Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Parle to Petersen, Minnie

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
PARLE, Ellen see Mimnaugh, Thomas                    
PARLETT, Sophia see Ainly                    
PARLIER, Marie see Edmondson, Albert J                    
PARMENTER, Lillian Blanche see Larson, Axel Richard                    
PARMLEY, Cassie see Liles, Vance E                    
PARNAS, Maren see Paulson                    
PARNELL, Bessie see Chasing Hawk, Nelson                    
PARNELL, Charles see Afraid of his Track, Charles                    
PARNELL, Charles & Bessie see Parnell, Joseph                    
PARNELL, Elizabeth see Varney, Ora                    
PARNELL, Joseph       Frazer 26 Oswego Charles & Bessie Parnell 20-Jun-27 Frazer Valley 3287  
      Anna Lambert Frazer 38 Frazer Bearkie? Tom & ???          
PARNELL, Luther see Varney, Ora                    
PARNELL, Mary see Afraid of His Track, Charles                    
PARO, Mrs Margaret G Berscheid see Ward, George                    
PARO, Peter see Ward, George                    
PARO, Selma see Freese                    
PARPART, Mary Grace see Sullivan, Leonard Ray                    
PARR, Annie see Elliott, Edward Leon                    
PARR, C O see Parr, Carl                    
PARR, Carl       Detroit (Lakes?)Mn 31 Lebanon Ind C O Parr & Mary Johnson 30-Sep-36 Circle McCone 101  
      Ragna Cagness Blazedell N D 33 Norway Thomas Lian & ???          
PARR, Horace B see Wright, John E                    
PARR, Mildred see Wright, John E                    
PARRENT, Bat       Hinsdale 23 Hinsdale John Parrent & Mary Maltare 16-Nov-08 Glasgow Valley 421  
      Bertha Erickson Glasgow 23 Norway Nim? Erickson & Ella Ellenberg          
PARRENT, Charles Ed       Thoeny 24 Hinsdale John Parrent & Mary Malatare 14-Feb-16 Glasgow Valley 1821  
      Esther Ward Starbuck Thoeny 25 Ohio William Clayton Starbuck & Della Ward          
PARRENT, James       Thoeny 22 Hinsdale John Parrent & Mary Maltine? 17-Mar-20 Chinook Blaine 620  
      Edna Brown Minot N D 18 Joliet Ill George Leonard Brown & Mary E Randall          
PARRENT, Joe       Barr 25 Hinsdale John Parrent & Mary Millitare 16-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1500  
      Mabel Snyder Barr 19 Dakota William Snyder & Mary Oliver          
PARRENT, John see Parrent, Charles                    
PARRENT, John see Parrent, Bat                    
PARRENT, John see Goer, Rufus B                    
PARRENT, John see Parrent, Joe                    
PARRENT, John see Parrent, James                    
PARRETT, Sallie see Dickman, Herman L                    
PARRISH, Alfred E       Williston 30 Mich Benjamin R Parrish & Sarah Fifield 19-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 762  
      Annie Becker Powers Lake N D 23 S D Andrew Becker & Andrew Garness          
PARRISH, Alice see Beeler, Francis R                    
PARRISH, Benjamin see Parrish                    
PARRISH, Hazel see Summers, Harry M                    
PARRISH, Jennie see Jones, Edward E                    
PARRISH, John E       Belfield N D 21 Wis Noah Parrish & Elizabeth Myers 21-Jun-20 Wibaux? Wibaux 278  
      Bertha Hulet Washington 18 Wash Ed Hulet & Elizabeth Kearney          
PARRISH, L W see Summers, Harry M                    
PARRISH, Noah see Davis, Gabriel I                    
PARRISH, Noah see Parrish, John E                    
PARRISH, Olive see Beeler, Charles Henry                    
PARRISH, Olive see Beeler, Harley                    
PARRISH, Sarah see Davis, Gabriel I                    
PARROT, Frank A       Glendive 24 Marshalltown Iowa W B Parrot & Mary Howard 25-Dec-01 Glendive Dawson 238  
      Ebba Washington Glendive 25 Derham Ontario Can Robert Washington & Mary Argue          
PARROT, W B see Parrot, Frank A                    
PARROTT, Josephine see Littlefield, George Edward                    
PARSHALL, Charles       Poplar 27 Buford N D Pete Parshall & __? 1-Jan-10 Glasgow Valley 562  
      Emma LaRogue Poplar 25 Canada Albert LaRoque & ???          
PARSHALL, Charles see DeRouchey, Delos M                    
PARSHALL, Nettie Gibbs see Hall, Clayton S                    
PARSHALL, Nettie M see DeRouchey, Delos M                    
PARSHALL, Pete see Parshall, Charles                    
PARSHALL, Peter see Hall, Clayton S                    
PARSHLEY, Sarah see Nichols                    
PARSLEY, Carol see Limesand, Marvin                    
PARSLEY, Gladys see O�Neil, William Artist                    
PARSLEY, Jasper see Limesand, Marvin                    
PARSLEY, Jasper see Busse, Geo M                    
PARSLEY, Jasper see O�Neil, William Artist                    
PARSLEY, Jasper see Dahley                    
PARSLEY, Mary (Presley?) see Collier, Myron C                    
PARSLEY, Mary Ellen see Dahley                    
PARSLEY, Maud see Bulieu, Joseph                    
PARSLEY, Maud A see Thom, Phillip G                    
PARSLOW, Anne see Abel, J J                    
PARSLOW, Henry see Abel, J J                    
PARSON, Aleck see Leonard, Edward R                    
PARSON, Frank       Culbertson 52 Winstead Conn Phillip W Parson & Eliza Gathin? 18-Mar-07 Culbertson Valley 273  
      Georgia Watts Culbertson 47 Richmond Vir William Watts & Margaret Fielding          
PARSON, J M see Woodard, Harry Enderton                    
PARSON, Phillip W see Parson, Frank                    
PARSONS, Bailey G see Parsons, Jesse Frank                    
PARSONS, Charles W       Wagner 29 Fairbault Mn Frank P Parsons & Jennie Shippley 2-Apr-14 Malta Valley 1439  
      Alice Dunwoodie Wagner 22 Duluth Mn John McKenzie & Minnie Johnson          
PARSONS, Clifford LeRoy       Glasgow 24 Ill Matthias C Parsons & Abbie Campbell     Valley 2025 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Trohne? S P Schiller Glasgow 21 Mn Michael Schiller & Corrie Lifquist?          
PARSONS, Edna see Hartley, J M                    
PARSONS, Frank see Parsons, John M                    
PARSONS, Frank P see Parsons, Charles W                    
PARSONS, Frank P see Parsons, George V                    
PARSONS, George see Parsons, Harry                    
PARSONS, George V       Dodson 28 Renville Mn Frank P Parsons & Jennie Shipley 24-Nov-14 Dodson Blaine 174  
      Hazel O Swanke Dodson 23 Falls Creek Wis Herman J Swanke & Augusta Kirsten          
PARSONS, Harry see Hartley, J M                    
PARSONS, Harry       Huntley 22 Killburn Wisc George Parsons & Emley Newton 9-Dec-22 Glendive Dawson 2934  
      Madge Miller Wibaux 19 Redding Iowa Roy Miller & Bessie Terrell          
PARSONS, Jesse Frank       Hinsdale 28 Ashley Mo Bailey G Parsons & ??? 24-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1481  
      Gladys S Tovey Hinsdale 20 ??? George Tovey & Eva Stuart?          
PARSONS, John M       Malta 32 Fairbault Mn Frank Parsons & Jennie Shipman 15-Jun-12 Malta Valley    
      Bertha A Neumann Malta 21 Melrose Mn John Neumann & Aurelia Tarrnov          
PARSONS, Joseph see Kitchen, Joseph                    
PARSONS, Libby see Kitchin, Joseph                    
PARSONS, Lucy A see Dayton, Lloyd G                    
PARSONS, Mathilda see Lininger                    
PARSONS, Matthias C see Parsons, Clifford LeRoy                    
PARSONS, Minnie see Stoddard, Leslie                    
PARTCH, Lottie Evangeline see Smith, Albert T                    
PARTCH, Lottie F see Rhodes, W E                    
PARTEEN, John       Hinsdale 23 Nyhart? John Parteen & Sophia Louma 22-Nov-27 Glasgoe Valley 3347  
      Marie Ottenston Hinsdale 16 Hinsdale John Ottenston & Gertrude Kilduff          
PARTELL, John see Bauer, Fred                    
PARTON, Joseph John       Whitetail 29 Belgium ----? & Josephine Parton 4-Feb-16 Redstone Sheridan 418  
      Effie Duck Whitetail 37 Iowa George Duck          
PARTON, Josephine see Parton                    
PARTRIDGE, C P see Smith, Curtis                    
PARTRIDGE, Charles James Jr       Williston 24 Rolla N D Charles James Partridge & Mary Hasketh 24-Sep-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 668  
      Rose Mable Curtiss Bain-ville 20 Mich John Curtis & Mayme Coon          
PARTRIDGE, Edna see Simanton, William N                    
PARTRIDGE, Edna see Smith, Neal                    
PARTRIDGE, Edward see Partridge, Howard Jesse                    
PARTRIDGE, George Verne       Malta 33 Malta George L Partridge & Catherine Brownlee 2-Oct-27 Chinook Blaine 1016  
      Mildred Elizabeth Porter Malta 23 Malta Charles M Porter & Sarah Burton          
PARTRIDGE, Harriet see Wilson, Delbert Spencer                    
PARTRIDGE, Howard Jesse       Miles City 29 Marysville Missouri Edward Partridge & Naoma Sheets 22-Dec-19 Glendive Dawson 2598  
      Ethel E Hansen St Paul Mn 25 St Paul Valdemar Hansen & Ida C Brink          
PARTRIDGE, Mildred see Garrison, Dan M                    
PARTRIDGE, Mildred E see Larson, S O                    
PARTRIDGE, Mrs G L see Savage, Lawrence Mitchell                    
PARTRIDGE, Mrs G Verne see Preminger, Glen G                    
PARTRIS, Mrs Jane see O�Hair, J E                    
PARTZACH, Bruno       Saco 38 Ger Herman Partzach & ??? 30-Mar-23 Glasgow Valley    
      Leichen Austman Saco 37 Germany William & Charlotte Austman          
PARTZACH, Herman see Partzach, Bruno                    
PASCEDICI, Sofia see Coraline, Nich                    
PASCH, Bennie       Aberdeen S D 21 Aberdeen Otto & Tilda Pasch 3-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1537  
      Emily Rahl Hebron N D 21 Hebron Chris Rahl & Marie Hintz          
PASCH, Otto & Tilda see Pasch, Bennie                    
PASHOUT, Lydia see Lavallie, Sam                    
PASHOUT, Mary see Lavallie, Sam                    
PASKE, Wm J see Paske                    
PASKE, Wm Ralph       P�wood 24 Pierce Neb Wm J Paske & Ida Olive Klein 2-Oct-12 Plentywood Sheridan 90  
      Lillian O Raaen P�wood 25 Twin Valley Mn Ole S Raaen & Mary Halvorson          
PASMA, Anna Bell see Cherry, William Armstrong                    
PASMA, Peter J see Pasma, Quibert                    
PASMA, Peter J see Cherry, William Armstrong                    
PASMA, Quibert       Cleveland 22 Grand Rapids Mich Peter J Pasma & Cara C Roest 9-Nov-16 Chinook Blaine 330  
      Jessie M Werks Work 23 Cascade Alex Werks & Elizabeth Hyatt          
PASONAULT, Denice see Stoulin, Orris                    
PASONAULT, J E see Stoulin, Orris                    
PASONAULT, Joseph Ernest see Jensen, Robert Sidney                    
PASONAULT, Rose Antoinette see Jensen, Robert Sidney                    
PASTORE, Helen see Hunter, Clyde                    
PASTORE, John see Hunter, Clyde                    
PATASKA, Martha see Wolfe, Martin                    
PATCH, Asa Harrison       Pleasant Prairie Wis   Kansas Henry Patch & Jane Heel 12-Sep-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1372  
      Grace Olive Shipton Donnybrook N D 24 Cutbank Albert Shiocton & Mamie Lavalle          
PATCH, Edward & Hattie see Patch, Walter L                    
PATCH, Grace see Genereux                    
PATCH, Henry see Patch, Asa Harrison                    
