Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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McGrath to Meussman

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
MCGRATH, Anne see O�hara                    
MCGRATH, Ed       Williston 40 Iowa John McGrath & Mary Loynd 7-Dec-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2214  
      Marie Simons Williston 44? Mn Nels Lundquist & Olga Swanson          
MCGRATH, Edith see Regan, Joseph A                    
MCGRATH, Ellen see Scott, Harlan                    
MCGRATH, Ellen M see Badgley, John Leroy                    
MCGRATH, Gilbert       Mondak 25 N D John McGrath & Febbie Vilnav 26-Aug-13 Plentywood Sheridan 70  
      Annie Merritt Dickey Mondak 18 Ind John Dickey & Minnie Gereet          
MCGRATH, Hannah see Bacon                    
MCGRATH, John see Peterson, Syvern                    
MCGRATH, John see Bacon                    
MCGRATH, John see Larson                    
MCGRATH, John see McGrath                    
MCGRATH, John see McGrath                    
MCGRATH, Julia see Hurst, William                    
MCGRATH, Katherine see Ball                    
MCGRATH, Martin see McGrath, Patrick H                    
MCGRATH, Mary see McDonald, Harry                    
MCGRATH, Mary see McGrath, Patrick H                    
MCGRATH, Mike see Badgley, John Leroy                    
MCGRATH, Mike see Regan, Joseph A                    
MCGRATH, Morgan see O�Hara                    
MCGRATH, Patrick H       Taylor N D 24 Taylor Patrick McGrath & Mary Bloom 7-Apr-11 Glendive Dawson 927  
      Mary McGrath Taylor N D 21 Taylor Martin McGrath & Elizabeth Dugan          
MCGRAW, Adam R see McGraw, John H                    
MCGRAW, Ellen see Green                    
MCGRAW, George James               24-Dec-1884 Newlon Dawson 38  
      Martha E Newlon                  
MCGRAW, John H       Boise 30 Colora Maryland Adam R McGraw & Anne Hartshorne 29-Nov-06 Culbertson Valley 259  
      Gladys M Oakes Culbertson 19 Anoka Mn Israel Oakes & Lulu Denny          
MCGRAW, Katherine see Utter, Morris V                    
MCGRAW, Martha Jane see Colby                    
MCGRAY, F W       Garrison N D 42 Prescott Wis O F McGray & Celia Hicks 11-Sep-26 Wibaux Wibaux 545  
      Inez Miners Garrison 29 Moorehead Mn M E Miners & Evelyn Hart          
MCGRAY, O F see McGray, F W                    
MCGREENY, Mary Anna see Syme, William                    
MCGREEVY, Mary Ann see LaGrange                    
MCGREGOR, Betsy see Austin, James Henry                    
MCGREGOR, Christina see Beck, Richard E                    
MCGREGOR, Christine see Newbauer, Stephen                    
MCGREGOR, Effie see Frasier, William Hardy                    
MCGREGOR, Elizabeth see McCoy                    
MCGREGOR, Grace see Hall, F W                    
MCGREGOR, Henry see Hall, F W                    
MCGREGOR, John see Bergan, Abel A                    
MCGREGOR, John see McGregor, Lawrence D                    
MCGREGOR, Lawrence D       Medora N D 23 Dickinson N D John McGregor & Emma Mason 25-Mar-15 Glendive Dawson 1689  
      Alta Fowler Dickinson N D 23 Duluth Mn Fred Fowler & Sarah Towers          
MCGREGOR, Louise see Shaw, Allen                    
MCGREGOR, Mildred Alene see Frasier, William Hardy                    
MCGREGOR, Nellie see Petrie, Charles M                    
MCGREGOR, Nellie see Mikkelson, Engval Berntin                    
MCGREGOR, Sophia see Bond, Silas W                    
MCGREGOR, Vira R see Bergan, Abel A                    
MCGREVEY, Anna see Syme                    
MCGROTH, Mary J see Harmon, Lewy                    
MCGUAIN, Marie see Nelson, Henry                    
MCGUC?, Mary see Rumohn, Melvin                    
MCGUINESS, Delbert Williams       Poplar 29 Arlington S D Francis McGuiness & Jennie Glendenning 2-Mar-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1284  
      Erna Martha Seiffert Poplar 21 Germany Otto Seiffert & Hedwig Selzig          
MCGUINESS, Francis see McGuiness, Delbert William                    
MCGUININ?, Annie V see Lacey, George B                    
MCGUIRE, ??? see Hayes, Patrick                    
MCGUIRE, Adelaide see Vanvalkenburg, William H                    
MCGUIRE, Celia see Steinheuser, Clifford G                    
MCGUIRE, Daisy see Swenson, Marvin J                    
MCGUIRE, Effie see Stevens, Murlin                    
MCGUIRE, Hester Irene see Teter, Isaac                    
MCGUIRE, Hugh       Havre 25 Bismark N D Hugh McGuire & Nellie O�Brien 15-Jun-08 Glasgow Valley 376  
      Gussie Staton Havre 18 Chinook A G Steton & Lizzie Adams          
MCGUIRE, J M see Stevens, Murlin                    
MCGUIRE, James H see McGuire, Hames W                    
MCGUIRE, James W       Redstone 29 Iowa James H McGuire & Ellen M Scott 2-Mar-10 Redstone Valley 581  
      Sadie J Pettigill Redstone 37 Pine Island Mn James M Pettigill & Priscilla H Loudender          
MCGUIRE, Katherine see Whitcomb, Charles                    
MCGUIRE, Laura Lucille see Remillong, Peter W                    
MCGUIRE, Margaret see McDonald, Harry                    
MCGUIRE, Mary see Cooper, Charles                    
MCGUIRE, Mary see Cassidy, Mary B                    
MCGUIRE, Minnie see Granger, George W                    
MCGUIRE, Norman       Harlem 31 Richmond Ken Sterling McGuire & Minnie Norman 29-May-18 Chinook Blaine 487  
      Edna Mae Birdwell Harlem 18 Illinois Joseph Birdwell & Ella Lyons          
MCGUIRE, Phil T see Swenson, Marvin J                    
MCGUIRE, Phil T see Teter, Isaac                    
MCGUIRE, Ruby Lucile see Fitz, Stanley Cameron                    
MCGUIRE, Sam see Granger, George W                    
MCGUIRE, Sterling see McGuire, Thomas B                    
MCGUIRE, Sterling see McGuire, Norman                    
MCGUIRE, Thomas see Remillong, Peter W                    
MCGUIRE, Thomas B       Cleveland 25 Ken Sterling McGuire & Laura Norman 7-Jul-27 Chinook Blaine 1002  
      Gladys DeBord Cleveland 27 Mn Leonard Dolan & Laura Aulger          
MCGUIST, Zorella see Anderson, Walter                    
MCGUN?, Mattie (Ollason?) see Kelly, J B                    
MCHAM, Eldora see Hess, Harry                    
MCHARDY, Mary Anne see Henderson                    
MCHATTIE, Alexander see McHattie                    
MCHATTIE, John       Gladmar Can 48 Scotland Alexander McHattie & Annie Mitchell 25-Jun-36   Sheridan 3034  
      Martha Swerd Minton Can 23 Radville Can Joseph Swerd & Frieda Hammer          
MCHEMAR, Emma see Hubbard, Delma G                    
MCHENCH, Millie Mae see Smith                    
MCHENRY, D C see McHenry, D C                    
MCHENRY, George W       Mikkelson N D 24 Mn D C McHenry & Mary Taska 24-Aug-16 Wibaux Wibaux 103  
      Hazel Taska N D 16 Mn Henry Morris & Minnie Stecker          
MCHENRY, Luella see Wyman, Dan                    
MCHUGH, Anna see Blanc                    
MCHUGH, Cecelia see Slette, Oliver H                    
MCHUGH, Daniel see McCulloch, Charles                    
MCHUGH, Hugh see McHugh, James M                    
MCHUGH, Hugh see McHugh                    
MCHUGH, James M       Forsythe 24 Wisc Hugh McHugh & Ellen E Wilson 28-Jan-1894?(1894) Glendive Dawson 89  
      Katie Gellespie Glendive 24 West Virginia Alexander Gellespie & Sarah Ricketts          
MCHUGH, Mary see Pearce, William B                    
MCHUGH, Minnie E see Boothe, Harold Bryan                    
MCHUGH, Peter see Blanc                    
MCHUGH, Robert Duras       Culbertson 30 Miles City Hugh McHugh & Ethel Wilson 11-May-13 Froid Sheridan 11  
      Rosa Friedmann Froid 30 Jordan Mn Ambrose Friedmann & Rosa Schofler          
MCHUGH, Rueben see Boothe, Harold Bryan                    
MCINERNEY, Agnes Leona see Dohlen, Hjalmer Olaus                    
MCINERNEY, Everett       Nashua 23 Clarkson, Neb Michael McInerney & Anne Coleman 14-Jun-30 Glasgow Valley 3564  
      Irma Peterson Nashua 21 Pingree N D Axel Peterson & Hulda Pearson          
MCINERNEY, Michael see McInerney, Everett                    
MCINERNEY, Michael Thomas see Dohlen, Hjalmer Olaus                    
MCINERNEY, Mike F       Nashua 25 S D Thomas McInerney & Kate Kennedy 12-Feb-18 Glasgow Valley 2335  
      Kate Annie Amundson Nashua 25 Norway Chris Amundson & Annette Olson          
MCINERNEY, Thomas see McInerney, Mike F                    
MCINNES, Angus see McInnes, John J                    
MCINNES, Annie see Flick                    
MCINNES, Catherine see Huxley, John                    
MCINNES, Christina see Smith, George                    
MCINNES, John J       Hinsdale 32 Boston Angus McInnes & Lizzie Nolan 30-Nov-25 Glasgow Valley 3178  
      Anna Whitaker Hinsdale 19 Halbright Sask Can William Whitaker & ???          
MCINNESS, Elmer see Smith, George                    
MCINROY, James       Glasgow 29 Scotland James McInroy & Margaret Dick 6-Mar-03 Glasgow Valley 249  
      Maggie Barnum Glasgow 31 Scotland Edward Munday & Sarah McKinna          
MCINTEE, John see Wall                    
MCINTEE, Martha A see Wall                    
MCINTEOSH?, Jane see Lawrence, Joseph E                    
MCINTOSH, Alma Marie see Moran, John W                    
MCINTOSH, Almer M see Delger, Clayton D                    
MCINTOSH, Annie see Wright, Edward Augustus                    
MCINTOSH, Annie see Elder, W H                    
MCINTOSH, Barbara see Hutchins, Robert D                    
MCINTOSH, Carolene see Martin, Fred A E                    
MCINTOSH, David see Moran, John W                    
MCINTOSH, Emma see Stanton, Ruben E                    
MCINTOSH, Emma see Hartman, John Henry                    
MCINTOSH, Emma see Streeter, Albert T                    
MCINTOSH, Harry D       Outlook 32 Ind M L McIntosh & Cora Smith 26-Dec-17 Outlook Sheridan 1227  
      Nellie Hanson Outlook 16 Mn O K Hanson & Christine Kjelsberg          
MCINTOSH, James see Martineau, Albert A                    
MCINTOSH, Jessie see Bell                    
MCINTOSH, John see Hake, Elmer                    
MCINTOSH, John A       Neilson 34 Missouri   4-Jun-19   Phillips 424  
      Freda Skaley Neileon 24 N D            
MCINTOSH, Joseph E see McIntosh                    
MCINTOSH, Joseph J       P�wood 33 Mn Joseph J McIntosh & Annie Beel 7-Jan-14 Plentywood Sheridan 163  
      Jesse A McGillivary Redstone 25 Can Dan McGillivart & Kate McKinnon          
MCINTOSH, M L see McIntosh                    
MCINTOSH, Margaret R see Hake Elmer                    
MCINTOSH, Margaret Ross see Hasbrouck, Arthur LeRoy                    
MCINTOSH, Marvin Turner       Smokey Butte 21 Tiriune Tenn William McIntosh & Millivigenia Turner 8-Mar-16 Jordan Dawson 1877  
      Hattie Cahill Smokey Butte 24 Jamesville Mn Joseph E & Marian A Senasac          
MCINTOSH, Mary ( Stolen?) see Roman, Ned E                    
MCINTOSH, Mary E H see Bills, George Louis                    
MCINTOSH, Mary I see Miller                    
MCINTOSH, Minnie see Martineau, Albert A                    
MCINTOSH, W H see Caid, Jesse S                    
MCINTOSH, William see Hutchins, Robert D                    
MCINTOSH, William see McIntosh, Marvin Turner                    
MCINTYRE, Amos Henry       Havre 23 Adams N D George H McIntyre & Hilma Johnson 30-Aug-27 Chinook Blaine 1012  
      Beulah Ada Hellinger Havre 23 Garfield Wash Frank Hellinger & Martha Brooks          
MCINTYRE, Andrew see McIntyre, Donald J                    
MCINTYRE, Archibald       Scobey 22 Canada Malcolm McIntyre & Elizabeth Alexander 28-Jul-17 Scobey Sheridan 1101  
      Maude Burke Scobey 27 Ind Samuel Burke & Maranda Miller          
MCINTYRE, Bruce W       Moose Jaw Sask Can 33 Ontario Can Donald J McIntyre & Sarah C Willington 12-Feb-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1261  
      Annie M Derry Moose Jaw 27 Ont Can W M Derry & Mary A Kenny          
MCINTYRE, Charles       Spokane 40 Ottawa Mn John Wilcox McIntyre & Elizabeth Narcissa Donnely 25-Oct-1899 Poplar Valley ?  
      Mabel Mona Gordon Bowden Poplar 23 Hanover Ill William Bowden & Hannah Louisa Quillian          
MCINTYRE, Charles Curtis see McIntyre, Ernest Roland                    
MCINTYRE, Donald J       Glendive 26 Mauston Wisc Andrew McIntyre & Etta Knight 30-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1277  
      Edith Elena Byers Rushville 25 Rushville Illinois Henderson Byers & Naomi Pessinger          
MCINTYRE, Donald J see McIntyre                    
MCINTYRE, Emily see Steel, James Daer                    
MCINTYRE, Ernest Roland       Oswego 29 Hudson Wis Charles Curtis McIntyre & Fannie Elizabeth Jameison 31-Oct-21 Glasgow Valley 2826  
      Agnes Bertha Olson (Beebe?) Oswego 30 Cylin Wis Ole Olson & Anna Finky          
MCINTYRE, Florence J (Prentice?) see McCormack, Allie H                    
MCINTYRE, George H see McIntyre, Amos Henry                    
MCINTYRE, George W see McIntyre, James F                    
MCINTYRE, Horace C       Glendive 22 Dillon Horace McIntyre & Emma Ballinger 7-Aug-29 Glendive? Dawson 3756  
      Ruth E Richards Glendive 21 Watford N D William Richards & Edith Craig          
MCINTYRE, James & Katherine see McIntyre, John Donald                    
MCINTYRE, James F       Terry ??? Ceredo West Virginia George W McIntyre & Luella Kiser 21-Nov-13 Glendive Dawson 1372  
      Effie L Rush West Union Iowa 30 West Union Henry H Rush & Clara A Haskins          
MCINTYRE, John       Seattle 26 Port Huron Mich John McIntyre & Helen C Craig 14-Jul-06 Glendive Dawson 374  
      Beatrice K Cattanach Sombra Ontario Can 27 Sombra Peter Cattanach & Mary Simington          
MCINTYRE, John Donald       Scobey 38 Casselton N D James & Katherine McIntyre 9-Feb-25 Scobey Daniels 188  
      Lydia Louise Kramer Scobey 25 Fessenden N D ???          
