Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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E to Emily

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
EADA, Sina see Person                    
EADY, Mary see Krieg, Herbert Joseph                    
EADY, Mary see Boyle, William                    
EAGAN, Mrs Anna see Nichols, Earl W                    
EAGER, Mary A see Clement, Adolphus                    
EAGER, Mrs Alma P (Hamilton?) see Hall, Clayton S                    
EAGLE see Fontaine, Peter                    
EAGLE, see Archambeau                    
EAGLE, see Eagle                    
EAGLE, Crow see Little Santee                    
EAGLE, Feather Woman see Red Boy                    
EAGLE, Nest see Attacks                    
EAGLE, Track see White Hawk                    
EAGLE, Woman see Ryder, Charles                    
EAGLE, Woman see Old Thunder, Walter                    
EAGLE, Claude       Poplar 28 Poplar Red Breast Eagle & Four Cloud 17-Apr-23 Poplar Roosivelt 497  
      Margaret Red Elk Poplar 35 Poplar ??? & Iron Owl          
EAGLE, Claude Kermit       Poplar 23 Poplar Eagle & Four Cloud 10-Sep-17 Poplar Sheridan 1127  
      Mary Agnes Hoksina Ft Totten N D 19 Abron N D Isaac Hoksina & Bessie Smith          
EAGLE, Mary see Wilson                    
EAGLE, Peter       Poplar 26 ??? Red Breast Eagle & Four Cloud 4-Jun-22 Poplar? Roosivelt 375  
      Rena Schrimp-scher Wyandotte Okla 18 Okla John & Harriot Schrimpscher          
EAGLE BOY, Mathew       Cannon Ball N D 24 Cannon Ball Nelson Eagle Boy & ??? 17-Feb-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1428  
      Rosa No Breast Red Feather Poplar 24 Poplar Gray No Breast & ???          
EAGLE BOY, Nelson see Eagle Boy, Mathew                    
EAGLE BOY, Theodore       Oswego 21 Frazer Tom Eagle Boy & Chief Woman 5-Aug-14 Glasgow Valley 1521  
      Rose Garfield Oswego 19 Oswego James Garfield & ???          
EAGLE BOY, Tom see Eagle Boy, Theodore                    
EAGLEMAN, John see Youngman, Louis                    
EAGLEMAN, John & Agnes see Eagleman, John Jr                    
EAGLEMAN, John Jr       Poplar 28 Poplar John & Agnes Eagleman 16-Dec-25 Poplar Roosivelt 846  
      Lucille Whit-right Poplar 22 Poplar William Whitright & Virginia Blount          
EAGLEMAN, Joseph see Eagleman, William Lawrence                    
EAGLEMAN, Marie see Youngman, Lewis                    
EAGLEMAN, William Lawrence       Shields N D 23 Shields Joseph Eagleman & Florence Final 20-May-28 Ft Kipp Roosivelt 1173  
      Mable Shields Poplar 26 Poplar Andrew Shields & Florence Lambert          
EAGLSNESS, Olga see Jarstad                    
EAKINS, Ethel Emmeline see Berg, Nels I                    
EAKINS, Wm see Berg, Nels I                    
EARHART, Lena B see James, Aaron J                    
EARL, Alva see French                    
EARL, Harriet see Matthews, Burt E                    
EARL, Lautisle see Fate                    
EARL, Mary Jane see McCracken, Lyman                    
EARLE, Edna see French, Hugh B                    
EARLIN?, Elva see French, Harry L                    
EARLY, Sunrise see Black Dog                    
EARLY, Annie C (Ahrens) see Walker, Hugh C                    
EARLY, Earl A       Homestead 27 Traer Iowa William C Early & Sarah F Scott 8-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 642  
      Isie Flor McCabe Homestead 19 Greenville Ohio Oscar B McCabe & Anna May Loudenslager          
EARLY, Florence see Roosevelt, Charles A                    
EARLY , Losinda see Seeney, Isaiah                    
EARLY, Lydia see Shower, Orvel                    
EARLY, Lydia M see Showers, Martin J                    
EARLY, Magdaline see Nacy, George James                    
EARLY, Martin see Early, Merlin LeRoy                    
EARLY, Mary see Joyce, Peter                    
EARLY, Merlin LeRoy       Wahpeton N D 21 Wahpeton Martin Early & Nellie Shields 20-Oct-23 Glendive Dawson 3044  
      Julia K Squires Savage 19 Ashley Ill Walter P Squires & Katherine Martin          
EARLY, William C see Early, Earl A                    
EARSLEY, A C see Earsley, Barrett                    
EARSLEY, Barrett       Glasgow 23 Herman Mn A C Earsley & Ella G Simmons 22-Oct-12 Glasgow Valley 1136  
      Nora K Thomas Glasgow 27 Medicine Rock Ark E W Kehoe & Nancy Cozell?          
EARSLEY, Barrett       Glasgow 31 Mn A C Bearsley & Ella G Simmons 13-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2229  
      Mildred Crane Glasgow 23 Bozeman Joshua Sandridge & Caroline Smith          
EARTH, Boy see Main, Clarkson                    
EARTH, Maggie see Foote, Amos                    
EARTHBOY, see Longee, Bernhard                    
EARTHBOY, Mary see Longee, Bernhard                    
EARTON, George       Tampico 23 N Y City George Earton & Mary Nizper? 9-Jan-1896 Tampico Valley ?  
      Jennie White Tampico 23 Waseca Mn George White & Annie Price          
EARVAN, Lawrence see Earvan, Tearly                    
EARVAN, Tearly       Wolf Point 34 Tennessee Lawrence Earvan & Mattie Ellison 29-Jul-19 Wolf Point Roosivelt 27  
      Cora Hall Tennessee 32 Jackson Tenn ??? Hall & ???          
EASBEY, Charles F see Klindworth, Herman F                    
EASBEY, Charles F see McKenzie, Percy K                    
EASBEY, Katherine T see McKenzie, Percy K                    
EASBEY, Lucille see Klindworth, Herman F                    
EAST, Emaline see Noyes                    
EAST, Grace P see Acker, Otto                    
EAST, Jesse       Nielson 26 England   25-May-20   Phillips 503  
      Lillie Gladys Lundberg Nielson 20 England            
EAST, Jesse see East, Rupert                    
EAST, Rupert       Canada 25 Can   19-Mar-17   Phillips 194  
      Julia Hank Phillips 18 Mt            
EASTERBY, Sever see Kernes, John                    
EASTERLING, Mr & Mrs C C see Cauchon, Melvin                    
EASTHURN, Abigale K see Reich, Adam J                    
EASTHURN (EASTBURN?), T T see Reich, Adam J                    
EASTLING, John see Fortune, David E                    
EASTLING, Laura see Fortune, David E                    
EASTMAN, Ada (Train?) see Eastman, Edgar B                    
EASTMAN, Anna see Sprague, Harry C                    
EASTMAN, Edgar B       Carrington N D 31 Lawrence Mass James Eastman & Emelia Garland 22-Aug-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Ada Eastman Nashua 30 Alleghany Cty Penn George W Train? & Harriet Park          
EASTMAN, Elizabeth see Nyman, Otto Henry                    
EASTMAN, H E see Chrisriansen                    
EASTMAN, Helen Ria see Christiansen                    
EASTMAN, James see Eastman, Edgar B                    
EASTMAN, Marion see Eastman, Royal B                    
EASTMAN, Mary see Feizette, Walter                    
EASTMAN, Oliver see Eastman, Royal B                    
EASTMAN, Royal B       Fairview 37 Lancaster Wisc Oliver Eastman & Eleanor Barber 17-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1841  
      Bertha Martin Lancaster 34 Lancaster Marion Eastman & Sarah Kratzer          
EASTON, A E       Saco 22 Dakota City Iowa James E Easton & Fanny J Ream 29-Jan-12 Glasgow Valley 994  
      Vera V Vaupel Malta 20 Brit? Iowa Abraham L Vaupel & Minnie F Southwick          
EASTON, Belle see Koshney, Edward M                    
EASTON, Edna see Hudecek, Joe J                    
EASTON, Edward J see Fetterman, John W                    
EASTON, Effie see Hanson, Melvin                    
EASTON, Elizabeth see Werk, Robert E                    
EASTON, Harry see Hudecek, Joe J                    
EASTON, Harry see Easton, Myron S                    
EASTON, Isabell see McDonald, John A                    
EASTON, James E see Easton, A E                    
EASTON, Mary A see Fetterman, John W                    
EASTON, Myron S       Westerheim N D 22 Hewitt Mn Harry Easton & Mary Hinman 5-Sep-22 Glendive Dawson 2890  
      Hazel Stedwell Dickinson N D 19 Breed Wisc Herbert Stedwell & Mathilda Hollenshead          
EASTON, Teresa see Prenevost, Moise James                    
EASTWOOD, Eneas Elsie see White, Joseph Barton                    
EASTWOOD, Francis see Crosby, Glen J                    
EASTWOOD, J R see White, Joseph Barton                    
EATH, Delila see Powell                    
EATINGER, C J see Eatinger                    
EATINGER, C J see Eatinger                    
EATINGER, Eugene H       Med� Lake 25 Orient Iowa C J Eatinger & Hattie Sprague 27-May-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2729  
      Gladys Frederick Med� Laje 18 Med� Lake J W Frederick & Dean Davidson          
EATINGER, Ira B       Reserve 25 Adair Cty Iowa C J Eatinger & Hattie U S Sprague 9-Feb-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2227  
      Marie L Johnson Reserve 24 Arcadia Wis William Johnson & Anna Berg          
EATON, A M see McCallister                    
EATON, Charles see Eaton, Frank A                    
EATON, Charley see Eaton, Herman C                    
EATON, Charlie see Eaton, Delbert                    
EATON, Dar? see Eaton, Grant                    
EATON, Delbert       Union 36 Sutherland Iowa Charlie Eaton & Ora Bidwell 22-Nov-25 Wibaux Wibaux 517  
      Susan Helen Caswell Terry 23 Grand Isle Vermont Herbert E Caswell & Mary Chamberlain          
EATON, Edna see McCallister                    
EATON, Frank A       Union 25 Southerland Iowa Charles Eaton & Ora Bidwell 27-Dec-12 Union Dawson 1190  
      Mrs Lottie Colby Union 33 Sweden Olaf Anderson & Annie Olson          
EATON, Grant       Sentinel Butte N D 21 Mankato Mn Dar? Eaton & Annie Miller 15-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1657  
      Bertha Farnam Sentinel Butte 19 Mankato Mn John Farnam & ???          
EATON, Herman C       Union 27 Sutherland Iowa Charley Eaton & Julia Salzorn 9-Jun-20 Glendive Dawson 2652  
      Olga McGill Union 23 Kansas City Kans Thomas H McGill & Lena L Garnett          
EATON, Rhoda see Comstock, Emery                    
EATS THE CROW, Catherine see Lambert, Wilfred                    
EAVES, Eleanor see Wilson, Alvin J                    
EAVES, Esther see Bertini, Rudolph                    
EAVES, Lucille see Hader, Johnnie                    
EAVES, Thomas see Bertini, Rudolph                    
EAVES, Thomas see Wilson, Alvin J                    
EAVES, Thomas see Hader, Johnnie                    
EAVES, Thomas see Lemmon, Claud                    
EAVES, Veronica see Lemmon, Claud                    
EAYRE, Charlie see Eayrs, Donald                    
EAYRS, Charles Clifford       Peerless 45 Kasson Mn Charles H Eayrs & Sarah Greenslet 29-Dec-30 Scobey Daniels 507  
      Blanche Eva Settera Richland 19 Webo? (Wibaux?) John Settera & ???          
