Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Coryell to Czyzski

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
CORYELL, see Covyell?                    
CORYELL, C E see Coryell                    
CORYELL, Ernest       Coalridge 28 Mich C E Coryell & Elizabeth Pitts 15-Sep-14 Plentywood Sheridan 323  
      Mathilda Johnson P�wood 25 Neb Louis Johnson & Anna Hanson          
CORYELL, Frank see Coryell, George Oliver                    
CORYELL, Frank see Coryell, Verle F                    
CORYELL, Frank see Hise, Fred                    
CORYELL, George Oliver       Bloomfield 24 Bloomfield Nebr Frank Coryell & Ida Crocket 8-Jan-13 Bloomfield Dawson 1193  
      Viola Barber Bloomfield 16 Bloomfield Nebr John Barber & Antha Webb          
CORYELL, Vera see Hise, Fred                    
CORYELL, Verle F       Bloomfield 21 Bloomfield Frank Coryell & Ida Crockett 27-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2116  
      Harriett A Krotz Bloomfield 19 Cadilac Mich D P Krotz & Elizabeth Walbrink          
CORZION, Mary see Edmons, Clarence W                    
COS, Catalina see Pina, Tony                    
COSAND, Gladys see Gribble, Richard                    
COSAND, Orris F see Gribble, Richard                    
COSBY, Emma see McCawley, Andrew J                    
COSENS, L C see Staffanson, Jessie H                    
COSENS, Mayme see Staffanson, Jessie H                    
COSGRIFF, Nora see Page                    
COSGROVE, Katherine see Burns , Arthur                    
COSHER, Guy       Culbertson 24 Shellrock Mn J A Cosher & Mary Palmer 7-Jan-1889 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Amelia Gillett Culbertson 29 Neb ??? La Pierre ???          
COSHER, J A see Cosher, Guy                    
COSIER, Angeline see Ditsworth, Wallace                    
COSIER, Dorothy Pauline see Milburn, George Roszelle                    
COSIER, Hoeard M see Millburn, George Roszelle                    
COSIER, Howard M see Hubbell                    
COSIER, Phebe Harriet see Hubbell                    
COSMAN, Constantinos see Cosman, James                    
COSMAN, James       Glendive 35 Turkey Constantinos Cosman & Sophie Kasurides 5-May-28 Glendive Dawson 3567  
      Helen Pitzer Glendive 36 Jugoslavia Nick Miller & Katherine Bach          
COSNER, Harry W       Malta 28 Ill William Cosner & Kintta? Epperson 12-Jan-1896 Malta Valley ?  
      Mamie Philbrick Malta 23 Penn John Thompson & Mamie Chambers          
COSNER, Mary see Barhols, Harry                    
COSNER, William see Cosner, Harry W                    
COSPER, Clinton see Whitcomb                    
COSPER, Clinton see Potter                    
COSPER, Earl E       Outlook 40 S D Hugh R Cosper & Margaret M Peek 2-Jul-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1902  
      Luella Hamilton Outlook 39 Iowa William Morrison & Jane Webster          
COSPER, Guy see Cosper                    
COSPER, Hugh B see Cosper                    
COSPER, Lois see Potter                    
COSPER, Margaret see Whitcomb                    
COSPER, Sarah see Brewer, Wade T                    
COSPER, William       Froid 21 Mt Guy Cosper & Amelia St Pierre 2-Jan-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2143  
      Evangeline Rogney Froid 19 N D Oscar Rogney & Sophie Hoen          
COSSETTE, Artimise see Goulet                    
COSSETTE, Ernest       Wolf Point 24 Mn Telesphone Cossette & Minnie Marie Mutte 30-Nov-19 ??? Roosivelt 75  
      Eva M Sugden Wolf Point 19 Litch-field Mn Fred Sugden & Elva Bannister          
COSSETTE, Telesphone see Cossette, Ernest                    
COSTA, Jack       Wolf Point 35 Rumania John Costa & Anne LaLeugen 29-Jul-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 161  
      Mary A Hill Wolf Point 30 Ireland Luke Hill & Mary Haggerty          
COSTA, John see Costa, Jack                    
COSTELLA, Marie see Bergan, Palmer                    
COSTELLO, ??? see Jenson, Edward                    
COSTELLO, Catherine see McKenzie, Donald K                    
COSTELLO, Ella see Dougherty, Frank                    
COSTELLO, Ella see Williard, Orr G                    
COSTELLO, Ethel see Uelman, Eugene                    
COSTELLO, Genevive see Jeffers, Arthur Elwin                    
COSTELLO, George       Oswego 27 Mt James Costello & Agnes Streigle? 14-Feb-17 Glasgow Valley 2067  
      Elsie Schaill Miles City 25 Miles City Patrick Schaill & Elizabeth Jordan          
COSTELLO, James see Costello, George                    
COSTELLO, James see Jeffers, Arthur Elwin                    
COSTELLO, James S see Costello, Robert B                    
COSTELLO, John see Robinson, Charles                    
COSTELLO, Mary see Callahan, William J                    
COSTELLO, Mary see O�Conner, Robert                    
COSTELLO, Mary E see Taylor, Charles Ashby                    
COSTELLO, Mary Elizabeth see Gibson, Dustin                    
COSTELLO, May see Harbeck, Gilbert H                    
COSTELLO, Robert B       Zortman 29 Williston N D James S Costello & Ann Streyal 25-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2912  
      Vivian G Messerly Zortman 18 Catha N D Fred C Messerly & Cora Kenly          
COSTELLO, Vesta see Robinson, Charles                    
COSTER, Clymer A       Wolf Point 44 Jeri-cho Ill Philander Coster & Sylvia Johnson 18-Nov-21 Poplar Roosivelt 314  
      Irene Wooley Wolf Point 50 Mn Orenio W Jones & Sarah Barncard          
COSTER, Philander see Coster, Clymer A                    
COSTLEY, John see Allen, Charles Clay                    
COSTON, Chas A see Hahnkamp, Charles P                    
COSTON, Elva M see Hahnkamp, Charles P                    
COSWELL, Roswell C       Admiral Sask Can 29 Wis   30-Jul-21   Phillips 588  
      Doris McMullen Ynot 19 Iowa            
COTA, Eugene see Cota, Lute Lyl                    
COTA, Lute Lyl       Valley 27 Little Falls Mn Eugene Cota & Mary Alice Titus 30-Oct-11 Med� Lake Valley 926  
      Lena Bonniff Bloomington Ind   Ind G G Boniff & Cora Reynolds          
COTE, Frank       Sask Can 32 Can John Cote & Mary Dion 25-Oct-26 Scobey Daniels 287  
      Pearl Grace Landerbeck Sask Can 19 Can William Lenderbeck & Julia Solrey          
COTE, Hervi see LaFond, Willie                    
COTE, Hervi       Malta 30 Canada   4-Nov-22   Phillips 673  
      Jennie LaFond Malta 19 Wis            
COTE, Jennie see LaFond, Willie                    
COTE, John see Cote, Frank                    
COTHERN, William R       Chinook 46 Macon Cty Ill Benjamin H Cothorn & Neoma Burnett 25-Jan-17 Chinook Blaine 365  
      Mart Gollop Chinook 27 France Frank Gollop & May Prout          
COTHORN, Benjamin H see Cothern, William R                    
COTRELL, Matilda see Roberts, Albret                    
COTTANEO, Carlo see O�Connor                    
COTTANEO, Carolina see O�Connor                    
COTTER, Ann see Gavan, John A                    
COTTER, Cecelia Marie see Dahl, Hans Julius Hansen                    
COTTER, James       Malta 42 Belfast Ire James Cotter & Alma Coleman 6-Jun-10 Malta Valley 648  
      Adeline Moran Malta 29 Chinook John Moriin?(Moran?) & Mary Dewen          
COTTER, James       Phillips Cty 47 Ireland   22-Dec-15   Phillips 69  
      Rosie Sankpel Phillips 37 Germany            
COTTER, Louie see Dahl, Hans Julius Hansen                    
COTTER, William J       Phillips 23 Mt   22-Mar-28   Phillips 1012  
      Imogene F Jaynes Phillips 20 Nebr            
COTTEREAU, Emilie see Cavanaugh, Dominick                    
COTTINGHAM, Dora see Jamison, Adam W                    
COTTINGHAM, Maud see Houghtaling, Rex Walter                    
COTTLE, Hilda see Hardy                    
COTTON, Neck see Counter                    
COTTON, A B see Sisk, Pat                    
COTTON, Annie see Smith, Samuel                    
COTTON, Cyril       Culbertson 33 Silver Creek Nev Louis Cotton & May Tannehill 22-Aug-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2545  
      Marguerite Spiegelberg Culbertson 18   Emil Spiegelberg & Eva Shipp          
COTTON, Lewis see Frerichs, Henry Todd                    
COTTON, Louis see Cotton                    
COTTON, Nels see Stensland, Harold Milton                    
COTTON, Nelson see Cotton, Robert                    
COTTON, Norine see Sisk, Pat                    
COTTON, Robert       Glasgow 20 Glasgow Nelson Cotton & Abbie Moses 8-Jul-30 Glasgow Valley 3573  
      Marie Wilson Glasgow ??? Mn James Wilson & Margaret Agnes Tierney          
COTTON, Sarah Annette see Stensland, Harold Milton                    
COTTON, Thyra see Frerichs, Henry Todd                    
COTTOR, Eugene       Savage 25 Sommerset Wisc Louis Cottor & Mamie Lefebure 19-Nov-30 Glendive Dawson 3936  
      Marie Hebert Savage 18 Sidney Henry Hebert & Alice Bouchard          
COTTOR, Lewis see Cottor, Eugene                    
COTTRELL, Andy see Cottrell, J Fred                    
COTTRELL, Barton H       Glasgow 39 N Mex Thomas J Cottrell & Rose M Sweatman 1-Mar-16 Glasgow Valley 1825  
      Norah Ellen Cabill Glasgow 35 Kentucky Benjamin F Cabill & Ellen D Patteson?          
COTTRELL, Elizabeth see Gartside, Simon Jr                    
COTTRELL, J? Fred       Barnard 27 Ill Andy Cottrell & Mary S Potham 3-Jul-17 Barr Valley 2147  
      Mildred Jackson Theony 17 Ill A G Jackson & Emma E Birdsell          
COTTRELL, Martha I see Bosworth, Frank L                    
COTTRELL, Thomas J see Cottrell, Burton H                    
COUBROUGH, Lochlain Matthew       Buffalo Gap Can 23 Ontario Can Mathew Coubrough & Elizabeth Brown 15-May-29 Scobey Daniels 432  
      Pearl Fox Cormach Can 18 Minot N D William Fox & Bertha Emerson          
COUBROUGH, Mathew see Coubrough, Lochlain Mathew                    
COUCH, Margaret see Williams, Richard                    
COUCH, Minnie S see Franzen, Harry W                    
COUEY, Miriel Lavonne see McLane, Kenneth Campbell                    
COUEY, Oliver see McLane, Kenneth Campbell                    
COUGHLIN, Simon J see Coughlin, John James                    
COUGHLIN, John James       Fallon 28 Minneapolis Mn Simon J Coughlin & Katherine Currier 28-May-26 Glendive Dawson 3350  
      Mary Ethel Sweet Fallon 18 Grand Forks N D John W Sweet & Maude Schwager          
COUGHLIN, Maisie see Ryan                    
COUGHLIN, Mary C see Hill                    
COULTER, Alexander G see Coulter, Gervase H                    
COULTER, Charles E       Wolf Point 25 Canada George Coulter & Doritha Ann McDonald 7-Sep-24 Poplar Roosivelt 663  
      Florence Rounds Poplar 21 Carpio N D Theodon Rounds & Mar-garet Cooper          
COULTER, Emma see Shartle, Gilbert B                    
COULTER, Estella May see Barnes, Russell Byron                    
COULTER, George see Coulter, Charles E                    
COULTER, Gervase H       Culbertson 34 Sunburg? Penn Alexander G Coulter & Lillie W Howard 11?-Jan-1904 Culbertson Valley 125  
      Winona C J Ashley Culbertson 25 Crow Creek S D Edward Ashley & Elizabeth Martin          
COULTER, Hannah see Roberts, Warder                    
COULTER, James see Coulter, Joseph S                    
COULTER, Joseph F       Glasgow 23 N D William Coulter & Catherine Harrison 15-Jul-08 Glasgow Valley 393  
      Laura McGlaughlin Glasgow 22 Mn Simson McGlaughlin & Chleoa Nilson          
COULTER, Joseph S       Mineral Springs N D 56 Ames Iowa James Coulter & Sarah Watt 12-Apr-16 Jordan Dawson 1864  
      May Miller Jordan 20 Butt Iowa George H Miller & Edith Briggs          
COULTER, Lutessia see McNeil, Herbert                    
COULTER, Mary see Red, George                    
COULTER, Richard see Red, George                    
COULTER, William see Coulter, Joseph F                    
COUNCIL, Lodge see Black Dog                    
COUNCIL, Blanche see Heberlig, S A                    
COUNCIL, Charles see Heberlig, S A                    
COUNCIL, Charles L see McCracken, Henry                    
COUNCIL, Mary see Hyatt, Chas                    
COUNCIL, Ruth see McCracken, Henry                    
COUNTER       Drew 72 Wyoming Chasing Hawk & Yellow Haired Women     Roosivelt 934 ( cert not completed )
      Good Little Head Drew 58 Mt Two Bull or Cotton Neck & ???          