MCINTYRE, John Wilcox see McIntyre, Charles                    
MCINTYRE, Malcolm see McIntyre                    
MCINTYRE, Margaret see Albers, John Schubert                    
MCINTYRE, Pearl see Panger, Albert J                    
MCINTYRE, Rebecca see Smith, William Charles                    
MCIVER, Angus       Chinook 28 Scotland Norman McIver & Mary McKenzie 16-Mar-20 Chinook Blaine 619  
      Martha Caroline Staff Chinook 18   John Staff & Lillie Anderson          
MCIVER, Norman see McIver, Angus                    
MCKABE, Anna see Hulbert, Milford                    
MCKAGUE, Joseph H see McCague, Joseph Winifred                    
MCKAGUE, Joseph Winifred       Walnut Grove Mn 39 Racine Mn (Wisc?) Joseph H McKague & Mary V Huntington 11-Mar-14 Glendive Dawson 1455  
      Effie Mae Stedman Minneapolis Mn 43 Racine Mn George S Jones & Maria McKague          
MCKAGUE, Maria see McKague, Joseph Winifred                    
MCKAIN, Elizabeth see Hampton, William                    
MCKANE, Don C       Hodges 30 Wagner Cty Okla Walter C McKane & Lucille Thompson 7-Dec-21 Wibaux Wibaux 322  
      Lois Clark Hodges 19 Jackson Cty Wis Frank Clark & Elizabeth Buttke          
MCKANE, Walter C see McKane, Don C                    
MCKAY, Augustus M see Sarkissian                    
MCKAY, Bessie see Coley, Vane Merriwell                    
MCKAY, Betsy see Telford, Donald James                    
MCKAY, Doris see Hatfield                    
MCKAY, Hannah see Roath                    
MCKAY, Harry A       Comertown 23 Minneap-olis Mn William Mckay & Julia Hugos 12-May-26 Westby Sheridan 2163  
      Emma C Kolberg Bisbee N D 20 N D Peter Kolberg & Ragna Anderson          
MCKAY, Hector see Comer                    
MCKAY, Hector see McKay                    
MCKAY, Hector D       East Scobey 47 Mich William McKay & Julia McKinnon 8-Mar-16 Scobey Sheridan 695  
      Mary C Backer Scobey 40 Kans Isaac S Warren & Sarah S Hall          
MCKAY, Henriette see Sutherland, Dave                    
MCKAY, Ida see Frisch, John N                    
MCKAY, Isabella see Cameron, Murdoch                    
MCKAY, J A see Hatfield                    
MCKAY, James       Culbertson 23 Glasgow Joseph McKay & Lucy Wade 9-Sep-00 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Willie Ann Shanks Culbertson 19 Glasgow Syrus Shanks & Virginia Bowles          
MCKAY, John see McKay, Wallace                    
MCKAY, John see Marlenee, Cecil Gerald                    
MCKAY, Joseph see McKay, James                    
MCKAY, Marian E see Sarkissian                    
MCKAY, Marla Elein see Marlenee, Cecil Gerald                    
MCKAY, Mary see Bewell                    
MCKAY, Mayme see Comer                    
MCKAY, Roy       Phillips 29 N D   14-Nov-17   Phillips 285  
      Jessie Floyd Phillips 38 Wisconsin            
MCKAY, Roy L       Grenora N D 35 Cavalier Cty N D Hector McKay & Elizabeth McGregor 15-May-24 East Coelridge Sheridan 1966  
      Marie Rasmussen Grenora 26 Hutchinson Mn Knute Rasmussen & Anna Bitcher          
MCKAY, Wallace       Minot 27 Towner N D John McKay & Laura Picket 25-Sep-12 Glasgow Valley 1127  
      Ora Mathews Minot 25 Isaac Center Canada George Mathews & Maggie McNauld          
MCKAY, William see McKay                    
MCKAY, William see Mckay                    
MCKEAGE, John see Bethel, Edward V                    
MCKEAGE, Ollie Bell see Bethel, Edward V                    
MCKEAGUE, Marcella Rachel see Meyers, George Greenwood                    
MCKEAGUE, Myron see Meyers, George Greenwood                    
MCKEAN, E S see McKean, George J                    
MCKEAN, Edward S see Carlson, Ernest W                    
MCKEAN, Edwin S see Moxness, Ole A                    
MCKEAN, George J       Brockway 20 Ashland Ohio E S McKean & Addie May Binckley 31-Jan-19 Glendive Dawson 2486  
      Violet M Woodworth Brockway 18 St Louis Missouri A J Woodworth & Allie Steele          
MCKEAN, Helen D see Moxness, Ole A                    
MCKEAN, Verna A see Carlson, Ernest W                    
MCKEAVER, R F see Vannoy, Larry McKeaver                    
MCKEE, Anna see Cornwell, R L                    
MCKEE, Bessie see Barnes, Russell Byron                    
MCKEE, Bessie (Willison?) see Smith, Albert E                    
MCKEE, Cecil E       Beach N D 20 Missouri E C McKee & Lyda West 6-Jun-17 Wibaux Wibaux 144  
      Pearl Hawks Beach 34 Mn ???          
MCKEE, Claude Leslie       Whute Sulpher Springs 31 Bozeman Leslie E McKee & Ella Carley 27-Dec-21 Scobey Valley 42  
      Annie Nelson Whitetail 19 Alberta Can John Nelson & Annie Bloom          
MCKEE, Donna see Leverton                    
MCKEE, E C see McKay, Cecil E                    
MCKEE, Earl Leon       Sidney 21 Sioux City Iowa John L McKee & Lillie Rochel Simiox 15-Nov-12 Sidney Dawson 1163  
      Francis Elizabeth Michaels Sidney 21 Minneapolis Mn Ernest Michaels & Irene Tilden          
MCKEE, Edwin see McKee, Harvey C                    
MCKEE, Evelyn see Brown, R H                    
MCKEE, Florence see Arnold, Howard C                    
MCKEE, Georgine see Spencer, Alfred R                    
MCKEE, Harvey C       Mona 25 Lowell Mass Edwin McKee & Julia Stark 3-Nov-13 Mona Dawson 1354  
      Mona Holt Mona 18 Cassville Wisc William Holt & Anna Schefrenstein          
MCKEE, Helen see Coffen, Horace                    
MCKEE, James see McKee, Jos A                    
MCKEE, John L see McKee, Earl Leon                    
MCKEE, Jos A       Glasgow 28 Alden Mn James McKee & Mary E Porter 30-Dec-1899 Glasgow? Valley ?  
      Bernice E Brown Glasgow 17 Rock Falls Iowa S Brown & Lucy Ellen Baker?          
MCKEE, Leslie E see McKee, Claude Leslie                    
MCKEE, Mary E see McBride, DeLoss                    
MCKEE, Maud see Smith, George                    
MCKEE, Minnie see StGermaine, Henry                    
MCKEE, Raymond       Carrington N D 30 Orange Cty New York Samuel McKee & Agnes Crawford 6-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1106  
      Julia M Larson Tappan N D 26 Cooperstown N D Fingar Larson & Carry Everson          
MCKEE, Samuel see McKee, Raymond                    
MCKEEF, Mary see Barnes                    
MCKEEN, Dell & Nellie see Boe, Myron                    
MCKEEN, Marian I see Boe, Myron                    
MCKEEVER, Frank Marion       Smokey Butte 21 Effington S D John M & Reena Sayres 15-Dec-15 I C Attix res Dawson 1830  
      Mamie Camellia Borchert Smokey Butte 22 Mentor Mn Max S Borchert & Linda L Attix          
MCKEEVER, John M see McKeever, Frank Marion                    
MCKELLER, Frank       Phillips 25 Ontario Can   10-May-28   Phillips 1017  
      Bernice DeGree Phillips 19 N D            
MCKENNA, John       Mondak 25 Humbolt Cty Iowa John McKenna & Mary Hatlin 5-Feb-11 Bainville Valley 790  
      Myrtle Dieter Mondak 21 Renville Cty Mn Eugene A Dieter & Alice Drake          
MCKENNA, Mary see Cavanaugh, Ross Mathew                    
MCKENNA, Mary see Cavanaugh, James Lee                    
MCKENNON, Maggie M see Boyd                    
MCKENNY, Elizabeth see Collins                    
MCKENZIE, Albert L see McKenzie, Percy K                    
MCKENZIE, Alexander see Kertz, John F                    
MCKENZIE, Alexandra see Kertz, John F                    
MCKENZIE, Clifton K       Medicine Lake 26 Brooten Mn Duncan McKenzie & Lizzie D Cushman 2-Feb-21 Culbertson Roosivelt 217  
      Louise Mead Medicine Lake 28 LeSeuer Mn Joseph Winter & ???          
MCKENZIE, Colin       Glasgow 34 Glasgow Scotland John McKenzie & Belle McClean 30-Dec-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1131  
      Viola Martins Frazer 18 Herbert Sask Can John W Martins & Agnes Gies-brich          
MCKENZIE, D H       Wibaux 29 Wis James B McKenzie & Arabella I Ferris 12-Feb-19 Wibaux Wibaux 230  
      Elsie Bretsch Wibaux 21 N D August Bretsch & Alvina Hunkle          
MCKENZIE, Donald K       Grassy Butte N D 24 Fargo N D Donald McKenzie & Cather-ine Costello 26-Sep-25 Wibaux Wibaux 511  
      Orpha Murray Grassy Butte 21 Zenith N D Albert Murray & Dillie Gilman          
MCKENZIE, Duncan see McKenzie, Clifton K                    
MCKENZIE, Duncan see Barsness                    
MCKENZIE, Eileen ( Mead?) see Gaffney                    
MCKENZIE, George see McKenzie, Walter Nelson                    
MCKENZIE, Hector see McKenzie, Robert John                    
MCKENZIE, Henrutal? see Smith                    
MCKENZIE, Hyme see Paris, Thomas                    
MCKENZIE, Irene see Barsness                    
MCKENZIE, James B see McKenzie, D H                    
MCKENZIE, Jenny see Stark, Ralph M                    
MCKENZIE, John see Neikirk, Ernest L                    
MCKENZIE, John see Parsons, Charles W                    
MCKENZIE, John see Paris, Thomas                    
MCKENZIE, John see McKenzie, Colin                    
MCKENZIE, Margaret Cline see Slaybaugh, Albert T                    
MCKENZIE, Mary see McIver, Angus                    
MCKENZIE, Maud M see Brown                    
MCKENZIE, O P see McKenzie                    
MCKENZIE, Percy K       Chinook 22 Colorado Springs Col Alexander L McKenzie & Edith Harriet Taft 2-Jul-21 Chinook Blaine 677  
      Katherine T Easbey Chinook 19 Emerald Wis Charles F Easbey & Katherine Fleming          
MCKENZIE, Robert John       Wolf Point 23 Bowling Green Ken Hector McKenzie & Sarah Ferguson 14-Aug-27 Scobey Daniels 338  
      Theo Elizabeth Wright Wolf Point 19 Okla Harvey Wright & ???          
MCKENZIE, Rosemary see Ricker, Albert                    
MCKENZIE, Sanford       Redstone 24 Kimball Mn O P McKenzie & Nancy Salyers 28-Dec-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2514  
      Mary Callahan Redstone 23 Colorado H H Callahan & Ada Osborne          
MCKENZIE, Susan see McKenzie, Walter Nelson                    
MCKENZIE, Walter Nelson       Kimball Prairie Mn? 23 Mn George McKenzie & Lavinia Phay 5-May-15 Glasgow Valley 1669  
      Sarah Ellen Fry Kimball Prairie   ??? Martin Fry & Susan Mckenzie          
MCKERN, Julia see Williams, Edwin                    
MCKERNAN, Margaret see Porter, Loyd F                    
MCKERNS, John see Slager, John Charles                    
MCKERNS, Violet Marguerite see Slager, John Charles                    
MCKERRICHER, Annie Christine see Goheen, Clifford Joseph                    
MCKERRICHER, Arch see Goheen, Clifford Joseph                    
MCKIBBEN, Jessie D see Halstead, Richard R                    
MCKIBBEN, William D see Halstead, Richard R                    
MCKIBBIN, Clara Rebecca see Brooks, Walter S                    
MCKIBBIN (EN?), William Lee see Brooks, Walter S                    
MCKIE, Mary see Wilson, John                    
MCKILLAN, John see Pomerleau                    
MCKINDLEY, Laura M see Compton                    
MCKINDLEY, William see Compton                    
MCKINLEY, A P & Louisa see Teuling, John W M                    
MCKINLEY, Adelle see Bronson, Fred N                    
MCKINLEY, Cecil Wm       Poplar 24 Erie Kansas James McKinley & Mary Hixon 12-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2082  
      Ethel Mae Edeline Poplar 19 Iowa Robert Edeline & Gertrude Walker          
MCKINLEY, Chessie? see Teuling, John W M                    
MCKINLEY, Cora B see Cheney, Art Dow                    
MCKINLEY, James see McKinley, Cecil Wm                    
MCKINLEY, John see Mckinley, Lawrence                    
MCKINLEY, Lawrence       Glasgow 23 Cannon Falls Mn John McKinley & Emma Hanson 2-Aug-28 Glasgow Valley 3402  
      Thelma Hart Glasgow 20 New Mex Gus Hart & Jettie Arrowsmith          
MCKINLEY, Letitia see Auble, Clyde Phillip                    
MCKINLEY, Letitia see Matthews, Henry A                    
MCKINLEY, Letitia see Matthews, Lorenzo D                    
MCKINLEY , Maud see Gidley, Cecil Howard                    
MCKINLEY, Maude see Gidley                    
MCKINNEY, Alice see Wagnor, John Robert                    
MCKINNEY, Alma see Adams, William                    
MCKINNEY, Bird see McKinney, Charles S                    
MCKINNEY, Charley S       Culbertson 21 Arkansas Bird McKinney & Rebecca Beasley 4-Dec-01 ??? Valley ?  
      Hana Helm Culbertson 20 Grand Forks N D Ernest Helm & Eliza Miller?          
MCKINNEY, James see McKinney, Joseph W                    
MCKINNEY, Joseph W       Malta 34 Davenport Iowa James McKinney & Annie Myers 18-Aug-1898 Malta Valley ?  
      Anna Hullman Malta 19 Denison Iowa Henry Hullman & Johanna Falz          
MCKINNEY, Katie see Parkey, Joseph                    
MCKINNIE, Mary E see Chapman, Charles E                    
MCKINNIS, Essie see Searl, Burtesil                    
MCKINNON, Bruce C see McKinnon                    
MCKINNON, George Ewen Ray       Craven Sask Can 40 Prince Edward Is Bruce C Mckinnon & Adeline Charlotte Darke 4-Jan-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2643  
      Rachel Emily Stone Earl Grey Sask 20 Earl Grey Sask Edward Stone & Muriel Franklin          
MCKINNON, Julia see McKay                    
MCKINNON, Kate see McIntosh                    
MCKINNON, Margaret see Fansler, Claude C                    
MCKINNON, Mary Teresa (McMillan?) see Hoyt, Mark D                    
MCKINNON, V Mae see Gray, Maynard H                    
MCKINNON,, Owen, see Owen                    
MCKINSEY, Mary see Davis                    
MCKINSTRY, Hattie see Sheldon, Lester                    
MCKINZIE, Duncan see McKinzie                    
MCKINZIE, Melvin H       Homestead ?? Mn Duncan McKinzie & Lizzie D Cushman 31-Jul-20 Homestead Sheridan 1681  
      Mabel D Pederson Homestead 18 N D Peder Pedersen & Hansine Brenden          
MCKITTNICK, Annie E see Hall, Clayton S                    
MCKNIGHT, Adam see McKnight, Edward Irvin                    
MCKNIGHT, Blanche see Dotson, Raymond                    
MCKNIGHT, Charles see McKnight, Earl G                    
MCKNIGHT, Earle G       Kremlin 28 Brookings S D Charles McKnight & Cora Blair 7-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 343  
      Eliza-beth M Pippy Kremlin 29 Pouch Cave Newfoundland Clarence Pippy & Jessie A Williams          
MCKNIGHT, Edward Irvin       Circle 30 Broken Bow Neb Adam McKnight & Henrietta Prouse 4-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1610  
      Edna Stella Anderson Circle 23 Colman S D Edward Anderson & Oleva Enockson          
MCKNIGHT, Lillian see Scott                    
MCKOWN, M see Barker, R L                    
MCKRAKEN, Mardola see Peelle                    
MCKROG, Katheryn see Martineau, Albert A                    
MCKURDY, Dora M see Kollrad, Emil                    
MCKURDY, James see Kollrad, Emil                    
MCLACHLAN, Daniel see McLachlan, John Cornelius                    
MCLACHLAN, John Cornelius       Wolf Point 38 Walhalla N D Daniel McLachlan & Annie Donovan 20-Sep-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1080  
      Julia Margaret Dougherty Wolf Point 24 St Cloud Mn Bernard Dougherty & Elizabeth McCarville          
MCLACHLIN, Daniel see Feick, William Andrew                    
MCLACHLIN, Margaret Clemina see Feick, William Andrew                    
MCLAIN, Alice see Watkins, Dr C O                    
MCLAIN, Andrew see McLain, Arthur                    
MCLAIN, Angus see Warren, John W                    
MCLAIN, Arthur       Glendive 22 Gentry Cty Missouri Andrew McLain & ? Bulla 26-Aug-1896 Glendive Dawson 142  
      Lillian D Midling Glendive 20 Chicago Julius Midling & Hilda T Dunker          
MCLAIN, Catherine see Simpson, Alfred                    
MCLAIN, Ella M see Davis, Anthony H                    
MCLAIN, James see Becker, Paul W                    
MCLAIN, James see Davis, Anthony H                    
MCLAIN, James see McLain, William H                    
MCLAIN, Mary see Warren, John W                    
MCLAIN, Ora G       Chinook 32 Indiana Sam McLain & Mary N Hetzel 26-Jun-17 Chinook Blaine 404  
      Annie M E Wiedenfren Chinook 19 Neb Walter H Wiedenfren & Agnes Dickies          
MCLAIN, Sabena see Becker, Paul W                    
MCLAIN, Sam see McLain, Ora G                    
MCLAIN, William H       Stowman 26 Mower Cty Mn James McLain & Bridget Haggerty 28-Nov-16 Chinook Blaine 334  
      Alice M Budewitz Stowman 28 Wis William F Bedewed & Katherine M Session ?          
