Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Rennes to Rodgers

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
RENNES, Adelle see Angier, Herman                    
RENNETHUM, Eliza Marie see Lindeke, Raymond                    
RENNICK, Harry       Hinsdale 23 Jolly Iowa Tom Rennick & Louise Pitchet 29-Aug-12 Glasgow Valley 1108  
      Agnes Sherry Hinsdale 18 Tampico Andrew Sherry & Rosaline Garner          
RENNICK, Harry H       Hinsdale 33 Jolley Iowa T J Rennick & Louise Pitstick 12-Jul-24 Glasgow Valley 3070  
      Elsie Kenney Saco 18 Starbuck Mn Cork Kinney & Carrie Hanson          
RENNICK, John M       Hinsdale 29 Rockwell Iowa T J Rennick & Louise Pittah 15-Nov-22 Glasgow Valley    
      Nellie Seely Hinsdale 22 Hinsdale Chas L Seely & Annie Spicer          
RENNICK, T J see Rennick, Harry H                    
RENNICK, T J see Rennick, John M                    
RENNICK, Thomas see Rennick, Walter Arthur                    
RENNICK, Tom see Rennick, Harry                    
RENNICK, Walter Arthur       Hinsdale 25 Iowa Thomas Rennick & Louise Pitstick? 5-May-23 Glasgow Valley 2972  
      Flora Edith Sherry Hinsdale 19 Hinsdale James Sherry & Clara Hanson          
RENNICKER, Rosetta see Sachow                    
RENNIE, Alexander see Rennie, Robert                    
RENNIE, Elizabeth see Ragen, Lawrence                    
RENNIE, John see Rennie, Will                    
RENNIE, Mary see Schindler, Martin                    
RENNIE, Robert       Hinsdale 54 Ireland Alexander Renne & Sarah McDowell 5-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2079  
      Mrs Florence Martin Glasgow 43 Dakota Jacob Eyerly & Sylvia McMurphy          
RENNIE, Will       Girard 27 Dane Cty Wisc John Rennie & Belle Thompson 6-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1255  
      Hazel Harmer Glendive 20 Black River Falls Wisc Albert Harmer & Nellie Walsh          
RENNING, Benjamin C       Cleveland 36 River Falls Wis John Renning & Clara Swenson 19-Feb-18   Blaine 479  
      Virgie Sparks Cleveland 20 Gaylex Vir Monroe Sparks & Rovy Parks          
RENNING, Carrie see Espeseth, Melvin                    
RENNING, John see Renning, Benjamin C                    
RENNIS, Lena see Strobbe, Herman H                    
RENO, Alma see Ormo, Ole                    
RENO, Gilbert       Circle 30 Madison Mn John Reno & ??? 22-Sep-14 Glendive Dawson 1581  
      Emma Erickson Badger Mn 23 Badger Hans Erickson & Annie Gilbertson          
RENO, Helga see Ormo, Ole                    
RENO, Henry       Circle 28 Dawson Mn John & Helge Reno 26-Nov-23 Circle McCone 65  
      Elinore Schumacher Horse Creek 19 Lake George Mn John Schumacher & Maggie Michels          
RENO, John see Reno, Olaf                    
RENO, John see Reno, Gilbert                    
RENO, John & Helga see Reno, Henry                    
RENO, Maria see Rorvik, Darrow                    
RENO, Marie see Rorvik, Allen                    
RENO, Marie see Rorvik, Darrow                    
RENO, Mary see Rorvik, Harold                    
RENO, Olaf       Circle 27 Mn John Reno & Helga Olson 17-Jul-15 Glasgow Valley 1707  
      Nellie Hogested Circle 28 Wis Daniel & Magdalina Hogested          
RENOLDS, Emma see Shippey, Frank A                    
RENOLDS?, Sarah see Burton, Harry                    
RENOWSKI, August see Roberts, Harold James                    
RENOWSKI, Selma see Roberts, Harold James                    
RENSALER, Van see Bell, Herb                    
RENSVOLD, Lauritz       Froid 26 Christiania Norway Ole Rensvold & Carrie Olson 19-May-11 Culbertson Valley 840  
      Agot Tollofson Froid 22 Norway Tollof Dollen & Julia Haugen          
RENSVOLD, Ole see Rensvold, Lauritz                    
RENVILLE, Anna Belle see Williams                    
RENVILLE, Cecilia see Gosselin, Joseph Emile                    
RENVILLE, George see Daniels                    
RENVILLE, Joe see StGermaine, Frank                    
RENVILLE, John see Ylaglon, George                    
RENVILLE, John & Mary Seraphina see Gosselin, Joseph                    
RENVILLE, Louis see Williams                    
RENVILLE, Mary see Daniels                    
RENVILLE, Theresa see Malatarey, Fred                    
RENVILLE, Theresa see Torres, Mike                    
RENWALD, Julia see Jaumott, Emil J                    
RENWALZ?, C H see Newkirk, Harry Albion                    
RENZ, Bonnie see Renz, Charles H                    
RENZ, Charles H       Poplar 33 Poplar Robert L Renz & Sallie Burning Soldier 27-Aug-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1070  
      Bonnie Renz Poplar 23 Madison S D Robert Adeline & Gertrude Walker          
RENZ, Charles Henery       Poplar 25 Poplar Robert Renz & Sally Burningsoldier 3-Jan-20 Poplar Roosivelt 88  
      Bonnie Odelene Poplar 18 Madison S D Robert Adeline & Gertrude Walker          
RENZ, Charles Henry       Poplar 32 Poplar Robert L Renz & Sally Burningsolder 25-Feb-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 869  
      Perl McBerney Poplar 20 Oneguna Mn Archie McBerney & Jane Bonga          
RENZ, David Burshia       Poplar 22 Poplar Robert Louis & Sallie Renz 31-Dec-24 Poplar Roosivelt 714  
      Emma Harriet Culbertson Poplar 18 Poplar Josephine Culbertson & Isabell LaRoche          
RENZ, Lizzie see Proctor, James                    
RENZ, Robert see Renz, Charles Henery                    
RENZ, Robert see Proctor, James                    
RENZ, Robert L       Poplar 56? New Jersey Robert Renz & Clarissa Hollister 12-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1839  
      Sophie Clifford Poplar 40 Wis Alonzo Chase & Elizabeth Pellis?          
RENZ, Robert L see Renz, Charles Henry                    
RENZ, Robert Louis & Sallie see Renz, David Burshia                    
REPCINSKI, Michalina see Guy, Leonard J                    
REPELIN, Adeline see Grist                    
REPHOLZ, Alice see Holler, Raymond Peter                    
REPHOLZ, George F see Repholz, Raymond Peter                    
REPLOGLE, Marie Christine see Elliot, Louis T                    
REPOLE, Bessie (Detloff?) see Olson                    
REPP, Anna see Seivert                    
REPP, George Melvin       Marsh 25 Roscoe S D Jacob Repp & Emile Schmei 5-Sep-36 Marsh Dawson 3381  
      Pauline Mittelstadt Marsh 19 Wishek S D John Mittleatadt & Christine Schwindt          
REPP, Jacob see Repp, George Melvin                    
REPPE, Janette see Mela, Otto                    
REPPEL, Margaret see Zeigler, Margaret                    
REPPELLEN, Mary see Barnier, Alfred Charles                    
REQUA?, Emaline see McArthur, R J                    
RESCH, Elizabeth see Erickson, Edward John                    
RESCHARRE, Louise see Diserlee, John                    
RESECH, Alice see Penrose, Ernest                    
RESER, Ezra see Reeves, Rolla M                    
RESER, Mary see Blackstone, Donald L                    
RESER, Pearl see Reeves, Rolla M                    
RESH, I W see Dougherty, Oscar W                    
RESH, Mary Agnes see Dougherty, Oscar W                    
RESLEY, Ada C see Powell, Luther M                    
RESSAES, George? see Johnson, Reed                    
RESSEL, Amanda see Knapp, Mason                    
RESSLER, Harry S       Dickinson N D 25 Eau Claire Wisc Reuben S Ressler & Anna Stearns 1-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2040  
      Grace A White Missoula 23 Missoula C White & ???          
RESSLER, Katie Mable see Peelle                    
RESSLER, Perry E see Peelle                    
RESSLER, Reuben S see Ressler, Harry S                    
RESTAD, Bertha see Revoir, Arthur                    
RETAN, Earl E       Gladmar Sask Can 32 Parkhill Ontario John Retan & Martha Perry 22-Nov-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1857  
      Lena Wynandts Gladmar Sask 20 Belgium Joseph Wynandts & Harriett Vandermeer          
RETAN, John see Retan                    
RETINGER, Max see Retinger, Peter                    
RETINGER, Peter       Glendive 28 Hungary Max Retinger & Annie Vait 22-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 639  
      Elizabeth Brumkirk Glendive 21 Hungary John Brumkirk & Susanna Oxenfelt          
RETSHLAG, Charlotte see Torn, Arthur                    
RETTERS, Lavina see Bair, Ervin Lewis                    
RETTIG, Beatrice see Smith                    
RETTIG, Henry see Smith                    
RETTINGER, Anna see Wuertz, Herman                    
RETTINGER, Peter see Wuertz, Herman                    
RETZ, August (Augusta?) see Holling, Arnold                    
RETZ, Katherine see Royaas                    
RETZER, Elizabeth see Schock, August                    
RETZLAFF, Agnes see Groth                    
RETZLAFF, Andrew B see Redekop, William J                    
RETZLAFF, Catherine see Mosser, Ralph                    
RETZLAFF, Helen see Redekop, William J                    
REUBER, Ernest Willard       Bloomfield 27 Ocheyder? Iowa John Reuber & Helena Witt 19-Jan-23 Bloomfield Dawson 2947  
      Susie Knels Bloomfield 21 Freeman S D Joseph J Knels & Mary Wify          
REUBER, John see Reuber, Ernest Willard                    
REUL, Adam see Sorum, John H                    
REUM, Karen O see Larson                    
REUM, Ole see Larson                    
REUSING, Henry see Mueller, Henry                    
REUTER, G see Athman                    
REUTER, Gaspar see Wineland                    
REUTER, Gasper see Johnston                    
REUTER, Gertie see McDonald                    
REUTER, Gertrude see Johnston                    
REUTER, Gertrude see Wineland                    
REUTER, Helen see Evans                    
REUTER, Jasper see Gooder                    
REUTER, Josephine see Athman                    
REUTER, Julia see Bauer, George                    
REUTER, Lawrence see Evans                    
REUTER, Mary see Schneider                    
REUTER, Susie see Gooder                    
REUTER,, Gaspar, see McDonald                    
REUTHER, Otelia see Maybelle, Frank J                    
REUTHER, Theresia see Freisleben                    
REUTTAN, Ida see Hopewell                    
REVELING, Marrit see Lien, Edward                    
REVELING, Marrit see Lien, Gustav O                    
REVELL, Frances see Dockstader, Loyd                    
REVELL, Frank C see Dockstader, Loyd                    
REVERE, Margaret see Bird Tail, George                    
REVERE, Paul see Bird Tail, George                    
REVIE, Sophie see Simonson, Alfred                    
REVNE, Bell see Knutson, Kenneth                    
REVNE, Issabelle see Loraas, Clarence Bernard                    
REVOIR, Alice see Huttinger, Arthur L                    
REVOIR, Arthur       Little Jewel 26 Grand Forks N D August G Revoir & Sophie Lesser 15-Jan-17 Chinook Blaine 362  
      Nellie Grandy Little Jewel 18 Mpls Mn Ole Grandy & Bertha Restad          
REVOIR, August G see Revoir, Arthur                    
REVOIRE, A G see Dunn, Patrick                    
REXFORD, F see Shelton, Frank                    
REXFORD, Jessie Lavern see Shelton, Frank                    
REXFORD, Mrs Susan see Ayer, Harry D                    
REYES, Antonio see Gutierrez, Rafael                    
REYES, Joe       Harlem 21 Douglas Ariz Joe M Reyes & Mary Grilava 3-Sep-30 Chinook Blaine 1224  
      Alma Ducharme Malta 23 Havre John Ducharme & Elizabeth Stolara          
REYES, Maria see Gutierezz, Rafael                    
REYMOUD, Florence see Manning, Andrew J                    
REYNEN, Francis Harold       Med� Lake 21 N D John M Reynen & Theresa Meidlinger 11-Oct-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2004  
      Edna Viola Hampson Med� Lake 20 N D William Hampson & Edna Betts          
REYNEN, John M see Reynen                    
REYNEN, John Matt see Reynen, Martin Leonard                    
REYNEN, Martin Leonard       Froid 24 S D John Matt Reynen & Tressa Mielger 28-Dec-27 Froid Roosivelt 1123  
      Elizabeth Catherine McLaughlin Froid 24 Mt Pat McLaughlin & Estelle Obershaw          
REYNOLDS, Adelaide see Lamb, Freeman                    
REYNOLDS, Andrew O       Stoney Butte 19 Woodbury Iowa John Reynolds & Mary E Stratton 15-Jan-13 Glendive Dawson 1200  
      Anna A McDonald Stoney Butte 18 England John W McDonald & Mary Gavin          
REYNOLDS, B F see Reynolds, Benjamin F Jr                    
REYNOLDS, B F & Mrs see Barr, Ray E                    
REYNOLDS, Benj F see Reynolds, Joseph E                    
REYNOLDS, Benjamin F Jr       Leedy 22 Texas B F Reynolds & Florence Matthews 31-May-13 Glasgow Valley 1300  
      Hazel Edith Richards Leeds 16 Aberdeen S D Elmer Richards & Alina Fisher          
REYNOLDS, Blanche see Ely, Kenneth C                    
REYNOLDS, Charles L see Reynolds, Lewis H.                    
REYNOLDS, Charlie L see Linebarger, Walter L                    
REYNOLDS, Cora see Cota, Lute Lyl                    
REYNOLDS, Cora see Oberg, Clifton                    
REYNOLDS, David B see Newton, George Clark                    
REYNOLDS, Dora see Snow, Clarence R                    
REYNOLDS, Elva see Crusch, Erick Cecil                    
REYNOLDS, Emma see Hallquist                    
REYNOLDS, Evah see Leighton, Robert                    
REYNOLDS, Frank       Scobey 30 Mt Frank Reynolds & Anna McCabe 7-Sep-14 Plentywood Sheridan 318  
      Stella Stover Havre 28 Iowa William Stover & Martha Packwood          
REYNOLDS, George see Reynolds                    
REYNOLDS, George see Reynolds, James W                    
REYNOLDS, George see Crusch, Erick Cecil                    
REYNOLDS, George Custis       Bainville 19 Mt George Reynolds & Mary S Evans 15-Sep-16 Plentywood Sheridan 822  
      Ida A Adams Bainville 23 Ill Geo Adams & Ansilla? C Vance          
REYNOLDS, Grace A see Smith, Edgar W                    
REYNOLDS, Grace E see Linebarger, Walter L                    
REYNOLDS, H J see Smith, Edgar W                    
REYNOLDS, Hank see Lloyd, James A                    
REYNOLDS, Hannah see Kennedy, H M                    
REYNOLDS, Isaac M       Havre 26 Rugby N D Isaac B Reynolds & Mary J Ross 14-Apr-21 Chinook Blaine 669  
      Mary Kubitza Havre 19 Glasgow Frank Kubitza & Susan Wischalla          
REYNOLDS, James A       Stoney Butte 23 Smith Iowa John Reynolds & Mary E Stratton 17-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1326  
      Gertrude E Guynn Glendive 17 Belt James Guynn & Martella Palmister          
REYNOLDS, James W       Glendive 28 Dubuque Iowa George Reynolds & Catherine Mehan 20-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2722  
      Maude Irene Laselle Glendive 26 Grant City Iowa John B Laselle & Clara J Poland          
REYNOLDS, Jessie W see Butterfield, Vernoid Mckinley                    
REYNOLDS, John       Circle 64 Harrisville Wisc Patrick Reynolds & Theresa Wells 11-Dec-20 Circle McCone 25  
      Elizabeth Bailey Sidney 56 Elkhart Ind Joseph Girl & Elizabeth Coberly          
REYNOLDS, John see Reynolds, James A                    
REYNOLDS, John see Reynolds, Andrew O                    
REYNOLDS, John       Brockway 59 Marquett Cty Wisc Patrick Reynolds & Theresa Wills 5-Jun-16 Glendive Dawson 1927  
      Georgia E Grinnell Waucausta Mich 56 Indiana George Saunders & ???          
