Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Rodman to Ryzewski

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
RODMAN, James Henry       Brockton 26 Froid Mn? Willie Rodman & Ruby Peterson 12-May-28 Wolf Point Roosevelt 1169  
      Florence Peterson Brockton 21 Plumber Mn Anton Peterson & Teneta Thompson          
RODMAN, Willie see Rodman, James Henry                    
RODMAN, Zepha see Schlatter, Harold Rodman                    
RODNES, Andrew see Nodland, Ingvald                    
RODNES, Bertha see Nodland, Ingvald                    
RODNEY, Sybil see Morrisey, William W                    
RODRAGNES, Joe see Rodragnes, Manuel                    
RODRAGNES, Manuel       Colorado 24 Spain Joe Rodragnes & Marie Menendes 16-Sep-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1215  
      Lucille Leonard Terry 20 Ft Ripley Mn Delbert Leonard & Ida May Jenkin          
RODRIGES, Guadalupe see Paz, Frank                    
ROE, Anna Knudtsen see Davids, Charles H                    
ROE, Annie see Johnson, Carl                    
ROE, Edward see roe, Lawrence Edward                    
ROE, Harold       Glasgow 26 Mn John & Annie Roe 30-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 2606  
      Elsie Leistiko Nashua 18 Mt A & Mary Leistiko          
ROE, John & Annie see Roe, Harold                    
ROE, Lawrence Edward       Holliday N D 23 Decatur Indiana Edward Roe & Reatha Haggard 8-Feb-22 Glendive Dawson 2841  
      Rose Hatzenbuhler Holliday N D 18 Mandan N D Jack Hatzenbuhler & Rose Hoplan          
ROE, Leslie       Malta 25 Nebr   23-Nov-29   Phillips 1151  
      Laura Arvett Malta 20 Mt            
ROE, Malena see Dorff, Emil                    
ROE, Ragnhild see Brudie                    
ROE, Ragnhild see Lien                    
ROE, Ragnilda see Tande, Albert                    
ROE, Ranvie see Gregerson, Carl Albert                    
ROE, Ranvie see Gregerson, Carl Albert                    
ROE, Rosie see Lien                    
ROE, Ruilina see Moe                    
ROE, William J       Glendive 28 New York William Roe & Mary Onderwood 8-Jan-1894 Glendive Dawson 88  
      Annie Breaum Glendive 23 N D ???          
ROEBECK, Margaret see Wolter                    
ROEF, Kate see Johnson, Ned C                    
ROEHL, Margaret see VonKuster, Fredrick E                    
ROEMHILD, Emilie see Kono, Carl J                    
ROEPKE, Charles see Swayze, Murl M                    
ROEPKE, Murl M see Swayze, Murl M                    
ROEPUM?, Sigrid see Overby, George                    
ROERS, Gerrard see Phillips, Roy                    
ROERS, Matilda see Phillips, Roy                    
ROESER, Josephine see Reiter, Vincent P                    
ROESKE, Hulda Ida see Swanke, Alvin Edward                    
ROESLAND, Anna see Lye, Mike                    
ROESLAND, Sivart & Martha see Lye, Mike                    
ROESLER, Anna M see Schock, August                    
ROESLER, Christian see Kesler, Johan                    
ROESLER, Dahlia see Gallagher, Patrick S                    
ROESLER, Elizabeth see Gaub, Christian                    
ROESLER, Elizabeth see Strobel, Ludwig                    
ROESLER, Julius see Gallagher, Patrick S                    
ROESLER, Ludwig see Schock, August                    
ROESLER, Marguerita see Kesler, Johan                    
ROESLER, Rosina see Kesler, Johan                    
ROESLEX, Julius see Gardner, J W                    
ROESLEX, Louise see Gardner, J W                    
ROESSNER, Marcus       Saco 26 Mn   17-Sep-21   Phillips 598  
      Viola Englund Whitewater 19 Sweden            
ROEST, Cara C see Pasma, Quibert                    
ROEST, Cora see Cherry, William Armstrong                    
ROETZER, Dorothy see Loeffelbein, John                    
ROFELYER, Hannah J see Baldwin, Ralph Elliot                    
ROFF, Hannah see Muncy, William                    
ROFF, Minnie see Muncy, William                    
ROFF, Walter E       Wibaux 29 Trent Cty Texas William Roff & Mary Jackson 8-Mar-1898 Glendive Dawson 167  
      Mrs Ora Shilts Wibaux 30 Mn ???          
ROFF, William see Roff, Walter E                    
ROFFEY, Sarah see Whitbred, William                    
ROFIT, Sarah see Phillips, Gilbert                    
ROFSTORGE, Mary see Albricht, Joseph                    
ROFSTOSKI, Julia see Neely, William G                    
ROGAN, Ellen see Kerst, Clarence                    
ROGAN, Julia see Hubing, Albert                    
ROGEL, Annie see Kollrad, Emil                    
ROGERS, A L       Glasgow 23 Janesville Wis Jess Rogers & Etta Haney 24-Aug-11 Glasgow Valley 885  
      Waneta Brehm Glasgow 20 Glenwood Anthony Brehm & Nettie Morgan          
ROGERS, Anna May see Picard, Alphonse D                    
ROGERS, Anna Pearl see Anderson, Lucas Emanuel                    
ROGERS, Antoine see Rogers, Benton                    
ROGERS, Asa S       Glasgow 23 Camp Douglas Wis Martin Rogers & Mary A Stackman 14-Dec-21 Glasgow Valley 2840  
      Isabelle M Browning Glasgow 18 Saco Edward G Browning & Elizabeth V Best          
ROGERS, Bell see Wilson, James R                    
ROGERS, Belle see Dennis, George Byron                    
ROGERS, Benton       Chinook 21 Detroit Mich Antoine Rogers & Frances Trossel 12-Mar-13 Chinook Blaine 41  
      Ara Pratt Chinook 19 Syracuse N Y James M Pratt & Hattie Bailey          
ROGERS, Bert W       Wibaux 21 Wibaux William Rogers & Mary Dyson 25-Dec-22 Wibaux Wibaux 366  
      Edith L Bell Wibaux 20 Wis Oscar E Bell & Minerva Jane Durland          
ROGERS, Calvin see Rogers Homer                    
ROGERS, Charles see Anders, Lucas Emanuel                    
ROGERS, Charles Edward       Barr 36 England Edward Rogers & Jane Saddler 12-Dec-25 Glasgow Valley 3179  
      Florence Edna Riggin Barr 34 Plymouth Ind Charles W Johnson & Catherine Haag          
ROGERS, D T see Rogers, Ray Hugh                    
ROGERS, Don see Livermore, E A                    
ROGERS, Edward see Rogers, Charles Edward                    
ROGERS, Edward       Glendive 48 River John Nova Scotia George & Eleanor Rogers 18-Jul-1890 Glendive Dawson 40  
      Alice A Chappell Glendive 32 Springfield Ohio John & Elizabeth Chappell          
ROGERS, Elizabeth see Rolfe, Alexander P                    
ROGERS, Estella see Lawrence, Frank W                    
ROGERS, Eugene H       Wolf Point 21 Mn Fletcher Rogers & Florence Sprage 4-Oct-18 Glasgow Valley 2434  
      Martha Arthur Wolf Point 18 Mn James Arthur & Elizabeth Hunsucker          
ROGERS, Eva Maude see Helgerson, B A                    
ROGERS, Fidelia see Forsman, John                    
ROGERS, Fletcher see Rogers, Eugene H                    
ROGERS, Florence see Knudson, Josepf John                    
ROGERS, Florence (Sprague?) see McRae J A                    
ROGERS, Florence C see Workman, Robert Byron                    
ROGERS, Frank       Buford N D 37 Ill Harvey Rogers & Josephine Miller 23-Mar-17 Mondak Sheridan 994  
      Elsie Klein Neche N D 19 Germany Fred Klein & Amalia Noring?          
ROGERS, George see Long                    
ROGERS, George & Eleanor see Rogers, Joseph                    
ROGERS, George W see Pierson, F Howard                    
ROGERS, Georgian see Derrig, Frank H                    
ROGERS, Gladys S see Swihart, Earl G                    
ROGERS, Grace see Tennant, Howard                    
ROGERS, Harve see Rogers                    
ROGERS, Harvey see Rogers                    
ROGERS, Harvey Edward       Buford N D 26 Ill Harve Rogers & Josephine Miller 8-Oct-14 Mondak Sheridan 337  
      Esther Maud Scott Buford 24 Mn Walter Scott & ----? Lamb          
ROGERS, Harvey Edward       Buford N D 36 Martinsville Ill Harve Rogers & Josephine Miller 16-Jul-16 Mondak Sheridan 786  
      Esther Maud Scott Buford N D 26 Riv-erside Can Robert Walter Scott & Hannah Lamb          
ROGERS, Hattie E see Baird, Robert Witt                    
ROGERS, Homer see Fiske                    
ROGERS, Homer       P�wood 29 Bridgewater S D Calvin Rogers & Jula? Syverson 31-Aug-12 P�wood Valley 1103  
      Mary Gentgen P�wood 31 Shakopee Mn Mike Hergott & Tekla Spellman          
ROGERS, Ica May see Rogers, William A                    
ROGERS, J W see Lanery, Irwin                    
ROGERS, James see Picard, Alphonse D                    
ROGERS, James H see DuBois, Robert Willard                    
ROGERS, Jennie Bernice see DuBois, Robert Willard                    
ROGERS, Jess see Rogers, A L                    
ROGERS, Jesse L see Swihart, Earl G                    
ROGERS, John see Derrig, Frank H                    
ROGERS, John see Freeman, Charles B                    
ROGERS, Joseph       Poplar River 32 Ireland William Rogers & Jane Warrick 18-Feb-1889 Poplar River Dawson 25  
      Mrs Nancy Margaret Frye Poplar River 28 Plumbville Penn George & Mary Ann ???          
ROGERS, Joseph H see Helgerson, B A                    
ROGERS, Leona see Denton, Russell                    
ROGERS, Leona see Eide, Cornell E                    
ROGERS, Lou L see Rothman, Gustav                    
ROGERS, Margret see Parish, James E                    
ROGERS, Martin see Rogers Asa S                    
ROGERS, Martin see Rogers, Vincent                    
ROGERS, Martin M see Rogers, Orlie Willis                    
ROGERS, Martin N see Nelson, William A                    
ROGERS, Mary see Justice                    
ROGERS, Mary Astley see Livermore, E A                    
ROGERS, Mildred see Fiske                    
ROGERS, Nancy see Wood, Ollen Orlando                    
ROGERS, Neal       Wibaux 23 Pipestone Mn William Rogers & Mary Dyson 30-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2729  
      Mabel Bell Wibaux 19 Wyenga Wis Oscar Bell & M Jane Durland          
ROGERS, Nellie see Thornton, Wylie J                    
ROGERS, Orlie Willis       Glasgow 29 Crossman Wis Martin M Rogers & Mary A Statesman 9-Jun-22 Glasgow Valley 2880  
      Mary Louise Lehman Glasgow 19 Webster S D Fred Lehman & Ida Hines          
ROGERS, Pearl see Long                    
ROGERS, Ray Hugh       Circle 21 Winona Idaho? D T Rogers & Eleanor Page 11-Dec-30 Glendive Dawson 3946  
      Helen Louise Snow Circle 19 Beach N D Arthur W Snow & Mary Eleanor Hart          
ROGERS, Rosia R see Barnes                    
ROGERS, Sallie see Moore, Swanson E                    
ROGERS, Sarah see Stevens, Sherman                    
ROGERS, Sarah see Artz, William J                    
ROGERS, Sarah see Lane, Tom M                    
ROGERS, Selina see Gapen, Harley J                    
ROGERS, Susie see Lanery, Erwin                    
ROGERS, Vincent       Glasgow 25 Clinton Mo Martin Rogers & Mary Stateman 13-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 871  
      Mary Gilbertson Glasgow 25 Greenwood N D Anton Gilbertson & Martha Schonsberg          
ROGERS, Viva M see Pierson, F Howard                    
ROGERS, William see Rogers, Bert W                    
ROGERS, William see Tennant, Howard                    
ROGERS, William see Rogers, Joseph                    
ROGERS, William see Rogers, Neal                    
ROGERSON, Frank       Hodges 26 St Paul Mn Ignatus Rogerson & Frances Cross 27-Oct-19 Glendive Dawson 2583  
      Margaret Bushman Wibaux 22 Prairie Iowa Lyle Bushman & Mary Curfman          
ROGERSON, Ignatius see Rogerson, Joseph                    
ROGERSON, Ignatus see Rogerson, Frank                    
ROGERSON, Joseph       Hodges 34 St Paul mn Ignatius Rogerson & Francis Cross 1-Nov-20 Wibaux Wibaux 290  
      Pearl Galster Wibaux 24? Jackson Wis Henry Galster & Mary Miller          
ROGET, Margarette see David                    
ROGGALL, Gaud       Med Lake 24 Austria Mike Roggall & Nellie Herferstein 29-May-16   Sheridan 747  
      Bertha Grel-long Med Lake 20 Mn Wm Grellong & Laura Krueger          
ROGGALL, Mike see Roggall                    
ROGGE, Herman F       Tindal 28 Germany Herman F Rogge & Julia Weck 15-Jul-17 Jordan Dawson 1961  
      Esther A Fredson Neihart 23 Tower Mn August Fredson & Alida Charlotte Johnson          
ROGGMAN, Fred see Roggman, John S                    
ROGGMAN, John S       Valley Town 40 Iowa Fred Roggman & Elizabeth Miller 29-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1622  
      Alice E Leahy Valleytown 31 Rochelle Ill David Leahy & Mary Miller          
ROGNALDSON, Caroline see Vine, Ole Julian                    
ROGNES, Thea see Eckre                    
ROGNEY, Evangeline see Cosper                    
ROGNEY, Oscar see Cosper                    
ROGSTAD, Evan see Rogstad                    
ROGSTAD, Evan see Pederson                    
ROGSTAD, Evelyn see Pederson                    
ROGSTAD, Even see Rogstad                    
ROGSTAD, Palmer       Westby 24 Wis Evan Rogstad & Ingeborg Myhr 9-Dec-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2134  
      Mabel Johnson Tribune Sask 19 N D Leonard Johnson & Helma Sirlee          
ROGSTAD, Peter B       Westby 28 Wis Even Rogstad & Ingeborg Myhre 5-May-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2317  
      Mildred R Juve Westby 18 Mn John Juve & Mary Olson          
ROGY, Annie see Carever, Thomas                    
ROHAN, Johanna see Courtney, John J                    
ROHDE, Adolph see Rohde, Herbert                    
ROHDE, Carl       Miles City 24 Berlin Germany Carl Rohde & Elsie Andrasch 21-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2240  
      Rosa M Wickersham Miles City 20 Carnarvon Iowa Fred Wickersham & Mary Rimmer          
ROHDE, Frank August       Glasgow 26 Glasgow John N & Emma M Rohde 15-Apr-22 Poplar Roosivelt 370  
      Mabel Peterson Veblen S D 23 Maner? Mn August Peterson & Hilda Swenson          
ROHDE, Hans see Rohde, Henry                    
ROHDE, Henry       Malta 37 Ger Hans Rohde & Catherine Thiesen 23-Dec-07 Glasgow Valley 330  
      Mary Martens Malta 20 Austria Mathias Martens & Gertrude Petcher          
ROHDE, Henry E       Glasgow 26 Calif John N Rohde & Emma Sibbern 28-Aug-13 Plentywood Sheridan 73  
      Emily Harris Glasgow 32 Mn Pier Pierson & Kattie Carlson          
ROHDE, Herbert       Joeville Sak Can 27 Estherville Iowa Adolph Rohde & Clara Klippine? 2-May-25 Scobey Daniels 201  
      Ethlyn Eleanor Johnson Joeville 18 Brown Cty S D Christian Johnson & Donna Lindsay          
ROHDE, John see King, Arthur H                    
ROHDE, John see Rohde, John N                    
ROHDE, John see Rohde, Peter C                    
ROHDE, John F W       Glasgow 27 Germany John Rohde & Emma Sibbern 17-Sep-07 Glasgow? Valley 308  
      Karin Nelson Glasgow 27 Sweden John Nelson & Berthe Pearson          
ROHDE, John N see Rohde                    
ROHDE, John N       Glasgow 28 Mt John Rohde & Emma Sibbern 5-Sep-20 Glasgow Valley 2720  
      Perl C Anderson Tampico   Iowa O C Anderson & Bell Kelson          
ROHDE, John N see Rohde, Frank August                    
ROHDE, Marie see King, Arthur H                    
ROHDE, Marius see Young, Lowell C                    
ROHDE, Peter C       Glasgow 32 N Y John Rohde & Emma Sibbens 25-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1509  
      Lettie Peterson Glasgow 29 St Paul Mn John Sackman & ???          
