Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Clease to Cory

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
CLEASE, Mary see Johnson, John B                    
CLEAVER, Ella May see Campbell, Frank Norman                    
CLEGHORN, James Pringle       Swift Current Sask 31 Scotland   19-Aug-27   Phillips 957  
      Rhoda Sinclare (Zinzac) Swift Current 22 ???            
CLELAND, Mildred see Larson, Abe                    
CLELAND, Rachel S see Otis, Jay Clinton                    
CLELLAND, Rachel Elizabeth see Walter, Alexander H                    
CLEM, Blanche Milburn see Pedersen                    
CLEM, James see Pedersen                    
CLEM, Sarah E see Rhodes, Ezra E                    
CLEMANS, George see Bennett, Frank Melvin                    
CLEMANS, Mabel Violet see Bennett, Frank Melvin                    
CLEMAY?, Eleanor see Douglas                    
CLEME TSON, Oscar       Comertown 28 Mn Amund Clemetson & Annie Anderson 12-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1222  
      Olga Olson Ambrose N D 24 Mn Erick Olson & Minnie Jorgenson          
CLEMENS, Sophie see Blom, John E                    
CLEMENT, Adolph see Howard, Merrell V                    
CLEMENT, Adolph see Lamb, Carl                    
CLEMENT, Adolphus       Sidney 38 Ontario Can Ambrose Clement & Olive Titterson 19-Apr-08 Sidney Dawson 587  
      Ida May Messing Sidney 32 Almand Wisc George Messing & Mary A Eager          
CLEMENT, Ambrose see Clement, Adolphus                    
CLEMENT, C C see Clement, Charles                    
CLEMENT, Charles       Terry 27 Baylor? Texas C C Clement & Bell Pinor 23-Aug-13 Terry? Dawson 1310  
      Hazel Smith Terry ??? Larchwood Iowa George Smith & Jessie Larrott          
CLEMENT, Cophia? see Bolin, John Francis                    
CLEMENT, Marion see Howard, Merrell V                    
CLEMENT, Olive see Lamb, Carl                    
CLEMENT, Preston S see Speer, Gilbert E                    
CLEMENT, Sibben see Southwick, Fred                    
CLEMENTS, Elizabeth see Bird, Carl                    
CLEMENTS, Fred Allen       Stanley N D 21 Towner N D John Clements & Anna King 21-Dec-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 847  
      Virginia Ort Stanley 24 Stanley John Ort & Matilda Magnuson          
CLEMENTS, Hester see Gaffield, Chester                    
CLEMENTS, Hester see McCullough, David                    
CLEMENTS, Hester see Tillis, George                    
CLEMENTS, John see Clements, Fred Allen                    
CLEMENTS, Sophia see Gigrich, Theodore H                    
CLEMENTS, Tilla see Noyes, Raymond A                    
CLEMENTS, William A       Tulsa Okla 24 Oswego N Y William Albert Clements & Belle Anderson 6-Sep-30 Glendive Dawson 3914  
      Irma May Craft Glendive 25 Albia Iowa A R Craft & Ella Swaney          
CLEMENTSON, Alfred       Westby 34 Mn Amund Clementson & Anna Quam 12-Dec-23 Westby Sheridan 1943  
      Anna Jelsing Blooming Sask 19 Borup Mn Peter L Jelsing & Betsy Thorson          
CLEMENTSON, Amund see Clementson                    
CLEMENTSON, Nels see Clementson                    
CLEMENTSON, Oscar W       Park river N D 45 Mn Nels Clementson & Ingeborg Grambo 8-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1105  
      Inga Oxtenrud Battle View N D 43 Norway Carl Oxtenrud & Ingeborg Grambo?          
CLEMETSON, Amund see Clemetson                    
CLEMETSON, Amund see Clemetson                    
CLEMETSON, Armund see Torpen                    
CLEMETSON, Harry       Comertown 21 Ambrose N D Oscar Clemetson & Olga Olson 1-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2935  
      Lillian Olson Comertown 20 Comertown Christ Olson & Inga Helland          
CLEMETSON, Hilda see Torpin                    
CLEMETSON, Oscar see Clemetson                    
CLEMETSON, Richard       Comertown 28 Mn Amund Clemetson & Anna Anderson 17-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2127  
      Viola Johnson Tribune Sask Can 21 Mn Leonard Johnson & Hilma Serlea          
CLEMMER, Edward see Porter, James                    
CLEMMER, Edwin G       Sidney 22 Mn William Clemmer & Clyde Howell 29-Jul-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2088  
      Irene Clutter Culbertson 21 N D Joseph Clutter & Helen Sykes          
CLEMMER, Elizabeth Anne see Calvert, M C                    
CLEMMER, Hazel see Porter, James                    
CLEMMER, William see Clemmer                    
CLEMMONS, Mary see Wilson, John A                    
CLEMMONS, Susie see Thielen, Mike                    
CLEMONS, Hester see Gaffield, Walter L                    
CLEMONS, Mary I see McDonald, Ernest Arthur                    
CLENDENIN, Rhoda see Lining, John F                    
CLERK, Mabel see Hancock, Arthur Wesley                    
CLERKS, Minnie see VanDyke, Fred                    
CLEVELAND, Delbert see Smith, Benjamin W                    
CLEVELAND, Grover see Titus, Willie                    
CLEVELAND, Grover       Poplar 34 Mt Medicine Bear Track & Has Medicine Sitting 9-Sep-14 Poplar Sheridan 313  
      Rose Chaser Poplar 33 Mt Yellow Owl & Breast Bone          
CLEVELAND, Harrietta see Runnunger, John L                    
CLEVELAND, James J see Bennett, James C                    
CLEVELAND, Jas H       Jordon 31 LaCrosse Wisc Jason J Cleveland & Marguerite J Shields 5-Apr-16 Jordan Dawson 1899  
      Muriel E Norman Jordan 18 Salina Kansas Asa Norman & Julia C Casper          
CLEVELAND, Jas J see Cleveland, Jas H                    
CLEVELAND, Jennie May see Bennett, James C                    
CLEVELAND, Laura see Chapman                    
CLEVELAND, Laura E see Chapman, W L                    
CLEVELAND, Louise see Beach, John W                    
CLEVELAND, Lula A see Smith, Benjamin W                    
CLEVELAND, Nancy see Titus, Willie                    
CLEVELAND, Nancy see Buckles, Freddie                    
CLEVENGER, Daisy Merina see Ellis                    
CLEVENGER, L A       Mondak 31 Leicester Square Ind L A Clevenger & Julia B McCulloch 15-Nov-10 Culbertson Valley 735  
      Iva J Combes Sidney 37 Vermillion Ind Francis B Combes & Elizabeth A Hayes          
CLEVENGER, Loren A       Lambert 40 Center Square Indana Loren A Clevenger & Julia E McCullough 23-May-20 Glendive Dawson 2646  
      Mabel E Francis Lambert 18 Colfax Iowa Cadwin E Francis & Lydia Arnberg          
CLEVENGER, Orlie see Ellis                    
CLICK, Ana see Crawford, James Milton                    
CLICK, Joseph see Crawford, James Milton                    
CLICK, Joseph J       Glasgow 26 San Antonio Tex Joseph Jackson Click & Josie Armold 29-Dec-13 Glasgow? Valley 1404  
      Inga Barstad Hoffland N D 20 N D Ole Barstad & Helga Hansen          
CLICK, Lydia see Strong, Carl Edwin                    
CLICK, Texana see Branson, Carl Otis                    
CLIFF, Clark       Zumbro Falls Mn 25 Zumbro Falls Joseph Cliff & Mary Robinson 31-Oct-20 Scobey Daniels 10  
      Minnie Wieck Madoc 20 Lake City Mn John Weick & Lydia Spriek          
CLIFF, Joseph see Cliff, Clark                    
CLIFF, Joseph James see Lerte, James Robert                    
CLIFF, Ruth Ernestine see Lerte, James Robert                    
CLIFFORD, Edward see Clifford, Frank H                    
CLIFFORD, Alyce Marie see Gemeroy                    
CLIFFORD, Charles       Culbertson 35 Syracuse N Y Charles Clifford & Judith Lloyd 16-Nov-1898 Culbertson Valley ?  
      Sophia Brooks Jamestown ???     Alonzo Chase & Elizabeth Robert          
CLIFFORD, Charles see Fisher, Russell                    
CLIFFORD, Ellen see Griffin, John F                    
CLIFFORD, Frank H       Havre 42 St Louis Edwaed Clifford & Anna Leva 2-Sep-22 Chinook Blaine 721  
      Bebecca A Campbell Havre 27 Salem Mo Henry Williams & Jennie Dulworth          
CLIFFORD, Hugh H       Culbertson 29 Stockbridge Wis William H Clifford & Sarah Elbridge 6-Dec-09 Culbertson Valley    
      Eva Bewick Culbertson 32 Otranto Sta Iowa Thomas Bewick & Eliza Plaise          
CLIFFORD, Myrtle see Fisher, Russell                    
CLIFFORD, Sophie (Chase?) see Renz, Robert L                    
CLIFFORD, Thomas see Gemeroy                    
CLIFFORD, William H see Clifford, Hugh H                    
CLIFTON, Charles T       Glasgow 24 Indiana G G Clifton & Emiline Clifton 20-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2496  
      Mabel Halliday Glasgow 27 Missouri Wellington Halliday & ???          
CLIFTON, G G see Clifton, Charles T                    
CLIFTON, Mattie see Harlow, William Pearl                    
CLIFTON, Mattie see Harlow, Neil R                    
CLINCHBAUGH, Emma see Vagg, Frank J                    
CLINE, Alexander William see Cline, Everett                    
CLINE, Alice see Barbour, John Claude                    
CLINE, Anna see Richardson, Wendell H                    
CLINE, David see Richardson, Wendell H                    
CLINE, Elizabeth see Smith, John B                    
CLINE, Elsie see Eliason, Mathias L                    
CLINE, Emma see Alley, John                    
CLINE, Eunice see Hixon, Edward E                    
CLINE, Everett       Hodges 20 Oxford Nebr Alexander William Cline & Genevra Anson 18-Dec-18 Intake Dawson 2468  
      Bessie Grace Briney Hodges 18 Ponea Nebr Arthur Briney & Oline Emerson          
CLINE, M M see Wiltse, Frank J                    
CLINE, Nina F (Snyder?) see Sargent, Perry L                    
CLINE, Sarah M (Penman?) see Barnhart                    
CLINE, Stella see Hemmingsen, Lloyd Amus                    
CLINGMAN, Kenneth G       Hinsdale 25 Scioto Mills Ill Thomas Clingman & Laura Gushart 12-Nov-27 Hinsdale Valley 3331  
      Anna M O�Brien Hinsdale 20 Larimore N D John D O�Brien & Emmiline Christinson          
CLINGMAN, Thomas see Clingman, Kenneth G                    
CLINGMAN, Thomas J & Laura Anna see Payne, Thomas H                    
CLINGMAN, Thora Jeanette see Payne, Thomas H                    
CLINK, Alice Ellen see Schumacher                    
CLINK, Archie D see Schumacher                    
CLINK, Glenna see Seifred, Edgar                    
CLINK, Stephan H see Seifred, Edgar                    
CLINKENBERD, Rena see Harrington, Albert Lee                    
CLINT, Jessie see Lonbaker, Sherman A                    
CLINTON, Harry see Schoenech, Harry                    
CLINTON, Katherine N see Schoensch, Henry                    
CLISS?, Rachel see Hausman, John G                    
CLOCKSIN, George see Nentgens, Florian J                    
CLOCKSIN, George see Rice, Frank J                    
CLOCKSIN, Hazel see Nentgens, Florian J                    
CLOCKSIN, LaRena see Rice, Frank J                    
CLOFLIN?, Bessie see Long                    
CLOMINGER, H see Elfel, August                    
CLOMINGER, Mabel see Elfel, August                    
CLONSBEE?, George Anna see Honn, A C                    
CLOOK?, Kettie B see Klies, Gustav                    
CLOSE, ??? see Ambelang, Hubert H                    
CLOSE, Alice see Merwin                    
CLOSE, Anna see Kohler                    
CLOSE, Charles see Close                    
CLOSE, Frank       Outlook 48 Canada Charles Close & ??? 1-Oct-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1929  
      Belle Kinter Outlook 26 Mn Henry Kinter & Josephine DeMorris          
CLOSS, Edna Elfreda (Anderson?) see Steele, James Daer                    
CLOTH, Julia see Richardson, LaVern C                    
CLOUD       Wolf Point 57 Mt Sword & Old Women 30-Nov-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1409  
      Different Bodied Bear Wolf Point 67 Mt Grey Body & Flying Nest          
CLOUD, see Buckles, David C                    
CLOUD, see Dupree, David Joseph                    
CLOUD, see Wettlin, Phillip                    
CLOUD, see Attacks                    
CLOUD, Women see Dupree, David J                    
CLOUD, Anna see Buckles, David                    
CLOUD, Evangeline see Littlehead, Benjamin                    
CLOUD, Moses see Littlehead, Benjamin                    
CLOUD HAIL, George see Dumb, George                    
CLOUD HAIL, Joseph see White Eagle, Jerome                    
CLOUD HAIL, Joseph see Powell, Charles                    
CLOUD HAIL, Joseph see Necklace, Patrick                    
CLOUDED, Heart see Davis, Jefferson                    
CLOUGH, Elsie see Rorke, John C                    
CLOUGH, Elsie M see Rutter, Harry J                    
CLOUGH, George H see Clough, Raymond G                    
CLOUGH, J H see Dillard, John L                    
CLOUGH, J H see Rutter, Harry J                    
CLOUGH, Maud see Cook, James F                    
CLOUGH, Maud D G see Dillard, John L                    
CLOUGH, Maude see Hayne, Harold J                    
CLOUGH, Pearl see Culp, Ernest E                    
CLOUGH, Pearl see Hanson, Kaffon O                    
CLOUGH, Raymond G       Fairview 22 Mogamanie? Wis George H Clough & Mary Knight 24-Mar-09 Sidney Dawson 673  
      Inice Elsie Glendenning Fairview 16 Chadron Nebr William V Glendenning & Mary V Adams          
CLOUNCH, Dora see Bennett, Ernest                    
CLOUQUET, Mary see Brien                    
CLOUSE, Emma see Ruff, Martin J                    
CLOUSE, William see Ruff, Martin J                    
CLOUSTON, Isabel see Lauson, Jack                    
CLOVER, Martha see Wright, A L                    
CLOWES, A W see Clowes, Homer J                    
CLOWES, Homer J       Glasgow 29 Dayton Penn A W Clowes & Agnes J Neff 1-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 2788  
      Ruth C Biddle Glasgow 20 Union City Ohio William Biddle & Emmiline Mellom?          