REYNOLDS, John Arthur see Leighton, Robert                    
REYNOLDS, Joseph E       Leedy 23 Throckmorton Cty Texas Benj F Reynolds & Florence Mathews 7-Mar-14 Glasgow Valley 1431  
      Mary Leedy Leedy 17 Malta S C Leedy & Rachel E Dussone?          
REYNOLDS, Lena see Taylor, Guy O                    
REYNOLDS, Leona see Ramer, Clyde W                    
REYNOLDS, Leona see Ranier?, Clyde W                    
REYNOLDS, Levi W       Fortuna N D 26 Can Lewis S Reynolds & Mary LaRose 18-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1052  
      Julia F Clark Bowbells N D 19 Nebraska Chas Clark & Margaret Reed          
REYNOLDS, Lewis H       Hazny 30 Paris Ill Charles L Reynolds & Millie Florence Levitt 27-Nov-19 Hazny Garfield 17  
      Winnie Heck Hazny 20 Bonnerville Mich Lewis H Heck & Emma F Stewart          
REYNOLDS, Lewis S see Reynolds                    
REYNOLDS, Mandy see Magee, Fred                    
REYNOLDS, Martha see Powers                    
REYNOLDS, Mary see McCarthy, Joseph P                    
REYNOLDS, Mary E see Tombs, Ernest Reynold                    
REYNOLDS, Nina Belle see Titus, Dale Bert                    
REYNOLDS, Patrick see Reynolds, John                    
REYNOLDS, Patrick see Reynolds, John                    
REYNOLDS, Reuben see Reynolds, William L                    
REYNOLDS, Rose see Kennedy, Edward Reynolds                    
REYNOLDS, Tennessee see Cray, Glen                    
REYNOLDS, Tressie May see Lloyd, James A                    
REYNOLDS, William L       Beach N D 33 Neb Reuben Reynolds & ??? 12-Aug-20 Wibaux Wibaux 280  
      Mrs Dora Burton Beach N D 25 N D Walter Olson & Betty Flouton          
REYNOLL, Veva see Beckos, Roy Burdette                    
REYNOLL, Wm H see Beckos, Roy Burdette                    
RHAULT, Marie see Olson                    
RHEA, Frank A       Phillips Cty 24 Mt       Phillips 2 17 Feb 1915, ( Cert not Completed )
      Lea Cariss Phillips Cty 24 Mt            
RHEAULT, Mary see Legare, Alphonse                    
RHEAULT, Mary see Legarre, Louis                    
RHEIN, Mathilda see Neubauer, Arthur                    
RHEIN, Mathilda see Neubauer, John Mathew                    
RHEINDER, M__ie? see Ascbbranner, Ed                    
RHEINHART, Chris see Smith, John B                    
RHILPIN, Margaret see Fleming                    
RHINE, Andrew see Rhine, Elmer M                    
RHINE, Elmer M       Turner 26 Toronto Can Andrew Rhine & Betsy Jacobson 19-Apr-17 Harlem Blaine 388  
      Helen Genevia Githen Turner 18 Grewe Cty Ohio Frank Githin & Helen A Sweeney          
RHINE, Martha see Sadler, Levi Edwards                    
RHINEBOLT, Julia see Kester, Carl                    
RHINEHART, Christine see Kibler, Frederick C                    
RHINES, Eugene       Enid 26 Day Cty S D Luther J Rhines & Margaret Makens 28-Jan-14 Glendive Dawson 1430  
      Golden Nevada Lee Elendale 18 Delaware Cty Iowa Randolph Lee & Laura Stick          
RHINES, Evelyn see Butka, Leonard                    
RHINES, Jane see McCoy, Isaiah                    
RHINES, Luther J see Rhines, Eugene                    
RHINES, Luther J see Butka, Leonard                    
RHINESMITH, John see Burke, Harry W                    
RHINESMITH, Kathrin see Burke, Harry W                    
RHOADES, Mary I see Erret, Clarence G                    
RHOADES, Rene see Evenson, Ralph                    
RHOADS, Delbert see Lamb, Chesterfield Bruce                    
RHOADS, Delbert see Rhoads, Ezra E                    
RHOADS, Ezra E       Wolf Point 27 Ill Wellington Rhoads & Sarah E Clem 2-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1687  
      Osia Rhoads Wolf Point 20 Ill Delbert Rhoads & Lou Hanks          
RHOADS, Georgia Estelle see Lamb, Chesterf� B                    
RHOADS, Jay T       Harlem 47 Bedford Iowa John P Rhoads & Kate J Work 27-Mar-29 Harlem Blaine 1118  
      Marie Rasmussen Harlem 40 Fosston Mn Edward Nordis & Andy Tretwold          
RHOADS, John P see Rhoads, J T                    
RHOADS, Osia see Rhoads, Ezra E                    
RHOADS, Wellington see Rhoads Ezra E                    
RHODA, Clara see Feldmeir                    
RHODE, Alma see Twogood, Albert E                    
RHODE, Camilla Marie see Young, Lowell C                    
RHODE, Fred C       Ridgelawn 28 Miles City George Rhode & Bertha Kruger 17-Feb-09 Ridgelawn Dawson 666  
      Helen Kennedy Ridgelawn 27 Minneapolis Mn John Kennedy & Mary McDonald          
RHODE, George see Rhode, Fred C                    
RHODE, Lillian (Sachrison?) see Pease, Cecil W                    
RHODE, William see Twogood, Albert E                    
RHODES, Belle see May, Charles C                    
RHODES, Chas S       Park City 22 Akron Ohio F L & Louisa Rhodes 16-Mar-03 Glendive Dawson 283  
      Frances Ward Glendive 23 ??? Dallas Ward & ???          
RHODES, Daisy F see Grosenick, Arthur                    
RHODES, Darren S       Hinsdale 28 Broodhead Wisc Henry Rhodes & Mary Gilcrist 1-Nov-10 Hinsdale Valley 726  
      Effie G Drabbs Hinsdale 26 Yorkshire England H C Drabbs & Anna Jackson          
RHODES, Delbert D see Witt, Oral                    
RHODES, Delilah see Housley, Walter C                    
RHODES, Dora May see Mann, Noah A                    
RHODES, Ed see Rhodes                    
RHODES, Edward see Rhodes, James M                    
RHODES, Edwin see Rhodes, Rex Edwin                    
RHODES, Elizabeth see Gorsuch, Roy A                    
RHODES, Elsie see McNealy, Byron                    
RHODES, F L & Louisa see Rhodes, Chas L                    
RHODES, G F see Gorsuch, Roy A                    
RHODES, Goldie Agnes see Hovind, Albert                    
RHODES, Henry see Rhodes, Darren S                    
RHODES, Henry see Dewy, John A                    
RHODES, James M       Scobey 22 North Fork Nebr Edward Rhodes & Olive Hankinson 29-Mar-26 Scobey Daniels 252  
      Hazel G Bowman Scobey 24 Annadale Mn Oscar Griffith & Effie? Houchin          
RHODES, Jane see Bollinger, Charles M                    
RHODES, Jennie M see Hockoday, Warren W                    
RHODES, Lyde see Gilbert                    
RHODES, Maggie see Friez, Mike N                    
RHODES, Mary C see VanValkenburg, William Harry                    
RHODES, May see Craig, Arch                    
RHODES, Nellie P see Ross                    
RHODES, Osa see Witt, Oral                    
RHODES, P S see Rhodes, W E                    
RHODES, Perry see Grosenick, Arthur                    
RHODES, Rex Edwin       Wolf Point 25 Anthon Iowa Edwin Rhodes & Allie Hankenson 2-Jan-23 Poplar Roosivelt 462  
      Margaret Jeanette Evenson Wolf Point 18 Lake Mills Iowa Mich-ael Evenson & Julia Flaten          
RHODES, Robert R       Scobey 23 Iowa Ed Rhodes & Olive Hankerson 10-Dec-18 Scobey? Sheridan 1471  
      Ingeborg Hanson Scobey 18 S D Hans Hanson & Anne C M Danielsen          
RHODES, Thomas J see Ross                    
RHODES, W E       Glasgow 37 South English Iowa P S Rhodes & Isabelle V Lawlor 13-May-12 Glasgow Valley 1046  
      Edith Ivy Stump Glasgow 34 Davenport Nebr B F Stump & Lottie E Partch          
RHOE, Johanna see Place, John                    
RHOME, see Rohme                    
RHOME, A O see Rhome, Olaf B                    
RHOME, Olaf B       Williston N D 26 Norway A O Rohme & ??? Daugherty 10-Aug-21 Poplar Roosivelt 272  
      Beatrice Wylie Williston 18 West Virginia Amos Wylie & Susan Vance          
RHUD, H C       Bismark 52 Norway Karl & Nickolina Hanson 20-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1622  
      Bertha Henderson Moffat N D 30 Lewistown Penn Zebulon Lash & Sarah Wray          
RHYMAN, Jessie see Moulthrop, Leroy Ellihue                    
RHYMAND, Anna see Zick, Elmer William                    
RIARSON, Mary see Dahl                    
RIBA, Adolph       P�wood 34 Wis John Riba & Anne Zemlisky 30-Nov-08 Glasgow Valley 428  
      Mae C Rue Balfour N D 31 Mn Henry N Rue & Matilda Mavius          
RIBA, Christ see Sundahl                    
RIBA, Ella K see Sundahl                    
RIBA, Emma see Kratcha                    
RIBA, John see Riba, Adolph                    
RIBBON, Emma see Ross Charlie                    
RIBE, Mollie see Dickman, William F                    
RIBEL, Gusta see Stackmayer, John                    
RIBER, Mary see Stanley, Frank William                    
RICCA, Mary see Denucci, John                    
RICCTER, E A see Richter, Melvin O                    
RICE, Albert see Rice, William                    
RICE, Alma see Fredrickson                    
RICE, Amos       Glasgow 23 Wis J K Rice & Fanny Radcliffe 21-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2088  
      Nellie Johnson Glasgow 18 Mt W H Johnson & Mary Huffman          
RICE, Anna see McClure, Guy L                    
RICE, Anna see Forgey, James                    
RICE, Anne see Kufur, Lauren A                    
RICE, Arletta see Gobbs, Edward Frank                    
RICE, Arletta see Miller, Ross Frederick                    
RICE, Caroline see Rusch, Herman E                    
RICE, Christiana see Knudson, Hilmer G                    
RICE, Clytie see Elliott, Lloyd                    
RICE, Edward see Elliott, Lloyd                    
RICE, Edward I see Rice, Elmer C                    
RICE, Elizabeth see Anderson, Elmer                    
RICE, Ellen see Dixon, Willis J                    
RICE, Elmer C       Hingham 30 Mn   5-Nov-27   Phillips 982  
      Helen Soukup Hingham 19 Illinois            
RICE, Emett see Rice                    
RICE, Francesca see Bernhardt, Joseph                    
RICE, Francis see Murphy, Simpson G                    
RICE, Frank J       Glasgow 28 Wis John R Rice & Fannie Redcliffe 6-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley 1745  
      LaRena A Clocksin Glasgow 22 Wis George Clocksin & ???          
