Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Doney to Dyven

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
DONEY, Agnes see Trottier, Joe                    
DONEY, Albert E see Doney, Benjamin E                    
DONEY, Albert E see Newton, Isaac P                    
DONEY, Alex       Malta 21 Valley Lally Doney & Angelica Miraud 19?-Feb-1903 Malta Valley 88  
      Louisa Plummer Malta 19 Valley John Plummer & Katherine Cook          
DONEY, Alex see Hayfield, Pete                    
DONEY, Alfred       Leedy ?? Valley Lally Doney & Angelica Moran 16-Feb-14 Malta Valley 1422  
      Elizabeth Allery Valley 21 N D Joseph Allery & Josette Emily          
DONEY, Alice see Beaudry, Fred                    
DONEY, Alice see Trottier, John                    
DONEY, Alice see Trottier, Max                    
DONEY, Benjamin E       Chinook 24 Potomac Ill Albert E Doney & Martha Simonton 2-Jul-14 Chinook Blaine 135  
      May Primm Chinook 22 Canton Ill Richard A Primm & Mary Garnes          
DONEY, Birdie O see Newton, Isaac P                    
DONEY, David D       Landusky 25 Gilt Edge John M Doney & Virginia LaFontaine 17-Jun-15 St Pauls Blaine 210  
      Ernestine Fleury St Pauls Mission 16 Flatwillow Dallas Fleury & Mary Dustin?          
DONEY, Flora see Azure, Peter R                    
DONEY, George A       Cleveland 43 Lewistown Joseph Doney & Philamina LaFountain 26-Jul-26 Chinook Blaine 952  
      Mary Sayer Cleveland 28 Mordan Man Can George Starneau & Virginia Jerome          
DONEY, George E?       Wilder 29 Lewistown Joe Doney & Philiman? LeFafountin? 25-Oct-12 St Pauls Blaine 26  
      Virginia Azure Zortman 18 Malta Joe Azure & Susie Ambline          
DONEY, Joe see Doney, George E                    
DONEY, John       Larb Hills 21 Asinniboia Can Lally Doney & Augusta Moran 6-Jul-05 Malta Valley 184  
      Elizabeth Allrry Larb Hills 18 Saco Andrew Allary & Rosie Emlay          
DONEY, John B       Phillips 29 Mt   31-Aug-17   Phillips 247  
      Flora Gardner Phillips 19 Mt            
DONEY, John D       Zortman 27 Mt   3-Mar-24   Phillips 758  
      Clara Plummer Phillips 20 Mt            
DONEY, John M see Cole, Merlin James                    
DONEY, John M see Doney, David D                    
DONEY, John M see Moore, Willard T                    
DONEY, Joseph       Malta 24 Poplar Lally Doney & Angelina Miraud 14-Apr-03 Malta Valley 95  
      Veronica Short Malta 19 St Francis Xavier Man Can Joseph Short & Mechael Magiles          
DONEY, Joseph see Doney, William                    
DONEY, Joseph see Fleury, Louis                    
DONEY, Josephine see Gardipee, John                    
DONEY, Josephine see Kline, Joseph A                    
DONEY, Laberta see Preskey, Clifton W                    
DONEY, Lally see Doney, Alex                    
DONEY, Lally see Doney, John                    
DONEY, Lally see Doney, Joseph                    
DONEY, Lally see Doney, Alfred                    
DONEY, Laly see Plummer, George                    
DONEY, Lena see Buckman, Aloysius                    
DONEY, Louise see Plummer, Wilfred J                    
DONEY, Louise see Trottier, Max                    
DONEY, Louise see Ellis, Edward G                    
DONEY, Louise A see Cole, Merlin James                    
DONEY, Lubertie? see Braley, Henry C                    
DONEY, Madeline see Kelsey, Charlie                    
DONEY, Marian C see Matlock, Wilber                    
DONEY, Mary see Plummer, George                    
DONEY, Mary see LaTray, William                    
DONEY, Mary I see Parisian, Joe                    
DONEY, Michael C see Doney, William Jesse                    
DONEY, Mrs John see Trottier, Joe                    
DONEY, Rose see Moore, Willard T                    
DONEY, Rosey see Daniels Joe                    
DONEY, Rosie see Demares, Mack                    
DONEY, Rosie see Kelsey, Charlie                    
DONEY, William       Wilder 22 Ft McGinnis Joseph Doney & Philomena LaFontaine 16-Jun-13 St Pauls Blaine 60  
      Louise Kelsey Wilder 16 Flatwillow ??? & Ellen Gardepi          
DONEY, William see Buckman, Aloysius                    
DONEY, William Jesse       Chinook 55 Vermil-lion Cty Ill Michael C Doney & Christiann Dourun? 23-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 353  
      Jennie Doney Milton Ore 49 Kans George W Montague & Mary Yates          
DONIS, Ann see Sturtevant, Edward A                    
DONIS, Joseph G see Sturtevant, Edward A                    
DONLEY, Frank see Kirkey, William                    
DONLEY, Lissy see Hill, James                    
DONLEY, Lizzie see Robertson, W B                    
DONLEY, Mary see Blyton, Oscar Douglas                    
DONNALLY, Helen see Edmiston, Earl                    
DONNALLY, William see Edmiston, Earl                    
DONNDLY?, Annie see McVee, J D                    
DONNELLY, Henry see Stecker, Elmer D                    
DONNELLY, Maggie see Stecker, Elmer D                    
DONNELY, Elizabeth Narcissa see McIntyre, Charles                    
DONNER, Hattie see Sigsworth, William F                    
DONNEY, Rosie see Turcott, Dan Jr                    
DONNEY?, Marion see Spear, James Edgar                    
DONNOVAN, Malissie see Rigdon, James A                    
DONNS, Clifton T see Donns                    
DONNS, Rollin C       P�wood 34 Connecticutt Clifton T Donns & Eliza Lee 8-Mar-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1492  
      Osena Ness P�wood 30 N D Louis Karsa & Bertha Halvorson          
DONOHO, Ada see Kiefer, Loren Otterholm                    
DONOHO, Ada see Brockway, William                    
DONOHUE, Catherine see Shanley, Fred                    
DONOHUE, Dorothea see Zindars, Eugene R                    
DONOHUE, Edward B       Helena 30 Cherokee Iowa Florence Donohue & Matilda Brown 23-May-26 Chinook Blaine 941  
      Gretchen Coates Harlem 22 Victor Iowa Louis A Coates & Isabel Houston          
DONOHUE, Edward Joseph       Havre 21 Melrose Mn Jacob Donohue & Julia Lynam 3-Aug-29 Chinook Blaine 1149  
      Evelyn Elizabeth Raskopf Havre 19 Dobie Wis Peter J Raskopf & Helen J Peters          
DONOHUE, Florence see Donohue, Edward B                    
DONOHUE, Frank see Zindars , Eugene R                    
DONOHUE, Jacob see Donohue, Edward Joseph                    
DONOHUE, James see Donohue, William                    
DONOHUE, James P       Glendive 30 Irvona? Warren Cty Penn John Donohue & Mary Flynn 21-Dec-07 Glendive Dawson 563  
      Eva Paul Phillips Glendive 21 N Y N Y John Paul & Nelly Clark          
DONOHUE, John see Donohue, James P                    
DONOHUE, Kate see Kampher, Crescent Nolcott                    
DONOHUE, Martha see Kinzel, William C                    
DONOHUE, Mary see Hughes, Thomas                    
DONOHUE, William A       Culbertson 26 Mn James Donohue & Annie Meehan 24-Aug-08 Glasgow Valley 403  
      Kora Thompson   24 Wis George Thompson & ???          
DONOVAN, Annie see McLachlan, John Cornelius                    
DONOVAN, Charles J       Frazer 38 Can John Donovan & Margaret McMahon 12-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2678  
      Anna Tschetter Frazer 27 S D Joseph Tschetter & Anna Knelo          
DONOVAN, Claude H       Fortuna 45 Mn J W Donovan & Electa Hathaway 9-Sep-21 Westby Sheridan 1748  
      Anna B Tangen Ambrose 39 Norway Hans Larsen & Carrie Olson          
DONOVAN, Ellen see Eves, William R                    
DONOVAN, J W see Donovan                    
DONOVAN, John see Donovan, Charles J                    
DONOVAN, John see Eidum, Halvor                    
DONOVAN, Julia see Berazeale, Walter                    
DONOVAN, Sarah L see Hiebert, Royal F                    
DONOVAN, Sarah M see Hiebert, Sarah M                    
DONOVIN, Annie see Feick, William Andrew                    
DONTIGNY, Adelard see Jordahl, Harold                    
DONTIGNY, Adelard O       Bainville 27 Canada Francis DonTigny & Mary DeGram-mond 3-Jul-23 Poplar Roosivelt 520  
      Lillian Aspengren Bainville 18 Mn Victor Sponger & Laura Young          
DONTIGNY, Alphonse see Jordahl, Harold                    
DONTIGNY, Aurora see Jordahl, Harold                    
DONTIGNY, Emil       Havre 28 Montreal Can Francis DonTigny & Mary DeGrandMont 20-Apr-30 Chinook Blaine 1201  
      Helen Halverson Havre 26 St James Mn Louis Halverson & Dora Weymouth          
DONTIGNY, Francis see Dontigny, Adelard O                    
DONTIGNY, Francis see Don Tigny, Emil                    
DOOLEY, Ira       Dawson Cty 25 Putnam Cty Mo Samuel Dooley & Deb Davis 12-Jun-12 Mondak Valley 1064  
      Ada Mathes Dawson Cty 17 Putmam Cty Mo Charles Mathes & Emmiline Medlin          
DOOLEY, L B see Elmore                    
DOOLEY, Nora Ethelyn see Elmore                    
DOOLEY, Roxie E see Hall, James C                    
DOOLEY, Samuel see Dooley, Ira                    
DOOLEY, Samuel see Hall, James C                    
DOOLEY, Samuel & Debby see Dooley                    
DOOLEY, Sarah J see Crouch, John G                    
DOOLEY, Willie       Mondak 22 Putnam Mo Samuel & Debby Dooley 26-Nov-13 Mondak Sheridan 122  
      Edna Mathias Mondak 20 Missouri Charles & Rose Mathias          
DOOLITTLE, D see Doolittle, I H                    
DOOLITTLE, I H       Concord 25 Mantorville Iowa D Doolittle & Ella Owen 14-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 653  
      Eva Morse Austin Mn   Louden Mn Job Morse & Harriet Moshier          
DOONEN, Grace see Doonen, William                    
DOONEN, M F see Doonen, William                    
DOONEN, William       Malta 19 Mn   13-Oct-25   Phillips 842  
      Grace Rocek Malta 18 Mn            
DOONER, Bernice see Doubles, Tom                    
DOONER, John see Dooner, Walter                    
DOONER, John see Doubles, Tom                    
DOONER, Walter F       Golva N D 21 Wanda Mn John Dooner & Kathryn Foy 4-Oct-23 Wibaux Wibaux 404  
      Josephine Weideman Golva 21 Shell Lake Mn Arthur Weideman & Mary LeBeaux          
DOONER, Walter F       Malta 23 Mn   13-Dec-26   Phillips 928  
      Marian Campbell Phillips 18 Malta            
DOOPS, May see Jennings, Milo Milton                    
DOOR, see First Eagle                    
DOOR, Woman see Derby, Frank                    
DOORAK, Barbara see Anderson, William J                    
DOORES, Barney       Oswego 38 Wis James Doores & Ellen Breslin 28-May-15 Oswego Valley 1682  
      Pearl Wood Oswego 35 N D Uriah Wood & Samantha Bright          
DOORES, Edwin see Doores, Levin                    
DOORES, James see Doores, Barney                    
DOORES, Levin A       Malta 40 Shelbyville Missouri Edwin Doores & Margaret Moore 29-Nov-1894 Malta Valley ?  
