Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Follis to Fyaint

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
FOLLIS, J W see Lawlis, Joseph B                    
FOLLIS, James W       Mingusville 23 Stevensville Texas William Follis & Mary E Dodson     Dawson 8  
      Mary Powers ??? 22 ??? ???          
FOLLIS, Mamie Lee see Lawlis, Joseph B                    
FOLLIS, William see Follis, James W                    
FOLLY, Emeline see Wyman, Richard L                    
FOLMER, Della see Erickson                    
FOLMER, William see Erickson                    
FOLSKE, Anna see Holt, George                    
FOLSOM, Daniel W see Folsom                    
FOLSOM, David see Folsom, Seth W                    
FOLSOM, Louis David       Plentywood 25 Velva N D Wesley David Folsom & Eliza Shain 30-Mar-19 Froid Roosivelt 6  
      Marjorie Anna Mann Plentywood 16 Plentywood Richard Mann & Sophia B Hopwood          
FOLSOM, Louis David       P�wood 30 Fargo N D Daniel W Folsom & Elizabeth Shain 9-Apr-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2312  
      Elizabeth M Johnson Dooley 22 Bisbee N D Adolph Johnson & Sara Clausin          
FOLSOM, Seth W       Antelope 29 Fargo N D David Folsom & Eliza A Shain 30-Oct-08 Glasgow Valley    
      Hattie G Ator Plentywood 22 Polk Cty Mo Thos W Ator & Marjory Selee          
FOLSOM, Wesley David see Folsom, Louis David                    
FOLSON, David see Dieter, Charles V                    
FOLSON , Francis E see Dieter, Charles V                    
FOLSTINE, Mary see Adams, Matthew                    
FOLTON, Frances Mildred see Wahl, Bert                    
FOLTON, James see Wahl, Bert                    
FOLTZ, Kate see Entz, Charles Andrew                    
FOLVAG, Henry see Haugen                    
FOLVAG, Hilda see Haugen                    
FOLZ, Johanna see Kuta, John                    
FOMBY?, see Fornby                    
FONES, Earnest       Phillips 25 Mn   16-Oct-16   Phillips 145  
      Nancy Belle Booth Phillips ?? Ohio            
FONTAINE, Frank see Fontaine, Peter                    
FONTAINE, Pete       Poplar 38 Sweetgrass Frank Fontaine & Lucy Owingo 18-Jul-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1197  
      Jeanette Fontaine Poplar 33 Poplar Eagle & Mary          
FONTAINE, Peter       Gold Butte 26 Gold Butte Frank Fontaine & Lucy Adams 21-Feb-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 220  
      Jeanette Archambeau Poplar 26 Poplar Eagle & Four Cloud          
FONTAINE, Rosalie see Long Fox                    
FONTAINE,, Jeanette, see Fontaine, Pete                    
FOOR, Arlie M see Foor, Forest Leroy                    
FOOR, Arlie Maywood       Wolf Point 28 Lithopolis Ohio Harvey Foor & Rhea Ann Morehart     Roosivelt 192 ( cert not completed )
      Mildred G Amundson Wolf Point 18 Grand Forks N D Amos Anderson & Marian Sillerud          
FOOR, Forrest Leroy       Helena 27 Ohio   19-Jun-26   Phillips 890  
      Ruth Hope Bartron Bowdoin 21 N D            
FOOR, Harvey see Foor, Arlie Maywood                    
FOOR, Mildred G see Foor, Forrest Leroy                    
FOOSGREN, Frances see Kirkaldi, Frank                    
FOOT, John       Poplar 24 Poplar Black Fox & Striking 25-Feb-18 Poplar Sheridan 1268  
      Julia Blanket Poplar 22 Blair Red Feather & Stands on_The Rock          
FOOT, Mary see His Day, Walter P                    
FOOT, Mary W see Davis, Nimrod                    
FOOTE, Alta Irene see Paddock, Harland Otis                    
FOOTE, Amos       Ft Belknap 32 Harlem ??? & Maggie Earth 2-Jun-19 St Pauls Mission Blaine 558  
      Margaret Big Beaver Hays 18 Hays Joe Big Beaver & Taken Prisoner          
FOOTE, Henry J see Bevil, Opal                    
FOOTE, Henry J see Maiers, Carl J E                    
FOOTE, Henry J see Paddock, Harland Otis                    
FOOTE, John see Redbear, Thomas                    
FOOTE, John       Poplar 22 Poplar Fast & Striking 25-Feb-16 Poplar Sheridan 687  
      Annie Good Left Brockton 24 Brockton Joseph Bearnose & Lightning Woman          
FOOTE, Julia see Iron Bear, Howard                    
FOOTE, Katie see Redbear, Thomas                    
FOOTE, Zella Jane see Maiers, Carl J E                    
FOOTH, Marie see Anholt                    
FOOTH, Marie see Anholt                    
FORAN, Dennis see Foran, Patrick                    
FORAN, Patrick       Brockton 44 Brockton Dennis Foran & Margaret Huogh 30-Nov-20 Brockton Roosivelt 195  
      Annie Fallon Brockton 40 No Vernon Indiana Edward Kane & Annie Underwood          
FORBACH, Caroline see Berskirk, Ralph                    
FORBERG, Anna see Ness, Sever                    
FORBERG, Annie see Lee                    
FORBERG, Chris see Yule, Archie H                    
FORBERG, Esther see Yule, Archie H                    
FORBES, Geo A       Scotland 29 Aberdeenshire Scotland Geo Forbes & Maryan Thom 11-Jun-09 Malta Valley 473  
      Jeanie Duncan Malta 24 Aberdeenshire Scotland Alex Duncan & ???          
FORBES, Henry see Forbes, Miltom L                    
FORBES, James see Slaybaugh, Albert T                    
FORBES, Margaret M see Slaybaugh, Albert T                    
FORBES, Mary see Reid, C A                    
FORBES, Milton L       Frazer 24 Wadena Mn Henry Forbes & Emma Coons 3-Sep-27 Glasgow Valley 3314  
      Mildred Hines Frazre 16 Waverley Iowa Gardner Hines & Martha Emery          
FORBES, Rose see Rasmussen, Oscar                    
FORBES, Thomas R       Ft Buford N D 39 St Paul Mn Wm H Forbes & Amanda Brougher Cary 5-Oct-1898 Poplar Valley ?  
      Julia Lunde Poplar 26 Mitchell Cty Iowa Erick Lunde & Bert? Louisa Steamie?          
FORBES, William       McCabe 37 Scotland William Forbes & Rebecca McRobbie 16-Sep-20 Mondak Roosivelt 173  
      Irene Jern McCabe 29 Alexandria Mn John Jern & Martha Oleson          
FORBES, William H see Forbes, Thomas R                    
FORBREGD, Anton see Johnson, Helmer                    
FORBREGD, Herman       Scobey 47 S D John Forbregd & Johalina Hansen? 21-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 918  
      Selma Hoverson Scobey 27 N D Christ Hoverson & Sine Evenson          
FORBREGD, John see Forbregd                    
FORBREGD, Julia see Johnson, Helmer                    
FORCE, Dexter C see Force, George D                    
FORCE, George D       Chinook 22 Brooklyn N Y Dexter C Force & Elizabeth Wisbel? 20-Dec-14 Chinook Blaine 185  
      Amanda Lund Chinook 18 Pigeon Falls Wis Lucas L Lund & Helen Flensburg          
FORCE, Iva see Ramsey, Henry James                    
FORCE, Levi see Ramsey, Henry James                    
FORCE, Mary see Jones, Lowell                    
FORCE, Mary see Jones, Joseph M                    
FORCHAK, Mary see Kinedzerski                    
FORCHAK, William see Kinedzerski                    
FORD, Cloud Sharp see Charging Dog                    
FORD, Agnes see Whitmus, H F                    
FORD, Anna see Crookshanks                    
FORD, Anna see Tennis                    
FORD, Anna Beryl (Humphrey?) see Boudreau, John L                    
FORD, Clarence       Plentywood 21 Gt Falls J A Ford & Lena R Lee 5-Jan-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1708  
      Beryle Humphrey Pwood 18 Culbertson J W Humphrey & Anna Malloy          
FORD, Clarence O       Dickinson N D 24 Great Falls J A Ford & Lena R Lee 9-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 3113  
      Margaret Semerad Dickinson N D 21 Dickinson N D John Semerad & Ann Frazel          
FORD, Corydon C       Glendive 33 Otto Ill George Ford & Sophia Butler 20-Apr-08 Glendive Dawson 588  
      Jennie Jones Glendive 38 Yanka Springs Mich Jessie Knapp & Sarah Larkins          
FORD, E W see Ford, Glen F                    
FORD, Elizabeth see Belmont, Harry                    
FORD, Elizabeth see Butler, John F                    
FORD, Frank see Knudsen, Ralph E                    
FORD, Frank see Ford, Howard E                    
FORD, Frank       Malta 30 Culbertson James Ford & Mary Kelley 3-Jul-1899 Malta Valley ?  
      Florence Gertrude Willard Malta 20 Caledonia Mn Henry Willard & Jennie Clark          
FORD, George see Ford, Corydon C                    
FORD, Glen F       Quam 30 S D E W Ford & Hunnetta Smith 27-May-19 Glasgow Valley 2511  
      Grina May Knutsen Bonin 19 N D Andrew Knutsen & ???          
FORD, Hermah see Zartman, Charles Cody                    
FORD, Howard E       P�wood 26 Lehigh Iowa Frank Ford & Hattie Hopkins 12-Mar-13 P�wood Valley 1256  
      Maud Ator P�wood 18 Missouri? Thomas Ator & Maud Sallee          
FORD, Irene see Fassett, Sherman                    
FORD, J A see Ford, Clarence O                    
FORD, J A see Ford                    
FORD, James see Ford, Frank                    
FORD, James R see Ford, Wiley J                    
FORD, Jay A see Ford                    
FORD, Jessie see Parke, Charles F                    
FORD, Jessie see Park, Robert R                    
FORD, John see Butler, John F                    
FORD, John F & Mira M see Hansen, Christ                    
FORD, Lydia see Torkilson, Ole                    
FORD, Margaret see McDonough, Roy James                    
FORD, Mary see Drabbs, Frank Harold                    
FORD, Ralph E       P�wood 25 St Peter Jay A Ford & Lena R Lee 20-Jun-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1809  
      Hilda Martinson P�wood 19 N D Severt Martinson & Anna Ander-son          
FORD, Susie see White, L A                    
FORD, Vivian see Knudsen, Ralph E                    
FORD, Wiley J       Glendive 22 Eldorado Springs Mo James R Ford & Martha Ryan 29-Jul-22 Glendive Dawson 2883  
      Florence Birch Glendive 22 Glendive Fred Birch & Olive Liljebahl?          
FORDAN, Alice see Merwin, Pearl                    
FORDE, Ella see Schmesinger                    
FORDE, Martha see Sorebo                    
FORDELSON, Anne see Lodahl                    
FORDHAM, George E       Rochester Mn 43 Chatfield Mn George Fordham & Mary Greene 17-Jan-20 Glendive Dawson 2611  
      Annette Herschleb Rochester 18 Kasson Mn John Herschleb & O Hannah Hanson          
FORDYCE, Bernetha see Smith                    
FORDYCE, Mrs Viola B see Fordyce, Orren A                    
FORDYCE, Orren A       Content 23 Iowa   18-Dec-18   Phillips 400  
      Sarah Elise Turner Content 21 Mt            
FORDYCE, William see Smith                    
FORE, Bridget see McCarty, Patrick J                    
FORE, Bridget see Barry, William Henry                    
FORE, Chester       Whitetail 29 N D Knute Fore & Mallon Lee 14-Apr-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1888  
      Mary Lee Whitetail 20 N D Austin Lee & Mary Mellhaus          
FORE, Knute see Fore                    
FOREMAN, Charles see Foreman, Fred                    
FOREMAN, Charles J see Wehmeiar, Albert                    
FOREMAN, Fred       Comer 28 N D Charles Foreman & Josie Capel 18-Jun-14 Glasgow? Valley 1478  
      Nellie Redmond Dooley 23 Wisc James Redmond & Mary Devine?          
FOREMAN, Grace see Smith, Lee                    
FOREMAN, Julia see Crow, Teddy                    
FOREMAN, Mary see Moulton, Glenn D                    
FOREMAN, Melissa see Wehmeiar, Albert                    
FOREST, E R see Smolden, Wilson                    
FOREST, Emma see Desjardin, Frank                    
FOREST, Oliver Berthold       Poplar 22 Mn Thomas C Forest & Tina Holt 4-Mar-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 871  
      Edith Westfall Poplar 18 Mt Joseph Westfall & ???          
FOREST, Richard E       Phillips 22 New York   15-May-15   Phillips 15  
      Audrey Cook Phillips Cty 23 N Y            
FOREST, Thomas C see Forest, Oliver Berthold                    
FORESTER, Olivia see Patton, Dee A                    
FORESTER, William see Patton, Dee A                    
FORGE, Joseph see Carr, William H                    
FORGE, Joseph & Christina see Johnson, Andrew                    
FORGE, Katherine see Mathers                    
FORGEY, George       Coburg 22 Harlem John Forgey & Catherine Belmore 21-Dec-09 Glasgow Valley 554  
      Lillian M Hurley Coburg 18 Chinook Frank Hurley & Mary Watts          
FORGEY, James       Coburg 26 Harlem John Forgey & Katherine Beliman 15-Jul-14 Chinook Blaine 139  
      Gida Pauline Scott Coburg 23 Sand Creek Wis Carl Scott & Anna Rice          
FORGEY, Jessie see Grinolds, Milford                    
FORGEY, John see Forgey, George                    
FORGEY, John see Grinolds, Milford                    
FORGEY, John see Forgey, James                    
FORISAND?, Lydia see Setera, Frank Joe                    
FORMAN, Anna see Manke                    
FORMAN, Anna see Morey                    
FORMAN, Anna see Morey                    
FORMAN, Anna see Morey                    
FORMAN, Charles see Sandvig, John H                    
FORMAN, Lewis see Vold                    
FORMAN, Marguerite see Sandvig, John H                    
FORMAN, Martha see Lettman, Frederick                    
FORMAN, Polly see Morgan                    
FORMELLE, Claudia see La Pierre                    
FORMO, Olof       Malta 42 Norway Olof Formo & Annie Hanson 26-May-28 Harlem Blaine 1056  
      Edna Ferber Malta 37 Elgin Ill George Van Patten & Lena Raft          
FORN?, Annie see Hammer, Bernt                    
FORNALL, Augusta Marie see Roalkvam, Carl                    
FORNALL, Carl       Fallon 26 Hungary Fabian Fornall & Karolina Bandor 29-Jun-29 Glendive Dawson 3736  
      Katherine Hess Fallon 20 Richardton N D Joseph Hess & Anna Schalz          
FORNALL, Fabian see Fornall, Carl                    
FORNALL, Fabian see Roalkvam, Carl                    
FORNALL, Fabian J see Green, Isaac E                    
FORNALL, Julia see Green, Isaac E                    
FORNBY, Henry G       Poplar 28 Columbus Ga Henry G Fornby & Anna Macree 31-Mar-22 Glasgow Valley 2868  
      Mabel Hamer Bagley Mn 24 Bagley Alfred Hamer & Anna Olson          
FORNEROOK, John R see Fornerook, John Elton                    
FORNEROOK, John see Fornerook, Leon Dale                    
FORNEROOK, Leon Dale       Culbertson 24 Watertown Wis John Fornerook & Eliza Alder 20-Aug-09 Glasgow Valley 502  
      Bertha Hruska   26 Wisc Mat Hruska          
FORNEROOK, Ron Elton       Culbertson 21 Watertown Wis John R Fornerook & Eliza E Alder 10-Nov-09 Culbertson Valley 524  
      Pearl Stanfield Culbertson 19 Colton Wash Ronnie C Stanfield & Bessie May Hurley          
FORNES, Clara see Peterson, Helmer                    
FORNESS, Clara see Peterson, Oliver                    
FORNIER, Angeline see Silvestri, Pete                    
FORNIET, Delina see May, Gharles C                    
FORREST, Bedford       Frazer 49 Wolf Point Unerbar & Plenty Lightning 21-Oct-25 Glasgow Valley 3168  
      Alice Owens Fraser 31 Frazer Struck The Ground & ???          
