Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Emlay to Eyre

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
EMLAY, Margaret see Allery, Joe                    
EMLAY, Rosie see Doney, John                    
EMLINE, Louise see Swain, Dave                    
EMLING, Fred G       Girard Wis 24 Hartford Wis Theodore Emling & Ila Gould 9-Apr-10 Mondak Valley 608  
      Dora Raabe Loyal Wis 23 Reeseville Wis John Raabe & Dora Burkhardt          
EMLING, Theodore see Emling, Fred G                    
EMLY, Josephine see Azure, Pat                    
EMLY, Paul see Azure, Pat                    
EMMA, see Perry, Albert                    
EMMEL, John G       Glendive 24 Albany Mn John M Emmel & Mary Schutz 11-Dec-06 Glendive Dawson 406  
      Mary Gleason Glendive 17 Forsythe Archie Gleason & Adlyne Lemley          
EMMEL, John M see Emmel, John G                    
EMMERICK, Mary see Marks                    
EMMERSON, Chas H see Davis, Hugh                    
EMMERSON, Laura May see Davis, Hugh                    
EMMERSON, Mae see Thom                    
EMMERT, Clara see Witty, Teddy                    
EMMERT, Clara Edna see Drewry, Ray William                    
EMMERT, David see Emmert, George David                    
EMMERT, David see Emmert, Earl LeRoy                    
EMMERT, Earl LeRoy       Weldon 38 Sac City Iowa David Emmert & Edith Sweet 25-Jun-29 Weldon McCone 133  
      Clara Chubb Rochester Mn 35 Topeka Kans ??? Motts & ???          
EMMERT, Edna see Lowe, Russell Thomas                    
EMMERT, Edna see Jensen, Jens Villadsen                    
EMMERT, Edna see Jensen, Jens V                    
EMMERT, George David       Weldon 30 Iowa David Emmert & Edythe Sweet 12-Jul-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1348  
      Martha Nevada Buxton Sand Creek 20 S D Chauncey A Buxton & Linnie Hall          
EMMERY, George I see Morrow                    
EMMERY, Grace M see Morrow                    
EMMONS, Florence see Thomas, Wm                    
EMOLY, Caroline see Arceiniega, Eduardo G                    
EMOLY, Louis see Arceiniega, Eduardo, G                    
EMOND, Charles A       Opheim 22 Kan Charles E Emond & Mary Hutton 24-Nov-15 Roanwood Valley 1779  
      Mary E Olliverson Opheim 18 Ill Will Olliverson & ???          
EMOND, Charles E see Emond, Charles A                    
EMOND, Mary E (Oliverson) see Burroughs, Jean J                    
EMPEY, Nelson see Empey, Robert Nelson                    
EMPEY, Robert Nelson       Terry 26 Dorchester Wis Nelson Empey & Rachel Olson 10-Mar-09 Glendive Dawson 669  
      Anna Gilbertson Ada Mn 25 Ada Thos & Anna Gilbertson          
EMPIE, Lola see Moriarty, Dwight                    
EMRICH, Carrie see Brown, Roy E                    
EMRY, Mabel see Huseby, Elvin                    
EMRY, Ross Harvey see Huseby, Elvin                    
EMSTAD, Bertha see Potts, Jacob E L                    
EMYART,, , see Purvis, Charlie A                    
ENBEBRETSON, Anna see Tufton                    
ENDERLIN, Agnes Jane see Pierce                    
ENDERLIN, John see Kazeck                    
ENDERLIN, John see Pierce                    
ENDERS, Frances see Davenport                    
ENDERSBY, Arthur       Whitetail 23 Ukiah Calif Arthur B Endersby & Edith Shannon 10-Jun-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2664  
      Minnie Fillon Daleview 19 Daleview C B Fillon & Sarah Cisco          
ENDERSON, Islak see Mikkelson, Ole                    
ENDICOTT, Evangeline Bell see Jaumott, Emil J                    
ENDICOTT, H J see Jaumott, Emill J                    
ENDSLEY, Eva E see Sutton, Ernest Edgar                    
ENDSLEY, Eva Elizabeth see Brown, Palmer Eugene                    
ENEMY, Woman Little Boy see Gum, Frazer                    
ENEMY BOY, Bessie see Carrier, Wallace                    
ENEMY BOY, John see Carrier, Wallace                    
ENERVALD, Christine see Madler, Charles                    
ENEVOLDSEN, Christine see Petersen                    
ENEVOLDSEN, Kristine see Peterson                    
ENG, Edward see Eng                    
ENG, Elmer H       Homestead 29 Nor Elmer H Eng & Matilda Olsen 11-Oct-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 95  
      Thia Peterson Homestead 20 Norway Maurassi Peterson & Marie Larson          
ENG, Joseph Herman       Med� Lake 23 Homestead Edward Eng & Jessie Scott 30-Jan-30 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2516  
      Thora Aneta Ness Med Lake 32 Adams N D Theodore Ness & Anna Grande          
ENG, Oliver       Med� Lake 30 Nor Onson? Eng & Matilda Olson     Valley 1204 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Elizabeth Lambert Culbertson 18 Ft Peck Resiv Ed Lambert & Katherine Half Red          
ENG, Onson? see Eng, Oliver                    
ENGABRETSANT, Anton E see Paulsen, Andrew                    
ENGABRETSANT?, Anna see Paulsen, Andrew                    
ENGBERG, Freda M see Moller                    
ENGBERG, Harold L see Moller                    
ENGBERTSON, Barbara see Anderson, Sever                    
ENGBLOM, Gust see McGinness, Jay A                    
ENGBLOM, Libbie C see McGinness, Jay A                    
ENGBRECHT, Doris Luella see Dybwad, John Conrad                    
ENGBRECHT, Jacob see Dybwad, Jofn Conrad                    
ENGEBRETSON, Beret see Eliason, Olaf Martin                    
ENGEBRETSON, Olin see Olsen, Henry                    
ENGEBRETSON, Paulina see Tansen                    
ENGEBRITSON, Arthur E       Buford N D 41 Norway Elias & Erna (Ema?) Oline Engebrit-son 17-Oct-24 Bainville Roosivelt 676  
      Myrtle G Wolfe Trenton N D 18 Nohle Roy Byron & Valborg Wolfe          
ENGEBRITSON, Barbara see Anderson                    
ENGEBRITSON, Dora see Raaen                    
ENGEBRITSON, Elias & Erna(Ema?)Oline see Engebritson, Arthur E                    
ENGEBRITSON, I M see Raaen                    
ENGEL, Anna see Bauer, Max                    
ENGEL, Cecily see Houe, Lee                    
ENGEL, Clara see Feldmeier, Frank                    
ENGEL, Henrietta see Roda, Edward L                    
ENGEL, Irma see Haugen                    
ENGEL, Marie see Snead, Webster L                    
ENGELBRITSON, Charles see Hatton, Frank                    
ENGELBRITSON, Tillie see Hatton, Frank                    
ENGELHARDT, Anna see Harman, Peter                    
ENGELHARDT, George see Harman, Peter                    
ENGELHARDT, Wilbur see Howard, Hubert                    
ENGELHART, Violet see Chase, R H                    
ENGELHART, Wilbur see Chase, R H                    
ENGELKE, Albert       Homestead 47 Nebraska Carl Engelke & Gustie Windt 28-Dec-22 Froid Sheridan 1865  
      Lena Hanson Homestead 37 Iowa Ole Hanson & Gertie Danielson          
ENGELKE, Augusta see Dickman, Herman L                    
ENGELKE, Carl see Engelke                    
ENGELMAN, Dominick see Engelman, Peter                    
ENGELMAN, Peter       Glendive 24 Hungary Dominick Engelman & Barbara Zluck 10-May-03 Glendive Dawson 291  
      Anna Scheidt Glendive 21 Hungary Joseph Scheidt & Anna Schafer          
ENGELS, Catherine see Keough, Clarence                    
ENGELSON, Alfred       Glasgow 37 Swift Cty Mn Adolph Engleson & Anna Christinson 2-Jul-27 Glasgow Valley 3301  
      Mabel Faye Fincke Glasgow 23 Sioux City Iowa John Henry Fincke & Eva May Eddie          
ENGELSTAD, Bertha see Lunde, Hans                    
ENGELSTAD, Carl see Lunde, Hans                    
ENGEN, Johanna see Mann, Fredrick W                    
ENGER, Dora see Nelson                    
ENGER, E C see McCartney, Oliver N                    
ENGER, Even see Olson, Sam                    
ENGER, Hazel see Zander, Erwin                    
ENGER, John see Zander, Erwin                    
ENGER, Julius       Glasgow 24 Polk Cty Wis Ole Enger & Julia Stone 18-May-10 Glasgow Valley 630  
      Cora Stephenson New Richmond Wis 22 Polk Cty Wis Stephen Stephenson & ???          
ENGER, Maggie A see McCartney, Oliver A                    
ENGER, Olaf       Glasgow 30 Wis Ole Enger & Julia Stone 24-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2031  
      Grace Leightner Glasgow 29 Mo George Lightner & ???          
ENGER, Ole see Enger, Julius                    
ENGER, Ole see Enger, Olaf                    
ENGER, Olue see Enger, Ted Olaf                    
ENGER, Otto see Nelson                    
ENGER, Otto E see Enger                    
ENGER, Raymond Otto       Westby 21 Mn Otto E Enger & Alfreda Arneson 6-Jun-26 Westby Sheridan 2169  
      Sadie Marie Sorenson Westby 18 Mn Carl Sorensen & Clara Conpratz          
ENGER, Ted Olaf       Glendive 23 Norway Olue Enger & Adeline Norman 14-Feb-25 Glendive Dawson 3189  
      Matilda Elizabeth Pritchard Glendive 17 Glendive Charles Pritchard & Eva Morel          
ENGESET, Hilda see Reime, Eivind                    
ENGEVENSEN, Oscar see Ritz                    
ENGH, Marie see Kuehn, Otto Charles                    
ENGHAUSEN, C W see Enghausen, George                    
ENGHAUSEN, George       Biem 21 Ray-mond Mn C W Enghausen & Mable McCleat 17-Mar-23 Poplar Roosivelt 480  
      Alpha Wick Biem 32 Pierson Man Can Andrew Wick & Dina Krough          
ENGHNELL, Emil A       Fallon 33 Pelan Mn John A Enghnell & Anna Johnson 15-Oct-20 Glendive Dawson 2691  
      Lena Gallus Glendive 33 Montrose Mn Norbert Gallus & Josephine Moore          
ENGHNELL, John A see Enghnell, Emil A                    
ENGHUSEN, Chris see DeRouchey                    
ENGHUSEN, Myrtle M see DeRouchey                    
ENGLAND, Benjamin H       Hopkins Mich 26 Mich John England & Margaret McDonald 29-Dec-17 Glasgow Valley 2317  
      Edith Hansen Whelan Mn 26 Mn Henry Hansen & Anna Hackoin?          