      (Mrs) Alice Harmon Malta 31 St Louis Missouri Stuart Harmon & Emaline Patterson          
DOORNEK, Fred see Doornek, Joseph                    
DOORNEK, Joseph       Poplar 23 Granville Wis Fred Doornek & Anna Grass 26-Sep-23 Poplar Roosivelt 549  
      Clarence M Etzel Poplar 18 Granville Joseph Etzel & Clara K Flock          
DOPKINS, Charles see Plumley, Harold                    
DOPKINS, Charles Robert Glen       Phillips 31 Wis   21-Mar-17   Phillips 193  
      Edythe Ellen Taylor Phillips 19 Wis            
DOPKINS, Gladys see Plumley, Harold                    
DOPP, Adella see Bosworth, Earl E                    
DOPP, Mary E see Bensal, Edmund H                    
DOPP, Mary E see Everhart, Cary                    
DOPPLER, Marian see Sanderson, Ralph L                    
DORADA, Katie see Bleth, Pancraz B                    
DORADO, Catherine see Bleth, George                    
DORAM, Lulla see Lewis, William M                    
DORAN, Amy see Glenn                    
DORAN, Elizabeth see Grimm, Albert J                    
DORAN, Lawrence see Loop, Jacob C                    
DORAN, Lawrence see Grimm, Albert J                    
DORDAHL, Eliza see Iverson                    
DORE, Annie see Udy, George                    
DORE, Bertha A see O�Brien, George T                    
DORE, Edwin see Levno, Henry                    
DORE, Edwin E       Ridgelawn 43 Bancroft Ontario Richard Dore & Pauline A Gaebel 25-Sep-11 Ridgelawn Dawson 986  
      Ellen Erickson Ridgelawn 26 Helgland Norway Andrew Erickson & Mary Peterson          
DORE, George       Sidney 24 Bancroft Ontario Richard Dore & Paulina Gabble? 9-Mar-1899 Newlon Dawson 182  
      Minnie B Kenoyer Newlon 23 Missouri ??? Kenoyer & Celia M Herbert          
DORE, George Edgar       Sidney 20 Helena George Dore & Minnie Bell Kenoyer 4-Aug-25 Glendive Dawson 3245  
      Myrel Irene Lowry Sidney 19 Three Buttes Mt Guy Lowry & Ethel Crawford          
DORE, Gladys see Levno, Henry                    
DORE, Jacob A       Ridgelawn 26 Bancroft Can Richard Dore & Pauline Gable     Dawson 322  
      Olive M Corney Ridgelawn 22              
DORE, John E       Ridgeway 28 Bancroft Ontario Can Richard Dore & Pauline Goebel 30-Apr-02 Ridgelawn Dawson 248  
      Sarah McDonald Ridgeway 18 Wickloff ? Canada George & Jenette McDonald          
DORE, John E       Fairview 37 Bancroft Can Richard Dore & Pauline Gaebel 25-Mar-11 Sidney Dawson 920  
      Ida A Hahn Fairview 43 Ogle Cty Illinois John A Barrick & Mary S Elliot          
DORE, Mabel E see Simard, Arcade G                    
DORE, Richard see Simard, Arcade G                    
DORE, Richard see Dore, Edwin E                    
DORE, Richard see Dore, George                    
DORE, Richard see Dore, Jacob A                    
DORE, Richard see Dore, John E                    
DORE, Richard see O�Brien, George T                    
DORFF, Carl see Dorff, Emil                    
DORFF, Emil       Glendive 24 Sweden Carl Dorff & Anna Halstead 8-Apr-1895 Glendive Dawson 107  
      Malena Baardson Glendive 29   Jacob Baardson & Malena Roe          
DORFLER, Letha (Chase?) see Holcomb, Daniel C                    
DORFMAN, Rebecca (Kunken?) see Shaich, Ben                    
DORMAN, Lydia see Reeves, William W                    
DORN, Elsie O see Wilena, Frank R                    
DORN, William see Wilena, Frank R                    
DORN, William A       Whitefish 33 Bennett Wis William Dorn & Eugenia Peterson 21-Mar-25 Glasgow Valley 3123  
      Julia Peterson Nasgarden Minot 36 Madison Mn Imbert Peterson & Mary Johnson          
DORNEGED, Louise see Bergner                    
DORNEK?, Katherine see Ashland, Ernest William                    
DORNER, Bertha see Schollmeyer, James                    
DORNER, Fred see Schollmeyer, James                    
DORR, A J see Dorr, Kelsey V                    
DORR, Gertrude L see Hill, Edgar C                    
DORR, Herbert L see Dorr, Ross Coffey                    
DORR, Herbert L see Alldrin, Helen                    
DORR, Inez D see Barthman, Clarence S                    
DORR, Irene see Valentine, Herman                    
DORR, Jos see Valentine, Herman                    
DORR, Jos P see Hill, Edgar C                    
DORR, Katherin see Boyles, William Frank                    
DORR, Kelsey V       Glasgow 21 Stanberry Mo A J Dorr & Lucinda C Coffey 24-Jan-24 Glasgow Valley 1418  
      Stella May Ebersole Glasgow 23 Manson? Iowa H H Ebersole & Jessie Bemet          
DORR, Louise see Johnson, Roman                    
DORR, Ross Coffey       Glasgow 28 Missouri   16-Jun-28   Phillips 1028  
      Evelyn Hazel Mihue Glasgow 19 Nebr            
DORR, Thomas Henry       Wolf Point 23 Council Bluffs Iowa Thomas Dorr & Martha Henry 19-Aug-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1106  
      Silena Calder Wolf Point 23 Glasgow George Kirn & Theresa Rosebleff          
DORRINGTON, William J see Dorrington, Benjamin                    
DORRINGTON, Benjamin       Harlem 23 Choteau William J Dorrington & Geneva Zimmerman 31-Oct-25 Chinook Blaine 910  
      Margaret E Veseth Harlem 19 Harlem Louis M Veseth & Kristie (-esbeau?)          
DORSETT, David see Haynes, Thomas                    
DORSETT, Lillian see Haynes, Thomas                    
DORSEY, Catherine see Leahy, Joseph P                    
DORSEY, Edd see Warner, Henry                    
DORSEY, Edward see Windship, Ralph                    
DORSEY, Eleonor E see Johnston, Burton P                    
DORSEY, Emma see Windship, Ralph                    
DORSEY, Iva see Warner, Henry                    
DORSEY, Richard see Johnston, Burton P                    
DORVAL, Bertha see Dorval, George                    
DORVAL, George       Belfield N D 36 Belfield N D Verel Dorval & Elia Beaumier 6-Apr-15 Wibaux Wibaux 25  
      Bertha Dorval Winnipeg Man Can     Joseph Dorval & Mary Rault          
DORVAL, Joseph see Dorval, George                    
DORVAL, Verel see Dorval, George                    
DORZAK, Annie see Urban, Henry                    
DOSDALL, Emilie see Schoening                    
DOSLAND, Helga see Haugland, Sam                    
DOSS?, Pauline A see Knapp, Miles Willie                    
DOSTAL, Francie see Kirkwood, Allen                    
DOSTERT, John see Dostert, Victor                    
DOSTERT, Victor       Nashua 28 N D John Dostert & Mary Venrude 22-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1778  
      Ann Gedde Nashua 27 Mn Chris Gedde & Mary Pilchington?          
DOTSON, Etta E see Baker, Fred M                    
DOTSON, Etta see Gabrielson, Harold Leonard                    
DOTSON, George see Baker, Fred M                    
DOTSON, George see Dotson, Paul                    
DOTSON, George see Dotson, Raymond                    
DOTSON, George see Lindsey, George Adrian                    
DOTSON, George G see Simard, Samuel Oscar                    
DOTSON, Gertrude Dolorous see Simard, Samuel Oscar                    
DOTSON, Jennie see Hayward, John Herbert                    
DOTSON, Merle May see Lindsey, George Adrian                    
DOTSON, Opal Marie see Thornton, Wm J                    
DOTSON, Paul       Sidney 21 Fairview George Dotson & Minnie Keeton 6-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3635  
      Gertrude Mae Sanders Lambert 21 Lincoln Nebr Charles Sanders & Sarah Crawford          
DOTSON, Raymond       Lambert 23 Spencer Iowa George Dotson & Minnie Keeton 1-Dec-27 Glendive Dawson 3520  
      Blanche McKnight Lambert 22 Falls City Wisc Peter F Quilling & Mary Wagner          
DOTSON, Uriah Rufus see Thornton, Wm J                    
DOTY, Almon M see Mollerstuen                    
DOTY, C W see Knudson, Willmar                    
DOTY, Charles David see Doty, John William                    
DOTY, Denna Olive see Mollerstuen                    
DOTY, Floyd Merle       Belfield 22 Sheldon N D John W Doty & Carrie Smith 16-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3296  
      Naomi Helen Gregg Gladstone N D 21 Gladstone Silas D Gregg & Helen R Morse          
DOTY, Frances Alice see Gagnon, Ovid Joseph                    
DOTY, Gerald C see Taylor, Harvey J                    
DOTY, Gladys E see Taylor, Harvey J                    
DOTY, Hazel Margaret see Newton, Lewis Clark                    
DOTY, John W see Doty, Floyd Merle                    
DOTY, John William       Belfield N D 56 Ames Iowa Charles David Doty & Mary Hopkins 11-Jan-30 Glendive Dawson 3837  
      Arazetta Curran Kennedy Minneapolis Mn 48 Waddington N Y Gilbert C Curran & Adelia Willis          
DOTY, John William see Doty, Ward Daniel                    
DOTY, Mahala J see Warren, Willis D                    
DOTY, Pearl see Knudson, Willmar                    
DOTY, Verl W       Belfield 21 Sheldon John William Doty & Carrie Dixon 14-Sep-27 Glendive Dawson 3492  
      Ella McGee Belfield 21 Eyota Mn James McGee & Idella DeGarmo          
DOTY, Wallace Floyd see Gagnon, Ovid Joseph                    
DOTY, Ward Daniel       Belfield 26 Hudson S D John William Doty & Carrie V Dixon 26-Jan-25 Glendive Dawson 3183  
      Rogna D Indergard Belfield 25 Belfield Peter Indergard & Marie Christianson          
DOTY, William see Doty, Verl W                    
DOUBLEDAY, Emily see Traver, Leon L                    
DOUBLES, Joseph see Doubles, Tom                    
DOUBLES, Tom       Galva N D 24 Menom-inee Wis Joseph Doubles & Mary Guinard 6-Jan-22 Wibaux Wibaux 340  
      Bernice Dooner Galva 18 Wanda Mn John Dooner & Kathryn Foy          
DOUCETTE, Phillip see Fanning, William Henry                    
DOUCETTE, Adeline see Labrie, Louis                    
DOUCETTE, Lucien       Regina Can 38 Canada   1-Jan-21   Phillips 556  
      Rose Jacobs Phillips 27 Canada            
DOUCHETTE, Phillip       Phillips 28 Mn   24-Apr-17   Phillips 212  
      Rosanna Sabourin Phillips 28 Rhode Island            
DOUDLEY?, Annie see McVee, Virgil                    
DOUGALL, Christina see Henderson, Zeno Z                    
DOUGHERTY, A D see Dougherty, R C                    
DOUGHERTY, Alice see Hentges, William H                    
DOUGHERTY, Alice see Stover, Joseph Roy                    
DOUGHERTY, Austin see Dougherty, Theodore Roosevelt                    
DOUGHERTY, Austin see Eder, Charles                    
DOUGHERTY, Auston see Barth, Claud Ludwig                    
DOUGHERTY, Bernard see Dougherty, Joseph                    
DOUGHERTY, Bernard see Dougherty, Vitalis                    
DOUGHERTY, Bernard see McLachlan, John Cornelius                    
DOUGHERTY, Bridget see Kelly, Mike M                    
DOUGHERTY, Bridget see Devlin, Michael                    
DOUGHERTY, Bridgit see Kelly, Michael                    
DOUGHERTY, C H see Dougherty, Frank                    
DOUGHERTY, Catherine see Eder, Charles                    
DOUGHERTY, Ellen see Trumble, James E                    
DOUGHERTY, Frank       Sheldon Iowa 33 Sheldon Iowa C H Dougherty & Susan Beacom 10-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3273  
      Pearl Agnes Murphy Glendive 27 Minneapolis Mn Peter C Murphy & Ella Costello          
DOUGHERTY, John see Yopp, Fred W                    
DOUGHERTY, John see Dougherty, William J                    
DOUGHERTY, John see Dougherty, Oscar                    
DOUGHERTY, Joseph       Wolf Point 30 Iowa Bernard Dougherty & Elizabeth McCarville 29-Jun-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 775  
      Katherine McAleer Wolf Point 34 Iowa John McAleer & Margaret McNally          
DOUGHERTY, Julia Margaret see McLachlan, John Cornelius                    
DOUGHERTY, Katherine see Gallagher, Patrick C                    
DOUGHERTY, Margaret see Phinney, Herbert L                    
DOUGHERTY, Oscar W       Chinook 46 Carlyle Ill John Dougherty & Christina Wiseks 21-Sep-14 Chinook Blaine 153  
      Mary Agnes Resh Chinook 36 Freeport Ill I W Resh & Mary Agnes Kram          
DOUGHERTY, P H see Nordwick, Bennie W                    
DOUGHERTY, R C       Miles City 27 Council Bluffs Iowa A D Dougherty & Etta Walker 20-Sep-22 Circle McCone 46  
      Neoma Kitchen Miles City 18 Punka City Okla Selly Kitchen & Estella Ginn          
DOUGHERTY, Sarah see Good                    
DOUGHERTY, Theodore Roosevelt       Poplar 24 Madison S D Austin Dougherty & Henrietta Howard 2-Nov-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1391  
      Hildred Josephine McConaha Richey 22 Sidney Orval McCone & Laura Haner          
DOUGHERTY, Vitalis       Weldon 24 Iowa Bernard Dougherty & Elizabeth McCariville 28-Jun-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 252  
      Anna Hoeser Horse Creek 25 Wis George Hoeser & Barbara Goetz          
DOUGHERTY, Vivian E see Nordwick, Bennie W                    
DOUGHERTY, William J       Kalispell 38 Sycamore Ill John Dougherty & Mary Hopkins 19-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3084  
      Josephine O�Kelley Spokane Wash 42 Ash Grove Mo Dennis Grantham & Sarah Brown          
DOUGHTY, Ethel E see Kestin, Ralph C                    
DOUGHTY, G L see Sullivan, Robert J                    
DOUGHTY, Iva see Matthews, Horace                    
DOUGHTY, Jesse T see Kestin, Ralph C                    
DOUGLAS, Ada see Decker                    
DOUGLAS, Andy       Carlyle 35 Hoopston Ill Luther Douglas & Rhoda Coons 12-Oct-23 Wibaux Wibaux 405  
      Vera Skinner Black Duck Mn 20 Long Prairie Mn John Hower & Edna Stecker          
DOUGLAS, Charles M       Poplar 47 Wis George Douglas & Mary Hess 19-Apr-21 Poplar Roosivelt 232  
      Emma Timm Poplar 34 Wis William Timm & Anstera Austria?          
