Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Grantham to Gwinn

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
GRANTHAM, Dennis see Dougherty, William J                    
GRANTHAM, Florence see Leitz                    
GRANTHAM, Otto see Leitz                    
GRANTIER, Archie       Glasgow 21 Missoula Stephen Grantier & Cora Caufield 10-Jan-08 Glasgow Valley    
      Mildred Copeland Glasgow 18 Iowa William D Copeland & Elsie M Carmen          
GRANTIER, Hazel see Hass, Earl                    
GRANTIER, Stephen see Hass, Earl                    
GRANTIER, Stephen see Grantier, Archie                    
GRANUM, Clara see Gould, Charles L                    
GRANUM, John see Smith, James Douglas                    
GRANUM, Julia Amanda see Smith, James Douglas                    
GRANUM, Oscar see Gould, Charles L                    
GRANVOLD, Colborn       Comertown 23 Norway Ole Granvold & Karen Vick 1-Apr-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2651  
      Ethel Peele Westby 18 Westby George W Peele & Effie May Liles          
GRANVOLD, Helen Mary see Bosman                    
GRANVOLD, Olaf N       Comertown ?? Norway Ole Granvold & Karen Vick 23-Dec-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2801  
      Mabel Lund Overland Sask 32 Rollette N D Peter Lund & Sena Aasper          
GRANVOLD, Ole see Bosman                    
GRANVOLD, Ole see Granvold Olaf N                    
GRANVOLD, Ole see Granvold                    
GRANZOW, Minnie see Meisenbach, Frank Charles                    
GRASLEY, Mary see Christensen, H A                    
GRASLEY, Mary see Kirkeby                    
GRASLEY, Mary see Lochrem                    
GRASS, see Grass, John                    
GRASS, Annie see Bracelet, Mike                    
GRASS, John       Ft Belknap 47 ??? Grass & Taken 4-Mar-28 St Pauls Mission Blaine 1046  
      Annie Dwarf Ft Belknap 55 ??? White Bear & Punch Woman          
GRASS, Karrie see Osen, Olav B                    
GRASS, Mary see Wetan, Clarence                    
GRASS, Raul see Larson, Bartholl M                    
GRASSON, Margaret see Fairchild, Andrew C                    
GRATE, Fredric S       Glendive 59 Germany Fredric Grate & Fredricka Benedick 13-Mar-10 Glendive Dawson 779  
      Anna Guelff Yates 48 Belgium Peter Dryer & Elizabeth Schwenden          
GRATH, Mary see Weiss                    
GRATZ, Frona see Heinrich, John C                    
GRATZ, Mary L see Gaffield, Walter L                    
GRATZ, Mary L see Wyatt, James A                    
GRATZEK, Helen see Hartwell, Ralph L                    
GRATZKE, Ella see Price, Horace                    
GRAU, Katherine see Gerst, Hugo Adolph                    
GRAU, Mary see Gerst, Hugo Adolf                    
GRAUAT, Carl Osker see Grauat, Osker A                    
GRAUAT?, Osker A       Galva N D 31 Sweden Carl Osker Grauat & Wilhelmina Gustavson 24-Sep-19 Wibaux Wibaux 258  
      Edith Eustrom Galva N D 18 Sweden Gustav Eustrom & Marie Bjor-kman          
GRAUBMAN, Ed L       Detroit Mich 23 Frazier Mich Fred Graubman & Minnie Erdman 6-Sep-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2547  
      Lillian Handte Grenora N D 19 Grenora Jacob Handte & Lena Ahner          
GRAUBMAN, Fred see Graubman                    
GRAUH, Carrie see Raymond, W U                    
GRAUL?, Rose see Schultz, Arnold C                    
GRAUMER?, Sophie see Leitz                    
GRAUNKE, Louis Albert       Sidney 34 Watertown Wisc William Graunke & Hannah Woodtkee 17-Jun-22 Glendive Dawson 2866  
      Maria M Lopp Sidney 21 Hutchinson Mn Christian Lopp & Ann M D Christiansen          
GRAUNKE, William see Graunke, Louis Albert                    
GRAVEN, Anna see Crawford, Glen Edward                    
GRAVEN, Edith see Scott, J E                    
GRAVEN, Ellen May see Reed, Harry B                    
GRAVEN, Eva A see Reed, Wilber M                    
GRAVEN, George W       Sentinel Butte 21 Missouri John Graven & May Harmon 15-Aug-16 Glendive Dawson 1992  
      Inez E Freer Sentinel Butte 18 Fingal N D Edward Freer & E Root          
GRAVEN, John see Scott, J E                    
GRAVEN, John see Graven, George W                    
GRAVEN, John see Reed, Harry B                    
GRAVEN, John W see Reed, Wilber M                    
GRAVEN, Mary E see Quesenberry, James O                    
GRAVER, Emma see Reed, Ralph                    
GRAVER, John see Reed, Ralph                    
GRAVES, Adeline Gertrude see Weaver                    
GRAVES, Alexander H see Madison, James N                    
GRAVES, Anna see Davids, Charles H                    
GRAVES, Clarence E       Ada 36 Ladaga Ind Leonard Graves & Margaret Himes 12-Apr-16 Ada Blaine 270  
      Mary W Goodbar res Ada 17 Ladaga Ind Walter L Goodbar & hortense Terry          
GRAVES, Clifford C see Graves, Nathan C                    
GRAVES, John see Weaver                    
GRAVES, John F       Redstone 27 Almer Ont Can John Graves & Gertie Stringer 2-Apr-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2421  
      Geneva Waggoner Redstone 18 Indiana Wetzel Waggoner & Bessie England          
GRAVES, Leonard see Graves, Clarence E                    
GRAVES, Margie see Jackson, Ray                    
GRAVES, Maye Emily see Thompson, Harry T                    
GRAVES, Mildred F see Haskins, Benjamin                    
GRAVES, Nathan C       Glendive 33 Denver Colorado Clifford C Graves & Dora Church 16-Nov-12 Glendive Dawson 1169  
      Emma Hibke Glendive 30 Little Falls Mn ???          
GRAVES, Rene G see Brathovde, William O                    
GRAVES, Richard E see Graves, Samuel E                    
GRAVES, Rosella M see Madison, James N                    
GRAVES, Samuel E       Glendive 32 Sheridan Ill Richard E Graves & Elizabeth S Grier 24-May-09 Glendive Dawson 689  
      A�a? I Purvis Glendive 24 Highmore S D E J Mix & Cora Phelps          
GRAVES, Sterling see Jackson, Ray                    
GRAVES, William see Potter, Harry W                    
GRAVES, William see Haskins, Benjamin                    
GRAVES, William A see Johnson, James Elwood                    
GRAVES, Winifred Blanche see Johnson, James Elwood                    
GRAVING, Gilbert see Graving, Gust                    
GRAVING, Gust       Malta 24 Miltin N D Gilbert Graving & Ranri Harmansli? 24-Dec-12 Chinook Blaine 34  
      Pearl Wilcox Malta 19 Detroit (Lakes?) Mn George Wilcox & Estella Green          
GRAVING, Lawrence Richard       Dickinson N D 24 Grafton N D O A Graving & Anna Hegstad 22-Jul-25 Froid Roosivelt 790  
      Laura Magdaline Loucks Froid 24 Avoca N Y John Thomas Loucks & Mae Wagner          
GRAVING, Mrs Pearl see Peterson, Lewis                    
GRAVING, O A see Graving, Lawrence Richard                    
GRAW, Rachel see Beckler, George L                    
GRAY, see Red Feather, Frank                    
GRAY, Bear see Fighter                    
GRAY, Bear see Shoot Young Man                    
GRAY, Bear see Fine Fish                    
GRAY, Buffalo Woman see Iron Leggins                    
GRAY, Elk Iron Bear see Little Bull                    
GRAY, Hair see Garfield                    
GRAY, Hawk see Brown, Joseph                    
GRAY, Moose Ryder see Chicken Head                    
GRAY, No Breast see No Breast                    
GRAY, No Breast see Eagle Boy, Mathew                    
GRAY, Albert E       Fallon 35 Stockton Mn G W Gray & Rosetta Brown 29-Jan-30 Glendive Dawson 3841  
      Anna M Hedstrom Fallon 23 Miles City Ole Hedstrom & Anna Nelson          
GRAY, Alice see Sisk, Pat                    
GRAY, Alice see Forthun, Oscar H                    
GRAY, Charles D see Scrivener, Jonathan R                    
GRAY, Dorothy R see Barr                    
GRAY, Edward N       Harlem 31 Wingham Ont Can William A Gray & Alice Elford 28-Jan-17 Plenty-wood Blaine 363  
      Anna C Hughes Harlem 32 Trenton Mo Thomas Hughes & Helen Davis          
GRAY, Elizabeth see Crane                    
GRAY, Elsie see Golden, Robert R                    
GRAY, Emma see Schneider, Philip P                    
GRAY, G W see Gray, Albert E                    
GRAY, George L see Barr                    
GRAY, Grace M see Peachy, Fredrick A                    
GRAY, Harry B see Gray, Maynard H                    
GRAY, Harry C       Redstone 23 N D Henry Gray & Carrie Hutchison 23-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2257  
      Pearl Louise Geurin Saco ??? Dakota Hugh Geurin & Emma L Arneson          
GRAY, Henry see Gray, Harry C                    
GRAY, Henry see Dickson, Noel K                    
GRAY, Henry see Schneider, Philip P                    
GRAY, Henry see Crossen, Frank B                    
GRAY, John see Peachy, Fredrick A                    
GRAY, John F see Gray, Leslie J                    
GRAY, Leslie J       Hinsdale 22 Kentucky John F Gray & Mary Hall 15-Sep-13 Glasgow Valley 1343  
      Etta Gaasch Hinsdale 22 Kansas Peter Gaasch & Mary Woolwine          
GRAY, Lucinda see Pippinger, David Homer                    
GRAY, Lulu Ally see Dickson, Noel K                    
GRAY, Margaret see Fallon                    
GRAY, Mary see Peterson, Ray                    
GRAY, Maynard H       DesPlaines Ill 23 DesPlaines Harry B Gray & Minnie Held 19-Jun-24 Wibaux Wibaux 435  
      Juanita A Deringer Wibaugh 21 East Liverpool Ohio Curtis Deringer & V Mae McKinnon          
GRAY, Michael see Gray, Thomas W                    
GRAY, Minerva see Mead, Earl R                    
GRAY, Perlina see Fine, William H                    
GRAY, Ruth see Crossen, Frank B                    
GRAY, Ruth A see Deal, Wyan E                    
GRAY, Thomas Reese       Saco 26 Carlelais Mo W S Gray & Mamie LaRanger? 10-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2050  
      Mary Katherine LaRue Saco 23 Marshall Mo Hugh & Lucy LaRue          
GRAY, Thomas W       Glasgow 25 Neb Michael Gray & Laura E Worrell 14-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1790  
      Mrs R A Covert Glasgow 33 N D Edward Smith & Marie Bolger          
GRAY, W C see Gray, William W                    
GRAY, W S see Gray, Thomas Reese                    
GRAY, Walter P see Deal, Wyan E                    
GRAY, William A see Gray, Edward N                    
GRAY, William W       Glendive 28 Long Prairie Mn W C Gray & Mary E Porter 14-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 751  
      Hattie Hanley Glendive 22 Minneapolis Mn John Hanley & Maggie Kelly          
GRAY BEAR, Laura see Red Bull, Seth                    
GRAYBULL, Annie see Brown                    
GRAYHAM, Mary see Garfield, Joseph                    
GRAYSON, Arthur       Antelope 22 Lankin? N D Richard Grayson & Emma J Woolridge 25-Mov-1931 Plentywood Sheridan 2636  
      Astrid Brekke Antelope 17 Antelope Eilert Brekke & Betsy Birkeland          
GRAYSON, Callie see Allen, Walter C                    
GRAYSON, George L       Manning N D 22 Adell Iowa George L Grayson & Minnie B Harvey 7-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1563?  