MCLANE, Arthur C see McLane, Kenneth Campbell                    
MCLANE, John see Cooper, O P                    
MCLANE, Katheryn see Cooper, O P                    
MCLANE, Kenneth Campbell       ??? 34 Mpls Mn Arthur C McLane & Jessie Spence 28-May-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 503  
      Muriel Lavonne Couey Wolf Point 23 Cortenay N D Oliver Couey & Amelia Harper          
MCLANE, Lizzie M see Sandon, Merle L                    
MCLAREN, Christina R see Arkle, Percy                    
MCLAREN, George see Paulson, Albert R                    
MCLAREN, Peter & Christina see Arkle, Percy                    
MCLAREN, Rachel see Weaver                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Alice see Gamble                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Auralia see White                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Charles E       Antelope 27 Iowa Edward McGlaughlin & Amy Cassidy 25-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 603  
      Helen L Courtney Antelope 25 Mn Henry G Courtney & Elizabeth Harbinson          
MCLAUGHLIN, David E       Froid 26 Ind Joseph P McLaughlin & Mariah Harp 21-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 455  
      Mary G Christiansen Froid 26 Mn C G Christiansen & Caroline Jensen          
MCLAUGHLIN, Edward see McLaughlin, Patrick                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Edward see McLaughlin                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Elizabeth Catherine see Reynen, Martin Leonard                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Henry & Caroline see Snyder, R L                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Joseph see McLaughlin                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Laura see Coulter, Joseph F                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Lloyd Verne       Great Falls ?? Mt William A McLaughlin & Stella Gardner 21-Jan-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1622  
      Ethel Carlson Scobey 18 N D Charles J Carlson & Lindia? Lindholm          
MCLAUGHLIN, Patrick       Poplar 29 Huron Can Edward McLaughlin & Bridget Devaney 20-Oct-02 Poplar Valley 71  
      Estella Obershaw Poplar 27 S D Louis Obershaw & Ester Burshia          
MCLAUGHLIN, Patt see Reynen, Martin Leonard                    
MCLAUGHLIN, Simson see Coulter, Joseph F                    
MCLAUGHLIN, William A see McLaughlin                    
MCLEAN, Agnes see Anderson, Milton                    
MCLEAN, Alexander       Korn 46 Scotland John McLean & Margaret Chisom? 15-Nov-16 Chinook Blaine 332  
      Agnes A Himbauch Korn 39 Mamitoba Can George Fulton & Charlotte J Hall          
MCLEAN, Allen see Weaver                    
MCLEAN, Angus       Chinook 42 Carlomay Scotland John McLean & Katherine Morrison 20-Sep-22 Chinook Blaine 723  
      Colina Gillespie Chinook 33 Scotland James Gillespie & Margaret Hill          
MCLEAN, Arthur C       P�wood 24 Seaforth Canaca John S McLean & Isabella Forsyth 24-Apr-10 P�wood Valley 617  
      Beatrice Watt P�wood 23 Minto N D Archie Watt & May Legg          
MCLEAN, Bella see McKenzie, Colin                    
MCLEAN, Catherine see Nordwick, Benny W                    
MCLEAN, Duncan see Rugsegger, Reno W                    
MCLEAN, Duncan see McLean                    
MCLEAN, Ella M see Lynn, Bert James                    
MCLEAN, George J       Glasgow 30 Kans Malcolm McLean & Elizabeth Doig 9-Apr-18 Glasgow Valley 2349  
      Anna Peters Glasgow 26 Wisc John Peters & Recka Drake          
MCLEAN, Harvey       Hanks N D 21 Fortuna N D Duncan McLean & Ida Tooke 8-Aug-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2858  
      Doris Evenson Alamo N D 18 Noonan N D Edward Evenson & Mayme Hought          
MCLEAN, James       Dooley 34 Ontario Can John McLean & Isabelle Forsyth 27-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 927  
      Mattie Pauline Strombo Comertown 28 Mn Peter & Mary Anne Strombo          
MCLEAN, John see McClean, Alexander                    
MCLEAN, John see McLean, Angus                    
MCLEAN, John see McLean                    
MCLEAN, John see Epler                    
MCLEAN, John S see McLean, Arthur C                    
MCLEAN, Kenneth       Cleveland 29 Scotland Murdo McLean & Maggie McDonald 10-Jul-19 Chinook Blaine 574  
      Annie MacLennan Cleveland 26 Scotland Angus MacLennan & Mary McLeod          
MCLEAN, Ledson R       Terry 30 Harrow Ontario Can Thomas McLean & Hannah Brush 23-Jun-09 Glendive Dawson 701  
      Elisia Needham Terry 36 Doering Wisc Joseph Kasper & Emma Schooley          
MCLEAN, Lottie see Rugsegger, Reno W                    
MCLEAN, Malcolm see McClean, George J                    
MCLEAN, Martha see Hallock, Hugh D                    
MCLEAN, Mary see Smith, Zeno L                    
MCLEAN, Mina see Weaver                    
MCLEAN, Murdo see McLean, Kenneth                    
MCLEAN, Sarah S see Epler                    
MCLEAN, Thomas see McLean, Ledson R                    
MCLEAN, William J see Anderson, Milton                    
MCLEES, Herman see Travis, Charles Bernard                    
MCLEES, Marion C see Pearson, Clarence H                    
MCLEES, Robert Johns see Pearson, Clarence H                    
MCLEES, Sadie Linton see Travis, Charles Bernard                    
MCLELLAN, Donald see McLellan, Malcolm                    
MCLELLAN, Hazel Miriam see Storlie, Oscar A                    
MCLELLAN, Malcolm see Storlie, Oscar A                    
MCLELLAN, Malcolm       Norheim 47 Ontario Can Donald McLellan & Agnes Thompson 10-Apr-18 Chinook Blaine 481  
      Annie Thompson Chinook 39 Lansing Iowa Joel Miller & Phoebe A Bennett          
MCLELLAN, Saraha see Hudson, Fredrick L                    
MCLENTCHION, Annie see Morrisey, William W                    
MCLEOD, ??? see Fox, Ira Cleveland                    
MCLEOD, Alex & Ella see McLeod, Ernest                    
MCLEOD, Alexander see Howard                    
MCLEOD, Alexandrina see Hardin, John Charles                    
MCLEOD, Arthur see Greovu, Leo                    
MCLEOD , Cassie E see Howard                    
MCLEOD, Catherine see McPhee, Donald                    
MCLEOD, Catherine see Dennison, John C                    
MCLEOD, David see McLeod, Robert B                    
MCLEOD, Donald L       Woodrow 22 Voltaire N D Melcomb? McLeod & Louise Davis 16-Nov-27 Glendive Dawson 2508  
      Beatrice Haines Woodrow 17 Woodrow Charlie E Haines & Minnie Eldridge          
MCLEOD, Duncan       Blaine 29 Scotland   24-Jun-18   Phillips 352  
      Ella Webb Phillips 29 Mn            
MCLEOD, Elizabeth see Zinsli, Lorenz                    
MCLEOD, Ernest       Hinsdale 19 Montana Alex & Ella McLeod 27-Dec-30 Glasgow Valley 3610  
      Ethel M Lewis Hinsdale 17 Mississippi ??? & Lerea May Lewis          
MCLEOD, Ethel see Knott, Ray L                    
MCLEOD, Evelyn see Crouse                    
MCLEOD, G S see Knott, Ray L                    
MCLEOD, George see Crouse                    
MCLEOD, Granville L       Minot N D 29 Cando N D William McLeod & Minnie Crake 9-Feb-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2045  
      Mabel L Grimes Minot N D 32 Peoria Ill Peter Bright & Susie Craven          
MCLEOD, Helen Jane see Hyatt, Elijah Franklin                    
MCLEOD, Henrietta see Larson                    
MCLEOD, Hugh see Hyatt, Elijah Franklin                    
MCLEOD, Isabel see Mercer, Chris C                    
MCLEOD, Jennie see Spence, John G                    
MCLEOD, Jim & Mary see Larsen                    
MCLEOD, John see Kennedy, Lewis                    
MCLEOD, Lewis Alger       Glasgow 27 Cando N D William McLeod & Minnie Cripe 20-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1021  
      Nellie May Fish Glasgow 26 Kalamazoo Mich Byron Shoupe & Lillian Bright          
MCLEOD, Lilian see Greovu, Leo                    
MCLEOD, Malcomb see Connolly, James Joseph                    
MCLEOD, Malcomb see McLeod, R W                    
MCLEOD, Margaret see Sarkissian                    
MCLEOD, Margaret J C see Kennedy, Lewis                    
MCLEOD, Mary see Connolly, James Joseph                    
MCLEOD, Mary see McLean, Kenneth                    
MCLEOD, May see Fox, Ira Cleveland                    
MCLEOD, Melcomb see McLeod, Donald L                    
MCLEOD, R W       Glendive 20 Kongsberg N D Malcolm McLeod & Louise Davis 11-Dec-29 Glendive Dawson 3827  
      Violet Heart Lindsay 25 Eleva Wisc John D Evans & Cora Vaughn          
MCLEOD, Robert B       Medora N D 22 Dickey N D David McLeod & Irene Crosswell 21-May-24 Glendive Dawson 3107  
      Lenore Herr South Heart N D 22 McCluskey N D J A & Catherine Herr          
MCLEOD, Roderick see Mercer, Chris C                    
MCLEOD, Rose see Dieter, Walter L                    
MCLEOD, William see McLeod, Louis Alger                    
MCLEOD, William see McLeod                    
MCLERAN, Roy B       Wibaux 29 Audubon Iowa Simon B McLaren & Sarah Hooker 4-Feb-11 Wibaux Dawson 895  
      Ida A Wainiaus Wibaux 22 Ellsworth Wis Joseph Wainiaus & Margaret Stewart          
MCLERAN, Simon B see McLeran, Roy B                    
MCLIN, Mamie (Watts) see Charleston, Theo O                    
MCLUEN, Ward O       Coburg 28 Perry Iowa William McLuen & Lydia Elliot 22-Nov-16 Chinook Blaine 336  
      Ada A Pierce DesMoines Iowa     William Antrim & Ida Ingleson          
MCLUEN, William see McLuen, Ward O                    
MCLURE, Mariann see Harris, Keith M                    
MCMAHAN, Phoebe see Shanahan, Pat                    
MCMAHEN, Frederick Sidney       Port Huron Mich 27 Port Huron Thomas McMahen & Malisa Hume 5-Mar-09 Glendive Dawson 675  
      Martha McDonald Wibaux 27 Port Huron Mich Archie McDonald & Jane McTovish          
MCMAHEN, Thomas see McMahen, Fredrick Sidney                    
MCMAHON, A Y see McMahon, Guy                    
MCMAHON, Dell see Ross, Charlie                    
MCMAHON, Elizabeth see Lindell, Arthur                    
MCMAHON, Ellen see Lacey, George B                    
MCMAHON, Fred I       Glendive 59 Reeds Landing Mn Thomas McMahon & Theresa Ide 5-May-30 Glendive Dawson 3861  
      Neva Pearson Miles City 22 Mead Wash James Pearson & Grace Webster          
MCMAHON, Guy       Glasgow 33 Mn A Y McMahon & Eda Bacon 26-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2593  
      Grace N Cutting Glasgow 24 Mt Oscar S Cutting & Marie Lippincott          
MCMAHON, J J see Smith, John H                    
MCMAHON, James Everett       Glendive 28 Big Pine? Wisc John McMahon & Mary Walsh 19-Feb-12 Glendive Dawson 1054  
      Ann Margaret Minton Glendive 24 Hanover? Kans Patrick Minton & Mary McDonald          
MCMAHON, John see McMahon, James Everett                    
MCMAHON, John J see McMahon, Thomas H                    
MCMAHON, John L see McMahon, Mike                    
MCMAHON, Margaret see Donovan, Charles J                    
MCMAHON, Margaret see Johnson, Peter                    
MCMAHON, Margaret see Winklebeck, Fredrick C                    
MCMAHON, Margaret see Brown, Matthew James                    
MCMAHON, May E see Smith, John H                    
MCMAHON, Mike       Glasgow 32 Ont Can John L McMahon & Ann Quinlan 2-Apr-1896 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Annie Johnson Glasgow 25 Christiania Nor way Frank Johnson & Christina Mongson? (Monson?)          
MCMAHON, Thomas see McMahon, Fred J                    
MCMAHON, Thomas H       Sidney 33 St Paul Mn John J McMahon & Honora Cooney 24-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 1103  
      Grace Louden Dickinson N D 54 Winona Mn August Louden & Clara Bingham          
MCMAINS, Letha see Thomas, William A                    
MCMAINS, Marion see Thomas, William A                    
MCMAKEN, Annie see Rubbie, Albert Benj                    
MCMANIGAL, Rose see McNeil, Calvin W                    
MCMANIGAL, W E see McNeil, Calvin W                    
MCMANIGLE, E L see McManigle, Lawrence                    
MCMANIGLE, Lawrence       Beach N D 32 Charles City Iowa E N McManigle & Jane Wells 22-Jul-15 Wibaux Wibaux 42  
      Helena Klingensmith ??? ??? Fallberg Canada Fred Scott & Mary Ann Johnston          
MCMANNIS, J J       Glendive 31 Rochester N Y James E McMannis & Catherine Jennings 3-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2232  
      Johanna G Jensen Glendive 22 Stoughton Wisc Hans L Jensen & Pauline Sorenson          
MCMANNIS, James E see McMannis, J J                    
MCMANUS, Anastasia Margaret see Tracey, Francis J                    
MCMANUS, Annie see Bell, F M                    
MCMANUS, James see Tracey, Francis J                    
MCMANUS, Mattie see Long William B                    
MCMARTIN, Inez Endora see Hunt, James H                    
MCMARTIN, William see Hunt, James H                    
MCMASTER, Mary Jane see Gordon                    
MCMASTER, Murray E       ??? 27 Monchy, Canada   23-Dec-22   Phillips 687  
      Luella Hansen   18 N D            
MCMASTERS, Annie see Helgerson, B A                    
MCMASTERS, Ella J see Helgerson, B A                    
MCMEEL, John       St Pauls Mission 23 St Pauls Mission Pat McMeel & Olivia 21-Sep-17 Hays Blaine 429  
      Rosa Gardipee St Pauls Mission 20 Lewistown Paul Gardipee & Mary Doney          
MCMEEL, Pat see McMeel, John                    
MCMELTA, Katherine see Hockoday, Warren W                    
MCMICHAEL, Laura see Worden, H R                    
MCMILAN, Mattie see Skillinger                    
MCMILIN, Martha see Wyatt                    
MCMILLAN, A J see Mayhew, John C                    
MCMILLAN, Alice see Chapman, Robert C                    
MCMILLAN, Alice see Ator, Lewis                    
MCMILLAN, Alice see Ator, John William                    
MCMILLAN, Alice see McMillan                    
MCMILLAN, Alice see Ator                    
MCMILLAN, Aurelia see Major, Willis R                    
MCMILLAN, Avis see Nelson                    
MCMILLAN, Barbara see McMillan, John                    
MCMILLAN, Barbery see Stewart, Neil                    
MCMILLAN, Catherine see McPhee, Donald                    
MCMILLAN, Christina see Fraser, Donald                    
MCMILLAN, Duncan see Kappel, Walter                    
MCMILLAN, Duncan see Mcmillan, John                    
MCMILLAN, Duncan Jas       Crane 34 Lucknow Ontario Duncan McMillan & Catherine Smith 13-Jul-13 Sidney Dawson 1282  
      Elenor Sutton Fox Lake 35 Brooklyn Iowa Chas B Sutton & Mary E Graham          
MCMILLAN, Eleanor see Lzicar, Henry                    
MCMILLAN, Elizabeth see Starr, Silas P                    
MCMILLAN, Ella see Thompson                    
MCMILLAN, Evelyn Grace see Hardin, John Charles                    
MCMILLAN, F E see Sullivan                    
MCMILLAN, F W see Hardin, John Charles                    
MCMILLAN, G B       P�wood 27 Valley Cty N D T E McMillan & Luella Bassett 31-May-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2606  
      Eva Rusdal P�wood 27 Halstad Mn Ole Rusdal & ???          