ROHENSTEIN, Elias see Dobson, George Riley                    
ROHL, Emma see Jentges, Joseph P                    
ROHLIK, Joseph see Petrik, Gilbert                    
ROHLINGER, Nicholas see Ulmam, Robert                    
ROHLINGER, Zita see Ullman, Robert                    
ROHLWING, Edith see Bushman, Marvin                    
ROHME, see Rhome                    
ROHME, Arnt O see Rohme, Arthur Bernhard                    
ROHME, Olaf Berndard       Williston 32 Norway Arnt O Rohme & Dorothy Lillisand 23-Apr-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1305  
      Lillian Gertrude Christianson Buford N D 19 Buford N D Odin Oliver Christianson & Carolina Peterson          
ROHN, Florence see Shroud, James A                    
ROHRBACKER, Ida see Leach, Clarence                    
ROHRBECK, Anna see Porter, Raymond B                    
ROHRBEEK, Anna see Porter, Clarence E                    
ROHRENBACK, Lucy Mary see Johnson, Harry                    
ROHRENBACK, P D see Cookson, Thomas Loring                    
ROHRENBACK, Phillip see Johnson, Harry                    
ROHRENBACK, Rosella see Cookson, Thomas Loring                    
ROHWEDER, Henry see Rohweder                    
ROHWEDER, John see Rohweder Walter W                    
ROHWEDER, John Mark       Westby 32 Iowa Henry Rohweder & Celia Sich 12-Nov-19 Westby Sheridan 1584  
      Geneva Alice Lovelace Johnson Westby 25 Kansas Collier Lovelace & Lillian Manners          
ROHWEDER, Walter W       Westby 21 Ackley Mn John Rohweder & Maude Watson 14-Sep-34 Westby Sheridan 2872  
      Helen E Jensen Westby 20 Westby Christ Jensen & Marie Nelson          
ROHY, Mary see Wambolt, Samuel C                    
ROINOIV, Thora Octavia see Jessen, Valdemar Sr                    
ROISLAND see Torleif, Bjerkreim                    
ROKSTAD, Anna see Nereson                    
ROLAND, Agnes see Jensen                    
ROLAND, Mary see Zieger, Harry O                    
ROLAND, Walter see Jensen                    
ROLES, Leo       Chinook 21 Glenburn N D Nick Roles & Margaret Unsen 6-Sep-30 Chinook Blaine 1226  
      Tessie Birnel Chinook 18 Hedgesville James E Birnel & Emma Laizure          
ROLES, Nick see Roles, Leo                    
ROLFE, Alexander P       Baker 27 England Lewis R Rolfe & Elizabeth Rogers 24-Nov-23 Wibaux Wibaux 182  
      Frances E Neuschwander Baker 23 Illinois ???          
ROLFE, D�? see Rolfe, Perry E                    
ROLFE, Elizabeth see Mills, Vernon Charles                    
ROLFE, Lewis R see Rolfe, Alexander P                    
ROLFE, Perry E       Glendive 29 Austin Mn D�? Rolfe & Mary Donaldson 24-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1293  
      Julia Essert Glendive 24 Germany Anton Essert & Eva Currdy?          
ROLIE, Hilda see Palmer, Bernard Reeves                    
ROLJYNSKI , Anthony see Sofferis, Peter                    
ROLJYNSKI, Ursula see Sofferis, Peter                    
ROLL, Mary see Wanner, Fred                    
ROLL, Mary see Schloss, Lenus                    
ROLLA, Rosie see Rancort, Pierre B                    
ROLLAG, Ole H see Rollag, Oscar O                    
ROLLAG, Oscar O       Chinook 27 Elbow Lake Mn Ole H Rollag & Julie Senden 25-May-17 Chinook Blaine 395  
      Mary Alice Gibbs Chinook 18 Chinook Ezra W Gibbs & Florence Pate          
ROLLAND, Ellis see Whitright, William Merrel                    
ROLLAR, Elizabeth see Remillong, Nick Jr                    
ROLLAS, Bertha see Gaustad, Martin                    
ROLLE, Bertha see Rossing, Clarence Werner                    
ROLLER, Agnes see Vicinus, William                    
ROLLER, Elizabert see Nadwarnick, Frank                    
ROLLER, Elizabeth see Hanson, Homer G                    
ROLLES, Bertha see VanBastelaene                    
ROLLES, Ole M see Carlson                    
ROLLINGS, Inez Florence see Bell, Earl C                    
ROLLINS, Mrs L L see Lilie, William                    
ROLLIS, Helen see Brynildsen, Herbert A                    
ROLLS, Bertha see Faanes, Carl                    
ROLSETH, Mathilda see Miller, Frederick H                    
ROLSETH, O T see Miller, Frederick H                    
ROLUND, Mary see Steen, Forrest                    
ROMAN, John E see Roman, Ned E                    
ROMAN, Ned E       Glentana 47 N Y City John E Roman & Mary Keller 31-Jan-22 Glasgow Valley 2857  
      Mary McIntosh Glentana 36 Norway Hans Stolen & Gertrude Lindblad          
ROMANGER, Vic see Hodge, B F                    
ROMANS, Ella see Morris, Gail H                    
ROME, Gregors see Rome, Marinus                    
ROME, Katy see Coffen, Horace                    
ROME, Marinus       New England N D 35 Denmark Gregors Rome & Christina Claygaard 2-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2231  
      Christina Martinsen New England N D 24 Denmark Christian Mortensen & Inger Larsen          
ROMER, Christian see Romer, Einer                    
ROMER, Einer       Blair Neb 23 Albert Lea Mn Christian Romer & Petera Christiansen 15-Jun-22 Froid Roosivelt 382  
      Vita Betula Kjoller Froid 25 Blair Wis L J Kjoller & Hulda J Peterson          
ROMIE, Kate see Olson, Arthur Clifton                    
ROMINE, Pauline see Molsberry, G A                    
ROMINE, Virgil see Molsberry, G A                    
ROMJUE, David F       Havre 38 Kan Frank Romjue & Mary Green 30-Jun-20 Chinook Blaine 631  
      Mary Downes Havre 42 Ireland Thomas Walters & Della Keefe          
ROMJUE, Frank see Romjue, David F                    
ROMMICK, Pollane see Howard, William                    
ROMO, Carine see Crook, James G                    
ROMSA, Melvin Leo       Rolla B C 30 Mt   17-Oct-29   Phillips 1143  
      Eleanor Irene Jordan Virden Manitoba 19 Canada            
ROMSDAR?, Mary see Coleman, Joseph                    
ROMSLAND, Bertha see Oftedal, Hans                    
ROMSTAD, Axel       Antelope 27 Nor Perander Romstad & Alethe Finanger 6-Aug-13 Antelope Sheridan 57  
      Adah Dahl Antelope 18 Wis Otto Dahl & Martha Westrum          
ROMSTAD, Perander see Romstad                    
RONDEN, Fred see Ronden, Paul Armand                    
RONDEN, Paul Armand       Assiniboine Sask Can 32 Seattle Wa Fred Ronden & Orise Dejardin 24-May-24 Scobey Daniels 151  
      Lucy Bullough Assiniboine Sask 26 Crewe England John Bullough & Lucy Vickers          
RONE, Marit see Krogness, Lewis                    
RONEK, Mike see Ronek, Peter H                    
RONEK, Peter H       Glasgow 36 Winona Mn Mike Ronek & Schlera? Gillett 6-Apr-07 Glasgow Valley    
      May Fitzpatrick Glasgow 18 Ireland Jeremiah Maher & Mary Gleason          
RONELLENFITSCH, Ignatz       Kremlin 31 Buckman Mn Ignatz Ronellenfitsch & Johanna Hizer 22-Sep-21 St Phillip Wibaux 317  
      Hattie Quade Wibaux 25 Pulaski Wis Theodore Quade & Mary Heucka          
RONESS, Anton & Annie see Roness                    
RONESS, Gust       Midby 24 Norway Anton & Annie Roness 17-May-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1305  
      Edna Glasoe Noonan N D 22 Mn Michael Glasoe & Edna Halte          
RONESTOCK, Margaret R see Johnson, Roman                    
RONG?, Guri see Leidahl, Knute                    
RONGASTAD, Henry O see Vikum, Ole                    
RONGASTAD, Mabel Amelia see Vikum, Ole                    
RONGHOLT, Clara see Meyer, Fred                    
RONGHOLT, Ed see Meyer, Fred                    
RONGSTAD, Henry see Rongstad                    
RONGSTAD, Henry see Wikum, Selmer                    
RONGSTAD, Melvin       Bonetrail N D 21 Tracy Mn Henry Rongstad & Catherine Helseth 2-Mar-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1879  
      Eliza Patterson Dagmar 21 Fremont Colo Alex Patterson & Sarah Davis          
RONGSTAD, Myrtle see Wikum, Selmer                    
RONILSON, Frank see Ronilson, H B                    
RONILSON, H B       Miles City 35 Madison Wisc Frank Ronilson & Alma Brown 13-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1543  
      Halfrida Sonderland Wibaux 28 Minneapolis Mn John Sonderland & Minnie Mattson          
RONING?, Barghild (Strom?) see Aklastad                    
RONISH, Charles see Boyd, Robert W                    
RONISH, Frances see Boyd, Robert W                    
RONNING, John & Gertrude see Ronning                    
RONNING, Ole see Loomis, Merirlle                    
RONNING, Ole see Anderson, Peter                    
RONNING, Sam J       Dagmar 33 Norway John & Gertrude Ronning 1-May-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1298  
      Ingeborg J Nordone Bonetrail 22 Nor John & Mary Nordone          
RONNING, Thea see Larson                    
RONNING, Thelma see Loomis, Merirlle                    
RONNINGEN, Carrie see Hollar, William Henry                    
RONREID, Torbjor Larsdtr see Barsnes                    
RONSDAG, Anna see Pederson                    
ROOD, Iver A       Phillips 27 Mn   21-Feb-16   Phillips 81  
      Ida Flescher Phillips 25 Mn            
ROOD, Iver A       Malta 32 Mn   10-Sep-21   Phillips 595  
      Barbara W Nelson Malta 28 Maine            
ROOD, John G       Malta 35 Norway   8-Nov-19   Phillips 466  
      Jo-hanna Waag Dodson 36 Norway            
ROOD, John G see Rood, Iver A                    
ROOD, Lena see Hauge John O                    
ROOD, Mr & Mrs J see Knudson, Oscar                    
ROOKE, Lena see Olson                    
ROOKS, Arthur see Peterson, Benjamin Arthur                    
ROOKS, Bertha Tracey see Peterson, Benjamin Arthur                    
ROONEY, Anna see Dean                    
ROONEY, Annie see King                    
ROONEY, Jennie see Schutt, Walter W                    
ROONEY, Jennie C see Brown, Ig W                    
ROONEY, Jennie C see Quilliam, Edward V                    
ROONEY, John Francis       Oswego 25 Iowa William & Winnifred? Rooney 5-Jul-16 Glasgow Valley 1906  
      Jennie Marie? Winger Oswego 19 Mn Thomas Winger & Christine Jacobson          
ROONEY, Mary Ann see Brabec                    
ROONEY, Mary Ellen see Gross, James Bailey                    
ROONEY, William & Winnifred see Gross, James Bailey                    
ROONEY, William & Winnifred? see Rooney, John Francis                    
ROOP, Kate see Moothart, Harvey L                    
ROOP, Sarah see Barr                    
ROOP, Sarah see Coakson                    
ROOS, Myra see Thomson, Ira A                    
ROOSETT, Elizabeth see Daymond, Charles                    
ROOSEVELT, Charles A       Nashua 26 Wis Theodore Roosevelt & Ida Straud 14-Aug-16 Glasgow Valley 1928  
      Grace Martin Nashua 18 Melstone? John Martin & Florence Early          
ROOSEVELT, James       Glasgow 27 EauClaire Wis Theodore Roosevelt & Ida J Shoud 4-Aug-04 Glasgow Valley 1520  
      Harriet J Faulkner Williston N D 26 Wilmington Ohio E B Faulkner & Mary K Milliken          
ROOSEVELT, Theodore see Roosevelt, Charles A                    
ROOSEVELT, Theodore see Roosevelt, James                    
ROOSEVELT, Theodore& Ida Jane see Roosevelt, Victor                    
ROOSEVELT, Victor       Nashua 26 Wis Theodore Roosevelt & Ida Jane 25-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 2602  
      Fern E Mackie Glasgow 18 Missouri B J Mackie & Emma Vanwinkle          
ROOT, Amos see Linabary, Orville Howard                    
ROOT, Bessie E (Bradford?) see Hagler, Robert M                    
ROOT, Caroline see Wallen, Frank                    
ROOT, Currie see Hamre, Peter Christian                    
ROOT, E see Graven, George W                    
ROOT, Edith May see Davis, Robert R                    
ROOT, Elizabeth see Linabary, Orville Howard                    
ROOT, Ella see Hoyt                    
ROOT, Emma see Roycraft, Joseph W                    
ROOT, Ira see Root, Irvin                    
ROOT, Irwin       Rose Valley 30 Tomah Wisc Ira Root & Mary Dewey 3-Mar-18 Rose Valley Dawson 2339  
      Minnie Lucy Jones Rose Valley 23 Niobara Nebr Abram? L Jones & Lucy Reed          
ROOT, J E       Peterson 21 Ruthven Iowa Will Root & Nora Foster 12-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 609  
      Ruby Hollywood Cornell Mich 22 Cornell Willard Hollywood & ???          
