Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Monti to Myrvang

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
MONTI, Matti see Young, Archie William                    
MONTRNACH, Augusta see Anderson, William L                    
MONTROSS, Alpheus see Meister, George Alexander                    
MONTROSS, Ena Luella see Meister, George Alexander                    
MONTROY, Frank see Montroy                    
MONTROY, Severe       Med Lake 23 N D Frank Montroy & Edel DeJarlais 25-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 287  
      Emma Azur Med Lake 22 N D Peter Azur & Mary Ber-cier          
MONTY, Benjamin F       Phillips 37 Ill   5-Nov-15   Phillips 58  
      Mrs Mary Shaffer Phillips 42 Mn            
MONTY, Emma see Harding                    
MOOD, Hazel see VonEschen, Walter                    
MOOD, Thomas C see VonEschen, Walter                    
MOODY, A D see Hagen, Oscar V                    
MOODY, A D see Moody, Ivan                    
MOODY, Albert see Sharp, Oscar                    
MOODY, Alex see Herrington, Robert D                    
MOODY, Annie see Bentler, Henry                    
MOODY, Dorothy see Swanton, Edward                    
MOODY, Faye see Sharp, Oscar                    
MOODY, Ivan       Bloomfield 22 McGregor Iowa A D Moody & Christiania Justus 3-Jan-18 Glendive Dawson 2322  
      Jerda Nelson Bloomfield 16 Vernon Cty Wisc Peter T Nelson & Josephine Notestad          
MOODY, John T see Swanton, Edward                    
MOODY, Mary see Jones, John N                    
MOODY, Oliver       Minneapolis 25 Buffalo Mn Peter J Moody & Christine Heglund 9-Feb-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2408  
      Doris Seiss Ambrose N D 18 Finley N D Herman Seiss & Minnie Davis          
MOODY, Peter J see Moody                    
MOODY, Ursula see Hagan, Oscar V                    
MOON, see Bearskin                    
MOON, Doris Marjoriy see Whitney, Leonard H                    
MOON, Ed see Carl, Warren                    
MOON, Frank see Elliott, Morton                    
MOON, Frank F see Whitney, Leonard H                    
MOON, G Bell see Elliott, Morton                    
MOON, Jennie see Fisk, Ward                    
MOON, Katherine J see Moon, Lawrence W                    
MOON, Lawrence W       Malta 32 Mn   26-Jan-25   Phillips 815  
      Katherine J Moon Spokane 34 Missouri            
MOON, Maria see Ward                    
MOON, Ruth see Marks, Judson                    
MOONE, Adeline see Stevens, William C                    
MOONEN, Jerry see Moonen, John Everette                    
MOONEN, John Everette       Burtrum Mn 21 Mpls Mn Jerry Moonen & Annie Ackerman 24-Sep-18 Chinook Blaine 520  
      Sada Clark Harlem 18 Burtrum Mn Frank Clark & Vina Scott          
MOONEY, A C see Thompson, Fred                    
MOONEY, David see Craig                    
MOONEY, Dora see Russell, George Irving                    
MOONEY, Edith see Craig                    
MOONEY, Lizzie see McCartney, John L                    
MOONEY, Margaret see Roseman, Leonard D                    
MOONEY, Margaret see Liddle, Henry LeeRoy                    
MOOR, Nora see Bawden, John Harold                    
MOOR, Norah see Witt, James Leslie                    
MOORE, ??? see Gribble, Fred                    
MOORE, ??? see Tilson, Roscoe                    
MOORE, Adeline see Primeau, Herman B                    
MOORE, Allie see Martin, Pearl                    
MOORE, Alma see Kampher, Crescent Nolcott                    
MOORE, Amanda see Rock, George J                    
MOORE, Amanda M see Burton, Lloyd E                    
MOORE, Andrew J see Moore, Richard A                    
MOORE, Andy N see Moore, Willard T                    
MOORE, Ashton J       Glasgow 22 Lime Springs Iowa John F Moore & Florence E Frisbie 11-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1358  
      Marion E Gebhardt Glasgow 17 Glasgow George Gebhardt & Carrie Masue?          
MOORE, B G       Cowan 24 Texas J B Moore & Linda Fanning 13-Sep-00 Glasgow Valley 511  
      Nellie Fay Fanning Glasgow 18 Wyoming John Fanning & ???          
MOORE, Barbara see Winderl, Theodore F                    
MOORE, Bert G       Phillips 30 Texas   19-Jun-16   Phillips 112  
      Violet May Rankin Phillips 30 Illinois            
MOORE, Bert G       Phillips 34 Texas   5-May-18   Phillips 331  
      Annie Omdahl Phillips 40 Nor            
MOORE, Bertha see Obert                    
MOORE, Catherine see Logan, Charles H                    
MOORE, Charles see Butler, George                    
MOORE, Charles see Larson                    
MOORE, Charles E       Glendive 25 Cambridge Ohio J A Moore & Mary Redd 21-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2154  
      Lillian Thoemke Beach N D 21 Winona Mn Paul Thoemke & Minnie Trester          
MOORE, Charles E see Keysar, Clayton D                    
MOORE, Charles E Jr       Oswego ?? Mn Chas E Moore & Amy Monk 3-Jul-16 Oswego Valley 1873  
      Anna Podany Oswego 24 Mn Thomas Podany & Mary Vargo          
MOORE, Clarence C       St Paul Mn 21 St Paul George F Moore & Theresa Ritter 24-Aug-26 Glasgow Valley 3236  
      Winona Elizabeth Woods Butte 18 Butte J D Woods & Anna Kirby          
MOORE, Claude O       Glasgow 26 Waltz Mich Charles Leadley & Marie E Ernst 15-Jan-15 Glasgow Valley 1633  
      Dorothy Helen Towne Glasgow 24 Boulton Mn Clarke Towne & May Jones          
MOORE, Claude W       Malta 26 Blanco Texas Thomas L Moore & Fannie Bass 5-Mar-07 Malta Valley 271  
      Ethel M Legg Malta 17 Wash William B Legg & Elizabeth Sigford          
MOORE, Clinton see Moore, Edwin                    
MOORE, Cora see Larson                    
MOORE, Donald Frank       Westby 21 Westby Fred Moore & Mary McNary 9-Aug-26 Scobey Daniels 269  
      Eula Akers Westby 24 Virginia Edwin Akers & Betty Francis          
MOORE, Dora I see Henderson, Val J                    
MOORE, Drusilla Daphne see Palm, Arthur Melvin                    
MOORE, Earl see Pittenger, Robert E                    
MOORE, Earl       Westby 27 N D Thomas A Moore & Nannie A Ross 8-Aug-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2345  
      Mildred Alice Nelson Westby 18 N D Olaf Nocolai & Christi-ana Frang          
MOORE, Earl W       Glasgow 40 Lime Springs Iowa John F Moore & Florence Frisby 24-Dec-28 Glasgow Valley 3446  
      Mary Jaisted Glasgow 27 Norway ??? Nelson & Olga Engsven          
MOORE, Earl W       Glasgow 21 ___? Springs, Iowa J F Moore & Florence Frisbie 4-Sep-09 Glasgow Valley 507  
      Carrie Jarstad Glasgow 22 S D Knute Jarstad & Anna Helge          
MOORE, Earl Wayne see Harms, William Lynal                    
MOORE, Earnest see Moore, Phillip V                    
MOORE, Ed see Welton, Arthur                    
MOORE, Edward Cash       Glasgow 22 Mich R J Moore & Mary Elizabeth Ernst 16-Sep-19 Glasgow Valley 2552  
      Ruby Margaret Griffith Glasgow 22 Kentucky W J Griffith & Carrie Weed          
MOORE, Edwin       Glendive 21 Plymouth Iowa Clinton Moore & Lydia Robinson 27-Aug-21 Glendive Dawson 2793  
      Rebecca Brooks Glendive 18 Columbus James J Brooks & Ida Mae Tucker          
MOORE, Edwin see Rounds                    
MOORE, Emma see Hand, Roy D                    
MOORE, Ethel see Pittenger, Robert E                    
MOORE, Eula R see Saunders, LeRoy                    
MOORE, Evelyn see Bayman, Ferris                    
MOORE, F B       Lismas 22 Illinois William Moore & Lucy Rahel 22-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2497  
      Mrs Myrtle Atherton Lismas 24 ??? Daniel Young          
MOORE, Fern Evelyn see Harms, William Lynal                    
MOORE, Florence see Butler, George                    
MOORE, Frank see Montgomery, Gordon                    
MOORE, Fred see Moore, Donald Frank                    
MOORE, Fred       Jordan 21 Kalispell Harry Moore & Wilda Sutton 1-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1532  
      Lela Geist Otter 24 Panama Iowa George Geist & Mary Crandall          
MOORE, George F see Moore, Clarence C                    
MOORE, George N see Gregg, Virgil C                    
MOORE, Glouah? B see Bailey, Harry G                    
MOORE, Hannah see Boyle, James A                    
MOORE, Harry see Moore, Fred                    
MOORE, Harry see Wells                    
MOORE, Harry James       Chinook 30 Mn James W Moore & Mary Elvira Butler 25-Jan-27 Chinook Blaine 980  
      Elda May Woods Chinook 20 Idaho Falls Ida L D Thornton & Luella Farnsworth          
MOORE, Helen see Stein, Benjamin                    
MOORE, Henry see Christiansen, Mike                    
MOORE, Henry W       Phillips 47 Oklahoma   16-Apr-17 Saco Phillips 204  
      Laura Buttolph Phillips 17 Nebr            
MOORE, Hub see Moore, Swanson E                    
MOORE, Irma B (Kneeland?) see Staples, Marvin                    
MOORE, J see Stanhope, O K                    
MOORE, J A see Moore, Charles E                    
MOORE, J B see Moore B G                    
MOORE, J F see Moore, Earl W                    
MOORE, J L see Faulk, Clinton C                    
MOORE, J W see Bedor, Ray                    
MOORE, James see Nelson, Martin M                    
MOORE, James H see Moore, James L                    
MOORE, James L       Mondak 29 Warsaw Ind James H Moore & Sarah E Marvel ???-Dec-1912 Culbertson Valley 1175  
      Agnes E Arrivee Mondak 30 Detroit Mich Abraham Arrivee & ???          
MOORE, James W see Moore, Harry James                    
MOORE, Jane see Johnson, James C                    
MOORE, Jane see Meyer                    
MOORE, Jane see Smith                    
MOORE, Jennie see Fluke, Alfred                    
MOORE, Jesse Isabelle see Stanhope, O K                    
MOORE, Jessie see Klakken                    
MOORE, John see Moore, Ashton                    
MOORE, John see Moore, Nicholas                    
MOORE, John see Moore, Ray                    
MOORE, John B               27-Jan-1885   Dawson 37  
      Anna Hanna                  
MOORE, John F see Moore, Earl W                    
MOORE, Josephine see Enghnell, Emil A                    
MOORE, Julia see Mosser, Ralph                    
MOORE, Julia A see Johnson, Thomas S                    
MOORE, Katie see Rasmussen, Oscar                    
MOORE, Kleber V       Phillips 29 Alabama   1-Jul-18   Phillips 355  
      Enid Clayson Phillips 21 N D            
MOORE, Lizzie see Still, Frank M                    
MOORE, Lottie see Mann, Emerson                    
MOORE, Louisa see Paul, E G                    
MOORE, Lydia see Gribble, Richard                    
MOORE, Lydia see Gribble, Oscar                    
MOORE, Lyman E       Culbertson 28 Minto N D Thomas Moore & Agnes Miller 14-May-20 Mondak Roosivelt 132  
      Helen R Cooper Culbertson 18 Culbert-son Ben Cooper & Mary Sheehan          
MOORE, M E see Snyder, H F                    
MOORE, M Fern see Gregg, Virgil C                    
MOORE, Maggie see Murphy, James                    
MOORE, Margaret see Doores, Levin                    
MOORE, Margaret see Milliken, B M                    
MOORE, Margaret see Helwig                    
MOORE, Martha C see Hodgell, Fred                    
MOORE, Martha J see Scarlett, George                    
MOORE, Mary see Colwell, Warren J                    
MOORE, Mary see Johnson, John A                    
MOORE, Mary see Campbell, Ferris A                    
MOORE, Mary see Matteson, Burt Ray                    
MOORE, Mary see Christensen                    
MOORE, Mary see Schutz                    
MOORE, Mary C see Ator, Lewis                    
MOORE, Mary Evelyn see Pouder, Kenneth Ewing                    
MOORE, Mary M see Keysar, Clayton D                    
MOORE, Matilda see Hubbard, Fred                    
MOORE, Maude see Wells Delbert                    
MOORE, Minnie see Morton, Henry Riley                    
MOORE, Murray see Snyder, H F                    
MOORE, N A see Hanson                    
MOORE, Nellie see Jones, Mederie                    
MOORE, Nellie see Montgomery, Gordon                    
MOORE, Nellie see Lamb, Carl                    
MOORE, Nellie Patricia see Clark, Richard Edgar                    
MOORE, Nicholas       Culbertson 27 Trembell Wisc John Moore & Katie Ryan 10-Jul-01 Lanark Valley ?  
      Marion Soule Culbertson 22 Cooer Hill Virg John Soule & Elizabeth Dece          
MOORE, Nora see Nash, Andrew P                    
MOORE, Nora F see Witt, Robert E                    
MOORE, Norma see Hanson                    
MOORE, Ophelia see Bailey, Harry G                    
MOORE, Pearl see Mossburg, Roy                    
MOORE, Phillip V       Trotters 28 Worster-shire(sic) England Ernest Moore & Clara Simmonds 30-Apr-36 Wibaux Wibaux 533  
      Carrie A Anderson Leonard N D 21 Leonard John Anderson & Birdie Strand          
MOORE, Phoebe A see Newkirk, Harry Albion                    
MOORE, R J see Moore, Edward Cash                    
MOORE, Ray       Bozeman 26 Bozeman John Moore & Sally Thomas 12-Dec-10 Glasgow Valley 759  
      Jennie Leach Trenton N D 22 Summerville Ill J W Leach & Caroline Salyers          
MOORE, Richard       Hinsdale 22 Ohio   7-Sep-26   Phillips 912  
      Ione Hansen Hinsdale 22 Mt            
MOORE, Richard A       Maddox 30 Big Sandy Andrew J Moore & Katherine Phalen 15-Nov-24 Chinook Blaine 847  
      Alvina C Olson Maddux 22 Wis Peter M Olson & Caroline Johnson          
MOORE, Robert see Jones, Thomas R                    
MOORE, Robert see Fluke, David                    
MOORE, Robert D       Glasgow 30 Aberdeen Scot Robert Moore & Jane Henderson 27-Aug-07 Glasgow Valley 304  
      Tholia Thompson Glasgow 23 St Paul Mn Iver Thompson & Hannah Stone          
MOORE, Ruth see Reinhart, Charles                    
MOORE, Sadie see Welton, Arthur                    
MOORE, Sadie (Carson?) see Tansen                    
MOORE, Sarah Gladys see Carpentier, Jack                    
MOORE, Sena see Nelson, Martin N                    
MOORE, Sidney see Still, Frank M                    
MOORE, Sophia see Searer, Ulysses                    
MOORE, Swanson E       Turner 29 No Car Hub Moore & Sallie Rogers 11-Aug-25   Blaine 888  
      Ellen Lucy Mihelich Twete 18 Great Falls John Mihelich & Lucy Rebich          
MOORE, Thomas see Mann, Emerson                    
MOORE, Thomas see Moore, Lyman E                    
MOORE, Thomas see Pouder, Kenneth Ewing                    
MOORE, Thomas       Medicine Lake 23 Mt Thomas Moore & Violet Adams 24-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1202  
      Edith Lynd Med� Lake 18 N D Charles Lynd & Polly, Aimes          
MOORE, Thomas J see Moore                    
MOORE, Thomas L see Moore, Claude W                    
MOORE, Thomas W see Ator, Lewis                    
MOORE, Tucker C see Palm, Arthur Melvin                    
MOORE, Viola see Bedor, Ray                    
MOORE, Violet May see Taylor, Finley F                    
MOORE, W H see Moore, W W                    
MOORE, W T see Anderson, Jack E                    
MOORE, W W       Nora Springs Iowa 26 Nora Springs W H Moore & Julia H Carroll 6-Jan-11 Malta Valley 782  
      Gladys H Lovejoy Malta 18 Horton? Iowa W C Lovejoy & Elizabeth Briggs          
MOORE, Willard T       Dodson 22 Union City Tenn Andy N Moore & Sandy McMurry 3-Jul-22 Chinook Blaine 710  
      Rose G Doney St Pauls Mission 20 Lewis-town John M Doney & Virginia LaFontaine          
MOORE, William see Moore, F B                    
MOORE, William see Nash, Andrew P                    
MOOREHEAD, Rosanna see McCormack, Allie H                    
MOOREHEAD, Rose see Prentice, Wm                    
MOOREHOUSE, Warren D       Glasgow 27 Saginaw Mich William Moorehouse & Sadie Toland 29-Aug-22 Glasgow Valley 2904  
      Liami Boala Hinsdale 18 Keyser Herman Boala & Rika Merilaienen          
MOOREHOUSE, William see Moorehouse, William D                    
MOORES, Emma see Gardiner, George W                    
MOORHEAD, Lizabeth see Shanley, Walter                    
MOORS, Della Agnes see Berge, James T                    
MOORS, Emmiline see Gardner, George W                    
MOORS, Pete see Moors, Sam                    
MOORS, Sam       Harlem 26 Spain Pete Moors & Annie Maraudas 3-Nov-20 Chinook Blaine 653  
      Grace Louderback Harlem 27 Eustis Neb Abe Louderback & Mary Bowman          
MOORS, William J see Berge, James T                    
MOOS, Henry       Watkins 24 Germany Mike & Lizzie Moos 1-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1633  
      Lydia Knopp Watkins 18 Germany Martin Knopp & Luise Bech          
MOOS, Mike & Lizzie see Moos, Henry                    
MOOSE, Tent see First Eagle                    
MOOTHART, Charlotte see Henderson                    
MOOTHART, David M see Mootheart, Harvey L                    
MOOTHART, David M see Moothart, Floyd H                    
MOOTHART, Floyd H       Culbertson 22 Rock Valley Iowa David M Moothart & Adelia Wood 3-Mar-12 Culbertson Valley 1009  
      Anna M Diehl Culbertson 20 N Y City Otto Diehl & Augusta Hinz          
MOOTHART, Floyd H see Henderson                    
MOOTHART, Harvey see Barr                    
MOOTHART, Harvey L       Culbertson 20 Primghar Iowa David M Moothart & Delia Wood 20-Nov-12 Froid Valley 1145  
      Harvine R Cookson Froid 20 Maryland Robert L Cookson & Kate Roop          
MOOTHEART, David M see Mootheart, Lloyd C                    
MOOTHEART, Harvine (Cookson) see Barr                    
MOOTHEART, Katherine see Barr                    
MOOTHEART, Lloyd C       Culbertson 21 Waterloo Iowa David M Moothart & Adeline Wood 3-Aug-10 Culbertson Valley 675  
      Fannie F Steeple Enterprise 22 Leek England John Steeple & Sarah Fawell          
MOOTS, Eva see McNary, Lee Clarence                    
MORAN, see also Morin ?                    