MCMILLAN, George       Culbertson 50 Chippewa Falls Wis James McMillan & Eliza Davidson 7-Nov-12 Glasgow Valley 1152  
      Tillie Windom Dunseith N D 24 Black River Falls Wis Hans Windom & ???          
MCMILLAN, Gladys see Campbell, Fred                    
MCMILLAN, Hugh see Hoyt, Mark D                    
MCMILLAN, Irvin P see Bakkum, Emmett B                    
MCMILLAN, James see McMillan, George                    
MCMILLAN, Jennie see Pearson, Clarence H                    
MCMILLAN, John       Sidney 27 Bruce Cty Ontario Can Duncan McMillan & Margaret Smith 23-Jul-02 Sidney Richland    
      Maria Jane Stewart Sidney 27 Durham Cty Ont Can David Stewart & Barbara McMillan          
MCMILLAN, John see Souhrada, Vla                    
MCMILLAN, John H       P�wood 36 Missouri William Mc Millan & Nancy Hart 27-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 266  
      Lena Ross Pwood 21 Mt George M Ator & Alice McMillan          
MCMILLAN, John H see Nelson                    
MCMILLAN, Louise see Lloyd, William                    
MCMILLAN, Marie see Kappel, Walter                    
MCMILLAN, Martha M see Wolfe                    
MCMILLAN, Mary see Olson                    
MCMILLAN, Mattie E see Yeager                    
MCMILLAN, Myrtle see Mayhew, John C                    
MCMILLAN, Sarah E see Devenport, L A                    
MCMILLAN, T E see McMillan                    
MCMILLAN, Varigania Alice see Stewart, Charles E                    
MCMILLAN, Violet see Souhrada, Vla                    
MCMILLAN, William see McMillan                    
MCMILLEAN,, Nancy, see LaPage, John                    
MCMILLEN, Amanda see Lynd                    
MCMILLEN, Julia see Cooley, James R                    
MCMILLIA, Martha see Wolf                    
MCMILLIAN, Doris see Bakkum, Emmett B                    
MCMILLIAN, Elizabeth see Dobson, George Riley                    
MCMORAN, Eastin?       Malta 28 Sheffield Mn Peter McMoran & Mary Ferguson 14-Jan-14 Malta Valley 1412  
      Alta Greeting? (Geeting?) Malta 22 Mason City Iowa Scott Geeting & Emma Beck          
MCMORAN, Easton see Graney, Leonard W                    
MCMORAN, Easton see Krohn, Adolph                    
MCMORAN, Ellen see Armington, William                    
MCMORAN, Mrs Etta see Graney, Leonard W                    
MCMORAN, Peter see McMoran, Eastin                    
MCMORRIS, Elva Frank       Lodge Grass 21 Wiidberry? Illinois W F McMorris & Dora Biever 11-Jan-19 Glendive Dawson 2475  
      M Arvilla Lessard Lambert 22 Bloomer Wisc Albert Lessard & Kitty Nicholes          
MCMORRIS, Lizzie see Wallace, Dallas                    
MCMORRIS, W F see McMorris, Elva Frank                    
MCMULAN, Tillie see Mcdowell, R W                    
MCMULLEN, Alma see Austin, Theodore                    
MCMULLEN, Amanda J see McQuery, Edmon                    
MCMULLEN, Annie see Fraser, Archie                    
MCMULLEN, Doris see Coswell, Roswell J                    
MCMULLEN, Mrs Minnie see Wilkerson, Edward B                    
MCMULLEN, Rose A see Carter                    
MCMULLIN, James G see Cahill, Arthur M                    
MCMULLIN, Martha Grace see Cahill, Arthur M                    
MCMUNPHY, Silvia Alvina see Hartman, Jacob                    
MCMURDO, Agnes see Reid, Robert                    
MCMURDO, James B see McMurdo, Perry B                    
MCMURDO, Perry B       Opheim 33 Dundalk Canada James B McMurdo & Mary Brice 25-Nov-22 Glasgow Valley 2936  
      Gladys Jean Campbell Opheim 18 Dundalk Ont Can Thomas Campbell & Ida May Wilson          
MCMURPHY, Sylvia see Rennie, Robert                    
MCMURRAY, Arminta see Gibbs, Leroy L                    
MCMURRAY, Katie (Brannon?) see Gregory                    
MCMURRAY, Mary see Pepin, Clapace                    
MCMURRY, Francis (Rogers?) see Freeman, Charles B                    
MCMURRY, Sammie see Moore, Willard T                    
MCMURTREY, John       Glasgow 27 Salem Mo John McMurtrey & Annie Bird 24-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 656  
      Christine Nelson Milton N D 23 Milton Andrew Nelson & Henrikka Stromsness          
MCNABB, J R see McNabb, Leo Lambert                    
MCNABB, Joseph see Allen, Adrain                    
MCNABB, Leo Lambert       Frazer 31 Texas J R McNabb & Francis Brooks 28-Nov-23 Poplar Roosivelt 577  
      Lottie Leold Brooks Frazer 23 Mo George Lingle & Sarah Kelly          
MCNABB,, Jessie, see Allen, Adrain                    
MCNADD, John see Krusch                    
MCNADD, Grace see Krusch                    
MCNALEY, Hazel see Turner                    
MCNALLEY, John & Elizabeth see McNalley, William S                    
MCNALLEY, Willaim C       Havre 24 Havre John & Elizabeth McNalley 8-Jul-19 Chinook Blaine 573  
      Vera M Blaker Carter 23 Granville N D Jess Blaker & Nellie Townley          
MCNALLY, Nora Elizabeth see Entorf, Paul S                    
MCNALLY, Alice M see Duckham, Raymond Leroy                    
MCNALLY, Anna see Laurie, Alex R                    
MCNALLY, Bernard see McNally, Leo                    
MCNALLY, John see Entorf, Paul S                    
MCNALLY, Leo       Chicago Ill 31 Brooklyn N Y Bernard McNally & Margaret Delany 14-Oct-22 Glendive Dawson 2901  
      Clare Louise Curran Chicago 33 Chicago John Curran & Mary Carroll          
MCNALLY, Margaret see Dougherty, Joseph                    
MCNAMARA, Alonzo see McNamara, Stanley B                    
MCNAMARA, Elizabeth see Scanlon, Charles Arthur                    
MCNAMARA, Ellen W see Dollard, Joe B                    
MCNAMARA, George C see McNamara, William Lee                    
MCNAMARA, H H       Dooley 24 Helena P C McNamara & Mary Dixon 7-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2219  
      Eloise Avery Glasgow 27 Mn ???          
MCNAMARA, Harold       Whitewater 35 N Y Alonzo & Lillian McNamara 22-Dec-26 Glasgow Valley 3268  
      Terasia Wilmes Inverness 21 New Haven Mn Dominick Wilmes & Valentine Jerzach          
MCNAMARA, John see Funnell, R G                    
MCNAMARA, Mary see Warren, John W                    
MCNAMARA, Mrs see Durston, Chester A                    
MCNAMARA, P C see McNamara, H H                    
MCNAMARA, Stanley B       White Water 24 Devils Lake N D Alonzo McNamara & ??? 30-Dec-25 Glasgow Valley 3188  
      Clara Ulness White Water 24 Fargo N D George Ulness & Ann Solberg          
MCNAMARA, Thomas M see Dollard, Joe B                    
MCNAMARA, William Lee       Poplar 21 Meadville Penn George C McNamara & Nettie Dreamer 1-Aug-08 Poplar Valley    
      Phoebe Jackson Poplar 23 Villa Ill William R Jackson & Susie Wisting?          
MCNAMARE, Alonzo & Lillian see McNamara, Harold                    
MCNAMEE, Elvis see Lane, Tom M                    
MCNANEY, Clara see Garfield, Sidney                    
MCNANEY, Patrick see Garfield, Sidney                    
MCNARIE, Marie see Sperry, William                    
MCNARR, May see Nelson                    
MCNARY, Clyde       Buford N D 29 Clark Cty Ill John McNary & Jane Swalum 4-Jun-15 Mondak Sheridan 482  
      Rilla L Winn Buford 19 Chicago Ill Wallace Winn          
MCNARY, Fay see Barr, Charles                    
MCNARY, Fred E       Buford 28 Martins-ville Ill John McNary & Jane Swalman 2-May-20 Mondak Roosivelt 125  
      Elsie Pauline Baker Buford N D 17 Ill William Baker & Myrtle Huston          
MCNARY, Janeva see Mead, Tracy E                    
MCNARY, John see Barr, Charles                    
MCNARY, John see Wheeler, Gene                    
MCNARY, John see McNary, Lee Clarence                    
MCNARY, John see McNary, Russell Valentine                    
MCNARY, John see McNary, Fred E                    
MCNARY, John see McNary                    
MCNARY, Lee Clarence       Buford N D 24 Martinsville Ill John McNary & Jane Swallam 9-Jul-23   Richland 808  
      Beatrice Marie Berry Nohle 16 Java Guy S Berry & Eva Moots          
MCNARY, Mary see Moore, Donald Frank                    
MCNARY, Russell Valentine       Buford N D 27 Martinsville Ill John McNary & Jane Swallam 18-Aug-23 Poplar Richland 809  
      Emilia Mary Moran Buford 16 Arcola Sask Can Louis Moran & Mary Belegard          
MCNATT, Levi see Cody                    
MCNAUGHT, Mary see Bell, Fred M                    
MCNAULD, Maggie see McKay, Wallace                    
MCNEAL, Annie see Lingle, T J                    
MCNEAL, J A see Leonard, Frank L                    
MCNEAL, James A       Lovejoy 38 Oregon   7-Nov-17   Phillips 983  
      Teresa K O�Connor Lovejoy 30 Mn            
MCNEAL, Thomas B see McNeal, William H                    
MCNEAL, William H       Fallon 39 Greencastle Missouri Thomas B McNeal & Mary Hoagland 16-Nov-10 Glendive Dawson 867  
      Fannie A Wilson Fallon 39 Lockington Ohio Lewis Luttrell & Mary Larmore          
MCNEALY, Byron W       Wibaux 22 Blair Nebr Frank McNealy & Elsie Rhodes 28-Oct-10 Glendive Dawson 859  
      Eugene Ohman Wibaux 21 Germany Jalmer Ohman & Julia Peterson          
MCNEALY, Frank see NcNealy, Byron W                    
MCNEES, John F       Axtell 36 Rockport Mo Joseph H McNees & Nancy J Pickering 14-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3083  
      Ada Mae Knauts Axtell 20 Princeton Ill George Knauts & Eva Smith          
MCNEES, Joseph H see McNees, John F                    
MCNEIL, A D see Fuller, Earl Wayne                    
MCNEIL, Alec see McNeil, James                    
MCNEIL, Alpha D see Frank, Harold K                    
MCNEIL, Alta M see Frank, Harold K                    
MCNEIL, Annie see Lingle, George Washington                    
MCNEIL, Annie see MacArthur, Finlay                    
MCNEIL, Calvin W       Wolf Point 31 Wells Mn George L McNeil & Mary L Babcock 12-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1813  
      Rose McManigal Beach N D 26 Wells Mn W E McManigal & Mary Johnston          
MCNEIL, Charles see Duskey, Henry                    
MCNEIL, Christina see Sterling, Albert A                    
MCNEIL, Clara see Morrison, George W                    
MCNEIL, Claude see Kincaic, John                    
MCNEIL, Elsie Electa see Fuller, Earl Wayne                    
MCNEIL, Florence Edith see Morrissey, Harry A                    
MCNEIL, Fred W       Patton Hill 22 Mn George H McNeil & Mary Ellen Babcock 16-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2121  
      Mary Bensch Nina 24 Wis Frank Bensch & Annie Ryman          
MCNEIL, G A see Lund, Sigmund C                    
MCNEIL, George H see McNeil Fred W                    
MCNEIL, George L see McNeil, Calvin W                    
MCNEIL, Herbert       Culbertson 25 Neche N D W B McNeil & Lutessia Coulter 4-Dec-11 Glasgow Valley 948  
      Leona Gillette Culbertson 18 Sioux City Iowa Alfred Gillette & Amelia Sampier          
MCNEIL, Lora see Blunt, Carl W                    
MCNEIL, Lora see Wiederrick, Emil                    
MCNEIL, Margaret Jane see Throop, Edward C                    
MCNEIL, Mathilda see Ayers, Milo Addison                    
MCNEIL, Maud see Tait                    
MCNEIL, Minnie see Lund, Sigmund C                    
MCNEIL, Nettie see Dennis, Russell Clarence                    
MCNEIL, Orin see Morrissey, Harry A                    
MCNEIL, Pansy see Blunt, Alfred                    
MCNEIL, Roy       Regina Mt 21 Okla   1-Jul-29   Phillips 1122  
      Winnie Henderson Regina   Mt            
MCNEIL, Silas W see McCoy, Joseph E                    
MCNEIL, Velma see Wiederrick, Emil                    
MCNEIL, Violet W see McCoy, Joseph E                    
MCNEIL, W B see McNeil, Herbert                    
MCNEIL, Wade see McNeil, Roy                    
MCNEIL, Wade see Wiederrick, Emil                    
MCNEIL, William see Morrison, George W                    
MCNEILL, Brady Marton       Reidel 26 Claren-ce Mo William N McNeill & Nan Gosney 4-Nov-19 Chinook Blaine 597  
      Lurline Withrow? Rattlesnake 25 Nevada Mo Robert Withrow & Nettie Davis          
MCNEILL, Lida see Brooks, Johnnie                    
MCNEILL, Lucile see Powell, Jacob C                    
MCNEILL, William see Powell, Jacob C                    
MCNEILL, William N see McNeill, Brady Marton                    
MCNEILLY, Agnes see Ayre, Robert                    
MCNEIRNEY, Alice see Barkhart, Alfred                    
MCNETT, Alfred       Hamlin 27 N D Levi McNett & Fanny Session 17-Feb-19 Glasgow Valley 2477  
      Inez Edna Ridge Hamlin 19 Ill Harry Ridge & Ella Surface          
MCNETT, Emma see Peterson, Gilbert                    
MCNETT, Levi see McNett, Alfred                    
MCNETT, Levi see McNet, Olin Arthur                    
MCNETT, Olin Arthur       Hamblin 28 Folna N D Levi McNett & Francis Sessions 5-Jun-22 Hamblin McCone 42  
      Theodora Jenks Willow Lake S D 27 Dane Wisc Arthur W Jenks & Anna Berri          
MCNIECE, Daniel       Beach N D 33 Dane Cty Wisc Matt McNiece & Catherine Murphy 11-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2212  
      Catherine Murphy Circle 27 Elroy Wisc John Murphy & Mary Dubig?          
MCNIECE, John C       Beach N D 21 Dane Cty Wisc Matthew McNiece & Catherine Murphy 15-May-12 ??? Dawson 1088  
      Dorothy May Palmer Beach N D 19 Greenwood Wisc Perry Palmer & Anna Dunn          
MCNIECE, Matt see McNiece, Daniel                    
MCNIECE, Matthew see McNiece, John C                    
MCNIECE, Matthew see McNiece, Paul D                    
MCNIECE, Paul D       Beach N D 24 Evansville Wisc Matthew McNiece & Katherine Murphy 18-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2925  
      Irene W Vanderhoef Glendive 20 St Cloud Mn Mason Vanderhoef & Armeta Purvis          
MCNIEL, James       Hinsdale 27 Elysian Mn Alec McNeil & Emma Prosser 4-May-12 Glasgow Valley 1043  
      Grace Black Hinsdale 21 Berbin? Ind Frank Black & Electa Werstler?          
