Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Boudreau to Brown, George

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
BOUDREAU, Frank see Boudreau, John L                    
BOUDREAU, John L       Plentywood 21 Bathurst Can Frank Boudreau & Deanna Dion? 31-May-33 Scobey Daniels 103  
      Anna Beryl Ford Plentywood 20 Culbertson John Humphrey & Anna Malloy          
BOUDREAU, Leon       Malta 21 Little Falls Mn Steve Boudreau & Relia Case 12-Nov-12 Malta Valley 1148  
      Alvina Arvet Malta 22 Little Falls Mn Edward Arvet & Florence Ercaux          
BOUGHMAN, John see Peterman, Harry                    
BOUGHMAN, Nola see Peterman, Harry                    
BOULDEN, Ruth see Hooper, Willis B                    
BOULDS, John       Welliver 22 Missouri? Theophile Boulds & Agnes Bany 24-Nov-14 Plentywood Sheridan 371  
      Vivian Otoole Pwood 18 Mn James Otoole & Mary O�shea          
BOULDS, Mattie D see Munson, Len G                    
BOULDS, Theophile see Boulds                    
BOULDS, Theophis see Munson, Len G                    
BOULER, Mollie see Sweeney, Roger                    
BOULWARE, Gertrude (Hall?) see McCleery, Oral R                    
BOUMGART, Augusta see Kelmer, Gustav                    
BOUNDAY, Charlotte see Hayward, John Herbert                    
BOUNE, Lovina M (Beeks?) see Babb, Clayton W                    
BOUQUET, Mary see Wolfe, R H                    
BOURASSA, Allen       P�wood 23 N D Phillip Bourassa & Zelda LaPlante 5-Aug-16 Plentywood Sheridan 808  
      Clara Sherdahl Westby 18 Mn Butler Sherdahl          
BOURASSA, Anna see Parent                    
BOURASSA, Avangeline? see Olsen, Edum A                    
BOURASSA, Blanche L see Nunn                    
BOURASSA, Cedelia see Schwartz                    
BOURASSA, Evalina see Audette                    
BOURASSA, Evangeline see Breton, Ammadee                    
BOURASSA, H see Parent                    
BOURASSA, H see Nunn                    
BOURASSA, Helen see Schroeder                    
BOURASSA, Horace see Bourassa, Joseph                    
BOURASSA, Horace see Bourassa, John Baptiste                    
BOURASSA, Horace see LaRoche                    
BOURASSA , Horace see Bradley                    
BOURASSA, Irene see Bradley                    
BOURASSA, John Baptiste       Madoc 25 St John N D Horace Bourassa & Delia Lemiux 3-Apr-21 Scobey Daniels 27  
      Aurora Josephine Lauzon Madoc 16 Sr Antone Sask Can Teles Lauzon & Mary Toupin          
BOURASSA, Joseph       Whitetail 23 St Jojns N D Horace Bourassa & Delia Leminx 22-Sep-12 Scobey Valley 1105  
      Ida McArthur Whitetail 19 Ontario Neil McArthur & Anna Byrnes          
BOURASSA, Joseph A       P�wood 23 Grand Forks N D Philip Bourassa & Asilde Plant 13-Nov-21 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1765  
      Bertha M Harris P�wood 23 Iowa J M Harris & Nanette Hunter          
BOURASSA, Mary see LaRoche Fred                    
BOURASSA, Phillip see Breton, Ammadee                    
BOURASSA, Phillip see Olsen, Edum A                    
BOURASSA, Phillip see Bourassa                    
BOURASSA, Phillip see Carter                    
BOURASSA, Phillip see Bourassa                    
BOURASSA, Phillip see Schwartz                    
BOURCEY, Ernestine see Fry                    
BOURGET, Anne see Paradis                    
BOURNE, J W see Bourne                    
BOURNE, W H       Regina 26 England J W Bourne & Emily Webster 25-May-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3017  
      Helen Buck Recina 25 Findlater Can A L Buck & Margaret Bock          
BOUSHLEY, Charlie see Boushley, Fred                    
BOUSHLEY, Fred       Pelican Rapids 25 Pelican Rapids Mn Charlie Boushley & Gunelda Martenson 10-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1812  
      Annie Martenson Pelican Rapids 20 Perican Rapids Alfred Martenson & Hannah Osmundson          
BOUTELLE, Almond H       Phillips 30 Iowa   9-Sep-22   Phillips 364  
      Thelma W Janish Phillips 21 N D            
BOUTILIER, Edith see Bennett, James C                    
BOUTKER, Katie see Hink, Casper                    
BOUTREAU, Steve see Boudreau, Leon                    
BOUTROUS, Oscar T       Bismark 26 Peoria Illinois Thomas Boutrous & Scheheny Abdouch 8-Aug-23 Glendive Dawson 3011  
      Barbara Meckler Dickinson N D 26 Russia Roy Meckler & Catherine Cooper          
BOUTROUS, Thomas see Boutrous, Oscar T                    
BOUVY, James Purne see Bouvy                    
BOUVY, John A       Poplar 41 Ottowa Kans James Purne Bouvy & Mary Borngert 9-Jan-19 Poplar Sheridan 1459  
      Nellie Belle Breese Poplar 42 Tulon Ill Erastus Rounds & Candace A Badford          
BOUZLOF, Marie see Aichele, Karl Henerich                    
BOVEE, Truman A       Miles City 23 Wis W A Bovee & Jennie Anderson 28-Oct-16 Wibaux Wibaux 111  
      Rosette Lewis Wibaux 18 Iowa Chas M Lewis & Lizzie Holmes          
BOVEE, W A see Bovee, Truman A                    
BOVI, Minnie see Jenkins, Jesse O                    
BOW, Hannah see Wettlin                    
BOW, Isaac       Brockton 26 Poplar Chases After Eagle & Owl 25-Jun-19 Poplar Roosivelt 15  
      Soft Wide Dumb Brockton 47 Ft Peck Reser Dumb & Good Tail Woman          
BOWANS, Elizabeth see Rinehart                    
BOWDEN, Mable Mona Gordon see McIntyre, Charles                    
BOWDEN, Maud E see West, William R                    
BOWDEN, William see McIntyre, Charles                    
BOWDIN, Nellie see Thompson, William Lorenzo                    
BOWDISH, Melissa Ada see Good, Mark Henry                    
BOWE, Hannah see Taylor, Levi Chester                    
BOWE, William see Taylor, Levi Chester                    
BOWELLE, B B see Bowelle, Bert                    
BOWELLE, Bert       Medora N D 29 Fairmont Mn B B Bowelle & Ethel Willoughby 5-Aug-28 Glendive Dawson 3473  
      Athenaise Davis Medora N D 19 Glendive T A Davis & Gertrude Foley          
BOWEN, John W see Bowen                    
BOWEN, Ellan Jane see Robbins, Dan F                    
BOWEN, Elvina see Butler, William M                    
BOWEN, Floyd       Chinook 24 Beacon Iowa Will Bowen & Mary Williams 22-Aug-30 Chinook Blaine 1219  
      Marie Lund Chinook 25 Ill A C Lund & Anna Jacobson          
BOWEN, Henry A       Trenton N D 26 Ill John W Bowen & Mary E Kepplinger 27-Jan-14 Plentywood Sheridan 169  
      Cora Irwin Trenton 30 Ill C A Irwin & Lottie Lothrop          
BOWEN, Katherine see Maheedy, R J                    
BOWEN, Mary see May, Clarence                    
BOWEN, Millie see Shook                    
BOWEN, Ruth Mae (Woodruff?) see Macleod, S A                    
BOWEN, Ruthette see Dunham, Ermon George                    
BOWEN, Trueman Neal       Hope N D 24 Hope William A Bowen & Minnie Dam 7-Jun-24 Poplar Roosivelt 626  
      Helen Alice Dodge Kalispell 22 Exive Iowa Merroll B Dodge & Gertrude Gales          
BOWEN, Will see Bowen, Floyd                    
BOWEN, William A see Bowen, Treuman Neal                    
BOWENS, Ida see Ratledge, Bunnie                    
BOWER, Anna see Hill, Everett M                    
BOWER, Anna E see Hill, Lester H                    
BOWER, B L       Glendive 24 Canton Illinois J E Bower & Eva Garretson 8-Feb-16 Glendive Dawson 1866  
      Nellie E Brown Livingston 20 Council Bluffs Iowa T H Brown & Carrie Herbert          
BOWER, Eva see Harlow, Neil R                    
BOWER, Harold Sherwood       Glendive 24 Danville Ill James Bower & Ena Garretson 9-Sep-22 Glendive Dawson 2893  
      Irene Wallace Glendive 18 Ontario Wisc Vint Wallace & Francis Gould          
BOWER, J E see Bower, B L                    
BOWER, James see Bower, Harold Sherwood                    
BOWER, Kate see Misslin                    
BOWER, Mary see Bowers, Tonie                    
BOWER, Rilla see Baillet, John A                    
BOWER, Rillah see Bundren, George William                    
BOWERMAN, Grant H       Coburg 27 Sanliac Mich John Bowerman & Elizabeth Thompson 14-Jun-26 Chinook Blaine 945  
      Monica Mathers Harlem 18 Tomah Wis Hugh Mathers & Neva Gordon          
BOWERMAN, John see McCann, Raymond                    
BOWERMAN, John see Bowerman, Grant H                    
BOWERMAN, Marguerite see McCann, Raymond                    
BOWERS, Charles see Woodward, Irving                    
BOWERS, Clifford William       Fairview 24 Cincinnatti Ohio John Alexander Bowers & Alice Bogg 28-Feb-14 Fairview Dawson 1443  
      Emma Davison Fairview 19 Fairview Daniel Robinson Davison & Sophronia Belle Humord?          
BOWERS, Eva see Peterson, Harvey W                    
BOWERS, Eva see Sillivan, Leslie F                    
BOWERS, Ida see Becker, Henry Joseph Sinom                    
BOWERS, Ida see Fralick                    
BOWERS, Ida M see Park, Ira F                    
BOWERS, Ida M see Peterson                    
BOWERS, Jacob see Boyles, William Franklin                    
BOWERS, Joe see Bowers, Tonie                    
BOWERS, John Alexander see Bowers, Clifford William                    
BOWERS, Kate see Hartl, Arthur Z                    
BOWERS, Martha see Cessna, Glen                    
BOWERS, Millie see Boyles, William Franklin                    
BOWERS, Nancy see Stai, Emma Martinus                    
BOWERS, Tonie       Wibaux 25 Clark Cty Wis Joe Bowers & Sophia Smith 22-Nov-09 Wibaux Dawson 747  
      Mary Mickels Beach N D 22 Strum Wis John Mickels & Mary Bower          
BOWIE, Margaret see Vancuren, Ernest U                    
BOWIE, Margaret see Vancuren, Alvin                    
BOWINDBERG, Chris see Bowindberg, Thomas Christofferson                    
BOWINDBERG, Thomas Christofferson       Mn 24 Norway Chris Bowindberg & Martha Lomasdatter 22-Mar-22 Poplar Roosivelt 360  
      Alma Julia Raasum Mn 30 Mn Albert Raasum & Gertrude Barsness          
BOWLER, Virginia see Allen, Walter C                    
BOWLES, Elsworth Leopold       Glasgow 25 Eluthera, B W I Ferdrick Henry Bowles & Sarah Jane Griffin 10-Jul-29 Glasgow Valley 3485  
      Florence Olson Glasgow 19 Charleson N D Thos Olson & Marie Norheim          
BOWLES, Fredrick Henry see Bowles, Elsworth Leopold                    
BOWLES, Virginia see McKay, James                    
BOWLES, Virginia see Nicks, Jeff                    
BOWLIN, Anna see Bunch, Waldo                    
BOWLIN, Anna see Trulock, William                    
BOWLIN, Glen       Wolf Point 23 Macone Ill T F Bowlin & Laura Vest 23-Jan-23 Glasgow Valley 2948  
      Ruth Forsness Wolf Point 18 Grand Forks N D Daniel Forsness & Alita Fintland          
BOWLIN, Johnnie G       Wolf Point 22 Illinois Tom Bowlin & Laura Bell West? 31-Mar-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 225  
      Eliza Paterson Medicine Lake 19   Alexander Paterson & Sarah Davis          
BOWLIN, T F see Bowlin, Glen                    
BOWLIN, Tom see Bowlin, Johnnie G                    
BOWMAN, A see Somerville                    
BOWMAN, Alice see Hensley, James N                    
BOWMAN, Ameleda see Hunter, Ameleda                    
BOWMAN, Asa       Shenandoah Iowa 22 Stonington Ill J M Bowman & Clara Sidles 6-Mar-10 Hinsdale Valley 587  
      Anna Holmes Hinsdale 21 Northburg Iowa Syris? Holmes & Mathilda Roub          
BOWMAN, Caroline see Feltis, George Albert                    
BOWMAN, Carrie see King, Elza Morey                    
BOWMAN, Carrie see Feltes                    
BOWMAN, Christine see Johnson, Jorgen Al                    
BOWMAN, Dilla see Pedersen                    
BOWMAN, Doris C see Skillingberg                    
BOWMAN, E see Lovell                    
BOWMAN, Elizabeth see Richardson, Isaac Noel                    
BOWMAN, Elizabeth see Stevens                    
BOWMAN, Ethel M see Kemmis, Louis A                    
BOWMAN, Etta see Bowman, Walter                    
BOWMAN, Etta L see Ellis, Hollie L                    
BOWMAN, Florence see Somerville                    
BOWMAN, Helen M see Harper                    
BOWMAN, J M see Bowman, Asa                    
BOWMAN, Lizzie see Stevens                    
BOWMAN, Mable see Berg, Chris                    
BOWMAN, Marion see Ellis, Hollie L                    
BOWMAN, Mary see Johnson, Andrew                    
BOWMAN, Mary see Moors, Sam                    
BOWMAN, N E see Harper                    
BOWMAN, Robert F see Skillingberg                    
BOWMAN, Samuel see Kemmis, Louis A                    
BOWMAN, Sarah see Smith, John Arthur                    
BOWMAN, Sarah E see Peterson, Ernest Theodore                    
BOWMAN, Walter W       Phillips 21 Can   6-Oct-17 Malta Phillips 273  
      Eva May Culvin Phillips 22 Ill            
BOWNESS, Evelyn see Sarkissian                    
BOWNESS, George       Williston 25 Lester Eng George Bowness & Hannah Pickern 22-Feb-14 Mondak Sheridan 186  
      Leona Davis Spokane Wa 21 Marion Ohio Ellen Davis & Jane Justice          
BOWREY, Charles William G       Barnard 37 Kingston Jamaica James John Bowrey & Jeanette Milne 27-Dec-16 Barr Valley 2000  
      Daisy Maude Cokill Barnard 32 Kansas City Andrew Cokill & Mary Elizabeth Potham          
BOWREY, John see Bowrey, Charles William G                    
BOWRON, Ella R see Owen, Harry W                    
BOWRON, George see Owen, Harry W                    
BOWSER, Florence see Kemper, Byron Newton                    
BOWYER, Ransome see Bowyer, Russell                    
BOWYER, Russell       Wolf Point 25 Wis Ransom Bowyer & Lula Riley 1-Feb-28 Glasgow Valley 3367  
      Elsie McCormick Glasgow 18 Walback Neb James I McCormick & Hester Ferris          
BOX, Mary see Burton, R F                    
BOXALL, Mary Ann see Volkman, John                    
BOXER, Frank see Garfield, Charles                    
BOXER, Mary Rosie see Garfield, Charlie                    
BOY, Bear see Shortman, James                    
BOYCE, Albin E see Baker, Ray A                    
BOYCE, Alice see Clark, Charles G                    
BOYCE, Elery R       Sentinel Butte 34 Clarion Iowa William Boyce & Elizabeth Ingels 3-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1507  
      Lena Marie Bjerken Sentinel Butte 23 ??? Lars Bjerken & Nicholine Anderson          
BOYCE, Gladys see Johnson, George A                    
BOYCE, Golden V see Reeves, Lester Dell                    
BOYCE, John see Johnson, George A                    
BOYCE, Lottie D see Baker, Ray A                    
BOYCE, Margaret Viola see Jess, Max                    
BOYCE, Mary see Osterloth, Vern E                    
BOYCE, Mary M see Baker, Ray A                    
BOYCE, Nancy Mable see Campbell, Lawson P                    
BOYCE, Nellie F see Morton, Clarence                    
BOYCE, Nellie F see Vannest, Harry                    
BOYCE, Oliver C see Campbell, Lawson P                    
BOYCE, Pearl see McPherson, Thomas                    
BOYCE, Stephen see Boyce, Stephen Charles                    
BOYCE, Stephen see Reeves, Lester Dell                    
BOYCE, Stephen see Jess, Max                    
BOYCE, Stephen Charles       Warich 23 Warich Stephen Boyce & Margaret E Henderson 20-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1798  
      Sadie Grace Haymaker Paradise 24 Mt Frank E Haymaker & Clora J Campion?          
BOYCE, William see Boyce, Elery R                    
BOYCUM, Bella B see Goolsby, Edward W                    
BOYCUM, John see Goolsby, Edward W                    
BOYD, Alexander & Elizabeth see Boyd, James                    
BOYD, Beulah see Gelvick, Einar                    
BOYD, Blanch M see Wyman, Dan L                    
BOYD, Carson       Poplar 22 Poplar John Boyd & White Cloud 24-Jun-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1449  
      Josephine Racine Browning 22 Browning Oliver Racine & Belle Alverz          
BOYD, David see Zeiler, John                    
BOYD, George E       Orville 27 N D Samuel Boyd & Maggie McKennon 16-Jul-13 Medicine Lake Sheridan 34  
      Teresa M Conlon Orville 25 N D William Conlon & Mary Coakley          
BOYD, George Sr see Miller                    
BOYD, Gilbert Glen       San Francisco 30 Redfield Kansas John W Boyd & Janetta Duncan 18-Jun-29 Circle McCone 147  
      Irene Winnefred Jager San Francisco 19 Center N D Robert F Jager & Lillian B Lukin          
BOYD, Gipsy Lee see Northrup, Lucius K                    
BOYD, Greenville       Froid 22 Paintsville Ky W J Boyd & Miss Juda Meek 1-Feb-12 Froid Valley 990  
      Clara Nelson Froid 22 Iowa L G Nelson & Mary Christson?          