DOUGLAS, Donald S       McTaggart Can 22 Briarcrest Can William Douglas & Clara Shaw 28-Jun-36 Medicine Lake Sheridan 3036  
      Evelyn E Donaldson Regina 23 Lumsden Can William Donaldson & Muriel West          
DOUGLAS, Earl Arthur       Wolf Point 20 Chicago Ill Seymour Douglas & Charlotte Reck 9-Oct-27 Glasgow Roosivelt 1085  
      Florence Vivian Hull Lambert 19 Lambert William Hull & Leonora Butke          
DOUGLAS, Earl Arthur see Smith, August B                    
DOUGLAS, Edith M see Anderson, John                    
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth see Stephans, Frank G                    
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth see Stephens, Berry                    
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth see Grogan, Walter H                    
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth see Stephens, James R                    
DOUGLAS, Elizabeth J see Mann, W H                    
DOUGLAS, Emily A see Fuhrmann, John                    
DOUGLAS, Etta see Higgins, Arthur A                    
DOUGLAS, Fannie see Vuylsteke, Alfonso                    
DOUGLAS, Florence see Strande, Oscar A                    
DOUGLAS, Frank Hiram       Alexander N D 21 Birnawood Wis Will Douglas & Fanny Budd 13-Aug-23 Sidney Richland 811  
      Minnie Lyons Alexander 18 Hixton Ws Will Lyons & Martha Goldsmith          
DOUGLAS, George see Douglas, Charles M                    
DOUGLAS, George       East Scobey 38 Scotland George Douglas & Eleanor Clemay? 21-Aug-16 Scobey Sheridan 818  
      Katherine Jorgenson East Scobey 25 Denmark Peter Jorgenson & Maren Jensen          
DOUGLAS, George K       Crandell Canada 24 Crandell Thos Douglas & Mary A Routledge 22-Feb-10 Malta Valley 580  
      Mary A Black Maltr 17 Scotland Geo Black & Elsie Cumming          
DOUGLAS, Harry see Fuhrmann, John                    
DOUGLAS, Helen see Irvine, Edward                    
DOUGLAS, Jack see Strande, Oscar A                    
DOUGLAS, Jesse       Beach N D 30 New Market Ind Luther Douglas & Rhoda Coon 23-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3910  
      Esther Barrier Beach 20 Galva N D Henry Barrier & Rebecca Weche          
DOUGLAS, Jessie see Pierson                    
DOUGLAS, Lola see Vuylsteke, Odiel                    
DOUGLAS, Lucy see Crain, Rockwell                    
DOUGLAS, Luther see Douglas, Andy                    
DOUGLAS, Luther see Douglas, Jesse                    
DOUGLAS, Maud see Spencer, Howard C                    
DOUGLAS, Rose see Olson, Harry L                    
DOUGLAS, Seymour see Douglas, Earl Arthur                    
DOUGLAS, Stella see Fry, John                    
DOUGLAS, Stephen A       Gosset 24 Rapid City S D T B Douglas & Martha Ewing 2-Feb-09 Glendive Dawson 665  
      Margaret S Porter Gossett 24 Dickinson N D C H Porter & Lena Burton          
DOUGLAS, T B see Douglas, Stephen A                    
DOUGLAS, Thomas see Douglas, George K                    
DOUGLAS, Will see Douglas, Frank Hiram                    
DOUGLAS, William see Vuylsteke, Odiel                    
DOUGLAS, William see Anderson, John                    
DOUGLAS, William see Irvine, Edward                    
DOUGLAS, William see Douglas                    
DOULL, Euphemia see Cameron, Murdoch                    
DOULL, John see Cameron, Murdoch                    
DOUNA, Rosina see Turcott, Joseph J                    
DOUNARD, John A see Dounard, Walter                    
DOUNARD, Walter       Saco 28 Clinton Cty Ohio James A Dounard & Sarah Brookie 30-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1371  
      res Beaverton   21   John Record & Emeline Simmons          
DOURUN?, Christiann see Doney, William Jesse                    
DOUTHIT, Charles see Uelman, Eugene                    
DOUTHIT, Eugene       Wibaux 23 Ft Collins Colorado John Douthit & Anna Butts 3-Nov-06 Glendive Dawson 400  
      Sidonia Dyarghn Wibaux 24 Belgium ??? & Barbara Verhiemm          
DOUTHIT, Irene see Uelman, Eugene                    
DOUTHIT, John see Douthit, Eugene                    
DOUTHIT, John see Wolfe, R H                    
DOUTHIT, Mae see Parker, Eugene F                    
DOUTHIT, Mae see Wolfe, Raymond Brantley                    
DOUTHIT, May see Wolfe, R H                    
DOUTHITT, Jas W       Williston N D 37 Ken Joe W Douthitt & Mary E Yarbrough 19-Jul-16 Plentywood Sheridan 791  
      Mary E Schmeer Williston 31 S D John H Schmeer & Anna McCabe          
DOUTHITT, Joe W see Douthitt                    
DOVE, Amelia see Murray, John                    
DOVE, Fern I see Hunter, Clifford B                    
DOVE, Mary see Nelson, Jesse                    
DOVE, Ralph E see Hunter, Cilfford B                    
DOVE, Richard see Sigsworth, William F                    
DOVENPART, Edward see Paulson, Arthur                    
DOVENPART, Mary Estella see Paulson, Arthur                    
DOVER, Alexina see Kertz, John F                    
DOW, Clarence L       Havre 31 Luddington Mich Joshua Dow & Mary Jane Dea 3-Dec-23 Chinook Blaine 1098  
      Loretta Jacoby Havre 33 St Martin Mn Peter N Jacoby & Katherine Scheafer          
DOW, Howard       Fairview 24 Park Falls Wisc Pratt Dow & Neva Russell 25-Feb-30 Glendive Dawson 3847  
      Dorothy Welsch Fairview 21 Anita Iowa Frederick Welsch & Carrie Allen          
DOW, Joshua see Dow, Clarence L                    
DOW, Mary see Peterson, Carl H                    
DOW, Pratt see Dow, Howard                    
DOWD, James see Dowd, John                    
DOWD, John       Malta 41 Calif James Dowd & Maggie Cragg 17-Jul-06 Glasgow Valley 243  
      Margaret Thomas Malta 34 Ohio William Thomas & Sarah Butler          
DOWD, Joseph Robert       Williston N D 24 Sask Can William Dowd & Roe Dodson 3-Feb-22 Poplar Roosivelt 347  
      Rose Viola Semonet Crosby N D 18 Mn Frank Semonet & Emma Schoefer          
DOWD, Louis see Dowd, William Alva                    
DOWD, Mary see Nicol, George R                    
DOWD, Mary see Nicol, Henry                    
DOWD, Sarah A see Osmundson, Albert                    
DOWD, William see Dowd, Joseph Robert                    
DOWD, William Alva       Circle 25 Clinton Falls Mn Louis Dowd & Eva Johnson 15-Mar-15 Circle Dawson 1683  
      Francis Erma Barager Circle 25 Wegdahl Mn Frances Augustus Barager & Mary Ellen Mason          
DOWELL, Charles       Phillips Cty 26 Mt   21-Jan-16   Phillips 78  
      Lizzie Dowell Phillips 22 Tennessee            
DOWEN, Annie Mildred see Cox, Milton                    
DOWEN, Guy       Chinook 22 Harlem Thomas Dowen & Agnes Buckley 9-Jul-17 Chinook Blaine 407  
      Edith May Caldwell Chinook 21 Gilby N D George Caldwell & Katherine Chamberlain          
DOWEN, Rupert see Cox, Milton                    
DOWEN, Thomas see Dowen, Guy                    
DOWN, Elizabeth see Richmond, Floyd L                    
DOWN, Rupert see Richmond, Floyd L                    
DOWNEN, Alfred see Downen                    
DOWNEN, Archie       Westby 25 Missouri Alfred Downen & Martha Robbins 22-Aug-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2267  
      Persia Mack Comertown 16 Wis Peter D Mack & Lenora Freeman          
DOWNEN, Jean see Hougland                    
DOWNES, Emily see Pooley, Lloyd Thomas                    
DOWNES, George G see Pooley, Lloyd Thomas                    
DOWNES, Mary see Romjue, Thomas                    
DOWNEY, Christina see Shea                    
DOWNEY, J J see Downey, Stanley J                    
DOWNEY, John see Nickerson, Bert                    
DOWNEY, Mabel H see Nickerson, Bert                    
DOWNEY, Mamie see Bell, George J                    
DOWNEY, Mary see Larud, Charles J                    
DOWNEY, Stanley J       Outlook 27 Whitewater J J Downey & Zenirtta Butl__? 30-Jul-10 Bainville Valley 671  
      Helena Effertz Outlook 27 Glenco Mn Joseph Effertz & ???          
DOWNEY, Susan see O�Dougherty, John O                    
DOWNHOUR, Elizabeth see Stecker, Elmer D                    
DOWNING, George W see Downing, George                    
DOWNING, Adelland see Goodman                    
DOWNING, George       Scobey 24 Velva N D George W Downing & Soshia Brown 21-Sep-10   Valley 698  
      Ida Johnson Velva N D 19 Wheaton Mn Gro Johnson & ???          
DOWNING, George see Goodman                    
DOWNING, George see Trudell                    
DOWNING, George W       Medora N D 28 Toledo Ohio Lorenzo Downing & Mary Ryan 18-May-18 Glendive Dawson 2366  
      Ida S Harmon? Medora N D 22 Medora James D Harmon & Lula May Lebold          
DOWNING, James A       Wendell 44 Grinell, Iowa Wm Henry Downing & Margaret C Carrico 31-Aug-18 Glasgow Valley 2416  
      Josie M Inigley Wendell 28 Augusta Patrick Inigley & Bridget McDonald          
DOWNING, Lorenzo see Downing, George W                    
DOWNING, Martha Helen see Butterfield, Vernoid McKinley                    
DOWNING, Mary see Donegan                    
DOWNING, Mary J see Oliver, Oral O                    
DOWNING, Tillie see Abbott, Caroll L                    
DOWNING, Wm Henry see Downing, James A                    
DOWNS, Arthur see Downs, Joseph                    
DOWNS, Daniel Edward       Lindsay 25 Fall Creek Wisc George B Downs & Anna Zempel 6-Nov-21 Lindsay Dawson 2807  
      Hattie Hilda Redlacyk Lindsay 22 Fall Creek Wisc Albert C Redlacyk & Emma Weideman          
DOWNS, George P see Downs, Daniel Edward                    
DOWNS, Johanna see Leonberger, Walter H                    
DOWNS, Joseph       Sentinel Butte N D 35 Champlin Mn Arthur Downs & Cora Fuller-ton 9-Jan-21 Wibaux Wibaux 301  
      Gladys Peterson Sentinel Butte 29 Alma Center Wis Ernest Randels & Ella Dunlap          
DOWSE, Geo see Hilger, Frank                    
DOWSE, Mildred see Hilger, Frank                    
DOWSING, Ann see Funnell, R G                    
DOXEY, Mary see Jones, Howard L                    
DOYLE, ??? see Lloyd, William                    
DOYLE, Agnes E see Switzer, Edward E                    
DOYLE, Anna see Murphy, George J                    
DOYLE, Anna Muriel see Hutton, Guy                    
DOYLE, Bridget see Reidy, Frances M                    
DOYLE, Eldora see Danielsen                    
DOYLE, Frances see Welch, James                    
DOYLE, James see Danielsen                    
DOYLE, James C       Beach N D 35 Mn James C Doyle Sr & Elizabeth Falk 3-Oct-19 Wibaux Wibaux 260  
      Bertha Mallard, Beach N D 29 Iowa J B Forsyth & Mary Elliot          
DOYLE, James C       Coburg 32 Manitowoc Cth Wis Patrick Doyle & Bridget Wilkeson 9-Aug-16 Chinook Blaine 298  
      Della M Mannery Coburg 22 S D James Mannery & Elizabeth E VanEaton          
DOYLE, James G       Glendive 23 Hurley Wisc Michael Doyle & Katherine Houlehan 19-Apr-13 Glendive Dawson 1236  
      Laura Croteau Glendive 19 Portland Maine Arthur Croteau & Eldwidges Lerassa          
DOYLE, John see Doyle, William                    
DOYLE, John & Henriett see Brown, Charles Edman                    
DOYLE, Mabel G see Wittman, John W                    
DOYLE, Mary see Burke, John W                    
DOYLE, Mary see Gertenson, Frank                    
DOYLE, Michael see Doyle, Peter G                    
DOYLE, Michael see Doyle, James G                    
DOYLE, Patrick see Doyle, James C                    
DOYLE, Patrick see Lyons, Roy A                    
DOYLE, Peter G       Belfield N D 37 Mosinee Wis Michael Doyle & Katherine E Houlehan 27-May-24 Wibaux Wibaux 431  
      Veda S Olson Frazee Mn 33 New Ulm Mn Henry M Olson & Christina Miller          
DOYLE, Rose E see Lyons, Roy A                    
DOYLE, Sarah C see Sternhagen, Joseph P                    
DOYLE, Thomas J       Phillips 29 Iowa   25-Dec-17   Phillips 312  
      Ruby B Scofield Phillips 20 Mich            
DOYLE, Timothy see Wittman, John W                    
DOYLE, William       Wibaux 26 Wis John Doyle & Georgia Meeks 7-Mar-16 Wibaux Wibaux 86  
      Effie Johnson Wibaux 19 Mn John Johnson & Lena Kreier          
DOYNE, S see Liston, Julius                    
DOYNE, Shan see Liston, Julius                    
DOYON, Laura see Bernard, J Adelbert                    
DOYON, Louis see Bernard, J Adelbert                    
DOYORE, Leona see David                    
DOYORE, Louis C see David                    
DRABBELS, Johana Marie see Hilliard, Dan F                    
DRABBELS, Math see Hilliard, Dan F                    
DRABBLES, Mathess H       Malta 33 Holland   22-Nov-21   Phillips 614  
      Anna Theroux Redona Phillips ??? Canada            
DRABBS, Effie see Rhodes, Darren S                    
DRABBS, Frank Harold       Hinsdale 28 Eng Septimus Drabbs & Francis Rawson 21-Nov-1916? Glasgow Valley 1777  
      Mary Sheehy Hinsdale 26 Schoon Lake N Y John Sheehy & Mary Ford          
DRABBS, H O see Rhodes, Darren S                    
DRABBS, Harry see Reinoehl, Daniel A                    
DRABBS, Harry see Drabbs, Robert O                    
DRABBS, Harry O see Drabbs, Robert S                    
DRABBS, Lottie see Reinoehl, Daniel A                    
DRABBS, Robert S       Hinsdale 26 Halifax England Harry O Drabbs & Anna Stone 1-Aug-10 Glasgow Valley 680  
      Rosie S Kent Hinsdale 25 Eliston Ireland N S Kent & ???          