COUNTER see Counter, Reuben                    
COUNTER, see Two Bulls                    
COUNTER, Harriet see Red Eagle                    
COUNTER, Harriot C see Necklace, Patrick                    
COUNTER, Lucy see Two Bull                    
COUNTER, Reuben       Drew 45 Ft Peck Counter & Different Cloud 22-Oct-22 ??? Roosivelt 425  
      Lizzie C Two Bulls Drew 27 Ft Peck Edward Chaser & Good Nest          
COUNTRYMAN, Albert Perry       res Harlem 23 Grant (Cty?) Mn Perry E Countryman & Henri-etta Kruse 19-Jul-26 Chinook Blaine 950  
      Myrtle Olive Bye Harlem 18 Olin Mn Christian Anderson Bye & Anna Lippestod?          
COUNTRYMAN, Eva see Beard, Edward L                    
COUNTRYMAN, Horace see Reeves, William W                    
COUNTRYMAN, Margaret see Lester, Mike Earl                    
COUNTRYMAN, Perry E see Countryman, Albert Perry                    
COUNTRYMAN, Winifred see Hatcher, Otto                    
COUNTS, Mary Jane see Courtney, Patrick                    
COUPPLES, Elsie see Kinsey, C W                    
COURCHENE, Daniel       Culbertson 22 Culbertson Thomas Courchene & ??? 8-Apr-09 ??? Valley 465  
      Nora Manning Minneapolis 22 Iowa J B Cramer & M Wienard          
COURCHENE, Joseph see Courchene, Thomas                    
COURCHENE, Thomas       Culbertson 45 Canada Joseph Courchene & Henriette Menseau 11-Apr-05 Culbertson Valley 173  
      F E Perry Culbertson 30 Iowa Clark Perry & Alice Lamb          
COURCHENE, Thomas see Courchene, Thomas                    
COURT, Mike see Court, Nick                    
COURT, Nick       Hinsdale 28 Austria Mike Court & Yudakka Garish 25-Nov-23 Hinsdale Valley 3018  
      Olga Keiper Hinsdale 19 Germany Carl Keiper & Christiana Veogel          
COURTEACE, Fred see Haverfield, Ralph                    
COURTEACE, Stella see Haverfield, Ralph                    
COURTEAU, Fred see Courteau, Fredrick H                    
COURTEAU, Fredrick H       Southview Sask 23 Williston N D Fred Courteau & Angeline Deiu 4-Jan-30 Scobey Daniels 462  
      mar Theresa Davenport Thoeny 31 Wis Albion? Winship & Mellie Leach          
COURTEAU, Max J       Glendive 24 Minneapolis Nelson Courteau & Agnas Crepeau 29-Oct-19 Glendive Dawson 2584  
      Lylas Peterson Glendive 22 Sebecka Mn Ferdinand Peterson & Ida Heckes          
COURTEAU, Nelson see Courteau, Max J                    
COURTENAY, Belle see Morris, Guy T                    
COURTENAY, Florence see Kincaid, George                    
COURTENAY, Thomas see Kincaid, George                    
COURTNEY, Esther see Robertson, Robert S                    
COURTNEY, Etta see Oliver, Floyd                    
COURTNEY, Helen L see McGlaughlin                    
COURTNEY, Henry G see Robertson, Robert S                    
COURTNEY, Henry G see Courtney                    
COURTNEY, Henry G see McGlaughlin                    
COURTNEY, John see Courtney, Pat                    
COURTNEY, John see Courtney, Patrick                    
COURTNEY, John J       Minneapolis 50 Ireland Michael Courtney & Johanna Rohan 17-Apr-12 Glendive Dawson 1077  
      Anna Irene Hoy Savage 35 Minneapolis Mn Joseph Hoy & Ellen McCarthy          
COURTNEY, John J       Antelope legal Litchfield Mn Henry G Courtney & Elizabeth Harbison 6-Jun-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2326  
      Emma Kollman P�wood legal Perham Mn Anto J Kollman & Emma O Boedigheimer          
COURTNEY, Katy see Stordahl                    
COURTNEY, Michael see Courtney, John J                    
COURTNEY, Pat       Wolf Point 48 Ireland John Courtney & Josie Ryhan 2-Mar-20 Glasgow Valley 2634  
      Catherine Smith Gt Falls 45 Canada John Smith & Helen Flarahty          
COURTNEY, Patrick       Prairie Elk 56 Ireland John Courtney & Johanna Ryan 10-Jul-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1345  
      Phoebe Sifton Wolf Point 60 Benton Cty Ore J S Hoyard & Elizabeth Thornberg          
COURTNEY, Patrick       Prairie Elk 55 Ireland John Courtney & Johanna Ryan 21-Nov-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1254  
      Mary Alice Gruber Raton N Mex 54 Texas Samuel H Burnett & Mary Jane Counts          
COURTNEY, Rosean(Roseau?) see Cauffman, Paul H                    
COURTY, Josephine see Amestoy, John A                    
COURVILLE, S see Courville, Thomas                    
COURVILLE, Thomas       Glendive 21 Valley City N D S Courville & Ida Petterson 4-Sep-23 Glendive Wibaux 401  
      Bernice Peoples Glendive 18 Glendive A Peoples & Helen Brown          
COUSINS, C C       Miles City 30 Iowa Will Cousins & Cora Marquette 26-Nov-19 Wibaux? Wibaux 263  
      Agnes Bloom Carlyle 34 S D James T Hogen & Mary Francis Summer,          
COUSINS, James see Dexter, Donald Elwood                    
COUSINS, Mary see Dexter, Donald Elwood                    
COUSINS, Will see Cousins, C C                    
COUSTEAU, Fred see Peterson, Carl H                    
COUSTEAU, Freda see Peterson, Carl H                    
COUTON, James       Glendive 50 Jacksonville Ill James Couton & Elizabeth Welch 24-Jan-26 Glendive Dawson 3321  
      Fredrica B Kemmis Glendive 42 Glendive Charles F Bean & Henrietta Bangs          
COUTREAU, Lessie see Beall, Richard H                    
COUTTS, Margaret Ann see Woods, George W                    
COUTURE, Delma see Langlois, Louis                    
COUTWAY, George see Jackson, Leslie                    
COUTWAY, Nora see Jackson, Leslie                    
COVE, Mary see Lacher, John E                    
COVELL, Emma J see Poor, Millard W                    
COVENDER, Mary see Nelson, Erin                    
COVER, Myrtle see Delger, Clayton D                    
COVERDER, Caroline see Nelson, Erin                    
COVERT, Amanda see Hill, Fay M                    
COVERT, Mrs R A (Smith?) see Gray, Thomas W                    
COVEY, Alice see Castleman, Corbin W                    
COVEY, E B see Bridges, Paul                    
COVEY, Nell see Bridges, Paul                    
COVILLE, Myrtle see Thompson, Harold Murray                    
COVLIN, Ann M see Horstman, Walter E                    
COVLIN, Mark W see Horstman, Walter E                    
COVYELL, Lumon       Poplar 25 Texas Frank Covyell & Mary Carrier 10-Aug-15 Glasgow Valley 1720  
      Mellamie Allard Wolf Point 18 ??? John Allard & ???          
COWAN, Charles       Chinook 25 Meigs Cty Ohio John S & Sarepta Cowan 6-Aug-16 Chinook Blaine 296  
      Eva May Jamison Chinook 27 Ravalli Cty Adam W Jamison & Margaret Mayne          
COWAN, Elizabeth see Hoyt                    
COWAN, Frank see Cowan, James A                    
COWAN, Grace see Breeden, Robert H                    
COWAN, Harold C see Moore, Bert G                    
COWAN, J C see Cowan, Lester                    
COWAN, James A       Havre 23 Havre Frank Cowan & Bessie Manning 4-Jan-27 Chinook Blaine 978  
      Marion Frances Stamy Hingham 20 Marion Iowa Daniel S Stamy & Alvina Bach          
COWAN, James Alfred       Redstone 38 Ontario Can John Cowan & Bertha Smith 16-Oct-19 Mondak Roosivelt 56  
      Mary Cheek Redstone 34 Poplar Bluff Mo Ben Tolbert & Eliza Roberts          
COWAN, James Hazel       Little Woody Sask Can 23 Can Sanford Cowan & Amy Sinden 22-Nov-24 Scobey Daniels 177  
      Irene Blanch Morgan Luella Sask 28 N D Frank Morgan & Nellie Pace          
COWAN, John see Cowan, James                    
COWAN, John D       Phillips 30 West Vir   3-Jun-17   Phillips 222  
      Elizabeth Geyer Phillips 35 Penn            
COWAN, John S & Sarepta see Cowan, Charles                    
COWAN, Lester       Great Falls 28 Buffalo Valley Tenn J C Cowan & Louise Ferell 7-Oct-22 Culbertson Roosivelt 413  
      Dorothy Becker Bainville 20 Bainville John Becker & ???          
COWAN, M E see Cowan, John D                    
COWAN, Mary E see Moore, Bert G                    
COWAN, Mary E see Roberts, John Nelson                    
COWAN, Minn S       Chinook 55 N Y William Cowan & Mary Walters 26-Jul-29 Chinook Blaine 1147  
      Mabel VanHoozen Landusky 40 Wis John Haskins & Anna Harris          
COWAN, Ruth see Allen, Luther N                    
COWAN, Sanford see Cowan, James Hazel                    
COWAN, W S Jr       Phillips 21 Mt   23-May-19   Phillips 421  
      Ruth B Ervin Blaine Cty 20 Mn            
COWAN, William see Cowan, Minn S                    
COWAN, William T see Cowan, Winifred S                    
COWAN, Winifred S       Malta 37 N Y William T? Cowan & Mary Waters 29-Sep-1893 Malta Valley 7  
      Margaret Payne Malta 32 N Y State John Payne & ???          
COWDEN, Ann K see Smith                    
COWDEN, James G see Smith                    
COWDEN, L E see Crawford, Clifford                    
COWDEN, Lorna see Crawford, Clifford                    
COWEE, A V see Samsel, Charles W                    
COWEE, Angela Fay see Samsel, Charles W                    
COWEE, Anson see Cowee, Mernie                    
COWEE, Elmer W       Savage 39 Vernon Wisc Seneca Cowee & Mary Coles 11-Nov-16 Glrndive Dawson 2054  
      Amy B Grant Hermanville Mich 30 Butternut Wisc James Grant & Cora McDonald          
COWEE, Mernie       Wibaux 19 LaFarge Wisc Anson V Cowee & Clara Bliehubley 13-Nov-14 Wibaux Wibaux 6  
      Esther Woodard Wibaux 19 Mn C M Woodard & ??? Stillen          
COWEE, Seneca see Cowee, Elmer W                    
COWELL, A G       Grand Rapids Wisc 23 Granville Wisc Joseph Cowell & Marie Snyder 22-Apr-15 Glendive Dawson 1701  
      Jessie M Johnson Hartland Wisc 52 Hartland Joseph J Johnson & Eliza Shepherd          
COWELL, A L see Cowell, Arthur                    
COWELL, Armstead see Cowell, Wiley M                    
COWELL, Arthur       Harlem 28 Hickman Cty Ken A L Cowell & Amanda B Pewitt 16-Nov-16 Chinook Blaine 241  
      Mary Elsie Bassett Turner 22 Jersey Cty Ill Charles Bassett & Mary Highett          
COWELL, Clarence C       Glasgow 27 Stillwater Mn Enos E Cowell & Mary Shabaker 1-Jun-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 248  
      Anastasia O�Mallet Wolf Point 30 Forest City Iowa Dennis O�Malley & Elizabeth Schwartzhall          
COWELL, Enos E see Cowell, Clarence C                    
COWELL, Ila see Fagan, James E                    
COWELL, Inez see Knudsen, Ralph E                    
COWELL, Joseph see Cowell, A G                    
COWELL, Lula see Saykally, James                    
COWELL, Wiley M       Harlem 22 Fulton Cty Ken Armstead Cowell & Amanda B Pewitt 6-May-17 Chinook Blaine 392  
      Myrtle Kennedy Harlem 20 Kan Lot H Kennedy & Priscilla M Lamb          
COWEN, John & Mary see Mitchell, Daniel                    
COWEN, Mary A see Smith, Etta E                    
COWETTE, Mathilda see Crosby, James                    
COWETTE, Stephen see Crosby, James                    
COWGUR, Myrtle see Hauser, Theodore                    
COWGUR, Robert D & Zarah see Hauser, Theodore                    
COWIE, Doris J see Cowie, George                    
COWIE, Ethel Beatrice see Williams, Joseph H                    
COWIE, George       Phillips ??? Mn   22-Dec-17   Phillips 308  
      Mabel Laing ??? ??? Wash            
COWIE, George McDonald see Williams, Joseph H                    
COWIN, Eliage see Donant, Alfred T                    
COWIN, Eliga see Lenz, Carl W                    
COWIN, Mable see Donant, Alfred T                    
COWIN, Vilet? see Lenz, Carl W                    
COWING, Gracia see Clark                    
COWING, Gracia see Clark                    
COWLE, Harriet E see VanHauwaert, Charles                    
COWLES, Albert see Connell, Lester H                    
COWLES, Eva see Connell, Lester H                    
COWLEY, Ella see Wagner, Samuel                    
COWLEY, Sadie see Hott, John                    
COX, Albert       Enid 28 Slick Rock Ken Jesse B Cox & Mary Paul 2-Jul-08 Glasgow Valley 389  
      Nellie Singleton Enid 18 St Joseph Mo Ode Singleton & ???          
