Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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C to Chambers

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
C__ITH?, Lavina see Goettel, John Otto                    
CABELL, Benj see Cabell, Charles F                    
CABELL, Charles F       Glasgow 27 Ken Benj Cabell & Ellen Patteson 24-Dec-20 Glasgow Valley 2755  
      Helene M Northrup Glasgow 26 N J C & Elvira Northrup          
CABELL, Jennie see Morin, Edward                    
CABILL, Benjamin F see Cottrell, Burton H                    
CABILL, Norah Ellen see Cotrell, Burton H                    
CABLE, Albert       Poplar 21 Ken George Cable & Mary Roach 7-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2030  
      Susan Wynkoop Poplar 21 Virginia Herbert L Wynkoop & Agnes L LaRue          
CABLE, Amy see Umlauf                    
CABLE, George see Cable, Albert                    
CABLE, George see Umlauf                    
CADDOTT, Julia see Dupree, David Joseph                    
CADE, Elizabeth see Stensrud, John O                    
CADE, Sarah see Burchard, Alfred G                    
CADERRE, Amede see Caderre, Fred                    
CADERRE, Fred       Eureka 25 Cone Cty New Hamp Amede Caderre & Mellende Wilcox 11-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1086  
      Anna Olson Wolf Point 19 Harvey N D Frank A Olson & Ida Lundin          
CADIGAN, Johanna see Hatton, Arnie Leroy                    
CADOO, Ada M see Manthe                    
CADOO, Forrest & Augusta see Nelson                    
CADOO, Horas? see McGarry                    
CADOO, Violet see Nelson                    
CADOT, Julia see Dupree, Peter                    
CADOTTE, Julia see Kirns, George                    
CADUFF, George       Chinook 26 Switz George Caduff & Magdalena Casanova 18-May-13 Chinook Blaine 51  
      Christina Casanova Chinook 26 Switz Balzer Casanova & Barbara Yanka          
CADUTTE, Julia see Abbott, Frank                    
CADWALL, Anna M see St Clair, Chas R                    
CADY, Clark L see Whittle, Fred                    
CADY, Donald I       Laurel 27 Jackson Mn John Cady & John Kelavan 20-Aug-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2462  
      Mary R Palubicki P�wood 22 Canada M J Palubicki & Barbara Churks          
CADY, Emma see Kelch, Erastus A                    
CADY, James       Glendive 23 New Brunswick Canada John Cady & Elizabeth Richards 14-Nov-10 Glendive Dawson 864  
      Mae Bedor Shiocton Wisc 18 Elgin Nebr Ralph Bedor & Barbara Sharp          
CADY, John see Cady, James                    
CADY, John see Cady                    
CADY, Thelma see Whittle, Fred                    
CAFFEE, Wm see Lawrence, James A                    
CAFFERTY, Anthony see Cafferty, Dan                    
CAFFERTY, Dan       Beach N D 29 Elroy Wisc Anthony Cafferty & Louise M Conners 18-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2671  
      Daisey E Logan Beach N D 24 Winona Mn Eugene D Logan & Clara Peterson          
CAFFERTY, Maggie see Sutherlin, Charles A                    
CAFFERY, Annie see Adams, William                    
CAFFIE, Pauline see Rummels, Mack                    
CAFFIELD, Ann see McCulloch, Harry                    
CAGLE, William see Ike                    
CAGNESS, Ragna see Parr, Carl                    
CAHEY, Lillie see Kirman, J W                    
CAHILL, Arthur M       Miles City 26 Janesville Mn Edmund D Cahill & Theresa Hehl 28-Bec-1925 Glendive Dawson 3312  
      Martha Grace McMullin Miles City 22 Lipscomb Texas James G McMullin & Annie Guenpher          
CAHILL, Bridget see Stenson, William                    
CAHILL, Edmund D see Cahill, Arthur M                    
CAHILL, Hattie see McIntosh, Marvin Turner                    
CAHILL, Jerry       Glasgow 33 Tralee Ireland John Cahill & Mary Flin? 24-May-1898 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Kate Friedl Glasgow 23 Bavaria Ger Frank H Friedl & Katherina Huler?          
CAHILL, John see Cahill, Jerry                    
CAHILL, John see Shepherd, Frank Ernest                    
CAHILL, John see Shepherd                    
CAHILL, Mary see Stenson, William                    
CAHILL, Vena Verneil see Shepherd                    
CAID, Jesse S       Phillips 31 N D   4-Jul-15   Phillips 30  
      Mrs Francis Thurk? Phillips 37 Mn            
CAIL, Julia C (Clancy?) see White                    
CAIN, Ann see Gavin, Thomas                    
CAIN, Clinton E       Glendive 24 Kansas John M Cain & Susan Coleman 19-Dec-00 Glendive Dawson 216  
      Helen Almy Glendive 23 Linden Mn James S Almy & Helen Windsor          
CAIN, Edith Margaret see Wagner Erven A                    
CAIN, Elmer see Wagner, Erven A                    
CAIN, George see Cain                    
CAIN, Harry E       Poplar 32 Sycamore Ohio Jehu Cain & Louise Shryock 20-Jan-04 Poplar Valley 124  
      Louise Wirth Poplar 20 Glendive Jacob & Susan Wirth          
CAIN, J W see Cain, Ollie                    
CAIN, Jehu see Cain, Harry E                    
CAIN, John M see Cain, Clinton E                    
CAIN, Oliver       WildRose N D 23 Wild Rose George Cain & Hilda Johnson 3-Apr-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2816  
      Pauline Molan-der Wildrose 21 Crosby N D George Molander & Charlotte Boethling          
CAIN, Ollie       Glendive 25 Minneapolis Mn J W Cain & Susan Coleman 4-Sep-06 Glendive Dawson 387  
      Dottha Reed Glendive 21 Duluth Mn ???          
CAINS, Fredrick see Cains, Gordon P                    
CAINS, Gordon P       Cadillac Sask 33 Can Fredrick Cains & Francis Pielsford 17-Dec-20 Glasgow Valley 2752  
      Marjorie L Skelton Princeton Ind 22 Ind George Skelton & Ruth Nichols          
CAIRNCROSS, Clifford C       Nashua 21 St Cloud Mn James C Cairncross & Sophie Larson 27-Jun-25 Glasgow Valley 3143  
      Mae Krumelka Kenmare N D 22 Bowbells B D Ellis Kremelka & Eliza Souther          
CAIRNCROSS, James C see Cairncross, Clifford C                    
CAIRNS, Effie I see Howe, Walter J                    
CAIRNS, Elizabeth see Patchell                    
CAIRNS, Violet see Bouchard, Charles                    
CAISSE, Antoine       Belcourt N D 33 Mich Antione Caisse & Mary St Arnold 20-Jun-14 Plentywood Sheridan 261  
      Anna Bolinski Sauk Rapids Mn 24 Mn Christ Bolinski & Anna Slaizer          
CAKINE, Marie see Redinger                    
CALAVAN, Jale see Calavan, Joseph                    
CALAVAN, Joel see Calavan, Joseph W                    
CALAVAN, Joseph       Glasgow 41 Portland Ore Jale Calavan & Parthnia Curl 28-Sep-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Rose Bleff? Glasgow 22 Ft Benton Antoine Bleff & Nancy Riley          
CALAVAN, Joseph W       Tokna 42 Scio Oregon Joel Calavan & Parthenee Curl 14-Jan-1897 Archibald Mt Dawson 148  
      Mrs Bertha A Knapp Glendive 40 Jackson Mich J M Knapp & Sally O Phillips          
CALAWAY, Evelyn see McDonald, George Albert                    
CALDER, Alexander see Calder, Frank                    
CALDER, Alexander see Stranger, Charles D                    
CALDER, Arthur       Wolf Point 23 Iowa   25-Nov-19   Phillips 474  
      Salina Kiern Wolf Point 19 Mt            
CALDER, Bertha see Stranger, Charles D                    
CALDER, Frank       Wolf Point 24 Humboldt Cty Iowa par Alexander Calder & Helen Weeks 6-Nov-13 Wolf Point? Valley 1375  
      Tracy Rosenbuff Wolf Point 30 Glasgow Otto Rosenbuff & Nancy Pelehey          
CALDER, Louisa see Still, Frank M                    
CALDER, Silena see Dorr, Henry                    
CALDERERA, Mary see Scalisi, Jack                    
CALDWELL, Alice M see Hunke, Howard J                    
CALDWELL, Allison see Caldwell, C B                    
CALDWELL, Andrew W       Union 34 Ottawa Kansas Andrew W Caldwell & Malinda Kelly 7-Jul-17 Glendive Dawson 2205  
      Anna Veselka Chicago 24 Chicago Charles Veselka & Anna Zack          
CALDWELL, Beulah see Strand                    
CALDWELL, C B       Malta 24 Nessen Mich Allison Caldwell & Sarah Milison 27-Dec-11 Malta Valley 967  
      Maud Hyatt Malta 20 Malta Thomas J Hyatt & Emily Green          
CALDWELL, Daisy see Tripp, Jesse                    
CALDWELL, Edith May see Dowen, Guy                    
CALDWELL, Elinor see Nichols, Reginald Irving                    
CALDWELL, Elinor see Woodley, Harvey L                    
CALDWELL, Elizabeth see Leathermon, Leon                    
CALDWELL, George see Dowen, Guy                    
CALDWELL, Jessie K see Lawson, Luther W                    
CALDWELL, Martha see Gabnelson, Gabnel                    
CALDWELL, Martha see Powell, Luther M                    
CALDWELL, Martha E see Anderson, Alfred R                    
CALDWELL, Robert see Leathermon, Leon                    
CALDWELL, Samuel see Tripp, Jesse                    
CALE, Fred       Wibaux 24 Roseland Indiana William Cale & Mahale Frells 6-Jun-25 Glendive Dawson 3221  
      Lucile Meeks Wibaux 21 Wibaux Carl Meeks & Lelia Ruggles          
CALE, Willard Ray       Wibaux 29 Newton Cty Ind William L Cale & Mahala Freel 31-Oct-28 Wibaux Wibaux 643  
      Edna Beeler Wibaux 18 Wibaux Cty Alfred Beeler & Emma Ewald          
CALE, William see Cale, Fred                    
CALE, William M see Cale, Willard Ray                    
CALFEE, John see Peters, Nick                    
CALFEE, Kathryn see Peters, Nick                    
CALFEE, Mona see Bricker, Ralph C                    
CALGREN, Annie see Olson                    
CALHOUN, C Norman       Regina 24 Ireland J A Calhoun & M J Bates 26-Jun-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2949  
      Edith Van Beukenhaut Regina 21 Regina Joseph Van Beckenhaut & Marie Mayson          
CALHOUN, J A see see Calhoun                    
CALHOUN, Mary see Ator                    
CALIMBERG, Rosalie see Deroo                    
CALK, Catherine see McCarty, Albert J                    
CALK, Price see McCarty, Albert J                    
CALKINS, Arthur see Calkins, George W                    
CALKINS, George W       Tibison 23 Wash Arthur Calkins & Mary Wilson 4-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2187  
      Myrtle Talbot Barr 16 Mo Lee Talbot & Mildred Bridges          
CALL, Anna see Thompson, Julius                    
CALL, Annie see Nelson, Albert                    
CALL, Cleo C       Poplar 21 Ill Henry Call & Maud Whittaker 3-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2374  
      Hazel V Bain Poplar 20 Oregon John B Bain & ???          
CALL, Clyisty see Curtis, Leonard Almond                    
CALL, Frank L see Call, Russell                    
CALL, Henry see Call, Cleo C                    
CALL, Martin see Thompson, Julius                    
CALL, Russell       Medora N D 22 Cincinatti Ohio Frank L Call & Nellie Lindsey 23-Feb-27 Glendive Dawson 3436  
      Della Bahm Medora 19   Willie Bahm & Maggie Tetly          
CALLAGHAN, Homer       Havre 19 Donnybrook N D Thomas E Callaghan & Fannie E Stinch-comb 24-May-30 Chinook Blaine 1204  
      Violet Larson Havre 20 Mont-pelier N D Carl W Larson & Louise Schulze          
CALLAGHAN, Thomas E see Callaghan, Homer                    
CALLAHAN, ??? see VanVleek, L R                    
CALLAHAN, A P see Callahan, Arthur                    
CALLAHAN, Anthony see Bain, Charles W                    
CALLAHAN, Arthur       Laurel 36 Portland Ore A P Callahan & Mary G Spenning 21-Feb-23 Glendive Dawson 2959  
      Lillian May Lehman Richardton N D 32 Ortonville Mn John Conrad & Rose Mersen          
CALLAHAN, C see Harbeck, Gilbert H                    
CALLAHAN, Catherine see Jensen, Robert Sidney                    
CALLAHAN, David L       Harlem 24 Ft Worth Texas George L Callahan & Francis Sparks 6-Oct-26 Chinook Blaine 967  
      Viola Mae Jorgenson Harlem 18 Waterloo Iowa William Jorgensen & Elsie Steffens          
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth see Rowe, Emmett                    
CALLAHAN, Elizabeth see Rowe, Francis                    
CALLAHAN, Fletcher J       Redstone 42 Ham-mer N D H H Callahan & Ada Osborn 3-Jun-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2608  
      Ena A States Redstone 22 Crosby N D Emanuel States & Emma Flair          
CALLAHAN, George L see Callahan, David L                    
CALLAHAN, Grace A see Harbeck, Gilbert H                    
CALLAHAN, H H see Callahan                    
CALLAHAN, H H see McKenzie                    
CALLAHAN, Henry Clay see Callahan, William J                    
CALLAHAN, Irene Rose see Taylor, Charles Ashby                    
CALLAHAN, Jack       Bridgewater S D 19 DeSmet S D John T Callahan & Mary Kane 6-Sep-26 Wibaux Wibaux 544  
      J Dee Wilson Skaar N D 19 Lex-ington Ky W H Wilson & Minnie Workman          
CALLAHAN, James       Glasgow 21 Chicago John Callahan & Martha Cross 2-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2216  
      Anna Hilde Glasgow 21 Mn John Hilde & ???          
