsdale 19 Iowa Jim O�Leary & ???          
WOLFE, James C see Anderson, Millard Truman                    
WOLFE, James L see Bartron, Lyle K                    
WOLFE, James Louis see Biokoski, Zigmunt                    
WOLFE, Jennie see Walseth, Andrew                    
WOLFE, Jerome       Wibaux 60 Mich John Wolfe & Mary Boquet 8-Jan-17 Wibaux Wibaux 121  
      Alice Belder Wibaux 25 Illinois Cornelius Belder & Sarah Burdick          
WOLFE, Jerome       Wibaux 40 Jennise? Cty Mich John Wolfe & Mary Boequett 2-Dec-08 Glendive Dawson 651  
      Fay Fielde Wibaux 24 Nevada Iowa Jerry M Fields & Henrietta Noyes          
WOLFE, Jerome see White, Charles W                    
WOLFE, Jessie May see Biokoski, Zigmunt                    
WOLFE, John see Wolfe, Charles                    
WOLFE, John see Wolfe, Jerome                    
WOLFE, John see Wolfe, R H                    
WOLFE, John see Walseth, Andrew                    
WOLFE, John see Wolfe, Jerome                    
WOLFE, Julia see Bray, William D                    
WOLFE, Julia see Moher, Frank                    
WOLFE, Louis see Peer, James L                    
WOLFE, Louis see Hedegaard, Nick                    
WOLFE, Lucretia see North, William H                    
WOLFE, Martin       Phillips 46 Germany   5-Jan-18   Phillips 315  
      Martha Pataska ??? 24 Wis            
WOLFE, Matilda see Reety H C                    
WOLFE, Mrs Martha see Cleghorn, James Pringle                    
WOLFE, Mrs Martha see Healft, John                    
WOLFE, Myrtle G see Engebritson, Arthur E                    
WOLFE, Paulina see Pauley, Leo Joseph                    
WOLFE, R H       Wibaux 30 Chesning Mich John Wolfe & Mary Bouquet 21-Dec-04 Glendive Dawson 329  
      May Douthit Wibaux 18 Ft Collins Colo John Douthit & Anne Butts          
WOLFE, Raymond Brantley       Wibaux 24 Wibaux Raymond Hazen Wolfe & May Douthit 28-Nov-30 Glendive Dawson 3940  
      Catherine Alida Olsen Caledonia Mn 25 Caledonia Christ A Olsen & Carrie Lybeck          
WOLFE, Raymond H see Parker, Eugene F                    
WOLFE, Raymond Hazen see Wolfe, Raymond Brantley                    
WOLFE, Rosie see Troutman, Fred F                    
WOLFE, Roy B       Mondak 25 Garfield Maryland Doctor S Wolfe & Hannah E Mangans 28-Apr-06 Mondak Valley 223  
      Walborg Krugsrud Dawson Cty 23 Nor Peter Nelson & Wargine Hansen          
WOLFE, Roy Byron & Valborg see Engebritson, Arthur E                    
WOLFE, Ruby see Yeager                    
WOLFE, Ruby R see Bartron, Lyle K                    
WOLFE, Sylvia Bell see Anderson, Millard Truman                    
WOLFE, William see Wolfe, Ira C                    
WOLFENDEN, Charles see Nelson, Arthur N                    
WOLFENDEN, Mae Pearl see Nelson, Arthur N                    
WOLFERD, Charlotte see Forrey, Charley A                    
WOLFF, Charlie see Stoddard, Leslie                    
WOLFF, Clarence       Hinsdale 23 Wis George Wolff & Alice Newlon 16-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1542  
      Minnie Krueger Hinsdale 21 Soo Falls Mn? John Krueger & Catherin Oneil?          
WOLFF, Elizabeth see Sonafrank                    
WOLFF, Erieastine see Kiefer, Joseph                    
WOLFF, Flovella see Emerson, Arthur Weston                    
WOLFF, George see Wolff, Clarence                    
WOLFF, Katherine E see Goudy                    
WOLFF, Margaret see Stager, Clarence                    
WOLFF, Margaret see Stoddard, Leslie                    
WOLFF, Mary E see Shields                    
WOLFF?, Nellie see Wing, William M                    
WOLFINGER, Benton D       Ft Belknap 40 Pratt Cty Ill Phillip H Wolfinger & Margaret Long 12-May-15 Ft Belknap Blaine 207  
      Carrie F Andrew Spokane 25 Denver Col Samuel & Emma Garrett          
WOLFINGER, Phillip H see Wolfinger, Benton D                    
WOLFL, Michael see Englander, Math                    
WOLHART, Eva see Picken, Hunter Melvin                    
WOLHOWE, Bertha see Berger                    
WOLHOWE, Bertha see Berger                    
WOLKOW, Alice see Youells, Roy                    
WOLKOW, Edward see Youells, Roy                    
WOLLA, Mary see Hendrickson, Benjamin                    
WOLLAN, Beline see Nybakken, Adolph                    
WOLLAN, Carl see Wollan                    
WOLLAN, Clarence       Outlook 32 Brandt S D Ed Wollan & Helge Bjerke 17-Jun-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3031  
      Mildred Harke Outlook 22 Rosholt S D Adolph Hark & Emma Dewey          
WOLLAN, Ed see Wollan                    
WOLLAN, Ruben       Outlook 21 Outlook Carl Wollan & Betty Anderson 11-Mar-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2649  
      Nella Corkery Outlook 20 Outlook William Corkery & Margaret Heisler          
WOLLARD, Emma Mary see Crain, Rockwell                    
WOLLARD, Mina see Manley, Bert                    
WOLLE, Maria see Koop, Harry M                    
WOLLEON, Frank see Hesthamer, Bert                    
WOLLEON, Margie see Hesthamer, Bert                    
WOLLIN, Frank see Wollin, Richard H                    
WOLLIN, Richard H       Slayton Mn 29 Utica Mn Frank Wollin & Minnie Brehmer 27-Dec-19 Glendive Dawson 2603  
      Helen Fleming Glendive 26 Glendive T P Fleming & Nellie Lowe          
WOLOSZYN, Justyna see Ktytor, Dmytro                    
WOLSKILL, Isubinta see Brice, Arthur L                    
WOLTER, Christian see Ellsworth Sam                    
WOLTER, Christian see Merwin, Pearl                    
WOLTER, John       P�wood 43 Ill William Wolter & Christine Strabeck 27-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1428  
      Elvina Thorstvedt P�wood 20 Iowa Tillef Thorstvedt & Christine Braland          
WOLTER, John J       Browerville Mn 25 Mn Joseph Wolter & Margaret Sunders 28-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 1209  
      Margaret Gilchrist Scobey 28 Mn Elmer Gilchrist & Margaret Roebeck          
WOLTER, Joseph see Wolter                    
WOLTER, Lena see Ellsworth, Sam                    
WOLTER, Rose see Merwin, Pearl                    
WOLTER, William see Wolter                    
WOLTERS, F W see Stratton                    
WOLTERS, Irene see Stratton                    
WOLTERSTORFF, Gordon G       Scobey 28 Morris Mn Gus Wolterstorff & Mary Blaze 27-Dec-29 Scobey Daniels 461  
      Ida St Arnaud Scobey 18 Mt Jerome St Arnaud & ???          