      Vera Lewis Manning N D 18 Springfield Missouri Georg Lewis & Lavina Ely          
GRAYSON, George W       Antelope 19 Hankins N D Richard Grayson & Emma J Wooldridge 22-Oct-24 Danish Luth Pars Sheridan 2005  
      Bella J Rorvig Antelope 18 Pelican Rapids Mn Ludwig Rorvig & Bertha Brorby          
GRAYSON, J E       Antelope 24 N D John Grayson & Elizabeth Little 21-Oct-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2116  
      Maibelle Olson Antelope 18 Mn John Olson & Maude Davis          
GRAYSON, John see Grayson                    
GRAYSON, Richard see Grayson                    
GRAYSON, Richard see Grayson                    
GRAYSON, Richard Ernest       Antelope 19 Oregon Richard Grayson & Emma J Wooldridge 25-Feb-23 Antelope Sheridan 1877  
      Mae Magdalene Bertelson Antelope 22 Cottonwood Mn Ingebret R Bertelson & Rachel M Nelson          
GRAYSON, Sarah see Gainey, John D                    
GREAME, Elizabeth see Stephens, William T                    
GREAT, Ribs see Shooter                    
GREATHOUSE, Hazel see Scheiffert, Lawrence B                    
GREATHOUSE, Lizzie see Stiles, Arvel L                    
GREB, George J       Glendive 27 Wynet Illinois Joseph Greb & Ellen Shannon 8-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1256  
      Mildred E Ney Glendive 19 Mountain Grove Missouri William Ney & Ida Depew          
GREB, Joseph see Greb, George J                    
GREBER, Anna see Unruh, Anthony                    
GREBER, Caroline see Tetzner, John                    
GREBOW, Anna Mary Louise see Scott, Walter Roy                    
GREEL, Bert E       Phillips 30 St Paul Reinhart Greel & ??? 25-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1367  
      Elizabeth LaSante Phillips 18 Chouteau Cty Louis La Sante & Caroline Plummer          
GREEL, Reinhart see Greel, Bert E                    
GREELER, Amelia see Kooken, Fred                    
GREELEY, Julia see McSweeney                    
GREELY, Cora see Campbell, William Franklin                    
GREELY, Edna see Campbell                    
GREELY, George see Greely                    
GREELY, Martin F see Barner, Henry W                    
GREELY, Mary see Barner, Henry W                    
GREELY, Ralph       Outlook 24 Wis George Greely & Mary Hartness 29-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 616  
      Mabel Anderson Outlook 23 Mn Charles Anderson & Betsy Oberg          
GREEN, Albert see Green, Fred                    
GREEN, Alexander Everett       Mohene 49 P E I Can   30-Apr-26   Phillips 883  
      Barbara Holipka Los Angeles Calif 49 Ill            
GREEN, Anna see Bell, Dudley H                    
GREEN, Anna see Miller, Louis E                    
GREEN, Anna (Watts?) see Smith                    
GREEN, Annie see Corkery, Hal                    
GREEN, Aug & Louise see Green, Richard                    
GREEN, Belle see Brown, Dale O                    
GREEN, Belle see Nicks, Jeff                    
GREEN, Bertha see Kampschror, Frank M                    
GREEN, Beryl R       Larslan 35 Thompson Illinois Stimson C Green & Susie L Sanders 28-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3023  
      Celia E Dargatt Larslan 26 Milwaukee Wis Valentine Dargatt & Minnie Shana          
GREEN, Blanch see Berkland, Ludvig Oscar                    
GREEN, Blanche see Ruggles, Cleve                    
GREEN, Brazil A       Phillips 25 Ohio   7-Apr-17   Phillips 202  
      Esther Clanton Phillips 19 Texas            
GREEN, Bridget see Bagley, William                    
GREEN, C E see Green, Don Clifford                    
GREEN, Carrie G see Jannsen, Gustav                    
GREEN, Charles see Laroque                    
GREEN, Charles       Portal N D 35 Mn J L Green & Ellen McGraw 11-Jul-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2084  
      Ola V Welsher Portal N D 25 Iowa Louis Welsher & Cora Fawcett          
GREEN, Charlotte Francis see Amundson, Tilmar                    
GREEN, Christina see Hawver, Edward S                    
GREEN, David see Green, Ray                    
GREEN, Don Clifford       Union 30 Viroqua Wisc C E Green & Martha West 11-Dec-23 Glendive Dawson 3065  
      Charlotte J Schara Circle 23 Billings Edward F M Hide & Christina Soenksen          
GREEN, Doris see LaRoque                    
GREEN, Earl       Benrud (Roos Cty) 22 Anoka Mn Frank Green & Grace Perkins 16-May-25 Scobey Daniels 204  
      Thelma Anderson Benrud 20 N D Ben Anderson & ???          
GREEN, Elizabeth see Taylor, Roy                    
GREEN, Ellen Vera see Nielsen, Nels Eimar                    
GREEN, Emily see Hyatt, Elijah Franklin                    
GREEN, Emily see Caldwell, C B                    
GREEN, Emma see Sisson, Murl J                    
GREEN, Emma see Baker, James Marion                    
GREEN, Estella see Wilcox, Pearl                    
GREEN, Evelyn see Scobey, Franklin B                    
GREEN, Florrie see Oglesby, Charles Wesley                    
GREEN, Frank see Green, Nate Francis                    
GREEN, Frank see Green, Louis Vincent                    
GREEN, Frank see Green, Earl                    
GREEN, Frank X see Green, Fremont Thomas                    
GREEN, Fred       Minot N D 27 Mn Albert Green & Jesse Bormeau 20-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1864  
      Margaret Bench Oswego 29 Wis Frank Bench & Anna Langdon          
GREEN, Fred G see Anderson, Hugh                    
GREEN, Fremont Thos       Wolf Point 23 Mn Frank X Green & Grace Perkins 28-Sep-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 287  
      Mary Loretta Carroll Lustre 19 Wis George Carroll & Ella Geoffery          
GREEN, Geo F see Sykes, Harry E                    
GREEN, George       Whitewater 35 Norway   7-Apr-24   Phillips 766  
      Ethel Quackenbush Whitewater 19 Mt            
GREEN, George see Dahlman, Martin J                    
GREEN, Grant C       Havre 51 Illinois   4-May-29   Phillips 1112  
      Pauline Schroeder Havre 31 S D            
GREEN, Harry see Amundson, Tilmar                    
GREEN, Henry see Ruggles, Cleve                    
GREEN, Henry       Froid 22 Russia Jacob & Elizabeth Green 25-Dec-25 Culbertson Roosivelt 197  
      Elizabeth Brassie Froid 20 Germany Adam & Anna Brassie          
GREEN, Henry see Curtin                    
GREEN, Henry R see Green, Isaac E                    
GREEN, Isaac E       Bismark 27 Otumwa Iowa Henry R Green & Eva May Yackey 26-May-26 Lindsay Dawson 3720  
      Julia Fornall Fallon 19 Franklin Kansas Fabian J Fornall & Caroline Dabner          
GREEN, Isabell see Nicks, Jeff                    
GREEN, J B see Hines, Frank J                    
GREEN, J L see Green                    
GREEN, J S see Green, L L                    
GREEN, Jacob       Froid 22 Russia Jacob Green & Mary Hymbetgner 26-Dec-27 Culbertson Roosivelt 1115  
      Amelia Damm Froid 19 Mt Peter Damm & Katie Burbrek          
GREEN, Jacob & Elizabeth see Green, Henry                    
GREEN, James see Phillips, Elbert V                    
GREEN, Jane see Williams, Dudley C                    
GREEN, Jennie A see Peck, Everett D                    
GREEN, Jerry see Nyman, Elias                    
GREEN, John see Green, Oval M                    
GREEN, John B see Green, Westly Earle                    
GREEN, Joseph M see Green, William B                    
GREEN, Julia see Gerle                    
GREEN, Katherine see Backer, Jack                    
GREEN, Katherine see Becker                    
GREEN, L L       Gold Butte 30 Iowa J S Green & Victoria Dunstan 13-Oct-09 Glasgow Valley    
      Vida Seely Rochester Mn   Estevan S D F T Seely & Nellie Jessick?          
GREEN, Laura see Stringer                    
GREEN, Leo       Wagner 20 France   24-Aug-29   Phillips 1137  
      Rose Tiedemans Malta 19 Mn            
GREEN, Lizzie D see Lonbaker, Sherman A                    
GREEN, Lottie see Golden, Robert R                    
GREEN, Louis Vincent       Volt 26 Mn Frank Green & Grace Perkins 6-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 967  
      Alfreda Hagen Wolf Point 18 Neb George A Hagen & Francis Kapietz          
GREEN, Lucy see Andrews, Roy E                    
GREEN, Margaret Bensch see Tolan, Nels                    
GREEN, Mary see DuBois, Robert Willard                    
GREEN, Mary see Birst, Louis Henry                    
GREEN, Mary see Knoll, Nicholas J                    
GREEN, Mary see Romjue, Thomas                    
GREEN, Mary see Wigmore, Russell Rufus                    
GREEN, Matthew see Knoll, Nicholas J                    
GREEN, Mattie see Dillon, Vernon F                    
GREEN, Minnie L see Holtzendorff, Jesse L                    
GREEN, Muriel see Nyman, Elias                    
GREEN, Nancy see Smith, J W                    
GREEN, Nate Francis       Volt 26 Anoka Cty N D Frank Green & Grace Perkins 26-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1174  
      Jenivieve Mary Harding Churches Ferry N D 21 Helton N D Charles E Harding & Sara A Vanthorn          
GREEN, Nettie see Fellows, George C                    
GREEN, Nora M see Anderson, Hugh                    
GREEN, Oliver D       Glasgow 23? Boone Iowa Reater? J Green & ??? 28-Oct-1896 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Maggie M Huffman Glasgow 22 Philadelphai Penn Lewis Huffman & Mary Black          
GREEN, Oval M       Mecaha 33 Green Castle Missouri John Green & Polina Meador 14-Oct-16 Tyndall Dawson 2013  
      Mildred H Henton Tindall 23 Missouri John Henton & Anna Reese          
GREEN, Ralph H see Jannsen, Gustav                    
GREEN, Ray       Malta 24 Iowa David Green & Matilda Walstrom 6-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2220  
      Libby Hagerty Malta 28 Spencer Iowa J W Hartman & Amelia Runkle          
GREEN, Reater J see Green, Oliver J                    
GREEN, Richard       Ekalaka 36 Weldon? Wisc Aug & Louisa Green 19-Sep-04 Glendive Dawson 319  
      Virgie Barrows Ekalaka 20 Texas Jas Barrows & ???          
GREEN, Sarah A see Spofford, Louis D                    
GREEN, Sophonia see Jackson, L L                    
GREEN, Stella see Hansen, Carl                    
GREEN, Stimson C see Green, Beryl R                    
GREEN, Susan J see Mason, H C                    
GREEN, Westly Earle       Axtel 25 Afton Okla John B Green & Mat�? B Eubank 2-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1315  
      Annie M Miller Axtel 25 Ironoodie? Iowa B F Miller & Elizabeth Beale          
GREEN, William B       Glendive 22 Kansas City Mo Joseph M Green & Ada Baugh 27-Jul-27 Wibaux Wibaux 692  
      Florence Gertrude Eide Glendive 18 Piney Valley Man Can George O Eide & Clara Folkstesd          
GREEN, William Franklin see Nielsen, Nels Einar                    
GREEN, Wilma J see Hines, Frank J                    
GREENAN, Carrie see Potter                    
GREENAN, Carrie see Willard                    
GREENBLAT, Abraham       Wolf Point 29 Poland Elia Greenblat & Esther Moszkowicz 25-Dec-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 332  
      Lilly Finegold Wolf Point 23 Russia Mendel Finegold & Anna Herman          
GREENBLAT, Elia see Greenblat, Abraham                    
GREENE, Alexander see Cavanaugh, Arthur                    
GREENE, Dudley W       Hinsdale 18 Clinton Ken James E Greene & Edith Ashby 5-Nov-23 Hinsdale Valley 3010  
      Rose Sowa Hinsdale 18 Vandalia Peter Sowa & Elizabeth G Berger          
GREENE, Elizabeth see Schindler, Martin                    
GREENE, James E see Greene, Dudley W                    
GREENE, Lizzie see Warnke, George                    
GREENE, Margaret see VanLuchene, Paul L                    
GREENE, Mary see Fordham, George E                    
GREENEN, Mrs E see Minugh, James R                    
GREENER, Grace M see Davis, George A                    
GREENER, Mary see Amiotte, Frank                    
GREENER, Sophia see Lincecum, Leo                    
GREENFIELD, Charles D Jr       Helena 28 Helena Charles D Greenfield & Mary Etta McBrine 4-Sep-13 Vandalia Valley 1341  
      Anna Elizabeth Nelson Vandalia 20 Riverdale H H Nelson & Anna Putnam          
GREENFIELD, Clara see Fitch, Harland E                    
GREENFIELD, Delia see Fitch, Harland E                    
GREENFIELD, Florence see Sherman, Waldo C                    
GREENFIELD, Ida see Cheney, Art Dow                    
GREENFIELD, Nancy see Hawk, George H                    
GREENHAUER, Annie see Gruber                    
GREENHILL, Anna see Stafford, D L                    
GREENLAND, Caroline see Bendickson                    
GREENLAND, George see Bendickson                    
GREENLEE, E H see Stubban                    
GREENLEE, Gladys M see Stubban                    
GREENOUGH, Frank A       Twete 28 Kansas John K Greenough & Minnie Currier 26-Nov-17 Chinook Blaine 453  
      Mary Ertia Sausser Twete 19 Indiana John Sausser & Alice Biggs          
GREENOUGH, John K see Greenough, Frank A                    
GREENOUGH, Lance? see Holmquist, Oscar                    
GREENOUGH, Vivian see Holmquist, Oscar                    
GREENSLET, Sarah see Eayrs, Charles Clifford                    
GREENSLITT, Sarah see Eayrs, Donald A                    
GREENUP, Clyde Riley       West Fork 19 Forest City Iowa Luther F Greenup & Rosalind Riley 1-Aug-21 Scobey Daniels 31  
      Verna Violet Bilden Scobey 18 Wilton Mn Julius A Bilden & Annie Albertson          
GREENUP, Edith Evelyn see Bridges, Jessie W                    
GREENUP, Edna Ione see Erickson, Arlie Theodore                    
GREENUP, Grace see Fossum, George P                    
GREENUP, Grace see Scott, Conrad Allen                    
GREENUP, L F see Erickson, Arlie Theodore                    
GREENUP, L F see Bridges, Jessie W                    
GREENUP, Luther see Greenup, Roy                    
GREENUP, Luther see Hockett                    
GREENUP, Luther F see Greenup, Clyde Riley                    
GREENUP, May see Hockett                    
GREENUP, Roy       West Fork 20 Iowa Luther Greenup & Rose Riley 28-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 138  
      Grina? Horysh West Fork 20 N D Frank Horysh & Mary Sonekup          
GREENUP,, Luther, see Sauskojus                    
GREENUP,, Marie, see Sauskojus                    
GREENWALD, Beulah see Huber, Levi H                    
GREENWALD, Daniel Jacob see huber, Levi H                    
GREENWOOD, Abraham O see Jimison, Robert C                    
GREENWOOD, Be Atta see Hicks, Sam                    
GREENWOOD, Bertha Alice see Jimison, Robert C                    
GREENWOOD, Charles       Scobey 29 ___? England Seth Greenwood & Sarah Devine 29-Mat-1914 Scobey Sheridan 237  
      Blanch Eleanor Davis Scobey 22 Iowa Samuel Davis & Nancy Belle Button          
GREENWOOD, Green see Hicks, Sam                    
GREENWOOD, Jane see Meyers, George Greenwood                    
GREENWOOD, Jeannette see McGibbon                    
GREENWOOD, Jim see Henderson                    
GREENWOOD, Jim see McGibbon                    
GREENWOOD, Martha see Henderson                    
GREENWOOD, Pansy Irene see Sorensen                    
GREENWOOD, Seth see Greenwood                    
GREENWOOD, William see Sorenson                    
GREER, Bertha see McAuley, Earl H                    
GREER, Edmonia see Finlay, Roderick                    
GREER, Heneretta see Wilson, William Walter                    
GREER, J B see McAuley, Earl H                    
GREER, Norma see Dexter, Ralph Ellis                    
GREER, Oasis see Burrows, Mortimer P                    
GREER,, Margaret, see Gunter                    
GREETING, Alta see McMoran, Eastin                    
GREETING, Minnie see Flynn, Floyd J                    
GREETING, Scott see McMoran, Eastin                    
GREFF, Gideon       Welliver 24 Can Joe & Rose Greff 5-Dec-16 Scobey Sheridan 903  
      Margaret Marie Berg Welliver 18 Mn Math Berg & Susan Schone?          