MORAN, Abraham see Moran Alec                    
MORAN, Abraham see Moran                    
MORAN, Adeline see Cotter, James                    
MORAN, Agnes see Sayers                    
MORAN, Alec       Buford N D 19 N D Abraham Moran & Marian Ladiseau? 23-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1089  
      Lora Belgard Fenton N D 24 N D Anton Belgard & Julie Amatte          
MORAN, Alex see Brien, Fred                    
MORAN, Alexander see Moran, Joseph                    
MORAN, Alice see Wilson, Mason Solen                    
MORAN, Angela see Doney, John                    
MORAN, Angela see Doney, George                    
MORAN, Angelica see Doney, Alfred                    
MORAN, Angelique see Herman, Edward F                    
MORAN, Bridget see Devitt, Mike                    
MORAN, Cecelia see Hyatt, Chas                    
MORAN, Charles Fremont see Moran, Harry L                    
MORAN, Cila see Mitchell, Daniel                    
MORAN, Clara Ethel see Hajny, Anton                    
MORAN, Dan & Elizabeth see Collins                    
MORAN, Dora see Gresinger, Edwin A                    
MORAN, Elizabeth see LeDuke                    
MORAN, Elize see Grombois                    
MORAN, Ellen see Raius, Frank J                    
MORAN, Elsie see Brinkman, Fred Frank                    
MORAN, Emelia Mary see McNary, Russell Valentine                    
MORAN, Fred       Buford N D 36 N D Abraham Moran & Mary Ann Ladusial? 9-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1072  
      Mary Belgard Trenton N D 21 N D Anton Belgard & Julia Anniatte?          
MORAN, Fredrick       Med� Lake 24 Turtle Mtn N D Peter Moran & Liza Gunville 25-Nov-09 Med� Lake Valley 528  
      Eva Stainaud Med� Lake 18 Langdon N D George Stanaud & Virginia Jerome          
MORAN, Harry L       Sidney 38 Cheney Kans Charles Freemont Moran & Effie Barlow 8-Jun-27 Glendive Dawson 3461  
      Hazel Gertrude Smith Sidney 36 Coon Rapids Iowa Richard Smith & Ella Paris          
MORAN, Jerry see Gresinger, Edwin A                    
MORAN, John see Cotter, James                    
MORAN, John see Grabill, John                    
MORAN, John       Malta 23 Wilder John Moran & Mary Deserly 31-Jul-08 Malta Valley 397  
      Elonora Plumer Malta 18 Malta John Plumer & Catherine Cook          
MORAN, John see Hyatt, Chas                    
MORAN, John see Henry                    
MORAN, John       Froid 25 N D William Moran & N Gladue 3-Nov-21 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1755  
      Della Laroque Trenton N D 17 N D Oliver LaRoque & Mary A St Jarman          
MORAN, John B see Girard                    
MORAN, John W       Culbertson 23 Fisher Ill Thomas Moran & Elizabeth McDonald 23-Apr-04 Culbertson Valley 133  
      Alma Marie McIntosh Culbertson 23 Rick Hill Missouri? David McIntosh & Margaret Reed          
MORAN, John Wilfred see Delger, Clayton D                    
MORAN, Joseph       Med� Lake 20 Turtle Mountain N D Alexander Moran & Angdix Bems? 27-Sep-09 Med� Lake Valley 509  
      Catherine Houle Med� Lake 19 Winnipeg Can Norbert Houle & Rosie Vivia          
MORAN, Joseph see Sayers                    
MORAN, Julia see O�Malley, Frank                    
MORAN, Louis see McNary, Russell Valentine                    
MORAN, Mamie see Shoemaker, Will                    
MORAN, Margaret see Blacktail, Daniel                    
MORAN, Maria see Bakker, Joseph                    
MORAN, Marie L see Girard                    
MORAN, Mary see Eline, Henry F                    
MORAN, Mary see Turney, Victor                    
MORAN, Mary see Henry                    
MORAN, Mary Jane see St Germaine, Alford M                    
MORAN, Mary Jane see Ball                    
MORAN, May see Collins                    
MORAN, Meryle M see Delger, Clayton D                    
MORAN, Michael see Ball                    
MORAN, Mort see Hajny, Anton                    
MORAN, Peter see Moran, Fredrick                    
MORAN, Rosie see Grabill, John P                    
MORAN, Sarah see Brien, Fred                    
MORAN, Sarah see Sorensen                    
MORAN, Susan see LaTray, William                    
MORAN, Thomas see Moran, John W                    
MORAN, William see Moran                    
MORAN, William see Sorensen                    
MORAST, George see Morast, William                    
MORAST, John see Morast, Ursus                    
MORAST, Margaret see Morast, Ursus                    
MORAST, Ursus       N D 23 N D John Morast & Lizzie Wiedrich 5-Jan-15 Wibaux Wibaux 71  
      Julia Hoffman N D 18 N D Joseph Hoffman & Margaret Morast          
MORAST, William       Olanda 27 Kranthal N D George Morast & Barbara Kerchemier 5-Jun-30 Circle McCone 145  
      Hilda Kuehn Terry 18 Zap N D Gottlelf Kuehn & Lydia Bucker          
MORCHUK, see Marshak?                    
MORCHUK, Mary see Hisdahl, Bernhardt                    
MORCK, Fred D       Antelope 29 Denmark William Morck & Emma Jacobson 28-Jan-15 Plentywood Sheridan 416  
      Hildred L Benson Antelope 22 N D James L Benson & Isabeth Cunningham          
MORCK, Gladys see Manning                    
MORCK, Mike see Manning                    
MORCK, William see Morck                    
MORCKER, Harold       Nashua 28 Cripple Creek Col William Morcker & Mary Jordan 5-Nov-21 Glasgow Valley 2828  
      Celia Dykstra Nashua 20 Whiting Mo Peter Dykstra & Gertrude Edelma          
MORCKER, William see Morker, Harold                    
MORE, Beulah Florence see Rounds                    
MOREAU, M S see Johnson, F G                    
MOREHART, Rhea Ann see Foor, Arlie Maywood                    
MOREHEAD, An Louise see Myers, Rush R                    
MOREHEAD, Lillie see Darling, Howard F                    
MOREHEAD, Lily see Harbolt, Glenn                    
MOREHEAD, William see Croft, Roy E                    
MOREL, Eva see Wallschlager, William                    
MOREL, Eva see Enger, Ted Olaf                    
MOREL, Nick see Barton, Herbert J                    
MORELOCK, Cora see Frost, Ralph Eugene                    
MOREN, Juan see Moren, Mike                    
MOREN, Mike       Chinook 38 Santa Barbara Cal Juan Moren & Juana Dominguez 15-Jul-29 Chinook Blaine 1144  
      Madaline Frank Chinook 32 Billings Felix Frank & Janie Fox          
MORETZ, A E see Poole, Albert C                    
MORETZ, Edith see Cornell, Minyard                    
MORETZ, Lillian see Poole, Albert C                    
MOREY, ----? see Gardner                    
MOREY, Anna (Forman?) see Vold                    
MOREY, Charley       P�wood 26 Devils Lake W A Morey & Anna Forman 2-Dec-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1604  
      Olga Brown Redstone 18 St Paul Mn John Brown & Mary Johnson          
MOREY, Clarence       P�wood 19 N D William Morey & Anna Forman 31-Jul-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2190  
      Blanche Bantz P�wood 22 Iowa George C Bantz & Hattie Stoner          
MOREY, Ella see King, Elza Morey                    
MOREY, Ethel see Donaldson                    
MOREY, Ethel May see Holdahl                    
MOREY, George       P�wood 22 N D Wm Morey & Anna Forman 10-Mar-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2305  
      Lucille Stoner P�wood 17 Mt Claire Stoner & Doshia Blair          
MOREY, Mabel see Hueth                    
MOREY, Mable see Molan                    
MOREY, Mary see Manke                    
MOREY, Susie see Frank                    
MOREY, Susie see Gunderson                    
MOREY, W A see Morey                    
MOREY, W J? see Manke                    
MOREY, W M see Holdahl                    
MOREY, William see Jackson, Henry C                    
MOREY, William see Toftness                    
MOREY, William see Hueth                    
MOREY, William see Molan                    
MOREY, William see Morey                    
MOREY, William see Morey                    
MORGAN, Ada see Bent, James F                    
MORGAN, Albert       Trine 36 Mt   4-Nov-29   Phillips 1149  
      Julia Sharett Zortman 20 Mt            
MORGAN, Alfred W see Shortt                    
MORGAN, Alice Sally see Demars, Frank John                    
MORGAN, Almeda see Gookin, James E                    
MORGAN, Anna see Baughman, William Henry                    
MORGAN, Anna see Saunders                    
MORGAN, Ashley see Morgan, Pat                    
MORGAN, Ben see Clayton, Arnold O                    
MORGAN, Ben T see Reed, Charles Howard                    
MORGAN, Bert see Logan, Charles H                    
MORGAN, Bessie see Knipp, Edward                    
MORGAN, Cass see Kilduff, T V                    
MORGAN, Cecelia see LeDuke, Joseph                    
MORGAN, Charles D       Richland 30 Fargo Daniel Leo Morgan & Mary Conlon 19-Jun-17 Glasgow Valley 2139  
      Mary C Jorgensen Richland 29 Copenhagen Den Lars Jorgensen & Marie Jensen          
MORGAN, Clara see Brenden                    
MORGAN, Daniel Leo see Morgan, Charles D                    
MORGAN, David see Knipp, Edward                    
MORGAN, David see Morgan, Frank L                    
MORGAN, Edith see Young, Charles D                    
MORGAN, Edith see Vanderhoof, Louie                    
MORGAN, Edwin A       Outlook 24 Outlook Melvin O Morgan & Agnes E Oster 21-Jul-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3044  
      Lillian Strubeck P�wood 22 Raymond Charles Strubeck & Zella Madill          
MORGAN, Emma see Kemble, Ralph C                    
MORGAN, Estella Bessy see Peters, Ralph Kramer                    
MORGAN, Everett see Peters, Ralph Kramer                    
MORGAN, Frank see Cowan, James Hazel                    
MORGAN, Frank L       Circle 37 Rockford Ill David Morgan & Clara Peterson 30-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1528  
      Anna Welsh Circle 25 Indianapolis Indiana Abraham Burkholder & Mary Gannon          
MORGAN, Frank W       Archer 28 Iowa J J Morgan & Rhoda Crosby 3-Apr-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1502  
      Alva Small Archer 20 N D Timothy Small & Polly Forman          
MORGAN, Fred E       Scobey 23 Oatland Mn Frank Morgan & Nellie Pace 18-Jul-25 Scobey Daniels 215  
      Mildred A Wegner Scobey 18 Morgan Mn Charles Wegner & Adelia Margaret ???          
MORGAN, Freddie see Juul                    
MORGAN, Grace Ethel see Hardersen                    
MORGAN, Grace Katherine see Reed, Charles Howard                    
MORGAN, Harriet see Martell, C F                    
MORGAN, Harriet Mae see McBee, W W                    
MORGAN, Hattie see Prichard, Dale                    
MORGAN, Ida see Clark, Frank D                    
MORGAN, Irene Blanche see Cowan, James Hazel                    
MORGAN, J J see Morgan                    
MORGAN, James see Babb                    
MORGAN, Janet see Erixon                    
MORGAN, John       Wibaux 30 S D Peter Morgan & Mary Huffmann 17-Jul-17 St Phillip Wibaux 153  
      Frances Bruski Wibaux 21 N D Joe Bruskie & Mary Gerzewski          
MORGAN, John J see Hardessen                    
MORGAN, John J see Madsen                    
MORGAN, John J see Stahlberg                    
MORGAN, John R see Rothie, Almont Stanley                    
MORGAN, Kate see Star, Buck                    
MORGAN, Kathleen see Shortt                    
MORGAN, Lois M see Clayton, Arnold O                    
MORGAN, Lula see Madsen                    
MORGAN, Mabel see Kilduff, T V                    
MORGAN, Margaret see Gregg, James                    
MORGAN, Maria see Barton, Herbert J                    
MORGAN, Mary see Gookin, Frank T                    
MORGAN, Mary E see Spencer, Raymond Albert                    
MORGAN, Mary Jane see Coons, OHenry Ray                    
MORGAN, Maude see Hamilton, Rex                    
MORGAN, Melvin O see Morgan                    
MORGAN, Nettie see Rogers, A L                    
MORGAN, Olie see Madsen                    
MORGAN, Pat       Oswego 42 Madison Cty Miss Ashley Morgan & Lizzie Stately 29-Jul-08 Glasgow Valley 398  
      Annie Sassagca Frazer 23 N D ???          
MORGAN, Pat see DeMars, Frank John                    
MORGAN, Peter see Morgan, John                    
MORGAN, Phoebe see DePeppenger, Jacob                    
MORGAN, Phoebe see Joslyn, Charles Edward                    
MORGAN, Rose see Logan, Charles H                    
MORGAN, Ruby see Rothie, Almont Stanley                    
MORGAN, Stella see Heyn                    
MORGAN, Thomas see McBee, W W                    
MORGAN, Thomas L see Brenden                    
MORGAN, Unas? see Edwards                    
MORGANTHALER, Joseph       Dickinson N D 21 Dickinson Phillip Morganthaler & Christine Sieler 27-Oct-28 Wibaux Wibaux 641  
      Elva Blake Wibaux 22 Merrian Ind George Blake & Elizabeth Searles          
MORGANTHALER, Phillip see Morganthaler, Joseph                    
MORGEN, Nicholas       Wibaux 29 Mellette S D Peter Morgen & Mary Hoffman 30-Apr-19 Wibaux Wibaux 238  
      Beaulah Irene Trollope Wibaux 17 Lincoln Neb John E Trollope & Josephine Been          
MORGEN, Peter see Morgen, Nicholas                    
MORGENROTH, Fidel see Morgenroth, John                    
MORGENROTH, Frank Lewis       Snowden Mn 54 Perham Mn Gustave Morgenroth & Katherine Nuss 4-Feb-27 Glendive Dawson 3432  
      Gertrude Elizabeth Miller Cartwright N D 48 ??? Wisc Frank Phelps & Phela La Forge          
MORGENROTH, Gustave see Morgenroth, Frank Lewis                    
MORGENROTH, John       Lowrane 50 Indiana Fidel Morgenroth & Mary Kress 9-Jun-26 Chinook Blaine 944  
      Sophia Kranz Lowrane 50 Farming Mn Charles Kranz & Mary Lerch          
MORIARITY, T J       Glasgow 30 Montgomery Mn Tim Moriarity & Sarah Gaughan 3-Sep-1898 Wolf Point Valley ?  
