Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Baxter to Bettey

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
BAXTER, Alice see Nellans, Carey T                    
BAXTER, Caroline see Bannon, Wm T                    
BAXTER, Carrie see Ramsie, George                    
BAXTER, Chester       Culbertson 23 Republican Kans Rufus Baxter & Julia Malick 25-Oct-11 Glasgow Valley 924  
      Jennie Gabelson Culbertson 19 LaCrosse Wis Berant? Gableson & Louise Helglend          
BAXTER, Effie see Sattler, Albert J                    
BAXTER, Frank see Walking Eagle, Fred                    
BAXTER, H P see Spain, James                    
BAXTER, Harold H see Ramsie, George                    
BAXTER, Jesse       Girard 21 Phillips Cty Kansas Rufus Baxter & Julia Malick 5-Nov-13 Glendive Dawson 1359  
      Alva Minton Spring Lake 25 St Cloud Mn N Fred Rang & Helen Rang          
BAXTER, Marion see DeHaven, Dwight                    
BAXTER, Martha see Kennedy, John                    
BAXTER, Olive see Spain, James                    
BAXTER, Philadelphia see Barnes, G E                    
BAXTER, Phoebe see Collins, James M                    
BAXTER, Ralph       Fairview 21 Phillips Cty Kansas Rufus Baxter & Julia Malick 29-Dec-27 Glendive Dawson 3528  
      Harriet Glabb Fairview 18 Sanish N D George Glabb & Tilda Rismoen          
BAXTER, Rufus see Baxter, Chester                    
BAXTER, Rufus see Baxter, Jesse                    
BAXTER, Rufus see Baxter, Ralph                    
BAXTER, Sarah see Waller, R Berry                    
BAXTER, Veteline see Walking Eagle, Fred                    
BAY, Alvin Howard       Galva N D 25 Aberdeen S D Robert P Bay & Mathilda Johnson 11-May-29 Glendive Dawson 3715  
      Lillian P Gulliford Galva N D 19 Wauzeka Wis John Guilford & Pearl Clark          
BAY, Harriet see Hunt, Kenneth R                    
BAY, Robert P see Bay, Alvin Howard                    
BAYBARZ, Lena see Sutton, James Douglas                    
BAYBARZ, M see Sutton, James Douglas                    
BAYER, Elma see Derenburger, Coy                    
BAYLER, Anna see Reed, Charles Howard                    
BAYLESS, Frank see Ely, Kenneth C                    
BAYLESS, Ruth see Ely, Kenneth C                    
BAYLOR, Annie M see Clayton, Arnold O                    
BAYLOR, Carrie Lee see Thomas, Perry A                    
BAYLOR, Dorothy E see Snyder, John S                    
BAYLOR, Hardeman see Mogan                    
BAYLOR, Henry T       Baylor 25 Austin Texas Walker T Baylor & Carrie Henderson 2-Aug-15 Glasgow Valley 1713  
      Mary Shields San Antonio Tex 24 Tex Patrick Shields          
BAYLOR, Lalla May see Peterson, Harry D                    
BAYLOR, O H see Sanders, Andrew C                    
BAYLOR, Tex see Snyder, John S                    
BAYLOR, W K see Peterson, Harry D                    
BAYLOR, Walker T see Baylor, Henry T                    
BAYLOR, Yukona see Mogan                    
BAYLOR,, Walker, see Thomas, Perry A                    
BAYMAN, Ferris       New England N D 22 New England Fletcher Bayman & Evelyn Moore 16-Dec-30 Wibaux Wibaux 774  
      Marie Wilhelm Regent N D 21 Regent Jacob Wilhelm & Eva Thomas          
BAYMAN, Fletcher see Bayman, Ferris                    
BAYNE, David see Bayne, Johnston                    
BAYNE, Johnston       Glasgow 34 Scotland David Bayne & Margaret Wilkinson 14-Oct-24 Glasgow Valley 3094  
      Esther Beatrice Foust Glasgow 20 Ohio Oliver Foust & Laura Welbaum          
BAYNES, John F       Butte 38 Mn John Baynes & Mary O�Conner 25-May-16 Wibaux Wibaux 93  
      Frances J Kager-ice Yates 22 Canada Dan Kagarice & Alice Beeler          
BAYNHAM, Alexander see Baynham, Walter Alexander                    
BAYNHAM, Carrye see Moe Gustav E                    
BAYNHAM, Walter Alexander       Glasgow 40 Tennessee Alexander Baynham & Eligane Rossiter 29-Nov-22 Poplar Roosivelt 446  
      Myrtle Alice Nelson Iowa 28 Iowa L L Nelson & Rossianna Fairfield          
BAYSE, Mary A see Estes, Louis A                    
BEABRICH, Mary see Wojahn, Theodore                    
BEACH, Bob       Glentana 24 Roundup Robert Beach & ??? 29-Jul-26 Scobey Daniels 367  
      Grace R V King Glentana 17 Swift Current Sask Can Thomas King & Emma Lansford          
BEACH, Charlotte May see Kvech, Edwin                    
BEACH, Frances P see Nicks, Jeff                    
BEACH, John see Joslyn, Charles Edward                    
BEACH, John W       Yates 52 Indiana Samuel Beach & Mary Burket 20-May-16 Wibaux Wibaux 95  
      Mrs Allie M Baker Grear Falls 41 Illinois John E Graham & Louise Cleveland          
BEACH, Mary see Dunbar, J M                    
BEACH, Mary see Becker, John F                    
BEACH, Mary see Livesay                    
BEACH, Nellie H see Guinn, Charles Vance                    
BEACH, Reeva Ella see Joslyn, Charles Edward                    
BEACH, Robert see Beach, Bob                    
BEACH, Rosa L see Litton, Charles G                    
BEACH, Rosella see Brooks, Lewis N                    
BEACH, Rosetta see Baker, William H                    
BEACH, Rosie see Robinson, C H                    
BEACH, Ruth see Wyly, Lawrence T                    
BEACH, Samuel see Beach, John W                    
BEACOM, Susan see Dougherty, Frank                    
BEACON, Bernice see Bates, Milo                    
BEACON, Edward George       Glasgow 47 England George Beacon & ??? 19-Apr-17 Glasgow Valley 2107  
      Louise Graf Glasgow 51 Granby Quebec William (Alnould?) & Mary Sullivan          
BEACON, Frank see Bates, Milo                    
BEACON, George see Beacon, Edward George                    
BEADLE, Flor see Kins, James A                    
BEADONS, Jennie see Taylor, William S                    
BEAGLE, John       Savage 33 Barksdale Wisc Roy Beagle & Sarah Rupert 18-Sep-24 Glendive Dawson 3136  
      Emma Johnson Savage 26 Forman N D Alfred Johnson & Agnes Herrick          
BEAGLE, Roy see Beagle, John                    
BEAGLE, Roy see Babcock, John J                    
BEAGLE, Ruth see Babcock, John J                    
BEAKER, Elizabeth see Wittman, John W                    
BEAKS, Lavina see Gilmore, Ralph                    
BEAL, Bessie see Woods, Joseph                    
BEAL, Solomon see Pandis, Peter                    
BEALES, Elsie see Baker, James Marion                    
BEALES, Frank see Baker, James Marion                    
BEALKA, Albert       Flaxville 36 Mn Albert Bealka & Hannah Barts 29-Sep-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1564  
      Otilda Julia Hansen Flaxville 36 Mn ???          
BEALL, Richard Harold       Seattle 24 Walden Mo William Beale & Lessie Coutreau 16-Sep-25 Scobey Daniels 222  
      Edna Parker Shelby 26 Juneau Alaska John Parker & ???          
BEALL, William see Beale, Richard Harold                    
BEAM, Ben       LaMoure N D 26 Miami Ohio David Beam & Ellen Beaudette 8-Oct-14 Glasgow Valley 1559  
      Francis Missogue La Moure N D 26 Plain Cty Ohio Michael Missogue & Elizabeth Sheohan          
BEAM, David see Beam, Ben                    
BEAMAN, Jack       Comertown 39 Mn Wm Beaman & Alice Harvey 1-Dec-27 Plentywood Sheridan 2291  
      Emma Lavadure Dooley 24 N D Peter Lavadure & Eliza Priomeau          
BEAMAN, William see Beaman Jack                    
BEAMS, Fannie see Peterman , Harry                    
BEAN, Adrian       Landusky 23 Landusky   5-Jan-20   Phillips 486  
      Grace Blackshaw Zortman 18 Mt            
BEAN, Bessie see Hill, C R O                    
BEAN, Charles F see Couton, James                    
BEAN, Chas F see Kemmis, Thompson A Jr                    
BEAN, Ethel see Wymare, Roy                    
BEAN, Fredrica see Kemmis, Thompson A Jr                    
BEAN, Thomas see Brooks, Martin E                    
BEAR, see Jones, Richard                    
BEAR, Chief see Main, Clarkson                    
BEAR, Cub see Mountain, Moses                    
BEAR, Ghost see Crazy Dog                    
BEAR, Skin see Looking, Clifford L                    
BEAR, Skin see Miller, Isaac                    
BEAR, Stands High see Youngman                    
BEAR, Whirlwind see Smith, Frank                    
BEAR, Bennie       Ft Belknap 18 Ft Belknap Charlie Bear & ??? 16-Aug-30 Chinook Blaine 1218  
      Josephine Pephyrs Ft Belknap 18 Oswego James Zephyrs & Agnes Redfeather          
BEAR, Charles       Ft Belknap 48 Malta Medicine Bear & Iron Cradle 15-Sep-29 Ft Belknap Blaine 1162  
      Susie Longknife Ft Belknap 54 Sweet Grass Red Horse & ???          
BEAR, Charlie       Ft Belknap 40 Phillips Cty Medium Bear & Iron Cradle 20-Feb-24 Chinook Blaine 796  
      Woketta Helen Two Elk Ft Belknap 25 Broken Bow Okla Robert Two Elk & Katherine          
BEAR, Charlie see Bear, Bennie                    
BEAR, Gilbert       Drew 33 Drew Bears Nest & Hair Woman     Roosivelt 758 ( cert not completed )
      Hazel D Red Eagle Drew 23 Poplar Drum & Good Nest          
BEAR, John see Bear, Marion Lyle                    
BEAR, Julia see Christian, George                    
BEAR, Marion Lyle       Harlem 21 Innesfail Alta Can John Bear & Edna Alguire 9-Apr-27 Chinook Blaine 987  
      Marie Kapps Harlem 20 Oakes N D John Kappes & Ida Pearce          
BEAR, Mary see Daniels, Randolph                    
BEAR, Mary see Ricker, Richard                    
BEAR, May see Longknife, George                    
BEAR, May see Blue Horse, Pete                    
BEAR, Mrs Jerry see Bracelet                    
BEAR CUB, John see Big Leggins, Daniel                    
BEAR CUB, Laura see Big Leggins, Daniel                    
BEAR NOSE, Jennie see Left Hand Thunder, Phillip                    
BEARCUB, see Bearcub                    
BEARCUB, Harvey       Wolf Point 21 Lohnmiller Bearcub & Long Woman 12-Dec-16 Wolf Point Sheridan 833  
      Willii Strike the Ground Frazer 18 Wolf Point Strikes The Ground & Blue Turtle Crow          
BEARCUB, Susie see Mountain, Moses                    
BEARD, Edward L       Savage 27 Greensburg Ken William & Mattie Beard 6-Feb-28 Glendive Dawson 3544  
      Rose Worcester Savage 27 Swea Cty Iowa Fred Worcester & Eva Countryman          
BEARD, Gladys Mae see Heckler                    
BEARD, Ida see Draper, Eugene A                    
BEARD, Monroe see Heckler                    
BEARD, William & Mattie see Beard, Edward L                    
BEARD, William Edgar       Phillips 30 Mn   5-Jun-15   Phillips 23  
      Eva Ratzloff Phillips 18 N D            
BEARDSLEE, A L       Billings 21 Carbon Cty E C Beardslee & Nora Darrah 17-Dec-21 Wibaux Wibaux 325  
      Clara Elizabeth Dibbern Ollie 18 Lamore Cty N D A L Dibbern & Puline Ziner          
BEARDSLEE, E C see Beardslee, A L                    
BEARDSLEE, John L see Beardslee                    
BEARDSLEE, Milo       Redstone 24 Mich John L Beardslee & Edna Larkins 11-Aug-15 Ole Ness res Sheridan 527  
      Ruth Ness Red-stone 18 Mn O A Ness & Marie Ness          
BEARDSLEE, Pearl see Kimmel, Lee H                    
BEARDSLEE, W D see Kimmel, Lee H                    
BEARDSLEY, Clara see Verschure, August                    
BEARDSLEY, Daniel D see Beardsley, James M                    
BEARDSLEY, Earl C       Wibaux 33 Watertown S D George Beardsley & Susa Crandall 11-Oct-13 Glendive Dawson 1344  
      Electa Whitney Wibaux 31 North Bend Wisc Elijah Whitney & Electa White          
BEARDSLEY, Emeline see Krauspe, Max R W                    
BEARDSLEY, George see Beardsley, Earl C                    
BEARDSLEY, James M       Cadillac Mich 52 South Whittley Indiana Daniel D Beardsley & Mary Byrd 7-Dec-11 Glendive Dawson 1023  
      Edith Grinell Glendon 48 Lisbon Indiana G W Sanders & Eliza Patins?          
BEARDSLEY, May see Burau, Edward F                    
BEARDSLEY, Meta see Williams, Oscar H                    
BEARHILL       Wolf Point 64 N D Little Man & Strike Woman 15-Aug-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1062  
      Her Lodge Cramer Wolf Point 62 Drew Broken & Dark Night          
BEARHOLD, John see Shaw, William                    
BEARKIE?, Tom see Parnell, Joseph                    
BEARNAGEN, Mary see Schlensner, Otto H                    
BEARNAGEN, Fred see Schlensner, Otto H                    
BEARNOSE, Joseph see Foote                    
BEARS, Heart see Spotted Bear, John                    
BEARS, Nest see Bear, Gilbert                    
BEARSKIN, see Looking, Clifford                    
BEARSKIN, see Bearskin                    
BEARSKIN, Claud       Wolf Point 18 Wolf Point Bearskin & Shawl 14-Dec-18 Wolf Point Sheridan 1438  
      Minnie Red Wolf Point 18 Wolf Point Red & ???          
BEARSKIN, Edgar see Headdress                    
BEARSKIN, Edward       Wolf Point 22 Wolf Point John Bearskin & Josephine Shawl 13-Sep-15 Poplar Sheridan 547  
      Jessie Wetsit Wolf Point 26 Wolf Point George Wetsit & Kate Moon          
BEARSKIN, John see Bearskin                    
BEARSKIN, Lena see Gaefield, Lena                    
BEARSKIN, Lena see Brugnier, Leo                    
BEARY, Mrs Wm H see Griffith, William John                    
BEASLEY, Delora Ellen see Carroll, Amos R                    
BEASLEY, Estella see Forrest, Richard E                    
BEASLEY, George M see Shabel, Edward Albert                    
BEASLEY, George S see Carroll, Amos S                    
BEASLEY, L G see Crofut, EE                    
BEASLEY, May see Shabel, Edward Albert                    
BEASLEY, P V see Brown, John                    
BEASLEY, Rebecca see McKinney, Charlie E                    
BEASON, Anna see Fink                    
BEASON, Franklin Milton       Oswego 29 Boise Idaho Harvey George Beason & Lucy Coon 28-Nov-16 Glasgow Valley 1993  
      Mary Jean Simpson Oswego 31 Lyons Head Ont Can James William Simpson & Fanny Tucker          
BEASON, H G see Beason, Henry L                    
BEASON, Harvey George see Beason, Franklin Milton                    
BEASON, Henry L       Hamlin 36 Texas H G Beason & Lucy Coon 3-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2267  
      Ruth C Roberts Prairie Elk 30 Mn Wilfred N Roberts & Rectina Simmons          
BEATON, Alice M see Hammes, William M                    
BEATON, Daniel A see Beaton, Harry W                    
BEATON, Daniel V       Fox Lake 25 Fargo N D Leonard Beaton & Mary Lyons 25-Jun-13 Glendive Dawson 1272  
      Mary M Bass Earl N D 25 McGregor Iowa George Bass & Mary Shepards          
BEATON, Ella see Kinsman                    
BEATON, Harry W       Terry 27 Saxon Wisc Daniel A Beaton & Mary Coey 4-Oct-17 Glendive Dawson 2262  
      Terry Johnson Terry 21 Buffalo Center Iowa Ralph Johnson & Katie Ellman          
BEATON, Lemuel see Hammes, William M                    
BEATON, Leonard see Beaton, Daniel V                    
BEATTY, Aloysious Amos       Lindsay 24 West Baden Indiana Christopher Beatty & Rebecca Jacobs 24-Apr-12 Wibaux Dawson 1097  
      Catherine Anna Schuld Beach N D 21 Loyal Wisc Matthew Shuld & Gertrude Silberhorn          
BEATTY, Christopher see Beatty, Aloysious Amos                    
BEATTY, Jenet see Solberg                    
BEATTY, W T see Solberg                    
BEATY, Clara see Lanery, Erwin                    
BEAUCHAMP, Edmund       Fort Peck 29 Leonard Mn Frank Beauchamp & Mathilda Coinell? 17-Oct-11 Froid Valley 911  
      Haldee Young Fort Peck 20 Rapid River Mich William D Young & Retha Smith          
BEAUCHAMP, Frank see Beauchamp, Edmund                    
BEAUCHAN, Edward       Wolf Point 24 Miles City Roger Beauchan & Rose Simmons 28-Nov-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1112  
      Annie Okemah Wolf Point 21 Belcourt N D Robert Okemah & Rosie Coming Voice          
BEAUCHAN, Roger see Beauchan, Edward                    
BEAUCHMAN, Marcell L see Laroque, Marcell L                    
BEAUCHMAN, Mary Annie see LaRoque, Marcell L                    
BEAUCROFT, Isabelle see Beaudry, Daniel                    
BEAUDETTE, Ellen see Beam, Ben                    
BEAUDIN, Victorine see Martinson, O A                    
BEAUDRY, David       Oswego 23 Canada Neal Beaudry & Mary Magillis 6-Jan-16 Glasgow Valley 1810  
      Rosy Malatare Oswego 24 Flathead Chas Malatare & Isabelle Beaucroft          
BEAUDRY, Fred       Whitewater 22 Mt   24-Dec-21   Phillips 619  
      Virginia Delorne Whitewater 18 Mt            
BEAUDRY, Josephine see Barnier                    
BEAUDRY, Neal see Beaudry, David                    
BEAUDRY, Neil see Thompson, George                    
BEAUDRY, Neil see Beaudry, Victor                    
BEAUDRY, Ruby see Plaisance                    
BEAUDRY, Victor       Scobey 25 Glasgow Neil Beaudry & Marie McGillis 6-Oct-22 Scobey Daniels 69  
      Florence Desjarlais Scobey 16 Belcourt N D William Desjarlais & Mary Berecier          
BEAUDRY, Virginia see Thompson, George                    
BEAUFORT, Georgine see Lauzon                    
BEAUGRANDE, Cordelia see Champagne, Robert R                    
BEAULIEN, Ellen see Rounds, Willis B                    
BEAUMIER, Elia see Dorval, George                    
BEAUPRE, Dina see Lajimodiere                    
BEAUPRE, Gaspard & Florence see Lajimodiere                    
BEAUTIN, Mary see Herbert, Harry                    
BEAUTY, see Blanket                    
BEAVENS, Jennie see Taylor, John A                    
BEAVENS, Lettie see Blankenship, Albert L                    
BEAVENS, William A see Beavens, William Elizer                    
BEAVENS, William Elizer       Saco 29 Woodruff Kansas William A Beavens & Sylvia Baines 20-Mar-10 Glasgow Valley 600  
      Mrs Clara J Taylor Saco 26 Wis William Tinney & ???          