WOLTERSTORFF, Gus see Wolterstorff, Gordon C                    
WOMAN, Blues Horn see Chicken Head                    
WOMAN, Head see Fighter                    
WOMAN DRESS, Clementine see Nez Perce, Joe                    
WOMBLE, Goldie see Laipple, Ernest A                    
WOMBLE, John C see Laipple, Ernest A                    
WOMBLES, Bell see Carson, Paron A                    
WOMBOLD, Catherine see Schmidt, George                    
WOMBOLD, Jake see Cibulske, John                    
WOMBOLD, Molly see Cibulske, John                    
WOMBOLD, Pauline see Cibulski, Frank                    
WONDERLICH, Christina see Knopf, Irving                    
WONDERLICK, Margaret see Knopf, Jesse E                    
WONDERLICK, Margaret see Knoff, Jessie                    
WONSKI, Katrina see Babinski, Albert                    
WOOD, (Beeta?) (Greta?) ( Heeronymus?) see Michel, George A                    
WOOD, Ada see Prizeman                    
WOOD, Adelia see Moothart, Floyd H                    
WOOD, Albertus see Wood, Branson                    
WOOD, Alice Fern see Russell, Roy                    
WOOD, Anna see Anderson, Arthur E                    
WOOD, Annie see Smart, George Harold                    
WOOD, Audrey Mary see Wiseman, William Florience                    
WOOD, Bessie see Poorkee, George                    
WOOD, Branson W       Wibaux 28 Wis Albertus Wood & Emza Garrett 9-Mar-17 Wibaux Wibaux 129  
      Julie Finlay-son Baker 18 Mt Robert Finlayson & Helen McRae          
WOOD, Bruce       Glasgow 31 Ill James Wood & Lewellen Willis 28-May-08 Glasgow Valley 369  
      Blanche Schick Glasgow 19   Milton Schick & ???          
WOOD, Cash see Burke, John W                    
WOOD, Charles       Tower 43 Lincoln Ill Franklin H Wood & Mary Riggins 13-Aug-13 Glendive Dawson 1306  
      Mattie L Albel Tower 40 Peterson Iowa Anson Albel & Helen Barry          
WOOD, Charles see Combs, John R                    
WOOD, Christina see Magruder, Loyd S                    
WOOD, Claudia (Caffee?) see Lawrence, James A                    
WOOD, Claus       Poplar 35 Ill John L Wood & Susan Leggett 17-Oct-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1398  
      Ruth W Pearson Poplar 18 Kans Z H Pearson & Agnes C Pereau          
WOOD, Clent see Harden, John C                    
WOOD, Clinton see Dryer, Ernest A                    
WOOD, Clinton see Russell, Roy                    
WOOD, Clinton see Wiseman, William Florience                    
WOOD, Cora L see Herdman, Robert F                    
WOOD, David see Vance                    
WOOD, David see Wood                    
WOOD, Delia see Moothart, Harvey L                    
WOOD, Doris see Combs, John R                    
WOOD, Edna see Reed, Fred B                    
WOOD, Edwin F       Bismark 27 Mower Cty Mn F B Wood & Flora Funderheide 6-Oct-17 Glendive Dawson 2263  
      Mildred Johnson Bismark 25 Fargo N D John Johnson & Mary Larson          
WOOD, Elinor see Wymond, Hawley                    
WOOD, Elizabeth see West, George                    
WOOD, Ellen S see Hines, Edward M                    
WOOD, Emma see Pitzer, Louis Wimberly                    
WOOD, Ethel Vera see Janes, Oscar A                    
WOOD, F B see Wood, Edwin F                    
WOOD, Florence June see Harden, John C                    
WOOD, Franklin H see Wood, Charles                    
WOOD, Fred C       Med Lake ?? Iowa David Wood & Barbara Saltzman 4-Nov-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 86  
      Margaret Leiffring Med Lake 18 Wis Henry & Rose Leiffring          
WOOD, George see Levandaska, Wallace                    
WOOD, George see Brunzell, A T                    
WOOD, Gertrude see Smithson, Vernon                    
WOOD, Harrison Pratt       Wolf Point 21 Mn Henry George Wood & Anna Westner 15-Jul-18 Glasgow Valley 2401  
      Cora Mildred Vorhees Glasgow 20 Illinois John W & Jessie Vorhees          
WOOD, Henry F       Whitetail 25 Mn William F Wood & Anna Jorgenson 14-Jul-18 Redstone Sheridan 1349  
      Bertha Dasinger Whitetail 19 Austria ???          