ROOT, Josephine (Thompson?) see Clark                    
ROOT, Lizzie see Elles, Raymond D                    
ROOT, Mary see McDonald, Murdoch Fletcher                    
ROOT , Mary P see Jackson George A                    
ROOT, Ulissa L see Goings, William E                    
ROOT, Will see Root, J E                    
ROOT, William see Root, Willis                    
ROOT, Willis       Glendive 24 Des Moines Iowa William Root & Lizzie Smith 27-Oct-05 Glendive Dawson 346  
      Bee? Regan Dickinson N D 22 ??? Lawrence Regan & Mary Anne Crofton          
ROPER, David Earl       Hinsdale 24 Gregson Springs George F Roper & Carrie Lapham 17-Feb-12 Hinsdale Valley 3453  
      Irene Bernice Chester Hinsdale 21 Hinsdale Jesse D Chester & Anna Janssen          
ROPER, George F see Roper, David Earl                    
ROPIKE, Julia see Ayers, Earl D                    
ROPPE, Raymond       Glendive 21 Lake Park Mn Theodore Roppe & Elvine Jacobson 7-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3079  
      Etta Newell Glendive 20 Creshard S D Elmer Newell & Amelia Hansen          
ROPPE, Theodore see Roppe, Raymond                    
ROPPEN, Elena E see Sorenson, John Cornelius                    
ROPPEN, Soren Larson see Sorenson, John Cornelius                    
ROPPLEY, Ida see Harte, H H                    
RORK, Anna see Bauer, Charles                    
RORKE, Edward see Rorke, john J                    
RORKE, John J       Hinsdale 31 Grand Forks Edward Rorke & Sarah Conelly 9-Oct-26 Hinsdale Valley 3245  
      Elsie Rutter Hinsdale 25 Hinsdale J H Rutter & Elsie Clough          
RORVIG, Albert see Summers                    
RORVIG, Alfred       Antelope 21 Mn Ludvig Rorvig & Bertha Brooby? 14-Jun-15 Plentywood Sheridan 489  
      Emma Martenson Cottonwood Mn 20 Mn Johanna Marten-son          
RORVIG, Aneta see Omundson                    
RORVIG, Annette see Grimsrud                    
RORVIG, Bella J see Grayson                    
RORVIG, Burnette see Summers                    
RORVIG, Gladys see Hansen                    
RORVIG, Hulda Alveda see Bell                    
RORVIG, Ludvig see Rorvig                    
RORVIG, Ludvig see Hansen                    
RORVIG, Ludwig see Bell                    
RORVIG, Ludwig see Grayson                    
RORVIK, Allen       Circle 25 Miles City Peter Rorvik & Marie Reno 14-Jul-23 Glendive Dawson 3002  
      Francis Ferch Circle 22 Fall Creek Wisc Emil Ferch & Anna Miller          
RORVIK, Alma see Domonoske                    
RORVIK, Anna see Koehler, H L                    
RORVIK, Astrid see Brown, Dalton L                    
RORVIK, Carl see Rorvik, Peter                    
RORVIK, Darrow       Circle 21 Circle Peter Rorvik & Maria Reno 12-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3226  
      Evelyn Larson Brockway 18 Hudson S C Lawrence B Larson & Hannah M Bratvold          
RORVIK, Darrow       circle 24 Circle Peter Rorvik & Mary Reno 6-Sep-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1487  
      Virginia Barbara Gregerson Circle 23 Bellingham Wash George Harrison & Mary Neverman          
RORVIK, Elias see Brown, Dalton L                    
RORVIK, Harold       Circle 22 Miles City Peter Rorvik & Mary Reno 17-Jul-18 Circle Dawson 2402  
      Gladys Eva Malvern Watkins 22 Fargo N D Briscoe W Malvern & Ida Warren          
RORVIK, Ludvik see Domonoske                    
RORVIK, Nicolina see Roald, Olaf                    
RORVIK, Nicoline see Sime, Arthur G                    
RORVIK, Peter see Rorvik, Harold                    
RORVIK, Peter       Watkins 31 Norway Carl Rorvik & Fredricke Bekke 29-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2571  
      Auralia Broadus Van Norman 20 Brunswick, Missouri Ernest Broadus & Nora Sturm          
RORVIK, Peter see Rorvik, Allen                    
RORVIK, Peter see Rorvik, Darrow                    
RORVIK, Peter see Rorvik, Darrow                    
ROSA, Theresa see Auhoin, Emanuel                    
ROSAANA, Mary see Jones, Jarrett W                    
ROSANDER, Andrew see Gardner, Howard Leonard                    
ROSANDER, Anna Cecelia see Gardner, Howard Leonard                    
ROSBOROUGH, Mary see Albert, Virgil E                    
ROSCH, Theresa see Crowley                    
ROSCHILD, Bertha see Sperbec, Christian C                    
ROSCOE, Celia see Haskins, Ted Robert                    
ROSCOE, Forrest Lyle       Wibaux 21 Loyal Wis James Roscoe & Jennie Welsh 8-Jan-19 ??? Wibaux 227  
      Gladys May Scammon Wibaux 19 Orchaio? Iowa Sam Scammon & Mary Dunigan          
ROSCOE, James see Roscoe, Forrest Lyle                    
ROSE, see Titus , Willie                    
ROSE, see Two, Frank                    
ROSE, Chaser see Cleveland                    
ROSE, A E see Hegland, Ole J                    
ROSE, A E see Rose, William A                    
ROSE, Ace see Rose, Russell T                    
ROSE, Annie see Nyquist, Algott                    
ROSE, Annie see Nyquist, Richard                    
ROSE, Ben       Poplar 26 Calif   4-Aug-28   Phillips 1047  
      Mabel Math-ison ??? 19 Wash            
ROSE, Dora see Strachan                    
ROSE, Edward see Cromwell, Ward                    
ROSE, Edward A see Shearburn, Willard G                    
ROSE, Elizabeth Marie see Johnson, Charles Joseph                    
ROSE, Elmer M see Rose, LaVerne Albert                    
ROSE, Flora see LaPage, Fred                    
ROSE, Garfield       Brockway 29 Custer Cty Wisg John W Rose & Ellen Hathaway 30-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1853  
      Ruby Brown Glendive 18 Holyoke Mass Albert Brown & Sarah Cartwright          
ROSE, George see Rose, Merritt                    
ROSE, Helen J see Hagland, Ole J                    
ROSE, I T see Johnson                    
ROSE, Ina Celia see McDaniel, Frank T                    
ROSE, Joe       Regina 34 N D   16-Apr-27   Phillips 947  
      Evelyn Palm ??? 21 Mn            
ROSE, John M see Johnson, Charles Joseph                    
ROSE, John W see Rose, Garfield                    
ROSE, Julia see Hveem, Nels                    
ROSE, LaVerne Albert       Beach N D 24 Clarks Nebr Elmer M Rose & Rosa Wilson 25-May-25 Glendive Dawson 3721  
      Grace Pauline Whitaker Beach N D 24 Crawfordsville Indiana Bert Whitaker & Maye Hamilton          
ROSE, Lois see Shearburn, Willard G                    
ROSE, Maggie see Crusch, Erick Cecil                    
ROSE, Martha L see Sisson, Murl J                    
ROSE, Mary see Lawrence, Joseph E                    
ROSE, Merritt       Glendive 27 Maplewood Ohio George Rose & Hattie Shroyer 16-Nov-23 Glendive Dawson 3058  
      Aasta Aam Glendive 20 Norway Knut Aam & Ellen Ingrebregtsen          
ROSE, Mina see Kugler, George Herman                    
ROSE, Nellie see Lefer                    
ROSE, Nellie Gertrude see Tucker, Deedy Kirk                    
ROSE, O__iff? see LaPage, Fred                    
ROSE, Ole see Hveem, Nels                    
ROSE, Russell T       Lismas 21 Blue Spring Neb Ace Rose & ??? 26-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2261  
      Katie Rust Lismas 18 Iowa Ike Rust & Anna Kisig          
ROSE, William A       Belfield 23 Bowdle S D A E Rose & Anna Meisner 12-May-15 Glendive Dawson 1713  
      Jessie Sharman Belfield N D   Wattenburg Wisc W T Sharman & Josephine Mayo          
ROSE__?, Louise see Cole, L Marvin                    
ROSEAU, Clara see Wheeler                    
ROSEBLAF, Isabel see Johnson, William Clifford                    
ROSEBLAFF, A see LaRoque, Joe                    
ROSEBLAFF, Louise see LaRoque Joe                    
ROSEBLAFF, Rose see Yeph, Joseph                    
ROSEBLAFF, Rosie see Walks, Richard                    
ROSEBLEFF, Theresa see Dorr, Thomas Henry                    
ROSEBLUFF, ??? see Vallie, Andrew                    
ROSEBLUFF, Anton see Hopkins, Moses                    
ROSEBLUFF, Anton see Vassar, George                    
ROSEBLUFF, Louise see Bushman, Thomas                    
ROSEBLUFF, Louise see LaRoque, Alex                    
ROSEBLUFF, Rosie see Hopkins, Moses                    
ROSEBUD, see Rosebud, Joseph                    
ROSEBUD, Joseph       Frazer 62 Wolf Point Rosebud & ??? 21-Nov-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 832  
      Half Face Wolf Point 65 Wolf Point ???          
ROSEBUD, Roland       Brocton 21 Mt Ore Bear & ----? 18-Apr-14 Poplar Sheridan 216  
      Clara Yellow Hawk Poplar 20 Mt Yellow Hawk & First Elk          
ROSEBUD, Sarah see Two, Frank                    
ROSECHILD, Bertha see Smith, Joseph W                    
ROSECROFT, Elizabell see Leitz, Charles                    
ROSEDAHL, Andrew see Pierce, Clarence E                    
ROSEDAHL, Lulu C see Pierce, Clarence E                    
ROSEDAHL, Sina see Anderson, Andrew E                    
ROSEDAHL, Swan see Anderson, Andrew E                    
ROSEDBLAFF , Antoin see Crauts, Frank                    
ROSEDBLAFF, Ellen see Crauts, Frank                    
ROSEH, Dorothy see Krost                    
ROSELL, Ella see Conner, Fredrick B                    
ROSEMAN, Leonard D       Prairie Elk 27 Wis William Roseman & Margaret Mooney 23-Apr-19 Oswego Valley 2498  
      Katherine L Breen Prairie Elk 34 New Mexico William H Breen & Nellie McCarthy          
ROSEMAN, Nellie see Liddle, Henry LeeRoy                    
ROSEMAN, William see Roseman, Leonard D                    
ROSEMAN, William see Liddle, Henry LeeRoy                    
ROSEMIRE, Katherine see Kinch, Engelbert                    
ROSENAU, Minnie Caroline see Jenks, John L                    
ROSENAU, Sam & Wilhelmine see Jenks, John L                    
ROSENBAUM, Everett B       Flaxville 37 Washington Indiana James B Rosenbaum & Annie Bundy 19-Feb-30 Scobey Daniels 466  
      May Ruth Scobey 34 ??? George Ruth & ???          
ROSENBAUM, James B see Rosenbaum, Everett B                    
ROSENBERG, Berent O see Rosenberg, Henry Elmer                    
ROSENBERG, George H see Legman, John                    
ROSENBERG, Henry Elmer       Glendive 29 Brainerd Mn Berent O Rosenberg & Mary Swanson 2-Jun-09 Glendive Dawson 692  
      Elizabeth Louise Fowler Glendive 26 Cedar River Mich Frank H Fowler & Victorie Cannard          
ROSENBLAFF, Madeline see Carson, Charlie                    
ROSENBOHM, Henry       Wibaux ??? Germany John Rosenbohm & Helene Johnson 23-Mar-08 Glendive Dawson 583  
      Bertha Witte Wibaux 18 Freeport Ill John Witte & Frederin Hagerman          
ROSENBOHM, John see Rosenbohm, Henry                    
ROSENBUFF , Otto see Calder, Frank                    
ROSENBUFF, Tracy see Calder, Frank                    
ROSENCRANS, J E       Nashua 21 McHenry Cty N D Rance Rosencrans & Henry Mitchell 31-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2513  
      Lizzie Wallett Wood Mtn Sask Can 19 ??? Joe Wallet & Marion La Formaise?          
ROSENCRANS, Rance see Rosencrans, J E                    
ROSENDAHL, Andrew see Rosendahl, C Peter                    
ROSENDAHL, Andrew see Berg, Morris                    
ROSENDAHL, C Peter       Grassy Butte 35 Spring Grove Mn Andrew Rosendahl & Martha Bredeson 13-Dec-18 Glendive Dawson 2474  
      Dorothy Caroline Johnstone Oconto Wis 23 Oconto William Johnstone & Georgina Chamberlain          
ROSENDAHL, Joseph Oliver       Saco 33 Mn Ole Rosendahl & Carrie Olson 31-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1865  
      Mina Eberhadt Saco 30 Mich Paul Eberhadt & Sophia Schunth?          
ROSENDAHL, Lena see Elkins, Henry R                    
ROSENDAHL, Ole see Rosendahl, Joseph Oliver                    
ROSENDAHL, Selma see Bergh, Morris                    
ROSENKRANS, L C see Hiestad, Elisha                    
ROSENKRANS, Ruby see Hiestad, Elisha B                    
ROSENKRANTZ, Rose see Hill                    
ROSENMIER, Augusta see Crone, Ralph                    
ROSENTHAL, Fred see Rosenthal                    
ROSENTHAL, Otto       Westby 30 Wis Fred Rosenthal & Louisa Henning 20-Mar-18 Westby Sheridan 1279  
      Ella E Pierce Westby 29 Ill Jim Pierce & ???          
ROSGAARD, Rachel see Insteness                    
ROSHAU, Frank see Roshau, Wendel                    
ROSHAU, Wendell       Fayette N D 22 Fayette Frank Roshau & Mary Faden 26-Nov-26   Dawson 3414  
      Pauline Kary Fayette 18 Fayette Joseph Kary & Emma Badinger          
ROSHOLT, Carl L       Roanwood 37 Ottertail Cty Mn Tollef Rosholt & Gertrude Scotland 6-Feb-19 West Fork Valley 2471  
      Edith E Solem West Fork 25 Fingal N D Torger K Solem & Julia K Hovde          
ROSHOLT, Clara J see Ellingson, Oscar Thorvald                    
ROSHOLT, Tollef see Rosholt, Carl L                    
ROSIE, see First Sound , Al                    
ROSIN, Amelia see Wright, Harry                    
ROSKI, Arthur see Killenbeek                    
ROSKI, Clara see Killenbeek                    
ROSLEY, Emma see Clark, Howard                    
ROSLOWE, Ida J see Carlsteadt                    
ROSNER, Rachel see Stubberud, Ingvald H                    
ROSNESS, Henry J       Helena 27 Eau Claire Wisc Nels Rosness & Hannah Clausen 28-Mar-21 Glendive Dawson 2749  
      Grace R Briel Glendive 26 Clifton Iowa Herbert Briel & Grace DeKlotz          
ROSNESS, Nels see Rosness, Henry J                    
ROSPLOCK, Albert see Cook                    
ROSPLOCK, Helen see Cook                    
ROSS, ??? see VanVleek, L R                    
ROSS, Albert       Forsythe 23 Forsythe Charles Ross & Carmille Descio 17-Dec-26 Wibaux Wibaux 559  
      Eunice Paddock Terry 18 Gardner N D Robert L Paddock & Emma V Daniels          
ROSS, Albert       Chinook 24 Blaine Cty Alex Ross & Anna Johnson 16-Jan-26 Chinook Blaine 923  
      Zella Arndt Leroy 20 Leroy Charles Arndt & Charles Bundt          
ROSS, Alex see Ross, Alex                    
ROSS, Almira see Thomson, Walter                    
ROSS, Almira see Serviss, Otto                    
ROSS, Andrew       Great Falls 39 Nova Scotia Peter Ross & Elizabeth Read 28-Jul-24 Glasgow Valley 3075  
      Mrs Margaret Farrell Great Falls 42 Plymouth Indiana Elihi Michler & Emma Frazier          
ROSS, Annie see Deegan, John                    
ROSS, Annie see Vollin, Sidney J                    
ROSS, Annie see White, Mack                    
ROSS, Bertha see Dunn, Edwin                    
ROSS, C see Wick                    
ROSS, Charles       Outlook 28 Canada Jos-eph Ross & Margaret J Craven 16-Feb-17 Plentywood Sheridan 943  
      Carrie Oburg (Oberg) Outlook 23 Nor Nels Oburg (Oberg) & Emma Ribbon          
ROSS, Charles see Ross, Albert                    
ROSS, Charles B       Welliver 38 Kansas James C Ross & ??? 4-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1661  
      Mary Pricthett New Lon-don Missouri 24 Missouri H A Pritchett & Bettie Strade Brahley          
ROSS, Charley B       P�wood 28 Montgomery Cty Kans J C Ross & Hannah Malcolm 4-Dec-08 P�wood Valley 423  
      Lena Belle Ator P�wood 16 Mo George Ator & ???          