BEAVER, Woman see Nicholson, Jack                    
BEAVER, Woman see Mule, Jack                    
BEAVER, Bert       Regina 23 Saskatoon Sask R E Beaver & Edith L Best 6-May-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2926  
      Elsie Joan Bohn Regina 22 Broadview Can C Bohn & Caroline Dressler          
BEAVER, Clara see Bolte, Frederick William                    
BEAVER, Elizabeth see Jundt, John                    
BEAVER, Maggie see Smart, Lonie D                    
BEAVER, Maggie see Smart, Summy                    
BEAVER, Peter see Bolte, Frederick William                    
BEAVER, R E see Beaver                    
BEAVERS, Emmett see Brooks, Lawrence William                    
BEAVERS, Emmett see Beavers, L J                    
BEAVERS, Emmett see Coon, W W                    
BEAVERS, Irene Dale see Brooks, Lawrence William                    
BEAVERS, L J       Saco 22 Creek Neb Emmett Beavers & Gertrude Kamphoff 18-Sep-12 Glasgow Valley 1121  
      Elizabeth M Ortner Saco 28 Carrolton Penn John A Ortner & Barbara Hoffman          
BEAVERS, Tillie see Coon W W                    
BEBABITZ, Nicklaus see Knoll, Joseph A                    
BEBANT, Alecta see Porter, Ray D                    
BEBANT, H A see Porter, Ray D                    
BEBEE, Alpharetta see Menter, Archie B                    
BEBEE, Alpharetta see Stanton, Frank                    
BEBEE, Byron L see Menter, Archie B                    
BEBEE, Byron S       Malta 25 Mt   9-May-22   Phillips 643  
      Georgia Ann Ashby (Stanton?) Malta 17 Kentucky            
BEBEE, Nora see Ashby, William H                    
BEBEE, Nora A see Menter, Archie B                    
BEBER, Bethuel R       Malta 21 Red Lodge Horace R Beber & Orphenia Wilson 24-Oct-24 Glasgow Valley 2825  
      June C Monroe Bowdoin 16 Omaha Nebr William P Monroe & Anna Gilliam          
BEBER, Horace R see Beber, Bethuel R                    
BEBNIT, Henry see Sutherland, Dave                    
BEBO, Esther see Robbin, John P                    
BEBO, Esther see Balbinot, William                    
BEBO, Esther see Smith                    
BEBO, Mary Esther see Holderman, LeeRoy                    
BECH, Luise see Moos, Henry                    
BECHLAR, Mary see King, Victor                    
BECHLER, Mary see Sadler, Levi Edward                    
BECHMAN, Rosa see Richter, Charles C                    
BECHTEL, Martha see Anderson, John M                    
BECHTEL, William see Anderson, John M                    
BECK, Adam see Beck, Albert Fred                    
BECK, Albert Fred       Hogeland 33 Fessenden N D Adam Beck & Hattie Kackman 8-Nov-29 ??? (9:30 A M)? Blaine 1181  
      Cora Irene Williams Hogeland 30 Pocahontas Cty Iowa Lewis Williams & Margaret Thorsen          
BECK, Anna S (Urdahl?) see Helberg                    
BECK, August see Beck, Leo                    
BECK, Casper see Beck, Lawrence C                    
BECK, Charles see Beck, Richard E                    
BECK, Dan see Beck, Fred J                    
BECK, Ellen Gurene see Bradshaw, Floyd Elven                    
BECK, Emma see McMoran, Eastin                    
BECK, Emma see Raine, Ora Earl                    
BECK, Fred J       Killdeer N D 29 Fields Creek Tex Dan Beck & Mimia Woodward 9-Nov-29 Wibaux Wibaux 711  
      Florence Olson Watford City N D 25 Watford Cty Ole Olson & Ora J Jincks          
BECK, George       Sand Creek 29 Lansing Iowa Joseph Beck & Veronica Eisile 3-Jan-21 Glasgow Valley 2757  
      Alma Johnson Sand Creek 27 N D Henry Johnson & Hannah Clauson          
BECK, Halva see Bradshaw, Floyd Elven                    
BECK, Joseph see Beck, George                    
BECK, Lawrence C       Opheim 23 Sabin Casper Beck & Martha Wright 1-Dec-28 Glasgow Valley 3438  
      Leah M Hall Opheim 19 Flaxton N D Otto S Hall & Ida C Forsier          
BECK, Leo       Carlyle 27 Cherkway ??? August Beck & Carrie Vensen 6-Jan-20 Wibaux Wibaux 269  
      Lawella Sinminson? Carlyle 20 Summit S D A Sinminson & Elsie Bardine          
BECK, Lizzie see Dewy, John A                    
BECK, Martha see Mason, Harry C                    
BECK, Mary see Skinner, Hugh E                    
BECK, Minnie see Jensen, Lawrence                    
BECK, Richard E       Redstone 23 Bay City Mich Charles Beck & Christina McGregor     Valley 942 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Mrs Lottie Kalenbarger Redstone 29 Flosen? Ind Henry Tyler & Daisie J Shirer          
BECKARD, Martha see Cluchey                    
BECKELHAUPT, Maggie see Dill                    
BECKER, Alice see Thompson                    
BECKER, Andrew see Becker, Paul W                    
BECKER, Andrew see Parrish                    
BECKER, Anna see Rickett, Raymond                    
BECKER, Annie see Parrish                    
BECKER, August & Mary see Becker, Herman August                    
BECKER, Benjamin see Boldt, Henry C                    
BECKER, Carl see Lotton, Roy                    
BECKER, Charles see Rickett, Raymond                    
BECKER, Charley H see Howard, William                    
BECKER, Christine see Hayen, George                    
BECKER, Christine see Hobbs, Gordon L                    
BECKER, Clara see Provost                    
BECKER, Daniel J       Chinook 20 Marion S D Jacob B Becker & Lizzie Unruh 20-Apr-16 Chinook Blaine 271  
      Mary Schroeder Chinook 20 Marion S D William M Schroeder & Katie Vogt          
BECKER, Dorothy see Cowan, Lester                    
BECKER, Dorothy see Hachmann, William L                    
BECKER, Duane O see Becker, Ethelbert S                    
BECKER, Elsie see Howard, William                    
BECKER, Emma see Savage, Richard D                    
BECKER, Emma see Rowen, Michael Jordan                    
BECKER, Ethelbert S       Glendive 25 Selma Alabama Duane O Becker & Mary G Saunders 19-Dec-1888 Lokna? Dawson 20  
      Matie D Sears Glendive 20 Yankton S D John D Sears & Mary A Devoe          
BECKER, Etta see Martin, Albert                    
BECKER, Eva see Unger, Abe                    
BECKER, Freda S see Parker, Claude                    
BECKER, George see Sievers, Henry F                    
BECKER, George       Dickinson N D 30 Evansville Indiana Louise? Becker & Teresa Beetle 10-Jan-14 Glendive Dawson 1418  
      Kittie Dyer Dickinson 21 Huntsville Arkansas William Dyer & Martha Viola Phillips          
BECKER, Gust see Becker, Jesse                    
BECKER, Helen Ruth see Teuchert, Charles                    
BECKER, Henry see Martin, Albert                    
BECKER, Henry see Becker, John F                    
BECKER, Henry see Becker, Raynond B                    
BECKER, Henry see Dawson, Brooks Robert                    
BECKER, Henry see Teuchert, Charles                    
BECKER, Henry see Thompson                    
BECKER, Henry see Provost                    
BECKER, Henry Bernard       Glendive 40 St Martins Mn Jacob Becker Sr & Helen Schlangen 3-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3867  
      Amelia Josephine Strohmeyer Galva N D 18 Parkston S D Sebastian Strohmeyer & Katherine Luntzer          
BECKER, Henry Joseph Simon       Bainville 27 Tood (Todd?) Cty Mn Henry Becker & Elizabeth Musky 27-Oct-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1098  
      Elma May Leonard Bainville 21 Bainville Fred Leonard & Ida Bowers          
BECKER, Henry W       Butte 25 St Paul John Becker & Minnie Smith 21-Jun-06 Glasgow Valley 230  
      Emma May Leppla St Paul Mn 23 St Paul Henry & Elizabeth Leppla          
BECKER, Herman August       Poplar 48 Wisc August & Mary Becker 5-Mar-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1287  
      Nellie Jane Payne Circle 48 Mo Clint Jonas & Emma Sullens          
BECKER, Jack       Westby 27 Hungary Wm Becker & Katherine Green 4-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 881  
      Fern Trembell Westby 22 Iowa J W Trembell & Lena Boyd          
BECKER, Jacob see Becker, Henry Bernard                    
BECKER, Jacob see Becker, Leo Joseph                    
BECKER, Jacob see Hohensee, George                    
BECKER, Jacob J       Antelope 29 Taylor Penn John J Becker & Kate Hilderbrand 2-Jun-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1657  
      Cecelia A Koester Outlook 23 Red Wing Mn Frank Koester & Albertina Hethmiller          
BECKER, Jacob P see Becker, David J                    
BECKER, Jesse       Lake Park Iowa 21 Lake Park Gust Becker & Mattie Rush 15-Jul-18 Chinook Blaine 502  
      Dolly E Walker Pony 19 Pony John Walker & Elizabeth Franklin          
BECKER, John see Becker, Henry W                    
BECKER, John see Becker, William J                    
BECKER, John see Cowan, Lester                    
BECKER, John       Raymond 21 Rumania Joseph Becker & Abolina Smith 30-Dec-30 Outlook Sheridan 2582  
      Seraphina Kohler Outlook 21 Glen Ullin N D Adam Kohler & Elizabeth Loran          
BECKER, John F       Lenark 23 Browerville Mn Henry Becker & Mary Draws 26-Jun-11 Glasgow Valley 560  
      Ada Livesay Lanark 28 Bentonville Ark John Livesay & Mary Beach          
BECKER, John J see Becker                    
BECKER, Joseph see Becker                    
BECKER, Kate see Thielke, Lloyd A                    
BECKER, Lena B see Boldt, Henry C                    
BECKER, Leo Joseph       Glendive 25 St Martins Mn Jacob Becker & Helen Schlangen 1-Jun-26 Glendive? Dawson 3351  
      Florence Gertrude Ferguson Valley City N D 23 Oriska N D Charles Ferguson & Florence Towne          
BECKER, Loretta see Dawson, Brooks Robert                    
BECKER, Louise see Becker, George                    
BECKER, Lydia see Lotton, Roy                    
BECKER, Margaret see Hohensee, George                    
BECKER, Margaret see Murphy                    
BECKER, Margerethe see Chicoine                    
BECKER, Marie E E see Brown, George W                    
BECKER, Mary N see Nixon, Edward R                    
BECKER, Olive see Mortenson, James                    
BECKER, Oscar       Mikkelson N D 21 Wis William Becker & Emma Sickman 1-May-17 Wibaux Wibaux 134  
      Nora Goldesberry Mikkelson 16 Iowa C D Goldsberry & Jennie Murphy          
BECKER, Oscar       Mikkelson N D 25 Sheboygan Wis William Becker & Emma Sickmann 9-Nov-21 Glendive Dawson 2814  
      Elnor Spice Oconto Wisc 24 Oconto Samuel Spice & Clara Collins          
BECKER, Paul W       Chinook 28 Morris Mn Andrew Becker & Angelina Simon 22-Nov-15 Chinook Blaine 240  
      Sabena McLain Chinook 20 Grand Meadow Mn James McLain & Bridget Haggerty          
BECKER, Raymond B       Bainville 25 Mn Henry Becker & Elizabeth Museki 26-Sep-23 Culbertson Roosivelt 550  
      Ella Trivichs? Culbertson 16 Neb Henry Trivichs & Elsie Berthold          
BECKER, Rudolph see Parker, Claude                    
BECKER, Susan see Johnson, Raymond                    
BECKER, Susan see Tiesin, Paul                    
BECKER, Susie see Johnson, Leonard                    
BECKER, Susie see Richert, Toby A                    
BECKER, Susie see Unruh, August                    
BECKER, Sylvester see Nixon, Edward R                    
BECKER, Tessie see North                    
BECKER, Theodore       Mikkelson N D 22 Sheboygan Wisc William Becker & Emma Sickmann 16-May-24 Glendive Dawson 3106  
      Mary Meyers Carlyle 20 Montgomery Iowa S A D Meyers & Eliza Dau          
BECKER, William see Becker, Oscar                    
BECKER, William see Becker, Oscar                    
BECKER, William see Becker, Theodore                    
BECKER, William E see Brown, George W                    
BECKER, William J       Beach N D 22 Mn John Becker & Mary Brombach 28-Aug-15 Wibaux Wibaux 49  
      Hulda Mulquist Beach 17 Wis Louis Malquist & Sophia Sandstrom          
BECKER, Wm see Becker                    
BECKERIECK?, Elizabeth see Frank                    
BECKERMEIR, Emma E see Seip, William Frederick                    
BECKERS, Alice see Hanson, George                    
BECKERS, Louis       Outlook 24 Mn Peter F Beckers & Mary Omelia 9-Oct-23 Outlook Sheridan 1923  
      Mary Wirtz Outlook 19 Mn Joe Wirtz & Anna Effertz          
BECKERS, Peter F see Beckers                    
BECKET, Corda see Lumsden, Alexander                    
BECKETT, George see Smith, George L                    
BECKETT, Hazel see Smith, George L                    
BECKLER, George L       Phillips 63 Penn   29-Apr-19   Phillips 419  
      Rachel Graw Phillips 47 Ireland            
BECKLEY, Emeline see Denny, Marcus A                    
BECKLUND, Charles see Aspelund                    
BECKLUND, Myrtle Celia see Aspelund                    
BECKMAN, Anne see Menne, Casper R                    
BECKMAN, Carl & Emma see Beckman, Hjalmer                    
BECKMAN, Hjalmer       Billings 32 Sweden Carl & Emma Beckmam 28-Jun-22 ??? Dawson 2872  
      Gina Haaland Glendive 25 Norway Henry Haaland & Tabata Allinges          
BECKMAN, Mary see Boachman, George                    
BECKMAN, Mary see Stoner                    
BECKOS, John H see Beckos, Roy Burdette                    
BECKOS, Roy Burdette       Bainville 19 Ashby Mn John H Beckos & Mary Torgar-son 25-May-19 Plentywood Roosivelt 18  
      Veva Reynoll Bainville   Moorehead Mn Wm H Reynoll & Inga Berger          
BECKSTAD, Phillip see Thompson, Thomas M                    
BECKSTEAD, George see Beckstead, Lawrence                    
BECKSTEAD, Lawrence       Chinook 46 Riverton Utah George Beckstead & Charlotte Hamilton 14-Jun-30 Chinook Blaine 1207  
      Elsie Watkins Chinook 39 Clear Water Mn Luther Lawton & Jennie Dell          
BECKSTED, Lillian see Thompson, Thomas M                    
BECKWITH, Areanna see Lovering, Charles                    
BECKWITH, James R see Beckwith, Pardee Garrison                    
BECKWITH, Pardee Garrison       Wolf Point 33 Barron Wis Jamse R Beckwith & Alva B Skinner 24-Dec-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 459  
      Ethel Daily Barron Wis 27 Brentwood? Wis Thomas Daily & Rosella Melwaghlen          
BEDARD, Arthemise see Bernard, J Adelbert                    
BEDDOW, Sam see Beddow                    
BEDDOW, Ted       Big Beaver Can 21 S D Sam Beddow & Kate Kieffer 7-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2486  
      Gladys Tollefson Big Beaver Sask     Mike Tollefson & Laura Nelson          
BEDFORD, Ella see Brezeale, Walter                    
BEDFORD, Emma see Melling, Howard                    
BEDFORD, George see Melling, Howard                    
BEDFORD, Mary see Robinson, Frank E                    
BEDFORD, Mary see Paulson                    
BEDGOOD, Mary see Thompson, Evert                    
BEDMER, George       Anamoos N D 28 New Prague Mn Jacob Bedmer & Pauline Spivak 17-Mar-05 Glasgow Valley 169  
      Emma Spivak Minneapolis 26 Sunrise City Mn W I Spivak & Mary Ceplicka          
BEDMER, Jacob see Bedmer, George                    
BEDOR, Mae see Cady, James                    
BEDOR, Ralph see Bedor, Ray                    
BEDOR, Ralph see Cady, James                    
BEDOR, Ray       Glendive 20 Seymour Wisc Ralph Bedor & Barbara Sharp 12-Dec-20 Glendive? Dawson 2719  
      Viola Moore Glendive 23 Westford Tnsp Martin Cty Mn J W Moore & Mary Butler          
BEDOS, Ralph see Stochl, John J                    
BEDOS, Rosella see Stochl, John J                    
BEDWELL, Dale       Redstone 21 Rippe Iowa Henry G Bedwell & Elle Garrow 29-Dec-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2584  
      Annie Knight Redstone 19 Redstone Will Knight & Mary Jane Rutherford          
BEDWELL, H G see Bedwell                    
BEDWELL, Henry see Bedwell                    
BEDWELL, Henry see Bedwell                    
BEDWELL, Henry see Knight                    
BEDWELL, Henry see Shervey                    
BEDWELL, Henry G see Bedwell                    
BEDWELL, Jay       Redstone 23 Iowa Henry Bedwell & Ella Garroll 2-Jan-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2035  
      Florence Louise Fleming Redstone 15 Redstone James Fleming & Lena Minor          
BEDWELL, Jess George       Redstone 27 Iowa Henry Bedwell & Allie Gsrrow 25-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2131  
      Riborg Marie Bentsen Redstone 21 Norway Ole J Bentsen & Sophie Syverson          
BEDWELL, Lester       Redstone 27 Perry Iowa H G Bedwell & Ella Garrow 7-Mar-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2593  
      Aster Fretheim Redstone 20 Stanton N D Henry Fretheim & Nellie Knutson          
BEDWELL, Olive see Shervey                    
BEDWELL, Vera see Knight                    
BEEBE, Doris Winifred see Hanvold, Henry Melvin                    
BEEBE, Herbert see Hanvold, Henry Melvin                    
BEEBE, Nellie see Jones, Weldon J                    
BEEBE, Nettie see King, Frederick C                    
BEEBE, Nettie see Feltis, George Albert                    
BEEBE, Nettie see Sund, Harold D                    
BEEBE, Pearl see Gardner, Harry Seaman                    
BEEBE, Stella R see Augood                    
BEECHER, Evelyn Pearl see Hogan, Everett Cell                    
BEECHER, Otto see Hogan, Everett Cell                    
BEEDE, John C see Beede, Wellman C                    
BEEDE, Nanee see Shaw, Delbert                    
BEEDE, Wellman C       Glasgow 30 Taylors Falls Mn John C Beede & Caroline Cooper 11-Feb-1898 Glasgow Valley ?  
