Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Hawn to Hetman

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
HAWN, Ethel see Dunlap, Wallace Dearl                    
HAWORTH, Clementine see Cusker, (Frank?)                    
HAWORTH, Esther Isabel see Whiteley, Winfield M                    
HAWORTH, Ilo Aldena see Ragsdale, Virgil Augustus                    
HAWORTH, Spencer Isabel see Whiteley, Winfield M                    
HAWS, Andrew see Haws, William Anul                    
HAWS, William Anul       Nashua 27 Mn Andrew Haws & Bertha Roeck 26-Nov-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 699  
      Dorothy E Meltzer Choteau 18 Illinois John Meltzer & Nellie Blackmer          
HAWTHORN, Maude see Jones, Thomas R                    
HAWTHORN, William see Jones, Thomas R                    
HAWTHORNE, Orma see Belzer, William E                    
HAWVER, Edward F       Chinook 55 Wis Frank Hawver & Lucina Salisbury 24-Mar-28 Chinook Blaine 1049  
      Mrs Christina Green Chinook 35 Mt J C Wood & Mary Grant          
HAWVER, Frank see Hawver, Edwaed F                    
HAWVOR, S M see Warren, Willard V                    
HAY, Andrew W       Savoy 28 Scotland William Hay & Mary Winter 10-Mar-21 Haro Blaine 664  
      Edna Olivia Rich Savoy 18 Wyville Wis Edwin Rich & Mary Nelson          
HAY, Clarence Osborn       East Helena 34 Oshkosh Wisc Wm H Hay & Kate Osborn 7-Sep-11 Glendive Dawson 977  
      Cora Palmer Glendive 30 Cedar Springs Mich William Palmer & Alice Armstrong          
HAY, Ethel see Taylor, Harry E                    
HAY, James M       Nashua 39 Cabel Ill Thomas R Hay & Jane Nesbitt 4-Oct-22 Glasgow Valley 2913  
      Anna Anderson Nashua 23 Minot N D Martin Anderson & Mary Haugen          
HAY, Susanna see LaTurner, Ai Ray                    
HAY, Thomas R see Hay, James M                    
HAY, W R see Taylor, Harry E                    
HAY, William see Hay, Andrew W                    
HAY, Wm H see Hay, Clarence Osborn                    
HAYBURN, Mary see Erickson, Julian                    
HAYCOX, Eloise see Miller, E L                    
HAYCOX, George see Miller, E L                    
HAYCRAFT, Edmund R       Madelia Mn 24 Madelia Emory Haycraft & Jenny Sargent 19-Sep-08 Culbertson Valley 407  
      Sue M Wedge Culbertson 24 Rochester Mn Charles S Wedge & Emma F Buttles          
HAYCRAFT, Emory see Haycraft, Edmund R                    
HAYDEN, Arlie M       Carlyle 21 Iowa Multon Hayden & Laura Ryan 8-Dec-20 Wibaux Wibaux 294  
      E Florence Kirkpatrick Sentinel Butte N D 18 Ohio Xchas Kirkpatrick & Martha Hickman          
HAYDEN, Bertha S see Bird, George                    
HAYDEN, Birdie see Egan, Matthew E                    
HAYDEN, E E see Lawhead, Riley I                    
HAYDEN, Edna May see Lawfead, Riley I                    
HAYDEN, Edward see Williams, George Henry                    
HAYDEN, Edward see Adams, Charles                    
HAYDEN, Emma see Platts, Harold W                    
HAYDEN, George see Bird, George                    
HAYDEN, Gra? see Hayden, Robert W                    
HAYDEN, Jane see Saltz, Frank                    
HAYDEN, Lydia Josephine see Williams, George Henry                    
HAYDEN, Milton see Egan, Matthew E                    
HAYDEN, Milton see Kostelecky, Frank                    
HAYDEN, Multon see Hayden, Arlie M                    
HAYDEN, Robert W       Oswego 33 Milwaukee Wis Gra? Hayden & Nellie Lowe 18-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1958  
      Lulu Grace Miller Nashua 27 ??? Arthur M Miller & Ella E Lyons          
HAYDEN, Ruth see Adams, Charles                    
HAYDON, Jennie see Mitchell, Raymond                    
HAYEN, C D see Hobbs, Gordon L                    
HAYEN, C D see Hayen, George                    
HAYEN, George       Twete 24 Sioux City Iowa C D Hayen & Christine Becker 4-Apr-27 Chinook Blaine 986  
      Laura Mitchell Twete 18 Badax Mich C W Mitchell & Mary I Wittie          
HAYEN, Lydia see Hobbs, Gordon L                    
HAYENGA, Anna see Cox, Harry Preston                    
HAYENGA, Delia see Hansen, Joe M                    
HAYENGA, Didrick see Hansen, Joe M                    
HAYENGA, Katie see Maxwell                    
HAYENGA, Richard see Cox, Harry Preston                    
HAYENGA, Richard see Maxwell                    
HAYER, Elizabeth A see Lzicar, Fred                    
HAYER, Sylvia M see Newton, Howard C                    
HAYES, Adelade see Brickert, Charles George                    
HAYES, Bertha see Dana, Wray H                    
HAYES, Beulah see Stoner, Ray                    
HAYES, Charles see Hayes, George Anthony                    
HAYES, Charles see Brickert, Charles George                    
HAYES, Edward see Mitch, Anton                    
HAYES, Edwin James       Chinook 27 Canton Ill George Hayes & Liliah Mitchell 5-Apr-30 Chinook Blaine 1199  
      Thelma Overcast Chinook 21 Birch Tree Mo Porter C Overcast & Nora Webb          
HAYES, Edwin James       Scobey 22 Barry Ill George Hayes & Lelah Mitchell 18-Oct-24 Scobey Daniels 168  
      Birdie May Smith Scobey 36 Crookston Mn Herman & Kale Ruth          
HAYES, Effie see Newton, G H                    
HAYES, Elizabeth A see Clevenger, L A                    
HAYES, Esther C see Lynd                    
HAYES, Fannie M see Griffith, George                    
HAYES, George see Hayes, Edwin James                    
HAYES, George see Hayes, Edwin James                    
HAYES, George Anthony       Glasgow 25 Southerland Iowa Charles Hayes & Charlotte Anthony 20-Jun-19 Glendive Dawson 2533  
      Florence Richardson Cadott Wis 21 Bryant S D Walter Richardson & Martha Wilder          
HAYES, George Ernest       Minot 26 Ontario Can George M Hayes & Phoebe Jane Clarridge 16-Dec-19 Mondak Roosivelt 82  
      Winifred Marion Smith Minot N D 23 Vermont Herbert Smith & Ann Unsworth          
HAYES, Grace E (Minor?) see King, Thomas J                    
HAYES, Hattie see Ashe, Edward C                    
HAYES, Hazel see Lenner, Leland                    
HAYES, Henry       Bauks (Banks?) N D 32 Penn Walter H Hayes & Sybella Shaner 27-Jun-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 518  
      Nora Belgard Wolf Point 16 Shafer N D August Rose Belgard & Mary Rose Bot-teneau          
HAYES, Holt see Arndt, Herman John                    
HAYES, Inez see Olson                    
HAYES, Isadora see Axvig                    
HAYES, Jessie C see Compton, Geo F                    
HAYES, John see Lenner, Leland                    
HAYES, John see Compton, Geo F                    
HAYES, John see Forsyth, James                    
HAYES, John A see Lynd                    
HAYES, Josephine see O�Neill, William                    
HAYES, Katherine see Legare, Alphonse                    
HAYES, Lena see Flynn, Thomas                    
HAYES, Lois see Mitch, Anton                    
HAYES, Mary N see Miller, Henry A                    
HAYES, Mattie P (Muckey?) see Erlewine, Frank                    
HAYES, Micheal see Hayes, Patrick                    
HAYES, Patrick       Glasgow 58 Wis Micheal Hayes & Helen Clancy? 7-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2693  
      Kate Curran Glasgow 54 Wis Pat Curran & ??? Mcguire          
HAYES, Roy N       Beach N D 24 Kilbourn Wisc Vic Hayes & Lillian Searl 18-Aug-07 brides home Dawson 538  
      Harriet Lake Beach N D 24 Yellow Creek Penn John H Lake & Rebecka Mellott          
HAYES, Susan see Daily, Bruce                    
HAYES, Timothy see Morrow, Lynn                    
HAYES, Vic see Hayes, Roy N                    
HAYES, Walter H see Hayes, Henry                    
HAYES, Will see Clark, Charles G                    
HAYES, Winifred see McCall, H E                    
HAYFIELD, Bill see Hayfield, Pete                    
HAYFIELD, Pete       Glasgow 22 Glasgow Bill Hayfield & Rosie Malatare 3-Nov-30 Chinook Blaine 1239  
      Mary Hubert Great Falls 22 Malta Alex Doney & Louise Plummer          
HAYFORD, Anna see Schwarzhoff, C T                    
HAYHURST, Laura E see Reinhart, Charles                    
HAYK, Roda see Bigwell, Randle                    
HAYLING, Ida see McDaniel, Robert                    
HAYMAKER, Frank S see Boyce, Stsphen Charles                    
HAYMAKER, Sadie Grace see Boyce, Stephen Charles                    
HAYMAN, Alexander see Benson, Lawrence                    
HAYMAN, Mary Jeanette see Benson, Lawrence                    
HAYMER, Jennie see Colbert, Luther W                    
HAYNE, Fred Paul       Poplar 24 S D Paul & Lucy Hayne 21-Jul-26 Poplar Roosivelt 929  
      Rosella Christenson Poplar 18 N D Chris Christenson & ???          
HAYNE, Harold H       Poplar 23 Poplar Paul H Hayne & Lucy Gordon 4-May-29 Glasgow Valley 3464  
      Elsie Dillard Wolf Point 22 Glasgow John Dillard & Maude Clough          
HAYNE, Paul & Lucy see Hayne, Fred Paul                    
HAYNE, Paul H see Hayne, Harold H                    
HAYNE, Paul H       Poplar 28 Wolf Point Sredenc & Iesen Hanis 21-Aug-01 Poplar Valley ?  
      Lucy Gordon Poplar 28 Rosebud S D Frank Gordon & Sarah Walking Crane          
HAYNE?, Maude May see Richmond, Floyd L                    
HAYNER, Allis see Corkran, John L                    
HAYNER, Frank see Hayner, Harry Glen                    
HAYNER, Harry Glenn       Watford City N D 35 Scheffield? Iowa Frank Hayner & Emmeline Smith 6-Jan-30 Glendive Dawson 3835  
      Virginia Duora Taylor Watford City 24 Missouri Cecil Taylor & Kate Westcott          
HAYNES, see Hoynds?                    
HAYNES, Christine see Cuddeback                    
HAYNES, Delphia see Kennedy, John                    
HAYNES, George A       Tampico 23 Riverside Ind Wilson Haynes & Nellie Johnson 29-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3103  
      Anna Lenz Glasgow 23 Glasgow Adam Lenz & Theresa Barrett          
HAYNES, Gordon B       Missoula 31 Prairie City Iowa Wm A Haynes & Molriss? C Groom 5-Nov-07 Glendive Dawson 551  
      Gertrude A Young Glendive 27 South Haven Mich Wm Young & Emily Loomis          
HAYNES, John L       Roos Cty? 56 Tooele City Utah John F Haynes & Julia Marie Lee 27-Jan-27 Froid Roosivelt 989  
      Ella Smiith Roos Cty ? 39 Tampico Mexico Morris & Nancy Victor          
HAYNES, Louisa see Pulse, George F                    
HAYNES, Mary see Wismiller, Charles                    
HAYNES, Thomas       Minneapolis 33 Manchester England Thomas Haynes & Sarah Oldfield 20-Jul-20 Glendive Dawson 2785  
      Lillian Dorsett Minneapolis Mn 23 St Paul David Dorsett & Marie Peterson          
HAYNES, William see Kennedy, John                    
HAYNES, Wm A see Haynes, Gordon B                    
HAYS, David L       Nashua 36 Bowling Green Ken W Hays & ??? Phillips 25-Dec-00 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Lottie Swan Nashua 32 England George Manwaring          
HAYS, H F see Abel, Thomas Morgan                    
HAYS, W see Hays, David L                    
HAYSE, Mamie see Welch                    
HAYSE, Theo N see Hallock, Kenneth A                    
HAYWARD, Cora see Franzen, Henry W                    
HAYWARD, Cora see Kirkpatrick, Lawrence                    
HAYWARD, Cora see Myers, Verne E                    
HAYWARD, John Herbert       Glendive 53 Prince Edward Island Can William Hayward & Charlotte Bounday 3-Jan-21 Glendive Dawson 2731  
      Jennie Dotson Glendive 48 Centerville Iowa Sheldon Inman & Nancy Wilson          
HAYWARD, Mary O see Coates, Arthur J                    
HAYWARD, Maude see Stone, Dudley C                    
HAYWARD, William see Hayward, John Herbert                    
HAYWART, Clementine see Cusker, Frank                    
HAYWOOD, Julia see Cullett, Andrew G                    
HAYWORTH, Alta see Cusker, H J                    
HAYWORTH, Clementine see Cusker, Sig                    
HAYWORTH, Clementine see Pipal, William                    
HAZE, Fannie see Coy, Haze                    
HAZE, Matilda see Teeters, William P                    
HAZEL, Minnie see Harden                    
HAZELBAKER, Mary (Harmon?) see Christopherson, Mary                    
HAZELBROCK, Ida see Kobliska, Paul                    
HAZELBROCK, Peter see Kobliska, Paul                    
HAZELMEIER, Sophia see Stapel, John                    
HAZELRIGG, Susan see Teeter, Archie H                    
HAZELTON, Charles see Page, Ralph                    
HAZELTON, Charles see Spears, Harry G                    
HAZELTON, Chas see Hazelton, Simon H                    
HAZELTON, Emma L see Davis, Hugh                    
HAZELTON, Lucy see Houpt, William                    
HAZELTON, Mabel M see Spears, Harry G                    
HAZELTON, Margaret see Page, Ralph                    
HAZELTON, Simon H       Wibaux 29 Fair-mont Mn Chas Hazelton & Minnie Myer 25-Jun-25 Wibaux Wibaux 493  
      Lucile M Williams Trotters N D 21 ??? Ira Williams & ???          
HAZELWOOD, Norman G       Roundup 32 Pittsburgh Pa Wm Hazelwood & Lucretia Blanch Graham 24-Aug-24 Wibaux Wibaux 350  
      Mary Bilyeu Wibaux 22 N D Joseph & Louise Bilyeu          
HAZELWOOD, Wm see Hazelwood, Norman G                    
HAZLETT, Annie see Hoffman, Edward F                    
HAZLETT, James see Hoffman, Edward F                    
HAZLETT, Jane see Jones, J W                    
HEAD, Mike       Nashua 36 Austria Mike Head & Anna Kaua 15-Feb-15 ? Valley 1641  
      Catherine Groban Nashua 22 Galena Andrew Groban & Catherine Patrick?          
HEADDRESS, Edgar       Wolf Point 24 Wolf Point Owl Headdress & Night Owl Woman 14-Apr-18 Ash Poit Church Sheridan 1287  
      Lena Follette Wolf Point 30 Mt Bearskin & ???          
