Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Gile to Grant

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
GILE, Chester E       Orville 24 Mn Mazelle Gile & Emma K Zimmerman 7-Jun-14 Redstone Sheridan 239  
      Charlotte O Barnhart Orville 23 Ohio John W Barnhart & Margaret Loudenslager          
GILE, Clyde       Flaxville 22 Superior Wis Mazelle Gile & Emma Limmerman 31-Dec-30 Scobey Daniels 509  
      Evelyn Baker Bredette 23 Red Lake Falls Mn Eugene Baker & Etta Eddy          
GILE, Ethel see Jackson, William L                    
GILE, J C see Jackson, William L                    
GILE, Jess       Dodson 42 N Y Jonathan Gile & Samantha Rice 16-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 654  
      Ida Hoog Culber tson 23 Lear Lake Wis Victor Marcis & ???          
GILE, Jonathan see Gile, Jess                    
GILE, Lorne Arthur       Flaxville 21 Wis Mazell Gile & Anna Zimmerman 14-Sep-16 Flaxville Sheridan 831  
      Leona Gribble Flaxville 22 Wash Roce? Gribble & Clara Smith          
GILE, Mary see Canfield, Ira N                    
GILE, Mazell see Gile                    
GILE, Mazell see Gile                    
GILE, Mazelle see Gile, Clyde                    
GILES, Cora see Allen, Sam S                    
GILES, Cora see Allen                    
GILES, Cora see Allen                    
GILES, Florence E see Matsler, Russell                    
GILES, John see Matsler, Russell                    
GILES, Mary see Baker, W C                    
GILES, Mary P see Lewis, James D                    
GILFIN,, Freidel, see Satter                    
GILFORD, Cora E see Helton, Nolan Milo                    
GILFOY, James see Gilfoy, Thomas Edward                    
GILFOY, Thomas Edward       Minot N D 47 Mn James Gilfoy & Catherine Fullan 14-Feb-26 Culbertson Roosivelt 868  
      Parney Staley Watford City N D 38 S D James M Staley & Margrete McAllster          
GILGASH, Mrs John see Wilson, Earle                    
GILKISON, Albert       Corinth N D 21 Corinth C P Gilkison & May Smallback 16-Aug-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2676  
      Hazel Harder Wild Rose N D 18 Wild Rose Guy Harder & Julia Olson          
GILKISON, C P see Gilkison                    
GILKISON, Charley       Corinth N D 21 Nelson Cty N D Commodore Gilkison & May Smallbeck 30-Jun-23 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1900  
      Amanda Barstad Ray N D 23 N D William Barstad & Pauline Ugstad          
GILKISON, Commodore see Gilkison                    
GILL, Allen see Gill, John R                    
GILL, Clara see Odien, Roy                    
GILL, Della C see Bracher, George W                    
GILL, Harry see Anderson                    
GILL, Ida see Gustlin, Chester Clyde                    
GILL, James see Gill, Sam F                    
GILL, John R       Burns 25 Fayette Iowa Allen Gill & Alice Natle? 24-Dec-11   Dawson 1035  
      Bessie Isabelle Kennedy Burns 22 Hamer Mich Alex Kennedy & Margaret Rossborough          
GILL, Sam F       Glasgow 39 Ind James Gill & Martha Rowland 11-Dec-20 Glasgow Valley 2750  
      Hanna Hughes Glasgow 38 Mn John Hughes & Mary Owens          
GILLARD, James H see Garfield, Claude L                    
GILLARD, Mary Jane see Garfield, Claude L                    
GILLEN, Mary see Shafer, F E                    
GILLEN, William see Shafer, F E                    
GILLES, Elizabeth see Shearer, John M                    
GILLES, Eva Ann see Summerton, Park Charles Lewis                    
GILLES, Mary see Porsborg, Ray                    
GILLES, Nicholas see Summerton, Park Charles Lewis                    
GILLESPIE, Colina see McLean, Angus                    
GILLESPIE, James see McLean, Angus                    
GILLESPIE, Susan see Carpenter, Edwin Davis                    
GILLET, Amelia see Cosher, Guy                    
GILLET, Sophia see Fielder, Chas H                    
GILLET, Sophie see Roach, Myles                    
GILLETT, Bernice see Masters, Daniel                    
GILLETT, Hettie May see Meyer, Leon                    
GILLETT, L see Masters, Daniel                    
GILLETT, Schlera? see Ronek, Peter H                    
GILLETTE, Alfred see McNeil, Herbert                    
GILLETTE, Earnest L see Frederick                    
GILLETTE, Jessie see Olson, Elmer H                    
GILLETTE, Leona see McNeil, Herbert                    
GILLETTE, Leona see Frederick                    
GILLETTE, Sarah E see Vannoy, Frank L                    
GILLEY, Sarah see Loomis, Ralph E                    
GILLIAM, Anna see Beber, Bethuel R                    
GILLIAM, Anna see Crawford, Clarence Bredford                    
GILLIES, Archibald       Whitetail 25 Hannah N D Charles Gillies & Anna Hunking 14-Nov-21 Whitetail Daniels 36  
      Lillian Shain Whitetail 18 Antelope Neas? Shane & Cora Oliver          
GILLIES, Charles see Gilles, Archibald                    
GILLIES, Charles see Rasmussen                    
GILLIES, Charlotte see Rasmussen                    
GILLIES, John see Gillies, William                    
GILLIES, Wm       Glendive 39 Scotland John Gillies & Margaret Mitchell 24-Dec-01 Glendive Dawson 236  
      Florentine Mesner res Glendive 32 Germany Hans Mesner & Mary Frank          
GILLIGAN, Mary see Ahern                    
GILLIN, Margaret J see Verstegen, Carl                    
GILLIN, William see Verstegen, Carl                    
GILLINWATER?, Lucinda see White, Benjamin F                    
GILLIS, Emma see Steele                    
GILLIS, Emma see Steele                    
GILLIS, Gertrude see Arnold, Joseph A                    
GILLIS, Jane see Leggett, Orson E                    
GILLIS, Jennie see Alexander, Frances C                    
GILLIS, Mary E see Johnson, Albert C                    
GILLISPIE, E P see Faulk, Clinton C                    
GILLISPIE, Edgar P       Phillips 42 Iowa   20-Jul-16   Phillips 121  
      Matie J Grover Phillips 36 Wis            
GILLMAN, Della see Evans, Carl F                    
GILLMAN, Nettie see Conner, Warren E                    
GILLQUIST, Charlie see Trustem                    
GILLQUIST, Hulda E see Trustem                    
GILMAN, Clarice see Damson, Charles A                    
GILMAN, Dilly see McKenzie, Donald K                    
GILMAN, Dilly see Murray, A C                    
GILMAN, Edward see Damson, Charles A                    
GILMAN, Edward see Gilman                    
GILMAN, Edward M see Forsness, Gilman R                    
GILMAN, Eliza see Furman, Fred                    
GILMAN, Frances N see Gilman, Samuel W                    
GILMAN, Harry see Gilmore, Ike A                    
GILMAN, Laurence       Poplar 22 St Paul Mn Edward Gilman & Lillian Rowe 20-Oct-13 Plentywood Sheridan 2633  
      Margaret Winhofer Poplar 18 Poplar Stephan Winhofer & Theresa Unger          
GILMAN, Lillian see Pippenger, David Homer                    
GILMAN, Liza see Furman, Joseph                    
GILMAN, Loretta see Johnson, J Forrest                    
GILMAN, Loretta see Page, Ralph                    
GILMAN, Loretta see Buck, George W                    
GILMAN, Myrle see Forsness, Gilman R                    
GILMAN, Samuel W       Fayette N D 35 St? Cloud Mn Francis N Gilman & Hannah Cary 20-Nov-11 Glendive Dawson 1016  
      Elizabeth Cary Drain Oregon 24 Kingston Mn Hans Cary & Margaret Gobel          
GILMAN, Stella Marie see Gilmore, Ike A                    
GILMER, John see Gilmer, Robert C                    
GILMER, Robert C       Williston 37 Ire John Gilmer & G Chestnut 15-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 2596  
      Kathryn Shea Williston 25 N D Shannon Shea & E Brown          
GILMORE, A H see Gilmore, James W                    
GILMORE, Alex see Gilmore, Ike A                    
GILMORE, Alfred see Weidner, Caleb                    
GILMORE, Alice see Bond, William Andrew                    
GILMORE, Anna May see Ness, Gordon                    
GILMORE, Ernest F       Glentana 22 Clare Mich Sylvester E Gilmore & Martha Taylor 19-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1880  
      Edith Peterson ??? 19 Evansville Mn James Peterson & Elizabeth Wagner          
GILMORE, Florence see Ashford, Charles                    
GILMORE, Frank A       Glendive 34 Anapee Wis Frank Gilmore & Jennie Hudson 27-Jun-01 Glendive Dawson 222  
      Katherine Nelson Glendive 24 Trondhjem Norway Maelin? Nelson & Carrie Carlson          
GILMORE, H M see Gilmore, Milan                    
GILMORE, Helen see Edwards, Clarence A                    
GILMORE, Ike A       Zenith N D 26 Buffalo N D Alex Gilmore & Eliza McGowan 4-Oct-23 Wibaux Wibaux 403  
      Stella Mae Gilman Zenith N D 23 Eagle Bend Mn Harry Gilman & Anna Marton          
GILMORE, James see Gilmore, Ralph                    
GILMORE, James see Gilmore, Ralph                    
GILMORE, James see Gilmore, Willaim L V                    
GILMORE, James W see Ashford, Charles                    
GILMORE, James W       Melrose Mass 63 Fairlee Vermont A H Gilmore & Mary Childs 25-Dec-00 Glendive Dawson    
      Mrs Grace V Marron Glendive 31 Alliance Ohio Nathaniel J Bendin & Marg McCoy          
GILMORE, James W see Gilmore, John Christoffer                    
GILMORE, John see Jarton, Leo Edward                    
GILMORE, John see Jarton, Kleber                    
GILMORE, John Christoffer       Scobey 30 Everly Iowa James W Gilmore & Lavina May Beeks 4-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1226  
      Erma Lucinda Shankle Scobey 22 Duluth Mn Lester Shankle & Anna Shallman          
GILMORE, Marguerite see Jarton, Kleber                    
GILMORE, Mary see Jarton, Leo Edward                    
GILMORE, Maude see Weidner, Caleb                    
GILMORE, Milan       Belfield N D 19 Milton H M Gilmore & Loye Felix 7-Jan-23 Wibaux Wibaux 370  
      Margaret Lerfold Belfield 17 Fergus Falls Mn Julius Lerfold & Elizabeth Bauer          
GILMORE, Ralph       Lustre 29 Iowa James Gilmore & Lavina Beaks     Valley   ( Cert Not Completed)
      Elizabeth Bertha Peters Lustre 18 Canada Ernest F Peters & Elizabeth Triske          
GILMORE, Ralph       Lustre 29 Iowa James Gilmore & Lavina Beaks 10-Nov-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 569  
      Elizabeth Bertha Peters Lustre 18 Can Ernest Peters & Elizabeth Torske          
GILMORE, Sarah see Bartley, Kelly                    
GILMORE, Sylvester E see Gilmore, Ernest F                    
GILMORE, William L V       Flaxville 23 Clay Cty Iowa James Gilmore & Lavina Beeks 20-Aug-23 Scobey Daniels 116  
      Jennie Bell Michelson Kenmare N D 20 Kenmare Arthur Michelson & Edith Miner          
GILPATRICK, Clarinda see Lick, Henry Edward                    
GILPIN, Edna L see Vannoy, Larry McKeaver                    
GILPIN, Luella see Babb                    
GILPIN, Roina see Cates, Eldrid L                    
GILPIN, Rose Ella see McConnen                    
