Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Chambra to Cleary

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
CHAMBRA, Margaret see Reddinger, Mat                    
CHAMPAGNE, Florstine see Salmonsen, Elmer                    
CHAMPAGNE, Fred see Salmonsen, Elmer                    
CHAMPAGNE, Frederick see Herrington, George                    
CHAMPAGNE, Jerome see Champagne                    
CHAMPAGNE, Madeline see Roussiu                    
CHAMPAGNE, Mary see Herrington, George                    
CHAMPAGNE, O B see Champagne, Robert R                    
CHAMPAGNE, Robert R       Glasgow 23 Mn O B Champagne & Cordelia Beaugrande 1-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1683  
      Leona Briggs Glasgow 21 Wis John L Briggs & Mary L Polk          
CHAMPAGNE, Robert Ray       Valley Cty 25 Missouri   9-Aug-16   Phillips 127  
      Velna Smith Kansas 24 Missouri            
CHAMPAGNE, William J       Med Lake 22 N D Jerome Champagne & Agetta Davis 29-Jul-14 Plentywood Sheridan 289  
      Pauline Bonneau Belcourt N D 19 N D Mike Bonneau & Victoria DeCouteau          
CHAMPINO, Catherine see Cochran, Frank                    
CHAMPION, Annie see Havens, Charles                    
CHAMPION, Lillie see Hall, Chester V                    
CHAMPLIN, J L see Hoxie                    
CHAMPLIN, Kerney?       Scobey 22 Ohio Cherlie & Sadie Champlin 7-Aug-19 Redstone Sheridan 1549  
      Tillie Jacobson Scobey 20 S D Paul L Jacobson & Augusta Johnson          
CHAMPLIN, Myrtle Luella see Hoxie                    
CHAMPLIN, Sadie see Champlin                    
CHAMPUIE, C H & May see Hirst, Allen                    
CHAMPUIE, Margaret see Hirst, Allen                    
CHANCE, Emma L see Stringer                    
CHANCE, Floyd E see Stringer                    
CHANCO, Helmer see Monson                    
CHANDLER, Annie see Epler                    
CHANDLER, Burton       Crane 21 Minneapolis Mn George Chandler & Dollie Savage 3-Mar-19 Glendive Dawson 2499  
      Mary Satter Savage 18 Farmington Wisc Louis Satter & Mary Lafebare          
CHANDLER, George see Chandler, Burton                    
CHANDLER, Lucille see Danglo, Rosario                    
CHANDLER, Luticia see Strand                    
CHANDLER, Samuel B see Chapman, Charles E                    
CHANDLER, Sarah C see Aiken, Alfred Euclid                    
CHANDLER, Sidney       Phillips 25 England   1-Jan-19   Phillips 406  
      Anna Brandon Phillips 25 N D            
CHANEY, Bard see McFarland, Ellmore J                    
CHANEY, Emanuel see Chaney, Silvus                    
CHANEY, Gladys N see McFarland, Ellmore J                    
CHANEY, Julia see Fallon                    
CHANEY, Lindy see Duncan, Robert Henry                    
CHANEY, Silvus?       Bloomfield 33 Polk Cty Missouri Emanuel Chaney & Emma Bass 17-Nov-17 Glendive Dawson 2293  
      Buna Bontrager Bloomfield 18 Oklahoma City John Steeley & Laura Poland          
CHANGING, Dog see Powell, Charley                    
CHANGING DOG, Leona see Powell, Charlie                    
CHANNELL, Alice see Randall, Eugene                    
CHAON, August see Erickson                    
CHAON, Jennie Marie see Erickson                    
CHAPEK, Lillian see Leefeldt, Carl Henry                    
CHAPEL, Florence M see Irving, Vernon A                    
CHAPIN, Archie L       Whitetail 30 S D George Chapin & Martha Morris 22-Nov-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1422  
      Matilda E Fister Whitetail 18 Illinois Iver & Lily Fister          
CHAPIN, George see Chapin                    
CHAPIN, Sarah see Whitaker, George                    
CHAPMAM, William       Glasgow 36 Ken Thomas Chapman & Sarah Steward 30-Jan-15 Glasgow Valley 1639  
      Clara Spitzer Glasgow 31 Mn Julius Moldenbauer & Millie Prole          
CHAPMAN, ??? see Asburg, Archie                    
CHAPMAN, A A see Chapman, W L                    
CHAPMAN, A A see Chapman                    
CHAPMAN, A R see Cass                    
CHAPMAN, Abigail see Kelly, Frank                    
CHAPMAN, Albert see Chapman                    
CHAPMAN, Albert R see Hansen                    
CHAPMAN, Arthur M       Savoy 46 Nova Scotia James Chapman & Mary Lowe 1-Feb-13 Chinook Blaine 37  
      Nettie C Christinson Harlem 37 LaCrosse Wis Ole Christinson & Olena Joerdal?          
CHAPMAN, Augusta see McGarry                    
CHAPMAN, Cecil       Plentywood 23 Ander-son Mo Albert Chapman & Maggie Bena 20-Apr-13 Plentywood Sheridan 3  
      Violet Payne Plentywood 17 Crawford Cty Wis Joseph M Payne & May E Day          
CHAPMAN, Charles see Chapman, Edward McKinley                    
CHAPMAN, Charles E       Harlem 53 Butler Cty Ira E Chapman & Mary E McKinnie 19-Apr-17 Chinook Blaine 387  
      Sarah J Johnson Portland 57 Baskop Cty Texas Samuel B Chandler & Mary F Scruggs          
CHAPMAN, Charles J see McCarty, Earl                    
CHAPMAN, Charlotte see Bell, Herb                    
CHAPMAN, Clarence       Coalridge 25 Mn Daniel Chapman & Laura Dickson 14-Feb-18 Coal-ridge Sheridan 1250  
      Berniece Guenther Dagmar 17 Iowa Edward W Guenther & Cynta A Reager          
CHAPMAN, Daniel see Chapman                    
CHAPMAN, Dora see McCarty, Earl                    
CHAPMAN, Dorothy (Pierce?) see Holmgren, Thomas M                    
CHAPMAN, E W see Chapman, Fred H                    
CHAPMAN, Earl       Rugby N D 24 Ill J A Chapman & Anna Violett 24-Feb-16 Plentywood Sheridan 689  
      Thea Haugen Barton N D 19 Barton Tom Haugen & Sigrid Aasen          
CHAPMAN, Edna Pearl see Drake, Verne W                    
CHAPMAN, Edward see Brost, John                    
CHAPMAN, Edward McKinley       Hazel 27 Vermillion S D Charles Chapman & Belle Richmond 8-Jun-29 Circle McCone 132  
      Merle Edith Smith Hazel 27 Stevensville Mack Smith & Anna Russell          
CHAPMAN, Eldon       Coaldidge 27 Osakis Mn Wm Chapman & Mary Smith 30-Jan-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2150  
      Agnes Elmgren Antelope 21 Harris Mn Frank Elmgren & Christine Pearson          
CHAPMAN, Elora see Swihart, Ernest                    
CHAPMAN, Esther see Brownlee, Alex                    
CHAPMAN, Ethel see Nitz, Herman W                    
CHAPMAN, Frank       Wisdom 39 Stevensville John A Chapman & Ethel Weidener? 27-Jun-18 Ada Blaine 497  
      Mabel Wagy Ft Benton 33 Redfield Kan Abram Wagy & Mary Elizabeth Fahs          
CHAPMAN, Fred       Antelope 29 Milbank S D A A Chapman & Laura Cleveland 3-Aug-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2616  
      Caroline Johnson Comertown 19 Buchanan Sask Can Carl Johnson & Louise Fredrickson          
CHAPMAN, Fred H       Thoeny 45 Colorado E W Chapman & Maria Richardson 1-Aug-18 Glasgow Valley 2408  
      Maude E Smith Thoeny 46 Iowa N V Brower & Martha E Johnson          
CHAPMAN, George       Glendive 29 Hazelton N D L S Chapman & Ella Condil 5-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1955  
      Helen Patterson Glendive 17 Trevor Wisc E A Patterson & Carrie Bell Booth          
CHAPMAN, Grace M see Cass George R                    
CHAPMAN, Hattie see Morris, Guy                    
CHAPMAN, Hattie see Lundblad, LeRoy                    
CHAPMAN, Hattie see Foster, Walker F                    
CHAPMAN, Helen see Brost, John                    
CHAPMAN, Ira E see Chapman, Charles E                    
CHAPMAN, Isaac Fredrick       Poplar 22 Washington Joseph Chapman & Agnes Elwood     Valley 1615 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Tena Elvina Herting Poplar 21 Mn Fred Herting & Elise Wough          
CHAPMAN, J A see Chapman                    
CHAPMAN, J D see Nitz, Herman W                    
CHAPMAN, J H see Bent, James F                    
CHAPMAN, James see Chapman, Arthur M                    
CHAPMAN, James R see Chapman, Robert                    
CHAPMAN, John see Drake, Verne W                    
CHAPMAN, John & Winona see Arneson, Thora                    
CHAPMAN, John A see Chapman, Frank                    
CHAPMAN, Joseph see Chapman, Isaac Fredrick                    
CHAPMAN, L C see Fagan, John B                    
CHAPMAN, L S see Chapman, George                    
CHAPMAN, L S see Baker, J W                    
CHAPMAN, Mae Toledo see Torres, Lorenzo                    
CHAPMAN, Marie see Hanson                    
CHAPMAN, Martha see Tyndall                    
CHAPMAN, Mary see Hollinshed, Ernest J                    
CHAPMAN, Mrs C W see Miller, Guy                    
CHAPMAN, Nellie C see Fagan, John B                    
CHAPMAN, Nellie Louise see Bent, James F                    
CHAPMAN, Nora Belle see Wolfe                    
CHAPMAN, Pearl see Arneson, Thora                    
CHAPMAN, Robert C       Plentywood 29 Anderson Mo? James R Chapman & Martha Lemon 12-Sep-05 Culbertson Valley    
      Emma D Ator P�wood 17 Stanford N D George N Ator & Alice McMillan          
CHAPMAN, Robert C see Wolfe                    
CHAPMAN, Roy see Miller, Guy                    
CHAPMAN, Sarah see Young, Franklin L                    
CHAPMAN, Stewart       ??? 22 Mt       Phillips 253 ( cert not completed ),
      Olla Folkes Phillips 22 Iowa            
CHAPMAN, Thomas see Chapman William                    
CHAPMAN, Vinnie see Temple, Thomas Joseph                    
CHAPMAN, Violet see Lobdell                    
CHAPMAN, Virgie see Guenther                    
CHAPMAN, W L       Wolf Point 33 Adelade Mn A A Chapman & Laura E Cleveland 2-Aug-23 Poplar Roosivelt 532  
      Ruth Crago Wolf Point 22 Glendive F H Crago & Mary Mallory          
CHAPMAN, William see Lobdell                    
CHAPMAN, Wm see Chapman                    
CHAPMAN, Wm see Guenther                    
CHAPPEL, Bessie M see Gustafson, Reuben E                    
CHAPPEL, John L see Gustafson, Reuben E                    
CHAPPEL, Mary see Reece                    
CHAPPEL, Nina C see Hausonl, Dan M                    
CHAPPELL, Alice see Rogers, Edward                    
CHAPPELL, H E       Wibaux 22 Wibaux S B Chappell & Grace Mullendore 12-Jul-19 Glendive Dawson 2540  
      Inez Lynch Wibaux 22 Sioux Falls S D T J Lynch & Beatrice Walker          
CHAPPELL, John & Elizabeth see Rogers, Edward                    
CHAPPELL, Roy B       Glendive 21 Great Bend Kansas S B Chappell & Grace Mullendore 13-Jul-07 Glendive Dawson 531  
      Marion I Gallagher Glendive 21 Glendive Charles & Katharine Gallagher          
CHAPPELL, S B see Chappell, H E                    
CHAPPELL, S B see Chappell, Roy B                    
CHAPPUIS, Fillmore see Chappuis, Gilbert                    
CHAPPUIS, Gilbert C       Crookston Mn 35 Faribault Mn Fillmore Chappuis & Cholastic DuChene 5-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1476  
      Julia DuChene Faribault 18 Faribault Leonard DuChene & Mary Ann Mahannel          
CHARBONNEAU, Angelina see Therrien, Ludger                    
CHARBONNEAU, Angelina see Matthews, Horace                    
CHARBONNEAU, DeLour see Charbonneau                    
CHARBONNEAU, Ernest       Lloyd 41 St Vincent De Paul Can George Charbonneau & Louise Cor-beil 15-Feb-24 Chinook Blaine 795  
      Susie Campbell Lloyd 37 Hamm-ond Wis James Bixby & Emma McCluskey          
CHARBONNEAU, George see Charbonneau, Ernest                    
CHARBONNEAU, Melvin DeLour       Minot N D 21 Stanley N D DeLour Charbonneau & Jennie Jensen 23-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2745  
      Florine Kielhack Minot 18 Columbus N D Arthur Kielhack & Gina Koppelsloen          
CHARETTE, Mary A see Dussonie, Joseph H                    
CHARETTE, Roger see Kline, Joseph A                    
CHARGING, Bear see Taylor                    
CHARGING, Dog see Porcupine Quill, Johnson                    
CHARGING, Dog       Poplar 62 N D Heart & Makes Woman 14-Oct-25 Poplar Roosivelt 813  
      Ford Cloud Sharp Poplar 61 White Earth N D Mule & ???          
