Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Petersen, Nels to Playle

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
PETERSEN, Nels see Metvedt                    
PETERSEN, Nels C see Ator                    
PETERSEN, Nels C       Wolf Point 25 Denmark Wilhelm Petersen & Karen Larsen 1-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2487  
      Clara E Dunn Wolf Point 19 Tenn William & Belle Dunn          
PETERSEN, Niels & Christiana see Knudsen, Strandvold                    
PETERSEN, Nils       Chinook 49 Hadesleben Germany Joseph Runstien Petersen & Ellen Yost 9-Oct-04   Valley 146?  
      Annie Catherine Petersen Malta 46 Stortum Ger Christian Nissen & Annie Petersen          
PETERSEN, Olive see Knott, John Henry                    
PETERSEN, P G see Larsen                    
PETERSEN, P N see Jorgenson, Kans K                    
PETERSEN, Paul see Shaw, Benjamin A                    
PETERSEN, Peter see Petersen                    
PETERSEN, Peter       Culbertson 40 Denmark Rasmus Petersen & Christine Enevoldsen 13-Sep-13 Culbertson Sheridan 82  
      Mary Jensen Culbertson 34 Denmark Peter N Thomsen & Elise Christensen          
PETERSEN, Peter see Petersen, Andreas                    
PETERSEN, Peter F see Petersen                    
PETERSEN, Peter G see Anderson, Frank A                    
PETERSEN, Peter M       Dagmar 23 Dagmar Peter F Petersen & Christine Jacobsen 27-Jun-17 Dagmar Sheridan 1056  
      Thea Jensen Dagmar 22 S D C D & Nicoline Jensen          
PETERSEN, Peter T & Anna see Hansen, Hans J                    
PETERSEN, Rasmus see Petersen                    
PETERSEN, Rasmus see Petersen                    
PETERSEN, Rasmus see Petersen, William                    
PETERSEN, Rolena see Waymire, M M                    
PETERSEN, Sophie Marie see Lodahl, Carl                    
PETERSEN, Soren Christian see Petersen, Johannes                    
PETERSEN, Sven see Perersen                    
PETERSEN, Sylvia see Lundquist                    
PETERSEN, Torvald       Dagmar 35 Denmark Jens Petersen & Marie Fosborg 15-Sep-19 Dagmar Sheridan 1556  
      Ellen Godfredson Dagmar 21 Denmark Peder Godfredsen & Marie Christensen          
PETERSEN, Viggo see Salisbury                    
PETERSEN, Welhelm see Petersen, Lars P                    
PETERSEN, Wilhelm see Petersen, Nels C                    
PETERSEN, William       Glasgow 28 Denmark Rasmus Petersen & Petrina Jorgensen 28-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1571  
      Carrie Christina Petersen Brandon Mn 30 Denmark William & Sophie Petersen          
PETERSEN, William & Sophie see Petersen, William                    
PETERSEN,, Jens, see Petersen                    
PETERSOM, Mary see Casper                    
PETERSON, Charles A see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Henry C see Peterson, Henry N                    
PETERSON, Johanna see Hundtoft                    
PETERSON, -----? see Olson                    
PETERSON, ___? see McChaelis, Charles                    
PETERSON, A see Peterson, Riley W                    
PETERSON, Adelina see Murray, Arthur                    
PETERSON, Adolph F       Malta 30 N D   14-May-25   Phillips 821  
      Doris M Foster Malta 22 Wisc            
PETERSON, Agnes see Larson, Ole Otto                    
PETERSON, Agnes see Fridtjof, Eide                    
PETERSON, Agnes E see Fax, Thurston D                    
PETERSON, Agnes Trusett see Aspelund, Odin G                    
PETERSON, Albert       Bainville 28 N D Ole Peterson & Barbo Lee 29-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 462  
      Mary Helland Bainville 26 Nor Knute Helland & Syneva          
PETERSON, Albert       Bainville 28 New Centerville Wis Peter Peterson & Anelia Miller 1-Jun-11 Springdale Valley 846  
      Mande Miller Bainville 29 Colfax Wash G G Miller & Laura A Webb          
PETERSON, Alfred       Reserve 24 Nor Andreas Peterson & Olena Olson 1-Nov-17 Reserve Sheridan 1165  
      Tilly Paulson Reserve 26 N D Tobias Paulson & Bertha Olson          
PETERSON, Alfred see Johnson, Walter C                    
PETERSON, Alfred N       Glasgow 40 Center City Mn S J & Louise Peterson 28-Nov-12 Glasgow Valley 1171  
      Dorothy Elizabeth Marshall Glasgow 25 Ludlow Falls Ohio Charles L Marshall & Mary Frances Wheeler          
PETERSON, Alice see Patterson                    
PETERSON, Alice see Smith                    
PETERSON, Alice see Stephens, Roy L                    
PETERSON, Alma see Curley, Leo K                    
PETERSON, Alvin P       Glendive 22 Davenport N D Morris C Peterson & Ida M Pederson 21-Sep-20 Glendive Dawson 2685  
      Hazel L Siggelkow Glendive 22 Glendive Otto H Siggelkow & Mary C Harney          
PETERSON, Amanda see Pearson, Clarence H                    
PETERSON, Amaria see Johnson                    
PETERSON, Amelia see Johnson                    
PETERSON, Amos see Peterson, Charles Henry                    
PETERSON, Amos see Peterson, Myron                    
PETERSON, Anders see Anderson, Christian N                    
PETERSON, Andrea see Christiansen, Peter Oscar                    
PETERSON, Andreas see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Andrew see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Andrew see Myers, Charles                    
PETERSON, Andrew see Peterson, Harvey                    
PETERSON, Andrew see Peterson, Melvin J                    
PETERSON, Andrew see Paulson, Martin                    
PETERSON, Andrew see Hoffstot, William                    
PETERSON, Andrew       Crane 53 Denmark Peter Anderson & Marie Johnson 7-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2015  
      Annie Dupuis Crane 40 Elmore Ohio Carl F Dupuis & Albertina Elwing          
PETERSON, Andrew see Peterson, Rupert Albert                    
PETERSON, Andrew J       Lindsay 32 Black River Falls Wisc Anton O Peterson & Inger Olson 28-Mar-28 Glendive Dawson 3555  
      Delia Jacobson Bloomfield 22 Black River Falls Wis John G Jacobson & Clara Forness          
PETERSON, Andrew P see Johnson, W O                    
PETERSON, Anna see Sunwall                    
PETERSON, Anna see Jacobson                    
PETERSON, Anna see Carlson, Walfrid                    
PETERSON, Anna see Hellstem, F G                    
PETERSON, Anna see Rasmussen, John                    
PETERSON, Anna see Bruns, John H                    
PETERSON, Anna see Hoffstot, William                    
PETERSON, Anna see Bock, Garland J                    
PETERSON, Anna see Bondley, Casper E                    
PETERSON, Anna see Hansen, Andrew H                    
PETERSON, Anna see Wallace, Cecil                    
PETERSON, Anna C see Slind, Peter J                    
PETERSON, Anne see Larson, Lars Christian                    
PETERSON, Annie see Nelson                    
PETERSON, Annie see Olson                    
PETERSON, Annie see Swenson, John S                    
PETERSON, Annie see Robison, Frank                    
PETERSON, Annie see Takle, Hans                    
PETERSON, Annie see Evenson, Anton Berg                    
PETERSON, Annie (Torre?) see Magnussen                    
PETERSON, Anton see Johnson, Jonah                    
PETERSON, Anton see Peterson, Helmer                    
PETERSON, Anton see Peterson, Oliver                    
PETERSON, Anton       Frazer 35 Menomo-nie Wisc Ole Peterson & Emma Gorset 2-Sep-20 Mondak Roosivelt 171  
      Florence LaRoque Wolf Point 22 Poplar Albert Baroque & Caroline Dauphine          
PETERSON, Anton see Rodman, James Henry                    
PETERSON, Anton O see Peterson, Andrew J                    
PETERSON, Arnt see Anderson, Peter                    
PETERSON, August see Austby, Edward                    
PETERSON, August see Ray, William J                    
PETERSON, August see Peterson, John Walter                    
PETERSON, August see Peterson, Syvern                    
PETERSON, August see Fax, Thurston D                    
PETERSON, August see Peterson, Otto                    
PETERSON, Axel see McInerney, Everett                    
PETERSON, Baani see Songstad, John                    
PETERSON, Benjamin Arthur       Scobey 28 Grandville N D Pete & Sophie Peterson 6-May-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1308  
      Bertha Tracey Rooks Scobey 19 Portland Ore August Rooks & Tillie Kramer          
PETERSON, Berghill? see Rockne, Andrew                    
PETERSON, Bertha see Jorgenson                    
PETERSON, Bertha see Forsman, John                    
PETERSON, Bertha see Brekken, Anton                    
PETERSON, Bertil & Mary see Knutson                    
PETERSON, Bettie see Glaze                    
PETERSON, Betty see Ueland                    
PETERSON, Betty see Hedges                    
PETERSON, Betty see Paul, E G                    
PETERSON, Blenda see Clark                    
PETERSON, Britta see Eidd                    
PETERSON, C Albert       Purewater 31 Long Prairie Mn Emil Peterson & Mary Berg 9-Jun-29 Purewater McCone 130  
      Eula Mary Cantrell Milltown 23 Hamilton John W Cantrell & Susie Dishman          
PETERSON, C G see Huber, Frank                    
PETERSON, C L see Peterson, Lavern C                    
PETERSON, C M       Nashua 54 Norway John Peterson & Dorothy Gilbertson 25-Oct-26 Glasgow Valley 3254  
      Hazel M Leighton Stockton Mn 36 Winona Peter Leighton & Grace Ranier          
PETERSON, C O see Peterson, Ernest Theodore                    
PETERSON, Carine see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Carl       P�wood 26 Mn Samuel J Peterson & Charlotte Jacobson 24-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 608  
      Dolly Karr Pwood 31 Can Thomas R Chambers & Margrethe Roberts          
PETERSON, Carl       Bainville 24 Baldwin Wis Pete Peterson & ??? 23-Jun-09 Bainville Valley    
      Josephine Olson Bainville 23 Christiania Nor Andrew Olson & Alida Nelson          
PETERSON, Carl see Peterson, Carl                    
PETERSON, Carl see Sorbel, Edward N                    
PETERSON, Carl A       Scobey 31 Sweden Gustav Peterson & Ingrid Hendrickson 4-Oct-20 Scobey Daniels 5  
      Mrs Emma C Wright Scobey 45 Ontario Canada Elijah Karr & Aramieta Jerome          
PETERSON, Carl H       Lidgett Sask Can 22 Irwin Iowa Jens C Peterson & Mary Hanson     Valley 3129  
      Freda Cousteau Southview Sask Can 24 Williston N D Fred Cousteau & Mary Dow          
PETERSON, Carl S       --illiher? Mn 31 Wis Ole Peterson & Ellen Olson 15-Sep-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1749  
      Thea Knutson Oklee Mn 25 S D K Knutson & Christine Lindberg          
PETERSON, Carolina see Rohme, Olaf Berndard                    
PETERSON, Caroline see Fiskum                    
PETERSON, Caroline see Olson                    
PETERSON, Caroline see Wachter                    
PETERSON, Caroline see Everson, Albert                    
PETERSON, Caroline see Hoff, Leslie L                    
PETERSON, Carrie see Johnson, P L                    
PETERSON, Carrie see Dybwad, John Conrad                    
PETERSON, Carrie M see Johnson, Nels                    
PETERSON, Cemelia see Lundeen, Gustav Adolph                    
PETERSON, Charles see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Charles       Culbertson 44 Winona Mn Peter Peterson & Bridget Anderson ??? ??? Valley    
      Delia Hole Culbertson 19 Ft Peck Reservation Charles Lance & Flying Fish          
PETERSON, Charles see Peterson, Charles                    
PETERSON, Charles see Rapp, Howard                    
PETERSON, Charles see Tisor, Ira V                    
PETERSON, Charles see Noble, Donald Andrew                    
PETERSON, Charles F       P�wood 32 Winnipeg Man Can Gustave A Peterson & ??? 8-Dec-12 P�wood Valley 1177  
      Ora Lucille Mynes P�wood 20 Hurricane Vir Thomas F Mynes & Virginia W Paul          
PETERSON, Charles Henry       Volt 35 Anett N D Amos Peterson & Carrie Hagen 26-Dec-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 712  
      Hilda Ida Fossen Volt 28 Fingal N D Brady Fossen & Christene Stephensen          
PETERSON, Charlie see O�Connor, Robert                    
PETERSON, Chas E       Glasgow 32 Belgrade Mn S J & Louise Peterson 23-Jun-08 Saco Valley 378  
      Cullie A Kyle Saco 20 Texas D C Kyle & Mary McAdams          
PETERSON, Chris & Marie see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Christian see Wickstrand, Gotfred L                    
PETERSON, Christiana see Frid                    
PETERSON, Christina see Thorstenson                    
PETERSON, Christina see Swanson, Edwin A                    
PETERSON, Christina see Sodergran, John                    
PETERSON, Christina see Neilson, Peter                    
PETERSON, Christina see Wallinder, Peter                    
PETERSON, Christina Louise see Rasmussen, Anton M                    
PETERSON, Christine see Larson                    
PETERSON, Christine see Thompson, Oliver W                    
PETERSON, Cinda Mathilda see Ripley, Walter L                    
PETERSON, Clara see Odegard                    
PETERSON, Clara see Helling, Alfred L                    
PETERSON, Clara see Ray, William J                    
PETERSON, Clara see Morgan, Frank L                    
PETERSON, Clara see Cafferty, Dan                    
PETERSON, Clara H see Stastad                    
PETERSON, Clarence       Dagmar 25 Luck Wis Peter S Peterson & Lottie Munson 22-Nov-22 Dagmar Sheridan 1852  
      Eva Larson Dagmar 20 Ashby Mn George Larson & Thea Running          
PETERSON, Clarence       Glendive 29 Canby Mn Olaf Peterson & Mary Foss 8-Jan-30 Glendive Dawson 3836  
      Clara Jane Hargrave Glendive 22 Vanhoff N D Fred Butts & Edith Nina Morton          
PETERSON, Clarence Jacob       Dagmar 23 Mn Nels Peterson & Inger Sorenson 15-Jun-29 Scobey Daniels 438  
      Thora S Christiansen Dagmar 19 Dagmar Nels E Christiansen & Marie Haahr          
PETERSON, Clarence S       Avoca Wis 35 Avoca Charles Peterson & Clara Gilbertson 11-May-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2527  
      Hilda E Olson Avoca Wis 18 Avoca Elmer & Tillie Olson          
PETERSON, Clarice see Aslakson, Kenneth                    
PETERSON, Clarice see Aslakson, Kenneth M                    
PETERSON, Claus see Stratte, Magnus                    
PETERSON, Clifford W       Scobey 24 Souris N D Henry W Peterson & Jennie Norgren 31-Oct-31 Scobey Daniels 495  
      Myrtle E Hanson Scobey 23 Paynesville Mn H P Hanson & Emma Isrelson?          
