Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Stone, Hannah to Szezerbinski

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
STONE, Hannah see Moore, Robert D                    
STONE, Harry see McAnally, Ronald Ward                    
STONE, James B       Redstone 21 Mn Andrew J Stone & Hanna Knudson 10-Oct-23 Redstone Sheridan 1932  
      Vivian Mae Potter Redstone 16 N D Harry Potter & Francis Williams          
STONE, Julia see Enger, Olaf                    
STONE, Julia see Enger, Julius                    
STONE, Kathryn see Weinreis, Edwin                    
STONE, Lizzie see King, Thomas J                    
STONE, Lizzie see Stambaugh, John A                    
STONE, Lother       Washburn Wis 22 Washburn Anton Stone & Inga Wandberg 16-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3478  
      Mae Aldrich Peerless 25 Pleasant Lake N D Gilbert Aldrich & Thyra Northway          
STONE, Louise see Tripp, Jesse                    
STONE, Lucy see McDonald, George Albert                    
STONE, Mary see King, William D                    
STONE, O M see Stone, Orton G                    
STONE, Orton G       Mpls Mn 26 Madison Mn O M Stone & Gertrude Klefson 23-Apr-23 Wibaux Wibaux 380  
      Ger-trude M Schuster Wibaux 23 Fesenden N D H K Schuster & Elizabeth Krober          
STONE, Otis D see Stone, Dudley C                    
STONE, Pauline Marie see Hansen                    
STONE, Rachel Emily see McKinnon                    
STONE, Robert W       Miles City 41 Miles City William B Stone & Ada Thomas 31-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3655  
      Oline I Theade Miles City 24 Hathaway Mt John Theade & Anna Finch          
STONE, Sarah see Martin, Guy G                    
STONE, Sylvia J see Needles                    
STONE, William B see Stone, Robert W                    
STONEKNOCKER, Eva see Young, J H                    
STONER, Alvy see Stoner                    
STONER, Anna see Baker, Henry F                    
STONER, Broom? see Merrill, Howard C                    
STONER, Clair see Morey                    
STONER, Florence see Fairbanks, Anthony P                    
STONER, H A       Williston N D 23 Detroit Alvey Stoner & Mary Evans 6-Apr-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2916  
      Verna Crawford   23 P�wood John W Crawford & Mary Bechman          
STONER, Hattie see Bantz                    
STONER, Hattie see Hill                    
STONER, Hattie see Morey                    
STONER, Hattie see VanHee                    
STONER, Hattie see Briggs, Earl Rinaldo                    
STONER, Hattie see Brantz, Orval B                    
STONER, John see Stoner, Ray                    
STONER, Lettie see Bantz                    
STONER, Lucille see Morey                    
STONER, Nellie see Garrick                    
STONER, Nellie see Garrick                    
STONER, Nellie see Garrick                    
STONER, Nellie see Garrick, Donald S                    
STONER, Nellie see Garrick, Lyle Gallard                    
STONER, Ray       Outlook 21 Iowa John Stoner & Beulah Hayes 14-Jan-27 Scobey Daniels 307  
      Harriet Carroll Plentywood 19 Ill John Carroll & Vera Dryden          
STONER, Sarah see Sams                    
STONER, William see Fairbanks, Anthony P                    
STONEROCK, Mary Ann see Bollinger, Stonerock                    
STONEWATER, Elizabeth see Fohr                    
STONIE, Jane see Mann, W H                    
STOOPS, John see Stoops, Lee                    
STOOPS, Lee       Beaverton 40 Indiana John Stoops & Carrie J Wilson 27-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1966  
      Florence McRae Glasgow 43 Maine H L Sprague & ___? Andrews          
STOOPS, Nan E see Vogt                    
STOPENBRINK, Hanssine see Mawn, Charles                    
STORAASLI, Oscar       P�wood 27 Plummer Mn Saavi Storaasli & Petrina Mount 15-Apr-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2653  
      Eleanor Leader P�wood 20 Red Lake Falls Mn William Leader & Mary Lucinda Lasater          
STORAASLI, Petra see Olson                    
STORAASLI, Saavi see Dionne                    
STORAASLI, Saavi see Harn                    
STORAASLI, Saavi see Olson                    
STORAASLI, Saavi see Storaasli                    
STORAASLI, Selma see Harn                    
STORAASLI, Thea see Dionne                    
STORAKER, Inga see Pierzina, J T                    
STORAKER, Peter see Pierzina, J T                    
STORBAKKEN, Thora see Sveen, Anton                    
STORBECK, Norman       Malta 38 Mn   21-Jun-28   Phillips 1029  
      Rose Annette Paulson Phillips 21 N D            
STORBO, Mary see Danielson                    
STORDAHL, John see Stordahl                    
STORDAHL, John & Mary see Stordahl                    
STORDAHL, Ray       Fortuna N D 25 Nor John & Mary Stordahl 21-Nov-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1856  
      Mildred L Kress Fortuna 18 Reynolds N D George Kress & Dagny Flaskerud          
STORDAHL, Willie       Westby 21 Can John Stordahl & Mary Jacobson 16-May-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2239  
      Tillie Weiler Westby 21 Bowbells N D John P Weiler & Katy Courtney          
STORDARSKI, Mary see Kowcum, Paul                    
STOREGAARD, Ole Olson see Sorenson, Henry A                    
STOREGAARD, Tillie see Sorenson, Henry A                    
STORELEE?, Nels see Olstad                    
STOREY, Alice R see Michaels, August E                    
STOREY, Jenny see Joy, B M                    
STOREY, Mary see Dunn, Oliver E                    
STORHE, Emma see Shabel, Edward Albert                    
STORHOLM, Peter B       Sidney 30 Norway Berut? & Mary Erickson 23-Oct-12 Sidney Dawson 1144  
      Christine Margaret Christianson Sidney 24 Norway Ole Christianson & Anna Jacobson          
STORIE, James N       Billings 45 LcClade Missouri N Storie & Frances Smith 14-Apr-10 Glendive Dawson 792  
      Sophia Susan Young Mandan N D 44 Hasper Iowa David Self & Mary Wood          
STORIE, N see Storie, James N                    
STORK, Elizabeth see Blohm, Otto                    
STORK, Louise see Powellek, Erwin A                    
STORK, Mike see Blohm, Otto                    
STORKEL, Bernice see Sommerfeld, George A                    
STORKEL, C P see Storkel, Herman                    
STORKEL, Charles P see Sommerfeld, George A                    
STORKEL, Charles P see Storkel, Floyd E                    
STORKEL, Charles P see Setter, Albert M                    
STORKEL, Floyd E       Wibaux 26 Red Wing Mn Charles P Storkel & Lizzie Harding 27-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3049  
      Bernice McDonald Wibaux 18 Louisville Mo George Mc Donald & Eliza Tennant          
STORKEL, Herman       Carlyle 21 Pierce Wis C P Storkel & Lizzie Harding 6-Dec-13 Glendive Dawson 1388  
      Hildur Swing Carlyle 20 Isanta Mn Erick Swing & Johanna Stread          
STORKEL, Myrtle L see Setter, Albert M                    
STORKSON, Carl see Storkson, George                    
STORKSON, George       Baylor 25 Hatton N D Carl Storkson & Esabel Christopher 19-May-29 Glasgow Valley 3465  
      Margaret Miller Baylor 21 Kirksville Mo Delbert Francis Miller & Mary Olive Dewhurst          
STORLE, Henry       Flaxville 43 Greenbush Mn Ole O Storle & Christine Leajord 8-Apr-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2427  
      Benora Thompson Huston Mn 23 Huston Mn Ed W Thompson & Caroline Ness          
STORLE, Martina E see Bekkerus                    
STORLE, Ole see Bekkerus                    
STORLE, Ole O see Storle                    
STORLIE, Annie see Storlie, Oscar A                    
STORLIE, Oscar A       Norheim 27 Lakeville Mn Herman Hammer & Annie Storlie 14-Dec-16 Norheim Blaine 347  
      Hazel Miriam McLellan Norheim 20 Canada Malcolm McLellan & Lillian Gammon          
STORM, Dorothe see Knabe                    
STORM, Leonard A       Brockton 25 Winona Mn Otto Storm & Elvina Miller 12-Jul-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 153  
      Olga N Johnson Brockton 26 Elbow Lake Mn Benget Johnson & Marie Nelson          
STORM, Otto see Storm, Leonard A                    
STORMY       Poplar 52 Poplar Track & ??? 27-Dec-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1405  
      Virginia Iron Ring Brockton 38 Ft Peck Reser ???          
STORNAND, Rosanna see Pratte, Joseph                    
STORNS, Elizabeth see Melton, Orval                    
STORNUG, Arthur       Poplar 33 Poplar Track & Looks to the Rocks 15-Feb-13 Poplar Valley 1236  
      Amelia Haskell ??? 31 Poplar Lone Dog & Star          
STOROE, Karl see Storoe, Walter                    
STOROE, Walter       Bainville 25 Norway Karl Storoe & Caroline Anderson 10-May-21 Poplar Roosivelt 237  
      Catherine Grimes Whitefish 16 Indiana Malcolm Grimes & Maude Cummings          
STORSETH, Birdie see Zemliska, Edgar W                    
STORSETH, Charles see Zemliska, Edgar W                    
STORTZ, Charles see Stortz, Eugene Lawrence                    
STORTZ, Eugene Lawrence       Lindsay 27 Decorah Iowa Charles Stortz & Louise Schissle 18-Oct-22 Glendive Dawson 2904  
      Nora Olina Nelson Bloomfield 23 Viroqua Wisc Peter Nelson & Josephine Nottestad          
STORUD, Anna see Teneneko, Peter                    
STORUD, Annie see Erovick, James J                    
STORVIK, Bernhard       Inverness 40 Norway John Christensen & Petrikka Benson 14-Sep-26 Chinook Blaine 963  
      Dawn Bakke Joplin 19 Hatton N D Mads Bakke & Magna Paulson          
STORVIK, Reinert see Reinertson                    
STORY, Agnes C see Thomson, Robert O                    
STORY, Alonzo see Odell, Benayhr                    
STORY, Jennie see Chaffin, Roscoe A                    
STORY, John M       Newlon 24 Worth Cty Iowa Severn Story & Gunhild Narveson 19-Sep-11 Glendive Dawson 982  
      Alma Delia Lindahl Mattock N D 20 Hixon N D Amund Lindahl & Dina Aanderud          
STORY, Martha J see Odell, Benayhr                    
STORY, Mary see Christianson, Otto                    
STORY, Mary see Smith, Arthur C                    
STORY, Robert see Thompson, Robert O                    
STORY, Severn see Story, John M                    
STOTT, A J       Culbertson 25 Wis Jonathan Stott & Sarah Butler? 5-Jun-1895 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Adelia Berg Culbertson 20 Nebr Gustave Berg & Sophia Schultz          
STOTT, Bertha see Potter, Harry W                    
STOTT, Bertha M see Johnson, James Elwood                    
STOTT, Jane see Pople, Edward H S                    
STOTT, Jonathan see Stott, A J                    
STOTTS, Alice see Grossaint, Will                    
STOTTS, Alice see Caves, Fern Ivo                    
STOTZ, Lydia see Wagner, Gottlieb                    
STOTZ, Phillip see Wagner, Gottlieb                    
STOUDT, H W see Stoudt, Harold                    
STOUDT, Harold       South Heart N D 19 Aurora Ill H W Stoudt & Myrtle Cornell 25-Aug-24 Wibaux Wibaux 452  
      Leone Waldo Terry 19 Petersburg Nebr Hiram E Waldo & Ella Bishop          
STOUDT, Leone see Kirschner, Harry J                    
STOULEE, (Storlee?) Selma Niretta see Olstad                    
STOULIN, O S see Stoulin, Orris                    
STOULIN, Orris       Williston N D 23 Anret-ta N D O S Stoulin & Martha Olson 12-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 803  
      Denice Pasonault Williston N D 18 Williston J E Pasonault & Catherine Kall-ahan          
STOUSTA, Anna see Billings, Roy A                    
STOUT, Adelaide see Kins, James A                    
STOUT, Alvin J see Stout, Kenneth P                    
STOUT, George see Holmgren, Edwin                    
STOUT, Kenneth P       Beach N D 28 Montgomery Cty Ind Alvin J Stout & Louisa Pogue 18-May-29 Wibaux Wibaux 680  
      Louise R Schallock Beach N D 22 Winnebago Cty Wis William Schallock & Marie Ucke          
STOUT, Margaret L see Wasson, Hardy H                    
STOUT, Martha see Ruby, Harold                    
STOUT, Nellie D see Rowen, Glen Robert                    
STOUT, Theresa Margaret see Holmgren, Edwin                    
STOUT, William see Kins, James A                    
STOVEN, Henry A       Scobey 34 St Paul John Stoven & Dora Willing 12-Jul-16 Scobey Sheridan 785  
      Annie P Kramer Scobey 23 N D John Kramer & Plena Newmann          
STOVEN, Henry A       Scobey 43 West St Paul Mn John Stoven & Dora Willing 7-Feb-26 Scobey Daniels 247  
      Maudie L Grimes Scobey 34 LaForge Missouri ??? McCune & Ellen Hopkins          
STOVEN, John see Stoven                    
STOVEN, John see Stoven, Henry                    
STOVER, Elizabeth see Haugen, Lars                    
STOVER, Erling       Bonetrail N D 33 Norway Ole Stover & Marit Sveet 1-Dec-18 Froid Sheridan 1411  
      Martha Schwankessel Bonetrail N D 20 Mn Fred Schwankessel & Gautenbach          
STOVER, Halvor see Haugen, Lars                    
STOVER, John Roy       Oswego 25 Cresco Iowa Thomas Stover & Alice Dougherty 16-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1018  
      Iona Marcella Ferch Oswego 23 Fall Creek Wis Emil Ferch & Anna Miller          
STOVER, Margaret Viola see Hentges, William H                    
STOVER, Marie see Iwin, John                    
STOVER, Ole see Stover                    
STOVER, Ole see Iwin, John                    
STOVER, Stella see Reynolds                    
STOVER, Thomas see Hentges, William H                    
STOVER, Thomas see Stover, Joseph Roy                    
STOVER, William see Reynolds                    
STOVKA, Anna E see Cassel, George V                    
STOVKA, Mike see Cassel, George V                    
STOWE, Sarah see Wissinger, William                    
STOWELL, Bernice see Keough, Clarence                    
STOWELL, Frank see Konshak, Harvey E                    
STOWELL, Fred see Keough, Clarence                    
STOWELL, Rebecca see Reinoehl, Daniel A                    
STOWELL, Ruth see Konshak, Harvey E                    
STOWMAN, Elbert D       Havre 30 Mt?   18-Sep-23   Phillips 733  
      Ef-fie Fletcher Havre 23 Iowa            
STOWMAN, Franklin P see Stowman, Ross E                    
STOWMAN, Ross E       Chinook 29 Miami Cty Indiana Franklin P Stowman & Maude Leurance 23-Apr-13 Chinook Blaine 48  
      Mattie C White Chinook 25 Beadle Cty S D Will White & Ruth Frederick          
STPETER, Mary see Webster, George Joseph                    
STPIERE, Delia see Brien, Napolian                    
STPIERE, Norbet & Mary see Brian, Napolian                    
STPIERRE, Adeline see LaFontain, Tom                    
STRAABE, A T       Leeds N D 24 Norway Jens Straabe & Cecil Vetros? 29-Oct-14 Plentywood Sheridan 351  
      Martha Fiveland Leeds N D 23 Nor Martin Fiveland & Ane Osmundsen          
STRAABE, Jens see Straabe                    
STRABECK, Christine see Wolter                    
STRABLE, Anna see Sankey, Charles R                    
STRABLE, Fred see Sankey, Charles R                    
STRACHAN, Jeannie C see Cruikshank, John G                    
STRACHAN, Jessie see Kaufmann, Dean                    
STRACHAN, Jessie see Doerge, Carl                    
STRACHAN, Robert see Doerge, Carl                    
STRACHAN, Walter Levine       Bainville 21 Wis J W Strachan & Mildred May Huntley 5-Apr-17 Bainville Sheridan 1001  
      Nina Thelma Ashley Bainville 19 Iowa John Ashley & Dora Rose          
STRACHEN, J W see Strachan                    
STRACHOTA, Anna see Frabert, A F                    
STRAHL, Mabel see Smith, David                    
STRAHLKE, Augusta Caroline see Toohey, Martin L                    
STRAIGHT, C A       Antelope 22 Ohio William Straight & Alice Miller 25-Sep-13 Culbertson Sheridan 83  
      Rose Rancour Antelope 28 Mn Eugene Rancour          
STRAIGHT, William see Straight                    
STRAIK, Mary see Lee                    
STRAIN, Gertrude E see Varner, Halbert Lee                    
STRAIN, William see Varner, Halbert Lee                    
STRAIT, Barney D see Lonergan, Philip F                    
STRAIT, Rodinthe see Jones                    
STRAIT, Verda F see Lonergan, Philip F                    
STRAKA, Catherine see Sternhagen, Joseph P                    
STRALEY, Florence see Merklein, Louis                    
STRALTON, Elsie see Lewis, Willie H                    
STRAMM, Katherine see Meier, Andres                    
STRAND, A G see Strand, Henry                    
STRAND, Allen Ernest       Glendive 38 Burlington Iowa G A & Anna Louise Strand 22-May-12 ??? Dawson 1090  
      Mae Merl Ward Glendive 28 ??? S D Ward & ???          