BOYD, Harry see Houghtaling, Rex Walter                    
BOYD, Henry A       Scobey 47 Nor Ole & Bertha O Boyd 23-Jul-23 Glasgow Valley 3398  
      Getta Thompson Flaxville 41 N D Arne Thompson & Dorthea Monson?          
BOYD, J L see Diggins, B F                    
BOYD, James       Poplar 45 Bath N Y Alexander & Elizabeth Boyd 27-Jan-1893 Poplar Dawson 76  
      Mrs Jennie Mulligan Poplar 38 Ft Kip Raphael Durand & ???          
BOYD, James see Boyd                    
BOYD, James P see Boyd                    
BOYD, Jean Isabel see Houghtaling, Rex Walter                    
BOYD, John see Boyd, Carson                    
BOYD, John see Wyman, Dan L                    
BOYD, John see Benson                    
BOYD, John see Labatte                    
BOYD, John       Turner 32 Mt   30-Aug-23   Phillips 729  
      Bertha Mattfeldt Turner 38 Illinois            
BOYD, John James see Olson                    
BOYD, John K see Wicker, Otie E                    
BOYD, John R see Boyd, Lee J                    
BOYD, John W see Boyd, Gilbert Glen                    
BOYD, Julia see Olson, Clifford Melton                    
BOYD, Katherine see Benson                    
BOYD, Lee J       Poplar 26 Boone Iowa John R Boyd & Emma Hull 27-Oct-20 Poplar Roosivelt 185  
      Ethel D Elder Poplar 17 Cass Cty Mo Bert C El-der & Alice McAnally          
BOYD, Lillian see MacLain, Milfred                    
BOYD, Lora see Becker                    
BOYD, Lottie (Dick?) see Turner, Loring A                    
BOYD, Louis D       Scobey 38 Iowa James P Boyd & Valerie Sands 2-Jun-17 Poplar Sheridan 1036  
      Christian Tucker Spokane 32 Wash John Clark & ???          
BOYD, Louise L see Recette, Moses                    
BOYD, M G see Helland, Henry                    
BOYD, Mabel see LaBatte                    
BOYD, Marie Margaret see Diggins, B F                    
BOYD, Mary Ellen see Bauer, Christian                    
BOYD, Mollie see Owsley                    
BOYD, Norman C       Enid 26 Goshen Arkansas Willis C Boyd & Edna A Hash 1-Oct-10 Glendive Dawson 847  
      Mable Clark Bloomfield 17 Bloomfield Nebr Mike Clark & Emma J Raceley          
BOYD, Ole & Bertha O see Boyd, Henry A                    
BOYD, Pareen T see Semple, John                    
BOYD, Pearl see Olson                    
BOYD, Robert W       New Salem N D 25 Rockwell City Iowa W L Boyd & Minnie Lunggren 16-Nov-28 Wibaux Wibaux 648  
      Francis Ronish New Salem 20 Parkston S D Charles Ronish & Martha Magelsky          
BOYD, Sam       Dickinson N D 22 Carrington N D W L Boyd & Minnie Lundgren 17-Sep-23 Glasgow Valley 2993  
      Elida Opsand Dickinson N D 18 Norway Karl Opsand & Marie Pederson          
BOYD, Samuel see Fansler, Claude C                    
BOYD, Samuel see Boyd                    
BOYD, Vesta see Miller                    
BOYD, W J see Boyd, Greenville                    
BOYD, W L see Boyd, Sam                    
BOYD, W L see Boyd, Robert W                    
BOYD, William A       Culbertson 18 Culbertson James Boyd & Jennie Durand 7-Mar-17 Culbertson Sheridan 972  
      Nita Anna Olson Culbertson 18 Racine Wis James Olson & Hannah Christopherson          
BOYD, William L see Hatfield, Frank J                    
BOYD, Willis C see Boyd, Norman C                    
BOYDEN, Jennie see Hudson, Frank W                    
BOYDSTON, Parvin W       Paxton 28 Mo Samuel Boydston & Lulu St John 19-Aug-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 656  
      Margaret J Stuart Paxton 19 Manhattan C B Stuart & Louise Oliphant          
BOYDSTON, Samuel see Boydston, Parvin W                    
BOYER, ??? Snell & Bertha Ball see Guyun, Harlan                    
BOYER, Andrew see McCoy, John Walter                    
BOYER, Andrew see Cartmell, Harry Lloyd                    
BOYER, Andrew see LaRogue, William                    
BOYER, David see Cheleen, Charles A                    
BOYER, Edna see Thompson, Nels Peter                    
BOYER, Elviretta see Nelson, Arthur Erwin                    
BOYER, Ethel see Landon, Carol                    
BOYER, J S       Glasgow 22 Stanton Kansas J S Boyer & Jennie Rambo 4-Apr-14 Glasgow Valley 1442  
      Nina B Crouch Glasgow 19 York Ill J E Crouch & Minnie Henley          
BOYER, Jennie see Lash, James H                    
BOYER, Jos & Maggie see Swain, Dave                    
BOYER, Joseph see Ganty, Joseph                    
BOYER, Joseph R see Thompson, Nels Peter                    
BOYER, Josephine see Ganty, Josephine                    
BOYER, Josephine Lily see McCoy, John Walter                    
BOYER, Laura B see Young, Walter Guy                    
BOYER, Martha see Siemens, Jacob                    
BOYER, Mary see Huntley, Harold F                    
BOYER, Mary see Bailey, George                    
BOYER, Mary Celina see Cartmell, Harry Lloyd                    
BOYER, Nettie see Todd, William H                    
BOYER, Rose see LaRoque, William                    
BOYER, Ruth Mary see Guyun, Harlan                    
BOYES, Jane see Kemmis, John F                    
BOYLAN, Frank G see Wilson, William P                    
BOYLAN, John see Baldwin, Edward P                    
BOYLAN, Ruth Theodore see Wilson, William P                    
BOYLAN, Thevda see Baldwin, Edward P                    
BOYLE, Charles see Boyle, James A                    
BOYLE, Dana see Barker, Henderson                    
BOYLE, E P see Corbett, Charles                    
BOYLE, Emily see Bernhardt, Joseph                    
BOYLE, G A see Boyle                    
BOYLE, J C       Regina 40 Guelpph Onr Can G A Boyle & Isobel Blythe Campbell 28-Dec-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2997  
      Mary E O�Donnell Regina Can 26 Weyburn Can Martin H O�Donnell & Mary Bauer          
BOYLE, J K see Thomas, Martin B                    
BOYLE, J K see Hanson, Halfdan                    
BOYLE, James A       DeGraff Mn 25 DeGraff Charles Boyle & Hannah Moore 28-Sep-21 Chinook Blaine 687  
      Rose E Bagan Corral Coulee 28 Estherville Iowa John P Bagan & Ellen Carey          
BOYLE, John see Boyle, William                    
BOYLE, John W see Amundson, Ebert Nickoll                    
BOYLE, Margaret Josephine see Amundson, Ebert Nickoll                    
BOYLE, Mary see Smith, Edgar W                    
BOYLE, Nellie see Thomas, Martin B                    
BOYLE, Rebecca see Coyle, George                    
BOYLE, William see Bernhardt, Joseph                    
BOYLE, William       Circle 21 Brainerd Mn John Boyle & Elizabeth Vaars 21-Sep-24 Circle McCone 72  
      Alice Cole Circle 18 Havanna Illinois E D Cole & Mary Eady          
BOYLES, Elsie see Reinbold, Peter J                    
BOYLES, William see Reinbold, Peter J                    
BOYLES, William Franklin       Glasgow 25 Buford N D William Boyles & Johanna Deeken 18-Jun-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1190  
      Millie Bowers Lehr N D 24 Lehr Jacob Bowers & Katherin Dorr          
BOYN, John see Corbett                    
BOYN, Lula Vern see Corbett                    
BOYNTON, A R see Hage, Ingve                    
BOYNTON, Harriet see Bull, Carlton B                    
BOYNTON, Julia Valentine see Hage, Ingve                    
BOYON, Bertha see Sokoloski, Frank                    
BOYSDEN, Sally see Cundiff, Rufus L                    
BOYSON, Anna see Hisdahl, Bernhardt                    
BOYSON, John see Hisdahl, Bernhardt                    
BOYUM, Gertrude see Bray, Edward                    
BOYUM, Knute see Bray, Edward                    
BOZKE, Amelia see Manthe                    
BRAA, Lavina see Waarvak, Peter                    
BRAA, Peter see Waarvak, Peter                    
BRAACH, Dora see Martens, Marcus Henry                    
BRAADLAND, Bernt see Braadland Roy                    
BRAADLAND, Roy       Grenora N D 25 Mn Bernt Braadland & Adilide Blom 22-Aug-16 Plentywood Sheridan 821  
      Olina Sneva Grenora N D 29 Nor            
BRAATEN, Angeline see Fougner                    
BRAATEN, Christ see Tang                    
BRAATEN, Iver see Opperman, Fred                    
BRAATEN, John see Fougner                    
BRAATEN, Mabel see Opperman, Fred                    
BRAATEN, Mame S see Disrud, Mikkel I                    
BRAATEN, Marcus see Sampson, Rasmus                    
BRAATEN, Mary see Amundson, Albert Oliver                    
BRAATEN, Mary C see Larsen, John O                    
BRAATEN, Nora see Sektnan, Joel C                    
BRAATEN, Nora see Miller, Harley Allen                    
BRAATEN, Ragnhild see Faanes, Carl                    
BRAATEN, Siver see Disrud, Mikkel I                    
BRAATEN, Solveig see Sampson, Rasmus                    
BRAATEN, T T see Larsen, John O                    
BRAATEN, Thea see Tang                    
BRAATEN, Thurston see Miller, Harley Allen                    
BRAATEN, Toesten see Sektnan, Joel C                    
BRAATTE, Ida see Walseth, Andrew                    
BRAATZ, Albert see Gilbertson, E Noel                    
BRAATZ, Albert see Hitchcock                    
BRAATZ, Esther see Gilbertson, E Noel                    
BRAATZ, Ruth see Hitchcock                    
BRABANT, Osten see Brabant                    
BRABANT, Stanley H       Richland 32 Norway Osten Brabant & Flora Bakkin 2-Mar-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1266  
      Emma Michaelson Richland 24 N D Mike & Martha Michaelson          
BRABEC, John see Brabec                    
BRABEC, Otto       P�wood 52 Waverly Mn John Brabec & Mary Holtznecht 14-Nov-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2507  
      Estella King P�wood 39 Forrest River N D James E King & Mary Ann Rooney          
BRABLEY, James A       Williston N D 22 Aberdeen Mississippi Roy Brabley & Mattie Taylor 23-Sep-22 Poplar Roosivelt 413  
      Gwyneth Overbye Williston N D 18 Cando N D P H Overbye & Selma Liesch          
BRABLEY, Roy see Brabley, James A                    
BRABRICK, Alvina see Breitenfeldt, Reinhart E                    
BRACELET       Hays 54 Beaver Creek See_White Buffalo & Black Hair 11-Jan-23 Lodge Pole Blaine 743  
      Mrs Jerry Bear Hays 63 Ft Belknap White Bird & ???          
BRACELET, Mike       Hays 64 Little Rockies Sees White Buffalo & Black Brands 5-Aug-30 Chinook Blaine 1216  
      Annie Grass Hays 58 Dodson White Bear & Idle Woman          
BRACHER , George W       Hinsdale 32 Duluth William Bracher & Emma Jane Hartland 29-Dec-27 Glasgow Valley 3366  
      Ruth L Jewell Blue Islsnd Ill 21 Paris Ill Charles W Weiderman & Della C Gill          
BRACHER, William see Bracher, George W                    
BRACKEE, E K see Lundeen, Fred                    
BRACKEE, Engry see Lundeen, Fred                    
BRACKENBURG, Mary see Dawson, Harry                    
BRACKENBURY, Mary see Dawson                    
BRACKEY, Jas see Pepin, Clapace                    
BRACKIN, Erwin Newton       Poplar 29 Big River Wis Tom Brackin & Alice Nichols 10-Apr-26 Culbertson Roosivelt 880  
      Hilda Brandl Poplar 29 Jordan Mn Adam Brandl & Theresa Freidmann          
BRACKIN, Tom see Brackin, Erwin Newton                    
BRACKLEY, Robert       Comertown 22 Wis Thomas Brackley & Eva Duke 13-Aug-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1743  
      Ethel Franey Mn 25 Wis John Franey & Elizabeth Meehan          
BRACKLEY, Thomas see Brackley                    
BRACONELL, Minda Pearl see McAnally, Ray                    
BRACONELL, Nelson C see McAnally, Ray                    
BRACT, Annie see Durkin, James                    
BRADBURY, Lois see Trefethren, Frank G                    
BRADBURY, Martha see Small, Schuyler                    
BRADDOCK, Homer B       P�wood 33 Sevelle Fla J D Braddock & Louise Bright 27-Mar-12 Bainville Valley 1013  
      Elsie Duym Akron Ohio 36 Newark N J ??? & Charlot Anspanger?          
BRADDOCK, J D see Braddock, Homer                    
BRADELY, George see Peerboom, John William                    
BRADELY, Grace Oline see Peerboom, Grace Oline                    
BRADEMEIER, Minnie see Kemble, Ralph C                    
BRADEN, Chas see Jones, George Robert                    
BRADEN, Elsie Beatrice see Jones, George Robert                    
BRADEN, Mabel I see Jones, George Robert                    
BRADEN, Vera see Adams, Florien                    
BRADEN, William see Adams, Florien                    
BRADFIELD, Ann see Booth, Ira M                    
BRADFORD, Clara see Solem                    
BRADFORD, Edward see Bradford, George Washington                    
BRADFORD, Eva G see Griese, Jesse                    
BRADFORD, George Washington       Wolf Point 39 Kentucky Edward Bradford & Phoebe Darter 2-Sep-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 938  
      Audrey Johnson Wolf Point 23 N D Cy Johnson & Emma Gruber          
BRADFORD, J see Hagler, Robert M                    
BRADFORD, John see Griese, Jesse                    
BRADFORD, John see Bradford, Percy John                    
BRADFORD, Mathilda see Murray, Floyd                    
BRADFORD, Percy John       Cleveland 27 Maple Plain Mn John Bradford & Ella Hart 22-Jun-23 Chinook Blaine 762  
      Clara Isabell Burrows Wolf Point 16 Belt Burton Burrows & Alberta Kernoghen          
BRADLEY, Charles H see Meisenbach, Frank G                    
BRADLEY, Cynthia see Foss, Ralph H                    
BRADLEY, Cynthia see Shoberg, Robert C                    
BRADLEY, Dana see Baker, Paul                    
BRADLEY, Ella see Nicholson, Jack                    
BRADLEY, Emma see Newton, Clifford H                    
BRADLEY, Eva May see Gritz, John J                    
BRADLEY, Fidelia see Andrews, Alden Ellis                    
BRADLEY, Florence May see Woodfill, Alden J                    
BRADLEY, George       St Pauls Mission 22 St Pauls Mission Stephen Bradley & Margaret ??? 31-Jul-25 St Pauls Mission Blaine 882  
      Mabel Mann St Pauls Mission 22 St Pauls David Mann & Gertrude Deafi          
BRADLEY, Gilbert C       Harlem 45 N Y State John Bradley & Martha Patten 14-Sep-25 Harlem Blaine 896  
      Jennie Franklin Harlem 30 S D John Vinnard & Elina Hanson          
BRADLEY, Helena Augusta see Watterson, Albert Arthur                    
BRADLEY, Ila see Baker, Paul                    
BRADLEY, Jane see Vanvleet, Palmer                    
BRADLEY, John see Andrews, Alden Ellis                    
BRADLEY, John see Bradley, Gilbert C                    
BRADLEY, John C       Janesville 26 Wis Patrick Bradley & Mary Burns 28-Sep-19 Flaxville Sheridan 1563  
      Irene Bourassa Madoc 19 N D Horace Bourassa & Ddelia Lemieux?          
BRADLEY, Julia see Pepin, Napoleon                    
BRADLEY, Lena see Sensiba, Oliver J                    
BRADLEY, Mabel see Skrukrud, O T                    
BRADLEY, Mary Ann see Henderson J J                    
BRADLEY, Merle see Meisenbach, Frank G                    
BRADLEY, Mina see Stickley, Ransome                    
BRADLEY, Patrick see Bradley                    
BRADLEY, Randy see Forthun, Oscar H                    
BRADLEY, Samuel J       Glendive 48 New York Wm Bradley & Catherine Wood 5-Oct-01 Glendive Dawson 227  
      Constance E Langdon Columbia So Carolina 39 Columbia Wm & Sarah Adams          
BRADLEY, Stephen see Nicholson, Jack                    
BRADLEY, Stephen & Margaret see Bradley, George                    
BRADLEY, Thomas H see Gritz, John J                    
BRADLEY, Viona see Thierfelder, Harry J                    
BRADLEY, William see Bradley, Samuel J                    
BRADLEY, William see Pepin, Napoleon                    
BRADSHAW, Anna see Campbell, Lawson P                    
BRADSHAW, Byrle       Glendive 19 Bismark James Bradshaw & Lettie Brake 17-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3879  
      Martha Dunkerley Glendive 19 Patterson N J Thomas Dunkerley & Catherine Seaton          
BRADSHAW, Floyd Elven       Froid 21 Norman Cty Mn James Bradshaw & Clara Jensven 1-Nov-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1102  
      Elen Gurine Beck Froid 18 Towner N D Halva Beck & Severine Urdahl          
BRADSHAW, James see Bradshaw, Byrle                    
BRADSHAW, Jens see Bradshaw, Floyd Elven                    
BRADSHAW, John see Fettes                    
BRADSHAW, Lillian see Fettes George                    
BRADSHAW, Nellie see Cremer, John                    
BRADSHAW, Peter C? see Cremer, John                    
BRADSHAW, Peter F see Bradshaw, Ray F                    
BRADSHAW, Ray F       Malta 25 Bridge Creek Wis Peter F Bradshaw & Emily Geible 10?-May-1914 Malta Valley 1450  
      Myrtle Young Malta 26 Humbird Wis S Young & Eliza Huckman?          
