Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Welch to Williams, Lona

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
WELCH, Alfred see Brown, Hugh                    
WELCH, Bessie A see Wilson, James R                    
WELCH, Bettie see Kemp, Roland Bernard                    
WELCH, Catherine see Markuson                    
WELCH, Charles B see Welch, Robert E                    
WELCH, Edna see Brugnier, Leon                    
WELCH, Elizabeth see Couton, James                    
WELCH, Ellen see Roane                    
WELCH, Emma see Bailey, Harry G                    
WELCH, Emmy see Card, Robert H                    
WELCH, F W see Koger, Cleo                    
WELCH, Frank B see Henk, Karl                    
WELCH, Fred see Brown, Leon Joseph                    
WELCH, Fronie see Koger, Cleo                    
WELCH, Geneva see Brown, Leon Joseph                    
WELCH, Harry see Welch                    
WELCH, Harry & Mamie see Brugnier, Leon                    
WELCH, Hazel May see Brown, Hugh                    
WELCH, Hazel V see Henk, Karl                    
WELCH, Ida see VanAllen, Charles                    
WELCH, James       Glendive 20 Miles City Jim Welch & Frances Doyle 18-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3880  
      Dorothy Brown Miles City 19 Mattoon Illinois James A Brown & Ida Shields          
WELCH, Jane Elizabeth see Sams, Zacheus                    
WELCH, Jesse C       Havre 31 Placerville Cal Thomas Welch & Jesse Collier 6-Sep-28 Chinook Blaine 1077  
      Catherine Stevenson Memphis Tenn 26 Olive Branch Miss J J Stevenson & Cynthia Neville          
WELCH, Jim see Welch, James                    
WELCH, John see Redeau, Bert                    
WELCH, John C see Welch, Walter Herman                    
WELCH, Mary see Brinley, Orla                    
WELCH, Orland       Froid 26 Vanwort Ohio Harry Welch & Mamie Hayse? 29-Jul-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2538  
      Ethel Walker Froid 18 Homestead Logan Walker & Adeline Burshia          
WELCH, Robert E       First Creek 37 McGormery Cty Mo Chas B Welch & Mollie Pym 3-Jun-21 Glasgow Valley 2780  
      Carolina Schwertman First Creek 26 Krogine Austria George Schwertman & Josephine Vadam          
WELCH, S see Kennedy                    
WELCH, Sarah see Eggert, George F                    
WELCH, Thomas see Welch, Jesse C                    
WELCH, W H see Madsen                    
WELCH, Walter Herman       Harlem 36 Mo John C Welch & Eleanor Wofford 25-Dec-18 Harlem Blaine 531  
      Lizzie Pinker-ton Harlem 36 Mt James C Peterson & ???          
WELCH, Zella see Madsen                    
WELDELE, Fred see Weldele, George E                    
WELDELE, George E       Scobey 29 Buffalo Mn Fred Weldele & Julia Bodenes 4-Jan-22 Scobey Daniels 45  
      Myrtle I Vick Madoc 21 McWilliam Wis Henry Vick & Mary Spencer          
WELDON, J see Noyes                    
WELDY, L A see Cameron, Charles C                    
WELDY, Lew see Stevens, Leon                    
WELDY, Lillian see Stevens, Leon                    
WELDY, Nina Muriel see Cameron, Charles C                    
WELK, Anna see Jasperson, Albert C                    
WELKE, Anna see Fisk, Charles E                    
WELKER, Martin see McDowell, R W                    
WELKER, Nettie G see McDowell, R W                    
WELKIE, Betsy see Fleury, Louis                    
WELKIE, Cecile see Gardiepy, David                    
WELLBRECHT, Agnes see Hoffman, Ernest E                    
WELLER, Lillian see Belmont, Harry                    
WELLER, M J see Weller, Maurice Emmett                    
WELLER, Maurice Emmett       Glasgow 28 Wheaton Maryland M J Weller & Elizabeth Cissel 7?-Aug-1900 Glasgow? Valley ?  
      Barbara Joos Glasgow 27 Owatanna Mn Richard Joos & Barbara Bohl?          
WELLER, Mettie see Ballon, Wm                    
WELLES, S M see Latham, George Ernest                    
WELLESVILLE, Albertina see Eckman                    
WELLIEVER, B A see Welliever, Elmer D                    
WELLIEVER, Elmer D       Wibaux 32 Ainsworth Iowa B A Welliever & Maggie Osborne 13-Jan-30 Glendive Dawson 3838  
      Edith Sommerfeld Wibaux 22 Wibaux Gustav Sommerfeld & Helen Bueton          
WELLIMER, Mary see Olson                    
WELLINGTON, Mary see Connors, John F                    
WELLINGTON, Myrtle see Connors, John F                    
WELLISON, Eli see Wright, Edward Augustus                    
WELLMAN, Rosanna see Jelmberg, Victor                    
WELLMAN, Rosanna see Phelan, Gregory H                    
WELLO, Hanna see Rantz, Walter Reynold                    
WELLS, Albert see Sandvig                    
WELLS, Albert B see Wells, Claude W                    
WELLS, Aleck see Andrade, Miguel                    
WELLS, Alexania see Shellenbarger, Don Carlos                    
WELLS, Alice see Crawford, Fred                    
WELLS, Anna Jane see Arksey, Robert W                    
WELLS, Anna Rose see Nomee, Albert                    
WELLS, B H see Wells, Luther                    
WELLS, Ben see Wells                    
WELLS, Ben L see Wells Clarence L                    
WELLS, Bird see Jacobson                    
WELLS, C C see Bell, F M                    
WELLS, Cameron see McCloskey                    
WELLS, Catherine see Fenesch, Thomas L                    
WELLS, Clarence L       Redstone 23 Iowa Ben L Wells & Alice Hetherington 16-Mar-13 P�wood? Valley 1265  
      Inga Olsen P�wood 20   John Olsen & Bertha Stodahl          
WELLS, ClaudeW       Glentana 45 Wyzetta Mn Albert B Wells & Helen Mertes 28-Oct-18 Glasgow Valley 2444  
      Lois Gallagher Seattle 23 Tooele? J T Gallagher & Annie Hook          
WELLS, Delbert       Redstone 22 Iowa Ben Wells & Alice Heterington 30-Oct-13 Dooley Sheridan 105  
      Maude Moore Dooley 18 Mn Harry Moore & Sady Cesar          
WELLS, Della see Stazel, Philip                    
WELLS, Ed see Wells, S L                    
WELLS, Ezekiel see Wells, George Stanley                    
WELLS, Finnanda Gay see Sloan, William Calmell                    
WELLS, Florence see Pierce                    
WELLS, Floy Viviene see Goode, Charles Norton                    
WELLS, Frank       Zortman 29 Mt   29-Jul-19   Phillips 440  
      Mary Ann Gladeau Zortman 26 Mt            
WELLS, George Stanley       Ridgeway 29 Ontario Can Ezekiel Wells & Emma Haines 1-Dec-21 Whitetail Daniels 39  
      Catherine Robinson Whitetail 28 Colwell? Idaho Moses M Robertson & Elizabeth Soden          
WELLS, Glen H       Beach N D 19 Yorktown S J Welles & Grace Helms 10-Feb-14 Glendive Dawson 1438  
      Bessie Raisler Beach N D 20 Judson N D Louis Raisler & Anna Cerveny          
WELLS, Harriet see Gloyn, William                    
WELLS, Harriet see Hahnkamp, Charles P                    
WELLS, Hazel see Sandvig                    
WELLS, James see Wells, Leonard                    
WELLS, Jane see McManigle, Lawrence                    
WELLS, Jeanette see Wilson, William P                    
WELLS, Josie see Parenteau, Jim                    
WELLS, Leonard       Keokuk Cty Iowa 23 Devonshire England James Wells & Annie Ridgeway 9-Sep-07 Glendive Dawson 724  
      Elise Hannah Holzman St Paul Mn 19 Minneapolis Mn Anton Holzman & Tabitha Etheld          
WELLS, Luther       Edge Hill 28 Denton Texas B H Wells & Ermine Wallace 16-Oct-11 Baldwin Dawson 996  
      Cora Poppleton Edge Hill 28 Hopkins Mn O H Poppleton & Ella May Foss          
WELLS, Luther E       Glasgow 30 Henry Cty Vir William Hamilton Wells & Mary Shoemate 14-Jan-22 Glasgow Valley 2851  
      Imogene Sachow Glasgow 27 Browerville Mn Henry Sachow & Rose Renecker          
WELLS, Margaret see Card, Robert H                    
WELLS, Margaret see Andrade, Miguel                    
WELLS, Mary see Ostby                    
WELLS, Mary E see Phillips, Elbert V                    
WELLS, Minnie see Coates, Arthur J                    
WELLS, Mrs Ella see Buckley, John J                    
WELLS, Myrtes Beneta see Wix, Fredrich Theodore                    
WELLS, Oscar D see Goode, Charles Norton                    
WELLS, Phoebe see Kestner, Edwin G                    
WELLS, R B see Rosser, John C                    
WELLS, Rebecca see Parker, William M                    
WELLS, Roy       Hillsboro 25 West Virginia William Wells & Lydia Phillips 20-May-26 Chinook Blaine 939  
      Marie Hirter Chinook 20 Finlayson Mn Rudolph Hirter & Martha Klatt          
WELLS, S J see Blue, Dalles K                    
WELLS, S J see Wells, Glen H                    
WELLS, S L       Lambert 23 Norburn? Mo Ed Wells & ??? 5-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1953  
      Christina Megneault Lambert 18 Missoula Joseph Megneault & Denmie, Gonyne          
WELLS, Sabra E see Blue, Dalles K                    
WELLS, Sarah see LaCroix, Joseph N                    
WELLS, Theresa see Reynolds, John                    
WELLS, Thomas & Mary see Callahan, William J                    
WELLS, Vianna see Latham, George Ernest                    
WELLS, William see Bell, F M                    
WELLS, William see Wells, Roy                    
WELLS, William Hamilton see Wells, Luther E                    
WELO, Hans see Frederickson                    
WELO, Molly see Frederickson                    
WELSCH, Dorothy see Dow, Howard                    
WELSCH, Frederick see Dow, Howard                    
WELSCH, Mike see Sibla, Frank                    
WELSCH, Theresa see Sibla, Frank                    
WELSH, Albert see Hilt, Leo Louis                    
WELSH, Anna see Morgan, Frank L                    
WELSH, Anne see Saws, Frank R                    
WELSH, Bertha see Wilson                    
WELSH, Bertha see Seel                    
WELSH, Burton W see Calvert, M C                    
WELSH, Dorothy J see Calvert, M C                    
WELSH, F J see Freel, Lessel C                    
WELSH, Fred see Welsh, Sam                    
WELSH, Jennie see Roscoe, Forrest Lyle                    
WELSH, Jessie M see Rowe, Eugene E                    
WELSH, Katherine see Kenny, Michael D                    
WELSH, Mary see Kindle, William E                    
WELSH, Minnie see Butte                    
WELSH, Ruth see Hilt, Leo Louis                    
WELSH, Sam       Wibaux 23 Claek Cty Wis Fred Welsh & Grace McCabe 22-Aug-26 Wibaux Wibaux 541  
      Theol Lucas Wibaux 17 Opal S D Charles Lucas & Cora May Wright          
WELSH,, Zetta, see Freel, Lessel C                    
WELSHER, Louis see Green                    
WELSHER, Ola V see Green                    
WELSIT, George see Welsit, Joshua                    
WELSIT, Joshua       Wolf Point 35 Wolf Point George Welsit & Kattie Campbell 11-Jan-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 337  
      Isabelle White   33 Sisseton S D Titus White & ???          
WELSPELICH, Susie see Baller, Max                    
WELSPILLICH, Susanna see Baller, John                    
WELTENRETHE, Louise see Gauglitz, Vincent                    
WELTER, Edward       Glentana 25 Mn Mat Welter & Louise Simons 1-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2572  
      Josie Finley Nashua 27 So Car Roderick Finley & Mary Tusing          
WELTER, John see Drager                    
WELTER, John see Richards                    
WELTER, John see Welter                    
WELTER, Mat see Welter, Edward                    
WELTER, Mildred see Richards H A                    
WELTER, Ruth see Drager                    
WELTER, Thomas       P�wood 21 Eau Glaire Wis John Welter & Gertrude Thompson 17-Dec-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2706  
      Lenore Riegler P�wood 18 P�wood Jacob Riegler & Verna Tucker          
WELTON, Arthur       Hinsdale 29 Maple Lake Mn Pat Welton & Annie Mullen 4-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1465  
      Sadie Moore Minot 22 Maple Lake Mn Ed Moore & Margaret Mears?          