PATCH, Jessie Jane see Haugen, Albert                    
PATCH, W L see Genereux                    
PATCH, Walter see Haugen, Albert                    
PATCH, Walter L       Poplar Creek 23 Wis Edward & Hattie Patch 10-Apr-1891 Poplar Creek Dawson 47  
      Mary Ellen White Poplar Creek 20 Merrimac Cty New Hampshire Edward & Mary White          
PATCHELL, George       Chicago 32 Ill John Patchell & Elizabeth Cairns 25-Sep-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2686  
      Irene Waldron Med� Lake 22 Portland Ore Hugh Waldron & Frieda Engwald          
PATCHELL, John see Patchell                    
PATCHEN, Cecelia see Nickerson, Bert                    
PATCHEN, Lisel see Nickerson, Elmer E                    
PATCHEN, Lyman L       Glendive 29 Princeton Mn Richard Patchen & Louise Judkins 14-Jul-28 Glendive Dawson 3604  
      Engel Howell Bismark 19 Fairview Alfred Ray Howell & Minnie Halvischer          
PATCHEN, Richard see Patchen, Lyman                    
PATCHEN, Richard M see Iverson, Theodore                    
PATE, Florence see Rollag, Oscar O                    
PATE, Florence see Crossen, Edward B                    
PATER, Tena see Hensel, Carl F                    
PATERAK, Catherine see Stasik, Valentine                    
PATERSON, Alexander see Bowlin, Johnnie G                    
PATERSON, Eliza see Bowlin, Johnnie G                    
PATHIC, Mary see Sanborn, Earl M                    
PATHMAN, Ronnie L see Luyten, Antonius Johannes                    
PATHMANN, Henry see Luyten, Antonius Johannes                    
PATINEAUD, Rosalie P see Morin                    
PATINS, Eliza see Beardsley, James M                    
PATNEAUDE, Charlotte see Morisow                    
PATNODE, Anthony William       Bloomfield 25 Pippin Cty Wisc Leonard Patnode & Alice Demo 28-Mar-10 Glendive Dawson 785  
      Emma Kean Glendive 19 Glendive Thomas Kean & Isola Jordan          
PATNODE, Leonard see Patnode, Anthony William                    
PATNODE, Louis Jr see Olson, Julius A                    
PATNODE, Maybelle see Olson, Julius A                    
PATRA, Annie see Bartko, John                    
PATRA, Mary see Bartko, John                    
PATRICK, Catherine see Head, Mike                    
PATRICK, Cintha see Preston, J F                    
PATRICK, Emma see Pendleton, Samuel                    
PATRICK, Fanny see Cutting, Harold                    
PATRICK, Jos S see Artscheid, George W                    
PATRICK, Mary F see Artscheid, George W                    
PATRICK, W M & Sarah see Preston, J F                    
PATRIKUS, August see Patrikus, Fred August                    
PATRIKUS, Bertha see Ceperley, Coy                    
PATRIKUS, Bertha see Ceperley, Coy                    
PATRIKUS, Fred August       Belfield N D 21 Peoria Illinois August Patrikus & Dora Breaunig 22-May-16 Glendive Dawson 1922  
      Margaret Obert Belfield 19 Flanagan Illinois Henry Obert & Elizabeth Desel          
PATRIQUIN, Ellen see Shull                    
PATRIQUIN, Ellen see Colby                    
PATRON, Mary Ann see Ward, Hugh Frank                    
PATRY, Steven? see Petry, Noah E                    
PATTEE, Maggie see Searl, Burtesil                    
PATTEE, Mary see Bascume, George R                    
PATTEN, Charlotte see Hartel, George L                    
PATTEN, Frank see Ater, Robert F                    
PATTEN, Jennie see Carter                    
PATTEN, Lou McGehee see Ater, Robert F                    
PATTEN, Luthena see Brumfield, Tate                    
PATTEN, Marie see Carter                    
PATTEN, Martha see Bradley, Gilbert C                    
PATTEN, T T see Hanson, Elling                    
PATTENJALE, Lettie see Reese, Lyman Ward                    
PATTER, Elizabeth see Wilson, Frank A                    
PATTERSON, A see Patterson, Albin H                    
PATTERSON, A C       Homstead 40 Waverly Mn J W Patterson & Catherine Jordan 17-Mar-36 Plentywood Sheridan 2952  
      Amy M Anderson Homestead 18 Homestead George Anderson & Alice Peterson          
PATTERSON, A J see Arends, John                    
PATTERSON, Acelia Mary see Richards, Fredrick Richard                    
PATTERSON, Albin H       Wolf Point 30 Mn A Patterson & Mathil? Lideen 25-Dec-20 Glasgow Valley 2754  
      Adeline E Ferrie Glasgow 20 Neb Geo Ferrie & May Johnson          
PATTERSON, Alex see Rongstad                    
PATTERSON, Alexander see Patterson                    
PATTERSON, Allie Mae see Koepke, August F                    
PATTERSON, Andrew see Patterson                    
PATTERSON, Andrew J see Stapleton                    
PATTERSON, Ann see Giberson, Asa W                    
PATTERSON, Anna see Giberson, Samuel                    
PATTERSON, Arthur see Patterson, Byard                    
PATTERSON, Byard       Glendive 20 Clearmont Wyo Arthur Patterson & Inez Hamilton 7-May-22 Glendive Dawson 2859  
      Edna Lease Intake 20 Sumner Iowa A H Lease & Ethel J Hursh          
PATTERSON, Caroline see Sandidge, Sherman                    
PATTERSON, Christie G see Dunn                    
PATTERSON, Dortha see Henders, Willis Cleavland                    
PATTERSON, E A see Chapman, George                    
PATTERSON, E R see Patterson, John S                    
PATTERSON, Edith Lydia see Nelson, Arthur Erwin                    
PATTERSON, Eliza see Rongstad                    
PATTERSON, Ellery A see Patterson, Eugene                    
PATTERSON, Emaline see Dooers, Levin                    
PATTERSON, Emeline see Nichols, David                    
PATTERSON, Emery E       Wolf Point 33 Indiana John T Patterson & Sarah Reason 27-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1951  
      Ruth Virginia Anderson Wolf Point 18 New Brighton Pa William Anderson & Charlotte Stevenson          
PATTERSON, Eugene       Bloomfield 24 David City Iowa Ellery A Patterson & Carrie Belle Booth 22-Jan-23 Glendive? Dawson 2951  
      Beulah Ingraham Stipek 23 Osage Iowa W E Ingraham & Anna Snively          
PATTERSON, Frank see Simard, Alpha S                    
PATTERSON, George       Outlook 23 Iowa Andrew Patterson & Margaret Fitzgerald 7-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 247  
      Margaret Clawson Outlook 17 Mn William Clawson & Catherine Larkin          
PATTERSON, Girdell       Donnybrook N D 49 Ash Grove Mo Wm W Patterson & Mary Meyers 25-Feb-23 Glendive Dawson 2960  
      Carrie Edith Anderson Dresser Jct Wisc     Andrew Z & Ingrid Anderson          
PATTERSON, Grace see Stapleton                    
PATTERSON, Harry L       Malta 36 Nye Cty Nev Harry L Patterson & Susan A Campbell 28-Jun-14   Valley 1485  
      Virginia Allen Cavan Cavan 22 New Jersey H G Cavan & Mary E Mead          
PATTERSON, Helen see Chapman, George                    
PATTERSON, Henrietta see Cooper, Robertie M                    
PATTERSON, Iva see Hansel, J O                    
PATTERSON, J W see Patterson                    
PATTERSON, John S       Chinook 32 Lehigh Utah E R Patterson & Etta Seivers 24-Nov-25 Chinook Blaine 917  
      Ethel Murri Chinook 30 Lehigh Utah C H Barnes & Amelia Goss          
PATTERSON, John T see Patterson, Emery E                    
PATTERSON, Lillian see Plumley, Harold                    
PATTERSON, Mamie see Labatte                    
PATTERSON, Martha see Porter, Harry A                    
PATTERSON, Martin see Hansel, J O                    
PATTERSON, Mary see Benson                    
PATTERSON, Maud see Simard, Alpha S                    
PATTERSON, Mayme see Olson                    
PATTERSON, Myron see Patterson, William L                    
PATTERSON, R E see Richards, Fredrick Richard                    
PATTERSON, Samuel David       Fairview 28 Coalcreek Colo Alexander Patterson & Sarah Davis 23-Jun-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2611  
      Minnie Elma Johnson Fairview 19 Cartwright N D Emil Clarence Johnson & ???          
PATTERSON, Sarah see Slager                    
PATTERSON, Stella see Powell, Earl                    
PATTERSON, Velma Lola see Kreiman, Walter Henry                    
PATTERSON, William       Glendive 29 Scotland William Patterson & Martha Houston 21-Jun-16 Wibaux Wibaux 98  
      Clara O�Connor Glendive 29 Iowa James O�Connor & Margaret Durgan          
PATTERSON, William D see Kreiman, Walter Henry                    
PATTERSON, William Henry see Nelson, Arthur Erwin                    
PATTERSON, William L       Sawyer N D 36 Schiller Iowa Myron Patterson & Kate Southmayd? 12-Oct-22 Scobey Valley 72  
      Dorothy Buethe Velva N D 20 Olivia Mn Henry Buethe & Anna Deering          
PATTERSON, Wm W see Patterson, Girdell                    
PATTESON, Ellen D see Cottrell, Barton H                    
PATTISON, Guy J       Glasgow ?? Waverly Mn J W Pattison & Katherine M Jordan 13-Jun-27 Glentana Valley 3293  
      Hilda B Skillingberg Glentana 26 Miner? Miss Hans Skillinberg & Gorghild Halvarson          
PATTISON, J W see Pattison, Guy J                    
PATTON, Abraham see Rank, John                    
PATTON, Anna see Snead, Robert F                    
PATTON, Anna see Rank, John                    
PATTON, D A       Glasgow 31 Cottonplant Ark T L Patton & Rose Teague 6-Aug-21 Glasgow Valley 2797  
      Olivia Forester Glasgow 31 Winona Mn William Forester & Carrie Winters          
PATTON, Frank H       Malta 28 Ind Joel Patton & Lista Smith 8-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2120  
      Clara Held Malta 21 Missoula William Wallace & Clara Doffelmire          
PATTON, Henley J       Malta 25 Montgomery Cty Ind Joel L Patton & Lista Smith 14-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley 1382  
      Esther Truax Malta 19 Worthington Mn Charles Truax & Jessie Wilkinson          
PATTON, Joel see Patton, Frank H                    
PATTON, Joel L see Patton, Henry J                    
PATTON, Luther H       Smokey Butte 35 Ioal Illinois William B Patton & Marguerite C Herman 1-Jun-16 Jordan Dawson 1921  
      Willie Kate Smithson Smokey Butte 26 Franklin Tenn Nathaniel Smithson & Alice Hatcher          
PATTON, Nellie see Dewey, John A                    
PATTON, Rose see Dodd, Ralph F                    
PATTON, T L see Patton, Dee A                    
PATTON, William B see Patton, Luther H                    
PATTS, Thomas see Patts                    
PATTS, William Henry       Whitefish 35 England Thomas Patts & Lucy Preston 18-Apr-20 Madoc Sheridan 1643  
      Alice Lauzon Madoc 18 Canada (Tiles?)Lauzon & Mary Toupin          
PATTY, Arminta M see Kline, Fred W                    
PATTYSON, John see Jacobson                    
PATTYSON, Lilly see Jacobson                    
PATVIR, Alpha see Patvir                    
PATVIR, Clyde Alphonse       Richland Cty 24 Omaha Alpha Patvir & Ella Diedrich 21-Jun-17 Wolf Point Sheridan 1051  
      Hattie Elnor Tunran Richland Cty 25 N D George Tunran & Minnie? Pace          
PATYK, Sara see Michels, Frank                    
PATYK, Sara see Teske, Norbert A                    
PATYKEWICK, John & Nettie see Patykewick                    
PATYKEWICK, Nick       Julian 32 Austria John & Nettie Patykewick 7-Sep-18 Scobey Sheridan 1375  
      Dora Darchuk Julian 19 Austria George Darchuk & ???          