      Annie Lansing Glasgow 23 Hoboken New Jersey John Lansing & Josephine ONeill          
BEEHLER, Anton see Beehler, Julius                    
BEEHLER, Julius       Mandan N D 24 Mandan N D Anton Beehler & Philomena Schmidt 5-Sep-29 Glendive Dawson 3771  
      Catherine Shackler Mandan N D 19 Houston Texas Joseph Shackler & Eva Mattern          
BEEHLER, Mary see Hangs, Tony                    
BEEKS, Lavina see Gilmore, Ralph                    
BEEKS, Lavina see Gilmore, William L V                    
BEEKS, Lavina May see Gilmore, John Christoffer                    
BEEKS, Nancy see Collins, Herschel R                    
BEEKS, Wiliam see Babb, Clayton N                    
BEEL, Agnes see McIntosh                    
BEEL, Eliza see Harney, Alonzo M                    
BEEL, Eliza see Fox, Ira Cleveland                    
BEEL, James I see Beel, Wm H                    
BEEL, Wm H       Glendive 34 Taranbay? Penn James I Beel & Nancy C Morris 8-Jul-01 Glendive Dawson 223  
      Lavina J Teebles Glendive 29 Postville Iowa Sylvester Teebles & Lavina Barnes?          
BEELER, A H see Lawrence, Ray L                    
BEELER, Ada see Lawrence, Ray L                    
BEELER, Alfred see Kunzie, Theodor E                    
BEELER, Alfred see Cale, Willard Ray                    
BEELER, Alfred see Thompson, Bernard                    
BEELER, Alfred see Beeler, Earl                    
BEELER, Alfred H see Casey, Charles Wm                    
BEELER, Alfred H see Lawrence, Donald C                    
BEELER, Alice see Baynes, John F                    
BEELER, Charles Henry       Wibaux 32 S D W H Beeler & Olive Parrish 19-Feb-17 Wibaux Wibaux 126  
      Catherin Casey Widaux 16 Mn John Casey & Caroline May Corcoran          
BEELER, Earl       Wibaux 22 Vermillion S D Alfred Beeler & Elizabeth Cogerrise 1-Oct-08 Glendive Dawson 622  
      Edna M Ruland Wibaux 23 Lockport Ill Acher Ruland & Susan S Harris          
BEELER, Eda A see Crume, Charles A                    
BEELER, Edna see Cale, Willard Ray                    
BEELER, Florence see Linn, S D                    
BEELER, Francis R       Wibaux 23 Clay Cty S D Wm H Beeler & Alex Parish 6-Nov-08 Beach Dawson 631  
      Julia E Accart Wibaux 22 Wibaux Jule Accart & Victoria VanCammenberg          
BEELER, G L see Beeler, Lloyd                    
BEELER, Grace see Thompson, Bernard                    
BEELER, Harley       Beach N D 23 Union Cty S D William Beeler & Olive Parrish 28-Jul-25 Wibaux Wibaux 505  
      Arlaine Woodard Wibaux 22 Evergreen Mn Chas Woodard & ???          
BEELER, Harry see Beeler, John                    
BEELER, Harry H see Crume, Charles A                    
BEELER, Helena see Wetsch, Anton                    
BEELER, John       Intake 24 Ill Harry Beeler & Marie Snider 20-Oct-19 Wibaux Wibaux 261  
      Reka Witte Wibaux 19 Mt John Witte & Fredrika Hogiman?          
BEELER, Laura E see Lawrence, Donald C                    
BEELER, Lloyd       Wibaux 21 Alcester S D G L Beeler & Addie Ellsworth 29-Jun-25 Wibaux Wibaux 494  
      Lealta Jones Biddle 18 Miles City A Jones & Nellie M Vandermant          
BEELER, Mabel see Casey, Verne J                    
BEELER, Mabel see Hutchins, Allie                    
BEELER, Susie see Casey, Charles Wm                    
BEELER, Verna see Kunzie, Theodore E                    
BEELER, W H see Beeler, Charles Henry                    
BEELER, William see Beeler, Harley                    
BEELER, Wm see Hutchins, Allie                    
BEELER, Wm H see Beeler, Frances R                    
BEEM, Bernard F       Oswego 28 Iowa James Beem & Mary Bateson 2-Jan-17 Glasgow Valley 2042  
      Florence Thornley Oswego 23 Ill William Thornley & Iletta Wood          
BEEM, Bessie see Inman, Harry Austin                    
BEEM, James see Beem, Bernard F                    
BEEN, Annie see Walking Eagle, Charles                    
BEEN, Ethel see Symington, Robert                    
BEEN, Josephine see Morgen, Nicholas                    
BEEN, Josephine see Lund, Lawrence                    
BEEN, Josephine see Trollope, Clell LaRue                    
BEEN, Josie see Leighton, Zene                    
BEEN, Sarah Josephine see Trollope, John C                    
BEEN, Sarah Josephine see Hince, Henry W                    
BEERS, Henrietta see Montagne, Luther J                    
BEERY, Daniel J see Beery, Lawrence J                    
BEERY, Lawrence J       Axtell 27 Peach__? Iowa Daniel J Beery & Rachael Hidebaugh 2-Aug-15 Glasgow Valley 1715  
      Maude Varney Axtell 23 ??? Robert G Varney & Louisa Walter          
BEERY, Nova see Klakken                    
BEESLEY, Slessie see Jenkins, Jesse O                    
BEESON, Addie (Hoffman?) see Norby                    
BEESON, Caroline see Slessman, Harmon M                    
BEET, Leaf see Rattling Hail, George                    
BEETLE, Theresa see Becker, George                    
BEGGAR, John J       Carlyle 28 N D John Beggar & Anna Busa 7-Feb-21 St Phillip Wibaux 300  
      Helen Watem-bach Edgehill 18 Mn Leon Watembach & Josephine Pelowski          
BEGGE, Anna Marie see Lyson                    
BEGGER, Daniel       Beach N D 24 Green-bush Mn John Begger & Anna Busa 25-Oct-30 St Phillips Wibaux 763  
      Martha Miske Beach N D 20 Green-bush Carl Miske & Martha Duray          
BEGGER, John see Begger, Maksymilian                    
BEGGER, John see Begger, Daniel                    
BEGGER, Maksymilian?       St Phillip 26 Warsaw N D John Begger & Anna Businska 6-Nov-23 St Philip Wibaux 406  
      Victoria Kierzek St Phillip 24 Ar-gyle Mn Ignacy Kierzek & Jadinga Grzem-ska?          
BEGGS, Clara Antoinette see Rowan, Thomas George                    
BEGLAU, Christina see Lodahl                    
BEGORDIS, David M see Hammer, Hazen Clifford                    
BEGORDIS, Lillian Gladys see Hammer, Hazen Clifford                    
BEHERNDT, Alfred J       Nashua 23 Depere Wis Barney Beherndt & Mary Kaiver 28-Nov-23 Glasgow Valley 3020  
      Mona Musgrove Nashua 21 Illinois John Musgrove & Hulda Schroeder          
BEHERNDT, Barney see Beherndt, Alfred H                    
BEHME, Delcie M see Jackson, Charles A                    
BEHME, Marion see Marion                    
BEHNER, Chas E see Allman, Lee Floyd                    
BEHNER, Ruth see Allman, Lee Floyd                    
BEHRBAUM, Bertha see Toepke, Bernard W                    
BEHRENS, Alfred A see Davis, George A                    
BEHRENS, Veronica Mary Genevieve see Davis, George A                    
BEHRING, Agnes see Kane, J E                    
BEIDLER, Mary E see Holderman                    
BEIER, Henry Elmer       Frazer 33 Mountain Lake Mn John J Beier & Helena Friessen 1-Mar-28 Lustre Valley 3369  
      Anna Koslowsky Frazier 21 Peabody Kans Martin J Koslowsky & Mary Lohrenz          
BEIER, John J see Gerdes, Otto                    
BEIER, John J see Schmidt, Jacob Gilbert                    
BEIER, John J see Beier, Henry Elmer                    
BEIER, Martha Evelyn see Schmidt, Jacob Gilbert                    
BEIER, Nettie Elenore see Gerdes, Otto                    
BEIER, Nilda B see Martens, Jacob J                    
BEIERLEIN, Nick see Barhis, Andre                    
BEIERLEIN, Rose see Barhis, Andre                    
BEIL, Alfred see Beil, James C                    
BEIL, Barbara see Tries, Frank                    
BEIL, James C       Hinsdale 32 Ind Alfred Beil & Rebecca Chattick 28-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2130  
      Jessie May Hill Beaverton 31 Ind George Hill & Mary Kellar          
BEILIN, Anna see Harris                    
BEILIN, Peter see Harris                    
BEILLE, Rose see Mitchell, Anton                    
BEISCHEL, Fred G       Weyburn Sask 27 Wey-burn George Beischel & Lillian Hancock 16-Jun-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3029  
      Jean Metheral Weyburn 22 Weyburn Austin Metheral & Edna Rowat          
BEISCHEL, George see Beischel                    
BEISEL, Elizabeth see Schmiess, Gottfried                    
BEITO, E K see Beito                    
BEITO, Eddy see Miller                    
BEITO, Julian       Crosby 22 Granite Falls Mn E K Beito & Julia Haugen 3-Jul-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2840  
      Della Wallan Crosby N D 19 Ambrose N D August Wallan & Elizabeth Lein          
BEITO, Martha see Hage, Reuben E                    
BEITO, Rosella see Miller                    
BEIVENS, J L see Rinehart                    
BEKKE, Fredricke see Rorvik, Peter                    
BEKKERUS, D T see Bekkerus                    
BEKKERUS, William Clarence       Flaxville 36 Clay Cty Mn D T Bekkerus & Emma Salveson 8-May-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2429  
      Martina E Storle Flaxville 39 Houston Mn Ole Storle & Christine Thompson          
BELANGER, August see Stubbs, Samuel M                    
BELANGER, Mary Ann see Stubbs, Samuel M                    
BELDAN, Alice Jane see Hoffstot, Horace Eugene                    
BELDEN, Leah see Molsberry, G A                    
BELDER, Alice see Wolfe, Jerome                    
BELDER, Cornelius see Wolfe, Jerome                    
BELDER, Cornelius see Belder, John William                    
BELDER, John William       Richey 22 Mansfield S D Cornelius Belder & Sara Edna Burdick 24-Nov-24 Glendive Dawson 2710  
      Loretta Steffes Richey 18 St Cloud Mn Joseph Steffes & Mary Dambly          
BELDIN, Laura see Robinson, Maurice Daniel                    
BELDON, Alice see Hoffstott, William                    
BELDZAR, Lizzie see Scabad, Nick                    
BELEGARD, Mary see McNary, Russell Valentine                    
BELGARD, Anton see Morin, David Louis                    
BELGARD, Anton see Moran                    
BELGARD, Anton see Moran                    
BELGARD, August see Riley, Arthur J                    
BELGARD, August see Hayes, Henry                    
BELGARD, August see Belgard, John Albert                    
BELGARD, August see LeDuke                    
BELGARD, Elizabeth see Morin, David Louis                    
BELGARD, Elizia see Hagen                    
BELGARD, Gilbert see Hagen                    
BELGARD, Ida see Morin, David Louis                    
BELGARD, John Albert       Wolf Point 25 Williston N D August Belgard & Mary Rose Botenau? 13-Mar-22 Wolf Point Roosivelt 330  
      Clara StGermaine Wolf Point 16 Macon? Mt Frank St Germaine & Eliza Geddes          
BELGARD, Lena see Riley, Arthur J                    
BELGARD, Lora see Moran                    
BELGARD, Mary see Moran                    
BELGARD, Mary Alena see Torgerson, Marvin Orlando                    
BELGARD, Nora see Hayes, Henry                    
BELGARD, Norbert see Torgerson, Margaret Orlando                    
BELGARD, Salina see McCoy, John Walter                    
BELGARD, Selina see Cartmell, Harry Lloyd                    
BELGARD, Selina see LaRoque, William                    
BELGARD, Tina see LeDuke                    
BELGARDE, Adeline see Gondry, Victor                    
BELGARDE, August see Davis, George                    
BELGARDE, Eliza see Laherquist                    
BELGARDE, Mary see Laverdure                    
BELGARDE, Tina see Davis, George                    
BELGEN, Sampson see Belgen, Joseph                    
BELGEN?, Joseph S       Mingusville 31 Illinois Samson Belgen & Sarah Workman 23-Dec-1894 Glendive Dawson 102  
      Lucy Mills Mingusville 20 Kentucky Simpson Mills & ???          