WELTON, Pat see Welton, Arthur                    
WELTON, William       Glendive 24 Bismark William Welton & Mary Berry 28-Dec-28 Glendive Dawson 3527  
      Viola Fristad Glendive 22 Mandan N D Peter Fristad & Patricia Hauge          
WELTY, Nancy E see Janzen, Frank B                    
WELZENBACH, J D see Dier, Raymond Howard                    
WELZENBACH, Julia Ann see Dier, Raymond Howard                    
WELZENBACH, Julius       Wolf Point 21 Hardwick Mn Julius B Welzenbach & Alice Mohr 7-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3338  
      Evelyn Mildred Hardie Wolf Point 18 Froid J W Hardie & Martha Switzenberg          
WELZENBACH, Julius B see Welzenback, Karl Mark                    
WELZENBACH, Karl Mark       Wolf Point 24 Moline Ill Julius B Welzenbach & Alice Moho 1-Dec-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 977  
      Verna Marguerite Cole Oswego 17 Fort Williams Can Loren Cole & Margarete Simpson          
WEMPLE, Dorothea see Nordahl, John                    
WEMPLE, George W see Nordahl, John                    
WENANS, Henry see Wenans                    
WENANS, Theodore       Verwood Can 29 N D Henry Wenans & Mary Erickson 16-Feb-16 Plentywood Sheridan 676  
      Ina Heninger Scobey 19 Ill E L Heninger & Addie Singer          
WENBERG, Albert T see Wenberg, Howard L                    
WENBERG, Howard L       Beach N D 24 Oakland Nebr Albert T Wenberg & Lydia Carlson 15-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3162  
      Margaret Williams Intake 25 Maryville Mo Owen Williams & Katherine Owens          
WENCEL, Charles see McDaniel, Robert                    
WENDELL, Alice see Barkhart, Alfred                    
WENDELL, Louisa see Davenport, W B                    
WENDT, Anna Elizabeth see File, Victor Antone                    
WENDT, Arthur W       Brockway 27 Marshfield Wisc Fred Wendt & Hannah Kellerman 1-Aug-16 Glendive Dawson 1978  
      Sadie Weisner Circle 19 Neilsville Wis Frank Weisner & Emma Moffat          
WENDT, Fred see Wendt, Arthur W                    
WENDT, John see Wendt, Victor                    
WENDT, Minnie see Toepke, Bernard W                    
WENDT, Victor       Waconia Mn 26 Waconia John Wendt & Emma Poffhal 16-Jan?-1929? Chinook Blaine 1187  
      Dorothy Cheney LeHigh Iowa 16 Lockport Ill John Cheney & Della Chamberlain          
WENDT, William see Toepke, Bernard W                    
WENDTLAND, Anna see Miller                    
WENDTLAND, Clara see Brunzke, Paul F                    
WENGEN, Regine see Will, William H                    
WENGER, Samuel D       Chicago Ill 28 Elk-hart Ind Samuel Wenger & Lydia Topper 29-Jun-24 Glendive Wibaux 437  
      Ethel Samuels Beach N D 23 Lou-isville Ky Robert Samuels & Martha Watson          
WENHOLZ, Grace see Hutchison                    
WENHOLZ, John & Sophia see Hutchinson                    
WENHOLZ, Minnie see Kohl, William H                    
WENHOLZE, Minnie see Kohl, William J                    
WENKLEY, Jacob see Lowers, John W                    
WENNINGHAM, Elsie see Lear, John                    
WENONA, see Powell, Charlie                    
WENSHEL, Valentine see Winshel, Ralf                    
WENSOLE, Louis R see Borreson                    
WENSOLE?, Alma see Borreson                    
WENSTROM, Ingrid see see Severson                    
WENTLAND, Lena see Loebe, George F                    
WENTWORTH, Alice see Gore, Scott                    
WENTZ, Anna see Penner, Elmer J                    
WENTZ, Anton see Wentz, Henry                    
WENTZ, Bessie see Hendricks                    
WENTZ, Henry       Billings 26 Parkston S D Anton Wentz & Elizabeth Shoe 22-Mar-23 Glendive Dawson 2963  
      Alma Hagerott Bismark 25 Center N D Ernest Hagerott & Doris Nentz          
WENTZEL, Gina see Sorby Leonard J                    
WENZAL, Mary see Kudrna                    
WENZEL, Augusta see Nugent, Frank D                    
WENZEL, Herman see Nugent, Frank D                    
WENZL, ??? see Leach, Thomas A                    
WEPLER, Minnie see Hogaboom, Byron                    
WEPSA, Nasta see Oya                    
WEPSA, Onti see Oya                    
WERDAL, Lawrence E       Earl Sask Can 20 Roberts Cty S D Ludwig Werdal & Annie Iceveldt? 2-Mar-27 Scobey Daniels 321  
      Gladys M Anderson Earl Sask 17 Homestead Casper & Mabel Anderson          
WERDAL, Ludwig see Werdal, Lawrence E                    
WERESHING, Elizabeth see Lix                    
WERGELAND, Jenning A       Billings 25 Oslo Nor John August Wergeland Anderson & Anna C Lyche 15-Jul-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2455  
      Velma Joyce Ryker Edwall Wash 21 Edwall Phillip Arthur Ryker & Edna J Keyes          
WERGERS, Geo see Anderson, Robert                    
WERGERS, Helen see Anderson, Robert                    
WERGIN, Sophia see Nolan, John P                    
WERK, Alex see Werk, William H                    
WERK, Alex see Devine, William Oren                    
WERK, alex see Werk, Charles                    
WERK, Alex see Werk, Robert E                    
WERK, Charles L       Rattlesnake 23 Warrick Alex Werk & Elizabeth Heaton 23-Nov-21 Chinook Blaine 694  
      Florence French Rattlesnake 17 Clamer Iowa Bert French & Frances Frye          
WERK, Lyda Elizabeth see Devine, William Oren                    
WERK, Robert E       Cleveland 21 Cascade Alex Werk & Elizabeth Easton 16-Jul-18 Chinook Blaine 503  
      Isabella Mildred Gardipee Cleveland 20 Lewistown Eli Gardipee & Mary Laroch          
WERK, William H       Cleveland 26 Cascade Alex Werk & Elizabeth Heaton 23-Nov-21 Chinook Blaine 693  
      Elizabeth Ross Cleveland 21 Keiel Germany Ernest Ross & Emma Bauer          
WERKS, Alex see Pasma, Quibert                    
WERKS, Jessie M see Pasma, Quibert                    
WERLE, John       Malta 42 Wis   28-Nov-28   Phillips 1085  
      Henrietta Palmer Phillips 33 Mn            
WERLE, John       Dodson 34 Wis   17-Nov-20   Phillips 548  
      Frances E Zelenka Wagner 20 N D            
WERMAGER, Carl       Froid 28 Gary Mn Ole Wermager & Tillie Dahlen 2-Aug-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2539  
      Mae Johnson Benson Mn 20 Benson S L Johnson & Mary Anderson          
WERMAGER, Ole see Wermager                    
WERNER, Amelia see Friesen, David W                    
WERNER, Amy see Nichols                    
WERNER, Christina see Funk, Jacob                    
WERNER, Christine see Wiebe, John H                    
WERNER, David & Catherine see Freisen, David W                    
WERNER, Ethel see Vogel, Herman                    
WERNER, Joe L see Baker, Lloyd M                    
WERNER, John       Hinsdale 24 Winfield Iowa Samuel Werner & Maria Langdon 16-Jun-13 Glasgow Valley 1308  
      Winnie Kent Hinsdale 17 Iowa H N Kent & Lola Moffet          
WERNER, Julius see Shae                    
WERNER, Julius see Miller, Harry Ralph                    
WERNER, Lottie Laverne (Crowell?) see Dunn, W C                    
WERNER, Margaret see Shae                    
WERNER, Pauline see Miller, Harry Ralph                    
WERNER, Samuel see Vogel, Herman                    
WERNER, Samuel see Werner, John                    
WERNER, Vernelia V see Baker, Lloyd M                    
WERNER, Winnie (Kent?) see Jones Frank                    
WERRY, Mary see Kent, Adolphus                    
WERSTLER, Electa see McNeil, James                    
WERTHER?, Menerva see Jarmine, Roy William                    
WERTZ, Delilah see Reed, Frank S                    
WERTZ, E M       St Paul Mn 35 Altoona Penn Martin Wertz & Jennie Towner 14-Mar-16 Glendive Dawson 1982  
      Georgianna Steele St Paul 29 Ottawa Canada Louis Boucage & Philemon Naduck          
WERTZ, Elizabeth see Jonas, Anton                    
WERTZ, Frances see Winshel, Ralf                    
WERTZ, Henry       Westby 34 Wis Henry Wertz Sr & Mary Miller 20-Sep-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1997  
      Margaret Leonore Mott Westby 19 Mn Jesse Mott & Bertha McCormick          
WERTZ, Ida see Mayhew                    
WERTZ, Martin see Wertz, E M                    
WERTZLER, Francis see Lester                    
WESCOM, Minnie see Crohn                    
WESCOM, Minnie see Donaldson, Carl                    
WESCOTT, Arthur see Gaskill, Leo David                    
WESCOTT, Arthur see Titus, William H                    
WESCOTT, Arthur W see Middleton, M F                    
WESCOTT, Etta see Titus, William H                    
WESCOTT, Francis A see Hopkins, Forest Ross                    
WESCOTT, Francis E see Yaas, William H                    
WESCOTT, Josephine see Niles, Elon H                    
WESCOTT, Minnie see Keebler, Cecil C                    
WESCOTT, Minnie see Simmons, Recie                    
WESCOTT, Minnie M see Chrest, Louis                    
WESCOTT, Nora see Gaskill, Leo David                    
WESLEY, Carolina see Jones, William J                    
WESLEY, Zina see Kleibas, D J                    
WESSLER, August       Nashua 29 Germany Phillip & Clara Ohlinger 1-Oct-28 Glasgow Valley 3419  
      Evelyn Traver Nashua 17 Wis C W Traver & Effie Taylor          
WESSNER, Andrew see Lodahl                    
WESSNER, Christina see Erdahl                    
WESSNER, Christine see Quint                    
WESSNER, Ella see Andring                    
WESSNER, Emelia see Lodahl                    
WESSNER, George see Andring                    
WESSNER, George see Tunison                    
WESSNER, Helen see Ackerman, Alvin                    
WESSNER, Ida see Tunison                    
WESSNER, John see Ackerman, Alvin                    
WEST, B B see West, John L                    
WEST, Albert W see Coyle, Aden O                    
WEST, Amos see West, Grant O                    
WEST, Amy see Link, Peter                    
WEST, Andrew see West, Andrew                    
WEST, Anna see Solen, Gust                    
WEST, Anna see Setzer, Peter                    
WEST, Anna see Hangs, Peter                    
WEST, Bina M see Lauson, Jack                    
WEST, C A see West, William R                    
WEST, David see West, George                    
WEST, David see Libby, Raymond                    
WEST, Dina see Lowe                    
WEST, Dorathy see Searles, Gordon                    
WEST, Dorothy M see Lix                    
WEST, Edward       Haynes N D 26 Carlenville Illinois George West & Mary Robinson 7-Feb-28 Glendive Dawson 3545  
      Jennie Silsand Haynes N D 22 Ft Ransom N D Paul Silsand & Nikaline Eliason          
WEST, Elsie see Astrum, Palmer                    
WEST, Esther see Coyle, Aden O                    
WEST, Ethel see Mann                    
WEST, Ethel see Backer, Jack                    
WEST, G O see West, Jesse A                    
WEST, George see Astrum, Palmer                    
WEST, George       Circle 25 Ontario Can David West & Elizabeth Wood 2-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1827  
      Zilpha Barr Circle 27 Humbird Wisc Robert Barr & Noressa Thomas          
WEST, George see West, Edward                    
WEST, Grant O       Poplar 32 Bloomington Ill Amos West & Mary McFarland 25-Jul-1898 Poplar Valley ?  
      Christina Wirth Poplar 22 ??? Jacob & Susan Wirth          
WEST, I B see Barker, R L                    
WEST, Ida see Gruhn                    
WEST, Irene see Mitchell, Spencer Hurley                    
WEST, J L see Lauson, Jack                    
WEST, Jeanie see Libby, Raymond                    
WEST, Jennie see Galway, Loyd                    
WEST, Jennie see Deraud, August                    
WEST, Jennie see Timm, Richard F                    
WEST, Jesse A       Poplar 22 Poplar G O West & Christine Worthy 15-Jan-27 Glasgow Valley 3272  
      Ione D Smith Wolf Point 19   W H Smith & Nellie Trexler          
WEST, John L       Saco 50 Kentland Ind B B West & Mary Standridgemar 2-Mar-25 Glasgow Valley 3120  
      Hattie Meyers Saco 49 Germany Steven Manthey & Emilin Rosin          
WEST, Joseph see Medtke, William Jr                    
WEST, Joseph see Setzer, Peter                    
WEST, Julia A see Laswell, Cecil E                    
WEST, Laura Belle see Bowlin, Johnnie G                    
WEST, Lennie see Martin, Daniel J                    
WEST, Louisa see Casey, W W                    
WEST, Lowry H       Stuart N D 27 Dodge Center Mn S S West & Mary E Evans 19-Dec-14 Carlyle Wibaux 10  
      Hattie E Esmay Stuart N D 29 Valley Neb Isaac N Esmay & Lydia Lovell          
WEST, Lyda see McKee, Cecil E                    
WEST, Margaret Anna see Medtke, William Jr                    
WEST, Margaret E see Uckytil, Emil                    
WEST, Margaret E see Monroe, Archie C                    
WEST, Martha see Green, Don Clifford                    
WEST, Mary see Gage, Blake                    
WEST, Mary E see Lang                    
WEST, Mattie Irene see Maxson, Lewin L                    
WEST, Muriel see Douglas                    
WEST, Myrtay see Burrows, Fred                    
WEST, Nora Z see Barker, R L                    
WEST, Peter       Glasgow 43 Denmark Andrew West & Katherine Kofold 20-Dec-09 Glasgow Valley 552  
      May Eldstad? Glasgow 23 Pack River N D John Eldstad? & Rachel Foss          
WEST, Robert Leo       Outlook 24 S D Charles Avery West & Ella Miller 9-Jul-13 Culbertson Sheridan 40  
      Grace Ellen Fitzgerald Outlook 27 Outlook Robert Fitzgerald & Marie B Reardon          
WEST, S S see West, Lowry H                    
WEST, William see Searles, Gordon                    
WEST, William R       Redstone 23 Mitchell S D C A West & Ella Miller 28-Sep-10 Redstone Valley 700  
      Bessie Lee Robinson Outlook 17 Mt Vernon Ill J S Robinson & Maud S Bowden          
WESTABY, George Jr       Glendive 24 Forsythe George Westby & Rebecca C Snook 4-Jul-15 Glendive? Dawson 1740  
      Reno Larfold Glendive 24 Zumbrota Mn Peter & Regina Larfold          
WESTABY, Izma see Leland, William J                    
WESTABY, Rice see Leland, William J                    
WESTBERG, Emma see Paus, Ray F                    
WESTBOE, Gina see Kaltoedt                    
WESTBOE, Gilbert see Kaltoedt                    
WESTBY, Adolph       Opheim 28 Wis Otto J Westby & Anna Vollney 8-Nov-20 Glasgow Valley 2737  
      Mabel Isakson Opheim 19 Mn Jorgen Isakson & Manda Fossen          
WESTBY, Anna see Westlund, George Nels                    
WESTBY, Ben see Westby, Frank                    
WESTBY, Christina see Helland, Arnt H                    
WESTBY, Frank       Flaxville 21 Rock Cty Wis Ben Westby & Carolina Johnson 16-Feb-22 Scobey Daniels 49  
      Elma J Louers Flaxville 18 Streeter Ill J W Louers & ???          
WESTBY, Hannah see Stoehr, Lawrence                    
WESTBY, Lilly see Albertson, John H                    
WESTBY, Otto J see Westby, Adolph                    
WESTBY, Peter see Stoehr , Lawrence                    
WESTCOTT, Kate see Hayner, Harry Glen                    
WESTCOTT, Lida see Kammerer, Arthur F                    
WESTENHAM, Etta E see Roberts, Barney A                    
WESTER, C M see Nordgren, Eric                    
WESTER, C M see Wester, Eugene                    
WESTER, Eugene       Glendive 40 Sweden C M Wester & Emma Berg 24-May-27 Glendive Dawson 3453  
      Euphemia Schloss Glendive 40 Russia Thomas Martin & Faronika Kroz          
WESTER, Gertrude see VanDyke, Jacob                    
WESTER, Harry       Harlem 28 Norway John & Nettie Peterson 3-Aug-14 Chinook Blaine 143  
      Jane Hobbs Harlem 34 England Robert Hobbs & Elizabeth Smith          
WESTER, Laveria see Pooley, Lloyd Thomas                    
WESTER, Mary C see Nordgren, Eric                    
WESTERDAHL, Albert Gustav       Fargo N D 30 Fargo John A Westerdahl & Hannah Oldberg 22-Sep-23 Tampico Valley 2994  
      Ella Ulrica Matson Fargo 24 Hoffman Mn M T Mattson & Edla Fogelstrom          
WESTERDAHL, John A see Westerdahl, Albert Gustav                    
WESTERGAARD, Gertrude M see Reed, Frank S                    
WESTERGAARD, James C see Fisher, Richard                    
WESTERGAARD, Katherine ( Walker?) see Mattson, Berndt C                    
WESTERGAARD, Mary see Fisher, Richard                    
WESTERGAARD, Teppe T see Reed, Frank S                    
WESTERGARD, Sena see Larson, Daniel                    
WESTERGARD, Sina see Larson, Louis P                    
WESTERMAN, Arthur J       Freewater 28 Ore-gon   22-Nov-18   Phillips 391  
      Mrs Lillian L Noble Neilson 22 Mt            
WESTERMAN, Grace E see Amundson, Fred K                    
WESTERMAN, John W see Amundson, Fred K                    
WESTERMANN, Arthur J & Mrs see Brown, Henry                    
WESTERN, Lisa see Honrud, Melvin O                    
WESTERN, Lise see Honrud, Ludwig                    
WESTERN, Lulu see Fishback, Wilson William                    
WESTFALL, Charlotte see Mosher, Walter L                    
WESTFALL, E Paul       Kansas City Kans 26 Lodge Pole Nebr W A Westfall & Anna Busse 3-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1559  
      Goldie Brockin Glendive 18 Fair Oaks Indiana Dave Brockin & Frances Burns          
WESTFALL, Edith see Forest, Oliver Berthold                    
WESTFALL, Ernest       Poplar 25 S D James Westfall & Ella Howard 13-Dec-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1265  
      Ida Decette Poplar 19 Winnipeg Man Can Henry Decette & Virginia Longemode          
WESTFALL, Fredrica see Eggert, Henry                    
WESTFALL, Hattie L see Parker, Ernest                    
WESTFALL, James see Westfall, Ernest                    
WESTFALL, Joel see Brown, Clarence Revere                    
WESTFALL, Joseph see Forest, Oliver Berthold                    
WESTFALL, Larine May see Brown, Clarence Revere                    
WESTFALL, W A see Westfall, E Paul                    
WESTFORD , J E see Bell                    
WESTFORD, Muriel see Bell                    
WESTGARD, Ole H see Westgard, William                    
WESTGARD, Oline see VonKuster, Fredrick E                    
WESTGARD, William       Redstone 33 Astoria S D Ole H Westgard & Gertrude Carlson 5-Jan-21 Scobey Daniels 23  
      Elma Halvorson   31 Brandt Thomas Halvorson & ???          
