Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Pledson to Quitney

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
PLEDSON, Annie see Johnson, Knute                    
PLEDSON, Carrie see Johnson, Knute                    
PLENTE, Ezela see Breton, Amedee                    
PLENTY, at Her House see Blue Horn                    
PLENTY, Feathers see Sailing Hawk                    
PLENTY, Holes       Poplar 78 N D Black War Bonnett & Hail 12-Aug-24 Brockton Roosivelt 649  
      Scorched Yellow Horse Poplar 74 Mt Red Thunder & Ratt-ling Wind          
PLENTY, Horse see Tatsey                    
PLENTY, Horse see Medicine Eagle                    
PLENTY, Horses see Proctor, Peter Jr                    
PLENTY, Horses see Warclub, Robert                    
PLENTY, Horses War Club see Whitright, William                    
PLENTY, Lightning see Forrest, Bedford                    
PLENTY, Road see Looking, Clifford                    
PLENTY, Road see Lucky, James                    
PLENTY, Trail see Archdale, Henry Sr                    
PLENTY HOLES, Jacob       Poplar 65 White Earth N D Black Hat & Eld 6-Jan-12 Brockton Valley 969  
      Star Poplar 24 White Earth N D Good Tail & Makes the Owl          
PLENTY HORSES, Thelma see War Club                    
PLESISS, see Peisiss                    
PLESNER, Rudolph see Plasner                    
PLESNER, Verner       Scobey 24 Denmark Rudolph Plesner & Anna Sorensen 27-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1038  
      Della Arne Scobey 21 Mn Nels Arne & Dorothy Monson          
PLETAN, Clifford       Beach N D 32 Beach Edward Pletan & Julia Stave 19-Aug-28 Wibaux Wibaux 620  
      Clara Opsal Velva N D 21 Velva George Opsal & Josephine Henderson          
PLETAN, Edward see Pletan, Clifford                    
PLEW, Goldie see Benson, Jess                    
PLEWES, A D see Richards, Fredrick Richard                    
PLOC, Teresie see Privatsky, Joseph                    
PLOCHINGE, Theresa see Poeltte, George                    
PLOSKY, Francis see Ryan                    
PLOSKY, Joseph see Ryan                    
PLOTT, Elias see Plott, Henry                    
PLOTT, H C see Burus, Russell R                    
PLOTT, Henry C       Malta 28 Texas Elias Plott & Lola Sublett 20-Oct-06 Harlem? Valley 253  
      Nellie C Buckley Harlem 22 Mt William Buckley & ???          
PLOTZ, Frank see Plotz, Peter                    
PLOTZ, Peter       Pratt 32 Germany Frank Plotz & Theresa Rabe 25-Sep-12 Maddux Blaine 21  
      Erna Heintz Maddux 21 Berlin Carl Heintz & Marie Briel          
PLOUFFE, Homer       Malta 24 Frenchtown Xavier Plouffe & Mary Small 1-Feb-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 592  
      Madaline Davis Wolf Point 19 Sioux City Iowa Amos Davis & Maggie Adams          
PLOUFFE, Homer see Melland, John A                    
PLOUFFE, Jean A see Briant, George L                    
PLOUFFE, Jean A see Melland, John A                    
PLOUFFE, Jeonne see Quigley, Clyde J                    
PLOUFFE, Juliet see Primeau, Herman P                    
PLOUFFE, L see Godfrey, John L                    
PLOUFFE, Lena see Melland, John A                    
PLOUFFE, Lena see Benson, Halvor Bernard                    
PLOUFFE, Louis see Lindner, William                    
PLOUFFE, Zavier see Plouffe, Homer                    
PLOUNY?, Ellen see Pedersen, Carl                    
PLOWMAN, Bernice see Scammon, Gordon                    
PLOWMAN, James see Scammon, Gordon                    
PLUGH, Byron see Gage, L Roy                    
PLUGH, Byron see Willis, Irvin                    
PLUGH, Mildred see Willis, Irvin                    
PLUGH, Nellie D see Gage, L Roy                    
PLUM, Cora see Englebritson, Ernest                    
PLUM, Lucille see McCain, John R                    
PLUME, see Buckman, John                    
PLUMER, Elonora see Moran, John                    
PLUMER, John see Moran, John                    
PLUMLEE, Vera D see Fulbright, Clarence                    
PLUMLEY, Addie see Hellickson, Ronald                    
PLUMLEY, Addie see Hellekson, J M                    
PLUMLEY, Anna Ethel see Casey, John Jr                    
PLUMLEY, Eugene see Plumley, Harold                    
PLUMLEY, Harold       Beach N D 24 Ada Mn Eugene Plumley & Nettie Rattery 1-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3154  
      Gladys Dopkins Miles City 27 Riner Falls Wisc Charles Dopkins & Lillian Patterson          
PLUMLEY, Henry see Anderson, Anders J                    
PLUMLEY, Henry see Casey, John Jr                    
PLUMLEY, Sarah see Howard, William N                    
PLUMMER, Caroline see Ladanta, Louis                    
PLUMMER, Caroline see LaSante, Louis                    
PLUMMER, Chris see Azure, Gabriel L                    
PLUMMER, Clara see Doney, John D                    
PLUMMER, Edna see Kline, Joseph A                    
PLUMMER, Edna see Doney, John D                    
PLUMMER, Effe see Petterson, George                    
PLUMMER, George       Malta 21 Woody Mtn Canada John Plummer & Katherine Cook 18-Nov-05 Malta Valley 198  
      Mary Doney Larb Hills 18 Malta Laly Doney & Angela Moran          
PLUMMER, Harriet see Ohlson, C                    
PLUMMER, John see Doney, Alex                    
PLUMMER, John see Plummer, George                    
PLUMMER, John see Plummer, Joseph                    
PLUMMER, John A see Ranton, Herbert John                    
PLUMMER, Joseph       Malta 21 Hinsdale John Plummer & Katherine Cook 22-Dec-02 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Mary Rose Kline Glasgow 19 Willow Bunch Can William Kline & Mary Pautro          
PLUMMER, Louisa see Doney, Alex                    
PLUMMER, Louise see Hayfield, Pete                    
PLUMMER, Mabel K see Ranton, Herbert John                    
PLUMMER, Mae see Sell                    
PLUMMER, Molly see Frank, William F                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Nault, Joseph                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Nutter, John Robert                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Packheiser, Oscar E                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Stowman, Elbert D                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Tjomsland, Joseph Louis                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Voorheis, Chester                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Wilkerson, Edward B                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Kemp, Fred                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Milem, Floyd F                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Whitmore, George                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Harris, Michael H                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Legg, Earl                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Curley, Cloyd C                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Dunn, Maurice A                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Fanning, Frank M                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Kochel, Alvin L                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Geeting, Leo U                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Holm, Oscar                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Jacobson, Harvey                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Barrett, Ephriam Raymond                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Kline, John W                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Abrahamson, John A                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Krass, Lewis A                    
PLUMMER, Mrs A E see Gauger, A C                    
PLUMMER, Wilfred J       Leidy 27 Mass   23-Dec-22   Phillips 688  
      Lucile Shaver Leidy 18 Mn            
PLUNGES, Sarah see Combes, William E                    
PLUNKETT, Mary L see Sheridan                    
PLUNKETT, Nellie see Sheridan                    
PLYNIN, Celeste see Collins, Kenneth D                    
PLYNN, -----? see Schei                    
POAGE, Ann Eliza see Lentz, Theadore                    
POAGS?, Ann Eliza see Frederickson, August A                    
POANSEK, Rose see Odenbaugh, Cyril B                    
PODAMY, Anna see Moore, Charles E Jr                    
PODAMY, Thomas see Moore, Charles E Jr                    
PODEZAY, Kathryn see Back, Peter A                    
PODEZAY, L see Back, Peter A                    
PODOLSKI, Joseph A       St Phillip 33 Mn Thomas Podolski & Mary Wicka 23-Nov-20 Wibaux Wibaux 291  
      Regina Setera Wibaux 17 Mn John Setera & Elizabeth Lampa          
PODOLSKI, Pauline see Jandt, William O                    
PODOLSKI, Thomas see Podolski, Joseph A                    
PODORODYNSKI, ??? see Nunberg, Alfred Adolph                    
PODRATZ, Carl see Podratz, Frank                    
PODRATZ, Frank       Morris Mn 27 Stevens Cty Mn Carl Podratz & Alricka Falk 5-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2077  
      Rosa Podratz Morris Mn 26 Stevens Cty Gustav Podratz & Bertha Woodke          
PODRATZ, Gustav see Podratz, Frank                    
PODRATZ, Rosa see Podratz, Frank                    
PODRGAY, Joe see Podrgay, Martin                    
PODRGAY, Martin       Zap N D 46 Austria Joe Podrgay & Mary Yohy 7-Jun-22 Wibaux Wibaux 341  
      Rosalyn Prezely Beach N D 24 Austria Anton Prezely & Ursula Pink          
POE, Clinton J       Med� Lake 26 Cannon Falls Mn Jonathan S Poe & Emma Babcock 22-Oct-10 Bainville Valley 719  
      Marie M Brelen? Froid 23 St Paul Mn Peter Brelen & Sophia Fredman          
POE, Frank see Wolf, George                    
POE, Frankie see Wolf, George                    
POE, Gertrude see Holm, Guy Poe                    
POE, Grace see Featherstone, John Albert                    
POE, Henry see Mathewson                    
POE, Jesse see Urlin, John A                    
POE, Jonathan S see Poe, Clinton J                    
POE, Mary E see Mathewson                    
POE, Vinnie see Flora                    
POE, Winifred see Urlin, John A                    
POELKE, Carl see Parent                    
POELKE, Dena see Parent                    
POELTTE, Edward see Poellte, George                    
POELTTE, George       Glasgow 32 Germany Edward Poeltte & Theresa Plochinge 7-May-03 Glasgow Valley 98  
      Emma Menge Glasgow 38 Germany Fred Meisner & Wilhelma Kressler          
POET, Florence see Gibbs, Herbert B                    
POETKER, Elixabeth Viola see Funk                    
POETKER, Henry H see Funk                    
POETZ, Margaret see Wagner                    
POFFHAL, Emma see Wendt, Victor                    
POGUE, Louisa see Stout, Kenneth P                    
POHL, Augusta see Yopp, Fred W                    
POHL, Clara A see Ogden, Willard P                    
POHL, Louis H see Ogden, Willard P                    
POHLE, Franz see Pohle                    
POHLE, Fred C       Westby 30 Ger Franz Pohle & Hermine Schultz 24-Feb-15 Westby Sheridan 429  
      Clara Dahl Westby 17 Mn Reginald Dahl & Anna G Rockstad          
POHLING, Ida see Legge                    
POHS, Mary see Ebert, Henry                    
POIL, E Louise see Wagar                    
POIL, Ruby see Niles, Frank                    
POIL, W A see Wagar                    
POIL, William see Niles, Frank                    
POILE, Marie Rebecca Lavada see Harkness, Norman Leonard                    
POILE, William see Harkness, Norman Leonard                    
POINTER, George see Brown, Lester                    
POINTER, George see Pointer, Thomas                    
POINTER, Ida see Curry, Roy                    
POINTER, Mary see Dix, G D                    
POINTER, Ruth see Speer, Otis H                    
POINTER, Ruth see Swihart, Jonas R                    
POINTER, Sally see Brown, Lester                    
POINTER, Sam see Curry, Roy                    
POINTER, Thomas       Lismas 27 Tennessee George Pointer & Mary Bohanon 20-Apr-21 Glasgow Valley 2774  
      Olive Eileen Ingalls Lismas 24 Mn Charles Ingalls & Margaret Murphy          
POINTOU, Eliza see Kernagan, David                    
POIRIAR, O Parmalie see Jones, William                    
POIRIER, Israel see VanMeer, John                    
POIRIER, Josephine see Olson, Ludwig Benjamin                    
POIRIER, Laura see VanMeer, John                    
POIRIER, Lea see Maynard, Fred W                    
POIRIER, Marie see Feeney                    
POIRIER, Theodore see Feeney                    
POITRA, E see Stack, Frank                    
POITRA, Norbert see Gladue                    
POITRA, Norbert see Staley                    
POITRA, Rosalie V see Staley                    
POITRA, Zilda see Gladue                    
POITRAS, Norbet see Mortenson, William McKinley                    
POITRAS, Selina see Mortenson, William McKinley                    
POITRASCHKE, Augusta see Surges, Peter                    
POKETT, Carrie see Allstot, Glen                    
POKORNY, Tressa see Haupt, Charlie                    
POLACKI, Anna L see Bauer, George T                    
POLACKI, Tony see Bauer, George T                    
POLAN, H M       P�wood 32 Germany Joseph & Sophia Polan 25-Dec-10 P�wood Valley 765  
      Sarah Grace Garner P�wood 27 Wibaux? W H & Sarah J Porter          
POLAN, Joseph & Sophia see Polan, H M                    
POLAND, Clara J see Reynolds, James W                    
POLAND, Emma see Webber, Edwin                    
POLAND, Janiza see Poling, William W                    
POLAND, Laura see Bontrager, Buna                    
POLAND, Laura see Barntrager, Perry J                    
POLAND, Mary see Murch, Harold Dewey                    
POLASKI, Anna see Herschman, Louis A                    
POLCHOW, John W       New England N D 49 Galena Ill William Polchow & Christina Neman 6-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1742  
