Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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M to Marvon

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
M_NEY?, Alice see Rasmussen, Frank                    
M�KAY, Lela see Lange, Anthony G                    
M�KAY, William see Lang, Anthony G                    
MA?, Mary see Fitzgerald, John F                    
MAAS, Martha Marie see Peterson, Fred R                    
MAASJO, Ethel see Haagenson                    
MAASJO, Simon see Haagenson                    
MABBE, Anna see Musgrove, Ardell                    
MABEE, Anna see Lindblom, Louis                    
MABEE, Helen see Bruce, Cecil D                    
MABEN, Clara see Vannoy, Frank L                    
MABEN, Evalina Pearl see Matheson, James R                    
MABEN, Hazel see Frady, John E                    
MABEN, Luther see Serviss, Chester                    
MABEN, Luther B see Vannoy, Frank L                    
MABEN, Luther B see Matheson, James R                    
MABEN, Luther D see Frady, John E                    
MABEN, Vira see Serviss, Chester                    
MABRE, Jessie M see Lythe, Jay Lester                    
MABRE, W W see Lythe, Jay Lester                    
MABRY, Roxy see Hass, Herbert H                    
MACABEE, Ida see Brophy, John B                    
MACABEE, Kate see Twogood, Albert E                    
MACABEE,, Daniel, see Brophy, John B                    
MACANNALLY, Mary see Schultz, Frank Nickolas                    
MACARTHUR, Finlay       Chinook 35 Stornoway Scotland Malcolm MacArthur & Annie McNeil 23-Mar-16 Chinook Blaine 268  
      Isabella Thompson Chinook 21 Dong? Stornowat Scot James & Isabella Thompson          
MACARTHUR, Malcolm see MacArthur, Finlay                    
MACCABEE, Elda see Zinda, Phillip                    
MACCALL, J A see Stephan, John E                    
MACCALL, Lenora see Stephan, John E                    
MACCLOSKEY, Elizabeth see Minor, Arthur J                    
MACDONALD, Alexander see Lehman, Max                    
MACDONALD, Grace see Lehman, Max                    
MACDONALD, Harry G       Scobey 41 Ontario Can Neil MacDonald & Margaret Macguire 13-Jan-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1134  
      Antoinette Svoboda Bainville 32 Neb Joseph & Catherine Svoboda          
MACDONALD, Mabel see Koshney, Edward M                    
MACDONALD, Mary see Listerud, Morris B                    
MACDONALD, Neil see MacDonald, Harry G                    
MACE, Elizabeth see Casiday, Walter H                    
MACE, Elizabeth see Jones, Clifford Eugene                    
MACE, Elizabeth see Barnby                    
MACE, James Franklin jr       Glasgow 24 Dawson Cty Neb James Franklin Mace & Eugenia Gallogly 14-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2101  
      Violet Lucille Marshal S D 23 NY Joseph Marshall & Emma Mcdonald          
MACEACHERN, Donald       Glasgow 30 Orangeville Can Donald McEachern & Katherine McDougall 17-Oct-11 Glasgow Valley 916  
      Annie McCreary Grand Forks 24 Mitchell S D Charles McCreary & Annie Fitzgerald          
MACEY, Edward see Macey, Timothy B                    
MACEY, Lavancha see Snyder, R L                    
MACEY, Timothy B       Glasgow 30 St Paul Mn Edward Macey & Mary Ryan 27-Feb-05 Glasgow Valley 166  
      Isabelle Mundy Glasgow 25 Ohio Thomas Mundy          
MACGREGOR, Francis Mary see Madsen                    
MACGREGOR , P D see Madsen                    
MACGUIRE, Annie see Maloney, Tim                    
MACGUIRE, Margaret see MacDonald, Harry G                    
MACHALVIA, ??? see Schope, Nicholas                    
MACHART, ??? see Nieskins, Tony                    
MACHART, Lenora see Nieskens, Herman J                    
MACHIAN, Bettie see Jirasek, Charley                    
MACHNICHOWSKI, Frances see Heser, Nicholas F                    
MACHOVICH, Mary see Cebulski, Nick                    
MACK, Adam see Dukart, Frank                    
MACK, Alta see Onstad                    
MACK, Arie see Heren, Sol E                    
MACK, Christine see Dukart, Frank                    
MACK, Elmer       Midway N D 28 Rapid City S D W H Mack & ??? 16-May-25 Wibaux Wibaux 489  
      Mabel Gustafson Ruder N D 24 Hector Mn C H & Anna Gustafson          
MACK, Francis Edwin       Big Timber 23 Pony G E Mack & Elizabeth Goble ?-May-1925 Wibaux Wibaux 488  
      Lucille Mildred Fessenden Wibaux 19 LaCrosse Wis A B Fessenden & P Emma Pendleton          
MACK, G E see Mack, Francis Edwin                    
MACK, J H see Mack, Walter R                    
MACK, John see Heren, Sol E                    
MACK, Minnie see Niccum, Mack                    
MACK, Nellie see Cornwell, Lavern                    
MACK, Pelipena see Harman, Peter                    
MACK, Persia see Downen                    
MACK, Peter D       Comertown 26 Mn William Mack & Florence Eddy 24-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1235  
      Lenora J Freeman Dooley 25 Wis John Freeman & Louise Barnes          
MACK, Peter D see Downen                    
MACK, Tillie (Ehrmanntraut?) see Kessler Joe                    
MACK, W H see Mack, Elmer                    
MACK, Walter R       Miami Florida 21 Holmes Cty Fla J H Mack & Cora Fisher 5-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1774  
      Zelma Lenora Hackwart Stipek 18 Stack Cty Ohio Carl Hackwart & Elizabeth Ladewig          
MACK, William see Mack                    
MACK, Zelma see Agle, LeRoy                    
MACKAY, Annie see McDonald, Kenneth                    
MACKAY, Ivan H       Regina 47 Ft Qu�Apelle Robert Mackay & Mary Gibson 1-Jul-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3039  
      Rita C Hamilton Regina 37 Wiarton Can William Splan & Clara Moulton          
MACKAY, Robert see Mackay                    
MACKBEE, Katherine see Twogood, Frank M                    
MACKENZIE, J K see McKenzie                    
MACKENZIE, Kenneth       Portal N D 26 North Portal Can J K MacKenzie & Elizabeth Wadding-ton 28-May-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2933  
      Florence McClelland Portal N D 23 North Portal George McClelland & Kathleen Annall          
MACKEY, Anna M see Feehan, Charles F                    
MACKEY, Bernice see Seidel, Alexander                    
MACKEY, Carl J       Helena 52 N Y City William S Mackey & Katherine Southerland 11-Feb-22 Glasgow Valley 2859  
      Mayme E Batts Helena 38 Aberdeen S D John Oneill & Ella Ness          
MACKEY, Carrie Ellen see Benzinger, Fred W                    
MACKEY, Elizabeth see Mallet, Charles Newton                    
MACKEY, John       Brightville 49 Shermer-ville Ill Patrick Mackey & Mary Caraghan 23-Nov-20 Jordan Garfield 37  
      Sadie Teeters Brightville 45 San Francisco Cal William Scott & ---? Lundeen          
MACKEY, Laurene see Litch, Maynard                    
MACKEY, Lawrence see Benzinger, Fred W                    
MACKEY, Patrick see Mackey, John                    
MACKEY, Thomas see Litch, Maynard                    
MACKEY, Thomas see Seidel, Alexander                    
MACKEY, Victor see Feehan, Charles F                    
MACKEY, William S see Mackey, Carl J                    
MACKI, Susanna see Hardison                    
MACKIE, B J see Roosevelt, Victor                    
MACKIE, Cora Belle see Phelps, Roy Harold                    
MACKIE, Ferne E see Roosevelt, Victor                    
MACKIE, Frank see Phelps, Roy Harold                    
MACKINROTH, ----? see Brown                    
MACKINSON, Myrtle see Adams, Clay                    
MACKINTEE, Mary see Trumbull, John H                    
MACKLIN, Henry see Entz, Charles Andrew                    
MACKLIN, Phebe see Entz, Charles Andrew                    
MACKY?, Katherine see Lundstrom, Emil                    
MACLAIN, John B see MacLain, Milfred                    
MACLAIN, Milfred       Union 21 St Paul Mn John B MacLain & Lillian Boyd 24-Jun-14 Stipek Dawson 1518  
      Eva M Seeds Stipek 17 Jennings Okla S R Seeds & Rebekah J Key          
MACLEAN, Annie V see Elliott, Edward Leon                    
MACLEAN, Daniel E       Stewartdale N D 34 Prince Edward Is Can Lachlan MacLean & Euphemia Stewart 30-Mar-17 Glendive Dawson 2134  
      Katherine A Stewart Stewartdale N D   P E I Can Donald A & Janet Stewart          
MACLEAN, Lachlan see MacLean, Daniel E                    
MACLEAN, Mary Catherine see Benson, Lawrence                    
MACLEAN, Norman see Elliott, Edward Leon                    
MACLENNAN, Angus see McLean, Kenneth                    
MACLENNAN, Annie see McLean, Kenneth                    
MACLEOD, Alexander see MacLeod, S A                    
MACLEOD, S A       Belt 56 Ottawa Can Alexander MacLeod & Katherine McRae 5-Apr-11 Glasgow Valley 516  
      Ruth Mae Bowen Belt 27 N Y Richard Titus Woodruff & Anna Elizabeth Bush          
MACON, Margaret see Butka, Leonard                    
MACREE, Anna see Fornby, Henry G                    
MACY, Effie see Johnsrud, Luies                    
MACY, Kathryn B see Tweedie, James A                    
MACY, Richard Darias       Frazer 34 S D Aaron Joseph Macy & Fanny Niles 13-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2503  
      Gertrude Grace McCune Hay Coulee 29 Kans John McCune & Sarah Jane Kincaid          
MACY,, Aaron, see Macy, Richard Darius                    
MACYNTOSH, C Earl       Jordan 25 Nashville Tennessee W H Macyntosh & Mildred Turner 13-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1836  
      Velma Searles Jordan 18 Richland Center Wisc George Searles & Mrs W H Duzeau          
MACYNTOSH, W H see Macyntosh, C Earl                    
MADAHLIN, Ingeborg see Johnson                    
MADDEN, Alice see Bolin, John Frances                    
MADDEN, Emma (Parrent?) see Goer, Rufus P                    
MADDEN, George Edward       Mpls Mn �legal� Wausau Wis James Madden & Catherine McGinley 19-Jun-25 Chinook Blaine 875  
      Opal Catherine Hunter Luverne Mn �legal� Annawan Ill Fay Edward Hunter & Mattie Harms          
MADDEN, James see Madden, George Edward                    
MADDEN, James E       Baylor 36 Watertown Mn Thomas Madden & Mary Noonan 24-Nov-21 Glasgow Valley 2835  
      Alnia? Herm Baylor 27 Scarville Iowa David Herm & Josephine Henderson          
MADDEN, James Joseph       Culbertson 27 Blair James D Madden & Annie Nacey 5-Mar-20 Mondak Roosivelt 106  
      Mae M Schow Culbertson 18 Perley Mn Lars E Schow & Marie Haugen          
MADDEN, Katherine see Wrighthouse, Charles                    
MADDEN, Mary see Poole, Robert Earle                    
MADDEN, Missouri see Kooken, Fred                    
MADDEN, Thomas see Madden, James E                    
MADDEN, William see Litzenberg, H B                    
MADDER, Hattie see Conaster, Robert L                    
MADDER, Katie see Stevens, Edward C                    
MADDOCH, Cora see Hickok, Lyle L                    
MADDOCK, Alonzo H see Cheney, Art Dow                    
MADDOCK, Pearl see Cheney, Art Dow                    
MADER, Anthony see Youngblood, Ray George                    
MADER, Irene Barbara see Youngblood, Ray George                    
MADER, Johanna see Gregory                    
MADESN, Hans see Madsen                    
MADGARDAN, Randy see Grunhurd, Inar Knudt                    
MADIE, Adine see Pugh, Clyde W                    
MADIGAN, Katherine see Ward, Ralph Giles                    
MADILL, Anata see Westphal                    
MADILL, Hazel J see Nelson, John A                    
MADILL, Lola see Stapleton, Crescent E                    
MADILL, William see Stapleton, Crescent E                    
MADILL, William see Westphal                    
MADILL, William & Carrie see Strubeck, Charlie W                    
MADILL, William & Carrie see Nelson, John A                    
MADILL, Zella see Morgan                    
MADILL, Zella Mary see Strubeck, Charlie W                    
MADISON, Addie see Magee, Fred                    
MADISON, Caroline see O�Connor, Robert                    
MADISON, Caroline Martin see Pederson, Edward                    
MADISON, Dale       Chinook 21 Kingsbury Cty S D Martin Madison & Estella Cook 14-Jul-17 Chinook Blaine 408  
      Mabel Olson Carthage S D 20 Carthage S D Bereta Moe          
MADISON, Emit see Madison, Guy                    
MADISON, Emma J see Miller, O L                    
MADISON, Eva see Dudley, John L                    
MADISON, Guy       Wolf Point 33 Sand Creek Wis Emit Madison & Rhoda Dodge 31-Oct-23 Poplar Roosivelt 565  
      Victoria Sensaver Wolf Point 19 Polson Alexander Sensaver & Mary Snell          
MADISON, J N see Moline, Manley D                    
MADISON, James see Madison, Russell                    
MADISON, James N       Circle 55 Wis Nels Madison & Mary Nelson 12-May-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 892  
      Rosella M Graves Seattle �Legal� Wis Alexander H Graves & Jennie Tallman          
MADISON, Lucy see Dodkstader, Loyd                    
MADISON, Lucy see Aaby, Henry E                    
MADISON, Martin see Madison, Dale                    
MADISON, Nels see Madison, James N                    
MADISON, Russell       Bonin 26 Poisippi Wisc James Madison & May Glark 8-Aug-23 Circle McCone 62  
      Sarah Elizabeth Staton Waverly Ill 20 Nashville Tenn Charles Staton & ???          