EAYRS, Charles H see Earys, Charles Clifford                    
EAYRS, Donald A       Scobey 23 West Concord Mn Charlie Eayrs & Sarah Greenslitt 26-Nov-23 Scobey Daniels 128  
      Caroline Settera Scobey 22 Mn Stanley Settera & Stanley Potiek          
EBALING, Tielie see Arends                    
EBAUGH, Andrew C       Malta 21 Round up John Ebaugh & Viola Cox 24-Apr-12 Malta Valley 1034  
      Lula P Marrow Malta 23 Brunson Mich Chas M Marrow & Elizabeth Fisher          
EBAUGH, C Anton       Medora N D 35 Ruth N D George Ebaugh & Mary Alton 1-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1803  
      Elsie Wheeler Monroe Wis 25 Ireton Iowa par Reuben Leroy Wheeler & Alice Grinnell          
EBAUGH, George see Ebaugh, Anton                    
EBAUGH, J A & Mrs see Johnson, Glenn A                    
EBAUGH, John       Malta 47 Bryan Ohio John Ebaugh & Sarah Smith 28-Mar-14 Malta Valley 1437  
      Annie E Norenberg? Malta 32 Denmark Hans Hanson & Marion Nelson          
EBAUGH, John see Ebaugh Andrew C                    
EBAUGH, Joseph see Guinn, Frank B                    
EBAUGH, Josie see Guinn, Frank B                    
EBAUGH, Mre J A see Hillard, Rueben                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Copeland, W D                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Furst, John                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Hymer, William                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Cornell, Minyard                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Holderman, Everett A                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Butcher, Lynn                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Brown, Percy                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Ball, Robert                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Borton, Hugh                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Winkel, Britten W                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Sharp, John Richard                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Rowan, Thomas George                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Feurer, Harry                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Ducharme, John                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Sutherland, M O                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Spence, John                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Miller, Leroy                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see McGillis, Frank                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Linchester, Alex                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J A see Levandaski, Wallace                    
EBAUGH, Mrs J D see McGillis, Frank                    
EBAUGH, Stella see Sharp, John Richard                    
EBAUGH, Stella see Hymer, William                    
EBAUGH, Stella D see Linchester, Alex                    
EBAUGH, Stella D see Ball, Robert                    
EBAUGH, Viola Lovina see Williams, Wallace F                    
EBBERT, Blanche see Ommar                    
EBEL, Emily see Schatz, Charley                    
EBEL, Henry see Schatz, Charley                    
EBEL, Jacob Sr see Ebel, Walter                    
EBEL, Susanna see Bresser, John                    
EBEL, Susanna see Ebel, Walter                    
EBEL, Walter       Norheim 22 Odessa Russia Jacob Ebel Sr & Christena Trautman 14-Sep-29 Chinook Blaine 1163  
      Elsie Newmiller Vida 19 S D John New- miller & Susanna Ebel          
EBERHABER, Catherine see Artscheid, George W                    
EBERHADT, Mina see Rosendahl, Joseph Oliver                    
EBERHADT, Paul see Rosendahl, Joseph Oliver                    
EBERHARDT, Christina see Schlenker, Daniel                    
EBERHART, Jay       Miles City 29 Norden Nebr W W Eberhart & Helen Kramer 31-Dec-17 Glendive Dawson 2320  
      Lida White Minneapolis Mn 32 Mitchell S D J W Casbeir? & Lyda Gleason          
EBERHART, Lena see Ernest, Peter A                    
EBERHART, W W see Eberhart, Jay                    
EBERLE, Edward       Dickinson N D 26 Russia Martin Eberle & Jennie Zentner 5-Sep-22 Glendive Dawson 2889  
      Margaret Hecker Dickinson 18 Dickinson Louis Hecker & Anna Metz          
EBERLE, Martin see Eberle, Edward                    
EBERLING, Christ       Culbertson 37 Russia Henry Eberling & Mary Ostermiller 6-Nov-16 Culbertson Sheridan 853  
      Lizzie Damm Culbertson 21 Russia John J Damm & Mary Braise          
EBERLING, Henry see Eberling                    
EBERLING, Mary see Luft                    
EBERLOCKER, Celia see Linder, Raymond A                    
EBERLOCKER, Celia see Linder, Edwin                    
EBERLY, Dorothy see Scott, Wallace                    
EBERLY, Luther see Scott, Wallace                    
EBERSOLE, Charles J       Hinsdale 33 Wis John Ebersole & Mary Kurth 10-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1956  
      Esther Rosalie Mogan Hinsdale 24 Lake Preston S D A C Mogan & Caroline Ok__?          
EBERSOLE, E H see White, Elbridge M                    
EBERSOLE, Gertrude L see House, Robert Calvin                    
EBERSOLE, H H see Dorr, Kelsey V                    
EBERSOLE, Horace H see House, Robert Calvin                    
EBERSOLE, Ida May see White, Elbridge M                    
EBERSOLE, John see Ebersole, Charles J                    
EBERSOLE, Stella May see Dorr, Kelsey V                    
EBERT, Evaline see Schuhrke, Fredrick John                    
EBERT, Henry       Zortman 31 Germany Henry Ebert & Mary Pohs 26-Sep-08 Glasgow Valley 413  
      Ruth Woods Chinook 22 Wis ???          
EBERT, Ida see Fulton, Julius                    
EBERT, Rudolph see Schuhrke, Fredrick John                    
EBERTS, Clara see Casady, Omar L                    
EBY, Etta Mae see Curtis, Robert Bruce                    
EBY, Jesse see Curtis, Robert Bruce                    
ECH, Elizabeth see Statler, William Henry                    
ECHART, Victoria see Lemiux, Leo                    
ECHDAHAL, Emma see Byers, Ernest M                    
ECHSON, Martha see Kjelstrup                    
ECK, Elizabeth see Schneider, John                    
ECK, Elizabeth see Frerich, Alphonse H                    
ECK, Elwood see Brown, Ig W                    
ECK, Lydia see Watson                    
ECK, Olaf & Mathilde see Watson                    
ECK, Ruth C see Brown, Ig W                    
ECKENBERG, Louise see Compton, James C                    
ECKER, Edith Erma see Burd, Charles Clinton                    
ECKER, Gordon James see Burd, Charles Clinton                    
ECKERT, Henry H see Turner, David Wm                    
ECKERT, May see Slatky, Leo J                    
ECKERT, William see Slatky, Leo J                    
ECKES, Albert Loyd       Glendive 25 Hopkins Mn Andrew Eckes & Stella A Lamb 15-Aug-28 Glendive Dawson 3616  
      Pearl Gladys Zehm Glendive 27 Mankato Mn Frank J Zehm & Minnie Holmes          
ECKES, Andrew see Eckes, Albert Loyd                    
ECKHART, Jessie see Shane, Ralph H                    
ECKLEY, M D       Med� Lake 37 Geneva Neb William E Eckley & Mary Biegert 26-Dec-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2802  
      Lucille M Wright P�wood 21 P�wood George Wright & Ida Garrison          
ECKLEY, William D see Eckley                    
ECKLUND, John see Jensen                    
ECKLUND, Hilda see Jensen                    
ECKLUND, Julia see Olson                    
ECKMAN, A M see Eckman                    
ECKMAN, C J & Inga Marie see Wilkenson                    
ECKMAN, Carsten S       Gernora N D 26 Mn A M Eckman & Maria Nelson 25-Jul-17 Outlook Sheridan 1092  
      Lillian Koester Outlook 22 Mn Franh Koester & Albertina Wellville          
ECKMAN, Hilma see Wilkenson                    
ECKRE, Andrew       Wahpton N D 28 Wahpton Andrew Eckre & Carrie Simlea 20-Jan-16 Plentywood Sheridan 668  
      Thea Rogness Wahpton 24 Norway ----?          
EDAM, Bert O see Edam, Wilbert B                    
EDAM, Wilbert B       Savage 26 Dodgeville Wisc Bert O Edam & Amelia Kupps 15-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3228  
      Tillie Schan Savage 18 Aberdeen S D J M Schan & Irene Wiegel          
EDDA, Penny see Enquist, Charles Henry                    
EDDIE, Eva May see Engleson, Alfred                    
EDDINGTON, Bruce       Paxton 27 Eau Claire Wisc Daniel Eddington & Edna Waltercurry 26-Nov-13 Paxton Dawson 1374  
      Ethel May Noble Paxton 26 Eau Claire Wisc William Noble & Florence Bemis          
EDDINGTON, Daniel see Eddington, Bruce                    
EDDINGTON, Jane see Brown                    
EDDY, Cyrus see Eddy, Leslie Eugene                    
EDDY, Cyrus E see Eddy, William E                    
EDDY, Etta see Gile, Clyde                    
EDDY, Florence see Mack                    
EDDY, Jessie see Streitz, Joseph                    
EDDY, Leslie Eugene       Sentinel Butte N D 42 Mn Cyrus Eddy & Isadore Chase 9-Feb-17 Wibaux Wibaux 125  
      Eva Francis Subert Sentinel Butte 21 Mn Charles Sonthesby? & Dolly Mae Purvis          
EDDY, William E       Sentinel Butte N D 32 Minneapolis Mn Cyrus E Eddy & Isador Chase 23-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2088  
      Dolly Mae Shero Sentinel Butte 39 Morton Cty Indana G S Purvis & Mary E Dane          
EDE, Mary Jane see Gardner, J W                    
EDELBERG, Bessie see Schlamovitch, Sam                    
EDELINE, Bonnie see Renz, Charles Henery                    
EDELINE, Ethel May see Mckinley, Cecil Wm                    
EDELINE, Helen M see Vasko, Warren E                    
EDELINE, John Jay       Poplar 25 Iowa Robert Edeline & Gertrude Walker 1-Jul-25 Poplar Roosivelt 778  
      Grace Martin Nickwall 21 Mo George H Martin & Catherine Kennedy          
EDELINE, Robert see McKinley, Cecil Wm                    
EDELINE, Robert see Vasko, Warren E                    
EDELINE, Robert see Renz, Charles Henery                    
EDELINE, Robert see Edeline, John Jay                    
EDELINE, Robert & Gertrude see Edeline, Walter Raymond                    
EDELINE, Walter Raymond       Poplar 25 Silver City Iowa Robert & Gertrude Edeline 16-Apr-21 Poplar Roosivelt 229  
      Emma Klippstein Poplar 20 ??? Theodore Klippstein & ???          