MCNIESE, Abbie see Curtiss, Malcolm                    
MCNIESE, Abbie see Limesand, Louis                    
MCNIGHT, Catherine see Poling, William W                    
MCNIGHT, Maggie see Meek, Earl                    
MCNIGHT, Mrs Clayton see Johnston, Maurice                    
MCNIGHT, Zelpha B see Brown, Roy E                    
MCNULTY, Annie see Tillman, Mary E                    
MCNULTY, Charles F see McNulty                    
MCNULTY, Francis Ignatos       P�wood 24 Litchfield Mn Charles F McNulty & Jennie Shaughnessy 1-Aug-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2343  
      Adriana Cecelia Garneau P�wood 21 Westhope N D Alfred Garneau & Emma Aulaire          
MCNULTY, Mary Ann see Dolin, Jos F                    
MCNUTT, Blanche A see Dodds, Ralph F                    
MCNUTT, Charles see Moulton, Glenn D                    
MCNUTT, Delos       Phillips 28 Mn   22-Jul-18   Phillips 361  
      Harriet R Porter Phillips 22 N D            
MCNUTT, Levi see McNutt, Ray B                    
MCNUTT, Levi see Dodds, Ralph F                    
MCNUTT, Mildred see Moulton, Glenn D                    
MCNUTT, Ray B       Cow Creek 24 Nelson Cty N D Levi McNutt & Francis Sessions 17-Aug-12 Glendive Dawson 1130  
      Ina May Tennyson Redwater 20 Jackson Cty Wisc Jacob Tennyson & Josephine Mickelson          
MCPEAK, Edward M see Schreiver, Edward M                    
MCPEAK, Mamie see Speyers, John                    
MCPEAT, Mary see Waetzig, Bert                    
MCPEEK, Maude see Hausonl, Dan M                    
MCPEEK, Olga F see Hausonl, Dan M                    
MCPHAIL, Archie see Simmons, Edward F                    
MCPHAIL, Lizzie see Powell, W T                    
MCPHAIL, Susan K see Simmons, Edward F                    
MCPHEE, D D see McPhee, Donald                    
MCPHEE, Donald       Seattle 30 Spokane D D McPhee & Catherine McLeod 14-Sep-27 Glasgow Valley 2317  
      Mary Theresa Barnhardt Glasgow 23 Cornwell Ont Walter Barnhardt & Katherine McMillan          
MCPHEE, Joseph see Reed                    
MCPHEE, Josephine see Reed                    
MCPHEE, Lizzie see Brandt, William                    
MCPHEE, Maggie see Cameron                    
MCPHEE, Margaret see Antonsen                    
MCPHEE, Mary see Murphy, Merle                    
MCPHEE, Mary L see Hoagland, Peter                    
MCPHEE, Wilbert see Murphy, Merle                    
MCPHERSON, Alexander James       Culbertson 31 Canada Angus McPherson & Cath-erine Frazer 17-May-21 Culbertson Roosivelt 240  
      Margaret Fergus Culbertson 24 Great Falls Wm Fergus & Eliza-beth Maylan          
MCPHERSON, Angus see McPherson, Alexander James                    
MCPHERSON, B see McPherson, Wallace                    
MCPHERSON, Constance R see Thompson, Clarence H                    
MCPHERSON, Ed Louis       Nashua 28 Nashua Frank McPherson & Frances Anderson 15-Sep-23 Scobey Daniels 119  
      Sadie Theresa Dasher Nashua 18 N D John Dascher & ???          
MCPHERSON, Eliza E see Clark, Adelbert L                    
MCPHERSON, Frank see Johnson, Lewis H                    
MCPHERSON, Frank see McPherson, Walter C                    
MCPHERSON, Frank see Thompson, Clarence H                    
MCPHERSON, Frank see White, Louis G                    
MCPHERSON, Frank see McPherson, Ed Louis                    
MCPHERSON, Hiram O see McPherson, Marion L                    
MCPHERSON, Howard       Burns 23 Sterling Station N Y Withington McPherson & Maude Holms 18-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2672  
      Blanche Prevost Burns 24 Paddock Nebr Joe & Scena Crawford          
MCPHERSON, Jennie see Skinner, Daniel B I                    
MCPHERSON, John see McPherson, Raymond                    
MCPHERSON, John Ira       Glendive 33 Montrose Missouri Richard McPherson & Sophia A Carter 2-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2557  
      Signa Hansen Glendive 25 Norway Lewis Hansen & Olive Syverson          
MCPHERSON, Marion L       Poplar 28 Aledo Ill Hiram O McPherson & Mary J Dammer 22-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1800  
      Della M Yate Geneva Neb 25 Geneva Edward T Yate & Martha M Demaree          
MCPHERSON, Mary Francis see White, Louis G                    
MCPHERSON, Raymond       Jordan 40 Nebr John McPherson & Mary McArthur? 30-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1970  
      Ester A Jordan Jordan 20 Jordan Arthur J Jordan & Hattie E Hart          
MCPHERSON, Richard see McPherson, John Ira                    
MCPHERSON, Stella see Johnson, Lewis H                    
MCPHERSON, Thomas       Fairview 22 Sterling N Y Wellington McPherson & Maude Holms 9-Dec-25 Glendive Dawson 3304  
      Pearl Boyce Fairview 20 Burns Joe & Seena Crawford          
MCPHERSON, Thomas G       Nashua 21 Nashua Frank McPherson & Frances Anderson 2-Oct-26 Glasgow Valley 3244  
      Leila Copeland Nashua 18 Nashua Mildred Carman          
MCPHERSON, Wallace       Lambert 23 Sterling N Y B McPherson & Sylvia Rice 14-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2147  
      Neva McChesney Sidney 19 Dallis Cty Iowa Alvin McChesney & Annie Olds          
MCPHERSON, Walter C       Nashua 24 Lipskin Texas Frank McPherson & Fannie Wright 1-May-22 Glasgow Valley 2874  
      Dora Buttke Nashua 20 Benson Mn Fred Buttke & Millie Vollmer          
MCPHERSON, Wellington see McPherson, Thomas                    
MCPHERSON, Withington see McPherson, Howard                    
MCQUAID, Ruth see Ogburn, G S                    
MCQUAY, Hamilton see Swanson, Andrew G                    
MCQUAY, Hamilton see Todd, Emerson                    
MCQUAY, Jeanette see Swanson, Andrew G                    
MCQUEEN, Amanda see Martin, Tom                    
MCQUEEN, Edna see Ulrich, Albert P                    
MCQUEEN, Edna see Howard, Wilhelm B                    
MCQUEEN, Edna see Monroe, Roy G                    
MCQUEEN, George see Howard, Wilhelm B                    
MCQUEEN, George see Ulrich, Albert P                    
MCQUEEN, George W       Phillips 26 Missouri   26-Jul-16   Phillips 123  
      Edna Young Phillips 25 Kansas            
MCQUEEN, Jemima see Franzen, Robert                    
MCQUERY, Edmon       Elmdale 24 Fawcett Mo John A McQuery & Virginia McClain 13-Mar-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 108  
      Eva Lynd Brockton 24 N D George A Lynd & Amanda J McMullen          
MCQUERY, John A see McQuery, Edmon                    
MCQUIGG, Alma Norine see Strong, Carl Edwin                    
MCQUIGG, Olga Mae see Branson, Carl Otis                    
MCQUIGG, Vead see Branson, Carl Otis                    
MCQUIGG, Vead see Strong, Carl Edwin                    
MCQUILKEN, Jane (Rowan?) see O�Leary, William                    
MCQUILLEN, Mary Anne? see Cavanaugh, Arthur                    
MCQUILLEN, Maryan see Cavanaugh, Arthur                    
MCQUILLEN, Peter       Miles City 37 Manchester New Hampshire Peter McQuillen & Bridget Scahill 3-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1901  
      Cyntha Davis Miles City 30 Benton Cty Missouri Marion Davis & Octovine Gass          
MCQUINN, Catherine T see Wilson, Frank M                    
MCQUINN, Helen see Cull, Albert W                    
MCQUISTON, J B see Milne, Royce S                    
MCQUISTON, Lilliah see Milne, Royce S                    
MCQUKEE, Margaret see Gasper, William Edmpnd                    
MCRAE, Anna see Sutherland, Donald M                    
MCRAE, Annie see McDonald, Alexander                    
MCRAE, Florence (Sprague?) see Stoops, Lee                    
MCRAE, Helen see Wood, Branson W                    
MCRAE, J A       Glasgow 51 Canada William McRae & Lucy Buldue 7-Aug-09 Glasgow Valley 495  
      Florence Rogers Glasgow 47 Maine Thomas Sprague & Julia Andrews          
MCRAE, Jane see Thompson, Alec                    
MCRAE, Katherine see MacLeod, S A                    
MCRAE, Kenneth see Hanna, Frank J                    
MCRAE, Mary see Jackson, Daniel                    
MCRAE, Mary T see Hanna, Frank J                    
MCRAE, William see McRae, J A                    
MCREA, Rosa E see Larson, John C                    
MCRELL, John M       Penn 20 Penn John McRell & Hannah Nalf 10-Mar-15 Glasgow Valley 1650  
      Esther Zick Culbertson 19 Mn Charles Zick & Annie Symes          
MCRINGEN, Mary see Mahoney, Arthur J                    
MCROBB, Alie see McRobb, David                    
MCROBB, David       Divide Sask Can 26 Scotland Alie McRobb & Elizabeth White 10-Apr-18 Chinook Blaine 480  
      Annie Reid Divide 22 Turtle Mountain N D John Reid & Janet Anderson          
MCROBBIE, Rebecca see Forbes, William                    
MCRORIE, Harney see McRorie, Lester H                    
MCRORIE, Lester H       Laurel 28 Richfield Springs N Y Harney McRorie & Lillian Shoemaker 30-Apr-23 Glendive Dawson 2973  
      Lillian M Johnston Laurel 28 Mason City Iowa James R Johnston & Fannie E Woodward          
MCSHANE, Rotchford J       Belt 25 Sand Coulee Thomas McShane & Elizabeth Doherty 31-Oct-24 Chinook Blaine 844  
      Anne Miskan Belt 21 Sand Coulee John Miskan & Elizabeth Christopher          
MCSHANE, Thomas see McShane, Rotchford J                    
MCSPADDEN, J H see McSpadden, R H                    
MCSPADDEN, R H       Culbertson 26 Delkiah Mo J H McSpadden & Bettie Davis     Valley 798 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Ellen Murray Culbertson 29   John Murray & Mary St Peters          
MCSWEENEY, Cornelius see McSweeney, Patrick                    
MCSWEENEY, Patrick       Hinsdale 20 Cork Ireland Cornelius McSweeney & Mary Cronin 29-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1845  
      Catherine Hanrahan Cork Ire 21? Cork Eugene Hanrahan & Mary McCarthy          
MCSWEENEY, Patrick       Mondak 36 Calif Patrick McSweeney & Julia Greeley 15-Jan-15 Plentywood Sheridan 406  
      Anna L Mohn Mondak 36 Iowa Henry Zucker & Dora Buzacker          
MCTAVISH, Anne see McGibbon                    
MCTAVISH, Annie see Henderson                    
MCTOVISH, Jane see McMahon, Fredrick Sidney                    
MCVAY, William M see Adams, Fred E                    
MCVEE, Charles see McVee, Virgil                    
MCVEE, Chas see McVee, J D                    
MCVEE, J D       Glasgow 59 Mitchell S D Chas McVee & Annie Donndly? 3-Nov-12 Glasgow Valley 1149  
      Ica H Wagner Glasgow 21 Indiana Lum Wagner & Sarah Brown          
MCVEE, Virgil       Glasgow 37 Poplar Charles McVee & Annie Doudley? 25-Nov-26 Vandalia Valley 3260  
      Lillian Betz, Glasgow 30 Miles City John Betz & Charlotte Davisonon          
MCVEIGH, ??? see Erickson                    
MCVEY, Fiona C see Meacham, Harry L                    
MCVEY, Grace see Burley, Newton S                    
MCVEY, Silas B see Burley, Newton S                    
MCVICKER, Annie see Kelner, Gustav                    
MCWATTY, Katheryn see Schuster, Andrew S                    
MCWATTY, Mary see O�Connor, Daniel                    
MCWATTY, William see Schuster, Andrew S                    
MCWATTY, William see O�Connor, Daniel                    
MCWILLIAMS, Flora see McEachern, Murdoch                    
MEACHAM, Almon       Wibaux 29 Green Cty Wis Horace R Meacham & Emma S Howdee 3-Mar-08 Glendive Dawson 580  
      Chlory Bishop Wibaux 18 Nathanville Wisc Peter Bishop & Margaret Moen          
MEACHAM, Harry L       Culbertson 28 Cando N D Henry Meacham & Fiona C McVey 8-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1980  
      Louise Staltenberg Clinton Iowa 22 Clinton John Staltenberg & Violetta Hughes          
MEACHAM, Henry see Meacham, Harry L                    
MEACHAM, Horace R see Meacham, Almon                    
MEACHAN, Ella Martha see Nixon, Silas D                    
MEAD, A & Harriet see Mead, C W                    
MEAD, B J       Lead S D 28 Mn Dr C W Mead & Mary Corcoran 4-Aug-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1914  
      Margaret M Fee S D 23 S D Henry Fee & Catherine McEnamy          
MEAD, C W       Glendive 41 Pittsburgh Penn A & Harriet Mead 6-Feb-04 Glendive Dawson 304  
      Sussie Estes Glendive 38 ??? ???          
MEAD, Carl F see Mead                    
MEAD, Charles see Fletcher                    
MEAD, Clarence W see Mead, Maynard M                    
MEAD, Daniel       Antelope 22 Mn Louis Mead & Lillian Francis 18-Apr-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1008  
      Petra Paulson   24 Wis Peter Paulson & Julia Gilbertson          
MEAD, David see Mead, E G                    
MEAD, Dr C W see Mead                    
MEAD, E A see Sadler                    
MEAD, E G       Cowan 49 Penn David Mead & Eunice Hall 3-Jan-09 Cowan Valley    
      Mary E Mead   48 Mich John Wintler & ???          
MEAD, E G see Mead, Herbert                    
MEAD, Earl R       Wolf Point 25 Windom Mn Scott Mead & Minerva Gray 1-Mar-13 Poplar Valley 1259  
      Hazel M Arthur Riverside 18 Long Prairie Mn James Arthur & Elizabeth Hunseeker          
MEAD, Edward C       Cowan 26 Chicago Ill Levi W & Alice C Mead 11-Aug-08 Malta Valley 400  
      Essie H Bland Cowan 22 Jennings Mich Elmer E Bland & Rebecca J Woolman          
MEAD, Ethel see Garland, Harold                    
MEAD, Ethel see Berdon, Lynn                    
MEAD, Ethel B see Harris, Keith M                    
MEAD, Fayette see Mead, Tracy E                    
MEAD, Francis J       Wibaux 28 Flandreau S D Patrick Mead & Jennie Flynn 18-Nov-17 Glendive Dawson 2287  
      Genivieve Jacobs Wibaux 18 Dickenson N D Joseph Jacobs & Tena Peterson          
MEAD, Frank       Bainville 18 British Columbia William Forton & Mary Sanderson 1-Jun-18 Froid Sheridan 1314  
      Mabel Katie Vandeberg Bainville 18 N D Joseph Vandeberg & Johanna Nieskins          
MEAD, Grace F see Fletcher                    
MEAD, Hazel see Williams, Richard D                    
MEAD, Hazel E see Bodie                    
MEAD, Herbert       Freewater 25 Virginia   24-Dec-21   Phillips 622  
      Mable Thompson Freewater 16 N D            
MEAD, Isaac see Mead, John                    
MEAD, Jack see Gaffney                    
MEAD, John       Med� Lake 30 Be___? Wis Isaac Mead & Jennie N Love 25-Jun-12 Med� Lake Valley 1067  
      Louise Winter Med� Lake 23 LeSeuer Mn Joseph Winter & Katherine Dressed          
MEAD, Levi W & Alice C see Mead, Edward C                    
MEAD, Lewis see Mead                    
MEAD, Lewis G see Bodie                    
MEAD, Lewis W       P�wood 32 Mich Carl F Mead & Harriet Landon 28-Sep-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1385  
      Mabel Skinner P�wood 18 Mich Frank Skinner & Eva Bloss          
MEAD, Lillian (Francis?) see Fairchild, Andrew C                    
MEAD, Lizzie see Mead, Herbert                    
MEAD, Louise see McKenzie, Clifton K                    
MEAD, Mable see Arrotta, Sam                    
MEAD, Margaret see Martin, Marcel Paul                    
MEAD, Martha see McConn, Oscar W                    
MEAD, Mary E see Patterson, Harry L                    
MEAD, Mary E (Wintler?) see Mead, E G                    
MEAD, Maynard M       Freewater 23 Mn   6-Sep-22   Phillips 663  
      Icy Viola Martin Malta 19 N D            
MEAD, Minnie see Swanson, Peter Aaron                    
MEAD, Patrick see Mead, Francis J                    
MEAD, Reika see Norton, Delbert L                    
MEAD, Scott see Mead, Earl R                    
MEAD, Tracey E       Wadena Mn 24 New Hampton Iowa Fayette Mead & Janeva McNary 14-Aug-16 Glendive Dawson 1990  
      Alma Whitmore Beach N D 26 Pukwana S D Thomas Nelson & Caroline Anderson          
MEAD, Vannie see Mills, Glenn E                    
MEAD, W E see Norton, Delbert L                    
MEADE, Mabel see Weber, Lester F                    
MEADOR, Olive see Hall                    
MEADOR, Polina see Green, Oval M                    
MEADOR, Singleton see LaBombard, Frank                    
MEADORE, Annette see Arndt, Fred W                    
MEADOW, Mary H see Holly, Japhet H                    
MEADOWCROFT, Mrs Nellie (Butler?) see Hawkins, Marvel P                    
MEADOWS, Alice see Nicks, Jeff                    
MEADOWS, Florence see Orr, William H                    
MEADOWS, Florence see Orr, Wm Henry                    
MEANS, Adolph see Means, David                    
MEANS, David       Drew 26 S D Adolph Means & ???     Roosivelt 848 ( cert not completed )
      Lillian Necklace Drew 19 Mt Necklace & ???          