BRADSTREET, Charles LeRoy       Fraser 22 Sioux City Iowa Charles O Bradstreet & Francis E Raison 22-Apr-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 122  
      Mary K Andrews Fraser 27 Mt Ayr Iowa Silias W Coffee & Alice E Thompson          
BRADY, ??? see Larsen, Hans Peter                    
BRADY, Ada Jenny see Sundin, Wilhelm                    
BRADY, Blanche Beatrice see Larsen, Hans Peter                    
BRADY, Charles see Brady, Ralph A                    
BRADY, Charles       Devils Lake N D 31 New Richmond Mn Thomas Brady & Margaret Keen-an 10-jon-1924 Chinook Blaine 817  
      Margaret M Murphy Lloyd 28 Virg-inia City Nev John Murphy & Nellie Herrington          
BRADY, Charlotte see Jolland                    
BRADY, Edward       Poplar 25 Salina Kans Edward Brady & Mary A Brannon 10-Apr-07 Poplar Valley 379  
      Louise Murray Poplar 24 Marquand Mo Isaac Murray & Ann H Dee          
BRADY, Emmett P       Great Falls 25 Odell Ill Michael Brady & Minnie Noonan     Roosivelt 91  
      Thelma Maguire Bainville 21 St Louis Robert Maguire & Miss Newman          
BRADY, Fred J       Phillips 32 Wis   14-Aug-18   Phillips 367  
      Ada J Miller Phillips 20 Mt            
BRADY, James I see Lutz                    
BRADY, Katherine see McGrane, Bernard E                    
BRADY, Leo L       Dooley 24 Wis Mathew Brady & Katherine Duffy 6-Oct-14 Plentywood Sheridan 338  
      Josephine McDonough Stady N D 24 Iowa Frank McDonough & Mary Keys          
BRADY, Louise see Jewell, Reuber R                    
BRADY, Margaret see Hargedine, Ed C                    
BRADY, Mary W see Montgomery                    
BRADY, Mathew see Brady                    
BRADY, Matthew see Holland                    
BRADY, Mattie see Hammonds                    
BRADY, Michael see Brady, Emmett P                    
BRADY, Phillip see Mason, Benton                    
BRADY, Ralph A       Havre 26 Pueblo Col Charles Brady & Dora Brown 27-Oct-08 Glasgow Valley 418  
      Anna Ratchford Hinsdale 21 Janesville Mn Thomas Ratchfield & Janie Jewison          
BRADY, Thomas see Brady, Charles                    
BRADY, W R see Brady, Walter K                    
BRADY, Walter K       Glasgow 22 Mitchell S D W R Brady & Lettie Baldwin 31-Jan-06 Glasgow Valley 211  
      Nan Tripley Glasgow 20 St Paul Mn John Tripley & Carriell Kattka          
BRAFFETT, Sarah see Phillips, Elmer D                    
BRAFFETT, Sarah see Rank, John                    
BRAGER, Marie see Hanisch                    
BRAGG, B H & Elizabeth see Paulos, Teddy                    
BRAGG, Herbert S       Smokey Butte 25 Bozeman Syl G Bragg & Ella Taylor 1-Dec-18 Jordan Dawson 2454  
      Clara G Ringheim Butte Creek 23 Fertile Mn Nels Ringheim & Clara Jarvis          
BRAGG, Ina Elizabeth see Edmondson, Albert J                    
BRAGG, Syl G see Bragg, Herbert S                    
BRAHLEY, Bettie Strode see Ross                    
BRAINARD, Edna see Haaven                    
BRAISE, see also Brese?                    
BRAISE, Mary see Eberling                    
BRAISHER, Alice see McCartney, Oliver A                    
BRAISHER, Alice see McCartney, Oliver N                    
BRAKE, Lettie see Bradshaw, Byrle                    
BRAKIE, Esabelle see Fountain, George                    
BRAKKEN, Annie see Skaalgaard                    
BRAKMAN, Nina see Youngblood, Ray George                    
BRALAND, Christine see Wolter                    
BRALAND, Ed see Richards                    
BRALAND, Tillie see Richards                    
BRALEY, Annie see Neff, Harry C                    
BRALEY, Etta see Tusler, Sheldon                    
BRALEY, Henry C       Chinook 24 Minnehaha Cty S D Winslow Braley & Lillian Williams 1-Sep-15 Chinook Blaine 226  
      Cora E Lane Chinook 15 Vermillion Cty Ill Henry W Lane & Lubertie? A Doney          
BRALEY, Ida see Johnston, Glen                    
BRALEY, John C see Sutherland, Joel H                    
BRALEY, Lester see Johnston, Glen                    
BRALEY, Sarah see Baker, James S                    
BRALEY, Sherman see Neff, Harry C                    
BRALEY, Winifred see Sutherland, Joel H                    
BRALEY, Winnifred see Sutherland, Maurice                    
BRALEY, Winslow see Braley, Henry C                    
BRAM, Cora see Harris, Edgar                    
BRAMAN, Wm J see Ormson, Mundi                    
BRAMBLE, J R & Mrs see Erickson, Conrad                    
BRAMER, Mathilda see Kennedy, Robert J                    
BRAMLET, Mary see Wasson, Hardy H                    
BRAMLET, Mary see Wasson, Harry H                    
BRAMLET, Stella see Taylor, Guy O                    
BRAMSEN, Ingvard Nissen       Turner 30 Standerup Germany Nis Bramsen & Mary Miller 2-Oct-14 Turner Blaine 152  
      Kjerstine Kamille Margrethe Rasmussen Turner 20 Trustrup Denmark Rasmus Rasmussen & Christina Christman          
BRAMSEN, Nis see Bramsen, Ingvard Nissen                    
BRAMSKIN, Henrietta see Flory, C E                    
BRANAMAN, Henry see Jessen, William N                    
BRANCH, Eva see Austin, Lawrence E                    
BRANCH, Eva see Dersham, R H                    
BRANCH, Eva see Phipps, Fred K                    
BRANCH, Eva Harriet see Konshak, Harvey E                    
BRAND, Dessima see Mills, Robert C                    
BRANDE, Elizabeth see Klein                    
BRANDEBERRY, Janetta see Buckingham, Lloyd                    
BRANDENBERG, Martha see Saunders, James                    
BRANDENBURG, Martha see Cook, John B                    
BRANDENBURG, Martha E see Conrad, Jesse A                    
BRANDES, Gertrude see Rice                    
BRANDES, Mary see Verry, John E                    
BRANDES, Oscar see Rice                    
BRANDI, Oline see Jensen                    
BRANDIS, Fred E       Chinook 39 Wyo Fred H Brandis & Nellie Drew 27-Nov-17 Chinook Blaine 455  
      Margaret F Trettle Chinook 22 North Prairie Mn Joseph Trettle & Josephine Petrou          
BRANDL, Adam see Brackin, Erwin Newton                    
BRANDL, Hilda see Brackin, Erwin Newton                    
BRANDNER, Alonia see Case, John Henry                    
BRANDNER, Chris see Case, John Henry                    
BRANDON, Anna see Espelien, Edward                    
BRANDON, Anna see Chandler, Sidney                    
BRANDON, Carl J       Malta 21 Greenville Ohio Vince Brandon & Uella Kallie 20-Sep-10 Malta Valley 697  
      Pearl Clanton   18 Fairflax Mo George Clanton & Percy Ceymore          
BRANDON, Carrie see Bakken, Ole S                    
BRANDON, Eliza see Williams, George W                    
BRANDON, Gertrude see Knoop, Walter Alfred                    
BRANDON, Halvor see Espelien, Edward                    
BRANDON, Jessie L see Mellett, Melvin M                    
BRANDON, Leo       Greve Mt 32 Mn   7-Jan-21   Phillips 558  
      Hannah a Moe Greve 20 Mn            
BRANDON, Manda see Johnson, George A                    
BRANDON, Mary see Bakken, Ole S                    
BRANDON, Sarah Annie see Mellett, Melvin M                    
BRANDON, Vince see Brandon, Carl J                    
BRANDT, Henrietta see Stringer                    
BRANDT, Louis see Brandt William                    
BRANDT, Mary see Brown, Charles Edman                    
BRANDT, Nellie see Wilson, Preston P                    
BRANDT, William       Blair 32 Shunei Germany Louis Brandt & Lizzie Buering 16-Jun-00 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Lizzie Irene Wardell Blair 25 Ireland Paul Wardell & Lizzie McPhee          
BRANDUM, Christ see Langseth, O J                    
BRANDUM, Jennie see Langseth, O J                    
BRANDVIK, Mike see Fridley, Fred                    
BRANDVIK, Thelma see Fridley, Fred                    
BRANDVOLD, Bertha see Sweetman, R W                    
BRANDVOLD, Gena see Peterson, Myron                    
BRANE, Clyde Arthur       Bloomfield 31 Wabash Cty Indiana John Brane & Marietta Scott 18-Feb-12 Glendive Dawson 1056  
      Mary Deml Wold 23 Vernon Cty Wisc Joseph Deml & Anna Lughbright          
BRANE, John see Brane, Clyde Arthur                    
BRANIK, Mary see Ferron                    
BRANLEY, Grace C see Tade, James H                    
BRANLEY, John see Tade, James H                    
BRANN, H E       Freedom 37 Houston Mn Wilbur F Brann & Lydia A Ingalls 21-Mar-17 Freedom Dawson 2103  
      Ina Mae Wilson Freedom 23 Egar S D James A Wilson & Mary A Pierce          
BRANN, William F see Brann, H E                    
BRANND, Victoria see Chartrand, Victoria                    
BRANNOCK, Anzy see Moxley, Curtis                    
BRANNON, Jacob see Conlin, Leo                    
BRANNON, Mary A see Brady, Edward                    
BRANNON, Patrick see Gregory                    
BRANNON, R L       ? 28 Wyo? Thomas Brannon & Amanda Church 8-Aug-1893   Valley ??? (marked spoiled doc)
      Nettie Landis? Malta 21 Hayward Mn Samuel Landis & Eva Smith          
BRANNON, Thomas see Brannon, R L                    
BRANSCOMB, Henriette see Lee, Jacob T V                    
BRANSON, Earl Otis       Nashua 21 Great Falls V P Zurich & Marie Stiler 6-Aug-23 Circle McCone 63  
      Olga May McQuigg Nashua 20 ??? Vead McQuigg & Texana Click          
BRANSON, Elvira see Kirkham, Hosea E                    
BRANSON, Roswell L       Glasgow 34 Walla Walla Wa (Wallowa, Ore?) Thomas Branson & Amanda Church 20-July-1898 Glasgow Valley ? (see also Brannon, R L above)
      Rosie Stiler Glasgow 19 St Paul Mn Thomas Stiler & ???          
BRANSON, Thomas see Branson, Roswell L                    
BRANT, C H see Campbell, Ferris A                    
BRANT, Flossie see Campbell, Ferris A                    
BRANT, Josie see Longknife, George                    
BRANT, Pearl see Lane, Warren                    
BRANTON, Laura see Hallam, Orval                    
BRANTVOLD, Gertrude see Jesperson, Hans                    
BRANTZ, George see Brantz, Orval B                    
BRANTZ, Orval B       Plentywood 30 Iowa George Brantz & Hattie Stoner 15-Mar-30 Scobey      
      Mary Cerveny Plentywood 26 Preston Mn Vencel Cerveny & Katherine Wandgrass          
BRANZILL, Margaret see Hetrick, John S                    
BRASA, Mary see Damm, Jacob Jr                    
BRASEL, Grata see Simonsen, Jacob G                    
BRASEN, Alvin M       Scobey 22 Preston Mn Peter Brasen & Thea Hansen 24-Dec-28 Scobey Daniels 414  
      Irene Ellison Scobey 19 Lanoure N D Alfred Ellison & Lena Vebergs          
BRASEN, Francis       Scobey 24 Mn Peter Brasen & Thea Hansen 10-Nov-26 Scobey Daniels 290  
      Beulah Ralstin Scobey 19 Butterville Indiana Oliver N Ralstin & Edna Golay          
BRASEN, Kathleen Marie see Sorsdahl, George Vernon                    
BRASEN, Peter see Brasen, Alvin M                    
BRASEN, Peter see Sorsdahl, George Vernon                    
BRASEN, Peter see Brasen, Francis                    
BRASHIER, Alice see Davis, James G                    
BRASKOSKY, Lydia see Ferris, Pete                    
BRASSCH, Holda? see Sibbert, Charles                    
BRASSCH, Hulda see Boehrnsen, Herman C                    
BRASSFIELD, Cornelia see Brightsman                    
BRASSFIELD, Cornelia see Brightsman                    
BRASSFIELD, Cornelia see Brightsman                    
BRASSIE, Adam & Anna see Green, Henry                    
BRASSIE, Elizabeth see Green, Henry                    
BRASSILL, Michael       Savage 42 Fairibault Mn Michael Brassill & Ellen O�Brien 15-May-13 Glendive Dawson 1247  
      Hattie Batler Savage 29 Kenyon Mn Henry Batler & Mary Monaid          
BRASSLAND, Estella see Brown, Harry K                    
BRATHER, Martha see Abernatly, Charles S                    
BRATHOVDE, Arnold M       Tango? 27 Reynolds N D N J Brathovde & Marie Bergen 14-Jun-15 Tango Valley 1691  
      Ebbie Hevener Tango N D? 18 Devils Lake N D Floyd Hevener & Katherine Ambuhl?          
BRATHOVDE, N J see Brathovde, Awnold M                    
BRATHOVDE, Nels see Brathovde, William O                    
BRATHOVDE, William O       Opheim 23 Reynolds N D Nels Brathovde & Marie Bergin 26-Nov-14 Opheim Valley    
      Hazel Fern Kirk Opheim 18 S D Frank Kirk & Rene G Graves          
BRATOGER, Lars see Bratoger, Olof                    
BRATOGER, Olof       Glendive 37 Bergen Nor Lars Bratoger & Cecelia Lohn 2-Jul-06 Glendive Dawson 372  
      Ingeborg Liedahl Glendive 30 Woss? Norway St�? Liedahl & Ingeborg Klove?          
