Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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Andriash to Azure

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
ANDRIASH, James see Andriash, John                    
ANDRIASH, John       Balfour N D 30 Aust-ria James Andriash & Mary Koyachak 4-Feb-23 Wolf Point Roosivelt 469  
      Dokia Rychkum Sand Creek 17 Canada Matt Rychkum & Sophia Kwasny          
ANDRING, Henry see Andring                    
ANDRING, Robert       Med� Lake 25 Bird Island Mn Henry Andring & Lena Mauer 22-Jan-32 Medicine Lake Sheridan 2644  
      Ella Wessner Med� Lake 21 Garrison N D George Wessner & Regina Birkholz          
ANDRIS, Ida see Hoffman, Henry J                    
ANDRISON, Hansine see Lundquist                    
ANDRUS, Frank see Tyrell, Oscar                    
ANDRUS, Julia see Severson, Steward Cornelius                    
ANDRUS, Katherine see Radhmayer, Heronimus                    
ANDRUS, Ruth see Tyrell, Oscar                    
ANDRYSACH, George       Flaxville 28 Austria Mike Andrysach & Rosie Zimmick 30-Oct-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1169  
      Mary Hatry Flaxville 25 Luxemburg John Hatry & Elizabeth Colback          
ANDRYSACH, Mike see Andrysach                    
ANELL, Elizabeth see Hill, John                    
ANERSON, Albert       Froid 20 Mo Joseph Anerson & Grace Young 21-Jun-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1463  
      Martha Ruth Grosurth Froid 23 Minot N D Oliver Cartmell & Nancy Campbell          
ANERSON, Joseph see Anerson, Albert                    
ANFEN, Marten see Marten, Anfen                    
ANFINSON, Martin see Martin, Gunder                    
ANGE, Constant see Ange, Eugene T                    
ANGE, Eugene see Ange, Joseph Armond                    
ANGE, Eugene T       Sidney 24 Minneapolis Mn Constance Ange & Salina S DeBellville 12-Jan-09 Gossett Dawson 658  
      Rachel D Blanchard Sidney 19 Becker Mn Alfred E Blanchard & Sarah T Heminger          
ANGE, Joseph Armond       Glendive 30 St Paul Mn Eugene Ange & Joseph? Labbey 23-Jan-23 Glendive Dawson 2950  
      Marie P Mulcahy Glendive 25 Lane Idaho Daniel Mulcahy & Martha Lamb          
ANGE (AUGE?), Elizabeth Martineau see Jeanette N J                    
ANGE (AUGE?), Joseph see Jeanette, N J                    
ANGEL, Angela see Keller, Edward A                    
ANGEL, Anna see Dinius, Peter R                    
ANGEL, Rose see Gress, John M                    
ANGELBACK, Sophia see Smith                    
ANGELMYER, Edward S see Angelmyer, Edwin H                    
ANGELMYER, Edwin H       Enid 23 Joplin Mo Edward S Anglemyer & Lucy Fisher 13-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1498  
      Iva Davidson Jordan 21 Ottawa Kans H V Davidson & F Alice Kinsey          
ANGELSHAUG, Andrew see Bakken                    
ANGELSHAUG, Andrew M see Waller                    
ANGELSHAUG, Clara see Waller                    
ANGELSHAUG, Louise see Bakken                    
ANGELSON, Lauritz see Lauritson, Albinus M                    
ANGELUCCI, John see Campagne, Mike                    
ANGELUCCI, Rosina see Campagna, Mike                    
ANGIER, George S see Angier, Herman                    
ANGIER, Herman       Storm Lake Iowa 25 Schaller Iowa George S Angier & Anna Junkermier 21-Aug-29 Glasgow Valley 3495  
      Ruth Hagen Glasgow 19 Glasgow J J Hagen & Adelle Rennes          
ANGIR, Emmie see Staples, Daniel T                    
ANGLER, Amalia see Schuler                    
ANGLICO, Mary see Silvestri, Pete                    
ANGLIN, James P       Chicago 47 Chicago John T Anglin & Bridget E O�Brien 14-Oct-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2491  
      Eva M Serles Comertown 54 Grand Ledge Mich John Fowler & Mary Ann Blodgett          
ANGLIN, John T see Anglin                    
ANGLISS, Ethel May see Horst, John C                    
ANGLISS, Frederick see Horst, John C                    
ANGUS, John see Angus, William Emerson                    
ANGUS, William Emerson       Flaxville 37 Iowa John Angus & Anna Russell 27-Mar-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 877  
      Francis Maud Otto Flaxville 21 Mn Emil Otto & Anna R Baker          
ANGVICK, Carl       Med�Lake 24 Rockdale Wis Ole Angvick & Connie Kanutson 28-Sep-09 Glasgow Valley 513  
      Nellie Cody   23 Michigan Michael Cody & Margaret Whalen          
ANGVICK, Carl see Salsman                    
ANGVICK, Carl O       Med� Lake 48 Rockdale Wis Ole Angvick & Karen Knutson 14-Oct-32 Plentywood Sheridan 2692  
      Vera Hunt Greely Colo 28 Wisc Ole Vincen-sen & Daisey Walker          
ANGVICK, Margaret see Salsman                    
ANGVICK, Ole see Angvick, Carl                    
ANGVICK, Ole see Angvick                    
ANGVIK, Mathilde see Williams                    
ANGVIK, Ole Larsen see Williams                    
ANHALT, Alpha see Mitchell                    
ANHALT, Ernest see Anhalt                    
ANHALT, Fred       Westby 21 Mn Ernest Anhalt & Mary Faath 31-May-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1034  
      Cresence? Borchert Westby 21 Mn Max Borchert & Lucille Attacks          
ANHALT, William see Mitchell                    
ANHOLT, Emil see Anholt                    
ANHOLT, Emil see Anholt                    
ANHOLT, Lawrence       Raymond 26 Mn Emil Anholt & Marie Footh 10-Nov-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2124  
      Dorothy Dubry Ray-mond 18 N D David Dubry & Alberta McCaller          
ANHOLT, Walter C       Raymond 24 Mn Emil Anholt & Marie Footh 5-Jan-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2142  
      Clara Fraley Raymond 18 N D Henry Fraley & Kissy Jones          
ANIMAL, see Attacks                    
ANKER, Christian see Anker                    
ANKER, John W       Outlook 44 Nebr Chris-tian Anker & Karen Nielsen 18-Jun-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1529  
      Mina J Boe Outlook 38 Mn Amund Boe & Margit Ringstad          
ANKER, Sarah see Gluyas, Richard J                    
ANKERMAN, Alma see Francis, Preston L                    
ANKERMAN, C F see Ankerman                    
ANKERMAN, Chas F see Francis, Preston L                    
ANKERMAN, Katherine see Dickman                    
ANKERMAN, Vern W       P�wood 22 Iowa C F Ankerman & Elizabeth Leonard 8-Mar-15 Plentywood Sheridan 448  
      Polly Tammen P�wood 21 Iowa Rev R Tammen & Tatie Johnson          
ANKLAM, Charles see Graham, Homer G                    
ANKLAM, Fred William       Circle 32 Fall Creek Wisc Fred William Anklam & Emelga Schulz 28-Dec-18 Glendive Dawson 2472  
      Elsie Schulz Fall Creek 25 Fall Creek Gustalf Schulz & Carlion Stulp          
ANKLAM, Laura see Graham, Homer G                    
ANKRUM, Annie see Mallow, Ed                    
ANNA, see Lambert, Wilfred                    
ANNA, see No Breast                    
ANNALL, Kathleen see Mackenzie                    
ANNENSON, Sophia see Jones, Gerald Henry                    
ANNESS, Clara see Burnham, Raish                    
ANNIATE?, Julia see Moran                    
ANNIS, Martha see Pomarleau                    
ANNONSON, Alva see Gangstad                    
ANNONSON, Hilda see Gangstad                    
ANRAM, Pheobe see Wolfe, Ira C                    
ANSETH, Aldrich see McEachern                    
ANSETH, Alice see McEachern                    
ANSETH, Martin see Thompson, Elbert Estle                    
ANSETH, Stella see Thompson, Elbert Estle                    
ANSON, Genavra see Cline, Everett                    
ANSON, Marion see Freed, George E                    
ANSON, Oscar see Freed, George E                    
ANSPAUGER, Charlot see Braddock, Homer B                    
ANSTENSEN, Asborg see Stensland, Elias                    
ANSTENSEN (ANTONSON?), Clara see Lien, Edward                    
ANTELLE, Yortis see Durocher, Hilari                    
ANTH, see Auth                    
ANTHONY, Alice see Knox, David Frank                    
ANTHONY, Amanda see Reeser, William                    
ANTHONY, Charles W see Lawson, Hubert W                    
ANTHONY, Charlotte see Hayes, George Anthony                    
ANTHONY, Charlotte see Brickert, Charles George                    
ANTHONY, Luella B see Lawson, Hubert W                    
ANTHONY, Margaret see Richardson, Charles H                    
ANTON, Rosie see Koch, Matt                    
ANTONE, Bertha see Woods, James F                    
ANTONIADES, Nick       Williston 33 Macedonia Nick Antoniades & Agnas Nassen 21-Apr-25 Glasgow Valley 3127  
      Selma Broussard Butte 22 ??? Asiff & Annie Broussard          
ANTONSEN, Christina see Barreth                    
ANTONSEN, David       Dagmar 30 Denmark John Antonsen & Daugherty Davidsen 29-Oct-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1759  
      Ruth Blair Superior Wis 19 Wis Louis Blair & Margaret McPhee          