MEANS, David       Ft Yates N D 27 Ft Yates ??? 28-Nov-27 Riverside Roosivelt 1066  
      Mary Grant Poplar 20 Ft Peck Reser Peter White Hawk & Owl Shield          
MEARS, John see Pender                    
MEARS, Margarethe see Pender                    
MEARS?, Margaret see Welton, Arthur                    
MEATONS, Mary see Lamb, Elmer                    
MEBAST, Peter see Paulson, Rose Annette                    
MEBUST, Ingeborg see Legge                    
MECHEAU, Rose see Fournier, John B                    
MECKER, Mrs K see Damm, George Sr                    
MECKLER, Barbara see Boutrous, Oscar T                    
MECKLER, Esther see Berg, Clarence Dennis                    
MECKLER, Eva see Eherts, Xavier                    
MECKLER, George see Berg, Clarence Dennis                    
MECKLER, Harry see Eherts, Xavier                    
MECKLER, Roy see Boutrous, Oscar T                    
MECKZAS, Ketaline see Miller                    
MECOTTE, Rose Aimee see Bernard, J Adelbert                    
MEDBERY, F W       Stanley N D 28 Dexter Mn W A Medbery & Amanda Sinks 8-Apr-18 Glasgow Valley 817  
      Edna Fladeland Ross N D 20 Evansville Mn Halmer Fladeland & Clara Gromberg          
MEDBERY, W A see Medbery, F W                    
MEDBOE, Emma Sophia see VanDerhoef, Leland Maurice                    
MEDBOE, Herman see VanDerhoef , Leland Maurice                    
MEDDERS, Abner       Dooley 58 Iowa Aran Medders & Esther Sailois 19-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1418  
      Katherine Ehrmann-traut Dooley 54 Germany Joseph Ehrmanntraut & Katherine Wanamaker          
MEDDERS, Aran see Medders                    
MEDDLETON, Mary Martha (Wills?) see Grams                    
MEDEARIS, Hazel see Frankenberg, Robert E                    
MEDEARIS, Jerome       Burns 30 Johnson Cty Nebr Joseph Medearis & Isabell Horis 9-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1233  
      Johana Thedin Savage 30 Winchester Wisc Carl P Thedin & Jacobine M Arneson          
MEDEARIS, Joe see Frankenberg, Robert E                    
MEDEARIS, Joseph see Medearis, Jerome                    
MEDECINE, Boy       Harlem 46 Chinook ??? & Strong House Woman 6-Aug-19 Wapaciga Pres Ch Blaine 576  
      Go Through the Night Harlem 49 Chinook Hawk Chief & Yellow Cow          
MEDICINE, see Heddrick, Gus M Jr                    
MEDICINE, see Red Eagle, Albert                    
MEDICINE, Ann see Hall, Clayton S                    
MEDICINE, Bear see Ring, Matt                    
MEDICINE, Bear see Wing, Leo                    
MEDICINE, Bear see Bear, Charles                    
MEDICINE, Bear Track see Cleveland                    
MEDICINE, Blanket see Red Eagle                    
MEDICINE, Breath see Lone Warrior, Albert                    
MEDICINE, Cloud see Medicine Cloud, Joseph                    
MEDICINE, Cloud see First Eagle                    
MEDICINE, Eagle       Poplar 54 Mt Medicine Eagle & Elk 22-May-23 Poplar? Roosivelt 508  
      Plenty Horse Poplar 60 Mt Bloody Knife & Winona          
MEDICINE, Girl see Flea, Leo                    
MEDICINE, Head Night see Talbott, George H                    
MEDICINE, Horse see Medicine Horse                    
MEDICINE, Pipe see Spotted Dog, Joshua                    
MEDICINE, Pole see McConnell, Anson C                    
MEDICINE, Robe       Lodge Pole 60 Mt Traveler & Black Mane Woman 6-Jun-28 Big Warm Creek Blaine 1021  
      Iron Hand Woman Lodge Pole 67 Canada Hael & Iron Cheek Woman          
MEDICINE, Walk see Medicine Cloud, Joseph                    
MEDICINE, Walk Woman see Sherman                    
MEDICINE, Woman see Medicine, Rufus                    
MEDICINE, Woman see Cushing, Thomas                    
MEDICINE, Woman see Hedderich, Gus Martin                    
MEDICINE, Woman see McConnell, Anson C                    
MEDICINE, Emma see Gibbs                    
MEDICINE, Rufus       Culbertson 22 Ft Peck Resiv Dog Lesson & Medicine Woman 6-Dec-05 Poplar Valley 201  
      Mary Longee Culbertson 20 Ft Peck Frank Longee & Yellow Leaf          
MEDICINE BEAR, Edward see Furst, Jerome                    
MEDICINE CLOUD, Joseph       Wolf Point 32 Wolf Point Medicine Cloud & White Cloud 23-Dec-26 Glasgow Valley 3269  
      Katherine Medicine Walk Oswego 22 Oswego Medicine Walk & Belle Campbell          
MEDICINE CLOUD, Lavina see First Eagle                    
MEDICINE HORSE, David Dan       Brockton 20 Brockton Medicine Horse & Bessie Red Eagle 3-Jan-19 Brockton Sheridan 1433  
      Emma Necklace Brockton 19 Brockton Peter Sharp Eyes & Louise Powell          
MEDICINE WALK, Catherine see Medicine Cloud, Joseph                    
MEDINE, Carl see Dixon, Robert Glenn                    
MEDINE, Julia E see Dixon, Robert Glenn                    
MEDIUM, Bear see Bear, Charley                    
MEDLIN, Emmiline see Dooley, Ira                    
MEDLIN, Emmiline see Salsbury, Samuel                    
MEDTKE, William Jr       Glendive 24 Germany William Medtke & Augusta Jeuski 7-Apr-30 Wibaux Wibaux 728  
      Margaret Anna West Glendive 18 Glendive Joseph West & Anna Staub          
MEEBA, Mary E see Lynch, John P                    
MEEG, John see Ekland, Herman K                    
MEEG, John & Marie see Shaffer, Harry H                    
MEEG, Thora see Shaffer, Harry H                    
MEEG, Thora see Ekland, Herman J                    
MEEHAN, Annie see Donohue, William A                    
MEEHAN, Elizabeth see Brackley                    
MEEHAN, Emma E see LaLonde, James A                    
MEEHAN, Forest R       Glendive 21 Dewey S D Joseph P Meehan & Margaret Lee 14-Apr-28 Glendive Dawson 3562  
      Helen Peoples Glendive 17 Glendive Andrew Peoples & Helen Brown          
MEEHAN, Joseph P see Meehan, Forest R                    
MEEK, Agnes see Karr, Charles                    
MEEK, Agnes see Karr, Charles                    
MEEK, Alger       Wibaux 28 Greenwood Wisc Lute Meek & Mary Shanks 17-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3230  
      Mildred Schell Beach N D 28 Norwark? Wisc John Schell & Lydia Wartman          
MEEK, Archie       Sentinel Butte N D 22 Jackson Cty Wis George Meek & Maggie Dunn 12-Oct-22 �Kastien res" Wibaux 356  
      Florence Kastien Beach N D 16 Chicago A E Kastien & Lizzie Campbell          
MEEK, Arthur Raymond       Glasgow 25 Logansport Ind Dorsey A Meek & Pearl Studebaker 14-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3344  
      Dorothy A Potter Glasgow 18 Revilla S D Fred H Potter & Jennie F Johnson          
MEEK, Blanche see Ritchey, Harold                    
MEEK, Dorcy A see Haugen, Harold Norman                    
MEEK, Dorsey see Schneider, Walter                    
MEEK, Dorsey A see Meek, Arthur Raymond                    
MEEK, Dorsey A see Meek, Floyd                    
MEEK, Earl       Mondak 21 Fremont Ohio Samuel R Meek & Maggie McNight 13-Jul-19 Mondak Roosivelt 32  
      Pearl Copeland Bainville 19 Mn Morgan Copeland & Ellen Lang          
MEEK, Evelyn see Schneider, Walter                    
MEEK, Floyd       Glasgow 19 Indiana Dorsey A Meek & Daisy Studebaker 4-Feb-19 Glasgow Valley 2472  
      Eunice Mae Cram Nashua 18 Wis E E Cram & Lizzie Gribner          
MEEK, Genevieve see Houghton , Byron                    
MEEK, George see Meek, Archie                    
MEEK, George see Ritchey, Harold                    
MEEK, Lute see Houghton, Byron                    
MEEK, Lute see Meek, Alger                    
MEEK, Lute see Meek, Randy                    
MEEK, Marie see Haugen Harold Norman                    
MEEK, Mary see Warnke, George                    
MEEK, Miss Juda see Boyd, Greenville                    
MEEK, Randy       Wibaux 33 Greenwood Wisc Lute Meek & Mary Shanks 17-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3538  
      Irina Sweeney Wibaux 19 Chippewa Falls Wis Irving Sweeney & Louise Birkholz          
MEEK, Samuel R see Meek, Earl                    
MEEKER, Bert see Cave, Lawrence L                    
MEEKER, Kate E see Cave, Lawrence L                    
MEEKS, Amelia see Jacobsen                    
MEEKS, Carl       Wibaux 20 Sundance Wyo F N Meeks & Lizzie Ransom 12-Jul-03 Wibaux Dawson 297  
      Lola Ruggles Wibaux 20 Cedar Falls Iowa W A Ruggles & Eva Jackson          
MEEKS, Carl see Cale, Fred                    
MEEKS, Elizabeth see Dawson, Otto                    
MEEKS, F N see Meeks, Carl                    
MEEKS, Georgia see Doyle, William                    
MEEKS, I N see Pickering, Albert                    
MEEKS, Lucile see Cale, Fred                    
MEEKS, M H see Hails                    
MEEKS, M H see Jacobsen                    
MEEKS, Martha J see Johnson, Peter W                    
MEEKS, Mary Edith see Jones, Ralph H                    
MEEKS, Myrtle see Pickering, Albert                    
MEELE, C M       Wibaux 25 Bay City Mich W J Meele & Sarah N Turley 12-Nov-01 Glendive Dawson 231  
      Nellie Roberts Medora N D 22 Medora J & Amy Roberts          
MEELE, W C see Meele, C M                    
MEETS, The Enemy see Mott, James                    
MEETS, the Enemy see Spotted Bird, Paul                    
MEEVES, Hans see Meeves, Herman                    
MEEVES, Herman       Union 39 Germany Hans Meeves & Anna Ehlers 29-Nov-13 Glendive Dawson 1383  
      Margaret A Hughes Union 29 Detroit Mich William H Hughes & Adele Baur          
MEFIE, Edward       Twete 30 Manistee Mich Henry Mefie & Minnie Schenman 20-Sep-19 Chinook Blaine 587  
      Emma Murphy Twete 26 Chicago Ill Hans F Tegen & Katie Mokvise?          
MEFIE, Henry see Mefie, Edward                    
MEFS?, Emma see Wakefield, Earl                    
MEGEARS, Luella M see Ericksen, Edwin H                    
MEGER, Anna see Ponke, Bernard F                    
MEGLESS, Lizzie see Garfield, Charles                    
MEGNEAULT, Christina see Wells, S L                    
MEGNEAULT, Joseph see Wells, S L                    
MEGOA, Rhoda see Bartlett, Alfred                    
MEHAN, Catherine see Reynolds, James W                    
MEHARRY, Charles       Hinsdale 18 Canada Samuel MeHarry & Viola Nichols 2-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 2535  
      Enid Stalcup Hinsdale 21 Ardoch N D John Stalcup & Laura Forsythe          
MEHARRY, David A see Meharry                    
MEHARRY, Mary see Mix, Henry E                    
MEHARRY, Robert A       Outlook 20 Canada David A Meharry & Roberta Shepard 19-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2487  
      Frances Ordahl Outlook 21 Mn Gilbert Ordahl & Selma Hilland Ordahl          
MEHARRY, Samuel see MeHarry, Charles                    
MEHL, Bertha Ruth see King                    
MEHL, George       P�wood 21 Spring Valley Mn John V Mehl & Tracy Wilbright 16-Jul-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2674  
      Edna Nicol-iason P�wood 20 Redstone Christ Nicol-iason & Gina Jensen          
MEHL, John see King                    
MEHL, John V see Mehl                    
MEHLE, Louis see Mehle                    
MEHLE, Henry E       Flaxville 30 Wis Louis Mehle & Pauline Krenz 9-May-14 Plentywood Sheridan 222  
      Clara S Redlaczyk Flaxville 21 Wis Frank Redlaczyk & Ida Bloch          
MEHLE, Mary see Heubner, Charles F                    
MEHLUM, Minnie see Spencer, Lloyd                    
MEHNKE, Caroline see Frentz, Harold Leslie                    
MEHNKE, Caroline see Schwan, William Gottfred                    
MEHR, Mat see Mehr, Peter J                    
MEHR, Peter J       Belgrade Mn 35 St Martins Mn Mat Mehr & Regina Sperl 29-Mar-21 Glendive Dawson 2750  
      Maude M Smith Glendive 27 Goshen Indiana William Smith & Jennie Searer          
MEHRER, Fred       Lustre 20 Romania John Mehrer & Augusta Kline 22-May-24 Lustre Valley 3056  
      Anna T Wall Lustre 19 Mountain Lake Mn Jacob & Elizabeth Wall          
MEHRER, Albert       Mott, N D 23 Lesterville D D Theodore Mehrer & Margaret Webber 9-Dec-30 Glendive Dawson 3944  
      Theodosia Schulz New Leipzig N D 23 Kulm N D Robert S & Sophia Schulz          
MEHRER, John see Mehrer, Fred                    
MEHRER, Theodore see Mehrer, Alberet                    
MEIDLINGER, Theresa see Reynen                    
MEIER, Andrew       Wibaux 39 Arcadia Wis Andrew Meier & Katherine Stramm 27-Oct-21 Wibaux Wibaux 316  
      Margaret Burns Wibaux 31 Hebron N D John Burns & Theresa Kelly          
MEIER, Marie see Waltman, William                    
MEIER, Wilhelmina see Frahm, Willie Bernhard                    
MEIERS, Anna see Grimsrud, Axel Wilhelm                    
MEIFERT, Jeanette see LaRouche, David W                    
MEIHACK, Edwin see Meihack, George                    
MEIHACK, George       Nielsville Wisc 33 Weston Wisc Edwin Miehack & Caroline Huffman 12-Sep-23 Glendive Dawson 3020  
      Sarah Wetzel Nielsville 26 Weston Wis Charles Wetzel & Augusta Reetz          
MEIKS, Maggie J see Mohr                    
MEINARS, Dick see Meinars, John                    
MEINARS, John       Big Horn 31 Germany Dick Meinars & Anna Ennen 7-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1637  
      Anna Ennen Big Horn 22 Germania Iowa Ralph Ennen & Ettie Ukena          
MEINHARDT, Charles see McDonough, Joseph J                    
MEINHARDT, Mary E see McDonough, Joseph J                    
MEINHOLD, Frank see Meinhold, Max Leonard                    
MEINHOLD, Max Leonard       Coburg 25 Mich Frank M Meinhold & Emma Friedel 25-Dec-15 Coburg Blaine 251  
      Malinda S Freeman Ciburg 18 Kingston Mass Henry Freeman & Emma Shaw          
MEISDALEN, Halvor J       Malta 26 Norway Jager Meisdalen & Ingeborg Stokkbyrn 17-May-14 Malt Valley 1457  
      Freda Wikander Malta 35 Sweden Gus Wikander & Matilda Swenson          
MEISDALEN, Jager see Meisdalen, Halvor J                    
MEISENBACH, Frank Chas see Meisenbach, Frank G                    
MEISENBACH, Frank G       Sidney 25 Mendota Ill Frank Charles Meisenbach & Minnie Granzow 6-May-14 "home of T C Lebeck." Dawson 1488  
      Merle Bradley Fairview 22 Sullivan Illinois Charles H Bradley & Mary B Weatherley          
MEISINGER, Frances see Johns, George                    
MEISINGER, Frances see Smith, Frank Anton                    
MEISINGER, Francis see Gluyas, Richard J                    
MEISL, Magdalene see Spencer                    
MEISNER, Anna see Rose, William A                    
MEISNER, Fred see Poellte, George                    
MEISNER, Genetha M see Honnold, Desmond C                    
MEISNER, Metta see Ehlers                    
MEISNER, Peter see Ehlers                    
MEISSNER, Frank       Glendive 20 Hebron N D Anton Meissner & Susan Steiner 30-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3654  
      Evelyn Agnes Farrell Glendive 19 Fargo James H Farrell & Clara Gullickson          
MEISSNER, Albert       Glendive 19 Hungary Anton Meissner & Susane Steiner 15-Mar-16 Glendive Dawson 1886  
      Anna Siechau Glendive 19 Frazee Mn Sam Sichau & Caroline Schotschmiller          
MEISSNER, Anton see Meissner, Frank                    
MEISSNER, Anton see Meissner, Albert                    
MEISSNER, Anton       Glendive 22 Hungary Anton Meissner & Anna Steiner 30-Dec-12 Glendive Dawson 1192  
      Agnes Groh Glendive 20 Seplemetry? Oregon John Groh & Theakla Browlik          
MEISSNER, Edna see Haines, Albert D                    
MEISSNER, Peter see Haines, Albert D                    