MADLAND, Johanna see Stenbakken, Bernard                    
MADLAND, Johanna see Ulvestad, Arne B                    
MADLER, Charles       Baker 21 Dickinson N D Joseph Madler & Rose Lampl 7-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3783  
      Minnie Jesfield Ollie 21 Perkins Cty S D Osten Jesfield & Christine Enervald          
MADLER, Joseph see Madler, Charles                    
MADLINE, see White Hawk, Frederick                    
MADOLE, Ellen see Bacliert, Edward                    
MADOLE, Henry see Bacliert, Edward                    
MADSEN, Anders Cler       Dagmar 31 Denmark Lars Peter Madsen & Helene Christine Johanson 19-Apr-13 Dagmar Valley 1276  
      Anna Katherine Christensen Dagmar 27 Denmark Christian Christenson & Kirsten Marie Paulsen          
MADSEN, Ane see Karulf                    
MADSEN, Bodil M see Larson                    
MADSEN, Charles       Archer 30 Mn Fredrick Madsen & Gertrud Petersen 23-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 919  
      Lula Morgan Archer 34 Iowa John J Morgan & Rhoda A Crosby          
MADSEN, Chris J       Froid 29 Illinois Jorgen & Marie Madsen 1-Aug-27 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2262  
      Beeb Hammond Froid 20 Iowa James Hammond & Bessie Johnston          
MADSEN, Christ       Overland Can 36 Denmark Jens Madsen & Elsie C Jensen 22-Feb-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1876  
      Lena Bergdahl Overland 36 Norway S O Loveland & Sigrid Bergdahl          
MADSEN, Christian see Hoiland                    
MADSEN, Clarence E       East Scobey 23 Iowa John Madsen & Bertha Kreuger 10-Nov-16 Scobey Sheridan 877  
      Dora Kreuger East Scobey 19 Iowa August Krueger & Dora Mundt          
MADSEN, Dorothy see Knudsen, Strandvold                    
MADSEN, Elizabeth see Berg                    
MADSEN, Ester Vedel see Nordman, Cecil Harmon                    
MADSEN, Frederick see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Fredrick see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Fredrick see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Geo W see Madsen, Roy                    
MADSEN, Hans see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Hans see Peterson                    
MADSEN, Hans C       Dagmar 24 Denmark Hans Madsen & Mathea Larsen 30-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 713  
      Margaret Holm Dagmar 18 Iowa Jens Holm & Christina Jensen          
MADSEN, Hans P       Archer 40 Denmark Fredrick Madsen & Gertrude Peterson 14-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1664  
      Olie Morgan Archer 24 Iowa ??? Morgan & Rhoda Crosby          
MADSEN, Hans Peter       Redstone 33 Denmark Frederick Madsen & Frances 26-Oct-13 Plentywood Sheridan 100  
      Mary McGregor Redstone 28 Canada P D McGregor & D Pierce          
MADSEN, Hjalmer       Dagmar 32 Denmark M P Madsen & Kerstine Larsen 17-Oct-22 Dagmar Sheridan 1832  
      Sigrid Jensen ??? 20 Denmark Christ Jensen & Mette Thompson          
MADSEN, Jens see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Johannes see Madsen                    
MADSEN, John see Madsen, Marius                    
MADSEN, John see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Jorgen & Marie see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Katherine see Jorgensen, Mikkel                    
MADSEN, Kerstin see Christiansen, Peter Oscar                    
MADSEN, Lars Peder see Madsen, Anders Cler                    
MADSEN, Lena see Christiansen                    
MADSEN, Louise see Ofsdahl                    
MADSEN, M P see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Mads N       Medicine Lake 27 Denmark Nels Madsen & Annie Christensen 17-Nov-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 99  
      Marion Nelson Med Lake 32 Denmark Jens C Nelson & Ane Kathrien Andreasen          
MADSEN, Magnus       Dagmar 27 Renville Cty Mn Soren Madsen & Mary Peterson 26-Jun-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1810  
      Zella Welch Dagmar 22 Mn W H Welch & Justine Blakely          
MADSEN, Marie see Lauritzen, Edward                    
MADSEN, Marie see Francis                    
MADSEN, Marion S see Peterson                    
MADSEN, Marius       Coalridge 24 Copenhagen P M Madsen & Margaret Paulsen 3-Dec-10 Dagmar Valley 743  
      Sophie Madsen Maddock N D 21 Copenhagen John Madsen & Marie Paulsen          
MADSEN, Marius       Dagmar 21 Denmark Hans Madsen & Metta Larson 10-Jun-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1323  
      Dorthea Margretha Nelson Dagmar 18 Denmark Christ Nelson & Marit Anderson          
MADSEN, Mary E see Pedersen, Christ Wilhelm                    
MADSEN, Mazie see Rasmussen                    
MADSEN, Nels see Madsen                    
MADSEN, P M see Madsen, Marius                    
MADSEN, Peter see Lauritzen, Edward                    
MADSEN, Peter       Antelope 30 Denmark Johannes Madsen & Annie C Pedersen 13-Nov-24 Dagmar Sheridan 2007  
      Hazel Johnson Dagmar 16 Redwood Cty Mn James Johnson & Minnie Nelson          
MADSEN, Rasmus see Nordman, Cecil Harmon                    
MADSEN, Roy       Fryberg N G 35 Shawa-no Cty Wis Geo W Madsen & Addie Benja-min 21-Aug-26 Wibaux Wibaux 540  
      Lucille Sellman Belfield 18 Belfield Peter Sellman & Theresa Graham          
MADSEN, Sophie see Madsen, Marius                    
MADSEN, Soren see Madsen                    
MADSEN, Thea see Anderson                    
MADSON, Bertha see Brookfield, Huon T                    
MADSON, Dorothy see Knudsen, Hartvig                    
MADSON, Ella May see Linder, Wade C                    
MADSON, Hovey C       Minneapolis Mn 21 Minneapolis John Madson & Hannah Johnson 10-Aug-29 Glendive Dawson 3758  
      Ruth Tribbett Rochester Mn 21 Slayton Mn Absolom Tribbett & Anna Shallgren          
MADSON, John see Ruder, Carl                    
MADSON, John see Madson, Hovet C                    
MADSON, Laura see Ruder, Carl                    
MADZA, Mitchell see Madza, Stephen                    
MADZA, Stephen       Medora N D 23 Verbo Hungary Mitchell Madza & ??? 26-Oct-15 Glendive Dawson 1797  
      Thelma Tetly Medora N D 21 Forest City S D Ludwig Tetley & Mary Timm          
MAE, Elizabeth P see Klawitter, Joseph A                    
MAE, Sherman Grant see Klawitter, Joseph A                    
MAECUIDA, Arp see Coraline, Nich                    
MAECUIDA, Luci see Coraline, Nich                    
MAEIRT, Gus see Miewalt, Ross Amos                    
MAEIRT, Ida S see Miewald, Ross Amos                    
MAFFEI, Ralph A       Portland Ore 44 Italy   8-Dec-25   Phillips    
      Emma E Forward Lost Lakes 54 New York            
MAGAHEY?, Maggie see Kelly, J B                    
MAGALLON, Joseph see Magallon, Orval J                    
MAGALLON, Orval J       Butte Creek 45 Fallon Nev Joseph H Magallan & Temperance Adkins 14-Aug-17 Butte Creek Dawson 2224  
      M Matilda Troy Trouble 30 Mankato Mn Albert Matteson & Mary Tillatson          
MAGDELAR, Alleck see Magdelar, John                    
MAGDELAR, John       Willow Bunch Can 22 Willow Bunch Alleck Magdelar & Mary Doe 5-Jul-1897 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Idell DeBray Glasgow 19 nr Helena bill DeBray & Mary Malitare          
MAGEE, Daniel see Magee, Fred                    
MAGEE, Francis see Magee, Fred B                    
MAGEE, Fred       Saco 29 Mishaping Penn Daniel Magee & Addie Madison 14-Oct-1899 Saco Valley ?  
      Millie Hitsman Saco 19 Birmingham Ohio Dave Hitsman & Mandie Reynolds          
MAGEE, Fred B       Marshalltown Iowa 26 Monticello Iowa Francis Magee & Mary DeLong 5-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 157  
      Lottie V Vorhees Glendive 20 Marshalltown Iowa Roger B Vorhees & Susan Pifer          
MAGEE, Jane see Sterling, Thomas                    
MAGEE, Mary see Colwell, Warner J                    
MAGELKY, George see Magelky, Steven                    
MAGELKY, Steven       Havelock N D 19 Richardton N D George Magelky & Eva Krug 9-Jun-30 Wibaux Wibaux 740  
      Emma Heuther Havelock 18 Alden N D Emanuel Heuther & Magdalina Hoffer          
MAGELSKY, Martha see Boyd, Robert W                    
MAGERS, Francis E see Magers, Frank A                    
MAGERS, Frank A       Circle 34 Cherubusca Indiana Francis E Magers & Mary E Metzger 6-Mar-17 Glendive Dawson 2118  
      Ida E Malhuck Glendive 22 Medford Wisc Frank Malcuck & Minnie Kotlow          
MAGGARD, Carrie see McCoy, Vodra                    
MAGGARD, George see McCoy, Vodra                    
MAGGIE, Mary see Hannykaslu, Albert                    
MAGILES, Mechael see Doney, Joseph                    
MAGILESS?, Mary see LaFournaise, Frank                    
MAGILL, Alma see Worden, George                    
MAGILLIS, Mary see Beaudry, Daniel                    
MAGILSE, Matchell see Short Joseph                    
MAGINNI, Erminia J see Eide, Chester H                    
MAGINNI, John see Eide, Chester H                    
MAGLIS, Mary see LaFournaise, Alick                    
MAGMISON?, Mary see Lindblom, Louis                    
MAGNAN, Adrian       Riverside 29 Little Falls Mn Arthur Magnan & Sarah La France 6-Apr-15 Poplar Sheridan 456  
      Alivene Bailly Riverside 23 Wild Rice N D Amil Bailly & Velma Fupege          
MAGNAN, Arthur see Magnan                    
MAGNER, Harriet M see Williamson, Clark M                    
MAGNEY, Emma see Bleth, Pancraz B                    
MAGNEY, Gertrude Ann see Bleth, George                    
MAGNEY, Leo see Bleth, George                    
MAGNEY?, Emma see Smith, Earl                    
MAGNUS, Lundy see Hobbs, Roy                    
MAGNUS, Theo see Titus, Dale Bert                    
MAGNUS, Yvonne see Titus, Dale Bert                    
MAGNUSON, A P see Erickson, Arthur R                    
MAGNUSON, Augusta see Johnston, Glen                    
MAGNUSON, Edith see Day, Francis Harold                    
MAGNUSON, Emma L see Erickson, Charles R                    
MAGNUSON, Frans see Franson                    
MAGNUSON, Frans see Franson                    
MAGNUSON, Harold M       Geraldine 31 Sweden John P Magnuson & Emma Olson 11-Jun-17 Chinook Blaine 401  
      Lena Denny Chinook 29 Chinook Peter Denny & Ida May Underwood          
MAGNUSON, Jennie see Johnson, John Alfred                    
MAGNUSON, John P see Magnuson, Harold M                    
MAGNUSON, Matilda see Clements, John                    
MAGNUSON, Nels see Magnuson, Nick                    
MAGNUSON, Nick       Souris N D 37 Souris Nels Magnuson & Olivia Temfjord 15-Oct-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1386  
      Claudia Gustafson Souris 22 Souris John Gustafson & Carolina Lindstrom          
MAGNUSON, Synove see Wahl                    
MAGNUSON,, , see Forsness                    
MAGNUSSEN, Anna L see Olson                    
MAGNUSSEN, Magnus       Poplar 25 Norway Magnus Nelson & Hansine Hansen 3-Oct-16 Plentywood Sheridan 839  
      Annie Peter-son Lignite N D 33 Norway Johannes Torre & Seneva Hoye          
MAGNUSSON, Charlotte see Chronister, M Bryson                    
MAGREGOR, John C see Martin, Guy G                    
MAGRUDER, Lloyd S       Valley Cty 60 Mo   19-Jul-17   Phillips 246  
      Kattie Houser Valley 50 Virginia            
MAGTALIMO, Pingret see Hammes, Joe                    
MAGUIRE, Mary see Cassidy, Joseph Justin                    
MAGUIRE, Mary see Noll, William                    
MAGUIRE, Robert see Brady, Emmett P                    
MAGUIRE, Sarah see Lien, Jack                    
MAGUIRE, Thelma see Brady, Emmett P                    
MAGULIPHIN, Adele see Addyman, Leroy H                    
MAHAFFEY, Laura see Diedrich, Arnold Irvin                    
MAHAN, Archibald John       Butte 35 Davenport Iowa T F Mahan & Ida Agnew 27-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2070  
      Mary Mulila Dodge Billings 21 Mettsee Wyo Charles C Dodge & Ella Prout          
MAHAN, Gertrude M see Jackson, George F                    
MAHAN, Laura see Carlsen, Thomas                    
MAHAN, Miles see Jackson, George F                    
MAHAN, T F see Mahan, Archibald John                    
MAHANNEL, Mary Ann see Chappuis, Gilbert                    
MAHARY, Anna see Bingham, Carl A                    
MAHEEDY, R J       Malta 42 Ken James Maheedy & Sarah Clarie 4-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2044  
      Elma Louise Singleton Fargo 29 Ill Fredrick Schiller & Katherine Bowen          
MAHER, Anna see Konshak, Harvey E                    
MAHER, Edward see Maher, Stephen                    
MAHER, James G see Judge, Joseph                    
MAHER, Jeremiah see Ronek, Peter H                    
MAHER, John see Stewart, Richmond D                    
MAHER, Josephine see O�Malley, Frank                    
MAHER, Lucille see Stewart, Richmond D                    
MAHER, Marie Anne see Judge, Joseph                    
MAHER, Stephen       Frazer 48 Dublin Edward Maher & Kate Laughman 14-Nov-11 Frazer Valley 934  
      Margaret Anderson Havre 19 Mont John Anderson & Mary Sandrie?          
MAHL, Emma see Brightsman                    
MAHL, Emma see Brightsman                    
MAHLAR, William R see Johnson                    
MAHLER, Dietrich Henry       Scobey 24 Crookston Mn William Mahler & Eliza Bott 26-O(ct-1927 Scobey Daniels 349  
      Roma Celia Stagg Scobey 19 Warsaw Iowa Henry Stagg & ??? Parent          
MAHLER, Rose Dorothy see Hill                    
MAHLER, William see Mahler, Dietrich Henry                    
MAHLER, William see Hill                    
MAHLSTEDT, Anna see Etzel, Carl                    
MAHLSTEDT, Catherine see Knoff, Frank M                    
MAHLSTEDT, Elsie L see Motschenbacher, Charles G                    
MAHLSTEDT, Emma Caroline see Wyse, Sylvester D                    
MAHLSTEDT, Frank A see Knoff, Frank A                    
MAHLSTEDT, George L       Mink 30 Creighton Nebr John A Mahlstedt & Mary Jungreman 25-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3883  
      Hannah Dragseth Circle 28 Knowlton Stinius Dragseth & Elizabeth Liabo          
MAHLSTEDT, John see Motschenbacher, CharlesG                    
MAHLSTEDT, John see Etzel, Carl                    
MAHLSTEDT, John A see Wyse, Sylvester D                    
MAHLSTEDT, John A see Mahlsredt, George L                    
MAHLUM, A A       Mandan 29 Norway A P & Sigrid Mahlum 8-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2111  
      Johannah Erickson Glendive 28 Norway Erick & Berith Erickson          
MAHLUM, A P & Sigred see Mahlum, A A                    
MAHLUM, Edward see Holum, Eivind Berton                    
MAHLUM, Evelyn see Holum, Eivind Berton                    
MAHLUM, Mary see Moen, Arthur R                    
MAHON, Aldernan D see Mahon, Archibald                    
MAHON, Archibald       Glasgow 35 N Y Aldernan D Mahon & Jeanette S Janes 1-Mar-04 Glasgow Valley 131  
      Francis G Hoyt St Paul 32 St Paul J F Hoyt & Mary E Hobert          
MAHON, Ella see Saltz, Noah Frank                    
MAHON, Mary see Owsley                    
MAHONEY, Arthur J       Miles City 31 Canada James Mahoney & Mary McRingen 8-Nov-17 Wibaux Wibaux 178  
      Alice Dwyer Mn 22 Mn Tib Dwyer & Julia Harrington          
MAHONEY, James see Mahoney, Arthur J                    
MAHONEY, John E       Phillips 22 Missouri   3-Oct-22   Phillips 670  
      Opalle M Seifers ??? 23 Missouri            
MAHONEY, Mary Beatrice see Devlin, George                    
MAHONEY, T J see Bruckbauer, Frank                    
MAHUGH , Arley J       Nashua 22 Minot R G Mahugh & Cora B Wike 12-Sep-27 Glasgow Valley 3315  
      Mary E Watters Nashua 18 Williston N D J A Waters & Eliza Coffey          
MAHUGH, Lawrence B       Glasgow 26 Huntington Ind Rueben G Mahugh & Cora Wike 19-Sep-25 Glasgow Valley 3157  
      Stella May Henning Glasgow 21 Fairmount Illinois William Henning & Grace Baldwin          
MAHUGH, R G see Mahugh, Arley J                    
MAHUGH, Rueben O see Mahugh, Lawrence B                    
MAIER, Anna see Lindeman, Phillip                    
MAIER, August       Wibaux 28 Germany John Maier & Catherine Mayer 2-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1525  
      Lena Wurst Wibaux 27 Germany Gustave Wurst & Rosa Boeltz          
MAIER, Daniel       Coranach Can 28 Russia Phillip Maier & Dorothy Miller 29-Jul-28 Bloomfield Dawson 3611  
      Nettie Schmidt Richey 26 Dalton S D William Schmidt & Eva Richert          
MAIER, Fred see Loeffelbein, John                    
MAIER, Gertrude see Dean, Charles                    
MAIER, Jacob       Canada 32 Russia Phillip Maier & Dora Miller 20-Mar-20 Scobey Sheridan 1635  
      Alfredia Eutenier Scobey 19 Canada Otto Eutenier & Louise Fudesh          
MAIER, John see Maier, Nicholas                    
MAIER, John see Maier, August                    
MAIER, John Fredrick       Wibaux 22 N Y City John F Maier & Bertha Granes? 26-Sep-16 Wibaux Wibaux 105  
      Minnie Kligera Wibaux 18 Mn Wensel Kligera & Mary Meyer          
MAIER, Marie see Holm, Guy Poe                    
MAIER, Mary see Baker, Franklin Alexander                    
MAIER, Molly see Damm, Emanuel                    
MAIER, Nicholas       Wibaux 38 Germany John Maier & Kate Mayer 3-Nov-23 Glendive Dawson 3055  
      Clara Mann Wibaux 26 Olivia Mn John Hallend & Anna Sinellars          
MAIER, Phillip see Maier, Daniel                    
MAIER, Phillipe see Maier                    
MAIERS, Carl J E       Glendive 30 Minou? S D Jacob Maiers & Catherine Hart 6-Jun-23 Glendive Dawson 2992  
      Zella Jane Foote Baker 18 Audubon Iowa Henry J Foote & Mary Caroline McCamett          
MAIERS, Jacob see Maiers, Carl J E                    
MAIERS, Zella Jane see Bevil, Opal                    
MAIL, Hazel see Buckles, David                    
MAIL, Jack see Mail, John                    
MAIL, John       Poplar 24 Ft Peck Jack Mail & Rose Lightwing 27-Nov-12 Glasgow Valley 1172  
      Nettie Wirth Poplar 27 Glendive Jacob Wirth & Susan Red Dog          
MAIL, John see Buckles, David                    
MAIL, John see Williams, Raymond                    
MAIL, Mary Ellen see Williams, Raymond                    
MAILER, Elizabeth see Gebhardt, George                    
MAILFORT, Frank R       Vandalia 32 Mich James R Mailfort & Mary Watson 27-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1368  
      Isabelle Watson Vandalia 26 Ireland David Watson & Annie Murray          
MAILFORT, James R see Mailfort, Frank R                    
MAIN, Clara see Kelly, Thomas                    
MAIN, Mary see Hodge, B F                    
MAIN, Mary see Worden, George E                    
MAIN, Robert W see Main, Thomas                    
MAIN, Thomas       St Pauls Mission 30 Ft Belknap Robert W Main & Hiding Woman 1-Dec-20 St Pauls Mission Blaine 655  
      May Files Steel Hays 23 Hays Files Steel & ???          