WESTHENG?, Anna see Yount                    
WESTIN, G Theodore       Seattle 24 Seattle John Westin & Clara Nelson 9-Jul-30 Cleveland Blaine 1214  
      Lillian Miller Cleveland 22 Chinook Chris Miller & Caroline Kuhr          
WESTIN, John see Westin, G Theodore                    
WESTLAND, Irene see Finn                    
WESTLAND, Ole see Hall                    
WESTLEY, Christina see Helland, Arnt H                    
WESTLEY, Marie see Ashland, Ernest William                    
WESTLIN, Sam & Hannah see Westline                    
WESTLIND, Koraling see Reed                    
WESTLINE, Charles       P�wood 36 Mn Sam & Hannah Westline 18-Mar-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1494  
      Irene Weiler P�wood 27 Mn John Weiler & Kate Corde          
WESTLING, Alma see Berg                    
WESTLING, Lars see Berg                    
WESTLUND, Carl J see Westlund, Frank J                    
WESTLUND, Frank J       Glendive 31 Rush City Mn Carl J Westland & Anna Ruden 22-May-18 Glendive Dawson 2368  
      Mary Nina Brownell Glendive 24 Abbotsford Wisc N C Brownell & Anna Anderson          
WESTLUND, George Nels       Frazer 26 Sweden George Nels Westlund & Anna Westby 21-Jun-19 Glasgow Valley 2527  
      Margaret Martin Camp Dodge Iowa 27 Ireland James R Martin & Jane Mcburney          
WESTLUND, Gilbert see French, Ernest                    
WESTLUND, Mildred see French, Ernest                    
WESTMAN, Andrew see Burk, Junior E                    
WESTMAN, Fay E       Content 33 N D   29-Jun-21   Phillips 585  
      Nora Hackert Content 19 N D            
WESTMAN, Myrtle see Burk, Junior E                    
WESTMORLAND, Carlos see Westmorland, Clarence                    
WESTMORLAND, Clarence       Froid 26 Indiana Carlos Westmorland & Josie Kieth 30-Oct-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 961  
      Dorothy Mow Froid 21 Mich Josh Mow & Lizzie Livehart          
WESTNER, Anna see Wood, Harrison Pratt                    
WESTON, Lula Belva see Kalldahl, Carl John                    
WESTON, Mary see Stanfield                    
WESTOVER, Caroline see Harvey                    
WESTOVER, F E see Thorbergson                    
WESTOVER, Francis G see Thorbergson                    
WESTOVER, John Howard see Volkman, Henry N                    
WESTOVER, Lois see Volkman, Henry N                    
WESTPHAL, Anna Josephia M see Willan, Joseph T                    
WESTPHAL, August B       Outlook 46 Ohio George Westphal & Caroline Niemann 31-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1240  
      Anata Madill Outlook 20 Can William Madill & ???          
WESTPHAL, Fredrika see Hollo, Martin C                    
WESTPHAL, George see Westphal                    
WESTRA, Anna Luella see Gordon, Basil E                    
WESTRA, Elizabeth see Harris, Frank                    
WESTRA, Eugene Richard       Poplar 21 Mn Richard Westra & Elizabeth Jansmer 18-May-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 896  
      Marjorie Philena Michael Poplar 16 Connecticutt Charles Christian Michael & Clara Buzzell          
WESTRA, Ida M see McAnalley, James E                    
WESTRA, Richard see McAnalley, James E                    
WESTRA, Richard see Westra, Eugene Richard                    
WESTRUM, Borghild see Franson                    
WESTRUM, Ellen see Dahl                    
WESTRUM, John see Dahl                    
WESTRUM, Martha see Romstad                    
WESTRUP, Frieda see Johnson                    
WESTRUP, George see Westrup                    
WESTRUP, Gust see Johnson                    
WESTRUP, Gustaf B       Antelope 33 Ger George Westrup & Augusta Meyer 27-May-17 Dooley Sheridan 1027  
      Pauline Klatt Dooley 18 Russia Emil Klatt & Lina Gottchell          
WETAN, Charlie see Wetan, Clarence                    
WETAN, Clarence       Savoy 24 Savoy Charley Wetan & Mary Grass 8-Jun-25 Glasgow Valley 3138  
      Delia Wounded Foot Frazer 19 Frazer Stephen Wounded Foot & Rosey Bluetalkon          
WETBRECHT, Louise see Hollowell, Stoughton                    
WETCH, Tillie see Winshel, Ralph                    
WETHAM, Florence see Morrison, William                    
WETHAM, Foster see Morrison, William                    
WETHERAULT, Ida May see Grainger, Roy Edward                    
WETHERBY, Frank see Barnhouse                    
WETHERBY, Jessie Marie see Barnhouse                    
WETSCH, Anton       Glendive 24 Russia Jacob Wetsch & Margaret Knutz 8-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1105  
      Minnie Knoll Glendive 18 Glendive Joseph Knoll & Helena Beeler          
WETSCH, Jacob see Wetsch, Anton                    
WETSCH, Joe see Koch, Matt                    
WETSCH, John see Geiger, Frank                    
WETSCH, Katie see Geiger, Frank                    
WETSCH, Rose see Koch, Matt                    
WETSIT, George see Bearskin                    
WETSIT, George see Wetsit, John Earl                    
WETSIT, Gertrude see Blacktail, Dan                    
WETSIT, Gertrude see Blacktail, Daniel                    
WETSIT, Jessie see Bearskin                    
WETSIT, John Earl       Oswego 23 Mt George Wetsit & Kate Campbell 13-Apr-26 �at James Roberts house� Roosivelt 882  
      Katherine Redstone Oswego 20 Mt Fred Redstone & ???          
WETSIT, Kate see Fighter, Jack                    
WETTER, Madeline see Ormson, Mundie                    
WETTERGREN, Sophie see Armitage, Eugene                    
WETTERSTROM, Henry see Townley, C S                    
WETTERSTROM, Ruth Margaret see Townley, C S                    
WETTKOPP, August       Circle 32 Germany John Wettkopp & Helen Schmidt 16-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1112  
      Helena Hildebrand Circle 32 Germany Frank Hildebrand & Margaret Lukie?          
WETTKOPP, John see Wettkopp, August                    
WETTLESIN, Engelbrig see Trulson                    
WETTLIN, Alice Theresa see McClammey, Mark Harold                    
WETTLIN, Dora A (Peterson?) see Hohman                    
WETTLIN, George       Poplar 39 Culbertson Phillip Wettlin & Cate Broaken Ankle 7-Sep-18 Poplar Roosivelt 1203  
      Mollie Buckles Williams Poplar 42 Wolf Point Thomas Buckles & Four Cloud          
WETTLIN, George       Brockton 30 Culbertson Phillip Wettlin & Broken 7-Dec-20 Poplar Roosivelt 199  
      Alice M Red Eagle Brockton 20 Oswego Turning Medicine & Lady          
WETTLIN, Hannah Bow see Scott, Stephen                    
WETTLIN, Phillip       Brockton 58 Tarrytown N Y Phillip & Mrs Wettlin 17-Sep-14 Poplar Sheridan 312  
      Hannah Bow Brock-ton     ----? & Smells Good          
WETTLIN, Phillip       Mondak 24 Tarrytown N Y Phillip Wettlin & Elizabeth Froelich 26-Sep-12 Mondak Valley 1120  
      Carra A Frisbee Mondak 45 Coryville Penn Thomas R Frisbee & Francis Helen Tuttle          
WETTLIN, Phillip       Ft Peck 34 Terrytown N Y Phillip & Elizabeth Wettlin 17-Jul-1891 Ft Peck Dawson 50  
      Katie Kapshaw Ft Peck 21 Ft Peck Black Fox Indian & Cloud          
WETTLIN, Phillip see Wettlin, George                    
WETTLIN, Phillip & Elizabeth see Wettlin, Phillip                    
WETTSTEIN, Ida Mae see Brier, Raymond R                    
WETZEL, Carl see Wetzel, Gustave Ernest                    
WETZEL, Carl see Holling, Arnold                    
WETZEL, Charles see Meihack, George                    
WETZEL, Ernest       Phillips 21 Iowa   28-Jan-28   Phillips 1001  
      Theresa Pecora Phillips 18 Mt            
WETZEL, Gustave Ernest       Glendive 33 Neillsville Wisc Carl Wetzel & Augusta Reetz 29-Jan-27 Glendive Dawson 3430  
      Helen Freda DeBeaumont Glendive 28 Minneapolis Mn Charles DeBeaumont & Ida Franzen          
WETZEL, Maria Hermania Hulda see Holling, Arnold                    
WETZEL, Minnie see Dux, Albert                    
WETZEL, Minnie see Nemitz, Martin                    
WETZEL, Minnie see Nemitz, Martin                    
WETZEL, Sarah see Meihack, George                    
WETZEL, William L       Phillips 22 Iowa   9-Apr-28   Phillips 1014  
      Katherine Deane ??? 21 Kansas            
WETZERMAN, Louise see Schmidt, Charles Clements                    
WETZSTEIN, Carl R       Richardton N D 21 Richardton N D Dominic Wetzstein & Elizabeth Berger 26-Jun-26 Glendive Dawson 3363  
      Clara Christensen Belfield 18 Belfield James Christensen & Oril Martin          
WETZSTEIN, Dominic see Wetzstein, Carl R                    
WETZSTIEN, Clara see Bell, Brody                    
WEUM, Alphin see Wickstrand, Gotfred L                    
WEUM, Christiana see Wickstrand, Gotfred L                    
WEXLER, Mary see Unger, John                    
WEYER, George see Thompson, Alfred                    
WEYER, George see Weyer, Joe                    
WEYER, Gertrude see Thompson, Alfred                    
WEYER, Joe       Burns 21 Springhill Mn George Weyer & Elizabeth Daniel 28-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 2203  
      Lucy Tarbell Bean 18 Wibaux James Tarbell & Mary Hume          
WEYLER, John A see Biever                    
WEYLER, Marie see Biever                    
WEYMOUTH, Dora see DonTigny, Emil                    
WH___?, Mary C see Hendricks, Ray Francis                    
WHALEN, Frank P       Wolf Point 32 Stephan Mn William Whalen & Annie Sinnot 7-Feb-21 Glasgow Valley 2761  
      Myrtle E Spangle Cheney Wash 30 Cheney J F Spangle & Mary Cook          
WHALEN, Frost S       Dunn Center N D 22 Dickinson N D James Whalen & Anna Sampson 9-Jun-15 Glendive Dawson 1722  
      Holly Pomeroy Dunn Center N D 19 Winona Mn Lee Pomeroy & Belle Davis          
WHALEN, James see Whalen, Frost S                    
WHALEN, John see Whalen, William Walter                    
WHALEN, Margaret see Angvick, Carl                    
WHALEN, Mary see Kennedy                    
WHALEN, William see Whalen, Frank P                    
WHALEN, William Walter       Wis 25 Wis John Whalen & ??? 4-Oct-22 Poplar Roosivelt 417  
      Olive Rose Vial Poplar 17 Mpls Mn Oscar Clinton Vial & ???          
WHALEY, John & Margaret see Whaley, John W                    
WHALEY, John W       Glendive 29 Hastings Mn John & Margaret Whaley 19-June-1890 Glendive Dawson 37  
      Julia H O�Rourke Glendive 25 LaCrosse Wis Thomas O�Rourke & Margaret Galvin O�Rourke          
WHAM, Sarah G see Kell, Wylie L                    
WHARTON, C E see Wharton, E L                    
WHARTON, E L       Glasgow 32 Ohio C E Wharton & Annetta Sander 23-Oct-20 Glasgow Valley 2730  
      Mabel E Hungate Dillon 35 Mt George Hungate & Nancy Bryant          
WHAY, Ben       Opheim 23 Mo Joseph Whay & ??? 19-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1887  
      Alice C Bergtoll Opheim 20 Mn Joseph Bergtoll & Anna F Fleming?          
WHAY, Joseph see Whay, Ben                    
WHEADON, Carmen see Waitzig, Bert                    
WHEADON, Mildred Lucille see Speyers, John                    
WHEADON, Rachel see Schreiver, Edward M                    
WHEADON, Ralsmond D see Schreiver, Edward M                    
WHEADON, Ralsmond D see Waetzig, Bert                    
WHEADON, Rosmond Dick see Speyers, John                    
WHEAT, Genevieve see Wilkes, Robert P                    
WHEAT, Genivieve see Hajek, John                    
WHEAT, J W see Hajek, John                    
WHEAT, J W see Wilkes, Robert P                    
WHEATLEY, Delilah see Anderson, John J                    
WHEATLEY, Emily see Stewart, Herbert Watson                    
WHEATLEY, John see Anderson, John J                    
WHEATON, Carrie see Swing, Erick                    
WHEELER, Agnes see Tjomsland, Joseph Louis                    
WHEELER, Alice see Dyas, George                    
WHEELER, Almeron P       Hinsdale 42 Illinois   9-Feb-28   Phillips 1003  
      Gretchen Goodman Phillips 34 ???            
WHEELER, Berniece see Koss, Charles                    
WHEELER, Blanche see Stauffer, Irvin L                    
WHEELER, Clarence see Stauffer, Irvin L                    
WHEELER, Clarence see Nelson, Oliver                    
WHEELER, Cyrus       Nashua 28 Leon Kans Richard Wheeler & Carrie Taylor 4-Jun-12 Mondak Valley 1058  
      Melinda Hawley Dore N D 21 Republican City Neb James Hawley & ???          
WHEELER, Dorothy see Helmer, Stuart                    
WHEELER, E E see Berg                    
WHEELER, E E see Wheeler                    
WHEELER, Edric E see Wheeler, Floyd Harold                    
WHEELER, Eleanor F see Yerigan                    
WHEELER, Elsie see Ebaugh, Anton                    
WHEELER, Eva T see Hall, George W                    
WHEELER, Floyd Harold       Three Buttes 20 Potter Cty S D Edric E Wheeler & Abbie H Sanderson 27-Jun-10 Glendive Dawson 812  
      Alma Ethel Middleton Three Buttes 18 Holt Cty Nebr Charles R Middleton & Minerva Crawford          
WHEELER, Francis see Faulk, Thurmond B                    
WHEELER, Francis J see Koss, Charles                    
WHEELER, Fred F       Froid 18 N D E E Wheeler & Clara Roseau 4-Aug-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1915  
      Mina Joy Miller Homestead 20 N D Alva Miller & Jessie Cook          
WHEELER, Gene       Bennie Peer N D 27 Butler Cty Kansas Richard Wheeler & Carrie Taylor 6-Feb-13 Mondak Valley 1243  
      Myrtie Miller Buford N D     John McNary & Jane Swalm          
WHEELER, George E see Wheeler, Hobart H                    
WHEELER, George F see Helmer, Stewart                    
WHEELER, Helen see Kibler, Frederick C                    
WHEELER, Hobart H       Froid 23 Rockford Ill Gilbert E Wheeler & Clara Rosser? 15-Jun-21 Froid Roosivelt 253  
      Iva M Swank Froid 22 Johnstown Pa Wm E Swank & Susanna Hannewald          
WHEELER, Howard       Grenora N D 26 Rice Mn Joe Wheeler & Lizzie Thelan 18-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2876  
      Maxine Hansen Grenora 18 Williston N D Pete Hansen & Anna Hermanson          
WHEELER, Jay W see Hoynds, Raymond Charles                    
WHEELER, Joe see Richardson                    
WHEELER, Joe see Wheeler Howard                    
WHEELER, Kathryn see Faulk, Thurmond B                    
WHEELER, Leona see Richardson                    
WHEELER, Mary see Hanks, Linder C                    
WHEELER, Mary Francis see Peterson, Alfred N                    
WHEELER, Melvin W see Kibler, Fredrick C                    
WHEELER, Mildred E see Hoynds, Raymond Charles                    
WHEELER, Mildred M see Nelson, Oliver                    
WHEELER, Mina see Miller, Keith H                    
WHEELER, Mina see Kullander, Clinton William                    
WHEELER, Phyllis see Berg                    
WHEELER, Reeda Francis see Little, James                    
WHEELER, Reuben Leroy see Ebaugh, Anton                    
WHEELER, Richard see Wheeler, Cyrus                    
WHEELER, Richard see Wheeler, Gene                    
WHEELER, Tilda see Ambrose, W R                    
WHEELER, Victor see Yerigan                    
WHEELER, William see Little, James                    
WHEELOCK, Herbert O see Bouchard, Timothy                    
WHEELOCK, Pearl see Bouchard, Timothy                    
WHEELWRIGHT, George       Circle 37 Moorhead Mn Theodore Wheelwright & Mary Cummins 2-Nov-20 Circle McCone 20  
      Edna Mae Watkins Circle 35 Magnolia Iowa B L Weed & Cora Belle Hotchkiss          
WHEELWRIGHT, Theodore see Wheelwright, George                    
WHELON, Christ see Whelon, Louis Patrick                    
WHELON, Louis Patrick       Glendive 24 San born Mn Christ Whelon & B McGowan 4-Jun-12 Glendive Dawson 1096  
      Inga Eide Glendive 28 Norway Ole Eide & Alite Helam?          