HEADDRESS, Henry       Wolf Point 28 Wolf Point Owl Headdress & Night Hawk Long Fox 16-May-16 Poplar Sheridan 751  
      Sara Mitchell Wolf Point 15 Wolf Point Martin Mitchell          
HEADDRESS, Minnie see Olson, Martin Anderson                    
HEADDRESS, Tena see Miller, Isaac                    
HEADKE, Othelia see Betz, John F                    
HEADNSS, Edgar       Wolf Point 26 Wolf Point Headnss & Night Hawk 17-May-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 238  
      Minnie Thompson Wolf Point 26 Wolf Point Wallace Sibbits & Katie One Horn          
HEAGLE, Annie see Arndt, Herman Michael                    
HEAGY, Charles see Brown, Wilson                    
HEAGY, Lydia see Brown, Wilson                    
HEAGY, Mrs Elsie see Fraser, Earnest                    
HEAL, Benjamin F       Washburn N D 42 Green Creek Ohio Wm J Heal & Arm? Herald 8-Jul-07 Glendive Dawson 527  
      Jessie E Jones Washburn N D 27 S D B R Jones & Matilda Smith          
HEAL, Wm J see Heal, Benjamin F                    
HEALEY, Evelyn L see Olson                    
HEALEY, Hannah see Clark, Farrand                    
HEALEY, James see Leonard, Martin C                    
HEALEY, Mary see Brown, James                    
HEALEY, Mary see Warrior, Rufus                    
HEALEY, Sam see Olson                    
HEALFT, John       Dodson 41 Mn   9-Dec-28   Phillips 1086  
      Gertrude Lemp Dodson 44 Germany            
HEALY, Alice see Foss, F S P                    
HEALY, Elsie see Walking Chief, James                    
HEALY, Genivieve see Adams, William                    
HEALY, J B       Glendive 29 Wausau Wis N A Healy & Katherine Melaney 2-Jun-18 Billings Dawson 2373  
      Louise Fisher Glendive 25 Odessa Russia C H Fisher & ???          
HEALY, John F see Walking Chief, James                    
HEALY, L Lee       Glendive 40 Wausau Wisc Nicholas A Healy & Katherine Melaney 12-Jul-27 Glendive Dawson 3468  
      Tresa Wyse Glendive 28 Princeton Wisc William Wyse & Mary Ann Murphy          
HEALY, Liguori see Smith, J W                    
HEALY, Michel & Mary E see Smith, J W                    
HEALY, N A see Healy, J B                    
HEALY, Nicholas A see Healy, L Lee                    
HEALY, Nicholas P see Foss, F S P                    
HEALY, Patrick               11-Jul-1883   Dawson 14  
      Matilda Thibedeau                  
HEANEY, Ethel Martha see Cummings, Clarence Eugene                    
HEANEY, Robert James see Cummings, Clarence Eugene                    
HEARD, Katherine see LaBay, Arthur                    
HEARD, Matilda S see Holtzendorff, Jessie L                    
HEARD, Ralph       Nashua 28 England Thomas Heard & Hannah M Brown? 17-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2018  
      Mary Ellen Maud Wilson Nashua 28 England Julius H J Wilson & Mary Ann Hopkins          
HEARD, Thomas see Heard, Ralph                    
HEARN, Alice Sabina see Barnett, Frank                    
HEARNE, Mary see Heubner, Charles F                    
HEARNON, Tobiatha see Collins, Herschel R                    
HEARNY, Mary J see Derrig, Frank H                    
HEARONYMUS, Christina see Forrest, Joe                    
HEARST, Martin see Jacobs                    
HEART, see Charging Dog                    
HEART, Agnes see Daniels, Randolph                    
HEART, Gashum see Armstrong, Fred M                    
HEART, J W see Heart, James L                    
HEART, James L       Lindsay 22 Clarksville Okla J W Heart & Lily White 13-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2920  
      Violet Evans Lindsay 18 EauClaire Wisc John D Evans & Cora Vaughn          
HEART, Sadie Francis see Armstrong, Fred M                    
HEART, Violet see McLeod, R W                    
HEARTZLER, Annie see Mullet, Moses J                    
HEASLEY, Susan see Rush, Peter                    
HEATER, Rebecca see Nelson, John A                    
HEATH, A E see Wells, Frank                    
HEATH, Ann C see Kopf, Frank A                    
HEATH, Chas A       Glasgow 23 Puda Ill I W Heath & Laura Jamieson 25-Feb-08 Glasgow Valley 342  
      Hannah Mulcahy Glasgow 26 Champion Mich J A Rivet & Rose Marriage          
HEATH, Etta see Davis, Robert R                    
HEATH, Etta see Herron, Leslie C                    
HEATH, Gordon see Fuller, Harry E                    
HEATH, Gordon G see Harriman, John                    
HEATH, I W see Heath, Chas A                    
HEATH, Inez H see Livingston, Angus H                    
HEATH, Linn L       Dickinson N D 25 Linnville Mn W C Heath & Martha Wiggins 25-Dec-13 Glendive Dawson 1411  
      Edith Mann Dickinson N D 19 Winnipeg Jct Mn L C Mann & Susanna VonBrecht          
HEATH, Lydia see Biggs, Paul W                    
HEATH, Mabel C see Fuller, Harry E                    
HEATH, Mary see Davis, Clarence B                    
HEATH, Olive see Bondley, Theodore                    
HEATH, W C see Heath, Linn L                    
HEATH, Walter H see Livingston, Angus H                    
HEATHMAN, Elmus W       Helena 24 Plo-ver Iowa Hiram Heathman & Viola Hilton 11-Jul-21 Poplar Roosivelt 261  
      Lillian Safty Whitetail 21 Mn Peter Safty & ???          
HEATHMAN, Hiram see Heathman, Elmus W                    
HEATLE, Mina see Normand, Joseph L                    
HEATON, Elizabeth see Werk, Charles L                    
HEATON, Elizabeth see Werk, William H                    
HEATTING, Borghild see Nybakken, Adolph                    
HEATTING, Peter see Nybakken, Adolph                    
HEAVERLE, James see Brusseau, James                    
HEBBELMAN, Caroline see Poppler, William                    
HEBBELMAN, Elizabeth see Hermes, Bernard J                    
HEBBELMAN, Elizabeth see Hermes, Henry                    
HEBBELMAN, Elizabeth see Hermes, John H                    
HEBBELMAN, Herman see Poppler, William                    
HEBBELMAN, John Henry see Koenig, Herman                    
HEBEL, Anna see Krull, Carleton                    
HEBERER, Emma see Wright, Dick                    
HEBERLIG, S A       Mondak 31 Newburgh Penn Simon Heberlig & Hadaska Myers 14-Apr-08 Lakeside Valley 352  
      Blanche S Council Lakeside Mt 18 Palmyra Iowa Charles L?Council & Annie J Hintze          
HEBERLIG, Simon see Heberlig, S A                    
HEBERT, Henry see Cottor, Eugene                    
HEBERT, Lillian D see Freeman, William                    
HEBERT, Marie see Cottor, Eugene                    
HEBERT, Paul see Croteau , Arthur                    
HEBNER, Lena see Heirzinger, Fleming T                    
HECANA, S see Youngman                    
HECHT, Ada B see Myers                    
HECHT, Ella see Dahlen, Martin                    
HECHT, John A see Myers                    
HECHT, Lizzie see Abelman, Fred                    
HECHT, Mary see Abelman, Fred                    
HECHT, Will see Tschida, E J                    
HECHT, Willa see Tschida, E J                    
HECHT, Wm see Abelman, Fred                    
HECK, Clara see Berehot, Dave                    
HECK, Elenor? see Galway, Loyd                    
HECK, Fred       Dodson 40 Mn   7-Apr-21   Phillips 572  
      Nora Gunderson Phillips 26 Mn            
HECK, Julia see Dexter, Frank Bernard                    
HECK, Katie see Miller, Andrew C                    
HECK, Lewis H see Reynolds, Lewis H                    
HECK, Martic see Koegler, Steve                    
HECK, Teresa see Sellman, Edward W                    
HECK, Winnie see Reynolds, Lewis H.                    
HECKEL, Alfie Edward       Wolf Point 23 Manka-to Mn Joseph Heckel & Elizabeth Ulmen 29-Jul-17 Wolf Point Sheridan 1099  
      Hilda Hanson Wolf Point 25 Grand Forks N D Jacob Hanson & Mary Johnson          
HECKEL, Christine Elizabeth see Schledewitz, Daniel                    
HECKEL, Jacob see Heckel Alfie Edward                    
HECKEL, Katrina see Schledewitz                    
HECKER, Edward       Dickinson N D 33 Dickinson Jacob Hecker & Otila Eperle 29-Oct-23 Glendive Dawson 3051  
      Annie Frunk Belfield N D 19 Dickinson N D Frank Frunk & Magdalina Martin          
HECKER, Jacob see Hecker, Edward                    
HECKER, Louis see Eberle, Edward                    
HECKER, Margaret see Eberle, Edward                    
HECKES, Ida see Harris, Roy Thomas                    
HECKES, Ida see Courteau, Max J                    
HECKES, Ida A see Milender, Otis                    
HECKINAN, Anna see Skinner, David                    
HECKLER, Allen Samuel       Wolf Point 22 Scranton Pa Theodore Heckler & Carrie Barnes 28-May-16 Wolf Point Sheridan 745  
      Gladys Mae Beard Wolf Point 17 Bigelow Mn Monroe Beard & Inez Harrington          
HECKLER, Theodore see Heckler                    
HECKMAN, Agnes see Holland, Charles Stanage                    
HECKMAN, Daniel see Whitright, William Jr                    
HECKMAN, Frank A see Davidson, Ray                    
HECKMAN, Frank A see Hildebrand, Raymond                    
HECKMAN, Ida Helen see Davidson, Ray                    
HECKMAN, Marie see Hildebrand, Raymond                    
HECKMAN, Susie see Whitright, William Jr                    
HECKNER, John see Gunderman, Michael                    
HECKNER, John see Hiltner, John                    
HECKNER, Lena see Gunderman, Michael                    
HECKNER, Mary see Hiltner, John                    
HEDAHL, Clara A see Bullis, Harold E                    
HEDAHL, Gina see Flick, Ray Sylvester                    
HEDAHL, Ole S see Bullis, Harold E                    
HEDBERG, A D see Kamps, Richard Aloys                    
HEDBERG, Albert see Soderstrom, Oscar                    
HEDBERG, Carl see Schoengarth, Frank                    
HEDBERG, Hazel P see Soderstrom, Oscar                    
HEDBERG, Lizzie see Schoengarth                    
HEDBERG, Olene see Kamps, Richard Aloys                    
HEDBOM, Anna M see Ekland, Herman J                    
HEDDEN, Allen       Wolf Point 22 Parkersburg Iowa William Hedden & Ella Lashbrook 4-Oct-11 Poplar Valley 901  
      Nannie Marshal Wolf Point 19 Rego Ind Doan Marshall & Cora Ellis          
HEDDEN, Daniel see Hedden, Norman W                    
HEDDEN, Mary Caroline see Scoville, Clifton Noe                    
HEDDEN, Norman W       Glasgow 25 Columbus Can Daniel Hedden & Mary Trenaich? 23-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1615  
      Gertrude E Bennett Glasgow 20 England Adam Bennet & Emily Grenlund          
HEDDEN, William see Heddan, Allen                    
HEDDERICH, Christian see Hedderich, Gus M                    
HEDDERICH, Gus M       Ft Buford 28 Evansville Indiana Christian Hedderich & Magdalena Mintzer 5-Apr-1888 Poplar River Dawson 11  
      Grace Dustin Poplar River 26 Batavia Ohio Jessie O Dustin & Lovanna Carter          
HEDDERICH, Gus Martin       Wolf Point 48 Poplar Gus Martin Hedderich & Medicine Woman 4-Nov-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1248  
      Mary Beatrice Randall Wolf Point 31 Wolf Point John Randall & Hatchet Woman          
HEDDERICK, Carl       Poplar 28 Poplar ----? & Blue Lightning 22-May-16 Poplar Sheridan 740  
      Susan Davis Poplar 28 Poplar Yellow Hawk & First Elk          
HEDDINGTON, Herb see Corbett, Robert H                    
HEDDINGTON, Ruth see Corbett, Robert H                    
HEDDRICK, Bessie see Manning, David                    
HEDDRICK, George see Manning, David                    
HEDDRICK, Gus M Jr       Poplar 25 Poplar Gus M Heddrick & Medicine 24-Aug-06 Poplar? Valley 247  
      Mary A Kittock Pollar 20 Germany Peter Kittock & Mary Hoopka          
HEDE, John       Wibaux 31 Canora S D Paul Hede & Anna Iverson 22-Mar-30 Glendive Dawson 3852  
      Ida Schmudlach New Hampton Iowa 25 Alpha Iowa Emil Schmudlach & Bertha Winkleman          
HEDE, Paul see Hede, John                    
HEDEGAARD, Adolph see Hedegaard, Nick                    
HEDEGAARD, Nick       Savage 24 Austin Texas Adolph Hedegaard & Marie Hanson 18-Jul-30 Glendive Dawson 3889  
      Ada Wolfe Sidney 19 San Francisco Cal Louis Wolfe & Lydia Lehr          
HEDGE, Doris see Hicks                    
HEDGE, Frank see Hedge, Irving V                    
HEDGE, Fred see Hicks                    
HEDGE, Irving V       Antelope 22 Badger Mn Frank Hedge & Emma Dieter 26-Dec-11 Glasgow Valley 970  
      Clara Whitish Antelope 18 Jeffersontown Mo John Whitish & Effie Bailey          
HEDGES, C A see Cook                    
HEDGES, C A see Hedges                    
HEDGES, Carrie see Harold                    
HEDGES, Charles A see Hedges                    
HEDGES, Charley see Anderson, William Z                    
HEDGES, Earl E       P�wood 26 Mn Frank Hedges & Emma Dieter 3-May-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1511  
      Merle D Tittle Republic Wa 19 Kansas Joseph N Tittle & Isadora Williams          
HEDGES, Edna Grace see Anderson, William Z                    
HEDGES, Emma Helen (Olson?) see Krost                    
HEDGES, Frank see Hedges                    
HEDGES, Hazel M see Savey, Harold                    
HEDGES, Helen see Wibe                    
HEDGES, Henry see Savey, Harold                    
HEDGES, Henry see Wibe                    
HEDGES, Homer A       Thermopolis Wyo 40 Iowa L S Hedges & Nancy Sigler 26-Jul-22 Redstone Sheridan 1819  
      Blanch E Brumwell Flaxville 30 Iowa J H Brumwell & Geneva Eggleston          
HEDGES, Jesse       Antelope 20 Antelope C A Hedges & Mary Dieter 28-Jun-15 Plentywood Sheridan 501  
      Emma H Olson Antelope 23 Mn Lewis Olson & Carrie Grove          
HEDGES, L S see Hedges                    
HEDGES, Leslie M       Antelope 23 Antelope Charles A Hedges & Mary Dieter 8-Feb-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2302  
      Alice Erickson Dagmar 22 Warren Mn Jonas Erickson & Betty Peterson          
HEDGES, Lula see Petersen                    
HEDGES, Mary Ethel see Cook                    
HEDGES, Matilda see Johnson, Benjamin T                    
HEDICAM, Barney see Goodman, Harmon W                    
HEDICAM, Nellie V see Goodman, Harmon W                    
HEDIN, Anna see Grytdal, Alfred S                    
HEDIN, Anna Marie see Erick, Henry                    
HEDIN, Carl see Eggerth, Erik Henry                    
HEDLAND, Abel H       Lignite N D 31 Sweden Olaf Hedland & Adolphine Rangran 4-Nov-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2009  
      Emma Bomstad Coulee N C 23 Stevens Cty N D Lars Bomstad & Trina Christensen          
HEDLAND, Olaf see Hedland                    
HEDLUND, Algot       Antelope 22 Sweden Olaf Hedlund & Adolphine Bamgren 18-Dec-11 Dagmar Valley 954  
      Hilda Milsten Antelope 35 Erickson Mn Lars Milsten & Emma Snelling          
HEDLUND, Anna see Erickson, William                    
HEDLUND, Olaf see Hedlund, Olaf                    
HEDMAN, Anna Cornelia see Henry, Ora Walter                    
HEDMAN, Peter see Henry, Ora Walter                    