PATZER, C F       Dickinson N D 25 Haxelton N D George M Patzer & Rose Pflauder 30-Apr-22 Wibaux Wibaux 339  
      Edith M Bleth Dickinson 19 Dickinson Peter Bleth & Marion Freed          
PATZER, George M see Patzer, C F                    
PATZER, Rose Lena see Lewis, Henry H                    
PAUCAKE, Irene M see Veseth, Carl W                    
PAUD, Lillian see Chase, R H                    
PAUDOIS, Josephine see St Germaine, John B T                    
PAUDOIS, Josephine see Thievin, Eugene A                    
PAUDOIS, Josephine see StGermaine, Joe                    
PAUL, Adolph see Luther, Fred C                    
PAUL, Adolph see Paul                    
PAUL, Adolph see Paul                    
PAUL, Amelia see Grams, Paul E                    
PAUL, Anna see Potter, Harold E                    
PAUL, Anna see Young, Earl Andrew                    
PAUL, Arthur E       Scobey 35 Wis Adolph Paul & Kristina Schram 29-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1585  
      Adelaide Jerome Scobey 20 N D Frederick Jerome & Mary Dufany          
PAUL, E G       Beach N D 54 McGregor Iowa W T Paul & Louisa Moore 1-Jun-27 Wibaux Wibaux 568  
      Mary E Lindt Beach N D 44 Brownsville Mn Rasmus Larson & Betty Peterson          
PAUL, Fredinand see Blume, William F                    
PAUL, George see Larson, Peter                    
PAUL, Harnet E see Henderson, Robert A                    
PAUL, Harriet see Jenkins, Lee                    
PAUL, Harriet E see Sawyer, James R                    
PAUL, Hattie see Manning, Thomas Walter                    
PAUL, Hattie see Scharnatta, Edward Henry                    
PAUL, Irmgard see Blume, William F                    
PAUL, John see Donohue, James P                    
PAUL, Lena see Paulman                    
PAUL, Levi W see Powell                    
PAUL, Lillian see Englehart, Joseph Edward                    
PAUL, Lily see Lovell, John Kern                    
PAUL, Mae E see Powell                    
PAUL, Maggie see Golding, Elgin J                    
PAUL, Mary see Cox, Albert                    
PAUL, Millie see Grams                    
PAUL, Mina see Luther, Fred C                    
PAUL, Minnie see Turner, Earl Fred                    
PAUL, Virginia W see Peterson, Charles F                    
PAUL, W T see Paul, E G                    
PAUL, Walter       Eddyside Sask Can 33 Wisc Adolph Paul & Margaret Barch 9-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1408  
      Myrtle Sorenson Eddyside 23 Mn James Nelson & Margaret Casville          
PAUL?, Bertha see Garberg, Otto                    
PAULEY, Leo Joseph       St Paul Mn 35 Stillwater Mn Martin Pauley & Josephine Daragisch 12-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2251  
      Pauline Lucy Palli Ramona S D 34 Ramona Jake Palli & Paulina Wolfe          
PAULEY, Martin see Pauley, Leo Joseph                    
PAULIN, Frank see Holt, Joseph                    
PAULIN, Lucy see Holt, Joseph                    
PAULING, Georgia see Farrell, Edward L                    
PAULLIS, Martha Ann see Barnes, James W                    
PAULLSON, Caroline see Christinsen                    
PAULLUS, Clarence E       Earl N D 35 Van Wert Cty Ohio Phillip Paullus & Margaret Wills 24-Jan-17 Glendive Dawson 2104  
      Lydia Kruger Earl N F 31 Deer Creek Mn Robert Kruger & Amelia Krupa          
PAULLUS, Phillip see Paullus, Clarence E                    
PAULMAN, John Sr see Paulman                    
PAULMAN, William H       Arlington Mn 26 Arlington Mn John Paulman Sr & Lena Paul 10-Feb-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2044  
      Gertrude Shinners P�wood 21 Osakis Mn William Shinners & Mary Kelly          
PAULOS, Bill & Vals see Paulos, Tedy                    
PAULOS, Tedy       Lismas 30 Greece Bill & Vals Paulos 3-Nov-20 Glasgow Valley 2735  
      Carry Carter Lismas 33 Mo B H & Elizabeth Bragg          
PAULS, Henry       Savage 51 Schwerin Germany Martin Pauls & ??? Oldenburg 8-Apr-11 Savage Dawson 921  
      Jennie Jennings Zanesville Ohio     William Jennings & Marguerette White          
PAULS, Martin see Pauls, Henry                    
PAULSEN, Andrew       Wibaux 34 Denmark K M Paulsen & Christiana Fallisen 24-Apr-15 Wibaux Wibaux 31  
      Anna Engebretsant? Wibaux 33 Norway Anton Engabretsant & Mary Ann Bakken          
PAULSEN, Andrew       Crosby N D 25 Norway Otto Paulsen & Christiana Anderson 20-Jun-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1734  
      Solway Bratton Crosby 20 Crosby Peter Bratton & Oealava Anderson          
PAULSEN, Anna see Pedersen                    
PAULSEN, Annie G see Petersen, Andreas                    
PAULSEN, Christ       Froid 32 Denmark Hans Paulsen & Ann Marie Rasmussen 18-Dec-12 Dane Valley Valley 1179  
      Elsie Thomsen Valley 24 Denmark Peter Nielsen Thomsen & Mary Olsen          
PAULSEN, Christ see Knudsen                    
PAULSEN, Christine see Christiansen                    
PAULSEN, Christine see Hammer                    
PAULSEN, George J see Montgomery                    
PAULSEN, Gladys see Lundby                    
PAULSEN, Gudrun M see Hansen                    
PAULSEN, Hans see Paulsen, Christ                    
PAULSEN, Jorgen see Hansen                    
PAULSEN, K M see Paulsen, Andrew                    
PAULSEN, Kirsten Marie see Madsen, Anders Cler                    
PAULSEN, Kvesten Caroline see Montgomery                    
PAULSEN, Laurids see Paulsen Laurids Christian                    
PAULSEN, Laurids Christian       McCabe 33 Denmark Paul Nelson & Laurids Paulsen 2-May-14 Glasgow Valley 1451  
      Dorthea Jensen McCabe 22 Denmark Chris Jensen & Mary Carlson          
PAULSEN, Lilly see Hasner, Clinton Alvin                    
PAULSEN, Margaret see Madsen, Marius                    
PAULSEN, Marie see Madsen, Marius                    
PAULSEN, Matea see Knudsen                    
PAULSEN, Mikkel       Antelope 25 Denmark Ole Paulsen & Anna Mikkelsen 13-Feb-12 Dagmar Valley 998  
      Marie M Sunstead Antelope 25 Denmark Knud Sunstead & Karen Erickson          
PAULSEN, Nels see Lundby                    
PAULSEN, Olaf       Grenora 25 Denmark P M Paulsen & Anna Dyhr 25-Nov-31 Dagmar Sheridan 2637  
      Mabel Jetson Grenora 26 Spring Grove Mn David M Jetson & Amelia Sandmoen          
PAULSEN, Ole see Paulsen, Mikkel                    
PAULSEN, Otto see Paulsen                    
PAULSEN, P M see Paulsen                    
PAULSEN, Pauline see Mouritsen, Paul                    
PAULSON, A D see Paulson, Roy                    
PAULSON, A M see Paulson, Francis O�Hara                    
PAULSON, Agnes see Gallagher, Patrick C                    
PAULSON, Albert       Sioux Pass 30 N D Ole Paulson & Margaret Swenson 15-Aug-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 796  
      Bernice Dick Fairview 18 N D Charles Dick & Amelia Berg          
PAULSON, Albert D       Medicine Lake 43 Nor-way Erick Paulson & Mary Dahl 14-May-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 12  
      Etta McAr-thur Medicine Lake 39 Hancock Cty Ill Benjamin McArthur & Mary Bedford          
PAULSON, Albert R       Wibaux 44 Lacrosse Wisc Even Paulson & Cecil Torgerson 17-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1840  
      Mary Edighoffer Wibaux 51 Boone Ill George McLaren & Aurilla Belcher          
PAULSON, Alfred       Kansas City 30 Dunn Cty Wis Andrew Paulson & Hannah Halvorson 21-Aug-07 Glasgow Valley 302  
      Nellie Todd Kansas City 33 Elmira N Y John Todd & Mary Baker          
PAULSON, Andrew see Paulson, Alfred                    
PAULSON, Andrew see Paulson, Martin                    
PAULSON, Anna see Halverson, Fred                    
PAULSON, Anna see McDevitt, John                    
PAULSON, Anna see Marion, William                    
PAULSON, Anna see Porsborg, Ray                    
PAULSON, Anna see Hall, Leslie L                    
PAULSON, Anna see Munson                    
PAULSON, Anna see Tyndall                    
PAULSON, Anna see Pedersen                    
PAULSON, Annie see Bergh                    
PAULSON, Anton see Olson, Charlie                    
PAULSON, Arthur       Opheim 25 Mn Ben Paulson & Minnie Nelson 18-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1960  
      May Estella Dovenpart? Opheim 18 Mich Edwin Dovenpart & Eliza Monroe          
PAULSON, Ben see Paulson, Arthur                    
PAULSON, Breta see Hergstad, Reier                    
PAULSON, Cable Agnes see Johnson                    
PAULSON, Carl       Mpls Mn 25 Albert Lea Mn Gus Paulson & Marie Jensen 18-Feb-18 Chinook Blaine 478  
      Bertha Kame-row Fargo N D 21 Stephens Mn John Kamerow & Cecil Kline          
PAULSON, Carl W       Homestead 30 Norway Casper Paulson & Otilie Christianson 7-Jun-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1319  
      Hansina Pederson Homestead 36 Wis Halvor Brenden & Dena Hanson          
PAULSON, Carrie see Martinson, Alpheus                    
PAULSON, Carrie see Lein, Halvor                    
PAULSON, Casper see Paulson                    
PAULSON, Chris see Berg                    
PAULSON, Christ see Paulson                    
PAULSON, Christian P see Burns                    
PAULSON, Christine see Lagerquist                    
PAULSON, Clarence       Zahl N D 24 Arene S D Nels Paulson & Bertha Olson 5-Jul-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2534  
      Alida Binde Colgan N D 22 Bottineau John Binde & Maren Parnas          
PAULSON, Clarence Allen       Poplar 22 Stanley N D John Paulson & Lena Bever 6-Sep-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1488  
      Irene Mary Erickson Poplar 19 Kenmare N D Henry Erickson & Ann Edwardson          
PAULSON, Dora see Burns                    
PAULSON, Dorothy see Long                    
PAULSON, Edna see Palmer, Bernard Reeves                    
PAULSON, Emily see Nordgren, Eric                    
PAULSON, Erick see Nelson, Fredrick G                    
PAULSON, Erick see Paulson                    
PAULSON, Even see Paulson, Albert R                    
PAULSON, Flora see Olson, Walter Clarence                    
PAULSON, Francis O�Hara       Wolf Point 21 Watertown S D A M Paulson & Mabel O�Hara 16-Feb-29   Valley 2454  
      Esther Warnebrod Wolf Point 23 Wolf Point Charles Warnebrod & Grace York          
PAULSON, Fred       Bainville 22 Denmark William Paulson & Marie Peterson 7-Apr-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1441  
      Irine Myers Bainville 20 Dagmar Mt Lou Myera & Virgie? Polleny          
PAULSON, Gerda see Olson                    
PAULSON, Gus see Paulson, Carl                    
PAULSON, Halvor Bernhart       Froid 27 Wis Nils Paulson & Martha Halvorson 1-Dec-23 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1942  
      Bessie Dahley Froid 30 Mn Ole Tobiason & Lena An-derson          
PAULSON, Henrietta see Poulson                    
PAULSON, Hilda see Mason, William M                    
PAULSON, Hilda see Estenson, Silas                    
PAULSON, Hilma A see Bru, Elling                    
PAULSON, Ida see Olson, Charlie                    
PAULSON, Ida see Barsnes                    
PAULSON, Jacob see Wold, Bernard                    
PAULSON, Jennie see White                    
PAULSON, Johanna see Engman                    
PAULSON, John see Paulson, Paul                    
PAULSON, John see Hergstad, Reier                    
PAULSON, John see Paulson, Clarence Allen                    
PAULSON, John Robert       Froid 32 Valley City N D Peter Paulson & Katharine Kaiser 16-Oct-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2202  
      Pearl Ora Astrope Froid 28 Culbertson C E Astrope & Mattie Cooper          
PAULSON, Julia see Nelson, Fredrick G                    
PAULSON, Julius see Good                    
PAULSON, Karin see Brooke, Wallace E                    
PAULSON, Laura see Wold, Bernard                    
PAULSON, Laura see Strand                    
PAULSON, Lillie see Simenson, Osval                    
PAULSON, Louise see Ferris, Clifford L                    
PAULSON, M L K       Dagmar 30 Denmark Christ Paulsen & Signe Hansen 26-Nov-14 Dagmar Sheridan 365  
      Alma Ibsen Dagmar 26 Denmark Christian Ibsen & Caroline Samuelson          
PAULSON, Magna see Storvik, Bernhard                    
PAULSON, Margaret see Anderson, Eddie F                    
PAULSON, Maria see Nellermoe, Norman                    
PAULSON, Marie see Lynne, David Nicholie                    
PAULSON, Martin       Poplar 26 Cormant? Mn Andrew Paulson & ??? 21-Dec-11 Glasgow Valley 965  
      Hilda Peterson Poplar 21 Christiania Norway Andrew Peterson & Johanna Christenson          
PAULSON, Mary see Anderson, Nils                    
PAULSON, Mary see Akre, Forrest                    
PAULSON, Mary see Simonson                    
PAULSON, Mary P see Simonson                    
PAULSON, Mildred see Storbeck, Norman                    
PAULSON, Minda A see Discher, Everett N                    
PAULSON, Minnie see Anderson                    
PAULSON, Myrtle see Rush, Max                    
PAULSON, Nels see Olson                    
PAULSON, Nels see Paulson                    
PAULSON, Nils see Paulson Halvor Bernhart                    
PAULSON, Nils see Barsnes                    
PAULSON, O B       McCabe 39 Buffalo Cty Wis Olaf B Paulson & Ida Hermanson 10-Feb-27 Froid Roosivelt 994  
      Gladys Smith McCabe 19 St Paul Mn Ed Smith & Julia Marie Victor          
PAULSON, Olaf B see Paulson, O B                    
PAULSON, Olaus see Paulson, Paul                    
PAULSON, Ole see Palmer, Bernard Reeves                    
PAULSON, Ole see Rush, Max                    
PAULSON, Ole see Paulson, Albert                    
PAULSON, Ole see Paulson, Salmer                    
PAULSON, Otto Francis       Scobey 39 Fargo N D Paul Paulson & Anna Johnson 14-Sep-21 Scobey Daniels 33  
      Anna Phelan Scobey 33 Elkader Iowa Thomas Phelan & Mary Buckley          
PAULSON, Paul       Med�Lake 31 Norway Tobias Paulson & Bertha Hagen 30-Oct-10 P�wood Valley 723  
      Carrie Aasved Med� Lake 27 Norway Ole Aasved & ???          