MAIN, Vallerie (Snyder?) see Juul                    
MAINE, Clarkson       Harlem 33 Harlem Gum Ear & Red Main 27-Jul-19 ??? Blaine 575  
      Rosa Trail Harlem 29 Ft Assiniboine Earth Boy & Bear Chief          
MAINE, Clarkson       Savoy 32 Ft Belknap Gunner & Red Maine 24-Apr-27 Savoy Blaine 984  
      Theresa Azure Ft Belknap 18 Ft Belknap Azure & Matilda Brosbo          
MAINE, Stella see Young, Herbert                    
MAIR, Ernest W see Smith, Albert E                    
MAJHOR, Ben       Poplar 26 N D John Majhor & Lizzie Burchea 8-Feb-15 Poplar Sheridan 423  
      Rosa Sears Poplar 25 S D Lewis Sears & ----?          
MAJHOR, John see Majhor                    
MAJOR, Edith see Sykes, Loren                    
MAJOR, Francis E see Hill, Fay M                    
MAJOR, Harry see Sykes, Loren                    
MAJOR, John R see Major, Willis R                    
MAJOR, Mae B see Griffith C L                    
MAJOR, Mary see Parisian, Joe                    
MAJOR, Maude see Drummond, William R                    
MAJOR, May B see Griffith, Claude Lyndal                    
MAJOR, Melvin see Berge                    
MAJOR, Rosa see Wallet, George                    
MAJOR , Vera Belle see Berge Andrew                    
MAJOR, William see Drummond, William R                    
MAJOR, Willis E see Hill, Fay M                    
MAJOR, Willis R       Glasgow 25 Douglas Center Wisc John R Major & Aurelia McMillan 29-Jul-10 Glasgow Valley 678  
      Nellie C Mitchell Glasgow 18 Gowne Iowa Isaac Mitchell & Emma S Gowe          
MAJORS, Jessie Isadore see Estes, Louis A                    
MAJORS, R M       Oswego 47 Roundrock Texas W S Majors & Rebecca Highland 25-Jul-05 Glasgow Valley 187  
      Mrs Jessie Weiser Norvilla Mt 28 Jacksonville Oregon Louis Danforth & Mary Bayse          
MAJORS, W S see Majors, R M                    
MAJRI, Bessie see Hajek, Joe                    
MAJRI, Joe see Hajek, Joe                    
MAKE, Up see Has The Pipe                    
MAKE, Up see Old Thunder, Walter                    
MAKE UP, Mary see Old Thunder, Walter                    
MAKEE, Belle see Cambron, Alfred                    
MAKELAND, Frank see Makeland, Robert Eugene                    
MAKELAND, Robert Eugene       Scobey 21 Logansport Indana Frank Makeland & Merle Wilcutts 22-Feb-28 Scobey Daniels 367  
      Berths Lien Peerless 31   Julius Berg & Bertha Nelson          
MAKELKE, John see Bird, Robert M                    
MAKELKE, John see Bird, Robert M                    
MAKENS, Margaret see Rhines, Eugene                    
MAKES, Cloud see Fighter                    
MAKES, Cloud see Fighter, Jack                    
MAKES, The Owl see Plenty Holes, Jacob                    
MAKES, Woman see Charging Dog                    
MAKES, Charlotte see Wright, James N                    
MAKING, Spear see Pease, Geo                    
MAKKLEBUST, Barbara see Halvorson                    
MAKKLEGAARD, Erick see Wagnild                    
MAKKLEGAARD,, Inga see Wagnild                    
MAKLSTEH, Jacob A see Pearson, Fritz                    
MAKLSTEH, Margaret see Pearson, Fritz                    
MAKONTONIDA, see Nichols, Sam                    
MAKOSKI, Francis see Young, Archie William                    
MAKROUS, Nazka see Curry, Shiekry K                    
MAL?, Olea see Swenson                    
MALANAOS, Mary see Pandis, Peter                    
MALAND, Joran see Overland, John                    
MALAND, Sallie see Jensen, Ernest Caleb                    
MALANEY, Kate see Butler, John F                    
MALARCHICK, John see Malarchick, Steve Hubert                    
MALARCHICK?, Steve Hubert       Medora N D 21 Harbor Ohio John Malarchick & Julia Custer 2-Nov-24 Wibaux Wibaux 455  
      Goldie Smith Medora N D 18 Mountain Iron Mn Walter L Smith & Elvina Grant          
MALARD, Lee see Ahlen, John H                    
MALARD, Nora B see Ahlen, John H                    
MALATARE, Chas see Beaudry, Daniel                    
MALATARE, Mary see DeBray, William                    
MALATARE, Mary see Parrent, Charles Ed                    
MALATARE, Rosie see Hayfield, Pete                    
MALATARE, Rosy see Beaudry, Daniel                    
MALATAREY, Charles see Malatarey, Fred                    
MALATAREY, Fred       Wolf Point 33 Poplar Charles Malatarey & Isabell Bocroft 17-Jun-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 383  
      Emma StGermaine Wolf Point 17 Wolf Point Eli StGermaine & Theresa Renville          
MALATARIE, Charles see Johnson, William Clifford                    
MALATARIE, Nancy see Johnson, William Clifford                    
MALATARRE, Charles Alfree       Wolf Point 26 Glasgow Charles Malatarre & Justine Graham 7-Nov-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 825  
      Emma Aldeguerra Wolf Point 21 Canada Joe Danielson & Rose Martin          
MALATRA, Emma see Torres, Mike                    
MALCOLM, A S see Malcolm                    
MALCOLM, Abraham see Malcolm                    
MALCOLM, Abram S see Malcolm, Andrew A                    
MALCOLM, Alice see Wyatt                    
MALCOLM, Alice see Yeager                    
MALCOLM, Alice see Yeager                    
MALCOLM, Amanda see Sullivan                    
MALCOLM, Andrew A       P�wood 29 Tilley Missouri Abram S Malcolm & Sarah S Sallee 6-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3011  
      Ruby R Phalen Glasgow 27 Macintosh Mn James Phalen & Mary Brownlee          
MALCOLM, Hannah see Ross, Charley                    
MALCOLM, Hannah see Ross, Henry E                    
MALCOLM, Hannah E see Ross                    
MALCOLM, Harrison       P�wood 22 Missouri Abraham Malcolm & Sarah Sallee 8-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 447  
      Tilly Tammen P�wood 20 Mn Rev R Tammen & Tatie Johnson          
MALCOLM, J L see Sullivan                    
MALCOLM, John J       P�wood 24 Missouri A S Malcolm & Sarah Salee 28-Dec-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1866  
      Olive McBurney Raymond 17 Sask Can Joseph McBurney & Mary Caswell          
MALCOLM, Louisa Alice see Lee                    
MALCOLM, Rosa see Norman                    
MALCOLM, Rosie see Jackson                    
MALCOLM, Rosie M see Wolfe                    
MALCOMB?, Alice see Yeager                    
MALDEN, Edward see Malden Henry                    
MALDEN, Henry       Flaxville 19 Mn Edward Malden & Martha Peterson 20-Feb-17 Flaxville Sheridan 959  
      Lula McEwen Flaxville 21 Mn Augustus P McEwen & Mary J Guthridge          
MALEN, Ella L see O�Brien, Thomas William                    
MALEN, P C & S see O�Brien, Thomas William                    
MALENDA, Joe & Johanna see Malenda, Leo                    
MALENDA, Leo       Glendive 29 Bohemia Joe & Johanna Malenda 21-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 3828  
      Jessica R Kent Stipek 17 Geraldine Adolphus Kent & Margaret Frankenberg          
MALENDY, Nancy see Purdy, C L                    
MALENDY, Nannie see Haller, William Earl                    
MALEY, Fern I? see Hocking, Thomas J                    
MALEY, Warnock P see Hocking, Thomas J                    
MALFALL, Geo? see Tufte, Marcus                    
MALHEW, Nancy R see Robinson, E S                    
MALICK, Julia see Baxter, Chester                    
MALICK, Julia see Baxter, Jesse                    
MALICK, Julia see Baxter, Ralph                    
MALITAIRE, Mary E see Goer, Rufus B                    
MALITARE, Mary see Magdelar, John                    
MALITEONE?, Celina see Hawley                    
MALKENTHIN, Fredricke see Kaun, William A R                    
MALKHE, Imogene see Voskeck, W A                    
MALKHE, Lewis see Voskeck, W A                    
MALKUCH, Anna Louise Amelia see Nickel, Leonard                    
MALKUCH, Ernest       Glendive 23 Aburndale? Wisc Frank Malkuch & Minnie Kathlow 28-Jun-17 Woodrow Dawson 2202  
      Dora Hohensee Glendive 20 Wells Mn August Hohensee & Ida Barnick          
MALKUCH, Frank see Nickel, Leonard                    
MALKUCH, Frank see Malkuch, Ernest                    
MALKUCH, Frank H       Woodrow 26 Woodrow Wis Frank Malkuch & Minnie Katlow     Dawson 2989  
      Esther Kaderly Monroe Wisc 20 Monroe Rudolph Kaderly & Anery Hefty          
MALKUCK, Frank see Magers, Frank A                    
MALKUCK, Frank see Malkuck, Fred                    
MALKUCK, Fred       Circle 28 Medford Wisc Frank Malkuck & Minnie Kotlow 6-Mar-17 Glendive Dawson 2119  
      Nellie Hohensee Glendive 17 Wells Mn August Hohensee & Ida Barnicek          
MALKUCK, Ida E see Magers, Frank A                    
MALL, Andrew see Mall, John Sr                    
MALL, John Sr       Poplar 54 Vincon Ind Andrew Mall & Ellen Johnson 25-Mar-07 Poplar Valley 276  
      Mrs Lucy Ricker Poplar 27 Wolf Point John Koon & Esther Mary Person          
MALLARD, Bertha see Deal, James C                    
MALLAUG, Minnie see Larsen, John O                    
MALLCOTT, Joseph see Mallcott, William                    
MALLCOTT, William       Concord 32 Oswego N Y Joseph Mallcott & Francis Wright ???-Aug-1906 Malta Valley 239  
      Hattie Holsz Pella Iowa 22 Iowa John Holsz & Mary VanHolland          
MALLET, Anton Wheeler see Mallet, Charles Newton                    
MALLET, Charles Newton       Wibaux 36 ??? Anton Wheeler Mallet & Elizabeth Mackey 25-Dec-1898 Glendive Dawson 177  
      Sophia Allen Glendive 21 Junction City Joseph W Allen & Sarah E Might?          
MALLETT, Edith see Mellett, Melvin M                    
MALLIN, Ella see Kuehn, Otto Charles                    
MALLINGER, Earl F       Miles City 24 Foxholm N D John J Mallinger & Elizabeth Quiggle 26-Feb-30 Glendive Dawson 3848  
      Martha E Teeters Miles City 18 Minneapolis Mn Roy Teeters & Edith Shaw          
MALLINGER, John see Mallinger, Earl F                    
MALLISON, Florence C see Howell, Charles W                    
MALLITOR, Catherine see Olsen, Carl Bernhardt                    
MALLON, Anna see Gesell                    
MALLORY, Mary see Chapman, W L                    
MALLOW, Albert B see Mallow, Ed                    
MALLOW, Ed       Sidney 22 Kenewah Iowa Albert E Mallow & Annie Ankrum? 4-Nov-09 Ridgelawn Dawson 756  
      Nancy Stanhope Sidney 19 Sidney C T Stanhope & Celia Herbert          
MALLOY, Anna see Boudreau, John L                    
MALLOY, Anna see Ford                    
MALLOY, Annie see Scott                    
MALLOY, Hattie see Poor, Millard W                    
MALLOY, Mary see Essex, James H                    
MALLOY, Maude Harris see Moe, Glenn E                    
MALLS, Emma see Orr, John H                    
MALLS, Thomas see Orr, John H                    
MALMEN, Anna see Soiland, Ole                    
MALMEN, Lorens see Soiland, Ole                    
MALMEND, Lauritz & Malena see Malmen, Thomas                    
MALMEND, Thomas       Glendive 30 Norway Lauritz & Malena Malmend 9-Oct-26 Glendive Dawson 3460  
      Inga Fuglestead Glendive 29 Norway Nels Fuglestead & Toletta Overbo          
MALMER, Edith M see Packard, Russel B                    
MALMER, Gustav see Packard, Russell B                    
MALMER, Severine see Johnson, Hans Peter                    
MALMIN, Adolph see Malmin, William                    
MALMIN, Gustava see Ruhling, Henry Theodore                    
MALMIN, William       Glendive 35 Norway Adolph Malmin & ??? 28-Feb-21 Glendive Dawson 2744  
      Aslauge Adele Kirkebye Glendive 19 Norway Pete Kirkebye & Lena Larson          
MALMO, Bertha see Nanevold, Johanes                    
MALMSTROM, Carl see Herrig, Harvey H                    
MALONE, ??? see Gustitis                    
MALONE, Alice see Jones, Bert R                    
MALONE, Cora see Clark, Samuel James                    
MALONE, Mary see Egger                    
MALONE, Rosanna see Black, Arthur                    
MALONEY, Bridget see McGovern, William                    
MALONEY, Bridget see McGovern                    
MALONEY, Christie       Turner 23 Mt   22-Jun-27   Phillips 951  
      Marie Andrews ??? 16 Canada            
MALONEY, J F               4-Mar-1884   Dawson 23  
      Emma A Wallace                  
MALONEY, James see Walters, Dorville O                    
MALONEY, Kathleen see StGermaine, John B T                    
MALONEY, Margaret B see Fitzpatrick, Michael A                    
MALONEY, Margaret T see Jenson, John A                    
MALONEY, Marie see Keefe, Henry G                    
MALONEY, Mary see Walters, Dorville O                    
MALONEY, Mary see Helling, Carl A                    
MALONEY, Mary see O�Connor, Charles                    
MALONEY, Mary see Hartgrove                    
MALONEY, Pat see Maloney, Patrick J                    
MALONEY, Patrick see St Germaine, John B T                    
MALONEY, Patrick see Jenson, John A                    
MALONEY, Patrick & Bridget see Fitzpatrick, Michael A                    
MALONEY, Patrick J       Theony 28 Morris Mn Pat Maloney & Bridget Stevens 9-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2047  
      Agnes W Galden Theony 22 Boone Iowa George Galden & Daisey A Treal?          