CHARGING, Dog see Pipe                    
CHARGING, Dog see Wilson                    
CHARGING DOG, Francis see Wilson                    
CHARLEBOIS, Edward D see Haines, Harold Harlow                    
CHARLEBOIS, Josephine Margaret see Haines, Harold Harlow                    
CHARLEBOIS, Philomine see LaSalle                    
CHARLES, Arthur W       Glentana 33 N Hamp Moses L Charles & Almira Writeworth? 5-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1689  
      Mary J Edwards Cut Bank 24 Neb Martin Edwards & J___? B Hendrickson          
CHARLES, Cormelius V       Vandalia 26 Pike Ken John C Charles & Nancy Daniels 25-Jun-24 Glasgow Valley 3064  
      Lillian Josephine Jenson Baylor 19 Lewiston Idaho Michael M Jenson & ???          
CHARLES, Edgar see Charles, Edwin J                    
CHARLES, Edwin J       Bonners Ferry Idaho 29 Rossland B C Edgar Charles & Emelia Ramthun 24-Jun-28 Harlem Blaine 1062  
      Mildred Fulks Harlem 19 St Elmo Ill Jackson Fulks & Izora Evans          
CHARLES, George       Wood Mountain Sask Can 22 Okla J C Charles & Nance Derening 21-Sep-29 Glasgow Valley 3509  
      Edna Stevenson Wood Mtn Sask     ??? & Blinda Stevenson          
CHARLES, J C see Charles, George                    
CHARLES, J C see Charles, Thurlow                    
CHARLES, Jane see LeVetch, Peter C                    
CHARLES, John C see Charles, Cornelius V                    
CHARLES, Moses L see Charles, Arthur W                    
CHARLES, Thurlow       Wendell 31 Kentucky J C Charles & Nancy Daniels 12-Nov-30 Glasgow Valley 3604  
      Belle Bertha Stevenson Sask Can 18 Gravelberg Can Donald Stevenson & Anna Everett          
CHARLES WORTH, John see Charlesworth, George                    
CHARLESTON, George J see Charleston, Theo O                    
CHARLESTON, Mary see Johnson, Orvid                    
CHARLESTON, Theo O       Glasgow 40 Can George J Charleston & Theodesia Debney 18-Feb-20 Glasgow Valley 2626  
      Mamie McLin Glasgow 32 Ken Steve Watts & Alice Laylor?          
CHARLESWORTH, George       Madicine Lake 31 Scranton Pa John Charlesworth & Lucy Brunt 7-Apr-08 Culbertson Valley 354  
      Emily Royels Medicine Lake 30 Mo Mr Adams & ???          
CHARLESWORTH, Emma see Henderson, Angus                    
CHARLSON, Karrie see Dahlvaney, Bernard J                    
CHARLTON, Barbara see Barker, Gordon                    
CHARLTON, Maggie see Johnson, Marion                    
CHARLTON, Margaret see Babcock, Ray                    
CHARNOT, Stephen       Chicago 46 Chicago Stephen Charnot Sr & Anna Stanton 3-Jul-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1979  
      Margaret Pearl Cheek Redstone 19 Poplar Bluffs Mo David L Cheek & Mary E Talbert          
CHARNSTRON, Anna see Sundahl                    
CHARRET, Peter William       Med� Lake 19 N D William Charret & Annie Lajimodiere? 23-Oct-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2369  
      Phyllis Warmsbecker Towney N D 22 N D Andrew Warmsbecker & Margaret Backmeier          
CHARRETT, William see Charrett                    
CHARRETTE, Thomas       Poplar 30 Langdon N D William Charette & Annie Lajimodiere 9-Nov-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2984  
      Fannie Buckles Poplar 21 Poplar David Buckles & Mary E Forte          
CHARRETTE, William see Charrette                    
CHARTRAND, Emily see Brunet, Alfred                    
CHARTRAND, James       Earl Sask Can 49 Malta Lacherie Chartrand & Victoria Brannd 29-May-30 Scobey Daniels 472  
      Bertha Kalack Scobey 35 N D Florance Wagar & Keturah Witzer          
CHARTRAND, John see Byers                    
CHARTRAND, Lacherie see Chartrand, James                    
CHARTRAND, Mary Jane see Byers                    
CHASE, Enemy see Carl                    
CHASE, Abbie see Barthoplemew, Clifford                    
CHASE, Abbie see Bartholomew, Oscar S                    
CHASE, Abbie see Rinehart, Ovid                    
CHASE, Abbie I see Jordan, Carl S                    
CHASE, Abijah & Elizabeth see Chase, John K                    
CHASE, Ada see Whitney                    
CHASE, Alonzo see Clifford, Charles                    
CHASE, Alonzo see Renz, Robert L                    
CHASE, Arthur M       Glendive 24 Glen Ullin Mn? Fred N Chase & Emma Bolke 17-Feb-29 Wibaux Wibaux 666  
      Ina Berdina Foss Glendive 23 Red Wing Mn Lars Foss & Lena Stageberg          
CHASE, Caroline Ethel see Ludwick, V J                    
CHASE, Charles C see Gamble, Everett H                    
CHASE, Chas C see Chase, John H                    
CHASE, Clarence Herbert       Wibaux 35 Mable Mn George Chase & Delia Alden 9-Jun-10 Glendive Dawson 808  
      Elna Ethelyn Cheesman Black River Falls Wis 21? B R Falls Wis Walter Cheesman & Rebecca Hoffman          
CHASE, Cordy Chester       Phillips 23 Mn   18-Apr-17   Phillips 208  
      Grace Ann Taylor Phillips 17 Mn            
CHASE, Elizabeth see Mitchell, Charles                    
CHASE, Elizabeth see French                    
CHASE, Elsie see Carter, Henry L                    
CHASE, Emma Marie see Dickinson, Floyd A                    
CHASE, Fred N see Chase, Arthur N                    
CHASE, George see Chase, Clarence Herbert                    
CHASE, H E see Chase, R H                    
CHASE, Isador see Eddy, William E                    
CHASE, Isadore see Eddy, Leslie Eugene                    
CHASE, James see Dickinson, Floyd A                    
CHASE, John H       Valley City N D 28 Vienna S D Chas C Chase & Cecelia Givens 30-Nov-18 Glendive Dawson 2458  
      Florence Adel Fisher Dickinson N D 22 Dickinson Thomas Fisher & Adel Rauth          
CHASE, John K see Mitchell, Charles                    
CHASE, John K see Johnston, Harry                    
CHASE, John K       Wolf Point 38 Milo Maine Abijah & Elizabeth Chase     Dawson 36  
      Louise M Mitchell Wolf Point 18 Winnipeg Man Can David & Elizabeth Mitchell          
CHASE, Julia see Belmont, James                    
CHASE, Katherine see Gamble, Everett H                    
CHASE, Lida Trucilla see Kenney, Kenneth William                    
CHASE, Lizzie see Fine William E                    
CHASE, Marie see Swanson, Arthur H                    
CHASE, Mrs W H see Armstrong W J                    
CHASE, Osman see Holcomb, Daniel C                    
CHASE, Phoebe see Johnston, Harry                    
CHASE, R H       Glendive 23 Brooks Maine H E Chase & Laura Kitchen 14-Sep-18 Circle Dawson 2424  
      Violet Engelhart Circle 19 Brookings S D Wilbur Engelhart & Lillian Paud          
CHASE, Sarah see Evans, Charles S                    
CHASE, Sarah C see Voncil, Leonard Lionel                    
CHASE, Sylvia see Fisher, Russell                    
CHASE, W H & Mrs see Crail, Lloyd T                    
CHASE, William see Swanson, Arthur H                    
CHASE, Wm see Ludwick, V J                    
CHASE, Wm E see Kenney, Kenneth Wilmer                    
CHASER, Ed see Scott, Stephen                    
CHASER, Edward see Counter, Reuben                    
CHASER, Edward see Red Boy, Charles                    
CHASER, Lizzie see Scott, Stephen                    
CHASER, Nellie see Red Boy, Charles                    
CHASES, After Eagle see Bow, Issac                    
CHASES, By Himself see Derby, Frank                    
CHASING, Hawk see Counter                    
CHASING HAWK, Nelson       Wolf Point 38 Wolf Point Tall Hawk & ??? 12-Feb-24 Poplar Roosivelt 597  
      Bessie Parnell Wolf Point 46 Wolf Point Arrow & Growler          
CHASING HAWK, Nelson       Wolf Point 36 Wolf Point Tall Youth & ??? 28-Dec-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1454  
      Emma Pipe Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point Ernest Pipe & Lucy Archdale          
CHASKA, Emma see Kwasnicki                    
CHASKA, James see Kunick, Theo J                    
CHASKA, James Jr       Belfield N D 29 Prairie Du Chein Wisc James Chaska & Catherine Holop 23-Feb-24 Glendive Dawson 3086  
      Edna Anderson Belfield N D 21 Belfield Gust Anderson & Allen Haskins          
CHASKA, Jeanette see Kunick, Theo J                    
CHASKE, see Little Santee                    
CHASTEEN, George W see Ode, Christian Peterson                    
CHASTEEN, Gertrude Douglas see Ode, Christian Peterson                    
CHASTEK, Rose see Hledik, John V                    
CHATFIELD, Lydia see Loudenback, Ivan R                    
CHATRND, Mary Ellen see Gaudry, Joe                    
CHATRND, Umbrsoues? see Gaudry, Joe                    
CHATTICK, Rebecca see Beil, James C                    
CHATTIN, Albert see Chattin, Joseph                    
CHATTIN, Joseph       Wibaux 28 Paulsboro New Jersey Albert Chattin & Elizabeth Hewitt 12-Oct-06 Glendive Dawson 397  
      Mabel Whitney Beach N D 18 Foley Mn Albert Whitney & ???          
CHATWIN, Winnifred see Smith                    
CHAUFTY, Chas H see Norman, Clyde Leroy                    
CHAUFTY, Myrtle see Norman, Clyde Leroy                    
CHAULAND, Hannah see Baker, Floyd                    
CHAUP, Genivieve see Harold A Kemp Bush                    
CHAUSEE, Evelyn see Bruce, Norman W                    
CHAUSEE, Veli see Bruce, Norman W                    
CHAUSTIK, Agnes see Spurney                    
CHEADLE, Eleanore see Christensen, Donald M                    
CHEADLE, Joseph see Christiansen, Donald M                    
CHEATHAM, Mary see Stubbs, Henry                    
CHEATTEM, Ben see Frame, Fred                    
CHEEK, David L see Charnot                    
CHEEK, Margaret Pearl see Charnot                    
CHEEK, Mary see Cowan, James Alfred                    
CHEESMAN, Elna Ethelyn see Chase, Clarence Herbert                    
CHEESMAN, Walter see Chase, Clarence Herbert                    
CHEETHAM, Mary see Stubbs, Harry                    
CHEEVER, Mary E see Jones, C L                    
CHEFFEY, Gertrude M see Hamilton, John R                    
CHEFFEY, John R see Hamilton, John R                    
CHELBSKI, Anna see Kerstein, Harry                    
CHELEEN, Charles A       Havre 53 Sweden Charles Cheleen & Matilda Anderson 21-Jan-25 Chinook Blaine 857  
      Cecelia Smith Havre 49 Battleford Sask Can David Boyer & Louise Thompson          
CHELGREN, Edgar N       Scobey 32 Bullalo Mn John & Christine Chelgren 28-Jun-25 Scobey Daniels 213  
      Lelah Ruth Akers Scobey 28 Decatur Iowa ???          
CHELGREN, Esther see Manternach                    
CHELGREN, John see Manternach                    
CHELGREN, John & Christine see Chelgren, Edgar N                    
CHELLGREN, Bernard       Saco 33 Mn   31-Dec-26   Phillips 935  
      Viola Marshall Saco 20 Mt            
CHELLSTROM, Mary see Olson, Joseph                    
CHENA, Pheobe see Schaumberg                    
CHENEY, Art Dow       Chinook 29 Hillsdale Cty Mich George Cheney & Ida Greenfield 17-Jul-16 Chinook Blaine 290  
      Pearl Maddock Harlem 18 Manchester N H Alonzo H Maddock & Cora B McKinley          
CHENEY, Barney see Mullet, Menno                    
CHENEY, Charles see Cheney, Ralph                    
CHENEY, Dorothy see Wendt, Victor                    
CHENEY, Edward see Olson                    
CHENEY, George see Cheney, Art Dow                    
CHENEY, Helen see Olson                    
CHENEY, John see Wendt, Victor                    
CHENEY, Ona Pearl see Mullet, Menno                    
CHENEY, Ralph       Poplar 27 Quebec Can Charles Cheney & Mary Ganahase 17-Jan-11 Poplar Valley 778  
      Mary Bailly Poplar 20 N D Aime Bailly & Vallase Fugare          
CHENOWATH, M J see Carnahan, Fred                    
CHENOWETH, Glenn B       Scobey 28 Choteau Thomas J & Fannie Chenoweth 19-Nov-19 Scobey Sheridan 1595  
      Hulda Carlson Scobey 26 Elbow Lake Mn John A Carlson & ???          