      Narcissius Spratt New England N D 52 Leroy Illinois John Brittin & Mary A Jones          
POLCHOW, William see Polchow, John                    
POLEN, Emma see Tyrrel, James E                    
POLEN, Fred see Oberg, Clifton                    
POLEN, Gladys see Dahlman, Verner                    
POLEN, Gladys see Freel, Amos F                    
POLEN, Mildred see Oberg, Clifton                    
POLEN, W C see Freel, Amos F                    
POLEN, Welby see Dahlman, Verner                    
POLES, Marie see Deg, John                    
POLING, Florence see Luehr                    
POLING, Hyder see Luehr                    
POLING, Ida see Lundberg                    
POLING, Ida see Isaacson                    
POLING, Ida see Jacobson                    
POLING, Ida May see Legge                    
POLING, Joseph see Poling, William W                    
POLING, Virginia see Myers                    
POLING, William W       Bloomfield 44 Brown Cty Indiana Joseph Poling & Catherine McNight 2-Apr-10 Glendive Dawson 788  
      Clara Squires Glendive 44 Barber Cty West Virginia Wesley Squires & Janiza Poland          
POLITISKE, John see Ashland, Ernest William                    
POLITISKE, Josephine see Ashland, Ernest William                    
POLIVKA, Edward W       Glendive 43 Friendship Wisc James M Polivka & Mary A Sarb 5-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 2824  
      Mary K Holloway Ismay 19 Mexico Mo Jesse D Holloway & Sally Rickey          
POLIVKA, James M see Polivka, Edward W                    
POLK, Mary see Champagne, Robert R                    
POLLARD, Harvey? Susanna see Vaile, Frank Erving                    
POLLARD, J R see Wilson, Ivan A                    
POLLARD, J R see Pollard, Louis                    
POLLARD, John see Rowton, Joshua Gilbert                    
POLLARD, Lettie see Wilson, Ivan A                    
POLLARD, Louis       Sidney 21 Dickinson N D J R Pollard & Lettie Smith 15-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3641  
      Mabel Lund Sidney 21 Wolcott N D Olaus Lund & Hannah Oslie          
POLLARD, Mary see Wilson, George M                    
POLLARD, Samuel W see Pollard, Walter Townley                    
POLLARD, Susanna see Washington, Arthur A                    
POLLARD, Viola Ann see Rowton, Joshua Gilbert                    
POLLARD, Walter Townley       Benzion 31 Union Grove Wisc Samuel W Pollard & Bertha L Townley 31-Oct-17 Benzien Dawson 2276  
      Mabel Wood Benzien 31 Saline Mich Ira Edward Wood & Ada E Cobb          
POLLENY, Virgie see Paulson, Fred                    
POLLEY, Ida May see Bonham, John Wayne                    
POLLING, Alice see Wagner, George                    
POLLING, Ida M see Legge, Max                    
POLLY, Tom see Gotch                    
POLOSKI, Louise see Kalinski, Stanley                    
POLSON, Annie see Tinker, Raymond V                    
POLSON, Mary see Fossum, George P                    
POLSTON, Mary see Smith, William H                    
POLSTON, Mary see Smith, William H                    
POMALO,, (Pomerleau?), see Pomerleau                    
POMARLEAU, Adeline see Kilgore                    
POMARLEAU, Alfred see Pomarleau                    
POMARLEAU, Alfred see Mensing                    
POMARLEAU, David F       Med Lake 29 Mn Joseph Pomalo (Pomerleau?) & Georgina Morin 26-Sep-14 Medicine Lake Sheridan 325  
      Verda Lucile Harris Med Lake 18 Iowa John McKillan & Norma Hunter          
POMARLEAU, Emil       Scobey 24 Mn Joseph Pomarleau & Georgiana Morin 25-Jun-14 Culbertson Sheridan 265  
      Florence Norby Culbertson 18 Mn Evan Norby & Mary Hansen          
POMARLEAU, Eva Rose see Mensing                    
POMARLEAU, Henry       Flaxville 21 Mn Joseph Pomerleau & Georgina Morin &?-Oct-1914 Poplar Sheridan 334  
      Mae L Jones Antelope 25 Mn John R Jones & Rachel Palmer          
POMARLEAU, Joseph see Kilgore                    
POMARLEAU, Joseph see Pomarleau                    
POMARLEAU, Vernon       Minot 25 Kenmare N D Alfred Pomarleau & Alida Rancour 21-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2849  
      Dorothy Dobay Minot 20 Expanse, Can George Dobay & Martha Annis          
POMERLEAU, Joseph see Pomerleau                    
POMERLEAU, Verda L see Swenson                    
POMEROY, Charles see Johnston, Cage                    
POMEROY, Earl B       Richey 21 Jackson Mn Henry H Pomeroy & Mary May Tilton 6-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 2825  
      Brownie Pauline Blue Richey 18 Peru Indiana Frank Blue & Bertha May Rinker          
POMEROY, Henry H see Pomeroy, Earl B                    
POMEROY, Holly see Whalen, Frost S                    
POMEROY, Lee see Whalen, Frost S                    
POMEROY, Luella see Johnston, Cage                    
POMINVILLE, Henry see Little, Dighton Jr                    
POMINVILLE, Tenina see Little, Dighton Jr                    
POMORLEAU, Delia see Iverson                    
PONCELET, A R J see Tewalt, Edwin                    
PONCELET, Archie Joseph       Phillips 41 Belgium   2-Sep-18   Phillips 375  
      Myrtice May Burt Phillips 30 Ill            
PONCELET, Myrtle M see Tewalt, Edwin                    
PONCHINA, Nettie see Kindzevski                    
POND, James see Bell, Thomas                    
POND, Martha Walkslow see Soldier, Herbert                    
PONDORPH, Ida see Massar, Fredrick C                    
PONKE, Bernard F       St Phillip 21 Mn Frank Ponke & Anna Meger 11-Jun-19 St Phillip Wibaux 239  
      Gertrude Watembach Edgehill 17 Mn Leo Watembach & Josephine Pilowski          
PONKE, Frank see Ponke, Bernard F                    
PONSFORD, Ada see Walker, John William                    
PONTIUS, Dessa P see Johnson, Louis                    
PONTIUS, Jonathan see Johnson, Louis                    
PONTO, Leroy       Hirschville N D 32 Wausau Wisc Louis Ponto & Otillie Mihlke 25-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2674  
      Theresa Freer Hirschville     Peter Freer & Rosie Sand          
PONTO, Louis see Ponto, Leroy                    
PONTO, Louisa see Meyer, Otto                    
PONTUSO, Peter see Pecora, Fred                    
PONTZIUS, Frank F       Glendive 39 Columbia City Illinois Solomon Pontzius & Elizabeth Born 25-May-11 Glendive Dawson 941  
      Augusta H Thielman Glendive 36 Westfalen Germany August Thielman & Phillipino Lohman          
PONTZIUS, Solomon see Pontzius, Frank F                    
POOL, Fred William see Pool, William Ford                    
POOL, Josephine see Alley, T H                    
POOL, Josephine see Alley, John                    
POOL, Lenore P see Casady, Ott                    
POOL, Mabel M (Carrier?) see Ryder, Patrick F                    
POOL, William Ford       Nashua 19 Crandon Wis Fred William Pool & Mabel May Carrier 15-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1233  
      Florence Anna Bollinger Ortas? S D     Carl Bollinger & Magdalina Keeg?          
POOLE, Albert C       Redstone 49 Allamakee Cty Iowa Edward Poole & Emma Bakwell 8-Dec-10 P�wood Valley 756  
      Lillian Moretz Redstone 21 West Vir A E Moretz & Della Knight          
POOLE, Andrew see Poole, Robert Earle                    
POOLE, Edward see Poole, Albert C                    
POOLE, Mary Ann see Richardson, Wendell H                    
POOLE, Robert Earl       Poplar 38 St Paul Mn Andrew Poole & Mary Madden 10-Jun-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1327  
      Lillian Johnson Poplar 18 Mn Wallace Johnson & Annie Strand          
POOLER, Alice A see Klawitter, Joseph A                    
POOLER, Frank J?       Med� Lake 46 Palmyra Maine Timothy Pooler & Sara Estes 23-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 619  
      Florence B Estes Med� Lake 41 Palmyra Maine Howard Estes & Eva Webster          
POOLER, Myrtle Mae see Genzel, Charles T                    
POOLER, Timothy see Pooler, Frank J                    
POOLER, William H see Genzel, Charles T                    
POOLEY, Lloyd Thomas       Fairview 26 Monroe Wisc Richard Pooley & Laveria Wester 17-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1235  
      Emily Mae Downes Fairview 30 Spruce Dale Ontario Charles G Downes & Emma Corbett          
POOLEY, Richard see Pooley, Lloyd Thomas                    
POOR, Henry see Poor, Millard W                    
POOR, Millard W       Poplar 44 St Lawren-ce Cty New York Henry Poor & Emma J Covell 22-Jul-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 396  
      Florence Sheperd Nickwall 37 Mo Robert Sheperd & Hattie Malloy          
POORHUNTER, see Deon, William                    
POORKEE, George       Saco 26 Waseca Min Washington Poorkee & Mary Riegle 26-Oct-10 Glasgow Valley 724  
      Bessie Wood Saco 19 Ft Worth Texas John Wood & ??? Garrison          
POORKER, Nellie see Harrison, Valorous                    
POPE, Anna see Turner, Leo J                    
POPE, Madge see Christopherson, Albert                    
POPE, Mamie see Ogden, Willard P                    
POPE, Martha see Burrill, Alexander                    
POPE, Mary see Clark, Warren J                    
POPE, Walter see Christopherson, Albert                    
POPEJOY, Hilda L see Kennedy, Russell E                    
POPIEL, John see Booth, William F                    
POPIEL, Rosalie see Booth , William F                    
POPLE, Edward       Glasgow ?? Eng George Pople & Jane Stott 20-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1776  
      Pearl Helen Kraukowski ??? 24 ??? Isreal Krakauski          
POPLE, George see Pople, Edward                    
POPOLISCH, Mary see Turek                    
POPP, Annie see Rifenrath, Henry C                    
POPP, Edward P       Mn 26 Mn Joseph Popp & Mary Klein 20-Jun-16 Wibaux Wibaux 97  
      Lena Popp Mn 21 Mn Frank J Popp & Annie Schrader          
POPP, Frank J see Popp, Edward P                    
POPP, Joseph see Popp, Edward P                    
POPP, Lena see Popp, Edward P                    
POPPE, Carl M see Poppe, Charles H                    
POPPE, Charles H       Bloomfield 47 Norway Carl M Poppe & Johanne Holstad 23-Feb-16 Glendive Dawson 1874  
      Nettie E Gibbs Bloomfield 43 Benton Cty Iowa Chas Crockett & Johanna Funk          
POPPLER, John see Poppler, William                    
POPPLER, William       Zurich 39 Mn John Poppler & Theresa Winkel 24-Apr-28 Harlem Blaine 1052  
      Caroline Hebbleman Zurich 18 Zurich Herman Hebbleman & Mary Posthauer          
POPPLETON, Cora see Wells, Luther                    
POPPLETON, O H see Wells, Luther                    
POQUETT, Carrie see Wassman, George                    
POQUIT, Carrie see Allstot, Guy Edward                    
PORANTSTOFSKY, Manam see Snyder, Joseph                    
PORCUPINE, see Knorr, Charles                    
PORCUPINE, Ball see No Breast                    
PORCUPINE, Quill see Whitright, William                    
PORCUPINE, Quills see Porcupine Quills                    
PORCUPINE, Work see Shawl                    
PORCUPINE QUILL, Johnson       Poplar 45 Poplar Porcupine Quill & White Horse Woman 30-Aug-37 Poplar Roosivelt 1060  
      Mary P Powell Poplar 34 Poplar Charging Dog & Tail Charging Dog          
PORCUPINE QUILLS, Johnson       Poplar 25 Poplar Porcupine Quills & White Horse 20-Feb-16 Poplar Sheridan 678  
      Nancy Brown Poplar 20 Poplar Alex Brown & Blue Lightning          
PORE, Margaret A see Peachy, Fredrick A                    
PORINTS, Efie see Short, James                    
PORINTS, Madeline see Short, James                    
PORKEE, Washington see Poorkee, George                    
PORMER, Chloe see Lewis, Homer Wayne                    
PORONTO, Betsy see Sangray, John                    
PORONTO, Eli see Poronto, Gabriel                    
PORONTO, Gabriel       Malta 27 Winnipeg Man Can Eli Poronto & Frances Ledue 24-Dec-02 Malta Valley 79  
      Zibit Amiott Malta 16 Havre Archer Amiott & Bessie Anderson          
PORONTO, Madeline see Sangray, John                    
POROON, Gana see Christensen, Peter                    
PORRITT, Rula see Southwick, Earl                    
PORSBORG, Nels see Porsborg, Ray                    
PORSBORG, Ray       Wolf Point 34 Iowa Nels Porsborg & Anna Paulson 5-Jun-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 908  
      Aurelia Fischer Wolf Point 24 Mn Henry Fischer & Mary Gilles          
PORTEN, Elizabeth see Albrecht, Albert Henry                    
PORTEOUS, Elizabeth Martha see Niece, Orville                    
PORTER, (J M ?) see Huddleston                    
PORTER, Ada M see French, Roy T                    
PORTER, Alex see Porter, Ray                    
PORTER, Anna see Oberg, Oscar E                    
PORTER, Annice see Clayton, Frank                    
PORTER, Ben see Svoboda, Anton                    
PORTER, C H see Porter, James H                    
PORTER, C H see Douglas, Stephen A                    
PORTER, C H see Porter, Eugene                    
PORTER, Charles see Porter, Ray D                    
PORTER, Charles H see Canoy, James A                    
PORTER, Charles M see Partridge, George Verne                    
PORTER, Charlie see Richardson, Ray                    
PORTER, Clara E see Canoy, James A                    
PORTER, Clarence E       Vandalia 25 Wis William R Porter & Anna Rohrbeck 10-Nov-26 Glasgow Valley 3259  
      Evelyn Koepnick Vandalia 21 Boston August Koepnick & Mary Whitney          
PORTER, E J & Anna see Oberg, Oscar E                    
PORTER, Edwina Maud see Messenger, Allen Ray                    
PORTER, Electa see Sutherland, Dave                    
PORTER, Elizabeth see Houck, Willie A                    
PORTER, Ethel see Horner, Henry Iven                    
PORTER, Eugene       Sidney 26 Miles City C H Porter & Lena Belle Burton 22-Sep-30 Glendive Dawson 3918  
      Violet Thiel Sidney 18 Gettysburg Mt Julius Thiel & Mattie Shabono          
PORTER, Eugenia see Richardson, Ray                    
PORTER, Frank       Vandalia 32 Mich L Porter & Francis Twist 1-Dec-04 Glasgow Valley 153  
      Mary Laroque Tampico 22 Canada ???          