CLOYD, Cary       Leedy 29 Blakesburg, Iowa Joshua B Cloyd & Nancy Reed 2-Apr-06 Malta Valley 219  
      Agnes Messier Leedy 16 Leed City S D Joseph Messier & Melina Benoit          
CLOYD, Joshua B see Cloyd, Cary                    
CLUCHEY, Arthur see Cluchey                    
CLUCHEY, Cecil       P�wood 21 Canada Arthur Cluchey & Ida Fracy 24-Apr-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1649  
      Inga Frostad P�wood 18 Mn Ole Frostad & Martha Beckard          
CLUCKEY, Mary see LaFrance                    
CLUTTER, Irene see Clemmer                    
CLUTTER, Joseph see Clemmer                    
CLUTTER, Ura see Bogut                    
CLYDE, Claude Richard       Sioux City Iowa 25 Sioux City Edward Clyde & Harriet Burlingame 11-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1564  
      Elizabeth Grubb   23 Wise Virginia Harrison Grub & Maggie Renfrow          
CLYDE, Edward see Clyde, Claude Richard                    
COAKLEY, Mary see Boyd                    
COAKSON, Robert L see Coakson                    
COAKSON, Roger L       Froid 26 Maryland Robert L Coakson & Sarah Roop 11-Feb-17 ??? Sheridan 953  
      Bessie Sharp Froid 24 Ill Alvin Fite & Sarah Wineland          
COAR, Margaret see Gearhart, John W                    
COASLI, Alice see Grossaint, Will                    
COAST, Carlisle B       Chinook 36 Penn Clinton Coast & Luella Smith 24-Jun-19 Chinook Blaine 571  
      Ruby P Massey Chinook 36 Texas James Massey & Mary Baker          
COAST, Clinton see Coast, Carlile B                    
COATES, Arthur J       Glendive 26 St Cloud Mn John Coates & Mary O Hayward 9-May-08 Sidney Dawson 593  
      Mercy Miller Glendive 19 West Salen Ohio Chas E Miller & Minnie Wells          
COATES, Bayard see Spillum, Stanley A                    
COATES, Gretchen see Donohue, Edward B                    
COATES, Hazel see Ferguson, Robert                    
COATES, John see Coates, Arthur J                    
COATES, Louis A see Donohue, Edward B                    
COATES, Louis A see Ferguson, Robert                    
COATES, Margaert see Senet, Isaiah A                    
COATES, Margaret see Waller, Stepnan C                    
COATES, Mary see Spillum, Stanley A                    
COATES, Mary E see Volz, Nicholas                    
COATES, Mercy Miller see Sloan, William Calmell                    
COATES, William Henry see Walker, William Bateman                    
COATES,, Esther, see Walker, William Walker                    
COATS, Arthur Henry       Froid 23 S D Wm H Coats & Alvena Wild 31-Mar-23 Poplar Roosivelt 486  
      Severine Aastrid Scott Froid 17 Wisconsin Carl C Scott & Elvira Cummings          
COATS, Matilda see Miller, Eugene A                    
COATS, Mildred see Paden, Hallis Allen                    
COATS, Wm H see Coats, Arthur Henry                    
COBB, Ada E see Pollard, Walter Townley                    
COBB, Gertrude C see Milburn, George Roszelle                    
COBB, Leona S (Wiley?) see Dickman, William F                    
COBB, Norval Emery       Shambo 39 Dallas Texas Samuel Cobb & Doris Akin 3-Nov-27 Chinook Blaine 1026  
      Anna Weimer Shambo 40 N D Frank Scheberle & Louisa Krumwiede          
COBB, Sam       Valley Cty 22 Missouri   7-May-15   Phillips 13  
      Atlanta Wiley Blaine Cty 19 Virginia//            
COBB, Samuel see Cobb, Norval Emery                    
COBBAN, Dorothy M see Bakken                    
COBBAN, John see McCabe, Frank Osroe                    
COBBAN, John see Bakken                    
COBBAN, Marian see McCabe, Frank Osroe                    
COBBAN, Sarah H see Forsyth, William J                    
COBBS, Edward F       Culbertson 22 Oshkosh Wis John Cobbs & Augusta Tellock 3-Apr-07 Culbertson Valley 274  
      Helen Zick Culbertson 19 Milwaukee Wis Charles Zick & Annie Simes          
COBBS, Gertrude C see Hubbell                    
COBBS, John see Cobbs, Edward F                    
COBELL, Isabelle see Coe, James B                    
COBELL, Joe see Harold                    
COBELL, John Mills       Poplar 31 Mt Joseph & Mary Cobell 10-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2381  
      Jennie Norris Wilson Poplar 32 Mt Richard B Wilson & Niest?          
COBELL, Joseph & Mary see Cobell, John Mills                    
COBELL, Orrie see Harold                    
COBERLY, Burr see Wagner, George                    
COBERLY, Elizabeth see Reynolds, John                    
COBERLY, Eva see Wagner, George                    
COBLEIGH, Harry Lester       Carlyle 25 Baraboo Wis Sidney Cobleigh & Jennie Gaffing 7-Jan-08 Glendive Dawson 566  
      Nora Irene Murray Wibaux 25 Hammond Mn Patrick Murray & Katharine Kinney          
COBLEIGH, Sidney see Cobleigh, Harry Lester                    
COBLENTZ, Isaac       Bloomfield 21 Middleford Ohio Jacob Coblentz & Lizzie Weaver 5-Aug-14 Glendive Dawson 1546  
      Mary Slabench Bloomfield 20 Haven Kansas Seth Slabench & Anna Schrock          
COBLENTZ, Jacob see Coblentz, Isaac                    
COBNER, Julia see Boeckman, Charles G                    
COBURN, A J see Coburn, Alexander H                    
COBURN, Alexander H       Lambert 28 Canada A J Coburn & Harriet Hunter 6-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1954  
      Marjorie E Cravath Lambert 19 Audubon Mn F J Cravath & Will J Merry          
COBURN, Ella see Bodahl                    
COBURN, Eunice Mary see Sandgren, Louis                    
COBURN, Grace B see Hunter                    
COBURN, Harriet see Jewett, Guy L                    
COBURN, Harriet A see Simard, Dolphes J                    
COBURN, John see Alger, Harry Elwin                    
COBURN, John G see Hunter                    
COBURN, Martha see Alger, Harry Elwin                    
COBURN, Matilda Ellen see Bergland                    
COCAINE, Lucy E see Mastenbrook, Victor P                    
COCHRAN, Albert       Glendive 21 Monticello Indiana S E Cochran & Florence L Carpenter 12-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1261  
      Emma VanLue Glendive 19 Athens Indiana Frank Van Lue & Elizabeth Pettit          
COCHRAN, Birdie Bernice see Ryggs, Lawrence Alfred                    
COCHRAN, Bryan       Ft Belknap 26 Ft Belknap Reser William D Cochran & ??? 18-Nov-25 St Pauls Mission Blaine 914  
      Mabel Horseman Hays 22 Ft Belknap Reser Ben Horseman & Mamie Connors          
COCHRAN, Charles see Cochran, Elmer Eugene                    
COCHRAN, Daisy see Tonkin, Erwin J                    
COCHRAN, Douglas & Elizabeth see Cochran, Frank                    
COCHRAN, Elmer Eugene       Helena 30 Helena Charles Cochran & Mary Byrd 17-Aug-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1063  
      Florence Eden Blevins Poplar 20 Bentonville Ark Arthur & Lucy Blevins          
COCHRAN, Frank       Harlem 41 Yantic Mt Douglas & Elizabeth Cochran 4-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1124  
      Rosie Matt Hays 27 Hays James Matte & Catherine Champino          
COCHRAN, Frank       Ft Belknap 48 Judith ??? & Elizabeth 25-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 310  
      Marian Minngh Harlem 18 Harlem Louden Minngh & Cecelia Ereaux          
COCHRAN, J L see Ryggs, Lawrence Alfred                    
COCHRAN, Joe       Ft Belknap 21 Hays W D Cochran & ??? 17-Feb-23 Harlem Blaine 749  
      Mary Damon Harlem 19 Leroy charles Damon & Louise Boer          
COCHRAN, Mary see Lutz, William J                    
COCHRAN, Mary see Kirby, Howsan                    
COCHRAN, Molly see Archambault, Sam                    
COCHRAN, Mrs Bessie see Arms, Charlie                    
COCHRAN, S E see Cochran, Albert                    
COCHRAN, W D see Cochran, Joe                    
COCHRAN, William D see Cochran, Bryan                    
COCHRANE, Alice see Pladsen                    
COCHRANE, Anna see Helwig                    
COCHRANE, James see Pladsen                    
COCHRANE, Laura see Ulrich                    
COCHRANE, Lucy A see LaFavor                    
COCHRANE, Minnie see Ridenbower, Frank                    
COCHRANE, Robert see Ulrich                    
COCHRANE, Robert & Alberta see Cromwell                    
COCHRANE, Samuel see Helwig                    
COCHREN, Minnie see Morris, Henry Harold                    
COCKEL, Sarah see McAfee, William James                    
COCKRELL, Minnie see Brinley, Orla                    
COCKRILL, Gladys Viola see Newby, Earl C                    
COCKRILL, J R see Newby, Earl C                    
COCKRILL, William T       Blaine Cty 33 Texas   23-Nov-15   Phillips 63  
      Icil Hubbard Blaine Cty 19 Illinois            
CODDOTT, Julia see Dupree, David J                    
CODY, Arthur J       Lakeside 31 Wis Will-iam Cody & Theresa Kelly 29-Jan-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1255  
      Linda G Gardner Lakeside 34 Iowa Levi McNatt & Francis Session          
CODY, Charlotte see Davis, George L                    
CODY, Edward J       Wolf Point 35 Watertown Wis James Cody & Maud Kelly 26-Aug-16 Wolf Point Sheridan 820  
      Julia S Latterall Wolf Point 25 Paxton? Mn Joseph Latterall & Margaret Galarneault          
CODY, Hazel see Johnson, George Henry                    
CODY, Hazel see Brewer, William J                    
CODY, Ivah see Bruckner, John                    
CODY, Ivah see Brewer, William J                    
CODY, James see Cody                    
CODY, Michael see Angvick, Carl                    
CODY, Nellie see Angvick, Carl                    
CODY, Nellie see Salsman                    
CODY, Robert D see Johnson, George Henry                    
CODY, Roy A see Davis, George L                    
CODY, Russell see Brewer, William J                    
CODY, William see Cody                    
COE, A L see Drummond, Andrew John                    
COE, Alen B see Coe James B                    
COE, Earl see Carberry, Archie L                    
COE, Grace see McCuin, Edwin W                    
COE, Ida May see Davis, James Harris                    
COE, James B       Wolf Point 33 Ft Benton Alen B Coe & Isabelle Cobell 22-Nov-21 Glasgow Valley 2833  
      Sioux Newberry Hinsdale 32 Monson Indiana John Newberry & Grace Jones          
COELINGE, Thomas               23-Aug-1882   Dawson 2  
      Carrie Adeline Delano                  
COEN, Nina see Larson, Carl B                    
COEY, Mary see Beaton, Harry W                    
COFFEE, Lucy J see Taylor, Arlo C                    
COFFEE, Silias W see Bredstreet, Charles Leroy                    
COFFELL, Jessie see Shy, Sam E                    
COFFEN, Albert see Coffen, Horace                    
COFFEN, Horace       Circle 21 Conway N D Albert Coffen & Helen McKee 28-Aug-26 Circle McCone 98  
      Regina Miller Circle 25 Paynesville Mn Matt Miller & Katy Rome          
COFFEY, Eliza see Mahugh, Arley J                    
COFFEY, Lucinda C see Dorr, Kelsey V                    
COFFEY, Sylvia see Stearns, Lloyd                    
COFFIELD, Anna see Gardner, Ralph J                    
COFFO, Angelina see Young, Isaac S                    
COFURN, Matilda Ellen see Lester                    
COGDDEL, Hattie see Harn                    
COGERRISE, Elizabeth see Beeler, Earl                    
COGGIN, Elizabeth M see Aiken, Clyde W                    
COGGIN, Elizabeth M see Aikin, Clyde W                    
COGGIN, William see Aiken, Clyde W                    
COHENS, Eva see Gerhardt, Tom                    
COHICK, Charles       Billings 29 Penn Perlie Cohick & Grace Habecker 2-Apr-30 Glasgow Valley 3550  
      Igna Hamry Livingston 30 Theif River Falls Mn Edward Hamry & Elsie Hetland          
COHICK, Perlie see Cohick, Charles                    
COHN, V N       Glendive 21 Mt W L Cohn & ??? 27-Dec-06 Glendive Dawson 411  
      Anna Schell Glendive 18 St Paul Mn ???          