BRATRUD, Cleo see Connell, Dan                    
BRATTEN, Anna see Olson                    
BRATTEN, John see Knudson, Earl                    
BRATTEN, Josephine see Knudson, Earl                    
BRATTID, Minnie see Howaid                    
BRATTON, Lafatette see Leitch, Elmer                    
BRATTON, Peter see Paulsen                    
BRATTON, Solway see Paulsen                    
BRATVOLD, Gertie see Hammerness Melvin                    
BRATVOLD, Gertie see Nelson, George LeRoy                    
BRATVOLD, Hannah M see Rorvik, Darrow                    
BRAU, Theresa see Oberhofer, Joseph                    
BRAUCH, Carrie see Sipple, J F                    
BRAUCH, Fredrick see Sipple, J F                    
BRAUER, Carl William Otto (C W O)       Aitkin Mn 40 Norway Ferdinand F Brauer & Christine Christenson 4-Sep-05 Glasgow Valley 190  
      Elise Christine Jorgensen Itasca Mn 27 Denmark Fredrick Jorgensen          
BRAUER, Ferdinand F see Brauer, C W O                    
BRAULICK, Mary see Hardy, Ralph                    
BRAUN, Matilda see Colclough, Frederick                    
BRAUNLICH, Emma see Kastien, Robert B                    
BRAUNSROTH, Lenaria see Barker, Levi Abel                    
BRAUNSROTH, William see Barker, Levi Abel                    
BRAUNSTADTER, John see Gebhardt, Carl                    
BRAUNSTADTER, Katie see Gebhardt, Carl                    
BRAUTCH, Tora see Johnson, John B                    
BRAVE, Heart see Bokas                    
BRAVE, Man see Little Bull                    
BRAWLEY, Emma see Billings, Mark                    
BRAWLEY, Fanny see Ridenbauer, Frank                    
BRAWN, see Brown                    
BRAY, Charles Otto       Bloomfield 25 Chaseburg Wisc Gustav Bray & Bertha M Lepke 25-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3298  
      Emma Bren Mink 17 Tydall S D Joseph Bren & Lucy Pane          
BRAY, Edward       Bloomfield 22 LaCrosse Wisc Gustave Bray & Bertha Leutz 19-Dec-23 Glendive Dawson 3068  
      Gertrude Boyum Circle 17 Norway Knute Boyum & Gudrun Jorgenson          
BRAY, George see Bray, Ralph Clayton                    
BRAY, Gustav see Bray, Charles Otto                    
BRAY, Gustave see Bray, Edward                    
BRAY, John see Smart, Summy R                    
BRAY, John see Bray, William D                    
BRAY, Marguerite see Smart, Summy R                    
BRAY, Ralph Clayton       Kimball S D 27 Wis George Bray & Myrtle Bumgarten 17-Aug-26 Scobey Daniels 270  
      Ruth Cecelia Steyer Waterville Mn 20 Wisc George Steyer & Mary Geiger          
BRAY, William D       Little Jewell 29 Antigonish Newf Can John Bray & Margaret Floyd 7-Nov-22 Chinook Blaine 734  
      Mary M Mohar Cherry Patch 22 Cleveland Ohio Joseph Mohar & Julia Wolfe          
BRAYKO, see Bureyko                    
BRAYKO, Anna see Krueger, Oscar Peter                    
BRAYKO, Nufrey see Krueger, Oscar Peter                    
BRAYKO, Onefry see Brayko, William O                    
BRAYKO, William O       Scobey 22 Man Can Onefry Brayko & Mary Stefaniuk 26-Oct-1828 Scobey Daniels 398  
      Mary Tymofichuk Scobey 16 Scobey Andro Tymofichuk & Annie Yarnye          
BRAYTON, Helen see Perrine, Charles                    
BRAYTON, J M see McMaster, Murray E                    
BRAYTON, John M       Phillips 33 New York   2-Sep-15   Phillips 51  
      Frances Ilo Tressler Phillips 20 Iowa            
BRAYWON, Ida see Golden, Henry Lee                    
BRAZEE, Mary see Huttinger, Arthur L                    
BRAZY, Anna? see Damm, Jacob B                    
BRAZY, Marian D see Damm, Jacob B                    
BRAZZEL, Katie see VanWagenen, Arthur T                    
BREAKIE, Isabella see Howard, Murvale Eastman                    
BREANNER, Marie see Dahlstrom, Magnus                    
BREAST, Bone see Cleveland                    
BREAST, Julia see Davis, Arthur O                    
BREATHE, Along see Fine Fish                    
BREAUM, Annie see Roe, William J                    
BREAUM, Bennie       Glendive 26 Wisc Louis Breaum & Mae Johnson 4-Aug-02 Glendive Dawson 261  
      Esther Shaub Glendive 30 ??? John Shaub & Amy J Fisher          
BREAUM, Louis see Breaum, Benny                    
BREAUNIG, Dora see Partikus, Fred August                    
BREAUNING, Dorothy see Ceperley, Coy                    
BREAZEALE, Jef see Breazeale, Walter                    
BREAZEALE, Walter       Sanders 41 Llana Texas Jef Breazeale & Ella Bedford 18-Feb-11 Glendive Dawson 907  
      Julia Brown Billings 30 Ft Custer Rosebud Cty John Flemming & Julia Donovan          
BRECHBIEL, Clarence A       Sieps 19 Indiana William D Brechbiel & Delilah Kauffmann 3-Nov-18 Opheim Sheridan 1401  
      Freda Fern Fite Opheim 22 Illinois Alvin Fite & Sarah Wineland          
BRECHBIEL, William D see Brechbill                    
BRECHT, Anna see Knoll, Joseph A                    
BRECKELS, Mollie see Keiser, William Fred                    
BRECKENRIDGE, Archie see Peterson, Hans L                    
BRECKENRIDGE, Bessie see Woodman, Steve P                    
BRECKENRIDGE, Lillian see Peterson, Hans L                    
BRECKENRIDGE, Rhoda Merrill Adele see Schwan, William Gottfred                    
BRECKINRIDGE, Archie see Anderson, Delwin A                    
BRECKINRIDGE, Archie E see Breckinridge, Royal A                    
BRECKINRIDGE, George H see Schwan, William Gottfred                    
BRECKINRIDGE, George H see Frentz, Harold Leslie                    
BRECKINRIDGE, Lillian M see Anderson, DelwinA                    
BRECKINRIDGE, Pearl Victoria see Frentz, Harold Leslie                    
BRECKINRIDGE, Royal A       Glasgow 24 Toronto Can Archie E Breckinridge & Mabel Hope 8-Mar-24 Glasgow Valley 3044  
      Faye Lewis Glasgow 26 Odell Ind Frank Lewis & Sarah R Draw          
BRECKT, Annie see Triber, Arthur                    
BREDBERG, A P see Bredberg, Iver                    
BREDBERG, Carl August       Hodges 22 Sweden Carl August Bredberg & Christina Andersen 27-Nov-1897? Hodges Dawson 163  
      Ida Charlotte Anderson Hodges 24 Sweden Andres Carlson & ???          
BREDBERG, Iver       Hodges 22 Alingo Sweden A P Bredberg & K Anderson 10-Feb-00 Hodges Dawson 200  
      Cecelia Nordin Hodges 25 Lidkoping Sweden A G Petterson & K Olson          
BREDESON, Martha see Rosendahl, C Peter                    
BREDWIEN, Anna see Hagen                    
BREEDEN, Jennette see Kephart, Ben M                    
BREEDEN, Robert H       Dodson 42 Missouri   25-Aug-20   Phillips 527  
      Grace Cowan Phillips 38 ???            
BREEDEN, T A see McCann, James                    
BREEDING, Lucy see Bogar, Bert                    
BREEDLOVE, Josephine see Cave, Albert                    
BREEDLOVE, Josephine see Cave, Alfred                    
BREEDLOVE, Josephine see Case, John Henry                    
BREEDLOVE, Josephine see Cave, Ira                    
BREEN, Katherine L see Roseman, Leonard D                    
BREEN, Mary L see Schooley, Reuben L                    
BREEN, William H see Roseman, Leonard H                    
BREESE, Claude Eugene       Poplar 21 Chillicothe Ill Samuel Eugene Breese & Nellie Alford 2-Dec-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1397  
      Bernice Ruth Parkins Poplar 19 Hoople N D Leo Parkins & Cora Rodger          
BREESE, Mary see Badt                    
BREESE, Nellie Belle see Bouvy                    
BREESE, Paul Martin       Poplar 23 Chilicothee Ill? Samuel Eugene Breeze & Nellie Alford 28-Aug-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1481  
      Mildred Fayme Tyler Poplar 20 Hamilton N D James Burgess Tyler & Famy B Mills          
BREESE, Samuel Eugene see Breese, Claude Eugene                    
BREESE, Samuel Eugene see Breese, Paul Martin                    
BREGGEN, Sophia see Hopkins, Wm R                    
BREGGER, Esther Irene see Hinerman, Sheridan Alfred                    
BREGGER, John see Hinerman, Sheridan Alfred                    
BREHER, Aaron L       Glasgow 22 Mn Englebert Breher & Therssa S?ickman 24-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2259  
      Lucile Clara Hager Glasgow 20 Mn Sylvester Hager & ???          
BREHER, Englebert see Breher, Aaron L                    
BREHM, Anthony see Rogers, A L                    
BREHM, Waneta see Rogers A L                    
BREHMER, Minnie see Wollin, Richard H                    
BREIPOHL, Herman G       Saco 31 Germany Herman G Breipohl & Anna Elbracht 12-Mar-26 Glasgow Valley 3204  
      Josephine Miller Saco 17 Independence Kansas Albert S & Clara E Miller          
BREITBACH, Frank X       Horse Creek 27 Belgrade Mn Joseph C Breitbach & Mary Gaw 19-Sep-22 Circle McCone 45  
      Nelly Weidner Horse Creek 25 Lake Henry Mn George Weidner & Rosina Nickoll          
BREITBACH, John       Horse Creek 26 Belgrade Mn Joseph C Breitbach & Mary Gan 8-Nov-20 Circle McCone 22  
      Marie Hoeser Horse Creek 23 Loyl Wisc George Hoeser & Barbra Gates          
BREITBACH, Joseph see Breitbach, John                    
BREITBACH, Joseph C see Breitbach, Frank X                    
BREITENFELDT, Frederick see Breitenfeldt, Irvin                    
BREITENFELDT, Frederick see Breitenfeldt, Reinhart E                    
BREITENFELDT, Irvin       Wibaux 26 Eau Claire Wisc Frederick Breitenfeldt & Augusta Martin 30-Jun-26 Glendive Dawson 3366  
      Miriam Still Beach N D 21 Parker S D Jess Still & Eva Vandewater          
BREITENFELDT, Reinhart E       Wibaux 22 Eauclaire Wisc Frederick Breitenfeldt & Augusta Martin 30-Oct-19 Glendive Dawson 2587  
      Aulga Juhnke Beach N D 18 Comfre Mn August Juhnke & Alvina Brabrick          
BREIUNG, Magnhild see Holum (Hulm), Lorents                    
BREIUNG, Tjesdal see Holum (Holm), Lorents                    
BREIVOGEL, O E see Klippel, W H                    
BREIVOGEL, Peter see Klippel, W H                    
BREKE, Pauline see Butler, William J                    
BREKKE, Astrid see Grayson                    
BREKKE, Borghild see Sundheim                    
BREKKE, Christine see Ingram, Leo                    
BREKKE, Eddie M       Harlem 27 Kenyon Mn Hans A Brekke & Ella Quale 29-Jun-25 Turner Blaine 948 (see also Gregorson, Victor Edwin)
      Carrie Jackson Turner 23 Brandt S D Ole Jackson & Bertha Shelstad          
BREKKE, Eilert       Antelope 32 Norway Iverson & Ingeborg Brekke 30-Mar-13 Antelope Valley 1271  
      Betsy Bjerkland Antelope 20 Norway Andreas Bjerkland & Bertha Foss          
BREKKE, Eilert see Grayson                    
BREKKE, Eilert see Sundheim                    
BREKKE, Hans A see Brekke, Eddie M                    
BREKKE, Iverson & Ingeborg see Brekke, Eilert                    
BREKKEN, Andrew see Brekken, Anton                    
BREKKEN, Anton       Sidney 26 Albert Lea Mn Andrew Brekken & Bertha Peterson 30-Sep-11 Sidney Dawson 989  
      Josephine Olsen Sidney 21 Russell Mn Fred Olsen & Christina Dahl          
BREKKEN, Elise Dagny see Gregerson, Victor Edwin                    
BREKKEN, Hans A see Gregerson, Victor Edwin                    
BRELAND, Alice see Tautman, Herbert                    
BRELAND, Ed see Tautman, Herbert                    
BRELAND, Mary Rose see Smith                    
BREMAN, Sephrona see Walford, John T                    
BREMER, Martha see Johnson, Olander                    
BREMERWOHLD, Henry see Meltsch, Leonard W                    
BREMERWOHLD, Theresa see Meltsch, Leonard W                    
BREMMEN, Clara see Anderson                    
BREMMER, W G see McAllister, J R                    
BREMNER, W G       Scotland 35 Phillips   8-Jun-16   Phillips 107  
      Rose E LaRue Phillips 24 Missouri            
BREN, Agnes Anna see Shearer, Homer J                    
BREN, Elsie see Sivert, Charles C                    
BREN, Emma see Bray, Charles Otto                    
BREN, Frank see Shearer, Homer J                    
BREN, Joseph see Bray, Charles Otto                    
BREN, Joseph see Sivert, Edward C                    
BRENDAN, Amund see Sather, Alfred                    
BRENDE, Mattie see Adams, Harrie                    
BRENDEL, Fred       Opheim 34 Kobnoster Missouri John Brendel & Viola Rieber 24-Dec-26 Opheim Valley 3266  
      Zella Elkins Opheim 20 Flaxville (Flaxton?) N D ???          
BRENDEL, John see Brendel, Fred                    
BRENDEL, John see Leighton, Albert W                    
BRENDEL, Norine see Leighton, Albert W                    
BRENDEN, August see Brenden, Casper                    
BRENDEN, August see Hoff, Milton F                    
BRENDEN, Bertha J see Detienne                    
BRENDEN, Carl       Medicine Lake 34 Park River N D Ole Brenden & Matilda Hannah Olson 16-Mar-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2418  
      Bertha Falk Med� Lake 36 Redwood Falls Mn Ferdinand Hueth & Augusta Schultz          
BRENDEN, Carl A       Homestead 20 N D Ole E Brenden & Mathilda Olsen 12-Feb-15 Plentywood Sheridan 428  
      Inez Flora Homestead 17 Indiana Dennis J Flora & Nellie J Gerhold          
BRENDEN, Casper A       Opheim 35 Flom Mn August Brenden & Lena Urdal 11-Jul-26 Glasgow Valley 3226  
      Mildred E Peterson Scobey     Ernest Peterson & Christine Battleson          
BRENDEN, Elmer M       Homestead 21 N D Halvor Brenden & Dina Hansonmar 3-Jun-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1317  
      Clara Morgan Homestead 23 Mn Thomas L Morgan & Orpha A Crabtree          
BRENDEN, Halvor see Paulson                    
BRENDEN, Halvor see Brenden                    
BRENDEN, Hansine see McKinzie                    
BRENDEN, Hansine see Pederson                    
BRENDEN, Harry Martin       Homestead 21 Park River N D Ole Brendan & Matilda Olson 17-Jul-23 Culbertson Roosivelt 526  
      Ellen Milkoski Culbertson 24 Wis Peter Milkoski & Julia Bamnick          
BRENDEN, Henry see Grovom                    
BRENDEN, Lola see Grovom                    
BRENDEN, Manda Caroline see Hoff, Milton L                    
BRENDEN, Melvin O       Homestead 27 Park River N D Ole O Brenden & Hannah Mathilde Olson 31-Jan-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2042  
      Elvina M Detienne Bainville 23 Sherburne Mn Charles & Jamina Detienne          
BRENDEN, Myrtle see Gunderson                    
BRENDEN, Ole see Brenden, Harry Martin                    
BRENDEN, Ole see Gunderson                    
BRENDEN, Ole see Detienne                    
BRENDEN, Ole see Brenden                    
BRENDEN, Ole E see Brendan                    
BRENDEN, Ole O see Brenden                    
BRENDT, Martha see Parke, charles F                    
BRENER, Rose see Parker, George W                    
BRENISE, Christina see Fanth, Jacob                    
BRENNA, Helen Margaret see Hanson, James Blaine                    
BRENNA, Nels       Scobey 28 N D Ole Brenna & Carrie Berg 18-Jan-15 Scobey Sheridan 409  
      Olga Gregorson Williston N D 18 Mn John Gregorson          
BRENNA, Ole see Brenna                    
BRENNAN, Alice see Robinson                    
BRENNAN, Bridget see Crowley                    
BRENNAN, Ellen see O�Malley, Frank                    
BRENNAN, Hilary P       Hardin 27 Lincoln Neb Joseph Brennan & Mary Coyle 28-Oct-14 Chinook Blaine 167  
      Carrie Husby Harlowtown 31 Bergen Norway Ole Husby & Bereta Erickson          
BRENNAN, Jacob see Leasevegen, Emil                    
BRENNAN, Joseph see Brennan, Hillary P                    
BRENNAN, Katherine see Stephens, John H                    
BRENNAN, Mary see Connor, James J                    
BRENNAN, Patrick see O�Malley, Frank                    
BRENNAN, Will see Connor, James J                    
BRENNEISE, Christine see Fuhrman, Conrad                    
BRENNEN, Ellen J see Gardiner, George H                    
BRENNEN, Jenny see Bunnell, E L                    
BRENNEN, Michael see Colin, Arthur J                    
BRENNEN, Wm H see Gardiner, George H                    
BRENNER, John       Marsh ??? Germany Ulrich Brenner & Victoria Rittmayer 14-Jan-17 Marsh Dawson 2098  
      Dora Gehnert Marsh 21 Russia Henry Gehnert & Carrie Neubauer          
BRENNER, Mrs Grace (Ott?) see Osborne, Herbert                    
BRENNER, Olive see Mendenhall, Ernest C                    
BRENNER, Ulrich see Brenner, John                    
BRENSDAL, Johan S       P�wood 40 Nor Ole J & Ingeborg L Brensdal 6-Dec-12 P�wood Valley 1157  
      Jacobine Hanson Antelope 40 Norway Martha H Solberg & Bertha Anderson          
BRENSDAL, Lasi & Trina see Brensdal                    
BRENSDAL, Ole S & Ingeborg L see Brensdal, Johan S                    
BRENSDAL, Peder L       Antelope 27 Norway Lasi & Trina Brensdal 30-Jul-16 Antelope Sheridan 793  
      Bergitte Hanson Ante-lope 29 Nor Hans & Jacobine Solberg          
BRENT, Tressa see Wright, Roy E                    
BRENTESEN, F B see Brentesen                    
BRENTESEN, Raymond       Coalridge 23 Big Lake Mn F B Brentesen & Clara Christensen 19-Jan-29 Dagmar Sheridan 2407  
      Martha Peterson Dagmar 23 Hunter N D Svend & Johanna Peterson          
BRENTESON, Andrew see Brenteson                    
BRENTESON, Andrew see Brenteson                    
BRENTESON, Anton A       Westby 57 Sherburne Cty Mn Andrew Brenteson & Carrie Holter 30-Jun-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2533  
      Jennie A Strand Southgate Mn legal Clark Cty Missouri Riley Draper & Sarah E Hunt          
BRENTESON, F B see Brenteson                    
BRENTESON, Florence see Willer                    
BRENTESON, Fred see Willer                    
BRENTESON, Fred see Nelson                    