STRAND, Amanda Bertina see Kinzman                    
STRAND, Andrea N see Solheim                    
STRAND, Andrew see Strand, John E                    
STRAND, Anna see Ekland, Herman J                    
STRAND, Anna Marie see Atwood, Ivy Royal                    
STRAND, Annie see Poole, Robert Earle                    
STRAND, Arthur William       Glasgow 35 Arcadia Wis Sam K Strand & Ada Helene Olson 26-Jun-26 Hinsdale Valley 3220  
      Rhoda Elizabeth Raasch Hinsdale 21 Theif River Falls Mn Otto A Raasch & Gertrude Holzknecht          
STRAND, Bergit see Fladland, Alert Bertil                    
STRAND, Bernt       Benrud 34 N D   16-Jun-25   Phillips 826  
      Kittie Caster McConnell ??? Missouri            
STRAND, Bertil see Kinzman                    
STRAND, Bertil see Strand                    
STRAND, Birdie see Moore, Phillip V                    
STRAND, Charles F see Strand, Oscar F                    
STRAND, Christ see Strand                    
STRAND, Christian see Strand                    
STRAND, Christine see Letnes, John                    
STRAND, Claus       Reserve 31 Norway Emil Strand & Karen Kopping 27-Oct-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1936  
      Vera Hunter Antelope 24 Mn George Hunter & May Stevens          
STRAND, Dagny see Tinkey, Preston Allen                    
STRAND, Dagny see Raugstad, Knute                    
STRAND, E N see Strand                    
STRAND, E S       Dooley 32 Norway Christ Strand & Ulreke Severson 12-Nov-13 Plentywood Sheridan 115  
      Rieke Pierson Dooley 23 Sweden Per Pierson & ----? Olson          
STRAND, Edward B       Reserve 21 Reserve Engebrit Strand & Laura Paulson 9-Sep-33 Dagmar Sheridan 2758  
      Olga Lodahl Dagmar 17 Dagmar Carl A Lodahl & Freda Sampson          
STRAND, Egil H C       Fortuna N D 46 Norway Christian Strand & Neika? Sevenson? 16-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1048  
      Josephine H Stall Fortuna 22 Wis Peter Stall & Anna Howard          
STRAND, Emil see Strand                    
STRAND, Engebrit see Strand Edward B                    
STRAND, G & Dagmar see Raugstad, Knute                    
STRAND, G A & Anna Louise see Strand, Allen Ernest                    
STRAND, Gabriel see Strand, Gerhart                    
STRAND, Gerhard       Glendive 25 Bergen Norway Gabriel Strand & Dagma Sundstrum 8-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2139  
      Annie Falk Glendive 30 Trondhjem Norway Peter Falk & Carrie Olson          
STRAND, Gunda Mathilde (Peterson?) see Knutson                    
STRAND, Gundhill see Olson, Halvor                    
STRAND, Helga see Lobdell                    
STRAND, Helge see Streepy, Blair                    
STRAND, Henry       Glentana 29 N D A G Strand & Johanna Ostholus 15-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1884  
      Anna Louisa Johnson Granville N D 28 N D ??? & Selma Anderson          
STRAND, Inga see Swenson, Sigward                    
STRAND, Jennie A (Draper?) see Brenteson                    
STRAND, John see Tinkey, Preston Allen                    
STRAND, John E       Abercrombie N D 28 Abercrombie John O Strand & Hilda Thompson 3-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1807  
      K Evelyn Strand Menominee Wisc 28 Menominee Andrew Strand & Marie Lukwickson          
STRAND, John O see Strand, John O                    
STRAND, K Evelyn see Strand, John E                    
STRAND, Kjettl see Atwood, Ivy Royal                    
STRAND, M C       Fortuna N D 34 Nor ??? Strand & ??? Seyfrs 17-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1666  
      Beulah Caldwell Kalispell 32 Mis? Caldwell & Luticia Chandler          
STRAND, Marie see Glennen, Jens                    
STRAND, Martin see Glennen, Jens                    
STRAND, Mary see Otte, George F                    
STRAND, Melvin F       Richland 27 Carpio N D Peter P Strand & Petrina Peterson 11-Jun-30 Glasgow Valley 3553  
      Grace E Stilson Glentana 21 Glenwood Mn Schuyler Stilson & Josephine Hintze          
STRAND, Morris C       Ambrose N D 24 Ambrose N D E N Strand & Esther Anderson 20-Aug-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3054  
      Gladys Christianson Colgan N D 18 Colgan Clarence Christianson & Sophie Lahlum          
STRAND, Nick see Solheim                    
STRAND, Ole see Letnes, John                    
STRAND, Oscar F       Frazer 39 Sweden Charles F Strand & Caroline Edmond 9-Mar-22 Glasgow Valley 2864  
      Angie Leah Mortimore Minot N D 21 Rockwell City Iowa Joseph P Mortimore & Clara Belle McComb          
STRAND, Peter P see Strand, Melvin F                    
STRAND, Richard       Froid 25 S D Bertil Strand & Mary Ingebretson 5-Nov-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1589  
      Rose Somerville Flaxville 20 Iowa Henry Somerville & Jane Smith          
STRAND, Sam K see Strand, Arthur William                    
STRAND, Sophie see Anderson, Frank Emil                    
STRANDE, Oscar R       Zurich 35 Blair Wis Ed Strande & Georgia Burch 4-Jun-21 Chinook Blaine 675  
      Florence Douglas Zurich 18 Mich Jack Douglas & ???          
STRANDE, Ed see Strande, Oscar R                    
STRANDEMO, Edward see Strandemo, Palmer Gerhard                    
STRANDEMO, Ingeborg see Stenbakken, Carl                    
STRANDEMO, Palmer Gerhard       Baldwin N D 21 Kenyon Mn Edward E Strandemo & Regnild Odegard 27-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2457  
      Esther Rylander Glendive 22 Fargo N D John Rylander & Ida Hanson          
STRANDLUND, Elmer T       Homestead 26 Dassel Mn Erick Strandlund & Christine Svedlund 31-Aug-21 Homestead Sheridan 1918  
      Erna E Haase Homestead 24 Fall Creek Wis William R Haase & Othelie Janke          
STRANDLUND, Erick see Strandlund                    
STRANDSKOV, Mads see Strandskov                    
STRANDSKOV, Maren see Jacobsen                    
STRANDSKOV, Maren see Rasmussen                    
STRANDSKOV, Marenstine see Jacobsen                    
STRANDSKOV, Marestine see Jacobsen                    
STRANDSKOV, Viggo       Bredette 22 Mn Mads Strandskov & Lora Barner 13-Dec-13 Dagmar Sheridan 908  
      Marian Pederson   19 Denmark Peder Pedersen & Kjerstine Ericksen          
STRANDSKOVE, M see Jensen                    
STRANDSKOVE, Valborg see Jensen                    
STRANGE, Face see White Eagle, Thomas                    
STRANGER, Charles D       Butte 25 Wis James P Stranger & Etta Lagrant 31-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2215  
      Bertha Calder Williston N D 22 Iowa Alexander Calder & Nellie Weeks          
STRANGER, James P see Stranger, Charles P                    
STRANGER, Roxie see Daniels                    
STRANSKY, Anna see Wakel, Emil                    
STRAP, Katie see Johnson, Herman                    
STRASBERG, Chloe see Frost, Myron E                    
STRASBERG, Chlone see Schultz, Albert                    
STRATE, Olena see Axvig                    
STRATHERN, John L       Rich Valley Mn 58 Mn Walter Strathern & Mary Tracy 6-Mar-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1959  
      Mary Kanning Redstone 49   Ferdinand Kanning & Louise Schmidt          
STRATHERN, Walter see Strathern                    
STRATTE, Magnus       Sidney 30 Norway Pete Stratte & Olive Hould 12-Dec-12 Glendive Dawson 1184  
      Matilda Clausen Sidney 30 Norway Claus Peterson & Anna Thorsen          
STRATTE, Pete see Stratte, Magnus                    
STRATTON, Alice M see Miller                    
STRATTON, Bertha see Kelso, Fredrick W                    
STRATTON, Boyd C       Chinook 25 Lancaster Mo Frank Stratton & Minnie Geery 15-Oct-24 Chinook Blaine 838  
      Alice Vivian Erickson Zurich 19 Lohrville Iowa John A Erickson & Hilma Wickland          
STRATTON, Clara see Nash, Ertis LeRoy                    
STRATTON, Donald S see Lossing                    
STRATTON, E C see Miller                    
STRATTON, Elizabeth see Noll, William                    
STRATTON, Frank see Stratton, Boyd C                    
STRATTON, Irvin F see Stratton, Leander Elliot                    
STRATTON, James see Noll, William                    
STRATTON, Leander Elliot       Frazer 33 Indiana Irvin F Stratton & Sarah E Fitch 1-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2488  
      Clara Gustava Kolstad Frazer 35 S D Holver Kolstad & Nellie Thompson          
STRATTON, Manda see Marshall, Frank S                    
STRATTON, Mary E see Reynolds, James A                    
STRATTON, Mary E see Reynolds, Andrew O                    
STRATTON, May I see Lossing                    
STRATTON, Samuel       Outlook 21 Virginia W S Stratton & Emma Knight 17-Jun-28 Redstone Sheridan 2328  
      Irene Wolters Outlook 20 Mn F W Wolters & Johanna Kelm          
STRATTON, Tyler Bilton       Outlook 22 Tazwell Cty Vir William Stratton & Emma Knight 3-Dec-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 979  
      Dora Helen Short Redstone 19 Mitchell Neb Roy Short & ???          