PETERSON, Clyde Sindell       Wibaux 24 Wis N P Peterson & S Sindell 1-Jan-16 Wibaux Wibaux 70  
      Phoebe Stipek Wibaux 21 Neb F J Stipek & ???          
PETERSON, Conrad see Peterson, Emil L                    
PETERSON, Cora see Lovaas, John                    
PETERSON, Cora Elizabeth see Oech, George                    
PETERSON, Cornelia see Nasset, Osbjorn                    
PETERSON, David Edward see Barnes, Russel Byron                    
PETERSON, Delores see Olson                    
PETERSON, Dora see Bottolfs, Carl                    
PETERSON, Dorothy see Cress, Joe                    
PETERSON, Ed see Legge                    
PETERSON, Edith see Gilmore, Ernest F                    
PETERSON, Edith see Peterson, Walter                    
PETERSON, Edna E see Tisor, Ira V                    
PETERSON, Edw C see Gunderson                    
PETERSON, Edward see Bope, Earl Eston                    
PETERSON, Elida see Foster, W G                    
PETERSON, Elizabeth see Willis, Claire K                    
PETERSON, Elizabeth see Johnson, Evan                    
PETERSON, Elizabeth see Kitts, Edward F                    
PETERSON, Ella see Anderson                    
PETERSON, Ella see Anderson, William Z                    
PETERSON, Ella see Lefdal, O O                    
PETERSON, Ellen see Burmark, Elias                    
PETERSON, Elma see Skerritt                    
PETERSON, Elna M see Wagenson                    
PETERSON, Elnor see Ellis, Glen Leroy                    
PETERSON, Elsie see Carpenter                    
PETERSON, Elsie see Cooper, Nora B                    
PETERSON, Emil see Peterson, C Albert                    
PETERSON, Emil       Dodson 41 Sweden   7-Oct-20   Phillips 542  
      Ann Jacobson Dodson 44 Phillips            
PETERSON, Emilie (Eliason?) see Peterson, Harry                    
PETERSON, Emiline see Clifton, Charles T                    
PETERSON, Emily see Beyers, Ernest M                    
PETERSON, Emily see Vaughn, Hugh                    
PETERSON, Emily see Walter, Joseph                    
PETERSON, Emma see Haugen                    
PETERSON, Emma see Carlson, Carl Emil                    
PETERSON, Emma see Jacobson, Carl                    
PETERSON, Emma see Wallinder, Peter                    
PETERSON, Emma Lillian see Walters, Harold C                    
PETERSON, Eric & Johanna see Erixon                    
PETERSON, Erick see Swenson, John S                    
PETERSON, Erick       Phillips 27 Sweden   4-Sep-17   Phillips 265  
      Lillie Edstrom Phillips 23 Wis            
PETERSON, Erick       Dodson 36 Wis   22-Dec-19   Phillips 480  
      Mary E Marckel Dodson 28 Missouri            
PETERSON, Erick see Robertson, Will B                    
PETERSON, Erick G       Bainville 30 Sweden John Peterson & Louise Gronlund 12-Dec-17 Bainville Sheridan 1221  
      Nova Leonard Bainville 19 Okla Walter Ratledge & Ida M Bowers          
PETERSON, Erma see Curley, Leo K                    
PETERSON, Ernest       Frazer 43 St Charles Mn Gilbert A Peterson & Johanna Anderson 8-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3339  
      Myrtle Roth Frazer 27 Two Rivers Wis Fred J Roth & Sophia Drier          
PETERSON, Ernest see Brenden, Casper A                    
PETERSON, Ernest Theodore       Culbertson 27 ??? C O Peterson & Carrie Lingren? 15-Feb-16 Glasgow Valley 1822  
      Fannie Davis Glasgow 32 Sheridan Mo Issac Newman & Sarah Bowman          
PETERSON, Esther see Austby, Edward                    
PETERSON, Esther A see Nelson, William M                    
PETERSON, Esther Tressie see Ratcliffe                    
PETERSON, Ethel see Misfiedt, Pearl Henry                    
PETERSON, Ethel G E see Harris , Roy Thomas                    
PETERSON, Eugene       Dickinson N D 42 Sleepy Eye Mn Peter Palmquist & ??? 18-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2252  
      Ada Anderson Tacoma Wash 38 Sweden Gustave Anderson & Augusta Matilda Larson          
PETERSON, Eugenia see Dorn, William A                    
PETERSON, Eugenia see Wilena, Frank R                    
PETERSON, Evelyn Mabel see Oakland, Gaylord                    
PETERSON, Faltin see Wachter                    
PETERSON, Ferdinand see Courteau, Max J                    
PETERSON, Ferdinand A see Milender, Otis                    
PETERSON, Florence see Rodman, James Henry                    
PETERSON, Frank Emil       Vida 26 Illinois John Peterson & Emma Christine Lovia_? 23-Apr-15 Glasgow Valley 1663  
      Anna Bergman Glasgow 24 Ill Ford Bergmann & M L Larson          
PETERSON, Frank J see Franzen, Robert                    
PETERSON, Frank O see Holm, Carl P                    
PETERSON, Frank O       Malta 31 Wis   28-Dec-21   Phillips 623  
      Sarah Parent Regina 37 Mn            
PETERSON, Fred see Harris, Roy Thomas                    
PETERSON, Fred R       Baylor 32 Dill Rapids S D George Peterson & Petra Jensen 23-Apr-23 Baylor Valley 2969  
      Martha Marie Maas Baylor 20 N D ??? Maas & Mary Warner          
PETERSON, Freda see Peterson, Melvin J                    
PETERSON, Frieda see Richardson, Wendell H                    
PETERSON, G A see Osterberg, Henry                    
PETERSON, G H       Bloomfield 25 Norway Gustave Peterson & Hilda Holt 15-Dec-28 Wibaux Wibaux 654  
      Margaret Iehl Bloomfield 18 Bloomfield Howard Iehl & Augusta Buttke          
PETERSON, Geneiva see Fox, Joe                    
PETERSON, Geo E see Peterson, John E                    
PETERSON, George       Dooley ??? Norway Peter Mathiason & Anna Markusson 29-Jan-28 Dooley Sheridan 2299  
      Emily Lavadure Dooley 17 N D Peter Lavadure & Eliza Primu?          
PETERSON, George see Fladeland                    
PETERSON, George see Schwan                    
PETERSON, George see Peterson, Fred                    
PETERSON, George see Rassmussen, Anton M                    
PETERSON, George see Vaughn, Hugh                    
PETERSON, George see Peterson, Hans L                    
PETERSON, George A see Peterson, William                    
PETERSON, Gertrude see Madsen                    
PETERSON, Gertrude see Olausen, Peter                    
PETERSON, Gertrude C see Akre, Forrest                    
PETERSON, Gilbert       Circle 24 Harmony Mn Henry Peterson & Molly Asland 30-Dec-29 Glendive Dawson 3833  
      Dorothy Carr Circle 18 Circle Harry Carr & Emma McNett          
PETERSON, Gilbert see Eide, Fridtjof                    
PETERSON, Gilbert A see Peterson, Ernest                    
PETERSON, Gile Wilbur       Havre 29 Courtney N D Hans George Peterson & Christina Olson 28-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1138  
      Leona Jepsen Chinook 23 Chinook Henry Jepsen & Mary Kuhr          
PETERSON, Gladys see Johnson                    
PETERSON, Gladys see Downs, Joseph                    
PETERSON, Gladys Irene see Gunderson                    
PETERSON, Gulick see Gilbertson, Karl                    
PETERSON, Gust see Peterson, Hans K                    
PETERSON, Gustav see Peterson, Carl A                    
PETERSON, Gustave see Odegard                    
PETERSON, Gustave see Peterson, G H                    
PETERSON, Gustave A see Peterson, Charles F                    
PETERSON, Guy A       Gibbons 22 Jackson Jens Peterson & Elizabeth Christiansen 17-Jun-19 Chinook Blaine 568  
      Stella Preuss Harlem 22 Smithton Mo Henry Preuss & Elizabeth Silken          
PETERSON, Halvor P       Freewater 32 Mn Louis Peterson & Annie Lunis? 8-Nov-20 Glasgow Valley 2736  
      Selma Olson Can 24 Wis John Olson & ???          
PETERSON, Hancina see Jorgenson, Hans K                    
PETERSON, Hanna see Wittmayer, R K                    
PETERSON, Hanna see Williamsen, Chris                    
PETERSON, Hannah see Rustad                    
PETERSON, Hannah? see Hanke, August                    
PETERSON, Hans see Palmer, Sam L                    
PETERSON, Hans see Hellstem, F G                    
PETERSON, Hans see Cress, Joe                    
PETERSON, Hans see Svensvold, Rasmus                    
PETERSON, Hans see Waag, Ingwald                    
PETERSON, Hans & Marie see Lindegaard                    
PETERSON, Hans George see Peterson, Guy A                    
PETERSON, Hans J       Culbertson 25 Nor Peter Larsen Wildal & Ingeborg Hansen 30-Oct-1894 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Carrie Olson Culbertson 23 Nor Ole Elias Lillsaas & Gurine Satre          
PETERSON, Hans J see Stephens, Roy L                    
PETERSON, Hans K       Fallon 35 Kalding Denmark Gust Peterson & Anna Anderson 30-Jul-24 Glendive Dawson 3130  
      Ruth Yale Fallon 28 LaCrosse Wisc Fred Yale & Edna Nimocks          
PETERSON, Hans L       Glasgow 33 S D George Peterson & Martha Jensen 4-Oct-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 949  
      Lillian Breckenridge Glasgow 31 Ontario Archie Breckinridge & Mamie Hope          
PETERSON, Hans P see Peterson, Ray                    
PETERSON, Hans Peter see Tommerup, Peter                    
PETERSON, Hansina see Frandsen, Peter                    
PETERSON, Harry D       Baylor 26 Iowa John P Peterson & Azel Myre 22-Sep-15 Glasgow Valley 1736  
      Lalla May Baylor Baylor 25 Texas W K Baylor & Carrie Hardeman          
PETERSON, Harvey W       Grangeville Idaho 28 Merrilville Wis Andrew Peterson & Sarah Copper 1-Mar-12 Glasgow Valley 1010  
      Mary E Copper Poplar 24 Ferryville Wis Alec Copper & Eva Bowers          
PETERSON, Helen Alida see Sorbel, Edward N                    
PETERSON, Helen L see Palmer, Sam L                    
PETERSON, Helga see Serdahl                    
PETERSON, Helga (Hazel?) see Lind, Victor                    
PETERSON, Helmer       Bloomfield 31 Black River Falls Wisc Anton Peterson & Inger Olson 15-Jan-23 Glendive Dawson 2946  
      Eunice Jacobson Bloomfield 18 Black River Falls John Jacobson & Clara Fornes?          
PETERSON, Henry       McCabe 22 Omaha Nebr Andrew Peterson & Anna Nelson 20-Aug-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1917  
      Minnie Marie Eschenbacher McCabe 17 Kenmare N D Adam Eschenbacher & ???          