BRENTESON, Henry H       Westby 52 Sherburne Cty Mn Andrew Brenteson & Carrie Holter 20-Oct-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2632  
      Isabella Rustad Westby 34 Miner Cty S D John Johnson & Betsy Hellickson          
BRENTESON, Lester       Coalridge 21 Mn F B Brentesen & Clara Christianson 8-Dec-28 Dagmar Sheridan 2395  
      Agnes Johanson Antelope 19 Iowa Christ Johanson & Magdalene Sundstad          
BRENTESON, Myrtle C see Nelson                    
BRENTLINGER, Bee see VanRhee, John Garet                    
BRENTLINGER, Thomas Jefferson see VanRhee, John Garet                    
BRENZEL, Anna see Schulz, Henry C                    
BRESAU, Justine see Kaiser, Henry                    
BRESE, Adam see Norton, Arthur Eugene                    
BRESE, Adam see Brese, Jack                    
BRESE, Adam see Brese                    
BRESE, Jack       Culbertson 21 Russia Adam Brese & Anna Helmod 27-May-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 902  
      Katie Kaufman Culbertson 18 Canada George & Elizabeth Kaufman          
BRESE, Mary see Brese                    
BRESE, Molly see Norton, Arthur Eugene                    
BRESE, Peter       Culbertson 19 Russia Adam Brese & Katrina Heemut? 29-Nov-14 Culbertson Sheridan 372  
      Mary Damm Culbertson 21 Russia John J Damm & Mary Brese          
BRESLIN, Ellen see Doores, James                    
BRESNAHAN, Agnes see Shipp, Oliver                    
BRESNAHAN, Honora see Gavin                    
BRESNAHAN, Rose E see Manch, John J                    
BRESSER, Conrad see Bresser, John                    
BRESSER, John       Vida 27 Austria Conrad Bresser & Annie Izenhauer 2-Jun-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 768  
      Bertha Neumiller Vida 21 N D John Neumiller & Susan Ebel          
BRETEL, Wm A see Rowland, Arthur S                    
BRETON, Ammedee       Harlem 21 Grand Forks N D Archutte? Breton & Lada Turcotte 15-Feb-11 P�wood Valley 793  
      Evangeline Bourassa P�wood 17 Grand Forks ??? & Ezeta Plente          
BRETON, Archutte? see Breton, Ammadee                    
BRETSCH, Amelia Edith see Thorssen, Leon Paul                    
BRETSCH, August see McKenzie, D H                    
BRETSCH, August see Bretsch, Henry                    
BRETSCH, August see Thorssen, Leon Paul                    
BRETSCH, Elsie see McKenzie, D H                    
BRETSCH, Henry       Wibaux 23 Brainerd Mn August Bretsch & Alvina Hemple 4-Aug-24 Wibaux Wibaux 444  
      Florence VanVoorhis Cannon Falls Mn 22 Cannon Falls Walter VanVoorhis & Ida Moline          
BRETT, Mary see Bugden, Henry John                    
BRETTHAUER, George       Portal 24 Iowa Louis Bretthauer & Mary Smith 28-Feb-14 Plentywood Sheridan 191  
      Florence Palmer Scobey 18 N D John Palmer & Ella Gaskill          
BRETTHAUER, Louis see Bretthauer                    
BRETTIN, Charles see Brettin, Edwin                    
BRETTIN, Edwin       Beach N D 21 Beach Charles Brettin & Amelia Wiedman 22-Jun-29 Glendive Dawson 3732  
      mar Nina Wyckoff Sentinel Butte N D 18 Vermont Ill Walter Wyckoff & Ura Peak          
BRETZKA, Elizabeth see Kellison, Wallace                    
BRETZKA, Ludwig see Kellison, Wallace                    
BRETZKE, Ludwig see Bretzke, Paul                    
BRETZKE, Anna see Farrington, E S                    
BRETZKE, Anna see Heikins, John                    
BRETZKE, Bertha see Miller, Fred W                    
BRETZKE, Elsie see Hansen, Joseph                    
BRETZKE, H A see Bertzke                    
BRETZKE, Ludwig see Hansen, Joseph                    
BRETZKE, Ludwig see Farrington, E S                    
BRETZKE, Ludwig see Bretzke, William                    
BRETZKE, Ludwig see Miller, Fred W                    
BRETZKE, Melvin W       Dooley 23 Wilmot S D H A Bretzke & Lizzie L Looman 14-Mar-31 Outlook Sheridan 2594  
      Irene Rose Kopriva Dooley 27 Bowbells N D Guy A Kpoiva & Isabel Sykora          
BRETZKE, Paul       Glasgow 23 Winneconne Wis Ludwig Bretzke & Hermina White 29-Dec-09 Glasgow Valley 559  
      Eva Stilwell Glasgow 19 Canada George W Stilwell & Elizabeth H Graham          
BRETZKE, Sylvia see Heikens, Mike                    
BRETZKE, William       Glasgow 24 Germany Ludwig Bretzke & Hermina Vitt 21?-Oct-1904 Glasgow Valley 149  
      Annie C Altmeyer Glasgow 18 Minneapolis Mn Jake Altmeyer & Annie Brouch          
BRETZKE, William see Heikens, John                    
BRETZKE, William see Heikens, Mike                    
BREUM, John L       Fallon 37 Ord Nebr Louie Breum & ??? 13-Jan-19 Glendive Dawson 2476  
      Clara E Weisner Fallon 23 Orient S D George M Weisner & Elizabeth Rumpall          
BREUM, Louie see Breum, John L                    
BREVIG, Bertha see Hansen                    
BREVIG, Enger see Bergsagel, Endre                    
BREVIG, Lillian Caroline see Birkelo, Rasmus C                    
BREVIG, Ole L see Birkelo, Rasmus C                    
BREVIK, John see Twigg                    
BREVIK, Mary see Twigg                    
BREW, John R       Dickinson N D 28 Dickinson Sam C Brew & Jane Fisher 30-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1335  
      Jennie Fisher Dickinson N D 25 Dickinson Robt Fisher & Elizabeth Crosswaite          
BREW, Sam C see Brew, John R                    
BREWER, William J       Bowdoin 23 Quebec Can   31-Dec-29   Phillips 483  
      Ivah Cody Bowdoin 21 Illinois            
BREWER, Charles C see Brewer, Wade T                    
BREWER, David see Everett, Thomas H                    
BREWER, Dora see McMorris, Elva Frank                    
BREWER, Ida see Latterell, Arthur                    
BREWER, Isaac see Gass, William                    
BREWER, John see Powell, W T                    
BREWER, Josephine see Gore, Charles A                    
BREWER, Julia see Erickson, Gilbert P                    
BREWER, Julia see Gass, William                    
BREWER, Lizzie see Powell, W T                    
BREWER, Mary see Foster, William                    
BREWER, Mary see Skaggs, Ernest W                    
BREWER, Mary see Hitchcock                    
BREWER, Sarah see Byron, John Edwin                    
BREWER, Sarah see Wagner, Ralph                    
BREWER, Wade T       Sidney 32 Duncan Oklahoma Charles C Brewer & Sarah Cosper 13-Aug-25 Glendive Dawson 3252  
      Lena Mae New San Francisco Calif 25 Aspermont Texas Cornelius E New & Mary Todd          
BREWSTER, Charles W       Saco 24 Mt   25-May-29   Phillips 1119  
      Mary Galarneau Saco 18 Mich            
BREWSTER, Edward R see Brown, Benjamin H                    
BREWSTER, Edwin Harris       Mingusville 27 Chicago Ill James P Brewster & Laura Cox 15-Jun-1892 Mingusville Dawson 66  
      Elizabeth Salisbury Mingusville 24 Henderson Mn William Salisbury & Adeline Gunderson          
BREWSTER, Glenn       Underwood N D 22 Sanborn N D Samuel? Brewster & Anna Zingg 2-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1314  
      Evelyn Gladys Schwegler Detroit Mich 23 Clements Mich William Schwegler & Lena Zingg          
BREWSTER, James P see Brewster, Edwin Harris                    
BREWSTER, Jessie Mae see Siggelkow, C H                    
BREWSTER, L G see Siggelkow, C H                    
BREWSTER, Louise (Grandchamps?) see Wallace, William                    
BREWSTER, Mary A see Brown, Benjamin H                    
BREWSTER, Samuel? see Brewster, Glenn                    
BREZINA, Rose see Jans, William Herman                    
BREZINO, John see Jirasek, Charley                    
BRIAN, Celine see Azure, Baptist                    
BRIAN, Mary Jane see Azure, Baptist                    
BRIAND, Henrietta see Cartel                    
BRIANT, Emma see Koebrick, Ernset E                    
BRIANT, George L       Dodson 30 Mn   31-Aug-20   Phillips 529  
      Anna Arvitt Phillips 17 Mt            
BRIANT, Louis see Koebrick, Ernest E                    
BRIANT, Louis see Briant, Phillip                    
BRIANT, Peter       Malta 26 Wisc   4-Sep-28   Phillips 1052  
      Agnes Arvett Phillips 16 Mt            
BRIANT, Phillip       Horse Creek 24 Hugo Mn Louis Briant & Ida Sturgeon 22-Mar-19 Horse Creek Dawson 2504  
      Rosalie Bertha Waetzig Horse Creek 24 Chigago Ill August Waetzig & Minnie Schumacker          
BRIASKA, Pauline see Scott, Walter R                    
BRICCO, Rose see Hellickson, Ronald                    
BRICCO, Rose see Olson, Bernt T                    
BRICCO, Rosie see Jaubert, Noah A                    
BRICE, Amos A see Brice, Arthur L                    
BRICE, Arthur L       Wibaux 35 Millville Missouri Amos A Brice & Isubinta Wolskill 26-Jun-1899 Glendive Dawson 188  
      Ruth E Harwood Wibaux 24 Wheeler Iowa ???          
BRICE, Emma C see Anderson, Milton                    
BRICE, George W see Kelly, Shaun                    
BRICE, Myrtle Alice see Kelly, Shaun                    
BRICHBIEL, Howard Homer       Seips 25 White Cty Indiana William Brichbiel & Delilah Kauffman 7-Jun-25 �E B Bolens ranch� Roosivelt 770  
      Dora Alice Dees Seips 23 Seips William & Anginora Dees          
BRICHBIEL, William see Brichbiel, Howard Homer                    
BRICKEL, Mary see Thompson, Nels Peter                    
BRICKER, Alexander see Martinson, Svarra E                    
BRICKER, Catherine see Flood, Harry                    
BRICKER, Isaac J see Bricker, Ralph C                    
BRICKER, Maria see Martinson, Svarra E                    
BRICKER, Ralph C       Nashua 27 Ind Isaac J Bricker & Mona Calfee 2-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1763  
      Stella J Norgard Nashua 20 Berthold N D Ole Norgard & Sarah Norheim          
BRICKERT, Charles George       Circle 23 Dakota Mn George Brickert & Getta Sabens 19-Nov-22 Circle McCone 51  
      Adelade Hayes Circle 27 Sutherland Iowa Charles Hayes & Charlotte Anthony          
BRICKERT, George see Brickert, Charles George                    
BRICKILL, Chas L       Glendive 33 Illinois Henry C Brickill & Matilda K Talbot 11-Dec-1895 Glendive Dawson 123  
      Margaret A Morton Glendive 24 ??? Archibald Morton & ???          
BRICKILL, Henry C see Brickill, Chas L                    
BRIDEN, Bessie see Livesay                    
BRIDEN, Elizabeth Francis see Mills, Robert C                    
BRIDEN, John see Livesay                    
BRIDEN, John T see Mills, Robert C                    
BRIDGE, (Mrs) Mary (Dilling?) see Beverly                    
BRIDGEMAN, Daisy see Fisher, John Glen                    
BRIDGEMAN, Daisy see Sauber, Walter Mathias                    
BRIDGEMAN, James       Lennos Iowa 31 Wis John Bridgeman & Margaret Shannon 23-Feb-16 Medicine Lake Sheridan 682  
      ??? Welliver 23 Iowa Chas Sullivan & Johanna Money          
BRIDGEMAN, John see Bridgeman                    
BRIDGEMAN, Marie see Hendrick, George R                    
BRIDGER, Arthur G see Bridger                    
BRIDGER, Fred A       Regina 26 Haslemere England Arthur G Bridger & Kate Bicknell 1-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2867  
      Lenore V Howatt Regina 24 Owen Sound Can William J Howatt & Margaret Ramage          
BRIDGER, Mary Ann see Jaynes, Wm                    
BRIDGES, Cleo Jane see Taylor, Harlan Boyd                    
BRIDGES, David       Culbertson 24 Webber Mt James S Bridges & Mary Murray 27-Oct-03 Culbertson Valley 116  
      res Culbertson   25   John Stubetson & Bertha Johnson          
BRIDGES, Dora see Bidwell, Ray Scott                    
BRIDGES, Dora Elizabeth see Berg, Leon George                    
BRIDGES, Emma see Hajek, Frank                    
BRIDGES, G E see Bridges, Paul                    
BRIDGES, G E see Bridges, Shirley                    
BRIDGES, Harold       Platville Wis 21 Platville John Bridges & Emma Doltz 6-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2906  
      Petrel Giem Glasgow 20 Redville Mn Fred Giem & Trene Nelson          
BRIDGES, Harriet see Combs, Leo L                    
BRIDGES, Hattie E see Baker                    
BRIDGES, James S see Bridges, David                    
BRIDGES, Jessie W       Wolf Point 29 Mo Sam E Bridges & Clara Burge 3-Aug-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 792  
      Edith Evelyn Greenup West Fork 18 N D L F Greenup & Rose Jones          
BRIDGES, John see Bridges, Harold                    
BRIDGES, John see Wiggins, Earl                    
BRIDGES, John see Hajek, Frank                    
BRIDGES, Martha see Morrin, Samuel Wedcraft                    
BRIDGES, Martha see Adams, John Robert                    
BRIDGES, Mildred see Calkins, George W                    
BRIDGES, Mildred see Talbot, Hale                    
BRIDGES, Paul       Frazer 27 Mt Vernon Ill G E Bridges & Metta Owens 20-Sep-30 Glasgow Valley 3590  
      Nell Covey Glasgow 18 Anadarko Okla E B Covey & Belle DeLay          
BRIDGES, Pheebe see Hamlin, W H                    
BRIDGES, Sam see Brookman, Clyne R                    
BRIDGES, Sam see Bridges, Walter Henry                    
BRIDGES, Sam E see Bridges, Jessie W                    
BRIDGES, Samuel Elliot see Taylor, Harlan Boyd                    
BRIDGES, Samuel Elliott see Berg, Leon George                    
BRIDGES, Shirley       Glasgow 32 Mt Vernon Ill G E Bridges & Metta Owens 13-Sep-29 Glasgow Valley 3504  
      Ellen Hill Glasgow 18 Elm Springs Sask Can William Hill & Julia Deegan          
BRIDGES, Walter Henry       Eight Point 28 Mo Sam Bridges & Clara Burdge 8-Feb-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 866  
      Jessie Hart Glasgow 21 Okla ??? & Jettie Arrowsmith          
BRIDGES, Wavre see Brookman, Clyne R                    
BRIDGHAM, Alberta E (Ackley?) see Graham, Simeon P                    
BRIDGMAN, Daisy see Cramer, John                    
BRIEL, Grace R see Rosness, Henry J                    
BRIEL, Herbert see Rosness, Henry J                    
BRIEL, Marie see Plotz, Peter                    
BRIEL, Nancy see Mignot, F A                    
BRIEN, Aleck see Brien, Patrick                    
BRIEN, Alex see Brien, Harmon                    
BRIEN, Alexander see Granbois, Michael                    
BRIEN, Alexander see Brien, Napolian                    
BRIEN, Alexander see Brien Joseph G                    
BRIEN, Alexander see Brien                    
BRIEN, Alice G see Curtis, Lewis J                    
BRIEN, B K see Curtis, Lewis J                    
BRIEN, Cloris see Smith                    
BRIEN, Emma see Grant                    
BRIEN, Florestine see Anderson                    
BRIEN, Fred       Med Lake 26 St John N D Theodore Brien & mary Rose Burlow 31-Jan-09 Glasgow Valley 448  
      Sarah Moran Med Lake 27 Belcourt N D Alex Moran & Sarah Granbois          
BRIEN, G----? see Anderson                    
BRIEN, Harmon       Wolf Point 21 Big Horn Cty Alex Brien & Helen Laundry 23-Feb-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 599  
      Mary Bottineau Wolf Point 18 Canada Joseph Bottineau & Julie Dumont          
BRIEN, Jan_? see Lafrenier, Eli                    
BRIEN, Jenoe see Holm, Floyd Carl                    
BRIEN, Joe see Grant                    
BRIEN, Joseph       Medicine Lake 29 Culbertson Theodore Brien & Mary Sharit 5-Sep-24 Culbertson Roosivelt 662  
      Mary Rose Gosline Froid 21 Buford N D Joseph Gosline & Mary Morin          
BRIEN, Joseph see Brien Julius                    
BRIEN, Joseph G       Med� Lake 45 Mt Alexander Brien Sr & Adelaide St Dennis 13-May-22 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1798  
      Mrs Adeline L Morin Medicine Lake 33 N D Moses LaFrance & Mary Cloquet          
BRIEN, Julius       Med� Lake 26 Med� Lake Joseph Brien & Eliza Pershing 18-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2987  
      Joy Parent Med� Lake 21 St Paul Mn Carl Raether & Minnie Flynn          
BRIEN, Marie M see Granbois, Michael                    
BRIEN, Mary Jane see LaRoque, Alex                    
BRIEN, Mitchell       Lodge Grass 23 Mt Alexander Brien & Helen Laundry 27-Feb-14 Medicine Lake Sheridan 167  
      Rose McGillie Med Lake 21 b N D Starr McGillie & Elsie Beston          
BRIEN, Napolian       Culbertson 22 Mt Alexander Brien & Helen Laundre 20-May-22 Culbertson Roosivelt 377  
      Delia St Piere Culbertson 19 Belcourt N D Norbet & Mary St Piere          
BRIEN, Pat see LaRoque, Alex                    
BRIEN, Patrick       Frenchman Creek 19 N D Aleck Brien & Ellen LaBrule 1-Jun-02 Malta Valley ?  
      Mary J Ducharme Malta 20 Dakota Narcis Ducharme & Catherine St Denis          
BRIEN, Theodore see Brien, Fred                    
BRIEN, Theodore see Brien, Joseph                    
BRIEN, Theodore see Smith                    
BRIEN, Zelda (Demarais?) see Jenerette, Mike                    
BRIER, George see Sutherland, Billy                    
BRIER, Gordeau see Talamantes, Esquio                    
BRIER, John M see Brier, Wesley J                    
BRIER, John M see Premo, Walter A                    
BRIER, John M see Brier, Raymond R                    
BRIER, Luella Vera see Premo, Walter A                    
BRIER, Raymond R       Sentinel Butte 21 Rolfe Iowa John M Brier & Edith K Brown 9-Jul-19 Wibaux Wibaux 243  
      Edith K Stanley N D 19 Sheridan Wyo Chas G Stanley & Ida Mae Wettstein          
BRIER, Rose see Sutherland, Billy                    
BRIER, Vina see Talamantes, Esquio                    
BRIER, Wesley J       Sentinel Butte N D 23 Frazee Mn John M Brier & Mary E Brown 10-Sep-23 Wibaux Wibaux 402  
      Carrie Sharman Belfield N D 18 Wittenberg Wis Anthony Sharman & Annie Robingson?          