ANTONSEN, John see Antonsen                    
ANTONSON, Bela see Brown, Jesse                    
ANTONSON, Matt see Brown, Jesse                    
ANTRIUM, John       First Creek 36 Iowa   2-Jan-26   Phillips 867  
      Lola Collier Lowrance 22 Wisc            
ANTROBUS, Rome       Poplar 26 Indiana Spencer Antrobus & Elizabeth Johnson 12-Nov-17 Glasgow Valley 2276  
      Pearl French Poplar 20 Ind Charlie French & Clara Thompson          
ANTROBUS, Spencer see Antrobus, Rome                    
ANTROM, William see McLuen, Ward O                    
ANVICK, Amund see Anvick, Charley                    
ANVICK, Charley       Fairview 29 Stavanger Norway Amund Anvick & Guro Drengstid 20-Dec-13 Sidney Dawson 1365  
      Jennie Christensen Fairview 28 Denmark Nils Christensen & Dorothea Jensen          
ANWEILER, Dorthy see Scott                    
ANWEILER, Jacob see Martell                    
ANWEILER, Jacob see Scott                    
ANWEILER, Laura see Martell                    
APP, Crist       Marsh 47 Russia Dan App & Pfalena Metz 13-Jan-29 Marsh Dawson 3685  
      Barbara Bole Plevna 55 Russia Jacob Metz & Karoline Oman          
APP, Dan see App, Crist                    
APP, Daniel see Gaub, Christian                    
APP, Daniel see Strobel, Ludwig                    
APP, Emma see Strobel, Ludwig                    
APP, Lydia see Gaub, Christian                    
APPEGARD, Jennie see Petersen, Syvern                    
APPEL, John       Beulah N D 40 Russia L Appel & Mary Koch 18-Jan-18 Glendive Dawson 2329  
      Louisa Boerger Beulah N D 22 Russia Robert Nester & Rosie Berg          
APPEL, L see Appel, John                    
APPELBY, Irene see Bell, William A                    
APPELGREN, Agnes Christina see Sether, Martin                    
APPELGREN, Alma Amanda see Gess, Julius                    
APPELGREN, Christine see Larsen                    
APPELGREN, Daisy see Bennett, Thomas Harold                    
APPELGREN, Ellen V see Peterson                    
APPELGREN, Gust see Peterson                    
APPELGREN, Gustaf S see Appelgren, John Helmer                    
APPELGREN, Gustav S see Sethre, Martin                    
APPELGREN, Gustav S see Gess, Julius                    
APPELGREN, John Helmer       Wolf Point 30 Mn Gustaf S Appelgren & Amanda C Set-terman 11-Nov-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 187  
      Nettie B Nelson Wolf Point 26 Mn Peter Nelson & Christine Hallberg          
APPERSON, Capt James R see Foster, Lee R                    
APPERSON, Jenette see Hansen, Elmer                    
APPERTON, Jennie see Simons, Harry Sidney                    
APPLEBY, Lydia Irene see Bell, Walter Holland                    
APPLEBY, Lydia Irene see Middleton, Donald R                    
APPLEGATE, Anna F(Taylor?) see Hoff, Joseph A                    
APPLEGATE, John see Gopen, George W                    
APPLEGATE, Mary Ann see Lining, John F                    
APPLELGREEN, Daisy A see Whiteside, Thomas                    
APSEL, Carl see VonKuster, Fredrick E                    
APSEL, Lena see VonKuster, Fredrick E                    
ARBOGAST, Chester       Harlem 28 Brooklyn N Y John C Arbogast & Amelia Goepel 1-Jan-21 Harlem Blaine 657  
      Mabel M Murray Harlem 23 Harlem Robert F Murray & Mabel Brockway          
ARBOGAST, John C see Arbogast, Chester                    
ARBOGAST, Lora see Swanson, Fred G                    
ARBOGAST, Rudolphus D see Arbogast, William D                    
ARBOGAST, Rudolphus George see Swanson, Fred G                    
ARBOGAST, William D       Glendive 28 Dalton Kansas Rudolphus D Arbogast & Ida Livingston 2-Sep-12 Glendive Dawson 1134  
      Golda Wreathel Sausoman Wibaux 18 ??? ???          
ARBUCKLE, Fremont Benton       Froid 23 Forest City Iowa Jessie Fremont Benton Arbuckle & Anna Fisher 2-Nov-12 Froid Valley 1141  
      Marie Knutson Froid 19 Grafton N D Ed Knutson & Sarah Kittleson          
ARBUCKLE, Hannah see Sipple, J F                    
ARBUCKLE, Jesse Fremont Benton see Arbuckle, Freemont Benton                    
ARBUCKLE, Virginia see Roberts, Joe                    
ARCAND, Esther V see Vohs                    
ARCAND, Lucien see Vohs                    
ARCEINIEGA, Eduardo G       Malta 38 Chinahua? Mexico John Arceiniega & Martinea Biuon? 18-Jul-11 Glasgow Valley 874  
      Caroline Emoly Malta 18 Malta Louis Emoly & Mathilde Liverjure          
ARCEINIEGA, John see Arceiniega, Eduardo G                    
ARCHAMBAULT, Annie see Johnson, Marion                    
ARCHAMBAULT, H A see Archambault, Sam                    
ARCHAMBAULT, Needdy see Archambault, Victor                    
ARCHAMBAULT, Sam       Hayes 47 Ft Yates N D HA Archambault & Mary Little 10-Aug-16 Hays Blaine 295  
      Molly Cochran Hays 18 Hays W D Cochran & Elizabeth Skinner          
ARCHAMBAULT, Victor G       Glasgow 26 Wis Needdy? Archambault & Julia Lingyear? 24-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1482  
      Mabel Johnson Glasgow 18 Dillon William H Johnson & Mary Hoffman          
ARCHAMBEAU, Adeline see Garfield, James                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Anna see Martin, Lee Roy                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Annie see Escerga, Charles                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Annie see Martin, Charles                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Balissa see Archambeau, Lizziam                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Baptiste see Archambeau                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Battice? (Baptiste?) see Jackson, Stonewall Sr                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Clarinda see L�Arrivee, Alfred                    
ARCHAMBEAU, David       Poplar 23 S D Baptiste Archambeau & Mellie Martin 26-Jul-14 Poplar Sheridan 283  
      Jeanette Buckles Poplar 19 Mt Eagle & Four Cloud          
ARCHAMBEAU, Ethel see Jackson, Stonewall Sr                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Jeanette see Fontaine, Peter                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Lizziam       Frazer 23 S D Balissa Archambeau & Millie Martin 7-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2221  
      Nellie Ohlerking Harlem 19 Ft Belknap Charles Ohlerking & Bessie Horseman          
ARCHAMBEAU, Lizzie see Garfield, James                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Sophia see Knorr, William(#2)                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Sophia see Keiser, Wilber Fred                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Sophia see Connor, George Jr                    
ARCHAMBEAU, Sophia see GrandChamp, Nelson                    
ARCHDALE, Christina see Knight, William B                    
ARCHDALE, Christine see Knight, Frank W                    
ARCHDALE, Helen see Murphy                    
ARCHDALE, Henry see Archdale, James                    
ARCHDALE, Henry see Flynn, Thomas                    
ARCHDALE, Henry & Sioux see Archdale, Henry Sr                    
ARCHDALE, Henry & Susan see Davis, Charles                    
ARCHDALE, Henry & Susan Christina see Knight, William B                    
ARCHDALE, Henry Sr       Frazer 64 ??? Henry & Sioux Archdale 21-Apr-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1020  
      Nellie Jack Frazer 41 Mt Colonel English & Plenty Trail          
ARCHDALE, James       Oswego 24 Wolf Point Henry Archdale & Pipe 15-Nov-12 Oswego Valley 1143  
      Rose Fighter Oswego 23 Frazer Fighter & Comes Out          
ARCHDALE, Josephine see Flynn, Thomas                    
ARCHDALE, Lucy see Chasing Hawk                    
ARCHELLE, J L see Champagne, Robert Ray                    
ARCHER, Bazel see Archer, John                    
ARCHER, C E see Woody, Spencer C                    
ARCHER, Daisy see Varner, Halbert Lee                    
ARCHER, Daisy see Egnew, Herbert R                    
ARCHER, Daisy see Laswell, Charles E                    
ARCHER, Edda see Baird, Monta                    
ARCHER, Emma see Sommers, Edward L                    
ARCHER, Emma E see Jones, Ralph H                    
ARCHER, Frank see Rigdon, James A                    
ARCHER, John       Menominee Wisc 24 Wisc Bazel Archer & Mary Morse 20-Jun-00 Glendive Dawson 204  
      Cora Puffer Glendive 16 Sturgeon Bay Wis Luther Puffer & Charlotte Thayer          
ARCHER, Julia see Parker, George W                    
ARCHER, Marie see Rigdon, James A                    
ARCHER, Mary Juliet see Langemo, Theodore                    
ARCHER, Mary Juliette see Enquist, Charles Harry                    
ARCHER, Vera see Woody, Spencer C                    
ARCHIBALD, Eugene Leslie       Richland 25 Mn Herbert Archibald & Clara Underhill 29-Aug-17 Glasgow Valley 2210  
      Philomenia Varsmich? Richland 27 Mn Jacob Leonard Varsmich & Huber? Diane VanAllforst?          