DRABBS, Robert S       Hinsdale 29 England Harry Drabbs & Alice Stone 18-Nov-13 Hinsdale Valley 1384  
      Helford M Kenberg Hinsdale 26 Parkers Prairie Mn John Kenberg & Marie Carlson          
DRABBS, Septimus see Drabbs, Frank Harold                    
DRAGAS, Paro see Leo, Sam                    
DRAGE, Johannes see Tjon, Sjur                    
DRAGER, Melvina see Wright                    
DRAGER, Robert       P�wood 24 Willmar Mn Robert Drager Sr & Amanda Fairweather 6-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2842  
      Ruth Welter P�wood 20 Deering N D John Welter & Gertrude Thompson          
DRAGGE, Olga Jean see Lohse                    
DRAGGE, S O see Lohse                    
DRAGGING, Flying see Shawl, Thomas                    
DRAGONFLY, John       Bowdoin 24 Mt   1-Jul-26   Phillips 894  
      Edith Ohlerking Lodge Pole 16 Mt            
DRAGSETH, Hannah see Mahlstedt, George L                    
DRAGSETH, Stinius see Mahlstadt, George L                    
DRAIN, John see Schindler, Joseph                    
DRAKE, Albert see Drake, Verne W                    
DRAKE, Alice see McKenna, John                    
DRAKE, David see Wimsatt                    
DRAKE, David see Vold                    
DRAKE, E W       Miles City 37 Farber Mo Henry E Drake & Christina Elizabeth Willard 22-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1365  
      Dora M Shepherd Chicago Ill 23 Niles Mich Almond R Shepherd & Dora Haskin          
DRAKE, Edna see Snyder, Melvin                    
DRAKE, Esther A see Schaeffner, W F                    
DRAKE, Frank see Grover, Joseph D                    
DRAKE, Frank O       Wibaux 21 Macedonia Ill Orlando Drake & Frances Bembrook 28-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3269  
      Hazel Doris Hevik Wibaux 18 Hodges Mons Helvik & Mabel Shaw          
DRAKE, Harriet see Grover, Joseph D                    
DRAKE, Henry E see Drake, E W                    
DRAKE, Margaret see Grover, Joseph D                    
DRAKE, Mary see Shockley, Noble                    
DRAKE, Opha E see Wimsatt                    
DRAKE, Orlando see Drake, Frank O                    
DRAKE, R see Peters, John August                    
DRAKE, Recka see McLean, George J                    
DRAKE, Verne W       Glasgow 35 Avon Ill Albert Drake & Leggy Fogarty 20-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2109  
      Edna Pearl Chapman Mt 16 Clearwater Mn John Chapman & Mary Sthamis? ( S Thomas?)          
DRAKE, Viola see Vold                    
DRAKLOW, Julius see Rifenrath, Henry C                    
DRAKLOW, Selma see Rifenrath, Henry C                    
DRALL, Anna see Bettey                    
DRAMMSON, Hattie see Laws, Charles                    
DRANGSTVIET, Edvin       Westby 29 Wis Sam Drangstviet & Ingeborg Evenson 29-Sep-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1144  
      Gunda Negaard Comertown 26 Norway Ingebrigt Negaard & Ingeborg Ho------?          
DRANGSTVIET, Sam see Drangstviet                    
DRAPER, Anford see Draper, Eugene A                    
DRAPER, Eugene A       Hinsdale 24 Rokanna? Indiana Anford Draper & Ida Beard 16-Aug-10 Glasgow Valley 687  
      Lola A Kent Hinsdale 24 Ellistin Iowa Oran B Thomas & ???          
DRAPER, Iva V see Runnion, Marion C                    
DRAPER, John see Runnion, Marion B                    
DRAPER, John H see Tonkin, William H                    
DRAPER, Lulu I see Tonkin, William H                    
DRAPER, Minnie F see Schailzel, Paul                    
DRAPER, Riley see Brenteson                    
DRAPES, Alexander Preston       Williston 40 Ireland Thomas Drapes & Elizabeth Pres-ton 12-Jun-20 Mondak Roosivelt 145  
      Blanche Carmen Case Williston 32 S D George Bulmer & Cynth Cook          
DRAPES, Thomas see Drapes, Alexander Preston                    
DRASKSANSKI, Paulin see Cusker, Frank                    
DRASTZ, Arthur E       P�wood 24 Wis Carl Drastz & Mary Whitish 3-Apr-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2422  
      Elberta M Smith P�wood 20 Ill Elmer Smith & Edna Campbell          
DRASTZ, Carl see Drastz                    
DRASTZ, Carl see Drastz                    
DRASTZ, Karl see Drastz                    
DRASTZ, Laverne       P�wood 21 Wis Karl Drastz & Mary Whitish 4-Jul-29 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2453  
      Grace Lee P�wood 19 Ontario Can Andrew Lee & Ada Near          
DRASZT, Carl see Draszt                    
DRASZT, Eugene       Redstone 21 Antelope Carl Draszt & Mary Whitish 13-Apr-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2599  
      Ethel Robke P�wood 18 Charles City Iowa Robert Robke & Sophronia Yunch          
DRASZT, Joseph Charles       Antelope 23 Wis Carl Drastz & Mary Whitish 17-Sep-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2101  
      Marion Ada Lee P�wood 18 Canada Andrew Lee & Ada Near          
DRAUGHT, Anna see Robinsin, Hedley V                    
DRAULESBAUGH, Lenna see Cripe, John W                    
DRAVENSTOTT, David see Dravenstott, John T                    
DRAVENSTOTT, John T       Zortman 52 Louisiana David Dravenstott & Anna Poteet 13-Nov-17 Chinook Blaine 447  
      Mamie E Curie Zortman 35 Texas John Holt & Lois Reeves          
DRAW, Sarah R? see Breckinridge, Royal A                    
DRAWBOND, Hettie see Melby                    
DRAWBOND, Samuel see Melby                    
DRAWS, Mary see Becker, John F                    
DRAXTEN, O B see Draxton, Melvin G                    
DRAXTON, Melvin G       Opheim 27 Grand Forks N D O B Draxten & Helga Hansen 10-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1547  
      Bertha B Quandahl Opheim 23 Iowa Peter Quandahl & B Syverson          
DREAMER, see Little Man                    
DREAMER, Mattie see Mcnamara, William Lee                    
DREENMAN, Carrie see Rovold, Henry Melom                    
DREGE, Ella see Salveson, Bernhart                    
DREGE, Ida Gustina see Salveson, Bernhart                    
DREGER, Violett see Karls, John P                    
DREIS, Barbara see Wambolt, Samuel C                    
DREIS, John see Wambolt, Samuel C                    
DRENGE, Margaret see Powell, Bert R                    
DRENGSEN, Thomas see Burton, Meddie                    
DRENGSTID?, Guro see Anvick, Charley                    
DRENKEL, Beulah see Vanose, M S                    
DRENNEN, (Drinner?) James       Brockton 35 Lyons Neb Lon Drennen & Bill Mitchell 20-Mar-24 Culbertson Roosivelt 610  
      Jossie Overton Brockton 30 Alabama J H & Ollie Overton          
DRENNEN, Alpha see Kunick, Rudolph                    
DRENNEN, Frank see Kunick, Rudolph                    
DRENNEN, Lon see Drennen, James                    
DRENT, Lottie May see Lawrence, Dudley M                    
DRENT, Pernie see Laerence, Dudley M                    
DRESEN, Helen Marie see Griebler, Mathias Morse                    
DRESEN, J see Griebler, Mathias Morse                    
DRESSED, Katherine see Mead, John                    
DRESSEL, Catherine E see Winter                    
DRESSEL, Geo see Markley                    
DRESSEL, Katherine see Markley                    
DRESSER, see Crow, Richard R                    
DRESSER, Ruth see Walker, Leon                    
DRESSER, Susanna see Goheen, Clifford Joseph                    
DRESSLER, Caroline see Beaver                    
DRESSLER, Parfiara see Tirogalas, Nick D                    
DREW, Nellie see Brandis, Fred E                    
DREWELOW, Alma see Jones, William J                    
DREWELOW, David see Jones, William J                    
DREWIANKA, Frieda see Dubbe, Bernhard J                    
DREWLAND, Elisa see Cole, Arsene E                    
DREWRY, Dorothy Edna see Lowe, Russell Thomas                    
DREWRY, Edith see Witty, Teddy                    
DREWRY, Edw see Lowe, Russell Thomas                    
DREWRY, Edw see Jensen, Jens V                    
DREWRY, Edward see Witty, Teddy                    
DREWRY, Edward Omer see Drewry, Ray William                    
DREWRY, Fern Estelle see Jensen, Jens V                    
DREWRY, Nat see Jensen, Jens Villadsen                    
DREWRY, Ray William       Weldon 25 Windom Mn Edward Omer Drewry & Clara Edna Emmert 12-Mar-30 Circle McCone 141  
      Elta Helen Grace Chubb Weldon 16 Lincoln Nebr Earl Monroe Chubb & Clara Amy Mott          
DREWRY, Vera Merl see Jensen, Jens Villadsen                    
DREYER, Anna see Lee, Arnold                    
DREYER, Fred Ward       Glendive 21 Sentinel Butte N D Harry Dreyer & Annie Billyer 26-Jul-23 Glendive Dawson 3006  
      Gertrude Herbert Sidney 18 Sidney Kirk Herbert & Belle Stanhope          
DREYER, Harry see Dreyer, Fred Ward                    
DREYER, Henry see Sundquist, John P                    
DREYER, Louise see Luckow, William                    
DREYER, Minnie see Koehler, H L                    
DREYER, Pete see Koehler, H L                    
DRIBDAHL, Bertha see Knight, Samuel Frederick                    
DRIBNENKI, Anna see Owshanek, John                    
DRIBNENKI, Fred see Owshanek, John                    
DRIER, Sophia see Peterson, Ernest                    
DRIGGS, Flora A see Hall, Asa D                    
DRIKIE, John see Belzer, William E                    
DRINBILLS?, Mary see Shepard, Joseph                    
DRINK, up the Creek see Looking                    
DRISCOLL, Bessie see Mayer, Frank                    
DRISCOLL, Dave see Mayer, Bessie                    
DRISCOLL, Johanna see Scanlon, Charles Arthur                    
DRIVING, Flying Shield see Ring                    
DROLL, Hannah Frances see Preston, Floyd C                    
DROLLINGER, Mande see Jones, Roland Clark                    
DROLLINGER, Maude see Nicol, Henry                    
DROMBROSKE, Margaret see Furman, Stanley                    
DROMNESS, Lottie see Haug                    
DROMNESS, Paul see Haug                    
DRONEN, Amond M see Dronen, H M                    
DRONEN, H M       Sharon N D 27 Sharon Amond H Dronen & Barbara Rasmussen 30-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1953  
      rina Bjorim Aharon N D 21 Sharon Muns Bjorin & T Dronen          
DRONEN, T see Dronen, H M                    
DROP, in Fire see Alvarez, Nick                    
DROSS, Donald L       Forsyth 23 Forsyth Fred W Dross & Carrie Spear 19-Nov-17 Glendive Dawson 2290  
      Adelia Daub Glen Ullen N D 19 Glen Ullen Simon Daub & Margaret Schaaf          
DROSS, Fred W see Dross, Donald L                    
DROST, Edward see Englehart, Willis Edward                    
DROST, Etta L see Harmon, Ernest                    
DROST, Helen Josephine see Englehart, Willis Edward                    
DROST, Mary see Koke, Bernard H                    
DRULLY, Lilly B see Johnson, R D                    
DRUM, see Scott, Stephen                    
DRUM, see Red Eagle, Elmer                    
DRUM, see Hale, Francis                    
DRUM, see Walking Eagle, Ralph                    
DRUM, see Bear, Gilbert                    
DRUM, Ethel see Walking Eagle, Ralph                    
DRUM, Hazel see Red Eagle, Elmer                    
DRUM, Hazel see Wiley, Herbert S                    
DRUM, Merrill       Blair 23 Mt Strikes Many & Good Nest 28-Oct-14 Poplar Sheridan 327  
      Elizabeth Lambert Blair 19 Mt Edward & Catherine Lambert          
DRUMM, Phillipine see Knapp, Daniel                    
DRUMMER, Bertha see Lewis                    
DRUMMER, Paul see Lewis                    
DRUMMOND, Andrew John       Phillips 25 Lewistown   9-Aug-15   Phillips 39  
      Maud Myrtle O�Brien Phillips 25 Saginaw Mich            
DRUMMOND, Duncan see Drummond, William R                    
DRUMMOND, Elsie B see Glein, Henry                    
DRUMMOND, J M       Scobey 25 Langdon N D James Drummond & Elizabeth Falls 12-Aug-12 Glasgow Valley 1095  
      Nora J Tande Scobey 20 Williston N D A N & Helen Tande          
DRUMMOND, James see Drummond, J M                    
DRUMMOND, James A see Drummond, Wallace                    