MALONEY, Tim       Malta 36 Coroval Calif Tim Maloney & Annie MacGuire 18-Jul-00 Malta Valley ?  
      Lally Dessery Malta 18   Victor Dessery & Julia St Peter          
MALOTT, P T see Davis, Paul Revere                    
MALOTT, Pearl see Davis, Paul Revere                    
MALOY, Caroline see Goodrich, H H                    
MALOY, George H       Wolf Point 29 Nashua Iowa Henry Maloy & Augusta Richards 24-Dec-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1446  
      Emma Meister Richland Cty 18 Nova Scotia Robert Meister & Mildred Barkhouse          
MALOY, Henry see Maloy                    
MALOY, Richard see Goodrich, H H                    
MALPASS, Elizabeth see Tomlinson, Herbert                    
MALQUIST, Ida see Gafvert, Sten                    
MALQUIST, Louie see Gafvert, Sten                    
MALQUIST, Louis see Becker, William J                    
MALSTROM, George see Halvorson                    
MALSTROM, John O       P�wood 33 Sweden William Malstrom & Louise Straus 20-Apr-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1889  
      Ella Mary Manney P�wood 21 Fargo N D Jack Manney & Kathren Hagan          
MALSTROM, Ruth see Halvorson                    
MALSTROM, William see Malstrom                    
MALTARE, Mary see Parrent, Bat                    
MALTBY, Charles N see Maltby, Earl Charles                    
MALTBY, David Sylvester       Wolf Point 21 N D David Sylvester & Mella Skogan 3-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 963  
      Pamela Slevins Wolf Point 20 Indiana Lem Slevins & ???          
MALTBY, Earl Charles       Wolf Point 35 Mn Charles N Maltby by & Mary Marcillies 2-Apr-21 Poplar Roosivelt 227  
      Nellie Hanson Minneapolis 32 Mn Louie Hanson & Katie Nelson          
MALTBY, Francis Clark       Wolf Point 26 Park Rapids Mn Milo S Maltby & Hattie Smith 25-Jun-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 254  
      Isabell O Jystad Wolf Point 18 N D Julius Jystad & ???          
MALTBY, Laverna Sylvester see Parke, Robert R                    
MALTBY, M S see Maltby, Raymond Allan                    
MALTBY, Milo S see Maltby, Francis Clark                    
MALTBY, Raymond Allan       Wolf Point 30 Wis M S Maltby & Hattie Smith 14-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1883  
      Esther Viola Evans Culbertson 20 Benton W S Evans Jr & Esther Gertrude Scott          
MALTINE?, Mary see Parrent, James                    
MALUNET, Henry       Glasgow 46 Chicago Henry Malunet Sr & Emily Leedkist 6-May-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 759  
      Veleda Martha Lindberg Oklee Mn 23 New Richland Mn Christian O Lindberg & Caroline S Halvorsen          
MALVERN, Alberta Merle see Bell, Charles W                    
MALVERN, B W see Bell, Charles W                    
MALVERN, Briscoe W see Malvern, Glen O                    
MALVERN, Briscoe W see Rorvik, Harold                    
MALVERN, Briscoe W see Dunlap, Wallace Dearl                    
MALVERN, Edith Idolia see Dunlap, Wallace Dearl                    
MALVERN, Gladys Eva see Rorvik, Harold                    
MALVERN, Glen O       Watkins 23 Kooledge Kansas Briscoe W Malvern & Ida Mae Duncan 7-Feb-17 Circle Dawson 2106  
      Helena R Jensen Brockway 23 Estaline S D Nels Jensen & Marion Nelson          
MALVIN, John see Williams, John                    
MALVIN, Louella see Williams, John                    
MALVINA, Amanda see Bullock, Alfred E                    
MAMAHON, ??? see Ross, Charlie                    
MANARY, David J see Nelson, Ernest Erick                    
MANARY, David J see Arnold, Joseph A                    
MANARY, David James       Coburg 38 S D   11-Jul-25   Phillips 833  
      Matilda Myrvang Dodson 23 Norway            
MANARY, Mathilda see Nelson, Ernest Erick                    
MANAW, Ellen see Salisbury, Robert A                    
MANAW, Hugh & Martha see Salisbury, Robert A                    
MANCH, John see Manch, John J                    
MANCH, John J       Valleytown 23 S D   28-Feb-19   Phillips 409  
      Rose E Bresnahan Valleytown 21 Mn            
MANDEGO, Zilpha A see Crawford, Frank                    
MANDELHEIMER, Christina see Sipple, J F                    
MANDERVILLE, Nell see Ashworth, Benjamin                    
MANDLER, Gertrude see Sanders, Harry                    
MANDRICH, Constant see Mandrich                    
MANDRICH, Ewald       Grenora N D 27 Alsacs Lorainne Constant Mandrich & ??? 2-Jun-21 Plentywood Sheridan 2607  
      Francis O�Brien Grenora 25 Renville Mn S L O�Brien & Margaret Warner          
MANEY, J J see Hunter, Arthur Downing                    
MANEY, Marion Catherine see Hunter, Arthur Downing                    
MANG, Anna see Marsh, Harvey A                    
MANG, Bertha see Finch, Clarence                    
MANG, Eugene see Finch, Clarence                    
MANG, Eugene F see Marsh, Harvey A                    
MANGAN, Anna Cathryn see Swanson, Peter Aaron                    
MANGAN, Bessie see Minehan, Patrick J                    
MANGAN, James see Hellman, William J                    
MANGAN, John see Hondle, James                    
MANGAN, John see Swanson, Peter Aaron                    
MANGAN, Madge see Minehan, Patrick J                    
MANGAN, Theresia see Hondle, James                    
MANGANS, Hannah B see Wolfe, Roy B                    
MANGEL, Christ see Chaffin, Roscoe A                    
MANGEL, Marie see Biever                    
MANGEL, Minnie Helena see Chaffin, Roscoe A                    
MANGNES, Ellen see Bickell, Dewey                    
MANGNESS, Audres see Crum                    
MANINAN, Elisha see Andersen, Jacob                    
MANINAN, Louisa see Andersen, Jacob                    
MANION, Mary see Furlong, Edward                    
MANKE, Henry see Manke                    
MANKE, Louie       P�wood 28 Mn Henry Manke & Sophia Galen 18-Nov-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1699  
      Mary Morey P�wood 23 N D W J Morey & Anna Forman          
MANKE, Pauline Augusta see Straup, Charles Delbert                    
MANKS, Viola Ellis see Brown, Frenk                    
MANLEY, Anna see Williams                    
MANLEY, Bernard see Audet, Emil J                    
MANLEY, Bert       Ontario Wis 22 Viroqua Wisc Charles N Manley & Lucy Hudson 5-Feb-20 Richey Dawson 2618  
      Fleta White Richey 19 Dunnigan Missouri Theodore White & Mina Wollard          
MANLEY, Charles N see Manley, Bert                    
MANLEY, Edgar A       Poplar 29 Ohio Jason B Manley & Junie A Gardner 17-Sep-14 Poplar Sheridan 319  
      Audrey Louise Atkinson Poplar 21 Mt James Atkinson & Nellie Banden          
MANLEY, Ethel M see Vagg, Frank M                    
MANLEY, James D see Manley, Merle                    
MANLEY, Jason B see Manley                    
MANLEY, Lula V see Audet, Emil J                    
MANLEY, Merle       Glasgow 28 Ohio James D Manley & Sarah Spencer? 22-Dec-1894 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Blanche R Rankin Greenup? Kentucky 24 Ken tucky James Rankin & Lois Taylor          
MANLEY, Susan see Vagg, Harry A                    
MANLY, Anna see Jackson                    
MANLY, Sarah see Davis, Anthony H                    
MANLY, Susan see Vagg, H A                    
MANN, Archie       P�wood 27 Canada Richard Mann & Sophia Hopwood 20-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1192  
      Agnes Bult-man Welliver   25 Indiana Jos J Bultman & Catherine Berender          
MANN, Arthur J       Bainville 22 Mich John F Mann & Annie Conger 19-Aug-13 Plentywood Sheridan 66  
      Lida C Bledsoe Bainville 22 Iowa W E Bledsoe & Eliza Commack          
MANN, Austin see Hart, Joseph                    
MANN, Austin see Williams, Raymond F                    
MANN, Austin W see Mann, John L                    
MANN, Catherine see VanHee                    
MANN, Clara see Maier, Nicholas                    
MANN, David see Bradley, George                    
MANN, Edith see Heath, Linn L                    
MANN, Elizabeth see DeGroat, Sarles Francio                    
MANN, Emerson       Plentywood 20 Bradford Ontario Can Richard Mann & Sarah Kitchen 24-Dec-06 Culbertson Valley 265  
      Lottie Moore Culbertson 17 Elkhorn Thomas Moore & Violet Royels          
MANN, Emilie see Hughes                    
MANN, Emma viola see Stai, Albert Martenus                    
MANN, Eva N see Lang                    
MANN, Fred       Glasgow 26 Colorado City Texas J M Mann & Emily Hill 23-Dec-12 Glasgow Valley 1194  
      Gusta Dechman Glasgow 20 Dovary Murry Cty Mn John Dechman & ???          
MANN, Fredrick W       New Salem N D 25 New Salem William H Mann & Anna Lange 23-Jun-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 147  
      Anna O Hagen Culbertson 23 Slayton Mn Ole J Hagen & Johanna Engen          
MANN, George A see Mann, W H                    
MANN, Gertrude see Hargett, Ancil F                    
MANN, Gertrude see Hawley, Dave                    
MANN, Gilbert see Clark, Frank D                    
MANN, Henry see Mann, Paul                    
MANN, Ida E see Genzel, Charles T                    
MANN, J M see Mann, Fred                    
MANN, Jane see Wilson, John B                    
MANN, John see Stai, Albert Martenus                    
MANN, John F see Mann                    
MANN, John L       Dore N D 21 Brandon Man Austin W Mann & Rachael A Williams 23-Mar-12 Mondak Valley 1015  
      Jennie L Leland Clark N D 19 Wis Mat Leland & ???          
MANN, Kate see VanHee, Edward                    
MANN, Kate see Gross                    
MANN, Katherine see VanHee, Julius                    
MANN, L C see Heath, Linn L                    
MANN, Mabel see Bradley, George                    
MANN, Mabel see Heppner                    
MANN, Margaret see Nichols, Earl W Jr                    
MANN, Marjorie Anna see Folsom, Louis David                    
MANN, Martin see Mann                    
MANN, Michael see Nichols, Earl W Jr                    
MANN, Noah A       Oswego 24 Geneva Ind Perry F Mann & Catherine F Baucher 2-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1595  
      Bertha E Gans Granville? N D 21 Britt Iowa Adam W Gans & Dora May Rhodes          
MANN, Paul       Fallon Cty 25 Iowa Henry Mann & Kate Jump 21-Dec-15 Wibaux Wibaux 66  
      Clara Holland Wibaux 18 Mn John Holland & Anna Shindlars          
MANN, Pearl see Clark, Frank D                    
MANN, Perry F see Mann, Noah A                    
MANN, Richard see VanHee, Julius                    
MANN, Richard see Mann, Emerson                    
MANN, Richard see Folsom, Louis David                    
MANN, Richard       P�wood 66 Canada Mar-tin Mann & Sarah Arnold 10-Jun-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2246  
      Mrs Francis Potter P�wood 63 N Y Ambrose Williams & Melis-sa Coots          
MANN, Richard see Mann                    
MANN, Roy W       P�wood 20 Mt Russell Mann & Ethel West 17-Jun-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1975  
      Letha E Redden P�wood 20 Mn S J Redden & Minnie Garrison          
MANN, Ruby see Williams, Raymond F                    
MANN, Russell see Backer, Jack                    
MANN, Russell see Lang                    
MANN, Sarah see Kinchloe, Ray P                    
MANN, W H       Malta 34 Yale Mich Geo A Mann & Jane Stonie 6-Nov-10 Glasgow Valley 737  
      Cora Stephens Glasgow 32   James B Stephens & Elizabeth J Douglas          
MANN, William H see Mann, Fredrick W                    
MANN,, Russell, see Mann                    
MANNERS, Lillian see Rohweder                    
MANNERS, Lily see Lovelace                    
MANNERS, Sarah see Shortt                    
MANNERY, Della M see Doyle, James C                    
MANNERY, James see Doyle , James C                    
MANNEY, Ella Mary see Malstrom                    
MANNEY, Elwood see Erickson, Edwin H                    
MANNEY, Jack see Malstrom                    
MANNI, Maria see Battani, Lionello                    
MANNING, Andrew J       ???   Clay Center Kansas F J Manning & Dincie Todd 9-Sep-10 Culbertson Valley 695  
      Florence Reymoud Minneapolis Mn     ???          
MANNING, Anna see Schultz, Walter Roy                    
MANNING, Anne see Thompson, Harold Murray                    
MANNING, Annie see Morse, George                    
MANNING, Bessie see Cowan, James A                    
MANNING, Bonnie (Goff?) see Ambrose, W R                    
MANNING, Chas B       Culbertson 24 ? Ashland Kansas F J Manning & Dincie? Todd 17-Sep-10 Culbertson Valley 694  
      Bertina Jacobson Culbertson 21 Wisconsin ???          