HEDRICK, Frankie see Rader, Fred                    
HEDRICK, Nellie see Stanley                    
HEDSON, Lars see Kittelson, Halmer B                    
HEDSTROM, Anna M see Gray, Albert E                    
HEDSTROM, Ole see Gray, Albert E                    
HEED, Anna M see Gustafson, Reuben E                    
HEEDT, Henry see Fulton, Julius                    
HEEK, Mrs Herman see Sandvig, G O                    
HEEL, Jane see Patch, Asa Harrison                    
HEEMER, Anna Ada see Schofield, Harry Frank                    
HEEMER, Guy see Schofield, Harry Frank                    
HEEMEY, Benjamin see Heemey, Harry G                    
HEEMEY, Harry G       Glasgow 23 Tomah Wis Benjamin Heemey & Juliet Rietz 7-Jul-02 Glasgow Valley 68  
      Bertha B Baker Glasgow 20 Monmouth Ill John R Baker & Ida Sherwood          
HEEMUT?, Katrina see Brese                    
HEERONYMUS, Dewey see Michel, George                    
HEETER, C J see Berg, Roy E                    
HEETER, Katherine see Larson, George                    
HEETER, Ruth see Berg, Roy E                    
HEETER, W see Larson, George                    
HEETVELD, Katherine see Hixon, Edward E                    
HEFF, Sadie see Albert, Harold Chester                    
HEFFERICH, Deby see Baker                    
HEFFILY, Mary Francis see Holler, Raymond Peter                    
HEFFRICH, Deby see Arnold, Squier                    
HEFFRICH, Deby see Robinson, John                    
HEFTY, Anery see Malkuch, Frank H                    
HEGE?, Mgu? Buryk see Lida, Iver                    
HEGELAND, Amelia see Barr                    
HEGENER, Christina see Gugolz, Henry                    
HEGG, Martha see Dahl, Halvor                    
HEGG, Martha see Dahl, Olaf                    
HEGGE, Ane Knutsdtr see Egeland                    
HEGGEDAHL, Austin see Muckle, C C                    
HEGGEDAHL, Lena see Muckle, C C                    
HEGGEN, Ingeborg see Falla, Anton                    
HEGGESTED, Josephine see Hanson, Cyrus                    
HEGGIE, Anna see Coy, Haze                    
HEGLAND, Amelia see Barr                    
HEGLAND, Amelia see Barr                    
HEGLAND, Berget see Danielson                    
HEGLAND, Bergit see Astrup                    
HEGLAND, Emilie see Ehry                    
HEGLAND, Helen see Simundson                    
HEGLAND, Ole J       Dickinson N D 22 Houston Mn par Sam O Hegland & Mary Hagan 21-Apr-28 Wibaux Wibaux 603  
      Helen J Rose Dickinson N D 21 Java S D A E Rose & Anna Marie Mis-ner          
HEGLAND, Sam O see Hegland, Ole J                    
HEGLAND, Sophia see Omvig, Arthur                    
HEGLAND, William see Simundson                    
HEGLUND, Christine see Moody                    
HEGNA, Mary see Phelps, Albert                    
HEGNA, Pearl see Zuck, Merlin                    
HEGNA, Thomas see Phelps, Albert                    
HEGNE, Gunhild see Foss, Oscar                    
HEGSETH, Andrew see McCloskey, G T                    
HEGSETH, Ingeborg see Kunick, Theodore                    
HEGSETH, Josephine see McCloskey, G T                    
HEGSTAD, Anna see Graving, Lawrence Richard                    
HEGTVEDT, Amanda see Hagestad, Raymond                    
HEGTVEDT, Ole see Hegestad, Ole                    
HEGTVIT, Margaret see Naber, Benjamin F                    
HEHL, Therese see Cahill, Arthur M                    
HEIBERGER, Josephine see Stoger, William                    
HEIBERT, David D       Chinook 30 south Russia David K Heibert & Katherine Wedel 4-Sep-23 Chinook Blaine 774  
      Aimee M Rush Chinook 27 Oberon N D Harry Rush & Cora B Baker          
HEIDE, E F M see Heide, Johannes R                    
HEIDE, E F M see Kipp, J A                    
HEIDE, Freida A see Kipp, J A                    
HEIDE, Johannes R       Circle 23 Glendive E F M Heide & Christine Soenksen 7-Apr-26 Glendive Dawson 3340  
      Theodora Charlotte Hensen Circle 21 Billings Fredrick C Hensen & Theodora Heide          
HEIDE, John see Heide, Rudolph                    
HEIDE, Rudolph       Union 37 Germany John Heide & Charlotte Gethje 22-Mar-16 Dry Ash Creek Dawson 1891  
      Otilie Kulhanek Union 22 Hungary Vincent Kulhanek & Franciska Ourecky          
HEIDE, Theodora see Heide, Johannes R                    
HEIDEBRECHT, Daniel C       Hydro 32 Inman Kan John Heidebrecht & Katherine Richert 8-Feb-20 Hydro Blaine 611  
      Katherine Janzen Hydro 21 Hillsboro Kan Jacob J H Janzen & Helena Warkentuce?          
HEIDEBRECHT, John see Heidebrecht, Daniel C                    
HEIDENGER, George L see Tribe, George Thomas                    
HEIEM, Elizabeth see Lee, Mons Olai                    
HEIER, Albertine see Heppner                    
HEIERTZ, Christine see Weber, Joseph                    
HEIERTZ, John P see Weber, Joseph                    
HEIG, Minnie see Winkel, Ferdinand                    
HEIKENS, Abbe see Heikens, Harry                    
HEIKENS, Abbe see Heikens, John                    
HEIKENS, Abbe see Heikins, Mike                    
HEIKENS, Harry       Nashua 22 Matlock? Iowa Abbe Heikens & Upke? Eilders 23-Jon-1930 Glasgow Valley 3569  
      Hazel Hogancamp Rock Rapids Iowa 22 Onuwa Iowa Albert Hogancamp & Pearl Hall          
HEIKENS, John       Nashua 30 Iowa Abbe Heikens & Wupke Eilders 22-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3480  
      Anna Bretzke Glasgow 18 Glasgow William Bretzke & Anna Altmeyer          
HEIKENS, Mike       Nashua 26 Matlock Iowa Abbe Heikens & Weire Eilders 31-Dec-28 Glasgow Valley 3450  
      Sylvia Bretzke Glasgow 21 Glasgow Wm Bretzke & Anna Altmeyer          
HEIKILL, Eva see Griffith, Arthur J                    
HEIKY, Elizabeth see Vollin, Sidney J                    
HEIL, Billie see VanHorn, Howeard A                    
HEIL, Julia see Voss, John                    
HEIL, Mike see Edinger, John                    
HEIL, Regina see Edinger, John                    
HEILAND, Florence see Dall, A                    
HEILAND, Gorina see Aarrestad, Oscar                    
HEILAND, John see Heiland, John C                    
HEILAND, John C       Poplar 33 Iowa John Heiland & Sarah Hall 12-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2385  
      Mrs Anna Dallman Poplar 25 Wis William Klipstein & Augusta Rutz          
HEILD, Callie see Boston, Henry                    
HEILTON, Delia see Hodgson, Raymond                    
HEIM, Barbara see Schuss, John                    
HEIM, Frank see Schuss, John                    
HEIMER, Agnes see Schindler, Joseph                    
HEIN, Anna see Elberg, John                    
HEIN, Catherine see Gehnert, Conrad                    
HEIN, Emma see White                    
HEIN, Frank see Cimmer, Otto                    
HEIN, Frank see LeSueur, Clarence C                    
HEIN, Gustav see Butcher, James W                    
HEIN, Henry see Hein                    
HEIN, John see Elberg, John                    
HEIN, John F       Scobey 24 Germany Henry Hein & Mary Bachelor 25-Feb-17 Scobey Sheridan 962  
      Kate Helton Scobey 28 Ind Wm Helton & Wilhelmine Herr          
HEIN, Katherina see Schmidt, Fred                    
HEIN, Katie see Karlin, Jakob                    
HEIN, Katie see Pede, Gust                    
HEIN, Katie see Koenig, Karl                    
HEIN, Louisa see Nixon, Edward R                    
HEIN, Mary see Nixon, Edward R                    
HEIN, Michael see Mertz, Jacob                    
HEIN, Molly K see LeSueur, Clarence C                    
HEIN, Olaf & Christin see White                    
HEINE, Minnie (Fredrickson?) see Hanson                    
HEINEMANN, Fred J see Sommerville                    
HEINEMANN, Mayme D see Sommerville                    
HEINEN, Catherine see Lee, Jacob T V                    
HEINEN, Cathryn see Brummer, John                    
HEINEU, John see Brophy, Fred                    
HEINEU?, Dorothy see Brophy, Fred                    
HEINKEL, Clara see Turner, Leo J                    
HEINKEL, Fred see Turner, Leo J                    
HEINLE, Christ see Heinle, Phillip P                    
HEINLE, Lena see Heinle, Phillip P                    
HEINLE, Phillip P       Glen Ullen N D 27 Morton Cty N D Phillip Heinle Jr & Julia Waller 28-Jan-21 ??? Wibaux 299  
      Lena Heinle Hebron N D 19 Morton Cty N D Christ Heinle & Magdalen Geisler          
HEINMAN, Eira see Hand, Walter A                    
HEINMILLER, Emma see Johnson                    
HEINRICH, Amanda E see McDonald, Alexander L                    
HEINRICH, Ed see McDonald, Alexander L                    
HEINRICH, John C       Mandan N D 30 Russia Michael Heinrich & Rosie Fried 31-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1973  
      Mary Martin Solem N D 21 Russia Thomas Martin & Frona Gratz          
HEINRICH, Michael see Heinrich, John C                    
HEINRICHS, Anna Mary see Hanson, Edward Theodore                    
HEINRICHS, Edward S see Jasperson, Albert C                    
HEINRICHS, Jacob J see Hanson, Edward Theodore                    
HEINRICHS, Martha E see Jasperson, Albert C                    
HEINS?, Francis A see Cato, Tullie                    
HEINTZ, Carl see Plotz, Peter                    
HEINTZ, Erna see Plotz, Peter                    
HEINZ, Hellen see Crowley                    
HEINZ, Mary see Geertz, John H                    
HEINZ, Math see Crowley                    
HEINZ, Matilda see Schroeder, William                    
HEINZE, Alfred C       Antelope 57 Germany August C Heinze & Eldra Glaendl 16-Nov-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 109  
      G Audrey Van Demark Med Lake 29 Mich T & Clara Van Demark          
HEINZE, August see Heinze                    
HEINZEN, Frantz       Garrison N D 21? Mn John Heinzen & Elizabeth Clausen *-Dec-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 625  
      Katherine Dirks Whitetail 20 Indiana Leo Dirks & Marie Gesnen?          
HEINZEN, John see Heinzen                    
HEIPA,, Margaret, see Hadley, J Royal                    
HEIPLILZ?, Ernestine see Farestad                    
HEIR, Maria see Hilrin                    
HEIRBAUT, Marie see Tilleman, Henry E                    
HEIRLE, Barbara see Obergfell, August M                    
HEIRZINGER, Fleming T       Los Angeles Cal 50 Mo John F Heirzinger & Bell Clay 16-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2169  
      Flora Dunham Glasgow 45 Washington Iowa Charles Kimball & Lena Hebener          
HEIRZINGER, John F see Heirzinger, Fleming T                    
HEISE, Annie see Colby                    
HEISE, Minnie see Brockman, David R                    
HEISER, George see Armstrong, Frank                    
HEISER, George see Lee, Gilbert                    
HEISER, George see Crowder, Robert A                    
HEISER, Jacob see Heiser, John                    
HEISER, John       Wibaux 21 Russia Jacob Heiser & Anna Monk? 18-Nov-11 Glendive Dawson 1015  
      Kitty Blake Jamestown N D 17 Germany Peter Ness & Edith Messer          
HEISER, Joseph       Billings 21 Dickinson N D Martin Heiser & Minnie Fisher 22-Oct-24 Glendive Dawson 3149  
      Pauline Bott Billings 18 Russia Henry Bott & Mary Leanhardt          
HEISER, Lantie see Armstrong, Frank                    
HEISER, M P see Wilson, S D                    
HEISER, Martin see Heiser, Joseph                    
HEISER, Mrs Mae see Crowder, Robert A                    
HEISER, Nellie F see Crowder, Robert A                    
HEISER, Rose see Jost, Elmer                    
HEISLER, James Jacob       Colgan N D 34 Mn Joseph Heisler & Annie Hammer 26-Jan-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2041  
      Inez Louise Guthrie Colgan N D 21 Iowa Frank Guthrie & Serina Cole          
HEISLER, Joseph see Heisler                    
HEISLER, Joseph see Heisler                    
HEISLER, Margaret see Stadstad                    
HEISLER, Margaret see Wollan                    
HEISLER, Martin L       Raymond 34 Mn Joseph Heisler & Anna Hammer 10-Jul-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1905  
      Margaret G Curran Raymond 31 Minto N D Timothy Curran & Ann McCue          
HEISLER, William see Syme, William                    
HEISLEY, Ervin see VanEaton, Elvin                    
HEISLEY, Grace see VanEaton, Elvin                    
HEISLEY, Irvin see VanHorn, Howard A                    
HEISTAND, Peter see Carlson                    
HEITH, Katherine see Weger, Earl E                    
HEITMAN, Minnie see Bane, W A                    
HEITNICH, Bertha see Barnick, Carl J                    
HEITNICH, J S see Barnick, Carl J                    
HEITZ, George E       Savage 29 Green River Wyo Theobold Heitz & Amelia Walther 21-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1510  
      Lucille Glennon Malta 28 Wolverton? Mn Johan Glennon & Molly Motselienbacher?          
HEITZ, Myrtle see Ewing, George Wm                    
HEITZ, Theobold see Heitz, George E                    
HEITZELMAN, Emma see Nustad                    
HEKTNER, Martin see Hektner, John B                    
HEKTNER?, John B       Baylor 27 ND Martin Hektner & Andrea Severson? 19-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1842  
      Anna Knutson Baylor 27 Norway Ole Knutson & Osna Berg          
HEL, Clara see Kjos, John                    
HELAM, Alite see Whelon, Louis Patrick                    
HELAND, Anna see Eklund, Gust Arthur                    
HELBERG, Adolph N       Froid 41 Germany Joseph Helberg & Dorothy Zucker 12-Dec-17 Froid Sheridan 1218  
      Anna S Beck Froid 41 Norway Lars Urdahl & Martin? Henrickson          
HELBERG, Joseph see Helberg                    
HELBERLING, Bertha see Owens, Arthur                    
HELBERLING, Rufus & Maria see Owens, Arthur                    
HELBING, Alfred       Mandan N D 30 Russia Val Helbing & Minnie Bulie 25-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2449  
      Rosa Knoll Glendive 27 Russia John Stener & Rosa Kunz          
HELBING, Val see Helbing, Alfred                    
HELBIRD, Helen see Unger, Abe                    
HELBORG, Katherin see Kittelson, Helmer B                    
HELD, Clara (Wallace?) see Patton, Frank H                    
HELD, Louise see Zellman                    
HELD, Minnie see Gray, Maynard H                    
HELENS, Lizzie see VanSchwatz, William Julius                    
HELEY, Nettie see Nelson, Lee Alvin                    
HELFIKER, Lena see Barber, Levi Abel                    
HELFRICH, Deby see Baker, R E                    
HELFRICH, Mary see Dunn                    
HELGE, Anna see Moore, Earl W                    
HELGE, Anna see Jarstad, Otto                    
HELGE, Annie see Jarstad                    
HELGEBY, Oscar       Roanwood 54 Fredrickstadt Norway Hesman Christianson & Johanna Berglund 27-Mar-21 Roanwood Valley 2769  
      Ada Shannon Opheim 50 Chyler Cty Ill Nathan Shannon & ???          