DRUMMOND, James W see Thompson, Arthur Louis                    
DRUMMOND, Lillian Helen see Thompson, Arthur Louis                    
DRUMMOND, Mary see Potter, Charles A                    
DRUMMOND, Wallace       Peerless 27 Saskatoon Sask Can James A Drummond & Elizabeth J Falls 23-Dec-30 Scobey Daniels 506  
      Amelia V Kleeman Peerless 25 Mn Peter Kleeman & Regina Presberger          
DRUMMOND, William R       Chinook 24 Minewauken N D Duncan J Drummond & Mary Burnett 3-Jun-14 Chinook Blaine 124  
      Maude Major Esmond N D 22 Mn William Major & ??? McCarthy          
DRUMMOND, Wm see Glein, Henry                    
DRUMMONS, Alice see Zbinden, Justin R                    
DRURY, Bridget see Ragen, Lawrence                    
DRURY, Martha see Herman, Chester J                    
DRYDEN, Alden       Whitetail 23 Iowa J B Dryden & Nancy Hamilton 2-Jan-17 Redstone Sheridan 930  
      Martha Minor Redstone 22 Iowa G W Minor & Maggie Bigethorp          
DRYDEN, Cicero see Lee                    
DRYDEN, Dorothy Fern see Lee                    
DRYDEN, J B see Dryden                    
DRYDEN, Vera see Stoner, Ray                    
DRYDEN, Vera see Redden                    
DRYER, Amelia see Voechting, Walter                    
DRYER, Anthony       Glendive 29 Norway Jens Dryer & Mary Jentoft 3-Oct-06 Glendive Dawson 391  
      Martha Holling Glendive 21 Glendive Karl Holling & Dorthea Kalberg          
DRYER, Ernest A       Glasgow 34 Clinton Cty Mich McClellan Dryer & Alice DeBar 19-Mar-29 Glasgow Valley 3457  
      Ella Strom Glasgow 34 Mn Clinton Wood & Maude Perry          
DRYER, Florence see Bocock, Dan                    
DRYER, Jens see Dryer, Anthony                    
DRYER, McClellan see Dryer, Ernest A                    
DRYER, McClellan see Dryer, Muriel                    
DRYER, Muriel       Glasgow 35 Mich McClellen Dryer & Alice DeBar 16-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3475  
      Dorcas Liston Glasgow 18 Kansas City Mo W M Liston & Florence Millman          
DRYER, Peter see Grate, Fredric S                    
DRYSDALE, Alex G       Minot 22 Ont Can James Drysdale & Jennie Ritchie 4-Aug-13 Glasgow Valley 1332  
      Anna A Tate Ft Benton 26 St Louis Mo John Tate & Hattie Able          
DRYSDALE, James see Drysdale, Alex G                    
DUAHEY, Maria see Kirby, Frank H                    
DUBBE, Bernhard J       Vandalia 29 Jordan Mn William T Dubbe & Frieda Drewianka 7-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3013  
      Dorothy E Riddle Genivieve 18 Iowa Herbert W Riddle & Alice Smith          
DUBBE, Edna M see Anderson, Jack E                    
DUBBE, William T see Dubbe, Bernhard J                    
DUBIG, Margaret see DeBock, James                    
DUBIG, Mary see McNiece, Daniel                    
DUBOIS, Albert F       Phillips 21 Mt   21-Mar-17   Phillips 191  
      Julia Johnson Phillips 19 Mich            
DUBOIS, Alfred       Havre 24 Bear Paw Mtns Francis Dubois & Mary Sansavor 17-Feb-27 Chinook Blaine 982  
      Lizzie Emily Malta 26 Malta Louis Emily & Matilda Lavadore          
DUBOIS, Antoine see DuBois, Louis                    
DUBOIS, Cornelius see Dubois, Robert Willard                    
DUBOIS, Elizabeth see Bartlett, Alfred                    
DUBOIS, Frances see Dubois, Alfred                    
DUBOIS, Ida see Bakker, Joseph                    
DUBOIS, Louis see Turney, Victor                    
DUBOIS, Louis see Bakker, Joseph                    
DUBOIS, Louis       Malta 33 Alsace France Antoine Dubois & Francis Danishirt 4-Apr-1895 Malta Valley ?  
      Mary Moran Malta 16 (Missouri River?) Mt John Murray & Mary Decharlais          
DUBOIS, Louis see Dubois, William                    
DUBOIS, Marie see Legarre, Louis                    
DUBOIS, Mary see Turney, Victor                    
DUBOIS, Robert Willard       Terrace 38 Mo Cornelius DuBois & Mary Green 30-Aug-16 Glasgow Valley 1935  
      Jennie Bernice Rogers Barnard Mo 37 Mo James H Rogers & Nancy Karr          
DUBOIS, William       Malta 22 Mt   8-Dec-28   Phillips 1088  
      Loraine Neal Malta 17 Mt            
DUBOISE, Benjamin Clarence       Lambert 33 Bath Indiana William M Duboise & Emma Margaret Flood 4-Feb-19 Glendive Dawson 2488  
      Catherine Norton Lambert 34 Sidney William P Norton & Lida Peer          
DUBOISE, William M see Duboise, Benjamin Clarence                    
DUBRAY, Marguerite see Kirn, Stanley C                    
DUBRY, Arthur       Raymond 36 Colgan N D Dave Dubry & Alberta McCollar 4-Nov-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2982  
      Elizabeth Kohler P�wood 20 Glen Ulin N D Adam Kohler & Elizabeth Loran          
DUBRY, Dave see Dubry                    
DUBRY, David see August                    
DUBRY, David see Anholt                    
DUBRY, Dorethy see Anholt                    
DUBRY, Kathleen see August                    
DUBUQUE, Arthur see Dubuque, Harry                    
DUBUQUE, Harry       Glendive 29 Webster S D Arthur Dubuque & Edwina Ringer 11-Oct-15 Glendive Dawson 1787  
      Clara Fowler Glendive 17 Cutter Mn Fred Fowler & Sarah Towers          
DUCAN?, ??? see Bell, Charles W                    
DUCEPT, Eliza see Lajimodiere                    
DUCHAINE, Emiline see Garrick                    
DUCHAIR-?, Emma see Wunderlich                    
DUCHARM, Emma see Wunderlich                    
DUCHARME, Alma see Reyes, Joe                    
DUCHARME, Elizabeth see Senechal, Joe J                    
DUCHARME, Emma see Azure, Joe                    
DUCHARME, Emma see Morrison                    
DUCHARME, John see Reyes, Joe                    
DUCHARME, John see Azure, Joe                    
DUCHARME, John       Malta 42 Mt   5-Jan-27   Phillips 937  
      Rose Allery Malta 40 Mt            
DUCHARME, Lizzie see Pronto, Peter                    
DUCHARME, Marceline see Dimmick, Bert W                    
DUCHARME, Mary J see Brien, Patrick                    
DUCHARME, Narcis see Brien, Patrick                    
DUCHENE, Cholastic see Chappuis, Gilbert                    
DUCHENE, Julia see Chappuis, Gilbert                    
DUCHENE, Leonard see Chappuis, Gilbert                    
DUCK, Head Necklace see Runs Through                    
DUCK, Effie see Parton                    
DUCK, George see Parton                    
DUCK, Jennie see Hareland                    
DUCK, Minnie see Bushman, Ernest                    
DUCKHAM, Edward L see Duckham, Raymond Leroy                    
DUCKHAM, Raymond Leroy       Glendive 22 Ashkum Illinois Edward L Duckham & Mary M Lower 20-Dec-10 Glendive Dawson 879  
      Myrtle Mae Laurie Glendive 18 Stephen Mn James M Laurie & Anna M McNally          
DUCKHOM, Joseph       Glendive 26 Hungary Lawrence Duckhom & Eva Dassengar 17-Nov-07 Glendive Dawson 548  
      Barbara Krumanacker Glendive 18 Hungary Joseph Krumanacker & Maggie Shaup          
DUCKHOM, Lawrence see Dickhom, Joseph                    
DUDDY, Catherine see Ellertson, Chris                    
DUDEK, Elizabeth C see Griffin, Chauncey W                    
DUDEK, Elizabeth E see Swanke, Carl                    
DUDEK, Ellen see Testu, Jean L                    
DUDEK, Ellen see George, Nick                    
DUDEK, Susan see Bernauer, Joe L                    
DUDEK, Thomas see Bernauer, Joe L                    
DUDLEY, John L       Tande 33 N D Paul Dudley & Eva Madison 7-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2577  
      Florence Knapp Tande 18 N D John Knapp & Lena Lotvit?          
DUDLEY, Joseph see Lindstrom, Hilmer                    
DUDLEY, Paul see Dudley John L                    
DUE, Edna see Borstad, Melvin C                    
DUE, John see Borstad, Melvin C                    
DUE, John see Sweet, Bernard Edward                    
DUE, John J see Carlson, Elmer Verner                    
DUE, Lena Mary see Carlson, Elmer Verner                    
DUE, Nellie see Heppner                    
DUE, Rosanna see Sweet, Bernard Edward                    
DUEL, Esther Grace see Willott, Carl A                    
DUEL, Harry Oscar       Intake 24 Redwood Cty Mn Lewis Duel & Minnie Jackson 23-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2087  
      Mary Schryver Intake 22 Valley City N D Fred Schryver & Nellie Evanson          
DUEL, Ida Jane see Kearney, Edward                    
DUEL, Lewis see Duel, Harry Oscar                    
DUEL, Lewis see Kearney, Edward                    
DUEL, Lewis see Willott, Carl A                    
DUELITTLE, Julia J see Jackson, Charles A                    
DUELL, Ada Mae see Barber, J Lawrence                    
DUELL, Charles see Duell, Henry W                    
DUELL, Henry W       Lismas 38 Hodgeville Ken Charles Duell & Laura Washer ???-Dec-1912 Glasgow Valley 953  
      Margaret Martin Glasgow 39 Mo Geo D Martin & Margaret Loomis          
DUELL, Louis see Barber, J Lawrence                    
DUERIG, Clarence W       Twin Falls Idaho ?? Nebr Theodor Duerig & Lily Fruch___? 17-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2283  
      Florence Kingsbury Perston Mn 23 N D H H Kingsbury & Annie Harvey?          
DUERIG, Theodore see Duerig, Clarence W                    
DUERKSEN, Abraham H       Lustre 31 S D Henry A Duerksen & Lena Thiessen 20-Nov-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 558  
      Mathilda Koch Lustre 21 Mo John H & Mary Koch          
DUERKSEN, Henry A see Duerksen, Abraham H                    
DUERKSEN, Henry H       Lustre 27 Butterfield Mn Henry Duerksen & Helen Theson 24-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 972  
      Lucy Mary Koch Lustre 19 Germantown Mo John H Koch & Mary Cook          
DUERLER, Emma see Schmitx B J                    
DUFALOTH, Katherine see Schenkenberger, Johnnie                    
DUFF, Lucenda see Carlson, Elmer Verner                    
DUFF, Lusenda see Borstad, Melvin C                    
DUFFENY, Aurelia see Perron, Theodore Victor                    
DUFFIELD, Laura see Young, William S                    
DUFFIN, Mary see Arveson, Arthur B                    
DUFFY, Brit Anna see Hobbs, Frank                    
DUFFY, Catherine see Holland                    
DUFFY, Edward P       Ashfield 30 Minneapolis Mn Patrick Duffy & Bridget Landers 23-Dec-03 Saco Valley 119  
      Hattie M Thompson Ashfield 31 Hesper Iowa James Thompson & Jane Lamb          
DUFFY, Geo see Duffy, Thomas E                    
DUFFY, James Lewis       Havre 39 PrairieDuChien Wis James S Duffy & Margaret Norris 30-Nov-22 Culbertson Roosivelt 447  
      Helen E Schilling Bainville 25 Hudson Wis Andrew W Schilling & Mathilde Pelzel          
DUFFY, Katherine see Larsen, Hans Peter                    
DUFFY, Katherine see Brady                    
DUFFY, L J see Lowers, Henry William                    
DUFFY, Laura see Shea, Eugene T                    
DUFFY, M J see Hobbs Frank                    
DUFFY, Margaret see Gibbs, Leroy                    
DUFFY, Margaret Maria see Cooney, Charles James                    
DUFFY, Martin A       Malta 47 Fairbault Mn Martin Duffy & Winifred Graham 10-Feb-13 Malta Valley 1248  
      Nellie C Oinene Malta 28 Philadelphia Pa Charles & Anne D Hagenbuch          
DUFFY, Mary see Rossebo, Avon                    
DUFFY, Patrick see Duffy, Edward P                    
DUFFY, Thomas E       Danston S D 23 Austin Mn Geo Duffy & Mary Enright 19-May-12 Glasgow Valley 1048  
      Genevieve A Dodge Milwaukee Wis 24 Baraboo Wis Byron E Dodge & Mary Glennon          
DUFFY, William see Shea, Eugene T                    
DUGAN, Elizabeth see McGrath, Patrick H                    
DUGAN, Kittie see VanRhee, John Garet                    
DUGAN, Thomas       ??? 26 Mt   9-Jun-20   Phillips 507  
      Myrtle Johnson ??? 18 Mt            
DUGAS, Adeline see Martell                    
DUGE, Katherine see Hammond, Abe                    
DUGGAN, Clarence       Dooley 21 Mn George W Duggan & Emma Baumgardner 6-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1217  
      Esther Lane   18 Mn Arthur Lane & ???          