ARCHIBALD, Gilbert see Wilkins, William P                    
ARCHIBALD, Helen Davidson see Wilkins, William P                    
ARCHIBALD, Herbert see Archibald, Leslie                    
ARCHIBALD, Herbert see O�Connell                    
ARCHIBALD, Katherine W see O�Connell                    
ARCHIBALD, Sarah Ann (Morrow) see Crawford                    
ARCHUELTA, Mary see Garcia, Antonio S                    
ARDAHL, Alakias see Larson, John A                    
ARDAHL, Ingeborg Christine see Larson, John A                    
AREBDS, Toddo see Brimm, George                    
AREN, Velga see Farestad                    
ARENDS, Elbert see Arends, John                    
ARENDS, Gunster       Watford City N D 27 Holland Teddo Arends & Arenty Bruins 26-Aug-27 Glendive Dawson 3481  
      Aagot Kjos Killdeer N D 20 Norway Anders Kjos & Randi Eid          
ARENDS, Harvey H       Culbertson 26 Marion S D John Arends & Telie Ebaling 7-May-14 Culbertson Sheridan 225  
      Mary Goodwin Culbertson 24 Iowa City Ia David Goodwin & Mary Newcomb          
ARENDS, John       Culbertson 62 Germany Elbert Arends & Falne Leandros? 4-Apr-13 Glasgow Valley 1279  
      Melissa G Fishback Culbertson 55 Iowa A J Patterson & Sarah A DeFrance          
ARENDS, John see Arends                    
ARENDS, Mattie see Brimm, George                    
ARENDS, Teddo see Arends, Gunster                    
ARENDSEN, H see Arendsen, Wm                    
ARENDSEN, Wm       Glasgow 22 Michagan H Arendsen & Gertrude D Fell 2-Jul-10 Glasgow Valley 661  
      Amelia G Agnor Glasgow 18 Clio Mich Edward Agnor & Nora Davenport          
ARENSTON, see Arnston                    
ARENSTON, Christ see Arenston, Halvor                    
ARENSTON, Halvor       Lambert 31 Spring Grove Mn Christ Arneston & Mathea Solberg 28-Nov-17 Glendive Dawson 2300  
      Mary Elaine Wyatt Lambert 22 Parkersburg West Virginia Charles V Wyatt & Elizabeth Bates          
ARESTAD, Ingeborg see Arness, Karston K                    
ARFSTROM, Anna see Peterson                    
ARGANBRIGHT, M E see Williamson, John A                    
ARGANBRIGHT, Rose L see Williamson, John E                    
ARGENBRIGHT, Hazel E see Chaffee, Allen C                    
ARGENBRIGHT, M E see Chaffee, Allan C                    
ARGNA?, Mary Ann see Heren, Mark A                    
ARGO, Katherine see Olsen                    
ARGUE, Mary Ann see Washington, Stephen J                    
ARGUE?, Mary see Parrot, Frank A                    
ARING, Henrietta see Bane, W A                    
ARION, Joseph see Arion, Walter C                    
ARION, Walter C       Flaxville 24 Flora Ind Joseph Arion & Anna Tyler 23-Nov-25 Scobey Daniels 231  
      Laraine Linder Flaxville 17 Flaxville Frank Linder & Celia Ubelackar          
ARISS, Thomas see Dennison, John C                    
ARISTAD, Agnes see Quanbeck                    
ARISTAD, J A see Quanbeck                    
ARKA, John see Marshall, James                    
ARKA, Louisa see Marshall, James                    
ARKET, Cora see Vanderhoef, Worth J                    
ARKLAND, Andrew see Harn, William                    
ARKLAND, Bertha see Harn, William                    
ARKLE, John see Arkle, Percy                    
ARKLE, Percy       Chinook 42 England John Arkle & ??? 22-Jul-24 Chinook Blaine 824  
      Christina R McLaren Lohman 40 Scotland Peter & Christina McLaren          
ARKSEY, Robert W       Assiniboia Sask Can 27 Hartley Ont Can William Arksey & Anna Jane Wells 2-Oct-29 Scobey Daniels 453  
      Isabella C Hogg Hardy Sask 16 Mortlich Sask Harry Hogg & Julie Anna Woolton          
ARKSEY, William see Arksey, Robert W                    
ARLAND, Blanch see Kromie, Amel                    
ARM, Necklace see Cushing, Thomas                    
ARMANDSON, Kettle see Kettleson, Armand                    
ARMBERG, Ida see O�Bryan, Thomas F                    
ARMBRUST, Anton see Schildt, Jacob                    
ARMENT, Meda see Kerst, Clarence                    
ARMENT, William see Kerst, Clarence                    
ARMENTROUT, Katie see Messmer, Ralph                    
ARMINGTON, Hattie L (Halstad?) see Setz, William                    
ARMINGTON, John L see Armington, William                    
ARMINGTON, John R       Leedy 24 Mt   24-Oct-28   Phillips 1066  
      Alma C Grimsley Sun Prairie 21 Arkansas //            
ARMINGTON, William       Leedy 27 Marshall Mn John L Armington & Hattie L Halstead 15-Dec-19 Hazny Garfield 19  
      Hannah Gallinger Leedy 18 Midland Custer Cty Nelson Gallinger & Ellen McMoran          
ARMISTON, Clara C see Bruce, Norman W                    
ARMITAGE, Eugene       Belfield N D 21 Burt N D F E Armitage & Emma Corth 28-Oct-29 Wibaux Wibaux 709  
      Irene Strauch Belfield 19 Belfield Louis F Strauch & Sophie Wettergren          
ARMITAGE, F E see Armitage, Eugene                    
ARMS, Anne see Mule, Jack                    
ARMS, Charles see Running Crow, Jake                    
ARMS, Charles see Mule, Jack                    
ARMS, Charles       St Pauls 44 Near Chinook Crooked Arm & Short Woman 6-Aug-21 St Pauls Mission Blaine 682  
      Martha Dwarf Hays 19 near Hays Frank Dwarf & Light Hair          
ARMS, Charles see Lodge, Fred V                    
ARMS, Charles       Hays 51 Ft Belknap Crooked Arms & Short Woman 31-Oct-28 St Pauls Mission Blaine 1081  
      Mrs Bessie Cochran Hays 35 St Peters Edward Goins & Emily Monroe          
ARMS, Lillian see Running Crow, Jake                    
ARMSDORF, Joseph       Froid 37 Mn William Armsdorf & Catherine Clasies 30-Jul-14 Glasgow Valley 1516  
      Julia Killingstead ??? 39 Springville Mn Hans Killingstad & Inga Ellinsbraten          
ARMSDORF, William see Armsdorf, Joseph                    
ARMSTRONG, Adelia see Bacon, C H                    
ARMSTRONG, Aden & Amelia see Armstrong, Comer E                    
ARMSTRONG, Alice see Hay, Clarence Osborn                    
ARMSTRONG, Alice see Washington, Stephen J                    
ARMSTRONG, Amelia see Davis Herchel                    
ARMSTRONG, Angel see Hamilton, Harvey                    
ARMSTRONG, Annie A see Kuhr, Henry H                    
ARMSTRONG, Bun see Hamilton, Harvey                    
ARMSTRONG, C L see Armstrong, Fred                    
ARMSTRONG, C L       Baeth 52 Canada Thomas Armstrong & Charlotte Bakeny 4-Jul-05 Malta Valley ?  