PAULSON, Paul       Lustre 29 N D John Paulson & Bergitte Haeriager? 17-Dec-28 Scobey Daniels 410  
      Latona Anna Stroud West Fork 18 Mich Robert H Stroud & Sadie E Frantz          
PAULSON, Paul see Paulson, Otto Francis                    
PAULSON, Paul       Trauble? 31 Neenah Wisc Olaus Paulson & Agnett Oleson 25-Apr-17 Butte Creek Dawson 2148  
      Cecil Ray Wolf Butte Creek 30 Cleveland Ohio Oliver Wolf & Elma Stefinson          
PAULSON, Pauline see Good                    
PAULSON, Pauline see Spaabeck                    
PAULSON, Peter see Mesd                    
PAULSON, Peter see Paulson                    
PAULSON, Peter August & Ida see Johnson                    
PAULSON, Petra see Mead                    
PAULSON, Rose see Hendrickson, Alfred                    
PAULSON, Rose Annette see Storbeck, Norman                    
PAULSON, Roy       Poplar 28 Sisseton S D A D Paulson & Mary Olson 22-Oct-27 Glasgow Valley 3328  
      Faye Daugherty Poplar 19   Austen D Daugherty & Harrietta Walker          
PAULSON, Salmer       Sioux Pass 28 Larrimore N D Ole Paulson & Margaret Swanson 15-Jul-23 Poplar Roosivelt 525  
      Florence Genevieve Dahl Williston 22 Waukon Iowa J P Dahl & Julianna Falder          
PAULSON, Sophie see Metvedt                    
PAULSON, Sylve (Brothen ) see Juve                    
PAULSON, Tillie see Peterson                    
PAULSON, Tobias see Paulson, Paul                    
PAULSON, Tobias see Peterson                    
PAULSON, William see Paulson, Fred                    
PAULSTAD, Betty see Groven, Aslak A                    
PAULY, Mary see Glassen, Gottfried                    
PAUS, Ormond W       Avondale 24 Fairmont Mn S G Paus & Wilhelmina Schultz 23-Dec-22 Glasgow Valley 2943  
      Clair B Horvick Scobey 26 Fertile Mn Brown Horvick & Anna Opheim          
PAUS, Ray F       Avondale 28 Fairmont Mn Samuel Paus & Wilhelmina Schultz 15-Dec-22 Glasgow Valley 2939  
      Mabel Fahlin Avondale 22 Kensington Mn Nels J Fahlin & Emma Westberg          
PAUS, S G see Paus, Ormond W                    
PAUS, Samuel see Paus, Ray F                    
PAUTRO, Mary see Plummer, Joseph                    
PAVALETZ, Barbara see Shoun, Chas                    
PAVLICEK, Hattie see Knutson, Harold                    
PAVLICEK, J M see Knutson, Harold                    
PAVLICEK, Joe & Anna see Pavlicek, John                    
PAVLICEK, John       Yates 25 Bohemia Joe & Anna Pavlicek 18-Aug-10 Glendive Dawson 830  
      Mary Lacena Yates 18 Weins Germany Prokop Lacena & Mary Luha?          
PAVLICEK, John R       Union 42 Czechosolovakia Joe & Anna Pavlcek 24-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3882  
      Antony Veverk Richey 21 Pittsburgh Penn Frank Veverk & Antony Vencel          
PAVPIL, Antonie see Benes, Frank                    
PAVPIL, Frank see Benes, Frank                    
PAXTON, ? see Newman, Hector                    
PAXTON, Ella see Hansen, Knute M                    
PAXTON, Ellen see Wait, Ernest S                    
PAXTON, Frank see Kerr, William                    
PAYN, Philip John       Harlem 40 Jersey Eng Philip John A Payn & Mary Queree 15-Oct-21 Chinook Blaine 688  
      Alvina Kolb Harlem 42 Manitowoc Wis Ernest Kolb & Emma Steinhous          
PAYN?, Abey? see Reeves, William W                    
PAYNE, A E see Norenberg, Otto                    
PAYNE, Andrew       Hinsdale 28 Tracy City Tenn Thomas T Payne & Laura Reid 20-Apr-21 Glasgow Valley 2775  
      Nellie McClendon Hinsdale 26 Texas J H McClendon & Mary Askey          
PAYNE, Anna see Mays, Frances N                    
PAYNE, Blanche see Norenberg, Otto                    
PAYNE, Burl       Richey 21 Little Sioux Iowa Ernest Payne & Cora Pippitt 20-Sep-24 Glendive Dawson 3138  
      Margaret Ketchum Richey 23 Blencoe Iowa Fred Ketchum & Ollie Bacus          
PAYNE, Ed       Poplar 53 Texas Wm Payne & Fannie Strother 23-Jan-21 ??? Roosivelt 215  
      Nellie Herdman Poplar 40 Mo ??? Jonah & ???          
PAYNE, Elizabeth see Hagestad, Arthur C                    
PAYNE, Erastus see Payne, Ralph J                    
PAYNE, Ernest see Payne, Burl                    
PAYNE, Florence see Burroughs, Guy H                    
PAYNE, Florence see Burroughs, Jean J                    
PAYNE, Frank see Mueller                    
PAYNE, Harriet L see Cornwell, Stephen                    
PAYNE, Henretta? see Poulson, Arthur M                    
PAYNE, Henry see Cornwell, Stephen                    
PAYNE, Inez Lillian see Mueller                    
PAYNE, John see Cowan, Winifred S                    
PAYNE, John B see Hagestad, Arthur C                    
PAYNE, Joseph M see Chapman                    
PAYNE, Kate see Clark, George                    
PAYNE, Margaret see Cowan, Winifred                    
PAYNE, Mary see Murray, Robert F                    
PAYNE, Nellie Jane see Becker, Herman August                    
PAYNE, Priscilla see Fuhrman, Carl                    
PAYNE, Ralph J       Redwater 32 Dexter Mn Erastus Payne & Ann Golf 10-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley 1747  
      Ethel L Strong Frazer 26 Milnor? N D Frank R Strong & Heneietta Gram          
PAYNE, Robert       Culbertson 21 Knox N D Samuel Payne & Nancy Ann Skelf 7-May-29 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2428  
      Mabel Grunst Culbertson 19 Jackson Mn John Grunst & Bertha Wolfe          
PAYNE, S M see Lauritcen                    
PAYNE, Samuel see Payne                    
PAYNE, Thomas F see Payne, Thomas H                    
PAYNE, Thomas H       Brockton 29 Texas Thomas F Payne & Laura A Reed 21-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3345  
      Thora Jeanette Clingman Hinsdale 22 Fredrick Wis Thomas J & Laura Ann Clingman          
PAYNE, Thomas H see Payne, Andrew                    
PAYNE, Violet see Chapman                    
PAYNE, Vonzie M see Lauritcen                    
PAYNE, Wm see Payne, Ed                    
PAYZANT, Grace see Pullen, Dennis Sproat                    
PAZ, Frank rez Chinook       Chinook 36 Mexico Frank Paz & Agnes Ernands 12-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1131  
      Lucy Castillo   28 Tucson Ariz Meleuo Castillo & Guadalupe Rodriges          
PEABODY, Rose see Cates, Eldred L                    
PEACH, Mabel see Undhjem, Clarence                    
PEACHY, Ezra see Peachy, Fredrick A                    
PEACHY, Fredrick A       Glasgow 25 England Ezra Peachy & Henetta? Aspery 11-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1192  
      Grace M Gray Glasgow 27 Scotland John Gray & Margaret A Pore          
PEACOCK, Carry see King, Willard J                    
PEACOCK, Mildred see Leslie                    
PEAK, Levi T see Peak, Wilford R                    
PEAK, Ura see Brettin, Edwin                    
PEAK, Wilford       Chinook 24 Mo Levi T Peak & Elizabeth A Snow 25-Jan-16 Chinook Blaine 263  
      Vacie Mae Hall Chinook 23 Mo Ira Hall & Mary Belle Able          
PEAKE, Charles see Peake, Edward                    
PEAKE, Edward       Glendive 25 Yorkshire England Charles Peake & Elizabeth Stone 30-Jun-06 Glasgow Dawson 371  
      Lucy May Streeter Glendive 20 ??? J H Ward & Lottie ???          
PEARCE, Ida see Bear, Marion Lyle                    
PEARCE, James L see Pearce, William B                    
PEARCE, Katherine see Wilkinson, Clifford M                    
PEARCE, Martha see Woodward, H E                    
PEARCE, Thomas James see Woodward, H E                    
PEARCE, William B       Havre 35 Ill James L Pearce & Mary McHugh 23-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2205  
      Mary Sophia Ahle Glasgow 27 Nebr Anton J Ahle & Bernadine Schulte          
PEARCY, Marion see Stevenson, Harold                    
PEARESON, Olof H       Eddyside Sask 47 Sweden Pears Hakanson & Ynigri Petterson 11-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 276  
      Anna M G Hagan Eddyside Sask 45 Norway M G Hagan          
PEARSON, Anna see Olson, Joseph C                    
PEARSON, Anna see Tillman, Harry E                    
PEARSON, Bertha M see James, Robert F                    
PEARSON, Berthe see Rohde, John F W                    
PEARSON, Betty see Munson                    
PEARSON, Carrie see Brown, John                    
PEARSON, Christine see Hendrickson, Joseph                    
PEARSON, Christine see Chapman                    
PEARSON, Clarence H       Savage 26 Fairbault Mn Gustav L Pearson & Amanda Peterson 9-Mar-29 Glendive Dawson 3705  
      Marion C McLees Savage 23 Tuskeega Iowa Robert Johns McLees & Jennie McMillan          
PEARSON, Eleina see Carlson                    
PEARSON, Elsie see Ledoux, Edme                    
PEARSON, F W see Pearson, Frank                    
PEARSON, Frank       Glendive 25 San Francisco F W Pearson & Alice Blake 20-Nov-30 Glendive Dawson 3937  
      Annie Josephine Northy Glendive 25 Ste St Marie Mich William Northy & Emma Emilie Hudson          
PEARSON, Fritz       Butte 35 Sweden Nils Pearson & Anna Jeppson 2-Jul-17 Chinook Blaine 405  
      Margaret Maklsteh Portland Ore 24 Indiana Jacob A Maklsteh & Agnes Cawley          
PEARSON, Gustav L see Pearson, Clarence H                    
PEARSON, Helena see Swanson, Peter Aaron                    
PEARSON, Hulda see McInerney, Everett                    
PEARSON, James see McMahon, Fred J                    
PEARSON, John see Ledoux, Edme                    
PEARSON, Libby see Church, George W                    
PEARSON, Lloyd       Hinsdale 24 N D   29-Sep-27   Phillips 964  
      Hilda Lund Hinsdale 28 Mt            
PEARSON, Mary see Larson, Lars                    
PEARSON, Nels see Nelson                    
PEARSON, Neva see McMahon, Fred J                    
PEARSON, Nils see Pearson, Fritz                    
PEARSON, Olaf see Johnson                    
PEARSON, Pariosha see Latham, George Ernest                    
PEARSON, Peter see Carlson                    
PEARSON, Ruth O see Wood                    
PEARSON, Wilhelmina see Erickson, Erick W G                    
PEARSON, Wilhelmina see Erickson, Richard V                    
PEARSON, Z H see Wood                    
PEARY, John T see Bywater, John T                    
PEAS, Cordelia see York, Horace J                    
PEASE, Anna A see Smith, Fredrick Forte                    
PEASE, Cecil W       Glasgow 30 Mn Gill Pease & Hattie Taylor 4-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2318  
      Lillian Rhode Glasgow 30 Mn John & Clara Sachrison          
PEASE, Chester I see Parks, William E                    
PEASE, Geo       Harlem 68 Yellowstone Snake Boy & Hawk Weasel 16-Jun-20 Wakpaciga Pres Ch Blaine 579  
      Red Woman Harlem 63 Canada Making Spear & Sun Rise Woman          
PEASE, Gill see Pease, Cecil W                    
PEASE, Mrs Lillian see Thompson, James                    
PEASE, Vera G see Parks, William E                    
PEASLEY, Mary A see Gage, L Roy                    
PEATERSON?, S see Ripley, Paul                    
PEAVEY, F W       Crichton, Canada 30 Maine   27-Nov-20   Phillips 551  
      Florence Hodgins Crichton Can 22 Ontario Can            
PECH, Mary see Freeland, Leon G                    
PECHE, Natalie Rose see Byers                    
PECHIE, -----? see Mowat                    
PECK, Albert see Peck, H S                    
PECK, Bert see Blood, Newton E                    
PECK, Ethel see Blood, Newton E                    
PECK, Everett D       Divkinson N D 64 Butler Cty Iowa Silas Peck & Marie Freeland 3-Feb-26 Wibaux Wibaux 528  
      Jennie A Green Sully Springs N D 51 Butler Cty Iowa Renslaer Smith & Margaret Ingalls          
PECK, H____? S       Malta 27 Nevada Missouri Albert Peck & Emma Henry     Valley 1606 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Stella M Claypool Malta 24 Mo Benjamin Claypool & Caroline Sheltnick?          
PECK, J S       Saco 23 Undercliffe Colo S J Peck & Flora Streeter 6-Apr-08 Saco Valley 350  
      Daisie Taylor Saco 18 Mn John Taylor & ???          