ENGLAND, Bessie see Graves                    
ENGLAND, Jessie America see Borah, L G                    
ENGLAND, John see England, John                    
ENGLAND, John see Borah, L G                    
ENGLAND, Lilly see Smith, James Douglas                    
ENGLAND, Lizzie see Ellis Roy Orville                    
ENGLANDER, John see Englander, Math                    
ENGLANDER, Mary see Thielen, Jacob A                    
ENGLANDER, Mary see Kessler, Louis                    
ENGLANDER, Mary see Berres, John C                    
ENGLANDER, Math       Glendive 31 Vakut Aust Hungary John Englander & Mary Anna Ill 10-Feb-12 Glendive Dawson 1053  
      Barbara Wolfl Hanner Glendive 29 Baesfokad AustHungary Michael Wolfl & Anna Mary Schnavdenburgu?          
ENGLE, Charles F Jr       Glasgow 21 Penn Charles F Engle Sr & Anna Thomas 27-Aug-18 Glasgow Valley 2411  
      Iola S Hornung Glasgow 23 Iowa Charles L Hornung & Rose Hammer          
ENGLE, Mary see Richards, James                    
ENGLE, Minnie see Karch, John Henry                    
ENGLEBERSON, Anna see Ross, Martin                    
ENGLEBRITSON, Ernest       Williston 38 Wis Henry Englebritson & Mary Kingsley 20-Mar-23 Poplar Roosivelt 481  
      Cora Plum Froid 38 Jackson Mn James Moses & Lavina Marten          
ENGLEBRITSON, Henry see Englebritson, Ernest                    
ENGLEHART, Nellie May see Lovell, John Kern                    
ENGLEHART, W F see Wnglehart, Willis Edward                    
ENGLEHART, Wilber F see Lovell, John Kern                    
ENGLEHART, Willis Edward       Circle 27 Brookings S D W F Englehart & Lillian Paul 9-Sep-22 Wibaux Wibaux 351  
      Helen Josephine Drost Circle 21 Hamilton Can Joseph Drost & Victoria Shea          
ENGLEKING, Elsie see House, Earl A                    
ENGLERT, Cassius L       Glendive 34 Rochester Mn John Englert & Anna J Winters 26-Jul-17 Bloomfield Dawson 2220  
      Hollie B Sanford Bloomfield 32 Huron S D M O Sanford & Hester Ann Miller          
ENGLERT, John see Englert, Cassius L                    
ENGLESON, Adolph see Engleson, Alfred                    
ENGLISH, Colonel see Archdale, Henry Sr                    
ENGLISH, Joice? see Ball, William                    
ENGLUND, Carl A       Madoc 38 S D John L Englund & Johanne Johnson 5-May-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2161  
      Celia Gertrude Slater Madoc 32 Ontario Can Fred Gainor, & Ellen Williams          
ENGLUND, Clarence W       Whitewater 24 Nebr   4-Jun-24   Phillips 1024  
      Ideal Combs Whitewater 23 Idaho            
ENGLUND, Einar see Roessner, Marcus                    
ENGLUND, John L see Englund                    
ENGLUND, Myrtle see Englund, Clarence W                    
ENGLUND, Oscar B see Englund, Clarence W                    
ENGLUND, Viola see Roessner, Marcus                    
ENGMAN, Andrew see Engman                    
ENGMAN, Emil E       Scobey 35 Swe Andrew Engman & Johanna Paulson 24-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1164  
      Hulda E Schraeder Madoc 27 N D John H Schraeder & Fre-da Thede          
ENGMAN, Erick Alfred       Harlem 32 Sweden Olaf Engman & Anna Lundgren 17-Mar-17 Chinook Blaine 376  
      Maria Mae Bennett Harlem 23 Mich William Bennett & Marie Stevens          
ENGMAN, Ethel L N see Anderson, Ross                    
ENGMAN, Olaf see Engman, Eric Alfred                    
ENGREN, Clara see Spofford, Louis D                    
ENGSTROM, Frederick see Engstrom, George L                    
ENGSTROM, Emil       Opheim 27 Wis John Engstrom & Marie Risberg 29-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1783  
      Naomi Redfield Opheim 23 b Wis W L Redfield          
ENGSTROM, George A       Glasgow 21 Wis John Engstrom & Marie Risberg 22-Sep-15 Glasgow Valley 1740  
      Marie Smith Wis 20 Kan August Smith & Marie Seigler          
ENGSTROM, J E see Johnson, C O                    
ENGSTROM, John see Engstrom, Emil                    
ENGSTROM, John see Engstrom, George                    
ENGSTROM, Naomi F (Redfield?) see Jennings, Ellis F                    
ENGSTROM, Tekla see Johnson, C O                    
ENGSVEN, Olga see Moore, Earl W                    
ENGTELNEIRE, Lula see Bystrom, Oliver                    
ENGVALD, Frieda see Patchell                    
ENGVALDSON, Nels       Scobey 40 Nor Ingvald Nelson & Eli Hagstad 8-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1153  
      Olina Reiten Cathereine N D 39 Norway Martin Reiten & Sigrid Lund          
ENGWALD, Freda see Borley                    
ENJOYABLE, Life see Flea, Leo                    
ENKERUD, Ole       Tampico 37 Norway Sever Enkerud & Helena Olson 12-Jan-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 721  
      Tena Syver-son Tampico 36 Bottineau N D Chrfist Syverson & Agnette Framoolson?          
ENKERUD, Sever see Enkerud, Ole                    
ENLEY, Lewis see Azure, Alex                    
ENLEY, Mary see Azure, Alex                    
ENNEN, Anna see Meinars, John                    
ENNEN, Ralph see Meinars, John                    
ENNIGN?, Cora May see Newman, Charles Edward                    
ENNIS, Albert see Ennis, M R                    
ENNIS, Albert Robert see Ennis, Charles Andrew                    
ENNIS, Aledo see Dascher, George                    
ENNIS, Alice M see Lonbaker, Sherman A                    
ENNIS, Charles Andrew       Williston N D 40 Ruthven Iowa Albert Robert Ennis & Kate Terry 18-Jun-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1459  
      Sarah Susanne Latterell Wolf Point 36 Parent Mn Joseph Laterell & Margaret Galarneault          
ENNIS, E S see Lonbaker, Sherman A                    
ENNIS, Ed see Warnke, George                    
ENNIS, Louise see Warnke, George                    
ENNIS, M R       Intake 33 Ruthven Iowa Albert Ennis & Katie Terry 25-Aug-19 Glendive Dawson 2553  
      Clara Knepper Intake 26 St Paul Mn Albert Burke & Anna Palmer          
ENNIS, Vene Valeria see Boston, Henry                    
ENNIS, Wilbert B see Boston, Henry                    
ENNS, Anna see Funk, Adolph                    
ENNS, elizabeth see Enns, Henry J                    
ENNS, Henry J       Chinook 21 Neb John Enns & Agatha Hooge 13-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 345  
      Elizabeth Boldt Chinook 18 Mountain Lake Mn Claus Boldt & Helen Klassen          
ENNS, Henry J       Chinook 23 Nebr John Enns & Agetha Hooge 15-Jun-19 Mennonite Br Ch Blaine 563  
      Elizabeth Enns Chin-ook 23 S D A J Peters & Elizabeth Wiens          
ENNS, Jacob I       Lustre 23 Mountain Lake Min John G Enns & Tina Dick 31-May-28 Lustre Valley 3384  
      Tena Born Frazer 20 Russia Jacob Born & Tena Lentzner          
ENNS, John see Enns, Henry J                    
ENNS, John G see Bartsch, Jacob, Jr                    
ENNS, John G see Ens, Jacob I                    
ENNS, John J see Funk, Adolph                    
ENNS, Martha see Bartsch, Jacob Jr                    
ENOCKSON, Oleva see McKnight, Edward Irvin                    
ENOCKSON, Olina see Anderson, John                    
ENQUIST, Charles Harry       Red Water 22 Iowa John Enquist & Penny Edda 24-Jul-11 Glendive Dawson 967  
      Ethel May Parker Glendive 19 Glendive Charles W Parker & Mary Juliette Archer          
ENQUIST, John see Enquist, Charles Harry                    
ENRIGHT, Catherine see Pewitt, Robert Arvil                    
ENRIGHT, Mary see Mason, John                    
ENSCH, Leonie see Zimmer, Peter                    
ENSCH, Leonie see Zimmer, John                    
ENSELEIT, August F jr       Hinsdale 28 Iowa August F Enseleit & Katherine Schmidt 28-Dec-28 Glasgow Valley 2847  
      Ada H Hopwood Hinsdale 28 Wis F H Hopwood & Carrie Frazier          
ENSIGN, Isabella see Weir, Earl V                    
ENSLEY, Eva see Bates, Milo                    
ENTORF, Paul S       Cleveland 28 Naperville Ill S Frederick Entorf & Mary D Stanger 3-Sep-17 Chinook Blaine 423  
      Nora Elizabeth McNally ??? 24 Havre John McNally & Elizabeth Jane Foster          
ENTORF, S Frederick see Entorf, Paul S                    
ENTZ, Charles Andrew       Glendive 22 Brooklyn N Y Charles Andrew Entz & Kate Foltz 20-Oct-1888 Glendive Dawson 17  
      Phebe Macklin Glendive 20 Bridgewater Somersetshire England Henry Macklin & Sarah Embro          
EPERLE, Otille see Hecker, Edward                    
EPLER, Jacob see Epler                    
EPLER, William D       Big Muddy Can 42 Mn Jacob Epler & Annie Chandler 27-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1060  
      Sarah S McLean Dooley 37 Can John McLean & Isabella Forsythe          
EPP, Cornelius P see Epp, Jacob C                    
EPP, Elizabeth see Dyck, Frank E                    
EPP, Jacob C       Henderson Nebr 33 Nebr Cornelius P Epp & Aganetha Schierling 15-Jan-19 Lustre Valley 2468  
      Helena Dick Lustre 19 Henderson Nebr John F Dick & Helena Peters          
EPPERSON, Kintta? see Cosner, Harry W                    
EPPERT, Mary E see Spencer, Benjamin H                    
EPPLETT, Ella Maude see Traver, Leon L                    
EPPLETT, William see Traver, Leon L                    
ERB, William       Larslan 36 Galesburg N D William M Erb & Katherine Egan 15-Jun-21 Glasgow Valley 2784  
      Nina Belle Corl? Larslan 23 Bourbon Ind William B Corl & Alice Gibbons          
ERB, William M see Erb, William                    
ERBACHER, Charles J see Erbacher, John Jerome                    
ERBACHER, John Jerome       Havre 26 Covington Ken Charles J Erbacher & Katherine Miller 2-Nov-30 Chinook Blaine 1237  
      Ethel Irene McMillan Havre 18 Derrick N D Irwin P McMillan & Alice J Cole          
ERBE, E G       Glasgow 25 Ipswich S D George Erbe & Jose? Kelch 1-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley    
      Bertha Oberg Glasgow 16 Renville Cty Mn Peter Oberg & Petra Gerde          
ERBE, Elizabeth see Sturm, Gustav                    
ERBE, Emil see Sturm, Gustav                    
ERBE, Emma see Crum                    
ERBE, George see Erbe, E G                    
ERBE, Henry C see Erbe, Ralph R                    
ERBE, Jennie see Moxness, Ole A                    
ERBE, Ralph R       Jordan 27 Bowdle S D Henry C Erbe & Katherine Brockey 3-Dec-19 Jordan Garfield    
      Ida M E Davis Jordan 22 Springfielg Ill Alfred L Davis & Emma L Ogdon,          
ERBECK, Lydia see Woodard, Alfred                    
ERBES, Florence see Gleason, Clyde Walter                    
ERBES, George see Erbes, John Henry                    
ERBES, John see Gleason, Clyde Walter                    
ERBES, John Henry       Poplar 33 Wapello Iowa George Erbes & Mary Strockman 24-Dec-00 Poplar Valley ?  