CALLAHAN, John see Callahan, John                    
CALLAHAN, John T see Callahan, Jack                    
CALLAHAN, Kate see Bailey, James George                    
CALLAHAN, Lizzie see Lewis, George                    
CALLAHAN, Nancy see McKrenzie                    
CALLAHAN, Neil see Callahan, William J                    
CALLAHAN, Neil see Taylor, Charles Ashby                    
CALLAHAN, Nellie C see Bain, Charles E                    
CALLAHAN, William J       Glasgow 45 Indiana Henry Clay Callahan & Susan Tattum 20-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2056  
      Mollie E Martin Nashua 35 Mo Thomas & Mary Wells          
CALLAHAN, William J       Saco 21 Chicago Ill Neil Callahan & Mary Costello 14-Jul-25 Glasgow Valley 3145  
      Dorothy E Barnard Saco 20 Seymour Iowa Edward Barnard & Luella Kingrey          
CALLAN, James see Callan, Joseph Raymond                    
CALLAN, Joseph Raymond       Buffalo Gap Sask 31 Invergrove Mn James Callan & Mary Kennedy 15-Jan-25 Scobey Daniels 185  
      Viola Etta Spencer Eddyside Sask Can 18 Mt Ayr Iowa James Spencer & Violet Smith          
CALLAWAY, Thomas E       Opheim 25 Cheney Washington? Thom_? Callaway & Edith Hart 8-Apr-16 Opheim Valley 1833  
      Elsa M Starbird Opheim 29 Wis Lyman Lewis & V__? B_?          
CALLENDAR, C H see Callendar, Lloyd                    
CALLENDAR, Charles Hinkle see Callendar, Louis Henry                    
CALLENDAR, Lloyd P       Black River Falls Wisc 23 Black River Falls O H Callendar & Barbara D Cuber 20-May-09 Glendive Dawson 688  
      Pearl Nichols Black Rver Falls Wisc 23 Redfield S D Walter D Nichols & Clara Wason          
CALLENDAR, Louis Henry       Melrose Wisc 40 Irving Wisc Charles Hinkle Callendar & Barbara Cuber 13-Jan-10 Glendive Dawson 768  
      Grace M Harriman Neillsville Wisc 35 Mankato Mn Albert Harriman & Seville D Barrett          
CALLEY, Annie see Komlinch                    
CALLEY, Ella see Phelps, Roy Harold                    
CALLICOTE, J W see Gansauge, Charles                    
CALLIGAN, Mollie see Candee, Floyd                    
CALLIHAN, Emma A see Ellis, Francis Eugene                    
CALLIHAN, Ferae Grace see Ellis, Francis Eugene                    
CALLIHAN, L R see Ellis, Francis Eugene                    
CALLIN, Mary see Delegrave                    
CALLNON, Mrs Hattie see Colin, Arthur J                    
CALLOWAY, Edith M (Hart?) see Skinner, Hugh E                    
CALLOWAY, Elizabeth J see Williams, Roy R                    
CALLOWAY, Myrtle see Dillon, Sylvester                    
CALMAR?, Minnie see Verstigen                    
CALMER, Raschol see Hunter, Henry                    
CALNAN, Thomas see Calnan, Thomas X                    
CALNAN, Thomas X       Wimbleton N D 29 Wis Thomas Calnan & Mary Flanagan 19-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1959  
      Clara Smith Glasgow 23 Mn Chester Smith & Mary Wakefield          
CALSET, Ingebor see Nygard, Edward                    
CALSRUD, John see Rapp, Earl Edward                    
CALSRUD, Madeline see Rapp, Earl Edward                    
CALUM, Johanna see Johnson                    
CALVERT, J W see Calvert, M C                    
CALVERT, John see Calvert, Walter                    
CALVERT, M C       Miles city 43 Mystic Ia J W Calvert & Elizabeth Anne Clemmer 17-Jun-25 Wibaux Wibaux 492  
      Dorothy J Welch res Wibaux 21 Loyal Wis burton W Welch & Mamie Mengel          
CALVERT, Walter       Williston 47 Springville Iowa John Calvert & Mary Prierpoint 5-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3531  
      Inga Skjerva Hawley Mn 26 Hawley Peter Skjerva & Helen Solem          
CALVIN, Sarah see Laabs, Richard                    
CALVIN, Sarah T see Wagner, Samuel                    
CAM PA KA, Mary see Shaw, William                    
CAMBBELL, Thomas & Mary see Manning, William                    
CAMBELL, Kate see Wetsit, John Earl                    
CAMBRIDGE, Ed see Cambridge                    
CAMBRIDGE, Roy       Redstone 22 Iowa Ed Cambridge & Katie Crochet 18-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1080  
      Iola Minor Redstone 17 Iowa G W Minor & Margaert Bickelkaupt          
CAMBRON, Alfred       Harlem 40 Sweden Nels Cambron & Mattie Troupe 17-Nov-17 Chinook Blaine 450  
      Belle McKee Harlem 31 Bloomington Ill Edward S Salisbury & Sarah Marlin          
CAMBRON, Nels see Cambron, Alfred                    
CAMERON, Agnes see Berge, James T                    
CAMERON, Ajthia? see Shroud, James A                    
CAMERON, Albert       Gladmar Sask 26 Port Elgin Can Archibald Cameron & Maggie McPhee 21-Sep-14 Plentywood Sheridan 323  
      Bertha Nelson Bottineau N D 23 Ada Mn S T Nelson & Anna Pauline Johnson          
CAMERON, Albert D see Smith                    
CAMERON, Alexander see Scott, Frank D                    
CAMERON, Angus see Cameron, Charles J                    
CAMERON, Ann see Hoyt, Mark D                    
CAMERON, Annie see Zeiler, Jacob                    
CAMERON, Archibald see Cameron                    
CAMERON, Charles J       Glasgow 26 Park River N D Angus Cameron & Jessie Johnston 15-Sep-15 Glasgow Valley 1735  
      Nina Muriel Weldy Glasgow 18 EauClaire Wis L A Weldy & Sesha Garnett          
CAMERON, Donald see Prizeman Joe                    
CAMERON, Donald & Sarah Ann see Cameron, Duncan K                    
CAMERON, Duncan K       Saco 43 Quebec Can Donald & Sarah Ann Cameron 12-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2227  
      Nancy VanRaalte Chicago 41 Mich A A VanRaalte & Mary Stegenga          
CAMERON, Ester R see Scott, Frank D                    
CAMERON, Ethel see Smith                    
CAMERON, George B see Nothelfer, William G                    
CAMERON, Hector see Cameron, Murdoch                    
CAMERON, Isabelle see Sim, James                    
CAMERON, J D       Phillips 40 Can   4-Jun-18   Phillips 340  
      Bess M Vogt Phillips 30 Ohio            
CAMERON, Marie C see Nothelfer, William G                    
CAMERON, Marjorie see Prizeman                    
CAMERON, Mary see Moning, J W                    
CAMERON, Murdoch       Preston 25 Scotland Hector Cameron & Anna McDonald 31-May-07 Glendive Dawson 518  
      Euphemia Doull Preston 22 Scotland John Doull & Isabelle McKay          
CAMERON, Rebecca see Lloyd, John                    
CAMERON, Susan B see Hunt H C                    
CAMERON, Thomas               4-Sep-1884   Dawson 29  
      Blanche Richardson                  
CAMMER, Annie see Zeiler, John                    
CAMP, Alice see David, Roy I                    
CAMP, C D see Carlson, Andrew J                    
CAMP, H P N see Camp                    
CAMP, Henning C N       Kenmare N D 24 Mn H P N Camp & Olga Hanson 16-Oct-15 Froid Sheridan 566?  
      Mazie L K Fryhling Froid 19 Mn Louie Fryhling & Marthea Christensen          
CAMP, James see Schuld, Ellis                    
CAMP, Josephine Mary see Carlson, Andrew J                    
CAMP, Rosie see Longfox, John                    
CAMP, Stella see Schuld, Ellis                    
CAMPAGNE, Mike       Glendive 28 Italy Vincenga Campagne & Filmena Feuta 11-Feb-1896 Glendive Dawson 3317  
      Rosina Angelucci Glendive 17 Italy John Angelucci & Felicia Diluca          
CAMPAGNE, Vincenga see Campagne, Mike                    
CAMPAIN, James J       Culbertson 34 Nitchie N D John Campain & Mary A Phillips 1-Apr-09 Culbertson Valley 462  
      Lucy E Purcell Culbertson 40 Columbia Mo F W Smith & Annie E Hoskins          
CAMPAIN, James J       Culbertson 25 Nechie N D John Campain & Mary Phillips 18?-Jan-1903 Culbertson? Valley 84  
      Mary Ellen Dempsey Culbertson 18 Lewistone N Y Thomas Dempsey & Maggie Orr          
CAMPAIN, John see Campain, James J                    
CAMPBELL, Abbie see Parsons, Clifford Leroy                    
CAMPBELL, Alexander       Mott N D 30 Ames Iowa Alexander Campbell & Ghoebe? Howard 6-Nov-07 Glendive Dawson 552  
      Francis Franklin Lehigh N D 20 Mn John Summers & Margaret Gadway          
CAMPBELL, Almeda see Ashworth, Benjamin                    
CAMPBELL, Amelia see Tatro, Dennis                    
CAMPBELL, Andrew see Goudie                    
CAMPBELL, Anna see Jones, J W                    
CAMPBELL, Anna see Biddinger, William J                    
CAMPBELL, Anna W see Bannon, William T                    
CAMPBELL, Annie see Hurst, Fred I                    
CAMPBELL, Archibald       Glendive 31 Avon Ontario Can Archibald Campbell & Catherine Taylor 26-Jan-1896 Glendive Dawson 126  
      Mary A Gellispie Glendive 22 Wheeling West Virg Alexander I Gellispie & Sarah Ricketts          
CAMPBELL, Archie L       Big Muddy Sask 24 Mn Ezra Campbell & Cora Greely 20-Apr-14 Plentywood Sheridan 217  
      Ruth Marion Sylvester Big Muddy 16 Mn Bert Sylvester & Eloise Putnam          
CAMPBELL, Archie R see Campbell, Herbert G                    
CAMPBELL, Arthur       Toronto Can 26 Canada H Campbell & Elizabeth Powell 18-Aug-19 Scobey Sheridan 1552  
      Elizabeth Roberts Seattle Wa 24 Oregon W Llew-ellyn & ???          
CAMPBELL, Belle see Burger, Ralph                    
CAMPBELL, Belle see Medicine Cloud, Joseph                    
CAMPBELL, Carrie see Dewar, John E                    
CAMPBELL, Chauncey R       Genevieve 22 Brown�s Valley George Campbell & Ida M Lampe 1-Dec-26 Glasgow Valley 2265  
      gladys Irene Hartley Genevieve 18 Foston? Mn V T Hartley & Artie Noel          
CAMPBELL, Chester A       Genevieve 27 Sisseton S D George Campbell & Ada Lampe 5-Jan-22 Glasgow Valley 2849  
      Isabelle Adams Glasgow 20 Elgin Scotland Robert Adams & Jessie Farquhar          
CAMPBELL, Clarence see Campbell, Lawrence Ray                    
CAMPBELL, Clentha see Smith, S A                    
CAMPBELL, Daniel       Hinsdale 26 Wabash Cty Indiana Dell Campbell & Barbara Rupley 7-Mar-13 Bainville Valley 1253  
      Catherine Belle Steele Ashdale 24 Ill M A Hails & ???          