GREFF, Joe & Rose see Greff                    
GREFF, Pat see Logan                    
GREFF, Rose see Logan                    
GREGERSON, Carl Albert       Tande 22 Grand Forks N D John C Gregerson & Ranvie Roe 20-Nov-20 Plentywood? Daniels 18  
      Agnes Mary Siegel Tande 22 Morris Mn William Gebhardt & Gertrude Vanderberg          
GREGERSON, Charles see Gregerson, Victor Edwin                    
GREGERSON, John see Brenna                    
GREGERSON, John C see Gregerson, John R                    
GREGERSON, John C see Gregerson, Carl Albert                    
GREGERSON, John C see Gregerson, Ole Bernhart                    
GREGERSON, John Chris see Gregerson, John Rudolph                    
GREGERSON, John R       Preston Wash 32 McIntosh Mn John C Gregerson & Ranvig Boe 12-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3015  
      Enid Margaret Ordsteen Scobey 23 Sunnysidr England John & Elizabeth Ann Ord          
GREGERSON, John Rudolph       Preston Wash 32 McIntyre Mn John Chris Gregerson & Ranvie Roe     Daniels 125 ( cert not completed )
      Enid Marguerite Steen Scobey 23 Sunnyside England John & Elizabeth Anne Ord          
GREGERSON, Margaret see Moe                    
GREGERSON, Ole Bernhart       Scobey 38 Grand Forks N D J C Gregerson & Ranvie Rowe 3-Jul-23 Scobey Daniels 109  
      Gertrude R Givens Scobey 22 Anamoose N D Henry C Givens & Mary Gebhart          
GREGERSON, Olga see Brenna                    
GREGERSON, Victor Edwin       Harlem 25 Wis Charles Gregerson & Minnie Thygeson 29-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 359 (see also Brekke, Eddie M)
      Elise Dagny Brekken Harlem 22 Kenyon Mn Hand E Brekken & Eli Quala          
GREGG, Agnes Lyons see Gilbert, Louis                    
GREGG, Clark       Poplar 21 Wolf Point ??? & Flashing Iron 16-Jan-1897 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Agnes Lyons Poplar 20 Baltimore Md Samuel O Lyons & Maggie Lee          
GREGG, Clifford       Gladstone N D 30 Gladstone Silas Gregg & Helen Morse 20-May-25 Glendive Dawson 3211  
      Mildred Viola Olson Gladstone 18 Gladstone Albert A Olson & Clara Brown          
GREGG, Cyrus S       Marco 30 Clark Cty Iowa Wesley Gregg & Ada O Brown 2-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1227  
      Mary E McCulloch Marco 28 Marco Nebr Davide McCulloch & Mary Christianson          
GREGG, David Austin see Carr, John Martin                    
GREGG, Doris see Key, James A                    
GREGG, Doris see Nichols, Edward C                    
GREGG, Harry       Richey 22 Brown Cty Indiana N M Gregg & Charity Squires 13-Jan-16 Glendive Dawson 1859  
      Etta Walker Richey 21 Wilson Cty Kansas E H Walker & Dora Furrow          
GREGG, James       Malta 28 W Vir M Gregg & Margaret Morgan 13-Jun-03 Glasgow Valley 106  
      Mattie Carr Malta 18 Kansas Edward Carr & May Lindsey          
GREGG, Louis       Oswego 21 Md? Louis & Agnes Gregg 25-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2591  
      Louise Lambert Frazer 18 Mt Charles Lambert & Anna Tom          
GREGG, Louis & Agnes see Gregg, Louis                    
GREGG, M see Gregg, James                    
GREGG, N M see Gregg, Harry                    
GREGG, N M see Gregg, Virgil C                    
GREGG, Naomi Helen see Doty, Floyd Merle                    
GREGG, S D see Key, James A                    
GREGG, S D see Nichols, Edward C                    
GREGG, Silas see Gregg, Clifford                    
GREGG, Silas D see Gregg, Vinton M                    
GREGG, Silas Merle see Doty, Floyd Merle                    
GREGG, Vinton M       Gladstone N D 27 Gladstone Silas D Gregg & Helen Morse 7-Jan-24 Wibaux Wibaux 415  
      Sadie Olson Gladstone N D 18 Glad-stone Albert Olson & Clara Brown          
GREGG, Virgil C       Bloomfield 28 Morganrown Indiana N M Gregg & Christy Squires 20-Jan-14 Glendive Dawson 1426  
      M Fern Moore Retah 24 Winnemac Cty Indiana George M Moore & Mary E Lower          
GREGG, Wesley see Gregg, Cyrus S                    
GREGOR, Ella see Cook                    
GREGORIUS, Hanna Marie see Mikkelson, Ole                    
GREGORSON, Carrie see Kittleson, Oscar S                    
GREGORSON, Virginia Barbara see Rorvik, Darrow                    
GREGORY, ??? see Hancock, Paul Elwin                    
GREGORY, A I see Hovey                    
GREGORY, Andrew I see Davids, Ralph E                    
GREGORY, Andrew J see Lebert, Sam                    
GREGORY, Charles see Olsen                    
GREGORY, Emma M see Thomas, Edward N                    
GREGORY, Grace see Hovey                    
GREGORY, Helen Rose see Davids, Ralph E                    
GREGORY, Jetta see Lebert Sam                    
GREGORY, John see Thomas, Edward N                    
GREGORY, John       Culbertson 32 St Joe Mo Richard Gregory & Lucille Mumford 29-Oct-15 Culbertson Sheridan 571  
      Katie McMurray Culbertson 31 St Paul Mn Patrick Brannon & Johanna Mader          
GREGORY, Marie see Olsen                    
GREGORY, Mary J see Garrison, Daniel W                    
GREGORY, Mary J see Garrison, William T                    
GREGORY, Richard see Gregory                    
GREGORY, Susie A see Price, Edward                    
GREGSON, Mary see Lund, Hans                    
GREIG, Jane see Craig, Albert G                    
GREIMANN, Herman       Blomfield 49 Clayton Iowa William Greimann & Annie Hallbreneger 30-Jul-09 Glendive Dawson 711  
      Caroline Syverson Bloomfield 30 Norway Syvert Mathison & Karen Vang          
GREIMANN, William see Greimann, Herman                    
GREIMER, Helena see Henk, Karl                    
GREIN, Anna see Guellf, Michael N                    
GREIPENTROG, Marie see Rendleman, John                    
GREISEN, Lucy see Groskurth                    
GREITL, Magdalene see Blomquist, Carl A                    
GREITL, Mike see Blomquist, Carl A                    
GRELE, Jules see Grele, Julius                    
GRELE, Julius       Froid 24 Froid Jules Grele & Josephine Albargie 21-Aug-30 Scobey Daniels 485  
      Olga Hofman McCabe 20 McCabe John Hofman & Sena Rasmusson          
GRELLONG, Bertha see Roggal                    
GRELLONG, Laura see Smith                    
GRELLONG, William see Smith                    
GRELLONG, Wm see Roggal                    
GRENACHE, Frances see Amiotte, Frank                    
GRENKIE, A H       Saskatoon Can 48 Brace-bridge Can Julius Grenkie & Rebecca Wregett 17-Nov-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2895  
      Jean Harmon Saskatoon 34 Hull England Samuel Harmom & Susanna Nichols          
GRENKIE, Julius see Grenkie                    
GRENLAND, Emily see Barnett, Frank                    
GRENLAND, Emily see Hedden, Norman W                    
GRENNAN, Hugh & Rose see Schultz, Nichilas                    
GRENSDORE, Daisy see Witt, Robert E                    
GRENSDORE, J R see Witt, Robert E                    
GRENZ, Caroline see Grenz, John                    
GRENZ, Gottfried see Grenz, John                    
GRENZ, John       N D 23 N D Gottfried Gernz & Catherine Havener 5-Jan-17 Wibaux Wibaux 120  
      Carrie Hermann N D 23 Russia Jacob Hermann & Caroline Grenz          
GREOVU, John see Greovu, Leo                    
GREOVU, Leo       Glendive 29 Lisa Hungary John Greovu & Eva Montane 14-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1565  
      Lillian McLeod Glendive 26   Arthur McLeod & Margery Johnston          
GREPEAU, Albert see Burk, Joe                    
GRESHMA, Leve see Stoehr, Lawrence                    
GRESINGER, Albert see Gresinger, Edwin I                    
GRESINGER, Edwin A       Whitecomb 27 Mn Albert Gresinger & Dora Theis 16-Aug-13 Glasgow Valley 1337  
      Dora Moran Whitecomb 20 Gilt Edge Jerry Moran & Anna Sherry          
GRESS, Charles H see Weber, S W                    
GRESS, Charlotte see McElvain, Robert James                    
GRESS, Charlotte A see Waber, Oswald O                    
GRESS, John M       Richardton N D 25 Richardton Marcus Gress & Monica Schnell 23-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3300  
      Angeline Krank Dickinson N D 22 Dickinson Mike Krank & Rose Angel          
GRESS, Lillian see Weber, S W                    
GRESS, Marcus see Gress, John M                    
GREVCOX, George W       Brainerd Mn 32 Jackson Mich Chas H Grevcox & Jennie Stewart 23-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 644  
      Mabel Sara Cole Glendive 22 Huron S D E D Cole & Alemeda Frost          
GREVCOX, Chas H see Grevcox, George W                    
GREY, Body see Cloud                    
GREY, Cow see Miller, Isaac                    
GREY, Cow Bird Dog see Miller, Isaac                    
GREY, Elk see Iron Bear, Charlie                    
GREY, Elk see Iron Bear, Howard                    
GREY, Hair see Garfield, Charles                    
GREY, Mammie see Spillum, Stanley A                    
GREY EAR, August & Laura see Buck Elk, Henry                    
GREY EAR, Susie see Buck Elk, Henry                    
GREYSON, Louise see VanHee, Edward                    
GRI___UP?, Elizabeth A see Tryon, Morton                    
GRIBBLE, Fred       Hay Coulee 30 No Car J J Gribble & ??? Moore 28-Jan-20   Valley 2616  
      Ione Motschenbachen Hay Coulee 18 Mn Andrew Motschenbachen & ??? Morse          
GRIBBLE, J J see Gribble, Fred                    
GRIBBLE, J J see Gribble, Oscar                    
GRIBBLE, John see Gribble, Richard                    
GRIBBLE, Leona see Gile Lorne Arthur                    
GRIBBLE, Oscar       Hay Coulee 39 Hays-ville No Car J J Gribble & Lydia Moore 27-Mar-23 Poplar Roosivelt 484? Or 483?  
      Goldie E Nessen Hay Coulee 25 N D C C Smith & Sarah Mitchell          
GRIBBLE, Richard       Glendive 28 N Carolina John Gribble & Lydia Moore 7-Oct-18 Glasgow Valley 2436  
      Gladys Cosand Glendive 17 S D Orris F Cosand & Nellie May Dishart          
GRIBBLE, Roce? see Gile                    
GRIBBLE, Sabra see Ketner, Albert Lavern                    
GRIBNAU, Phillip see Myron, Otto Hilman                    
GRIBNAU, Rosalie Elizabeth see Myron, Otto Hilman                    
GRIBNER, Lizzie see Meek, Floyd                    
GRIBNER, Lizzie see Lyon, Bert J                    
GRICH, Lydia see Allen, Herman                    
GRIDLEY, Lewis M       Culbertson 31 Kansas? Victor P Gridley & Anna Herans? 24-Dec-02 Culbertson Valley 78  
      Nellie K Shields Culbertson 18 ??? John Shields & Annie Flood          
GRIDLEY, Louisa see Mason, Benton                    
GRIDLEY, Victor P see Gridley, Lewis M                    
GRIEB, Harry       Pleasant Lake N D 21 Garret Kansas J N Grieb & Rachel Bierly 30-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley    
      Alma Trueshal Pleasant Lake N D 19 Mt Ethea Iowa J W Trueshal & Marietta Johnson          
GRIEB, J N see Grieb, Harry                    
GRIEBEL, Anton see Albert, Harold Chester                    
GRIEBEL, Verna Esther see Albert, Harold Chester                    
GRIEBLER, Mathias Morse       Glendive 26 St Cloud Mn Peter R Griebler & Albertina Ruff 28-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 758  
      Helen Marie Dresen Glendive 21 LaCrosse Wisc J Dresen & Francis A Springer          
GRIEBLER, Peter R see Griebler, Mathias Morse                    
GRIEN, Anna see Campbell, James Maxwell                    
GRIENE, Catherine see Hartley, Charles L                    
GRIER, Elizabeth S? see Graves, Samuel E                    
GRIER, Harry see Weer                    
GRIER, Mina D see Weer                    
GRIESE, Henry see Griese, Jesse                    
GRIESE, Jack see Shoemaker, Will                    
GRIESE, Jesse       Armour S D 23 Armour S D Henry Griese & Ida Chesmore 11-Nov-27 Wibaux Wibaux 595  
      Eva G Bradford Jamestown 26 Courtney N D John Bredford & Myrtia Sauford?          