      Esther Hanna Mountford Poplar 38 Moundville Wis George Mountford & Katherine Wililes          
ERBES, Mrs Esther (Mountford?) see Everett, John M                    
ERCAUX, Florence see Boudreau, Leon                    
ERDAHL, Albert R       Med� Lake 34 Donnelly Mn S J Erdahl & Inga Hjelmland 29-Mar-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2420  
      Elmyra Molden Med� Lake 18 Columbus N D Christ Molden & Laura Gunlock          
ERDAHL, Ingvald       Phillips 27 Norway   22-Jan-16   Phillips 74  
      Bergitta Eriksen Phillips 26 Norway            
ERDAHL, Lawrence       Froid 34 Frost Mn Lewis Erdahl & Martha May Klebust 2-Dec-14 Hippe home Sheridan 383  
      Inga Holm Froid 19 Nor Ole Holm & Annie Iverson          
ERDAHL, Lewis see Erdahl                    
ERDAHL, Richard       Med� Lake 31 Donnelly Mn S T Erdahl & Inga Hjelmland 6-Oct-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2773  
      Hulda Schlabs Homestead 21 Ashley N D Martin Schlabs & Christina Cessner          
ERDAHL, S J see Erdahl                    
ERDAHL, S T see Erdahl                    
ERDMAN, Bertha see Useman, Otto                    
ERDMAN, Minnie see Graubman                    
ERDMANN, Gottleib see Erdmann, Jacob Julius                    
ERDMANN, Jacob Julius       Langford S D 27 Wis Gottlieb Erdmann & Bertha Lohff 8-Jun-16 Glasgow Valley 1874  
      Elsie Lydia Arndt Glasgow 20 N D Terman Arndt & Amelia Sabake          
ERDWEG, Henry W       Chinook 37 Aachen Ger Lambert Erdweg & Katherine Lang 12-Jul-21 Chinook Blaine 679  
      Ella Francis Mosser Harlem 36 Chinook Joe Mosser & Laura Shawl          
ERDWEG, Lambert see Erdweg, Henry W                    
EREAU, Rose see see Hutelius, Frank A                    
EREAUX, Adolph       Dodson 32 Bell Prairie Mn Mitchell Ereaux & Margaret Ladue 12-Jan-16 Chinook Blaine 257  
      Ida Hoppe Dodson 29 Germania Penn Louis R Hoppe & Johanna M Schneider          
EREAUX, Cecelia see Cochran, Frank                    
EREAUX, Celia see James, Aaron J                    
EREAUX, Frank see James, Aaron J                    
EREAUX, Mitchell see Ereaux, Adolph                    
EREAUX, Mr & Mrs LaJure J see Matte, Edward                    
EREAUX, Rosalie see Whitcomb, George                    
EREAUX, Sadie see Roe, Leslie                    
EREAUX, Vernie see Matte, Edward                    
ERENTES, Hulda see Ramke, Fritz                    
ERETH, Clara see Melle                    
ERETH, Jacob see Melle                    
ERETH, Jacob see Grove                    
ERETH, Julia see Grove                    
ERFFMEYER, Sophia see Darms, Charles H                    
ERGSEN, Kristine see Anderson, Frank A                    
ERHARDT, Kaler? see Badt                    
ERHARDT, Louise see Schneider, Philip P                    
ERIAUX, Francis see Fox, Andrew                    
ERICCSON, Anna E see Carson, Bernard E                    
ERICCSON, Anna G see Carlson, Ernest W                    
ERICJSON, Jonas & Betty see Erickson                    
ERICK, Martha see Smith, Homer W                    
ERICKSEN, Albert see Ericksen                    
ERICKSEN, Christina see Petersen                    
ERICKSEN, E J see Ericksen, Henry W                    
ERICKSEN, Henry W       Glendive 24 Milltown Wisc E J Ericksen & Margaret Larson 29-May-26 Glendive? Dawson 3352  
      Ruth M Winkler Glendive 18 Westgate Iowa F W Winkler & Ruth Hall          
ERICKSEN, Kjerstine see Jacobsen                    
ERICKSEN, Kjerstine see Strandskov                    
ERICKSEN, Margaret see Haralsath, Sigurd K                    
ERICKSEN, Snorre       Madoc 28 Norway Albert Ericksen & Bertha Skrutland 18-Oct-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2562  
      Ingeborg Kamrud Madoc 18 Mn Thorsten Kamrud & Anna Hoven          
ERICKSON, ? see Price, W B                    
ERICKSON, A J see Erickson, Lester A                    
ERICKSON, Abelonie Marie see Peterson, Jacob                    
ERICKSON, Albert G see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Alice see Hedges                    
ERICKSON, Alice Vivian see Stratton, Boyd C                    
ERICKSON, Alina see Olson, Henry Arthur                    
ERICKSON, Amanda see Pederson, George                    
ERICKSON, Anders see Erickson, Carl                    
ERICKSON, Anders see Anderson                    
ERICKSON, Andrew see Erickson, Thomas                    
ERICKSON, Andrew see Travis, W W                    
ERICKSON, Andrew see Dore, Edwin                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Simonson, Albert E                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Wickberg, Eric                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Tierney                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Bolster                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Hanson                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Lindberg                    
ERICKSON, Anna see Juergens                    
ERICKSON, Anna C see Lawson, Hubert W                    
ERICKSON, Anna Elvina see Runborg                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Benson, Walter T                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Dyas, George                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Anderson, August                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Johnson, Albert L                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Kratky, Russ                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Sorenson, Charley Louis Alvin                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Dyrland, Elmer George                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Brown                    
ERICKSON, Annie see Torgerson                    
ERICKSON, Annie C see Johnson, Swan                    
ERICKSON, Arlie Theodore       West Fork 28 Pelican Rapids Mn John E Erickson & Ellen Person 8-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3529  
      Edna Ione Greenup West Fork 18 Buford N D L F Greenup & Rose Riley          
ERICKSON, Arthur C       Med Lake 34 La Crosse Wis Edwin C & Anna Erickson 30-Apr-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1651  
      Ida Christian-sen P�wood 26 Mn ??? Christiansen & Carolyn Jensen          
ERICKSON, Arthur C       P�wood 43 Lacrosse Wis Edwin C Erickson & Anna C Olson 21-Mar-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2419  
      Ida Newlon Archer 32 Christine N D N P E Moe          
ERICKSON, Arvid W G       Bloomfield 29 Sweden Fritz Erickson & Wilhelmina Pearson 4-Jan-21 Glendive Dawson 2732  
      Ruby M Brown Bloomfield 25 Bloomfield Nebr Lewis Cole & Cora Andrews          
ERICKSON, August       Dagmar 52 Wis Nils Erickson & Carrie Larson 7-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2380  
      Delphine Marion Grenora N D 33 N D J E Marion & Justine Grant          
ERICKSON, Axel Melvin       Vida 36 Iowa John Erickson & Mattie Wold 28-Nov-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 576  
      Lena M Sievers Vida 18 Harvey N D Henry Sievers & Eva Schauble          
ERICKSON, Barbara see Rustan, Albert                    
ERICKSON, Bereta see Brennan, Hillary P                    
ERICKSON, Bertha see Parrent, Bat                    
ERICKSON, Bertha (Richardson?) see Erickson, Fred E                    
ERICKSON, Berut? & Mary see Storholm, Peder B                    
ERICKSON, Beulah see Schuerman, Theodore                    
ERICKSON, Bonnie see Lohse                    
ERICKSON, Carl       Glasgow 20 Aberdeen S D Anders Erickson & Anna Bloomquist 3-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 3572  
      Gladys Norville Glasgow 20 Glasgow Thomas J Norville & Irene Davis          
ERICKSON, Carl A see Erickson, Ernest Lander                    
ERICKSON, Carrie see Anderson, Elias R                    
ERICKSON, Carrie see Hawks, Paul S                    
ERICKSON, Carrie see Johnson, Emil                    
ERICKSON, Carrie see Ibsen                    
ERICKSON, Carrie see Dempsey                    
ERICKSON, Casper see Combs, Clifford Carl                    
ERICKSON, Casper see Aretta, Tony                    
ERICKSON, Casper E see Russell, George Irving                    
ERICKSON, Catherine C see Miller, Emil E                    
ERICKSON, Charlatta see Loraas, Christian                    
ERICKSON, Charles see Erickson, William                    
ERICKSON, Charles R       Midway N D 36 Hagar Wis John Erickson & Mary Larson 25-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1627  
      Emma L Larson Shollsmade N D 26 Hartland Wis A P Magnuson & Ida Johnson          
ERICKSON, Charlie see Schuerman, Theodore                    
ERICKSON, Christina see Abel, J J                    
ERICKSON, Christina see Benson                    
ERICKSON, Christine see Cullen                    
ERICKSON, Christine see Peterson                    
ERICKSON, Christine see Larsen                    
ERICKSON, Clarrissa see Karnatz, William C F                    
ERICKSON, Conrad       Havre 31 Sweden   3-Oct-18   Phillips 384  
      Blanche Adams Hill Cty 28 Can            
ERICKSON, Cora Amelia see Combs, Clifford Carl                    
ERICKSON, E see Dempsey                    
ERICKSON, Edna E see Lix                    
ERICKSON, Edward see Erickson, Henry                    
ERICKSON, Edward see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Edward E       Harlem 25 S D James & Helena Erickson 12-Dec-17 Harlem Blaine 464  