CAMPBELL, Dell see Campbell, Daniel                    
CAMPBELL, E C see Jacoby, William                    
CAMPBELL, Edna see Drastz                    
CAMPBELL, Edna see Pierce                    
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth see Kastien, Robert B                    
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth see Sigsworth, William F                    
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth see Goudie                    
CAMPBELL, Elizabeth I see Lutz                    
CAMPBELL, Ethel M see Erickson, Edwin H                    
CAMPBELL, Eva see Hamm, John D                    
CAMPBELL, Ezra see Campbell, William Franklin                    
CAMPBELL, Ezra see Seymour                    
CAMPBELL, Ezra see Campbell                    
CAMPBELL, Ferris A       Wibaux 24 StClair Mn G W Campbell & Edith Krause 15-Jan-30 Glendive Dawson 3839  
      Flossie Brant Wibaux 32 Dubuque Iowa C H Brant & Mary Moore          
CAMPBELL, Frank A see Campbell, John B                    
CAMPBELL, Frank Norman       Culbertson 23 Cleveland Ohio Norman Campbell & Ella May Cleaver 5-Jan-03 Culbertson Valley 82  
      Elizabeth Clara Front Culbertson 23 Portage Wis John Front & Lena Botky          
CAMPBELL, Fred       Dodson 21 Tennessee   4-Sep-20   Phillips 531  
      Gladys McMillan Dodson 17 N D            
CAMPBELL, G W see Campbell, Ferris A                    
CAMPBELL, Gaylon B       Phillips 26 Missouri   22-Apr-17   Phillips 210  
      Edla Stark Phillips 26 Mn            
CAMPBELL, George see Hott, John                    
CAMPBELL, George see O�Connell, John C                    
CAMPBELL, George see Campbell, Chester A                    
CAMPBELL, George see Campbell, Chauncey R                    
CAMPBELL, George see Nichols                    
CAMPBELL, George Edwin       Dooley 27 Mn Herbert B Campbell & Emma Taplin 28-Jan-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1947  
      Erna Bolke Dooley 28 Sask Can Henry Bolke & Augusta Ferphler          
CAMPBELL, Gerome G see Saunders, Leroy                    
CAMPBELL, Gladys see O�Connell, John C                    
CAMPBELL, Gladys Jean see McMurdo, Perry B                    
CAMPBELL, Guy E       Plentywood 43 Melrose Mn Joseph E Campbell & Alice Stewart 5-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3806  
      Elizabeth W Baker Plentywood 21 Glendive Arthur A Baker & Carrol Walt          
CAMPBELL, H C see Wilsie, Edgar Rowland                    
CAMPBELL, H C see Campbell                    
CAMPBELL, Helen M see Goswick, Ross                    
CAMPBELL, Herbert B see Campbell                    
CAMPBELL, Herbert G       Mpln Mn 35 Manitoba Can Archie R Campbell & Sarah Anderson 31-May-18 Chinook Blaine 489  
      Jean Harriett Whittle St Louis Mo     Thomas Whittle & Anna Frake          
CAMPBELL, Hubert see Shaw                    
CAMPBELL, Hubert see Monteith                    
CAMPBELL, Hugh see Damskey, Leonard C                    
CAMPBELL, Hugh E M see Goswick, Ross                    
CAMPBELL, Ida see Christensen                    
CAMPBELL, Ida A (Sitting?) see Henderson, J J                    
CAMPBELL, Isabella see Sutherland, D C                    
CAMPBELL, Isabelle see Sutherland, Donald Campbell                    
CAMPBELL, J H see Campbell, Oliver S                    
CAMPBELL, J S see Campbell, Ray L                    
CAMPBELL, James Maxwell       Glendive 30 Bellingham Mn Milburn Campbell & Dora Winters 7-Apr-24 Glendive Dawson 3094  
      Anna Guelff Glendive 24 Eden Valley Michael Guelff & Anna Grien          
CAMPBELL, Jane see Linthieum, William J                    
CAMPBELL, Jane see Murphy                    
CAMPBELL, Jessie see Monteith                    
CAMPBELL, Joe see Lokken, Selmer Robert                    
CAMPBELL, John B       Lidgett? Sask Can 27 Miamie? Cty Mich Frank A Campbell & Elizabeth Johnson 27-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1805  
      Ella G King Detroit 23 Mich John King          
CAMPBELL, Joseph see Arnold                    
CAMPBELL, Joseph E see Campbell, Guy E                    
CAMPBELL, Julia see Shaw                    
CAMPBELL, Katherine see Hendricks, Roy Frances                    
CAMPBELL, Katherine see Colton, Thomas C                    
CAMPBELL, Katie Flora see Peelle                    
CAMPBELL, Kattie see Welsit, Joshua                    
CAMPBELL, Lawrence Roy       Superior Wisc 23 Proctor Mn Clarence Campbell & Julia Magson 15-Jul-29 Glendive Dawson 3747  
      Bessie Borntrager Lindsay 19   Ezra Borntrager & Lydia Glick          
CAMPBELL, Lawson P       Casady 27 Knox Cty Mo Marion Campbell & Anna Bradshaw 24-Jul-15 Chinook Blaine 216  
      Nancy Maybelle Boyce Casady 18 Putnam Cty Mo Oliver C Boyce & Emma Susan Smith          
CAMPBELL, Lillian Mary see Robinson, Clyde Howard                    
CAMPBELL, Lizzie see Meek, Archie                    
CAMPBELL, Louise see Tingley                    
CAMPBELL, M               18-Mar-1884   Dawson 24  
      Eva Lang                  
CAMPBELL, Mae see Anderson, William Herbert                    
CAMPBELL, Margaret see Hott, John                    
CAMPBELL, Margaret see Kennedy, Lewis                    
CAMPBELL, Margaret M see Arnold                    
CAMPBELL, Marian see Dooner, Walter F                    
CAMPBELL, Marion see Campbell, Lawson P                    
CAMPBELL, Martha see Farnham, Paul A                    
CAMPBELL, Martha M see Baker                    
CAMPBELL, Martha R Minnie see Baker, Forest L                    
CAMPBELL, Martin (Martha?) R Minnie see Diedrick, Henry August                    
CAMPBELL, Mike J       Frazer 32 Buford N D Thos Campbell & Iron Woman 15-Nov-12 Oswego Valley 1153  
      Stella Cusker Oswego 19 Wolf Point Hared Cusker & Iron Star          
CAMPBELL, Milburn see Campbell, James Maxwell                    
CAMPBELL, Minnie see Nail, Charles A                    
CAMPBELL, Minta May see Wilsie, Edgar Rowland                    
CAMPBELL, N W see Vanscoy, Edward S                    
CAMPBELL, Nancy see Anerson, Albert                    
CAMPBELL, Nancy see Groskurth, Axel                    
CAMPBELL, Nancy see Cartmell, Harry Lloyd                    
CAMPBELL, Nancy see Miller, Roy C                    
CAMPBELL, Norman see Campbell, Frank Norman                    
CAMPBELL, Olive see Luehr                    
CAMPBELL, Oliver S       Willowville 30 Mich J H Campbell & Sarah A Hopkins 8-Mar-20 Glasgow Valley 2636  
      Francis I Taylor Baylor 18 Mn C J Taylor & Frances H Bemis          
CAMPBELL, Pearl see Vanscoy, Edward S                    
CAMPBELL, Percy       Chinook 21 Niter Idaho William T Campbell & Florence Sharp 10-Oct-28 Chinook Blaine 1084  
      Maude Farnsworth Chinook 19 Alberta Can Vernon Farnsworth & Naomi Holt          
CAMPBELL, R L see Hulse, Eldon                    
CAMPBELL, Ray L       Malta 26 Mn J S Campbell & Jennie Logan 27-Apr-08 Glasgow Valley 360  
      Emma M Trafton Malta 19 Mn R M Trafton & Marion L Knowlton          
CAMPBELL, Rebecca see Miller, H W                    
CAMPBELL, Rebecca A see Clifford, Frank H                    
CAMPBELL, Samuel see Wilson, Bert                    
CAMPBELL, Sara C see Linn, James Edgar                    
CAMPBELL, Sarah see Mozingo, A K                    
CAMPBELL, Susan see Damsky, Leonard C                    
CAMPBELL, Susan A see Patterson, Harry L                    
CAMPBELL, Susie see Charbonneau, Ernest                    
CAMPBELL, Thelma see Lokken, Selmer Robert                    
CAMPBELL, Thomas see Fighter, Jack                    
CAMPBELL, Thomas see McMurdo, Perry B                    
CAMPBELL, Viola see Hughes, Kemper Howard                    
CAMPBELL, W A       Milspaugh? Mt 24 Parsons Kansas Wm Campbell & Mary Morris 8-Oct-02 Glendive Dawson 267  
      Lillian Jensen Buffalo Mn 23 Ballantine Ill Harry Jensen & Anne Bennett          
CAMPBELL, Wallace see Brownell, Arthur N                    
CAMPBELL, Wanda Jean see Seymour                    
CAMPBELL, William see Hendricks, Roy Frances                    
CAMPBELL, William Franklin       Benrud 40 St Cloud Mn Ezra Campbell & Cora Greely 30-Dec-24 Scobey Daniels 183  
      Lillian Christopherson Minneapolis 38 Mn ???          
CAMPBELL, William T see Campbell, Percy                    
CAMPBELL, Wm see Bannon, Wm T                    
CAMPBELL, Wm see Campbell, W A                    
CAMPBELL,, Isobel, see Boyle                    
CAMPBELL?, Martha C see Witt, James Leslie                    
CAMPFIELD, Luelu? see Hill, Allen Eugene                    
CAMPION?, Clora J see Boyce Stephen Charles                    
CAMPS, With a Hawk see Buffalo Tail                    
CAMRAR, Mattie see Kinch, Harvey M                    
CAMRON, Elnora see Horn, W V                    
CAMRUDE, Iver see Kamrude, Joseph Ingolph                    
CAMRUDE, Joseph Ingolph       Benrude 31 Evansville Mn Iver Camrude & Ida Kamrude 6-Dec-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 703  
      Ingebord Bryan Wolf Point 24 Norway Enock Brynyelsen & Martha Rierson          
CAN?, Lula see Stenmark                    
CANARY, Bird see Walking Eagle, Fred                    
CANCLO, Florence see Person                    
CANDEE, Elmer L       Poplar 31 Nebr R B Candee & Mary Caughlin? 31-Jan-14 Glasgow Valley 1420  
      Jennie Fleming Poplar 22 Kansas J W Willoughby & Anna Gidley          
CANDEE, Floyd       Poplar 26 Page Neb Russell B Candee & Mollie Calligan 26-Jan-15 Glendive Dawson 1664  
      Cleta Blevins Poplar 23 Atchison County Missouri Arthur & Lucy Blevins          
CANDEE, R B see Candee, Elmer L                    
CANDEE, Russell B see Candee, Floyd                    
CANE, Genivieve see Cave, Alfred                    
CANE, Martin see Cave, Alfred                    
CANEN, Elmer R       Phillips 23 Indiana   6-Oct-16   Phillips 141  
      Eliza Bolinger Phillips 18 Ohio            
CANFIELD, Cora see Hass, Earl                    
CANFIELD, Ethel Lillian see Johnson, Hugo Barnhard                    
CANFIELD, Frank W see Canfield, George                    
CANFIELD, George       Fairview 23 Arlington S D Frank W Canfield & Eliza Coy 16-May-12 Glasgow Valley 1047  
      Letha G Peterson Dore N D 18 Rolla N D Ole E Peterson & Ida M Warner          
CANFIELD, Ira N       Weyburn Sask Can 25 Fraer Iowa Nathan H Canfield & Mary Gile 1-Nov-11 Glasgow Valley 928  
      Francis L Hinelind Glasgow 25 Freeport Ill J F Hinelind & Emma L Pierson          
CANFIELD, Nathan F see Canfield, Ira N                    
CANFIELD, O W see Johnson, Hugo Bernhard                    
CANGAN, Nora see Swenson, Victor                    
CANHAM, Ida see Hatch, Frank E                    
CANN, Alex see Stair, Jeremiah                    
CANNADY, Etta see Huseby, Elvin                    
CANNARD, Victoria see Peters, Henry F                    
CANNARD, Victorie see Rosenberg, Henry Elmer                    
CANNELL, Bell see Brocksmith, Henry C                    
CANNELL, Bell see Perry, Bert                    
CANNING, Martha see Crommie, Robert John                    
CANNON, Arthur see Cannon                    
CANNON, Frank see Lawrence, Harrison Benjamin                    
CANNON, Jane see Barton, Joseph K                    
CANNON, Larainne see Lawrence, Harrison Benjamin                    
CANNON, Lula A see Parker, Raymond C                    
CANNON, William       Williston 24 Marmouth N D Arthur Cannon & Helen Marie Dunbar 3-Sep-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2467  
      Irene Hopkins P�wood 18 P�wood Anthony Hopkins & Anna Mae Feeney          
CANOY, George W       Gossett 32 Sherrill Missouri John Canoy & Emmaline Sullivan 26-Oct-10 Sidney Dawson 857  
      Carrie E Williams Gossett 18 Hanock Wisc Orlando G Williams & Lillian M Spencer          
CANOY, James A       Gossett 23 Blooming Rose Missouri John W Canoy & Emmiline Sullivan 15-Sep-10 Gossett Dawson 840  
      Clara E Porter ??? 24 South Heart N D Charles H Porter & Lena B Burton          
CANOY, John see Canoy, George W                    
CANOY, John see Canoy, John William                    
CANOY, John W see Canoy, James A                    
CANOY, John William       Gossett 24 near Blooming Rose Missouri John Canoy & Emma Sullivan 29-Aug-12 Glendive Dawson 1133  
      Carrie Lunnah VanKleeck Edgar Wisc 27 near Angelica Wisc George S VanKleek & Mary J Lathrop          
CANSFIELD, Wesley see Barwise, George Frederick                    
CANTLEE, Alexander see Hibbard                    
CANTLEE, Marguerite E see Hibbard                    
CANTON, Anna see Borgerson, Oscar                    
CANTRELL, Eula Mary see Peterson, C Albert                    
CANTRELL, John W see Peterson, C Albert                    
CANTRELL, Lizzie see Youngman, Julius                    
CANTRELL, Ned see Cantrell, Otto                    
CANTRELL, Ned see Cantrell, Wallace                    
CANTRELL, Otto       Wolf Point 19 Wolf Point Ned Cantrell & Lizzie Brown 15-May-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 762  
      Mary Little Bull Poplar 22 Poplar Little Bull & Jennie Good Horse          
CANTRELL, Wallace       Wolf Point 19 Ft Peck Reser Ned Cantrell & Lizzie Brown 13-Mar-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1433  
      Edith Jackson Frazer 19 Ft Peck Reser Stonewall Jackson Sr & ???          
CANTURES, Joseph A       Phillips 40 Can   21-Oct-18   Phillips 385  
      Mrs Marjorie Smith Malta 32 Can            
CAP, Anna see Gable, Joseph S                    
CAPDEVILLE, John see Capdeville Martin                    
CAPDEVILLE, Martin       Glasgow 33 France John Capdeville & Marie Bidagary 1-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3523  
      Anna Carlson Opheim 24 Minot N D John Carlson & Marie Johnson          
CAPELL, Josie see Foreman, Fred                    
CAPHAGE?, N J see Buntin C W                    
CAPLENA, Newt       Phillips 27 Okla   16-Jul-17   Phillips 244  
      Katherine Adams Phillips 24 Iowa            
CAPLETT, Charles       Phillips 23 Pembina N D John Caplett & Josephine Garnieu 12-Sep-01 Malta Valley ?  
      Isabel Little Bird Phillips 38 Mt Little Bird & ???          
CAPLETT, John see Caplett, Charles                    
CAPPLE, Ada (Kating?) see Williams, Dudley C                    
CAPPLETTE, Ambrose       Minton Sask 28 Willow Bunch Sask Can Frank Capplette & Elaine Gosseline 18-Jul-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2741  
      Signa Hagelie Minton Sask 23 Skien Norway Olaf Hagelie & Helga Nykaas          
CAPPLETTE, Frank see Capplette                    
CAPPS, Don Xelys       Hinsdale 21 Iowa William O Capps & Harriot B Robinson 20-Oct-18 Genevieve Valley 2440  
      Martha Lila Burrows Hinsdale 18 Kans Eden & Martha Ellen Burrows          
CAPPS, William O see Cappe Don Xelys                    
CAPRON, Joseph see Capron, M J                    
CAPRON, M J       Mechaha 56 Catteraugas New York Joseph Capron & Mary Frank 18-Dec-15 �near� Bowmanville Dawson 1821  
      Louise Schaffter Bowmanville 49 Indiana Henry Schaffter & Mariana Brubrier?          