BELISLE, Annett see Kelly, John F                    
BELISLE, Peter see Kelly, John F                    
BELISLE, Peter see Belisle                    
BELISLE, Rudolph       Med Lake 19 Canada Peter Blisle & Louisa Gieu 10-Dec-14 Medicine Lake Sheridan 384  
      Clysta Lucile Smith Med Lake 18 Iowa Ed Smith & Alice White          
BELIVEAU, David E see Fraser, Earnest                    
BELKE, Ellen see Fassett, Ancel E                    
BELKE, Henry see Fassett, Ancel E                    
BELKNAP, Bertram F       Glendive 36 Charlotte Mich Emmet Belknap & S Guis? 26-May-06 Glendive Dawson 367  
      Mertie Glidu Glendive 34 Ohio Will Bonner & H Guis?          
BELKNAP, Clara see Muecke, Henry Jr                    
BELKNAP, Emmet see Belknap, Bertram F                    
BELKNAP, Fred see Muecke, Henry Jr                    
BELKNAP, Sarah see Scott                    
BELL, A Raymond       Dagmar 23 Colorado George S Bell & Lizzie Davis 10-Jun-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1805  
      Muriel Westford Dagmar 18 Mn J E Westford & Jessie McIntosh          
BELL, Adam see Bell, Herbert                    
BELL, Adam see Bell, Herb                    
BELL, Albert see Bell, Charles                    
BELL, Albert see Bell, Dudley H                    
BELL, Alphonse see Bolster, Albert Lucius                    
BELL, Alphonse see Bell, Wilbert Henry                    
BELL, Alwena see Miller                    
BELL, Angus W see Bell, Edwin W                    
BELL, Anna see Clark, George                    
BELL, Anna see Neary, William Omar                    
BELL, Anna Maude see Tinkey, Oakley F                    
BELL, Annie see Kennedy, Lewis                    
BELL, Bella see Pierson, C E                    
BELL, Belle see Broadbrooks, Clarence E                    
BELL, Brodie       Enid 26 Wilson Cty Tenn Isaac Bell & Parry (Pansy?) Carroll 26-Sep-18 Glendive Dawson 2334  
      Clara Wetzstien Dickinson N D 40 Lansing Cty Mich Charles Darling & Dora Perry          
BELL, C B see Brown, Bruce Austin                    
BELL, C B see Holzhey, James S                    
BELL, Charles W       Watkins 39 Lawrence Kansas Albert Bell & Luame Metzker 12-Jan-14 ??? Dawson 1421  
      Alberta Merle Malvern Watkins 23 Colorado B N Malvern & ??? Ducan?          
BELL, Clarence see Leland, Alonzo L                    
BELL, David H       Nashue 32 Canada James Bell & Jane Lamb 4-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2016  
      Berthilde Bamberger Nashua 22 Maryland W S Bamberger & Minta Shank?          
BELL, Denis see Bell, Edward                    
BELL, Dennis see Bell, George J                    
BELL, Dennis see Kiem, L Custer                    
BELL, Dudley H       Watkins 25 Carthage Missouri Albert Bell & Lucinda Metsker 8-Dec-13 Watkins Dawson 1386  
      Elizabeth Guelff Watkins 21 Eden Valley Mn Mike Guelff & Anna Green          
BELL, Duncan T see Bell, Joseph D                    
BELL, Earl C       Wibaux 24 Weyauwega Wis O E Bell & Minerva Durland 12-May-24 Wibaux Wibaux 428  
      Inez Ellen Williams Wibaux 21 Lilly Illinois Roy Williams & Florence Rollings          
BELL, Edith see Hansen                    
BELL, Edith Eleanor see Bolster, Albert Lucius                    
BELL, Edith L see Rogers, Bert W                    
BELL, Edward       Three Buttes 25 New Brunswick Canada Denis Bell & Eugenia Leveque 29-Jan-13 Fairview Dawson 1206  
      Hattie Marcure Fairview 22 Creston Warren Marcure & Edith Martin          
BELL, Edward Janes       Bozeman 27 Kings-ville Md Edward Janes Bell & Rose Elizabeth Averill 7-Sep-28 Chinook Blaine 1078  
      Anne Frances Montgomery Chinook 21 Chinook Maurice Montgomery & Jessie Parker          
BELL, Edwin S       P�wood 27 Canada William Bell & Nancy Stacey 24-Feb-14 Plentywood Sheridan 189  
      Lola M DeWitte P�wood 23 Ill Phileman DeWitte & Annie Thompson          
BELL, Edwin W       Medora N D 21 James-town N D Angus W Bell & Agnes Flaherty 30-Jun-24 Wibaux Wibaux 438  
      Irene B Ayers Wilson Wis 21 Wilson Charles Ayers & ???          
BELL, Effie see Unkrich, Clyde H                    
BELL, Eliza see Castle, Alonzo G                    
BELL, Eliza see Gooder                    
BELL, Erma May see Holzhey, James S                    
BELL, Esther see Ferron                    
BELL, Ethel see Sonnenberg                    
BELL, F M       Hillandale Sask 28 Mich J W Bell & Annie McManus 25-Oct-16 Glasgow Valley 1967  
      C C McManus Trumper Sask 19 Ontario Can William Wells & Catherine Hagan          
BELL, Fanny D see Middleton, Donald R                    
BELL, Fred M       Moreau S D 26 Kearny Neb Thomas Bell & Henrietta Deivit 25-Jan-11 Glasgow Valley    
      Molly Lockwood N D   Cambridge Nebr Archie Lockwood & Mary McNaught          
BELL, George see Hansen                    
BELL, George see Sonnenberg                    
BELL, George J       Fairview 24 Missoula Mt Dennis Bell & Eugene Leveque 17-Sep-19 Glendive Dawson 2562  
      Katherine M Henderson Butte 18 Butte Robert Henderson & Mamie Downey          
BELL, George S see Bell                    
BELL, Hattie see Little, Dighton Jr                    
BELL, Hazel see Rogers, Neal                    
BELL, Henry S see Leonard                    
BELL, Herb       Lambert 51 St Leonards New Brunswick Can Adam Bell & Lenora Sear 30-Jun-20 Glendive Dawson 2656  
      Iola V Ross Lambert 34 Thorpe Wis Van Renssaler & Charlotte Chapman          
BELL, Herbert       Three Buttes 38 New Brunswick Canada Adam Bell & Leonore Cyre 15-Apr-11 Glendive Dawson 926  
      Myrtle Lucier Three Buttes 26 Madison City Iowa Herman Wood & Amy Doan          
BELL, I H see Bell                    
BELL, Isaac see Bell, Brodie                    
BELL, J J see Bell, Raymond                    
BELL, J W see Bell, F M                    
BELL, James see Bell, David H                    
BELL, James I see Bell, Wm H                    
BELL, Jean see Hyatt, Elijah Franklin                    
BELL, John see Bell, Joseph                    
BELL, John see Leuenberger, Herman Theodore                    
BELL, John see Panger, Noah Herbert                    
BELL, Joseph       Lismas? 39 Whitehaven England John Bell & Dina Nickelson 10-Oct-10 Glasgow Valley 717  
      Bertha Shufelt Lismas 20 Oregon Malcolm Hunter & Fanny Maus          
BELL, Joseph D       Hathaway 24 London England Duncan T Bell & Ellen M Lott 20-Dec-13   Dawson 1401  
      Pembina M Ellis Hathaway 20 Hoonton? John W Ellis & Eliza E Turner          
BELL, Maggie see Craig                    
BELL, Margaret Allan see Grove, Alfred C                    
BELL, Margaret L see Leonard                    
BELL, Marie Evelyn see Leuenberger, Herman Theodore                    
BELL, Marion see Baldwin, Otto G                    
BELL, Martha see Newton, Samuel B G                    
BELL, Martin Averill       Havre 30 Maryland   25-Jun-27   Phillips 952  
      Emma Charlotte Quam Havre 29 Nebr            
BELL, Mary see Robertson, W B                    
BELL, Mary see Winkenweder, Arthur B                    
BELL, Mary see Ferguson, Robert M                    
BELL, Maude see Tinkey, Preston Allen                    
BELL, Minnie May see Miller                    
BELL, Mrs G Victor see Barnard, William A                    
BELL, Nora May see Woods, George W                    
BELL, O C see Bell, Orville Roy                    
BELL, O E see Bell, Earl C                    
BELL, Oscar see Rogers, Neal                    
BELL, Oscar E see Rogers, Bert W                    
BELL, Oscar E see Woods, George W                    
BELL, Raymond       Bellingham Wash 22 Pueblo Colo J J Bell & Margie Thompson? 12-Sep-09 Glasgow Valley 510  
      Chloe Fizer Bellingham Wsah 18 Elton Ill J H Fizer & ???          
BELL, Reuben J       Casper Wyo 25 Wis   23-May-23   Phillips 715  
      Carrie Wolfe Malta 19 Mt            
BELL, Roderick       Wibaux 33 Scotland Roderick Bell & Annabelle MacDonald 27-Apr-15 Wibaux Wibaux 3  
      Jeanette Baker Wibaux 34 Springfield S D Dan Baker & Jeanette Hamilton          
BELL, Rosa H see Fellows, Albert H                    
BELL, Rose W see Wilhelm, John                    
BELL, Roy Orville       Wibaux 21 Wis O C Bell & Minerva Durlin 25-Jul-17 Wibaux Wibaux 155  
      Alma Brusseau Wibaux 21 Mn Oliver Brusseau & Lucille Marchand          
BELL, Ruth see Panger, Noah Herbert                    
BELL, Thomas see Bell, Fred M                    
BELL, Thomas       Phillips 23 Mt   4-Feb-16   Phillips 76  
      Marion Thinker Phillips 17 Mt            
BELL, W M (William Marshall)       Antelope 29 Missouri I H Bell & Elizabeth Davis 13-Nov-04 Plentywood Sheridan 2013  
      Hulda Alveda Rorvig Antelope 23 Pelican Rapids Mn Ludwig Rorvig & Bertha Brorby          
BELL, Walter H see Bell, William A                    
BELL, Walter H see Middleton, Donald R                    
BELL, Walter Holland       Skaar N D 22 Dayton Ohio Walter Holland Bell & Lydia Irene Appleby 23-Feb-15 Wibaux Wibaux 18  
      Ava Ethyl Hatch Skaar 21 Wrightstown Mn Walter H Hatch & Hulda Frances Wright          
BELL, Wilbert Henry       Lambert 23 Missoula Alphonse Bell & Pearl Wood 5-Jul-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 923  
      Marie Kanada Lambert 28 Illinois D E Maranval & Alice Johnson          
BELL, Wilford F       Phillips 19 Iowa   24-Aug-21   Phillips 593  
      Kath-ryn Brown Phillips 17 Missouri            
BELL, William see Baldwin, Otto G                    
BELL, William see Bell                    
BELL, William A       Wibaux 25 Springfield Ohio Walter H Bell & Irene Appelby 24-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 646  
      Florence Bushell Wibaux 19 Sioux Falls S D Thomas A Bushell & Lena Haugen          
BELLA, Louisa see Martin, John                    
BELLADEAU, Josephine see Selden                    
BELLAMY, Fred see Saltz, Frank                    
BELLAND, Francis Oleson see Halvorson                    
BELLAND, Ole see Halvorson Martin                    
BELLAND, Pearl see Hinz, Gustav                    
BELLANGER, Adrien see Gendreau, Raymond                    
BELLANGER, Lucienne see Gendreau, Raymond                    
BELLB?, Margaret see Panger, Noah Herbert                    
BELLE, Eva see LaBatte                    
BELLE, Olav H       Glentana 24 Norway Hans H Kolstad & Ingeborg E Hage 7-Jan-25 Glasgow Valley 3108  
      Edna M Reed Cando N D 21 Rock Lake N D Carl E Reed & Susie I Rader          
BELLE, Syver H       Glentana 49 Lesje Nor Hans Belle Kolstad & Ingeborg Hagi 3-Jan-29 Glentana Valley 3448  
      Celinise? Bouchard Glentana 17 Estevan Sask Alfred Bouchard & Eva Martin?          
BELLEAU, Malvina see Goulet                    
BELLEMARE, Emma see Vohs                    
BELLESON, Annie see Jarstad                    
BELLIMAN, Katherine see Forgey, James                    
BELLIN, Matilda see Knoetzal, H S                    
BELLINGTON, Henry see Harvey                    
BELLMEYER, Emily see Eicher, Chauncey Henry                    
BELLMORE, Arthur see Bellmore, Oscar J                    
BELLMORE, Oscar J       Poplar 26 N D Arthur Bellmore & L-utina Marchand 28-Jul-26 Poplar Roosivelt 932  
      Emily Helene McGowan Poplar 18 Mt Felix McGowan & Helen Weinrank          
BELLMORE, Susanne see Gotch                    
BELLOWS, Lee Taylor       Dodson 34 Iowa   25-Jul-21   Phillips 587  
      Mildred A Sanders Dodson 22 Penn            
BELLRUD, Lena see Red Boy                    
BELLWERE?, Katherine see Grinolds, Milford                    
BELMONT, Harry       Lambert 35 Helens England John Belmont & Elizabeth Ford 26-Dec-28 Glendive Dawson 3677  
      Emily Stalker Steamboat Springs Colo 29 Evergreen Colo John Stalker & Lillian Weller          
BELMONT, Jack see Belmont, James                    
BELMONT, James       St Paul Mn 26 Buffalo N Y Jack Belmont & Marie Sanderson 16-Aug-07 Glasgow Valley 300  
      Kittie Lent Chippewa Falls Wis 22 Rice Lake Wis John Lent & Julia Chase          
BELMONT, John see Belmont, Harry                    
BELMORE, Catherine see Forgey, George                    
BELSING, Esther Theodora see Adams, Harrie O                    
BELSING, Ole & Brenda see Adams, Harrie O                    
BELSVIG, Theodora E see Adams, Harrie                    
BELT, Elizabeth see Murch, Harold                    
BELT, Henry see Belt                    
BELT, Herman       Whitetail 33 Clay City Ill Henry Belt & ??? 15-Nov-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1594  
      Henrietta Johnston Whitetail 39 Scribner Neb ???          
BELTON, Henry see Musselman, Everett                    
BELTON, Kate see Richardson, George                    
BELTON, Margaret see Musselman, Everett                    
BELTSCHEIN, Fred       Hinsdale 23 Mn O? M Beltschein & Dora Jackson 20-Dec-17 Barr Valley 2310  
      May Eldora Evanson Hinsdale 19 Mn Ed Evanson & ???          