EDELMA, Gertrude see Morcker, Harold                    
EDEN, Louise see Hamann, Edward C                    
EDER, Casper see Riddle, Lester                    
EDER, Charles       Poplar 26 Blair John & Emma Eder 17-Aug-21 Glendive Dawson 2790  
      Katherine Dougherty Poplar 23 Ida Grove Iowa Austin Dougherty & Henrietta Walker          
EDER, Emma see Eder                    
EDER, George       Poplar 21 Culbertson John & Emma Eder 13-Feb-22 Poplar Roosivelt 351  
      Eva Mason Poplar 15 Elbow Woods Jessie Mason & Lucy Sears          
EDER, Irene see Riddle, Lester                    
EDER, John see Eder, William Murry                    
EDER, John       Ft Peck Agency 21 Baden Germany John P & Sophia Eder 6-Jun-1891 Ft Peck Agency Dawson 44  
      Track Woman Ft Peck Agency 21 Ft Peck ???          
EDER, John & Emma see Eder, George                    
EDER, John & Emma see Eder, Charles                    
EDER, John P & Sophia see Eder, John                    
EDER, Mark       Poplar 21 Blair (Emma ?) Banel & Emma Eder (Sweetcorn) 15-Feb-16 Poplar Sheridan 665  
      Fannie Browne Brockton 21 Corello Calif ----?          
EDER, William Murry       Poplar 28 Cul-bertson John Eder & Emma Small 18-Jul-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1198  
      Mildred Rose LeCroix Sissiton S D 17 Beblin S D Hastings LeCroix & Maggie Longee          
EDGERLY, Abbie see Friez, Mike N                    
EDGERLY, Thirza see Brown, Walter                    
EDGERLY, Thirza see Brown, Lee L                    
EDGHILL, Edmund E see Edghill, Miles Wesley                    
EDGHILL, Miles Wesley       Glasgow 24 Dillon Edmond E Edghill & Catherine Dempsey 19-Aug-29 Glendive Dawson 3763  
      Avis Lillian Gunderson Plentywood 24 Belmont Iowa Ole Gunderson & Millie Helland          
EDGINGTON, Demetrius see Uchytil, Thomas                    
EDGLEY, Hannah see Spiller, William G                    
EDIGER, Cornelius see Ediger, Frank C                    
EDIGER, Cornelius J see Ouring                    
EDIGER, Frank C       Volt 27 Nebr Cornelius J Ediger & Agnes Kroeken 23-Nov-19 Volt Roosivelt 66  
      Martha V Harms Volt 16 Kansas Jacob P Harms & Helen Vogt          
EDIGER, Lena see Ouring                    
EDIGHOFFER, Mary see Paulson, Albert R                    
EDINGER, Jacob see Edinger, John                    
EDINGER, John       Cow Creek 22 Parkston S D Jacob Edinger & Kate Mauck 1-Sep-12 Circle Dawson 1132  
      Regina Heil Cow Creek 19 Minto S D Mike Heil & Barbara Bauer          
EDISON, Martha see Kjelstrup                    
EDLAND, Harold       Scobey 27 Stavanger Norway Ole Edland & Lizzie Naesa 1-Dec-12 Scobey Valley 1168  
      Glenna Mae Izenhower Orville 22 Redleg Indiana Martin A Izenhower & Flora Belle Keister          
EDLAND, Ole see Edland, Harold                    
EDLAR, Charles see Ehlers, Floyd                    
EDLAR, Lillian Laverne see Ehlers, Floyd                    
EDLER, Bertha see Conrad, John                    
EDLER, Carl see Slessman, Harmon M                    
EDLUND, Christina see Huber, Frank                    
EDLUND, Matilda see Tisor, Ira V                    
EDMAN, Martha see Sweeney, Roger                    
EDMAN, Robert S see Edman                    
EDMAN, Roger see Sweeney, Roger                    
EDMAN, Roy H       Med� Lake 33 Illinois Robert S Edman & Florence E Rundle 30-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1670  
      Mildred B Faille Med� Lake 22 Mn ??? Faille & Mary DeFrante          
EDMEN, Olga see O�Keefe, William                    
EDMEN, Peter see O�Keefe, Peter                    
EDMINSTER, Bertrand H       Havre 50 Chillicothe Ohio Howard S Edminster & Julia Jones 6-Dec-30 Chinook Blaine 1247  
      Laura G Cole Havre 53 Lawrance Cty Ohio Richard L Ferguson & Laura Leighty          
EDMINSTER, Howard S see Edminster, Bertrand H                    
EDMISTON, Charles see Edmiston, Earl                    
EDMISTON, Clara Bell see Pugh, J A                    
EDMISTON, Earl       Savage 23 Olney Illinois Charles Edmiston & Mary Riggs 18-Sep-15 Glendive Dawson 1779  
      Helen Donnally Savage 22 Whalen N Y William Donnally & Stella Robinson          
EDMISTON, Mary see Butcher, Richard                    
EDMOND, Caroline see Strand, Oscar F                    
EDMONDS, Myrl see Swanke, Carl                    
EDMONDSON, Albert A Jr       Dallas Tex 22 Dallas Albert J Edmondson & Marie Parlier 16-Aug-28 Glendive Dawson 1617  
      Norma Olson Minneapolis Mn 22 Minneapolis Knute Olson & Ina Elizabeth Bragg          
EDMONDSON, Albert J       Wakonda S D 26 Wakonda Albert Edmondson & Grace Weber 16-Sep-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2762  
      Lilly M Bollinger Linton N D 22 Linton Gustav Bollinger & Lilly Bader          
EDMONS, Clarence W       Larslan 34 Illinois George Edmons & Mary Corzion 22-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2589  
      Katie Neufeld Larslan 14 Russia Jacob Neufeld & Emily Lentzne?          
EDMONS, George see Edmons, Clarence W                    
EDMONSON, Amy see Morris, James                    
EDMONSON, Ethel see Walker                    
EDMONSON, George see Frank                    
EDNUSSON, Charlotte E see Deming, Raymond                    
EDSALL, Ralph L       Brusett 24 Wagoner Mo Oscar L Edsall & Margaret Ledbetter 3-Aug-20 G H Miller home Garfield 32  
      Hazel Miller Brusett 21 Corinth Iowa George H Miller & Edith Briggs          
EDSIL, Lilea see Totten, Albert James                    
EDSTROM, Fred Clarence       Elbow Lake Mn 23 Mn Ole E Edstrom & Martha Olson 17-Sep-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2269  
      Annie Ersness P�wood 18 Balfour N D Nils & Dorothy Ersness          
EDSTROM, Lillie see Peterson, Erick                    
EDSTROM, Ole see Padis, Harry Sam                    
EDSTROM, Ole E see Edstrom                    
EDSTROM, Othelie Emily see Padis, Harry Sam                    
EDSTROM, Richard see Peterson, Erick                    
EDVIS, Georgia (Groat?) see Gallagher, George H                    
EDWARD, George see Goodsell, Andrew                    
EDWARDS, Amy see Armstrong, Fred M                    
EDWARDS, Andrew J       Malta 36 Texas William Edwards & Gulfa? Thayer 30-Mar-1896 Malta Valley ?  
      Clara Louise Wilson Malta 23 Norway? William Wilson & Bertha Oleson          
EDWARDS, Andrew J see Edwards, Clarence A                    
EDWARDS, Anna Bell see Barker, Melvin                    
EDWARDS, Annie see Kettelson, Alex                    
EDWARDS, Arthur see Edwards, Graydon                    
EDWARDS, Arthur Noel       Lisbon N D 23 London England Peter Edwards & Annie Roberts 1-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3155  
      Amy Stone Beach N D 20 Dickinson N D Almon C Stone & Mary Wagner          
EDWARDS, Bertha Pearl see Ruhnke, Carol Clarence                    
EDWARDS, Byard see Rife, Samuel P                    
EDWARDS, Charles see Edwards John                    
EDWARDS, Chas A see Edwards, L C                    
EDWARDS, Clarence A see Dascher, Daniel                    
EDWARDS, Clarence A       Lustre 37 St Clair Mn Andrew J Edwards & Helen Gillmore 24-Dec-23 Glasgow Valley 3028  
      Jennie Mae Nelson Luster 43 Clark Cty Ill Samuel Surber & Katherine Flynn          
EDWARDS, Dorothy M see Blunt, Carl W                    
EDWARDS, Elizabeth see Sollen, Charles E                    
EDWARDS, Emma May see Dascher, Daniel                    
EDWARDS, F A       Billings 32 Mexico Missouri John Edwards & Zerilda Wilcox 25-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1628  
      Vida Alexander Glendive 20 Trempeleau Cty Wisc Silex Alexander & Mary A Thompson          
EDWARDS, Florence see Wagoner, Cary                    
EDWARDS, Frank see Ruhnke, Carol Clarence                    
EDWARDS, Frank       Beach N D 25 New Ulm Mn William Edwards & Ellen Rowlands 1-Jul-10 Glendive Dawson 814  
      Pearl L Herrick Beach N D 35 Abercrombie N D John Herrick & Nellie Sperry          
EDWARDS, Fredrick see Edwards, George                    
EDWARDS, George       Lismas 32 Ft Dodge Iowa Fredrick Edwards & Molly DeEtta Napls 5-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 569  
      De Etta May King Glasgow 26 Mich J W King & Alvira Norton          
EDWARDS, Graydon       Opheim 23 Courtney N D Arthur Edwards & Grace Anderson 5-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 132  
      Eunia? Barbara Bergtoll Opheim 18 Fergus Falls Mn Joseph Bergtoll & Anna Fleming          
EDWARDS, Henry Thomas       Wolf Point 23 Jamestown N D Thomas Henry Edwards & Mercy Roberts 18-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 788  
      Dorothy Dillard Wolf Point 22 Mt John Dillard & Maud Sullivan          
EDWARDS, J C       Smithville Mo 21 Smithville Jesse Edwards & Myrtle Burnette 28-May-27 Richey Dawson 3454  
      Linnie L Baker Midian Kans 21 Bakersfield Cal H C Baker & Amanda Black          
EDWARDS, James see Edwards                    
EDWARDS, Jesse see Edwards, J C                    
EDWARDS, John       Saco 22 Shropshire England Charles Edwards & Susanna Hotchkiss 7-Mar-1898 Saco Valley ?  
      Bessie L Parker Saco 16 New York John Parker & Helen Ives          
EDWARDS, John see Edwards, F A                    
EDWARDS, John see Edwards, Ralph H                    
EDWARDS, John see Edwards                    
EDWARDS, John       Flaxville 23 N D James Edwards & Unas? Morgan 5-Oct-14 Plentywood Sheridan 333  
      Mary Hillenbrand Michigan N D 21 Mn Valentine Hillenbrand          
EDWARDS, John Wm see Morton, Henry Riley                    
EDWARDS, Josephine see Fortune, David E                    
EDWARDS, Julia (Beiven?) see Rinehart                    
EDWARDS, L C       Malta 30 Chatfield Mn Chas A Edwards & Elma A Clark 25-Sep-01 Malta Valley ?  
      Rosabelle Watson Malta 28 Ont Can Wm Hanson & Mary Holbrook          
EDWARDS, Lee       Williston 59 Wis John Edwards & Levina Chilson 24-Apr-16 Bainville Sheridan 728  
      Tillie McGlass Williston 56 Ill John Durant & Mathilde Benjamen          
EDWARDS, Leroy       Stanley N D 26 N D Webster Edwards & Roseville Perkins 13-Jun-24 Poplar Roosivelt 629  
      Winnie Burlingame Stanley 18 Stanley William Burlingame & Frankie Hoggey          
EDWARDS, Leslie L       Chinook 24 Big Stone Mn W H Edwards & Mary Warren 21-Aug-11 Glasgow Valley 884  
      Emma Brown Lodgepole 18 Lodgepole Wm Brown & ???          