GILPIN, T E see Vannoy, Larry McGilpin                    
GILROYM, Margurate? see Baines, Ollie                    
GILSON, Cora see Chouenard, Joseph                    
GILSON, Flora see Hale, John B                    
GILSTROF, Charles H see Markle, Walter C                    
GILSTROF, Victoria see Markle, Walter C                    
GILTRSLIEVE, Mary see Lebert Sam                    
GIMBER, Catherine see Bakewell, Grant                    
GIME, Harriet see King, Henery                    
GIMSA, Hattie see Pierzina, J T                    
GIMSA, Hattie see Pierzine, Ben J                    
GINELLE, Martha see Landers, James W                    
GINES, Jack       Outlook 24 Kentucky N R Gaines & Serena Andes 1-Jun-29 Redstone Sheridan 2436  
      Evelyn Johnson Outlook 22 Balfour N D Amund Johnson & Mart Myhre          
GINGER, Henry       White 24 Russia Jacob Ginger & Christina Kirschman 4-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1905  
      Paulina Finkbeiner Watkins 28 Russia Konrad Finkbeiner & Christina Fode          
GINGER, Jacob see Ginger, Henry                    
GINGRAS, Adile see Senechal, Joe J                    
GINGUH?, Hannah see Bilger, William                    
GINN, Estella see Dougherty, R C                    
GINNEY, Hannah see Fox, James                    
GINTER, Anna see Efta, Stanley                    
GINTER, Rose see Thornberg, Herbert M                    
GINTHER, ??? see Babinski, Albert                    
GINTOVIC, Frances see Petrowicz, Stephen Frank                    
GINTZ?, Margaret see Jackson, Louis Frank                    
GIPP, Louis see Buckley, John J                    
GIRARD, Gabrielle see Wahl, Hilmer Morris                    
GIRARD, Gustav V       Madoc 24 Sask Can Joseph Girard & Louise Riva 11-Jan-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2218  
      Marie L Moran Madoc 22 Belcourt N D John B Moran & Mary LaFrance          
GIRARD, Joseph see Wahl, Hilmer Morris                    
GIRARD, Joseph see Lebel                    
GIRARD, Joseph see Girard                    
GIRARD, Lucy see Lebel                    
GIRARD, Sarah see Cole, C I                    
GIRBIG, Maggie see Perry, Arthur                    
GIRBIG, Margaret see Kienenberger, Edward R                    
GIRL, Joseph see Reynolds, John                    
GIRSCH, Robert see Sauer, Frank N                    
GIRSCH, Rose A see Sauer, Frank N                    
GIRTH, Reaka see Laabs, Richard                    
GISH, Clark A       Lovejoy 27 Waverly Iowa Henry Gish & Julia M Hulburt 1-Dec-14 Malta Valley 1592  
      Nellie M Monroe Lovejoy 25 Valentine Neb Roy Monroe & Martha Johnson          
GISH, Henry see Gish, Clark A                    
GISH, John see Albrecht, Albert Henry                    
GISINGER, Constant see Usselman, John                    
GISINGER, Constant see Usselman, John                    
GISINGER, Margaret see Usselman, John                    
GISINGER, Margaret see Usselman, John                    
GISKE, Bernt see Anderson, Marstrand Eckkfoff                    
GISKE, Maria Christine see Anderson, Marstrand Eckkhoff                    
GISKELL, Ella see Holliday                    
GISL?, see Red Plume                    
GISLER, Frances see Wagner, George                    
GISSER, Hattie see Ortzman, Isaac                    
GITHIN, Frank see Rhine, Elmer M                    
GITHIN, Helen Genevia see Rhine, Elmer M                    
GITINA, see Smith                    
GITRUD, Inga see Aasen, Fritz                    
GITS, Ed see Mitchell, Raymond                    
GITS, Edmund see Sherman, Ellis Joseph                    
GITS, Juliet Evelyn see Mitchell, Raymond                    
GITS, Prudence Louise see Sherman, Ellis Joseph                    
GIVALTNEY, James T see Givaltney, Robert James                    
GIVALTNEY, Robert James       Wagner 23 Hersey Wis James T Givaltney & Lenore Hathaway 6-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 306  
      Lulu Frances Granger Harlem 27 Harlem William Granger & Susie Fleming          
GIVE, Woman see Gum, George                    
GIVE, Agnes see McDonald, John Robert                    
GIVENS, Cecelia see Chase, John H                    
GIVENS, Celia see Gamble, Everett H                    
GIVENS, Edgar E       Great Falls 44 Illinois   21-Jun-25   Phillips 829  
      Mande B Holt Great Falls 29 Missouri            
GIVENS, Gertrude R see Gregerson, Ole Bernhart                    
GIVENS, Henry C see Gregerson, Ole Barnhart                    
GIVES, A Blanket see Gives, Parker B                    
GIVES, Goods see Walking Eagle                    
GIVES, the Blanket see Standing                    
GIVES, the Blanket see Gibbs                    
GIVES, Gracie see Todd, Abner Robert                    
GIVES, Parker B       Wolf Point 34 Oswego Gives A Blanket & Hattie Towns 10-Sep-28 Chinook Blaine 1080  
      Isabel One Man Lodge Pole 17 Lodge Pole Joseph One Man & Sarah          
GIVES BLANKET, Hattie see Cox, Isaac Jr                    
GIZSNER, Frances see Craver, William Henry                    
GJEDREM, Bertha see Kleppilid, Alfred                    
GJEDREN, Georgina see Bye, Kaare                    
GJERDAHL, Cecile Ottile see Gronvold, Henry                    
GJERDE, Helga see Gjerde, Odin                    
GJERDE, Odin       Fallon 30 Bergen Helge Gjerde & Brita Hjortland 4-Dec-19 Glendive Dawson 2716  
      Marie Akra Plaza N D   Estherville Iowa Mate Akra & Bertha Bringdell          
GJERSWOLD, Marie see Walker, Clyde H                    
GJESDAL, Cornelia see Hanson                    
GJESME, Anna see Leidahl, Knute                    
GJESME, Lars see Leidahl, Knute                    
GLAAB, Reuben       Williston 34 Missouri Elois & Minnie Glaab 2-Feb-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1000  
      Berta Nelson Williston 26 Norway Andrew & Martha Nelson          
GLAAB, Elois & Minnie see Glaab, Reuben                    
GLABB, George see Baxter, Ralph                    
GLABB, Harriet see Baxter, Ralph                    
GLAC, Francizka see Molenda, Henry                    
GLADDEN, David C see Gladden, Van W                    
GLADDEN, Lillian M see Lemire, Louis Emanuel                    
GLADDEN, Van W       Sidney 28 Grand Meadow Mn David C Gladden & Abbie Windsleif 8-Dec-17 Glendive Dawson 2307  
      Helen Pearl Glidden Sidney 24 Hallock Mn Irving E Glidden & Annie Jolliff          
GLADEAU, Mary Anna see Wells, Frank                    
GLADEN, James see Brisbo, William                    
GLADSON, Emma see Cool, Fred E                    
GLADU, Antonio see Nicholson, Murray                    
GLADU, James       Brookside 23 Mt   19-Dec-18   Phillips 396  
      Isabelle Perry Lodge Pole 24 Mt            
GLADU, Mary Rose Zilda see Nicholson, Murray                    
GLADUE, Anastasia see Trottier, John                    
GLADUE, Anastasia see Sorensen                    
GLADUE, Joseph       Canada 30 Can St Pierre Gladue & Elizabeth ?rozette 3-Jun-13 Culbertson Sheridan 22?  
      Zilda Poitra Culbertson 18 N D Norbert Poitra & Zilda Deloune          
GLADUE, Justine see Parisien                    
GLADUE, Mary see Dacoteau, Peter                    
GLADUE, Mary see Bauer, Fred                    
GLADUE, Mary see Martell                    
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Kellett, Charles Reginald                    
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Martell, Thomas                    
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Robbins, Charles                    
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Martell                    
GLADUE, Mary Rose see Fredrickson                    
GLADUE, N see Moran                    
GLADUE, Pat       Culbertson 36 Turtle Mtn N D Peter Gladue & Elizabeth Gardhie 24-Sep-12 Culbertson Valley 1126  
      Emma DeCouteau Culbertson 15 Rock Lake Man Louie Decouteau & Jennie Granbois          
GLADUE, Peter see Gladue, Pat                    
GLADUE, Peter see Dacoteau, Peter                    
GLADUE, Rosalie see Fraiser                    
GLADUE, Rosalie see Frasier                    
GLADUE, Rosella see Frasier                    
GLADUE, St Pierre see Gladue                    
GLAENDL, Eldra see Heinze                    
GLAESMER, Margaret see Elliot, M H                    
GLAINZKE, Marguerite Marie see Kudrna                    
GLAINZKE, Willian see Kudrna                    
GLAISTER, Isabella see McGonigle, Milton Chester                    
GLANS, Clarence Theodore       Scobey 30 Twin Valley Mn Leonard Glans & Thea Hove 5-Nov-24 Navajo Daniels 171  
      Mildred L Gunn Flaxville 18 Auburn Ill John Gunn & Etta Smith          
GLANS, Clarence Theodore       Scobey 27 Twin Valley Mn Leonard Glans & Thea Hove 22-Nov-21 Scobey Daniels 37  
      Bertha Colby Scobey 23 Chicago Ill Theodore Colby & Anna Halls          
GLANS, Cliffert E       Flaxville 25 Twin Valley Mn Leonard Glans & Thea Hove 12-Aug-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2543  
      Amanda Kamrud Madoc 18 Bottineau N D Torstein Kamrud & Anna Hoven          
GLANS, Leonard see Glans, Clarence Theodore                    
GLANS, Leonard see Glans                    
GLASCO, Emma see Lewis, George                    
GLASCO, Frank see Glasco, Lee Edwin                    
GLASCO, Henry see Lewis, George                    
GLASCO, Lee Edwin       Poplar 31 Pied-mont Kan Frank Glasco & Bell Jones 12-Dec-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1263  
      Evelyn Irine Sinclair Poplar 17 Holland Mich Allon L Sinclair & Helen Dawson          
GLASCOCK, Cleveland T       Saco 42 Fulton Mo John Glascock & Katherine Thomas 2-Jul-27 Glasgow Valley 3300  
      Pearl Matson Saco 31 Talbot Mich Chris Matson & Jennie Thompson          
GLASCOCK, John see Glascock, Cleveland T                    
GLASCOCK, John see Glasscock, Cleveland T                    
GLASER, Mary see Markell, William W                    
GLASOE, Edna see Roness                    
GLASOE, Mattie see Stenerson                    
GLASOE, Mettie see Erickson                    
GLASOE, Michael see Roness                    
GLASPELL, Jennie see Turnquist                    
GLASS, James Oliver see Glass, Max B                    
GLASS, Lizzie M see Daniels, Frank M                    
GLASS, Margaret see Latonus, Wentley                    
GLASS, Max B       Morristown S D 29 Keokuk Iowa James Oliver Glass & Lucy Ann Eldridge 25-Feb-15 Wibaux Wibaux 19  
      Amy L Jackson Salt Lake City 27 Salt Lake City James & Katherine Jackson          
GLASS, Rudolf see Gourdoux, R J                    
GLASS, Wilhelmina see Gourdoux, R J                    
GLASSCOCK, Cleveland T       Shafer N D 28 Mo John Glasscock & Catherine Thomas 30-Jun-13 Glasgow Valley 1314  
      Alice Tweeten Berwick N D 23 N D Ole Tweeten & Severina Simms?          