STRATTON, W M       Redstone 20 Virginia W S Stratton & Emma Knight 24-Nov-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1769  
      Mary Hodgman Mn 20 Mn William Hodgman & William Hill          
STRATTON, W S see Stratton                    
STRATTON, W S see Stratton                    
STRATTON, William see Stratton, Tyler Bilton                    
STRATTON, William David       Sidney 25 Grand Rapids Mich William W Stratton & Daisy Barnhart 15-May-20 Glendive Dawson 2641  
      Lucille Marie Neville Sidney 25 Minneapolis John Neville & Mary Goss          
STRAUB, Amelia see Forrey, Charley A                    
STRAUCH, Caroline M see Walker, Charles J                    
STRAUCH, Fredrick W see Walker, Charles J                    
STRAUCH, Irene see Armitage, Eugene                    
STRAUCH, Julia H see Myhrvold, Robert John                    
STRAUCH, Julia H see Ziebarth, Harold W                    
STRAUCH, Julia H see Good, Mark Henry                    
STRAUCH, Lewis F see Armitage, Eugene                    
STRAUD, Ida J see Roosevelt, Charles A                    
STRAUDE, Synnove see Neros                    
STRAUP, Charles Delbert       Bruce 34 Argos Indiana Simon Straup & Elizabeth Dawson 16-Jul-16 Bruce Dawson 1907  
      Bertha Augusta Hasse Bruce 38 Menominee Wisc Leidenthal Hasse & Pauline Augusta Manke          
STRAUP, Simon see Straup, Charles Delbert                    
STRAUS, Louise see Malstrom                    
STRAW, Hannah see Hallock, William                    
STRAW, Salome see Hanson, Christ                    
STRAYER, Martha see Gibbs, Harry                    
STRAYER, Martha see Panger, Albert J                    
STREAD, Johanna see Storkel, Herman                    
STREAMAN, Clara see Brown, Alonzo W                    
STRECKER, Sam see LaRowe, William Lee                    
STRECKER, Winifred see LaRowe, William Lee                    
STREED, Joana see Lewis, Archie                    
STREELEY, Earl       Salt Lake City Utah 27 Salt Lake John Streeley & Olive Morrison 25-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1912  
      Louise Stein Glendive 24 Fargo N D James Stein & Mary Owens          
STREELEY, John see Streeley, Earl                    
STREEPLE, James see Carr, Harold T                    
STREEPLE, Minnie see Carr, Harold T                    
STREEPY, Blair       Peerless 37 Ohio Edward Streepy & Sarah Stevenson 24-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 809  
      Clara Olson Plentywood 20 N D Gust Olson & Helga Strand          
STREEPY, Edward see Streepy, Blair                    
STREETER, Adelbert see Streeter, Albert                    
STREETER, Albert T       Zurich 28 White Cty Indiana Adlebert Streeter & Georgiana Meyers 20-Aug-12 Chinook Blaine 11  
      Nellie Hartman Chinook 18 Mount Pleasant Mich John C Hartman & Emma McIntosh          
STREETER, Betsy see Wright, Roy E                    
STREETER, Blanche see Burmester, Richard H                    
STREETER, Charles see Gilbert                    
STREETER, Charles see Burmester, Richard H                    
STREETER, Charlie       Pwood 21 Iowa Charlie Streeter & Gertrude Perry 10-Oct-15 Antelope Sheridan 559  
      Cornelia Harris Spokane 17 N D Norman Harris & Minnie Schauble          
STREETER, Chas see Barger, Lewis                    
STREETER, Ella see Libbia, Frank                    
STREETER, Flora see Peck, J S                    
STREETER, Gertrude see Wright                    
STREETER, Irene see Barger, Lewis                    
STREETER, Lottie see Ward, J H                    
STREETER, Lottie see Peake, Edward                    
STREETER, Lucy May see Peake, Edward                    
STREETER, Mrs Nellie (Hartman) see Stanton, Ruben E                    
STREETS, Ira & Sarah see Streets, Ralph I                    
STREETS, Ralph I       Bowmanville 19 South Bend Wash Ira & Sarah Streets 13-May-16 Bruce Dawson 1913  
      Minnie Ethel Frazier Bowmanville 20 Eldorado Springs Mo John Frazier & Lucy Bibie          
STREGAL, Anna see Costello, Robert B                    
STREHLOW, Alfred see Bender, Max                    
STREHLOW, Mable see Bender, Max                    
STREIFF, Catherine see Imler, Albert                    
STREIGEL, Annie see Costello, George                    
STREIGEL, Hulda (Kreuger) see Monnon, Lemuel                    
STREISSGUTH, Katherine see Catlin, F M                    
STREISSGUTH, Theodore see Catlin, F M                    
STREITMATTER, Adam see Auhoin, Emanuel                    
STREITMATTER, Adam see Baller, Max                    
STREITMATTER, Anna see Baller, Max                    
STREITMATTER, Frank see Streitmatter, Nick                    
STREITMATTER, Mary see Auhoin, Emanuel                    
STREITMATTER, Nick       Glendive 27 Austria Frank Streitmatter & Katherine Crasl 16-May-21 Glendive Dawson 2761  
      Mary Meske Glendive 19 Wahpeton N D Fred Meske & Pauline Schmiller          
STREITZ, Jacob see Streitz, Joseph                    
STRELOSE, Fredrick see Ling, Ray                    
STREM, Sophia see Swanson, Fred G                    
STRENATH, Mary see Bucher, Oliver A                    
STRESSBURG, Cloe see Hartsock, Raymond Veryl                    
STRICKLAND, Delilah see Mullins , Ezra                    
STRICKLAND, Rainey see Anderson, Fred                    
STRICKLAND, William E see Russell, Charles J                    
STRICKLER, Benjamin see Rounds, Erastus                    
STRIETZ, Joseph       Golva N D 27 Mn Jacob Strietz & Anna Niehous 18-May-30 Wibaux Wibaux 738  
      Evangeline Latterell Sentinel Butte N D 18 Sentinel Butte Arthur Latterell & Jessie Eddy          
STRIFF, ??? see Kelley, Charler D                    
STRIKE, Woman see Bearhill                    
STRIKER, Arthur       Ismay 39 North Branch Mn Robert Striker & Emma Danielson 10-Jun-29 Glendive Dawson 3730  
      Ruth Scheuttler Geneseo Ill 28 Geneseo William Scheuttler & Ann Rieder          
STRIKES, see Little Man                    
STRIKES, Him With Knife see Chicken Head                    
STRIKES, Mamdan see Knife Got                    
STRIKES, Plenty see Sailing Hawk                    
STRIKES, the Ground see Bearcub                    
STRIKES, The Ground see Owens, Charles A                    
STRIKES THE GROUND, Willi see Bearcub                    
STRIKING, see Foot                    
STRIKING, see Foote                    
STRIKING, see Whilwright, Robert                    
STRINGER, Addie see Grandlund                    
STRINGER, Charles see Stringer                    
STRINGER, Ervin T       Med� Lake 26 Porter Mn Frank Stringer & Alice Jacobs 10-Nov-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2699  
      Lillian Snell-man Med Lake 22   Frank Snellman & Car-oline Danielson          
STRINGER, Floyd E       Flaxville 22 Wash S J Stringer & Laura Green 5-Apr-16 Flaxville Sheridan 714  
      Emma L Chence Flaxville 21 Ohio J W Chance & Lizzie Ernest          
STRINGER, Frank see Grandlund                    
STRINGER, Frank see Stringer                    
STRINGER, George M       Redstone 40 Can Charles Stringer & Annie Miller 3-Aug-14 Plentywood Sheridan 297  
      Augusta Thode Redstone 43 Ger Joach Thode & Henrietta Brandt          
STRINGER, Gertie see Graves                    
STRINGER, Gertrude see Weaver                    
STRINGER, Henry see Sheridan                    
STRINGER, S J see Stringer                    
STRINGER, Stella see Dehaven, Dwight                    
STRIPED, Cow see Takes The Bow                    
STRISKER, Charlotte see Kahm, Leo                    
STROADE, Delbert M       Lawrence Kans 25 Manchester Iowa Frank Stroade & Ida Stevens 23-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3087  
      Virginia Anderson Belfield N D 19 Belfield Gust Anderson & Allen Haskins          
STROADE, Frank see Stroade, Delbert M                    
STROBEL, Antone see Nairz, Oscar                    
STROBEL, Gottlieb see Strobel, Ludwig                    
STROBEL, Ludwig       Fallon 24 Fredonia N D Gottlieb Strobel & Carolina Schilling 4-Mar-30 Marsh Dawson 3849  
      Emma App Marsh 17 Eureka S D Daniel App & Elizabeth Roesler          
STROBEL, Paulina see Nairz, Oscar                    
STROBEL, Selma see Wagner, Gottlieb                    
STRODE, Ellen see Blackmore                    
STRODEMIER, Henry see Williams, William                    
STRODEMIER, Henry see Strodemier, Samuel                    
STRODEMIER, Mae see Williams, William                    
STRODEMIER, Samuel       Wolf Point 23 Iowa Henry Strodemier & Tina Ricedorf 26-Aug-19 Glasgow Valley 2540  
      Elizabeth Petersen Wolf Point ??? Mn Hans Petersen & Sofia Jensen          
STROHMEYER, Amelia Josephine see Becker, Henry Bernard                    
STROHMEYER, Sebastian see Becker, Henry Bernard                    
STROM, ??? see Aklastad                    
STROM, Andrew see Wilmot, Harold P                    
STROM, Charles H       Miles City 28 Hombolt Iowa John Strom & Lizzie Carlson 19-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2673  
      Oline J Nelson Miles City 27 Badger Iowa Oliver Nelson & Johanna Knudtson          
STROM, Clarence G       Phillips 28 Mn   13-Nov-17   Phillips 286  
      Katherine E Fischer Phillips 23 N D            
STROM, Ella see Dryer, Ernest A                    
STROM, Esther see Wilmot, Harold P                    
STROM, Helen see Grimsrud                    
STROM, Herman see Grimsrud                    
STROM, John see Strom, Charles J                    
STROM, Mary see Lawrence                    
STROM, Mary see Sundberg, Wallace                    
STROM, Oliana see Watson, Mark E                    
STROMBERG, Oscar       Med� Lake 34 Mn Peter Stromberg & Christine Robertson 26-Sep-19 Dagmar Sheridan 1559  
      Marie Reimers Med� Lake 21 Iowa William Reimers & Meta Holm          
STROMBERG, Peter see Stromberg                    
STROMBO, Edward H       Dooley 41 Wis Peter O & Mary Anne Strombo 12-Nov-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1695  
      Mary C Knabe Dooley 32 Illinois ??? Tady & Mary Kucker          
STROMBO, Ida see Reinertson                    
STROMBO, Mattie see McLean                    
STROMBO, Peter & Mary see Reinertson                    
STROMBO, Peter & Mary Ann see McLean                    
STROMBO, Peter O & Mary Ann see Strombo                    
STROME, James H see Laudsiedel, Adolph                    
STROME, Mildred see Laudsiedel, Adolph                    
STROMME, Jennie see LeDosque, Joseph H                    
STROMME, Mathew see LeDosque, Joseph H                    
STROMMEN, Tilla see Framstad                    
STROMMER, Frank see Lemiux, Leo                    
STROMMER, Pauline see Lemiux, Leo                    
STROMSNESS, Henrikka see McMurtrey, John                    
STROMSTAD, Andrew see Ferguson                    
STROMSTAD, Selma see Ferguson                    
STRONG, see Whilright, Robert                    
STRONG, House Woman see Medicine Boy                    
STRONG, Carl Edwin       Culbertson 22 Ill Joseph R Strong & Elvira Humphrey 16-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 787  
      Alma Norine McQuigg Nashua 18 Montana Vead McQuigg & Lydia Click          
STRONG, Elsie see Temple, Thomas Joseph                    
STRONG, Ethel L see Payne, Ralph J                    
STRONG, Frank R see Payne, Ralph J                    
STRONG, Hattie see Potts, Arthur Mell                    
STRONG, Hattie L see Smith, Richard F                    
STRONG, Helen see Lodge, Robert                    
STRONG, James Oswald       Benzien 26 Stanford James Strong & Ellen Leader 21-Aug-17 Benzien Dawson 2236  
      Ruth Francis Turner Benzien 21 Nebr Conward C Turner & Elizabeth C Jessup          
STRONG, Joe       Wolf Point 29 Harlem Reuben Strong & ??? 8-Jun-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1184  
      Nancy Follett Wolf Point 17 Wolf Point Abel Follett & ???          
STRONG, Joseph see Lawson, Luther W                    
STRONG, Joseph       Ft Belknap agency 25 Ft Belknap Reuben Strong & ??? 12-Apr-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 872  
      Susie Mountain Wolf Point 17 Wolf Point Bear Cub & ???          
STRONG, Joseph R see Strong, Carl Edwin                    
STRONG, Kate see Firemoon, Sibley                    
STRONG, Lydia see Bacon, C H                    
STRONG, M P see Cole, Irving                    
STRONG, Margaret see Swertin                    
STRONG, Mary see Kirkaldie, William                    
STRONG, Ora see Hohman                    
STRONG, Reuben see Strong, Joe                    
STRONG, Reuben see Strong, Joseph                    
STRONG, William see Temple, Thomas Joseph                    
STRONTIA?, Engborg see Granmoen, Peter                    
STROTHER, Dorothy E M see Grobee, Charles G                    
STROTHER, Fannie see Payne, Ed                    
STROTHER, William B see Grobe, Charles G                    
STROUD, Florence N see Koger, Ivan                    
STROUD, Latona Anna see Paulson, Paul                    
STROUD, Leitha see Miner, Rudolph Martin                    
STROUD, Lillian Irene see Tade, Eddie                    
STROUD, Robert see Tade, Eddie                    
STROUD, Robert see Miner, Rudolph Martin                    
STROUD, Robert H see Paulson, Paul                    
STROUD, Robert W see Koger, Ivan                    
STROUP, Alpha see Blue, John M                    
STROUP, Ida May see Hill, Everett M                    
STRUB, F A       Moorhead Mn 25 Moorhead F Strub & Louisa Rumig 12-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2083  
      Myrtle C Strub Minneapolis     Otto Strub & Mary Mardh          
STRUB, Myrtle C see Strub, F A                    
STRUB, Otto see Strub, F A                    
STRUBE, Emily see Kuta, John                    
STRUBE, John see Kuta, John                    
STRUBECK, Charles see Morgan                    
STRUBECK, Charlie W       P�wood 21 Todd Cty Mn Oscar Strubeck & Olive Gibson 6-Jan-13 P�wood Valley 1193  
      res Zella Mary Madill P�wood 16 Peterbro Ontario Can William & Carrie Madill          
STRUBECK, Lillian see Morgan                    
STRUBECK, Oscar see Strubeck, Charlie W                    
STRUBLE, J W see Nicol, George R                    
STRUCK, The Ground see Forrest, Bedford                    
STRUCK, Emil       Phillips 28 Germany   18-Aug-16   Phillips 130  
      Emma Prochnow Phillips 25 Germany            
STRUDT, Maggie see Coleman, Harry                    
STRUKER, Mrs A R see Smith, Fred K                    
STRUM, ??? see Vincent, Elton Fred                    
STRUM, Carl J see Goddard, Joseph Henry                    
STRUM, Dorothy see Bjorklund, Gustav Emil                    
STRUM, Emma E see Anderson, Edward Clarence                    
STRUM, Gladys J see Goddard, Joseph Henry                    
STRUM, Gustav       Homestead 24 Plato Mn Gustav Sturm & Emily Denk 8-Nov-20 Mondak Roosivelt 189  
      Eliza-beth Erbe Dowd 26 Breslau Germany Emil Erbe & Amelia Schipke          
STRUM, Katie see Bjorkland, Gustav Emil                    
STRUM, Rev Gustav see Anderson, Edward Clarence                    
STRUNCHA, Libby see Mayer, Mark J                    
STRUTHERS, Alexander see Struthers, Charles Ernest                    
STRUTHERS, Charles Ernest       Santa Ana Calif 25 South West City Mo Alexander Struthers & Lucy Wright 13-Dec-14 Wibaux Wibaux 9  
      Carrie Gladys Stainthorpe Pembina N D   Niche? N D John Stain Thorpe & Margaret Leach          
STRUTHERS, William see Cole, C I                    
STRUTS, Minnie see Bartelt, Frank M                    
STRUVE, Mary Minnie see Plagman, LeRoy E                    
STRYKER, Catherine see Sternberg, Herbert                    
STRYKER, Mary see Budewitz, Harry                    
STRZYINSKI, Helen see Minor, Earl H                    
STRZYINSKI, Steve see Minor, Earl H                    
STRZYWSKI, Steve see Strywski, Victor                    
STRZYWSKI, Victor       Carlyle 26 St Cluod Mn Steve Strzywski & Francis Stanlawske 11-Oct-30 Glendive Dawson 3927  
      Doris Gulley Marshall Ark 18 Mt Olive Ark J A Gulley & Ethel Jeffery          
STUART, Barbara see Bickford, H A                    
STUART, C B see Boydston, Parvin W                    
STUART, Eva see Parsons, Jesse Frank                    
STUART, Lloyd K       Gifford 23 N D   28-May-20   Phillips 504  
      Julia Kimek Wolf Point 18 Mt            
STUART, Margaret see McCleod                    
STUART, Margaret J see Boydston, Parvin W                    
STUART, Mary see Miller                    
STUART, Mary M see Larson, George P                    
STUBB, Fred see Daellenbach, Paul                    
STUBBAN, Edw see McCabe                    
STUBBAN, Edw see Stubban                    
STUBBAN, Edw see Stubban                    
STUBBAN, Edward see Wigmore                    
STUBBAN, Elmer       Med� Lake 25 Med� Lake Edw Stubban & Hannah Fossum 31-Dec-34 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2907  
      Edna M Anderson Reserve 21 Med� Lake William Anderson & Marie Petersen          
STUBBAN, John       Med� Lake 28 Minneapolis Edw Stubban & Hannah Fossum 18-Apr-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2523  
      Gladys M Greenlee Mich 21 Byron Nebr E H Greenlee & Martha Stegeman          
STUBBAN, Margaretha see McCabe                    
STUBBAN, Minda L see Wigmore                    
STUBBERUD, Bernt see Stubberud, Ingvald H                    
STUBBERUD, Ingvald H       Glendive 26 St Ansgar Iowa Bernt Stubberud & Inga Olson 29-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3168  
      Rose Nelson Glendive 27 Marseilles Illinois James Nelson & Rachel Rosner          