PETERSON, Henry see Aslakson, Kenneth                    
PETERSON, Henry see Aslakson, Kenneth M                    
PETERSON, Henry see Oakland, Gaylord                    
PETERSON, Henry see Peterson, Gilbert                    
PETERSON, Henry N       Malta 33 Penn Henry C Peterson & Marion Ellison 26-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 622  
      Fayetta Ranney Clayton Iowa 31 Clayton Albert C Ranney & Josephine A Saulsbury          
PETERSON, Henry W see Peterson, Clifford W                    
PETERSON, Herman G see Olson                    
PETERSON, Hilda see Groseth, Lawrence                    
PETERSON, Hilda see Paulson, Martin                    
PETERSON, Hilda see Johnson, Jonah                    
PETERSON, Hilda see McGinness, Jay A                    
PETERSON, Hjalmer       Reserve 23 Denmark P G Peterson & Kristina Erickson 26-Oct-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2205  
      Marion S Madsen Ringstad Iowa 21 Iowa Hans Madsen & Lena Jensen          
PETERSON, Hulda J see Romer, Einer                    
PETERSON, Ida see Sutherland, Wesley C                    
PETERSON, Ida see Thorsness, Hjalmar                    
PETERSON, Imbert see Dorn, William A                    
PETERSON, Inga see Lee                    
PETERSON, Inga see Rasmussen                    
PETERSON, Inga see Rickett, Douglas                    
PETERSON, Ingeborg see Fossen, Martin                    
PETERSON, Ingeman       Bloomfield 34 Vernon Wisc Peter Olson & Mary Silte 15-Jul-13   Dawson 1287  
      Emma Pederson Bloomfield 32 Jackson Wisc Peter Pederson & Carey? Larson          
PETERSON, Inger see Thorsness, Herman G                    
PETERSON, Ingrborg see Legge                    
PETERSON, Irma see McInerney, Everett                    
PETERSON, Irvin see Smith, Lawrence B                    
PETERSON, Irvin O       Froid 21 Velva N D Martin O Peterson & Christine Erickson 22-Jun-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2175  
      Mabel Isabel Baker Froid 21 Froid James Baker & Alice Hanshaw          
PETERSON, Isabel see Rilla, William                    
PETERSON, J M see Hohman                    
PETERSON, J W see Murphy, Richard L                    
PETERSON, Jacob       Dagmar 25 Denmark Peter G Peterson & Abelonie Marie Erickson 4-Mar-12 Dagmar Valley 1103  
      Dagmar Anderson Dagmar 28 Waterloo Iowa Carl C Anderson & Karin Marie Petersen          
PETERSON, Jacob see Halvorson, Ludwig                    
PETERSON, James see Gilmore, Ernest F                    
PETERSON, James C see Welch, Walter Herman                    
PETERSON, Jennie see Frettim, Ben                    
PETERSON, Jens       Alpha Mn 31 Iowa Chris & Marie Peterson 14-Oct-14 Bainville Sheridan 340  
      Elizabeth Detienne Bainville 19 Mn Joe Detienne & Olivia Ziemer          
PETERSON, Jens see Karr, James                    
PETERSON, Jens see Peterson, Guy A                    
PETERSON, Jens C see Peterson, Carl H                    
PETERSON, Jens H see Peterson, Peter H                    
PETERSON, Jensina see Speerin                    
PETERSON, Jessie see Karr, James                    
PETERSON, Johanna see Collins                    
PETERSON, Johanna see Abrahamson, O J                    
PETERSON, John       Bainville 32 Mn Peter Peterson & Betsy Johnson 29-Jan-17 Culbertson Sheridan 946  
      Mamie London Bainville 22 Mn Joseph Vandeberg & Johanna Neskins          
PETERSON, John see Berg                    
PETERSON, John see Peterson                    
PETERSON, John see Speerin                    
PETERSON, John see Peterson, Ross D                    
PETERSON, John see Peterson, Frank Emil                    
PETERSON, John see Peterson, C M                    
PETERSON, John see Austin, John                    
PETERSON, John see Wingert, Clarence E                    
PETERSON, John see Beyers, Ernest M                    
PETERSON, John see Carpenter, Edmond T                    
PETERSON, John see Takle, Hans                    
PETERSON, John see Akre, Forrest                    
PETERSON, John see Lundberg, Melvin F                    
PETERSON, John see Oboski, Steve                    
PETERSON, John & Emma Sophia see Johnson, Joseph F                    
PETERSON, John & Mary see Peterson, Walter                    
PETERSON, John & Nettie see Wester, Harry                    
PETERSON, John August see Peterson, John Edward                    
PETERSON, John E       Medora N D 29 New Salem N D Geo A Peterson & Maty E Just 20-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 502  
      Edna L Tetly Medora N D 20 Medora Ludwig Tetley & Mary Timm          
PETERSON, John Edward       Lambert 30 Vasa Goodhue Cty Mn John August Peterson & Blanch Turnquist 23-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1648  
      Grace Ethel Burgess Glendive 21 Oelwein Iowa W L Burgess & Abbie Guin          
PETERSON, John Edward       Huntley 40 Red Wing Mn J A Peterson & Blanch Turnquist 10-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3223  
      Bessie G Aumock Huntley 25 LaForge Wisc George W Aumock & Laura J Selbach          
PETERSON, John F see Knudtson                    
PETERSON, John Frederick       Zurich 21 Hayden Idaho Paul Peterson & Sophronia Smith 24-May-24 Chinook Blaine 814  
      Alta Geneel Russell Zurich 18 Lamar Mo Thomas Gregory Russell & Alma Sarah Tooey          
PETERSON, John Martin       Stipek 29 Plum City Peter Peterson & Anna L Anderson 24-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1118  
      Hilda L Moline Absarokee 29 Stockholm Wisc Erick Moline & Caroline Anderson          
PETERSON, John O see Peterson, Oscar J                    
PETERSON, John P see Peterson, Larry D                    
PETERSON, John P see Hoff, Leslie L                    
PETERSON, John Walter       Wolf Point 32 Mn August Peterson & Carolina Olson 26-Jan-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 862  
      Orel Elizabeth Dietrich Wolf Point 20 N D Harry Dietrich & Mary Dietz          
PETERSON, Julia see Anderson                    
PETERSON, Julia see McNealy, Byron                    
PETERSON, Julia see Lundberg, Bernhard                    
PETERSON, Julia see Swenson, Marvin J                    
PETERSON, Karen see Ogburn                    
PETERSON, Karen see Anderson, Christian N                    
PETERSON, Karin see Sorenson, Marcus                    
PETERSON, Karl R       Glasgow 22 St Paul Mn Charles Peterson & Jennie Lindahl 2-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2003  
      Rose Allard Lezie Glasgow 21 Crookston Mn Arthur Allard & Alice Tuzor?          
PETERSON, Kat__? see Gordon, Arthur                    
PETERSON, Kate see Larson, Chris                    
PETERSON, Kate see Mitchell, William                    
PETERSON, Katherine see Nelson, Peder A                    
PETERSON, Kathleen see Norton, Arthur Eugene                    
PETERSON, Knut see Allen, Claude J                    
PETERSON, Knute see Slesson, James                    
PETERSON, Knute see Knutson, Rangvald                    
PETERSON, L E       Glendive 34 Sioux City Iowa Lewis Peterson & Bertha Martin 14-Aug-18 Glendive Dawson 2411  
      Margaret VanOrsdal Kellog 31 St Paul Mn John VanOrsdal & Bertha Fenske          
PETERSON, Lars E       Eau Claire Wis 61 Sweden Carl Peterson & Anna Anderson 15-Dec-20 Wibaux Wibaux 297  
      Mrs Mary Hardow Brainard Mn 60 Sweden Nels Nelson & Johana Johanason          
PETERSON, Larsina see Grovom                    
PETERSON, Laura see Hanson, Harry L                    
PETERSON, Laurene see Odegard, Ludwig                    
PETERSON, Laurens       Froid 21 Mn P C K Peterson & Petrea Daniskov 16-Dec-14 Froid Sheridan 390  
      Alma M Nielsen Froid 21 Iowa Paul M Nielsen & Jensine Hansen          
PETERSON, Laurine ( Lauritzen?) see Lizott                    
PETERSON, Laury A       Grenora N D 29 Mn Magnus Peterson & Anna Arfstrom 6-Oct-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2273  
      Mae Hanson Kenmare N D 20 N D Nels Hanson & Emma Christensen          
PETERSON, Lena see Myhrvold, Robert John                    
PETERSON, Letha G see Canfield, George W                    
PETERSON, Lettie see Rohde, Peter C                    
PETERSON, Levi W       Hamlin 31 Atwater Mn Charles A Peterson & Anna Anderson 12-Mar-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1264  
      Lena M Thompson Hamlin 16 Kellogville Ohio Lewis E Thompson & Effie M Barkhouse          
PETERSON, Lewis see Peterson, L E                    
PETERSON, Lewis       Wagner 30 Wis   24-Jan-20   Phillips 487  
      Ida Wilcox Malta 18 Wisc            
PETERSON, Lewis S       Antelope 30 Wis Peter S Peterson & Lottie Munsen? 20-Aug-15 Antelope Sheridan 532  
      Elsie M Johnson Antelope 20 Wis R E Johnson & Carina Peterson          
PETERSON, Lillian see Kramer                    
PETERSON, Lillian E see Knopple, Fred                    
PETERSON, Lora E see Smith                    
PETERSON, Louella see Holm, Carl P                    
PETERSON, Louis see Peterson, Halvor P                    
PETERSON, Lylas see Courteau, Max J                    
PETERSON, Mabel see Skjonsby                    
PETERSON, Mabel see Bemis, Roy E                    
PETERSON, Mabel M see Schwan                    
PETERSON, Mabel P see Berg                    
PETERSON, Mabel V see Lundberg, Melvin F                    
PETERSON, Mabel V see Sadler, R Glenn                    
PETERSON, Mable see Jimerson, Frank L                    
PETERSON, Mable see Rohde, Frank August                    
PETERSON, Magnus see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Magnus see Swanson, Martin                    
PETERSON, Mahala May see Flickinger, Hazen D                    
PETERSON, Mamie see Barsness                    
PETERSON, Mamie see Barsness                    
PETERSON, Mamie see Grunst                    
PETERSON, Manda see Ellingson, Edward L                    
PETERSON, Margaret see Overgard                    
PETERSON, Margaret see Kveseth                    
PETERSON, Margaret see Snuggins, Olin                    
PETERSON, Mariana see Hansen                    
PETERSON, Marie see Anderson                    
PETERSON, Marie see Anderson                    
PETERSON, Marie see Christensen                    
PETERSON, Marie see Nustad                    
PETERSON, Marie see Russell                    
PETERSON, Marie see Andresen, Johnan Anton                    
PETERSON, Marie see Anderson, William                    
PETERSON, Marie see Blomquist, Carl A                    
PETERSON, Marie see Haynes, Thomas                    
PETERSON, Marie see Johnson, Charles W                    
PETERSON, Marie see Thompson, Arthur Louis                    
PETERSON, Marie see Nayer, Clarence                    
PETERSON, Marie see Paulson, Fred                    
PETERSON, Marie see Corbett, Robert H                    
PETERSON, Marie P see Knudtson                    
PETERSON, Marinus       Reserve 34 Denmark Rasmus Peterson & Sina Semulson 3-Jan-22 Sheridan? Sheridan 1777  
      Carry Olson Grenora 17 Norway Oskar T & Olilla Olson          
PETERSON, Marius see Bakken, Ole S                    
PETERSON, Martha see Brentesen                    
PETERSON, Martha see Nordhagen                    
PETERSON, Martha see Anderson                    
PETERSON, Martha see Malden                    
PETERSON, Martha see Nordhagen                    
PETERSON, Martha see Olson                    
PETERSON, Martin O see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Marvelle Emma see Milender, Otis                    
PETERSON, Mary see Madsen                    
PETERSON, Mary see Sampson                    
PETERSON, Mary see Christian                    
PETERSON, Mary see Christensen, John                    
PETERSON, Mary see Salmonsen, Elmer                    
PETERSON, Mary see Erickson, Melvin                    
PETERSON, Mary see Rasmussen, George A                    
PETERSON, Mary see Jensen, Nels                    
PETERSON, Mary see Lunde, O C                    
PETERSON, Mary see Limesand, Louis                    
PETERSON, Mary see Lundblad, Joseph                    
PETERSON, Mary see Schak, Crist Herbert Walter                    
PETERSON, Mary see Limesand, Marvin                    
PETERSON, Mary see Limesand, Albert B                    
PETERSON, Mary see Dore, Edwin E                    
PETERSON, Mary see Thorsness, Hjalmar                    
PETERSON, Mary Anna see Hansen, Jens H                    
PETERSON, Mary O see Limesand, Henry                    
PETERSON, Mary(McGrath?) see Larson                    
PETERSON, Mathea see Nordhagen                    
PETERSON, Mathia see Anderson, August                    
PETERSON, Mathilda see Thompson, Thomas M                    
PETERSON, Mathilda A (Helland?) see Johnson, Alfred S                    
PETERSON, Matilda see Wivholm                    
PETERSON, Matilda see Taule, Bert                    
PETERSON, Mattea see Nordhagen                    
PETERSON, Maurassi see Eng                    
PETERSON, Melvin J       Malta 21 Kingston Mn Nels Peterson & Caroline Dahlgren 3-Jan-12 Glasgow Valley 978  
      Freda C Peterson Kingston Mn 19 Kingston Andrew Peterson & Anna Anderson          
PETERSON, Mildred E see Brenden, Casper A                    
PETERSON, Mildred Katherine see Richardson, LaVerne C                    
PETERSON, Minnie see Christensen                    
PETERSON, Minnie see Lovaas, John                    
PETERSON, Minnie see Molstad, Tom                    
PETERSON, Mita see Bjorko                    
PETERSON, Morris C see Peterson, Alvin P                    
PETERSON, Mr & Mrs A see Field, Eddie                    
PETERSON, Mrs Adolph see Long, Horace Wayne                    
PETERSON, Mrs Adolph see Pehlke, Ervin A                    
PETERSON, Mrs Agnes (Sellars?) see Fitch, Harland E                    
PETERSON, Myron       Wolf Point 32 Reynolds N D Amos Peterson & Carrie Hagen 15-Nov-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 570  
      Gina Brandvold Wolf Point 30   ???          