      Opal M Washington Harlem 18 Indiana William F Washing-ton & Anna Dipper          
ERICKSON, Edward John       Vida 51 Mitchell Cty Iowa John Erickson & Matha Wold 21-Mar-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 747  
      Eva Sievers Vida 47 S D Jacob Snabel & Elizabeth Resch          
ERICKSON, Edwin see Emerson, Francis Carl                    
ERICKSON, Edwin & Anna see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Edwin C see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Edwin H       Malta 22 N D   5-May-29   Phillips 1113  
      Luella M Megears Parrish Wis 23 Mn            
ERICKSON, Ehret see Johnson, Albert L                    
ERICKSON, Ella see Hanson, Leonard                    
ERICKSON, Ella see Young, Victor                    
ERICKSON, Ellen see Dore , Edwin                    
ERICKSON, Ellen see Levno, Henry                    
ERICKSON, Ellen see Abramson, Abram B                    
ERICKSON, Ellen M (Arthur?) see Erickson, Julian                    
ERICKSON, Elna see Ueland                    
ERICKSON, Elsie see Thompson, Richard                    
ERICKSON, Elsie Marie see Segustrom, Harry Walter                    
ERICKSON, Emil       Dagmar 50 Wis Nils Erickson & Karen Larson 2-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 244  
      Inga Christianson Dagmar 24 Norway Christian Johanson & Marie Larson          
ERICKSON, Emily see Emerson, Francis Carl                    
ERICKSON, Emma see Johnson, Peter                    
ERICKSON, Emma see Reno, Gilbert                    
ERICKSON, Enid Elizabeth see Hansen, Ole I                    
ERICKSON, Eric see Hammer, Bernt                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Erickson, Julian                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Johnson, Joseph Allen                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Miller, Emil E                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Segustrom, Harry Walter                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Brown, John                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Johnson, Swan                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Lix                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Erick see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Erick & Berith see Mahlum, A A                    
ERICKSON, Erick Andrew       Cadillac Can 35 S D   14-May-19   Phillips 420  
      Evelyn Kyle Cadillac Can 27 N D            
ERICKSON, Erick L       Dagmar 23 Mn Jonas & Betty Erickson 7-Mar-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1476  
      Cora Hanson Madoc 26 Iowa Christ & Ida Hanson          
ERICKSON, Erick William       Bainville 45 Sweden Erick Erickson & Helen Skoglung 3-Jul-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1339  
      Mildred Josephine Sands Bainville 22 Mn Martin & Mary Sands          
ERICKSON, Ernest see Martin, John W                    
ERICKSON, Ernest Lander       Phillips 21 Nebr   20-Aug-19   Phillips 446  
      Maud Hess Phillips 18 Mt            
ERICKSON, Ernest M see Martin, Deit A                    
ERICKSON, Esther see Anderson, E J                    
ERICKSON, Evert see Schram                    
ERICKSON, Fanny (Mitchell?) see Castle, Brant D                    
ERICKSON, Frank H       Antelope 23 Ind Albert G Erickson & Bertha F Crosby 5-Jan-07 Plentywood Sheridan 939  
      Jennie Marie Chaon Antelope 23 Ill August Chaon & Marie Vincent          
ERICKSON, Fred E       Saco 25 Kingston Mn Sam Erickson & Mary Nelson 26-Apr-11 Glasgow Valley 828  
      Mary Richardson Saco 26 Oakfield Wis D P Richardson & Kate Banton          
ERICKSON, Fred E       Saco 26 Kingston Mn Sammie Erickson & Mary Nelson 23-Nov-13 Saco Valley 1387  
      Bertha Erickson Saco 28 Oakfield Wis D P Richardson & Kate Banton?          
ERICKSON, Fred E       Saco 35 Mn   9-Apr-23   Phillips 707  
      Myrtle Montgomery Saco 18 N D            
ERICKSON, Fritz see Erickson, Erick W G                    
ERICKSON, Fritz see Erickson, Richard V                    
ERICKSON, G see Johnson                    
ERICKSON, Gena see Jetson, Morris D                    
ERICKSON, George see Mullnix, Bert Oscar                    
ERICKSON, Gertrude see Stiley, Andrew                    
ERICKSON, Gilbert P       Beach N D 34 Boyd Mn Peter C Erickson & Esther Skallen 1-Dec-27 Wibaux Wibaux 589  
      Violet Gass Wibaux 25 S D William Gass & Julia Brewer          
ERICKSON, Gina see Thomas                    
ERICKSON, Grace see Hansen, Lennit L                    
ERICKSON, Gustav see Erickson, Willie                    
ERICKSON, Halsten see Arthur                    
ERICKSON, Hans see Reno, Gilbert                    
ERICKSON, Helga see Boomer, Robert D                    
ERICKSON, Helma see Johnson                    
ERICKSON, Henry       Wolf Point 23 Elbow Lake Mn Edward Erickson & Annie Hanson 17-Jun-22 Glasgow Valley 2883  
      Anna Nelson Wolf Point 23 Willmar Mn Henry Nelson & Agnes Johnson          
ERICKSON, Henry see Paulson, Clarence Allen                    
ERICKSON, Henry see Bolster                    
ERICKSON, Henry see Martinson                    
ERICKSON, Hjalmer R       Westby 28 Mn Swan Erickson & Ellen Nielsen 7-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1071  
      Della Folmer Westby 18 Wis William Folmer & Flora Waddell          
ERICKSON, Ida see Weiss, John Wilber                    
ERICKSON, Ida see Mulnix, Bert Oscar                    
ERICKSON, Ida see Ferguson                    
ERICKSON, Inga see Marquette, William                    
ERICKSON, Inga see Stoehr, Lawrence                    
ERICKSON, Inga see Neilsen, Niels M                    
ERICKSON, Inga M see Larson, Edward                    
ERICKSON, Ingeborg see Hjelm                    
ERICKSON, Ingvergard see Monson                    
ERICKSON, Irene Mary see Paulson, Clarence Allen                    
ERICKSON, James & Helena see Erickson, Edward E                    
ERICKSON, James M       Julian 27 N D Erick Erickson & Carrie Haralseth          
      Marie V Mendenhall Julian 24 N D Charles W Mendenhall          
ERICKSON, Johanna see Nelson, Albert                    
ERICKSON, Johanna see Larson                    
ERICKSON, Johannah see Mahlum, A A                    
ERICKSON, John see Stiley, Andrew                    
ERICKSON, John see Erickson, Edward John                    
ERICKSON, John see Erickson, Axel Melvin                    
ERICKSON, John see Erickson, Charles R                    
ERICKSON, John see Larson, Edward                    
ERICKSON, John see Joslin, Ora P                    
ERICKSON, John A see Stratton, Boyd C                    
ERICKSON, John E see Erickson, Arlie Theodore                    
ERICKSON, John W       Turner 42 Sweden Olof Olson & ??? 21-Nov-29 Chinook Blaine 1185  
      Gustava Skones Turner 30 Norway Henry B Skones & Johanna Kleven          
ERICKSON, John William       Glendive 33 Roseau Mn Olaf Erickson & Julia Johnsdatter 29-Dec-19 Glendive Dawson 2604  
      Cora Belle DeVault Glendive 29 Fontanelle Iowa Oscar DeVault & Cora Stultz          
ERICKSON, Jona? see Glaze                    
ERICKSON, Jonas see Hedges                    
ERICKSON, Jonas see Runborg                    
ERICKSON, Jonas see Ueland                    
ERICKSON, Jorgen see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Julian       Julian 25 Velva N D Erick Erickson & Carrie Haredseth 25-Apr-12 Glasgow Valley 1041  
      Ellen M Erickson     Debut__?Iowa Michael Arthur & Mary Hayburn          
ERICKSON, Karen see Paulsen, Mikkel                    
ERICKSON, Karen see Hansen, Ole Edward                    
ERICKSON, Karen see Langseth, O J                    
ERICKSON, Karen see Olson, Andrew                    
ERICKSON, Karen see Sundsted                    
ERICKSON, Karen see Hagen                    
ERICKSON, Karen see Kaae                    
ERICKSON, Karin see Sundstad                    
ERICKSON, Katherine see Brown, John                    
ERICKSON, Knut see Knutson                    
ERICKSON, Kristina see Peterson                    
ERICKSON, Lars see Eggerth, Erik Henry                    
ERICKSON, Lars       Midby 44 Norway Jorgen Erickson & Brede Bjornson 2-Sep-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1378  
      Clara Legvold Theif River Falls Mn 33 N D Ole Legvold & Ingeborg Olson          
ERICKSON, Laura see Haskin, Glen                    
ERICKSON, Lena see Forsyth, William J                    
ERICKSON, Lena see Gabrielson                    
ERICKSON, Lester A       Valleytown 20 Nebr   3-Jun-25   Phillips 824  
      Lucille A Rauss Valleytown 18 N D            
ERICKSON, Lillian Adeline see Aretta, Tony                    
ERICKSON, Linda see Glaze                    
ERICKSON, Louise Marie see Gleason                    
ERICKSON, Mabel see Taylor, Harry B                    
ERICKSON, Mable see Martinson                    
ERICKSON, Maret see Brock, Sivert                    
ERICKSON, Maria see Eggerth, Erik Henry                    
ERICKSON, Marie see Stahlberg, John Arthur                    
ERICKSON, Martha see Odell, Roy C                    
ERICKSON, Martha see Christiansen, Christian E                    
ERICKSON, Martin       Dagmar 30 St Olaf Mn Nils Erickson & Karen Larsen 30-Gar-1915 Plentywood Sheridan 463  
      Elva Swanson Fertile N D 17 Mn August Swanson & Mettie Glasoe          
ERICKSON, Martin P       Glasgow 53 Mn Peter Erickson & Mary Bergan 17-Mar-20 Nashua Valley 2640  
      Fannie Leach Glasgow 24 N D D Micheal & ???          