HELGERSON, B A       Seattle Wash 32 Ness Cty Kansas Lewis Helgerson & Annie McMasters 19-Sep-18 ??? Dawson 2431  
      Eva Maude Rogers Seattle Wa 28 Minneapolis Mn Joseph A Rogers & Ella A McMasters          
HELGERSON, Lewis see Helgerson, B A                    
HELGESON, Albert Norton       Taylor N D 22 Ridgeway Iowa Henry G Helgeson & Carolyn Myron 30-Sep-24 Glendive Dawson 3141  
      Mabel Louise Nelson Emerson N D 16 Perham Mn Martin Nelson & Gertrude Dinehart          
HELGESON, Anna see Severson, Olas                    
HELGESON, Anna see Brown, Ozro F                    
HELGESON, Bergetta see Shoal                    
HELGESON, Cora Magdala see Ormseth, Leonard Morris                    
HELGESON, Cornelius       Lodgepole 36 Brown Cty Mn Helge Helgeson & Elizabeth Olson 23-Jun-13 Chinook Blaine 61  
      Nellie A Bolster Lodge Grass 26 Blaine Cty Henry M Toombs & Jane Clark          
HELGESON, Halvor see Aasen, Fritz                    
HELGESON, Harry Cornelius       Bunderlin N D 21 Bunderlin Helge Helgeson & Bertha Johnson 4-Feb-21 Scobey Daniels 26  
      Theresa M Moller Bunderlin 18 Boone Iowa Peter Moller & Maude E Williams          
HELGESON, Hartwig see Ormseth, Leonard Morris                    
HELGESON, Helge see Helgeson, Harry Cornelius                    
HELGESON, Helge see Helgeson, Cornelius                    
HELGESON, Henry G see Helgeson, Albert Norton                    
HELGESON, Henry K       Taylor N D 46 Ridgeway Iowa Kittle & Alice Helgeson 29-Nov-29 Wibaux Wibaux 320  
      Mrs Mabel Helgeson Taylor 26 Taylor John Gunwall & Inga Marie Olson          
HELGESON, Ida see Azure, Patrick D                    
HELGESON, Kittle & Alice see Helgeson, Henry K                    
HELGESON, Mabel see Helgeson, Henry K                    
HELGESON, Margaret see Thorbjornson, Otto                    
HELGESON, Marie see Aasen, Fritz                    
HELGESON, Marie see Fladeland                    
HELGESON, Ole & Thini? see Severson, Olas                    
HELGLAND, Louise see Baxter, Chester                    
HELIEM, Mary see Miller                    
HELIKSON, Gustav       P�wood 32 Ill Olaf Helikson & Marie Johnson 8-Feb-15 Plentywood Sheridan 424  
      Alida Stadig Doo-ley 21 Winthrop Mn Sevante Stadig & Anna Johnson          
HELIKSON, Olaf see Hellikson                    
HELKE, William F       Phillips 25 Illinois   16-Jul-17   Phillips 245  
      Dawn Taylor Phillips 18 Arkansas            
HELKE, William F see Bocock, Dan                    
HELKE, William F see Wilson S D                    
HELLAN, Carrie see Langberg, Alden C                    
HELLAND, see also Halland                    
HELLAND, A H see Mohr, Kay G                    
HELLAND, Alfred Bernard       Oswego 38 Oswego John Helland & Olia Staboda 4-Dec-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1260  
      Matilda Dahl Niagra N D 36 Niagra Hans & Martha Dahl          
HELLAND, Alma C see Hanson                    
HELLAND, Anna see Olson                    
HELLAND, Arnt H       Glendive 29 Stavanger Nor Hans Helland & Christina Westley 3-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 740  
      Carrie Myren Glendive 22 Norway Erick & Margutta? Myren          
HELLAND, Arnt H       Glendive 35 Norway Hans Helland & Christina Westby 31-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1854  
      Josephine Mary Peters Glendive 23 St Paul Mn Frank L Peters & Mary Longueville          
HELLAND, C see Olson, Clifford Melton                    
HELLAND, C E see Helland, Harold R                    
HELLAND, Carl see Holter, Johannes                    
HELLAND, Carl E see Sheill, Howard J                    
HELLAND, Carrie see Holter, Johannes                    
HELLAND, Carrie J see Mohr, Kay G                    
HELLAND, Clara see Nelson, Carl H                    
HELLAND, Ed C see Hanson                    
HELLAND, Edward see Kaldem                    
HELLAND, Emma C see Noland                    
HELLAND, Guenna see Kalberg, Louis                    
HELLAND, Gurina see Kolberg, Jonas L                    
HELLAND, Hans see Helland, Arnt H                    
HELLAND, Harold R       Opheim 24 Hoffman Mn C E Helland & Cara Olson 14-Oct-26 Glasgow Valley 3251  
      Nellie Blikken Opheim 21 Viroqua Wis T L Blikken & ???          
HELLAND, Hazel Clarissa see Hallis, Alfred                    
HELLAND, Henry       Williston 35 Illinois J O & Isabelle Helland 5-May-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 127  
      Julia Helland Williston 36 Story City Iowa M G Boyd & Carrie Thompson          
HELLAND, Inga see Clemetson                    
HELLAND, Inga see Iverson                    
HELLAND, J O & Isabelle see Helland, Henry                    
HELLAND, James & Isabelle see Johnson, Alfred S                    
HELLAND, John see Helland, Alfred Bernard                    
HELLAND, John Fred       Beach N D 18 Pine City Mn John Helland & Anna Sind-erlan 7-Jan-18 Wibaux Wibaux 191  
      Victoria May Paderjoy Beach N D 18 Penn Lawrence Paderjoy & Mary Globe?          
HELLAND, Jonas see Kalberg, Louis                    
HELLAND, Julia see Helland, Henry                    
HELLAND, Knute & Syneva see Peterson                    
HELLAND, Knute & Syneva? see Olson                    
HELLAND, Lena see Sandvig, John H                    
HELLAND, Lena see Sandvig                    
HELLAND, M James & Isabill? see Hallis, Alfred                    
HELLAND, Maria see Kalberg, Louis                    
HELLAND, Marie see Reinertsen                    
HELLAND, Mary see Froland, Tollef                    
HELLAND, Mary see Peterson                    
HELLAND, Mildred Stina see Kaldem                    
HELLAND, Millie see Edghill, Miles Wesley                    
HELLAND, Minnie B see Sheill, Howard J                    
HELLAND, Ole see Froland, Tollef                    
HELLAND, Selma see Ordahl                    
HELLAND, Violet May see Olson, Clifford Melton                    
HELLEGAARD, Andrew see Krowen                    
HELLEGAARD, Inga see Krowen                    
HELLEKSON, J M       Medora N D 29 Worthington Mn C & Mrs Hellekson 5-Apr-05 Glendive Dawson 333  
      Addie Plumley Spring Valley Wis 22 Spring Valley ???          
HELLEKSON, C & Mrs see Hellekson, J M                    
HELLEKSON, Henry see Hellekson, Irvin Llewelyn                    
HELLEKSON, Irvin Llewelyn       Harlem 28 Wheaton Mn Henry J Hellekson & Hilda Lundberg 25-Feb-22 Harlem Blaine 704  
      Martha Geneva Vinger Poplar 22 Wis Brady G Vinger & Inga Marie Bohn          
HELLEM, Mabel see Taylor                    
HELLEM, Ole see Taylor                    
HELLENBECK, Lena see Totten, Albert James                    
HELLEND, Berta see Rustan, Albert                    
HELLER, Augusta see Salvin, Theodore W                    
HELLER, Catherine see Hausman, John G                    
HELLER, Edwin       Glasgow 26 Wis William Heller & Katherine Jemlock 23-Apr-18 Glasgow Valley 2358  
      Mattie Kinsella Glasgow 23 N D John Kinsella & Amelia Taylor          
HELLER, William see Heller, Edwin                    
HELLERB__?, Anna see Scoville, Earl B                    
HELLESET, Katherine see Vikum, Ole                    
HELLESETH, Carrie see Wikum, Selmer                    
HELLGESDALEN?, Christie see Johnson, Olai G                    
HELLICKSON, Addie see Anderson, Anders J                    
HELLICKSON, Betsy see Brenteson                    
HELLICKSON, Joseph       Scobey 22 Kindred N D Julius Hellickson & Clare Shellver 24-Dec-27 Scobey Daniels 358  
      LaVerne Holmberg Scobey 21 Mn Oscar Holmberg & ???          
HELLICKSON, Julius see Hellickson, Joseph                    
HELLICKSON, Martin see Hellickson, Ronald                    
HELLICKSON, Ronald       Medora 21 Spring Valley Wis Martin Hellickson & Addie Plum-ley 3-Nov-26 Wibaux Wibaux 553  
      Arzlie Elizabeth Joubert Fryburg 18 Wis Mitchell Joubert & Rose Bricco          
HELLIE, Nora see Brown, Henry                    
HELLING, Aagt see Broten                    
HELLING, Alfred       Hinsdale 28 Wallcott N D Sven Helling & Mary Trobe 9-Jun-13 Glasgow Valley 1304  
      Matilda Rustad Northfield Mn 31 ??? H Rustad & Anna Swenson          
HELLING, Alfred L       Wheelock N D 26 Staples Mn Knute Helling & Anne Michels 15-May-25 Scobey Daniels 206  
      Edith L Dixon Wheelock 19 Tioga N D Joe Dixon & Clara Peterson          
HELLING, Carl A       Malta 25 Mn Kemte Helling & Anna Myking 20-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 2599  
      Mary Clare Lynch Helena 25 N D John Lynch & Mary Maloney          
HELLING, Christine see Powers, James Kenneth                    
HELLING, Christine see Powers                    
HELLING, Kemte see Helling, Carl A                    
HELLING, Knute see Helling, Alfred L                    
HELLING, Sven see Helling, Alfred                    
HELLINGER, Beulah Ada see McIntyre, Amos Henry                    
HELLINGER, Frank see McIntyre, Amos Henry                    
HELLINGSTED, Ole & Kriste Krate see Olsen, Vebjorn                    
HELLMAN, John see Anderson, Elias R                    
HELLMAN, Mary see Anderson, Elias R                    
HELLMAN, Mary see Murphy                    
HELLMANN, William J       Lovejoy 28 Nebr   29-Nov-19   Phillips 471  
      Thelma E Lamble Lovejoy 23 Penn            
HELLMER, Henry see Hellmer, Theodore                    
HELLMER, Theodore       Glendive 47 Glencoe Mn Henry Hellmer & Agustine Waldman 11-Apr-20 Glendive Dawson 2628  
      Mrs Nora Bastow Glendive 47 Alden Iowa William Robinson & Trephina Sanders          
HELLMILLER, Albertina see Koester                    
HELLMILLER, Albertina see Nelson                    
HELLMONTH?, Charlotte see Esa, Fred                    
HELLMOT, Jacob see Hellmot, Peter                    
HELLMOT, Peter       Bainville 21 Russia Jacob Hellmot & Pauline Luft 5-Apr-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 881  
      Clara Killingstad Bainville 18 Mn Carl Killingstad & Mathilda Mathias          
HELLMUTH, Katrina see Schledewitz                    
HELLSTEM, Andrew see Hellstem, F G                    
HELLSTEM, F G       Hinsdale 31 Arkansas Andrew Hellstem & Abbie Pickens 1-Dec-07 Hinsdale Valley 224  
      Anna Peterson Hinsdale 21 S D Hans Peterson & ???          
HELLSTROM, Marvella see Powell, W L                    
HELLSTROM, Vick see Powell, W L                    
HELLWEG, Mary see DeNoma, Roy C                    
HELM, Andrew see Abraham, Selmer                    
HELM, Clara see Morris                    
HELM, Clara see Whitish                    
HELM, Clara see Kazeck                    
HELM, Clara see Cook                    
HELM, Elizabeth see Thompson                    
HELM, Elizabeth see Marks                    
HELM, Ernest see McKinney, Charley E                    
HELM, Hanna see McKinney, Charley E                    
HELM, Marie see Abraham, Selmer                    
HELMAN, Neah see Gibbs, Harry                    
HELMAN, Noah see Panger, Albert J                    
HELMAN, Pearl see Gibbs, Harry                    
HELMER, Della see Debler, William Ernest                    
HELMER, Elmer see Helmer, Stewart                    
HELMER, Elsie see Gullickson, Clarence                    
HELMER, Elsie see Gullickson, Louis                    
HELMER, Emily see Morse, George                    
HELMER, H J see Wilson, Frank M                    
HELMER, Helen see Wilson, Frank M                    
HELMER, James see Morse, George                    
HELMER, James Sr see Thompson, Harold Murray                    
HELMER, Nelle Blye see Thompson, Harold Murray                    
HELMER, Stewart       Brockway 26 near Millbank S D Elmer Helmer & Esabell Kimball 9-May-16 Glendive Dawson 1917  
      Dorothy Wheeler Brockway 16 Redfield Mn George F Wheeler & Francis L Bent          
HELMOD, Anna see Brese, Jack                    
HELMS, Grace see Blue, Dalles K                    
HELNES, Harry               10-Oct-1883   Dawson 22  
      Lizzie May                  
HELNIK, Alice see Manning, Seth George                    
HELNIK, Madie see Starkweather, Jess                    
HELNIK, Mons see Anderson, Carl Helge                    
HELNIK, Mons see Manning, Seth George                    
HELNIK, Mons see Starkweather, Jess                    
HELNIK, Zelda Larena see Anderson, Carl Helge                    
HELSETH, Catherine see Rongstad                    
HELSETH, Ole G see Helseth, Oscar                    
HELSETH, Oscar       P�wood 24 Pelican Rapids Mn Ole G Helseth & Elinor Anderson 9-Apr-12 P�wood Valley 1030  
      Anna Haugen P�wood 23 Bergen Norway Halvor Haugen & Anne Ytoi          
HELTON, Fannie see Benson, Alvah A                    
HELTON, Kate see Hein                    
HELTON, Noel Milo       Froid 24 Iowa W T Helton & Cora E Gilford 24-Aug-21 Glasgow Roosivelt 275  
      Maude Haefner Bainville 23 Iowa Louis Haefner & ???          