      Mrs William Goggins Baeth 45 Ontario ??? White & ??? Lang          
ARMSTRONG, Charles E see Armstrong, Charles L                    
ARMSTRONG, Charles L see Armstrong, George W                    
ARMSTRONG, Charlie E       Malta 28 Minneapolis Mn Charles L Armstrong & Annie Phillips 4-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley 1468  
      Hazel M Raymond Malta 19 Mn Ira Raymond & Edla Baker          
ARMSTRONG, Comer see Murray, John                    
ARMSTRONG, Comer C see Davis, Herchel                    
ARMSTRONG, Comer E       Ft Peck Agency 26 Lincoln Nebr Aden L & Amelia Armstrong 21-Feb-1891 Ft Peck Dawson 46  
      Josephine Lambert Ft Peck 15 Ft Peck Edward & Florence Lambert          
ARMSTRONG, Conner see Cook                    
ARMSTRONG, Cormer C? see Stanford                    
ARMSTRONG, D H see Hunemeier, Richard                    
ARMSTRONG, Edith see Churchill, Ross                    
ARMSTRONG, Edith see Churchill, William R                    
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth see Freeman, Charles B                    
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth Kennedy see Wright, Charles M                    
ARMSTRONG, Elva see Frazier, Kenneth                    
ARMSTRONG, Elva see Brugnier, Thomas Anthony                    
ARMSTRONG, Elva see Albert, Ralph Elonzo                    
ARMSTRONG, Emily see Corbett, Edward                    
ARMSTRONG, Ernest see Armstrong, Lynn M                    
ARMSTRONG, Ethel see DaSilva Harry                    
ARMSTRONG, Ethel see DeSilva                    
ARMSTRONG, Frances see Hunemeier, Richard                    
ARMSTRONG, Frank       Sun Prairie 21 Lakewood Mo J Armstrong & Anna Carter 13-Oct-14 Malta Valley 1564  
      Lantie Heiser Sun Prairie 15 Lawrence Cty Mo George Heiser & Mary Tanner          
ARMSTRONG, Frank see Armstrong, Fred Albert                    
ARMSTRONG, Fred Albert       Glendive 27 Cedar Springs Mich Frank Armstrong & Nellie Young 1-Jun-18 Glendive Dawson 2376  
      Lillian Dailey Glendive 18 Valley City N D James F Dailey & Katherine Murphy          
ARMSTRONG, Fred M       Leedy 28 Olin N D C L Armstrong & Anna Philbe 31-Dec-10 Malta Valley 780  
      Sadie Francis Heart Leedy 18 N Mex Gashum Heart & Amy Edwards          
ARMSTRONG, Geo W       Phillips 34 N D       Phillips 428 ( Cert Not Completed ),
      Delena Robetroye Phillips 19 Can            
ARMSTRONG, Geo W see Armstrong, W J                    
ARMSTRONG, George see Huhr, Henry H                    
ARMSTRONG, George W       Content 34 N D Charles L Armstrong & Anna Phillipi 18-Jun-19 Glasgow Valley 2525  
      Delina Robetorye Bodin 19 Canada Henry Robetorye & Mary St John          
ARMSTRONG, Isabella see Carlson                    
ARMSTRONG, J see Armstrong, Frank                    
ARMSTRONG, James see Armstrong, Joseph                    
ARMSTRONG, Johannah W see Kelly, Thomas                    
ARMSTRONG, Joseph       Billings 29 Oneil Nebr James Armstrong & Margaret Mention 5-Jan-23 Glendive Dawson 2944  
      June Jones Billings 20 Buffalo N Y Fred Jones & Eva McCellan          
ARMSTRONG, Laona see Brooks, Lewis N                    
ARMSTRONG, Lillian see Bisson                    
ARMSTRONG, Lucy see Fisher, Bailey                    
ARMSTRONG, Lynn M       Culbertson 21 Culbertson Ernest Armstrong & Jessie M King 21-Dec-27 Culbertson Roosivelt 1121  
      Ida R McCoy Culbertson 17 Culbertson Isaiah McCoy & Myrtle Gerken          
ARMSTRONG, Mabel J see Stanford                    
ARMSTRONG, Mabel May see Sawdey, Otis A                    
ARMSTRONG, Madona see Cook                    
ARMSTRONG, Maggie see Arnot, Fred R                    
ARMSTRONG, Maggie see Arnot, Clinton D                    
ARMSTRONG, Margaret see Butterweck, Walter Lewis                    
ARMSTRONG, Marion see Schieffert , Lawrence E                    
ARMSTRONG, Minerva see Huffman                    
ARMSTRONG, Mrs Lillian see Moline, Manley D                    
ARMSTRONG, Naomi see Mozingo, A K                    
ARMSTRONG, Ruth see Tyrell, Nova Vern                    
ARMSTRONG, T see Fisher, Bailey                    
ARMSTRONG, Thomas see Armstrong, C L                    
ARMSTRONG, Thomas W see Kelly, Thomas                    
ARMSTRONG, Violet Adeline see Kennedy, Lewis                    
ARMSTRONG, W J       Malta 32 N D   17-Jan-24   Phillips 749  
      Olga Agard Malta 38 Wisc            
ARMSTRONG, William see Kennedy, Lewis                    
ARNAN, Mary M see Norris, Harry                    
ARNASON, Sarah see Blonin, Charles Henry                    
ARNBERG, Lydia see Clevenger, Loren A                    
ARND, Math see Arnd                    
ARND, Nicholas       Scobey 50 Wis Math Arnd & Katherine Mauch 16-Mar-17 Plentywood Sheridan 987  
      Cecelia Zickert Scobey 48 Wis Josepf Schaeffer & Mary Mutziger          
ARNDAHL, Jack see Thress, Arthur                    
ARNDAHL, Jeannette see Thress, Arthur                    
ARNDT, August see Arndt, William                    
ARNDT, Charles see Ross, Albert                    
ARNDT, Charlie Ernest see Olson, George A                    
ARNDT, Elsie Lydia see Erdmann, Jacob Julius                    
ARNDT, Emma C see Senne, John                    
ARNDT, Ethel see Koger, Harney                    
ARNDT, Fred W       Hinsdale 55 Wis Michael Arndt & Caroline Tesch? 56?-April-1905 Hinsdale Valley 170  
      Hattie E Nichols Buffalo N Y 52              
ARNDT, Fred W       Sidney 57 Germany M F Arndt & Caroline E Fish 3-Nov-07 Sidney Dawson 549  
      Mrs Annette Meadors Sidney 57 Bakersfield Vermont John F Betty & Pheobe Whitmore          
ARNDT, Herman see Senne, John                    
ARNDT, Herman see Star, Buck                    
ARNDT, Herman John       Wolf Point 39 ??? Herman Arndt & ??? 24-Jun-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1335  
      Kate Davis Tennessee 40 Tenn Holt Hayes & Sally Holt          
ARNDT, Herman Michael       Glasgow 62 Russia Martin Arndt & Annie Heagle 20-Oct-17 Glasgow Valley 2246  
      Theresa Seyfrt Glasgow 59 Germany Joseph & Mary Anna Seyfrt          
ARNDT, M F see Arndt, Fred W                    
ARNDT, Martin see Arndt, Herman Michael                    
ARNDT, Michael see Arndt, Fred                    
ARNDT, Terman see Erdmann, Jacob Julius                    
ARNDT, William       Hinsdale 48 Oshkosh Wis August Arndt & Elizabeth Optenberg 21-Dec-25 Hinsdale Valley 3183  
      Ella Wilson Hinsdale 50 Colfax Ill John C Thompson & Elizabeth Leasure          
ARNDT, Wilma Elinore see Olson, George A                    
ARNDT, Zella see Ross, Albert                    
ARNDTS, Floyd W       Poplar 24 Morton Cty N D Thomas C Arndts & Cora Fisher 20-Sep-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1498  
      Alice Naomi Barker Poplar 19 Mercer Cty N D John Barker & Eva DeWees          
ARNDTS, Thomas C see Arndts, Floyd W                    
ARNE, Della see Plesner                    
ARNE, Nels see Plesner                    
ARNEBERG, Jennie see Riley, Benjamin Lawrence                    
ARNEBERG, K Bartinius       Phillips 37 Mn   19-Oct-16   Phillips 148  
      Lillian Elizabeth Tharelsen Phillips 28 Mn            
ARNEKLEV, Benhard       Baylor 30 Mn Ole Arneklev & Mary Johnson 28-Mar-17 Glasgow Valley 2092  
      Ida E Wee Baylor 28 Mn Ingbred & Engeborg Wee          
ARNELY, Matilda (Leverjure?) see Potra, John                    
ARNESON, Aaron see Moline Hjalmar N                    
ARNESON, Alfreda see Enger                    
ARNESON, Anna see Stevens                    
ARNESON, Annie see Hultgren                    
ARNESON, Annie see Berg                    
ARNESON, Antone & Berdina see Anderson, Casper M                    
ARNESON, Ben       Sioux Pass 25 Independence Wis Christopher Arneson & Clara Ringholt 19-Mar-13 Fairview Dawson 1221  
      Clara Lovly Sioux Pass 18 Willow City N D Ole Lovly & Christi Ellefson          
ARNESON, Christopher see Arneson, Ben                    
ARNESON, E see Arneson, Thore                    
ARNESON, Edward see Reinlasoder, Christ Leonard                    
ARNESON, Edward see Stevens                    
ARNESON, Emma L see Gray, Harry C                    
ARNESON, Jacobine M see Medearis, Jerome                    