FORREST, Clarence F       Poplar 21 Mn Thomas Forrest & Tina Holt 1-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2704  
      Pauline L Newman Lewiston Idaho 22 Wash Fred Newman & Cathie McGotching          
FORREST, Joe       Belfield 21 Wheatland N D William Forrest & Christina Hearonemus 9-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1811  
      Irene Anderson Belfield 18 Belfield August Anderson & Ellen Haskins          
FORREST, Thomas see Forrest, Clarence F                    
FORREST, William see Forrest, Joe                    
FORRESTER, Elizabeth see Parker, Wm M                    
FORREY, Charley A       Carlyle 50 Carroll Cty Ill John Forrey & Amelia Straub 10-Dec-30 Wibaux Wibaux 772  
      Alice G Spanberg Enid 46 LaSeuer Cty Mn Norris Spanberg & Charlotte Wolferd          
FORREY, John see Forrey, Charley A                    
FORRISON, Minnie see Erickson, Thomas                    
FORSBERG, Annie see Holmquist, John L                    
FORSBERG, Adena L see McCarter, John                    
FORSBERG, Elsie see Brumfield, Tate                    
FORSBERG, Gunhild Maria see Keller                    
FORSBERG, Gustav Adolph see Brumfield, Tate                    
FORSBERG, Gustave A       Westby 20 Sweden Mathias D Forsberg & Louise Johnson 28-Jul-19 Westby Sheridan 1542  
      Signa Nelson Westby 16 Norway Olof Nelson & Christiana Frank          
FORSBERG, M D & Louise see Keller                    
FORSBERG, Mathias D see Forsberg                    
FORSBERG, Peter see Leader                    
FORSBERG, Sophie P see Leader                    
FORSETH, Aurora see Hagen, Kenneth A                    
FORSETHE, Clara see Bjerke                    
FORSETHE, John see Bjerke                    
FORSGREN, Emil see Kelly                    
FORSGREN, Emmy see Stageberg                    
FORSGREN, Frances see Wilkins, Ernest H                    
FORSGREN, Helen see Kelly                    
FORSIER, Ida B see Beck, Lawrence C                    
FORSMAN, John       Glasgow 25 Sweden John Nelson & Bertha Peterson 25-Nov-14 Glasgow Valley 1590  
      Opal Huffman Glasgow 25 Sidney Ind D L Hartsook & Fidelia? Rogers          
FORSMAN, John see Leer                    
FORSNESS, Dan G see Forsness                    
FORSNESS, Daniel see Bowlin Glen                    
FORSNESS, Daniel see Forsness, Gilman R                    
FORSNESS, Gilman R       Wolf Point 32 Greenbush Mn Daniel Forsness & Aletha Fiertland? 18-Oct-27 Glasgow Valley 3327  
      Myrle Gilman Wolf Point 17 Cresbad S D Edward M Gilman & Lillie Mae Rowe          
FORSNESS, Gilman R       Wolf Point 23 Mn Dan G Forsness & Aletha Finland     Sheridan 1471 ( cert not Completed)
      Bertha Peterson Wolf Point 20 Canada Ole Peterson & Thora Magnusson          
FORSNESS, Ruth see Bowlin, Glen                    
FORSTER, Berta see Torkilson, Ole                    
FORSTER, J H see Bakrud, Iver                    
FORSTER, J H see Stafsholt, H T                    
FORSTER, Lena see Richter, Charles C                    
FORSTER, Mariana see Schildt, Jacob                    
FORSYTH, Alexander       Culbertson 29 Scotland William Forsyth & Mary Grant 1-May-13 Bainville Sheridan 5  
      Violet Morrow Culbertson 21 North Dakota Hugh & Martha Morrow          
FORSYTH, Isabella see McLean, Arthur F                    
FORSYTH, Isabelle see McLean                    
FORSYTH, J B see Doyle, James C                    
FORSYTH, James       Culbertson 24 Elgin Scotland John Forsyth & Anne Sinclair 24-Aug-1898 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Caroline Curran Culbertson 18 Chicago A Curran & Jane Reed          
FORSYTH, James       Culbertson 27 Scot-land William Forsyth & Mary Grant 25-Feb-22 Culbertson Roosivelt 354  
      Hazel Mary Lenner Forsyth 28 Nebr John Hayes & Jennette Mitchell          
FORSYTH, John see Forsyth, James                    
FORSYTH, John       Froid 35 Scotland William Forsyth & Mary Grant 1-Apr-22 Poplar Roosivelt 361  
      Josephine Winch Froid 28 Springfield Ill Morris Winch & Kathrine Fredeck          
FORSYTH, John see Forsyth, William J                    
FORSYTH, Laura see Stalcup, John M                    
FORSYTH, Ruth see Munson, Harold B                    
FORSYTH, Welford see Munson, Harold B                    
FORSYTH, William see Forsyth, James                    
FORSYTH, William see Forsyth, John                    
FORSYTH, William see Forsyth                    
FORSYTH, William J       Bainville 25 Det-roit Mich John Forsyth & Sarah M Cobban 3-Sep-21 Culbertson Roosivelt 276  
      Cecile S Moen Forsythe 24 Chur-ches Ferry N D S S Moen & Lena Erickson          
FORSYTHE, Agnes see Munn, Matthew                    
FORSYTHE, Isabella see Epler                    
FORSYTHE, John see Mareness, Clifford H                    
FORSYTHE, Laura see MeHarry, Charles                    
FORSYTHE, Lucinda see Selden                    
FORSYTHE, Madell see Mareness, Clifford H                    
FORSYTHE, Maggie see Royaas                    
FORT, see Buckles                    
FORT, Amy see Buckles                    
FORT, Mary Louise see Buckles                    
FORTE, Mary L see Charrette                    
FORTHUN, Ole see Forthun, Oscar H                    
FORTHUN, Oscar H       Baylor 24 Mn Ole Forthun & Randy Bradley 10-Apr-18 Glasgow Valley 2350  
      May Didrick Baylor 25 Tennessee Lafayette Sisk & Alice Gray          
FORTIER, Harry       Phillips 23 Can   6-Jun-17   Phillips 219  
      Elizabeth Garand Phillips 21 Illinois            
FORTIER, Leocadie see Cortois, Charles                    
FORTIER, Rosanna see Burk, Joe                    
FORTNEY, Mrs P L see Lilie, William                    
FORTON, William see Mead                    
FORTUM, Anna see Groslie                    
FORTUNE, Anastasia see Smiley, Charles B                    
FORTUNE, David E       Bearpaw 26 Omaha Ill? David S Fortune & Josephine Edwards 15-Aug-17 Chinook Blaine 415  
      Laura Eastling Chinook 21 Aurora Iowa John Eastling & Augusta May          
FORTYCE, Sarah (Myers?) see Devitt, Mike                    
FORWARD, Emma see Maffei, Ralph A                    
FORWARD, J A see Maffei, Ralph A                    
FORWARD, Jay Adelbert       Phillips 27 N Y   4-May-18   Phillips 333  
      Katherine Bisset Phillips 27 Canada            
FOSBERG, Ane Maril see Henriksen                    
FOSBERG, Anna see Raymond, Ralph A                    
FOSBERG, Ida see Berg, Nels I                    
FOSBERG, Peder see Flakne                    
FOSBERG, Ruth P see Flakne                    
FOSBORG, Marie see Petersen                    
FOSER, Engeborg see Herigstad, Nels                    
FOSFJELD, David see Fosfjeld, Erling                    
FOSFJELD, Erling       Glendive 24 Norway David Fosfjeld & Ingeborg Sekoland 6-Nov-13 Glendive Dawson 1358  
      Sena Idland Glendive 28 Norway Swan Idland & Sivana Kylingstad?          
FOSHAL, Peter T see Foshal, Torger                    
FOSHAL, Torger       Mott N D 35 Norway Peter T Foshal & Berget Olson 15-Feb-16 Glendive Dawson 1869  
      Hanne E Bentsen Tacona Wash 26 Norway Axel Bentsen & Tomine Larson          
FOSLEY, Peter       Glendive 27 Namsdalseid Norway Peter M Fosley & Cecelia Barra 22-Apr-01 Glendive Dawson 219  
      Lillian O�Connor St Paul Mn 20 Mandan N D Jason O�Connor & Katie Hogan          
FOSNESS, see Tosness?                    
FOSNESS, Betty Alice see Lebert, E A                    
FOSNESS, Peter see Lebert, E A                    
FOSS, A J see Foss, F S P                    
FOSS, Alvin M       Hydro 25 Walsh Cty N D Andrew N Foss & Sarah Ackerland 32-Dec-1916 Chinook Blaine 354  
      Margaret Irene Zeman Chinook 17 Pittsburgh Pa John Zeman & Mary Mekula          
FOSS, Andrew see Foss, Alvin M                    
FOSS, Andrew S see Foss, Ralph H                    
FOSS, Arnt see Jorgenson, Gunvald Emil                    
FOSS, Asle see Foss, Stanley W                    
FOSS, Bertha see Brekke, Eilert                    
FOSS, Breddla? see Herbak                    
FOSS, Clara see Spaulding                    
FOSS, Elizabeth Elda see Zartman, Charles Cody                    
FOSS, Estella May see Wells, Luther                    
FOSS, F S P       Glendive 27 Barnesville Mn A J Foss & Mina E Smith 12-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1696  
      Alice Healy Glendive 23 Wausau Wisc Nicholas A Healy & Katherine Melaney          
FOSS, Gurine see Jorgenson, Gunvald Emil                    
FOSS, H P       Grenora N D 29 Devils Lake N D Paul Foss & Margaret Halvorson 25-Jan-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1946  
      Vera Vohs Zahl N D 27 ??? Frank Smith & ???          
FOSS, Hans see Foss, Oscar                    
FOSS, Ina Berdina see Chase, Arthur N                    
FOSS, Lars J see Chase, Arthur N                    
FOSS, Lottie see Griffin, Carroll E                    
FOSS, Louis A       Malta 38 Christiania Norway Nels Foss & Carolina A Hanson 27-Nov-00 Malta Valley ?  
      Ettie Harlow Malta 34 London England Daniel Harlow & Ann Clark          
FOSS, Louis J see Griffin, Carroll E                    
FOSS, Louis J see Walker, John William                    
FOSS, Margaret see Kittelson, John Olie                    
FOSS, Marie see LaRoche, Emory J                    
FOSS, Mary see Peterson, Clarence                    
FOSS, Mary see Smith                    
FOSS, Nels see Foss, Louis A                    
FOSS, Oscar       Madoc 30 Clarkfield Mn Hans Foss & Gunhild Hegne 24-Sep-30 Scobey Daniels 487  
      Irene A Anderson Madoc 18 Lamore N D Albert Anderson & ???          
FOSS, Paul see Foss                    
FOSS, Rachel see West, Peter                    
FOSS, Ralph H       Allard 36 LaMoure N D Andrew S Foss & Mary Ellison 17-Mar-24 Glendive Dawson 3092  
      Pearl Disbro Chicago Ill 27 North Platte Nebr Freal Disbro & Cynthia Bradley          
FOSS, Rose Helena see Walker, John William                    
FOSS, Stanley W       Brockton 26 Kensett Iowa Asle Foss & Bell Solem 26-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3299  
      Imbia Michelson Brockton 27 Darling Mn Erick Michelson & Bertha Kaatari          
FOSSE, Engborg see Herigstad, Ingebret                    
FOSSE, Ingeborg see Hergstad, Reier                    
FOSSEN, Brady see Peterson, Charles Henry                    
FOSSEN, Emma see Holum, Eivind Berton                    
FOSSEN, Hilda Ida see Peterson, Charles Henry                    
FOSSEN, Manda see Westby, Adolph                    
FOSSEN, Martha see Johnson, Peter                    
FOSSEN, Martin       Flaxville 32 Madison Mn Peder S Fossen & Ingeborg Peterson 21-Oct-25 Scobey Daniels 230  
      Carrie Colby Scobey 25 Chicago Ill Theodore Colby & ???          
FOSSEN, Peder S see Fossen, Martin                    
FOSSET, Georgia see Thompson, Joseph Bennett                    
FOSSETT, Georgia see Logan                    
FOSSLAND, Beret see Severson                    
FOSSLAND, M see Lee, Alfred M                    
FOSSUM, Albert       Med Lake 34 Mn John Fossum & Mary Bakmo 31-Nov-1913 Medicine Lake Sheridan 127  
      Elise Brue Med Lake 36 Nor Jacob R Brue & Karen R Brudvold          
FOSSUM, Cecelia L see Kochel, Alvin L                    
FOSSUM, G M see Lynne, David Nicholie                    
FOSSUM, George P       Williston N D 28 Norman Cty Mn Gustav Fossum & Mary Polson 15-Mar-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1066  
      Florence Scott Williston 18 Donnybrook N D Milton Scott & Grace Greenup          
FOSSUM, Gustav see Fossum, George P                    
FOSSUM, H M see McCabe                    
FOSSUM, Hannah see Stubban                    
FOSSUM, Hannah see Stubban                    
FOSSUM, Hannah see Wigmore                    
FOSSUM, John see Fossum                    
FOSSUM, Minnie Annette see Lynne, David Nicholie                    
FOSSUM, Ole       Opheim 27 Norway Ole J Fossum & Gu-l--? Lee 26-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 771  
      Mary (Udoc?) Opheim 24 Germany Andrew Udoc & Mary Lindie          
FOSSUM, Ole see Fossum                    
FOSSUM, Oscar A       P�wood 25 Lonsdale Mn Ole Fossum & Anna Hauge 31-Dec-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2800  
      Beatrice C Debing P�wood 18 Stanley N D John G Debing & Cora Evenson          
FOSTENEAL?, Ragnhild see Raymond, William                    
FOSTER, Alfred J Riley       Glasgow 32 Mn Riley Foster & Almma Flanders 5-Aug-15 Glasgow Valley 1716  
      Flossie Fay VonGunter Kalispell 26 Clinton Iowa John VonGunter & May Stewart          
FOSTER, Ansel see Gardner, William                    
FOSTER, Barker see Foster, William                    
FOSTER, Belle see Johnson                    
FOSTER, Bernal       Antelope 23 Aberdeen S D Chester A Foster & Myrtle French 1-Mar-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2518  
      Marguerite Lee P�wood 20 Ambrose N D R T Lee & Maggie Towers          
FOSTER, Bettie M see Shibley, Buell R                    
FOSTER, Bettie Mildred see Hager, Oscar                    
FOSTER, Betty see Stevenson, Harold                    
FOSTER, Betty see Shibley, Henry                    
FOSTER, Betty see Hager, Sverre                    
FOSTER, Charles see O�Malley, Merlin M                    
FOSTER, Charles see Blue, Edwin R N                    
FOSTER, Charles M see Cooper, Theron W                    
FOSTER, Chas A see Pierzine, Ben J                    
FOSTER, Chester A see Foster                    
FOSTER, David       Terry 30 Taylor Cty (Texas?) Walter Foster & Mary Rice 21-Feb-07 Glendive Dawson 503  
      Flora Kempton Terry 33 Calumette Cty Wisc George Kasper & Emma Schooley          
FOSTER, Doris M see Leonard, Frank L                    
FOSTER, Doris M see Peterson, Adolph F                    
FOSTER, Dorothy see Listoe                    
FOSTER, Ed see Listoe                    
FOSTER, Edwin see Damm                    
FOSTER, Elizabeth Jane see Entorf, Paul S                    
FOSTER, Ellen Jane see DeRue, Harold Foster                    
FOSTER, Eloise see Damm                    
FOSTER, Emma see Dingman                    
FOSTER, Florence see Howard, Edwin A                    
FOSTER, Frank see Foster, Raymond                    
FOSTER, Frank G see Milford                    
FOSTER, Helen Gladys see Cooper, Theron W                    
FOSTER, Ione D see Leonard, Frank L                    
FOSTER, J H       Saco 27 N D   10-Aug-18   Phillips 366  
      Frances Bronson Saco 23 Mich            
FOSTER, John see Foster, Paul W                    
FOSTER, John M see Foster, William B                    
FOSTER, Lee R       Van Norman 51 Butler Mo R M Foster & Laura Gable 21-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3908  
      Minnie M Hymes Paris 58 Elkins W Virg Capt James R Apperson & Sarah Matilda Kee          
FOSTER, Leona (Jays?) see Penman                    
FOSTER, Lillian see Shibley, Buell R                    
FOSTER, Lillian see Burvee, Jewel W                    
FOSTER, Lillian see Hamilton, Hugh A                    
FOSTER, Lizzie see Watson, David                    
FOSTER, Lydia M see Dennison, Ervin M                    
FOSTER, Marie see Blue, Edwin R N                    
FOSTER, Marie L see Pierzine, Ben J                    
FOSTER, Mary see Simmons, Edward F                    
FOSTER, Maude see Olson                    
FOSTER, Milton S W see Foster, Walker F                    
FOSTER, Mrs Leta M see Peterson, Adolph F                    
FOSTER, Nellie see Hensrud                    
FOSTER, Nellie see Martin                    
FOSTER, Nellie Grace see Bjerke                    
FOSTER, Nora see Root, J E                    
FOSTER, Nora see Raat                    
FOSTER, Olive B see Field, Eddie                    
FOSTER, Paul W       Big Timber 21 Big Timber John Foster & Theresa Weimer 3-May-30 Wibaux Wibaux 735  
      Thelma Page Wibaux 17 Wibaux Ernest Page & Francis M Barthalmew          
FOSTER, R M see Foster, Lee R                    
FOSTER, Raymond       Brockton 30 Iowa Frank Foster & Cora Wingo 29-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1999  
      Lula Black Brockton 38 Mt Vernon Ind James Black & Mary Thomas          
FOSTER, Rena see O�Malley, Merlin M                    
FOSTER, Riley see Foster, Alfred J Riley                    
FOSTER, Truman       Glasgow 22 Luck Wis William Foster & Mary Jensen 10-Oct-03 Glasgow Valley 115  
      Martha Larson   22 Osakis Mn C Larson & Caroline Iverson          
FOSTER, W G       Glendive 21 Emmitsberg Iowa Wm Foster & Mary Nelson 17-Dec-05 Glendive Dawson 354  
      Emma Burgess Glendive 16 Lake Park Iowa Ed Burgess & Elida Peterson          
FOSTER, Walker F       Hydro 25 Kan Milton S W Foster & Hannah Barrett 1-Jan-17 Chinook Blaine 360  
      Gladys F Brown Cherry Ridge 26 Mo Sigel Brown & Hattie Chapman          
FOSTER, Walter see Foster, David                    
FOSTER, William       Malta 30 Texas Barker Foster & Mary Brewer 16-Nov-1894 Malta Valley 2?  