WOOD, Henry George see Wood, Harrison Pratt                    
WOOD, Herman see Bell, Herbert                    
WOOD, Iletta see Beem, Bernard F                    
WOOD, Ira Edward see Pollard, Walter Townley                    
WOOD, Irene see Levandaska, Wallace                    
WOOD, J C see Hawver, Edward F                    
WOOD, J H see Lund, Hans                    
WOOD, Jack see Janes, Oscar A                    
WOOD, James see Wood, Bruce                    
WOOD, John see Porkee, George                    
WOOD, John L see Wood                    
WOOD, Joseph M see Wood, William M                    
WOOD, Joseph R see Wood, Ollen Orlando                    
WOOD, Julia see Lund, Hans                    
WOOD, Katherine see Bradley, Samuel J                    
WOOD, Leron R       Malta 25 Indiana   31-Dec-19   Phillips 484  
      Altha O Lindquist Malta 32 Mn            
WOOD, Lola see Good, Frank B                    
WOOD, Lottie see Willford, Ron                    
WOOD, Mabel see Pollard, Walter Townley                    
WOOD, Margaret see Thomson, Robert O                    
WOOD, Mary see Storie, James N                    
WOOD, Maude E (Rinck/Ruick?) see Steele                    
WOOD, Myrtle see Vance                    
WOOD, Ollen Orlando       Richie 21 Mo Joseph R Wood & Nancy Rogers 12-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 802  
      Anna Thome Dodson 19 Wis George Thome & Barbara Mayte          
WOOD, Pearl see Doores, Barney                    
WOOD, Pearl see Bell, Wilbert Henry                    
WOOD, Phoebe see Gibson, Grant                    
WOOD, Rose see Burke, John W                    
WOOD, Stella see Crockett, Roy R                    
WOOD, Thelma see Brunzell, A T                    
WOOD, Uriah see Doores, Barry                    
WOOD, William F see Wood                    
WOOD, William M       Glendive 22 Lebanon Kansas Joseph M Wood & Mary C Anderson 25-Mar-1897 Glendive Dawson 150  
      Mabel H Fleming Glendive 27 Boston Mass Thomas S? Fleming & Chrisriann Christie          
WOODALL, Earl see Nustad                    
WOODALL, Lila see Nustad                    
WOODARD, Alfred       Wibaux 21 Evergreen Mn Charles Woodard & Lydia Erback 5-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3530  
      Ialeen Haigh Beach N D 19 Beach James A Haigh & Jesse Ralph          
WOODARD, Archie see Peterson, Obert                    
WOODARD, Arlaine see Beeler, Harley                    
WOODARD, C M see Cowee, Mernie                    
WOODARD, C M see Woodard, Edwin C                    
WOODARD, C M see Brunsell, Arthur C                    
WOODARD, Charles see Woodard, Alfred                    
WOODARD, Edwin C       Wibaux 30 Twin Brooks S D C M Woodard & Ida Stilen 28-Aug-24 Wibaux Wibaux 453  
      Esther Beatrice Jones Wibaux 18 Sioux Falle S D John Andrew Jones & Hattie Bell Hillman          
WOODARD, Ellen see Traver, Leon L                    
WOODARD, Emma see Kalkgen                    
WOODARD, Emma E see Woodard, Harry Enderton                    
WOODARD, Esther see Cowee, Mernie                    
WOODARD, Harry Enderton       Valley Cty 47 Ill   26-Oct-16   Phillips 150  
      Emma E Woodard Valley Cty 32 N D            
WOODARD, J C see Woodard, R G                    
WOODARD, R G       Billings 30 Sylvia No Carolina J C Woodard & Victoria Buchanan 28-Dec-30 Glendive Dawson 3954  
      Cleta Hamilton Piper Glendive 27 Leon Iowa W M Hamilton & Delana Jeffries          
WOODARD, Ruth see Peterson, Obert                    
WOODARD, Violet A see Brunsell, Arthur C                    
WOODARD, William see Scott, John A                    
WOODBACK, Grace see McConnell, James                    
WOODFILL, A W see Woodfill, Alden J                    
WOODFILL, Alden J       Fairview 22 Minneapolis A W Woodfill & Florence May Bradley 26-Sep-27 Glendive Dawson 3494  
      Elise Helen Anderson Sidney 24 Sidney Andrew Anderson & Martha Hanson          
WOODFIN, Ida see Grant, Raymond A                    
WOODHALL, Brian D       Phillips 22 Mn   18-Mar   Phillips 328  
      Andra Rassmusen Phillips 25 Denmark            
WOODHALL, Lola see Alton, Lee                    
WOODHALL, Mary R see Chesterson, Albert                    
WOODHALL, William see Alton, Lee                    
WOODHAMS, Lilly see Kennedy, James Joseph                    
WOODHAMS, Thomas see Kennedy, James Joseph                    
WOODHEAD, Jennie see White, Charles W                    
WOODHOUSE, Laura see Mendenhall, Myron B                    
WOODHULL, A M see Riley, J Frank                    
WOODHULL, Pearl see Riley, J Frank                    
WOODKE, Bertha see Podratz, Frank                    
WOODLAND , Maggie see LaFoy                    
WOODLEY, Elroy       Scobey 24 Gt Falls Joseph F Woodley & Helena Grogan 8-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2305  
      Gertrude Meyer Opheim 21 St Louis Mo Henry Meyer & Elizabeth Kraft          
WOODLEY, F see Woodley, Harvey L                    
WOODLEY, Harvey L       Scobey 27 Gt Falls F Woodley & Helena E Grogan 2-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1891  
      Leah M Nichols Coal Creek 27 Mankato Mn Harvey Nichols & Elinor Caldwell          
WOODLEY, Joseph F see Woodley, Elroy                    
WOODMAN, Steve P       Phillips 30 Mn   9-Oct-17   Phillips 276  
      Bessie Breckenridge Phillips 28 Indiana            
WOODRIDGE, Mabel see Dunn                    
WOODRING, Clara see Biggs, Paul W                    
WOODRING, Wade R       Havre 22 Mt   9-Jul-27   Phillips 954  
      Hazel B Puffer Havre 22 Mn            
WOODRUF, Sial see Bartlett                    
WOODRUFF, Alberta see Shoars, Charles Earl                    
WOODRUFF, Pauline see Walsh, Robert                    
WOODRUFF, Richard Titus see MacLeod, S A                    
WOODS, ??? see Glenzer, Lester Thorn                    
WOODS, Alice see Peterson, Ross D                    
WOODS, Bertha B see Walker, M A                    
WOODS, Clarence Raymond see Burshia, George                    
WOODS, Daniel F see Woods, James F                    
WOODS, Edith Alice see Oakland, Dan                    
WOODS, Edith B see Waller, Stephan C                    
WOODS, Elda May see Moore, Harry James                    
WOODS, Elizabeth see Libby, Raymond                    
WOODS, Elvada see Wasson, Harry H                    
WOODS, Ernest C see Woods, Orval J                    
WOODS, Etta see Jay                    
WOODS, Florence E see Markle, Thomas E                    
WOODS, Frank see Simmons, George A                    
WOODS, George       Scobey 33 Russia Jacob Woods & Jesse Hols 23-Nov-18 Scobey Sheridan 1420  
      Annie Kowson Scobey 16 Canada Paul Kowsen & Mary Sarans-chuk?          