ARNESON, Joseph see Arneson                    
ARNESON, Mabel see Anderson, Casper M                    
ARNESON, Maran see Ledoux, Edme                    
ARNESON, Maren see Johnson, Henry William                    
ARNESON, Martha see Egeland, Reier                    
ARNESON, Martha see Borreson                    
ARNESON, Neil R       Fairview 28 Brainerd Mn Joseph Arneson & Mary Nystrom 18-Nov-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2059  
      Selma O Johnson Dagmar 17 Dagmar James T Johnson & Thora Jacobson          
ARNESON, Nettie see Larsen, Delphin Peter                    
ARNESON, Otellia see Kowalski, John                    
ARNESON, Sena see Reinlasoder, Christ Leonard                    
ARNESON, Thore       Sentinel Butte N D 37 Norway E Arneson & Anna Anderson 14-Dec-18 Glendive Dawson 2465  
      Pearl Chapman Sentinel Butte N D 22 Henning Mn John & Winona Chapman          
ARNESON, Wilhelmine see Moline                    
ARNESON?, Signa? see Stears, Cortes Leeroy                    
ARNESS, Charles see Arness, Karston K                    
ARNESS, Karston K       Beach N D 37 Norway Charles Arness & Ingeborg Arestad 17-Nov-15 Glendive Dawson 1816  
      Melissa B Brown Beach N D 21 Grand Travis (Traverse?) Cty Mich Ebenezer Brown & Mary I Griner          
ARNESS, Louise see Alm, Loyal                    
ARNETT, Florence see Switzer, Edward E                    
ARNEY, Eliza R see Zeller, John                    
ARNILE, Mary see Swertman, R H                    
ARNIOTTI, Fred see Emely, Paul                    
ARNIOTTI, Geo see Emely, Paul                    
ARNOFF, Allin G see Brayton, John M                    
ARNOLD, Aletha M see Geske, Frank W                    
ARNOLD, Amy Leigh see Essex, James H                    
ARNOLD, Andrew see Hader, Floyd                    
ARNOLD, Ann see Griffin, Arnold                    
ARNOLD, Anna Louise see Anderson, Daniel G                    
ARNOLD, Anna Sophia see Oglesby, Roscoe                    
ARNOLD, Arthur P       Opheim 25 Chippewa Cty Mn R C Arnold & Bertha Gende 9-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2162  
      Anna Horton Opheim 25 Norway ??? Horton & Kari Bossmen          
ARNOLD, Bessie see Rovreit, Inar                    
ARNOLD, Betsy see Walter, Joseph                    
ARNOLD, David see Arnold, Squire                    
ARNOLD, David see Neufeld, Frank A                    
ARNOLD, Earl Ralph       Bainville 21 Bainville Pete Arnold & Greta Richard 11-Jul-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1196  
      Dorothy Brownt Swindle Lanart 17 Butte James Swindle(adopted) & Edna Brue-gger          
ARNOLD, Elizabeth see Smith, Roland C                    
ARNOLD, Elizabeth see Conn, William Ernest                    
ARNOLD, Eugene see Rovreit, Inar                    
ARNOLD, Fern Lucille M see Peters, Victor G W                    
ARNOLD, Floyd L       Bainville 31 Bainville Pete Arnold & Greta Richards 28-Oct-30 Flaxville Daniels 494  
      Mabel J Gunn Flaxville 19 Verdon Ill John Gunn & Etta Smith          
ARNOLD, Fred see Peters, Victor G W                    
ARNOLD, Frederick W       Poplar River 24 Lansing Mich William Arnold & Sarah Ayers     Dawson 12  
      Selma Martinson Poplar River 27 White Rock Goodhue Cty Mn Peter Martinson & Klara Petterson          
ARNOLD, George see Swanson, Carl S                    
ARNOLD, George see Unfred, J W                    
ARNOLD, Harriet see Gould, Chancy Sylvester                    
ARNOLD, Herman see Merryman, Earl                    
ARNOLD, Howard C       Glentana 28 Sabeka Mn Roland Arnold & Bertha Gerde 27-Jan-27 Scobey Daniels 313  
      Florence G Morvatt Glentana 20 Ronlow Sask Can Sidney Morvatt & Florence McKee          
ARNOLD, Ilo V see Wooldridge, Earl Francis                    
ARNOLD, J G see Geske, Frank W                    
ARNOLD, Jennie see Onsum, Leopold A                    
ARNOLD, Jennie Mae see Hader, Floyd                    
ARNOLD, John Garold see Wooldridge, Earl Francis                    
ARNOLD, Joseph A       Tacoma Wash 24 Iowa   6-Dec-24   Phillips 808  
      Gertrude Gillis Coburg 22 Mass            
ARNOLD, Josephine see Crawford, James Milton                    
ARNOLD, Joshua see Arnold, Rufus A                    
ARNOLD, Josie see Click, Joseph J                    
ARNOLD, Laura see Mills, Glenn E                    
ARNOLD, Margaret Mae see Neufeld, Frank A                    
ARNOLD, Martha see McElheny, Thomas A                    
ARNOLD, Mary see Cutnaw, D A                    
ARNOLD, Mary see Cutnaw, Walter R                    
ARNOLD, Mattie see Willis, William                    
ARNOLD, Maude see McAtee, Benjamin                    
ARNOLD, Maude see VanDusen, Walter                    
ARNOLD, Maude see Simpson                    
ARNOLD, Maurice Mark       Opheim 22 Sebecka Mn Roland C Arnold & Bertha Jergens 30-Jul-23 Scobey Daniels 113  
      Ruth Emeline Lindord? Conopabas? Can 23 Akrey Mn Herman Collins & Vanetta Orr          
ARNOLD, Myrtle Julia see Swanson, Carl S                    
ARNOLD, O see Lehman, Max                    
ARNOLD, Pete see Arnold, Ealr Ralph                    
ARNOLD, Pete see Arnold, Floyd L                    
ARNOLD, R C see Arnold, Arthur P                    
ARNOLD, Roland see Arnold, Howard C                    
ARNOLD, Roland C see Arnold, Maurice Mark                    
ARNOLD, Roland C       Sask Canada 24 Sask Roland C Arnold & Bertha Jerde 6-Sep-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1747  
      Margaret M Campbell Sask 18 Mich Joseph Camp-bell & Sarah Hopkins          
ARNOLD, Rufus Earl       Wolf Point 24 Melrose Wis Joshua Arnold & Arvilla Richmond 21-Aug-16 Oswego Valley 1930  
      Mary Ellen Johnson Colgate N D 24 Na Aa Say Ill Sheldon W Johnson & Margaret Wagner          
ARNOLD, Sarah see Mann                    
ARNOLD, Squire       Med�Lake 28 Filmore Mn David Arnold & Cora Hoff 1-Dec-09 Med� Lake Valley 536  
      Minnie Schad Med� Lake 23 Bancroft Mich Daniel Schad & Debbie Heffrich          
ARNOLD, W E see Anderson, Daniel G                    
ARNOLD, William see Arnold, Frederick W                    
ARNOLDSON, Martha see Hammer, Bernt                    
ARNON, Christine see Knopple, Fred                    
ARNOT, Clinton D       Glasgow 23 Park River N D Robert Arnot & Maggie Armstrong 11-Feb-13 Glasgow Valley 1249  
      Bessie L Willis Glasgow 23 Lewiston Idaho John Willis & Wahlene Danforth          
ARNOT, Fred R       Glasgow 32 N D Robert Arnot & Maggie Armstrong 17-May Glasgow Valley 2126  
      Del Rickard Glasgow 33 N Y Harry Rickard & Alfrita Smart          
ARNOT, Robert see Arnot, Fred R                    
ARNOT, Robert see Arnot, Clinton                    
ARNOTT, George see Thoeny                    
ARNST, Katherine see Leach, James A                    
ARNSTON, see Arenston                    
ARNSTON, Christian see Arnston, Conrad O                    
ARNSTON, Conrad O       Weldon 27 Benson Cty N D Christian Arnston & Mathia Solberg 26-Aug-17 Glendive Dawson 2241  
      Martha S Walker Weldon 25 Hebron Illinois Charles Walker & Anna Carlson          
ARNTZEN, Agnes Elizabeth see Schlecter, Emanuel J                    
ARNTZEN, Nels see Schlecter, Emanuel J                    
AROIAN, Kudo see Aronisian, Aro                    
ARONOSIAN, Aro       Wolf Point 32 Armen-ia Aronosian Ohanesian & Kudo Aroian 10-May-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1309  
      Mabel Jane Dyche Wolf Point 17 Marshfield Mo Alva Dyche & Lulu Davis          
ARONSON, Antone & Berdina see Waller, Albert J                    
ARONSON, Josephine see Waller, Albert J                    
AROSIN, Ellis see Arosin, Irving                    
AROSIN, Irving O       Glasgow 27 St Paul Mn Ellis F Arosin & Anna F Sclielstrupe 10-Oct-13 Glasgow Valley 1357  
      Marjorie Anna Scharf Glasgow 24 Minneapolis Mn Leonard Scharf & Margaret Werner          
ARP, Carl H       Terry 27 Spirit Lake Iowa H P Arp & Sophia Luders 28-Dec-14 Glendive Dawson 1651  
      Alvera Faber Terry 20 Lamont Iowa Henry Faber & Catherine Wiltgen          
ARP, H P see Arp, Carl H                    
ARPAGAUS, Anna see Lanz, Rainer G                    
ARR, Margaret see Dempsey                    