COHN, W L see Cohn, V N                    
COINELL?(CORNELL?), Mathilda see Beauchamp, Edmund                    
COKILL, Andrew see Bowrey, Charles William G                    
COKILL, Daisy Maude see Bowrey, Charles William G                    
COLBACK, Elizabeth see Andrysach                    
COLBERT, Luther W       Lindsay 21 Glendive Martin Colbert & Jennie Haymer 19-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3266  
      Carrie Wilhelm Lindsay 18 Baldwin Wis John & Emma Wilhelm          
COLBERT, Martin see Colbert, Luther W                    
COLBORN, Ella see Lester                    
COLBRESE, Carl       Glendive 21 Italy Dominick Colbrese & Angela Donatelli 10-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1653  
      Agnes Molenda Glendive 18 ??? Vincent Molenda & Francisca Koldadorf          
COLBRESE, Dominick see Colbrese, Carl                    
COLBRESE, Dominick see Colbrese, Lawrence                    
COLBRESE, Lawrence       Glendive 23 Italy Dominick Colbrese & Angela Donatelli 15-Feb-15 Glendive Dawson 1673  
      Rose Nicolussi Glendive 19 Austria Sam Nicolussi & Mary Molenda          
COLBRESE, Lawrence       Glendive 26 Italy Dominick Colbrese & Angela Donatelli 1-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2377  
      Rosie Colbrese Glendive 22 Austria Sam Nicolussi & Mary Molenda          
COLBRESE, Rosie see Colbrese, Lawrence                    
COLBY, Alfred E       Union 20 Union Iowa E W Colby & Charlotte Anderson 8-Jun-24 Glendive Dawson 3111  
      Naoma F Glasscock Union 18 Stewart Iowa J H Glasscock & Florence Webster          
COLBY, Bertha see Glans, Clarence Theodore                    
COLBY, Carrie see Fossen, Martin                    
COLBY, David see Colby                    
COLBY, E W see Colby, Alfred E                    
COLBY, Edwin       Scobey 22 Iowa Theodore Colby & Annie Heise 12-Jun-18 Scobey Sheridan 1324  
      Stella Hughes Scobey 20 Indiana Frank Hughes & Millie Timmons          
COLBY, Eunice L see Nelson                    
COLBY, Freeman F see Nelson                    
COLBY, Leonard       P�wood 34 Ill David Colby & Minerva A Bennett 19-Sep-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1925  
      Sally Mullen Greeburg Penn 24 Tennessee Pat Mullen & Mary Jane McGraw          
COLBY, Lucinda see Blood, Newton E                    
COLBY, Mary E see York, Jonathan M                    
COLBY, Mrs Lottie see Eaton, Frank A                    
COLBY, Ruth see Schull                    
COLBY, Theodore see Glans, Clarence Theodore                    
COLBY, Theodore see Fossen, Martin                    
COLBY, Theodore see Colby                    
COLBY, Walter E       Ritchie Can 24 Detriot Mich William Colby & Ellen Patriquin 2-Aug-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2855  
      Mary L Winder Paradise Hill Can 27 Solsgirth Man Can John S Winder & Leah Wilcocks          
COLBY, William see Schull                    
COLBY, William see Colby                    
COLCLOUGH, Frederick       Helena 24 Birmingham England Frederick Colclough & Jennie Young 30-Jul-06 Glendive Dawson 380  
      Sophia Keen Helena 20 Tomah Wisc John Keen & Mathilda Braun          
COLCORD, Asta see Chrisinger, Robert C                    
COLE, Alfred see Cole, Irving                    
COLE, Alice see Bakkum, Emmett B                    
COLE, Alice see Boyle, William                    
COLE, Alice J see Erbacher, John Jerome                    
COLE, Allen V & Cynthia see Neese, Roy                    
COLE, Alma see Ritz                    
COLE, Andrew       Hays 27 St Joseph Mo C G Cole & Mary Clark 15-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1134  
      Estelle Horseman Hays 19 ??? Ben Horseman & Mamie Withrow          
COLE, Annie see Schuss, John                    
COLE, Annie see Nix                    
COLE, Arsene E       Terry 27 Ontario Can Ellis Cole & Elise Drewland 26-Oct-03 Glendive? Dawson 300  
      Alene Rocheleau Duluth Mn 17 Ontario Can Alex Rocheleau & Millie Knapp          
COLE, Bertha see Frentz, Harold Leslie                    
COLE, C B see Cole, Hugh                    
COLE, C G see Cole, Andrew                    
COLE, C I see Cole, I W                    
COLE, Charlene C see Vogt                    
COLE, Cora see Morrissey, Harry A                    
COLE, David H see Cole                    
COLE, E D see Grevcox, George W                    
COLE, Ed see Boyle, William                    
COLE, Edward see Krieg, Herbert Joseph                    
COLE, Edward see Vogt                    
COLE, Eliza see Hunter                    
COLE, Elizabeth Jane see Ming, Albert                    
COLE, Ellis see Cole, Arsene E                    
COLE, Elmer David       Opheim 26 Lehease? Mich O B Cole & Mary Skelton 22-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3019  
      Brookie E Hartley Baylor 20 Missouri King Hartley & Ada Adams          
COLE, Forest       Wolf Point 23 Mo George E Cole & Nola J Lockwood 31-Oct-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 686  
      Hilda L Siljenberg Wolf Point 18 Nebr Hans Siljenberg & Exie Danielson          
COLE, Geo see Cole Irvin                    
COLE, George see Cole, L Marvin                    
COLE, George E see Cole, Forest                    
COLE, Helen see Krieg, Herbert Joseph                    
COLE, Hiram       Flaxville 48 Mn Perry Cole & Lacinda Wilkes 15-Nov-24 Scobey Daniels 173  
      Dora K Lawrence Flaxville 52 Mn H Krassin & ???          
COLE, Hugh       Glasgow 25 Columbiville Mich C B Cole & Mary Kelton 1-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 645  
      Verna Davenport Glasgow 18 Vernon Mich Edward Davenport & Eliza Monroe          
COLE, I W       Poplar 44 Jackonsville Fla C I Cole & Stella Collins 29-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1369  
      Anna Carpenter Cadillac Mich 36 Big Rapids Mich William Struthers & Sarah Girard          
COLE, Ida J see Johnson, George                    
COLE, Irvin       Buford N D 21 El Paso Tex Geo Cole & Julia D Austell 26-Feb-10 Glasgow Valley 584  
      Norma Hawley Williston N D 18 Colorado A M & Pearl Hawley          
COLE, Irving       Lismas? 26 Mo Alfred Cole & Mary Freeman 13-Mar-09 Glasgow Valley 460  
      Edith Allen Lismes 17 Great Falls W G Allen & M P Strong          
COLE, James H see Cole, Neil A                    
COLE, L Marvin       Glasgow 33 Ind Geo Cole & Cordelia Brown 19-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2123  
      Cecelia LaFrambois Glasgow 18 Glasgow Frank LaFrambois & Susie Roseb__?          
COLE, Laura G see Edminster, Bertrand G                    
COLE, Leslie       Jordan 36 Mich R N Cole & Edna Buckingham 1-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3524  
      Nellie Nelson Glasgow 25 Canada John & Julia Nelson          
COLE, Lewis see Brown, Manley Evans                    
COLE, Lewis see Cole, Ralph                    
COLE, Lewis see Erickson, Arvid W G                    
COLE, Lewis see Ming, Albert                    
COLE, Lillian see Lorence, Everett                    
COLE, Lorne see Welzenback, Karl Mark                    
COLE, Louis see Cole, Warren L                    
COLE, Lovina Ann see Weathers, Joseph L                    
COLE, Luella see Blair, Arthur L                    
COLE, Mabel Sara see Grevcox, George W                    
COLE, Mary see Kane, Richard H                    
COLE, Mary see Oakley, Oliver                    
COLE, Mary see Ohlerking, George                    
COLE, Mary E see Jasper, G M                    
COLE, Merlin D & Ida Belle see Cole, Merlin James                    
COLE, Merlin James       Cleveland 30 Montague N J Merlin D & Ida Bell Cole 26-Dec-21 St Pauls Blaine 696  
      Louise A Doney St Pauls 23 Lewistown John M Doney & Virginia LaFontaine          
COLE, Minnie see Monteith                    
COLE, Neil A       Terry 23 Currie Mn James H Cole & Hannah Bryson 14-May-12 Glendive Dawson 1089  
      Kathleen Louise Dersham Terry 21 Dawson Cty John F Dersham & Marian Treat          
COLE, Netta P see Melling, Howard                    
COLE, Nora see Huff                    
COLE, O B see cole, Elmer David                    
COLE, Perry see Cole, Hiram                    
COLE, R N see Cole, Leslie                    
COLE, Ralph       Bloomfield 21 Knox Cty Nebr Lewis Cole & Cora Andrews 20-Mar-12 Glendive Dawson 1065  
      Jennie Brown Bloomfield 19 near Rochester Mn R J Brown & Airy A King          
COLE, Rosa May see Claude, C H                    
COLE, Ruby see Brown, Manley Evans                    
COLE, Ruby M see Erickson, Arvid W G                    
COLE, Sarah see Christensen, Martin                    
COLE, Sarah see Nichols, William                    
COLE, Sarah C see Babcock                    
COLE, Verna Margurite see Welzenback, Karl Mark                    
COLE, Warren L       Bloomfield 21 Knox Cty Nebraska Lewis Cole & Cora Andrews 11-Jun-13 Bloomfield Dawson 1259  
      Francis L Brown Bloomfield 18 Byron Mn Renslar J Brown & Airy A King          
COLE, Wilford Neal       Havre 24 Mn David H Cole & Mary Hubbard 18-May-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1653  
      Marie V Shinners P�wood 21 Mn William Shinners & Ellen Kelly          
COLE,, Carrie, see Sale, George T                    
COLEGROVE, Herman see Middleton, Alexander G                    
COLEGROVE, Ruth A see Middleton, Alexander G                    
COLEMAN, Addie see Cawthon, Clarence E                    
COLEMAN, Alma see Cotter, James                    
COLEMAN, Alphonso M       Glendive 33 West Williamsfield Ohio Francis Coleman & Mary Miles 2-Jun-1888 Glendive Dawson 14  
      Mary E Keyser Glendive 26 Watertown Mn John S Keyser & Lizzie Kirch          
COLEMAN, Anna Maria see Dohlen, Hjalmar Olaus                    
COLEMAN, Anne see McInerney, Everett                    
COLEMAN, Bessie A see Olson, Herman                    
COLEMAN, Clara A see Tifft, Thomas Allen                    
COLEMAN, Edith see Abramson, Abram B                    
COLEMAN, Eleda see Hardin, John Charles                    
COLEMAN, Ella see McClellan, Kelso                    
COLEMAN, Ernest A       Glendive 24 Knox Cty Nebr Henry Coleman & Hannah Larson 22-May-17 Glendive Dawson 2166  
      Nettie Grabowski Glendive 32 Austria Joseph Grabowski & Hannah Fiedarok?          
COLEMAN, Francis see Coleman, Alphonso M                    
COLEMAN, Frank H       Glasgow 24 Green Lake Wis Thomas Coleman & Ella Wilson 30-Dec-1894 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Anna McDevitt Glasgow 23 Rochester Mn John McDevitt & Ellen Buckley          
COLEMAN, Hanna J see Wilson                    
COLEMAN, Harrison       Dawson Cty 54 Prairie Cty Illinois Miles & Malindy Coleman 3-Nov-09 Glendive Dawson 739  
      Bridget McDonell Glendive 52 Longfoot Ireland Charles McDonell & Ellen McCue          
COLEMAN, Harrison see Devault, Oscar                    
COLEMAN, Harry       Billings 24 Hennepin Illinois? John R Coleman & Maggie Strudt 14-Apr-03 Glendive Dawson 288  
      Sarah A Buchanan Billings 20 New London Mo Frank Buchanan & ???          
COLEMAN, Henry see Coleman, John Lawrence                    
COLEMAN, Henry see Coleman, Ernest A                    
COLEMAN, Henry see Olson, Herman                    
COLEMAN, Henry see Tifft, Thomas Allen                    
COLEMAN, Henry       Glendive 55 Tomeroy Illinois Miles Coleman & Malinda Tope 21-Jan-11 Glendive Dawson 894  
      Julae Essert Glendive 23 Germany Anton Essert & Emma Rurie          
COLEMAN, Henry       Glendive 55 Perry Cty Illinois Miles Coleman & Malinda Tope 5-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2012  
      Lizzie Kind Glendive 54 Penn Leigh Hutchins & Margaret Brown          
COLEMAN, John Lawrence       Glendive 25 Creighton Nebr Henry Coleman & Mary Larson 15-Sep-26 Glendive Dawson 3389  
      Mattie Layne Glendive 26 Omaha Nebr Henry Layne & Hattah Thompson          
COLEMAN, John R see Coleman, Harry                    
COLEMAN, Joseph       Glasgow 28 Mo William Coleman & Mary Romsdar? 27-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley 1391  
      Mabel Sumner Glasgow 17 Mich Myron Sumner & Clara Aymer          
COLEMAN, Mary see Stoker, Vern R                    
COLEMAN, Mary E see Young, Thomas W                    
COLEMAN, Miles see Coleman, Henry                    
COLEMAN, Miles & Malindy see Coleman, Harrison                    
COLEMAN, Mrs Belle see Hymer, William                    
COLEMAN, Priscilla see Wright, Edwin                    
COLEMAN, Robert see Wright, Edwin                    
COLEMAN, Sarah Aldeba see Garrick, Lyle Galard                    
COLEMAN, Susan see Cain, Ollie                    
COLEMAN, Susan see Cain, Clinton E                    
COLEMAN, Thomas see Coleman, Frank H                    
COLEMAN, William see Coleman, Joseph                    
COLEMAN, Willis see Garrick, Lyle Galard                    
COLEMAN, Zipponah see McCoy, Joseph E                    
COLES, ??? see Brown, R H                    
COLES, Alice see Nelson                    
COLES, Dorothy see Furman, Fred                    
COLES, Mary see Cowee, Elmer W                    
COLEY, Alfred B see Coley, Vane Merriwell                    
COLEY, Vane Merriwell       Wolf Point 23 Ray N D Alfred B Coley & Anna M Stine 20-Sep-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1499  
      Mildred Arlene Littlefield Wolf Point 20 Banks N D George Littlefield & Bessie McKay          
COLGAN, George H       Poplar 30 Helena Patrick Colgan & Mary Cross 24-Aug-12 Bainville Valley 1097  
      Mary Zeige Minneapolis Mn 26 St Paul Mn Harmon Zeige & Louise Koddetz          
COLGAN, Mary M see Reid, Robert                    
COLGAN, Patrick see Reid, Robert                    
COLGAN, Patrick see Golgan, George H                    
COLGROVE, ??? see Bartlett, Alfred                    
COLGROVE, Charles Jr       Dickinson N D 27 Dickinson Charles Colgrove & Katie Kathrein 11-Mar-25 Glendive Dawson 3195  
      Barbara Wineberger Dickinson 18 Glen Ullin N D Jacob Weinberger & Eva Kline          
COLIN, Adeline Teresa see Tobin, Robert M                    
COLIN, Arthur J       Glendive 36 St Peter Mn Cilistine J Colin & Zoe Munial 18-Feb-08 Glendive Dawson 578  
      Mrs Hattie Calnon Glendive 22 Nebraska Michael Brennen & Catherine Matoney          
COLIN, C J see Tobin, Robert M                    
COLIN, Cilistine J see Colin, Arthur J                    
COLKIN, Caroline see Casterline, Edward Theodore                    
COLLENS, Carl       Wolf Point 36 Wauson Ohio Eli & Nina Collens 17-Jul-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 641  
      Pauline Harrell (Birmingham?) Alabama 24 Mitchell Georgia James Harrell & Lela Hawkins          
COLLENS, Eli & Nina see Collens, Carl                    
COLLER, Mary see Sykes, Harry                    
COLLETTE, Helen see Hathaway, Floyd                    
COLLETTE, Samuel E see Hathaway, Floyd                    
COLLIER, Ade see Ingalls, Bert                    
COLLIER, Catherine see Ingalls, Bert                    
COLLIER, Effie see Brown, Paul Roy                    
COLLIER, Jessie see Welch, Jesse C                    
COLLIER, Lee       Phillips 31 Texas   12-Jul-16   Phillips 119  
      Eva Hen-derson Phillips 25 Kansas            
COLLIER, Lola see Antrium, John                    
COLLIER, Myron       Malta 28 Mn   7-Jun-22   Phillips 648  
      Mary Parsley (Presly?) Fargo N D 18 N D?            