      Mabel Curo Arden 24 Mars Hill Maine James? Curo & Elizabeth Botting          
MORIARITY, Tim see Moriarity, T J                    
MORIARTY, Dwight       Sidney 21 Cam-bridge Neb Richard Moriarty & Mabel Barrows 27-Oct-29 Wibaux Wibaux 708  
      Helen Tasker Sidney 18 Sidney Guy Tasker & Lola Empie          
MORIARTY, Richard see Moriarty, Dwight                    
MORIN, Alex see Morin, David Louis                    
MORIN, Alfred see Barsness                    
MORIN, Alfred Jr       Medicine Lake 21 N D Albert Morin Sr & ??? 22-Aug-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 657  
      Hilda LaFriare Medicine Lake 19 N D Leo LaFri-are & Sarah L Forte          
MORIN, Andrew see Sayers, Louis James                    
MORIN, Arthur       Med� Lake 19 Belcourt N D Louis Morin & Adeline LaFrance 27-Nov-26 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2213  
      Beatrice Harrison Med� Lahe 19 Elbowood N D Russell Harrison & Sarah Morin          
MORIN, August see Morin, Joseph A                    
MORIN, August see Morin, Leo Celestine                    
MORIN, Christina see Sayers, Louis James                    
MORIN, David Louis       Bainville 21 Buford N D Alex Morin & Elizabeth Belgard 13-Nov-23 Culbertson Roosivelt 691  
      Ida Belgard Bainville 19 Rolla N D Anton Belgard & Julis? Lamerre          
MORIN, Doveline see Barsness                    
MORIN, Edward       Wolf Point 48 Mt Louis Morin & Margaret Gosline 26-Nov-28 Glasgow Valley 3434  
      Jennie Cable Wolf Point 48 Poplar Richard Wilson & Alice Dawn          
MORIN, Ernest S       Paxton 24 Maryville Missouri George Morin & Lizzie Summerfield 14-Mar-15 Paxton Dawson 1685  
      Cleo Grundy Maryville Missouri 22 Maryville F S Grundy & Cora Martin          
MORIN, George see Morin, Ernest S                    
MORIN, Georgiana see Pomarleau                    
MORIN, Georgina see Kilgore                    
MORIN, Georgina see Pomerleau                    
MORIN, Georgina see Pomerleau                    
MORIN, J A see Johnson                    
MORIN, John see Shafer, Joseph Chester                    
MORIN, John B see Morin                    
MORIN, John B see Morin                    
MORIN, John B see LaRoche                    
MORIN, Joseph       Med� Lake 34 N D John B Morin & Mary Lafrance 22-Dec-22 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1447  
      Isabella Baney Med� Lake 21 N D Ed & Harriet Luehan          
MORIN, Joseph A       Culbertson 31 Benson Mn August Morin & Mary Jorgenson 25-Nov-10 Glasgow Valley 747  
      Alice Pettie Redstone 22 Dunseath N D Willis Pettie & Viola Williams          
MORIN, Joseph A Jr       Redstone 18 Redstone Joseph A Morin & Alice Pettie 28-Apr-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2724  
      Gladys Garneau Redstone 18 Redstone Zeb Garneau & Elizabeth Knowles          
MORIN, Lea see Langlois, William                    
MORIN, Leo Celestine       Culbertson 21 Benson Mn August Morin & Mary Nelson 26-Mar-19 Culbertson Roosivelt 3  
      Edna Elizabeth Bahr Topeka Kansas 24 Topeka Howard Lester Bahr & Eliza-beth Thomas          
MORIN, Louis see Morin, Edward                    
MORIN, Louis see Morin                    
MORIN, Louise see Brown, William P                    
MORIN, Luella Fern see Johnson                    
MORIN, Mary see Brien, Joseph                    
MORIN, Mary Jane see Granbois, Michael                    
MORIN, Mary Jane see Martell, Thomas                    
MORIN, Mary Jouise see Olson                    
MORIN, Moses       Med� Lake 22 Belcourt N D John B Morin & Mary LaFrance 6-Mar-27 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2230  
      Marguerete Sayers Med� Lake 22 Belcourt N D Joseph Sayers & Rosalie Patineaud          
MORIN, Mrs Adeline L (LaFrance?) see Brien                    
MORIN , Olivine R see LaRochr                    
MORIN, Peter see Kelner, Gustav                    
MORIN, Sara Theresa see Shafer, Joseph Chester                    
MORIN, Sarah see Granbois                    
MORIN, Sarah see Morin                    
MORIN, William see Roussiu                    
MORIN, Zoe see Roussiu                    
MORISON, Carrie O see Randall, John A                    
MORISON, James see Mortenson                    
MORISON, Laura see Mortenson                    
MORISOW, see Morriseau                    
MORISOW, William       Med� Lake 23 St John N D ??? Morisow & Charlotte Patneaude 8-Nov-28 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2381  
      Jose-phine Sayre Med� Lake 25 Trenton N D Joe Sayre & ???          
MORISSET, Bryan G       Harlem 21 Superior Wis Joseph Morisset & Bertha Liebern? 20-Apr-18 Chinook Blaine 482  
      Adeline Thompson Big Sandy 19 Brandon Mn Ole Thompson & Anna Holing          
MORISSET, Joseph see Morisset, Bryan G                    
MORK, Bertha O see Allen                    
MORK, H see Mork, Oscar                    
MORK, Hannah see Mellett, Cyrus                    
MORK, Hannah Caroline see Knudson, Oscar                    
MORK, James see Mellet, Cyrus                    
MORK, Joe see Huber, Theodore George                    
MORK, Mabel Theresa see Snead, Webster L                    
MORK, Magnus see Allen                    
MORK, Magnus see Chittle                    
MORK, Margaret see Huber, Theodore George                    
MORK, Oscar       St Joseph 32 S D H Mork & Ingri Deetomeson? 4-Sep-19 Glasgow Valley 2544  
      Elsie Dahring Cherry Ridge 29 Mn Fred Dahring & ???          
MORK, Signa see Chittle                    
MORK, Theodore see Snead, Webster L                    
MORK, Viola see Dawson, Mahlon M                    
MORK., Annetta see Hoyt, Charles Milton                    
MORKEN, Archie       Dagmar 22 Osnabrook N D Martin Morken & Elsie Sneva 3-Oct-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2625  
      Mollie Island Antelope 20 Antelope C M Island & Torre Olson          
MORKEN, Martin see Morken                    
MORKEN, Martin see Morken                    
MORKEN, Oscar       Dagmar 21 Dagmar Martin Morken & Elsie Sneva 3-Dec-32 ? Sheridan 2705  
      Blanch Glaze Coalridge 20 Antelope Fred Glaze & Susie Loutzenhiser          
MORKER, John see Sonafrank                    
MORKHAM, America Elizabeth (Williams?) see Rayner                    
MORKOE, Gilbert see Palmer, Elbert Henry                    
MORKOE, Susie see Palmer, Elbert Henry                    
MORLEY, Ella see King, Frederick C                    
MORLEY, Mary Jane see LaPage, Fred                    
MORMAN, Lena see Athman                    
MORNIAN, Theresia see Link, Peter                    
MORON, Albert       Med Lake 24 N D Peter Moron & Lizzie Gunfield 24-Feb-17 Plentywood Sheridan 965  
      Eva Dejarlais P�wood 17 N D William Dejarlais & Mary Bercier          
MORON, Peter see Moron                    
MOROSSIA, Tony see Spiros, George                    
MORRALL, Eva Anna see Pritchard, Chas N                    
MORRELL, Charles A see Morell, Marvin C                    
MORRELL, Marvin C       Chattanooga Tenn 24 Knoxville Tenn Charles A Morrell & Mollie A Waitman 15-Dec-26 Glendive Dawson 3417  
      Zelma Williams Glendive 21 Glendive Charles Williams & Rose Jones          
MORRELL, Mary see Wake, Burgess S                    
MORREX, Rose see Crutcher, David B                    
MORRIN, Isaac see Morrin, Samuel Wedcraft                    
MORRIN, Mary see Erler, Rudolph G                    
MORRIN, Samuel Wedcraft?       Glasgow 28 England Isaac Morrin & Martha Bridges 19-Apr-1894 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Alice Chace Glasgow 25 Sheboygan Wis ??? & Sophia Cummings          
MORRIS, Albert C       Dodson 33 Knox Cty Mo Orang Morris & Hattie Botts 17-Nov-30 Chinook Blaine 1242  
      Pearl L Kessel Dodson 34 Devils Lake N D Paul Kessel & ???          
MORRIS, Anna see Butler                    
MORRIS, Beryl see Royels                    
MORRIS, Carrie see Chamberland, William Bazil                    
MORRIS, Charles see Morris, Norman C                    
MORRIS, Edna see Gatewood, Addison L                    
MORRIS, Edna Mabel see Kregnes, Alfred Raymond                    
MORRIS, Edwin       Westerheim N D 23 Morrell Cty Mn Henry Morris & Minnie Stoecker 8-Feb-16 Glendive Dawson 1867  
      Gladys Williams Westerheim 18 Monon Indiana A N Williams & Alice Rankin          
MORRIS, Elizabeth see Tyrell, Oscar                    
MORRIS, Elizabeth M (Green?) see Phillips, Elbert V                    
MORRIS, Elsie Genetta see Dailey, Harry                    
MORRIS, Fern see McCanna, Earl                    
MORRIS, Florence Elanor see Hawley, Nykee Cranson                    
MORRIS, Frank see Schlie, William H                    
MORRIS, Frank T see Morris, John                    
MORRIS, Gail H       Harlem 26 Tyler Mn William C Morris & Ella Romans 23-Mar-27 Harlem Blaine 985  
      Fay Edna Statelen Turner 21 Amery Wis Albert H Statelen & Nora Hanson          
MORRIS, George see Hawley, Nykee Cranson                    
MORRIS, George see Hunter, Malcolm                    
MORRIS, George see Hurley, Otto H                    
MORRIS, George C       Fort Peck 33 Rush Lake Wis Olin Morris & Carrie Jorgenson 30-Sep-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2966  
      Ruth Whitish Archer 16 P�wood Peter Whitish & Clara Helm          
MORRIS, Glenn       Edgehill 22 Dorchester Ill W E Morris & Nora Halterman 4-Apr-15 �home of parents� Wibaux 23  
      Madge Veily Miles City 18 Fairbury Ill S L Veily & S L Clark          
MORRIS, Guy       Westerheim N D 21 Bemidji Mn H R Morris & Minnie Stecker 1-Jun-25 Wibaux Wibaux 491  
      Joy? Sundblad Sentinel Butte N D 23 Henning N D S Sundblad & Hattie Chapman          
MORRIS, Guy T (Stone?)       Malta 35 Delphis Kans Thaddeus Morris & Belle Courtenay 17-Jun-14 Malta Valley 1476  
      Annaa B Lahr Malta 35 Sebetha Kans Paul Lahr & Mary Johnson          
MORRIS, H R see Morris, Guy                    
MORRIS, Harriet see Garshe, Albert                    
MORRIS, Hazel see McHenry, George W                    
MORRIS, Henry see McHenry, George W                    
MORRIS, Henry see Dailey, Harry                    
MORRIS, Henry see Gatewood, Addison L                    
MORRIS, Henry see Morris, Edwin                    
MORRIS, Henry Harold       Wibaux 29 Dorchester Ill William E Morris & Leah Nora Halterman 16-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3793  
      Grace Irene Ridenhower Sentinel Butte N D 24 Vienna Illinois Oscar Ridenhower & Minnie Cochren          
MORRIS, Ida A see Vaile, Frank Erving                    
MORRIS, Irma Antoinette? see Hendricks, Earl                    
MORRIS, James       Wolf Point 31 Ind William Morris & Lillian Crawford 2-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2502  
      Ruth Coon Wolf Point 19 Indiana Mark Coon & Amy Edmonson          
MORRIS, James       Phillips 29 Bangor Mn   11-Aug-15   Phillips 37  
      Bessie Parker Phillips 19 Lewistown            
MORRIS, John see Hendricks, Earl                    
MORRIS, John       Williston 26 Austria Frank T Morris & Sophia Gemza 3-Jul-20 Mondak Roosivelt 151  
      Anna Husebye Williston 21 Decorah Iowa John Husebye & Johanna Bolsen          
MORRIS, Lena see Stein, Peter                    
MORRIS, Margaret Joy see Royels                    
MORRIS, Margareth see Scharff, John Jr                    
MORRIS, Martha see Chapin                    
MORRIS, Mary see Hibbs, Guy                    
MORRIS, Mary see Hoff, Hjalmar                    
MORRIS, Mary see Campbell, W A                    
MORRIS, Mattie see Sturgis, Floyd                    
MORRIS, Mattie see Kallak, Raymond Clarence                    
MORRIS, Mattie A see Hunter, Malcolm                    
MORRIS, Minnie see Dalton, Cecil J                    
MORRIS, Nancy see Hansen, Howard H                    
MORRIS, Nancy C see Beel, Wm H                    
MORRIS, Norman C       Golva N D 22 Hanley Canada Charles Morris & Emma Kriier 2-Apr-30 Wibaux Wibaux 726  
      Ann E Thiesen Woodworth N D 27 Woodworth J A Thiesen & Onna Funk          
MORRIS, Olin see Morris                    
MORRIS, Orang see Morris, Albert C                    
MORRIS, Sarah see Hershey, Reuben C                    
MORRIS, Sarah see Read, Hearman B                    
MORRIS, Thaddeus see Morris, Guy T                    
MORRIS, W E see Morris, Glen                    
MORRIS, William see Morris, James                    
MORRIS, William see McCanna, Earl                    
MORRIS, William E see Morris, Henry Harold                    
MORRIS, William H see Morris, Gail H                    
MORRIS, Wm see Kregness, Alfred Raymond                    
MORRISEY, William W       Hingham 38 Waukan Wis Timothy Morrissey & Sybl Rodney 12-Feb-18 Chinook Blaine 477  
      Agnes Galloway   32 Ayr Scotland William Galloway & Annie McClentchion          
MORRISIN, Daisy see Dennis, Russell Clarence                    
MORRISON, Ada Elizabeth see Edwards, Ralph H                    
MORRISON, Albert see Edwards, Ralph H                    
MORRISON, Angus see Morrison, George W                    