ARRAS, Joseph Albert       Cartwright N D 22 Park River N D Ole Arras & Gina Baardgard 13-Aug-23 Fairview Richland 813  
      Lucille Rangvald Johnson Denver Col 21 Christiania Norway Oscar Johnson & Rangvald Peterson          
ARRAS, Ole see Arras, Joseph Albert                    
ARREGEY, Jenny see Itcaina                    
ARRETTA, John see Aretta, Tony                    
ARRETTA, Tony       Bainville 27 France John Aretta & Mary Gangais 2-Jul-25 Wolf Point Roosivelt 781  
      Lillian Adeline Erickson Wolf Point 19 Ray N D Casper Erickson & Carrie Nyhus          
ARRIVEE, Abraham see Moore, James L                    
ARRIVEE, Abraham see Arrivee                    
ARRIVEE, Agnes E see Moore, James L                    
ARRIVEE, Charles Lewis       Mondak 33 St Paul Mn Abraham Arivee & Augusta Schneck 10-Jun-18 Culbertson Sheridan 1321  
      Florence Libkicker Miles City 25 Mt Colin Bord Libkicker & Florence Wallace          
ARROL, Elizabeth see McCormick                    
ARROTTA, James see Arrotta, Sam                    
ARROTTA, Sam       Snowden 25 Italy James Arrotta & Mary Necoleta 20-Sep-20 Mondak Roosivelt 172  
      Mable Mead McCabe 20 Appleton Mn Joe Vanderberg & Johanna Neeska          
ARROW, see Chasing Hawk, Nelson                    
ARROW, Bessie see Afraid of His Track, Charles                    
ARROWSMITH, Anna A see Kincaid, John                    
ARROWSMITH, Jettie see McKinley, Laurence                    
ARROWSMITH, Jettie see Bridges, Walter Henry                    
ARSENAULT, Margaret see Jerome                    
ARTENNEKO, Mary see Teneneko, Peter                    
ARTH----?, Annie see Davey, Arthur J                    
ARTHAND, J E see Arthand, Robertus                    
ARTHAND, John E see Ralston, J Kennith                    
ARTHAND, Robert Albertus       Andese 21 Salem Oregon J E Arthand & Mary E Worrell 25-Nov-26 Culbertson Roosivelt 970  
      Grace Catherine Randall Fairview 20 Dickinson N D Clinton C Randall & Mary Reilly          
ARTHAND, Willo D see Ralston, J Kenneth                    
ARTHUR, Aneita see Bankal, Ferdinand                    
ARTHUR, Catherine see Davey, Martin H                    
ARTHUR, Eliza J see Maris, Glenn                    
ARTHUR, Flora E see Knapp, Ralph S                    
ARTHUR, Gladys see DeWitt, H Howard                    
ARTHUR, Hans C see Arthur, John Gurnues                    
ARTHUR, Hazel M see Mead, Earl R                    
ARTHUR, Jack & Minne see Bankal, Ferdinand                    
ARTHUR, James see Mead, Earl R                    
ARTHUR, James see Rogers, Eugene H                    
ARTHUR, James see Sollen, Charles E                    
ARTHUR, James see Williams, Richard D                    
ARTHUR, James see DeWitt, J Howard                    
ARTHUR, James see Arthur                    
ARTHUR, John Gurnues       Wolf Point 33 Mn Hans C & Karn Arthur 4-Oct-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 672  
      Ida E Jacob-son Fingal N D 21 Fingal Hans Jacobson & Mathilda Lee          
ARTHUR, Martha see Rogers, Eugene H                    
ARTHUR, Maud see Sollen, Maud                    
ARTHUR, Mildred see Brooks, Alfred                    
ARTHUR, Orville       Riverside 21 Long Breen Mn James Arthur & Elizabeth Hinsacker 8-Sep-17 Poplar Sheridan 1131  
      Mary Erickson Poplar 22 New Salem Mn Halsten Erickson & Fredrica Nelson          
ARTHUR, Ruth (Ray?) see Cavanaugh, A J                    
ARTMAN, Wilson see Best                    
ARTSCHEID, George W       Culbertson 40 Cassville Wis J B Artscheid & Caroline Sykes 15-Feb-12 Glasgow Valley 1001  
      Mary F Patrick Culbertson 24 Tabor S D Jos A Patrick & Catherine Eberhaber          
ARTSCHEID, J B see Artscheid, George W                    
ARTZ, Bertha see Geertz, John H                    
ARTZ, Frank see Artz, William J                    
ARTZ, Frank & Mary see Arts, Theodore                    
ARTZ, John B see Geertz, John H                    
ARTZ, Theodore       Cow Creek 25 Albany Mn Frank & Mary Artz 8-Apr-12 Glendive Dawson 1072  
      Phila King Redwater 24 Vinton Iowa A A King & Caroline Remington          
ARTZ, William J       Hamblin 27 Hoven S D Frank Artz & ??? 30-Jun-15 Glendive Dawson 1734  
      Berte Etta Howard Hamblin 23 Penn Parker Howard & Sarah Rogers          
ARVESON, Alice see Wang                    
ARVESON, Anton & Berdina see Arveson, Arthur                    
ARVESON, Anton & Bredina see Wang                    
ARVESON, Arthur B       Scobey 26 Towner N D Anton & Berdina Arveson 7-Apr-26 Scobey Daniels 254  
      Rosie A Jerome Scobey 16 Medicine Lake Fred Jerome & Mary Duffin          
ARVESON, Lucy see Olson, Sam A                    
ARVET, Albina see Boudreau, Leon                    
ARVET, Edward see Boudreau, Leon                    
ARVETT, Agnes see Briant, Peter                    
ARVETT, Ben see Briant, Peter                    
ARVETT, Laura see Roe, Leslie                    
ARVETT, Laura see Briant, Peter                    
ARVETT, Mary see Skinner, Dwight                    
ARVETT, Maud see Kelly, Herbert J                    
ARVETTE, Laura see Murphy, George Arthur                    
ARVITT, Anna see Briant, George L                    
ARVITT, Laura see Williamson, Allen                    
ARVOLD, Ellen see Wissinger, William                    
ASBEY, Rachel see Knudsen, Clifford R                    
ASBURG, Albert see Asburg, Archie                    
ASBURG, Archie       Saco 29 Boulder Colo Albert Asburg & ??? Chapman     Valley 148 (issued 12 Oct 1904 Cert Not Completed )
      Edna Maud Blevin Saco 16 Mn T Blevin & Ida Reigle          
ASBURY, Carlton A       Glendive 32 Belle Plain Iowa John Asbury & Metta Pace 28-Jul-29 Glendive Dawson 3752  
      Alice Maude Hillies Glendive 36 Austin Mn Charles Hillies & Sylvia May LaValley          
ASBURY, John see Asbury, Carleton L                    
ASCHBRANNER, Ed       Glasgow 41 Wausau Wis Gustav Aschbranner & M__ie? Rhiender?     Valley 1284 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Lilly B Stearns Glasgow 36 Bloomington Ill Wm Murray & Hannah G_ot?          
ASCHBRANNER, Gustav see Aschbranner, Ed                    
ASCHWEGE, Erna see Kolberg, Jonas L                    
ASCHWEGE, Herman see Kolberg, Jonas L                    
ASEL__?, James see Stilger, Emil M                    
ASELSON, Karen see Andersen, Anton                    
ASH, John & Anna see Ash, Otto                    
ASH, J A see Ash, Norbry J                    
ASH, Norbry J       Renton Wash 34 Osceola Mich J A Ash & ??? 23-Oct-16   Dawson 2030  
      Catherine M Burnett Sedro Wooley Wash 23 England Louis Burnett & Mary Dole          
ASH, Otto       Havre 30 Russia John & Anna Ash     Valley 1936 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Pauline Bruvdt? Havre 26 Norway Andrew & Elizabeth Bruvdt?          
ASHBAUGH, William S see Sherman, Wilmer Thomas                    
ASHBY, Edith see Greene, Dudley W                    
ASHBY, Nancy M see Stanton, Frank                    
ASHBY, R A see Ashby, Walter Floyd                    
ASHBY, Sarah E see White                    
ASHBY, W H see Copple, Charles                    
ASHBY, Walter Floyd       Mott N D 24 Litchfield Ken R A Ashby & Martha Sadler 26-Jul-27 Wibaux Wibaux 576  
      Mabel Austin Mott N d 24 Sturge-on Bay Wis M O Austin & Cora May John-son          
ASHBY, William H       Malta 24 Kentucky   22-Mar-22   Phillips 636  
      Nora Bebee Malta   Mt            
ASHBY (STANTON?), Georgia Ann see Bebee, Byron S                    
ASHCROFT, Alexander see Lyons, David                    
ASHE, Edward C       Harlem 36 Ludington Mich James T Ashe & Hattie Hayes 30-Oct-24 Chinook Blaine 842  
      Sarah Barton Taylor McGrath Alberta Can     Jacob James Taylor & Melinda Barton          
ASHE, James T see Ashe, Edward C                    
ASHFORD, Charles       Hinsdale 34 Missouri Noah Ashford & Jennie Ward 19-Jun-06 Glasgow Valley    
      Florence Gilmore Hinsdale 35 New Hampshire James W Gilmore & Maria Aldrich          
ASHFORD, Noah see Ashford, Charles                    
ASHLAND, Christ see Ashland, Ernest William                    
ASHLAND, Ernest William       Fargo 23 Fargo Christ Ashland & Marie Westley 13-Sep-19 Glasgow Valley 2550  
      Josephine Politiske McKenna Wash 23 Mn John Politiske & Katherine Dornek?          