WOODS, George see Walker, M A                    
WOODS, George see Oakland, Dan                    
WOODS, George see Bruce, George M                    
WOODS, George see Markle, Thomas H                    
WOODS, George W       Wibaux 24 George Iowa J R Woods & Margaret Ann Coutts 18-Dec-18 Wibaux Dawson 2467  
      Nora May Bell Wibaux 21 Liscomb Iowa Oscar E Bell & Minerva Gane Derland          
WOODS, Grace see Griggs, Edwin P                    
WOODS, Guy Marshall       Dodson 23 Sun River John Woods & Lorinda Hull 20-Aug-13 Dodson Blaine 71  
      Alma Simonson Wagner 23 Hadeland Nor Peter Simonson & Anna Marie Thorgrimson          
WOODS, Hannah see Johnson, George A                    
WOODS, Ida see Hurst                    
WOODS, J D see Moore, Clarence C                    
WOODS, J D see Len, Harry C                    
WOODS, J R see Woods, George W                    
WOODS, Jacob see Woods                    
WOODS, James F       Ross 23 Kansas City Kan Daniel F Woods & Bertha Antone 7-Jan-15 (Ross?) Dawson 1635  
      Effie Alta Olmstead Ross 15 Crosstimber Mo Lloyd Olmstead & Ocamay Coon          
WOODS, Jennie see VanVleek, L R                    
WOODS, John see Woods, Joseph                    
WOODS, John see Woods, Guy Marshall                    
WOODS, John R see Waller, Stephan C                    
WOODS, John R see Seney, Isaiah A                    
WOODS, Joseph       Grassy Butte N D 37 Ballinger Texas John Woods & Francis Smith 1-Nov-18 ??? Dawson 2441  
      Nellie Swalbe Grassy Butte 29 Stanwood Wash William Swalbe & Bessie Beal          
WOODS, Lola see Jones, Roy B                    
WOODS, Lydia M see Curtz                    
WOODS, Mabel Ethel see Burshia, George                    
WOODS, Maggie see Ray, William Jay                    
WOODS, Margaret see Knudson, Knut                    
WOODS, Margaret Edna Jeanette see Alquire, John Clinton                    
WOODS, Margie M see Bruce, George M                    
WOODS, Mary see Finney, Dee                    
WOODS, Mary see Erlewine Frank                    
WOODS, Mary see Bengs, William C                    
WOODS, Mary Elizabeth see Stambaugh, Samuel Heim                    
WOODS, Mildred see Simmons, George A                    
WOODS, Myrtle M see Seney, Isaiah A                    
WOODS, Orval J       Sidney 23 Jamaica Iowa Ernest C Woods & Mamie Davis     Dawson 3217  
      Mary French Sidney 18 Edgley N D Albert French & May Sherman          
WOODS, Pearl see Bolster, Allen Lucius                    
WOODS, Pearl see VanAllen, Charles                    
WOODS, Ruth see Ebert, Henry                    
WOODS, Uriar see VanAllen, Charles                    
WOODS, William J see Alquire, John Clinton                    
WOODS, Winona Elizabeth see Moore, Clarence C                    
WOODSON, Willie Belle see Wilson, Edward                    
WOODTKEE, Hannah see Graunke, Louis Albert                    
WOODWARD, Addie see McGrane, Bernard E                    
WOODWARD, Ava Belle see Ellsworth, Lee Ross                    
WOODWARD, C M see Woodward, William Fulkerson                    
WOODWARD, Edith see Syth, Guy                    
WOODWARD, Edward see Woodward, Irving                    
WOODWARD, Elmina Maud see Mauch, William                    
WOODWARD, Fannie E see McRorie, Lester H                    
WOODWARD, H E       Saco 41 Penn P? T Woodward & Martha Ann Hare 26-Oct-07 Glasgow Valley 316  
      Martha A Pearce Saco 41 Missouri Thomas James Pearce & Mary Johns          
WOODWARD, Irving       Austin Mn 29 Austin Edward Woodward & Sophia Lee 1-Sep-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 170  
      Maude Waye Austin Mn 35 Austin Charles Bowers & Amy Dickerson          
WOODWARD, John see Ellsworth, Lee Ross                    
WOODWARD, Mimia see Beck, Fred J                    
WOODWARD, P?T see Woodward, H E                    
WOODWARD, William Fulkerson       Wibaux 24 Millbank S D C M Woodward & Ida Stilen 4-May-25 Glendive Dawson 3207  
      Vera Simons Wibaux 18 Tunbridge N D Jerome Simons & Anna Walker          
WOODWORTH, A J see McKean, George J                    
WOODWORTH, Fraunly? see Woodworth, Raymond George                    
WOODWORTH, Hazel see Babcock, George Jr                    
WOODWORTH, Marcia see Bingham, Leslie W                    
WOODWORTH, Mart see Babcock, George Jr                    
WOODWORTH, Raymond George       Gt Falls 21 Mt Fraunly? Woodworth & Eva Meuller 19-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1888  
      Wilmuth Wilson Gt Falls 20 Gt Falls Frazier Wilson & Agnes Highwood          
WOODWORTH, Violet M see McKean, George J                    
WOODY, N C see Woody, Spencer C                    
WOODY, Spencer C       Chinook 40 Ft Madison Iowa N C Woody & Mary E Haigh 12-Sep-14 Chinook Blaine 151  
      Vera Archer Chinook 36 Staplehurst Neb C E Archer & Anna Compton          
WOOLDBRIDGE, Catherine (Ocallahan?) see Oreilly, Bernard                    
WOOLDRIDGE, Earl Francis       Chinook 26 Chinook William Wooldridge & Nettie Battles 4-Aug-21 Chinook Blaine 683  
      Ilo V Arnold Chinook 26 Keota Iowa John Garold Arnold & Ammeta Mae Crayne          
WOOLDRIDGE, Emma J see Grayson                    
WOOLDRIDGE, Emma J see Grayson                    
WOOLDRIDGE, Mable see Christian, Clayton Verne                    
WOOLDRIDGE, William see Wooldridge, Earl Francis                    
WOOLERY, Lydia see George, Harry                    
WOOLEY, Irene see Coster, Clymer                    
WOOLF, Jennie see Derven, B T                    
WOOLFORD, Charlotte see Bensch, Rudolph                    
WOOLHETHER, Rose LaFoy see LaFoy                    
WOOLLY, Victoria see Bolster                    
WOOLMAN, Dan see Taugher, Patrick                    
WOOLMAN, Mary see Taugher, Patrick                    
WOOLMAN, Rebecca J see Mead, Edward C                    
WOOLRIDGE, Emma J see Grayson                    
WOOLSEY, Erma R see Sanderson, George N                    
WOOLSEY, Frances V see Ketchner, Carriker S                    
WOOLSEY, Francis V see Ketchner, John T                    