EDWARDS, Locheil see Tieden, Erwin                    
EDWARDS, Martin see Charles, Arthur W                    
EDWARDS, Mary see Willford, Ron                    
EDWARDS, Mary see Willford, Dwight J                    
EDWARDS, Mary see Willford, Albert                    
EDWARDS, Mary see Adams                    
EDWARDS, Mary J see Charles, Arthur W                    
EDWARDS, Mrs Rachel see Caid, Jesse S                    
EDWARDS, Nellie May see Rife, Samuel P                    
EDWARDS, Olive see Hanson, Chris                    
EDWARDS, Peter see Edwards, Arthur Noel                    
EDWARDS, Ralph H       Palouse Washington 31 Winnebago Cty Mn John Edwards & Elizabeth Holgate 15-Nov-03 Glendive Dawson 301  
      Ada Elizabeth Morrison Glendive 20 Northe Platte Nebr Albert Morrison & Laura Neuman          
EDWARDS, Thomas Henry see Edwards, Henry Thomas                    
EDWARDS, W H see Edwards, Leslie L                    
EDWARDS, Webster see Edwards, Leroy                    
EDWARDS, William see Edwards, Frank                    
EDWARDSON, Ann see Paulson, Clarence Allen                    
EDWARDSON, Katie see Peterson, Peter                    
EDWARDSON, Nels see Peterson, Peter                    
EFFERS, Bertha see Berger, Valentine                    
EFFERTZ, Anna see Deming, Melvin                    
EFFERTZ, Anna see Wirtz                    
EFFERTZ, Anna see Beckers                    
EFFERTZ, Anna see Kohler                    
EFFERTZ, Anna see Krzebetakowski                    
EFFERTZ, Emma see Wirtz                    
EFFERTZ, Helena see Downey, Stanley J                    
EFFERTZ, Joseph see Downey, Stanley J                    
EFFERTZ, Joseph see Tobin, William J                    
EFFERTZ, Katherine see Rick                    
EFFERTZ, Mary see Tobin, William J                    
EFFIE, Eugene see Budewitz, Harry                    
EFFIE, Gladys see Budewitz, Harry                    
EFFINGER, Hildegarde see Goehring                    
EFFINGER, John see Goehring                    
EFFIRTZ, Catherine see Homme, Lloyd Vernon                    
EFTA, Annie see Babinski, Albert                    
EFTA, Frank       St Phillips 29 Mn Joseph Efte & Anna Genter 21-Nov-16 St Phillips Wibaux 112  
      Margaret Punke St Phillips 16 Mn Frank Punke & Emma Mayer          
EFTA, James       Nashua 32 Mn John Efta & Katherine Trebataski 21-Nov-22 Glasgow Valley    
      Lillian M Wagner Nashua 21 Taboo S D John F Wagner & Rossie? Honner          
EFTA, John see Efta, James                    
EFTA, Joseph see Marciniak, John                    
EFTA, Joseph see Efta, Frank                    
EFTA, Joseph see Efta, Stanley                    
EFTA, Marie see Zinda, John                    
EFTA, Pauline see Bruski, Casimer                    
EFTA, Stanley       Carlyle 28 LeSeuer Cty Mn Joseph Efta & Anna Ginter 18-Oct-27 St Phillips Wibaux 584  
      Mary Peplinski St Phillips 20 Green Bush Mn Paul Peplinski & Bertha Buraut          
EFTA, Veeva see Marciniak, John                    
EFTU, Mary see Knutson, Rangvald                    
EGAN, ??? see Casey, Vern J                    
EGAN, Agnes see Gee                    
EGAN, Edward E see Egan, Matthew E                    
EGAN, Emmaline see Watson, Harry U                    
EGAN, Gunhild see Hirrengen                    
EGAN, J see Remillard, Edward S                    
EGAN, Katherine see Erb, William                    
EGAN, Katherine see Schwinden, Michael James                    
EGAN, Margaret see Stephan                    
EGAN, Mary see Kane, L N                    
EGAN, Matthew       Beach N D 21 Springfield Iowa Edward E Egan & Margaret Ryan 13-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1544  
      Birdie Hayden Beach N D 19 Creston Iowa Milton Hayden & Laura Ryan          
EGDAL, Catherine see Hansen                    
EGEDAHL, Christian       Dodson 27 Norway Hans Egedahl & Gertrude Halte 28-Nov-19 Reserve Sheridan 1575  
      Margaret J Aasved Reserve 19 Norway George Aasved & Caspara Johnson          
EGEDAHL, Hans see Egedahl                    
EGELAND, John       Med Lake 32 Norway Jorgen Egeland & Olov (Gaaseflaa?) 13-Mar-17 Homestead Sheridan 975  
      Karen Underdal Med Lake 23 Norway Hans Underdal & Ane Knutsdttr Hegge          
EGELAND, Jorgen see Egeland                    
EGELAND, Karen see Brown, Robert                    
EGELAND, Karen see Hansen, Lennit L                    
EGELAND, Karen see Mortenson, Otto W                    
EGELAND, Kilel see Egeland, Reier                    
EGELAND, Reier       Boning 32 Nor Kitel Egeland & Elen Orstind 27-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2392  
      Christina Flisvig Superior Wis 28 Superior Christian Flisvig & Martha Arneson          
EGELAND, Sofie see Noraas, Reier                    
EGENES, Hilda see Rowland, Arthur S                    
EGGE, Inger Anna see Bronstad, Ole                    
EGGEBRECHT, Elma E see Preminger, Glenn G                    
EGGEBRECHT, Florence see Wilson, Harold A                    
EGGEBRECHT, Herman see Wilson, Harold A                    
EGGEBRICHT, Alma Emily see Leathers, Russell Charles                    
EGGEBRICHT, Otto see Leathers, Russell Charles                    
EGGEN, Gunhild see Buell, John Quincy                    
EGGEN, Marie see Nash, Harold                    
EGGENESS, Carl see Spencer, Lloyd                    
EGGENESS, Gardo see Spencer, Lloyd                    
EGGENSTEEN, Albertina see Ullman, Ernest                    
EGGER, Dan K       Outlook 26 N D John Egger & Mary Dennis 3-Jan-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1867  
      Beatrice Murphy Out-look 23 Canada Charley Murphy & Mary Malone          
EGGER, John       Outlook 23 N D John Egger & Mary G-----? 11-Nov-15 Outlook Sheridan 574  
      Hazel Babst Outlook 19 Iowa Charlie Babst & Hattie Bell Duke          
EGGER, John see Egger                    
EGGERT, Bennie F       Hebron N D 21 Hebron Charles Eggert & Kate Leno 27-Nov-25 Wibaux Wibaux 520  
      Ann Schlater Hebron 17 Glen Ullen N D ??? & Kate Schlater          
EGGERT, Charles see Eggert, Bennie F                    
EGGERT, Chas see Eggert, Henry                    
EGGERT, Fritz see Eggert, George                    
EGGERT, George       Sedalia Mo 24 Otterville Mo Fritz Eggert & Carrie Walker 3-Oct-10 Redstone Valley 702  
      Harriet J Reed Eldorado Mo 26 Smith Ctr Kansas H H Reed & Sarah Welch          
EGGERT, Harry J       Parkers Prairie Mn 26 Effington Mn James Eggert & Bertha Wangerin 9-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2380  
      Ida C Wangerin Parkers Prairie Mn   Effington William Wangerin & Amelia Swartz          
EGGERT, Henry       Wibaux 45 Germany Chas Eggert & Fredricka Westphall 12-Feb-08 Glendive Dawson 577  
      Ida Pickering Wibaux 45 Germany Alins Summerfeld & Loise Zellmer          
EGGERT, James see Eggert, Harry J                    
EGGERTH, Erik Henry       Minneapolis 32 Sweden Lars Erikson & Sophia Segerstrom 9-Oct-15 Glendive Dawson 1790  
      Anna Marie Hedin Minneapolis 34 Sweden Carl Hedin & Marie Erickson          
EGGHECHT, Frank see Bogar, Bert                    
EGGHECHT, Minda see Bogar, Bert                    
EGGLESTON, Geneva see Hedges                    
EGGLESTON, Lauretta see Adams, Fred E                    
EGGLESTON, Walter S       Savage 41 N Y Walter H Eggleston & Mary Shearwood 24-Feb-17 Wibaux Wibaux 127  
      Katherine M Dahl Savage 29 Whe Per Vejle Denmark Christian H Dahl & Lena Jensen Kjar          
EGGUM, Abner W see Simser, Orlo                    
EGGUM, Ovina see Packheiser, Oscar E                    
EGGY, Eda see Searle, William E                    
EGHOLM, Della see Wilkins, Ernest H                    
EGHOLM, Lorneal R       Malta 18 Mn   4-Nov-27   Phillips 978  
      Leona Sorenson Malta 17 Wash            
EGLAND, Knute see Anderson, Edward M                    
EGLAND, Martha see Anderson, Edward M                    
EGNEW, Herbert R       Chinook 27 Okla Louis Egnew & Laura Schimmer 22-Oct-19 Chinook Blaine 594  
      Leona May Varner Chinook 18 Neb Klee R Varner & Daisy Archer          
EGNEW, Louis see Agnew, Herbert R                    
EGONLITZER, Lonia see Bronstein, Abraham                    
EHERT, Sarah K see Shute                    
EHERTS, Anton see Eherts, Xavier                    
EHERTS, Xavier       Dickinson N D 26 Dickinson Anton Eherts & Christine Matts 13-Feb-23 Glendive Dawson 2957  
      Eva Meckler Dickinson 20 Russia Harry Meckler & Katherine Cooper          
EHLANG, Andrew see Ehlang, Ole                    
EHLANG, Ole       Chinook 36 willmer Mn Andrew Ehlang & Olivia Sunby 2-Jun-24 Chinook Blaine 815  
      Mrs Agnes King Chinook 31 Helena George Ramberg & Nettie Staff          
EHLE, Alice Louise see Duncan, Robert Henry                    
EHLEN, Herman see Kennedy, Robert J                    
EHLEN, Katie R see Kennedy, Robert J                    
EHLERS, Albert       Grana N D 25 N D Henry Ehlers & Augusta Koppleman 12-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1042  
      Metta Meisner Fairmount N D 26 Germany Peter Meisner & Katherine Hoft          
EHLERS, Anna see Meeves, Herman                    
EHLERS, Floyd       Glendive 22 Denver Colorado Henry Ehlers & Nellie McBride 11-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1473  