MANNING, David       Poplar 21 Dakota John Manning & Idell Burcia 17-Oct-05 Poplar Valley 194  
      Bessie Heddrick Poplar 19   George Heddrick          
MANNING, Dincie (Todd?) see Powell, David F                    
MANNING, Eliza see Barnard, Sydney H                    
MANNING, Elizabeth see Frazier, Aubert W                    
MANNING, Estella see Anderson, Martin Edward                    
MANNING, Estelle see Akres, David                    
MANNING, Estelle see Whitwright, Chauncey                    
MANNING, F J see Manning, Chas B                    
MANNING, F J see Manning, Andrew J                    
MANNING, Florence see Schultz, Frank Nickolas                    
MANNING, J E       Glendive 22 Red Creek N Y John Manning & Margaret Wade 26-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2115  
      Celia D Goselin res Glendive 23 Mendota Mn Leon Goselin & Mary Louise LeMay          
MANNING, James J see Manning, Seth George                    
MANNING, James J see Manning, William Edward                    
MANNING, John see Manning, David                    
MANNING, John see Schultz, Frank Nickolas                    
MANNING, John see Schultz, Walter Roy                    
MANNING, John see White, Charles                    
MANNING, John see Manning, J E                    
MANNING, John see Jones                    
MANNING, John see Hughes                    
MANNING, Katherine see McCarthy, Charles                    
MANNING, Maud J see Jones                    
MANNING, Mema see White, Charles                    
MANNING, Mollie see Savage, Richard D                    
MANNING, Nora see Courchene, Daniel                    
MANNING, Seth George       Wibaux 23 St James Mn James J Manning & Minnie Trowbridge 25-Jan-19 Glendive Dawson 2481  
      Alice Helnik Hodges 18 Armstrong Iowa Mons Helnik & Mable Shawl          
MANNING, Thomas Walter       Glasgow 26 Oularice Canada William B Manning & Hattie Paul 16-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley 1752  
      Myrtle May McDonald Grass Lake Alberta 20 Hunter? N D Edward T McDonald & Rose Nellie Miller          
MANNING, William       Poplar 22 Standing Rock N D John Manning & Margaretty 18-Oct-01 Poplar Valley 27  
      Sarah Lucille Flynn Poplar 33   Thomas & Mary Campbell          
MANNING, William B see Manning, Thomas Walter                    
MANNING, William Edward       Wibaux 22 St James Mn James J Manning & Minnie Trowbridge 12-Nov-13 Wibaux Dawson 1361  
      Ada Opal Pickering Wibaux 17 Dawson Cty Robert Pickering & Ida Sommerfield          
MANNING, William Jr       Homestead 23 Poplar William Manning & Sarah Flynn 13-May-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2602  
      Gladys Morck Reserve 18 Michigan N D Mike Morck & Marie Valseth          
MANNIX, Mary see Lish, Peter Francis                    
MANSELL, Annie R see Smart, George Harold                    
MANSFIELD, Emily J see Knebel, Leroy                    
MANSHIP, J__? see Isterman, Grover                    
MANSHIP, Mattie see Isterman, Grover                    
MANSKER, Donna see Nelson, Clifford R                    
MANSKER, Joe       Bowdoin 21 Texas   26-Apr-26   Phillips 882  
      Dana Lambert Malta 19 Iowa            
MANSON, Lena see Berlandi, Edward Bernard                    
MANSON, Mary see Nicholson, Kenneth James                    
MANSUR, Harry       Glasgow 35 Wayneburg Penn Tom Mansur & Rebecca Hoffman 7-Dec-01 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Amelia Hottott Glasgow 27 Berlin Germany Samuel Baday & Amelia Grosse          
MANSUR, Tom see Mansur, Harry                    
MANSZEWSKI, ??? see Weisz, Jacob H                    
MANTERNACH, Augusta see Griffith, C L                    
MANTERNACH, Augusta see Funk, Adolph                    
MANTERNACH, Frank       East Scobey 35 Mn John Manternach & Anna Schwalen 20-Jan-15 Scobey Sheridan 405  
      Esther Chelgren E Scobey 24 Mn John Chelgren & Christina Nelson          
MANTERNACH, Gertrude see Hansen                    
MANTERNACH, John see VonKuster, Leo                    
MANTERNACH, John see Vonkuster, Oscar Jr                    
MANTERNACH, John see Manternach, Oscar                    
MANTERNACH, John see Manternach, William                    
MANTERNACH, John see Hansen                    
MANTERNACH, John see Manternach                    
MANTERNACH, Kate see Von Kuster, Oscar Jr                    
MANTERNACH, Lena see VonKuster, Leo                    
MANTERNACH, Lena see VonKuster, Roger Norman                    
MANTERNACH, Lena see VonKuster, Ralph                    
MANTERNACH, Oscar       Scobey 32 Velva N D John Manternach & Anna Schwalen 30-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 3393  
      Marie Emerson Butte 22 Montpelier Ind Elza Emerson & Anna Nipgen          
MANTERNACH, William       Scobey 30 Velva N D John Manternach & Anna Swallen 20-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1093  
      Juverna Pendroy Sauk Center S D 24 Towner N D James Pendroy & Susan Messenger          
MANTHE, Arthur J       Dooley 22 N D Gust Manthe & Amelia Bozke 9-Dec-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2029  
      Florine Burnham Dooley 16 N D Harry E Burnham & Ada M Cadoo          
MANTHE, Gust see Manthe                    
MANTHEY, Steven see West, John L                    
MANTZ, Barbara see Floyd, Arthur D                    
MANTZ, Gottleib see Floyd, Arthur D                    
MANWARING, George see Hays, David L                    
MANWILDER, Regina see Fritz, Alvin John                    
MANWILLER, Regina see Undem, Martin                    
MANY, Calf see Washes Hands, James                    
MANY, Chiefs see Takes The Bow                    
MANY, Kills see Black Dog                    
MANY, Sandy see Whitright, Wm                    
MANY, Shields see Wilson                    
MANY CLAWS, Dora see Two Bulls                    
MAOLIS, Atti & Lusa see Maolis, Autti                    
MAOLIS, Autti       Hinsdale 29 Finland Atti & Lusa Maolis 19-Jun-12 Glasgow Valley 1068  
      Maria S Jantti Hinsdale 25 Kaupeji Finland Ananias Jantti & Maria Freedriikk          
MAPES, Delia see Church, Homer Roy                    
MARANVAL, D E see Bell, Wilbert Henry                    
MARAS, Anthony A       Lindsay 28 Toledo Ohio Valentine Maras & Victoria Gavronska 5-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1612  
      Grace Adella Groves Glendive 31 Green Cty Iowa Samuel M Groves & Annie G Field          
MARAS, Valentine see Maras, Anthony A                    
MARBELLO, Carmen       Frazer 25 Italy Tony Marbello & ??? 1-May-20 Glasgow Valley 2656  
      Mary Rounds Frazer 17 N D Harry & Margaret Rounds          
MARBELLO, Mary E see Clampett, Fletcher                    
MARBELLO, Tony see Marbello, Carmen                    
MARBLE, Cora see Seifred, Edgar                    
MARBLE, Eline F (Porter?) see Huddleston                    
MARBURG, Hilda M see Noble, William J                    
MARBURG, Julius see Noble, William J                    
MARCARD, Augusta see Karll, Vern                    
MARCEDDA, Graggia see Nonne, Mike                    
MARCELLUS, Gertrude A see Vance, Delbert K                    
MARCELLUS, Leonard see Vance, Delbert K                    
MARCENAUX, Mary see Sullivan, Bernard T                    
MARCENKOWSKI, Anton Florin see Marcinkow-ski, William Marcin                    
MARCENKOWSKI, William Marcin       Culbertson 22 Boston Mass Anton Florin Marcen-kowski & Blendyna Zalowski 22-Oct-24 Culbert-son Roosivelt 677  
      Anna Nacey Culbertson 20 Culbertson Patrick J Nacey & Ora Cooper          
MARCH, Nancy see Trumbull, Charles A                    
MARCHAK, Mary see Goolsby, Edward W                    
MARCHAND, Lucile see Brusseau, Eugene Arthur                    
MARCHAND, Lucille see Bell, Roy Orville                    
MARCHAND, Lucy see Brusseau, Carice                    
MARCHAUD, Lucy see Haugen, Jess G                    
MARCHESKI, Elizabeth see Kunda, Felix                    
MARCHWICK, Peter Paul Edward       Culbertson 37 Mn Valentine B Marchwick & Josephine Kujawa 7-Jan-26 Culbertson Roosivelt 854  
      Marie F Tlustosch Medicine Lake 19 Silver Lake Mn Frank Tlustosch & Marie Zetick          
MARCHWICK, Valentine B see Marchwick, Peter Paul Edward                    
MARCIAS, Guadelupe see Gutierrez, Rafael                    
MARCILLIES, Mary see Maltby, Earl Charles                    
MARCINIAK, Helen see Bruski, Helen                    
MARCINIAK, John       Wibaux 38 Poland John Marciniak & Ada Ologwaski 18-Feb-19 Wibaux Wibaux 229  
      Veeva Efta Wibaux 22 Mn Joseph Efta & Annie Inther          
MARCINIAK, John see Bruski, Casimer                    
MARCINKOWSKI, Adele Valentine see Fergus, Edward Vincent                    
MARCINKOWSKI, Anthony see Fergus, Edward Vincent                    
MARCIS, Victor see Gile, Jesse                    
MARCKEL, Mary see Robertson, Will B                    
MARCKEL, Mary Elizabeth see Peterson, Erick                    
MARCKEL, Sylvia see Robertson, Will B                    
MARCKELS, Margaret see Syverson, Samuel E                    
MARCKLE, Catherine see Daniels                    
MARCKS, Charles see Paddock, James L                    
MARCKS, Gladys see Paddock, James L                    
MARCO, Frank see Marco, George J                    
MARCO, George J       Marco 51 Milwaukee Wis Frank Marco & Theresa Mellen 10-Jul-16 Marco Dawson 1962  
      Annie Darnell Marco 33 Clarion Penn Christian Edwin Darnell & Larry Dole          
MARCOTT, Edward       Oswego 29 Kans William Marcott & Charlotte Roberts 12-Feb-17 Glasgow Valley 2065  
      Louise Lake Oswego 30 England John & Ellen Lake          
MARCOTT, William see Marcott, Edward                    
MARCOTTE, Eugene see Tyler, Clyde Vernon                    
MARCOTTE, Eugene see Murr, Walter A                    
MARCOTTE, Raphael see Johnson, Reed                    
MARCOTTE, Rebecca see Gagnon, Ovid Joseph                    
MARCOTTE, Ruth A see Murr, Ruth A                    
MARCURE, Hattie see Bell, Edward                    
MARCURE, William see Bell, Edward                    
MARCUS, Tillie see Elsesser, Paul                    
MARCUSEN, Charlie see Marcusen, Martin                    
MARCUSEN, Martin       Taylor 28 Brown Cty Wisc Charley Marcusen & Hannah Johnson 18-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1968  
      Annie Knudson Taylor N D 21 Taylor Knut Knudson & Eliza Hillman          
MARCY, Elizabeth W see Felland, Hermo                    
MARCY, William see Felland, Hermo                    
MARCY, William see Carroll, Joseph John                    
MARDASKMET, Rosalie see Martell, Elie J                    
MARDH, Mary see Strub, F A                    
MARDIC, Hattie see Didrick, Glen M                    
MARDIN, Lillie see Owen, John                    
MARENESS, Clifford H       Glendive 25 Adams New York Jay Mareness & Rosa Howe 30-Nov-07 Glendive Dawson 559  
      Madell Forsythe Glendive 21 Rockford Mn John Forsythe & Louisa Dixon          
MARENESS, Jay see Mareness, Clifford H                    
MARESCH, Gertrude see Floren, Arthur                    
MARESCH, Henry see Floren, Arthur                    
MAREYAK, Mary see Birkoski, Joe H                    
MARGART, Ratchel see Daily, Robert                    
MARGERETTY, see Manning, William                    
MARGUERAT, see Markey, Frank                    
MARICIC, Mary see Krest, Joseph                    
MARICIC, Paul see Crest, Joseph                    
MARIK, Anton Frank see Wahl                    
MARIK, Marie Lucie see Wahl                    
MARIK, Mary see Halack, Anton                    
MARION, Delphine see Erickson                    
MARION, Helen see Marion                    
MARION, J E see Marion                    
MARION, J E see Erickson                    
MARION, J E see Justice                    
MARION, J E see Marion                    
MARION, John       Grenora N D 34 N D J E Marion & Justine Grant 28-Sep-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2105  
      Muriel Schiefertt Michigan N D 22 N D L J Schiefertt & Marion Behme          
MARION, Joseph see Marion                    
MARION, Joseph see Marion                    
MARION, Norman       Grenora N D 30 Lewistown Norman Marion Sr & Rose Oullette 1-Nov-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1937  
      Helen Marion Grenora 25 Rolette N D Joseph Marion & Justine Grant          
MARION, Phillip       Bonetrail N D 21 Rollette Cty N D J E Marion & Justine Grant 14-Jun-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1972  
      Isabella M Kent Bonetrail 27 Vermont William McCarthy & Minnie J Tyler          
MARION, Roger A       Medicine Lake 24 Rollette Cty N D Joseph Marion & Justine Grant 8-May-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 8  
      Sarah Morrisseau Medicine Lake 19 St John N D Joseph Morrisseau & Mary House          
MARION, Thomas see Marion, William                    
MARION, William       Glendive 25 Galesburg Ill Thomas Marion & Emma Shannon 21-Apr-19 Glendive Dawson 2511  
      Anna Mary Sundean Glendive 24 Sweden Sven Sundean & Anna Paulson          
MARIS, Glenn       Glasgow 24 Laurell Ind Thomas E Maris & Nellie Kinman 9-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1471  
      Pearl Yeager Glasgow 26 Fairfield Iowa J C Yeager & Eliza J Arthur          
MARIS, Margaretta see Lopez, Andrus                    
MARIS, Thomas E see Maris, Glenn                    
MARISTUEN, Blanch E see Hagen                    
MARISTUEN, Ole see Hagen                    
MARITZ, Marie see Conrad, John                    
MARK, Mattie see Hoyt, Walter Alvin                    
MARK-----?, Anna see Dalke, Ruben                    
MARKEL, Henry George see Markel, William H                    
MARKEL, John D see Markel, Walter H                    
MARKEL, Walter H       Poplar 31 Bartlett Ill John D Markell & Mary Schick 21-Sep-12 Glasgow Valley 1123  
      Barbara Haser Poplar 20 Minden Neb Nick Haser & Anna Hess          
MARKEL, William W       Circle 27 Davis Illinois Henry George Markel & Mary Glaser 11-Jul-14 Circle Dawson 1536  
      Gertrude Flint Circle 25 Hartland Wisc Lars Peter Jensen Flint & Carrie Sorenson          
MARKELL, Athol       P�wood 23 P�wood Chelsey Markell & Lillie Sheets 9-Aug-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2641  
      Rowena Srewart P�wood 19 Iowa Chas H Stewart & Sarah M Hall          
MARKELL, Chelsey see Markell                    
MARKELL, Chesley       Redstone 38 Canada Nelson Markell & Mary Pitts 26-Jun-07 Culbertson Valley 286  
      Lillian Sheets Redstone 30 Farrans Point Can Robert Sheets & Nancy Weaver          
MARKELL, Nelson see Markell, Chesley                    
MARKELY, Bertha see Lenz, Ernest                    
MARKENTINE, Bernhard see Nickel, Peter E                    
MARKET, Amil see Market, Max Richard                    
MARKET, Max Richard       Hinsdale 26 Germany Amil Market & Emma Kerstu 23-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2178  
      Bella Alexandra Scobey 33 Illinois E H Bolton & ???          
MARKEY, Annie see Hosfield, Arthur                    
MARKEY, Frank       Intake 30 Milwaukee Wis Stanley Markey & Francis Milocizk 18-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2390  
      Mabel Marguerat Intake 37 Muscatine Iowa Joseph Ament & Abbie Martin          
MARKEY, Stanley see Markey, Frank                    
MARKHAM, AnnYoungkin see Kluth, Jacob                    
MARKHAM, Bernard       Wolf Point 18 Minot N D Phillip Markham & Ann Young-kin 12-Feb-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1424  
      Lillian Elizabeth Trudo Wolf Point 16 Iowa George Trudo & Leoda Brown          
MARKHAM, Phillip see Markham, Bernard                    
MARKING, Matt see Robinette, Everett Glen                    
MARKING, Rose Mary see Robinette, Everett Glen                    
MARKLE, Eva E see Watson, Mark E                    
MARKLE, George W see Markle, Thomas H                    
MARKLE, Thomas H       Glasgow 31 Webber Kans George W Markle & Mary Vestal 7-Oct-12 Glasgow Valley 1132  
      Florence E Woods Glasgow 25 Park River N D George Woods & Sarah J Ramsey          
MARKLE, Walter C       Grainage 37 Can Isaac Brock & Nancy Winger 11-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2383  
      Victoria Gilstrof Trenton Mich 25 Can Charles Gilstrof & Margaret Wiltz          
MARKLEY, Annie see Gavin, Thomas                    
MARKLEY, Clara see Baker, James A                    
MARKLEY, Enoch see Utter, Morris V                    
MARKLEY, Hattie see Warnke, George                    
MARKLEY, John see Markley                    
MARKLEY, Lloyd       Bainville 23 Stillwell Ill John Markley & Annie Walker 4-May-15 Bainville Sheridan 477  
      Katherine Dressel   18 Chesaning Mich George Dressel & Lucy Sprague          
MARKS, A J       Harlem 26 N D C O Marks & Jennie C Judd 22-Mar-15 Glasgow Valley 1652  
      Golda N Whitaker Harlem 21 N D J H Whitaker & Lucy J Mer_?          