COX, Anna see Johns, L D                    
COX, Bessie Mary see Escarcega, Joseph                    
COX, Beulah see Craig, Samuel C                    
COX, Columbus see Kolszak, Joseph                    
COX, Della see Nichols, C Herbert                    
COX, Dollye see Warner, Milton                    
COX, Edward see Sheridan, Thomas F                    
COX, Eila D see Kolszak, Joseph                    
COX, Eli see Lovejoy, Harry E                    
COX, Elizabeth see Farrell, john A                    
COX, Elroy       Chinook 23 Gravity Iowa James Cox & Ella Innis 5-Feb-13 Chinook Blaine 38  
      Agnes Nelson Chinook 21 Chinook Anton E Nelson & Dorothy Knudtson          
COX, Emily see Roy                    
COX, Emma see Curtis, Winston Ralph                    
COX, Emma E see Butler, A E                    
COX, George P       Knobs 24 Gross Nebr P G Cox & Kate Houck 2-Jul-28 Glendive Dawson 3601  
      Ruth Baker Ollie 25 Newton Wisc Claude Baker & Malissa Rumsey          
COX, Harriet see Sheridan, Thomas F                    
COX, Harry Preston       West Fork 23 Wis Sterling Cox & Nona Isar? 7-Aug-16 Glasgow Valley 1925  
      Anna Hayenga West Fork 26 Iowa Richard Hayenga & Christina Hessening?          
COX, Helen see Trusty, Everett L                    
COX, Isaac       Nashua 21 Wolf Point Isaac Cox & Cora Movingwoman 3-Feb-23 Glasgow Valley 2950  
      Elsie Miller Frazer 19 ??? Isaac Miller & Hattie Gives Blanket          
COX, Isaac see Sunkle, Edward H                    
COX, Isaac see Escarcega, Joseph                    
COX, Isaac & Cora see Cox, Joseph                    
COX, J W see Warner, Milton                    
COX, Jacob H & Lillie see Cox, Jesse                    
COX, James see Cox, Elroy                    
COX, James see Cox, Milton                    
COX, Jesse       Ashfield 21 Indiana Jacob H & Lillie Cox 30-Mar-09 Glasgow Valley 463  
      Cora E Johnson Glasgow 21 Indiana Chas E Johnson & Eliza B Modlin          
COX, Jesse B see Cox, Albert                    
COX, Joseph       Frazer 27 Frazer Isaac & Cora Cox 15-Apr-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 754  
      Julia Grandchamp Oswego 18 Oswego Eugene Grandchamp & Maggie Burton          
COX, Laura see Brewster, Edwin H                    
COX, Laura see Benson, Jess                    
COX, Levi       Hinsdale 60 N Y Ralph Cox & Leony Atkins 22-Dec-08 Glasgow? Valley 437  
      Anna Turner Hinsdale 60 Penn Perry Price & Julie Ann Yetter          
COX, Maggie see Neese, Roy                    
COX, Mary see Lewis, George                    
COX, Mary see Sawyer, William A                    
COX, Mary Alice see Haglund                    
COX, Mary Ann see Saunders                    
COX, Maud see Gore, Lyle E                    
COX, May see Hass Frank A                    
COX, Milton       Cginook 24 Gravity Iowa James Cox & Nancy Zimmerman 22-Aug-25 Chinook Blaine 893  
      Annie Mildred Dowen Chinook 18 Chinook Rupert Dowen & Mildred Watson          
COX, Minnie see Sunkle, Edward H                    
COX, Minnie (Stoner?) see Merrill, Howard W                    
COX, Nora see Liming, Ray O                    
COX, P G see Cox, George P                    
COX, Ralph see Cox, Levi                    
COX, Sarelda see McColly, Wm                    
COX, Sterling see Cox, Harry Preston                    
COX, Susan see Stanton, Frank                    
COX, Tussa see Lovejoy, Harry E                    
COX, Violet see Ebaugh, Andrew C                    
COXEN, Martha see Goswick, Ross                    
COY, Eliza see Canfield, George W                    
COY, Haze       Zurich 26 Greensburg, Ind M M Coy & Fannie Haze 4-Sep-20 Chinook Blaine 637  
      Frances Weed Zurich 26 St Paul Mn Wharles Weed & Anna Heggie          
COY, Lottie Fern see Griffith, George                    
COY, M M see Coy, Haze                    
COY, M M see Griffith, George                    
COYIE, Selma see Stine                    
COYLE, Edward see Coyle, George W                    
COYLE, George       Enid 48 Jackson Ohio George Coyle & Sarah Walter 20-Mar-10 Sidney Dawson 780  
      Lizzie Wills Glendive 38 Jackson Ohio William Fitzpatrick & Rebecca Boyle          
COYLE, George W       Sentinel Butte N D 25 Bemidji Mn Edward Coyle & Myrtle Hershey 11-Jul-27 Wibaux Wibaux 574  
      Josie Vanhorn Sentinel Butte N D 25 Sioux Falls S D N R Vanhorn & Hattie Brown          
COYLE, Joshua see Coyle, Aden O                    
COYLE, Mary see Brennan, Hillary P                    
COYLE, Mary see Smith                    
COYLE, ADEN O,, Aden O       Ponca City Okla 46 Rochester Mn Joshua Coyle & Elizabeth Phinney 16-May-17 Sand Springs Dawson 2159  
      Esther West Dilo? 24 Lorimar Iowa Albert W West & Lillie M Bonham          
COYNE, Agnes see Swenson, Victor                    
COYNE, Ed see Hansen, Howard H                    
COYNE, Michael see Swenson, Victor                    
COYNE, Nancy see Hansen, Howard H                    
COYNE, Patrick Thomas       Wibaux 33 SanFrancisco Calif Patrick Coyne & Bridget Smith 19-Mar-27 Glendive Dawson 3440  
      Henrietta Thersen Wibaux 35 New Orleans La M M Mestayer & Regina Flory          
COZAD, Mary see Lowers, John W                    
COZELL, Nancy see Earsley, Barrett                    
CRABB, J R see Kurtz, Robert                    
CRABBE, Gustavus A see Potter, Charles A                    
CRABDES, Mary see Wright, Charles M                    
CRABTREE, Alice see Browm, William McKinley                    
CRABTREE, Orpha A see Brenden                    
CRADDACK, William see Hinkle, William Bascom                    
CRADICK, Mary Etta see Dehl, Albert Archie                    
CRAFT, A R see Clements, William A                    
CRAFT, Annie Eugene see Pickett, George Ernest                    
CRAFT, C see Legg, John R                    
CRAFT, Clifford       Malta 28 N D   17-Jan-24   Phillips 750  
      Stella Turcott Malta 18 N D            
CRAFT, Columbus       Phillips 55 N D   10-Nov-19   Phillips 468  
      Effie Mindel Phillips 18 Canada            
CRAFT, Effie see Legg, John R                    
CRAFT, Irma May see Clements, William A                    
CRAGBELL, Elizabeth see Goodman                    
CRAGG, Maggy see Dowd, John                    
CRAGGE, James & Betty see Sawyer, William A                    
CRAGO, F H see Chapman, W L                    
CRAGO, Ruth see Chapman, W L                    
CRAIG, Albert see Bute                    
CRAIG, Albert G       Hinsdale 32 Council Bluffs Iowa William L Craig & Jane Greig 15-Mar-15 Glasgow Valley 1651  
      Anna S Quitney Hinsdale 28 Waseca Mn Alex Quitney & Helen Lewis          
CRAIG, Alonzo       Poplar 27 St Johns New Brunswick Can Oscar Craig & Lizzie Oram 14-May-14 Glasgow Valley 1458  
      Gussie Hoffmyer Minneapolis Mn 37 Norwood Mn Fred Woffmyer & Amelia Seth          
CRAIG, Andrew Cree see Martin, Marcel Paul                    
CRAIG, Arch       Chinook 31 Virginia Charlie Craig & May Rhodes 22-Sep-12 Chinook Blaine 19  
      Lulu Bell Dodd Havre 17 Wilson Cty Kan Ira Dodd & Ethel Williams          
CRAIG, Benjamin H       Havre 31 Goffs Kansas William Craig & Mary Grooes 20-Aug-17 Chinook Blaine 419  
      Ruby Olive Barnes Havre 22 Indiana Walter Barnes & Henrietta Ganstine?          
CRAIG, Carrie see Tatman, Edward                    
CRAIG, Charlie see Craig, Arch                    
CRAIG, Edith see McIntyre, Horace H                    
CRAIG, Elizabeth see Moshus, Ole E                    
CRAIG, Elizabeth see Sielback, Fred                    
CRAIG, Emily see Saulsbury, J E                    
CRAIG, Etta see Richards, William H                    
CRAIG, Helen C see McIntyre, John N                    
CRAIG, Julia Branch see Leggett, Orson E                    
CRAIG, Lillian M see Martin, Marcel Paul                    
CRAIG, Louise M see Bute                    
CRAIG, Millie see Kinsey, Clayton A                    
CRAIG, Nellie see Kaylor                    
CRAIG, Oscar see Craig, Oscar                    
CRAIG, Robert see Craig                    
CRAIG, Samantha see Stevens, Murlin                    
CRAIG, Samuel C       Phillips 24 Missouri   19-Apr-16   Phillips 92  
      Beulah Cox Phillips 19 Oklahoma            
CRAIG, Stanley S       Libby 36 Mn Robert Craig & Maggie Bell 28-May-18 Bainville Sheridan 1312  
      Edith Mooney Libby 31 Ohio David Mooney & Maria Maurer          
CRAIG, W W see Craig, William                    
CRAIG, William       Malta 28 Jefferson Cty Missouri W W Graig & Samantha Deering 1-Jan-06 Glasgow Valley 208  
      Lena Crooks Malta 26 St Joseph Missouri Thomas Crooks & ???          
CRAIG, William see Craig, Benjamin H                    
CRAIG, William L see Craig, Albert                    
CRAIGHEAD, Clarence see Schneecloth, William F                    
CRAIGHEAD, Jewell see Schneecloth, William F                    
CRAIL, L T see Brink, Murry Chester                    
CRAIL, Lloyd T       Malta 20 Mn   16-Jan-22   Phillips 628  
      Bertha May Murray Malta 27 Iowa            
CRAIN, C C see McCartney, John L                    
CRAIN, Mrs M L see Eizenbart, Joseph                    
CRAIN, Nora see McCartney, John L                    
CRAIN, Rockwell       Glasgow 25 Carterville Ill Sylvester Crain & Lucy Douglas 15-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3476  
      Virginia Lee Amlin Glasgow 19 Fairbank Iowa W O Amlin & Mary Wollard          
CRAIN, Sylvester see Crain, Rockwell                    
CRAKE, Minnie see McCleod, Granville, L                    
CRAM, Ava see Lyon, Bert J                    
CRAM, E E see Meek, Floyd                    
CRAM, Eda see Harms, William Lynal                    
CRAM, Erasmus see Lyon, Bert J                    
CRAM, Eunice Mae see Floyd, Mae                    
CRAM, Vinnie see Hill, Harry E                    
CRAMER, Anna L see Sperry, Bert                    
CRAMER, Clara see Phillips, Wm J                    
CRAMER, Clara C see Smith, James R                    
CRAMER, Clarissa see Johns, Fred                    
CRAMER, Clarissa see Shoemaker, Ezra                    
CRAMER, Ella see Butler, F A                    
CRAMER, Ella see Nellans, Carey T                    
CRAMER, Estella see Rounds, David M                    
CRAMER, Estelle see LaLonde, James H                    
CRAMER, Her Lodge see Bearhill                    
CRAMER, J B see Courchene, Daniel                    
CRAMER, James H see Rounds, David M                    
CRAMER, James H see LaLonde, James H                    
CRAMER, John see Sperry, Bert                    
CRAMER, John see Huttinger, William F                    
CRAMER, John       N Y 22 Rochester N J John Cramer & Mary Smith 26-Oct-27 Scobey Daniels 348  
      Fern May Vance Glentana 21 Mohall N D Clarence Vance & Daisy Bridgman          
CRAMER, Mary see Phillips, Roy                    
CRAMER, Mattie Theresa see Osgood, Raymond O                    
CRAMER, Minnie see Goedecke, Gust                    
CRAMER, Minnie see Verstgen, Carl                    
CRANDALL, Ezra C see Crandall, William                    
CRANDALL, Gordon Newlove       Scobey 34 Canada M L Crandall & Mary C Anderson 2-Jan-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1270  
      Alvina Mary Skarnogoski Scobey 22 N D Joe Skarnogoski & Anna Cetner          
CRANDALL, Harry Duncan       Bainville 33 Glendive William Crandall & Amanda Duncan 3-Jan-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1406  
      Claire Bertha Perlowski Sauk Rapids Mn 27 Sauk Rapids Carl Perlowski & Wilhelmina Waslowski          
CRANDALL, Herbert see Anderson, Elmer E                    
CRANDALL, Lois M see Andreson, Elmer E                    
CRANDALL, M L see Crandall, Gordon Newlove                    
CRANDALL, Mary see Moore, Fred                    
CRANDALL, Susa see Beardsley, Earl C                    
CRANDALL, William see Crandall, Harry Duncan                    
CRANDALL, William       Newlon 30 Deerfield Mn Ezra C Crandall & Elizabeth R Hodgson 23-Apr-1893 Glendive Dawson 78  
      Amanda Duncan Newlon ??? ??? ???          
