Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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T to Thull

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
TABASINSKE, Jessie see Byassee, William Edmund                    
TABBUT, Norman       Glasgow 35 Mn Norman Tabbut & Katie McDonough 28-Aug-30 Glasgow Valley 3581  
      Marjone Hunter Whitewater 21 Scotland John Hunter & Agnes Barclay          
TABLER, Julia A see Sargent, Perry L                    
TABOR, Charles B       Forsythe 29 New Bedford Mass Marcus Tabor & Olive C Ashley 29-June-1889 Glendive Dawson 26  
      Emma C Carpenter Rosebud 24 Raleigh Illinois William Chvissa? & Mary Provine          
TABOR, Marcus see Tabor, Charles B                    
TACKOVEC, Maria see Skosac                    
TADE, Eddie       Avondale 26 Illinois John Tade & Addie Hesler 8-Mar-27 Scobey Daniels 322  
      Lillian Irene Stroud West Fork 21 Mich Robert Stroud & Sadie Frantz          
TADE, James H       Lustre 30 Ill John Tade & Hattie Hesler 9-Apr-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 883  
      Grace C Branley Mpls Mn 23 Mn John Branley & ???          
TADE, John see Tade, Eddie                    
TADE, John see Tade, James H                    
TADLOCK, Eliza see Anderson, Manual                    
TADLOCK, Elizabeth see Gunwall, Edward Anton                    
TADY, ??? see Strombo                    
TAFT, Edith Harriet see McKenzie, Percy K                    
TAFT, Lyman D see Fine, William E                    
TAGE, Matha see Johnson                    
TAGGARD, Ethel Goldie see Johnson, Theodore David                    
TAGGARD, James C see Johnson, Theodore David                    
TAGGART, Francis Maud see McConn, Oscar W                    
TAGGART, Perry see McConn, Oscar W                    
TAGGE, Emma M see Miller, Guy A                    
TAGGE, Jno Henry see Miller, Guy A                    
TAGGERT, Sarah see Hunter, William J                    
TAGUE, Agneta see Biom, Joe                    
TAGUE, E C see Biom, Joe                    
TAGUE, E C see Simpson, Willard                    
TAGUE, Gladys see Simpson, Willard                    
TAGUE, Winifred see Castleberry, John R                    
TAHOCOKA, Mary see Recette, Moses                    
TAIL, Charging Bear see Taylor                    
TAIL, Charging Woman see Porcupine Quill, Johnson                    
TAIL, Woman see Wilson                    
TAIL, Woman see Loves Him, Wilbur                    
TAILLON, Edward       East Scobey 30 Can Eugene Taillon & Victoria Gratton 27-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 612  
      Eugenie Paradis East Scobey 17 Can J B Paradis & Alvina LaPierre          
TAILLON, Eugene see Taillon                    
TAILLON, Melvina see Weerts, John A                    
TAINTER, Carl Allen       Mako__? 26 Mn Chas H Tainter & Annie Goodhard? 31-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2332  
      Ellen Agnes Tainter Minneapolis 23 Mn Horace S Tainter & ???          
TAINTER, Charles H see Tainter, Carl Allen                    
TAINTER, Ellen Agnes see Tainter, Carl Allen                    
TAINTER, Eva see Webber, Edwin                    
TAINTER, Horace S see Tainter, Carl Allen                    
TAIT, Frank       Great Falls 33 Canada   8-Oct-21   Phillips 602  
      Elizabeth E Stull Great Falls 25 Penn            
TAIT, Pearl Gleason see Griffin, Harry E                    
TAIT, Thomas       P�wood 22 Iowa Thomas Tait & Maud McNeil 24-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1234  
      Pearl N Gleason P�wood 19 Mn Fred & Mary Gleason          
TAITE, Stella see Jennings, Noah Lester                    
TAKEN, see Grass, John                    
TAKEN, Prisoner see Foote, Amos                    
TAKES, Shields see Shields, Willie                    
TAKES, the Bow       Harlem 48 Ft Benton Black Wolf & Dumb Killing 20-Mar-20 Harlem Blaine 621  
      Crooked Head Harlem 57 Harlem Many Chiefs & Badger Woman          
TAKES, the Bow       Hays 53 Ft Belknap ??? 27-Jan-25 St Pauls Mission Blaine 794  
      Roundhead Hays 63 Hays Striped Cow & Iron Woman          
TAKES, The Shields see Shields, Merlin                    
TAKES PLENTY, John       Brockton 38 Mt White Bull & Tina 18-Dec-21 ??? Roosivelt 331  
      Polly Roberts Wolf Point 45 Mt Iron Cloud & ???          
TAKLE, Anders & Breta see Takle, Hans                    
TAKLE, Hans       Froid 38 Norway Anders & Breta Takle 7-Dec-21 Poplar Roosivelt 323  
      Annie Peterson   20 Clear Lake Iowa John Peterson & ???          
TALAMANTES, Esquio       Chinook 15 Mexico Frank Talamantes & Richarda S Savala 5-Sep-27 Harlem Blaine 1013  
      Vina Brier Chinook 16 Malta Gordeau Brier & Mary Allery          
TALAMANTES, Frank see Talamantes, Esquio                    
TALARICO, Felix S see Matkock, Wilber                    
TALARSKI, Pauline see Latka, Jacob                    
TALARSKI, Valentine see Latka, Jacob                    
TALBERT, Mary E see Charnot                    
TALBOT, Bertha see Sullivan, Robert J                    
TALBOT, Francis see Johannesen, Julius                    
TALBOT, Hale       Glentana 23 Fort Worth Texas Lee Talbot & Mildred Bridges 10-Dec-20 Scobey Daniels 20  
      Frances Anderson Glentana 18 Rochester Mn Fred Anderson & Emma Larson          
TALBOT, Jane see Graham, John D                    
TALBOT, Janette see Hershberger                    
TALBOT, Lee see Calkins, George W                    
TALBOT, Lee see Talbot, Lee                    
TALBOT, Mary C see Calkins, George W                    
TALBOT, Matilda K see Brickill, Chas L                    
TALBOT, Walter see Talbot, George H                    
TALBOTT, George H       Wolf Point 34 Chatfield Mn Walter Talbot & Minnie Yetter 5-Aug-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 650  
      Grace Packenran Wolf Point 32 Wolf Point First Eagle & Medicine Head Night          
TALBOTT, Myrtle see Perry, Samuel                    
TALBOTT, William see Perry, Samuel                    
TALCOTT, Jennie see Rowe, Richard Lionel                    
TALENGA, Evelyn Marie see Christian, Clayton Verne                    
TALENGA, George see Christian, Clayton Verne                    
TALIAFERRO, Charles see Radke, Otto                    
TALIAFERRO, Mary see Radke, Otto                    
TALKS, Different       Harlem 50 Harlem O-ni-hi & Shining Day 15-Jun-19 Chinook Blaine 557  
      Effie Ohlerking Harlem 33 Bellfast Can Watches Walking & Rattling Day          
TALL, Youth see Chasing Hawk                    
TALL, Youth see Longknife, William                    
TALLACKSON, Nels see Nelson, Peder A                    
TALLEY, Morris G see Bandow, Elmer C                    
TALLMAN, Jennie A see Madison, James N                    
TAMBAR, Inga Marie see Jensen, C N                    
TAMER, Mae see Lee, Gilbert                    
TAMMEN, Anna see Buhrmann, Frank A                    
TAMMEN, Polly see Ankerman                    
TAMMEN, R (Rev) see Malcolm                    
TAMMEN, R (Rev) see Ankerman                    
TAMMEN, Relf see Buhrmann, Frank A                    
TAMMEN, Tillie see Malcolm                    
TAMPERS (TOMPERS?), Peter C       Ward Cty Mn? 31 Mn   8-Jul-18   Phillips 359  
      Hazel Montgomery Phillips 22 Wis            
TAMSEN, Christel F see Stabenan, William A                    
TANDBERG, Christen see Tandberg                    
TANDBERG, Gilbert see Tandberg, Nels                    
TANDBERG, Gustav see Nelson, Carl                    
TANDBERG, Hagbart       Lake Alma Can 35 Norway Nels Peter Tandberg & Randi Tandberg 15-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2492  
      Clara Lovise Antonie Tandberg Lake Alma Can 21 Norway Christen Tandberg & Anna Sophie Rud          
TANDBERG, Ingeborg see Nelson, Carl                    
TANDBERG, Klars Lovise Antonie see Tandberg                    
TANDBERG, Nels       Northwood N D 53 Norway Gilbert Tandberg & Corie Anderson 8-Aug-12 ??? (Ridgelawn?) Dawson 1124  
      Jennie Swanby Ridgelawn 29 Comstock Wisc Andrew Swanby & Mary Knutson          
TANDBERG, Niels Peter see Tandberg Hagbart                    
TANDBERG, Randi see Tandberg                    
TANDE, A N & Helen see Fladager, Selmar                    
TANDE, A N & Helen J see Tande, Claude N                    
TANDE, A N & Hellen see Drummond, J M                    
TANDE, Albert       Scobey 28 Mn Andrew N & Helena Tande 20-Dec-10 Glasgow Valley 766  
      Berthina J Lien Marfield N D 24 Grand Forks N D Jacob Lien & Ragnilda Roe          
TANDE, Andrew N & Helena see Tande, Albert                    
TANDE, Bernice see Robinson, Howard                    
TANDE, Bertha M see Tunison                    
TANDE, Birger see Robinson, Howard                    
TANDE, Clara see Fladager, Selmar                    
TANDE, Claude N       Scobey 24 Mn A N & Helen J Tande 3-Jan-10 Glasgow Valley 564  
      Clara A Nelson Nickwall 25 Ill Tuny Nelson & ???          
TANDE, Nora J see Drummond, J M                    
TANDY, Emily E (Jones?) see Rowe, John T                    
TANDY, Emily Edith see Jones, John M                    
TANDY, John see Jones, John M                    
TANDY, John see Rowe, John T                    
TANG, Claus R       P�wood 32 Nor Peder & Christine Tang 4-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1405  
      Thea Braaten P�wood 29 Norway Christ Braaten & Jorgina Bergen          
TANG, Frances see Gunderson                    
TANG, George see Gunderson                    
TANG, Peder & Christine see Tang                    
TANGE, Christ see Tange                    
TANGE, Christian & Marie see Tange, Christian                    
TANGE, Christian S       Flaxville 27 Denmark Christian & Marie? Tange 26-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 137  
      Ruth V Guy Flaxville 23 Sheldon N D William G Guy & Sarah Harrison          
TANGE, Jens C       Outlook 42 Denmark Christ Tange & Marie Nelson 3-Aug-23 Redstone Sheridan 1679  
      Johanna Thomp-sen Outlook 36 Denmark ??? Thompsen & Christine Jensen          
TANGE, Mary see Norgaard, Carl B K                    
TANGEN, Julia see Britson, Elmer                    
TANGEN, Alma see Diseth                    
TANGEN, Anna B (Larsen) see Donovan                    
TANGEN, Carrie see Ellingson                    
TANGEN, Chris see Lobban, Robert                    
TANGEN, Christ see Britson, Elmer                    
TANGEN, Christ & Ronaug see Stanley                    
TANGEN, Hannah see Mays, Francis N                    
TANGEN, Ingeborg see Omoth, Theodore Henry M                    
TANGEN, Lena see Stanley                    
TANGEN, Nellie see Lobban, Robert                    
TANGEN, Ole see Diseth                    
TANGEN, Ole see Ellingson                    
TANGEN, Ole see Mays, Frances N                    
TANGEN, Ole B & AnnieMary see Tangen, Ole Olsen                    
TANGEN, Ole Olsen       Wolf Point 54 Nor-way Ole B & Annie Mary Tangen 2-Dec-22 Poplar Roosivelt 433  
      Christine Lovlj Poplar 50 ??? ???          
TANGEN,, Minnie, see Meldahl, Almen C                    
TANGMO, Mildred see Mikkelson, Engval Berntin                    
TANK, Gus E       Phillips 49 Iowa       Phillips 380 ( Lic not complete)
      Louise Wiederick Phillips 24 S D            
TANK, Rolle see Garfield, James                    
TANKERSLEY, Edith see Ray, Cyrelle                    
TANKERSLEY, Edith see Rule, Arthur J                    
TANN, Anna see O�Connor, Robert                    
TANNAHILL, Margaret see Frerichs, Henry Todd                    
TANNAS, Einar see Tannas                    
TANNAS, Lawrence       Ambrose N D 26 Amb-rose N D Einar Tannas & Annie G Carlos 22-Apr-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2919  
      Jessie Ellen Durr Broomhead Sask 21 Broomhead W J Durr & Ethel J Turnbull          
TANNEHILL, Clarence Fredrick       East Scobey 38 Iowa S B Tannekill & Ada Vanderford 26-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1878  
      Cecelia Yerda Vahl Julian 29 Minneapolis Mn Andrew Vahl & Eda Joneson          
TANNEHILL, May see Cotton                    
TANNEHILL, Ora see Reed, Orin K                    
TANNEHILL, S B see Tannehill, Clarence Ferdrick                    
TANNER, Bruce A       Hinsdale 25 Meadville Penn Wave D Tanner & Grace McClauthin 16-Dec-25 Glasgow Valley 3181  
      Mary Copenhaver Hinsdale 19 Hinsdale Edward Copenhaver & Bessie Martin          
TANNER, Elizabeth see Taylor, Frank W                    
TANNER, Emma see Herron                    
TANNER, Fred C (James)       Malta 32 Mn Jno Tanner & Phoebe Cates 22-Jul-08 Malta Valley 391  
      Edwina Baker Cass Lake Mn 27 Albany Mn ???          