BRIERE, Gregor see Trottier, George                    
BRIERE, Mary see Trottier, George                    
BRIEST, Henry see Briest, William C                    
BRIEST, William C       Corall Coulee 24 Arlington Mn Henry Briest & Mary Sassenberg 14-Aug-17 Chinook Blaine 414  
      Maxentia Tierney Corral Coulee 24 Newhampton Iowa Barney C Tierney & Margaret Donaghue          
BRIETBACH, J C see Brietbach, Joseph P                    
BRIETBACH, Sylvester P       Circle 24 Belgium J C Brietbach & Mary Gau 7-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2102  
      Bertha Hoeser Loyal Wisc 25 Loyal George Hoeser & Barbara Goetz          
BRIGGS, Anton D see Briggs, Bennie                    
BRIGGS, Bennie       Glenburn N D 35 Alexandria Mn William H Briggs & Mary A Siffles 23-Apr-10 Culbertson Valley 621  
      Esther E Briggs P�wood 29   Anton D Briggs & Marie A L__?          
BRIGGS, D S       Glasgow 36 Penn   31-May-22   Phillips 645  
      Daisy B Stearns Glasgow 25 Iowa            
BRIGGS, Dora see Bidwell, James F                    
BRIGGS, Dora C see Tinkey, Oakley F                    
BRIGGS, Earl Rinaldo       Redstone 31 Moorhead Mn R B Briggs & Elizabeth Boncombe 14-Oct-10 Outlook Valley 706  
      Vera Ione Bantz P�wood 17 Independence Iowa Geo E Bantz & Hattie Stoner          
BRIGGS, Edith see Coulter, Joseph S                    
BRIGGS, Elizabeth see Lovejoy, Harry E                    
BRIGGS, Elizabeth see Moore, W W                    
BRIGGS, Ernest       Midway N D 26 Soldiers Grove Wisc John Briggs & Annie Montgomery 1-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1736  
      Fay Lovas Midway N D 29 Cedar Falls Iowa George Conklin & Anneta Azeltine          
BRIGGS, Esther E see Briggs, Bennie                    
BRIGGS, Frankie Fern see Leslie, Everett, Clayton                    
BRIGGS, J Edgar see Leslie                    
BRIGGS, John see Champagne, Robert R                    
BRIGGS, John see Briggs, Ernest                    
BRIGGS, Leone see Champagne, Robert R                    
BRIGGS, Marie see Ellingson, Edward L                    
BRIGGS, R B see Briggs, Earl Rinaldo                    
BRIGGS, Rosie see Babcock, Eugene G                    
BRIGGS, Sarah E see Krull, August L                    
BRIGGS, William H see Briggs, Bennie                    
BRIGHAM, Ella see Gage, L Roy                    
BRIGHAM, Ella see Willis, Irwin                    
BRIGHT, Anna C see McCardle, James C                    
BRIGHT, Ellen see Nelson, Harvey Samuel                    
BRIGHT, Hannah see Ater, Robert F                    
BRIGHT, Jacob see Knight, Frank W                    
BRIGHT, Lillian see McCleod, Lewis Alger                    
BRIGHT, Louise see Braddock, Homer B                    
BRIGHT, Lydia J see Hollar, William Henry                    
BRIGHT, Mable see Knight, Frank W                    
BRIGHT, Martha see Ball, William                    
BRIGHT, Martha see Ball, William                    
BRIGHT, Peter see McLeod                    
BRIGHT, Samantha see Doores, Barney                    
BRIGHT, Samantha see VanAllen, Charles                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Charles see Brightsman                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Charles see Brightsman                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Charlie see Brightsman                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Charlie see Brightsman                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Charlie see Brightsman                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Ella see Crouse                    
BRIGHTSMAN, Elmer       Dooley 30 Wise Charlie Brightsman & Emma Mohl 18-Nov-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1190  
      Mattie Whit-man Dooley 27 Indiana ??? Whitman & Cornelia Brassfield          
BRIGHTSMAN, Frank       Dooley 27 Mn Charlie Brightsman & Emma Meohe 7-Feb-17 Plentywood Sheridan 955  
      Jessie Whitman Dooley 21 Mn G W Whitman & Cornelia Brassfield          
BRIGHTSMAN, Harry       Dooley 24 Mn Charles Brightsman & Emma Mahl 8-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan    
      Muriel R Whitman Dooley 18 Iowa Edgar Whitman & Cornelia Brassfield          
BRIGHTSMAN, Harry       Dooley 27 S D Charlie Brightsman & Emma Mahl 8-Dec-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2397  
      Blanch Crouse Dooley 17 W Vir Lair Crouse & Grace Kinas          
BRIGHTSMAN, Irvin       Dooley 22 Canada Charles Brightsman & Emma Mahl 12-Dec-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2398  
      Emma Hoppins Dooley 18 Canada Schuyler Hoppins & Barbara Hudson          
BRIGNER, Harvey       Werner N D 26 Mercer Cty Ohio Peter Brigner & Catherine Byron 9-Apr-17 Glendive Dawson 2141  
      Christina Bills Werner N D 19 Mead Cty S D Frank Bills & Katherins Trazle?          
BRIGNER, Peter see Brigner, Harvey                    
BRIK, Maggie see Schram, John J                    
BRILEN, Marie M see Poe, Clinton J                    
BRILEN, Peter see Poe Clinton J                    
BRIM, Daisy see Dennis, Russell Clarence                    
BRIM, Fred see Dennis, Russell Clarence                    
BRIMEAU, Napoleon J       Hinsdale 25 Manitoba Can Napoleon Brimeau & Mary Carrier 7-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1765  
      Hazel DeCelles Hinsdale 19 Havre Napoleon DeCelles & Hattie Jarvis          
BRIMM, Eva see Johnson, Carl                    
BRIMM, George       Mondak 28 Netherlands Gunther Brimm & Mattie Feldt 10-Feb-14 Glasgow Valley 1416  
      Mattie Arends Mondak 18 Netherlands Toddo Arends & Magelige Harms          
BRIMM, Gunther see Brimm, George                    
BRIMM, Joseph see Johnson, Carl                    
BRINE, A E see Skibbey, E J                    
BRINEY, Arthur see Cline, Everett                    
BRINEY, Bessie Grace see Cline, Everett                    
BRINGDELL, Bertha see Gjerde, Odin                    
BRINGEDAL, Baard       Sask Can 27 Norway Mons Bringedal & Carrie Elfeson 8-Apr-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1642  
      Emma E Norman Dooley 21 Mn ------? Norman & Christina Sampson          
BRINGEDAL, Mons see Bringedal                    
BRINK, Albert W       Crookston Mn 35 Mn O W Brink & Minnie Anderson 27-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1097  
      Marga-ret Ivanette Wilson St Hilaire Mn 21 Lake City Mn W P Wilson & Elizabeth Brown          
BRINK, Aline see Ewing, George Wm                    
BRINK, Delene see Hawkes, Albert                    
BRINK, Deline see Barbour, Ray Allen                    
BRINK, E O see Fairbanks, Warren H                    
BRINK, Edith V see Fairbanks, Warren H                    
BRINK, Elmer T?       Eighth Point 20 St Hilaire Mn Otto Brink & Minnie Anderson 23-May-28 Glasgow Valley 3385  
      Adeline M Barrett Jordan 26 ??? Will Barrett & Louise C Mosier          
BRINK, Florence see Hawkes, Albert                    
BRINK, Mary see Sorenson                    
BRINK, Murry Chester       Whitewater 26 Mn   7-Nov-23   Phillips 739  
      Ruth Thelma Jacobs Whitewater 19 Iowa            
BRINK, Nellie M see Whitcraft, George                    
BRINK, O W see Brink, Albert W                    
BRINK, Otto see Brink, Elmer T                    
BRINK,, Chester, see Hawkes, Albert                    
BRINKHOUSE, Reka see Hubbard                    
BRINKMAN, Evelyn May see Bugden, Henry John                    
BRINKMAN, Fred Frank       Poplar 34 Burketville Ohio John Henry Brinkman & Caroline Windhoven 5-Apr-30 Poplar Roosivelt 1440  
      Rose Alvine Grombois Poplar 20 Froid Pat Grombois & Elsie Moran          
BRINKMAN, John see Bugden, Henry John                    
BRINKMAN, John Henry see Brinkman, Fred Frank                    
BRINKMAN, Tracy see Miller, Charles Joseph                    
BRINLEY, George W see Brinley, Orla                    
BRINLEY, Orla       Dayton Ohio 29 New Paris Ohio George W Brinley & Minnie Cockerill 21-Sep-08 Glendive Dawson 620  
      Ida Amell Sheridan Wyo 22 Grand Island Nebr Samuel Amell & Mary Welch          
BRISBEAU, Katherine see Long Fox, Leo                    
BRISBO, Matilda see Buffalo Tail                    
BRISBO, Olivia see Brisbo, William                    
BRISBO, Theresa see Buffalo Tail                    
BRISBO, William       Lodgepole 21 Blaine   29-Jul-19   Phillips 441  
      Anna Whitecaw Lodgepole 18 Blaine            
BRISEY, Medora see Nicol, George R                    
BRISTO, Maggie see Otto                    
BRISTOL, Laura see Roberts                    
BRITE, Anne Josephine see Grunst, George Henry                    
BRITE, Ludwig see Grunst, George Henry                    
BRITSCH, August see Miller, George Wilbert                    
BRITSCH, Marrie Emma see Miller, George Wilbert                    
BRITSON, Albert see Britson, Elmer                    
BRITSON, Elmer       Williston N D 37 Rushford Mn Albert Britson & Julia Johnson 23-Jul-28 Glendive Dawson 3610  
      Julia Tangen Grenora N D 36 Bisbee N D Christ Tangen & Runoger Jacobson          
BRITT, Bessie see Moholt, Carl Rudolph                    
BRITT, Orick see Moholt, Carl Rudolph                    
BRITTAN, Charles H see Brittan, Walter Faucet                    
BRITTAN, Walter Faucet       Poplar 39 Beloit Wis Charles H Brittan & Jessie L Faucett 9-Oct-24 Lakeside Roosivelt 674  
      Corma? Helene Swertman Lakeside 23 N D Luke D Swertman & Alice M Waterman          
BRITTIN, John W see Polchow, John W                    
BRITTNER, J & Rose see Brittner, Stephen                    
BRITTNER, Stephen       Glendive 23 Russia J & Rose Brittner 26-Nov-02 Glendive Dawson 273  
      Mary Emma Kline Glendive 20 Brainerd Mn H & Sarah Kline          
BRITTON, Albert see Avery, Benjamin Charles                    
BRITTON, Lavada see Avery, Benjamin Charles                    
BROADBROOKS, C E see Broadbrooks, John                    
BROADBROOKS, Clarence see Broadbrooks, L A                    
BROADBROOKS, Clarence E       Saco 27 Decatur Cty Iowa John Broadbrooks & Maggie J Kerr 27-Sep-1894 Saco Valley ?  
      Dora F Kennedy Saco 19 Canada David Kennedy & Bella Bell          
BROADBROOKS, Francis M see Nelson, Manville R                    
BROADBROOKS, John see Broadbrooks, Clarence E                    
BROADBROOKS, John       Saco 22 Saco C E Broadbrooks & Dora Kennedy 16-Sep-22 Glasgow Valley 2909  
      Francis Garrison Saco 18 Saco Dan Garrison & Mary Wauvas          
BROADBROOKS, John       Phillips 22 Mt       Phillips 665 ( lic not completed )
      Francis Garrison Phillips 18 Mt            
BROADBROOKS, John D see Nelson, Manville R                    
BROADBROOKS, L A       Saco 25 Saco Clarence Broadbrooks & Dora Kennedy 26-May-28 Glasgow Valley 3386  
      Harriet Able Saco 24 Saco Otto Abel & Augusta Giese          
BROADHEAD, Markus       Cartwright N D 24 Foley Mn Russell Brodhead & Katherine Walker 30-Oct-28 Glendive Dawson 3653  
      Dorothy Warnes Cartwright 24 Pierceton Indiana Norman Shidler & Elizabeth Curtis          
BROADMAN, Mary E see Miller, John M                    
BROADUS, Auralia see Rorvik, Peter                    
BROADUS, Ernest see Rorvik, Peter                    
BROADWATER, Eva see Tjaden, Kobes O                    
BROBECK, Genevieve see Boroff, Louis                    
BROBENDER, Ernest E see Wheeler, Almeron P                    
BROCHERT, Louisa see Wirtz                    
BROCK, Charles Clyde see Brock                    
BROCK, Gertrude see Brock, Sivert                    
BROCK, Homer Milton       Froid 24 Soldiers Grove Wis William Brock & Fern Bartlett 4-Jan-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1412  
      Edna Viola Warner Froid 19 Froid Hubert Warner & Alice Elidia Swit-zenberg          
BROCK, Isaac see Markle, Walter C                    
BROCK, Mollie see Cash, Haywood                    
BROCK, Sargent Robert       P�wood 21 Elyria Ohio Charles Clyde Brock & Cora Marguerite Hensen 16-Jun-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2743  
      Evelyn Marie Robke P�wood 18 P�wood Robert Robke & Sophronia Yunch          
BROCK, Sivert       Miles City 41 Monjen Norway Mikie Barbo & Gertrude Brock 6-Apr-09 Glendive Dawson 679  
      Anna Togerli Miles City 32 Mongen? Nor Lawrence Togerli & Maret Erickson          
BROCK, William see Brock, Homer Milton                    
BROCKER, Annie M see Owen, Harry W                    
BROCKEY, Katherine see Erbe, Ralph R                    
BROCKIE, see Buckman, John                    
BROCKIE, Tom       Fraser 65 Mt Spotted Worm & ???     Valley   ( Cert Not Completed)
      Mrs RunsOnTop Frazer 60 Mt ???          
BROCKIN, Dave see Westfall, E Paul                    
BROCKIN, Goldie see Westfall, E Paul                    
BROCKLESBERG, Elizabeth see Boachman, George                    
BROCKLEY, Lucinda M see Schmitz                    
BROCKLEY, Sarah see Morrison                    
BROCKLEY, Tom see Schmitz                    
BROCKMAN, David R       Culbertson 38 New Point Mo John H Brockman & Mary O Ruhl 3-Jun-08 Culbertson Valley 370  
      Meta Bruegger Culbertson 26 Waterton Wis Nicholas Bruegger & Mary Heise          
BROCKMAN, Della Isabell see Remley, William Franklin                    
BROCKMAN, John H see Brockman, David                    
BROCKMAN, Wm see Remley, William Franklin                    
BROCKSMITH, Henry see Brocksmith Henry C                    
BROCKSMITH, Henry C       Glasgow 25 Germany Henry Brocksmith & Minnie Wall 15-May-01 Glasgow Valley ? (187?)  