      Mary (or Jane?) Baker Malta 18 Missouri Harlan Gwinn & Mary Baker          
FOSTER, William see Foster, Truman                    
FOSTER, William see Foster, W G                    
FOSTER, William B       Glendive 31 Can John M Foster & Susanna Dustin 26-Apr-1896 Glendive Dawson 131  
      Anna Hagan Glendive 28 Wisc John Hagan & Bridget Riley          
FOSTER, Winifred K see Milford                    
FOTLAND, Lars       Glendive 28 Norway Per Fotland & Karen Aasland 6-Apr-22 Glendive Dawson 2853  
      Gertrude Lillian Martin Glendive 23 Richardton N D Ole Martin & Marie Simonson          
FOTLAND, Per see Fotland, Lars                    
FOUGH, Amanda see Nichols, Frank                    
FOUGH, Emma see Frasier                    
FOUGH, Emma see Savage                    
FOUGH, P N see Fough                    
FOUGH, Ralph       Cambridge Nebraska 23 Neb P N Fough & Birdie Davis 10-Aug-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2346  
      Ernestine A Scott Froid 18 Mt C C Scott & Elna E Cum-mings          
FOUGHNER, Christine see Christopherson                    
FOUGNER, Ingval       Bonetrail N D 24 N D Simon Fougner & Bendicka Hagen 27-Dec-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1944  
      Angeline Breeten Bonetrail 20 Mondak John Braaten & Gina Dahl          
FOUGNER, Simon see Fougner                    
FOUHY, Julia H see Thielke, Clarence E                    
FOUHY, Robert see Thielke, Clarence E                    
FOULKES, Hector see Gasselin                    
FOULKES, Laura see Gasselin                    
FOUNTAIN, David see Fountain, George                    
FOUNTAIN, David see Howard, Murvale Eastman                    
FOUNTAIN, Flossie Isabella see Howard, Murvale Eastman                    
FOUNTAIN, George       Circle 35 Tawas Mich David Fountain & Esabelle Brakie 8-Oct-17 Circle Dawson 2260  
      Mammie E Snow Circle 36 Sheboygan Mich Henry Hart & Josephine Benett          
FOUNTAIN, Isabella see Pepin, Clapace                    
FOUNTAINE, Arthur       LaMesa 40 Canada George Fountaine & Adele Gagnon 10-Jan-07 Glendive Dawson 414  
      Leda Bouchard Tokna 23 Canada Paul Bouchard & Celestine Deveardt          
FOUNTAINE, George see Fountaine, Arthur                    
FOUR, Bear see Four Bear, Stanley                    
FOUR, Bear see Four Bear                    
FOUR, Cane Woman see Left Hand Thunder                    
FOUR, Cloud see Eagle, Claude                    
FOUR, Cloud see Eagle, Peter                    
FOUR, Cloud see Fontaine, Peter                    
FOUR, Cloud see Eagle                    
FOUR, Clouds see Archambeau                    
FOUR, Eagle Boy see Four Eagle Boy, Theodore                    
FOUR, Hail Woman see Carl                    
FOUR, Irons see Denny, Marcus A                    
FOUR, Plates see Shoot Young Man                    
FOUR, Pumpkin Shells see Two Bulls                    
FOUR, Star see Growing, Four Times                    
FOUR, Star Woman see Fast, James                    
FOUR, Star Woman see Red Crow                    
FOUR, Star Woman see Has The Eagle, Joe                    
FOUR, Times see Growing, Four Times                    
FOUR BEAR, Stanley       Drew 35 Poplar Four Bear & All Good 6-Dec-22 Culbertson Roosivelt 450  
      Maud First Drew 28 Poplar Deal (Dead?) & ???          
FOUR BEAR, Stanley       Brockton 39 Ft Peck Reser Four Bear & Good All Over 12-Jan-25 Drew Roosivelt 708  
      Maud Perry Brockton 27 Mt Thomas First & ???          
FOUR BEAR, Stanley       Poplar 26 Mt Four Bear & ----? 21-Dec-14 Poplar Sheridan 373  
      Theresa Red Horse Ft Totten N D 19 N D Red Horse & Iron Road Woman          
FOUR CLOUD see Wettlin, George                    
FOUR CLOUD , Mary see McDonald                    
FOUR CLOUD, Mary see Williams                    
FOUR EAGLE BOY, Rossie see Murdock, Wesson                    
FOUR EAGLE BOY, Theodore       Frazer 27 Frazer Four Eagle Boy & ??? 16-Feb-22 Glasgow Valley 2861  
      Helen Matthess Frazer 25 Bellum? ???          
FOUR IRONS, Lena see Denny, Marcus A                    
FOUR STAR, Fred see Sharp, Phillip H C                    
FOUR STAR, Irene see Growing Four Times                    
FOUR STAR, Irene see Sharp, Phillip H C                    
FOUR STARE, Fred see Sharp, Phillip                    
FOUR STARE, Irene see Sharp, Phillip                    
FOURAND, Eliza see Lepine, Archie M                    
FOURNIER, Arnold Louis       Brockton 23 Starkweather N D Louis Fournier & Alice Shaplay 22-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1022  
      Josephine Barth Brockton 17 Deering N D George Barth & Mary McGrane          
FOURNIER, Calixte       Newlon 24 Lislet Canada Hororius Fournier & Lida Bernier 6-Dec-11 Culbertson Valley 955  
      Lena Goudette Culbertson 15 Willow City Dakota Ernest Goudette & Rose Gendron          
FOURNIER, Cyprien       Bainville 22 Canada Joseph & Rose Anna Fournier 9-Nov-16 Bainville Sheridan 879  
      Clara Grovedale? Bainville 18 Wis John B & Maggie Grovedale          
FOURNIER, Ernestine M see Johnson, Herman J                    
FOURNIER, Honorius see Fournier, Calixte                    
FOURNIER, John B       Scobey 30 Can Joseph Fournier & Rose Mechau 2-Nov-30 Scobey Daniels 497  
      Viola Olson Flaxville 21 Mn ???          
FOURNIER, Joseph see Johnson Herman J                    
FOURNIER, Joseph see Fournier, John B                    
FOURNIER, Joseph & Rose Anna see Fournier                    
FOURNIER, Louis see Fournier, Arnold Louis                    
FOURSTAR, Arthur       Fraxer 36 Frazer Fred Fourstar & Lodgepole 27-Aug-24 Glasgow Valley 3081  
      Ida Murdock Frazer 39 Wolf Point Gum & Different Cloud          
FOURSTAR, Fred see Fourstar, Arthur                    
FOURSTARS, see Fourstars, Arthur                    
FOURSTARS, Arthur       Milk River 22 Oswego Fourstars & Dark Woman 23-Jul-08 Glasgow Valley 395  
      Florence Blue Mane Frazer 18 Oswego Blue Mane & Nose Woman          
FOUSEK, Albert J see Wigtel, Andrew Maurice                    
FOUSEK, Mayme see Wigtel, Andrew Maurice                    
FOUST, B F see Foust, Forest                    
FOUST, Benjamin F see Foust, Z J                    
FOUST, Esther see Luse, Frank L                    
FOUST, Ethel Beatrice see Bayne, Johnston                    
FOUST, Forest       Glasgow 23 Newport Ohio B F Foust & Christina Landis 3-Nov-10 Glasgow Valley 731  
      Ruth Jackson Glasgow 18 Blantonville Ind L L & Alice Jackson          
FOUST, Oliver see Bayne, Johnston                    
FOUST, Z J       Glasgow 31 Dynant Ohio Benjamin F Foust & Christina O Landers? 25-Apr-12 Glasgow Valley 1040  
      Helen D Ditchman Glasgow 24 Mankato Mn John Ditchman & Katie Martin          
FOUTS, Francis see Fouts, Leonard                    
FOUTS, Leonard       Harlem 36 Banner Ill Francis Fouts & Hattie Silvernail 6-Oct-25 Chinook Blaine 903  
      Stella Lewellen Harlem 22 Mn Ben Llewellyn & ???          
FOUTZ, Dan       Baylor 24 S D Phillip Foutz & ??? 8-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 2695  
      Paulina Reich Gackle N D 21 N D Gotfred Reich & Magdalene Bohuet          
FOUTZ, Phillip see Foutz, John                    
FOWELL, Sarah see Kao                    
FOWLER, Allie (Elliot?) see see Triplett                    
FOWLER, Alta see McGregor, Lawrence D                    
FOWLER, Anna see Fierheller, John Henry                    
FOWLER, Bessie see Lutts, Otis                    
FOWLER, Chas R see Fowler, Ralph Wesley                    
FOWLER, Clara see Dubuque, Harry                    
FOWLER, Dorothy see Johnson, Leonard                    
FOWLER, E R see Fowler, Lewis Vernon                    
FOWLER, Elizabeth Louise see Rosenberg, Henry Elmer                    
FOWLER, Emma see Curtis, Lewis J                    
FOWLER, Frank H see Roselberg, Henry Elmer                    
FOWLER, Frank Henry see Peters, Henry F                    
FOWLER, Fred see Dubuque, Harry                    
FOWLER, Fred see McGregor, Lawrence D                    
FOWLER, George T see Fowler, Ralph William                    
FOWLER, Gladys see Palmer, Nobel J                    
FOWLER, Grace see Amman, Kenneth Paul                    
FOWLER, Guy see Johnson, Leonard                    
FOWLER, Isabel see Fettes                    
FOWLER, Isabel see Fettes                    
FOWLER, Isabel see Fettes                    
FOWLER, John see Anglin                    
FOWLER, Lewis Vernon       Glendive 19 St Joseph Mo E R Fowler & Nellie Baldwin 3-Oct-23 Glendive Dawson 3035  
      Josie Hiatt Glendive 18 Towner N D Jerome Hiatt & Jessie Kooken          
FOWLER, Minnie see Peters, Henry F                    
FOWLER, Ralph Wesley       Tacoma Wash 22 Tacoma Chas R Fowler & Matilda Goucher 21-Apr-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1157  
      Clarissa Lucille Fear Yakima Wash 22 Yakima Fred C Fear & Cora Bernice Davis          
FOWLER, Ralph William       Sidney 27 Eureka Kansas George T Fowler & Ida M Ball 19-Nov-12 Glendive Dawson 1170  
      Josephine Seliger Sidney 19 Sibley Iowa Frank Seliger & Ella Henry          
FOWLER, Sarah see Sadler                    
FOWLER, Sybel see Miller, Guy A                    
FOWLER, Sybil see Lutz, William J                    
FOWLER, Sybil V see Baker, R E                    
FOWLER, Syvil V see Baker                    
FOWLER, Victor M see Palmer, Nobel J                    
FOX, Ada G see VanLuchene, Paul M                    
FOX, Aletha see Sprague, John Hubert                    
FOX, Andrew       Dodson 23 Mt   11-Nov-25   Phillips 847  
      Francis Eriaux Dodson 18 Mt            
FOX, Anna see VanVleet, Palmer                    
FOX, Arlene see Price, W B                    
FOX, Charles see Fox, Irving                    
FOX, Charles J see Fox, George Edwin                    
FOX, Chas see Fox, Ira Cleveland                    
FOX, Christine see Koch                    
FOX, Clyde see Sprague, John Hubert                    
FOX, Ernest see VanLuchene, Paul M                    
FOX, Etta see Robinson, C H                    
FOX, Etta see Robinson, Claude L                    
FOX, Etta see Robinson, Clyde Howard                    
FOX, Florence see Ziebarth                    
FOX, George Edwin       Scobey 25 Wis Charles J Fox & Ida J Burnelle 9-Jun-29 Scobey Daniels 436  
      Jessie Pearl Aldrich Madoc 21 N D Cale M Aldrich          
FOX, Ira Cleveland       Sidney 25 St Paul Mn Chas Fox & Eliza Beel 21-Feb-12 Glendive Dawson 1057  
      May McCleod Sidney 20 Iowa ??? McLeod & ???          
FOX, Irving       Turner 27 Polk Cty Wis Charles Fox & Alvina Myhre 11-Dec-30 Chinook Blaine 1248  
      Marie Harris Turner 21 Jerseyville Ill Thomas Harris & Maude Bassett          
FOX, J H see Davey, Martin H                    
FOX, James       Glasgow 35 St Louis Mo John Fox & Jane LaVille 29-July-1895 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Mary Falvey St Louis Park Mn 28 St Louis Park Jeremiah Falvey & Hannah Ginney?          
FOX, Janie see Moren, Mike                    
FOX, Joe       Med�Lake 23 Mn T Fox & Frances Winter 1-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2075  
      Eleanor Iverson Med�Lake 23 Denmark Carl Iverson & Genieva Peterson          
FOX, John see Fox, James                    
FOX, John A       Landusky 60 ???       Phillips 812 ( cert not completed )
      Virginia Collins Phillips 29 Kentucky            
FOX, Joseph see Brookie, Clarence                    
FOX, Maggie see George, Jake                    
FOX, Marion see Kalloch, Elmer                    
FOX, Martha see McEwan, Israel                    
FOX, Martha see McEwen, Robert                    
FOX, Mary see Brookie, Clarence                    
FOX, Michael       Hill Cty 28 Wis   17-May-15   Phillips 16  
      Cora E Smith Wisconsin 28 Wis            
FOX, Minnie see Brown, Fairfax H                    
FOX, Mrs Margaret see Loop, Jacob C                    
FOX, Opal see Vancuren, Alvin                    
FOX, Pearl see Coubrough, Lochlain Mathew                    
FOX, T see Fox, Joe                    
FOX, William see Vancuren, Alvin                    
FOX, William see Coubrough, Lochlain Mathew                    
FOY, Ambrose J       Cold Butte 24 West Ludin N Y Louis Foy & Mary Baha 10-Jun-08 Glasgow Valley 373  
      Sarah H Blansfield Cold Butte 21 Lake Providence La John C Blansfield & Sarah Brown          
FOY, Kathryn see Dooner, Walter F                    
FOY, Kathryn see Doubles, Tom                    
FOY, Louis see Foy, Ambrose                    
FOY, Mike? see Foy, Thomas M                    
FOY, Thomas M       Brocton 30 Wis Mike? Foy & Hannah Hyen 3-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2705  
      Batrice E Jenkins Brockton 30 Indiana Alex Andrew Jenkins & Salis? Bersley?          
FRABER, C W see Fladland, Alert Bertil                    
FRABER, Marion Mildred see Fladland, Alert Bertil                    
FRABERT, A F       Mildred 26 Milwaukee Wisc Thateau Frabert & Anna Strachota 30-Jun-15 Glendive Dawson 1733  
      Louisa Baird Mildred 32 Sterling Colorado Amos Lambert & Romanie Litch          
FRABERT, Thateau see Frabert, A F                    
FRACH, Phillip see Scalisi, Jack                    
FRACH, Phylis see Scalisi, Jack                    
FRACY, Ida see Cluchey                    
FRADEN, Lola see Nault, Joseph                    
FRADER, Biddy see Freel, Lewis Asa                    
FRADY, John E       Jordan 25 Clayton Kansas Wm Frady & Lucy Riddle 3-Feb-19 Jordan Dawson 2482  
      Hazel Maben Jordan 22 Deloit Nebr Luther B Maben & Lydia Ikenberry          
FRADY, William see Frady, John E                    
FRAHM, Heinrich see Frahm, Willie Bernhard                    
FRAHM, Willie Bernhard       res Chinook 29 Germany Heinrich Frahm & Wilhelmina Meier 5-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 305  
      Philipina Moltman Schlessing Iowa 18 Schlessing Herman Moltman & Lucy Renner          
FRAHN, Caroline see Brough, William                    
FRAISER, A W see Sachow                    
FRAISER, Caroline see Sachoe                    
FRAJD, Hedvig see Oleson, Axle                    
FRAKE, Anna see Campbell, Herbert G                    
FRALEY, Alda Marie see Gee                    
FRALEY, Clara see Anholt                    
FRALEY, H C see Skillingberg, Halvor                    
FRALEY, H C see Gee                    
FRALEY, Henry see Anholt                    
FRALEY, Henry see Fraley                    
FRALEY, Orville Leslie       Raymond 46 Indiana Henry Fraley & Lissie Jones 7-Jun-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2164  
      Edith Caroline Adams P�wood 18 Ontario Can Stephan Adams & Hallie Barge          
FRALICK, Edwin see Fralick                    
FRALICK, Frank       Bainville 20 Dubuque Iowa Edwin Fralick & Nancy Shaw 29-Jul-13 Lakeside Sheridan 48  
      Marie Ratledge Lakeside 16 Texas Walter Ratledge & Ida Bowers          
FRALS, John L see Grubbs                    
FRALS, Marie Louise see Grubbs                    
FRAME, Clarence W       Sentinel Butte N D 27 Iowa J H Frame & Cynthia E Young-blood 26-Oct-20 Wibaux Wibaux 288  
      Mildred T Sivesind Sentinel Butte 21 Wis Helmer O Sivesind & Sophia H Wisland          
FRAME, Fred       Malta 21 Crawford Cty Iowa John Frame & Mary Rudd     Valley 1584 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Flora Smith Malta 27 Waco Texas Ben Cheattem & ???          