TANNER, Jno see Tanner, Fred C                    
TANNER, May see Armstrong, Frank                    
TANNER, Nellie see Henderson, H C                    
TANNER, Nellie see Hall, Howard Leslie                    
TANNER, Wave D see Tanner, Bruce A                    
TANNO, Jacob see Treftanow, John                    
TANNO, Marie see Treftanow, John                    
TANNONT, George see Karga                    
TANSEN, John see Tansen                    
TANSEN, Olaf       Dooley 38 Mn John Tansen & Pauline Engebretson 28-Dec-10 Plentywood Sheridan 396  
      Sadie Moore Dooley 34 Mn James Carson & Jessin McDonald          
TAPLIN, Emma see Campbell                    
TAPLIN, Emma see Monteith                    
TAPLIN, H E       Cheyenne Wyo 21 Ellenwood Wisc L D Taplin & Lizzie Veliet 28-Jun-16 Glendive Dawson 1945  
      Lucile McClain Wibaux 21 Mount Sterling Cty Kentucky William McClain & Ellen Young          
TAPLIN, L D see Taplin, H E                    
TAPP, John H see Neil                    
TAPP, Lillian see Neil                    
TAPPER, John see Tapper, Louie Henry                    
TAPPER, Louie Henry       Vandalia 25 Wis John Tapper & Helen Lena Kenochy 17-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2709  
      Roxie Jones Glasgow 15 Ken Milford Jones & Millie Hensly          
TAPTON, Emma see Shaw                    
TARBELL, Frank see Cortez, Boren                    
TARBELL, James see Weyer, Joe                    
TARBELL, Lucy see Weyer, Joe                    
TARBELL, Mary see Cortez, Boren                    
TARBELL, Mrs Marion E see Henderson, Charles C                    
TARDUFF, Marie see Ballon, Wm                    
TARR, Eva see Carville, Forest T                    
TARRINGSON, Tilda see Kittelson, Halmer B                    
TARRNOV, Aurelia see Parsons, John M                    
TARTOR, Dithula see Livingston, Daniel                    
TASA, Herbert T       Froid 28 Hatton N D Thomas Tasa & Gena Hanson 9-Mar-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2812  
      Norine Trulson Westby 24 Westby Olaf Trulson & Clarise Olson          
TASA, Thomas see Tasa                    
TASCAR, Eva (Ratinow?) see Cooper                    
TASKA, Mary see McHenry, George W                    
TASKER, Guy see Moriarty, Dwight                    
TASKER, Helen see Moriarty, Dwight                    
TASSELL, J G see McCullogh, Roy                    
TASSELL, J G see McCann, Rolland T                    
TASSELL, John G       Lost Lake 25 Iowa   10-Sep-19   Phillips 451  
      Nora M Hespe Phillips 23 N D            
TASTAD, Jack       Opheim 32 Norway John Tastad & Bertha Pederson 19-Jul-25 Opheim Valley 3147  
      Lucille Vick Opheim 32 Brunswick Nebr Walter Vick & Ruby Rasmusson          
TASTAD, John see Tastad, Jack                    
TATANKA, Waniakhipiwin see Davis, Jefferson                    
TATE, Anna see Drysdale, Alex G                    
TATE, John see Drysdale, Alex G                    
TATE, Lavina Murilla see Lippincott, D W                    
TATE, Lilia see Doerge, Carl                    
TATE, Mary see Bailey, Luther C                    
TATE, Ruth D see Romsa, Melvin Leo                    
TATE, Stella see Jennings, Alvah                    
TATEROE, Theresa see Latterell, Arthur                    
TATLOR, Frances W see Sadler, Levi Edward                    
TATLOR, Harriet see Caves, Fern Ivo                    
TATMAN, Jesse Edward       Fallon 27 Gold Cty Kansas Willard Tatman & Carrie Craig 26-May-18 Glendive Dawson 2374  
      Alice Viola Turner Fallon 20 Northfield Mn George Turner & Agnes Ingham          
TATMAN, Willard see Tatman, Edward                    
TATRO, Alfred see Tatro, Dennis                    
TATRO, Dennis       Bloomfield 32 Wheatland Mn Alfred Tatro & Dennie Carpenter 4-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2045  
      Lily Lease Sauk Rapids Mn 18 Brainerd Mn Naton A Lease & Amelia Campbell          
TATRO, Fred see Evans, Nathan E                    
TATRO, Leona May see Evans , Nathan E                    
TATSEY, Jack       Browning 24 Blackfoot Reservation Joseph Tatsey & Annie Langley? 21-Dec-18   Sheridan 1439  
      Belle Racine Browning 24 Poplar Philip Alvers & Plenty Horse          
TATSEY, Joseph see Tatsey                    
TATSKI, Anna see Voss, John                    
TATTUM, Susan see Callahan, William J                    
TATUM, Mrs Mary Emma see Homstad, Helmer A                    
TAUGHER, John see Taugher, Patrick                    
TAUGHER, Patrick       Glendive 44 Ireland John Taugher & Mary Celly 1-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3898  
      Mary Woolman Glendive 18 Terras Mn Dan Woolman & Mary Rough          
TAULE, Bert       Belt 38 Norway Johannes Taule & Bertha Fadje 18-Ocr-1927 Chinook Blaine 1020  
      Rachel Thompson Grest Falls 32 Wis Thomas Thompson & Matilda Peterson          
TAULE, Johannes see Taule, Bert                    
TAUSEND, Martin see Hughes, Patrick                    
TAUSEND, Thelma see Hughes, Patrick                    
TAUTMANN, Fred see Tautmann, Herbert                    
TAUTMANN, Herbert       Enterprise 23 Sweetsprings Mo Fred Tautmann & Louise Balders? 9-Dec-12 Glasgow Valley    
      Alice Breland Deyer 20 Sheldon N D Ed Breland & Eugam Mostal          
TAUTSCH, Marshall B       Glendive 28 Clinton Cty Iowa Nicholas Tautsch & Marcella Sneidegar 7-Aug-15 Glendive Dawson 1757  
      Clara Mona Fetterly Glendive 33 New York Charley Fetterly & Mary Huskens          
TAUTSCH, Nicholas see Tautsch, Marshall B                    
TAVERNIER, Corrie see Kummerfeldt, Willie                    
TAVIS , Archie see Harper, James Archie                    
TAVIS, Wilhelmina see Harper, James Archie                    
TAWNY, May A see Mulay, John Emmett                    
TAX, Dorothy see Deserly                    
TAX, Florence see Hallquist                    
TAX, Lucy see Gormley                    
TAX, Theodore see Deserly                    
TAX, Theodore see Gormley                    
TAX, Theodore see Hallquist                    
TAYLOR , ??? see Padgett, Ray                    
TAYLOR, A J see Lovall, Roy H                    
TAYLOR, Ada see Rider, Frank                    
TAYLOR, Alonzo see Bauer, Jacob                    
TAYLOR, Alonzo see Taylor, Roy                    
TAYLOR, Alonzo see Thurman, Roy                    
TAYLOR, Alonzo see Koskey, Louie                    
TAYLOR, Alton C       Malta 32 Fondulac Wis Jesse B Taylor & Mary Haslumn 2-Dec-07 Malta Valley 325  
      Margaret Dunlap Malta 30 Cleveland Ohio John Dunlap & Margueret Walker          
TAYLOR, Alverdos see Taylor                    
TAYLOR, Amelia see Heller, Edwin                    
TAYLOR, Anabelle see Koop, Harry M                    
TAYLOR, Annie see Johnson                    
TAYLOR, Annie see Linsley, Duane B                    
TAYLOR, Archie Glen       Phillips 29 Kansas   25-Aug-17   Phillips 261  
      Goldie Brown Phillips 24 Mn            
TAYLOR, Arlie W       Medora N D 34 Perry Cty Ind J W Taylor & ??? 3-Jan-30 Wibaux Wibaux 718  
      Emma A Hjelm Bowman Cty N D     Gilbert Hjelm & Lena Rusten          
TAYLOR, Arlo C       Miles City 39 Caberg? Illinois Ellsworth W Taylor & Mary Willis 7-Aug-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1478  
      Margaret Catherine Reichenbach Miles City 23 Louisville Ken Ernest A Reichenbach & Lucy J Coffee          
TAYLOR, Austin see Taylor, Clair A                    
TAYLOR, Austin J see Rider, Frank                    
TAYLOR, B H see Galloway, Edgar Bruce                    
TAYLOR, Benjamin Harrison       Phillips 31 N D   17-Jun-20   Phillips 508  
      Julie B Knudsen Brookside 39 Den-mark            
TAYLOR, Bertha see Roberts, Virgil A                    
TAYLOR, Beulah see Weaver, Doris S                    
TAYLOR, C E & Mrs see Carlson, Paul M                    
TAYLOR, C J see Campbell, Oliver S                    
TAYLOR, C J see Stickler, Glenn                    
TAYLOR, Carrie see Wheeler, Gene                    
TAYLOR, Carrie see Wheeler, Cyrus                    
TAYLOR, Carroll Jerome see Hagenhuckle, August                    
TAYLOR, Cathern see Taylor, Finley F                    
TAYLOR, Cecil see Hayner, Harry Glenn                    
TAYLOR, Cecil E       Saco 24 Fargo W H Taylor & Emma E Barnes 26?-Feb-1908 Saco Valley 339  
      Ethelyn E Marshall Saco 22 Grand Harbor N D Albert Marshall & Addie Collins?          
TAYLOR, Cecil E see Hoss, Luther H                    
TAYLOR, Charles see Taylor, William N                    
TAYLOR, Charles Ashby       Saco 26 Saco John Taylor & Minerva Riegle 2-Oct-23 Glasgow Valley 2999  
      Irene Rose Callahan Saco 18 Chicago Neil Callahan & Mary E Costello          
TAYLOR, Charles C see Barthman, Clarence S                    
TAYLOR, Charles D see Taylor, Robert Pierre                    
TAYLOR, Charles Denver see Taylor, Harlan Boyd                    
TAYLOR, Charles E see Taylor, Max L                    
TAYLOR, Clair A       Saco 31 Glasgow Kan Austin Taylor & Orrila Newell 11-Aug-21 Glasgow Valley 2799  
      Mary Cutting Glasgow 20 Glasgow Oscar Cutting & Marie Lippincott          
TAYLOR, Clair A see Thurmond, Joseph F                    
TAYLOR, Clara see Marks, Ernest M                    
TAYLOR, Clyde see Trudo, Charles George                    
TAYLOR, Daisie see Peck, J S                    
TAYLOR, Dawn see Helke, William F                    
TAYLOR, Dee MacRay       Antrim 24 Pervis? Texas Joseph Taylor & Florence McDonald 2-Jul-14 Antrim Dawson 1522  
      Darcy Myrtle Shriner Antrim 20 Grand Island Neb Edward & Elizabeth Shriner          
TAYLOR, Della M see Fletcher, J T Roy                    
TAYLOR, Dorothy see Clauson, Lynn                    
TAYLOR, Edith see Miller                    
TAYLOR, Edith see Frieberg, Leo Victor                    
TAYLOR, Edith J see Davis, Henry Y                    
TAYLOR, Edna May see Miller, William Dewitt                    
TAYLOR, Effie see Traver, Claude E                    
TAYLOR, Effie see Fladland, Alert Bertil                    
TAYLOR, Effie see Wessler, August                    
TAYLOR, Elizabeth see Wambach, Alphonse J                    
TAYLOR, Elizabeth Marie see Hess, Harry H                    
TAYLOR, Ella see Bragg, Herbert S                    
TAYLOR, Ellsworth W see Taylor, Arlo C                    
TAYLOR, Elsie see Thurman, Roy                    
TAYLOR, Emily see Van Norman, Elias                    
TAYLOR, Emma see Tjarden, Abe Charles                    
TAYLOR, Emma A see Lineberry, David W                    
TAYLOR, Emma B see Baird, Robert Witt                    
TAYLOR, Esther see Davis                    
TAYLOR, Ethel M see Hoss, Luther H                    
TAYLOR, F C       Malta 30 N D   4-Aug-23   Phillips 723  
      Tillie Lusby Malta 35 Mn            
TAYLOR, Fae see Denham, Russell E                    
TAYLOR, Fannie see Baird, Stanley H                    
TAYLOR, Fanny see Derlan, Leo F                    
TAYLOR, Fawn see Derlam, Horace Franklin                    
TAYLOR, Finley F       Phillips 31 Ark   23-Dec-17   Phillips 307  
      Violet May Moore Phillips 31 Ill            
TAYLOR, Flora see McDaniel, Ernest                    
TAYLOR, Florence see Montgomery                    
TAYLOR, Floyd see Hutchins, George Herbert                    
TAYLOR, Frances see Cook, Phillip Taylor                    
TAYLOR, Francis see King, Willard J                    
TAYLOR, Francis I see Campbell, Oliver S                    
TAYLOR, Frank see Taylor, Harry B                    
TAYLOR, Frank see Taylor, William S                    
TAYLOR, Frank P see Taylor, John A                    
TAYLOR, Frank W       Cleveland 37 Derby Ohio Warner Taylor & Elizabeth Tanner 3-Oct-13 near Circleville Ohio Blaine 14  
      Warise G Fitzgerald Cleveland 36 Oricut Ohio George C Fitzgerald & Emma Crookham          
TAYLOR, Fredrick H       Superior Wis 28 Penn John H Taylor & Lissa Symonds 5-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2004  
      Grace Beele? Haskell Superior Wis 25 Wis John W Haskell & Winifred Prault          
TAYLOR, G Rowland       Weldon 28 Homer Ilinois Wells A Taylor & Alice Quinn 22-Mar-16 Horse Creek Dawson 1890  
      Gladys L DeLapp Horse Creek 19 NewHampton Iowa Lemuel E DeLapp & Lizzie Shannon          
TAYLOR, G W see Taylor, Harry E                    
TAYLOR, George       Baylor 21 Saco Jay Taylor & Mary Lansdon? 5-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3335  
      Betty Gay Sanders Baylor 22 Camelsville? Tennessee William Sanders & Josie Carson          
TAYLOR, George R       Glendive 29 Glendive John C Taylor & Marie Willie 25-Jun-24   Dawson 3118  
      Mildred Harriett Reinhard Glendive 26 Warrens Wisc Julius Reinhard & Mystie Colton          
TAYLOR, Goldie F see Quincy, Edgar E                    
TAYLOR, Grace see Garrison, Homer                    
TAYLOR, Grace see Kollman, Charles                    
TAYLOR, Grace A see McCuin, Edwin W                    
TAYLOR, Grace A see Garrison, William T                    
TAYLOR, Grace A see Whitaker, Omer                    
TAYLOR, Grover Muncie       ??? 28 Tenn? Richard Taylor & ??? 30-Sep-13 Glasgow Valley 1350  
      Estelle May Wingard Glasgow 24 Indiana John A Wingard & Lucinda Risler          
TAYLOR, Guy O       Chinook 27 Thorntown Ind Osa L Taylor & Stella Bramlett 17-Jun-20 Chinook Blaine 629  
      Elvia August Chinook 18 Townville Pa Almeron August & Lena Reynolds          
TAYLOR, H C see Taylor, Peter                    
TAYLOR, Harlan Boyd       Volt 25 Mo Charles Denver Taylor & Essie Louise Schooler 7-Dec-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 841  
      Cleo Jane Bridges Wolf Point 18 Neb Samuel Elliot Bridges & Clara Jene Byrd          
TAYLOR, Harriet see McEwan, Israel                    
TAYLOR, Harry B       Saco 23 Mn Frank Taylor & Jennie Bevvins? 12-Jan-17 Saco Valley 2053  
      Mabel E Erickson Saco 21 Mt Sam Erickson & ???          
TAYLOR, Harry E       Killdeer N D 33 Indianola Iowa G W Taylor & Louis Hatfield 16-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2447  
      Ethel Hay Killdeer N D 18 Vernal S D W R Hay & E va Cross          
TAYLOR, Harvey J       Kevin 24 Mn   16-Sep-22   Phillips 667  
      Gladys E Doty Saco 21 Mn            
TAYLOR, Hattie see Pease, Cecil W                    
TAYLOR, Herbert see DeFlyer, George                    
TAYLOR, Herbert see McEwan, Israel                    
TAYLOR, Ira see Weaver, Doris S                    
TAYLOR, Ira A       Saco 25 Waseca Mn John A Taylor & Minerva J Rigle 9-Nov-1898 Saco Valley ?  
      Maude A Lansdon Saco 20 Pennelton (Pendelton?) Ore Sylvester L Lansdon & Lucy N Taylor          
TAYLOR, Isaac Newton see Denham, Russell E                    
TAYLOR, Isabelle see Simons, Harry Sidney                    
TAYLOR, Ivan see Taylor, Robert M                    
TAYLOR, J W see Taylor, Arlie W                    
TAYLOR, Jacob James see Ashe, Edward C                    
TAYLOR, James see Baney                    
TAYLOR, James see Montgomery                    
TAYLOR, James see Taylor, Levi H                    
TAYLOR, James M see McDaniel, James M                    
TAYLOR, Jane see Kitson, Daniel E                    
TAYLOR, Jay see Taylor, George                    
TAYLOR, Jesse B see Taylor, Alton                    
TAYLOR, Jessie see Pugh, Thomas Douglas                    
TAYLOR, Jessie see Myers, Samuel                    
TAYLOR, John see Wallis, William J                    
TAYLOR, John see Taylor, Charles Ashby                    
TAYLOR, John see Mason, William W                    
TAYLOR, John see Peck, J S                    
TAYLOR, John see Koop, Harry M                    
TAYLOR, John see Clancy, Herbert C                    
TAYLOR, John A see Taylor, Ira A                    
TAYLOR, John A see Taylor, Mark                    
TAYLOR, John A see Garrison, William T                    
TAYLOR, John A       Saco 24 Bismark N D Frank P Taylor & Jennie Beavens 26-Apr-11 Glasgow Valley 829  
      Hazel A Richardson Saco 17 Oakfield Wis D P Richardson & Kate Banton          
TAYLOR, John C see Taylor, George R                    
TAYLOR, John H see Taylor, Frederick H                    
TAYLOR, John L       Poplar 28 Mt Vernon Illinois John M Taylor & Julia M Harris 5-Aug-19 Poplar Roosivelt 34  
      Regina A Pereau Poplar 25 Fall City Nebr Joseph H & Martha P Pereau          
TAYLOR, John L see Taylor, Wm J Bryan                    
TAYLOR, John L       Havre 25 Blue River Wis Fred L Thompson & Ella M Larimer 15-Jan-14 Chinook Blaine 103  
      Rosalie Agnes Ryan Havre 21 Chicago Phillip J Ryan & Julia Quinn          
TAYLOR, Joseph see Taylor, Dee Mac Ray                    
TAYLOR, Julia B see Galloway, Edgar Bruce                    
TAYLOR, Julius see Taylor, Thomas C                    
TAYLOR, Julius Searina       Watford City N D 43 Portage City Wis J S Taylor & Nancy C VanMeter 1-Sep-23 Sidney Richland 818  
      Ruth Aileen Langdon Sidney 22   Andrew A Langdon & Ida Ruth Dupless          
TAYLOR, Katherine see Campbell, Archibald                    
TAYLOR, L W see Southwick, Earl                    
TAYLOR, Leona M see Trudo, Charles George                    
TAYLOR, Levi Chester       Saco 30 Albany Mo Samuel A Taylor & Ollie Buckridge 31-Mar-17 Saco Valley 2099  
      Hannah Bowe Glasgow 30 Bossendewant? England William Bowe & Henrietta Groven?          