RICE, Gertrude see Sterback, Mike                    
RICE, Hattie see Gardner, Fred A                    
RICE, J G       Glendive 24 Savannah Ga J G Rice & Mary Galenbo? 4-Sep-04 Glendive Dawson 315  
      Mabel Gleason Glendive 21 Glendive Archie & Mrs Gleason          
RICE, J K see Rice, Amos                    
RICE, James       Ceylon Can 24 S D Emett Rice & Beatrice DeVange 17-Jul-16 Plentywood Sheridan 789  
      Gertrude Brandes Ceylon 21 Ger Oscar Brandes & Mamie Peters          
RICE, James W       Spokane 24 Burlington Iowa Jefferson Rice & Lillian McCollum 10-Jan-21 Wolf Point Valley    
      Olga Hauglum Wolf Point 22 Hayfield Mn Carl Hauglum & Bessie Thoe          
RICE, Jefferson see Rice, James W                    
RICE, John see Rice                    
RICE, John R see Rice, Frank J                    
RICE, Lee see Gavick                    
RICE, Leve see Dahl, Roy Selmer                    
RICE, Lillian see Osborn                    
RICE, Liv? see Gunderson                    
RICE, Mary see Casselman, George M                    
RICE, Mary see Foster, David                    
RICE, Mary see Herring, William J                    
RICE, Mary see Simons, Earl Bartell                    
RICE, Mike Jr       Glendive 25 Hungary Mike Rice & Katie Nicsah 9-Oct-17 Glendive Dawson 2267  
      Katie Wirth Glendive 21 Hungary Steven Wirth & Eva Wehner          
RICE, Myrtle Evelyn see Serviss, Elisha Andrews                    
RICE, Nora see Jordan, Benjamin                    
RICE, Pauline see Herigstad, Nels                    
RICE, Reuben       Antelope 27 N D John Rice & Jennie Spoklie 24-Nov-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2288  
      Anna Marie Steinke P�wood 24 Sask Can H E Steinke & Marie Rehman          
RICE, Rosa see Birch                    
RICE, Rosa see Doeir                    
RICE, Samantha see Gile, Jesse                    
RICE, Samuel C see Leibinger, Louis H                    
RICE, Sylva see McPherson, Wallace                    
RICE, Thelma see Leibinger, Louis H                    
RICE, Tillie see Gibbons, Roy Raymond                    
RICE, William       Riedel 28 Buffalo Mo Albert Rice & Annie Cook 20-Jun-20 LeRoy Blaine 627  
      Blanch Anetta Hackett Riedel 17 Gas City Kan Van Hackett & Ida Brown          
RICEDORFF, Fatima see Williams, William                    
RICEDORFF, Tina see Strodemier, Samuel                    
RICH, Albert P see Rich, George P                    
RICH, Annie see Hutchins, Robert D                    
RICH, Edna Olivia see Hay, Andrew W                    
RICH, Edward see Goodheart, Sylvester                    
RICH, Edwin see Hay, Andrew W                    
RICH, Esther see Goodheart, Sylvester                    
RICH, George P       Burris Creek 24 Oxford Me Albert P Rich & Harriet Corville 5-Apr-02 Glendive Dawson 243  
      Alice Robinson Melrose Mass 24 Mass Chas H Robinson & Sarah W Hagen          
RICH, James W       Williston N D 31 Wales Center N Y Philip Rich & Alice Allen 27-Feb-190(5?) Culbertson Valley 167  
      Florence W Siebert Buffalo N Y   Fremont Center N Y Charles N Siebert & Florence E Ward          
RICH, John E see LaMeres, Glen William                    
RICH, Lillian R see Babkock, Ellsworth K                    
RICH, Lysle see Babcock, Ellsworth K                    
RICH, Mary A see Weber, Joseph                    
RICH, O R see DeBree, Nathan                    
RICH, Philip see Rich, James W                    
RICH, Rowena see DeBree, Nathan                    
RICH?, Mary see Phillips, Delbert J                    
RICHARD, Amos & Julia see Prentice, John H                    
RICHARD, Ben see Richard, Clifford                    
RICHARD, Clifford       Brockton 22 Kans Ben Richard & Minnie Pippender 13-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2251  
      Helen Onrverslott? Brockton 19 Mt Arnold Onrverslott? & Anna Vandervorst          
RICHARD, Elizabeth see Derksen, Aaron P                    
RICHARD, Elizabeth see Whitaker, Ross                    
RICHARD, Greta see Arnold, Earl Ralph                    
RICHARD, Henrietta see Whitaker, Guy C                    
RICHARD, Jennette see Prentice, John H                    
RICHARD, Julia see Grandschamp, Nelson                    
RICHARD, Martha see Best                    
RICHARD, Pauline see Sankey, Charles R                    
RICHARDS, Abby see Murray, Robert F jr                    
RICHARDS, Alphonse see Richards                    
RICHARDS, Augusta see Maloy                    
RICHARDS, Ben see Richards, Titus                    
RICHARDS, Buel Welch see Nelson, Melvin C                    
RICHARDS, By see Richards, Floyd                    
RICHARDS, Caroline V see Evans, Carl F                    
RICHARDS, Clarence       Malta 20 Mt   9-Oct-18 Malta Phillips 382  
      Mabel McClellan Malta 18 N D            
RICHARDS, Earl T see Leonard, Edward LeRoy                    
RICHARDS, Ed       P�wood 52 Iowa H J Richards & ??? 3-Sep-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1995  
      Sally Schumacher Bainville 50 Iowa Ben Schumacher & Margaret Brown          
RICHARDS, Ed W see Biladeau                    
RICHARDS, Ed W see Richards                    
RICHARDS, Edith Hazel see Reynolds, Benjamin F Jr                    
RICHARDS, Elizabeth see Cady, James                    
RICHARDS, Elizabeth see Redekop, William                    
RICHARDS, Elmer see Reynolds, Benjamin F Jr                    
RICHARDS, Elmer S see Skibbe, John Frederick                    
RICHARDS, Ethel M see Blackstone, Donald L                    
RICHARDS, Evan see Richards, James                    
RICHARDS, Floyd       Malta 31 Rapid City S D By Richards & Pheloda Cook 4-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 866  
      Effie Wurdelman Mankato Mn 39 Geneseo Ill Fred Wurdelman & Carolina Frank          
RICHARDS, Frances see Morrison                    
RICHARDS, Francis see Morrison                    
RICHARDS, Francis see Morrison, George W                    
RICHARDS, Francis see Morrison, Angus M                    
RICHARDS, Frantie see Brooks, John Walter                    
RICHARDS, Fredrick Richard       Monche Canada 30 Wales   26-Nov-18   Phillips 293  
      Acelia Mary Patterson DeBolt Canada 20 Ontario Can            
RICHARDS, Gladys see Witt, Sam E                    
RICHARDS, Grace see Johnson, Henry William                    
RICHARDS, Greta see Arnold, Floyd L                    
RICHARDS, H A       P�wood 33 France Alph-onse Richards & Annie Soucie 12-Mar-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2306  
      Mildred Welter P�wood 19 Wis John Welter & Gertrude Thompson          
RICHARDS, H J see Richards                    
RICHARDS, Hannah see Ramsey                    
RICHARDS, Ida see Turner, Albert                    
RICHARDS, James       Havre 32 Wilkes Barre Penn Evan Richards & Mary Engel 16-Nov-21 Chinook Blaine 691  
      Mabel Bloomberg Havre 25 St Paul Mn Andy George Anderson & Anna Katie Nelson          
RICHARDS, James       Havre 38 Wilkes Barre Pen Evan Richards & Mary Engel 6-Nov-30 Chinook Blaine 1240  
      Lorraine Lightfield Sidney 20 Burlington Wis Lewis Lightfield & Esther Oberg          
RICHARDS, John       Bainville 22 Iowa Ed W Richards & Sallie Shoemaker 16-Dec-13   Sheridan 124  
      Tillie Braland Bainville 18   Ed Braland & Enga Nestil          
RICHARDS, Katherine see Nelson, Melvin C                    
RICHARDS, L G see Richards                    
RICHARDS, Lillie C see Biladeau                    
RICHARDS, Margaret see Griffith, William John                    
RICHARDS, Nettie Estella see Rasmusson, Martin                    
RICHARDS, Pearl May see Skibbe, John Frederick                    
RICHARDS, Pearl May see Johnson, Carl Olaf                    
RICHARDS, Ralph R see Witt, Sam E                    
RICHARDS, Roy       Scobey 36 N D L G Richards & Edith George 13-Apr-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2314  
      Edith Williams Scobey 21 Mt John Williams & Grace McAdams          
RICHARDS, Ruth E see McIntyre, Horace H                    
RICHARDS, Sherman T       Stewart Mn 22 Stewart Mn Theodore Richards & Ellen Shoutz 26-Dec-06 Glasgow Valley 266  
      Clara Bondelid Grand Forks N D 20 Grand Forks Gilbert Bondelid & Carrie Olson          
RICHARDS, Thelma Arline see Leonard, Edward Leroy                    
RICHARDS, Theodore see Richards, Sherman T                    
RICHARDS, Titus       Mpls Mn 24 Wis Ben Richards & Mary Jones 11-Apr-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 752  
      Anna Smith Froid 18 Mt Jorgen Smith & Christine Lambertson          
RICHARDS, William see McIntyre, Horace H                    
RICHARDS, William H       Glendive 46 Sauk Center Mn William S Richards & Mary Fitch 13-Jul-21 Glendive Dawson 2783  
      Neva B Wilcox Glendive 29 Sauk Center Mn Clark D Wilcox & Etta Craig          
RICHARDSON, Recy see Richardson, John Wesley                    
RICHARDSON, A F see Sansburn, Joseph H                    
RICHARDSON, Albert see Russell, Beverly Stewart                    
RICHARDSON, Alma see Roberts, Beldon                    
RICHARDSON, Bertha see Erickson, Fred E                    
RICHARDSON, Blanche see Cameron, Thomas                    
RICHARDSON, Carry see Whitcomb                    
RICHARDSON, Charles       Carbert Mt 26 Indiana Sam E Richardson & Amy Kendrick 31-Jan-27 Scobey Daniels 314  
      Cecelia Walter Carbert 18 Mich Frank Walter & Katie Snell          
RICHARDSON, Charles H       Glasgow 34 Arcanum Ohio Francis Richardson & Margaret Anthony 1-May-11 Glasgow Valley 831  
      Anna Martin Glasgow 26 Iowa Henry Martin & May Lockard          
RICHARDSON, Charles P       Sidney 22 Maryland Junction Wisc Cornelius Richardson & Cornelia Brown 12-Sep-08 Sidney Dawson 618  
      Helen Mitchell Burns 18 S D George C Mitchell & ???          
RICHARDSON, Charles R see Conner, Warren E                    
RICHARDSON, Cora see Bonari, Luigi                    
RICHARDSON, Corie see Richardson, Ray                    
RICHARDSON, Cornelius see Richardson, Charles P                    
RICHARDSON, D P see Erickson, Fred E                    
RICHARDSON, D P see Taylor, John A                    
RICHARDSON, David see Richardson, George                    
RICHARDSON, Edgar       Grenora N D 26 Indiana Joe Richardson & Katherine Lindsey 18-Jun-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2329  
      Leona Wheeler Grenora 23 Mn Joe Wheeler & Elizabeth Feland          
RICHARDSON, Emma see Harris, John Calvin                    
RICHARDSON, Emma see Harris, Roy Thomas                    
RICHARDSON, Fanny see Black, Tom                    
RICHARDSON, Fay see Brunet, Alfred                    
RICHARDSON, Florence see Carney, John E                    
RICHARDSON, Florence see Hayes, George Anthony                    
RICHARDSON, Florence M (Carlson?) see Johnston                    
RICHARDSON, Francis see Richardson, Charles H                    
RICHARDSON, Fred W       P�wood 24 Stratford Can Robert H Richardson & Anna Buchanna 28-Sep-11 Glasgow Valley 898  
      Florence M Carlson Iowa 23 Pittsburgh Pa ???          
RICHARDSON, G C see Richardson, LaVern C                    
RICHARDSON, George       Saco 22 Fondulac Wis David Richardson & Kate Belton 6-May-08 Glasgow Valley 364  
      Bessie Crutchfield Saco 16 Missouri W H Crutchfield & Minnie Willey          
RICHARDSON, Grace see Daniels                    
RICHARDSON, Hazel A see Taylor, John A                    
RICHARDSON, Henry L see Andrews, Roy E                    
RICHARDSON, Hubbard R see Richardson, Lloyd G                    
RICHARDSON, Irene C see Conner, Warren E                    
RICHARDSON, Isaac Noel       Scobey 25 Benville Ind Samuel E Richardson & Amy Kendrick 4-Jul-20 Glendive Dawson 2662  
      Edith Francis Lovell Scobey 21 Sharpsburg Ohio Thomas S Lovell & Elizabeth Bowman          
RICHARDSON, J A see Murphy                    
RICHARDSON, J W see Sharp, Toot                    
RICHARDSON, James B see Richardson, York B                    
RICHARDSON, Joe see Richardson                    
RICHARDSON, John Wesley       Glasgow 53 Louisville Ken Recy Richardson & Matty Jones 31-Aug-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1483  
      Hazel May Gathen Glasgow 30 Ellsworth Wis Peter Gathen & Hattie Owen          
RICHARDSON, Laura see Register                    
RICHARDSON, LaVern C       Golva N D 33 Madison S D G C Richardson & Edith Cloth 27-Mar-26 Wibaux Wibaux 531  
      Mildred Katherine Peterson Fargo N D 21 Hannaford N D C L Peterson & ???          
RICHARDSON, Lloyd G       Fairview 23 LaCrosse Wisc Hubbard N Richardson & Altena J Trott 15-Oct-18 Jordan Hotel Glendive Dawson 628  
      Maude M Jolif Fairview 18 Brigham Utah Lorenzo B Joliff & Isabella Lillywhite          
RICHARDSON, Lurena see Puffer, Hughie A                    
RICHARDSON, Mae M see Wilkinson                    
RICHARDSON, Margaret see Lovell                    
RICHARDSON, Margaret see Petersen                    
RICHARDSON, Margaret E see Miller, Jess M                    
RICHARDSON, Maria see Chapman, Fred H                    
RICHARDSON, Mary E see Oliver, William Charles                    
RICHARDSON, Mary Ella see Serdotz, Charles                    
RICHARDSON, Mary Ellen see Duncan, Thaddeus Wentworth                    
RICHARDSON, Mary Irene see Russell, Beverly Stewart                    
RICHARDSON, Mattie see Cook, Monte                    
RICHARDSON, Mildred see Andrews, Roy E                    
RICHARDSON, Olive see Strandskov                    
RICHARDSON, Ralf E       LaMesa 23 Kossuth Cty Iowa Robert Richardson & Mary Eva Warner 20-Mar-12 Sidney Dawson 1062  
      Ada Scott Ferris Sidney 19 N D J A Ferris & Lilly Robertson          
RICHARDSON, Ray       Belfield N D 24 Wisc Corie Richardson & Elizabeth Garrow 27-Dec-17 Wibaux Wibaux 189  
      Eugenia Porter Belfield 15 Wis Charlie Porter & Medora Thorne          
RICHARDSON, Rebecca (Crumb?) see Marts                    
RICHARDSON, Richard H see Brunet, Alfred                    
RICHARDSON, Robert see Richardson, Fred W                    
RICHARDSON, Robert see Richardson, Ralf E                    
RICHARDSON, Robert H see Richardson, Robert S                    
RICHARDSON, Robert S       Antelope 36 ? Robert H Richardson, & Ann Buchanan 12-Dec-12 Culbertson Valley 1176  
      Esther Courtney Joplin 25 Litchfield Mn Henry G Courtney & Elizabeth Harbinson?          
RICHARDSON, Russel see Robison, James A                    
RICHARDSON, Sam see Wilkinson                    
RICHARDSON, Sam E see Lovell                    
RICHARDSON, Sam E see Richardson, Charles                    
RICHARDSON, Samuel see Daniels                    
RICHARDSON, Samuel see Carney, John E                    
RICHARDSON, Samuel E see Richardson, Isaac Noel                    
RICHARDSON, Thomas Jefferson see McFarland, Fred Ellis                    
RICHARDSON, Vera see Robison, James A                    
RICHARDSON, Verda see McFarland, Fred Ellis                    
RICHARDSON, W H see Richardson, Wendell H                    
RICHARDSON, Walter see Hayes, George Anthony                    
RICHARDSON, Weldon see Petersen                    
RICHARDSON, Wendell H       Idaho Falls Ida 21 Sugar City W H Richardson & Mary Ann Poole 15-Nov-26 Chinook Blaine 972  
      Anna Cline Chinook 18 Zortman David Cline & Frieda Peterson          
RICHARDSON, Wilhelmina see Duplisen, Andrew F                    
RICHARDSON, York B       Spearfish S D 30 Sundance Wyo James B Richardson & Isabel Watson 20-Oct-22 Poplar Roosivelt 427  
      Alma M Willoughby McGregor N D 20 Foxholm N D Charler Will-oughby & Ada Carpenter          
RICHEL, William O see Matteson, Affie H                    
RICHERT, A B see Schoenwald, Henry                    
RICHERT, Andrew see Long, Merl Wilbert                    
RICHERT, Andrew see Rickert, Peter A                    
RICHERT, Andrew see Graber, Ralph O                    
RICHERT, Andrew see Baese, Henry H                    
RICHERT, Andrew A see Boese, John H                    
RICHERT, Andrew B see Richert, Toby A                    
RICHERT, Ben see Reichert, Jacob B                    
RICHERT, Benjamin see Unruh, Henry B                    
RICHERT, Eva see Baese, Henry H                    
RICHERT, Eva see Berg, Tobias                    
RICHERT, Eva see Buller, Chris A                    
RICHERT, Eva see Maier, Daniel                    
RICHERT, Julia see Graber, Ralph O                    
RICHERT, Katherine see Heidebrecht, Daniel C                    
RICHERT, Lena Mabel see Long, Merl Wilbert                    
RICHERT, Mary A see Boese, John H                    
RICHERT, Nettie A see Baese, Henry H                    
RICHERT, Nettie B see Unruh, Henry B                    
RICHERT, Peter A       Glendive 31 Marion Jct S D Andrew Richert & Eva Deckert 21-Jan-22 Glendive Dawson 2838  
      Nina Schultz Lambert 21 Avon S D Henry Schultz & Lena Unruh          
RICHERT, Susa see Schoenwald, Henry                    
RICHERT, Toby A       Richey 26 Marion S D Andrew B Richert & Eva Deckert 20-Jun-28 Bloomfield Dawson 3585  
      Lillian Johnson Bloomfield 24 Lahoma Okla Ben J Johnson & Susie Becker          
RICHEY, Annie see Davidson, Thomas                    
RICHEY, John see Watson, William H                    
RICHIE, Amselm see Bennett                    
RICHIE, Anna see Nelson, John M                    
RICHIE, Jennie see Miller                    
RICHIE, Laura see Bennet                    
RICHIE, Marie see Seeley, Chsrles B                    
RICHLAND, Carrie see Skott, Hans                    
RICHMAN, Lilly see Wigmore                    
RICHMAN, Mary see Horn, W V                    
RICHMAN, Mary see Jackline, R L                    
RICHMOND, Arvilla see Arnold, Rufus Earl                    
RICHMOND, Belle see Chapman, Edward McKinley                    
RICHMOND, Benjamin see Tegler, Norman Victor                    
RICHMOND, Cora see Garoutte, Thomas E                    
RICHMOND, Cora see Brockway, William                    
RICHMOND, Edna Pearl see Tegler, Norman Victor                    
RICHMOND, Floyd L       Chinook 22 Graysville Mo Peter P Richmond & Maude May Hayne 25-Jul-23 Chinook Blaine 767  
      Elizabeth Down Chinook 27 Chinook Rupert Down & Mildred Watson          
RICHMOND, Jennie Ethel see Shockley, Noble                    
RICHMOND, John see Freestone, Jesse J                    
RICHMOND, Lillian see Wigmore                    
RICHMOND, Lillie see Wigmore                    
RICHMOND, Lillie J see Olson                    
RICHMOND, Louise see Smith, Elmer Marvin                    
RICHMOND, Nellie see Wigmore, Russell Rufus                    
RICHMOND, Peter see Shockley, Jennie Ethel                    
RICHMOND, Peter P see Richmond, Floyd L                    
RICHMOND, Rose Belle see McCarty, Earl                    
RICHOTTE, Virginia R see Hautte, John                    
RICHTER, Anna Helland see Hagenhuckle, August                    
RICHTER, Bertha see Lick, Henry Edward                    
RICHTER, Birdie see Skinner, David                    
RICHTER, Charles C       Belfield N D 34 Elizabeth N J William Richter & Rosa Bechman 3-Jan-20 Glendive Dawson 2607  
      Lena Forster Belfield N D 40 Germany Jacob Schenck & Dorothy Hen          
RICHTER, Clifford       Glasgow 22 Detroit (Lakes?) Mn Emil A Richter & Ella C Miller 15-Aug-11 Glasgow Valley 882  
      Guda? Duncan Nashua 19 Osborn Kansas Wm Duncan & Hattie Gramman?          