MORRISON, Angus see Morrison                    
MORRISON, Angus M       Scobey 32 Iowa Angus Morrison & Frances Richards 6-Oct-30 Scobey Daniels 490  
      Sadie Harding FourButtes 15 N D Edward Harding & Merlie Holgate          
MORRISON, Angus M       Scobey 26 Iowa Angus M Morrison & Francis Richards 2-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2119  
      Eunice Pugh Scobey 18 N D Joseph Pugh & Mary Murray          
MORRISON, Anna see Minser, Grover B                    
MORRISON, Arvilla see Hirst, Allen                    
MORRISON, C E       Glasgow 49 Indiana   20-Mar-20   Phillips 701  
      Cora Baer Glasgow 37 Wash            
MORRISON, Charlotte see Lester                    
MORRISON, Eden see Morrison                    
MORRISON, Elizabeth see Painter                    
MORRISON, Ellsworth E       Westby 40 Mn Joseph D Morrison & Winifred M Nims 29-Nov-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2210  
      Winnie M Aldrich Ratcliffe Sask Can 29 Mn William E Aldrich & Frankie Grumman          
MORRISON, Ethel Letitia see Skillingberg, Halvor                    
MORRISON, F J see Kelley, Clatbourne L                    
MORRISON, Florence see Parker, George W                    
MORRISON, George see Smith, Frank                    
MORRISON, George W       Lovejoy 32 Kearny Nebr Angus Morrison & Francis Richards 9-Aug-11 Glasgow Valley 880  
      Clara McNeil Walhalla N D   Portage La Prairie Man Can William McNeil & Margaret Colter          
MORRISON, Hazel May see Franek, Joseph                    
MORRISON, Hugh Earl       Sidney 22 Grettinger Iowa Leon Morrison & Marie Neeman 17-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1749  
      Anna M Jorgenson Sidney 19 Denmark Iver Jorgenson & Margretta Hanson          
MORRISON, J C see Morrison                    
MORRISON, J F       Alberton Iowa 29 Alberton R L Morrison & Keziah Allphin 18-Oct-11 Froid Valley 914  
      Alta LePley Froid 24 Iowa T J Lepley & Viola Noland          
MORRISON, James see Morrison, William                    
MORRISON, Jess A       Phillips 29 Kansas   19-Jun-17   Phillips 230  
      Harriet Carrington Phillips ??? Ohio            
MORRISON, Joseph       Scobey 23 Iowa Angus Morrison & Francis Richards 7-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 750  
      Gertrude Miller Froid 23 Mn Lars Miller & Anna Mogan          
MORRISON, Joseph D see Morrison                    
MORRISON, Joseph V       Sask Can 23 Ontario Can J C Morrison & Jennie McDonald 2-Feb-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1782  
      Lorelda Wunderlich Outlook 20 Mn John Wunderlich & Emma Ducharme          
MORRISON, Katherine see McClean, Angus                    
MORRISON, Leon see Morrison, Hugh Earl                    
MORRISON, Leon E see Franek, Joseph                    
MORRISON, Lizzie see Barnes, Earl                    
MORRISON, Mary see Tree, James Kirby                    
MORRISON, Maxine M see Bickford                    
MORRISON, Minnie L see Kelly, Claybourne L                    
MORRISON, Olive see Streeley, Earl                    
MORRISON, R L see Morrison, J F                    
MORRISON, Rosabell see Starr, Silas P                    
MORRISON, Rose see Fish                    
MORRISON, Roy       Comertown 21 Wis Eden Morrison & Sarah Brockley 22-Sep-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1927  
      Dagni Johnson Comertown 18 Sask Can Carl Johnson & Louise Fredrickson          
MORRISON, Samuel see Bickford                    
MORRISON, William       Glendive 22 Iowa James Morrison & Mattie Mullen 10-May-15 Wibaux Wibaux 34  
      Florence Wetham Glendive 17 N D Foster Wetham & Rose Lampman          
MORRISON, William see Cosper                    
MORRISSEAU, Joseph see Marion                    
MORRISSEAU, Sarah see Marion                    
MORRISSEY, Harry A       Lindsay 31 Chadron Neb Tim C Morrissey & Agnes L Bartlett 26-May-30 Glendive Dawson 3868  
      Florence Edith McNeil Everett Wash 24 Cadillac Mich Orin McNeil & Cora Cole          
MORRISSEY, Nellie R see Lonergan, Philip F                    
MORRISSEY, Tim C see Morrissey, Harry A                    
MORRISSEY, Timothy see Morrissey, William H                    
MORROW, Ann see Watson, David J                    
MORROW, Dr W D       Malta 31 N D   16-Aug-29   Phillips 1135  
      Carolyn Cook Malta 21 Illinois            
MORROW, Eugene Forrest       Zortman 26 Wyo   27-Jun-29   Phillips 1124  
      Alice Wilke Dodson 23 Mn            
MORROW, Fern Gladys see Nelson, Oscar Nels                    
MORROW, Fidelia see Loranger, Kenneth                    
MORROW, George L see Morrow                    
MORROW, Gilla? see Taylor, Roy                    
MORROW, Hugh & Martha see Nelson, Oscar Nels                    
MORROW, Hugh & Martha see Forsyth                    
MORROW, James see Morrow, Lynn                    
MORROW, Jennie see Roberts, Roy Albert                    
MORROW, Lynn       Choutiou Okla 40 Alvarado Tex James A Morrow & Caroline P Blackmore 7-Jun-12 Glasgow Valley 1062  
      Effa Newton Glasgow 42 Marsielles Ill Timothy Hayes & Julina Barter          
MORROW, Rilla see Bauer, Jacob                    
MORROW, Rilla see Koskey, Louie                    
MORROW, Robert see Loranger, Kenneth                    
MORROW, Rula see Thurman, Roy                    
MORROW, Sarah see McCune, H B                    
MORROW, Sarah Ann (Archibald) see Crawford                    
MORROW, Thomas M       Wolf Point 34 Ardoch N D George L Morrow & Mary Mulloy 20-Aug-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1824  
      Grace M Emmery Wis 27 Wis George I Emmery & Adell A Peggs          
MORROW, Thos see Crawford                    
MORROW, Violet see Forsyth                    
MORSE, ??? see Gribble, Fred                    
MORSE, Anna see Davis, Jacob                    
MORSE, Arletta see Nichols, Edward C                    
MORSE, C J see Morse, Frank E                    
MORSE, Ethel see Smee, James J                    
MORSE, Eva see Doolittle, I H                    
MORSE, Famia see Dinkins, Chesley                    
MORSE, Frank see Morse, George                    
MORSE, Frank E       Fraser 41 Marshall Mn M B Morse & Clenda Irish 17-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1566  
      Maud Motschenbacher Glasgow 36 Marshall Mn C J Morse & Sarah Gates          
MORSE, George       Poplar 22 Princeton Wis Frank Morse & Emma Spalsbury ???-Aug-1911 Culbertson Valley 878  
      Emily Helmer Poplar 15?   James Helmer & Annie Manning          
MORSE, Helen see Gregg, Clifford                    
MORSE, Helen D see Key, James A                    
MORSE, Helen M see Gregg, Vinton M                    
MORSE, Helen R see Doty, Floyd Merle                    
MORSE, J A see Martin, Frank B                    
MORSE, James Leonard       Terry 21 Friendship Wisc James E Morse & Mary Jane Junn 23-Nov-27 Glendive Dawson 3513  
      Lorna Agnes Ross Terry 19 Terry Ralph E Ross & Eva Grace Kampf          
MORSE, Job see Doolittle, I H                    
MORSE, Josia A see Nelson, John                    
MORSE, M B see Morse, Frank E                    
MORSE, Mary see Archer, John                    
MORSE, Matilda see Washington, Stephen J                    
MORSE, Mattie see Hunter, Clifford B                    
MORSE, Maud see Slaughter                    
MORSE, Maud R see Motschenbacher, Charles G                    
MORSE, Minnie M see Dinkins, Chesley                    
MORSE, Pearl see Martin, Frank B                    
MORSE, Pearl B see Nelson, John                    
MORSE, Richard J see Priest, Howard Merle                    
MORSE, St Catherine see Priest, Howard Merle                    
MORSTAD, Agnes see Haskin, Glen                    
MORSTAD, Carrie see Froslan                    
MORSTAD, Martha see Schafer, Peter J                    
MORSTAD, Ole see Haskin, Glen                    
MORTEN, Mary Francis see Harlow, William Pearl                    
MORTENSEN, Anna Johanna see Rasmussen, Hans                    
MORTENSEN, James       Froid 21 Morehead Iowa L C Mortensen & ??? 1-Jun-21 Bainville Roosivelt 247  
      Olive Becker Helena 25 Staples Mn R A Spencer & ???          
MORTENSEN, Jens see Mortensen                    
MORTENSEN, Jens see Mortensen                    
MORTENSEN, Kristian see Rome, Martinus                    
MORTENSEN, Kristine see Olsen, Ole P                    
MORTENSEN, L C see Olsen, Ole P                    
MORTENSEN, L Christ see Rasmussen, Hans                    
MORTENSEN, Mabel see Safarik, Michael                    
MORTENSEN, Thomas P       Dooley 23 Denmark Jens Mortensen & Marian Jacobsen 16-Nov-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1851  
      Borghild E Norra Comertown 20 Mn Knute Norra & Mattie Rindall          
MORTENSON, Anna see Sikveland, Njadl                    
MORTENSON, Carl F       P�wood 22 Evansville Mn Jens Mortensen & Emily Hansen 22-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2765  
      Francis E Lane Evansville 19 Evansville A F Lane & Helen Kuhn          
MORTENSON, Carrie see Svendsen, Thorvald                    
MORTENSON, Einer see Sikveland , Njadl                    
MORTENSON, Emil J see Mortenson, Paul J                    
MORTENSON, Frederick see Mortenson                    
MORTENSON, Fritz       Scobey 23 Denmark Frederick Mortenson & Marie Johansen 25-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1095  
      Laura Morison Scobey 20 Mn James Morison & James Dake          
MORTENSON, L C see Mortenson, James                    
MORTENSON, L C see Mortenson, William McKinley                    
MORTENSON, Mary see Norby, Paul                    
MORTENSON, Mary W see Thomas                    
MORTENSON, Otto W       Dodson 36 Sweden   17-Dec-28   Phillips 1089  
      Olga Solberg Phillips 31 Nor            
MORTENSON, Paul J       Wibaux 24 Fargo N D Emil J Mortenson & Magdalin Lutnes 2-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 3110  
      Irene Ohnstad Wibaux 19 Fargo N D Martin Ohnstad & Martha Thompson          
MORTENSON, William McKinley       Froid 20 Iowa L C Mortenson & ??? 8-Jun-22 Poplar Roosivelt 381  
      Selina Poitras Froid 17 Culbertson Norbert Poitras & ???          
MORTIMORE, Angie Leah see Strand, Oscar F                    
MORTIMORE, Joseph P see Strand, Oscar F                    
MORTON, Ada see Nitz, Herman W                    
MORTON, Archibald see Brickill, Chas L                    
MORTON, Bessie see Perry, Bert                    
MORTON, Clarence       Jordan 21 Arapaho Okla Drewie Morton & Annie Norton 29-Nov-16 Black Foot Ranch Dawson 2067  
      Emily Kinney Butte Creek 17 Kalamazoo Mich Fredrick Kinney & Nellie F Boyce          
MORTON, D H see Morton, Henry Riley                    
MORTON, Deedie N see Sensiba, Oliver J                    
MORTON, Drewey Hinkle see Morton, Edward                    
MORTON, Drewie see Morton, Clarence                    
MORTON, Edith Nina see Peterson, Clarence                    
MORTON, Edward       Jordan 23 Oklahoma Drewey Hinkle Morton & Anna Norton 30-Sep-16 Butte Creek Dawson 2004  
      Bertha Marion Haislett Jordan 24 Iowa Benton W Haislett & Mary Danielson          
MORTON, Effie Brown see Morton, John S                    
MORTON, Henry Riley       Jordan 39 Montegarco Texas D H Morton & Annie Norton 22-Feb-19 Jordan Dawson 2491  
      Minnie Moore Jordan 36 Hardin Missouri John William Edwards & Sarah Fannon          
MORTON, Hinkle see Sensiba, Oliver J                    
MORTON, Iva M see Hill, J Louis                    
MORTON, J A see Hill, Jay Louis                    
MORTON, James Robert see Morton, John S                    
MORTON, John S       Malta 41 Highbow Hill Ayrshire Scot Thomas Morton & Mary Ann Symington 12-Mar-02 Malta Valley ?  
      Effie Brown Morton Malta 21 Amity Missouri James Robert Morton & Amanda Brown          
MORTON, Margaret A see Brickill, Chas L                    
MORTON, Nellie see Kennedy, Edward Reynolds                    
MORTON, Thomas see Morton, John S                    
MORUM (NORUM?), Lena see Thompson, Knute                    
MORVATH, Sidnry see Arnold, Howard C                    
MORVATT, Florence G see Arnold, Howard C                    
MORVICK, Christine see Goodale, Arthur L                    
MORVIK, Ethel see Goulet, Alfred                    
MORVIK, Ole see Goodale, Arthur L                    
MORVIK, Ole see Goulet, Ole                    
MORVIK, Ole O       Outlook 33 Amons Mn Ole Morvik & Gertrude Tysen 15-Jan-12 P�wood Valley 964  
      Ellen Lee Outlook 21 Christiansund Norway ???          
MOSCHEL, George Philip       Peoria Ill 49 Washington Ill Philip Moschel & Mary Saudmeyer 2-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 342  
      Anna Klein Chenoa Ill 45 Chenoa John Klein & Margaret Moschel          
MOSCHEL, Margaret see Moschel, George Phillip                    
MOSCHELL, Benjamin B       Poplar 26 Springfield Ohio James J Moschell & Belvid? L Gove 30-Aug-15 Roanwood Valley 1724  
      LaRuth Barnes Richland Kans 22 Kans Thomas B Barnes & Stella Gould?          