WOOLSEY, Mitchell see Sanderson, George N                    
WOOLTON, Julia Ann see Arksey, Robert W                    
WOOLWINE, Mary see Gray, Leslie J                    
WOOLWINE, Mary see Gaasch, Palmer                    
WOOLWINE, Mary see Gaasch, D H                    
WOOLWORTH, P M see Borreson, Benjamin                    
WOOLWORTH, Samuel see Tryon, Morton                    
WOOLY, Adeline see Bolster, Louis                    
WOOLY, Elnora see Cook                    
WOOSEY, Francis see Seel, Jacob G                    
WOOST, Sarah see Schuhrke, Fredrick John                    
WOOTEN, Hazel C see Hurst                    
WOOTEN, William & Ella see Hurst                    
WORCESTER, Fred see Beard, Edward L                    
WORCESTER, Rose see Beard, Edward L                    
WORDAL, Edward see Wordal, H M                    
WORDAL, H M       Wibaux 25 St James Mn Edward Wordal & Cecelia Olseth 17-Aug-24 Wibaux Wibaux 446  
      Norma Sletten Wibaux 19 Sioux Falls S D Thomas T Sletten & Louise Haugen          
WORDEN, George E       Burns 37 Lancaster Wisc Par J R Worden & Mary Main 31-Mar-20 Glendive Dawson 2626  
      Alma Magill Verndale? Mn   Germany John Tuil & Margaret Kaupman          
WORDEN, George E       Terry 27 Lancaster Wis Randall Worden & Mary May 13-Jan-08 Glendive Dawson 568  
      Angie Everitt Kasper Terry 22 Antiga Wis George Kasper & Emma Schooley          
WORDEN, H R       DesMoines Iowa 24 Augusta Kans W W Worden & Flora Dewey 10-Oct-08 Glendive Dawson 626  
      Bessie Kimball DesMoines Iowa 33 DesMoines William Kimball & Laura McMichael          
WORDEN, Randall see Worden, George E                    
WORDEN, W W see Worden, H R                    
WORK, Kate J see Rhoads, J T                    
WORKER, see Looking, Clifford                    
WORKER, Looking see White Man                    
WORKING, see also Warking                    
WORKING, Ethel see Herman, Chester J                    
WORKING, Lincoln see Herman, Chester J                    
WORKMAN, John see Bawden                    
WORKMAN, John see Wilson, William Walter                    
WORKMAN, John R F see Knudson, Joseph John                    
WORKMAN, John R F see Workman, Robert Byron                    
WORKMAN, Mildred Gertrude see Bawden                    
WORKMAN, Minnie see Wilson, Lawrence                    
WORKMAN, Minnie see Callahan, Jack                    
WORKMAN, Nellie May see Knudson, joseph John                    
WORKMAN, Robert Byron       Poplar 21 Elkton Vir John R F Workman & Florence C Rogers 24-May-19 Mondak Roosivelt 19  
      Elenor Marie Kelsey Poplar 19 Garey S D Aleck A Kelsey & Luella Kenyon          
WORKMAN, Sarah see Belgen, Joseph S                    
WORKUS, Minnie see Robinson, Elman                    
WORLEY, Jennie see Odenbaugh, L                    
WORLEY,, Renee, see Larson, Myrus Benjamin                    
WORLIS, Mary R see Riley, Arthur J                    
WORRELL, Laure E see Gray, Thomas W                    
WORRELL, Mary E see Arthand, Robert Albertus                    
WORSHIPING, Rock Woman see Growing Four Times                    
WORTH, (Wirth?) Christine see West, Jesse A                    
WORTH, Christine see Astrum, Palmer                    
WORTH, Elizabeth see Smith, Finley Drew                    
WORTH, Lizzie see Smith, Grant                    
WORTHING, C A see Worthing, C J                    
WORTHING, T J       Lambert 24 Fondulac Wisc C A Worthing & Ada Lurvey 20-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1516  
      Inez Fry Savage 19 Nevada Missouri J W Fry & Frona Ballwin          
WORTHINGTON, Paul Burton       Glendive 22 Urbana Mo W R Worthington & Winifred Irene Lightner 29-Nov-23 Wibaux Wibaux 411  
      Nona Bryant Osakis Mn 19 Canton Mn G L Bryant & Ida Kra-use          
WORTHINGTON, W R see Worthington, Paul Burton                    
WORTHY, Irma Florence see Eicher, Chauncey Emery                    
WORTHY, Joseph see Eicher, Chauncey Joseph                    
WORTLER, Tena? see Jorgenson, Lawrence M                    
WORTLER?, Lena see Jorgensen, Paul J                    
WOSEPKA, Clara see Wagner, Paul                    
WOSEPKA, Thomas see Wagner, Paul                    
WOUGH, Elise see Chapman, Isaac Fredrick                    
WOUNDED, Arm see Hancock, Thomas                    
WOUNDED, By Whitemen see Owens, James Charles                    
WOUNDED, Foot see Mountain, Moses                    
WOUNDED, Foot see Newman, Samuel Jr                    
WOUNDED, Foot see Two, Frank                    
WOUNDED FOOT, Anne see First Sound, Aloisus                    
WOUNDED FOOT, Delia see Wetan, Clarence                    
WOUNDED FOOT, Delia see Two, Frank                    
WOUNDED FOOT, Lina see Vassar, Henry                    
WOUNDED FOOT, Robert see Vassar, Henry                    
WOUNDED FOOT, Stephen see Wetan, Clarence                    
WRAOKER, Mary see Schroeder, Peter                    
WRAY, Geo H see Wray, Robert B                    
WRAY, Robert B       Salt Lake City Utah 21 Fairfield Iowa Geo H Wray & Harriet Dodge 29-Apr-12 Glendive Dawson 1082  
      Belle Banks Austin Mn 19 Austin F G Banks & Margaret Case          
WRAY, Sarah see Rhud, H C                    
WRAYMIRE, Ella see Knight, La Monte                    
WREDE, Andrew J       Divide Sask Can 23 Agee Neb Charles Wrede & Mary Nickle 3-Dec-17 Chinook Blaine 459  
      Josie Ellen Hunt Divide 17   David A Hunt & Catherine Young          
WREDE, Charles see Wrede, Andrew J                    
WREGGETT, Rebecca see Grenkie                    
WREN, Amanda see Gardner, George Franklin                    
WREN, Ruth (Floyd?) see Johnston                    
WRENN, Mary see LeRoy, Robert W                    
WRIGHT, A L       Hilyard Wash 48 Alabama   19-Apr-23   Phillips 709  
      Martha Clover Tunnel New York                
WRIGHT, Abe see Zumsteg, Garfield                    
WRIGHT, Abram       Saco 33 North Carolina Zedock Wright & Phoebe Bryan 31-Jan-06 Glasgow Valley 210  
      Jessie G? Carpenter Saco 16 Milton Delaware Benjamin E Carpenter & Lydia H Semples?          
