Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Johnson, Martha to Jystad

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
JOHNSON, Martin see Johnson, Carl                    
JOHNSON, Martin see Johnson, Charles Joseph                    
JOHNSON, Martin see Johnson, Northfield Marven                    
JOHNSON, Martin see Jennings                    
JOHNSON, Martin E see White                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Laig, Chancey                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Senseny, John                    
JOHNSON, Mary see O�Rourke, Louis                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Maxness, Peter                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Dorn, William A                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Donaldson, Carl                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Arneklev, Benhard                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Morris, Guy T                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Anderson, Albin A                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Hougstad, Julius                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Minor, Earl H                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Sellickson, William                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Paar, Carl                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Mossburg, Roy                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Ellingson, Russell Joseph                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Swatek, Charles L A                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Heckel                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Morey                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Hanson                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Cromwell                    
JOHNSON, Mary see Anderson                    
JOHNSON, Mary Ann see Miller, James                    
JOHNSON, Mary E see Devenport, L A                    
JOHNSON, Mary E see Jacobsen                    
JOHNSON, Mary Ellen see Arnold, Rufus Earl                    
JOHNSON, Mary Gayle see Luther, Gabriel                    
JOHNSON, Mary Gayle see Survant, Burner B                    
JOHNSON, Mary J see Rider, Frank                    
JOHNSON, Mary J see Bjerke                    
JOHNSON, Mary Jane see Cherry, William Armstrong                    
JOHNSON, Mary V see Monroe, Roy G                    
JOHNSON, Mary Winifred see Whiting, Walter Leo                    
JOHNSON, Mathilda see Johnson, Ewald                    
JOHNSON, Mathilda see Bay, Alvin Howard                    
JOHNSON, Mathilda see Anderson                    
JOHNSON, Mathilda see Coryell                    
JOHNSON, Matilda see Johnson, Andrew                    
JOHNSON, Matilda see Nelson, Willie G                    
JOHNSON, Matilda see Lamb, Archie                    
JOHNSON, Matilda see Hansen, Lars                    
JOHNSON, Matilda see Setterlund, Mauritz A                    
JOHNSON, Matilda C see Hines, Edward M                    
JOHNSON, Mattie see Uland, John                    
JOHNSON, Maud see Baker, Clem                    
JOHNSON, Maud see Haggerty, James A                    
JOHNSON, Maud E see Shaub, William                    
JOHNSON, Maude see Long, Marvin B                    
JOHNSON, May see Patterson, Albin H                    
JOHNSON, May see Mason, Warren F                    
JOHNSON, Melford H       Wolf Point 20 Hoople N D John M Johnson & Inga Hanson 26-Jun-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 149  
      Caroline Jansen Wolf Point 16 Enid Okla Isaac W Jansen & Mary Nickel          
JOHNSON, Melissa see McCoy, Vodra                    
JOHNSON, Melva Ione see Johnson, Henry William                    
JOHNSON, Mena see Haug                    
JOHNSON, Mike see Johnson, Jerome Randolph                    
JOHNSON, Mildred see Wood, Edwin F                    
JOHNSON, Millard F see Young, Neal C                    
JOHNSON, Mina see Sorenson, Markus O                    
JOHNSON, Minda Marie see Murray, Robert A                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Clawson, Bernard                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Parsons, Charles W                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Warner, Henry                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Shaffer, Evron L                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Jones, Howard L                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Nichols, Edward C                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Willott, Carl A                    
JOHNSON, Minnie see Hanxwell, Fred                    
JOHNSON, Minnie E see Cooley, Bennett M                    
JOHNSON, Minnie Elma see Patterson                    
JOHNSON, Molly see Johnson, Rubin                    
JOHNSON, Mons see Gustaveson, Peter                    
JOHNSON, Moses see Johnson, Ivar                    
JOHNSON, Mrs Amanda see Raylo, Glen D                    
JOHNSON, Mrs H A see Goertz, P H                    
JOHNSON, Mrs J E see Krohn, Adolph                    
JOHNSON, Mrs Theodore H ( Rupert?) see Johnston, Chris H                    
JOHNSON, Myers G       Scobey 25 Norway Ivar & Annie Johnson 25-Apr-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1296  
      Helma B Evenskass Scobey 19 Mn Theodore Evenskass & Beryina Martin          
JOHNSON, Myrtle see File, Victore Antone                    
JOHNSON, Myrtle see Teneneko, Peter                    
JOHNSON, Myrtle see Kjos, John                    
JOHNSON, Myrtle see Dugan, Thomas                    
JOHNSON, Myrtle Esther see Barrett, David Alfred                    
JOHNSON, N G see Johnson                    
JOHNSON, N___? P       Hinsdale 21 Waseca Mn John E Johnson & Annie Nelson 6-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1558  
      Minnie J Jameson Waseca Mn 21 Mn Thomas Jameson & Annie Quitney?          
JOHNSON, Nancy see Ferron, Charles                    
JOHNSON, Ned C       Glasgow 33 Allison Iowa John A Johnson & Kate Roef 14-Dec-27 Glasgow Valley 3353  
      Inez Jane Jones Glasgow 33 Lake Crystal Mn John M Jones & Nellie Evans          
JOHNSON, Nellie see Kennedy, John                    
JOHNSON, Nellie see Jones, Walter F                    
JOHNSON, Nellie see Rice, Amos                    
JOHNSON, Nellie see Haynes, George A                    
JOHNSON, Nellie B (Eidum?) see Groslie                    
JOHNSON, Nels       Malta 33 Sweden John Nelson & ??? 3-Aug-04 Glasgow Valley 137  
      Carrie M Peterson Duluth 39 Norway ???          
JOHNSON, Nels see Nelson, Otto                    
JOHNSON, Nels see Johnson, Albert L                    
JOHNSON, Nels see Johnson, Jorgen Al                    
JOHNSON, Nels D       P�wood 24 Mn Andrew B Johnson & Thornella Berg 1-Jul-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1536  
      Florence Washington   35 Penn Joseph & Anna Templin          
JOHNSON, Netta Isabel see Iverson                    
JOHNSON, Neva see Foster                    
JOHNSON, Nick see Johnson, William H                    
JOHNSON, Nina see Burton, Harry                    
JOHNSON, Nora see Johnson, Edward                    
JOHNSON, Nora see Norris, Harry                    
JOHNSON, Nora S see Allensworth, Ward                    
JOHNSON, Northfield Marven       Culbertson 26 Vining Mn Julius Martin Johnson & Anna Hoff 17-Dec-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1400  
      Charlotte Mildrid Kingsley Culbertson 21 Culbertson Arthur Kingsley & Diehle Dempsey          
JOHNSON, O M see Condit                    
JOHNSON, O P see Johnson, Claire Kermit                    
JOHNSON, Olaf see Ogburn                    
JOHNSON, Olai G       Hinsdale 34 Mn Gunder Johnson & Christie Hellgesdalen? 10-May-16 Hinsdale Valley 1852  
      Emma Christine Johnson Hinsdale 30 Mn Erick & Jenny G Johnson          
JOHNSON, Olander       Lanesboro Mn 24 Lanesboro H O Johnson & Martha Bremer 2-Oct-24 Glendive Dawson 3143  
      Alva Ruse Beach N D 19 Sentinel Butte N D Charles D Ruse & Etta Motz          
JOHNSON, Ole       Richland 25 Badger Mn Ivan Joknson & Annie Moe 16-Sep-29 Glasgow Valley 3507  
      Mae Mc Cohn Glasgow 18 N D Arthur McCohn & Molly Metvet          
JOHNSON, Ole see Ward, Ralph Giles                    
JOHNSON, Ole see Johnson, John Christ                    
JOHNSON, Ole see Johnson                    
JOHNSON, Ole       P�wood 50 Nor Johan-nes Jonsen & Anne Andreason 2-Jul-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2255  
      Sofie Tjomsos Reserve 35 Norway Soren Tjomsos & Rakel Hanson          
JOHNSON, Ole & Lorense see Olson, Andrew                    
JOHNSON, Ole & Louise see Holt, William                    
JOHNSON, Ole Christ see Johnson                    
JOHNSON, Ole J see Johnson, Arthur Oscar                    
JOHNSON, Oley see Nelson, Carl John                    
JOHNSON, Olga see Nordin, John                    
JOHNSON, Olga M see Storm, Leonard A                    
JOHNSON, Oline see Hanson                    
JOHNSON, Oliver see Norris, Harry                    
JOHNSON, Olivia see Hanson, Chris                    
JOHNSON, Orenga see Onstad                    
JOHNSON, Orval       P�wood 23 Decorah Iowa Lloyd Johnson & Hazel Hubble 13-Jun-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2440  
      Matilda Dionne P�wood 21 Miner Sask Can Frank Dionne & Matilda Bonneau          
JOHNSON, Orvid       Frazer 24 Sweden John Johnson & Mary Anderstadt 6-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2188  
      Mabel Johnston Frazer 27 Big Hall (Hole?) Mt Theodore Johnston & Mary Charlston          
JOHNSON, Oscar       Glendive 32 Sweden John Johnson & Matilda Anderson 27-Jun-15 Glendive Dawson 1732  
      Florence Elfield Johnson Glendive 21 Glendive Charles Johnson & Sophia Anderson          
JOHNSON, Oscar see Arras, Joseph Albert                    
JOHNSON, Oscar see Porter, Ray                    
JOHNSON, Oscar       Havre 34 Jackson Cty Wisc Louis Johnson & Anna Larson 6-Dec-24 Chinook Blaine 850  
      Julia Grant Browning 24 Browning Richard Grant & Rose Teasdale          
JOHNSON, Oscar       Scobey 27 Mn August Johnson & Mary Andrews 8-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 241  
      Julia Bystrom Scobey 21 Mn John Bystrom & Petra Amalia Saterbak          
JOHNSON, Oscar see Weiler                    
JOHNSON, Oscar A       Bloomfield 24 Wausa Nebr Claus & Marie Johnson 3-Nov-23 Glendive Dawson 3056  
      Lorraine Seekins Bloomfield 19 Osage Iowa Walter E Seekins & Jennie E Carter          
JOHNSON, Oscar A       Peerless 40 Mn August Johnson & Mary Andrews 29-Aug-27 Flaxville Daniels 340  
      Nancy Poyner Scobey 40 Mn Nels Nylen & Bertha Anderson          
JOHNSON, Oscar A       Phillips 29 N D   8-Apr-17   Phillips 197  
      Edna C Berquist Phillips 26 S D            
JOHNSON, Oscar E see Shaffer, Evron L                    
JOHNSON, Oscar L       Med� Lake 29 Alexandria Mn Erick & Jennie Johnson 17-Jun-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 28  
      Grace Larson Medicine Lake 22 Maybell? Mn O J Larson          
JOHNSON, Oscar Stanley       Madoc 27 Madoc John Johnson & Mary Bakken 3-Apr-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1286  
      Cable Agnes Paulson Madoc 21 Mn Peter August & Ida Paulson          
JOHNSON, Otto & Mathilda see Johnson, Eddie Arthur                    
JOHNSON, Ovedia see Brooks, E H                    
JOHNSON, P L       Culbertson 47 Norway Hendrick Johnson & Carrie Peterson 13-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1957  
      Clara Woken Culbertson 31 N D Paul Woken & Carrie Larsen          
JOHNSON, Palma see Rau, John Jr                    
JOHNSON, Palma see Grodt                    
JOHNSON, Paul see Olson, John                    
JOHNSON, Paulina see Odegard, Ludwig                    
JOHNSON, Pearl see Borreson, Benjamin                    
JOHNSON, Peder       Canada 23 Can   18-Aug-17   Phillips 259  
      Martha Crawford Can 24 Can            
JOHNSON, Percy       Coalridge 25 Coalridge Charles A Johnson & Annie O Lindquist 23-Oct-23 Plentywood Sheridan 2370  
      Annie Ehry Coalridge 22 Minneapolis Mn Charles Ehry & ???          