TAYLOR, Levi H       Emmitsburg Iowa 68 Vermont James Taylor & Louisa Cook 26-Nov-19 Wibaux? Wibaux 262  
      Emma Reichenecker Beach N D 65 Wis Peter Barringer & Martha Ward          
TAYLOR, Lillian May see Clancy, Herbert C                    
TAYLOR, Lois see Manley, Merle                    
TAYLOR, Lois M see Thurmond, Joseph M                    
TAYLOR, Lora see Knopf, Irving                    
TAYLOR, Louis M see Taylor, Archie Glen                    
TAYLOR, Louise A see Clayton, Arnold O                    
TAYLOR, Lova see Bauer, Jacob                    
TAYLOR, Lucy N see Taylor Ira A                    
TAYLOR, Lula see Southwick, Earl                    
TAYLOR, Mabel see Larson, Samuel                    
TAYLOR, Mamie see Peters, James P                    
TAYLOR, Mark       Saco 27 Waseca Mn John A Taylor & Minerva Riegle 5-Dec-14 Beaverton Valley 1599  
      Clara Martin Beaverton Mt 21   John Martin & Annie Grand_?          
TAYLOR, Martha see Harris, Edgar                    
TAYLOR, Martha see DeFlyer, George                    
TAYLOR, Martha see Gilmore, Ernest F                    
TAYLOR, Martha see Martin, David J                    
TAYLOR, Martha see O�Brien, Raymond Roscoe                    
TAYLOR, Mary see Pipe                    
TAYLOR, Mary see Henry, Ira D                    
TAYLOR, Mary see May, William J                    
TAYLOR, Mary see Wright, Dick                    
TAYLOR, Mary see Larson, Edward R                    
TAYLOR, Mary see Johns, Frank W                    
TAYLOR, Mary (Hesselgrave) see Bross, H J                    
TAYLOR, Mary J see Johns, George                    
TAYLOR, Mary Louise see Baney                    
TAYLOR, Mary V see Lutz                    
TAYLOR, Mattie see Brabley, James A                    
TAYLOR, Max L       Bowman N D 21 Perry Iowa Charles E Taylor & Eunice Sears 23-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2217  
      Mildred C Cunningham Scranton N D 18 Rochester Mn Thomas Cunningham & Mary Golberg          
TAYLOR, Mildred Clara see Hutchins, George Herbert                    
TAYLOR, Minnie M see Mason, William W                    
TAYLOR, Mrs Clara J (Tinney?) see Beavens, William Elizer                    
TAYLOR, Myron       McElroy 25 Bremerton Wash Alverdos Taylor & Nellie Hodge 30-Jan-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2585  
      Mabel Hellem Westby 19 Adams N D Ole Hellem & Edith Ward          
TAYLOR, Myrtle Irene see Hagenhuckle, August                    
TAYLOR, Nellie see Moore, Richard                    
TAYLOR, Nellie see Phillips, Gail                    
TAYLOR, Nellie May see Phillips, Raymond Clyde                    
TAYLOR, Nina (Gildoy?) see Munson                    
TAYLOR, Nora E Lapham see Hill, Cleson                    
TAYLOR, Osa L see Taylor, Guy O                    
TAYLOR, Peter       Malta 21 Winnipeg Man Can H C Taylor & M A McDonald 25-Feb-1895 Malta Valley ?  
      Mary Margaret Short Malta 17 Battleford Sask Can James Short & Mathilda McDillis          
TAYLOR, R I & C see Nasby, K S                    
TAYLOR, Regina A see Nielsen, Nels Johannes                    
TAYLOR, Rica see Mitchell, Forest                    
TAYLOR, Rica see Cebulski, Nick                    
TAYLOR, Richard see Taylor, Grover Munsey                    
TAYLOR, Robert see Miller                    
TAYLOR, Robert see Holland, William L                    
TAYLOR, Robert see Peterson, Peter K                    
TAYLOR, Robert M       Havre 23 Velva N D Ivan Taylor & Hazel Frothinger 18-Jun-30 Glasgow Valley 3566  
      Hazel Duntley Havre 21 Minot N D Frank Duntley & Ida Golding          
TAYLOR, Robert Pierre       Wolf Point 21 Mo Charles D Taylor & Essie Schooler 29-May-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 904  
      Catherine Funk Wolf Point 22 Mn Peter P Funk & Katherine Reiner          
TAYLOR, Roy       Nashua 24 Iowa Alonzo Taylor & Gilla Morrow 9-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2560  
      Abbie E Phillips Nashua 21 N D Elbert Phillips & Elizabeth Green          
TAYLOR, Samuel A see Taylor, Levi Chester                    
TAYLOR, Sarah see Kidd, Theodore Alexander                    
TAYLOR, Sarah see Reinhart, Charles                    
TAYLOR, Sarah Barton see Ashe, Edward C                    
TAYLOR, Stewart see Baird, Robert Witt                    
TAYLOR, Thelma L see Stickler, Glenn                    
TAYLOR, Theresa see Isom, H B                    
TAYLOR, Thomas see Larson, Samuel                    
TAYLOR, Thomas C       Searing N D 31 Richland Indiana Julius Taylor & Nancy C VanMeter 1-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2225  
      Vivian Insley Searing N D   Charlotte Mich Charles H Hasting Insley & Mary Guthrie          
TAYLOR, Velma see Nasby, S K                    
TAYLOR, Velma Irene see Barthman, Clarence S                    
TAYLOR, Virginia Duora see Hayner, Harry Glenn                    
TAYLOR, W B see Lineberry, David W                    
TAYLOR, W F       Saco 21 Waseca Mn William H Taylor & Emma E Barnes 5-Jul-02 Saco Valley 61  
      Clara J Tinney Saco 19 Wis William Tinney & Lavina Hinman          
TAYLOR, W F see Liston, Glenn Vivian                    
TAYLOR, W H see Taylor, Cecil                    
TAYLOR, Warner see Taylor, Frank W                    
TAYLOR, Wells A see Taylor, G Rowland                    
TAYLOR, William see Hoff, Joseph A                    
TAYLOR, William               21-Nov-1885   Dawson 47  
      Sarah Slant                  
TAYLOR, William see Clauson, Lynn                    
TAYLOR, William H see Davis, Henry W                    
TAYLOR, William H see Miller, William Dewitt                    
TAYLOR, William H see Taylor, W F                    
TAYLOR, William J Bryan       Mt Vernon Ill 25 Ashley Ill John L Taylor & Julia A Har-ris 13-Nov-22 Poplar Roosivelt 440  
      Ingeborg Anna Kerkwald Pinewood Mn 18 Pinewood Hans Kerkwald & Signa Toorgeson          
TAYLOR, William N       Saco 29 Waseca Mn Charles Taylor & Sarah DeBar 21-Aug-14 Glasgow Valley 1529  
      Della Dunn Saco 32 Covington Ky Hepolie DeHotel & Rebecca Dement?          
TAYLOR, William S       Saco 21 N D Frank Taylor & Jennie Beudon 1-Aug-06 Saco Valley 238  
      Tilda Erickson Saco 22 Minn Samuel Erickson & Mary Nelson          
TAYLOR, Willis       Poplar 20 Poplar Willis Taylor & Good Hawk Woman 16-Feb-22 St Ursula Church Roosivelt 349  
      Effie Derby Poplar 18 Poplar Buck Elk & Her Cane          
TAYLOR, Willis Sr       Poplar 46 Poplar Bob Tail Bear & Truth 8-Jan-18 Poplar Sheridan 1243  
      Mary Brown Poplar 26 Poplar Charging Dog & Tail Charging Dog          
TAYLOR, Willis Sr       Poplar 48 Poplar Bob Tailed Bear & Round Toothed Woman 20-Mar-20 Poplar Roosivelt 111  
      Hunts for Nothing Brown Poplar 30 Wood Mountain Sask Can Big Road & Kate Ring          
TAYLOR, Winifred Frances see Liston, Glenn Vivian                    
TAYLOR, Wm see Quincy, Edgar E                    
TAYLOR?, Wm see VanSand, Jesse C                    
TEABEAU, Solitude M see Buker, Edwin                    
TEABO, Annie see Bergivin, Albert                    
TEACHER, Priscilla see Hunt, James H                    
TEACHMOND, Leonti see Teachmond, Mike                    
TEACHMOND, Mike       Max N D 30 Russia Leonti Teachmond & Klara Widniski 18-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1503  
      Tischick Oleka Max N D? 20 Russia Torante Oleka & Feodora Gordi          
TEAGUE, Cyrus Austin see Larson, Selmer I                    
TEAGUE, Natie see Larson, Selmer I                    
TEAGUE, Rose see Patton, Dee A                    
TEAL, John       Glasgow 40 Texas William Teal & Martha Hudson 24-Mar-06 Glasgow Valley 217  
      Mrs Mary Hoffman Glasgow 45 Penn Daniel Black & Sarah Crockett          
TEAL, William see Teal, John                    
TEASDALE, Rose see Johnson, Oscar                    
TEATS, Mae see Temple, Frank                    
TEBO, Frank see Allard, Henry                    
TEBO, Georgiana see Keegan, Hugh                    
TEBO, Harriet N see Brookfield, Huon T                    
TEBO, Margaret N see Allard, Henry                    
TEDROW, Lycha Capitola see Miller, Joseph A                    
TEEBLES, Lavina see Beel, Wm H                    
TEEBLES, Sylvester see Beel, Wm H                    
TEEGARDIN?, Kittie see Young, Thomas W                    
TEEL, Albert H see Teel, Walter I                    
TEEL, Walter A       Havre 26 Nebr Albert H Teel & Nancy Nash 28-Apr-18 Chinook Blaine 483  
      Bessie Gaardsmoe Havre 26 Willow City N D Hans Gaards-moe & Anna Johnson          
TEENSTRA, Cecelia see Turner, Charles J                    
TEEPLE, Francis see Wright, Edwin                    
TEEPLE, G N see Stirling, Thomas                    
TEEPLE, Georgia see Stirling, Thomas                    
TEETER, Archie H       Brockton 22 Missouri Homer Teeter & Susan Hazelrigg 12-Feb-19 Oswego Valley 2476  
      Mae Martin Brocton 24 Missouri George Martin & Kate Kennedy          
TEETER, Homer see Teeter, Archie H                    
TEETERS, Martha E see Mallinger, Fred F                    
TEETERS, Roy see Mallinger, Fred F                    
TEETERS, Sadie see Mackey, John                    
TEETERS, William P       Wibaux 25 Hasting Mn William Teeters & Matilda Haze 4-Dec-18 Wibaux Wibaux 224  
      Hazel Tomlinson Wibaux zge 20   Geneseo Ill Glen E Tomlinson & Ollie Yarger          
TEETS, Ruth see House, Royal E                    
TEETS, Ruth see Burke, Junior E                    
TEGEN, H F see Hallek, Albert                    
TEGEN, Hans F see Mefie, Hrnry                    
TEGEN, Katie see Hallek, Albert                    
TEGLER, John see Tegler, Norman Victor                    
TEGLER, Norman Victor       St Paul Mn 30 Sedalia Mo John Tegler & Kate Andrews 27-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 314  
      Edna Pearl Richmond St Paul Mn 29 Sedalia Mo Benjamin Richmond & Jennie Swicher          
TEHARK, Henry see Rasmussen, John W                    
TEHARK, Tena see Rasmussen John W                    
TEHELKA, Clara see Birdsell, Samuel                    
TEHELKA, Hazel see Lindelow, Eskel V                    
TEHELKA, Peter see Lindelow, Eskel V                    
TEHFER, Katherine see Scharping, Arthur C                    
TEIEN, ??? see Roufs                    
TEIEN, Bertha see Roufs                    
TEIGEL, Mayme Edna (Fitzpatrick?) see Spencer, Howard C                    
TEIGEN, Catherine see Schultz, John                    
TEIGEN, Peter K see Schultz, John                    
TEITER, Effie May see Butler, Frank D                    
TEITS, Dora see Koechel, George C                    
TEIZEN, Peter see Janke, Ernest                    
TEIZEN, Susie see Janke, Ernest                    
TELFER, Harry W see Whiteman, Thomas                    
TELFER, Ruth E see Whiteman, Thomas                    
TELFORD, Donald James       Miles City 30 Scotland John G Telford & Betsy Mackay 26-May-17   Dawson 2173  
      Ragna Christianson Miles City 23 Norway Christian Christianson & Marie Hoffsett          
TELFORD, John G see Telford, Donald James                    
TELFORD, Robert see Telford, Walter                    
TELFORD, Walter       Lakeside 28 Island Town Vermont Robert Telford & Jessie White 26-May-12 Lakeside Valley 1052  
      Mabel Mathison Lakeside 24 Wisc Bob & Annie Mathison          
TELLOCK, Augusta see Cobbs, Edward F                    
TELLOCK, Augusta see Gobbs, Edward Frank                    
TEMBUSH, Christina see Hoesing, Edward                    
TEMBUSH, Katie see Hoesing, Edward                    
TEMEN, Cecelia see Kuhr, Henry H                    
TEMFJORD, Olivia see Magnuson, Nick                    
TEMPLE, Amelia A see Walker                    
TEMPLE, Carl C       Intake 27 Glendive Charles Temple & Hannah Goodwin 21-May-14 Glendive Dawson 1500  
      Agnes Jonas Intake 18 Ottertail Cty Mn Peter Jonas & Catherine Ruebke          
TEMPLE, Charles see Temple, Carl C                    
TEMPLE, Charles see Temple, Ernest E                    
TEMPLE, Charles see Staton, Arthur                    
TEMPLE, Charlotte see Fletcher, John D                    
TEMPLE, Chas see Fletcher, John D                    
TEMPLE, Ernest E       Glendive 33 Lowell Mass Charles Temple & Hannah Goodwin 31-Dec-08 Glendive Dawson 655  
      Bessie B Shoug Glendive 33 Augusta Wis Charles Shoug & Esther R Williams          
TEMPLE, Frank see Temple, George                    
TEMPLE, Frank       Butte Creek 51 Kentucky   7-Nov-23   Phillips 738  
      Mae Teats Billings 41 New York            
TEMPLE, George       Emerson Nebr 24 Emerson Frank Temple & Sarah O�Neil 7-Dec-28 Glendive Dawson 3670  
      Doris Caroline Trotman Wibaux 19 Sioux Falls S D Charles Trotman & Rosetta Seney          
TEMPLE, John B see Walker                    
TEMPLE, John B       Tokna 32 Austin Texas Louis Temple & Julia Pierce 24-Dec-06 Glendive Dawson 410  