CRANDELL, George F       Scobey 39 Port Perry Canada M L Crandell & Caroline Anderson 8-Feb-28 Glendive Dawson 3547  
      Enid Margaret Skeen Scobey 29 Sunnyside England James Skeen & Elizabeth Annie Ord          
CRANDELL, Leona see Ruby, Harold                    
CRANDELL, M L see Crandell, George E                    
CRANDELL, M L see Fazendin                    
CRANDELL, Ruby see Fazendin                    
CRANDELL, T E see Ruby, Harold                    
CRANE, Alfred C see Crane, Frank H                    
CRANE, Dolly see Nay, Jack                    
CRANE, Edna see Garner                    
CRANE, Frank H       Malta 29 San Francisco Alfred C Crane & Sophia Hall 3-Mar-04 Malta Valley 130  
      Irene C Titus Philadelphia 23 Gainesville Georgia James Titus & Lillian VanHouton          
CRANE, George       Weyburn Can 63 Ohio George W Crane & Elizabeth Gray 21-Jul-15 Plentywood Sheridan 515  
      Luella Pierce Weyburn Can 49 Mich James Winches-ter & Laura Smith          
CRANE, George W see Crane                    
CRANE, Laura see Swingle, Charles F                    
CRANE, Mildred (Sandridge?) see Earsley, Barrett                    
CRANE, Nellie see Robbins, Merritt                    
CRANE, Robert see Robbins, Merritt                    
CRANKSHAW, Mathilda see Jackson, William P                    
CRAPSY, Winnie see McCone, Arthur L                    
CRASEO, Mrs William see Allen, William J                    
CRASL, Katherine see Streitmatter, Frank                    
CRAUSE, Herman Julius       Crow Rock 40 Muskego Wisc William Krause & Gotleba Kenn 16-Jul-28 Circle McCone 123  
      Eva Schauer Crow Rock 18 Streeter N D Peter Schauer & Katrina Job          
CRAUSE, William see Crause, Herman Julius                    
CRAUT, Margaret see Dawe, Jack                    
CRAUTS, Frank       Poplar 32 Bathe N Y Moses Crauts & Menerva Mergen 17-Apr-10 Poplar Valley 611  
      Ellen Rosebloff? Poplar 28 Good Mendlain, Canada Antoin Rosebloff & ???          
CRAUTS, Moses see Crauts, Frank                    
CRAVATH, Elsie see Grow, Earl Winfield                    
CRAVATH, F J see Coburn, Alexander H                    
CRAVATH, Fred James see Grow, Earl Winfield                    
CRAVATH, Marjorie E see Coburn, Alexznder H                    
CRAVEN, Bessie see Wolf, William S                    
CRAVEN, Margaret J see Ross                    
CRAVEN, Susie see McLeod                    
CRAVEN, William see Wolf, William S                    
CRAVEN, Wm A see Harmon, Lewy                    
CRAVER, William F see Craver, William Henry                    
CRAVER , William Henry       Horse Creek 24 Putnam Cty Ind William F Craver & Martha Rutledge 5-Mar-17 Glendive Dawson 2120  
      Stella E Wagner Horse Creek 25 Princeton Mn William F Wagner & Francis Gizsner          
CRAW, George see Krauspe, Max R W                    
CRAWE, Jesse B       Beulah N D 32 New Market Iowa John C Crawe & Elizabeth Kennan 16-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2561  
      Bertha G Warnick Beulah N D 35 Bethany Missouri L D Thompson & Lulu Linville          
CRAWE, John H see Crawe, Jessie B                    
CRAWFORD, Agnes see McKee, Raymond                    
CRAWFORD, Alexander see Crawford                    
CRAWFORD, Amy Lena (Cline?) see Wiltse , Frank J                    
CRAWFORD, Beatrice Irene see Weiermiller, Henry Judson                    
CRAWFORD, Bereta? M see Baird, Stanley H                    
CRAWFORD, Blance see Prevost, Fred                    
CRAWFORD, Cherrick see Benning, B W                    
CRAWFORD, Clarence Bredford       Bowdoin 21 Ackley Mn William John Crawford & Ellen Evenson 30-Aug-21 Glasgow Valley 2806  
      Mildred Chastainette Monroe Bowdoin 17 Omaha Neb William Monroe & Anna Gilliam          
CRAWFORD, Clifford       Glendive 22 Spencer Nebr Lloyd Crawford & Alice Harney 18-Oct-26 Glendive Dawson 3406  
      Lorna Cowden Sidney 18 Sidney L E Cowden & Viola Miller          
CRAWFORD, Della see McGillivray, Malcolm                    
CRAWFORD, E E see Chouenard, Joseph L                    
CRAWFORD, Elijah (Lige)       Homestead 38 Ont Alexander Crawford & Jennie Underwood 30-Sep-14 Plentywood Sheridan 328  
      Sarah Ann Archibald Homestead 39 Canada Thos Morrow & Margaret Kirkpatrick          
CRAWFORD, Ethel see Dore, George Edgar                    
CRAWFORD, Ethel see Lowry, William G                    
CRAWFORD, Florence see Chouenard, Joseph L                    
CRAWFORD, Frank       Idaho 42 Indiana Herbert Crawford & Ella Way 15-Aug-20 Culbertson Roosivelt 167  
      Alice E Wilcox Culbertson 41 Mn M W Elli Thorpe & Zilpha A Mandego          
CRAWFORD, Fred       Glasgow 34 Elgin Ore V Crawford & Mary Alburn 26-Jun-12 Glasgow Valley 1073  
      Alice Wells Glasgow 38 Ill ???          
CRAWFORD, Glen Edward       Glasgow 35 Marion Ohio Joseph Alvin Crawford & Nancy Ireland 11-Mar-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1288  
      Judith Odessa Lundly Aberdeen S D 27 Wismer Neb Ole J Lundly & Anna Graven          
CRAWFORD, Graham H see Crawford, Louis E                    
CRAWFORD, Herb see Ortner, William                    
CRAWFORD, Herbert see Crawford, Frank                    
CRAWFORD, Herbert see Babcock, Eugene G                    
CRAWFORD, Ida Mabel see Benning, B W                    
CRAWFORD, James Milton       Glasgow 23 Kerr Cty Texas Thomas A Crawford & Mattie Neil 9-Oct-04 Glasgow Valley 147  
      Anna Click Glasgow 26 Bandro Cty Texas Joseph Click & Josephine Arnold          
CRAWFORD, Joe & Scena see McPherson, Howard                    
CRAWFORD, Joe & Seena see McPherson, Thomas                    
CRAWFORD, John W see Stoner                    
CRAWFORD, Joseph & Sone see Prevost, Fred                    
CRAWFORD, Joseph Alvin see Crawford, Glen Edward                    
CRAWFORD, Julia see Mountain, Moses                    
CRAWFORD, Julia see Big Snow, Al J                    
CRAWFORD, Julia see Bird Tail, James                    
CRAWFORD, Liela see Babcock, Eugene G                    
CRAWFORD, Lillian see Morris, James                    
CRAWFORD, Lloyd see Crawford, Ralph                    
CRAWFORD, Lloyd see Crawford, Clifford                    
CRAWFORD, Louis E       Wibaux 26 Kans Graham H Crawford & Eva M Cooper 20-Sep-19 Wibaux Wibaux 254  
      Buryl H Snyder Wibaux 25 S D Edgar Snyder & May Corley          
CRAWFORD, Marion see Langham, William H                    
CRAWFORD, Martha see Johnson, Peder                    
CRAWFORD, Minerva see Wheeler, Floyd Harold                    
CRAWFORD, Mrs see Hesthammer, Bert                    
CRAWFORD, Mrs Chas see Johnson, Peder                    
CRAWFORD, Ralph       Sidney 21 Spencer Nebr Lloyd Crawford & Effie Harvey 14-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2720  
      Carolyn Mielke Lambert 19 Sioux City Iowa George Mielke & Grace Christianson          
CRAWFORD, Ratchel? R see Harrie, Dwight Harry                    
CRAWFORD, Rella see Sorenson, Valdemar H                    
CRAWFORD, Sarah see Dotson, Paul                    
CRAWFORD, Sarah see Jacobson, Chris Edward                    
CRAWFORD, Sloan see Sorenson, Valdemar H                    
CRAWFORD, Thomas A see Crawford, James Milton                    
CRAWFORD, Thomas P see Weiermiller, Henry Judson                    
CRAWFORD, V see Crawford, Fred                    
CRAWFORD, Verna see Stoner                    
CRAWFORD, William John see Crawford, Clarence Bredford                    
CRAY, Carl & Anna see Nakkan, Herman John                    
CRAY, Glen       Sand Creek 31 Breckenridge Illinois John A Cray & Alice Ann Schwartz 5-Nov-20 Circle McCone 21  
      Edith Fredregill Sand Creek 25 Marshall Illinois John Ashworth & Tennessee Reynolds          
CRAY, John A see Cray, Glen                    
CRAY, Selma Laura see Nakkan, Herman John                    
CRAYNE, Almeta Mae see Geske, Frank W                    
CRAYNE, Almeta Mae see Wooldridge, Earl Francis                    
CRAZIER?, Geneva see Kimmel, Lewis                    
CRAZY, see Crazy, Joe                    
CRAZY, Dog       Poplar 59 Ft Peck Resiv Bear Ghost & Yellow Eyed Woman     Valley 1101 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Sounding Cloud Poplar 40 Mt No Shoe String & Iron Bird          
CRAZY, Joe       Lodgepole 19 Hays Crazy & Iron Woman 25-Nov-19 St Pauls Mission Blaine 600  
      Mary The Boy Lodgepole 18 Lodgepole The Boy & Ursula          
CRAZY BEAR, Anna see Rattling Hail, George                    
CRAZY BULL, Agnes see Little Bull, Frank                    
CRAZY BULL, James       Culbertson 22 Brockton Samuel Crazy Bull & Naomi 8-May-23 Drew Roosivelt 501  
      Lillian Shields Culbertson 20 Drew Andrew Shields & Florence Lambert          
CRAZY BULL, Sam see Little Bull, Frank                    
CRAZY BULL, Samuel see Crazy Bull, James                    
CREACH, Ernest       Kohler Wis 38 Ind Joe Creech & Joses? Kinney 17-Aug-21 Glasgow Valley 2802  
      Myrtle Kays Hinsdale 34 Indiana E J Kays & Hallie B Ritsberg          
CREACH, Joe see Creach, Earnest                    
CREAME, Eda see Moffatt                    
CREAMER, Charles A see Brown, Fred                    
CREAMER, Lila Rose see Brown, Fred                    
CREE, Hester see Haptonstall                    
CREECH, Grace see Kanakaris, Peter                    
CREECH, Jonathan see Creech, Joseph G                    
CREECH, Joseph G       Sioux Pass 31 Poor Fork Kentucky Jonathan Creech & Leah Lewis 31-May-11 Mondak Valley 841  
      Emma L Lloyd Sioux Pass 33 Glenn Ellyn Ill John N Lloyd & ???          
CREECH, Leander see Kanakaris, Peter                    
CREEGER, Mrs H B see Anderson, James C                    
CREEK, James B see Sproule, N Egerton                    
CREEL, Rollin       Valley 36 Illinois   1-Nov-16   Phillips 152  
      Emily Bollinger Eureka Mt 23 Mich            
CREELMAN, Edward H       Glendive 28 Montague Mass William Creelman & Maria Lovilla Newton 31-Oct-12 Glendive Dawson 1154  
      Laura M Kean Glendive 19 Glendive Thomas Kean & Isolo Jordan          
CREELMAN , William see Creelman, Edward H                    
CREMER, John       Diebolt Can 44 Boston Mass Peter Cremer & Nellie Boon 28-Jul-14 Malta Valley 1501  
      Nellie Bradshaw Canada 28 Augusta Wis Peter Bradshaw & Emma a Gieble          
CREMER, Peter see Cremer, John                    
CREMS, Marie see Johnson, John F                    
CREPEAU, Agnes see Courteau, Max J                    
CRESS, Joe       Union 23 Storm Lake Iowa O W Cress & Mary Kurtenbach 6-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3807  
      Dorothy Petersen Glendive 19 Austin Mn Hans Peterson & Lillian LaPlant          
CRESS, Louise see Belzer, Lewis F                    
CRESS, O W see Cress, Joe                    
CREW, Charlotte see Bryant, Harry                    
CREW, Charlotte see Bryant, George                    
CREWS, Bessie see Potts, Arthur Mell                    
CREWS, James M see Potts, Arthur Mell                    
CREWS, Sallie see Hammond, W L                    
CREWS, Sarah see Tribe, George Thomas                    
CRICHTON, George see McDonell, Willis S                    
CRICHTON, Katherine see McDonell, Willis S                    
CRIPE, Annie see Simmons, William E                    
CRIPE, John W       Norheim 28 Mt John W Cripe & Alice L Stone 12-Jul-16 Chinook Blaine 289  
      Lillus P Sturgeon Norheim 22 Indiana Thomas L Sturgeon & Lenna Draulesbaugh?          
CRIPE, Minnie see McCleod, Lewis Alger                    
CRIPPEN, C C       Ortonville Mn 44 S D J T Crippen & Eva Bailey 17-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 258  
      Bessie Crumb P�wood 23 Mn Carl & Elizabeth Crumb          
CRIPPEN, Emma see Robitaille                    
CRIPPEN, J T see Crippen C C                    
CRIPPS, Laura see Smith, Samuel                    
CRIPPS, Oakley see Denton, Russell                    
CRIPPS, Ruth C see Denton, Russell                    
CRIST, Grace see Eitzen, Dick C                    
CRIST, William see Eitzen, Dick C                    
CRISTO, Pete       Phillips 33 Turkey   13-Nov-13   Phillips 50  
      Belda Kolas Phillips 32 Aust-Hung            
CRISWELL, Ina Effie see Thompson, Jacob Able                    
CRISWELL, J W see Thompson, Jacob Able                    
CRISWELL, John Wesley see Wisch, Julius Alfred                    
CRISWELL, Willa Mae see Wisch, Julius Alfred                    
CRITCHFIELD, James see Hudson, Frank                    
CRITCHFIELD, Lena see Hudson, Frank                    
CRITES, Fay see Harold, Walter S                    
CRITES, John J see Harold, Walter S                    
CROCHET, Katie see Cambridge                    
CROCKER, William see Alley, John                    
CROCKET, John see Crockett, Roy R                    
CROCKETT, James Burton see Crockett, Charles Richard                    
CROCKETT, Bert see Crockett, George Bert                    
CROCKETT, Charles Richard       Intake 22 Bloomfield Nebr James Burton Crockett & Carrie Lease 7-Aug-25 Glendive Dawson 3248  
      Hazel Josie Thomas Intake 18 Logansport Indiana Ed Thomas & Emma Hiatt          
CROCKETT, Chas see Poppe, Charles H                    
CROCKETT, George Bert       Glendive 22 Bloomfield Bert Crockett & Carrie Lease 19-Jul-30 Circle McCone 149  
      Helen Agnes Miller Richey 19 Faith S D Arthur Miller & Anna Mutziter          
CROCKETT, Ida see Coryell, Verle                    
CROCKETT, Ida see Hise, Fred                    
CROCKETT, Ida see Coryell, George Oliver                    
CROCKETT, J B see Crockett, James W                    
CROCKETT, James see Stockey, Valentine W                    
CROCKETT, James W       Waterloo Iowa 27 Bloomfield J B Crockett & Carrie Lease 9-Aug-30 Wibaux Wibaux 752  
      Alice L Kibbee Waterloo Iowa 29 Hubbard Iowa Samuel Hubbard & Nora Walton          
CROCKETT, Margaret see Stockey, Valentine W                    
CROCKETT, Missouri see Shaver, John B                    
CROCKETT, Nettie C see Weinke, Arthur A                    
CROCKETT, Rosella see Speck, Jacob H                    
CROCKETT, Roy R       Oswego 32 Ark John Crockett & Kathern Brown 11-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2493  
      Margaret Thomley res Bonin 29 Illinois H H Thomley & Stella Wood          
CROCKETT, Sarah see Teal, John                    
CROFF, B W see Croff, Sidney                    
CROFF, Edward C       Ft Belknap 43 Browning John P Croff & Louise Sanderville 1-Sep-23 Chinook Blaine 773  
      Katie Matt Ft Belknap 23 Ft Belknap James Matt & ???          