GRIESSEN, Alvin see Griessen                    
GRIESSEN, H C       Gladmar Sask Can 40 Switz Alvin Greissen & Juliana Bamgarden 16-May-16 Plentywood Sheridan 739  
      Mary Georgina Auld Montreal Que 35 Montreal George B Auld & Mary Gamble?          
GRIEVE, Annie see Hartley Thomas                    
GRIEVE, Annie see Renner Harry A                    
GRIEVE, Isabelle see Rowe, Walter E                    
GRIFFETH, Catherine E see Gunderson                    
GRIFFETH, Louis see Gunderson                    
GRIFFIN, Addie J see Sherman, John T                    
GRIFFIN, Alice see Clarke, Fred W                    
GRIFFIN, Alice see LaFournaise, Alick                    
GRIFFIN, Ann see Nelson, Clair S                    
GRIFFIN, Anna see Horan, Maurice                    
GRIFFIN, Anna see Ulschak, John F                    
GRIFFIN, Arnold see Statham, R J                    
GRIFFIN, Arnold see Griffin, Carroll E                    
GRIFFIN, Arnold       Glendive 34 Charleston Penn Henry Griffin & Ann Arnold 5-Feb-1889 Glendive Dawson 24  
      Amy Ward Glendive 21 Mn Asa Ward & Helen Dills          
GRIFFIN, Bridget see Steele, James Richard                    
GRIFFIN, Bridget Mary see Indergard, Carl                    
GRIFFIN, Carroll E       Glendive 29 Glendive Arnold Griffin & Amy Ward 12-Jul-22 Glendive Dawson 2879  
      Lottie Foss Glendive 26 Rolette N D Louis J Foss & Lena Stateberg          
GRIFFIN, Chauncey W       Dodson 28 Mn   31-Mar-20   Phillips 491  
      Elizabeth C Dudek Dodson 21 Mn            
GRIFFIN, Edith see Johnson, William C                    
GRIFFIN, Effie see Barnhart                    
GRIFFIN, Effie Marie see Gunn, Carl Birdie                    
GRIFFIN, Ellen see McCarty                    
GRIFFIN, Geneva Mary see Frieberg, Leo Victor                    
GRIFFIN, Harry E       Hanks N D 33 Burgessville Ont Can Layefette? Griffin & Maryetta Lancaster 25-May-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 764  
      Pearl Gleason Tait Dagmar 23 Tracey Mn Fred Gleason & May Vickerman          
GRIFFIN, Henry see Griffin, Arnold                    
GRIFFIN, Ida see Peterson, Ray                    
GRIFFIN, Jim see Peterson, Ray                    
GRIFFIN, John F       Minneapolis 40 Mn Patrick Griffin & Ellen Clifford 24-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2330  
      Anna Bernolt Glasgow 27 Mn Charles & Mary Bernolt          
GRIFFIN, Layefette? see Griffin, Harry E                    
GRIFFIN, Lee Earl see Frieberg, Leo Victor                    
GRIFFIN, M�? see Griffin                    
GRIFFIN, Maggie see Chaffee                    
GRIFFIN, Maisie M see Statham, R J                    
GRIFFIN, Martha see Hewett                    
GRIFFIN, Martin       Med Lake 29 Iowa M---e? Griffin & Katherine Slattery 27-Nov-15 Medicine Lake Sheridan 599  
      Mary Thomas Med Lake 23 N D Thomas Thomas & Margaret Herman          
GRIFFIN, Martin see Chaffee                    
GRIFFIN, Martin see Chaffee Ralph                    
GRIFFIN, Martin see Lee                    
GRIFFIN, Martin see Neros                    
GRIFFIN, Mary see Chaffee                    
GRIFFIN, Opal see Neros                    
GRIFFIN, Patrick see Griffin, John F                    
GRIFFIN, Pearl (Gleason?) see Anderson                    
GRIFFIN, Phoebe C see Keeley, George                    
GRIFFIN, Sarah Jane see Bowles, Elsworth Leopold                    
GRIFFIN, Vera see Lee                    
GRIFFITH, ??? see Ingalls, John Emerson                    
GRIFFITH, Albert C see Griffith, George                    
GRIFFITH, Anna see Karll, Vern                    
GRIFFITH, Arthur J       Glendive 38 Ind Henry Griffith & Eva Heikill 10-Sep-18 Wibaux Wibaux 215  
      Lizzie Mreall Glendive 38 Germany Nick Mreal & Katie Karibal          
GRIFFITH, Arthur L see Griffith, Frank                    
GRIFFITH, C L       Opheim 28 Glasgow W S Griffith & May B Major 8-Oct-28 Glasgow Valley 3421  
      Grace E Jevnager Opheim 27 Turner N D August Jevnager & Augusta Manternach          
GRIFFITH, Claude Lindal       Scobey 21 Glasgow Walter Sidney Griffith & May B Major     Daniels 52 ( cert not completed )
      Joop Van Wieren Scobey 22 Holland ???          
GRIFFITH, Dick see Griffith, Jones                    
GRIFFITH, Emily see Aby                    
GRIFFITH, Florence Ethel see Mulligan, James Wilford                    
GRIFFITH, Floyd       Gossett 21 Clarence Missouri W H Griffith & Betty Gaines 23-Mov-1910 Sidney Dawson 861  
      Clara Ralls Gossett 19 Oregon Fred Rells & ???          
GRIFFITH, Fred       Terry 21 Terry Arthur L Griffith & Susie Schooley 11-Dec-05 Glendive Dawson 352  
      Lillian Burke Glendive 22 Guernsey Wyoming Fran Reiman & Francis Sutherland          
GRIFFITH, George see Griffith, Hiram                    
GRIFFITH, George       Zurich 29 Napoleon Ind Albert C Griffith & Emma C Clark 10-Mar-17 Chinook Blaine 374  
      Lottie Fern Coy Zurich 25 Kokomo Ind M M Coy & Fannie M Hayes          
GRIFFITH, Griffith see Griffith, William John                    
GRIFFITH, Henry see Griffith, Arthur J                    
GRIFFITH, Hiram       Glendive 60 Magnolia Ill George Griffith & Lydia Comley 9-May-10 Glendive Dawson 803  
      Nellie M Sackett Glendive 21 Stewartville Mn Robert M Sackett & Nellie E Hopkins          
GRIFFITH, Jones       Preston 25 Lee Cty Texas Dick Griffith & Mary Ryan 24-Dec-06 Glendive Dawson 409  
      Amanda Vincilette Preston 19 S D Claude Vincilette & Alphonsine Savage?          
GRIFFITH, Maude see Emerson, Ned                    
GRIFFITH, Oscar see Rhodes, James M                    
GRIFFITH, Rosetta see Garfield, Claude P                    
GRIFFITH, Ruby Margaret see Moore, Edward Cash                    
GRIFFITH, Sarah see Sampson, James M                    
GRIFFITH, Selina see McDonough                    
GRIFFITH, W H see Griffith, Floyd                    
GRIFFITH, W J see Moore, Edward Cash                    
GRIFFITH, W S see Griffith, C L                    
GRIFFITH, Walter S       Sheridan Cty 66 Texas   23-Nov-17   Phillips 288  
      Sigrie Larson Phillips 26 Norway            
GRIFFITH, Walter Stanley see Griffith, Claude Lyndal                    
GRIFFITH, William John       Glasgow 41 Watertown Wis Griffith Griffith & Margaret Richards 30-Sep-02 Glasgow Valley 68  
      Mrs Wm H Beary? Glasgow 36 Battle Creek Mich J A Ward & Harriet Perry          
GRIFFITHS, Archie       Content 37 Wash   21-Aug-23   Phillips 726  
      Mildred Ragen Content 21 ???            
GRIFFITHS, Harriet see Christian, Clayton Verne                    
GRIGGS, Edwin P       Willmen N D 30 Floyd Cty Iowa Joseph P Griggs & Avy I Blunt 2-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1824  
      May Blunt Rockford Iowa 27 Floyd Cty Iowa James Blunt & Grace Woods          
GRIGGS, Joseph P see Griggs, Edwin P                    
GRIGGS, L L see LaCock, Rolla J                    
GRIGGS, Laura A see LaCock, Rolla J                    
GRIGSBY, Anna May see Long, William B                    
GRILAVA, Mary see Reyes, Joe                    
GRILE, Anna see Swank, Harry K                    
GRILL, Henry see Hillard, Reuben                    
GRILL, Mary see Hasty, Frank                    
GRILL, Mary see Hillard, Reuben                    
GRIME, Karoline see Grimsrud, Axel Wilhelm                    
GRIMES, Caroline see Storoe, Walter                    
GRIMES, Ida see Reuter                    
GRIMES, Jane see Gruye, John J                    
GRIMES, Lucretia see Cornwell, Stephen                    
GRIMES, Lucretia H see Cornwell, R L                    
GRIMES, Lucretia H see Cornwell, Robert                    
GRIMES, Malcolm see Storoe, Walter                    
GRIMES, Maudie L see Stoven, Henry A                    
GRIMM, Albert J       Bridette 36 Nebr Joes Grimm & Louisa Powell 18-Apr-21 Poplar Roosivelt 230  
      Elizabeth Doran Bridette 30 Mn Lawrence Doran & Mary Furlong          
GRIMM, Joes see Grimm, Albert J                    
GRIMSHAW, Lottie see Bartley, Frank                    
GRIMSLEY, Alma C see Armington, John R                    
GRIMSLEY, Donna see Grimsley, Roger Sherman                    
GRIMSLEY, Marie see Armington, John R                    
GRIMSLEY, Ralph Sherman       Content 21 Arkansas   28-Sep-27   Phillips 960  
      Catherine May Koss Content 18 Canada            
GRIMSRUD, Anton see Smith, J W                    
GRIMSRUD, Axel Wilhelm       Wolf Point 33 Norway Anders Grimsrude & Caroline Grime 27-Dec-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1128  
      Ruby Cora Bilyen Wolf Point 19 Minot N D Anderson Bilyen & Anna Meiers          
GRIMSRUD, Emil       Antelope 35 S D Ole Grimsrud & Annette Rorvig 23-Dec-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2219  
      Helen Strom Bot-tineau N D 25 N D Herman Strom & Helen Rekken          
GRIMSRUD, Esther see Smith, J W                    
GRIMSRUD, Hulda Christina see Rishop, Edward E                    
GRIMSRUD, Inga Matilda see Gronlie                    
GRIMSRUD, Ole see Rishop, Edward E                    
GRIMSRUD, Ole see Grimsrud                    
GRIMSRUD, Ole see Omundson                    
GRIMSRUD, Theresa see Omundson                    
GRINBERG, Sophie see Micholson, John                    
GRINDALL, Alberto       Glendive 24 Minneapolis Mn Elijah Grindall & Sarah Smith     Dawson 55  
      Agnes Eva Stewart Glendive 17 Pittsburgh Penn Charles & Mary Stewart          
GRINDALL, Elijah see Grindall, Alberto                    
GRINDELAND, Leonard       Bainville 28 Mn Ole Grindeland & Marie Hance 17-Feb-15 Plentywood Sheridan 433  
      Georda Berg-strom Bainville 24 Nor John Bergstrom & Marie Olson          
GRINDELAND, Ole see Grindeland                    
GRINDELAND, Sina see Grodt                    
GRINDER, Tora see Horgen                    
GRINDLAND, Edwin       Stady N D 22 Stady N D Henry Grindland & Johanna Siem 21-Oct-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2779  
      Wilma Riveland Fortuna 22   Ole Riveland & Marie Bergland          
GRINDLAND, Gecine see Reishus                    
GRINDLAND, Gerda see Ler, Julius O                    
GRINDLAND, Henry see Grindland Edwin                    
GRINDLAND, Jens Christian       Bainville 35 Mn Ole Grindland & Carrie Hensey 15-Dec-20 Bainville Roosivelt 202  
      Mina J Smidstad Bainville 33 Mn Martin Smidstad & G Gunderson          
GRINDLAND, Ole see Grindland, Jens Christian                    
GRINDLAND, Ole O see Reishus                    
GRINDLUND, Sina see Pedersen                    
GRINE, Anna see Cashman, James M                    
GRINELL, Albert E see Remington, Lawrence                    
GRINELL, Dorothy see Remington, Lawrence                    
GRINER, Mabel L (Bright?) see McLeod                    
GRINER, Mary see Laughton, Jack F                    
GRINER, Mary I see Arness, Karston K                    
GRINIESTAD, Dorthea see Kalberg, Eivind                    
GRINKE, Lavina see see Chaffee                    
GRINKE, Lena see Chaffee                    
GRINNAGE, Lyda see Thornton, Louis F                    
GRINNELL, Alice see Ebaugh, C Alton                    
GRINNELL, Arza E       Glendive 27 Eau Claire Wisc Ralph W Grinell & Sarah Hamilton 20-Jul-09 Glendive Dawson 707  
      Mart Isabelle Harpster Glendive 18 Glendive John Harpster & Clara Shrine          
GRINNELL, Clyde W       Savoy 32 N D William E Grinnell & Emily Nester 19-Sep-25 Chinook Blaine 897  
      Beatrice Lemmon Savoy 20 Indiana George A Lemmon & Mattie Elliot          
GRINNELL, Edith see Beardsley, James M                    
GRINNELL, Georgia E see Reynolds, John                    
GRINNELL, Ralph W see Grinnell, Arza E                    
GRINNELL, William E see Grinnell, Clyde W                    
GRINOLDS, Frank see Grinolds, Milford                    
GRINOLDS, Milford       Savoy 27 Wells Mn Frank Grinolds & Emma Shaw 6-May-13 Savoy Blaine 49  
      Jessie Forgey Savoy 21 Harlem John Forgey & Katherine Bellwere?          