JOHNSON, Peter       Sand Creek 32 Sweden John Johnson & Christine Anderson 2-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 2689  
      Doris O�Malley Sand Creek 35 N D John Dickson & Margaret McMahon          
JOHNSON, Peter see Ellingson, Edward L                    
JOHNSON, Peter see Johnson, John B                    
JOHNSON, Peter see Johnson, Thorvald                    
JOHNSON, Peter see Olson, Andrew                    
JOHNSON, Peter see Knoop, Walter Alfred                    
JOHNSON, Peter       Gaylord N D 29 Sweden John Johnson & Martha Fossen 24-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1520  
      Emma Erickson Midway N D 40 Hager City Wisc L J Erickson & ???          
JOHNSON, Peter see Stageberg                    
JOHNSON, Peter D see Doering, William F                    
JOHNSON, Peter O       Belfield 39 Sweden John Person & Bertha Johnson 1-Jul-24 Glendive Dawson 3121  
      Agnes Holmberg Belfield N D 27 Grey Eagle Mn Frank Shubart & Nettie Andreal          
JOHNSON, Peter W       Wibaux 36 Shakopee Mn William Johnson & Mary Anderson 29-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3234  
      Gladys F Lewis Glendive 30 Stratford Ontario Can Ralsey C Ferguson & Martha J Marks          
JOHNSON, Petra see Opperman, Fred                    
JOHNSON, Phidelia (Woolworth?) see Tryon, Morton                    
JOHNSON, Phillip see Jones, Walter F                    
JOHNSON, Prescilla? E see McDaniel, Frank T                    
JOHNSON, R D       Baylor 20 Oakland Indiana S D Johnson & Martha Williams 9-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1789  
      Hazel M Pyle Baylor 22 Marcon, N D? Grant Pyle & Lilly B Drully          
JOHNSON, R E see Peterson                    
JOHNSON, Rachel see Knudsen, Harry R                    
JOHNSON, Ragna see Stenerson                    
JOHNSON, Ralph see Beaton, Harry W                    
JOHNSON, Rasmus       Lake Norden S D 42 Hetland S D Rasmus Johnson Sr & Hansina Hanson 10-May-36 Volmer Sheridan 3009  
      Karen Pedersen Askov Mn 41 Erwin S D Rasmus Pedersen & Hansina Olson          
JOHNSON, Ray       Pierpont S D 23 S D Walter Johnson & Mary Martenson 23-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2386  
      Anna Andersen Westby 21 N D Nels Andersen & Mary Rasmussen          
JOHNSON, Raymond       Bloomfield 23 Lahoma Oklahoma Ben Johnson & Susan Becker 2-Oct-29 Bloomfield Dawson 3779  
      Verna Schrag Bloomfield 16 Freeman S D Ernest & Regina Schrag          
JOHNSON, Reed       Whitcomb 23 Mountain City Tenn D D & Cynthia Johnson 14-Jan-13 Chinook Blaine 36  
      Ida McDonald Wilder 22 Lewistown? Raphael Marcotte & George? Ressaes          
JOHNSON, Regina see Harper, Arthur                    
JOHNSON, Regina see Harper, Charles                    
JOHNSON, Rena see Knudson, Arnold Roger                    
JOHNSON, Reuben D see Mullen, John                    
JOHNSON, Rhea see Bethune, McBride                    
JOHNSON, Robert see Johnson, Artie R                    
JOHNSON, Robert C       Phillips 33 Mn   20-Jun-15   Phillips 25  
      Lavetta Erum Phillips 18 Mn            
JOHNSON, Robert William       Verwood Sask Can 32 Wheaton Mn James Johnson & Agnes Jacobson 9-Oct-22 Scobey Daniels 70  
      Mabel Rubin Whitetail 22 Bigstone S D Alpheus Rubin & Mary Scharnatta          
JOHNSON, Roman       Glasgow 32 Sauk Center Mn Fred Johnson & Louise Dorr 21-Oct-29 Glasgow Valley 3518  
      Elsie Hemphill Denver Col 28 Wichita Kan William Hemphill & Margaret R Ronestock          
JOHNSON, Rose see Knauss, Claude D                    
JOHNSON, Rosie see Dambly, Sylvester                    
JOHNSON, Rubin       St Paul Mn 28 Russia M Johnson & Mary Miller 20-Aug-18 Glendive Dawson 2412  
      Mollie Johnson St Paul Mn 19 St Paul Sam Johnson & Jennie Lavine          
JOHNSON, Ruby see Pierce, Rex                    
JOHNSON, Ruth see Brooks, Albridge                    
JOHNSON, Ruth see Hamann, Edward C                    
JOHNSON, Ruth see Zick, Elmer                    
JOHNSON, S C see Johnson, J Forrest                    
JOHNSON, S D see Johnson, R D                    
JOHNSON, S J see Johnson, Arthur S                    
JOHNSON, S L see Wermager                    
JOHNSON, Sam see Johnson, Rubin                    
JOHNSON, Sarah see Snyder, Melvin                    
JOHNSON, Sarah see Teter, Lee W                    
JOHNSON, Sarah J see Chapman, Charles E                    
JOHNSON, Selma see Erickson, William                    
JOHNSON, Selma see Gansuage, Charles                    
JOHNSON, Selma O see Arneson                    
JOHNSON, Severt see Holte                    
JOHNSON, Sevold see Wich, Sigurd                    
JOHNSON, Sheldon W see Arnold, Rufus Earl                    
JOHNSON, Signe see Aune, Andrew                    
JOHNSON, Sina see Martinson                    
JOHNSON, Sina see Bolster                    
JOHNSON, Sophie see Burau, Edward F                    
JOHNSON, Sophie see Grytdal, Alfred S                    
JOHNSON, Sophie see Lagerquist                    
JOHNSON, Sophie see Franke                    
JOHNSON, Susanna see Thomas, Frank                    
JOHNSON, Swan       Glendive 28 Sweden Swan Johnson & Sophie Anderson 16-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2026  
      Annie C Erickson Glendive 22 Sweden Erickson & Mary Vyberg          
JOHNSON, Sylvia see Coster, Clymer A                    
JOHNSON, Synove see Elvsaas                    
JOHNSON, Taga? see Buhrmann, Frank A                    
JOHNSON, Tatie see Malcolm                    
JOHNSON, Tatie see Ankerman                    
JOHNSON, Tena see Beaton, Harry W                    
JOHNSON, Tena see Norgard, Edwin O                    
JOHNSON, Thea (Thostenson?) see Lindblom                    
JOHNSON, Theodor see Johnson, Marion                    
JOHNSON, Theodore David       Custer Cty 24 Motala Sweden John Carlson & Mary Olson 27-Oct-09 Glendive Dawson 736  
      Ethel Goldie Taggard Near Beach N D 19 Taylor Wisc James C Taggard & Adelaide Stevens          
JOHNSON, Thomas & Ingeborg see Reeves, Clifford F                    
JOHNSON, Thomas & Mary see Kjos, John                    
JOHNSON, Thomas M       Jordan 27 Miles City Frank J & Ida C Johnson 23-Nov-22 Circle McCone 53  
      Isabel Clark Keplerville 18 Canton Mich George Clark & Clara Lamoureux          
JOHNSON, Thomas S       Malta 34 Texas James P Johnson & Julia Moore 3-Jul-07 Malta Valley 288  
      Josephine C Joiner Malta 33 New Castle Penn John Barge & Delia Kennedy          
JOHNSON, Thor see Johnson, Albert                    
JOHNSON, Thorvald       Culbertson 23 Nor Peter Johnson & ??? 23-Aug-06 Culbertson Valley 244  
      Charlotte Nelson Culbertson 18 Elkhorn Ind Hans P & Augusta Nelson          
JOHNSON, Torgel see Grant, J P                    
JOHNSON, Torsten & Johanna see Johnson                    
JOHNSON, V H & Mrs see Liska, Harm Edgar                    
JOHNSON, Vada E see Copeland, W D                    
JOHNSON, Vera see Bobb, R L                    
JOHNSON, Verna see Teisen, Paul                    
JOHNSON, Victor       Nashua 23 Nebr Henry Johnson & Anna Youngquist 21-Dec-09 Glasgow Valley 551  
      Bertha Gaukstad Galpin 19 N D Crist Gaukstad & Clara Ofstedahl          
JOHNSON, Victor       Sentinel Butte N D 21 Sentinel Butte Charles & Anna Johnson 15-May-24 Wibaux Wibaux 430  
      Effie Roberts Sentinel Butte 20 Wood-land Calif Monnie Roberts & Rossie Gardner          
JOHNSON, Victor see Valde                    
JOHNSON, Victor Roy       Broomhead Sask Cab 33 Fergus Falls Mn Erick Johnson & Betsy Collins 14-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2761  
      Norah Bullivant Goodwater Sask 21 York England William Bullivant & Annie Taylor          
JOHNSON, Viola see Clemetson                    
JOHNSON, Viola Alice see Montgomery, Oliver                    
JOHNSON, Violet see Anderson, Frank                    
JOHNSON, W see Johnson                    
JOHNSON, W B see Walker, Perry A                    
JOHNSON, W H see Rice, Amos                    
JOHNSON, W O       Dunn Center N D 57 Sweden John F Johnson & ??? 25-Sep-24 Wibaux Wibaux    
      Ida L Johnson Dunn Center 54 Alcester S D Andrew P Peterson & Anna S Anderson          
JOHNSON, W W               9-Apr-1883   Dawson 13  
      Ellen Nonh�?                  
JOHNSON, Wallace see Erovick, James J                    
JOHNSON, Wallace see Poole, Robert Earle                    
JOHNSON, Wallace see Teneneko, Peter                    
JOHNSON, Walter see Johnson                    
JOHNSON, Walter C       Mankato Mn 26 Mankato Mn J P Johnson & Carrie Benson 27-Jul-15 Glasgow Valley 1712  
      Freda Peterson Mankato Mn   Mn Alfred Peterson & Freda Johnson          
JOHNSON, Wilfred see Olson, Frank G                    
JOHNSON, William see Johnson, Francis Elmer                    
JOHNSON, William see Baker, Nathan                    
JOHNSON, William see Johnson, Peter W                    
JOHNSON, William see Johnson, Jonah                    
JOHNSON, William see Rasmussen, Oscar                    
JOHNSON, William see Eatinger                    
JOHNSON, William       Dagmar 26 Denmark George Johnson & Marien Hansen 7-Jan-14 Dagmar Sheridan 159  
      Harriet Johnson Dagmar 20 Mn James Johnson & Minnie Nielsen          
JOHNSON, William C       Scobey 23 S D Chris Johnson & Donna Lindsey 27-Jun-28 Scobey Daniels 383  
      Gertie M Perry Scobey 19 Ontario Can Frank Perry & Edith Griffin          
JOHNSON, William Clifford       Glasgow 20 Waukegan Ill H O M Jojnson & Dagmar Davidson 14-May-29 Glasgow Valley 3466  
      Nancy Malatarie Glasgow 18 Glasgow Charles Malatarie & Isabel Roseblaff          
JOHNSON, William H see Archambault, Victor G                    
JOHNSON, William H       Glendive 28 Harlan Iowa par Nick Johnson & Ellen McGinnis 9-Jan-07 Glendive Dawson 416  
      Mrs Mabel Wiser Wartrace Tenn 23 Tenn ??? & Emma Winniger          
JOHNSON, William H       Wolf Point 21 N D Alfred & Anna Johnson 23-Jan-16 Wolf Point Sheridan 658  
      Belle Ione Geer Wolf Point 19 Mn William & Lillian Geer          
JOHNSON, William Julian       Volt 24 Illinois Anton S Johnson & Lena Nelson 14-Jan-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 212  
      Marie Antoinette Ammar Lustre 18 N D Fred Ammer & ???          