WRIGHT, Alba Veldin see Hansen Hugo A                    
WRIGHT, Albert H see Wright, Charles M                    
WRIGHT, Alice see Kanester, R T                    
WRIGHT, Alice see Sansburn, Joseph H                    
WRIGHT, Alice see Palmer, Nobel J                    
WRIGHT, Anna see Seward, Russel John                    
WRIGHT, Anna see Davis, Frank                    
WRIGHT, Archie       Scobey 25 Missouri Washington Wright & Lucille Wilson 20-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1082  
      Catherine Phelan Scobey 24 Iowa Thomas Phelan & Mary Buckley          
WRIGHT, Bessie see Prestage, C W                    
WRIGHT, C C see Smith, Harold Kenneth                    
WRIGHT, Charles M       Poplar 51 Oxford Kansas Albert H Wright & Elizabeth Huffman 15-Oct-25   Roosivelt 818  
      Elizabeth Kennedy Armstrong Poplar 48 Toronto David Kennedy & Mary Crabdes          
WRIGHT, Clayton       Saco 26 Flint Mich James Wright & Alberta Trester? 3-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1532  
      Julia Packard Malta 27 Todd Cty Wisc H E Packard & Josie Thompson          
WRIGHT, Cora May see Welsh, Sam                    
WRIGHT, David see Miller, Harry J                    
WRIGHT, Dick       Forsythe ??? Jefferson Iowa Will Wright & Mary Taylor 17-May-29 Wibaux Wibaux 679  
      Freda D Milner Hillsboro N D 29 Ivesdale Ill Otto Seibert & Emma Heberer          
WRIGHT, Doris see Pierson                    
WRIGHT, Edith Ordell see Russell, Beverly Stewart                    
WRIGHT, Edward see Wright, Edward Augustus                    
WRIGHT, Edward Augustus       Oswego 35 N D Edward Wright & Annie McIntosh ???-Oct-1915 Glasgow Valley 1764  
      Mrs E J Hill Oswego 28 Wis Eli Wellison & Hulda Higginbottom          
WRIGHT, Edwin       Buffalo Gap Can 36 S D Edwin Wright & Francis Teeple 22-Dec-30 Scobey Daniels 505  
      Priscilla Coleman Buffalo Gap 21 Sask Can Robert Coleman & Vera Mitchell          
WRIGHT, Edwin see Nash, Dallas Roy                    
WRIGHT, Elgin see Pierson                    
WRIGHT, Elizabeth see Lang                    
WRIGHT, Elizabeth see Moen, Edgar C                    
WRIGHT, Ennie see Riley, J Frank                    
WRIGHT, Fannie see McPherson, Walter C                    
WRIGHT, Fannie see Johnson, Louis H                    
WRIGHT, Floyd       Patton Hill 23 Bottineau N D Ske Wright & May Turner 8-Oct-21 Glasgow Valley 2820  
      Eva Birch Frazer 20 Trenton N D Frank Birch & Annie Walker          
WRIGHT, Francis see Mallcott, William                    
WRIGHT, Frank see Wright, Joe                    
WRIGHT, Frank see Wright, Orion F                    
WRIGHT, Frank C       Prairie Elk 25 Mo George H Wright & Della Hitch 25-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1962  
      Anna Stanley? Prairie Elk 30 Norway John A Stangeland & Anna Marie Skjel__?          
WRIGHT, G B & Rebecca see Whitbred, Alfred                    
WRIGHT, G H       Beach N D 36 Floyd Cty Iowa J Z Wright & Maude Harvey 4-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2137  
      Esther Austin Miller N D 22 Breckinridge Mn Wm Austin & Gusta Burau          
WRIGHT, George see Eckley                    
WRIGHT, George see Bailey, Eli H                    
WRIGHT, George A see Wright, Nelson G                    
WRIGHT, George H see Wright, Frank C                    
WRIGHT, Ha_s see Gavin Frank L                    
WRIGHT, Harley Dean       Baker 28 Kendall Wis ??? & Lucy Wright 15-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 499  
      Lennice Eileen Horton Baker 18 Rapid City S D H J Horton & Zilla May Rush          
WRIGHT, Harry       Vandalia 32 Ireland Harry Wright & Margaret Bunker 14-Apr-20 Glasgow Valley 2649  
      Emma L Hansen Vandalia 37 Mn Hans Hanson & Amelia Rosin          
WRIGHT, Harve M see Harrington, Henry Edward                    
WRIGHT, Harvey see McKenzie, Robert John                    
WRIGHT, Henrietta see Eitzen, Dick C                    
WRIGHT, Henry see Wright, William                    
WRIGHT, Herbert see Wright, Lois E                    
WRIGHT, Hulda Francis see Bell, Walter Holland                    
WRIGHT, Ida see Record, J F                    
WRIGHT, Ida see Schuld, Ellis                    
WRIGHT, J Z see Wright, G H                    
WRIGHT, Jacob see Staples, Chauncey C                    
WRIGHT, James see Wright, Clayton                    
WRIGHT, James see Record, J F                    
WRIGHT, James see Prestage, C W                    
WRIGHT, James see Lundblad, LeRoy                    
WRIGHT, James C       Leedy 29 �near� Waco Texas James Wright & Mary Wilson 27-Jun-16 Antrim Dawson 1934  
      Mabel Irene Looke Antrim 19 �near� Forsythe Walter Looke & Florence I Chamberlain          
WRIGHT, James N       Redwater 26 Scotland John S Wright & Ann Gordon 10-Dec-17 Glendive Dawson 2308  
      Mary E Carbert Redwater 20 England Harold B Carbert & Charlotte Makes          
WRIGHT, Jennie see Riley, Benjamin Lawrence                    
WRIGHT, Jennie see McDaniel, Ernest                    
WRIGHT, Joe       Wibaux 29 Burlington Iowa Frank Wright & Minnie Bernorsdale 1-Jul-22 Been Wibaux 345  
      Agnes Jensen Trotters N D 27 Mn John Jensen & ??? Krier          
WRIGHT, John E       Terry 25 Plainview Nebr John Wright & Luella Sale 17-Oct-14 Glendive Dawson 1598  
      Mildred Parr Terry 19 Noble Ohio Horace B Parr & Emma Jayred          
WRIGHT, John S see Wright, James N                    
WRIGHT, Joseph see Wright                    
WRIGHT, Joseph A see Vanhorn, George H                    
WRIGHT, Julia see Boren, Cortez                    
WRIGHT, Katherine see Kester, Carl                    
WRIGHT, Lillian see Collins, William F                    
WRIGHT, Lillian see Whitbred, Alfred                    
WRIGHT, Lillie S see Vanhorn, George H                    
WRIGHT, Lindley       Ceylon 34 Nova Scotia Thomas Wright & Amanda Truman 9-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 910  
      Jeanette Meyers Outlook 30 Missouri William Pierce & Melvina Drager          
WRIGHT, Lizzie see Phelps, R L                    
WRIGHT, Lois E       Wolf Point 35 Wis Herbert Wright & Angie Frank 14-Dec-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 201  
      Agnes Scorpen Wolf Point 23 Iowa Jens Scorpen & Malinda Sjurson          
WRIGHT, Louisa see Johnston, Harry F                    
WRIGHT, Lucille M see Eckley                    
WRIGHT, Lucy see Wright, Harley Dean                    
WRIGHT, Lucy see Struthers, Charles Ernest                    
WRIGHT, Margaret see Nash, Dallas                    
WRIGHT, Marjorie M see Fredrickson, Clarence J                    
WRIGHT, Mark W       Saco 38 Oxford Canada William Wright & Liza Smith 29-Sep-08 Saco Valley 410  
      Bertha D Simmons Saco 21 Wasan? Florida Charles A Simmons & Eliza Tiller          
WRIGHT, Martha see Beck, Lawrence C                    
WRIGHT, Mary B see Staples, Chauncey C                    
WRIGHT, Mary Francis see Davis, Royden                    
WRIGHT, May (Turner?) see Nielsen, Lars K                    
WRIGHT, Merwyn see Lundblad, LeRoy                    
WRIGHT, Morgan see Smiley, George                    
WRIGHT, Mrs Emma C (Karr?) see Peterson, Carl A                    