GRINOLES, Ruby L see Stensland, Arthur Oliver                    
GRINSTEAD, Guy S see Unkrich, Clyde H                    
GRINSTEAD, Irma see Unkrich, Clyde H                    
GRINZEL, Henriette see Waidt                    
GRISDALE, Leonard see Stecher, Nickolas Joseph                    
GRISDALE, Theresa see Stecher, Nickolas Joseph                    
GRISOHKNK, Auguste see Waitschis, Otto George                    
GRISSLEY, Elmer Jerome       Buford N D 24 Koss Mich Jacob Grissley & Mary Smith 23-Nov-21 Poplar Roosivelt 317  
      Francis Marilla Shatswell Buford N D 18 Petersgurg N D Frank Shatswell & Anna Miller          
GRISSLEY, Jacob see Grissley, Elmer Jerome                    
GRIST, Edward       Bainville 28 France Eugene Grist & Adeline Repelin 15-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1158  
      Lea David Bainville 19 France Louis David & Josephine Fayard          
GRIST, Eugene see Grist                    
GRISWALD, Mary see Marsh, Alfred                    
GRISWOLD, Mary see Marsh                    
GRITSINGER, Helen see Damson, Charles A                    
GRITZ, John J       Baylor 26 Waverly? Mn Paul Gritz & Julia Pelova 18-May-13 Glasgow Valley 1292  
      Eva May Bradley Glasgow 20 Eagle Bend Mn Thomas H Bradley & Ethel May Kitchel          
GRITZ, Marguerite see Hughes, Phillip B                    
GRITZ, Paul       Glasgow 26 Oppeln Germany Paul Gritz & Julia Pielawa 24-Apr-02 Glasgow Valley 214  
      Mary Kamla Glasgow 16 Breckenridge Mn John Kamla & Julia Shwertz          
GRITZ, Paul see Gritz, Peter                    
GRITZ, Paul see Hughes, Phillip B                    
GRITZ, Paul see Gritz, John J                    
GRITZ, Peter       Glasgow 24 Waverly Mn Paul Gritz & Julia Pilolo? 23-Jan-05 Glasgow Valley 160  
      Julia Kamla Glasgow 18 Breckenridge Mn Julius Kamla & Julia Bronovick          
GROAT, Ernest D see Gallagher, George H                    
GROBAN, Catherine see Head, Mike                    
GROBAN, Mike see Head, Mike                    
GROBECKER, Emma see Howard                    
GROBEE, Charles G       Coburg 23 Iowa Fred W Grobee & Catherine Melcher 8-Jul-14 Chinook Blaine 138  
      Dorothy E M Strother Cuburg 21 Iowa William B Strother & Clara Lundy          
GROBEE, Fred W see Grobee, Charles G                    
GROBNER, Mary D see Sterback, John                    
GRODELAND, Malena see Undheim, Jonas P                    
GRODT, G C       Bonrtrail N D 26 Bonetrail Peter Grodt & Christi Sveet 29-Jun-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3037  
      Palma Johnson Bonetrail 20 Bonetrail Hans P Johnson & Sina Grindeland          
GRODT, Peter see Grodt                    
GROEBEL, Anna see Nuhring, John Henry                    
GROELF, Emma see Harinsh, Amos                    
GROENKE, Caroline see Mischke, Paul Rudolph                    
GROFF, Amelia see Meyer, Hugo A                    
GROFF, Amelia see Meyer                    
GROGAN, George H see Grogan, Walter H                    
GROGAN, Helena see Woodley, Harvey L                    
GROGAN, Helena see Woodley, Elroy                    
GROGAN, John see Watnaas                    
GROGAN, Mabel see Nelson                    
GROGAN, Matilda see Watnaas                    
GROGAN, Walter H       Glasgow 29 Pembina N D George H Grogan & ??? 16-Mar-10 Glasgow Valley 595  
      Daisie B Stephens Glasgow 25 Hartford, Arkansas James B Stephens & Elizabeth Douglas          
GROH, Agnes see Meissner, Anton                    
GROH, John see Groh, Otto J                    
GROH, John see Meissner, Anton                    
GROH, Otto J       Circle 24 Uniontown Wash John Groh & Tecla Browlick 8-Aug-25 Wibaux Wibaux 507  
      Caroline R Salter Seattle 24 Prentice Wash Walter S Salter & Alice Jane Gubbins          
GROLL, John       Glendive 27 Russia Peter Groll & ??? 14-Sep-29 Glendive Dawson 3773  
      Evelyn Nygren Glendive 21 Ross N D Nels P Nygren & Anna Wilson          
GROLL, Peter see Groll, John                    
GROMBEAU, Madeline see Whitehawk                    
GROMBEAU, Odilio see Allard, Henry                    
GROMBERG, Clara see Medbery, F W                    
GROMBOIS, Joe       Dagmar 24 Med�Lake Pat Grombois & Elize Moran 7-May-32 Culbertson Sheridan 2658  
      Madeline Gosline Williston N D 18 Bainville Pete Gosline & Flora LeMay          
GROMBOIS, Pat see Brinkman, Fred Frank                    
GROMBOIS, Pat see Grombois                    
GROMBOIS, Rose Alvine see Brinkman, Fred Frank                    
GROMBOISE, Caroline see StGermaine, Alford M                    
GROMBOISE, Anna see Martell, Anna                    
GROMBOISE, Pat see Martell, Thomas                    
GROMBOISE, Pat see StGermaine, Alford M                    
GRONBECK, E A see Morrison, C E                    
GRONIER, Augusta see Schwenke, Albert A                    
GRONLIE, C C see Gronlie                    
GRONLIE, Martin       Homestead 26 N D C C Gronlie & Inga Matilda Grimsrud 11-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2383  
      Marion Waller Froid 19 N D O P Waller & Susie May Mason          
GRONLUND, Louise see Peterson                    
GRONOOS, Mary see Kalinski, Stanley                    
GRONSETH, Oline see Hanson, Theodore Clayton                    
GRONVOLD, Henry       P�wood 29 Mn John J Gronvold & Mary Christianson 5-Feb-13 Antelope Valley 1233  
      Helena Irene Flaston Antelope 27 Skoger Norway Hans Torvald Flaston & Cecilie Otille Gjerdahl          
GRONVOLD, John J see Gronvold, Henry                    
GROOES, Mary see Craig, Benjamin H                    
GROOM, Molriss? see Haynes, Gordon B                    
GROSE, Beata see Kuebler, Rudolph                    
GROSE, William see Kuebler, Rudolph                    
GROSENICK, Arthur       Radville Sask Can 27 Long Prairie Mn Theo Grosenick & Louise Lawin 4-Jan-24 Glendive Dawson 3071  
      Daisy F Rhodes Radville Sask 35 Oakwood Virginia Perry Rhodes & Francis Haga          
GROSENICK, Theo see Grosenick, Arthur                    
GROSETH, E J see Groseth, Laurence                    
GROSETH, Erick see Knutson, Albert Harold                    
GROSETH, Erick see Holliday                    
GROSETH, Esther see Holliday                    
GROSETH, Josie see Knutson, Albert Harold                    
GROSETH, Laurence       Scobey 23 Aneta N D E J Groseth & Olena Knudson 14-Jun-26 Glasgow Valley 3219  
      Lula Mae Norman Scobey 18 Butte Can Elmer Norman & Hilda Peterson          
GROSGET, Marion F see Frazer, James N G                    
GROSKI, Mary see Hoist, Earnest                    
GROSKURTH, Anna see Olsen                    
GROSKURTH, Anna see Olsen                    
GROSKURTH, Anna see Olson                    
GROSKURTH, Astrid see Wikum                    
GROSKURTH, Axel       Froid 24 Indepen-dence Iowa Henry Groskurth & Johanna Christianson 18-Nov-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 696  
      Ruth Cartmell Froid 17 N D Oliver Cartmell & Nancy Campbell          
GROSKURTH, Bertha Lucie see Hess                    
GROSKURTH, Henry see Groskurth, Axel                    
GROSKURTH, Henry see Groskurth                    
GROSKURTH, Henry see Hess                    
GROSKURTH, Henry see Wikum                    
GROSKURTH, Peter       Dagmar 47 Germany Henry Groskurth & Lucy Greisen 21-Aug-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1369  
      Annie Bergan Dagmar 31 Denmark Anders Jacobson & Karen Kristopherson          
GROSLIE, L O see Groslie                    
GROSLIE, Ole G       Twin Valley Mn 49 Norway L O Groslie & Karine Gulbrendson 28-Jul-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2261  
      Nellie B Johnson Lake Alma Sask Can     Peter Eidum & Anna Fortum          
GROSS, Anna see Stackmayer, John                    
GROSS, Anna see Marsh                    
GROSS, Anna see Marsh                    
GROSS, Annie Mabel see Oberg, Walter Edwald                    
GROSS, Erwin N       Regent N D 22 Cold Springs Mn Michael Gross & Katherine DeHentges 30-Mar-21 Glendive Dawson 2751  
      Lulu B Stiles New England N D 21 Hope N D Alfred G Stiles & Francis C Stewart          
GROSS, Eululia Myrtle see Pappenfus                    
GROSS, J N see Pappenfus                    
GROSS, James Bailey       Walla Walla Wash 31 Wash William Gross & Mary E Cusker 30-Apr-19 Oswego Valley 2501  
      Mary Ellen Rooney Appleton Mn 24 Mn William & Winifred Rooney          
GROSS, John see Stackmayer, John                    
GROSS, John Kalvin see Gross, William B                    
GROSS, John P       P�wood 39 Hutchinson Mn Martin Gross & Mary Saam 11-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2760  
      Marguerite Van Hee P�wood 22 Asquith Canada Julius VanHee & Kate Mann          
GROSS, Katherine see Damm                    
GROSS, Margaret Katherine see Sullivan                    
GROSS, Martin see Sullivan                    
GROSS, Martin see Reman                    
GROSS, Martin see Gross                    
GROSS, Mary see Marsh, Fred W                    
GROSS, Mary see Marsh                    
GROSS, Mary see Jordan                    
GROSS, Miahael see Gross, Erwin N                    
GROSS, Regina Ann see Reman                    
GROSS, William see Gross, James Bailey                    
GROSS, William B       Oswego 41 Kirkville John Kalvin Gross & Martha Adams 31-Jan-22 Glasgow Valley 2856  
      Emily Owen Oswego 38 Austria Frank Uvira? & Mary Ostarek          
GROSSAINT, Frank see Grossaint, Will                    
GROSSAINT, Louis       Phillips 29 Ill   20-Apr-17   Phillips 209  
      Avis Averille Caves Phillips 23 Mich            
GROSSAINT, Will       Malta 28 Askim? Ill Frank Grossaint & Agalia Coasli 6-May-14 Glasgow Valley 1452  
      Effie Caves ??? 27 Jeddo Mich Thomas Caves & Alice Stotts          
GROSSAINT, William see Grossaint, Louis                    
GROSSCUP, D P see Grosscup, P L                    
GROSSCUP, P L       Spokane 31 Iowa City Iowa D P Grosscup & Mary Vincent Schaefer 15-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 652  
      Ethel May Leonard Glasgow 24 Denningfield Mn D M Leonard & Emma Leatherman          
GROSSE, George C see Grosse, Lester Richard                    
GROSSE, Amelia see Mansur, Harry                    
GROSSE, Elsie see Gordon                    
GROSSE, George see Gordon                    
GROSSE, Lester Richard       Scobey 25 Fon du Lac Wis George C Grosse & Minnie Funk 8-Nov-22 Scobey Daniels 80  
      Kathleen Viola Hoffert Regina Sask Can 18 Regina Peter Hoffert & ???          