      Rosie L Sargent Nashua 19 Nashua Chas S Sargent & Bell Cornell          
BROCKWAY, Benj W see Smith, Elijah                    
BROCKWAY, C J see Ray, Cyrelle                    
BROCKWAY, C J see Ashby, William H                    
BROCKWAY, C J see Olson, Elmer Ole                    
BROCKWAY, C J see Hufford, Louis J                    
BROCKWAY, C J see Peterson, William F                    
BROCKWAY, Charles see Brockway, Earl Bryan                    
BROCKWAY, Dora see Peterson, William F                    
BROCKWAY, Earl Bryan       Scobey 24 Lowrey City Missouri Charles Brockway & Pauline Perry 28-Nov-21 Scobey Daniels 38  
      Esther Elizabeth Stewart Glentana 18 Prince Albert Can Ernest Stweart & Laura Eikenhead          
BROCKWAY, Eloise E see Reed, Fred B                    
BROCKWAY, Fred see Reed, Fred B                    
BROCKWAY, Joseph see Kiefer, Loren Otterholm                    
BROCKWAY, Joseph see Brockway, William                    
BROCKWAY, L N & Dora see Cobb, Sam                    
BROCKWAY, L N & Dora see Ferguson, W I                    
BROCKWAY, Louis see Murray, Robert F                    
BROCKWAY, Mabel see Murray, Robert F Jr                    
BROCKWAY, Mabel see Arbogast, Chester                    
BROCKWAY, Mabel C see Murray, Robert F                    
BROCKWAY, Marion Ethel see Smith, Elijah                    
BROCKWAY, Mary Ada see Kiefer, Loren Otterholm                    
BROCKWAY, William       Prairie Elk 32 Prairie Elk S D Joseph Brockway & Ada Donoho 2-Mar-27 Circle McCone 107  
      Helen Garoutte Prairie Elk 15 Kiefer Okla Daniel Garoutte & Cora Richmond          
BROD, Jacob see Brod, Phillip                    
BROD, Phillip       Lohman 40 Hungary Jacob Brod & Katrina Schiller 26-May-28 Chinook Blaine 1058  
      Helen Nessler Zurich 22 Harlem Frank Nessler & Olga Block          
BRODERSON, John       Belfield 49 Germany Peter Broderson & Christina Christianson 21-May-28 Glendive Dawson 3570  
      Freda Urban Belfield 19 Belfield August Urban & Pauline Otto          
BRODERSON, Peter see Broderson, John                    
BRODHEAD, Russell see Brodhead, Markus                    
BRODSHO, Clarence O       Homestead 21 Mn Jens Brodsho & Clara Jensen 15-Nov-15 Plentywood Sheridan 590  
      Helen P Gerhold Homestead 23 Indiana L B Gerhold & Emily Studenroth          
BRODSHO, Jens see Brodsho                    
BRODSLEY, Jennie see Davis, George A                    
BRODY, Harry G       Glendive 24 Wis William Brody & Mary Oconnel 30-Jun-15 Wibaux Wibaux 40  
      Elsie Dorothy Pelstring Glendive 26 Illinois Bernard Pelstring & Elizabeth Leers          
BRODY, William see Brody, Harry G                    
BROGAN, Gertrude M see Hill, Harry E                    
BROGAN, John H see Hill, Harry E                    
BROGAN, Sarah see Hardy, Henry W                    
BROHM, Anna see Schmidt, Albert H                    
BROKEN, see Bearhill                    
BROKEN, Arm see Red Feather                    
BROKEN, Shoulder see Little Man                    
BROKEN, Andrew see Broken, James                    
BROKEN, James       Poplar 20 Poplar Andrew Broken & Unice?Yellow Horse 22-Mar-13 Poplar Valley 1272  
      Helma Red Eagle Poplar 18 Poplar Red Eagle & Red Crow          
BROKEN ANKLE, Kate see Wettlin, George                    
BROKER, Albertine see Halstead, Albert M                    
BROLIN, Martin Emile       Malta 27 Mt   5-May-20   Phillips 501  
      Margaret Clara Kirton Malta 21 Colorado            
BROMBERG, Fred & Lena see Bromberg, Lewis                    
BROMBERG, Lewis       Plentywood 21 Litchfield Mn Fred & Lena Bromberg 15-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 786  
      Esther Clara Christensen Reserve 18 Larimore N D N C Christensen & Marie Harr          
BROMMEN, Mary see Plante                    
BROMSETH, Anna see Rucker, John Edward                    
BRONCONIER, Daniel see Bronconier, John                    
BRONCONIER, John       Havre 33 Winnipeg Daniel Bronconier & Sarah Descharme 23-Mat-1910 Glasgow Valley 635  
      Eva Descelles Hinsdale 18 Havre Paul Descelles & Hattie Jarvis          
BRONOVICK, Julia see Gritz, Peter                    
BRONSON, Clarence A       Glendive 26 South New Line Ohio J B Bronson & Ida Stone 16-Nov-14 Glendive Dawson 1620  
      Lucy Wilson Glendive 17 Wilmington Illinois Charles Wilson & Minnie Ruckman          
BRONSON, Claud Luelin see Bronson, William Marion                    
BRONSON, Frances see Foster, J H                    
BRONSON, Fred N               1-Nov-1885 Glendive Dawson 45  
      Adelle McKinley                  
BRONSON, J B see Bronson, Clarence A                    
BRONSON, James see Bronson, Sidney W                    
BRONSON, Julia see Poulson, Arthur M                    
BRONSON, Mary see Sullivan, James                    
BRONSON, Sidney W       Coburg 30 Hallock Mn James Bronson & Mary Hill 2-Jul-12 Chinook Blaine 7  
      Nellie Delaney Coburg 21 DesMoines Iowa John E Hurley & Amanda Watts          
BRONSON, Sidney W       Coburg 38 Hallock Mn James Bronson & Mary Hill 24-Dec-19 Chinook Blaine 606  
      Mary Francis Link Coberg 19 Mt John Link & Aman-da Watts          
BRONSON, William Marion       Andes 21 Amboy Ill Claud Luelin Bronson & Ermina Clara Neldermath 19-Nov-19 Andes Roosivelt 67  
      Lottie Jane Powell Culbertson 17 Trilla Ill Jess T Powell & Rosa Irene Reed          
BRONSTAD, Elaine see Nelson, Victor Christ                    
BRONSTAD, Ole see Nelson, Victor Christ                    
BRONSTAD, Ole       Tampico 29 Norway Ole Bronstad & Inger Anna Egge 26-Mar-13 Glasgow Valley 1275  
      Cassandra Holmberg St Peter Mn ??? Norway Christ Vekset & Kerstie Haugen          
BRONSTEIN, Abraham       Hillside 32 Russia Harry Bronstein & Lonia Engonlitzer 2-Jun-16 Cohagen Dawson 1919  
      Clara Geller Hillside 22 Russia Joseph Geller & Liza Funkle          
BRONSTEIN, Harry see Bronstein, Abraham                    
BROOK, Carsten see Murk                    
BROOKE, Charles M & Deal S see Brooke, Wallace E                    
BROOKE, Wallace E       Culbertson 22 Wis Charles M & Deal S Brooke 10-Oct-10 Culbertson Valley 707  
      Martha Hansen Culbertson 24 Hallingdal Nor Hans Hanson & Karin Paulson          
BROOKER, Albert       Saco 29 Iowa Lawrence Brooker & Lizzie Scheeling 30-Sep-15 Glasgow Valley 1742  
      Virginia Martin Beaverton 20 Mn Joseph Martin & Anna Grandpre          
BROOKER, Lawrence see Brooker, Albert                    
BROOKFIELD, E B see Brookfield, Harold                    
BROOKFIELD, Harold       Wibaux 21 Larabee Iowa E B Brookfield & Fannie Barker 5-Feb-25 Glendive Dawson 3188  
      Geneva Dunn Wibaux 18 Hymera Indiana Hugh Patrick Dunn & Loy May Erlinger          
BROOKFIELD, Huon T       Wibaux 28 Cherokee Iowa Huon L Brookfield & Harriet N Tebo 24-Jun-14 Glendive Dawson 1521  
      Esther R Carlson Wibaux 21 Joliet Illinois John A Carlson & Bertha Madson          
BROOKIE, see Brookie, Clarence                    
BROOKIE, Clarence       St Pauls Mission 29 St Pauls Brookie & ??? 27-Apr-19 St Pauls Blaine 554  
      Mary Fox St Pauls 20 St Pauls Joseph Fox & Rebecca          
BROOKIE, Hugh K       Saco 24 Cutler Ind J H Brookie & Rachel Chiltick 31-Oct-10 Glasgow Valley 727  
      Jennie Hill Bringhurst Ind 26 Ind George Hill & Mary Kaller          
BROOKIE, J H see Brookie, Hugh K                    
BROOKIE, John H see Brookie, Stuart Otho                    
BROOKIE, Sarah see Dounard, Walter                    
BROOKIE, Stuart Otho       Saco 26 Indiana John H Brookie & Rachael Chittick 24-Jul-16 Glasgow Valley 1916  
      Eudora Hiel Beaverton 25 Indiana Judge Hiel & Alice Keely          
BROOKINS, George & Mary see Brookins, James J                    
BROOKINS, James J       Randolph 27 Richland N Y George & Mary Brookins 14-Nov-15 �Frazier res� Dawson 1808  
      Lula M Frazier Randolph 20 Lockwood Mo Tom & Zara Frazier          
BROOKMAN, Clyne R       Poplar 23 Mt Ver non Ill William Brookman & Ada Harlow 26-Nov-12 Glasgow Valley 1165  
      Wavre Bridges Poplar 20 St Louis Mo Sam Bridges & Clara Berdge          
BROOKMAN, Josephine see Zurn, Gordan                    
BROOKMAN, William see Brookman, Clyne R                    
BROOKS, Adell see Volkman, Henry N                    
BROOKS, Albert J see Hapgood, Leon L                    
BROOKS, Albridge       Frazer 23 Kendall Wis Charles M Brooks & Delia Saxby 28-Jan-24 Glasgow Valley 3036  
      Ruth Johnson Frazer 18 Fergus Falls George W Johnson & Clara Berg          
BROOKS, Alfred       Saco 45 Iowa Laurence Brooks & Lizzie Schillinger 8-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3527  
      Evelyn Peek Saco 27 Virginia George Denise & Mildred Arthur          
BROOKS, Alfred C see Brooks, John Walter                    
BROOKS, Bernice see Cook, George A                    
BROOKS, C M see Brooks, Frank Melvin                    
BROOKS, Chancey see Brooks, James C                    
BROOKS, Charles M see Brooks, Albridge                    
BROOKS, Charles M see Lingle, Fred                    
BROOKS, Charles W       Forsythe 25 near Danville Illinois Matthew Brooks & Mary E Stokes 12-Mar-11 Glendive Dawson 916  
      Lydia Montford Forsythe 21 Helena George Montford & Geneva Twible          
BROOKS, Charles Wesley       Little Woody Sask Can 21 Grove City Mn Orin Brooks & Addie Caswell 4-Dec-23 Scobey Daniels 131  
      Mildred Eulalie Converse Eddyside Sask 18 Mn Alfred Converse & ??          
BROOKS, Charlotte see VanSickle, Glen                    
BROOKS, Claude see Cook, George A                    
BROOKS, Dorothy see Bleth, Pancraz B                    
BROOKS, E H       Glendive 23 Texas W H Brooks & Nora Todd 2-Dec-06 Glasgow Valley 262  
      Violet Davison, Glendive 18 Devils Lake N D W K Davison & Ovedia Johnson          
BROOKS, E H see Davison, Geo W                    
BROOKS, Earl E       Morristown S D 27 Nielsville Wisc George Brooks & Eva Harston 18-Jun-13 Fairview Dawson 1262  
      Ida A Thorsen Fairview 24 Norway Sivert Thorsen & Gurine Martinsen          
BROOKS, Evah B see Read, Hearman B                    
BROOKS, Francis see Allen, Adrain                    
BROOKS, Francis see McNabb, Leo Lambert                    
BROOKS, Francis Emma see Liermann                    
BROOKS, Frank C see Liermann                    
BROOKS, Frank Melvin       Frazer 20 Wis C M Brooks & Delia Saxby 26-Nov-15 Glasgow Valley 1781  
      Eva Lettie Leota Lingle Frazer 17 Mo George Lingle & Sarah Kelly          
BROOKS, Fredrika see Trautman, William                    
BROOKS, George see Brooks, Earl E                    
BROOKS, Goldie Leona see Lingle, Fred                    
BROOKS, Helmet see Brooks, Johnnie                    
BROOKS, Henry see Brooks                    
BROOKS, Iantha see McFarland, Claud                    
BROOKS, Iantha see Schellinger                    
BROOKS, Ida see Doke, Clarence E                    
BROOKS, Isaac L       Culbertson 50 Brunswick Maine ??? Brooks & Maria Theresa Melcha 18-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2284  
      Victoria Stafford Glasgow 40 Mound City Kansas John Humphrey & Elizabeth Jane King          
BROOKS, James see Read, Hearman B                    
BROOKS, James C       Intake 61 Fayette Cty Iowa Chancey Brooks & Anna Casebeer 12-Jun-19 Glendive Dawson 2523  
      Elizabeth S Adams Morgan Creek 47 England Robert Hendry & Julia Clark          
BROOKS, James J see Dunn, John F                    
BROOKS, James J see Moore, Edwin                    
BROOKS, James Lester       Smith Creek 21 Wis John Brooks & Lettie Snow 19-Mar-16 Wibaux Wibaux 88  
      Emma Johnson Smith Creek 21 N D Alfred Johnson & Agnes E Herrick          
BROOKS, Jane see Jarvis, Peter                    
BROOKS, John see Brooks, James Lester                    
BROOKS, John see Brooks, Lester                    
BROOKS, John see Miller, Harry                    
BROOKS, John Walter       Vida 30 Iowa Alfred C Brooks & Frantie Richards 18-Mar-14 Vida Dawson 1447  
      Mabel Adlinda Constance Vida 25 Cannon Missouri Charles D Constance & Goletta Simmons          
BROOKS, Johnnie       Hebron N D 41 Brandon Wisc Helmet Brooks & Jane Holdinga 1-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3804  
      Lida McNeill Killdeer N D 38 Wheatland N D Thomas Jones & Lavina Robinson          
BROOKS, Laurence see Brooks, Alfred                    
BROOKS, Lawrence William       Saco 25 Ohio William H & Christine Brooks 26-Nov-13 Glasgow Valley 2592  
      Irene D Beavers Saco 27 Neb Emmet & Gertrude Beavers          
BROOKS, Lela see Miller, Harry                    
BROOKS, Lela Mae see Dunn, John F                    
BROOKS, Lester       Skaar N D 20 Vernon Cty Wis John Brooks & Littie Snow 7-Jan-20 Wibaux Wibaux 270  
      Clara Olson Skaar N D 21 Byrns Cty N D Walter Olson & Betsy Slowten          
BROOKS, Lewis N       Great Falls 21 Star Cty Ill Robert W Brooks & Laona Armstrong 8-Dec-21 Glasgow Valley 2838  
      Sylvia O Baker Glasgow 20 Lewis Cty Idaho Bert Baker & Rosella Beach          
BROOKS, Lottie Leold see McNabb, Leo Lambert                    
BROOKS, Lydia see Ferguson, Arthur J                    
BROOKS, Mae Jeanette see Hapgood, Leon L                    
BROOKS, Maggie see Todd, George Emerson                    
BROOKS, Martha see McIntyre, Amos Henry                    
BROOKS, Martin E       Minot 33 Mn Martin Brooks & Nettie Smalley 2-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2674  
      Stella Valois Canada 35 Can Thomas Bean & Alade? Consnuff?          
BROOKS, Mary see Swanson, Andrew G                    
BROOKS, Mary see Goudette, John                    
BROOKS, Matthew see Brooks, Charles W                    
BROOKS, May see Raze                    
BROOKS, Merrit Stephen       Intake 26 Wells Mn W M Brooks & Edith O Babcock 25-Nov-17 Intake Dawson 2296  
      Mary Helen Zable Savage 27 Fairbault Mn Jake Zable & Bernice Lock          
BROOKS, Myrtie see Neil                    
BROOKS, Nellie see Trowbridge, Robert M                    
BROOKS, Nellie see Trowbridge, Archie                    
BROOKS, Nona see Davison, Geo W                    
BROOKS, Orin see Brooks, Charles Wesley                    
BROOKS, Orin Henry       Aden Canada 38 Wis Henry Brooks & Mary Shaver 27-Dec-15 Whitetail Sheridan 653  
      Addie Hooare Eddieside Can 40 Mn Notatin Caswell & Margaret Robinson          
BROOKS, Rebecca see Moore, Edwin                    
BROOKS, Robert W see Brooks, Lewis N                    
BROOKS, Sarah see Dickinson, Martin H                    
BROOKS, Sophia (Chase?) see Clifford, Charles                    
BROOKS, Vivian see Smith, Earl                    
BROOKS, W H see Brooks, W H                    
BROOKS, W M see Brooks, Merritt Stephen                    
BROOKS, W M? see Brooks, Geo W                    
BROOKS, W P see Bleth, Pancraz B                    
BROOKS, Walter P see Smith, Earl                    
BROOKS, Walter S       Intake 21 Wells Mn Walter N Brooks & Edith Babcock 6-Mar-15 Intake Dawson 1680  
      Clara Rebecca McKibben Intake 19 Dickinson N D William Lee McCabe & Kari Berg          
BROOKS, William H A Christine see Brooks, Lawrence William                    
BROOKSTONE, Joe see Bush                    
BROOKSTONE, Katie see Bush                    
BROOME, Armand C       Saco 24 Utica, Hines Cty ??? C L Broome & Mittie J Stewart 25-Apr-1899 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Della Dunn Saco 23 Cincinatti Ohio A Dehotel & R A Demment?          