      May Amelia Turnwall Moorhead Mn 32 Mn ? Turnwall & Anna Anderson          
TEMPLE, Louis see Temple, John B                    
TEMPLE, Margaret Lucile see Parker, William C                    
TEMPLE, Mary A see Trottman, John C                    
TEMPLE, Thomas see Parker, William C                    
TEMPLE, Thomas see Trottman, John C                    
TEMPLE, Thomas Joseph       Wibaux 29 Morristown Mn Thomas Temple & Mary Kennedy 2-Mar-19 Glendive Dawson 3700  
      Elsie Strong Wibaux 22 Clover Iowa William Strong & Vinnie Chapman          
TEMPLEMAN, Burton see Templeman                    
TEMPLEMAN, Robert Seth       Madoc 22 N D Burton Templeman & Retta Sluke 2-May-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2058  
      Eloise J Weick Sanborn N D 21 Mn John H Weick & Mina Newton          
TEMPLIN, Flora see Huber, Ralph E                    
TEMPLIN, Joseph & Anna see Johnson                    
TEMPLIN, Minnie see Kelm                    
TENBLAD, John see Jewell, Andrew A                    
TENBLAD, Lillian see Jewell, Andrew A                    
TENBY, H G see Tenby, Lawrence L                    
TENBY, Lawrence L       Nashua 27 Ogden Iowa H G Tenby & Ellen McCarthy 22-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1614  
      Lillian A Waters Nashua 18 Park River N D George M Waters & Mary Dascher          
TENCH, George Edward       Malta 31 Calif   8-Mar-26   Phillips 877  
      Cecile B Henry Malta 23 Missouri            
TENENEKO, Peter       Bainville 24 Russia Timothy Teneneko & Mary Artenneko 9-Nov-21 Bainville Roosivelt 312  
      Mary Johnson Fargo 19 Mn Wallace Johnson & Anna Storud          
TENENEKO, Timothy see Teneneko, Peter                    
TENENKO, Myrtle see Erovick, James J                    
TENIUS, Katherine see Danielson, Ole C                    
TENKLAY(TENCLAY), Gertrude see Bolster                    
TENNANT, Eliza see Storkel, Floyd E                    
TENNANT, Howard       Wibaux 22 Louisville Nebr Isaac Tennant & Margaret Ingram 26-Aug-21 Wibaux Wibaux 310  
      Grace Rogers Beach 22 Pipestone Mn William Rogers & Mary Dizen          
TENNANT, Isaac see Rennant, Howard                    
TENNANT, Isac see Tennant, Richard Floyd                    
TENNANT, Richard Floyd       Wibaux 27 Cross Cty Nebr Isac Tennant & Margaret Ingram 5-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1279  
      Margaret Daly Wibaux 20 Joliet Illinois Wm Daley & Margaret Kerman          
TENNIE, Lafe see Tennis                    
TENNIFOS, Gertrude see Berg                    
TENNIS, Albert L       Willow City N D 37 Mn Lafe Tennis & Margarethe Hoctell 20-May-14 Plentywood Sheridan 235  
      Mary I Mowers Clarion Iowa 41 Ill Emory White & Anna Ford          
TENNISON, Gerine see Matzen, Theodore                    
TENNISON, Ida see Thompson, Richard                    
TENNYSON, Ina May see McNutt, Ray B                    
TENNYSON, Jacob see McNutt, Ray B                    
TENNYSON, Lester D see Norton, G E                    
TEPLER, Cora see Wimsatt                    
TERBOVITZ, Lago see Terbovitz, Michael                    
TERBOVITZ, Michael       Lohman 29 Austria Lago Terbovitz & Annie Dupar 29-Dec-17 Chinook Blaine 469  
      Minnie Shankel Chinook 18 Mo Isaac M Shankel & Ellen M Rouch          
TERHARK, Bene see Kosky, Louis                    
TERHARK, Christena see Harris, Henry                    
TERHARK, Dina see Baker, Howard C                    
TERHARK, Frank see Kosky, Louis                    
TERHARK, Henry see Olson, John                    
TERHARK, Henry see Jorgensen, Anton K                    
TERHARK, John see Baker, Howard C                    
TERHARK, Martha see Jorgensen, Anton K                    
TERHARK, Nesse see Olson, John                    
TERHART, Dorothea see Severson, Elmer E                    
TERHELL, Anna see Johnson                    
TERHELL, Anna M see Lee                    
TERHILL, Anna see Lee                    
TERKELSON, Hulda Marie see Jenson, Jens                    
TERKELSON, Ingber see Thompson, Knute                    
TERKELSON, Soren see Jenson, Jens                    
TERPSTRA, Johannes       Scobey 28 Netherlands William Terpstra & Agge Core 17-Nov-13 Plentywood Sheridan 121  
      Tina Dirks Scobey 29 Ill Fred Dirks & Ella Wolf          
TERPSTRA, William see Terpstra                    
TERRELL, see also Ferrell                    
TERRELL, Bessie see Parsons, Harry                    
TERRELL, Hirum Lewis see Miller, Peter                    
TERRELL, Legretta May see Miller, Peter                    
TERRILL, Naomi D see Triplett                    
TERRY, Alda see Smith, Arthur C                    
TERRY, B L see Terry, Maurice H                    
TERRY, Earl G       Phillips 21 Mich   28-Feb-18   Phillips 322  
      Bertha Elvira Finnister Phillips 18 Maryland            
TERRY, Edgar see Smith, Arthur C                    
TERRY, Hortense see Goodbar, Roy L                    
TERRY, Hortense see Graves, Clarence E                    
TERRY, Josephus see Twedte, Hans A                    
TERRY, Kate see Ennis, Charles Andrew                    
TERRY, Katie see Ennis, M R                    
TERRY, Lottie V see Twedte, Hans A                    
TERRY, Maurice H       Columbus 27 Hutchenson Georgia B L Terry & Julia A Henson 25-Dec-30 Glendive Dawson 3952  
      Weltha Brown Glendive 25 Eleva Wisc Frank E Brown & Annie Langerfield          
TERRY, Montana see Owens                    
TERWILLIGER, Frank see Young, Charles D                    
TESCH, Caroline see Arndt, Fred                    
TESKE, Albert see Teske, Norbert A                    
TESKE, Daniel Geo       Lustre 22 S D Pen? C Teske & Lena Schmidt 6-Nov-21 Lustre Roosivelt 305  
      Helen Peters Lustre 22 Canada Aaron Peters & ???          
TESKE, Edward       Havre 28 Winona Mn Antone Teskey & Catherine Glomshi 16-Aug-23 Chinook Blaine 772  
      Mabel Billmayer Harlem 20 Kan Frank Billmayer & ???          
TESKE, Norbert A       Beach N D 25 Philadelphia Penn Albert Teske & Julia Janikowski 28-Nov St Phillips Church Custer Cty Dawson 1013  
      Antonette Settera Beach N D 16 Little Falls Mn Stanley Settera & Sara Patyk          
TESKE, Pen C see Teske, Daniel Geo                    
TESKEY, Antone see Teskey, Edward                    
TESNES, Alma see Hanson, Harry L                    
TESNES, Andrew see Hanson, Harry L                    
TESSMAN, Mrs Marie see Cusker, Frank                    
TESTERMAN, John B see Testerman, M Crawford                    
TESTERMAN, M Crawford       Coburg 27 Virginia John B Testerman & Kansas Parks 25-Sep-17 �the Gilbert Johnson House� Blaine 427  
      Elizabeth Augusta Henrich Coburg 33 Sioux Falls S D George M F Henrich & Johanna Marie Schull          
TESTU, Jean L       Dodson 32 Kans   2-Sep-25   Phillips 840  
      Carrie Myrtle Hollingsworth Havre 18 Missouri            
TESTU, Jean L see Briant, George L                    
TETER, Isaac       Harlem 36 Kansas City Mo Wash Teter & Eliza Hill 15-Dec-25 Chinook Blaine 920  
      Hester Irene McGuire Harlem 18 Villa Grove Ill Phil T McGuire & Alice A Bartley          
TETER, Lee W       Harlem 24 Eldorado Kan Washington Teter & Eliza J Hill 5-Jan-16 Chinook Blaine 253  
      Hattie Anderson Harlem 30 Mayville N D Knut O And-erson & Sarah Johnson          
TETER, Wash see Teter, Isaac                    
TETER, Washington see Teter, Lee W                    
TETERS, Naomi see Kennedy, Joseph A                    
TETLY, Edna L see Peterson, John E                    
TETLY, Harry R       Medora N D 27 Mandan N D Ludwig Tetley & Mary Timm 11-Oct-29 Wibaux Wibaux 706  
      Myrtle Roberts Medora 24 Aller-ton Iowa Charles Roberts & Clara Trumbo          
TETLY, Ludwig see Tetly, Harry R                    
TETLY, Ludwig see Peterson, John E                    
TETLY, Ludwig see Madza, Stephen                    
TETLY, Maggie see Call, Russell                    
TETLY, Thelma see Madza, Stephen                    
TETTAMBL, Anna see Baller, John                    
TETTAMBL, Peter see Baller, John                    
TETZLOFF, Edward       Grand Rapids N D 26 Mn Herman Tetzloff & Amelia Latteau 19-Dec-15 Wibaux Wibaux 65  
      Louisa Tetxloff Mn 23 Mn Gus Tetzloff & Lena Wagner          
TETZLOFF, Gus see Tetzloff, Edward                    
TETZLOFF, Herman see Tetzloff, Edward                    
TETZLOFF, Louisa see Tetzloff, Edward                    
TETZNER, Joachim see Tetzner, John                    
TETZNER, John       Alma Iowa 69 Germany Joachim Tetzner & Caroline Greber 20-Aug-19   Blaine 583  
      Julia E Kruse Chinook 70 Germany Joachim Ottzen & Margaret Jessen          
TEUCHERT, Anton see Teuchert, Charles                    
TEUCHERT, Charles       Bainville 32 Bohemia Anton Teuchert & Wilhelmina Uklich 9-Jun-26 Culbertson Roosivelt 911  
      Helen Ruth Becker Bainville 27 Mn Henry Becker & ???          
TEULING, John W M       Livingston Park Cty 24 Bradford Ontario Can Robert & Helen Teuling 4-Sep-1887 Glendive Dawson 1  
      Chessie? McKinley Glendive 17 Osceola Iowa A P & Louisa? Mckinley          
TEULING, Robert & Helen see Teuling, John W M                    
TEUPERT, Christ E see Teupert                    
TEUPERT, Frank W       P�wood 25 Mn Christ E Teupert & Sophia Kreigel 21-Oct-16   Sheridan 855  
      Elizabeth Martin P�wood 19 Iowa Frank Martin & Sadie Ankemann          
TEURCOTTE, see Turcotte                    
TEURCOTTE, Selina see Bushman, Ernest                    
TEWALT, Edwin       Alkali 55 Wis   25-Nov-18   Phillips 392  
      Anna Janisch Alkali 45 Norway            
TEXLEY, Betsy Nerison see Hauge, Charley                    
TEXTOR, Mary see McAfee, William James                    
THACHER, Alfred see Thacher, Fred                    
THACHER, Fred       Havre 39 Lake Geneva Wis Alfred Thacher & Francis Hill 21-Apr-19 Chinook Blaine 552  
      Reta Barr Mpls Mn 20 Mpls Ralph Barr & Nellie Howard          
THACHYK, Johanna see Borisevich, Peter                    
THACHYK, William see Borisevivh, Peter                    
THARALSEN, Lillian Elizabeth see Arneberg, K Bartinius                    
THARSTVEDT, Clara see Christopherson, Alfred                    
THATCHER, John M see Thatcher, Walker L                    
THATCHER, Walker L       Chinook 21 Sandy Springs Ohio John M Thatcher & Theresa Irene Lewis 25-Apr-17 Chinook Blaine 390  
      Delilah May Robinson Chinook 26 Piece? Valley Ore John Clark & Cora Lee          
THAXTON, Josephine V see Hickerson, A D                    
THAYER, Athol F       Redstone 28 Iowa Herbert E Thayer & Clara V Faust 17-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1112  
      Rose T Rauf Navaho 17 Mn William Rauf & -----? Hansen          
THAYER, Charlotte see Archer, John                    
THAYER, David see Stanhope, Reuben F                    
THAYER, Gulfa? see Edwards, Andrew J                    
THAYER, Herbert see McDowell, Oakley K                    
THAYER, Herbert E see Thater                    
THAYER, Janet see Stanhope, Reuben F                    
THAYER, Laura see Bunnell, E L                    
THAYER, Lottie see Puffer, Hughie A                    
THAYER, Mabel V see McDowell, Oakley K                    
THAYER, Nathan Albert               25-May-1885 Glendive Dawson 41  
      Mary Kate Gasner                  
THAYER, Polk see Bunnell, E L                    
THE, Boy see Crazy, Joe                    
THE, Boy see Shortman, John Baptist                    
THE, Calf see Soldier, Herbert                    
THE, Crane see Joe Has the Eagle                    
THE, Girl see Smith, Charles                    
THE, Girl see Buckman, John                    
THE, Girl see Owl Head                    
THE, Girl see Blackbird, George                    
THE BOY, Josephine see Shortman, John Babtist                    
THE BOY, Mary see Crazy, Joe                    
THE BOY, Theresa see Nicholson, George                    
THEADE, John see Stone, Robert W                    
THEADE, John see Stone, Robert W                    
THEADORF, Emma see Wanamaker, Rollie R                    
THEADORF, Herman see Wanamaker, Rollie R                    
THEDE, Freda see Engman                    
THEDE, John       Richey 30 Cavalier N D William Thede & Cecelia Lau 23-Apr-23   Dawson 2972  
      Belle Ferris Richey 23 Sioux City Iowa George Libby & Virginia Farris          
THEDE, William see Thede, John                    
THEDEN, Inga see Hoops, Clinton                    
THEDIN, Carl P see Medearis, Jerome                    
THEDIN, Johana see Medearis, Jerome                    
THEDORF, Fritz see Thedorf, Gustave E                    
THEDORF, Gustave E       Miles City 30 Dennison Iowa Fritz Thedorf & Margaret Wakler 6-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 2826  
      Gina F Jamesgaard Miles City 34 Christiana Mn Anton Jamesgaard & Christe Uggen?          