COLLIER, R H see Collier, W B                    
COLLIER, W B       Glendive 44 Franklin Kentucky R H Collier & Almeda Corker 17-Jun-03 Glendive Dawson 296  
      Mary T Sullivan Glendive 32 Michigan Joe Sullivan & ???          
COLLIN, Harry see Glenn                    
COLLIN, Marie H see Glenn                    
COLLINGS, David R see Collings, Viron E                    
COLLINGS, Viron E       Williston N D 33 Kasota Mn David R Collings & Eva Brown 24-Dec-28 Glendive Dawson 3676  
      Olive May Sorenson Richey 21 Kennedy Mn Charles Sorenson & Alice McCullough          
COLLINS, Addie see Taylor, Cecil E                    
COLLINS, Albert N see Collins, Fred A                    
COLLINS, Alva S       Circle 36 Wayne Cty Iowa John R Collins & Martha E Harbard 15-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2237  
      Edna B Brown Circle 26 Pickering Missouri Jessie B Brown & Jessie Laird          
COLLINS, Ambrose P       Westby N D 26 Iowa Peter Collins & Mary Loudy 12-Apr-14 Bainville Sheridan 210  
      Marie Lutz res Coalridge 17 Mn Math Lutz & Gertrude Minties          
COLLINS, Angeline see Boone, Albert C                    
COLLINS, Anton see Collins Henry                    
COLLINS, Belle see High, Arthur C                    
COLLINS, Benj H see Collins, James P                    
COLLINS, Benjamin see High, Arthur C                    
COLLINS, Bertha R see Phelps                    
COLLINS, Betsy see Shannon, Robert                    
COLLINS, Betsy see Johnson                    
COLLINS, Charles see Collins                    
COLLINS, Clara see Becker, Oscar                    
COLLINS, Della River see Scanlon, Charles Arthur                    
COLLINS, Dennis       Wibaux 30 Woodstock Ill Timothy Collins & Mary Haley 8-Nov-11 Glendive Dawson 1003  
      Nettie Alida Chamberlain Wibaux 19 South Shore S D Charles Chamberlain & Clysta Holman          
COLLINS, Edna M see Wait, Grover                    
COLLINS, Flossie see Burgess, Ray O                    
COLLINS, Fred A       Glasgow 24 Grand Forks N D Albert N Collins & Augie Reigle 8-Jul-19 Glasgow Valley 2532  
      Nancy Willmore Jacksonville Fla 21 Missouri Ben F Willmore & Luella Benson          
COLLINS, Gertrude S (Moore?) see Christiansen, Mike                    
COLLINS, Greta see Messerly, Lee R                    
COLLINS, Hardin see Totton, Albert James                    
COLLINS, Henry       Glasgow 24 Wis Anton Collins & Ethel Bartlett 1-Dec-28 Glasgow Valley 3439  
      Edna Brown Glasgow 18 N D Howard Brown & Anna Anderson          
COLLINS, Herman see Arnold, Maurice Mark                    
COLLINS, Herman R see Collins, Lester Raymond                    
COLLINS, Herschel R       Glasgow 21 Kans James C Collins & Tobiatha Hearnon 10-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2271  
      Rose Anna Fredrickson Glasgow 21 N D Fred Fredrickson & Nancy Beeks          
COLLINS, Ida see Lodahl                    
COLLINS, J B see Collins, Jeff                    
COLLINS, Jack J       Malta 27 Springfield Mass Jack James Collins & Grace Fields 5-Mar-14 Malta Valley 1426  
      Eva Short Malta 40 Bradford? Ohio William & Lizzie Dunning          
COLLINS, James see Burgess, Ray O                    
COLLINS, James see Collins, William F                    
COLLINS, James       Landusky 33 Calgary Alberta Can John Collins & Maggie Packett? 30-Jan-15 St Pauls Blaine 190  
      Isabel Gouley Landusky 40 Harlem Anton Fleury & Betsy Wilkie          
COLLINS, James C see Collins, Herschel R                    
COLLINS, James M see Hinton, Clarence Fredrick                    
COLLINS, James P       Glendo Wyo 22 Shawnee Wyoming Benj H Collins & Lizzie Maybern 12-Feb-18 Glendive Dawson 2335  
      Lela Esther Dirl Glendive 23 Martin Cty Mn Henry H Dirl & Mathilda Carlson          
COLLINS, Jeff       Glendive 29 Neosho Missouri J B Collins & Helen Hatton 28-Feb-1896 Glendive Dawson 128  
      Mary E Devitt Fallon 18 Wisconsin John Devit & ???          
COLLINS, Jewell see Totten, Albert James                    
COLLINS, John see Scanlon, Charles Arthur                    
COLLINS, John see Stubbs, Harry                    
COLLINS, John see Collins, James                    
COLLINS, John       Med� Lake 38 Mn Mike Collins & ??? 2-Jul-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1901  
      Esther Eilertson Med� Lake 28 Denmark Carl Eilertson & Johanna Peterson          
COLLINS, John R see Collins, Alva S                    
COLLINS, Kenneth D       Raymond 25 Ind Paul Collins & Grace Ogden 5-Dec-28 Scobey Daniels 406  
      Gabriel Z Goeseaert Raymond 22 Belgium Sylvain Goesaert & Celeste Plynin          
COLLINS, Laura (Ragel?) see Boone, Albert C                    
COLLINS, Lena see Gould                    
COLLINS, Lester Raymond       Canopus Sask Can 21 Akely Mn Herman R Collins & Venetha Orr 12-Dec-25 Glasgow Valley 3180  
      Hilda Barstad Wood Mountain Can 17 Ray N D Ole Barstad & Helga Thorson          
COLLINS, Lowell J       Raymond 27 Indiana P L Collins & Grace P Ogden 5-Jan-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2031  
      Rozalia H Palubicki P�wood 22 Argyle Mn M J Palubicki & Barbara Churko          
COLLINS, Lucretia see Brown, E L                    
COLLINS, Madia see Christensen, Otto C                    
COLLINS, Marie see Kenny, Cyril J                    
COLLINS, Marie (Lotz?) see Christenson                    
COLLINS, Mary see McAndrews, John                    
COLLINS, Mary see Essex, James H                    
COLLINS, Mary see Vossen                    
COLLINS, Mary Jane see Keongh, Thomas                    
COLLINS, May see Young, Clifford                    
COLLINS, Mike see Collins                    
COLLINS, Mrs Elizabeth (Mayo?) see Reid, C A                    
COLLINS, Nora see Diehl                    
COLLINS, Nora see White                    
COLLINS, P L see Collins                    
COLLINS, Paul see Collins, Kenneth D                    
COLLINS, Peter see Collins                    
COLLINS, Rubena see Ellis, Carleton                    
COLLINS, S S see Collins, W C                    
COLLINS, Stella see Cole, C I                    
COLLINS, Timothy see Collins, Dennis                    
COLLINS, Vera see Hinton, Clarence Fredrick                    
COLLINS, Virginia see Fox, John A                    
COLLINS, W C       Malta 40 Unionville Missouri S S Collins & S S Valentine 9-Jul-02 Malta Valley 60  
      Selma Dixon Nebr 39 Omaha Nat Brown & ???          
COLLINS, W J       P�wood 33 Wis Charles Collins & Elizabeth McKenny 15-May-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1025  
      May Moran P�wood 28 Canada Dan & Elizabeth Moran          
COLLINS, William see Ellis, Carleton                    
COLLINS, William F       Opheim 28 Ill James Collins & Lillian Wright 22-Sep-19 Glasgow Valley 2555  
      Pansy Robinson Missouri ??? Missouri Eli S Robinson & Clara Winebarger          
COLLISON, Elizabeth see Joyes                    
COLMAN, Ida see Anton, Alling                    
COLMER?, Mary Jane see Ayers, Milo Addison                    
COLOMY, Carrie see Whitmore, Frank L                    
COLSDORF, Frances see Molenda, John A                    
COLSON, Lucy see Smith, George L                    
COLSON, Lucy see Darms, Charles H                    
COLTER, Harriot see Powell, Charles                    
COLTER, Margaret see Morrison, George W                    
COLTER, Margaret see Dutro, David V                    
COLTMAN, ??? see Cave, Lawrence                    
COLTOM, Conrad       Archer 30 Strathcona Mn Peter Coltom & Oleana Tompta 20-Nov-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2986  
      Emma C Lee Archer 31 Christine N D Fred Lee & Amelia Livdahl          
COLTOM, Peter see Coltom                    
COLTON, Florabelle see Berven, Kearney                    
COLTON, Hugh see Colton, Thomas C                    
COLTON, Martha see Anderson, Delwin A                    
COLTON, Mystie see Taylor, George R                    
COLTON, Russell Jonathan see Berven, Kearney                    
COLTON, Thomas C       Wibaux 34 Ireland Hugh Colton & Katherine Campbell 15-Jun-30 Wibaux Wibaux 741  
      Elizabeth Dahl Wibaux 18 Wibaux Charles H Dahl & Ethel V Parks          
COLTRIN, Charles W       Miles City 23 Chicago Ill Oliver Coltrin & Angie Crouch 14-Aug-26 Wibaux Wibaux 539  
      Opal May Fisher Miles City 18 Panama Iowa Ivan Fisher & Cathleen Walsh          
COLTRIN, Oliver see Coltrin, Charles W                    
COLUMB, Mary see DeRussel, Edward John                    
COLVIN, James       Glendive 36 Scotland James Colvin & Catherine Freeman 18-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2027  
      Theresa Gagemeir Glendive 20 Platsmouth Nebr John Gagemeir & Francis Meisinger          
COLVIN, John Wesley       Luella Sask Can 25 Landgon S D Thomas Albert Colvin & Sylvia Skinner 20-Jun-24 Scobey Daniels 157  
      Folrence Annie Jarvis Luella Sask   Nottinghampshire England Walter Jarvis & Anne Brown          
COLVIN, Thomas Albert see Colvin, John Wesley                    
COLWELL, Ethel see Koshney, Albert                    
COLWELL, Geo B see McCall, H C                    
COLWELL, P I see Colwell, Warner J                    
COLWELL, Warner J       Frazer 61 Penn Warrner J Colwell & Mary Moore     Valley 1670 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Susan Hopkins Oswego 60 Mn Jacob Horsa & Lucy Laren          
COLWELL, Warner J       Wolf Point 50 Penn P I? Colwell & Mary Magee 15-Nov-05 Culbertson Valley 199  
      Linia Pearl VanVactes Des Lacs N D 22 Stensbury? Missouri B L ??? & Minerva Kerns          
COLWELL, Warner J see Knapp, Daniel                    
COLWELL, Zenobia see Knapp, Daniel                    
COMATASK, Minetta J see Washburn, Willard Wallace                    
COMBES, Francis B see Clevenger, L A                    
COMBES, Iva J see Clevenger, L A                    
COMBES, Peter I see Combes, Wm E                    
COMBES, Wm E       Glendive 26 Amsterdam N Y Peter I Combes & Martha Mathias 25-Dec-07 Glendive Dawson 562  
      Maude Qually St Paul Mn 26? Waterton S D Charles Qually & Sarah Plunges          
COMBO, Harry see Strand, Bernt                    
COMBS, Allie see McCulloch, Edwin Julius                    
COMBS, Clifford Carl       Glasgow 22 Tolly N D Elmer Allen Combs & Anna Carrie Nord 3-Mar-29 Glasgow Valley 3456  
      Cora Amelia Erickson Glasgow 19 Palermo N D Casper Erickson & Carrie Nyhus          
COMBS, E W       Nashua 34 La Ray Mn Westly Combs & ??? 4-Nov-09 Glasgow Valley 526  
      Lilly Feldt Nashua 21 Markeram? Wis August Feldt & Augusta Schroeder          
COMBS, Ella see Powers                    
COMBS, Elmer Allen see Combs, Clifford Carl                    
COMBS, Frances see McCarthy, William                    
COMBS, Frank see Hendrickson, Joseph                    
COMBS, Howard see Combs, John R                    
COMBS, Ideal see Englund, Clarence W                    
COMBS, Irene see Hendrickson, Joseph                    
COMBS, Jay       Poplar 18 El Reno Okla O J Combs & Josie Brown 24-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1175  
      Ethleen Ruth Barker Poplar 19 Corning Iowa John Barker & Eva DeWeese          
COMBS, John R       Sentinel Butte N D 34 Corning Iowa Howard Combs & Sevillah Longman 3-Feb-25 Glendive Dawson 3186  
      Doris Wood Sentinel Butte 19 Aitken Mn Charles Wood & Lula Kearney          
COMBS, Leo L       Poplar 28 ElReno Okla O J Combs & Jacie Brown 29-Sep-28 Glasgow Valley 3414  
      Gladys N Martin ??? 22 Mt Vernon Illinois Elmer W Martin & Harriet Bridges          
COMBS, O J see Combs, Leo L                    
COMBS, O J see Combs, Jay                    
COMBS, Rachel see Winter, Charles H                    
COMBS, Wesley see Combs, E W                    
COMER, Clayton       Clayton 22 Taylors Falls Mn Wm W Comer & Phi Wilcox 11-May-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1726  
      Mayme McKay Binford N D 22 Ayre N D Hector McKay & Mary Norberg          
COMER, Cloyd E       Med� Lake 29 Walnut Ill Steven A Comer & Mary Bodine 20-Nov-11 Dagmar Valley 935  
      Laura Jorgensen Dagmar 21 Denmark Jorgen Jorgensen & Christiana Olsen          
COMER, Florence J see Banker, Chas A                    
COMER, Stephen A see Comer, Cloyd E                    
COMER, Wm W see Comer                    
COMES, Out see Archdale, James                    
COMES, Out First see Blackdog, James                    
COMES LAST, Bessie see Brown, Herbert                    
COMES LAST, Thomas see Lambert, Wilfred                    
COMES LAST, Timothy see Brown, Herbert                    
COMFORT, Harry see Trowbridge, Robert M                    
COMFORT, Harry see Trowbridge, Archie                    
COMFORT, Mayme see Trowbridge, Robert M                    
COMFORT, Pearl see Trowbridge, Archie                    
COMING VOICE, Rosie see Beauchan, Edward                    
COMLEY, Lydia see Griffith, Hiram                    
COMMACK, Eliza B see Mann                    
COMPTON, James C       Ely Nev 26 Ely Richard Compton & Louise Eckenberger 3-Jul-26 Glendive Dawson 3370  
      Ida Proctor Glendive 22 Hathley Canada Thomas Proctor & Mary Elizabeth Quincey          
COMPTON, Anna see Woody, Spencer C                    
COMPTON, Celia see Moulton, Glen D                    
COMPTON, Clayton R       Froid 22 Mn Frank T Compton & Mary Tice 16-Nov-20 Homestead Sheridan 1697  
      Laura M McKindley Froid 21 Mn William McKindley & Elevine Livernash          
COMPTON, Elsie see Glover, Norman Edwin                    
COMPTON, F T see Compton, Geo F                    
COMPTON, Frank T see Compton                    
COMPTON, Geo F       Froid 21 Mentor Mn F T Compton & Mary Tice 6-Jul-21 Culbertson Roosivelt 258  
      Jessie C Hayes Culbertson 19 Nebr John Hayes & Jennet Mitchell          
COMPTON, Herbert see Glover, Norman Edwin                    
COMPTON, Herbert K       Nielson 22 Mn   14-Oct-19   Phillips 460  
      Helen Alverson Nielson 18 Wisc            
COMPTON, Jessie see Glover, Norman Edwin                    
COMPTON, Leafie see Emerson, Harold                    
COMPTON, Mary see Weaver, Doris S                    
COMPTON, Richard see Compton, James C                    
COMSTOCK, Agnes (Denoyer?) see Lloyd, William                    
COMSTOCK, Charles see Comstock, Earl                    
COMSTOCK, Earl       Sidney 26 Wayne Cty Iowa Charles Comstock & Mary Duncan 22-Jun-13 Sidney Dawson 1267  
      Loretta Thomas Sidney 27 Tracey Mn Mart Thomas & Rose Catlin          
COMSTOCK, Emery       Trenton N D 30 Martin Cty Mn Kall Comstock & Rhoda Eaton 5-Jul-21 Glasgow Valley 2789  
      Laura Kregger Glasgow 17 Jackson Cty Mn Christian Kregger & Christina Sorenson          
COMSTOCK, Josephine see Vanalstine, Jacob G                    
COMSTOCK, Kall see Comstock, Emery                    
COMSTOCK, Laura E see Ellsworth, Sam                    
COMSTOCK, Rosa see Wait, Ernest S                    
COMSTOCK, Sarah see Goodale Arthur L                    
CONANT, Claude B       Saco 27 Brock Neb John B Conant & Margaret T Keith 12-Jul-11 Malta Valley 870  
      Annie E Tweedie Malta 22 Kans James Tweedie & ???          