      Lillian Laverne Edlar Glendive 21 Milwaukee Wisc Charles Edlar & Bertha Kreger          
EHLERS, Henry see Ehlers, Floyd                    
EHLERS, Henry see Ehlers                    
EHLERS, Lillian see Slessman, Harmon M                    
EHLI, Jacob see Elhi, Martin                    
EHLI, Martin       Dickinson N D 28 Dickinson Jacob Ehli & Francis Webber 22-Sep-26 Glendive Dawson 3392  
      Mathilda Matz Dickinson 28 Russia Conrad Segmiller & Susan Wilhelm          
EHLIS, Rose see Ernster, Mike Edward                    
EHLIS, Rose see Hartze, Mathias                    
EHMANN, Bertha see Wiebe, John H                    
EHRET, John       Plevna 15 Russia Matt Ehret & Mary Faux 1-Apr-30 Marsh Dawson 3856  
      Pauline Graff Marsh 21 Russia George Graft & Christine Tubbert          
EHRET, Matt see Ehret, John                    
EHRHARDT, Alfred       Gladmar Sask 22 Gladmar Fred Ehrhardt & Thea Halvorson 7-Nov-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2892  
      Stella Jorgenson Blooming Can 18 Blooming Oscar Jorgenson & Anna Onstad          
EHRHARDT, Ernest       Gladmar Sask Can 23 Estevan Sask W J Erhardt & Margaret Horocks 4-Jan-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2710  
      Helen Bye Dooley 20 Dooley W J Bye & Helen Thompson          
EHRHARDT, Fred see Ehrhardt                    
EHRHARDT, George       Dooley 22 Estevan Sask William J Ehrhardt & Margaret J Horrocks 1-Sep-29 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2464  
      Ethel Hallquist Med� Lake 22 Kenmare N D Ole Hallquist & Anna Larson          
EHRHARDT, W J see Ehrhardt                    
EHRHARDT, William see Ehrhart                    
EHRICKSON, Henrik see Bergstrom, Einar M                    
EHRMANNTRAUT, Joseph see Medders                    
EHRMANNTRAUT, Katherine see Medders                    
EHRMANNTRAUT, Mike see Kessler                    
EHRMANNTRAUT, Sarah J (James?) see Roberts                    
EHRMANSON, Louisa see Randall, Allen H                    
EHRY, Annie see Johnson                    
EHRY, Carl Anton       Dagmar 20 Canada Charles Ehry & Magdalina Franz 14-Oct-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2114  
      Alpha Barr Froid 20 Mn August Barr & Emilie Hegland          
EHRY, Charles see Tlustoch                    
EHRY, Charles see Ehry                    
EHRY, Charles see Hueth                    
EHRY, Charles see Johnson                    
EHRY, Magdelina see Hueth                    
EHRY, Mary see Tlustoch                    
EICHENDORF, Bertha see Holden, Raymond W                    
EICHENDORF, Bertha see Olszewski, John V                    
EICHENDORFF, Bertha see Cichosz, Leo F                    
EICHER, Chauncey Emery       Canada 30 Lebanon Ill Henry Eicher & Emily Bellmeyer 15-Nov-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 571  
      Irma Florence Worthy Consul Sask Can 25 Eureka S D Joseph Worthy & Martha Bonar          
EICHER, Henry see Eicher, Chauncey Emery                    
EICHOFF, Marie see Kirsch, Anton J                    
EICKORST, Edward see LaFavor                    
EICKORST, Martha M see LaFavor                    
EID, Randi see Arends, Gunster                    
EIDA, Lena G see McGovern                    
EIDD, Andrew see Eidd                    
EIDD, Peter       Epping N D 32 Sweden Andrew Eidd & Britta Peterson 22-Dec-13 Bainville Sheridan 150  
      Wilhelmina Hill Epping 25 Mn Jess Hill & Emma Siewerk          
EIDE, Alberta see Ackerman, Joe                    
EIDE, C J see Eide, Cornell E                    
EIDE, Chester H       Bainville 29 Chaseville Wis Ole Eide & Hannah Finstad 20-Oct-20 Froid Roosivelt 181  
      Erminia J Magini Hollister Cal 32 Switz John Maggini & Massimina Rossi          
EIDE, Christine see Bervik                    
EIDE, Cornell E       Beach N D 20 LaCrosse Wis C J Eide & Helen Holven 6-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3532  
      Dorothy Denton Beach N D 18 Galva N D John Denton & Leona Rogers          
EIDE, Florence Gertrude see Green, William B                    
EIDE, Fridtjof       Vining Mn 23 Vining Mn Peter Eide & Petra Lund 10-Jun-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1321  
      Agnes Peterson Wolf Point 21 Columbus N D Gilbert Peterson & Anna Johnson          
EIDE, George O see Green, William B                    
EIDE, Hansina see Saboe, Knute S                    
EIDE, Inga see Whelon, Louis Patrick                    
EIDE, Johanna see Hjelm                    
EIDE, Johanna see Odegaard                    
EIDE, Martha see Nelson, George L                    
EIDE, Ole see Eide, Chester H                    
EIDE, Ole see Whelon, Louis Patrick                    
EIDE, Peter see Ackerman, Joe                    
EIDE, Peter see Eide, Fridtjof                    
EIDEM, Herman see Ovre, Thorvald                    
EIDEMANN, Frederick S       Content 26 N D   21-May-21   Phillips 576  
      Mildred A Watson Malta 26 New York            
EIDEN, Adam see Eiden, Paul                    
EIDEN, Paul A       Glendive 28 Fairmont Mn Adam Eiden & Mary E Hagerman 12-Mar-13 Glendive Dawson 1220  
      Francis Pearl Reeves Glendive 19 Austin Mn J C Reeves & Edna B McAllister          
EIDENSCHINK, Tracey see Snyder, Earl C                    
EIDER, Emma see Buckles, Thomas                    
EIDNESS, Sigurd see Larvick, John Andrew                    
EIDSNESS, A N see Eidsness                    
EIDSNESS, Berger       Gladmar Sask Can ?? Can Haldar Eidsness & Anna Hatlestad 22-Oct-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1689  
      Lucie LaBelle Gladmar 21   N LaBelle & V Guoy?          
EIDSNESS, Haldar see Eidsness                    
EIDSNESS, N B       Reserve 23 N D A N Eidsness & Anna Haug 4-Sep-16 Homestead Sheridan 828  
      Clara Kallak Reserve 24 Mn E O & Lena Kallak          
EIDUM, Halvor       Fairview 34 Norway Peter Peterson & Hendrika Eidum 28-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1296  
      Nellie A Bland Glendive 43 Sioux City S D John Donovan & Mary Curry          
EIDUM, John       Lambert 38 Norway John Eidum & Karen Lunke 4-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 965  
      Sava Sandal Lambert 27 Norway Ola Sandal & Andrea Bulseth          
EIDUM, Peter see Groslie                    
EIDUM, Peter Peterson & Hendrika see Eidum, Halvor                    
EIGEL, Mary see Kothe                    
EIGEN, Lena see Smith, Frank                    
EIGHME, Anna B see Sullivan, Robert B                    
EIGHME, Beatrice Evelyn see Hoffstot, Horace Eugene                    
EIGHME, LaGrand see Hoffstot, Horace Eugene                    
EIGHME, LeGrand see Sullivan, Robert B                    
EIKEN, Kittel see Brown, Holden                    
EIKEN, Marie Malina see Brown, Holden                    
EIKENHEAD, Laura see Brockway, Earl Bryan                    
EIKO, Gudrun see Rivenes, Jens                    
EILDERS, Upke? see Heikens, Hall                    
EILDERS, Weire see Heikens, Mike                    
EILDERS, Wupke see Heikens, John                    
EILERSON, Andrus see Severson, Steward Cornelius                    
EILERTSON, Carl see Collins John                    
EILERTSON, Esther see Collins                    
EINAN, Constance see Bartole                    
EINAN, Magnus see Bartole                    
EINARSDOTTIR, Juliana Sofia see Lepine, Archie M                    
EISENBARTH, Anna see Huschka, Anton Ferdinand                    
EISERT, Edwin H       Crookston Mn 24 Greenbush Mn William Eisert & Louise Jandt 12-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3874  
      Jennett Lehman Crookston Mn 22 Winnipeg Man Can Robert & Annette Lehman          
EISERT, William see Eisert, Edwin H                    
EISILE, Veronica see Beck, Johnson                    
EISONBROWN, Christina see McCormick                    
EITZEN, A A see Eitzen, Dick C                    
EITZEN, Dick C       Hillsboro Kans 25 Kans A A Eitzen & Anna Claasen 20-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2389  
      Grace Crist Glasgow 29 Kans William Crist & Henrietta Wright          
EIZENBART , Joseph       Glendive 36 Hopkins Mich Ulrich Eizenbart & Rika Kouskey 14-Jul-1896 Glendive Dawson 139  
      Mrs M L Crain Wibaux 37 Iowa ???          
EIZENBART, Ulrich see Eizenbart, Joseph                    
EKALAKA, (or Hawky)       Culbertson 52 Sisseton S D Tobacco Eater (Black Hawk) & Good Rock Lodge 27-Aug-19 Poplar Roosivelt 44  
      Her Porcupine Work Brockton 60 Sisseton S D Bad Temper-ed Bear & Walking Red Rock          
EKER, Gunhild see Overby                    
EKIGREN, Kermit see Sadler, R Glen                    
EKLAND, Christopher see Ekland, John Ludwig                    
EKLAND, Herman J       Glendive 23 Des Moines Iowa John Ekland & Anna M Hedbom 14-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2163  
      Thora Meeg Billings 18 Norway John Meeg & Anna Strand          
EKLAND, John see Ekland, Herman J                    
EKLAND, John Ludwig       Valley Town 23 Sweden Christopher Ekland & Johanna Anderson 20-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 202  
      Annie Marie Anderson Valley town 24 N D Anton Anderson & Annie Halland?          