THEIGE, Dena see Hendricks                    
THEIS, Dora see Gresinger, Edwin A                    
THEIS, John see Theis, Nick                    
THEIS, Katharina see Geisen, John Francis                    
THEIS, Nick       Bloomfield 26 Clark Cty Wisc John Theis & Helena Fisher 27-Jan-14 Glendive? Dawson 1410  
      Bertha Deml Bloomfield 23 Stoddard Wisc Joe Deml & Anna Lebrecht          
THEISEN, Ferdinand E see Allen, W E                    
THEISEN, Elizabeth L see Lucia, Almond J                    
THEISEN, Jacob & Wilhelmina Kathryn see Lucia, Almond J                    
THEISEN, Rose M see Allen, W E                    
THEISSEN, Peter B see Thiessen, Jacob B                    
THELAN, Lizzie see Wheeler                    
THELANDER, Gilbert A       Gt Falls 29 Mn Oscar Thelander & Christiana Anderson 30-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2688  
      Josephine E Hallam Thoeny 21 Missouri Chas Hallam & Laura G Reid          
THELANDER, Oscar see Thelander, Gilbert A                    
THELEN, Emma see Delvane                    
THELEN, Emma see Schillinger, Joseph B                    
THELIN, Emma see Kirchner, Eugene T                    
THENDL, Teresa see Kelly, John W                    
THENE, Ermita see Rouse, Samuel W                    
THEOBALD, Anthony T see Fannon, Curtis O                    
THEOBALD, Elizabeth see LaRowe, Roy                    
THEODORFF, Herman see Haggman, Alfred N                    
THEODORFF, Lily see Hagmann, Lily                    
THERRIEN, Ludger       Phillips 39 Canada   21-Nov-20   Phillips 549  
      Rose Desrosier Phillips 23 Canada            
THERRSEN, Henrietta see Coyne, Patrick Thomas                    
THERSSEN, Paul see VanLuchene, Paul M                    
THESEN, Helen see Duerksen, Henry H                    
THIBADA, Toli see Cyr, Joseph M                    
THIBEDEAU, Matilda see Healy, Patrick                    
THIBODA, Evalee see Smith, William Edward                    
THIBODA, William see Smith, William Edward                    
THIBODEAU, Clara see Snyder, Roy H                    
THIEG, Carl see Hausman, John G                    
THIEG, Louisa A see Hausman, John G                    
THIEL, Hazel see Sturgis, Floyd                    
THIEL, Helen see Thomas, Theodore                    
THIEL, Julius see Thiel, Percey Gilbert                    
THIEL, Julius see Thomas, Theodore                    
THIEL, Julius see Porter, Eugene                    
THIEL, Julius see Sturgis, Floyd                    
THIEL, Percey Gilbert       Havre 22 Fargo Julius Thiel & Mattie Sharbon 2-Jul-28 Glasgow Valley 3394  
      Amelia Mae Christenson Harlem 18 Fargo Ole Christenson & Sigrid Gunderson          
THIEL, Violet see Porter, Eugene                    
THIELEN, Jacob A       Glendive 26 StCloud Mn John Thielen & Katherine Simonis 1-Jul-24 Glendive Dawson 3120  
      Rosalie Keinrath Glendive 19 Hungary Martin Keinrath & Mary Englander          
THIELEN, John see Thielen, Joseph                    
THIELEN, John see Thielen, Jacob A                    
THIELEN, Joseph       Dickinson N D 24 St Cloud Mn John Thielen & Katherine Simonis 26-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3287  
      Emma Reisenauer Dickinson N D 19 Dickinson Mike Reisenauer & Elizabeth Ott          
THIELEN, Mike       Plevna 35 Plevna Peter Thielen & Susie Clemmons 1-Jul-29 Glentana Valley 3482  
      Wanda Robe Plevna 23 Ill William Robe & Elizabeth Hoffart          
THIELEN, Peter see Thielen, Mike                    
THIELKE, Clarence E       Richland 28 Rockford Mn Otto Thielke & Katherine Becker 29-Sep-27 Scobey Daniels 343  
      Lulia H Fouhy Peerlss 20 Oxbow Sask Can Robert Fouhy & Christine Hestman          
THIELKE, Lloyd A       Richland 26 Rockland Mn Otto Thielke & Kate Becker 26-Jun-27 Scobey Daniels 334  
      Annie E Matchett Opheim 22 Sask Can George Matchett & Annie Hodgens          
THIELKE, Otto see Thielke, Clarence E                    
THIELKE, Otto see Thielke, Lloyd A                    
THIELMAN, August see Sutherland, Donald Campbell                    
THIELMAN, August see Pontzius, Frank F                    
THIELMAN, Augusta H see Pontzius, Frank F                    
THIELMAN, Lydia see Sutherland, Donald Campbell                    
THIENIES, Anna see Phillips, Gilbert                    
THIENIES, J H see Phillips, Gilbert                    
THIERFELDER, Harry J       Miles City 35 Moberly Missouri J W Thierfelder & Helen Jensen 13-Oct-19 Glendive Dawson 2579  
      Edith Slocum Miles City 31 Saginaw Mich Fred Slocum & Viona Bradley          
THIERFELDER, J W see Thierfelder, Harry J                    
THIESEN, Ann E see Morris, Norman C                    
THIESEN, Catherine see Rohde, Henry                    
THIESEN, J A see Morris, Norman C                    
THIESEN, Jacob A see Hinger, William L                    
THIESEN, Sarah see Hinger, William L                    
THIESSE, Hattie see Fretze, Edward E                    
THIESSE, Henry see Fretze, Edward E                    
THIESSEN, David H       Lambert 23 Mountain Lake Mn David Thiessen & Agnethe Holzrichter 24-Feb-24 Bloomfield Dawson 3078  
      Annie Schultz Richey 19 Beach N D David Schultz & Margaretha Reimer          
THIESSEN, Jacob B       Herbert Sask 26 Russia Peter W Thiessen & Lena Berg 29-Mar-21 Lustre Valley 2768  
      Nettie Raddekopp Lustre 22 Russia Benjamin B Radekopp & Sussanna Kasper          
THIESSEN, Jacob N       Lustre 23 Mountain Lake Mn Peter Thiessen & Eggeita Nickel 27-Oct-27 the Bruderthaler Church Valley 3330  
      Katherinia Unran Lustre 24 Mountain Lake Mn Henry Unran & Katherine Fast          
THIESSEN, Lena see Duerksen, Abraham H                    
THIESSEN, P N       Lambert 26 Mountain Lake Mn P J Thiessen & Agnes Nickel 23-Apr-18 Round Butte School Dawson 2357  
      Winnie E Beyer Lambert 20 MonteVista Colorado Paul Beyer & Lena Biaitzka          
THIESSEN, Peter see Thiessen, Jacob N                    
THIEVEN, Annie see Gage, Blake                    
THIEVEN, Peter see Gage, Blake                    
THIEVIN, Eugene A       Carbert 26 Forget Sask Can Peter Thievin & Mary Goujon 23-Oct-22 Scobey Daniels 74  
      Jeanne M B StGermaine Lacadaire Sask Can 18 Forget Sask John Baptiste StGermaine & Josephine Paudois?          
THIEVIN, Peter see Thievin, Eugene A                    
THIGH, see Smith                    
THIGH, see Attacks                    
THILL, A G       Lismas 24 New Oregon N Y C W Thill & Annie E Sohans 13-Jan-11 Glasgow Valley 783  
      Eve Hively Glasgow 18 Warsaw Ind Jonathan Hivley & Elizabeth Crutendalf          
THILL, Adolph C       Glasgow 29 N Y C W Thill & Anna E Showers 8-Sep-15 Glasgow Valley 1732  
      Leona Stockton Lismas 26 Iowa B B Delay & Nellie Wilby?          
THILL, C W see Thill, A C                    
THILL, C W see Thill, Adolph                    
THILL, Leona see Rummels, Mack                    
THILL, Mary see Berns, Theophile                    
THILMAN, Emilie see Parker, Claud                    
THINE, Ermita see Buell, Jess J                    
THINGSTAD, John       Phillips 31 N D   19-Dec-17   Phillips 303  
      Elma Helmina Reitan Phillips 18 Mn            
THINKER, Marion see Bell, Thomas                    
THIRSEN, Agnes see Friesen, Diedrich                    
THISETH, Andrew       Brockton 38 Rindalen Nordmore Norway Peter Thiseth & Ingaborg Opoin 3-Jan-28 Minneapolis Mn Roosivelt 1119  
      Agnes Aune Marion Alberta Can   Icerwood Mn Ole Aune & Anna Olson          
THISETH, Peter see Thiseth, Andrew                    
THODE, Augusta see Stringer                    
THODE, Joach see Stringer                    
THOE, Bertha see Dolinski, John J                    
THOE, Bessie see Rice, James W                    
THOEDTE, Emilia see Christopherson                    
THOEMKE, Lillian see Moore, Charles E                    
THOEMKE, Paul see Moore, Charles E                    
THOENY, Benjamin H       Grenora N D 46 Wis Henry Thoeny & Mary Geisicke 6-Jun-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2327  
      Jodie Stewart Chatanooga Tenn 41 Tenn George Arnott & Elen Walker          
THOENY, Clara see Hutchins, George Herbert                    
THOENY, Henry see Thoeny                    
THOENY, Henry see Miller, Oral                    
THOENY, Henry see Hunter, Harley H                    
THOENY, Henry see Thoeny, J M                    
THOENY, Hilda M see Hunter, Harley H                    
THOENY, J M       Barr 34 Wis Henry Thoeny & Mary Gieseker 23-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1549  
      Alice Stulteen Barr 23 Fountain City Wis Knute Stulteen & Adora Hilken?          
THOENY, Mayme see Miller, Oral                    
THOESTER, Anne (Shavle?) see Miller, George W                    
THOM, Bertha see Houck, Jesse E                    
THOM, Edith see Splan, Edward                    
THOM, Elsie see Cooper, Hardy                    
THOM, Joseph see Thom, Thomas E                    
THOM, Josephine see Balcer, Leo George                    
THOM, Josephine see Stephan, John E                    
THOM, Katie see Levandaska, Wallace                    
THOM, Maryan see Forbes, Geo A                    
THOM, Philip G       Ridgelawn 31 Toronto Iowa ??? & Stacy A Davis 21-Mar-06 Ridgelawn Dawson 362  
      Maud A Parsley Ridgelawn 24 Grand Rapids Wisc James J Hill & Mary Helen Kellogg          
THOM, Robert see Thom                    
THOM, Robert see Splan, Edward                    
THOM, Thomas E       Glentana 23 Fairbault Mn Joseph Thom & Kate Kaul 6-Oct-23 Glentana Valley 2997  
      Clara Neihoff Glentana 23 Stearns Cty Mn Henry Neihoff & Mary Wehrman          
THOM, Walter       Madoc 23 Mn Robert Thom & Amelia Stiffany 23-Oct-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1837  
      Doris Conditt Fargo N D 24 Mn Clarence Conditt & Mae Emmer-son          
THOMA, Madeline see Betsinger, Herbert                    
THOMAS, A M see Thomas                    
THOMAS, Ada see Stone, Robert W                    
THOMAS, Ada Florence see Toovey                    
THOMAS, Albert see Sipperly, Charles                    
THOMAS, Albert H       Culbertson 28 Nev James W Thomas & Grace Williams 16-Nov-14 Culbertson Sheridan 361  
      Clara R Kurtz Culbertson 26 Ill Edward Kurtz & Mary Hemmer          
THOMAS, Albert Hugh see Thomas, Roy                    
THOMAS, Alice see Bollinger, Jesse P                    
THOMAS, Alice see McCanna, Earl                    
THOMAS, Alice E see Walker, Harold H                    
THOMAS, Alma see Thorgaard, Nels                    
THOMAS, Amelia M see Sanborn, Earl M                    
THOMAS, Anna see Engle, Charles F Jr                    
THOMAS, Anna see Reddoor, Edwin                    
THOMAS, Anna see Richwine, Harry C                    
THOMAS, Archie B       P�wood 22 Kentucky A M Thomas & Maude M Sable 6-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1568  
      C Grace Voyles Salem Ind     Newton P Voyles & Mary W Mort-enson          
THOMAS, Arthur L       Harlem 30 Dane Cty Wis August Thomas & Louise Dohm 18-Oct-26 Chinook Blaine 970  
      Germaine Matter Twete 18 Sleepy Eye Mn August Matter & Mary Ann Ryan          
THOMAS, August see Thomas, Arthur L                    
THOMAS, Beatrice see Brown, Ernest Earl                    
THOMAS, Belle see Frye, Elmer L                    
THOMAS, Belle see Wilkinson, G W                    
THOMAS, Blanche see Hupp, Edward Thomas                    
THOMAS, C see Thomas, Martin B                    
THOMAS, Carl see Walker, Harold H                    
THOMAS, Carl see Jentges, Joseph P                    
THOMAS, Catherine see Glasscock, Cleveland T                    
THOMAS, Celia see Clark, Howard                    
THOMAS, Chas see Thomas, Clyde A                    
THOMAS, Clyde A       Glendive 28 Des Moines Iowa Chas Thomas & Minnie Ashfield 6-Jun-06 Glendive Dawson 368  
      Hazel Wilson Glendive 17 Glendive Lewis Wilson & Fannie Lattrell          
THOMAS, Deleo see Riley, Wendell E G                    
THOMAS, Dora Bell see Tremble                    
THOMAS, Dorothy Gertrude see Inman, Harry Austin                    
THOMAS, Ed see Clark, Howard                    
THOMAS, Ed see Crockett, Charles Richard                    
THOMAS, Edward J       Hinsdale 34 Penn Richard E Thomas & Barbie Rummel 7-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2190  
      Olga Emily Carlsrud Hinsdale 24 Mn Olif Carlsrud & Elin Soriene Rasmussen          
THOMAS, Edward N       Lismas 30 Wis Henry Thomas & Gertrude Lear 20-May-15 Glasgow Valley 1681  
      res Emma M Gregory Lismas 23 Oregon John Gregory & Anna True          
THOMAS, Elisha see Thomas, William A                    
THOMAS, Eliza see Childs, Harrison L                    
THOMAS, Elizabeth see Morin, Leo Celestine                    
THOMAS, Elizabeth see Bonneau, John B                    
THOMAS, Elizabeth see Middleton, Alexander G                    
THOMAS, Ellen see Corkery, Edward J                    
THOMAS, Emilie P see Jentges, Joseph P                    
THOMAS, Eva see Bayman, Ferris                    
THOMAS, Flora see Fetch, V W                    
THOMAS, Frances (Minnell?) see Gruber                    
THOMAS, Frank       Comfrey Mn 28 Comfrey John Thomas & Susanna Johnson 12-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1473  
      Margaret Thon Comfrey Mn 20 Clair City Mn Anton Thon & Margaret Schaack          
THOMAS, Frank see Brown, Ernest Earl                    
THOMAS, Frank see Sanborn, Earl M                    
THOMAS, Frank & Mrs see Fetch, V W                    
THOMAS, Frank & Mrs see Falls, Durfee W                    
THOMAS, Frank J       Malta 25 Kans   21-May-23   Phillips 714  
      Maud V Perring Malta 21 Mt            
THOMAS, Frank P see Thomas, Herbert A                    
THOMAS, George W see Thomas, Perry A                    
THOMAS, Hannah see Nelson, Clair S                    
THOMAS, Harry see Thomas, John H                    
THOMAS, Harvin       Grenora N D 21 Mn Henry Thomas & Gina Erickson 1-Apr-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2157  
      Lillie Lysne Dalton Mn 18 Mn Andrew Lysne & Caroline Christopherson          
THOMAS, Hayden M       Whitetail 22 Iowa John C Thomas & Anna Morgan 1-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1658  
      LaRue Saun-ders Whitwtail 18 Iowa J C Saunders & Josie L Humphrey          
THOMAS, Hazel Josie see Crockett, Charles Richard                    
THOMAS, Helen Louise see Ferguson, Harry                    
THOMAS, Henriette Lucule see Sturm                    
THOMAS, Henry see Thomas                    
THOMAS, Henry see Jetson, Morris D                    
THOMAS, Henry see Thomas, Edward N                    
THOMAS, Herbert A       Glendive 24 Andover Maine Frank P Thomas & Carrie L Heuey 15-May-08 Glendive Dawson 594  
      Viola Arletta Stewart Glendive 18 Dawson Cty Niel Stewart & Arletta Garden          
THOMAS, Herschel see Thomas, Josrph Martin                    
THOMAS, Hiram F see Sturm                    
THOMAS, J A see Hupp, Edward Theodore                    
THOMAS, J P see Thomas, Theodore                    
THOMAS, James see Thomas, Ralph James                    
THOMAS, James A see Miller, Frank M                    
THOMAS, James W see Thomas                    
THOMAS, Jessie see Ruffcorn, George W                    
THOMAS, Jim see Childs, Harrison L                    
THOMAS, John see Hola                    
THOMAS, John see Thomas, Frank                    
THOMAS, John C see Thomas                    
THOMAS, John H       Glendive 23 Iron Mountain Mich Harry Thomas & Mary Balter 15-Sep-28 Glendive Dawson 3626  
      Elizabeth Meters Glendive 18 Dickinson N D Fred Meyers & Lena Landize          
THOMAS, Joseph see Demary, Robert                    
THOMAS, Joseph Martin       Smith Creek 24 Wis Herschel Thomas & Anna T Spears 16-Mar-16 Wibaux Wibaux 87  
      Mary T Kupferschmidt Smith Creek 27 Mn John Kupferschmidt & ???Lasinski          
THOMAS, L Pearl see Burk, Harry                    
THOMAS, Lily see Dompke, Rudolph                    
THOMAS, Loa A see Miller, Frank A                    
THOMAS, Loretta see Comstock, Earl                    
THOMAS, Magdalena see Cooke, Herbert W                    
THOMAS, Margaret see Gaudry, August                    
THOMAS, Margaret see James, Arthur J                    
THOMAS, Margaret see Halverson, Hiram                    
THOMAS, Margaret see Dowd, John                    
THOMAS, Marie see Sandlie, Adolph Peter                    
THOMAS, Marion see Vogt, Carl                    
THOMAS, Mark see Benson, J Oscar                    
THOMAS, Mart see Comstock, Earl                    
THOMAS, Martin B       Glasgow 28 Albert Lea Mn C Thomas & Mary A Hanson 28-Jun-09 Glasgow Valley 486  
      Nellie Boyle Glasgow 24 Gratiot Wis J K Boyle & Margaret Lockman          
THOMAS, Mary see Griffin                    
THOMAS, Mary see Rubin                    
THOMAS, Mary see Foster, Raymond                    
THOMAS, Minnie see Duncan, Thomas J                    
THOMAS, Myrtle E see Jetson, Morris D                    
THOMAS, Nora K (Kehoe?) see Earsley, Barrett                    
THOMAS, Noressa see Housley , Matthew F                    
THOMAS, Norissa see Barr, William                    
THOMAS, Norissa see West, George                    
THOMAS, Oran B see Draper, Eugene A                    
THOMAS, Perry A       Baylor 28 N D Geo W Thomas & Maria Groves 28-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2118  
      Carrie Lee Baylor Baylor 28 Texas Walter K Baylor & Cordelia? Hardeman          
THOMAS, Ralph James       Glendive 26 Caronna Indiana James Thomas & Katherine Kiplinger 31-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1121  
      Velma Ruth Larimer Glendive 22 Millersburg Indiana Edson Frank Larimer & Cora Emma Leslie          
THOMAS, Richard E see Thomas, Edward J                    
THOMAS, Richard E see Thomas, William C                    
THOMAS, Rosa see Ruff, Gabriel                    
THOMAS, Rose A see McFarland, Chas H                    
THOMAS, Roy       Malta 26 Tokna Albert Hugh Thomas & Etta Williams 17-May-12 Chinook Blaine 3  
      Ida Margaretta Mattson Wagner 22 Sweden Andrew Mattson & Sigrid Olson          
THOMAS, Ruby see McCartney, Oliver N                    
THOMAS, Sally see Moore, Ray                    
THOMAS, Sam & Susan see Thomas, Wm                    
THOMAS, Samuel Z see Inman, Harry Austin                    
THOMAS, Sarah see Newlon, Robert C                    
THOMAS, Sarah E see Ross, Charlie                    
THOMAS, Selina see Demary, Robert                    
THOMAS, Selma see Hola                    
THOMAS, Sophie see Holmes, James                    
THOMAS, Theodore       Lambert 22 West Virginia J P Thomas & Susana Reed 14-Jul-45 Glendive Dawson 3240  
      Helen Thiel Lambert 18 Lambert Julius Thiel & Mattie Sharbono          
THOMAS, Thomas see Griffin                    
THOMAS, Thomas see Halverson, Hiram                    
THOMAS, Thomas see Hoke, Jesse                    
THOMAS, Thomas see Richwine, Harry C                    
THOMAS, Will see Peterson, Adolph F                    
THOMAS, William see Dowd, John                    
THOMAS, William A       Snowbelt 31 Mercer Mo Elisha R Thomas & Sarah A Loe 27-Aug-19 Jordan Garfield 5  
      Letha McMains Snow Belt 19 New Sharon Iowa Marion McMains & Ollie Dean          
THOMAS, William C       Hinsdale 26 Penn Richard E Thomas & Barbara Ann Rummel 24-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2260  
      Iona Angelina Frost Hinsdale 19 Mn Nickola Frost & Linda Carroll          
THOMAS, Witt see Thorgaard, Nels                    
THOMAS, Wm       Wibaux 23 Shelby Cty Mo Sam & Susan Thomas 6-Jan-03 Wibaux Dawson 277  
      Florence Emmons Rockwell Missouri 27 Rockwell ???          