ERICKSON, Martin Peter       Kalispell 47 St Peter Mn Martin Peter & Mollie Erickson 31-Jan-24 Poplar Roosivelt 593  
      Anna Anderson Stanley 37 Illinois Dave & Julia Hull          
ERICKSON, Mary see Olsen, Edum A                    
ERICKSON, Mary see Johnson, Joseph Allen                    
ERICKSON, Mary see Holmquist, John L                    
ERICKSON, Mary see Kvindlog, Lloyd W                    
ERICKSON, Mary see Arthur                    
ERICKSON, Mary see Wenans                    
ERICKSON, Mathilda see Long                    
ERICKSON, Mayme Beatrice see Russell, George Irving                    
ERICKSON, Melvin       Saco 24 Mn Sam Erickson & Mary Peterson 10-Mar-14 Saco Valley 1430  
      Florence Olive Saco 23 Okla John Walcott & Frances Dahlstad          
ERICKSON, Melvin       Saco 38 Mn Sam Erickson & Marie Nelson 8-Apr-29 Glasgow Valley 3460  
      Emma Dyson Saco 20 Salem N C Robert Dyson & Mary Frost          
ERICKSON, Minnie F see Scheele, William E                    
ERICKSON, Mollie see Erickson, Martin Peter                    
ERICKSON, Nanna E see Schram                    
ERICKSON, Nellie see Joslin, Ora P                    
ERICKSON, Nellie Elvida see Martin, Deit A                    
ERICKSON, Nettie see Shaffer, Evron L                    
ERICKSON, Nils see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Nils see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Nim see Parrent, Bat                    
ERICKSON, Olaf see Erickson, John William                    
ERICKSON, Ole & Julia see Mason, Gilbert Ambrose                    
ERICKSON, Oline see Samuelson, Enoch                    
ERICKSON, Oscar see Bushman, Marvin                    
ERICKSON, P A see Persson, John Otto                    
ERICKSON, P C see Thompson, Richard                    
ERICKSON, P O see Gleason                    
ERICKSON, Peter see Erickson, Martin P                    
ERICKSON, Peter see Holmquist, John L                    
ERICKSON, Peter see Karnatz, William C F                    
ERICKSON, Peter       Comertown 25 Sweden Erick Erickson & Mathilda Larson 22-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1199  
      Mabel Olson Ambrose N D 19 Mn Erick & Mina Olson          
ERICKSON, Peter C see Erickson, Gilbert P                    
ERICKSON, Peter C see Anderson, E J                    
ERICKSON, Phyliss see Bushman, Phyliss                    
ERICKSON, Richard V       Bloomfield 29 Sweden Fritz Erickson & Wilhelmina Pearson 28-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2823  
      Della Pearl Dobson Bloomfield 18 Brunswick Nebr Earl Dobson & Blanche Kitchen          
ERICKSON, Rikka see Hammer, Bernt                    
ERICKSON, Rose see Price, W B                    
ERICKSON, Sam see Weiss, John Wilber                    
ERICKSON, Sam see Erickson, Fred E                    
ERICKSON, Sam see Erickson, Melvin                    
ERICKSON, Sam see Erickson, Melvin                    
ERICKSON, Sam see Taylor, Harry B                    
ERICKSON, Sammie see Erickson, Fred E                    
ERICKSON, Samuel see Scheele, William E                    
ERICKSON, Sophia see Travis, W W                    
ERICKSON, Sophia see Lee, Conrad J                    
ERICKSON, Sophia A see Martin, John W                    
ERICKSON, Swan see Erickson                    
ERICKSON, Thomas       Hay Coulee 30 Wis Andrew Erickson & Minnie Forrison 20-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2290  
      Blanch Carpenter Hay Coulee 36 Wis Andrew Carpenter & Augusta Sheffers          
ERICKSON, Tilda see Taylor, William S                    
ERICKSON, Tillie see Clauson, Lynn                    
ERICKSON, Verna see Hyatt, Floyd                    
ERICKSON, Verna see Moon, Lawrence W                    
ERICKSON, Walter       Minneapolis 31 Mn Edward Erickson & ??? McVeigh 15-Jun-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1733  
      Elizabeth Weiler Westby 21 Mn John Weiler & Katherine Cordie          
ERICKSON, William       P�wood 27 Alexandria Mn Charles Erickson & Christine Olsen 16-Dec-10 Glasgow Valley 764  
      Selma Johnson   27 Lima? Sweden John L Johnson & Anna Hedlund          
ERICKSON, Willie       Froid 23 Elbow Lake Mn Gustav Erickson & Hanah? Carline 16-Nov-28 Scobey Roosivelt 1252  
      Agnes Nelson Froid 21 Sisseton N D Sever Nelson & Mathilde Shager          
ERICKSON,, Samuel, see Taylor, William S                    
ERICKSON,, Susan, see Secora, John J                    
ERICKSTEIN, Ole see Erickstein, Thor O                    
ERICKSTEIN, Thor O       Peerless 30 Norway Ole Erickstein & Emma Otterholt 19-Jan-27 Scobey Daniels 310  
      Nora Constance Larson Towner N D 26 N D Amund Larson & ???          
ERICSON, Ella see Cave, Francis John                    
ERICSON, Lena see Lien, Gustav O                    
ERIE, Mathilda see Leidahl, David                    
ERIKSEN, Bergitta see Erdahl, Ingvald                    
ERIKSEN, Karen see Herigstad, Ingebret                    
ERIKSON, Berta see Johnson, John Oscar                    
ERIKSON, Erik see Hjelm                    
ERIKSON, Erika see Hjelm                    
ERIKSON, Knudt       Ross N D 33 Stavanger Nor Knudt Erikson & Martha Nelson 9-Jul-10 Glasgow Valley 665  
      Inga Odd Vatne Ross N D 25 Stavanger Nor Odd Vatne & Martha Nelson          
ERIKSON, Kyrestine see Anderson, William                    
ERIKSON, Mrs John see Akerlund, Emil                    
ERIKSON, Peter see Peterson, Peter                    
ERIKSON, V? Christina see Ross, Martin                    
ERIXON, Axel see Erixon                    
ERIXON, Einar H       Radcliff Can 25 Keonoa Ont Can Axel Erixon & Annie Johnson 9-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2843  
      Dorothy K Klein Oungre Can 19 North Portal Can Mathis Klein & Selma Solberg          
ERIXON, Eric       Ratcliff Can 50 Sweden Eric & Johanna Peterson 9-Apr-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2817  
      Muriel Franklin Ratcliff 21 Ratcliff Tom Franklin & Janet Morgan          
ERL?, Clara see Quinn, Charles A                    
ERLANDSON, Claus see Pederson                    
ERLANDSON, Paul see Anderson, Nils                    
ERLANDSON, Teckla H L see Pederson                    
ERLENWIN, Joseph see Boesch, Emil                    
ERLENWIN, Paula see Boesch, Emil                    
ERLER, August & Marie see Erler, Rudolph G                    
ERLER, August & Mary see Erler, Richard F                    
ERLER, Richard F       Glasgow 28 Ger August & Mary Erler 23?-May-1906 Glasgow Valley 246  
      Katherine F Mayhew Glasgow 18 Mn W E Mayhew & Rosina Mason          
ERLER, Rudolph G       Glasgow 33 Germany August & Marie Erler 5-Jul-09 Glasgow Valley 488  
      Lillian Quinn Glasgow 23 Utah George Montgomery & Mary Morrin          
ERLEWINE, Frank       Hinsdale 27 Woodbine Iowa William Erlewine & Sarah Marsh 18-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1796  
      Mattie P Hayes Mapleton Iowa 33 Mapleton Orlando Muckey & Mary Woods          
ERLEWINE, William see Erlewine, Frank                    
ERLINGER, Loy May see Brookfield, Harold                    
ERLIWINE, David see Jones, Roy                    
ERLIWINE, Ruth see Jones, Roy                    
ERNANDS, Agnes see Paz, Frank                    
ERNEST, Ira see Ragsdale, Virgil Augustus                    
ERNEST, Lizzie see Stringer Frank E                    
ERNEST, Michael see Ernest, Peter A                    
ERNEST, Peter A       Sentinel Butte N D 24 Chicago Illinois Michael Ernest & Lena Eberhart 14-Feb-17   Dawson 2112  
      Estella Valentine Sentinel Butte N D 22 Mn Joe Valentine & Jenny White          
ERNI, Jennie see Ward                    
ERNIE, Andrew see Winter                    
ERNIE, Sarah see Winter                    
ERNO, Frank see Iverson                    
ERNO, Margaret see Iverson                    
ERNST, David       Dodson 23 Ontario Can Levi Ernst & Charlotte Brown 15-Sep-13 Chinook Blaine 76  
      Margaret Hoppe Dodson 22 Gemania Penn Louis Hoppe & Johanne Schusder          
ERNST, Emma see Kjelstrup                    
ERNST, Ida see Shields, Lando H                    
ERNST, Ira       Dodson 33 Canada   4-Aug-22   Phillips 659  
      Rosie Klass Dodson 18 N D            
ERNST, Katherine see Wittkopp, Karl                    
ERNST, Levi see Shields, Lando H                    
ERNST, Levi see Ernst, David                    
ERNST, Marie C see Moore, Claude O                    
ERNST, Mary Elizabeth see Moore Edward Cash                    
ERNSTER, J J see Ernster, Mike Edward                    
ERNSTER, J J see Snyder, George                    
ERNSTER, Mayme see Snyder, George                    
ERNSTER, Mike Edward       Burns 24 Davenport Wash J J Ernster & Lena Brown 18-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3642  
      Rose Riedinger Burns 18 Center N D Harry J Riedinger & Rose Ehlis          
ERNSTROM, George L       Glendive 34 Bygdo Norway Frederick Ernstrom & Martha Gulbrason 16-Jul-21 Glendive Dawson 2784  
      Verna Belle Hammond Glendive 23 Ackeley Mn John Smith & Winnie Williams          
EROVICK, Thomas & Mary see Erovick, James                    
EROVIK, James J       Minot N D 31 Grafton N D Thomas & Mary Erovick 1-Jul-26 Glendive Dawson 3368  
      Myrtle Tenenko Fargo N D 24 Hoople N D Wallace Johnson & Annie Storud          
ERPENBACH, Fred see Erpenbach, Matt                    
ERPENBACH, Marie Schell see Davis, Benj Owen                    
ERPENBACH, Matt       Glendive 21 Norwalk Wisc Fred Erpenbach & Maggie Butzler 17-Sep-23 Glendive Dawson 3024  
      Mary Decker Glendive 18 AustHun Peter Decker & Margaret Shambray?          
ERPS, Bernice see Tyndall                    
ERPS, Julius see Tyndall                    
ERRET, R H see Erret, Clarence G                    
ERRETT, Clarence G       Glendive 26 New Sharon Iowa R H Errett & Mary I Rhoades 11-Feb-06 Glendive Dawson 360  
      Clara E Turner Glendive 23 Leseur? Mn ???          