RICHTER, Emil see Richter, Ray                    
RICHTER, Emil A see Richter, Clifford                    
RICHTER, Josephine see Schauerte, Otto Smith                    
RICHTER, Mary see Trusty, Chester A                    
RICHTER, Mary see Scheerz, Paul                    
RICHTER, Mary see Scheerz, Robert R                    
RICHTER, Melvin O       Vandalia 30 Pelican Rapids Mn E A Richter & Ella Miller 8-Nov-21 Glasgow Valley 2829  
      Inez S James Vandalia 21 Ironwood Mich Ephriam James & Amelia Kauppe          
RICHTER, Ray       Vandalia 28 Mn Emil Richter & Ella Miller 11-Nov-14 Old Glory Ranch #1 Valley 1582  
      Marie Syverson Glasgow 28 N D Oscar Syverson & ???          
RICHTER, William see Richter, Charles C                    
RICHWINE, Ada see Nelson                    
RICHWINE, Calvin see Richwine                    
RICHWINE, Calvin see Nelson                    
RICHWINE, Calvin see Bush                    
RICHWINE, Calvin see Richwine, Harry C                    
RICHWINE, George A       Medicine Lake 28 Penn Calvin Richwine & Sarah Swigart? 12-Aug-13 Enterprise Sheridan 63  
      Alice Haines Froid 27 Iowa Henry Haines & Annie Baker          
RICHWINE, Harry C       Medicine Lake 29 Penn Calvin Richwine & Sarah Swiger 28-Jul-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 163  
      Anna Thomas Medicine Lake 23 N D Thomas Thomas & Margaret Herman          
RICHWINE, Rhoda E see Bush                    
RICK, Arnold see Rick                    
RICK, John see Rick                    
RICK, Joseph       Outlook 25 Glencoe Mn Arnold Rick & Katherine Effertz 22-Jan-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1872  
      Margaret Bauer Outlook 18 Kenmare N D A Bauer & Mary Schaffer          
RICK, Leo       Outlook 24 Mn John Rick & Elizabeth Roufs 17-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1111  
      Gertrude Schroeder Outlook 20 Mn Nick Schroeder & Mary Miller          
RICKARD, Del see Arnot, Fred R                    
RICKARD, Dora see Fanth, Jacob                    
RICKARD, Harold Edward       Williston 32 Honokuo Hawaii William H Rickard & Nora Trelcar 23-Dec-08 Poplar Valley 432  
      Edna Faye Nelson Poplar 22 Lafatette Ill Tury Nelson & Mary Lawson          
RICKARD, Harry see Arnot, Fred R                    
RICKARD, William H see Rickard, Harold Edward                    
RICKENBACH, Albertina see Trear, Peter D                    
RICKENBACH, Sebastian see Trear, Peter D                    
RICKER, Albert       Poplar 23 Poplar Rufus Ricker & Clara Wait 10-Sep-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1370  
      Florence Red-wood Broadville Sask Can 23 Broad-ville Pat Redwood & Rosemary McKenzie          
RICKER, Blanche see Wing, Ralph                    
RICKER, Charles       Poplar 28 Poplar Ezra Ricker & Lucy Kuhn 16-Jun-17 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1037  
      Rachel Wing Oswego 28 Oswego Steven Standing & ???          
RICKER, Ezra see Ricker, Richard                    
RICKER, Ezra see Ricker, Charles                    
RICKER, Mrs Lucy (Koon?) see Mall, John Sr                    
RICKER, Richard       Poplar 19 Ft Peck Reser Ezra Ricker & Mary Bear 20-Dec-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1402  
      Rose Crowgost Ft Yates N D 19 Ft Yates Bernard Crowgost & Bessie Firecloud          
RICKER, Rufus see Ricker, Albert                    
RICKETT, David M see Rickett, Raymond                    
RICKETT, Douglas       Lidgett, Canada 28 Scotland Fredrick Rickett & Kate Blackburn 21-Nov-22 Thoeny Valley 2926  
      Ebba Dahlquist Thoeny 28 Fargo N D John P Dahlquist & Inga Peterson          
RICKETT, Fredrick see Rickett, Douglas                    
RICKETT, Raymond       Sidney 21 Brule Nebr David M Rickett & Etta Adkins 28-Aug-29 Glendive Dawson 3768  
      Anna Becker Sidney 18 Canada Charles Becker & Eleanor Remmick          
RICKETTS, Sarah see Campbell, Archibald                    
RICKETTS, Sarah see McHugh, James                    
RICKEY, Sallie see Polivka, Edward W                    
RICKEY, Victoria see Haller, William Earl                    
RICKSON, Martha see Hendrickson                    
RIDAHL, Julia see Johnson                    
RIDDEL, Mabel see Ommar                    
RIDDELL, Amos       Malta 31 Walkerton Can James Riddell & Sarah Ann Granger 7-Jun-07 Malta Valley 282  
      Fannie Pearl Howerton Malta 18 Knox Cty Mo Redmond J Howerton & Maggie Almira Kenoyer          
RIDDELL, Fannie see Carroll, LeRoy                    
RIDDELL, James see Riddell, Amos                    
RIDDELL, Laura see Thompson, William Lorenzo                    
RIDDELL, Mabel see Garrick                    
RIDDELL, Mabel see Tooke                    
RIDDELL, Russell see Fea                    
RIDDILE, Jessie see Purdy, Harley M                    
RIDDILE, Joseph P see Purdy, Harley M                    
RIDDLE, Jane see Melville                    
RIDDLE, Dorothy E see Dubbe, Bernhart J                    
RIDDLE, Edith Francis see Busby, Richard Bligh                    
RIDDLE, Florence see Johnson, Albert J                    
RIDDLE, George W       Saco 24 Washington   2-Sep-26   Phillips 910  
      Bertha Osier Saco 18 S D            
RIDDLE, Harriet E see Chamberlain, Otto                    
RIDDLE, Herbert W see Dubbe, Bernhart J                    
RIDDLE, Herbert W see Johnson, Albert J                    
RIDDLE, Howard Raymond       Peerless 22 Sioux City Iowa James Worthington Riddle & Alice Lorraine Tone 27-Oct-27 Glasgow Valley 3333  
      Laura Isabell Gendreau Peerless 22 Walhalla N D Samuel P Gendreau & Jane Clairmont          
RIDDLE, Iva see Hustead, Lawrence                    
RIDDLE, James R see Busby, Richard Bligh                    
RIDDLE, James Worthington see Riddle, Howard Raymond                    
RIDDLE, Jane see Borley                    
RIDDLE, Lester       Harlem 25 NoCar W M Riddle & Alice Hartsoe 22-Dec-28 Chinook Blaine 1101  
      Irene Eder Harlem 18 Chippewa Falls Wis Casper Eder & Mary Krejci          
RIDDLE, Lucy see Frady, John E                    
RIDDLE, Mary see Hondle, James                    
RIDDLE, W M see Riddle, Lester                    
RIDDOCH, Jean see Innes, Alexander                    
RIDEL, Sidonia see Allen, LeeRoy                    
RIDELER, Martha see Livengood, Boze Wm                    
RIDELL, Candace E see Huff                    
RIDELL, John see Huff                    
RIDENBOWER, Frank       Ollie 33 Ollie Illinois Oscar Ridenbower & Minnie Cochrane 14-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3277  
      Ruth Hall Ollie 22 Ollie C H Hall & Fanny Brawley          
RIDENBOWER, Oscar see Ridenbower, Frank                    
RIDENHOUR, Anna see Hammond, O D                    
RIDENHOWER, Grace Irene see Morris, Henry Harold                    
RIDENHOWER, Oscar see Morris, Henry Harold                    
RIDER, Ai       Phillips 29 Mn   27-Jul-16   Phillips 124  
      Cora Genne-ken Phillips 21 Holland            
RIDER, Ambrose       Ft Belknap 23 Ft Belknap Ed Rider & Fannie Hill 13-Mar-28 Harlem Blaine 1047  
      Julia Bacon Ft Belknap 18 Ft Belknap Medley Bacon & ???          
RIDER, Chalmer A       Medora 29 Blackford Cty Ind John Rider & Millerva Updike 21-Dec-29 Wibaux Wibaux 715  
      Mary Croswell Medora N d 20 Fargo N D Dean & Laura Croswell          
RIDER, Christopher see Spellman, D T                    
RIDER, Ed see Rider, Ambrose                    
RIDER, Elizabeth see Carman, Frank                    
RIDER, Elizabeth see LaFountain, George                    
RIDER, Frank       Saco 38 Stephantown N Y Henry E Rider & Mary J Johnson 9-Dec-01 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Marie Ada Taylor Saco 18 Glasgow Kans Austin J Taylor & Orilla Newell          
RIDER, Henry E see Rider, Frank                    
RIDER, John see Rider, Chalmer A                    
RIDER, John see Nickolson, Peter                    
RIDER, John H see Rider, Olney M                    
RIDER, John H see Schram, John J                    
RIDER, Mildred see Schram, John J                    
RIDER, Olney M       Medora N D 22 Indiana John H Rider & Melvina Updike 23-May-23 Wibaux Wibaux    
      Sadie Henderson Medora 25 Dawson N D Frank Henderson & Esther Chalsman          
RIDGE, Anna Marie see Wagner, Walter Edward                    
RIDGE, Harry see McNett, Alfred                    
RIDGE, Harry see Wagner, Walter Edward                    
RIDGE, Inez Edna see McNett, Alfred                    
RIDGE, Sophronia see Hansen, Howard H                    
RIDGE, Sophronia see Sim, James                    
RIDGE, Sophronia see Hansen, Elmer                    
RIDGEWAY, Annie see Wells, Leonard                    
RIDJOFF, Dine see George, Nick                    
RIDLEY, Alice see Fast, John Edwin                    
RIDLEY, Alice see Wagner, Ralph                    
RIEBE, Viola see Leighton, Albert W                    
RIEBECH, George see Wagner, Michael C                    
RIEBEL, Barbara see Hoffman, Reinhold                    
RIEBER, Viola see Brendel, Fred                    
RIED, Jennie see Shiell                    
RIED, Liv see Dahl, Edward J                    
RIED, Myrtle see Audette                    
RIEDEL, Ed see Riedel, John                    
RIEDEL, John       Saco 48 Germany Ed Riedel & Lena Fogel 19-Jul-08 Saco Valley 388  
      Wanda Voege Saco 28 Ger Julius Voege & Mary Cepert          
RIEDER, Ann see Striker, Arthur                    
RIEDINGER, Catherine see Hartze, Mathias                    
RIEDINGER, Harry see Hartze, Mathias                    
RIEDINGER, Harry J see Ernster, Mike Edward                    
RIEDINGER, Rose see Ernster, Mike Edward                    
RIEF, Anna see Schneider, Matt                    
RIEF, Clara see Larsen                    
RIEF, Edward see Larsen                    
RIEGEL, H D see Johnson, Benjamin T                    
RIEGEL, Leafy May see Johnson, Benjamin T                    
RIEGEL, Mary see Poorkee, George                    
RIEGER, Jacob see Welter                    
RIEGER, Lenore see Welter                    
RIEGERT, Charles see Pike, Charles                    
RIEGERT, Mary see Pike, Charles                    
RIEGH, Angeline see Smith, Albert E                    
RIEGLE, Ida see Brown, Benjamin H                    
RIEGLE, Minerva see Taylor, Mark                    
RIEGLE, Minerva see Taylor, Charles Ashby                    
RIEKE, Henry G see Rieke                    
RIEKE, Henry H see Rieke, Herman W                    
RIEKE, Herman W       Miles City 31 Indiana Henry G Rieke & Katherine Schuster 21-May-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1033  
      Bertha Schaefer Mankato Mn 21 Mn F M Schaefer & Mary B Kern          
RIEKE, Herman W       Billings 21 Fort Wayne Indiana Henry H Rieke & Katherine Schuster     Dawson 2174  
      Bertha Schaefer Mankato Mn 21 Mankato F M Schaefer & Mary B Kern          
RIELAND, Anton see Graham                    
RIELAND, Veronica see Graham                    
RIEMER, Edwin T       Saco 39 London England Theodore Riemer & Ellen Roberts 10-Dec-08 Glasgow Valley 430  
      Nettie Hendrickson Glasgow 25 Norway Steiner Hendrickson & ???          
RIEMER, Theodore see Riemer, Edwin T                    
RIENERS, Edward T see Frame, Herbert J                    
RIENHOLT, Mary see Yri, Andy                    
RIENULAND, Lena see Ambelang, Hubert H                    
RIERSEN, Martha see Camrude, Joseph Ingolph                    
RIERSON, Albin       Comertown 23 Wilmar Mn Nels Rierson & Anna Udseth 12-Jan-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2711  
      Edna Peele Westby 21 Westby George Peel & Effie Lyles          
RIERSON, Alexander Jackson see Burgess, Gabriel William                    
RIERSON, Cora May see Burgess, Gabriel W.                    