GLASSCOCK, J H see Colby, Alfred E                    
GLASSCOCK, Naoma F see Colby, Alfred E                    
GLASSEN, Christ see Glassen, Gottfried                    
GLASSEN, Gottfried       Glendive 37 St Bonifacius Mn Christ Glassen & Mary Pauley 3-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3290  
      Lola Searer Glendive 27 Wakarusa Ind Grant Searer & Estella Lutz          
GLASSMAN, Frank see Olsen, Elmer H                    
GLASSMAN , Nellie L see Olsen, Elmer H                    
GLATHE, Paulina see Fenske                    
GLAVIN, Delia A see Kirsch, Nickolas Joseph                    
GLAYS, Ellen R see Davis, Roy P                    
GLAZE, Blanche see Morken                    
GLAZE, Charlie see Glaze                    
GLAZE, Charlie see Linthicum                    
GLAZE, Ethel see Linthicum                    
GLAZE, Fred see Morken                    
GLAZE, Theodore       P�wood legal Neb Charles Glaze & Minerva Frisby 10-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2382  
      Linda Erickson Dagmar legal Mn Jona Erickson & Bettie Peterson          
GLAZIER, Alma see Pippen, Fred H                    
GLAZIER, Arthur A see Lunstad, Christian C                    
GLAZIER, Etta see Gallagher, George E                    
GLAZIER, Leota Marie see Lunstad, Pearl Ada                    
GLAZIER, Pearl see Bundren, George William                    
GLAZIER, Pearl see Bundgren, Henry Charles                    
GLEASON, ? see Hess, W O                    
GLEASON, Archie see Emmel, John G                    
GLEASON, Archie see Gleason, W A                    
GLEASON, Archie & Mrs see Rice, J G                    
GLEASON, Clyde Walter       Portage Wis 45 Milford Wis Walter E Gleason & Mabel S White 6-Sep-24 Harlem Blaine 830  
      Florence Erbes Harlem 21 Mt John Erbes & Esther Mountford          
GLEASON, Ethel see Berg Edwin O                    
GLEASON, Florence Edna see Hess, W O                    
GLEASON, Fred see Griffin, Harry E                    
GLEASON, Fred see Stephen, Walter                    
GLEASON, Fred see Gleason, Myrlis H                    
GLEASON, Fred see Stephan                    
GLEASON, Fred see Anderson                    
GLEASON, Fred see Berg                    
GLEASON, Fred see Gleason                    
GLEASON, Fred & May see Tait                    
GLEASON, Howard E       Glendive 42 Mandan N D Joel Gleason & Cora Milered 2-Jun-23 Glendive Dawson 2986  
      Harriet Murphy Glendive 34 Sleepy Eye Mn Alexander R Murphy & Mary O�Brien          
GLEASON, Joel see Gleason, Howard E                    
GLEASON, Leona see Stephan, Walter                    
GLEASON, Leona see Stephan                    
GLEASON, Lyda see Eberhart, Jay                    
GLEASON, Mabel see Rice, J G                    
GLEASON, Maggie see Todd, John W                    
GLEASON, Mary see Ronek, Peter H                    
GLEASON, Mary see Emmel, John G                    
GLEASON, Myrlis H       Dagmar 24 N D Fred Gleason & Delia Vickerman 25-Sep-30 Scobey Daniels 488  
      Edith A Watt Scobey 19 Hart Sask Can Albert Watt & Bertha Johnson          
GLEASON, Pearl (Griffen?) see Anderson                    
GLEASON, Pearl N see Tait                    
GLEASON, Robert John       P,wood 22 Tracy Mn Fred Gleason & May Vickerman 15-Mar-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1882  
      Louise Marie Erickson P�wood 22 Mn P A Erickson & Johanna Haugaas          
GLEASON, W A       Glendive 26 Lake City Mn Archie Gleason & Adelia Lemley 4-Sep-04 Glendive Dawson 316  
      Barbara Ballinger Glendive 18 Hadama Hungary John Ballinger & Elizabeth Kirchner          
GLEASON, Walter E see Gleason, Clyde Walter                    
GLEATTE, Madeline see Brownell, Lloyd Sanford                    
GLEE, Eliza see Osgood, Raymond O                    
GLEIM, Elizabeth Catherine see Busch, Lawrence W                    
GLEIN, Henry       Brockton 41 Foxholm N D Jens Glein & Elsie Peterson 18-Aug-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 655  
      Elsie B Drummond Brockton 19 Grand Forks N D William Drummond & Nora B Cooper          
GLEIN, Jens see Glein, Henry                    
GLEMANHAGA, Mary see Fletcher, Charles Ward                    
GLENDENNING, Edith M see Brown                    
GLENDENNING, Inice Elsie see Clough, Raymond G                    
GLENDENNING, James see Brown                    
GLENDENNING, Jennie see McGuiness, Delbert William                    
GLENDENNING, Marshall       Sidney 24 Revo? Montana William Glendenning & Mary V Adams 4-Apr-09 Glendive Dawson 678  
      May Herbert Bakerville 20 Bakerville H Herbert & Nettie M Walker          
GLENDENNING, Verda see Gibbs                    
GLENDENNING, William see Glendenning, Marshall                    
GLENDENNING, William B see Clough, Raymond G                    
GLENN, Alice A see Meyer, Calvin S                    
GLENN, Forrest       Tyndal S D 28 Chatsworth Iowa W R Glenn & Amy Doran 5-Oct-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2772  
      Marie H Collin Winnipeg Man 28 St Boniface Mamitoba Can Harry Collin & Rose Anna Mondor          
GLENN, Mary see Fisher, Jacob                    
GLENN, W R see Glenn                    
GLENNEN, Helge see Glennen, Jens                    
GLENNEN, Jens       Miles City 29 Norway Helge Glennen & Guro Jullen 23-Dec-13 Glendive Dawson 1407  
      Marie Strand Miles City 21 Sweden Martin Strand & Marie Andreson          
GLENNON, Johan see Heitz, George E                    
GLENNON, Lucille see Heitz, George E                    
GLENNON, Mary see Duffy, Thomas E                    
GLENNON, Mary see Allen                    
GLENZER, Lester Thorne       Dunseith N D 21 N D Steve Glenzer & ??? 23-Oct-26 Scobey Daniels 277  
      L Cora Lillian Lien Flaxville 18 Mn Austin Lien & ??? Woods          
GLENZER, Steve see Glenzer, Lester Thorne                    
GLEWWE, Fred see Glewwe, Julius F                    
GLEWWE, Julius F       Cleveland 32 Inver Grove Mn Fred (Glowwe?)Glewwe & Anna Brown 4-Nov-22 Harlem Blaine 733  
      Freda Louise Miller Harlem 27 Gt Falls Emil G Miller & Annie Bennet          
GLICE, Anne see Goedecke, Gust                    
GLICK, D see Mullet, Moses J                    
GLICK, Lydia see Campbell, Lawrence Roy                    
GLICK, Sallie A see Mullet, Moses J                    
GLIDDEN, Ethel see Pickering, Paul                    
GLIDDEN, Helen Pearl see Gladden, Van W                    
GLIDDEN, Irving E see Gladden, Van W                    
GLIDU, Mertie see Belknap, Bertram F                    
GLIME, Mary see Bates, Milo                    
GLIMPS, Della see Farrington E S                    
GLINZ, Ernest see Miller                    
GLISSMAN, George       Richey 28 Decatur Illinois William Glissman & Julia Birnel 28-Feb-28 Circle McCone 114  
      Grace Zuraff Richey 21 Dolton S D Frank Zuraff & Lillia Parker          
GLISSMAN, William see Glissman, George                    
GLOBE, Mary see Helland, John Fred                    
GLOBE, Mary see Back, Peter A                    
GLOBSTAD, Hans see Globstad, Ole                    
GLOBSTAD, Ole       Big Timber 41 Norway Hans Globstad & E Olson 3-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2011  
      Clara Olson Lake Park Mn 37 Lake Park S Olson & Ingeborg Hail          
GLOCEKLER, David see Fast                    
GLOCEKLER, Elizabeth H see Fast                    
GLODOSKI, Lizzie see Mrozek, Harry                    
GLOESMER, Fredrick see Boeckman, Charles G                    
GLOMSKI, Catherine see Teskey, Edward                    
GLOUDE, Mastaza see Roussiu                    
GLOUDE, Nelson       Cavalier N D 33 Cava-lier Peter Gloude & Clara Blanchard 14-Sep-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 666  
      Rose Elizabeth Deek McCarter N D 33 McCarter Carl Deek & Catherine E Garvio          
GLOUDE, Peter see Gloude, Nelson                    
GLOVER, Edward Gershon       Enid 22 Fargo N D George W Glover & Ellen Besant 24-Dec-08 Glendive Dawson 654  
      Mabel Louise Tucker Enid 16 Kentucky Wm Tucker & Ella Boston          
GLOVER, George see Glover, Harry                    
GLOVER, George W see Glover, Edward Gershon                    
GLOVER, Harry       Malta 30 Minneapolis Mn George Glover & Nellie St Cyr 8-May-02 Malta Valley 55  
      Frances French Malta 34 Penn John Barge & Cornelia Kanada          
GLOVER, Norman Edwin       Phillips 27 Canada   22-May-18   Phillips 338  
      Jessie Compton Phillips 23 Mn            
GLOWWE, Fred see Glewwe, Julius F                    
GLOYN, Elva see Collier, Lee                    
GLOYN, Ethel see Anderson, Monroe                    
GLOYN, Fred see Gloyn, William                    
GLOYN, N M see Collier, Lee                    
GLOYN, William       Turner 27 Near Gt Falls Fred Gloyn & Almira Miller 9-Jun-19 Chinook Blaine 566  
      Nell Bernadine Caston Turner 17 Pullman Wa Chas A Caston & Harriet Wells          
GLOYN, William       Turner 23 Cascade Cty Fred Gloyn & Almira Miller 7-Jul-13 Chinook Blaine 64  
      Elva Ballentine Turner 17 Cole Cty Okla Frank Ballantine & Elizabeth Mullins          
GLOYNE, Ethel May see Kremer, Francis                    
GLUNG, Agnes see Nieskins, Tony                    
GLUNG, Agnes see Nieskins                    
GLUNZ, Agnes see Nieskins, Albert L                    
GLUSS, Augusta see Nelson, Russell Scott                    
GLUYAS, Edwin J see Gluyas, Richard J                    
GLUYAS, Richard J       Glendive 25 Glens Ferry Idaho Edwin J Gluyas & Sarah Anker 16-Apr-??? Glendive Dawson 2630  
      Helen E Gagermeier Glendive 19 Glendive John Gagermeier & Frances Meisinger          
GLYNN, Laura Margaret see Bystrom, Oliver                    
GLYNN, Mary see Leer, Rudolph                    
GLYNN, Mary Jane see Fisher, John Glen                    
GLYNN, Pat W see Bystrom, Oliver                    
GLYSCHAU, Ernest see Hilger, Robert Joseph                    
GLYSCHAU, Pansy Pearl see Hilger, Robert Joseph                    
GLYSHAU, Bessie see Normand, Joseph L                    
GNEBER, Anna see Scovel, Loyd B                    
GO, Through the Night see Medicine Boy                    
GOASLIND, Mary G see Tymofichuk, Nick                    
GOBBS, Edward Frank       McCabe 41 Wis John Gobbs & Augusta Tellock 25-Jul-28 Glasgow Valley 3399  
      Hattie Belle Alisch McCabe 35 Mn Richard Spencer & Arletta Rice          
GOBBS, John see Gobbs, Edward Frank                    
GOBEL, Margaret see Gilman, Frances W                    
GOBERT, Irvin       Browning 24 Browning John Gobert & Susie Russell 14-Nov-25 Harlem Blaine 913  
      Josephine Ball Ft Belknap 21 Ft Belknap William Ball & Cecelia Azure          
GOBERT, John see Gobert, Irvin                    
GOBION, A F see Boisgoly, Eugene                    
GOBLE, Musa see Aamot, Arthur                    
GOBLE, Musa see Moore, Henry W                    
GODARD, Belle see Munson, Fred Elbert                    
GODARD, Hiram see Lynch, John J                    
GODARD, Libby G see Gaston, Winfred                    
GODDARD, Catherine see Lindsten, Arthur                    
GODDARD, Eva see Claire, Harry Edwin                    
GODDARD, Joe see Goddard, Robert B                    
GODDARD, Joseph Henry       Bismark N D 26 Deerwood Mn Joseph Charles Goddard & Edith Schillings 30-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 3597  
      Gladys A Strum Beach B D 24 Boyd Mn Carl J Strum & Oline Skaalen          
GODDARD, Mary Edna see Boje, Gustav Adolph                    
GODDARD, Robert B       Glendive 25 Aiken Joe Goddard & Edith Skillings 20-May-30 Glendive Dawson 3865  
      Creta Auble Glendive 20 Spencer Ohio Clyde Auble & Lulu Ross          
GODDARD, Thomas E see Boje, Gustav Adolph                    
GODDEN, Daisy C see Meyer, Leon                    
GODER, Apollonia see Mueller, Jacob                    
GODFREDSEN, Ellen see Petersen                    
GODFREDSEN, Peder see Petersen                    
GODFREDSEN, Peter see Danielsen, Magnus                    
GODFREDSEN, Petrina see Danielsen, Magnus                    
GODFRESON, John       Bloomfield 33 Marysville Kan Rasmus Godfreson & Anna Larson 14-Apr-28 Glendive Dawson 3563  
      Hazel Hudson Bloomfield 22 Walker Iowa Charles Hudson & Alice Brown          
GODFRESON, Rasmus see Godfreson, John                    
GODFREY, Frank L       Malt 31 Maine Joseph Godfrey & Rebecca Monicy? 10-Oct-05 Malta Valley 193  
      Anne Taylor Battleford Canada     Herbert Tatlor & ??? L Davis          
GODFREY, John L       Malta 23 Phillips   16-Oct-29   Phillips 1141  
      Dorothy P Salsbery Malta 23 N D            
GODFREY, Katherine M see Carter, Bud J                    
GODFREY, Silvia see Tubbs, Garfield                    
GODMAN, Gertrude see Dykstra, Benjamin G                    
GODRICKSON, Bertha M see Holmes, Sigve B                    
GODWA, Thomas see Godwa, O D                    
GODWA, O D       Lehigh N D 46 Ottawa Mn Thomas Godwa & Amanda Young 24-May-16 Glendive Dawson 1923  
      Lodema Summers Lehigh N D 18 Ottawa Mn Edward Summers & Maggie Hart          
GODWIN, Jeannette see Liming, John F                    
GODWIN, L C see Godwin, William James                    
GODWIN, Martha see Hurd, W Walter                    
GODWIN, Martha see Hurd                    
GODWIN, William James       Hazen N D 30 Virginia L C Godwin & Olivia A Martin 2-Sep-16 Wibaux Wibaux 104  
      Elizabeth Merting Otter Creek N D 28 Iowa Rev L E Merting & L H Winter          
GOEBEL, Edwin Albert       Chinook 32 Glencoe Mn Henry Goble & Charlotte Haish 3-Jun-14 Chinook Blaine 127  
      Teresa Lilly Chinook 32 Coldwater Mich Bernard Lilly & Johanna Hanberry          
GOEBEL, Henry see Goebel, Edwin Albert                    
GOEBEL, Pauline see Dore, John E                    
GOEDECKE, Gust       Wolf Point 26 Germany William Goedecke & Anne Glice 29-Dec-13 Glasgow Valley 1405  
      Minnie Verstegen Wolf Point 19 Milbank S D F N Verstegen & Minnie Cramer          
GOEDECKE, William see Goedecke Gust                    
GOEHRING, Jacob F       Whitetail 21 N D John Goehring & Marie Schlecter 18-May-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1967  
      Hildegarde Effinger Whitetail 24 Belgrade Mn John Effinger & Katherine Brown          
GOEHRING, John see Goehring                    
GOELKER, Elizabeth see Sorum, John H                    
GOEPEL, Amelia see Arbogast, Chester                    
GOER, Mrs Rufus see Parent, Charles Edwin                    
GOER, R B see Parent, Charles Edwin                    
GOER, Rufus B       Barnard 25 S D William H Goer & Tilda Halverson 16-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2567  
      Emma Madden Thoeny 20 Hinsdale John Parrent & Mary E Malitaire          
GOER, William H see Goer, Rufus B                    
GOERKE, Hilda see Schmidt, Richard John                    
GOERLITZ, Carl       Glasgow 42 Casline Germany Wilhelm Goerlitz & Caroline Schuttjetz?     Valley 1319 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Mary Sidel Glasgow 32 Door Cty Wis Christ Sidel & Barbara Schmidt          
GOERLITZ, Wilhelm see Goerlitx, Carl                    
GOERTZ, P H see Nelson, Elmer Julius                    
GOERTZ, P H       Malta 36 Mn   7-Jun-22   Phillips 649  
      Eula Ruth Saunders Malta 30 Texas            
GOESENHOUSE, Nina see Furst, Jerome                    
GOESENHOUSE, Tom & Florence see Furst, Jerome                    
GOESKER, Loretta see Sievers, Henry F                    
GOESSAERT, Gabrielle see Collins, Kenneth D                    
GOESSAERT, Sylvain see Collins, Kenneth D                    
GOETTEL, Ferdinand see Goettel, John Otto                    
GOETTEL, John Otto       Glasgow 29 Iowa Ferdinand Goettel & E____? Zehrendt 18-Mar-08 Culbertson Valley 346  
      Ella Faye Otis Glasgow 30 Iowa J C Otis & Lavina C�ith?          