HELTON, Vern see Hein                    
HELTON, W T see Helton, Nolan Milo                    
HELVEY, Maud see Larson, George                    
HELVIK, Hazel Doris see Drake, Frank O                    
HELVIK, Mona see Zopfi, Ralph                    
HELVIK, Mons see Drake, Frank O                    
HELVIK, Mons see Zopfi, Ralph                    
HELWIG, Herman       East Scobey 27 Wis Karl Helwig & Mary Hartwig 3-Aug-16 Scobey Sheridan 801  
      Anna Cochrane East Scobey 32 Ireland Samuel Cochrane & Margaret Moore          
HELWIG, Karl see Helwig                    
HEMBRE, Emil       Greenwood Wis 25 Greenwood Iver Hembre & Olive Peterson 4-Dec-33 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2797  
      Helen Siewing Glasgow 19 Glasgow Herman Siewing & Augusta Neuhauer          
HEMBRE, Iver see Hembre Emil                    
HEMING, H G see Canen, Elmer R                    
HEMINGER, Rose see Albricht, Joseph                    
HEMINGER, Sarah E see Ange, Eugene T                    
HEMKE, Sersta see Nitz, Herman W                    
HEMMER, Mary see Thomas                    
HEMMERT, Gertrude see Dippe, William Carl                    
HEMMINGER, Lucie see DeMarries, Thuman                    
HEMMINGER, Rena see Linn, S D                    
HEMMINGSEN, Amus see Hemmingsen, Lloyd Amus                    
HEMMINGSEN, H A see Marquette, William                    
HEMMINGSEN, Lloyd Amus       Glasgow 21 Sleepy Eye Mn Amus Hemmingsen & Emma Hissner 14-Sep-26 Glasgow Valley 3242  
      Beatrice Pauline Billingsly Glasgow 19 Peoria Iowa? Hulse Billingsly & Stella Cline          
HEMMINGSEN, Petra see Marquette, William                    
HEMMINGSON, Henry see Purcell, John                    
HEMMINGSON, Marie see Purcell, John                    
HEMMINGWAY, Marian see Lawrence, Albert Archie                    
HEMMISBERGT, Berit see Rockne, Andrew                    
HEMPEL, Alvina see Miller, George Wilbert                    
HEMPEL, Alvina see Thorssen, Leon Paul                    
HEMPHILL, Addie (Brewer?) see Everett, Thomas H                    
HEMPHILL, Elsie see Johnson, Roman                    
HEMPHILL, Martha Mildred see Hagenhuckle, Walter August                    
HEMPHILL, William see Johnson, Roman                    
HEMPLE, Alvina see Bretsch, Henry                    
HEMS, Julia see Matt                    
HEMSTRUT, Richard B see Wold, Walter                    
HEN, Dorothy see Richter, Charles C                    
HENAHAN, Margaret see Geer, Gerald W                    
HENBACK, Freidel N see Satter                    
HENCH, Susie see Petermann, Clarence H                    
HENCIR, Joe J see Peterson, Emil                    
HENCOCK, Wilella see Bolton                    
HENDERS, Barry F see Henders, Willis Cleavland                    
HENDERS?, Willis Cleavland       Medora N D 23 Harrod Ohio Barry F Henders & Dortha Patterson     Dawson 677  
      Owa Marie Marren Medora N D 30 Rockville Connecticutt Wm Marren & Angline Harwood          
HENDERSHOT, Ada see Goodale, George                    
HENDERSON, A J       Glendive 30 LaCrosse Cty Wisc Charley E Henderson & Anna E Johnson 30-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2394  
      Josephine Wilson Theif River Falls Mn 28 Granite Falls Mn Oliver Wilson & Margaret Hanson          
HENDERSON, Ada see Jess, Max                    
HENDERSON, Addie see Raymond, William                    
HENDERSON, Allen J       Dooley 31 Pine City Mn Thomas Henderson & Sarah Bergen 17-Jan-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2585  
      Margaret E Wilson Raymond 21 S D Wilmot O Wilson & Matilda Mayberry          
HENDERSON, Allie see Cooley, Bennett M                    
HENDERSON, Angus       Glasgow 23 Regina Canada John Henderson & Katherine Monkman 12-Jul-10 Glasgow Valley 668  
      Rosetta L Norton Glasgow 24 Mazomanie Wis D F Davis & Emma Charlesworth          
HENDERSON, Ben see Leonard, Robert W                    
HENDERSON, Bertha see Rhud, H C                    
HENDERSON, Bruce       Reserve 27 Edgertown Wis Robert Henderson & Margaret Bruce 21-Jun-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3028  
      Charlotte Moothart Culbertson 23 Culbertson Fred H Moothart & Anna Diehl          
HENDERSON, C L see Henderson, Dr Martin S                    
HENDERSON, Carrie see Baylor, Henry T                    
HENDERSON, Catherine see Deckers, John A M                    
HENDERSON, Catherine see Schepens, John                    
HENDERSON, Charles C       Wibaux 36 New York Penn Wm Henderson & Mary Fink 24-Jul-05 Wibaux Dawson 339  
      Mrs Marion E Tarbell Wibaux 36 Vermont ???          
HENDERSON, Charley E see Henderson, A J                    
HENDERSON, Charlotte see Jenkins, Lee                    
HENDERSON, Chas see Henderson, H C                    
HENDERSON, David       Madoc 32 N D George Henderson & Mary Anne McCarthy 28-Feb-17 Plentywood Sheridan 966  
      Martha Greenwood Scobey 26 N D Jim Greenwood & Annie McTavish          
HENDERSON, Dell see Ruhnke, Carol Clarence                    
HENDERSON, Dr Martin S       Beach N D 40 Lake Mills Iowa C L Henderson & C L Fadness 20-Jun-26 Glendive Dawson 3361  
      Ruth Bohn Sentinel Butte N D 21 Winona Mn W A Bohn & Louise Siewert          
HENDERSON, Edith see Reeves, Lester Dell                    
HENDERSON, Ernest       Madoc 26 N D George Henderson & Mary Ann McHardy 24-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 604  
      Margaret M Conlan Madoc 23 N D William & Mary Conlan          
HENDERSON, Eva see Collier, Lee                    
HENDERSON, Florence Bertha see Seliger, Manning Bainond                    
HENDERSON, Frank see Rider, Olney M                    
HENDERSON, Frank see Brownlee, Alex                    
HENDERSON, George see Dawson, Everett H                    
HENDERSON, George see Henderson                    
HENDERSON, George see Henderson                    
HENDERSON, Gilbert A see Henderson, Gilbert Ralph                    
HENDERSON, Gilbert Relph       Glentana 24 Eagle Bend Mn Gilbert A Henderson & Ada M Martin 27-Oct-24 Scobey Daniels 170  
      Esther Isabelle Stewart Glentana 20 Melfort Sask Can Orren Stewart & Nina Aikenhead          
HENDERSON, H C       Effingham Kans 26 Effingham Chas Henderson & Eva Meyer 15-Feb-30 Glasgow Valley 3544  
      Margaret Hall Wolf Point 22 Wis Edward Brownlee & Nellie Tanner          
HENDERSON, Hannah see Martinson, Bernhard                    
HENDERSON, Helen L see Leonard, Robert W                    
HENDERSON, Irene see Holmes, Albert                    
HENDERSON, J J       Glasgow 31 Ontario Can Thomas Henderson & Mary Ann Bradley 10-Jul Glasgow Valley 1079  
      Ida A Campbell Glasgow 29 Mn William Sitting & Charlotte Boke          
HENDERSON, Jane see Moore, Robert D                    
HENDERSON, Jay see Hartel, George L                    
HENDERSON, John see Henderson, Angus                    
HENDERSON, John see Henderson, Thomas Richard                    
HENDERSON, John see Henderson, Willis Harold                    
HENDERSON, Josephine see Madden, James E                    
HENDERSON, Josephine see Pletan, Clifford                    
HENDERSON, Katherine see Kent, Adolphus                    
HENDERSON, Kathleen see Remus, Herman                    
HENDERSON, Kathleen M see Bell, George J                    
HENDERSON, Katie see Frankenberg, Robert E                    
HENDERSON, Leonard       Dooley 38 Pine City Mn Thomas Henderson & Sarah Bergan 29-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2748  
      Helen Ward Osnabrook N D 33 Osnabrook John Ward & ???          
HENDERSON, Lillie see Knott, Ray L                    
HENDERSON, Louisa A see Sawyer, James R                    
HENDERSON, Mable see Brownlee, Alex                    
HENDERSON, Margaret see Henry, Robert                    
HENDERSON, Margaret see Nelson, Claire S                    
HENDERSON, Margaret Ann see Henry, Norman Lawrence                    
HENDERSON, Martha see Humbert                    
HENDERSON, Martha see Vincent                    
HENDERSON, Martha N see Herreid, Edwin Nathaniel                    
HENDERSON, Mary see Austin, James Henry                    
HENDERSON, Mrs Katherins (McMann?) see Miller, Hanson                    
HENDERSON, N P see Skavland, Ole R                    
HENDERSON, Nellie see Sims, Earl C                    
HENDERSON, Nora see Hartel, George L                    
HENDERSON, Olive M see McNeil, Roy                    
HENDERSON, P R see Henderson, Zeno Z                    
HENDERSON, Robert see Austin, James Henry                    
HENDERSON, Robert see Bell, George J                    
HENDERSON, Robert see Henderson                    
HENDERSON, Robert A       Glendive 28 Winnipeg Man Can William Henderson & Harnet E Paul 20-Oct-12 Glendive Dawson 1152  
      Evelyn Freda Guy Glendive 25 Glendive Frederick W Guy & Sarah O Spencer          
HENDERSON, Sadie see Rider, Olney M                    
HENDERSON, Thomas see Henderson, J J                    
HENDERSON, Thomas see Seliger, Manning Bainond                    
HENDERSON, Thomas see Henderson                    
HENDERSON, Thomas see Henderson                    
HENDERSON, Thomas Richard       Glendive 27 Glendive John Henderson & Anna Runo 26-Apr-22 Glendive Dawson 2857  
      Lura Quick Glendive 23 Cordova Illinois Elwood H Quick & Sarah Sexton          
HENDERSON, Val J       Dodson 38 Iowa W R Henderson & Dora I Moore 1-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2321  
      Myrtle A Preckel Fargo 35 Wis Gus Preckel & Pauline Gerkie          
HENDERSON, Veva see Dawson, Everett H                    
HENDERSON, W R see Henderson, Vall J                    
HENDERSON, William see Henderson, Robert A                    
HENDERSON, William see Jenkins, Lee                    
HENDERSON, William see Sawyer, James R                    
HENDERSON, Willis Harold       Glendive 25 Glendive John Henderson & Anna Runo 30-Jun-23 Glendive Dawson 2995  
      Bernice E Miller Glendive 18 Glendive Eugene Miller & Hattie Fredrick          
HENDERSON, Winnie see McNeil, Roy                    
HENDERSON, Wm see Sims, Earl C                    
HENDERSON, Wm see Henderson, Charles C                    
HENDERSON, Zeno Z       Intake 25 Plover Iowa P R Henderson & Christina Dougall 6-Feb-21 Intake Dawson 2737  
      Ada M Matteson Intake 21 St Clair Mn Arthur Matteson & Florence Ward          
HENDOWIN, Ella see Hugas, John D                    
HENDRICK, Ada C see Warrington, J Clyde                    
HENDRICK, George R       Wyoming 28 Illinois   16-Aug-22   Phillips 661  
      Marie Bridgman Marshalltown Iowa   Iowa            
HENDRICKS, Ada Clair see Wegener, Henry F                    
HENDRICKS, Anna see Solberg, Simon                    
HENDRICKS, Carrie see Murray, Elmer                    
HENDRICKS, Carroll       Minot 21 Shelbourne Indiana O D Hendricks & Bessie Wentz 27-Dec-30 Outlook Sheridan 2583  
      Vera Goodlaxon Outlook 19 Anamoose N D William Goodlaxon & Charlotte Senechal          
HENDRICKS, Charles see Hendricks, Roy Francis                    
HENDRICKS, Earl       Opheim 21 Kans F C Hendricks & Minta Nolan 26-Oct-18 Glasgow Valley 2443  
      Irma Antoinette Morris Opheim 21 Mich John Morris & ???          
HENDRICKS, F C see Hendricks, Earl                    
HENDRICKS, Fred C see Dahl, Joseph Melvin                    
HENDRICKS, Helena see Gooder                    
HENDRICKS, Helena J see Athman                    
HENDRICKS, J R see Hendricks                    
HENDRICKS, Lena see Holcomb, Daniel C                    
HENDRICKS, Mary see Bennett                    
HENDRICKS, Netta May see Dahl, Joseph Melvin                    
HENDRICKS, O D see Hendricks                    
HENDRICKS, Roy Francis       Glasgow 28 Kans Charles Hendricks & Cora Warner 16-Jul-16 Glasgow Valley 1914  
      Katherine Campbell Glasgow 22 Mn William Campbell & Mary C Wh___?          