GROSSE, Margaret see Barg                    
GROSSMAN, Anna see Gerle                    
GROSULAK, Mary see Kordonowy, Bill                    
GROSURTH, Martha Ruth see Anerdon, Albert                    
GROSVENTE, John see Done , Fred                    
GROTE, George Floyd       Yates 25 Viroqua Wis Henry S Grote & Thankful S Alden 25-Jan-11 Glendive Dawson 896  
      Agnes Burns Davis Arcadia Wis 25 Arcadia Thomas Davis & Agnes Burns          
GROTE, Henry S see Grote, George Floyd                    
GROTH, Harold       Bonetrail N D 23 Bonetrail Henry Groth & Agnes Retzlaff 17-Jan-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3000  
      Myrtle Rasmussen Dagmar 21 Dagmar James Rasmussen & Laura Waller          
GROTH, Henry see Groth                    
GROTH, Mary see Meyer                    
GROTHAUS, August       Med� Lake 28 Ind Henry Grothaus & Mary Wellman 2-Mar-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1880  
      Jurdie G Smith Med� Lake 18 Culbertson J P & Mary Alice Smith          
GROTHAUS, Henry see Grothaus                    
GROTNES, Elias see Grotnes, Elinas                    
GROTNES, Elinas       Sullivan 32 Norway Elias Grotnes & Sarah Nelson 21-Jan-20 Glendive Dawson 2612  
      Emma Anderson Evanston Illinois 34 Sweden Bengt Anderson & Anna M Lundgren          
GROTNESS, Jens see Berge                    
GROTNESS, Mabel see Berge                    
GROTOZAK, Blanche see Jaskovik, Jacob                    
GROTTE, Margaret see Vogel, Herman                    
GROTZ, Freda see Aichele, Karl Henerich                    
GROTZ, William see Aichele, Karl Henerich                    
GROTZKE, Ella see Price                    
GROUNDS, Charles see Owens, James Charles                    
GROUNDS, Mary see Smith                    
GROUNDS, Susie see Owens, James Charles                    
GROUNWALD, Dorothea see Schoenwald, Henry                    
GROVDAHL, Carrie see Krost                    
GROVE, Albert C       Red Lodge 45 Plainview Mn Martin A Grove & Mary Christopherson 23-Dec-24 Glendive Dawson 3175  
      Lillian Daw Grand Forks N D 45 Grand Forks Daniel Daw & Margaret Allan Bell          
GROVE, Bertha see Hillegaard                    
GROVE, Carrie see Hedges                    
GROVE, Clarence       Outlook 21 Weyburn Sask Can James A Grove & Martha Goltz 24-Oct-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2563  
      Julia Ereth Outlook 29 Estevan Sask Jacob Ereth & Rosa Fenrick          
GROVE, Isaac see Kruger, Henry                    
GROVE, James see Schnittgen                    
GROVE, James A see Grove                    
GROVE, Martin       Richland 27 Norway Ole Grove & Kari T(F?)ronns 11-Jan-24 Scobey Daniels 139  
      Jennie Boe Richland 18 Kendall N D ??? Anderson & Emma Larsen          
GROVE, Martin A see Grove, Alfred C                    
GROVE, Ole see Grove, Martin                    
GROVE, Ole L       Valleytown 35 Norway   22-Sep-19   Phillips 453  
      Thea Nybo Valleytown 20 S D            
GROVE, Vera see Schnittgen                    
GROVEDALE, Clara see Fournier                    
GROVEDALE, John B & Maggie see Fournier                    
GROVEN, Aslak A       Dane Valley 54 Norway Osman Groven & Mary Evenson 20-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 613  
      Gina A Knutson   34 Polk Cty Mn Jens Severson & Betty Paulstad          
GROVEN, Edward see Dalton, Robert J                    
GROVEN, Hazel see Dalton, Robert J                    
GROVEN, Henrietta see Taylor, Levi Chester                    
GROVEN, Osman see Groven, Aslak A                    
GROVEN, Rachel see Kiel, Louis                    
GROVER, Elisha see Grover, Joseph D                    
GROVER, Flora see Blyton, Oscar Douglas                    
GROVER, Joseph D       Brookings N D 39 Rice Cty Mn Elisha Grover & Harriet Drake 10-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2160  
      Harriet Drake Dickens Iowa 32 Dickens Frank Drake & Marcella Broon          
GROVER, Matie J see Gillispie, Edgar P                    
GROVES, Anna Judson see Everhart, Cary                    
GROVES, Everett see Groves, James A                    
GROVES, Gertie see Sheridan                    
GROVES, Grace Adella see Maras, Anthony A                    
GROVES, Grayce see Prosise, Donald L                    
GROVES, James A       Chinook 30 Kirksville Mo Everett Groves & Mary Fickle 1-Mar-19 Chinook Blaine 543  
      Cecelia Elixabeth Lawson Chinook 41 Watertown Mn Albert Soshnik & Julia Wiench          
GROVES, James G       Weldon 26 Green Cty Ohio William R Groves & Mary B Towers 8-Apr-18 Glendive Dawson 2351  
      Mary Uchytil Weldon 25 Dickinson N D John Uchytil & Anna Sruske          
GROVES, Josie see Ryan, Chancie                    
GROVES, Maria see Thomas, Perry A                    
GROVES, Marion B see Yackey, William H                    
GROVES, S M see Everhart, Cary                    
GROVES, Sallie May see Chamberlin, Frederick Wm                    
GROVES, Samuel M see Maras, Anthony A                    
GROVES, William B see Groves, James G                    
GROVOM, Andrew see Lavaasen, John                    
GROVOM, Andrew see Danielsen                    
GROVOM, Andrew see Danielson                    
GROVOM, Andrew see Bjerkaker                    
GROVOM, Anna see Hallquist                    
GROVOM, Clara see Lavaasen, John                    
GROVOM, Clarence       Homestead 28 Park River N D Nels Grovom & Clara Kvesick? 8-Jun-32 ? Sheridan 2660  
      Constance Nygaard Med� Lake 24 Park River N D Isaac Nygard & Betsy Bolstad          
GROVOM, Lena see Danielsen                    
GROVOM, Molly see Danielson                    
GROVOM, Nels see Hallquist                    
GROVOM, Nels see Grovom                    
GROVOM, Nels see Grovom                    
GROVOM, Nora see Bjerkaker                    
GROVOM, Walter       Homestead 21 Park River N D Nels M Grovom & Clara Kveseth 20-Dec-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2581  
      Lola Brenden Homestead 19 Homestead Henry Brenden & Larsina Peterson          
GROVRO, Felicity see Azarian, James                    
GROVUNDER, Charles see Grovunder, Adolph                    
GROVUNDER?, Adolph       Glentana 30 Wis Charles Grovunder & Ernestine Slurtz 13-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1943  
      Olga Lundin Glentana 24 Sweden John Lundin & Matilda Olson          
GROW, Candace see Clark, William H                    
GROW, Earl Winfield       Burns 25 Nictor Renville Cty Mn Frank Grow & Idella Sarah Evans 2-Dec-11 Sidney Dawson 1021  
      Elsie Cravath Sidney 21 Audubon Mn Fred James Cravath & Emma W Murray          
GROW, Frank see Grow, Earl Winfield                    
GROWING, see His Day, Walter P                    
GROWING, see White                    
GROWING, Alene? see Powell, Charles                    
GROWING, Alone see Powell, Charlie                    
GROWING, Bed see Red Dog, Clifford                    
GROWING, Cloud see White, Robert                    
GROWING, Four Times       Oswego 52 Mt Four Times & ??? 26-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2686  
      Irene Four Star Oswego 18 Mt Four Star & ???          
GROWING, Four Times see Tucker, George E                    
GROWING, Four Times       Wolf Point 51 Nashua Ice Water & Rosie Brown 23-Feb-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 353  
      Tessie Blount Wolf Point 52 Old Ft Peck Iron Cloud & Worshiping Rock Woman          
GROWING, Four Times Louise see His Day, Walter P                    
GROWING, in Bed see She Man                    
GROWING, in the Door see Owen, Charles A                    
GROWING, Medicine Woman see Shields, Henry                    
GROWING, Rock see Reddoor                    
GROWING, Teeth see Powell, Charles                    
GROWING, Thunder see First Eagle                    
GROWING THUNDER, Nancy see Red Door, Claude                    
GROWLER, see Chasing Hawk, Nelson                    
GROWTH, Lizzie see Anderson, Andrew                    
GRUBB, Alice see Smith, Lee                    
GRUBB, Elizabeth see Clyde, Claude Richard                    
GRUBB, Grace see Haugse, Clarence Norman                    
GRUBB, Grace see Honnold, John L                    
GRUBB, Grace Katherine see Honnold, Desmond C                    
GRUBB, Harrison see Clyde, Claude Richard                    
GRUBB, Howard F       Bonin 26 Cripple Creek Virginia J B Grubb & J B Twilson 5-Nov-27 Circle McCone 112  
      Gladys Hoskins Bonin 18 Taylor Mo Ollie M Hoskins & Luella Unglesbee          
GRUBB, J B see Grubb, Howard F                    
GRUBB, Sarah see Farrell, Edward I                    
GRUBB, Sophia see Mitchell, H W                    
GRUBBS, Elmer see Grubbs                    
GRUBBS, George E       Whitetail 29 Penn Elmer Grubbs & Isabella Pepper 7-Nov-17 Whitetail Sheridan 1171  
      Mary Louise Frals Whitetail 35 Wis John L Frals & Albertena Bohm          
GRUBBS, Harley       Outlook 26? Kans Harve Grubbs & Mary Skeels 23-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 602  
      Ethel R Murphy Out-look 26 Mich Charles Murphy & Mary Lalonde          
GRUBBS, Harve see Grubbs                    
GRUBER, Andrew see Gruber                    
GRUBER, Christina see Kathrein, Anton                    
GRUBER, Christina see Carr, William H                    
GRUBER, Emma see Bradford, George Washington                    
GRUBER, Joseph see Kathrein, Anton                    
GRUBER, Joseph       Redstone 37 Austria Andrew Gruber & Annie Greenhauer 19-Apr-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1013  
      Francis Thomas Glen Ewen Sask Can 38 Can James Minnell & Ellen Cooney (or Carney?)          
GRUBER, Ryan see Courtney, Patrick                    
GRUENER, Bertha see Bleuer, Alexander                    
GRUENKE, Ludwina see Chaffee                    
GRUHN, Carl see Gruhn                    
GRUHN, Herman       P�wood 27 Buffalo N Y Carl Gruhn & Louisa Yalsing 25-Dec-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2993  
      Maxine Bryant Huron S D 23 Huron Charles Bryant & Ida West          
GRULKE, Edna see Berven, Elmer                    
GRULKE, Fred see Berven, Elmer                    
GRUMBE, Ludvina see Chaffee Ralph                    
GRUMMAN, Frankie see Morrison                    
GRUMPHY, James see McColly, Wm                    
GRUMPSKY, Hettie see Kierzek, Mike                    
GRUND, Anna see Buck, Clifford Ronello                    
GRUNDHAUSER, Anna see Blazi, Henry                    
GRUNDHAUSER, John see Blazi, Henry                    
GRUNDHAUSER, John       Glendive 21 Backhoover Hungary John Grundhauser & Annie Loh 10-Jul-01 Glendive Dawson 224  
      Lizzie Lampel Glendive 20 Bachhover Hungary Mike Lampel & Annie Weinschalk          
GRUNDMAN, Fred       Moundridge Kansas 27 Russia Gustave Grundman & Minnie Fredericke 26-Oct-19 Bloomfield Dawson 2580  
      Caroline Albrecht Bloomfield 30 Marion S D Jacob Albrecht & Anna Graber          
GRUNDMAN, Gustave see Grundman, Fred                    
GRUNDMANN, Elsie see Truax, Merrill B                    
GRUNDY, Cleo see Morin, Ernest S                    
GRUNDY, F S see Morin, Ernest S                    
GRUNHURD, Inar Knudt       Hysham 22 Orfordville Wisc Knut N Grunhard & Randy Madgarden 9-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2444  
      Eunice Julia Little Glendive 26 Downs Kansas Bela A Carter & Louisa Ann Davis          
GRUNHURD, Knudt N see Grunhurd, Inar Knudt                    
GRUNOLUS, Minnie see Stilger, Emil M                    
GRUNST, Elsie see Akres, David                    
GRUNST, George Henry       Mn 26 Mn John Alfred Grunst & Bertha Woff 4-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1166  
      Anne Josephine Brite Moorhead Mn 24 Crookston Mn Ludwig Brite & Bertha Vestra          
GRUNST, John see Ajres, David                    
GRUNST, John see Payne                    
GRUNST, John A see Grunst                    
GRUNST, John Alfred see Grunst, George Henry                    
GRUNST, Mabel see Payne                    
GRUNST, William A       Culbertson 23 Jackson Cty Mn John A Grinst & Bertha Wolfe 24-Dec-26 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2221  
      Delia Barsness Homestead 18 Ellendale N D Ole A Barsness & Mamie Peterson          
GRUNZKE, Martin see Grunzke, Paul F                    
GRUNZKE, Paul F       Beach N D 23 Altamont S D Martin Grunzke & Clara Wendtland 26-Nov-12 Glendive? Dawson 1173  
      Stella Kaczorowski Beach N D 23 Poland Andrew Kaczorowski & Sofia Borecki          
GRUSH, Mary see Record, J F                    
GRUVER, Carrie see Janzen, Peter J                    
GRUVER, Edward H see Janzen, Peter J                    
GRUYE, John J       Minneapolis 28 Browntown Indiana Philip Gruye & Louisa Lembrock 16?-June-1896   Valley ?  