PECK, Laura Ellen see Claypool, Grover W                    
PECK, S J see Peck, J S                    
PECK, Silas see Peck, Everett D                    
PECKEN, Mattie see Dambly, Harney                    
PECORA, Fred       Malta 30 Italy   26-May-23   Phillips 716  
      Julia DeMais Whitewater 21 Mt            
PECORA, Theresa see Wetzel, Ernest                    
PEDE, Gust       Marsh 25 Russia Ludvig Pede & Julia Anna Rake 8-May-20 Glendive Dawson 2637  
      Maggie Beuchler Marsh 23 Russia Jacob Ruf & Katie Hein          
PEDE, Ludvig see Pede, Gust                    
PEDEN, John see Wilson, Edward                    
PEDERSEN, Daniel see Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Anna see Knudsen, Knude Anderson                    
PEDERSEN, Annie see Carlson                    
PEDERSEN, Antonie see Jacobsen                    
PEDERSEN, Baarni see Songstad, Berntin                    
PEDERSEN, Bertha Marie see Lynggard, Marinus Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Carrie see Nagle, George                    
PEDERSEN, Catherine see Johansen                    
PEDERSEN, Chris       Comertown 40 Denmark Chris Pedersen & Anna Paulsen 11-Feb-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2228  
      Lemanda Myars Comertown 34 Indianapolis Ind Willis Marshall & Mary Leslie          
PEDERSEN, Christ       Comertown 30 Denmark Christ Pedersen & Anna Paulson 10-Jun-17 Comertown Sheridan 1041  
      Eleonore Nelsen Comertown 27 Denmark Jens Nelsen & Christina Sorenson          
PEDERSEN, Christ Wilhelm       Glendive 27 Plion Jens Peter Pederson & Mary E Madsen 10-Aug-18 Jordan Dawson 2407  
      Lillian Clark Jordan 23 Fargo N D Hugh Clark & Ella Cuspman          
PEDERSEN, Christian see Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Christian Folmer       Dagmar 22 Denmark Daniel Pederson & Hansine Jensen 25-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2130  
      Blanche Milburn Clem Dagmar 21 N D James Clem & Dilla Bowman          
PEDERSEN, Clarence Melvin       Wibaux 28 Casselton N D Sam Pedersen & Bertha Severson 2-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3076  
      Ruth Carlson Wibaux 20 Allard Mont John Carlson & Tillie Oberg          
PEDERSEN, Daniel       Dagmar 46 Denmark Christian Pedersen & Anna Andreason 14-Aug-25 Plentywood Sheridan 5091  
      Elise Jensen Dagmar 48 Denmark Christ Letz & Kristine Ellingson          
PEDERSEN, Daniel see Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Dorthea see Jorgensen                    
PEDERSEN, Earl       Richey 21 Washburn Wisc P J Pedersen & Martha Hansen 15-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2126  
      Edith Balcom Richey 16 Manchester Iowa C Balcom & Ellen Plouny?          
PEDERSEN, Elizabeth see Abel, Albert G                    
PEDERSEN, Elmer A       Grenora N D 24 Chicago Ill Hans J Pederson & Julia Quam 22-Jun-22 Westby Sheridan 2445  
      Ellen John-son Bonetrail N D 18 Bonetrail Hans P Johnson & Sina Grindlund          
PEDERSEN, Hans J see Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Hans J see Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Ingeborg see Bergan                    
PEDERSEN, Jens Peter see Pedersen, Christ Wilhelm                    
PEDERSEN, Johanna see Kleis                    
PEDERSEN, Johanne see Larson                    
PEDERSEN, Karen see Johnson                    
PEDERSEN, Lloyd Allen       Lambert 26 Washburn Wisc Peter J Pedersen & Martha Annette Hanson 1-Jun-27 Glendive Dawson 3456  
      Thelma Frasier Lambert 18 Fairmont Mn L J Frasier & Alexandria Maude Jones          
PEDERSEN, Maria see Christensen                    
PEDERSEN, Marian see Strandskov                    
PEDERSEN, Marie see Anderson                    
PEDERSEN, Mary see Christensen                    
PEDERSEN, Mary see Sampson                    
PEDERSEN, Matt see Nagle, George                    
PEDERSEN, Niels & Mette Marie Kristine see Lynggard, Marinus Pedersen                    
PEDERSEN, Norman P       Grenora N D 26 Illinois Hans J Pedersen & Julia Quam 9-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 2224  
      Agnes Olson Bonetrail 20 N D Andrew Olson & Inga Dahl          
PEDERSEN, P J see Pedersen, Walter                    
PEDERSEN, P J see Pedersen, Carl                    
PEDERSEN, Peder see Johansen                    
PEDERSEN, Peder see Strandskov                    
PEDERSEN, Peder J see Jacobsen                    
PEDERSEN, Peter J see Pedersen, Lloyd Allen                    
PEDERSEN, Rasmus see Johnson                    
PEDERSEN, Rasmus see Winther                    
PEDERSEN, Sam see Pedersen, Clarence Melvin                    
PEDERSEN, Sam see Pedersen, Sigurd                    
PEDERSEN, Sigrid see Winther                    
PEDERSEN, Sigurd       Wibaux 25 Norway Sam Pedersen & Bertha Wallberg 20-Jan-26 Glendive Dawson 3319  
      Alice Abrahan Beach N D 18 Wibaux Sivert Abrahanm & Annie Christianson          
PEDERSEN, Walter       Wibaux 24 Wash-burn ??? P J Pedersen & Martha Hansen 10-Aug-22 Wibaux Wibaux 347  
      Edna Kligora Seattle Wa 22 Mn Wenzel Kligora & ???          
PEDERSEN, Wilfred L       Dagmar 22 Westhope N D Daniel Pedersen & Hansine Jensen 1-Jun-29 Dagmar Sheridan 2431  
      Elsine M Johansen Antelope 21 Racine Wis Chris Johansen & Magdalene Christensen          
PEDERSON, Anna Marie see James, David                    
PEDERSON, Annie see Sather                    
PEDERSON, Annie C see Madsen                    
PEDERSON, Bard see Vigre, Christ                    
PEDERSON, Bertha see Tastad, Jack                    
PEDERSON, Bertha see Rangstad, Anders                    
PEDERSON, Betsy see Dillon                    
PEDERSON, Charles see Pederson, Edward                    
PEDERSON, Christian B       Richey 35 Borda Denmark Hans P Pederson & Anna Bergson 30-Sep-24 Circle McCone 73  
      Florence Swartzkapf Richey 19 Columbus Indiana James Swarztkapf & Martha Kurtz          
PEDERSON, Edward       Terry 26 Janesville Wisc Charles Pederson & Caroline Martin Madison 24-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2566  
      Ursa Bettinger Miles City 18 Harris Iowa John Bettinger & Emma Thompson          
PEDERSON, Emma see Prterson, Ingeman                    
PEDERSON, Ervin A       Westby 25 Mn Peter Pederson & ??? Larson 9-Nov-25 Westby Sheridan 2121  
      Evelyn Rogstad Westby 18 Wis Evan Rogstad & Ingeborg Myer          
PEDERSON, Esther Gurine see Kjelgaard, John                    
PEDERSON, Fellen see Pederson, Magnus                    
PEDERSON, Freda see Johnson, Walter C                    
PEDERSON, George       Glendive 29 Norway John Pederson & Carrie Anderson 5-Sep-07 Glendive Dawson 542  
      Lillie Sackreson Glendive 22 St Paul Mn ???          
PEDERSON, George       Circle 34 Norway John Pederson & Carrie Anderson 26-Mar-13 Glendive Dawson 1225  
      Jennie Pierson Circle 20 St Paul Mn Edward Pierson & Amanda Erickson          
PEDERSON, Gertrude see Hansen                    
PEDERSON, Guri see Larson, Peter                    
PEDERSON, Halvor H see Pederson, Oscar H                    
PEDERSON, Hans see Giberson, Samuel                    
PEDERSON, Hans P see Pederson, Chrisrian B                    
PEDERSON, Hansina (Brenden?) see Paulson                    
PEDERSON, Hilma see Olson, Ingvald                    
PEDERSON, Ida M see Peterson, Alvin P                    
PEDERSON, Jennie see Kemmis, Earl H                    
PEDERSON, Joe       Homestead 21 Park River N D Peder Pederson & Hansine Brenden 23-Oct-28 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2368  
      Gertrude Marie Base Froid 21 Mn William Fred-erick Base & Minnie Peters          
PEDERSON, John see Toftness, Anton B                    
PEDERSON, John see Olson, Ingvald                    
PEDERSON, John see Pederson, George                    
PEDERSON, Karen see Iverson, Emil                    
PEDERSON, Katherine see Vigre, Christ                    
PEDERSON, Mabel D see McKinzie                    
PEDERSON, Magnus       Froid 25 Norway Fellen Pederson & Duene Munson 14-May-25 Whitetail Daniels 202  
      Viola Hammond Froid 18 Froid James & Bessie Hammond          
PEDERSON, Marie see Boyd, Sam                    
PEDERSON, Marie see Olson                    
PEDERSON, Mary see Harms, Albert                    
PEDERSON, Mathes see Nordhagen                    
PEDERSON, Matt see James, David                    
PEDERSON, Nels       Biem 27 Mn Peder Pederson & Anna Runsdag 30-Jul-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1740  
      Teckla H L Erlandson Biem 27 Mn Claus Erlandson & Anetta Johnson          
PEDERSON, Nettie J see Toftness, Anton B                    
PEDERSON, Ole see Kjelgaard, John                    
PEDERSON, Oscar H       Glendive 23 Hixton Wis Halvor H Pederson & Julia Knutson 4-Nov-10 Glendive Dawson 862  
      Lina O Berget Glendive 28 Tolgen Norway Oliver O Berget & Kari Clauson          
PEDERSON, Otter? see Johnson, Lewis                    
PEDERSON, P A see Pederson, Spencer P                    
PEDERSON, Peder see McKinzie                    
PEDERSON, Peder see Pederson                    
PEDERSON, Peder & Hansine see Nelson, Palvin Novel                    
PEDERSON, Peder Stephen       Wibaux 27 Stavanger Norway Sam Pederson & Bertha Walberg 15-Jul-24 Glendive Dawson 3123  
      Edna Theodora Amunrud Wibaux 26 Decorah Iowa Oscar Amunrud & Emma Rocksvold          
PEDERSON, Peter see Peterson, Ingeman                    
PEDERSON, Peter see Pederson                    
PEDERSON, Peter see Pederson                    
PEDERSON, Petrian see Norgard, Edwin O                    
PEDERSON, Sadie Pauline see Nelson, Palvin Novel                    
PEDERSON, Sam see Pederson, Peder Stephen                    
PEDERSON, Spencer D       Skaar N D 22 Vernon Cty Wis P A Pederson & Mattie Samuelson 3-Ost-1935 Wibaux Wibaux 512  
      Mary Jane Harris Skaar N D 26 Fairchild Wis George Harrie & Cora Inglis          
PEDWERBECKI, Onufry       Glasgow 37 Austria Wm Pedwerbecki & Peri Katynycz 12-Sep-18 Glasgow Valley 2422  
      Elizabeth Bloomer Glasgow 16 Germany August Bloomer & ???          
PEDWERBECKI, William see Pedwerbecki, Onufry                    
PEEK, Emma see Johnson, Luther                    
PEEK, Evelyn (Denise) see Brooks, Alfred                    
PEEK, J L see Peek, Sherman J                    
PEEK, Margaret M see Cosper                    
PEEK, Sherman J       Nashua 50 Ind J L Peek & Mary Elliotte 21-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2508  
      Eilein Steiner N D 28 Ire William Steiner & Katherine Sullivan          
PEELE, Edna see Rierson                    
PEELE, Ethel see Granvold                    
PEELE, George see Granvold                    
PEELE, George see McCall                    
PEELE, George see Rierson                    
PEELE, George see Weiler                    
PEELE, Opal see Weiler                    
PEELLE, James S       Poplar 29 Knox Ind Josephius Peelle & Mardela McKraken 2-Dec-13 Poplar Sheridan 131  
      Katie Mable Ressler Poplar 19 Herndon Pa Perry E Ressler & Katie Flora Campbell          
PEELLE, Josephius see Peelle                    
PEER, B F see Peer, James L                    
PEER, Benjamin F       Sidney 41 Newark Ohio Jacob Peer & Mary Demese 28-Apr-1896 Glendive Dawson 133  
      Ellen Whiteside   31 Montgomery County Maryland Charles Whiteside & Ann E Thompson          
PEER, Carrie see Staples, Chauncey C                    
PEER, Jacob see Peer, Benjamin                    
PEER, James L       Sidney 31 Sidney B F Peer & Ella Whiteside 6-Nov-30 Glendive Dawson 3933  
      Clara Wolfe Sidney 18 Portland Ore Louis Wolfe & Lydia Lahr          
PEER, Lida see Dubois, Benjamin Clarence                    
PEERBOOM, Henry see Peerboom, John William                    
PEERBOOM, Henry see Peerboom                    
PEERBOOM, John W       Culbertson 39 Holland Henry Peerboom & Elizabeth Clawson 2-Jun-18 Culbertson Sheridan 1331  
      Laura J Setter Culbertson 21 Mn Gullick Setter & Mary Hartse          
PEERBOOM, John William       Sidney 41 Holland Henry Peerboom & Elizabeth Hammers 22-Oct-21 Glendive Dawson 2802  
      Grace Oline Bradely Lambert 21 Irving Mich George Bradely & Emma O�Brien          
PEERY, Carrie Belle see Rowland, Arthur S                    
PEGGS, Adell A see Morrow                    
PEHAN, Anna see Webb                    
PEHAN, Joseph M       Glentana 45 Douglas Cty Mn Matthais Pehan & Christina Baemheffer 4-Jul-22 Glasgow Valley 2891  
      Bessie Losey Crookston Mn 21 Crookston Marvin Losey & Helen L? Densmore          
PEHAN, Matt see Webb                    
PEHAN, Matthias see Pehan, Joseph M                    
PEHI?, Edith see Nelson, Cyril D                    
PEHLKE, Ervin A       Whitwwater 22 Wis   27-Aug-28   Phillips 1051  
      Lydia Dalman Whitewater 23 S D            
PEIHL, Joe see Peihl, Wilbert                    
PEIHL, Wilbert       Haxley 24 LaCrosse Wis Joe Peihl & Iasbelle Gardner 21-Sep-28 Glasgow Valley 2410  
      CarrieShephard Haxley 44 Keokuk Ill John Moulton & Laura Jarvis          
PEILE, Henry A       Froid 33 Paxton Ill Hill Peile & Helena Hanson 12-Oct-10 Froid Valley 711  
      Nora Lucile Roy Froid 25 Mondamin Iowa John W Ray & Nellie Garrison          
PEILE, Hill see Peile, Henry A                    
PEILECKE, Minnie see Waite, George B                    
PEILECKE, William see Waite, George E                    
PEILER, Florence see Loen, Jacob                    
PEILER, Herman see Loen, Jacob                    
PEIOTRASKEY, Augusta see Knopp, Leo F                    
PEISISS?, Dorah see Kobleska, Paul                    
PEITZ, Grace see Waters, Edgar Clarence                    
PEITZ, John see Waters, Edgar Clarence                    
PEKA, Anton see Ferguson, Clarence J                    
PEKA, Mary see Ferguson, Clarence J                    
PELCHIE, Maggie see Contway, Patrick                    
PELEHEY, Nancy see Calder, Frank                    
PELEPECHUK, Sam see Pelepechuk, Steve                    
PELEPECHUK, Steve       Scobey 23 Stephen Man Can Sam Pelepechuk & Katie Bodnarchuk 1-Mar-25 Ukr Church Daniels 190  
      Annie Darchuk Scobey 19 Tolstoi Man Can George Darchuk & Stella Horatinkon          
PELISCKE, Minnie see Olson, Knute                    
PELISCKE, William see Olson, Knute                    
PELISSER, Josephine see Nichols, Nelson B                    
PELKE,, Freda see Hall, Clarence H                    
PELKY, Ethel see Gibson                    
PELL, Julia Ella see Schmesinger                    
PELLAND, Arthur J       Glasgow 40 Mass Jerry Pelland & Elizabeth Steele 2-Sep-20 Glasgow Valley 2716  
      Jean Hetrick Glasgow ???                