ROSS, Charlie       Eighth Point 41 Missouri Rufus B Ross & SarahE Thomas? 18-Nov-20 Glasgow Valley 2742  
      Dell McMahon Glasgow 28 Wis ??? McMahon & Luella Benson          
ROSS, Charlie       Wolf Point 30 Oswego Santee Ross & Red Owl 26-Sep-18 Wolf Point Valley 2429  
      Nellie Jackson Frazer 19 Frazer Stonrwall Jackson & Edith          
ROSS, Clarence L       Opheim 44 Turtle River N D William C Ross & Clara Bassett 28-Nov-29 Opheim Valley 3532  
      Marie Novacek Opheim 25 Vienna Austria John Novacek & Barbara Skacel          
ROSS, Clarence Lee       Nashua 22 Downing Mo J C Ross & Mary E Powell 21-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley 1753  
      Edith Hall Hamilton 20 Iowa W P Hall & ???          
ROSS, Elizabeth see Werk, William H                    
ROSS, Elmira see Dunham, Ermon George                    
ROSS, Elmira see Eldridge, Albert                    
ROSS, Ernest see Werk, William H                    
ROSS, Esther Christine see Mix, Jack                    
ROSS, Florence see Fredrickson                    
ROSS, George E       Taylor Wis 21 Hixton Wis J H Ross & Charlotte Smart 23-Nov-25 Wibaux Wibaux 518  
      Bertha Neumann Hixon N D 21 Burt N D Jacob Neumann & Mathilda Miller          
ROSS, Grace L see Wilcoxen, Sheridan P                    
ROSS, Guy H       Lambert 34 Holt Cty Neb James W Ross & Mary Berry 5-May-28 Wibaux Wibaux 607  
      Helen E Mishler Pearl City Ill 27 Colfax Ill J L Mishler & Mathilda Hoch          
ROSS, Henry E       P�wood 23 Caney Kansas James C Ross & Hannah E Malcolm 31-Mar-09 P�wood Valley 466  
      Ethel L Sallie Filley Mo 23 Filley Mo John & Mary Sallie          
ROSS, Howard Foster       Ohio 27 Ohio John R Ross & Marie Grace Jones 27-Mar-20 Wibaux Wibaux 272  
      Florence G Simmons Neb 28 Neb Robert B Simmons & Evelyn Lane          
ROSS, Hugh Donald       Beach N D 23 Garden Grove Iowa James Arthur Ross & Anna Bell Simmons 15-Jun-21 Glendive Dawson 2774  
      Rachel Ruth Zielsdorf Beach N D 22 Melrose Wisc Louis Zielsdorf & Barbara Zeman          
ROSS, Iola see Bell, Herb                    
ROSS, J C see Ross, Charley                    
ROSS, J C see Ross, Clarence Lee                    
ROSS, J H see Ross, George E                    
ROSS, James Arthur see Ross, Hugh Donald                    
ROSS, James C see Ross                    
ROSS, James C see Ross                    
ROSS, James C see Ross, Henry E                    
ROSS, James W see Ross, Guy H                    
ROSS, Jennie see Vanatter, Ralph L                    
ROSS, John see Wilcoxen, Sheridan P                    
ROSS, John       Chinook 28 Mt   16-Mar-29   Phillips 1103  
      Mildred Gibbs Chinook 19 Mt            
ROSS, John A see Dykstra, Albert P                    
ROSS, John R see Ross, Howard Foster                    
ROSS, Joseph see Ross                    
ROSS, Joseph see Hesh, Frank A                    
ROSS, Julia E (Smith?) see Parker, Raymond C                    
ROSS, Katherine see Houghton, Byron                    
ROSS, Katherine see Houghton, Guy                    
ROSS, Laura E see Cooper, O P                    
ROSS, Lena (Ator?) see McMillan                    
ROSS, Leonard C       P�wood 22 P�wood William L Ross & Stella White 12-Jan-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2712  
      Ellen Johnson Dooley 21 Outlook Adolph Johnson & Lucetta Clauson          
ROSS, Lettie see Peters, Henry                    
ROSS, Lettie see Handley, Roy Fillmore                    
ROSS, Lorna Agnes see Morse, James Leonard                    
ROSS, Lulu see Goddard, Robert B                    
ROSS, Margaret see Williams, Roy R                    
ROSS, Margareth see Davis                    
ROSS, Martin       Nashua 35 Madison Wis Martin Ross & Viola Monk ???-Oct-1912 Glasgow Valley 1139 ( Cert Not Completed)
      V? Christina Erickson Nashua 29 Norway Erik Tolson & Anna Engleberson?          
ROSS, Mary see Kippen, D R                    
ROSS, Mary F see Howell, Charles W                    
ROSS, Mary J see Reynolds, Isaac M                    
ROSS, Mary Kathleen see Dykstra, Albert P                    
ROSS, Nannie see Moore                    
ROSS, Nellie see White, Robert                    
ROSS, Opal see Wick                    
ROSS, Peter see Ross, Andrew                    
ROSS, Ralph E see Morse, James Leonard                    
ROSS, Rilla see Hesh, Frank A                    
ROSS, Rufus B see Ross, Charlie                    
ROSS, Santee see Ross, Charlie                    
ROSS, Sarah see Brown, Edward V                    
ROSS, Sarah see Sansburn, Joseph H                    
ROSS, Sarah see Miewald, Ross Amos                    
ROSS, Sarah L see Bagan, Peter Joseph                    
ROSS, Sarah Louise see Reid, James Neil                    
ROSS, Stella L see Marsh                    
ROSS, Viola see Kidd, William                    
ROSS, William see Mix, Jack                    
ROSS, William C see Ross, Clarence L                    
ROSS, William L       P�wood 46 Missouri James C Ross & Hannah C Malcolm 30-Apr-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1725  
      Nellie P Rhodes Upham N D 23 Dayton Ohio Thomas J Rhodes & Augusta M Thornhill          
ROSS, William L see Marsh                    
ROSS, William L see Ross                    
ROSSA, Lawrence see Clark, Hugh                    
ROSSA, Elizabeth see Clark, Hugh                    
ROSSBOROUGH, Margaret see Gill, John R                    
ROSSBOUGH, Margaret see Kennedy, Robert J                    
ROSSEBO, Avon       Wibaux 29 Edgar Wisc Christian Rossebo & Bertha Sunvae 2-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1634  
      Mary Murphy Paris 24 Elroy Wisc John Murphy & Mary Duffy          
ROSSEBO, Christian see Rossebo, Avon                    
ROSSEN, Madalena see Fredrek, Henry                    
ROSSENG, Florence see Faanes, Carl                    
ROSSENG, Ole see Faanes, Carl                    
ROSSER, John C       Teton Cty 26 Mn   11-Nov-16   Phillips 159  
      Marie Sjogren ??? 18 Illinois            
ROSSER?, Clara see Wheeler, Hobart H                    
ROSSGARD , Rachel see Insteness                    
ROSSI, Massimina see Eide, Chester H                    
ROSSING, Bertha see McGovern, William                    
ROSSING, Bertha (Rolles?) see Carlson                    
ROSSING, Clarence Werner       Flaxville 24 Haug Mn Ole W Rossing & Bertha Rolle 26-Oct-24 Scobey Daniels 169  
      Viola Grace Francis (Buck?) Flaxville 16 St Paul Mn ???          
ROSSING, Mabel see VanBastelaene                    
ROSSING, Olaf see McGovern, William                    
ROSSING, Ole see Vanbastelaene                    
ROSSING, Ole see Gausted, Martin                    
ROSSING, Ole W see Rossing, Clarencr Werner                    
ROSSITER, Eligane see Baynham, Walter Alexander                    
ROSSMILLER, Albert see Truax, Merrill B                    
ROSSMILLER, Ruby E see Truax, Merrill B                    
ROSSOW, Alvina see Bugden, Henry John                    
ROSSOW, Carl see Spicer, Lewis B                    
ROSSOW, Ida A see Spicer, Lewis B                    
ROST, E C       Cathay N D 34 Germany Peter Rost & Christina Peters 16-Feb-16 Glendive Dawson 1871  
      Emma Piedt Cathay 23 Cathay Jacob Piedt & Christina Wies          
ROST, Ellen see Rustad, Emil                    
ROST, Peter see Rost, E C                    
ROST, Peter Robert       Glasgow 44 Wis William Rost & Annie Kronz 4-Nov-18 Glasgow Valley 2447  
      Mrs charles Lang (Bauder?) Glasgow 30 S D Conrad Bauder & ???          
ROST, William see Rost, Peter Robert                    
ROSTEN, Karen see Houchen, Edgar                    
ROSTRAIN, Alice see Tryan, George                    
ROSTRIAN?, Alice see Kurtz                    
ROSTYNE see Bartelt, Frank M                    
ROSVOLD, Helen see Estenson                    
ROTH, Adolph see Roth, Frank                    
ROTH, Anna see Knipp, Edward                    
ROTH, Annie see Juranovitz, John                    
ROTH, Clara see Farrell, E J                    
ROTH, Frank       Dodson 30 Carrington N D Adolph Roth & Minnie Banik 31-Aug-19 Glendive? Dawson 2554  
      Clara J Graber Dodson 23 Freeman S D Joseph J Graber & Nettie Guertz          
ROTH, Fred see Peterson, Ernest                    
ROTH, Ida May see Reilly, Arthur L                    
ROTH, Jacob       Chinook 21 York Neb Pete Roth & Catherine Mary Raigart 9-Aug-26 Chinook Blaine 955  
      Harriet Parks Chinook 16 Powers Lake N D Calude Parks & Gertrude Donaldson          
ROTH, Johanna see Zendais, Paul                    
ROTH, Laura see Hines, Frank J                    
ROTH, Laura A see Nyman, Elias                    
ROTH, Lena see Weinand                    
ROTH, Lena see Weinand, Joseph A                    
ROTH, Marion see Friday, Frank Edward                    
ROTH, Martha see Waleri, Peter                    
ROTH, Martin see Roth, Peter                    
ROTH, Myrtle see Peterson, Ernest                    
ROTH, Pete see Roth, Jacob                    
ROTH, Peter       Richardton N D 22 Richardton Martin Roth & Katie Kirchner 11-Oct-19 Glendive Dawson 2577  
      Elizabeth Weggesser Stipek 19 Hungary Joseph Weggesser & Anna Rasch          
ROTHBERG, Isabelle see Sankey, Charles R                    
ROTHGEB, Jeanette see Sias, DeForest J                    
ROTHGEB, Jeanette see Stevens, Louis C                    
ROTHIE, Almont Stanley       Malta 41 Dexter Torger Rothie & Martha Stephens 3-Sep-25 Chinook Blaine 894  
      Ruby Morgan Wichata Falls Tex 27 Cedar Valley Tex John R Morgan & Evelyn Lewis          
ROTHIE, Torger see Rothie, Almont Stanley                    
ROTHMAN, Gustav       Sl__dale? 48 Wis Michael Rothman & Catherine Palmgarden 10-Apr-15 Hinsdale Valley 1659  
      Lou L Rogers Woodlawn Ill 47 Ill Thompson Lo__?          
ROTHMAN, Justice       Hinsdale 36 Wis Michael Rothman & Katherine Baumgarden 27-Dec-02 Hinsdale Valley ?  
      Mrs Effie Dunham Hinsdale 34 Oquawka Ill Moses Stewart & Elizabeth Anderson          
ROTHMAN, Michael see Rothman, Gustav                    
ROTHMAN, Michael see Rothman, Justice                    
ROTHWEILER, Mary see Hierle, Chas                    
ROTTARY, Margery see Austin, John D                    
ROUB, Ellie Charlotte see Musgrove, Ardell                    
ROUB, H D see Musgrove, Ardell                    
ROUB, H D see Lindblom, George A                    
ROUB, H D see Lindblom, Louis                    
ROUB, Ida M see Cornwell, Thomas                    
ROUB, Jessie M see Lindblom, Louis                    
ROUB, Mathilda see Bowman, Asa                    
ROUB, Millie G see Lindblom, George A                    
ROUCH, Ellen see Terbovitz, Michael                    
ROUCHE, Catherine see Holder                    
ROUFF, Cornelius see Gaab, Raymond F                    
ROUFS, Elizabeth see Allen                    
ROUFS, Elizabeth see Rick                    
ROUFS, Gertrude see Pierce                    
ROUFS, Henry       Navajo 36 Wis William Roufs & Helena Hansen 6-Oct-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1686  
      Bertha Teien Navajo 26 Wis ??? Teien & Martha Lea          
ROUFS, William see Roufs                    
ROUFS, William see Allen                    
ROUFS, Wm see Pierce                    
ROUGH, Elizabeth see Warrington, J Clyde                    
ROUGH, Mary see Taugher, Patrick                    
ROUND, Toothed Woman see Taylor, Willis Sr                    
ROUND, Erastus see Dall, A                    
ROUND HEAD, Mary see Walking Chief, James                    
ROUNDAL, Knute       Saco 47 Nor Knute Roundal & Aslaug Timute     Valley 2172 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Minalm? Nelson   35 Chicago Nels Olson & Martha Jacobson          
ROUNDHEAD, see Takes the Bow                    
ROUNDS, Arthur see Clampitt, Fletcher                    
ROUNDS, Arthur see Rounds, David M                    
ROUNDS, Charles R see Nash, Hart I                    
ROUNDS, Clarence       Poplar 21 Poplar Theodore Rounds & Margaret Cooper 5-May-26 Glasgow Valley 3214  
      Jean Johnson Poplar 21 N D Jacob, Budeau & Dorthy Wise          
ROUNDS, David M       Wolf Point 24 Wis Arthur Rounds & Katherine Turk? 10-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1837  
      Estelle Cramer Wolf Point 23 Cincinnati Ohio James H Cramer & Emma Melvin?          