ERRETT, Gertrude see Staton, Arthur                    
ERRICSON, Christina see Hofland, Ibert                    
ERRICSON, Gus & Ellen see Gustaveson, Peter                    
ERSLAND, Lars see Waarvil, Isak                    
ERSLUND, Ingeborg see Dyer                    
ERSNESS, Annie see Edstrom                    
ERSNESS, Nils & Dorothy see Edstrom                    
ERSTAD, Bertha see Fadness, Knute T                    
ERSTAD, Ingeborg see Hilleren, Henry C                    
ERTING, Anna see Bane, W A                    
ERTING, Henry see Bane, W A                    
ERTL, Anna see Skillen, Andrew                    
ERUM, Anna see Wold, Walter                    
ERUM, Harry see Johnson, Robert C                    
ERUM, Lavetta see Johnson, Robert C                    
ERVIN, Ben see Knapp, Richard                    
ERVIN, Esther see Knapp, Richard                    
ERVIN, Mary Elizabeth see Lotz, George William                    
ERVIN, Ruth B see Cowan, W S Jr                    
ERVINE, Eldridge see Ervine, Rudolph T                    
ERVINE, Rudolph T       Hamblin 34 Vir Eldridge Ervine & Ora? Fitch 1-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2214  
      Anna Miller Prairie Elk 27 Ill Wellington Miller & Emeline Johnson          
ERWIN, Amanda see Smith, Edgar W                    
ERWIN, Louis see Fromdahl, Helmer Benjamin                    
ERWIN, Mildred Irine see Fromdahl, Helmer Benjamin                    
ERWIN, Nancy see Wiseman, William Florience                    
ERWIN, Rosilla see Brown, Lester                    
ESA, Fred       Dow N D 42 Germany Fredrick Esa & Wilhelmina Ryzewski? 18-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1841  
      Mary G Zeller Abany N Y 23 Albany Adam Zeller & Charlotte Hellmonth          
ESA, Fredrick see Esa Fred                    
ESANCY, Grace see Murch, Albert                    
ESAREY, Alberta M see Ramsbacher, Oswald B                    
ESBJORNSON, Otto see Esbjornson, Per Hjalmer                    
ESBJORNSON, Per Hjalmer       Duluth Mn 29 Sweden Otto Esbjornson & Mary Carlson 30-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2222  
      Ida A Victoria Swenson Duluth 21 Duluth S Swenson & Ida Carlson          
ESBY, Mary see Yoas, Hugh A                    
ESCACEGA, Martin see Escacega, Vernon                    
ESCACEGA, Vernon       Frazer 26 Geddes S D Martin Escasega & Mary Martin 6-May-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1446  
      Elsie Joyce Hoenck Wolf Point 24 Wolf Point Frank Redstone & ???          
ESCACERGA, Martin see Diserly, Frank                    
ESCACERGA, Sarah see Diserly, Frank                    
ESCARCEGA, Joseph       Frazer 30 Geddes S D Martin Escarcega & Mary Martin 6-Jun-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1323  
      Bessie Mary Cox Frazer 18 Wiota Isaac Cox & ???          
ESCARCEGA, Joseph       Frazier 28 S D   31-Jan-27   Phillips 942  
      Elizabeth Birde Frazier 28 Mt            
ESCARCEGA, Martin see Escarcega, Joseph                    
ESCASCIRGA, Margaret see Red Bull, Seth                    
ESCERGA, Charles       Frazer 27 S D Martin Escerga & Martin Esphy 27-Feb-20 Glasgow Valley 2629  
      Nancy Martin Frazer 19 Mt Charles Martin & Annie Archambeau          
ESCERGA, Martin see Escerga, Charles                    
ESCERGA, Martin       Frazer 36 S D Martin Escerga & Mary Martin 24-Mar-23 Glasgow Valley 2964  
      Lucy Piper Oswego 61? Chelsey Run First & Red Road          
ESCERGEA, Anna see DeMars, Frank John                    
ESCHENBACHER, Adam see Skillingberg, Clinton                    
ESCHENBACHER, Adam see Eschenbacher                    
ESCHENBACHER , Adam see Peterson                    
ESCHENBACHER, Adelia Annie see Skillingberg, Clinton                    
ESCHENBACHER, August       Froid 24 Ill Adam Eschenbacher & Minnie Kapke 5-Jul-14 Froid Sheridan 268  
      Marie K Wagner Culbertson 21 Russia George Wagner & Marie Hoffman          
ESCHENBACHER, Minnie Marie see Peterson                    
ESHBOUGH, Jennie see Ling, Ray                    
ESHILL, Hannah see Kemmis, Walter D                    
ESHOM, Blanche see Knapp, Ralph S                    
ESHOM, G T see Knapp, Ralph S                    
ESKELDSON, Edward       Phillips Cty 28 Nebr   26-May-15   Phillips 20  
      Laura May Link Phillips Cty 18 Mich            
ESKEW, Edith see Lancey, Edgar Elbert                    
ESKIA, Bertha see Bauer, George T                    
ESKILDSEN, Metta see Hoiland                    
ESKILDSON, Ed see Robertson, Alexander Moore                    
ESKILSON, Swan       Wolf Point 33 Sweden Eskil Jensen & Sisa Swenson 3-Mar-19 Wolf Point Sheridan 1489  
      Evelyn M Blair Wolf Point 22 Alabama F A Blair & Karttas? McDade          
ESMAY, Hattie E see West, Lowry H                    
ESMAY, Israel N see West, Lowry H                    
ESME, Tora A see Sparling, James T                    
ESMEKING, Elizabeth see Walstad, Elmer Arthur                    
ESMEY, Fred       Havre 46 Sabula Iowa John Esmay & ??? 12-Jan-12 Malta Valley 946  
      Anna B Gibson Havre 23 East Aurora N Y Frank E Rixinger & Margaret Howey          
ESMEY, John see Esmey, Fred                    
ESPALD, Christina see Hubbard, Fred                    
ESPALT, Christina see Monrad, Thor                    
ESPALT, Christina see Schultz, Harry                    
ESPATE, Julia see Haroldson, John                    
ESPE, John see Stadig                    
ESPELAND, Ingwald       McElroy 38 Norway Martin Espeland & Anna Olson 11-Apr-25 Plentywood Sheridan    
      Hilda Johnson Westby 34 Sweden Andrew Hultgren & Lizzie Nelson          
ESPELAND, Martin see Espeland                    
ESPELIEN, Edward       Culbertson 34 Mn John Espelien & Ragnald Garsacker 27-Jun-08 Glasgow? Valley 384  
      Anna Brandon Homestead 24 Wis Halvor Brandon & Dena Hanson          
ESPELIEN, John see Espelien, Edward                    
ESPESETH, Arne see Espeseth, Melvin                    
ESPESETH, Ida see Hovee, Stanley                    
ESPESETH, Melvin       St Paul Mn 26 Viroqua Wisc Arne Espeseth & Inger H Anderson 31-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 2835  
      Norah C Myran Taylor N D 25 Decorah Iowa Nels H Myran & Carrie Renning          
ESPIL, Domique see Espil, Jean                    
ESPIL, Jean       Glasgow 38 France Domique Espil & Louise Ordanze 24-Nov-24 Glasgow Valley 3098  
      Anna Etchebarger Glasgow 28 France Peter Etchebarger & Marie Barrondegny          
ESPING, Helen see Torgerson                    
ESPING, Helga see Torgerson                    
ESPSARSA, Pag see Barrego, Toney                    
ESPY, Mary see Escerga, Charles                    
ESPY, Mary see Yaas, William H                    
ESRES, Mary E see Johnston                    
ESSERT, Agnes see Auth, Joseph                    
ESSERT, Anton see Coleman, Henry                    
ESSERT, Anton see Rolfe, Perry E                    
ESSERT, Anton see Auth, Joseph                    
ESSERT, Julae see Coleman, Henry                    
ESSERT, Julia see Rolfe, Perry E                    
ESSEX, James H       Miles City 38 Marshalltown Iowa Thomas Essex & Mary Collins 16-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 3476  
      Amy Lee Arnold Miles City 33 State Center Iowa Arthur Robinson & Mary Malloy          
ESSEX, Thomas see Essex, James H                    
ESSON, Georgina see Wolfe, Charles                    
ESTBY, Florence M see Sand, Harold O                    
ESTBY, Ole Christian see Sand, Harold O                    
ESTENSON, Albert       Scobey 25 Mn Ole Estenson & Helen Bostvald 25-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1086  
      Edna Hoyum Scobey 20 Mn Trond Hoyum & Clara Myrah          
ESTENSON, Albert E       Ossette 27 Bourup Mn Edward Estenson & Mary Sievertson 26-Sep-29 Scobey Daniels 450  
      Mabel G Norstrom Ossette 18 Minneapolis Mn John Norstrom & Mary Olson          
ESTENSON, Catherine see Mason, William M                    
ESTENSON, Edward see Mason, William M                    
ESTENSON, Edward see Estenson, Silas                    
ESTENSON, Edward see Estenson, Albert E                    
ESTENSON, Edward       Scobey 45 Mn Ole Estenson & Ellen Rosvald 23-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1579  
      Carie Hensrude Scobey 47 Norway ???          
ESTENSON, Ole see Estenson                    
ESTENSON, Ole see Estenson                    
ESTENSON, Silas       Vida 26 Grantsburg Wisconsin Edward Estenson & Hilda Paulson 25-Sep-20 Circle McCone 16  
      Lottie VanEpps Vida 33 Eden Prairie Mn Jacob Wolf & Madana Adams          
ESTER, Sarah M see Lasater                    
ESTERBROOK, Barnard               1-Nov-1885 Glendive Dawson 46  
      Minnie Ray                  
ESTERBY, see Easterby?                    