PETERSON, Myrtle see Rapp, Howard                    
PETERSON, N P see Peterson, Clyde Sindell                    
PETERSON, Nannie see Amundson, Ivert                    
PETERSON, Nellie see Knudson                    
PETERSON, Nellie see Osterberg, Henry                    
PETERSON, Nellie see Johnston, Chris H                    
PETERSON, Nellie Elizabeth see Noble, Donald Andrew                    
PETERSON, Nels see Carpenter                    
PETERSON, Nels see Knopple, Fred                    
PETERSON, Nels       Vangaurd Sask 34 Mn Sorly Peterson & Theresa Gertz 12-Sep-1818 Glasgow Valley 2424  
      Olga Anna Natwick Nashua 32 Mn George Natwick & Celia Erickson          
PETERSON, Nels see Peterson, Melvin J                    
PETERSON, Nels see Peterson, Clarence Jacob                    
PETERSON, Nels see Nelson, Julius                    
PETERSON, Nora see Elliott, Frank M                    
PETERSON, Norene see Haug                    
PETERSON, Obert       Beach N D 21 Beach Peter O Peterson & Gertie Mommeland 19-Oct-30 Wibaux Wibaux 764  
      Ruth Woodard Albia Iowa 18 Albia Archie Woodard & Ophie Barnwell          
PETERSON, Olaf see Peterson, Clarence                    
PETERSON, Olaf & Sophia see Bemis, Roy E                    
PETERSON, Olaus see Olausson, Peter                    
PETERSON, Olava see Gunderson                    
PETERSON, Ole see Forsness                    
PETERSON, Ole see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Ole see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Ole see Peterson, Anton                    
PETERSON, Ole see Nelson, William M                    
PETERSON, Ole see Walters, Harold C                    
PETERSON, Ole see Lundeen, Gustav Adolph                    
PETERSON, Ole & Sophie see Hoeser, Otto                    
PETERSON, Ole B see Canfield, George W                    
PETERSON, Olga May see Carpenter, Raymond T                    
PETERSON, Oline see Emerson, Arthur Weston                    
PETERSON, Olive see Hembre                    
PETERSON, Oliver       Bloomfield 34 Black River Falls Wisc Anton Peterson & Ingar Olson 22-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3645  
      Ratchel Jacobson Bloomfield 17 Eau Claire Wisc John Jacobson & Clara Forness          
PETERSON, Ollus? see Rockne, Andrew                    
PETERSON, Oron? Mae see Murphy, Richard L                    
PETERSON, Oscar       Bainville 30 Waverly Mn Peter Peterson & Betsy Johnson 22-Nov-11 Glasgow Valley 941  
      Agnes Rignell Winthrop Mn 26 Winthrop Andrew Rignell & Carrie Olsen          
PETERSON, Oscar see Aspelund, Odin G                    
PETERSON, Oscar J       Bloomfield 28 Jackson Wisc John O Peterson & Bertha Johnson 10-Mar-13 Glendive Dawson 1217  
      Selma Nelson Bloomfield 17 Vernon Cty Wisc Swen Nelson & Theodora Hagan          
PETERSON, Otto       Savoy 28 Davenport Iowa August Peterson & Lottie Muselt 1-Nov-16 Harlem Blaine 324  
      Florence E Holford Savoy 19 Portage LaPrairie Can David Holford & Helen Winthrop          
PETERSON, P A see Nelson, Severin N                    
PETERSON, P A see Willis, Clair K                    
PETERSON, P C see Wagenson                    
PETERSON, P C K see Peterson                    
PETERSON, P G see Peterson                    
PETERSON, P L see Pippen, Fred H                    
PETERSON, P L see Curley, Leo K                    
PETERSON, Paul see Peterson, John Frederick                    
PETERSON, Paul       ??? 52 Denmark   22-Mar-28   Phillips 1013  
      Susie Watson ??? 25 Mt            
PETERSON, Paul D see Rilla, William                    
PETERSON, Pauline see Shae                    
PETERSON, Pauline see Allen, Claude J                    
PETERSON, Pearl see Oboski, Steve                    
PETERSON, Pearl see Obasky, Steve                    
PETERSON, Percy H       Volt 38 Wheaton Mn Peter H Peterson & Carrie Akerson 24-Feb-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2810  
      Ellen V App-elgren Wolf Point 24 Winthrop Mn Gust Appelgren & Charlotte Setterman          
PETERSON, Pete see Peterson, Carl                    
PETERSON, Pete & Sophie see Peterson, Benjamin Arthur                    
PETERSON, Peter see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Peter see Serdahl                    
PETERSON, Peter see Stastad                    
PETERSON, Peter see Peterson, Oscar                    
PETERSON, Peter see Peterson, Charles                    
PETERSON, Peter see Peterson, Albert                    
PETERSON, Peter see Jimerson, Frank L                    
PETERSON, Peter see Peterson, Roy E                    
PETERSON, Peter       Wibaux 44 Trysil Norway Peter Erikson & Olia Dahl 10-Aug-25 Glendive Dawson 3249  
      Katie Edwardson Wibaux 18 Trysil Norway Nels Edwardson & Rognal Lund          
PETERSON, Peter see Peterson, John Martin                    
PETERSON, Peter see Stewart, Neil                    
PETERSON, Peter & Annie see Elvsaas                    
PETERSON, Peter & Carrie see Clark                    
PETERSON, Peter & Carrie see Clark                    
PETERSON, Peter G see Peterson, Jacob                    
PETERSON, Peter H see Kramer                    
PETERSON, Peter H see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Peter H see Skerritt                    
PETERSON, Peter H       Sidney 24 Hamilton Cty Nebr Jens H Peterson & Elisa Jensen 16-Feb-17   Dawson 2113  
      Petra Topp Sidney 20 Northfield Mn Christian Topp & Anna D Christiansen          
PETERSON, Peter J see Anderson, William                    
PETERSON, Peter K       Hill County 38 Mn   11-Apr-17   Phillips 203  
      Cozy Jacobs Valley Cty 30 Virginia            
PETERSON, Peter O see Peterson, Obert                    
PETERSON, Peter S see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Peter S see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Peter W see Peterson, Walter                    
PETERSON, Petrea see Hilling, Everett Earl                    
PETERSON, Petrina see Strand, Melvin F                    
PETERSON, Petrina see Krom, David                    
PETERSON, Raghnilea see Larson, Andrew                    
PETERSON, Rande see Elvsaas                    
PETERSON, Rangvald see Arras, Joseph Albert                    
PETERSON, Rasmus see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Rasne see Jenson, Jens                    
PETERSON, Ray       St Victor Sask Can 26 Oldham S D Hans P Peterson & Mary Gray 17-Jun-24 Glasgow Valley 3062  
      Ida E Griffin St Victoria Sask 19 Ontario Can Jim Griffin & Mary Gray          
PETERSON, Reuben Albert       Harlem 24 Lafayette Ind Andrew Peterson & Hulda Bobing? 27-Sep-19 Chinook Blaine 589  
      Rose Ann Bluth Harlem 21 Joliet Ill Jacob Bluth & Frances Bertnik          
PETERSON, Riley W       Nashua 22 Okla A Peterson & Maggie Vanebeaux 12-Sep-27 Glasgow Valley 3316  
      Bessie Zvonar Nashua 22 Omaha Neb John & Mary Zvonar          
PETERSON, Ross D       Glasgow 28 Iowa John Peterson & Alice Woods 14-Jun-12 Glasgow Valley 2680  
      Junia? C Chalmers Washington Iowa 21 Calif D A Chalmers & Carolina Anderson          
PETERSON, Roy E       Wolf Point 27 Wis Peter Peterson & Ellen Christensen 2-Sep-25 Scobey Daniels 230  
      Opal M Harrington Wolf Point 18 Iowa Henry Harrington & Lora Miles          
PETERSON, Ruby see Rodman, James Henry                    
PETERSON, Ruth see Hoeser, Otto                    
PETERSON, S J & Louise see Peterson, Chas                    
PETERSON, S J & Louise see Petersen, Alfred N                    
PETERSON, Sadie see Nelson, Severin N                    
PETERSON, Samuel J see Peterson                    
PETERSON, Sarah see Siverine                    
PETERSON, Sarah see Johnson, Benjamin P                    
PETERSON, Sarah see Schow, Johnnie S                    
PETERSON, Saval see Holm, Carl P                    
PETERSON, Selina see Allen, Claude J                    
PETERSON, Signa see Bair, J C                    
PETERSON, Signe E see Clark                    
PETERSON, Sophia see Cummings, Earl H                    
PETERSON, Sophia see Nayer, Clarence                    
PETERSON, Sophia Marie see Andresen, Johan Anton                    
PETERSON, Sorly see Peterson, Nels                    
PETERSON, Svend & Johanna see Brentesen                    
PETERSON, Swan J see Ratcliffe                    
PETERSON, Syvern       Poplar 44 Mn August Peterson & Jennie Appegard (Oppe-gard?) 28-Feb-23 Poplar Roosivelt 475  
      Mary McDonald Poplar 40 New York State John McGrath & Phoebe Velnave          
PETERSON, Tena see O�Keefe, Francis James                    
PETERSON, Tena see Mead, Francis J                    
PETERSON, Thia see Eng                    
PETERSON, Thomas see Johnson                    
PETERSON, Tillie see Fladeland                    
PETERSON, Trena see Conradsen, Conrad                    
PETERSON, Vida Edward see Barnes, Russel Byron                    
PETERSON, Vilda see Karlin, Jakob                    
PETERSON, Walter       Rosseau Cty Mn 28 Mn Peter W Peterson & Lena Nordberg 12-Jul-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 154  
      Edith Peterson Wolf Point 18 Mn John & Mary Peterson          
PETERSON, William       Alpha N D 21 New Salem N D George A Peterson & Mary Just 24-Nov-22 Wibaux Wibaux 362  
      Eva Timm Alpha N D 19 Alpha John Timm & Edith May Williamson          
PETERSON, William see Karlin, Jakob                    
PETERSON, William F       Landusky 29 Mn   29-Jul-22   Phillips 656  
      Margaret Carlson Malta 20 England            
PETERSON, Willis see Knudson                    
PETERSON, Wilma L see Pippen, Fred H                    
PETERSON(SEN?), Elil L       East Helena 24 East Helena Conrad Peterson & Carrie E Rasmussen 6-May-27 Glendive Dawson 3449  
      Helen S Haines Helena 24 Rice Lake Wis Howard H Haines & Marie LeJeune          
PETERSON., August see Rohde, Frank August                    
PETERSTAAT, Helena see Larson, Peter                    
PETIDE, Anastasia see StGermaine, Frank                    
PETITE, Joseph       Scobey 38 Walhalla N D Joseph Petite & Kate Vivier 19-Apr-12 Glasgow Valley 1036  
      Mabel Conklow Horn N D 35 Coil City Iowa George Hunter & ???          
PETKOP, Margaret see Modler, Nick                    
PETKOP, Peter see Modler, Nick                    
PETOMAN, ??? see Nelson, Dewey D                    
PETRASEK, John see Shoun, Chas                    
PETRASEK, Mary see Shoun, Chas                    
PETRI, Martin       Watkins 36 Hebron Martin Petri & Earnstrena Schaeffer 6-Apr-29 Circle McCone 128  
      Carrie Irene Schaffer Paris 18 Russia Jacob Schaffer & Mary Wise          
PETRI, Martin       Watkins 36 Hebron N D Martin Petri & Ernestine Schaeffer     Dawson 3707  
      Carrie Irene Schaffer Paris 18 Russia Joseph Schaffer & Mary Wise          
PETRICK, Fred Paul       Circle 33 Fall Creek Wisc William Petrick & Mathilda Reinholz 5-Aug-18 Glendive Dawson 2409  
      Anna McDougall Circle 32 Scotland George McDougall & Christina Watherspoon          
PETRICK, Hazel Bell see Harris, Dwight Harry                    
PETRICK, Rudolph D see Harris, Dwight Harry                    
PETRICK, William see Petrick, Fred Paul                    
PETRIE, Alice M see Jones, Benjamin F                    
PETRIE, Charles M       Poplar 25 ??? John Petrie & Nellie McGregor? 5-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1938  
      Isobell Wehrkampt Poplar 20 Fargo N D John Wehrkampt & Corrie Feyder          
PETRIE, Chas H see Jones, Benjamin F                    
PETRIE, George       Turner 34 Hennepinn Cty Mn Lewis Petrie & Mary Fridley 11-Oct-15 Chinook Blaine 231  
      Nellie Wilson Turner 22 Dunseith N D Oliver Wilson & Mary Fasett          
PETRIE, George       Turner 47 Hennipen Cty Mn Louie Petrie & Mary Fridly 30-Oct-28 Chinook Blaine 1090  
      Stella Clayton Harlem 40 Wash Tug Wilson & Nellie O�Rielly          
PETRIE, George E see Smith, Dennie M                    
PETRIE, John see Petrie, Charles M                    
PETRIE, Lee N       Salem S D 30 Iowa William Petrie & Anna Menk 8-Mar-28 Scobey? Daniels 371  
      Lorena Dunn Scobey 19 N D O G Dunn & ???          