WHENHOLZ, Minnie see Kohl, Lewis                    
WHENTOZ, Menne see Kohl, George Henry                    
WHERLEN, Reeva Francis see Little James                    
WHERLEN, William A see Little, James                    
WHERRY, Elizabeth see Hardison                    
WHETHAM, F B see Parker, George W                    
WHETSTONE, Mary P see Pulse, George F                    
WHETSTONE, William see Pulse, George F                    
WHETTINGBERGER, Eliza see Kress, Edwin M                    
WHILRIGHT, Robert       Brockton 52 Poplar Strong & Run Rattling 4-Jun-23 Poplar Roosivelt 506  
      Hannah Owl Brockton 57 Poplar Striking & Walk-ing Rock          
WHIPPLE, A F see Whipple, Kenneth K                    
WHIPPLE, August see Stolen, Anders                    
WHIPPLE, Charlotte see Furman, Stanley                    
WHIPPLE, Chas C       Dawson 19 Tuscola Mich Henry Whipple & Emily Gunning 23-Apr-1898 Glendive Dawson 168  
      E Faye Otis Dawson 23 Glenwood Mills Iowa S L Otis & Lavina Smith          
WHIPPLE, Edwin Walter see Cash, Haywood                    
WHIPPLE, Elizabeth see Stolen, Anders                    
WHIPPLE, Emory see Whipple, Francis Victor                    
WHIPPLE, Frances Victor       Glendive 22 Tracey Mn Emory Whipple & Francis Fredrick 13-Aug-23 Glendive Dawson 3014  
      Florence M Sturtevant Glendive 23 Fargo N D W W Sturtevant & Wealthy Quist          
WHIPPLE, Harriet see Best, Van                    
WHIPPLE, Henry see Whipple, Chas C                    
WHIPPLE, Kenneth K       Scobey 23 Iowa A F Whipple & Elvira Bond 5-Feb-24 Scobey Daniels 141  
      Olga Berteneau Scobey 18 Spokane Wa Henry Berteneau & Marie Vasano?          
WHIPPLE, Laura Alice see Cash, Haywood                    
WHIPPLE, Milo see Furman, Stanley                    
WHIPPLE, P W see Older, C N                    
WHIRLWIND, see Iron Leggins                    
WHISTLER, Jennie see Boner, Everett E                    
WHISTLER, Martha see Kruger, Henry                    
WHITAKER, Almeda see Curry, Sam                    
WHITAKER, Anna see McInnis, John J                    
WHITAKER, Bert see Rose, LaVerne Albert                    
WHITAKER, Charles see Barker, Delbert L                    
WHITAKER, Ellen see Zarling, Oscar                    
WHITAKER, Emily E see Beard, William Edgar                    
WHITAKER, George       Hinsdale 22 Britton S D Victor Whitaker & Sarah Chapin 12-Jun-26 Glasgow Valley 3218  
      Cora Young Saco 18 Forward Sask Can Jasper Young & Belle Stevens          
WHITAKER, Golda N see Marks, A J                    
WHITAKER, Grace Pauline see Rose, LaVerne Albert                    
WHITAKER, Guy C       Beach N D 27 Crawfordsville Ind W W Whitaker & Mary Hicks 4-Mar-19 Glendive Dawson 2500  
      Minnie Goodwin Beach N D 26 Newcanton Ill Chas Goodwin & Henrietta Richard          
WHITAKER, Harry E       Glasgow 25 Osage Iowa Joseph Whitaker & Etta Odell 30-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1998  
      Helma Gilbo Barr 26 Aure Norway Johannes Gilbo & Guri Dybbug          
WHITAKER, J G see Whitaker, Omer                    
WHITAKER, J H see Marks A J                    
WHITAKER, Jeff see Whitaker, Ross                    
WHITAKER, Jennie see Lohse                    
WHITAKER, Joseph see Whitaker, Harry E                    
WHITAKER, Mamie see Weckerly, Gordon                    
WHITAKER, Nellie Q see Barker, Delbert L                    
WHITAKER, Omer       Saco 24 Kentucky J G Whitaker & Minnie Dennis 5-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3526  
      Grace M Garrison Saco 19 Saco W T Garrison & Grace A Taylor          
WHITAKER, Raymond E see Beard, William Edgar                    
WHITAKER, Ross       Havre 25 Louisville Ken Jeff Whitaker & Lucy Albright 19-May-14 Chinook Blaine 122  
      Anna Ratzlaff Chinook 19 Aberdeen S D Andrew Ratliff & Elizabeth Richard          
WHITAKER, Victor see Whitaker, George                    
WHITAKER, W W see Whitaker, Guy C                    
WHITAKER, William see McInnis, John J                    
WHITAKER, William see Stalcup, John M                    
WHITAKER, William see Zarling, Oscar                    
WHITAKER, William see Weckerly, Gordon                    
WHITBREAD, Fred see Weber, Oscar                    
WHITBREAD, Grace Mary see Weber, Oscar                    
WHITBRED, Alfred       Glasgow 20 Barnesville Mn Fred Whitbred & Emily Shephard 25-Mar-07 Glasgow Valley 277  
      Lillian Wright Glasgow 18 Canada G B & Rebecca Wright          
WHITBRED, Fred see Whitbred, Alfred                    
WHITBRED, John see Whitbred, William                    
WHITBRED, William       Hinsdale 37 England John Whitbred & Sarah Austin 6-Dec-02 Glasgow Valley 77  
      Sarah Roffey Glasgow 38 England ???          
WHITCOMB, Charles see Whitcomb                    
WHITCOMB, Charles       Zortman 21 Cumberland Wis Timothy Whitcomb & Katherine McGuire 25-Jul-07 Glasgow Valley 294  
      Maud Tressler Zortman 18 Little Creek Dan Tressler & Lucy Sanderson          
WHITCOMB, Charles see Whitcomb, George                    
WHITCOMB, Dan       Zortman 25 Zortman Charles Whitcomb & Maud Tressler 6-Jun-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3024  
      Margaret Cosper Outlook 21 Outlook Clinton Cosper & Zula Slyter          
WHITCOMB, F A       Homestead 26 Kentucky J A Whitcomb & Carry Richardson 3-Feb-14 Plentywood Sheridan 173  
      Lillian Picker Homestead 25 Mn Nicholis Picker & Catherine Fikelstien          
WHITCOMB, Geo see Stevens, Bryan                    
WHITCOMB, George       Zortman 27 Malta Charles Whitcomb & Kathryn Barry 4-Sep-28 Chinook Blaine 1076  
      Rosalie Stevens Dodson 21 Dodson B F Stevens & Rosalie Ereaux          
WHITCOMB, H S see Carpenter, Earl                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Woodard, Harry Enderton                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Wallace, H S                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Meyers, William                    
WHITCOMB, H S see McLeod, Duncan                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Kurtz, Robert                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Hoyer, Walter C                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Creel, Rollin                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Caplena, Newt                    
WHITCOMB, H S see Hounshell, Morton H                    
WHITCOMB, J A see Whitcomb                    
WHITCOMB, Lizzie see Renn, Thomas E                    
WHITCOMB , Rosalie Stevens see Stevens, Bryan                    
WHITCOMB, Timothy see Whitcomb, Charles                    
WHITCRAFT, George       Chinook 31 Iowa   16-Jun-20   Phillips 509  
      Nellie M Brink Chinook 36 ???            
WHITCRAFT, Myrtle M see Hanlon, Edward C                    
WHITCRAFT, W C see Whitcraft, George                    
WHITE, see Blackbird, George                    
WHITE, Bear see Bracelet, Mike                    
WHITE, Bear see Grass, John                    
WHITE, Bird see Bracelet                    
WHITE, Boy see Brown, Alex                    
WHITE, Bull see Takes Plenty, John                    
WHITE, Cloud see Medicine Cloud, Joseph                    
WHITE, Eagle see Fear Bear, Clarence                    
WHITE, Faced Woman see Little Bull                    
WHITE, Feather see Harrison                    
WHITE, Feather see Lambert, Midas                    
WHITE, Hawk       Brockton 54 Brockton White Turnip & Good Cloud 17-May-18 Brockton Sheridan 1300  
      Emma Barrell Brockton 48 Brockton Hail Melts & Eagle Track          
WHITE, Hawk see Spotted Dog, Joshua                    
WHITE, Hawk see Hancock, Thomas                    
WHITE, Hawk see Ryder, Charles                    
WHITE, Hawk see White Hawk, Fredrick                    
WHITE, Horse see Porcupine Quills                    
WHITE, Horse see White Horse                    
WHITE, Horse Woman see Porcupine Quill, Johnson                    
WHITE, Man       Wolf Point 58 Wolf Point One Wing & Moon Talking 16-Jan-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 857  
      Worker Looking Wolf Point 53 Frazer Lie & Thunder With          
WHITE, Man see Last                    
WHITE, Owl see Blackbird, George                    
WHITE, Thunder see Shawl                    
WHITE, Thunder see White Thunder, Herman                    
WHITE, Thunder see Benedict, Richard                    
WHITE, Turnip see White Hawk                    
WHITE, Wind Good Woman see Snell, Lewis                    
WHITE, Woman see Yellow Robe, Steve                    
WHITE, Woman see Jones, Richard                    
WHITE, ??? see Williams, Dudley C                    
WHITE, ??? see Armstrong, Thomas                    
WHITE, ??? see Waid, Carl                    
WHITE, A J see White, Everett                    
WHITE, Albert E       Glendive 22 Harvey N D Ed White & Maggie Scherr 8-Oct-06 ??? Dawson 392  
      Katie Depo Glendive 20 Hungary Doninick Depo & Lizzie Nedermayer          
WHITE, Alice see Smith                    
WHITE, Alice see Belisle                    
WHITE, Alice see Tilson, Roscoe                    
WHITE, Alice L see Watts, Earl R                    
WHITE, Alta see Irnie, Glenn                    
WHITE, Andrew       Poplar 26 ??? Daniel Good Boy & Mary Red Door 1-Aug-27 Poplar Roosivelt 1052  
      Alice Red Door Poplar 24 Santee Nebr Scott & ???          
WHITE, Anna see Bisson                    
WHITE, Anna Grace see Birst, Louis Henry                    
WHITE, Annie L see Kufur, Lauren A                    
WHITE, Arthur C       Circle 34 Barrie N D Gilbert White & Ellen Johnson 21-Jun-25 Circle McCone 84  
      Genivieve L Ward Circle 24 Odon Indiana Harvey Elmer Ward & Clara Alice Winkelpleck          
WHITE, Arthur Mack       Whitetail 39 Wis Barney White & Maria Highbanks 22-Aug-14 Plentywood Sheridan 310  
      Emma Hein Flaxville 37 Mn Olaf & Christin Hein          
WHITE, August see Hunt                    
WHITE, August see White                    
WHITE, August see Willard                    
WHITE, Auretha see Williams, Clair V                    
WHITE, Barney see White                    
WHITE, Benjamin see White                    
WHITE, Benjamin F       Hinsdale 29 Newton W Vir James D White & Lucinda Gillinwater? 20?-Oct-1914 Glasgow Valley 1573  
      Eva Painter Ray N D 24 Mt Vernon Vir George Painter          
WHITE, Bertha see Diehl                    
WHITE, Bessie Louise see Sherman, Stanton Leo                    
WHITE, Betsy see Bruce, George M                    
WHITE, Betty see Bruce, George M                    
WHITE, C see Ressler, Harry S                    
WHITE, C L see White, L A                    
WHITE, Charles see White, Fred S                    
WHITE, Charles       Fargo N D 48 Sauk Center Mn Robert White & Mary Williams     Dawson 2863  
      Mema Manning Big Timber 38 Big Timber John Manning & Mima Peters          
WHITE, Charles E see Sherman, Stanton Leo                    
WHITE, Charles E       Plentywood 38 Riceville Kansas Thomas A White & Margaret Spradling 6-Jan-27 Glasgow Valley 3271  
      Helen Anderson Fargo N D 31 Pelican Rapids Mn Ed Jacobson & Carrie Rudy          
WHITE, Charles E see White, Charles W                    
WHITE, Charles W       Wibaux 21 Bottineau N D Charles E White & Jennie Woodhead 8-Sep-26 Glenfive Dawson 3385  
      Ione Mae Wolfe Wibaux 18 Wibaux Jerome Wolfe & Estelle Faye Fields          
WHITE, Charley see Turek                    
WHITE, Clarence A       Fargo 25 Boisserain Man Can John A White & Grace Irving 8-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3259  
      Marie Darby Clarksville Iowa 25 Clarksville L E Darby & Amy Scott          
WHITE, Consada see Orman, George                    
WHITE, Cordelia M see Dailey, George W                    
WHITE, Daniel see White, Louis G                    
WHITE, Della see Houger, Royal A                    
WHITE, Ed see White, Albert E                    
WHITE, Eda see Harmes                    
WHITE, Edna see Dawson                    
WHITE, Edward & Mary see Patch, Walter L                    
WHITE, Elbridge M       Glasgow 40 Mn Geo & Annie White 10-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2225  
      Ida Mae Ebersole Glasgow 31 Iowa E H Ebersole & Iola L Lozar          
WHITE, Electa see Beardsley, Earl C                    
WHITE, Elizabeth see Wilson                    
WHITE, Elizabeth see McRobb, David                    
WHITE, Ella see Barbour, John Claude                    
WHITE, Emory see Tennis                    
WHITE, Ena P see Staples, Ernest                    
WHITE, Estell see Whitney, George C                    
WHITE, Ethel E see Brown, Lindop E                    
WHITE, Euphemia see Murphy, Francis P C                    
WHITE, Everett       Richey 24 Springfield Mo A J White & Ila Brown 13-Oct-27 Glendive Dawson 3498  
      Melitta Blazek Richey 20 Germany John Blazek & Martha Solemski          
WHITE, Fannie Elenora see St Hill, Fredrick William                    
WHITE, Fanny see McConnell, Frank                    
WHITE, Fleta see Manley, Bert                    
WHITE, Florence see Stanfill, William E                    
WHITE, Floyd       Dagmar 42 Lucas Cty Iowa Benjamin White & Sarah E Ashby 9-Nov-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2790  
      Pearl Sanchez Dagmar 33 Laurium Mich Michael Labby & Eliza Rowe          
WHITE, Frank N       Froid 28 Ill Joshua White & Laura Willis 21-Feb-12 Enterprise Valley 1005  
      Hazel M Miller Enterprise 17 Powersville Mo Charles Miller & Octie White          
WHITE, Fred Dennis see White, Mack                    
WHITE, Fred S       Whitetail 34 Odessa Mn Charles White & Ella Hudson 8-Apr-23 Scobey Valley 98  
      Eva Dodds Whitetail 37 Cincinnatti Iowa? William Dodds & Eda Henkle          
WHITE, Geo & Annie see White, Elbridge                    
WHITE, George see Earton, George                    
WHITE, George see Kufur, Lauren A                    
WHITE, George see Whitney, George C                    
WHITE, George see Torkilson, Ole                    
WHITE, Gilbert see White, Arthur C                    
WHITE, Grace see Kinsey, C W                    
WHITE, Grace see Harper, Charles                    
WHITE, Grace see Harper, Arthur                    
WHITE, Grace see Chose, Clark Henry                    
WHITE, Grace A see Ressler, Harry S                    
WHITE, Gust see White                    
WHITE, H E       Lewistown Id 30 Pocatello Ida W A White & Ada Wale 14-Jul-28 Glendive Dawson 3603  
      Eleanor Dworshak Glendive 25 Arcadia Wis M C Dworshak & Katherine Waters          
WHITE, H R see White, Jaques                    
WHITE, Hermina see Bretzke, Paul                    
WHITE, Hermina see Farrington, E S                    
WHITE, Hermina see Hansen, Joseph                    
WHITE, Ida see Turek                    
WHITE, Irma E see Bosworth, Earl E                    
WHITE, Isabelle see Welsit, Joshua                    
WHITE, J B see Dawson, Harry                    
WHITE, J M see White                    
WHITE, Jack       Redstone legal N Y William White & Auralia McLaughlin 26-Dec-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2138  
      Mary G Carver Redstone Legal   James Hope & Josephine McAskel          
WHITE, James D see White, Benjamin F                    
WHITE, James N see Brown, Lindop E                    
WHITE, James Ruben       Grenora 25 Fairfax Mn Thomas White & Frances Tracy 8-Jan-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1868  
      Elvira Isabel Johnson Dagmar 20 Dalton Mn Martin E Johnson & Geena Leer          
WHITE, Jaques       Glendive 25 Milwaukee Wisc H R White & Elsie Allen 31-Oct-14 (Glendive?) Dawson 1603  
      Mary Peoples Glendive 17 Glendive James Peoples & Sarah Haggerty          
WHITE, Jennie see Earton, George                    
WHITE, Jenny see Ernest, Peter A                    
WHITE, Jessie see Telford, Walter                    
WHITE, Jim       Poplar 21 Poplar J M White & Lanny Willoughby 11-Sep-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2960  
      Gladys Abbott Richey 18 Richey Carroll Abbott & Mayme Brown          
WHITE, John see Ogden Benjamin L                    
WHITE, John see White, Robert                    
WHITE, John see Hasty, Fred D                    
WHITE, John A see White, Clarence A                    
WHITE, Joseph Barton       Terry 25 Bradley S D Warren J White & Alice Ella Kinyon 9-Apr-27 Glendive Dawson 3446  
      Eneas Elsie Eastwood Terry 19 Terry J R Eastwood & Isabelle Perry          
WHITE, Joshua see White, Frank N                    
WHITE, Joshua B see Diehl                    
WHITE, Josiah B see White                    
WHITE, Kathryn see Ogden                    
WHITE, L A       Glendive 25 Vinton Iowa C L White & Laura Scott 24-Jul-05 Glendive Dawson 340  
      Myra F Logan Glendive 30 Gallopolis, Ohio Joseph Logan & Susie Ford          
WHITE, Lena see Barkhart, Alfred                    
WHITE, Lily see Heart, James L                    
WHITE, Lois see Renillard, Edward S                    
WHITE, Lorenzo see Holman, Floyd Warren                    
WHITE, Louis G       Nashua 22 N D Daniel White & Margaret Haddock 20-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2569  
      Mary Francis McPherson Nashua 20 Texas Frank McPherson & Fanny Anderson          
WHITE, Louise see Burget                    
WHITE, Lucy see Golden, Henry Lee                    
WHITE, Lyda see Eberhart, Jay                    
WHITE, M see Porter, William H                    
WHITE, Mabel S see Gleason, Clyde Walter                    
WHITE, Mack       Wolf Point 34 Indian-apolis Ind Fred Dennis White & Emma A Seal 14-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1170  
      Jessie Deegen Wolf Point 27 Leeds? S D Lewis Vollin & Annie Ross          
WHITE, Margarate see Bailey, John Thomas                    
WHITE, Margaret see Slesson, James                    
WHITE, Margaret see Miller, Louie                    
WHITE, Marguerette see Pauls, Henry                    
WHITE, Mary see Buckley, Mary                    
WHITE, Mary see Martin, John A                    
WHITE, Mary see Brown, Clarence Revere                    
WHITE, Mary Ellen see Patch, Walter L                    
WHITE, Mary Irene see Landsverk, Ole Nelius                    
WHITE, Mary Winifred see Stocklin, Walter A                    
WHITE, Mattie C see Stowman, Ross E                    
WHITE, May see Dawson, Harry                    
WHITE, Nancy see Baldwin, Edward P                    
WHITE, Nellie see Murphy, James                    
WHITE, O A see Dailey, George W                    
WHITE, O A see White, Ray                    
WHITE, O R see Renillard, Edward S                    
WHITE, Octie see White, Frank N                    
WHITE, Orah E see Tritt, Vernon H                    
WHITE, P A see Dawson, Ike H                    
WHITE, Pearl see Lien, Joe                    
WHITE, Phoebe see Sibley, Earl                    
WHITE, Polly see Miller                    
WHITE, Ray       Wibaux 35 Morris Illinois O A White & Hattie E Reniff 25-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2452  
      Christiana Syvertsen Wibaux 39 Norway Christian Christianson & Mathilda Sceold?          