MOSCHELL, James J see Moschell, Benjamin B                    
MOSCHELL, Philip see Moschel, George Philip                    
MOSE, Myrtle see Lostroh, Allen                    
MOSER, Annie see Skaggs, John                    
MOSER, Ernest G       Flaxville 23 S D Fred Moser & Amelia Garbel 14-May-14 Plentywood Sheridan 232  
      Marie Christiansen Scobey 21   Chris Christiansen & N�? Nelson          
MOSER, Eugene & Mrs see Gardner, Glen W                    
MOSER, Fred see Moser                    
MOSER, Georgia Mae see Dale, Donald Alan                    
MOSER, Mary see Geisinger, Lois                    
MOSER, Pierce see Dale, Donald Alan                    
MOSER, Priscilla see Eliason, Mathias L                    
MOSER, Susie see Gussenhoven, John A                    
MOSES, Abbie see Cotton, Robert                    
MOSES, Abbie G see Stensland, Harold Milton                    
MOSES, James see Englebritson , Ernest                    
MOSET, Elizabeth see Dacoteau, Peter                    
MOSHER, J H see Palmer, Claire J                    
MOSHER, Violet J see Palmer, Claire J                    
MOSHER, Walter L       Glendive 46 Mt Carmel Illinois William Mosher & Charlotte Westfall 9-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1775  
      Mrs Elizabeth Matteson Benton Harbor Mich 40 Benton Harbor Albert & Henrietta Albertina Boshke          
MOSHER, William see Mosher, Walter                    
MOSHIER, Harriet see Doolittle, I H                    
MOSHUS, Erick see Moshus, Ole E                    
MOSHUS, Ole E       Bloomfield ??? Norway Erick Moshus & Beret Olson 27-Apr-29 Glendive Dawson 3711  
      Elizabeth McAllister San Diego 27 Scotland Samuel McAlister & Elizabeth Craig          
MOSIER, Barbara see Young, Earl Andrew                    
MOSIER, Josephine see Bywater, John T                    
MOSIER, Louise C see Brink, Elmer T                    
MOSKEL, Mary see Deapak, Michael                    
MOSLETH, ??? see Vincent, Elton Fred                    
MOSLETH, Dorothy see Vincent, Elton Fred                    
MOSS, Elizabeth see Baker, Otis Eugene                    
MOSS, Fannie S see VanSickle, Glen                    
MOSS, Mary see Adams, Clay                    
MOSSBURG, Elijah see Mossburg, Roy                    
MOSSBURG, Roy       Liberty Center Indiana 23 Liberty Center Elijah Mossburg & Mary Johnson 22-Aug-20 Poplar Roosivelt 169  
      Aenone Smith Poplar 21 McGansville Indiana Chas N Smith & Pearl Moore          
MOSSER, Bridget see Kirkaldie, William                    
MOSSER, Ella Frances see Erdweg, Henry W                    
MOSSER, George P see Mosser, Ralph                    
MOSSER, Joe see Shawl, Laura                    
MOSSER, Ralph       Gorham N D 21 New-castle Wyo George P Mosser & Julia Moore 28-Nov-25 Wibaux Wibaux 521  
      Meta Hartmann Gorham N D 21 Sleepy Eye Mn Henry Hartman & Catherine Retzlaff          
MOSSIN, Jimmie see Flynn, Leo Lawrence                    
MOSSMAN, Eugene see Culbertson, Samuel                    
MOSSMAN, Margaret L see Culbertson, Samuel                    
MOSTAD, Theodore see Werle, John                    
MOSTAD, Theodore       Malta 34 N D   2-Nov-26   Phillips 919  
      Nellie E Wintermute Malta 40 Nebr            
MOSTAL, Eugem see Tautmann, Herbert                    
MOSYON, Mary see Spencer, Alfred R                    
MOSZKOWICZ, Esther see Greenblat, Abraham                    
MOTLEY, ??? see Stazel, Philip                    
MOTLEY, Elias see Adrian, Robert John Wilson                    
MOTLEY, Minnie see Adrian, Robert John Wilson                    
MOTSALIEMBACHER, Molly see Heitz, Georg E                    
MOTSCHENBACHEN, Andrew see Gribble, Fred                    
MOTSCHENBACHEN, Ione see Gribble, Fred                    
MOTSCHENBACHER, Andrew see Motschenbacher, Charles G                    
MOTSCHENBACHER, Andrew see Berwick, Leonard Freeman                    
MOTSCHENBACHER, Charles G       Frazer 20 Moorehead Mn Andrew Motschenbacher & Maud R Morse 15-Nov-24 Glasgow Valley 3097  
      Elsie L Mahlstedt Mink 22 Neb John Mahlstedt & Mary Jungerman          
MOTSCHENBACHER, Mabel Lorraine see Berwick, Leonard Freeman                    
MOTSCHENBACHER, Maude see Morse, Frank E                    
MOTT, Clara see Titus, William H                    
MOTT, Clara Amy see Drewry, Ray William                    
MOTT, Cyprian see Mott, James                    
MOTT, James       Hayes 37 Teton Cyprian Mott & Kills in the Timber 29-Oct-14 St Pauls Blaine 161  
      Agnes Short Man Hayes 15 Hayes Jim Short Man & Meets The Enemy          
MOTT, Jesse see Wertz                    
MOTT, Lena see Harvey, J Thurman                    
MOTT, Margaret Lenore see Wertz                    
MOTTERUD, Fredrick J       Wolf Point 36 Norway Jorgen Motterud & Marit Stavem 13-Mar-13 Glasgow Valley 1268  
      Marie Klodstad Wolf Point 33 Norway Martin Klodstad          
MOTTERUD, Jorgen see Motterud, Fredrick J                    
MOTTS, ??? see Emmert, Earl Leroy                    
MOTTZ, Charles       Wellsville Mo 25 Wellsville Peter Mottz & Mary Weinand 19-Jun-18 Chinook Blaine 495  
      Mary T Fuller Chinook 23 Reedsburg Wis George E Fuller & Annie Herron          
MOTTZ, Peter see Mottz, Charles P                    
MOTZ, Etta see Rouse, Samuel W                    
MOTZ, Etta see Johnson, Olander                    
MOTZKO, Joseph J       Brockton 30 Brownville Mn Paul Motzko & Florence Kivus 11-Jul-25 Glendive Dawson 3237  
      Marie Simmons Trenton N D 27 Lamar Mo George Simmons & Laura Leach          
MOTZKO, Paul       Sidney 21 Brownville Mn Paul Motzko & ??? Kevus 29-Mar-29 Glendive Dawson 3706  
      Gena D Quilling Sidney 24 EauClaire Wisc Walter Quilling & Silver Tubbs          
MOTZKO, Paul see Motzko, Joseph J                    
MOULDER, Pearl see Stanley, Bliss L                    
MOULTHROP, I S see Moulthrop, Leroy Ellihue                    
MOULTHROP, Leroy Ellihue       Williston 29 Texas I S Moulthrop & Jessie Rhyman 28-Oct-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 957  
      Gladys Ida Schulstad Dogden N D 22 N D Peter Schulstad & Minnie Sletten          
MOULTON, Clara see Mackay                    
MOULTON, Fred M see Moulton, Glen D                    
MOULTON, Glen D       Williston N D 21 Cedar Rapids Iowa Fred M Moulton & May Foreman 1-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2227  
      Mildred McNutt Williaton N D 19 Sedan Mn Charles McNutt & Celia Compton          
MOULTON, John see Peihl, Wilbert L                    
MOULTON, Marie Evelyn see Alquire, John Clinton                    
MOULTON, Norman T       Beaverton 45 N D Robert Moulton & Mary J Suter 23-Nov-23 Beaverton Valley 3334  
      Bessie I Dickson Beaverton 39   Henry Dickson & Caroline H Jones          
MOULTON, Robert see Moulton, Norman T                    
MOUNT, Petrina see Harn                    
MOUNT, Petrina see Storaasli                    
MOUNTAIN, see Big Snow, Al J                    
MOUNTAIN, see Bird Tail, James                    
MOUNTAIN, Julia see Bird Tail, James                    
MOUNTAIN, Julia see Big Snow, Al J                    
MOUNTAIN, Lena see Newman, Samuel Jr                    
MOUNTAIN, Moses       Savoy 21 Savoy Samuel Mountain & Julia Crawford 7-Jan-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 585  
      Susie Bearcub Wolf Point 16 Wolf Point Bearcub & Jessie Spotted Bird          
MOUNTAIN, Moses       Ft Belknap 23 Savoy Samuel Mountain & Julia Crawford 27-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 973  
      Tina Vassar Frazer 33 Wolf Point Wounded Foot & Mary Black Cloud          
MOUNTAIN, Samuel see Mountain, Moses                    
MOUNTAIN, Susie see Strong, Joseph                    
MOUNTCLAIR , Florence see Jackson, Roy Bush                    
MOUNTFORD, Esther see Gleason, Clyde Walter                    
MOUNTFORD, Esther Hanna see Erbes, John Henry                    
MOUNTFORD, George see Everett, John M                    
MOUNTFORD, George see Erbes, John Henry                    
MOURITSEN, John       Dagmar 38 Denmark Soren Mouritsen & Nicoline Johansen 8-May-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1652  
      Louise Jacobson Dagmar 21 Denmark ??? Jac-obson & Karen Christopherson          
MOURITSEN, Paul       Dagmar 35 Snaubelv? Denmark Peter Mouritsen & Pauline Paulson 1-Dec-10 Dagmar Valley 750  
      Signe Andreasen Dagmar 21 Hjerling Germany J P Andreasen & Augusta Hansen          
MOURITSEN, Peter see Mouritsen, Paul                    
MOURITSEN, Soren see Mouritsen                    
MOURSTAD, Marie see Swenson                    
MOUSE, Francis see First Sound, Al                    
MOUSE, Peter see First Sound, Al                    
MOVINGWOMAN, Cora see Cox, Isaac Jr                    
MOVINS, W R see Movins                    
MOVINS, Walter R       Billings 24 N D W R Movins & Marcella J Murray 21-Jun-15 Plentywood Sheridan 495  
      Ruth E Oates Pwood 20 Mn I A Oates & Lucille Denny          
MOVIUS, Matilda see Riba, Adolph                    
MOW, Dorothy see Westmorland, Clarence                    
MOW, George W       Thoeny 29 Mich J K Mow & Elizabeth Swihart 4-Jul-18 Glasgow Valley 2397  
      Lena Biland Thoeny 24 N D Ed Biland & (???)          
MOW, J K see Mow, George W                    
MOW, Josh see Westmorland, Clarence                    
MOWAT, Ernest       Bengough Canada 29 Can James Mowat & Maggie Kennedy 22-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 897  
      Mary Dumais? Willowbrook Can 18 Can Betice Dumais & -----? Pechie          
MOWAT, James see Mowat                    
MOWER, Catherine see Radons                    
MOWERS, Bert see Landsverk, Ole Nelius                    
MOWERS, Crystal Ursal see Landsverk, Ole Nelius                    
MOWERS, Mary I (White) see Tennis                    
MOXLEY, Ada see Moxley, Estell                    
MOXLEY, Curtis       Rattlesnake 26 No Car Emmett M Moxley & Anzy Brannock 24-Feb-21 Chinook Blaine 663  
      Mildred Bloomer Rattlesnake 17 Wis Peter Bloomer & Laura Adelbush          
MOXLEY, Emmett see Moxley, Estell                    
MOXLEY, Emmett M see Moxley, Curtis                    
MOXLEY, Estell       Cleveland 27 Saddle No Car Richard D Moxley & Flora Jones 26-Oct-17 Chinook Blaine 439  
      Ada Moxley Cleveland 26 Saddle No Car Emmett M Moxley & Anzy Athelyn          
MOXLEY, Eugene see Wilson, Rufus M                    
MOXLEY, Molly M see Wilson, Rufus M                    
MOXLEY, Richard D see Moxley, Estell                    
MOXNESS, Ole A       Circle 27 Circle Ole A Moxness & Jennie Erbe 12-Jul-16 Horse Creek Dawson 1964  
      Helen D McKean Horse Creek 29   Edwin S McKean & Adda Binkley          
MOY, Fred see Butcher, James                    
MOY, Fred see Houseman, Howard                    
MOY, Lillian see Butcher, James                    
MOY, Lydia see Houseman, Howard                    
MOYER, Barbara see Bomtrager, Glen J                    
MOYER, Delores see Bickle, Lauren                    
MOYER, Frank see Moyer                    
MOYER, Harley R       Scobey 22 Ind Frank Moyer & Margerethe Dills 26-Apr-19 Scobey Sheridan 208  
      Sylvia Watts   17 Indiana Ely Watts & Margarethe Young          
MOYER, Harvey see Bickle, Lauren                    
MOYER, Harvey see Schilling, Arthur George                    
MOYER, Margaret see Isett, Edward S                    
MOYLAN, Burt see Antrium, John                    
MOYLAN, Burt see Moon, Lawrence W                    
MOYLER, Elizabeth see Fergus, Edward Vincent                    
MOYNIHAN, Dennis H see Garfield, Lewis F                    
MOYNIHAN, Nellie C see Matthews, Lewis F                    
MOZINGO, A K       Chouteau 38 Ind Marion F Mozingo & Sarah Campbell 6-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1870  
      Eva B Aldrich Wolf Point 21 Wis Adelbert Aldrich & Naomi Armstrong          
MOZINGO, Marion F see Mozingo, A K                    
MR, Standing Bear see Longknife, William                    
MREAL, Lizzie see Griffith, Arthur J                    
MREAL, Nick see Griffith, Arthur J                    
MRNAK, Anton see Dacus, Charlie                    
MRNAK, Ema see Dacus, Charlie                    
MROZEK, Harry       Lambert 22 Dodge Wis John Mrozek & Lizzie Glodoski 20-Mar-30 Glendive Dawson 3851  
      Sarah Henry Lambert 22 Newport Penn Lester Henry & Melissa Snyder          
MROZEK, John see Mrozek, Harry                    
MROZK, Stella see Verdick, Harry                    
MUBBETS, Frances see Alling, Ira M                    
MUCE, Ellen see Uchytil, Thomas                    
MUCHAGE, Sarah see Klampher, Michael                    
MUCHLAND, John see Herigstad, Nels                    
MUCKEY, Orlando see Erlewine, Frank                    
MUCKLE, C C       Paxton 28 Davenport Iowa R Muckle & Anna Sherman 23-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1843  
      Lena Heggedahl Paxton 28 Nerstrand Mn Austin Heggedahl & Marie Odden          
MUCKLE, R see Muckle, C C                    
MUCKWELL, Rena see Boettcher, Ben                    
MUDGE, Mrs Mabel see Denton, James W                    
MUECKE, Henry Jr       Glendive 24 Dickinson N D Henry Meucke & Anna Schlappman 17-Oct-24 Glendive Dawson 3147  
      Clara Belknap Dickinson N D 21 Anamoose Iowa Fred Belknap & Helen Stacy          
MUEDAL,, , see Peters, Henry                    
MUELLER, Albert       Orville 43 Wis J P Mueller & Ophalia Matzke 3-Jan-14 Plentywood Sheridan 161  
      Inez Lillian Payne Orville 26 Mn Frank S Payne & Nora Haddon          
MUELLER, Anna see Dennis, George Byron                    
MUELLER, Anna see Holben, Everett Earl                    
MUELLER, August F       Chinook 33 Germany Christian & Eva Mueller 29-Aug-16 Chinook Blaine 304  
      Louise Huetter Chinook 22 Germany Christian Huetter & Friedrika Wieland          
MUELLER, Charles       Glasgow 58 Ger Thomas Mueller & Francisan Waltinger 22-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1613  
      Minnie Smith Glasgow 50 b Mo James Milton & Mary Carter          
MUELLER, Charlie see Mueller, Henry                    
MUELLER, Christian & Eva see Mueller, August F                    
MUELLER, Eda see Carroll, Amos R                    
MUELLER, Frank see Mueller, John A                    
MUELLER, Fred see Mueller, Otto Wm                    
MUELLER, Henry       Cherry Patch 28 Cincinnatti Ohio Charlie Mueller & Minnie Wills 16-Mar-15 Harlem Blaine 197  
      Mrs Marie Smith Cherry Patch 30 Tacoma Wash Henry Reusing & Annie Brown          
MUELLER, J P see Mueller                    
MUELLER, Jacob       Zurich 45 Cincinnatti Ohio John Mueller & Apolonia Goder 31-Dec-14 Chinook Blaine 184  
      Nellie Hughas Zurich 47 Covington Ken Daniel Pade & Mary Dayley          
MUELLER, John see Mueller, Jacob                    
MUELLER, Mathilda see Wallschlager, William                    
MUELLER, Otto Wm       Wibaux 25 Fall Creek Wis Fred Meuller & Caroline Harke 19-Jan-11 Glendive Dawson 892  
      Jennie Baird Wibaux 24 Fermanagh Ireland Robert Baird & Marjorie Robinson          
MUELLER, Thomas see Mueller, Charles                    
MUESSMAN, George H       Culbertson 26 Charlestown Ill H H Muessman & Fredrika Miller 15-Nov-09 Glasgow Valley 530  
      Nettie C Christianson Osseo Wis 26 Wis Ole Christienson & ???          