FRAME, Herbert J       Saco 25 Illinois   10-Aug-19   Phillips 444  
      Irene G Dill Saco 27 Penn            
FRAME, J H see Frame, Clarence W                    
FRAME, John see Frame, Fred                    
FRAME, Zada see Crone, Arnold L                    
FRAMICT?, Bertha see Larson, George Henry                    
FRAMOOLSON?, Agnette see Enkerud, Ole                    
FRAMSTAD, Edwin Hanson see Framstad                    
FRAMSTAD, Julius Hanson       Argyle Wis 23 Argyle Edwin Hanson Framstad & Tilla Strommen 3-Jan-36 Westby Sheridan 2999  
      Eunice Dorothy Ditmarson Wolf Point 20 Comertown Harold C Ditmarson & Elsie Satern          
FRAMSTAD, Margaret see Hugas, John D                    
FRANCE, Bessie see Lewis, William M                    
FRANCE, Flora B see Holmes, Parker France                    
FRANCE, William see Lewis, William M                    
FRANCEL, Anna see Shearer, Homer J                    
FRANCES, Ciseuski see Zabrocki, Henry                    
FRANCES, Etta see Lingle, Donald                    
FRANCES, Etta see Miller, Willard J                    
FRANCES, Mary see Sulier                    
FRANCIS, Adelaide see Horsford, Oscar B                    
FRANCIS, Arnold Manley       Antelope 26 Otter-tail Mn Irwin Francis & Ethlyn Fairchild 27-Oct-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2695  
      Lydia Johansen Antelope 17 Audubon Iowa Viggo Johansen & Carrie Johnson          
FRANCIS, Arthur       Beloit Kan 23 Beloit L R Frances & Mary E Schurtz 19-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 876  
      Mabel E Jackson B__? 19 Nebraska Mahlon Jackson & Lorana Busch?          
FRANCIS, Betty see Moore, Donald Frank                    
FRANCIS, Cadwin E see Clevenger, Loren A                    
FRANCIS, E V see Francis                    
FRANCIS, Emily F see Hudson, Frank                    
FRANCIS, Erwin see Francis                    
FRANCIS, Erwin see Stevens                    
FRANCIS, Etta see Gaffield, Chester                    
FRANCIS, Etta see Lingle, William J                    
FRANCIS, Etta see Lingle, Mearl E                    
FRANCIS, George see Bisson                    
FRANCIS, George S       Med Lake 38 Polk Cty Wis Manly & Maggie Francis 28-Nov-08 Dagmar Valley 422  
      Edith Sharpler Med Lake 22 Mn James & Jennie Sharpler          
FRANCIS, Irwin see Francis                    
FRANCIS, John see Murray, Elmer                    
FRANCIS, John W see Francis, Preston L                    
FRANCIS, L P see Horsford, Oscar B                    
FRANCIS, L R see Francis, Arthur                    
FRANCIS, Leo Zelphine       Poplar 28 Wis Peter M Francis & Gusta Bonnatt 8-May-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 502  
      Mae Luella Thompson Medicine Lake   St Paul Thomas C Thompson & Hulda Hanson          
FRANCIS, Lillian see Bodie                    
FRANCIS, Lillian see Mead                    
FRANCIS, Lyle       Antelope 25 Richville Mn Erwin Francis & Ethel Fairchild 14-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2740  
      Clara S Christianson Antelope 21 Antelope Joseph Christianson & Tilda Sauda          
FRANCIS, M G see Fairchild, Andrew C                    
FRANCIS, Mabel E see Clevenger, Loren A                    
FRANCIS, Manly & Maggie see Francis, George S                    
FRANCIS, Mary see Jensen, Jens Peter                    
FRANCIS, Maylon H       Antelope 24 Mn E V Francis & Ethel V Fairchild 5-May-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2318  
      Vera Marion Nicholson Antelope 23 Mn John M Nicholson & Marie Madsen          
FRANCIS, Millie see Stevens                    
FRANCIS, Peter M see Francis, Leo Zelphine                    
FRANCIS, Preston L       P�wood 24 Iowa John W Francis & Eliz P Cummings 1-Sep-09 P�wood Valley 504  
      Alma Ankerman P�wood 25 Dick River Iowa Chas F Ankerman & Elizabeth J Lenover          
FRANCIS, Viola Grace (Buck?) see Rossing, Clarence Werner                    
FRANCIS, Wilma (Strelose?) see Ling, Ray                    
FRANCISCO, Elmer       Antelope 25 Mn Elmer D Francisco & Alice Jackson 21-Sep-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2104  
      Eva Olson Antelope 18 Mn Gilbert Olson & Mary Luebke          
FRANDSEN, Jens see Frandsen, Peter                    
FRANDSEN, Jens see Barley                    
FRANDSEN, Karoline see Barley                    
FRANDSEN, Peter       Circle 25 Volga S D Jens Frandsen & Hansina Peterson 10-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1472  
      Anna Kristina Jensen Circle 25 Gronbeck Denmark Thomas Jensen & Kristina Jacobsen          
FRANEK, Joseph       Savage 25 Conway N D Joseph Franek & Mary Svoboda 22-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1241  
      Hazel May Morrison Savage 17 Grettinger Iowa Leon E Morrison & Mary Numann          
FRANEY, Ethel see Brackley                    
FRANEY, John see Brackley                    
FRANG, Kristiania see Moore                    
FRANIER?, Eugene see Copeland, Robert                    
FRANK, Angie see Wright, Lois E                    
FRANK, Anton see Frank                    
FRANK, Carolina see Richards, Floyd                    
FRANK, Charles Otto       Glasgow 26 Lawrenceburg Ind Otto Frank & Minnie Fleming 22-Sep-03 Glasgow Valley (111)271  
      Mary Ellen Hill Glasgow 19 Indiana James Hill & Electra Weiner          
FRANK, Christiana see Forsberg                    
FRANK, Christine see Nelson                    
FRANK, Emil see Frank                    
FRANK, Etta (McClintock?) see Scott, Walter S                    
FRANK, Eva see Kolstad, Ben K                    
FRANK, Felix see Moren, Mike                    
FRANK, Harold K       Midwest Wyo 25 Bucyrus Ohio Wilbur C Frank & Florence E Kline 16-Mar-27 Glasgow Valley 3283  
      Alta M McNeil Fairview 23 Alden Mn Alpha D McNeil & Cora B Sweet          
FRANK, Harry Otto       Fairview 33 Webster S D Herman Otto Frank & Phoebe Duryea 9-Oct-26 Glendive Dawson 3401  
      Lydia Leonhard Fairview 25 New Salem N D Fred Leonhard & Lena Kleih          
FRANK, Herman Otto see Frank, Harry Otto                    
FRANK, Jacob Harrison see Frank, William F                    
FRANK, Kristina see Syme                    
FRANK, Lawrence Ernest       Poplar 26 Canada Emil Frank & Alice Donaldson 2-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2756  
      Helen May Gunderson P�wood 21 P�wood Oliver Gunderson & Susie Morey          
FRANK, Louisa see Leonard, Robert V                    
FRANK, Madaline see Moren, Mike                    
FRANK, Margaret A see Smith, John B                    
FRANK, Mary see Gillies, Wm M                    
FRANK, Mary see Capron, M J                    
FRANK, Myrtle F (Donley?) see Kirkey, William                    
FRANK, Otto see Frank, Charles Otto                    
FRANK, Otto L       Outlook 34 Ontario Can Anton Frank & Elizabeth Beckerieck? 8-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1106  
      Florence E Walker Outlook 32 Ontario Can George Edmonson & Kate Smith          
FRANK, Perer see Frank                    
FRANK, Richard H       Minneapolis 34 Iowa Peter Frank & Theresa Opitz 7-Jun-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1970  
      Amy B Munson P�wood 34 Iowa George Munson & Ina Shipman          
FRANK, Wilbur C see Frank, Harold K                    
FRANK, William F       Poplar River 27 Washington D C Jacob Harrison Frank & Molly Plummer 19-May-1891 Poplar River Dawson 49  
      Caroline C Thompson Poplar River 35 Bergen Norway Anders Mikelson & Elen Munson          
FRANKE, Adolph C see Franke                    
FRANKE, George B       Westby 29 St Paul Mn Adolphe C Franke & Sarah Baily 22-Nov-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2575  
      Saga Lagerquist Westby 21 Sweden Gust Lagerquist & Sophie Johnson          
FRANKENBERG, Charles see Schepens, John                    
FRANKENBERG, Chas see Flynn, John                    
FRANKENBERG, Chas see Frankenberg, Robert E                    
FRANKENBERG, Chas see Kent, Adolphus                    
FRANKENBERG, Chas see Deckers, John A M                    
FRANKENBERG, Elsie see Flynn, John                    
FRANKENBERG, Ernstene May see Deckers, John A M                    
FRANKENBERG, Margaret see Jimison, Rollie Dee                    
FRANKENBERG, Margaret see Malenda, R W                    
FRANKENBERG, Margaret see Reinart, Walter                    
FRANKENBERG, Robert E       Glendive 26 Baron Wis Chas Frankenberg & Katie Henderson 1-Dec-09 Glendive Dawson 757  
      Hazel Medearis Glendive 19 Whitman Nebraska Joe Madearis & Elizabeth O�Rourke          
FRANKENBURG, Margarett see Kent, Adolphus                    
FRANKEY, Emelia see Byxbe, Clive M                    
FRANKFORTHER, Clinton see Useman, Otto                    
FRANKFORTHER, Lola see Useman, Otto                    
FRANKHAUSER, Rosa see Rummel, Frank Jr                    
FRANKLIN, Arthur E       Dooley Legal Mn Morgan Franklin & D Crooker 21-Mar-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2233  
      Mrs Florence M Searcy Butte legal Wis William H Reed & Elizabeth Whitley          
FRANKLIN, Eddie see Cook, Monte                    
FRANKLIN, Edna E see Loomis, Ralph E                    
FRANKLIN, Elizabeth see Becker, Jesse                    
FRANKLIN, Elsie see Garvey, P H                    
FRANKLIN, Francis see Campbell, Alexander                    
FRANKLIN, J A & Josephine see Garvey, P H                    
FRANKLIN, Jennie see Bradley, Gilbert C                    
FRANKLIN, Laura see Cimmer, Otto                    
FRANKLIN, Morgan see Franklin                    
FRANKLIN, Muriel see Erixon                    
FRANKLIN, Muriel see McKinnon                    
FRANKLIN, Susan see Christensen                    
FRANKLIN, Tom see Erixon                    
FRANKLIN, W D see Loomis, Ralph E                    
FRANKS, Alice see Deisen, Raymond F                    
FRANKS, Clara see Dickinson, Floyd A                    
FRANKS, Clara see Hatch                    
FRANKS, Clara see Allen                    
FRANKS, Clara see Dickinson                    
FRANKS, Clara see Dickinson                    
FRANKS, Clara see Minor                    
FRANKS, Clinton H       Phillips 25 Ind   21-Mar-17   Phillips 195  
      Getty Ella Lewis Phillips 20 Mn            
FRANKS, Eli W       Glendive 32 Crawford Cty Iowa Henry Franks & Elizabeth Jolly 16-Mar-09 Glendive Dawson 671  
      Mary E Miller Glendive 31 Iowa Dan Stuli & ???          
FRANKS, Henry see Franks, Eli W                    
FRANKS, Minnie see Shafer, M D                    
FRANKTON, America see Kenney, Frank C                    
FRANSEN, Anna see Hubert                    
FRANSEN, Evelyn see Svendson, Alfred                    
FRANSEN, Sanford       Culbertson 23 Sweden Frans Sadgnvest & Amanda Thompson 10-Nov-15 Dooley Sheridan 572  
      Lena Anderson Dooley 20 N D J P Anderson & Anne Fryberg          
FRANSON, Dena see Thorsen, Fay G                    
FRANSON, Elsie see Jenson, Jens                    
FRANSON, Henry       Dooley 26 Sweden Frans Magnuson & Emma Lou Dahl 15-Dec-19 Westby Sheridan 1609  
      Ellen Dahl Dooley 20 Norway Peter Dahl & Borghild Westrum          
FRANSON, Magnus G       Dooley 26 Sweden Frans Magnuson & Emma Lundahl 25-Dec-35 Westby Sheridan 2989  
      Solveig A Simonson Antelope 21 Antelope William Simonson & Henrietta Solberg          
FRANSON, Regina see Leer, Rudolph                    
FRANTI, Mary see Dalve, Raymond Sylvanus                    
FRANTZ, Dominique see Frantz                    
FRANTZ, Edward       Glandive 32 Wadena Mn Dominique Frantz & Lena Ludwig 22-Apr-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3008  
      Alice Fieldseth Owatonna Mn     Edward J Fieldseth & Joseph-ine Orenson          
FRANTZ, Sadie see Miner, Rudolph Martin                    
FRANTZ, Sadie see Tade, Eddie                    
FRANTZ, Sadie E see Paulson, Paul                    
FRANZ, Anna L see Funk, Cornelius H                    
FRANZ, Henry H see Rupp, Theodor R                    
FRANZ, Magdalina see Ehry                    
FRANZ, Magdelina see Tlustoch                    
FRANZ, Magdelina see Hueth                    
FRANZ, Otto Arthur       Gerard 25 Greenwood Wis Otto K Franz & Alvina Noah 22-Aug-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1362  
      Myrtle Alice Obergfell Three Buttes 18 Sidney Matt Obergfell & Etta Gibbs          
FRANZ, P H see Funk, Cornelius H                    
FRANZEN, Clara see Kirkpatrick, Lawrence                    
FRANZEN, Geo see Franzen, Harry                    
FRANZEN, George see Kirkpatrick, Lawrence                    
FRANZEN, George see Myers, Verne E                    
FRANZEN, Harry W       Sentinel Butte N D 20 Sioux Falls S D Geo Franzen & Cora Hayward 7-Jul-26 Wibaux Wibaux 537  
      Nellie C Will Sentinel Butte 19 Sioux Falls John R Will & Minnie S Couch          
FRANZEN, Ida see Wetzel, Gustav Ernest                    
FRANZEN, Ida see DeBeaumont, Albert D                    
FRANZEN, Inez Jessie see Myers, Verne E                    
FRANZEN, Jake see Franzen, John Joe                    
FRANZEN, Jessie see Olsen, Edward                    
FRANZEN, John Joe       Hinsdale 41 Aurora Ill Jake Franzen & Lena Smith 15-Dec-26 Glasgow Valley 3264  
      Ella Willard Barnette Hinsdale 26 Missouri Adolph Willard & May Muukey?          
FRANZEN, Laura see Hovde, Lloyd J                    
FRANZEN, Robert       Brisbane N D 36 Sweden Frank J Peterson & Eva Johnson 13-Dec-18 Glendive Dawson 2466  
      Margaret Noyes Brisbane 18 Anoka Mn William Noyes & Jemima McQueen          
FRAPPIER, Adolph see Frappier, Harvey                    
FRAPPIER, Harvey       Fryberg N D 21 Winona Mn Adolph Frappier & Caroline Smiston 21-Oct-25 Wibaux Wibaux 515  
      Helena Urban Fryberg 20 Wheaton Mn August Urbin & Pauline Otto          
FRASCO, Angelina see Vaira, Aldo                    
FRASER, Alexander see Lerfold, Julius                    
FRASER, Archie       Miles City 28 Alexandria Ontario Can John Fraser & Annie McMullen 4-Jun-1896 Glendive Dawson 136  
      Lillian Smiley Glendive 20 ??? George Smiley & ???          