WHITE, Robert       Oswego 27 Mt Black Back & Growing 21-Mar-15 Wolf Point Sheridan 449  
      Julia C Cail Wolf Point 21 Mt Allen Clancy          
WHITE, Robert       Oswego 32 Oswego John White & Growing Cloud 21-Mar-22 Glasgow Valley 2866  
      Nellie Ross Frazer 22 Frazer Stonewall Jackson & Edith ???          
WHITE, Robert see White, Charles                    
WHITE, Rudy       Wanso 29 Ellendale N D August White & Katherine Wagner 11-Dec-25 Sheridan Sheridan 2135  
      Fannie Holdeman Wanso 20 Mn Amos Holdeman & ??? Bidler          
WHITE, Samuel see Bosworth, Earl E                    
WHITE, Sarah Costley see Allen, Charles Clay                    
WHITE, Sopia? see Hunt                    
WHITE, Stella see Ross                    
WHITE, Stella V see Marsh                    
WHITE, Theodore see Manley, Bert                    
WHITE, Thomas see White                    
WHITE, Thomas see White, William K                    
WHITE, Thomas A see White, Charles E                    
WHITE, Thomas D see Golding, Elgin J                    
WHITE, Thomas M see Stocklin, Walter A                    
WHITE, Titus see Welsit, Joshua                    
WHITE, Truman Edgar       Culbertson 22 St Joe Ill Josiah B White & Laura Willis 16-Jan-17 Culbertson Sheridan 941  
      Ruby Ray-mond Culbertson 17 Iowa James B Ray-mond & Nora Collins          
WHITE, Verba May see Holman, Floyd Warren                    
WHITE, Viola see Willard                    
WHITE, W A see White, H E                    
WHITE, Warren J see White, Joseph Barton                    
WHITE, Will see Stowman, Ross E                    
WHITE, William see White                    
WHITE, William C       Wanso 25 N D Gust White & Katherine Wagner 2-Jul-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2081  
      Trena Mekvold Wanso 22 N D John Mekvold & Jennie Paulson          
WHITE, William J see Tritt, Vernon H                    
WHITE, William K       Carbert 21 LaCrosse Wis Thomas White & Catherine Longheau? 12-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 134  
      Irene Velva Hill Lacordaire Can 18 Wis Schuyler C Hill & Elsie B Newcomb          
WHITE, Zola see Golding, Elgin J                    
WHITE CLOUD, Corine see Robbins, Dan F                    
WHITE EAGLE, Fred       Blair 22 Mt Whitefeather & Whiteblanket 28-Nov-14 Poplar Sheridan 350  
      Elizabeth Dumb Brockton 21 Canada ----?          
WHITE EAGLE, George see White Eagle, Thomas                    
WHITE EAGLE, Jerome       Culbertson 52 Mt White Eagle & Good Body Woman 13-May-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 894  
      Harriot Conger Drew 42 Mt Joseph Hail Cloud          
WHITE EAGLE, Jerome       Drew 51 Ft Peck Reser White Eagle & Good Body 6-Dec-25 Drew Roosivelt 839  
      Lucy Red Eagle Drew 44 Canada John & Mary Little Crow          
WHITE EAGLE, Jerome       Drew 50 Ft Peck Reser White Eagle & Good Body Woman     Roosivelt 820 ( cert not completed )
      Harriot Conger Drew 42 Ft Peck Reser Joseph Cloud Hail & ???          
WHITE EAGLE, Jerome       Culbertson 50 Poplar White Eagle & Good Body Woman 16-Jan-25 Culbertson Roosivelt 715  
      Harriot Counter Dumb Poplar 39 Poplar Joseph Cloud Hail & Yellow Skirt          
WHITE EAGLE, Stella see Fear Bear, Clarence                    
WHITE EAGLE, Thomas       Drew 19 Ft Peck George White Eagle & Strange Face 17-Feb-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 738  
      Theresa Necklace Drew 22 Ft Peck Reser Peter Sharp Eyes & Buffalo Walks in Dust          
WHITE FEATHER, Louise see Harrison                    
WHITE FEATHER, Louise see Lambert, Midas                    
WHITE HAWK, Fredrick       Brockton 29 Brockton White Hawk & Madline 19-Apr-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1286  
      Louise Shields Wolf Point 34 Wolf Point Walter Blew Himself & ???          
WHITE HAWK, Mary see Grant, David                    
WHITE HAWK, Peter see Means, David                    
WHITE HAWK, Peter see Bigmane, David                    
WHITE HAWK, Peter see Grant, David                    
WHITE HORSE, Moses       Wolf Point 29 Wolf Point White Horse & Plain_at_Camp 10-Feb-16 Wolf Point Sheridan 549  
      Annie OKeman Wolf Point 21 Turtle Mtns N D John Okeman & Kijipayalimik          
WHITE HORSE, Moses       Wolf Point 40 Wolf Point White Horse & Plain Camp Woman 2-Aug-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1051  
      Emma StGermaine Wolf Point 21 Wolf Point Eli & Theresa StGer-maine          
WHITE PLUME, James       Ft Belknap 29 Hays White Plume & ??? 22-Aug-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 397  
      Evangeline Shoot the Door Wolf Point 20 Wolf Point ???          
WHITE PLUME, Matilda see Cuts the Rope, Frank                    
WHITE STONE, Nellie see Bigmane, David                    
WHITE THUNDER, Herman       Drew 24 Ft Peck Reser White Thunder & Her Porcupine Work 30-Apr-25 Drew Roosivelt 750  
      Ruth Lone Dog Cloud Boy Drew 35 Ft Peck Bull Eagle & Rattling Iron          
WHITE THUNDER, Mary see Shawl                    
WHITE THUNDER, Ruth see Recette, Moses                    
WHITEAKER, Sarah see Christensen, James                    
WHITEBEAR, Joe       Lamedeer 24 Lamdeer Charley Whitebear & ??? ???-Dec-1907 Glasgow Valley 326  
      Lizzie Bauer Culbertson 25 Mt Jacob Bauer & Yellow Feet          
WHITEBEAR,, Charley, see Whitebear, Joe                    
WHITEBLANKET, see White Eagle                    
WHITECAW, Anna see Brisbo, William                    
WHITED, Margaret see Gaines                    
WHITEFEATHER, see White Eagle                    
WHITEFORD, Ambrose       Malta 29 Mt   20-Dec-22   Phillips 692  
      Rose Parento Malta 24 Mt            
WHITEFORD, Peter       Phillips 20 Mt   29-Jan-27   Phillips 941  
      Irene Monroe Dodson 17 Mt            
WHITEFORD, Tillie see Azun, Frank                    
WHITEHALL, Rheva see Nichols David S                    
WHITEHAWK, see Whitehawk                    
WHITEHAWK, John       Poplar 25 Poplar Whitehawk & Madeline Grombeau 24-Oct-15 Brockton Sheridan 564  
      Agnes Yelloweagle Poplar 53 Standing Rock N D Yelloweagle & Pipe Comes Out          
WHITEHAWK, Mary see Grant, Cecil                    
WHITEHAWK, Peter see Grant, Cecil                    
WHITEHEAD, David see Whitehead, Robert                    
WHITEHEAD, Robert       Glasgow 32? Scotland David Whithead & Ella Joyace? 22-Nov-18 Glasgow Valley 2588  
      Stella Larocque Glasgow 18 Glasgow Tobe? Larocque & Louise Kline          
WHITEHOME, Benz see Jaynes, Wm                    
WHITEHORN, Alice see James, Leo                    
WHITELEATHER, Elizabeth see Hartgrove                    
WHITELEY, Elizabeth see Franklin                    
WHITELEY, W S see Whiteley, Winfield M                    
WHITELEY, Winfield M       Blaine Cty 48 Moundsville W Vir W S Whiteley & Nancy Ray 19-Feb-25 Chinook Blaine 859  
      Esther Isabel Haworth Blaine Cty 42 Asatin? Wash Spencer Allen Haworth & Eliza-beth Rowcroft          
WHITEMAN, Joseph see Whiteman, Thomas                    
WHITEMAN, Thomas       Glendive 24 Richmond Missouri Joseph Whiteman & Alice Linville     Dawson 2573  
      Ruth E Telfer Medford Mass 19 Medford Harry W & Mary Telfer          
WHITESEL, Helen see Carr, Theodore Roosevelt                    
WHITESIDE, Charles see Peer, Benjamin                    
WHITESIDE, Ella see Peer, James L                    
WHITESIDE, Ellen see Peer, Benjamin                    
WHITESIDE, Gladys see Holtz, Guss C                    
WHITESIDE, J O see Jackson, Thomas                    
WHITESIDE, J O see Scammel, Robert                    
WHITESIDE, J O see Whiteside, Thomas                    
WHITESIDE, J O see Holtz, Guss C                    
WHITESIDE, Jesse see Adams, Joel Oliver                    
WHITESIDE, Philena? see Scammel, Robert                    
WHITESIDE, Ruby Jane see Smith, Lee                    
WHITESIDE, Thomas       Frazer 23 Illinois J O Whiteside & Laura Smith 10-Sep-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 940  
      Daisy Witt Nickwall 24 Neb J R Girder & Daisy A Applegreen          
WHITESIDE, Vera Jane see Adams, Joel Oliver                    
WHITESIDE, Violet see Jackson, Thomas                    
WHITESIDE, W W see Smith, Lee                    
WHITETAIL, see Ring                    
WHITEWHEAL?, Joseph see Walker, John                    
WHITEWHEAL?, Thrisie? see Walker, John                    
WHITFIELD, Johnnie see Schenkenberger, Johnnie                    
WHITFORD, Lucile see Croff, Sidney                    
WHITFORD, Richard see Croff, Sidney                    
WHITHAM, E see Miller, Frank S                    
WHITHAM, Nina M see Miller, Frank S                    
WHITING, Daniel B see Whiting, Walter Leo                    
WHITING, Delia A see Hitchcock                    
WHITING, Emma see Anderson, Robert Earl                    
WHITING, George see Ranahan, James A                    
WHITING, Harriet see Frimstad                    
WHITING, Hattie see Oyen                    
WHITING, Isaac see Rowe, Richard Lionel                    
WHITING, Jane M see Desch, George R                    
WHITING, Nevada see Shakespeare, William Jr                    
WHITING, W E see Stephens, Guy C                    
WHITING, Walter Leo       Thoeny 43 Dodge Cty Mn Daniel B Whiting & Eunice Adams 14-Jun-22 Glasgow Valley 2881  
      Mary Winifred Johnson Thoeny 27 Marshall Cty Indiana Chas William Johnson & Catherine Haag          
WHITINGER, Sedelia see Slever, Artemis M                    
WHITISH, Bert B       Redstone 21 Wis John Whitish & Effie Bailey 4-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1566  
      Olive E Phelps Red-stone 18 Mn Elwin Phelps & Alice Witham          
WHITISH, Clara see Hedge, Irving V                    
WHITISH, Daisy Bell see Thompson                    
WHITISH, Harry see Whitish                    
WHITISH, Harry       Welliver 24 Mn John Whitish & Effie Bailey 25-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 707  
      Hermie L Phelps Redstone 23 Mn E W Phelps & Alice Witham          
WHITISH, J M see Bolens                    
WHITISH, J M see Whitish                    
WHITISH, Joe see Boelens, Lewis E                    
WHITISH, John see Whitish                    
WHITISH, John see Whitish                    
WHITISH, John see Hedge, Irving V                    
WHITISH, Leona M see Kazeck                    
WHITISH, Lloyd       Archer 20 Antelope Peter Whitish & Clara Helm 16-Mar-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2914  
      Vera Archer Archer 18 Antelope Harry Whitish & Hermie Phelps          
WHITISH, Mary see Drastz                    
WHITISH, Mary see Drastz                    
WHITISH, Mary see Draszt                    
WHITISH, Nellie see Cook                    
WHITISH, Peter see Cook                    
WHITISH, Peter see Whitish                    
WHITISH, Peter see Thompson                    
WHITISH, Peter see Morris                    
WHITISH, Peter see Kazeck                    
WHITISH, Peter see Marks                    
WHITISH, Ruth see Morris                    
WHITISH, Thyra see Marks                    
WHITISH, Vera see Whitish                    
WHITISH, Viva see Boelens                    
WHITISH, Viva see Boelens, Lewis E                    
WHITMAN, ??? see Brightsman                    
WHITMAN, Edgar see Brightsman                    
WHITMAN, G W see Brightsman                    
WHITMAN, Harriet see Brightsman                    
WHITMAN, Jessie see Brightsman                    
WHITMAN, Marie see Stockinger, Karl                    
WHITMAN, Mattie see Brightsman                    
WHITMEIER, Christiana see Bucher, Floyd A                    
WHITMER, Floyd L       Williston N D 34 Gainer Mich J W Whitmer & Erna Lawrence 10-Mar-23 Culbertson Roosivelt 477  
      Marion Seybert Minot 26 Menom-inee Wis D W Seybert & Margaret Johnson          
WHITMER, J W see Whitmer, Floyd L                    
WHITMER, Mckinley R       Bloomfield 33 Beach N D S D Whitman & Clara Belle Hulvey 8-Oct-30 Glendive Dawson 3925  
      Julia A Starlie (Storlie?) Bloomfield 20 Langley Mn Amand? Starlie & Emma Norberg          
WHITMER, Robert Tilden       Bloomfield 41 Mathias West Virginia Selestine Whitmer & Susan Delawder 16-Sep-21 Glendive Dawson 2795  
      Dorothy Jane Jordan Miles City 23 Paoli N D William A Stark & Faith Thornton          
WHITMER, Selestine see Whitmer, Robert Tilden                    
WHITMEYER, Helen see McCormick                    
WHITMEYER, Simon see McCormick                    
WHITMORE, Alma see Mead, Tracy E                    
WHITMORE, Frank L       Belmont, Choteau Cty 30 Eureka Cal J S Whitmore & Carrie Colomy? 30-Apr-03 Glasgow Valley 1?  