CONANT, John B see Conant, Claude B                    
CONANT, Rua see Oaks, Percy O                    
CONANZ, Constant       Bainville 24 Russia Joseph Conanz & Christine Wolf 22-Jun-23 Poplar Roosivelt 517  
      Anna Mary Elizabeth VanDerBerg N D 20 Drake N D Lin VanDerBerg & Mary Kahler          
CONANZ, Joseph see Conanz, Constant                    
CONARTY, Anna see Horton, Patrick J                    
CONASTER, Bertha Lee see Dix, G D                    
CONASTER, Joseph see Conaster, Robert L                    
CONATSER, Molly (Friedl) see Stevens, Edward C                    
CONATSER, Robert L       Glasgow 30 Lebbon? (Lebanon?) Tenn Joseph Conatser & Clem Evans 26-Feb-00 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Molly Freidel Glasgow 18 Germany Frank Freidel & Hattie Madder          
CONBOY, John F       Scobey 33 Neola Iowa John F Conboy & Anna Ryan 19-Apr-28 Glasgow Valley 3378  
      Margaret E Smith Scobey 25 Stratford Wis Sam Smith & Marie Denee          
CONDIL, Ella see Chapman, George                    
CONDIT, Clarence M see Condit                    
CONDIT, Gilbert H       Westhope N D 36 Milo Iowa Clarence M Condit & Emma Turner 14-Jun-22 Dooley Sheridan 1807  
      Elsie A Johnson Dooley 32 Echo Mn O M Johnson & Sarah Twet          
CONDITT, Clarence see Thom                    
CONDITT, Doris see Thom                    
CONDRON, Ella see Baker, J W                    
CONE, Ida see Mohn                    
CONE, Phoebe see Kent, Horatio N                    
CONELLY, Frank B see Mills, Frederick D                    
CONELLY, Sarah see Rorke, John J                    
CONEN, Mrs Harry see Miller, Leroy                    
CONEN, Rose Anna see Miller, Leroy                    
CONEY, Ellen see Dilley, William H                    
CONGER, Annie see Mann                    
CONGER, Ethel Mae see McCauley, William Robert                    
CONGER, Harriet see Thompson, George                    
CONGER, Harriet see Red Eagle                    
CONGER, Harriot see Dumb, George                    
CONGER, Harriot see White Eagle, Jerome                    
CONGER, Laura see Nelson, Harvey Samuel                    
CONGER, Sam see Backas, Thomas                    
CONGER, Stella see Backas, Thomas                    
CONGER?, Laura see Kjelson, Henry B                    
CONIER, Belle see Swanson                    
CONKIN, Mary E see Lunsford, Lemuel F                    
CONKLEN, Florence Christine see Miller, Sidney                    
CONKLIN, Elizabeth see Leper, Henry H                    
CONKLIN, Elvera see Lown, Samuel                    
CONKLIN, Etta see Thompson, T H                    
CONKLIN, George see Briggs, Ernest                    
CONKLIN, Julius A see Howell, Charles W                    
CONKLIN, Mina see Huff                    
CONKLOW, Maud (Hunter?) see Petite, Joseph                    
CONLAN, Margaret M see Henderson                    
CONLAN, Mary see Jackson, George F                    
CONLAN, William & Mary see Henderson                    
CONLEY, David see Conley, Leland C                    
CONLEY, Edward see Conley                    
CONLEY, James H see Conley, James V                    
CONLEY, James V       Mandan N D 23 Indianapolis Indiana James H Conley & Mary McCarthy 24-May-09 Glendive Dawson 690  
      Josephine L Underwood Louisville Kentucky 23 Jeffersonville Indiana Joseph L Underwood & Mary Thompson          
CONLEY, Leland C       Culbertson 20 Clifford Mich David Conley & Lucretia J Fullerton 1-Jul-09 Culbertson Valley 487  
      Camelia Wagner Culbertson 20 Germany George Wagner & Elizabeth Diel          
CONLEY, Louis E       Flaxville 40 Kentucky Edward Conley & Sarah Pierson 15-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 634  
      Anne Larkin St Paul Mn 25 Mn Frank & Bridget Larkin          
CONLEY, Margaret see Kaul, Christian A                    
CONLEY, Mary see Robinson, E S                    
CONLEY, Thomas see Kaul, Christian A                    
CONLIN, Francis & Jane see Conlin, Leo                    
CONLIN, Leo       Bainville 22 Willow City N D Francis & Jane Conlin 18-Dec-11 Bainville Valley 959  
      Viola Gates Bainville 24 Bedford Ind Jacob Brannon & Frances Dickey          
CONLIN, Viola see Leasevegen, Emil                    
CONLON, Margaret see Niece, Orville R                    
CONLON, Margaret see Joyce, Joseph Andrew                    
CONLON, Mary see Morgan, Charles D                    
CONLON, Teresa see Boyd                    
CONLON, William see Boyd                    
CONN, James Richard see Conn, William Ernest                    
CONN, William Ernest       Paxton 29 England James Richard Conn & Elizabeth Arnold 30-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2037  
      Cora Francis Goolsby Paxton 18 Bloomington Springs Tenn James Henry Goolsby & Elizabeth Rector          
CONN?, Charlotte see Prestage, Clarence W                    
CONNAUGHTON, Ella see Rowen, Michael Joseph                    
CONNAUGHTY, Kathryn see O�Malley, Merlin M                    
CONNELL, Dan see Connell, Lester H                    
CONNELL, Dan       res Medora N D 55 Jeff-erson Cty N Y John Connell & Eliza Curran 10-Dec-30 Wibaux Wibaux 773  
      Sara Ellis Detroit Lakes Mn 25 Pope Cty Mn Syver Julson & Cleo Bratrud          
CONNELL, John see Connell, Dan                    
CONNELL, Lester H       Medora N D 22 Detroit (Lakes? ) Mn Dan Connell & Olive Syverson 10-May-24 Wibaux Wibaux 426  
      Eva L Cowles Medora N D 24 Bertha Mn Albert Cowles & Florence Borden          
CONNELL, Mary O see McCulloch, William                    
CONNELLY, Frank H?       Bainville 27 Fort Benton Thomas H Connelly & Annie Hayner 4-Aug-13 Culbertson Sheridan 55  
      Charlotte Cesarine Dumur Bainville 24 Paris France Zephinn Dumur & Cesarine Renauzise?          
CONNELLY, Ida see Bird, Robert M                    
CONNELLY, Thomas H see Connelly                    
CONNER, John see Zabel, Julius George                    
CONNER, C R       Gladmar Sask 49 OxBridge Ont Can Chauncey Conner & Rachel James 7-Jun-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2833  
      Selma B Krueger Fargo N D Legal Wheatland N D William F Krueger & Barbara Knobel          
CONNER, Charles see Conner, Varrell Jacob                    
CONNER, Charles E see Conner, Warren E                    
CONNER, Chauncey see Conner                    
CONNER, Edward see Conner, Fredrick B                    
CONNER, Ethel Melinda see Zabel, Julius George                    
CONNER, Fredrick B       Vida 23 Chrystal Penn Edward Conner & Ella Rosell 21-Apr-17 Vida? Valley 2111  
      Lulu Skelton Vida 23 ??? William Skelton & Loney J Masteson          
CONNER, Glen       Savage 21 Fayette Iowa Jess Conner & Chloa Servoss 13-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1475  
      Della Auge Savage 21 Minneapolis Constant Auge & Selene Jarvis          
CONNER, Jess see Conner, Glen                    
CONNER, John see Conner, Ralph                    
CONNER, Lewis see Pickett, James J                    
CONNER, Margaret see Elliot, Louis T                    
CONNER, Mattie see Munger, Herbert Morris                    
CONNER, Ralph       Jordan 32 Millport Indiana John Conner & Anna E Delano 1-Jun-17 Styve Dawson 2176  
      Dorothy Fadness Jordan 26 Sundahl Mn Brown Fadness & Anna Styve          
CONNER, Varrel Jacob       Terry 23 Royalyton Mn Charles Conner & Zoe Crye 3-Mar-29 Glendive Dawson 3699  
      Dorothy Smith Terry 21 Wagner S D George Smith & Jessie Larratt          
CONNER, Warren E       Malta 22 Brockton Mass Charles E Conner & Annie P Hatch 23-Dec-10 Malta Valley 757  
      Irene C Richardson Malta 22 Bangor Me? Charles R Richardson & Nettie Gillman          
CONNERS, Louise M see Cafferty, Dan                    
CONNET, Anna see Philamlee, Windle                    
CONNOCHIE, Robert W       Phillips Cty 25 Scotland   6-Mar-15   Phillips 7  
      Retta DeCourtney Phillips Cty 21 Okla            
CONNOLE, James       Glasgow 29 Mohall N D Peter Connole & Margaret Shaughnessy 4-Aug-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2856  
      Mary O�Hare Hamilton N D 31 Bathgate N D William J O�Hare & Rose Harrington          
CONNOLE, Peter see Connole                    
CONNOLLY, James Joseph       Woodrow 33 Randolph Nebr Patrick Connolly & Edna Toggert 22-Nov-26 Glendive Dawson 3413  
      Mary McLeod Woodrow 20 Voltaire N D Malcolm McLeod & Louise Davis          
CONNOLLY, Mary see Falxa, John                    
CONNOLLY, Patrick see Connolly, James Joseph                    
CONNOLLY, Peter see Falxa, John                    
CONNOR, Alma see Nelson                    
CONNOR, Alta see Keiser, William Fred                    
CONNOR, Alta see Knorr, William (#2)                    
CONNOR, Annie O see Shea                    
CONNOR, George see Knorr, William (#2)                    
CONNOR, George see Keiser, Wibur Fred                    
CONNOR, George Jr       Poplar 20 Glasgow George Connor Sr & Sophie Archambeau 20-Mar-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1307  
      Annuncietta Knorr Poplar 21 Poplar Charles Knorr & Lulu Brugnier          
CONNOR, Grace see Orgain, Kellog M                    
CONNOR, Ida see Baker, Clem                    
CONNOR, James J       Hamlin 34 Danvers Mn Will & Mary Connor 13-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2254  
      May Brennan Hamlin 30 St Cloud Mn Will Brennan & Mary Carmody          
CONNOR, Leon Wilbur       Malta 28 S D   12-Oct-28   Phillips 1059  
      Elsie Ose Bowdoin 22 Sweden            
CONNOR, S Elizabeth see Hardin, Eugene                    
CONNOR, Sarah see Robbins, Frank                    
CONNOR, Sarah see Williams, John C                    
CONNOR, Thomas       Ollie 33 Logansport Indiana William Connor & Charlotte Wingfield 21-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1625  
      Josephine Miggah Edgehill 27 Sidney Nova Scotia Canada Albert Miggah & Mary Martell          
CONNOR, Will & Mary see Connor, James J                    
CONNOR, William see Connor, Thomas                    
CONNOR, William       Blaine Cty 43 Iowa   8-Oct-17   Phillips 274  
      Mattie Fried Blaine 23 N D            
CONNORD, Elizabeth see Yadon                    
CONNORS, Allen       Vida 27 Crystal Penn Edward Connors & Ella Rozell 12-May-15 Glasgow Valley 1674  
      Margaret Kluth Vida 21 Chamberlain S D Jacob Kluth & ???          