CROFF, James P see Croff, Edward C                    
CROFF, Sidney       Croff S D 24 Park Rapids Mn B W Croff & Bertha Gruetzer 17-Feb-19 Glendive Dawson 2495  
      Lucile Whitford Sturgeon Bay Wisc 21 Strugeon Bay Richard Whitford & Mamie Cook          
CROFT, Charles M see Croft, Roy E                    
CROFT, Christine see Goode, Charles Norton                    
CROFT, Ethel Wilhelmina see Butterfield, Vernoid McKinley                    
CROFT, Mary see Abernethy, Wm M                    
CROFT, Roy E       Chinook 30 Plaska Iowa Charles M Croft & Katherine Blue 13-Aug-20 Chinook Blaine 635  
      Nellie C Hannan Milan Mo 28 Milan William Morehead & Sallie Page          
CROFT, William see Butterfield, Vernoid McKinley                    
CROFTON, Mary Ann see Root, Willis                    
CROFUT, D T see Crofut, EE                    
CROFUT, E E       Malta 44 Lansing Mich D T Crofut & Sarah Howard 11-May-09 Glasgow Valley 468  
      Delora E Carroll Malta 21 Mo L S Beasley & Genaria F McClendon          
CROGAN, John see Nelson                    
CROHN, Emma C (Voager?) see Trusty, Chester A                    
CROHN, Frances see Thorstenson                    
CROHN, Henry J       Dagmar 27 Dagmar William Crohn & Nellie Brown 16-Nov-31 Dagmar Sheridan 2634  
      Ingeborg B Knudsen Dagmar 26 Withee Wis Knud Knudsen & Anna Elise Jensen          
CROHN, Thomas       Dagmar 23 Dagmar Wm Crohn & Nellie Brown 3-Nov-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2503  
      Gladys Dodge P�wood 21 Edmunds Mn Ed Dodge & Minnie Wescom          
CROHN, William see Crohn                    
CROHN, William see Thorstenson                    
CROHN, Wm see Crohn                    
CROME, Ellen see Tribe, Ralph                    
CROMILER, Amanda see Trowbridge, Raymond                    
CROMLEY, D A see Duncan, David C                    
CROMLEY, David see Schnebly, William Buford                    
CROMLEY, Elizabeth see Schnelbly, William Buford                    
CROMLEY, Wilhelmina Jeannette see Duncan, David C                    
CROMMIE, James see Crommie, Robert John                    
CROMMIE, Robert John       Havre 38 Nashua Iowa James Crommie & Martha Canning 2-Nov-22 Poplar Roosivelt 435  
      Alutha Anderson Havre 32 Bluefield W Vir J P Keister & Nannie Cooper          
CROMWELL, Charles see Cromwell                    
CROMWELL, Charles F see Cromwell                    
CROMWELL, Charles Fremont see Cromwell                    
CROMWELL, Charles S see Cromwell, Ward                    
CROMWELL, Charlie see Cromwell                    
CROMWELL, Scott       Flaxville 22 Mn Charles F Cromwell & Linnie Ward 30-Mar-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2052  
      Elma E Bjerke Flaxville 19   Peter J Bjerke & Mary Johnson          
CROMWELL, Walter J       Peerless 26 Mn Charley Cromwell & Linnie Ward 13-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 756  
      Alzadie Lacey Jandt Mt 23 Nebr Elmer Stubblefield & Amanda Smith          
CROMWELL, Ward       New England N D 26 Minneapolis Mn Charles F Cromwell & Minnie Ward 5-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1636  
      Jesse Blake Belfield 18 Java S D Ed Rose & ???          
CROMWELL, Wesley Warren       Flaxville 24 Mn Charles Fremont Cromwell & Linny Helen Ward 23-Oct-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1935  
      Myrtle May Otto Flaxville 18 Mn Emil Herbert Otto & Bird Baker          
CROMWELL, William       Flaxville 24 Mn Charles Cromwell & Lennie Ward 1-Mar-17 Plentywood Sheridan 973  
      Bertha Swigart Redstone 23 N D Robert Cochrane & Alberta (Long?)          
CRONE, Annie see Bilger, William W                    
CRONE, Myrtel see Burger, Paul                    
CRONE, Ralph       Enid 36 Denver Colorado Ross Crone & Clara Long 19-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2255  
      Magdalene Bare Enid 32 Hubbleton Wisc David Bare & Augusta Rosenmier          
CRONE, Ross see Crone, Ralph                    
CRONE, William P see Crone, Arnold L                    
CRONE, ARNOLD, L, Arnold       Wibaux 22 Urbana Ohio William P Crone & Ethel Powell 30-Aug-24 Glendive Dawson 3134  
      Mabel Nelson Wibaux 18 Sentinel Butte N D George Nelson & Zada Frame          
CRONIN, Margaret see Williams, Owen M                    
CRONIN, Mary see McSweeney, Patrick                    
CRONIN, Patrick see Williams, Owen M                    
CRONK, Lydia see Lear Thomas                    
CRONLEY, Emma see Barry, William Henry                    
CRONSHORN, Ollie see Harshbarger                    
CROOK, George see Crook, James G                    
CROOK, James F       Trotters N D 40 Princeton Mn John A Crook & Alice You-mans 15-May-30 Wibaux Wibaux 737  
      Elizabeth Omley Trotters 27 Trotters Olaf K Omley & Pearl Radcliffe          
CROOK, James G       Wibaux 32 Millacs? Mn George Crook & Martha E Hubbard 1-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1318  
      Clara C Nelson Wibaux 30 Polk Cty Mn Charles Nelson & Carine E Romo          
CROOK, john A see Crook, James F                    
CROOK, Mary see Spinharney, Charles G                    
CROOKED, Arm see Arms, Charles                    
CROOKED, Arms see Arms, Charlie                    
CROOKED, Foot Rock see Little Santee                    
CROOKED, Head see Takes The Bow                    
CROOKER, D see Franklin                    
CROOKHAM, Emma see Taylor, Frank W                    
CROOKS, Emma see McCarty, Albert J                    
CROOKS, Francis see Rempel, J A                    
CROOKS, Lena see Craig, William                    
CROOKS, T J see Anderson, Albert                    
CROOKS, Thomas see Rempel, J A                    
CROOKS, Thomas? see Craig, William                    
CROOKSHANKS, S Robert       Karluck Can 34 Crookston Mn Samuel Crookshanks & (Maithy?) Love 6-May-14 Eden Valley Sheridan 224  
      Flora G Carpenter Reserve 33 Lake City Mn E F Carpenter & Anna Ford          
CROOKSHANKS, Samuel see Crokshanks                    
CROPP, Josephine see Harris, Earl L                    
CROSBY, Anna see Carlson, Walfrid                    
CROSBY, Bernard F       McCabe 38 Ill Porter S Crosby & Emma J Barenger 3-Nov-15 (east of Froid) Sheridan    
      Myrtle L Hollingsworth McCabe 28 Ill Regal McCay & Helen Harper          
CROSBY, Bertha F see Erickson                    
CROSBY, E F see McBride, DeLoss                    
CROSBY, Edward T see Crosby, Glen J                    
CROSBY, Frank see Crosby, William A                    
CROSBY, Glenn J       Miles City 26 Wis Edward T Crosby & Frances Eastwood 27-Jul-20 �the Chapel� Wibaux 279  
      Sophie Barth Miles City 34 Watteril Switz Joseph Barth & Theresa Ritter          
CROSBY, Gunerius see Crosby, James                    
CROSBY, James       P�wood 22 Perley Mn Gunerius Crosby & Sophia Larson 16-Jun-11 Med Lake Valley 851  
      Mathilda Cowette Maple Lake Mn 21 Mn Stephen Cowette & Mary Hessell          
CROSBY, Porter S see Crosby                    
CROSBY, Rhoda see Stahlberg                    
CROSBY, Rhoda see Madsen                    
CROSBY, Rhoda see Morgan                    
CROSBY, Rhoda A see Madsen                    
CROSBY, William A       Miles City 24 Esterline N D Frank Crosby & Martha Jane Davis 21-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1572  
      Gladys Jackson Dayton Wyo 20 Ashland Otto A Jackson & Clara Brown          
CROSS, Ann see Wienke, A C                    
CROSS, Anna see Townley, C S                    
CROSS, C R see Decker, Kenneth                    
CROSS, Eva see Taylor, Harry E                    
CROSS, Francis see Rogerson, Joseph                    
CROSS, Francis see Rogerson, Frank                    
CROSS, Leonard see Wienke, A C                    
CROSS, Marie P see Reid, Robert                    
CROSS, Martha see Calahan, James                    
CROSS, Mary see Colgan, George H                    
CROSS, Mary see LaFond, Fred                    
CROSS, Mary see Marsh                    
CROSS, May see Decker, Kenneth                    
CROSS, Myrtle Mable see Wymond, Hawley                    
CROSSEN, Bella see VanMeer, John                    
CROSSEN, Bernard see Crossen, Edward B                    
CROSSEN, Edward B       Chinook 28 Spartan Wis Bernard Crossen & Mamie Pugh 5-Sep-17 Chinook Blaine 421  
      Enid Gibbs Chinook 20 Chinook Ezra Gibbs & Florence Pate          
CROSSEN, Elizabeth M see Fishell, Dale M                    
CROSSEN, Frank R       Redstone 35 Wis William & Anna Crossen 10-Apr-23 Scobey Daniels 100  
      Ruth Gray Redstone 25 Redstone Henry Gray & Caroline Hutchinson          
CROSSEN, Hannah see Williams                    
CROSSEN, Hugh       Great Falls 21 Mt   26-Dec-27   Phillips 996  
      Florence O�Brien Saco 19 ???            
CROSSEN, W M & Hanna see Williams                    
CROSSEN, William & Anna see Crossen, Frank R                    
CROSSEN, William & Hannah see Fishell, Dale M                    
CROSSLEY, Alton T       Chinook 42 Lima Ohio W Henry Crossley & Roxana Murray 4-Apr-17 Chinook Blaine 383  
      Rosa Sauerbier Chinook 31 Sandulac Cty Mich Ferdinand Sauerbier & Rachel Ruhl          
CROSSLEY, W Henry see Crossley, Alton T                    
CROSSMAN, Arminta see Daily, Bruce                    
CROSSMAN, Cornelia see Spears, Robert F                    
CROSSWAITE, Elizabeth see Brew, John R                    
CROSSWELL, Delia Rose see Garrick                    
CROSWELL, Dean & Lois see Rider, Chalmer A                    
CROSWELL, Delia R see Buchanan                    
CROSWELL, Florence see Millin                    
CROSWELL, Irene see McLeod, Robert B                    
CROSWELL, Mary see Rider, Chalmer A                    
CROTEAU, Arthur       Glendive 55 Canada Louis Croteau & Mary Odil 3-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1805  
      Lucile Derouseau Glendive 45 Canada Paul Hebert & Marie Fhibealt?          