STUBBLEFIELD, Alcatie see Holm, Oscar                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Blanche see Hulburt, Charles P                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Elmer see Cromwell                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Evert B       Phillips 28 Neb   11-Oct-20   Phillips 543  
      Millie Marie Caves Phillips 22 Mich            
STUBBLEFIELD, N M see Watney, Nels C                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Nellie see Best, Van                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Nora Belle see Stubblefield, Evert B                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Norman see Best, Van                    
STUBBLEFIELD, Norman see Cavanaugh, Arthur W                    
STUBBS, Elizabeth see Reimer, Jacob                    
STUBBS, H F       Glendive 25 Romford England Harry Stubbs & Anna Caran 6-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2208  
      Matilda Olson Billings 26 Adams Mn Tom & Jennie Olson          
STUBBS, Harry see Stubbs, H F                    
STUBBS, Harry       Glendive 49 Nottingham England Robert George Stubbs & Mary Cheetham 28-Feb-22 Glendive Dawson 2848  
      Della Scanlon Glendive 37 New Richmond Wisc John Collins & Elizabeth McBrady          
STUBBS, Henry       Glendive 36 Nottingham England Robert George Stubbs & Mary Cheatham 16-Jun-16 Glendive Dawson 603  
      Laura V Kelly Glendive 34 Sleepy Eye Mn James G Kelly & Mary Murphy          
STUBBS, Kathleen see Oliver, David                    
STUBBS, Robert George see Stubbs, Henry                    
STUBBS, Robert George see Stubbs, Harry                    
STUBBS, Samuel see Oliver, David                    
STUBBS, Samuel M       Dom N D 26 Dublin Ireland Samuel Stubbs & Mary Ann Mi? 10-Oct-06 Ridgelawn Dawson 396  
      Mary Ann Belenger Ridgelawn 24 Emerson Manitoba August Bellanger & Amelia Lapire          
STUBETSON, Ida see Bridges, David                    
STUBETSON, John see Bridges, David                    
STUBRUD, Gilbert see Gangstad                    
STUCKE, Esther see Campbell, Gaylon B                    
STUCKE, F S see Felder, Stephen Harney                    
STUCKE, Herbert A see Campbell, Gaylon B                    
STUCKE, Lydia see Felder, Stephen Harney                    
STUCKER, Sarah J see Brough, Clarence A                    
STUCKEY, Jacob see Stucky, Sam                    
STUCKEY, Jane see Kemmer, Paul                    
STUCKEY, Sam       Zurich 28 Kan Jacob Stucky & Anna Krehbine 17-May-16 Chinook Blaine 275  
      Lucy Martz Zurich 21 Virginia John Martz & Ida Mills          
STUDEBAKER, Daisy see Meek, Floyd                    
STUDEBAKER, Daisy Pearl see Haugen, Harold Norman                    
STUDEBAKER, Pearl see Schneider, Walter                    
STUDEBAKER, Pearl see Meek, Arthur Raymond                    
STUDENROTH, Emily see Brodsho                    
STUDER, Frederick see Boegli, John                    
STUDER, Marie Gertrude see Boegli, John                    
STUDLEIN, Leonard Oliver       Scobey 37 Mn   26-Dec-25   Phillips 865  
      Gladys Jeanette Rumelhart Malta 20 S D            
STUDRUDE, Martha see Harmon                    
STUDY, Frank Allen see Rush, John Wesley                    
STUDY, Grace Mildred see Rush, John Wesley                    
STUFF, Charles E see Bergan, Adolf E                    
STUFF, Viola see Bergan, Charles E                    
STUKEL, Edward F       Twete 26 Joliet Ill Joseph Stukel & Margaret Yevcich 9-Oct-23 Chinook Blaine 780  
      Clara M Wagner Twete 18 Twete Michael C Wagner & Anronia Bertnick          
STUKEL, Joseph see Stukel, Edward F                    
STULESON, Carrie see Miller, Martin W                    
STULI, Dan see Franks, Eli W                    
STULL, D W & Josie see Little, Bert M                    
STULL, Elizabeth E see Tait, Frank                    
STULLER, Claude B       McCabe 32 Ill Nelson Stuller & Mary Modisett 17-Mar-15 Medicine Lake Sheridan 450  
      Stine Dein Med Lake 23 Neb Anders Peter Dein & Marie Lund          
STULLER, Edith see Anderson Niels                    
STULLER, Nelson see Anderson                    
STULLER, Nelson see Stuller                    
STULP, Carlion see Anklem, Fred William                    
STULTEEN, Alice see Thoeny, J M                    
STULTEEN, Knute see Thoeny, J M                    
STULTS, Cora see Wilson, Frederick H                    
STULTZ, Cora see Erickson, John William                    
STUMP, B F see Rhodes, W E                    
STUMP, Benjamin F see Smith, Albert T                    
STUMP, Edith Ivy see Rhodes, W E                    
STUMP, Jim see Stump, John                    
STUMP, John       Halliday N D 25 Monroe Ind Jim Stump & Ella Haggard 2-Jul-20 Glendive Dawson 2657  
      Clarce? Bailey Halliday 20 White Sulpher Spgs W Vir James Gardner & Lulu Watts          
STUMP, Myrtle see Smith, Albert T                    
STUMPF, Edna see Carville, Forrest T                    
STUMPF, Henry see Carville, Forrest T                    
STURGEON, Ida see Briant, Phillip                    
STURGEON, Lillus P see Cripe, John W                    
STURGEON, Mary see Koebrick, Ernest E                    
STURGEON, Thomas L see Cripe, John W                    
STURGES, G W       Belfield N D 39 New Ulm Mn G W Sturges & Mary Kady 1-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1737  
      Edith L Tyler Belfield N D 30 Serogorta (Cerro Gorda?) Iowa Peter & Margaret Jones          
STURGIS, Bert see Mitchell, Glen H                    
STURGIS, Bert see Sturgis, Floyd                    
STURGIS, Beulah see Mitchell, Glen H                    
STURGIS, Floyd       Lambert 21 N D Bert Sturgis & Lizzie Sharbono 31-Mar-25 Circle McCone 81  
      Hazel Thiel Sturgis 18 Elberta? Can Julius Thiel & Mattie Morris          
STURM, Fred W see Sturm                    
STURM, Harold D       Bainville 23 Ill Fred W Sturm & Idella Armstrong 3-Oct-17 Bainville Sheridan 1146  
      Henriette Lucile Thom-as Bainville 21 Ill Hiram F Thomas & Pauline A Vance          
STURM, Nora see Rorvik, Peter                    
STURM, Oscar Ludwig       Dowd 25 Wahpeton N D Gustav Sturm & Amelia Denk 12-Apr-26 Scobey Daniels 255  
      Ida M Schwarzrock Dowd 18 N D August Schwarzrock & Retta Mann          
STURMAN, B & Mrs see Smith, Fred K                    
STURMAN, Sarah see Sutton, James Douglas                    
STURNVOLL, Joseph see Farestad                    
STURNVOLL, Louis see Farestad                    
STURTEVANT, Edward A       Glendive 25 Detroit (Lakes?) Minn (Mich?) William W Sturtevant & Wealthy A Quist 15-Sep-20 Glendive Dawson 2681  
      Ann Donis Glendive 18 Manfield Ohio Joseph G Donis & Ann Katherine Lenhardt          
STURTEVANT, Florence M see Whipple, Francis Victor                    
STURTEVANT, W W see Whipple, Francis Victor                    
STURTEVANT, William W see Sturtevant, Edward A                    
STUSRUD, Chris see Johnson, Knute                    
STUSRUD, Helga see Johnson, Knute                    
STUTSBERRY, Nancy see Hatfield                    
STUTSMAN, Ella see Nay, Admiral Dewey                    
STUTSMAN, William H see Stutsman                    
STUTSMAN , William Sharpless       Mandan N D 27 Mandan William H Sharpless & Ada S Sharpless 4-Apr-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2597  
      Josephine Ann Stiles Grand Forks N D 23 Grand Forks John A Stiles & Julia Tofslie          
STUTZMANN, Arnold see Munz, Adolph                    
STYER, Charles W       Sand Creek 26 Menominee Wis J B & Bollie Styer? 7-Dec-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 452  
      Harriot? Olive Thornburg Sand Creek 20 Creston Wash Lee Thornburg & Olive Simons          
STYER, J B & Bollie see Styer, Charles W                    
STYER, James R see Nutter, Lewis Leonard                    
STYER, Martha F see Nutter, Lewis Leonard                    
STYLEN, Ida see Satter, Fred                    
STYLEN, Peter C see Satter, Fred                    
STYLER, Harriet (Thornburg?) see McCartney, Fred W                    
STYLER, Peter see Styler, William L                    
STYLER, William L       Outlook 31 Caledonia Mn Peter Styler & Ann Fleming 27-Mar-11 Redstone Valley 806  
      Emma M Robinson Outlook 40 Elizabeth Ill William R Banden & Hannah L Quilian          
STYLES, L F see McAllaster, Edwin                    
STYVE, Andrew see Styve                    
STYVE, Andrew see Moe, Emil M                    
STYVE, Anna see Conner, Ralph                    
STYVE, Begga see Moe, Emil M                    
STYVE, Henry       Archer 30 Fertile Mn Andrew Styve & Christbjorge Mastod 18-Feb-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2027  
      Martha Rust Archer 24 Sweden Erick Rust & Helen Hermansen          
SUBBRACK, Henry see Menke, Alfred                    
SUBERT, Eva Francis see Eddy, Leslie Eugene                    
SUBLER, John see Culliton, James M                    
SUBLETT, Lola see Plott, Henry                    
SUCHY, Marie see Merks                    
SUCHY, Stanislaus see Merks                    
SUCKSTOFF, Mary see Rodgers, Frank                    
SUCKUT, Elizabeth see Mauch, William                    
SUDAN, Anton M       Great Falls 23 Great Falls Steve Sudan & ??? 10-Aug-29 Chinook Blaine 1151  
      Ruby Bapp Hogeland 19 Dell Rapids S D Mahlon H Bapp & Rosie Reedy          
SUDAN, Steve see Sudan, Anton M                    
SUDBRACK, Hedrig see Menke, Alfred                    
SUDBRACK, Lima see Menke, Alfred                    
SUELICH, Anna see Black, Arthur                    
SUFFERCRIBBY?, Anna see Smith, Fred A                    
SUGDEN, Eva M see Cossette, Ernest                    
SUGDEN, Fred see Cossette, Ernest                    
SUGDEN, Fred Walter see Sateren, Ludvig Walter                    
SUGDEN, Fred Wilder see Wilkinson, William Wert                    
SUGDEN, Iowne? Joan see Wilkinson, William Wert                    
SUGINE?, John       Med� Lake 49 Ireland John Sugine & Mary Sullivan 31-Aug-10 Med� Lake Valley 692  
      Erminia? Lambert Med� Lake 45 Kalispell Louis Lambert & ???          
SUHR, Mary see Bent, James F                    
SUIDEMA, Emma see Klinkhammer                    
SUITER, Thomas W see Holmes, Sigve B                    
SUITER, Tillie L see Holmes, Sigve B                    
SUJULLA, Josephine see Killian                    
SUKIN, Margaret see Eyre, Frank                    
SUKSDORF, Annie see Miller                    
SULBER, John see Cash, George                    
SULIER, David J       Bainville 23 E Los Vegas N Mex David A Sulier & Elizabeth Duval 16-Feb-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1952  
      Dorothy J Merrill Med� Lake 22 Eau Claire Wis John J Merrill & Mary Frances          
SULLAND, Carl       Fairlawn Sask 26 N D Torger Sulland & Marion Sathre 29-Oct-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2279  
      Emelie Hansen Torquay Sask Can 19 Sask Oscar Hansen & Tolida Ludahl          
SULLAND, Selma Cornelia see Johnson                    
SULLAND, Torger see Sulland                    
SULLAND, Torgild see Johnson                    
SULLENS, Emma see Becker, Herman August                    
SULLIVAN, Archie Earle       Benrud 29 Fisher Mn Dan Sullivan & Mary LaFabe 13-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1232  
      Helen Carney Wolf Point 31 O�Galle (Eau Galle?) Wis James Mulherion & Mary Murrey          
SULLIVAN, Arlene see Egholm, Lorneal R                    
SULLIVAN, Arthur F       Chinook 32 Corning Iowa Cornelius Sullivan & Katherine Cashman 25-May-17 Chinook Blaine 396  
      Mabel Halverson Chinook 19 Marshall Mn Frank Halverson & Martha Tunem          
SULLIVAN, Arthur W       Lovejoy 45 Iowa   14-Apr-27   Phillips 946  
      Maud M Sorenson, Phillips 39 N D            
SULLIVAN, Beatrice M see Gilchrist, Clay A                    
SULLIVAN, Belle see Knebel, Leroy                    
SULLIVAN, Bernard T       Wolf Point 36 Perth Amboy N J John Sullivan & Mary Marcenau 7-Oct-25   Valley 3162  
      Edith Mary Gunter Wolf Point 31 Bellville Ont Can George Martin & Vetaline Blondin          
SULLIVAN, Blenda Luella see Nelson, Nels Hans                    
SULLIVAN, Bridget see Burns, William F                    
SULLIVAN, Bridget see Wunnicke, John W                    
SULLIVAN, Cecil C       Culbertson 21 Blue Earth Mn John C Sullivan & Harriet A Smith     Valley 861 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Mary A Bassette Blue Earth 20 Mn Joseph Bassette & Delia LaMont          
SULLIVAN, Cecil C       Culbertson 21 Blue Earth Mn John C Sullivan & Harriet A Smith 3-Jul-11 Culbertson Dawson 957  
      Mary A Bassett Blue Earth Mn 20 Blue Earth Joseph Bassett & Delia LaMont          
SULLIVAN, Charles S see Jackson                    
SULLIVAN, Charlie see Williams                    
SULLIVAN, Chas see Bridgeman                    
SULLIVAN, Chris see Nelson, Nels Hans                    
SULLIVAN, Clarance Francis see Holcomb, Maxwell Joseph                    
SULLIVAN, Cornelius see Sullivan, Arthur F                    
SULLIVAN, Cornelius & Margaret see Bertsch, Alexander John                    
SULLIVAN, Cyrus see Sullivan, David Rice                    
SULLIVAN, Dan see Sullivan, Archy Earle                    
SULLIVAN, Dan see Sullivan, Harry D                    
SULLIVAN, Dan see Sullivan, Leonard Ray                    
SULLIVAN, Daniel see Sullivan, Robert E                    
SULLIVAN, David Rice       Glasgow 31 Kaufman Cty Tex Cyrus Sullivan & Rebecka Cyrus Roundtree 15-Aug-1896 Poplar Valley ?  
      Christina Parks Wolf Point 15 Piketown Kentucky Joseph Parks & Frances Rebecka Dalton          
SULLIVAN, Elizabeth see Bridgeman                    
SULLIVAN, Ellen see Damm                    
SULLIVAN, Emma see Canoy, John William                    
SULLIVAN, Emmaline see Canoy, George W                    
SULLIVAN, Emmaline see Canoy, James A                    
SULLIVAN, Frances see Williams                    
SULLIVAN, Francis Earl       Mondak 23 Blue Earth Mn John C Sullivan & Harriet A Smith 2-Jun-19 Froid Roosivelt 22  
      Lillian Mabel Evans Culbertson 20 Culbertson Winfield S Evans & Esther G Schaap          
SULLIVAN, Frank H see Thompson, Abraham L                    
SULLIVAN, Fred D see Holcomb, Maxwell Joseph                    
SULLIVAN, G H see Smith, Frank                    
SULLIVAN, George R       Hill Cty 36 Ohio   5-Aug-16   Phillips 126  
      Anna Dahlstrom Hill Cty 26 Sweden            
SULLIVAN, Harry D       Cuskerton? 25 Beltrami Mn Dan Sullivan & Mary LaFabre 7-Jun-19 Poplar Roosivelt 23  
      Effie Sage Cuskerton 21 S D D D Sage & Effie Marion Carson          
SULLIVAN, J J see Wolfe, Henry L                    
SULLIVAN, J J see Smith, Neal                    
SULLIVAN, James       Madoc 47 Ill Thomas O Sullivan & Margaret O�Mason 12-Nov-16 Madoc Sheridan 876  
      Ananda Malcolm Madoc 35 Missouri J L Malcolm & F E McMillan          
SULLIVAN, James               26-Sep-1886   Dawson 61  
      Mary Bronson                  
SULLIVAN, Jno see Collier, W B                    
SULLIVAN, John see Quinn                    
SULLIVAN, John see DeNoma, John                    
SULLIVAN, John see Sullivan, Bernard T                    
SULLIVAN, John see Hill, Everett M                    
SULLIVAN, John C see Sullivan, Cecil C                    
SULLIVAN, John C see Sullivan, Cecil C                    
SULLIVAN, John C see Sullivan, Francis Earl                    
SULLIVAN, John Francis       S D 33 Mil-waukee Wis Michael Sullivan & Mary Nee 21-Jun-22 Culbertson Roosivelt 386  
      Olive Catherine Svoboda Culbertson 29 Neb Joseph & Katherine Svoboda          
SULLIVAN, Katherine see Bertsch, Alexander John                    
SULLIVAN, Katherine see Peek, Sherman J                    
SULLIVAN, Katherine see Hill, Everett M                    
SULLIVAN, Katie see Flaherty, Mike                    
SULLIVAN, Laura see Brown, Park Duane                    
SULLIVAN, Leonard Ray       Benrud 23 Mn Dan Sullivan & Mary LaFave 7-Nov-25 Poplar Roosivelt 828  
      Mildred Cook Wolf Point 20 Wis Charlie Cook & Mary Grace Parpart          
SULLIVAN, Margaret see Jones                    
SULLIVAN, Margaret see Seward, Russell John                    
SULLIVAN, Margaret see Dollard, Joe B                    
SULLIVAN, Margaret see Fishel, Andrew Myles                    
SULLIVAN, Margaret May see Quinn                    
SULLIVAN, Margrid see Sutherland, Forrest J                    
SULLIVAN, Martha see Lowe                    
SULLIVAN, Martha see Smith, Horace                    
SULLIVAN, Mary see Beacon, Edward George                    
SULLIVAN, Mary see DeNoma, John                    
SULLIVAN, Mary see Lynch, Michael Henry                    
SULLIVAN, Mary see Sugine, John                    
SULLIVAN, Mary see Flory, George Henry                    
SULLIVAN, Mary T see Collier, W B                    
SULLIVAN, Maud see Edwards, Henry Thomas                    
SULLIVAN, Michael see Sullivan, John Frances                    
SULLIVAN, Mike see Gilchrist, Clay A                    
SULLIVAN, Nell see Listoe                    
SULLIVAN, Nellie see Jackson                    
SULLIVAN, Nellie see Olson, Abe                    
SULLIVAN, Nellie see Songstad, John                    
SULLIVAN, Nora see Bogert                    
SULLIVAN, P J see Sullivan, Robert J                    
SULLIVAN, Robert E       ??? ??? Luverne Mn Daniel Sullivan & Julia Roach 25-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1243  
      Anna B Eighme Savage 19 Larrimore N D LeGrand Eighme & A Maud Perry          
SULLIVAN, Robert J       Thoeny 23 Mn P J Sullivan & G L Doughty 14-Oct-19 Hinsdale Valley 2565  
      Bertha Talbot Thoeny 23 ??? ???          