CHENOWETH, Henry L       Glendive 42 Springfield Illinois L A Chenoweth & Maria Logan 27-Oct-1889 Glendive Dawson 29  
      Mrs Edith Porter Newlon 27 Hofsearl? Muskingum Cty Iowa Freeman Diltze & Sarah Miller          
CHENOWETH, L A see Chenoweth, Henry L                    
CHENOWETH, Laura see Hallam, Orval                    
CHENOWETH, Thomas J & Fannie see Chenoweth                    
CHERRY, Thomas see Cherry, William Armstrong                    
CHERRY, William Armstrong       Maddux 31 Toronto Thomas Cherry & Mary Jane Johnson 15-Feb-22 Chinook Blaine 703  
      Anna Belle Pasma Lloyd 24 Ottawa Cty Mich Otto Pasma & Cora Roest          
CHESLEY, George see Chesley, Israel B                    
CHESLEY, Israel B       Ekalaka 60 Simcole? Canada George Chesley & Charlotte Soverign 22-Feb-11 Glendive Dawson 908  
      Jennie T Sherwin Ekalaka 50 Holmes Cty Ohio John Young & Susan Brown          
CHESMORE, Ida see Griese, Jesse                    
CHESNEVICHUTE, Patrona see Schei                    
CHESNUT, William see Lunney, P M                    
CHESRNUT, G see Gilmer, Robert C                    
CHESTER, Arthur see Long Knife, William                    
CHESTER, Arthur see Shields, Merlin                    
CHESTER, David E see Roper, David E                    
CHESTER, Fannie see Long Knife, William                    
CHESTER, Homer A       Hinsdale 30 Freeborn Cty Mn Wilton A Chester & Harriet Hamilton 5-Feb-13 Glasgow Valley 1247  
      Edith Marie Croxton Hinsdale 18 Ill Frank Croxton & ???          
CHESTER, Ina see Young, Louis                    
CHESTER, Ina Adeline see Hill, Allen Eugene                    
CHESTER, Irene Bernice see Roper, David Earl                    
CHESTER, Jesse see Hill, Allen Eugene                    
CHESTER, Jessie see Young, Louis                    
CHESTER, Wilton A see Chester, Homer A                    
CHESTERSON, Albert       Hinsdale 21 Mn Thor Chesterson & ??? 2-May-16 Glasgow Valley 1841  
      Festus Feuts Hinsdale 27 Texas Festus T Feuts & Mary Woodhall          
CHESTERSON, Thor see Chesterson, Albert                    
CHESTICK, Rose see Oukrop, Charles Oscar                    
CHESTNUT, Frank W       Ogden Utah 24 Hendon Kans William Chestnut & Sarah E Fuller     Valley 974 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Aurelia Olson Donley Mn   Donley Peter Olson & Lizzie Oenstead          
CHESTNUT, James W.       Phon Mt 27 Weaver Iowa Napoleon B Chestnut & Ida McClain 18-May-19 Phon Garfield 1  
      Lora Perry Phon Mt 27 Man-hattan Kans Solon Amos Perry & Sarah Newell          
CHESTNUT, Nannie see Graham, George Hall                    
CHESTNUT, Napoleon B see Chestnut, James W                    
CHESTNUT, Thomas D               21-May-1885   Dawson 43  
      Willimina Turner                  
CHESTNUT, William see Chestnut, Frank                    
CHETELSEN, Anna Josephine see Kernagan, David                    
CHETELSEN, Tom & Christine see Kernagan, David                    
CHETWOOD, George Riley       Mpls Mn 32   George Riley Chetwood & Belle Hardy 28-Aug-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1210  
      Laura Jane Barnick Jamestown N D 21 Jamestown John & Jane Barnick          
CHEVENKA, Elizabeth (Smith?) see Bruce, John                    
CHEVRULA, Joseph see Slever, Artemis M                    
CHEVRULA, Rose M see Slever, Artemis M                    
CHEZUM, Jessie see Ruby, Harold                    
CHICKEN, Black see Pipe                    
CHICKEN, Head       Poplar 46 Montana Strikes Him With Knife & Visiting Woman 31-Jul-13 Poplar Sheridan 52  
      Gray Moose Ryder Wolf Point 57 Mt Blue Hail & Woman Blue? Horn          
CHICKONSKI, Andrew & Ann see Schultz, Henry C                    
CHICKONSKI, Mary J see Schultz, Henry C                    
CHICOINE, Arthur       Scobey 27 Upton Canada Norbet Chicoine & Eugene Auger 14-Feb-16 Plentywood Sheridan 675  
      Pearl Gilchrist Scobey 23 Mn Elmer Gilchrist & Margarethe Becker          
CHICOINE, Leo       East Scobey 26 Conn Norbert Chicoine & Eugenia Aunger? 2-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 865  
      Mabel Nelson East Scobey 25 Mn Ely Nelson          
CHICOINE, Norbert see Chicoine                    
CHICOINE, Norbet see Chicoine                    
CHICOS, John see Chicos, Thomas Paul                    
CHICOS, Thomas Paul       Mn 24 Mn John Chicos & Mary Hildebrand 25-Oct-17 Wibaux Wibaux 175  
      Minnie Giese Mn 23 Mn August & Rosalia Giese          
CHIDDESTER, Mervin see Chiddester, Willard                    
CHIDDISTER, Pearl see Everett, Austin C                    
CHIDDISTER, Willard       Glendive 18 Elkhart Indiana Mervin Chiddester & Mertie Hine 3-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2044  
      Violet Baker Glendive 17 Winnesheick Cty Iowa Stephan & Myrtle Baker          
CHIDESTER, Mary Evadue see Maddox, Harry R                    
CHIDESTER, Pearl see James, Leo                    
CHIEF, in Camp see Shortman, James                    
CHIEF, Thunder see Old Thunder, Walter                    
CHIEF, Woman see Eagle Boy, Theodore                    
CHIEF, Woman see Hamilton, Harvey                    
CHIEF BEAR, May see Shields, Charles                    
CHIEF ELK, Mary see Ell, Louie                    
CHILCOTE, Katherine see Baker                    
CHILCOTE, Richard see Baker                    
CHILDERS, Emma see Bartz, William                    
CHILDERS, Iva see Frazier, Kenneth                    
CHILDERS, Iva Mae see Frazier, Jakie S                    
CHILDERS, Louisa see Waid, Carl                    
CHILDRES, B F see Evans, Henry L                    
CHILDRES, Grace see Evans, Henry L                    
CHILDRESS, B F see Childress, John J                    
CHILDRESS, B F see Olson, Himer Purnell                    
CHILDRESS, Benjamin Franklin see Olson, Edgar Theodon                    
CHILDRESS, Eula see Olson, Himer Purnell                    
CHILDRESS, John J       Circle 26 Cederville W Vir B F Childress & Cosby Alice Hill 12-Jul-24 Glasgow Valley 3069  
      Anna Otelia Sandberg Theif River Falls Mn 26 Hazel Mn A P Sandberg & Engrid Johnson          
CHILDRESS, Martha see Olson, Edgar Theodon                    
CHILDS, ??? see Schnider, Frank                    
CHILDS, Alva & Carrie see Kelly, Dennis James                    
CHILDS, Harrison L       Fox Lake 26 Crawford Wisc Sid Childs & Jennie Lathrop 18-Jan-14 Sidney Dawson 1422  
      Eliza Thomas Fox Lake 20 Johnson Cty Iowa Jim Thomas & Floa Justice          
CHILDS, Italia Josephine see Kelly, Dennis James                    
CHILDS, Joshua see Bauer, Emil                    
CHILDS, Joshua see Childs, Roy                    
CHILDS, Mary see Gilmore, James W                    
CHILDS, Mildred see Bauer, Emil                    
CHILDS, Reuben A see Childs                    
CHILDS, Roy       Nashua 24 Craig N D Joshua Childs & Bertha Darby 8-Oct-27 Nashua Valley 3323  
      Sylvia Lacy Nashua 18 Cole Harbor N D Harry Lacy & Elsie Lindsey          
CHILDS, Sarah A see Knapp, Mason                    
CHILDS, Sid see Childs, Harrison L                    
CHILDS, William J       Regina Sask Can 35 Dresden Ont Reuben A Childs & Mary McDonald 11-Aug-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2860  
      Mabel Grant Regina 27 Regina John Grant & Mary Sawchuk          
CHILSBERG, Caroline see Marshall                    
CHILSON, Gilead see Gaffield, Walter L                    
CHILSON, Gilead see Wyatt, James A                    
CHILSON, Lavina see Edwards                    
CHILSON, Leta M see Wyatt, James A                    
CHILSON, Mary see Nelson, John A                    
CHILTICK, Ratchel see Brookie, Hugh K                    
CHIPP, Cora see Bomtrager, Glen J                    
CHIPP, Eli see Bomtrager, Glen J                    
CHISHOLM, Anna E see LaRowe, Roy                    
CHISHOLM, Catherine see Warren, Christof C                    
CHISHOLM, Edith M see Hammond, Theodore                    
CHISHOLM, Fannie Mable (Jenlici?) see Squier, William                    
CHISHOLM, Malcolm see LaRowe, Roy                    
CHISOM, Margaret see McLean, Alexander                    
CHITTICK, Mary see Brost, John                    
CHITTICK, Rachael see Brookie, Stuart Otho                    
CHITTLE, Babe see Chittle                    
CHITTLE, Fred       Med� Lake 26 Ontario Can Babe Chittle & Mima Margaret Munger 29-Jun-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2450  
      Signa Mork Med Lake 22 Norway Magnus Mork & Mary Walseth          
CHITWOOD, Ida Mildred see Dailey, Cy O                    
CHITWOOD, John D see Dailey, Cy O                    
CHNEILIK, Emma see Logan, J A                    
CHNEILIK, Joseph see Logan, J A                    
CHOFE, Margaret see Karch, John Henry                    
CHORLNES, Barbara see Lanphear, Asa F                    
CHOSE, C O see Silvey, Orlo Bruce                    
CHOSE, Christ Olsen see Chose, Clark Henry                    
CHOSE, Clark Henry       Havre 27 Grand Rapids Wis Christ Olsen Chose & Anna Helen Hanson 27-Jul-22 Chinook Blaine 714  
      Helen Viola Nowlan Havre 21 Pleasant Valley John F Nowlan & Grace White          
CHOSE, David R see Chose, Francis M                    
CHOSE, Francis M       Frazer 24 N D Dave R Chose & Elizabeth Montgomery 29-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2037  
      Pearl Lingle Frazer 16 Canada J B Lingle & Ella Darton          
CHOSE, Helen Luella see Silvey, Orlo Bruce                    
CHOSER, Ed see Twobulls, Joseph                    
CHOTEAU, Louise see Burton, R F                    
CHOTMAN, Melbern P       Dooley 24 Iowa James Chotman & Lottie Maphom 24-Aug-15 Plentywood Sheridan 538  
      Gae L Horner Dooley 23 Iowa George Horner & Mary Beier          
CHOTOVIZI, Emma see Bokas                    
CHOUENARD, Joseph       Baylor 30 Anoka Mn Octave Chouenard & Josephine Guimsel? 10-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2098  
      Florence Crawford Glasgow 19 Rutland Vermont E E Crawford & Clara Gilson          
CHOUENARD (CHOUINARD), Octave see Chouenard, Joseph                    
CHOUINARD, Frank L       Baylor Mn 26 Anoka Mn Octave Chouinard & Josephine Guincort? 13-Jun-14 Glasgow? Valley    
      Vera M Scott ??? 23 Bagley Wis Walter Scott & Dora Murphy          
CHOUINARD, Octave see Chouinard, Franck, L                    
CHOUSE, Wanda see Mcfarland, Edward                    
CHOWHORN, Ollie see Harshbarger                    
CHREST, John see Chrest, Louis                    
CHREST, Louis       Glendive 25 Dickinson N D John Chrest & Jane Litch 25-Mar-09 Glendive Dawson 674  
      Leila Keebler Glendive 16 Linton N D Arthur Keebler & Minnie M Wescott          
CHRISHOLM, A A see Chrisholm, Charles A                    
CHRISHOLM, Alexander F       Newlon 27 Utica Mn O F Chrisholm & Mary E Fay 14-May-07 Sidney Dawson 515  
      Mabel Bergstrom Newlon 22 Brigham City Utah C M Bergstrom & Christina M Johnson          
CHRISHOLM, Charles A       Farland N D 31 Stearns Cty N D A A Chrisholm & Jane Bun? 26-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1665  
      Leonora L Frietag Farland 23 Nicolett Cty Mn August Frietag & Matilda Schlieman          
CHRISHOLM, O F see Chrisholm, Alexander F                    
CHRISINGER, Robert C       Sidney 23 Pendleton Ore William R Chrisinger & Josephine Daniels 10-Oct-10 Glendive Dawson 1148  
      Leila E Stewart Sidney 18 Elbow Lake Mn William N Stewart & Asta Colcord          
CHRISINGER, William see Chrisinger, Robert C                    
CHRISMAN, Isaac see Kane, Richard H                    
CHRISMAN, Mary see Kane, Richard H                    
CHRISNEAU, Melvina see Miller                    
CHRISOPHERSON, Caroline see Thomas                    
CHRIST, Annie see Turner, Loring A                    
CHRISTEN, Henry see Johnson, Jorgen Al                    
CHRISTEN, J C Adelphena see Johnson, Jorgen Al                    
CHRISTENSEN, Aage E       Reserve 36 Denmark C P Christensen & Catherine Nelsen 22-Nov-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2576  
      Martha M Jacobsen P�wood 24 St Peter Mn Jacob Jacobsen & Signe Sorensen          
CHRISTENSEN, Adolph       P�wood 22 Viburg, S D Peter & Catherine Christensen 6-May-10 Glasgow Valley 628  