JOHNSON, Willie Clifford       Beach N D 23 Augusta Wisc Iver Johnson & Mary Davis 25-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 1630  
      Hattie Bublitz Beach 18 Winona Wisc Fred Bublitz & Johanna Mundt          
JOHNSON, Wm see Bryhn, Ole                    
JOHNSON, Zelma see Anderson, Einer H                    
JOHNSRUD, Lars see Johnsrud, Luies?                    
JOHNSRUD, Luies?       Saco 39 Norway Lars Johnsrud & Karen Kjos 2-Apr-28 Glasgow Valley 3274  
      Marie Esther Votaw Saco 26 Newbury Ore ??? Votaw & Effie Macy          
JOHNSRUD, Marion see Burkey, Gustav                    
JOHNSTON, Andrew see Johnston, Cage                    
JOHNSTON, Agnes see Laugh                    
JOHNSTON, Albert see O�Connor, Edward                    
JOHNSTON, Alice see Symington, Robert                    
JOHNSTON, Alpha see Wymare, Roy                    
JOHNSTON, Amory G       Bainvillie 24 Mn George H Johnston & Caroline Gale 9-Sep-28 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2350  
      Catherine Gormley Med� Lake 21 Ontario Can Emmet R Gormley & Winnifred Flynn          
JOHNSTON, Annie see Babcock, Ray                    
JOHNSTON, Ardys see Sodregran, John                    
JOHNSTON, Art see Seel, William Frederick                    
JOHNSTON, Arthur E see Hamilton                    
JOHNSTON, Augusta see Knipp, Edward                    
JOHNSTON, Augusta see Silvers, Oscar Jacob                    
JOHNSTON, Barney       Antelope 25 Ottertail Cty Mn John F Johnston & Mary Estes 6-Apr-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1886  
      Florence M Richardson Antelope 31 Jersey City N J John Carlson & ???          
JOHNSTON, Barney       Dooley 27 Ottertail Cty Mn John H Johnston & Mary Estes 27-May-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2062  
      Ruth Wren Dooley 25 Austin Penn William Floyd & Louise Cartright          
JOHNSTON, Bessie see Madsen Chris J                    
JOHNSTON, Burton P       Glendive 33 Tonowanda N Y David Johnston & Anna Kean 10-Aug-10 Glendive Dawson 826  
      Eleonor E Dorsey Glendive 17 Minneapolis Mn Richard Dorsey & Sophronia Young          
JOHNSTON, Cage       Glendive 22 Jacksborough Texas Andrew Johnston & Francis Snow 24-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 645  
      Luella Pomeroy Glendive 22 Missoula Charles Pomeroy & Julia R Johnston          
JOHNSTON, Carrie see Huntley                    
JOHNSTON, Charles C       Mondak 39 Springfield Ohio William C Johnston & Annabell J Barrenger 24-Nov-20 Mondak Roosivelt 194  
      Elizabeth M Doe Mondak 34 ??? George H Tibbetts & Martha A Robinson          
JOHNSTON, Charley see Sodergran, John                    
JOHNSTON, Chris H       Oswego 51 Nor Holvor Johnston & Nellie Peterson 10-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 3980 (?) (follows # 2379 in the sequence)
      Mrs Theodore H Johnson Glenborn N D 44 Penn Amos Rupert & Elizabeth Low          
JOHNSTON, Clara see McBridney, Floyd R                    
JOHNSTON, Crawford       Culbertson 24 Alina Ontario Can J S Johnston & Jane Booth 25-May-10 Culbertson Valley 633  
      Nora P Carr Culbertson 24 Detroit (Lakes?) Mn R H Carr & Jennie Andrews          
JOHNSTON, David see Johnston, Burton P                    
JOHNSTON, David see Johnston, George Edward                    
JOHNSTON, David E       Glendive 29 Castlewood S D David Johnston & Honnor Adams 16-Aug-24 Glendive Dawson 3133  
      Myrtle Norgaard Geraldine 16 Raymond S D Lars Norgaard & Ratchel Jacobson          
JOHNSTON, Doris (Siler?) see Cave, Ira                    
JOHNSTON, E(dw?) H see Belzer, Fred L                    
JOHNSTON, Elias L       Turner 44 Pippin Cty Wis John William Johnston & Sophia Hill 7-Aug-16 Chinook Blaine 297  
      Maude Williams Grand Haven Mich 30 Lowell Mich Frank May & Delia Burton          
JOHNSTON, Ellen see Lloyd, James Andrew                    
JOHNSTON, Estelle see Bennett, Sidney                    
JOHNSTON, Ethel Louise see Hamilton                    
JOHNSTON, George E       Plentywood 32 Otter Tail Mn John H Johnston & Mary C Estes 15-Jan-27 Glendive Dawson 3427  
      Alga Akre Plentywood 27 Madison Mn Matt O Akre & Bertha S Hanson          
JOHNSTON, George Edward       Bloomfield 25 Castlewood S D David Johnston & Honor Adams 12-May-23 Glendive Dawson 2977  
      Alma Berry Bloomfield 20 Walker Iowa Louis Hudson & Sarah Fairchild          
JOHNSTON, George H see Johnston                    
JOHNSTON, George S see Johnston, William J                    
JOHNSTON, Georgia Marie see Olsen, Carl Bernhardt                    
JOHNSTON, Gladys see Belzer, Fred L                    
JOHNSTON, Glen       Terry 21 Randolph Iowa Joseph F Johnston & Pearl Fugett 18-Oct-24 Circle McCone 75  
      Ida Braley Terry 20 Terry Lester Braley & Augusta Magnuson          
JOHNSTON, Harry       Wolf Point 28 Crook -ston Mn John Johnston & Anna Anderson 17-Apr-22 Macon Roosivelt 367  
      Phoebe Chase Macon Mt 21 Macon John K Chase & Louisa Mitchell          
JOHNSTON, Harry J       Hinsdale 39 Creola Ohio John F Johnston & Louisa Wright 31-Jul-30 Glasgow Valley 3575  
      Lulu Hollenback Hinsdale 25 Hinsdale Jorgen Johnson & Julia Hanson          
JOHNSTON, Hazel see Lloyd, James Andrew                    
JOHNSTON, Henrietta see Belt                    
JOHNSTON, Holver see Johnston, Chris H                    
JOHNSTON, Isabel see Hines                    
JOHNSTON, J H       Brockway ??? Wilsonville Nebr William D Johnston & Jennie Dawson 6-Jun-17 Circle Dawson 2177  
      Pearl A Barager Weldon 32 Mn John Barager & Mary Nason          
JOHNSTON, J S see Johnston Crawford                    
JOHNSTON, James R see McRorie, Lester H                    
JOHNSTON, Jessie see Cameron, Charles C                    
JOHNSTON, John see Johnston, Harry                    
JOHNSTON, John & Ellen see Kleppelid, Alfred                    
JOHNSTON, John Dennis       Paxton 24 Cicles Mich William Johnston & Susan Lincoln 10-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2560  
      Susie Libby Davison Sullivan 32 Jefferson S D George W Libby & Virginia Ferris          
JOHNSTON, John F see Johnston, Harry J                    
JOHNSTON, John F see Johnston                    
JOHNSTON, John H see Johnston, George E                    
JOHNSTON, John H see Johnston                    
JOHNSTON, John William see Johnston, Elias L                    
JOHNSTON, Joseph F see Johnston, Glen                    
JOHNSTON, Julia R see Johnston, Cage                    
JOHNSTON, Lillian M see McCrorie, Lester H                    
JOHNSTON, Lowell see Symington, Robert                    
JOHNSTON, Lowell see Wymare, Roy                    
JOHNSTON, Mabel see Johnson, Orvid                    
JOHNSTON, Mabel see Fisher, Richard                    
JOHNSTON, Margery see Greovu, Leo                    
JOHNSTON, Mary see McNeil, Calvin W                    
JOHNSTON, Mary see Sloan, John                    
JOHNSTON, Mary (Healey?) see Leonard, Martin C                    
JOHNSTON, Mary Ann see McManigle, Lawrence                    
JOHNSTON, Mary E see Lillie, Harold A                    
JOHNSTON, Maurice       Dade City Florida 21 Fla   24-Oct-28   Phillips 1065  
      Ida Ray Dade City Fla 19 Mich            
JOHNSTON, Mrs Myrtle (Thornton?) see Thornton, Wylie J                    
JOHNSTON, Nellie M see O�Connor, Edward                    
JOHNSTON, Rose see Kieppelid, Alfred                    
JOHNSTON, Sarah see Sigsworth, William F                    
JOHNSTON, Stella Ruth see Seel, William Frederick                    
JOHNSTON, Sylvester see McBridney, Floyd R                    
JOHNSTON, Theodore see Babcock, Ray                    
JOHNSTON, Theodore see Johnson, Orvid                    
JOHNSTON, Thomas see Olsen, Carl Bernhardt                    
JOHNSTON, Walter A see Bennett, Sidney                    
JOHNSTON, William see Johnston, John Dennis                    
JOHNSTON, William C see Johnston, Charles C                    
JOHNSTON, William D see Johnston, J H                    
JOHNSTON, William H       P�wood 34 Mn John H Johnston & Mary E Estes 21-Sep-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1926  
      Gertrude Reuter P�wood 24 Mn Gasper Reuter & Helena Henricks          
JOHNSTON, William J       Great Falls 66 Mo George S Johnston & Amanda Hill 23-Nov-19 Lanark Roosivelt 70  
      Sarah F Smith Lanark 53 Mo ??? Jones & ???          