SULLIVAN, Sarah see Munson                    
SULLIVAN, Thomas O see Sullivan                    
SULLIVAN, William G       Corning Iowa 26 Iowa Charles Sullivan & Anne Manly 3-Ict-1916 Plentywood Sheridan 838  
      Margaret Katherine Gross P�wood 18 Mn Martin Gross & Gertrude Sam          
SULLIVAN,, Charles, see Sullivan                    
SULLIVAN,, Charles, see Bogert                    
SULSKY, Esten       Bainville 30 Russia Max & Anna Sulsky 26-Nov-23 Poplar Roosivelt 575  
      Anna Harob Bainville 21 Russia Harry & Ida Harob          
SULSKY, Max & Anna see Sulsky, Esten                    
SUMMER, Mary Francis see Cousins, C C                    
SUMMERFELD, Alins see Eggert, Henry                    
SUMMERFELD, Emma see Baker, Ernest D                    
SUMMERFELD, Gustav see Baker, Ernest D                    
SUMMERFIELD, Lizzie see Morin, Ernest S                    
SUMMERFIELD, Mollie see Bork, Fred W                    
SUMMERFIELD, Otto see Strom, Clarence G                    
SUMMERLIN, Lurain see Dunkelman, G H                    
SUMMERLOT?, Samantha see Baker, Lloyd M                    
SUMMERS, Ben see Summers, Earl D                    
SUMMERS, Charles       Killdeer N D 21 Iowa John Summers & Margaret Gadwan 22-Sep-17 Wibaux Wibaux 169  
      Hilda Anderson Killdeer 38 Sweden L P Anderson & Marie Larson          
SUMMERS, Charles see Warube, George                    
SUMMERS, Clyde Allen       Wolf Point 28 Illinois Ora Summers & Molly Johnson 4-Sep-19 Glasgow Valley 2543  
      Hilda Louise Tiedke Bowdon N D 21 N D Fred & Hilda Tiedke          
SUMMERS, Dave       Reserve 27 Reserve Fred Summers & Mary Burshia 12-Nov-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2893  
      Burnette Rorvig Reserve 18 Antelope Albert Rorvig & Emma Martinson          
SUMMERS, Earl D       Chinook 18 Star Valley Wyo Ben Summers & Helen Herrick 15-Aug-26 Paradise Valley Blaine 956  
      May Smotherman Chinook 24 Ckinook William D Smotherman & Abbie Jane Cook          
SUMMERS, Earl J       Bainville 30 Nicolett Mn J B Summers & Lens Schmidt 2-Jul-30 Bainville Roosivelt 1454  
      Alice G Swant Bainville 34 Hawkeye Iowa Fred Swant & Amelia Lubes          
SUMMERS, Edward see Godwa, O D                    
SUMMERS, Ella Mae see Hawk, Paul S                    
SUMMERS, Fred see Summers                    
SUMMERS, Fred       Culbertson 35 Ill John Summers & Margaret Holmes 2-Dec-09 Culbertson Valley 539  
      Mary Burshia Poplar 24 Poplar David Burshia & ???          
SUMMERS, Harry M       Owasso Mich 26 Justin Mich Homer Summers & Shannie? Miller 12-Jan-10 Glasgow Valley 568  
      Hazel Parrish Nelson Mn 21 Oakdale Nebr L W Parrish & Francis Holridge          
SUMMERS, Homer see Summers, Harry                    
SUMMERS, J B see Summers, Earl J                    
SUMMERS, John see Summers, Fred                    
SUMMERS, John see Summers, Charles                    
SUMMERS, John see Campbell, Alexander                    
SUMMERS, John see Hawk, Paul S                    
SUMMERS, Lodema see Godwa, O D                    
SUMMERS, Minnie see Warube, George                    
SUMMERS, Ora see Summers, Clyde Allen                    
SUMMERS, Ruth see Keeland, Theodore Samuel                    
SUMMERTON, Miles & Mary see Summerton, Park Charles Lewis                    
SUMMERTON, Park Charles Lewis       Wolf Point 27 Scotland Miles & Mary Summerton 4-Sep-19 Wolf Point Roosivelt 45  
      Eva Ann Gilles Wolf Point 24 Wis Nicholas Gilles & Helen Wirtz          
SUMMLLEY, Mary see Denny, John                    
SUMMONS, Albert see Hershberger                    
SUMNER, Mabel see Coleman, Joseph                    
SUMNER, Myron see Coleman, Joseph                    
SUN, Rise Woman see Pease, Geo                    
SUNASAC, Joseph E & Marian A see McIntosh, Marvin Turner                    
SUNBY, Olava see Ehlang, Ole                    
SUND, Harold D       Peerless 21 McIntosh Mn Ole Sund & Carrie Hole 21-Oct-28 Scobey Daniels 392  
      Maysel Annis Jones Peerless 16 Kenmare N D Charles P Jones & Nettie V Beebe          
SUND, Helen see Holron                    
SUND, Jens see Sund                    
SUND, Lawrence       Dagmar 27 Denmark Jens Sund & Karen Hansen 10-Oct-28 Dagmar Sheridan 2363  
      Ethel May Andersen Dagmar 19 Bowbells N D Nels & Mary Andersen          
SUND, Ole see Holton John                    
SUND, Ole see Sund, Harold D                    
SUNDAHL, C J see Sundahl                    
SUNDAHL, Oscar D       Antelope 26 N D C J Sundahl & Anna Charnstrom? 18-May-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1023  
      Ella K Riba Antelope 24 Mn Christ Riba & Anna Wick-leman          
SUNDALE, Mary see Boe, Rasmus                    
SUNDBERG, Andrew see Sundberg, Wallace                    
SUNDBERG, Betsy see Lundberg, Melvin F                    
SUNDBERG, Wallace       Plentywood 25 Goodhue Cty Mn Andrew Sundberg & Mary Strom 24-Jun-12 P�wood Valley 1061  
      Katie Allen P�wood 20 Barker Wis Dick Allen & Ella Maxey          
SUNDBLAD, Joy? see Morris, Guy                    
SUNDBLAD, S see Morris, Guy                    
SUNDEAN, Anna see Marion, William                    
SUNDEAN, Chris see McDivitt, John                    
SUNDEAN, Clara see McDivitt, John                    
SUNDEAN, Swen see Marion, William                    
SUNDERHAUF, Albert see Sunderhauf                    
SUNDERHAUF, Albert E see Sunderhauf, George D                    
SUNDERHAUF, Floyd A       Scobey 48 Fargo N D Albert Sunderhauf & Henrietta Bessie 10-Sep-03 Plentywood Sheridan 1922  
      Aneta Bertonneau Scobey 18 Wash Henry Ber-tonneau & Marie Vacarro          
SUNDERHAUF, George D       Williston N D 33 Wahpeton N D Albert E Sunderhauf & Henrietta Bessie 6-Feb-24 Glasgow Valley 3038  
      Gretchen Kern Goodman Williston N D 30 Wakerton Ind George Kern & Mate Lampson          
SUNDERHAUF, Ralph J       P�wood 21 S D Albert E Sunderhauf & Henrietta Bassee 14-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 755  
      Irma G Aldrich P�wood 23 Mn Malcolm Aldrich & Ida Dupree          
SUNDERKAUF, Albert E see Sunderhauf                    
SUNDERLAND, Dorothy Susan see Carpenter, Edwin Davis                    
SUNDERLAND, H E see Carpenter, Edwin Davis                    
SUNDERS, Margaret see see Wolter                    
SUNDGREN, Bessie see Lundberg, Bernhard                    
SUNDHEIM, Iver       Froid 25 Sissetin S D Jul Sundheim & Mary Bjerke 7-May-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2820  
      Bertha Wallace Froid 18 Williston N D Bert Wallace & Inga Sandvik          
SUNDHEIM, Jul see Sundheim                    
SUNDHEIM, Jul see Sundheim                    
SUNDHEIM, Noel       Homested 52 Sisseton S D Jul Sundheim & Mary Bjerke 16-Aug-36 Homestead Sheridan 3052  
      Borghild Brekke Antelope 19 Antelope Eilert Brekke & Betsy Birkland          
SUNDIN, Caroline see Bergquist, Magnus                    
SUNDIN, Mrs Ernest see Cooper, Hurd Mason                    
SUNDIN, Mrs Ernest see Sundin, Wilhelm                    
SUNDIN, Wilhelm       Malta 37 S D   21-Jul-28   Phillips 1041  
      Ada Jennie Brady Phillips 30 Mt            
SUNDLIE, Carl       Bowdoin 28 Mn Hans Sundlie & Carrie Olson 2-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2242  
      Helen Nesby Bodoin 28 Mn Knute Nesby & Ida Thompson          
SUNDLIE, Hans see Sundlie, Carl                    
SUNDMARK, Carl see Aakre                    
SUNDMARK, Lena see Aakre                    
SUNDOLF, Marie see Berge                    
SUNDOWN, Clifford G       Glentana 26 Danville Ill William Sundown & Mary Sanders     Valley 2870 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Myrtle Irene Hill Glentana 18 Grand Forks N D Dennis B Hill & Mary Danahan          
SUNDOWN, William see Sundown, Clifford G                    
SUNDQUIST, Erick see Sundquist, John P                    
SUNDQUIST, John P       Chinook 36 Norway Mich Erick Sundquist & Marie Loff 27-May-17 Chinook Blaine 397  
      Alyce Alexander Conrad 27 Mt Carmel Ill Henry Dreyer & Maggie E Corsey          
SUNDSETH, Ingeborg see Gaustad, Martin                    
SUNDSETH, Ingeborg see Gaustad, Nels R                    
SUNDSETH, Kristen       Phillips 29 Norway   14-Feb-17   Phillips 180  
      Albertine Primeau Phillips 21 Mt            
SUNDSTAD, Knute see Sundstsd                    
SUNDSTAD, Magdalene see Brenteson                    
SUNDSTAD, Thomas       Antelope 26 Den Knute Sundstad & Karen Erickson 29-Jun-16 Dagmar Sheridan 786  
      Ella Johnson Antelope 20   James Johnson & Minnie Nielsen          
SUNDSTED, Anton       Dagmar 40 Denmark Knute Sundsted & Karen Erickson 28-Nov-22 Dagmar Sheridan 1859  
      Helga Schultz Dagmar 25 Denmark Carl Schultz & Helga Nelson          
SUNDSTED, Katrine see Kaae                    
SUNDSTED, Knud C see Kaae                    
SUNDSTED, Knute see Sundsted                    
SUNDSTED, Kristian see Sundsted                    
SUNDSTED, Magdalene see Johansen                    
SUNDSTED, Niels Christian       Dagmar 21 Wis Kristian Sundsted & Ane Marie Nielsen 30-Jon-1924 Dagmar Sheridan 1977  
      Esther Elizabeth H Schultz Dagmar 20 Denmark Carl G Schultz & Helga Hedvig Nielsen          
SUNDSTROM, Dagna see Strand, Gerhard                    
SUNDVOLD, Anna see Wikander, David A                    
SUNDVOLD, Ingeborg see Olsen, John C                    
SUNDVOLD, Nils & Carrie see Wikander, David A                    
SUNDVOLD, Sineva see Olsen, John C                    
SUNFORD, Tom       Valleytown 29 Norway   4-Dec-18   Phillips 394  
      Randi O Fjeldheim Valleytown 22 Norway            
SUNKLE, Edward H       Nashua 33 Hope Mo Fred Sunkle & Mary Herman 16-Sep-25 Glasgow Valley 3155  
      Minnie Cox Nashua 19 Wiota Isaac Cox & ???          
SUNKLE, Fred see Sunkle, Edward H                    
SUNNE, John       Saco 38 S D   27-Mar-29   Phillips 1105  
      Alma Ness Phillips 27 S D            
SUNNYSAC, Julia see Kremer, Francis                    
SUNSTEAD, Knud see Paulsen, Mikkel                    
SUNSTEAD, Marie M see Paulsen, Mikkel                    
SUNSTRAIN?, Daniel see Rangstad, Anders                    
SUNSTROM, Johanna see Blom, John E                    
SUNVAE, Bertha see Rossebo, Avon                    
SUNWALL, Adolph O       Scobey 30 Benson Mn Ole N Sunwall & Anna Peterson 5-Nov-30 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2571  
      Anna L Bolen Froid 18 Sperryville Virginia Edward B Bolen & Nellie Roy          
SUNWALL, Ole N see Sunwall                    
SUPHTEN, Sarah (Watters?) see Kettleson, Armand                    
SUPPLE, Elizabeth see Hess, Conrad Allen                    
SUPZAK, Kunnegunda see Scalise, Harry                    
SURA, John       Glendive 23 St Cloud Mn Zack Sura & Marie Gemrud 23-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2153  
      Marie Hafele Glendive 15 Nobles Cty Mn Alois A Hafele & Tillie Finke          
SURA, Zack see Sura, John                    
SURBER, Samuel see Edwards, Clarence A                    
SURFACE, Ella see McNett, Alfred                    
SURFACE, Mary Ellen see Wagner, Walter Edward                    
SURGEON, Alfred see Chandler, Sidney                    
SURGES, Christine see Weibler, Bernard J                    
SURGES, Peter       Redwater 23 Lombard Illinois Theodore Surges & Christina Hoon 4-Feb-14 Glendive Dawson 1435  
      Martha Knoff Redwater 27 Lombard Ill Fred Knoff & Augusta Poitraschke          
SURGES, Theodore see Surges, Peter                    
SURGEST, Katherine see Sommers, Edward L                    
SURNNAL, Ella see Hink, Casper                    
SURSMANN, Anna see Gaspers                    
SURTEES, John see Hawkins, George A                    
SURTEES, Mary see Hawkins, George E                    
SURVANT, Anna Lee see Beckler, George L                    
SURVANT, Burner B       Malta 28 Phillips   31-Jan-26   Phillips 872  
      Iris Stine Malta 28 Illinois            
SURVANT, John see Carpenter, Earl                    
SURVANT, John see Weatherbee, Roy                    
SURVANT, Mary see Weatherbee, Roy                    
SURVANT, Mary see Wilhelm, John                    
SUSAZ, Alfhild see Robertson                    
SUSAZ, Sven see Robertson                    
SUTER, Mary J see Moulton, Norman T                    
SUTER, Rachel see Amiotte, Fred                    
SUTER, Rachel see Blunt, Alfred                    
SUTER, Rachel see Rule, Arthur J                    
SUTFIN, Myrtle M see Watkins, Dr C O                    
SUTHERLAND, A E see Weed, Leonard B                    
SUTHERLAND, Alpheus see Thorbjornson, Otto                    
SUTHERLAND, Billy       Rocky Boy Agency 21 Box Elder Dan Autherland ( Sutherland?) & Josephine Card 18-Aug-25 Chinook Blaine 890  
      Rose Brier Malta 18 Malta George Brier & Mary Allery          
SUTHERLAND, D C       Glendive 37 Aberdeenshire Scotland Robert Sutherland & Isabella Campbell 25-Feb-1897 Glendive Dawson 149  
      Mrs Mary Muir Glendive 38 Scotland ???          