MARKS, Augusta see Hottendorf, Carl                    
MARKS, C O see Marks, A J                    
MARKS, Ernest M       Saco 47 Germany   8-May-23   Phillips 712  
      Anna L Martin Saco 25 Mn            
MARKS, Hallie R see Timm, Richard F                    
MARKS, Harry see Marks                    
MARKS, John see Marks, Judson                    
MARKS, John A       Ellsworth Wisc 21 Ellsworth Joseph Marks & Anna Getz 20-Oct-22 Glendive Dawson 2905  
      Lydia Nagel Red Wing Mn 24 Red Wing William Nagel & May Dablon          
MARKS, Joseph see Marks, John A                    
MARKS, Judson       Dupuyer 54 No ManChester Conn John Marks & Wealthy Grant 24-Feb-21 Glasgow Valley 2766  
      Mrs Alma Kran? Baylor 47 Lakeville Ind Jacob Kran & Ruth Moon          
MARKS, Rufus       Indianapolis Ind 28 Cold-water Ohio Harry Marks & Mary Emmerick 14-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2478  
      Thyra Whitish P,wood 19 Wis Peter Whitish & Elizabeth Helm          
MARKS, Sarah see Lee, Joseph A                    
MARKS, William see Timm, Richard F                    
MARKUSON, Mary see Fry John                    
MARKUSON, N K see Markuson                    
MARKUSON, Willard       Dooley 25 Hannaford N D N K Markuson & May Olson 29-Jun-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1811  
      Rosella Dailey Dooley 24 Devils Lake N D John Dailey & Catherine Welch          
MARKUSSEN, Anna see Peterson George                    
MARKUSSEN, Hansine see Bakken                    
MARLENEE, Cecil Gerald       res Scobey 25 Towner N D Frank Marlenee & Maggie Belle Pendroy 28-Aug-24 Flaxville Daniels 163  
      Mila Elein McKay Scobey 19 N D John McKay & Adina Matthews          
MARLENEE, Elsie O see Shaw, Delbert                    
MARLENEE, Frank see Marlenee, Cecil Gerald                    
MARLENEE, Frank see Marlenee, Leonard                    
MARLENEE, Frank see Marlenee                    
MARLENEE, Frank A see Shaw, Delbert                    
MARLENEE, George R       Julian 29 N D Frank Marlenee & Maggie Penderoy? 2-Aug-16 Scobey Sheridan 803  
      Lucile M Lawson Scobey 18 Nebraska John Lawson & Sophia Badeau?          
MARLENEE, James & Eliza see Parks                    
MARLENEE, Leonard       Scobey 32 N D Frank Marlenee & Maggie Pendroy 5-Sep-25 Scobey Daniels 221  
      Mary Ellen Handy Scobey 21 ??? Richard Handy & Mary Walker          
MARLENEE, Lucy May see Parks                    
MARLER, Ernest       Valley City N D 23 Marranville Tennessee Joseph Marler & Winnie Baker 22-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1645  
      Clara Belle Spink Ortonville Mn 18 Moville Iowa Jerome Spink & Martha Baker          
MARLER, Joseph see Marler, Ernest                    
MARLIN, Sarah see Cambron, Alfred                    
MARLOW, Edward       Chinook 32 Ind Frank Marlow & Anna Hickmam 3-Dec-18 Chinook Blaine 528  
      Anna M Smith Chinook 33 Wright Cty Iowa Andrew P Rasmussen & Kisten Hansen          
MARLOW, Frank see Marlow, Edward                    
MARLOW, Sarah see Lowers, John W                    
MARMAN, Henry       Glendive 22 AustHung John Marman & Anna Schiff 17-Sep-18 Glendive Dawson 2429  
      Catherine Serdotz Glendive 18 Glendive Joseph Serdotz & ???          
MARMAN, John see Marman, Henry                    
MARMAN, John Jr       Glendive 21 Austria John Marman & Anna Schiff 28-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1652  
      Anna Schaberle Glendive 18 Austria Mathies Schaberle & Frances Sterhan          
MARNICE, Mary see Odell                    
MAROCH, Mary see Hoffman, John                    
MAROCH, Otto see Hoffman, John                    
MAROHALL?, Lydia see Wiegersma, Andrew                    
MAROLF, Albertina see Steffensmier, Charles                    
MARONDA, Walter see Smith, August B                    
MARONEY, Mary F see Freeman, Charles B                    
MAROOT, Charley see Maroot, Leo                    
MAROOT, Leo       Harlem 24 Graceville Mn Charley Maroott & Marv Pero 26-Feb-19 Chinook Blaine 542  
      Josie Barrett Harlem 23 Camp Douglas Wis Mike Barrett & Allie Bennett          
MAROTTECK, Albert see Marrotek, Frank                    
MAROTTECK, Frank       Poplar 25 Mn Albert Marottek & Anna Murzon 19-Nov-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 697  
      Edna Damson Poplar 16 Mich Frederick Damson & Helen Graetzinger          
MAROUZA, Annie see Fraser, Donald                    
MARQUARDT, Elsie see Kroll, Chester E                    
MARQUARDT, Grace see Simser, Orlo                    
MARQUARDT, Herman see Kroll, Chester E                    
MARQUETTE, Albert M see Marquette, Arthur G                    
MARQUETTE, Arthur G       Bismark N D 22 Bismark Albert M Marquette & Olive Jinks 1-Aug-16 Glendive Dawson 1977  
      Jennie May Jinks Bismark 18 New York City George Anderson & Hattie Schoffman          
MARQUETTE, Cora see Cousins, C C                    
MARQUETTE, William       Lidgerwood N D 23 Harkinson N D William Marquette & Eart Botterman 23-Sep-08 Glasgow Valley 411  
      Petra Hemmingson Lidgerwood 21 Norway H A Hemmingson & Inga Erickson          
MARQUIS, Stella (Smith?) see Albert, Virgil E                    
MARR, Lena see Seim, Joseph H                    
MARR, Melissa see Cyr, Levi                    
MARRELLE, Sceline see Needham, Daniel                    
MARREN, Owa Marie see Henders, Willis Cleavland                    
MARREN, Wm see Henders, Willis Cleavland                    
MARRIAGE, Rose see Heath, Chas A                    
MARRIEN, Lena see Benson, Clarence N                    
MARRIHIELD, Mollie see Hoffman, Edward F                    
MARRILL, May see Janke, Ernest C                    
MARRINAN, Annie see Lacey, George B                    
MARRINAN, Patrick see Lacey, George B                    
MARRION, Phil H       Harlem 26 East Barre Vermont Phil H Marrion & Mary L O�Brien 11-Feb-15 Ft Belknap Blaine 193  
      Jeanette Roberts Harlem 16 Chinook John S Roberts & Jessie Matheson          
MARRON, Grace V see Gilmore, James W                    
MARROON, Ofelia see Brown                    
MARROW, Anna see May, William J                    
MARROW, Chas M see Ebaugh, Andrew C                    
MARROW, Lula P see Ebaugh, Andrew C                    
MARRS, A V see Marrs, Charles B                    
MARRS, Charles B       Jordan 38 Indian Terr A V Marrs & Mary Clark 7-Feb-15 Glendive Dawson 1671  
      Sadie Agnes Shantz Glendive 28 Columbia S D Melville Waren? & Mary Hams          
MARRS, Clara (Anderson?) see Brown, Howard                    
MARRS, Dora see Nickeson, Truman                    
MARRS, Fanny see Shufelt, Charley                    
MARRS, Minnie see Hopper, Charles                    
MARRS, W H       Glasgow 28 Burns Ore W W Marrs & Ella Lewis 14-Mar-08 Glasgow Valley 345  
      Clara Anderson   18 Great Falls John Anderson & ???          
MARRS, W W see Marrs, W H                    
MARRS, William see Hopper, Charles                    
MARRS,, William, see Nickeson, Truman                    
MARSAN, Casper see Marsan, D F                    
MARSAN, D F       Hinsdale 37 Milton Iowa Casper Marsan & Agnes Burnes? 23-Oct-11 Glasgow Valley 923  
      Nellie Edythe Bindel Keokuk Iowa 33 Keokuk Adam Bindel & Sarah Walker          
MARSCO, Frank       Glendive 37 Italy Joe & Minnie Marsco 3-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1903  
      Mrs Janette Emery Glendive 30 Canada James Stedson & Esabella Mills          
MARSCO, Joe & Minnie see Marsco, Frank                    
MARSH, Alfred       Plentywood 25 Hutchinson Mn Fred Marsh & Mary Griswald     Daniels 492 ( Cert not Completed )
      Dorothy Hareland Plentywood 20 N D Ludwig Hareland & Martina Hetland          
MARSH, Alfred B       P�wood 25 Hutchinson Mn Fred Marsh & Mary Griswold 21-Oct-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2560  
      Dorothy Hareland P�wood 29 Hannaford N D Ludwig Hareland & Martina Hetland          
MARSH, Alvin E see Marsh, Harvey A                    
MARSH, Ben see Marsh                    
MARSH, Ben see Marsh                    
MARSH, Charles see Steffensmier, Charles                    
MARSH, Charles C see Bailey, DeWillis                    
MARSH, Charles E see Mullins, Ezra                    
MARSH, Clarence L       Glendive 33 Zanesville Ohio L W Marsh & Flora Cook 3-Jun-17 Glendive Dawson 2180  
      Marie M Kado Glendive 35 Germany Amil Kado & Maril Kelm          
MARSH, Diana see Klar, William Jr                    
MARSH, Evelyn see Frettim, Ben                    
MARSH, Frances R see Steffensmier, Charles                    
MARSH, Frank       Flaxville 27 Mn Matt Marsh & Mary Gross 13-Aug-14 Plentywood Sheridan 303  
      Eugenia LaRoche Flaxville 20 Canada Ferdinand LaRoche & Margaret Brunell          
MARSH, Fred see Marsh, Alfred                    
MARSH, Fred see Marsh                    
MARSH, Fred W       Redstone 22 Glencoe Mn Neal Marsh & Mary Gross 8-Feb-13 P�wood Valley 1240  
      Nelie Willard P�wood 19 Tracy Mn Fred Willard & ???          
MARSH, Gertrude Helen see Bailey, DeWillis                    
MARSH, Harvey A       Chinook 38 N Y State Alvin E Marsh & Hattie Harvey 2-Dec-14 Chinook Blaine 180  
      Anna Mang Chinook 21 Ohio Eugene F Mang & Cecelia Mundy          
MARSH, Jacob see Marsh, R C                    
MARSH, Joe Jr       Balfour N D 21 Mn Joe Marsh & Minnie Bartles 26-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 172  
      Elsie McEwan Bal-four 19 Mn Fred McEwan & Janet Wau          
MARSH, John H       Phillips 26 Illinois   5-Apr-17   Phillips 201  
      Grace Miller Phillips 26 Ill            
MARSH, Joseph A       Dooley 23 Mn Ben Marsh & Anna Gross 24-Apr-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1506  
      Florence M Jordan Dooley 23 Mn Alonzo Jordan & Mary Cross          
MARSH, L W see Marsh, Clarence L                    
MARSH, Lena Loucile see Mullins, Ezra                    
MARSH, Louis L       P�wood 27 Hutchinson Mn Ben Marsh & Anna Gross 1-Jun-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2063  
      Stella L Ross P�wood 21 Oklahoma William L Ross & Stella V White          
MARSH, Matt see Marsh Frank                    
MARSH, Neal see Marsh, Fred W                    
MARSH, Nellie see Gookin, Frank T                    
MARSH, Nettie see Shute                    
MARSH, R C       Hamblin 29 Richland Center Wisc Jacob Marsh & Francis Berry 24-Oct-21 Circle McCone 35  
      Ruth J Anderson Circle 24 Nobles Mn Nicholas Anderson & Matilda Wagner          
MARSH, Sarah see Erlewine, Frank                    
MARSHALL, Albert see Taylor, Cecil E                    
MARSHALL, Alice see Weer                    
MARSHALL, Alice A see Nelson, Manville R                    
MARSHALL, Carry see Bruns, John H                    
MARSHALL, Carydel see Tidland, George A                    
MARSHALL, Charles L see Peterson, Alfred N                    
MARSHALL, Doan see Hedden, Allen                    
MARSHALL, Dorothy Elizabeth see Peterson, Alfred N                    
MARSHALL, Elizabeth see Gilday, Thomas F                    
MARSHALL, Emmer? F see Marshall, Frank S                    
MARSHALL, Ethelyn see Taylor, Cecil E                    
MARSHALL, Etta see Neil, LeRoy                    
MARSHALL, Frank S       Weeping Water Neb 21 Letonia Ohio Emmer? F Marshall & Manda Stratton 12-Aug-15 Chinook Blaine 221  
      Eda Leonard Chinook 20 Waco Neb Leroy Leonard & Sophia Louise Bettge          
MARSHALL, G W see Marshall                    
MARSHALL, Geo W see Marshall                    
MARSHALL, George       Grenora N D 29 Greenville Ill Geo W Marshall & Florence Hopper 17-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2480  
      Effie Abrahamson Grenora 29 Hesper Iowa Edwin Abrahamson & Caroline Chilsgurg          
MARSHALL, George       Grenora N D 24 Grenville Ill G W Marshall & Florence Hopper 10-Sep-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1996  
      Myrtle Williams Grenora 18 Weyburn Sask Can Frank Williams & Lizzie M Loften?          
MARSHALL, George A see Tidland, George A                    
MARSHALL, Grace see Hanson                    
MARSHALL, Inez (Robert?) see Lund                    
MARSHALL, Isabel (Elliot?) see Carlson                    
MARSHALL, Isabelle E see Kettleson, Armand                    
MARSHALL, Isadore see McClure, Luttell F                    
MARSHALL, Isadore see McClure, Melvin                    
MARSHALL, Isadore Frances see Oleson, Robert                    
MARSHALL, Jacob Harold       Mildred 22 Richland Center Wisc Jacob Marshall & Lydia Wallace 15-Oct-26 Glendive Dawson 3404  
      Francis Bennett Mildred 18 Park Rapids Mn Ernest Bennett & Lydia McClure          
MARSHALL, James       Scotland 33 Scotland James Marshall & Margaret McClean 20-Feb-1896 Glendive Dawson 127  
      Louisa Arka Glendive 25 Clinton Iowa John Arka & Margarete Gossler          
MARSHALL, John W see Crutcher, David B                    
MARSHALL, Joseph see Mace, James Franklin Jr                    
MARSHALL, June see Crutcher, David B                    
MARSHALL, Lemanda see Holst                    
MARSHALL, Leva (Hull?) see Lantry, Bernard                    
MARSHALL, Margaret see Simpson                    
MARSHALL, Martha A see Smythe, Chester L                    
MARSHALL, Matilda see Cattanach, James                    
MARSHALL, Mrs E R see Undi, Rudolph                    
MARSHALL, Nannie see Hedden, Allen                    
MARSHALL, Theney see Whitney, Nelson L                    
MARSHALL, Theney A see Whitney, Nelson L                    
MARSHALL, Viola see Chellgren, Bernard                    
MARSHALL, Violet Lucille see Mace, James Franklin                    
MARSHELL, Willis see Pederson                    
MARSHMAN?, Sidonia see Band, James H                    
MARSTEN, Anna see Lee, John B                    
MARTEL, Pete       Malta 21 New Hamp   1-Nov-20   Phillips 544  
      Eva M Pray Malta 18+ N D            
MARTEL, Pete see Pray, A W                    
MARTEL (HARTEL?), John see Hartel, George L                    
MARTELL, Alina see Frederickson                    
MARTELL, C F       Charboneau N D 43 New York Patrick Martel & Abbie Nohle 27-Feb-29 Glasgow Valley 3455  
      Lila Vanderhoof Fairview 31 Spencer Wis Ed Vanderhoof & Harriet Morgan          
MARTELL, Elie J       Culbertson 24 Grand Forks N D John B Martell & Rosalie Mardaskmet 30-Jul-07 Culbertson Valley 298  
      Elixabeth Scott Culbertson 16 Brockton Stephen Scott & Sophia          
MARTELL, Elizabeth see Bauer, Fred                    
MARTELL, Helen see Robbins, Charles                    
MARTELL, Helen see Kellett, Charles Reginald                    
MARTELL, Jerome see Smith, Finley Drew                    
MARTELL, Jerome see Martell                    
MARTELL, John see Frederickson                    
MARTELL, John B see Martell, Elie J                    
MARTELL, John B see Martell, Thomas                    
MARTELL, John B see Robbins, Charles                    
MARTELL, John B see Kellett, Charles Reginald                    
MARTELL, John B see Martell                    
MARTELL, John B see Martell                    
MARTELL, Mary see Connor, Thomas                    
MARTELL, Matilda see Smith, Finley Drew                    
MARTELL, Mitchell       Homestead 40 N D John B Martell & Mary Gladue 2-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1170  
      Laura Anweiler Homestead 20 Ohio Jacob Anewiler & Barbara Wirth          
MARTELL, Patrick see Martell, C F                    
MARTELL, Steve       Med� Lake 21 Med� Lake Jerome Martell & Lizzie Scott 11-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2871  
      Leone Borley Med� Lake 19 Med� Lake Ed Borley & Adaline Dugas          
MARTELL, Thomas       Wolf Point 24 Culbertson John B Martell & Mary Rose Gladue 28-Jul-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 648  
      Anna Gromboise Wolf Point 9? Mn Pat Gromboise & Mary Jane Morin          
MARTELL, Thomas       Homestead 43 Culbertson John B Martell & Mary Rose Gladue 29-Mar-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1884  
      Annie Kirn Poplar 26 N D Peter Kittock & Mary Smith          
MARTELLI, Mary see Verdon, Alex                    
MARTEN, Anfen       Oswego 33 Norway Marten Anfen & Borghild Larson 28-Jan-25 Dane Valley Roosivelt 729  
      Agnes Nelson Culbertson 23 Iowa Hans Peter Nelson & Augusta Olson          
MARTEN, Elizabeth see Dietz, Myron Frances                    
MARTEN, Laurianna see Johnson, Andrew Nicholas                    
MARTEN, Levina see Englebritson, Ernest                    
MARTEN, Nellie see Smoker, Allen                    
MARTENS, Alva V see Furyk, Percy H                    
MARTENS, Amelia see Midland, Martin B                    
MARTENS, Helen see Peters, Jacob H                    
MARTENS, Henry F see Martens, Marcus Henry                    
MARTENS, Honorine see Verhasselt, Theophiel B                    
MARTENS, Jacob J       Valley 44 Russia ??? 10-Oct-29 ??? Valley 3513  
      Nilda E Beier Valley 21 Mountan Lake Mn ???          