      Anna Jensen Viburg S D 25 Viburg Luis Jensen & Mary Thompson          
CHRISTENSEN, Albert       Badger S D 40 S D Lars Christensen & Mary Pedersen 9-Oct-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1672  
      Anna Marie Christensen Hatton S D 40 Denmark Soren Christensen & Marie Nelson          
CHRISTENSEN, Anders       Taylor N D 27 Taylor Peter & Mary Christensen 1-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2039  
      Emma Anderson Taylor N D 20 Taylor J P Anderson & Messina Hanson          
CHRISTENSEN, Anders see Jepsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Andrew see Christensen, C R                    
CHRISTENSEN, Andrew see Christensen, Martin                    
CHRISTENSEN, Andrew       Antelope 30 Denmark Christian Christensen & Caroline Paulson 27-Mar-14 Antelope Sheridan 197  
      Millie Jorgunsrud Raymond 26 Norway Jacob Jorgensrud & Marie Linderud          
CHRISTENSEN, Anna see Sorenson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Anna Katherine see Madsen, Andrew Cler                    
CHRISTENSEN, Anna Marie see Andersen, Christian N                    
CHRISTENSEN, Anna Marie see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Annie see Madsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Annie see Nelson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Anton & Margaret see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Axel S       Reserve 23 Iowa N C Christensen & Marie Haahr 24-Oct-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1757  
      Minnie Sampson Reserve 22 Iowa Nels Sampson & Marie Peterson          
CHRISTENSEN, Berger see Christensen, Roy                    
CHRISTENSEN, Bert       Coal Creek 27 Denmark Christian Christensen & Catherine Nielson 9-Dec-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1435  
      Emma Thorpe Dagmar 22 Iowa Carl K Anderson & Maria Pedersen          
CHRISTENSEN, Bertha Sophia see Dahl, Ole J                    
CHRISTENSEN, C P see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, C P see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, C R       Hinsdale 28 Wis Andrew Christensen & Jennie Sorenson 28-Oct-20 Hinsdale Valley 2732  
      Anna Hannebuth Hinsdalr 22 Germany George Hannebuth & Dorothy H Stamme          
CHRISTENSEN, Catherine see Thunem, Richard Clair                    
CHRISTENSEN, Chris see Christensen, Hargo                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christ see Hansen, Froberg                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christ see Dyhr                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christ C J       Reserve 36 Den-mark James Christensen & Lena Hansen 24-Oct-13 Antelope Sheridan 102  
      Odell Winkler No Car     Tom Winkler & Mary Moore          
CHRISTENSEN, Christ J       Antelope 40 Denmark Jens Christensen & Lena Hansen 4-Jun-19 Antelope Sheridan 1517  
      Grace McGalliard Valdese North Carolina     James McGalliard & Susan Franklin          
CHRISTENSEN, Christen see Christensen, Fred Bernhart                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christen F       P�wood 25 Enumclaw Wash Niels Chrisensen & Marie Miller 12-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2473  
      Karen Hovdey P�wood 22 Loraine N D Carl Hovdey & Belle Juve          
CHRISTENSEN, Christen J see Chrisrensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christian see Madsen, Anders Cler                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christian       Antelope 34 Den-mark Christen J Christensen & Maren Sorensen 31-Dec-31 Dagmar Sheridan 2998  
      Vera Mildred Jensen Antelope 24 Westby Christ Jensen & Marie Christine Niel-sen          
CHRISTENSEN, Christian see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christian see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christian M       Anteolpe 64 Denmark Christian Andersen & Carl Lovstad 16-Apr-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1504  
      Marion? Christiansen Antelope 34 Norway Kristian Johanneson & Marie Larson          
CHRISTENSEN, Christiana see Anderson, Christian N                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christina see Thomsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christina see Hansen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Christine see Andersen, Niels Peter                    
CHRISTENSEN, Clara see Wetzstein, Carl R                    
CHRISTENSEN, Clara see Brentesen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Clara see Hanson J B                    
CHRISTENSEN, Dewey       Reserve 28 Iowa Nels Christensen & Marie Haahr 25-Feb-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1143  
      Helda Bystedt Bowbells N D 32 Bowbells David S Bystedt & Tilda Thompson          
CHRISTENSEN, Donald M       Belfield N D 20 Belfield James Christensen & Ora Martinmar 18-Oct-30 Wibaux Wibaux 765  
      Eleanore Cheadle Fryberg N D 18 South Heart N D Joseph Cheadle & Alice M Casey          
CHRISTENSEN, Edna Berg see Burham, Paul Brd                    
CHRISTENSEN, Edward       Reserve 24 Iowa N C Christensen & Marie Hahhr 2-Jun-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2168  
      Flora Carpenter Reserve 24 McIntosh Mn Frank Carpenter & Iva Hanchett          
CHRISTENSEN, Elise see Petersen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Emma see Sather                    
CHRISTENSEN, Emma see Petersen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Ernest Peter       Dagmar 22 Iowa Hans C Christensen & Mary(Hoobr?) 1-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 901  
      Gudrun Christensen Dagmar 20 Denmark C P Christensen & Katherine Nelson          
CHRISTENSEN, Esther Clara see Bromberg, Lewis                    
CHRISTENSEN, Folmer Rudolph       Dagmar 28 Denmark Jens Christensen & Christine Hovring          
      Esther Jorgensen Dagmar 19 Wisc Jorgen Jorgensen & Christine Olsen          
CHRISTENSEN, Fred see Nelson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Fred see Nielsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Fred Bernhart       Poplar 27 Duluth Mn Christen Christensen & Malena Olsen 10-Dec-24 Poplar Roosivelt 704  
      Wilma Elizabeth Williams Poplar 20 Cuba Ill John Williams & Grace McAdams          
CHRISTENSEN, Fredrick C see Christensen, Henry C                    
CHRISTENSEN, Fredrikke see Larsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, George see Burham, Paul Bird                    
CHRISTENSEN, Gudrun see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, H A       Orville 33 St James Mn Iver Christensen & Mary Jacobson 1-Jan-13 Orville Valley 1202  
      Alma H Lockrem     N D H E Lockrem & Nancy Grasley          
CHRISTENSEN, Hans see Legge                    
CHRISTENSEN, Hans C see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Hargo       Daleview 24 S D Chris Christensen & Margaret Jensen 14-Sep-26 Scobey Daniels 275  
      Mary Smith Bengough Sask Can 18 Bengough Leo Smith & ???          
CHRISTENSEN, Helen Marie see Legge                    
CHRISTENSEN, Henry       Westby 24 Austin Texas Soren Christensen & Minnie Peterson 10-Sep-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2547  
      Mary Corcoran Comertown 18 Red Wood Falls Mn Wm Corcoran & Florence King          
CHRISTENSEN, Henry C       Opheim 27 Iowa Fredick C Christensen & Gertrude Hampson 2-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2155  
      Mabel Jamieson Baylor 21 Illinois Joseph Jamieson & Zelma Blanch Tinkham?          
CHRISTENSEN, Hertae see Nelson, Julius                    
CHRISTENSEN, Holger C       Grenora 32 Kensel N D Knute Christensen & Christiane Pedersen 30-Jul-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2615  
      Maurine Feldmann Grenora N D 22 Berthold N D John B Feldmann & Ida Campbell          
CHRISTENSEN, Ingeborg H see Bertelsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Iver see Christensen, H A                    
CHRISTENSEN, Iver see Froslan                    
CHRISTENSEN, James see Christensen, Donald M                    
CHRISTENSEN, James       Froid 32 Iowa Nels C Christensen & Mary Anderson 17-Dec-24 Bainville Roosivelt 709  
      Lillian Nathalia Hansen Bainville 36 Wis Ole Hansen & Carrie Rougstad          
CHRISTENSEN, James       Belfield N D 49 Chicago Ill Louis Christensen & Henretta Nelson 28-Apr-24 Glendive Dawson 3101  
      Lillian Sharett Fargo 40 Viroqua Wisc Thomas Levi Brown & Sarah Whiteaker          
CHRISTENSEN, James see Wetzstein, Carl R                    
CHRISTENSEN, James see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Jennie see Anvick, Charley                    
CHRISTENSEN, Jens see Christensen Christ J                    
CHRISTENSEN, Jens see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Jens Peter see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Jensine see Larson, Einar Carl                    
CHRISTENSEN, Johanna see Hess                    
CHRISTENSEN, Johanna see Wikum                    
CHRISTENSEN, John       Saco 30 Sweden Nels Christensen & Mary Peterson 14-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2194  
      Hulda Smith Saco ??? Mn Anton Smith & Bessie Johnson          
CHRISTENSEN, John see Storvik, Bernhard                    
CHRISTENSEN, Julius see Chrisrensen, Nels O                    
CHRISTENSEN, Katherina see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Katherine see Froslan                    
CHRISTENSEN, Knud see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Knudt       Kahle 40 Denmark Thomas Christensen & Meren Lynge 6-Jul-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1041  
      Mrs Oline Jackson San Diego Cal 41 N D Peter Rasmussen & Lelia Norbeck          
CHRISTENSEN, L C & Hilda see Anderson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Lars see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Lewis see Christensen, James                    
CHRISTENSEN , Louis       Glasgow 48 Freeborn Cty Mn ??? 24-Dec-07 Glasgow Valley 331  
      Nora Hilt Glasgow 18 Mo Richard Hilt & ???          
CHRISTENSEN, Louis see Anderson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Lydia see Anderson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Magdalene see Pedersen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Margarethe see Winther                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marie see Danielsen, Magnus                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marie see Jensen, Nels                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marie see Dyhr                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marie see Jensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marie see Petersen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marius see Blikken, Emil                    
CHRISTENSEN, Martha see Fryhling, Chris Edward                    
CHRISTENSEN, Martha see Larsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Marthea see Kamp                    
CHRISTENSEN, Martin       Lincoln Nebr 35 Blair Nebr Andrew Christensen & Mary Christianson 30-Sep-16 Glendive Dawson 2009  
      Birdie Southworth Lawrence Iowa 32   Abnar Stevenson & Sarah Cole          
CHRISTENSEN, Mary see Jepsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Merrill       Hinsdale 21 Wisc   25-Oct-19   Phillips 462  
      Dean Hoerster Hinsdale 18 Texas            
CHRISTENSEN, Minnie see Hansen, Froberg                    
CHRISTENSEN, Myrtle see Anderson                    
CHRISTENSEN, N C see Bromberg, Lewis                    
CHRISTENSEN, N C see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, N C see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, N J see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nels see Christensen John                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nels see Christensen, Dewey                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nels C see Christensen, James                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nels O       Glasgow 32 Denmark Julius Christensen & Maren Neilsen 9-Dec-13 Glasgow Valley 1395  
      Magda Hopstad Glasgow 25 Nor Hans Hopstad & Oleana Thon?          