MUESSMAN, H H see Muessman, George H                    
MUHLBAUER, Bertha see Kremling, Alfred E                    
MUHOMEN, Ida see Jantti, Apel                    
MUHOMEN, Mat see Jantti, Apel                    
MUHRIN?, Carrie see Mohr, Kay G                    
MUHS, Anton       Lovejoy 24 Cavalier Cty N D Anton Muhs & Lena Hannan 17-Nov-13 Chinook Blaine 88  
      Mamie Crowley Lovejoy 25 Louisville Ken John W Crowley & Ellen Knockton          
MUHS, Louise see Lutt, Julius                    
MUIOR, Catherine see Rodes, Montgomery J                    
MUIR, Catherine see Huxley, John                    
MUIR, Mrs Mary see Sutherland, D C                    
MUIRDEN, Elizabeth see Stambaugh, Ira Vernon                    
MUIRDEN, Elizabeth see Manch, John                    
MUIRDEN, Elizabeth see Frame, Herbert J                    
MUIRDEN, Elizabeth see Chandler, Sidney                    
MUISKI, Henry see McCormick, Robert C                    
MUKKINS, Sophie see Breeden, Robert H                    
MULAY, John Emmett       Spokane 34 Marril-lon Wis John F Mulay & Mary A Maxwell 27-Jun-19 Harlem Blaine 570  
      Lauretta Margaret Burns Harlem 27 Stewartville Mn Peter M Burns & May A Tawny          
MULCAHY, Daniel see Ange, Joseph Armond                    
MULCAHY, Hannah (Rivet?) see Heath, Chas A                    
MULCAHY, Marie P see Ange, Joseph Armond                    
MULE, see Charging Dog                    
MULE, Jack       St Pauls 20-21 St Pauls ??? & Beaver Woman 31-Jan-21 St Pauls Blaine 660  
      Ann Arms St Pauls 16 St Pauls Charles Arms & Blanch Sleeping Bear          
MULE, Lizzie see Smith                    
MULHERION, James see Sullivan, Archie Earle                    
MULL, Mary see Kaul, Christian A                    
MULLANEY, James               8-Feb-1883   Dawson 16  
      Margaret James                  
MULLANEY, Mary see Leonard                    
MULLANS, Abigail see Sutherland, William                    
MULLEN, Annie see Welton, Arthur                    
MULLEN, Annie see Walton, J                    
MULLEN, Blanche Katherine see Stensland, Arthur Oliver                    
MULLEN, Ellen May see Fetter, Leslie S                    
MULLEN, Emmit see Fetter, Leslie S                    
MULLEN, James S see Stensland, Arthur Oliver                    
MULLEN, John       Three Buttes 22 Buffalo Mn John Mullen & Kate Dunovan 22-Feb-11 Sidney Dawson 905  
      Amy E Johnson Three Buttes 22 Bellingham Mn Reuben D Johnson & Ellen E Harold          
MULLEN, John see Davis, Clarence B                    
MULLEN, Mary see Wolf, William S                    
MULLEN, Mary see Kelly                    
MULLEN, Mary see Sauber                    
MULLEN, Mattie see Morrison, William                    
MULLEN, Pat see Colby                    
MULLEN, Sally see Colby                    
MULLENDORE, J H       Wibaux 32 Logansport Ind Tom Mullendore & Anne C Seikert 7-Sep-04 Wibaux Dawson 314  
      I Verna O�Neal Wibaux 20 Wibaux Chas O�Neal & A M Miller          
MULLENDORE, Grace see Chappell, H E                    
MULLENDORE, Grace see Chappell, Roy B                    
MULLENDORE, Tom see Mullendore, J H                    
MULLER, Albert       Grenora 27 Luxemburg Pierre Muller & Katrina Loucks 24-Jun-30 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2530  
      Elizabeth Schmitz Med� Lake 20 Med Lake Mike Schmitz & Anna Rueter          
MULLER, Hanna see Fuhrman, Robert C                    
MULLER, Hanna see Liles, Vance E                    
MULLER, Hannah see Schouble, Frank                    
MULLER, Jacob see Wagner, Carl W                    
MULLER, Katherine see Anderson, Sidney W                    
MULLER, Pierre see Muller                    
MULLER, Rosa see Wagner, Carl W                    
MULLET, Ada see Villiard, Paul                    
MULLET, Jacob see Mullet, Menno                    
MULLET, Jacob see Villiard, John                    
MULLET, Jacob B see Mullet, Jacob J                    
MULLET, Jacob B see Mullet, Moses J                    
MULLET, Jacob J       Bloomfield 25 Bloomfield Ind Jacob B Mullet & Sarah Mast 9-Jan-11 Glendive Dawson 889  
      Elizabeth Kaufman Bloomfield 32 Johnson Cty Iowa David Kaufman & Barbara Guengerich          
MULLET, Joseph see Villiard, Paul                    
MULLET, Menno       Bloomfield 22 Bremen Indiana Jacob Mullet & Sarah Mast 12-Nov-13 Glendive Dawson 1362  
      Ona Pearl Cheney Bloomfield 23 Adonis Missouri Barney Cheney & Mary Emily Bass          
MULLET, Moses J       Bloomfield 29 Marshall Cty Indiana Jacob B Mullet & Sarah S Mast 27-Dec-10 Glendive Dawson 882  
      Agnes Jeannette Reber Bloomfield 27 Redding Penn William N Reber & Cornelia F Barnes          
MULLET, Moses J       Bloomfield 34 Naffanee Indiana Jacob B Mullet & Sarah Mast 27-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1783  
      Sally A Glick Stipek 33 Juniata Illinois Annie Glick & Annie Heartzler          
MULLET, Sarah J see Villiard, John                    
MULLETT, Katie see Bomtrager, Glen J                    
MULLIGAN, Albert A       Culbertson 27 Buford N D George Mulligan & Jennie Durand 11-Sep-04 Culbertson Valley 142  
      Majinie Culbertson Culbertson 19 Poplar Jack Culbertson & Iron Leggings          
MULLIGAN, George see Mulligan, Albert                    
MULLIGAN, James       Wolf Point 22 Poplar James & Mame Mulligan 28-Jul-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 529  
      Jennie Mary Vover Wolf Point 21 Chicago Jessie C Vover & Madeline Hamon          
MULLIGAN, James & Mame see Mulligan, James                    
MULLIGAN, James Wilford       Poplar 27 Poplar Albert Mulligan & Mayme Culbertson 27-Sep-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1379  
      Florence Ogden Griffith Ogden Utah 28 Denver Col William Thomas Funk & Jessie M Dietrick          
MULLIGAN, Mayme see Dupree                    
MULLIGAN, Mrs Jennie see Boyd, James                    
MULLIN, Minnie E see Goss, William M                    
MULLIN, Wellington see Goss, William M                    
MULLINS, Abigail see Sutherland, William J                    
MULLINS, Charles see Mullins, Ezra                    
MULLINS, Chas R see Jantzen, David L                    
MULLINS, Delilah Pearl see Jantzen, David L                    
MULLINS, Elizabeth see Gloyn, William                    
MULLINS, Ezra       Harlem 22 Okla Charles Mullins & Delilah Strickland 6-Nov-16 Harlem Blaine 319  
      Lena Loucile Marsh Harlem 18 Bowling Green Ohio Charles C Marsh & Jennie L Eldridge          
MULLIS, Cecelia (Baker?) see Olliverson, Howard E                    
MULLNIX, Bert Oscar       Glendive 39 Unionville Mo Ive Mullnix & Allen Packard 5-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 3581  
      Ida Erickson Glendive 35 Marion Wisc George Erickson & Eva Lyons          
MULLNIX, Ive see Mullnix, Bert Oscar                    
MULLOY, Mary see Morrow                    
MULLY, Margaret see Delaney, Raymond Cosmos                    
MULQUIST, Hulda see Becker, William J                    
MULRYAN, Anna see Conway, Patrick                    
MULVANEY, Elizabeth Isabel see Trump, Benjamin Edward                    
MULVANEY, Peter see Trump, Benjamin Edward                    
MUMBY, Rose see Berlandi, Edward Bernard                    
MUMFORD, Augustin see Mumford, William C                    
MUMFORD, Augustus see Kline, Fred W                    
MUMFORD, Gladys see Kline, Fred W                    
MUMFORD, Lucille see Gregory                    
MUMFORD, William C       Barr 27 Kimball Mn Augustin Mumford & Arminta Petty 2-Jul-16 Barr Valley 1897  
      Nora H Henrichson Barr 26 Iowa Hans Henrichson & ???          
MUMMA, Benj F see Dick, Jesse Jacob                    
MUMMA, Bessie A see Undem, Peter L                    
MUMMA, Charles F see Undem, Peter L                    
MUMMA, Grace Irene see Dick, Jess Jacob                    
MUMMEY, Bessie R see Herschman, Louis A                    
MUMMEY, Harry see Mayberry, Thomas                    
MUMMEY, Henry M see Herschman, Louis A                    
MUMMEY, Leora May see Mayberry, Thomas                    
MUNCH, Abbie see O�Brien John P                    
MUNCH, Blasius       Crookston Mn 39 Knoningen Germany Blasius Munch & Maria Dollman 25-Apr-10 Malta Valley 599  
      Katherine Elbinger Crookston 30 Aldensghman Germany Andrew Elbinger & ???          
MUNCH, Nettie see Norgaard, Herman H                    
MUNCKBALD, Margaret see Kadwell, George B                    
MUNCY, William       Royalton Mn 25 Morrison Cty Mn William C Muncy & Hannah Roff 12-Mar-18 Glendive Dawson 2342  
      Edna McCarthy Little Falls Mn 20 Morrison Cty William McCarthy & Minnie Roff          
MUNDEL, Irie       Wyndemere N D 21 Wyndemere William Mundell & Anna Goldsmith 19-Jun-30 Glasgow Valley 3567  
      Viola Staples Havre 20 Wyndemere N D William Staples & Cora Springer          
MUNDELL, William see Mundell, Irie                    
MUNDT, Alice see Miller                    
MUNDT, Dora see Madsen                    
MUNDT, Johanna see Johnson, Willie Clifford                    
MUNDY, Cecelia see Marsh, Harvey A                    
MUNDY, Cecelia see Finch, Clarence                    
MUNDY, Isabelle see Macey, Timothy B                    
MUNDY, Thomas see Macey, Timothy B                    
MUNGER, Abner S see Munger, Herbert Morris                    
MUNGER, Abner Stephen see Sorenson Hans                    
MUNGER, Eunice see Wilcox, Willard                    
MUNGER, Eunice A see Emerson, Percy                    
MUNGER, Herbert Morris       Barnard 34 Nebr Abner S Munger & Abbie DeGrun? 19-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2505  
      Mattie Conner Barnard 25 N D William H Gale & Matilda Halvorson          
MUNGER, Mima Margaret see Chittle                    
MUNGER, Minnie Grace see Sorenson, Hans                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Cleghorn, James Pringle                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Wilcox, Willard                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Tuttle, Clifford Wellington                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see O�Riley, Thomas Bernard                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Long, Horace Wayne                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Granger, Leo Carl                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Allen, Clifford                    
MUNGER, Mrs W R see Green, Grant C                    
MUNGER, Susan see Jackson, W C                    
MUNHALL, Mary Ellen see Smith, Harvey T                    
MUNIAL, Zoe see Colin, Arthur J                    
MUNIGHAN, Catherine J see Abraham, Oluf                    
MUNK, Hans Henning       Neb 27 Staplehurst Nebr Niels Munk & Marie Rosendal 25-Feb-11 Culbertson Valley 795  
      Pauline A Nelsen Culbertson 21 Denmark Martin Nelsen & Taisend? Christensen          
MUNK, Mary see Linden, Charles                    
MUNK, Petrina see Olson                    
MUNN, Della see VanAlstine, Jacob G                    
MUNN, Liddy see Kanester, R G                    
MUNN, Matthew       Sidney 34 Weems Bay Renfrewshire Scotland William Munn & Agnes Forsythe 23-Nov-11 Sidney Dawson 1010  
      Nettie Maud Link Sidney 29 Cottage Grove Wash? William Link & Mary Elizabeth Hatton          
MUNN, William see Munn, Matthew                    
MUNNELL, Carrie see Reed, H C                    
MUNRAD, Hans       Glendive ??? Norway Jens Munrad Jensen & Anna W Jensen 2-Oct-13 Glendive Dawson 1336  
      Anna J Aurestad Glendive ??? (St Anger?) Norway Tones T & Gurine T Aurestad          
MUNRO, Andrew R       Med� Lake 25 N Y City Daniel Munro & ??? 4-Sep-11 Glasgow Valley 887  
      Julia Umbreit Med� Lake 26 Oak Center Mn Emil F Umbreit & Mary Kischner          
MUNRO, Daniel see Munro, Andrew R                    
MUNRO, Mary Ann see Sutherland, Donald M                    
MUNSEN, Bertha see Thompson, Joseph Bennett                    
MUNSEN, Johonna see Kaltoedt                    
MUNSON, Ada R see Jacobs, Charles E                    
MUNSON, Amy B see Frank                    
MUNSON, Andreas see Haenel, Charles                    
MUNSON, Anna see Haenel, Charles                    
MUNSON, Annie see Willard                    
MUNSON, Bertha see Gustavson, Carl A                    
MUNSON, Clara see Legman, John                    
MUNSON, Cora see Dahley                    
MUNSON, Dorothy see Jones, Thomas R                    
MUNSON, Dorothy see Jones, Thomas R                    
MUNSON, Duene? see Pederson, Magnus                    
MUNSON, Edd A see Munson, Len G                    
MUNSON, Elen see Frank, William F                    
MUNSON, Ely see Yri, Andy                    
MUNSON, Ernest R       Scobey 40 Ill Peter & Catherine Munson 23-Feb-15 Plentywood Sheridan 438  
      Nina Taylor Westby 37 Iowa W A Gildby? & Sarah Sullivan          
MUNSON, Fred Elbert       Malta 25 Mount Morris N Y Herbert S Munson & Belle Godard? 22-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1480  
      Ella M Tyler Malta 24 Sturgis Mich Isaac Tyler & Iantha Scobille          
MUNSON, George see Frank                    
MUNSON, George A see Munson, Harold B                    
MUNSON, Harold B       Plentywood 24 McIntire Iowa George A Munson & Ina Shipman 28-Jul-23 Poplar Roosivelt 530  
      Ruth Forsythe Westboro Wis 21 Medford Wis Welford Forsythe & ???          
MUNSON, Harry       Froid 29 Little Falls Mn Nels Munson & Nellis Nelson 30-Apr-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1890  
      Mary Hippe Froid 17 Mn Knute B Hippe & Ingeliv Odegaard          
MUNSON, Herbert see Thompson, G F                    
MUNSON, Herbert S see Munson, Fred Elbert                    
MUNSON, Herbert S see Tait, Frank E                    
MUNSON, John see Jacobs, Charles E                    
MUNSON, Karen see Olson, Knute                    
MUNSON, Len G       P�wood 24 McIntyre Iowa Edd A Munson & Etta Turell 21-Mar-11 Glasgow Valley 510  
      Mattie D Boulds P�wood 21 Colloway Cty Mo Theophis Boulds & Rina Berry          
MUNSON, Lizzie see Kaltoedt John                    
MUNSON, Lottie see Peterson                    
MUNSON, Louisa see Turpin, Guy                    
MUNSON, Mary see Rust, Harry L                    
MUNSON, Mary see Hanson                    
MUNSON, Nels see Munson                    
MUNSON, Peter & Catherine see Munson                    
MUNSON, Sarah E see Thompson, G F                    
MUNSTER, Alice see Harriman, John                    
MUNSTERSTEIGER, Maggie see Landre, Henry                    
MUNSTERTEIGER, Maggie see Walton, J                    
MUNSUN, Gurena see Wachter                    
MUNYON, Hulda see Ward                    
MUNZ, Adolph       Oakdale Okla 48 Switz Conrad Munz & Barbara Krentli 16-Sep-24 Glendive Dawson 3135  
      Elise Keller Ketolda (Cataldo?) Idaho 52 Switz Arnold Stutsman & Elizabeth Ishas          
MUNZ, Conrad see Munz, Adolph                    
MUR, Mary see Oberkirsch, Frank                    
MURCALT, Alphonsine see Lemp, Clarence                    
MURCH, Elma see Schindler, Martin                    
MURCH, Harold       Nashua 21 Unity Maine Walter Murch & Grace Esancy 23-Dec-18 Glasgow Valley    
      Elma Phillips Nashua 18 N D Albert Phillips & Elizabeth Belt          
MURCH, Harold Dewey       Nashua 31 New Rockford N D Walter Murch & ??? 20-Aug-30 Gloasgow Roosivelt 1480  
      Beatrice Walter Zeiger Hinsdale 19 Hinsdale Irvin Zeiger & Mary Poland          
MURCH, Walter see Murch, Harold                    
MURCH, Walter see Murch, Harold Dewey                    
MURDICK, Albert L       Lismas 36 Kans William Murdick & Belle York 9-Sep-15 Glasgow Valley 1734  
      Lyda M Jacobson Glasgow 38 Wis Martin VanBrooks & Emma Vealm?          
MURDICK, William see Murdick, Albert L                    
MURDOCK, Alex       Whitewater 38 Scotland   12-Mar-25   Phillips 819  
      Agnes Hunter Whitewater 21 Scotland            
MURDOCK, Daisy see Bull Chief, Herbert                    
MURDOCK, George       Frazer 21 Oswego Wesson Murdock & Ada Fighter 4-Oct-21 Glasgow Valley 2817  
      Daisy Owen Frazer 21 Wolf Point Henry & Marie Owen          
MURDOCK, Ida see Fourstar, Ida                    
MURDOCK, James see Anderson, Edward                    
MURDOCK, Jeanie see Anderson, Edward                    
MURDOCK, John       Phillips 22 Scotland   1-Feb-17   Phillips 177  
      Violet Emerson Phillips 22 Mn            
MURDOCK, Wesson see Murdock, George                    
MURDOCK, Wesson       Wolf Point 48 Wolf Point Walking Bull & Neck Walking Bull 19-Sep-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 667  
      Rossie Four Eagle Boy Wolf Point 27 Wolf Point James Garfield & ???          
MURDOCK, Wesson       Wolf Point 54 Wolf Point Walking Bull & Nick Walking Bull 17-Feb-13 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1426  
      Annie Okemah Wolf Point 38 Belcourt N D John Okemah & ???          
MURK, David C       Reserve 36 Sweden Oscar Murk & Christine Jensen 29-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 900  
      Anna Brown Reserve 28 Mn Carsten Brook & Anna Stelling          
MURK, Oscar see Murk                    
MURNCHOW, Albert see Torn, Arthur                    
MURNCHOW, Amelia see torn, Arthur                    
MURO, Augusta see Reed, Ward F                    
MURO, Ida May see Reed, Ward F                    
MURPHEY, Catherine see Galster, Henry J                    
MURPHEY, H E see Galster, Harry J                    
MURPHY, ____? see Abbott, Paul H                    
MURPHY, A R see Murphy, William D                    
MURPHY, A R see Murphy, William D                    
MURPHY, Alex see Pierce                    
MURPHY, Alexander R see Gleason, Howard E                    
MURPHY, Alexander R see Knoll, John J                    
MURPHY, Alice see Sennott, Walter Patrick                    
MURPHY, Amanda see Kelly, Dennis James                    
MURPHY, Amanda see O�Neil, Edward Frances                    
MURPHY, Amanda J see Felt, Stanley Evans                    
MURPHY, Amanda J see O�Neill, Stephen F                    
MURPHY, Beatrice see Egger                    
MURPHY, Boyd Chester       Turner 22 Putnam Cty Mo Lee Murphy & Marie Devery 30-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 316  
      Eva Linson? Turner 25 Ogelville Ind William Thomas Linson & Sarah Johanna Billiton?          