RIERSON, Nels see Rierson                    
RIES, Sophie see Hagman, Alfred N                    
RIESCUMP, Clemens see Scharping, Arthur C                    
RIESCUMP, Mary see Scharping, Arthur C                    
RIESLAND, Garnet see Wingreene, Gus Edward                    
RIESLAND, Geo D see Wingreene, Gus Edward                    
RIESTER, Aaron see Jones, Carl O                    
RIESTER, Friedricha see Diehl, Theodore                    
RIESTER, Nellie see Jones, Carl O                    
RIESTER, Rosina see Diehl, Theodore                    
RIESWIG, Edward E       Tripoli Wis 32 Wis William Rieswig & Karterine Schafer 2-Jul-30 Glasgow Valley 3571  
      Thelma Oelhafen Tripoli Wis 23 Tomohawk Wis William Oelhafen & Clara Sandas          
RIESWIG, William see Rieswig, Edward E                    
RIETZ, Joseph A       Phillips 33 Mn   26-Aug-18   Phillips 369  
      Mary J Redfern Phillips 23 Nebr            
RIETZ, Julia O see Heemey, Harry G                    
RIFE, Samuel P       Wibaux 52 Bloomville Ohio William Rife & Salvia Rish 24-May-27 Wibaux Wibaux 567  
      Nellie May Edwards Butte Neb 33 Butte Neb Byard Edwards & Lydia Blodgett          
RIFE, William see Rife, Samuel P                    
RIFENRATH, Henry C       Glendive 27 Brainerd Mn Henry C Rifenrath & Annie Popp 5-May-15 Glendive Dawson 1709  
      Selma Draklow Glendive 24 Brainerd Mn Julius Draklow & Annie Jentz          
RIGBY, Edith see Hasty, Frank J                    
RIGBY, Elijah S see Hasty, Frank J                    
RIGBY, Elijah S see Rigby, Mils E                    
RIGBY, Mils? E       ??? 47 Green Cty Wis Elijah S Rigby & Suas? Shipman 30-Jul-08 Glendive Dawson 712  
      Ida M Birch St Paul 38 Hudson Wisc John & Mary Birch          
RIGBY, William       Glendive 34 Wisc Elijah S Rigby & Shuah Shipman 24-Jun-1893 Glendive Dawson 81  
      Mrs Victoria Fish Glendive ??? Iowa ???          
RIGDON, James A       Mandan N D 24 Ada Okla Vardry A Rigdon & Melissie Donnovan 17-Apr-23 Glendive Dawson 2969  
      Marie Archer Mandan N D 23 Denison Iowa Frank Archer & Mary Higley          
RIGDON, John see Barbour, Lawrence D                    
RIGDON, Rena Marie see Barbour, Lawrence D                    
RIGDON, Vardry A see Rigdon, James A                    
RIGG, Bernt see Norman                    
RIGG, Helga O see Norman                    
RIGGIN, F A see Riggin, Harrison V                    
RIGGIN, Florence Edna (Johnson?) see Rogers, Charles Edward                    
RIGGIN, Frances see Riggin, Guy A                    
RIGGIN, Guy A       Hinsdale 36 Mt Francis Riggin & Ida Jordan 24-Jan-20 Glasgow Valley 2615  
      Minnie Sorenson Barnard 18 Denmark Pete Sorenson & Antoinette Hansen          
RIGGIN, Harrison V       Barr 42 Mt F A Riggin & Ida I Jordan 23-Jun-20 Barr Valley 2684  
      Florence Edna Johnson Grear Falls 29 Indiana Chas W Johnson & Catherine Hoog?          
RIGGIN, Keith       Hemet Calif 22 N D Kent O Riggin & Alvira Sorkness 15-Jan-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 855  
      Irene Carpenter Poplar 20 N D Daniel Carpenter & ???          
RIGGINS, Elizabeth B see Huston, Paul M                    
RIGGINS, Mary see Wood, Charles                    
RIGGLE, Mrs Ellen see Stensland, John E                    
RIGGLE, Sarah E see Fleischman, LeeRoy                    
RIGGLE, T W       Malta 21 N D   28-Jun-28   Phillips 1032  
      Ruth Williams Phillips 19 Indiana            
RIGGS, E J see Kleis                    
RIGGS, Eldora see Stoddard, Floyd Hibbard                    
RIGGS, Mary see Edmiston, Earl                    
RIGGS, Ruby see Kleis                    
RIGHT, Elvira see Reed, Orin K                    
RIGLE, Minerva J see Garrison, William T                    
RIGLE, Minerva J see Taylor, Ira A                    
RIGLEY, Andrew       Redstone 30 Princeton N J Joseph Rigley & Rebecca Millis 5-May-11 Medicine Lake Valley 820  
      Jennie H Slack Trenton N J 24 Trenton Eli Slack & Jennie Harold          
RIGLEY, Joseph see Rigley, Andrew                    
RIGNELL, Agnes see Peterson, Oscar                    
RIGNELL, Andrew see Peterson, Oscar                    
RIGNELL, Andrew see Rignell, Elmer                    
RIGNELL, Elmer       Bainville 24 Winthrop Mn Andrew Rignell & Carrie Olson 25-May-10 Glasgow Valley 636  
      Marie Wegner Gaylord Mn 20 Germany Mike Wegner & Otilla Niels          
RIGSBY, David       Miles City 20 Wingate England Geo Rigsby & Mary Hanbburn? 29-Sep-16 Wibaux Wibaux 108  
      Viola Lewis Wibaux 17 Doon? Iowa Charles Lewis & Lizzie Holmes          
RIGSBY, George see Rigsby, David                    
RIGTTES?, Etta see Ocker, Willis F                    
RIIS, Ben see Sather, Bennie                    
RIIS, Charlotte see Jensen, Olav Sigurd                    
RIIS, Hazel see Sather, Ben                    
RIKHUS, Johanna see Benson                    
RILEY, Annie see Devitt, Joseph D                    
RILEY, Annie see Kuchli, Joseph H                    
RILEY, Arthur J       Wolf Point 32 Mo William Riley & Lucinda James 17-Apr-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 372  
      Lena Belgard Wolf Point 17 Williston August Belgard & Mary R Worlis          
RILEY, Benjamin Lawrence       Glendive 31 Minneapolis Mn Thomas Riley & Jennie Lawrence 28-Jan-22 Glendive Dawson 2839  
      Clara Mathilde Trandum Billings 21 Grand Forks N D Marcus E Trandum & Helene A Arneberg          
RILEY, Bridget see Foster, William B                    
RILEY, Catherine M (Stanley?) see Hartrauft, Edwin M                    
RILEY, Elizabeth see Jones, Roy                    
RILEY, Ellen see Lehman, Max                    
RILEY, Eunice see Nelson, Clifford R                    
RILEY, George H see Riley, Wendell E G                    
RILEY, Harry & Elizabeth see Riley                    
RILEY, Henry C       Reserve 36 Mn Harry & Elizabeth Riley 14-Dec-16 Reserve Sheridan 911  
      Estelle Kallak   26 Mn Emil Kallak & Lina Johnson          
RILEY, J Frank       Wibaux 40 Mn Thomas Riley & Ennie Wright 18-Jan-17 Wibaux Wibaux 122  
      Pearl Woodhull Wibaux 17 N D A M Wood hull & Mabel Laird          
RILEY, John see Riley, W S                    
RILEY, Josephine see Norby                    
RILEY, Lula see Bowyer, Russell                    
RILEY, Mary see McCall, Henry C                    
RILEY, Mary E see James, George                    
RILEY, May C see Riley, W S                    
RILEY, Nancy see Calavan, Joseph                    
RILEY, Peter see James, George                    
RILEY, Rosalind see Greenup, Clyde Riley                    
RILEY, Rosalyne see Sauskojus                    
RILEY, Rose see Erickson, Arlie Theodore                    
RILEY, Rose see Greenup, Roy                    
RILEY, Roselyn see Hockett                    
RILEY, Thomas see Riley, Frank                    
RILEY, Thomas see Riley, Benjamin Lawernce                    
RILEY, W S       Baylor 70 Can John Riley & Manda Sanderson 3-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1849  
      May C Riley Chillicoyhe? Mo 70 Can J Nelson Culver          
RILEY, Wendell E G       Scobey 21 Lovington Ill George H Riley & Josephine A Gardner 22-Feb-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 602  
      Rose Anna Bettineau Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point Joe Bettineau & Deleo Thomas          
RILEY, William see Riley, Arthur J                    
RILLA, Fred       Stipek 21 Germany Gottleib Rilla & Augusta Olschewski 20-Sep-24 Glendive Dawson 3139  
      Martha Undem Stipek 21   Olaus Undem & Carrie Kalberg          
RILLA, Gottleib see Rilla, Fred                    
RILLA, Gottleib see Rilla, William                    
RILLA, William       Stipek 28 Germany Gottlieb Rilla & Augusta Olschewski 2-Apr-21 Glendive Dawson 2754  
      Isabel Peterson Stipek 30 Appleton Wisc Paul D Peterson & Celia Blankenburg          
RIMEL, Casper see Rimel, William                    
RIMEL, Elizabeth see Shipp, Oliver                    
RIMEL, I S see Rimel, William Phillip                    
RIMEL, Ira see Hall, Olen                    
RIMEL, Ira S see Rimel, Sylvester Barta                    
RIMEL, Ira Samuel see Kinney, Roy Hubert                    
RIMEL, La Ama Jessie see Hall, Olen                    
RIMEL, Margaret B see Kinney, Roy Hubert                    
RIMEL, Sylvester Barta       Wibaux 31 Doe Hill Virginia Ira S Rimel & Sarah M V Probst 7-Nov-11 Glendive Dawson 1002  
      Malvina Lillie Anna Ghenon Wibaux 19 Minneapolis Mn George Ghenon & Mary Pamarlo          
RIMEL, William L       Glasgow 27 Harrisonburg Vir Casper Rimel & Elizabeth Bennett 21-Jan-13 Glasgow Valley 1226  
      Aster Etholin Laughery Glasgow 16 Adams Cty Indiana Frank A Laughrey & Jennie Huston          
RIMEL, William Phillip       Wibaux 47 Pendleton Virginia I S Rimel & Sarah M V Propst 5-Jan-11 Glendive Dawson 887  
      Agnes Pearl Hammond Wibaux 18 Edgewood Iowa Orrin D Hammond & Marinda M Curran          
RIMIA, Josephine see Sola, Antonio                    
RIMMER, Mary see Rohde, Carl                    
RINALDO, Francis August see Spofford, Louis D                    
RINALDO, Hilma see Spofford, Louis D                    
RINDAHL, Erick see Odeen                    
RINDAHL, Matea see Petersen                    
RINDAL, Johanne see Dahl, Henry                    
RINDALL, Matie see Mortensen                    
RINEHART, A L       Ray N D 30 Iowa Jesse H Rinehart & Elizabeth Bowans 17-Mar-14 Plentywood Sheridan 201  
      Julia Edwards P�wood 27 Ill J L Beivens          
RINEHART, Alfa Martin       Glendive 32 Mendota Mn Martin Rinehart & Emma Lemay 6-May-22 Glendive Dawson 2860  
      Nan Leonore Smith Glendive 30 Motley Mn Chas A Smith & Sarah Barr          
RINEHART, Blanche see Henry, Robert                    
RINEHART, Delia see Kinsey, Lee R                    
RINEHART, Ella see Petry, Noah E                    
RINEHART, Frank T       Williston N D 30 Penn William & Ruth Ann Rinehart 3-Dec-09 Glasgow Valley 540  
      Margaret M Dungan Culbertson 37 N D Alfred Dungan & Sarah Peters          
RINEHART, Jesse H see Rinehart                    
RINEHART, M W see Kinsey, Lee R                    
RINEHART, Mack see Babcock, Irwin                    
RINEHART, Martin see Henry, Robert                    
RINEHART, Martin see Rinehart, Ovid                    
RINEHART, Martin see Rinehart, Alfa Martin                    
RINEHART, Martin see Bauer, Arnold J                    
RINEHART, Olive May see Babcock, Irwin                    
RINEHART, Ovid       Glendive 23 St Paul Mn Martin Rinehart & Emma Lemay 26-Nov-12 Glendive Dawson 1160  
      Ellen Bartholemew Glendive 18 West Concord Mn Henry Bartholemew & Abbie Chase          
RINEHART, Ruth see Bauer, Arnold J                    
RINEHART, William & Ruth Ann see Rinehart, Frank T                    
RING, Barbara see Carlson, Albert                    
RING, Glen       Redstone 28 Wis John Ring & Alberta Dighton 26-Jan-14 Redstone Sheridan 165  
      Myrtle A Nelson Red- stone 15 Mn John G Nelson & Anna Bloom          
RING, John see Ring                    
RING, Kate see Russell, Howard                    
RING, Kate see Taylor, Willis Sr                    
RING, Lulu see Lester                    
RING, Mable see Langton                    
RING, Matt       Poplar 54 Mt Medicine Bear & ??? 13-Nov-25 Poplar Roosivelt 830  
      Dora Fast Horse Riverside 61 Mt Deer Tail & ???          
RING, Matt & Katie see Langton                    
RING, Max       Poplar 47 Poplar Whitetail & Good Wears Walking 21-Mar-16 Poplar Sheridan 706  
      Julia Redfeather Poplar 39 Poplar Black Ghost & Driving Flying Shield          
RING, Mrs Matt see Russell                    
RING, Nina see Jensen, Albert D                    
RING, Oscar and Elizabeth see Jensen, Albert D                    
RING, Robt see Lester                    
RING, Selma see Doerfler                    
RING, Sophie see Pitsch, Henry                    
RINGALSLETTER, Barbara see Giesen                    
RINGER, Amelia see Wienke, Henry Otto                    
RINGER, Amelia see Fields, Thomas W                    
RINGER, Aurelia see Weinke, Arthur A                    
RINGER, Edvina see Dubuque, Harry                    
RINGER, Emma Helena (Swanson?) see Wickberg, Eric                    
RINGHEIM, Clara G see Bragg, Herbert S                    
RINGHEIM, Ingoberg see Burbridge, Ralph                    
RINGHEIM, Nels see Bragg, Herbert S                    
RINGHOLT, Clara see Arneson, Ben                    
RINGLER, Christine Elizabeth see Tipp                    
RINGLER, David       Froid 21 Russell Kan George Ringler & Dorothy Scledwitz? 5-Dec-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 840  
      Hazel Baker Froid 19 Froid James O Baker & Alice Hanshaw          
RINGLER, George see Tipp                    
RINGLER, George see Ringler, David                    
RINGLEY, Adda see Waller, Charles Elvin                    
RINGQUIST, Beda see Fellon                    
RINGSTAD, Hans see Ringstad, Norman                    
RINGSTAD, Margit see Anker                    
RINGSTAD, Marrit see Boe, John E                    
RINGSTAD, Norman       Scobey 25 Portland Ore Hans Ringstad & Caroline Hetgerson 16-Mar-26 Glasgow Valley 3205  
      May Turner Scobey 23 Chatham Ont Can William Turner & Agnes Hankins          
RINIEL, Lanora H (Stevens?) see Keith, H K                    
RINKER, Bertha May see Pomeroy, Earl B                    
RINKER, Howard Ellsworth       Scobey 23 Lofty Penn Paul Rinker & Katherine Linderner 15-Nov-13 Scobey Sheridan 116  
      Louise Nehring Scobey 23 Storm Lake Mn Wm Nehring & Anna Grabon          
RINKER, Paul see Rinker                    
RIONSBY?, Caroline see Schroeder, Peter                    
RIORDAN, Roy       Valley 25 N D       Phillips 323 ( cert not completed )
      Anna Dick Valley 19 Canada            
RIOUX, Agloe see Leroux, Lancreda                    
RIPELEN, Mary see Barnier                    
RIPKEY, Albert       Volt 24 Illinois John Ripkey & Matilda Johannes 1-Jul-20 Froid Sheridan 1656  
      Agnes Burrow Belt 19 Belt ??? & Alberta Burrow          
RIPKEY, John see Ripkey                    
RIPLEY, Ben       Chinook 43 Walworth Wis Jacob Ripley & Mary Derr 1-Oct-13 Chinook Blaine 79  
      Mary Denny Chi-nook 27 Beaverville Ind Peter Denny & Ida Underwood          
RIPLEY, Frank see Ripley, Paul                    
RIPLEY, Frank see Ripley, Frank                    
RIPLEY, Jacob see Ripley, Ben                    
RIPLEY, Louisa C see Albert, George                    
RIPLEY, Paul       Union 25 Sparta Wis Frank Ripley & S Peaterson 17-Aug-23 Wibaux Wibaux 399  
      Eunice Denison Sparta Wis 18 Sparta W Dennison & Minnie Slaton          
RIPLEY, Walter       Union 21 Sparta Wisc Frank Ripley & Cinda Mathilda Peterson 24-Dec-21 Lindsay Dawson 1831  
      Edna Blackwell Glendive 16 Cloverland Wash Clarence Blackwell & Sarah Dorothy Anderson          
RIPSTAD, Signa see Rasmussen                    
RISA, Martin P       Opheim 32 Norway Peter Risa & Oleana Bjornlund? 23-Aug-15 Glasgow Valley 1723  
      Thea Blikken Opheim 23 Wis Torkel L Blikken & ???          