ROUNDS, Emily see Melling, Howard                    
ROUNDS, Erastus see Rounds                    
ROUNDS, Erastus see Bouvy                    
ROUNDS, Erastus see Johnson, Ben H                    
ROUNDS, Erastus see Hilland, John C                    
ROUNDS, Erastus       Poplar 70 Fowler Ohio WilliamRounds & Phoebe Alderman 7-Oct-12 Glasgow Valley 1133  
      Mrs Araminta E Wilkins Poplar 55 Bremen Ind Edward M Page & Elizabeth W Hughes          
ROUNDS, Erastus       Poplar 68 Fowler Ohio William Rounds & Phoebe Alderman 16-Feb-11 Poplar Valley 794  
      Mrs Mattie Ellis Wis ??? Memphis Tenn Benjamin Strickler & Hannah Hardley          
ROUNDS, Esther M see Johnson, Ben H                    
ROUNDS, Florence see Coulton, Charles E                    
ROUNDS, Harry & Margaret see Marbello, Carmen                    
ROUNDS, Harry M       Poplar 26 Toikin Ill Erastus Rounds & Amanda Peng 11-Mar-14 Poplar Sheridan 195  
      Beulah Florence Moore Nickwall 45 Mt Vernon Ill Edwin Moore & Jane Williams          
ROUNDS, Mary see Marbello, Carmen                    
ROUNDS, Mina see Gaulke, Raymond J                    
ROUNDS, Nellie see Burgess, Arthur W                    
ROUNDS, Rose see Young, Neal C                    
ROUNDS, Theodon see Coulter, Charles E                    
ROUNDS, Theodore see Burgess, Arthur W                    
ROUNDS, Theodore see Rounds, Clarence                    
ROUNDS, William see Rounds, Erastus                    
ROUNDS, William see Rounds, Willis B                    
ROUNDS, Willis B       Malta 31 Baraboo Wis William Rounds & Inez Vandever 29-Aug-25 Glasgow Valley 3153  
      Josephine Miller Whitewater 20 Whiteearth Mn Math Miller & Ellen Beaulien          
ROUNDTREE, Rebecka Cyrus see Sullivan, Daniel Rice                    
ROUSE, Barbara Ellen see Stennis                    
ROUSE, Blanche M see Winderl, Theodore F                    
ROUSE, Brant A       Opheim 24 Mich Frank & Rose Rouse 26-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 2604  
      Elma Salter Tampico 27 Mn John Salter & S Hartman          
ROUSE, Charlie see Rouse, Samuel W                    
ROUSE, Frank & Rose see Rouse, Brant A                    
ROUSE, Helen see Perry, Luther R                    
ROUSE, J H see Stennis                    
ROUSE, Myrtle see George, Harry                    
ROUSE, Samuel W       Sentinel Butte N D 23 Sandpoint Nebraska Charley Rouse & Etta Motz 12-Aug-12 Glendive Dawson 1127  
      Nellie May Buell Sentenil Butte 22 Sturgis S D Derwood V? Buell & Ermita Thene          
ROUSE, William A see Winderl, Theodore F                    
ROUSH, Harriet see Shankle, Thomas N                    
ROUSH, Louisa see Fireovid, Grover                    
ROUSSIU? , E P see Rossiu                    
ROUSSIU?, Pascal       Froid 25 N D E P Rousiu & Madeline Champagne 7-Oct-14 Plentywood Sheridan 339  
      Zoe Morin Froid 20 N D William Morin & Mastaza Gloude          
ROUTLEDGE, Kate see Bosworth, Frank L                    
ROUTLEDGE, Mary A see Douglas, George K                    
ROUX-DAUPHINE, Julienne see Blanc                    
ROVANG, Amjar see Lansrud                    
ROVATE, Martena see Alderquerre, Richard R                    
ROVIG, Mary see Lynn, Bert J                    
ROVIG, Mary see Sektnan, Joel C                    
ROVOLD, Henry Melom       Whitetail 25 Twin Valley Mn Ole Rovold & ??? 27-Mar-26 Scobey Daniels 251  
      Frances Gaelyn Willard Rollete 18 Rolette N D Fred Willard & Carrie Dreenman          
ROVOLD, Ole see Rovold, Henry Melom                    
ROVREIT, Inar       Conrad 21 Fargo N D Olaf Rovreit & Mary Lottie Langsmo 12-Oct-29 Chinook Blaine 1172  
      Bessie Arnold Big Sandy 21 Fargo N D Eugene Arnold & Irene McClary          
ROVREIT, Olaf see Rovreit, Inar                    
ROWAN, Robert Henry see O�Leary, William                    
ROWAT, Edna see Beischal                    
ROWCROFT, Elizabeth see Whiteley, Winfield M                    
ROWCROFT, Elizabeth see Whiteley, Winfield M                    
ROWE, Albert see Rowe, Robert                    
ROWE, Anna see Gaulke, Raymond J                    
ROWE, Effie see Lovelace                    
ROWE, Eliza see White                    
ROWE, Elsie see Waller                    
ROWE, Emmet       Poplar 28 St Paul Mn Simon Rowe & Elizabeth Callahan 14-Jun-30 Circle McCone 146  
      Ester Winhofer Poplar 16 Poplar Stephen Winhofer & Theresa Unger          
ROWE, Enoch see Pippenger, David Homer                    
ROWE, Eugene E       Sidney 26 Cody Nebr? Harry C Rowe & Ellen S Stevenson 15-Mar-22 Poplar Roosivelt 358  
      Jessie M Welch Mosuner? Wis 34 Angelica Wis George Van Kluck & Mary Lathrope          
ROWE, Francis       Poplar 24 St Paul Mn Simon Rowe & Elizabeth Callahan 27-Apr-28 Circle McCone 117  
      Alice Winhofer Poplar 18 Pittsburgh Penn Stephen Winhofer & Theresia Unger          
ROWE, Harry C see Rowe, Eugene E                    
ROWE, James see Rowe, Walter E                    
ROWE, John see Rowe, John T                    
ROWE, John see Kay, Harry B                    
ROWE, John see Rowe, Richard Lionel                    
ROWE, John T       Hinsdale 32 Sleaford England John Rowe & Lettica Lewis 11-Dec-01 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Emily E Jones Glasgow 33 Stratfordshire England John Tandy & Elizabeth Barnsley          
ROWE, Katie see Metts, Rufus                    
ROWE, Lillie Mae see Forsness, Gilman R                    
ROWE, Lily see Damson, Charles A                    
ROWE, Maggie see Marts                    
ROWE, Mary see Ferris, Richard                    
ROWE, Mary see Penrose, Ernest                    
ROWE, Mildred Anna see Kay, Harry B                    
ROWE, Nellie see Murphy                    
ROWE, Ranvie see Gregerson, Ole Bernhard                    
ROWE, Richard Lionel       Pray 53 England John Rowe & Susanah Perkins 17-Nov-26 Glendive Dawson 3410  
      Addie Bell Slattery Grand Forks 46 Clitheral Mn Isaac Whiting & Jennie Talcott          
ROWE, Robert       Nashua 22 Russia Albert Rowe & Amelia Minner 12-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3343  
      Martha Bauer Nashua 18 Upham N D Jacob Bauer & Frederika Torno          
ROWE, Sherman see Waller                    
ROWE, Simon see Rowe, Emmet                    
ROWE, Simon see Rowe, Francis                    
ROWE, Walter E       Madoc 29 Hensel N D James Rowe & Isabel Grieve 27-Feb-22 Madoc Daniels 50  
      Lillian R Hansen Madoc 27 Esterville Iowa Christian Hansen & Ida Olson          
ROWEEN, Mary see Provost, Frank                    
ROWELL, Edward       Malta 43 Syracuse N Y John Rowell & Mary Smith 27-Aug-01 Malta Valley ?  
      Emma Kemmits Malta 33 St Peter Mn Wm Kemmits & Mimmie Menck          
ROWELL, Effie see Hawley                    
ROWELL, John see Rowell, Edward                    
ROWELL, Philena see Lovering, Charles                    
ROWEN, Glen Robert       New Rockford N D 23 Rowen Indiana Robert Thomas Rowen & Nellie D Stout 3-Nov-21 Poplar Roosivelt 310  
      Marion Emma Haas New Rockford 18 Hamburg N D Rudolph Haas & Abigael Johnson          
ROWEN, John W see Rowen, Michael Joseph                    
ROWEN, Michael Joseph       Wolf Point 35 Mn John W Rowen & Ella Cannaughton 2-Dec-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 321  
      Mata Gertrude Stengel N D 21 N D Carl E Stengel & Emma Becker          
ROWEN, Robert Thomas see Rowen, Glenn Robert                    
ROWEN, Thomas George       Minot N D 33 N D   10-Feb-26   Phillips 873  
      Clara Antoinette Beggs Minot 32 Colorado            
ROWIN, Albertine see Converse, Cecil E                    
ROWLAND, Arthur S       Phillips 24 Nebr   25-Mar-19   Phillips 413  
      Carrie Belle Peery ??? 24 Iowa            
ROWLAND, Christina (Jorgensen?) see Offett                    
ROWLAND, Libby see Wilsie, Edgar Rowland                    
ROWLAND, Margaret see Gill, Sam F                    
ROWLANDS, Ellen see Edwards, Frank                    
ROWLET, Louis & Adele see Rahley, Frank P                    
ROWLET, May see Rahley, Frank P                    
ROWLEY, David William       Harlem 23 Shelley Idaho Hugh T Rowley & Grace Davis 14-Jul-27 Chinook Blaine 1005  
      Lillian Alcorn Harlem 23 Brigham City Utah Leonard C Alcorn & Harriet A Weaver          
ROWLEY, H Francis       Lohman 23 Shelley Idaho H T Rowley & Grace Davis 9-Sep-25 Chinook Blaine 895  
      Irma Thornton Chinook 18 Iona Idaho L D Thornton & Luella Farnsworth          
ROWLEY, H T see Rowley, H Francis                    
ROWLEY, Hugh T see Rowley, David William                    
ROWLEY, Inger see Ward                    
ROWLEY, Thomas see Ward                    
ROWOLTER, Margaret see Burmiaster, William                    
ROWTON, John L see Rowton, Joshua Gilbert                    
ROWTON, Joshua Gilbert       Sand Springs 35 Montgomery Cty Kans John L Rowton & Mary Ann Park 15-Mar-16 Tindall Dawson 1879  
      Viola Ann Pollard Sand Springs 27 Clinton Mo John Pollard & Catherine Wingate          
ROY, Alma see Lee, Frank William                    
ROY, Alvina see Waller, R Berry                    
ROY, Beulah see Parker, John C                    
ROY, Caroline see Jordan, Albert                    
ROY, Cora see Barnbenek                    
ROY, Elmer P       Glasgow 27 S D Peter Roy & Mary Lowery 28-Apr-20 Glasgow Valley 2655  
      Mary L Watters Nashua 19 Mn Roy Spelthy & Isabell Watters          
ROY, Frank P       Lismas 25 Ellington Iowa Peter G Roy & Mary Lowrey 20-Jan-13 Nashua Valley 1234  
      Cora Caroline Dascher Nashua 17 Union N D John Dascher & Theresa Shelly          
ROY, Harry       Froid 32 Iowa John W Roy & Nettie Harrison 12-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 587  
      Loretta Carlin Froid 18 Iowa �? R C Curtis & Emily Cox          
ROY, Hattie (Zyllo?) see Kline, Carl James                    
ROY, James see Parker, John C                    
ROY, Jennie see McGillivray, Malcolm                    
ROY, John see Bolen, Edward Benton                    
ROY, John see Lee, Frank William                    
ROY, John see Roy, Martin Clarence                    
ROY, John W see Roy                    
ROY, John W see Peile, Henry A                    
ROY, Martin Clarence       Froid 27 Sioux City Iowa John Roy & Nellie Garrison 3-Sep-21 Poplar Roosivelt 279  
      Francis Madge Irene LeClaire Froid 18 Terre Wis Nalhanne LeClaire & Mary Smith          
ROY, May see Leibinger, Louis H                    
ROY, Nellie see Sunwall                    
ROY, Nellie Ethyle see Bolen, Edward Benton                    
ROY, Nora Lucille see Peile, Henry A                    
ROY, Olive see Dusa, Paul                    
ROY, Peter see Roy, Elmer P                    
ROY, Peter see Dusa, Paul                    
ROY, Peter G see Roy, Frank P                    
ROYAAS, James       Orville 23 Scotland John Royaas & Maggie Forsythe 5-Mar-14 Culbertson Sheridan 187  
      Emma E Winch Orville 24 Ill Morris R Winch & Katherine Retz          
ROYAAS, John see Royaas                    
ROYAL, Pauline see Schearer, Bernard, John                    
ROYCRAFT, Joseph W       Glendive 25 Chippewa Falls Wisc Joseph Roycraft & Hattie Davidson 23-Apr-08 Glendive Dawson 589  
      N Edna Judson Astakosk Wisc 23 Astakosk Madison Judson & Emma Root          
ROYELS, Adams see Charlesworth, George                    
ROYELS, Clarence T       Sweet Grass 32 Med� Lake Edward Royels & Emily M Adams 23-Aug-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2678  
      Margaret Joy Morris Med� Lake 26 Alva Wyo Beryl Morris & Beth Miller          
ROYELS, Edward see Royels                    
ROYELS, Violet see Ator, Lewis                    
ROYELS, Violet see Mann, Emerson                    
ROYEN, Parl see Cooper                    
ROYER, Ethel see Landon, Wesley                    
ROYH, Peter see Waleri, Peter                    
ROYSTER, see Rayster                    
ROYSUM, Mabel see Skjonsby                    
ROZELL, Ella see Quimby, George W                    
ROZELL, Ella see Kluth, John P                    
RUBANOW, Alice see Zalkin, Henry                    
RUBANOW, Joseph & Lena see Zalkin, Henry                    
RUBAU, Caroline see Voss, Gustaf                    
RUBBIE, Albert Benjamin       Poplar 23 Brownville Texas John Rubbie & Annie McMaken 11-Apr-11 Poplar Valley 818  
      Philomena St Germaine Wolf Point 17 Turtle Mtn N D Frank St Germaine & Lizzie Geddis          
RUBBIE, John see Rubbie, Albert Benjamin                    
RUBE, Mollie see Dickman, Grover W                    
RUBENZER, Anna see Genske, Frank                    
RUBENZER, Joe see Genske, Frank                    
RUBERT, Miss Francis see Berg, Halver                    
RUBIN, A S see Rubin                    
RUBIN, Alpheus see Johnson, Robert William                    
RUBIN, Geo       Whitetail 27 Canada A S Rubin & Mary Scharnatta 9-Apr-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2522  
      Florence Bakken Whitetail 32 Manitoba Can Tom LeBlanch & Mary Thomas          
RUBIN, Mabel see Johnson, Robert William                    
RUBIO, Consaucion? see Jiminez, Atanacio                    
RUBY, Elizabeth see Hise, Fred                    
RUBY, Elizabeth see Smith, Neil                    
RUBY, F H see Ruby, Harold                    
RUBY, Harold       Lee 21 Stockport Iowa F H Ruby & Jessie Chezum 25-Nov-27 Glendive Dawson 3514  
      Leona Crandell Forsythe 42 Ghent Mn T E Crandall & Martha Stout          
RUBY, Lumma G see Kreiman, Walter Henry                    
RUCHEL, Lea see Shaich, Ben                    
RUCHOLD, Roxa see Dickinson                    
RUCKDASCHEL, Asta see Dick, Percy P                    
RUCKDASCHEL, Charles see Dick, Percy P                    
RUCKDASCHEL, Charles see Lundeen Erick W                    
RUCKDASCHEL, Edith see Lundeen, Erick W                    
RUCKER, John Edward       Culbertson 22 Wibaux W H Rucker & Sarah Elizabeth Tinkler 31-Dec-27 Culbertson Roosivelt 1125  
      Mary Luella Belle Gandrud Culbertson 19 Hope N D Peter Gandrud & Anna Bromseth          
RUCKER, Mabel see Johnson, Carl Olaf                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Shield, George                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Koss, Charles                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Lanham, Edgar                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Newton, Vern Brians                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Newton, Victor Merlin                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Bellows, Lee Taylor                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Kienenberger, Walter C                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Stebler, Ed                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Washington, Harry M                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Noble, William J                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Barrett, Almond M                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Johnson, Joseph                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Brown, Harvey W                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Bardell, John S                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Birdsell, Samuel                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Borton, Albert J                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Burke, Frank                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Carroll, LeRoy                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Ferguson, Harry                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Holmes, Henry F                    
RUCKER, Mable C see Howe, Walter J                    
RUCKER, Mable Courtade see Bell, Wilford F                    
RUCKER, Mrs T F see Newton, Lewis Clark                    
RUCKER, Mrs T F see Temple, Frank                    
RUCKER, Pearl B see Whitney, Leonard H                    
RUCKER, T F see Bardell, John S                    
RUCKER, T F see Snow, Clarence R                    
RUCKER, W H see Rucker, John Edward                    
RUCKMAN, Minnie see Bronson, Clarence A                    
RUCKMAN, Minnie see Hill, John                    
RUD, Alfred       Sheyenne N D 36 N D   22-Jun-21   Phillips 583  
      Ludetta E Bergan Saco 25 Mn            
RUD, Alice Charlotte see Bucklin, Alton Leroy                    
RUD, Anna Sofie see Tandberg                    
RUD, Hans Christian see Bucklin, Alton LeRoy                    
RUDBERG, A J? see Rudberg, Edwin                    
RUDBERG, Carl O W       Scobey 31 Theif River Falls Mn Frank E Rudberg & Mary Berg 27-Oct-23 Glasgow Valley 3008  
      Mabel Sletten West Fork 25 Appleton Mn Thomas Sletten & Martha Johnson          
RUDBERG, Edwin       Fredric Wis 34 West Sweden Wis A J? Rudberg & Bertha Larson 7-Jan-13 Glasgow Valley 1212  
      Bertha Holen Glasgow 36 Norway Tollef Holen & Marie Christine Jensen          
RUDBERG, Frank E see Rudberg, Carl O W                    
RUDBERG, George G see Scoville, Clifton Noe                    
RUDBERG, Myrtle Heddon see Scoville, Clifton Noe                    
RUDD, John see Curry, W L                    
RUDD, Mary see Frame, Fred                    
RUDD, Peter see Ruud, Anton                    
RUDD, William see Walton, Sidney                    
RUDDICK, Pauline see Haase, Fred W                    
RUDDOCK, Sarah A see Murray, James F                    
RUDDY, Elizabeth see Frye, Isaac M                    
RUDDY, Mary see O�Connor, Daniel                    
RUDDY, Mary see Schuster, Andrew S                    
RUDE, Bernice see Pake                    
RUDE, Bernice see Pake                    
RUDE, Berttina see Thorp, Juel                    
RUDE, Christina see Robison, Frank                    
RUDE, Dorothy see Churchill, William R                    
RUDE, Edwin see Churchill, William R                    
RUDE, Peter see Robison, Frank                    
RUDEN, Anna see Westlund, Frank J                    
RUDEQUIST, Hannah see McDonald, James                    
RUDEQUIST, John see McDonald, James                    
RUDER, Bolett see Henriksen, Peter                    
RUDER, Carl       Dagmar 31 Skoovy? Denmark Hans Ruder & Signe Jensen 1-Aug-09 Dagmar Valley 400  
      Laura Madson Calender Iowa 20 Iowa John Madson & Bergitte Knudson          
RUDER, Hans see Ruder, Carl                    
RUDER, Hans see Henriksen, Peter                    
RUDER, I C see Tracy, Cashel D                    
RUDER, Jennie see Tracy, Cashel D                    
RUDI, Harriet see Lee                    
RUDI, Hjalmar see Lee                    
RUDI, Hjalmar see Lee John                    
RUDI, Lillian see Lee                    
RUDIO, Crescene G see Arnold, Joseph A                    
RUDQUIST, Anna Elizabeth see Fierheller, John H O                    
RUDQUIST, Axel see Fierheller, John H O                    
RUDQUIST, Axel & Marie see Rudquist, Charles J                    
RUDQUIST, Charles J       Glendive 27 Anoka Mn Axel & Marie Rudquist 5-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 743  
      Bessie Mae Parks Glendive 19 Fountainhead Tennessee Wm Bird Parks & ???          