PELLAND, Jerry see Pelland, Arthur J                    
PELLETIER, John see Guyun, James G                    
PELLETIER, Margarette Agnes see Guyun, James G                    
PELLING, Sarah see Furness, Fredrick William                    
PELLIS?, Elizabeth see Renz, Robert L                    
PELOVA, Julia see Gritz, John J                    
PELOWSKI, Annie see Slominski, L A                    
PELOWSKI, Frances see Kukowski, Dominic                    
PELOWSKI, Josephine see Zabrocki, Henry                    
PELOWSKI, Josephine see Beggar, John J                    
PELSTRING, Bernard see Brody, Harry F                    
PELSTRING, Elsie Dorothy see Brody, Harry G                    
PELTCHIE, Ely see Jensen, Jens M                    
PELTCHIE, Flora see Jensen, Jens M                    
PELTIER, see Pettier                    
PELTIER, Delia see Gaines, Ellie                    
PELTIER, Emma see Tryan, George                    
PELTIER, Hannah see Park, Ira F                    
PELTIER, Lewis see Gaines, Ellie                    
PELTIER, Louis see Tryan, George                    
PELTIER, Marie see Murphy, John D                    
PELTON, Flora C see Rymerson, Milford                    
PELTON, Polly see Dinkins, Chesley                    
PELTON, W C see Dinkins, Chesley                    
PELTZER, Joe F       Glen Ullin N D 21 Hungaria John Peltzer & Margaret C Seeberger 29-Jan-19 ??? Dawson 2484  
      Blanche Hudson Glen Ullin N D 22 Woodstock Ohio Eugene C Hudson & Lucy H Smith          
PELTZER, John see Peltzer, Joe F                    
PELYPCHUK, Pauline see Darchuk, Wilford                    
PELYPCHUK, Sam see Darchuk, Wilford                    
PELZEL, Georgia see Koke, Bernard H                    
PELZEL, John see Koke, Bernard H                    
PELZEL, Mathilde see Duffy, James Louis                    
PEMBERTON, William Lee       Glendive 28 Manchester Virginia William Pemberton & Harriet L Mitchell 22-Jul-15 Paxton Dawson 1547  
      Gertrude H Jacobson Glendive 22 Chicago Ill Gustav Jacobson & Georgiana Brown          
PEMBLETON, Pleasant E see Fields, Charles H                    
PEMMICAN, see Badroads, Tom                    
PENCE, Amos see Hilton                    
PENCE, Clyde Vernon       Glasgow 34 Iowa Giles D Pence & Laura Lane Howell 8-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2124  
      Katherine Klowkow Glasgow 33 Mo Frank Klowkow & Katherine Sheller          
PENCE, Giles D see Pence, Clyde Vernon                    
PENCE, Marrietta see Hilton                    
PENDELTON, Emma see Kelly                    
PENDER, George see Pender                    
PENDER, George see Pettie                    
PENDER, James J       Poplar 25 N D George Pender & Anna Owens 3-Feb-15 Poplar Sheridan 420  
      Margarethe Mears Poplar 18   John Mears & Maria Emery          
PENDER, Mary see Pettie                    
PENDERGAST, Frank Victor       Glendive 27 Waterloo Iowa John Prendergast & Mary Hanly 18-Oct-23 Glendive Dawson 3041  
      Mary Elizabeth Prescott Glendive 21 Denham England John Charles Prescott & Annie Blakey          
PENDERGAST, Hartley       Carlyle 25 Silver Lake Mn Phil S Prendergast & Julia Kadlek 4-Aug-23 Wibaux Wibaux 395  
      Dorothy Parenteau Mpls Mn 17 Mpls J B Parenteau & Ellen LaValley          
PENDERGAST, Jennie see Johnson, John B                    
PENDERGAST, John see Pendergast, Frank Victor                    
PENDERGAST, Phil S see Pendergast, Hartley                    
PENDERGHAST, Adelaide see Gallagher, Patrick S                    
PENDERGNANA, Lucia see Hughes, William Vestal                    
PENDERGRAST, Anna see DeGroat, Sarles Francio                    
PENDLE, Elizabeth see Tubbs, Garfield                    
PENDLETON, P Emma see Mack, Francis Edwin                    
PENDLETON, Samuel       Westerheim N D 21 Akeley Mn Samuel Pendleton & Emma Patrick 11-Aug-23 Wibaux Wibaux 398  
      Irene Rathbun Westerheim 19 Inman Mn John R Rathbun & Bertha Wart          
PENDROY, James see Manternach, William                    
PENDROY, Juverna see Manternach, William                    
PENDROY, Maggie see Shaw, Delbert                    
PENDROY, Maggie see Marlenee, Leonard                    
PENDROY, Maggie see Marlenee                    
PENDROY, Maggie Belle see Marlenee, Cecil Gerald                    
PENG, Amanda see Rounds                    
PENGELLY., Maron M see Hancock, Paul Elwin                    
PENIEDE, Rosena see Labrie, Louis                    
PENIN, C see Connochie, Robert W                    
PENMAN, Bertie see Barnhart                    
PENMAN, Donald       Williston N D 39 Boden Ill William Penman & William Docherty 16-Sep-35 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2961  
      Leone Foster Williston 36 Kenmare N D Thom-as Jays & Caroline Latterell          
PENMAN, Sidney       Williston N D 24 Ill William J Penman & Margaret Docherty 28-May-24 Poplar Roosivelt 624  
      Velma S Haakenson Williston 19 Iowa Alfred Haakenson & Minnie Huseby          
PENMAN, William see Penman                    
PENMAN, William J see Penman, Sidney.                    
PENN, Amy see Williansen, William                    
PENN, F E see Williamsen, William                    
PENN, Loretta E see Vogt, John H                    
PENNELL, Ida M see Wintermute, W Watson                    
PENNELL, Myrtle A see Krull, August L                    
PENNER, Elmer J       Calabar 36 Marion Jct S D John Penner & Anna Wentz 21-Apr-28 Glendive Dawson 3565  
      Elizabeth Martin Paragon 35 Chatauqua Springs Kans Jim Martin & Margaret Bryce          
PENNER, Helen see Derksen, Aaron P                    
PENNER, Henry H       Chinook 28 Mountain Lake Mn Henry Penner & Marie Flanning 30-Apr-16 �Mennonite Church� Blaine 273  
      Sarah Peters Chinook 22 Mountain Lake Mn Peter J Peters & Katherina Klassen          
PENNER, John see Penner, Elmer J                    
PENNIE, Eliza see Clarke, Elmer                    
PENNIE, Peter see Clarke, Elmer                    
PENNINGTON, Augusta see Newport, C B                    
PENNINGTON, Bertha see Simard, Mady                    
PENNINGTON, Bertha see Iwen, Austin James                    
PENNINGTON, Bertha see Torgerson, Clarence Arnold                    
PENNINGTON, Gracie see Oleson, Roy Hurd                    
PENNINGTON, J A see Lowe, Seth                    
PENNINGTON, J A & Theresa see Simard, Mady                    
PENNINGTON, J Evangeline see Washington, Arthur A                    
PENNINGTON, J H see Washington, Arthur A                    
PENNINGTON, James see Oleson, Roy Hurd                    
PENNINGTON, Jno A               18-Dec-1884   Dawson 39  
      Theresa Sterlie                  
PENNINGTON, John Alexander see Pennington, R M                    
PENNINGTON, John D H       Glendive 22 Tracey Mn John H Pennington & Emma Froelich 31-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2091  
      Adeline A Dickinson Glendive 18 Green Bay Wisc William E Dickinson & Clara A Brown          
PENNINGTON, John H see Pennington, John D H                    
PENNINGTON, Nora see Lowe, Seth                    
PENNINGTON, R M       Newlon 24 Newlon John Alexander Pennington & Tracy Stierle 11-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1231  
      Alvina L Piche Newlon 20 Somerset Wisc John Piche & Josephine Pequnott          
PENNINGTON, Sina see Krogness, Lewis                    
PENNINGTON, Sina see Pritchard, William Adolphis                    
PENNY, Lucinda see Redfield, Frank L                    
PENNY, Minnie see Lewis, Russell                    
PENNY, Minnie see Lewis, John                    
PENROD, Jennie see Tracy, Cashel D                    
PENROD, Mabel see Nordlund, Victor A                    
PENROD, Mattie see Loraas, Clarence Bernard                    
PENROD, Maud see Hulse, Eldon                    
PENROD, Sybil see Nordlund, Victor A                    
PENROD, William C see Loraas, Clarence Bernard                    
PENROSE, Ernest       Pattonhill 31 Millersberg Indiana John M Penrose & Mary Rowe 10-Jul-23 Glendive Dawson 2999  
      Alice Resech Oswego 32 Medford Wisc Fred Bench & Anna Reinman          
PENROSE, John M see Penrose, Ernest                    
PENTZ, see Peutz                    
PENTZ, Court G       Redstone 24 Iowa G Pentz & Anna R Harine? 22-Sep-15 Plentywood Sheridan 555  
      Gladys Irene Pierce Redstone 17 Wash K C Pierce & Jennie Leet?          
PENTZ, G see Pentz                    
PEOPLES, A see Courville, Thomas                    
PEOPLES, Andrew       Bryans Plains 30 Ireland William Peoples & Mary McGonigle     Dawson 176  
      Helen I Brown Glendive 22 ??? Michael H Brown & ???          
PEOPLES, Andrew see Carrol, Michael T                    
PEOPLES, Andrew see Mehan, Forest R                    
PEOPLES, Anna B see Dyer, Don Lou                    
PEOPLES, Bernice see Courville, Thomas                    
PEOPLES, Cecelia Delores see Carroll, Michael T                    
PEOPLES, Helen see Meehan, Forest O                    
PEOPLES, James see Dyer, Don Lou                    
PEOPLES, James see White, Jacques                    
PEOPLES, James       Glendive 33 Ireland William Peoples & Mary McGonnigle 25-Aug-1895 Glendive Dawson 116  
      Sarah Haggarty Glendive 22 Scotland Patrick Haggerty & ???          