FRASER, Daniel A see Fraser, Harold Zerxie                    
FRASER, Donald       Frazer 38 Canada Lewis Fraser & Christina McMillan 13-Jan-22 Poplar Roosivelt 342  
      Thresa Boris Frazer 23 Poland Stanley Boris & Annie Marouza          
FRASER, Ernest       N Y C 26 N Y C William Fraser & Helen Laggett 23-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3810  
      Ethel Mae Montgomery Eugene Oregon 23 Portland Ore Lewis Montgomery & Ida Mae Johnson          
FRASER, Ernest       Lisieux Sask Can 28 Can   25-Jul-29   Phillips 1128  
      Donna Johnson Lisieux Sask Can 43              
FRASER, Francis see Lerfold, Julius                    
FRASER, Harold Zerxie       Kansas City Mo 27 Turner Kans Daniel A Fraser & Marga-ret Brunk 5-May-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1445  
      Freda Ann Chamberlain Wolf Point 18 Adams Mn Earl S Chamber-lain & Ella Sjobakken          
FRASER, Isabelle see Gemeroy                    
FRASER, Janet Ross see Tompkins, William Manson                    
FRASER, Jelma? see Owen, Willard P                    
FRASER, Jemina see Jelley, Elva Carl                    
FRASER, John see Fraser, Archie                    
FRASER, John S       Glasgow 37 Ashland Wis Simon & Flora Fraser 2-Oct-11 Glasgow Valley 902  
      Mrs Alberta Herren Glasgow 31 Magnota Iowa John LaFayette & Mary Huffno          
FRASER, Lewis see Fraser, Donald                    
FRASER, Lily A see Buffington, Charles R                    
FRASER, Simon & Flora see Fraser, John S                    
FRASER, William see Fraser, Ernest                    
FRASIER, Fred       P�wood 21 N D R W Frasier & Rosella Gladue 20-Jun-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2173  
      Violet Bain P�wood 18 Mn Henry Bain & Clara Friberg          
FRASIER, Jemina see Huey, Harry Lee                    
FRASIER , L J see Pedersen, Lloyd Allen                    
FRASIER, R W see Frasier                    
FRASIER, Rueben see Frasier                    
FRASIER, Thelma see Pedersen, Lloyd Allen                    
FRASIER, Walter       P�wood 21 Mn Rueben Frasier & Rosalie Gladue 11-Sep-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2098  
      Irene Savage P�wood 19 Saratoga Wyoming Henry Savage & Emma Fough          
FRASIER, William Hardy       Phillips 32 Wayne-town Ind   11-Aug-15 Malta Phillips 40  
      Mildred Alene McGregor Phillips 27 St Cloud Mn            
FRATSKA, Ottelea see Pust, Berthold                    
FRATT, George see Melton, Orval                    
FRATT, Helen see Melton, Orval                    
FRAWLEY, J A see Frawley                    
FRAWLEY, William D       Poplar 23 N D J A Frawley & Fannie Lasher 11-Apr-17 Poplar Sheridan 1007  
      Lucile Clare Davis Poplar 24 Ft Berthold N D A O Davis & Catherine Daly          
FRAZEE, Laura E see Benning, B W                    
FRAZEL, Ann see Ford, Clarence O                    
FRAZEN, Martha see Radke, Otto                    
FRAZER, ??? see Quinn, Ralph R                    
FRAZER, Albert       Glendive 29 Spring-field Ill E J Frazer & Esther Silk 8-Mar-24 Wibaux Wibaux 420  
      Andora Underwood Red Lodge 20 Decatur Neb John Albert & Cora Underwood          
FRAZER, Alice Irene see Thompson, Perrin Ely                    
FRAZER, Catherine see McPherson, Alexander James                    
FRAZER, Charlotte see Rodemaker, Fred L                    
FRAZER, E J see Frazer, Albert                    
FRAZER, Elizabeth see Roby                    
FRAZER, Helen see Huber, John F                    
FRAZER, James N G       Barnard 23 Scotland William Frazer & Marion Grosget 17-Mar-23 Glasgow Valley 2960  
      Annie May Ralph South View Sask Can 24 Quebec Can Henry Thompson & Marie Ellen Geam          
FRAZER, Mary see Fulbrook, Stephen                    
FRAZER, Morris see Thompson, Perrin Ely                    
FRAZER, Thomas see Simonson, Alfred                    
FRAZER, William see Frazer, James N G                    
FRAZIER, Aubert W       Glendive 27 Champaigne Cooper Frazier & Elizabeth Manning 14-Feb-10 Glendive Dawson 774  
      Ethel G Robinson Duluth Mn 18 Duluth A C Robinson & Laura Grace Martin          
FRAZIER, Carrie see Enseleit, August F                    
FRAZIER, Cooper see Frazier, Aubert W                    
FRAZIER, Dora see Reed, Harley                    
FRAZIER, Elizabeth see Tooke                    
FRAZIER, Emma see Ross, Andrew                    
FRAZIER, George Ray       Randolph 26 Carthage Missouri Tom D Frazier & Zora Davis 3-Sep-16 Randolph Dawson 1966  
      Ethel Francis Nations Randolph 20 Canadian Texas William H Nations & Belle Carson          
FRAZIER, Harry O       Hinsdale 25 Iowa John A Frazier & Phebia A Flemming 27-Apr-03 Hinsdale? Valley 97  
      Mary H Ratchford Hinsdale 20 Mn Thomas Ratchford & Jane Juelson          
FRAZIER, Jake see Frazier, Kenneth                    
FRAZIER, Jakie S       Elmdale 22 Adaire Cty Mo Jakie S Frazier & Iva Mae Childers     Roosivelt 1234 ( cert not completed )
      Eva Schlenz Brockton 19 Ada Mn Charles Schlenz & Mary Bussie          
FRAZIER, John see Frazier, Harry O                    
FRAZIER, John see Streets, Ralph I                    
FRAZIER, Kenneth       Brockton 23 Kansas City Mo Jake Frazier & Iva Childers 13-Jul-29 Glasgow Valley 3489  
      Atha Prichard Brockton 20 Kan Tru? Prichard & Elva Armstrong          
FRAZIER, Lula M see Brookins, James J                    
FRAZIER, Minnie see Livermore, E A                    
FRAZIER, Minnie Ethel see Streets, Ralph I                    
FRAZIER, Tom & Zara see Brookins, James J                    
FRAZIER, Tom D see Frazier, George Ray                    
FREALEY, H C see Frealey                    
FREALEY, Paul H       Homestead 22 Indiana H C Frealey & Kizzie M Jones 11-Feb-16 Froid Sheridan 673  
      Thelma Tobiason Froid 19 Mn Ole Tobiason & Lina Anderson          
FREDE, Selma R see Cullen, Thomas L                    
FREDECK, Catherine see Forsyth, William                    
FREDERICK, Arthur H       Eddyside 28 N D Frank Frederick & Annie Warnkin 31-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1586  
      Leona Gillette Flaxville 19 N D Ernest Gillette & Susie Martin          
FREDERICK, Esther see Berg, Halver                    
FREDERICK, Frank see Frederick                    
FREDERICK, Gladys see Eatinger Eugene H                    
FREDERICK, Helen see Carter, Charles W                    
FREDERICK, J W see Eatinger                    
FREDERICK, Johanna see DeBard, Asa                    
FREDERICK, John see Oberkirsch, Frank                    
FREDERICK, John see Berg, Halver                    
FREDERICK, Leola see Fallon                    
FREDERICK, Lizzie see Fagan, John B                    
FREDERICK, Mary see Olson                    
FREDERICK, Olinda see Elkin, Alfred                    
FREDERICK, Peter see Carter, Charles W                    
FREDERICK, Ruth see Stowman, Ross E                    
FREDERICK, Samuel see Fallon                    
FREDERICK, Vilalius see Elkin, Alfred                    
FREDERICKE, Minnie see Grundman, Fred                    
FREDERICKS, Mary see Dusonnie, Joseph H                    
FREDERICKS, P W see Older, C N                    
FREDERICKSEN, Einar P       Outlook 38 Denmark Jens P Frederickson & Marie Johnson 5-Dec-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2394  
      Pearl Neff Outlook 34 S D George Henricks & Georgia Rice          
FREDERICKSEN, Jens P see Fredericksen                    
FREDERICKSEN, Lillie see Rasmussen                    
FREDERICKSEN, Rasmus see Rasmussen                    
FREDERICKSON, Adolf & Christine see Frederickson                    
FREDERICKSON, August A       Tokna 36 Sweden P D Fredrickson & Ingrid Lund 27-Dec-1899 Poplar Dawson 195  
      Maggie Hunter Poplar 26 Burnt Falls Minn Andrew Hunter & Ann Eliza Poags?          
FREDERICKSON, Christ see Roane                    
FREDERICKSON, Clara see Sampson                    
FREDERICKSON, Clifford       Williston 23 Mn Adolph & Christine Frederickson 25-Apr-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2235  
      Mollie Welo Williston 18 Williston Hans Welo & Florence Ross          
FREDERICKSON, Elsie see Hanson                    
FREDERICKSON, Hannah see Libby, Richard Hubbard                    
FREDERICKSON, Lena see Landswork, Otto                    
FREDERICKSON, Louise see Morrison                    
FREDERICKSON, Louise see Johnson                    
FREDERICKSON, Marie Christine see Roane                    
FREDERICKSON, P D see Frederickson, August A                    
FREDERICKSON, Peter       Dagmar 28 Dagmar Rasmus Frederickson & Anna Schmidt 19-May-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1968  
      Marie Y Sisk Westhope 20 Ill S J Sisk & Luella Dugger          
FREDERICKSON, Rasmus see Sampson                    
FREDERICKSON, Rasmus see Frederickson                    
FREDERKING, Henry see Frederking, Wm                    
FREDERKING, Wm       Ossette 34 Ill Henry Frederking & Louise Hamir 21-Mar-18 Glasgow Valley 2347  
      Alma Ortlepp Roberts Ill 31 Ill John Ortleppe & Emma Lurnoski          
FREDIN, Elmer A see Starleaf, Edwin G                    
FREDMAN, Sophia see Poe, Clinton J                    
FREDREGILL, Edith see Cray, Glenn                    
FREDREK, Henry       Glendive 26 Hungary Henry Fredrek & Lizzie Klukeskers 7-Aug-13 Glendive Dawson 1288  
      Malvin Difenbek Glendive 25 Hungary Carl Difenbek & Madelena Rossen          
FREDRICK, Alma see Dalby                    
FREDRICK, Frances see Whipple, Francis Victor                    
FREDRICK, Hattie see Henderson, Willis Harold                    
FREDRICK, John see Dalby                    
FREDRICK, Mary see Jenerette, Mike                    
FREDRICK, Ruth M see Tritt, Vernon H                    
FREDRICKSDTR, Pauline see Bye, Kaare                    
FREDRICKSEN, Anders see Fredrickson, Fred                    
FREDRICKSEN, Arnold M       Wolf Point 21 Culbertson Fred Fredricksen & Ebba Jensen 26-May-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2827  
      Ethel Selvig Outlook 21 Outlook Albert Selvig & Dagmar Andersen          
FREDRICKSEN, Fred       Culbertson 29 Denmark Anders Fredricksen & Marie Andersen 22-Jun-10 Culbertson? Valley 673  
      Ebba Jensen Culbertson 20 LaCrosse Wisc N P Jensen & ???          
FREDRICKSEN, Fred see Fredricksen                    
FREDRICKSON, A A see Johnson, Argle O                    
FREDRICKSON, Alice see Windel, Henry C                    
FREDRICKSON, Anna (Smith?) see Sorenson                    
FREDRICKSON, Anna Marie see Johnson, Argle O                    
FREDRICKSON, C N see Fredrickson, Clarence J                    
FREDRICKSON, Charles see Hixon, Edward G                    
FREDRICKSON, Christian see Windel, Henry C                    
FREDRICKSON, Clarence J       Malad, Idaho 32 Malad C N Fredrickson & Sarah Jones 5-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3529  
      Marjorie M Wright Glendive 25 Hopeville N B Can W Temple Wright & Jane Mathews          
FREDRICKSON, Fred see Collins, Herschel R                    
FREDRICKSON, Fred       Tioga 25 Norway Hans Fredrickson & Hannah Moe 7-Sep-26 Glendive Dawson 3384  
      Myrtle I Dawe Circle 18 Glendive Jesse F Dawe & Ida Day          
FREDRICKSON, Hans see Fredrickson, Fred                    
FREDRICKSON, Hans J       Med� Lake 24 Iowa Rasmus Fredrickson & Anna Smith 7-Jun-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1731  
      Martha Anderson Dagmar 22 Wis Nels & Maren Anderson          
FREDRICKSON, Jennie see Ruth                    
FREDRICKSON, John see Berner, Albert T                    
FREDRICKSON, Laura see Schram                    
FREDRICKSON, Louise see Chapman                    
FREDRICKSON, Mary see Rainey, Edward C                    
FREDRICKSON, Olga M see see Hixon, Edward G                    
FREDRICKSON, Oliver see Hanson                    
FREDRICKSON, Peter       Medical Lake Wash 28 Denmark Fredrick Hansen & Karen Jorgensen 25-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1097  
      Alma Martell Homestead 18 N D John Martell & Mary Rose Gladue          
FREDRICKSON, Rasmus see Fredrickson                    
FREDRICKSON, Rose Anna see Collins, Herschel R                    
FREDRICKSON, Ruth see Berner, Albert T                    
FREDSON, August see Rogge, Herman F                    
FREDSON, Esther A see Rogge, Herman F                    
FREECE, Harry see Rancourt, Pierre B                    
FREECE, Johanna see Rancourt, Pierre B                    
FREED, Charlotte see Lambie, Arthur M                    
FREED, Clara D see Hinkle, William Bascom                    
FREED, Frank see Freed, Joe                    
FREED, George E       New England N D 22 Enterprise Iowa Gustave Freed & Esther Johnson 9-Apr-30 Wibaux Wibaux 729  
      Marion Anson New England 18 New England Oscar Anson & Mabel Wallum          
FREED, Gustav see Freed, George E                    
FREED, Joe       Dickinson N D 23 Dickinson Frank Freed & Lena Himmelspach 19-May-19 Glendive Dawson 2515  
      Francis Schloss Glendive 20 Russia Sebastian Schloss & Mary Weaner          
FREED, Katie see Brown, Palmer Eugene                    
FREED, Marion see Patzer, C F                    
FREED, Marion see Billings, Lloyd H                    
FREED, Wilbur see Hinkle, William Bascom                    
FREEDMAN, Sophia see Dilley, William H                    
FREEDRIIKK, Maria see Maolis, Autti                    
FREEL, Amos see Freel, Lessel C                    
FREEL, Amos see Freel, Henry B                    
FREEL, Amos F       Wibaux 25 Rensler Ind Amos Freel & Louisa Goff 18-Jan-22 Wibaux Wibaux 331  
      Beatrice Polen Wibaux 17 Mt Ayr Iowa W C Polen & Leona Witthers          
FREEL, George W see Freel, Louis Asa                    
FREEL, Henry B       Wibaux 21 Princeton Mn Amos Freel & Louisa Goff 22-Sep-11 Wibaux Dawson 984  
      Minnie E Hutchins Wibaux 16 Alcester S D Edward Hutchins & Ida Goodroad          
FREEL, Lessel C       Wibaux 28 Princeton Mn Amos Freel & Louisa Goff 18-Jan-22 Wibaux Wibaux 330  
      Zetta A Welsh Wibaux 17 Wis F J Welch & Grace McCabe          
FREEL, Louis Asa       Wibaux 24 ??? Montana George W Freel & Biddy Frader 28-Jan-09 Glendive Dawson 664  
      Inga Anderson Wibaux 29 Richland Cty N D Brendt Anderson & Augatba? Tidiman?          
FREEL, Mahala see Cale, Willard Ray                    
FREEL, Nora see Gasho, Monroe                    
FREELAND, Clarence see Freeland, Leon G                    
FREELAND, Leon G       Havre 31 Centerville Mich Clarence Freeland & Mary Pech 1-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1461  
      Stina Haakenson Joplin 31 Hatton ND H N Haakensen & Thurie? Snesrud          
FREELAND , Maria see Peck, Everett D                    
FREEMAN, Alice D see Kalberg, Jens                    
FREEMAN, Amelia see Carr, Theodore Roosevelt                    
FREEMAN, Andrew J see Carr, Theodore Roosevelt                    
FREEMAN, Catherine see Colvin, James                    
FREEMAN, Charles B       Glasgow 38 Independence Iowa Isaac G Freeman & Elizabeth Armstrong 17-Jan-1897 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Francis McMurry Glasgow 27 Balloughton Ireland John Rogers & Mary F Maroney          
FREEMAN, George see Freeman                    
FREEMAN, Georgia see Fry, John                    
FREEMAN, Henry see Meinhold, Max Leonard                    
FREEMAN, Henry R see Freeman, Walter S                    
FREEMAN, Isaac G see Freeman, Charles B                    
FREEMAN, John see Mack                    
FREEMAN, John N       Redstone 25 Wis Geo-rge Freeman & Anna Wilcox 10-Apr-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1291  
      Alda Skillings Redstone 20 Wis William Skillings & Marga-ret Myrick          
FREEMAN, Julia see Loves Him, Wilbur                    
FREEMAN, Lenora see Downen                    
FREEMAN, Lenora J see Mack                    
FREEMAN, Malinda S see Meinhold, Max Leonard                    
FREEMAN, Mary see Cole, Irving                    
FREEMAN, T B see Shannon, Emmet L                    
FREEMAN, T K       Williston N D 26 Ontario Can T Freeman & Charlotte Andrews 1-Aug-02 Glasgow Valley 64  
      ??? Williston N D 21 Ontario Can Thayer Andrews & Susan Gibson          
FREEMAN, Walter S       Union 21 Sac City Iowa Henry R Freeman & Effie Fetters 21-Mar-29 Wibaux Wibaux 670  
      Eleanor Crystal Terry 19 Grand Forks N D William Hamlin & Martha Crystal          
FREEMAN, William       Glasgow 29     ??-???-1935 Glendive Dawson ?  