JOHNSTONE, Arthur see Murray                    
JOHNSTONE, Dorothy Caroline see Rosendahl, C Peter                    
JOHNSTONE, Elaine see Murray                    
JOHNSTONE, Emily M see Gowers, James W                    
JOHNSTONE, Herbert C       Sentinel Butte N D 52 Waupaca Wis John Johnstone & Laura Hicks 22-Jun-27 Wibaux Wibaux 571  
      Mrs Bertha Little Zimmer-man Mn 35 Osseo Mn Albert Wodtka & Matjilda Bahr          
JOHNSTONE, John see Gowers, James W                    
JOHNSTONE, John see Johnstone, Herbert C                    
JOHNSTONE, John J see Johnstone, Samuel A                    
JOHNSTONE, Samuel A       Golva N D 26 Sioux Falls S D John J Johnstone & Carrie Anderson 13-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 498  
      Lydia Diede Lehr N D 20 Lehr c Diede & Elizabeth Schneider          
JOHNSTONE, Sarah see DeDobbler, Roy                    
JOHNSTONE, Wm see Rosendahl, C Peter                    
JOHONANSON, Martha see Haugland, Peter                    
JOHONES (JOHANNES?), Ole & Halfred see Olson, Olaf J                    
JOHONNOTT, Robert see Murphy, Simpson G                    
JOHS, Eva see Hubbard, Ulysses Vernon                    
JOINER, Josephine C (Barge?) see Johnson, Thomas S                    
JOLIFF, Lorenzo B see Richardson, Lloyd G                    
JOLIFF, Maude M see Richardson, Lloyd G                    
JOLLEY, Albert see North                    
JOLLEY, Bernice see North F A                    
JOLLEY, Floyd O       P�wood 27 Ill William T Jolley & Elizabetg Hawkins 6-Jul-15 Bainville Sheridan 506  
      Adell Meyer Howard S D 23 Iowa Michel Meyer & Amelia Freiberg          
JOLLEY, Leander       Dooley 33 Ill W T Jolley & Elizabeth Hawkins 1-Sep-15 Plentywood Sheridan 545  
      Georgina Larsen Arling-ton S D 23 Mich Bernt J Larsen & Marie Hjermstad          
JOLLEY, W T see Jolley                    
JOLLEY, William T see Jolley                    
JOLLIFF, Annie see Gladden, Van W                    
JOLLY, Alexander see Snook, Frank W                    
JOLLY, David see Duncan, Clair A                    
JOLLY, David see VanWoert, Victor M                    
JOLLY, David see Smith, Grant                    
JOLLY, David see Aukland, Herbert G                    
JOLLY, David see DeNean, Hector                    
JOLLY, David see Sestak, Louis                    
JOLLY, Edith see Duncan, C A                    
JOLLY, Edith see Radtke, Ernest F                    
JOLLY, Elizabeth see Franks, Eli W                    
JOLLY, Mary M see Snook, Frank W                    
JONAH, ??? see Payne, Ed                    
JONAS, Agnes see Temple, Carl C                    
JONAS, Anton       Glendive 27 Russia Matt Jonas & Elizabeth Wertz 19-May-19 Glendive Dawson 2514  
      Anna Schloss Glendive 22 Russia Sebastian Schloss & Mary Weiner          
JONAS, Clint see Becker, Herman August                    
JONAS, Matt see Jonas, Anton                    
JONAS, Nellie see Brown, Otto C                    
JONAS, Peter see Temple, Carl C                    
JONASON, Anna see Person, Carl W                    
JONASON, Josephine see Folden, Bjarne Oliver                    
JONAT, Fred       Cass Cty Mn 37 Bremen Ger Michael Jonat & Anna Dolkie 21-Sep-21 Glasgow Valley 2812  
      Sophie Sasson Glasgow 27 Minador N D John Gausen & Magred Rutinberg          
JONAT, Michael see Jonat, Fred                    
JONDAHL, Gunhild see Smith                    
JONDAHL, M I & Mathea see Jondahl, Sverre                    
JONDAHL, Sverre       Glasgow 30 Norway M I & Mathea Jondahl 24-Dec-24 Glasgow Valley 2942  
      Tomine Kristine Skilbred Glasgow 24 Norway Ole M Skilbred & Anna Johaneson          
JONES, ??? see Hurley, Otto H                    
JONES, ??? see Johnston, William J                    
JONES, ??? see Martin, David J                    
JONES, A see Beeler, Lloyd                    
JONES, Abraham see Jones Irvin                    
JONES, Abram L see Root, Irwin N                    
JONES, Alexandria Maude see Pedersen, Lloyd Allen                    
JONES, Alice see Goodson, Isaac F                    
JONES, Alice see Meyer, Calvin S                    
JONES, Alice see Stanford                    
JONES, Alice see Logue                    
JONES, Alice E see Fishell, Dale M                    
JONES, Alice N see Lawson                    
JONES, Alice W see McElvain, Robert James                    
JONES, Allen E see Jones, Lyman E                    
JONES, Alma see KirVan, William R                    
JONES, Alsworth       Frazer 25 Wells Mn Frank Jones & Ida Burnett 28-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1994  
      Martha Schwartz Minot N D 21 Burnshaw Texas Henry Schwartz & Sophie Snydel          
JONES, Amanda see Leach, Clarence                    
JONES, Amelia see Kettleson, Armand                    
JONES, Angeline see McCulloch, Edwin Julius                    
JONES, Ann Elizabeth see King, Frederick C                    
JONES, Anna see Rabidu, Edmond                    
JONES, Anna see Paddock, James L                    
JONES, Anna R see Schwinden, Michael James                    
JONES, Annie see Castle, Brant D                    
JONES, Annie see Wolfe, Charles                    
JONES, Ara see Laurence, Royce                    
JONES, Arvilla see Trumble, Charles A                    
JONES, B R see Heal, Benjamin F                    
JONES, Bell see Glasco, Lee Edwin                    
JONES, Belle see Dunn, W C                    
JONES, Benjamin F       Turner 25 Morgan Cty Ill William Jones & Nettie Burch 12-Aug-27 Chinook Blaine 1009  
      Alice M Petrie Turner 21 Champlin Mn Chas H Petrie & Goldie Fawcett          
JONES, Bert R       Fairview 26 Cashon Okla John H Jones & Alice Malone 25-Aug-15 Wibaux Wibaux 48  
      Alta Tilton Fairview 25 Anoka Mn Charles Tilton & Julia Cavanaugh          
JONES, Bertha see Willard                    
JONES, Bertha see Willard                    
JONES, Bessie see Melbourne, Thomas                    
JONES, C E & Amanda see Norris, Harry C                    
JONES, C L       Mildred 26 Kenosha Wisc L D Jones & Mary E Cheever 16-Jun-16 Glendive Dawson 1933  
      Josephine E Wattier Mildred 44 Fondulac Wisc Albert Wittier & Margaret Koenigs          
JONES, C P see Feltes                    
JONES, Carl A       Lambert 29 Hartington Neb Jacob L Jones & Anna M Jones 3-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2667  
      Etta M Tohey Eugene Oregon 24 Arlington Ore Fred W Tohey & Minnie G Fisher          
JONES, Carl O       Lambert 40 Hartington Nebr Jacob L Jones & Anna M Jones 19-Sep-21 Glendive Dawson 2796  
      Nellie Riester Lambert   Rugby N D Aaron Riester & Sylvia Northway          
JONES, Caroline H see Moulton Norman T                    
JONES, Caroline H see Kent, Fred L                    
JONES, Carroll see Ren, James A                    
JONES, Cecil       Hayes 20 Leslie S D Eb Jones & Juliann Fanglaye 27-Aug-28 St Pauls Mission Blaine 1071  
      Eva Turcotte Hays 19 St Pauls John Turcotte & Julia McConnell          
JONES, Cecile see Carr, John Martin                    
JONES, Charles see Jones, Roland Clark                    
JONES, Charles see McGeathy, Delbert                    
JONES, Charles see Nicol, Henry                    
JONES, Charles       Malta 33 Monmouth Ill Frank Jones & Mary Hanson 7-Oct-03 Malta Valley (44)274  
      Marie Steen Malta 33 Norway George Steen & Mattie Len          
JONES, Charles A see Jones, Jarrett W                    
JONES, Charles C see King, Frederick C                    
JONES, Charles L? see Feltis, George Albert                    
JONES, Charles P see Sund, Harold D                    
JONES, Chas P see Jones, Weldon J                    
JONES, Clifford Eugene       Glentana 25 East Grand Forks Mn Henry Jones & Elizabeth Mace 23-Sep-25 Scobey Daniels 225  
      Anna May Niehoff Glentana 22 Morris Mn Henry Niehoff & ???          
JONES, Cora see Samuelson, Enoch                    
JONES, Cora see McDonald, Ernest Arthur                    
JONES, Cora see Seekins, Wallace A                    
JONES, Daniel see Swing, Erick                    
JONES, Darius W see Watson                    
JONES, David & Mary see Jones, William J                    
JONES, David Milton       Nashua 31 Ill Hayward Jones & Mary Lane 17-Sep-20 Glasgow Valley 2650  
      Louise Stevens Nashua 19 Mt Ed Stevens & Molly Friedl          
JONES, Dora see Hinsch, D J                    
JONES, Doris Margaret see Sargent, Dexter J                    
JONES, E S see Jones, Roy B                    
JONES, Earl F       Malta 24 Minneapolis Mn Oscar L Jones & Catherine Harr 11-Jun-13 Malta Valley 1303  
      Nannee Sallee Malta 20 Mo Charles Sallee & Salinah Seaver          
JONES, Eb see Jones, Cecil                    
JONES, Ebert see Kipp, James                    
JONES, Ed see Jones, Mederie                    
JONES, Edward see Jones, John Joseph                    
JONES, Edward see Lee, Roy C                    
JONES, Edward see Trumbull, Charles A                    
JONES, Edward C see KirVan, William R                    
JONES, Edward E       Buford N D 45 Osage Iowa Isaac Jones & Carrie Aurand? 4-Nov-04 Glasgow Valley 151  
      Pearl E Shirley Buford 24 LaPier Mich Alfred S Hutchinson & Jennie Parish          
JONES, Edwin see Jones, Thomas Edward                    
JONES, Effie Dean see Smythe, Chester L                    
JONES, Eliza Anne see Davies, Jacob Franklin                    
JONES, Elizabeth see Swing, Erick                    
JONES, Elizabeth see Williams, Richard D                    
JONES, Elizabeth R see Davis, John W                    
JONES, Ella see Gunderson                    
JONES, Elliot see Good, Frank B                    
JONES, Ellis C see Snead, Robert F                    
JONES, Emily E (Tandy?) see Rowe, John T                    
JONES, Emmet W       Glasgow 27 Mich J E Jones & ??? Shoemaker 3-Jan-20 Glasgow Valley 2610  
      Della Ditchman Glasgow 25 Mn John Ditchman & Katie Kintzie          
JONES, Erma see Feltes                    
JONES, Essie Mary see Nygaard, Paul Gehard                    
JONES, Esther Beatrice see Woodard, Edwin C                    
JONES, Esther M see Ingalls, John Emerson                    
JONES, Ethel I see Norris, Harry C                    
JONES, Fannie see Anderson, Dale                    
JONES, Fannie Catherine see Jones, William L                    
JONES, Flora see Moxley, Estell                    
JONES, Floyd       Iowa 20 Phillips   5-Nov-17   Phillips 284  
      Lydia Elizabeth Nelson Phillips 19 W Vir            
JONES, Floyd C see Jones, Harris Dayton                    
JONES, Floyd E see Nelson, Jesse                    
JONES, Frances L see Sadler, Levi Edward                    
JONES, Francis see Vanose, M S                    
JONES, Francis see Barnby                    
JONES, Frank see Jones, Alsworth                    
JONES, Frank see Jones, Charles                    
JONES, Frank see McElwain, Robert James                    
JONES, Frank       Hinsdale 46 Mn James E Jones & Louise Brossard 13-Mar-20 Hinsdale Valley 2638  
      Winnie Werner Hinsdale 24 Iowa H N Kent & ???          