SUTHERLAND, Dave       Wibaux 31 Scotland Donald Sutherland & Henrietta McKay 25-May-09 Glendive Dawson 691  
      Electa Porter Wibaux 26 Ohio Henry Bebnit & Equilla Harris          
SUTHERLAND, Donald see Sutherland, Dave                    
SUTHERLAND, Donald Campbell       Glendive 52 Aberdeen Scotland Robert Sutherland & Isabelle Campbell 15-Feb-11 Glendive Dawson 904  
      Lydia Thielman Glendive 31 Sigionwestfalon Germany August Theilman & Minnie Lohmann          
SUTHERLAND, Donald M       Glendive 32 Scotland William Sutherland & Mary Ann Munro 26-Oct-17 Wibaux Wibaux 174  
      Catherine J McDonald Wibaux 20 Scotland A McDonald & Anna McRae          
SUTHERLAND, Edward see Zofer, Thomas                    
SUTHERLAND, Ezra see Wrighthouse, Charles                    
SUTHERLAND, Forrest J       Bainville 21 LaForge Wis Jeff Sutherland & Rose O�Leary 30-Sep-20 Poplar Roosivelt 176  
      Edith Orrison Bainville 16 Webster Wis Thomas Orrison & Margrid Sullivan          
SUTHERLAND, Francis see Griffith, Fred                    
SUTHERLAND, Geneve Nancy see Thorbjornson, Otto                    
SUTHERLAND, Hattie see Horst, John C                    
SUTHERLAND, J H see Sutherland, Maurice                    
SUTHERLAND, James see Sutherland, Joel H                    
SUTHERLAND, Jeff see Sutherland, Forrest J                    
SUTHERLAND, Joel H       Denver 20 Denver Colo James H Sutherland & Emma Bollar 2-Jul-00 Glendive Dawson 205  
      Winifred Braley Terry 16 Mn John C Braley & Mary J Bagley          
SUTHERLAND, John see Sutherland, William                    
SUTHERLAND, John see Sutherland, William J                    
SUTHERLAND, Leslie see Robinson, Maurice Daniel                    
SUTHERLAND, M see Ramsie, George                    
SUTHERLAND, M O       Miles City 24 Great Falls   16-Oct-26   Phillips 918  
      Rosa Halonen Zurich 19 Hamilton Mt            
SUTHERLAND, Maggie see Larson, Chris                    
SUTHERLAND, Mary Francis see Robinson, Maurice Daniel                    
SUTHERLAND, Maurice       Sutherland 20 Terry J H Sutherland & Winnefred Braley 16-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3263  
      Lois Benedict Mildred 18 Saratoga Wyo Fred Benedict & Jessie Burgoyne          
SUTHERLAND, Robert see Sutherland, Donald Campbell                    
SUTHERLAND, Robert see Sutherland, D C                    
SUTHERLAND, S S see Sutherland, Wesley C                    
SUTHERLAND, Susie E see Weed, Leonard B                    
SUTHERLAND, Viola (Randall?) see Whitney                    
SUTHERLAND, Wesley       South Heart N D 25 Dickinson N D S S Sutherland & Margaret Carver 28-Jun-28 Wibaux Wibaux 614  
      Ruth C Swanson Thunder Hawk S D 22 Sioux Falls S D Carl Swanson & Ida Peterson          
SUTHERLAND, William       Glasgow 28 Winnipeg Can John Sutherland & Abigal Mullans 25-Aug-12 Glasgow Valley 1106  
      Leana Rutledge Williston 28 Storm Lake Iowa Grant Rutledge & ???          
SUTHERLAND, William see Sutherland, Donald M                    
SUTHERLAND, William J       Glasgow 39 Winnipeg Man Can John Sutherland & Abigail Mullins 27-Dec-23 Glasgow Valley 3029  
      Francis M nelson Glasgow 28 Stillwater Mn Nels Nelson & Helen Christinson          
SUTHERLIN, Charles A       Wibaux 28 Albany Tex Frank Sutherlin & Nancy Bragg 30-Oct-1898 Wibaux Dawson 172  
      Maggie Cooney Wibaux 22 ??? John Cooney & Maggie Cafferty          
SUTHERLIN, Frank see Sutherlin, Charles A                    
SUTTER, Annie see Albright, Harry                    
SUTTER, Elizabeth see Ortman, Mose S                    
SUTTER, Margaret see Gass, William                    
SUTTON, Bawnie see Robinson, Robert L                    
SUTTON, Caroline see Carroll, Thomas J                    
SUTTON, Cecelia see Gardner, Howard Leonard                    
SUTTON, Charles see Lzicar, Henry                    
SUTTON, Chas B see McMillan, Duncan Jas                    
SUTTON, Clarissa see Leggett, Orson E                    
SUTTON, Dora see Stafford, D L                    
SUTTON, E G see Sutton, James Douglas                    
SUTTON, Elenor see McMillan, Duncan Jas                    
SUTTON, Ernest Edgar       Bloomfield 23 Royal Center Ind John Marshall Sutton & Eliza Melinda Thompson 7-Mar-23 Glendive Dawson 2961  
      Hazel Irene Brown Bloomfield 17 Platt S D David A Brown & Eva E Endsly          
SUTTON, Frank see Robinson, Robert L                    
SUTTON, Gladys Lavern see Reed, Verl Oliver                    
SUTTON, James Douglas       Williston N D 27 Mn E G Sutton & Sarah Sturman 20-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1236  
      Lena Baybarz Williston 24 Williston M Baybarz & Oleta Busnak          
SUTTON, John D see Carroll, Thomas J                    
SUTTON, John M see Bennett                    
SUTTON, John M see Reed, Verl Oliver                    
SUTTON, John Marshall see Sutton, Ernest Edgar                    
SUTTON, Lloyd O       Bloomfield 28 Royal Center Ind William H Sutton & Hosea H Fatzinger 27-Jun-23 Glendive Dawson 2993  
      J Joy Jones Glendive 21 Stanton Idaho Theodore C & Ida Jones          
SUTTON, Nolan A       Phillips 20 Indiana   30-Nov-16   Phillips 162  
      Annie N Waters Phillips 19 Okla            
SUTTON, Wilda see Moore, Fred                    
SUTTON, William H see Sutton, Lloyd O                    
SVANE, Kristine see Borup, Jorgen                    
SVARTAAS, Karen see Vold                    
SVEDLUND, Christine see Strandlund                    
SVEEN, Anton       Fairview 38 Coon Valley Wisc Christopher Sveen & Thora Storbakken 12-Mar-14 Glendive Dawson 1457  
      Inga Ihle Coon Valley 26 Coon Valley Ole Ihle & Olava Skimberg          
SVEEN, August M       Phillips 30 Nor   3-Apr-17   Phillips 200  
      Jennie Loen Phillips 25 Norway            
SVEEN, Christine see Rantz, Walter Reynold                    
SVEEN, Christopher see Sveen, Anton                    
SVEEN, Knute see Rantz, Walter Reynold                    
SVEET, Kristi see Grodt                    
SVEET, Marit see Stover                    
SVEET, Merelana see Iwin, John                    
SVELA, Lars see Svela, Peter                    
SVELA, Peter       Glendive 38 Norway Lars Svela & Guri Torgerson 1-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2714  
      Minnie Anderson Sidney 33 Sweden Anders Olson & Anna Anderson          
SVELAND, Ane see Skaar, Edward                    
SVENDSEN, Anton see Svendsen                    
SVENDSEN, Chris see Svendsen, Pete                    
SVENDSEN, Clarence M       Homestead 20 Mn Anton Svendsen & Louise Johnson 22-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 647  
      M Ruth McCabe Homestead 10 Ohio Oscar B McCabe & Anna May Lowdmeslager          
SVENDSEN, Henry       Froid 25 Denmark Jens Svendsen & Marie Martinson 10-Nov-13 Dagmar Sheridan 113  
      Gertie Hanson Froid 22 Denmark Johan & Henrietta Han-son          
SVENDSEN, Jens see Svendsen                    
SVENDSEN, Jens Christian see Svendsen, Thorvald                    
SVENDSEN, Pete       Harlem 30 Denmark Chris Svendsen & Katherine Olson 24-Dec-23 Chinook Blaine 792  
      Katherine Schaack Harlem 22 Chicago Ill Peter Schaack & ???          
SVENDSEN, Thorvald       Froid 42 Denmark Jens Christian Svendsen & Carrie Mortensen 29-Jun-26 Froid Roosivelt 919  
      Theodora Jensen Froid 25 Denmark Jens Jensen & Mary Anna Knut-son          
SVENDSON, Alfred       Twete 37 Denmark Christian Svendson & Christina Olsen 19-Feb-25 Chinook Blaine 860  
      Omelia Albertine Elizabeth Bergstrand Twete 38 Elery Wis August C Bergstrand & Evelyn Fransen          
SVENDSON, Christian see Svendson, Alfred                    
SVENDSON, Martha see Solheim                    
SVENDSON, Selma see Gaustad, Nels R                    
SVENDSON,, Andrew, see Gaustad, Nels R                    
SVENSKERUD, Bertha see Lunstad, Christian C                    
SVENSON, Anna see Helling, Alfred                    
SVENSON, Hilda see Rohde, Frank August                    
SVENSON, Ida see Swenson, Aaron H                    
SVENSON, Marthe see Wikander                    
SVENSON, Sigrid see Soiland, Elling                    
SVENSVOLD, Lars see Svensvold, Rasmus                    
SVENSVOLD, Rasmus       Bloomfield 33 Stavanger Norway Lars Svensvold & Elizabeth Rasmussen 8-Nov-11 Glendive Dawson 1005  
      Sanda Waag Bloomfield 24 Gane Norway Hans Peterson & Regina Larson          
SVERSVOLD, Serina see Wivholm                    
SVEUM, Oliana see Stene, Hrnry O                    
SVININGSON, Annie see Berwick, Leonard Freeman                    
SVIT, Bridget see Mathison, Sam                    
SVOBODA, Antoinette see Macdonald , Harry G                    
SVOBODA, Anton see Lee                    
SVOBODA, Anton       Brockton 40 New York Joseph & Ollie Svoboda 18-Aug-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 654  
      Lena Slevins Oswego 37 Indiana Ben Tilden & Matilda McCarty          
SVOBODA, Francis see Lee                    
SVOBODA, Joseph & Catherine see Lundquist, Clark                    
SVOBODA, Joseph & Catherine see MacDonald, Harry G                    
SVOBODA, Joseph & Katherine see Sullivan, John Francis                    
SVOBODA, Joseph & Ollie see Svoboda, Anton                    
SVOBODA, Josephine see Lundquist, Clark                    
SVOBODA, Mary see Franek, Joseph                    
SVOBODA, Olive Katherine see Sullivan, John Francis                    
SWADLEY, Edna Irene see Knight                    
SWADLEY, Edward see Knight                    
SWAIN, A Lunette see Rader, W L                    
SWAIN, Dave       Chinook 49 Choteau Cty William Swain & Louise Emline 4-Jan-28 Chinook Blaine 1042  
      Mary Goff Chinook 50 Mt Jose & Mary Boyer          
SWAIN, William see Swain, Dave                    
SWALBE, Nellie see Woods, Joseph                    
SWALBE, William see Woods, Joseph                    
SWALLAM, Jane see McNary, Russell Valentine                    
SWALLAM, Jane see McNary, Lee Clarence                    
SWALLEN, Anna see Manternach, William                    
SWALLUM, Dora see Barr, Charles                    
SWALLUM, Jane see Barr, Charles                    
SWALM, Jane see Wheeler, Gene                    
SWALMAN, Jane see McNary, Fred E                    
SWALUM, Jane see McNary                    
SWAM?, Sarah see Hutton, Guy                    
SWAMBY, Andrew see Houchen, Edgar                    
SWAMBY, Clara see Houchen, Edgar                    
SWAN, Carrie see Tinker, Raymond V                    
SWAN, Lottie (Manwaring?) see Hays, David L                    
SWAN, Ole P see Olson, Paul                    
SWAN, Sarah see Silliker, Leslie James                    
SWANBERG, Emma see Swanson, Fred W                    
SWANBERG, Enga see Swanberg, Lars                    
SWANBERG, Fritz E       Mandan 27 Sweden J E Swanberg & Margaret Sodeman 4-Sep-26 Glendive Dawson 3383  
      Jennie Unger Mandan 24 Sweden Peter Unger & Bertha Carlson          
SWANBERG, G A see Swanberg, Lars                    
SWANBERG, J E see Swanberg, Fritz E                    
SWANBERG, Lars       Mandan 26 Sweden G A Swanberg & Marguretta Soderman 26-May-17 Wibaux Wibaux 140  
      Mrs Anna Bjordal Mandan 23 Mandan O S Carlson & Inga Swanberg          
SWANBY, Andrew see Tandberg, Nels                    
SWANBY, Hans       Fairview 26 Norway Thom Swanby & Annie Anderson 17-Jan-12 Sidney Dawson 1045  
      Maria Myhr Fairview 24 Grand Cty Mn Martin Myhr & Carrie Johnson          
SWANBY, Jennie see Tandberg, Nels                    
SWANBY, Thom see Swanby, Hans                    
SWANK, Harry K       Froid 29 Penn W E Swank & Susanna Hanawalt 26-Jul-25 �the Swank res� Roosivelt 791  
      Georgia Molee Brown Poplar 24 Indiana Jesse Brown & Anna Grile          
SWANK, Iva M see Wheeler, Hobart H                    
SWANK, Margaret M see Rush                    
SWANK, W E see Rush                    
SWANK, W E see Swank, Harry K                    
SWANK, Wm E see Wheeler, Hobart H                    
SWANKE, Alvin Edward       Lakota N D 25 Pickets Wis August Swanke & Hulda Ida Roeske 23-Dec-26   Valley 3267  
      Borghild Bjorge Nashue 23 Lakota N D Nels Bjorge & Bertha Nelson          
SWANKE, August see Swanke, Alvin Edward                    
SWANKE, Carl       Phillips 22 Wis   9-Apr-19   Phillips 415  
      Myrl Edmonds Phillips 19 Missouri            
SWANKE, Carl see Swanke, George                    
SWANKE, George       Phillips 23 Wis   20-Jun-17   Phillips 229  
      Inez Nadeau Phillips 16 Mt            
SWANKE, George see Parks, George                    
SWANKE, Hazel O see Parsons, George V                    
SWANKE, Herman J see Parsons, George V                    
SWANSEN, Margaret see Paulson, Salmer                    
SWANSON, A V & Mrs see Grable, Frank L                    
SWANSON, A V & Mrs see Hankins, Dan P                    
SWANSON, Albert       P�wood 36 Sweden Swan Olson & El_ ? Johannson 4?�9?-Apr-1912 P�wood Valley 1027  
      Thilda Koldahl P�wood 32 Norway John Magnus Koldahl & Gunille Mathilde Statland          
SWANSON, Alvin T       Westby 24 St Paul Mn Joel O Swanson & Anna M Lundquist 26-Jul-28 Westby Sheridan 2342  
      Irene Kittleson Westby 21 Westby George Kittleson & ??? Knutson          
SWANSON, Amanda see Serdahl                    
SWANSON, Andrew see Dyas, George                    
SWANSON, Andrew       Emerson N D 30 Lyle Mn par H S Swanson & ??? 2-May-29 Wibaux Wibaux 676  
      Jose-phine Johnson Werner N D 18 Fergus Falls Mn J Johnson & Marie Rasmasson          
SWANSON, Andrew see Kratky, Russ                    
SWANSON, Andrew G       Great Falls 24 N D N H Swanson & Celia Anderson 5-Dec-16 Wibaux Wibaux 116  
      Jeanette McQuay Wibaux 23 N D Hamilton McQuay & Mary Brooks          
SWANSON, Anna see Norgon, Russell                    
SWANSON, Anton see Haaland                    
SWANSON, Arthur       Wanso 21 Valley City N D S N Swanson & Minnie Lahlum 15-Aug-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2618  
      Eva May Buzzard outlook 21 Berthoud Colo George Buzzard & Myrtle Mason          
SWANSON, Arthur H       Glendive 29 Grove City Mn Peter Swanson & Mary Larson 20-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3282  
      Marie Chase Andes 18 Andes William Chase & Sophie Lessure          
SWANSON, August see Erickson                    
SWANSON, August see Ray                    
SWANSON, Carl see Sutherland, Wesley C                    
SWANSON, Carl S       Glendive 23 St Paul Mn Nels Swanson & Mary Moe 8-Aug-16 Glendive Dawson 1985  
      Mary Julia Arnold Swanson 25 Byron Mn George Arnold & Julia Church          
SWANSON, Charles see Linder, Raymond A                    
SWANSON, Charlotte see Knudson, Arnold Roger                    
SWANSON, Christiana see Swanson, Frederick                    
SWANSON, Cora see Nyre                    
SWANSON, Edna see Claypool, David Franklin                    
SWANSON, Edna see Claypool, George                    
SWANSON, Edna Christine see Needham, Paul Ivan                    
SWANSON, Edward see Swanson Victor Leroy                    
SWANSON, Edwin A       DeSart N D 52 Atwater Mn Gustave Swanson & Christina Peterson 14-Jun-22 (Glendive?) Dawson 2867  
      Lydia D Winter St Louis Mo     Christian Winter & Elisa Bauer          
SWANSON, Ellen see Claypool, George                    
SWANSON, Ellen E see Imler, Albert                    
SWANSON, Ellen Evelyn see Geeting, Leo U                    
SWANSON, Elva see Erickson                    
SWANSON, Ethel G see Linder, Raymond A                    
SWANSON, Eva Marie see Holt, John Alan                    
SWANSON, Fred E & Marie Catherine see Needham, Paul Ivan                    
SWANSON, Fred G       Glendive 33 Waterman Ill John S Swanson & Sophia Strem 20-Oct-23 Glendive Dawson 3043  
      Lora Arbogast Glendive 17 Glendive Rudolphus George Arbogast & Itonia Livingston          
SWANSON, Fred W       Yates 25 Courtland Illinois Nels Swanson & Emma Swanberg 5-Sep-11 Glendive Dawson 973  
      Emma Klopf Neillsville Wis 25 Neillsville Wm G Klopf & Marian Servaty          
SWANSON, Frederick E       Glendive 33 Sweden Gust Olson & Christiana Swanson 30-Nov-07 Glendive Dawson 558  
      Maria Swanson Glendive 25 Sweden Sven Olson & ???          