CAPTURE, Ed see Steele, Tom F                    
CAPTURE, Katie see Steele, Tom F                    
CAPTURE, Mary see Brown, James                    
CAR__?, Sarah see Lingle, T J                    
CARAGHAN, Mary see Mackey, John                    
CARAWAY, Nell Beatrice see Olson, Clarence H                    
CARAWAY, R F see Olson, Clarence H                    
CARBERT, Harold E see Wright, James N                    
CARBERT, Mary E see Wright, James N                    
CARBIS, Caroline see Barrett, B E                    
CARBURY, Archie L       Fourchett 24 Iowa   1-Nov-22   Phillips 681  
      Nellie McGee Fourchett 19 Missouri            
CARCIONE, Mabel see Merklein, Louis                    
CARCORAN, Mary see Wilkins, William P                    
CARD, Josephine see Sutherland, Billy                    
CARD, Robert H       Mandan 23 Texas Robert Card & Emmy Welch 26-Aug-20 Wibaux Wibaux 282  
      Ruth Wilda Mandan 18 N D Frank Wilda & Marg-aret Wells          
CARD, William see Haugen                    
CARDIE, Katherine see Hovland Henry S                    
CARDIN, Kate see Weiler                    
CARDOFF, Erma Ann see Spear, James Edgar                    
CARDOFF, Frank see Spear, James Edgar                    
CARDON, Herbert Edwin       Baylor 24 Knoxville Tenn W L Cardon & Elizabeth Clapp 26-Apr-25 Glasgow Valley 3130  
      Opal Marie Baker Glasgow 17 Bluffton Indiana Andrew Baker & Florence Wagner          
CARDON, W L see Cardon, Herbert Edwin                    
CARDWELL, Edna May see Crouch, Calvin Earl                    
CARDWELL, Rosa see McCanna, Earl                    
CAREG, Nell see Howe, Charles John                    
CAREVER, Angur see Carever, Thomas                    
CAREVER, Thomas       Glendive 30 Germany Angur Carever & Milka Petro 14-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2817  
      Molly McCurdy Watford? N D 19 Anamoose N D James McCurdy & Annie Rogy          
CAREY, Alice see Brown, George                    
CAREY, Della see Still, Alfred Lewis                    
CAREY, Ellen see Bagan, Francis                    
CAREY, Ellen see Boyle, James A                    
CAREY, Elmira see Dillard, Charles W                    
CAREY, Emma F see Coon, W W                    
CAREY, George see Carey, Walter                    
CAREY, Mary see Torgerson, Thomas M                    
CAREY, Sarah L see Sasson, Andrew                    
CAREY, Walter       Poplar 22 Chicago George Carey & Rebecca Stanton 8-Jun-10 Glasgow Valley 650  
      Junila? Ward Algona Iowa 19 Algona Walter Ward & Hattie Wilcot          
CARGYLE, James see Constance, Chester E                    
CARGYLE, Mary Elizabeth see Constance, Chester E                    
CARIBURN (CARRICABURN?), Peter       Glasgow 36 France B P Peter Cariburn & Dominie Laremeude 23-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2910  
      Jean Marie Aider Glasgow 25 France B P Joseph Aider & Jane Duholde          
CARIGNAN, John J see Sternhagen, Joseph P                    
CARIGNAN, Mary Catherine see Sternhagen, Joseph P                    
CARINGTON, Mary see Nash Ertis LeRoy                    
CARISS, Lea see Rhea, Frank A                    
CARKINS, Sarah see Stewart, S G                    
CARL, Abel see Shaver, Clinton                    
CARL, Elizabeth see Shaver, Clinton                    
CARL, Warren       Oswego 61 ??? Brough & Ed Moon 30-May-28 Lohmiller Roosivelt 1160  
      Daisy Red Oswego 38 ??? Iron Wing & ???          
CARL, Warren       Poplar 46 Poplar Blaine? & Old Bone 14-May-16 Oswego Sheridan 88?  
      Big Voice Charging Dog Poplar 57 Wolf Point Chase Enemy & Four Hail Woman          
CARLBERG, Adolph P see Gabbard, Garrett L                    
CARLBERG, Francis Lydia see Gabbard, Garret L                    
CARLEONEGAT?, Lulah see Biddle, Tunis Paul                    
CARLESON, Anna see Wade, Riley                    
CARLESON, Hans see Wade, Riley                    
CARLEY, Ella see McKee, Claude Leslie                    
CARLEY, Mary see Tritschler, Clemence                    
CARLEY, May see Hutchins, Eddie                    
CARLEY, Ruth see Redekop, Peter                    
CARLIER, Victor       Valmarie Sask Can 25 Belgium   16-Oct-29   Phillips 1142  
      Leona May Smith Malta 19 Nebr            
CARLILE, Harry W       Miles City 21 Caribon? Boulder Cty Colorado Winslow Carlile & Pheobe Fisher 17-Feb-08 Glendive Dawson 579  
      Anna E Huss Miles City   Miles City John Huss & Julia Sassen          
CARLILE, Winslow see Carlile, Harry V                    
CARLIN, Loretta (Curtis?) see Roy                    
CARLINE, Hanah? see Erickson, Willie                    
CARLISH, Elizabeth see Brown, Dell G                    
CARLISLE, Alice see Fannon, Curtis O                    
CARLISLE, Inez see Gilbert, Herbert Neill                    
CARLOCK, Dorothy A see Otteson, Howard O                    
CARLOCK, Hazel L see Young, J H                    
CARLOCK, Howard O Jr see Otteson, Howard O                    
CARLOS, Annie G see Tannes                    
CARLSEN, Henry see Mellet, Leo James                    
CARLSEN, Rose Henrietta see Mellett, Leo James                    
CARLSEN, Thomas       Poplar 28 Denmark Thomas Carlson & Elizabeth Nelson 15-May-15 Glasgow Valley 1676  
      Bessie E Nebengen Poplar 24 St Paul Charles Nebinger & Laura Mahan          
CARLSON, ----? see Johnson                    
CARLSON, ??? & Betty see Premo, Leslie J                    
CARLSON, Adolf C see Davis, Harold P                    
CARLSON, Albert       Williston N D 38 Finland Carl & Mary Carlson 13-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3537  
      Barbara Ring Williston N D 36 Aberdeen S D John Ihly & Katherine Farlock?          
CARLSON, Alma Sophie see Premo, Leslie J                    
CARLSON, Alvin       Wolf Point 35 Norway Johannes Carlson & Emma Nelson 11-Feb-19 Wolf Point Sheridan 1468  
      Rose Mary LaRoque Wolf Point 20 Poplar Oliver LaRoque & Mary Rose Stegermain          
CARLSON, Anders see Bredberg, Carl August                    
CARLSON, Anders see Ruud, Jacob                    
CARLSON, Andrew J       Malta 26 Mn   23-Nov-28   Phillips 1082  
      Josephine Mary Camp Malta 19 Wash            
CARLSON, Andrew J see Cauffman, Paul H                    
CARLSON, Anna see Capdeville, Martin                    
CARLSON, Anna see Arnston, Conrad O                    
CARLSON, Anna E see Davis, Harold P                    
CARLSON, Anna G see Burchette, Thomas R                    
CARLSON, Anna Marie see Davidson, Ray                    
CARLSON, Anna O see Simpson, John H                    
CARLSON, Anna S see Waller                    
CARLSON, Anne see Thorp, Juel                    
CARLSON, Arthur       Grain 26 Mn   9-Apr-20   Phillips 493  
      Florence Hines Grain 19 Kansas            
CARLSON, Arvid       Hohle 29 Mn John A & Anna Carlson 5-Oct-29 Scobey Daniels 454  
      Oletta Bjarko Peerless 22 Norway Eidis Bjarko & ???          
CARLSON, August see Stenslie, John Odin                    
CARLSON, August see Orr, William Henry                    
CARLSON, Axel E       Malta 23 Sweden   19-Mar-24   Phillips 761  
      Mar Gunda Sather Malta 37 Norway            
CARLSON, Bernice see Lowe                    
CARLSON, Bertha see Swanberg, Fritz E                    
CARLSON, C G see Carlson, Victor                    
CARLSON, C J see Carlson                    
CARLSON, Cark & Mary see Carlson, Albert                    
CARLSON, Carl see Carlson, Sigvart P                    
CARLSON, Carl see Carlson, Ernest W                    
CARLSON, Carl see Carlson                    
CARLSON, Carl see Carlson                    
CARLSON, Carl see Jarstad                    
CARLSON, Carl Emil       Mn 36 Sweden Carl S Carlson & Emma Peterson 20-Aug-19 Wibaux Wibaux 250  
      Zola Tracey Beach N D 24 Wis Phillip London (Loudon?) & Gussie Dodge          
CARLSON, Carolina see Johnson, Charlie                    
CARLSON, Carrie see Gilmore, Frank A                    
CARLSON, Charles J see McLaughlin                    
CARLSON, Charles John see Carlson                    
CARLSON, Christina see Reime, Eivind                    
CARLSON, Christina see Austin, Leslie                    
CARLSON, Christina see Brunsell, Arthur C                    
CARLSON, Clarence       Scobey 28 Galesburg Ill Olaf Carlson & Ella Johnson 28-Jul-26 Scobey Daniels 266  
      mar Alice Hagfeldt Scobey 20 Mn John Hagfeldt & ???          
CARLSON, Cleo Elaine see Nauman, William Frederick                    
CARLSON, Earl Edwin       Wibaux 24 Chicago Ill John Henry Carlson & Tillie O�Berg 29-Oct-24 Glendive Dawson 3152  
      Laura May Dick Wibaux 23 Salem S D William Dick & Grace McCullough          
CARLSON, Einar       Westby 21 Mn Robert & Clara Carlson 26-Jul-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1543  
      Eleina Pearson Westby 22 Sweden Peter Pearson & Ella Benson          
CARLSON, Elda see Thunem, Richard Clair                    
CARLSON, Ellen see Orr, William Henry                    
CARLSON, Ellen see Larson                    
CARLSON, Elmer Verner       Kahle 24 Herman Mn John A Carlson & Anna Nileene 20-Oct-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1221  
      Lena Mary Due Scobey 18 Wills City N D John Due & Lucenda Duff          
CARLSON, Elsie see Kirkpatrick, Charles M                    
CARLSON, Elsie Marie see Stenslie, John Odin                    
CARLSON, Emma C see Fansler, Claude C                    
CARLSON, Ernest W       Cow Creek 30 Gratsburg Wisc Carl Carlson & Anna G Ericcson 2-Nov-13 Cow Creek Dawson 1349  
      Verna A McKean Cow Creek 18 Ashland Ohio Edward S McKean & Adda Binkley          
CARLSON, Esther R see Brookfield, Huon T                    
CARLSON, Ethel see McLaughlin                    
CARLSON, Eyelyn (Evelyn?) see Larson                    
CARLSON, Florence M see Richardson, Fred W                    
CARLSON, Francis Marion see Elm                    
CARLSON, Frank see Sawaya, Ole R                    
CARLSON, Frank E see Carlson, Frank E                    
CARLSON, George L       Westby 24 Moorhead Mn C J Carlson & Lyda Lindholm 14-Jan-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2404  
      Mabel Listuen Westby 18 Crosby N D John Listuen & Turine Alfson          
CARLSON, George Leonard       Westby 21 Moorhead N D? Charles John Carlson & Lida Lundholm 11-Aug-24 Plentywood Sheridan 1988  
      Hattie Nelson Dooley 20 Mn Ted Nelson & Mary Ann Darrington          
CARLSON, Gertrude see Westgard, Edward                    
CARLSON, Gill       Scobey 31 Nor Carl Gabrielson & Crone Ingebretson 19-Dec-16 Plentywood Sheridan 914  
      Bertha Rossing Scobey 37 Nor Ole M Rolles & Carrie Iverson          
CARLSON, Gladys Isabelle see Barnes                    
CARLSON, Gustav T see Gustavson, Carl A                    
CARLSON, Hans see Wodtkey, Emil A                    
CARLSON, Hans see Nauman, William Frederick                    
CARLSON, Hans see Burchette, Thomas R                    
CARLSON, Henry see Thunem, Richard Clair                    
CARLSON, Hulda see Chenoweth                    
CARLSON, Ida see Esbjornson, Per Hjalmer                    
CARLSON, Ida I see Johnson                    
CARLSON, Inga S see Grant, J P                    
CARLSON, Johannes see Carlson                    
CARLSON, John see Capedeville, Martin                    
CARLSON, John see Olsen, Henry                    
CARLSON, John see Johnson, Theodore David                    
CARLSON, John see Pedersen, Clarence Melvin                    
CARLSON, John see Frid                    
CARLSON, John see Carlson                    
CARLSON, John see Larson                    
CARLSON, John see Johnston                    
CARLSON, John & Betty see Kirkpatrick, Charles M                    
CARLSON, John A see Nellermoe, Norman                    
CARLSON, John A see Carlson, Elmer Verner                    
CARLSON, John A see Brookfield, Huon T                    
CARLSON, John A see Chenoweth                    
CARLSON, John A & Anna see Carlson, Arvid                    
CARLSON, John Henry see Carlson, Earl Edwin                    
CARLSON, Josephine see Cauffman, Paul H                    
CARLSON, Julius see Carlson, Lawrence W                    
CARLSON, Kattie see Rohde                    
CARLSON, Lawrence W       Glasgow 28 Camp Douglas Wis Julius Carlson & Anna Nelson 4-Dec-28 Glasgow Valley 3441  
      Beartice P Clauson Glentana 17 Athelstore Wis Charles Clauson & Emma Dahl          
CARLSON, Lillie see Sawaya, Ole R                    
CARLSON, Lizzie see Strom, Charles J                    
CARLSON, Louisa see Johnson, John Oscar                    
CARLSON, Louise see Carlson, Sigvart P                    
CARLSON, Louise see Christianson, Alfred O                    
CARLSON, Ludvig & Mary J see Carlson, Sigvart                    
CARLSON, Lydia see Wenberg, Howard L                    
CARLSON, Margaret see Peterson, William F                    
CARLSON, Margaret A see Lowers, John W                    
CARLSON, Marie see Drabbs, Robert S                    
CARLSON, Martin see Elm                    
CARLSON, Mary see Paulsen, Laurids Christian                    
CARLSON, Mary see Anderson, Anders J                    
CARLSON, Mary see Esbjornson, Per Hjalmar                    
CARLSON, Mathilda see Collins, James P                    
CARLSON, Minnie see Olsen, Henry                    
CARLSON, Minnie see Lindblom, Edwin                    
CARLSON, Nellie see Jarstad                    
CARLSON, Nora see Gilbertson, Karl                    
CARLSON, O S see Swanberg, Lars                    
CARLSON, O W       Hinsdale 24 Ill Oscar Carlson & Laura Roberts 29-Jun-10 Hinsdale Valley 657  
      Mary Sherry Hinsdale 19 Tampico Andrew Sherry & Rosa Garner          
CARLSON, Olaf       Reserve 26 Sweden Carl Olson & Annie Person 11-Oct-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2003  
      Azlia Smith Dagmar 22 Missouri Robert E Smith & Myrtle Hartwell          
CARLSON, Ole see Carlson, Clarence                    
CARLSON, Oscar see Carlson, O W                    
CARLSON, Oscar? see Fansler, Claude C                    
CARLSON, Paul F see Oahs, Percy O                    
CARLSON, Paul F       Phillips 28 Mn   10-Sep-16   Phillips 135  
      Ethel M Oakes Phillips 29 Mich            
CARLSON, Peter       Flaxville 34 Norway Carl Carlson & Ovidia Christianson 12-Jun-16 Plentywood Sheridan 764  
      Alice LeRoy Flaxville 27 Kans C Heistand? & Emma Martin          
CARLSON, Peter E see Simpson, John H                    
CARLSON, Reuben E see Bill, David                    
CARLSON, Robert & Clara see Carlson                    
CARLSON, Ruth see Nellermoe, Norman                    
CARLSON, Ruth see Pedersen, Clarence Melvin                    
CARLSON, Samuel see Larson                    