PORTER, H S see Creel, Rollin                    
PORTER, Harriet see Mathey, Rudolph O                    
PORTER, Harriet see Shelton, Levi A                    
PORTER, Harriet R see McNutt, Delos W                    
PORTER, Harry A       Glasgow 49 Ill Thomas Porter & Martha Patterson 27-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1699  
      Clara Zuchov Glasgow 41 Ill Granville Mayfield & Clarissa Hutchinson          
PORTER, Henry see Porter, James                    
PORTER, James see Metzler, Albert L                    
PORTER, James       Sidney 31 Verndale? Mn Henry Porter & Lenabelle Burton 1-Sep-27 Glendive Dawson 3485  
      Hazel Clemmer Riverview 18 Deer Creek Mn Edward Clemmer & Hattie Phelps          
PORTER, James see Horner, Henry Iven                    
PORTER, James E see Haptonstall                    
PORTER, James H       Gossett 23 Eagle Bend Mn C H Porter & Lena B Burton 2-Aug-11 Sidney Dawson 969  
      Julia L Bolles Gossett 24 Eau Claire Wisc Solomom S Bolles & Clarissa F Palmer          
PORTER, Jeanette see Shelton, Levi A                    
PORTER, Jennie M see Gordon, Basil E                    
PORTER, John see Mitchell, Forest                    
PORTER, John M       Whitetail 30 Iowa W H Porter & Sarah Featherkite 21-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 646  
      Rena M Hudleston Whitetail 31 Iowa Sam Hudleston & Dora Holt          
PORTER, Katherine see Walker, Clyde H                    
PORTER, L see Clayton, Frank                    
PORTER, Laura see Showalter, Leo R                    
PORTER, Lila see Haptonstall                    
PORTER, Loyd F       Wibaux 34 Womeldorf Penn Stephen Porter & Clara Brown 7-Dec-29 Glendive Dawson 3825  
      Etta Burman Wibaux 85 Glendon Mn Abner A Burman & Margaret McKernan          
PORTER, Lucile see Mitchell, Forest                    
PORTER, Mable see Metzler Albert L                    
PORTER, Mamie see Fulkerson, Donald Roy                    
PORTER, Margaret S see Douglas, Stephen A                    
PORTER, Margaret V see Nichols, Reginald Irving                    
PORTER, Mary E see McKee, Jos A                    
PORTER, Mary E see Gray, William W                    
PORTER, Mathias see Clayton, Frank                    
PORTER, Matthew K see Messenger, Allen Ray                    
PORTER, Mildred E see Porter, Milton A                    
PORTER, Mildred Elizabeth see Partridge, George Verne                    
PORTER, Milton A see Barnard, James T                    
PORTER, Milton A see Griffin, Chauncey W                    
PORTER, Milton A       Phillips 26 N D   4-Jun-20   Phillips 505  
      Edith Clair Legge Phillips 22 Mt            
PORTER, Milton A see Shelton, Levi A                    
PORTER, Mrs Adelia see Mathey, Rudolph O                    
PORTER, Mrs Edith see Chenoweth, Henry L                    
PORTER, Myrl E see Viall, Howard L                    
PORTER, Ray       Hogeland 25 Iron Mountain Mich Alex Porter & ??? 6-May-30 ??? Blaine 1202  
      Helen Johnson Hogrland 19 Whitetail Oscar Johnson & Hilda Hultgren          
PORTER, Raymond B       Glasgow 31 Wycoria Wis William Ray Porter & Anna Rohrback 29-Sep-28 Glasgow Valley 3416  
      Clara Garbe Nashua 22 N D Frank Garbe & ???          
PORTER, Robert J       Caldwell 32 Mn   24-Jul-20   Phillips 518  
      Lillian Hessler Phillips 21 Ill            
PORTER, Roy D       Glendive 26 Zanesville Ohio Charles Porter & Edith Dilts 5-May-02 Glendive Dawson 249  
      Alecta Bebant Glendive 19 Lincoln Cty Ohio H A Bebant & ???          
PORTER, Stephen see Porter, Loyd F                    
PORTER, T L see French, Roy T                    
PORTER, Thomas see Porter, Harry A                    
PORTER, W H see Porter                    
PORTER, W H see Koontz                    
PORTER, W H see Polan, H M                    
PORTER, William H       Phillips 27 Kentucky   6-Jul-18   Phillips 358  
      Myrtle Perry Phillips 22 ???            
PORTER, William R see Porter, Clarence E                    
PORTH, Anna see Smith                    
PORTRA, Emma see Mitchell, Daniel                    
PORTRA, Gabriel see Mitchell, Daniel                    
PORTRA, Gabriel see Young, William S                    
PORTRA, Monica see Young, William S                    
PORTRA, Norbert Jr       Froid 34 Canada Norbert Portra & Miline LaFromboise 13-Dec-21 Poplar Roosivelt 326  
      Amy LeCounte Froid 22 N D Joe LeCounte & Mary Rose Jellaboise          
PORTRA, Norwood see LeCounte, Ernest                    
PORTRA, Theresa see LeCounte, Ernest                    
POSEY, E A see Babb, Vert Jerry                    
POSEY, Edward see Butterfield, Benjamin H                    
POSEY, Ellen see Larson, Adolf B                    
POSEY, Fauney see Butterfield, Benjamin H                    
POSEY, George see Stensland, John E                    
POSEY, James D see Posey, John Clarence                    
POSEY, John & Louisa see Larson, Adolph B                    
POSEY, John Clarence       Taylor N D 24 Jamestown N D James D Posey & Margaret Utter 20-May-14 Glendive Dawson 1498  
      Alice Rasmussen Taylor N D 18 Fergus Falls Mn Jordan Rasmussen & Gordon Hansen          
POSEY, Mabel see Babb, Virt Jerry                    
POSEY, Sarah see Brown, Frank F                    
POSEY, Sybil Francis (Ferris?) see Bohue, William L                    
POSPISIL, Bessie see Benes, Frank                    
POSPYHALA, Samuel J       Glasgow 26 Ill Stanley Pospyhala & Josephine Naeciniak? 21-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2712  
      Edith Gewelke Otinell Illinois 27 Ill John Gewelke & ???          
POSPYHALA, Stanley see Pospyhala, Samuel J                    
POST, Annie see Smith                    
POST, Emilie see Miller, William                    
POST, James see Post, Walter M                    
POST, Nellie see Tyler                    
POST, Nellie see Bates, Wallace                    
POST, Nellie A see Winters                    
POST, Walter M       Dore N D 47 Pioneer Ohio James Post & ??? Phillips 21-Oct-09 Glendive Dawson 735  
      Mary E Kanarr Fairview 33 Loraine Illinois J E Sanderson & Lydia Ann Howard          
POSTHAUER, Mary see Poppler, William                    
POSTLEWAITE, John W see Cullen                    
POSTLEWAITE, Marjorie C see Cullen                    
POSTON, Ashford Dowe see Pettis, A H                    
POSTWEILER, Jacobine see Kormann                    
POTE, Florence see Ness, Paul                    
POTEET, Hannah see Dravenstott, John T                    
POTEKE, Johnna see James, Elmer                    
POTHAM, Mary E see Cotrell, J Fred                    
POTHAM, Mary Elizabeth see Bowrey, Charles William G                    
POTIE, Louella Sable see Hounshell, Morton H                    
POTIEK, Sarah see Eayrs, Donald A                    
POTONIC, Agnes see Latka, Jacob                    
POTONIEC, Agnes see Pisk, John                    
POTRA, Harry see Potra, John                    
POTRA, John       Malta 47 N D Harry Potra & Katherine Fayant 3-Dec-09 Malta Valley 537  
      Matilda Arnely? Malta 33 Can Leo Levejure? & ???          
POTRATZ, Agnes see Wilena, Frank R                    
POTTASH?, Clifford see Dix, William B                    
POTTER, Amos see Potter, Charles A                    
POTTER, Caroline E see Ellsworth, F B                    
POTTER, Charles A       New England N D 36 Creamonia Mn Amos Potter & May Drummond 24-Jun-15 Glendive Dawson 1731  
      Nellie Stephens New England N D 26 Bay City Mich Gustavus A Crabbe & Lillian Lent          
POTTER, Dorothy A see Meek, Arthur Raymond                    
POTTER, Earl W       Whitetail 38 McIntire Iowa Myron Potter & Mary G Laughlin 6-Jun-22 Scobey Daniels 59  
      Ida Gurine Lundene? Adams N D 23 Adams ??? Lundene & Ingeborg Sonstelie          
POTTER, Edwin F       Whitetail 29 Anamoose Iowa H H Potter & Mittie A Clark 20-Dec-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1613  
      Estella Stevens Whitetail 25 Mn Fred Willard & Carrie Greenan          
POTTER, Fred H see Meek, Arthur Raymond                    
POTTER, H H see Potter                    
POTTER, Harold E       Watkins 26 Tama Iowa W J Potter & Lulu Prevy 30-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1752  
      Lila Young Watkins 21 Frankfort S D Andrew Young & Anna Paul          
POTTER, Harry see Potter                    
POTTER, Harry see Stone                    
POTTER, Harry W       Glendive 36 Albion Ill William Potter & Lucy Kellet 30-May-28 Glendive Dawson 3575  
      Mildred Francis Smith Glendive 31 Glendive William Graves & Bertha Stott          
POTTER, Harry W       Glendive 26 Albion Ill William Potter & Lucy Kellett 11-Jun-17 Bozeman? Dawson 2185  
      Charlotte Remick LaMoure N D 23 LaMoure Charles Remick & Johannah Weimer          
POTTER, Ilah see Hansen, Jake                    
POTTER, Leonard       Redstone 23 Bottineau N D Harry Potter & Frances Williams 30-Apr-27 Redstone Sheridan 2238  
      Lois Cosper Outlook 20 Granville N D Clinton Cosper & Zula Slighter          
POTTER, Lizzie see Knudson, Willmar                    
POTTER, Mae A see Dickinson, J W                    
POTTER, Marie see Kohl, William H                    
POTTER, Mrs Francis (Williams?) see Mann                    
POTTER, Myron see Potter                    
POTTER, Myron see Birch                    
POTTER, Myron       Whitetail 65 Penn Stillman Potter & Cerriles Crouch 1-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1210  
      Harriet C Wiltfang Whitetail 45 Iowa Cyrus Wiltfang & ???          