GOETTEN, Barbara see Haarman, Andrew                    
GOETZ, Barbara see Hoeser, Otto                    
GOETZ, Barbara see Breitbach, Joseph P                    
GOETZ, Barbara see Dougherty, Vatalis                    
GOETZENGER, Helen see French                    
GOETZINGER, Edward B       Comertown 25 Corinth N D Geo Goetzinger & Hetwig Pieper 12-Mar-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3003  
      Lucille Nelson P�wood 18 P�wood David Nelson & Martha Lindval          
GOETZINGER, Geo see Goetzinger                    
GOFF, Alice see Bailey, George                    
GOFF, Arthur M       Circle 40 Westby Wisc S M Goff & Belle Gurley 27-Dec-20 Circle McCone 26  
      Margaret Kniepkamp Circle 36 Wendbergen Halstein Germany Klaus Offt & Anges Timm          
GOFF, Barney see Goff, Thomas                    
GOFF, Charles Oliver see Bailey, George                    
GOFF, Edward see Ambrose, W R                    
GOFF, Ella see Schincell                    
GOFF, Isola see Larson, Selmer I                    
GOFF, John D see Goff, Weighty                    
GOFF, Louisa see Freel, Amos F                    
GOFF, Louisa see Freel, Lessel C                    
GOFF, Louisa see Freel, Henry B                    
GOFF, Mary see Swain, Dave                    
GOFF, Mrs Ella see Hink, Casper                    
GOFF, Peter see Hink, Casper                    
GOFF, S M see Goff, Arthur M                    
GOFF, Thomas       Wibaux 35 Marion Cty Iowa Barney Goff & Dilema Valentine 9-Jun-02 Wibaux Dawson 254  
      May Lewis West Virginia 18 Penn Freeman & Mathilda Lewis          
GOFF, Weighty W       Nashua 21 Wyo John D Goff & Sarah Will 1-Feb-17 Glasgow Valley 2060  
      Mary Panton Nashua 21 Four Buttes J R Panton & Carrie Bussie          
GOFFIELD, Jennie Edna see Fish, Donald B                    
GOFFIELD, Stacy see Fish, Donald B                    
GOGGIN, Louise see Hagener, Oliver                    
GOGGIN, William       Malta 28 N D   22-Dec-21   Phillips 618  
      Johanna Louisa Holland Malta 17 N D            
GOGGIN, Wm see Hartsock, Lester                    
GOGGINS, Agnes Claire see Ault, Paul Levi                    
GOGGINS, Michael see Ault, Paul Levi                    
GOHEEN, Clifford Joseph       Dundalk Ont 23 Dundalk Robert Goheen & Susanna Dresser 20-Sep-24 Scobey Daniels 164  
      Annie Christine McKerricher Bad Axe Mich 22 Bad Axe Arch McKerricher & Hanna McCracken          
GOHEEN, Lavina see Orr, John H                    
GOHEENM, Robert see Goheen, Clifford Joseph                    
GOIN?, Ug----? see Proulx, Valerie                    
GOINGS, Marian J see Goings, William E                    
GOINGS, William E       Sidney 21 Centralia Illinois Marion J Goings & Ulissa L Root 21-Aug-10 Sidney Dawson 829  
      Phebe A Kemmis Sidney 24 Sidney Thompson A Kemmis & Jane E Bettey          
GOINS, Edward see Arms, Charlie                    
GOLASEN, Martin see Rishood, Olaus                    
GOLASEN, Nellie see Rishood, Olaus                    
GOLAY, Edna see Avery, Bert Rolland                    
GOLAY, Edna see Brasen, Francis                    
GOLAY, Edna see Tunison, Edwin Everett                    
GOLAY, Edna M see Jarstad, Willard O                    
GOLBERG, George K       Scobey 34 Iowa Ole Golberg & Rose Severson 21-Mar-17 Scobey Sheridan 988  
      Olive R Grant Scobey 18 Mn Robert Grant & Lucy A Fitz-patrick          
GOLBERG, Mary see Taylor, Max L                    
GOLBERG, Ole see Golberg                    
GOLDBERG, Marie see Lurie, Morris                    
GOLDBERRY, Gertrude see Wilson, Preston P                    
GOLDCHILDEN, Lasarus see Jeffers, Frank                    
GOLDEN, Charles see Golden, Henry Lee                    
GOLDEN, Doris see Hubble, Hugh                    
GOLDEN, E M see Hubble, Hugh                    
GOLDEN, Erving see Hartse, Lawrence W                    
GOLDEN, Frank see Golden, Robert R                    
GOLDEN, Henry Lee       Havre 22 Richmond Ken Charles Golden & Lucy White 15-Dec-17 Chinook Blaine 465  
      Dolly Vivian Ames Havre 22 DeSoto Wis Abb Ames & Ida Braywon          
GOLDEN, Laverna see Hartse, Laverna                    
GOLDEN, Nellie see Gavin, Harold                    
GOLDEN, Nellie M see Gavin, Roland E                    
GOLDEN, Robert R       Lindsay 31 New Auburn Wisc Frank Golden & Elsie Gray 12-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1562  
      Lottie Green Colfax Wisc 37 Bangor Wisc W H Page & Anna Ruland          
GOLDESBERRY, C G see Becker, Oscar                    
GOLDING, Elgin J       Nashua 26 N D James Golding & Marion Budson 7-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2325  
      Zola White Nashua 23 Mo Thomas D White & Maggie Paul          
GOLDING, Ida see Taylor, Robert M                    
GOLDING, Ida see Harbolt, Glenn                    
GOLDING, James see Golding, Elgin J                    
GOLDMAN, Josephine see Anderson, McKee                    
GOLDMAN, Moses & Arabella see Anderson, McKee                    
GOLDSBERRY, C S see Padgett, Ray                    
GOLDSBERRY, Nora see Becker, Oscar                    
GOLDSBERRY, Nora see Padgett, Ray                    
GOLDSMITH, Anna see Mundel, Irie                    
GOLDSMITH, John see Waltman, William                    
GOLDSMITH, Joseph & Rosa see Hillebrand, Henry                    
GOLDSMITH, Joseph & Rosa see Klaus, Albert                    
GOLDSMITH, Martha see Douglas, Frank Hiram                    
GOLDSMITH, Regina see Klaus, Albert                    
GOLDSMITH, Sophia see Hillebrand, Henry                    
GOLEL, Elizabeth see Mack, Francis Edwin                    
GOLF, Ann see Payne, Ralph J                    
GOLFINGER, Goldie see Shapire, Chaim Jacob                    
GOLIGOSKI, Frank see Goligoski, Vincent                    
GOLIGOSKI, Vincent       Havre 28 Browerville Mn Frank Goligoski & Mary Sowa 17-Sep-30 Chinook Blaine 1229  
      Amy Dexter Havre 26 Chicago John Dexter & Ruby Maurer          
GOLIGOSWKI, Frances see Kurtz, William Alisous                    
GOLKUS, Matilda see Klisis                    
GOLKUS, Ygnas see Klisis                    
GOLL, Christ R       Caldwell 30 N D   29-Nov-27   Phillips 989  
      Anne Andrews Caldwell 18 Canada            
GOLL, Fred see Pfeifle, Fred Jr                    
GOLL, Rosinal see Murray, James F                    
GOLL, Tillie see Pfiefle, Fred Jr                    
GOLL, William see Murray, James F                    
GOLLATZ, Bertha see Gollatz, Hans                    
GOLLATZ, Franz see Gollatz, Franz                    
GOLLATZ, Hans       Belfield 36 Berlin Germany Franz Gollatz & Maria Botka 10-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2051  
      Bertha Gallatz Belfield 30 Wurtzburg Germany John Schultes & Margaret Scheller          
GOLLOP, Frank see Cothorn, William R                    
GOLLOP, Marie see Cothern, William R                    
GOLMBEK, Mary see Kowalczk, Albert                    
GOLNICK, Edward G       Jordan 58 Posen Ger John Golnick & Pauline Stark 22-May-20 Jordan Garfield 27  
      ??? Jordan 26 Buckskin Ind John F Rainey & Lucinda Benton          
GOLNICK, John see Golnick, Edward G                    
GOLO, Louise see Frisinger, I G                    
GOLOIE, Ben see Felton, Daniel W                    
GOLOIE, Elizabeth G see Felton, Daniel W                    
GOLPHENEE, A B see Young, Edward G W                    
GOLPHENEE, Martha E see Young, Edward G W                    
GOLTERMAN, Henry see Golterman, Joseph H                    
GOLTERMAN, Joseph H       Redstone 32 St Peter Missouri Henry Golterman & Anna Aike 14-Nov-22 Scobey Daniels 82  
      Mary Lavengood Wabash Ind 27 Wabash Sadoc Lavengood & ???          
GOLTZ, Martha see Grove                    
GOLTZ, Martha see Schnittgen                    
GONDER, Charles M       Wolf Point 32 New Jersey William Gonder & Katherine Zimmerman 13-Jan-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 93  
      Elizabeth Hogstatz Wolf Point 22 Jamestown N D John Hog-statz & Rosina Hansaver          
GONDER, William see Gonder, Charles M                    
GONDERA, Susian see Ryan                    
GONDRY, Louie see Gondry, Victor                    
GONDRY, Victor       Malta 20 Buford N D Louie Gondry & Adam Belgarde     Valley 3436 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Frances Jarvis Malta 24 Malta Pete Jarvis & rose Decota          
GONERSCHALD, Josephine see Jaspers, Frank John                    
GONERTZ, Aganethe see Graber, Charley P                    
GONSIORASKI, Albert see Gonsioraski, Henry                    
GONSIORASKI, Henry       Wibaux 22 Missoula Albert Gonsioraski & Mary Derdowski 24-Sep-29 Glendive Dawson 3776  
      Ella Varner Baker 23 Baker Edward Varner & Katherine Stephens          
GONYNE, Denmie see Wells, S L                    
GOOCH, Hattie see Legman, John                    
GOOD, All Over see Four Bear, Stanley                    
GOOD, Body see White Eagle, Jerome                    
GOOD, Body Woman see White Eagle, Jerome                    
GOOD, Chief Woman see Lone Warrior, Albert                    
GOOD, Cloud see Melbourn, George                    
GOOD, Cloud see Rattling Thunder                    
GOOD, Cloud see White Hawk                    
GOOD, Day see Lester                    
GOOD, Door Woman see Gibbs                    
GOOD, Eagle see Harrison                    
GOOD, Ear Woman see Knife Got                    
GOOD, Grass Woman see Red Elk, Archie                    
GOOD, Hand see Crow, Teddy                    
GOOD, Hand see Crow, Richard R                    
GOOD, Hand see Iron Ring, Santee                    
GOOD, Hand see Iron Leggins                    
GOOD, Hawk Woman see Taylor, Willis                    
GOOD, Horse see Harrison                    
GOOD, Horse Woman see Clancey, Edward Charles                    
GOOD, House see Proctor, James                    
GOOD, Laughing see Half Red                    
GOOD, Laughing Woman see Two Weasels                    
GOOD, Leader see Redstone                    
GOOD, Little Head see Black Crow                    
GOOD, Little Head see Counter                    
GOOD, Lodger see Looking, Clifford L                    
GOOD, Nest see Red Eagle, Elmer                    
GOOD, Nest see Counter, Reuben                    
GOOD, Nest see Bear, Gilbert                    
GOOD, Nest see Walking Eagle, Ralph                    
GOOD, Nest see Drum                    
GOOD, Night Dog see David Bets His Medicine                    
GOOD, Road see Denny, Marcus A                    
GOOD, Rock Lodge see Ekalaka                    
GOOD, Shield Woman see Black Crow                    
GOOD, Tail see Plenty Holes, Jacob                    
GOOD, Tail see Pipe                    
GOOD, Tail Woman see Bow, Isaac                    
GOOD, Tail Woman see Dumb, George                    
GOOD, Tail Woman see Hale, Francis                    
GOOD, Talk see Sherman                    
GOOD, Waking Woman see Bruguier, John                    
GOOD, Wears Walking see Ring                    
GOOD, Woman see Black Crow                    
GOOD, Woman see Jones, Richard                    
GOOD, Woman Two Bull see Little Bull, Frank                    
GOOD, Arthur see Lofgren, L S                    
GOOD, Burgetta see Bickford                    
GOOD, David Sylvester       Billings 67 Iowa Edward Good & Sarah Dougherty 14-Aug-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2191  
      Pauline Paulson Lavina 52 Norway Julius Paulson & Oline Christenson          
GOOD, Edward see Good                    
GOOD, Elizabeth Ellen (McAfee?) see Schuster, Andrew L                    
GOOD, Frank B       Nickwall 21 Penn Wm F Good & Martha Iliff 17-Mar-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 479  
      Verna Jones Nickwall 21 Cedar Rapids Iowa Elliot Jones & Lola Wood          
GOOD, Hattie A see Hass, Herbert H                    
GOOD, Henry see Good, Mark Henry                    
GOOD, Henry B see Perrine, Charles                    
GOOD, Hobart       Glasgow 21 Vir Loa? Good & Roxie Mobray 26-Jul-16 Glasgow Valley 1919  
      Flossie Vaughn Willes Vir 18   James Vaughn & Nancy Jackson          
GOOD, Loa? see Good, Hobart                    
GOOD, Manerva? Pearl see Perrine, Charles                    
GOOD, Marjorie see Corbett                    
GOOD, Mark Henry       Kalispell 26 Kalispell Henry Good & Melissa Ada Bowdish 16-Nov-27 Chinook Blaine 1032  
      Julia Louise Ziebarth Chinook 22 Chinook Albert W Bowdish & Julia H Strauch          
GOOD, Olive see Lofgren, L S                    
GOOD, William see Hass, Herbert H                    
GOOD, Wm F see Good, Frank B                    
GOOD BEAR, Daisy see Bull Chief, Herbert                    
GOOD BOY, Daniel see White, Andrew                    
GOOD HORSE, Jennie see Cantrell, Otto                    
GOOD LEFT, Annie see Foote John                    
GOOD NEST, Mary see Two Bulls, Joseph                    
GOOD PACKER, Kittie see Sibbits, Edward                    
GOODALE, Arthur L       Redstone 34 Mich Wilbur Goodale & Sarah Comstock 10-Dec-08 Glasgow Valley 431  
      Christine Morvik Redstone 24 Mn Ole Morvik & Gertrude Tyssen          
GOODALE, Ed see Goodale, Frank A                    
GOODALE, Frank A       Circle 27 Alexandria Neb Ed Goodale & Mary Larkin 27-Nov-18 Circle Dawson 2455  
      Marie Carstensen Circle 18 Tripoli Iowa Herman Carstensen & Maggie McCugh          
GOODALE, George       Dickinson N D 23 Dickinson Michael Goodale & Sarah Wright 3-Aug-15 Glendive Dawson 1755  
      Bernice Eyer Dickinson N D 21 Eyersgrove Penn Rowland Eyer & Ada Hendershot          
GOODALE, Louie see Goodale                    
GOODALE, Louie F       Antelope 32 Mn Louie Goodale 17-Oct-17 Bainville Sheridan 1161  
      Cora E Waller Antelope 23 Mn Olaf Waller & Hanna Novum (Norum?)          