ESTES, Edward       Dooley 24 Mn J A Estes & Bessie Hunter 19-Apr-16 Plentywood Sheridan 724  
      Bertha Akea Dooley 20 Mn M O Akea & Bertha Hansen          
ESTES, Elizabeth see Boucher, Lawrence                    
ESTES, Florence see Pooler, Frank J                    
ESTES, Howard see Pooler, Frank J                    
ESTES, Howard & Eva see Olsen                    
ESTES, J A see Estes                    
ESTES, Louis A       Glasgow 33 Philadelphia Penn T E Estes & Ida Orvenby 3-Jan-13 Glasgow Valley 1206  
      Jessie Isadore Majors Glasgow 32 Jacksonville Ore Lucas Danforth & Mary A Bayse          
ESTES, Marie see Goodell, Willard E                    
ESTES, Marion L see Olsen                    
ESTES, Mary see Johnston                    
ESTES, Mary C see Johnston, George E                    
ESTES, Sara see Pooler, Frank J                    
ESTES, Sussie see Mead, C W                    
ESTES, T E see Estes, Louis                    
ESTILL, Mary see Hargrave, Clay Estill                    
ESTUS, Enna see Leader, William J                    
ESVAL, Albertine see Anderson, Joseph D                    
ESVAL, Gustrand see Anderson, Joseph D                    
ESZLINGER, John       Watkins 52 Fredonia N D John Eszlinger & Katie Joerke 26-Mar-14 Glendive Dawson 1453  
      Rosa Gackle Watkins 21 Russia Fred Gackle & Anna Mae Ditters          
ETCHART, Ferdinand see Etchart, Joseph                    
ETCHART, Joseph       Tampico 32 Nrepel France Ferdinand Etchart & Marie Erro 15-Oct-27 Glasgow Valley 3325  
      Madeline Barthe Glasgow 17 Maulow France John Barthe & Marie Etchebarren          
ETCHEBARREN, Anna see Espil, Jean                    
ETCHEBARREN, Marie see Etchhart, Joseph                    
ETCHEBARREN, Peter see Espil, Jean                    
ETCHEVERRY, Jean B       Glasgow 29 France Joe Etcheverry & Jennie Azure 27-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3533  
      Eloise S Willson Hamilton N D 29 Darfus? Mn E J Willson & Anna Lischefaka          
ETCHEVERRY, Joe see Etcheverry, Jean B                    
ETHCHART, Graciane see Amestoy, John A                    
ETTENGER, Grace see Pittenger, Robert E                    
ETZEL, Carl       Redwater 24 Germany Karl Etzel & Caroline Farbach 8-Apr-15 Wibaux Wibaux 26  
      Anna Mahl-stedt Redwater 21 Nebraska John Mahlstedt & Mary Jungerman          
ETZEL, Carl see Berskirk, Ralph                    
ETZEL, Clarice M see Doornek, Joseph                    
ETZEL, Joe see Blevins, Earl Leslie                    
ETZEL, Joseph see Doornek, Joseph                    
ETZEL, Karl see Etzel, Carl                    
ETZEL, Marcella see Blevins, Earl Leslie                    
ETZEL, Mary see Berskirk, Ralph                    
ETZENBERGER, Anna B see Youden, Otis R                    
EUBANK, Iva Myrtle see Shrum, Albert M                    
EUBANK, Mat�? see Green, Westly Earl                    
EUBANK, Sarah E see Dailey, Cy O                    
EUBANK, Susan see Sardotz, Matz                    
EUCKERT, Emma see Ness, Nels Nelson                    
EUGENIA, Mei see Agastini, Emanuele                    
EUGH, Elmer       Glendive 30 Northfield Mn Swan Eugh & Anna Anderson 3-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3896  
      Anna Van Gilder Glendive 20 Ross N D N P Nygren & Anna Wilson          
EUGH, Swan see Eugh, Elmer                    
EUSTROM, Edith see Gruaut, Osker W                    
EUSTROM, Gustav see Gruaut, Osker W                    
EUSTROM, Leroy O       Glendive 23 Minneapolis Mn Ossian Eustrom & Wilhelmina Hornburg 27-May-11 Glendive Dawson 942  
      Lelia Blankenburg Glendive 20 Elroy Wis Fred Blankenburg & Marie Christy          
EUSTROM, Ossian see Eustrom, Leroy O                    
EUTENIER, Alfridia see Maier                    
EUTENIER, Otto see Maier                    
EVANS, Alice Leola see Palm, John Henry                    
EVANS, Arthur James       Beach N D 37 West Salem Wisc John Evans & Mary E Pepper 18-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1778  
      Gusta Jacobson Beach 36 Norway John Peterson & Maltha Jacobson          
EVANS, B F see Evans, Joseph C                    
EVANS, Carl F       Letts Indiana 21 Letts George E Evans & Caroline V Richards 14-Apr-20 Glendive Dawson 2629  
      Elma L Murray Grassy Butte N D 21 Zenith N D Albert Murray & Della Gillman          
EVANS, Charles see Evens, Charles                    
EVANS, Charles M       Wibaux 37 LaFarge Wisc E D Evans & Lauvarie Garrett 3-May-15 Glendive Dawson 1707  
      Amey T Mattson St Paul Mn 24 St Paul Charles Mattson & Doris Jane          
EVANS, Charles S       Culbertson 14 Ft Benton Winfield S Evans & Jane Sloan 31-May-10 Glasgow Valley 644  
      Lina S Vancil Bainville 17 Greenallen Ill William Vancil & Sarah Chase          
EVANS, Claude T       Glendive 32 Arcmont Nebr Reuben Charles Evans & Rilla Smith 18-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1260  
      Willah May Gaynor Glendive 22 Fayette Iowa Charles Gaynor & May Murphy          
EVANS, Clem see Conaster, Robert L                    
EVANS, Cora                        
EVANS, Cora see Ray                    
EVANS, D E see Evans                    
EVANS, Delila (Cary?) see Carman, Frank                    
EVANS, Dora Ethel see Johnson, C A                    
EVANS, E D see Evans, Charles M                    
EVANS, Elsie Bell see Serl, Charles Mondak                    
EVANS, Esther Viola see Maltby, Raymond Allen                    
EVANS, Eugene       Glasgow 36 Jacksonville Oregon Whilliam? Evans & Francis Allison 18-Apr-1898 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Mary Ann Nelson Glasgow 22 Washington D C John R Nelson & Margit Melbon          
EVANS, Francis see McCracken, Henry                    
EVANS, Frank W       Williston 35 New York William M Evans & Florence M Fell 29-Nov-20 Poplar Roosivelt 196  
      Edna Moline Williston 24 Mn Andrew Moline & Anna Johnson          
EVANS, George E see Evans, Carl F                    
EVANS, Gertrude see Murphy, James W                    
EVANS, Gladys Iona see Herschman, Oliver W                    
EVANS, Guenn C see Stevens, Benjamin, J L                    
EVANS, Harry see Herschman, Oliver W                    
EVANS, Hattie see Stapleton, Crescent E                    
EVANS, Hattie see Stapleton                    
EVANS, Henry L       Circle 21 Rosilia John W Evans & Mary L Turner 14-Apr-23 Wibaux Wibaux 379  
      Grace Childres Circle 18 Oakdale Wash B F Childres & C Hull          
EVANS, Idella Sarah see Grow, Earl Winfield                    
EVANS, Izora see Charles, Edwin J                    
EVANS, Jane Elizabeth see Frye, Edward Byron                    
EVANS, John see Evans, Arthur James                    
EVANS, John D see Heart, James L                    
EVANS, John D see McLeod, R W                    
EVANS, John W see Evans, Henry L                    
EVANS, John W see Evans, Nathan E                    
EVANS, Joseph C       Beulah N D 24 Neb B F Evans & Fanny Knopp 21-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1989  
      Clotilde C Brost Glasgow 21 Mn C A Brost & Adelaide Pirr__?          
EVANS, K H see Brown, Lindop E                    
EVANS, Kate see Lange, Otto                    
EVANS, Katie see McFarland, George P                    
EVANS, Lillian Mabel see Sullivan, Francis Earl                    
EVANS, Maggie see Travis, W W                    
EVANS, Mary see Picard, Alphonse D                    
EVANS, Mary see Simmons, Henry                    
EVANS, Mary see Tyrrel, James E                    
EVANS, Mary see Stoner                    
EVANS, Mary Ann see Hardy, Johm P                    
EVANS, Mary E see West, Lowry H                    
EVANS, Mary S see Crusch, Erick Cecil                    
EVANS, Mary S see Reynolds                    
EVANS, Maude May see Clair, Harry Edwin                    
EVANS, Merton       Bonin 25 Cloud Cty Mn Charles Evans & Emma Gee 27-Jun-17 Glasgow Valley 2149  
      Nellie Tuttle Bonin 30 S D Monroe Tuttle & Clara Allen          
EVANS, Myrtle see Barrett, B E                    
EVANS, Nathan E       Bemidji Mn 23 Ritchville? Mn John W Evans & Eliza M Lease 20-Oct-27 Wibaux Wibaux 588  
      Leona May Tatro Glendive 22 Wis Fred Tatro & Jennie Larsen          
EVANS, Nellie see Johnson, Ned C                    
EVANS, Nellie see Lyons, Mike                    
EVANS, R J see Johnson, C A                    
EVANS, Reuben Charles see Evans, Claude T                    
EVANS, Rose see Ratledge, Bunnie                    
EVANS, Roy see Serl, Charles Mondak                    
EVANS, Roy see Palm, John Henry                    
EVANS, Roy H see Ratledge, Bunnie                    
EVANS, Russell H       Med� Lake 37 Williamsburg Iowa D E Evans & Mary Hughes 9-Jun-31 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2605  
      Helen Reuter Med Lake 23 Lansford N D Lawrence Reuter & Christine Reifield          
EVANS, Stella Marie see Seel, William Frederick                    
EVANS, Violet see Heart, James L                    
EVANS, W C see Barrett, B E                    
EVANS, W S Jr see Maltby, Raymond Scott                    
EVANS, Walton see Stevens, Benjamin J L                    
EVANS, Whilliam? see Evans, Eugene                    
EVANS, William M see Evans, Frank W                    
EVANS, Winfield S see Evans Charles S                    
EVANS, Winfield S see Sullivan, Francis Earl                    
EVANS, Winifred Scott see Claire, Harry Edwin                    
EVANSON, Ed see Beltschein, Fred                    
EVANSON, Ed see Evanson                    
EVANSON, Ella see Dodge, Samuel                    
EVANSON, John see Dodge, Samuel                    
EVANSON, Mae Eldora see Beltschein, Fred                    
EVANSON, Nellie see Duel, Harry Oscar                    
EVANSON, Walter       Upham N D 28 Noonan N D Ed Evanson & Mamie Hought 29-Mar-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2915  
      Bernice Melgaard Noonan N D 18 Noonan Hans Melgaard & Patricia Berg          
EVENMO, Kjersti see Lovaas, Ingelbret                    
EVENMO, Kjersti see Slagsvold, Lars                    
EVENRUD, Mathilda see Kirkeby                    
EVENSKASS, Helma see Johnson                    
EVENSKASS, Theodore see Johnson                    
EVENSON, Annie May see Garoutte, Thomas E                    
EVENSON, Annie May see Lockhart, Lawrence Daniel                    
EVENSON, Anton       Williston 33 Wis John Evenson & Carrie Nelson 23-Oct-15 Glasgow Valley 1755  
      Olive Jorgenson Williston 24 Mn Knute Judd & Harriet Howe          
EVENSON, Anton Berg       Chinook 30 Norway Even Berg & Annie Peterson 1-Oct-17 Chinook Blaine 432  
      Ellen Ramquist Chinook 35 Sweden Andrew Gustav Ramquist & Laura Anderson          
EVENSON, Betsy see Larson                    
EVENSON, Carl see Evenson, Donald Wilbur                    
EVENSON, Cora see Fossum                    
EVENSON, Donald Wilbur       Havre 21 Monticello Mn Carl Evenson & Clara Hansen 17-Jul-29 Chinook Blaine 1146  
      Auguste Henriette Battran Havre 24 Big Sandy James Battran & Auguste Jappe          
EVENSON, Doris see McLean                    
EVENSON, Ed C see Evenson, Ralph                    
EVENSON, Edward see McLean                    
EVENSON, Ellen see Crawfoer, Clarence Bredford                    
EVENSON, Ellen see Adams, Wm N                    
EVENSON, Ellen see Gustaveson, Peter                    
EVENSON, Ellen see Kittelson, Martin                    
EVENSON, Ellen M see Sethne, Hans D                    
EVENSON, Even see Adams, Wm N                    
EVENSON, Even see Evenson, Theodore                    
EVENSON, Halvor see Evenson                    
EVENSON, Harold       Reserve 23 Med� Lake Halvor Evenson & Anna Brue 16-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2941  
      Lucille Evenson Reserve 22 Minneapolis Mn N J Evenson & N J Shipman          
EVENSON, Inga see Thornes, Nels Gunderson                    
EVENSON, Ingeborg see Drangstviet                    
EVENSON, J O see Evenson                    
EVENSON, John see Evenson, Anton                    
EVENSON, Katherine see Iverson                    
EVENSON, Laura see Ness, Guttorn, Anderson                    
EVENSON, Laura see Ness                    
EVENSON, Lena see Hanson                    
EVENSON, Lucille see Evenson                    
EVENSON, Lydia J see Otheim                    
EVENSON, Mads & Carrie see Evenson, Otto                    
EVENSON, Margaret Jeanette see Rhodes, Rex Edwin                    
EVENSON, Marion Beulah see Cleary, James R                    
EVENSON, Mary see Groven, Aslak A                    
EVENSON, Mary see Shirtliff                    
EVENSON, Mathe see Knudsen, Harry R                    
EVENSON, Michael see Rhodes, Rex Edwin                    
EVENSON, Mike see Presnell                    
EVENSON, N J see Evenson                    
EVENSON, Olena see Aby                    
EVENSON, Otto       Glasgow 26 Menominee Wis Mads & Carrie Evenson 15-Aug-09 Glasgow Valley 497  
      Olga Alseth Menominee 25 Wis Anton Alseth & ???          