THOME, Anna see Wood, Ollen Orlando                    
THOME, George see Wood, Ollen Orlando                    
THOMES, Anna see Bergan, Adolf E                    
THOMEY, Bartlemise see Thomey, Matt                    
THOMEY, Matt       Opheim 44 Mn Bartlemise Thomey & Katie Krug 1-Jul-14 Glasgow? Valley 1470  
      Harriet J Valentine Wildrose? N D 36 Ohio Jesse Delso Jefferson & Frances Hoyt          
THOMEY, Mrs George see Funnell                    
THOMLEY, Margaret see Crocket, Roy R                    
THOMLEY, W H see Crocket, Roy R                    
THOMLEY, W H see Hall, George W                    
THOMPKINS, Esther see VanEaton, Murray Palmer                    
THOMPKINS, Frank & Margaret see VanEaton, Murray Palmer                    
THOMPSEN, Johanna see Tange                    
THOMPSON, A L see Axtell, B A                    
THOMPSON, A T see Hoglund                    
THOMPSON, A T & Gyda Sophia see Anderson                    
THOMPSON, Abraham L       Phillips 37 Kentucky   28-Dec-16   Phillips 171  
      Rosie LaFond Phillips 23 Mich            
THOMPSON, Adeline see Morisset, Bryan G                    
THOMPSON, Agnes see McLellan, Acnes                    
THOMPSON, Albert Chase       Wibaux 29 Creston Iowa William H Thompson & Elizabeth Spence 14-Aug-06 Wibaux Dawson 382  
      Ella M Fleet Wibaux 17 Hutchison Mn Merton W Fleet & Dora Kohler          
THOMPSON, Albert Chris       Franklin Mn 38 Mn Chris & Bertha Thompson 25-Jun-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1464  
      Hulda Camilla Jensen Franklin 37 Mn Nels Jensen & Anna M Hansen          
THOMPSON, Alec (Alecxander Thomson)       Glendive 22 Scotland David Thompson & Jane McRae 1-Mar-26 Glendive Dawson 3331  
      Leonore Roberts Glendive 20 Pendleton Oregon Sam Roberts & Clara Dunbar          
THOMPSON, Alexander see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Alexander see Barnes, Asa F                    
THOMPSON, Alexander see Thompson, William E                    
THOMPSON, Alfred see Smith                    
THOMPSON, Alfred       Burns 30 Mn Nels Thompson & Anna Anderson 25-Jan-17 Wibaux Wibaux 124  
      Gertrude Weyer Burns   Mn George Weyer & Elizabeth Daniels          
THOMPSON, Alfred & Mrs see Mitchell, John A                    
THOMPSON, Alice see Olson                    
THOMPSON, Alice see Stanford                    
THOMPSON, Alice see Stanford                    
THOMPSON, Alice see Stanford, Horace Greely                    
THOMPSON, Alice E see Bradstreet, Charles Leroy                    
THOMPSON, Allan see Eldridge, Albert                    
THOMPSON, Alma see Anderson                    
THOMPSON, Alma see Jones, Thomas R                    
THOMPSON, Amanda see Fransen                    
THOMPSON, Amos       Zurich 25 Ohio Lewis Thompson & Mary Young 4-Dec-27 Chinook Blaine 1036  
      Christine Fald Chinook 18 Wis Gustav Fald & Martha Olson          
THOMPSON, Amy see Reed, John Scott                    
THOMPSON, Andrew see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Andrew see Thomson                    
THOMPSON, Andrew & Anna see Oyloe                    
THOMPSON, Ann E see Peer, Benjamin F                    
THOMPSON, Anna see Abel, J J                    
THOMPSON, Annie see Bell                    
THOMPSON, Annie see Cortois, Charles                    
THOMPSON, Annie see Newfield, Frank                    
THOMPSON, Annie see McLellan, Malcolm                    
THOMPSON, Annie M see Goodson, Isaac F                    
THOMPSON, Arne see Boyd, Henry O                    
THOMPSON, Arne see Thompson, Joseph Bennett                    
THOMPSON, Arne see Jones, Thomas R                    
THOMPSON, Arthur Louis       Glendive 24 Hutchinson Mn Ole K Thompson & Marie Peterson 24-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2820  
      Lillian Helen Drummond Glendive 22 Terry James W Drummond & Pauline Joubert          
THOMPSON, B G see Lingle, T J                    
THOMPSON, Belle see Packard, Russell B                    
THOMPSON, Belle see Rennie, Will                    
THOMPSON, Benora see Storle                    
THOMPSON, Bernard       Colton S D 22 Minnehaha Cty S D James A Thompson & Rose Fifer 11-Oct-21 Wibaux Wibaux 315  
      Grace Beeler Wibaux 19 Clay Cty S D Alfred Beeler & Emma Ewalt          
THOMPSON, Bert G see Sasson, Andrew                    
THOMPSON, Bertha see Salvin, Theodore W                    
THOMPSON, Bina see Christiansen, Chris                    
THOMPSON, Byron see Thompson, L James                    
THOMPSON, C W       Van Norman 24 Ohio J R Thompson & Christine Mathews 12-Jan-20 Glasgow Valley 2612  
      Hazel F Davis Valentine 19 Mt W E Davis & Marie Olson          
THOMPSON, Carl M see Christiansen, Peter Oscar                    
THOMPSON, Caroline see Severson                    
THOMPSON, Carolyn C see Frank, William F                    
THOMPSON, Carrie see Ferguson                    
THOMPSON, Carrie see Linderman, Harry J                    
THOMPSON, Carrie see Elkins, Henry R                    
THOMPSON, Carrie see Helland, Henry                    
THOMPSON, Cecil see Sasson, Andrew                    
THOMPSON, Charles see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Charles see Aaker, Lawrence A                    
THOMPSON, Charles see Thompson, George                    
THOMPSON, Charles see Thompson, Raleigh                    
THOMPSON, Chas C see Lindberg, August H                    
THOMPSON, Chloris see Axtell, B A                    
THOMPSON, Chris see Mohr                    
THOMPSON, Chris & Bertha see Thompson, Alfred Chris                    
THOMPSON, Christine see Bekkerus                    
THOMPSON, Clara see see French                    
THOMPSON, Clara see Antrobus, Rome                    
THOMPSON, Clara B see Tyler                    
THOMPSON, Clara M see Miller, Eugene A                    
THOMPSON, Clarence H       Nashua 21 Butte W E Thompson & Grace Villiard 18-Oct-23 Glasgow Valley 3002  
      Constance R McPherson Nashua 19 Nashua Frank McPherson & ???          
THOMPSON, Cora see Oakland, Gaylord                    
THOMPSON, Daisy see Harbolt, Glenn M                    
THOMPSON, David see Thompson, Alec                    
THOMPSON, David B see Thompson, Robert D                    
THOMPSON, Dina see Tobin, Alta L                    
THOMPSON, Dollie V see Lingle, T J                    
THOMPSON, Dora see Karkaldie, Robert                    
THOMPSON, Dorothy see Schmidt, Wald                    
THOMPSON, Dorothy (Wigmore?) see Olson                    
THOMPSON, E Hazel see LaRoche, Elias P                    
THOMPSON, E L see Harbolt, Glenn M                    
THOMPSON, Earnie Maxwell       Smokey Butte 25 Norfolk Cty Ontario Can John Thompson & Betsy Waddle 25-Mar-15 Jordan Dawson 1896  
      Ethel Ann Norman Smoky Butte 20 Salina Kansas Wm E Norman & Mary Arvilla Baldwin          
THOMPSON, Ed W see Storle                    
THOMPSON, Edith Marion see Roberts, John Nelson                    
THOMPSON, Edward see Thompson, John E                    
THOMPSON, Elbert Estle       Chinook 20 Wolford N D Estle Thompson & Bessie Moffett 7-Jul-25 Chinook Blaine 879  
      Stella Anseth Chinook 18 Rugby N D Martin Anseth & Anna Hansen          
THOMPSON, Eleanor see Knapp, Ralph S                    
THOMPSON, Eleanor O see Lowell, Ora W                    
THOMPSON, Elick see Betts                    
THOMPSON, Eliza see Reed, Verl Oliver                    
THOMPSON, Eliza Melinda see Sutton, Ernest Edgar                    
THOMPSON, Elizabeth see Bowerman, Grant H                    
THOMPSON, Elizabeth see McCann, Raymond                    
THOMPSON, Elizabeth Ann see Zartman, Charles Cody                    
THOMPSON, Elizabeth B see Schrepel, Clarence                    
THOMPSON, Ella see Christoph, Wm L                    
THOMPSON, Elliot see Saltz, Noah Frank                    
THOMPSON, Elsie see Ralston, William M                    
THOMPSON, Emma see Pederson, Edward                    
THOMPSON, Emma see Johnson, Jonah                    
THOMPSON, Emma see Brown, Hugh                    
THOMPSON, Emma see Thompson, Emma                    
THOMPSON, Emma see Martens, Marcus Henry                    
THOMPSON, Emma Lillian see Nelson, Martin C                    
THOMPSON, Erwin E       Saco 36 Bagley Mich William Thompson & Louise Koenig 15-Sep-26 Hinsdale Valley 3243  
      Agnes Adeline Tollefson Whitewater 20 Barton N D John Tollefson & Gemilia Livdalen          
THOMPSON, Esther see Olson, Oswald                    
THOMPSON, Estle see Thompson, Elbert Estle                    
THOMPSON, Estle see Olson, Oswald                    
THOMPSON, Eva A see Mohr                    
THOMPSON, Evert       Medicine Lake 30 Fairmount N D John D Thompson & Mary Bedgood 28-Nov-23 Scobey Daniels 127  
      Dorothy G Wigmore Med�Lake 19 Redstone J C Wigmore & ???          
THOMPSON, Fern see Betts                    
THOMPSON, Florence see Jensen                    
THOMPSON, Florence see Olson, V L                    
THOMPSON, Florence W see Stephens, Guy C                    
THOMPSON, Frank see Thompson, Harry L                    
THOMPSON, Fred       Caldwell 35 Canada   1-Jan-20   Phillips 485  
      A C Mooney Caldwell 38 Canada            
THOMPSON, Fred & Mary see Thompson, Harry                    
THOMPSON, Fred L see Taylor, John L                    
THOMPSON, G F       Malta 30 Decorah Iowa John Thompson & Mary Oklund 7-Oct-14 Malta Valley 1553  
      Sarah E Munson Malta 33 N Y Herbert Munson & ???          
THOMPSON, G F see Rood, Iver A                    
THOMPSON, G F see Borton, Albert J                    
THOMPSON, G F see Coswell, Roswell J                    
THOMPSON, G W see Lamb, Elmer                    
THOMPSON, George see Donohue, William A                    
THOMPSON, George       Ft Peck Reser 18 Ft Peck Charles Thompson & Harriet Conger 25-Jan-25 Poplar Roosivelt 728  
      Virginia Beaudry Saco 19 Canada Neil Beaudry & Mary McGillis          
THOMPSON, George see Miller, Louis E                    
THOMPSON, Georgiana see Bonney, Walter L                    
THOMPSON, Gertrude see Richards                    
THOMPSON, Gertrude see Welter                    
THOMPSON, Gertrude see Drager                    
THOMPSON, Gertrude see Link, Alvin L                    
THOMPSON, Getta see Boyd, Henry O                    
THOMPSON, Gilbert       Been 30 Mn Nels Thompson & Anna Anderson 29-Jun-15 Been Wibaux 39  
      Martha Nordby Wibaux 25 Norway Marvin Nordby & Martha Grambo          
THOMPSON, Gina H see Feltham                    
THOMPSON, Gladys see Miller, Louis E                    
THOMPSON, Gladys see Mead, Maynard M                    
THOMPSON, Gladys S see Emiline, Levi H                    
THOMPSON, Gordon see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Gust A see Link, Alvin L                    
THOMPSON, H H see Lovaas, John                    
THOMPSON, Halvor see Thompson, Harry T                    
THOMPSON, Halvor see LaRoche, Elias P                    
THOMPSON, Hans see Olson                    
THOMPSON, Hans see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Harold Murray       Wolf Point 21 Canada B W Murray & Myrtle Coville 17-Aug-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 797  
      Nelle Blye Helmer Wolf Point 24 Poplar James Helmer Sr & Anne Manning          
THOMPSON, Harry       Bloomfield 33 N Y City Fred & Mary Thompson 23-May-18 Glendive Dawson 2370  
      Myrtle E Haligas Bloomfield 32 Algonquin Illinois James R Haligas & L Ellen Lucas          
THOMPSON, Harry C       Minot 39 Pontiac Ill T H Thompson & Nellie Clark 20-Aug-34 Westby Sheridan 2862  
      Edna L Latzke Minot 25 Halloway Mn Otto Latzke & Hattie Just          
THOMPSON, Harry L       Carlyle 23 Iowa Frank Thompson & Ella May Harbor 30-Dec-22 Carlyle Wibaux 368  
      ???       Emma Lyda Gulliford & Pearl G Clark          
THOMPSON, Harry O       Flaxville 32 Mn Hans Thompson & Anna Jorgenson 22-Oct-19 Scobey Sheridan 1577  
      Dora Hexom Flaxville 34 Iowa David Hexom & Augusta Johnson          
THOMPSON, Harry T       Opheim 30 Mn Halvor Thompson & Anna Bystrom 1-May-27 Glasgow Valley 3285  
      Olna A Rodenbaugh Scobey 21 S D George Lloyd Rodenbaugh & Maye Emily Graves          
THOMPSON, Hattah see Coleman, John Lawrence                    
THOMPSON, Hattie see Abel, Albert G                    
THOMPSON, Hattie M see Duffy, Edward P                    
THOMPSON, Hazel see Kosmalski, John                    
THOMPSON, Helen see Ehrhardt                    
THOMPSON, Helen see Sefert, Stanley                    
THOMPSON, Henry see Frazer, James N G                    
THOMPSON, Henry       Andes 28 Mn Kent Thompson & Alice Thurteldahl 9-Feb-17 Glasgow Valley 2064  
      Clara Irwin Andes 18 Indiana J H Irwin & Elizabeth Koeser          
THOMPSON, Henry see Thompson, Richard                    
THOMPSON, Hilda see Strand, John E                    
THOMPSON, Ida see Sundlie, Carl                    
THOMPSON, Inga see Sands                    
THOMPSON, Ira see Thompson, Perrin Ely                    
THOMPSON, Irene see Plaisance                    
THOMPSON, Isabelle see Hahn, Edwin                    
THOMPSON, J H see Thompson, James                    
THOMPSON, J R see Thompson, C W                    
THOMPSON, J W see Spiller, Wm G                    
THOMPSON, Jacob & Celia see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Jacob Able       Chinook 25 Adams Cty Wis John A Thompson & Anna Johnson 20-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 348  
      Ina Effie Criswell Chinook 18 Ottumwa Iowa J W Criswell & Estella Smith          
THOMPSON, James       Reserve 33 N D Gordon Thompson & Jane Ferrier 20-Mar-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1959  
      Olga Holm-quist   32 Sweden Peter Holmquist & Carrie Larson          
THOMPSON, James see Duffy, Edward P                    
THOMPSON, James       Wolf Point 34 Can J H Thompson & Laughing Woman 16-Mar-21 Poplar Roosivelt 224  
      Mrs Lillian Pease Wolf Point 30 Mn ???          