CROTEAU, Arthur see Doyle, James G                    
CROTEAU, Arthur see Ory, George                    
CROTEAU, Laura see Doyle, James G                    
CROTEAU, Lena see Ory, George                    
CROTEAU, Louis see Croteau, Arthur                    
CROTTY, Christie see Clarkson, Robert                    
CROTTY, Christie see Wiley, Garland                    
CROTTY, Christy see Dickman, William F                    
CROTTY, Christy see Wiley, Obey Z                    
CROTTY, Christy see Wiley, Asby Q                    
CROTZER, Ona M see Robitaille                    
CROTZER, Mark T see Robitaille                    
CROUCH, Angie see Coltrin, Charles W                    
CROUCH, C E see Reitan, Hjalmer                    
CROUCH, Calvin Earl       Whitewater 22 Illinois   27-Jun-21   Phillips 582  
      Edna May Cardwell Phillips 23 Iowa            
CROUCH, Catherine see Kindzevski                    
CROUCH, Cerriles see Potter                    
CROUCH, Earl see Reitan, Hjalmer                    
CROUCH, Emma G see Sweetman, R W                    
CROUCH, I S see Crouch, John                    
CROUCH, Isabella see Howe, Charles E                    
CROUCH, J E see Boyer, J S                    
CROUCH, John see Dykstra, Cecil                    
CROUCH, John see Fishback, Wilson William                    
CROUCH, John G       Wibaux 59 Bourbon Cty Kentucky I S Crouch & Sarah K Dooley 11-Jul-10 Glendive Dawson 816  
      Emma McLain Wibaux 53 Bath Cty Kentucky Reuben Young & Mildred Carrington          
CROUCH, Nellie Catherine see Fishback, Wilson William                    
CROUCH, Nina B see Boyer, J S                    
CROUCH, Reba see Dyksrta, Cecil                    
CROUSE, Anthony       Outlook 22 W Vir Z Crouse & Victoria Robinson 5-Oct-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2359  
      Evelyn McLeod Med� Lake 19 Canada George McLeod & Ella Brightsman          
CROUSE, Blanch see Brightsman                    
CROUSE, Ethel see Nichols                    
CROUSE, John & Fanny see Crouse, W M                    
CROUSE, Lair see Brightsman                    
CROUSE, Leer see Nichols                    
CROUSE, Mary see Musselman, Everett                    
CROUSE, Nova see Ruggles                    
CROUSE, W M       Glasgow 23 N Carolina John & Fanny Crouse 2-Aug-10 Glasgow Valley 682  
      Sarah Black Glasgow 24 Mn Patrick Black & Margaret McCart          
CROUSE, Yehuda see Ruggles                    
CROUSE, Z see Crouse                    
CROUTHERS, Margaret see Vincent                    
CROW, Chief see Warrior, Rufus                    
CROW, Hollow see Longfox, John                    
CROW, Jennie see Crow, Richard                    
CROW, Judge see Crow, Teddy                    
CROW, Luella see Crow, Richard                    
CROW, Richard       Poplar 28 Ft Yates N D Dresser & Jennie Crow 13-Sep-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1352  
      Luella Crow Poplar 24 Poplar Joseph & Mathilda Culbertson          
CROW, Richard R       Poplar 32 N D Dresser & Good Hands 27-Jan-24 Poplar Roosivelt 591  
      Luella Culbertson Poplar 19 Poplar Joseph & Mathilda Culbertson          
CROW, Teddy       Poplar 28 Poplar Judge Crow & Good Hand 17-Apr-22 Poplar Roosivelt 371  
      Sarah Lester Poplar 18 Poplar Dan Lester & Julia Foreman          
CROW EAGLE, Lizzie see Recette, Moses                    
CROWDER, Emma see Schoenig, Edwin F H                    
CROWDER, Nellie Fay (Heiser?) see Lee, Gilbert                    
CROWDER, Robert A       Phillips 23 Ark   30-Jun-17   Phillips 238  
      Nellie Heiser Phillips 15 Kans            
CROWE, Andrew see Kinsfather, Lionel G                    
CROWE, Andrew see Miller, Theodore                    
CROWE, Andrew E see Crowe Chester                    
CROWE, Blanche see Kinsfather, Lionel G                    
CROWE, Chester       Opheim 24 N D Andrew E Crowe & Bernice Newman 5-Feb-16 Opheim? Valley 1815  
      Leeta Robinson McElwain Lansford N D 19   John William McElwain & Mary Robinson          
CROWE, Hazel see Miller, Theodore                    
CROWE, Hazel Junita see Smith, Marvin H                    
CROWE, John       Great Falls 29 Toronto Ont Can John H Crowe & Lydia Hoy 26-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 2603  
      Bertha A Cookingham Bowdoin 31 Indiana George Cookingham & Sallie LaMunyon          
CROWE, John H see Crowe, John                    
CROWE, John H see Smith, Marvin H                    
CROWELL, Albert see Shermer, Walter                    
CROWELL, Jacob see Dunn, W C                    
CROWGOST, Bernard see Ricker, Richard                    
CROWGOST, Rose see Ricker, Richard                    
CROWLEY, Alice Francis see Tweedie, James Andrew                    
CROWLEY, James see Hand, Roy D                    
CROWLEY, John       Malta 35 Wisc   9-Jun-28   Phillips 1026  
      Etta Helena Zabell Phillips legal Canada            
CROWLEY, John W see Muhs, Anton                    
CROWLEY, Joseph M       Chicago Ill 36 Steuben Wis Michael Crowley & Bridget Brennan 20-Jul-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2614  
      Helen Heinz Chicago 36 Chicago Math Heinz & Theresa Rosch          
CROWLEY, Mamie see Muhs, Anton                    
CROWLEY, Marion C see Hand, Roy D                    
CROWLEY, Michael see Crowley                    
CROWLEY, William       Omro Wis 32 Wis   30-Nov-29   Phillips 1152  
      Corinne St Mary Malta 25 Mn            
CROWLIE, John see Crowlie, William F                    
CROWLIE, William F       Regina 40 Dunseith? Scotland John Crowlie & Elizabeth Fife 24-Oct-27 Scobey Daniels 346  
      Roberta J R McCrury Regina Sask Can 25 Moosonian Sask Colin M McCrury & Elizabeth Reid          
CROWSON, Rose see Miller, James                    
CROXTON, Edith Marie see Chester, Homer A                    
CROXTON, Frank see Chester, Homer A                    
CROXTON, Frank see Lund, Hilmar B                    
CROZIER, see Crazier                    
CROZIER, Geneva see Jensen, George M                    
CRUEL, May see Quam                    
CRUGER, H B see Lind, Victor                    
CRUICKSHANK, Calvin see Hall, Guy Walter                    
CRUICKSHANK , Lela E see Hall, Guy Walter                    
CRUICKSHANK, Mary A see Hilger, Robert Joseph                    
CRUICKSHANK, Robert K       Moose Jaw Sask Can 29 Moose Jaw Robert Cruickshank & Isabelle Trant 20-Oct-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2883  
      Kathleen Naden Regina Sask 30 England Tristam Naden & Florence Galleymore          
CRUIKSHANK, Charles see Cruikshank, John G                    
CRUIKSHANK, Charles see Elliott, Francis                    
CRUIKSHANK, Dick see Carberry, Archie L                    
CRUIKSHANK, John G       Saco 24 Scotland Charles Cruikshank & Lizzie Grant 6-Jan-15 Glasgow Valley 1628  
      Jeannie C Dunbar Saco 19   William Dunbar & Jeannie C Strachan          
CRUIKSHANK, Lizzie see Elliott, Francis                    
CRUM, Carl see Crum                    
CRUM, Daisy see Barrows, H C                    
CRUM, Irma Bixby see Fisher, Jacob                    
CRUM, Kitty see Maupin, Olan C                    
CRUM, Oscar       Outlook 34 Mn Carl Crum & Emma Erbe 19-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1231  
      Emma Noren Outlook 25 Sweden A M Noren & Audres Mangness          
CRUM, Paul see Fisher, Jacob                    
CRUMB, Bessie see Crippen                    
CRUMB, Carl see Crippen                    
CRUMB, John see Marts                    
CRUME, Charles A       Wibaux 25 Mankato Mn J W Crume & Laura Hall 12-Dec-16 Glendive Dawson 2081  
      Eda M Beeler Wibaux 21 Canal Cty Ind Harry H Beeler & Mary Schneider          
CRUME, J W see Crume, Charles A                    
CRUMLEY, John & Harriet O see McDent, Roy W                    
CRUMLEY, Rosa Opal see McDentt, Roy W                    
CRUMP, Mary see George, John                    
CRUSCH, Erick Cecil       Bainville 26 Indiana W A Crusch & Mary Rose 22-Jan-22 Glasgow Roosivelt 346  
      Elva Reynolds Bainville 20 Ft Benton George Reynolds & Mary S Evans          
CRUSCH, Ida Mae see Jensen, Lawrence                    
CRUSCH, W A see Crusch, Erick Cecil                    
CRUSCH,, W see Jensen, Lawrence                    
CRUTCHER, Bertie see Galgerud, Dan                    
CRUTCHER, David B       Opheim 22 Ken John Crutcher & May Knox 3-Sep-15 Roanwood Valley 1726  
      June Marshall Opheim 25 Michigan John W Marshall & Rose Morrex?          
CRUTCHER, John see Crutcher, David B                    
CRUTCHFIELD, Bessie see Richardson, George                    
CRUTCHFIELD, G W see Vagg, Frank J                    
CRUTCHFIELD, Gertrude see Vagg, Frank J                    
CRUTCHFIELD, Orville C       Phillips 22 Missouri   28-Mar-17   Phillips 199  
      Amelia Edna Schultz Phillips 22 Mn            
CRUTCHFIELD, Roby A       Saco 24 Newark Missouri William Crutchfield & Minnie Willie 8-Aug-22   Valley 2902  
      Helen Vera Kays Hinsdale 22 Rensellear Indiana Edward J Kays & Alphratta J Ritchey          
CRUTCHFIELD, Roly see Crutchfield, Orville C                    
CRUTCHFIELD, W R see Richardson, George                    
CRUTCHFIELD, William see Crutchfield Roby                    
CRUTENDALF, Elizabeth see Thill, A C                    
CRYDERMAN, E see Cryderman                    
CRYDERMAN, George M       Canada 62 Can E Cryderman & Mary Hickey 24-Aug-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1682  
      Emma F Hovey Can 62 b Ont Can William Cickles & Emma Clark          
CRYE, Zoe see Conner, Varrell Jacob                    
CRYSTAL, Eleanor see Freeman, Walter S                    
CRYSTAL, Martha see Freeman, Walter S                    
CRYSTAL, Martha see Hamlin, W H                    
CUBER, Barbara see Callendar, Louis Henry                    
CUBER, Barbara D see Callendar, Lloyd P                    
CUDAHEE, Hannah see Kane, J E                    
CUDDEBACK, Chas see Cuddeback                    
CUDDEBACK, Raymond       Girard Mt 25 Mich Chas Cuddeback & Agnes Browne 15-Feb-14 Culbertson Sheridan 175  
      Nora Meyers Rugby N D 25 Wis N E Myers & Christine Haynes          
CUDDIE, Cora see Linder                    
CUFF, Henry see Bouchard, Charles                    
CUFF, Katherine see Bouchard, Charles                    
CUFF, Lydia see Price, Lawrence Arnold                    
CUFF, Lydia Ann see Smith, Lewie Roberts                    
CUFFLES, Elsie see Kinsey, Roy                    
CUFFLES, Elsie see Kinsey, E Milton                    
CUFFLES, Elsie A see Lewis, Oscar T                    
CUGAN, Julianne see Willford, Albert                    
CUHEL, Anna see Stanek, Jerry                    
CULBER, Lucie see Rasmussen                    
CULBERT, Katherine Lane see Abel, Thomas Morgan                    
CULBERT, Mrs Wm see McQueen, Geo W                    
CULBERTSON, Clara see Flynn, Thomas J                    
CULBERTSON, Clara see Flynn, Thomas Jr                    
CULBERTSON, Clara see GrandChamp, Nelson                    
CULBERTSON, D E       Froid 33 Iowa D T Culbertson & Sarah Wise 12-Oct-16 Medicine Lake Sheridan 843  
      Mayme Kotilinck Froid 21 S D Frank Kotilinck & Tony Tusa          
CULBERTSON, D T see Culbertson                    
CULBERTSON, Elida see Clark, Walter Jr                    
CULBERTSON, Elizabeth see Pereau, Vernon Jessie                    
CULBERTSON, Emma Harriet see Renz, David Burshia                    
CULBERTSON, Jack see Mulligan, Albert A                    
CULBERTSON, Jack see Dupree, David J                    
CULBERTSON, Jack see Dupree                    
CULBERTSON, Joe see GrandChamp, Nelson                    
CULBERTSON, John see Shivley, Felix Charles                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Dupree, David Joseph                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Flynn, Thomas Jr                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Renz, David Burshia                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Sibbits, Edward                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Culbertson, Samuel                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Alvarez, Joseph                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph see Ewing                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph Jr & Matilda see Crow, Richard R                    
CULBERTSON, Joseph W see Flynn, Thomas J                    
CULBERTSON, Lizzie see Newton, George A                    
CULBERTSON, Luella see Crow, Richard R                    
CULBERTSON, Maggie see Ewing                    
CULBERTSON, Mary see Shivley, Felix Charles                    
CULBERTSON, Matilda A see Lewis, Charles W                    
CULBERTSON, Mayinie see Mulligan, Albert A                    
CULBERTSON, Pauline see Powell, Courtland W                    
CULBERTSON, Samuel       Poplar 21 Poplar Joseph Culbertson & Isabel LaRock 9-Jun-19 Mondak Roosivelt 26  
      Margaret L Mossman Poplar 18 Oneda Wis Eugene Mossman & Margaret Poweless          
CULL, Albert W       Harlwm 25 St Thomas N D Edward Cull & Helen McQuinn 9-Mar-14 Harlem Blaine 108  
      Anna Trudell Harlem 34 Rhinelander Wis Arthur Trudell & Lena Shank          
CULL, Edward see Cull, Albert W                    
CULLEN, Charles C       Regina 22 Regina Jeff Cullen & Blanche Butts 28-Aug-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3058  
      Marjorie E Postle-waite Regina 18 Leask Can John W Postlewaite & Christine Erickson          
CULLEN, H C see Lien, Jack                    
CULLEN, Jeff see Cullen                    
CULLEN, Michael J       Livingston 28 Ireland Thomas & Margaret Cullen 26-Apr-03 Glendive Dawson 289  
      Dolly Newman Orange Virginia 21 Orange ???          