GOODALE, Michael see Goodale, George                    
GOODALE, Mildred see Hage, Reuben E                    
GOODALE, Wilbur see Goodale, Arthur L                    
GOODALL, Ples see Goodall, William E                    
GOODALL, Sadie see Hill, Thomas Roy                    
GOODALL, William E       Harlem 56 Sparta Mo Ples Goodall & Harriet Williamson 28-Oct-29 Harlem Blaine 1176  
      Lucy Phillips Harlem 56 Princeton Mo Hosea B Everett & Jane Butcher          
GOODBAR, Mary W see Graves, Clarence E                    
GOODBAR, Roy L reschinook       Terry 23 Brazil Ind Walter L Goodbar & Hortense Terry 15-Sep-26 Chinook Blaine 961  
      Lillian Jordan   21 Hebron Col Fred Jordan & Ruby Bundy          
GOODBAR, Walter L see Goodbar, Roy L                    
GOODBAR, Walter L see Graves, Clarence E                    
GOODE, Alma M see Kamla, John L                    
GOODE, Charles Norton       Billings 45 Ft Scott Kansas Solon L Goode & Hulda Bell Norton 7-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2382  
      Floy Viviene Wells Mandan N D 20 Osakis Mn Oscar D Wells & Christine Croft          
GOODE, John B see Kamla, John L                    
GOODE, Solon L Goode see Charles, Norton                    
GOODELL, DeRance see Fry, Andrew                    
GOODELL, Ed see Goodell, Willard E                    
GOODELL, Ellen see Fry, Andrew                    
GOODELL, Florence see Hixon, Edward G                    
GOODELL, Nellie see Harleman, Edward                    
GOODELL, Willard E       Glendive 25 White Cloud Iowa Ed Goodell & Nellie Ruth 5-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3781  
      Mae Nissen Glendive 33 Cherryville Kansas George Skillings & Marie Estes          
GOODENOUGH, Augusta E see Isbell, Boone                    
GOODENOUGH, Diana see Russell, Willis G                    
GOODER, Elmer Roy       P�wood 34 Wis John Gooder & Eliza Bell 25-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1004  
      Susie Reuter P�wood 25 Mn Jasper Reuter & Helena Hendricks          
GOODER, John see Gooder                    
GOODERJOHN, Alvina see Lock, Frank Edward                    
GOODFELLOW, Emerson see Osier, Steve                    
GOODFELLOW, Mary see Newton, Victor Merlin                    
GOODHARD, Annie see Tainter, Carl Allen                    
GOODHEART, Ervin J       Savoy 22 Mn   17-Aug-20   Phillips 525  
      Nellie Mildred Miller Harlem 21 Wisc            
GOODHEART, Ervin J see Goodheart, John C                    
GOODHEART, Francis see Swatek, Charles L A                    
GOODHEART, John see Goodheart, Sylvester                    
GOODHEART, John C       Savoy 21 Chokio Mn John M Goodheart & Mary Shewdrop 5-Oct-15 Savoy Blaine 227  
      Mary Obasky Twete 18 New Jersey Mike Obasky & Anna Horvet          
GOODHEART, John C see Goodheart, Ervin J                    
GOODHEART, John C       Savoy 25 Mn   8-Sep-20   Phillips 532  
      Emma Obasky ??? 20 New Jersey            
GOODHEART, Mrs C J see Goodheart, Ervin J                    
GOODHEART, Sylvester       Savoy 19 Berthold B D John Goodheart & Mary Wedgewood 11-Feb-29 Savoy Blaine 1109  
      Esther Rich Coburg 20 Baraboo Wis Edward Rich & Mary Larson          
GOODHEART, Tennie see Jaeger, Jas M                    
GOODLAXON, Vera see Hendricks                    
GOODLAXON, Verna see Gaines                    
GOODLAXON, William see Gaines                    
GOODLAXON, William see Hendricks                    
GOODLODGE, Miss see Cushing, Thomas                    
GOODMAN, Albert K       Poplar 24 Mt Ayres Iowa John J Goodman & Lena L Davis 20-Oct-14 Poplar Sheridan 345  
      Annie L Shiske Paxton 20 Sunbury Penn Caleb B Shiske & Elizabeth Cragbell?          
GOODMAN, Cora see Berskirk, Ralph                    
GOODMAN, Elizabeth see Jarman(E?), Ernest                    
GOODMAN, Forrest see Smith, Warren G                    
GOODMAN, Forrest G see Fishbeck                    
GOODMAN, Frank E       Scobey 29 Iowa John Goodman & Leona Davis 27-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 774  
      Adelland Downing Scobey   N D George Downing & Sophia Brown          
GOODMAN, Gretchen see Wheeler, Almeron P                    
GOODMAN, Harman W       Paxton 24 Shelby Cty Iowa William H Goodwin? & Wilhelmina Seba 28-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1666  
      Nellie V? Hedicam Paxton 18 Ft McGiniss Barney Hedicam & Emma Butterfield          
GOODMAN, Harry E       Poplar 24 Mt Ayr Iowa John Goodman & Leona Davis 14-Aug-13 Poplar Sheridan 58  
      Gretchen Grace Kern Poplar 20 Walkerton, Ind George Kern & Mary G Lamson          
GOODMAN, Jennie see Oakland, Dan                    
GOODMAN, John see Goodman                    
GOODMAN, John see Goodman                    
GOODMAN, John J see Goodman                    
GOODMAN, Josephine see Carn, Edward                    
GOODMAN, Nellie M see Fishbeck                    
GOODMAN, Vera E see Smith, Warren G                    
GOODMANSEN, John see Wallinder, Peter                    
GOODMANSON, Lars see Stebbins, Ross B                    
GOODMANSON, Luella Norena see Stebbins, Ross B                    
GOODNIGHT, William see Kephart, Ben M                    
GOODNOUGH, Augusta see Isbell                    
GOODNOUGH, Augusta see Dingman                    
GOODNUFF, Violet see Ulfers, L M                    
GOODPASTARD, Lucile see Clark, William H                    
GOODRICH, Charles L see Flickinger, Hazen D                    
GOODRICH, A see Goodrich, H H                    
GOODRICH, Arthelia see Potts, Jacob E L                    
GOODRICH, Charles see Clauson, David                    
GOODRICH, Charles L see Ruppel, Donovan H                    
GOODRICH, Ethel Viola see Flickinger, Hazen D                    
GOODRICH, Frances E see Hines                    
GOODRICH, H A see Hines                    
GOODRICH, H H       Bainville 23 Sioux City Iowa A Goodrich & Ellen Hanley 1-Jun-10 Bainville Valley 638  
      Caroline Maloy Bainville 22 Sioux City Iowa Richard Maloy & ???          
GOODRICH, Lola see Clauson, David                    
GOODRICH, Rose see Converse, Gecil E                    
GOODROAD, Dora see Cornforth, James Elias                    
GOODROAD, Ida see Freel, Henry B                    
GOODROAD, Theodore see Cornforth, James Elias                    
GOODROOD, Ida see Hutchins, Eddie                    
GOODROW, Monea (Monica?) see Buckley, John J                    
GOODSELL, Adelbert see Goodsell, Andrew                    
GOODSELL, Andrew J       Frazer 25 Wallcott N Y Adelbert Goodsell & Inez Baldwin 20-May-25 Glasgow Valley 3135  
      Laura Vail Frazer 18 N D George Edward & Susian Miller          
GOODSELL, Inez (Baldwin?) see Twitchell, James                    
GOODSON, E L see Stanford                    
GOODSON, Ethel see Logue                    
GOODSON, Fern see Lawson                    
GOODSON, Isaac F       Culbertson 21 Ill James Goodson & Alice Jones 6-Jul-20 Mondak Roosivelt 152  
      Annie M Thompson Culbertson 18 Illinois Wilse Thompson & Effie Lawson          
GOODSON, James see Goodson, Isaac F                    
GOODSON, James see Stanford                    
GOODSON, James G see Logue                    
GOODSON, James G see Lawson                    
GOODSON, Mary see Parks, John C                    
GOODSON, O E see DeMessemaker, William                    
GOODSON, Otto       Wagner 27 Ill   1-Oct-20   Phillips 538  
      Helma Limdelouf Wagner 26 Phillips            
GOODSPEED, Eloise see Batts, Walter Harold                    
GOODSPEED, Eloise see Herrick, Elmer S                    
GOODSPEED, Henry see Herrick, Elmer S                    
GOODSPEED, Mary see Holbert, Theodore N                    
GOODWATER, Mary see Larsen, Peter                    
GOODWILL, John H see Goodwill, William W                    
GOODWILL, William W       Derrick N D 24 Penn N D John H Goodwill & Hannah Ramsey 17-Aug-17 Harlem Blaine 510  
      Lydia A Miller Harlem 22 Mn William & Mary Bell Mobberley          
GOODWIN, Chas see Whitaker, Guy C                    
GOODWIN, Hannah see Temple, Ernest E                    
GOODWIN, Hannah see Fletcher, John D                    
GOODWIN, Mary see Arends                    
GOODWIN, Mary H see Arends                    
GOODWIN, Minnie see Whitaker, Guy C                    
GOODWIN?, Wm H see Goodman, Harmon W                    
GOODYEAR, ??? see Gage, Blake                    
GOOGHEART, Ervin J see Swatek, Charles L A                    
GOOKIN, C B see Gookin, James E                    
GOOKIN, C B see Gookin, Frank                    
GOOKIN, Frank G       Ismay 29 Columbus Jct Iowa C B Gookin & Mary Morgan 5-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3291  
      Marcia Amick Miles City 18 Red Cloud Nebr J F Amick & Nellie Marsh          
GOOKIN, James E       Ismay 30 Columbus Jct Iowa C B Gookin & Almeda Morgan 10-Aug-29 Wibaux Wibaux 694  
      Emma Rafferty Powderville 26 Germa-ny Joseph Krutzfeld & Freda Landen          
GOOLSBY, Cora Francis see Conn, William Ernest                    
GOOLSBY, Edward W       Hamblin 35 Tenn James Goolsby & Elizabeth Rector 13-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 784  
      Bella B Boycum Sand Creek 21 Canada John Boycum & Mary Marchak          
GOOLSBY, Henry see Davison, George W                    
GOOLSBY, James see Goolsby, Edward W                    
GOOLSBY, James Henry see Conn, William Ernest                    
GOOLSBY, Ruth B see Davison, George W                    
GOOSEN, Agatha see Boese, George H                    
GOOSEN, Dietrich D see Born, Jacob                    
GOOSEN, Tabea B see Born, Jacob                    
GOOSEN, Yettie see Baese, Henry H                    
GOOSEN, Yettie see Buller, Isaac F                    
GOOSSEN, Gertrude see Dick, Claus J                    
GOPEN, George       Forsythe 50 Monroe Wisc Marion T Gopen & Elizabeth Chadwick 11-Aug-23 Glendive Dawson 3016  
      Rose Lindsay Billings 34 Trenton Wis? John Applegate & Anna Tong          
GOPEN, Marion T see Gopen, George W                    
GORASKI, Adolph see Ramsbacher, John                    
GORASKI, Mary see Ramsbacher, John                    
GORDE, Helgar see Gorde, Holly                    
GORDE, Holly       Fallon 27 Bergen Nor Helgar Gorde & Benta Hjortland 12-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1110  
      Maria Kallunki Fallon 40 Helsingfors Finland John Kalunki & Maria Leskela          
GORDER, Myrtle see Fulberg, Walter                    
GORDER, Ole see Fulberg, Walter                    
GORDI, Feodora see Teachmond, Mike                    
GORDON, Angus see Davis, Lewis H                    
GORDON, Ann see Wright, James N                    
GORDON, Arthur       Scobey 35 Argus Ind Dan�l Gordon & Martha Lawery 8-Jun-10 Culbertson Valley 649  
      Sophia Larson Dagmar 26 Denmark Kat__? Peterson          
GORDON, Basil E       Nashua 26 Mn Sam Gordon & Jennie M Porter 26-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2685  