THOMPSON, James A see Thompson, Bernard                    
THOMPSON, James F see Thompson, Maurice Hugh                    
THOMPSON, Jean see Sawyer, John Edward                    
THOMPSON, Jennie see Hougland                    
THOMPSON, Jennie see Glascock, Cleveland T                    
THOMPSON, Jennie see Wilson, Frank R                    
THOMPSON, John see Thompson, G F                    
THOMPSON, John see Wilson, John B                    
THOMPSON, John see Cosner, Harry W                    
THOMPSON, John see Hyde, Arthur William                    
THOMPSON, John see Thompson, Earnie Maxwell                    
THOMPSON, John see Scott, Conrad Allen                    
THOMPSON, John A see Thompson, Jacob Able                    
THOMPSON, John C see Arndt, William                    
THOMPSON, John C see Thompson, William Lorenzo                    
THOMPSON, John D see Thompson, Evert                    
THOMPSON, John E       Havre 29 Lansing Mn? Edward Thompson & Mary Hall 24-Dec-28 Chinook Blaine 1106  
      Mathilda Booth Havre 20 Elliott Cty Ky Richard Booth & Cynthia Gibson          
THOMPSON, John E see Cleary, James R                    
THOMPSON, John W       Glendive 32 Deadwood S D S R Thompson & Emma Staudemeyer 29-Jun-20 Glendive Dawson 2655  
      Catherine J Voiyier Milwaukee Wisc 34 Milwaukee John B Voiyier & Catherine Sheehan          
THOMPSON, Joseph see Walker, William                    
THOMPSON, Joseph Bennet       Flaxville 25 Park River N D Arne Thompson & Bertha Munson 8-Feb-22 Scobey Daniels 47  
      Freedia Logan Flaxville 19 Pleasant Vale Iowa Owen Logan & Georgia Fosset          
THOMPSON, Josie see Wright, Clayton                    
THOMPSON, Judena see Logan                    
THOMPSON, Julia see Hilger, Frank                    
THOMPSON, Julia see Lingle, William J                    
THOMPSON, Julia M (Taylor?) see Lovall, Roy H                    
THOMPSON, Julius       Glasgow 27 Norway George Jorgenson & Sena Burskuam? 3-Aug-09 Glasgow Valley 491  
      Anna Call Viroqua Wis   Wis Martin Call & Rodena Dail          
THOMPSON, Kenneth C       Glendive 25 Cylinder Iowa Thomas C Thompson & Emma Oelfke 16-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 3586  
      Hazel Alberta Long Glendive 19 Farlin Iowa Orton A Long & Edna Kerr          
THOMPSON, Kent see Thompson, Henry                    
THOMPSON, Knute       Culbertson 26 Norway Tollef Thompson & Ingber Terkelson 13-Jan-10 Culbertson Valley 563  
      Josephine Mogan Culbertson 24 S D Ole Mogan & Lena Morum?          
THOMPSON, Kora see Donohue, William A                    
THOMPSON, L D see Crawe, Jesse B                    
THOMPSON, L James       Pearmond 23 New Whatcon? Wash Byron Thompson & Elibise Ingersol 16-Dec-1896 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Minnie Clark Pearmond 18 Alda Nebr George Clark & Lucinda Tripp          
THOMPSON, Lalia Augusta see Lindberg, August W                    
THOMPSON, Laura O see Fasching, George W                    
THOMPSON, Lena M see Peterson                    
THOMPSON, Leonard       Powell Wyo 21 New Mex Thomas E Thompson & Lila Hobson 18-Aug-19 Wibaux Wibaux 249  
      Agnes Garrison N D 19 Wis Frank Garrison & Nora Oelman?          
THOMPSON, Lethe see Decker, Joseph                    
THOMPSON, Lewis see Thompson, Amos                    
THOMPSON, Lewis E see Peterson                    
THOMPSON, Libby Ceceil see Wunderlich                    
THOMPSON, Lola see Lovall, Roy H                    
THOMPSON, Louise see McGee, Gerald                    
THOMPSON, Louise see Cheleen, Charles A                    
THOMPSON, Lucille see McKane, Don C                    
THOMPSON, Lydia see Bailey, John                    
THOMPSON, Lydia B see Everett, W B                    
THOMPSON, Lydia Bell see Fuller, Earl Wayne                    
THOMPSON, Lydia Francis see Walker, William                    
THOMPSON, M see Wunderlich                    
THOMPSON, Mable see Mead, Herbert                    
THOMPSON, Mae (Johnson) see McGowan                    
THOMPSON, Mae Luella see Francis, Leo Zelphine                    
THOMPSON, Maggie see Bell, Raymond                    
THOMPSON, Maggie see Robinson, John                    
THOMPSON, Margaret see Koester                    
THOMPSON, Margaret see Gallatin, Roy                    
THOMPSON, Margaret Gertrude see Friday, Frank Edward                    
THOMPSON, Marie see Nielsen                    
THOMPSON, Marion Francis see Haislett, Ward Benton                    
THOMPSON, Martha see Duncan                    
THOMPSON, Martha see Jorgenson, Ben                    
THOMPSON, Martha see Vanatter, Ralph L                    
THOMPSON, Martha see Mortenson, Paul J                    
THOMPSON, Martin see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Martin see Olson, V L                    
THOMPSON, Mary see Turner                    
THOMPSON, Mary see Christensen, Adolph                    
THOMPSON, Mary see Conley, James V                    
THOMPSON, Mary see Qualey, Olaf T                    
THOMPSON, Mary A see Edwards, F A                    
THOMPSON, Mary A see Schuler, Calvin C                    
THOMPSON, Mary J see Turner, Walter E                    
THOMPSON, Mary T see Spiller, Wm G                    
THOMPSON, Maurice Hugh       Whatley 37 Dalles Ore James F Thompson & Mary Cooper 16-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2054  
      Grace Scammell Glasgow 45 Wis Stephen Skinner & Ellen Burns          
THOMPSON, May Evaline see Eldridge, Albert                    
THOMPSON, Mayme G see Smith                    
THOMPSON, Melvin C       Hanks N D 28 Mohall N D Martin Thompson & Anna Sten-moe 4-Sep-34 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2868  
      Veda M Duncan Calvin N D     Alex Duncan & Ella McMillan          
THOMPSON, Merton E see Thompson, Rufus C                    
THOMPSON, Mette see Madsen                    
THOMPSON, Minnie see Headnss, Edgar                    
THOMPSON, Minnie O see Miller, John M                    
THOMPSON, Mrs E E see Trottier, Joe                    
THOMPSON, Myrtie see Walker, Leon                    
THOMPSON, Nellie see Lamb, Nellie                    
THOMPSON, Nellie see Stratton, Leander Elliot                    
THOMPSON, Nellie see Anderson, Frank Emil                    
THOMPSON, Nellie Ethel see Scott, Conrad Allen                    
THOMPSON, Nels       P�wood 29 Denmark Jacob & Celia Thompson 12-Oct-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1933  
      Daisy Bell Whitish P�wood 15 Wis Peter Whitish & Elizabeth Helm          
THOMPSON, Nels see Thompson, Alfred                    
THOMPSON, Nels see Thompson, Gilbert                    
THOMPSON, Nels Peter       Beach N D 27 Denmark Robert Thompson & Mary Bey 7-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2109  
      Edna Boyer Beach N D 20 Peoria Ill Joseph Boyer & Mary Brickel          
THOMPSON, Nina see Grandin, John R                    
THOMPSON, Nora Sophie see Holmquist, Harry Walter                    
THOMPSON, Ole see Clark                    
THOMPSON, Ole see Feltham                    
THOMPSON, Ole see Morisett, Bryan G                    
THOMPSON, Ole K see Thopmpson, Arthur Louis                    
THOMPSON, Oliver W       Glendive 42 Casanovia Mich P A Thompson & Rachel McFarland 8-May-15 Glendive Dawson 1710  
      Anna L Anderson Maple Plain Mn 42 Cannon Falls Mn Chas Anderson & Christine Peterson          
THOMPSON, Ovedia see Oyloe                    
THOMPSON, P A see Thompson, Oliver W                    
THOMPSON, Pearl Jeanette see Hoglund                    
THOMPSON, Perrin Ely       Watford City N D 32 Mn Ira Thompson & Cora Bigfoed 19-Jul-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1470  
      Alice Irene Frazer Watford City 21 N D Morris Frazer & Pearl Finley          
THOMPSON, Pete see Karkaldie, Robert                    
THOMPSON, Peter see Holmquist, Harry Peter                    
THOMPSON, Peter see Abel, Albert G                    
THOMPSON, Rachel see Kirkham, Hosea E                    
THOMPSON, Rachel see Taule, Bert                    
THOMPSON, Raeligh       Brockton 22 Mo Charles Thompson & Lizzie Yadon 14-Dec-16 Madoc Sheridan 906  
      Vivian Salisbury Dore N D 18 Mo Johnson Salisbury & Margaret Yadon          
THOMPSON, Raleigh       Brockton 23 Kirksville Mo Charles Thompson & Lizzie Yaden 29-Dec-19 Mondak Roosivelt 86  
      Vivian Salsbury Dore N D 19 Kirksville Mo Johnson Salisbury & Marg-ent? Yaden          
THOMPSON, Ralph A       Outlook 23 Iowa Alexander Thompson & Fanney Hawkins 16-Sep-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1750  
      Margaret McCoy P�wood 19 Culbertson George McCoy & Annie Ator          
THOMPSON, Reuben see Schmidt, Wald                    
THOMPSON, Richard       Outlook 29 Dexter Mn W E Thompson & Caroline Boen 18-Oct-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2777  
      Alice Becker Outlook 22 Madson Sask Can Henry Becker & Lou Ragsdale          
THOMPSON, Richard       Beach N D 22 Blair Wisc Henry Thompson & Ida Tennison 27-Oct-21 Glendive Dawson 2805  
      Elsie Erickson Beach N D 22 Foley Mn P C Erickson & Esther Skaalan          
THOMPSON, Rina see Nasset, Peder                    
THOMPSON, Robert see Thompson, Nels Peter                    
THOMPSON, Robert D       Lindsay 24 Fulton Illinois David B Thompson & Clara Nichols 19-Feb-13 Glendive Dawson 1214  
      Floy A Allen Lindsay 20 Clay Cty Nebr Krowbridge? Allen & Hannah Bortle?          
THOMPSON, Rosie see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, Ruby E see Barnes, Asa F                    
THOMPSON, Rufus C       Malta 24 Mn   25-Dec-18   Phillips 404  
      Rosa Ruff Malta 20 ???            
THOMPSON, S R see Thompson, John W                    
THOMPSON, Sarah see Gullickson                    
THOMPSON, Sarah see Doering, William F                    
THOMPSON, Sarah Babel see Hyde, Arthur William                    
THOMPSON, Sophia see Torgerson                    
THOMPSON, Sophia see Paintner, Robert Frank                    
THOMPSON, Sophia Christina see Hansen, Jens H                    
THOMPSON, Sophie see Rasmussen                    
THOMPSON, Sophie see Paintner, Carl John                    
THOMPSON, Sophie see Larsen, Einar Marius                    
THOMPSON, Stella see Rayner                    
THOMPSON, Stella Lulla see Thomson Samuel Walter                    
THOMPSON, Susie see Larson                    
THOMPSON, T H see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, T H       Fryberg 57 Norway T H Thompson & ??? 24-Sep-25 Wibaux Wibaux 510  
      Grace Baldwin Fryberg 45 Tablerock Neb Joel Wing & Etta Conklin          
THOMPSON, T N see McCabe                    
THOMPSON, T N see Rayner                    
THOMPSON, T N see Tyler                    
THOMPSON, Teneta see Rodman, James Henry                    
THOMPSON, Thea see Lindblom                    
THOMPSON, Thelma see McCabe                    
THOMPSON, Theodore see Thompson, Thomas M                    
THOMPSON, Theodore see Tobin, Alta L                    
THOMPSON, Tholia see Moore, Robert D                    
THOMPSON, Thomas       Homestead 40 Mn Andrew Thompson & Annie Johnson 10-Aug-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1362  
      Alma Ry-land Van Hook N D 27 Mn Oliver Ry-land & Rosie Thompson          
THOMPSON, Thomas see Kirkham, Hosea E                    
THOMPSON, Thomas see Harem, John Gust                    
THOMPSON, Thomas see Taule, Bert                    
THOMPSON, Thomas C see Thompson, Kenneth C                    
THOMPSON, Thomas C see Francis, Leo Zelphine                    
THOMPSON, Thomas E see Thompson, Leonard                    
THOMPSON, Thomas M       Harlem 30 Milwaukee Wis Theodore Thompson & Mathilda Peterson 25-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1949  
      Lillian Vernon Becksted Loma 33 Northfield Mn Phillip Beckstad & Cornelia Rediske          
THOMPSON, Thomas N see Fasching, George W                    
THOMPSON, Thore see Plaisance                    
THOMPSON, Thorston see Nelson, Martin C                    
THOMPSON, Thos C see Jensen                    
THOMPSON, Thyra M see Christiansen, Peter Oscar                    
THOMPSON, Tilda see Christensen, Dewey                    
THOMPSON, Tollef see Thompson, Tollef                    
THOMPSON, Viola see Hunt, Kenneth R                    
THOMPSON, W E see Thompson                    
THOMPSON, W E see Thompson, Clarence H                    
THOMPSON, William see Thompson, Ervin E                    
THOMPSON, William E       Wagner 37 New Market Can Alexander Thompson & Julia Jiles 17-Sep-13 Chinook Blaine 18  
      Blenda Tekla Mellstrom Wagner 29 Sweden John A Mellstrom & Ida Dorothea Wahlberg          
THOMPSON, William H see Thompson, Albert Chase                    
THOMPSON, William Lorenzo       Fairview 49 Hallock Mn John C Thompson & Laura Riddell 14-Apr-26 Poplar Roosivelt 885  
      Vivian LaFayette Atkinson Poplar 24 Poplar James L Atkinson & Nellie Bowden          
THOMPSON, Wilse see Goodson, Isaac F                    
THOMPSON, Winfield B see Haislett, Ward Benton                    
THOMS, Martha see Kelley, Charles D                    
THOMS, Wm see Kelley, Charles D                    
THOMSEN, Asmus see Thomsen                    
THOMSEN, Augusta see Walseth, Erick                    
THOMSEN, Elsie see Paulsen, Christ                    
THOMSEN, Jacob       Froid 21 Germany Asmus Thomsen & Annie Jacobsen 3-Jul-18 Dane Valley Sheridan 1332  
      Carrie Olsen Culbertson 23 Nebr Jacob Olsen & Cine Jacobsen          
THOMSEN, Johannes see Walseth, Erick                    
THOMSEN, Lars       Denmark 25 Denmark Thomas Thomsen & Jensina Larsen 16-Sep-17 Dagmar Sheridan 1135  
      Christina Christensen Dagmar 25 Denmark Peder Christensen & Maren Hansen          
THOMSEN, Peter N see Petersen                    
THOMSEN, Sophia see Hendrickson, Henry M                    
THOMSEN, Thomas see Thomsen                    
THOMSEN,, Peter see Paulsen, Christ                    
THOMSON, Alexander see Thompson, Alec                    
THOMSON, Allen see Dunham, Ermon George                    
THOMSON, Allen see Serviss, Otto                    
THOMSON, Allen see Thomson, Ira                    
THOMSON, Allen see Thomson, Walter                    
THOMSON, Bertha see Hatton, Frank                    
THOMSON, Bessie see Dunham, Ermon George                    
THOMSON, Daniel & Agnes G see Thomson, Robert O                    