EKLUND, Anna see Hybak, Dedrich                    
EKLUND, Anna see Aune, Andrew                    
EKLUND, Carrie see Erickson, Lester A                    
EKLUND, Christophe see Hybak, Dedrich                    
EKLUND, Gust Arthur       Valleytown 20 Sweden Christ Edmund? (or Eklund?) & Johanna Anderson 18-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2170  
      Olga Anderson Valleytown 26 N D Anton Anderson & Anna Helland          
EKLUND, Julia see Olson Oscar Carl                    
EKLUND, Marie C (Frederick?) see Moen, Andrew                    
EKLUND, Verda Marie see Black, James A                    
EKLUND, Victor see Black, James A                    
EKNESS, Berge & Sevalina see Bervik                    
EKNESS, Brita see Bervik                    
EKRE, Marit see Horgen, Edward                    
EKREN, Emma see Hugas, John D                    
EKREN, Helge see Hugas, John D                    
EKSTEDT, Carl see Torgrimson                    
EKSTEDT, Hazel see Torgrimson Clarence                    
EKSTEDT, Nels       Dooley 22 Mn Peter Ekstedt & Hannah Lundgrin 6-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 580  
      Anna Klakken Dooley 22 Mn Martin Klakken & Mina Torgirson          
EKSTEDT, Peter see Ekstedt                    
ELARD, Bertha see Reed, Ward F                    
ELBERG, Anna see Cimmer, Otto                    
ELBERG, John       Dickinson N D 22 Hungary Mike Elberg & Anna Scharak 11-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2052  
      Anna Hein Glendive 17 Hungary Frank Hein & Barbra Slahter          
ELBERG, Mike see Elberg, John                    
ELBERT, Caroline see Huttinger, William F                    
ELBERT, Dewey S       Miles City 21 Laconia Ind William H Elbert & Effie M Robinson, 7-Oct-19 Jordan Garfield 9  
      Irma Lucille Hamre Jordan 19 Wautoma Wis Martin G Hamre & Gina Lund          
ELBERT, William H see Elbert, Dewey S                    
ELBINGER, Andrew see Munch, Blasius                    
ELBINGER, Katherine see Munch, Blazius                    
ELBOW, see Long Knife, Roy                    
ELBOW, (Longknife?) see Yellow Calf                    
ELBRACHT, Anna see Breipohl, Herman G                    
ELCE, Margaret see Harden, John C                    
ELD, see Plenty Holes, Jacob                    
ELD, Charlotte see Harmon, Lawrence                    
ELDER, Bert C see Boyd, Lee J                    
ELDER, Ethel D see Boyd, Lee J                    
ELDER, Francis see Adams, Fred E                    
ELDER, Letha see Red, George                    
ELDER, Mrs F A see Flanagan, Albert M                    
ELDER, W A see Elder, W H                    
ELDER, W H       Lewellen Sask Can 23 Cobourg Ontario Can W A Elder & Annie McIntosh 9-Dec-25 Scobey Daniels 235  
      Nellie Florence Sorsdahl Luella Sask Can 25 Casselwood S D A M Sorsdahl & Nellie Jane Leland          
ELDESCRIAN, Esther see Baker, Henry F                    
ELDRED, Dorothy see Dacus, Edward                    
ELDRED, Ruth Virginia see Hancock , Arthur Wesley                    
ELDRED, W M see Hancock, Arthur Wesley                    
ELDRED, William see Dacus, Edward                    
ELDREDGE, Lucy Ann see Glass, Max B                    
ELDRIDGE, Albert       Lindsay 35 Grant Cty Iowa George Eldridge & Mary Winters 19-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1480  
      May Evelyn Thompson Lindsay 21 Augusta Wisc Allan Thompson & Elmira Ross          
ELDRIDGE, Albert see Elliot, Charles W                    
ELDRIDGE, Blanch Alene see Swingle, Charles F                    
ELDRIDGE, Byrde see Elliott, Charles W                    
ELDRIDGE, Caleb see Swingle, Charles F                    
ELDRIDGE, George see Eldridge, Albert                    
ELDRIDGE, Jennie L see Mullins, Ezra                    
ELDRIDGE, Jennie L see Steffensmier, Charles                    
ELDRIDGE, Jennie Louise see Bailey, DeWillis                    
ELDRIDGE, Minnie see Haines, Albert D                    
ELDRIDGE, Minnie see Haines, Lawrence R                    
ELDRIDGE, Minnie see McLeod, Donald L                    
ELDRIDGE, Pauline see Hartwell, Ralph L                    
ELDSTAD, John see West, Peter                    
ELDSTAD, May see West, Peter                    
ELECTA, Mary see Scott, J E                    
ELEFSON, Rangnild see Anderson, Nils                    
ELERTSON, Tonie see Siverts, Chris                    
ELESON, Lou see Follard, Thos J                    
ELFEL, August       Bloomfield 32 Palo Minn John Elfel & ??? 19-Jan-18 Glendive Dawson 2330  
      Mabel Clominger Baird Oklahoma 21 Muscatine Iowa H F Clominger & Cora Belle Wolfe          
ELFEL, John see Elfel, August                    
ELFESON, Carrie see Bringedal                    
ELFORD, Alice see Gray, Edward N                    
ELFORD, Anna see Kaufman, John A                    
ELFSTROM, Ellen see Anderson, Einer H                    
ELGIN, Belle see Vagg, Frank J                    
ELI, Steve see Eli, Theodore                    
ELI, Theodore       Chicago Ill 18 Mexico Steve Eli & Mary Elivin? 6-Jul-16 Harlem Blaine 288  
      Minerva Afroin Chicago 18 Maxico John & Sophia Afroin          
ELIASON, A N       Beach N D 34 Stoughton Wis Christian Eliason & Lina Mathison 25-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1523  
      Eline Nessen Beach N D 36 Hayward Mn Christ Sweening & ???          
ELIASON, Carl H       Minot 20 Hovland Mn Hjalmer Eliason & Helge Holte 22-Jun-30 Scobey Daniels 475  
      Nora Selthun Minot N D 20 Rollette N D Ingval Selthun & Jeanette Lowe          
ELIASON, Christian see Eliason, A N                    
ELIASON, Hans see Hanson, Christ                    
ELIASON, Hendrick see Tufte, Marcus                    
ELIASON, Henry see Eliason, Olaf Martin                    
ELIASON, Hjalmer see Eliason, Carl H                    
ELIASON, Johanna see Olson, Ludwig Benjamin                    
ELIASON, Johannes see Nelson, Harry                    
ELIASON, Lettie Helena see Tufte, Marcus                    
ELIASON, Mathias L       Frazier 41 Wisc   21-Oct-25   Phillips 843  
      Elsie Cline Frazier 24 Wisc            
ELIASON, Nikaline see West, Edward                    
ELIASON, Olaf Martin       Opheim 30 Wis Henry Eliason & Christine Hoiset 21-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2087  
      Selma Elfryda Holmes Glentana 28 Calmar Iowa Knute Holmes & Beret Engebretson          
ELIASSEN, Arthur T       Grenora N D 27 Union N D Peter A Eliassen & Chia Wold 6-Feb-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2589  
      Othelia Olsen Bonetrail N D     Andrew Olsen & Inga Dahl          
ELIASSEN, Peter A see Elaissen                    
ELIASSON, Abel see Eliasson                    
ELIASSON, Ole E       Colgan N D 29 Nor Abel Eliasson & Annie Hanson 30-Aug-15 Plentywood Sheridan 540  
      Ida M Hanson Colgan 19 Mn Fred & Sophie Nelson          
ELINCKE, Paraska see Hudyma, Mike                    
ELINE, Henry F       Saco 22 Florida William Eline & Mary Moran 24-Nov-09 Glasgow Valley 534  
      Annie Unsue Saco 26 Goshen, Ind Andrew Unsue & Georgan Winters          
ELINE, William see Eline Henry F                    
ELISON, Swen see Swenson, Victor                    
ELIVIN?, Mary see Eli, Theodore                    
ELIZABETH, see Cochran, Frank                    
ELK, Emma see Necklace, John                    
ELKE, Fred see Olson, Fred                    
ELKE, Fred see Fitzsimmons, James H                    
ELKE, Julia see Fitzsimmons, James H                    
ELKIN, Alfred       Taylor N D 40 Hayward Mn Borger E Elkin & Mary A Dyrud 22-Jan-29 Glendive Dawson 3690  
      Olinda Frederick Taylor N D 21 Taylor Vilalius Frederick & Mary Middeler          
ELKIN, Amos       Chinook 27 Mt Ben Elkin & D Brown 24-Mar-15 Chinook Blaine 199  
      Mary G Lynn Harlem 30 N D A A Powell & Rosie Swenson          
ELKIN, Ben see Elkin, Gabe Forest                    
ELKIN, Ben see Elkin, Amos                    
ELKIN, Borger E see Elkin, Alfred                    
ELKIN, Gabe Forest       Harlem 33 Great Falls Ben Elkin & Delia Brown 17-May-26 Chinook Blaine 937  
      Naomi Shaler Chinook 25 Bogard Mo N N McCall & Effie Turton          
ELKINS, Anna see Janke, Ernest C                    
ELKINS, Charles see Janke, Ernest C                    
ELKINS, Charles see Wake, Burgess S                    
ELKINS, Eve Mildred see Wake, Burgess S                    
ELKINS, Gladys Lillian see Curtis, Leonard Almond                    
ELKINS, Hans see Elkins, Henry R                    
ELKINS, Henry R       Medora N D 30 Taylor N D Hans Elkins & Lena Rosendahl 19-Mar-27 Wibaux Wibaux 563  
      Margaret Knudson Filmore N D 22 Filmore Louis Knudson & Carrie Thompson          
ELKINS, Laura Josephine see Smith, Harold Kenneth                    
ELKINS, Louis see Curtis, Leonard Almond                    
ELKINS, Zella see Brendel, Fred                    
ELL, Agnes see Cauchon, Melvin                    
ELL, Louie       Browning 27 Browning Louie Ell & Mary Chief Elk 3-Aug-25 Harlem Blaine 878  
      Lucy Lizzard Savoy 21 Savoy John Lizzard & ???          
ELLANGER, Rose see Bender, Max                    
ELLARD, Mary see Brost, Henry                    
ELLEFSON, Anna see Tollefson, Otto                    
ELLEFSON, Ben see Ellefson, Harry                    
ELLEFSON, Christi see Arneson, Ben                    
ELLEFSON, Harry       Minot 24 N D Ben Ellefson & Minnie Hindrickson 3-Aug-25 Poplar Roosivelt 793  
      Mildred Noren Minot 25 Mn Charles Noren & Mary Anderson          
ELLEFSON, Josephine see Anderson                    
ELLENBERG, Ella see Parrent, Bat                    
ELLENSON, Annie see Lang, Henry M                    
ELLEPHLRUD?, Ingebor see Johnson, Albert                    
ELLEPSON?, Clara see Whitmore, George                    
ELLER, Ader E see Eller, Walter G                    
ELLER, Walter G       Havre 24 Rock Lake N D Ader E Eller & Elizabeth Hahn 26-May-28 Chinook Blaine 1057  
      Margaret Merry Zurich 26 Wahpeton N D John A Merry & Violet Wilcox          
ELLERCAMP, Chris see Nay, Admiral Dewey                    
ELLERCAMP, Katherine see Nay, Admiral Dewey                    
ELLERMAN, Christian see Ellerman, Fred                    
ELLERMAN, Fred       Savage 45 Denmark Christian Ellerman & Sigse? Wyliman 13-Jan-12 Fairview Dawson 1042  
      Ida Russell Fairview 19 Menasha Wis Thomas Russell & Margaret Nenp          
ELLERMAN, Ida see Rupert, Elmer S                    
ELLERTON, Petrina see Fritz, A A                    
ELLERTSON, Chris       Ossette 31 Deronda Wis S M Ellertsen & Mary Christopherson 4-May-22 Glasgow Valley 2875  
      Elizabeth Mary Loftus Ossette 26 Troy N Y Patrick Loftus & Katherine Duddy          
ELLERTSON, S M see Ellertson, Chris                    
ELLIASEN, Hans L see Hanson, Charles E                    
ELLINGER, George E       Bonin 36 Mich Godfrey Ellinger & Matilda Shut 31-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2213  
      Mary E Starner Bonin 26 Mich Fredrick Starner & Sarah Williams          
ELLINGER, Godfrey see Ellinger, George F                    
ELLINGES, see Allinges                    
ELLINGHOUSE, G F       ??? 43 Osgood Ind John Ellinghouse & Mary Kemeloff? 20-Dec-13 Glasgow Valley 1399  
      Louise L Larabee Osgood Ind 26 Ind Peter J Larabee & Harriet J Stemple          
ELLINGHOUSE, Henry see Lahman, Louis J                    
ELLINGHOUSE, John see Ellinghouse, G F                    
ELLINGS, Anna see Vigre, Christ                    
ELLINGSBRATEN, Gunild see Homstad, Helmer A                    
ELLINGSBRATEN, Ingri see Armsdorf, Joseph                    
ELLINGSON, Bertha see Martinson, Bernhard                    
ELLINGSON, Carrie see Lygre, Gerhard                    
ELLINGSON, Edward L       Opheim 34 Red Wing Mn Peter Ellingson & Manda Peterson 21-Nov-25 Glasgow Valley 3174  
      Marion Johnson Baylor 26 Evart Mich Peter Johnson & Marie Briggs          
ELLINGSON, Ellen see Sorrenson, Louis P                    
ELLINGSON, Elma see Martini                    
ELLINGSON, Engeberg see Wickstrand, Gotfred L                    
ELLINGSON, Gurina see Kasseth, John                    
ELLINGSON, Johanna see Bergrud, Theodore                    
ELLINGSON, John       Poplar 29 Norway ??? Ellingson & E___? Iverson 2-Mar-13 Poplar Valley 1257  
      Alice Hanson Poplar 27 Norway Hans & Anna Christensen          
ELLINGSON, John see Knight, Lamont                    
ELLINGSON, Julia see Kennedy, H M                    
ELLINGSON, Kristine see Pedersen                    
ELLINGSON, Lucy see Knight, La Monte                    
ELLINGSON, Mary see Voshus, Osmund                    
ELLINGSON, Minda Caroline see Lininger                    
ELLINGSON, Oscar Thorvald       Opheim 23 Reynolds N D Swan Ellingson & Olivia Gausdal 7-Apr-16 Glasgow Valley 1835  
      Emma Christina Anderson Reynolds N D 20 N D Peter Anderson & Clara J Rosholt          
ELLINGSON, P J see Ellingson, Russell Joseph                    
ELLINGSON, Palmer       Westby 27 Walcott N D Peter Ellingson & Agnes Flaskerud 22-Feb-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2517  
      Carrie Tangen Westby 19 Alkabo, N D Ole Tangen & Anna Hansen          
ELLINGSON, Peter see Ellingson, Edward L                    
ELLINGSON, Peter see Ellingson                    
ELLINGSON, Peter see Lininger                    
ELLINGSON, Rebecca see Zieracker, Conrad                    
ELLINGSON, Russell Joseph       Scobey 24 Pennock Mn P J Ellingson & Mary Johnson 14-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1088  
      Myrtle Scharnk Scobey 21 Libby Charley Scharnk & ???          