EVENSON, Ragnhild see Hanson                    
EVENSON, Ralph       Baylor 24 Canby Mn Ed C Evenson & Maude Graham 27-Dec-27 Glasgow Valley 3358  
      Lois Sweet Baylor 19 Indiana Allen Sweet & Rene Rhoades          
EVENSON, Sina see ???                    
EVENSON, Theodore O       Charbonneau N D 26 Devils Lake N D Even Evenson & Ingeborg Norskog 11-Sep-14 Glendive Dawson 1578  
      Hazel Trace Sand Springs Mt 23 Sauk Rapids Mn Orland T Trace & Janet Russell          
EVENSON, Waldo       St Paul 33 Tacoma Wash J O Evenson & Bertha Nelson 26-May-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2433  
      Bernice Krueger Antler N D     August Krueger & Blanche Langlois          
EVENSON, Wilma see Presnell Martin                    
EVERETS, Sarah see Garvey, Gilbert E                    
EVERETT, Alice see James, Leo                    
EVERETT, Anna see Thurlow, Charles                    
EVERETT, Antoinette see Kennedy, Jesse C                    
EVERETT, Austin C       Glendive 25 Union Nebr Edward C Everett & Pearl Chiddister 21-Feb-25 Glendive Dawson 3191  
      Bernice M Zernstein Glendive 18 Moorhead Mn Ernest Zernstein & Anna Cornell          
EVERETT, Doris C see Church, Homer Roy                    
EVERETT, Edward C see Everett, Austin C                    
EVERETT, Edward C see James, Leo                    
EVERETT, Enid see Weingartner, Lawrence William                    
EVERETT, Hattie see Lyons, Roy A                    
EVERETT, Hosea B see Everett, John M                    
EVERETT, Hosea B see Everett, Thomas H                    
EVERETT, Hosea B see Goodall, William E                    
EVERETT, John M       Harlem 41 Princeton Mo Hosea B Everett & Jane Butcher 16-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 612  
      Mrs Esther Erbes Harlem 49 Paynett Wisc George Mountford & Katherine Stanton          
EVERETT, R F see Everett W B                    
EVERETT, Thomas H       Harlem 30 Princeton ? Hosea B Everett & Jane Butcher 13-May-1896 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Addie B Hemphill Harlem 30 Osceola Iowa David Brewer & Melissa Butcher          
EVERETT, W B       Wolf Point 28 ??? Illinois R F Everett & Catherine St John 24-May-02 Wolf Point Valley ?  
      Luella S Fuller Wolf Point 21 ??? A J Fuller & Lydia B Thompson          
EVERETT, Walter see Weingartner, Lawrence William                    
EVERETT, Walter see Church, Homer Roy                    
EVERHART, Cary       Glendive 18 Lohrville Iowa Daniel Everhart & Mary E Dopp 23-Dec-13 Glendive Dawson 1396  
      Anna Judson Groves Glendive 24 Churdon Iowa S M Groves & Anna G Field          
EVERHART, D B see Bensel, Edmund H                    
EVERHART, Daniel see Everhart, Cary                    
EVERHART, Edith M see Bensel, Edmund H                    
EVERS, Doris see Haskins, Ted Robert                    
EVERSOIK, Hannah see Leidahl                    
EVERSOIK, Jens see Leidahl                    
EVERSON, Albert       Malta 23 Emeraldo N D Halvor Everson & Caroline Peterson 19-Nov-13 Malta Valley 1386  
      Gertrude Johnson Egeland N D 19 N D Hans Johnson & Carrie Hallander          
EVERSON, Ben & Catherine see Johnson, Charley J                    
EVERSON, Carry see McKee, Raymond                    
EVERSON, Halvor see Everson, Albert                    
EVERSON, Halvor see Ferguson                    
EVERSON, Ida see Johnson, Charley J                    
EVERSON, Iver see Everson, Olavus                    
EVERSON, Lillian see Ferguson                    
EVERSON, Olavus       Powers Lake N D 40 Detroit(Lakes?) Mn Iver Everson & Mary Olson 12-Mar-25 Glasgow Valley 3122  
      Inga Oftlie Lake Park Mn 20 Norway Gulick Oftlie & Lena Berge          
EVERSON, Sarah see Hall                    
EVERSTAT, Anna see Johnson, Ivar                    
EVERT, Augusta see Harris, LeRoy C                    
EVERTS, Hattie Bell see Robinson, Raymond                    
EVERTS, Sarah see Gowey, Gilbert E                    
EVES, Peter see Eves, William R                    
EVES, Prescilla? see Kennedy, James Joseph                    
EVES, William R       Glendive 33 Palmerston Canada Peter Eves & Sarah Ann Atkinson 22-Oct-00   Dawson 211  
      Anna Sheehan Buffalo Mn 23 Wright Cty Mn David Sheehan & Ellen Donovan          
EVINGER, Elizabeth see Ambruster, Herbert P                    
EVINRUDE, Andrew see Evinrude, Anton                    
EVINRUDE, Anton       Bloomfield 28 Cambridge Wisc Andrew Evinrude & Bertha Olson 17-Feb-13 Glendive Dawson 1213  
      Monti Larson Bloomfield 28 Norway Lars Larson & Ingebor Broveson?          
EVJEN, Aloug? see Moen, Andrew                    
EWALD, Emma see Cale, Willard Ray                    
EWALT, Emma see Kunzie, Theodore E                    
EWALT, Emma see Casey, Charles William                    
EWALT, Emma see Lawrence, Donald C                    
EWALT, Emma see Lawrence, Ray L                    
EWALT, Emma see Thompson, Bernard                    
EWALT, Marion Belle see Lynch, Kenneth                    
EWALT, Samuel see Lynch, Kenneth                    
EWALT, Susan see McAtee, Benjamin                    
EWALT, Susan see Tusler, Sheldon                    
EWALT, Susan see Paddock, Daniel                    
EWART, Margaret see Sadler, R Glen                    
EWERT, Lydia see Scarseth, Arthur                    
EWERT, M J see Scarseth, Arthur                    
EWES, David       Chinook 26 Neb John Ewes & Agatha Hooge 18-Feb-15 Chinook Blaine 194  
      Elizabeth Kvaaen Lehigh Kan 25 Lehigh William Reddig & Anna Loewen          
EWES, John see Ewes, David                    
EWING, Edward see Ewing, M J                    
EWING, George Wm       St Louis Mo 21 St Louis Mo Wm L Ewing & Myrtle Heitz 5-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2078  
      Grace Wickham LoaPort Ind 32 Indiana Charles Wickham & Aline Brink          
EWING, Harry see Baker, Forest                    
EWING, Harry see Baker, Forest Depew                    
EWING, John E see Ewing                    
EWING, Lizzie see Hall, F W                    
EWING, M J       Billings 21 Billings Edward Ewing & Elizabeth Schnitzler 18-May-30 Glasgow Valley 3556  
      Eloise Modreu Billings 22 Rapid City S D Anton Modreu & Anna J Huffman          
EWING, Martha see Douglas, Stephen A                    
EWING, Norman       Poplar 23 Wash D C John W Ewing 17-Feb-16 Poplar Sheridan 674  
      Maggie Culbertson Poplar 23 Poplar Joseph Culbertson          
EWING, Ruth Margaret see Baker, Forest Depew                    
EWING, Wm see Ewing, George Wm                    
EXE, Sigvar see Allen, Claude J                    
EXY, Sigwald see Slesson, James                    
EYER, Bernice see Goodale, Michael                    
EYER, John Harold       Glendive 24 Eyers Grove Penn John Eyer & Susan Shannon 3-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2158  
      Mabel Ruth Ammer Glendive 25 Fargo N D John Ammer & Amanda Hilke          
EYER, Rowland see Goodale, Michael                    
EYERLY, Jacob see Rennie, Robert                    
EYERLY, Jacob see Hartman, Jacob                    
EYERS, Emma see Herron                    
EYERS, Martha see Herron                    
EYMUNDSON, Concordia K see Lepine, Archie M                    
EYMUNDSON, John see Lepine, Archie M                    
EYRE, Frank       Glendive 26 Eyre Grove Penn John Eyre & Margaret Suklin 11-Apr-06 Glendive Dawson 363  
      Francis Evelyn Johnson Glendive 20 Chicago Ill Anton A Johnson & ??? Blair          
EYRE, John see Eyre, Frank