CHRISTENSEN, Nelsina see Jorgensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nelsine see Knudsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nesena see Johnson, Andrew Nicholas                    
CHRISTENSEN, Niels see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Nils see Anvick, Charley                    
CHRISTENSEN , Ole see Anderson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Oline see Good                    
CHRISTENSEN, Oliver       Grenora N D 27 N D Anton & Margaret Christensen 24-May-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2165  
      Ida Shellum Grenora 24 S D Ole Shellum & Sarah Boland          
CHRISTENSEN, Otto C       Taylor N D 30 Taylor Peter Christensen & Mary Christiansen 17-Oct-27 Glendive Dawson 3500  
      Madia Collins Taylor 34 Richardton N D Guy DeFrance & Annie Knudtson          
CHRISTENSEN, Patrina see Larson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Peter see Johnson, Carl                    
CHRISTENSEN, Peter see Christensen, Otto                    
CHRISTENSEN, Peter see Thomsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Peter see Anderson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Peter & Catherine see Christensen, Adolph                    
CHRISTENSEN, Peter & Mary see Christensen, Anders                    
CHRISTENSEN, Philip       Dagmar 27 Denmark Jens Peter Christensen & Christina Hovring 17-Mar-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1790  
      Margarethe Kristine Hansen Dagmar 25 Denmark Marinus Hansen & Katherina Christensen          
CHRISTENSEN, Rosa see Nelson                    
CHRISTENSEN, Roy       Culbertson 22 Lin-coln Neb Berger Christensen & Jennie Miller 25-Jun-21 Poplar Roosivelt 255  
      Edith Thorpe Culbertson 18 Storm Lake Iowa John & Hattie Thorpe          
CHRISTENSEN, Sam see Nelson, Julius                    
CHRISTENSEN, Sophia see Larsen, Peter L T                    
CHRISTENSEN, Soren see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Soren see Christensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Soren L see Jensen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Thomas see Christensen, Knudt                    
CHRISTENSEN, Trina see Hedland                    
CHRISTENSEN, Trina see Lee                    
CHRISTENSEN, Viola Maria see Nielsen                    
CHRISTENSEN, Wm C       Neola Iowa 27 Neola N J Christensen & Maren Andersen 27-Jan-32 Dagmar Sheridan 2645  
      Maybell Hansen Dagmar 19 Kinsal N D Hans Hansen & Mary Jorgenson          
CHRISTENSON, Alexandria see Larsen                    
CHRISTENSON, Amelia Mae see Thiel, Percey Gilbert                    
CHRISTENSON, Andrew see Hill, Alexander N                    
CHRISTENSON, Carrie see Sylvester, William F                    
CHRISTENSON, Chas J       Carrington N D 35 Blooming Prairie Mn Julius & Christina Christenson 7-Aug-25 Wibaux Wibaux 506  
      Anna Hagan Carrington 33 Sweden Joseph Hagan & Caroline Anderson          
CHRISTENSON, Chris see Hayne, Fred Paul                    
CHRISTENSON, Christian M see Bertelsen                    
CHRISTENSON, Christian Phil       Dickinson N D 29 Denmark H P Christenson & Stena Jensen 3-Jul-11 Glendive Dawson 958  
      Emma Kalding Dickenson N D 18 Trenton Nebr John L Kalding & Molly Loge          
CHRISTENSON, Christiania see Johnson                    
CHRISTENSON, Christina A see Waller, Charles Elvin                    
CHRISTENSON, Christine see Brauer, C W O                    
CHRISTENSON, Christine see Henningsgard, John                    
CHRISTENSON, Christine see Anderson, John E                    
CHRISTENSON, Clara see Rishel, Harry                    
CHRISTENSON, Clara see Samsel, Charles W                    
CHRISTENSON, Clara see Nelson                    
CHRISTENSON, Coila? Mildred see Emerson, Arthur Weston                    
CHRISTENSON, Constance see Amman, Kenneth Paul                    
CHRISTENSON, Ellen see Peterson, Roy E                    
CHRISTENSON, Emma see Blikken, Emil                    
CHRISTENSON, Esther Marie see Moloy, Kenneth C                    
CHRISTENSON, Fred see Larsen                    
CHRISTENSON , Fredrick see Rishel, Harry                    
CHRISTENSON, G A see Parks, Floyd                    
CHRISTENSON, H J see Emerson, Arthur Weston                    
CHRISTENSON, H P see Christenson, Christian Phil                    
CHRISTENSON, Hans & Anna see Ellingson, John                    
CHRISTENSON, Hartvick see Jennings, Owen                    
CHRISTENSON, Ida see Jennings, Owen                    
CHRISTENSON, Inga see Parks, Floyd                    
CHRISTENSON, Jens see Christenson                    
CHRISTENSON, Jens Chris see Moloy, Kenneth C                    
CHRISTENSON, Johanna see Paulson, Martin                    
CHRISTENSON, Julius & Christine see Christenson, Chas J                    
CHRISTENSON, Kathie see Peterson                    
CHRISTENSON, Konw see Christenson, Peter                    
CHRISTENSON, Mardana see Hanson, Ole                    
CHRISTENSON, Maren see Feldt, Nels Peter Fr N                    
CHRISTENSON, Maria see Severson, Emil                    
CHRISTENSON, Maria see Knudtson                    
CHRISTENSON, Mary see Hallstesd, Spencer Gillford                    
CHRISTENSON, Mary see Jasperson, Albert C                    
CHRISTENSON, Mary see Kvols, Nick                    
CHRISTENSON, Oeda see Carlson, Sigvart P                    
CHRISTENSON, Ole see Thiel, Percey Gilbert                    
CHRISTENSON, Peter see Henningsgard, John                    
CHRISTENSON, Peter       New Salem N D 38 Bulgaria Konw Christenson & Gana Poroon 15-Sep-22 Wibaux Wibaux 353  
      Bertha Mix New Salem N D 19 New Salem Carl Mix & Olga Sperling          
CHRISTENSON, Peter Christian see Kvols, Nick                    
CHRISTENSON, Rosella see Hayne, Fred Paul                    
CHRISTENSON, Sofia see Boehmer, Henry B                    
CHRISTENSON, Theodore       Whitetail 24 Mn Jens Christenson & Lena Killsgaard 20-Jan-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2040  
      Marie Collins Whitetail 27 Mn Mathias Lotz & Gertrude Minter          
CHRISTENSON, Tina see Nelson                    
CHRISTENSON, William J       Glasgow 42 Denmark Christ & Cecelia Nelson 24-Apr-02 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Martha Wall Glasgow 48 Ontario Can Charles Shenden & Jane Gibson          
CHRISTIAN, Clayton Verne       Whitetail 22 Edmore N D Verne M Christian & Mabel Wooldridge 9-Jan-27 Whitetail Daniels 305  
      Evelyn Marie Talenga Whitetail 18 Turtle Lake N D George Talenga & Harriet Griffiths          
CHRISTIAN, George       Brockton 30 Plainview Mn John & Louise Christian 4-Jun-11 Culbertson Valley 845  
      Julia Bear Brockton 20 Poplar Red Fox & Julia          
CHRISTIAN, Lena see Wassman, William                    
CHRISTIAN, Louise & John see Christian, George                    
CHRISTIAN, Mae M see Dunn                    
CHRISTIAN, Stella see Hild, Klaus                    
CHRISTIAN, Verne M see Christian, Clayton Verne                    
CHRISTIAN, Verne M see Dunn                    
CHRISTIAN, Verne M       Flaxville 47 Penn Warren B Christian & Annie Swope 27-Apr-14 Plentywood Sheridan 220  
      Annie Rederburg Flaxville 21 S D Swan Jacob Rederburg & Nancy Peterson          
CHRISTIAN, Warren B see Christian                    
CHRISTIANSE, Alexandra see Island                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Carrie see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Anna see Price, Robert L                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Anna D see Peterson, Peter H                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Anne M D see Graunke, Louis Albert                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Arthur       Antelope 31 Ill Jens Christiansen & Mary Hansen 12-Aug-13 Antelope Sheridan 62  
      Carrie Christiansen Antelope 25 Denmark Christ Christiansen & Christine Paulsen          
CHRISTIANSEN, Bertha L see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, C G see McLaughlin                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Carrie see Olson                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Carrie Sophie see Larsen, Hans Peter                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Charles       P�wood 21 Mn Charles G Christiansen & Caroline Jensen 2-May-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1019  
      Helen Ria? Eastman P�wood 20 Wis H E Eastman & Carrie Barber          
CHRISTIANSEN, Charles G see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Charles G see Chamberlain                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Charley see Christensen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Chris       Sidney 37 Denmark H H Christiansen & Bina Thompson 18-Dec-13 Sidney Dawson 1393  
      Jennie Hendrickson Sidney 30 Oshkosh Wisc Peter Hendrickson & Sine Jenson          
CHRISTIANSEN, Chris see Moser Ernest G                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Christ see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Christian see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Christian E       Twete 33 Norway Christian Sovrenson? & Martha Erickson 22-Feb-21 Chinook Blaine 662  
      Selma M Wallin Twete 31 Sweden Carl Wallin & Nikolava Nelson          
CHRISTIANSEN, Christian Oscar       Saco 29 Norway Karl Christiansen & Susanna Severson 12-Apr-18 Glasgow Valley 2352  
      Dora Jensen Chicago 29 Norway Samuel Jensen & Christian? Kjelsen          
CHRISTIANSEN, Christina A see Waller, Stephan C                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Clarence       Warren Wis 27 Warren Charley Christiansen & Mary Lorenson 3-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2468  
      Mary Tommerup Westby 18 Westby Peter Tommerup & Christina Jensen          
CHRISTIANSEN, Conrad see Zuck, Merlin                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Dagmar see Jensen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Elise see Johnson, Haakon                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Elizabeth see Peterson, Guy A                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Elmer see Turner, Albert                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Elmer see Christiansen, Leonard                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Emanual       Valleytown 22 N D   11-Nov-27   Phillips 984  
      Gladys Lenore Tollefson Whitewater 18 N D            
CHRISTIANSEN, Emil see Jensen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Emil see Olson                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Emil see Harbo                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Esther see Harbo                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Ethel see Rabidu, Edmond                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Gerda Elizabeth see Chamberlain                    
CHRISTIANSEN, H H see Christiansen, Chris                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Hattie see Johnson, Arthur                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Hazel see Lee, Peter Joseph                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Henry see Rabidu, Edmond                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Hilda see Turner, Albert                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Hugo Andrew       Zurich 24 Aspinwall Iowa Peter A Christiansen & Catherine Hansen 24-Oct-28 Chinook Blaine 1087  
      Beatrice Staff Chinook 22 Chinook Jofh Staff & Lillie Anderson          
CHRISTIANSEN, Ida see Erickson                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Inga Marie see Nelson, Lauritz Peter                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Ingeborg see Olson                    
CHRISTIANSEN, James see Lee, Peter Joseph                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Jens see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Juanita May see Boomer, Robert D                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Karl see Christiansen, Christian Oscar                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Latonna D see Lovejoy, Ernest M                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Leonard       Havre 26 Norway Elmer Christiansen & Margaret Logan 18-Oct-19 Chinook Blaine 593  
      Caroline Jess Laredo Mt 18 Roumania Simon Jess & Elizabeth Sen          
CHRISTIANSEN, Marie see Moser                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Marion? see Christensen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Martha see Burns                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Martin       P�wood 70 Norway Christian Christiansen & Lena Madsen 19-Nov-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2385  
      Hannah Lundberg P�wood 60 Mn J P Hulyquist & Annie Newman          
CHRISTIANSEN, Mary see Christensen, Otto                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Mary see Schak, Crist Herbert Walter                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Mary see Monsell                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Mary see Frimstad                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Mary G see McLaughlin                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Mattie see Olson, Ingvald                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Mette see Olsen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Nels C see Boomer, Robert D                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Nels C see Peterson, Clarence Jacob                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Nels&Sophia see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Peter Oscar       Glasgow 28 Denmark Swan M Christiansen & Kerstin Madsen 21-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1990  
      Thyra Marie Thompson Glasgow 20 Denmark Carl M Thompson & Andrea Peterson          
CHRISTIANSEN, Peter R       Williston 27 Den-mark Soren & Johanna Christiansen 2-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 620  
      Bertha Christiansen Dagmar 21 Denmark Nels & Sophia Christiansen          
CHRISTIANSEN, Peter S see Christiansen, Hugo Andrew                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Petera see Romer, Einer                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Sigrid see Zuck, Merlin                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Sophia see Johnson, Arthur                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Soren see Quam                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Soren & Johanna see Christiansen                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Swan M see Christiansen, Peter Oscar                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Tena see Robertson                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Thora S see Peterson, Clarence Jacob                    
CHRISTIANSEN, Vita see Quam                    
CHRISTIANSON, ??? see Larsen, Harry L                    
CHRISTIANSON, Alfred O       Glasgow 24 N D Knute Christianson & Julia Haugen 4-Sep-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 799  
      Della Hillstad Bonetrail N D 20 N D Edward Hillstad & Louise Carlson          
CHRISTIANSON, Andrew see Bulieu, Joseph                    
CHRISTIANSON, Andrew see Christianson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Ann see Houck, Jesse E                    
CHRISTIANSON, Anna see Abraham, Selmer                    
CHRISTIANSON, Anna see Abraham, Arvid                    
CHRISTIANSON, Anna see Leefeldt, Carl Henry                    
CHRISTIANSON, Anna see Miller                    
CHRISTIANSON, Annie see Abraham, Oluf                    
CHRISTIANSON, Annie see Pedersen, Sigurd                    
CHRISTIANSON, Caroline see Twedt, K K                    
CHRISTIANSON, Christ       Scobey 35 Christiania Nor Andrew Christianson & Mathilda Halvorson 17-Oct-18 Scobey? Sheridan 1397  
      Phoebe Blanche Barnard Scobey   Owen Sound Ont Can Abraham Geo Barnard & ???          