BELTSCHEIN, O? M see Beltschein, Fred                    
BELTZ, August see Beltz, Charles A                    
BELTZ, Charles A       Dickinson N D 21 Illinois August Beltz & Amelia Waldorf 7-Jul-17 Wibaux Wibaux 156  
      Mary R Gorton Dickinson 31 Iowa Mitchell Gorton & Isabell Martindale          
BELYEW, Rebecka see Reeves, William W                    
BELZER, Frank L see Belzer, Lewis F                    
BELZER, Frank L see Hall, Clarence                    
BELZER, Frank L see Belzer, William E                    
BELZER, Fred L       Glasgow 25 Iowa S Belzer & Nora Steffen 8-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2222  
      Gladys C Johnston Glasgow 25 Mn E(dw?) H Johnston & Jessie Stoey          
BELZER, Lewis F       Glasgow 26 Franklin Cty Iowa Frank L Belzer & Leonora Sletten 10-Dec-13 Glasgow Valley 1396  
      Minnie R Clark Minneapolis Mn 26 Lyle Mn Samuel Clark & Louise Cress          
BELZER, S see Belzer, Fred L                    
BELZER, Sadie E see Hall, Clarence                    
BELZER, William E       Glasgow 28 Ackley Iowa Frank L Belzer & Lenora M Steffen 8-Sep-19 Chinook Blaine 585  
      Juanita Herman Glasgow 24 Providence R I John Drikie & Orma Hawthorne          
BEMBROOK, Frances see Drake, Frank O                    
BEMET, Jessie see Dorr, Kelsey V                    
BEMIS, Adelaide see Harris                    
BEMIS, Florence see Eddington, Bruce                    
BEMIS, Florence see Filler, William Edward                    
BEMIS, Florence A see Batchelor, Elliot D                    
BEMIS, Norman see Bemis, Roy E                    
BEMIS, Roy E       Horse Creek 25 Mn Norman Bemis & ??? 16-Feb-18 Wibaux Wibaux 196  
      Mabel Peterson Horse Creek 18 Mn Olaf & Sophia Peterson          
BEMMIS, Francis H see Campbell, Oliver S                    
BEMS, Angdix? see Moran, Joseph                    
BEMUS, Florence see Trulock, Judson                    
BENA, Margaret see Hansen                    
BENA,, Maggie, see Chapman                    
BENARD, Henry see Benard, William                    
BENARD, William       Glendive 48 Newark N J Henry Benard & Martha Williams 22-May-11 Glendive Dawson 939  
      Henrietta Ghering Glendive 49 Springfield Mass John & Emma Ghering          
BENCH, Elmer William see Zick, Elmer William                    
BENCH, Frank see Green, Fred                    
BENCH, George see Zick, Elmer William                    
BENCH, Margaret see Green, Fred                    
BENDER, Elizabeth see Merkel, Christ                    
BENDER, George B see Bender, Walter Allen                    
BENDER, Jacob see Bender, Max                    
BENDER, Louise see Wilson, Ed E                    
BENDER, Maggie see Merkel, Christ                    
BENDER, Max       New England N D 21 New England Jacob Bender & Rose Ellanger 20-May-29 Wibaux Wibaux 681  
      Mabel Strehlow New England N D 18 New England Alfred Strehlow & Annie Lewis          
BENDER, Philip see Merkel, Christ                    
BENDER, Walter Allen       Glendive 24 Laketon Indiana George B Bender & Mary Bussard 9-Mar-10 Glendive Dawson 777  
      Laura Schwanke Glendive 21 Moorhead Mn Robert Schwanke & Ernestine Sohn          
BENDICKSON, Alfred       Crosby 22 S D Carl Bendickson & Julia Johnson 26-Jun-23 Plentywood Sheridan 1899  
      Caroline Greenland S D 20 S D George Greenland & Elixabeth Abbey          
BENDICKSON, Carl see Bendickson                    
BENDICKSON, Carl see Bendickson                    
BENDICKSON, Casper       Dooley 26 S D Carl Bendickson & Julia Johnson 22-Nov-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2023  
      Hilda S Sorum Ottertail Cty Mn     T T Sorum & T T Stadum          
BENDICKSON, Knut see Toftness, Bernt B                    
BENDON, Ira L       Glendive 31 Butler Penn N J Bendon & Mary McCloy 15-Apr-04 Glendive Dawson 317  
      Lillian Jordan Glendive 23 Miles City W T & Mrs Jordan          
BENDON, N J see Bendon, Ira L                    
BENDON, Nathaniel J see Gilmore, James W                    
BENEDICK, Fredricka see Grate, Fredric S                    
BENEDICT, Cora see Bartholemew, Clifford                    
BENEDICT, Dorothy see Johnson, James                    
BENEDICT, Emma see Baldwin, Everett                    
BENEDICT, Fred see Sutherland, Maurice                    
BENEDICT, Inez Elizabeth see Gibbons                    
BENEDICT, Lillian see Hopkins, Able                    
BENEDICT, Lois see Sutherland, Maurice                    
BENEDICT, Richard       Poplar 39 Poplar No Hand & Snow Woman 25-Oct-22 Poplar Roosivelt 180  
      Sally Rattling Thunder Brockton 55 Ft Peck Reserer White Thunder & Pipe          
BENEDICT, Walter Avery see Gibbons                    
BENEKE, Esther see Metz, Joseph                    
BENEKE, Rudolph see Metz, Joseph                    
BENES, Frank       Bloomfield 30 Bohemia Joseph Benes & Anna Miskovski     Dawson    
      Antonie Pavpil? Bloomfield 22 Bohemia Frank & Annie Pavpil          
BENES, Frank       Bloomfield 30 Bohemia Joseph Benes & Anna Miskovski 20-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1818  
      Antonie Povysil Bloomfield 22 Bohemia Frank Povysil & Bessie Pospisil          
BENES, Joseph see Benes, Frank                    
BENETT, Josephine see Fountain, George                    
BENGEN, Gertie see Waalkes, Harm                    
BENGS, William C       Kingfisher Okla 26 Grant Cty S D William Bengs & Augusta Mielitz 27-Dec-16 Chinook Blaine 358  
      Amy L Stone Coburg 29 Maple City Kan Charles Galloway & Mary Woods          
BENGSTON, Johanes see Loraas, Christian                    
BENGSTON, John Peter Winquist see Hagman, J H                    
BENGSTON, Mabel see Hanvold, Henry Melvin                    
BENHAM, Lucy see Nelson, Benjamin                    
BENHAM, William see Nelson, Benjamin                    
BENJAMEN, Mathilda see Edwards                    
BENJAMIN, Addie see Madsen, Roy                    
BENJAMIN, Asilda? see Renillard, Edward S                    
BENJAMIN, Asylda see Remillard, Edward S                    
BENJAMIN, Ida see Ranier, Clyde W                    
BENJAMIN, Sarah A see Lee, Roy C                    
BENJAMIN, Vera May see Biddle, Tunis Paul                    
BENJAMIN, Wm see Biddle, Tunis Paul                    
BENKUFSKEY, Joseph see Hanson, James Blaine                    
BENN, Iva see Little Bull, Frank                    
BENNDONI, Lucy see Ory, George                    
BENNER, Edith see Denham, Russell E                    
BENNER, George see O�Hare, Tom                    
BENNER, Gladys see O�Hare, Tom                    
BENNER, John Jr       Miles City 47 Miles City John B Benner Sr & Fanny Bach 28-Jan-28 Glendive Dawson 3540  
      Frances Claussen Miles Gity 27 Manning Iowa August Claussen & ??? Schleuter          
BENNER, Katherine see Witman, George                    
BENNER, Melvin L       Sidney 33 Ohio Simon Benner & Catherine Slaybaugh 10-Sep-02 Ridgelawn Dawson 259  
      Anne J Nathan Sidney 23 Alton Ill Thomas & Catherine Nathan          
BENNER, Olive E see Long, Norman D                    
BENNER, Simon see Benner, Melvin                    
BENNET, Annie see Glewwe, Julius F                    
BENNETT, Adam see Hedden, Norman W                    
BENNETT, Allie see Maroot, Leo                    
BENNETT, Alvin L       Homestead 28 Iola Wis Palmer J Bennett & Louise Larson 18-Jul-12 Homestead Valley 1081  
      Hazel E Fasching Homestead 20 Mason City Iowa George C Fasching & Margaret E Phillip          
BENNETT, Anna see Stahl, Harry Darl                    
BENNETT, Anne see McCullough, Andrew S                    
BENNETT, Anne see Campbell, W A                    
BENNETT, Annie see Bardanouoe, John P                    
BENNETT, C F see Sandefer, Herbert                    
BENNETT, Catherine see Fuhrman, Carl                    
BENNETT, Catherine N see Feltham                    
BENNETT, Ed see Bennett                    
BENNETT, Edna see Honaker                    
BENNETT, Edward M see Bennett, George Lewis                    
BENNETT, Elizabeth see Rimel, William L                    
BENNETT, Ella May see Shufelt, Bird                    
BENNETT, Emily see Dixon, Ezra J                    
BENNETT, Emily C see Niles, Elon H                    
BENNETT, Ernest see Marshall, Jacob Harold                    
BENNETT, Ernest       Glendive 23 East Dubuque Ill Harrison Bennett & Laura Reese 25-Dec-20 Glendive Dawson 2726  
      Anna Gastineau Glendive 23 Bozeman Reuben Gastineau & Dora Clounch          
BENNETT, Esther see Johns, Fred                    
BENNETT, Frances see Spiller, Chas W F                    
BENNETT, Frances C       Livingston 39 N Y Wm Bennett & Elizabeth Rail 25-Apr-16 Plentywood Sheridan 727  
      Laura Ritchie Livingston 35 Mn Anselm Richie & Lumena Doncie          
BENNETT, Francis see Marshall, Jacob Harold                    
BENNETT, Frank Melvin       Chalk Butte 21 Mount Ayr Iowa Melvin Bennett & Mollie Snedaker 20-Nov-12 Glendive Dawson 1174?  
      Mabel Violet Clemans Chalk Butte 21 Princeton Indiana George Clemans & Nancy Reidinger          
BENNETT, George       Med Lake 46 Mich Ed Bennett & Elizabeth Jackson 10-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1155  
      Hattie Logsdon Med Lake   Ind John M Sutton & Mary Hend-ricks          
BENNETT, George Lewis       Hathaway 31 Council Bluffs Iowa Edward M Bennett & Elizabeth C Stodgill 15-Jul-12 Glendive Dawson 1111  
      Christina Melva Nelson Corning Iowa 26 Carbon Iowa Nelson C Nelson & Elizabeth Cuylor          
BENNETT, Gordon E see Hedden, Norman E                    
BENNETT, Harrison see Bennett, Ernest                    
BENNETT, Henry Joseph       Corral Coulee 35 Carthage S D Selinos D Bennett & Mary Snell 2-Jan-22 Chinook Blaine 746  
      Lucy Eva Lemie Ashland Ore 27 Raymond S D Antoni Lemie & Zilda Blanchette          
BENNETT, Isabelle Louisa see Denton, James W                    
BENNETT, J see Booth, Edwin F                    
BENNETT, Jack       Plentywood 24 Padston Eng William Bennett & Kazia Salmon 21-Dec-04 Culbertson Valley 158  
      Anna C Davis Culbertson 24? Cormorant Mn John A Davis & Jennie Bardsley          
BENNETT, Jack       Redstone 40 Eng William Bennett & Hezia Salmon 25-Oct-11 Redstone Valley 917  
      Nina L Bogert Sedstone 25 Stiles N D N S Bogert & Lula Stiles          
BENNETT, James see Bennett, Thomas Harold                    
BENNETT, James C       Jordan 30 Jacksonville Florida S W Bennett & Edith Boutilier 3-Jul-11 Jordan Dawson 955  
      Jennie May Cleveland Jordan ??? Blue Earth Mn James J Cleveland & Margaret Shield          
BENNETT, Jennie see Bond, William Andrew                    
BENNETT, Jessie see House, Robert Calvin                    
BENNETT, John see Fuhrman, Carl                    
BENNETT, Katherine N see Feltham                    
BENNETT, Lena see Speer, Gilbert E                    
BENNETT, Lillie A see Booth, Edwin F                    
BENNETT, Lois Agatha see Cecil, Elmer Elden                    
BENNETT, Lucinda see Lasater                    
BENNETT, Lydia see Shaver, Clinton                    
BENNETT, Maria Mae see Engman, Eric Alfred                    
BENNETT, Mary M see Hails                    
BENNETT, Mary M see Jacobsen                    
BENNETT, Melvin see Bennett, Frank Melvin                    
BENNETT, Minerva A see Colby                    
BENNETT, Mrs George see Harriman, John                    
BENNETT, Nettie B see Tyler, Reginald                    
BENNETT, Palmer see Tyler, Reginald                    
BENNETT, Palmer see Honaker                    
BENNETT, Palmer H see Bennet, Alvin L                    
BENNETT, Phoebe A see McClellan, Malcolm                    
BENNETT, R J see Shufelt, Bird                    
BENNETT, S D see Bennett, William James                    
BENNETT, S W see Bennett, James C                    
BENNETT, Selinos see Bennett, Henry Joseph                    
BENNETT, Sidney       Redstone 33 Plymouth Eng William Bennett & Regia Nichols 20-Apr-11 Poplar Valley 823  
      Estella Johnston Culbertson 28 Boston Walter A Johnston & Joequette Spencer          
BENNETT, Stella see Newman, Hector                    
BENNETT, Thomas see Kinsey, E Milton                    
BENNETT, Thomas Harold       Wolf Point 25 Chippewa Falls Wis James Bennett & Elsie Wilson 28-Feb-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1144  
      Daisy Witt Wolf Point 26 Neb Joe R Giersdorf & Daisy Appelgren          
BENNETT, William see Bennett, Sidney                    
BENNETT, William see Bennett, Jack                    
BENNETT, William see Engman, Eric Alfred                    
BENNETT, William see Bennett                    
BENNETT, William James       Chinook 39 Carthage S D S D Bennett & Mary Snell 26-Dec-29 Chinook Blaine 1188  
      Mabel Tilliman Chinook 23 Superior Wis John Tilleman & Stephenie D�Hooghe          
BENNETT, Zach & Mary see Cecil, Elmer Elden                    
BENNETT, Zelda Florence see Kinsey, E Milton                    
BENNETTE, Thomas H see Anderson, Jack E                    
BENNIKE, Anna see Lambrecht, Erwin                    
BENNING, B W       Glendive 37 Indianola Texas Oscar Benning & Mary Ward 24-Apr-01 Glendive Dawson 220  
      Ida Mabel Crawford Glendive 26 Iowa Cherrick Crawford & Laura E Frazee?          
BENNING, Oscar see Benning, B W                    
BENNY, Mrs Sarah see Nefzger, August Charles                    
BENOIT, J A see Benoit, John M                    
BENOIT, John A see Northey, A E                    
BENOIT, John M       Fairview 25 Grand Forks N D J A Benoit & Alvina Phillips 17-Feb-17 Glendive Dawson 2114  
      Caroline Marie Block Lancaster Wisc     William F Block & Ernestine Loshs          
BENOIT, Melina see Cloyd, Cary                    
BENOIT, Meliva see Atwood, James W                    
BENOIT, Rosa A see Northey, A E                    
BENOLKEN, Henry O       Hinsdale 31 Freeport Mn Henry Benolken & Theresa Hoppe 27-Jon-1916 Glasgow Valley 1893  
      Rose Himmenkamp Melrose Mn 22 Melrose Henry Himmenkamp & Annie Feldshaus          
BENONDSON, Christina see Lauritson, Albinus M                    
BENSCH, ??? see Tolan, Nels                    
BENSCH, Frank see McNeil, Fred W                    
BENSCH, Frank see Bensch, Rudolph                    
BENSCH, Frank see Penrose, Ernest                    
BENSCH, Louise see McNeil, Fred W                    
BENSCH, Rudolph       Culbertson 25 Milwaukee Wisc Frank Bensch & Annie Reimann 21-Dec-10 Sidney Dawson 878  
      Myrtle Spangenburg Culbertson 22 Deerwood Mn Frank Spangenburg & Charlotte Woolford          
BENSEL, Edmund H       Glendive 40 Greenbay Wisc Gustav Bensel & Amelia Henkelmann 11-May-16 Glendive Dawson 1916  
      Edith M Everhart Woodrow 17 Calhoun Cty Iowa D B Everhart & Mary E Dopp          
BENSEL, Gustav see Bensel, Edmund H                    
BENSON, (_ry?) C see Benson, Alvah A                    
BENSON, Adam see Benson, Oscar J                    
BENSON, Agnes see Fitzpatrick, Stanley                    
BENSON, Albert see Halverson, Bernhard O                    
BENSON, Alfred see Benson, Clarence                    
BENSON, Alfred       Twin Valley Mn 29 Mn Henry Benson & Olgna Sanders 23-Dec-15 Plentywood Sheridan 651  
      Rendina Christianson Froid 29 N D Ole Christianson & Kjant Anderson          
BENSON, Alonzu? see Borgerson, Oscar                    
BENSON, Alvah A       Poplar 32 Uniton? Iowa (_ry? C Benson & Fannie Helton 11-Jan-16 Glasgow Valley 1811  
      Clara E Robbins Poplar 33 Poplar Peter Proctor & Annie Knorr          
BENSON, Amy see Bassett, James                    
BENSON, Andrew see Benson, George E                    
BENSON, Anna see Youngquist, Lawrence E                    
BENSON, Anne see Leiseth, George O                    
BENSON, B T & Catherine see Harris, Earl L                    
BENSON, Beatrice see Davis                    
BENSON, Ben see Ree, Wilhelm                    
BENSON, Ben see Benson                    
BENSON, Bennet       Williston 21 Shelley Mn Syvert Benson & Lizzie Hanson 23-May-21 Poplar Roosivelt 243  
      Bessie Musick Williston 18 Williston Howard & Felica Musick          
BENSON, Bertha see Burley, Newton S                    
BENSON, Bertha see Back                    
BENSON, Bertina see Ree, Wilhelm                    
BENSON, Betsy see Walters, Harold C                    
BENSON, Betsy see Nelson, William M                    
BENSON, Betsy see Lundeen, Gustav Adolph                    
BENSON, Blanche see Tyler                    
BENSON, Borghild Olive see Sell                    
BENSON, Carrie see Johnson, Walter C                    
BENSON, Chris see Tyler                    
BENSON, Clarence       Timber Ridge 21 Fosston Mn Alfred Benson & Carrie Halvorson 20-Mar-29 Chinook Blaine 1116  
      Genevieve Dolan Harlem 19 Annadale Mn Leonard Dolan & Laura Alger          
BENSON, Clarence N       Albert Lea Mn 30 Albert Lea Severt L Benson & Clara Throgstad 14-Jun-28 Froid Roosivelt 1187  
      Nora Florence Mogen Froid 27 Carthage S D Ole Mogen & Lena Marrien          