DUGGAN, Dan see Torney                    
DUGGAN, Ella see Torney                    
DUGGAN, Ellen see Dennison, Orville P                    
DUGGAN, George W see Duggan                    
DUGGER, J Edgar               23-Apr-1885   Dawson 40  
      Dixie L Trim?                  
DUGGER, Luella see Frederickson                    
DUGGER, Matilda see Roberts, Falton W                    
DUGLAS?, Flora see Devine, William Oren                    
DUGUETTE, Adeline see Tritschler, Clemence                    
DUHOLDE, Jane see Cariburn, Peter                    
DUIS, Maggie see Rose, Stephens                    
DUIS, Richard & Katie see Stephens, Rose                    
DUKART, Frank       Dickinson, N D 21 Russia Frank Dukart & Barbara Sietz 28-Dec-22 Glendive Dawson 2940  
      Christine Mack Dickinson 20 Dickinson Adam Mack & Regina Jockin          
DUKE, Emma see Haley, W S                    
DUKE, Eva see Brackley                    
DUKE, Eve see Schmitz                    
DUKE, Hattie Bell see Egger                    
DUKE, Letha see Larson, Leonard                    
DUKE, Sarah see James, Thos E                    
DUKE, William H see Larson, Leonard                    
DUKES, Jacob Rufe       Enid 40 Australia Illinois Samuel Dukes & Josephine Harvey 7-Jul-13 Glendive Dawson 1281  
      Jane Mae Adam Hammond Ind 24 Hammond Richard Adam & Caroline Spenser          
DUKES, Samuel see Dukes, Jacob Rufe                    
DULANEY, Linnea see Bollinger, Charles M                    
DULANEY, Luvina see Cooper                    
DULECKA, Frances see Szezerbinski, Alexander                    
DULECKA, Ignatius see Szezerbinski, Alexander                    
DULEKA, Marie see Szezerbinski, Alexander                    
DULL HORN, George see King, Harvey                    
DULL HORN, Mary see King, Harvey                    
DULWORTH, Jennie see Williams, Malcolm H                    
DULWORTH, Jennie see Clifford, Frank H                    
DUMAAS, Myrtle see Smith, Lawrence B                    
DUMAIS, Betice see Mowat                    
DUMAIS, Mary see Mowat                    
DUMARS, John see Allen, LeeRoy                    
DUMARS, Thelma Elizabeth see Allen, LeeRoy                    
DUMB, see Bow, Isaac                    
DUMB, see Dumb, George                    
DUMB, Killing see Takes The Bow                    
DUMB, Elizabeth see White Eagle                    
DUMB, George       Drew 24 Canada Dumb & Good Tail Woman 18-Jun-23 Culbert-son Roosivelt 505  
      Harriot Conger Drew 38 Ft Peck Reser George Cloud Hail & Young Skirt          
DUMB, Harriet Counter see White Eagle, Jerome                    
DUMBUK, Annie see Murphy                    
DUMETZ, Tillie Louise (Lee?) see Hagen, Tilford S                    
DUMHOLT, Anna (Mellemberry?) see Jevne, O J                    
DUMOND, Allie D see Stocking, Fred Wesley                    
DUMONT, Annie see Sibbits, William                    
DUMONT, Emma see Lerat                    
DUMONT, Frank       Wolf Point 21 Willow Bunch Sask Can Joe Dumont & Mary Adams 5-Jul-17 Wolf Point Sheridan 1078  
      Emma Williams Poplar 21 Wolf Point Richard V Wilson & Fog Woman          
DUMONT, Helen see Clancey, Edward Charles                    
DUMONT, Joe see Sibbits, William                    
DUMONT, Joe see Dumont                    
DUMONT, Julia see Brien, Harmon                    
DUMONT, Louis see Clancey, Edward Charles                    
DUMUR, Charlotte Cesarine see Connelly                    
DUMUR, Zephinn see Connelly Frank H                    
DUNAHEY, Maria see Parker, John J                    
DUNBAR, Addie see Smalling, W Benjamin                    
DUNBAR, Clara see Thompson, Alec                    
DUNBAR, Elizabeth see Palm Phillip R                    
DUNBAR, Ella see Melin, John J                    
DUNBAR, Elsie see Kaufmann, Dean                    
DUNBAR, Eugene see Dunbar, J M                    
DUNBAR, Fannie see Hathaway, Irwin Lloyd                    
DUNBAR, Frances Marie see Sandlin, Burkhart P                    
DUNBAR, Francis see Miller, Walter W                    
DUNBAR, Helen Marie see Cannon                    
DUNBAR, J M       Lenark 24 Tyro Kansas Eugene Dunbar & Lettie Ellis 19-Apr-11 Lenark Valley 522  
      Audra Libesay Lenark 22 Rogers Ark ??? & Mary Beach          
DUNBAR, Jeannie C see Cruikshank, John G                    
DUNBAR, Margaret Isabelle see Sandlin, Burkhart P                    
DUNBAR, Nell see Kronschnabel, Leland R                    
DUNBAR, Nell see Barbour, Ray Allen                    
DUNBAR, William see Kronschnabel, Leland R                    
DUNBAR, William       Saco 48 Dufftown Scotland William Dunbar & Elsie Grant 22-Mar-12 Glasgow Valley 1019  
      Annie Innes Saco 26 Glass Scotland James Innes & Lizzie Gould          
DUNBAR, William see Cruikshank, John G                    
DUNBAR, William see Kaufmann, Dean                    
DUNBAR, William G see McGee                    
DUNBAR, Wm see Bremner, W G                    
DUNBAR, Zerilda see Saunders, James                    
DUNCAN, Albert see Baker                    
DUNCAN, Alex see Forbes, Geo A                    
DUNCAN, Alex see Thompson                    
DUNCAN, Amanda see Crandall, Harry Duncan                    
DUNCAN, Amanda see Crandall, William                    
DUNCAN, C A       Phillips 24 Penn   18-Sep-18   Phillips 378  
      Lora Harden Phillips 19 Iowa            
DUNCAN, Charlie see Duncan, Frederick                    
DUNCAN, Clair A       Phillips 23 Penn   2-Jun-17   Phillips 223  
      Lillian Schultz Phillips 23 Mn            
DUNCAN, David C       Chinook 35 Wash D C Rev W M Duncan & Rebecca Harrison 24-Dec-28 Chinook Blaine 1105  
      Wilhelmina Jeannette Cromley Chinook 30 Chinook D A Cromley & Alice A Cutting          
DUNCAN, Dewey       Vida 26 Mo William Duncan & Martha Dixon 21-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 807  
      Elizabeth Elsie Vial Poplar 16 Mn Oscar Vial & Olive Jiggar          
DUNCAN, Edna May see Duncan, Thomas J                    
DUNCAN, Eliza see Murphy, James W                    
DUNCAN, Emma Rosella see Laws, Charles                    
DUNCAN, Ethel B see Emerson                    
DUNCAN, Francis Lewis see Kilborn, Robert Patterson                    
DUNCAN, Frederick       Harlem 20 Harlem Charlie Duncan & Ross? Neuffer 1-Jul-30 Chinook Blaine 1212  
      Verna Shupe Harlem 18 Eden Utah James Shupe & Rosetta Bingham          
DUNCAN, Green see Duncan, Thomas J                    
DUNCAN, Guda? see Richter Clifford                    
DUNCAN, Homer O       Nashua 27 Kans W R Duncan & Hattie Grammon 4-Apr-15 Nashua Valley 1655  
      Ica May Shackleton? Nashua 26 Kans G E Shackleton & Lydia Harrison          
DUNCAN, Horatio see Duncan                    
DUNCAN, Ida see Dunlap, Wallace Dearl                    
DUNCAN, Ida Mae see Malvern, Glen O                    
DUNCAN, Janetta see Boyd, Gilbert Glen                    
DUNCAN, Jeanie see Forbes, Geo A                    
DUNCAN, Josephine see Kephart, Ben M                    
DUNCAN, Kathryn see Baker                    
DUNCAN, Mary see McDowell, Tom                    
DUNCAN, Mary see Comstock, Earl                    
DUNCAN, Merle D       Nashua 36 Lurdy Kans W R Duncan & Hattie Grammond 28-Sep-24 Glasgow Valley 3090  
      Pearl Irene Sha Nashua 20 Rothsay Mn Frank Sha & Racheal Zimmerman          
DUNCAN, Ora       Madoc 22 Ind Horatio Duncan & Tracy Frost 20-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 641  
      Lottie Jorgenson Madoc 27 Wis Louis Jorgenson & Martha Thompson          
DUNCAN, R M see Duncan, Robert Henry                    
DUNCAN, Rev W M see Duncan, David                    
DUNCAN, Robert Henry       West Plains Mo 30 West Plains R M Duncan & Lindy Chaney 8-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3901  
      Alice Robinette Lumbard Wakonda S D 25 Norfolk Neb T M Bielke & Alice Louise Ehle          
DUNCAN, Sylvanus see Duncan, Thaddeus Wentworth                    
DUNCAN, Thaddeus Wentworth       Sidney 45 Glencoe Mn Sylvanus Duncan & Mary Ellen Richardson 8-Feb-10 Sidney Dawson 772  
      Mary Louise Burgett Stidolph Sidney 40 London England Fred A Burgett & Mary Ann Scott          
DUNCAN, Thomas J       Almont N D 44 Limeville Iowa Green Duncan & Julia Gatliff 3-Aug-15 Glendive Dawson 1754  
      Edna May Duncan Almont 38 Bowdoin Kansas Jake Bexler & Minnie Thomas          
DUNCAN, Tilda see Meyer, Charles Henry Ferdinand                    
DUNCAN, Veda M see Thompson                    
DUNCAN, W R see Duncan, Merle D                    
DUNCAN, W R see Laws, Charles                    
DUNCAN, W R see Duncan, Homer O                    
DUNCAN, William see Duncan, William                    
DUNCAN, Wm see Richter, Clifford                    
DUNDAS, Katherine see Anderson                    
DUNGAN, Alfred see Rinehart, Frank T                    
DUNGAN, Margaret M see Rinehart, Frank T                    
DUNHAM, Alvin J       Harlam 29 N D Melvin Dunham & Lizzie Halverson 23-Oct-27 Harlem Blaine 1022  
      Luella Bolstad Harlem 19 McIntosh Mn Andrew L Bolstad & Anna Hollo          
DUNHAM, A J see Bergen, Oscar A                    
DUNHAM, Abel see Dunham                    
DUNHAM, Alevia Irene see Borigo, Marion J                    
DUNHAM, E W see Borigo, Marion J                    
DUNHAM, Ermon George       Lindsay 35 Eau Claire Wisc Harvey E Dunham & Ruthette Brown 30-Aug-15 Glendive Dawson 1767  
      Bessie Thomson Lindsay 20 Eau Claire Wis Allen Thompson & Almira Ross          
DUNHAM, Everton (Everett?) O       Lindsay 21 EauClaire Wisc Everton Dunham & Minnie E King 15-Oct-24 Terry Dawson 3145  
      Maxine Meseberg Glendive 18 Washburn Wis Charles Meseberg & Signe Ormberg          
DUNHAM, Flora see Heirzinger, Fleming T                    
DUNHAM, Harvey       Phillips 30 New York   25-Nov-18   Phillips 388  
      Emma Guerin Phillips 42 N D            
DUNHAM, Harvey E see Dunham, Ermon George                    
DUNHAM, Mabel see Staton, Arthur                    
DUNHAM, Melvin see Dunham, Alvin J                    
DUNHAM, Mrs Effie (Dunham?) see Rothmun, Justice                    
DUNHAM, W E       Williston 38 Ill Abel Dunham & Lavina Seipel 6-Jun-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1729  
      Lula M Nelson Williston N D 24 Glen Ellen (Ullyn?) N D J T Nelson & Ida Pauline Johnson          
DUNIGAN, Mary see Roscoe, Forest Lyle                    
DUNKEL, Anna see Kassner, Martin                    
DUNKELBERGER, George       Glasgow 31 Iowa William Dunkelberger & Magret Zimmermann 17-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 280  
      Maria Blomquist Glasgow 24 Sweden Carl Blomquist & Emma Larson          
DUNKELBERGER, William see Dunkelberger                    
DUNKELMAN, G H       Sidney 48 Clinton Iowa Henry Dunkleman & Lisette Star 11-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2250  
      Maude A Daniel Jefferson Okla 44 Boomfield Iowa Admiral Perry Paris & Lurain Summerlin          
DUNKELMAN, Henry see Dunkelman, G H                    
DUNKER, Hilda T see McLain, Arthur                    
DUNKER, Margaret see Cummings, Albert R                    
DUNKERLEY, Hazel see Boggart, Harry P                    
DUNKERLEY, Martha see Bradshaw, Byrle                    
DUNKERLEY, Thomas see Bradshaw, Byrle                    
DUNKERLEY, W E see Boggart, Harry P                    
DUNKLIG, Adda see Ireson                    
DUNLAP, Margeret see Taylor, Alton C                    
DUNLAP, Ella see Oleson, Albert                    
DUNLAP, Ella see Downs, Joseph                    
DUNLAP, John see Taylor Alton C                    
DUNLAP, Madge see Miller, Alfred                    
DUNLAP, Madge Bessie see Parker, Eugene F                    
DUNLAP, Wallace Dearl       Watkins 31 Pope Cty Mn Wm Dunlap & Ethel Hawn 28-Dec-21 Watkins McCone 39  
      Edith I Malvern Watkins 30 Nickerson Kans Briscoe W Malvern & Ida Duncan          
DUNLAP, Wm see Dunlap, Wallace Dearl                    
DUNLOP, Archie see Dunlop, Charles                    