PEOPLES, James see Biggs, Charles A                    
PEOPLES, Margaret see Kelly, James                    
PEOPLES, Margaret see Biggs, Charles A                    
PEOPLES, Mary see White, Jacques                    
PEOPLES, William see Peoples, Andrew                    
PEOPLES, William see Peoples, James                    
PEPER, Mary see Klindworth, Herman F                    
PEPHRYS, Ed see Pephrys, James                    
PEPHRYS, James       Oswego 26 Globe Ariz Ed Pephrys & ??? 20-Apr-14 Glasgow Valley 1447  
      Agnes Red Feather Oswego 18 Mt Red Feather & Mary Martin          
PEPHYRS, James see Bear, Bennie                    
PEPHYRS, Josephine see Bear, Bennie                    
PEPIN, Clapace       Glendive 52 St Louis Missouri Lawrence & Mary Pepin 6-Jun-03 Glendive Dawson 295  
      Isabella Fountain Glendive 44 Scotland Jas Brackey & Mary McMurray          
PEPIN, Florence see Larson, Carl Henry                    
PEPIN, Lawrence & Mary see Pepin, Clapace                    
PEPIN, Napoleon       Everett Wash 35 Chippewa Falls Wis William Pepin & Emma Bodet 25-Nov-19 Chinook Blaine 601  
      Julia Bradley Harlem 19 Harlem William Bradley & Julia Belche          
PEPIN, William see Pepin, Napoleon                    
PEPLINSKI, Florence see Sokoloski, John                    
PEPLINSKI, Helen see Verdick, Harry                    
PEPLINSKI, Mary see Efta, Stanley                    
PEPLINSKI, Paul see Efta, Stanley                    
PEPLINSKI, Paul see Sokoloski, Frank                    
PEPLINSKI, Paul see Sokoloski, John                    
PEPLINSKI, Paul see Verdick, Harry                    
PEPLINSKI, Verna see Sokoloski, Frank                    
PEPPARD, Charlotte see Upham                    
PEPPER, Isabella see Grubbs                    
PEPPER, Mary A see Smiley, George                    
PEPPER, Mary E see Evans, Arthur James                    
PEPPINGER, see DePeppenger                    
PEPPINGER, Elva see Copeland, Robert                    
PEPPLE, Finley see Hovde, Lloyd J                    
PEPPLE, Francis see Hovde, Lloyd J                    
PEQUGVOT?, Clara Frances see Runnion, Marion B                    
PEQUNOTT, Josephine see Pennington, R M                    
PERALTA, J see Peralta, Salvador                    
PERALTA, Salvador       San Luis Obispo Cal 34 Cal J Peralta & A J Ayne 4-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 867  
      Elizabeth Turner Grand Forks N D 29 N D Edward Turner          
PERCELL, Charles see Dailey, Dennis Edward                    
PERCELL, Mary see Willis, Irwin                    
PEREAU, ??? see Nielsen, Nels Johannes                    
PEREAU, Agnes C see Wood                    
PEREAU, Angeline F see Brough, William                    
PEREAU, Joseph see Hanson, John Olaf                    
PEREAU, Joseph see Pereau, Vernon Jessie                    
PEREAU, Joseph C       Poplar 44 St Louis Mo Joseph H & Martha Pereau 13-Jul-13 Poplar Sheridan 39  
      Alice Newton Poplar   Pine Ridge S D American Horses & Fannie DeCord          
PEREAU, Joseph H & Martha see Pireau                    
PEREAU, Joseph H & Martha P see Brough, William                    
PEREAU, Joseph H & Martha P see Taylor, John L                    
PEREAU, Mary Priscilla see Hanson, John Olaf                    
PEREAU, Regina A see Taylor, John L                    
PEREAU, Vernon Jessie       Poplar 21 Kindred S D Joseph Pereau & Alice American Horse 3-Mar-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1145  
      Isabelle Alvarez Poplar 19 Poplar Joseph Alvarez & Elizabeth Culbertson          
PERERSON, Bertha see Forsness                    
PERHAM, Mary see Trefethren, Frank G                    
PERIGO, Flora Ellen see Handley, Michael Roy                    
PERKINS, Abbie see Phillips, Fred Edwin                    
PERKINS, Alice see Vaupel, Nellie                    
PERKINS, Alice see Squires, Alice                    
PERKINS, Dan see Davis, J H                    
PERKINS, Deegeland? see Kjellman, Elmer H                    
PERKINS, Florence see Johnson, George Henry                    
PERKINS, Genevie see North                    
PERKINS, Genevieve see Friedgen, Arthur H                    
PERKINS, Gertie see Kjellman Elmer H                    
PERKINS, Grace see Green, Earl                    
PERKINS, Grace see Green, Fremont Thomas                    
PERKINS, Grace see Green, Nate Francis                    
PERKINS, Grace see Green, Louis Vincent                    
PERKINS, Helen see Raymond, Rolan A                    
PERKINS, Julia A see Leach, James A                    
PERKINS, Lola see Davis, George L                    
PERKINS, Mary see Robinson, Robert L                    
PERKINS, Roberta see Davis, J H                    
PERKINS, Roseville see Edwards, Leroy                    
PERKINS, Susanah see Rowe, Richard Lionel                    
PERKINS, William see Vaupel, Nellie                    
PERLOWSKI, Carl see Crandall, Harry Duncan                    
PERLOWSKI, Claire Bertha see Crandall, Harry Duncan                    
PERMAN, Catherine see Mayer, Jack                    
PERNELL, Clara see Smith, Frank L                    
PERNEY, Rachel see Baldry, Chester                    
PERO, Gertrude see Fink                    
PERO, Martha M see Tronson                    
PERO, Marv? see Maroot, Leo                    
PERRET, R F see Perret, Robert H                    
PERRET, Robert H       Glasgow 22 Can R F Perret & Ruth Smith 17-Oct-1895 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Amanda Carlson Glasgow 21 Sweden Carl Johanneson & ??? Jacobson?          
PERREY, Edna see Benson, George                    
PERREY, Forest see Benson, George                    
PERRIER, Albert       Phillips 23 Ontario Can   1-Jul-16   Phillips 115  
      Dora Ofstedahl Phillips 26 N D            
PERRIER, Eliza see O�hara                    
PERRIER, Mrs C see Perrier, Albert                    
PERRIN, Anna see Slavens, Walter Lee                    
PERRIN, Hazel A see Cunningham, Arley W                    
PERRIN, Mrs C see Cockrill, William T                    
PERRIN, Mrs C see Undi, Rudolph                    
PERRIN, Mrs Hazel see Tampers, Peter C                    
PERRINE, Charles       Minot N D 40 Wis Wm M Perrine & Helen Brayton 23-Nov-28 Froid Roosivelt 1256  
      Manerva? Pearl Good Minot 30 Neb Henry B Good & Ada M Putney          
PERRINE, Wm M see Perrine, Charles                    
PERRINEAU, Sarah D see Middleton, M F                    
PERRING, Maud V see Thomas, Frank J                    
PERRINGTON, Carrie see Nelson                    
PERRON, David see Perron, Theodore Victor                    
PERRON, Emma see Wittman, John W                    
PERRON, Theodore Victor       Culbertson 25 Mn David Perron & Aurelia Duffeny 21-May-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1028  
      Hazel Thonson Culbertson 19 Mn Theodore Thonson & Lena Haugen          
PERRY, A Maud see Sullivan, Robert E                    
PERRY, Albert       ??? 19 Harlem ??? & Mary Brown 23-Mar-20 St Pauls Mission Blaine 618  
      Mary Assiniboine Harlem 20 Harlem Joe Assiniboine & Emma          
PERRY, Amanda see Hilland, John C                    
PERRY, Arthur       Medora N D 28 Eau Claire Wis Wm E Perry & Sarah E Hilljust 11-Apr-19 Glendive Dawson 2507  
      Grace Lebo Medora N D 21 Medora S M Lebo & Maggie Gerbig          
PERRY, Arthur see Perry, Luther R                    
PERRY, Barbara see Gavan, John A                    
PERRY, Benjamin R       Lambert 21 Grand Rapids Mich Caimt Perry & Minnie M Albright 26-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3799  
      Louise M Phares Lambert 20 Sykeson N D W W Phares & Alice M Clapper          
PERRY, Bert       Nashua 22 Sanborn N Y Commodoor Perry & Bessie Morton 13-Oct-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Bessie Sargent Nashua 18 Nashua Charles Sargent & Bell Cannell          
PERRY, Bert see Hauer, Christ                    
PERRY, Bessie (Sargent?) see Burger, Ralph                    
PERRY, C H see Robinson, Claude L                    
PERRY, Caimt see Perry, Benjamin R                    
PERRY, Catherine see Stecker, Elmer D                    
PERRY, Charles see Warrior, Rufus                    
PERRY, Charley see Perry, Thomas                    
PERRY, Charley see Brown, James                    
PERRY, Clara see Berg, Edward K                    
PERRY, Clark see Courchene, Thomas                    
PERRY, Comodoor see Perry, Bert                    
PERRY, Dora see Darling, Charles E                    
PERRY, Dora see Darling, George H                    
PERRY, Dora see Bell, Brodie                    
PERRY, Edwin see Mauch, William                    
PERRY, Ella see Brown, James                    
PERRY, Esterina see Occhinto, Frank                    
PERRY, Esterina see Devlin, George                    
PERRY, F L see Courchene, Thomas                    
PERRY, Florence see Anderson, Gordon                    
PERRY, Frank see Johnson, William C                    
PERRY, Gertie M see Johnson, William C                    
PERRY, Gertrude see Streeter                    
PERRY, Grace M see Kienenberger, Edward R                    
PERRY, Guy see Perry, Joseph                    
PERRY, Guy see Perry                    
PERRY, Harriet see Griffith, William John                    
PERRY, Inez Gertrude see Hauer, Christ                    
PERRY, Irene see Buchholz                    
PERRY, Isabelle see White, Joseph Barton                    
PERRY, Isabelle see Gladu, James                    
PERRY, J M see Perry, Richard                    
PERRY, Jack see Buchholz                    
PERRY, Jane see Higgins, Everett                    
PERRY, Jeanette see Warrior, Rufus                    
PERRY, Joe       Brockton 38 Italy Guy Perry & Rose Petry 10-Oct-14 Culbertson Sheridan 330  
      Maude First Brockton 18 Mt Thomas First & Likes Them          
PERRY, Johnsie see Shroud, James A                    
PERRY, Joseph       Brockton 46 Italy Guy Perry & Rose Bonoch? 30-Jun-20 Poplar Roosivelt 146  
      Mud Forest Perry Brockton 25 Blair Mt ???          
PERRY, Julia Ann see VanValkenburg, William Harry                    
PERRY, Katherine see Flanagan, Albert M                    
PERRY, Lauretta see Occhinto, Frank                    
PERRY, Lora see Chestnut, James W                    
PERRY, Luther R       Malta 40 Bowling Green Ohio Arthur Perry & Helen Rouse 16-Nov-29 Chinook Blaine 1183  
      Frieda Johnson Gilford 24 Germany Christ Neumiller & Roscena Herman          
PERRY, Margaret see Hankins, Clarence F                    
PERRY, Martha see Retan                    
PERRY, Mary see Ferris, Frank J                    
PERRY, Mary see Wambolt, Samuel C                    
PERRY, Mary see Wynn, James Dewebb                    
PERRY, Maud see Russell, Roy                    
PERRY, Maud see Dryer, Ernest A                    
PERRY, Maud see Harden, John C                    
PERRY, Maud see Hoffstot, Horace Eugene                    
PERRY, Maud see Four Bear, Stanley                    
PERRY, Maude see Mauch, William                    
PERRY, Mud Forest see Perry, Joseph                    
PERRY, Myrtle see Porter, William H                    
PERRY, Pauline see Brockway, Earl Bryan                    
PERRY, Rebecca see May, Clarence                    
PERRY, Richard       Baker 20 Baker J M Perry & Mary Shine 18-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3164  
      Katherine Looby Minot N D 19 Glenburn N D Thomas Looby & Martha Shiebley          
PERRY, Ruth see Robinson, Claude L                    
PERRY, Sadie see French, Roy T                    
PERRY, Sam see Nelom, Jess                    
PERRY, Samuel       Malta 21 Salt Lake City Utah Samuel Perry & Lida Lindgren 14-Nov-14 Glasgow Valley 1578  
      Myrtle Talbott Malta 18 Springfield Ill William Talbott & Relda Neff          
PERRY, Sarah N see Harper                    
PERRY, Sears see Berg, Edward K                    
PERRY, Solon Amos see Chestnut, James W                    
PERRY, Thomas       Lodgepole 23 Lodgepole Charlie Perry & Mary Haley 2-Feb-20 Chinook Blaine 609  
      Maggie Blackbird Hays 21 Hays Ed Blackbird & ???          
PERRY, William E see Perry, Arthur                    
PERRYMAN, Nancy see Larson, Julius H                    
PERS, Margaretha see Lundeen, Gustav Adolph                    
PERSDOTTER, Johanna see Anderson                    
PERSEY?, Carrie see Cookingham                    
PERSHING, Eliza see Brien                    
PERSHUN, Elsie see Grant                    
PERSICKE, Mary see Phillips                    
PERSICKE, Wm see Phillips                    
PERSICKI, Nina see Johnson                    
PERSICKI, William & Bernice see Johnson                    
PERSINGER, ??? see Diamond, J T                    
PERSON, Annie see Carlson                    
PERSON, Ben G see Person                    
PERSON, Brita see Moberg                    
PERSON, Carl J       Poplar 27 Sweden Per Person & Sigrid Norberg 29-Mar-18 Poplar Sheridan 1283  
      Sina M Simonson Poplar 25 Iowa John Simonson & Sina Eda          
PERSON, Carl W       Tampico 34 Sweden Per Knudson & Anna Jonason 28-Feb-14 Tampico Valley 1429  
      Jennie H Boreson Tampico 24 Hillsboro N D Peter Borreson & Anna Ydstie          
PERSON, Chari see Rishood, Olaus                    
PERSON, Clair W       Minot 29 Indiana Ben G Person & Katherine Salle 13-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1157  
      Jennie Reed Minot 34 Iowa Boone Hampton & Florence Canclo          
PERSON, Clayton A see Kinsey, Clayton A                    
PERSON, Ellen see Erickson, Arlie Theodore                    
PERSON, Ida see Reed                    
PERSON, Johannes see Reed                    
PERSON, John see Torguist, John                    
PERSON, John & Christine see Moberg                    
PERSON, Karen see Olson, Willie J                    
PERSON, Kittie C see Kinsey, Clayton A                    
PERSON, Marie see Froelich                    
PERSON, Mary see Dupree, Peter                    
PERSON, Mary see Mall, John Sr                    
PERSON, Per see Person                    
PERSON, Silja see Olson, Olof W                    
PERSSON, Carl see Stewart, Neil                    
PERSSON, Christene see Olson, Arthur Melvin                    
PERSSON, John Otto       Tande 30 Sweden P A Erickson & Emma Jojanns     Valley 2645 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Alma Victoria Scott Wolf Point 32 Sweden John Scott & Emma L Nilson          
PERSSON, Olgo see Stewart, Neil                    
PESCHON, Fred       Chinook 24 Woodstock Mn Joe Peschon & Katherine Kirsch 4-Oct-30 Chinook Blaine 1223  
      Loretta Davis Chinook 19 Chinook Albert Davis & Annie Hermes          
PESCHON, Joe see Peschon, Fred                    
PESEK, John see Jans, William Herman                    
PESEK, Lillian see Jans, William Herman                    
PESKO, George       Glasgow 22 Wazec Austria George Pesko & Zasona Gurek 29-Jan-02 Glasgow Valley ?  