BENSON, Conrad B       Raymond 22 Sioux City Iowa Ben Benson & Julia Jorgenson 23-Apr-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2920  
      Matelina A Melle Outlook 20 Brookfield Can Toney Melle & Clara Fenrich          
BENSON, Cora see Harris, Earl L                    
BENSON, Edward see Rockney, Alfred M                    
BENSON, Edward       Bredette 25 Mn Knute Benson & Johanna Benson 21-Jun-17 Balfour N D Sheridan 1053  
      Josephine Stenerson Bredette 24 Wis Stenor Stenorson & Bertha Gilbertson          
BENSON, Elizabeth see Funk, Fred J                    
BENSON, Ella see Carlson                    
BENSON, F R see Gertenson, Frank                    
BENSON, George       Sawyer N D 24 Dalas Cty Iowa William Benson & Sarah Curts 15-Dec-12 Nashua Valley 1197  
      Edna Perrey Surrey N D 24 Colfax Cty N D Forest Perrey & May Hardy          
BENSON, George see Benson, Jess                    
BENSON, George E       Twete 26 N D Andrew Benson & Helen Bustrack 15-Nov-27 Chinook Blaine 1031  
      Edith L McGillivray Twete 18 Minot N D Malcolm McGill vary & Della Sly          
BENSON, Gunda see Landswork, Otto                    
BENSON, H B see Primeau, Xavier                    
BENSON, Halvor Bernard       Phillips 27 Mn   21-Oct-22   Phillips 674  
      Regina Virginia Primeau Phillips 24 Mt            
BENSON, Henry see Benson                    
BENSON, Herbert E       Outlook 27 Alexandria Mn Oscar T Benson & Christina Erickson 7-Dec-30 Outlook Sheridan 2578  
      Katherine Boyd Outlook 22 Westby John Boyd & Mary Patterson          
BENSON, Hildred L see Morck                    
BENSON, Hulda Matilda see Loraas, Christian                    
BENSON, J Oscar       Fargo 28 Chrislme? N D Adam Benson & Anna Hendrickson 1-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1312  
      Mildred Matzka Sidney 19 Tracy Mn Mark Thomas & Rose Catlin          
BENSON, James L see Morck                    
BENSON, Jennie E see Rockney, Alfred M                    
BENSON, Jennie Mae see Gertenson, Frank                    
BENSON, Jess       Warrick 25 Warrick George Benson & Goldie Plew 1-Oct-17 Chinook Blaine 433  
      Margaret Boehmer Eskey 18 Warrick John Boehmer & Laura Cox          
BENSON, Johanna see Anderson, Edward Clarence                    
BENSON, John see Benson, Lewis                    
BENSON, John       Buford N D 60 Elba Mn John Benson & Helen Oliphant 25-Oct-24 Glendive Dawson 3151  
      Dora Trainer Trenton N D 45 Burkesville Ken R C Short & Mary Elizabeth Daniels          
BENSON, Knute see Benson                    
BENSON, Lawrence       Nashua 36 Mn Peter Benson & Christina Hider 25-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2571  
      Mary Jeanette Hayman Nashua 25 Nova Scotia Alexander Hagman & Mary Catherine MacLean          
BENSON, Lewis       Amundson Mn 30 Iowa John Benson & Mary Christianson 6-Jun-20 Glasgow Valley 2676  
      Olga Haugen Glasgow 19 Mn Chris Haugen & Annie Anderson          
BENSON, Loretta see Howard, Edwin A                    
BENSON, Luella see Collins, Fred A                    
BENSON, Luella see Ross, Charlie                    
BENSON, Marie see Nagle, George                    
BENSON, Mary see Nelson                    
BENSON, Mrs H B see McMaster, Murray E                    
BENSON, Nellie see Cederberg, Tom                    
BENSON, Nellie see Yerigan                    
BENSON, Ole see Sell                    
BENSON, Olive L see Rupert, Elmer S                    
BENSON, Oscar T see Benson, Walter E                    
BENSON, Oscar T see Benson                    
BENSON, P M see Bassett, James                    
BENSON, Peter see Benson, Lawrence                    
BENSON, Petrikka see Storvik, Bernhard                    
BENSON, R V see Primeau, Xavier                    
BENSON, Ruth see Borgerson, Oscar                    
BENSON, Severt L see Benson, Clarence N                    
BENSON, Syvert see Benson, Bennet                    
BENSON, Walter E       Plentywood 21 Mn Oscar T Benson & Christina Johnson 25-Aug-17   Valley 2206  
      Laura E Robertson P�wood 27 Wis Robert Robertson & Annie Erickson          
BENSON, William see Benson, George                    
BENSTON, Aletta see Hanson, Daniel                    
BENSWINGER, Mary see Buker, Edwin                    
BENT, F H see Bent, James F                    
BENT, Frances L see Helmer, Stewart                    
BENT, James F       Malta 17 Tonlon Ill F H Bent & Mary Suhr 14-Jul-13 Malta Valley 1321  
      Nellie Louise Chapman Tonlon 18 Chillicothe J H Chapman & Ada Morgan          
BENT, Nellie see Miller, Guy                    
BENTI, Ida Helen see Smith, Jack C                    
BENTI, Sahi? see Smith, Jack C                    
BENTLER, Bertha see Bentler, Henry                    
BENTLER, Gottleib see Bentler, Henry                    
BENTLER, Henry       Balfour N D 28 Missouri Gottleib Bentler & Annie Moody 30-Nov-04 Glasgow Valley 155  
      Bertha Bentler Balfour N D 20 Missouri John Bentler & Mary Kyle          
BENTLER, John see Bentler, John                    
BENTLY, Eula see Shaffer, Harry H                    
BENTLY, Rose see Joslin, Ray D                    
BENTON, Goldie Ellen see Nay, Jack                    
BENTON, Henrietta see Nickerson, Bert                    
BENTON, Lucinda see Golnick, Edward G                    
BENTON, Mary E see Haskins, Ted Robert                    
BENTON, Mary Eleanor see Jensen, Jay John jr                    
BENTON, Noeh see Nay, Jack                    
BENTSEN, Axel see Foshal, Torger                    
BENTSEN, Bjarne K       Redstone 21 Lake Park Mn Ole J Bentsen & Sophie Sivertsen 2-Jun-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2324  
      Martha Mattila Hibbing Mn 21 Hibbing Alexan-der Mattila & Ada Lampiner          
BENTSEN, Hanne T see Foshal, Torger                    
BENTSEN, Marie Caroline see James, David                    
BENTSEN, Ole J see Bedwell                    
BENTSEN, Ole J see Brntsen                    
BENTSEN, Riborg Marie see Bedwell                    
BENTZINE, Raymond F       Phillips 23 Mn   6-Dec-17   Phillips 295  
      Carrie M Verzatt Phillips 19 N D            
BENZ, Christina see Bischoff, Charles P                    
BENZIN, Carrie M see Johnson, Carl Olaf                    
BENZING, Mary see Radcliff, Arthur Vernon                    
BENZING, Mary see Hoiland, Thomas                    
BENZINGER, Chris see Benzinger, Fred W                    
BENZINGER, Fred W       Malta 25 Amana Iowa Chris Benzinger & Carolina Kurtz 27-Dec-13 Chinook Blaine 99  
      Carrie Ellen Mackey Malta 23 Dry Run Penn Lawrence Mackey & Cinderella Kennedy          
BENZINGER, Mrs F W see Knapp, Charles W                    
BEPLER, Mary J see Staples, Ernest                    
BERAND, Lea? see Knott                    
BERARD, Florence see May, Charles C                    
BERARD, Peter see May, Charles C                    
BERAUT, Bertha see Efta, Stanley                    
BERCER?, Mary see Larocque, Peter                    
BERCIER, Mary see Moron                    
BERCIER, Mary see Montroy                    
BERDAHL, Ida Louise (Hendrickson?) see Johnson                    
BERDAHL, Torkel see Offet                    
BERDG, Clara see Brookman, Clyne R                    
BERDON, Lynn       Phillips 33 Mn   1-May-18   Phillips 332  
      Myrtle Waltman Phillips 26 Virginia            
BERECIER, Mary see Beaudry, Victon                    
BEREHOT, Dave       Harlem 22 Ft Wayne Ind Peter Berehot & Clara Heck 6-Feb-17 Chinook Blaine 367  
      Ruth Gorsuch Harlem 27 Girard Kan Thomas Gorsuch & Romelia Lair          
BEREHOT, Peter see Berehot, Dave                    
BERELSON, Lester see Hurst                    
BERENDER?, Catherine see Mann                    
BERES, John see Schurf, Anton                    
BERES, Kate see Schurf, Anton                    
BERG, Adelia see Stott, A J                    
BERG, Aden see Bair, J C                    
BERG, Alma see Ator, Albert                    
BERG, Alma see Lundquist                    
BERG, Alma see Haugen                    
BERG, Andrew see Berg, George Arnold                    
BERG, Andrew       Outlook 36 Sweden �Big� Andrew Anderson & Elizabeth Madsen 17-Aug-15 Plentywood Sheridan 533  
      Mary Israelson Outlook 31 Sweden Hans Isrealson & Annie Arneson          
BERG, Anna see Stensland, Norman T                    
BERG, Anna see Stensland, Ralph W                    
BERG, Anna see Stensland, Harold Milton                    
BERG, Anna see Larvick, John Andrew                    
BERG, Anna see Eatinger                    
BERG, Anna see Holmberg                    
BERG, Anna K see Willford, Dwight Jay                    
BERG, Anna Louise see Stensland, Arthur Oliver                    
BERG, Anna O see Olson, Arthur Melvin                    
BERG, Anton see Lebeck                    
BERG, August see Berg, Leon George                    
BERG, Beata Maria see Wald, Peter O N                    
BERG, Bertha see Lien                    
BERG, Birgit see Olsen, Vebjorn                    
BERG, Carl E see Olson, Arthur Melvin                    
BERG, Carl J see Frey, Charles H                    
BERG, Carrie see Brenna                    
BERG, Charlotte see Segustrom, Harry Walter                    
BERG, Chris       Phillips 46 Mn   6-Mar-19   Phillips 411  
      Mable Bowman Phillips 18 Iowa            
BERG, Christian see Berg, Morris                    
BERG, Clara see Brooks, Albridge                    
BERG, Clarence Dennis       Poplar 25 Mn Otto Helge & Helga Berg 11-Mar-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1290  
      Esther Meckler Poplar 20 Texas George Meckler & Mathilda Stehr          
BERG, Dina see Hanson, Oscar                    
BERG, Edward see Berg, Roy E                    
BERG, Edward K       Cass Cty Mn 46 Norway Carl Nelson & Margaret Milde 23-Jul-27 Wibaux Wibaux 595  
      Clara Perry Akley Mn 23 Thompson Mn Sears Perry & Susan Otis          
BERG, Edwin       P�wood 23 N D Thomas Berg & Isabel Keenan 29-Apr-16 Plentywood Sheridan 731  
      Ethel Gleason P�wood 18 Tracy Mn Fred Gleason & May Vickerman          
BERG, Elvin       Lake Alma Sask Can 35 New Rockford N D Jacob Berg & Maren Dahltrop 6-Feb-31 Plentywood Sheridan 2587  
      Alma Westling Beaubier Sask 32 Mn Lars Westling & Emma Olson          
BERG, Emma see Lenz, Ernest                    
BERG, Emma see Wester, Eugene                    
BERG, Emma C see Hammer                    
BERG, Esther see Fleener                    
BERG, Esther see LaFond, Willie                    
BERG, Esther see Cote, Hervi                    
BERG, Esther see Newton, Howard C                    
BERG, Esther see Stuart, Lloyd K                    
BERG, Even see Evenson, Anton Berg                    
BERG, Frances see Frey, Charles H                    
BERG, George Arnold       Menominee Wisc 22 Springbrook Wisc Andrew Berg & Guri Wagnild 27-Jan-???? Glendive Dawson 2483  
      Gina Wagnild Springbrook Wisc 19 Springbrook Ole Wagnild & Anna Furseth          
BERG, Gertrude A (Jelmeland?) see Fahrenkopf, Joseph                    
BERG, Gilbert see Belle, Thurson                    
BERG, Goodwin       Sidney 26 McIntosh Mn John Berg & Gertrude Tennifos 18-Sep-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2875  
      Bessie Stephens Dore N D 19 Redfield S D Floyd Stephens & Laura Cummins          
BERG, Gunda see Nelson                    
BERG, Gust see Scott, Harlan                    
BERG, Gustav see Lenz, Ernest                    
BERG, Gustave see Stott, A J                    
BERG, Halver       Harlem 25 McIntosh Mn Thor M Berg & Anna Ahuks 6-May-14 Harlem Blaine 117  
      Esther Frederick Deep N D   Wis John Frederick & Miss Francis Rubert          
BERG, Halvor see Olsen, Vebjorn                    
BERG, Hans       Glendive 23 Norway Ole Berg & Inga Tvedt 7-Jul-14 Glendive Dawson 1539  
      Hilda Jacobson Almut N D 23 Sweden Gust Jacobson & Hulda Johanason          
BERG, Helga see Berg, Clarence Dennis                    
BERG, Ida see Davis, Harold P                    
BERG, Inga see Hendrickson, Henry                    
BERG, Jacob see Berg, Tobias                    
BERG, Jacob see Berg                    
BERG, John see Willford, Anna K                    
BERG, John see Berg                    
BERG, Julia see Jacobi, William S                    
BERG, Julia see Shotnakoff, Phillip S                    
BERG, Julia see Jacobi, Chris                    
BERG, Julius see Makeland, Robert Eugene                    
BERG, Julius see Lien                    
BERG, Kari see Brooks, Walter S                    
BERG, Kari see Halstead, Richard R                    
BERG, Knut e see Stenbakken, Bernard                    
BERG, Lena see Thiessen, Jacob B                    
BERG, Lena see Norton                    
BERG, Leon George       Wolf Point 22 Bantry N D August Berg & Martha Solhom 10-Dec-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 706  
      Dora Elizabeth Bridges Wolf Point 19 Lynch Nebr Samuel Elliott Bridges & Clara Jane Burge          
BERG, Margaret Marie see Greff                    
BERG, Mary see Rudberg, Carl O W                    
BERG, Mary see Peterson, C Albert                    
BERG, Math see Greff                    
BERG, Matt S see Hendrickson, Alfred                    
BERG, Melma Constance see Rush, John Wesley                    
BERG, Morris       Glendive 37 Norway Christian Berg & Radine Martinson 21-Dec-25 Glendive Dawson 3310  
      Selma Rosendahl Glendive 35 Kindred S D Andrew Rosendahl & Annie Rusten          
BERG, Myrtle see Stenbakken, Bernard                    
BERG, Nellie see Scott, Harlan                    
BERG, Nels I       Glendive 32 Sweden Nels I Berg & Ida Fosberg 21-May-19 Glendive Dawson 2519  
      Ethel Emmiline Eakins res Glendive 19 Wells Mn William Eakins & Myrtle Hagan          
BERG, O E see Norton                    
BERG, O K see Berg                    
BERG, Ogodt (Lund?) see Nielsen, Christ                    
BERG, Olaf see Ator, Albert                    
BERG, Ole see Berg, Hans                    
BERG, Ole see Bair, J C                    
BERG, Ole see Hammer                    
BERG, Ole see Fleener                    
BERG, Ole J see Berg                    
BERG, Ole O       Lake Alma Sask Can 32 Floodwood Mn Ole J Berg & Elise Johnson 8-Nov-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2789  
      Mabel P Peterson Lake Alma 20 Broomhead Sask John Peterson & Petra Stokke          
BERG, Olea see Otheim                    
BERG, Olia see Otheim                    
BERG, Osna see Hektner, John B                    
BERG, Patricia see Evenson                    
BERG, Reuben       Kempton N D 24 Heartland N D O K Berg & Malvena Johnson 18-Jan-33 Plentywood Sheridan 2713  
      Phyllis Wheeler Froid 24 Cando N D E E Wheeler & Clara Ransaw?          
BERG, Rosie see Appel, John                    
BERG, Roy E       Scobey 21 Minneapolis Mn Edward Berg & Ogodt Lund 11-Feb-28 Scobey Daniels 366  
      Ruth Heeter Scobey 20 N D C J Heeter & ???          
BERG, Sarah see Lebeck                    
BERG, Selma see Timm, Otto G                    
BERG, Thomas see Berg                    
BERG, Thor M see Berg, Halver                    
BERG, Thornella see Johnson                    
BERG, Tobias       Richey 27 Marion S D Jacob Berg & Katie Buller 12-Jun-27 Richey Dawson 3457  
      Lydia Schmidt Richey 18 Dalton S D William Schmidt & Eva Richert          
BERGAN, Abel A       Saco 21 Mn Lars L Bergan & Vina Sandmoen 23-Feb-15 Glasgow Valley 1647  
      Vira R McGregor Saco 19 Vermont John McGregor & Rhoda Avery          
BERGAN, Adolf E       Saco 26 Kenset Iowa L L Bergan & Detta Sondaman 26-Nov-25 Saco Valley 3175  
      Viola Stuff Saco 18 Saco Charles E Stuff & Anna Thomes          
BERGAN, Andrew       Bainville 43 Norway Torger Bergan & Ingeborg Pedersen 27-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1123  
      Mathilda Jensen Bainville 41 Denmark Anton Jensen & Meta Andersen          
BERGAN, Annie see Groskurth                    
BERGAN, Antoinette see Schilling                    
BERGAN, Clara see Deset, Didrick                    
BERGAN, Dena see Shepherd, Jack                    
BERGAN, Knute & Betsy see Bergan                    
BERGAN, L L see Deset, Didrick                    
BERGAN, L L see Bergan, Adolf E                    
BERGAN, Lars L see Bergan, Abel A                    
BERGAN, Ludetta E see Shepherd, Jack                    
BERGAN, Ludetta E see Rud, Alfred                    
BERGAN, Marie see Hanvold, Henry Melvin                    
BERGAN, Mary see Erickson, Martin P                    
BERGAN, Oscar       Dagmar 29 Mn Knute & Betsy Bergan 11-Jan-15 Plentywood Sheridan 403  
      Anna Albert Dagmar 27 Denmark Andreas Jacobson          
BERGAN, Palmer       Flaxville 31 Hatton N D Peter Bergan & Marie Costella 19-Jun-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1460  
      Lydia Bolme Badger Mn 19 Badger Lars Bolme & ???          