HENDRICKS, Roy Harold       Minot N D 21 Douglas N D J R Hendricks & Lillie Coolidge 23-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2744  
      Gladys Violet Jothan Minot 18 Williston N D A S Jothen & Dena Theige          
HENDRICKSDTR, Sofie see Andersen, Niels Peter                    
HENDRICKSEN, ??? see Gilchrist                    
HENDRICKSEN, Martha see Gilchrist                    
HENDRICKSON, Tim see Knutson                    
HENDRICKSON, Albert see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Albert see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Alfred       Wolf Point 36 Nebr   5-Oct-21   Phillips 601  
      Karen Skorpen Valley City N D 27 Iowa            
HENDRICKSON, Alfred       Malta 26 Mn   24-Nov-25   Phillips 849  
      Alice Lodmell Malta 19 N D            
HENDRICKSON, Alfred see Flische, Clarence                    
HENDRICKSON, Andrew see Hendrickson, James                    
HENDRICKSON, Andrew J       Glentana 28 Nor Harold Hendrickson & Tone Augustson 19-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2022  
      Mildred C Lidke Glentana 29 Wis H H Johnson & Antoinette Anderson          
HENDRICKSON, Anna see Herstrom, Albert                    
HENDRICKSON, Anna see Olson, Martin                    
HENDRICKSON, Anna see Benson, J Oscar                    
HENDRICKSON, Anna see Olson, Arthur Clifton                    
HENDRICKSON, Anna see Varud                    
HENDRICKSON, Anna see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Annie see Aam, John                    
HENDRICKSON, Annie Helma see Simonson                    
HENDRICKSON, Arnold       Dagmar 23 Dagmar Albert Hendrickson & Marie Gutterud 18-Feb-34 Dagmar Sheridan 2809  
      Clara Haug Grenora 22 Grenora Ole Haug & Marie Moen          
HENDRICKSON, Benjamin       Malta 25 EauClaire Wis Carl Hendrickson & Mary Wolla 27-Dec-13 Chinnok Blaine 100  
      Aagot Christofferson Malta 25 Norway Otto & Parrina Christofferson          
HENDRICKSON, Bertha see Price, Henry F                    
HENDRICKSON, Carl see Herstrom, Carl                    
HENDRICKSON, Carl see Hendrickson, Benjamin                    
HENDRICKSON, Conrad see Hendrickson, Joseph                    
HENDRICKSON, Ellen N see Johnson                    
HENDRICKSON, H see Olson, Martin                    
HENDRICKSON, H E       Redstone 40 N D Tom Hendrickson & Rachel Rynd 4-May-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1796  
      Kate Lee Redstone 24 Mn Ole Lee & Bertha Olson          
HENDRICKSON, Hanna M see Willard                    
HENDRICKSON, Hannah see Martinson, Jonas                    
HENDRICKSON, Hans see Hanson, Daniel                    
HENDRICKSON, Harold see Hendrickson, Andrew                    
HENDRICKSON, Harris       Dagmar 23 Cheyenne N D Albert Hendrickson & Marie Gutterud 3-Mar-32 Dagmar Sheridan 2646  
      Elizabeth Hansen Dagmar 18 Kensal N D H C Hansen & Marie Jorgensen          
HENDRICKSON, Helga see Hanisch                    
HENDRICKSON, Henry see Willard                    
HENDRICKSON, Henry       Antelope 23 Nor Otto Hendrickson & Helga Olson 14-Jun-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1806  
      Erva Phillips P�wood 20 Mn Louis Phillips & Freda Rasmussen          
HENDRICKSON, Henry M       P�wood 33 Glenwood Mn Lars Hendrickson & Inga Berg 30-Mar-12 P�wood Valley 1021  
      Anna M Monson Bottineau N D 23 Bottineau Andrew Monson & Christina Johnson          
HENDRICKSON, Henry M       Sidney 26 Pay Sippi Wisc Peter Hendrickson & Sina Jensen 4-Oct-11 Brorson Dawson 987  
      Esther K Damskov Sidney 21 Hutchinson Mn Niels Damskov & Sophie Thomsen          
HENDRICKSON, Ida Louise see Miller                    
HENDRICKSON, Ingrid see Peterson, Carl A                    
HENDRICKSON, J___? B see Charles, Arthur W                    
HENDRICKSON, James       Sidney 30 Race Track Mt Andrew Hendrickson & Carrie Jenson? 2-Sep-09 Glendive Dawson 720  
      Mattie Staffson Sidney 25 Anaconda Joseph Staffson & Sarah O�Dell          
HENDRICKSON, James E       Sidney 25 Waushara Wisc Peter Hendrickson & Sena Jensen 6-Feb-13 Sidney Dawson 1203  
      Josephine Anderson Sidney 20 Sidney Peter Anderson & Bertha Josephson          
HENDRICKSON, Jennie see Christiansen, Chris                    
HENDRICKSON, Johanna see Moen                    
HENDRICKSON, Johanna see Kaldor                    
HENDRICKSON, John see Syverson, Henry G                    
HENDRICKSON, Joseph       Seattle 25 McIntosh Mn Conrad Hendrickson & Christine Pearson 16-Jul-29 Chinook Blaine 1145  
      Irene Combs Havre 17 Sentinel Butte N D Frank Combs & Alma S Lundgren          
HENDRICKSON, Knute       P�wood 29 Oslo Norway Otto Hendrickson & Helga Olson 22-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2743  
      Thea Gutterud P�wood 26 Oberon N D O E Gutterud & Anna Hendrickson          
HENDRICKSON, Kristina see Brown                    
HENDRICKSON, Lars see Hendrickson, Henry                    
HENDRICKSON, Lars & Inga Berg see Johnson                    
HENDRICKSON, Lillian see Knutson                    
HENDRICKSON, Lina see Syverson, Henry G                    
HENDRICKSON, Louis see Brown, George                    
HENDRICKSON, Mariette see Murphy, Chester J                    
HENDRICKSON, Martha see Hanger, Clifford Herbin                    
HENDRICKSON, Martha see Humbert                    
HENDRICKSON, Martha see LaFournaise                    
HENDRICKSON, Martin see Martinson, Ole                    
HENDRICKSON, Mary Sophia see Hanson, Adolph L                    
HENDRICKSON, Mathilda see Brown, George                    
HENDRICKSON, Matilda see Ragstad, Perry Lawrence                    
HENDRICKSON, Meyer see Hendrickson, Alfred                    
HENDRICKSON, Meyer see Waters, Dale                    
HENDRICKSON, Mrs Henry see Johnson, Peder                    
HENDRICKSON, Nels see Johnson                    
HENDRICKSON, Nettie see Riemer, Edwin T                    
HENDRICKSON, Otto see Radocy, Isaac                    
HENDRICKSON, Otto see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Otto see Hanisch                    
HENDRICKSON, Otto see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Peter see Hendrickson, Henry M                    
HENDRICKSON, Peter see Christiansen, Chris                    
HENDRICKSON, Peter see Hendrickson, James E                    
HENDRICKSON, Petra see Hanson                    
HENDRICKSON, Rachel see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Rosie see Randell                    
HENDRICKSON, Sophie see Durkee                    
HENDRICKSON, Steiner see Reimer, Edwin T                    
HENDRICKSON, Stella A see Sheppard, James A                    
HENDRICKSON, Theo see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Thomas see Hanson, Adolph L                    
HENDRICKSON, Thomas see Price, Henry F                    
HENDRICKSON, Thomas see Randell                    
HENDRICKSON, Thomas J M see Sheppard, James A                    
HENDRICKSON, Timmey       Flaxville 27 N D Theo & Rachel Hendrickson 26-Sep-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1141  
      Mary Frostad Flaxville 21 Norway Ole Frostad & Martha Rickson          
HENDRICKSON, Tom see Hendrickson                    
HENDRICKSON, Viola see Waters, Dale                    
HENDRIXSON, George W see Hendrixson, Levi D                    
HENDRIXSON, Levi D       Union 45 Hopkins Mich George W Hendrixon & Nancy J McBride 23-Apr-23   Dawson 2971  
      Sena C Lokken Union 23 Camby? Mn Ole J Lookken & Julia Omlie          
HENDRY, Florence see Kelso, Charles                    
HENDRY, Jerlaine W see Graham, John D                    
HENDRY, Margaret see Graham, Duncan McDonald                    
HENDRY, Robert see Brooks, James C                    
HENDRY, Robert see Graham, John D                    
HENDYEN, Ella see Hugos                    
HENGI, Julia see Zendais, Paul                    
HENGI, William see Zendai, Paul                    
HENINGER, Beryl see Fjeld, George E                    
HENINGER, Charles A see Fjeld, George E                    
HENINGER, Charles A & Letha Anna see Phillians, Ocea N                    
HENINGER, E L see Wenans                    
HENINGER, Ina see Wenans                    
HENINGER, Lila Vearl see Phillians, Ocea N                    
HENISH, Neta see Robinson, Ray                    
HENISH, William see Robinson, Ray                    
HENK, Charles see Henk, Karl K                    
HENK, Karl K       Richey 24 Chaska Mn Charles Henk & Helena Greimer 1-Jan-18 Richey Dawson 2315  
      Hazel V Welch Richey 27 Packwaukee Wisc Frank B Welch & Ruby B Wilber          
HENKE, August see Henke, Joseph T                    
HENKE, Joseph T       Opheim 35 Mn August Henke & Annie Jorn 27-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 2296  
      Iola T Klay Opheim 26 Ill J A Barding & Annie Lockwood          
HENKE, Paulina see Buchholz                    
HENKE, Victoria see Wicka, Robert D                    
HENKEE?, Louise see Stein Oscar                    
HENKEL, Joyce see Allman                    
HENKEL, Robert see Allman                    
HENKELMANN, Amelia see Bensel, Edmund H                    
HENKLE, Eda see White, Fred S                    
HENLE, Katherine see Schnider, Frank                    
HENLEY, August       Wibaux 27 Ohio August Henley & Jennie Zueffel 1-Jun-20 Wibaux Wibaux 276  
      Hazel Bolton Wibaux 23 Ill Hugh Bolton & ???          
HENLEY, Minnie see Dykstra, Cecil                    
HENLEY, Minnie see Boyer, J S                    
HENMAN, Marian see Studlein, Leonard Oliver                    
HENN, Johannes see Rehbein, August Herman                    
HENN, Mary Elizabeth see Rehbein, August Herman                    
HENNESSEY, Jane see Hanley, H M                    
HENNESSEY, Mabel see Rust, Harry L                    
HENNESSEY, Thomas see Rust, Harry L                    
HENNESSY, Agnes see Keim, L Custer                    
HENNEY, Mary see Boardman, Henry W                    
HENNING, Caroline see Randall, Allen H                    
HENNING, Louisa see Rosenthal                    
HENNING, Stella May see Mahugh Lawrence B                    
HENNING, William see Mahugh, Lawrence B                    
HENNINGER, Andrew see Henninger, Lawrence                    
HENNINGER, Lawrence       Glasgow 44 Lawarwell, Ind Andrew Henninger & Mary Ann Scott 5-Jun-11 Glasgow Valley 748  
      Augustie Dewey Glasgow 32 Wis Samuel Dewey & Matilda Olson          
HENNINGER, Mary A see Baker, James Wesley                    
HENNINGSEN, Asmus see Rupp, Sam E                    
HENNINGSEN, C see Ramsbacher, Everest                    
HENNINGSEN, Clarence       Glasgow 23 Mn   25-Aug-26   Phillips 907  
      May Pierson Beaverton 18 Mt            
HENNINGSEN, Mabel see Rup, Sam E                    
HENNINGSGARD, Andrew see Henningsgard, John                    
HENNINGSGARD, John       Marrietta Mn 29 Nor Andrew Henningsgard & Betsey Borgus 20-Dec-07 Glasgow Valley 328  
      Christine Christenson Bowbells N D 21 Austin Mn Peter Christenson & Mary Anderson          
HENPEL, John see Yust, John                    
HENPEL, Marie see Yust, John                    
HENRICH, Elizabeth Augusta see Testerman, M Crawford                    
HENRICHS, George M F see Testerman, M Crawford                    
HENRICHSON, Hans see Mumford, Willian C                    
HENRICHSON, Nora H see Mumford, William C                    
HENRICKS, George see Fredericksen                    
HENRICKS, Helena see Johnston                    
HENRICKSON, Lars & Inga Berg see Totdal                    
HENRICKSON, Martin? see Helberg                    
HENRIKSEN, Anna Christine see Henriksen                    
HENRIKSEN, Bodel Stina see Hansen, H P K                    
HENRIKSEN, Niels Peter       Oakland Calif 39 Denmark Nicolai Hansen & Anna Christina Henricksen 30-Mar-15 Dagmar Sheridan 457  
      Marie E Dempsey Dagmar 25 Mn Jens Hansen & Anna Mabel Fosberg          
HENRIKSEN, Peter       Dagmar 42 Bovkap? Denmark Henrik Knudsen & Gertrude Iversen 18-Jul-09 Dagmar Valley 483  
      Bolette Ruder Dagmar 34 Asker Skovby? Denmark Hans Ruder & Signe Jensen          
HENROID, ??? see Hubbard, Arthur A                    
HENRY, Agnes Young see Miller, Louie                    
HENRY, Alice see Kelly, Thomas                    
HENRY, Anna Laura see Riggle, T W                    
HENRY, Arlouine? see Wikander, Ernest                    
HENRY, Augusta see Clark, William H                    
HENRY, Beatrice see Wikander, Ernest                    
HENRY, Bernice L see Wasson, Harry H                    
HENRY, Cecile B see Tench, George Edward                    
HENRY, Charles see Henry, Ira D                    
HENRY, Charlie see Henry                    
HENRY, Chas see Jacobson, Earl H                    
HENRY, Clark see Henry, Ora Walter                    
HENRY, D C see Gibbs, William I                    
HENRY, Dyer S       Avondale 24 Mn W J Henry & Della Hilton 10-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2005  
      Blanche Gaert__? Baylor 30 Neb John P Gaert__? & Mary Jones          
HENRY, Eliza see Bruguier, John                    
HENRY, Ella see Fowler, Ralph William                    
HENRY, Ella see Schlie, William H                    
HENRY, Emma see Peck, H S                    
HENRY, Eva see Luff, Ervin A                    
HENRY, F see Nelson, Clifford R                    
HENRY, Fanny see Joy, B M                    
HENRY, Florence see Proulx, Valerie                    
HENRY, Harriet R I see Kerrison                    
HENRY, Hazel E see Gibbs, William I                    
HENRY, Inez see Hodgson, Raymond                    
HENRY, Ira D       Bowdoin 45 Mich Charles Henry & Eva Wing 18-Dec-18 Glasgow Valley 2461  
      Eva E rivers Bowdoin 22 N D Martin Rivers & Mary Taylor          
HENRY, Ira D       Ludington Mich 29 Ludington Mich Charlie Henry & Eva Wing 26-Sep-16 Culbertson Sheridan 787  
      Mary Moran Culbertson 32 Culbertson John Moran & Mary Dejarlais          
HENRY, James       Sask Can 26 Mo John W Henry & Rebecca Barnett 12-Jan-18 Chinook Blaine 417  
      Sophie Karsten Sask 25 Nebr Sam Karsten & Juliana Chur-ch Master          
HENRY, John see Joy, B M                    
HENRY, John see Wasson, Harry H                    
HENRY, John W see Henry, James                    
HENRY, Joseph E see Kerrison                    
HENRY, Lester see Mrozek, Harry                    
HENRY, Lizzie see Hallock, Kenneth A                    
HENRY, Luella M see Jacobson, Earl H                    
HENRY, Margaret see Clapp, Clyde                    
HENRY, Myrtle see Oliver, Floyd                    
HENRY, Norman Lawrence       Glendive 25 Glendive William John Henry & Margaert Ann Henderson 8-Mar-25 Glendive Dawson 3193  
      Ruth Katherine Steele Glendive 25 Glendive Centennial Mack Steele & Nellie Roberts          
HENRY, Ora Walter       Baylor 26 Kans Clark Henry & Nancy Long 25-May-20 Opheim Valley 2668  
      Anna Cornelia Hedman Opheim 27 Sweden Peter Hedman & ???          
HENRY, Pearl see Milem, Floyd F                    
HENRY, Pearl Ada see Lunstad, Christian C                    
HENRY, Robert       Glendive 30 Barron Wis William John Henry & Margaret Henderson 26-Jan-22 Wibaux Wibaux 334  
      Blanche Rinehart Glendive 27 Good Thunder Mn Martin Rinehart & Emma Lemays          
HENRY, Robert see Miller, Louie                    
HENRY, Sarah see Mrozek, Harry                    
HENRY, W J see Henry, Dyer S                    
HENRY, W J see Hodgson, Raymond                    
HENRY, William J & Margaret A see Clapp, Clyde                    
HENRY, William John see Henry, Robert                    
HENRY, William John see Henry, Norman Lawrence                    
HENSEL, Anna see Smith, Franklin Houston                    
HENSEL, C W see Newport, C B                    
HENSEL, Carl F       Glendive 39 Whitehall Wisc Frank Hensel & Wilhelmina Lucek 19-Sep-18 Glendive Dawson 2430  
      Elsie Milke Glendive 18 Cleveland Ohio Theodore Milke & Tina Pater          
HENSEL, Frank see Hensel, Carl F                    
HENSEL, Margaret Dorothy see Smith, Franklin Houston                    
HENSEL, Winifred see Newport, C B                    
HENSEN, Cora Marguerite see Brock                    
HENSEN, Fredrick C see Heide, Johannes R                    
HENSEN, Paul see Schrepel, Clarence                    
HENSEN, Theodora Charlotte see Heide, Johannes R                    
HENSEY, Carrie see Grindland, Jens Christian                    
HENSKI, Maria see Quade, Adolph                    
HENSLEY, Ben see Hensley, Logan Horace                    
HENSLEY, James F see Hensley, James N                    
HENSLEY, James N       Sand Springs 30 Ezall Ken James F Hensley & Charity S Carr 6-Nov-19 Sand Springs Garfield 11  
      Tillie J Wolf Tindall 22 Davenport Neb Samuel Wolf & Alice Bowman          
HENSLEY, Logan Horace       Glasgow 33 Marshall Ark Ben Hensley & Elizabeth Hollis 4-Mar-23 Glasgow Valley 2955  
      Hazel Ethel Brown Glasgow 34 Independence Iowa Andrew G Brown & Sarah Stevens          
HENSLEY, Mary see Maupin, Olan C                    
HENSLY, Louie Henry see Tapper, Louie Henry                    
HENSON, Elizabeth see Henson, Ernest Charles                    
HENSON, Ernest Charles       White Earth N D 25 Kent England William Henson & Annie Smith 26-Aug-07 Culbertson Valley 301  
      Lillian Elizabeth Peterson White Earth N D 33 Toronto William Friend & Elizabeth Henson          
HENSON, Hannah see Ovre, Thorvald                    
HENSON, Julia A see Terry, Maurice H                    
HENSON, William see Henson, Ernest Charles                    
HENSRUD, Ephriam P       Flaxville 25 Hamlen N D Theodore Hensrud & Neva Johnson 1-Jul-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2670  
      Audrey Martin Flaxville 18 Flaxville David Martin & Nellie Foster          
HENSRUD, Leonard Carl       Ossette 25 S D Severt Hensrud & Carrie Stone 14-Jun-26 Scobey Daniels 260  
      Ellen Martha Sauer Ossette 24   Andrew Sauer & Martha Linsteadt?          