CARLSON, Signe E see Ruud, Jacob                    
CARLSON, Sigvart P       Redstone 23 Christiania Norge Carl Carlson & Oeda Christenson     Valley 1014 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Louise Carlson P�wood   (Luyen?) Norge Ludvig & Mary J Carlson          
CARLSON, Sophia see Clauson, David                    
CARLSON, Sophia see Nelson, Carl H                    
CARLSON, Sophie see Isaakson, Albert                    
CARLSON, Sophie see Dahlin, Carl S                    
CARLSON, Stone Waldemar       Wolf Point 35 Sweden Carl Johan Janson & Emelia Nilson 2-Oct-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1223  
      Lulu Margaret Kohl Wolf Point 35 Wood Lake Mn William J Kohl & Minnie Wenholze          
CARLSON, Swan see Carlson, Swen R                    
CARLSON, Swen R       Glendive 27 Sweden Swan Carlson & Albertine Anderson 8-Mar-20 Glendive Dawson 2622  
      Hedvig T Swanson Glendive 23 Sweden Sven Swanson & Maria Olson          
CARLSON, udvik? see Gilbertson, Karl                    
CARLSON, Victor       Beach N D 45 Sweden C G Swenson & Catherine S Lindberg 10-Oct-1818 Wibaux Wibaux 218  
      Mrs Sophie Sandberg Beach 47 Swed-en Olaf Sandstrom & Christina Johnson          
CARLSON, Victor see Barnes                    
CARLSON, Walfrid       P�wood 26 Sweden Carl Olson & Anna Peterson 4-Jul-11 ??? Valley 863  
      Minnie Jarstad Med� Lake 21 N D Knute Jarstad & Anna Crosby          
CARLSON, Walfrid       Med� Lake 38 Sweden Carl Carlson & Annie Pederson 1-Sep-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1919  
      Isabel Marshall Tacoma Wash 42 England Richard Elliot & Isabella Armstrong          
CARLSON, William B       P�wood 38 Mn John Carlson & Christina Olson 23-Feb-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2154  
      Selma Leonora Olson Milan Mn 28 Mn Nels Olson & Clara Skog          
CARLSRUD, Olga see Thomas, Edward J                    
CARLSRUD, Olif see Thomas, Edward J                    
CARLSTEADT, Knute       Williston 36 Sweden Nels Carlsteadt & Christina Madsen 8-Dec-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2579  
      Lodusky Hannah Williston N D 19 Williston John Hannah & Ida J Roslowe          
CARLSTEADT, Nels see Carlsteadt                    
CARMAN, Carrie L see Hansen, Elmer                    
CARMAN, Elsie see Copeland, Glenn E                    
CARMAN, Frank       Haxby 33 Iowa Frank Carman & Elizabeth Rider 17-May-18 Glasgow Valley 2367  
      Delila Evans Haxby 25 Wis Frank Cary & Nellie Warn          
CARMAN, Mildred see McPherson, Thomas G                    
CARMEN, Elsie M see Grantier, Archie                    
CARMEN, N E see Blowers, William                    
CARMICHEL, Bert see Lewis, Willie H                    
CARMICHEL, Margey see Lewis, Willie H                    
CARMODY, Lizzie see Connor, James J                    
CARN, A see Carn, Edward                    
CARN, Edward       Lambert 28 Austria A Carn & Josephine Goodman 5-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1741  
      Patrinella Killian Lambert 18 Whitehall Wisc John Killian & Mary Waytassek          
CARNAHAN, Belle see Cook, C R                    
CARNAHAN, Fred       Saco 33 Marquette Nebr John W Carnahan & M J Chenoweth 2-Aug-22 Glasgow Valley 2898  
      Emily LaRocque Glasgow 19 Glasgow Toby LaRocque & Louise Kline          
CARNAHAN, John W see Carnahan, Fred                    
CARNEY, Catherine see Dailey, Harry                    
CARNEY, Catherine see Dailey, Dennis Edward                    
CARNEY, Helen see Sullivan, Archie Earl                    
CARNEY, John E       Scobey 28 N D Patrick Carney & Elizabeth Kelly 25-Jun-20 Oswego Valley 2679  
      Florence Richardson Scobey 23 Indiana Samuel Richardson & Amy Kendricks          
CARNEY, Patrick see Carney, John E                    
CARNIE, Annie see DeRibbons, John R                    
CARPENTER, Bessie G? see Wright, Abram                    
CARPENTER, Alexander C Jr       Harlem 33 Bancroft Iowa Alexander Carpenter & Alvira Dake 6-Mar-17 Harlem Blaine 372  
      Sarah Irena Borders Harlem 18 Grant City Iowa Jos H Borders & Lydia Rebecca Stilts          
CARPENTER, Alfred see Bacon, C H                    
CARPENTER, Alta May see Granger, Leo Karl                    
CARPENTER, Andrew see Erickson, Thomas                    
CARPENTER, Anna (Struthers?) see Cole, C I                    
CARPENTER, Anna May see Smith                    
CARPENTER, Benjamin E see Wright, Abram                    
CARPENTER, Blanch see Erickson, Thomas                    
CARPENTER, Charles A see Carpenter, Ralph T                    
CARPENTER, Clara see Hart, Ralph William                    
CARPENTER, Clara see Bacon, C H                    
CARPENTER, Clara see Nemitz, Martin                    
CARPENTER, Claude R       Poplar 22 Iowa Daniel Carpenter & Elsie Louise Kern 23-Jan-26 Poplar Roosivelt 856  
      Addie Elizabeth Ault Poplar 22 Indiana Martin L Ault & Laura Russell          
CARPENTER, D K see Carpenter, Edmond T                    
CARPENTER, Daniel see Carpenter, Claude R                    
CARPENTER, Dennie see Tatro, Dennis                    
CARPENTER, E D see Carpenter, Edwin Davis                    
CARPENTER, E F see Crookshanks                    
CARPENTER, E L see Carpenter                    
CARPENTER, Earl       Phillips 33 Iowa   2-Jul-18   Phillips 357  
      Sarah Jane Gartside Phillips 17 England            
CARPENTER, Edmond T       Glendive 20 Oskaloosa Iowa D K Carpenter & Katherine Fitzgerald 3-Apr-15 Glendive Dawson 1692  
      Olga May Peterson Sidney 25 Lindsay Mn John Peterson & Gusta Halverson          
CARPENTER, Edwin Davis       Opheim 29 S D E D Carpenter & Olive H Blackman 28-Nov-30 Scobey Daniels 502  
      Dorothy Susan Sunderland Opheim 29 Milton N D H E Sunderland & Susan Gillespie          
CARPENTER, Ella see Lease, Elora O                    
CARPENTER, Ellen see Slavens, Walter Lee                    
CARPENTER, Emma C see Tabor, Charles B                    
CARPENTER, Flora see Crookshanks                    
CARPENTER, Flora see Christensen                    
CARPENTER, Florence L see Cochran, Albert                    
CARPENTER, Frank see Thornburg                    
CARPENTER, Frank see Christensen                    
CARPENTER, Frank see Carpenter                    
CARPENTER, Frank E       Earl Sask Can 29 Nebr E L Carpenter & Elizabeth McDonald 28-Aug-19 Scobey Sheridan 1555  
      Rose D Lynch Scobey 24 Rhode Island Alfred Panduine? & ???          
CARPENTER, Frank W see Bliss                    
CARPENTER, Harry see Gidley                    
CARPENTER, Harvey       Reserve 28 Mn Frank Carpenter & Iva Hanchett 30-Mar-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2051  
      Elsie Peterson Dagmar 18 Mn Nels Peterson & Inger Sorenson          
CARPENTER, Hazel A see Johnson, Francis Elmer                    
CARPENTER, Ivah Ford see Thornburg                    
CARPENTER, Joyce Kintz see Bliss                    
CARPENTER, Luella A see Hine, Ellsworth L                    
CARPENTER, Pauline see Gidley                    
CARPENTER, Ralph T       Glendive 27 Faribault Mn Charles A Carpenter & Katherine Miller 15-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1433  
      Bess Miller Glendive 26 Grey Eagle Cty Mn Thomas D Miller & Lucy Wright          
CARPENTIER, Jack       Bismark 37 Eureka Calif John B Carpentier & Ethel Merryon 4-May-29 Wibaux Wibaux 675  
      Sarah Gladys Moore Raleigh N D 31 Raleigh ??? Tomelson & ???          
CARPENTIER, John B see Carpentier, Jack                    
CARPON?, Bertha see Whitney                    
CARR, Albert see Carr, Theodore Roosevelt                    
CARR, Anna see Geraldson, John R                    
CARR, Arthur       Glendive 30 Bismark N D Charles Carr & Florence Lake 4-Aug-16 Glendive Dawson 1982  
      Shirley Martin Lake City Iowa 25 Fairfield Iowa George W Martin & Margaret Schmidt          
CARR, Beatrice see LaBatte                    
CARR, Charity E see Hensley, James N                    
CARR, Charles see Carr, Harold T                    
CARR, Charles see Carr, Arthur                    
CARR, Della C see Priday, Paul H                    
CARR, Dorothy see Peterson, Gilbert                    
CARR, Edward see Gregg, James                    
CARR, Ellen L (Nelson?) see Hopkins, Wm R                    
CARR, George see Carr, William H                    
CARR, Harold T       Glasgow 22 Iowa Station Louisana Charles Carr & Iva Blount 10-Oct-11 Glasgow Valley 909  
      Minnie Streeple? Glasgow 18 Colville Wa James Streeple & Dora Busey          
CARR, Harry see Peterson, Gilbert                    
CARR, John Martin       St Paul Mn 37 Butler Missouri Lawrence Carr & Maria Mohan 28-Aug-09 Glendive Dawson 718  
      Cecile Jones St Paul Mn 26 Walla Walla Wash David Austin Gregg & Pauline Schaefer          
CARR, Lawrence see Carr, John Martin                    
CARR, Mary Ann see Walker, Dean W                    
CARR, Mattie see Gregg, James                    
CARR, Metta Blossom see Frison, George S                    
CARR, Minnie (Struble?) see Nicol, George R                    
CARR, Nora P see Johnston, Crawford                    
CARR, Ole see Frison, George S                    
CARR, R H see Johnston, Crawford                    
CARR, Sara see Reed, Charles Howard                    
CARR, Sarah see Robbins, Frank                    
CARR, Theodore Roosevelt       Mt Vernon Mo 35 Mt Vernon Albert Carr & Emma Durle 1-Aug-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1204  
      Amelia Freeman Butte N D 23 Butte Andrew J Freeman & Helen Whitesel          
CARR, Virginia see Utter, Morris V                    
CARR, Walter Edward see LaBatte                    
CARR, William H       Dodson 57 Ill George Carr & Augusta Matthews 29-Dec-15 Chinook Blaine 254  
      Catherine Matters Dodson 31 Ohio Joseph Forge & Christina Gruber          
CARRCHRAN, Laura D see Boley, Earl                    
CARRICABURN, see Cariburn                    
CARRICO, Margaret C see Downing, James A                    
CARRIE, Kathleen see StGermaine, John B T                    
CARRIER, Bessie see Shoots the Tiger, Albert                    
CARRIER, Charles William       Stacy 36 Lincoln Ill William Carrier & Agnes Hatford 1-Nov-15 Wibaux Wibaux 53  
      Nellie Wilson Stacey 34 Shelby Mo George Wilson & Sarah Baker          
CARRIER, Joseph Aime       Four Buttes 21 Quebec Can Louis Carrier & ??? 24-Jan-27 Scobey Daniels 308  
      Alma Parent Scobey 16 Oakwood N D Joseph Parent & Emilie Duval          
CARRIER, Louis see Carrier, Joseph Aime                    
CARRIER, Mable May see Pool, William Ford                    
CARRIER, Mary see Brimeau, Napoleon                    
CARRIER, Mary see Covyell, Lumon                    
CARRIER, Mary see Walters, Dorville O                    
CARRIER, Wallace       Ft Belknap 40 Wyoming Sholder Blade & Jennette 4-Apr-13 Harlem Blaine 44  
      Bessie Enemy Boy Ft Belknap 21 Poplar John Enemy Boy & Rosa Olvers          
CARRIERE, Alexina see Dionne                    
CARRIGER, Mattie see Norville, T J                    
CARRINGTON, Harriet see Morrison, Jess A                    
CARRINGTON, Mildred see Crouch, John G                    
CARROLL, Amos R       Valley 24 Will Cty Ill John S Carroll & Eda Mueller 4-Jul-05 Malta Valley 182  
      Delora Ellen Beasley Malta 18 Missouri George Beasley & Genaria F McGlendon          
CARROLL, Charles see Kramer, Mike                    
CARROLL, Delora E (Beasley?) see Crofut, E E                    
CARROLL, Dorothy see Redden                    
CARROLL, Eleanor R see Rodes, Montgomery J                    
CARROLL, Emmett Frank       Luster 26 Wis George Carroll & Ella Gaffney 21-Apr-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 616  
      Amber Montgomery Wolf Point 19 Carrington N D William Montgomery & Jessie Bucann-on          
CARROLL, Erwin see Tonkin, Erwin J                    
CARROLL, F A       Glasgow 36 Mn M F Carroll & Mary Fitzgerald 18-Jun-16 Culbertson Sheridan 758  
      Genevieve Webster Froid 24 N Y Daniel Webster          
CARROLL, George see Carroll, James Joseph                    
CARROLL, George see Green, Fremont Thos                    
CARROLL, George see Carroll, Emmett Frank                    
CARROLL, Harriet see Stoner, Ray                    
CARROLL, Honora see Hurd, Robert C                    
CARROLL, J M see Steinheuser, Clifford G                    
CARROLL, J M see Rodes, Montgomery J                    
CARROLL, James Joseph       Lustre 27 Wis George Carroll & Ella Gaffney 22-Jun-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 385  
      Ruby Smith Wolf Point 20 Oregon Ill I P & Bernice Smith          
CARROLL, Jennie L see Wright, Walter Jackson                    
CARROLL, John see Stoner, Ray                    
CARROLL, John see Redden                    
CARROLL, John S see Carroll, Amos R                    
CARROLL, Joseph John       Chicago 37 Ill Nicholas Carroll & Mary Murphy 2-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1762  
      Josephine Toft Glentana 40 Wis William Marcy & Eloise Borden          
CARROLL, Julia A see Moore, W W                    
CARROLL, Laura E see Olson, Ed L                    
CARROLL, LeRoy see Olson, Ed L                    
CARROLL, LeRoy       Malta 27 Iowa   23-Nov-21   Phillips 615  
      Laura Kopelman Malta 31 S D            
CARROLL, Linda see Frost, Myron E                    
CARROLL, Linda see Thomas, William C                    
CARROLL, M F see Carroll, Thomas J                    
CARROLL, M F see Carroll                    
CARROLL, Mable L see Fanning, Frank M                    
CARROLL, Mary see Carter, Charles W                    
CARROLL, Mary see McNally, Leo                    
CARROLL, Mary see Millard                    
CARROLL, Mary Loretta see Green, Fremont Thos                    
CARROLL, Michael T       Glendive 28 Des Mit? S D Patrick A Carroll & Bridget O�Connor 17-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2388  
      Cecelia Delores Peoples Glendive 16 Glendive Andrew Peoples & Isabella Brown          
CARROLL, Nicholas see Carroll, Joseph John                    
CARROLL, Olin see Curtis, Ernest J                    
CARROLL, Parry(Pansy?) see Brodie, Bill                    
CARROLL, Patrick see Hurd, Robert C                    
CARROLL, Patrick A see Carroll, Michael T                    
CARROLL, SaByna see Steinheuser , Clifford G                    
CARROLL, Sadie see Kramer, Mike                    
CARROLL, Thomas J       Wolf Point 35 Mn M F Carroll & ??? Fitzgerald 20-Aug-18 Glasgow Valley 2412  
      Caroline Sutton Wolf Point 24 Mn John D Sutton & Catherine Olson          
CARRUTHERS, Agnes see Little, James                    
CARRUTHERS, Francis see Little, James                    
CARRY, Mucie L see Kilmer, Frank E                    