MARTENS, Louie see Verhasselt, Theophiel B                    
MARTENS, Louise see Harpster, Clarence                    
MARTENS, Louise see Verhasselt, Jules                    
MARTENS, Marcus Henry       Chinook 28 Chinook Henry F Martens & Dora Braach 29-Dec-26 Chinook Blaine 977  
      Irene Isabelle Corrigan Maddux 20 Maddux Carson Corrigan & Emma Thompson          
MARTENS, Marie see McAleer, Steven                    
MARTENS, Marie see Lence, John                    
MARTENS, Marie see Dyrland, Elmer George                    
MARTENS, Martin see McAleer, Steven                    
MARTENS, Mary see Rohde, Henry                    
MARTENS, Mathias see Rohde, Henry                    
MARTENSEN, Jens see Onstad, George S                    
MARTENSEN, Johanna see Onstad, George S                    
MARTENSON, Alfred see Boushley, Fred                    
MARTENSON, Annie see Boushley, Fred                    
MARTENSON, Emma see Rorvig                    
MARTENSON, Gunelda see Boushley, Fred                    
MARTENSON, Johanna see Rorvig                    
MARTENSON, Mary see Johnson                    
MARTH, Retah see Tjarden, Abe Charles                    
MARTHE, Ford? see Kottonbrock, William Francis                    
MARTHE, Monica Francis see Kottonbrock, William Henry                    
MARTI, Helen see Roberts, John Franklin                    
MARTIN, George D       Waycross Georgia 22 Baxley Ga Jinn Martin & Martha Hughes 23-Aug-30 Wibaux Wibaux 755  
      Esther Smith Mandan N D 23 Pill-ager Mn Charles Smith & Olive Thompson          
MARTIN, Karl P       Phillips Cty 25 Mt   22-Feb-15   Phillips 4  
      Hazel Spiry Phillips Cty 22 Mt            
MARTIN, Abby see Markey, Frank                    
MARTIN, Ada see Schmidt, Charles Clements                    
MARTIN, Ada A see Henderson, Gilbert Ralph                    
MARTIN, Adolph see Wagner, Paul August                    
MARTIN, Albert       Williston N D 23 Palmyra Ind Christin W Martin & Anna Smith 29-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1489  
      Etta Becker Bainville 19 Bowersville Mn Henry Becker & Elizabeth Maske          
MARTIN, Alice see Lorentzen, Clarence                    
MARTIN, Alta E see Cook, Bert                    
MARTIN, Ames       Brockway 33 Nelson Mn Ole Martin & Carrie Anderson 12-Sep-29 Circle McCone 135  
      Nellie Olson Gemmell Mn 29 Morris Mn Thorsten & Gunda Olson          
MARTIN, Amy Edith see O�Brien, Raymond Roscoe                    
MARTIN, Anna see Richardson, Charles H                    
MARTIN, Anna see Garfield, James                    
MARTIN, Anna see Miller                    
MARTIN, Anna L see Marks, Ernest M                    
MARTIN, Anna Marie see Knoll, Joseph A                    
MARTIN, Annabel see Larson, Leonard                    
MARTIN, Antonie see Wagner, Paul August                    
MARTIN, Arlene Cora see Bjerke                    
MARTIN, Arthur C       Glendive 22 England William Martin & Amelia Opic 23-Jun-1895 Glendive Dawson 113  
      Mrs Molly Regan Glendive ??? Washington D C ??? O�Connor & ???          
MARTIN, Audrey see Hensrud                    
MARTIN, Augusta see Breitenfeldt, Irvin                    
MARTIN, Augusta see Breitenfeldt, Reinhart E                    
MARTIN, B F see Martin, Deit                    
MARTIN, B F see Martin, John W                    
MARTIN, Barbara see Holcomb, Leslie Berwyn                    
MARTIN, Bertha see Rausbacher, Frances Leo                    
MARTIN, Bertha see Peterson, L E                    
MARTIN, Bessie see Steensen, Henry                    
MARTIN, Bessie see Tanner, Bruce A                    
MARTIN, Betty see Holcomb, Leslie Berwyn                    
MARTIN, Byron & Sarah see Larsen, Sverre                    
MARTIN, C D see Foster, J H                    
MARTIN, Carrie see Kamla, John L                    
MARTIN, Carrie see Leonard, Robert W                    
MARTIN, Catherine Rose see Clark, Ben C                    
MARTIN, Charles see Escerga, Charles                    
MARTIN, Charles       Frazer 24 Mt Charles Martin & Annie Archambeau 4-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1012  
      Nettie Lucky Frazer 19 Mt Lucky & ???          
MARTIN, Charles see Martin, Lee Roy                    
MARTIN, Charles Edbrook       Wolf Point 31 Nesbit Mn Josiah Martin & Agnes King 6-Oct-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 551  
      Edith Kitcheson Wolf Point 24 Mooseman Sask Can Thor H Kitcheson & Susan Darling          
MARTIN, Charlie see Johnson, Marion                    
MARTIN, Charlie see Shuler, Calvin C                    
MARTIN, Christin W see Martin, Albert                    
MARTIN, Clara see Taylor, Mark                    
MARTIN, Clarence see Nee, Leo C                    
MARTIN, Cora see Morin, Ernest S                    
MARTIN, Cred       Saco 26 Aberdeen S D Joseph Martin & Fanny Grandpe__? 26-Dec-1914? Saco Valley 1401  
      Mary C Harrington Saco 26 Creek Nebr Patrick Harrington & Mary O�Connel          
MARTIN, D J see Martin                    
MARTIN, D J see Bjerke                    
MARTIN, Dan see Deraud, August                    
MARTIN, Dan see Galway, Loyd                    
MARTIN, Dan see Martin, Daniel J                    
MARTIN, Daniel J       Fraxer 25 Wolf Point Dan Martin & Lennie West 7-Dec-21 Glasgow Valley 2837  
      Estelle B Flynn Wolf Point 18 Wolf Point T C Flynn & Mary C Mitchell          
MARTIN, Dave see Martin, Malden D                    
MARTIN, David see Hensrud                    
MARTIN, David J       Flaxville 42 Mn James Martin & Martha Taylor 7-Mar-28 Scobey Daniels 369  
      Zelpha Thull Flaxville 36 Indiana ??? Jones & Mary M Sink          
MARTIN, Deit A       Poplar 30 Ohio B F Martin & Sarah Van Gunday 1-Feb-15 Glasgow Valley 1640  
      Nellie Alvida Erickson Glasgow 28 Norway Ernst N Erickson & Anna Siverson          
MARTIN, Della see Norton, G E                    
MARTIN, Dena (Vest?) see Kelmer, Gustav                    
MARTIN, Dorothy Lenore see Holcomb, Leslie Berwyn                    
MARTIN, Edith see Bell, Edward                    
MARTIN, Eliza see Daniels                    
MARTIN, Elizabeth see Coulter, Gervase H                    
MARTIN, Elizabeth see Wicker, Ottie E                    
MARTIN, Elizabeth see Hey, Joseph                    
MARTIN, Elizabeth see Penner, Elmer J                    
MARTIN, Elizabeth see Teupert                    
MARTIN, Elizabeth see Misslin                    
MARTIN, Ellen see Mills, Frederick D                    
MARTIN, Elmer H       Billings 40 Jasper Cty Mich Robert C Martin & Maryetta Hoi-sington 7-Jan-29 Wibaux Wibaux 661  
      Helen Law Miles City 27 New Orleans La Albert C Law & Carrie Irene Robinson          
MARTIN, Elmer W see Combs, Leo L                    
MARTIN, Elmer W see Baker                    
MARTIN, Emma see Gibson, Fred                    
MARTIN, Emma see Alfson                    
MARTIN, Emma see Carlson                    
MARTIN, Eva see Belle, Syver H                    
MARTIN, Eva see Kilziemer, Robert Max                    
MARTIN, Eva see Nadwarnick, Frank                    
MARTIN, Flora see Pratte, Joseph                    
MARTIN, Florence B (Eyerly?) see Hartman, Jacob                    
MARTIN, Frank see Teupert                    
MARTIN, Frank B       Glendive 30 Chicago Ill P J Martin & Sarah McCart 18-Jun-19 Glendive Dawson 2529  
      Pearl Morse Glendive 36 Minneapolis Mn J A Morse & Anna L Hanks          
MARTIN, Frank E see Robbins, Dan F                    
MARTIN, Fred? A E       Kinkaid Sask 25 Nesbit Manitoba Josiah Martin & Agnes King 23-Oct-23 Poplar Roosivelt 561  
      Nina F Small Wolf Point 26 Hope N D Fred? Small & Carolene McIntosh          
MARTIN, Gaspard see Allison, William C                    
MARTIN, Geo D see Duell, Henry W                    
MARTIN, George see Sullivan, Bernard T                    
MARTIN, George see Teeter, Archie H                    
MARTIN, George A see Martin, George E                    
MARTIN, George E       Malta 23 Blue Hill Neb George A Martin & Nellie Reed 7-Feb-07 Malta Valley 267  
      Flora Beusley Malta 16 Dent Cty Mo Landy Beusley & Genoria McClendon          
MARTIN, George H see Edeline, John J                    
MARTIN, George W see Carr, Arthur                    
MARTIN, Gertrude Lillian see Fotland, Lars                    
MARTIN, Gladys N see Combs, Leo L                    
MARTIN, Godfred see Martin, William                    
MARTIN, Grace see Roosevelt, Charles A                    
MARTIN, Grace see Young, Charles B                    
MARTIN, Grace see Edeline, John J                    
MARTIN, Gunder       Valley 27 Norway Martin Anfinson & Borghilde Larson 12-Mar-13 ??? Valley 1264  
      Mary Nelson Valley 18 Iowa Hans P Nelson & Augusta Olson          
MARTIN, Guy G       Sioux Pass 43 Oxford Ohio Smith C Martin & Sarah Stone 23-Jul-13 Glasgow Valley 1327  
      Jennie I Doan Sioux Pass   Chicago Ill John C MacGregor & Eva McChesney          
MARTIN, H H see Martin, Sandy                    
MARTIN, Havret see Martin, John                    
MARTIN, Hazel see Aubol, Almer C                    
MARTIN, Helen see Gosselin, James J                    
MARTIN, Helen see Shartle, Gilbert B                    
MARTIN, Henry see Richardson, Charles H                    
MARTIN, Icy Viola see Mead, Maynard M                    
MARTIN, Isabell Marion see Robbins, Dan F                    
MARTIN, J A       Glasgow 25 Leeswater Ont Can W S Martin & Annie Byrd 6-Mar-1894 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Sadie McCormick Glasgow 24 Winstead Mn Andrew McCormick & Mary McLellan          
MARTIN, J H see Martin, Leonard Leo                    
MARTIN, J W & Jennie see Church, George W                    
MARTIN, James see Martin, David J                    
MARTIN, James see O�Brien, Raymond Roscoe                    
MARTIN, James see McAllister, David C                    
MARTIN, James M see Cook, Bert                    
MARTIN, James R see Westlund, George Nels                    
MARTIN, Jas see Martin, William                    
MARTIN, Jennie see Neff, Harry C                    
MARTIN, Jessie B see Foster, J H                    
MARTIN, Jim see Penner, Elmer J                    
MARTIN, Jinn see Martin, George D                    
MARTIN, John       Poplar 40 Lower Canada Havret Martin & Louisa Bella 30-Sep-1896 Poplar Valley ?  
      Emma Brown Poplar 37 Ft Peck Agency ???          