WRIGHT, Myrtle see Miller, Harry J                    
WRIGHT, Nellie see Fulbright, Clarence                    
WRIGHT, Nelson G       Hinsdale 25 Cass City Mich George A Wright & Harriet Spurgeon 31-Aug-13 Glasgow Valley 2417  
      Faye E Phillips Hinsdale 19 Iowa John A Phillips & Mary Profet          
WRIGHT, Nina E see Turnbough, L H                    
WRIGHT, Orion F       Rosebud 28 Fairfield Ill Frank Wright & Mattie Atterbury 2-Aug-21 Glendive Dawson 2786  
      Alma Lloyd Rosebud 19 Rosebud Tom Lloyd & Katherine Barley          
WRIGHT, P L see Kanester, R T                    
WRIGHT, Peter L       Outlook 29 N D Robert Wright 2-Oct-16 Redstone Sheridan 836  
      Christine Tronson Outlook 22 N D William Tronson          
WRIGHT, R B see Nicks, Jeff                    
WRIGHT, Randall see Holmquist, E Oscar                    
WRIGHT, Robert see Wright                    
WRIGHT, Robert see Gavan, John A                    
WRIGHT, Roy E       Glasgow 33 Mn Thomas Wright & Betsy Streeter 4-Jan-15 Glasgow Valley 1627  
      Minnie L Lenz Glasgow 18 Glasgow Adam Lenz & Tressa Brent          
WRIGHT, Sarah see Goodale, George                    
WRIGHT, Sarah see Allen, Joseph E                    
WRIGHT, Scott see Feigel, Robert F                    
WRIGHT, Ske see Wright Floyd                    
WRIGHT, Sucy see Albright, Chas C                    
WRIGHT, Susan see Saunders                    
WRIGHT, Theo Elizabeth see McKenzie, Robert John                    
WRIGHT, Thomas see Wright                    
WRIGHT, Thomas see Wright, Roy E                    
WRIGHT, Thomas see Lloyd, John                    
WRIGHT, Vinnie Coleen see Harrington, Henry Edward                    
WRIGHT, W Temple see Fredrickson, Clarence                    
WRIGHT, Walter Jackson       Glendive 32 Yorkshire England William Wright & Elizabeth Wearing 17-Feb-12 Glendive Dawson 1055  
      Jennie M Carroll Glendive 33 Canada John Cummings & Alice Vaaburg          
WRIGHT, Washington see Wright                    
WRIGHT, Wellington S       Antelope 35 Can Joseph Wright & Adelia Bonner 18-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 639  
      Gertrude Streeter Antelope 41 Iowa Joseph Kelly & Hattie Williamson          
WRIGHT, Will see Wright, Dick                    
WRIGHT, William see Wright, Mark                    
WRIGHT, William       Vandalia 44 Ireland Henry Wright & Margaret Bunker 10-Oct-28 Glasgow Valley 3422  
      Anna V Nelson Hinsdale 39 Boone Iowa C V Nelson & Christina Norling          
WRIGHT, William see Sansburn, Joseph H                    
WRIGHT, William see Wright, Walter Jackson                    
WRIGHT, Zedock see Wright, Abram                    
WRIGHTHOUSE, Charles       Harlem 30 Trumbull Ken John Wrighthouse & Katherine Madden 12-Oct-14 Chinook Blaine 160  
      Minnie Dolph Harlem 27 S D Ezra Sutherland & Ida Johnson          
WRIGHTHOUSE, John see Wrighthouse, Charles                    
WRIM?, Sarah see Hopkins, Wm R                    
WRITEWORTH, Almira see Charles, Arthur W                    
WRITMAN, Eliza see Newell, Frank                    
WRITT, Katherine see Durkin, Leo Edwin                    
WRIXON, W H Jr       Billings 30 Colorado W H Wrixon & Hannah Howard 11-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1744  
      Armosa Michelson Billings 26 Crookston Mn Chris Michelson & Leonie Vervelt          
WRONA, Charlie see Wrona                    
WRONA, Ed       Flaxville 39 Germany Charley Wrona & Katie Jalusny 12-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2125  
      Meta Buethe Flaxville 24 Mn Henry Buethe & Anna Deering          
WRUBLESKI, Rose see Dolezal, Henry L                    
WRUGE, Emma Catherine see Trusty, Everett L                    
WUERTZ, Herman       Richey 22 Austin Mn Robert Wuertz & Elizabeth Williams 10-Dec-28 Glendive Dawson 3671  
      Anna Rettinger Richey 19 Glendive Peter Rettinger & Elizabeth Brumkirk          
WUERTZ, Robert see Wuertz, Herman                    
WUEST, Mrs M J see Hulbert, Charles P                    
WULF, John see Wulf                    
WULF, John J       Scobey 34 Ger John Wulf & Katherine Hadler 4-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 692  
      Elizabeth Grace Prigge Scobey 29 Mn Olein? Prigge & Anna Dohling          
WULFF, August see Ramsbaker, Earnest                    
WULFF, Cordelia see Ramsbakker, Earnest                    
WULLF, Cordelia see Roessner, Marcus                    
WULLF, Ida see Olson, Joseph M                    
WUNDERLICH, Anna see Garrick                    
WUNDERLICH, Frida see Baethke                    
WUNDERLICH, Henry       Outlook 20 Wash John Wunderlich & Emma Ducharm 20-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1060  
      Emma Snyder   17 Iowa Ed Snyder & Ida Smith          
WUNDERLICH, John see Garrick                    
WUNDERLICH, John see Morrison                    
WUNDERLICH, John see Wunderlich                    
WUNDERLICH, John see Wunderlich                    
WUNDERLICH, John see Wunderlich                    
WUNDERLICH, John W       Cut Bank 28 S D John Wunderlich & Enna Dischar_? 26-Oct-15 Outlook Sheridan 566  
      Libby Ceceil Thompson Outlook 19 Iowa M Thompson & Anna Anderson          
WUNDERLICH, Lorelda see Morrison                    
WUNDERLICH, Richard W       Outlook 27 Osakis Mn John Wunderlich & E-----line? Deuschaime 3-Jun-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2732  
      Lena L Otten Outkook 18 Riceton Sask Otto B Otten & Minnie Bohlken          
WUNNICKE, Charles see Wunnicke, John                    
WUNNICKE, John W       Wilder 28 Sauk Cty Wis Charles Wunnicke & Bridget Sullivan 4-Jun-13 Chinook Blaine 53  
      Elizabeth Kaley Plain   Sauk Cty Wis James Kaley & Mary Quirk          
WURDELMAN, Effie see Richards, Floyd                    
WURDELMAN, Fred see Richards, Floyd                    
WURST, Christof see Maier, August                    
WURST, Lena see Maier, August                    
WUSTHOFF, Freda see Ramke, Fritz                    
WUSTHOFF, William see Ramke, Fritz                    
WYATT, Charles see Bouchard, Louis                    
WYATT, Charles V see Arenston, Halvor                    
WYATT, Charles V see Wyatt, James A                    
WYATT, George Earl       Antelope 21 Okla William Wyatt & Alice Malcolm 10-Jul-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2336  
      Icy Lee Wolfe P�wood 20 Missouri Albert Wolfe & Margaret McMilin          
WYATT, James A       Lambert 26 Parkersburg West Virginia Charles V Wyatt & Elizabeth Bates 27-Oct-17 Glendive Dawson 2280  
      Leta M Chilson Lambert 19 Gays Mills Wisc Gilead Chilson & Mary L Gratz          
WYATT, Mabel see Bouchard, Charles                    
WYATT, Mary Elaine see Arenston, Halvor                    
WYATT, Nellie see Aukland, Herbert G                    
WYATT, William see Wyatt                    
WYCKOFF, Nina see Brettin, Edwin                    
WYCKOFF, Walter see Brettin, Edwin                    
WYKLE, Mary see Buckmeier, Joe                    
WYLAND, Margaret see Keller                    
WYLDER, Robert J       Phillips 30 Ill   20-Apr-19   Phillips 416  
      Myrtle Iva Monroe Phillips 24 ???            