CHRISTIANSON, Christian see White, Ray                    
CHRISTIANSON, Christian see Telford, Donald James                    
CHRISTIANSON, Christina see Broderson, John                    
CHRISTIANSON, Christine Margaret see Storholm, Peder B                    
CHRISTIANSON, Clara see Willer                    
CHRISTIANSON, Clara see Francis                    
CHRISTIANSON, Clara see Brenteson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Clarence see Strand                    
CHRISTIANSON, Emme Sophie see Jacobson, Jacob Herman                    
CHRISTIANSON, Florence see Hurick, Victor H                    
CHRISTIANSON, George see Dennis, Grant                    
CHRISTIANSON, Gladys see Dennis, Grant                    
CHRISTIANSON, Gladys see Strand                    
CHRISTIANSON, Grace see Crawford, Ralph                    
CHRISTIANSON, Gustave see Christianson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Halvor see Johnson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Hanah see Karlin, Jakob                    
CHRISTIANSON, Hannah see Raaum                    
CHRISTIANSON, Hans P see Christianson, Jens D                    
CHRISTIANSON, Hesman see Helgeby, Oscar                    
CHRISTIANSON, Inga see Erickson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Janna see Johnson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Jens D       Marco 35 Germany Hans P Christianson & Catherine Anderson 31-Jul-12 Savage Dawson 1119  
      Elizabeth Preusch Marco 35 N Y N Y Theodore Preusch & Jennette Haupt          
CHRISTIANSON, Johanna see Hveem, Nels                    
CHRISTIANSON, Johanna see Grosskurth , Axel                    
CHRISTIANSON, Joseph see Francis                    
CHRISTIANSON, Julius see Christianson, Nels Julius                    
CHRISTIANSON, Karen see Larson, Hans J                    
CHRISTIANSON, Katie see Rasmussen, Theodor                    
CHRISTIANSON, Knute see Christianson, Alfred O                    
CHRISTIANSON, Laura see Lerfold, Julius                    
CHRISTIANSON, Laura P see Christianson, Peter                    
CHRISTIANSON, Lillian Gertrude see Rohme, Olaf Bernhard                    
CHRISTIANSON, Margaretha see Volkman, Henry N                    
CHRISTIANSON, Maria see Indergard, Carl                    
CHRISTIANSON, Marie see Brown, Henry C                    
CHRISTIANSON, Marie see Doty, Ward Daniel                    
CHRISTIANSON, Marie see Martinson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Martha see Fryhling                    
CHRISTIANSON, Martin see Christianson, Otto                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mary see Trippett, Matt                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mary see Benson, Lewis                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mary see Christensen, Martin                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mary see Gregg, Cyrus S                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mary see Leech                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mathilda see Denikas                    
CHRISTIANSON, Mike       Dagmar 41 Denmark Christ Andersen & Carrie Hansdtr     Valley 1060 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Gertrude S Collins Dagmar 27 Johnstown N Y Henry Moore & Loretta Dunn          
CHRISTIANSON, Nels Julius       Wolf Point 36 Norway Julius Christianson & Nicholina Anderson 28-Feb-18 Glasgow Valley 2348  
      Amanda Holum Wolf Point 27 Norway John & Bergithe Holum          
CHRISTIANSON, Nettie C see Muessman, George H                    
CHRISTIANSON, Niss? (Nils?)       East Scobey 25 Germany Lawrence P Christianson & Katherine Jorgensen 16-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 760  
      Margaret Paulson East Scobey   Wis Jeff Paulson & Regina Jensen          
CHRISTIANSON, Nondas see Bruss, Oliver Morton                    
CHRISTIANSON, Odib Oliver see Rohme, Olaf Bernhard                    
CHRISTIANSON, Olaf Simon see Jacobson, Jacob Simon                    
CHRISTIANSON, Ole see Muessman, George H                    
CHRISTIANSON, Ole see Storholm, Peder B                    
CHRISTIANSON, Ole see Benson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Oscar G       P�wood 26 Erskine Mn Gustav Christianson & Sophie Kaldoger 23-Nov-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1858  
      Eva L Onstad P�wool 21 Waubay S D L J Onstad & Emma Anderson          
CHRISTIANSON, Otilie see Paulson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Otto       Glasgow 26 Garderup Denmark Martin Christianson & Mary Hanson 7-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 607  
      Elna May Kennedy Glasgow 23 Brampton Can Fred Kennedy & Mary Story          
CHRISTIANSON, Ovidia see Carlson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Paulina see Rasmusson, Frank W                    
CHRISTIANSON, Ragna see Telford, Donald James                    
CHRISTIANSON, Rena see Hultgren                    
CHRISTIANSON, Rendina see Benson                    
CHRISTIANSON, Sena see Nelson, Walter                    
CHRISTIANSON, Sophia see Hanson, Christ                    
CHRISTIANSON, Thea see Tollefson, Thomas                    
CHRISTIANSON, Tillie see Hagan, Lewis                    
CHRISTIANSON, Toni see Hurek, Victor H                    
CHRISTIE, Christiann A see Wood, William M                    
CHRISTIE, Clarence       Union 35 Volga S D James Christie & Elsie Millgrade 1-Jun-21 Glendive Dawson 2768  
      Ruth G Lunsford Stipek 46 Wessington S D William Lunsford & Mary J Brown          
CHRISTIE, Elsie see Searles, Gordon                    
CHRISTIE, James see Christie, Clarence                    
CHRISTINSON, Anna see Engleson, Alfred                    
CHRISTINSON, Elizabeth see Jensen, Hans                    
CHRISTINSON, Emmiline see Clingman, Kenneth G                    
CHRISTINSON, Helen see Sutherland, William J                    
CHRISTINSON, Nettie C see Chapman, Arthur M                    
CHRISTINSON, Ole see Chapman, Arthur M                    
CHRISTMAN, Christina see Bramsen, Ingvard Nissen                    
CHRISTNER, Lizzie see Slabauch, Amos                    
CHRISTOFERSON, Christ see Anderson                    
CHRISTOFERSON, Hazel see Anderson                    
CHRISTOFFERSON, Aagot see Hendrickson, Benjamin                    
CHRISTOFFERSON, Hans see Hanson, Martin                    
CHRISTOFFERSON, Harold see Monger, Arnt J                    
CHRISTOFFERSON, Harold       Malta 34 Norway   25-Dec-21   Phillips 620  
      Ovedia Solberg Malta 20 N D            
CHRISTOFFERSON, Otto & Patrena see Hendrickson, Benjamin                    
CHRISTOFFERSON, Ovedia see Monger, Arnt J                    
CHRISTOFFERSON, Trina see Bomstad                    
CHRISTON, Margaret see Shau, J A                    
CHRISTOPH, Henry see Christoph, Wm L                    
CHRISTOPH, Wm L       Glendive 26 Clay Cty Nebr Henry Christoph & Ella Thompson 21-Aug-04 Glendive Dawson 312  
      Cora Webb Glendive 26 ??? Jas S & Jettela Webb          
CHRISTOPHER, Delilah see Stambaugh, Samuel Heim                    
CHRISTOPHER, Delilcut see Baird, Frank P                    
CHRISTOPHER, Elizabeth see McShane, Rotchford J                    
CHRISTOPHER, Esabell see Storkson, George                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, James see Christopherson                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Alfred       Flaxville 35 Mn James Christopherson & Helen Halling 30-Dec-14 Plentywood Sheridan 397  
      Jessie Barnhart Flaxville 21 Indiana J W Barnhart & Margaret Loudenslager          
CHRISTOPHERSON, Andrew see Christopherson, Samuel J                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Anne see Miller                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Brita see Lindblom                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Christ see Christopherson, Albert                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Christ see Christopherson, Kenneth                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Gertrude see Twete                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Hannah see Boyd                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Helga see Thoveson                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Karen see Mouritsen                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Kenneth       Havre 24 Up-ham N D Christ Christopherson & Clara Thorst-vedt 29-Mar-30 Chinook Blaine 1197  
      Mabel Randal Havre 18 N D Harry Randal & ???          
CHRISTOPHERSON, Lauritz see Christopherson, Louis                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Lena see Schoening                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Lillian see Campbell, William Franklin                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Louis       Saco 37 Ill Lauritz Christopherson & Anna Lineness 24-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley 1389  
      mar Mary Hazelbaker Saco 30 Ind Abe Harmon & Delphia Pitzer          
CHRISTOPHERSON, Louise see Hageseth, Oscar O                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Maren C see Jacobsen                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Maren K see Jacobsen                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Mary see Ellertson, Chris                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Mary see Grove, Alfred C                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Minnie see Johnson                    
CHRISTOPHERSON, Samuel       Manning N D 44 Rochester Mn Andrew Christopherson & Annie Anderson 29-Mar-30 Wibauz Wibaux 725  
      Mrs Lura Stagner Dickinson 36 Mt Ayr Iowa Alfred Hamblyn & Dora Spencer          
CHRISTOPHERSON, Theodore see Christopherson                    
CHRISTOPPERSON?, Jacob see Olson, Charles A                    
CHRISTPHERSON, Edwin       Dooley 28 N D Theodore Christopherson & Christine Foughner? 21-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 644  
      Emelia Thoedte Dooley 25 Ill Henry Tvedte & Mary Knicker          
CHRISTSON?, Mary see Boyd, Greenville                    
CHRISTY, Dorthea see McCloskey, G T                    
CHRISTY, Marie see Eustrom, Leroy O                    
CHRISTY, Mary see Shufelt, Henry                    
CHRISTY, William see Shufelt, Henry                    
CHROMWELL, Nancy see Batterton, Harry O                    
CHRONISTER, Emory Clayton see Chronister, M Bryson                    
CHRONISTER, M Bryson       Miami Fla 29 Hampton Penn Emory Clayton Chronister & Carrie Moessinger 21-Dec-29 Glendive Dawson 3829  
      Helen Charlotte Kempton Terry 21 Terry Henry Kempton & Charlotte Magnusson          
CHRYST, Lillian see Gapen, Harley J                    
CHSISTOPHERSON, Albert       Wolf Point 21 Upham N D Christ Christopherson & Clara Tharstvedt 9-Dec-24 Glasgow Valley 3105  
      Madge Pope   19 Colgate N D Walter Pope & Alice Knowles          
CHUBB, Clara see Emmert, Earl LeRoy                    
CHUBB, Earl Monroe see Drewry, Ray William                    
CHUBB, Elta Helen Grace see Drewry, Ray William                    
CHURCH, Amanda see Brannon, R L                    
CHURCH, Amanda see Branson, Roswell L                    
CHURCH, Dora see Graves, Nathan C                    
CHURCH, Frank see Bullock, Alfred E                    
CHURCH, George W       Dodson 34 Pottsville Iowa W D Church & Libby Pearson 8-Apr-13 Chinook Blaine 46  
      Ruby Martin Dodson 17 Colfax Wis J W & Jennie Martin          
CHURCH, Giles see Church, Homer Roy                    
CHURCH, Hannah see Hammond, O D                    
CHURCH, Homer Roy       Havre 32 Clarls Neb Giles Church & Delia Mapes 15-Mar-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1293  
      Doris C Everett Wolf Point 25 Gavla Ill Walter Everett & Juella Fuller          
CHURCH, Honora C see Rausbacher, Frances Leo                    
CHURCH, Julia see Unfred, J W                    
CHURCH, Julia see Swanson, Carl S                    
CHURCH, Lydia E see Dunn                    
CHURCH, Martha see Olson, Sam                    
CHURCH, Martha see McCartney, Oliver A                    
CHURCH, Myrdie see Toovey                    
CHURCH, Sarah see Hamblin                    
CHURCH, Thomas see Rausbacher, Frances Leo                    
CHURCH, W D see Church, George W                    
CHURCH, William see Dunn                    
CHURCHILL, Frances see Bartle, Miles                    
CHURCHILL, Joshua see Churchill, Ross                    
CHURCHILL, Mrs Ross see Bucher, Alvin                    
CHURCHILL, Ross       Harlem 24 Canada Joshua Churchill & ??? Hamilton 4-Oct-04 Culbertson Valley 145  
      Edith Armstrong Culbertson 19 Wisc ???          