MEISSNER, Ruby see Brownell, Arthur N                    
MEISTER, Emma see Maloy                    
MEISTER, George Alexander       Wolf Point 27 Cliftondale Mass Robert Meister & Mildred Barkhouse 30-Sep-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1381  
      Ena Luella Montross Waverly Iowa 23 Waverly Alphonse Montross & Julietta Gould          
MEISTER, Robert see Meister, George Alexander                    
MEISTER, Robert see Maloy                    
MEJIE, Ernest       Twete 36 Manastee Mich Henry Mejie & Minnie Shonaman 1-Oct-20 Harlem Blaine 647  
      Lottie May Davis Twete 18 Texas Robert Davis & Mary Abbie          
MEJIE, Henry see Mejie Ernest                    
MEKULA, Mary see Foss, Alvin M                    
MEKVOLD, John see White                    
MEKVOLD, Trena see White                    
MELA, Martin O see Mela, Otto                    
MELA, Otto       Opheim 31 Reynolds N D Martin O Mela & Janette Reppe 29-May-16 Opheim Valley 1861  
      Rae Skinner Opheim 27 Big Horn Wyo William Skinner & Josephine Barnett          
MELAND, Barbara see Shumacker, John J                    
MELAND, Barbara see Herbak                    
MELANEY, Katherine see Foss, F S P                    
MELANEY, Katherine see Healy, J B                    
MELANEY, Katherine see Healy, L Lee                    
MELBON?, Margit see Evans, Eugene                    
MELBOURN, George       Brockton 48 Pop-lar Black Turnip & Good Cloud 26-May-20 Poplar Roosivelt 134  
      Maggie H Longee Poplar 30 Poplar Lone Dog & Star Woman          
MELBOURN, Maggie L see Washington, George                    
MELBOURNE, Blanche see Reddoor, Edwin                    
MELBOURNE, Blanche see Reddoor, David                    
MELBOURNE, Elizabeth see Ironthunder, Joseph James                    
MELBOURNE, George see Melbourne, Thomas                    
MELBOURNE, James see Ironthunder, Joseph James                    
MELBOURNE, James Mike       Poplar 21 Poplar James Melbourne & Mary Brown 25-Jul-24 Poplar Roosivelt 646  
      Estelle Bad Temper Poplar 18 Poplar Peter Bad Temper & Inez Alvarez          
MELBOURNE, Thomas       Frazer 22 Frazer George Melbourne & Maggie Haskell 20-Nov-26 Frazer Valley 3257  
      Bessie Jones Frazer 18 Frazer William Jones & Phoebe Fast Horse          
MELBY, Armand see Dahl, Henry                    
MELBY, Erik T       Andes 36 Norway Thorsten Tvenge & Marit Havi 11-Jul-25 Glendive Dawson 3239  
      Mary Adams Andes 20 Norris Ill Steve Pistoco & Minnie Buffo          
MELBY, Esther see Lipscomb                    
MELBY, Everett       Dagmar 30 Osnabrook N D Oscar Melby & Nellie Palmer 17-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2942  
      Ruby Nelson Grenora N D 23 Funkley Mn Palmer Nelson & Augusta Bash          
MELBY, George       Dagmar 25 Osnabrook N D Oscar Melby & Nellie Palmer 28-Nov-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2898  
      Hettie Draw-bond Fortuna N D 26 Fortuna Samuel Drawbond & Ella Harshbarger          
MELBY, Gina Matilda see Flick, Ray Sylvester                    
MELBY, Hans see Back                    
MELBY, Laurit see Melby, Severin                    
MELBY, Lise see see Dahl, Henry                    
MELBY, Minnie see Back                    
MELBY, Oscar see Melby                    
MELBY, Oscar see Melby                    
MELBY, Oscar see Lipscomb                    
MELBY, Severin       New England N D 36 Norway Laurit Melby & Mary Ragnstad 6-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1743  
      Emma A Hagen New England N D 22 Painesville Mn Peter Hagen & Mary Ann Larson          
MELBY?, Anna see Overland, Magnus                    
MELCHA, Maria Therese see Brooks, Isaac L                    
MELCHER, Catherine see Grobee, Charles G                    
MELDAHL, Almen C       Java 23 Lanesboro Mn Cornelius Meldahl & Minnie Tangen 18-Aug-09 Mondak Valley 498  
      Hannah Dybfjord Java 19 Norway John Johnson & Christina Sorenson          
MELDAHL, Cornelius see Meldahl, Almen                    
MELDESHAK, Anna see Turluk, Frank                    
MELEND, Inga see DeArth                    
MELEND, James & Julia see DeArth                    
MELENDES, Frances see Meyers, John                    
MELENDES, Joe see Meyers, John                    
MELENDY, Nancy see Barnard, Lawrence                    
MELFALD, Christina see Haugo, Even                    
MELFALD, G see Flaskerud, Christ                    
MELFALD, Gro see Tufte, Oscar Melvin                    
MELFALL, Gro see Gates, Henry D                    
MELGAARD, Bernice see Evanson                    
MELGAARD, Hans see Evanson                    
MELHOUSE, Thora see Otterness                    
MELIN, Annie see Saunders                    
MELIN, Caroline see Hatton, Arnie Leroy                    
MELIN, Carolyn see Dartman John F                    
MELIN, John & Augusta see Melin, John J                    
MELIN, John J       Malta 28 Rockford Ill John & Augusta Melin 21-Jun-21 Glasgow Valley 2786  
      Isabelle Stile Malta 26 Caldwell Idaho Maurice Stile & Ella Dunbar          
MELLAND, Bertha see Hansen                    
MELLAND, John A       Casper Wyo 28 Mn   9-Jun-21   Phillips 580  
      Jeane A Plouffe Malta 20 Mt            
MELLE, Casmer see Smith                    
MELLE, Delia see Smith                    
MELLE, Frank       Outlook 22 Roumania Kasimir Melle & Katy Hoffert 5-Jan-28 Outlook Sheridan 2296  
      Clara Ereth Outlook 18 Canada Jacob Ereth & Rose Fenrick          
MELLE, Joe see Schmidt                    
MELLE, Kasimir see Melle                    
MELLE, Kasimir see Wangerin                    
MELLE, Matelina see Wangerin                    
MELLE, Matelina A see Benson                    
MELLE, Rose see Kohler                    
MELLE, Rosie see Schmidt                    
MELLE, Toney see Benson                    
MELLEMBERRY, Gulbrand see Jevne, O J                    
MELLEN, Theresa see Marco, George J                    
MELLEND, Syver see Hansen                    
MELLENEX, Jennie see Volan, Ernest M                    
MELLER, Albertine see Moller                    
MELLER, Loretta see Jones, Roland Clark                    
MELLER, Rasmus see Moller                    
MELLET, Cyrus       Chinook 41 Charlottetown Can John Mellet & Eliza Horne? 19-Oct-12 Chinook Blaine 27  
      Hannah Mork Hingham 32 Fairbault Mn James Mork & Anna Syverson          
MELLETT, John see Mellett, Leo James                    
MELLETT, John see Mellet, Cyrus                    
MELLETT, Leo James       Sauk Center Mn 27 Albany Mn John Mellett & Eliza Clark 3-Jan-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1411  
      Rose Henrietta Carlsen Froid 24 Elk-horn Iowa Henry Carlsen & Lena Nelsen          
MELLETT, Louis H see Mellett, Melvin                    
MELLETT, Melvin       Chinook 22 Chinook Louis H Mellett & Edith Mallett 8-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1127  
      Sarah Adelia Brandon Chinook 20 Iona Idaho Jesse L Brandon & Sarah Annie Stanger          
MELLHAUS, Martha see Fore                    
MELLING, Howard       Jordan 22 Middleville Mich Paul Melling & Netta P Cole 15-Dec-15 Jordan Dawson 2071  
      Emma Bedford Middleville 20 Middleville George Bedford & Emily Rounds          
MELLING, Paul see Melling, Howard                    
MELLOM?, Emmiline see Clowes, Homer J                    
MELLOT, Carrie see Hockenberry, David                    
MELLOTT, Rebecka see Hays, Roy N                    
MELLSTROM, Blenda Tekla see Thompson, William E                    
MELLSTROM, John A see Thompson, William E                    
MELM, Lena see Schutt, Walter W                    
MELOG, Beatrice M see Daellenbach, Paul                    
MELP, Emma see Wakefield, Arve                    
MELQUIST, Alice see Redmond, Joe                    
MELQUIST, Amanda see Fritz, Gustave W                    
MELQUIST, Gustav Alfred see Redmond, Joe                    
MELROSE, Edith see Selleck, H R                    
MELROSE, J F see Selleck, H R                    
MELROSE, Kenneth Edwin       Wibaux 23 Wis J E Melrose & Mathilda Lovejoy? 30-May-17 Wibaux Wibaux 139  
      Agnes Florence Nix Wibaux 27 Wis John H Mix & Mary Klingen          
MELSET, Anna see Borstad, Melvin C                    
MELSNESS, Martha see Pouder, Kenneth Ewing                    
MELTON, Ida see Jesson, William N                    
MELTON, Maggie E see Hoy, Melvin W                    
MELTON, Millard E       Culbertson ?? Missouri William Melton & Elizabeth Stone 11-Apr-15 Culbertson Sheridan 467  
      Else M Nye Culbertson 27 Mn Jewell & Flora B Nye          
MELTON, Orval?       Prairie Elk 24 Mo Wm H Melton & Elizabeth Storns? 28-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2116  
      Helen Fratt Prairie Elk 22 S D George Fratt & Mary Harrison          
MELTON, Rhoda M see Harrington, Henry Edward                    
MELTON, William see Melton                    
MELTON, William H see Melton, Orval                    
MELTSCH, Joseph see Meltsch, Leonard W                    
MELTSCH, Leonard W       Benzien 30 Lodz Russia Joseph Meltsch & Anna Runga 24-Nov-19 Sand Springs Garfield 13  
      Theresa Bemerwohld Benzien 21 Valparaiso Neb Henry Bremerwohld & Minna Miller,          
MELTZER, Anna see Kerstein, Harry                    
MELTZER, Charles see Fellman                    
MELTZER, Charley & Mary see Handley, Merle                    
MELTZER, Dorothy E see Haws, William Anul                    
MELTZER, Florence see Handley, Merle                    
MELTZER, John see Haws, William Anul                    
MELVILLE, William Clark & Catherine see Melville                    
MELVILLE, William J       Havre 33 Pembina N D William Clark & Catherine Melville 29-Jun-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2079  
      Eva Mae Wallen Havre 26 Chester Iowa Elmer H Mensing & Jane Riddle          
MELVIN, Alfred       Glasgow 29 Excelsior Mn James Melvin & Rhoda Trumble 17-May-11 Glasgow Valley 838  
      Irene Tiffat Glasgow 22 Minneapolis Mn Albert Tiffat & Cassie Hodgson          
MELVIN, Ella see Bilderback, J R                    
MELVIN, Emma see Rounds, David M                    
MELVIN, James see Melvin, Alfred                    
MELVIN, Margaret Ellen see Cooney, Charles James                    
MELVIN, Mary A see Staples, Chauncey C                    
MELWAHGLEN, Rosella see Beckwith, Pardee Garrison                    
MENARD, Joseph       Phillips 32 Canada   1-Oct-17 Malta Phillips 271  
      Georgina Gautheir Phillips 37 Can            
MENARD, Margaret see Boisgoly, Eugene                    
MENARD, Mary see Landry, Theodule L                    
MENARD, N see Boisgoly, Eugene                    
MENARD, N see Landry, Theodule L                    
MENARD, Norbert see Menard, Joseph                    
MENCK, Minnie see Rowell, Edward                    
MENDE, Herman see Myron, Herman                    
MENDE, Lena see Myron, Herman                    
MENDE, Mary see Kobliska, Paul                    
MENDEL, Elsie see Leiseth, George O                    
MENDENHALL, Ada see Hall, Chester V                    
MENDENHALL, Alphonse see Hall, Chester V                    
MENDENHALL, Alphonse see Mendenhall, William M                    
MENDENHALL, C W see Mendenhall                    
MENDENHALL, Charles W see Erickson                    
MENDENHALL, Chas W see Mendenhall, Myron B                    
MENDENHALL, Edward       Julian 26 N D C W? Mendenhall & Emma Holbrook 23-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 766  
      Bertha Safty Julian 19 Mn Peter Safty & Josephine Buckis?          
MENDENHALL, Ernest C       Haxby 25 Rosebud George Mendenhall & Pesrl ??? 1-Aug-23 Glasgow Valley 2988  
      Ruby L Long Haxby 19 ??? William K Long & Olive Brenner          
MENDENHALL, George see Mendenhall, Ernest C                    
MENDENHALL, Maude V see Erickson                    
MENDENHALL, Myron B       Julian 24 Pleasant Lake N D Chas W Mendenhall & Emiline Holbrooke 13-Nov-12 Scobey Valley 1146  
      Frances Janet Burrows Julian 24 Genesis N D William Burrows & Laura Woodhouse          
MENDENHALL, William N       Whitetail 23 Plaesant Lake N D Alphonse Mendenhall & Evea Smith 26-Mar-29 Scobey Daniels 424  
      Rose Stang Whitetail 20 Mt George? Stang          
MENDORZA, Guirino see Baldonsdo, Gregorio                    
MENDORZA, Micaela see Baldonado, Gregorio                    
MENENDEZ, Marie see Rodragnes, Manuel                    
MENG, Fern see Wagner                    
MENGE, Emma (Meisner?) see Poellte, George                    
MENGE, Louisa A see Barnard, James T                    
MENGEL, Mamie see Calvert, M C                    
MENGON, Irma Ann see Hughes, William Vestal                    
MENGON, John see Hughes, William Vestal                    
MENK, Anna see Petrie, Lee N                    
MENKE, A see Kruger, Henry                    
MENKE, Alfred       Saco 30 Germany   25-Apr-20   Phillips 496  
      Hedrig Sudbrack Saco 23 Germany            
MENKE, August & Caroline see Menke, John A                    
MENKE, Flora Manon see Murphy, Charles Thomas                    
MENKE, Hedwig see Kruger, Henry                    
MENKE, John see Murphy, Charles Thomas                    
MENKE, John A       Glendive 25 Michigan City Indiana August & Caroline Menke 28-Aug-1890 Glendive Dawson 43  
      Mary Schroeder Glendive 17 ??? ???          
MENKEIMER, Catherine see Herman, Edward F                    
MENNE, Casper R       Yates 37 Madelia Tnsp Mn par Henry Menne & Anne Beck-man 21-Jul-29 Wibaux Wibaux 672  
      Marie Stelmochuk Yates 18 Belfield N D Mike Stelmochuk & ???          
MENNE, Henry see Menne, Casper R                    
MENNIVE, Zoe see Tobin, Robert M                    
MENSEASE, Henrietta see Cushing, Thomas                    
MENSEAU, Henriette see Courchene, Thomas                    
MENSENTIGEN, Mary see Ottenstroer, John                    
MENSERE, Magdalina see Martin, Steve                    
MENSING, Elmer see Borley                    
MENSING, Elmer H see Melville                    
MENSING, Eva see Wallen, Frank                    
MENSING, Henry B see Mensing                    
MENSING, Henry B see Mensing                    
MENSING, Lloyd Arron       Med� Lake 20 Iowa Henry B Mensing & Mary A Nash 17-Aug-27 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2266  
      Eva Rose Pomerleau Med Lake 20 N D Alfred Pomerleau & Alida Rancom          
MENSING, Lucille Mary see Borley                    
MENSING, Roscoe C       Med� Lake 46 Filmore Cty Mn Henry B Mensing & Mary A Nash 23-Jul-26 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2187  
      Orma Watt Med� Lake 20 Oxbo Sask Abram? Watt & Berthe Johnson          
MENTEN, Lena see Long                    
MENTER, A B & Mrs see Bebee, Byron S                    
MENTER, Archie B       Phillips 31 Iowa   27-Jun-27   Phillips 231  
      Alpharetta Bebee Malta 27 Mt            
MENTIN, Gertie see Lotz, John Cornelius                    
MENTION, Margaret see Armstrong, Joseph                    
MENTON, Annie see Gibbons                    
MEOHE, Emma see Brightsman                    
MER_?, Lucy J see Marks, A J                    
MERCER, Chris C       Cabin Creek 35 Illinois John Mercer & ??? 2-Apr-19 Wibaux Wibaux 236  
      Isabel McLeod Terry 37 Scotland Roderick McLeod & ???          