      Bridget A Rafferty Glasgow 28 N Y City John Rafferty & Jane Grimes          
GRUYE, Philip see Gruye, John J                    
GRYLTON, Alma see Overland, John                    
GRYLTON, Peter see Overland, John                    
GRYTDAHL, Elmer see Nybo, Louis                    
GRYTDAHL, Elvera R see Nybo, Louis                    
GRYTDAHL, Julia see Nybo, Ole O                    
GRYTDAHL, Peter see Nybo, Ole O                    
GRYTDAL, Alfred S       Phillips 33 Wis   7-Dec-16   Phillips 165  
      Sophie Johnson Phillips 31 Sweden            
GRYTDAL, Elmer see Grytdal, Alfred S                    
GRYTHE, Dina see McCann                    
GRYTNESS, Christian       Dooley 26 Norway Peter Grytness & Bridt Jordal 25-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 458  
      Frida Johnson Dooley 19 Mn J M Johnson & Sally Smidt          
GRYTNESS, Peter see Grytness                    
GSHAGE, Emma see Wangerin                    
GUAGE, A C       Glasgow 21 Kentucky   7-Nov-25   Phillips 846  
      Ber-tie Baker Glasgow 18 Idaho            
GUANE, Carolina see Ryles, Robert                    
GUARDIPE, Flossie see Azure, Gabriel L                    
GUARDIPE, Mary see Gasselin                    
GUAREZ, Demesia see Baldonado, Gregorio                    
GUAY, Florence see Haggerty, William Francis                    
GUAY, George see Haggerty, William Francis                    
GUBBINS, Alice Jane see Groh, Otto J                    
GUBKA, Anna see Hess, Harry H                    
GUBRANSGAARD, ??? see Nasby, S K                    
GUCKENBERG, Carl R       Havre 31 Mn   5-May-20   Phillips 500  
      Anna Vogt Malta 23 Missouri            
GUCUDE, Eoopra? see Mesenko, Carl                    
GUDBOR, Adda see Shilling, Champ                    
GUELFF, Anna see Campbell, James Maxwell                    
GUELFF, Katherine see Cashman, James M                    
GUELFF, Marie see Corkery, Jack R                    
GUELFF, Marie see Corkery, Hal                    
GUELFF, Michael see Campbell, James Maxwell                    
GUELFF, Michael see Cashman, James M                    
GUELFF, Michael see Corkery, Hal                    
GUELFF, Michael see Guelff, Michael N                    
GUELFF, Michael N       Yates 21 St Nicholas Mn Michael Guelff & Anna Grein 11-May-12 Wibaux Dawson 1087  
      Florence Rust Glendive 18 Minneapolis Mn Peter P Rust & Mary Hafle          
GUELFF, Mike see Bell, Dudley H                    
GUELLF, Anna see Grate, Fredric S                    
GUELLF, Elizabeth see Bell, Dudley H                    
GUENGERICH, Barbara see Mullet, Jacob J                    
GUENPHER, Annie see Cahill, Arthur M                    
GUENTHER, Bernice see Chapman                    
GUENTHER, Bert       Dagmar 25 Iowa Ole Guenther & Annie Reager 17-May-17 ??? Sheridan 1021  
      Virgie Chapman Dagmar 16 Mm Wm Chapman & Mary Smith          
GUENTHER, Earl R       Dagmar 29 Iowa Edward W Geunther & Anna Raeger 6-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 873  
      Elizabeth Skard Dagmar 20 Mn Alvold Skard & Minnie Agnew          
GUENTHER, Edward see Guenther                    
GUENTHER, Edward W see Ator                    
GUENTHER, Edward W see Chapman                    
GUENTHER, Edward W see Geunther                    
GUENTHER, Frank see Guenther                    
GUENTHER, Grace B see Leibinger, Louis H                    
GUENTHER, Harold       Dagmar 23 Iowa Edward Guenther & Annie Raeger 14-Oct-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1388  
      Anna Hill Dagmar 18 Missouri Joseph Hill & Martha Blankenship          
GUENTHER, Mabel see Ator                    
GUENTHER, Ole see Guenther                    
GUENTHER, Raymond C       P�wood 25 Kenmare N D Frank Guenther & Maude Powell 27-May-34 Redstone Sheridan 2828  
      Louise A Knoght P�wood 23 Redstone W A Knight & Mary Rutherford          
GUERIN, Emma see Dunham, Harry                    
GUERIN, Hugh see Gray, Harry C                    
GUERIN, Pearl Louise see Gray, Harry C                    
GUERTZ, Nettie see Roth, Frank                    
GUEST, see Quest                    
GUEST, Lorena see Kallner, Charles William                    
GUGGEDAHL, Eric see Guggedahl, Lars                    
GUGGEDAHL, Lars       Epping N D 40 Norway Eric Guggedahl & Carrie Brotvedt 25-Jun-17 Glendive Dawson 2201  
      Belle Midge Miles City 34 Norway Elling Midge & Juga Loven          
GUGOLZ, Gottleib see Gugolz, Henry                    
GUGOLZ, Henry       Beach N D 42 Switz Gottleib Gugolz & Mary Pfeifer 30-Sep-22 Glendive Dawson 2899  
      Anne Marie Minchau Beach 42 Winona Mn Andrew Deering & Christina Hegener          
GUHLKE, Mathilda see Lange, Otto                    
GUIAN, Jamie see Azure, Max                    
GUILD, Alvin L see Andersen, Marius T                    
GUILD, Edna T see Anderson, Marius T                    
GUILLON, Dominique see Guillon, Gaspar                    
GUILLON, Gaspar       Baylor 44 France Dominique Guillon & Jeanne C Bullee 19-Jun-25 Glasgow Valley 3140  
      Lizzie Johansen Glasgow 46 Norway Hans Johansen & Sorena Hanson          
GUILLON, Jane see Martine, Joseph                    
GUILLON, Logane & Marie J see Martine, Joseph C                    
GUILMETT, Octavia see Langevin, Hubert L                    
GUIMSUL, Josephine see Chouenard, Joseph L                    
GUIN, Abbie see Peterson, John Edward                    
GUINARD, Mary see Doubles, Tom                    
GUINCORT?, Josephine see Chouinard, Frank L                    
GUINN, Charles Vance       Chinook 28 Tacoma Wash William ? Quinn & Nellie H Beach 8-Nov-15 Chinook Blaine 236  
      Rose Lydia Snyder Chinook 20 Arlington S D Levi William Snyder & Rose Mc- Cabe          
GUINN, E H see Pulse, Will                    
GUINN, Frank B       Malta 27 Nebr Thoma? A Guinn & Susan Harris 22-Nov-05 Malta Valley 200  
      Josie Devilo Ebaugh Malta 19 Ohio Joseph Ebaugh          
GUINN, Jessie see Newton, George A                    
GUINN, Louisa see Pulse, Will                    
GUINN, T A see Guinn, W M                    
GUINN, Thomas A see Guinn, Frank B                    
GUINN, W M       Zortman 35 Neb T A Guinn & Susan Harris 23-Oct-07 Malta Valley 315  
      Mrs Annie Ellis Zortman 38 Eng Henry Reeves & Louise Nichol          
GUINN, William see Guinn, Charles Vance                    
GUIS, H see Belknap, Bertram F                    
GUIS, S see Belknap, Bertram F                    
GUISEKER, Sarah see Houseman, Howard                    
GUISEKER, Sarah see Butcher, James                    
GULBRAA, John see Leland, Ernest                    
GULBRAA, Johren see Leland, Ernest                    
GULBRANDSON, Karine see Groslie                    
GULBRANSON, Clara see Hagen                    
GULBRANSON, Maren see Holmson, Charlie Henry                    
GULBRANSON, Martha see Ernstrom, George L                    
GULDBORG, Marie F see Allen, William H                    
GULDBORG, Nels see Allen, William H                    
GULDBRANSON, Emma see Tyler                    
GULICKSON, Caroline see Hatlestad, Herbert C                    
GULIFORD, John see Bay, Alvin Howard                    
GULIFORD, Lillian see Bay, Alvin Howard                    
GULKA, Anna see Sherman, Peter B                    
GULLESON, Synneve see Anderson, Marstrand Eckkhoff                    
GULLEY, Doris see Strzywski, Victor                    
GULLEY, J O see Srrzywski, Victor                    
GULLICKSON, Anna see Boe, Olaf K                    
GULLICKSON, Clara see Meissner, Frank                    
GULLICKSON, Clarence       Taylor N D 22 Helicon N D Ole Gullickson & Christina Haugen 27-Feb-18 Glendive Dawson 2340  
      Lavina Knudson Taylor N D 26 Taylor N D Knute Knudson & Elsie Helmer          
GULLICKSON, Emma see Tverberg, Ingvald                    
GULLICKSON, Gina E see Olson, Ole C                    
GULLICKSON, John see Allen, Huston                    
GULLICKSON, John see Wintermute, W Watson                    
GULLICKSON, Louis       Taylor N D 27 Mt Horeb Wisc Ole Gullickson & Christina Haugen 26-Oct-14 Glendive Dawson 1901  
      Clara Knudson Taylor N D     Knute Knudson & Elsie Helmer          
GULLICKSON, Louise see Wintermute, W Watson                    
GULLICKSON, Mary see Gunderson                    
GULLICKSON, Ole see Gullickson, Louis                    
GULLICKSON, Ole see Lang, Henry M                    
GULLICKSON, Ole see Gullickson, Clarence                    
GULLICKSON, Ole see Boe, Olaf K                    
GULLICKSON, Ole see Gullickson                    
GULLICKSON, Oscar see Gullickson, William                    
GULLICKSON, Oscar S       P�wood 29 N D Ole Gullickson & Sarah Thompson 1-Jul-20 Madoc Sheridan 1671  
      Clara T Hilland P�wood 22 Mn ??? & Anna M Gilbertson          
GULLICKSON, Tillie B see Allen, Huston                    
GULLICKSON, William       Billings 25 Eau Claire Wisc Oscar Gullickson & Bertha Hagan 8-Jun-21 Glendive Dawson 2769  
      Vera Larimer Glendive 20 Ligonier Indiana John Larimer & Allie Slabaugh          
GULLIFORD, Emma Lyda see Thompson, Harry L                    
GULLIFORD, John W see Thompson, Harry L                    
GULLON, Theresa see Altmeyer, Nicholas                    
GULSETH, Edward see Bicknese, Emil G                    
GULSETH, Esther see Bicknese, Emil G                    
GUM, see Fourstar, Arthur                    
GUM, Ear see Maine, Clarkson                    
GUM, George       Frazer 51 Ft Peck ??? 12-Jul-19 Frazer Valley 2519  
      Enemy Woman Little Boy Frazer   Ft Belknap ???          
GUM, George       Wolf Point 66 ??? Spotted Woman & Give Woman 8-Jul-1822 Wolf Point Roosivelt 391  
      Mary Runs_on_the_Land Wolf Point 64 Belknap ???          
GUM, Mabel see Walks on Top, Richard                    
GUMA, Charles see King, Henery                    
GUMA, Ellen see King, Henery                    
GUMER, Augusta see Sheridan                    
GUMEU, Mary see DeCouteau                    
GUMN, Laura see Montague, James F                    
GUMN, William see Montague, James F                    
GUMP, Mary J see Matheson, James R                    
GUNBERG, Carolina see Reiter, William G                    
GUNDERMAN, Fredrick see Gunderman, Michael                    
GUNDERMAN, Michael       Avondale 30 Germany Fredrick Gunderman & Elizabeth Schaffer 5-Aug-18 Glentana Valley 2402  
      mar Lena Heckner Glentana 22 Wis John Heckner & Francis Ach          
GUNDERSON, Oliver see Gunderson                    
GUNDERSON, Adeline see Brewster, Edwin Harris                    
GUNDERSON, Alma see McCabe, William Stewart                    
GUNDERSON, Anna see Gelvick, Einar                    
GUNDERSON, Anna see Jensen                    
GUNDERSON, Avis Lillian see Edghill, Miles Wesley                    
GUNDERSON, Bertha see Igard, John                    
GUNDERSON, Betsy see Kins, James A                    
GUNDERSON, Betsy see Kins                    
GUNDERSON, Betsy see Walter                    
GUNDERSON, Christ see Gunderson                    
GUNDERSON, Christine see Halverson, Hiram                    
GUNDERSON, Clarence H       Navajo 31 Mn Ole Gunderson & Marie Kaasa 8-Sep-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2096  
      Pansy Kyle Knight Redstone 23 Virginia William Knight & Mary Rutherford          
GUNDERSON, Constance see Floyd, Jasper L                    
GUNDERSON , David       Froid 36 Nor Gunder Ramsli & Olava Peterson 7-Jun-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1320  
      Myrtle Brenden Homestead 18 N D Ole Brenden & Matilda Olson          
GUNDERSON, Ester see Sandidge, Sherman                    
GUNDERSON, G see Grindland, Jens Christian                    
GUNDERSON, Gunder see Floyd, Jasper L                    
GUNDERSON, Gunder see Sandidge, Sherman                    
GUNDERSON, Gunder       Navajo 40 Mn Ole Gunderson & Anna Kassa 21-Dec-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1703  
      Francis Tang Flaxville 18 �Dakota� George Tang & Lena Klun          
GUNDERSON, Gunder see Gunderson                    
GUNDERSON, Gustav M       Antelope 27 Iowa Christ Gunderson & Mary Gullickson 28-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1062  
      Ida Frances Dahl Antelope 23 N D Christian Dahl & Liv? Rice          
GUNDERSON, Helen see Flom, Atle                    
GUNDERSON, Helen May see Frank                    
GUNDERSON, Jack L       P�wood 21 Grano N D Oliver Gunderson & Susie Morey 12-Sep-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2623  
      Gladys Irene Peterson P�wood 18 P�wood Edw Peterson & ??? Graham          
GUNDERSON, Johanna see Halvorson                    
GUNDERSON, John       Outlook 36 Whitehall Wisc Gunder Gunderson & ??? 8-Dec-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1608  
      Irene Hopkins Outlook 18 Ontario Can Skellar Hopkins &???          