CULLEN, Sarah see Lien, Jack                    
CULLEN, Thomas & Margaret see Cullen, Michael J                    
CULLEN, Thomas L       Glendive 22 Blackearth Wisc Wm Cullen & Mary Dunn 12-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 634  
      Martha E Weiglanda Glendive 20 Gladstone N D John H Weiglanda & Selma R Frede          
CULLEN, William see Cullen, Thomas L                    
CULLER, Clara E see vick, Harry E                    
CULLETT, Andrew G       Terry 32 Troy N Y George Cullet & Julia Hayward 2-Jan-26   Dawson 3314  
      Grace Watkins Watkins 24 Weatherby Mo William H Fleming & Anna Brown          
CULLETT, George see Cullett, Andrew G                    
CULLITON, James M       Havre 29 Buffalo N Y James M Culliton & Theresa Simpson 22-May-21 Chinook Blaine 673  
      Evelyn Cash Havre 22 Rossburg Ohio John Subler & Rose Wagner          
CULLUM, Katherine see Devney, Henry L                    
CULLUM, Martha E see Norton, Don Evan                    
CULP, Ernest E       Dickinson N D 22 Boyceville Wis Jessie E Culp & Pearl Clo-ugh 17-Nov-28 Wibaux Wibaux 649  
      Theresa Kluch Richardton N D 18 Richardton John Kluch & Lena Schutz          
CULP, Harry Lawrence       Williston N D 40 Elysian Mn Henry Culp & Luella Fish 24-Apr-29   Dawson 3710  
      Gladys Goldie Simpson Cody 21 Cody Wyo Ben Tutle & Goldie Warrell          
CULP, Henry see Culp, Harry Lawrence                    
CULP, Jesse see Hanson, Kaffon O                    
CULP, Jessie E see Culp, Ernest E                    
CULP, Valerine see Hanson, Kaffon O                    
CULPER, Mary see Turney, Victor                    
CULVER, Ann see Young, Charles B                    
CULVER, Edward see Culver, Oliver                    
CULVER, Eva Belle see Davey, Martin H                    
CULVER, J Nelson see Riley, W S                    
CULVER, Jess N see Culver, Lyle D                    
CULVER, Lucy see Gunther, J J                    
CULVER, Lucy see Nickerson, Elmer E                    
CULVER, Lyle D       Anthon Iowa 24 Mapleton Iowa Jess N Culver & Laura Sedam 31-May-30 Glendive Dawson 3869  
      Marvel Birdsall Gladstone N D 24 New Leipzig N D J S Birdsall & Martha Paduch          
CULVER, Oliver       Malta 21 U S Edward Culver & Alice Platt 27-Jul-1895 Malta Valley ?  
      Mamie Peters Malta 18 U S Bruce Peters & Elenor Hannah          
CULVERSON, Albert James       Miles City 24 St Charles Illinois Albert Culverson & Bertha Baldridge 3-Nov-28 Glendive Dawson 3657  
      Grace Haughawout Miles City 21 Green Bay Wisc Edgar Haughgawout & Anna Sargent          
CULVERSON, Bertha see Corkery, Edward J                    
CULVIN, Eva May see Bowman, Walter W                    
CULWELL, A J see Culwell, J E                    
CULWELL, Andrew Jackson       Brockton 22 Poplar Andrew Jackson Culwell & Eliza-beth Dee 9-Feb-22 Poplar Roosivelt 350  
      Sarah Amelia Dewitt Poplar 20 S D W S Dewitt & Mary L Peters          
CULWELL, J E       Brockton 21 Dawson Cty A J Culwell & Elizabeth Der? (Orr?) 17-Apr-12 Brockton Valley 1034  
      Clarice Kennedy Brockton ??? St And_? N D John Kennedy & Mary Ann Keyes          
CUMBERLAND, Ada see Hatch, Paul                    
CUMBERLAND, Jessie see Andersen, Volney                    
CUMMINGS, Albert R       Chinook 34 Genessee Cty Mich Nathaniel Cummings & Margaret Dunk -er 17-Aug-17 Chinook Blaine 417  
      Lola D Hankins Chinook 23 Emmet Cty Mich Amos Hankins & Mary Shields          
CUMMINGS, Anita M see Hickerson, A D                    
CUMMINGS, Bridget see Sennott, Walter Patrick                    
CUMMINGS, Clarence Eugene       Lindsay 19 Lindsay Eugene Henry Cummings & Rose Ella Alton 24-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3798  
      Ethel Martin Heaney Glendive 19 Goodhue Mn Robert James Heaney & Ella Jane Gant          
CUMMINGS, Duncan see Cummings, Earl H                    
CUMMINGS, E H see Cummings, Joseph Alton                    
CUMMINGS, Earl H       Fryberg N D 25 Lock Harbor Nova Scotia Duncan Cummings & Jane Stewart 18-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1514  
      Hattie Miller Medore N D 24 Mankato Mn Bennett Miller & Sophia Peterson          
CUMMINGS, Eleanor see Newton, Ralph Alton                    
CUMMINGS, Eliz P see Francis, Preston L                    
CUMMINGS, Elizabeth see Young, J H                    
CUMMINGS, Elma see Wallander, Selmer B                    
CUMMINGS, Elna see Hermansen                    
CUMMINGS, Elna see Hamilton                    
CUMMINGS, Elna E see Fough                    
CUMMINGS, Elna Elizabeth see Wall, Abraham Jerome                    
CUMMINGS, Elvira see Coats, Arthur Henry                    
CUMMINGS, Eugene see Hickerson, A D                    
CUMMINGS, Eugene see Newton, Ralph Alton                    
CUMMINGS, Eugene Henry see Cummings, Clarence Eugene                    
CUMMINGS, George see Jacobs                    
CUMMINGS, Horace       Wibaux 28 New Haven Iowa Merrill Cummings & Louisa Pilcher 11-Jun-21 Wibaux Wibaux 306  
      Margaret Parker Wibaux 33 Ackley Iowa Frank Parker & Ellen Kine-fick          
CUMMINGS, John see Wright, Walter Jackson                    
CUMMINGS, Joseph Alton       Lindsay 26 Greenwood Wisc E H Cummings & Ella Alton 1-Jun-29 Glendive Dawson 3353  
      Francis Helen Larsen Glendive 19 Wood Lake Mn Chris A Larsen & Elizabeth Spurher          
CUMMINGS, Julia DeMoe see Fischer                    
CUMMINGS, K Alice see Stoker, Vern R                    
CUMMINGS, L C see Stoker, Vern R                    
CUMMINGS, Lancy see Rasor, Glen                    
CUMMINGS, Leah see Jacobs                    
CUMMINGS, Lillie see Brown, Alexander                    
CUMMINGS, Lillie see Anderson, John E                    
CUMMINGS, Margaret see McBee, W W                    
CUMMINGS, Maud see Storoe, Walter                    
CUMMINGS, Merrill see Cummings, Horace                    
CUMMINGS, Myrta E see Jewell, Ray E                    
CUMMINGS, Myrtle Ella see Pryor, Roger W                    
CUMMINGS, Nathaniel see Cummings, Albert R                    
CUMMINGS, Newton J       Regina Mt 19 New York   31-Dec-26   Phillips 936  
      Etta Caughlin Regina Mt   Colorado            
CUMMINGS, Rachelle see New                    
CUMMINGS, Samuel S see Brown, Alexander                    
CUMMINGS, Sophia see Morrin, Samuel Wedcraft                    
CUMMINS, Flossie May see Bywater, John T                    
CUMMINS, George & Mary E see Bope, Earl Eston                    
CUMMINS, George E see Carter                    
CUMMINS, Laura see Berg                    
CUMMINS, Mary see Wheelwright, George                    
CUMMINS, Mary Elizabeth see Bope, Earl Eston                    
CUMMINS, Nina see Cave, Alfred                    
CUMMINS, S D see Fletcher, Joseph H                    
CUMMINS, Sarah J see Fletcher, Joseph H                    
CUMMOLE, Della see Shutts, G W                    
CUNDIFF, James see Cundiff, Rufus L                    
CUNDIFF, Rufus L       Fairview 27 Somerset Ky James Cundiff & Elizabeth Lee 9-Sep-11 Culbertson Valley 888  
      Melissa S Tucker Fairview 22 Somerset Ky John Tucker & Sally Boysden          
CUNDIFF, William F see Winter, Charles H                    
CUNIFF, David M       Opheim 31 Brainerd Mn John Cuniff & Edith McArthur 30-Oct-20 Glasgow Valley 2733  
      Rembie Hartsock Glasgow 22 Indiana Samuel Hartsock & Loretta Hall          
CUNIFF, John see Cuniff, David M                    
CUNNARD, Charles see Knapp, Wibur Gail                    
CUNNINGHAM, Thomas see Taylor, Max L                    
CUNNINGHAM, ___? see Murphy, James P                    
CUNNINGHAM, Arley W       Phillips 35 Ohio   15-Jun-16   Phillips 110  
      Daisy M Young Phillips 36 Ohio            
CUNNINGHAM, Arly W see Jacobs, Robert                    
CUNNINGHAM, Cora see Simle, Talmer                    
CUNNINGHAM, Dorthia see Jacobs, Robert                    
CUNNINGHAM, Ethel see Fairbanks, J A                    
CUNNINGHAM, Francis see Price, Robert L                    
CUNNINGHAM, Isabeth see Morck                    
CUNNINGHAM, Josephine see Hansen, Hans J                    
CUNNINGHAM, Mary see Zimmerman, Robert L                    
CUNNINGHAM, Mary A see Burley, Lloyd Wilson                    
CUNNINGHAM, Mildred C see Taylor, Max L                    
CUNNINGHAM, Pheby see Murphy                    
CUNNINGHAM, William see Fairbanks, J A                    
CUNNINGHAM,, Daisy, see Jacobs, Robert                    
CUPPLES, Elsie see Kinsey, Lee R                    
CURFMAN, Mary see Bushman, Marvin                    
CURFMAN, Mary see Rogerson, Frank                    
CURFMAN, Mary see Baird, David                    
CURGIL, Annie see Siruchuk                    
CURIE, Mamie E see Dravenstott, John T                    
CURL, Elwood see Liles, Vance E                    
CURL, Ethel M see McCauley, William Robert                    
CURL, Helen see Schouble, Frank                    
CURL, L E see Fuhrman, Robert C                    
CURL, L E see Schouble, Frank                    
CURL, Maud Anderson see Liles, Vance E                    
CURL, Parthenee see Calavan, Joseph W                    
CURL, Parthnia see Calavan, Joseph                    
CURLE, Ethel see Osksa                    
CURLEY, (Mrs Tom Skunk) see Grant, Cecil                    
CURLEY, Cloyd C       Wagner 30 Illinois   21-Nov-25   Phillips    
      Mary C Turney Wagner 30              
CURLEY, Henry see Farrell, John A                    
CURLEY, Leo K       Wagner 23 Iowa   1-Sep-28   Phillips 1053  
      Erma L Peterson Saco 19 Mn            
CURLINAN, Nancy see Danielsen                    
CURLISS, see Corliss                    
CURLISS, Charles A       Glendive 57 Detroit Mich Herman Curliss & ??? 17-Jun-22 Wibaux Wibaux 344  
      Mrs Carrie Hardy Glendive 54 Iowa Henry & Carrie Weed          
CURLISS, Herman see Curliss, Charles A                    
CURO, James? see Moriarity, T J                    
CURO, Mabel see Moriarity, T J                    
CURRAN, A see Forsyth, James                    
CURRAN, Archibald see Curran, John                    
CURRAN, Archibald       Culbertson 23 Chicago Archibald Curran & Jane Reid 25-Sep-1895 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Carolina Lundberg Culbertson 16 Donneberg? Nebr Ernest Lundberg & Augustana Whitman          
CURRAN, Caroline see Forsyth, James                    
CURRAN, Claire Louise see McNally, Leo                    
CURRAN, Eliza see Connell, Dan                    
CURRAN, Eliza Jane see Bailey, John                    
CURRAN, Gilbert C see Doty, John William                    
CURRAN, John       Culbertson 22 Chicago Archibald Curran & Jane Reed 28-Oct-1896 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Lucy A Isbell Culbertson 19 Emerson Iowa Wm H Isbell & Philena S Houghton          
CURRAN, John see McNally, Leo                    
CURRAN, John Merle       Wolf Point 25 Poplar John Curran & Lucy Amy Isbell 10-Jun-29 Froid Roosivelt 1325  
      Edythe May Bohn Wolf Point   Russell N D Leslie Bohn & Augusta Neiss          
CURRAN, Kate see Hayes, Patrick                    
CURRAN, Margaret G see Heisler Martin L                    
CURRAN, Maria see Hammond, Theodore                    
CURRAN, Marinda M see Rimel, William Phillip                    
CURRAN, Merinda see Lutham, Ethan G                    
CURRAN, Merinda see Zimmerman, Al                    
CURRAN, Merinda M see Hammond, Allen D                    
CURRAN, Michael see Sefert, Stanley                    
CURRAN, Nellie see Sefert, Stanley                    
CURRAN, Pat see Hayes, Patrick                    
CURRAN, Timothy see Heisler                    
CURRDY?, Eva see Rolfe, Perry E                    
CURRENT, Durwood see Olson, Peter O                    
CURRENT, Edith see Olson, Peter O                    
CURRIE, ??? see Blue, Edwin R N                    
CURRIE, A M see Dooner, Walter F                    
CURRIE, A N see Smith, Albert E                    
CURRIE, Anna see Konschur, George                    
CURRIE, Carl see Konschur, George                    
CURRIE, James Laughlin see Zartman, Charles Cody                    
CURRIER, Catherine see Coughlin, John James                    
CURRIER, Emma see Sanford, Leo N                    
CURRIER, Minnie see Greenough, Frank A                    
CURRY, Claude       8th Point Mt 24 Ore George L Curry & Maude Brown 5-Feb-20 Glasgow Valley 2618  
      Rita Kincaid Glasgow 19 Ariz Frank Kincaid & ??? Airsmith          
CURRY, Edith Lee see Coyle, George A                    
CURRY, George see Curry, Roy                    
CURRY, George L see Curry Claude                    
CURRY, Henry S       Parks Ariz 36 Mich Johnson Curry & Martha Carson 2-Oct-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2198  
      Emma Hass Kenmare 23 Germany August Hass & Emilie Loose          
CURRY, Honor see Smith, John H                    
CURRY, James M       Great Halls 31 Great Falls Michael Curry & Ellen Sherlock 3-Aug-24 Scobey Daniels 160  
      Emma Liestiko Glasgow 28 Grand Forks N D Fred Liestiko & Augusta Bleich          
CURRY, Kalil see Curry, Sheikry K                    
CURRY, Kate see Lundblad, LeRoy                    
CURRY, Laurie see Ryder, Patrick F                    
CURRY, Lizzie see Jervett, Halleck                    
CURRY, Luke see Curry, H L                    
CURRY, Margaret see Simpson, Alfred                    
CURRY, Mary see Eidum, Halvor                    
CURRY, Michael see Curry, James M                    
CURRY, Roy       Lismas 23 Ore George Curry & Maud Brown 18-Jan-15 Glasgow Valley 1634  
      Ida Pointer Lismas 15 Ken Sam Pointer & Almeda Whitaker          
CURRY, Shiekry K       Havre 36 Syria Kalil Curry & Nazka Makrous 10-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 2697  
      Rachel Bahme Williston 22 Nebr Salim Bahme & Sultana Trade          
CURRY, W L       Edmonton Alberta Can 38 Hennipenn Cty Mn Luke Curry & Mary Daly 3-Sep-18 Glendive Dawson 2420  
      Lennie Chambers Sidney 27 Marshalltown Iowa John Rudd & Inga Knudson          
CURRY,, Johnson, see Curry                    
CURS�?, Jane see Holmes, Thomas C                    
CURTIN, Dennis see Curtin                    
CURTIN, L D       Whitetail 27 Missouri Dennis Curtin & Nancy Elizabeth Cooper 4-Feb-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2301  
      Blanche Ruggles Cartwright N D 29 S D Henry Green & Mayme Ralye          
CURTIN, Tedford G       Dooley 28 N D Timothy Curtin & Ellen Nicholson 2-Jul-15 Plentywood Sheridan 502  
      Ruth M Adams Dooley 17 Iowa S P Adams & Hallie M Barge          
CURTIN, Timothy see Curtin                    
CURTIS, �? R C see Roy                    
CURTIS, A W see Curtis Lewis J                    
CURTIS, Carrie see Davis, J A                    
CURTIS, Cecil Edward       Sand Creek 22 Mt Orrin Curtis & Minnie Spear 23-May-26 Bainville Roosivelt 898  
      Belle Kao Bainville 25 Mich William Kao & Mary Jane Hadrill          
CURTIS, Chas F see Curtis, Ernest J                    
CURTIS, E J see Curtis, Winston Ralph                    
CURTIS, Elizabeth see Brodhead, Markus                    
CURTIS, Ernest J       Glendive 24 Rapid City S D Chas F Curtis & Ester Scott 8-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 754  
      Irene Robinson Glendive 18 Chicago Ill W H Robinson & Olin Carroll          
CURTIS, Harriett M see Baldwin, Edward P                    
CURTIS, Leonard Almond       Baylor 35 Canby Mn Orin Curtiss & Clyisty Call 29-Dec-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1129  
      Gladys Lillian Elkins Baylor 33 Salina Kan Louis Elkins & Anna Kelly          
CURTIS, Lewis J       Glasgow 23 San Antonio Texas A W Curtis & Emma Fowler 30-Aug-06 Glasgow Valley 248  
      Alice G Brien Coburg 19 N Y B K Brien & ???          