BERGAN, Peter see Bergan, Palmer                    
BERGAN, Torger see Bergan                    
BERGDAHL, Adeline see Verhuel                    
BERGDAHL, Amund see Verhuel                    
BERGDAHL, Lena see Madsen                    
BERGDAHL, Sigrid see Madsen                    
BERGE, Andrew M       Bainville 32 Norway Mons Berge & Mary Vee 8-Mar-16 Bainville Sheridan 694  
      Vera Belle Major Bainville 26 Mich Melvin Major & Gene Hill          
BERGE, Anton see Berge, James T                    
BERGE, Anton see LaSalle                    
BERGE, Carl A       Glen Flore Wis 25 Iowa L K & Martha Berge 14-Sep-15 Plentywood Sheridan 552  
      Mabel Grotness Halstad Mn 18 Iowa Jens Grotness & Marie Sundolf          
BERGE, Gea Amy see LaSalle                    
BERGE, James T       Cormack Sask Can 24 Williston N D Anton Berge & Julia Kulset 10-Apr-29 Scobey Daniels 426  
      Della Agnes Moors Cormack Sask 22 ??? William J Moors & Agnes Cameron          
BERGE, Karen see Fristad, Albert                    
BERGE, L K & Martha see Berge                    
BERGE, Lena see Everson, Olavus                    
BERGE, Lena see Sanvik, Selmer                    
BERGE, Mons see Berge                    
BERGEN, Anna H see Nickel, Peter E                    
BERGEN, Claus K see Tang                    
BERGEN, Henry see Dalke, Ruben                    
BERGEN, L L see Bergen, Oscar A                    
BERGEN, Lena see Dalke, Ruben                    
BERGEN, Marie see Brathovde, Arnold M                    
BERGEN, Olive see Bergerbakken                    
BERGEN, Oscar A       Dooley 30 Mn L L Bergen & Alvina Sandman 21-Dec-16 Glasgow Valley 2026  
      Ora De Ette Anderson Dooley 27 N D A J Dunham & Ora K Barnhouse          
BERGEN, Sarah see Henderson                    
BERGEN, Sarah see Henderson                    
BERGENHAGEN, Sena see Stenslie, John Odin                    
BERGENHEIS, Adam see Bergenheis, Frank                    
BERGENHEIS, Frank       Richardton N D 21 Hungary Adam Bergenheis & Katherine Kierchenheider 10-Dec-23 Glendive Dawson 3064  
      Helen Gallagher Richardton N D 18 Glendive Chas Gallagher & Lottie Trauman          
BERGER, Carl       Daleview 26 N D Pete Berger & Bertha Wolhowe 3-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1039  
      Emily Knabe West Point Iowa     Fred Knabe & Elizabeth A Schoine          
BERGER, Elinor see O�Rourke, Louis                    
BERGER, Elizabeth see Horan, Maurice                    
BERGER, Elizabeth see Wetzstein, Carl R                    
BERGER, Elizabeth G see Greene, Dudley W                    
BERGER, Emma see Kludt, Waldemar                    
BERGER, Helen see Clausen, Bernard H                    
BERGER, Henry       Wolf Point 29 McHenry Cty N D Peter Berger & Bertha Walhowe 1-Jul-17 Wolf Point Sheridan 1064  
      Marie Purdy   29 Mn Albert Purdy & Sarah Katherine Vinson          
BERGER, Inga see Beckos, Roy Burdette                    
BERGER, John see O�Rourke, Louis                    
BERGER, John see Kludt, Waldemar                    
BERGER, Laura see Hall, Carl                    
BERGER, Lauritz       Froid 27 Norway Ole Olsen Berger & Olive Marie Julson 21-Apr-21 Poplar Roosivelt 233  
      Marie Jensen Froid 27 Denmark Christian Jensen & Katrin Anderson          
BERGER, Martin see Horan, Maurice                    
BERGER, Mary see Snow, F J                    
BERGER, Mary Wedell see Ferm, Edmund G                    
BERGER, Mose see Hall, Carl                    
BERGER, Ole O see Berger                    
BERGER, Ole Olsen see Berger, Lauritz                    
BERGER, Otto       Navajo 28 Norway Ole O Berger & Olava Mary Juelson 1-May-20 Scobey Sheridan 1650  
      Jessie Eliza-beth McEachern Navajo 24 Mn ??? & Mary McEachern          
BERGER, Pete see Berger                    
BERGER, Peter see Berger                    
BERGER, Peter C see Ferm, Edmund G                    
BERGER, Valentine see Haddy, John                    
BERGER, Valentine T see Ferm, Edmund G                    
BERGERBAKKEN, Edwin       Comertown 21 Rothsay Mn Ole Bergerbakken & Olive Bergen 26-Mar-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2520  
      Dollie Johnson Comertown 19 Dooley Angus Johnson & Bertha Floberg          
BERGERBAKKEN, L see Durkee                    
BERGERBAKKEN, Mildred see Durkee                    
BERGERBAKKEN, Ole see Bergerbakken                    
BERGERON, Agnes see Feeney                    
BERGERON, Alex see Bergeron                    
BERGERON, Theodore       Hanks N D 22 Mn Alex Bergeron & Emily Delorgie 29-Dec-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1237  
      Oka Smith Dagmar 18 Iowa Ed & Alice Smith          
BERGERSON, Bertha see Johnson                    
BERGERT, Mary (Gegg?) see Davis                    
BERGERUD, Alma see LeRoy, Clifford M                    
BERGERUD, M H see Bergerud, Tenny E                    
BERGERUD, Martin see LeRoy, Clifford M                    
BERGERUD, Tenny E       Killdeer N D 26 Wendell Mn M H Bergerud & Lizzie Dahlen 12-Jan-29 Wibaux Wibaux 662  
      Mildred Jirikovik Souris N D 18 Manitowoc Wis Joseph C Jirikovic & Mamie Georgenson?          
BERGESON, Ben see Bergeson                    
BERGESON, Berge see Winklebeck, Fredrick C                    
BERGESON, Bertha E see Winklebeck, Fredrick, C                    
BERGESON, Oscar       Westby 26 N D Ben Bergeson & Caroline Anderson 28-Dec-13 Westby Sheridan 155  
      Thone Hammer Westby 26 Mn Severt & Christine Hammer          
BERGET, Bertha see Granmoen, Peter                    
BERGET, Bertha see Minde, John                    
BERGET, Carl       Daleview 28 N D Pete Berget & Bertha Wolhowe 3-Jun-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1039  
      Emily Kvale West Point Iowa 24 Iowa Fred Kvale & Elizabeth Schoine          
BERGET, Lina O see Pederson, Oscar H                    
BERGET, Oliver O see Pederson, Oscar H                    
BERGET, Pete see Berget                    
BERGET?, Astrid see Kodalen, Evan E                    
BERGGRUM, Gus see Schooley, Reuben L                    
BERGH, Andrew see Bailey, James George                    
BERGH, Arthur G       Westby 25 Mn Michael O Bergh & Bertha Hagen 16-Mar-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1719  
      Emma M Ragstad Westby 17 Wis Evan Ragstad & Ingeborg Meyer          
BERGH, Bessie see Bailey, James George                    
BERGH, Elmer Morris       Westby 25 Crookston Mn M O & Mary O Bergh 29-Dec-16 Westby Sheridan 922  
      Esther Alvina Anderson Westby 18 Wis L W Anderson & Kirsten Marie Hansen          
BERGH, Elmer V       Redstone 31 Wis Olaf Bergh & Mary Lommen 14-Feb-14 Redstone Sheridan 177  
      Annie Paulson Welliver 17 S D Chris Paulson          
BERGH, Goodwin       Froid 29 Mn Ed Haagenson & Gunild Kleven 25-Nov-24 Dagmar Sheridan 2022  
      Dagny Elizabeth Jorgensen Dagmar 20 Wis Jorgen Jorgensen & Christina Olsen          
BERGH, M O & Mary O see Bergh                    
BERGH, Michael O see Bergh                    
BERGH, Olaf see Bergh                    
BERGIN, Marie see Brathovde, William O                    
BERGIVIN, Albert       Beach N D 54 Stanley Wis Nels Bergivin & Annie Teabo 2-Mar-22 Wibaux Wibaux 335  
      Irene Rundle Wibaux 23 Bloomer Wis William Oliver Rundle & Maggie Cora Hagelberger          
BERGIVIN, Nels see Bergivin, Albert                    
BERGLAND, Daniel see Bergland                    
BERGLAND, Kristen Marie ? see Hanson, Charles                    
BERGLAND, Marie see Grindland                    
BERGLAND, Mrs Julia (Berry?) see Hanson, Charles                    
BERGLAND, Walter       Dooley 21 Sweden Daniel Bergland & Karen Turnquist 27-May-22 Plentywood Sheridan 1802  
      Thelma Lester Dooley 18 Kansas Ervin Lester & Matilda Ellen Coburn          
BERGLOF, Anna see Innes, Alexander                    
BERGLUND, Andrew       Culbertson 52 Sweden Nels & Inga Olson 1-Jan-12 Culbertson Valley 972  
      Mary Norley Culbertson 47 Norway Fredrick Hansen & Mary Anderson          
BERGLUND, Andrew see Torkelson, Sivert                    
BERGLUND, Andrew & Christine Johanna see Lake, Victor J                    
BERGLUND, Anna see Wikholm, Carl L                    
BERGLUND, Anna E see Leibeck                    
BERGLUND, Daniel see Leibeck                    
BERGLUND, Ingebor see Torkelson, Sivert                    
BERGLUND, Johanna see Helgeby, Oscar                    
BERGLUND, Lena see Lake, Victor M                    
BERGMAN, Anna see Johnson, Ewald                    
BERGMAN, Kelly see Bergman                    
BERGMAN, Mary see Larsen, Martin Elling                    
BERGMAN, Valgein K       Mondak 25 N D Kelly Bergman & Geidny? Johnson 5-Sep-15 Mondak Sheridan 544  
      Lucille T Miller Buford N D 18 Ill Hal H Miller & Mary Bass          
BERGMANN, Anna see Peterson, Frank Emil                    
BERGMANN, Ford see Peterson, Frank Emil                    
BERGNER, Della see Wikholm, Carl L                    
BERGNER, Louis       West Firk 22 Ind Louis Bergner & Louise Dorneged? 21-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 711  
      Daisy M Watkins West Fork 22 N D James Holiday & Cora Hauser          
BERGQUIST, Anders see Bergquist, John G                    
BERGQUIST, Anna see Olerud                    
BERGQUIST, G see Samuelson, Gilbert                    
BERGQUIST, Jennie see Samuelson, Gilbert                    
BERGQUIST, Magnus       Redstone 32 Sweden Nels Bergquist & Carolina Sundin? 14-Apr-10 Glasgow Valley 610  
      Eline T A Lorentzen Redstone 37 Norway Christian Lorentsen & Mathende Johanson          
BERGQUIST, Nels see Bergquist, Magnus                    
BERGQUIST,, Axel, see Olerud                    
BERGREN, Charles see Bergren, Frank E                    
BERGREN, John       Harlem 27 Amery Wis Charles Bergren & Charlotte Anderson 20-Jan-16 Chinook Blaine 260  
      Lottie Gardner Harlem 19 Duluth Mn Alex Gardner & Ellen Devine          
BERGREN, Charles see Bergreb, John                    
BERGREN, Frank E       Harlem 28 Volga Wis Charles Bergren & Charlotte Anderson 19-Oct-15 Chinook Blaine 232  
      Helen Maude Gardner Harlem 23 Black River Falls Wis Alex Gardner & Ellen Devine          
BERGREN, Ida Marie see Knutson, Kenneth                    
BERGREN, Ida Marie see Olson, Walter Clarence                    
BERGRUD, Stengrim see Bergrud, Theodore                    
BERGRUD , Theodore       Spring Grove Mn 53 Spring Grove Stengrin Bergrud & Margaret Johnson 9-Dec-22 Glendive Dawson 2933  
      Johanna Ellingson Barrett Mn 52 Barrett Sever Ellingson & Ingeborg Bervik          
BERGSAGEL, Daniel see Bergsagel, Endre                    
BERGSAGEL, Endre       Malta 24 Norway Daniel Bergsagel & Enger Brevig 8-Aug-14 Glasgow Valley 1513  
      Gurina Undheim Malta 27 Norway Peder & Gurina Undheim          
BERGSETH, Clark Ruben       Bainville 23 Minneapolis Harvey Bergseth & Anna Petterson 24-Apr-11 Bainville Valley 824  
      Florida Amanda Lalonde Bainville 16 Crookston Mn Julian Lalonde & Mary Biladeau          
BERGSETH, Florida see Delaney, Lawrence                    
BERGSETH, Harvey see Bergseth, Clark Ruben                    
BERGSNIA, N see Bergsnia, Nick                    
BERGSNIA, Nick       Vandalia 29 Kans N Bergsnia & Emma Short 5-Jan-18 Vandalia Valley 2324  
      Emma Anderson Vandalia 25   John Anderson & Josephine Hulverson          
BERGSON, Anna see Pederson, Christian B                    
BERGSTAD, Anna see Fadness, Sivert                    
BERGSTAD, Joe see Fadness, Sivert                    
BERGSTAD, Tilda see Fadness, Sivert                    
BERGSTRAND, August C see Svendson, Alfred                    
BERGSTRAND, Omelia Albertina Elizabeth see Svendson , Alfred                    
BERGSTROM, C F see Chrisholm, Alexander F                    
BERGSTROM, E A       Been 32 French Lake Mn John Bergstrom & Carrie Larson 18-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2391  
      Josephine A Barnaby Wibaux 18 Canada Emil Barnaby & Hannah Solokoliski          
BERGSTROM, Einar M       Valley 29 Christeans? Norway Erick Bergstrom & Mary Olson 2-Nov-10 Culbertson Valley 728  
      Ida Lelrivik Culbertson 25 Finland Henrik Ehrickson & Sope Lillevig          
BERGSTROM, Ellen C see Wilson, Chas E                    
BERGSTROM, ElVera see Bond, Silas W                    
BERGSTROM, Erick see Bergstrom, Einar M                    
BERGSTROM, Georda see Grindeland                    
BERGSTROM, Gladys M (Kritz?) see Ballon, Wm                    
BERGSTROM, Hans Wilhelm       Froid 24 Norway John Bergstrom & Maria Olson 5-Jul-23 Culbertson Roosivelt 522  
      Phoebe Tunnison Froid 19 Wis Riley Tunnison & Rocksey Babcock          
BERGSTROM, John see Bergstrom, Hans Wilhelm                    
BERGSTROM, John see Bergstrom, E A                    
BERGSTROM, John see Grindeland                    
BERGSTROM, Mabel see Chrisholm, Alexander F                    
BERGSTROM, Signe see Linder, Raymond A                    
BERGSTROM, Swan see Wilson, Chas E                    
BERGSTROM, William see Bond, Silas W                    
BERGTOLL, Adam Louis       Opheim 31 Austin Mn Joseph Bergtoll & Anna Fleming 28-May-29 Glasgow Valley 3470  
      Mary Eva Machett Opheim 19 Sask Can George Matchett & Anna Hargent          
BERGTOLL, Alice see Whay, Ben                    
BERGTOLL, Belle see Honrud, Ludwig                    
BERGTOLL, Eunia? see Edwards, Graydon                    
BERGTOLL, Joseph see Honrud, Ludwig                    
BERGTOLL, Joseph see Whay, Ben                    
BERGTOLL, Joseph see Klatt, Edward Frank                    
BERGTOLL, Joseph see Bergtoll, Adam Louis                    
BERGTOLL, Joseph see Scott, Harry                    
BERGTOLL, Joseph see Edwards, Graydon                    
BERGTOLL, Josephine see Klatt, Edward Frank                    
BERGTOLL, Josephine (Logus?) see Scott, Harry                    
BERGUM, H S       Hanks N D 38 Norway Severin & Elen? Bergum 2-Dec-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1701  
      Carry Odegaard Westby 36 Norway Halvor Odegaard & Gertie Hansen          
BERGUM, Lena see Price                    
BERGUM, Severin & Elen? see Bergum                    
BERHAND, Matilda see Middelstad, Walter D                    
BERHART, Mary see Ahlen, John H                    
BERKE, Albert see Kneffer, Fred W                    
BERKE, Bertha see Stageberg                    
BERKE, Bertha see Stageberg                    
BERKE, Clara see Kneffer, Fred W                    
BERKEN, Lulu see Swenson, Sigward                    
BERKEN, Ole see Swenson, Sigward                    
BERKEWITZ, Francis see Bauer, Nicholas                    
BERKHEIMER, Emma see Feigel, Robert F                    
BERKLAND, Enoch see Berkland, Ludvig Oscar                    
BERKLAND, Ludvig Oscar       Conrad 43 Mn Enoch Berkland & Karen Larson 14-Feb-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 737  
      Blanche Green Napoleon Illinois 37 Ohio Benjamin Touner? & Marion Lemert?          