PETRIE, Lewis see Petrie, George                    
PETRIE, Louie see Petrie, George                    
PETRIE, William see Petrie, Lee N                    
PETRIK, Beatrice see Butka, Gilbert A                    
PETRIK, Frank see Petrik, Gilbert                    
PETRIK, Gilbert       Dickinson N D 26 Skiler? Nebr Frank Petrik & Mary Casper 15-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2060  
      Bertha Fisher Dickinson 25 Bohemia Joseph Rohlik & Francis Visek          
PETRIK, Joseph see Petrik, Oscar G                    
PETRIK, Joseph & Katherine see Butka, Gilbert A                    
PETRIK, Oscar S       Enid 30 Enid S D Joseph Petrik & Katherina Ubhuber 15-May-22 ??? Dawson 2861  
      Bernice S Halvor Enid 18 Oelwein Iowa Edward B Halvor & Beulah Haiford          
PETRO, Milka see Carever, Thomas                    
PETROU, Josephine see Brandis, Fred                    
PETROWICZ, Frank see Petrowicz, Stephen Frank                    
PETROWICZ, Stephen Frank       Beach N D 21 Maydood Ill Frank Petrowicz & Frances Gintovit 15-Nov-14 St Philips Wibaux 4  
      Helen Nunberg Beach N D 20 Austria Joe Nunberg & Francis Kissel          
PETRY, Noah E       Medicine Hat Alb Can 26 Ohio Stephen Petry & Ella Rinehart 15-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 2698  
      Ruth V Ingle Glasgow 22 Ohio John Ingle & Emma Miller          
PETRY, Rose see Perry                    
PETTAS, Mary see Karr, James                    
PETTENGILL, James M see McGuire, James W                    
PETTENGILL, Sadie J see McGuire, James W                    
PETTERSON, A C? see Norden, John                    
PETTERSON, A G see Bredberg, Iver                    
PETTERSON, A J see Petterson, George                    
PETTERSON, Anna see Biladeau, Mary                    
PETTERSON, George       Forsyth 31 Clear Lake A J Petterson & Mary Kilgard 27-Dec-29 Glendive Dawson 3831  
      Mary Baker Seattle 24 Cheyenne Wyo Albert Taylor Baker & Effe Plummer          
PETTERSON, Ida see Courville, Thomas                    
PETTERSON, Klara see Arnold, Frederick W                    
PETTERSON, Louisa see Samuelson, Gilbert                    
PETTERSON, Louise see Johnson, John Alfred                    
PETTERSON, Maude June (Reeves) see Hackett, Rollie J                    
PETTERSON, Sophia see Nyquist, Richard                    
PETTERSON, Ynigri see Peareson                    
PETTIE, Alice see Morin                    
PETTIE, Alice see Morin, Joseph A                    
PETTIE, Alice Irene see Johnson                    
PETTIE, Anna see Kurtz                    
PETTIE, Edna see Lord, Arthur L                    
PETTIE, Francis W       Redstone 25 N Dakota Willis Pettie & Frances Williams 14-Aug-15 Plentywood Sheridan 513  
      Mary Pender Redstone 21 N D George Pender & Annie Owens          
PETTIE, Fred see Starr, Silas P                    
PETTIE, George see Pettie                    
PETTIE, George see Lord, Arthur L                    
PETTIE, George R see Fish                    
PETTIE, Harriet J see Starr, Silas P                    
PETTIE, Inez see Fish                    
PETTIE, Mabel see Murr, Walter A                    
PETTIE, Mabel see Tyler, Clyde Vernon                    
PETTIE, W A       Redstone 55 Mn George Pettie & Augusta Lamphere 12-Apr-14 Redstone Sheridan 211  
      Sarah S Strudgeon Redstone 44 Mich Neil Sinclair & Emily Livingston          
PETTIE, Walter L       Redstone 39 N D Willis Pettie & ??? 16-Nov-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1698  
      Nellie Finley Redstone 39 ??? Edgar & Alm�? Finley          
PETTIE, William see Morin, Joseph A                    
PETTIE, Willis see Pettie                    
PETTIE, Willis see Pettie                    
PETTIER, (Peltier?) Louis see Kurtz                    
PETTIER (PELTIER?), Henriette see Kurtz                    
PETTINGER, Ira C see Pettinger                    
PETTINGER, Wise B       Scobey 23 Indiana Ira C Pettinger & Ida P Backinsto 3-Nov-07 Scobey Sheridan 1174  
      Daisy Hughes Scobey 23 Ind Frank Hughes & Nellie J Timmons          
PETTIS, A H       St Peter Mn 51 Mn S H Pettis & Sarah A Davis 26-Jun-19 Glasgow Valley 2528  
      Maud Poston Katz Glasgow 42 Mn Ashford Dowe Poston & Effie May Davis          
PETTIS, Helena see Andersen, Anton A                    
PETTIS, S H see Pettis, A H                    
PETTIT, Elizabeth see Cochran, Albert                    
PETTIT, Elizabeth see Jones, Thomas                    
PETTITIX, Margaret see Ganty, Joseph                    
PETTY, Arminta see Mumford, William C                    
PETTY, Laura see Lewis, William M                    
PETTY, Sarah see Anderson                    
PETUTUNIA, Mary see Agastinello, Nicholas                    
PEURA, Clarence William       Amazon? 21 Butte John Peura & Sanna Kalliokorpi 8-Jun-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1321  
      Columbia Josephine Hupp Bismark N D 18 Marrieta Ohio Frederick Hupp & Emma Travis          
PEURA, John see Peura, Clarence William                    
PEUTS, George see Peuts                    
PEUTS, Virgil       Redstone 45 Iowa George Peuts & Anna Horine 8-Nov-13 Plentywood Sheridan 114  
      Amanda Bandelin Redstone 22 Wis Ernest Bandelin & Minnie Knaak          
PEWITT, Amanda B see Cowell, Arthur                    
PEWITT, Amanda B see Cowell, Wiley M                    
PEWITT, Ethel see Kowalczk, Albert                    
PEWITT, James T see Kravik, Morris R                    
PEWITT, Labe see Pewitt, Robert Arvill                    
PEWITT, Robert Arvil       Zortman 23 Salem Mo Labe Pewitt & Rebecca McCuen 20-Nov-22 St Pauls Mission Blaine 735  
      Katherine Martha Magdalena Hartman Zortman 31 Chicago Mathias Hartman & Catherine Enright          
PEWITTE, Iva see Kravik, Norris R                    
PEWONKA, Chester       Phillips 25 N D   19-Apr-16   Phillips 95  
      Effie Orser Phillips 25 N D            
PEWONKA, Mrs Bertha see Tampers, Peter C                    
PEWONKE, John see Landon, Carol                    
PEWONKE, Meryl see Landon, Carol                    
PFAINAOR, Rose see Nairz, Oscar                    
PFAUDER, Rose see Patzer, C F                    
PFEIFER, Mary see Gugolz, Henry                    
PFEIFLE, Fred Jr       Kief N D 24 Anamoose Fred Pfeifle & Katherine Huber 18-Sep-29 Chinook Blaine 1169  
      Tillie Goll Kief 19 Kief Fred Goll & Christina Bischke          
PFIEFER, Minnie see Bolke                    
PFIFER, Adeline see Murray                    
PFIFER, John see Murray                    
PFLIPSON, Helena see Stein, Peter                    
PFLIPSON, Nick see Stein, Peter                    
PFULDAHL?, Hans see Hartgrove                    
PHALEN, James see Malcolm, Andrew A                    
PHALEN, Katherine see Moore, Richard A                    
PHALEN, Ruby B see Malcolm, Andrew A                    
PHANAGIATEN, Pearl see Baker, Harry                    
PHARES, Anna see O�Bryan, Dan                    
PHARES, Edwin see O�Bryan, Dan                    
PHARES, Herbert see Fitzsimmons, Paul                    
PHARES, Katie see Fitzsimmons, Paul                    
PHARES, Louise M see Perry, Benjamin R                    
PHARES, Mary see Smith, Frank                    
PHARESM, W W see Perry, Benjamin R                    
PHARIS, I E see Savage, Lawrence Mitchell                    
PHARIS, Lucile Alice see Savage, Lawrence Mitchell                    
PHAUFFER, Lena Celia see Fauts, William Lee                    
PHAY, Lavinia see Mckenzie, Walter Nelson                    
PHEANIS, Susana see Stanley, Bliss L                    
PHEARLT, Mary see Hart, William Tho Alex                    
PHELAN, Anna see Paulson, Otto Francis                    
PHELAN, Emma see Schellinger                    
PHELAN, Gregory H       Nashua 24 Mn Martin Phelan & Anna Harps 24-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2336  
      Alta Marie Aker Nashua 23 Ind Carl Aker & Rosanna Wellman          
PHELAN, Katherine see Wright                    
PHELAN, Martin see Phelan, Gregory H                    
PHELAN, Nora C see Roby                    
PHELAN, Thomas see Wright                    
PHELAN, Thomas see Paulson, Otto Francis                    
PHELEN, John J       Westby 31 Iowa Thomas Phelen & Mary Buckley 18-Nov-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 118  
      Elizabeth Wirtzberger Westby 25 Mn Louis Wirtzberger & Elizabeth Newlander          
PHELEN, Mary see Goudette, John                    
PHELEN, Thomas see Phelen                    
PHELMAR, Caroline see Kapplahn                    
PHELPHS?, Francis W see Lee                    
PHELPS, ??? see Post, Walter M                    
PHELPS, A E see Pierson, G E                    
PHELPS, Albert       Glendive 45 Penn George Phelps & Harriet Jones 15-Oct-1893 Glendive Dawson 83  
      Mary Hegna Glendive 32 Mn Thomas Hegna & Esther Johnson          
PHELPS, Albert E see Wagner, Samuel                    
PHELPS, Albert E see Phelps, Roy Harold                    
PHELPS, Albia see Lampman, Frank                    
PHELPS, Ambrose see Phelps, R L                    
PHELPS, Azelia see Staples, Marvin                    
PHELPS, Carter B       Homestead 18 Ill John F Phelps & Bertha R Collins 21-May-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1800  
      Sylvia J Olness Homestead 17 Mn J S Olness & Ella M Knutson          
PHELPS, Cora see Graves, Samuel E                    
PHELPS, E W see Whitish                    
PHELPS, Edelphi see Sargent, Dexter J                    
PHELPS, Effie see Whitish                    
PHELPS, Elmer see French, Hugh B                    
PHELPS, Elmer see Phelps, Jasper Elmer                    
PHELPS, Elmer E see Wilberg                    
PHELPS, Elmer E see Lee                    
PHELPS, Elmer E see French, Harry L                    
PHELPS, Elsie see Pierson, G E                    
PHELPS, Elsie L see Wilberg                    
PHELPS, Elwin see Whitish                    
PHELPS, Everett see Squires, Harry L                    
PHELPS, Frank see Morgenroth, Frank Lewis                    
PHELPS, George see Phelps, Albert                    
PHELPS, Hattie see Porter, James                    
PHELPS, Hermie see Whitish                    
PHELPS, Hermie L see Whitish                    
PHELPS, Jasper Elmer       Redstone 24 Mn Elmer Phelps & Amelia Ball 3-Nov-27 Navajo Daniels 350  
      Jennie S Severson Navajo 25 Wis John Severson & Lena Lee          
PHELPS, John F see Phelps                    
PHELPS, Mary see Cutnaw, Walter R                    
PHELPS, May see Wagner, Samuel                    
PHELPS, Mildred Lee see French, Hugh B                    
PHELPS, Pansy see Squires, Harry L                    
PHELPS, R L       Glendive 32 Marysville Ambrose Phelps & Zohen Ha___? 18-Oct-02 Glendive Dawson 269  
      Lizzie Wright Glendive 21 Glendive Wm Lester & Emma Fee?          