DUNLOP, Charles       Terry 23 StPaul Mn Archie Dunlop & Emma Butler 23-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson    
      Juanita Paddock Terry 19 Gardner N D Robert Paddock & Emma Daniels          
DUNN, Amzey M Jr       Whitetail 23 Iowa Amzey M Dunn Sr & Idella L Ellsworth 21-Sep-17 Redstone Sheridan 1140  
      Lydia E Church Whitetail 28 Mich William Church & Mary Helfrich          
DUNN, Asa see Longacre, Lewis Leonard                    
DUNN, B J see Dunn                    
DUNN, Belle see Lentz, William                    
DUNN, Clara E see Petersen, Nels C                    
DUNN, Delia see Martin, Percy T                    
DUNN, Delia see Martin                    
DUNN, Della (Dehotel?) see Taylor, William N                    
DUNN, Della (Dehotel?) see Broome Armand C                    
DUNN, Edwin       Richardson Sask 16 Can   27-Jul-26   Phillips 900  
      Bertha Ross Regina Mt 18 Can            
DUNN, Elizabeth see Legge                    
DUNN, Elsie see Tucker, Claude A                    
DUNN, Frank E see Dunn, John F                    
DUNN, Geneva see Brookfield, Harold                    
DUNN, George see Martin, Percy T                    
DUNN, George H       Paris 26 Elgin Mn Walter Dunn & Ellen M Seeley 28-Oct-15 Glendive Dawson 1798  
      Josephine A Gusa Paris 28 Plainview Mn Ernest Gusa & Marie Scheer          
DUNN, Hazel see Sandon, Merle L                    
DUNN, Hugh Patrick see Brookfield, Harold                    
DUNN, James see Lentz, William                    
DUNN, James see Dunn, Robert J                    
DUNN, John see LaRouche, David W                    
DUNN, John see Dunn, Oliver E                    
DUNN, John D see Dunn                    
DUNN, John F       Glendive 27 Colorado Springs Frank E Dunn & Nettie Gaffney 25-Aug-29 Glendive Dawson 3765  
      Lela Mae Brooks Glendive 23 Glendive James J Brooks & Ida Mae Tucker          
DUNN, Lena see LaRouche, David W                    
DUNN, Lona Belle see Ren, James A                    
DUNN, Lorena see Petrie, Lee N                    
DUNN, Loretta see Christiansen, Mike                    
DUNN, Maggie see Karr, Charles                    
DUNN, Margaret see Ritchey, Harold                    
DUNN, Mary see Cullen, Thomas L                    
DUNN, Mary see McNiece, John C                    
DUNN, Mary E see Noble                    
DUNN, Mary Edah see Axvig                    
DUNN, Maurice A       Whitewater 22 Iowa   29-Oct-23   Phillips 736  
      Ida Sanford Whitewater 19 Mn            
DUNN, Maxwell S       Outlook 27 Mn B J Dunn & Christie G Patterson 17-Jul-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1817  
      Hannah B Stai Outlook 26 Mn Ludwig A Stai & Anna S Samuelson          
DUNN, Mrs Mary see Jenson, Edward                    
DUNN, Myrtle see Simanton, Robert J                    
DUNN, O E see Petrie, Lee N                    
DUNN, O E see Noble                    
DUNN, Oliver E       Scobey 45 Neidaygo? Cty Mich John Dunn & Mary Story 29-Nov-22 Scobey Daniels 85  
      Iola M Gray Scobey 34 Reton? Iowa David O Bly & Lizzie Verdon          
DUNN, Patrick       Little Jewel 35 Arcadia Wis Patrick Dunn & Mary N Sheey 23-Nov-16 Chinook Blaine 337  
      Alice Tur-cotte Little Jewel 35 Thompson N D A G Revoire & Sophie LeSeuer          
DUNN, Queenie Lola see Longacre, Lewis Leonard                    
DUNN, Robert J       Williams N D 31 Grand Forks N D James Dunn & Adelaide Lewis 13-Oct-13 Glendive Dawson 1345  
      Myrtle Baughman Williams N D 18 Shelby Cty Iowa D S Baughman & Nancy Williams          
DUNN, Sennie see Duval, Henry J                    
DUNN, Sennie Lillian see Sassen, Lawrence Michael                    
DUNN, Stanley       Whitetail 26 Trenton Nebr John D Dunn & Elizabeth O�Sheridan 8-Oct-17 Whitetail Sheridan 1142  
      Mae M Christian Whitetail 16 N D Vern M Christian & Mabel Woodridge          
DUNN, Thomas       Glasgow 29 Rockdale Texas W A Dunn & Sarah McAfee 15-Jan-1896 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Della Delhotel Glasgow 20 Cincinatti Ohio A Delhotel & R A Demment          
DUNN, W A see Dunn, Thomas                    
DUNN, W C       Wolf Point 21 Tennessee William Henry Dunn & Belle Jones 20-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2108  
      Lottie Laverne Werner Wolf Point 22 Wisc Jacob Crowell & Linnie Bishop          
DUNN, Walter see Dunn, George H                    
DUNN, William       Landusky 54 Virginia   11-Oct-22   Phillips 672  
      Nervesta Booth Landusky 50              
DUNN, William & Belle see Petersen, Nels C                    
DUNN, William H see Duval, Henry J                    
DUNN, William Harvey see Sassen, Lawrence Harvey                    
DUNN, William Henry see Dunn, W C                    
DUNN, Wm & Mrs see Heppner, Henry                    
DUNN, Wm L see Axvig                    
DUNNE, Bell see Johnson, Charles E                    
DUNNE, Nicholas       Jordan 32 Ireland Peter & Lizzie Dunne 26-Aug-15 Glendive Dawson 1765  
      Marguerite Mercier Jordan 21 Louisville Ohio Louis J Mercier & Delophine Monnot          
DUNNE, Peter & Lizzie see Dunne, Nicholas                    
DUNNEGAN, Cordelia A see Hopkins, Solomon Cecil                    
DUNNIGAN, Mary see Scammon, Glen S                    
DUNNING, Anna see Corbett                    
DUNNING, Estella R see Kirby, Sidney T                    
DUNNING, Trueman see Kirby, Sidney T                    
DUNNING, Will & Lizzie see Short, William Bartlett                    
DUNNING, William & Lizzie see Collins, Jack J                    
DUNOVAN, Kate see Mullen, John                    
DUNSMORE, Alice see Miller                    
DUNSTEN, Victoria see Green, L L                    
DUNTLEY, Frank see Frothinger, Robert M                    
DUNTLEY, Frank see Harbolt, Glenn                    
DUNTLEY, Lois see Frothinger, Robert M                    
DUNTLEY, Lois see Harbolt, Glenn                    
DUNWOODIE, Alice (Mckenzie?) see Parsons, Charles W                    
DUNWOODIE, Alice E (McKenzie?) see Neikirk, Ernest L                    
DUNWOODIE, Susie see Larson, Samuel                    
DUNWORTH, Joanna see Clark, Charles E                    
DUPAR, Annie see Terbovitz, Michael                    
DUPASUE, Joseph see Swertman, R H                    
DUPES, Maude see Feezel, William Horace                    
DUPLESS, Ida Ruth see Taylor, Julius Searina                    
DUPLISEN, Andrew F       Dawson Cty 33 Princeton Maine Andrew J Duplisen & Hannah D Byers 18-Sep-1899 Glendive Dawson 191  
      Rosa May Wamsley Glendive 23 Clarksville Iowa John M Wamsley & Wilhelmina Richardson          
DUPOIS, Carl see Dupois, Gust                    
DUPOIS, Gust       Crane 25 Elmore ??? Carl Dupois & Bertha Ellwing 15-Jan-14 Savage Dawson 1423  
      Zelma Wyman Crane 17 Sutton Nebraska C E Wyman & Mercy M Shum          
DUPOLOUS, Mary see Sofferis, Peter                    
DUPONT, Mary see Lauzon                    
DUPRAY, Josephine see Lezie Phillip                    
DUPRE, Leone see Smith, Kirkwood                    
DUPRE, Peter see Smith, Kirkwood                    
DUPREE, Dave       Poplar 31 Mt Peter & Julia Dupree 17-Apr-15 Poplar Sheridan 451  
      Mayme Mulligan Poplar 30 Mt Jack Culbertson          
DUPREE, David J       Poplar 42 Dearborn Peter Dupree & Julia Coddott     Roosivelt 990 ( cert not completed )
      Mayme Dupree Poplar 40 Culbertson Jack Culbertson & Cloud Women?          
DUPREE, David Joseph       Poplar 43 Dearborn Mt Peter Dupree & Julia Cadott 9-Jun-27 Poplar Roosivelt 1035  
      Mamie Dupree Poplar 41 Culbert-son Jack Culbertson & Cloud          
DUPREE, Ida see Sunderhauf                    
DUPREE, Louise see Abbott, Frank                    
DUPREE, Mabel see Lambert, Amos                    
DUPREE, Maggie see Kirns, George                    
DUPREE, Mamie see Dupree, David Joseph                    
DUPREE, Mayme see Dupree, David J                    
DUPREE, Peter       Poplar 26 Wolf Point Peter Dupree & Julia Cadot 12-Aug-17 Culbertson Valley 299  
      Clara Koon Poplar 21 Poplar John Koon & Mary Person          
DUPREE, Peter see Abbott, Frank                    
DUPREE, Peter see Kirns, George                    
DUPREE, Peter see Lambert, Amos                    
DUPREE, Peter see Dupree, David Joseph                    
DUPREE, Peter see Dupree, David J                    
DUPREE, Peter & Julia see Dupree                    
DUPRI, Anestasil see Genest                    
DUPUIS, Anna Marie Josephine see Smith, John Leroy                    
DUPUIS, Annie see Peterson, Andrew                    
DUPUIS, C F see Smith, John Leroy                    
DUPUIS, Carl see Dupuis, Charles                    
DUPUIS, Carl see Knutson, Severt A                    
DUPUIS, Carl Andrew see Peterson, Andrew                    
DUPUIS, Charles       Sears 24 Elmore Ohio Carl Dupuis & Albertina Elwing 19-Apr-10 Glendive Dawson 794  
      Emma Wyman Sears 16 Spencer Neb Charles E Wyman & Mercy M Shunn          
DURAN, Rose see Lewere, Dave                    
DURAN, Thomas see Lewere, Dave                    
DURAND, Jennie see Mulligan, Albert A                    
DURAND, Raphael see Boyd, James                    
DURANT, Jennie see Boyd                    
DURANT, John see Edwards                    
DURAY, Martha see Begger, Daniel                    
DURELL, Alonzo       Nashua 47 Illinois William R Durell & Mary Jane Buchanan 27-May-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 765  
      Clara Blomer Glasgow 26 Germany August Blomer & Bernardine Boklage          
DURELL, William R see Durell, Alonzo                    
DURGAN, Margaret see Patterson, William                    
DURGELOH, Conrad see Durgeloh, Henry                    
DURGELOH, Henry       Glasgow 19 Germany Conrad Durgeloh & Amalia Schmidt 9-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley 1376  
      Vila Primpton Glasgow 21 Canada Isadore Primpton & Angeline Plant          
DURIE, Emma see Coleman, Henry                    
DURIGEN, Margaret J see Dillard, Charles W                    
DURISCH, Marie U see Davis, J A                    
DURKEE, Albert see Walbridge, James M                    
DURKEE, George see Durkee                    
DURKEE, Georgia see Murray, A C                    
DURKEE, J B see Torkelson, Aleck                    
DURKEE, James B see Cooper, Nelson                    
DURKEE, John see Murray, A C                    
DURKEE, John see Murray, A C                    
DURKEE, Lena see Walbridge, James M                    
DURKEE, Margaret Eva see Cooper, Nelson                    
DURKEE, Marvin       P�wood 26 Souris N D George Durkee & Sophie Hendrickson 2-Dec-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2899  
      Mildred Bergerbakken P�wood 22 Rothsay Mn L Bergerbakken & Olive Bjorgen          
DURKEE, Vivian see Torkelson, Aleck                    
DURKEN, Mary see McDonald, Alexander L                    
DURKIN, Harry see Durkin, Leo Edwin                    
DURKIN, James       Bainville 23 Kingston Canada James Durkin & Rose Ann Bushaw 26-Nov-12 Culbertson Valley 1164  
      Bertha Skaalgaard   28 Norway Jacob Skaalgaard & Annie Bract          
DURKIN, Leo Edwin       Wolf Point 25 Canton Ohio Harry Durkin & Katherine Writt 20-Sep-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1496  
      Thelma Lucile Herting Wolf Point 24 Pelican Rapids Mn Fred Herting & Elise Vogt          
DURKIN, Mary see Adams                    
DURLAND, M Jane see Rogers, Neal                    
DURLAND, Minerva see Bell, Earl C                    
DURLAND, Minerva Jane see Rogers, Burt W                    
DURLE, Emma see Carr, Theodore Roosevelt                    
DURLIN, Minerva see Bell, Roy Oliver                    
DURNELL, Charles see Durnell                    
DURNELL, J W       Lakota N D 25 N D Charles Durnell & Letitia Phillips 15-Jun-15 Plentywood Sheridan 492  
      Nellie Katherine Rundell Poplar 23 N D W C Rundell & Mary Mc- Clellan          
DUROCHER, Alphonse see Durocher, Celestin                    
DUROCHER, Celestin       Regina 26 N D   2-Jan-23   Phillips 693  
      Myrtle Holzhey Midale 19 ???            