      anna Mero Glasgow 24 Seped Austria John Mero & Julia Kirntus          
PESOLD, Christine see Fisher, Earl                    
PESSINGER, Naomi see McIntyre, Donald J                    
PETCHEN, Hazel see Scovel, Lloyd B                    
PETCHEN, John see Scovel, Loyd B                    
PETCHER, Gertrude see Rohde, Henry                    
PETEFISH, Alda M see Yadon                    
PETEFISH, Frank see Yadon                    
PETER, Mary L see DeWitt, J Howard                    
PETERESKI, Mary see Clark, Hugh                    
PETERMAN, Albert see Peterman, Harry                    
PETERMAN, Charles Percy       Landusky 21 Monmouth Ill Frank Burton Peterman & Elizabeth Shell 21-Oct-14 Chinook Blaine 164  
      Ruth Clara Anita Turner Landusky 18 White�s Town Ind Andrew Turner & Margaret Annie Sharp          
PETERMAN, Frank Burton see Peterman, Charles Percy                    
PETERMAN, Harry       Burns 30 Winona Mn Albert Peterman & Fannie Beams 10-Feb-26 Glendive Dawson 3325  
      Nola Boughman Burns 21 Thayer Mo John Boughman & Daisy Dever          
PETERMAN, J E see Peterman, Jacob E Jr                    
PETERMAN, Jacob see Lang, Henry                    
PETERMAN, Jacob E Jr       Allard 23 Philadelphia Penn J E Peterman & Amanda Knox 18-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2253  
      Adell Gertenson Allard 22 Allard Charles Gertonson & Caroline Anderson          
PETERMAN, Mabel see Lang, Henry                    
PETERMANN, Clarence H       Wibaux 23 Madison Cty Mn George Petermann & Augustus Wojohn 12-Oct-29 Wibaux Wibaux 707  
      Leola Adams Inglewood Calif 26 Livingston Ralph Adams & Susie Hench          
PETERMANN, George see Petermann, Clarence H                    
PETERS, A F see Peters, Nick                    
PETERS, A J see Enns, Henry J                    
PETERS, Aaron       Frazer 23 Winkley Man Can Aron Frank Peters & Elizabeth Trenke 21-Oct-26 Larslan Valley 3252  
      Anna Newfield Larslan 20 Russia Jacob Newfield & Emilie Lentzner          
PETERS, Aaron see Teske, Daniel Geo                    
PETERS, Agatha see Funk, Ferdinand J                    
PETERS, Amanda see Circle, Charles L                    
PETERS, Anna see Olfert, Abraham A                    
PETERS, Anna see McLean, George G                    
PETERS, Anna see Samson, Ashburn                    
PETERS, Aron see Adkins, William                    
PETERS, Aron Frank see Peters, Aaron                    
PETERS, Bruce see Culver, Oliver                    
PETERS, Charles A       Scobey 22 Wis John Peters & Emma Tomlinson 6-Oct-27 Scobey Daniels 345  
      Esther M Knapp Scobey 19 N D Dana C Knapp & Alice Dickinson          
PETERS, Charles Phillip see Peters, Victor G W                    
PETERS, Christina see Rost, E C                    
PETERS, Eliizabeth Alice see Funk, David J                    
PETERS, Elizabeth see Wiens, Peter P Jr                    
PETERS, Elizabeth see Buller, Peter J                    
PETERS, Elizabeth see Lemke, David                    
PETERS, Elizabeth Bertha see Gilmore, Ralph                    
PETERS, Elizabeth Bertha see Gilmore, Ralph                    
PETERS, Ernest see Gilmore, Ralph                    
PETERS, Ernest George       Poplar 21 St Paul Mn Wm Peters & Laura Schwartz 22-Jan-22 Poplar Roosivelt 345  
      Zada R Newlon Poplar 21 Box Elder Robert Newlon & L Pratt          
PETERS, Ernest T see Gilmore, Ralph                    
PETERS, Frank Judson see Peters, Ralph Kramer                    
PETERS, Frank L see Helland, Arnt H                    
PETERS, Freda see Gouge, Claud C                    
PETERS, Gayle see Reitan, Hjalmer                    
PETERS, Helen see Nelson, Andrew A                    
PETERS, Helen see Teske, Daniel Geo                    
PETERS, Helen see Donohue, Edward Joseph                    
PETERS, Helena see Epp, Jacob C                    
PETERS, Henry       Glendive 50 Germany Henry Peters & Katherine Muedal 17-May-26 Glendive Dawson 3345  
      Martha Handley Glendive 26 Hilbert Wisc Nick Nilles & Lettie Ross          
PETERS, Henry F       Brown Valley Mn 32 Fairpoint Mn Henry M Peters & Louisa Lick 9-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1510  
      Minnie Fowler Glendive 28 Cedar River Mich Frank Henry Fowler & Victoria Cannard          
PETERS, Herman & Sarah see Peters, Jacob H                    
PETERS, Jacob       Larslan 23 Okla Peter Peters & Margaret DeFeher 1-Aug-29 Larslan Valley 3490  
      Emily Neufeld Larslan 18 Russia Jacob Neufeld & Emily Lentzner          
PETERS, Jacob A see Peters, Teddy Don                    
PETERS, Jacob H       Lustre 25 Mountain Lake Mn Herman & Sarah Peters 11-Sep-30 Lustre Valley 3586  
      Anna Toews Lustre 20 Carpenter S C Abraham Toews & Helen Martens          
PETERS, James P       Phillips 28 Virginia   10-Nov-15   Phillips 59  
      Mamie Taylor Phillips 30 Illinois            
PETERS, Jessie see Loewen, Frank F                    
PETERS, John see McClean, George G                    
PETERS, John see Peters, Charles A                    
PETERS, John August       Wolf Point 29 Wis John Peters & R Drake 14-Mar-21 Poplar Roosivelt 223  
      Gladys Myers Wolf Point 24 Iowa David M Myers & Minnie O Knox          
PETERS, Josephine Westby see Helland, Arnt H                    
PETERS, M J see Hallock, Hugh D                    
PETERS, Mae see Hixson, Ray W                    
PETERS, Mamie see Culver, Oliver                    
PETERS, Mamie see Rice                    
PETERS, Margaret see Janzen, Gust                    
PETERS, Margurite see Sanding, Henry                    
PETERS, Marion see Adkins, William                    
PETERS, Mary see Hovde, Lloyd J                    
PETERS, Mary L see Culwell, Andrew Jackson                    
PETERS, Mildred see Hallock, Hugh D                    
PETERS, Mima see White, Charles                    
PETERS, Minnie see Tunison, Lyle E                    
PETERS, Minnie see Pederson                    
PETERS, Minnie Carlene see Baker, George Everett                    
PETERS, Nick       Frazer 21 Longhorn Sask Can A F Peters & Elizabeth Trinkey 22-May-30 Glasgow Valley 3557  
      Kathryn Calfee Frazer 19 Cascade John Calfee & Jessie Myers          
PETERS, Payson see Fisher, Charles                    
PETERS, Pete       Hydro 22 Okla Peter Peters & Margaret DeFehr 24-Feb-26 Hydro Blaine 925  
      Margaret Schroeder Hydro 18 Kansas Peter J Schroeder & Katie S Nikkle          
PETERS, Peter see Peters, Jacob                    
PETERS, Peter see Funk, David J                    
PETERS, Peter see Funk, Ferdinand J                    
PETERS, Peter see Janzen, Gust                    
PETERS, Peter see Loewen, Frank F                    
PETERS, Peter J see Penner, Henry H                    
PETERS, Ralph Kramer       Haxby 22 Mortello? Iowa Frank Judson Peters & Virgil Kramer 16-May-23 Glasgow Valley 2974  
      Estella Bessy Morgan Haxby 15 Kennan Wis Everett Morgan & Estella LeRette          
PETERS, Sara see Page, Ernest R                    
PETERS, Sarah see Rinehart, Frank T                    
PETERS, Sarah see Penner, Henry H                    
PETERS, Teddy Don       Scobey 29 Wis Jacob A Peters & Emma Tomlenson? 16-Jun-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1189  
      Helen Elizabeth Stewart Outlook Wash 21 Outlook Wm Mc F Stewart & Mary C Noel          
PETERS, Victor G W       Havre 25 London England Charles Phillip Peters & Vera Margaret Butler 3-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1123  
      Fern Lucille M Arnold Havre 19 Havre Fred Arnold & Anna Sophia Young          
PETERS, William       Glasgow 28 Grand Rapids Wis William Peters & Charlotte Bynot 6-Jan-13 Glasgow Valley 1210  
      Iva Ryerson Glasgow 27 Mt Vernon Wis ???          
PETERS, Wm see Peters, Ernest George                    
PETERSEN, Niels see Nielson                    
PETERSEN, ? P see Waymire, M M                    
PETERSEN, Agnes see Jorgensen, Hans K                    
PETERSEN, Agnes Holm see Johnson John J                    
PETERSEN, Alfred       Reserve 23 Dagmar Peter Petersen & Christina Ericksen 19-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2877  
      Hazel Sonstegaard Grenora 20 Grenora Elling Sonstegaard & Dorthea Watten          
PETERSEN, Alice M see Andersen                    
PETERSEN, Alma see Larsen                    
PETERSEN, Andreas       Oswego 36 Denmark Peter Petersen & Annie G Paulson 19-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1857  
      Emma Holtberg Oswego 21 Belgrade Mn Sam Holtberg & Hansine? Gilbertson          
PETERSEN, Anna see Rasmussen, Frank                    
PETERSEN, Anna Karenina see Salisbury                    
PETERSEN, Annie see Petersen, Nils                    
PETERSEN, Annie see Hansen, Valdemar Christian                    
PETERSEN, Annie Catherine see Petersen, Nils                    
PETERSEN, Anton see Andersen                    
PETERSEN, Anton Christ       Culbertson 26 Horsens Denmark Rasmus Petersen & Kristine Enevoldsen 19-Nov-13 Culbertson Sheridan 120  
      Annie Jensen Dagmar 30 Denmark Rasmus & Caren Jensen          
PETERSEN, Carrie Christina see Petersen, William                    
PETERSEN, Chris & Karen see Davis                    
PETERSEN, Christ Hansen       Comertown 35 Denmark Jens Petersen & Kathie Christenson 12-Feb-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1474  
      Myrtle Nora Comertown 18 Mn Knut Nora & Matea Rindahl          
PETERSEN, Daniel see Lundquist                    
PETERSEN, Elizabeth see Strodemier, Samuel                    
PETERSEN, Emil       Dagmar 28 Hunter N D Sven Petersen & Johanna Nielson 30-May-35 Dagmar Sheridan 2934  
      Margaret Richardson Antelope 25 Antelope Weldon Richardson & Lula Hedges          
PETERSEN, Ethel see Ator                    
PETERSEN, Gerda Thora see Knudsen, Strandvold                    
PETERSEN, Gertrude see Madsen                    
PETERSEN, Gertrude see Madsen Hans Peter                    
PETERSEN, Hans see Strodemier, Samuel                    
PETERSEN, Helen see Hansen                    
PETERSEN, Jens see Frimstad                    
PETERSEN, Jens see Petersen                    
PETERSEN, Jens? see Johnson                    
PETERSEN, Johanna see Larsen, Aage Th                    
PETERSEN, Johanna Kristine see Larsen, Aage Th                    
PETERSEN, Johanne see Olsen                    
PETERSEN, Johanne see Nielsen                    
PETERSEN, Johannes       Crane 39 Denmark Soren Christian Petersen & Anna Christina Larson 12-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 3474  
      Claudia Lease Fresno Calif 40 Plainville Illinois O B Lease & Clara Waters          
PETERSEN, Joseph Runstein see Petersen, Nils                    
PETERSEN, Karen Marie see Peterson, Jacob                    
PETERSEN, Katherine see Larsen                    
PETERSEN, Katherine see Anderson, Frank A                    
PETERSEN, Lars P       Wolf Point 33 Den-mark Welhelm Petersen & Karen Larsen 2-Apr-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 114  
      Ethel M Honn Wolf Point 19 Wash DC Arthur Honn & Capitola L Fedrow          
PETERSEN, Laura see Davis                    
PETERSEN, Lillian see Shaw, Benjamin A                    
PETERSEN, Margaret see Hansen, Hans J                    
PETERSEN, Marie see Stubban                    
PETERSEN, Marie see Lauritzen, Edward                    
PETERSEN, Martha see Jensen, Albert D                    
PETERSEN, Mary see Nielsen                    
PETERSEN, Minnie see Quam                    
PETERSEN, Minnie see Jensen