MERCER, Edith see Purvis, Charlie A                    
MERCER, John see Mercer, Chris C                    
MERCER, Marguriet? see Nemitz, William Henry                    
MERCER, Vernice Opal see Pugh, Thomas Douglas                    
MERCER, William see Nemitz, William Henry                    
MERCER, William E see Pugh, Thomas Douglas                    
MERCHANT, Madeline see Bishop, Harry                    
MERCIER, Armine see Lappierre                    
MERCIER, Louis J see Dunne, Nicholas                    
MERCIER, Marguerite see Dunne, Nicholas                    
MEREDITH, Jessie see Newsham                    
MEREDITH, John M see Newsham                    
MERGEN, Menerva see Crauts, Frank                    
MERILAIENEN, Rika see Moorehouse, Warren D                    
MERKEL, Christ       Milton Hotel (Wibaux?) 23 S D Frederick Merkel & Maggie Bender 16-Mar-15 Wibaux Wibaux 20  
      Elizabeth Bender Milton Hotel 18 S D Philip Bender & Rosie Jessen          
MERKEL, Frederick see Merkel, Christ                    
MERKEL, Minnie see Himger, William P Jr                    
MERKEY?, Helen see Schmidt, Albert H                    
MERKLEIN, Louis       Glasgow 25 Wis George Merklein & Anna Halder 21-Jun-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 916  
      Mabel Carcione Oswego 28 Ohio Frank-lin Miller & Florence Straley          
MERKLIEN, George see Merklien, Louis                    
MERKS, Frederic       Scobey 29 Austria Meketo Merks & Joanna Kormendat 24-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 605  
      Marie Suchy Scobey 23 Austria Stanislaus Suchy & Evelque Kubisesz          
MERKS, Meketo see Merks                    
MERLOH, John & Sophia see Ruhd, Theodor                    
MERLOH, Minnie see Ruhd, Theodor                    
MERO, Anna see Pesko, George                    
MERO, John see Pesko, George                    
MERREIDI, Eliza E see Parker, Ernest                    
MERREL, Dallas see Whitright, William Merrell                    
MERRICK, Kirk see Jones, Roland Clark                    
MERRICK, Lula A see Jones, Roland Clark                    
MERRICK, Sarah see Palmer, Bernard L                    
MERRIL, Emagene see Range, Everett                    
MERRILL, Dorothy J see Sulier                    
MERRILL, E W see Merrill                    
MERRILL, Howard W       P�wood 32 Iowa James W Merrill & Mary Wallace 14-Mar-13 P�wood Valley 1258  
      Mary Cox P�wood 28 Iowa Broom Stoner & Louisa C Willeman          
MERRILL, James W see Merrill, Howard W                    
MERRILL, Jane see Ramsey, Henry James                    
MERRILL, John see Jensen, Jens William                    
MERRILL, John J see Sulier                    
MERRILL, Marie Vera see Jensen, Jens William                    
MERRILL, Robert see Gallant, Joseph E                    
MERRILL, Robert see Caplena, Newt                    
MERRILL, Robert I see Meyers, William                    
MERRILL, Silas       Julian 60 Maine E W Merrill & Betsy Barker 22-Mar-14 Julian Sheridan 203  
      Mary Jordan Julian 37 Germany August Conseman & Ida Panton          
MERRIMAN, Bessie see Jeffers, Arthur Elwin                    
MERRIMAN, Mary see Shearer, John M                    
MERRIS, Edward C       Billings 33 Macon Cty Illinois Thomas Merris & Mary Baker 3-Sep-16 Glendive Dawson 1997  
      Marion Buckshorn Ciccinatti Ohio 31 Covington Kentucky Henry Buckshorn & Margaret Dallman          
MERRIS, Thomas see Merris, Edward C                    
MERRITT, Amanda S see Watson                    
MERRITT, George see Nicolson, George                    
MERRITT, George D see Merritt, Walter Delbert                    
MERRITT, George G see Power, Jacob B                    
MERRITT, Jennie see Hopper, Clyde L                    
MERRITT, Marion see Power, Jacob B                    
MERRITT, Pauline see Trotter, Charles D                    
MERRITT, Walter Delbert       Paxton 25 Minneapolis Mn George D Merritt & Mezlie LeMay 12-Mar-14 Glendive Dawson 1458  
      Mary Francis Tuttle Paxton 23 Great Falls Yellow Medicine Cty Mn Fred G Tuttle & Dora Estella Register          
MERRITT, William C see Trotter, Charles D                    
MERRMOTT, Dwight C see Shepherd, Jack                    
MERRY, Andrew Jackson see Merry, Dennis R                    
MERRY, Bernice Faye see Lee, Edwin R                    
MERRY, Chas F see Merry, Welton Lorne                    
MERRY, Dennis R       Wibaux 30 Richland Wisc Andrew Jackson Merry & Adilia Kindell 11-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1470  
      Myra L Day Terry 30 Hudson Wisc Charles Day & Elizabeth Holden          
MERRY, Gladys see Sandberg, Gustaf H                    
MERRY, Hayne see Sandberg, Gustaf H                    
MERRY, Hayne see Lee, Edwin R                    
MERRY, John A see Eller, Walter G                    
MERRY, Margaret see Eller, Walter G                    
MERRY, Welton Lorne       Dickinson N D 24 Dickinson Chas F Merry & Effie A McDonald 16-Oct-26 Wibaux Wibaux 550  
      Elizabeth Barnett dodge N D 18 Dodge N D Melvin Barnett & Nellie Haroff          
MERRY, Wilberta see Alexander, H                    
MERRY, Zerette see Hilt, Leo Louis                    
MERRYMAN, Earl       Wolf Point 34 Ill Harry Merryman & Clara Buchanan 20-Mar-23 Glasgow Valley 2961  
      Elmeda A Katz Glasgow 22 Grawn Mich Herman Arnold & ???          
MERRYMAN, Harry see Merryman, Earl                    
MERRYON, Ethel see Carpentier, Jack                    
MERSEN, Rose see Callahan, Arthur                    
MERSING, Rosalie see Bertini, Rudolph                    
MERTES, Helen see Wells, Claude W                    
MERTES, Helena see Sandvig                    
MERTING, Elizabeth see Godwin, William James                    
MERTING, Rev A E see Godwin, William James                    
MERTZ, Amelia see Redinger                    
MERTZ, Barbara see Steinbach, Jacob                    
MERTZ, Jacob       Aberdeen S D 59 Russia Jacob Mertz & Barbara Ormann 1-Jan-27 Marsh Dawson 3422  
      Katerina Schlabs Marsh 59 Russia Michael Hein & Christina Stehr          
MERTZ, Ludwig see Redinger                    
MERWIN, Francis Lee       Daleview 31 Casey Iowa Pearl Jack Merwin & Cloy Jordan 21-Apr-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2654  
      Effie Desonia Daleview 19 Daleview Alonzo Desonia & Celina Auger          
MERWIN, George see Hartley, J M                    
MERWIN, Hazel see Luxford, Albert E                    
MERWIN, James see Merwin, Pearl                    
MERWIN, John see Luxford, Albert E                    
MERWIN, King       Paisley Brook Sask Can 23 Milestone Sask Perle Jack Merwin & Cloy Jordan 12-Dec-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2293  
      Clara Masters Outlook 18 Outlook George Masters & Alice Close          
MERWIN, Leona see Lisoski, John                    
MERWIN, Leona Dorothy see Hagne, Claud                    
MERWIN, Marie see Millard                    
MERWIN, Pearl       Glasgow 23 Trempeleau Wis James Merwin & Alice Fordan 15-Jan-02 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Rose Wolter Glasgow 22 Osseo Mn Christian Wolter & Verana Zimmermann          
MERWIN, Pearl see Lisoski, John                    
MERWIN, Pearl see Millard                    
MERWIN, Pearl Jack see Merwin                    
MERWIN, Perl see Hagne, Claud                    
MERWIN, Perle Jack see Merwin                    
MERWIN, Verena see Lasher, Joseph                    
MESCHKE, Charles A       Dickinson N D 35 Swanville Mn John M Meschke & Otille Tonn 5-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 3580  
      Caroline Friedt Dickinson 25 Russia Phillip Friedt & Katie Schmidt          
MESCHKE, John M       Belfield 50 Germany ??? & Karolina Mascka 2-Dec-29 Glendive Dawson 3824  
      Hedwig Kovus Belfield 45 Poland Charley Albrycht & LaLomeja Michna          
MESCHKE, John M see Meschke, Charles A                    
MESEBERG, Charles see Dunham, Everton O                    
MESEBERG, Maxine see Dunham, Everton O                    
MESENKO, Carl       Bainville 35 Russia Michael Mesenko & Eoopra? Gucude 14-Jan-20 Mondak Roosivelt 94  
      Mary Salenko Bainville 25 Russia Oven Salenko & Palonoren Ashomet          
MESENKO, Michael see Masenko, Carl                    
MESENY, Maria see Short, Joseph                    
MESERVE, Carrie see Burton, Lloyd E                    
MESERVE, W A see Burton, Lloyd E                    
MESERVE, William A see Rock, Geroge J                    
MESKE, Fred see Streitmatter, Nick                    
MESKE, Mary see Streitmatter, Frank                    
MESKIMEN, Annie L see Ramsay, Jas G                    
MESKIMEN, Harvey & Sidney see Ramsay, Jas G                    
MESMYSEN, Christi see Mathison, Sam                    
MESNER, Florentine see Gillies, Wm M                    
MESNER, Hans see Gillies, Wm M                    
MESNESE, Millie see Prosise, Charles                    
MESSEMER, Anna see Holland, John F                    
MESSENGER, Allen Ray       Glasgow 22 N Y Eugene Messenger & Allie Caufield 12-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley 1750  
      Edwina Maud Porter Glasgow 17 Ill Mathew K Porter & ???          
MESSENGER, Eliza see Kieth, H K                    
MESSENGER, Eugene see Messenger, Allen Ray                    
MESSENGER, Francis see Sorenson, Neil O                    
MESSENGER, Susan see Manternach, William                    
MESSER, Edith see Heiser, John                    
MESSER, Minnie see King, Victor                    
MESSER, Paul see King, Victor                    
MESSER, Paul see Hangs, Tony                    
MESSER, Paul see Sadler, Levi Edward                    
MESSER, Rosie see Hangs, Tony                    
MESSERLY, Fred C see Costello, Robert B                    
MESSERLY, Glenn       Phillips 18 N D   2-Feb-22   Phillips 632  
      Kirkalgie Phillips 22 ???            
MESSERLY, Greta see Larson, Henry                    
MESSERLY, Lee see Larson, Henry                    
MESSERLY, Lee R       Malta 26 Mt   30-Jun-28   Phillips 1033  
      Greta Collins Blaine Cty 19 Canada            
MESSERLY, Maxine see Messerly, Lee R                    
MESSERLY, Maxine see Larson, Henry                    
MESSERLY, Mrs F C see Legg, Earl                    
MESSERLY, Mrs F C see Nutter, John Robert                    
MESSERLY, Mrs Lee see Granger, Lee Karl                    
MESSERLY, Vivian G see Costello, Robert B                    
MESSIER, Agnes see Cloyd, Cary                    
MESSIER, Alma A. see Atwood, James W                    
MESSIER, Joe see Atwood, James W                    
MESSIER, Joseph see Cloyd, Cary                    
MESSING, Ada see Howard, Merrill V                    
MESSING, Augusta see Baldwin, Everett Wesley                    
MESSING, Barney see Hoesing, Edward                    
MESSING, George see Clement, Adolphus                    
MESSING, Ida May see Clement, Adolphus                    
MESSING , Mary see Hoesing, Edward                    
MESSLER, James E see Brown, Park Duane                    
MESSLER, Stella Gertrude see Brown, Park Duane                    
MESSLING, Katie see Degel, Mike                    
MESSLING, Peter see Degel, Mike                    
MESSMER, Martin see Messmer, Tony                    
MESSMER, Martin see Messmer, Ralph                    
MESSMER, Ralph       Glendive 24 Russia Martin Messmer & Katie Armentrout 14-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2155  
      Lizzie Snyder Glendive 19 Hungary Pete Snyder & Barbara Reeder          
MESSMER, Tony       Glendive 20 Russia Martin Messmer & Kate Anuthwet? 25-Dec-25 Glendive Dawson 355  
      Katie Sterhan Glendive 18 Hungary Joseph Sterhan & ???          
MESTAYER, M M see Coyne, Patrick Thomas                    
METCALF, Dot see Nelson, Uffe                    
METCALF, Elizabeth see Milliken, B M                    
METCALF, Frank see Metcalf, Lee                    
METCALF, Frank see Ferrill                    
METCALF, Hazel May see Ferrill                    
METCALF, Lee       Scobey 28 Aberdeen S D Frank Metcalf & Marian Flick 6-Nov-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 188  
      Dot Hughes Scobey 24 Indiana Frank Hughes & Mellie J Timmons          
METHERAL, Austin see Beischel                    
METHERAL, Jean see Beischel                    
METSKE, Luame see Bell, Charles W                    
METSKER, Lucinda see Bell, Dudley H                    
METTING, Margaret see Kief                    
METTS, James see Metts, Rufus                    
METTS, Rufus       Circle 25 Huddleston Virginia James Metts & Mattie Ayers 27-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1556  
      Mary Miller Circle 18 Eden Valley Minnesota Mike Miller & Katie Rowe          
METVEDT, Ole G       Westby 28 N D Ole O Medvedt & Thone Sangedal 3-Dec-13 Plentywood Sheridan 135  
      Ida Nelson   25 Nor Nels Petersen & Sophie Paulson          
METVEDT , Ole O see Metvedt                    
METZ, Anna see Eberle, Edward                    
METZ, Clarence A       Garan? N D 26 Illinois S L Metz & Barbara Leatherman 19-Sep-16 Wibaux? Wibaux 106  
      Grace Mitchell   17 Iowa P J Mitchell & Iola C Haines          
METZ, F see Metz, Willie C                    
METZ, Jacob see App, Crist                    
METZ, John see Metz, Joseph                    
METZ, Joseph       Dickinson N D 28 Dickinson John Metz & Mary Nuss 5-Sep-22 Glendive Dawson 2891  
      Esther Beneke Dickinson 22 Rochester Mn Rudolph Beneke & Mary Klee          
METZ, Martin see Anderson, Elmer                    
METZ, Pfalena see App, Crist                    
METZ, Rosie see Anderson, Rosie                    
METZ, S L see Metz, Clarence A                    
METZ, Theresa see Klaus, Albert                    
METZ, Willie C       Glendive 40 Menno Wisc F Metz & Favillia Moffet 30-Jun?-1908 Glendive Dawson 609  
      Jennie E Willey Dunseth N D 40 Independence Iowa David Miller & Amelia J Spragg          
METZGER, Barbara see Graham                    
METZGER, Joseph George       Glendive 31 Perrysville Indiana R S Metzger & Roxie Jones 23-Jul-10 Glendive Dawson 823  
      Lulu Larson Glendive 27 Arlington S D John Larson & Tobia Severson          
METZGER, Mary E see Magers, Frank A                    
METZGER, Nelle Corene (Prichard?) see Phillips, Harold Lane                    
METZGER, R S see Metzger, Joseph George                    
METZKE, Toney Annette see Swayze, Murl M                    
METZLER, Albert L       Outlook 24 Little Falls Mn Carl Metzler & Nina Mitchell 17-Aug-12 Redstone Valley 1089  
      Mabel Porter Outlook 26 Wis James Porter & ??? Parks          
METZLER, Carl see Metzler, Albert L                    
METZLER, Frank A       Flaxville 24 Hakarusa? Indiana Jacob Metzler & Fannie Hoke 16-Sep-25 Scobey Daniels 223  
      Olga Odden Battleview N D 22 Brooten Mn Nels Odden & Sadie Moen          
METZLER, Jacob see Metzler, Frank A                    
MEUKEY?, May see Franzen, John Joe                    
MEULLER, Eva see Woodworth, Raymond George                    
MEULLER, John A       Henderson Mn 28 LeSeur Cty Mn Frank Mueller & Willemena Krantz 3-Apr-18 Glendive Dawson 2350  
      Lydia M Lampe Henderson Mn 24 Sibley Cty Mn Charlie Lampe & ???          
MEUSSMAN, Nettie (Christensen?) see Anderson