DUROCHER, Hilari see Scott, Teles V                    
DUROCHER, Irene see Durocher, Leo                    
DUROCHER, Isadore       Willow Bunch Sask 28 N D   26-Dec-15   Phillips 71  
      Mary DesRosiers Phillips 32 Manitoba Can            
DUROCHER, Jeanette see Devlin, George                    
DUROCHER, L see Mansker, Joe                    
DUROCHER, Leo       Malta 26 Canada   5-Oct-29   Phillips 1140  
      Eunice Kiern Phillips 15 Mt            
DUROCHER, Lumina see Hyde, Barbara                    
DUROCHER, Lydia Anttele see Scott, Teles V                    
DUROCHER, Victoria see Matthews, Horace                    
DURR, Jessie Ellen see Tannas                    
DURR, W J see Tannas                    
DURRELL, Bennett S       Nashua 54 Ill W R Durrell & Mary J Buchanan 4-Jul-16 Glasgow Valley 1902  
      Emma S Salter Nashua 26 Mn John Salter & Sophia Hartman          
DURRELL, W R see Durrell, Bennett S                    
DURRETT, Fannie see Corbin, Arthur C                    
DURSH, Alta see Wilcoxen, Sheridan P                    
DURSTON, Chester       Phillips 25 Illinois   20-Feb-17   Phillips 183  
      Mary V Blondeau Phillips 28 Can            
DURUSSEL, Constant see Durueesl, Edward John                    
DURUSSEL, Edward John       Wibaux 38 Bay Cty Mich Constant DuRussel & Mary Columb 20-Feb-19 Wibaux Wibaux 232  
      Mary Eleanor Weihert Kingsley 24 Lansing Iowa Ferdinand Weihert & Mary Sophia Schuldt          
DURYEA, Phoebe see Harry, Otto Frank                    
DUSA, Julius see Dusa, Paul                    
DUSA, Paul       Glasgow 34 Mn Julius Dusa & Mary Sovebea 9-Apr-18 Glasgow Valley 2348  
      Olive Roy Glasgow 23 S D Peter Roy & Mary Lowny          
DUSKEY, Henry       Milk River 30 Los Angeles Mike & Minnie Duskey 2-Aug-10 Glasgow Valley 681  
      Mary E McNeil Milk River 16 Louisville Kentucky Charles B McNeil & Blanche McClellan          
DUSKEY, Mike & Minnie see Duskey, Henry                    
DUSSONIE, Joseph H       Malta 38 Malta Joseph Dusonnie & Mary Fredericks 8-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1940  
      Caroline Blauger Malta 36 Can Isadore Pambrun & Mary A Charette          
DUSTAN, Sam see LaVallie, Albert                    
DUSTIN, Grace see Hedderich, Gus M                    
DUSTIN, Jessie O see Hedderich, Gus M                    
DUSTIN, Mary see Gardipee, Albert K                    
DUSTIN, Mary see Doney, David D                    
DUSTIN, Susan see Foster, William B                    
DUTKA, Anna see Kordonowy, Bill                    
DUTRO, Anna see Daymond, Charles                    
DUTRO, Anna V see Kolczak, Edwin                    
DUTRO, Daniel see Dutro, George                    
DUTRO, Daniel see Dutro, David V                    
DUTRO, David V       Dodson 35 Helena Daniel Dutro & Caroline McBurney 18-Feb-14 Dodson Blaine 107  
      Anna Theresa Vaughan Dodson 22 Belfast Ireland Hugh Vaughan & Margaret Colter          
DUTRO, David V see Kolzcak, Edwin                    
DUTRO, David V see Harris, Michael H                    
DUTRO, David V see Frick, Emmitt                    
DUTRO, George       Dodson 45 Helena Daniel Dutro & Carrie McBurnie 23-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2911  
      Alvina Cassin Chicago 41 Nauvoo Ill John C Reinbold & Nana M Herrman          
DUTTKE, Augusta see Palmer, Alvah E                    
DUTTON, Daniel J see Dutton                    
DUTTON, Elizabeth see Miller, H W                    
DUTTON, Mary see Murphy, James                    
DUTTON, Owen L       Regina 31 Sintaluta Can Daniel J Dutton & Mary E Cooke 1-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2866  
      Phyllis C Bue Ergina 25 Northwood N D Thomas Gordon Bue & Laura Tollefson          
DUTZ, Josephine see Nichols, Harry S                    
DUUS, Hans see Jensen, C N                    
DUVAL, Alexander see Duval                    
DUVAL, Benjamin H       Scobey 22 Mich Alexander Duval & Phoebe Wilson 25-Jan-17 Plentywood Sheridan 948  
      Flossie Twig Dooley 25 Mich ??? Twigg & Susan Show          
DUVAL, Elizabeth see Sulier                    
DUVAL, Ferdinand see Duval, Henry J                    
DUVAL, Henry J       Flaxville 28 Hickson N D Ferdinand Duvall & Eugnia Sauvageau 24-Aug-30 Scobey Valley 484  
      Sennie L Dunn Flaxville 20 Elk Citl Okla William H Dunn & Lona Belle Jones          
DUVAL, Mary see Matthews, Lorenzo D                    
DUVAL, Victoria L see Trumbull, John                    
DUVALL, Emelie see Carrier, Joseph Aime                    
DUVAUX, Celestin see Bouchard, Charles                    
DUX, Albert F       Neilsville Wisc 26 Pine Valley Wisc William Dux & Bertha Nemitz 12-Sep-23 Glendive Dawson 3022  
      Alma Nemitz Nielsville 20 Pine Valley Fred Nemetz & Minnie Wetzel          
DUX, William see Dux, Albert F                    
DUYM, Elsie see Braddock, Homer B                    
DUZEAU, Mrs W H see Macyntosh, C Earl                    
DVARAK, James see Wilz, Andrew G                    
DVARAK, Mary see Wilz, Andrew G                    
DVERGSTIN, Marie see Olerud                    
DVORAK, Albert see Dvorak, James                    
DVORAK, Frances see Walker, William                    
DVORAK, Ida see Schlais, Emil                    
DVORAK, James       Glendive 37 Bohemia Albert Dvorak & Bessie Hrubecky 13-Jul-06 Glendive Dawson 373  
      Antonie Jelinek Glendive 29 Hyskov Bohemia ???          
DVORAK, Joseph see Schlais, Emil                    
DWARF, Annie see Grass, John                    
DWARF, Frank see Arms, Charles                    
DWARF, Martha see Arms, Charles                    
DWORSHAK, Eleanor see White, H E                    
DWORSHAK, M C see White, H E                    
DWYER, Alice see Mahoney, Arthur J                    
DWYER, Dora see Smith, Richard F                    
DWYER, George       Great Falls 23 Waterloo Iowa James Dwyer & Anna Anderson 4-Aug-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2857  
      Eleanor Lucht Navajo 22 Canada Otho Lucht & Paulina Kilraine          
DWYER, James see Dwyer                    
DWYER, Jossie see Hovland                    
DWYER, Mary see Oven, George H                    
DWYER, Patrick J       Mt 32 Mn William Dwyer & Katherine O�Brien 24-May-20 Glasgow Valley 2669  
      Catherine Belle LeGray Mt 23 Wis ???          
DWYER, Tib see Mahoney, Arthur J                    
DWYER, William see Dwyer, Patrick J                    
DYARGN, Sidonia see Douthit, Eugene                    
DYAS, George       Dodson 23 Sun River John Dyas & Alice Wheeler 12-Nov-06 Glasgow Valley 257  
      Nettie Swanson   20 Carbon Cty Mn Andrew Swanson & Annie Erickson          
DYAS, John see Dyas, George                    
DYBBUG, Guri see Whitaker, Harry E                    
DYBDALL, Hans see Nerlien, Ludvik M                    
DYBDALL, Serena O see Nerlien, Ludwik M                    
DYBDALL, Thina Elsie see Larvick, John Andrew                    
DYBDALL, Trond see Larvick, John Andrew                    
DYBFJORD, Hannah see Meldahl, Almen C                    
DYBFJORD, John J see Burgess, Bruce                    
DYBFJORD, Selma see Burgess, Bruce                    
DYBWAD, John Conrad       Glenfield N D 23 Glenfield John Dybwad & Carrie Peterson 3-Jun-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1322  
      Doris Luella Engbrecht Golden Valley N D 22 Marion S D Jacob Engbrecht & Mary Matteson          
DYCHE, Alva see Aronisian, Aro                    
DYCHE, Mabel Jane see Aronisian, Aro                    
DYCHTOWICZ, Jos H see Lucht, Emil                    
DYCK, Frank E       Monridge Kans 22 Kans Frank E Dyck & Elizabeth Dyck 24-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2568  
      Cecile Kaegi Glentana 23 Kans Christ Kaegi & Emiline? Ferguson          
DYCK, Peter J see Dyck, Peter P                    
DYCK, Peter P       Frazer 42 Russia Peter J Dyck & Lizzie Johnson 22-Mar-28 Lustre Valley 3370  
      Mrs G G Rahi Frazer 44 Mn Abraham Olfert & Agnes Dick          
DYDAHL, Louis       Phillips 30 Mn   20-Dec-17   Phillips 306  
      Bertha Hetlinghus Phillips 29 Norway            
DYE, Aurelia see Lee, Joseph A                    
DYE, Mrs L L see Jaynes, Wm                    
DYER, Alfred       Williston 25 Ireland Samuel Dyer & Sarah Lude 20-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 454  
      Amanda Olson Williston 22 b N D Andrew Olson & Ingeborg Erslund          
DYER, Don Lou       Glendive 25 Oxford Kansas Henry Dyer & Edith Koons 15-Oct-14 Glendive Dawson 1597  
      Anna B Peoples Glendive 18 Glendive James Peoples & Sarah Haggerty          
DYER, Henry see Dyer, Don Lou                    
DYER, Kittie see Becker, George                    
DYER, Mattie see Aslakson, Oscar                    
DYER, Samuel see Dyer                    
DYER, Sanford Jr see Skibbey, E J                    
DYER, William see Becker, George                    
DYHR, Rasmus       Dagmar 36 Denmark Peter & Petrea Marie Dyhr 8-Aug-17 Dagmar Sheridan 1104  
      Marie Christensen Dagmar 37 Denmark Chris Christensen & Jennie Sorensen          
DYHR, Peter & Petrea see Dyhr                    
DYKSTRA, Albert P       Nashua 20 Mo Peter G Dykstra & Gertrude Yedemo? 22-Dec-16 Nashua Valley 2029  
      Mary Kathleen Ross Nashua ??? Wyo John A Ross & Carrie Bonebright          
DYKSTRA, Benjamin G       Nashua 28 Iowa Peter G Dykstra & Gertrude Godman     Valley 1965 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Dora A Jackson Nashua 20 Nashua Dan Jackson & Nora May          
DYKSTRA, Cecil       Glasgow 25 Iowa Peter Dykstra & Gertrude Idema 22-Nov-14 Glasgow Valley 1586  
      Reba Crouch Glasgow 22 Ill John Crouch & Minnie Henley          
DYKSTRA, Celia see Morcker, Harold                    
DYKSTRA, Lena see Shackleton, Stephen F                    
DYKSTRA, Martha Ella see Register                    
DYKSTRA, Peter see Dykstra, Cecil                    
DYKSTRA, Peter see Dykstra, William                    
DYKSTRA, Peter see Morcker, Harold                    
DYKSTRA, Peter & Gertrude see Shackleton, Stephen F                    
DYKSTRA, Peter G see Dykstra, Albert P                    
DYKSTRA, Peter G see Dykstra, Benjamin G                    
DYKSTRA, William S       Nashua 28 La Mars Iowa Peter Dykstra & Gertrude Idema 22-Sep-14 Glasgow Valley 1546  
      Emma C Neils Nashua 20 Milwaukee Gustav Neils & Anna Kippet          
DYMOND, Sylvester see Van Norman, Elias                    
DYRCHORN, J see Shankle, Thomas N                    
DYRCHORN, Mamie see Shankle, Thomas N                    
DYRLAND, Elmer George       Peerless 30 Grand Forks N D John Dyrland & Annie Erickson 24-Nov-26 Scobey Daniels 293  
      Christine Dighans Fife Lake Sask Can 20 Germany John Dighans & Marie Martens          
DYRLAND, John see Dyrland, Elmer George                    
DYRSKOG, Ingeborg see Hanson                    
DYRUD, Mary A see Elkin, Alfred                    
DYSON, Emma see Erickson, Melvin                    
DYSON, Mary see Rogers, Bert W                    
DYSON, Mary see Rogers, Neal                    
DYSON, Robert see Erickson, Melvin                    
DYSVIK, Elizabeth see Nelson, Hans                    
DYVEN, Mathia see Olson, Albert T