CONNORS, Cena see Adkins, William                    
CONNORS, Clara see Williams, Clair V                    
CONNORS, Edward see Connors, Allen                    
CONNORS, Edward see Quimby, George W                    
CONNORS, Edward see Kluth, John P                    
CONNORS, James see Hage, Reuben E                    
CONNORS, James see Williams, Clair V                    
CONNORS, John F       Watertown S D 28 Kansas   16-Oct-28   Phillips 1062  
      Myrtle Wellington Watertown S D 18 S D            
CONNORS, Katheryn Mae see Hage, Reuben E                    
CONNORS, Mamie see Cochran, Bryan                    
CONNORS, Mary see Wallace, Cecil Irvin                    
CONOVER, Frances see Vance, Delbert K                    
CONPRATZ, Clara see Enger                    
CONRAD, John       Glendive 71 Germany Nick Conrad & Kate Schone 27-Mar-16 Glendive Dawson 1893  
      Bertha Edler Glendive 52 Germany Louis Kinger & Marie Maritz          
CONRAD , Augusta see Stellpflen                    
CONRAD, Augusts see Isbell, Boone                    
CONRAD, Caroline K see Buttelman                    
CONRAD, Daisy see Saunders, James                    
CONRAD, Henry see Conrad, L C                    
CONRAD, Isabel C see Lyons, George W                    
CONRAD, Jasper see Cook, John B                    
CONRAD, Jess A       Chinook 33 Indiana W J Conrad & Martha E Brandenburg 6-Dec-15 Chinook Blaine 248  
      Bertha E Lindauer Chinook 28   Anton Lindauer & Mary Tretter          
CONRAD, John see Callahan, Arthur                    
CONRAD, L C       Union 33 Beddford Cty Penn Henry Conrad & ??? 22-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1748  
      Caroline (Osillie?) Rusch Union 45 Eaton Wisc Carl Schmidt & Eva Saint          
CONRAD, Mary see Ryan                    
CONRAD, Nellie see Cook, John B                    
CONRAD, Nick see Conrad, John                    
CONRAD, W J see Saunders, James                    
CONRAD, W J see Conrad, Jesse A                    
CONRADSEN, Conrad       Antelope 25 Heyerin Denmark Neils Conradsen & Dortea Mogensen 9-Dec-11 Med� Lake Valley 951  
      Karin Marie Larsen Orville 25 Trendelsburgh? Den Andrew Larsen & Trena Peterson          
CONRADSEN, Neils see Conradsen, Conrad                    
CONROCHE, Barbara see Bussard, Verner J                    
CONROY, Angela see Daniels, George John                    
CONROY, Mathew see Daniels, George John                    
CONRUD, Anna Mary see Schultz, Nicholas                    
CONSEMAN, August see Merril                    
CONSNUFF, Alade see Brooks, Martin E                    
CONSTANCE, Charles see Constance, Chester E                    
CONSTANCE, Charles D see Brooks, John Walter                    
CONSTANCE, Charley D see Constance                    
CONSTANCE, Chester E       Vida 26 Cameron Missouri Charles Constance & Lettie Simmons 8-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2127  
      Mary Elizabeth Cargyle Glendive 27 Butler Mo James Cargyle & Emma F Fluty          
CONSTANCE, Clarence L       Vida 27 Missouri Charley D Constance & E Simmons 28-Dec-21 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1775  
      Mary Ann Sayers Med� Lake 22 N D Joseph Sayers & Justian Azure          
CONSTANCE, Mabel Adlinda see Brooks, John Walter                    
CONTAG, Barbara see Setzer, Peter                    
CONTWAY, George see Contway, Patrick                    
CONTWAY, Patrick       Lodge Pole 23 Lodge Pole George Contway & Julia Ball 27-Oct-30 Chinook Blaine 1236  
      Rose Baker Harlem 19 Zortman Frank Baker & Maggie Pelchie          
CONTZ, D see Williams                    
CONVERSE, Alfred see Brooks, Charles Wesley                    
CONVERSE, Cecil E       Havre 32 Pony Rock Kan Joseph Converse & Rosa Goodrich 5-Jan-26 Chinook Blaine 921  
      Albertine Rowin Havre 26 Denmark Jens P Nelson & Stasa Standeslava          
CONVERSE, Joseph see Converse, Cecil E                    
CONVERSE, Mildred Eulalie see Brooks, Charles Wesley                    
CONVOY, Elizabeth see Casey, Harry                    
CONWAY, Kathryn Marie see Tombs, Ernest Reynold                    
CONWAY, Patrick       Medora N D 34 Ireland Patrick Conway & Anna Mulryan 12-Oct-17 Wibaux Wibaux 173  
      Mrs Mary Hills Vancouver B C 25 Canada John Husette & ???          
CONWAY, Burdetta see Butterweck, Walter Lewis                    
CONWAY, Edward see Tombs, Ernest Reynold                    
CONWAY, George see Butterweck, Walter Lewis                    
CONWAY, Mary see Ryder, Patrick F                    
COO__?, Catherine see LaDante, Louis                    
COOK, Abbie Jane see Summers, Earl D                    
COOK, Adam see Cook                    
COOK, Alexander see Miner                    
COOK, Alexander & Marie E see Carter                    
COOK, Altie see King, Charles E                    
COOK, Andy see Cook                    
COOK, Annie see Rice, William                    
COOK, Audrey see Forest, Richard E                    
COOK, Augusta see Hass, Hugo Herman                    
COOK, Aurora see Buffington, Joseph P                    
COOK, Bert       Patton Hills 30 Iowa W A Cook & Maggie Dennison 26-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2114  
      Julia Lingle Patton Hills 18 Mt George Lingle & Sarah Kelly          
COOK, Bert       Chinook 39 Boone Cty Ind Charles W Cook & Virginia Staley 16-Mar-16 Chinook Blaine 267  
      Alta E Martin Chinook 36 Lebanon Ind James M Martin & Ella Smith          
COOK, Blanche see Perry, Bertie                    
COOK, Caroline see Langau, Frank                    
COOK, Carolyn see Morrow, Dr W D                    
COOK, Catherine see Doney Alex                    
COOK, Catherine see Moran, John                    
COOK, Catherine see Plummer, Joseph                    
COOK, Charles see Berry, Bertie                    
COOK, Charles see Cook, Marrell D                    
COOK, Charles W see Cook, Bert                    
COOK, Charles W see Cook, John B                    
COOK, Charlie see Pullen, Denton Sproat                    
COOK, Charlie see Sullivan, Leonard Ray                    
COOK, Chris see Cook                    
COOK, Cora May(Faith?) see Babb                    
COOK, Cynth see Drapes, Alexander Preston                    
COOK, Edith (Wright?) see Lloyd, John                    
COOK, Edwin Freeman       Glendive 24 Yorktown N D R D Cook & Evalyn E Innch 12-Jun-12 Glendive Dawson 1099  
      Florence Edna Watson Glendive 25 Antioch Illinois William Watson & Edna A Spring          
COOK, Elizabeth (Oswald?) see Witte                    
COOK, Ellen see Olson                    
COOK, Emma (Jordan?) see Brown, E L                    
COOK, Estella see Madison, Dale                    
COOK, Eunice P see Fierheller, John Henry                    
COOK, Eva Marie see Lorentzen, Thomas                    
COOK, Everett       Wibaux 21 Ontario Wis Ralph Cook & June Molley 12-May-24 Wibaux Wibaux 429  
      Doris Oberg Wibaux 19 Argusville N D Fred Oberg & Rhoda Nymon          
COOK, Ezra A       Homestead 27 Iowa Chris Cook & Ella Gregor 20-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1085  
      Madonna Armstrong Homestead 22 Mt Conner Armstrong & Josephine Lambert          
COOK, Flora A see Marsh, Clarence L                    
COOK, George A       Frazer 28 Fergus Falls Mn Martin R Cook & Tena Moen 28-Jun-24 Frazer? Valley 3065  
      Bernice Brooks Los Gatos Calif 23 Tennessee Claude Brooks & Mamie Skruggs          
COOK, H R               28-Nov-1882   Dawson 6  
      Belle Carnahan                  
COOK, Harry see Cook, Monte                    
COOK, James see Cook                    
COOK, James F       Wolf Point 22 Cherryville Kans John F Cook & Effie Landis 17-Jan-26 Glasgow Valley 3193  
      Elsie Dillard Wolf Point 18 Glasgow John L Dillard & Maud Clough          
COOK, Jane see Johnson                    
COOK, Jenny see Nay, Admiral Dewey                    
COOK, Jesse O       Welliver 30 Wis Adam Cook & Elenora Wooly 18-Jun-14 Outlook Sheridan 256  
      Mary Ethel Hedges Antelope 16 Mn C A Hedges & Mary Deits          
COOK, Jessie see Cullander, Clinton William                    
COOK, Jessie see Gaynor, Robert A                    
COOK, Jessie see Lemon, George                    
COOK, Jessie see Wheeler                    
COOK, Jessie S see Miller                    
COOK, John see McDonald, Alexander                    
COOK, John B       Chinook 39 Thorntown Ind Charles W Cook & Virginia Staley 9-May-14 Chinook Blaine 121  
      Nellie Conrad Chinook 33 Ind Jasper Conrad & Martha Brandenberg          
COOK, John F see Cook, James F                    
COOK, Joseph C see Cook, Phillip Taylor                    
COOK, Katherine see Plummer, George                    
COOK, Livana see King, Thomas J                    
COOK, Louis       Med Lake 40 Wis Andy Cook & Mary Bigsby 2-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 951  
      Helen Rosplock Med Lake 23 Wis Albert Rosplock & Julia Mlosjek          
COOK, Louisa see Taylor, Levi H                    
COOK, Lucy see McDonald, Alexander                    
COOK, Lula A see Boelens                    
COOK, Lulu see Whitish                    
COOK, Mamie see Croff, Sidney                    
COOK, Marie Alice see Carter                    
COOK, Marrell D       Wibaux 42 Shenago New York Charles Cook & Betty Scranton 22-Jan-08 Glendive Dawson 571  
      June Klinkner Beach N D 27 Ontario Wisc Andrew Molley & Adella Mason          
COOK, Martin R see Cook, George A                    
COOK, Mary see Whalen, Frank P                    
COOK, Mary see Long, James Larpentuer                    
COOK, Mary see Duerksen, Henry H                    
COOK, Mary see Miller, Frank F                    
COOK, Mary Alice see Miner                    
COOK, Mercy see Schroeder, Louis W                    
COOK, Mildred see Sullivan, Leonard Ray                    
COOK, Monte       Great Falls 27 Hot Springs Ark Harry Cook & Mattie Richardson 31-Aug-26 Scobey Daniels 272  
      Corinne Wilkins Great Falls 30 Minneapolia Mn Henry Wilkins & Eddie Franklin          
COOK, N D see Cook, Stanton E                    
COOK, Olean M see McClure, Melvin                    
COOK, Peter see Cook, William                    
COOK, Pheloda see Richards, Floyd                    
COOK, Phillip Taylor       Sentinel Butte N D 25 Cummings Cty N D Joseph C Cook & Frances Taylor 2-Jul-21 Wibaux Wibaux 307  
      Lucy Evelyn Northrop Sentinel Butte 19 Rainey Cty Mn Milton E Northrop & Gertrude V Barnes          
COOK, R D see Cook, Edwin Freeman                    
COOK, Ralph see Cook, Everett                    
COOK, Rosena Mae see Pullen, Denton Sproat                    
COOK, Roy A       Redstone 27 S D James Cook & Inez Jackson 4-Apr-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1721  
      Nellie Whitish Antelope 16 Wis Peter Whitish & Clara Helm          
COOK, Sophia see Jackson, Charles A                    
COOK, Sophronia see Clark, Hugh                    
COOK, Stanton E       Glentana 38 Richland Center Wis N D Cook & Mary Bigsby 4-Mar-24 Glasgow Valley 3042  
      Thelma Keough Opheim 19 Detroit (Lskes?) Mn George Keough & Kate Lugall          
COOK, Unice see Fierheller, John H O                    
COOK, W A see Cook, Bert                    
COOK, William       Flaxville 44 Federal-sville Md Peter Cook & Anna Hutchinson 17-Oct-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1387  
      Harriet Hatfield Homestead 22 Culbertson Calvin A Hatfield & Lucy Lawson          
COOKE, Charles Gordon       Brenizll? 34 Logansville Wisc Bananton Cooke & Mary Gordon 20-Jan-10 Wibaux Dawson 766  
      Eunice Weill Indianapolis Ind 39 Bloomfield Iowa Milton Singleton & Mary Davis          
COOKE, Bananton see Cooke, Charles Gordon                    
COOKE, Frances see Zurn, Gordan                    
COOKE, Hazel L see Otteson, Howard O                    
COOKE, Herbert E       Dickinson N D 22 Glendive W H Cooke & Ola E Saunders 25-Jul-30 Glendive Dawson 3894  
      Madge Young Dickinson 18 Dickinson John Young & Magdalena Thomas          
COOKE, J Keith       Dickinson N D 27 Dickinson W H Cooke & Ola E Saunders 8-Nov-30 Glendive Dawson 3934  
      Gertrude Janssen St Paul 24 Omaha Nebr Charles H Janssen & Edith Harris          
COOKE, K C see Young, J H                    
COOKE, Mary E see Dutton                    
COOKE, W H see Cooke, Herbert E                    
COOKE, W H see Cooke, J Keith                    
COOKINGHAM, Bertha A see Crowe, John H                    
COOKINGHAM, Eleanor see Pulse, John                    
COOKINGHAM, George A see Crowe, John H                    
COOKINGHAM, Helen Ivernia see Abrahamson, John A                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs Alice see Peters, James P                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs Alice see Larson, Myrus Benjamin                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs G see Pulse, John                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs R J see Dettman, Leslie                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs R T see Sullivan, George R                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs R T? see Larson, Lawrence                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs Roy see Noble, Guy                    
COOKINGHAM, Mrs Roy see Roberts, Dorman F                    
COOKINGHAM, Raymond T       Scobey 43 Ontario Indiana William Cookingham & Elenor Tyler 10-Mar-20 Scobey Sheridan 1632  
      Sarah C Scofield Scobey 26 Hibbing Mn Arthur Scofield & Carrie Persey?          