POTTER, Myron see Potter, Earl W                    
POTTER, Sarah see Smith, Marvin H                    
POTTER, Stillman see Potter                    
POTTER, Vera B see Birch                    
POTTER, Vernon M       Whitetail 25 Iowa Myron Potter & Marie Laffin 18-Feb-15 Whitetail Sheridan 432  
      Beulah B Whitfong Whitetail 21 Neb Webster & Hattie Wittfong          
POTTER, Vivian May see Stone                    
POTTER, W J see Potter, Harold E                    
POTTER, William see Potter, Harry W                    
POTTER, William Charles see Hansen, Jake                    
POTTICK, Ella Mae see Settera, Frank Joe                    
POTTS, Arthur Mell       Ellsworth N D 31 New York N Y Edd Potts & Hattie Strong 5-Jul-11 Glendive Dawson 959  
      Bessie Crews Trenton Nebr 28 Oleny Illinois James M Crews & Martha Verner          
POTTS, Edd see Potts, Arthur Mell                    
POTTS, Jacob E S       Glasgow 43 Piney Creek Penn Jacob Potts & Arthelia Goodrich 12-Dec-23 Glasgow Valley 3025  
      Lula May Putnam Jod N D 30 Jud N D Henry Eugene Putnam & Bertha Emstad          
POTTS, Lucia A see Tunison, William J                    
POTTS, Luella see Alexander, Gordon                    
POTTS, Meta Kathryn see Walters, Charles Edwin                    
POTTS, Seibert Edward see Walters, Charles Edwin                    
POUDER, Fred M see Pouder, Kenneth Ewing                    
POUDER, Kenneth Ewing       Wolf Point 23 Cerro Gordo Ill? Fred M Pouder & Grace E Hartman 19-May-23 Poplar Roosivelt 507  
      Mary Evelyn Moore Wolf Point 23 Grand Forks N D Thomas Moore & Martha Melsness          
POULAS, Anna see Lucas, John                    
POULIOT, Amelia Anna see Korsbeck, Frederick                    
POULIOT, Frank see Korsbeck, Frederick                    
POULSEN, Carl see Poulsen                    
POULSEN, Henry C       Los Angeles Cal 22 Buffalo N Y Carl Poulsen & Henrietta Paulsen 21-Oct-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2204  
      Beatrice E Lazell Bengough Sask 20 England John Lazell & Florence Lewis          
POULSEN, Nels see Poulsen                    
POULSEN, Peter R       Dagmar 45 Denmark Nels Poulsen & Karine S Knutson 17-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1576  
      Kristine M Jensen Dagmar     Jens C Jensen & Barbara Luft          
POULSON, Arthur M       Wolf Point 56 Iowa Martin O Poulson & Julia Bronson 27-Apr-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1306  
      Maud E Kellogg Wolf Point 43 S D Kirkland Kellogg & Henretta? Payne          
POULSON, Martin O see Poulson, Arthur M                    
POVYSIL, Antonie see Benes, Frank                    
POVYSIL, Frank see Benes, Frank                    
POWDER, Woman see Snow, James                    
POWDERLY, Christopher C see Dion, Frederick Eugene                    
POWDERLY, Margaret see Dion, Frederick Eugene                    
POWELL, A A see Elkin, Amos                    
POWELL, A W see Grant, Neil E                    
POWELL, Avon Grant       Spokane 21 Lewiston Idaho Grant Powell & Carrie Scott 14-Dec-21 Scobey Daniels 40  
      Gladys Marie Anderson Scobey 19 Bachoo N D William Anderson & Bridget Lavella          
POWELL, Bert R       Culbertson 23 Central City Nebr Boz__? Powell & Margaret Drenge 30-Jun-09 Culbertson Valley 484  
      Mamie Thorpe Culbertson 22 Burr Oak Wis Charles Thorpe & Mary Isbell          
POWELL, Boz__? see Powell, Bert R                    
POWELL, Charles       Drew 46 Ft Peck Reser Growing Teeth & Winona 21-Feb-24 Drew Roosivelt 587  
      Harriot Colter Poplar 40 Ft Peck Reser Joseph Cloud Hill & ???          
POWELL, Charles       Brockton 50 Mt Growing Alene? & Wenona 30-Jul-27 Drew Roosivelt 1049  
      Lucy Red Eagle Brockton 46 Canada John Little Crow & ???          
POWELL, Charles see Left Hand Thunder, Richard                    
POWELL, Charley       Brockton 47 Ft Peck Reser Growing Alone & Winona     Roosivelt 713 ( cert not completed )
      Leona Changing Dog Poplar 31 Ft Peck Reser Changing Dog & ???          
POWELL, Charlie see Spotted Bird, John                    
POWELL, Courtland W       Malta 27 U S William Powell & Pauline Culbertson 1-May-1895 Malta Valley ?  
      Lizzie Allen Malta 19 U S John C Allen & Sarah Coombs          
POWELL, David see Powell, Jacob C                    
POWELL, David F       Brockton 56 Indiana David Powell & Jane Steal 16-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1541  
      Dencie? P Manning Brockton 57 Neb Andrew J Todd & Eliza Johnson          
POWELL, Earl       Trotter N D 30 Hewett Todd Cty Mn Jessie M Powell & Stella Patterson 13-Mar-15 Glendive Dawson 1686  
      Grace Lewis Trotter N D 21 Hewitt Mn Willard Lewis & Laura Ward          
POWELL, Ed see Kammerer, Richard                    
POWELL, Elizabeth see Campbell                    
POWELL, Frank W       Phillips 21 Mt   20-Dec-17   Phillips 304  
      Emma Weiderrick Phillips 21 ???            
POWELL, Grant see Powell, Avon Grant                    
POWELL, Hattie M see Elliot                    
POWELL, Henry see Powell, W T                    
POWELL, Jacob C       Cleveland 28 S D David Powell & Libby Zahn 21-Mar-14 Chinook Blaine 111  
      Lucile McNeill ??? 18 Missouri William NcNeill & Nan Gosney          
POWELL, James C       Redstone 24 Portland Ind James M Powell & Delila Eath 1-Jan-17 Redstone Sheridan 926  
      Mae E Paul Redstone 19 Everly Iowa Levi W Paul & Sarah Miller          
POWELL, James M see Powell                    
POWELL, Jennie see Shufelt, Edward                    
POWELL, Jennie M see Baney                    
POWELL, Jess T see Bronson, William Marion                    
POWELL, Jesse T see Elliot                    
POWELL, Jessie M see Powell, Earl                    
POWELL, John see Anderson, Alfred R                    
POWELL, John E see Powell, Luther M                    
POWELL, John R see Powell, William A                    
POWELL, Leonard F see Weger, Earl E                    
POWELL, Lillian R see Grant, Neil E                    
POWELL, Lottie Jane see Bronson, William Marion                    
POWELL, Louisa see Grimm, Albert J                    
POWELL, Louise see Medicine Horse                    
POWELL, Lucille see Russell                    
POWELL, Luther M       Sioux Pass 33 Curtisville Indiana John E Powell & Martha Caldwell 22-Mar-14 Sioux Pass Dawson 1452  
      Bessie Fern McGinnis Sioux Pass 19 Toledo Illinois John McGinnis & Ada R Resley          
POWELL, Mabel see Kammerer, Richard                    
POWELL, Marie see Gabnelson, Gabnel                    
POWELL, Mary E see Ross, Clarence Lee                    
POWELL, Mary P see Porcupine Quill, Johnson                    
POWELL, Maude see Guenther                    
POWELL, Melvina see Bunnell, E L                    
POWELL, Onetta (Stensruth?) see Halliday, Charles                    
POWELL, Robert E       Trotters N D 30 Irvington Neb W M Powell & ??? 21-May-25 Wibaux Wibaux 490  
      Hazel Fern Hart Beach N D 28 Annadale Mn A L Hart & Emma Friend          
POWELL, Rosalind see Left Hand Thunder, Richard                    
POWELL, Rose see Anderson, Alfred R                    
POWELL, Roy Clement       Elmdale 30 Mo S F Powell & Etta Garmon 1-Jan-25 Poplar Roosivelt 716  
      Grace Ok-lona Nees Poplar 24 Indiana L G Nees & Myrth Ferguson          
POWELL, S F see Powell, Roy Clement                    
POWELL, Stephen see Russell                    
POWELL, Stephen see Warclub, Robert                    
POWELL, Viola P see Weger, Earl E                    
POWELL, Virginia see Spotted Bird, John                    
POWELL, W E see Powell, W L                    
POWELL, W L       Glasgow 22 Grand Harbor N D W E Powell & C E Rienter 14-Sep-29 Glasgow Valley 3505  
      Marvella Hellstrom Scobey 20 Minneapolis Vick Hellstrom & Mabel Kerser          
POWELL, W M see Powell, Robert E                    
POWELL, W T       Glasgow 41 Niagara Falls N Y Henry Powell & Martha Buras 10-Aug-10 Malta Valley 686  
      Lizzie Brewer Havre 37 Forest Canada John Brewer & Lizzy McPhail          
POWELL, William see Powell, Courtland W                    
POWELL, William A       Hinsdale 32 Witt Texas John R Powell & Johanna Creel 10-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3014  
      Barbara Lubbers Bowdoin 17 Can Henry Lubbers & ???          
POWELLEK, Ervin A       Miles City 21 Glen Carbon Illinois Gust Powellek & Louise Stork 7-Mar-26 Glendive Dawson 3332  
      Clara J Snyder Miles City 21 Miles City George M Snyder & Laura Jones          
POWELLEK, Gust see Powellek, Ervin A                    
POWELSON, Margaret see Culbertson, Samuel                    
POWER, Jacob B       Paxton 32 Williams Ranch Texas Jacob Power & Caroline Baird 4-Nov-14 (Paxton?) Dawson 1611  
      Marion Merritt Paxton 20 Minneapolis Mn George G Merritt & Mezelie D Le          
POWER, John J see Powers Michael J                    
POWER, Marion M see Nicolson, George                    
POWER, Michael J       Richland 27 N D John J Powers & Martha Reynolds 1-Jun-15 Plentywood Sheridan 481  
      Hazel M Smith Richland 24 Charton? Iowa Hector B Smith & Ella Combs          
POWERS, Berniece Laura see Gurnett, Claude Andrew                    
POWERS, Florence see Alderice                    
POWERS, Henry H see Gurnett, Claude Andrew                    
POWERS, James       P�wood 29 Butte John A Powers & Anna Gallagher 16-Jan-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2039  
      Luella Powers Wolf Point 20 Hannaford N D Iver Anderson & Christine Helling          
POWERS, James Kenneth       Wolf Point 26 Butte John Powers & Anna Gallagher 16-Sep-22 Poplar Roosivelt 410  
      Luella Anderson Wolf Point 18 Wimbledon N D Iver Anderson & Christine Helling          
POWERS, John see Powers, James Kenneth                    
POWERS, John A see Powers                    
POWERS, Kate see Tisdale, John A                    
POWERS , Luella (Anderson?) see Powers                    
POWERS, Mary see Follis, James W                    
POWERS, Sarah G see Howard, Merrell V                    
POWNAR, Mary W see Hodgson, Raymond                    
POYNER, Nancy (Nylen?) see Johnson, Oscar A                    
PRACHT, Wilmina see Kollman                    
PRADER, Bernadine see Palutzke                    
PRADER, Edward F       P�wood 29 Penn Edward F Prader & Jeanette St Clair 9-Oct-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2002  
      Stella Mae Jacobs Glasgow 20 Milo Iowa Elmer F Jacobs & Florence Bweeler?          
PRADER, John L see Palutzke                    
PRAMIG, Katie see Jess, Max H                    
PRATT, Ara see Rogers, Benton                    
PRATT, Charles L see Newlon, Robert C                    
PRATT, Frances Helen see Gustlin, Chester Clyde                    
PRATT, Helen see Nelson, Louis                    
PRATT, James M see Rogers, Benton                    
PRATT, L see Peters, Ernest George                    
PRATT, Lillian see Baker                    
PRATT, Lillie M see Newlon, Robert C                    
PRATT, Lizzie see Speare, Burley                    
PRATTE, Joseph       Laqudaire Sask Can 36 Quebec (prov) Peter Pratte & Flora Martin 15-Nov-20 Scobey Daniels 13  
      Rosilda Jerome Scobey 20 Wallhalla N D Joseph Jerome & Rosanna Stornand          
PRATTE, Peter see Pratte, Joseph                    
PRAULT, Winnifred see Taylor, Frederick H                    
PRAY, A W       Malta 21 N D   24-Dec-19   Phillips 482  
      Katherine E Skinner Malta 21 Penn            
PRAY, Anliaze see Lee                    
PRAY, Austin William see Skinner, Dwight                    
PRAY, Della see Martel, Pete                    
PRAY, Eva see Pray, A W                    
PRAY, Eva M see Martel, Pete                    
PREACE, Susan see Bond, William Andrew                    
PREBEE, James A see Schwinden Michael James                    
PREBEE, Mary see Schwinden, Michael James                    
PRECKEL, Gus see Henderson, Val J                    
PRECKEL, Myrtle A see Henderson, Val J                    
PREDDY, Clara Maud see Sargent, Dexter J                    
PREEDEN, Mrs J see Wells, Frank                    
PREHEIM, Edward       Hurley S D 25 Hurley Peter J Preheim & Anna Miller 1-Jun-26 Glendive Dawson 3354  
      Bertha Schwartz Richey 21 Freeman S D John J Schwartz & Carolyn Kirchenmann          
PREHEIM, Peter J see Preheim, Edward                    
PRELL, Louise see Schilling                    
PRELLER, Susana see Geisinger, Lois                    
PREMINGER, Glenn G       Lane 20 Iowa   6-May-29   Phillips 1114  
      Elma E Eggebrecht Vida 19 Mt            
PREMO, Eliza see Smith                    
PREMO, Leslie       Sentinel Butte N D 37 Mn Walter Premo & Sarah Emerson 20-Oct-20 Wibaux Wibaux 286  
      Alma Sophie Carlson Sentinel Butte 24 S D ??? & Betty Carlson          
PREMO, Walter see Premo, Louis                    
PREMO, Walter A       Sentinel Butte N D 22 Adrian Mn Walter D Premo & Millie P Emerson     Wibaux 234  
      Luella Vera Brier Sentinel Butte 18 Frazee Mn John M Brier & Mary C Brown          
PREMORE, Josephine see Knapp, Daniel                    
PRENEVOST, Henry see Prenevost, Moise James                    
PRENEVOST, Moise James       Willowvale Sask Can 21 Red Lake Falls Mn Henry Prenevost & Rosanna Libbert 1-Jul-22 Scobey Daniels 61  
      Teresa Easton Willowvale Sask Can 19 Carudiff Sask Can ???          