CURTIS, Louise see Warnes, Millard Wilfred                    
CURTIS, Mabel see Baldwin, Otto G                    
CURTIS, Mary see Watson, William H                    
CURTIS, May (Lewis) see Ball, William                    
CURTIS, O B see Curtis, Robert Bruce                    
CURTIS, Olive R see LaMeres, Glen William                    
CURTIS, Orin see Curtis, Leonard Almond                    
CURTIS, Orrin see Curtis, Cecil Edward                    
CURTIS, Robert Bruce       Phon 18 Bellingham Wash O B Curtis & Elizabeth Irene Fitzgerald 9-Sep-29 Glasgow Valley 3502  
      Etta Mae Eby Glasgow 17 Lewiston Idaho Jesse Eby & Grace Stevenson          
CURTIS, Rose Mable see Partridge, Charles James                    
CURTIS, Winston Ralph       Mosher N D 25 Seattle Wash E J Curtis & Emma Cox 5-Oct-25 Wibaux Wibaux 513  
      Anna Hladick Mosher 18 Larksville Pa John M Hladick & Mary Zilchak          
CURTISS, J J see Curtiss, Jerome G                    
CURTISS, Jerome J       Glendive 30 Black Creek Wisc J J Curtiss & Clystia Lyman 10-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2140  
      Lena Kaab? Glendive 18 Glen Ullen N D John Kaab & Katherine Schnider          
CURTISS, John see Partridge, Charles James                    
CURTISS, John see Limesand, Louis                    
CURTISS, John K see Curtiss, Malcolm                    
CURTISS, Malcolm       Circle 19 Bovina Wisc John K Curtiss & Abbie McNiese 11-Feb-26 Circle McCone 90  
      Ellen Burger Circle 18 Royal Iowa Robert Burger & Bendenie Assemusen          
CURTISS, Mildred see Limesand, Louis                    
CURTS, Clara (Picket) see Keongh, Thomas                    
CURTS, Sarah see Benson, George                    
CURTZ, John see Curtz                    
CURTZ, Victor       Burgfield Sask Can 27 Canada John Curtz & Lydia M Woods 26-Jun-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1335  
      Elizabeth Kes-lering Bergfield 18 Austria John Kesler-ing & Barbara Mollinger          
CURZ?, Palnes? see Castillo, Cataieno                    
CUSHATT, Sarah see VanDyke, Henry W                    
CUSHING, E S see cushing, Herbert C                    
CUSHING, E S see Anderson, Arthur E                    
CUSHING, Emma see Baker, Chester E                    
CUSHING, Herbert C       Malta 33 Ind E S Cushing & Laura E Brown 19-Jan-22 Glasgow Valley 2844  
      Gertrude F Wilson Glasgow 18 Withrow Mn James G Wilson & Margaret A Tierney          
CUSHING, Joseph see Cushing, Thomas                    
CUSHING, Katherine see Anderson, Arthur E                    
CUSHING, Mabel see Deisen, Raymond F                    
CUSHING, Mamie see Walters, Max                    
CUSHING, Mamie see Walters, Harold C                    
CUSHING, Nolel see Baker, Lloyd M                    
CUSHING, Thomas       Culbertson 42 Quebec Can Joseph Cushing & Henrietta Mensease? 19-Jan-1894 Culbertson Valley 11  
      Miss Goodlodge Culbertson 15 Culbertson Arm Necklace & ???          
CUSHING, Thomas               7-Jan-1885   Dawson 36  
      Medicine Woman                  
CUSHMAN, Cy see Cushman, Fred                    
CUSHMAN, Fred       Anad 29 Plattville Wisc Cy Cushman & Doris Lane 13-Oct-26 Circle McCone 103  
      Rhinegardis Balgheim Twin Bluffs Wisc 22 Twin Bluffs Jake Balgheim & Magdalena Weitzel          
CUSHMAN, Lizzie see Barsness                    
CUSHMAN, Lizzie D see McKenzie, Clifton K                    
CUSHMAN, Lizzie D see McKinzie                    
CUSKER, (Frank?) John       Poplar 30 Wash James Cusker & Clementine Haworth 19-Jun-1897 Poplar Valley ?  
      Avina Kern Poplar 18 Livingston Henry Kern & Lizzie Smith          
CUSKER, Frank       Poplar 55 Walla Walla Wash James Cusker & Clementine Haywart 15-Jan-23 Poplar Roosivelt 465  
      Mrs Marie Tessman Poplar 40 Ger -many John W Lyvenskz & Pauline Drask-sanski          
CUSKER, Frank see Cusker                    
CUSKER, George       Seips 21 Mt Frank Cusker & Vina Kirns 4-Sep-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1128  
      Dollie Smith Wolf Point 19 Mt William H & Nellie Smith          
CUSKER, Gertrude see Pipal, William                    
CUSKER, H J       Dawson Cty 38 Walla Walla Wash James E Cusker & Alta Hayworth 4-Feb-04 Poplar Valley 128  
      Grace Kimmel Dawson Cty 24 ??? J Kimmel & Hannah Yar_?          
CUSKER, Hared see Campbell, Mike J                    
CUSKER, James see Cusker, Sig                    
CUSKER, James see Cusker (Frank?) John                    
CUSKER, James see Cusker, Frank                    
CUSKER, James E see Cusker, H J                    
CUSKER, James E see Pipal, William                    
CUSKER, Mary E see Gross, James Bailey                    
CUSKER, Myra see Olson, John Albert                    
CUSKER, Myrtle Nadine see Olson, John Elmer                    
CUSKER, Sig       Wolf Point 32 Wash James Cusker & Clementine Hayworth 4-Feb-14 Glasgow Valley 1421  
      Lillian Pipal Wolf Point 21 S D Joseph Pipal & Josephine Urban          
CUSKER, Stella see Campbell, Mike J                    
CUSPMAN, Ella see Pedersen, Christ Wilhelm                    
CUSTER, Julia see Malarchick, Steve Hubert                    
CUT, Face see Spotted Bird, Paul                    
CUT, Nose see Buckman, John                    
CUTA, Jacob see Sampson, James M                    
CUTA, Kate M see Sampson, James M                    
CUTHAIR, Hobart       Poplar 26 Poplar Iron Star & Virginia Timber Bear 20-Dec-18 Poplar Sheridan 1443  
      Dorothy Rattling Thunder Brockton 20 Brockton Rattling Thunder & Five Woman          
CUTLER, Edward               27-Feb-1883   Dawson 8  
      Annie Vanmaster                  
CUTLER, Edward see Hey, Joseph                    
CUTLER, Sarah see Hey, Joseph                    
CUTNAW, D A       Dickinson N D 46 Mt Vernon Ohio Lewis Cutnaw & Mary Arnold 15-Jul-29 Wibaux Wibaux 688  
      Mrs Edith Oakley Oshkosh Wis 39 Oshkosh Frank Pritchard & Mary Anderson          
CUTNAW, Lewis see Cutnaw, D A                    
CUTNAW, Louis see Cutnaw, Walter R                    
CUTNAW, Walter R       Dickinson N D 21 Knox Cty Ohio Louis Cutnaw & Mary Arnold 20-Jul-18 Glendive Dawson 2404  
      Emma Rabbidaux Dickinson N D 22 Little Black Wisc Amos Rabbidaux & Mary Phelps          
CUTS THE ROPE, Frank       Ft Belknap 23 Ft Belknap ??? 28-Feb-20 Chinook Blaine 616  
      Matilda White Plume Ft Belknap 20 Ft Belknap White Plume & ???          
CUTTING, Alice see Schnebley, William Buford                    
CUTTING, Alice A see Duncan, David C                    
CUTTING, Grace N see McMahon, Guy                    
CUTTING, Harold       Circle 33 Newport Vermont James Cutting & Josephine Scott 24-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1647  
      Nettie E Sime Circle 26 Hubbard Iowa T C Sime & Fannie Patrick          
CUTTING, James see Cutting, Harold                    
CUTTING, Mary see Taylor, Clair A                    
CUTTING, Oscar see Taylor, Clair A                    
CUTTING, Oscar S see McMahon, Guy                    
CUTTING, Wendell L       Glasgow 27 Mt   18-Jun-20   Phillips 510  
      Ollie M Abel Saco 22              
CUYLOR, Elizabeth see Bennett, George Lewis                    
CVECEK, Antonie see Slemin, Frank                    
CYBRUESKA, Amelia see Komarnisky                    
CYBULSKI, Gertrude see Michels                    
CYBULSKI, Vincent see Michels                    
CYGAN, John see Demko, Mike Leonard                    
CYGAN, Mary see Demko, Mike Leonard                    
CYR, Joseph M       Three Buttes 47 Lela Maine Mattison Cyr & Toli Thibada? 11-Feb-18 Glendive Dawson 2334  
      Francis Philips Lambert 33 Deer Creek Mn Frank Philips & Phefa Lafarge          
CYR, Levi       Chinook 32 New Brunswick Paul & Fennie Cyr 17-Feb-17 Chinook Blaine 368  
      Lillian A McCormick Chinook 16 Nebr William H McCormick & Melissa Marr          
CYR, Mattison see Cyr, Joseph M                    
CYR, Paul & Fennie see Cyr, Levi                    
CYRE, Leonore see Bell, Adam                    
CYRUS, Calvin see Volkman, John                    
CYRZYMSKA, Gadviga see Miesoloski, Frank                    
CYSEWSKI, Frances see Zabrocki, Steven                    
CYZESKI, Helen see DeDobbler, Roy                    
CZAPIEWSKI, Frank see Zinda, Martin                    
CZAPIEWSKI, Lucy see Zinda, Martin                    
CZAREHOVICZ, John see Judge, Joseph                    
CZAREHOVICZ, Kazemara see Judge, Joseph                    
CZERNIEWSKA, Fannie see Baker, James S                    
CZOP, Andreas see Twardoski, John                    
CZOP, Annie see Twardoski, John                    
CZOP, Barbara see Twardoski, John                    
CZYESKI, Joe & Vera see DeDobbler, Roy                    
CZYZESKI, Kape see Cyzyeski, Peter                    
CZYZESKI, Peter       Glasgow 25 Poland Capa Czyzeski & Mary Kotas 19-Oct-22 Glasgow Valley 2916  
      Victoria Zepski N D 18 Grand Forks Martin Zepski & Mary Vesnski          
CZYZYSKI, Catherine see Jakanovski, Frank F