RISA, Peter see Risa, Martin P                    
RISBERG, Marie see Engstrom, George A                    
RISBERG, Mary see Johnson, C O                    
RISCH, Anton see McCabe, Jason C                    
RISCH, Barbara see McCabe, Jason C                    
RISDAHL, Rachael see Linderman, Charles                    
RISDAHL, Rachel see Finstad, John Raymond                    
RISDAHL, Rachel see Kohl, George Henry                    
RISDAL, Amalie see Walstad, Hans                    
RISDAL, George       Clark 23 Norway Jorgen Risdal & Tomine Cecelia Sjurdetter? 10-Feb-13 Glendive Dawson 1211  
      Gustava Volstad Clark 28 Norway J Volstad & Ane Broston          
RISDAL, Jorgen see Risdal, George                    
RISDALE, Carrie see Bartok, Jacob                    
RISDALE, Even see Bartok, Jacob                    
RISE, Hans Olai H       Glendive 32 Hardanger Norway Hans Rise & Setea? Musland 9-Aug-03 Glendive Dawson 298  
      Bertha Pauline Musland Glendive 34 Hardanger John & Brilla Musland          
RISE, Liv see Hovet                    
RISEN, Peter see Risen, Walter                    
RISEN, Walter       Lovejoy 27 Sweden Peter Risen & Sophia Linholm 30-Sep-14 Malta Valley 1551  
      Hanna Linhagen Lovejoy 28 Norway ???          
RISH, Salvia see Rifem, Samuel P                    
RISHEL, Harry       Baylor 29 Penn Wilson H Rishel & Francis Rocky 25-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2182  
      Clara Christenson Baylor 25 Seattle Fredrick Christenson & Severine Iverson          
RISHEL, William H see Rishel, Harry                    
RISHOOD, Olaus       Wibaux 31 Plum P O Norman Cty Mn Ole Rishood & Carrie Siverson 4-Mar-14 Glendive Dawson 1451  
      Nellie Gollsen(Golasen?) Wibaux 35 Norway Ole Golasen & Chari Person          
RISHOOD, Ole see Rishood, Ole                    
RISHOP, Edward E       Antelope 27 Pelican Rapids Mn Erick Rishop & Nesilone Thorsen 3-Apr-12 Antelope Valley 1012  
      Hulda Christina Grimsrud Antelope 22 Havana N D Ole Grimsrud & Anna Boring          
RISHOP, Erick see Rishop, Edward E                    
RISKE, Margaret see LaFournaise, Frank                    
RISKE, Otto see LaFournaise, Frank                    
RISKY, Delia see Genske, Frank                    
RISMOEN, Tilda see Baxter, Ralph                    
RISNES, Andras Olsen see Herigstad, Ingebret                    
RISNES, Andrew see Johnson, Emil                    
RISNESS, Andrew see Anderson, Elias R                    
RISSINGER, Henry see Olson                    
RISSINGER, Sarah see Olson                    
RITCHER, Olive B see Hickock, Major B                    
RITCHEY, Alpharetta see Crutchfield, Roby A                    
RITCHEY, Annie see Ullom, Delbert                    
RITCHEY, Elmer C see Ritchey, Harold                    
RITCHEY, Harold       Beach N D 22 Gene-va Neb Elmer C Ritchey & Ora Hunt 6-Oct-28 Wibaux Wibaux 634  
      Blanche Meek Beach N D 18 ??? George Meek & Margaret Dunn          
RITCHEYE, Annie see Ullom, Jesse Lewis                    
RITCHEYE, John see Kemmer, Paul                    
RITCHIE, Alexander see Ritchie, Mack F                    
RITCHIE, Clara see Burns, Arthur                    
RITCHIE, Jennie see Drysdale, Alex G                    
RITCHIE, Katherine see Gallagher, Charles Edward                    
RITCHIE, Mack F       Wibaux 23 Maringo Indiana Alexander Ritchie & Melinda Huffer 31-Dec-13 Glendive Dawson 1414  
      Louise V Martini Wibaux 21 Sebewaing Mich John Martini & Mary Krause          
RITCHIE, Mary see Dewar, John E                    
RITCHIE, Mina see Spence, Charles Ritchie                    
RITHER, Nancy see O�Bryan, Dan                    
RITS, Anna see Demko, Mike Leonard                    
RITSBERG, Halley B see Creach, Earnest                    
RITTAL, Christ see Gaub, Edwin                    
RITTAL, Elsie see Gaub, Edwin                    
RITTER, Caroline see Smith, August B                    
RITTER, Florence see Gardner, Harry Seaman                    
RITTER, Margaret see Fries                    
RITTER, Marie N see Varney, Ora                    
RITTER, Mary see Phillebaum, Clyde Arthur                    
RITTER, Maryann see Amundson, Fred K                    
RITTER, Peter see Phillebaum, Clyde Arthur                    
RITTER, Phersia see Keeler, George                    
RITTER, Theresa see Moore, Clarence C                    
RITTER, Theresa see Crosby, Glen J                    
RITTGERS, Harry see Fuller, James Thomas                    
RITTGERS, Ruth Iwen see Fuller, James Thomas                    
RITTMAYER, Victoria see Brenner, John                    
RITZ, L A see Ritz                    
RITZ, Sherman E       Medicine Lake 35 Prescott Arkansas L A Ritz & Alma Cole 8-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2488  
      Rena Nelson Froid 21 Froid Oscar Nelson & Olga Engevensen          
RIVELAND, Ole see Grindland                    
RIVELAND, Wilda see Grindland                    
RIVENES, Einar       Glendive 32 Norway Ivar Rivenes & Anna Klove 12-Jun-09 Glendive Dawson 696  
      Emelia Kolberg Glendive 22 Norway Einer & Gudrun Kolberg          
RIVENES, Ivar see Rivenes, Einar                    
RIVENES, Ivar see Rivenes, Jens                    
RIVENES, Jens       Glendive 34 Voss Norway Ivar Rivenes & Anna Klove 12-Aug-1899 Glendive Dawson 190  
      Ragna Folkestad Bristol S D 24 Boe Norway Halvard Folkestad & Gudrun Eiko          
RIVERS, D B & Ida see Roberts, Doan W                    
RIVERS, Edna E see Henry, Ira D                    
RIVERS, Marjorie see Roberts, Doan W                    
RIVERS, Martin see Henry, Ira D                    
RIVET, George see Bartlett, Alfred                    
RIVET, J A see Heath, Chas A                    
RIVET, Louise see Lebel                    
RIVET, Louise see Wahl, Hilmer Morris                    
RIXEN, Otelia Mary see Maybelle, Frank J                    
RIXEN, Reinhart see Maybelle, Frank J                    
RIXINGER, Frank E see Esmey, Fred                    
ROACH, -----? see Kalkgen                    
ROACH, Alfred see Hyatt, Floyd                    
ROACH, Eleanor see Parker, Verne                    
ROACH, Ellen see Lynch, John J                    
ROACH, Julia see Sullivan, Robert E                    
ROACH, Katherine see Lalonde, Albert                    
ROACH, Katie E see Smiley, Charles B                    
ROACH, Margaret see Krusch                    
ROACH, Margaret E see Jensen, Lawrence                    
ROACH, Mary see Bernhard                    
ROACH, Mary see Umlauf                    
ROACH, Mary see Cable, Albert                    
ROACH, Mary see Lutterbeck, Ben Blasing                    
ROACH, Miles see Fielder, Chas H                    
ROACH, Miles see Parker, Vern                    
ROACH, Myles       Saco 30 Hamer Mn Myles Roach & Sophie Gillett 26-Nov-02 Glasgow Valley 75  
      Addie Blanchard Lewiston M N 30 Lewiston Leonard Blanchard & Sarah Bucknam          
ROACH, Nellie see McCann, Rolland T                    
ROACH, Thomas see Smiley, Charles B                    
ROADHOUSE, J F see Cummings, Newton J                    
ROADHOUSE, John F see Kibler, Herbert                    
ROADS, Mary see Harn, William                    
ROALD, Martha see Sime, Arthur G                    
ROALD, Olaf Robert       Horse Creek 24 Olson (Aalesund ?) Norway Ole Roald & Nicolina Rorvik 3-May-15 Prairie Elk Dawson 1704  
      Bessie Spencer Horse Creek 24 St Paul Mn Clark Spencer & Nellie Hanson          
ROALD, Ole see Roald, Olaf Robert                    
ROALD, Ole see Sime, Arthur G                    
ROALKVAM, Carl       Fallon 29 Norway Knute Bjonstein? & Bertha Stangeland 22-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3165  
      Augusta Marie Fornall Fallon 19 AusHun Fabian Fornall & Karolina Bandor          
ROAN, Elsie M see Kvikstad, Peter                    
ROAN, Hugh see Kvikstad, Peter                    
ROANE, James K       Fairview 27 Mn Thomas A Roane & Ellen Welch 18-Jun-14 Scobey Sheridan 250  
      Marie Christine Frederickson Fairview 24 Denmark Christ Frederickson & ???          
ROANE, Myrtle see Carter                    
ROANE, Thomas A see Roane                    
ROAT, Joseph see Roat                    
ROAT, William M       Homestead 55 Iowa Joseph & Hannah Datte 9-Jun-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1519  
      Hannah Light Homestead 65 Illinois Jordan Light & Ella Nelson          
ROATH, Ariminda see Burke, Harry W                    
ROATH, Cynthia A see Stevens                    
ROATH, Frank       Eau Claire 32 Wis Joseph Roath & Hannah McKay 8-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 691  
      Harriet Roath Eau Claire Wis 26 Wis Nicholas Roath & Molly Oneil          
ROATH, Joseph see Roath                    
ROATH, Nicholas see Roath                    
ROBACK, Elizabeth see Kruger, Henry                    
ROBB, Bessie J see Coombes, John H                    
ROBB, George see Johnson                    
ROBB, Harry James       Wolf Point 30 Mich James Robb & Margaret Sibald 2-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2323  
      Dorothy May Herrick ??? 26 S D George Herrick & Alla McClanaghan          
ROBB, James see Robb, Harry James                    
ROBB, Ole see Coombes, John H                    
ROBBIN, Anna Luella see Holderman, LeeRoy                    
ROBBIN, Emma see Smith                    
ROBBIN, G see Smith                    
ROBBIN, G J see Balbinot, William                    
ROBBIN, Gerald see Robbin, John P                    
ROBBIN, Gerald see Holderman, LeeRoy                    
ROBBIN, John P       Scobey 26 Wis Gerald Robbin & Esther Bebo 11-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2248  
      Lydia Bruenstruk Scobey 24 Mn William Bruenstruk & Ida Wagner          
ROBBINS, Charles       Poplar 23 ??? Charles Robbins & Clara Proctor 28-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1024  
      Helen Martell Poplar 21 Culbertson John B Martell & Mary Rose Gladue          
ROBBINS, Clara E (Proctor?) see Benson, Alvah A                    
ROBBINS, Dan F       Mandan N D 25 Waukon Iowa Dan F Robbins & Ellan Jane Bowen 16-Aug-28 Wibaux Wibaux 622  
      Isabell Marion Martin Billings 22 Pendleton Ore Frank E Martin & Corine White Cloud          
ROBBINS, Easel see Robbins, Merritt                    
ROBBINS, Edwin       Butte 26 Aspen Colo T W Robbins & Josephine Salisbury 22-Oct-34 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2884  
      Harriet Jobb Butte 30 East Helena Joseph W Kellogg & Eliza W Kelly          
ROBBINS, Emma see Bettey, Burt A                    
ROBBINS, Evan J see Robbins, Frank                    
ROBBINS, Fannie see Wilson, Frank A                    
ROBBINS, Frank       Richey 43 Iowa Evan J Robbins & Sarah Connor 16-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2196  
      Helen Whitney Cedar Falls Iowa 28 N D Finnis Whitney & Sarah Carr          
ROBBINS, Frank E       Poplar 25 Ft Mc-Cloud? Canada John Robbins & Clara Proctor 7-Aug-24 Poplar Roosivelt 652  
      Eva Mason Poplar 18 Elbow Woods N D Jessie Mason & Lucy Sears          
ROBBINS, Fred see Washington, Harry                    
ROBBINS, Jack       Poplar 26 Santa Rita Calif William & Nancy Robbins 28-Mar-10 Poplar Valley ?  
      Clara Proctor Poplar 18 Wolf Point Peter & Annie Proctor          
ROBBINS, John see Robins, Frank E                    
ROBBINS, M E see Job                    
ROBBINS, Martha see Downen                    
ROBBINS, Maud Ellen see Trudo, Charles George                    
ROBBINS, Merritt       Barnard 25 Watertown S D Easel Robbins & Mary Zimmerman 26-Oct-25 Barnard Valley    
      Nellie Crane Barnard 24 Kenmare N D Robert Crane & Retzy Bartlett          
ROBBINS, Nathan G see Wilson, Frank A                    
ROBBINS, T W see Robbins                    
ROBBINS, William & Nancy see Robbins, Jack                    
ROBE, Angela see Larson, Bartholl M                    
ROBE, Wanda see Thielen, Mike                    
ROBE, William see Thielen, Mike                    
ROBEL, Elizabeth see Hickel, Francis H                    
ROBEL, Elizabeth see Meyer, Otto J                    
ROBEL, Elizabeth see Seagraves, Charles E                    
ROBERSON, Mattie see Meyers, William                    
ROBERT, Alphonsine see Jarton, Kleber                    
ROBERT, Alphonsine see Jarton, Leo Edward                    
ROBERT, Charles see Lund                    
ROBERT, Elizabeth see Clifford, Charles                    
ROBERT, Ida M see Hewitt, Hiram W                    
ROBERT, Joseph see Robert, Leon                    
ROBERT, Leon       Duck Lake Can 28 Besancon France Joseph Robert & Marie Nicoud 8-Mar-09 Bainville Valley 457  
      Esther Pirart Bainville 19 Wavres Belgium Clement Pirart & ???          
ROBERTORYE, Pauline see Hilliard, Dan F                    
ROBERTS, Adolph & Victoria see Roberts, Harold James                    
ROBERTS, Albret       Fallon 31 Gallin Cty Ill James Roberts & Matilda Cotrell 22-Dec-26 Glendive Dawson 408  
      Anna Vaule Glendive 18 Norway ???          