THOMSON, Dollie see Serviss, Otto                    
THOMSON, Eleanor see Jessen, Valdemar S R                    
THOMSON, Ira A       Lindsay 26 Otter Creek Wisc Allen Thomson & Myra Roos 3-Oct-17 Union Dawson 2258  
      Effie Bryan Union 23 Cumberland Iowa Charles Bryan & Linda Lee          
THOMSON, Isabella see MacArthur, Finlay                    
THOMSON, James & Isabella see MacArthur, Finlay                    
THOMSON, Robert O       Glendive 28 Tillicoultry Scotland Daniel & Agnes G Thomson 17-Jul-19 Glendive Dawson 2541  
      Alice C Story Glendive 29 Glasgow Scotland Robert Story & Margaret Wood          
THOMSON, Samuel David see Thomson Samuel David                    
THOMSON, Samuel Walter       Outlook 31 Ontario Can Samuel David Thomson & Christian? Scott 28-Apr-20 Plentywood Sheridan    
      Stella Lulla Thompson Fortuna 48 Mn Andrew Thompson & Sophie Swenson          
THOMSON, Walter       Lindsay 22 Augusta Wisc Allen Thomson & Almira Ross 21-Mar-20 Glendive Dawson 2623  
      Mollie Schoengarth Lindsay 18 Neilsville Wisc Gust Schoengarth & Mary Hoffman          
THON, Anton see Thomas, Frank                    
THON, Margaret see Thomas, Frank                    
THON, Mollie see Ueland                    
THON, Oleana see Christensen, Nels O                    
THONE, Clara see Hanson, Leonard                    
THONISON, Marie see Leford, Peter                    
THONSEN, Michael see Thonsen, Thonie                    
THONSEN, Thonie       Vandalia 25 Ransom Cty N D Michael Thonsen & Hannah Larsen 5-Jan-14 Glasgow Valley 1409  
      Martha Bjerke Mn 24 Norway Mathias Bjerke & Bertha Nelson          
THONSON, Hazel see Perron, Theodore Victor                    
THONSON, Theodore see Perron, Theodore Victor                    
THORASON?, Martha see Nelson, Edgar                    
THORBERGSON, Jens see Thorbergson                    
THORBERGSON, Theodore       Westby 26 Mn Jens Thorbergson & Anna Jensen 21-Feb-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1267  
      Francis W Westover Westby 24 S D F E Westover & Mildred Ellis          
THORBJHORNSEN?, Ellen Marie see Jensen, Jens William                    
THORBJORNSON, Lauritz       Dagmar 30 Norway Thorbjorn Thorbjornson & Cecelia Johanson 6-Nov-23 Culbertson Roosivelt 568  
      Edna Dahl Fairview 21 Hesper Iowa Jorgen Dahl & Christina Hol-seth          
THORBJORNSON, Otto       Circle 34 Stord Bergen Norway Thorbjorn Solhaug & Margaret Helgeson 22-Mar-22 Circle McCone 40  
      Geneva Nancy Sutherland Circle 22 Knox Cty Ill Alpheus Sutherland & Lida Fink          
THORBJORNSON, Thorbjorn see Thorbjornson, Lauritz                    
THORESON, Karen see Johnson, John S                    
THORGAARD, Jens see Thorgaard, Nels                    
THORGAARD, Nels       Weldon 31 Denmark Jens Thorgaard & Meda Knutson 17-Oct-21 Circle McCone 34  
      Alma Thomas Prairie Elk 18 Holt Cty Nebr Whitt Thomas & Jennie Spickelmyer          
THORGRIMSON, Anna Mary see Woods, Guy Marshall                    
THORI, Thorer see Bakken, Martin M                    
THORINE, Andrew J       Billings 22 Spencer Iowa Joseph & Josephine Thorine 6-Aug-09 Glendive Dawson 713  
      Margaret A Guy Billings 24 Anoka Mn Reuben Guy & Anna Stocker          
THORINE, Joseph &Josephine see Thorine, Andrew J                    
THORKELSON, Alice see Olson, Olaus                    
THORKILDSON, Bertha see Olson                    
THORKILDSON, Thora see Johnsboen                    
THORN, Amanda see Lee, Edwin R                    
THORN, Johanna see Skadsen, Melvin                    
THORNBER, Margaret see Liddle, George D                    
THORNBER, Minnie see Williams, Calvin E                    
THORNBERG, Elizabeth see Courtney, Patrick                    
THORNBERG, Herbert M       Terry 28 Highland Ohio William W Thornberg & Victoria A Hiatt 7-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1540  
      Martha Modrzewski Rutz Terry 28 Prussia/Poland? John Rutz & Rose Ginter          
THORNBERG, Ida see Hauge, John O                    
THORNBURG, Chester Montgomery       Reserve 30 Missouri Joel Thornburg & Mary Williams 12-Sep-25 Reserve Sheridan 2099  
      Ivah Ford Carpenter Reserve 24 Mn Frank Carpenter & Ivah Hanchett          
THORNBURG, Harriot Olive see Styer, Charles W                    
THORNBURG, Joel see Thornburg                    
THORNBURG, Lee see Tuman, Rhody                    
THORNBURG, Lee see McCartney, Fred W                    
THORNBURG, Lee see Styer, Charles W                    
THORNBURG, Myrtle see Tuman, Rhody                    
THORNDSON (THRONDSON?), Pauline see Lorentzen, Thomas                    
THORNE, Anna see McElheny, Thomas A                    
THORNE, Grace see Swartfeger, Roy E                    
THORNE, Medora see Richardson, Ray                    
THORNE, Norman       Phillips 36 S D   24-Jan-17   Phillips 176  
      Stella Geteen Phillips 27 S D            
THORNEBERG, William W see Thornberg, Herbert M                    
THORNES, Nels Gunderson       Phillips Cty 26 Norway   22-Apr-15   Phillips 11  
      Inga Evenson Humbolt Iowa 19 Norway            
THORNHILL, Augusta M see Ross                    
THORNLEY, Florence see Beem, Bernard F                    
THORNLEY, William see Beem, Bernard F                    
THORNS, Henry see Wallet, George                    
THORNTON, Captain see Thornton, Wm J                    
THORNTON, Captain S see Thornton, Louis F                    
THORNTON, Carrie see Simenko, John                    
THORNTON, Faith see Whitmer, Robert Tilden                    
THORNTON, Fred see Thornton, Wylie J                    
THORNTON, Irma see Rowley, H Francis                    
THORNTON, L D see Moore, Harry James                    
THORNTON, L D see Rowley, H Francis                    
THORNTON, Louis J       Three Buttes 24 Washington Cty Mn Captain S Thornton & Bertha Ransm 27-Nov-13 Sidney Dawson 1364  
      Minnie Lake Girard 21 Wayland Mich Edward Lake & Lyda Grinnage          
THORNTON, W L see Thornton, W L                    
THORNTON, Wm J       Three Buttes 21 Cottage Grove Mn Captain Thornton & Bertha Ransm? 22-Jul-13 Sidney Dawson 1286  
      Opal Marie Dotson Three Buttes 16 Davenport Iowa Uriah Rufus Dotson & Jennie Tuman          
THORNTON, Wylie Jay       Bengough Can 30 Can Fred Thornton & Nellie Rogers 18-Apr-27 Scobey Daniels 327  
      Mrs Myrtle Johnston Bengough Can 37 Iowa W L Thornton          
THORP, Charles see Powell, Bert R                    
THORP, Charles R see Stellpflen                    
THORP, Charlie see Thorp, Juel                    
THORP, Florence see Stellpflen                    
THORP, John W see Price, Horace                    
THORP, Juel       Buffalo N D 27 Norway Charlie Thorp & Johanna Johanson 10-Oct-14   Dawson 1593  
      Berttina Rude Buffalo S D 21 Norway Otto Severson & Anne Carlson          
THORP, Marie R see Price, Horace                    
THORPE, Alex see Thorpe, Carl                    
THORPE, Carl       Poplar 38 Fertile Mn Alex Thorpe & Lena Anderson 3-Oct-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1225  
      Lucy Sally Lewis Poplar 21 Jarvis N D Charles Kalbow & Orpha Wicks          
THORPE, Clara see Bauer, John                    
THORPE, Edith see Christensen, Roy                    
THORPE, Emma see Christensen                    
THORPE, Eva see Waggoner, Archie                    
THORPE, Hovel see Thorpe, Ole H                    
THORPE, James P       Glendive 20 Cedar Rapids Iowa Samuel M Thorpe & Mary E Buckingham 8-Oct-13 Glendive Dawson 1340  
      Bessie Walseth Glendive 24 Madison Mn Knute Walseth & Anna Holverson?          
THORPE, John see May, Clarence                    
THORPE, John & Hattie see Christensen, Roy                    
THORPE, Lennie see Wilson, George M                    
THORPE, Mamie see Powell, Bert R                    
THORPE, Martha see Nelson, Arthur G                    
THORPE, Ole H       Froid 40 Norway Hovel Thorpe & Eley Hoelefol 11-Dec-19 Froid Roosivelt 73  
      Chesty Amonson Froid 29 Iowa Annon Amonson & Nellie Halvorson          
THORPE, Samuel M see Thorpe, James P                    
THORSEN, Andrew see Smith, Walter                    
THORSEN, Andrew see Thorsen, Jens                    
THORSEN, Anna see Stratte, Magnus                    
THORSEN, Fay G       Chinook 24 City Point Wis Martin T Thorsen & Dina Franson 24-Aug-29 Chinook Blaine 1156  
      Kathleen L Cooper Chinook 21 Chinook Francis G Cooper & Jennie L Dillon          
THORSEN, Ida A see Brooks, Earl A                    
THORSEN, Jakolene? see Kilstrup, John                    
THORSEN, Margaret see Beck, Albert Fred                    
THORSEN, Marie see Smith, Walter                    
THORSEN, Martin T see Thorson, Fay G                    
THORSEN, Nesilone see Rishop, Edward                    
THORSEN, P J       Brockway 26 Hesper Iowa T Thorsen & Sallie Brown 7-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2210  
      Louise Aaby Brockway 29 Volga S D G Aaby & ???          
THORSEN, Sivert see Brooks, Earl A                    
THORSEN, T see Thorsen, P J                    
THORSENG, Laura see Hage, Waldemar                    
THORSNESS, Clarence see Thorsness, Henry George                    
THORSNESS, Hans see Thorsness, Herman                    
THORSNESS, Hans see Thorsness, Hjalmar                    
THORSNESS, Henry George       Mink 21 Sinai S D Clarence Thorsness & Alma Lee 23-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3088  
      Bertha Amanda Sandberg Hazel Mn 20 Hazel August P Sandberg & Ingrie Johnson          
THORSNESS, Herman G       Rose Valley 26 Brookings Cty S D Hans Thorsness & Inger Peterson 18-Dec-17 Glendive Dawson 2312  
      Marion Jensen Rose Valley 27 Denmark Peter Jensen & Christina Jacobson          
THORSNESS, Hjalmar       Sinai S D 29 Sinai S D Hans Thorsness & Ida Peterson 7-Oct-12 Glendive Dawson 1143  
      Mary Louise Limesand Circle 20 Arlington S D Lars Limesand & Mary Peterson          
THORSON, Andrew see Thorson, Nels                    
THORSON, Anna see Hanson, Elling                    
THORSON, Anna J see Doering, William F                    
THORSON, Betsey see Clementson                    
THORSON, Ellen see Mohn                    
THORSON, Gunhild see Schanche, Anton V                    
THORSON, Helga see Collins, Lester Raymond                    
THORSON, Isaac see Jorgensen, Paul J                    
THORSON, Isaac see Jorgenson, Lawrence M                    
THORSON, Jens       Glendive 30 Norway Andrew Thorson & Anna Jensen 29-Sep-09 Glendive Dawson 730  
      Hedarg? Johnson Glendive 26 Norway Alfred Johnson & Jorgine Anderson          
THORSON, Martha see Jacobi, Chris                    
THORSON, Mary see Olson                    
THORSON, Mary see Nelson, Martin C                    
THORSON, Maysell R see Jorgensen, Paul J                    
THORSON, Minnie see Brun, Carl                    
THORSON, Nellie see Oleson, Albert                    
THORSON, Nels see Lane, Ara Clay                    
THORSON, Nels       Carson N D 55 Decorah Iowa Andrew Thorson & Bell Kjomma 10-Dec-19 Glendive Dawson 2595  
      Gusta Johnson Carson 55 Norway Tom Loftos & Martha Knutson          
THORSON, Thelma D see Jorgenson, Lawrence M                    
THORSSEN, Paul see Thorssen, Leon Paul                    
THORSSEN, Leon Paul       Wibaux 25 France Paul Thorssen & Sylvia Hillewaire 22-Jan-14 Wibaux Dawson 1428  
      Amelia Edith Bretsch Wibaux 21 Fulda? Mn August Bretsch & Alvina Hempel          
THORSTAD, Claus see Thorstad, George Oliver                    
THORSTAD, George Oliver       Chinook 26 Morris Mn Claus Thorstad & Gena Larson 9-Sep-30 Chinook Blaine 1227  
      Clara Francis Baldwin Chinook 18 Chicago Ill Arthur Baldwin & Lulu Sisson          
THORSTAD, Godrun see Kilstrup, John                    
THORSTENBO, Brita see Krogedal                    
THORSTENBO, Brita see Krogdahl                    
THORSTENSEN, Arne see Thorstenson                    
THORSTENSON, Oscar       Dagmar 29 Mn Arne Thorstenson & Christina Peterson 10-Aug-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1363  
      Francis Crohn Dagmar 19 N D William Crohn & Nellie Brown          
THORSTVEDT, Clara see Christopherson, Christ                    
THORSTVEDT, Elvina see Wolter                    
THORSTVEDT, Norma see Hall, Lerton Herbert                    
THORSTVEDT, Sylvia see LaGrange                    
THORSTVEDT, Theodore see LaGrange                    
THORSTVEDT, Theodore see Hall, Lerton Herbert                    
THORSTVEDT, Tillef? see Wolter                    
THOSTENSON, Thosten & Marta see Lindblom                    
THOVESON, Egil see Thoveson                    
THOVESON, Egil see Johnson                    
THOVESON, Egil see Halvorson                    
THOVESON, Ida C see Johnson                    
THOVESON, Laura see Halvorson                    
THOVESON, Theodore L       Westby 21 Wis Egil Thoveson & Mary Rue 12-Aug-14 Plentywood Sheridan 301  
      Helga Christopher-son Westby 18 Norway Christopher Underberg & Torbger? Ruer?          
THRANES, Edmund see Thranes, Elmer H                    
THRANES, Elmer H       Nashua 21 S D Edmund Thranes & Altri Matheson 8-Jul-17 Baylor Valley 2163  
      Adeline Spaulding Nashua 22 N D Charlie Spaulding & Mabel Stohl          
THRASH, Violet M see Venne, Joseph William                    
THREE, Strikes see Little Man                    
THRESS, Arthur       Dickinson N D 22 Dickinson N D Otto Thress & Mary Hill 15-Dec-28 Wibaux Wibaux 655  
      Jeannette Arndahl Dickinson N D 18 Sims N D Jack Arndahl & Johanna Hoove-stad          
THRESS, Otto see Thress, Arthur                    
THRIES, Anna see Haser John                    
THROGSTAD, Clara see Benson, Clarence N                    
THROOP, Edward C       Lohman 33 Geneva Ohio Irvin C Throop & Margaret J McNeill 21-Nov-17 Chinook Blaine 451  
      Eva Mae Wiley Chinook 19 Bluefield W Vir Erastus H Wiley & Lillian Mae Basham          
THROOP, Irvin C see Throop, Edward C                    
THROSSELL, Mary Margaret see Ratcliffe                    
THROW, Away see Owl Head                    
THROW, Down Woman see Johnson, David                    
THRUGSTAD, Laura see Sethre, Martin                    
THUE, Emma see Lauritzen, Edward                    
THUE, Genevive see McEachern                    
THUERK, Harry see Burrows, Joe                    
THUL, Emma see Flint, Otto E                    
THUL, Louisa M see Flint, Otto E                    
THUL, Mathis see Flint, Otto E                    
THULL, Zelpha (Jones?) see Martin, David J