PHELPS, ris? see Lampman, Frank                    
PHELPS, Roy Harold       Glasgow 24 Iowa Albert E Phelps & Albert Calley 1-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2500  
      Cora Belle Mackie Glasgow 22 Iowa Frank Mackie & Ettie VanWinkle          
PHELPS, Thomas see Kellog, Sidney S                    
PHEVAS, Suscinia see Stanley, Walter                    
PHICHETTE, Alphozine see LaFond, Fred                    
PHILAMLEE, Windle       Havre 43 Mo Windle Philamlee & Anna Connet 6-Sep-24 Chinook Blaine 831  
      May Nevins Havre 19 Salem Mo John Nevins & Margaret Wainwright          
PHILBE, Anna see Armstrong, Fred M                    
PHILBRICK, Mamie (Thompson?) see Cosner, Harry W                    
PHILIPPS, Rosy see Garrison, Daniel W                    
PHILIPS, Christina see Schanche, Anton V                    
PHILIPS, Constance see Sadler                    
PHILIPS, Frances see Cyr, Frances M                    
PHILIPS, Frank see Cyr, Frank M                    
PHILIPS, James see Schanche, Anton V                    
PHILIPS, Ralph see Sadler                    
PHILLEBAUM, Clyde Arthur       Ellendale 26 Mo Joseph Phillebaum & Sarah Montgomery 15-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2195  
      Mary Ritter ??? ??? Osakis Mn Peter Ritter & ???          
PHILLEBAUM, Joseph see Phillebaum, Clyde Arthur                    
PHILLIANS, John see Phillians, Ocea N                    
PHILLIANS, Ocea N       Lima Ohio 32 Allen Cty Ohio John Phillians & Mollisie Wilson 10-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 135  
      Lila Pearl Heninger Scobey 22 Kempton Ill Charles A & Letha Anna Heninger          
PHILLIP, Henry see Dersham, R H                    
PHILLIP, Jessie see Dersham, R H                    
PHILLIP, Margaret E see Bennett, Alvin L                    
PHILLIP, Violet see Holland, John                    
PHILLIPI, Anna see Armstrong, George W                    
PHILLIPIE, Rosie see Schumacker, William John                    
PHILLIPS, Mrs Harriet see Frisch, Harold                    
PHILLIPS, ??? see Hays David L                    
PHILLIPS, Abbie E see Taylor, Roy                    
PHILLIPS, Adaline see Kidd, William                    
PHILLIPS, Albert see Schindler, Martin                    
PHILLIPS, Albert see Murch, Harold                    
PHILLIPS, Albert see Phillips, James                    
PHILLIPS, Albert see Fair, Clarence Edgar                    
PHILLIPS, Alonzo R see Phillips, Delbert J                    
PHILLIPS, Alverata M see Abel, Thomas Morgan                    
PHILLIPS, Alvina see Benoit, John M                    
PHILLIPS, Anna see McFarland, Ellmore J                    
PHILLIPS, Annie see Armstrong, Charles E                    
PHILLIPS, Arthur B see Hammond, Theodore                    
PHILLIPS, Bert see Phillips, Harold Lane                    
PHILLIPS, Chlorene Neva see Simmons, James T                    
PHILLIPS, Cornelia Caroline see Tidland, George A                    
PHILLIPS, D H see Phillips, Elbert                    
PHILLIPS, D H see Phillips, Elmer D                    
PHILLIPS, Darius see Harness, Pleasant F                    
PHILLIPS, Delbert J       Glasgow 31 Winona Mn Alonzo R Phillips & Mary Rich? 4-Apr-15 Glasgow Valley 1656  
      Mary Ellsworth Glasgow 22 Mn John Ellsworth & Helen Dix          
PHILLIPS, Durrard & Rose see Johnson, Dewey                    
PHILLIPS, E L       Union 22 Emerson Iowa E L Phillips Sr & Lily Liles 30-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1782  
      Velda Miller ??? 19 Newtown Missouri John Miller & Emma Johnson          
PHILLIPS, Elbert see Taylor, Roy                    
PHILLIPS, Elbert V       Nashua 33 Atchison Kansas D H Phillips & Carrie Warner 22-Jul-10 Glasgow Valley 676  
      Elizabeth M Morris Nashua 36 Poughkipsie N Y James Green & Mary E Wells          
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth see Scott, Walter S                    
PHILLIPS, Elizabeth see Sanders, Arthur                    
PHILLIPS, Elma see Murch, Harold                    
PHILLIPS, Elmer D       Hinsdale 24 Des Moines Iowa D H Phillips & Sarah Braffett 28-Dec-14 Nelson School Valley 1605  
      Edna M Nelson Hinsdale 29 Boone Iowa Charles V Nelson & ???          
PHILLIPS, Emery       P�wood 26 McCloud Cty Mn L S Phillips & Freda Rasmussen 8-Jul-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1982  
      Mary Persicke P�wood 18 Litchfield Mn Wm Persicke & Bernice Jordan          
PHILLIPS, Emma see Lerfold, Julius                    
PHILLIPS, Emma see Hunt, James H                    
PHILLIPS, Erva see Hendrickson                    
PHILLIPS, Ethel M see Ziebarth                    
PHILLIPS, Eva see Babcock, Ray                    
PHILLIPS, Eva Paul see Donahue, James P                    
PHILLIPS, Faye E see Wright, Nelson G                    
PHILLIPS, Frances see Smith                    
PHILLIPS, Frank see Simmons, James T                    
PHILLIPS, Frank M       Phillips 27 Ohio   29-Feb-16   Phillips 83  
      elsie Miller Phillips 17 Mn            
PHILLIPS, Fred Edwin       Glasgow 36 Hartford Conn James H Phillips & Abbie Perkins     Valley   ( Cert Not Completed)
      Sophie Walker Kalispell 30 San Jose Calif Seyon D Walker & Carry E Maynard          
PHILLIPS, Gail see Frisch, Harold                    
PHILLIPS, Gail       Hinsdale 22 Iowa   30-Apr-26   Phillips 884  
      Harriet Frisch Hinsdale 18 Mn            
PHILLIPS, Gilbert       Hinsdale 25 Iowa J H Phillips & Sarah Rofit 13-Dec-17 Glasgow Valley 2306  
      Anna Thienies Hinsdale 25 Mn J H Thienies & Pauline Ganorth          
PHILLIPS, Gladys see Fair, Clarence Edgar                    
PHILLIPS, Harold Lane       Brockton 30 Marinette Wis Bert Phillips & Emma Lane 17-Nov-28 Glasgow Valley 3432  
      Nelle Corene Metzger Brockton 30 Kans Ben Pritchard & Minnie Pippinger          
PHILLIPS, Harvey       Brockton 53 New York William Phillips & Hana Case 16-Apr-24 Poplar Roosivelt 615  
      Laura Hogan Brockton 20 Mn Louis Hogan & Maggie Fehrs          
PHILLIPS, Helen see Johnson, Dewey                    
PHILLIPS, J H see Phillips, Gilbert                    
PHILLIPS, James       Glendive 23 Deep Haven Mn Albert Phillips & Augusta Lungren 20-Jan-26 Glendive Dawson 3318  
      Inez Stockwell Beach N D 20 Beach Dan H Stockwell & Mabel Davis          
PHILLIPS, James H see Phillips, Fred Edwin                    
PHILLIPS, John see Phillips, Wm J                    
PHILLIPS, John H see Wright, Nelson G                    
PHILLIPS, Josephine see Gaspers                    
PHILLIPS, L see Ziebarth                    
PHILLIPS, L S see Phillips                    
PHILLIPS, Letitia see Durnell                    
PHILLIPS, Lillian see King, O A                    
PHILLIPS, Louis see Hendrickson                    
PHILLIPS, Lucy see Goodall, William E                    
PHILLIPS, Lydia see Wells, Roy                    
PHILLIPS, Lynn see Bean, Adrian                    
PHILLIPS, Maggie see Fasching, George W                    
PHILLIPS, Martha Viola see Becker, George                    
PHILLIPS, Mary see Campain, James J                    
PHILLIPS, Mary Elizabeth see Ryan, Bernard John                    
PHILLIPS, Mrs Florence see Lunn, Oscar                    
PHILLIPS, Myrl see Hammond, Theodore                    
PHILLIPS, Nicholas C see Phillips, Peter Oliver                    
PHILLIPS, Peter Oliver       Lambert 33 Dubuque Iowa Nicholas C Phillips & Mary J Keher 26-May-28 Glendive Dawson 3572  
      Alta LaRowe Glendive 28 Blue Earth Mn Andrew LaRowe & Lydia Bassett          
PHILLIPS, Raymond see Moore, Richard                    
PHILLIPS, Raymond see Phillips, Gail                    
PHILLIPS, Raymond Clyde       Hinsdale 21 Iowa   21-Dec-27   Phillips 995  
      Nellie May Taylor Hinsdale 19 N D            
PHILLIPS, Rhoda see Stanley, Frank William                    
PHILLIPS, Roy       Glasgow 24 Indiana William Phillips & Mary Cramer 5-Apr-08 Glasgow Valley 351  
      Matilda Roers Glasgow 16 N D Gerrard Roers & Barbra Heubschwerlen          
PHILLIPS, Sallie B see Calavan, Joseph W                    
PHILLIPS, Stanley       Regina 31 Regina Sask Can William Phillips & Emily Lewis 17-Jul-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2613  
      Isabella Smith Regina 21 Bulyea Sask David Smith & Mary McEwan          
PHILLIPS, Stella see Harness, Pleasant F                    
PHILLIPS, Susie see Nelson, Burton V                    
PHILLIPS, William see Phillips                    
PHILLIPS, William see Phillips, Roy                    
PHILLIPS, William see Phillips, Harvey                    
PHILLIPS, Wm J       Paxton 36 Joliet Illinois John Phillips & Elizabeth Atkins 17-Dec-11 Paxton Dawson 1022  
      Grace Smith Wold 34 Alina Center Wisc John Smith & Clara Cramer          
PHILLNER, Emma see Farrell, Edward L                    
PHILPIN, M? see Tweible, George                    
PHILPIN, Margaret see Fleming                    
PHINNEY, Clarence H       Dooley 25 Mn William L Phinney & Ellen Soule 18-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 913  
      Amelia Keller Comertown 26 N D John Keller & Paul-ine Friedley          
PHINNEY, Duncan see Phinney, Lloyd Bergen                    
PHINNEY, Elizabeth see Coyle, Aden O                    
PHINNEY, Emma see Harris, Ray                    
PHINNEY, Frank see Funk, O R                    
PHINNEY, Herbert L       Ridgelawn 39 Penbrooke Maine Thomas Phinney & Margaret Dougherty 6-Sep-10 Glendive Dawson 837  
      Mildred Kirkland Ridgelawn 40 Plymouth Maine John Holbrook & Judith Damon          
PHINNEY, Lloyd Bergen       Opheim 22 Ontario Duncan Phinney & Zella Dickson 6-Mar-19 Glasgow Valley 2483  
      Hazel Beatrice Irene Mcgowan Opheim 19 ??? Harry McGowan & Jane Corbett          
PHINNEY, Mrs Theckla R (Kellar?) see Massett                    
PHINNEY, Phage & Mary see Harris, Ray                    
PHINNEY, Ruby see Funk, O R                    
PHINNEY, Thomas see Phinney, Herbert L                    
PHINNEY, William L see Phinney                    
PHIPPS, Edna M see Austin, Lawrence E                    
PHIPPS, Fred K       Glendive 23 Conde S D Henry Phipps & Eva Branch 31-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3288  
      Laura Mathershead Glendive 21 Boise Idaho John Mathershead & Annie Opie          
PHIPPS, Henry see Phipps, Fred K                    
PHIPPS, Henry M see Austin, Lawrence E                    
PHIPPS, Mae see Stensland, Ralph W                    
PHIPPS, Mae see Hammerness, Melvin                    
PIATT, Mary see Small, Carl Wayne                    
PICARD, Alphonse Doeike       Bainville 22 Chichester Can Samuel Picard & Jane Burnette 26-Apr-11 Bainville Valley 825  
      Anna May Rogers Bainville 20   James Rogers & Mary Evans          
PICARD, Christie       Bainville 25 Chicester Can Samuel Picard & Jane Brunett 7-May-14 Bainville Sheridan 223  
      Serena Hagen Bainville 20 Waseca Mn Sam Hagen & Rachel Seljskog          
PICARD, Laura see Bakewell, Grant                    
PICARD, Samuel see Picard                    
PICARD, Samuel see Picard, Alphonse D                    
PICARD, Samuel see Bakewell, Grant                    
PICHE, Alvina L see Pennington, R M                    
PICHE, Clarence       Savage 25 Summerset Wisc John Piche & Mary Piquanot 2-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2715  
      Ella Schoonover Savage 20 Deerfield Mo Quimby Schoonover & Emma Wilson          
PICHE, John see Pennington, R M                    
PICHE, John see Piche, Clarence                    
PICK, Herman see Tooley, E                    
PICKEN, Hunter Melvin       Dickinson N D 23 Portland N D Richard H Picken & Eva Wolhart 2-Jan-19 Glendive Dawson 2606  
      Eleanor Sherry Minneapolis 23 Eldorado N D John Sherry & Johanna Cihler          
PICKEN, Richard H see Picken, Hunter Melvin                    
PICKENS, Abbie see Hellstem, F G                    
PICKER, Lillian see Whitcomb                    
PICKER, Matilda see Discher, Louis                    
PICKER, Nicholas see Whitcomb                    
PICKER, Nicholas see Discher, Louis                    
PICKERING, Ada Opal see Manning, William Edward                    
PICKERING, Albert       Wibaux 27 Wibaux Robert Pickering & Ida Sommerfeldt 13-Aug-10 Glendive Dawson 834  
      Mabel Meeks Wibaux 27 Meeks Missouri I N Meeks & Elizabeth Ransom          
PICKERING, Byron see Hull, Earl                    
PICKERING, Emily see Faltermeyre, Lewis Claude                    
PICKERING, Grace Belle see Davies, Jacob Franklin                    
PICKERING, H C see Pickering, Paul                    
PICKERING, Ida see Eggert, Henry                    
PICKERING, Jessie see Hull, Earl                    
PICKERING, Nancy J see McNees, John F                    
PICKERING, Paul       Carlyle 28 Crowfits-ville Ind H C Pickering & Loni Kline 10-Nov-24 Wibaux Wibaux 463  
      Gertrude Hill Carlyle 26 Homer Mn Herbert Hill & Ethel Glidden          
PICKERING, Robert see Manning, William Edward                    
PICKERING, Robert see Pickering, Albert                    
PICKERING, Robert see Pickering, Wm R D                    
PICKERING, Robert see Faltermeyre, Lewis Claude                    
PICKERING, William Robert David       Wibaux 22 Sentinel Butte Robert Pickering & Ida S (?)     Dawson 246  
      Grace Huie Wibaux 18 Fairbank S D I D Huie & ???          