COOKINGHAM, William see Cookingham                    
COOKINGHAM, Zelma see Abrahamson, John A                    
COOKSEY, Jesse Franklin see Williams, Preston H Jr                    
COOKSEY, Marye R see Williams, Preston H Jr                    
COOKSON, George       East Poplar River Sask Can 48 England Golden Cookson & Jennie Normandale 2-Jul-26 Scobey Daniels 265  
      Alice Clark East Poplar River 49 England Joseph Clark & ???          
COOKSON, Golden see Cookson, George                    
COOKSON, Harvine see Barr                    
COOKSON, Harvine R see Moothart, Harvey L                    
COOKSON, Robert L see Moothart, Harvey L                    
COOKSON, Robert L see Cookson, Thomas Loring                    
COOKSON, Robert L see Barr                    
COOKSON, Thomas Loring       Froid 27 Maryland Robert L Cookson & Sarah Catherine Roop 5-Feb-26 Culbertson Roosivelt 865  
      Rosella Rohrenback McCabe 23 Mn D H Rohrenback & Mary Hilla          
COOL, Alphord see Gallagher, Patrick C                    
COOL, Fred C       Glasgow 24 Clyde Iowa Melvin Cool & Maggie J Kintz 30-May-10 Glasgow Valley 641  
      Mayme A P Davis Glasgow 19 Butte D F Davis & Emma Chailsworth          
COOL, Fred E       Avondale 24 Mich William Cool & Emma Gladson 1-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2094  
      Ruth Borum Billings 19 Neb John Borum & ???          
COOL, Melvin see Cool, Fred                    
COOL, P J see Gallagher, Patrick C                    
COOL, William see Cool, Fred E                    
COOLEY, Bennett M       Nashua 38 Iowa George Cooley & Mary Nelson 16-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1770  
      Minnie E Johnson Nashua 23 Mo R S Bailey & Alice Henderson          
COOLEY, Cornelia A see Farver, Martin                    
COOLEY, Ella M see Adekerk, Ted V                    
COOLEY, George see Cooley, Bennett M                    
COOLEY, James R       Fallon 24 Rutledge Mass William G Cooley & Julia McMillen 2-Dec-15 Glendive Dawson 1829  
      Ella Sanders Sidney 20 Rutledge Mass William Sanders & Kate Orr          
COOLEY, William G see Cooley, James R                    
COOLIDGE, Chas Hammond see Schrock, Arthur Leroy                    
COOLIDGE, Jessie Mae see Schrock, Arthur Leroy                    
COOLIDGE, Lillie see Hendricks                    
COOMBES, John H       Killdeer N D 29 Rockwell Iowa John W Coombs & Mart Ella Geer 4-Apr-28 Glendive Dawson 3560  
      Bessie J Robb Steele N D 16 McKenzie N D Ole Robb & Francis Smith          
COOMBES, John William see Coombes, Walter                    
COOMBES, Walter       Killdeer N D 34 Rockwell Iowa John William Coombes & Ella Geer 15-Apr-20 Glendive Dawson 2631  
      Nonie Lehman Killdeer N D   Streeter Ill Samuel George Lehman & Ellnore Stone          
COOMBS, Bonnie Pearl see Lzicar, Fred                    
COOMBS, Ella see Kliebas, D J                    
COOMBS, Francis see Lzicar, Fred                    
COOMBS, John see Kliebas, D J                    
COOMBS, John see Coombs, Leon Earl                    
COOMBS, John H see Keebler, Cecil C                    
COOMBS, Leon Earl       Wibaux 24 Chippewa Falls Wis John Coombs & Maud Dodge 29-Nov-10 Wibaux Dawson 871  
      Lottie Nelson Wibaux 23 Wheeler Wisc H W Nelson & Susie E Phillips          
COOMBS, Marion see Keebler, Cecil C                    
COOMBS, Sarah see Powell, Courtland W                    
COON, A P see Nichols, Harry S                    
COON, Bert       Brookside 26 Mn   26-Oct-27   Phillips 975  
      Thelma Sherlock Zortman 20 Mt            
COON, C B see Coon, James A                    
COON, Catherine A see Atwood, James W                    
COON, Ella see Cessna, Glen                    
COON, J M see Coon, W W                    
COON, James A       Sidney 21 Jackson Mich C B Coon & Clara Stevens 26-Nov-27 Glendive Dawson 3516  
      Roberta French Sidney 18 Edgley N D Elbert French & Minnie Sherman          
COON, Joe see Simon, Theodore                    
COON, Lucy see Beason, Franklin Milton                    
COON, Lucy see Beason, Henry L                    
COON, Mark see Morris, James                    
COON, Mary see Simon, Theodore                    
COON, Mayme see Partridge, Charles James                    
COON, Ocamay see Woods, James F                    
COON, Ocie May see Shear, Vern W                    
COON, Pauline see Knapp, Miles Willie                    
COON, Rebecca see Douglas, Jesse                    
COON, Ruth see Morris, James                    
COON, W W       Saco 31 Cass Cty Neb J M Coon & Emma F Carey 18-Sep-12 Glasgow Valley 1122  
      Tillie Beavers Saco 19 Creek Neb Emmett Beavers & Gertrude Kamphoff          
COONEY, John see Sutherlin, Charles A                    
COONEY, Charles James       Hoover 33 Iowa Patrick Cooney & Mary Maria Duffy 21-Mar-16 Glasgow Valley 1828  
      Norah Bilderboch Cardwell 31 Ill John E Bilderboch & Margaret Ellen Melvin          
COONEY, Ellen see Gruber                    
COONEY, Honora see McMahon, Thomas H                    
COONEY, Maggie see Sutherlin, Charles A                    
COONEY, Patrick see Cooney, Charles James                    
COONFARE, Geneva see Hubbard, Fred                    
COONIN, Nettie see DeBock, James                    
COONS, A P see Dawe, Philemon R                    
COONS, Alice see Washington, Stephen J                    
COONS, Clara see Sherman, Wilmer Thomas                    
COONS, Emma see Forbes, Milton L                    
COONS, Gertrude May see Dawe, Philemon R                    
COONS, Jessiah see Coons, O Henry Ray                    
COONS, OHenry Ray       Bonin 23 Mich Jessiah Coons & Mary Jane Morgan 27-Jun-17 Glasgow Valley 2150  
      Dora Olive Tuttle Bonin 27 S D Monroe Tuttle & Clara Allen          
COONS, Rhoda see Douglas, Andy                    
COOPER, Abe see Cooper                    
COOPER, Aletha see Davis, Frank                    
COOPER, Beatrice see Wanner, Fred                    
COOPER, Ben see Moore, Lyman E                    
COOPER, Bertha see Schwenke, Albert A                    
COOPER, Caroline see Beede, William C                    
COOPER, Catherine see Boutrous, Oscar T                    
COOPER, Catherine see Eherts, Xavier                    
COOPER, Charles       Poplar 32 McConnelsburg Pa W H Cooper & W H Keyser 2-Jan-11 Malta Valley 779  
      Marie A Donaldson Poplar 32 Dawson Mn Robert Donaldson & Mary McGuire          
COOPER, Chauncey see Lambrecht, Erwin                    
COOPER, Elizabeth see Wehmeiar, Albert                    
COOPER, Ella see Baker, Forest                    
COOPER, Ella see Baker, Forest Depew                    
COOPER, Ellen see Toaves, William Frederick                    
COOPER, Ellen see Legge                    
COOPER, Eva M see Crawford, Louis M                    
COOPER, F C see Cooper, O P                    
COOPER, Frances G see Thorson, Fay G                    
COOPER, Francis see Lovell, John Kern                    
COOPER, George       Culbertson 21 N D Sylvester Cooper & Luvina Dulaney 10-Sep-18 Culbertson Sheridan 1380  
      Minnie Hinz Culbertson 20 N Y Fred Hinz & Lena Luvitz          
COOPER, George S see Cooper, Theron                    
COOPER, George S see Newstrom, George W                    
COOPER, George S see Seiler, Herbert R                    
COOPER, Gladys E see Seiler, Herbert R                    
COOPER, Gladys Eldora see Newstrom, George W                    
COOPER, Guy see Cooper, Nelson                    
COOPER, Hardy       Richland 36 Clinton Mo Richard Cooper & Anna Walton 7-Sep-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1077  
      Evelyn Leutsch Redstone 18 Gardiner N D Paul Leutsch & Elsie Thom          
COOPER, Helen R see Moore, Lyman E                    
COOPER, Isaac L see Butcher, Richard                    
COOPER, Isreal see Garvey, Gilbert E                    
COOPER, Jessie see Tibbs, Frank                    
COOPER, John see Cooper, Walter                    
COOPER, John T see Cooper, Robertie M                    
COOPER, Karney W       Weldon 25 Nebr P W Cooper & Lydia DeLong 13-Oct-23 Circle Dawson 64  
      Kate Allen Weldon 23 Lincoln Nebr Charles Allen & Melissa Fimmerman          
COOPER, Kathleen L see Thorson, Fay G                    
COOPER, Lena see Domonoske                    
COOPER, Mamie S see Williamson, Clark M                    
COOPER, Margaret see Burgess Arthur W                    
COOPER, Margaret see Rounds, Clarence                    
COOPER, Margaret see Coulter, Charles E                    
COOPER, Martha see Brown, Wilson                    
COOPER, Martha see Izenhower                    
COOPER, Mary see Thompson, Maurice Hugh                    
COOPER, Mary J see Leech                    
COOPER, Mattie see Paulson                    
COOPER, Mattie see Murray                    
COOPER, Max       Monneapolis 49 Russia Abe Cooper & Ida Finklestien 28-Sep-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2355  
      Eva Tascar Minneapolis 32 Russia Abe Ratinow & Parl Royen          
COOPER, Nancy Elizabeth see Curtin                    
COOPER, Nanny see Crommie, Robert John                    
COOPER, Nelson       Glasgow 20 Decuter Mich Guy Cooper & Myrtle Jacobs 12-Jul-24 ??? Roosivelt 638  
      Maggret Eva Durkee Glasgow 19 N D James B Durkee & Carrie Singular          
COOPER, Nettie see McFarland, Clifford DeVere                    
COOPER, Neva see Lambrecht, Erwin                    
COOPER, Nora B see Glein, Henry                    
COOPER, O P       Glasgow 37 Paris Missouri F C Cooper & Laura K Ross 17-Feb-06 Glasgow Valley 213  
      Katheryne McLane Nielsville Wis 21 Wis John McLane & Elizabeth Murphy          
COOPER, Ora see Nacy, Patrick James                    
COOPER, Ora see Schow, John Gilbert                    
COOPER, Ora see Marcenkowski, William Marcin                    
COOPER, Ora see Nacy, George James                    
COOPER, P W see Cooper, Karney W                    
COOPER, Pearl see Bollinger, Charles M                    
COOPER, Pearl W       Axtel 31 Murray Iowa W O Cooper & Clemmie Lane 11-Nov-16 Axtel Dawson 2036  
      Irene Iowa Zumsteg Axtel 21 Kansas John L Zumsteg & Luella Bolster          
COOPER, Richard see Cooper, Hardy                    
COOPER, Robertie M       Sidney 27 Stringer Alabama John T Cooper & Henrietta Paterson 8-Jul-07 Glendive Dawson 528  
      Leda Ray Sidney 20 Schaller Iowa Edgar B Ray & Nancy A Hodges          
COOPER, Sadie see Butcher, Richard                    
COOPER, Sarah Gladys see Allstot, Guy Edward                    
COOPER, Sylvester see Bollinger, Charles M                    
COOPER, Sylvester see Cooper                    
COOPER, Theron W       Glendive 26 Provo S D George S Cooper & Aletha E Townsend 10-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2919  
      Helen Gladys Foster Glendive 25 Eldridge N D Charles M Foster & Minnie G Orr          
COOPER, V see Nacy, Patrick James                    
COOPER, W A see Allstot, Guy Edward                    
COOPER, W H see Cooper, Charles                    
COOPER, W O see Cooper, Pearl W                    
COOPER, Walter       Glendive 23 Derby England John Cooper & Eliza Williamson 22-Jul-07 Glendive Dawson 532  
      Anna Samels Glendive 20 St Francis Mn Louis Samels & ???          
COOPER, HURD, MASON, Hurd       Orkney Sask 31 Okla   20-Jul-28   Phillips 1039  
      May Evelyn Booth ??? 20 Sask Can            
COOTRELL, Seth see Vanderhoof, Louie                    
COOTS, Melissa see Mann                    
COOTS, Sarah Ann see Kincaid, George                    
COOVER, David E see Brown, Henry Franklin                    
COOVER, Norma Eda see Brown, Henry Franklin                    
COPE, Mary see Sibla, Frank                    
COPELAND, Edgar see Copeland, Robert                    
COPELAND, Glenn E       Glasgow 20 Sanborn Mn William D Copeland & Elsie Carman 6-Jul-24 Glasgow Valley 3068  
      Anna M Olson Nashua 19 N D Ole Olson & ???          