ROBERTS, Amanda see Smallwood                    
ROBERTS, Anna see Young                    
ROBERTS, Annie see Edwards, Arthur Noel                    
ROBERTS, Barney A       Glendive 22 Bismark N D Fred A Roberts & Anna A Hidges 29-Jan-08 Glendive Dawson 574  
      Blanche Hines Glendive 18 Shelbyville Ill Andrew Hines & Etta E Westenham          
ROBERTS, Beldon       Beach N D 22 Black River Falls Wisc Len Roberts & Alma Richardson 4-Dec-17 Glendive Dawson 2305  
      Oddie Holmberg Beach N D 19 Winona Mn Frank Holmberg & Ella Brown          
ROBERTS, C T see Roberts, Virgil A                    
ROBERTS, Charles see Tetly, Harry R                    
ROBERTS, Charles E see Roberts, Doan W                    
ROBERTS, Charles W see Turmell, Cyrille                    
ROBERTS, Clair see Isterman, Grover                    
ROBERTS, Daisy Corine see Fellows, Albert H                    
ROBERTS, Doan W       Miles City 28 Walsenburg Colorado Charles E Roberts & Ida Price     Dawson 2609  
      Marjorie Rivers Miles City 20 Milwaukee Wisc D B & Ida Rivers          
ROBERTS, Dorothy see Rush, Charles Edward                    
ROBERTS, E V see Lodahl                    
ROBERTS, Earl see Roberts                    
ROBERTS, Edward see Roberts, Joe                    
ROBERTS, Effie see Johnson, Victor                    
ROBERTS, Eliza see Cowan, James Alfred                    
ROBERTS, Elizabeth see Campbell                    
ROBERTS, Elizabeth see Hale, Charles                    
ROBERTS, Elizabeth see Daly, William F                    
ROBERTS, Elizabeth see Hopkins, Abel                    
ROBERTS, Elizabeth Ellen see Stockwell, Howard                    
ROBERTS, Ellen see Riemer, Edwin T                    
ROBERTS, Falton W       Glasgow 29 Ill Thomas J Roberts & Mathilda Dugger 2-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1597  
      Valentine Ames Glasgow 20 N D Alfred Ames & Anna Speum?          
ROBERTS, Fannie Catherine see Jones, William L                    
ROBERTS, Fred A see Roberts, Barney A                    
ROBERTS, George see Roberts, Glen H                    
ROBERTS, Glenn H       Glendive 23 Mason City Iowa George Roberts & Ida Haupt 14-Aug-29 Glendive Dawson 3759  
      Mabel Irene Andrews Glendive 16 Stipek Amos Andrews & Mary Kitchen          
ROBERTS, Harold James       Great Falls 29 Avondale Mn Adolph & Victoria Robert 25-Jul-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1354  
      Selma Renowski Berham (Perham) Mn     August Renowski & Elizabeth Lepak          
ROBERTS, Helen see Brundage, Truman Osborne                    
ROBERTS, J & Amy see Meele, C M                    
ROBERTS, James see Roberts, Albert                    
ROBERTS, James see Roberts, Vern Kimball                    
ROBERTS, Jeanette see Marrion, Phil H                    
ROBERTS, Jesse J       Dooley 44 Mn John Roberts & Eunice Whitney 9-Feb-15 Dooley Sheridan 426  
      Sarah Ehrmantraut Dooley 23 Penn Thomas James          
ROBERTS, Joe       Harlem 34 Wales Edward Roberts & Alice Rathbone 25-Mar-26 Chinook Blaine 930  
      Margaret Booth Harlem 18 Leavenworth Kan F F Booth & Virginia Arbuckle          
ROBERTS, John see Roberts                    
ROBERTS, John see Roberts, Roy Albert                    
ROBERTS, John A       Glasgow 27 Dublin Ireland John Roberts & Francis Daim? 28-Jun-13 Glasgow Valley 1313  
      Lily Brown Glasgow 30 Burton England Wm Brown & Harriet Hinnpluces?          
ROBERTS, John Franklin       Glendive 47 Shelby Iowa Joseph Franklin Roberts & Belle Weems 15-May-29 Glendive Dawson 3717  
      Teresa Barbara Weber Glendive 27 New Ulm Mn Andrew Weber & Anna Marti          
ROBERTS, John Nelson       Phillips 26 Canada   1-Oct-18   Phillips 377  
      Edith Marion Thompson Phillips 22 N D            
ROBERTS, John S see Marrion, Phil H                    
ROBERTS, Joseph Franklin see Roberts, John Franklin                    
ROBERTS, Kenneth       Enid 22 Illinois Earl Roberts & Laura Bristol 25-Oct-18 Plentywood Sheridan 2373  
      Julia Herbst Lambert 18 Nebr Jale Herbst & Aline Carter          
ROBERTS, Laura see Carlson, O W                    
ROBERTS, Leman see Roberts                    
ROBERTS, Len see Roberts, Beldon                    
ROBERTS, Leonore see Thompson, Alec                    
ROBERTS, Lillian see Tribe, Ralph                    
ROBERTS, Lloyd see Sarchet, George A                    
ROBERTS, Louis see Mashke, Victor R                    
ROBERTS, Lydia see Smith, Lewis Roberts                    
ROBERTS, Mahala see Jervett, Halleck                    
ROBERTS, Margareth see Peterson                    
ROBERTS, Marie see Killian, George E                    
ROBERTS, Martha see Rush, Charles Edward                    
ROBERTS, Mary Jane see Walker, Walter Sherman                    
ROBERTS, Mathew       Wolf Point 21 Ft Peck Reser Theo Roberts & Polly Browning 14-Jan-30 Ft Kipp Roosivelt 1413  
      Alma Redboy Brockton 21 Ft Peck Reser Phillip Redboy & Agnes Brown Ear          
ROBERTS, Mattie A see Jones, Jarrett W                    
ROBERTS, Melinda see Barnhart                    
ROBERTS, Mercy see Edwards, Henry Thomas                    
ROBERTS, Monnie see Johnson, Victor                    
ROBERTS, Myrtle see Tetly, Harry R                    
ROBERTS, Nellie see Flint                    
ROBERTS, Nellie see Henry, Norman Lawrence                    
ROBERTS, Nellie see Meele, C M                    
ROBERTS, Nettie see Murray                    
ROBERTS, O W see Roberts, Warder                    
ROBERTS, Otta see Hobbs, Roy                    
ROBERTS, Polly see Takes Plenty, John                    
ROBERTS, Richard S see Jones, William L                    
ROBERTS, Roy Albert       Wolf Point 27 Mo John Roberts & Jennie Morrow 6-Oct-23 Poplar Roosivelt 553  
      Irene O�Malley Sand Creek 19 Mn John O�Malley & ??? Dickerson          
ROBERTS, Ruth C see Beason, Henry L                    
ROBERTS, Sam see Thompson, Alec                    
ROBERTS, Samuel see Killian, George E                    
ROBERTS, Theo see Roberts, Mathew                    
ROBERTS, Thomas J see Roberts, Falton W                    
ROBERTS, Vern Kimball       Crane 25 Langton Kans James Roberts & Georgia Marton 2-May-24 Glendive Dawson 3102  
      Blanche Fillis Crane 18 Enid George Fillis & Clara Gaffield          
ROBERTS, Viola see Lodahl                    
ROBERTS, Virgil A       Medora N D 21 Alarton Iowa C T Roberts & Clara Trumbal 18-Jun-29 Wibaux Wibaux 685  
      Caroline L Baker Grass Valley Ore 18 Emerson N D Verne A Baker & Bertha Taylor          
ROBERTS, Warder       Wolf Point 21 Chicago Ill O W Roberts & Margaret E Warder 17-May-19 Glendive Dawson 2516  
      Violet B Schreider Glendive 20 Glasgow Paul Schreider & Hannah Coulter          
ROBERTS, Wilfred N see Beason, Henry L                    
ROBERTS, William       Poplar 38 Mich Leman Roberts & Sarah Burnam 24-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 284  
      Jennie Wilson Poplar 26 Mt Richard Wilson & Alice Mist          
ROBERTS, DORMAN, F, Dorman       Phillips Cty 41 Ohio   22-May-15   Phillips 17  
      Jessie Lewis   49 California            
ROBERTSON, Anna see Sams, Zacheus                    
ROBERTSON, Alexander Moore       Chinook 27 Ireland   1-Jun-25   Phillips 823  
      Virdella Elizabeth Link Malta 16 Mich            
ROBERTSON, Catherine see Wells, George Stanley                    
ROBERTSON, Cora see Winter, John Dudley                    
ROBERTSON, Eva M see Ragsdale, Virgil Augustus                    
ROBERTSON, Geralda see Laugh                    
ROBERTSON, Hallie see Lindell, Gust H                    
ROBERTSON, Henry       Westby 24 Racine Wis Peter Robertson & Tena Christiansen 25-Jul-23 Coelridge Sheridan 1908  
      Esther Jensen Westby 21 Racine Wis Christ Jensen & Marie Nelson          
ROBERTSON, Hortense see Hull, Earl                    
ROBERTSON, Iris E see Miller                    
ROBERTSON, John G W see Miller                    
ROBERTSON, Kristine see Stromberg                    
ROBERTSON, Laura E see Benson, Walter E                    
ROBERTSON, Lillie S see Ferris, Arnold D                    
ROBERTSON, Lilly see Richardson, Ralf E                    
ROBERTSON, Madeline see Berry, Bertie                    
ROBERTSON, Margaret see Babb, Clatton W                    
ROBERTSON, Margaret see Symington, Robert                    
ROBERTSON, Martha A see Johnston, Charles C                    
ROBERTSON, Martin see Robertson                    
ROBERTSON, Martin see Robertson                    
ROBERTSON, Moses M see Wells , George Stanley                    
ROBERTSON, Olive Pearl see Dasher, Charles                    
ROBERTSON, Peter see Robertson                    
ROBERTSON, Robert see Benson, Walter E                    
ROBERTSON, Russell       Fortuna N D 31 Mn Martin Robertson & Ellen Jensen 29-Dec-20 Westby Sheridan 1706  
      Alfhild Susaz Fortuna 18 Norway Sven Susaz & N Bartness          
ROBERTSON, Severina see Keinitz                    
ROBERTSON, Vennis J       Grenora 26 Correll Mn Martin Robertson & Ellen Jenson 6-Jun-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2242  
      Ruby Rathbun Beach N D     John Rathbun & Bertha Wait          
ROBERTSON, W A see Robertson, W A                    
ROBERTSON, W B       Glasgow 36 Richburg Can W A Robertson & Lizzie Donely 18-Dec-12 Saco Valley 1187  
      Maggie Irwin Saco 33 Killerder Ireland John Irwin & Mary Bell          
ROBERTSON, W B & Mrs see Peterson, Erick                    
ROBERTSON, Will B       Dodson 40 Iowa   25-Nov-19   Phillips 475  
      Sylvia Marckel Phillips 27 Missouri            
ROBERTSON, William & Elizabeth see Dasher, Charles                    
ROBETORYE, Albert J       Content 26 Mt   26-Jan-29   Phillips 1100  
      Dorothy Meyer Content 23 Mt            
ROBETORYE, Delina see Armstrong, George W                    
ROBETORYE, Henry see Armstrong, George W                    
ROBETOYRE, Delina see Clausen, Bernard H                    
ROBETOYRE, Pauline see Clausen, Bernard H                    
ROBINETTE, Dorothy C see Allen, Sam                    
ROBINETTE, Everett Glen       Scobey 21 Missouri William Robinette & Eleanor Harmon 29-Mar-28 Scobey Daniels 374  
      Rosemary Marking Scobey 21 N D Matt Marking & ???          
ROBINETTE, William see Robinette, Everett Glen                    
ROBINETTE, William see Allen, Sam S                    
ROBINGSON?, Annie see Brier, Wesley J                    
ROBINS, Amelia see McCoy, Joseph E                    
ROBINSON, A C see Frazier, Aubert W                    
ROBINSON, Alexander B       Terry 32 Cambridge Maryland Joseph F Robinson & Mary C Venton 15-Dec-04 Glendive Dawson 326  
      Myrtle R Avery Terry 19 Mn ???          
ROBINSON, Alfred see Hill, James                    
ROBINSON, Alfred H see Priday, Paul H                    
ROBINSON, Alice see Rich, Geo P                    
ROBINSON, Allie (Williams?) see Anderson, Thomas C                    
ROBINSON, Anna see Northrop, Fred                    
ROBINSON, Annie see Anderson, Andrew                    
ROBINSON, Annie see Ellison, Nels                    
ROBINSON, Arthur see Essex, James H                    
ROBINSON, B I see Robinson, C H                    
ROBINSON, Beman M see Robinson, E S                    
ROBINSON, Ben see Robinson, Clyde Howard                    
ROBINSON, Benton H see Robinson, Claude L                    
ROBINSON, Bertha see Chaffee, Allan C                    
ROBINSON, Bessie Lee see West, William R                    
ROBINSON, C H       Glasgow 21 Iowa B I Robinson & Etta Fox 12-Mar-23 Glasgow Valley 2957  
      Vera Baker Glasgow 18 Idaho Bert Baker & Rosie Beach          
ROBINSON, C? L see Robinson, Raymond                    
ROBINSON, Carrie Irene see Martin, Elmer H                    
ROBINSON, Charles       Malta 31 St Louis John Robinson & Jeanette Ray 14-Jun-07 Glasgow Valley 283  
      Vesta Costello Malta 22 Memphis Tenn John Costello & Waneta Gould          
ROBINSON, Charles see Rich, Geo P                    
ROBINSON, Charles W see Robinson, Wallis H                    
ROBINSON, Clarence       Saco 30 Bonesdale S D W M Robinson & Alice S Killinger 24-Jul-25 Glasgow Valley 3144  
      Ada Knapp Saco 18 Verdell Nebr Jesse Knapp & May Collins          
ROBINSON, Clarence A       Chinook 23 Bowdle S D Rodman H Robinson & Mary R Prine 15-Nov-19 Chinook Blaine 598  
      Emma C Overcast Chinnook 25 Monteer Mo John M Overcast & Alice Smotherman          
ROBINSON, Claude L       Glasgow 26 Wadena Mn Benton H Robinson & Etta Fox 22-Sep-27 Glasgow Valley 3319  
      Ruth Perry Hinsdale 18 Spangle Maine C H Perry & Mamie Nelson          
ROBINSON, Clyde Howard       Wolf Point 24 Mn Ben Robinson & Etta Fox 24-Jan-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1138  
      Elvera Jane Anderson Sand Creek 20 Jackson Mn Elmer Julian Anderson & Lillian Mary Campbell          
ROBINSON, Daniel see Robinson, Maurice Daniel                    
ROBINSON, Delia see Livingston, Angus H                    
ROBINSON, Delilah May see Thatcher, Walker L                    
ROBINSON, Dora see McCabe, Glynn Albert                    
ROBINSON, Dora see McCabe, Jason C                    
ROBINSON, Dorothy see Osborn, Lawton Earl                    
ROBINSON, Dorothy see Carlson, Andrew J                    
ROBINSON, E S       Grafton W Virg 29 Phillipi W Virg Beman M Robinson & Nancy R Malhew 19-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1290  
      Nellie McCann Miles City 22 Breckenridge Mn Bernard McCann & Mary Conley          
ROBINSON, Edna Grey see Garland, John Arthur                    
ROBINSON, Edw see Robinson                    
ROBINSON, Effie M see Elbert, Dewey S                    
ROBINSON, Eli S see Collins, William F                    
ROBINSON, Eliza see Williams, Wallace F                    
ROBINSON, Elman       Williston 23 Mo James Robinson & Minnie Workus 19-May-20 Mondak Roosivelt 133  
      Amelia Logan Williston 22 Mo Daniel Logan & Mary Balk          
ROBINSON, Emma see Stevenson, Harold                    
ROBINSON, Emma M (Banden?) see Styler, William L                    
ROBINSON, Ethel see Harmes                    
ROBINSON, Ethel G see Frazier, Aubert W                    
ROBINSON, Frank E       Med Lake 27 Birmingham Eng William Robinson & Eliza Palmer 25-Dec-12 Med� Lake Valley 1192  
      Della C McArthur Med� Lake 20 Stillwell Ill Benjamin McArthur & Mary Bedford          
ROBINSON, Frank M       Fairview 32 Mount Vernon Ill John A Robinson & Susan Dodson 5-Mar-07 Glendive Dawson 507  
      Olive A Waterman Mondak 32 Park River N D O C Waterman & ???          