      Mae Lautsenhizer Belmont 23 ??? Ohio David Lautsenhizer & Mattie Myrick          
WHITMORE, George       Bowdoin 28 Wis   22-Oct-22   Phillips 677  
      Clara Ellepson? Glasgow 26 Mn            
WHITMORE, J S see Whitmore, Frank L                    
WHITMORE, John see Koenig                    
WHITMORE, May see Koenig                    
WHITMORE, Phoebe see Arndt, Fred W                    
WHITMUS, H F       Hamblin 43 Balaton Mn John Whitmus & Agnes Ford 15-Sep-26 Circle McCone 100  
      Mabel Geer Sand Creek 38 Willmar Mn M D Geer & Mary Jane Ward          
WHITMUS, John see Whitmus, H F                    
WHITNEY, Albert see Chattin, Joseph                    
WHITNEY, Augusta see Scofield, Frank                    
WHITNEY, Ben F see Scofield, Frank                    
WHITNEY, Blanche Almira see Neil, Richard                    
WHITNEY, Charles see Neil, Richard                    
WHITNEY, Charles see Grainger, Roy Edward                    
WHITNEY, Charles see Schlenz, Andy John                    
WHITNEY, Charles E see Johnson                    
WHITNEY, Effie May see Purvis, Charlie A                    
WHITNEY, Electa see Beardsley, Earl C                    
WHITNEY, Elijah see Beardsley, Earl C                    
WHITNEY, Eunice see Roberts                    
WHITNEY, Finnis see Robbins, Frank                    
WHITNEY, Frank N see Whitney                    
WHITNEY, George C       Glasgow 29 Maxfield Maine J F Whitney & Victoria Piper 18-May-03 Glasgow Valley    
      Estell J White Glasgow 22 Waseca Mn George White & Anna Price          
WHITNEY, Hazel Geneva see Schlenz, Andy John                    
WHITNEY, Helen see Robbins, Frank                    
WHITNEY, Henry J see Whitney, Nelson L                    
WHITNEY, J F see Whitney, George C                    
WHITNEY, Lankford see Whitney, Leonard H                    
WHITNEY, Laura see Whitright, William                    
WHITNEY, Leonard H       Culbertson 21 N D Lankford Whitney & Julia Tyge 25-Jan-25 Culbertson Roosivelt 1274  
      Doris Marjorie Moon Culbertson 19 N D Frank F Moon & Pearl B Rucker          
WHITNEY, Mabel see Chattin, Joseph                    
WHITNEY, Mary see Porter, Clarence E                    
WHITNEY, Mrs G C see Hesthammer, Bert                    
WHITNEY, Nellie see Scott, Walter R                    
WHITNEY, Nelson L       Bismark 40 Hancock Illinois Henry J Whitney & Theney J Marshall 20-Dec-13 Glendive Dawson 1402  
      Evelyn M Alband Flint Mich 25 �near Disco� Mich Fred Carson & Ella Tucker          
WHITNEY, Ruby see Johnson                    
WHITNEY, Vernon O       Scobey 30 Kans Frank N Whitney & Bertha Carpon? 14-Aug-17 Madoc Sheridan 1109  
      Viola Sutherland Scobey 27 Mich James Randall & Ada Chase          
WHITNEY, Violet May see Grainger, Roy Edward                    
WHITNEY, William see Anderson, John E                    
WHITRIGHT, Chauncey see Whitright, William Merrell                    
WHITRIGHT, Hannah B see Shields, Henry                    
WHITRIGHT, Jeanette see Brown, William R                    
WHITRIGHT, Lucile see Youngman, Julius                    
WHITRIGHT, Lucille see Eagleman, John Jr                    
WHITRIGHT, Willaim Merrell       Poplar 52 Pine Ridge S D Chauncy Whitright & Dallas Merrell 24-Jun-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1334  
      Rhoda May Seminole Busby 47 Boise Idaho Charles Parker & Ellis Rolland          
WHITRIGHT, William see Eagleman, John Jr                    
WHITRIGHT, William see Brown, William R                    
WHITRIGHT, William see Youngman, Julius                    
WHITRIGHT, William Jr       Poplar 19 Poplar William Whitewright & Virginia Blount 7-Nov-25 Poplar Roosivelt 827  
      Susie Heckman Poplar 16 Poplar Daniel Heckman & Laura Whitney          
WHITRIGHT, Wm       Poplar 51 N D Porcupine Quill & Many Sandy     Roosivelt 875 ( cert not completed )
      Plenty Horses War Club Poplar 72 Mt ???          
WHITSON, Emma see Walbridge, James M                    
WHITSON, Hattie see Johnson, Lewis O                    
WHITTACKER, Adeline see Sproat, Thomas D                    
WHITTAKER, Evelyn see Swanson, Martin                    
WHITTAKER, Evelyn see Swanson, Martin                    
WHITTAKER, Maud see Call, Cleo C                    
WHITTAL, Ethel see LaTurner, Ai Ray                    
WHITTAL, Eva L see Emerson, Harry M                    
WHITTAL, Jack see Emerson, Harry M                    
WHITTAL, John see LaTurner, Ai Ray                    
WHITTAM, Thomas see Whittam                    
WHITTAM, William       Scobey 24 England Thomas Whittam & Emma Rowbother 17-May-16 Scobey Sheridan 738  
      Heeby M Ferron Scobey 18 Wis Victor & Annie Ferron          
WHITTED, Ida M see Neikirk, Ernest Lloyd                    
WHITTED, Margaret J see Hallett, Otis A                    
WHITTER, Amma A see Smith                    
WHITTERON, Francis E see McCleod                    
WHITTERON, William see McCleod                    
WHITTIKER, Clara see Addyman, William James                    
WHITTLE, Bessie see Jackson, Ray                    
WHITTLE, Fred       Scobey 22 Sask Robert & Sarah Whittle 23-Feb-29 Scobey Daniels 421  
      Thelma Cady Opheim 18 Anamoose N D Clark L Cady & Clara Hanvold          
WHITTLE, Jean Harriet see Campbell, Herbert G                    
WHITTLE, Robert & Sarah see Whittle, Fred                    
WHITTLE, Thomas see Campbell, Herbert G                    
WHITWRIGHT, Chauncey       Poplar 43 Poplar William Whitwright & Virginia Blount 1-Nov-24 Poplar Roosivelt 687  
      Cecelia Akers Froid 18 Ft Peck Reser George Akers & Estelle Manning          
WHITWRIGHT, William see Whitwright, Chauncey                    
WHORLEY, Cecil see Simms, Hubert                    
WHORLEY, Cecil James       Lovejoy 27 Virginia   6-Apr-29   Phillips 1106  
      Winifred Link Lovejoy 21 Colorado            
WHORLEY, Winifred see Simms, Hubert                    
WHYTE, Jeanette see Cavanaugh, Ross Mathew                    
WIBBER, Anna see Volz, Nicholas                    
WIBE, Alfred       Reserve 21 N D Martin & Anna Wibe 9-Aug-15 Medicine Lake Sheridan 526  
      Helen Hedges Reserve 21 Ind Henry Hedges & Lilly Johnson          
WIBE, Martin & Anna see Wibe                    
WIBERG, Ella see Hutchins, Glen Elmer                    
WICH?, Sigurd       Minneapolis 30 Norway Sevold Johnson & Caroline Olson 18-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2106  
      Ragnhild Martinson Minneapolis 23 Norway John Martinson & Enga Hansen          
WICK, Alpha see Enghausen, George                    
WICK, Andrew see Enghausen, George                    
WICK, Daniel see Wick, Victor C                    
WICK, Edward see Wick                    
WICK, Elida see Olson, Charles A                    
WICK, Lewis       Sundberg Mn 28 Mn Edward Wick & Myrtle Jorgenson 12-Aug-28 Plentywood Sheridan 3347  
      Opal Ross Grenoea 18 Missouri C Ross & ???          
WICK, Victor C       St Paul Mn 32 Norway Daniel Wick & Jennie Knutson 8-Dec-19 Mondak Roosivelt 79  
      Emma Olsen St Paul 32 Scott Cty Mn John Lund & Christina Knutson          
WICKA, John see Wicka, Robert D                    
WICKA, Mary see Podolski, Joseph A                    
WICKA, Robert D       Beach N D 38 Tremble (Trempeleau?) Wis John Wicka & Mary Kestoski 11-Jul-23 Wibaux Wibaux 391  
      Josephine Zinda Wibaux 22 Rosel? Cty Mn Joseph Zinda & Victoria Henke,          
WICKA, Robert E       Dodge Wis 27 Winona Mn Vince Wika & Mary Prodzynski 26-Oct-26 St Phillip Wibaux 552  
      Amelia Goroski Carlyle 19 Green-Bush Mn August Goroski & Agatha Pulczin-ski          
WICKA, Vince see Wicka, Robert E                    
WICKBERG, Annie see Clarke, Fred W                    
WICKBERG, E J & Anna see Wickberg, Eric                    
WICKBERG, Eric       Roanwood 34 Sweden E J Wickberg & Anna _mbox? 20-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2200  
      Emma Helena Ringer Roanwood 24 Sweden Jonas Swanson & Anna Erikson          
WICKE, Barbara see Quade, Theodore J                    
WICKE, John & Mary see Quade, Theodore J                    
WICKE, Mary see Larson, Louis P                    
WICKER, Jennie see Chamb , Fredrick Roy                    
WICKER, Orin see Wicker, Ottie                    
WICKER, Ottie       Glasgow 35 Iowa Orin E Wicker & Cyndia McClain 14-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1475  
      Sue Schlecten Bozemam   Galloway Cty Mo John K Boyd & Elizabeth Martin          
WICKERSHAM, Elias see Borner, Richard                    
WICKERSHAM, Fred see Rohde, Carl                    
WICKERSHAM, Maggie see Borner, Richard                    
WICKERSHAM, Rosa see Rhode, Carl                    
WICKHAM, Charles see Ewing, George Wm                    
WICKHAM, Grace see Ewing, George Wm                    
WICKIZER, Bessie see Tremont, Gordon                    
WICKIZER , O D see Tremont, Gordon                    
WICKLAND, Hilma see Stratton, Boyd C                    
WICKLEMAN, Anna see Sundahl                    
WICKLUND, Marie see Turnquist, Edwin Cerelius                    
WICKMAN, Carl see Waitsghis, Otto George                    
WICKMAN, Gertrude see Waitschis, Otto George                    
WICKS, Alfred see Barker                    
WICKS, Annie (Polly?) see Gotch                    
WICKS, Edna see Kerrison                    
WICKS, Elsie see Barker                    
WICKS, Jennie see Chambers, Alfred                    
WICKS, John see Aby                    
WICKS, Martha Jane see Aby                    
WICKS, Orpha see Kalberg                    
WICKS, Orpha see Thorpe, Carl                    
WICKS, Orpha see Lewis, Mark Clinton                    
WICKSTRAND, Gotfred L       Opheim 29 Mn Peter J Wickstrand & Christina Peterson 29-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2687  
      Christiana? Weum Roanwood 35 Mn Alphin Weum & Engeberg Ellingson          
WICKSTRAND, Peter J see Wickstrand, Gotfred L                    
WICKSTROM, Augusta see Mills, C G                    
WICKSTROM, Augustana see Curran, Archibald                    
WIDDEN, Eulalie Charlotte see Bewell                    
WIDENHAMER, Mabel E see Speer, Gilbert E                    
WIDER, Mrs Amy see Young, Charles D                    
WIDMAN, Edwin see Diedrich, Arnold Irvin                    
WIDMAN, Lorine Opal see Diedrich, Arnold Irvin                    
WIDNER, Clara see Livengood, Boze Wm                    
WIDNISKI, Klara see Teachmond, Mike                    
WIDOWS, Nell see Burbridge, Ralph                    
WIEBE, Aaron see Reimer, Jacob                    
WIEBE, Elizabeth E see Reimer, Jacob                    
WIEBE, Henry see Funk, Jacob                    
WIEBE, Henry see Wiebe, John H                    
WIEBE, John H       Wolf Point 34 Corem Russia Henry Wiebe & Christine Werner 26-Jan-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 588  
      Matilda Fachner Volt 16 Kulm N D Mathew Fachner & Bertha Ehmann          
WIEBE, Katheryn see Funk, Jacob                    
WIEBE, Marie see Friesen, David W                    
WIEBER, Elizabeth see Mitchell, Anton                    
WIEBER, Mary see Papenfus                    
WIEBERG, Ellen J see Anderson, Elmer David                    
WIECK, Harry H       Fort Worth Tezas 23 Minneapolis Mn Harry H Wieck & Hilma Nelson 21-Jul-19 Glendive Dawson 2542  
      Alvina Dimsdale Belfield N D 33 Soldiers Grove Wis James Dimsdale & Clara Hoverson          
WIECK, John see Cliff, Clark                    
WIECK, Minnie see Cliff, Clark                    
WIEDAL, Alice see Lyon, Bert J                    
WIEDEMAN, Amelia see Brettin, Edwin                    
WIEDENFREN, Annie E see McLain, Ora G                    
WIEDENFREN, Walter H see McLain, Ora G                    
WIEDERICK, Anna Velma (McNiel?) see Kincaid, John                    
WIEDERICK, John C see Armington, John R                    
WIEDERRICK, Christine see Gussenhoven, John A                    
WIEDERRICK, Emil       Telegraph Creek 24 N D   15-Dec-24   Phillips 810  
      Velma McNeil Regina 18 Okla            
WIEDERRICK, John K see Gussenhoven, John A                    
WIEDISH, Alice see Lynn, Bert J                    
WIEDRICH, Lizzie see Morast, Ursus                    
WIEGAND, Katie see Burtch, Irwin H                    
WIEGEL, Irene see Edam, Wilbert B                    
WIEGELT, Alvina see Kuske, Rev Paul                    
WIEGERSMA, Andrew F       Oswego 28 Holland Frank Wiegersma & Alice Annerud? 5-Jul-15 Glasgow Valley 1905  
      Phoebe Eaton? Long Oswego 26 Sturgeon Bay Wis Job Long & Lydia Marohall?          