RUDSER, Ronaug see Bosman                    
RUDY, Carrie see White, Charles E                    
RUDY, Ellen see Delp, George                    
RUDY, Rose see Sharp, Oscar                    
RUE, Ada see Sylvester, William F                    
RUE, Anna see Nelson, Selmer Martin                    
RUE, Cora see Brown, Henry C                    
RUE, Essie Carrie see Wingreene, Gus Edward                    
RUE, Harry see Sylvester, William F                    
RUE, Harry see Brown, Henry C                    
RUE, Henry N see Riba, Adolph                    
RUE, L E see Rue                    
RUE, Lena see Alquire, Howard E                    
RUE, Marie see Johnson                    
RUE, Mary see Halvorson                    
RUE, Mary see Thoveson                    
RUE, May C see Riba, Adolph                    
RUE, O�Lena see Myron, Otto Hilman                    
RUE, Rachel see Randell                    
RUE, Rachel see Price, Henry F                    
RUE, Rachel see Hanson, Adolph L                    
RUE, Stanley O       P�wood 23 P�wood L E Rue & Ethel Maxwell 28-Jun-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3035  
      Alpha Hjelm P�wood 21 Westby Alfred Hjelm & Augusta Lien          
RUEBKE, Catherine see Temple, Carl C                    
RUEDE, J W see Brown, Geo A                    
RUEDE, Minnie see Brown, Geo W                    
RUEGSEGGER, Christ see Ruegsegger                    
RUEGSEGGER, Reno W       Outlook Legal Iowa Christ Ruegsegger & Elizabeth Feldman 3-Oct-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2627  
      Nell Donaldson Outlook legal Warrensburg Mo Joseph H Donaldson & Nellie M Bagby          
RUEGSEGGER, Reno W       Redstone 27 Wellman Iowa Christ Ruesegger & Elizabeth Feldman 25-Oct-11 Redstone Valley 918  
      Lottie McClean Redstone 20 Austin N D Duncan McLean & Lavaina Schell          
RUELKE, Minna see Sommerville                    
RUER, Torbger see Thoveson                    
RUETER, Anna see Muller                    
RUF, Jacob see Pede, Gust                    
RUFF, Albertina see Griebler, Mathias Morse                    
RUFF, Christina see Jundt, John                    
RUFF, Christina see Sellickson, William                    
RUFF, Edna see Thompson, Rufus C                    
RUFF, Gabriel       Glendive 39 Karlsruh Russia Vincent Ruff & Mary Halbing 29-Jan-11 Glendive Dawson 897  
      Rosa Thomas Glendive 37 Karlsruh Russia Simon Kuntz & Thrasa Flink          
RUFF, Jacob see Trautman, William                    
RUFF, Jacob see Schmidt, Fred                    
RUFF, Jacob see Gehnert, Conrad                    
RUFF, Jacob see Ruff, Martin J                    
RUFF, Louisa see Wilkes, James D                    
RUFF, Maggie see Gehnert, Conrad                    
RUFF, Martin J       Dodson 25 N D Jacob Ruff & Louisa Banick 14-Aug-19 Chinook Blaine 580  
      Emma Clouse Dodson 18 Iowa William Clouse & Laura Harden          
RUFF, Olga see Trautman, William                    
RUFF, Rosa see Thompson, Rufus C                    
RUFF, Vincent see Ruff, Gabriel                    
RUFFATTI, J Marta see Brown, Walter                    
RUFFCORN, Frank E       Baylor 29 Ohio James C Ruffcorn & Margaret Miller 20-Jun-16 Glasgow Daniels 1899  
      Andrea G Lanegroff Baylor 26 Crystal N D Louis T Lanegroff & Emma O Ferstad          
RUFFCORN, George W       Glasgow 26 Parson Kansas James C Ruffcorn & Margaret S Miller 22-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1803  
      Myrtle S Haltines Glentana 22 Blekkfield Mich George Haltines & Jessie Thomas          
RUFFCORN, James see Ruffcorn, George W                    
RUFFCORN, James C see Ruffcorn, Frank E                    
RUFFNER, Charles B see Shy, Sam E                    
RUFFNER, Margaret see Shy, Sam E                    
RUFFORD, Carrie see Livingston, Daniel                    
RUGG, L J see Rugg, Samuel I                    
RUGG, Samuel I       Glasgow 37 Cincinatti Ohio L J Rugg & Sally McCready 21-Nov-07 Havre? Valley 319  
      Eleanor E Adams Plummer N D 47 Shakopee Mn A W Adams & Susan M Haseltine          
RUGGLES, Blanche (Green?) see Curtin                    
RUGGLES, Cleve       Earl N D 28 Downing Missouri William Ruggles & Eva Jackson 18-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1479  
      Blanche Green Estis N D 20 Willow Lake S D Henry Green & Mamie Ralyn?          
RUGGLES, George see Ruggles                    
RUGGLES, Isaac N       Dooley 30 Ind George Ruggles & Angaline Huffman 24-Nov-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1700  
      Nova Crouse Dooley 18 W Virg Yehuda Crouse & Victoria Robinson          
RUGGLES, Lelia see Cale, Fred                    
RUGGLES, Lola see Meeks, Carl                    
RUGGLES, W A see Meeks, Carl                    
RUGGLES, William see Ruggles, Cleve                    
RUGLAND, Torkel       Glendive 34 Norway Torkel & Ingeborg Malena Rugland 27-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3821  
      Malena Highland Glendive 38 Norway Lars Highland & Bertha Ramsland          
RUGLAND, Torkel & Ingeborg Malena see Rugland, Torkel                    
RUGSEGGER, Christ see Rugsegger, Reno W                    
RUGUST, Rosina see Loeffelbein, John                    
RUHD, Martin see Ruhd, Theodor                    
RUHD, Theodor       Wolf Point 28 Norway Martin Ruhd & Marie Hanson 29-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1896  
      Minnie Merloh Wolf Point 24 Kimball S D John & Sophia Merloh          
RUHE, Alace see Lindsay, William                    
RUHL, Rachel see Crossley, Alton T                    
RUHLING, Henry Theodore       Glendive 23 Rossland Can Henry Theodore Ruhling & Mina Frick 4-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2916  
      Inga E Vashus Glendive 20 Norway Ole E Vashus & Gustava Malmin          
RUHNKE, M W see Ruhnke, Carol Clarence                    
RUHNKE., Carol Clarence       Wolf Point 30 Mn M W Ruhnke & Sena Johnson 14-Jul-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1351  
      Bertha Paul Edwards Wolf Point 21 N D Frank Edwards & Dell Henderson          
RUICE, Jesus see Ruice, Louis                    
RUICE, Louis       Oxnard Cal 27 Mexico Jesus Ruice & Mary Ruiz 16-Oct-27 Chinook Blaine 1019  
      Rosa Montalva Malta 18 San Luis Mexico Ignacio Montalva & Anastasia Avila          
RUID, Hans see Hanson, Elling                    
RUIZ, Mary see Ruice, Louis                    
RUKKE, Caroline see King                    
RUKKE, Lena see Olson                    
RUKS, Mrs Tillie (Kramer?) see Nuhring, John Henry                    
RULAND, Acker see Beeler, Earl                    
RULAND, Alma see Golden, Robert R                    
RULAND, Edna M see Beeler, Earl                    
RULAND, Leland Casper       Sanish N D 22 Sanish M N Ruland & Della M Spalding 22-Feb-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1282  
      Ella M O�Neil Froid 24 N D John O�Neol & Ida Sanderson          
RULAND, M N see Ruland, Leland Casper                    
RULE, Arthur J       Phillips 31 New York   28-Nov-17   Phillips 283  
      Edith Tankersley Phillips 20 Neb            
RULE, Arthur J see Hoist, Earnest                    
RULE, Mrs Edith see Lesler, Walter                    
RULVEN, Martha see Rustad, Emil                    
RUMBACH, Lena see Boelens                    
RUMBOLD, Edward see Dix, Robert                    
RUMBOLD, Margurite see Dix, Robert                    
RUMELHART, Albert       Willard 26 Audubon Iowa Sam Rumelhart & Adelphia Huff 16-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3810  
      Deloris Williams Webster 18 Webster Louis Williams & Genieve Bouchard          
RUMELHART, Gladys Jeanette see Studlein, Leonard Oliver                    
RUMELHART, Sam see Rumelhart, Albert                    
RUMIG, Louisa see Strub, F A                    
RUMMEL, Barbie see Thomas, Edward J                    
RUMMEL, Frank Jr       Richardton N D 25 Tingly Iowa Frank Rummel Sr & Rosa Frankhauser 14-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3787  
      Margaret Gallagher Richardton N D 18 Richardton Charles Gallagher & Lottie Trumann          
RUMMEL, Madge see Jones, Melvin                    
RUMMELL, Barbara Ann see Thomas, William C                    
RUMMELLS, Gil see Rummels, Mack                    
RUMMELS, Mack       Glasgow 28 Pauls Valley Okla Gil Rummels & Pauline Caffie 29-Jun-27 Glasgow Valley 3298  
      Myrtle Belle Stockton Glasgow 20 ??? M L Stockton & Leona Thill          
RUMMER, Susan see Karn, Edward J                    
RUMOHN, John F see Rumohn, Melvin                    
RUMOHN, Melvin       Sidney 25 Park Hill Ontario Can John F Rumohn & Mary McGuc? 30-May-00 Glendive Dawson 203  
      Ada Warman Glendive 24 New Brunswick Can John Warman & Elizabeth P Horton          
RUMOON, Leoboldina see Knoll, Nicholas J                    
RUMPALL, Elizabeth see Breum, John L                    
RUMPF, Anna see Robinson, Harry William                    
RUMSEY, Malissa see Cox, George P                    
RUMSEY, Milly see Wiesner, Frank                    
RUN, First see Escerga, Martin                    
RUN, Rattling see Whilwright, Robert                    
RUNBORG, Nels Sorenson see Runborg                    
RUNBORG, Soren Sorenson       Dagmar 22 Den-mark Nels Sorenson Runborg & Maren Jensen Laft 25-Mar-20 Dagmar Sheridan 1634  
      Anna Elvina Erickson Dagmar 21 Warren Mn Jonas Erickson & Betty Sederson          
RUNDALL, Ester A see Cecil, Elmer Elden                    
RUNDELL, Doras E see Brown, Harry K                    
RUNDELL, Grant see Brown, Harry K                    
RUNDELL, Nellie Katherine see Durnell                    
RUNDELL, W C see Durnell                    
RUNDLE, Florence E see Edman                    
RUNDLE, Irene see Bergivin, Nels                    
RUNDLE, William Oliver see Bergivin, Albert                    
RUNGA, Anna see Meltsch, Leonard W                    
RUNGBORG, Nels Sorensen see Rungborg                    
RUNGBORG, Soren       Reserve 32 Denmark Nels Sorenson Rungborg & Maren Loft 5-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2484  
      Myrtle Andersen Dagmar 26 Bowbells N D Peter Andersen & ???          