CARSAW, Luella A see Dodge, Karl H                    
CARSON, Bell see Frazier, George Ray                    
CARSON, Bernard E       Coal? Creek ??? Gratsburg Wisc Charles Carson & Anna N Ericcson 13-Sep-13 ??? Dawson 1316  
      Vida Pearl King Red Water 30 Vinton Iowa Alsasco A King & Sarah C Remmington          
CARSON, Charles see Carson, Bernard E                    
CARSON, Charley       Oswego 23 Lebet Cty Kansas E L Carson & Bell Wambles 9-May-14 Glasgow Valley 1454  
      Margaret LaRoque Oswego 18 Oswego Frank LaRoque & Madeline Rosenblaff          
CARSON, E L see Carson, Charlie                    
CARSON, E L see Carson, Paron A                    
CARSON, Effie Marion see Sullivan, Harry D                    
CARSON, Elsie see Scott                    
CARSON, Fred see Whitney, Nelson L                    
CARSON, James see Tansen                    
CARSON, Josephine see Sanders, Andrew C                    
CARSON, Josephine see Sanders, Richard B                    
CARSON, josie see Taylor, George                    
CARSON, Margaret see Amyotte, Harry                    
CARSON, Martha see Curry                    
CARSON, Paron A       Marsh 36 Nowata? Okla E L Carson & Bell Wombles 30-Aug-19 Glendive Dawson 2555  
      Mabel Hufiy Marsh 30 Roberts Wisc Henry Hufiy & Anna Jacobson          
CARSOW, Charles see Gigrich, Theodore H                    
CARSOW, Martha see Gigrich, Theodore H                    
CARSTENSEN, Herman see Goodale, Frank A                    
CARSTENSEN, Margaret see McCulloch, Charles                    
CARSTENSEN, Marie see Goodale, Frank A                    
CARSTENSON, Johanna see Barner, Henry W                    
CARTEL, Taylor see Cartel                    
CARTEL, William E       Whitetail 32 Tex Taylor Cartel & Mary Ashley 15-May-15 Plentywood Sheridan 480  
      Margaret LaComte Whitetail 23 Mn Fred LaComte & Henri-etta Briand          
CARTER, Ada see Dart, Hugh James                    
CARTER, Alec see Barnes, Robert H                    
CARTER, Aline see Roberts                    
CARTER, Anna see Armstrong, Frank                    
CARTER, B A see Carter, Henry L                    
CARTER, Bela O see Grunhurd, Inar Knudt                    
CARTER, Bud J       Malta 29 Wis   26-Apr-21   Phillips 574  
      Catherine M Godfrey Malta 38 Canada            
CARTER, Carrie (Bragg?) see Paulos, Tedy                    
CARTER, Charles Henry see Luff, Ervin A                    
CARTER, Charles W       Glendive 45 Barley Iowa Robert Carter & Sarah Harper 16-Sep-12 Glendive Dawson 1140  
      Helen Frederick Glendive 18 Tracy Mn Peter Frederick & Mary Carroll          
CARTER, Eatilda see Hunke, Howard J                    
CARTER, Ellen see Holmes, Arthur                    
CARTER, Elsie Florence see Weed, Dale Albert                    
CARTER, Frances see Barnes, Robert H                    
CARTER, Henry see Carter                    
CARTER, Henry L       Sentinel Butte N D 29 Harbor Springs Mn B A Carter & Louise Davise 10-Oct-14 Glendive Dawson 1594  
      Nora E Houch? Sentinel Butte 26 Preston Mn Theodore Houck & Elsie Chase          
CARTER, J W see Carter                    
CARTER, J W see Carter                    
CARTER, Jennie see Bunch, Waldo                    
CARTER, Jennie E see Johnson, Oscar A                    
CARTER, Jessie see Weed, Dale Albert                    
CARTER, Lorinda see Scharnatta, Edward Henry                    
CARTER, Lovanna see Hedderich, Gus M                    
CARTER, Mary see Mueller, Charles                    
CARTER, Mary H see Todd, John W                    
CARTER, Ralph       Scobey 18 N D Henry Carter & Myrtle Roan 8-Nov-19 Scobey Sheridan 1591  
      Ada McCann Scobey 18 Ill John McCann & Ada May          
CARTER, Robert see Carter, Charles W                    
CARTER, Roy see Scharnatta, Edward Henry                    
CARTER, Ruby Fay see Luff, Ervin A                    
CARTER, Thomas       Froid 68 Ohio Thomas Carter & Susanna Jackson 15-Aug-15 Froid Sheridan 531?  
      Hannah J Bigcraft Froid 65 Akron N Y? George E Cummins & Rose A McMullin          
CARTER, Ursilla see Kell, Wylie L                    
CARTER, Walter A       Dooley 32 Ind J W Carter & Marie Patten 5-Sep-14 Plentywood Sheridan 317  
      Marie Alice Cook Dooley 19 Wis Alexander & Marie E Cook          
CARTER, Walter E       P�wood 42 Indiana J W Carter & Jennie Patten 26-Apr-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2236  
      Albena M Picket P�wood 26 N D Phillip Bourassa & Azelda Plante          
CARTERILL, M see Schailzel, Paul                    
CARTMELL, Harry Lloyd       Culbertson 21 N D Oliver Cartmell & Nancy Campbell 27-Oct-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 956  
      Mary Celina Boyer Culbertson 18 Mt Andrew Boyer & Selina Belgard          
CARTMELL, Oliver see Groskurth, Axel                    
CARTMELL, Oliver see Cartmell, Harry Lloyd                    
CARTMELL, Oliver see Anerson, Albert                    
CARTMELL, Ruth see Groskurth, Axel                    
CARTRIGHT, Louise see Johnston                    
CARTWRIGHT, Mary see Newton, E P                    
CARTWRIGHT, Sarah see Kean, Charles Edward                    
CARTWRIGHT, Sarah see Rose, Garfield                    
CARTWRIGHT, Sarah see Brown, Ernest Earl                    
CARVER, Edith L see Deem                    
CARVER, Joseph Aubrey       Lakeland Florida 23 Oacean Springs Miss Oscar Carver & Louise Schriber 21-May-29 Wibaux Wibaux 682  
      Grace Stoddard Sentinel Butte N D     John B Stoddard & Nora Andrew          
CARVER, Margaret see Sutherland, Wesley C                    
CARVER, Mary G (Hope?) see White                    
CARVER, Oscar see Carver, Joseph Aubrey                    
CARVER, Walter E see Deem                    
CARVILLE, Forest T       Savage 43 Lewistown James Carville & Eva Tarr 27-May-26 Glasgow Valley 3216  
      Edna Stumpf Glasgow 33 Vincent Iowa Henry Stumpf & Ida Quibell          
CARVILLE, James see Carville, Forrest T                    
CARY, Agnes E see Brown, Charles C                    
CARY, Amanda Brougher see Forbes, Thos R                    
CARY, Elizabeth see Gilman, Samuel W                    
CARY, Frank see Carman, Frank                    
CARY, Frank E see Brown, Charles C                    
CARY, Hannah see Gilman, Samuel W                    
CARY, Hans see Gilman, Samuel W                    
CASADY, Ott       Malta 34 Texas James Casady & Lenore P Pool 25-Nov-07 Malta Valley 320  
      Elsie Quarnstrong Malta 22 St Paul Axel Quarnstrong & Ida Burk          
CASADY, James see Casady, Ott                    
CASADY, Joseph see Mills, Glenn E                    
CASADY, Omar L       Watford City N D 42 Burlington Wisc R S Casady & Elizabeth Grant 8-Jun-26 Circle McCone 96  
      Ann M Randall Watford City 38 Russia D Wandler & Clara Eberts          
CASADY, R S see Casady, Omar L                    
CASANOVA, Balzer see Caduff, George                    
CASANOVA, Christina see Caduff, George                    
CASANOVA, Magdalena see Caduff, George                    
CASANOVA, Marie see Treftanow, John                    
CASBEIR, J W see Eberhart, Jay                    
CASE, Blanch Carmen see Drapes, Alexander Preston                    
CASE, Boyd see Kinsey, Roy                    
CASE, Charles & Victoria see Case, William W                    
CASE, Emma M see Bjerke, Peter                    
CASE, Eva A see Tompkins                    
CASE, Hanna see Phillips, Harvey                    
CASE, Harry see Bjerke, Peter                    
CASE, Jessie Marie see Kinsey , Roy                    
CASE, John Henry       Scobey 35 Pittsburgh Missouri Martin Case & Josephine Breedlove     Daniels 196 ( cert not completed )
      Alonia Brandner Elgin N D     Chris Brandner & Elizabeth Sowks          
CASE, Margaert see Smith, Wallace Y                    
CASE, Margaret see Wray, Robert B                    
CASE, Martin see Case, John Henry                    
CASE, Mary E see Kimmel, Lee H                    
CASE, Pearl see Turner, David Wm                    
CASE, Relia see Boudreau, Leon                    
CASE, William W       Glendive 23 Waterloo Iowa Charles & Victoria Case 24-Aug-1890 Glendive Dawson 42  
      Jesse B Baker Glendive 22 Concord Mich Harvey & Emily Baker          
CASEBEER, Anna see Brooks, James C                    
CASELBERG, Helen see Miller, Irving                    
CASEY, Albert see Casey, Silas L                    
CASEY, Alice M see Christensen, Donald M                    
CASEY, Anna Agnes see Poncelet, Archie Joseph                    
CASEY, Catherin see Beeler, Charles Henry                    
CASEY, Charles Wm       Wibaux 24 Corcoran Mn Ujohn Casey & Mary Cororon? 10-Apr-23 Wibaux Wibaux 378  
      Susie Beeter Wibaux 17 Alester S D Alfred H Beeler & Emma Ewalt          
CASEY, Daniel see Casey, Verne J                    
CASEY, Ella see Bagan, Peter Joseph                    
CASEY, Ellen see McDonough, Joseph J                    
CASEY, Grace see Noble, William J                    
CASEY, Harry       Bainville 23 Mpls Mn John Casey & Elizabeth Convoy 2-Nov-21 Poplar Roosivelt 309  
      Lily Torgelson Great Falls 19 Fergus Falls Mn Michael Torgelson & Mathilda Larson          
CASEY, Harry Walter       Chinook 22 Worces-ter Mass Michael J Casey & Emma Mondella 3-Jul-15 Chinook Blaine 215  
      Ada Grace Keller Chinook 18 Diagonal Iowa Sherman Keller & Clara Yaryan          
CASEY, Ida see Badgley, John Leroy                    
CASEY, John see Casey, Charles Wm                    
CASEY, John see Casey, Harry                    
CASEY, John see Beeler, Charles Henry                    
CASEY, John Jr       Hysham 39 Memphis Tenn John Casey Sr & Julia Spellman 18-Jan-13 Glendive Dawson 1201  
      Anna Ethel Plumley Glendive 35 Plainfield Wisc Henry Plumley & Elizabeth Ostrum          
CASEY, Lillian see Garvey, Gilbert E                    
CASEY, Margaret see Tritt, Finley                    
CASEY, Margarette see Ayott                    
CASEY, Marion E see Regan, Joseph A                    
CASEY, Mary see Frymire                    
CASEY, Mary see Mills, Albert Sidney                    
CASEY, Math see Roby                    
CASEY, Michael J see Casey, Harry Walter                    
CASEY, Nora M see Roby                    
CASEY, Silas L       Cartwright N D 40 Northfield Mn Albert Casey & Cora Amsden 1-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3271  
      Grace Miller Fargo N D 22 Grand Forks N D Elmer Miller & Anna Femstad          
CASEY, Verne J       Hennepin Cty Mn 19 Hennepin Cty Daniel Casey & ??? Egan 6-Apr-29 Wibaux Wibaux 673  
      Florence Hutchins Wibaux 19 Wibaux Cty Alden Hutchins & Mabel Beeler          
CASEY, W W               9-Sep-1883   Dawson 18  
      Louisa? West                  
CASH, Evelyn see Culliton, James M                    
CASH, George       Havre 24 Wis Mark Cash & Elizabeth Myer 9-May-17 Chinook Blaine 394  
      Eveline Wagner Havre 18 Adion Mich John Sulber & Rose Wagner          
CASH, Haywood       Chinook 27 Castle Dale Wash William Lewis Cash & Mollie Brock 4-Jul-28 Chinook Blaine 1006  
      Laura Alice Whipple Chinook 23 Twin Brooks S D Edwin Walter Whipple & Rachael Sara Clsrk          
CASH, Lewis see Cash, Haywood                    
CASH, Mark see Cash, George                    
CASHMAN, Florence see Reilly, Arthur L                    
CASHMAN, James see Reilly, Arthur L                    
CASHMAN, James M       Glendive 27 Stillwater Mn James Cashman & Hannah Harigan 7-Apr-20 Glendive Dawson 2627  
      Kathleen Guelff Glendive 20 Eden Valley Mn Michael Guelff & Anna Grine          
CASIDAY, James see Casiday, Walter H                    
CASIDAY, Walter H       Opheim 36 Ohio James Casiday & Mary Sasgo 20-Aug-20 Glasgow Valley 2711  
      Edith May Kortland Opheim 39 Wis Henry Juens? & Elizabeth Mace          
CASKEY, Victoria see Lukovitz                    
CASNER, Fannie see Burns, Arthur                    
CASNER, Fred see Burns, Arthur                    
CASPER, Andrew see Casper                    
CASPER, Carl       Whitetail 23 Missouri Andrew Casper & Mary Peterson 27-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 708  
      Metha Jor-gensen Whitetail 18 Neb Martin Jor-gensen & Cathunda? Nelsen          
CASPER, Julia C see Cleveland, Jas H                    
CASPER, Mary see Petrik, Gilbert                    
CASPER, Susa see Redekopp, Jacob K                    
CASREE, Eunice see Small, Carl Wayne                    
CASS, George see Cass                    
CASS, George R       P�wood 28 N D George Cass & Edith Jeff�? 30-Apr-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1018  
      Grace M Chapman P�wood 18 Arkansas A R Chapman & Maggie Berra          
CASS, James E       Sentinel Butte N D 34 Webster N D Wm Cass & Julia Trowe 22-Mar-26 Wibaux Wibaux 530  
      Bertha Jackson Medora N D 16 Garden Grove Iowa Wm Jackson & Zora Lee          
CASS, Wm see Cass, James E                    
CASSADELL, Margaret see Nelson, Albert Dewey                    
CASSEL, Dan see Cassel, George V                    
CASSEL, George Vres Havre       Havre 26 S D Dan Cassel & ??? 24-Jan-22 Chinook Blaine 701  
      Anna B Stovka   20 Freeland Penn Mike Stovka & Anna Bogler          
CASSELBERG, Leah see Blumenthal, Ellis                    
CASSELBERG, Philip see Blumenthal, Ellis                    
CASSELMAN, George M       Malta 30 Winterset Iowa William Casselman & Sarilda Lease 27-Jul-13 Malta Valley 1325  
      Leta M Lesler Malta 22 Madison Wis Richard Lesler & Mary Rice          
CASSELMAN, William see Casselman, George M                    
CASSETT, Harry see Matthews, Burt E                    
CASSETT, Leona see Matthews, Burt E                    
CASSIDY, Amy see McLaughlin                    
CASSIDY, Henry B       Wibaux 33 Andman Iowa Joseph Cassidy & Mary McGuire 23-Nov-20 Glendive Dawson 2709  
      Euneacie Keys St Paul Mn 23 Hubbard Mn Oscar Keys & Mary Gall          
CASSIDY, Joseph see Cassidy, Henry B                    
CASSIDY, Joseph Justin       Wibaux 30 Iowa Joseph Cassidy & Mary Maguire 12-Oct-15 Wibaux Wibaux 50  
      Nora Evaline Rush Wibaux 25 Wibaux Thos Rush & Agnes Smith          
CASSIN, Alvina (Reinbold?) see Dutro, George                    
CASSIN, Mary E see Walker, Dennis A                    
CASSINGER, Lillian see Booman, Renno                    
CASSINGER, William see Booman, Renno                    
CASTELA, Jas see Salisbury, Edward D                    
CASTER, Ethel see McArthur, R J                    
CASTER, John see Strand, Bernt                    
CASTER, Kittie see Strand, Bernt                    
CASTERLINE, Edgar Clayton       Vida 25 Frankfort S D George R Casterline & Caro-line Kolkan 12-Dec-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 982  
      Ann Sievers Vida 15 Harvey N D Henry Sievers & Eva Schueble?          