WIEGERSMA, Frank see Wiegersma, Andrew F                    
WIEGLENDA, Alvin J       Glendive 23 Glendive Julius M Wieglenda & Lillian George 15-Jan-27 Glendive Dawson 3428  
      Gertrude Zerie Glendive 20 Indianhead Sask Can Phillip Zerie & Margaret Shanker          
WIEGLENDA, Julius M see Wieglenda, Alvin J                    
WIEHL, Catherine see Boucher, Edgar                    
WIEL, Katie see Schatz, Charley                    
WIELAND, Friedrika see Mueller, August F                    
WIEMER, Theresa see Foster, Paul W                    
WIEMILLER, John see Schumer, Nick                    
WIEMILLER, Margaret see Schumer, Nick                    
WIEMODT, Karine see Myron, Duffy Clarence                    
WIENARD, K see Courchene, Daniel                    
WIENCH, Julia see Groves, James A                    
WIENCH, Mary see Jergesen, Christ Peter                    
WIENCH, Peter see Jergesen, Christ Peter                    
WIENER, Ida see Schuessler, Jacob                    
WIENKE, A C       Missoula 36 Warsaw? Wisc Herman A Wienke & Anna Stermberg 28-Jul-23 Glendive Dawson 3009  
      Ann Cross Missoula 36 Albany N Y Leonard Cross & Ann Kinney          
WIENKE, Arthur A       Richey 31 West Point Nebr William Wienke & Aurelia Ringer 26-Jan-23 Richey Dawson 2952  
      Tillie Graber Bloomfield 21 Freeman S D Peter Graber & Lizzie Senner          
WIENKE, Henry Otto       Bloomfield 22 West Point Nebr Wm Wienke & Amelia Ringer 31-Oct-11 Bloomfield? Dawson 1000  
      Mary Ann Barber Bloomfield 20 Knox Nebr Romaine Barber & Anthy Ophelia Webb          
WIENKE, Herman A see Wienke, A C                    
WIENKE, Nora see Fields, Thomas W                    
WIENKE, William see Fields, Thomas W                    
WIENKE, William see Wienke, Arthur A                    
WIENKE, Wm see Wienke, Henry Otto                    
WIENRICH, Clarice L see Kastien, Robert B                    
WIENRICH, Julius see Kastien, Robert B                    
WIENS, Anna see Buller, Peter J                    
WIENS, Anna see Janzen, Frank B                    
WIENS, Elizabeth see Enns, Henry J                    
WIENS, Elizabeth see Lemke, David                    
WIENS, I M see Schmidt, Dan M                    
WIENS, Lizzie see Schmidt, Dan M                    
WIENS, Peter see Lemke, David                    
WIENS, Peter P see Buller, Peter J                    
WIENS, Peter P Jr       Wolf Point 22 Mountain Lake Mn Peter Wiens & Elizabeth Peters 11-Sep-30 ??? Valley 3587  
      Mary L Wall Frazer 20 Mountalin Lake Mn Jacob A Wall & Katherine Flaming          
WIENSER, Anna see Hafner, Chas Fred                    
WIENSER, Chas Fred see Hafner, Joseph                    
WIER, Letitia see Vogt                    
WIER, Minnie see Hobbs, Gordon L                    
WIES, Christina see Rost, E C                    
WIESNER, Elizabeth see Luepton, Edward                    
WIESNER, Frank see Haasl, Gus                    
WIESNER, Fred see Wiesner, Frank                    
WIESNER, George see Winkes, Henry                    
WIESNER, Joe see Luepton, Edward                    
WIESNER, Vera see Haasl, Gus                    
WIESNES, Frank       Circle 51 Circle Fred Wiesner & Caroline Davis 27-Aug-19 Wibaux Wibaux 251  
      Ethel Haskins Wibaux 35 Wis George Anderson & Millie Rumsey          
WIESS, Katherine see Olson, Joseph C                    
WIESS, Peter see Olson, Joseph C                    
WIETING, Carolina see Kreiman, Walter Henry                    
WIETZEL, Elizabeth see Anderson, Nels Christian                    
WIETZEL, Elizabeth see Gabel, Raymond                    
WIFY, Mary see Reuber, Ernest Willard                    
WIGELT, Paulina see Unruh, August                    
WIGEN, Martha see McCone, Arthur L                    
WIGEN, T B see McCone, Arthur L                    
WIGGAN, Louis see Furlong, Edward                    
WIGGINS, Bernard see Monigold                    
WIGGINS, Carl       Malta 36 Monroe Wis Warren Wiggins & Sarah Spangler 9-Jan-22 Chinook Blaine 697  
      Mae Lopez Dodson 21 Plateville Wis John Bridges & Emms Doelz          
WIGGINS, Gertrude see Hulbert, Milford                    
WIGGINS, Ida B see Monigold                    
WIGGINS, Margaret see Soper, William                    
WIGGINS, Martha see Heath, Linn L                    
WIGGINS, Warren see Wiggins, Earl                    
WIGGINS, William Rose see Hulbert, Milford                    
WIGHT, Helen see Lostroh, Allen                    
WIGHT, Pat see Lostroh, Pat                    
WIGHTIN, Mary see Olson                    
WIGHTMAN, Edward see Wightman, James E                    
WIGHTMAN, James E       Saco 32 Mn Edward Wightman & Julia Hollander 15-Feb-10 Saco Valley 579  
      Margaret R Brown Saco 25 Mn Robert Brown & Mary Follenstein          
WIGLANDER, J see Siverts, Chris                    
WIGLANDER, Mary see Sivert, Edward C                    
WIGLANDER, Mary Ellen see Siverts, Chris                    
WIGMORE, Blanch N see Ness                    
WIGMORE, Dewey       Med� Lake 21 Mt J C Wigmore & Lillie Richmond 9-Aug-19 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1548  
      Minda L Stubban Med� Lake 19 Mn Edward Stubban & Hannah Stubban          
WIGMORE, Dorothy G see Thompson, Evert                    
WIGMORE, Guy L       Navajo 28 Mt J C Wigmore & Lilly Richman 1-Jul-16 Plentywood Sheridan 777  
      Hazel Gaines Navajo 20 Ken A M Gaines & Lorena Audet          
WIGMORE, Iva M see Koser, Edward Simon                    
WIGMORE, J C see Wigmore                    
WIGMORE, J C see Wigmore                    
WIGMORE, J C see Wigmore                    
WIGMORE, J C see Thompson, Evert                    
WIGMORE, J C see Wigmore, Russell Rufus                    
WIGMORE, J C & Lillie see Ness                    
WIGMORE, James see Koser, Edward Simon                    
WIGMORE, James C see Olson                    
WIGMORE, Jay Percy       Redstone 26 Twin Bridges J C Wigmore & Lillian Richmond 7-Dec-19 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1607  
      ElDora Annise Hubbard Redstone 18 Ill Claude C Hubbard & ???          
WIGMORE, Russel Rufus       Redstone 23 Twin Bridges J C Wigmore & Nellie Richmond 3-Mar-24 Scobey Daniels 145  
      Agatha Mary Harrington Redstone 20 Carrington N D Thomas Harrington & Mary Green          
WIGTEL, Andrew Maurice       Wolf Point 37 Mn Martin M Wigtel & Mettie Sorum 26-Jan-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 590  
      Mayme Fousek Wolf Point 30 St Paul Mn Albert J Fousek & Anna Havelek          
WIGTEL, Martin M see Wigtel, Andrew Maurice                    
WIGTIL, Mayme Frances Rose see Kurtz, William Alisuos                    
WIK, Carry see Sink, Jerrie Carl                    
WIK, Siggre see Wang                    
WIKANDER, Carl see Tillman, George Bernhard                    
WIKANDER, David A       Culbertson 24 Sweden Gust Wikander & Matilda Nelson 6-Jun-09 Culbertson Valley 474  
      Anna Sundvold Culbertson 29 Norway Nils & Carrie Sundvold          
WIKANDER, Ernest       Phillips 22 Sweden   29-Mar-16   Phillips 88  
      Beatrice Henry Phillips 24 N D            
WIKANDER, Freda see Meisdalen, Halvoe J                    
WIKANDER, Gerta see Tillman, George Bernhard                    
WIKANDER, Gus see Wikander                    
WIKANDER, Gust see Meisdalen, Halvor J                    
WIKANDER, Gust see Wikander, David A                    
WIKANDER, Wilfred       Froid 36 Sweden Gus Wikander & Martha Svenson 5-Jul-13 Ebenezer Ch Dane Valley Sheridan 37  
      Inga Nelson Norma N D 27 Denmark Rasmus & Jansine Nelson          
WIKE, Beret see Sell                    
WIKE, Cora see Mahugh, Lawrence B                    
WIKE, Cora B see Mahugh, Arley J                    
WIKHOLM, Carl L       Havre 34 Sweden J J Wikholm & Anna Berglund 9-May-28 Chinook Blaine 1054  
      Florence Sammons Havre 30 Ohio Thomas Sammons & Della Bergner          
WIKHOLM, J J see Wikholm, Carl L                    
WIKLE, Clara see Boles, James C                    
WIKUM, see Vikum                    
WIKUM, Jens see Wikum                    
WIKUM, Jens see Wikum, Selmer                    
WIKUM, Martin       Williston 23 Mn Jens Wikum & Margaret Lee 23-Dec-22 Dagmar Sheridan 1864  
      Astrid Groskurth Reserve 24 Independence Iowa Henry Groskurth & Johanna Christensen          
WIKUM, Selmer       Bainville 21 Mn Jens Wikum & Margaret Lee 14-Mar-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 745  
      Myrtle Rong-stad Bainville 18 Mn Henry Rong-stad & Carrie Helleseth          
WILBER, Ruby B see Henk, Karl                    
WILBERG, Fred see Wilberg                    
WILBERG, Victor E       Redstone 28 N D Fred Wilberg & Anna Johnson 1-Sep-15 Phelps ranch Redstone Sheridan 541  
      Elsie L Phelps Redstone 25 Mn Elmer E Phelps & Amelia Ball          
WILBRIGHT, Theresa see King                    
WILBRIGHT, Tracy see Mehl                    
WILBUR, D B see Wilbur, Ralph E                    
WILBUR, Gertrude see Fuhrmann, John                    
WILBUR, Marian see Hawkins, Marvel P                    
WILBUR, Ralph E       Alexander S D 44 Iowa D B Wilbur & Ada L Clifford 1-Jul-24 Poplar Roosivelt 633  
      Marie Sidel Great Falls 43 Wis Chris Sidel & Bertha? Smith          
WILCOCKS, Isabella see Russell, Ralph                    
WILCOCKS, Leah see Colby                    
WILCOMB, Emma see Paplow, Charles W                    
WILCOTT, Hattie see Carey, Walter                    
WILCOX, Alice see Crawford, Frank                    
WILCOX, Anna see Freeman                    
WILCOX, Annie E see Clapp, Clyde                    
WILCOX, Clark D see Richards, William H                    
WILCOX, Edward L see Tyrrel, James E                    
WILCOX, Emma see Davis, Logan                    
WILCOX, George see Graving, Gust                    
WILCOX, Ida see Peterson, Lewis                    
WILCOX, Mable see Leighton, Robert                    
WILCOX, Mellende see Caderre, Fred                    
WILCOX, Neva B see Richards, William H                    
WILCOX, Pearl see Graving, Gust                    
WILCOX, Phi see Comer                    
WILCOX, Violet see Eller, Walter G                    
WILCOX, Willard       Malta 26 Iowa   25-Dec-28   Phillips 1091  
      Ruth Jones Spokane Wash 26 Iowa            
WILCOX, Zerilda see Edwards, F A                    
WILCOXEN, B F see Wilcoxen, Sheridan P                    
WILCOXEN, Sheridan P       East Scobey 26 West Virginia B F Wilcoxen & Alta Dursh 4-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1851  
      Grace L Ross East Scobey 25 Iowa John Ross & Adeline Laurence          
WILD, Alvena see Coats, Arthur Wild                    
WILD, Leonard see Brown, William Henry                    
WILD, Margaret see Brown, William Henry                    
WILDA, Frank see Card, Robert H                    
WILDA, Ruth see Card, Robert H                    
WILDAL, Peter Larson see Peterson, Hans J                    
WILDE, Alvina Marie see Walker, William Bateman                    
WILDE, Jacob see Truxton, Jonathon Alexander                    
WILDE, Katherine see Wingreene, Gus Edward                    
WILDE, Lorine Louise see Truxton, Jonathon Alexander                    
WILDE, Matilda see Luebke                    
WILDE, Matilda see Luebke, Wesley August                    
WILDE, May see Lowell, William C                    
WILDE__TH?, Louise see Loucks, Percy L                    
WILDER, Martha see Hayes, George Anthony                    
WILDERMAN, Cynthia see Hails                    
WILDISH, Aline see Lynn, Bert James                    
WILDMAN, Eunice M see Lawrence, Charles V                    
WILDT, Estella see Leathermon, Leon                    
WILENA, Nick see Wilena, Frank R                    
WILENA?, Frank R       Malta 26 Winona Mn Nick Wilena & Agnes Potratz 11-Aug-15 Chinook Blaine 223  
      Elsie O Dorn Malta 25 Bennett Wis William Dorn & Eugenia Peterson          
WILEY, A E see Hauge, Charlie                    
WILEY, Adolphus see Houger, Royal A                    
WILEY, Amos see L�Arrivee, Alfred                    
WILEY, Asby Q       Chinook 22 Jiles Cty Virginia Walter P Wiley & Christie Crotty 15-Sep-12 Chinook Blaine 17  
      Helen Nelson Chinook 22 Mt Anton E Nelson & Dorothy Knudtson          
WILEY, Atlanta see Cobb, Sam                    
WILEY, Beatrice see Hauge, Charlie                    
WILEY, Conrad S       Phillips 24 Mn   2-Jan-18   Phillips 313  
      Sarah J Wasson Phillips 25 Mn            
WILEY, Ely see Wiley                    
WILEY, Erastus H see Throop, Edward C                    
WILEY, Eva Mae see Throop, Edward C                    
WILEY, Fern G see Sandon, Merle L                    
WILEY, Flossie (Buchanan?) see Vandermark                    
WILEY, Garland       Chinook 21 Giles Cty Virginia Walter Wiley & Christie Crotty 28-Jul-28 Chinook Blaine 411  
      Margaret Siemens Chinook 19 Lamberton Mn Jacob Siemens & Marie Klatt          
WILEY, Genevieve see Clarkson, Robert                    
WILEY, Herbert S       Whitetail 18 Kans Jesse Wiley & Hazel Drum 16-Feb-27 Whitetail Daniels 317  
      Olive Longacre Whitetail 18 N D Louis Longacre & ???          
WILEY, Jess see Wiley, Herbert S                    
WILEY, Jess L see Sandon, Merle L                    
WILEY, Margaret see Houger, Royal A                    
WILEY, Nancy see Russell, Willis G                    
WILEY, Nellie see DeLay, Floyd                    
WILEY, Obey Z       Chinook 23 Lurich? Virginia Walter Wiley & Christie Crotty 29-May-12 Chinook Blaine 4  
      Laura E Nelson Chinook 19 Chinook Anton E Nelson & Dorothy Knudtson          
WILEY, Oliver G       Whitetail 22 Iowa Ely Wylie & Susie Hale 23-Jun-13 Plentywood Sheridan 32  
      Lucie Stillwaugh Pittsburgh Kans 22 Missouri John Stillwaugh & Dora Jackson          
WILEY, Sylvia see L�Arrivee, Alfred                    
WILEY, Walt see Clarkson, Robert                    
WILEY, Walter see Wiley, Obey Z                    
WILEY, Walter see Wiley, Garland                    
WILEY, Walter P see Dickman, William H                    
WILEY, Walter P see Wiley, Asby Q                    
WILHELM, Bert see Saxberg, John                    
WILHELM, Bessie see Saxberg, John                    
WILHELM, Carrie see Colbert, Luther W                    
WILHELM, Edna see Sell, Henry                    
WILHELM, Hazel see Fuhrman, Robert C                    
WILHELM, Jacob see Bayman, Ferris                    
WILHELM, John       Phillips 33 Mn   4-Jun-18   Phillips 343  
      Clara Johnson Roberts Cty S D 30 Roberts Cty            
WILHELM, John & Edna see Sell, Henry                    
WILHELM, John & Emma see Colbert, Luther W                    
WILHELM, Julia see Borigo, C E                    
WILHELM, Julia see Friedland, John                    
WILHELM, Julia see Spencer, Lloyd                    
WILHELM, Julia L see Spencer, Clarence Leonard                    
WILHELM, Maggie see Winkes, Henry                    
WILHELM, Marie see Bayman, Ferris                    
WILHELM, Susan see Elhi, Martin                    
WILHELMSON, Thorer see Sorenson, Markus O                    
WILILES, Catherine see Erbes, John Henry                    
WILKE, Albert       Dodson 25 Mn   7-Mar-28   Phillips 1009  
      Mary Lemp Phillips 16 Canada            
WILKE, Alice see Morrow, Eugene Forrest                    
WILKE, Alice see Wilke, Albert                    
WILKE, Anna see McDonald, Alexander L                    
WILKE, Otto F see Hanson, Oscar                    
WILKENING, Swanhild see Ovre, Thorvald                    
WILKENSON, Adam       Westby 32 Penn Adam Wilkenson & Sarah Jane Graham 24-Jul-16 Plentywood Sheridan 796  
      Helen Eckman Westby 35 Sweden C J & Inga Marie Eckman          
WILKERSON, Edward B       Chinook 48 Mis-souri   30-Apr-25   Phillips 820  
      Minnie McMullen Chinook 41 N D            
WILKES, Albert see Boles, James                    
WILKES, Amanda see Boles, James                    
WILKES, Anna (McArthur?) see Budeau                    
WILKES, James D       Malta 57 Penn   1-Apr-23   Phillips 705  
      Louisa Ruff Malta 56 Russia            
WILKES, Lacinda see Cole, Hiram                    
WILKES, Robert P       Bowdoin 27 Mn   25-Feb-21   Phillips 563  
      Amelia Mary Little Saco 21 Can            
WILKESON, Bridget see Doyle, James C                    
WILKEY, Matilda see St Arnaud                    
WILKIE, Betsie see Collins, James                    
WILKINS, Alma see Racther                    
WILKINS, Annie Alma see Hancock, Ray Edward                    
WILKINS, Annie S see Hancock, James T                    
WILKINS, Carrie see Jackline, Morley                    
WILKINS, Corrine see Cook, Monte                    
WILKINS, Daisy see Loucks, Percy L                    
WILKINS, Ernest H       Malta 35 Wis   23-Nov-27   Phillips 987  
      Della Egholm Malta 35 Mn            
WILKINS, Evangeline see Harwood, Frank                    
WILKINS, Henry see Cook, Monte                    
WILKINS, Ida see Bingham, Clarence L                    
WILKINS, Ida A see Bingham, Lewis M                    
WILKINS, Jack       Saco 26 Chilicothe Ohio Jack Wilkins & Cora Massen 17-Mar-06 Glasgow Valley 215  
      Daisy Hanson     Pomeroy Iowa Hans Hanson & Louisa Hillenroth          
WILKINS, John see Harwood, Frank                    
WILKINS, Len see Jackline, Morley                    
WILKINS, Mrs Araminta E (Page) see Rounds, Erastus                    
WILKINS, William P       Glendive 31 Leavenworth Kansas William Wilkins & Mary Corcoran 27-Feb-29 Glendive Dawson 3696  
      Helen Davidson Archibald Glendive 24 Hokah Mn Gilbert Archibald & Mary Rea          
WILKINSIN, Marie see Wilson                    
WILKINSON, Bridget see Lyons, Roy A                    
WILKINSON, Clifford M       Rolette N D 41 Iowa John Wilkinson & Elizabeth McDonald 28-Dec-08 Malta Valley 438  
      Catherine Pearce Malta 33 N Y ???          