WYLDER, Robert J & Mrs see Olson, Nels T                    
WYLIE, Amos see Frey, Harry                    
WYLIE, Amos see Rhome, Olaf B                    
WYLIE, Beatrice see Rhome, Olaf B                    
WYLIE, Cora Anne see Batts, Walter Harold                    
WYLIE, Ella see Butler, William M                    
WYLIE, Ida see Waddell, W C                    
WYLIE, Irma see Frey, Harry                    
WYLIE, William see Waddell, W C                    
WYLIMAN, Sigse? see Ellerman, Fred                    
WYLY, George A see Wyly, Lawernce T                    
WYLY, Lawrence T       Minneapolis 28 Cardington Ohio George A Wyly & Lydia Purvis     Dawson 2775  
      Laura Shoemaker Cedar Falls Iowa 29 Reinbuck Iowa James H Shoemaker & Ruth Beach          
WYMAN, Blanche Boyd see Zeiler, John                    
WYMAN, C E see Dupois, Gust                    
WYMAN, C E see Stierle, Charles R                    
WYMAN, Charles E see Dupuis, Charles E                    
WYMAN, Charles Edward see Wyman, Dan                    
WYMAN, Dan       Newlin? 31 Spencer Nebr Charles Edward Wyman & Mercy M Shunn 14-Jun-23 Sidney Dawson 2990  
      Lauretta Seliger Sidney 19 Sidney Frank Seliger & Lucille McHenry          
WYMAN, Dan L       Crane 21 Spencer Nebr O E Wyman & Mercy Shunn 20-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1327  
      Blanche M Boyd Newlon 18 Kalispell John Boyd & Minnie Shufelt          
WYMAN, Danville L see Wyman, Richard L                    
WYMAN, Edith B see Stierle, Charles R                    
WYMAN, Emma see Dupuis, Charles E                    
WYMAN, Frank & Emma see Wyman                    
WYMAN, John E       Daleview 27 Mn Frank & Emma Wyman 15-Nov-16 Daleview Sheridan 883  
      Emily L Hurst Daleview 27 N D Ellis Hurst          
WYMAN, O E see Wyman, Dan L                    
WYMAN, Oliver H see Wyman, William Francis                    
WYMAN, Richard L       Sidney 29 Levant Maine Danville L Wyman & Emiline Folly 27-Sep-1898 Sidney Dawson 170  
      Cecelia T Obergfell Sidney 19 Indianapolis Indiana Matthew Obergfell & Barbara Stierle          
WYMAN, William Francis       Spokane 33 Wis Oliver H Wyman & Theresa Tina Miller 27-Jan-26 Poplar Roosivelt 861  
      Mary Catherine McGowan Poplar 33 Butte Felix McGowan & Helen Weinrank          
WYMAN, Zelma see Dupois, Gust                    
WYMARE, John & Henrietta see Wymare, Roy                    
WYMARE, Roy       Trotters N D 30 Unionville Mo John & Henrietta Wymare 30-Oct-30 Glendive Dawson 3931  
      Alpha Johnston Trotters 21 Daigonel Iowa Lowell Johnston & Ethel Bean          
WYMOND, Edwin Paul see Wynond, Hawley                    
WYMOND, Hawley       Chester 31 Law-renceburg Indiana Edwin Paul Wymond & Elinor Wood 20-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 789  
      Clarabelle Layton Joplin 24 Rochelle Illinois Alvah Howard & Myrtle Mable Cross          
WYMORE, Ellen see Platle, Jesse J                    
WYMORE, Hattie see Finkle, Howard L                    
WYNANDTS, Joseph see Retan                    
WYNANDTS, Lena see Retan                    
WYNES, Charlie see Knopf, Irving                    
WYNES, Martha see Knopf, Irving                    
WYNKOOP, Herbert L see Cable, Albert                    
WYNKOOP, Susan see Cable, Albert                    
WYNN, James Dewebb       Wibaux 24 Chustome? Colorado John Wynn & Mary Allen 4-Oct-00 Wibaux Dawson 210  
      Myrtle Nation Wibaux 17 Appleton City Missouri John Nation & Mary Perry          
WYNN, John see Wynn, James Dewebb                    
WYNNE, Katherine see Leonard, Edward R                    
WYNOUS, Helen see Brummer, John                    
WYSE, Agnes Elizabeth see Liljegreen, Carl                    
WYSE, Jeanette Marion Wyse see Cavanaugh, Ross Mathew                    
WYSE, Joseph see Cavanaugh, Ross Mathew                    
WYSE, Regina see Burns, William F                    
WYSE, Sylvester D       Mink 24 Princeton William Wyse & Mary Murphy 17-Jan-17 Glendive Dawson 2101  
      Emma Caroline Mahlstedt Mink 22 Creighton Neb John A Mahlstedt & Marie Youngerman          
WYSE, Tresa see Healy, L Lee                    
WYSE, W M see Burns, William F                    
WYSE, William see Healy, L Lee                    
WYSE, William see Liljegreen, Carl                    
WYSE, William see Wyse, Sylvester