ASHLAND, Staffer see Ashland, Swan                    
ASHLAND, Swan       Glendive 28 Stavanger Nor Staffer Ashland & Maria Massige 16-Nov-08 Glendive Dawson 637  
      Grethe Kalberg Glendive 27 Stavanger Norway Louis Kalberg & Grethe Zensvold          
ASHLEY, Edward see Coulter, Gervase H                    
ASHLEY, Jenny see Haislett, Ward Benton                    
ASHLEY, John see Strachan                    
ASHLEY, Mary see Cartel                    
ASHLEY, Nina Thelma see Strachan                    
ASHLEY, Olive C see Tabor, Charles B                    
ASHLEY, Winona C J see Coulter, Gervase H                    
ASHNER, Rachel see Blatt, Max                    
ASHOMET, Palenoran see Masenko, Carl                    
ASHWORTH, Benjamin       Glendive 27 Shabona Illinois Harry Ashworth & Nell Manderville 12-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2021  
      Mary M Smith Wibaux 32 Madison Cty Iowa Elijah Smith & Almeda M Campbell          
ASHWORTH, Harry see Ashworth, Benjamin                    
ASHWORTH, John see Cray, Glen                    
ASKE, Carrie see Cato, Tully                    
ASKE, John see Cato, Tully                    
ASKEY, Mary see Payne, Andrew                    
ASKWICK, John see Knudtson                    
ASKWICK, Petra see Knudtson                    
ASLAKSON, John see Johnson, Knute                    
ASLAKSON, Kenneth       Redstone 22 Tyler Mn Thomas Aslakson & Elizabeth Lee     Valley 3382 ( Cert Not Completed)
      Clarice Peterson Redstone 22 Mn Henry Peterson & ??? Holt          
ASLAKSON, Kenneth M       Redstone 22 Tyler Mn Thomas Askakson & Elizabeth Lee 9-Jun-28 Scobey Daniels 381  
      Clarice Peterson Redstone 22 Mn Henry Peterson & Dorothea Hilden          
ASLAKSON, Ole see Aslakson, Oscar                    
ASLAKSON, Oscar       Culbertson 29 Canby Mn Ole Aslakson & Sophia Anderson 13-Dec-09 Culbertson Valley 549  
      Evelyn Hill Pederson 27 Minnesota Lake Mn Myron V Hill & Mattie Dyer          
ASLAKSON, Thomas see Aslakson, Kenneth                    
ASLAKSON, Thomas see Aslakson, Kenneth M                    
ASLAND, Molly see Peterson, Gilbert                    
ASLESON, Edward see Feezell, William Horace                    
ASLESON, Gerda Irene see Feezel, William Horace                    
ASLETT, Harriet see Bull Carlton B                    
ASLETT, Harriet see Claydon, Horace                    
ASLIN, Alice see DeNoma, Roy C                    
ASLIN, Alice see DeNoma, John                    
ASLIN, Alice Tressa see Blue, Robert Malcolm                    
ASPELUND, Alvin       Dooley 24 St Paul Ole Aspelund & Sene Barsness 24-Mar-20 Scobey Sheridan 1637  
      Myrtle Celia Beck-lund Dooley 20 Mn Charles Becklund & Ida Nyberg          
ASPELUND, Josie see Smith                    
ASPELUND, Laura Jeanette see Hughes, Kemper Howard                    
ASPELUND, Odin G       Opheim 24 Mn ??? 29-Nov-30 Scobey Daniels 503  
      Agnes Trusett Peterson Opheim 24 Mn Oscar Peterson & Emma Skaug          
ASPELUND, Ole see Hughes, Kemper Howard                    
ASPELUND, Ole see Aspelund                    
ASPELUND, Ole see Aspelund                    
ASPELUND, Ole see Smith                    
ASPELUND, Selmer       Dooley 21 Mondovi Wis Ole Aspelund & Sena Barsons? (Barsness?) 4-Dec-19 Westby Sheridan 1605  
      Lillian Stifter Dooley 18 Minneapolis Mn Frank Stifter & ???          
ASPENGREN, Lillian see DonTigny, Adelard O                    
ASPENGREN, Victor see DonTigny, Adelard O                    
ASPLUND, Ether (Esther?) E see Fiskum                    
ASPLUND, John see Fiskum                    
ASPREY, Hennetta? see Peachy, Fredrick A                    
ASPULD, Christina see Schultz, Arnold C                    
ASPVICK, Alford L       Phillips 26 Nor       Phillips 266 (letter states couple Marr N D license from Bottineau)
      Hazel Alida Sheflo                  
ASSEMUSEN, Bendenie see Curtiss, Malcolm                    
ASSINIBOIN, Mary see Perry, Albert                    
ASSINIBOINE, Joe see Perry, Albert                    
ASTLEY, Mary see Livermore, E A                    
ASTROPE, C E see Paulson                    
ASTROPE, C E see Murray                    
ASTROPE, C E see Izenhower                    
ASTROPE, Claire see Izenhower                    
ASTROPE, Myrtle Edith see Murray                    
ASTROPE, Pearl Ora see Paulson                    
ASTRUM, Andrew see Astrum, Palmer                    
ASTRUM, Palmer       Poplar 27 Seveka Mn Andrew Astrum & Bertha Aarness? 9-Jan-23 Glasgow Valley 2945  
      Elsie West Poplar 20 Poplar George West & Christine Worth          
ASTRUP, Chris B       Coalridge 34 Denmark Joacim J & Christina Nicolaisen 30-Oct-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2206  
      Thelma B Knut-son res East Grand Forks Mn 24 E Grand Forks Osmund Knutson & Bergit Hegland          
ASTRUP, Peter M       Coalridge 32 Denmark J & Marie Elizabeth Nicholiason 28-Nov-16 Plentywood Sheridan 862  
      Emma Halvorsen P�wood 28 Mn Nils? Halvorsen & Mary Kittleson          
ATCHISON, Hugh see Atchison, Richard                    
ATCHISON, Mrs Mildred see Swanson, Leander                    
ATCHISON, Richard H       Baylor 40 Canada Hugh Atchison & Mary Jean Bolton 20-Jul-21 Baylor Valley 2793  
      Bamma? E Hartley Baylor 25 Missouri King Hartley & Ada Adams          
ATER, Chas see Ater, Robert F                    
ATER, Robert F       Hinsdale 38 Texas Chas Ater & Hannah Bright 12-Nov-06 Glasgow Valley 258  
      Lou McGehee Patten Hinsdale 28 Georgia Frank Patten & Arelia McGehee          
ATHELYN, Anzy see Moxley, Estell                    
ATHERTON, Mrs Myrtle(Young?) see Moore, F B                    
ATHMAN, Anthony J       Mn 24 Mn C Athman & Lena Morman 12-May-14 Plentywood Sheridan 228  
      Josephine Reuter P�wood 20 Mn G Reuter & Helena J Hen-dricks          
ATHMAN, C see Athman                    
ATKINS, Elizabeth see Phillips, Wm J                    
ATKINS, Finley William see Lauridsen, Henry                    
ATKINS, Harriet see Reed, Charles E                    
ATKINS, Leony see Cox, Levi                    
ATKINS, Myla Mary see Lauridsen, Henry                    
ATKINS, Rebecca see Waag, Olaf Mayer                    
ATKINS, Salina see Mccoy, Isaiah                    
ATKINSON, Audry Louise see Manley                    
ATKINSON, F see Skinner, Daniel B I                    
ATKINSON, Hannah see Slager, John Charles                    
ATKINSON, Iva V see Willoughby                    
ATKINSON, J L see Willoughby                    
ATKINSON, James L see Thompson, William Lorenzo                    
ATKINSON, James L see Manley                    
ATKINSON, Jane see Walsh, Robert                    
ATKINSON, Katherine see Walsh, Robert                    
ATKINSON, Maude J see Skinner, Daniel B I                    
ATKINSON, Nellie see Barnard, William A                    
ATKINSON, Sarah Ann see Eves, William R                    
ATKINSON, Vivian LaFayette see Thompson, William Lorenzo                    
ATOR, Albert       Glasgow 26 Mo Tom Ator & ??? 29-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2239  
      Alma Berg Glasgow 19 Norway Olaf Berg & christina Olson          
ATOR, Albert O       P�wood 22 P�wood John W Ator & Agnes Young 30-Apr-25 Plentywood Sheridan 2057  
      Mabel Guenther Dagmar 21 Goza Iowa Edward W Guenther & Anna Reager          
ATOR, Ann M see Anderson                    
ATOR, Annie see Thompson                    
ATOR, Annie see McCoy                    
ATOR, Annie see Miller                    
ATOR, Emma D see Chapman, Robert C                    
ATOR, Emma D see Wolfe                    
ATOR, Frank H       Vandalia 27 Mo William Thomas Ator & Mary Sallee 24-May-17 Glasgow Valley 2128  
      Bertha Nelson Vandalia 19 Minnesota Julius & Mary Nelson          
ATOR, Fred B       Antelope 26 Stanford George M Ator & Alice McMillan 10-Nov-21 Plentywood Sheridan 1763  
      Lily M Walker Antelope 20 Scotland Alexander Walker & Mary Calhoun          
ATOR, George see see Ross, Charley H                    
ATOR, George M see Ator                    
ATOR, George M see McMillan                    
ATOR, George N see Ator, John William                    
ATOR, George N see Ator, Lewis                    
ATOR, George N see Chapman, Robert C                    
ATOR, George Newton see Stewart, Charles E A                    
ATOR, Hattie G see Folsom, Seth W                    
ATOR, Howard       P�wood 22 P�wood J W Ator & Agnes Young ??-Jun-1932 Plentywood Sheridan 2661  
      Ethel Petersen Dagmar 22 Dagmar Nels C Petersen & Inger Soren-sen          