      Anna Luella Westra Poplar 19 Mn ??? & Elizabeth Jamsma          
GORDON, Beatrice see Jackson, Daniel W                    
GORDON, Bessie see Langham, William H                    
GORDON, Caroline see Quanbeck                    
GORDON, Dan�l see Gordon, Arthur                    
GORDON, Eliza see Baker, Howard C                    
GORDON, Elroy W see Johnson, George                    
GORDON, Frank see Hayne, Paul H                    
GORDON, Frank see Gordon, James W                    
GORDON, G W see Hanson, John V                    
GORDON, George E see Langham, William H                    
GORDON, Harriet see Hanson, Homer G                    
GORDON, Harriet see Finneman, Arthur                    
GORDON, Henry see Gordon                    
GORDON, Henry Lynn       Orville 21 S D Henry Gordon & Mary Jane McMaster 6-Oct-13 Plentywood Sheridan 93  
      Elsie Grosse Orville 18 Wis George Grosse & Minnie Funke          
GORDON, James see Smith, S A                    
GORDON, James W       Sidney 26 Edina Mn Frank Gordon & Hattie A O�Brien 6-Sep-18 Glendive Dawson 2427  
      Elizabeth Watson Sidney 26 Menasha Wisc Thomas Russell & Margaret Heup          
GORDON, John see Jackson, Daniel W                    
GORDON, Lucy see Hayne, Paul H                    
GORDON, Lucy see Hayne, Harold J                    
GORDON, Mabel see Hurd, Herschell D                    
GORDON, Mabel see Sink, Jerrie Carl                    
GORDON, Mabel J see Orke, John E                    
GORDON, Margaret (Murphy?) see Pierce                    
GORDON, Mary see Tryon, Morton                    
GORDON, Mary see Harris, Charles H                    
GORDON, Mary see Cooke, Charles Gordon                    
GORDON, Mrs Angela see Healft, John                    
GORDON, Mrs Wm B see Burus, Russell R                    
GORDON, Nellie E see Hanson, John V                    
GORDON, Neva see Bowerman, Grant H                    
GORDON, Roy T       Nashua 25 Mn Sam Y Gordon & Jennie Elotner? 26-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2237  
      Hazel M Burkhardt     Mn Henry Burkhardt & Elizabeth Hickey          
GORDON, Sam see Gordon, Basil E                    
GORDON, Sam Y see Gordon, Roy T                    
GORDON, Sarah E see Parker, G B                    
GORDON, Thomas see Jackson                    
GORE, Bruce see Gore, Scott                    
GORE, Bruse see Gore, Frank                    
GORE, Charles A       Preston 34 Minersville Texas Richmond B Gore & Josephine Brewer 1-Dec-08 Glrndive Dawson 650  
      Abbie C Burkey Burkey N D 22 Dodge Nebr John Burkey & Columbia Kelly          
GORE, Frank       Wibaux 23 Dubuque Iowa Bruse? Gore & Ella Ayres 30-Sep-01 Glendive Dawson 226  
      Hilda Waldah Wibaux 22 Norway Nels & Hildeen Waldah          
GORE, Grant see Gore, Lyle E                    
GORE, Lillian M see Jones, Lyman E                    
GORE, Lyle E       Glendive 25 Utica Nebr Grant Gore & Maud Cox 13-Apr-28 Circle McCone    
      Velma Anderson Glendive 22 Sleepy Eye Mn Charlie Anderson & Hattie Krueger          
GORE, Richmond B see Gore, Charles A                    
GORE, Scott       Wibaux 24 Deadwood S D Bruce Gore & Ella Airs     Dawson 342  
      Alice Wentworth Wibaux 24 New Hampshire ???          
GORE, Velma see Spisla, Frank                    
GORECHT, Marie see Myron, Otto Hilman                    
GORESKI, Vernie Mae see Brown, Harwood Edwin                    
GORKA, Margaret see Stanley, Frank William                    
GORKA, Mike see Stanley, Frank William                    
GORMAN, Anne P see Kelly, Frank                    
GORMAN, Mina see Hart, Fred E                    
GORMLEY, Catherine see Johnston                    
GORMLEY, Emmett R see Johnston                    
GORMLEY, Isabelle see Nielsen, Lars K                    
GORMLEY, Josie see Owsley                    
GORMLEY, Mary Francis see Jefferes                    
GORMLEY, Robert see Owsley                    
GORMLEY, Robert E see Jeffers                    
GORMLEY, Robert Emmett       Med� lake 51 Ontario Robert Gormley & Mary Mohan 23-Jun-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2174  
      Lucy Tax Med� Lake 26 Mn Theodore Tax & Frances Winther          
GORN, Cora see Offt, Benjamin                    
GORN, Luther see Offt, Benjamin                    
GOROSKI, Amelia see Wika, Robert E                    
GOROSKI, August see Wika, Robert E                    
GORSET, Emma see Peterson, Anton                    
GORST, Byerl see Kalloch, George W                    
GORST, Mary Davis see Livingston, Daniel                    
GORST, Richard see Kalloch, George W                    
GORSUCH, Roy A       Malta 26 Fairfield Iowa Thomas Gorsuch & Anna Lair 3-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 865  
      Elizabeth Rhodes Wenatchee Wa 18 Diseo Ind G F Rhodes & Martha Yates          
GORSUCH, Ruth see Berehot, Dave                    
GORSUCH, Thomas see Gorsuch, Roy A                    
GORSUCH, Thomas see Berehot, Dave                    
GORTON, Mary E see Beltz, Charles A                    
GORTON, D L & Mrs see Lovejoy, Ernest M                    
GORTON, Mitchell see Beltz, Charles A                    
GORTON, Tillason       Glendive 41 Sullivan Cty N Y Wm Gorton & Mary Scott 18-Aug-04 Tokna Dawson 311  
      Alice Byllesby Tokna 41 Ohio Taber Byllesby & Alice Fleetwood          
GORTON, William see Gorton, Tillason                    
GOSCH, Mary see Herrig, Harvey H                    
GOSELIN, Celia D see Manning, J E                    
GOSELIN, Leon see Manning, J E                    
GOSLAINES, Eudarie see Nieskins                    
GOSLINE, Joseph see Brien, Joseph                    
GOSLINE, Madeline see Grombois                    
GOSLINE, Margaret see Morin, Edward                    
GOSLINE, Mary Rose see Brien, Joseph                    
GOSLINE, Pete see Grombois                    
GOSMER, Rose see Stephens, John H                    
GOSNEY, Nan see Powell, Jacob C                    
GOSNEY, Nan see McNeil, Brady Marton                    
GOSS, Amelia see Patterson, John S                    
GOSS, Charles C see Goss William M                    
GOSS, Elisha see Dixon, Willis J                    
GOSS, Mary see Stratton, William David                    
GOSS, Myrtle see Hoyer, Walter C                    
GOSS, William M       Prairie Elk 40 Alabama Charles C Goss & Anna Reece 18-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1988  
      Minnie E Mullin Prairie Elk 23 Woodlawn Ill Wellington Mullin & Emiline Johnson          
GOSSELIN, Celia Lillie see Ylaglon, George                    
GOSSELIN, James J       Lindsay 22 Minneapolis Joseph Gosselin & Edwina Demurs 24-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3646  
      Rose Schacherer Lindsay 23 Richardton N D Eugene Schacherer & Helen Martin          
GOSSELIN, Joseph see Gosselin, James J                    
GOSSELIN, Joseph Emile       Willow Bunch Canada 21 Willow Bunch Joseph Gosselin & Maria Fiat 14-Oct-19 Culbertson Roosivelt 55  
      Cecelia Renville Buford N D     John & Mary Saraphine Renville          
GOSSELINE, Elaine see Capplette                    
GOSSEN, Agatha see Boese, John H                    
GOSSEN, Agatha see Baese, Henry H                    
GOSSER, Rosa see Knipfel, Franklin                    
GOSSLER, Margarete see Marshall, James                    
GOSSLIN, Elizabeth see Ladon                    
GOSSLINE, Sophia see Ireson                    
GOSWICK, Francis M see Goswick, Ross                    
GOSWICK, Ross       Harlem 24 Grove Spring Mo Francis M Goswick & Martha Coxen 23-Apr-16 Harlem Blaine 272  
      Helen M Campbell Harlem 23 Spier Mn Hugh E H Campbell & Helen Hudeck          
GOTCH, Ernest       Redstone 37 Wis Fred & Augusta Gotch 25-Sep-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1383  
      Annie Wicks Redstone 31 Maine Tom Polly & Susanne Bellmore          
GOTCH, Fred & Augusta see Gotch                    
GOTHBERG, Edward David       Opheim 24 Minneapolis Mn John Gothberg & Cora Kennedy 12-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3342  
      Vera Margaret Amsberry Opheim 21 Uleselock? N D Lester M Amsberry & Lavina Meyer          
GOTHBERG, John see Gothberg, Edward David                    
GOTTCHELL, Lina see Westrup Gustaf B                    
GOTTENBURG, Carrie see Kronschnabel, Leland R                    
GOTTSCHALK, Frank see Luckow, William                    
GOTTSCHALK, Gladys see Luckow, William                    
GOTZ, Benedict       Miles City 33 Aubur-dale Wis Louis Gotz & Monica Hilgard 25-Jan-23 Wibaux Wibaux 371  
      Mary Lenertz Wibaux 29 ??? Nicolas Lenertz & Susan Brown          
GOTZ, George see McElheny, Thomas A                    
GOTZ, Louis see Gotz, Benedict                    
GOUB, Jacob       Marsh 26 Russia Joseph Grob & Carolina Kadisly 26-Jan-14 Hoyt Dawson 1425  
      Mary Ruf Marsh 20 Russia Jacob Ruf & Katherine Hine          
GOUB, Joseph see Goub, Jacob                    
GOUCHER, Mathilda see Fowler, Ralph Wesley                    
GOUDETTE, Earnest see Fournier, Calixte                    
GOUDETTE, John       Wolf Point 49 Ver-mont Levi Goudette & Mary Brooks 6-Apr-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 118  
      Mary Phelan Wolf Point 53 Yorkshire England John Billby & Elizabeth Hodgson          
GOUDETTE, Lena see Fournier, Calixte                    
GOUDETTE, Levi see Goudette, John                    
GOUDEY, Isabella see Turner, Arthur H                    
GOUDIE, George see Feere, Walter Clifford                    
GOUDIE, George E       Whitetail 33 Canada John Goudie 26-Jun-16 Whitetail Sheridan 746  
      Elizabeth Campbell Hart Sask Can 29 Scotland Andrew Campbell          
GOUDIE, John see Goudie                    
GOUDIE, Ruth see Feere, Walter Clifford                    
GOUDY, Ambrose G       Flaxville 29 Wis John Goudy & Katherine E Wolff 7-Oct-19 Redstone Sheridan 1571  
      Theresa Wilson Whitetail 18 N D Ernest Wilson & Elizabeth Misslen          
GOUDY, John see Goudy                    
GOUGE, Clarence C       Glasgow 29 Kentucky? Sylvester Goudge & Emma Lillete 2-Jun-13 Glasgow Valley 1301  
      Nellie Dill Glasgow 22 Craig William Buine? & ???          
GOUGE, Claude C       Glasgow 34 Kentucky Sylvester Gouge & Emma Little 20-Feb-19 Glasgow Valley 2479  
      Mary Laitz? Glasgow 28 Ontario Canada William Laitz & Freda Peters          
GOUGE, Sylvester see Gouge, Claude C                    
GOUGE, Sylvester see Gouge, Clarence C                    
GOUGH, Virginia A see Dallman, Julius Gordon                    
GOUJON, Mary see Thievin, Eugene A                    
GOULD, Benjamin       Bismark 36 Iowa W D Gould & Almeda Allen 22-Jul-15 Medicine Lake Sheridan 514  
      Mabel M DeLong Glyndon Mn   Iowa G H DeLong & Lena Collins          
GOULD, Chancey Sylvester       Gateway 36 Portland N D Charley Gould & Harriet Arnold 15-Dec-27 Culbertson Roosivelt 1117  
      Julia Stevens Culbertson 37 Mt Shields & ???          