JONES, Frank       Dodson 47 Wisc   29-May-28   Phillips 1020  
      Sarah Ethel Showers Dodson 28 Okla            
JONES, Frank see Lasater                    
JONES, Frank W see Neuman, Frank W                    
JONES, Fred see Armstrong, Joseph                    
JONES, Fred see Jones, Ray                    
JONES, Fred W see Lawson, Thomas Wilford                    
JONES, G H see Jones, Howard L                    
JONES, George H see Sargent, Dexter J                    
JONES, George Robert       Wagner 38 Wis   24-Oct-25   Phillips 844  
      Elaine Beatrice Braden Malta 20 Canada            
JONES, George S see McKague, Joseph Winifred                    
JONES, Gerald Theodore       Pageville 25 Pipestone Mn Wm Henry Jones & Sophia Annenson 6-Sep-11 Glendive Dawson 976  
      Nina Estella Schwartz Luverne Mn 19 Luverne Edward C Schwartz & Lillian McGee          
JONES, Grace see Coe, James B                    
JONES, H W see Sommers, Edward L                    
JONES, Hannah see Holmes, James                    
JONES, Harriet see Phelps, Albert                    
JONES, Harriet W see Abbott, Loyd E                    
JONES, Harris Dayton       Wagner 43 Wis   5-Oct-27   Phillips 968  
      Genevieve Brown Wagner 18 N D            
JONES, Hayward see Jones, David Milton                    
JONES, Hazel see Jones                    
JONES, Helen see Murray, Floyd                    
JONES, Henry see Jones, Clifford Eugene                    
JONES, Henry see Barnby                    
JONES, Howard see Abbott, Loyd E                    
JONES, Howard L       Oliver 44 Larvill Ind G H Jones & Minnie Johnson 11-Aug-23 Glendive Dawson 3015  
      Ada Newlon Glendive 43 Grand Chemier La I G Harper & Mary Doxey          
JONES, Hugh Dudley see Flanders, James Edward Jr                    
JONES, Humphrey see Jones, Thomas                    
JONES, Humphrey W see Jones, Ralph H                    
JONES, Inez Jane see Johnson, Ned C                    
JONES, Irvin       Bantry N D 24 Indiana Abraham Jones & Elizabeth Stewart 7-Dec-15 Bainville Sheridan 626  
      Hazel Jones Bantry N D 18 N D Samuel Jones & Emma Lee          
JONES, Isaac see Jones, Edward E                    
JONES, Ivena see Russell, Charles J                    
JONES, J E see Jones, Emmet W                    
JONES, J Glen       P�wood 27 St Cloud Mn Samuel F & Dennie? Jones 1-Jun-10 Culbertson Valley 640  
      Kathryr D Sinks Culbertson 24 Ft Laramie Wyo Harry C Sinks & Mary Hartigan          
JONES, J H see Jones, Lowell                    
JONES, J H see Jones, J W                    
JONES, J Joy see Sutton, Lloyd O                    
JONES, J W       Sidney 25 Ambersonley? Penn J H Jones & Jane Hazlett 21-Jan-10 Culbertson Valley 571  
      Mae O�Neill Sidney 19   Patrick O�Neill & Anna Campbell          
JONES, Jacob L & Anna M see Jones, Carl A                    
JONES, Jacob L & Anna M see Jones, Carl O                    
JONES, Jacob P see Jones, Orvil S                    
JONES, James B see Turnbough, L H                    
JONES, James E see Jones, Frank                    
JONES, James W L see Jones, Lyman E                    
JONES, Jarrett W       Bainville 33 Oshkosh Wis Charles A Jones & Mattie A Roberts 22-Sep-22 Mondak Roosivelt 174  
      mar Bertha Mathias Bainville 33 Detroit (Lakes?) Mn John Mathias & Mary Rosaana          
JONES, Jason E see Jones, Roy                    
JONES, Jennie see Ford, Corydon C                    
JONES, Jennie R see Newton, George Clark                    
JONES, Jessie E see Heal, Benjamin F                    
JONES, Jessie Eleanor see Lawson, Thomas Wilford                    
JONES, Jessie M see Fones, Earnest                    
JONES, Jessie Mae see Oland, Carl G                    
JONES, John see Russell, Charles J                    
JONES, John see Ingalls, John Emerson                    
JONES, John Andrew see Woodard, Edwin C                    
JONES, John H see Jones Joseph M                    
JONES, John H see Jones, Bert R                    
JONES, John J see Jones, Thomas R                    
JONES, John J see Jones, Thomas R                    
JONES, John Joseph       Poplar 21 Denver Edward Jones & Frances Hanson 26-Jul-28 Glasgow Valley 3400  
      Marie Juanita Berver Poplar 19 Hardin Joseph Berver & Mollie Dactles          
JONES, John M       Glasgow 46 Macon Ga? Moses Jones & Annie Thompson 27-May-1894 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Emily Edith Tandy Glasgow 27 England John Tandy & Elizabeth Bumsley          
JONES, John M see Johnson, Ned C                    
JONES, John N       Wibaux 30 Taylorsville No Carolina Judson Jones & Celia Smith 1-Aug-06 Wibaux Dawson 381  
      Jennie Smith Wibaux 22 Wibaux Andrew Smith & Mary Moody          
JONES, John R see Hunter, Henry                    
JONES, John R see Pomerleau                    
JONES, Joseph see Jones, Thomas R                    
JONES, Joseph M       Glasgow 27 Danville Ill John H Jones & Mary Force 7-Jan-13 Glasgow Valley 1213  
      Lydia Eleanor Steineke Glasgow 21 Mn Charles Steineke & Lily Seise          
JONES, Judson see Jones, John                    
JONES, Julia see Edminster, Bertrand H                    
JONES, June see Armstrong, Joseph                    
JONES, Kate see Pritchard, Thomas A                    
JONES, Kezzie May see Skillingberg, Halvor                    
JONES, Kissy see Anholt                    
JONES, Kizzie M see Gee                    
JONES, Kizzie M see Frealey                    
JONES, L D see Jones, C L                    
JONES, L T see Walker, Dean W                    
JONES, Laura see Powellek, Ervin A                    
JONES, Laura see Reed, Robert R                    
JONES, Lealta see Beeler, Lloyd                    
JONES, Lena see Zemliska, Norman                    
JONES, Lena B see Zemliska, Edgar W                    
JONES, Letha M see Kinch, Harvey M                    
JONES, Lincoln see Jones, Oliver                    
JONES, Lincoln see Jones, Vernie W                    
JONES, Lissie see Fraley                    
JONES, Lizzie see Jones, Robert                    
JONES, Lizzie see Harper                    
JONES, Lona Belle see Sassen, Lawrence Michael                    
JONES, Lona Belle see Duval, Henry J                    
JONES, Lorraine Etoil see Flanders, James Edward Jr                    
JONES, Louis       Phillips 30 Wis   13-Sep-17   Phillips 270  
      Mary Dagg Phillips 18 Ontario            
JONES, Louisa see Babcock, Erwin                    
JONES, Louise see Schatz, Charley                    
JONES, Lowell       Nashua 24 ??? J H Jones & Mary Force 31-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1974  
      Zoe Maxwell Nashua 22 Kan Grant? Maxwell & Dora Wilson          
JONES, Lucille see Foley, Augustine                    
JONES, Lucretise see Hunter, Henry                    
JONES, Lucy see Lockhart, Ray                    
JONES, Luella see Steen, Forrest                    
JONES, Lydia see Nelson, Jesse                    
JONES, Lydia E see Jones, Harris Dayton                    
JONES, Lyman E       Glasgow 28 Ill James W L Jones & Clella A Reet 14-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1693  
      Myrtle F Jones Glasgow 25 Mn Allen E Jones & Lillian M Gore          
JONES, Mabel see Sommers, Howard L                    
JONES, Mae F see Pomerleau                    
JONES, Maggie see Hunter, Malcolm                    
JONES, Mandy see Kidd, Theodore Alexander                    
JONES, Mandy see Smith, Charles J                    
JONES, Margaret C see Watson                    
JONES, Marie Grace see Ross, Howard Foster                    
JONES, Martha see Bryant, George A                    
JONES, Mary see Davis, L C                    
JONES, Mary see Henry, Dyer S                    
JONES, Mary see Long, Merl Wilbert                    
JONES, Mary see Titus, Richards                    
JONES, Mary see Sveen, August M                    
JONES, Mary see Stewart                    
JONES, Mary A see Polchow, John W                    
JONES, Mary E see Devault, Oscar                    
JONES, Mary Ellen see Fuller, James Thomas                    
JONES, Mary J see Saterlie                    
JONES, Matty see Richardson, John Wesley                    
JONES, May see Moore, Claude O                    
JONES, Maysel Annis see Sund, Harold D                    
JONES, Mederie?       Dodson 26 Pierre S D Ed Jones & Julia Lngley 17-Apr-29 Glasgow Valley 3461  
      Anna Grace Barrett Dodson 18 Dodson Andrew Barrett & Nellie Moore          
JONES, Melissa E see Loop, Jacob C                    
JONES, Melvin       Zortman 23 S D   13-Jul-26   Phillips 898  
      Madge Rummel Zortman 18 Mn            
JONES, Mildred M see Bingham, Leslie W                    
JONES, Milford see Tapper, Louie Henry                    
JONES, Minnie Lucy see Root, Irvin N                    
JONES, Moses see Jones, John M                    
JONES, Mrs Idelia see Mathey, Rudolph O                    
JONES, Mrs Mary see Hoist, Earnest                    
JONES, Mrs Mary see Carlson, Axel E                    
JONES, Myrtle F see Jones, Lyman E                    
JONES, Nancy see Pulse, Will                    
JONES, Nancy see Pulse, George F                    
JONES, Nellie see Graham, Geo F                    
JONES, Nettie G? see Feltis , George Albert                    
JONES, Nettie M see Lasater                    
JONES, Oliver       Richey 29 Farmersburg Ohio Lincoln Jones & Barbara Walters 6-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2717  
      Jennie E Tilton Richey 23 Spirit Lake Iowa Commodore Tilton & Rebecca Adkins          
JONES, Ora E       Med� lake 35 Illinois Ziba C Jones & Lora Stallings 1-Apr-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1500  
      Lou(Lea?) King Med� Lake 34 Ohio Franklin E Blonters & Rodinthe Strait          
JONES, Orenio see Coster, Clymer A                    
JONES, Orlando see Oland, Carl G                    
JONES, Orvil S       Glendive 38 Rush Michigan Jacob P Jones & Margaret Irland 11-Feb-08 Glendive Dawson 576  
      Lizzie Burshia Poplar 25 Poplar John Howard & Anna Lonedog          
JONES, Oscar L see Jones, Earl F                    
JONES, Oscar L see Jones, Walter F                    
JONES, Pauline see Nicol, Henry                    
JONES, Pearl R see Snead, Robert F                    
JONES, Peter see Reed, Robert R                    
JONES, Peter & Margaret see Sturges, G W                    
JONES, Pobert & O Mary see Davis, John W                    
JONES, Ralph H       Wibaux 22 Stillwater Iowa Humphrey W Jones & W E Archer 29-Dec-25 Wibaux Wibaux 523  
      Loretta V Lynch Wibaux 19 Plainsfield Ill John P Lynch & Mary Edith Meeks          
JONES, Ray       Watkins 28 Rochester Mn Fred Jones & Emma Babcock 11-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1832  
      Grace E Dickerson Watkins 28 Cadis Ohio W N Dickerson & Mary Belle McFadden          
JONES, Richard       Ft Belknap 43 Hill Cty Moccasin & White Woman 3-Dec-28 Chinook Blaine 1099  
      Good Woman Savoy 46 Ft Peck Bear & ???          