PICKERN, Hannah see Bowness                    
PICKET, Elizabeth see Butzloff, Willard                    
PICKET, Laura see McKay, Wallace                    
PICKETT, Albena M (Bourassa?) see Carter                    
PICKETT, George Ernest       Bellingham Wash 27 New Brunswick Can William Lewis Pickett & Annie Eugene Craft 20-May-29 Froid Roosivelt 1313  
      May Christine Harbo Froid 22 Erwin S D Andrew Harbo & Jennie Jacobson          
PICKETT, James see Keongh, Thomas                    
PICKETT, James L see Pickett, Marion Elmo                    
PICKETT, James L       Union 55 Holtan Indiana R M Pickett & Mary Dickey 13-Feb-15 Glendive Dawson 1674  
      Dora May Wilson Union 55 Mn Lewis Conner & Mary Caroline Shippe?          
PICKETT, John & Mollie see Butzloff, Willard                    
PICKETT, Leander see Pickett, Russell                    
PICKETT, Marion Elmo       Circle 37 St John N D James L Pickett & Laura Hilde brand 30-Jul-19 Circle McCone 6  
      Anna Wagbo Circle 29 Ting vald Christiansund Norway Peter Wagbo & Amalia Koxvik?          
PICKETT, R M see Pickett, James L                    
PICKETT, Richard A see Pickett, Thomas A                    
PICKETT, Russell       Glasgow 27 Geneva Ind Leander Pickett & Eliza Winship 3-Jan-25 Glasgow Valley 3107  
      Mary Palasky Nashua 18 Penn Tony Palasky & Tony Iskrond          
PICKETT, Thomas A       Poplar 21 Mt Richard A Pickett & Molly Buckles 10-Jon-1920 Glasgow Valley 2677  
      Margaret A Winn Poplar 18 Mt George K Winn & Winona Kuhn          
PICKETT, William Lewis see Pickett, George Ernest                    
PICKLES, Maggie see Gardner, Leonard                    
PICKTHORN, Elsie (Cadoo?) see McGarry                    
PIECZYK, Rosa see Buckingham, Lloyd                    
PIEDT, Emma see Rost, E C                    
PIEDT, Jacob see Rost, E C                    
PIELAWA, Julia see Gritz, Paul                    
PIELSFORD, Francis see Cains, Gordon P                    
PIERCE, Ada A see McLuen, Ward O                    
PIERCE, Beryl Spencer       Plentywood 25 Grandville N D William Pierce & Mettie Spencer 23-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1095  
      Ellen Lundgren Plentywood 27 Mn August Lundgren & Mathilda Olson          
PIERCE, Bruce       Welliver 21 Wis Colonel? Pierce & Jennie List? 22-Feb-16 Plentywood Sheridan 685  
      Agnes Jane Enderlin Welliver 16 Wis John Enderlin & Thea Smith (Swift?)          
PIERCE, Clarence E       Glendive 26 Berryville Arkansas Francis H Pierce & Ettie Dickinson 15-Jan-17 Glendive Dawson 2100  
      LuLu C Rosedahl Glendive 21 Brookings S D Andrew Rosedahl & Mary Nelson          
PIERCE, Colonel see Pierce                    
PIERCE, D see Madsen                    
PIERCE, Doris Belle see Vernon, Rhode C                    
PIERCE, Dorothy Francis see Dixon                    
PIERCE, Ella E see Rosenthal                    
PIERCE, Emma see Wilson, Elmer P                    
PIERCE, Evelyn see Schaffer, Leo                    
PIERCE, Frances A see Boucher, Charles W                    
PIERCE, Francis H see Pierce, Clarence E                    
PIERCE, Frank see Matzen, Theodore                    
PIERCE, G M see King, William D                    
PIERCE, George see Holmgren, Thomas M                    
PIERCE, Gladys Irene see Pentz                    
PIERCE, Harold F see Dixon                    
PIERCE, Ina M see King, William D                    
PIERCE, Ira see Pierce, Rex                    
PIERCE, J B see Michus, John                    
PIERCE, J B see Nudd, Ashley                    
PIERCE, J B see Carlson, Arthur                    
PIERCE, James see Butts W L                    
PIERCE, Jane see Hollis, Noah S                    
PIERCE, Jennie see Snow, F J                    
PIERCE, Jim see Rosenthal                    
PIERCE, Josephine D see Matzen, Theodore                    
PIERCE, Julia see Temple, John B                    
PIERCE, K C see Pentz                    
PIERCE, Kearn see Pierce                    
PIERCE, Leonard C see Vernon, Rhode C                    
PIERCE, Lizzie see Wilmot, Harold P                    
PIERCE, Louis       P�wood 23 Iowa O S Pierce & Florence Wells 28-Feb-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2415  
      Thelma Nichols P�wood 18 Virden Illinois Harry Nichols & Edna Campbell          
PIERCE, Luella (Winchester?) see Crane                    
PIERCE, Lulu see Swanke, George                    
PIERCE, Mary J see Brann, H E                    
PIERCE, Mary Sam see Zick                    
PIERCE, Mildred see Bidwell, Ray Scott                    
PIERCE, Mrs J B see Cockrell, William T                    
PIERCE, Myron       Neptune Can 23 N D Sidney Pierce & Luella Winchester 21-Jul-15 Plentywood Sheridan 516  
      Margaret Gordon Neptune Can 24 Scotland Alex Murphy & Sarah McEwen          
PIERCE, O S see Pierce                    
PIERCE, Pearl Adelaide see Kester, Carl                    
PIERCE, Percy       P�wood 24 Wis Kearn Pierce & Jenny Leet 15-Aug-20 Scobey Sheridan 1683  
      Gertrude Roufs Navajo 19 Mn Wm Roufs & Helena Hansen          
PIERCE, Phoebe E see Butts, W L                    
PIERCE, Rex       Sentiner Butte 30 Jamestown N D Ira Pierce & Ruby Johnson 12-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2213  
      Sarah Runk Alpha N D 29 Milwaukee Wisc William Shallock & Marie Uecke          
PIERCE, Richard see Johnson, Louis                    
PIERCE, Ross see Kester, Carl                    
PIERCE, Sidney see Pierce                    
PIERCE, Susannah see Wallace, Nowal                    
PIERCE, Thomas see Schaffer, Leo                    
PIERCE, Thomas see Bidwell, Ray Scott                    
PIERCE, William see Wright                    
PIERCE, William see Pierce, Beryl Spencer                    
PIERCE, Winiferd see Adams, Florien                    
PIERCY, John see Frettim, Ben                    
PIERCY, Marion see Frettim, Ben                    
PIERE, Martha see Hanson, John Olaf                    
PIERSON, Anna see Johnson, Erick                    
PIERSON, Azelea see Frye, Isaac M                    
PIERSON, C E       Saco 28 Hamilton Texas William S Pierson & A E Koen 22-Jul-1897 Saco Valley ?  
      Alvina May Kennedy Saco 18 Forest River N D David Kennedy & Bella Bell          
PIERSON, C H       Fargo 30 Petersburg N D Claude Pierson & Sadie Kew 12-Sep-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2682  
      Doris Wright Fargo N D 20 Saskatoon Sask Can Elgin Wright & Jessie Douglas          
PIERSON, Claude see Pierson                    
PIERSON, Creton see Frye, Isaac M                    
PIERSON, Edward       Malta 29 New Mex Jess Pierson & Anna Twocort? 14-May-03 Malta Valley (99) 257  
      Mrs Sylvia Nicholas Malta 21 Chicago Ill E A Larock & Emily Friemore?          
PIERSON, Edward see Pederson, George                    
PIERSON, Edward T       Chinook 39 New Jersey Stephen W Pierson & Elizabeth Brown 3-Jun-14 Chinook Blaine 125  
      Margaret E Wax Chinook 34 Ill Valentine Wax & Sarah I Harnheck?          
PIERSON, Elnor see McGibbon                    
PIERSON, Emma L see Canfield, Ira N                    
PIERSON, F E       Glasgow 37 Hamilton Tex Smithe Pierson & Azelle Koen 7-Jun-11 Glasgow Valley 850  
      Elsie Phelps Glasgow 18 Tugrove Iowa A E Phelps & Ella Skeels          
PIERSON, F Howard       Savoy 23 Sheyenne N D Frank G Pierson & Lena Anderson 3-May-17 Chinook Blaine 391  
      Viva M Rogers Savoy 22 Ill George W Rogers & Nancy Fanning          
PIERSON, Frank G see Pierson, F Howard                    
PIERSON, Frank L       Glasgow 28 N? Dak Robert Pierson & ??? 17-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2105  
      Stella M McCallum Glasgow 22 Wis John A McCallum & Margaret Buel?          
PIERSON, Ida M see Aaker, Lawrence A                    
PIERSON, Ingre see Dahlquist                    
PIERSON, Jennie see Pederson, Jennie                    
PIERSON, Jess see Pierson, Edward                    
PIERSON, May see Henningsen, Clarence                    
PIERSON, May see Ramsbacher, Everest                    
PIERSON, Per see Strand                    
PIERSON, Pier see Rohde                    
PIERSON, Pillia see Swenson, Victor                    
PIERSON, Reike see Strand                    
PIERSON, Robert see Pierson, Frank L                    
PIERSON, Sarah see Conley                    
PIERSON, Smithe see Pierson, G E                    
PIERSON, Stephen W see Pierson, Edward T                    
PIERSON, William S see Pierson, C E                    
PIERZINA, J I see Vaughn, Ted W                    
PIERZINA, J I see Pierzina, J T                    
PIERZINA, J T       Beach N D 26 Arcadia Wis J I Pierzina & Hattie Gimsa 21-Mar-25 Wibaux Wibaux 480  
      Inga Storaker Beach N D 21 Bergen Nor Peter Storaker & Ingva Monsen          
PIERZINA, Laura see Vaughn, Ted W                    
PIERZINE, Ben J       Beach N D 22 Arcadia Wis John Pierzine & Hattie Gimsa 12-Nov-24 Wibaux Wibaux 464  
      Marie L Foster Beach N D 19 Brainerd N D Chas A Foster & Josephine Southard          
PIERZINE, John see Pierzine, Ben J                    
PIESEK, Anna see Zinda, John                    
PIESEK, Daisy see Kettner, Herman Jr                    
PIESEK, John see Zinda, John                    
PIESIEK, Daisy see Jarchow, A F                    
PIESIEK, Joe & Kathryn see Jarchow, A F                    
PIESIK, Daisy see Uelman, Eugene                    
PIESIK, Frances see Knutson, Rangvald                    
PIESIK, John see Knutson, Rangvald                    
PIETAH, Mary see Boles, James                    
PIETSCH, Anna see Ranahan, James A                    
PIFER, Susan see Magee, Fred B                    
PIFER, Susan see Vorhies, Warren M                    
PIGGOTT, L V       Blaine Cty 48 Missouri   25-Jul-18   Phillips 362  
      Viola Lyon Phillips 44 Missouri            
PIHL, Selma see Newstrom, George W                    
PIKE, Charles       Browning 26 Sandstone Mn Frank Pike & ??? 22-May-30 Chinook Blaine 1203  
      Mary Riegert Harlem 27 Iron Mountain Mich Charles Riegert & Mary Susan LaGard          
PIKE, Charles L       Bismark 34 Lime Springs Iowa L W Pike & Mary Clark 13-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 638  
      Florence Herendon Bismark 25 Springfield Missouri Ebsa Herendon & Clara Lawrence          
PIKE, Frank see Pike, Charles                    
PIKE, Julia N (Pierce?) see Johnson, Louis                    
PIKE, L W see Pike, Charles L                    
PIKONS, Annie see Kuta John                    
PILCHER, Caroline see Bonneau, John B                    
PILCHER, Louisa see Cummings, Horace                    
PILCHINGTON?, Mary see Dostert, Victor                    
PILEHE, Nancy see La Roque, Joe                    
PILGRIM, Adam & Elizabeth see Pilgrim, William                    
PILGRIM, Alma T see Voorhees, William G L                    
PILGRIM, Joe see Voorhees, William, G L                    
PILGRIM, Joseph see Pilgrim, Robert C                    
PILGRIM, Robert E       Poplar 28 Milwaukee Wis Joseph H Pilgrim & Julia C Gilbert 8-Feb-16 Glasgow Valley 1820  
      Elizabeth Montag Oshkosh 24 Wis john Montag & Minnie Floch?          