WILKINSON, E E see Wilkinson, G W                    
WILKINSON, Edward Samuel see Wilkinson, William Wert                    
WILKINSON, Elizabeth see Harding                    
WILKINSON, Elmer E see Frye, Elmer L                    
WILKINSON, Emma see Harvey Oliver                    
WILKINSON, Emma see Miller, Lyman B                    
WILKINSON, Evelyn see Grammond, Edward                    
WILKINSON, Fred J see Neikirk, Ernest Lloyd                    
WILKINSON, G W       Riverside 23 Vernon Cty Wis E E Wilkinson & Belle Thomas 24-Nov-13 Glasgoe Valley 1388  
      Edith Irwin Poplar 18 Colfax Iowa John Irwin & Lydia Johnson          
WILKINSON, H G see Wilson                    
WILKINSON, Jessie see Patton, Henley J                    
WILKINSON, Jessie Miriam see Neikirk, Ernest Lloyd                    
WILKINSON, John see Wilkinson, Clifford M                    
WILKINSON, John see Tree, James Kirby                    
WILKINSON, John D       N D 35 England Parker Wilkinson & Mary Ann Wear 19-Nov-14 Plentywood Sheridan 366  
      Mary M Richardson Scobey 26 Ind Sam Richard-son          
WILKINSON, Katherine I (Wilson?) see Clamich, Albert B                    
WILKINSON, Margaret see Bayne, Johnston                    
WILKINSON, Myrtle M see Frye, Elmer L                    
WILKINSON, Parker see Wilkinson                    
WILKINSON, William Wert       Wolf Point 36 Lancaster Ohio Edward Samuel Wilkin-son & Mary Alice Miller 30-Sep-22 Poplar Roosivelt 416  
      Ione Joan Sugden Wolf Point 20 Hutchinson Mn Fred Wilder Sugden & Neva Addie Bamester?          
WILKS, Arthur       Whitetail 21 Canada John Wilkes & Annie McArthur 5-Jul-26 Glasgow Valley 3225  
      Elma Schlecter Whitetail 19 Bowden N D George E Schlecter & Martha Doering          
WILKS, John see Wilks, Arthur                    
WILKSON, F A see Howaid                    
WILL, Hanna E see Kemmis, Louis A                    
WILL, John see Will, William H                    
WILL, John & Rebecca see Sawyer, John W                    
WILL, John R see Franzen, Henry W                    
WILL, Katie see Waltz, Jacob                    
WILL, Lorena S see McDonald, George Albert                    
WILL, May see Sawyer, John W                    
WILL, Nellie C see Franzen, Henry W                    
WILL, Sarah see Goff, Weighty W                    
WILL, William H       Bemidji Mn 27 Little Falls Mn John Will & Gertrude Virnig 2-Apr-28 Glendive Dawson 3559  
      Mabel Bestul Erskine Mn 26 Erskine Peter Bestul & Regine Wengen          
WILLAN, John see Willan, Joseph T                    
WILLAN, Joseph T       Poplar 33 Arena Wis John Willan & Barbara Pinkerton 10-Nov-21 Glasgow Valley 2830  
      Anna Josephia M Westphal Belle Plain Mn 32 Blakeley Mn John Westphal & Bertha Allers          
WILLANDER, Caroline see Wolfe, Carol Don                    
WILLARD, Adolph see Franzen, John Joe                    
WILLARD, Alta V see Leland, Alonzo L                    
WILLARD, Florence Gertrude see Ford, Frank                    
WILLARD, Floyd M       P�wood 27 Rolette N D John Willard & Bertha Jones 6-Nov-34 Raymond Sheridan 2889  
      Edna Walke-den Raymond 21 Raymond Sam Walkeden & Sarah Jones          
WILLARD, Frances Gaelyn see Rovold, Henry Melom                    
WILLARD, Fred see Potter                    
WILLARD, Fred see Stevens                    
WILLARD, Fred see Willard                    
WILLARD, Fred see Marsh, Fred W                    
WILLARD, Fred see Rovold, Henry Melom                    
WILLARD, Henry see Ford, Frank                    
WILLARD, John see Willard                    
WILLARD, John see Willard Wm P                    
WILLARD, Nelie see Marsh, Fred W                    
WILLARD, Roy E       Whitetail 33 Mn Fred Willard & Carrie Greenan 14-Oct-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1688  
      Viola White N D 19 N D August White & Mathilda Rakole          
WILLARD, Stella see Stevens                    
WILLARD, Wm P       P�wood 24 N D John Willard & Bertha Jones 20-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2848  
      Haanh M Hendrickson P�wood 25 Bottineau N D Henry M Hendrickson & Annie Munson          
WILLCUTS, Merle see Makeland, Robert Eugene                    
WILLEMAN, Louisa C see Merrill, Howard W                    
WILLENROTH, Louise see Ganson, John H                    
WILLER, Russell       Comertown 44 Mich William J Willer & Mary Corsant 11-Apr-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1793  
      Florence Brenteson Coalridge 18 Mn Fred Brenteson & Clara Christianson          
WILLER, William see Willer                    
WILLERT, Anton see Willert, Peter                    
WILLERT, Peter       Bloomfield 26 Hungary Anton Willert & Mary Ludwig 14-Mar-16 Glendive Dawson 1889  
      Petra Selma Mickelson Bloomfield 19 Broger Mn Erick C Mickelson & Elizabeth C Olson          
WILLETE, Jane see Hesh, Frank A                    
WILLETS, Eva ??? see McCarty, Lee                    
WILLEY, Jennie C see Metz, Willie C                    
WILLEY, Minnie see Crutchfield, Roby A                    
WILLEY, Minnie see Richardson, George                    
WILLFORD, Albert       Luella Sask Can 21 Lyon Cty Mn Clinton Willford & Mary Edwards 23-Non-1920 Scobey Daniels 19  
      Emma Genevieve Johnson Battleson 20 Washington Cty Neb Elmer Johnson & Julianne Cugan          
WILLFORD, Clinton see Willford, Ron                    
WILLFORD, Clinton see Willford, Dwight J                    
WILLFORD, Clinton see Willford, Albert                    
WILLFORD, Dwight J       Luella Sask Can 28 Marshall Mn Clinton Willford & Mary Edwards 5-Mar-25 Scobey Daniels 192  
      Anna K Berg Luella Sask 26 Naper Nebr John Berg & Ethel Gurch          
WILLFORD, Ron       Outlook 25 Garvin Mn Clinton Willford & Mary Edwards 15-May-11 Glasgow Valley 839  
      Pearl Gay P�wood 23 Flander? S D Charles Gay & Lottie Wood          
WILLIAMS, ??? see Burkhart, Roy S                    
WILLIAMS, A N see Morris, Edwin                    
WILLIAMS, Alice B see Rustad                    
WILLIAMS, Ambrose see Mann                    
WILLIAMS, Andrew Jackson see Rayner                    
WILLIAMS, Andrew P see Lambie, Arthur M                    
WILLIAMS, Anne see Lambie, Arthur M                    
WILLIAMS, Arthur B       Poplar 33 Penn L C Williams & Dersella Koontz 7-Jan-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1458  
      Mollie McDonald Poplar 34   Thomas Buckles & Mary Four Cloud          
WILLIAMS, Atta M see Matthews, Henry A                    
WILLIAMS, Ben see Schenkenberger, Johnnie                    
WILLIAMS, Bessie see Kemmis, Louis A                    
WILLIAMS, Blanch see Vanderberg                    
WILLIAMS, C W see Williams, Clarence E                    
WILLIAMS, Calvin E       Chinook 25 Chinook Charles M Williams & Minnie Thonber 14-Nov-22 Chinook Blaine 736  
      Mary Agnes O�Brien Chinook 20 Benson Mn Thomas O�Brien & Mary Hill          
WILLIAMS, Carey E see Canoy, George W                    
WILLIAMS, Carrie see Fuge, Willis E                    
WILLIAMS, Charles see Morrell, Marvin C                    
WILLIAMS, Charles M see Williams, Calvin E                    
WILLIAMS, Charlie see Linendoll                    
WILLIAMS, Chas see Williams, John                    
WILLIAMS, Christine see Tucker                    
WILLIAMS, Clair V       Twete 28 Iowa Philip Williams & Auretha White 8-Oct-20 Chinook Blaine 650  
      Clara Conners Twete 26 Gt Falls James Connors & Phoebe Kendall          
WILLIAMS, Clara see Hanson, George                    
WILLIAMS, Clarence E       Poplar 24 Preston Kansas C W Williams & Mary A Dirty? 21-Mar-10 Glasgow Valley 596  
      Lilly A Baker Glasgow 21 ??? George Baker          
WILLIAMS, Cora Irene see Beck, Albert Fred                    
WILLIAMS, Deloris see Rumelhart, Albert                    
WILLIAMS, Dorothy Allison see Wallace, Cecil Irvin                    
WILLIAMS, Dudley C       Bainville 23 Atlanta Georgia W C Williams & ??? White 24-Sep-04 Culbertson Valley 141  
      Ada Capple Bainville 31 Ft Smith Ark Jack Kating & Jane Green          
WILLIAMS, E B see Williams, William W                    
WILLIAMS, Edith see Richards                    
WILLIAMS, Edmond H       Whitetail 33 Can P Williams & Marian Joslin 3-Sep-14 Plentywood Sheridan 314  
      Anna Belle Renville Potask Wis 18 Wis Louis Renville & Agnes Sharkey          
WILLIAMS, Edward see Williams, Edwin                    
WILLIAMS, Edwin       Glasgow 36 Boise Idaho Edward Williams & Mary VanHorn 2-Oct-02 Glasgow Valley 67  
      Margarite Claugh Glasgow 48 Syracuse N Y John Kelly & Julia McKern          
WILLIAMS, Elijah see Vaughn, John                    
WILLIAMS, Eliza see Remley, William Franklin                    
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth see Wuertz, Herman                    
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth see Bickle, Lauren                    
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth A see Ferguson, Harry                    
WILLIAMS, Ellen see Englund                    
WILLIAMS, Elsie see George, John                    
WILLIAMS, Emma V see Quinn, William                    
WILLIAMS, Esther R see Temple, Ernest E                    
WILLIAMS, Ethel see Craig, Arch                    
WILLIAMS, Etta see Thomas, Roy                    
WILLIAMS, Ezra J see see Williams, Ross Everett                    
WILLIAMS, F L see Skirtvid, Knut                    
WILLIAMS, Fannie J see Williams J H                    
WILLIAMS, Florence M see Linendoll                    
WILLIAMS, Frances see Pettie                    
WILLIAMS, Frances see Potter                    
WILLIAMS, Francis see Stone                    
WILLIAMS, Frank see Marshall                    
WILLIAMS, Frank see Williams, Raymond F                    
WILLIAMS, Frank see Williams, Ray                    
WILLIAMS, Frank see Lonning, Jacob                    
WILLIAMS, George see Williams, Otto                    
WILLIAMS, George Henry       Grassy Butte 23 Boone Cty Neb William H Williams & Emma Slaight 2-Nov-26 Wibaux Wibaux 554  
      Lydia Josephine Hayden Grassy Butte 19 Waubay S D Edward Hayden & Lydia Harding,          
WILLIAMS, George W see Williams, Richard                    
WILLIAMS, George W       Sidney 30 Rockbend? Mn John M Williams & Eliza Brandon 27-Jul-1897 Sidney Dawson 155  
      Anna B Obergfell Sidney 21 Indianapolis Ind Matthew Obergfell & Barbara Stierle          
WILLIAMS, George W see Williams, Malcolm H                    
WILLIAMS, Gertrude see Irnie, Glenn                    
WILLIAMS, Gladys see Morris, Edwin                    
WILLIAMS, Grace see Thomas                    
WILLIAMS, Guy       Whitetail 27 Indana Joseph H Williams & Rebecca French 2-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 243  
      Mabel Louise Sletten P�wood 28 Wis Charles & Isabel Sletten          
WILLIAMS, H see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, Hazel Clarie see Hill, Thomas Ray                    
WILLIAMS, Heck C see Hanson, George                    
WILLIAMS, Helen see Brown, Arthur Lawrence                    
WILLIAMS, Henry see Rustad                    
WILLIAMS, Henry see Clifford, Frank H                    
WILLIAMS, Henry see Williams, Malcolm H                    
WILLIAMS, Herbert see Hunt                    
WILLIAMS, Herviean see Hunt                    
WILLIAMS, Ida May see Salsman                    
WILLIAMS, Ina Mae see Jewell, Ray E                    
WILLIAMS, Inez Ellen see Bell, Earl C                    
WILLIAMS, Ira see Hazelton, Simon H                    
WILLIAMS, Isabella see Hill, C R O                    
WILLIAMS, Isadora see Hedges                    
WILLIAMS, Iva see Barker, Delbert L                    
WILLIAMS, J F see Williams, Raymond                    
WILLIAMS, J H       Julian 37 Ind J H Williams & Rebecca French 5-Jul-14 Julian Sheridan 269  
      Fannie J Williams Julian 27 Ind Elois Sills          
WILLIAMS, James see Anderson, Thomas C                    
WILLIAMS, Jane see Rounds                    
WILLIAMS, Jennie see Vaughn, John                    
WILLIAMS, Jennie see Xander, Clarence F                    
WILLIAMS, Jessie A see McKnight, Earle G                    
WILLIAMS, John see Richards                    
WILLIAMS, John see Anderson, Thomas C                    
WILLIAMS, John       Redwater 35 Des Moines Iowa Chas Williams & Cinthia McCracken 29-Dec-02 Glendive Dawson 276  
      Louella Malvin Nebraska 22 Nebraska John Malvin & ???          
WILLIAMS, John see Matthews, Henry A                    
WILLIAMS, John see Christensen, Fred Bernhart                    
WILLIAMS, John see Williams, Joseph H                    
WILLIAMS, John C       Fallon 33 Brown Cty Texas William L Williams & Sarah Connor 28-Aug-06 Glendive Dawson 385  
      Estella Lee Fallon 22 Fridley Mn Wm S Lee & ???          
WILLIAMS, John M see Williams, George W                    
WILLIAMS, John Russell see Hill, Thomas Ray                    
WILLIAMS, Joseph H see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, Joseph H       Kincaid Sask 36 Tenby South Wales John Williams & Anne Llewellyn 28-Nov-28 Lovejoy Blaine 178  
      Ethel Beatrice Cowie Lovejoy 26 Rothsay Mn George McDonald Cowie & Sarah Fuller          
WILLIAMS, Julia A see Jackson, George F                    
WILLIAMS, Katherine see Milne, William                    
WILLIAMS, Katherine see Holzworth, Fred                    
WILLIAMS, L C see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, L C see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, LeGer see Prosise, Donald L                    
WILLIAMS, Levi C see Williams                    
WILLIAMS, Lida see Montgomery, Henry H                    
WILLIAMS, Lillian see Searles, William H                    
WILLIAMS, Lillian see Braley, Henry C                    
WILLIAMS, Lillian E see Humbert                    
WILLIAMS, Lizzie see Schilling, Arthur George                    
WILLIAMS, Lona see Hunt, Simon H