BROOME, C L see Broome, Armand C                    
BROOMFIELD, Susie see Mitchell, Elmer Hearford                    
BROPHY, Alice see Zinda, Phillip                    
BROPHY, Alice see Kinney, John C                    
BROPHY, Bridget L see North, William H                    
BROPHY, Fred       Brooklyn 27 Brooklyn James Brophy & Mary McGee 26-May-30 Glasgow Valley 3559  
      Dorothy Heineu? Minot N D 21 Minot John Heinu & Anna Tirk          
BROPHY, J B see Zinda, Phillip                    
BROPHY, James see Brophy, Fred                    
BROPHY, James see Brophy, John B                    
BROPHY, John       Hinsdale 46 Wis John Brophy & Alice Oulette? ???-Dec-1915 Glasgow Valley 2005  
      Lena Amundson Whitehall Wis 48 Wis William Bertzl & Caroline Opheim          
BROPHY, John B       Wibaux 36 Brownsville Mn James Brophy & Kathrine Dingan 5-Jan-05 Glendive Dawson 330  
      Ida Macabee Wibaux 21 Iowa Dan Macabee & Nancy Spellman          
BRORBY, Bertha see Bell                    
BRORBY, Bertha see Grayson                    
BROSBO, Matilda see Maine, Clarkson                    
BROSCARD, Laura see Jones, Roy                    
BROSE?, Bertha see Wager                    
BROSENG, Mercy see Winchester, Milton J                    
BROSEY, C H       Nashua 24 Springfield Ohio Lewis M Brosey & Leeah Flagley 12-Nov-1892 Nashua Dawson 71  
      Emma Knorr Nashua 20 ??? Sandy Knorr          
BROSEY, Lewis M see Brosey, C H                    
BROSIUS, Lena M see Baeten, Fred                    
BROSS, H J       Nashua 36 Narrowsburg New York Henry Bross & Hannah Barlow 24-Dec-1890 Glasgow Dawson 45  
      Mary Taylor Nashua 26 Richland Illinois Robert Hesselgrave & Margaret Howden          
BROSS, Henry see Bross, H J                    
BROSSARD, Louise see Jones, Frank                    
BROSSEAU, Mary see Grandpre, Eugene                    
BROST, C A see Evans, Joseph C                    
BROST, Clotilde C see Evans, Joseph C                    
BROST, Emil F       Marsh 22 Kulm N D Fred Brost & Lydia Bossert 20-Jul-24 Marsh Dawson 3124  
      Tillie Mittelstadt Marsh 19 Wishek N D John Mittelstadt & Christina Schwindt          
BROST, Fred see Brost, Emil F                    
BROST, Fronlia see Hassler, George                    
BROST, Henry       Terry 20 Medicine Head (Hat?) Canada Michael Brost & Mary Ellard 10-Jun-29 Glendive Dawson 3729  
      Helen L Basta Union 21 Chicago John Basta & Anna Moidl          
BROST, John       Nashua 27 Mn Peter W Brost & Mary Elizabeth Berries 1-Oct-28 Glasgow Valley 3417  
      Helen Chapman Nashua 17 Illinois Edward Chapman & Mary Chittick          
BROST, Michael see Brost, Henry                    
BROST, P W see Hassler, George                    
BROST, Peter W see Brost, John                    
BROSTON, Ane see Risdal, George                    
BROSTROM, Lettie see Hixson, Ray W                    
BROTEN, Henry S       McGregor N D 21 McGregor Ole Halvorson & ??? 15-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2493  
      Selma Holte McGregor 18 McGregoe Hans Holte & Aagt Helling          
BROTEN, Ivar S       Tampico 41 Norway Sever & Ingeborg Broten 30-Aug-26 Glasgow Valley 3240  
      Gertie Severson Petersburg N D 31 Fergus Falls Mn Ole & Ingeborg Haugen          
BROTEN, Sever & Ingeborg see Broten, Iver S                    
BROTHEN, Agnes see Solie                    
BROTHEN, Peter see Juve                    
BROTHEN,, Peter, see Solie                    
BROTVEDT, Carrie see Guggedahl, Lars                    
BROTZMAN, Jacob see Schmiess, Gottfried                    
BROUCH, Annie see Bretzke, William                    
BROUGH, see Carl, Warren                    
BROUGH, Alvin M see Brough, Clarence R                    
BROUGH, Clarence H       Box Elder 41 Port Washington O Alvin M Brough & Sarah J Stucker 3-Apr-14 Glasgow Valley 1441  
      Victoria Trotelie Havre 23 Guilford John Trotelie & Caroline LaMare          
BROUGH, John see Brough, William                    
BROUGH, William       Poplar 27 Ger John Brough & Caroline Frahn 27-Jan-09 Poplar Valley 441  
      Angeline F Pereau Poplar 28 Fall City Nebr Joesph H & Martha P Pereau          
BROUGHTEN, Inez see Houghtaling, Harry                    
BROUGHTON, Annie see Stensrud, John O                    
BROUGHTON, Carrie M see Hollenbeak, Virgil A                    
BROUGHTON, George see Hollenbeak, Virgil A                    
BROUGHTON, Herbert see Gibson, Grant                    
BROUGHTON, Hilda see Hustad, Anton                    
BROUGHTON, Iris see Gibson, Grant                    
BROUSSARD, Assif & Annie see Antoniades, Nick                    
BROUSSARD, Selma see Antoniades, Nick                    
BROUSSEAU, Cecelie see Labrie, Louis                    
BROUSSEAU, Henry see Labrie Louis                    
BROVESON?, Ingebor see Evinrude, Anton                    
BROWER, Bertha D see Spears, Harry G                    
BROWER, N V see Chapman, Fred H                    
BROWLICK, Tecla see Groh, Otto J                    
BROWLIK, Theakla see Meissner, Anton                    
BROWM, J M see Brown                    
BROWM, Leonard A       froid 26 Ark WA Brown & Almira Hale 30-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1126  
      Lucile A Ryburn Granbury Texas 23 Texas J A Ryburn & Jennie Middletow          
BROWN, (Mrs) Roy see Brown, Lloyd                    
BROWN, A W see Brown, Jay                    
BROWN, Ada see Gregg, Cyrus S                    
BROWN, Albert see Rose, Garfield                    
BROWN, Albert Edward see Kean, Albert Edward                    
BROWN, Albert Ernest see Brown, Ernest Earl                    
BROWN, Alex       Poplar 50 Wolf Point White Boy & ??? 14-Aug-20 Poplar Roosivelt 166  
      Howling Cloud Crazy Dog Poplar 58 Canada ???          
BROWN, Alex see Porcupine Quills                    
BROWN, Alexander       Dore N D 39 Mt Forest Ohio Wm S Brown & Rosina Howard 22-Feb-12 Mondak Valley 1004  
      Lillie Cummings Dore N D 21 Muscoda Wis Samuel S Cummings & Jennie Logne          
BROWN, Alice see Hanks, Linder C                    
BROWN, Alice see Godfreson, John                    
BROWN, Alma see Ronilson, H B                    
BROWN, Alonzo W       Marmath N D 24 Carliss Wisc Marton Brown & Clara Streaman 29-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 3483  
      Clara M Dale Marmath 20 Tomah Wis Arthur I Dale & Martha Schleisner          
BROWN, Alta see Jensen, Berger                    
BROWN, Amanda see Morton, John S                    
BROWN, Amelia see Cattanach, James                    
BROWN, Andrew               29-May-1886   Dawson 52  
      Olivia Spencer                  
BROWN, Andrew see Wing, William M                    
BROWN, Andrew A see Brown, E L                    
BROWN, Andrew G see Hensley, Logan Horace                    
BROWN, Anna see Oleson, Roy Hurd                    
BROWN, Anna see Johnson, George Henry                    
BROWN, Anna see Cullett, Andrew G                    
BROWN, Anna see Glewwe, Julius F                    
BROWN, Anna (Brook?) see Murk                    
BROWN, Anna C see Michels                    
BROWN, Anne see Colvin, John Wesley                    
BROWN, Annice see Clayton, Frank                    
BROWN, Annie see Stanley, Alfred C                    
BROWN, Annie see Hubbard, D L                    
BROWN, Annie see Hage, Ingve                    
BROWN, Annie see Mueller, Henry                    
BROWN, Annie May see VanDusen, Walter                    
BROWN, Arden M       Regina Can 28 Manitoba Can George A Brown & Maud M McKenzie 24-Mat-1936 Plentywood Sheridan 3016  
      Edith M Glendenning Regina 26 Strasburg Can James Glendenning & Fannie Baird          
BROWN, Arthur Lawrence       Mildred 23 Bisbee N D W H Brown & Helen Williams 20-Dec-30 Glendive Dawson 3951  
      Pauline Alice Sheldon Mildred 20 Battle Creek Mich Henry D Sheldon & Edith Otis          
BROWN, August see Brown, Otto C                    
BROWN, B F see Oas, Chester G                    
BROWN, B F see Kirkaldie, David                    
BROWN, B F see Ness, Gordon                    
BROWN, Benjamin Franklin see Brown, Leon Joseph                    
BROWN, Benjamin H       Whitewater 27 Nashville Ind James Brown & Martha E Toling? 8-Sep-16 Glasgow Valley 1942  
      Mary A Brewster Saco 17 Saco Edward R Brewster & Ida Riegle          
BROWN, Bernice see McKee, Jos A                    
BROWN, Bernice see McAtee, Benjamin                    
BROWN, Beulah see Kirkaldie, David                    
BROWN, Bliss       Flaxville 32 Kentucky W S Brown & Julia Hollinsworth 6-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 445  
      Cora Mae Thompson Flaxville 28 Duluth Mn James W Thompson & Minnie Fiegel          
BROWN, Bruce Austin       Phillips 23 Ill   22-Jun-18   Phillips 351  
      Vitalene Jeannotte Phillips 23 N D            
BROWN, Cail Arthur       Coalridge 24 Cook Cty S D Charles Brown & Annie Fernquist 14-Apr-10 Dagmar Valley 601  
      Annie Augusta Flutte Coalridge 18 Beaver Mn Fredinand Flutte & Augusta Schultz          
BROWN, Caroline see Ayers, Ellis L                    
BROWN, Carrie see Grace, Chester F                    
BROWN, Carrie see Grant, Donald Geo                    
BROWN, Charles see Brown, Cail Arthur                    
BROWN, Charles               3-Aug-1886   Dawson 57  
      Julia Hootflesh                  
BROWN, Charles       Glendive 29 New York N Y William Brown & Mary McCarthy 10-Mar-10 Glendive Dawson 778  
      Sophia Tondrck Glendive 25 Berlin Germany John F Tondrck & Anna Wolf          
BROWN, Charles C       Haxby 32 Mo James R Brown & Margaret Young 21-Jan-21 Wolf Point Roosivelt 214  
      Agnes E Carey   18 Haxby Merillan Wis Frank E Carey & Nellie Warn          
BROWN, Charles Edman       Glendive 43 Pierce Nebr Riley Brown & Mary Brandt 13-Aug-30 Circle McCone 150  
      Margaret Meeks Glendive 42 Heddington Wisc John & Henriett Doyle          
BROWN, Charles F & Elizabeth see Nelson, Selmer Martin                    
BROWN, Charlotte see Shields, Lando H                    
BROWN, Charlotte see Ernst, David                    
BROWN, Charlotte May see Speerin                    
BROWN, Chester L       Scobey 33 Orville N D George Brown & Emma Nelson 3-Jun-14 Scobey Sheridan 245  
      Helen June Seivert Scobey 25 N D Jens & Helen M Seivert          
BROWN, Christina see Seifred, Edgar                    
BROWN, Clara see McChaelis, Charles                    
BROWN, Clara see Gregg, Vinton M                    
BROWN, Clara see Gregg, Clifford                    
BROWN, Clara see Porter, Loyd F                    
BROWN, Clara see Weiks, Harry B                    
BROWN, Clara see Crosby, William A                    
BROWN, Clara A see Pennington, John D H                    
BROWN, Clara E see Mitchell, H W                    
BROWN, Clarence Revere       Poplar 22 Rugby N D George W Brown & Phoebe Bill Hugh 1-May-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 890  
      Larine May Westfall Poplar 18 Poplar Joel Westfall & Mary White          
BROWN, Clarence W       Scobey 29 McKenzie N N ? E W Brown & Lily Wolford 8-Dec-18 Scobey Sheridan 1432  
      Emma Nurh-ring Scobey 22 Crookston Mn Wm Nurhring & Annie Greybull          
BROWN, Claud F       Jordan 26 Taswell Ind W L Brown & Nancy E Tucker 19-Dec-19 Jordan Garfield 18  
      !ng Jessen Jordan 20 Pohr Ger Jess Jessen & Han Sine          
BROWN, Cora see Clark, Willis B                    
BROWN, Cordelia see Cole, L Marvin                    
BROWN, Cornelia see Richardson, Charles P                    
BROWN, D see Elkin, Amos                    
BROWN, D F see Brown, Palmer Eugene                    
BROWN, Dale O       Beaverton 26 Ken Martin Brown & Belle Green 30-Sep-08 Glasgow Valley 414  
      Pearl Record Beaverton 23 Ill John Record & ???          
BROWN, Dalton L       Circle 21 Brooklyn Iowa David Brown & Elsie Lyons 11-Dec-20 Miles City Dawson 3947  
      Astrid Rorvik Circle 21 Miles City Elias Rorvik & Gertrude Johnson          
BROWN, Daniel see Brown, William P                    
BROWN, Dave see Brown George W                    
BROWN, David see Brown, Henry C                    
BROWN, David see Brown, Wilson                    
BROWN, David see Brown, Dalton L                    
BROWN, David F see Sutton, Ernest Edgar                    
BROWN, Delia see Elkin, Gabe Forest                    
BROWN, Dell G       Glendive 24 Iowa John R Brown & Elizabeth Carlish 30-Apr-1894 Glendive Dawson 92  
      Julia L Tyrell Glendive 22 ??? Thomas C Tyrell & ???          
BROWN, Dora see Brady, Ralph A                    
BROWN, Dora see Weasel Head, George                    
BROWN, Dorothy see Welch, James                    
BROWN, E see Gilmer, Robert C                    
BROWN, E E see Larsen, Oscar                    
BROWN, E L       Havre 46 Iowa Andrew A Brown & Lucretia Collins 22-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1505  
      Emma Cook? Havre 27 Can Fred Jordan & Caroline Rush?          
BROWN, E S see Buttolph, Austin                    
BROWN, E S see Schlensner, Otto H                    
BROWN, E S see Garshe, Albert                    
BROWN, E S see Coswell, Roswell J                    
BROWN, E W see Brown                    
BROWN, Ebenezer see Arness, Karston K                    
BROWN, Edna see Collins, Henry                    
BROWN, Edna see Neckol, Claud Webster                    
BROWN, Edna see Parrent, James                    
BROWN, Edna see Howerton, Russell Clay                    
BROWN, Edna B see Collins, Alva S                    
BROWN, Edna May see Kirkaldi, Frank                    
BROWN, Edward Mitchell see Bird, Frederick Willis                    
BROWN, Edward V       Dickinson N D 27 Hawley Mn Ormanzo A Brown & Jennie C Rooney 5-Mar-27 Glendive Dawson 3437  
      Mary Quilliam Marmath N D 24 Morris Mn Fred Quilliam & Sarah Ross          
BROWN, Edwin Siegfried see Brown, Harwood Edwin                    
BROWN, Elisa see Hill, Jay Louis                    
BROWN, Eliza A see Higgins, Everett                    
BROWN, Elizabeth see Brink, Albert W                    
BROWN, Elizabeth see Ayers, Ellis L                    
BROWN, Elizabeth see Swing, Erick                    
BROWN, Elizabeth see Coubrough, Lochlain Mathew                    
BROWN, Elizabeth Adora see Nelson, Selmer Martin                    
BROWN, Ella see Roberts, Beldon                    
BROWN, Ella see Adams, William                    
BROWN, Ellen see Larsen, Oscar                    
BROWN, Ellen see Nichols, Nelson B                    
BROWN, Ellen Agnus see Lewis, Homer Wayne                    
BROWN, Emily see Wambach, Alphonse J                    
BROWN, Emily see Mathews, Amos                    
BROWN, Emma see Martin, John                    
BROWN, Emma see Edwards, Leslie L                    
BROWN, Emma E see Walker, Roy K                    
BROWN, Emory V       Wibaux 23 Waterloo Ind Isaac L Brown & Ella Albright 22-Mar-09 Glendive Dawson 672  
      Myrtle l Osterhaut Wibaux 22 Wibaux Walter & Ella Osterhaut          
BROWN, Ernest Earl       Glendive 19 Holyoke Mass Albert Ernest Brown & Sarah Cartwright 13-Dec-09 Glendive Dawson 759  
      Beatrice Thomas Glendive 21 Germany Frank Thomas & ???          
BROWN, Estella see Savey, Harold                    
BROWN, Ethel see Winchester, Milton J                    
BROWN, Eva see Simonton, Thomas H                    
BROWN, Eva see Collings, Viron E                    
BROWN, Fairfax H       Sears 28 Wytheville Virginia John Brown & Minnie Noel 15-Mar-10 Glendive Dawson 781  
      Lama Shay Sears 20 Dakota Winona Cty Mn Philo Shay & Minnie Fox          
BROWN, Fern Isabelle see Bird, Frederick Willis                    
BROWN, Flora C see Warren, Willis D                    
BROWN, Floribel see Keen, Charles Edward                    
BROWN, Flossie May see Hudson, Lewis A                    
BROWN, Francis see Herschman, Oliver W                    
BROWN, Francis (Richardson?) see Murphy                    
BROWN, Francis L see Cole, Warren L                    
BROWN, Frank       Hinsdale 56 Wisc G K Brown & Ann Lyons     Valley 2342 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Viola Ellis Manks Hinsdale 45 Texas J B Ellis & Paulina Woodlaff          
BROWN, Frank see Haugen, Edward Randolph                    
BROWN, Frank see Brown, Matthew James                    
BROWN, Frank see Brown, Ozro F                    
BROWN, Frank D see Jensen, Berger                    
BROWN, Frank E see Terry, Maurice H                    
BROWN, Frank F       Glasgow 26 Perham Mn John Brown & Mary Keidal 21-Jun-13 Glasgow Valley 1310  
      Bertha Hinsgard Glasgow 19 Klesfal? N D Ben Hinsgard & Sarah Posey          
BROWN, Fred       Saskatchewan Can 28 Seattle Wa Joseph Brown & ??? 6-Jan-15 Chinook Blaine 187  
      Lila Creamer Sask Can 17 Manitoba Charles A Creamer & Lucy Kates          
BROWN, Fred & Door see Garfield                    
BROWN, G H see Brown, Paul Roy                    
BROWN, G K see Brown, Frank                    
BROWN, G W see Brown Geo A                    
BROWN, Genevieve see Jones, Harris Dayton                    
BROWN, Geo A       Saco 32 ??? G W Brown & Charlotte Walker 6-Sep-12 Glasgow Valley 1110  
      Mimmie Ruede Blooming Rose Mo 24 Mo J W Ruede & Louise Leidles          
BROWN, George see Brown, John                    
BROWN, George see Brown, Herbert                    
BROWN, George see Brown, Herbert                    
BROWN, George       Glendive 40 Yakima Wash Thomas Brown & Alice Carey 10-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 3158  
      Mathilda Hendrickson Glendive 40 Princeton Mn Louis Hendrickson & Lena Hanson          
BROWN, George see Brown                    
BROWN, George A see Brown                    
BROWN, George Leonard see Parrent, James                    
BROWN, George R       Oswego 30 Millbank S D John M Brown & Jennie Hudlow 14-Dec-19 Wolf Point Roosivelt 74  
      Ida Mae Gilbert Oswego 17 St Boniface Man Can Louis Gilbert & Agnes Loyens          
BROWN, George R       Oswego 25 Millbanks S D J M Brown & Jennie Hubban          
      Mary Mollison Williston 25 Barnesville Mn ----? Mckin-roth? & Theresa Smithberger          
BROWN, George W       Glasgow 40 Boise Idaho Dave Brown & Anna Stone 9-Nov-28 Glasgow Valley 3431  
      Ella Hill Hawesville Ken 21 Troy Ind T J Hill & Alice Hunter          
BROWN, George W       Belfield 33 Mor-rison Cty Mn William Brown & Annabelle Ray 24-Sep-28 Wibaux Wibaux 631  
      Marie E E Becker Mikkleson N D 18 Sheboygan Mich Wolliam E Becker & Emma Sickman          
BROWN, George W see Brown, Clarence Revere