PRENTICE, ??? see Browning, James Glen                    
PRENTICE, A see Allen, Charles                    
PRENTICE, Florence see Jenson, Russell                    
PRENTICE, Florence see Boner, Everett E                    
PRENTICE, Florence M see Myers, Rush R                    
PRENTICE, James H see Prentice, John H                    
PRENTICE, John H       Glendive 22 Saginaw Mich James H Prentice & Mary C Robinson 1-Aug-06 Glendive Dawson 379  
      Jennette Richard Glendive 20 P E I Canada Amos & Julia Richard          
PRENTICE, Laura see Shanley, Walter                    
PRENTICE, Oscar see Shanley, Walter                    
PRENTICE, Oscar H see McCormack, Allie H                    
PRENTICE, Ott see Myers, Rush R                    
PRENTICE, Wm       Nashua 44 Wyoming ??? Prentice & Rose Moorehead 11-Mar-18 Nashua Valley 2339  
      Rose Cermack Nashua 22 Mn Henry Cermack & Maggie M___?          
PREOSS, Anna M see Schwan, William Gotfred                    
PRESBERGER, Regina see Bingham, Carl A                    
PRESBERGER, Regina see Drummond, Wallace                    
PRESCOTT, John Charles see Pendergast, Frank Victor                    
PRESCOTT, Mary Elizabeth see Pendregast, Frank Victor                    
PRESCOTT, Minnie see Butler, George                    
PRESE, Adam see Schledewitz                    
PRESE, Mollie see Schledewitz                    
PRESKEY, Clifton W       Chinook 26 Bluffton Ind Freeman Preskey & Alice LaTurner 21-Jun-16 Chinook Blaine 283  
      Myrtle Lane Chinook 19 Danville Ill Henry Lane & Laberta Doney          
PRESKEY, Freeman see Presky, Clifton W                    
PRESKEY, Freeman see Wailes, Homer P                    
PRESKEY, Mina Grace see Wailes, Homer P                    
PRESNELL, ??? see Olson, Sigurd                    
PRESNELL, Bettie see Norby                    
PRESNELL, Betty see Nies, Martin                    
PRESNELL, James see Presnell                    
PRESNELL, John see Kramer, Christoph John                    
PRESNELL, Lula Juanita see Kramer, Christoph John                    
PRESNELL, Martin       Scobey 24 No Car James M Presnell & Blanch? Frezett 15-Aug-14 Scobey Sheridan 305  
      Wilma Evenson Scobey 22 Iowa Mike Even-son & ???          
PRESSMAN, Andrew       Glendive 31 Holland John C Pressman & Johanna Baan 21-Nov-17 Glendive Dawson 2295  
      Ruby L C Harpster Glendive 22 Glendive John Harpster & Clara Sinine          
PRESSMAN, John C see Pressman, Andrew                    
PRESSON, Jane see Blair, David S                    
PRESTAGE, Clarence W       Saco 26 Mich Henry J Prestage & Charlotte Conn? 19-Aug-09 Glasgow Valley 501  
      Bessie Wright Cass City Mich 22 Mich James Wright & Alberta __aster?          
PRESTAGE, Henry see Prestage, C W                    
PRESTELTER?, Mathia see Neuman, Paul                    
PRESTHUS, John see Isaacson, Harold                    
PRESTON, Chester H see Preston, Floyd                    
PRESTON, Floyd C       Miles City 36 Leon Iowa Chester H Preston & Lydia Hathorne 24-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 3733  
      Josephine R Miller Sidney 39 Peoria Illinois William J Miller & Hannah Frances Droll          
PRESTON, J F       Beach N D 27 Montezu-ma Iowa J M Preston & Jane Jackson 28-Oct-14 Wibaux Wibaux 2  
      Cintha Patrick Beach N D 21 S D W M & Sarah Patrick          
PRESTON, J M see Preston, J F                    
PRESTON, Lucy see Patts                    
PRESTSATER, Mathea see Shefelbine, Emil                    
PRETHUS, Elizabeth see Isaacson, Harold                    
PRETTY, Bear see Longee                    
PRETTY, Bear see Sherman                    
PRETTY, Bear see Old Rock                    
PRETTY, Bear see Red Elk, Archie                    
PRETTY, Lodge see Soldier, Herbert                    
PRETTY BEAR, Inez see Red Elk, Archie                    
PRETTY BEAR, Irene see Brown, Herbert                    
PRETTY BEAR, Irene see Brown, Joseph                    
PRETTY BEAR WOMAN, Irene see Sherman                    
PREUSCH, Elizabeth see Christianson, Jens D                    
PREUSCH, Theodore see Christianson, Jens D                    
PREUSS, Albert James       Chinook 27 Howard Cty Mo Henry Preuss & Mary E Selken 29-Nov-28 Chinook Blaine 1097  
      Emma Caroline Zich Chinook 19 Canada William Zich & Marie Saunder          
PREUSS, Anna M see Schwan                    
PREUSS, Henry see Preuss, Paul Vernon                    
PREUSS, Henry see Peterson, Guy A                    
PREUSS, Henry see Preuss, Albert James                    
PREUSS, Paul Vernon       Zurich 28 Smithston Mo Henry Preuss & Mary Selken 15-Aug-25 Chinook Blaine 889  
      Ruth Lyda Claridge res Zurich 19 Walbach Neb James Coleridge & Harriet Imus          
PREUSS, Stella see Peterson, Guy A                    
PREVOST, Blanche see McPherson, Howard                    
PREVOST, Chas see Prevost, Fred                    
PREVOST, Fred       Three Forks 28 Quebec Canada Chas Prevost & Maria Bulado 30-Oct-13 Three Buttes Dawson 1352  
      Blance Crawford Three Buttes 18 Paddock Nebr Joseph & Sone Crawford          
PREVOST, Sarah J see Holmgren, Thomas M                    
PREVY, Lulu see Potter, Harold E                    
PREZELY, Anton see Podrgay, Martin                    
PREZELY, Rosalyn see Podrgay, Martin                    
PRICE, A____? see Price, William R                    
PRICE, Addie see Holton, A R                    
PRICE, Amos see Price Thomas                    
PRICE, Amos see French                    
PRICE, Anna see Shae                    
PRICE, Anna see Miller, Harrt Ralph                    
PRICE, Annie see Earton, George                    
PRICE, Annie see Halverson, Hiram                    
PRICE, Annie see Hoke, Jesse                    
PRICE, Annie see Whitney, George C                    
PRICE, Don Watt       Stady N D 23 Stady Erskine Price & Polly Watt 12-May-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2821  
      Helena Olson Stady 19 Stady Lawernce Olson & Lena Bergum          
PRICE, Earnest see Price, Lawrence Arnold                    
PRICE, Edward       St Louis Mo 32 Windsor Ill W A Price & Sarah A Townley 3-Nov-28 Glendive Dawson 3656  
      Vivian Hancher Steele N D 21 McHenry N D John Hancher & Susie A Gregory          
PRICE, Elizabeth see Corbett, Charles                    
PRICE, Ella see Fitz, Foster Murphy                    
PRICE, Ella Angelia see French                    
PRICE, Ernest Eugene see Smith, Lewie Roberts                    
PRICE, Erskine see Price                    
PRICE, Frank see Robinson, Oscar L                    
PRICE, Frank & Mary see Price, Henry F                    
PRICE, Fred E see Price                    
PRICE, Fred E see Price, Horace                    
PRICE, Gladys see Hardie                    
PRICE, Harriet see Hicks, Sam                    
PRICE, Helen Pauline see Simpson, Alexander J                    
PRICE, Henry F       Flaxville 37 N Y Frank & Mary Price 20-Apr-29 Scobey Daniels 428  
      Bertha Hendrickson Flaxville 23 Greenbush Mn Thomas Hendrickson & Rachel Rue          
PRICE, Horace       Froid 19 Wocena Wis Fred E Price & Ella Gratzke 2-Dec-25 Froid Roosivelt 834  
      Marie R Thorpe Culbertson 15 Emmett Cty Iowa John W Thorp & Hattie Miller          
PRICE, Horace E       Froid 25 Wyocena Wis Fred E Price & Ella Grotzke 20-Sep-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2685  
      Lillian McEachern Med Lake 20 Homestead Murdock McEachern & Annie Scott          
PRICE, Ida see Roberts, Doan W                    
PRICE, J B see Price, W B                    
PRICE, Joyce see Lewis, John William                    
PRICE, Kate see Barrett, David Alfred                    
PRICE, Lawrence Arnold       Poplar 27 Wisc Earnest Price & Lydia Cuff 9-Oct-26 Scobey Daniels 281  
      Helen Frances McConnel Tacoma 23 Kearny Missouri Frank McConnel & Nannie Ligget          
PRICE, Loretta Ann see Rodger, Clifford Allen                    
PRICE, Lydia see Schuster, Andrew L                    
PRICE, Marile see Gibson                    
PRICE, Mary see Gabriel, Luther                    
PRICE, May see Awde, Earl Lon                    
PRICE, Minnie see Hunemeier, Richard                    
PRICE, Nancy O see Robinson, Oscar L                    
PRICE, Perry see Cox, Levi                    
PRICE, R L see Lewis, John William                    
PRICE, Robert L       Harlem 26 Chicago Ill William H Price & Franses Cunningham 26-Aug-18 Chinook Blaine 512  
      Jennie Lundberg Harlem 21 Detroit (Lakes?) Mn John Lundberg & Anna Christianson          
PRICE, Ruth Lydia see Smith, Lewie Roberts                    
PRICE, Sam see Gibson                    
PRICE, Sarah Alma see French                    
PRICE, Susanna see Kitchen, Joseph                    
PRICE, Thomas       Froid 22 Wis Amos Price & Alma Palmer 24-Jun-15 Plentywood Sheridan 499  
      Gladys Johnson Froid 18 Mich Chas Jackson & Leona Harkins          
PRICE, Thomas Willis       Froid 25 Wis Amos Price & Alma Palmer 25-Sep-18 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1382  
      Nora Dein Med� Lake 22 Nebr Andrew Dein & Annie Lund          
PRICE, W A see Price, Edward                    
PRICE, W B       Glendive 30 Arilli? Canada J B Price & Arlene Fox 29-Jul-06 Glendive Dawson 377  
      Rose Erickson Glendive 22 Ouelair Wisc ? Erickson & Rose Olson          
PRICE, W C see Rodger, Cliffoerd Allen                    
PRICE, W D see Spall, Shelby E                    
PRICE, William Dent see Simpson, Alexander J                    
PRICE, William H see Price, Robert L                    
PRICE, William R       Malta 17 Missouri A____? Price & Ruth R Quick 20-Dec-05 Glasgow Valley 205  
      Anna B Torgerson Kenyon Mn 24 Kenyon Mn ???          