RUNGE, Caroline see Liston, Ludwig                    
RUNGE, Justina see Voss, Gust J                    
RUNGE, Justina see Meyer, August H                    
RUNGE, Justine see Hagen, Gunder L                    
RUNGE, Marie see Scott, Wallace                    
RUNGE, Wilhelmina see Bartholomew, Oscar S                    
RUNGER, Nellie Rose see Sawville, John Melford                    
RUNGREN, Johanna see Skiei, Hilbert O                    
RUNK, Earl A see Quaale, Edward                    
RUNK, Sarah see Pierce, Rex                    
RUNK, Viola see Quaale, Edward                    
RUNKLE, Amelia see Green, Ray                    
RUNKLE, Clara see Acridge, James Conard                    
RUNKLE, Margaret see Kline, Fred W                    
RUNNEL, Lydia A see Priest, Howard Merle                    
RUNNELS, Frank see Runnels, George B                    
RUNNELS, George B       Culbertson 20 Pepin Wis Frank Runnels & Alice Hain__? 14-Dec-05 Culbertson Valley 203  
      Anna B Simpson Culbertson 19 Argyle Mn John Simpson & Janice Miller          
RUNNELS, Lydia see Lee, Arthur                    
RUNNER, Mrs see Shortman, James                    
RUNNIGAN, Mary see Palm, John Henry                    
RUNNING, Crow see Running Crow, Jake                    
RUNNING, Christina see Gardner, Leonard                    
RUNNING, Hans see Gardner, Leonard                    
RUNNING, Mary see Johnson                    
RUNNING, Thea see Twete                    
RUNNING, Thea see Peterson                    
RUNNING BEAR, Roger see Brown, Joseph                    
RUNNING BEAR, Ruth see Brown, Joseph                    
RUNNING CROW, Jake       Hays 30 Hats Running Crow & ??? 19-Nov-23 St Pauls Mission Blaine 786  
      Lillian Arms Hays 17 Hays Charles Arms & Blanche Sleeping Bear          
RUNNING CROW, Lillie see Lodge, Fred V                    
RUNNINGEN, Hans see Runningen, Samuel                    
RUNNINGEN, Samuel       Culbertson 43 Wis Hans Runningen & Karne Halvorson 27-Sep-21 Bainville Roosivelt 290  
      Alice Graham Bainville 35 Mn John Lundquist & ??? Gustavson          
RUNNINGER, George see Runninger, John L                    
RUNNINGER, John L       Glasgow 24 Iowa George Runninger & Anna Johnson 21-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2176  
      Edna League Walnut Iowa 19 Iowa Francis James League & Harriette Cleveland          
RUNNION, Marion C       Glasgow 23 Ft Wayne Indiana Thomas W Runnion & Clara Frances Pequgvot? 18-Oct-28 Glasgow Valley 3425  
      Iva V Draper Glentana 24 Iowa John Draper & Cora Smith          
RUNNION, Thomas W see Runnion, Marion C                    
RUNNUG, Josephine see Johnson                    
RUNNUIG, see Shawl                    
RUNO, Anna see Henderson, Willis Harold                    
RUNO, Anna see Henderson, Thomas Richard                    
RUNQUIST, Anna see Nyberg, Oscar                    
RUNS, Through       Oswego 49 Poplar Duck Head Necklace & Day 14-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1631  
      Night Hawk Wolf Point 50   Flying Eagle & Big Bead          
RUNS ON TOP, Mrs see Brockie Tom                    
RUNS THROUGH, Marion       Frazer 23 Wolf Point Talyouth Runs Through & Depandsonose 9-Dec-22 Frazer Valley 2932  
      Katie Hammond Frazer 18 Frazer Newton Hammond & ???          
RUNS THROUGH, Talyouth see Runs Through, Marion                    
RUNYAN, Harry H see Kalldahl, Carl John                    
RUNYAN, L N see Holmes, Parker France                    
RUNYAN, Violet Ruth see Holmes, Parker France                    
RUNYON, Harvey C       Glendive 30 Urbana Ohio William Runyon & Emma B Lowe 24-Jul-1897 Glendive Dawson 156  
      Lola M J Flora Glendive 20 Oakland Calif E H & Annie N Flora          
RUNYON, Rachel E see Barlow, A S                    
RUNYON, William see Runyon, Harvey C                    
RUNZINSKI, Anna see Krzebetakowski                    
RUPERT, Amos see Johnston, Christ H                    
RUPERT, Elmer S       Sidney 26 Petersburg Pa O F Rupert & Olive L Benson 8-Mar-26 Wibaux Wibaux 529  
      Ida Ellerman Savage 31 Menasha Wis Thomas Russill & Margaret Heup          
RUPERT, Hattie see Shermer, Walter                    
RUPERT, O F see Rupert, Elmer A                    
RUPERT, Sarah see Beagle, John                    
RUPERT, Sophronia see Babcock, John J                    
RUPLEY, Barbara see Campbell, Daniel                    
RUPP, Charley see Rupp, Sam E                    
RUPP, Henry K see Rupp, Theodor R                    
RUPP, Sam E       Hinsdale 29 Junction City Kans Charlie Rupp & Elizabeth Baker 29-Mar-22 Glasgow Valley 2867  
      Mabel Henningsen Glasgow 24 Sleepy Eye Mn Asmus Henningson & Emma Kissner          
RUPP, Theodor R       Zurich 31 Cottonwood Cty Mn Henry K Rupp & Margaret Kintzy 16-Mar-21 Chinook Blaine 665  
      Anna Loewen Chinook 23 Mountain Lake Mn Henry H Franz & Justina Teichrow          
RUPPEL, Carrol L       Tampico 24 Wessington Springs S D Fredrick H Ruppel & Luella Layne 24-Dec-25 Glasgow Valley 3187  
      Anise B Lightner Glasgow 23 Gainesvill Mo G W Lightner & Alice Slavens          
RUPPEL, Donavan H       Tampico 25 Washington Springs S D Fredrick H Rupple & Luella Layne 5-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3337  
      Lola Clausen Glasgow 23 Rock Grove Ill Charles L Goodrich & Lottie B fisher          
RUPPEL, Fredrick H see Ruppel, Donovan H                    
RUPPEL, Fredrick H see Ruppell, Carrol L                    
RUSCH, Catherine (Osillie?) see Conrad, L C                    
RUSCH, Eva see Weatherford, Harold W                    
RUSCH, Henry & Katherine see Weatherford, Harold W                    
RUSCH, Herman E       Glasgow 26 Mn William Rusch & Carolyn Buchman 3-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1467  
      Lillian Deist Glasgow 17 Charles City Iowa Conrad Deist & Caroline Rice          
RUSCH, William see Rusch, Herman E                    
RUSDAL, Eva see McMillan                    
RUSDAL, Ole see McMillan                    
RUSE, Alva see Johnson, Olander                    
RUSE, Charles D see Johnson, Olander                    
RUSE, Ellen see Diggins, B F                    
RUSH, Aimee M see Heibert, David D                    
RUSH, Caroline see Brown, E L                    
RUSH, Charles Edward       Williston 33 Iowa Edward Rush & Martha Roberts 23-Nov-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1395  
      Dorothy Roberts Froid 24 Indiana J K Rush & Lizzie Swiheart          
RUSH, Delia see Acridge, James Conard                    
RUSH, Edward see Rush, Charles Edward                    
RUSH, Effie L see McIntyre, James F                    
RUSH, Harley see Brown                    
RUSH, Harley see Biehl, William I                    
RUSH, Harley see Rush, Max                    
RUSH, Harry see Heibert, David D                    
RUSH, Henry H see McIntyre, James F                    
RUSH, J K see Rush, Charles Edward                    
RUSH, John Wesley       Clayton Sask Can 31 Decator? Cty Iowa Joshua Rush & Sarah Buttram 9-Jul-24 Chinook Blaine 822  
      Grace Mildred Study Divide 17 Red-wing Mn Frank Allen Study & Melma Constance Berg          
RUSH, Joseph see Rush                    
RUSH, Joseph D       Medicine Hat Can 28 Ill Joseph Rush & Ella Overless 17-Jun-14 Froid Sheridan 254  
      Margaret M Swank Froid 21 Penn W E Swank & Susanna Hannawaldt          
RUSH, Joshua see Rush, John Wesley                    
RUSH, Louis see Wills, Theodore                    
RUSH, Louise (Smith?) see Ireson                    
RUSH, Marie see Nelson, Berger W                    
RUSH, Mattie see Becker, Jess                    
RUSH, Max       Fairview 22 Bedford Indiana Harley Rush & Mary Barruf 2-Dec-24 Glendive Dawson 3170  
      Myrtle Paulson Sioux Pass 21 Larimer N D Ole Paulson & Margaret Swenson          
RUSH, Nora Evaline see Cassidy, Joseph Justin                    
RUSH, Peter       Fallon 40 Elkhart Indiana Peter Rush & Susan Heasley 24-Dec-18 Glendive Dawson 2470  
      Mrs Rose Wiseman Fallon 28 Canada Theophile Sequin & Julia Abrey          
RUSH, Thelma see Biehl, William I                    
RUSH, Thomas H see Nelson, Berger W                    
RUSH, Thos see Cassidy, Joseph Justin                    
RUSH, Wilma see Brown                    
RUSH, Zilla May see Wright, Harley Dean                    
RUSHER, Francis       Glasgow 24 Penn J E Rusher & Laura V Staley 29-Nov-28 Westby Sheridan 2388  
      Eulela Ness Glasgow 21 S D O G Ness & Marion Miller          
RUSHER, J E see Rusher                    
RUSHTON, Ann see Palmer, Claire J                    
RUSK, Frank       Harlem 21 N D   9-Jun-28   Phillips 1027  
      Ora Ber-nice Williamson Phillips 22 Iowa            
RUSLEY, Gunhild see Kringen, Arthur                    
RUSLEY, Thor see Kringen, Arthur                    
RUSNES, O A see Fristad, Albert                    
RUSS, Eva see Bussard, Verner J                    
RUSS, Evelyn see Warking                    
RUSS, Harry see Bussard, Verner J                    
RUSS, Sophia see Hilt, Leo Louis                    
RUSSEL, Elizabeth see Hillier, Albert Edward                    
RUSSELL, Alexander see Stafinbil, Herman G                    
RUSSELL, Alta Geneel see Peterson, John Frederick                    
RUSSELL, Andrew F       Glendive 28 Grandin N D John Russell & Margaret Scan? 15-Mar-21 Glendive Dawson 2746  
      Dora M Jensen Glendive 29 Omaha Nebr Jens Jenson & Marie Skan          
RUSSELL, Anna see Chapman, Edward McKinley                    
RUSSELL, Anna see Angus, William Emerson                    
RUSSELL, Arthur see Russell, Ralph                    
RUSSELL, Artie see Davis, L C                    
RUSSELL, Beverly Stewart       Glendive 29 Grandin N D John Russell & Margaret Cousin Seim 17-Apr-20 Glendive Dawson 2632  
      Mary Irene Richardson Glendive 23 Hudson New Hampshire Albert Richardson & Edith Ordell Wright          
RUSSELL, Charles & Martha see Russell                    
RUSSELL, Charles J       Webster Iowa 27 Hancock Illinois J G Russell & Nancy E Strickland 4-May-12 Glendive Dawson 1085  
      Ivena J Jones Taintor Illinois 21 Mehaska Cty Iowa John Jones & Savilla Williams          
RUSSELL, Daniel T see Russell, Thomas Foster                    
RUSSELL, Earl       Yakima 27 London Ken James M Russell & Martha Scales 1-Jan-20 Chinook Blaine 608  
      Minnie Florence Newmeyer Havre 24 Mt Olive Ill ??? & Mary Sweeney          
RUSSELL, Edna Worth see Hunke, Howard J                    
RUSSELL, Elizabeth see Kemper, Byron Newton                    
RUSSELL, Ella see Huggett, Russell                    
RUSSELL, Eva Theresa see Stafinbil, Herman G                    
RUSSELL, Evangeline see Webber, Lester F                    
RUSSELL, Evangeline M see Randolph, William F                    
RUSSELL, George C see Russell, George Irving                    
RUSSELL, George Irving       Glasgow 23 Inkster N D George C Russell & Dora Mooney 23-Dec-27 Glasgow Valley 3355  
      Mayme Beatrice Erickson Glasgow 20 Hatton N D Casper # Erickson & Carrie Nyhus          
RUSSELL, Gertrude see Hadley, J Royal                    
RUSSELL, Howard       Poplar 28 Moose Jaw Sask Can Big Road & Mrs Matt Ring 3-Dec-13 Poplar Sheridan 129  
      Lucille Powell Brockton 19 Mt Stephen Powell & Mar-tha Necklace          
RUSSELL, Howard       Poplar 37 Regina Sask ??? & Kate Ring     Roosivelt 1330 ( cert not completed )
      Bertha Kitter Poplar 20 Ft Yates N D Thomas Kidder & Jamie Necklace          
RUSSELL, Ida see Ellerman, Fred                    
RUSSELL, J G see Russell, Charles G                    
RUSSELL, James see Russell, Roy                    
RUSSELL, James M see Russell, Earl                    
RUSSELL, Janet see Evenson, Theodore O                    
RUSSELL, Jeanette see Trace                    
RUSSELL, John see Russell, Beverly Stewart                    
RUSSELL, John see Russell, Andrew F                    
RUSSELL, John C       Glendive 35 Port Huron Mich John Russell & Meilla Wilson 18-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1268  
      Etoile Martha Vaile Glendive 22 Lamar Missouri Albert J Vaile & Ida Elizabeth Merris?          