BERKLEY, John B see Oveson, Frank D                    
BERKLEY, Lydia see Kruger, Andrew                    
BERKLEY, Martin see Kruger, Andrew                    
BERKLEY, Mary see Kruger, Andrew                    
BERKLEY, Ruth D see Oveson, Frank D                    
BERKOW, Jennie see Anderson, Millard Truman                    
BERLANDI, Edward Bernard       Williston 29 St Paul Mn Frank Berlandi & Rose Mumby 17-Oct-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 819  
      Florence Valentine Johnson Cartwright N D 20 Morris Ill Ernest Johnson & Lena Manson          
BERLANDI, Frank see Berlandi, Edward Bernard                    
BERLINO, Frank see Vaira, Aldo                    
BERLINO, Polly see Vaira, Aldo                    
BERNARD, J Adelbert       Scobey 30 Quebec Can Peter Bernard & Arthemise Bedard 26-Dec-27 Scobey Daniels 357  
      Laura Doyon Scobey 32 Quebec Louis Doyon & Rose Aimee Mecotte          
BERNARD, Joe see Schoenig, Edwin F H                    
BERNARD, Mary see Anderson, Fred                    
BERNARD, Nada N see Hansen, Christ A                    
BERNARD, Peter see Bernard, J Adelbert                    
BERNARD, William see Hansen, Christ A                    
BERNAU, T A see Swertman, R H                    
BERNAUER, Joe L       Bismark N D 29 Mn William Bernauer & Louise Bahler 25-Aug-25 Glasgow Valley 2713  
      Susan Dudek Glasgow 22 Mn Thomas Dudek & Agatha Wiseshalle          
BERNAUER, William see Bernauer, Joe L                    
BERNELL, Elinore see Parent                    
BERNER, Albert T       Wolf Point 31 Illinois Charles Berner & Emma Smith 11-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2578  
      Ruth Fredrickson Wolf Point 37 Mich John Fredrickson & Sena Hanson          
BERNER, Charles see Berner, Albert T                    
BERNETT, Nellie see Lamb, Archie                    
BERNHARD, John see Bernhard                    
BERNHARD, Xennie       Froid 25 Iowa John Bernhard & Adeline Smith 10-Oct-16 Froid Sheridan 837  
      Agnes Mathis Froid 16 Ill Michael Mathis & Mary Roach          
BERNHARDT, Joseph       Wibaux 30 Hungary Joseph Bernhardt & Francesca Rice 9-Sep-13 Glendive Dawson 1321  
      Emily Boyle Wibaux 24 Royalston Mn William Boyle & Bertha Bacon          
BERNHARDT, Margaret see Hoff, Ralph                    
BERNHART, M see Trowbridge, Robert M                    
BERNHEISEL, Luther see Ireland, Chauncey                    
BERNHEISEL, Susie see Lowe, Marvin                    
BERNIER, Hermine see Delagrave                    
BERNIER, Jane see LaLonde, James A                    
BERNIER, Leda see Bouchard, Timothy                    
BERNIER, Lida see Fournier, Calixte                    
BERNOLT, Anna see Griffin, John F                    
BERNOLT, Charles & Mary see Griffin, John F                    
BERNORSDALE, Minnie see Wright, Joe                    
BERNS, Jack see Berns, Theophile                    
BERNS, Theophile       Oswego 45 Luxemburg Jack Burns & Mary Thill 2-Jan-26 Oswego Valley 3186  
      Celia Kwiecineka Oswego 37 Milwaukee Wis Andrew & Sophie Kwieceneka          
BERNSDORF,, , see Konig, Anton                    
BERNT, ??? see Blanchard, Milton                    
BERNTSON, Brnt Emil       Belfield N D 26 Belfield John Berntson & Karen Anderson 14-Feb-20 Glendive Dawson 2619  
      Lena Alsena Davidson Belfield 23 Rapid City S D Al Davidson & Martha Startson          
BERNTSON, John see Berntson, Brnt Emil                    
BERNTSON, Ole see Olsen, Bernt J                    
BERQUAM, Julia see Derrig, Frank H                    
BERQUIST, Augusta see Johnson, Oscar A                    
BERQUIST, Edna A see Johnson, Oscar A                    
BERQUIST, John G       Vandalia 32 Sweden Anders Berquist & Ellen Newman 21-May-11 Glasgow Valley 2124  
      Gr_? Lofgren Vandalia 30 Swe ???          
BERRA, Maggie see Cass                    
BERRAS, Magdalen see Hola                    
BERREAU, Louise see Spencer, Clarence Leonard                    
BERREAU, Louise see Walker, Glenn Wright                    
BERRES, John C       Glendive 26 Pontiatowski Wisc John Joseph Berres & Katherine Simones 28-May-27 Glendive Dawson 3455  
      Mary Keinrath Glendive 20 Hungary Martin Keinrath & Mary Englander          
BERRES, John Joseph see Berres, John C                    
BERRETH, Bertha see Hovden, Lars M                    
BERRETH, Hilda see Davis, Harvey                    
BERRETH, Phillip see Davis, Harvey                    
BERRETH, Phillip see Hovden, Lars M                    
BERRI, Anna see McNett, Olin Arthur                    
BERRIES, Mary Elizabeth see Brost, John                    
BERRINGER, Evelyn see Ryan, Michael J                    
BERRINGER, Hazel see Corfman, J A                    
BERRINGER, P F see Corfman, J A                    
BERRY, Martha see Dodge, Karl H                    
BERRY, A C see Klakken                    
BERRY, Alma see Johnston, George Edward                    
BERRY, Amanda see Dall, A                    
BERRY, Angelette see Newton, Samuel B G                    
BERRY, Anzeletta see Newton, Ralph Alton                    
BERRY, Beatrice Marie see McNary, Lee Clarence                    
BERRY, Bertie       Bonin 21 Murryville Ill Columbus Berry & Edna Lang 22-Jan-23 Glasgow Valley 2947  
      Blanche Cook Pattonhill 18 Garrison N D Charles Cook & Madeline Robertson          
BERRY, Columbus see Berry, Bertie                    
BERRY, Dee H       Mondak 24 Mo John Berry & Clara VanLaningham 11-Jul-17 Mondak Sheridan 1076  
      Ruth Wilson Mondak 19 Mt Mary Shields          
BERRY, Ethel see Vagg, Frank M                    
BERRY, Ethel M see Gardner, E G                    
BERRY, Francis see Marsh, R C                    
BERRY, H T see Berry, Simeon C                    
BERRY, Helen see Anderson                    
BERRY, James see Hillstad                    
BERRY, John see Soder, Joseph F                    
BERRY, John see Berry                    
BERRY, John H see Berry, Orville                    
BERRY, Kathleen M see Soder, Joseph F                    
BERRY, Lee Clarence see McNary, Lee Clarence                    
BERRY, Luella K see Gardner, E G                    
BERRY, Mary see Ross, Guy H                    
BERRY, Mary see Welton, William                    
BERRY, Mary see Kinney, John C                    
BERRY, Nancy see Larud, Charles J                    
BERRY, Orville C       Sidney 33 Kirksville Mo John H Berry & Clara VanLunningan 22-Oct-21 Culbertson Roosivelt 303  
      Maria Fabiola LaBerge Sidney 30 Grafton N D P V LaBerge & Mary Claudia Duchenes          
BERRY, Rebecca Francis see Little, James                    
BERRY, Rina see Munson, Len G                    
BERRY, Ruby see Gapen, Harley J                    
BERRY, Sarah see Newlon, J L                    
BERRY, Sarah E see Housley, Matthew F                    
BERRY, Sidney see Anderson Stanley                    
BERRY, Simeon C       Lion Cty Kan 65 Iowa H T Berry & M McCorter 2-Sep-25 Wibaux Wibaux 508  
      Mrs E V Hood Mt 62 Louisiana ??? & Mary Hunter          
BERRY, Velma E see Hillstad                    
BERRY, William see Vagg, Frank M                    
BERRY, William see Gapen, Harley J                    
BERSCHEID, Mrs Margaret G (Paro?) see Ward, George                    
BERSKIRK, Ralph       Redwater 26 Cass Cty Nebr Theodore Berskirk & Cora Goodman 23-Feb-15 Glendive Dawson 1676  
      Mary Etzel Redwater 24 Germany Carl Etzel & Caroline Forbach          
BERSKIRK, Theodore see Berskirk, Ralph                    
BERSLEY?, Salis? see Foy, Thomas M                    
BERSON, Helmer       Westby 21 Mn Henry Berson & Lena Noike? 24-Mar-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1497  
      Effie Sines Westby 21 Mn James Sines & Ella Anderson          
BERSON, Henry see Berson                    
BERSTAD, Ole C see Joy                    
BERSTAD, Oleanna see Joy                    
BERSTROM, Louise see Lansrud                    
BERTCH, Sarah see Bauer, Gotthard                    
BERTELSEN, Marius       Froid 21 Denmark Nels Bertelsen & Anna G Nelson 11-Nov-15 Froid Sheridan 586  
      Ingeborg H Christenson Froid 22 Denmark Chris-tian M Christenson & Henriette Hanson          
BERTELSEN, Nels see Bertelsen                    
BERTELSON, Adolph B       Antelope 21 Cottonwood Mn Engelbrit Bertelson & ??? 6-Mar-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1629  
      Ethel Tremble Antelope 22 Mn Charles W Tremble & Mary A Williams          
BERTELSON, B G       Opheim 31 Mn Inge-bret Bertelson & Mary Nelson 9-Jun-21 Antelope Sheridan 1730  
      Florence Irgens Opheim 39 Mn John Irgens & Emma Bjorklund          
BERTELSON, Dorothy see Nelson, Nels Louis                    
BERTELSON, Engebret see Grayson                    
BERTELSON, Engelbret see Bertelson                    
BERTELSON, Ingebriet see Bertelson B G                    
BERTELSON, Madgeline see Grayson                    
BERTELSON, Sophia see Fiskum                    
BERTENEAU, Henry see Whipple, Kenneth K                    
BERTENEAU, Olga see Whipple, Kenneth K                    
BERTHOLD, Elsie see Becker, Raymond B                    
BERTILSON, Annie see Haglund                    
BERTINI, Peter see Bertini, Rudolph                    
BERTINI, Rudolph       Turner 25 Barton Ohio Peter Bertini & Rosalie Mersing 21-Jun-26 Chinook Blaine 947  
      Esther Eaves Savoy 19 Chatfield Mn Thomas Eaves & Alice Dolan          
BERTINK, Frances see Petereon, Reuben Albert                    
BERTLESEN, Anna see Palmer, Sam L                    
BERTNICK, Antonia see Stukel, Edward F                    
BERTONNEAU, Aneta see Sunderhauf                    
BERTONNEAU, Henry see Sunderhauf                    
BERTRAND, Leocadie see Barnard, Lawrence                    
BERTRAND, Leocadie see Bauer, Charles                    
BERTSCH, Alexander John       Culbertson 24 Glasgow Fredrick C Bertsch & Agnes Miller 16-Sep-12 Culbertson Valley 1118  
      Katherine Sullivan Lanark 31 Blue Earth Mn Cornelius & Margaret Sullivan          
BERTSCH, Fredrick C see Bertsch, Alexander John                    
BERTZL, William see Brophy, John                    
BERVE, Gunild see Skiei, Hilbert O                    
BERVEN, Barbara see Agner, John                    
BERVEN, Elmer       Glendive 22 Hodges J K Berven & Belle Knutson 21-Aug-24 Wibaux Wibaux 449  
      Edna Grulske Glendive 18 Milwaukee Wis Fred Grulke & ???          
BERVEN, J K see Berven, Elmer                    
BERVEN, Jack       Glasgow 32 N D Ole Berven & Olina Fladebo 4-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 966  
      Alta Baker Glasgow 19 Mt John Baker & ???          
BERVEN, Jacob K see Berven, Kearney                    
BERVEN, Kearney       Wibaux 21 Illinois Jacob K Berven & Belle Knudson 30-Aug-10 Glendive Dawson 833  
      Florabelle Colton Wibaux 22 Hennepin Cty Mn Russell Jonathan Colton & Nettie L Jordan          
BERVEN, Knute O       Allard 26 Nor Knute O Berven & Christine Ystenes 24-Nov-1897 Glendive Dawson 164  
      Barbara Jacobson Allard 26 Norway ??? & Milna Olson          
BERVEN, Knute O       Hodges 34 Norway Knute O Berven & Christi Jacobson 25-Oct-06 Glendive Dawson 398  
      Aagot Lunde Glendive 24 Norway Theodore & Dorthea Lunde          
BERVEN, Ole see Berven, Jack                    
BERVER, Joseph see Jones, John Joseph                    
BERVER, Marie Juanita see Jones, John Joseph                    
BERVICK, Ingeborg see Bergrud, Theodore                    
BERVIK, Johannes see Bervik                    
BERVIK, Sven       Westby 34 Norway Johan Bervik & Christine Eide 23-Mar-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2156  
      Brita Ekness Westby 24 Norway Bjorge & Sevelina Ekness          
BERWICK, Benhart C see Berwick, Leonard Freeman                    
BERWICK, Leonard Freeman       Bainville 22 McVille N D Benhart C Berwick & Annie Sviningson 6-Jun-25 Scobey Daniels 210  
      Mable Lorraine Motschenbacher Scobey 19 Moorehead Mn Andrew Motschenbacher & ???          
BERZINSKI, Frances see Biom, Joe                    
BESANT, Ellen see Glover, Edward Gershon                    
BESHAAR, Hannah see Fry                    
BESIER, Rosalie see Lafrenier, Eli                    
BESKE?, Bertha see Stageberg                    
BESR, J Van see Best, Joseph                    
BESSIE, Henrietta see Sunderhauf, George D                    
BESSIE, Henrietta see Sunderhauf                    
BEST, Alberta see Prizeman                    
BEST, Alice J see Sharp, Toot                    
BEST, Edith L see Beaver                    
BEST, Elizabeth G see Browning, E G                    
BEST, Elizabeth Violet see Browning, James Glen                    
BEST, F M see Best                    
BEST, Frank       Minot 48 Ind F M Best & Jane Osborne 20-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1084  
      Sadie Spear Fortuna 49 Penn Wilson Artinan & Martha Richard          
BEST, Joseph       Phillips 21 Wis   25-Sep-15 Malta Phillips 53  
      Elfrida Lyden Phillips 21 Mn            
BEST, Stanley S see Raleigh, James G                    
BEST, Tressie Bertha see Stanley, James G                    
BEST, Van       Phillips 29 Wis   20-Jun-16   Phillips 111  
      Nellie Stub-blefield Phillips 22 Mn            
BEST, W G see Browning, E G                    
BESTE, Mary see Schmitz, Leo M                    
BESTON, Elsie see Brien                    
BESTRAM, Amanda see Newell                    
BESTUL, Andrew see Kittleson, Oscar S                    
BESTUL, Mabel see Will, William H                    
BESTUL, Marie see Kittleson, Oscar S                    
BESTUL, Peter see Will, William H                    
BESYE, Sara see Bicknese, Emil G                    
BETHEL, Blanch see Wilson                    
BETHEL, Edward V       Saco 48 Ind James W Bethel & Tillitha Lowe 30-Aug-22 Chinook Blaine 719  
      Ollie Belle McKeage Saco 24 Paducah Ken John McKeage & Ollie Bell Bumpos          
BETHEL, James W see Bethel, Edward V                    
BETHKE, Fred see Sterback, John                    
BETHKE, Mabel see Sterback, John                    
BETHKE, Minnie see Elliot, John Sherman                    
BETHUNE, McBride       Phillips 23 Ark   7-Mar-17   Phillips 184  
      Josephine Murray Phillips 19 Mt            
BETHWIL?, Ada see Anderson, Russell William                    
BETHWITH, Emily see Babb                    
BETKE, Ella see DeSilva                    
BETKE, Frank see DeSilva                    
BETOR, Victoria see Kelly, Herbert J                    
BETRIGE, Karolyne see Watterson, Albert                    
BETS HIS MEDICINE, David       Poplar 20 Poplar Hawky & Good Night Dog 26-Nov-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1258  
      Lucille War Club Poplar 18 Poplar Robert War Club & Louise Rattling Thunder          
BETSINGER, Herbert       Miles City 21 Austin Mn Ward Betsinger & Minnie Jarvis 16-Aug-29 Glendive Dawson 3762  
      Ann Jung Dickinson N D 19 Dickinson John Jung & Madeline Thoma          
BETSINGER, Ward see Betsinger, Herbert                    
BETTEY, Bert see Bettey                    
BETTEY, Burt A       Sidney 27 Walker Iowa John H Betty & Emma Robbins 18-Jul-1897 Sidney Dawson 154  
      Della Andercvek Sidney 22 Farley Iowa Amos Andercvek & Myra Lune          
BETTEY, Jane E see Kemmis, Orra J                    
BETTEY, Jane E see Goings, William E                    
BETTEY, John H see Bettey, Burt A                    
BETTEY, Leon       Sidney 44 Sidney Bert Bettey & ??? Sandercock 26-May-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2061  
      Josephine Miller Westby 26 Ill William J Miller & Anna Drall