SWANSON, Gustave see Swanson, Edwin A                    
SWANSON, H S see Swanson, Andrew                    
SWANSON, Hedvig T see Carlson, Swen R                    
SWANSON, Ida see Haaland                    
SWANSON, Irene see Hanson, Harry L                    
SWANSON, Jennie Matilda see Kratky, Russ                    
SWANSON, Jim see Swanson, Leander                    
SWANSON, Joel O see Swanson                    
SWANSON, John see Ruth                    
SWANSON, John S see Swanson, Fred G                    
SWANSON, Jonas see Wickberg, Eric                    
SWANSON, Leander       Sidney 40 Sweden Jim Swanson & Dieta Jenson 2-Mar-21 Glendive Dawson 2745  
      Mrs Mildred Atchison Sidney 27 Canora S D Daniel Weigum & Christina Jasper          
SWANSON, Lena see Secora, Robert J                    
SWANSON, Malcolm       Med� Lake 51 Sweden Sven Magnus & Maria Johanson 8-Dec-18 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1434  
      Ida Stephenson Med� Lake 38 Wis Chris Lee & Inga Hanson          
SWANSON, Maria see Swanson, Frederick E                    
SWANSON, Marie see Shaw                    
SWANSON, Martin       Hinsdale 33 Sweden Magnus Peterson & Anna Hawkins 31-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2714  
      Evelyn Whittaker Hinsdale 21 S D Wm Whittaker & Dora Stevens          
SWANSON, Mary see Lawrence                    
SWANSON, Mary see Johnson, C O                    
SWANSON, Mary see Rosenberg, Henry Elmer                    
SWANSON, Mina see Anderson, Sidney W                    
SWANSON, Myrtle see Unfred, J W                    
SWANSON, N H see Swanson, Andrew G                    
SWANSON, Nels see Swanson, Fred W                    
SWANSON, Nels see Swanson, Carl S                    
SWANSON, Nels see Holt, John Alan                    
SWANSON, Nettie see Dyas, George                    
SWANSON, Olga see McGrath                    
SWANSON, Pearl Durant see Hankins, Don P                    
SWANSON, Peter see Swanson, Arthur H                    
SWANSON, Peter Aaron       Dickinson N D 25 Birdsboro Penn Swan Swanson & Helena Pearson 24-Sep-14 Glendive Dawson 1582  
      Anna Catherine Mangan Dickinson N D 21 Preston N D John Mangan & Minnie Mead          
SWANSON, Peter O see Norgon, Russell                    
SWANSON, Ragsa see Olson, Swan                    
SWANSON, Rosella see Miller, Chauncey                    
SWANSON, Ruth C see Sutherland, Wesley C                    
SWANSON, S M & Annie see Shaw                    
SWANSON, S N see Swanson                    
SWANSON, Sam see Nyre                    
SWANSON, Swan see Swanson, Peter Aaron                    
SWANSON, Swen see Carlson, Swen R                    
SWANSON, Tina see Dietz, Myron Francis                    
SWANSON, Trena see Ray                    
SWANSON, Venus see Ruth                    
SWANSON, Victor Leroy       Dooley 20 Mn Edward Swanson & Belle Conier 2-Nov-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2281  
      Mabel Ander-son Dooley 16 N D J P Anderson & Anne Friberg          
SWANSON,, , see Secora, John J                    
SWANT, Alice G see Summers, Earl J                    
SWANT, Clyde       Bainville 24 Hawkeye Iowa Emil Swant & Amelia Lubs 23-Mar-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 748  
      Birdie Torgerson Bainville 19 Mn Mike Torgerson & Matilda Larson          
SWANT, Emil see Swant, Clyde                    
SWANT, Fred see Summers, Earl J                    
SWANTON, Edward       Havre 21 Minot N D William J Swanton & Molly Lineberger 18-Jul-21 Chinook Blaine 680  
      Dorothy Moody Havre 18 Newburg Indiana John T Moody & Regissi Jorgenson          
SWANTON, William W see Swanton, Edward                    
SWARTZ, Amelia see Eggert, Harry J                    
SWARTZ, Emma see Monsell                    
SWARTZ, Fred & Mrs see Larsen, Axel Richard                    
SWARTZ, G C & Mrs see Ivanish, Christ                    
SWARTZ, Mrs G C see Wood, Leron R                    
SWARTZ, Tressa see Jeffers, Frank                    
SWARTZKAPF, Florence see Pederson, Christian B                    
SWARTZKAPF, James see Pederson, Christian B                    
SWARY, Elizabeth see Huttinger, William F                    
SWATEK, Charles L A       Steuben Wis 28 Wis   6-Jun-23   Phillips 717  
      Frances Goodheart Blaine Cty 21 Mn //            
SWATFEGER, E A see Swatfeger, Roy E                    
SWATFEGER , Roy E       Beach N D 26 Little Falls Mn E A Swatfeger & Grace Thorne 12-Mar-25 Gendive Dawson 3196  
      Tolena Opsal Beach N D 27 Crescent Iowa Annon Opsal & Anna Hansen          
SWAYNE, Louise see Lewere, Dave                    
SWAYZE, Grant W see Swayze, Murl M                    
SWAYZE, Murl M       Glendive 30 Headlee Ind Grant W Swayze & Alice A Stewart 24-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2821  
      Helen Roepke Minneapolis 18 Minneapolis Charles Roepke & Toney Annette Metske          
SWAYZEE, Cecil A       Intake 29 Headly Indiana Grant W Swayzee & Ida M Stewart 1-Feb-20 Richey Dawson 2616  
      Mary Olive Dailey Bloomfield 21 Royal Center Ind Charles Dailey & Etta Jane Kistler          
SWAYZEE, Grant W see Swayzee, Cecil A                    
SWEATMAN, Rose M see Cottrell, Barton H                    
SWEDLAND, Amanda see Cave, Frances John                    
SWEDLUND, Amanda see Dolan, James Jr                    
SWEDLUND, Amanda see Gardner, Jessie Freeman                    
SWEENEY, James see McDonald, John Robert                    
SWEENEY, Emily see Fishel, Andrew Miles                    
SWEENEY, Harry Walter       Hilger 25 ??? John & Maria Sweeney 23-Dec-22 Carlyle Wibaux 365  
      Violet May Bussey Mt 21 Mt Harry & Mabel Bussey          
SWEENEY, Helen A see Rhine, Elmer M                    
SWEENEY, Irina see Meek, Randy                    
SWEENEY, Irving see Meek, Randy                    
SWEENEY, Irving see Minde, Joseph                    
SWEENEY, John & Maria see Sweeney, Harry Walter                    
SWEENEY, Julie M see Shea, Vincent A                    
SWEENEY, Lillian see Minde, Joseph                    
SWEENEY, Mark see Sweeney, Roger                    
SWEENEY, Mary see Russell, Earl                    
SWEENEY, Roger       Nashua 25 S D Mark Sweeney & Mollie Bouler? 10-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2273  
      Martha Edman Nashua 19 Neb Peter Edman & Lydia Rylander          
SWEENEY, Viola Fern see McDonald, John Robert                    
SWEENING, Christ see Eliason, A N                    
SWEET, Allen see Evenson, Ralph                    
SWEET, Bernal Edward       Scobey 20 Polo Ill Iver Sweet & Elizabeth Kemper 2-Oct-26 Scobey Daniels 276  
      Rosanna Due Scobey 18 N D John Due & ???          
SWEET, Cora see Fuller, Earl Wayne                    
SWEET, Cora B see Frank, Harold K                    
SWEET, Edith see Emmert, Earl LeRoy                    
SWEET, Edythe see Emmert, George David                    
SWEET, Iver see Sweet, Bernal Edward                    
SWEET, John W see Coughlin, John James                    
SWEET, Laura (Kline?) see Kline, Carl James                    
SWEET, Lois see Evenson, Ralph                    
SWEET, Lydia see Weidner, Caleb                    
SWEET, Mary Ethel see Coughlin, John James                    
SWEET, Rosalie see Stoger, William                    
SWEETCORN, see Eder                    
SWEETMAN, Carna H see Martin, Walter P                    
SWEETMAN, L W see Sweetman, R W                    
SWEETMAN, Luke D see Martin, Walter P                    
SWEETMAN, R W       Manning N D 36 Chilton Wisc L W Sweetman & Emma C Crouch 18-May-14 Glendive Dawson 1495  
      Inga Ryan Manning N D 26 St Croix Wisc Ole Ryan & Bertha Brandvold          
SWEEZEY, Lillian see Spran                    
SWEIFIE, John see Harris                    
SWELEY, Hattie Elise see Corbell, Wm W                    
SWELEY, Wm & Rose Ann see Corbell, Wm W                    
SWEN, Elizabeth see Chaffee                    
SWENDIMAN, Emma see Plath                    
SWENNING, Anna see Larsen, Harry L                    
SWENNING, Ella see Igard, John                    
SWENNING, Martin see Larsen, Harry L                    
SWENNING, Nels see Igard, John                    
SWENSEN, Betty see Hagen, Tilford S                    
SWENSEN, Lena see Kallak, Raymond Clarence                    
SWENSON, Hannah see Anderson, Herman                    
SWENSON, Kaler S       Turner 33 El Paso Wis Martin Swenson & Julia Knutson 4-Feb-30 Chinook Blaine 1193  
      Julia Agnes Nolan Turner 25 Galway Ireland Patrick Nolan & Nora Fahy          
SWENSON, Aaron H       Fairview 28 Jackson Mn Olaf & Ida Svenson 16-May-14 Fairview Dawson 1493  
      Marie Youngstrom Fairview 27 Malma Sweden John Youngstrom & Bertha Sandbearg          
SWENSON, Albertine see Hoven                    
SWENSON, Andrew see Harker, Freddie Orvil                    
SWENSON, Anna see Kamrud, Theodor                    
SWENSON, Asle see Swenson                    
SWENSON, August see Anderson, Herman                    
SWENSON, Axel I       Coalridge 38 Sweden Carl O Swenson & Ingrid Olson 18-Jul-27 Dagmar Sheridan 2258  
      Thea Sampson Coalridge 33 N0rway Ole Swenson & Marie Mourstad          
SWENSON, Axel I       Coalridge 39 Stockholm Ole Swenson & Ingrid Olson     Daniels 337 ( cert not completed )
      Thea Sampson Coalridge 33 Norway ???          