CHURCHILL, Ross see Churchill, William R                    
CHURCHILL, William R       Harlem 25 Harlem Ross Churchill & Edith Armstrong 3-Jul-20 Chinook Blaine 1213  
      Dorothy Rude Hogeland 18 Harlem Edwin Rude & Margaret Solhem          
CHURKO, Barbara see Collins                    
CHURKON, Barbara see Palubicki                    
CHURKS, Barbara see Cady                    
CHVISSA?, William see Tabor, Charles B                    
CIBULSKE, John       Wagner 33 N D   6-Dec-27   Phillips 991  
      Mollie Wombold Wagner 18 Kans            
CIBULSKI, Frank       Wagner 30 Phillips   6-Jun-28   Phillips 1025  
      Pauline Wombold Phillips 18 Kansas            
CICHOSZ, Albert see Cichosz, Leo F                    
CICHOSZ, Albert see Holden, Raymond W                    
CICHOSZ, Albert see Olszewski, John V                    
CICHOSZ, Cecelia see Holden, Raymond W                    
CICHOSZ, Florence Cecelia see Olszewski, John V                    
CICHOSZ, Leo F       Twete 24 Winona Albert Cichose & Bertha Eichendorff 10-Oct-22 Chinook Blaine 728  
      Elizabeth Adelaide Matter Twete 18 Sleepy Eye Mn August Matter & Mary Ann Matter          
CICKLES, William see Cryderman                    
CIESROLKA, Veronika see Ryback, Lawrence                    
CIHLER, Johanna see Picken, Hunter Melvin                    
CIMMER, Adam see Cimmer, Otto                    
CIMMER, Otto       Haynes N D 40 Trenton Mo Adam Cimmer & Laura Franklin 12-Sep-27 Glendive Dawson 3490  
      Anna Elberg Glendive 27 AustroHungary Frank Hein & Barbara Schlecker          
CIRCLE, Sharp see Sharp, Phillip                    
CISCO, Maggie see Lester                    
CISCO, Sarah see Fellon                    
CISCO, Sarah see Endersby                    
CISNA, Jessie Viola see Shoemaker, Ezra                    
CISSEL, Elizabeth see Weller, Maurice Emmett                    
CIZEK, Charlie J       Bloomfield 36 Bohemia Joseph Cizek & Katie Cerna 22-Feb-16 Glendive Dawson 1848  
      Rosie Kratachail res Bloomfield 23 Bohemia Frank Karachi & Francis R Pace          
CIZEK, Joseph see Cizek, Charlie J                    
CLAAS, Helen Arnette see Mitchell, C E Jr                    
CLAAS, Walker B see Mitchell, C E Jr                    
CLAASEN, Anna see Eitzen, Dick C                    
CLAFFLEN, Bessie see Long                    
CLAFFLIN, Bessie see Long                    
CLAIL?, Alice see Hatton, Ralph A                    
CLAIRE, Harry Edwin       Culbertson 27 Lena Ill William Claire & Eva Goddard 5-Jul-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 259  
      Maude Mae Evans Culbertson 21 Bainville Winifred Scott Evans & Esther Gertrude Schaad          
CLAIRE, William see Claire, Harry Elwin                    
CLAIRMONT, Jane see Riddle, Howard Raymond                    
CLAMICH, Albert B       Malta 42 Missouri George Clamich & Nancy Smith 11-Aug-13 Glasgow Valley 1336  
      Katherine I Wilkinson Hominy Okla 31 Missouri Levi Wilson & Mildred Hamlin          
CLAMICH, Geroge see Clamich, Albert B                    
CLAMPITT, Clara A see Speer, Otis H                    
CLAMPITT, Fletcher       Oswego 29 Mt Vernon Iowa Thomas Kingsbury Clampitt & Sarah Banks 19-Oct-22 Glasgow Valley 2918  
      Mary E Marbello Oswego 18 N D Arthur Rounds & Margaret Standorf          
CLAMPITT, Fletcher       Frazer 32 Mt Vernon Iowa Thomas K Clampitt & Sarah Banks 23-Aug-27 Glasgow Valley 3311  
      Frances Bartch Frazer 20 Cartwright N D Frank Bartch & Anna Walker          
CLAMPITT, Thomas Kingsbury see Clampitt, Fletcher                    
CLANCEY, Alen see Clancey, Edward Charles                    
CLANCEY, Bertha see Dawe, Jack                    
CLANCEY, Edward Charles       Wolf Point 20 Wolf Point Alen Clancy & Good Horse Woman 16-Oct-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 422  
      Helen Dumont Wolf Point 16 Assiniboia Canada Louis Dumont & Annie Filmore          
CLANCY, Allen see Washes Hands, James                    
CLANCY, Allen see Miller, Isaac                    
CLANCY, Allen see White                    
CLANCY, Elizabeth see Saltz, Frank                    
CLANCY, Herbert C       Glendive 32 Portage City Wis Thomas Clancy & Eleanor Gereuly 5-Nov-1891 Glendive Dawson 56  
      Lillian May Taylor Glendive 23 Peru Indiana John Taylor & Margaret Kalley          
CLANCY, Julia see Washes Hands, James                    
CLANCY, Julia see Miller, Isaac                    
CLANCY, Margaret see Stark, Ralph M                    
CLANCY, Margaret see Haigh, Leo E                    
CLANCY, Thomas see Clancy, Herbert C                    
CLANCY?, Helen see Hayes, Michael                    
CLANDROBE, see Blackbird, George                    
CLANDROBE, Ella see Blackbird, George                    
CLANTON, Esther see Green, Brazil A                    
CLANTON, George see Brandon, Carl J                    
CLANTON, Pearl see Brandon, Carl J                    
CLAPHAM, Elizabeth see Saunders                    
CLAPHAM, Wm see Saunders Harold                    
CLAPP, Caroline see McAlaster, Edwin                    
CLAPP, Clyde       Glendive 29 Baldwin Iowa William T Clapp & Annie Wilcox 3-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1900  
      Margaret Henry Glendive 30 Barron Wisc William J & Margaret A Henry          
CLAPP, Clyde       Glendive 36 Baldwin Iowa W T Clapp & Annie Wilcox 5-Jun-23 Glendive Dawson 2988  
      Freda Sabotka Intake 17 Neffs Ohio John Sabotka & Elizabeth Szesney          
CLAPP, Elizabeth see Cardon, Herbert Edwin                    
CLAPP, Margaret M see Buntin, C W                    
CLAPP, T C see Buntin, C W                    
CLAPP, W T see Clapp, Clyde                    
CLAPP, William T see Clapp, Clyde                    
CLAPPER, Alice M see Perry, Benjamin R                    
CLARIDGE , Bessie see Lindblom, Edwin                    
CLARIDGE, James see Preuss, Paul Vernon                    
CLARIDGE, James see Lindblom, Edwin                    
CLARIDGE, Ruth Lyda see Preuss, Paul Vernon                    
CLARIE, Sarah see Maheedy, R J                    
CLARIMENT, Jennie see Gendreau, Sam                    
CLARITY, Ellen see Key, James A                    
CLARK, Julia F see Reynolds, Levi, W                    
CLARK, Abbie see Ganieany, Lawrence                    
CLARK, Adelbert L       Glendive 22 Ontario Canada Adelbert Clark & Eliza McPherson 22-Nov-05 Glendive Dawson 349  
      Jane Kennedy Fargo 18 Oxbridge Canada ???          
CLARK, Adeline see Morris, Glenn                    
CLARK, Agnes see LaFournaise, Alick                    
CLARK, Aileen Beatrix see Chamberlin, Frederick Wm                    
CLARK, Albert R       Redstone 42 Wis Frank Clark & Nellie Leicher 20-Oct-28 Scobey Daniels 395  
      Olive A Sweeten Redstone 42 N D Jas F Lossing & Olive Amanda Jenkins          
CLARK, Alice see Cookson, George                    
CLARK, Allen R       Dooley 27 Iowa Isaac Clarke & Gracia Cowing 26-Nov-14 Dooley Sheridan 376  
      Signs C Peterson Dooley 23 Mn Peter & Carrie Peterson          
CLARK, Ann see Foss, Louis A                    
CLARK, Anna B see Adams, George H                    
CLARK, Arthur see Davey, Arthur J                    
CLARK, Barney F       Glendive 28 Montgomery Minn Barney Clark & Mary O�Donnell 10-Mar-1899 Glendive Dawson 183  
      Annie Nickels Glendive 23 Nebraska William H Nickels & Marie Shutes          
CLARK, Ben C       Phillips 22 Ontario   6-Jun-16   Phillips 224  
      Cath-erine Rose Martin Phillips 20 Missouri            
CLARK, Bernice S see Simle, Talmer                    
CLARK, Bettsy see Smith                    
CLARK, Candace Leonne see Stewart, Herbert Watson                    
CLARK, Caroline see Bantz                    
CLARK, Charles see Tverberg, Ingvald                    
CLARK, Charles see Agnew, Thomas                    
CLARK, Charles see Clark, George                    
CLARK, Charles E       Wolf Point 30 Illinois S M Clark & Johanne Webber 30-Nov-19 Wibaux Wibaux 265  
      Ada Keough Wibaux 29 Ill Peter Keough & Joanna Dunworth          
CLARK, Charles G       DeGrand 27 Miles City R R Clark & Alice Boyce 26-Sep-14 Glendive Dawson 1584  
      Mrs Gertrude Betzner Terry 23 Casselton N D Will Hayes & Amanda J Seiger          
CLARK, Chas see Clark, Farrand                    
CLARK, Chas see Reynolds                    
CLARK, Clayton C see Chamberlin, Frederick Wm                    
CLARK, Corrie see Brown, Howard                    
CLARK, Cynthia see Shafer, Joseph Chester                    
CLARK, Edna L see Edwards, L C                    
CLARK, Edward see LaBelle, Raymond G                    
CLARK, Eleanor M see Smith                    
CLARK, Electa Matilda see Kelch, Albert E                    
CLARK, Eliza see Mellett, Leo James                    
CLARK, Ellen see McCracken, Lyman                    
CLARK, Ellen see Sheppard, Giles                    
CLARK, Ellen see Wilson, Chester                    
CLARK, Elmer P see Clark, Samuel James                    
CLARK, Emma see Cryderman                    
CLARK, Emma E see Brown, Robert                    
CLARK, Emma M see Griffith, George                    
CLARK, Ethel see Pugh, Robert F                    
CLARK, Eva L see McCloskey                    
CLARK, Evelyn see Abrahamson, O J                    
CLARK, Farrand       Billings 30 Carruna Mich Chas Clark & Alma Newell 6-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2207  
      Bertha O�Grady Billings 30 Colton N Y John Alguire & Hannah Healy          
CLARK, Frank see McKane, Don C                    
CLARK, Frank see Clark, Albert R                    
CLARK, Frank see Abrahamson, O J                    
CLARK, Frank see Moonen, John Everette                    
CLARK, Frank see Bantz                    
CLARK, Frank D       Enid 23 Spencer Wisc L H Clark & Ida Morgan 6-Jan-14 Sidney Dawson 1412  
      Pearl Mann Dove N D 18 Canada Gilbert Mann & Rachel Williams          
CLARK, Fred see LaFournaise, Alick                    
CLARK, Fred see Lee, Kittle A                    
CLARK, Geo C see Browning                    
CLARK, George see Thompson, L James                    
CLARK, George see Clark, Warren J                    
CLARK, George see Clark, Willis B                    
CLARK, George       Richey 21 Fargo N D Charles Clark & Kate Payne 30-Jul-19 Glendive Dawson 2543  
      Melina Cayer Richey 21 Missoula John Cayer & Anna Bell          
CLARK, George see Clark, George Benjamin                    
CLARK, George see Johnson, Thomas M                    
CLARK, George B see Randall, John A                    
CLARK, George Benjamin       Glendive 31 Flint Mich George Clark & Esther Wintermette? 19-Aug-09 Glendive Dawson 716  
      May Law Glendive 26 LaCrosse Wisc Robert Law & Bertha Steele          
CLARK, Georgia see McAntire, Buford C                    
CLARK, Grace see Kintner, Wm E                    
CLARK, Hattie see Farnham, Paul A                    
CLARK, Henry see Clark, Hugh                    
CLARK, Howard       Intake 22 Bloomfield Michael Clark & Emma Rosley 16-Jan-25 Glendive Dawson 3182  
      Celia Thomas Intake 22 Royal Center Indiana Ed Thomas & Emma Hiatt          
CLARK, Howard M see Stewart, Herbert Watson                    
CLARK, Hugh       Union 27 Marrilan Wisc Henry Clark & Sophronia Cook 11-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1618  
      Elizabeth Rossa Union 24 Loup City Nebr Lawrence Rossa & Mary Peteriska          
CLARK, Hugh see Pedersen, Christ Wilhelm                    
CLARK, Ione Patricia see Kolczak, Edwin                    
CLARK, Irene Eldorisa see Tverberg, Ingvald                    
CLARK, Isaac see Clark                    
CLARK, Isaac see Clark                    
CLARK, Isabel see Johnson, Thomas M                    
CLARK, J H see Tucker                    
CLARK, J L see Aasheim                    
CLARK, Jane see Helgeson, Cornelius                    
CLARK, Jennie see Ford, Frank                    
CLARK, Jennie see Boles, James C                    
CLARK, Jennie see Ling, Charles W                    
CLARK, Jennie E see Webster, Adelbert E                    
CLARK, Jeptha M see Clark, William                    
CLARK, John see Thatcher, Walker L                    
CLARK, John see Boyd                    
CLARK, John Bernard       Frazer 22 ??? Walter Clark Sr & Josephine Butch 14-Jan-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 723  
      Mary Adams Wolf Point 20 Wolf Point John Adams & ???          