PILGRIM, S A       Greve 29 England   2-Dec-24   Phillips 806  
      Mary Lee ??? 25 Canada            
PILGRIM, Wiliiam       N D 36 Muscatine Iowa Adam & Elizabeth Pilgrim 2-Feb-17 Glasgow Valley 2061  
      Francis Elizabeth Ames Williston N D 24 Willmar Mn Fred L Ames & Rose Kline?          
PILLAR, Katherine see Kemmer                    
PILLIAN, Joseph see Long, Norman D                    
PILLIAN, Mary see Long, Norman D                    
PILLO?, Stella see Farnsworth, Vernon Vergle                    
PILLOWS, Emma see Ling, Charles W                    
PILLSBURY, Elisha see Pillsbury, Louis A                    
PILLSBURY, Louis A       Billings 25 Merillian Wisc Elisha Pillsbury & Annie E Vasvinder 25-Dec-17 Glendive Dawson 2317  
      Esther Larimer Glendive 19 Millersburg Indiana John S Larimer & Ollie Slabough          
PILOLO?, Julia see Gritz, Peter                    
PILOWSKI, Josephine see Ponke, Bernard F                    
PILSEN, Christina see Herron                    
PILSKNIDER?, Mary see Larson, Carl Einar                    
PINA, Genaro see Pina, Tony                    
PINA, Tony       Los Angeles Calif 22 Douglas Ariz Genaro Pina & Catalina Cosmar 4-Aug-26 Glendive Dawson 3375  
      Mary Grace Fee Fayette Idaho 20 Buford N D George Samuel Fee & Mary E Smithwick          
PINE, Lula see NezPerce, Joseph                    
PINK, Ursula see Podrgay, Martin                    
PINK?, Helena see Buckman                    
PINKERTON, Barbara see Willan, Joseph T                    
PINKERTON, Lizzie see Welch, Walter Herman                    
PINKSTON, Mary E see Sherman, Peter B                    
PINOR, Bell see Clement, Charles                    
PINT, Cecelia see Bauer, George                    
PINT, Edward see Bauer, George                    
PINT, Helena see Lenz, Rainer G                    
PIPAL, Henry C       Wolf Point 25 Kimball S D Joseph Pipal & Josephine Urban 2-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1492  
      Rene Dezell Wolf Point 24 Anaconda J M Dezell & Charlotte J Lang          
PIPAL, Joseph see Pipal, William                    
PIPAL, Joseph see Cusker, Sig                    
PIPAL, Joseph see Pipal, Henry C                    
PIPAL, Lillian see Cusker, Sig                    
PIPAL, William       Wolfpoint 29 S D Joseph Pipal & Josephine Urban 20-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley    
      Gertrude Cusker Wolf Point 27 ??? James E Cusker & Clementine Hatworth          
PIPE, see Archdale, James                    
PIPE, see Hamilton, Harvey                    
PIPE, see Benedict, Richard                    
PIPE, Comes Out see Whitehawk                    
PIPE, Woman see Owl Head                    
PIPE, Alberta see Martin, Leo Roy                    
PIPE, Daisy see Garfield, Charles                    
PIPE, Emma see Chasing Hawk                    
PIPE, Emma see Robinson, Joseph                    
PIPE, Ernest see Chasing Hawk                    
PIPE, Ernest       Wolf Point 36 Poplar Chicken Black & Hail Women 25-Feb-19 Wolf Point Sheridan 1481  
      Mary Taylor   29 Poplar Charging Dog & Good Tail          
PIPE, Ernest see Garfield, Charles                    
PIPE, Ernest see Robinson, Joseph                    
PIPE, Ernest & Nellie see Martin, Leo Roy                    
PIPER, Cleta Hamilton see Woodard, R G                    
PIPER, Hilda see Nisselius, Albert                    
PIPER, Lucy see Escerga, Martin                    
PIPER, Mrs Louise (Coles?) see Brown, R H                    
PIPER, Victoria see Whitney, George C                    
PIPPEN, C H see Pippen, Fred H                    
PIPPEN, Calvin see Miller, Thomas Don                    
PIPPEN, Fred H       Saco 22 Saco C H Pippin & Estella Mason 5-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3336  
      Wilma L Peterson Saco 20 Barnesville Mn P L Peterson & Alma Glazier          
PIPPEN, Maybelle see Miller, Thomas Don                    
PIPPENDER, Minnie see Richard, Clifford                    
PIPPENGER, Homer       Mina Nevada 54 Plymouth Indiana John Pippenger & Lyda Webb 13-Nov-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 692  
      Lillian Gilman Brockton 51 Dodge Center Mn Enoch Rowe & Lucinda Gray          
PIPPENGER, Jacob see Pippenger, David Homer                    
PIPPENGER, Minnie see Rasmussen, S A                    
PIPPIN, Carrie see Dillon, Sylvester                    
PIPPIN, Minnie see Prichard, Dale                    
PIPPINGER, Minnie see Phillips, Harold Lane                    
PIPPITT, Cora see Payne, Burl                    
PIPPY, Charles see McKnight, Earle G                    
PIPPY, Elizabeth M see McNight, Earle G                    
PIQUANOT, Mary J see Piche, Clarence                    
PIQUETTE, Camille see Ball, Nicholas C                    
PIQUETTE, Lucille see Ball, Nicholas C                    
PIRART, Clement see Robert, Leon                    
PIRART, Esther see Robert, Leon                    
PIRR__?ADELAIDE, E see Evans, Joseph C                    
PISK, Joe       Fallon 31 Russia John Pisk & Mary Smigel 8-May-21 Pleasant View Dawson 2757  
      Katie Sivstzsonek Fallon 25 Hungary Fabin Farnell & Carrie Dobnar          
PISK, John       Terry 32 Surowe Poland John Pisk & Mary Smigel 20-Feb-27 Glendive Dawson 3433  
      Anna Latka Glendive 18 Alsonka Poland Frank Latka & Agnes Potoniec          
PISK, John see Pisk, Joe                    
PISTOCCO, Pete       Lambert 23 Norris Ill Steve Pistocco & Minnie Buffo 30-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3885  
      Ruth Schwitters Steamboat Rock Iowa 22 Holland Mich Henry Schwitters & Dena Ahlfs          
PISTOCCO, Steve see Pistocco, Pete                    
PISTOCCO, Steve see Melby, Erik F                    
PITCHET, Louise see Rennick, Harry                    
PITCHIE, Nancy see Hopkins, Moses                    
PITCHLYNN, Emma see Nelson, Benjamin                    
PITCHSNEIDER, Mary see Gedde, Otto F                    
PITMAN, Abbie see Gaslin, Otis                    
PITRISKLI, Gussie see Knoff, Frank M                    
PITSCH, David see Pitsch, Henry                    
PITSCH, Henry       Chippewa Falls Wis 25 Fort Collins Col David Pitsch & Sophie Ring 10-Oct-25 Chinook Blaine 905  
      Mary Kahm Chinook 19 Longmont Col Henry Kahm & Katie Weber          
PITSTICK, Louise see Rennick, Harry H                    
PITSTICK?, Louise see Rennick, Walter Arthur                    
PITTAH, Louise see Rennick, John M                    
PITTENGER, Biard L       Scobey 40 Manse-field Ohio Ira L Pittenger & Ida V Backensto 5-Apr-27 Poplar Roosivelt 1014  
      Caroline Kittock Scobey 29 Poplar Peter Kittock & Mary Brown          
PITTENGER, Eugene see Pittenger, Robert E                    
PITTENGER, Ira L see Pittinger, Biard L                    
PITTENGER, Robert E       Glasgow 46 Warsaw Ind Eugene Pittenger & Grace Ettenger 22-Dec-30 Glasgow Valley 3609  
      Ethel Moore Glasgow 19 Glasgow Earl Moore & Carrie Jarstad          
PITTINGER, Ira L see Burget, William M                    
PITTINGER, Mabel A see Burget, William M                    
PITTINGER, Ruby see Rietz, Joseph A                    
PITTS, Elizabeth see Coryell                    
PITTS, Mary see Markell, Chesley                    
PITZER, Delphia see Christopherson, Louis                    
PITZER, Helen see Cosman, James                    
PITZER, J E see Pitzer, Louis Wimberly                    
PITZER, John       Mason Flats 26 Hungary John Pitzer & Theresa Reid 15-May-18 Glendive Dawson 2365  
      Elizabeth Miller Wason Flats 23 Hungary Nick Miller & Katherine Bach          
PITZER, Louis Wimberly       Medora N D 23 Weatherford Texas J E Pitzer & Emma Wood 1-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 2697  
      Minnie Olivia Ledger Mandan N D 23 Mandan Charles Kidd & Carrie Lewis          
PITZER, Mary E see Wilkinson                    
PITZLIN, Louis see Koger, Harney                    
PIVOT, Harry       Phillips 38 Ontario   27-Jun-17   Phillips 234  
      Roxania Hunt Phillips 32 Mich            
PIXLEY, Lenora see Hunter, Clyde                    
PIXLEY, Lottie A see Owen, Harry W                    
PLACE, Altie see Remington, Lawrence                    
PLACE, James see Place, John                    
PLACE, John       Froid 26 England James Place & Johanna Rhoe 29-Jan-14 Glasgow Valley 1819  
      Mildred Parcels Perchold? Alberta 26 Ontario Timothy Parcels & Hanna Vincent          
PLACE, Mary see Wold, Walter                    
PLACHER, Maggie see Lewis, Willard Francis                    
PLADSEN, Anstad? see Pladsen                    
PLADSEN, Kari see Torstenson                    
PLADSEN, Sam O       Westby 21 N D Anstad? Pladsen & Helga Midboe 18-Aug-14 Plentywood Sheridan 309  
      Alice Cochrane Finley N D 21 N D James Cochrane & Lydia Palmer          
PLAGMAN, LeRoy E       Glendive 21 Davenport Iowa Louis Plagman & Mary Minnie Struve? 12-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3160  
      Katherine E Milliron Glendive 22 Cape Mist? Mich William Milliron & Emma Hannibal          
PLAGMAN, Louis see Plagman, LeRoy E                    
PLAIN, Camp Woman see White Horse, Moses                    
PLAIN, In Camp see White Horse                    
PLAISANCE, Adelor J       Med�Lake 27 Mn Thomas Plaisance & Ruby Beaudry 8-Nov-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1845  
      Irene Thom-pson Med� Lake 29 Mn Thore Thomp-son & Hilda Hanson          
PLAISANCE, Delia see Ziebarth                    
PLAISANCE, Delia see Bartsch                    
PLAISANCE, Delia see Dahlin                    
PLAISANCE, Delia see Ziebarth                    
PLAISANCE, Thomas see Plaisance                    
PLAISE?, Eliza see Clifford, Hugh H                    
PLAMBECK, Ella see Nielsen                    
PLANCK, F H       Butte 44 Ill J Y Planck & Mary Frey 10-Sep-18 Wibaux Wibaux 216  
      Ellen Ocatt Butte 37 Mo W A Fleshman & Eva Harmon          
PLANCK, J Y see Planck, F H                    
PLANK, Emma (Lemeau?) see DeCouteau                    
PLANKERST, Eva see Schuman                    
PLANT, Angeline see Durgeloh, Henry                    
PLANT, Azilda see Schwartz                    
PLANT, John see Plant                    
PLANT, Katie Jane see Dawson, Ike H                    
PLANT, Louis       Dagmar 27 N D John Plant & Virginia Gadon 19-Apr-15 Plentywood Sheridan 472  
      Julia Jerome Dagmar 28 N D Danniel Jerome & Mary Brommer          
PLANT, Thomas       Edmonds Can 32 England   21-Mar-23   Phillips 702  
      Vera Elma King Minneapolis Kans 27 Kans            
PLANTE, Asilde see Bourassa                    
PLANTE, Azelda see Carter                    
PLANTE, Azelda see Olsen, Edum A                    
PLANTE, Dalen see Fierheller, John Henry                    
PLASKE, Catherine see Vartman, Henry Joseph                    
PLASTER, O�Delia see Loomans                    
PLATH, W H see Plath                    
PLATH, Walter Leon       Terry 22 Thorsby Alabama W H Plath & Emma Swendiman 2-Oct-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2108  
      Evelyn Miller Baker 19 N D Glenn Miller & Kathern Ratfalater          
PLATT, Alice see Culver, Oliver                    
PLATTS, Harold       Vandalia 28 Dome? Iowa James T Platt & Emma Hayden 5-Jul-23 Glasgow Valley 2980  
      Frances M Hanson Vandalia 19 Osakis Mn Lewis C Hanson & Olga Larson          
PLATTS, Pames T see Platts, Harold W                    
PLATZ, Olive see Kelsch, Walter H                    
PLAYFORD, Almusia see Kellog, Sidney S                    
PLAYLE, James see Playle, Jesse J                    
PLAYLE, Jesse J       Wibaux 40 Mo James Playle & Ellen Wymore 9-Jul-19 Been Wibaux 241  
      Lucille Hall Richland Cty 39 Wis I J Alling & Nettie Townsend