ELLINGSON, Sever see Bergrud, Theodore                    
ELLINGSON, Swan see Ellingson, Oscar Thorvald                    
ELLINGSON, Swen see Kennedy, H M                    
ELLINHOUSE, Caroline see Weber, Joseph                    
ELLIOT, Mary see Doyle, James C                    
ELLIOT, Adam John see Elliot, Stanley                    
ELLIOT, Anna see Burget                    
ELLIOT, Annie see McDougall, Ernest                    
ELLIOT, Edward see Blough, Charles C                    
ELLIOT, Ernest D       Culbertson 22 Ill Isaac Elliot & Bethsheba Stanford 4-Sep-15 Culbertson Sheridan 542  
      Hattie M Powell Richland Cty 17 Ill Jesse T Powell & Rosa I Reed          
ELLIOT, Isaac see Elliot                    
ELLIOT, J E see Elliot, M H                    
ELLIOT, John see Elliot, Rice                    
ELLIOT, John Sherman       Korn 28 Devils Lake N D Sylvester Elliot & Loretta Hartz 19-Jan-16 Chinook Blaine 258  
      Martha Alvina Baetzer Korn 25 Wheaton Mn Julius Baetzer & Minnie Bethke          
ELLIOT, Lloyd       Girard 22 Des Moines Iowa John Elliot & Alice Staley 5-Jan-11 Mondak Valley    
      Clytie Rice Long Prairie Mn 26 Todd Cty Mn Edw Rice & ???          
ELLIOT, Louis T       Glendive 40 Luray Virginia Thomas Elliot & Margaret Conner 2-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2811  
      Marie Christine Replogle Glendive 38 LaCrosse Wisc C P S & Inger Marie Brun          
ELLIOT, Macil see Murray                    
ELLIOT, Mary see Nelson, William A                    
ELLIOT, Mary S see Barrick, Daniel Herbert                    
ELLIOT, Mary S see Dore, John E                    
ELLIOT, Olivia E see Blough, Charles                    
ELLIOT, Robert F see Triplett                    
ELLIOT, Rose see Mittelstad, Walter D                    
ELLIOT, Stanley       Quebec City 26 Quebec Adam John Elliot & Mary Montgomery 23-May-15 Chinook Blaine 209  
      Cora Frances Michael Robsart Sask Can 18 Lindon Indiana O G Michael & Mary Smith          
ELLIOT, Sylvester see Elliot, John Sherman                    
ELLIOT, Thomas see Elliot, Louis T                    
ELLIOTT, Alexander see Elliot, Francis                    
ELLIOTT, Charles W       Beach N D 31 Fayette Iowa Charles Elliot & Ella Noble 2-Mar-11 Glendive Dawson 914  
      Byrde, Eldridge Beach N D 24 Neillsville Wisc Albert Eldridge & ???          
ELLIOTT, Edward Leon       Verwood Sask Can 29 Wolseley Sask John Elliott & Annie Parr 27-Oct-26 Scobey Daniels 288  
      Annie V McClean Verwood Sask 22 Bolsover Ontario Can Norman McLean & Jane Ann Myles          
ELLIOTT, F E see Elliot, Frank M                    
ELLIOTT, Frances       Malta 21 Melvin Alexander Elliott & Owa Smith 2-Oct-12 Glasgow Valley 1130  
      Lizzie Cruikshank Malta 26 Scotland Charles Cruikshank & Eliza Grant          
ELLIOTT, Frank M       Wibaux 21 A(E)lls-worth? Wis F E Elliott & Nora Peterson 20-Feb-29 Wibaux Wibaux 667  
      Marjorie O Davis Wibaux 20 Wibaux Allison Davis & Regina Parker          
ELLIOTT, Ida (Newman?) see Lear, Thomas                    
ELLIOTT, Jemima see Wagoner                    
ELLIOTT, John see Elliot, Morton                    
ELLIOTT, John see Elliott, Edward Leon                    
ELLIOTT, Lydia see McLuen, Ward O                    
ELLIOTT, M H       Melville 36 Trandville Illinois J E Elliot & Kate Holsburg 10-Sep-28 Glendive Dawson 3623  
      Margaret Glaesman Walnut Grove Mn 30 Redwood Falls Mn William Smith & Mary Fagan          
ELLIOTT, Mary see Birdwell, James H                    
ELLIOTT, Matie see Lemmon, Claud                    
ELLIOTT, Mattie see Grinnell, Clyde W                    
ELLIOTT, Morton       Circle 40 Montreal Can John Elliott & Mary A Lyster 9-Jun-16 Glendive Dawson 1930  
      G Bell Moon Chicago Illinois     Frank Moon & Elizabeth Johnson          
ELLIOTT, Richard see Carlson                    
ELLIOTT, Rose see Ellis, Park Gerald                    
ELLIS, A D see Ellis, Raymond D                    
ELLIS, Anna see Hoffman, John                    
ELLIS, Anna see Dickinson, James A                    
ELLIS, Carleton       Harlem 29 Valley City N D Freeman Ellis & Adel VanBuren 14-Jun-24 Chinook Blaine 818  
      Rubena Collins Harlem 19 Arcola Sask Can William Collins & Rebecca Dobson          
ELLIS, Cora see Hedden, Allen                    
ELLIS, Edward G       Landusky 21 Landusky John Ellis & Annie Reeves 22-Oct-18 Chinook Blaine 525  
      Annie Kolczah Landusky 20 Landusky John Kolczah & Elnore Spayloma?          
ELLIS, Edward G       Landusky 21 Mt   10-Dec-21   Phillips 611  
      Emma Marie Kolezak Landusky 18 Mt            
ELLIS, Eliza A see Bywater, John T                    
ELLIS, Elizabeth see Washburn, Willard Wallace                    
ELLIS, Eva see Jackson, Roy Bush                    
ELLIS, F E & Mrs see Nicholson, Bryson Walter                    
ELLIS, F T see Ellis                    
ELLIS, Florence see Kutzler, Harry G                    
ELLIS, Francis Eugene       Phillips 24 Mt   12-Jul-16   Phillips 116  
      Ferae Grace Callahan Phillips 18 Mt            
ELLIS, Freeman see Ellis, Carleton                    
ELLIS, Glen Leroy       Opheim 25 Shelby-ville Ill William Dorcie Ellis & Jenny Millicent Barr 6-Aug-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1055  
      Clara Georgiana Jordan Glasgow 19 Sask Can James Jordon & Elnor Peterson          
ELLIS, Hollie L       Great Falls 29 Kansas   24-Sep-19   Phillips 454  
      Etta L Bowman Great Falls 20 Ontario Can            
ELLIS, J B see Walsh, Robert                    
ELLIS, J B see Brown, Frank                    
ELLIS, J B see LaFountain, Geo                    
ELLIS, Jennie see Van Norman, Elias                    
ELLIS, John see Ellis, Edward G                    
ELLIS, John W see Bell, Joseph D                    
ELLIS, L M see Lippincott, D W                    
ELLIS, Lettie see Dunbar, J M                    
ELLIS, Mary see Furchtbur, James H                    
ELLIS, Mary B see Littlehales, William E                    
ELLIS, Mildred see Thorbergson                    
ELLIS, Mrs Annie (Reeves?) see Guinn, W M                    
ELLIS, Mrs Mattie (Strickler) see Rounds, Erastus                    
ELLIS, Norma see McGaughey, William                    
ELLIS, Park Gerald       Opheim 23 Kingman Kans William D Ellis & Jennie Barr 21-Nov-27 Glasgow Valley 3346  
      Mona Marie Scott Essex 17 Weston Wis Tom Scott & Rose Elliott          
ELLIS, Pembina M see Bell, Joseph D                    
ELLIS, Raymond D       Glendive 21 Chicago Ill A D Ellis & Lizzie Root 16-Nov-01 Glendive Dawson 230  
      Catherine B Hartley Minneapolis 20 Minneapolis Mn Alfred & Belle Hartley          
ELLIS, Roy Orville       Scobey 25 Ind F T Ellis & Elizabeth Ferguson 9-Sep-17 Pleasant Valley Sheridan 1116  
      Daisy Merina Clev-enger Scobey 18 Ind Orlie Clevenger & Lizzie England          
ELLIS, Sara see Connell, Dan                    
ELLIS, Sarah L see Olson, C Henry                    
ELLIS, Tissa see Elzia, James                    
ELLIS, Viola G see Walsh, Robert                    
ELLIS, Vivie see Jennings, Alvah                    
ELLIS, Walter E see Forest, Richard E                    
ELLIS, William Cloris? see Jennings, Alvah                    
ELLIS, William D see Ellis, Park Gerald                    
ELLIS, William Dorcie see Ellis, Glen Leroy                    
ELLISON, Alfred see Brasen, Peter                    
ELLISON, Allen (LaChapelle?) see Anderson                    
ELLISON, Elias see Ellison, Nels                    
ELLISON, Elise see Isaacson, Harold                    
ELLISON, Emil H       Madoc 40 Grand Forks N D Peter Ellison & Thora Lampland 7-Feb-23 Scobey Daniels 96  
      Mrs Anna Smith Madoc 34 N D James LaChappelle & Ellen Brunelle          
ELLISON, Hazel Abigail see Graham, Coyne                    
ELLISON, Irene see Brasen, Peter                    
ELLISON, Marion see Peterson, Henry N                    
ELLISON, Mary see Foss, Ralph H                    
ELLISON, Mattie see Earvan, Tearly                    
ELLISON, Nels       Glendive 30 Tote? Norway Elias Ellison & Carrie Neilson 26-Aug-1891 Glendive Dawson 52  
      Annie Robinson Glendive 22 Stavanger Nor Hans Robinson & Ellen Vekeyenson          
ELLISON, Peter see Ellison, Emil H                    
ELLISON, Vern see Graham, Coyne                    
ELLITHORPE, M W see Crawford, Frank                    
ELLMAN, Katie see Beaton, Harry W                    
ELLS, Clara see Lobdell                    
ELLS, Clara see Lobdell                    
ELLS, Laberta see Warden, Paul                    
ELLSWORTH, Addie see Beeler, Lloyd                    
ELLSWORTH, F B       Rudser N D 36 Gilman Iowa Mullburn Ellsworth & Carolina E Potter 8-Mar-09 Glasgow Valley 459(458?)  