CLARK, John C see Clark                    
CLARK, John W see Tordson, Peter                    
CLARK, Joseph see Cookson, George                    
CLARK, Julia see Brooks, James C                    
CLARK, Julia see Graham, John D                    
CLARK, Katherine see Scott                    
CLARK, L G see Raifsnyder, Henry T                    
CLARK, L H see Clark, Frank D                    
CLARK, Larinda see Joslin, Ora P                    
CLARK, Lester Arthur       Dillon 24 Wis   12-Apr-26   Phillips 880  
      Ruth Belle Millar Phillips 21 Mt            
CLARK, Lillian see Pedersen, Christ Wilhelm                    
CLARK, Lois see McKane, Don C                    
CLARK, Lucy see LaBelle, Raymond G                    
CLARK, Lucy A see McFarland, Chas H                    
CLARK, Luther see Steele, Edward                    
CLARK, Lyle E       Dooley 22 Iowa Isaac Clark & Gracia Cowing 26-Nov-14 Dooley Sheridan 375  
      Blenda Peterson Dooley 21 Mn Peter & Carrie Peterson          
CLARK, Mabel see Boyd, Norman C                    
CLARK, Maggie A see Randall, John A                    
CLARK, Margaret see Dodge, Samuel                    
CLARK, Margaret see Cavanaugh                    
CLARK, Marie (Enderlin?) see Kazeck                    
CLARK, Marie G see Huston, Benjamin H                    
CLARK, Marla see Blowers, William                    
CLARK, Mary see Leighton, Albert W                    
CLARK, Mary see Lossing, Bernie                    
CLARK, Mary see LeSueur, Clarence C                    
CLARK, Mary see Marrs, Charles B                    
CLARK, Mary see Pike, Charles L                    
CLARK, Mary see Serrnys, Emile                    
CLARK, Mary see Cole, Andrew                    
CLARK, Mary Elizabeth see Browning                    
CLARK, Mary S see Dennison, Orval P                    
CLARK, May see Kalloch, Ralph                    
CLARK, May see Madison, Russell                    
CLARK, May see Moline, Manley D                    
CLARK, Michael see Clark, Howard                    
CLARK, Michael see Clark, W R                    
CLARK, Mike see Boyd, Norman C                    
CLARK, Mildred see Raifsnyder, Henry T                    
CLARK, Millicent see Lee, Kittle A                    
CLARK, Mina Margaret see Knapp, Charles W                    
CLARK, Minnie see Belzer, Lewis F                    
CLARK, Minnie see Thompson, L James                    
CLARK, Mittie A see Potter                    
CLARK, Mrs Caroline W (Watts?) see Lick, Henry Edward                    
CLARK, Mrs Margaret Richel see Matteson, Affie H                    
CLARK, Muriel see Meyer, Leon                    
CLARK, Myrty I see Tompkins                    
CLARK, Nellie see Donohue, James P                    
CLARK, Nellie see Tordson, Peter                    
CLARK, Nellie see Thompson                    
CLARK, Paul see Knapp, Charles W                    
CLARK, Pearl see Bay, Alvin Howard                    
CLARK, Pearl see Steele, Edward                    
CLARK, Peral G see Thompson, Harry L                    
CLARK, Peter A see Clark, Richard Edgar                    
CLARK, R see Tunison                    
CLARK, R D see Clark                    
CLARK, R J       Antelope 25 Tennessee R D Clark & Kate Young 11-Jan-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1871  
      Clara M Iverson Ante-lope 19 Mn Edward Iverson & Minnie Olson          
CLARK, R R see Clark, Charles G                    
CLARK, Rachel Sara see Cash, Haywood                    
CLARK, Ray C       Viceroy Can 30 Mich John C Clark & Annie L Strugen 4-Aug-15 Plentywood Sheridan 522  
      Josephine Root Pillsburg N D 30 Wis Ole Thompson          
CLARK, Richard Edgar       Billings 32 Boise Idaho Peter A Clark & Louise Keys 27-Apr-25 Chinook Blaine 869  
      Ione Barrett Dodson 18 Chinook Andrew Joseph Barrett & Nellie Patricia Moore          
CLARK, S L see Clark, Willard H                    
CLARK, S M see Clark, Charles E                    
CLARK, Sada see Moonen, John Everette                    
CLARK, Sammie M (Young?) see Mason, H C                    
CLARK, Samuel see Belzer, Lewis F                    
CLARK, Samuel James       Chinook 32 Orbis-onia Pa Elmer Clark & Cora Malone 4-Nov-27 Chinook Blaine 1028  
      Ryle Hansman Long Prairie Mn 27 Round Prairie Mn Paul Hansman & Emilie Meyer          
CLARK, Sarah E see Speck, Jacob H                    
CLARK, Sarah Mae see Stocking, Fred Wesley                    
CLARK, Thomas see Meyer, Leon                    
CLARK, Velma see Aasheim                    
CLARK, W H see Simle, Talmer                    
CLARK, W R       Glendive 30 Newboro Nebr Michael Clark & Emma Raslie 2-Apr-27 Glendive Dawson 3445  
      Agnes Jacobson Glendive 19 Black River Falls Wisc John Jacobson & Clara Farness          
CLARK, Walter E see Scroth, Rolland R                    
CLARK, Walter Jr       Frazer 20 Frazer Walter Clark & Josephine Butch 30-Aug-21 Oswego Valley 2805  
      Nellie Bruguier Culbertson 18   William Bruguier & Elida Culbertson          
CLARK, Warren J       Wolf Point 25 Oglala Nebr George Clark & Mary Pope 8-Dec-19 Glasgow Valley 754  
      Delphia Singleton Poplar 16 ??? Ohler Singleton & Mary Shiffet          
CLARK, Warren Stanton       Phillips 24 Neb   30-Aug-17   Phillips 262  
      Ida Emma Kemp Neb 24 Mn            
CLARK, Wilbur F see Stocking, Fred Wesley                    
CLARK, Willard H       Boise 27 Veradale Mn S L Clark & Candace Grow 7-Feb-05 Culbertson Valley 164  
      Olga Brugger Culbertson 20 Waterton Wisc J J Brugger & Augusta Henry          
CLARK, William see Lossing, Bernie                    
CLARK, William       Wibaux 34 Honey Grove Texas Jeptha M Clark & Nancy Ward 29-Jun-1896 Glendive Dawson 138  
      Phrilda DeJagher Wibaux 24 Paris France ???          
CLARK, William H       Richardton N D 22 Richardton William Clark & Anna Schulz 28-Aug-29 Wibaux Wibaux 699  
      Mayme O�Roark Hebron N D 19 St Louis Mo Louis O�Roark & Lucile Good-pastard          
CLARK, Willis B       Bainville 19 New Auburn Wis George Clark & Clara Brown 12-Jun-19 Bainville Roosivelt 25  
      Elsie Harmon Hawkins Wis 19 Hawkins Charles Harmon & Bertha Handorf          
CLARK,, Walter, see Clark, John Bernard                    
CLARKE, ??? see Norenberg, Otto                    
CLARKE, Elmer       Portland 39 Oregon ??? & ??? 22-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2587  
      Eliza Pennie Glasgow 36 Mn Peter Penny & Elixa Bevier          
CLARKE, Fred W       Opheim 21 Brandon Man Can Fredrick George Clark & Alice Griffin 20-Jun-22 Opheim Valley 2884  
      Ethel Anderson Roanwood 18 Stockholm Sask Can Lauritz Anderson & Annie Wickberg          
CLARKE, Fredrick George see Clarke, Fred W                    
CLARKE , K F see Shaffer, Caughey                    
CLARKE, Ruth see Shaffer, Caughey                    
CLARKE, Ruth Helene see Sherwood, John Marvin                    
CLARKIN, Mary see Damskey, Leonard C                    
CLARKSON, Charles see Jackson, O L                    
CLARKSON, George       Chinook 23 Chinook Robert H? Clarkson & Emma Wade 26-Mar-25 Chinook Blaine 865  
      Florence Marie Bannerman Chinook 22 Park River N D W J Bannerman & Lena Adler          
CLARKSON, R N see Clarkson, Robert                    
CLARKSON, Robert       Bozeman 22 Chinook R N Clarkson & Emma Wade 10-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1562  
      Genevieve Wiley Glasgow 20 Virginia Walter Wiliy & Christie Crotty?          
CLARKSON, Robert H see Schlatter, Harold Rodman                    
CLARKSON, Robert H see Clarkson, George                    
CLARKSON, Susie see Schlatter, Harold Rodman                    
CLARRIDGE, Phoebe Jane see Hayes, George Earnest                    
CLASIES, Catherine see Armsdorf, Joseph                    
CLASSEN, Christine see Shau, J A                    
CLASSEN, Matt see Shau, J A                    
CLATBAUGH, Nancy W see Gildersleeve                    
CLATT, Mary see Nerud, Arthur Martin                    
CLAUGH, Margurite (Kelly?) see Williams, Edwin                    
CLAUS, Dick       Korn 27 Mountain Lake Mn Claus J Dick & Gertrude Goossen 6-Mar-17 Korn Blaine 369  
      Anna Buela Pancratz Korn 21 Mountain Lake John Pankratz & Susie Kliever          
CLAUSEN, Bernard H       Phillips 30 Iowa   12-Sep-17   Phillips 269  
      Helen Berger Phillips 32 N D            
CLAUSEN, Edward       Phillips 28 Iowa   6-Feb-18   Phillips 317  
      Blanche Wilson Phillips 19 Ark            
CLAUSEN, Halvor see Olausen, Peter                    
CLAUSEN, Hannah see Rosness, Henry J                    
CLAUSEN, Matilda see Stratte, Magnus                    
CLAUSIN?, Sara see Folsom                    
CLAUSNITZER, Emil see Clausnitzer, Paul                    
CLAUSNITZER, Paul       Dodson 27 Germany Emil Clausnitzer & Anna Shubert 16-Oct-13 Chinook Blaine 82  
      Julia Kittleson Dodson 19 Hoople N D German Kittle-son & Carly Gergeson          
CLAUSON, Beatrice P see Carlson, Lawrence W                    
CLAUSON, Charles see Carlson, Lawrence W                    
CLAUSON, Claus see Clauson, David                    
CLAUSON, David       Avondale 25 Karstad Mn Claus Clauson & Sophie Carlson 28-Jun-22 Glasgow Valley 2887  
      Lola Goodrich Avondale 18 Rock Grove Ill Charles Goodrich & Lottie Fisher          
CLAUSON, Elizabeth see Heinzen                    
CLAUSON, Genevie see McBurney                    
CLAUSON, Hannah see Beck, George                    
CLAUSON, John see Clauson, Lynn                    
CLAUSON, Kari see Pederson, Oscar H                    
CLAUSON, Lola (Goodrich?) see Ruppel, Donovan H                    
CLAUSON, Lucetta see Ross                    
CLAUSON, Lucetta see McCall                    
CLAUSON, Lynn       Saco 33 Wahpeton N D John Clauson & Rose Nuneberger 25-Oct-30 Chinook Blaine 1235  
      Dorothy Taylor Saco 19 Saco William Taylor & Tillie Erickson          
CLAUSS, Elizabeth see Desch, George R                    
CLAUSSEN, Anna see Sletten, Ole                    
CLAUSSEN, August see Benner, John Jr                    
CLAUSSEN, Francis see Benner, John Jr                    
CLAVEN, Margaret see Blough, Charles C                    
CLAWSEN, Ella see Fjeldheim, Bernt O                    
CLAWSON, Bernard       Outlook 25 Moton Wisc William Clawson & Kathern Larkins 14-Dec-10 P�wood Valley 749  
      Minnie Johnson Outlook 18 Tona Lake Mn Anton Johnson & Annie Disthe          
CLAWSON, Elizabeth see Peerboom                    
CLAWSON, Hannah see Staples, Daniel T                    
CLAWSON, Hannah see Johnson, Holger V                    
CLAWSON, Hannah see Johnson, Marius P                    
CLAWSON, Lucetta see Johnson, Joseph W L                    
CLAWSON, Mabel R see Tooke, Fred M                    
CLAWSON, Margaret see Patterson                    
CLAWSON, Thomas       Outlook 27 Mn Will Clawson & Catherine Larkins 26-Nov-14 Outlook Sheridan 377  
      Montrose S Shall-better Outlook 18 Mn Chas & Josie Shallbetter          
CLAWSON, W A see Tooke, Fred M                    
CLAWSON, Will see Clawson                    
CLAWSON, William see Clawson, Bernard                    
CLAWSON, William see Patterson                    
CLAY, Bell see Heirzinger, Fleming T                    
CLAY, Dr George W see Cauffman, Earl O                    
CLAY, Edith Ten see Bolster, Albert Lucius                    
CLAY, Emma see Miller, Frank S                    
CLAY, George W see Griffin, Chauncey W                    
CLAY, George W see Lilie, William                    
CLAYDON, Blanche see Bull Carlton B                    
CLAYDON, Fredric see Claydon, Horace                    
CLAYDON, Fredric see Bull Carlton B                    
CLAYDON, Horace       Med Lake 23 Perham Mn Fredric Claydon & Harriet Aslett 27-Nov-12 Culbertson Valley 1163  
      Ida Huxol Culbertson 25 Charles City Iowa August Huxol & Elizabeth Keller          
CLAYGAARD, Christina see Rome, Martinus                    
CLAYPOOL, Benjamin see Peck, H S                    
CLAYPOOL, Charlie       Valley Cty 27 Indian Terr   3-Sep-19   Phillips 450  
      Bessie Southwick Phillips 20 Mn            
CLAYPOOL, Chas E see Claypool, Grover W                    
CLAYPOOL, David see Claypool, Charlie                    
CLAYPOOL, David Franklin       Malta 33 Missouri   4-Jan-22   Phillips 626  
      Gladys Hoverson Malta 21 Mn            
CLAYPOOL, E see Claypool, George                    
CLAYPOOL, George       Malta 32 Okla   27-Jun-23   Phillips 720  
      Edna Swanson Bowdoin 22 Illinois            
CLAYPOOL, George see Claypool, David Franklin                    
CLAYPOOL, Gladys see Claypool, Charlie                    
CLAYPOOL, Grover W       Phillips 26 Missouri   14-Sep-15   Phillips 52  
      Laura Ellen Peck Phillips 23 Missouri            
CLAYPOOL, Sadie B see Claypool, Grover W                    
CLAYPOOL, Stella M see Peck, H S                    
CLAYSON, C D see Wait, Grover                    
CLAYSON, Charles see Schwenke, Albert A                    
CLAYSON, Enid see Moore, Kleber V                    
CLAYTON, A G see Hancock, Paul Elwin                    
CLAYTON, Arnold O       Glendive 38 Roseville Illinois C B Clayton & Louise A Taylor 8-Oct-30 Glendive Dawson 3926  
      Lois M Morgan Williston N D 22 Crookston Mn Ben Morgan & Annie M Baylor          
CLAYTON, C B see Clayton, Arnold O                    
CLAYTON, Evelyn Josephine see Hartman, Merton Lee                    
CLAYTON, James W see Hartman, Merton Lee                    
CLAYTON, John F see Clayton, Samuel                    
CLAYTON, Lena see Schaal, Clifton                    
CLAYTON, Martha see Wilson, Rufus M                    
CLAYTON, Mary see Miner                    
CLAYTON, Myrtle M see Hancock, Paul Elwin                    
CLAYTON, Samuel       Bellaire Ohio 34 Ill John F Clayton & Mary Stokes 16-Jan-14 Glasgow Valley 1413  
      Annice Porter LaPlatte Wis 20 Ill Matthew C Porter & Annice Brown          
CLAYTON, Stella see Petrie, George                    
CLEARY, James R       Havre 24 Mn   1-Nov-28   Phillips 1070  
      Marion Beulah Evenson Hill Cty 19 Mn