      Regina Stanke Keenan Stevens Point Wisc                
FREEMAN, William       Phillips 55 Mich   10-Jun-18   Phillips 344  
      Mary Akin Phillips 55 Wis            
FREEMEYER, Pearl see Boerschinger, Michael                    
FREER, Edward see Graven, George W                    
FREER, Inez E see Graven, George W                    
FREER, Norma see Dier, Raymond Howard                    
FREER, Peter see Ponto, Leroy                    
FREER, Theresa see Ponto, Leroy                    
FREESE, Christian J       Parschal S D 27 Iowa Julius Freese & Sarah Smith 3-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1068  
      Irene G DeTienne Van Hook N D 21 Mn Moses DeTienne & Selma Paro          
FREESE, Julius see Freese                    
FREESTONE, Eli S see Freestone, Jesse J                    
FREESTONE, Jesse J       Coburg 27 Boyceville Wis Eli S Freestone & Minnie Martin 7-Feb-18 Chinook Blaine 476  
      Orella M Warren Coburg 28 Lisbon N D John Richmond & Rose M Young          
FREI, Carolina see Shock, John                    
FREI, Caroline see Schack, Edward                    
FREIBERG, Amelia see Jolley                    
FREID, Elizabeth see Wakefield, Earl                    
FREIDE, Louise see Butcher, Lynn                    
FREIDEL, Frank see Conaster, Robert L                    
FREIDEL, Molly see Conaster, Robert L                    
FREIDL, Molly see Jones, David Milton                    
FREIDMANN, Anna see Harris                    
FREIDMANN, Theresa see Brackin, Erwin Newton                    
FREIE, Alvin W       Dodson 21 Iowa   3-Dec-23   Phillips 743  
      Ethel M Barker Dodson 18 Missouri            
FREISLEBEN, George       Westby 28 Mn John Freisleben & Thresia Reuther 16-Feb-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1785  
      Mable Myers Westby 24 Wis Soren Myers & Charlotte Olson          
FREISLEBEN, John see Freisleben                    
FRELICK, Mary see Baumann, Adam                    
FRELLS, Mahale see Cale, Fred                    
FREMARK, Mary? see Finney, Dee                    
FREML, Ella see Fettig, Anton J                    
FREMMING, Bertha see Ullman, Robert                    
FRENCH, Albert see Woods, Orval J                    
FRENCH, Alfred Lewis see French, Ernest                    
FRENCH, Amada see LeMieux, Emery D                    
FRENCH, Bert see Werk, Charles L                    
FRENCH, C C see French                    
FRENCH, Celine see LaBlanc, David                    
FRENCH, Charles M see French                    
FRENCH, Charlie see Antrobus, Rome                    
FRENCH, Chester M       Poplar 22 Knox Ind Charles M French & Clara Thompson 9-Apr-16 Poplar Sheridan 712  
      Marie Damesen Poplar 22 Holland Mich Frederick Damesen & Helen Goetzinger          
FRENCH, Clark see French, Harry L                    
FRENCH, Clark see French, Hugh B                    
FRENCH, Clark see French                    
FRENCH, Earl       Froid 23 Iowa Clark French & Alva Earl 1-Oct-13 Froid Sheridan 89  
      Ella Angelia Price Froid 18 Wis Amos Price & Alma A Palmer          
FRENCH, Earl       Froid 32 Iowa C C French & Elva Earl 12-Jul-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1906  
      Sarah Alma Price Froid 32 Wis Amos Price & Alma Palmer          
FRENCH, Elbert see Coons, James A                    
FRENCH, Ernest       Portland Ore 28 Paris France Alfred Lewis French & ??? 18-Sep-23 Poplar Roosivelt 547  
      Mild-red Westlund Maysville N D 19 Mays-ville Gilbert Westland & Agnes Danielson          
FRENCH, Florence see Werk, Charles L                    
FRENCH, Francis (Barge?) see Glover, Harry                    
FRENCH, Frank see Ziedler                    
FRENCH, Fredrick A       Bainville 50 Wis ??? & Julia A Friar 27-Oct-18 Bainville Sheridan 1390  
      Carrie E Fine Bainville 48 Bainville ??? & Elizabeth Chase          
FRENCH, Harry L       Orville 24 Story Cty Iowa Clark French & Elva Earlin? 4-Dec-12 Med� Lake Valley 1167  
      Theo Agnes Phelps Med� Lake 17 Becker Cty Mn Elmer E Phelps & Amelia Ball          
FRENCH, Helen see Ziedler                    
FRENCH, Henry see Statler, David Henry                    
FRENCH, Hugh B       Med� Lake 28 Navada Iowa Clark French & Elna Earle 6-Nov-12 Med Lake Valley 1147  
      Mildred Lee Phelps Med� Lake 24 Minneapolia Mn Elmer Phelps & Amelia Ball          
FRENCH, Lydia M see Le Mieux, Emery D                    
FRENCH, Mary see Woods, Orval J                    
FRENCH, Mary E see Statler, David Henry                    
FRENCH, Mildred see LeBlanc                    
FRENCH, Myrtle see Foster                    
FRENCH, Pearl see Antrobus, Rome                    
FRENCH, Rebecca see Williams                    
FRENCH, Rebecca see Williams                    
FRENCH, Rebecca see Williams                    
FRENCH, Roberta see Coon, James A                    
FRENCH, Roy T       Barr 31 Mo Samuel French & Nancy Schammel 14-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1840  
      Ava M Porter Barr 31 Mo T L Porter & Jodie Perry          
FRENCH, Samuel see French, Roy T                    
FRENCH, Sylvanus M       Trotters N D 28 Coddington Cty N D W M French & Mary Tschakert 1-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2378  
      Florence Herrick Trotters N D 27 Abercrombie N D John Herrick & Nellie Sperry          
FRENCH, W M see French, Sylvanus M                    
FRENTZ, Harold Leslie       Wolf Point 21 Washington D C Harry Frentz & Bertha Cole 29-Jul-19 Wolf Point Roosivelt 37  
      Pearl Victoria Breckinridge Wolf Point 17 Sask Can George H Breckinridge & Caroline Mehnke          
FRENTZ, Harry see Frentz, Harold Leslie                    
FRERICH, Alphonse H       Poplar 29 Vesley Iowa Henry Frerich & Elizabeth Eck 10-Jun-25 Poplar Roosivelt 771  
      Nellie Louise McGowan Poplar 19 Rocker Ill Felix McGowan & Helens Wein-rank          
FRERICH, Emma Katherine see Schneider, John                    
FRERICH, Henry see Schneider, John                    
FRERICH, Henry see Frerich, Alphonse H                    
FRERICH, Henry see DeGroat, Sarles Francio                    
FRERICH, Verena see DeGroat, Sarles Francio                    
FRERICHS, Henry Todd       Bainville 42 Illinois Luttmer Frerichs & Grace Todd 3-Sep-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1075  
      Thyra Cotton Silver Creek Neb 24 Silver Creek Lewis Cotton & Margaret Tannahill          
FRERICHS, Luttmer see Frerichs, Henry Todd                    
FRESEMAN, Cornelia see Milks, Henry W                    
FRESEMAN, Cornelius see Milks, Henry W                    
FRESEMAN, Cornelius see Walker, Eugene Harold                    
FRESEMAN, Winnie Effie see Walker, Eugene Harold                    
FRESHOUR, Susan see Reed, William H                    
FRESLEY, Elizabeth see Haugen, Jess G                    
FRESZ, Elizabeth see Heppner, Frank J                    
FRETALF, Anna see Skinner, Robert Roy                    
FRETHEIM, Aster see Bedwell                    
FRETHEIM, Henry see Bedwell                    
FRETMAN, Lena see Reinart, Walter                    
FRETTIM, Ben       Sidney 22 Goodhue Cty Mn Hans Frettim & Jenny Peterson 23-Jan-20 Glendive Dawson 2614  
      Marion Piercy Sidney 18 Menominee Wisc John Piercy & Evelyn Marsh          
FRETTIM, Ellen see Kemmis, Earl H                    
FRETTIM, Hans see Kemmis, Earl H                    
FRETTIM, Hans see Frettim, Ben                    
FRETZE, see also Fritz                    
FRETZE, Edward E       Beach N D 33 Mn R H Fretze & Ernestine Hinkleman 26-Aug-18 Wibaux Wibaux 213  
      Hat-tie Thiesse Beach 26 Iowa Henry Thiesse & Caroline Rehm          
FRETZE, R H see Fretze, Edward E                    
FREUCHTING, Elizabeth see Dahl, Theodore F                    
FREUND, Kristena K see Vesterby                    
FREXTLEY, Fannie see Smith                    
FREY, Charles H       Malta 23 Mt   4-Aug-20   Phillips 521  
      Lola Anderson Malta 19 Mn            
FREY, Harry       Bainville 27 Beckermeyer Ill Louis Frey & Elizabeth Lang 15-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 806  
      Irma Wylie Bainville 20 Buford N D Amos Wylie & Susie Vance          
FREY, Karoline see Schock, August                    
FREY, Louis see Frey, Harry                    
FREY, Mary see Planck, F H                    
FREZZET, Blancy? see Presnell                    
FRIAR, Hanaah see Fish                    
FRIAR, Julia A see French                    
FRIBERG, Anna see Hopkins                    
FRIBERG, Anne see Anderson                    
FRIBERG, Anne see Swanson                    
FRIBERG, Annie see Soderquist                    
FRIBERG, Annie see Anderson                    
FRIBERG, Annie see Anderson                    
FRIBERG, Clara see Bain, Floyd William                    
FRIBERG, Clara see Frasier                    
FRIBERG, Fred see Onstad                    
FRIBERG, Vera M see Onstad                    
FRICHETTE, Charlie see Azarian, James                    
FRICK, Elizabeth see Lahman, Louis J                    
FRICK, Emmit       Dodson 43 Mich   21-Apr-24   Phillips 768  
      Kathrine Kelly Dodson 30 Phillips            
FRICK, Mina see Ruhling, Henry Theodore                    
FRICKHOPP, Hulda see Sell, Henry                    
FRID, Fred       Bainville 40 Sweden John Carlson & Matilda Swenson 20-Jun-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2443  
      Mrs Anna Hodgins Bainville 42 Iowa Christ Larson & Christiana Peterson          
FRIDAY, Frank Edward       Dodson 23 Albee S D George W Friday & Celia A Lowing 8-Nov-14 Dodson Blaine 170  
      Margaret Gertrude Thompson Dodson 24 Tindal S D Albert Kirsch & Marion Roth          
FRIDAY, George W see Friday, Frank Edward                    
FRIDLEY, Anna see Kunzie, Theodore E                    
FRIDLEY, Benj see Kjelstrup                    
FRIDLEY, F J see Fridley, Fred                    
FRIDLEY, Fred       Killdeer N D 25 Westgate Iowa F J Fridley & Celia Sylvester 16-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 500  
      Thelma Brandvik Killdeer 19 Hopkins Mn Mike Brandvik & Mary Ryan          
FRIDLEY, Hazel see Kjelstrup                    
FRIDLEY, Mary see Petrie, George                    
FRIDLEY, Pauline see Massett                    
FRIDOR, Leo see Bushman, Ralph Sylvester                    
FRIEBERG, Amanda see Reeser, John                    
FRIEBERG, Leo Victor       Bredette 21 Salem Mo Newton Frieberg & Mary O�Brien 21-Sep-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1219  
      Geneva Mary Bredette Bredette 18 Montevideo Mn Lee Earl Griffen & Edith Taylor          
FRIEBERG, Newton see Frieberg, Leo Victor                    
FRIEBURG, Amanda Caroline see O�Brien, Earl                    
FRIED, Amelia Z see Raylo, Glen D                    
FRIED, Elizabeth see StGermaine, Henry                    
FRIED, Marion see Tottingham, Howard                    
FRIED, Mattie see Connor, William                    
FRIED, Nettie see Palutzke                    
FRIED, Rosie see Heinrich, John C                    
FRIEDE, Ella see Bosch, Julius                    
FRIEDE, Otto N       Chinook 27 Chinook Rudolph Friede & Minnie Soltan 29-Aug-29 Chinook Blaine 960  
      Mary Kimsey Chinook 19 Chinook William T Kimsey & Celia B Oxner          
FRIEDE, Rudolph see Friede, Walter Henry                    
FRIEDE, Rudolph see Bosch, Julius                    
FRIEDE, Rudolph C       Zurich 22 DesMoines Iowa Rudolph R Friede & Minnie Solto 24-Mar-19 Chinook Blaine 547  
      Rennie Young Zurich 19 Humberd Wis Henry Young & Alvins Shufflebein          
FRIEDE, Rudoplh see Friede, Otto N                    
FRIEDE, Walter Henry       Chinook 20 Chin-ook Rudolph Friede & Minnie Soltau 17-Jul-27 Chinook Blaine 1007  
      Elvina Kahm Chinook 17 Longmont Col Henry Kahm & Katie Webber          
FRIEDEL, Anna see Meinhold, Max                    
FRIEDENBACH, Annie see Hoffman, Reinhold                    
FRIEDGEN, Arthur H       Glasgow 26 Iowa Micheal Friedgen & Margaret O�Malley 26-Apr-20 Glasgow Valley 2654  
      Erma G North Glasgow 20 N D Ed North & Genevieve Perkins          
FRIEDGEN, Micheal see Friedgen, Arthur H                    
FRIEDL, Frank see Stevens, Edward C                    
FRIEDL, Frank see Cahill, Jerry                    
FRIEDL, Kate see Cahill, Jerry                    
FRIEDLAND, Gust see Friedland, John                    
FRIEDLAND, John       Union 21 Blossburg Gust Friedland & Ella Hougland 1-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2042  
      Helen Spencer Union 20 Boardman Wisc Walter Spencer & Julia Wilhelm          
FRIEDLEY, Pauline see Phinney                    
FRIEDMANN, Ambrose see Wilson, John                    
FRIEDMANN, Ambrose see McHugh                    
FRIEDMANN, Anna see Wilson, John                    
FRIEDMANN, Rosa see McHugh                    
FRIEDRICH, Martha B see Raess                    
FRIEDRICH, William see Raess                    
FRIEDT, Caroline see Meschke, Charles A                    
FRIEDT, Phillip see Meschke, Charles A                    
FRIEND, Emma see Hart, Robert E                    
FRIEND, William see Henson, Ernest Charles                    
FRIES, August see Fries                    
FRIES, Henry O       P�wood 34 Illinois August Fries & Margaret Ritter 21-Oct-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1402  
      Olivia E Uhley P�wood 24   Edward Uhley & Adelina Seyer          
FRIES, Katherine see Mohr, Henry                    
FRIES, Wilhelmina see Siggelkow, Otto H                    
FRIESEN, Anna see Reimer, Jacob                    
FRIESEN, Diedrich       Oswego 23 Russia Diedrich Friesen & Lena Redicopp 10-Sep-18 Oswego Valley 2420  
      Sarah Ratzloff Oswego 19 Mn John Ratzoff & Agnes Thirsen          
FRIESEN, Helena see Gerdes, Otto                    
FRIESEN (FRIESNER?), David W       Dickinson N D 32 Canada Gerhard S Friesner & Marie Wiebe 12-Jan-15 Wibaux Wibaux 13  
      Amelia Werner Dickinson N D 21 S D David & Catherine Werner          
FRIESNER, Gerhard S see Freisen, David W                    
FRIESON, Margaret see Schmidt, Jacob Gilbert                    
FRIESSEN, Helena see Beier, Henry Elmer                    
FRIESZ, Bernhardt see Friesz, Frank                    
FRIESZ, Frank       Forsythe 23 Russia Bernhardt Friesz & Johanna Smith 26-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1650  
      Pauline Scheidt Glen Ullen N D 22 Bowman County S D ???          