      Ellen May Southwood Staby N D 31 White Veil Ontario George H Fuller & Kathern Coulkins?          
ELLSWORTH, Geo see Ellsworth, Sam                    
ELLSWORTH, Idella L see Dunn                    
ELLSWORTH, John see Phillips, Delbert J                    
ELLSWORTH, John see Ellsworth, Lee Ross                    
ELLSWORTH, Lee Ross       Vandalia 26 Cormorent Mn John Ellsworth & Helena Dick 18-Jan-24 Glasgow Valley 3032  
      Ava Belle Woodward Newark Ill 21 Mangon Okla John Woodward & Martha Furr          
ELLSWORTH, Mary see Phillips, Delbert J                    
ELLSWORTH, Mullburn see Ellsworth, F B                    
ELLSWORTH, Sam       Glasgow 27 Alma Mich Geo Ellsworth & Laura E Comstock 24-May-09 Glasgow Valley 470  
      Lena Wolter Glasgow 26 Osseo Mn Christian Wolter & Veranu Zimmerman          
ELLSWORTH, Sam see Lasher, Joseph                    
ELLSWORTH, Susan see McAllaster, Edwin                    
ELLWING, Bertha see Dupois, Gust                    
ELM, Alfred George       Westby 33 Kenmare N D James L Elm & Anna Jensen 16-Jul-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3043  
      Francis Marion Carlson Westby 23 Browns Valley S D Martin Carlson & Mary Sampson          
ELM, Anna Alice see Lagerquist                    
ELM, James see Lagerquist                    
ELM, James L see Elm                    
ELMGREN, Agnes see Chapman                    
ELMGREN, Frank see Chapman                    
ELMING?, Albertina see Smith, John Leroy                    
ELMORE, John M S see Elmore                    
ELMORE, Nanny see Olson, Clarence H                    
ELMORE, Pete Fletcher       Buford N D 21 Martinsville Ill John M S Elmore & Belle Marvin 26-Feb-14 Mondak Sheridan 188  
      Nora Ethelyn Dooley Buford N D 18 California Mo L B Dooley & Alice Allee          
ELOTNER?, Jennie see Gordon, Roy T                    
ELPINALP, Mary see Bruegger, Arthur                    
ELROD, Byrl       Glendive 26 Catsville Ind Charles W Elrod & Mary Orth 15-Nov-04 Glendive Dawson 324  
      Estella Mae Bush Jamestown N D 20 Jamestown H B Bush & ???          
ELROD, Charles see Elrod, Byrl                    
ELROD, Martha E see DeBord, Lester                    
ELSESSER, Chris see Elsesser, Paul                    
ELSESSER, Paul       Kill Deer N D 30 Beaver Dam Wisc Chris Elsesser & Margaret Byer 24-Mar-17 Glendive Dawson 2130  
      Eleanor Kohannes Kill Deer N D 24 Philadelphia Penn Efen Johannes & Tillie Marcus          
ELSIE, see Red Eagle, Elsie                    
ELTON, Agnes see Kveseth                    
ELTON, Andeas see Kveseth                    
ELTON, Mabel see Skavhaug                    
ELUE, Marie see Bagley, William                    
ELV, Johanne see Killenbeek                    
ELVERUM, Alma Amilio see St John, DeWitt T                    
ELVERUM, Peter see St John, DeWitt T                    
ELVES, Linn see Nothelfer, William G                    
ELVSAAS, Andres see Elvsaas                    
ELVSAAS, Andrew       Froid 29 Norway And-res Elvsaas & Synove Johnson 18-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 593  
      Rande Peterson Homestead 24 Norway Peter & Annie Peterson          
ELWING, Albertina see Dupuis, Charles                    
ELWING, Albertina see Peterson, Andrew                    
ELWING, Albertine see Knutson, Severt A                    
ELWOOD, Agnes see Chapman, Isaac Fredrick                    
ELWOOD, Martha see Funk, Ira                    
ELWOOD, Orla B see Selvig, Isaac                    
ELWOOD, Pauline C see Selvig, Isaac                    
ELY, Ira W see Parker, Ernest                    
ELY, Kenneth C       Rock Rapids Iowa 25 Rock Rapids William Ely & Blanche Reyn-olds 30-Jul-29 Wibaux Wibaux 693  
      Ruth Bayless Kellerton Iowa 21 Kellerton Frank Bayless & Kizzie Jagger          
ELY, Lovina see Grayson, George L                    
ELY, Lulu see Parker, Ernest                    
ELY, William see Ely, Kenneth C                    
ELZEA, James       Vida 25 Bellingham Wash William Elzea & Tissa Ellis 1-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 779  
      Elsie Vine Vida 19 Ashland Wis Jerry Vine & Julia Johnson          
ELZEA, William see Elzea, James                    
ELZER, Margaret see King, John B                    
EMBRO, Sarah see Entz, Charles Andrew                    
EMELY, Paul       Dodson 24 Mt   12-Jan-26   Phillips 868  
      Cecile Demary Dodson 20 Mt            
EMENNETT, Elizabeth see Norgaard, Herman H                    
EMERSON, Bertha see Coubrough, Lochlain Mathew                    
EMERSON, Charles see McGee, Gerald                    
EMERSON, Earl O see Reinholz, Valentine L                    
EMERSON, Elza see Manternach, Oscar                    
EMERSON, Emma see Stevenson, Roy                    
EMERSON, Francis Carl       Phillips 24 Mn   9-Dec-20   Phillips 553  
      Emily Erickson Phillips 24 ???            
EMERSON, H C       Hamilton Can 25 Hamilton Can Thomas Emerson & Ethel B Duncan 25-May-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3018  
      Genevieve Buck Regina Can 22 Regina A L Buck & Margaret J Bock          
EMERSON, Harold       Lowrance 25 Mn   17-Dec-26   Phillips 931  
      Dirma? Hutchinson ?? 18 Canada            
EMERSON, Harry M       Great Falls 24 Albert Lea Mn John H Emerson & Clara Lenihan 26-Feb-13 Chinook Blaine 39  
      Eva L Whittal Chinook 23 Reise River Nev Jack Whittal & Sarah N Barrett          
EMERSON, John H see Emerson, Harry M                    
EMERSON, Julia see Smith                    
EMERSON, Julia see Smith                    
EMERSON, Lester Clark see Emerson, Walter Weston                    
EMERSON, Louise see McGee, Gerald                    
EMERSON, Marie see Manternach, Oscar                    
EMERSON, Miles       Lowrance 23 Mn   25-Dec-26   Phillips 933  
      Jenny James ??? 20 Ontario Can            
EMERSON, Millie P see Premo, Walter A                    
EMERSON, Ned       Savot 19 Angola Indiana Obyah D Emerson & Clara Spears 4-Sep-17 Chinook Blaine 424  
      Valta Garver Savoy 19 Hamilton Indiana Owen Garver & Maude Griffith          
EMERSON, Obayah D see Emerson, Ned                    
EMERSON, Oline see Cline, Everett                    
EMERSON, Pearl Louise see Reinholz, Valentine L                    
EMERSON, Percy       Loring 23 Mn   2-Nov-29   Phillips 1147  
      Agnes Irene Hanson Wolf Point 25 N D            
EMERSON, Sarah see Premo, Leslie J                    
EMERSON, Thomas see Emerson                    
EMERSON, Violet see Murdock, John                    
EMERSON, Walter Weston       Rapid City S D 26 Holt Cty Nebr Lester Clark Emerson & Flavella Wolff 4-Jun-25 Scobey Daniels 209  
      Cuila Mildred Chrisenson Scobey 19 Chippewa Cty Mn H J Christinson & Oline Peterson          
EMERY, Amy Alberta see Harris, Leroy                    
EMERY, Christopher see Moen, Arthur R                    
EMERY, Dell see Harris, Leroy                    
EMERY, Dolly see Gardner, William                    
EMERY, Maria see Pender                    
EMERY, Martha see Forbes, Milton L                    
EMERY, Martha see Scott, Conrad Allen                    
EMERY, Melvina see Allison, William C                    
EMERY, Mrs Janette see Marsco, Frank                    
EMERY, Norah M see Moen, Arthur R                    
EMERY (ELLERY?), Caroline see Demarais, Lawrence                    
EMIL, Ella see Honcharenko                    
EMIL, Isadore see Honcharenko                    
EMILEY, Susie see Miller, William Henry                    
EMILINE, Levi see Jerome, Patrick                    
EMILINE, Levi H       Malta 22 Mt   22-Jan-23   Phillips 696  
      Beatrice C Stevens Malta 16 Wisc            
EMILSON, John A       Outlook 32 Nor Emil Johnson & Ellen Lee 31-Oct-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1760  
      Rachel Kleppen Outlook 32 Norway Nels Orshaug & Mildred Dal-skoe          
EMILY, see also Emely                    
EMILY, Delia see Amiotte, Fred                    
EMILY, Eliza see Huntley, Harold F                    
EMILY, Joe see Bishop, Harry                    
EMILY, Joe see Beaudry, Fred                    
EMILY, Joseph see Emily (Amlia) Louis                    
EMILY, Josephine see Mayer, Mark J                    
EMILY, Josephine see Azure, Max                    
EMILY, Josette see Doney, Alfred                    
EMILY, Lizzie see Sansavor, Mary                    
EMILY, Louie see Huntley, Harold F                    
EMILY, Louis see DuBois, Alfred                    
EMILY, Madeline see Bishop, Harry                    
EMILY (AMLIA), Louis       Malta 25 Malta Joseph Emily & Mary Disreau 28-Apr Malta Valley ?  
      Matilda Laverdure Malta 20 Canada Louis Laverdure & Nancy La___?