PRICHARD, Tom see Brugnier, Thomas Anthony                    
PRICHARD, Atha see Frazier, Kenneth                    
PRICHARD, Babe see Matvan, Louis S                    
PRICHARD, Ben see Phillips, Harold Lane                    
PRICHARD, Ben see Prichard, Dale                    
PRICHARD, Benjamin see Rasmussen, S A                    
PRICHARD, Dale       Brockton 21 Toronto Kans Ben Prichard & Minnie Pippin 24-Nov-28 Glasgow Valley 3433  
      Nellie Helen Vanderhoff Dore N D 24 Wis Edward Vanderhoff & Hattie Morgan          
PRICHARD, Sarah see Robinson, Sion W                    
PRICHARD, Thomas see Albert, Ralph Elonzo                    
PRICHARD, Tru? see Frazier, Kenneth                    
PRICHARD, Wilma Mae see Albert, Ralph Elonzo                    
PRICKETT, Telitha A see Kenoyer, Edgar Alvia                    
PRICKSHOT, Mary see Gilbert, Gilbert                    
PRIDAY, Alfred H see Priday, Paul H                    
PRIDAY, Paul H       U S army 24 Ohio Alfred H Priday & Della C Carr 1-May-18 Glasgow Valley 2359  
      Mary H Robinson Glasgow 25 N D Arthur H Robinson & Mary Jane Reid          
PRIED, Agnes Augusta see Tilton, Mark Sherman                    
PRIED, Henry see Tilton, Mark Sherman                    
PRIERPOINT, Mary see Calvert, Walter                    
PRIEST, Horace see Lee, Arthur                    
PRIEST, Howard H see Priest, Howard Merle                    
PRIEST, Howard Merle       Nashua 26 Maine Howard H Priest & Lydia A Runnel 21-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1860  
      St Catherine Morse Shelby 21 Mn Richard J Morse & Helen M Desalles          
PRIEST, Mary C see Darst, Reynold Milo                    
PRIEST, Mima see Lee, Arthur                    
PRIGGE, Elizabeth Grace see Wulf                    
PRIGGE, Olein? see Wulf                    
PRIGMORE, Rosalie see David, Roy I                    
PRIGMORE, Rozalie see Parker, Harold W                    
PRIM, Arnold       Scobey 28 Wis William Prim & Fredrica Steinbrink 8-Oct-19 Scobey Sheridan 1567  
      Agnes E Stai Sco-bey 21 Mn L A Stai & Sophie Salmonsoa          
PRIM, William see Prim                    
PRIME, Susan see Saunders                    
PRIMEAU, Albertine see Sundseth, Kristen                    
PRIMEAU, Edgar see Primeau, Herman P                    
PRIMEAU, Eliza see LaVerdure                    
PRIMEAU, Eliza see Tinkey                    
PRIMEAU, Havier see Sundseth, Kristen                    
PRIMEAU, Helen see Escarcega, Joseph                    
PRIMEAU, Herman see Benson, Halvor Bernard                    
PRIMEAU, Herman P       Malta 24 Mt   26-Nov-28   Phillips 1984  
      Adeline Moore Malta 19 Mt            
PRIMEAU, Mel----? see Paradis                    
PRIMEAU, Regina see Sundseth, Kristen                    
PRIMEAU, Regina Virginia see Benson, Halvor Bernard                    
PRIMEAU, Xavier see Foley, Augustine M                    
PRIMEAU, Xavier       Malta 34 Canada   3-Apr-23   Phillips 704  
      Alvertia Bull Malta 17 ???            
PRIMM, May see Doney, Benjamin E                    
PRIMM, Richard A see Doney, Benjamin A                    
PRIMO, Sarah see Hagen                    
PRIMPTON, Isadore see Durgeloh, Henry                    
PRIMPTON, Vila see Durgeloh, Henry                    
PRIMU?, Eliza see Peterson                    
PRINCE, Nellie see Quimby, George W                    
PRINE, Mary R see Robinson, Clarence A                    
PRINGLE, Christina Elliott see Hong, Robert                    
PRINGLE, Lula see Lewis, Archie                    
PRINGLE, William see Hong, Robert                    
PRINS, Lyda see McAfee, William                    
PRIOMEAU, Eliza see Beaman                    
PRIOR, Harold R       Hinsdale 28 Iowa   13-Aug-21   Phillips 591  
      Olive Minnette Sauk Center Mn 21 Mn            
PRISE, Catherine see Haarman, Andrew                    
PRISE, Louis see Haarmann, Andrew                    
PRISONER, see Wing, Leo                    
PRITCHARD, Charles see Enger, Ted Olaf                    
PRITCHARD, Charles N see Wallschlager, William                    
PRITCHARD, Charles N       Glendive 44 Casey Illinois John Pritchard & Matilda Neibarger 26-Jun-26 Glendive Dawson 3362  
      Carlinne Lyseng Glendive 45 Hawley Mn Gilbert Lyseng & Marie Bits          
PRITCHARD, Chas N       Glendive 24 Clark Cty Ill John Pritchard & M Neberger 13-May-05 Glendive Dawson 337  
      Eva Anna Morrall Glendive 18 Germany ???          
PRITCHARD, Eva see Barton, Herbert J                    
PRITCHARD, Frank see Cutnaw, D A                    
PRITCHARD, Frankie Mae see Brugnier, Thomas Anthony                    
PRITCHARD, Irene Louise see Wallschlager, William                    
PRITCHARD, John see Pritchard, Charles N                    
PRITCHARD, John see Pritchard, Chas N                    
PRITCHARD, John see Pritchard, William Adolphus                    
PRITCHARD, Matilda Elizabeth see Enger, Ted Olaf                    
PRITCHARD, Owen see Pritchard, Thomas O                    
PRITCHARD, Pearl E see Bruce, James A                    
PRITCHARD, Rosie see Amiott, Paul                    
PRITCHARD, Solomon see Amiott, Paul                    
PRITCHARD, Thomas O       Hinsdale 29 Wales Owen Pritchard & Kate Jones 30-Sep-14 Barr Valley 1547  
      Florence G Spencer Hinsdale 23 Fairbault Mn Seymour Spencer & Lillian Burbank          
PRITCHARD, W J see Miller, H W                    
PRITCHARD, William Adolphis       Glendive 26 Robinson Ill John Pritchard & Matilda Neighbarher 22-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2927  
      Elsie Kegley Burns 22 Burns John Kegley & Sina Pennington          
PRITCHETT, H A see Ross                    
PRITCHETT, Mary see Rose                    
PRIVATSKY, Frank see Privatsky, Joseph                    
PRIVATSKY, Joseph       Dickinson N D 33 Russia Frank Privatsky & Teresie Ploc 14-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2445  
      Krystyna Kralicek Dickinson N D 19 Russia Frank Kralicek & Barbara Kolar?          
PRIZEMAN, Joe       Regina Sask Can 22 London England Joseph Prizeman & Ada Wood 16-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2763  
      Marjorie Cameron Regina 21 Regina Donakd Cameron & Aberta Best          
PROCHNOW, Emma see Struck, Emil                    
PROCHNOW, Gustav see Lund, Paul Otto Antoine                    
PROCHNOW, Lena (Ydstie?) see Moen                    
PROCHNOW, Marie Josephine see Lund, Paul Otto Antoine                    
PROCTOR, Annie L see Davis, Nimrod                    
PROCTOR, Charles see Robbins, Charles                    
PROCTOR, Clara see Robbins, Jack                    
PROCTOR, Clara see Robbins, Frank E                    
PROCTOR, Frank see Tribe, Ralph                    
PROCTOR, George K see Davis, Nimrod                    
PROCTOR, Grace see Tribe, Ralph                    
PROCTOR, Herbert Henery       Poplar 21 Poplar Peter Proctor & Anna Knorr 23-Feb-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1283  
      Vera Elnor Harrington Poplar 18 Lake City Iowa Henry Larkin Harrington & Flora Miles          
PROCTOR, Ida see Compton, James C                    
PROCTOR, James       Poplar 22 Poplar Peter H Proctor Sr & Anna Knorr 23-May-19 Mondak Roosivelt 14  
      Lizzie Renz Poplar 22 Poplar Robert Renz & Good House          
PROCTOR, Jennie E see Karcher, Charles H                    
PROCTOR, Josephine see Trinder, Charles R                    
PROCTOR, Peter see Benson, Alvah A                    
PROCTOR, Peter see Proctor, Stephen W                    
PROCTOR, Peter see Proctor, Herbert Henery                    
PROCTOR, Peter & Anna see Proctor, Peter Jr                    
PROCTOR, Peter & Annie see Robbins, Jack                    
PROCTOR, Peter & Annie see Trinder, Charles R                    
PROCTOR, Peter H see Holderman, William H                    
PROCTOR, Peter H Sr see Proctor, James                    
PROCTOR, Peter Jr       Poplar 23 Poplar Peter & Anna Proctor 1-Feb-13 Poplar Valley 1033  
      Eliza Smith Poplar 29 Poplar Phillip Alvares & Plenty Horses          
PROCTOR, Stephen W       Poplar 26 Canada Peter Proctor & Annie Knorr 21-Sep-20 Glasgow Valley 2723  
      Helen W Lockman Poplar 19 N D Clemence & Bridget Lockman (Sackman?)          
PROCTOR, Thomas see Compton, James C                    
PRODRO, Marie see Agostinelli, Nick                    
PRODZYNSKI, Mary see Wika, Robert E                    
PROFET, Mary see Wright, Nelson G                    
PROFFITT, Jane see High, Arthur C                    
PROHL, Charlie see Schroeder                    
PROHL, Ella see Schroeder                    
PROHL, Tina see Schroeder                    
PROLE, Millie see Chapman, William                    
PROLOW, W J       Taylor N D 44 Columbus Wisc William Prolow & Sophia Selk 8-Apr-15 Glendive Dawson 1694  
      Alice M Simpson Taylor N D 36 Brownsdale Mn Joseph H Simpson & Maria Rockwell          
PROLOW, William see Prolow, W J                    
PRONOVOST, Elizabeth see Alvarez, Joseph                    
PRONTO, Joe see Amiott, Fred                    
PRONTO, Peter       Saco 22 Big Timber ??? & Marget Lafroncse? 23-Dec-03 Saco Valley 120  
      Lizzie Ducharme Saco 19 Maiden ??? & Manale Masney          
PROPEST, Sarah M see Kinney, Roy Hubert                    
PROPST, Sarah see Hall, Olen                    
PROPST, Sarah M V see Rimel, Sylvester Barta                    
PROPST, Sarah M V see Rimel, William Phillip                    
PROSER, Inez see Sigmund, Gust August                    
PROSISE, Anna see Finneman, Nick                    
PROSISE, Charles see Prosise, Donald L                    
PROSISE, Charles see Kanouse, Byron L                    
PROSISE, Donald L       Glasgow 27 Ill Charles Porsise & Millie Mesness 16-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2683  
      Lucille Williams Glasgow 20 Iowa LeGer Williams & Grayce Groves          
PROSISE, Helen see Kanouse, Byron L                    
PROSISE, James see Finneman, Nick                    
PROSSER, Carrie see Wolfe, Donald Dee                    
PROSSER, Emma see McNeil, James                    
PROSSER, Lillian J see Lantis, Cassions B                    
PROSSER, Samuel T see Lantis, Cassions B                    
PROST, Mrs Arthur Earl see Hatt Arthur Earl                    
PROUDFOOT, Grace M see Sanford, Claude M                    
PROUDFOOT, William see Sanford, Claude M                    
PROULX, Joseph see Proulx, Valerie                    
PROULX, Valerie       Amos 38 Canada Joseph Proulx & Ug----? Goin? 23-Sep-18 Chinook Blaine 519  
      Rose Napier Amos 29 Ill Robert Arnold & Florence Henry          
PROUSE, Henrietta see McKnight, Irvin                    
PROUT, Ella see Mahan, Archibald John                    
PROUT, May see Cothern, William R                    
PROVINE, Mary see Tabor, Charles B                    
PROVO, Oliver see Stine                    
PROVOST, Alfred see Wing, Walter Richard                    
PROVOST, Alma (Allen?) see Jensen, Olav Sigurd                    
PROVOST, Catherine see LaPage, Fred                    
PROVOST, Charles see Provost, Frank                    
PROVOST, Eustache see Provost                    
PROVOST, Frank       Bainville 35 Crookston Mn Charles Provost & Delma LaLone 1-Jun-19 Culbertson Roosivelt 20  
      Lillia Mathews Lanark 19 Mn John Mathews & Mary Roween          
PROVOST, J E see Provost                    
PROVOST, John B see Provost                    
PROVOST, John P see Provost, Oliver                    
PROVOST, Louis       Maxim Sask Can 26 Quebec Can Eustache Provost & Emma LaPierre 16-Sep-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2694  
      Clara Becker Maxim 22 Maxim Henry Becker & Lou Ragsdale          
PROVOST, Maybelle Mary see Wing, Walter Richard                    
PROVOST, Oliver       Wolf Point 48 Laramie Cty Colo John B Provost & Mary Brown 13-Sep-16 Macon Sheridan 819  
      Mrs Molly Sherrill Wolf Point 30 Wolf Point W A Triplet & Mary Hail Woman          
PROVOST, Oliver       Frazer 46 Laramie Cty Colo John P Provost & ??? 3-Jul-13 Glasgow Valley 1316  
      Louise Ivy Frazer 23 Frazer William Ivy & ???          