FRIETAG, August see Chrisholm, Charles A                    
FRIETAG, Leonora L see Chrisholm, Charles A                    
FRIEZ, Mike       Belfield N D 21 Russia Nick Friez & Maggie Rhodes 25-Jun-17 Wibaux Wibaux 146  
      Eva Sanborn Belfield 23 New Hampshire Homer Sanborn & Abbie Edgerly          
FRIEZ , Nick see Friez, Mike                    
FRIEZEN, Jacob see Henze, Albert                    
FRIEZEN, Katie Kalien see Henze, Albert                    
FRIGARD, Olive Iverson see Solberg, Simon                    
FRIGLEBERG, Rachel see Jensen, M M                    
FRIIS?, Charlotta see Jensen, Sigurd                    
FRIMSTAD, John       Grenora N D 37 Norway Jens Petersen & Mary Christiansen 23-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1578  
      Hazel R Oakes Grenora 17 Mn C C Oakes & Harriet Whiting          
FRINK, Kataline see Kraft                    
FRINKA, Elizabeth see Olfert, Abraham A                    
FRISBEE, Barbara see Fager, Frank                    
FRISBEE, Carra A see Wettlin, Phillip                    
FRISBEE, Cora see DeGagne                    
FRISBEE, Thomas see DeGagne                    
FRISBEE, Thomas R see Wettlin, Phillip                    
FRISBIE, Elnore M see Leach, Thomas A                    
FRISBIE, Florence see Moore, Earl W                    
FRISBIE, Florence E see Moore, Ashton J                    
FRISBY, Florence see Moore, Earl W                    
FRISBY, Minerva see Glaze                    
FRISBY, Minerva see Linthicum                    
FRISBY, Minnie see Hale, Edward                    
FRISCH, Harold       Hinsdale 22 Mn   21-Jun-29   Phillips 1121  
      Gert-rude Able Saco 22 Mt            
FRISCH, John N       Vandalia 41 St James Mn Peter Frisch & Marguerite Jacobs 6-Dec-21 Glasgow Valley 2836  
      Sylvia Borland Vandalia 42 Dunseith N D James Borland & Ida Mckay          
FRISCH, Peter see Frisch, John N                    
FRISINGER, Carroll M       Wibaux 33 Barron Wisc Lewis B Frisinger & Elnora Denman 30-Jun-27 Glendive Dawson 3466  
      Fannie Wingert Kansas City Kans 22 K C Charles Wingert & Blanche Ingham          
FRISINGER, I G       Edgehill 21 Barron Wis Lewis B Frisinger & Elenora Denman 26-Oct-22 Wibaux Wibaux 358  
      Hattie Nagode Milliron 17 Little Rock Ark Joe Nogode & Loiuse Golob          
FRISINGER, Lewis B see Frisinger, I G                    
FRISINGER, Lewis B see Bair, Ervin Lewis                    
FRISINGER, Lewis B see Frisinger, Carroll M                    
FRISINGER, May see Bair, Ervin Lewis                    
FRISON, George S       Warland Wyo 30 Vasalt Calif? J C Frison & Margaret Shields 14-Mar-24 Glendive Dawson 3091  
      Metta Blossom Carr St Paul Mn 29 Herrning Denmark Ole Carr & Metta Katherine Nelson          
FRISON, J C see Frison, George S                    
FRISTAD, Albert       Glendive 24 Norway Ole Fristad & Ane Alette Tunem 28-Sep-08 Glendive Dawson 621  
      Anna Martha Anderson Glendive 25 Norway O A Rusnes & Karen Berge          
FRISTAD, Ole see Fristad, Albert                    
FRISTAD, Peter see Welton, William                    
FRISTED, Viola see Welton, William                    
FRISVOLD, Christ see Palubicki Stanley J                    
FRISVOLD , Cora see Palubicki                    
FRISVOLD, John Harlow       Richey 30 Garvin Mn Knute Frisvold & Emma Holter 16-Sep-20 Axtell McCone 15  
      Nellie Myrtle Knauts Axtell 21 Princeton Illinois George Knauts & Eva Smith          
FRISVOLD, Knute see Frisvold, John Harlow                    
FRITSCH, Arthur       Hodges 21 Kendall Illinois Fred Fritsch & Amelia Lamen 28-Nov-10 Glendive Dawson 870  
      Sarah Bass Hodges 20 Malden Illinois Edwin Bass & Lydia Steele          
FRITSCH, Fred see Fritsch, Arthur                    
FRITZ, see also Fretze                    
FRITZ, A A       Washburn N D 34 Washburn H J Fritz & Christine Johnson 18-May-21 Wibaux Wibaux 304  
      Helma Jacobson Watkins Mn 31 S D Christian Jacobson & Petrina Ellerton          
FRITZ, Alvin John       Circle 26 Herman Wisc John Fritz & Regina Manwilder 7-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2668  
      Elsie Sophie Volpp Rose Valley 20 Germany Wilhelm Volpp & Anna Wolf          
FRITZ, Anna see Barhis, Andre                    
FRITZ, Gustave W       Beach N D 29 Beach N D R H Fritz & Ernestine Hinkleman 9-Aug-17 Wibaux Wibaux 159  
      Amanda Melquist Beach 21 Wis ??? & Sophie Sanburg          
FRITZ, H J see Fritz, A A                    
FRITZ, Jane E see Frye, Edward Byron                    
FRITZ, John see Undem, Martin                    
FRITZ, John see Fritz, Alvin John                    
FRITZ, Josephine see Smith, Frank D                    
FRITZ, Louise see Buel, Lindley F                    
FRITZ, R H see Fritz, Gustave W                    
FRITZ, Sophia see Undem, Martin                    
FRIZZLE, John see Frizzle, Simon N D                    
FRIZZLE, Simon N D       Glendive 23 Stoneham Mass John Frizzle & Catherine Senter 24-May-1897 Glendive Dawson 153  
      Ann Butler Glendive 24 Mn James Butler & Catherine McDonald          
FROBERG, Anna see Hansen, Froberg                    
FROBERG, Anna see Hansen                    
FROBERG, Anne see Hansen                    
FROBERG, Annie see Hansen                    
FROBERY, Ane see Anderson, Anton                    
FRODING, Clara see Anderson, John                    
FRODL, Thiesia see Waber, Oswald O                    
FROEHLICH, Emma see Pennington, John D H                    
FROELICH, August see Froelich                    
FROELICH, Elizabeth see Wettlin, Phillip                    
FROELICH, Emma A see Washington, Arthur A                    
FROELICH, William C       Bainville 35 Kans August Froelich & Anna Kohler 26-Feb-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1270  
      Frida Newborg Dwyer 35 Mn Andrew G Spor & Marie Person          
FROEMKE, Helen see Monahan                    
FROG, Felix       Ft Belknap 36 Ft Belknap Yellow Robe & ??? 13-Oct-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 420  
      Laura Marie Schwalier Harlem 25 St Leo Mn Joseph H Schaller & Teresa Karl          
FROID, Sarah see Langberg, Alden C                    
FROILAND, Rasmus       Brockway 31 Norway Samuel Froiland & Gurina Lue 29-Nov-27 Glendive Dawson 3517  
      Vanda Serine Skjeneland Nor 31 Norway Ole Skjeneland & Martha Lovbrek          
FROILAND, Samuel see Froiland, Rasmus                    
FROKELI, Mary L see Stevens, Philander L                    
FROLAND, Tollef       Glendive 29 Norway Tollef Froland & Ellen Ree 21-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1292  
      Mary Helland Glendive 33 Norway Ole Helland & Annie Lendl          
FROLEICH, Fred see Sterhan, John                    
FROLEICH, Rose see Sterhan, John                    
FROLIN, Mary see Stirret, George H                    
FROM, Marie see Leer                    
FROMAN, Margaret see Vogt, Daniel W                    
FROMBETTA, Peter see Jacobson, Jacob J                    
FROMBETTA , Sylvia see Jacobson, Jacob J                    
FROMDAHL, Helmer Benjamin       Wolf Point 34 S D William Fromdahl & Martha Lee 6-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1167  
      Mildred Irine Erwin Portland N D 24 N D Louis Erwin & Christine Hattleburg          
FROMDAHL, Ira William       Wolf Point 25 Wallace S D William Fromdahl & Martha Lee 1-May-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1444  
      Julia Burch Wolf Point 19 New York N Y Lee Burch & Elizabeth Heser          
FROMDAHL, Sener Edward       Wolf Point 27 Watertown S D William Fromdahl & Martha Lee 7-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2081  
      Anna Smith Wolf Point 17 Rochelle Ill Abraham Smith & Bernice Stomberg          
FROMDAHL, William see Fromdahl, Sener Edward                    
FROMDAHL, William see Fromdahl, Helmer Benjamin                    
FROMDAHL, William see Fromdahl, Ira William                    
FRONDAL, Guri see Wangen, Theodore                    
FRONNS, Kari see Grove, Martin                    
FRONT, Elizabeth Ann see Campbell, Frank Norman                    
FRONT, John see Campbell, Frank Norman                    
FRONTINAN, Harriet see Hansel, J O                    
FRONTMAN, Fannie see McCain, John R                    
FROOD, Mabel see Allensworth, Ward                    
FROSBERG, Elsie V see Anderson                    
FROSBERG, Math see Anderson                    
FROSE, Britta Louise see Tronstad, Halkild                    
FROSHISER, Mary see Zeiler, Jacob                    
FROSLAN, Hans see Froslan                    
FROSLAN, Peder H       Flaxville 41 Mn Hans Froslan & Carrie Morstad 9-Aug-16 Plentywood Sheridan 811  
      Katherine Christensen Flaxville 43 Mn Iver Christensen & Mary Larson Oxvig          
FROSOUGH, Oline see Monrad, Nils                    
FROST, Elk see Davis, Arthur O                    
FROST, Alemeda see Grevcox, George W                    
FROST, Charles E see Frost, Ralph Eugene                    
FROST, Ernest James       Wolf Point 22 Southhampton England Samuel G N Frost & Mary Anne Watkins 1-Mar-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 870  
      Anna Rose Davis Wolf Point 18 Middle Branch Neb Amos E Davis & Margaret Adams          
FROST, H H see Rosser, John C                    
FROST, Iona Angelina see Thomas, William C                    
FROST, Lizzie see Stevens                    
FROST, Lottie see Turner, Loring A                    
FROST, Mary see Erickson, Melvin                    
FROST, Myron E       Hinsdale 26 Armstrong Iowa Nick Frost & Linda Carroll 26-Dec-23 Glasgow Valley 3030  
      Dorothy M Schultz Hinsdale 21 Springfield Mn William Anderson & Chloe Strasburg          
FROST, Nick see Frost, Myron E                    
FROST, Nickola see Thomas, William C                    
FROST, Ralph Eugene       Tobison 24 Adair Mo Charles E Frost & Cora Morelock 21-Sep-30 Opheim Valley 3591  
      Mary Ellen Ledford Thoeny 17 Green City Mo Alva G Ledford & Alvie Buckallew          
FROST, Samuel G M see Frost, Ernest James                    
FROST, Tracy see Duncan                    
FROSTAD, Inga see Cluchey                    
FROSTAD, Mary see Hendrickson                    
FROSTAD, Mary Anna see Knutson                    
FROSTAD, Ole see Cluchey                    
FROSTAD, Ole see Hendrickson                    
FROTCHER, C G see Brown, William McKinley                    
FROTHINGER, Hazel see Taylor, Robert M                    
FRRY?, Carolina see Schock, Gottleib                    
FRUCH__?, Tillie see see Duerig, Clarence W                    
FRUDENTOL, Kristine M C see Sorenson, Ole Peter                    
FRUECHTING, Elizabeth see Mohr, Henry                    
FRUNK, Annie see Hecker, Edward                    
FRUNK, Frank see Hecker, Edward                    
FRY, Andrew       Content 29 Missouri George Fry & Martha Hardin 2-Jan-20 Glasgow Valley 2608  
      Ellen Goodell Kansas City Mo 27 Mo DeRance Goodell & Louisa? Hulstad          
FRY, James see Hosfield, Arthur                    
FRY, Albert see Fry, John                    
FRY, Bessie see Niles, Frank                    
FRY, Bessie see Wagar                    
FRY, Bossie? see Harkness, Norman Leonard                    
FRY, Edna May see Smith, W J                    
FRY, Frances see Werk, Charles L                    
FRY, George see Fry, Andrew                    
FRY, Inez see Worthing, T J                    
FRY, J W see Worthing, T J                    
FRY, James see Fry John                    
FRY, John       Hinsdale 30 Neb Albert Fry & Maria Graham 11-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2052  
      Stella Davis Glasgow 27 Wis John Cate & Georgia Freeman          
FRY, John see Shroud, James A                    
FRY, John       Lakeside 31 Ill James Fry & Mary Markuson 11-Feb-19 Bainville Sheridan 1473  
      Katie Vanwinkle Lanark 18 Okla John Vanwinkle & Dora Nay          
FRY, Martin see Mckenzie, Walter Nelson                    
FRY, Mary see Hawkins, George A                    
FRY, May L see Smith, W J                    
FRY, Mrs Nancy Margaret see Rogers, Joseph                    
FRY, Nehimid see Fry                    
FRY, Nellie see Hosfield, Arthur                    
FRY, Pearl Mary see Harris, Michael H                    
FRY, Sarah Ellen see McKenzie, Walter Nelson                    
FRY, Susan see Zeidler                    
FRY, Sydney W see Smith, W J                    
FRY, William B       Winnipeg Man legal Lafay-ette Ind Nehemid Fry & Hanna Beshaar 20-May-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2929  
      Thelia B Klein New Orleans legal Hereclia Costa Rico Joseph M Zemdadeo & Ernestine Bourcey          
FRYAR, Ethel see Abbott, Paul H                    
FRYAR, George A see Abbott, Paul H                    
FRYBERG, Anna see Heppner Herman R                    
FRYBERG, Anne see Fransen                    
FRYE, Benjamin see Frye, Elmer E                    
FRYE, Carl see Gehnert, Fred                    
FRYE, Caroline see Rau, John Jr                    
FRYE, Christine see Bogner, Joe F                    
FRYE, Cora see Waller                    
FRYE, Edward Byron       Wales N D 72 Wis Edward Frye & Norma Speakman 28-Nov-23 Poplar Roosivelt 578  
      Jane Elizabeth Culbertson Culbertson 75 Ohio David Sloan & Jane E Fritz          
FRYE, Ella (Thompson?) see Wilson, John B                    
FRYE, Elmer L       Poplar 23 Vernon Cty Wis Benjamin Fry & Eva Krauss 23-Jan-13 Glasgow Valley 1228  
      Myrtle M Wilkinson Poplar 18 Vernon Cty Wis Elmer E Wilkinson & Belle Thomas          
FRYE, George see Jarmine, Roy William                    
FRYE, Isaac M       Beaverton 29 Iriquois Ill Warren Frye & Elizabeth Ruddy 1-Aug-17 Chinook Blaine 412  
      Azeea R Pier-son Beaverton 19 Saco Creton E Pierson & Alvina Kennedy          
FRYE, Mathilda see Gehnert, Fred                    
FRYE, Pauline see Jarmine, Roy William                    
FRYE, Warren see Frye, Isaac M                    
FRYER, Fred see Buller, Abraham A                    
FRYER, Gertrude see Buller, Abraham A                    
FRYHING?, Marie see Nelson                    
FRYHLING, Chris Edward       Froid 26 Pri-nceton Mn Louis Fryhling & Martha Christ-ensen 15-Oct-24 Dane Valley Roosivelt 675  
      Marie Anna Olsen McCabe 23 Hampton Nebr Jens Jacob Olson & Morine Duverne Jackson          
FRYHLING, Elvina see Larsen                    
FRYHLING, Fred       Froid 22 Mn Louis Fryhling & Martha Christianson 28-Jun-16 Dane Valley Chapel Sheridan 767  
      Marie Anderson Froid 18 Iowa Hans Anderson & Maria Nelson          
FRYHLING, Louie see Kamp                    
FRYHLING, Louis see Fryhling, Chris Edward                    
FRYHLING, Louis see Fryhling                    
FRYHLING, Louis see Larsen                    
FRYHLING, Mari K D H see Hansen, K P K                    
FRYHLING, Marie see Hofman, Holger                    
FRYHLING, Marie see Nelson, Walter                    
FRYHLING, Mazie see Kamp                    
FRYKBERG, August see Larson, Per Olaf                    
FRYKBERG, Matilda see Larson, Per Olaf                    
FRYLING, Maria see Johnson, John Christ                    
FRYLING, Marie see Nelsen, Nels Martin                    
FRYLLING, ??? see Olson, Martin Jacob                    