GOULD, Charles L       Killdeer N D 22 Killdeer Delmont F Gould & Hattie Burns 10-Jul-29 Wibaux Wibaux 689  
      Clara Granum Mayville N D 24 McGregor N D Oscar Granum & Julie Norman          
GOULD, Charley see Gould, Chancey Sylvester                    
GOULD, Delmont see Hoerauf, Edward P                    
GOULD, Delmont F see Gould, Charles L                    
GOULD, Frances see Bower, Harold Sherwood                    
GOULD, Francis see Sanderson, Ralph L                    
GOULD, Ila see Emling, Fred G                    
GOULD, Julietta see Meister, George Alexander                    
GOULD, Lizzie see Dunbar, William                    
GOULD, Margaret see Hoerauf, Edward P                    
GOULD, Mary see Walker, Eugene Harold                    
GOULD, Stella see Moschell, Benjamin B                    
GOULD, W D see Gould                    
GOULD, Waneta see Robinson, Charles                    
GOULET, Alfred       Flaxville 26 Grafton Joseph Goulet & Nellie Parent 16-Nov-29 Scobey Daniels 458  
      Ethel Morvik Whitetail 16 Outlook Ole Morvik & Anna Lee          
GOULET, Amanda Elaine see Johnson, Julius Elbert                    
GOULET, Eva Coreta see Safty, George C                    
GOULET, Jeanette Blanche see Cavanaugh, John R                    
GOULET, Joseph see Goulet, Alfred                    
GOULET, Joseph see Cavanaugh, John R                    
GOULET, Joseph see Johnson, Julius Elbert                    
GOULET, Joseph see Safty, George C                    
GOULET, Reginald see Goulet                    
GOULET, Wilfred       Flaxville 28 N D Reginald Goulet & Malvina Belleau 13-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 864  
      Aurora Savageau Flaxville 21 N D Peter Savageau & Artemise Cossette          
GOULEY, Isabel see Collins, James                    
GOURDOUX, Alexander see Gourdoux, R J                    
GOURDOUX, R J       Glentana 30 Wisc Alexander Gourdoux & Josephine Dallas 29-Nov-18 Glasgow Valley 2455  
      Wilhelmina Glass Glentana 25 Maryland Rudolf Glass & Albertina Buss          
GOUY, V see Eidsness                    
GOVE, Belvid? see Moschell, Benjamin B                    
GOVIG, Ebi see Winklebeck, Fredrick C                    
GOWARD, Ellen see Shaw                    
GOWENAS, Victoria see Klisis                    
GOWERS, James W       Galva N D 37 Hamilton Landing Kentucky Thomas Gowers & Mary Daugherty 7-Jan-18 Wibaux Wibaux 190  
      Emily M Johnstone Galva 26 Sioux Falls S D John Johnstone & Carrie Anderson          
GOWERS, Thomas see Gowesr, James W                    
GOWERY, Della see Sale, George T                    
GOWEY, Gilbert E       Sidney 65 Erie Penn Peter Gowey & Sarah Everts 30-Aug-22 Glendive? Dawson 2888  
      Bertha M Volk Powell Wyo 49 Oconto Falls Wisc William & Lizzie Volk          
GOWEY, Peter see Gowey, Gilbert E                    
GRABER, Anna see Albrecht, Peter                    
GRABER, Anna see Albright , Harry                    
GRABER, Anna see Albrecht, Henry                    
GRABER, Anna see Grundman, Fred                    
GRABER, Anna R see Graber, Harney H                    
GRABER, Bertha see Parker, John J                    
GRABER, Charles P       Bloomfield 25 Freeman S D Peter J Graber & Lizzie Senner 30-Jan-21 Bloomfield Dawson 2728  
      Olga Graber Bloomfield 18 Freeman S D Joseph J Graber & Aganethe Ganertz          
GRABER, Clara see Soft, Bernard W                    
GRABER, Clara J see Roth, Frank                    
GRABER, Edna B see Deckert, Isaac B                    
GRABER, Emil       Munich N D 33 Freeman S D Peter S Graber & Elizabeth Gering 20-Jan-20 Volt Roosivelt 89  
      Eva Schmidt Volt 23 Kansas John S Schmidt & Agnes Bartel          
GRABER, Frances see Tiesen, Henry                    
GRABER, Frances see Tiesen, Paul                    
GRABER, Harney H       Bloomfield 23 Pretty Prairie Nebr Jonathan P Graber & Helena Soft 20-Jun-26   Dawson 3358  
      Anna R Graber Bloomfield 22 Dolton S D Joseph J Graeber & Agatha Goertz          
GRABER, Helena see Graber, Harney H                    
GRABER, Jonathan see Graber, William W                    
GRABER, Jonathan see Graber, Ralph O                    
GRABER, Jonathon P see Graber, Harney H                    
GRABER, Joseph see Parker, John J                    
GRABER, Joseph J see Graber, Harney H                    
GRABER, Joseph J see Roth, Frank                    
GRABER, Joseph J see Graber, Charley P                    
GRABER, Olga see Graber, Olga                    
GRABER, Peter see Deckert, Isaac B                    
GRABER, Peter see Soft, Bernard W                    
GRABER, Peter see Wienke, Arthur A                    
GRABER, Peter J see Graber, Charley P                    
GRABER, Peter S see Graber, Emil                    
GRABER, Ralph O       Bloomfield 23 Pretty Prairie Kansas Jonathan Graber & Helen Soft 12-Nov-22 Richey? Dawson 2908  
      Julia Richert Richey 18 Marion S D Andrew Richert & Eva Deckert          
GRABER, Tillie see Wienke, Arthur A                    
GRABER, William W       Bloomfield 24 Pretty Prairie Kans Jonathan Graber & Helena Saft 26-Nov-25 Bloomfield Dawson 3294  
      Mollie Senner Bloomfield 19 Devils Lake N D Peter Senner & Anna Albrecht          
GRABILL, John P       Malta 28 Andrew Cty Missouri John W Grabill & Alice McDonald 15-Aug-05 Malta Valley 188  
      Rosie Moran Malta 22 Rocky Point John Moran          
GRABILL, John W see Grabill, John P                    
GRABLE, Frank L       Saco 37 Texas   6-Jun-29   Phillips    
      Helen Elizabeth Borst Saco 37 Illinois            
GRABON, Andrew see Stasik, Valentine                    
GRABON, Anna see Rinker                    
GRABON, Josephine see Stasik, Valentine                    
GRABOWSKI, Joseph see Coleman, Ernest A                    
GRABOWSKI, Joseph see Kratz, Chris                    
GRABOWSKI, Nettie see Coleman, Ernest A                    
GRABOWSKI, Nettie see Kratz, Chris                    
GRACE, Antonio       P�wood 38 Italy Pedro & Mary Grace 9-Jun-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1518  
      Bridget Byrne P�wood 29 Ireland Patrick & Rose Byrne          
GRACE, Charles see Grace, Chester F                    
GRACE, Chester F       Glasgow 24 Iowa Charles Grace & Carrie Brown 18-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1797  
      Ruth Nelson Glasgow 18 Indiana Ira A Nelson & Nora McCoy          
GRACE, George see Scholtes, Frank Joseph                    
GRACE, George see Scholter, Frank Joseph                    
GRACE, Pedro & Mary see Grace                    
GRADEN, John see Harmon, Lawrence                    
GRADEN, Marie see Harmon, Lawrence                    
GRADPRE, Anna Louise see Martin, William P                    
GRADY, Bridget O see Lacy, Charles Edward                    
GRADY, Elizabeth Jane see Osweiler, Paul Leonard                    
GRADY, Irene see Devlin, Michael                    
GRADY, John Francis see Osweiler, Paul Leonard                    
GRADY, Mary see Flynn, Leo Lawrence                    
GRAETZINGER, Helen see Marotteck, Frank                    
GRAF, Fred see Hess, Conrad Allen                    
GRAF, Louise see Beacon, Edward George                    
GRAF, Sara Lena see Hess, Conrad Albert                    
GRAFF, Anna see Holmdahl                    
GRAFF, George see Ehret, John                    
GRAFF, Mary see Schwerdtfeger, John                    
GRAFF, Pauline see Ehret, John                    
GRAFSTAD, Benson see Schmidt, George                    
GRAFSTAD, Sina see Schmidt, George                    
GRAFTON, R M see Calder, Arthur                    
GRAHAM, ??? see Gunderson                    
GRAHAM, Alice see Runningen, Samuel                    
GRAHAM, Allen B see Graham , George Hall; see also Graham, William J B                    
GRAHAM, Coyne       Phillips 21 Iowa   30-May-15   Phillips 22  
      Hazel Abigail Ellison Phillips 21 N D            
GRAHAM, Dora A see Linebarger, Walter L                    
GRAHAM, Douglas R       Assinaboine Sask Can 23 Man Can John Graham & Sarah L Turner? 20-May-28 Scobey Daniels 378  
      Kathleen L Weaver Assinaboine 19 Sask Can ???          
GRAHAM, Duncan McDonald       Chetek Wis 21 Glendive John Duncan Graham & Margaret Hendry 1-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2551  
      Inez Lavina Iehl Bloomfield 18 Elm Center Wisc Ed Iehl & Augusta Buttke          
GRAHAM, Edward see Murphy                    
GRAHAM, Edward H       Stipek 35 Mn Edward Graham & Catherine Corcoran 5-Jun-15 Wibaux Wibaux 36  
      Alta Kile Wibaux 28 Mn George M Kile & Laura Burdick          
GRAHAM, Edward N       Westby 28 Mn James Graham & Katherine Brown 21-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1029  
      Veronica Rieland Melroy? Mn 27 Mn Anton Rieland & Barbara Metzger          
GRAHAM, Edwin G see Graham, Simeon P                    
GRAHAM, Eliza see Ganty, Joseph                    
GRAHAM, Elizabeth see Garvey, Gilbert E                    
GRAHAM, Elizabeth see Williams, Otto                    
GRAHAM, Elizabeth H see Bretzke, Paul                    
GRAHAM, Geo F       Havre 23 Herman Mn Geo F Graham & Nellie Jones 11-Feb-09 Bainville Valley 451  
      Nellie Lundquist Bainville 23 Winthrop Mn John Lundquist & Ida Gustafson          
GRAHAM, George see Hutton, Guy                    
GRAHAM, George Hall       Smokey Butte 21 Bridger Allen B Graham & Georgie B Anderson 9-Apr-20 Jordan Garfield 23  
      Iola Frances Sloan Edwards 20 Manhattan Brutus Clay Sloan & Nannie Chestnut          
GRAHAM, Helen see Leverton                    
GRAHAM, Homer G       Culbertson 21 Dawson Texas L H Graham & Artie Wilson 31-Oct-21 Poplar Roosivelt 308  
      Laura Anklam Culbertson 18 Rolette N D Charles Anklam & Martha Reinke          
GRAHAM, Idella Iona see Murphy                    
GRAHAM, Isabelle see Ives, Harrison                    
GRAHAM, J J see Burnett, William Thomas                    
GRAHAM, James see Graham                    
GRAHAM, Jennie see Dahlstrom, Elmer                    
GRAHAM, John see Graham, Douglas R                    
GRAHAM, John D       Glendive 21 Wellington Somerset England John Graham & Jane Talbot 30-Apr-1892 Glendive Dawson 64  
      Jerlaine M Hendry Glendive 23 Titsworth Oxford England Robert Hendry & Julia Clark          
GRAHAM, John Duncan see Graham, Duncan McDonald                    
GRAHAM, John E see Beach, John W                    
GRAHAM, L H see Graham, Homer G                    
GRAHAM, Lucretia Blanch see Hazelwood, Norman G                    
GRAHAM, Maria see Fry, John                    
GRAHAM, Mary see Lzicar, Henry                    
GRAHAM, Mary E see McMillan Duncan, Jas                    
GRAHAM, Mary J see Allen, Luther N                    
GRAHAM, Maude see Evenson, Ralph                    
GRAHAM, Nellie Etta see Martin, Marcel Paul                    
GRAHAM, Paloma see Dahlstrom, Elmer                    
GRAHAM, Paloma see Gibbs, Ferris D                    
GRAHAM, Paloma see Graham, Coyne                    
GRAHAM, Paroda F see Burnrtt, William Thomas                    
GRAHAM, Patrick see Allen, Luther M                    
GRAHAM, Sarah Jane see Wilkinson                    
GRAHAM, Simeon P       Baylor 57 Ohio Edwin G Graham & Mahala Hanlin 10-May-18 Glasgow Valley 2364  
      Alberta B Bridgham Glasgow 40 Maine Curtis A Ackley & ???          
GRAHAM, Sophia see Mignot, F A                    
GRAHAM, Theresa see Madsen, Roy                    
GRAHAM, William J B       Smokey Butte 22 Bridger Carbon Cty Allen B Graham & Alberta Anderson, 12-Nov-19 Jordan Garfield 12  
      Ruth M Sands Smokey Butte ?? Warsaw Mo Elmer S Sands & Mary Shaver,          
GRAHAM, William Willis see Barnes, James W                    
GRAHAM, Winifred see Duffy, Martin A                    
GRAHN, George F see Hinton, John R                    
GRAHN, Minnie I see Hinton, John R                    
GRAINGER, Geo E see Grainger, Victor                    
GRAINGER, John see Grainger                    
GRAINGER, Robert S       Poplar 40 Can John Grainger & Sarah McDonald 13-Dec-1816 Culbertson Sheridan 899  
      Josephine Sears Poplar 34 S D Charles & Mollie Janis          
GRAINGER, Roy Edward       Poplar 23 N D William J Grainger & Ida May Wetherault 17-May-24 Poplar Roosivelt 620  
      Violet May Whitney Brockton 18 Brockton Charles Whitney & Hettie McCon-nell          
GRAINGER, Victor       Baker 23 Poplar Geo E Grainger & Della Anderson 5-May-25 Wibaux Wibaux 487  
      Catherine Vandermeer Wibaux 21 Fargo N D T Vandermeer & ???          