GUNDERSON, John L       Navajo 28 Mn Ole Gunderson & Anna Koasa (Kaosa?) 18-Apr-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1505  
      Catherine E Griffeth Navajo 19 Mn Louis Griffeth & Ella Jones          
GUNDERSON, Lulu see Heck, Fred                    
GUNDERSON, Margaret see Pake                    
GUNDERSON, Martha see Chaffee                    
GUNDERSON, Mary see Anderson, Ole H                    
GUNDERSON, Nellie see Bottolfs, Carl                    
GUNDERSON, Nicoline see Schmidt, George                    
GUNDERSON, Nora see Heck, Fred                    
GUNDERSON, Olaf see McCabe, William Stewart                    
GUNDERSON, Olaf see Chaffee                    
GUNDERSON, Ole see Edghill, Miles Wesley                    
GUNDERSON, Ole see Gunderson                    
GUNDERSON, Ole see Gunderson                    
GUNDERSON, Ole see Gunderson                    
GUNDERSON, Olina see Watnaas                    
GUNDERSON, Sigrid see Thiel, Percy Gilbert                    
GUNDIA, Susanda see Palubicki                    
GUNFIELD, Lizzie see Moron                    
GUNHUS, Gerhard A       Malta 38 Mn   14-Mar-23   Phillips 700  
      Ruth Ohman Malta 21 Wis            
GUNLOCK, E W see Gunlock, S W                    
GUNLOCK, Laura see Erdahl                    
GUNLOCK, S W       Columbus N D 23 Sandeville Iowa E W Gunlock & Almira Nichols 7-Dec-10 Glasgow Valley 745  
      Agnes R Jensen Glasgow 19 Luverne Mn M N Jensen & Emma Fugleberg          
GUNN, Abbie see Lester, Alex                    
GUNN, Carl Birdie       Flaxville 25 Illinois John M Gunn & Etta D Smith 6-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 800  
      Zada Marie Tousley Flaxville 19 Burlington Wyoming Harry Leonard Tousley & Effie Marie Griffin          
GUNN, Elsie L see Otto, Raymond Eugene                    
GUNN, Harry L       Flaxville 22 Illinois John Gunn & Etta Smith 22-Feb-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2229  
      Ruth Gaines Navajo 19 Ill Nimrod Gaines & Shirena Andes          
GUNN, John see Otto, Raymond Eugene                    
GUNN, John see Arnold, Floyd L                    
GUNN, John see Glans, Clarence Theodore                    
GUNN, John see Gunn, Russell K                    
GUNN, John see Gunn                    
GUNN, John M see Gunn, Carl Birdie                    
GUNN, Mabel J see Arnold, Floyd L                    
GUNN, Margaret see Schindler, Joseph                    
GUNN, Mildred L see Glans, Clarence Theodore                    
GUNN, Russell K       Flaxville 25 Nellwood Ill John Gunn & Etta B Smith 14-Apr-23 Scobey Daniels 101  
      Vera E Krassin Flaxville 18 Montevideo Mn Fred Krassin & Ida Rose Honger          
GUNNER, see Clarkson, Maine (see also Gum Ear)                    
GUNNERSON, Enga M see Austin, John                    
GUNNESS, Margaret C see Ferguson                    
GUNNET, Octavia see Nevens, Theodore P                    
GUNNING, Emily see Whipple, Chas C                    
GUNNING, George see Knudson, Knut                    
GUNNING, Mary see Knudson, Knut                    
GUNNISON, Sophie see Sassen, Lawrence Michael                    
GUNTER, Charles K       Moose Jaw 24 Swift Current Can George H Gunter & Emma Barager 24-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2947  
      Margaret L Brown Moose Jaw 24 Stony Beach Can James Brown & Margaret Greer          
GUNTER, Edith Mabel (Martin?) see Sullivan, Bernard T                    
GUNTER, George H see Gunter                    
GUNTER, Helen see Koeneman                    
GUNTHER, Clara Johanna see Lindeke, Raymond                    
GUNTHER, George see Renn, Thomas E                    
GUNTHER, Georgiana see Cortois, Charles                    
GUNTHER, J J       P�wood 40 Wis Theodore Gunther & Mary Buch 17-Dec-17 Glasgow Valley 2307  
      Anna J Rasmussen Outlook 28 Mn Niels Rasmussen & Lucy Culver          
GUNTHER, John see Lindeke, Raymond                    
GUNTHER, Louis see Cortois, Charles                    
GUNTHER, Marie see Renn, Thomas E                    
GUNTHER, Theodore see Gunther, J J                    
GUNVALDSON, Jorgen see Jorgenson, Gunvald Emil                    
GUNVILLE, Eliza see Kelner, Gustav                    
GUNVILLE, Liza see Moran, Fredrick                    
GUNWALL, Anna Marie see Handley, Michael Roy                    
GUNWALL, Clara see Twogood, Frank M                    
GUNWALL, Edward Anton       Taylor N D 27 N D John Gunwall & Inga M Olson 18-Sep-20 Wibaux? Wibaux 283  
      Elizabeth Frances Anderson Taylor N D 25 Indiana George Washbritten & Elizabeth Tadlock          
GUNWALL, John see Gunwall, Edward Anton                    
GUNWALL, John see Helgeson, Henry K                    
GUNWALL, John see Handley, Michael Roy                    
GUNWALL, John see Twogood, Frank M                    
GUPTON, Gertrude see Lofgren, L S                    
GURCH, Ethel see Willford, Dwight Jay                    
GURDIGA, Lizzie see Hoepner                    
GUREK, Zasona see Pesko, George                    
GURINE, Karen see Kemble, Orrin John                    
GURLEY, Belle see Goff, Arthur M                    
GURNETT, Claude Andrew       Union 33 Alligan Mich Emmal Gurnett & Ellata Alice Reed 8-Oct-13 Union Dawson 1341  
      Berniece Laura Power Union 29 Black River Falls Wisc Henry H Powers & Rhoda Hutchkins          
GURNETT, Emmal see Gurnett, Claude Andrew                    
GUSA, Ernest see Dunn, George H                    
GUSA, Josephine see Dunn, George H                    
GUSEY, Ida see Kjelstrup                    
GUSEY, Jacob see Kjelstrup                    
GUSHART, Clayton       Hinsdale 28 Ill John Gushart & Jane Hills 29-Apr-16   Valley 1846  
      Tammie? Newbery Hinsdale 26 Ind John Newbery & ???          
GUSHART, John see Gushart, Clayton                    
GUSHART, Laura see Clingman, Kenneth G                    
GUSSENHOVEN, John A       Havre 30 Havre Joseph A Gussenhoven & Susan Monger 7-Oct-27 Chinook Blaine 1017  
      Chris-tine Wiederick Havre 21 Harvey N D John K Wiederrick & Susie Moser          
GUSSENHOVEN, Joseph see Gussenhoven, John A                    
GUSSLER, Margarete see Cato, Tullie                    
GUSTAFSON, Ann Sophia see Holland, Arlington E                    
GUSTAFSON, C H & Anna see Mack, Elmer                    
GUSTAFSON, Carl A       Glasgow 34 Bergholm Swe Gustav T Carlson & Bertha Munson 22-Sep-11 Glasgow Valley 893  
      Annie Haggen Glasgow 34 Trondhjem Norway Lawrence & Mary Haggen          
GUSTAFSON, Clara see Fansler, Claude C                    
GUSTAFSON, Claudia see Magnuson, Nick                    
GUSTAFSON, Florence E see Aam, John                    
GUSTAFSON, Gustaf see Gustafson, Otto R                    
GUSTAFSON, Gustava see File, Victor Antone                    
GUSTAFSON, Herman see Holland, Arlington E                    
GUSTAFSON, Hulda E see Seines, Christ P                    
GUSTAFSON, Ida see Graham, Geo F                    
GUSTAFSON, Ida see Lundquist, Clark                    
GUSTAFSON, John see Magnuson, John                    
GUSTAFSON, L P see Gustafson, O E                    
GUSTAFSON, Mabel see Mack, Elmer                    
GUSTAFSON, Margaret (Nicholson?) see Ames, Bert                    
GUSTAFSON, O E       Sentinel Butte N D 33 Omaha Nebr L P Gustafson & Christina Swenson 3-Apr-15 Glendive Dawson 1693  
      Esther Nortrup Sentinel Butte N D 19 Sparta Wisc M E Northrup & Gertrude Barnes          
GUSTAFSON, Otto R       Glasgow 28 Iowa Gustaf Gustafson & Alice M Garretson 3-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2371  
      Alice J Spurgeon Cedar Rapids 25 Iowa Samuel Aaron & Elizabeth Leebody          
GUSTAFSON, Reuben E       Bainville 45 Mn Swan Gustafson & Anna M Heed 2-Jul-18 Glasgow Valley 2395  
      Bessie M Chappel Bainville 22 Can John L Chappel & Isabel Knite?          
GUSTAFSON, Swan see Gustafson, Reuben                    
GUSTAVESON, Peter       Conlin 28 Calmar Sweden Gus & Ellen Erricson 22-July-1889 Glendive Dawson 27  
      Josephine Johnson Glendive 27 Stavanger Nor Mons Johnson & Ellen Evenson          
GUSTAVSEN, ??? see Runningen, Samuel                    
GUSTAVSON, John see Johnson, Ewald                    
GUSTAVSON, Louise see Jackson, C L                    
GUSTAVSON, Wilhelmina see Gruaut, Osker W                    
GUSTEFSON, Carl Conrad       Culbertson 52 Sweden William Gustefson & Eva Larson 27-Feb-27 Bainville Roosivelt 1002  
      Sylvia Marie Olson Culbertson 30 Ill Gust Olson & Hilda Johnson          
GUSTEFSON, William see Gustefson, Carl Conrad                    
GUSTENSON, Gusten see Gustenson, Roy Clifford                    
GUSTENSON, Roy Clifford       Culbertson 24 Mn Gusten Gustenson & Rugna Ness 30-Aug-30 Wolf Roint Roosivelt 1484  
      Marie Schow Culbertson 21 Culbertson Lewis (Lars) Schow & Marie Haugen          
GUSTITIS, Charley see Gustitus                    
GUSTITIS , Mike       Peerless 23 Penn Charley Gustitis & Eva Koleda 18-Nov-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2287  
      Margaret McGovern Sacobey 21 Sask Can Tom McGovern & ??? Malone          
GUSTLIN, Chester Clyde       Fort Dodge Iowa 27 Fort Dodge John Gustlin & Frances Helen Pratt 29-Jun-10 Savage Dawson 811  
      Myrtle Bernice Donald Ft Dodge 22 Ft Dodge Joseph Donald & Ida Gill          
GUSTLIN, John see Gustlin, Chester Clyde                    
GUTHERIDGE, Mary J see Malden                    
GUTHERIDGE, Mary Jane see Hublon, Francis                    
GUTHKA, Eliza see Zachor, Willard, Arthur                    
GUTHRIE, Bell see Len, Harry C                    
GUTHRIE, Frank see Heisler                    
GUTHRIE, Georgina see Emerson, Harold                    
GUTHRIE, Inez Louise see Heisler                    
GUTHRIE, Jessie see Shermer, Walter                    
GUTHRIE, Mary see Taylor, Thomas C                    
GUTIERREZ, Cleto see Guterriez, Rafael                    
GUTIERREZ, Rafael       Sidney 31 Jalish? Mexico Cleto Gutierrez & Barbara Martina 21-Aug-23 Sidney Richland 812  
      Maria Reyes Sidney 26 Auscaliente Mexico Antonio Reyes & Guadeloupe Marcias          
GUTING, Ila see Craig, Samuel C                    
GUTTARUD?, Gretta see Kalberg, Louis                    
GUTTER, Mary see Smith, Jacob T                    
GUTTERUD, Marie see Hendrickson                    
GUTTERUD, O E see Hendrickson                    
GUTTERUD, Thea see Hendrickson                    
GUY, Evelyn Freda see Henderson, Robert A                    
GUY, Frederick W see Henderson, Robert A                    
GUY, Leonard J       Glendive 52 London England William A Guy & Sarah Blount 9-Dec-27 Glendive Dawson 3523  
      Ann Schope Glendive 31 Chicago Ill John Kozinski & Michelina Repcinski          
GUY, Margaret A see Thorine, Andrew J                    
GUY, Reuben see Thorine, Andrew J                    
GUY, Ruth V see Tange, Christian S                    
GUY, Sarah O see Fletcher, W D                    
GUY, William A see Guy, Leonard J                    
GUY, William G see Tange, Christian S                    
GUYLER, Leoir D see Mills, Frederick D                    
GUYNN, Gertrude E see Reynolds, James A                    
GUYNN, James see Reynolds, James A                    
GUYOT, Evangeline G see Barbour, Lawrence G                    
GUYUN, Alexander see Guyun, Harlan                    
GUYUN, Alexander see Guyun, James G                    
GUYUN, Harlan       Wolf Point 27 Belt Mt Alexander Guyun & Mary Baker 18-Dec-22 Glasgow Valley 2941  
      Ruth Mary Boyer Fargo N D 18 Wis ??? Snell & Bertha Ball Boyer          
GUYUN, James G       Phillips 30 Licking Mo Alexander H Guyun & Mary H Baker 19-Sep-10 Malta Valley 696  
      Margarette Agnes Pelletier Harlem 25 Cascade John Peltier & Margarette McGillis          
GWALTNEY, see Givaltney                    
GWARTNEY, Joseph H       Landusky 28 Indiana   9-Oct-19   Phillips 458  
      Goldie Chambers Nielson 22 Nebr            
GWINN, Harlan see Foster, William