FRYMIRE, Albert see Frymire                    
FRYMIRE, Walter N       Weyburn Sask Can 21 N D Albert Frymire & Nellie Smith 11-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1178  
      Fannie Lasa-ter P�wood 21 Missouri Gilbert Lasater & Mary Casey          
FRYXELL, John       Brockway 55 Sweden John Fryxell & Sophie Victorin 26-Feb-25 Circle McCone 78  
      Delia D Diebel Brockway 55 Wisc Thomas Isaacson & Maria Lobdal          
FUCHS, Margereth see Schmitz                    
FUDESH, Louise see Maier                    
FUDGE, Mary Elizabeth see Mattingly, Orsini Ralph                    
FUDGE, Thomas W see Mattingly, Orsini Ralph                    
FUGARE, Vallase? see Cheney, Ralph                    
FUGE, Thomas M see Fuge, William E                    
FUGE, William E       Missoula 28 Marrisdale Penn Thomas M Fuge & Matilda M Hummell 28-Oct-15 Glendive Dawson 1800  
      Carrie Williams Missoula 22 Brownsville Mn Charles Hammer & Marie Olson          
FUGETT, Pearl see Johnston, Glen                    
FUGLE, Anna see Michels                    
FUGLE, Anna see Michels                    
FUGLEBERG, Emma see Jenson, John A                    
FUGLEBERG, Emma see Gunlock, S W                    
FUGLEBERG, Emma see Jensen, Charles J                    
FUGLEBERG, Emma J see Haugland, Sam                    
FUGLESTEAD, Inga see Malmend, Thomas                    
FUGLESTEAD, Nels see Malmend, Thomas                    
FUHRMAN, Carl       Glasgow 28 N D Henry Fuhrman & Christina Hart 1-Mar-20 Glasgow Valley 2632  
      Catherine Benedict Glasgow 34 Neb John Bennett & Priscilla Payne          
FUHRMAN, Christ       Baylor 35 Dawson N D Henry Fuhrman & Christina Harr 26-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 2349  
      Martha Walker Baylor 18 Bodin N D Jacob Walker & Christine Fuhrman          
FUHRMAN, Christina see Fuhrman, Conrad E                    
FUHRMAN, Christine see Padgett, William H                    
FUHRMAN, Christine see Fuhrman, Christ                    
FUHRMAN, Christopher see Fuhrman, Robert C                    
FUHRMAN, Conrad E       Baylor 31 Bowdoin N D Henry Fuhrman & Christina Harr 16-Mar-28 Glasgow Valley 3376  
      Lillie L Walker Baylor 17 Bobdoin N D Jacob Walker & Christina Fuhrman          
FUHRMAN, Fred       Poplar 23 N D Henry Fuhrman & Christine Harr 27-Apr-17   Valley 2115  
      Dorothy Miller Baylor 18 Russia Alexander Miller & Kahterine Walker          
FUHRMAN, Henry see Fuhrman, Carl                    
FUHRMAN, Henry see Fuhrman, Fred                    
FUHRMAN, Henry see Fuhrman, Christ                    
FUHRMAN, Henry see Fuhrman, Conrad                    
FUHRMAN, Henry E see Padgett, William H                    
FUHRMAN, John       Phillips 24 Mn   26-Jul-17   Phillips 248  
      Hazel Trusty Phillips 18 Mn            
FUHRMAN, Konrad       Baylor 22 Bowden N D Konrad Fuhrman & Christine Brenneise 29-Mar-21 Glasgow Valley 2771  
      Emma Kathryn Miller Batlor 17 So Russia Alex F Miller & Anna Katherine Wahtel          
FUHRMAN, Martha see Hinerman, William R                    
FUHRMAN, Robert C       Alexandria Mn 27 Alexandria Christopher Fuhrman & Helena Beurly? 26-Aug-28 Wibaux Wibaux 626  
      Hazel Wilhelm Golva N D 25 Rockville Mn L E Curl & Hanna Muller          
FUHRMANN, Henry see Fuhrmann, John                    
FUHRMANN, John       Baylor 27 Logan Cty N D Henry Fuhrmann & Christine Harr 9-May-25 Scobey Daniels 203  
      Emily A Douglas Wash 20 Whitecloth Mich Harry Douglas & Gertrude Wilbur          
FULBERG, Carl see Fulberg, Walter                    
FULBERG, Walter       Buford N D 21 Weaver N D Carl Fulberg & Signa Larson 2-Jul-24 Poplar Roosivelt 634  
      Myrtle Gorder Buford 18 Buford Ole Gorder & Gunda Wold          
FULBRIGHT, Clarence       Denton 25 Liberal Mo Rufus Fulbright & Nellie Wright 12-Sep-27 Glendive Dawson 3491  
      Vera D Plumlee Gt Falls 28 Christofer Illinois William Webb & Lizzie Johnson          
FULBRIGHT, Rufus see Fulbright, Clarence                    
FULBROOK, Henry       Opheim 49 England Stephen Fulbrook & Catherine Waters 3-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1463  
      Jessie F Kerr Opheim 29 Quebec Can William Kerr & Mary Frazer          
FULBROOK, Stephen see Fulbrook, Henry                    
FULKERSON, Clarence Dale see Fulkerson, Donald Roy                    
FULKERSON, Donald Roy       Poplar 21 Ariz Clarence Dale Fulkerson & Alberta Pearl Donaldson 20-May-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1316  
      Permelia Slevin Poplar 20 Indiana Lemuel Slevin & Mamie Porter          
FULKS, Jackson see Charles, Edwin J                    
FULKS, Mildred see Charles, Edwin J                    
FULLAN, Catherine see Gilfoy, Thomas Edward                    
FULLER, A J see Everett, W B                    
FULLER, Alta see Shear, Vern W                    
FULLER, Dolly see Hallstead, Spencer Gillford                    
FULLER, Earl Wayne       Wolf Point 29 Leeds N D Eshon Jacob Fuller & Lydia Belle Thompson 7-Jun-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 769  
      Elsie Electa McNeil Wolf Point 23 Wheaton Mn A D McNeil & Cora Sweet          
FULLER, Edith see Hanson                    
FULLER, Edward see Bailey, John                    
FULLER, Edward see Bucher                    
FULLER, Emma see Denney, Orrin                    
FULLER, Eshon Jacob see Fuller, Earl Wayne                    
FULLER, Ethel see Boice, Norris Keith                    
FULLER, Ethel see Boice, William                    
FULLER, Eve see Bailey, John                    
FULLER, Frances see Scalf                    
FULLER, Frances see Scalf                    
FULLER, George E see Motts, Charles P                    
FULLER, George H see Ellsworth, F B                    
FULLER, Harry A see McFarland, George P                    
FULLER, Harry E       Gt Falls 32 Ohio   15-Sep-19   Phillips 452  
      Mabel C Heath Phillips 19 Mt            
FULLER, Hattie see Hubbard, Arthur A                    
FULLER, James Thomas       Bainville 24 Tahamah Neb Scott Fuller & Mary Ellen Jones 3-Dec-29 Culbertson Roosivelt 1396  
      Ruth Iwen Rittgers Bainville 21 Lamoura? N D Harry Rittgers & Bertha Iwen          
FULLER, Luella see Church, Homer Roy                    
FULLER, Luella S see Everett, W B                    
FULLER, Luella Salina see Weingartner, Lawrence William                    
FULLER, Mabel A see Honnold, Desmond C                    
FULLER, Mary T see Mottz, Charles P                    
FULLER, May see Wait, Grover                    
FULLER, May see Schwenke, Albert A                    
FULLER, May J see Lythe, Jay Lester                    
FULLER, Mina see Dewitt, George                    
FULLER, Rosanna Grace see McFarland, George P                    
FULLER, Rosetta see Snyder, H F                    
FULLER, Sarah see Lunney, P M                    
FULLER, Sarah see Williams, Joseph J                    
FULLER, Sarah E see Chestnut, Frank W                    
FULLER, Scott see Fuller, James Thomas                    
FULLER, Thomas J see Hanson                    
FULLERTON, Cora see Downs, Joseph                    
FULLERTON, Lucretia J see Conley, Leland C                    
FULLMER, Henry W       Joplin 25 Hope N S L J Fullmer & Maria Shannon 3-Jun-14 Chinook Blaine 126  
      Myrtle Kermer Joplin 24 Winona Mn John Kremer & Mary Delving          
FULLMER, L J see Fullmer, Henry W                    
FULLMORE, Esther see Hutchins, Glen Elmer                    
FULTON, Dave see Dawe, Jack                    
FULTON, Ella see Dawe, Jack                    
FULTON, George see Hesh, Orange A                    
FULTON, George see McLean, Alexander                    
FULTON, George see Martinez, Fred                    
FULTON, James see Fulton, Julius                    
FULTON, Joseph see Jackson, Anthony                    
FULTON, Julius       Beach N D 27 Eseline N D James Fulton & Ida Ebert 16-Nov-12 Glendive Dawson 1166  
      Minda Olsen Mandan 22 Almont N D Sivert Olsen & Mina Jensen          
FULTON, Julius       Glendive 35 Esteline S D James Fulton & Ida Ebert 10-Jul-18 Glendive Dawson 2400  
      Viola Ryan Glendive 30 Lincoln Nebr Henry Heedt & Caroline Tillets          
FULTON, Margaret see DeWitt, George                    
FULTON, Nellie Gertrude see Martinez, Fred                    
FULTON, Sarah see Jackson, Anthony                    
FULTON, Willie G Martinez see Hesh, Orange A                    
FUNDERHEIDE, Flora see Wood, Edwin F                    
FUNK, Adolph       Scobey 33 Lake City Mn Peter & Anna Funk 4-May-30 Glasgow Valley 3554  
      Selma Anderson Scobey 27 Scobey August Jevnager & Agusta Montarch? (Mantenach)          
FUNK, Adolph       Volt 23 Kansas George F Funk & Sarah Bartel 15-Aug-20 Volt Roosivelt 164  
      Anna Enns Lustre 21 Mn John J Enns & ???          
FUNK, Anna see Himger, William P Junior                    
FUNK, C C see Funk, Cornelius H                    
FUNK, Catherine see Taylor, Robert Pierre                    
FUNK, Cornelia see Lemke, David                    
FUNK, Cornelius H       Lustre 38 Kans C C Funk & Mary Harns 25-Aug-18 Ossette Valley 2373  
      Anna L Franz Lustre 30 Mn PH Franz & Susan Leickroen          
FUNK, David J       Hydro 33 Corn Okla Jacob Funk & Helena Janzen 22-Jun-27 Chinook Blaine 998  
      Elizabeth Alice Peters Hydro 19 Corn Okla Peter Peters & Margaret DeFehr          
FUNK, Ferdinand J       Hydro 28 Kansas Jacob Funk & Lena Jansen 6-Jan-16 Hydro Blaine 255  
      Agatha Peters Hydro 19 Russia Peter Peters & Margaretha Defehr          
FUNK, Fred J       Killdeer N D 41 Mpls Mn Wm Funk & Elizabeth Benson 26-Apr-25 Wibaux Wibaux 486  
      Mrs Alice Karlen Mpls 25 Hamburg Germany David Johnson & ???          
FUNK, George F see Funk, Adolph                    
FUNK, George F see Funk                    
FUNK, George James       Volt 23 Hillsboro Kan George F Funk & Sarah Bartle 3-Jul-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1466  
      Lydia Schultes Volt 18 Anamoose N D Jake Schultes & Pauline Hirsch          
FUNK, Harriet see Sommars, Ralph Jack                    
FUNK, Ira       Glasgow 27 Ind J L Funk & Martha Elwood 27-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2034  
      Carrie Wold Glasgow 24 N D John Wold & Bessie Jordan          
FUNK, J L see Funk, Ira                    
FUNK, Jacob       Lustre 23 Mn Peter Funk & Lizzie Bushman 12-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2386  
      Katherine Wiebe Lustre 20 Mn Henry Wiebe & Christina Werner          
FUNK, Jacob see Funk, David J                    
FUNK, Jacob see Funk, Ferdinand J                    
FUNK, Joanna see Poppe, Charles H                    
FUNK, John       Wolf Point 24 Kansas George F Funk & Sarah Bartal 22-Aug-17 Volt Sheridan 1115  
      Elizabeth Sarah Poetker Wolf Point 21 Oklahoma Henry H Poetker & Elizabeth Regus          
FUNK, Minnie see Grosse, Lester Richard                    
FUNK, Nettie see Troutman, Fred F                    
FUNK, O R       Paxton 21 Bloomfield Nebr W D Funk & Cora A King 16-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1621  
      Ruby A King Orleans Nebr 19 Orleans Frank Phinney & Josie Spegal          
FUNK, Onna see Morris, Norman C                    
FUNK, Peter see Funk, Jacob                    
FUNK, Peter & Anna see Funk, Adolph                    
FUNK, Peter P see Taylor, Robert Pierre                    
FUNK, Rachel see Lutt, Julius                    
FUNK, Sarah G see Oberhofer, Joseph                    
FUNK, W D see Funk, O R                    
FUNK, William Thomas see Mulligan, James Wilford                    
FUNK, Wm see Funk, Fred J                    
FUNKE, Charles F see Funke, Edward E                    
FUNKE, Edward E       Polson 25 Fountain City Mi? Charles F Funke & Rose Hepp 28-Sep-22 Poplar Roosivelt 415  
      Bessie M Lyons Batlor 19 St Cloud Mn Frank D Lyons & Jennie Lumley          
FUNKE, Minnie see Gordon                    
FUNKHOUSER, Kate see Tribe, George Thomas                    
FUNKLE, Liza see Bronstein, Abraham                    
FUNNELL, James see Funnell, R G                    
FUNNELL, R G       Glasgow 30 London James Funnell & Ann Fitch 22-Nov-10 Glasgow Valley 744  
      May B Hickin Glasgow 38 Devon England John McNamara & Ann Dowsing          
FUNNELL, Samuel       Phillips 36 Sweden   9-Sep-18   Phillips 376  
      Mrs George Thomey Phillips 36 Germany            
FUPEGE, Velve see Magnan                    
FURCHTBER, James H       Hinsdale 27 Ill John J Furchtbur & Mary F Ellis 14-Sep-06 Glasgow Valley 249  
      Helga N P Dohl (Dahl?) Glasgow 20 Norway Nels Dohl & ???          
FURCHTBUR, John J see Furchtbur, James                    
FUREHIGOTT, Christina see Trichert, Gustav                    
FURLER, Lea see Smith, S A                    
FURLONG, Edward       Bloomfield 49 Smith Falls Ont Can James Furlong & Mary Manion 18-Sep-23 Glendive Dawson 3026  
      Josephine Wilson Glendive 60 Highland Prairie Mo Louis Wiggan & Josephine Kirkhoff          
FURLONG, James see Furlong, Edward                    
FURLONG, Mary see Grimm, Albert J                    
FURMAN, F M see Furman, Joseph W                    
FURMAN, Fannie see Stewart                    
FURMAN, Francis see Furman, Fred                    
FURMAN, Fred       Glendive 30 Fondulac Wisc Francis Furman & Eliza Gilman 2-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2810  
      Dorothy Coles Glendive 30 Greywell Ill Samuel Hodson & Minnie St Clair          
FURMAN, Fred Henry & Maryel see Gallagher, Charles                    
FURMAN, Joseph W       Glendive 28 Fondulac Wisc F M Furman & Liza Gilman 9-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2209  
      Margaret Schommer Glendive 29 Fondulac Wisc Peter Schommer & Catherine Weins          
FURMAN, Lottie Sadie see Gallagher, Charles                    
FURMAN, Stanley       Circle 27 Princeton Wisc Tom Furman & Margaret Drombrosksy 9-Jan-17 Glendive Dawson 2097  
      Charlotte Whipple Lindsay 24 Venton Nebr Milo Whipple & Charlotte Barr          
FURMAN, Tom see Furman, Stanley                    
FURNESS, Arthur see Furness, Fredrick William                    
FURNESS, Fredrick William       Lustre 33 England Arthur Furness & Sarah Pelling 8-Nov-18 Glasgow Valley 2449  
      Florence Fanney Bartholomew Lustre 18 England William Bartholomew & Edith Bates          
FURR, Henry see Bollinger, Jesse P                    
FURR, Martha see Ellsworth, Lee Ross                    
FURROW, Dora see Kaiser, Henry                    
FURROW, Dora see Gregg, Harry                    
FURROW, Dora see Walker, Glen Wright                    
FURROW, Dora see Walker, William                    
FURSETH, Anna see Berg, George Arnold                    
FURST, Jerome       Drew 22 Poplar Eward Medicine Bear & ??? 29-Jun-24 Drew Roosivelt 627  
      Nina Goesenhouse Drew 18 Drew Tom & Florence Goesenhouse          
FURST, John       Bowdoin 34 France   5-Jul-26   Phillips 895  
      Helen Ramer Chinook 19 Nebr            
FURTAN, Hulda see Johnson, Elmer M                    
FURYK, Joseph see Furyk, Percy H                    
FURYK, Percy H       Hamblin 20 Nashua Iowa Joseph Furyk & Laura Brownell 25-Jun-14 ??? Dawson 1519  
      Alva V Martens Hamblin 19 Ortonville Mn M P Martins & Elizabeth Schinning          
FYAINT, Cecelia see Parker, William M