HENSRUD, Severt see Hensrud, Leonard Carl                    
HENSRUD, Theodore see Hensrud                    
HENSRUDE, Carie see Estenson                    
HENTEN, Nancy see O�Bryan, Dan                    
HENTGES, Catherine E see Bokrud, Emil                    
HENTGES, Josephine see Ratledge, Tommy                    
HENTGES, Lena see Haug, Hilmer O                    
HENTGES, Peter see Haug, Hilmer O                    
HENTGES, Peter see Hentges, William H                    
HENTGES, Peter & Nellie see Bokrud, Emil                    
HENTGES, William H       Oswego 33 Kasuth Cty Iowa Peter Hentges & Mary Miller 18-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1016  
      Margaret Viola Stover Oswego 18 N D Thomas Stover & Alice Dougherty          
HENTON, John see Green, Oval M                    
HENTON, Mildred see Green, Oval M                    
HENTZ, Katherine see Stevenson, Harold                    
HENTZY, Henry see Hentzy, Jacob H                    
HENTZY, Jacob H       Glendive 28 Erie N Y Henry Hentzy & Lana Webber 22-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 643  
      Mary Kusey Glendive 21 Dickinson N D Frank Kusey & ???          
HENVI?, Mary see St Pierre                    
HENZE, Albert       Volt 41 Germany Emil Henze & Bertha Rochinsky 22-Jul-27 Larslan Valley 3304  
      Kate Kalien Larslan 33 Russia Jacob Friezen & Anna Vogt          
HENZE, Emil see Henze, Albert                    
HENZE, Henry see Brown, Lloyd                    
HENZI, Auguste see Swindle, James                    
HEPBURN, Ella see Murray, James F                    
HEPNER, Ellen see Shepherd, Dallas                    
HEPP, Rose see Funke, Charles E                    
HEPPNER, Herman see Heppner                    
HEPPNER, Anna see Rehmer                    
HEPPNER, Elizabeth see Vaughn, W A                    
HEPPNER, Frank J       Plentywood 23 Caleville Can H O Heppner & Anna Rayman 10-Nov-30 Scobey Daniels 499  
      Barbara Lasar Richland 20 Hungary Pete Lasar & Elizabeth Fresz          
HEPPNER, H O see Heppner, Frank J                    
HEPPNER, Henry       Zortman 23 N D   11-Oct-22   Phillips 671  
      Myrtle Booth Zortman 18 Kentucky            
HEPPNER, Henry see Kopf, Frank A                    
HEPPNER, Henry       P�wood 22 P�wood Herman Heppner & Anna Rehman 28-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2880  
      Susana Lasar Richland 18 Richland Peter & Elizabeth Lasar          
HEPPNER, Henry & Mrs see Dunn, William                    
HEPPNER, Herman see Rehmer                    
HEPPNER, Herman O see Heppner                    
HEPPNER, Herman O see Anderson                    
HEPPNER, Herman R       Dooley 20 Canada Herman O Heppner & Anna Rahman 19-Nov-22 Dooley Sheridan 1846  
      Hilda Anderson Dooley 20 N D John P Anderson & Anna Fryberg          
HEPPNER, John       P�wood 25 Stulmont Can Rudolph Heppner & Lena Rehman 1-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2936  
      Iona Nelson P�wood 17 P�wood Fremont Nelson & Mabel Mann          
HEPPNER, John see Heppner                    
HEPPNER, Kate see Vaughn, W A                    
HEPPNER, Margaret see Anderson                    
HEPPNER, Marie see Anderson                    
HEPPNER, Pauline M see LaFavor                    
HEPPNER, Rudolph see Heppner                    
HEPPNER, Rudolph see Anderson                    
HEPPNER, Willson B       Scobey 29 Russia John Heppner & Josephine Heier 19-May-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1654  
      Irene Scott Scobey 17 N D ??? Scott & Nellie Due          
HEPWORTH, Mary see Scarlett, George                    
HER, Breast Bone see Feather Earring, John                    
HER, Breastbone see Brush Horn, Joseph                    
HER, Cane see Iron Cloud, Thomas                    
HER, Cane see Taylor, Willis                    
HER, Cloud see Knorr, Charles                    
HER, Cloud see Half Red                    
HER, Horse see Smith                    
HER, Necklace see Redstone                    
HER, Porcupine Work see Ekalaka                    
HER, Porcupine Work see White Thunder, Herman                    
HER, Porcupine Work White Thunder see Knife Got                    
HER, Road see Bokas                    
HERALD, Arm? see Heal, Benjamin F                    
HERAND, Emelia see Gardner                    
HERANS, Anna see Gridley, Lewis M                    
HERAULF, Jake see Sellman, Edward W                    
HERAULF, Monie K see Sellman, Edward W                    
HERBAK, Even       Ambrose N D 27 Norway Ovar Herbak & Barbara Meland 12-Jul-14 Westby Sheridan 274  
      Olene Lee Boxton N D 27 N D Jakob Lee & Brendla? Foss          
HERBAK, Ovar see Herbak                    
HERBERT, May see Glendenning, Marshall                    
HERBERT, Ada see Hixon, Edward E                    
HERBERT, Alice see Kirby, Frank H                    
HERBERT, Alice M see Kirby, Sidney T                    
HERBERT, Alman H see Herbert, David E                    
HERBERT, Carrie see Bower, B L                    
HERBERT, Celia see Mallow, Ed                    
HERBERT, Celia see Stanhope, Reuben F                    
HERBERT, Celia M see Dore, George                    
HERBERT, Celia M see Kenoyer, Edgar Alvia                    
HERBERT, Clara see Boston, George                    
HERBERT, David E       Sidney 23 Valley Springs S D Alman H Herbert & Nellie May Walker 20-Dec-04 Sidney Dawson 327  
      Zana Ethel Torbet Ridgelawn 19 Iowa Thomas Torbet & Susan Adams          
HERBERT, Edward see Hixon, Edward E                    
HERBERT, Gertrude see Dreyer, Fred Ward                    
HERBERT, H see Glendenning, Marshall                    
HERBERT, Harry       Newlon 36 Chatham Ont Can Jed Herbert & Mary Beautin 13-Jan-10 Sears Creek Dawson 767  
      Alice Bouchard Newlon 24 Quebec Can Paul Bouchard & Belestine Deve�?          
HERBERT, Jed see Herbert, Harry                    
HERBERT, Julia E see Gable, Joseph F                    
HERBERT, Kirk see Dreyer, Fred Ward                    
HERBERT, Lena see Hanson, Edward Theodore                    
HERBERT, Lillian B see Sheron, Charles B                    
HERBERT, Lucile see Johnson, Charles W                    
HERBERT, W B see Gable, Joseph F                    
HERBST, Jake see Roberts                    
HERBST, Julia see Roberts                    
HERCOG, Augusta see Dippe, William Carl                    
HERDMAN, Earl see Brown, Otto C                    
HERDMAN, Flossie see Brown, Otto C                    
HERDMAN, Nellie see Payne, Ed                    
HERDMAN, Robert F       Malta 30 Colorado   9-Aug-20   Phillips 522  
      Cora L Wood Malta 28 Ohio            
HEREID, Henry see Humbert                    
HEREID, Linda Helena see Humbert Robert E                    
HEREK, Florence see Byzewski, Anton                    
HEREK, John see Byzewski, Anton                    
HEREM, Arne Olson see Dahl, Alfred Leonard                    
HEREM, Petra A see Dahl, Alfred Leonard                    
HEREN, Mark A       Heren 27 Boulder River Sol P Heren & Mana Myers 24-Oct-00 Glendive Dawson 212  
      Ethel E Washington Glendive 22 ??? Robert Washington & Mary Ann Argne?          
HEREN, Sol E       Glendive 27 Bozeman Solomon P Heren & Marie L Myers 19-Sep-06 Glendive Dawson 394  
      Arie Mack Glendive 23 Marshalltown Iowa John Mack & Ella Woodruff          
HEREN, Sol P see Heren, Mark A                    
HEREN, Solomon P see Heren, Sol E                    
HERENDON, Ebsa see Pike, Charles L                    
HERENDON, Florence see Pike, Charles L                    
HERFERSTEIN, Nellie see Roggal                    
HERFORD, Eliza see Sebrell, J R                    
HERFORD, Katie see Smith                    
HERGOTT, Marie see Hardy                    
HERGOTT, Mary K see Fiske                    
HERGOTT, Mike see Rogers, Homer                    
HERGSTAD?, Reier       Edge Hill 27 Norway Reier Herigstad & Ingeborg Fosse 14-Nov-13 Glendive Dawson 1366  
      Breta Paulson Glendive 27 Norway John Paulson & Brithanna Fjellansbal?          
HERIGSTAD, Ingebret       Glendive 21 Stavanger Norway Raier Herigstsd & Engborg Fosse 28-Aug-09 Glendive Dawson 717  
      Gertie Anderson Glendive 19 Gaenstad Nor Andras Olsen Risnes & Karen Eriksen          
HERIGSTAD, Ingrid see Kappel, Leo                    
HERIGSTAD, Nels see Kappel, Leo                    
HERIGSTAD, Nels       Tokna 25 Stavanger Nor Rier Herigstad & Ingeborg Foser 31-Mar-07 Glendive Dawson 509  
      Pauline Rice Glendive 25 Norway John Muchland & ???          
HERIGSTAD, Raier see Herigstad, Ingebret                    
HERIGSTAD, Rier see Herigstad, Nels                    
HERINGEN, Marie see Buell, John Quincy                    
HERINGEN, Olaf see Buell, John Quincy                    
HERKEL, Charles see Liston, Ludwig                    
HERKEL, Irma see Liston, Ludwig                    
HERKINS, Lillian see Litzenberg, H B                    
HERLAND, Ed see Hoiland                    
HERLE, Franzieska see Schenhes, Michael                    
HERM, Alnia? see Madden, James E                    
HERM, David see Madden, James E                    
HERMAN, Anna see Greenblatt, Abraham                    
HERMAN, Annie see Koepke, Ernest F                    
HERMAN, Chester J       Glasgow 30 Idaho John L Herman & Henrirtta Way 28-Feb-28 Glasgow Valley 2631  
      Ethel Working Glasgow 28 Mt Lincoln Working & Martha Drury          
HERMAN, Edward F       Denver 27 Iowa G N Herman & Catherine Menkeimer 3-Mar-02 Malta Valley ?  