GRAINGER, William J see Granger, Roy Edward                    
GRAM, Henrietta see Payne, Ralph J                    
GRAM, Ingeborg Olson see Gangstad                    
GRAMBO, Ingeborg see Clementson                    
GRAMBO, Martha see Norby, Paul                    
GRAMBO, Martha see Thompson, Gilbert                    
GRAMBOIS, Sarah see Brien Fred                    
GRAMBOYSA, Ezilda see Walsh                    
GRAMBOYSA , Patrick see Walsh                    
GRAMMAN, Hattie see Richter, Clifford                    
GRAMMON, Hattie see Duncan, Homer O                    
GRAMMOND, Edward       Nashua 47 St Ann Ill Ilisin? Grammond & Matilda Mason 25-Dec-12 Nashua Valley 1196  
      M Evelyn Wilkinson Malta 40 ???            
GRAMMOND, Hattie see Duncan, Merle D                    
GRAMMOND, Ilisin? see Grammond, Edward                    
GRAMS, Adelia see Offet                    
GRAMS, Fred see Grams, Paul E                    
GRAMS, Fred see Grams                    
GRAMS, Paul see Offet                    
GRAMS, Paul E       Homestead 30 Ger Fred Grams & Amelia Paul 15-Jun-09 Homestead Valley 475  
      Emma A Trebes Homestead 18 Wis Albert Trebes & Mary Zich          
GRAMS, Rudolph       Scobey 23 Wis Fred Grams & Millie Paul 10-Jul-17 Scobey Sheridan 1074  
      Mary Martha Meddleton Glentana 33 Canada Ezekiel Wills & Emma Have_?          
GRANBOIS, Adelaide see Sayers, Louis James                    
GRANBOIS, David       Rolla N D 25 N D Isa-dore Granbois & Sarah Morin 27-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 895  
      Florence Lavadure Antelope 27 N D David Lavadure & Elise Laframbois          
GRANBOIS, Isadore see Granbois                    
GRANBOIS, Jennie see Gladue, Pat                    
GRANBOIS, Michael       Med� Lake 23 Belcourt N D Patrick Granbois & Mary Jane Morin 11-Jul-10 Med� Lake Valley 655  
      Marie M Brien Med� Lake 18 St Niches Mt Alexander Brien & Ellen Landrie          
GRANBOIS, Patrick see Granbois, Micheal                    
GRAND, Mrs C S see Maffei, Ralph A                    
GRAND__?, Annie see Taylor, Mark                    
GRANDAHL, Alden       Med�Lake 23 Mondovi Wis Antone Grandahl & Kerine Burge 10-Oct-25 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2111  
      Marjorie Watt Med� Lake 18 Can Albert Watt & Bertha Johnson          
GRANDAHL, Antone see Grandahl                    
GRANDCHAMP, Eugene see Cox, Joseph                    
GRANDCHAMP, Julia see Cox, Joseph                    
GRANDCHAMP, Nelson       Frazer 38 Ft Benton Dustee Grandchamp & Julia Richard 6-Jun-19 Wolf Point Valley 2518  
      Julia LaRock Oswego 20 Poplar Joe LaRock & Louise Kline          
GRANDCHAMP, Nelson Jr       Popler 22 Frazer Nelson GrandChamp & Sophia Archambeau 25-Jun-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1193  
      Clara Culbertson Poplar 22 Browning Joe Culbertson & Isabel LeRoque          
GRANDE, Anna see Eng                    
GRANDE, Bertha see Bakken                    
GRANDE, Bertha (Peterson) see Bakken, Ole S                    
GRANDIN, John R       Opheim 31 Ogden N Y John Grandin & Martha Louder 25-Dec-26 Scobey Daniels 297  
      Nina Thompson Scobey 26 N D ???          
GRANDL, Anna see Murphy, George J                    
GRANDL, John see Murphy, George J                    
GRANDLAND, Adolph       Dagmar 24 Norcross Mn Gust Grandlund & Mary Dahlstrom 12-May-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2659  
      Ruth Sorenson Dagmar 15 Dagmar Joseph Sorenson & Oma Dean          
GRANDLUND, Erick       Dagmar 29 Kensington Mn Gust Grandlund & Marie Dahlstrom 3-Oct-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2771  
      Addie Stringer Med Lake 22 Med �Lake Frank Stringer & Alice Jacobs          
GRANDLUND, Gust see Grandlund                    
GRANDLUND, Gust see Grandlund                    
GRANDPRE, Anna see Brooker, Albert                    
GRANDPRE, E J see Grandpre, Eugene                    
GRANDPRE, Esther see Grandpre, Eugene                    
GRANDPRE, Eugene       Phillips 55 Ill   10-Oct-17   Phillips 275  
      Mary Brosseau Ill 55 Illinois            
GRANDSCHAMP, Dustee see Grandschamp, Nelson                    
GRANDSCHAMP, Eugene       Wolf Point 23 Missoula Dusty & Julia Grandschamps 26-Jul?-1903 Glasgow Valley (109) 269  
      Maggie Burton Wolf Point 17 Wolf Point R F & Nancy Burton          
GRANDSCHAMP, Eugene & Louise see Grandschamp, Nelson                    
GRANDSCHAMP, Nelson       Frazier 23 Ft Benton Eugene & Louise Grandschamp 15-Dec-04 Wolf Point Valley 157  
      Sophia Shomba Wolf Point 20 N D ???          
GRANDSCHAMPS, Dusty see Wallace, William                    
GRANDSCHAMPS, Dusty & Julia see Grand �schamps, Eugene                    
GRANDY, Nellie see Revoir, Arthur                    
GRANDY, Ole see Revoir, Arthur                    
GRANES, Albert B       Intake 24 Reading Mass William A Granes & Bertha M Stolt 20-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2564  
      Georgia Marie Quick Intake 21 Port Byron Illinois John Quick & Edith Avery          
GRANES, William A see Granes, Albert B                    
GRANES?, Bertha see Maier, John Fredrick                    
GRANEY, Leonard W       ??? 28 Wisc   10-Mar-15   Phillips 5  
      Maud E Gesting Phillips Cty 26 Iowa            
GRANGER, ??? see Brown, Roy E                    
GRANGER, Alfred J       Harlem 21 Hays William H Granger & Susie A Fleming 27-Nov-26 Chinook Blaine 975  
      Lucille M Bolstad Twete 18 Mackintosh Mn Andrew L Bolstad & Annie Hollo          
GRANGER, Elizabeth see Wake, Burgess S                    
GRANGER, George W       Harlem 22 Harlem William Granger & Susie Fleming 25-Oct-29 Chinook Blaine 595  
      Minnie McGuire Harlem 21 Matson Ill Sam M McGuire & Minnie Norman          
GRANGER, James G       Harlem 23 Hays William H Granger & Susie A Fleming 27-Nov-26 Chinook Blaine 974  
      Golda M Huggins Harlem 18 Round Lake Mn Paerl Huggils & Susie E Langseth          
GRANGER, John see Granger, Leslie                    
GRANGER, Lawrence L       Flaxville 19 Poplar William Granger & ??? 4-Mar-25 Scobey Daniels 191  
      Elizabeth M Cornelius Flaxville 17 Minneapolis Emanuel Cornelius & Cora Parker          
GRANGER, Leo Karl       Harlem 21 Mt   12-Sep-28   Phillips 1056  
      Alta May Carpenter ??? 26 Mich            
GRANGER, Leslie       Poplar 25 Hudson Wis John Granger & Sarah McDonald 2-Jan-14 Poplar Valley 1403  
      Vina Burshia Poplar 18 Poplar Neol Burshia & Sophia Sears          
GRANGER, Lulu Frances see Givaltney, Robert James                    
GRANGER, Sarah Ann see Riddell, Amos                    
GRANGER, Vina Burshia see Smith, Edward Henry                    
GRANGER, William see Givaltney, Robert James                    
GRANGER, William see Granger, Lawrence L                    
GRANGER, William see Granger, George W                    
GRANGER, William H see Granger, James G                    
GRANGER, William H see Granger, Alfred J                    
GRANMO, Mrs Bergitta see Lindstad, Ragnwald                    
GRANMO, Peter see Loraas, Simon                    
GRANMO, Petra I see Loraas, Simon                    
GRANMOEN, Engeborg C see Mohalt, Halvor                    
GRANMOEN, Mary see Minde, John                    
GRANMOEN, Pete see Minde, John                    
GRANMOEN, Peter       Lindsay 21 Trondhjem Norway Peter Granmoen & Engborg Strontia? 9-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1655  
      Anna Minde Bloomfield 23 Cumberland Wisc Andrew Minde & Bertha Berget          
GRANT, ----? see DeGagne                    
GRANT, Alvina see Malarchick, Steve Hubert                    
GRANT, Amy B see Cowee, Elmer W                    
GRANT, Bertha Isabelle see Davis, Wilmer W                    
GRANT, Cecil       VanHook N D 24 Willis-ton N D Charles J Grant & Curley 20-Nov-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 572  
      Nettie Lucky Frazer 18 Frazer George Lucky & ???          
GRANT, Cecil       Van Hook N D 34 Willis-ton N D Tom Grant & Mary Corley     Roosivelt 1015 ( cert not completed )
      Mary WhiteHawk Poplar 20 Poplar Peter Whitehawk & ???          
GRANT, Charles see Grant, Raymond A                    
GRANT, Charles see Pall, John                    
GRANT, Charles J see Grant, Cecil                    
GRANT, Dan see Stenmark                    
GRANT, David       Berthold N D 23 Berthold Tom Grant & ??? 13-Sep-23 Poplar Roosivelt 545  
      Mary White Hawk Poplar 17 Poplar Peter White Hawk & Owl Shield          
GRANT, Donald Geo       Stillwater Mn 27 Stillwater Roland & Caroline Grant 21-May-11 Glendive Dawson 938  
      Carrie Louise Cort Spokane 18 Denver Colo Frank Cort & Carrie Brown          
GRANT, E R see Grant                    
GRANT, Eliza see Elliott, Francis                    
GRANT, Elizabeth see Casady, Omar L                    
GRANT, Elsie see Dunbar, William                    
GRANT, Esther see Stenmark                    
GRANT, Fern B see Flick                    
GRANT, Frank see Hanson, Arthur                    
GRANT, Frank M see Flick                    
GRANT, Glen       Glasgow 21 Ill Winslow Grant & ??? McCoy 10-Jan-20 Glasgow Valley 2611  
      Elsie Anderson Glasgow 21 Sweden Ole Anderson & ??? Oleson          
GRANT, Harland E       Phillips 32 New Hampshire   5-Feb-18   Phillips 318  
      Katherine Wadsley Phillips 30 Germany            
GRANT, Henry see Davis, Wilmer W                    
GRANT, Henry L & Ellen see Fletcher, W D                    
GRANT, Isabella M see Marion                    
GRANT, J P       DeMores N D 30 Chicago Illlinois Tony & Josephine Grant 30-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2090  
      Inga S Carlson DeMores 31 Lake Cty S D Torgel Johnson & Isabel Aasen          
GRANT, J S see Grant, Neil E                    
GRANT, James see Cowee, Elmer W                    
GRANT, Jesse J       Bainville 22 Mt E R Grant & Minnie Mathews 20-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1193  
      Betty Anderson P�wood 19 Mn Martin Anderson & Netty Olson          
GRANT, John see Childs                    
GRANT, Josephine Mabel see Hanson, Arthur                    
GRANT, Julia see Johnson, Oscar                    
GRANT, Justine see Erickson                    
GRANT, Justine see Justice                    
GRANT, Justine see Marion                    
GRANT, Justine see Marion                    
GRANT, Justine see Marion                    
GRANT, Laura Nina (Aikenhead?) see Ferron                    
GRANT, Lizzie see Cruikshank, John G                    
GRANT, Mabel see Childs                    
GRANT, Mary see Forsyth, John                    
GRANT, Mary see Forsyth, James                    
GRANT, Mary see Means, David                    
GRANT, Mary see Bigmane, David                    
GRANT, Mary see Hawver, Edward F                    
GRANT, Mary see Forsyth                    
GRANT, Melvina see Butler, A E                    
GRANT, Neil E       Wrangel Alaska 24 Wrangel J S Grant & Mary Lynch 15-Jan-29 Hinsdale Valley 3452  
      Lillian R Powell Hinsdale 22 Devils Lake N D A W Powell & W H Lund          
GRANT, Nellie see Saykally, James                    
GRANT, Olive R see Golberg                    
GRANT, Oscar see Johnson, Oscar                    
GRANT, Ralph       Wibaux 35 Ogdensburg N Y Roland & Caroline Grant 29-Jul-15 Wibaux Wibaux 45  
      Cora Luc-as Wibaux 29 Iowa James Wright & Nellie Hurlbert          
GRANT, Raymond A       Redstone M T 22 Missouri Charles Grant & Elizabeth Dixon 18-Jun-19 Glasgow Valley 2526  
      Fannie Bryant Jordan ??? ??? William Bryant & Ida Woodfin          
GRANT, Robert see Golberg George R                    
GRANT, Roland & Caroline see Grant, Ralph                    
GRANT, Roland & Caroline see Grant, Donald Geo                    
GRANT, Soe see Pall, John                    
GRANT, Tom see Grant, Cecil                    
GRANT, Tom see Grant, David                    
GRANT, Tony & Josephine see Grant, J P                    
GRANT, Wealthy see Marks, Judson                    
GRANT, William       Belcourt N D 27 N D William Grant & Patronell Monette 30-Nov-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2290  
      Emma Brien Med� Lake 22 N D Joe Brien & Elsie Pershun          
GRANT, William D B see Saykally, James                    
GRANT, Winslow see Grant, Glen