JONES, Richard see Brundage, Truman Osborne                    
JONES, Robert       Chinook 22 Wailes? England ??? & Lizzie Jones 25-Dec-24 Chinook Blaine 851  
      Minnie Leonard Chinook 20 Weeping Water Neb Roy L Leonard & Sophie Bettge          
JONES, Robert       Malta 24 Wis   10-Jun-22   Phillips 650  
      Florence Farrell Malta 18 Mt            
JONES, Roland Clark       Nashua 26 Patomac Ill Charles Jones & Mande Drollinger 13-Sep-27 Glasgow Valley 3318  
      Lula A Merrick Nashua 22 Brayton Ill Kirk Merrick & Loretta Meller          
JONES, Rose see Morrell, Marvin C                    
JONES, Rose see Bridges, Jessie W                    
JONES, Roxie see Tapper, Louie Henry                    
JONES, Roxie see Metzger, Joseph George                    
JONES, Roy       Hinsdale 28 Waseca Mn Jason E Jones & Laura Broscard 1-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 647  
      Ruth Ereliwine Hinsdale 20 Iowa David Erliwine & Elizabeth Riley          
JONES, Roy B       Poplar 24 Helena E S Jones & Lola Woods 19-Oct-22 Glasgow Valley 2917  
      Essie L Travis Poplar 21 Poplar William Travis & Nettie George          
JONES, Ruth see Wilcox, Willard                    
JONES, Samuel see Jones                    
JONES, Samuel & Dennie? see Jones, J Glen                    
JONES, Sarah see Borner, Richard                    
JONES, Sarah see Fredrickson, Clarence J                    
JONES, Sarah see Nelson                    
JONES, Sarah see Willard                    
JONES, Sarah see Sharp                    
JONES, Sylva see Holmes, Albert                    
JONES, Tavis see Kipp, James                    
JONES, Theodore C & Ida see Sutton, Lloyd O                    
JONES, Theodore J see Sanford, Leo N                    
JONES, Thomas see Brooks, Johnnie                    
JONES, Thomas       Echo Sask Can 31 Cresco Iowa Humphrey Jones & Emeline Hurley 29-Oct-23 Chinook Blaine 784  
      Elsie Randall Echo 27 Eden Valley Mn Harlow Stanton Randall & Elizabeth Pettit          
JONES, Thomas Edward       Tampico 23 Mich John Edwin Jones & Augusta Schumaker 6-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2189  
      Oline Otelie Skrataas Tampico 23 N D Oluf Skrataas & Oline Bardhal          
JONES, Thomas R       Glasgow 52 N Y Joseph Jones & Ruth Smith 24-Apr-15 Glasgow Valley 1665  
      Maude Hawthorne Glasgow 22 Canada William Hawthorn & Susan Norrom          
JONES, Thomas R       Glasgow 59 N Y John J Jones & Ruth Smith 19-Sep-24 Glasgow Valley 3088  
      Anna Hushing Glasgow 39 Can Robert Moore & ???          
JONES, Thomas R       Havre 62 N Y John J Jones & Ruth Smith 3-Sep-30 Scobey Daniels 486  
      Alma Thompson Flaxville 41 Park River N D Arne Thompson & Dorothy Munson          
JONES, Verna see Good, Frank B                    
JONES, Vernie W       Bloomfield 27 Farmersboro Iowa Lincoln Jones & Barbara Walters 19-Mar-14 Glendive Dawson 1461  
      Lena Wold Bloomfield 17 Black River Falls Wisc Richard A Wold & Nancy Finch          
JONES, Viola (Smith?) see Garcia, Zenni                    
JONES, Virginia Pauline see McGeathy, Delbert                    
JONES, Walter F       Malta 24 Minneapolis Mn Oscar L Jones & Hannah Harr 13-May-14 Malta Valley    
      Nellie Johnson Waleville Wash 18 Centralia Wash Phillip Johnson & ???          
JONES, Weldon J       Battleson 23 Wis Chas P Jones & Nellie Beebe 13-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2708  
      Anna Weerts Battleson 18 Mn John Weerts & Tena Derh?          
JONES, William see Smythe, Chester L                    
JONES, William see Melbourne, Thomas                    
JONES, William see Holmes, Albert                    
JONES, William see Holmes, James                    
JONES, William see Jones, Benjamin F                    
JONES, William       Sask Can 39 Sask   30-Nov-17   Phillips 290  
      O Parmilie Poiriar Sask 42 Sask            
JONES, William H see Jones                    
JONES, William J       Great Falls 31 Teko Wash David & Mary Jones 27-May-26 Glasgow Valley 3217  
      Alma Drewelow New Salem N D 26 N D Emil Drewelow & Carolina Wesley          
JONES, William L       Glendive 26 Neuport Mn William L Jones & Elizabeth Williams 24-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 3117  
      Frances Evelyn Roberts Stevens Point Wisc 28 Columbus Wisc Richard S Roberts & Fannie Catherine Jones          
JONES, William R see Bingham, Leslie W                    
JONES, William R       Poplar 25 Grafton Nebr William H Jones & Margaret Sullivan 31-May-16 Drew? Sheridan 743  
      Maud J Manning Poplar 18 Poplar John Manning & Idell Burshea          
JONES, Wm Henry see Jones, Gerald Theodore                    
JONES, Ziba C see Jones                    
JONES,, Marjorie, see Neuman , John Henry                    
JONESON, Eda see Tannehill, Clarence Fredrick                    
JONHANSEN, Karen see Holt, Dagfin                    
JONHSON, Mary L see Jarmine, Roy William                    
JONSDTR, Stine see Reed, William J                    
JONSEN, Johannes see Johnson                    
JONSEN, Kirin Marie Christena see Olson, Nils P                    
JONSEN, Peter see Olson, Niels P                    
JOOS, Barbara see Weller, Maurice Emmett                    
JOOS, Richard see Weller, Maurice Emmett                    
JOPEN, Kirstie see Nelson                    
JOPLING, H J see Logan, Alex                    
JORDAHL, Harold       ??? 22 S D   14-Jun-19   Phillips 427  
      Aurora Dontigny Phillips 20 Canada            
JORDAHL, Turie see Omstad                    
JORDAL, Bridt see Grytness                    
JORDAN, Albert       Chinook 24 Cleveland Ohio Charles Jordan & Caroline Roy 2-Aug-16 Chinook Blaine 293  
      Amanda Marie Jepsen Chinook 23 DesMoines? Iowa Henry Jepsen & Mary Kuhr          
JORDAN, Alice May see Small, Schuyler                    
JORDAN, Alice May see Vagg, Harry A                    
JORDAN, Alonzo see Marsh                    
JORDAN, Arthur J see Simon, Isaac                    
JORDAN, Arthur J see McPherson, Raymond                    
JORDAN, Benjamin       Enid 27 Wolverhampton England Benjamin Jordan & Eliza Homer 11-Jun-07 Glendive Dawson 520  
      Vada Elaine Babb Glendive 19 Lamont Tenn Price V Babb & Nora Rice          
JORDAN, Bernice see Phillips                    
JORDAN, Bessie see Funk, Ira                    
JORDAN, Betty see Smith, Dennie M                    
JORDAN, C M see Gillispie, Edgar P                    
JORDAN, Carl S       Wibaux 22 Mo J L Jordan & Mary Hilton 21-Aug-17 Wibaux Wibaux 164  
      Edith Bartholemew Wibaux 16 Mn Edith Bartholomew & Abbie I Chase          
JORDAN, Catherine see Patterson                    
JORDAN, Charles see Jordan, Albert                    
JORDAN, Chloe see Millard                    
JORDAN, Cloy see Merwin                    
JORDAN, Cloy see Merwin                    
JORDAN, Cora see Littleton, Albert E                    
JORDAN, Dagmar Hansine(Andersen?) see Jorgensen                    
JORDAN, Dorothy Jean see Whitmer, Robert Tilden                    
JORDAN, Effie see Fisher, William C                    
JORDAN, Eleanor Irene see Romsa, Melvin Leo                    
JORDAN, Elizabeth see Costello, George                    
JORDAN, Elsie E see Steihl, Clarence J                    
JORDAN, Ester see Parke, William J                    
JORDAN, Ester A see McPherson, Raymond                    
JORDAN, Florence M see Marsh                    
JORDAN, Fred see Brown, E L                    
JORDAN, Fred see Goodbar, Roy L                    
JORDAN, Horace A see Jordan                    
JORDAN, Horace S       Raymond 30 Mn Horace A Jordan & Mary Gross 20-Jan-15 Plentywood Sheridan 410  
      Flora Harrison P�wood ? Indiana Paris Harrison & Anna M Davis          
JORDAN, Ida see Riggin, Guy A                    
JORDAN, Ida I see Riggin, Harrison V                    
JORDAN, Irene see Burkart, Herman F                    
JORDAN, Isola see Kean, Thomas                    
JORDAN, Isola see Kean, Thomas J                    
JORDAN, Isola see Creelman, Edward H                    
JORDAN, Isola see Patnode, Anthony William                    
JORDAN, Isola see Kean, Charles Edward                    
JORDAN, J A see Davis, Frank B                    
JORDAN, J L see Jordan, Carl S                    
JORDAN, Jane see Smith, Earl                    
JORDAN, Jay see Stiehl, Clarence J                    
JORDAN, Jeanette June see Moe, William                    
JORDAN, Katherine M see Pattison, Guy J                    
JORDAN, Lilian see Bendon, Ira J                    
JORDAN, Lillian see Goodbar, Roy L                    
JORDAN, Lottie P see Shaver, John R                    
JORDAN, Maggie Belle see Davis, Frank B                    
JORDAN, Mary see Morcker, Harold                    
JORDAN, Mary (Conseman?) see Merrill                    
JORDAN, Maximillian see Lancey, Edgar Albert                    
JORDAN, Maxine see Lancey, Edgar Albert                    
JORDAN, Nettie L see Berven, Kearney                    
JORDAN, Norah Isaac see Simon, Isaac                    
JORDAN, Samuel H see Moe, William                    
JORDAN, William & Mrs see Bendon, Ira J                    
JORDAN, Wm F see Burkart, Herman F                    
JORDAN, Zola see Livingston, Manly                    
JORDAN (GORDON?), Beatrice see Jackson                    
JORDON, Clara Georgianna see Ellis, Glen Leroy                    
JORDON, James see Ellis, Glen Leroy                    
JORDON, James       Cleveland 48 Wis Ralph Jordon & Gusta Doe 30-Apr-21 Chinook Blaine 671  
      Julia Thumb Cleveland 49 Mt Gabriel Azure & ???          