SWENSON, C G see Carlson, Victor                    
SWENSON, Carl O see Swenson                    
SWENSON, Christina see Gustafson, O E                    
SWENSON, Clara see Renning, Benjamin C                    
SWENSON, Edwin N       Grenora 33 Wis John Swenson & Helen Sagin 3-Jun-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1728  
      Lucille Kimbler Gre-nora 29 Kentucky J W Kimbler & Thussy? Ramey          
SWENSON, Elizabeth see Obert                    
SWENSON, Ellen see Norberg, John Melvin                    
SWENSON, Ellen Christina see Harker, Freddie Orvil                    
SWENSON, Ellen Katherine see Huggins, William M                    
SWENSON, Emil M       Flaxville 28 Nor John Swenson & Olea Mal? 5-Mar-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1717  
      Effie J Lund Flaxville 20 N D George Lund & Emilie Olson          
SWENSON, Emma see Johnson, Iver                    
SWENSON, Gertrude see Herreid, Edwin Nathaniel                    
SWENSON, Gustav & Anna Sofia see Johnson, Ivar                    
SWENSON, Ida A Victoria see Esbjornson, Per Hjalmar                    
SWENSON, Iver see Swenson, Sigward                    
SWENSON, John see Swenson                    
SWENSON, John see Swenson                    
SWENSON, John D       Flaxville 30 Norway John Swenson & Olea Lensett 18-Jun-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1528  
      Clara Hammer Flaxville 21 N D Herman Hammer & Emma Anderson          
SWENSON, John S       Minit N D 40 Wis William Swenson & Bertha Johnson 16-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2495  
      Annie Peterson Lisbon N D 22   Erick Peterson & Mattie Kelly          
SWENSON, Josephine see Blake, Karl A                    
SWENSON, Margaret see Rush, Max                    
SWENSON, Margaret see Paulson, Albert                    
SWENSON, Martha see Robinson                    
SWENSON, Martha see Solheim                    
SWENSON, Martha see Solberg, Carl J                    
SWENSON, Martin see Lundberg, Berndard                    
SWENSON, Martin see Swenson, Kaler S                    
SWENSON, Martin A see Swenson, Marvin J                    
SWENSON, Marvin J       Turner 32 El Passo? Wis Martin A Swenson & Julia Peterson 28-Sep-29 Chinook Blaine 1168  
      Daisy McGuire Harlem 20 Burbon Ill Phil T McGuire & Alice Bartley          
SWENSON, Matilda see Frid                    
SWENSON, Matilda see Meisdalen, Halvor                    
SWENSON, Myrtle Christine see Norberg, John Melvin                    
SWENSON, Olaf & Ida see Swenson, Aaron H                    
SWENSON, Ole see Swenson                    
SWENSON, Ole see Swenson, Axel I                    
SWENSON, Petra see Jacobson                    
SWENSON, R C see Livdahl, Carl                    
SWENSON, Rosie see Elkin, Amos                    
SWENSON, S see Esbjornson, Per Hjalmar                    
SWENSON, S O       Med� Lake 26 Mn Asle Swenson & Matte Otto 26-Aug-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1745  
      Verda L Pomerleau Med� Lake 25 Iowa James M & Nanette Harris          
SWENSON, Sana J see Livdahl, Carl                    
SWENSON, Sigward?       Madoc 42 Mn Iver Swenson & Inga Strand 21-Mar-18 Glasgow Valley 2347  
      Lulu Berken Glasgow 19 N D Ole Berken & ???          
SWENSON, Sisa see Eskilson                    
SWENSON, Sophia see Thomson                    
SWENSON, Sven see Olson                    
SWENSON, Victor       Malta 23 Laholm Sweden Sven Elison & Pilia Pierson 5-Aug-11 Glasgow Valley 879  
      Agnes Coyne Malta 22 Dublin Ire Michael Coyne & Nora Cangen?          
SWENSON, William see Swenson, John S                    
SWEO, A see Sweo, Arthur John                    
SWEO, Arthur John       Roanwood 21 Rhinelander Wis A Sweo & Anna Schneider 2-Apr-24 Opheim Valley 3037  
      Hazel Bell Barker Roanwood 20 Mn C Barker & Grace Musady          
SWERCK, Thomas & Christina see Naiman, Frank                    
SWERD, Gunhild see Kinsman                    
SWERD, John see Kinsman                    
SWERD, Jonas see McHattie                    
SWERD, Martha see Mchattie                    
SWERTIN, John W       Redstone 30 Ont Canada William H Swertin & Maggaret Strong 20-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 281  
      Olive A Lossing Redstone 28 N D James F Lossing & Olive (Jenkins?)          
SWERTIN, William H see Swertin                    
SWERTMAN, Corma Helene see Brittan, Walter Faucet                    
SWERTMAN, Luke D see Brittan, Walter Faucet                    
SWERTMAN, R H       Lakeside 48 Iowa Thomas Swertman & Margaret Hollingsworth 22-Apr-11 Glasgow Valley 826  
      T A Berneau Lakeside 23   Joseph Dupasue & Mary Arnile          
SWERTMAN, Thomas see Swertman, R H                    
SWETNAN, Sally see Fisher, Bert A                    
SWICHER, Jennie see Tegler, Norman Victor                    
SWICKOSKA, Anna see Miesoloski, Frank                    
SWIFT, see Looking, Clifford                    
SWIFT, Kate see Anderson, Charles                    
SWIFTKE, Kate see Anderson, Earl                    
SWIGART, Bertha see Cromwell                    
SWIGART?, Sarah see Richwine                    
SWIGER, May Elizabeth see Huxhold, Carl W                    
SWIGER, Sarah see Bush                    
SWIGER, Sarah see Richwine, Harry C                    
SWIGERT, Sarah see Nelson                    
SWIHART, Earl G       Glasgow 22 Brighton Ind Samuel A Swihart & Augusta Caufman 31-Jan-12 Glasgow Valley 997  
      Gladys S Rogers Glasgow 16 Lavalle Wis Jesse L Rogers & Etta Harvey          
SWIHART, Elizabeth see Mow, George W                    
SWIHART, Ernest       Richey 32 Indiana Jacob Swihart & Sally Hoffman 3-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2675  
      Mabel Bryan Richey 28 Indiana Joseph Bryan & Elora Chapman          
SWIHART, Jacob see Swihart, Ernest                    
SWIHART, Jonas R       Lismus 25 Ind Samuel S Swihart & Augusta Kauffman 20-May-13 Glasgow Valley 1294  
      Lula Zoe McClain Lismas 23 Tenn William McClain & Ruth Pointer          
SWIHART, Samuel A see Swihart, Jonas R                    
SWIHART, Samuel A see Swihart, Earl G                    
SWIHEART, Lizzie see Rush, Charles Edward                    
SWINDLE, Dorothy Browny see Arnold, Earl Ralph                    
SWINDLE, James       Culbertson 45 Texas Thomas Swindle & Elizabeth Narum 28-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2117  
      Edna Eva Lenora Bruegger Culbertson 30 Watertown Wis J J Bruegger & Auguste Henzi          
SWINDLE, James see Arnold, Earl Ralph                    
SWINDLE, Thomas see Swindle, James                    
SWINDSEID, Helen see Musick, Howard W                    
SWING, Amy see Lewis, Archie                    
SWING, Donald see Swing, Erick                    
SWING, Erick see Storkel, Herman                    
SWING, Erick see Lewis, Archie                    
SWING, Erick       Beach N D 67 Sweden Donald Swing & Elizabeth Jones 3-Feb-30 Glendive Dawson 3843  
      Carrie Wheaton Glendive 51 Staples Mn Daniel Jones & Elizabeth Brown          
SWING, Hildur see Storkel, Herman                    
SWINGLE, Althea see Southerly, George                    
SWINGLE, C D see Swingle, Charles F                    
SWINGLE, Charles F       Glasgow 21 Ind C D Swingle & Laura Crane 31-Dec-18 ??? Valley 2466  
      Blanche Alene Eldridge Lismas 28 Iowa Caleb Eldridge & Ella Lawrence          
SWINGLE, Jacob A see Southerly, George                    
SWINGLE, Zora see Flory, C E                    
SWINGS, His Thigh see Nichols, Sam                    
SWINTON, Hugh see Green, Leo                    
SWISHER, Anna see Hess, William H                    
SWISHER, Ina May see Scott, Harold H                    
SWISHER, Jerome see Hess, William H                    
SWITZENBERG, Martha see Hardie                    
SWITZENBERG, Martha see Walzenbach, Julius                    
SWITZENBERG, Martha see Legge, Max                    
SWITZENBERGER, Alice Elidia see Brock, Homer Milton                    
SWITZER, Clara see Lindstrom, Hilmer                    
SWITZER, Edward E       Brady legal Iowa   29-Jul-26   Phillips 901  
      Agnes E Doyle Great Falls legal Iowa            
SWITZER, George W       Glasgow 23 Chippewa Valley Wis Phillipp David Switzer & Augusta Louise Rayberg 2-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2002  
      Mary E Biddle Glasgow 24   William E Biddle & Emmaline Ullom          
SWITZER, Katera see Wager                    
SWITZER, Keturah see Halack, Anton                    
SWITZER, Liza Ann see Hunt                    
SWITZER, Phillip David see Switzer, George W                    
SWITZER, Sarah see Sawdey, Otis A                    
SWOPE, Annie see Christian                    
SWORD, see Cloud                    
SWORD, Conrad       Chinook 29 Sweden John Sword & Mary Johanson 24-Dec-15 Chinook Blaine 252  
      Lizzie Zeman Chinook 21 Pittsburgh Penn John Zeman & Mary Mikeela          
SWORD, John see Sword, Conrad                    
SYAN, Jewell see Norberg, Jackson I                    
SYBEN, Annie see Hilton, Robert                    
SYBEN, Francis see Hilton, Robert                    
SYBEN, John see Hilton, Robert                    
SYBONTS, Nettie see Slager                    
SYBOUTS, Louise see Fettes                    
SYBOUTS, Louise see Barker                    
SYBOUTS, Louise see Verhuel                    
SYDENSTRICKER, Mary see Shettles, George A                    
SYFORD, Elizabeth see Smith, William M                    
SYKES, Catherine see Artscheid, George W                    
SYKES, Charles       Glendive 21 St Louis John Sykes & Margaret Dennison 28-Mar-12 Glendive Dawson 1069  
      Mildred Ney Glendive 18 Kansas City Missouri William Ney & Ida Depue          
SYKES, Harrison N see Sykes Harry E                    
SYKES, Harry E       Glasgow 40 Helena Henry N Sykes & Henrietta Decamp 19-Apr-09 Glasgow Valley 467  
      Ella May Bard Chicago 46 Niagara Falls N Y Geo F Green & Mary Coller          
SYKES, Harry E       Glasgow 52 Helena Harrison N Sykes & Henny M DeCamp 19-Nov-21 Glasgow Valley 2831  
      Catherine A Riley Glasgow 52 Malborough Ont Can Robert Stanley & Sarah Jinkinson          
SYKES, Helen see Clemmer                    
SYKES, Henry N see Sykes, Harry E                    
SYKES, John see Sykes, Charles                    
SYKES, Joseph P       Savage 21 Mason City Iowa Peter Sykes & Nellie Bonner 9-Jun-20 Glendive Dawson 2651  
      Ethel Uetz Savage 18 New Rockford N D George Uetz & Martha Martin          
SYKES, Loren       Skar N D 21 Dicky N D Peter Sykes & Millison Bonner 23-Oct-23 Glendive Dawson 3797  
      Edith Major Sidney 18 Rockville Mn Harry Major & Lottie Van Every          
SYKES, Peter see Sykes, Loren                    
SYKES, Peter see Sykes, Joseph P                    
SYKORA, Isabell see Bretzke                    
SYKORA, Theresa see Klar, William Jr                    
SYLING, Anna see Lane, Ara Clay                    
SYLLS, Knud see Raymond, George R                    
SYLLS, Mary see Raymond, George R                    
SYLTE, Mary see Peterson, Ingeman                    
SYLVESTER, Bert see Campbell                    
SYLVESTER, Celia see Fridley, Fred                    
SYLVESTER, Charles W see Sylvester, William E                    
SYLVESTER, David see Parker, Robert R                    
SYLVESTER, Ruth Marion see Campbell                    
SYLVESTER, W S see Fishel, Andrew Miles                    
SYLVESTER, William F       Medora N D 25 Dickinson N D Charles W Sylvester & ??? 1-Jun-29 Wibaux Wibaux 683  
      Ada Rue Fryberg N D 29 Swan-ville Mn Harry Rue & Carrie Christenson          
SYME, Alice see LaGrange                    
SYME, Helen see Dennis, Grant                    
SYME, James       Raymond 24 P�wood William Syme & Anna McGrevey 18-Apr-36 Westby Sheridan 3006  
      Gunhild Nelson Westby 23 Westby Olaf Nelson & Kristina Frank          
SYME, James see Syme, William                    
SYME, William see LaGrange                    
SYME, William see Syme                    
SYME, William       P�wood 26 North Queensbury Scotland James Syme & Elizabeth McBaine 27-Mar-11 Bainville Valley 812  
      Mary Anna McGreeny P�wood 16 Alemed Wisc ??? & Mathilda Heisler          
SYMER, Anna see Zick, Elmer William                    
SYMER, Annie see Zick, Elmer                    
SYMES, Annie see McRell, John M                    
SYMINGTON, James see Symington, Robert                    
SYMINGTON, Mary Ann see Morton, John S                    
SYMINGTON, Robert       Wibaux 29 Ireland James Symington & Margaret Robertson 23-Feb-26 Glendive Dawson 3328  
      Alice Johnston Wibaux 19 Knowlton Iowa Lowell Johnston & Ethel Been          
SYMONDS, Lissa see Taylor, John H                    
SYMPATHY, Man see Black Crow                    
SYNESS, Mary see Hapgood, Leon L                    
SYNNES, Elizabeth see Baker, Guy Herbert                    
SYOURD, Hannah see Miller, Frederick                    
SYQUELLA, Juliana see Schynitzel, Paul W                    
SYTH, Guy       Phillips 26 Wis   11-Nov-20   Phillips 547  
      Edith Woodward ??? 25 Mn            
SYTH, Guy & Mrs see Abelman, Christ                    
SYVERSEN, Caroline see Greimann, Herman                    
SYVERSEN, John see Lease, Elora O                    
SYVERSON, Anna see Mellet, Cyrus                    
SYVERSON, B see Draxton, Melvin G                    
SYVERSON, Brethe see Holter, Johannes                    
SYVERSON, Christ see Enkerud, Ole                    
SYVERSON, Esther see Devier, George                    
SYVERSON, Gina see Anderson, Henry                    
SYVERSON, Gunder see Syverson, Henry G                    
SYVERSON, Henry G       Tioga N D 24 Mn Gunder Syverson & Olena Brunk 19-Nov-20 Glasgow Valley 2743  
      Lena Hendrickson Tioga 24 Norway John Hendrickson & Emma Olson          
SYVERSON, Inga see Anderson, Benhard, Albert                    
SYVERSON, Inga see Solberg, John E                    
SYVERSON, John see Devier, John                    
SYVERSON, Jordis see Lease, Elora O                    
SYVERSON, Jula? see Rogers, Homer                    
SYVERSON, Louis see Syverson, Samuel E                    
SYVERSON, Marie see Richter, Ray                    
SYVERSON, Marthi see Wilson, Frank R                    
SYVERSON, Ole see Haugen                    
SYVERSON, Olina see Oellerman, J H                    
SYVERSON, Olive see Connell, Lester H                    
SYVERSON, Olive see McPherson, John Ira                    
SYVERSON, Oscar see Richter, Ray                    
SYVERSON, Samuel E       Circle 25 Fairbault Mn Louis Syverson & Elizabeth Moen 12-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3224  
      Irene Schumacher Circle 18 Melrose Mn John Schumacher & Margaret Marckels          
SYVERSON, Sophie see Bedwell                    
SYVERSON, Tena see Enkerud, Ole                    
SYVERTSEN, Christiana see White, Ray                    
SYVERTSON, Gina see Instness                    
SYVERUD, Alice see Ness                    
SYVERUD, Knute see Ness                    
SZAKAL, Elizabeth see King, John B                    
SZESNEY, Elizabeth see Clapp, Clyde                    
SZEZERBINSKI , Alexander       Glen Ullen N D 25 Poland Andrew Szezerbinski & Francis Dulecka 4-Jun-17 Wibaux Wibaux 143  
      Marie Dulecka ??? 18 Poland Ignatius Dulecka & Francis Sze-zerbinski          
SZEZERBINSKI, Andrew see Szezerbinski, Alexander