ROBINSON, Fred see Robinson, Joseph                    
ROBINSON, Fred L see Heck, Fred                    
ROBINSON, Fred L see Thomas, Frank J                    
ROBINSON, G L see Robinson, Ray                    
ROBINSON, George see Harmes                    
ROBINSON, George see Robinson, Howard                    
ROBINSON, George see Robinson, Robert L                    
ROBINSON, George & Stella see Sandy                    
ROBINSON, George L see Huntley                    
ROBINSON, George Newton       Poplar 26 Mt Vernon Ill John A Robinson & Susan Dodson 13-Apr-04 Poplar Valley 132  
      Florence Ethel Spaford Poplar 25 Warren Ill Frank Shelly Spaford & Harriet A Austin          
ROBINSON, Gladis G see Kropp, Walter H                    
ROBINSON, Gladys see Hallquist                    
ROBINSON, Gladys see Garland, Harold                    
ROBINSON, Gladys see Smith, Harland                    
ROBINSON, H G see Williams, Wallace F                    
ROBINSON, Hans see Ellison, Nels                    
ROBINSON, Harriot? see Capps, Don Xelys                    
ROBINSON, Harry William       Wibaux 25 Adams Cty Wis Sanford Robinson & Mina Delak 2-Nov-15 Been Wibaux 54  
      Carrie Vogel Wibaux 20 Clark Cty Wis George Vogel & Anna Rumpf          
ROBINSON, Harve see Osborn, Lawton Earl                    
ROBINSON, Hedley       Glendive 29 Aukland New Zealand Samuel Robinson & Anna Draught 29-Sep-06 Glendive Dawson 389  
      Nettie Almy Glendive 26 Mn Jos S Almy & Helen Winsor          
ROBINSON, Hortense see Hartl, Arthur Z                    
ROBINSON, Howard       Scobey 23 Poplar George Robinson & Florence Spafford 22-Oct-28 Glasgow Valley 3426  
      Bernice Tande Scobey 18 Aneta N D Birger Tande & Lottie Sherve          
ROBINSON, Ida see Spaulding                    
ROBINSON, Irene see Curtis, Ernest J                    
ROBINSON, J S see West, William R                    
ROBINSON, Jacob see Robinson, Leslie M                    
ROBINSON, James see VanValkenburg, William H                    
ROBINSON, James see Robinson, Elman                    
ROBINSON, John see Hallquist                    
ROBINSON, John       Med Lake 31 Elkton Mich Sandy Robinson & Maggie Thompson 24-Jan-11 Med Lake Valley 786  
      Mary Schad Med� Lake 25 Saginaw Mich Daniel Schad & Deby Helfinch          
ROBINSON, John see Robinson, John                    
ROBINSON, John see Shibley, Buell R                    
ROBINSON, John A see Robinson, George Newton                    
ROBINSON, John A see Robinson, Frank M                    
ROBINSON, John C see Holtzendorff, Jesse J                    
ROBINSON, Joseph       Oswego 23 Oswego Fred Robinson & ??? 21-Feb-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 601  
      Emma Pipe Wolf Point 22 Wolf Point Ernest Pipe & Lucile Red Elk          
ROBINSON, Joseph F see Robinson, Alexander B                    
ROBINSON, Kate see Stevenson, Roy                    
ROBINSON, Lavina see Brooks, Johnnie                    
ROBINSON, Leo       Bainville 21 Doyne N D Edw Robinson & Alice Brennan 11-May-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2430  
      Gladys Hodgins Bainville 20 Hannah N D William Hodgins & Anna Larson          
ROBINSON, Leslie M       Avondale 33 Atlanta Neb Jacob Robinson & Minnie Mathew 8-Sep-24 Glasgow Valley 3082  
      Lilith C McDonald Avondale 18 Watertown N D Kent S McDonald & Mamie Walls          
ROBINSON, Lydia see Moore, Edwin                    
ROBINSON, Margaret see Brooks                    
ROBINSON, Margary see Baird, David                    
ROBINSON, Maria see Ryles, Robert E                    
ROBINSON, Marie see Sandy                    
ROBINSON, Marjorie see Mueller, Otto Wm                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Bailey                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Tunison                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Killam, Alvin M                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Herrington, Robert D                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Corbett, Leslie Roy                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Crowe, Chester                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Cliff, Clark                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Corbell, Wm W                    
ROBINSON, Mary see Prentice, John H                    
ROBINSON, Mary see West, Edward                    
ROBINSON, Mary (Bottineau?) see Langlois, Napoleon                    
ROBINSON, Mary Anne see Farmer, Charles A                    
ROBINSON, Mary H see Priday, Paul H                    
ROBINSON, Mathilda (McClintock) see Scott                    
ROBINSON, Maurice Daniel       Forsythe 43 Lisbon N Y Daniel Robinson & Laura Beldin 2-Oct-26 Glendive Dawson 3399  
      Mary Francis Surherland Hamilton 43 Hamilton Leslie Sutherland & Minnie Licht          
ROBINSON, Mazie see Baird, Robert                    
ROBINSON, Nellie see Smith, George W                    
ROBINSON, Nestor see Robinson                    
ROBINSON, Olive see Reed, Robert R                    
ROBINSON, Oscar L       Lovejoy 22 Francisville Ind W H Robinson & Annabell Snyder 9-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley 1377  
      Nancy O Price Monticello Ind 21 Ind Frank Price & ???          
ROBINSON, Pansy see Collins, William F                    
ROBINSON, Pansy see Kincaid, John                    
ROBINSON, Pearl Alma see Huntley                    
ROBINSON, Pernilla see Hill, James                    
ROBINSON, R J see Robinson, Sion W                    
ROBINSON, Ray       Chinook 35 Velva N D G L Robinson & Stella Pace 29-Jul-26 Glasgow Valley 3229  
      Neta Henish? Chinook 19 Clear Lake Iowa William Henish & Marie Burger          
ROBINSON, Raymond       Madison Ohio 26 Madison C? L Robinson & Hattie Bell Everts 15-Jun-30 Opheim Valley 3562  
      Florence Johnson Opheim 24 Hendrum Mn J ? Johnson & Elvina Benson          
ROBINSON, Reed       Fortuna N D 26 Alexandria Mn Nestor Robinson & Lillian Nichols 30-Jun-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2838  
      Esther Bakken Alkabo N D 18 Alkabo Ole Bakken & Martha Swenson          
ROBINSON, Robert L       Whitlash 23 Whitlash George Robinson & Mary Perkins 3-Oct-26 Chinook Blaine 966  
      Bawnie Sutton Whitlash 20 Great Falls Frank Sutton & Elizabeth Sarah Bawn          
ROBINSON, Rodman H see Robinson, Clarence A                    
ROBINSON, Samuel see Robinson, Hedley                    
ROBINSON, Samuel see Smith, Harland                    
ROBINSON, Sandy see Robinson, John                    
ROBINSON, Sanford see Robinson, Harry William                    
ROBINSON, Sarah see Brownlee, Alex                    
ROBINSON, Sion W       Fallon 32 Midway Texas R J Robinson & Sarah Richard 18-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 641  
      Alenine Amundson Fallon 32 Lynn S D John Amundson & Christine Dalager          
ROBINSON, Stella see Edmiston, Earl                    
ROBINSON, Thomas see Corbett, Edward                    
ROBINSON, Victoria see Crouse                    
ROBINSON, Victoria see Ruggles                    
ROBINSON, W H see Robinson, Oscar L                    
ROBINSON, W H see Curtis, Ernest J                    
ROBINSON, W M see Robinson, Clarence                    
ROBINSON, Wallis H       Baker 28 Morgan Mn Charles W Robinson & Mary Susan Sanders 4-Oct-24 Glendive Dawson 3144  
      Alma Olson Baker 23 Penn N D Sam Olson & Anna Noland          
ROBINSON, William see Robinson, Frank E                    
ROBINSON, William see Hellman, Theodore                    
ROBISON, Frank       Glasgow 24 Hamshire Ohio L C Robison & Annie Sales 25-Apr-1892 Glasgow Dawson    
      Christina Rude Minot 20 Grafton N D Peter Rude & Annie Peterson          
ROBISON, James A       Phillips Cty 46 Missouri   18-Feb-15   Phillips 3  
      Vera Richardson Phillips Cty 18 Kansas            
ROBISON, L C see Robison, Frank                    
ROBITAILLE, Homer T       Poplar 21 Wyandotte Okla James R Robitaille & Emma Crippen 12-Dec-13 Poplar Sheridan 133  
      Ona M Crotzer Wyandotte Okla 18 Wyan-dotte Mark T Crotzer & Caddie Blande          
ROBITAILLE, James see Robitaille                    
ROBKE, Ethel see Draszt                    
ROBKE, Evelyn Marie see Brock                    
ROBKE, Robert see Brock                    
ROBKE, Robert see Draszt                    
ROBOTHER, Emma see Whittam                    
ROBSON, Charles E see Gavin, Harold                    
ROBSON, Chas E see Robson, James W                    
ROBSON, Emma see Lillis, T H                    
ROBSON, Inez see Gavin, Harold                    
ROBSON, James W       Union 25 Scott City Kans Chas E Robson & Genevera Kay 15-Oct-19 Glendive Dawson 2575  
      Vera Marie Bryan Union 20 Cumberland Iowa Charles C Bryan & Linda R Lee          
ROBSON, Janet see Nesbitt, Robert                    
ROBY, J L see Roby                    
ROBY, Loy L       Pwood 33 Kans J L Roby & Elizabeth Freyer 8-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 581  
      Nora M Casey P�wood 23 Mn Math Casey & Nora C Phelan          
ROCEK, Albert       Malta 21 Mn   8-Aug-26   Phillips 903  
      Iva Rawden Malta 18 Mn            
ROCEK, Grace see Doonenm William                    
ROCEK, Henry see Rocek, Albert                    
ROCEK, Stella Luella see Rocek, Albert                    
ROCHELEAU, Alene see Cole, Arsene E                    
ROCHELEAU, Alex see Cole, Arsene E                    
ROCHINSKY, Bertha see Henze, Albert                    
ROCK, Arrow see Feather Ear Ring                    
ROCK, Sit Down see Knife Got                    
ROCK, George J       Malta 22 Mich John Rock & Delia Landre 20-Oct-01 Malta Valley ?  
      Carrie Burt Malta 21 Bismark N D William Meserve & Amanda Moore          
ROCK, John see Rock, George J                    
ROCK, Mary see Johns, Frank W                    
ROCK, Mary T see Baker, Franklin Alexander                    
ROCK, Norman N see Rock, William H                    
ROCK, William H       Glendive 29 Orleans Cty Vermont Norman N Rock & Julia Ann Webber 12-Jan-1889 Glendive Dawson 23  
      Amelia Spencer   27 Ipswich Suffolk England Matthew Spencer & Olivia Spalding          
ROCKA, Rougel see Instness                    
ROCKNE, Anders K see Rockne, Andrew                    
ROCKNE, Andrew       Glendive 26 Norway Anders K Rockne & Bertha Germoe 4-Sep-14 Glendive Dawson 1577  
      Berghill? Peterson Glendive 25 Norway Ollus Peterson & Berit Hemmisberg          
ROCKNEY, Alfred M       Beach N D 30 Black River Falls Wisc Knute Rockney & Ella Olson 12-Sep-18 Glendive Dawson 2426  
      Jennie O Benson Black River Fall   Scohlerville Wisc Edward Benson & Maria Olson          
ROCKNEY, Knute see Rockney, Alfred M                    
ROCKSTAD, Anna G see Pohle                    
ROCKSTAD, Severin see Rockstad, Siver Gunerius                    
ROCKSTAD, Siver Gunerius       Walcott N D 28 Walcott Severin Rockstad & Asa Tollefson 25-Jin-1919 Glendive Dawson 2537  
      Mabel Locken Sentinel Butte N D 24 Comstock Mn John Locken & Marie Tronsrigen          
ROCKSVOLD, Emma see Trollope, John C                    
ROCKSVOLD, Emma see Milliron, Roy C                    
ROCKSVOLD, Emma see Pederson, Peder Stephen                    
ROCKSVOLD, Emma see Amunrud, Reuben                    
ROCKWALL, May I (Hill?) see Nuckles                    
ROCKWELL, Cynthia D see King, Keneth C                    
ROCKWELL, Maria see Prolow, W J                    
ROCKWELL, Mary see Killam, Alvin M                    
ROCKY, Francis see Rishel, Harry                    
RODA, Christ see Feldmeier, Frank                    
RODA, Christ see Roda, Edward L                    
RODA, Edward L       Livingston 26 Jefferson Wis Christ Roda & Henrietta Engel 8-Aug-10 Glasgow Valley 684  
      Lizzie Schledwitz Culbertson 19 Germany Gottlib Schledwitz & Christina Hogel          
RODA, Minnie see Tipp                    
RODBERG, Rieka see Gamble                    
RODDIE, Mary Helen see Souhrada, Vla                    
RODE, Julia see Gess, Julius                    
RODEKOPP, Benj & Annie see Zerbe, William                    
RODEKOPP, Mary see Zerbe, William                    
RODEMAKER, Fred L       Wibaux 31 Osage Iowa Levi Rodemaker & Delia Stoeckel 28-Sep-10 Glendive Dawson 844  
      Francis Hoover Wibaux 24 Lexington Kentucky Frank Hoover & Charlotte Frazer          
RODEMAKER, Levi see Rodemaker, Fred L                    
RODENBAUGH, George Lloyd see Thompson, Harry T                    
RODENBAUGH, Olna C see Thompson, Harry T                    
RODENBERG, Catherine see Huey, Harry Lee                    
RODER, LaMoin see Flynn, Donald W                    
RODER, Lloyd see Flynn, Donald W                    
RODERICK, Esmer see Fink                    
RODERICK, Fred see Fink                    
RODES, Henry see Rodes, Montgomery J                    
RODES, Mary see Spain, James                    
RODES, Montgomery J       Circle 35 Chicago Henry Rodes & Catherine Muior 5-Apr-27 Circle McCone 108  
      Eleanor R Carroll Circle 25 Dickinson N D J M Carroll & ???          
RODGER, Clifford Allen       Poplar 25 Grafton N D James Rodger & Harriet Shouldice 9-May-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1027  
      Loretta Anna Price Poplar 21 Minot W C Price & ???          
RODGER, Cora see Breese, Claude Eugene                    
RODGER, James see Rodger, Clifford Allen                    
RODGER, James W see Rodger                    
RODGER, Lloyd W       Madoc 21 N D James W Rodger & Hattie Sholdice 12-Aug-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1364  
      Vera Lannan Flaxville 40 Iowa James N Lannon & ???          
RODGERS, Frank       Wild Rose N D 50 ??? Thomas Rodgers & Ellen Holden 29-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2394  
      Mabel Gilbert Sedan Mn 24 Mn Andrew Gilbert & Mary Suckstoff          
RODGERS, James A see Rodgers, Verne E                    
RODGERS, Millie E see Hall, Charles A                    
RODGERS, Thomas see Rodgers, Frank                    
RODGERS, Verne E       Columbus 28 Mo James A Rogers & Sarah Hagner 23-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2125  
      Allie Farrar PleasantView Ill 22 Ill ___? A Farrar & Hilda? Blodgett