COPELAND, Gunhild see Holmberg                    
COPELAND, Halvor see Holmberg                    
COPELAND, Hattie see Obergfell, August M                    
COPELAND, Leila see McPherson, Thomas G                    
COPELAND, Mildred see Grantier, Archie                    
COPELAND, Morgan see Meek, Earl                    
COPELAND, Pearl see Meek, Earl                    
COPELAND, Robert       Havre 30 Wis Edgar Copeland & Cora Long 10-Jul-29 Glasgow Valley 3487  
      Elva Peppinger Glasgow 18   Eugene Franier? & Dora Short          
COPELAND, W D       Glasgow 57 Iowa   1-Nov-28   Phillips 1069  
      Vada E Johnson Glasgow 22 Missouri            
COPELAND, William see McPherson, Thomas G                    
COPELAND, William D see Grantier, Archie                    
COPELAND, William D see Copeland, Glenn E                    
COPENHAVER, Edward see Tanner, Bruce A                    
COPENHAVER, Mabel see Tanner, Bruce A                    
COPLEY, Francis Evalie see Kenney, Kenneth Wilmer                    
COPPER, Alec see Peterson, Harvey W                    
COPPER, Alex see Harlow, Neil R                    
COPPER, Alex see Sillivan, Leslie F                    
COPPER, Alice see Kinsey, Clayton                    
COPPER, Elsie Eva see Sillivan, Leslie F                    
COPPER, Helen see Harlow, Neil R                    
COPPER, Mary E see Peterson, Harvey W                    
COPPER, Sarah see Peterson, Harvey W                    
COPPERS, Frank see Sherman, Peter B                    
COPPERS, Zeluia Lee see Sherman, Peter B                    
COPPERSMITH, Henry see Finlay, Roderick                    
COPPLE, Alta see Koke, Jesse Lee                    
COPPLE, Charles       Malta 28 Kansas   19-Apr-29   Phillips 1109  
      Mary Simpson Bowdoin 19 N D            
COPPLE, Ida see Zaparyruk, John                    
COPPLE, L T see Wismer, Joe Jr                    
COPPLE, Millard see Hoke, Jesse Lee                    
COPPLE, Wesley & Ida see Wilson, Lark L                    
COPPLE, Zoe L see Wilson, Lark L                    
COPPS, Margaret see Sefert, Stanley                    
CORALINE, Constantin see Coraline, Nich                    
CORALINE, Nich       Wood Mtn Sask Can 22 Sereh Austria Constantin Coraline & Elinor Zoasie?     Valley 1918 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Luci Maecuida Wood Mtn Sask Can     Arp Maecuida & Sofia Pascedici?          
CORAM, Edith Cornelia see Southwick, John J                    
CORBEIL, Marie Louise see Charbonneau, Earnest                    
CORBELL, George see Corbell, Wm W                    
CORBELL, Wm W       Sidney 31 Arthur Ontario Geo Corbell & Mary Robinson 28-Jun-04 Fairview Dawson 308  
      Hattie Elsie Sweley Sidney 29 ??? William & Rose Ann Sweley          
CORBETT, Charles B       Cook Cty Illinois 25 Ill   26-Nov-17   Phillips 289  
      Anna Hofley Sask Can 18 Manitoba Can            
CORBETT, Daniel see Stenson, William                    
CORBETT, Edgar Lewis       Williston 26 Can J C Corbett & Margery Good 30-Aug-13 Plentywood Sheridan 75  
      Lula Vern Boyn Williston 29 Princeton Mn John Boyn & Anna Dunning          
CORBETT, Edward       Fairview 64 Ontario Can John Corbett & Jane Mays 5-Sep-06 Sidney Dawson 386  
      Mrs Mary A Corbett Fairview 53 Ontario Can Thomas Robinson & Emily Armstrong          
CORBETT, Emma see Pooley, Lloyd Thomas                    
CORBETT, George see Corbett, Leslie Roy                    
CORBETT, J C see Corbett                    
CORBETT, Jane see Phinney, Lloyd Bergen                    
CORBETT, John see Corbett, Edward                    
CORBETT, John & Mary see Davies, Benjamin                    
CORBETT, John Miner       Williston N D 21 Williaton John Corbett & Myrtle Williams 29-Apr-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1163  
      Minnie Grace Stokke Williston 22 Mn O J Stokke & Anna Solem          
CORBETT, Josie see Stenson, William                    
CORBETT, Leslie Roy       Fairview 26 Canada George Corbett & Mary Robinson 22-Jul-15 Glasgow Valley 1709  
      Eliza Oakland Fairwiew 19 Norway Andrew Oakland & Eliza Hanland?          
CORBETT, Lizzie see Davies, Benjamin                    
CORBETT, Mrs Mary A see Corbett, Edward                    
CORBETT, Robert H       Lansingburg? New York 22 ?? Robert Corbett & Effie Howe 2-Aug-13 Chinook Blaine 69  
      Ruth Heddington Harlem 18 Decorah Iowa Herb Heddington & Marie Peterson          
CORBETTE, Elizabeth see Purdie, John W                    
CORBIN, Amanda see Truesdell, Frank Mason                    
CORBIN, Amanda see Barnes, Lyman                    
CORBIN, Amanda see Gaasch, Palmer                    
CORBIN, Amanda see Stephens, Berry                    
CORBIN, Arthur C       Poplar 27 Ill Henry J Corbin & Fannie Durrett 8-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2192  
      Mary Emily Tyler Poplar 20 Ill John B Tyler & Fannie B Mills          
CORBIN, C A see Kenney, Frank C                    
CORBIN, Emma see Klein, George A                    
CORBIN, Henry J see Corbin, Arthur C                    
CORBIN, Jennie see Bolster, Louis J                    
CORBIN, Lillian see Kenney, Frank C                    
CORCORAN, Alice see Hanson                    
CORCORAN, Anna see Tufton                    
CORCORAN, Caroline May see Beeler, Charles Henry                    
CORCORAN, Catheryn see Graham, Edward H                    
CORCORAN, Margaret see Quam                    
CORCORAN, Mary see Mead                    
CORCORAN, Mary see Christensen                    
CORCORAN, William see Quam                    
CORCORAN, William see Tufton                    
CORCORAN, William see Christensen                    
CORCORAN, William see Hanson                    
CORCORON?, Mary see Casey, Charles Wm                    
CORDE, Kate see Westline                    
CORDEE, Kate see Weiler                    
CORDELL, Gertie see Dayton, Lloyd G                    
CORDERRE, Mary see Turmell, Henry                    
CORDIE, Katherine see Erickson                    
CORDIER, S Bon see Lueck, Henry                    
CORDINGLY, Elizabeth see Deal, Wyan E                    
CORDWELL, Lucy see Knuth, Theodore                    
CORE, Agge see Terpstra                    
COREY, Charles S see Corey, Edward Allen                    
COREY, Edward Allen       Redstone 24 St Louis Mo Charles S Corey & Mary Kemmerer 25-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2113  
      Laura E Lien Redstone 24 Grand Forks N D Fred Hansen & ???          
COREY, G A see Joslin, Ray D                    
COREY, Phebe see Abraham, Arvid                    
COREY, Susan M see Joslin, Ray D                    
CORFMAN, Charley see Corfman, J A                    
CORFMAN, J A       Tacoma 27 Berryville Ark Charley Corfman & Emma Hill 8-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3222  
      Hazel Berringer Dickinson N D 24 Waubay S D P F Berringer & Venalia Dixon          
CORKER, Almeda see Collier, W B                    
CORKERY, Antoinette see Stadstad                    
CORKERY, Chas see Corkery, Hal                    
CORKERY, Edward J       Weldon 47 Waterloo Iowa John Corkery & Mary Barrett 2-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2230  
      Bertha Culverson Austin Ill 39 St Charles Ill M M Baldridge & Ellen Thomas          
CORKERY, Hal see Corkery, Jack R                    
CORKERY, Hal       Dickinson N D 22 DeMars Iowa Chas Corkery & Mary Otley 17-Aug-07 Glendive Dawson 539  
      Marie Guelff Beach N D 20 St Nicholas Mn Michael Guelff & Annie Green          
CORKERY, Jack R       Medora N D 23 Medora Hal Corkery & Marie Guelff 7-Jul-30 Wibaux Wibaux 747  
      Lucille Dickinson Dickinson N D 23 Dickinsob Fred Dickinson & Elizabeth Hynes          
CORKERY, John see Corkery, Edward J                    
CORKERY, Lillian see Kassner, Martin                    
CORKERY, Nella see Wollan                    
CORKERY, Thomas see Kassner, Martin                    
CORKERY, Wm see Wollan                    
CORKERY, Wm see Stadstad                    
CORKRAN, John L       Sidney 27 Delaware John M Corkran & Augusta Davis 16-Nov-09 Sidney Dawson 746  
      Grace M Johnson Sidney 22 Franklin Iowa M Johnson & Allis Hayner          
CORL, Nina Bell see Erb, William                    
CORL, William B see Erb, William                    
CORLEY, Mary see Grant, Cecil                    
CORLEY, May see Crawford, Louis E                    
CORLISS, Chas A       Glendive 36 Detroit Mich Hyman Corliss & Almira Huntoon? 28-May-02 Glendive Dawson 253  
      Lizzie G? Nichols Brunson Mich 32 Brunson O & Lizzie Nichols          
CORLISS, Hyman see Corliss, Charles A                    
CORLOTT, Genevieve see Gardipee, Albert K                    
CORMAN, Amelia see Titzel, Roy                    
CORNEILISON, Mary Hattie see Bishop, Earl                    
CORNELIA, Frederick see Cornelia, Otto                    
CORNELIA, Otto       Brockton 28 Iowa Frederick Cornelia & Caroline Hitz 28-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2024  
      Benta A John Brockton 28 Iowa Dick John & Rieke Klinge          
CORNELISSEN, Marian see Black, Arthur                    
CORNELISSEN, Martin see Black, Arthur                    
CORNELIUS, Andrew see Cornelius                    
CORNELIUS, Elizabeth M see Granger, Lawrence L                    
CORNELIUS, Emanuel see Granger, Lawrence L                    
CORNELIUS, Joseph see Anderson                    
CORNELIUS, Josephine see Anderson, Clifford Wesley                    
CORNELIUS, Manuel & Cora see Nakken, John O                    
CORNELIUS, Scereata H see Nakken, John O                    
CORNELIUS, Selmer P       Redstone 34 Mn Andrew Cornelius & Mary Waldmoe 1-Jun-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1315  
      Katherine Noren Redstone 26 Mn James Hope & Josephine McCastle          
CORNELL, Anna see Everett, Austin C                    
CORNELL, Chas R see Jackson, Louis Frank                    
CORNELL, Eugene see McClure, Guy L                    
CORNELL, Joseph see Schroeder                    
CORNELL, Lois Estelle see Jackson, Louis Frank                    
CORNELL, Mary F see Bolen Edward Benton                    
CORNELL, Minyard       Trine 22 N Carolina   12-Aug-26   Phillips 904  
      Edith Moretz Trine 20 N Carolina            
CORNELL, Myrtle see Stoudt, Harold                    
CORNELL, Nellie B see McClure, Guy L                    
CORNELL, Oscar       Trine 33 N Caro   25-Sep-27   Phillips 965  
      Mary Stanbery ??? 26 N Caro            
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Brown, Robert                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Anderson, Virgil                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Jensen, Alfred                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Nielson, Fred                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Pearson, Lloyd                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Studlein, Leonard Oliver                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Sundin, Wilhelm                    
CORNELSON, Mrs A B see Rose, Joe                    
CORNER, Alice Emily see Bird, Carl                    
CORNER, Henry Francis see Bird, Carl                    
CORNEY, Olive see Dore, Jacob A                    
CORNFORD, George see Hillier, Albert Edward                    
CORNFORTH, Elias & Mary N see Knoshal, Albert                    
CORNFORTH, Elias W see Cornforth, James Elias                    
CORNFORTH, James Elias       Wibaux 23 Hull Iowa Elias W Cornforth & Mary Holmes 16-Feb-10 Wibaux Dawson 769  
      Dora Goodroad Wibaux 16 Dolas Cty Iowa Theodore Goodroad & Kate Hutchins          
CORNFORTH, Lucy Ellen see Knoshal, Albert                    
CORNTASSELL, John see Corntassell, Robert J                    
CORNTASSELL, Robert J       Glendive 34 Pryor Okla John Corntassell & Lula Krug 27-Oct-28 Wibaux Wibaux 640  
      Floris M hilliard Glendive 20 Glendive Henry Hilliard & Anna Denison          
CORNWELL, George       Scobey 21 Wis Sam Cornwell & Nellie Russell 20-Dec-22 Scobey Valley 92  
      Lillian Minnie Discher Scobey 17 Bantry S D Lewis Discher & Edith Licker          
CORNWELL, Lavern       Scobey 20 Bloomer Wis Samuel Cornwell & Nellie Mack 28-Oct-20 Scobey Daniels 9  
      Myrtle K Discher Scobey 16 Bantry N D Louis Discher & Edith Licker          
CORNWELL, Lula C see Hickson, Guy                    
CORNWELL, R L see Cornwell, Thomas                    
CORNWELL, R L       Glasgow 32 Grefton West Va Thomas H Cornwell & Lucretia H Grimes 17-Nov-05 ? Valley 197  
      Eda M Raub Hinsdale 22 Wash H D Raub & Anna Mckee          
CORNWELL, Sam see Cornwell, George                    
CORNWELL, Sam see Hickson, Guy                    
CORNWELL, Samuel see Cornwell, Lavern                    
CORNWELL, Stephen       Glasgow 28 Mtn Lake Park Maryland Thomas H Cornwell & Luctrtia Grimes 25-Sep-11 Glasgow Valley 894  
      Harriet L Payne Grand Forks N D 21 Grand Forks Henry Payne & ???          
CORNWELL, Thomas       Glasgow 20 Glasgow R L Cornwell & Ida M Roub 1-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3472  
      Lila Alger Glasgow 19 Granville N D R Alger & ??? Kenzell          
CORNWELL, Thomas H see Cornwell, R L                    
CORNWELL, Thomas H see Cornwell, Stephen                    
CORNWRIGHT, Mabel Olive see Otto, Carl Newton                    
CORNWRIGHT, William see Otto, Carl Newton                    
COROLINE, Mary see Baumann, Adam                    
CORR, Margaret see Wakelam                    
CORRAL, see First Eagle                    
CORRIE, Estella J see Ferguson, W I                    
CORRIGAN, Irene Isabelle see Martens, Marcus Henry                    
CORRINGTON, Carson see Martens, Marcus Henry                    
CORSANT, Mary see Willer                    
CORSEY, Maggie E see Sundquist, John P                    
CORT, Carrie Louise see Grant, Donald Geo                    
CORT, Frank see Grant, Donald Geo                    
CORTES, Matilda see Miller, E L                    
CORTH, Emma see Armitage, Eugene                    
CORTOIS, Charles       Phillips 46 Deerlodge William Cortois & Annie Thompson 12-Nov-12 Malta Valley 1154  
      Georgiana Gunther Phillips 32 Canada Louis Gunther & Leocadie Fortier          
CORTOIS, William see Cortois, Charles                    
CORVEL, Frank see Tibbs, Frank                    
CORVEL, Maud see Tibbs, Frank                    
CORVILLE, Harriet see Rich, Geo P                    
CORY, Clark Edwin       Bainville 56 Wis Homer Cory & Jeanette Slattery 29-Mar-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1298  
      Mary Julia Oliver Aberdeen Wash 55 Mo Cornelius Harn & Eleanor Newton          
CORY, Homer see Cory, Clark Edwin