MURPHY, Bridie A see Cavanaugh, John D                    
MURPHY, Candace M see Killworth, Logan L                    
MURPHY, Cary Sylvester see Fitx, Foster Merle                    
MURPHY, Catherine see Armstrong, Fred Albert                    
MURPHY, Catherine see McNiece, Daniel                    
MURPHY, Catherine see McNiece, John C                    
MURPHY, Charles       Deer River Mn 50 Mn Sam Murphy & Pheby Cunningham 27-Jun-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2253  
      Frances Brown Antelope 21 Indiana J A Richardson & Catherine Lindsey          
MURPHY, Charles see Grubbs                    
MURPHY, Charles Thomas       Glendive 26 Detroit Mich John Murphy & Nettie Pullen 13-Sep-12 Glendive Dawson 1139  
      Flora Manon Menke Glendive 20 Glendive John Menke & Mary Schreder          
MURPHY, Charley see Egger                    
MURPHY, Chester J       Glendive 40 Fayette Cty Iowa Joseph Murphy & Cynthia Alvay 1-Jan-07 Glendive Dawson 412  
      Grace A Skinner Glendive 44 Fayette Cty Iowa William A Skinner & Mariette Hendrickson          
MURPHY, Cornelius see Murphy                    
MURPHY, D J see Murphy, Hugh                    
MURPHY, Dan C       Scobey 22 Mt Cornelius Murphy & Mary Hellmam 4-Mar-18 Scobey Sheridan 1273  
      Effie E Gilchrist Scobey 25 Mn Elmer D Gilchrist & Margaret Becker          
MURPHY, Daniel see Murphy, John                    
MURPHY, Daniel see Murphy, William                    
MURPHY, Dennis J see O�Neill, Stephen F                    
MURPHY, Dora see Chouinard, Frank L                    
MURPHY, Dora see Scott, Harry                    
MURPHY, Edward see Killworth, Logan L                    
MURPHY, Elizabeth see Cooper, O P                    
MURPHY, Elizabeth Lee see Long, William B                    
MURPHY, Ella see Hurly, Leo                    
MURPHY, Ella see Boe, Nels Rasmusson                    
MURPHY, Elsie see Gavin, Roland E                    
MURPHY, Emma see Mefie, Edward                    
MURPHY, Esther see McClay, John                    
MURPHY, Ethel P see Grubbs                    
MURPHY, Fanny see Hershey, Reuben C                    
MURPHY, Francis P C       Fairview 34 Swift Cty Mn Miles Murphy & Lucinda Kennedy 7-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1257  
      Mary Lucinda Harris Fairview 17 Lincoln Cty S D Robert V Harris & Euphemia White          
MURPHY, George see Misfiedt , Pearl Henry                    
MURPHY, George Arthur       Malta 22 N D   17-Sep-27   Phillips 963  
      Amanda Lundstrom Malta 18 N D            
MURPHY, George J       Glendive 23 St Paul Mn Nicholas Murphy & Anna Doyle 27-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 540  
      Anna Grandl Glendive 20 St Paul Mn John Grandl & Katherine Kern          
MURPHY, George Lewis       Williston N D 34 St Cloud Mn Walter Watt Murphy & Elizabeth Hallern 20-Apr-29 Culbertson Roosivelt 1304  
      Mary Gertrude Fineran Dodson 39 Dodson James Fineran & Mary C O�Riley          
MURPHY, Hannah see Hobbs, Frank                    
MURPHY, Harriet see Gleason, Howard E                    
MURPHY, Herbert E see Boe, Nels Rasmusson                    
MURPHY, Hugh       Glendive 24 Mn D J Murphy & Cecelia McCafferty 26-Apr-26 Wibaux Wibaux 133  
      Gladys Hardy Glendive 19 Iowa W M Hardy & Carrie Weid          
MURPHY, Hyacinth see Fitz, Foster Merle                    
MURPHY, Irene C see Knoll, John J                    
MURPHY, James       Malta 28 Ft Worth Texas Michael Murphy & Maggie Moore 8-Dec-02 Malta Valley (76)235  
      Annie Amyatte Malta 17 Glasgow Archie Amyatte & Betsy Henderson          
MURPHY, James see Larson, George P                    
MURPHY, James       Hamlin 38 Monroe Cty Wisc Richard Murphy & Mary Dutton 22-Mar-16 Weldon Dawson 2053  
      Mabel Lind Hamlin   Hillsboro Wis Homer Lind & Nellie White          
MURPHY, James see Gavin, Roland E                    
MURPHY, James P       Kalispell 21? Mn Michael Murphy & Johanna Hagen 5-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2006  
      Stella McCalley Minneapolis Mn 20 Iowa Peter McCalley & ??? Cunningham          
MURPHY, James W       Thoeny 34 Mn Patrick Murphy & Eliza Dunn 13-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2579  
      Mabel C Liefson Thoeny 31 Mn John Liefson & Gertrude Evans          
MURPHY, Jennie see Becker, Oscar                    
MURPHY, Jennie see Padgett, Ray                    
MURPHY, John see Lintheum, William J                    
MURPHY, John       Circle 33 Ireland Daniel Murphy & Mary McClarty 20-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2028  
      Martha McFetridge Winnipeg Man Can 23 Ireland John McFetridge & Sophie McClure          
MURPHY, John see McNiece, Daniel                    
MURPHY, John see Murphy, Charles Thomas                    
MURPHY, John see Rossebo, Avon                    
MURPHY, John see Brady, Charles                    
MURPHY, John see Reidy, Francis M                    
MURPHY, John see Murphy                    
MURPHY, John       Minneapolis 27 Oregon Paul Murphy & Anna Dumbuk? 6-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan    
      Ella Anna Stephan Coalridge 24 Mn Randolph Stephan & Anna Domini          
MURPHY, John D       Glasgow 29 Buffalo Mn J D Murphy & Marie Peltier 12-Jul-10 Glasgow Valley 666  
      Philomene Leford Glasgow 22 Whitney Mich Joseph Leford & Mary Toeller          
MURPHY, Joseph see Murphy, Chester J                    
MURPHY, Josephine see Hobbs, Frank                    
MURPHY, Kathrine see McNiece, Paul D                    
MURPHY, Kathryn C see Reidy, Francis M                    
MURPHY, Kathryn Marie see Tombs, Ernest Reynolds                    
MURPHY, Lee see Murphy, Boyd Chester                    
MURPHY, Lizzie see Kelly                    
MURPHY, Lola B see Bakrud, Iver                    
MURPHY, Loretta see Bain                    
MURPHY, Louise J see Linthieum, William J                    
MURPHY, Malcolm D       Willow Vale Can 37 St Cloud Mn John Murphy & Jane Campbell 14-Apr-20 Scobey Sheridan 1616  
      Kate Lohan Arlington S D 28 S D ???          
MURPHY, Margaret see Fassett, Almond G                    
MURPHY, Margaret see Fassett, Sherman                    
MURPHY, Margaret see Pointer, Thomas                    
MURPHY, Margaret see Ingalls, John Emerson                    
MURPHY, Margaret see Ingalls, Bert                    
MURPHY, Margaret M see Brady, Charles                    
MURPHY, Margarete see Meyer, Dick F                    
MURPHY, Marvin       Luella Canada 26 Ontario William Murphy & Helen Archdale 15-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 633  
      Idella Iona Graham East Scobey 18 Iowa Edward Greham & Nellie Rowe          
MURPHY, Mary see Carroll, Joseph John                    
MURPHY, Mary see Larson, Andrew                    
MURPHY, Mary see Liljegreen, Carl                    
MURPHY, Mary see Rossebo, Avon                    
MURPHY, Mary see Stubbs, Henry                    
MURPHY, Mary see Wyse, Sylvester D                    
MURPHY, Mary see Burns, William F                    
MURPHY, Mary Ann see Heely, L Lee                    
MURPHY, Mattie see Rader, William                    
MURPHY, May see Gaynor, Charles C                    
MURPHY, May see Evans, Claude T                    
MURPHY, Maylo see Williard, Orr G                    
MURPHY, Merle       Malta 21 N D   3-Oct-27   Phillips 967  
      Mary McPhee Malta 21 N D            
MURPHY, Merle & Mrs see Simpson, Walter                    
MURPHY, Michael see Murphy, James                    
MURPHY, Michael see Murphy, James P                    
MURPHY, Michael J see Murphy, Phillip Sylvester                    
MURPHY, Miles see Murphy, Francis P C                    
MURPHY, Nellie M see Hageseth, Oscar O                    
MURPHY, Nicholas see Murphy, George J                    
MURPHY, Patrick see Murphy, James W                    
MURPHY, Patrick D see Murphy, Richard L                    
MURPHY, Paul see Murphy                    
MURPHY, Pearl Agnes see Dougherty, Frank                    
MURPHY, Peter C see Dougherty, Frank                    
MURPHY, Peter G see Williard, Orr G                    
MURPHY, Philip       res Wolf Point 38 Iowa Patrick Murphy & Ellen Cannon 26-Nov-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1407  
      Blanche A Heser Wolf Point 24 Nebr Nickolas Heser & ???          
MURPHY, Phillip Sylvester       Harlem 28 Harlem Michael J Murphy & Josephine Anderson 7-Mar-25 Chinook Blaine 861  
      Ruby Louise Rafter Twete 19 Russell N D William G Rafter & Elsie E Hogoboan?          
MURPHY, Richard see Murphy, James                    
MURPHY, Richard L       Glasgow 25 Penn Patrick D Murphy & Mary Lutsee? 16-Mar-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Oron? Mae Peterson Glasgow 23 Sheboygan Wis J W Peterson & Anna Wannamaker?          
MURPHY, Sam see Murphy                    
MURPHY, Simpson G       Glasgow 42 Ill William Murphy & Clarina Simmons 11-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2706  
      Nellie J Johonnott Glasgow 42 Ill Robert Johonnott & Francis Rice          
MURPHY, Thomas see Sennott, Walter Patrick                    
MURPHY, Thomas E see Norton, Don Evan                    
MURPHY, Thomas Fenton see Murphy, William Henry                    
MURPHY, Vera C see Norton, Don Evan                    
MURPHY, Walter Watt see Murphy, George Lewis                    
MURPHY, William see Murphy, Simpson G                    
MURPHY, William see Cavanaugh, John D                    
MURPHY, William       Circle 28 Belfast Ireland Daniel Murphy & Mary McCarthy 23-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1552  
      Jenny Matthews Philadelphia Penn 25 Belfast Ireland Thomas Matthews & Agnes Hilton          
MURPHY, William see Murphy                    
MURPHY, William D       Glendive 39 Slee-py Eye Mn A R Murphy & Mary O�Brien 4-Jun-24 Wibaux Wibaux 433  
      Isabelle Walterlin Glendive 35 Menominee Wis Peter Walterlin & Frieda Walter          
MURPHY, William D       Glendive 33 Sleepy Eye Mn A R Murphy & Mary O�Brien 30-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2072  
      Hettie Hatton Glendive 20 Glendive Edward Hatton & Mary Knapp          
MURPHY, William F see Long, William B                    
MURPHY, William Henry       Zero Mountain 47 Kingston Ontario Can Thomas Fenton Murphy & Margaret Gates 24-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 2712  
      Nellie May Barber Zero Mountain 34 Colebrook Ohio Bela P Barber & Flora Fabes          
MURR, Anna see Julum, Oliver                    
MURR, Harold F       Flaxville 22 Wis William Murr & Mary Linder 13-Dec-28 Scobey Daniels 408  
      Myrtle O Odden Flaxville 22 Mn Nels Odden & Sadie Moen          
MURR, Isidore see Murr                    
MURR, Joseph see Murr, Walter A                    
MURR, Joseph see Murr, Ludwig                    
MURR, Joseph A       Flaxville 27 Marathon Wis Joseph Murr & Barbara Gassner 19-Oct-26 Flaxville Daniels 283  
      Marie J Knorr Poplar 22 Poplar Charles Knorr & Lulu Brugere          
MURR, Ludwig       Flaxville 21 Wis Joseph Murr & Barbara Gassner 30-Jan-28 Flaxville Daniels 364  
      Viola Linder Flaxville 21 Wis Anton Linder & Francis Nebelacter?          
MURR, Marie see Schlag, Harley                    
MURR, Peter       Redstone 34 Wis Isidore Murr & Rose Staley 6-Feb-15 Plentywood Sheridan 421  
      Martha Waidt Flaxville 24 Ger            
MURR, Walter A       Flaxville 22 Wis Joseph Murr & Barbara Gassner 23-Nov-26 Flaxville Daniels 291  
      Ruth A Marcotte Flaxville 18 N D Eugene Marcotte & Mabel Pettie          
MURR, William see Murr, Harold F                    
MURR, William see Schlag, Harley                    
MURR, Wm see Julum, Oliver                    
MURR, Wm C see Murr                    
MURR, Wm J       Flaxville 21 Flaxville Wm C Murr & Mary Linder 23-Nov-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2511  
      Pearl Olson Flaxville 18 New Richmond Mn Andrew Olson & Marie Johnson          
MURRAY, A see Murray, A C                    
MURRAY, A C       Grassy Butte N D 28 Belfield N D A Murray & Dilly Gilman 30-Sep-16 Glendive Dawson 2008  
      Georgia Durkee Oakdale N D 19 Cresco Iowa John Durkee & Nellie Ackelson          
MURRAY, Agnes see Hanson, Howard H                    
MURRAY, Albert see McKenzie, Donald K                    
MURRAY, Albert see Evans, Carl F                    
MURRAY, Annie see Mailfort, Frank R                    
MURRAY, Arthur       Saco 42 Mass Frank Murray & Margaret Baker 4-Aug-17 Saco Valley 2185  
      Amanda Johnson Saco 32 Sweden Johannes Johnson & Adelina Peterson          
MURRAY, Arthur       Homestead 27 Culbertson John Murray & Mary Louise St Peter 16-Oct-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2201  
      Myrtle Edith Astrope Froid 26 Culbertson C E Astrope & Mattie Cooper          
MURRAY, B W see Thompson, Harold Murray                    
MURRAY, Bertha May see Crail, Lloyd T                    
MURRAY, Elizabeth M see Spiller, Chas W F                    
MURRAY, Ellen see McSpadden, R H                    
MURRAY, Ellen see Mawn, Charles                    
MURRAY, Elmer       Stanley N D 38 Stanley John Francis & Mary Flanigan 14-Jul-22 Glasgow Valley 2893  
      Helene Stanley Stanley N D     Martin Stanley & Carrie Hendricks          
MURRAY, Elmer see Evans, Carl F                    
MURRAY, Emma W see Grow, Earl Winfield                    
MURRAY, Ethel see Renard, Fred                    
MURRAY, Ethel see Murray, Floyd                    
MURRAY, Ethel see Webster, George Joseph                    
MURRAY, Floyd       Glendive 48 Ashville N Car John Murray & Mathilda Bradford     Dawson 2945  
      Ethel Murray Glendive 24 Louisville Kentucky Martin Murray & Helen Jones          
MURRAY, Floyd S       Ashville N C 33 Ashville John Murray & Mathilda Bradford 5-May-28 Wibaux Wibaux 606  
      Sidney Miskimen Glendive 25 Glendive J Harley Miskimen & Nellie Miller          
MURRAY, Frank see Murray, Arthur                    
MURRAY, Frank       Great Falls 21 Culbertson John Murray & Mary St Peter 8-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2268  
      Lillian Cramshaw Homestead 27 England Thomas Cramshaw & Eliza Gale          
MURRAY, Frank P see Ferguson, Michael                    
MURRAY, Ingrid A see Murray, Robert A                    
MURRAY, Isaac see Brady, Edward                    
MURRAY, Isaac see Murray                    
MURRAY, Isaac T       Poplar 33 Fredricktown Mo Isaac Murray & Anna H Dee 5-Aug-13 Culbertson Sheridan 46  
      Adeline Pfifer Poplar 19 Poplar John Pfifer & Melis Lambert          
MURRAY, J B see Hanson, Howard H                    
MURRAY, J F & Mrs see O�Neil M D                    
MURRAY, Jack       P�wood 36 Virginia John Murray & Nettie Roberts 27-Nov-17 Bainville Sheridan 1203  
      Eva Leslie Glendive 34 Michigan M A Bloss & M A Loomis          
MURRAY, James see Shepard, Joseph                    
MURRAY, James see Bethune, McBride                    
MURRAY, James F       Malta 30 Glencoe Mn P Murray & Mary Gallagher 29-Dec-04 Malta Valley 160  
      Ethel Mae Stafford Cadillac Mich 26 Attica Mich D C Stafford & Sarah A Ruddock          
MURRAY, James F       Landusky 25 Big Sandy James Murray & Cecelia Burke 11-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley    
      Thelma A Neff Landusky 18 Penn Henry Neff & Ella Hepburn          
MURRAY, James F       Seattle Wash 28 Big Sandy James Murray & Celia Burke 7-Sep-23 Chinook Blaine 775  
      Rosinal Goll Caldwell 22 Martin N D William Goll & Elizabeth Schaibel          
MURRAY, James M see Murray, Robert A                    
MURRAY, James M       Phillips 38 Maryland   11-Feb-18   Phillips 319  
      Ingrid Anderson Phillips 34 Norway            
MURRAY, John       Homestead 24 Culbertson John Murray & Mary G ??? 27-Mat-1920 Glasgow Valley 2670  
      Amelia Dove Culbertson 26 Culbertson Comer Armstrong & Josephine Lambert          
MURRAY, John see Dubois, Louis                    
MURRAY, John see McSpadden, John                    
MURRAY, John see Murray, Frank                    
MURRAY, John see Murray, Floyd S                    
MURRAY, John see Murray, Floyd                    
MURRAY, John see Webster, George Joseph                    
MURRAY, John see Murray                    
MURRAY, John see Murray                    
MURRAY, John see Zick                    
MURRAY, Joseph see Schwarz, Herman                    
MURRAY, Josephine see Bethune, McBride                    
MURRAY, Katherine see Havens, Charles                    
MURRAY, Kenneth P see Maloney, Christie                    
MURRAY, Lily B see Jeffr, Tom                    
MURRAY, Mabel F see Arbogast, Chester                    
MURRAY, Marcella see Movins                    
MURRAY, Margaret see Blacktail, Dan                    
MURRAY, Margaret see Shepard, Joseph                    
MURRAY, Margaret Louise see Brady, Edward                    
MURRAY, Margareth Ellen see Zick                    
MURRAY, Martin see Murray, Floyd                    
MURRAY, Mary see Bridges, David                    
MURRAY, Mary see McCoy, Vodra                    
MURRAY, Mary see Morrison                    
MURRAY, Mildred see Ferguson, Michael                    
MURRAY, Mrs Amanda M see Haugen, Anton                    
MURRAY, Nora Irene see Cobleigh, Harry Lester                    
MURRAY, Orpha see McKenzie, Donald K                    
MURRAY, P see Murray, James F                    
MURRAY, Patrick see Havens, Charles                    
MURRAY, Patrick see Cobleigh, Harry Lester                    
MURRAY, Peter see Renard, Fred                    
MURRAY, Robert see Murray, Robert F                    
MURRAY, Robert A       Malta 45 Maryland   20-Jun-22   Phillips 651  
      Minda Marie Johnson Malta 32 Mich            
MURRAY, Robert A see Murray, James M                    
MURRAY, Robert A see Haugen, Robert A                    
MURRAY, Robert C see Murray                    
MURRAY, Robert F       Harlem 33 Mass Robert Murray & Sarah Fennel 15-Apr-1895 Malta Valley ?  