MARTIN, John see Roosevelt, Charles A                    
MARTIN, John see Taylor, Mark                    
MARTIN, John see Lee, Richard                    
MARTIN, John see Martin, Steve                    
MARTIN, John see Snyder, John C                    
MARTIN, John       Med� Lake 22 Illinois John Martin & Dina Vest 14-Dec-25 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2136  
      Aline Baker Med� Lake 18 Froid James Omer Baker & Alice Han-shaw          
MARTIN, John see Lowe                    
MARTIN, John A       Hodge 35 Prussia Steve Martin & Mary White 31-Dec-13 Wibaux Dawson 1379  
      Minnie E Lange Hodge 21 Will Cty Illinois Henry Lange & Lizzie Loreng          
MARTIN, John D see Roe, Leslie                    
MARTIN, John W       Nashua 29 Van Wert Ohio B F Martin & Sarah VanGrindy? 17-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 872  
      Sophia A Erickson Glasgow 26 Norway Ernest Erickson & Anna Severson          
MARTIN, Joseph see Brooker, Albert                    
MARTIN, Joseph see Martin, Cred                    
MARTIN, Joseph see Martin, William P                    
MARTIN, Joseph see Misslin                    
MARTIN, Josiah see Martin, Charles Edbrook                    
MARTIN, Josiah see Martin, Fred E A                    
MARTIN, Karl see Godfrey, John L                    
MARTIN, Katherine see Early, Merlin LeRoy                    
MARTIN, Katherine G see Lee, Richard E                    
MARTIN, Katie see Foust, Z J                    
MARTIN, Lama? see Johnson, Marion                    
MARTIN, Larry see Martin, W A                    
MARTIN, Larry see Martin, William A                    
MARTIN, Laura Grace see Frazier, Aubert W                    
MARTIN, Leah see Jacobs                    
MARTIN, Lena see Sherman, James                    
MARTIN, Leo Roy       Wolf Point 21 Frazer Charles Martin & Anna Archambeau 2-Jan-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1410  
      Alberta Pipe Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point Ernest & Nellie Pipe          
MARTIN, Leonard Leo       Glasgow 21 Esterville Iowa J H Martin & Idella Lockard 4-Jul-29 Glasgow Valley 3483  
      Beatryne Harriet Bruce Glasgow 19   Sandy Bruce & Hilda Isaacson          
MARTIN, Lettie Gaurenia see Ree, Arnt                    
MARTIN, Lewis W       Phillips 23 Missouri   21-Dec-18   Phillips 403  
      May Walker Phillips 22 Canada            
MARTIN, Louise see Galway, Loyd                    
MARTIN, Louise see Deraud, August                    
MARTIN, Mabel I see Brown, Jay                    
MARTIN, Madge A see Baker                    
MARTIN, Mae see Teeter, Archie H                    
MARTIN, Magdalina see Hecker, Edward                    
MARTIN, Malden D       Richey 38 Iowa Dave Martin & Susan Gibbs 16-Jun-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 914  
      Esther Anderson Stanley N D 32 N D Martin Anderson & Anna Johnson          
MARTIN, Marcel Paul       Terry 27 Maquaketa Iowa Thomas Martin & Nellie Etta Graham 15-Jul-29 Glendive Dawson 3746  
      Lillian M Craig Terry 18 Huron S D Andrew Cree Craig & Margaret Mead          
MARTIN, Margaret see Duell, Henry W                    
MARTIN, Margaret see Westlund, George Nels                    
MARTIN, Margaret see Snyder, John C                    
MARTIN, Martha see Anderson, Olaf                    
MARTIN, Martha see Sykes, Joseph P                    
MARTIN, Mary see Dell, Thomas Earnest                    
MARTIN, Mary see Escerga, Martin                    
MARTIN, Mary see Isom, H B                    
MARTIN, Mary see Martin, Tom                    
MARTIN, Mary see Pephrys James                    
MARTIN, Mary see Heinrich, John C                    
MARTIN, Mary see Escacega, Vernon                    
MARTIN, Mary see Escarcega, Joseph                    
MARTIN, Mary see Hathaway, Irwin Lloyd                    
MARTIN, Mary see Deserly                    
MARTIN, Mary Agnes see Snyder, R W                    
MARTIN, Mary E see Lantis, Cassions B                    
MARTIN, Mellie see Archambeau                    
MARTIN, Millie see Archambeau, Lizziam                    
MARTIN, Millie see Firemoon, Thomas Jr                    
MARTIN, Millie see Vassar, Henry                    
MARTIN, Minnie see Hill, Howard                    
MARTIN, Minnie see Freestone, Jesse J                    
MARTIN, Molly E see Callahan, William J                    
MARTIN, Mrs Florence (Eyerly?) see Rennie, Robert                    
MARTIN, Nancy see Escerga, Charles                    
MARTIN, Nellie see Jackson, Stonewall Sr                    
MARTIN, Nellie see Simard, Dolphes J                    
MARTIN, Nellie see Simard, Samuel Oscar                    
MARTIN, Nellie see Simard, Alpha S                    
MARTIN, Nellie see Simard, Arcade G                    
MARTIN, Nellie Christina see McAllister, David C                    
MARTIN, Ole see Fotland, Lars                    
MARTIN, Ole see Martin, Ames                    
MARTIN, Olivia A see Godwin, William James                    
MARTIN, Ora see Christensen, Donald M                    
MARTIN, Oril see Lee, Peter Joseph                    
MARTIN, Oril see Wetzstein, Carl R                    
MARTIN, P J see Martin, Frank B                    
MARTIN, Paul see Martin, Walter P                    
MARTIN, Pearl       Saco 27 N D W N Martin & Allie? Moore 16-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2020  
      Rose Walters Glasgow 19 Hatton N D George Walters & Mary Madeline Dascher          
MARTIN, Percy see Martin                    
MARTIN, Percy T       Vandalia 35 Mo Thomas B Martin & Catherine Truman 18-Jun-07 Glasgow Valley 284  
      Della Dunn Culbertson 34 Mo George W Dunn & Nancy A McBride          
MARTIN, Prosper       Flaxville 21 Leonard N D D J Martin & Nellie Foster 4-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2469  
      Maude Stanley Redstone 22 Stanley Wis Frank Sherry & Amanda Johnson          
MARTIN, Rebecca see Wiltse, Frank J                    
MARTIN, Robert C see Martin, Elmer H                    
MARTIN, Rondal       Bainville 21 Culbertson Percy Martin & Delia Dunn 14-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2477  
      Margaret Hodgin Bainville 18 Rockwood Ont Can Wm Hodgin & Ann Larson          
MARTIN, Rose see Malatarre, Charles Alfree                    
MARTIN, Roy       Coburg 23 Wis Wesley & Jennie Martin 13-Nov-13 Chinook Blaine 89  
      Rosa Hund Coburg 22 Kansas Philip Hund & Annie La----?          
MARTIN, Royal B see Eastman, Royal B                    
MARTIN, Ruby see Church, George W                    
MARTIN, S A see Clark, Ben C                    
MARTIN, Sadie see Wise                    
MARTIN, Sally F see Shefford, William E                    
MARTIN, Sandy       Saco 26 Mo H H Martin & Mina Sheets 14-Jul-08 Malta Valley 392  
      May O�Brien Saco 21 Mich John T O�Brien & Abbie Munch          
MARTIN, Sarah see Halstead, Albert M                    
MARTIN, Sarah see Lytle, Aam Thomas                    
MARTIN, Sarah see Sheppard, Giles                    
MARTIN, Sarah J see Sheppard, James A                    
MARTIN, Selma see Sanderson, George N                    
MARTIN, Shirley see Carr, Arthur                    
MARTIN, Smith C see Martin, Guy G                    
MARTIN, Sophia see Martin, Fred B                    
MARTIN, Stephen see Young, Charles B                    
MARTIN, Steve see Martin, John A                    
MARTIN, Steve       Mandan 42 Russia John Martin & Magdalina Mensere     Dawson 1951  
      Anna Bosfflug ??? 26 Russia George & Katie Bosfflug          
MARTIN, Susan see Daley, William F                    
MARTIN, Susan see Schumacher                    
MARTIN, Susie see Frederick                    
MARTIN, Temperence B see Blackerby, Jessie                    
MARTIN, Thomas see Heinrich, John C                    
MARTIN, Thomas see Martin, Marcel Paul                    
MARTIN, Thomas see Wester, Eugene                    
MARTIN, Thomas B see Martin, Percy T                    
MARTIN, Thorwald see Ree, Arnt                    
MARTIN, Tom       Glasgow 34 Elsberry Mo William Martin & Amanda McQueen 14-Dec-07 Glasgow Valley 327  
      Mary Elizabeth Watts Glasgow 25 Elsberry Mo Thomas Watts & Mary Martin          
MARTIN, Valentine Agnes see Allison, William C                    
MARTIN, Violett see Nutter, John Robert                    
MARTIN, Vira D see Nee, Leo C                    
MARTIN, Virginia see Brooker, Albert                    
MARTIN, Viva see Martin, Karl P                    
MARTIN, W A       Wolf Point 26 Murdock Mn Larry Martin & Mary Gibbons 29-Jul-22 Glasgow Valley 2896  
      Eunice Hursh Glasgow 20 Niagara N Y Charles Hursh & Mary Haviland          
MARTIN, W H see Brown, Jay                    
MARTIN, W N see Martin, Pearl                    
MARTIN, W S see Martin, J A                    
MARTIN, Walter P       Havre 23 Havre Paul Martin & Susie Nanick 30-Sep-21 Poplar Roosivelt 291  
      Carna H Sweet-man Poplar 20 Milton N D Luke D Sweetman & Alice Waterman          
MARTIN, Wesley & Jennie see Martin, Roy                    
MARTIN, William see Steensen, Henry                    
MARTIN, William see Martin, Tom                    
MARTIN, William       Nashua 47 Russia Godfred Martin & Julia Krueger 24-Jun-22 Glasgow Valley 2886  
      Amelia Rawe Nashua 44 Russia Martin Miller & Maria Sternberg          
MARTIN, William       Ridgelawn 65 New Orleans Tenn? Jas Martin & Polly Jare 31-Oct-07 Sidney Dawson 547  
      Eliza Farr Ridgelawn 59 Green Cty Kentucky Benson Turner & Margaret Sandus          
MARTIN, William see Martin, Arthur C                    
MARTIN, William A       Havre 29 Murdock Mn Larry Martin & Mary Gibbons 5-Jun-25 Chinook Blaine 874  
      Nora Kanike-berg Maddock N D 26 Maddock Sivert Kanikeberg & Bertha Larson          
MARTIN, William P       Saco 35 Conde S D Joseph Martin & Anna Louise Gradpre 4-Jul-25 Glasgow Valley 3142  
      Edith E Martin Malta 24 Ulman Mo John Watson & Charlotta Umstead          
MARTIN, William P see Marks, Ernest M                    
MARTIN, Willie H see Moffit, Fred B                    
MARTINA, Barbara see Guterriez, Rafael                    
MARTINDALE, Carolina see Weidner, Virgil C                    
MARTINDALE, Carolina see Weidner, Caleb                    
MARTINDALE, Isabel see Beltz, Charles A                    
MARTINE, Hyacinth & Josephine see Martine, Joseph C                    
MARTINE, Joseph C       Baylor 29 France Hyacinthe & Josephine Martine 4-Aug-16 Glasgow Valley 1923  
      Jane Guillon Baylor 19 France Logane & Marie J Guillon          
MARTINEAU, Dr Albert A       Alexander N D 36 N D F Martineau & C Blante 10-May-15 Glasgow Valley 1672  
      Minnie M McIntosh Barr 26 Laughlan? N D James McIntosh & Katherine McKrog          
MARTINEAU, F see Martineau, Albert A                    
MARTINEAU,, Elizabeth see Jeanette, N J                    
MARTINES, Esporanzas see Lopez, Andrus                    
MARTINES, Henry see Lopez, Andrus                    
MARTINEZ, Boniface & Teodora see Martinez, Fred                    
MARTINEZ, Fred       Korn 26 Monterey Mex Boniface & Teodora Martinez 20-Jul-14 Chinook Blaine 140  
      Nellie Gertrude Fulton Korn 25 Bartlett N D George Fulton & Charlotte Hall          
MARTINEZ, Willie G Fulton see Hesh, Orange A                    
MARTINI, F W see Martini                    
MARTINI, John see Ritchie, Mack F                    
MARTINI, Lawrence       Homestead 25 Home-stead F W Martini & Elma Ellingson 29-Jun-35 Homestead Sheridan 2953  
      Nettie Nelson Homestead 23 Homestead Ole Nelson & Inga Kviseth          
MARTINI, Louise see Ritchie, Mack F                    
MARTINKOWSKI, Joseph see Ryback, Lawrence                    
MARTINKOWSKI, Lucy see Ryback, Lawrence                    
MARTINS, John W see McKenzie, Colin                    
MARTINS, Louise see Hampton, William                    
MARTINS, M P see Furyk, Percy H                    
MARTINS, Viola see McKenzie, Colin                    
MARTINSEN, Clara Eldora see Lein, Halvor                    
MARTINSEN, Edward see Lein, Halvor                    
MARTINSEN, Gurine see Brooks, Earl A                    
MARTINSO, Nora see Krogh, Eldor                    
MARTINSON, Ragnhild see Wich, Sigurd                    
MARTINSON, Alpheus       Glasgow 24 S D Edward Martinson & Carrie Paulson     Valley 1952 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Mary Shumaker Glasgow 22 S D John Schumaker & Magdalen Meyer          
MARTINSON, Andy see Martinson                    
MARTINSON, Anna see Decker                    
MARTINSON, Archy       Outlook 26 Ill Andy Martinson & Marie Christianson 3-May-26 Plentywood Sheridan 735  
      Mable Erickson P�wood 22 Mn Henry Erickson & Sina Johnson          
MARTINSON, Axel M       St James Mn 25 Sweden John Martinson & Annie Marie Nelson 21-Jul-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2186  
      Gladys Marie Lee Antelope 20 Manitoba Christ Lee & Ingeborg Germo          
MARTINSON, Bernhard       Hazel 24 Norway Martin Martinson & Bertha Elling-son 22-Mar-16 Wibaux Wibaux 89  
      Pearl May Sandum Hazel 18 S D Jacob Sandum & Hannak Henderson          
MARTINSON, Bertina see Johnson                    
MARTINSON, Edward see Martinson, Alpheus                    
MARTINSON, Elmer       Glendive 30 Ada Mn Ole Martinson & Margaret Garnes 29-Sep-20 Glendive Dawson 2688  
      Florence F Schultz Glendive 26 Fall Creek Wisc Emil Schultz & Emily Lindenthaler          
MARTINSON, Emma see Summers                    
MARTINSON, Hilda see Ford                    
MARTINSON, Hilma see Olson                    
MARTINSON, Jennie see Hagen, Dick                    
MARTINSON, Jofn see Martinson, Svarra                    
MARTINSON, John see Wich, Sigurd                    
MARTINSON, John see Martinson, O A                    
MARTINSON, John see Martinson                    
MARTINSON, John see Martinson                    
MARTINSON, John C       Dagmar 31 Iowa L C Martinson & Sina Skou 4-Nov-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1585  
      Myrtle Hughart Dag-mar 28 Wis J C Hughart & ???          
MARTINSON, Jonas       Terry 23 Norway Martin Martinson & Bertha Raime 3-Sep-20 Glendive Dawson 2678  
      Ines Sandum Terry 18 Beresford S D Jacob Sandum & Hannah Hendrikson          
MARTINSON, L C see Martinson                    
MARTINSON, Lena see Komlinch                    
MARTINSON, Marie see Svendsen                    
MARTINSON, Martha see Nelson, Martin M                    
MARTINSON, Martin see Martinson, Bernhard                    
MARTINSON, Martin see Martinson, Jonas                    
MARTINSON, Matilda see Andreaen, Hans L                    
MARTINSON, Minda see Kleive                    
MARTINSON, Nicolai see Andresen, Hans L                    
MARTINSON, O A       Dickinson N D 26 St Paul Mn John Martinson & Anna Anderson 22-May-23 Glendive Dawson 2981  
      Aimee Barbeau Dickinson N D 27 St Paul Mn F A Barbeau & Victorine Beaudin          
MARTINSON, Ole see Warness, Palmer G                    
MARTINSON, Ole       Glendive 33 Sweden Martin Hendrickson & Martha Olson 17-Aug-15 Glendive Dawson 1761  
      Selma Olson Glendive 32 Sweden August Anderson & Albertina Olson          
MARTINSON, Ole see Martinson, Elmer                    
MARTINSON, Ole see Austad                    
MARTINSON, Pauline see Holm, Anton M                    
MARTINSON, Peter see Laig, Chancey E                    
MARTINSON, Peter see Hagen, Dick                    
MARTINSON, Peter see Arnold, Frederick W                    
MARTINSON, Radine see Berg, Morris                    
MARTINSON, Rhoda A see Warness, Palmer G                    
MARTINSON, Selma see Arnold, Frederick W                    
MARTINSON, Serina see Laig, Chancey E                    
MARTINSON, Severt see Ford                    
MARTINSON, Svarra E       Wolf Point 34 Chrisriania Nor John Martinson & Elsie Johnson 4-Feb-21 Glasgow Valley 2760  
      Maria Bricker Harbin Manchuria 23 Kiev Russia Alexander Bricker & Paula Howard          
MARTINSON, Syvert see Komlinch                    
MARTINSON, Thora see Brekke, Alfred                    
MARTINSON, William       Dagmar 37 Mn John Martinson & Ida Anderson 24-Feb-02 Plentywood Sheridan 1714  
      Nettie Kveseth Dagmar 25 N D Christian Kveseth & Margrate? Olson          
MARTINZ, Helen see Lehman, Max R                    
MARTMELL, Iva see Hunt                    
MARTO, Christ see Hogarth, Joseph William                    
MARTO, Mary see Hogarth, Joseph William                    
MARTON, Anna see Gilmore, Ike A                    
MARTON, Georgia see Roberts, Vern Kimball                    
MARTS, J C see Marts                    
MARTS, James       West Fork 39 Kans J C Martz & Maggie Rowe 9-Feb-17 Plentywood Sheridan 956  
      Rebecca Richardson West Fork 39 Nebr John Crumb & Elizabeth Kackley          
MARTTENUK, Ahofia see Hassick, Peter                    
MARTY, Katherine see Olson, Joseph C                    
MARTZ, John see Stucky, Sam                    
MARTZ, Lucy see Stucky, Sam                    
MARUM, Anna see Fadness, Knute T                    
MARVEL, Sarah E see Moore, James L                    
MARVEY, Johanna (Maney?) see Bogert                    
MARVIN, Belle see Elmore                    
MARVIN, Jepora see Brown, William Henry                    
MARVIN, Malinda see Logan, J A                    
MARVIN, Maude see Viall, Horard L                    
MARVIN, Sam       Glasgow 34 Rochester N Y Sam Marvin & Mary Show 23-Jul-00 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Cassie Tippet Glasgow 37 Minneapolis Mn E A Hodson & Jane Littlefield Wardwell          
MARVON, Ofelia see Brown