PROVOST, Ovila       Comertown 27 Waterloo Quebec Can J E Provost & Emma Stone 25-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2768  
      Nellie Ragsdale Miles City 27 Minot N D Joseph Ragsdale & Nellie Smith          
PRUDEN, Ada see Wilson, Chas E                    
PRUTES, Eugene W       Scobey 25 Russia Bel Prutes & Julia Jerkins 2-Aug-25 Scobey Daniels 217  
      Anna Lyonofichuk Scobey 20 Can Andro Lyonofichuk          
PRUTES, Bel see Prutes, Eugene                    
PRUTIS, Helen Margi see Harchenko, Nick                    
PRUTIS, Martin see Harchenko, Nick                    
PRYBIL, Marie see Kovarik, Anthony Jr                    
PRYBYLSKI, Frances see Alderice                    
PRYBYLSKI, Paul see Alderice                    
PRYOR, Jennie see Haines, Lawrence R                    
PRYOR, L W see Pryor, Roger W                    
PRYOR, Roger W       Glasgow 26 Blue Springs Missouri L W Pryor & Louise Witt 19-Jul-26 Glasgow Valley 3227  
      Erma Shoemaker Glasgow 18 Glasgow W B Shoemaker & Myrtle Ella Cummings          
PRYZYBLA, Francis see Sonnek, Robert                    
PUCCONIA, Theresia see Laird, Seward                    
PUCHALLA, Albert see Trubell, Herbert                    
PUCHALLA, Eleanor see Trubell, Herbert                    
PUCKETT, Andy L       Nashua 47 Sweet Water Texas Latin Pucket & Rebecca Hampton 16-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1172  
      Blanche Zuonas Nashua 27 Omaha Neb John Zuonas & Mary Novak          
PUCKETT, James R       Nashua 23 Buda Texas W W Puckett & Mary Wilson 8-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1787  
      Lola V Ranney Nashua 21 New Auburn Mn N A Ranney & Ella Vaughn          
PUCKETT, Latin see Puckett, Andy L                    
PUCKETT, Margie see Clark Warren Stanton                    
PUCKETT, W W see Puckett, James R                    
PUFAHL, Christine see Jankowski, Joseph A                    
PUFFER, Cora see Archer, John                    
PUFFER, Hazel B see Woodring, Wade R                    
PUFFER, Hughie A       Williston N D 21 Glendive Luther Puffer & Lottie Thayer 1-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2228  
      Gladys Merviel LeVette Williston 19 New Weston Ohio Albert LeVette & Lurena Richardson          
PUFFER, Luther see Archer, John                    
PUFFER, Luther see Puffer, Hughie A                    
PUGH, Charles see Pugh, J A                    
PUGH, Clyde W       Ollie 23 Mpls Mn William W Pugh & Adine Madie 10-Dec-21 Carlyle Wibaux 323  
      Sena A Sanderson Carlyle 20 Atlanta Mn S O Sanderson & Engberg Anderson          
PUGH, Eunice see Morrison                    
PUGH, Florence see Miller                    
PUGH, Frank see Pugh, Robert F                    
PUGH, J A       Scobey 46 Ont Can Charles Pugh & Elizabeth Linton 7-Oct-30 Scobey Daniels 491  
      Ida Watt Lima Ohio 46 Anglaize Cty Ohio S H Shaw & Clarabelle Edmiston          
PUGH, Joseph see Morrison                    
PUGH, Mamie see Crossen, Edward B                    
PUGH, Mrs Clara see Pugh, Robert F                    
PUGH, Robert F       Killdeer N D 39 Craw -ford Cty Wis Frank Pugh & Ethel Clark 2-Jan-20 Wibaux Wibaux 717  
      Mrs Clara Pugh Killdeer N d 40 Austria-Hun Jacob Bartel & Clara Oxenfeldt          
PUGH, Thomas Douglas       Dickinson N D 22 Larimore N D Thomas H Pugh & Jessie Taylor 13-Dec-24 Wibaux Wibaux 470  
      Vernice Opal Mercer Dickinson 21 McHenry N D William E Mercer & Margaret Day          
PUGH, Thomas H see Mattox, Charles                    
PUGH, William W see Pugh, Clyde W                    
PUHZET, Wilhelm see Koenig, Andrew                    
PULCZINSKI, Agatha see Wika, Robert E                    
PULL, Lodge see Snow, James                    
PULLE, see Peelle                    
PULLEN, Denton Sproat       Lambert 38 Mich Wesley Pullen & Rachel Sproat 2-Dec-22 Poplar Roosivelt 451  
      Rosena Mae Cook Wolf Point 19 Dun? Wis Charlie Cook & Grace Payzant          
PULLEN, Mary see Walker, Logan                    
PULLEN, Nettie see Murphy, Charles Thomas                    
PULLEN, Wesley see Pullen, Denton Sproat                    
PULLIAM, Rose L (Meador) see LaBombard, Frank                    
PULSE, Charles see Pulse, George F                    
PULSE, Charles see Pulse, Will                    
PULSE, George F       Malta 21 Plevna Missouri Charles Pulse & Nancy Jones 26-Dec-01 Glasgow Valley 43  
      Mary P Whetstone Malta 22 The Bend? Ohio William J Whetstone & Louisa Haynes          
PULSE, John       Bowdoin 22 Mt   23-Nov-27   Phillips 986  
      Eleanor Cookingham Bowdoin 18 Illinois            
PULSE, Nancy G (James?) see Lowell, William C                    
PULSE, W J see Pulse, John                    
PULSE, Will       Malta 21 Plevna Missouri Charles Pulse & Nancy Jones 4-Sep-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Louisa Guinn Malta 21 Bett Creek E H Guinn & Mary M Baker          
PULVER, Esther see Rasmusson, Martin                    
PULVER, Symer see Rasmusson, Martin                    
PUMROY?, Ester see Nichosl, Harry S                    
PUNCH, Woman see Grass, John                    
PUNCHAR, Anna see Nelson                    
PUNEY, Marget see Tobin, William J                    
PUNKE, Frank see Efta, Frank                    
PUNKE, Margaret see Efta, Frank                    
PURCELL, Anna see Miller, Armon H                    
PURCELL, Grant see Purcell, John                    
PURCELL, John       Glasgow 38 Penn Grant Purcell & Bridget McCarty 7-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1892  
      Marie Hemmingson Glasgow 35 Wis Henry Hemmingson & Margaret Iverson          
PURCELL, Lucy E (Smith?) see Campain, James J                    
PURCELL, Margaret see Slattery, John Lawrence                    
PURCELL, Mary see DeNoma, John                    
PURCELL, Mary see Zeller, John                    
PURCELL, Mary Ellen see Lynch, Michael Henry                    
PURCELL, Mary Ellen see Nelson, Albert                    
PURCELL, Pocahontas see Dick, Percy P                    
PURDEY, Harley M       Glendive 30 Wabash Indiana Henry Lee Purdy & Josephine Brown 10-Jan-14 Sioux Pass Dawson 1416  
      Jessie Riddile Sioux Pass 30 Greens Run Ohio Joseph P Riddile & Sue F David          
PURDIE, John W       Glendive 24 Albert Lea Mn John B Purdie & Ella Johnson 15-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1642  
      Edith Baker Glendive 23 Castleton? N D Ed Baker & Elizabeth Corbette          
PURDOM, Herschel F       Union 37 Sac Cty Iowa Nathan D Purdom & Jennie I Gallup 3-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1230  
      Edith E Utterback Union 31 Douglas Cty Illinois Carrie H Utterback & Wilma Skidmore          
PURDOM, Nathan D see Purdom, Herschel F                    
PURDOM, Pearl Livingston see Lane, Warren                    
PURDY, Albert see Berger                    
PURDY, Albert see Tolley, John W                    
PURDY, Alfred see LaRoque, Albert Jr                    
PURDY, Bertha see Tolley, John W                    
PURDY, C L       Glasgow 23 Ind H L Purdy & Josephine Brown 23-Mar-12   Valley 1022  
      Myrtle E Barnard Glasgow 18 Livingston George Barnard & Nancy Malendy          
PURDY, Eliza see Reeves, Rolla M                    
PURDY, H L see Purdy, C L                    
PURDY, Henry L see Walker, Walter Sherman                    
PURDY, Henry L see Purdy, Wm Henry                    
PURDY, Henry Lee see Purdy, Harley M                    
PURDY, John W       Glendive 24 Albert Lea Mn John B Purdy & Ella Johnson 15-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1642  
      Edith Baker Glendive 23 Casselton N D Ed Baker & Elizabeth Corbette          
PURDY, Lillian M see Laroque, Albert Jr                    
PURDY, Lucy see Staples, Claud                    
PURDY, Marie see Berger                    
PURDY, Rosabelle see Walker, Walter Sherman                    
PURDY, Sarah see Kitson, Daniel E                    
PURDY, Wm Henry       Sidney 48 Wabash Cty Indiana Henry L Purdy & Josephine Brown 4-Aug-19 Culbertson Roosivelt 42  
      Mary Mildred Andrews Sidney 29 Canada John Hamilton & Jane Buchanan          
PURKEY, Etta see LeRoy, Robert W                    
PURR, Kadhrina see Kasel, Christian                    
PURVES, Amanda see Stahr                    
PURVES, John see Stahr                    
PURVIS, A�a? I see Graves, Samuel E                    
PURVIS, Anita L see Harpster, John A                    
PURVIS, Armeta see McNiece, Paul D                    
PURVIS, Charlie A       Golva N D 20 St Cloud Mn Charles W Purvis & Effie May Whitney 14-Aug-17 Wibaux Wibaux 160  
      Edith Mercer Wibaux 17 Washington James B Howden & Lilly Emyart          
PURVIS, Dolly see Southerly, George                    
PURVIS, Dolly May see Eddy, Leslie Eugene                    
PURVIS, Dolly May see Stewart, Lawrence William                    
PURVIS, G S see Eddy, William E                    
PURVIS, Lydia see Wyly, Lawrence T                    
PURVIS, Lyla see Ortner, William                    
PURZELL, Mary see Nallen, Joseph B                    
PUST, Berthold       Lambert 38 Germany William Pust & Ottelea Fratska 3-Nov-14 Lambert Dawson 1602  
      Lena Klempel Burns 25 Germany Hugo Klempel & Ida Sieber (Silber?)          