CASTERLINE, Edward Theodore       Vida 33 Frankfort S D George R Casterlinre & Caroline Colkin 27-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 974  
      Ida Lena Seivers Vida 19 Harvey N D Henry Seivers & Eva Schueble          
CASTERLINE, George R see Casterline, Edgar Clayton                    
CASTERLINE, George R see Casterline, Edward Theodore                    
CASTILLO, Cataieno       Malta 28 Colorado Joseph Castillo & Palnes? Curz? 25-Feb-1895 Malta Valley ?  
      Isabell Short Malta 18 Can Jim Short & Matilda McDillis?          
CASTILLO, Joseph see Castillo, Catieno                    
CASTILLO, Lucy see Paz, Frank                    
CASTILLO, Meleuo see Paz, Frank                    
CASTIO, Petra see Tony, Ben                    
CASTIO, Refugua see Tony, Ben                    
CASTLE, Alonzo G       Beach N D 27 Savanna Illinois John Castle & Eliza Bell 25-Aug-20 Glendive Dawson 2675  
      Marie Myers Beach 20 Algona Iowa Stephen Myers & Eliza Jane          
CASTLE, Brant D       Glasgow 25 Seward Neb L H Castle & Lily Kipp 4-Oct-23 Glasgow Valley 2998  
      Fannie Erickson Glasgow 25 Towner N D A A Mitchell & Annie Jones          
CASTLE, John see Castle, Alonzo G                    
CASTLE, L H see Castle, Brant D                    
CASTLEBERRY, John R       Havre 29 Cleveland Okla John R Castleberry & Francis M Rabun 14-Jul-27 Chinook Blaine 1004  
      Claris Stanley Havre 20 Bloomfield Neb John William Stanley & Winifred Tague          
CASTLEMAN, Corbin W       Weedon 23 Vir John S Castleman & Elinor Washington 7-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2011  
      Virgie E Scott Almira? Wash 24 Wash Wm S Scott & Alice Covey?          
CASTLEMAN, John S see Castleman, Corbin W                    
CASTLEY, Minnie see Jackson, Charles A                    
CASTON, charles A see Gloyn, William                    
CASTON, Nell Bernadine see Gloyn, William                    
CASVILLE, Margaret see Paul                    
CASWELL, Addie see Brooks, Charles Wesley                    
CASWELL, Herbert E see Eaton, Delbert                    
CASWELL, Herbert E see Farnam, John                    
CASWELL, Lura see Farnam, John                    
CASWELL, Margaret see Vancuren, Ernest U                    
CASWELL, Margaret see Nelson                    
CASWELL, Mary see Malcolm                    
CASWELL, Mary see McBurney                    
CASWELL, Mary E see McBurney                    
CASWELL, Notatin W see Brooks Orin Henry                    
CASWELL, Susan Helen see Eaton, Delbert                    
CATANI, Mary Josephine see Rasmussen, Theodore                    
CATANI, Victor see Rasmussen, Theodor                    
CATCH HER CROW, Anna see Highback, Paul                    
CATE, John see Fry, John                    
CATES, Eldrid L       St Paul Mn 22 Meeker Cty Mn W H Cates & Rose Peabody 12-Jan-12 Glendive Dawson 1044  
      Florence Iuance Redwater 18 Todd Cty Mn Florence Iuance & Roina Gilpin          
CATES, Phoebe see Tanner, Fred C                    
CATES, W H see Cates, Eldrid L                    
CATHESSON, Carrie see Lundeen, Eric W                    
CATLIN, F M       Culbertson 24 Creston Iowa George Catlin & Cora George 2-Feb-09 Glasgow Valley 449  
      Katherine Streissguth Culbertson 24 Arlington Mn Theodore Streissguth & Katie Klinkert          
CATLIN, George see Catlin, F M                    
CATLIN, Julius A see McFarland, Chas H                    
CATLIN, Rose see Comstock, Earl                    
CATLIN, Rose see Benson, J Oscar                    
CATMULL, Emma J see Nixon                    
CATO, James F see Cato, Tully                    
CATO, Tullie       Glendive 29 Mississippi James F Cato & Franses A Heins? 28-Apr-1895 Glendive Dawson 109  
      Carrie Aske Glendive 21 Iowa John Aske & Margaret Gussler          
CATRACT, Fred see Stanczyk, Math                    
CATRACT, Fred see Wangen, Magnus S                    
CATRACT, Lilly see Stanczyk, Math                    
CATT, Ruth G see Smith, James R                    
CATT, W L see Smith, James L                    
CATT, W Leroy see Catt, Dean                    
CATT?, Dean       Nashua 24 Illinois W LeRoy Catt & Minnie Laws 9-Sep-28 Glasgow Valley 3408  
      Elizabeth Bauer Nashua 24 N D Jake Bauer & Fredrika Torno          
CATTANACH, Beatrice K see McIntyre, John N                    
CATTANACH, Bessie A see Montagne, Luther J                    
CATTANACH, Dorothy see Knudson, John                    
CATTANACH, James       Saco 52 Ontario Can James Cattanach & Mary Smith 28-Aug-26 Glasgow Valley 3238  
      Mathilda Marshall Saco 52 Bolivia Mn John Kuether & Amelia Brown          
CATTANACH, James see Montagne, Luther J                    
CATTANACH, James C see Knodson, John                    
CATTANACH, Peter see McIntyre, John N                    
CATTANEA, Charley see Zoanni, Albino                    
CATTANEA, Magdalene see Zoanni, Albino                    
CATTERMAN, Sarah see Sanders, Arthur                    
CAUCHON, Melvin       Grand Forks N D 23 Mn   17-Aug-26   Phillips 906  
      Agnes Ell Dickinson N D 19 N D            
CAUFFMAN, Earl O       Valley Cty 28 Indiana   17-Jul-15   Phillips 32  
      Grace J Luckes Phillips 26 New York            
CAUFFMAN, Paul H       Malta 20 N D   15-Jan-29   Phillips 1097  
      Rosean (Roseau?) Courtney Malta 17 S D //            
CAUFIELD, Allie see Messenger, Allen Ray                    
CAUFIELD, Cora see Grantier, Archie                    
CAUFMAN, Augusta see Swihart, Earl G                    
CAUGHFIELD, Lue see Smith, Henry A                    
CAUGHFIELD, Margaret see Smith, Henry A                    
CAUGHLIN, Etta see Cummings, Newton J                    
CAUGHLIN, Mary see Candee, Elmer L                    
CAUGHT, By The Crows see Brown, Herbert                    
CAVAN, H G see Patterson, Harry L                    
CAVAN, Virginia Allen see Patterson, Harry L                    
CAVANAUGH, A J       Malta 45 Putnam Conn Martion Cavanaugh & Maryan? McQuillen 30-Jun-12 Glasgow Valley 1074  
      Ruth Arthur Anamose Iowa 52 Jimtown Wis Henry Ray & Martha Miller          
CAVANAUGH, Alice see Reeves, Oscar J                    
CAVANAUGH, Arthur       Malta 41 Malta Michael Cavanaugh & Mary Ann McQuillen 23-Oct-05 Malta Valley 195  
      Emily Hyatt Malta 43 Scotland Alexander Greene & Annie Walden          
CAVANAUGH, Arthur       Phillips 20 N D   18-Aug-15   Phillips 43  
      Georgia K Langard Phillips 18 Norway            
CAVANAUGH, Arthur       Phillips 53 Wis   10-Dec-17   Phillips 297  
      May Holgren Phillips 23 N D            
CAVANAUGH, Celestine M see Cavanaugh, Arthur                    
CAVANAUGH, Dominick       Glendive 39 Canada James Cavanaugh & Bridget McGlade 28-May-1893 Glendive Dawson 79  
      Lillian Wamsley Glendive 20 Iowa John Wamsley          
CAVANAUGH, Dominick       Glendive 26 Glendive Dominick Cavanaugh & Lillian Wamsley 27-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 2834  
      Virginia Schumacher Glendive 24 LaCrosse Wisc Henry Schumacher & Emilie Cottereau          
CAVANAUGH, Dominick see O�Neil, Desmond J                    
CAVANAUGH, Ellen see Feeney                    
CAVANAUGH, Ellen Grace (Gardner?) see Gardner, George W                    
CAVANAUGH, Esther see O�Neil, Desmond J                    
CAVANAUGH, Helen see Gardiner, Georgr W                    
CAVANAUGH, James see Gardiner, George W                    
CAVANAUGH, James see Cavanaugh, Dominick                    
CAVANAUGH, James Lee       Glendive 24 Fondulac Wisc Larry Cavanaugh & Mary McKenna 20-Aug-30 Glendive Dawson 3906  
      Clara Buvick Britton S D 18 Minneapolis Mn Ole Buvick & Anna Langseth          
CAVANAUGH, Jim see Gardner, George W                    
CAVANAUGH, John D       Flaxville 31 New York (st) John Cavanaugh & Bridget O Burke 8-Jul-26 Scobey Daniels 261  
      Bridie A Murphy Flaxville 30 Ireland William Murphy & Catherine Neylon          
CAVANAUGH, John P       Wolf Point 34 Iowa M E Cavanaugh & Margaret Clark 28-Jan-19 Wolf Point Sheridan 1463  
      Lena C Spores Wolf Point 19 Grants Pass (Ore?) Edgar Spores & Nettie Fields          
CAVANAUGH, John R       Flaxville 25 Annadale Mn Joseph Cavanaugh & Mary O�Laughlin 22-Oct-28 Flaxville Daniels 391  
      Jeanette Blanche Goulet res Flaxville 17 Mt Joseph Goulet & Nellie Parent          
CAVANAUGH, Joseph see Cavanaugh, John R                    
CAVANAUGH, Julia see Jones, Bert R                    
CAVANAUGH, Larry see Cavanaugh, James Lee                    
CAVANAUGH, Laura see Scrivener, Jonathan R                    
CAVANAUGH, Lawrence P see Cavanaugh, Ross Mathew                    
CAVANAUGH, M E see Cavanaugh                    
CAVANAUGH, Margaret see Keegan, Hugh                    
CAVANAUGH, Martin see Cavanaugh, Arthur                    
CAVANAUGH, Mary see McCarthy, Charles                    
CAVANAUGH, Michael see Cavanaugh, Arthur                    
CAVANAUGH, Ross Mathew       Glendive 21 Burns Lawrence P Cavanaugh & Mary McKenna 20-Apr-30 Wibaux Wibaux 734  
      Jeanette Marion Wyse Marion 20 Princeton Wis Joseph Wyse & Jeanette Whyte          
CAVE, Alfred       Brunswick Neb 24 Neb R M Cave & Nina Cummins 20-Oct-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 822  
      Genevieve Cane? Broadus 22 Neb Martin Cane & Josephine Breedlove          
CAVE, Charles see Cave, Frances John                    
CAVE, Chas see Hanson, Leonard                    
CAVE, Frances John       Scobey 22 Neb Charles Cave & Ella Ericson 8-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1084  
      Odelen Helen Lundquist Scobey 21 Velva N D Alfred Lundquist & Amanda Swedland          
CAVE, Ira       Gontock? Sask Can 21 Boone Cty Nebr Martin Cave & Josephine Breedlove 8-Jan-23 Scobey Daniels 93  
      Doris Johnston Guntock 24 Ord Nebr W L Siler & Ina Ager          
CAVE, Lawrence       Bengough Sask 21 Ontario Can Percy Cave & Louise Sims 1-Nov-30 Scobey Daniels 498  
      Kate E Meeker Bengough Sask 25 N D Bert Meeker & ??? Coltman          
CAVE, Martin see Cave, Ira                    
CAVE, Olive see Hanson, Leonard                    
CAVE, Percy see Cave, Lawrence L                    
CAVE, R M see Cave, Alfred                    
CAVES, Alice Bertha see Tuttle, Clifford Wellington                    
CAVES, Arvis Averille see Grossaint, Louis                    
CAVES, Effie see Grossaint, Will                    
CAVES, Fern Ivo       Malta 29 Jeddo Mich Thomas Caves & Alice Stotts 20-Jun-29 Glasgow Valley 3479  
      Ida May McEwen Malta 18 Malta Ike McEwen & Harriet Taylor          
CAVES, Leah see Burke, Frank                    
CAVES, Leah L see Soben, Louis V                    
CAVES, Leota L see Anderson, Henry L                    
CAVES, Liata see Grossaint, Louis                    
CAVES, Millie M see Anderson, Henry L                    
CAVES, Millie Marie see Stubblefield, Evert B                    
CAVES, Thomas see Grossaint, Will                    
CAVES, Thomas see Caves, Fern Ivo                    
CAWART, T J see Tyrell, Nova Vern                    
CAWLEY, Alice see Pearson, Fritz                    
CAWSEY, H S       Estevan Can 50 Halifax N S John Cawsey & Mary Nichols 6-Jul-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3041  
      Daisy M Harden Estevan 27 Ogema Can Rich-ard Harden & Augusta Dawson          
CAWSEY, John see Cawsey                    