RUSSELL, John McRae see Hunke, Howard J                    
RUSSELL, Larson? G see Russell, Willis G                    
RUSSELL, Laura see Amas, Percy E                    
RUSSELL, Laura see Carpenter, Claude R                    
RUSSELL, Lillian see LaFond, Eugene                    
RUSSELL, Louise see Wandrey, John                    
RUSSELL, Lucille see Warclub, Robert                    
RUSSELL, Mary see Nichols, C Herbert                    
RUSSELL, Mrs W H see Cunningham, Arley W                    
RUSSELL, Nellie see Cornwell, George                    
RUSSELL, Neva see Dow, Howard                    
RUSSELL, Ralph       Glasgow 24 Skyler Nebr Arthur Russell & Isabella Wilcocks 15-Aug-10 Glasgow Valley 685  
      Bonnie Turner Glasgow 20 Geneva Ohio Charles F Turner & Lettie Knapp          
RUSSELL, Roy       Glasgow 27 Marryville Tenn James Russell & Celia Wilson 12-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2908  
      Alice Fern Wood Glasgow 18 Pipestone Mn Clinton Wood & Maud Perry          
RUSSELL, Roy H       Froid 30 Wis Charles & Martha Russell 3-Jun-25 Homestead Sheridan 2065  
      Agnes Sorensen Froid 26 Iowa Niels Sorensen & Marie Peterson          
RUSSELL, Susie see Gobert, Irvin                    
RUSSELL, Thomas see Rupert, Elmer S                    
RUSSELL, Thomas see Hadley, J Royal                    
RUSSELL, Thomas see Ellerman, Fred                    
RUSSELL, Thomas see Gordon, James W                    
RUSSELL, Thomas Foster       Killdeer N D 27 Elmwood Illinois Daniel T Russell & Mary J Foster 7-May-27 Glendive Dawson 3450  
      Nellie Juzeler Golden Valley N D 22 Golden Valley David Juzeler & Emma Paduch          
RUSSELL, Thomas Gregory see Peterson, John Frederick                    
RUSSELL, Willis G       Glendive 51 Callesangus Cty N Y Larson? G Russell & Diana Goodenough 8-Nov-11 Glendive Dawson 1006  
      Charlotte Dill Glendive 47 Cass Cty Indiana Thos Dill & Nancy Wiley          
RUST, C B see Rust, Spencer E                    
RUST, Clarence see Rust, Harry L                    
RUST, Erick see Styve                    
RUST, Florence see Guelff, Michael N                    
RUST, Harry L       Richey 23 Hastings Mn Clarence Rust & Nellie Fitch 2-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2229  
      Mabel Hennessey Sullivan 21 Rothsay Mn Thomas Hennessey & Mary Munson          
RUST, Ike see Rose, Russel T                    
RUST, John see Krause                    
RUST, Katie see Rose, Russell T                    
RUST, Marie see Krause                    
RUST, Martha see Styve                    
RUST, Nora see Babb, Vance                    
RUST, Nora see Schmason, Arthur H                    
RUST, Nora see Jordan, Benjamin                    
RUST, Nora see Babb, Virt Jerry                    
RUST, Nora see Bancroft, Herman Bird                    
RUST, Peter P see Guelff, Michael N                    
RUST, Spencer E       Bloomfield 24 Hastings Mn C B Rust & Ella Fitch 5-Aug-13 Glendive Dawson 1303  
      Genevieve Farrell Bloomfield 20 La Crosse Wisc Elta Farrell & Emma Fillner          
RUST, Virginia L see Erickson, Fred E                    
RUSTAD, Emil       Ollie 24 Dale Mn Gulbrand Rustad & Martha Rulven 12-Apr-15 Wibaux Wibaux 27  
      Gena Wang Ollie 24 Ulen Mn Elling Wang & Ellen Rost          
RUSTAD, Ewald A       Cole 25 Zahl N D Ole A Rustad & Hannah Peterson 24-May-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2932  
      Alice B Williams Reserve 32 Reserve Henry Williams & Lena Jennie          
RUSTAD, Gulbrand see Rustad, Emil                    
RUSTAD, H see Helling, Alfred                    
RUSTAD , Isabella see Brenteson                    
RUSTAD, Matilda see Helling, Alfred                    
RUSTAD, Ole A see Rustad                    
RUSTAN, Albert       Harlem 28 Kinrid? N D Ole Rustan & Barbara Erickson 22-Oct-17 Chinook Blaine 437  
      Mabel Otterstad Harlem 18 Kenyon Mn Askild Otterstad & Berta Halland          
RUSTAN, Ole see Rustan, Albert                    
RUSTEBAKKE, Selma see Mathers                    
RUSTEN, Annie see Berg, Morris                    
RUSTEN, Lena see Taylor, Arlie W                    
RUSTHOI, Marrie see Bonquot, Charles H                    
RUSTOY, Mary see Tobiason                    
RUTH, Alex see Oberhofer, Joseph                    
RUTH, Charles S       Tande 18 Mn Harman Ruth & Katie Vandergrift 26-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1425  
      Venus Swanson Tande 18 Iowa John Swanson & Jennie Fredrickson          
RUTH, George see Rosenbaum, Everett B                    
RUTH, Harman see Ruth                    
RUTH, Herman see Smith                    
RUTH, Herman & Kale see Hayes, Edwin James                    
RUTH, Herman H       Scobey 26 Crookston Mn Herman Z Ruth & Kate Vandergrif 2-Dec-22 Scobey Daniels 86  
      Almeda Near Scobey 20 Ontario Can ???          
RUTH, Herman Z see Ruth, Herman H                    
RUTH, Lizzie see Oberhofer, Joseph                    
RUTH, May see Smith                    
RUTH, May see Rosenbaum, Everett B                    
RUTH, Nellie see Goodell, Willard E                    
RUTH, Wilson see Harleman, Edward                    
RUTHEN, Martha see Welcsh, Walter H                    
RUTHERFORD, Christine E see Birdwell, James H                    
RUTHERFORD, Janet see Lyons, David                    
RUTHERFORD, Mary see Gunderson                    
RUTHERFORD, Mary see Hallet                    
RUTHERFORD, Mary see Knight                    
RUTHERFORD, Mary see Knight                    
RUTHERFORD, Mary see Guenther                    
RUTHERFORD, Mary Jane see Bedwell                    
RUTHERFORD, Thomas see Birdwell, James H                    
RUTHFORD?, Mary see Knight                    
RUTHLEDGE, Jessie see Neil, Richard                    
RUTHRUFF, Mrs L L see McAndrews, John                    
RUTINBERG, Magred see Jonat, Fred                    
RUTLEDGE, Grant see Sutherland, William                    
RUTLEDGE, Leana see Sutherland, William                    
RUTLEDGE, Martha see Craver, William Henry                    
RUTTER, Elsie see Rorke, John J                    
RUTTER, Harry J       Hinsdale 38 Elkhart Ind Henry Rutter & Mary Haney? 23-Jan-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Elsie Clough Glasgow 23 Fon du Lac Wisc J H Clough & Margaret Kinney          
RUTTER, Henry see Rutter, Harry J                    
RUTTER, J H see Rorke, John J                    
RUTTER, Minnie B see Matsler, Russell                    
RUTTKA, Mary see Krawzyk, Nicholas                    
RUTTLEDGE, Maggie see Kartzel, Fredrick Bryan                    
RUTZ, Augusta see Heiland, John C                    
RUTZ, John see Thornberg, Herbert M                    
RUTZ, Martha Modrzewski see Thornberg, Herbert M                    
RUUD, Anton       Flaxville 38 Norway Peter Ruud & Gunda Amundson 24-Nov-26 Scobey Daniels 292  
      Marie Moe Flaxville 40 Norway Anton Moe & Annie Anderson          
RUUD, Dorothy see Walton, Sidney                    
RUUD, Jacob       Malta 29 Mn   29-Oct-19   Phillips 463  
      Signe E Carlson Phillips 22 Mn            
RUX, Elizabeth see Rehbein, August Herman                    
RYAN, Anna see Conboy, John F                    
RYAN, Anna see DeRibbons, John R                    
RYAN, Bernard John       Williston N D 26 Gundy Center Iowa John R Ryan & Lora DeLong 8-Jul-26 Bainville Roosivelt 925  
      Esther Florette Snook Williston 24 Rugby N D Robert John Snook & Mary Elizabeth Phillips          
RYAN, Chancie       Saco 24 Neb Jess Ryan & Josie Groves 7-Aug-16 Glasgow Valley 1926  
      Kate Long Saco 24 Nebr John Long & ???          
RYAN, Daniel J       P�wood 26 Mn Joseph Ryan & Theresa O�Connell 11-Oct-16 Plentywood Sheridan 847  
      Nancy Palubicki? P�wood 26 Mn Andrew Palubicki? & Susian Gondera          
RYAN, Dora see Agnew, Thomas                    
RYAN, Dorothy see Wilson                    
RYAN, Edmund see DeRibbons, John R                    
RYAN, Edward       Savage 27 Anoka Mn Michel Ryan & Hanah Serviss 24-Sep-13 Fairview Dawson 1330  
      Agnes Kolda Savage 26 Walsh Cty N D Joseph Kolda & Agnes Klacken          
RYAN, Ellen see Harrington, Arthur P                    
RYAN, Emily see Fiske, Charles Edgar                    
RYAN, Emily see Fitzsimmons, Irving J                    
RYAN, Emily see Lestu, Hamer J                    
RYAN, Emma see Salibury                    
RYAN, Esther see Konig, Anton                    
RYAN, Gustina see Juderjohn, Ed                    
RYAN, Heddi see Ryan                    
RYAN, Inga see Sweetman, R W                    
RYAN, Jane see Fahey                    
RYAN, Jeanette see Lestu, Hamer J                    
RYAN, Jess see Ryan, Chancie                    
RYAN, Joe       East Scobey 22 Mn Mike Ryan & Rose Daugherty 26-Oct-16 Plentywood Sheridan 854  
      Geneva Hill East Scobey 21 Chicago Maisie Coughlin          
RYAN, Johanna see Courtney, Patrick                    
RYAN, John       Mondak 31 Wis Mitchel J Ryan & Johanna Haley 18-Dec-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1229  
      Francis Plosky Minot 30 Ill Joseph Plosky & Anna Stein          
RYAN, John see Hamilton, Fred E                    
RYAN, John R see Ryan, Bernard John                    
RYAN, John Thomas       Havre 27 Duluth John Ryan & Delia Joyge 16-Jan-15 Chinook Blaine 189  
      Jessie Marion Montgomery Chinook 24 Calif Maurice Montgomery & Jessie M Parker          
RYAN, Joseph see Ryan                    
RYAN, Kate see Dece, Elizabeth                    
RYAN, Laura see Hayden, Arlie M                    
RYAN, Laura see Egan, Matthew E                    
RYAN, Leila Eliza see Schindler, Joseph                    
RYAN, Margaret see Egan, Matthew E                    
RYAN, Margaret Agnes see Lowe, Clarence                    
RYAN, Margurie Greynell see Seel                    
RYAN, Martha see Ford, Wiley J                    
RYAN, Mary see Hoffman, John                    
RYAN, Mary see Macey, Timothy B                    
RYAN, Mary see Nacy, Patrick James                    
RYAN, Mary see Fridley, Fred                    
RYAN, Mary see Downing, George W                    
RYAN, Mary see Griffith, Jones                    
RYAN, Mary see Hickel, Francis H                    
RYAN, Mary A see Dixon, Ezra J                    
RYAN, Mary Ann see Cichosz, Leo A                    
RYAN, Mary Ann see Thomas, Arthur L                    
RYAN, Maurie see Keithley, Robert                    
RYAN, Mayme see Looking, Clifford                    
RYAN, Mayme see Lucky, James                    
RYAN, Michael J       Wibaux 29 P E I Canada Patrick Ryan & Mary Ann Jelly 19-Aug-08 Glendive Dawson 614  
      Emily Gift Wibaux 19 Des Moines Iowa Thomas Gift & Evelyn Berringer          
RYAN, Michel see Ryan, Edward                    
RYAN, Mike see Ryan                    
RYAN, Mildred see Staff, John                    
RYAN, Mitchel J see Ryan                    
RYAN, Nora see Kostelecky, Frank                    
RYAN, Ole see Sweetman, R W                    
RYAN, Oscar T see Seel                    
RYAN, Patrick see Ryan, Michael J                    
RYAN, Philip J see Taylor, John L                    
RYAN, Rosalie Agnes see Taylor, John L                    
RYAN, Sarah see see Hogan                    
RYAN, T F see Konig, Anton                    
RYAN, Thomas Jr       Wolf Point 20 Wolf Point Thomas Ryan Sr & Susie Bacon 29-Oct-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 683  
      Agnes Jackson Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point Charles Jackson & Stella Dawson          
RYAN, Thos see Dixon, Ezra J                    
RYAN, Viola see Fulton, Julius                    
RYAN, William       Peoria Ill 29 Ill Heddi Ryan & Mary Conrad 17-Jun-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2248  
      Ethel Hanson Lignite 18 N D Carl M Hanson & Ida Fedlund?          
RYAN, William E see Lowe, Clarence                    
RYBACK, Ignatz see Ryback, Lawrence                    
RYBACK, Lawrence       Glasgow 28 Poland Ignatz Ryback & Magdalen Kostzewski 12-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1563  
      Lucy Martinkowski Glasgow 18 Mich Joseph Martinkowski & Veronika Ciesrolka          
RYBASCEK, Agnes see Kosmalski, John                    
RYBURN, J A see Brown                    
RYBURN, Lucille A see Brown                    
RYCHKUM, Dokia see Andriash, John                    
RYCHKUM, Matt see Andriash, John                    
RYCHKUN, Kathrine see Andreas, Nick                    
RYCHKUN, Metro see Andreas, Nick                    
RYDELL, Andrew see Rydell, Oscar Chuster                    
RYDELL, Oscar Chuster       Dodson 30 Sweden Andrew Rydell & Katherine Palmquist 15-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1793  
      Anna Katherina Flenn     Peterburg N D Robert Flen & Bertha Johnson          
RYDER, Alice see Owens, Charles A                    
RYDER, Catherine see O�Bryan, Thomas                    
RYDER, Charles       Wolf Point 37 Ft Peck Reser Johnson Ryder & Eagle Woman 24-Mar-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 744  
      Marion Shyface Brockton 34 Ft Peck White Hawk & ???          
RYDER, Johnson see Ryder, Charles                    
RYDER, Katherine see O�Bryan, Thomas F                    
RYDER, P F see Ryder P F                    
RYDER, Patrick F       Glasgow 51 Iowa P F Ryder & Mary Conway 12-May-20 Glasgow Valley 2661  
      Mabel M Pool Glasgow 38 Mn W W Carrier & Laurie Curry          
RYDER, Philomena see Kelner, Gustav                    
RYDSAA, Larenza see Halvorson, Ludwig                    
RYE, Albert E       Starbuck Mn 24 Randall Mn Martin E Rye & Lena Hatledahl 28-Jun-28   Dawson 3595  
      Signe Skretteberg Coalstrip 21 Deadwood S D Christian Skretteberg & Emma Myren          
RYE, Martin E see Rye, Albert E                    
RYEN, Carl see Ryen                    
RYEN, Ralph       Grenora N D 23 Marmon N D Carl Ryen & Erika Hanson 21-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2850  
      Mary Digre Grenora 27 Mayville N D John Digre & Mary Olson          
RYERSON, Grace Inga see Tillatson, Claud                    
RYERSON, Iva see Peters, William                    
RYERSON, Mollie E see Weisenhunt, Jay Middleton                    
RYERSON, Reinhart see Tillatson, Claud                    
RYERSON, Ryer see Weisenhunt, Jay Middleton                    
RYGGS, Bernt see Sindt                    
RYGGS, Bernt see Ryggs, Lawrence Albert                    
RYGGS, Gertrud see Sindt                    
RYGGS, Lawrence Alfred       Vida 35 Mn Bernt Ryggs & Ellen Anna Olson 24-May-23 Poplar Roosivelt 509  
      Birdie Bernice Cochran Walkertown Ind 21 Ohio J L Cochran & Anna E Feickter          
RYHAN, Josie see Courtney, Pat                    
RYKER, Phillip Arthur see Wergeland                    
RYKER, Velma Joyce see Wergeland                    
RYLAND, Anna see Thompson                    
RYLAND, Oliver see Thompson                    
RYLANDER, Esther see Strandemo, Palmer Gerhard                    
RYLANDER, John see Strandemo, Palmer Gerhard                    
RYLANDER, Lydia see Sweeney, Roger                    
RYLES, Mayme see Allen, Herman                    
RYLES, Robert E       Glasgow 58 Kentucky Robert Ryles & Caroline Guane 29-May-05 Glasgow Valley 180  
      Mamie Smith Saco 28? Texas Nathan Sanner & Marie Robinson          
RYMAN, Amanda see Lostroh, Allen                    
RYMAN, Annie see McNeil, Fred W                    
RYMERSON, Milford       Roche Plain 31 Mn   20-Jul-20   Phillips 517  
      Flora C Pelton res St Cloud Mn 30 Mn            
RYNARSON, Mary see McBridney, Floyd R                    
RYND, Rachel see Hendrickson                    
RYUM, Julia see Ness                    
RYWORTH, Anna see Slatky, Leo J                    
RYZEWSKI, Wilhelmina see Esa, Fred