      Mabel C Brockway Malta 18 Jefferson N Y Louis Brockway & Mary Payne          
MURRAY, Robert F see Arbogast, Chester                    
MURRAY, Robert F Jr       Harlem 21 Harlem Robert F Murray & Mabel Brockway 3-Jul-16 Chinook Blaine 287  
      Hazel Smithson Harlem 22 Putnamville Indiana Zachary Smithson & Abby Richards          
MURRAY, Roxana see Crossley, Alton T                    
MURRAY, William see Aschbranner, Ed                    
MURRAY, William E       Yellow Grass Can 21 Yellow Grass Robert C Murray & Hildred C Ransom 26-Dec-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2995  
      Elaine Johnstone Yellow Grass 19 Weyburn Sask Arthur E Johnstone & Macil Elliot          
MURRAY, Wm M see Schuld, Frank                    
MURREY, Mary see Sullivan, Archie Earle                    
MURRI, Ethel see Patterson, John S                    
MURRY, Rose Ann see McAndrews, John                    
MURY, Mary see Leuenberger, Ernest                    
MURZON, Anna see Marotteck, Frank                    
MUSADY, Grace see Sweo, Arthur John                    
MUSEKI, Elizabeth see Becker, Raymond B                    
MUSELT, Lottie see Peterson, Otto                    
MUSGJERD, Randi see Hagen                    
MUSGJERD, Randi see Oien                    
MUSGROVE, Ardell       Hinsdale 26 Newlon Ill Harry Musgrove & Virginia Laws 23-Jan   Valley 1225  
      Ellie Charlotte Roub Hinsdale 17 Washington H D Roub & Anna Mabbe          
MUSGROVE, Cora A see DeLay, Floyd                    
MUSGROVE, Harry see Musgrove, Ardell                    
MUSGROVE, John see Beherndt, Alfred J                    
MUSGROVE, John S see DeLay Floyd                    
MUSGROVE, Maggie Mae see Albert, Ralph Elonzo                    
MUSGROVE, Mona see Beherndt, Alfred J                    
MUSIC, see King, Harvey                    
MUSICK, Bessie see Benson, Bennet                    
MUSICK, Howard & Felica see Benson, Bennet                    
MUSICK, Howard W       Williston 59 Canada Peter Musick & Katherine Kelley 4-Jul-24 Poplar Roosivelt 635  
      Helen Swenseid Williston 42 Norway Olf Lee & Pauline Olson          
MUSICK, M L see Vanscoy, M L                    
MUSICK, Peter see Musick, Howard W                    
MUSIL, Bessie see Hoffman, William                    
MUSIL, Joseph see Hoffman, William                    
MUSKRAT, Jacob       Poplar 57 N D The Leader & ??? 8-May-21 Brockton Roosivelt 235  
      Nancy Muskrat Poplar 50 Big Dry Smell Face & ???          
MUSKRAT, Nancy see Muskrat, Jacob                    
MUSKY, Elizabeth see Becker, Henry Joseph Simon                    
MUSLAND, Bertha Pauline see Rise, Hans Olai H                    
MUSLAND, John & Brilla see Rise, Hans Olai H                    
MUSLAND, Pauline see Kappel, Leo                    
MUSLAND, Setea? see Rise, Hans Olai H                    
MUSLIN, Mary see Haug                    
MUSSELMAN, Everett       Ridgeway Ohio 24 ??? W H Musselman & Louise Ray 28-Oct-09 Glasgow Valley 522  
      Margaret Belton Tyre Mich 22 Mich Henry Belton & Mary Crouse          
MUSSELMAN, W H see Musselman, Everett                    
MUTCH, Sophia see Mason, Warren F                    
MUTSCHLER, Fred see Karn, Edward J                    
MUTTART, John see Boetcher, Walter F                    
MUTTART, Mary see Boettcher, George W                    
MUTTE, Minnie Marie see Cossette, Ernest                    
MUTZIGER, Anna see Miller, Will H                    
MUTZIGER, Anna see Levengood, Ralph                    
MUTZIGER, Anna see Miller, Ralph                    
MUTZIGER, Mary see Arnd                    
MUTZIGER, Nicholas see Abbott, Carroll L                    
MUTZITER, Anna see Crockett, George Bert                    
MUUS, Nels see Meyer                    
MUXLOW, Ada Pauline see Shaker, John Dellen                    
MUXLOW, George       Glendive 44 Independence Iowa Robert Muxlow & Ruth Fitchett 12-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1965  
      Erma Wold Glendive 34 Cascade Wisc John Harnden & Francis Fancher          
MUXLOW, George see Shaker, John Dellen                    
MUXLOW, Robert see Muxlow, George                    
MYARS, Donna H see Holst                    
MYARS, John see Holst                    
MYARS, Lemanda (Marshall?) see Pedersen                    
MYER, Elizabeth see Cash, George                    
MYER, Ingeborg see Pederson                    
MYER, Joseph see Rapelje, John M                    
MYER, Marion see Hola                    
MYER, Mary see Hartman, Merton Lee                    
MYER, Minnie see Hazelton, Simon H                    
MYER, Pauline see Xander, Clarence F                    
MYER, Rosy Agnes see Rapelje, John M                    
MYER, Runday see Aklastad                    
MYERS, Alonzo see Myers                    
MYERS, Annie see McKinney, Joseph W                    
MYERS, Barbara see Startz, Reinhart                    
MYERS, Cecil E see McGilvra, Everett E                    
MYERS, Charles       Opheim 37 Opheim Frank Myers & Anna Doe 19-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2256  
      Jessie M Linderman Opheim 29 Mn Andrew Peterson & Mary Judd          
MYERS, Charles see Myers, Henry Frederick                    
MYERS, Clarence       P�wood 23 Tresole Ind Alonzo Myers & Virginia Poling 17-Oct-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2630  
      Margaret Redden P�wood 19 Iowa Sylvester & Minnie Redden          
MYERS, Clifford see Hammonds                    
MYERS, Clifford see Hammonds                    
MYERS, Clyde William       Sentinel Butte N D 24 Larchwood Iowa John W Myers & Clara Hodgson 23-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1646  
      Eva May Adams Sentinel Butte 21 Luverne Mn George W Adams & Lulu Kernry          
MYERS, David M see Peters, John August                    
MYERS, Elizabeth see Parrish, John E                    
MYERS, Elizabeth A see Davis, Gabriel I                    
MYERS, Elizabeth E see Haverfield, Percy E                    
MYERS, Fay see Jenson, Russell                    
MYERS, Frank see Myers, Charles                    
MYERS, Frank see Nickels, Herman J                    
MYERS, Gladys see Peters, John August                    
MYERS, Hadaska see Heberlig, S A                    
MYERS, Henry Frederick       Dawson Cty ??? Medina Mn Charles Myers & Katheryn Oberlin 12-Aug-13 Fairview Dawson 1304  
      Selina Louisa Miller Dawson Cty 26 Mora Mn Peter Oliver Miller & Anna Lee          
MYERS, Howard       Outlook 24 Mn Martin Myers & Florence McCord 12-Sep-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2001  
      Ada B Hecht Hensler N D 18 N D John A Hecht & Edna Fisher          
MYERS, Irine see Paulson, Fred                    
MYERS, Jacob J see Myers, Rush R                    
MYERS, Jessie see Peters, Nick                    
MYERS, John see Devitt, Mike                    
MYERS, John see Myers, Verne E                    
MYERS, John W see Myers, Clyde William                    
MYERS, K H       Valleytown 34 Iowa   14-Apr-23   Phillips 708  
      Jessie Springer Greve 35 Iowa            
MYERS, Lou see Paulson, Fred                    
MYERS, Louise A see Tillotson                    
MYERS, Lydia see Nickels, Herman J                    
MYERS, Mable see Freisleben                    
MYERS, Mana see Heren, Mark A                    
MYERS, Margaret see Kaepernick, Arnold                    
MYERS, Marie see Castle, Alonzo G                    
MYERS, Marie L see Heren, Sol E                    
MYERS, Martin see Myers                    
MYERS, Mary see Kramer, Mike                    
MYERS, Minnie see Spears, Harry G                    
MYERS, N E see Cuddeback                    
MYERS, Nora see Cuddeback                    
MYERS, Regina see Odenbaugh, L                    
MYERS, Rose see Davis, Gabriel I                    
MYERS, Rush see Jenson, Russell                    
MYERS, Rush R       Glasgow 24 Churchill Penn Jacob J Myers & Chlarissa Kirshner 27-Nov-1895 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Florence M Prentice Glasgow 20 Evanston Wyo Ott Prentice & An Louise Morehead          
MYERS, Samuel       Phillips 36 Ohio   7-Oct-18 Malta Phillips 381  
      L Mae Quackenbush Malta 37 N D            
MYERS, Soren see Freisleben                    
MYERS, Stephen see Castle, Alonzo G                    
MYERS, Verne E       Medora N D 30 Sioux Falls S D John Myers & Clara Hodgson 10-Jul-29 Glendive Dawson 3743  
      Inez Jessie Franzen Sentinel Butte N D 21 Sentinel Butte George Franzen & Cora Hayward          
MYERS, William see Lyons, Roy A                    
MYERS, William       Phillips 38 Ind   22-Jun-17   Phillips 232  
      Mattie Roberson Phillips 36 Missouri            
MYHR, Ingaborg see Rogstad                    
MYHR, Maria see Swanby, Hans                    
MYHR, Martin see Swanby, Hans                    
MYHR, Sally see Bonney, Walter L                    
MYHRA, Dorthea see Lee, Mons Olai                    
MYHRA, Ragna see Palmer                    
MYHRE, Almira see Kirkpatrick, Ralph T                    
MYHRE, Alvina see Fox, Irving                    
MYHRE, Inga B see Hilleren, Henry C                    
MYHRE, Ingeborg see Rogstad                    
MYHRE, Mary see Gaines                    
MYHRE, Peter B see Hilleren, Henry C                    
MYHRE, Samuel see Kirkpatrick, Ralph T                    
MYHREN, Johanna see Haugen, Lars                    
MYHRER, Thea see Anderson, Victor R                    
MYHRER, Thea see Opsahl, Peter                    
MYHRVOLD, John see Myhrvold, Robert John                    
MYHRVOLD, Robert John       Helena 30 Marshall Mn John Myhrvold & Lena Peterson 12-Sep-23 Chinook Blaine 778  
      Dorothy Helen Ziebarth Chinook 27 Ft Benton Albert W Ziebarth & Julia H Strauch          
MYKING, Anna see Helling, Carl H                    
MYLES, Jane Ann see Elliott, Edward Leon                    
MYLIE, Etta see Larson                    
MYNES, Ora Lucille see Peterson, Charles F                    
MYNES, Thomas F see Peterson, Charles F                    
MYRAH, Clara see Estenson                    
MYRAN?, Nels H see Espeseth , Melvin                    
MYRAN?, Norah C see Espeseth, Melvin                    
MYRE, Azel see Peterson, Harry D                    
MYREGARD, Bergit see Barstad, Tov                    
MYREGARD, Ivar & Cjmi? see Barstad, Tov                    
MYREN, Carrie see Helland, Arnt H                    
MYREN, Emma see Rye, Albert E                    
MYREN, Erick & Margutta see Helland, Arnt H                    
MYREN, Ragnhild see Moholt, Louis                    
MYREN, Ragnild see Moholt, Carl Rudolph                    
MYREND, Ragnela see Mohalt, Halvor                    
MYRES, Elizabeth see Haverfield, Ralph                    
MYRICK, Margaret see Freeman                    
MYRICK, Mattie see Whitmore, Frank L                    
MYRON, Annie see Darchuk, Jacob                    
MYRON, Caroline see Helgeson, Albert Norton                    
MYRON, Duffy Clarence       Sidney 27 Abercrombie N D Hans Myron & Karine Wiemodt 16-May-25 Glendive Dawson 3210  
      Marie Rau Sidney 20 Garden City Kansas Jacob Rau & Eva Margaret Ablander          
MYRON, F H see Myron, Otto Hilman                    
MYRON, H P see Myron, Herman                    
MYRON, Hans see Myron, Duffy Clarence                    
MYRON, Herman       Sidney 26 Richland Cty N D H P Myron & Caroline Weimodet 1-Jun-17 Glendive Dawson 2178  
      Lena Mende Sidney 21 Moorhead Mn Herman Mende & Emma Ferch          
MYRON, Otto Hilman       Taylor N D 26 Taylor N D F H Myron & O�lena Rue 22-Feb-23 Wibaux Wibaux 376  
      Rosalie Elizabeth Gribnau Taylor N D 18 Taylor Phillip Gribnau & Marie Gorecht          
MYRON, Theresa B see Alquire, Howard E                    
MYRON, Torger see Alquire, Howard E                    
MYRONIC, Andrew & Anna see Sorby                    
MYRSTOL, Keistina see Mathisen                    
MYRTLE, Ollie see Ketchner, Carriker S                    
MYRVAGSNESS, Anna see Jorgenson                    
MYRVANG, Bertha see Manary, David James                    
MYRVANG, Bertha see Nelson, Ernest Erick                    
MYRVANG, Matilda see Manary, David James