JORDON, Ralph see Jordon, James                    
JORE, Louise see Miller                    
JORGENSEN, Jorgen see Comer, Cloyd E                    
JORGENSEN, Andrew K see Jorgensen, Anton K                    
JORGENSEN, Anton K       Hinsdale 22 Denmark Andrew K Jorgensen & Metter Rasmussen 8-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2378  
      mar Meta Terhark Tampico 22 Iowa Henry Terhark & Aberdina Hovlhof          
JORGENSEN, Caroline S see Nielsen                    
JORGENSEN, Christina see Jorgensen, Hans                    
JORGENSEN, Elian E A       Antelope 33 Den Hans Jorgensen & Caroline Rasmussen 8-Apr-14 Dagmar Sheridan 207  
      Hansine Hansen Antelope 35 Den Hans Nielsen & Dorthea Petersen          
JORGENSEN, Elise Christine see Brauer, C W O                    
JORGENSEN, Ella see Long                    
JORGENSEN, Esther see Christensen                    
JORGENSEN, Fredrick see Brauer, C W O                    
JORGENSEN, Gus see Long                    
JORGENSEN, Hans       Glendive 43 Denmark G P Jorgenson & Hansina Peterson 8-Dec-18 Glendive Dawson 2080  
      Agnes Petersen Glendive 19 Litchville N D P N Petersen & Christina Jorgensen          
JORGENSEN, Hans see Jorgensen                    
JORGENSEN, Helga see Nielsen                    
JORGENSEN, Hilma see Folden, Bjarne Oliver                    
JORGENSEN, Hilma see Lee, Clarence Almin                    
JORGENSEN, James       Dagmar 26 Denmark Jens Jorgensen & Marin Sorensen 3-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1214  
      Dorothy Pan-um Dagmar 32 Denmark Jacob Panum & Nelsina Christensen          
JORGENSEN, Jens see Jorgensen                    
JORGENSEN, Jens see Jorgensen                    
JORGENSEN, John C       Bonetrail N D 32 Denmark Nels Jorgensen & Christine Hansen 8-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 249  
      Emma Hansen Bonetrail 22              
JORGENSEN, Jorgen see Lodahl, Niels                    
JORGENSEN, Jorgen see Jorgensen, Mikkel                    
JORGENSEN, Jorgen see Jorgenson, Otto                    
JORGENSEN, Jorgen see Nielsen                    
JORGENSEN, Jorgen see Christensen                    
JORGENSEN, Karen see Lodahl, Niels                    
JORGENSEN, Karen see Frederickson                    
JORGENSEN, Lars see Morgan, Charles D                    
JORGENSEN, Lars see Morgan, Charles D                    
JORGENSEN, Laura see Comer, Cloyd E                    
JORGENSEN, Marie see Hrohmer                    
JORGENSEN, Martin see Casper                    
JORGENSEN, Mary see Christensen                    
JORGENSEN, Mary see Hendrickson                    
JORGENSEN, Metha see Casper                    
JORGENSEN, Mikkel       Dagmar 23 Horsens Den Jorgen Jorgensen & Annie Mikkelsen 8-Dec-10 Dagmar? Valley 755  
      Katherine Madsen Dagmar 31 Odense Denmark Mads Rasmussen & Marin Andersen          
JORGENSEN, Nels see Nielsen                    
JORGENSEN, Nels see Jorgensen                    
JORGENSEN, Niels       Culbertson 32 Denmark Hans Jorgensen & Karen Micolayson 18-Jan-18 Dane Valley Sheridan 1244  
      Anna Harol-dine Hansen Culbertson 30 Denmark Hans Hansen & Karen Anderson          
JORGENSEN, Olai       Dagmar 28 Denmark Jens Jorgensen & Christine Nielsen 28-Jun-14 Dagmar Sheridan 259  
      Dagmar Hansen Jordan Dagmar 30 Waterloo Iowa H R Andersen & Bertha Petersen          
JORGENSEN, Otto       Williston N D 26 Waupaca Wis Jorgen Jorgensen & Christina Olsen 10-Dec-21 Poplar Roosivelt 324  
      Grace Huseby Williston 25 Decorah Ill (or Iowa?) John Huseby & Johanna Bolson          
JORGENSEN, Peter see Offett                    
JORGENSEN, Petrina see Peterson, William                    
JORGENSON, Anna see Wood                    
JORGENSON, Anna see Thompson                    
JORGENSON, Anna M see Morrison, Hugh Earl                    
JORGENSON, Ben       Theony 26 Wis Lewis Jorgenson & Martha Thompson 12-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2228  
      Oral Searle Hinsdale 17 Wis Alonzo Searl & Clara Ward          
JORGENSON, Caroline see Hansen, Henius                    
JORGENSON, Carrie see Morris                    
JORGENSON, Dagny Elizabeth see Bergh                    
JORGENSON, Elling see Harmeson, Emil A                    
JORGENSON, Gena see Harmeson, Emil A                    
JORGENSON, George see Thompson, Julius                    
JORGENSON, Gudrun see Bray, Edward                    
JORGENSON, Gunvald Emil       Medora N D 34 Christiason? Norway Jorgen Gunvaldson & Tomeni Aberhamson? 11-Jul-23 Glendive Dawson 3000  
      Gurine Foss Flushing N Y 36 Christianson? Norway Arnt Foss & Marie Johnsen          
JORGENSON, Hannah see Mickelson, Carl M                    
JORGENSON, Hans see Jorgensen                    
JORGENSON, I L see Bjorko                    
JORGENSON, Iver see Morrison, Hugh Earl                    
JORGENSON, Jena see Torgerson, Marvin Orlando                    
JORGENSON, Jorgen see Bergh                    
JORGENSON, Jorgen       Comertown 28 S D Nels Jorgenson & Dorothy Sorenson 25-Jan-22 Comertown Sheridan 1779  
      Christine Rasmussen Comertown 30 Norway Rasmus B Rasmussen & Agnes Mryvssgness          
JORGENSON, Jorgen see Jensen                    
JORGENSON, Julia see Benson                    
JORGENSON, Katherine see Douglas                    
JORGENSON, Lawrence M       Fergus Falls Mn 29 Iowa Peter Jorgenson & Maren Jensen 29-Apr-29 Scobey Daniels 430  
      Thelma D Thorson Peerless 22 S D Isaac Thorson & Tena Wortler          
JORGENSON, Lewis see Jorgenson, Ben                    
JORGENSON, Lottie see Duncan                    
JORGENSON, Louis see Duncan                    
JORGENSON, Marie see Jensen                    
JORGENSON, Marie see Krogedal                    
JORGENSON, Mary see Morrin, Joseph A                    
JORGENSON, Minnie see Clemetson                    
JORGENSON, Minnie see Olson                    
JORGENSON, Myrtle see Wick                    
JORGENSON, Nels see Jorgenson                    
JORGENSON, Olive (Judd) see Evenson, Anton                    
JORGENSON, Oscar see Ehrhardt                    
JORGENSON, Paul see Mickelson, Carl M                    
JORGENSON, Paul J       Peerless 22 N D Peter Jorgenson & Maren Jensen 18-Oct-28 Scobey Daniels 396  
      Maysel R Thorson Peerless 18 Can Isaac Thorson & Lena Wortler?          
JORGENSON, Peter see Jorgenson, Lawrence M                    
JORGENSON, Peter see Jorgensen, Paul J                    
JORGENSON, Peter see Douglas                    
JORGENSON, Regessi see Swanton, Edward                    
JORGENSON, Stella see Ehrhardt                    
JORGENSON, Thyra see Lindegaard                    
JORGENSON, Tillie see Walker                    
JORGENSON, Viola Mae see Callahan, David L                    
JORGENSON, William see Callahan, David L                    
JORGENSRUD, Jacob see Christensen                    
JORGENSRUD, Millie see Christensen                    
JORGRNSON, Jorgen see Lindegaard                    
JORGSON, Mary see Nielson, Lyle W                    
JORIUX, Florence see Ball, Nicholas C                    
JORN, Annie see Henke, August T                    
JOSEPH, Elias G       Flint Mich 28 Syria George Joseph & Maside Abraham 16-Jul-24 Chinook Blaine 823  
      Mary Aboud Harlem 19 Gerald Sask Can David Aboud & Sarah Sallour          
JOSEPH, George see Joseph, Elias                    
JOSEPHINE, see Knorr, Charles                    
JOSEPHINE, see Left Hand Thunder, Richard                    
JOSEPHINE, see Nomee, Albert                    
JOSEPHSON, Bertha see Albin, Ira O                    
JOSEPHSON, Bertha see Anderson, Carl                    
JOSEPHSON, Bertha see Hendrickson, James E                    
JOSEPHSON, Bertha see Jensen, Thorwald                    
JOSEPHSON, Donta see Anderson, Charles                    
JOSEPHSON, Lisebeth Kalberg see Barnett, Humboldt                    
JOSEPHSON, Maria Olena see Sorensen, George Walter                    
JOSEPHSON, Peter see Anderson, Peter M                    
JOSEPHSON, Walter see Sorenson, George Walter                    
JOSHINSKY, Bertha see Bogut                    
JOSLIN, Marian see Williams                    
JOSLIN, Ora P       Sandusky 39 Columbus Ind Perry Joslin & Sarinda Clark 22-Jan-18 Chinook Blaine 472  
      Nellie Erickson Landusky 30 Washburn N D John Erickson & Carrie Anderson          
JOSLIN, Perry see Joslin, Ora P                    
JOSLIN, Ray D       Glendive 22 Glendive W E Joslin & Rose Bently? 10-May-05   Dawson 336  
      Susan M Corey Glendive 22 Bismark N D E T Corey & Chlora Lattimore?          