      Clemence Doney Missouri 18 Lodgepole Dawson Cty Lally Doney & Angelique Moran          
HERMAN, Frank see Hankins, Clarence F                    
HERMAN, G N see Herman, Edward F                    
HERMAN, Gladys L see Hankins, Clarence F                    
HERMAN, John L see Herman, Chester J                    
HERMAN, Juanita see Belzer, William E                    
HERMAN, Loretta see Matlock, Wilber                    
HERMAN, Margaret see Richwine, Harry C                    
HERMAN, Margaret see Griffen                    
HERMAN, Marguerite C see Patton, Luther H                    
HERMAN, Marie see Sunkle, Edward H                    
HERMAN, Minnie see Harper, James Archie                    
HERMAN, Roscena see Perry, Luther R                    
HERMAN, Sadie see Has the Pipe                    
HERMAN, William see Milne, William                    
HERMANN, Carrie see Grenz, Jacob                    
HERMANN, Jacob see Grenz, John                    
HERMANN, Joseph & Mary see Herman, Wengel H                    
HERMANN, Wengel H       Chinook 34 Austria Joseph & Mary Hermann 15-Oct-18 Chinook Blaine 523  
      Anna Wodtke Chinook 34 Germany Herman Wodtke & Rosalie Neubauer          
HERMANSEN, Helen see Styve                    
HERMANSEN, Herman see Hermansen                    
HERMANSEN, John       Froid 29 Iowa Herman Hermansen & Hannah Jensen 6-Aug-13 Froid Sheridan 56  
      Nina Scott Froid 21 Wis Carl C Scott & Elna Cummings          
HERMANSON, Anna see Wheeler                    
HERMANSON, Anna see Hanson                    
HERMANSON, Hilga see Vitt, H A                    
HERMANSON, Ida see Paulson, O B                    
HERMANSON, Jens H see Hermanson, Ralph L                    
HERMANSON, Ralph L       Glendive 22 Milltown Wisc Jens H Hermanson & Otine Jensen 14-Feb-20 Glendive Dawson 2844  
      Marie Achilles Glendive 18 Wheeling Mn Louis Achilles & Louise Ackman          
HERMANSON, Theodore see Vitt, H A                    
HERMANSON, Theodore see Lansrud                    
HERMANSON, Thora see Lansrud                    
HERMEL, Adolph see Hermel, William                    
HERMEL, William A       Minot 22 Waterville Mn Adolph Hermel & Emma Smith 31-Jul-26 Glendive Dawson 3374  
      Francis E Alton Beach 24 Brookings S D Arthur Alton & Mary Hall          
HERMES, Annie see Peschon, Fred                    
HERMES, Bernard J       Chinook 28 Chinook Rudolph Hermes & Mary Kremer 22-Sep-20 Chinook Blaine 646  
      Adeline Kuper Chinook 21 Lafayette Ind Henry Kuper & Elizabeth Hebbelman          
HERMES, Elizabeth see Splaneman, Paul A                    
HERMES, Henry       Chinook 24 Chinook Rudolph Hermes & Mary Kremer 22-Sep-20 Chinook Blaine 645  
      Anna Kuper Chinook 46 Lafayette Ind Henry Kuper & Elizabeth Hebbelman          
HERMES, Inga see Vassen                    
HERMES, Johan see Vassen                    
HERMES, John H       Chinook 29 Chinook Rudolph Hermes & Mary Kremer 7-Jan-19 Chinook Blaine 536  
      Margaret A Kuper Chinook 21 Indiana Henry Kuper & Elizabeth Hebbelman          
HERMES, Lena see Kuper, Herman H                    
HERMES, Rudolph see Kuper, Herman H                    
HERMES, Rudolph see Splaneman, Paul A                    
HERMES, Rudolph see Hermes, Henry                    
HERMES, Rudolph see Hermes, John H                    
HERMES, Rudolph see Hermes, Bernard J                    
HERMING, Emma see Lawrence, Albert Archie                    
HERN, George see Hern, William                    
HERN, William       Carbert 23 Missouri George Hern & Bessie Smith 12-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 133  
      Inez Belva Hill Lacadaire Sask Can 18 Wisc Schuyler Hill & Elsie B Newcomb          
HERNANKLE, ??? see Nagle, Mike                    
HERNBLOM, Caroline see Anderson, Edwin A                    
HERNES, Johannah see Fladeland                    
HERON, Eliza see Zolman, Anderson C                    
HERON, John M see Heron, W R                    
HERON, W R       Medora 33 Huntington W Vir John M Heron & E Reed 8-May-16 Glendive Dawson 1918  
      Ada M Lowe Medora 39 Davenport Iowa W Lowe & Ada Lancaster          
HERR, J A & Catherine see McLeod, Robert B                    
HERR, Lenore see McLeod, Robert B                    
HERR, Marie C see Harmon                    
HERR, Wilhelmina see Hein                    
HERREID, Clara A see Humbert                    
HERREID, Henry see Humbert                    
HERREID, Henry N see Herreid, Edwin Nathaniel                    
HERREM, Alice C see Juergens                    
HERREM, C L see Juergens                    
HERREN, Mrs Alberta (LaFayette?) see Fraser, John S                    
HERRICK, Agnes see Johnson, Argle O                    
HERRICK, Agnes see Beagle, John                    
HERRICK, Agnes E see Brooks, James Lester                    
HERRICK, Anson L see Herrick, Elmer S                    
HERRICK, Benjamin       Trotters N D 25 N D John Herrick & Nellie Sperrie 30-Nov-18 Wibaux Wibaux 223  
      Eden Harkins Boenizer 18 Mn Edward Harkins & Emma Krier          
HERRICK, Dora May see Robb, Harry James                    
HERRICK, Elmer S see Batts, Walter Harold                    
HERRICK, Elmer S       Glendive 37 Jamestown New York Anson L Herrick & Elizabeth Devoe 19-Jul-1899 Glendive Dawson 189  
      Eloise Goodspeed Glendive 23 Waseca Mn Henry Goodspeed & Temperance Parker          
HERRICK, Florence see French, Sylvanus M                    
HERRICK, George see Robb, Harry James                    
HERRICK, Hellen see Summers, Earl D                    
HERRICK, John see Herrick, Benjamin                    
HERRICK, John see French, Sylvanus M                    
HERRICK, John see Edwards, Frank                    
HERRICK, Lydia J see Sipperly, Burt                    
HERRICK, Mildred Elizabeth see Batts, Walter Harold                    
HERRICK, Pearl L see Edwards, Frank                    
HERRIED, Edwin Nathaniel       Scobey 38 Galesville Wis Henry N Herreid & Martha N Henderson 7-Aug-22 Scobey Daniels 63  
      Clara Hansina Danelson Scobey 14 Estevan Sask Can Charles Edward Danelson & Gertrude Swenson          
HERRIG, Harvey H       Havre 24 Mn William A Herrig & Mary Gosch 11-Jul-19 Glasgow Valley 2534  
      Mrs Mary Lathrop Havre 29 Norway Carl Malmstrm & Anna Knutson          
HERRIG, William A see Herrig, Harvey H                    
HERRING, Carrye Neal see Moe Gustav E                    
HERRING, David see Herring, William J                    
HERRING, F S ? see Moe, Gustave E                    
HERRING, Julia H see Harris, LeRoy C                    
HERRING, William J       Glendive 28 Wills Mn David Herring & Mary Baker 9-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1506  
      Katheryn Schroeder Glendive 18 Rush City Mn Phollip Schroeder & Nancy Rice          
HERRINGTON, George       Glasgow 28 Mt Ayr Iowa John Herrington & Dora M Miller 16-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1171  
      Mary Champagne Glasgow 19 Belcourt B D Frederick Champagne & Philimine LaFountaine          
HERRINGTON, John see Herrington, Robert D                    
HERRINGTON, John see Herrington, George                    
HERRINGTON, Nellie see Brady, Charles                    
HERRINGTON, Robert D       Glasgow 27 Mt Ayr Iowa John Herrington & Dora Dinsmore 31-May-24 Glasgow Valley 3060  
      Amanda H VanHook Glasgow 28 Salem Ind Alex Moody & Mary Robinson          
HERRMAN, Nana M see Dutro, George                    
HERRMANN, Adam see Hafner, Richard Conrad                    
HERRMANN, Emma J M see Hafner, Richard Conrad                    
HERRON, Andrew see VanDyke, Fred                    
HERRON, Annie see Mottz, Charles P                    
HERRON, Burritt G       Raymond 32 Can Thomas Herron & Emma Eyers 5-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 907  
      Emma Backus Raymond 23 Mn Andrew C Backus & Emma Tanner          
HERRON, Charles P see Howard, Edwin A                    
HERRON, Charlotte P see Howard, Edwin A                    
HERRON, George W see Herron, Leslie C                    
HERRON, Iona see Vandyke, Fred                    
HERRON, Leslie C       Leith N D 35 Viroqua Wis George W Herron & May Horton 7-Nov-20 Glendive Dawson 2701  
      Marjorie Leonard Glendive 24 Brooklyn Iowa E C Leonard & Etta Heath          
HERRON, Thomas see Herron                    
HERRON, Thomas see Herron                    
HERRON, William       Raymond 36 Ontario Can Thomas Herron & Martha Eyer 4-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1149  
      Anna Johnson Raymond 30 Norway Lauritz Johanson & Christine Pilsen          
HERSCHLEB, Annette see Fordham, George E                    
HERSCHLEB, John see Fordham, George E                    
HERSCHLED, Mary see Janke, Ernest                    
HERSCHMAN, Louis A       Malta 24 Nudanville Indiana Waltre H Herschman & Anna Polaski 4-Nov-11 Malta Valley 931  
      Bessie B Mummey Malta 18 Mn Henry M Mummey & Lydia Smalley          
HERSCHMAN, Oliver W       Malta 22 Maderiaville Ind Walter H Herschman & Anna C Sager 4-May-11 Glasgow Valley 833  
      Gladys Iona Evans Malta 19 Alexandria Mn Harry Evans & Franky Brown          
HERSCHMAN, Walter H see Herschman, Louis A                    
HERSCHMAN, Walter H see Herschman, Oliver W                    
HERSENBACK, Christina see Kins                    
HERSEY, Elizabeth M see Watts, Earl R                    
HERSEY, M B see Watts, Earl R                    
HERSHBERGER, Peter see Hershberger                    
HERSHBERGER, William       P�wood 36 Ohio Peter Hershberger & Mary Miller 9-Aug-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1742  
      Mrs Elizabeth Finley Mn 34 Mich Albert Summons & Janet Talbot          
HERSHEY, Alfred see Jenkins, Jesse O                    
HERSHEY, David       Hinsdale 30 Ontario Can Isaac Hershey & Margaret Dill 2-May-23 Hinsdale Valley 2971  
      Katie Garcia Hinsdale 30 Iowa Nels Kent          
HERSHEY, George see Hershey, Reuben                    
HERSHEY, Isaac see Hershey, David                    
HERSHEY, Myrtle see Coyle, George W                    
HERSHEY, Reuben C       Sentinel Butte N D 29 Mn George Hershey & Sarah Morris 29-Aug-17 Wibaux Wibaux 165  
      ArgieHubell Sentinel Butte N D 18 Mn Miles Hubbel & Fanny Murphy          
HERSHMAN, Louis A see Myers, K H                    
HERSHMAN, Louis A see Whitmore, George                    
HERSTROM, Albert       Saco 26 East Tawas Mich Andrew Herstrom & Lena Miller 31-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1518  
      Anne Hendrickson Minneapolis Mn 25 Mn Carl Hendrickson & Mathilda Thurenston          
HERSTROM, Andrew see Herstrom, Albert                    
HERTAL, Katherine see Ahlert, Herman Jr                    
HERTER, Edith Nell see Klinkhammer                    
HERTER, Maynard see Klinkhammer                    
HERTING, Esther see Hove, Sigurd                    
HERTING, Fred see Chapman, Isaac Fredrick                    
HERTING, Fred see Herting, John                    
HERTING, Fred see Hove, Sigurd                    
HERTING, Fred see Durkin, Leo Edwin                    
HERTING, John H       Wolf Point 25 Mn Fred Herting & Lizzie Waugh 8-Oct-18 Glasgow Valley 2438  
      Alma Sletvold Wolf Point 25 Mn Ottin Sletvold & Tolive Linner          
HERTING, Thelma Lucile see Durkin, Leo Edwin                    
HERTING, Tina Alvida see Chapman, Isaac Fredrick                    
HERTLER, W M       Phillips 24 Missouri   6-Sep-16   Phillips 134  
      Katie Boese Phillips 23 Kansas            
HERTWIG, Bertha see Chamberlain, Otto R                    
HERUPTH, Lenola see Smith, John Leroy                    
HERZOG, Augusta see Warnke, Arthur Henry                    
HESER, Anthony       Wolf Point 24 Mn Nicholas Heser & Anna Trace 12-Oct-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 812  
      Stella Vardarsky Wolf Point 18 New York Steve Vardarsky & Bernice Sphergola          
HESER, Elizabeth see Fromdahl, Ira                    
HESER, Henry see Leuenberger, Oscar                    
HESER, Margaret see Leuenberger, Oscar                    
HESER, Nicholas see Heser, Anthony                    
HESER, Nicholas F       Dawson Cty 25 Kansas Nicholas F Heser & Annie Trace 9-Jun-14 Burch Dawson 1503  
      Annie Jasinski Dawson 21 St Paul Mn Frank Jazinski & Francis Machnickowski          
HESER, Virginia see Delaney, Raymond Cosmos                    
HESH, Ahart see Hesh, Frank A                    
HESH, Christopher see Hesh, Orange A                    
HESH, Frank A       Glasgow 38 St Joseph Missouri Ahart Hesh & Fannie Wedum 27-Jul-27 Glasgow Valley 3306  
      Rilla J Ross Marshfield Wis 31 ??? Joseph Ross & Jane Willite          
HESH, Orange A       Havre 52 Indiana Christopher Hesh & Samantha Hipshere 25-Jul-23 Glasgow Valley 2985  
      Willie G Fulton Martinez Chinook 34 N D George Fulton & Charlotte Hall          
HESKESTAD, Ingeborg see Solhaug, Oskar                    
HESLER, Hattie see Tade, James H                    
HESLER, Joseph see McCann, David E                    
HESLER, Julia see McCann, David E                    
HESPE, Cora see Dalphey, Nicholas                    
HESPE, Mrs Edith see Hauser, Louis                    
HESPE, N M see McCann, Rolland T                    
HESPE, Nora see Dalphey, Nicholas                    
HESPE, Nora M see Tassell, John G                    
HESPELVALEN, Martha see Stadig                    
HESS, Anna see Markel, Walter H                    
HESS, C G see Knuth, Herman                    
HESS, Carolina see Kolstad, Ben K                    
HESS, Catherine see Monroe, Archie C                    
HESS, Conrad see Monroe, Archie                    
HESS, Conrad Albert       Hot Springs S D 54 Germany Michael Hess & Elizabeth Supple 24-Aug-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1365  
      Sarah Lena Graf Lambertson Mn 29 Lambertson Fred Graf & Emma Nuendorf          
HESS, Emil see Hess, William H                    
HESS, Harry       Washta Iowa 28 Iowa ??? & Eldora Mcham? 19-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2710  
      Margaret Smith Seips 28 Mn John Mcgowan & B Lovitt          
HESS, Harry H       Havre 33 Wasta Iowa Oren H Hess & Eldora McClow 18-Aug-25 Chinook Blaine 892  
      Elizabeth Marie Taylor Chinook 22 Vestal S D John Sherman & Anna Gubka          
HESS, Jesse       Brockton 25 Guthrie Mn William Hess & Dora Tibbey 2-Apr-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2815  
      Bertha Lucie Groskurth Dagmar 27 Minden Nebr Henry Groskurth & Johanna Christensen          
HESS, Johannes see Kolstad, Ben K                    
HESS, Joseph see Fornall, Karl                    
HESS, Katherine see Fornall, Carl                    
HESS, Katie see Sear, John                    
HESS, Kittie see Wirtz                    
HESS, Marten see Hatch, Paul                    
HESS, Mary see Douglas, Charles M                    
HESS, Mary Ann see Knuth, Herman                    
HESS, Mary Ann see Erickson, Ernest Lander                    
HESS, Maud see Erickson, Ernest Lander                    
HESS, Michael see Hess, Conrad Allen                    
HESS, Olin M see Hess, W O                    
HESS, Oren H see Hess, Harry H                    
HESS, P see Yager, Edmund J                    
HESS, W O       Glendive 34 Humboldt Cty Iowa Olin M Hess & Laurin Zimmerman 20-Jan-06 Glendive Dawson 359  
      Florence Edna Gleason Glendive 20 Glendive ? Gleason & ? Lemley          
HESS, William       Antelope 33 Ill William Hess & Dory Tibby 9-Aug-16 Plentywood Sheridan 810  
      Ruth Jackson P�wood 17 Arkansas Milus & Rosie Jackson          
HESS, William see Hess                    
HESS, William H       Savage 48 Nelson Wisc Emil Hess & Christina Reinhardt 10-Dec-25 Glendive Dawson 3305  
      Anna Swisher Kansas City Kans 40 Gypsum Kans Jerome Swisher & Ella Meyers          
HESSELGRAVE, Robert see Bross, H J                    
HESSELL, Mary see Crosby, James                    
HESSENHATER, Carl       Glasgow 29 Germany Carl Hessenhater & Caroline Warner 31-Mar-15 Glasgow Valley 1654  
      Katherine Zurcher Glasgow 18 Nebr William Zurcher & Clara Mayfield          
HESSENING, Christina see Cox, Harry Preston                    
HESSIAN, John A see Lane, Russell O                    
HESSIAN, Marie A see Lane, Russell O                    
HESSLER, Addie see Tade, Eddie                    
HESSLER, Lillian see Porter, Robert J                    
HESSON, Francis see Burger, Jacob                    
HESTENESS?, Christina see Hansen, Joe M                    
HESTHAMER, Bert       Malta 21 Norway Ingebret Nelson & Martha Osmunson 2-Apr-14 Malta Valley 1440  
      Margie Wolleon Malta 18 N Y Frank Wolleon & Mary Deham          
HESTHAMMER, Bert       Phillips Cty 22 Norway   18-Mar-15 Malta Phillips 9  
      Maggie Walleon Phillips Cty 18 New Jersey            
HESTMAN, Christine see Thielke, Clarence E                    
HETERINGTON, Alice see Wells                    
HETGERSON, Nettie see Ringstad, Norman                    
HETHERINGTON, Alice see Wells, Clarence L                    
HETHMILLER, Albertine see Becker                    
HETLAND, Arthur B       Westby 41 Moorehead Mn Bernard Hetland & Hannah Sivertson 15-Sep-29 Westby Sheridan 2475  
      Judith A Anderson Westby 30 Alexandria Charles A Anderson & Christina Olson          
HETLAND, Bernard see Hetland                    
HETLAND, Elsie see Cohick, Charles                    
HETLAND, Hannah see Lutness                    
HETLAND, Hannah see Ueland                    
HETLAND, Martina see Marsh, Alfred                    
HETLAND, Martina see Marsh                    
HETLAND, Thelma see Hilyard, Charles H                    
HETLINGHUS, Bertha see Dydahl, Lewis                    
HETMAN, Hazel see Nelson, Dewey D                    
HETMAN, Henry F see Nelson, Dewey D