PUST, Emil A       Lambert 43 Germany Ferdinand Pust & Helena Ledden 20-Oct-20 Wibaux Wibaux 287  
      Sophia Carrie Hageman Wibaux 26 Germany Ernest Hageman & Sophia Hawke          
PUST, Ferdinand see Pust, Emil A                    
PUST, Ferdinand see Pust, John E                    
PUST, John E       Burns 31 Germany Ferdinand Pust & Lena Ladean 13-Mar-25 Glendive Dawson 3194  
      Margaret Rose Baughman Burns 22 Brighton Iowa John G Baughman & Daisy Diner          
PUST, William see Pust, Berthold                    
PUTNAM, Anna see Greenfield, Charles D Jr                    
PUTNAM, Anna see Nelson, Richard P                    
PUTNAM, Eloise see Campbell                    
PUTNAM, Henry Eugene see Potts, Jacob E L                    
PUTNAM, Lula may see Potts, Jacob, E L                    
PUTNAM, Mary Omelia see Harker, Freddie Orvil                    
PUTNEY, Ada M see Perrine, Charles                    
PUTTERBAUGH, Annie see Hamilton                    
PUTTICK, Sarah see Baldry, Chester                    
PUTZ, Joseph see Stewart, Geo T                    
PUTZ, Kate see Stewart, Geo T                    
PUTZ, Mary see Hubing, Albert                    
PUTZIER, Charles & Mary see Putzier                    
PUTZIER, Daniel D       Brockton 24 Mn Charles & Minnie Putzier 18-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1081  
      Agnes Schlenz Brockton 21 Mn Charles & Mary Schlenz          
PYKE, Sarah see Wallinder, Peter                    
PYLE, Grant see Johnson, R D                    
PYLE, Hazel M see Johnson, R D                    
PYM, Mollie see Welch, Robert E                    
PZNOCH, David & Pauline see Levetch, Peter C                    
PZNOCH, Hilda see Levetch, Peter C                    
QIERZEUSKI, Valentin see Quade, Theodore                    
QUAALE, Edward       Sentinel Butte N D 22 Kenyon Mn Hans Quaale & Elizabeth Haugen 28-Aug-28 Wibaux Wibaux 624  
      Viola Runk? Sentinel Butte 17 Sentinel Butte Earl A Runk & Sarah Shallock          
QUAALE, Hans see Quaale, Edward                    
QUACKENBUCH, Ida see Sherwin, Ray                    
QUACKENBUSH, Anna see Yopp, Fred W                    
QUACKENBUSH, Cora see Baker, Harry                    
QUACKENBUSH, Cora see Hurlbert, Marion L                    
QUACKENBUSH, Ellen see Watson, Harry U                    
QUACKENBUSH, Ethel see Green, George                    
QUACKENBUSH, Ethel see Myers, Samuel                    
QUACKENBUSH, Ida see Hill, Howard                    
QUACKENBUSH, John see Jewell, Reuber R                    
QUACKENBUSH, L Mae see Myers, Samuel                    
QUACKENBUSH, Ruth Emma see Jewell, Reuber R                    
QUADE, Adolph       St Phillip 24 Pulaski Wis Theodore Quade & Maria Henski 12-Nov-23 St Philip Wibaux 408  
      Agnes Bruski St Philip 20 Greenbush Mn Joseph Bruski & Lucia Gierszeima          
QUADE, Anna see Bruskie, William                    
QUADE, Hattie see Ronellenfitsch, Ignatz                    
QUADE, Theo see Bruskie, William                    
QUADE, Theodore       St Phippips 65 Poland Wilhelm Quade & Henrietta Panzer 27-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 503  
      Lucia Bruski St Phillips 56 Poland Valentine Qierszeuski & Mary Kukowski          
QUADE, Theodore see Quade, Adolph                    
QUADE, Theodore see Ronellenfitsch, Ignatz                    
QUADE, Theodore J       Wibaux 24 Ontario Can Theodore J Quade & Mary Hinske 30-May-11 Glendive Dawson 943  
      Barbara Wicke Beach N D 23 Arcadia Wisc John & Mary Wicke          
QUADE, Wilhelm see Quade, Theodore                    
QUAIFE, Mary E see Davidson, Ray                    
QUAIFE, Mary E see Hildebrand, Raymond                    
QUAIVER, Nelica see Mitchell, Jim                    
QUAL, Mary see Reinertson                    
QUALA?, Eli see Gregerson, Victor Edwin                    
QUALE, Ella see Brekke, Eddie M                    
QUALE, Evan       Edgehill 30 Cannon Falls Mn Vebjorn & Sarah Quale 3-Aug-15 Wibaux Wibaux 43  
      Anna Novak Edghill 24 Mn Matt & Anna Novak          
QUALE, Marie see Ueckert, Gustave                    
QUALE, Oliver see Ueckert, Gustave                    
QUALE, Vebjorn & Sarah see Quale, Evan                    
QUALEY, Mabel see Koester                    
QUALEY, Olaf see Koester                    
QUALEY, Olaf T       Hinsdale 31 Kindred N D Ole Qualey & Mary Thompson 9-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2907  
      Donna McColly Hinsdale 18 Rensaleer Indiana John C McColly & Grace C Yeoman          
QUALEY, Ole see Qualey, Olaf T                    
QUALLEY, J T       LaCrosse Wisc 60 Norway Thorger J Qualley & Bridget Houkom 29-Nov-17 Glendive Dawson 2302  
      Christina Kettleson LaCrosse 47 Vernon Cty Wisc Even Johnson Hundal & Katrina Olson          
QUALLEY, Thorger J see Qualley, J T                    
QUALLY, Maude see Combes, Wm E                    
QUALLY, Charles see Combes, William E                    
QUAM, Anna see Clementson                    
QUAM, Emma Charlott see Bell, Martin Averill                    
QUAM, Henry       Westby 22 Canada William Quam & Gina Sands 5-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2485  
      Margaret Corcoran Comertown 18 River Falls Mn William Corcoran & Florence King          
QUAM, Julia see Pedersen                    
QUAM, Julia see Pedersen                    
QUAM, Leonard       Westby 28 Westby William Quam & Gina Sando 6-Jan-34 Westby Sheridan 2804  
      Pauline McCauley Westby 18 Westby William McCauley & Mary Cruel          
QUAM, Louisa see Anderson, Edward M                    
QUAM, Mary see Olson, V L                    
QUAM, May see Olson                    
QUAM, May see Sather                    
QUAM, Russell Benjamin       Prairie Elk 27 Wis Severt Quam & Steyn? Nelson 29-Apr-15 Glasgow Valley 1667  
      Lexi Edna DeBord Somerset Ky 24 Ky M___? DeBord & Martha Olson          
QUAM, Severt see Quam, Russel Benjamin                    
QUAM, Willard       Westby 27 Canada William & Gena Quam 29-Aug-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2680  
      Vita Christiansen Westby 19 Westby Soren Christiansen & Minnie Petersen          
QUAM, William see Olson                    
QUAM, William see Quam                    
QUAM, William see Quam                    
QUAM, William see Sather                    
QUAM, William & Gena see Quam                    
QUAMMEN, Andrew see Quammen, Leonard J                    
QUAMMEN, Christina see Nereson                    
QUAMMEN, Leonard J       Lindsay 27 Blair Wisc Andrew Quammen & Helen Hagestad 8-Mar-22 Glendive Dawson 2849  
      Eva M Harrison Glendive 20 Emmetsburg Iowa John Harrison & Nellie Young          
QUANBECK, H S see Quanbeck                    
QUANBECK, Irving       Westby 29 Hatton, N D H S Quanbeck & Caroline Gordon 8-Jun-35 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2937  
      Agnes Aristad Westby 22 Norway J A Aristad & Oline Hagen          
QUANDAHL, Bertha B see Draxton, Melvin G                    
QUANDAHL, Helen see Linderman, Harry J                    
QUANDAHL, Peter see Draxten, Melvin G                    
QUANRUD, Theoline see Olson                    
QUARNSTRONG, Axel see Casady, Ott                    
QUARNSTRONG, Elsie see Casady, Ott                    
QUAST, Sophia see Fahey                    
QUAY, Valerehuse see Dionne                    
QUEEN, Woman see Walking Eagle, Ralph                    
QUEEN, J M & Mrs see Legg, John H                    
QUELLHORST, Anna see Oellermann, A H                    
QUELLHORST, Anna see Oellermann, J H                    
QUELLHORST, Anna Regina Maris see Oellermann, Ferdinand J                    
QUEREE, Alice Mary see Payn, Philip John                    
QUEREY, Madeline see Wallace, William                    
QUESENBERRY, James O       Westerheim N D 49 North Salem Indiana Preston Quesenberry & Elizabeth Harmon 27-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2568  
      Mary E Graven Westerheim 46 Richland Missouri G W Harmon & Emily Barnett          
QUESENBERRY, Preston see Quesenberry, James O                    
QUESNEL, Mae see Hovee, Stanley                    
QUESNEL, William see Hovee, Stanley                    
QUEST, Lorena see Kallner, Charles William                    
QUESTIAUX, Emile see Questiaux, George                    
QUESTIAUX, George       Lonesome 27 Belgium   11-Jul-21   Phillips 586  
      Josephine Garand ??? 21 Illinois            
QUIBELL, Ida see Carville, Forest T                    
QUICK, Arthur       Richland Cty 41 Missouri W A Quick & Ellen Audsley 15-Jun-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1306  
      Annie Warren Mena Ark 38 Ohio ??? Dilley & ???          
QUICK, Elwood H see Henderson, Thomas Richard                    
QUICK, Georgia Marie see Granes, Albert B                    
QUICK, Harold       Bloomfield 23 Cordova Illinois John Quick & Edith Avery 2-Mar-16 Glendive Dawson 1880  
      Gladys Wallace   18 Waterloo Iowa Burt Wallace & Minnie Homrighous          
QUICK, Harriet see Oellermann, A H                    
QUICK, Harriet see Walbrink, Joseph J                    
QUICK, Hilma C see Wilmot, Harold P                    
QUICK, John see Quick, Harold                    
QUICK, John see Granes, Albert B                    
QUICK, Lura see Henderson, Thomas Richard                    
QUICK, Matilda see Newlon, Louis Emery                    
QUICK, Philip Wm       Dazy N D 24 Dazy Wm A Quick & Theodora Brox 10-Jun-23 �Knapp home� McCone 59  
      Lulu Knapp Circle 20 Revers N D Mason Knapp & Mammie Remington          
QUICK, Ruth R see Price, William R                    
QUICK, W A see Quick                    
QUICK, Wm A see Quick, Phillip Wm                    
QUICK?, Margaret see Warube, George                    
QUIEL, ??? see Davey , Charles H                    
QUIEL, Helen see Davey, Charles H                    
QUIGGLES, Elizabeth see Mallinger, Earl F                    
QUIGLEY, Adda see Hodgell, Fred                    
QUIGLEY, Clyde J       Phillips 27 Missouri   24-Jun-19   Phillips 432  
      Frazie K Hould Phillips 21 Mn            
QUIGLEY, H L see Hodgell, Fred                    
QUILIAN, Hannah L see Styler, William L                    
QUILLIAM, Fred see Brown, Edward V                    
QUILLIAM, Mary see Brown, Edward V                    
QUILLIAN, Hannah Louisa see McIntyre, Charles                    
QUILLING, Gena D see Motzko, Paul                    
QUILLING, Peter F see Dotson, Raymond                    
QUILLING, Walter see Motzko, Paul                    
QUIMBY, George W       Vida 33 Bangor Maine William A Quimby & Nellie Prince 12-May-15 Glasgow Valley 1673  
      Mary Williams Vida 30 Crystal Penn Edward Connors & Ella Rozell          
QUIMBY, William A see Quimby, George W                    
QUINBY, Mary M see Kluth, John P                    
QUINCEY, Mary Elizabeth see Compton, James C                    
QUINCY, Edgar E       Sidney 30 Adams Cty Ill W H Quincy & Alvire K Hartshorn 18-Jan-05 Sidney Dawson 331  
      Goldie F Taylor Sidney 17 Tem? Cty Kansas S W Taylor & Ruth P Hamilton          
QUINCY, W H see Quincy, Edgar E                    
QUINEANG?, Ole see Bruvald                    
QUINION, Otis       Dickinson N D 27 Bristol Conn Richard Quinion & Libby King 18-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2389  
      Francis Schroff Dickinson N D 18 Dickinson Sebastion Scheoff & Freda Klug          
QUINION, Richard see Quinion, Otis                    
QUINLAN, Ann see Mcmahon, Mike                    
QUINLAN, Clara see Winkes, Henry                    
QUINLAN, Elizabeth F see Dolin, Jos F                    
QUINLAN, Joseph see Dolin, Jos F                    
QUINLAN, Mary see O�reilly, Bernard                    
QUINLOM?, Elizabeth see Gaffney                    
QUINN, Alice see Taylor, G Rowland                    
QUINN, Bernard Allen       P�wood 28 Mn Cornelius E Quin & Cordelia Albord 18-Dec-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1444  
      Margaret May Sullivan P�wood 20 Mn John Sullivan & Katherine Fahey          
QUINN, Bridget see O�Leary, William                    
QUINN, Charles A       Glasgow 33 Rome N Y James M Quinn & Clara Erl? 17-Jun-03 Glasgow Valley 105  
      Lillian G Montgomery Glasgow 20 Salt Lake City Utah George Montgomery & Mary B Mo___?          
QUINN, Cornelius E see Quinn                    
QUINN, Elizabeth see Matthews, Lewis F                    
QUINN, Enoch F & Elizabeth see Quinn, Joseph H                    
QUINN, Frank see Lester, Mike Earl                    
QUINN, Fredrick Charles       West Fork 38 Can John Quinn & Sarah Smith 5-Jan-17 Redstone Sheridan 938  
      Lillie May Mick Ossette 35 Iowa Andrew Mick & May Lyman          
QUINN, James see Quinn, Thomas                    
QUINN, James M see Quinn, Charles A                    
QUINN, John see Quinn                    
QUINN, John see Quinn, William                    
QUINN, Joseph H       Wolf Point 55 Ind Enoch F & Elizabeth Quinn 21-Dec-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 457  
      Mrs Martha R Lovit Wolf Point 32 Sand Coulee Harry J Lovstt? & Geordeanna Flansbee?          
QUINN, Josephine Devilo see O�Riley, Thomas Bernard                    
QUINN, Julia see Taylor, John L                    
QUINN, Lillian (Montgomery?) see Erler, Rudolph G                    
QUINN, Martha A see Honn, A C                    
QUINN, Martin see Quinn, Ralph R                    
QUINN, Mrs Devilo E see Link, Glenn W                    
QUINN, Ralph R       Long Pine Neb 33 Long Pine Neb Martin Quinn & Alice Alderman 3-Jul-30 Glasgow Valley 3555  
      Mary Jelly Vandalia 28 Aberdeen Scotland George Reid & ??? Frazer          
QUINN, Sarah see Luse, Frank L                    
QUINN, Thomas       Bainville 39 Chicago James Quinn & Kate Devlin 28-Feb-09 Culbertson Valley    
      Katherine McCulloch Bainville 29 Aurora Ill William McCulloch & Kate Irving          
QUINN, William       Glendive 23 Ouray Colorado John Quinn & Annie Stewart 27-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1784  
      Laura G Buell Glendive 30 Minneapolis Mn C H Buell & Emma V Williams          
QUINT, Ai       Med� Lake 48 Hudson S D Al Quint & Sadie Allen 20-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2742  
      Mary Schlaps Med� Lake 38 Med� Lake Martin Schlaps & Christine Wessner          
QUINT, Al see Quint                    
QUINT, Jesse see Bain                    
QUINT, Jessie see Smith                    
QUINT, Jessie see Allen                    
QUIRING, Henry       Windom Mn 25 Windom Peter Quiring & Katherine Lepp 21-Oct-30 Bethel Mennonite Ch Valley 3595  
      Sarah Huebert Frazer 21 Henderson Jacob Huebert & Sarah Dick          
QUIRING, Peter see Quiring, Henry                    
QUIRK, Katherine see Fitzgerald, John F                    
QUIRK, Mary see Wunnicke, John W                    
QUIST, Wealthy A see Sturtevant, Edward A                    
QUITMEYER, Vesta Marie see Sommars, Ralph Jack                    
QUITMEYER, William see Sommars, Ralph Jack                    
QUITNEY, Agnes see McElvain, Robert C                    
QUITNEY, Alex see Craig, Albert G                    
QUITNEY, Anna S see Craig, Albert G                    
QUITNEY?, Annie see Johnson, N P