JOSLIN, W E see Joslin, Ray D                    
JOSLYN, Aden see Joslyn, Charles Edward                    
JOSLYN, Charles Edward       Wibaux 29 Wilsonville Nebr Aden Joslyn & Phoebe Morgan 29-Jan-19 Wibaux Wibaux 228  
      Reeva Ella Beach Wibaux 20 Nahinee Ind John Beach & Vanlula Affins          
JOSLYN, Ella see Hamilton, Fred E                    
JOST, Elmer       Grassy Butte N D 22 Alma Wis William Jost & Julia Haase? 22-Jul-24 Wibaux Wibaux 442  
      Barbara Kowis Grassy Butte N D 20 Belfield N D Conrad Kowis & Rose Heiser          
JOST, Magdeline see Leuenberger, Ernest                    
JOTEN, Kersta see Watnaas                    
JOTHEN, Gladys Violet see Hendricks                    
JOUBERT, Arlie Elizabeth see Hellickson, Ronald                    
JOUBERT, Charles E see Voorhies, Warren M                    
JOUBERT, Ezra G       Fryberg N D 34 Beevo Creek Wis Noah E Joubert & Emma Young 7-Apr-25 Wibaux Wibaux 483  
      Mable P Olson Fryberg 25 Wheaton Mn J P Olson & Josephine Bostrom          
JOUBERT, Mabel see Voorhies, William H                    
JOUBERT, Mabel L see Voorhies, Warren M                    
JOUBERT, Mary Harriet see Olsen, Bernt T                    
JOUBERT, Mitchel see Olsen, Bernt T                    
JOUBERT, Mitchel see Hellickson, Ronald                    
JOUBERT, Mitchell see Dahl, Charles H                    
JOUBERT, N see Howard, William C                    
JOUBERT, Noah E see Joubert, Ezra G                    
JOUBERT, Nora see Dahl, Charles H                    
JOUBERT, Osanach see Howard, William C                    
JOUBERT, Pauline see Thompson, Arthur Louis                    
JOVE, Tillie see Olson                    
JOWELL, Rosa see Skillinger                    
JOY, B M       Opheim 30 Mo Henry H Joy & Martha E Miller 26-Jun-26 Glasgow Valley 2146  
      Fanny Henry Opheim 19 N D John Henry & Jenny Storey          
JOY, Fred see Joy                    
JOY, Henry H see Joy, R M                    
JOY, Louis H       Homestead 24 Leeds Eng Fred Joy & Eliza S Day 21-Dec-13 Homestead Sheridan 141  
      Oleanna B Berstad Med Lake 25 Nor Ole C Berstad & Johanna Rasmussen          
JOY, Nora see Krebsbach, Lloyd                    
JOYACE?, Ella see Whitehead, David                    
JOYCE, ??? see Laird, Ezekiel B                    
JOYCE, A C see Ramey, George Dewey                    
JOYCE, Delia see Ryan, John Thomas                    
JOYCE, Goldie May see Ramey, George Dewey                    
JOYCE, Iva see Laird, Ezekiel B                    
JOYCE, Joseph Andrew       Emmetsburg 27 Iowa Edward Joyce & Mary Kelly 9-Feb-16 Wibaux Wibaux 78  
      Ellen Bernice Miller Wibaux 26 Iowa Thomas J Miller & Margaret Conlon          
JOYCE, Laura E see Brown, Park Duanne                    
JOYCE, Peter A       Forsyth 35 Emerald Wisc Peter Joyce & Mary Early 9-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3260  
      Marion Tobert Forsyth 42 Dickenson N D John Tobert & Anna Kiepke          
JOYCE, Thomas F see Desch, George R                    
JOYCE,, Edward, see Joyce, Joseph Andrew                    
JOYES, Edward Thomas       Westby 32 England Henry Joyes & Elizabeth Collison 23-Aug-13 Plentywood Sheridan 68  
      Evaline Bruvold Westby 26 Wis Peter Bruvold & Eline Hanson          
JOYES, Henry see Joyes                    
JOYLE, Frank see Birst, Louis Henry                    
JRES, John see Tomlinson, Herbert                    
JRES, Minnie see Tomlinson, Herbert                    
JUBERT, Josephine see Matteson, Alfred                    
JUDD, Alice see Hill, Fay M                    
JUDD, Christie see Dailey, George Westley                    
JUDD, Francis see Otto                    
JUDD, Jennie C see Marks, A J                    
JUDD, Knute see Evenson, Anton                    
JUDD, Mary see Myers, Charles                    
JUDD, Minnie see Lacher, John E                    
JUDERJOHN, August see Juderjohn, Ed                    
JUDERJOHN, Ed       Malta 29 New Ulm Mn August Juderjohn & Louise Abbitts 3-Dec-12 Glasgow Valley 1174  
      Gustina Barber Glasgow 29 Liesley Mich Jackson T Barber & Gustina Ryan          
JUDEVINE, Laura see Lumsden, Alexander                    
JUDGE, Joseph       Malta 27 Ireland Patrick Judge & Mary Hopkins 9-Jun-14 Chinook Blaine 128  
      Kazemara Czarehovicz Malta 18 Chicago John Czarehovicz & Mehalina Sommerfiest          
JUDGE, Joseph       Malta 37 Ireland Patrick Judge & Mary Hopkins 6-Jun-23 Scobey Daniels 107  
      Marie Anne Maher Bredette 24 Lake Mills Iowa James G Maher & Lena Bagney          
JUDGE, Patrick see Judge, Joseph                    
JUDGE, Patrick see Judge, Joseph                    
JUDKIN, Louise see Iverson, Theodore                    
JUDKINS, Louise see Patchen, Lyman L                    
JUDSON, N Edna see Roycraft, Joseph W                    
JUDSON, Nina see Webster, Norman                    
JUDSON,, Madison, see Roycraft, Joseph W                    
JUDY, Frances see Lane, Ara Clay                    
JUEL, Christopher see Juel                    
JUEL, Didrik       Pretty Valley Sask Can ?? Norway Christopher Juel & Dorothy Johnson 14-Feb-19 Scobey Sheridan 1475  
      Hazel Hanson Madoc 20 Iowa Christ & Ida Hanson          
JUELSON, Jane see Frazier, Harry O                    
JUELSON, Olava Mary see Berger                    
JUENKE, Mayme see Holderman, Everett A                    
JUENS, Elizabeth Mace (Kortland) see Casiday, Walter H                    
JUENS?, Henry see Casiday, Walter H                    
JUERGENS, Anna see Kolberg, Jonas L                    
JUERGENS, W H       Billings 38 Canada W H Juergens Sr & Annie Hartling 2-Feb-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2588  
      Alice C Herrem Eau Claire Wis 27 Menominie Wis C L Herrem & Anna Erickson          
JUHNKE, Alfred       Beach N D 23 Comfrey Mn August Juhnke & Alvina Babrick 27-Sep-30 Glendive Dawson 3919  
      Anna Sperl Beach N D 18 Searlis Mn Joseph Sperl & Lena Gall          
JUHNKE, August see Juhnke, Alfred                    
JUHNKE, August see Juhnke, Otto                    
JUHNKE, August see Breitenfeldt, Reinhart                    
JUHNKE, Aulga see Breitenfeldt, Reinhart E                    
JUHNKE, Otto       Beach N D 21 Comfry Mn August Juhnke & Alvinia Bareck 19-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3231  
      Lettie Smith Beach N D 19 Akeley Mn John Smith & Winnie Williams          
JULESON, Clarence       Fallow 31 Dodgeville Iowa John Juleson & Mary Narveson 19-Mar-21 Circle McCone 28  
      Hazel Gifford Fallow 18 Barnum Mn Jacob Gifford & Effie Basset          
JULESON, John see Juleson, Clarence                    
JULIA, see Christian, George                    
JULIA, see Red Feather, Frank                    
JULIAN, Laura see Osborn                    
JULIAN, Mary I see Walker, Harvey James                    
JULIEN, Alma see Fellman                    
JULLEN, Guro see Glennen, Jens                    
JULSON, Julia see Nyre                    
JULSON, Ole see Norton                    
JULSON, Olive Marie see Berger, Lauritz                    
JULSON, Syver see Bratrud, Cleo                    
JULUM, Ole see Julum, Oliver                    
JULUM, Oliver       Flaxville 26 Ashby Mn Ole Julum & Inger Torgerson 27-Oct-25 Scobey Daniels 233  
      Anna Murr Flaxville 18 Marathon City Ariz? Wm Murr & Mary Linder          
JUMP, Kate see Mann, Paul                    
JUMPER, Silvia Bell see Hilyon                    
JUMPMAN, Louise see Nugent, Frank D                    
JUNDT, Daniel see Jundt, John                    
JUNDT, John       Marsh 28 Russia Daniel Jundt & Elizabeth Beaver 20-Jul-28 Glendive Dawson 3607  
      Katie Ulrich Marsh 23 Ashley N D Gottfried Ulrich & Christina Ruff          
JUNE?, Isabelle? see McDonald, James                    
JUNG, Anne see Betsinger, Herbert                    
JUNG, John see Betsinger, Herbert                    
JUNG, Mary see Olson, John                    
JUNGE, J M see Tompkins, William Manson                    
JUNGE, Violet see Tompkins, William Manson                    
JUNGERMAN, Mary see Etzel, Carl                    
JUNGERMAN, Mary see Knoff, Frank M                    
JUNGERMAN, Mary see Mahlstedt, George L                    
JUNGERSEN, Marie see Nasby                    
JUNGERSON, Mary see Motschenbacher, Charles G                    
JUNGLING, Bertha see Schmitcke, Benjamin                    
JUNGLING, Ludwig & Mary see Schmitcke, Benjamin                    
JUNGREN, Emelia see Burchette, Thomas R                    
JUNKERMIER, Anna see Angier, Herman                    
JUNN, Mart Jane see Mores, James Leonard                    
JURANOVITZ, Andrew see Juranovitz, John                    
JURANOVITZ, John       Glendive 18 Hungary Andrew Juranovitz & Apolonia Nebu 9-Jan?(Dec?)-1907 Glendive Dawson 417  
      Annie Roth Glendive 18 Hungary ???          
JURASKA, Frances see Zetocha, Julius                    
JURGENS, Eddie see Allen, LeeRoy                    
JURGENSEN, Anna C see Hill, Lester H                    
JURGENSEN, Hannah see Lockhart, Richard                    
JURGENSEN, Marie see Larsen, Peter                    
JURGENSEN, Martha see Lehnen, Albert M                    
JURGENSEN, Moritz C see Lockhart, Richard                    
JURGENSEN, Moritz C see Lehnen, Albert M                    
JURGENSEN, Moritz C see Jurgensen                    
JURGENSEN, Moritz P       Scobey 22 Neb Moritz J Jurgensen & Maria Holst 22-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 650?  
      Emily Davis Scobey 18 Iowa Fred Davis & Lizzie Holiday          
JURONOVITCH, Andrew see Juronovitch, John                    
JURONOVITCH, John       Glendive 29 Hungary Andrew Juronovich & Aplona Webber 21-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2029  
      Lena Palen Glendive 31 Hungary Joseph Stizel & Anna Ortinan          
JURRILS?, Anna L see Houpt, William                    
JUSK?, Sunive? see Olsen, O M                    
JUST, Anna see Truxton, Jonathon Alexander                    
JUST, Eleanor Vesta see Chamberlain, Otto R                    
JUST, Emil see Chamberlain, Otto R                    
JUST, Fred see Mitchell, Jim                    
JUST, Hattie see Thompson                    
JUST, Mary see Peterson, William                    
JUST, Mary E see Peterson, John E                    
JUST, Millie see Mitchell, Jim                    
JUSTESEN, Anna see Readfinger, Paul                    
JUSTICE, ??? see Miller, Frank M                    
JUSTICE, Christiana see Sharp, Oscar                    
JUSTICE, Floa see Childs, Harrison L                    
JUSTICE, Flora A see Hupp, Edward Theodore                    
JUSTICE, Frank       Seattle Wash 44 Omaha Nebr Matt Justice & Mary Rogers 10-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2384  
      Annie Johnson Grenora N D 35 Rolete N D J E Marion & Justine Grant          
JUSTICE, Jane see Bowness                    
JUSTICE, Matt see Justice                    
JUSTUS, Christia see Hagen, Oscar V                    
JUSTUS, Christiania see Moody, Ivan                    
JUTLAND, Marie see Folkvord, Thore                    
JUUL, Harry       Outlook 25 Outlook Peter Juul & Caroline Jensen 4-Dec-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2798  
      Valerie Main P�wood 25 Royal Iowa Omer Snyder & Freddie Morgan          
JUUL, Peter see Juul                    
JUVE, Agnes see Rasmussen                    
JUVE, Albert       Westby 38 Mn Tore Juve & Sovei Nereson 5-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2120  
      Sylve Paulson Westby 22 Norway Peder Brothen & Olava Anderson          
JUVE, Belle see Christensen                    
JUVE, John see Rogstad                    
JUVE, Martha see Rasmussen                    
JUVE, Mary T see Olsen, O M                    
JUVE, Mildred R see Rogstad                    
JUVE, Oscar see Rasmussen                    
JUVE, Oscar       Westby 31 Mn Thore & Sylvie Juve 12-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1663  
      Jennie Lien Westby 30 Norway Nels O & Gertrude Lien          
JUVE, Thore see Olsen, O M                    
JUVE, Thore & Sylvie see Juve                    
JUVE, Tore see Juve                    
JUZELER, David see Russell, Thomas Foster                    
JUZELER, Nellie see Russell, Thomas Foster                    
JYLLAND, Hannah Mathilda see Detienne                    
JYSTAD, Isabell O see Maltby, Frances Clark                    
JYSTAD, Julius see Maltby, Francis Clark