CAWTHON, Clarence E       Chicago 38 Kingston Mo Thomas Cawthon & Florence Miller 17-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 3477  
      Ethel M Blencoe Beach N D 29 Minneapolis Mn John Blencowe & Addie Coleman          
CAWTHON, Thomas see Cawthon, Clarence E                    
CAXTON, Hannah see Sherman, Wilmer Thomas                    
CAYER, John see Clark, George                    
CAYER, Melina see Clark, George                    
CEBALSKE, John see Barrows, Pat                    
CEBULLA, Aquina Mary see Barnhill, Harvey Warren                    
CEBULLA, Max see Barnhill, Harvey Warren                    
CEBULSKI, Elsie C see Trottier, James                    
CEBULSKI, Nick       Malta ??? Ledgerwood S D Stephen Cebulski & Mary Machovich 17-Jan-25 Glasgow Valley 3110  
      Bertha Mitchell Malta 18 Oakland Ill James A Mitchell & Rica Taylor          
CEBULSKI, Nick see Burke, Frank                    
CEBULSKI, Stephen see Cebulski, Nick                    
CECIL, Elmer Elden       Williston 34 Charleston Illinois Henry H Cecil & Ester A Rundall 14-Sep-21 Poplar Roosivelt 285  
      Lois Agatha Bennett Williston 23 St Louis Mo Zach & Mary Bennett          
CECIL, Henry H see Cecil, Elmer Elden                    
CECIL, Viola see Mayer, Jack                    
CEDERBERG, Albert (Aben?)       Glasgow 27 Lake Lilian Mn John Cederburg & Nellie Benson 5-Oct-27 Glasgow Valley 3322  
      Jewell Adams Glasgow 19 Fairgrove Mo B F Adams & Mettie Trautham          
CEDERBERG, John see Cederburg, Albert (Aben?)                    
CEDERBERG, Mamie J see Bruce, Norman W                    
CELEBET?, Susan see Lachen                    
CELIN?, Johanna see Jelmberg, Victor                    
CELLY, John see LaBatte                    
CELLY, Mary see Taugher, Patrick                    
CELLY, Mary see LaBatte                    
CEMPBELL, Martha see Baker, George Everett                    
CENTER, Edna see Tench, George Edward                    
CENTER, Edna see Kirkaldi, Frank                    
CENTRAL, Mary see King, Henery                    
CEPERLEY, Silas see Ceperley, Coy                    
CEPERLY, Coy       Fryburg 41 Grundy Cty Iowa Silas Ceperley & Jennie Smith 4-Oct-30 Wibaux Wibaux 762  
      Bertha Patrickus Belfield 18 Billings Cty N D August Patrikus & Dorothy Breaun-ing          
CEPERT, Mary see Riedel, John                    
CEPLICKA, Mary see Bedmer, George                    
CERNA, Katie see Cizek, Charlie J                    
CERNABAN, Letitia see Galloway                    
CERNACK, Henry see Prentice, Wm                    
CERNAK, Rose see Prentice, Wm                    
CERNIAK, Barbara see Voss, Gustaf                    
CERNY, Barbara see Olson, Bert A                    
CERNY, Katherine see Wilson, Bert                    
CERTIN, Robert N see Nelson, Erin                    
CERVENY, Anna see Wells, Glen H                    
CERVENY, Mary see Brantz, Orval B                    
CERVENY, Vencel see Brantz, Orval B                    
CESAR, Sady see Wells                    
CESESKI, Frances see Kierzek, Mike                    
CESSNA, Glen       Leedy 24 Smithport Penn M E Cessna & Martha Bowers 1-Aug-1013 Glasgow Valley 1329  
      Inez G Adams Ross 18 Lame Deer D E Adams & Ella Coon          
CESSNA, M E see Cessna, Glen                    
CETNER, Anna see Crandall, Gordon Newlove                    
CEYMORE, Percy see Clanton, Carl J                    
CHABOT, E E see Switzer, Edward E                    
CHABOT, Mrs E E see Bruckhauer, Frank                    
CHABOT, Mrs Emma (Lapierre?) see Delegrave                    
CHACE, Alice see Morrin, Samuel Wed                    
CHADBOURNE, Ruth see Anderson, John                    
CHADBOURNE, Viola Evelyn see Bailey, Manson H                    
CHADBURNE, Will see Anderson, John                    
CHADDERDON, Laura May see Bartholemew, Clifford                    
CHADDERDON, Peter see Bartholemew, Clifford                    
CHADWICK, Diamond see Nagel, Mike                    
CHADWICK, Elizabeth see Gopen, George W                    
CHADWICK, Luella see Nagel, Mike                    
CHADWICK, Lulu see Fields, Thomas W                    
CHAFFEE, A W see Chaffee, Hiram S                    
CHAFFEE, Adolph see Chaffee                    
CHAFFEE, Adolph see Chaffee                    
CHAFFEE, Adolph see Chaffee                    
CHAFFEE, Adolph see Chaffee                    
CHAFFEE, Allan C       Wibaux 24 Strongs Prairie Wis Elmer C Chaffee & Bertha Robinson 26-May-28 Wibaux Wibaux 609  
      Hazel E Argenbright Wibaux 21 Emmitsburg Iowa M E Argenbright & Katherine O�Connor          
CHAFFEE, Delia see Odien, Roy                    
CHAFFEE, Earl       Daleview 22 Mn Adolf Chaffee & Lena Grinke 3-Dec-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2026  
      Maggie Griffin Daleview 18 N D Martin Griffin & Althea Finley          
CHAFFEE, Elmer       Daleview 19 Mn Adolph Chaffee & Ludwina Gruenke 17-Jul-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2184  
      Lucille Desonia Daleview 18 Mt Alonzo Desonia & Seline Augur          
CHAFFEE, Elmer C see Chaffee, Annan C                    
CHAFFEE, Hiram S see Rasor, Glen                    
CHAFFEE, Hiram S       Glendive 23 Tioga Cty Penn A W Chaffee & Britiah Babcock ??-Feb-1916 Glendive Dawson 1864  
      Ida Hohensee Glendive 42 Mells Mn Herman Barnick & Fredda Recka          
CHAFFEE, Ina see Rasor, Glen                    
CHAFFEE, Norman       Westby 25 Dent Mn Adolph Chaffee & Lavina Grinke 3-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2841  
      Martha Gunderson Westby 19 Westby Olaf Gunderson & Elizabeth Swen          
CHAFFEE, Ralph       Daleview 24 Dent Mn Adolph Chaffee & Ludvina Grumble 18-May-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2432  
      Mary Grumble Daleview 18 Minnewauken N D Martin Griffin & Altha Finley          
CHAFFIN, Richard see Chaffin, Roscoe A                    
CHAFFIN, Roscoe A       Intake 39 Harrisburg Ohio Richard Chaffin & Jennie Story 31-May-24 Glendive Dawson 3109  
      Minnie Helena Mangel Sauk Rapids Mn 30 Bennett Iowa Christ Mangel & Marie Schmidt          
CHAILLE, Melville       Phillips 24 Quebec Can   22-May-16   Phillips 100  
      Rosana Lavallie Phillips 20 Quebec Can            
CHAILSWORTH, Emma see Cool, Fred                    
CHALE, Maude see LaBarge, Harvey                    
CHALLQUIST, Adolph       Glasgow 37 Sweden Christopher Kittel 19-Mar-05 Snowden Valley 168  
      Emma Olson Snowden 28 Sweden John Olson          
CHALMERS, D A see Peterson, Ross D                    
CHALMERS, Junia C see Peterson, Ross D                    
CHALMERS, Lida Belle see Holst, Carl Ernest                    
CHALMERS, William & Carey see Holst, Carl Ernest                    
CHALMESS, Charlotte see Miller, William J                    
CHALSMAN, Esther see Rider, Olney M                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Earl S see Fraser, Harold Zerxie                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Carmen see Burch, Kenneth C                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Cary Pearl see Shufelt, Edward                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Charles see Collins, Dennis                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Della see Wendt, Victor                    
CHAMBERLAIN, E W see Preminger, Glen G                    
CHAMBERLAIN, E W see Snow, James Jr                    
CHAMBERLAIN, E W & Mrs see Iverson, Karl M                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Elmer E see Weir, Earl V                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Florence see Wright, James C                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Frank Joseph       Maroneck N Y 25 N Y Howard Chamberlain & Margaret McDonald 24-Feb-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1715  
      Gerda Elizabeth Christiansen P,wood 23 Long Lake Mn Charles G Christiansen & Caroline Jensen          
CHAMBERLAIN, Fred see Shufelt, Edward                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Freda S see Fraser, Harold Zerxie                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Howard see Chamberlain                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Katherine see Dowen, Guy                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Lucille V see Weir, Earl V                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Mary see Eaton, Delbert                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Nellie see Daniels, Dennis                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Nettie Alida see Collins, Dennis                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Otto R       Dunn Center N D 38 Ind Volney C Chamberlain & Harriet E Riddle 16-Sep-19 Wibaux Wibaux 255  
      Eleanor Vesta Just Dunn Center 22 Wis Emil Just & Bertha Hertwig          
CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel see Chamberlain, W B                    
CHAMBERLAIN, Volney C see Chamberlain, Otto R                    
CHAMBERLAIN, W B       Saco 28 Ottawa Samuel E Chamberlain & Katherine Stephenson 23-Jan-12 Glasgow Valley 989  
      Nellie Simmons Saco 21 Wauso Florida C A Simmons & Bertha Tiller          
CHAMBERLAND, J W see Chamberland, William Bazil                    
CHAMBERLAND, William Bazil       Williston N D 24 Marshall Mo J W Chamberland & Carrie Morris 3-Nov-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 682  
      Marie Anderson Williston 26 Norway Henry Anderson & Ingeborg Hanson          
CHAMBERLIN, Elmer A see Chamberlin, Frederick Wm                    
CHAMBERLIN, Frederick Wm       Glentana 25 Belle Plaine Mn Elmer A Chamberlin & Emma Krentz 26-Jun-17 Glentana Valley 2144  
      Aileen Beatrix Clarke Glentana 18 Neb Clayton C Clark & Sallie May Groves          
CHAMBERLIN, Georgina see Rosendahl, C Peter                    
CHAMBERLIN, Mary see Farnam, John                    
CHAMBERS, Alfred       Barr 29 DesMoines Iowa Thomas Chambers & Jennie Wicks 23-Jun-12 Barr Valley 1065  
      Olga Dahlquist Barr 24 Fargo N D J P Dahlquist & ???          
CHAMBERS, Fredrick Roy       Barr 28 Nebr Thomas E Chambers & Jessie Wicker 30-Sep-16 Barr Valley 1948  
      Selena E Dahlquist Barr 23 N D John P Dahlquist & ???          
CHAMBERS, Geo T see Rathbone, Don J                    
CHAMBERS, George A see Legge, Edith Clair                    
CHAMBERS, George A see Amundson, Anton                    
CHAMBERS, Gertrude see Rathbone Don J                    
CHAMBERS, Goldie see Gwartney, Joseph H                    
CHAMBERS, Goldie see Bentzine, Raymond F                    
CHAMBERS, Jennie see Osborne, William Morris                    
CHAMBERS, Katie see Kollrad, Emil                    
CHAMBERS, Lennie see Curry, W L                    
CHAMBERS, Lillie see Fisher, Bailey                    
CHAMBERS, Mamie see Cosner, Harry W                    
CHAMBERS, Marcus D               20-Nov-1884   Dawson 34  
      Jeany Lacy?                  
CHAMBERS, Mrs E B see Amundson, Anton                    
CHAMBERS, Nancy see Burgess, Ray O                    
CHAMBERS, Nancy Lucinda see Burgess, Gabriel William                    
CHAMBERS, Stella see Smith                    
CHAMBERS, Thomas see Chambers, Alfred                    
CHAMBERS, Thomas E see Chambers, Fredrick Roy                    
CHAMBERS, Thomas R see Peterson