ATOR, J W see Anderson                    
ATOR, J W see Ator                    
ATOR, John W see Ator                    
ATOR, John William       Plentywood 24 (Cedar Cty Maine?) George N Ator & Alice McMillan 1-Jan-03 Culbertson Valley 81  
      Agnes Holland P�wood 23 Lipshire Scotland James Young & Agnes McBain          
ATOR, Lena Belle see Ross, Charley                    
ATOR, Lewis       Plentywood 20 Filley Missouri George N Ator & Alice McMillen 23-Jul-06 Culbertson Valley 237  
      Mary C Moore Culbertson 20 Cascade Thomas W Moore & Violet Royels          
ATOR, Maud see Ford, Howard E                    
ATOR, Nellie see Nay, William A                    
ATOR, Ruth Alice see Stewart, Charles E                    
ATOR, Thomas see Ford, Howard E                    
ATOR, Thos W see Folsom, Seth W                    
ATOR, Tom see Ator, Albert                    
ATOR, W F see Nay, William A                    
ATOR, William Thomas see Ator, Frank H                    
ATRIM, Ingeborg see Lonning, Jacob                    
ATTACKS       Harlem 53 Wolf Point Cloud & Has The Wind 17-Aug-19 Ft Belknap Blaine 577  
      Mrs Watches Walking Harlem 54 Sask Can Eagle Nest & Water Blanket          
ATTACKS       Ft Belknap 60 Ft Union Cloud & Owns The Wind 11-May-24 Harlem? Blaine 810  
      Looking Walking Ft Belknap 67 Canada Thigh & Animal          
ATTACKS, Lucille see Anhalt                    
ATTEBERRY, Mattie see Wright, Orion F                    
ATTIX, Linda L see McKeever, Frank Marion                    
ATTLESON, Ed see Lingle, William J                    
ATTLESON, Nettie see Lingle, William J                    
ATTWOOD, Olive see Vadnais                    
ATWOOD, Allie see McCleery, Oral R                    
ATWOOD, Erwin see Atwood, Ivy Royal                    
ATWOOD, Ivy Royal       Glendive 37 Trempeleau Cty Wisc Erwin Atwood & Eda Mary Noyes 31-Mar-30 Glendive Dawson 3857  
      Anna Louise Strand Glendive 32 Elbow Lake Mn Kjettel Strand & Kjersti Mohagen          
ATWOOD, Izora see Hall, Glenn A                    
ATWOOD, James W.       Leedy 28 Millan Mo Wesley G Atwood & Catherine A Coon 24-Aug-19 Jordan Garfield 7  
      Alma A Messier Leedy 18 Leedy Phillips Cty Joe Messier & Meliva Benoit,          
ATWOOD, Sarah see Alquire, John Clinton                    
ATWOOD, Wesley G see Atwood, James W                    
AUBLE, Aaron see Auble, Clyde Phillip                    
AUBLE, Clyde see Goddard, Robert B                    
AUBLE, Clyde Phillip       Glendive 39 Spencer Ohio Aaron Auble & Arvesta Long 18-May-21 Glendive Dawson 2763  
      Dorathy Agnes Matthews Glendive 40 Curryville Canada James Matthews & Letitia McKinley          
AUBLE, Creta see Goddard, Robert B                    
AUBLE, Mary see Sater, Norman                    
AUBOL, A C see Smith, Leo E                    
AUBOL, Almer C       Saco 34 Mn   16-Mar-21   Phillips 568  
      Hazel Martin Saco 22 Mt            
AUBOL, Hazel see Smith, Leo E                    
AUCHTER, George see Hatzenbuehler, Louie                    
AUCHTRE, Minnie see Hatzenbuehler, Louie                    
AUDET, Adelia see Lappierre                    
AUDET, Aime see LaBarge, Harvey                    
AUDET, Alice see LaPierre                    
AUDET, Arthur see Audet, Donald                    
AUDET, Donald       Scobey 21 Quebec Can Arthur Audet & Alexine Nadeau 14-Nov-22 Scobey Daniels 78  
      Leonie Audet Scobey 16 St Germaine Can Ferdinand Audet & Claudia Turnell          
AUDET, Emil J       Scobey 30 Quebec Can Ferdinand Audet & ??? 29-Dec-26 Scobey Daniels 299  
      Lula V Manly Peerless 31 N D Bernard Manley & Julia LaValley          
AUDET, Ferdinand see LaBarge, Harvey                    
AUDET, Ferdinand see Audet, Emil J                    
AUDET, Ferdinand see Audet, Donald                    
AUDET, Ferdinand see Lappierre                    
AUDET, Font see Butler                    
AUDET, Fortuna see LaPierre                    
AUDET, Leonie see Audet, Donald                    
AUDET, Lorena see Wigmore                    
AUDET, May Angela see Butler                    
AUDETTE, Gilbert see Audette                    
AUDETTE, Julian       Med� Lake 21 Med�Lake Gilbert Audette & Evalina Bourassa 28-May-34 Plentywood Sheridan 2829  
      Myrtle Dewson Med� Lake 18 Med� Lake William Dewson & Myrtle Ried?          
AUDS, Fred       Glasgow 31 Missouri George Auds & Tere Daum 19-Feb-27 Glasgow Valley 3278  
      Nell Dean Glasgow 34 Missouri Luther P Dean & Margaret A Zibble          
AUDS, George see Auds, Fred                    
AUER, Pauline see Fedder, Leo D                    
AUER, Wm see Fedder, Leo D                    
AUGE, see Ange                    
AUGE, Constant see Conner, Glen                    
AUGE, Della see Conner, Glen                    
AUGE? (ANGE?), Joseph see Jeanette, N J                    
AUGER, Celina see Merwin                    
AUGER, Eugene see Chicoine                    
AUGER, Selina see Bantz                    
AUGOOD, F R see Augood                    
AUGOOD, Fred C       Butte 45 Hamilton Can F R? Augood & Stella R Beebe 21-Oct-13 Culbertson Sheridan 92  
      Hester A Kershner Jackson Mississippi 31 Setmour Ind Thos Kershner & Sarah Scott          
AUGUR, Seline see Chaffee                    
AUGUST, Almeron see Taylor, Guy O                    
AUGUST, Alvia see Taylor, Guy O                    
AUGUST, Dennis       Seattle 27 Greece Anton & Rose Dennis 23-Jul-26 Plentywood Sheridan 2188  
      Kathleen Dubry Raymond 18 Clyde N D David Dubry & Alberta McColler          
AUGUSTINE, Ellen see Oech, George                    
AUGUSTSON, Tone see Hendrickson, Andrew                    
AUHOIN, Fred see Auhoin, Emanuel                    
AUHOIN?, Emanuel       Glen Ullen Illinois 29 Postal Hungary Fred Auhoin & Babara Settus 23-Feb-14 Glendive Dawson 1444  
      Mary Streitmatter Glen Ullen 19 Hungary Adam Steitmatter & Theresa Rosa          
AUKLAND, Herbert G       Phillips 29 Can   8-Jun-17   Phillips 225  
      Nellie Wyatt Phillips 28 England            
AUKLE, Cate Broaken see Wettlin, George                    
AULD, George see Griessen                    
AULD, Mary Georgina see Griessen                    
AULGER, Laura see McGuire, Thomas B                    
AULT, Addie Elizabeth see Carpenter, Claude R                    
AULT, Lawrence James       Poplar 27 Indiana Martin L Ault & Laura Russell 10-Oct-25 Poplar Roosivelt 814  
      Elizabeth McGowan Poplar 21 Poplar Felix McGowan & Helena Weinrank          
AULT, Martin see Ault, Paul Levi                    
AULT, Martin L see Carpenter, Claude R                    
AULT, Martin L see Ault, Lawrence James                    
AULT, Paul Levi       Poplar 28 Elwood Ind Martin Ault & Hattie Tucker 30-Nov-29 Glasgow Valley 3534  
      Agnes Claire Goggins Havre 22 Omaha Neb Michael Goggins & Agnes O�Brien          
AULVIS, Audrey see Newton, George A                    
AULVIS, Joe see Newton, George A                    
AUMOCK, Bessie G see Peterson, John Edward                    
AUMOCK, George W see Peterson, John Edward                    
AUNE, Agnes see Thiseth, Andrew                    
AUNE, Andrew       Phillips 31 Norway   7-Dec-16   Phillips 166  
      Signe Johnson Phillips 28 Sweden            
AUNE, Ole see Tjon, Sjur                    
AUNE, Ole see Thiseth, Andrew                    
AUNGER?, Eugenia see Chicoine                    
AURAND, Carrie see Jones, Edward E                    
AURESTAD, Anna T see Munrad, Hans                    
AURESTAD, Tones T & Gurine T see Munrad, Hans                    
AUSMAN, Anna see Wahl, Bert                    
AUSTAD, George L       Coalridge 38 Redwing Mn John Austad & Carrie Satteren 2-Sep-10 Coalridge Valley 691  
      Hilda Lunde Coalridge 37 Zumbrota Mn Iver Lunde & Nicolina Aasen          
AUSTAD, John see Austad, George L                    
AUSTBY, Edward       Hodges 31 Norway Odd Austby & Ingeborg Nelson 17-May-20 Glendive Dawson 2643  
      Esther Peterson Glendive 25 St Hilaire Mn August Peterson & Bertha Hanson          
AUSTBY, Odd see Austby, Edward                    
AUSTED, Emil       Westby 32 Norway Ole Martinson & Karen Olson 3-Feb-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1469  
      Bertha Olson Westby 23 Norway Ole Olson & Johanna Skjilsnes          
AUSTELL, Julia D see Cole, Irvin                    
AUSTERUM, John Gust see Harem, John Gust                    
AUSTIN, Amy E see Hall, Glenn A                    
AUSTIN, David see Austin, John D                    
AUSTIN, Electa see McArthur, R J                    
AUSTIN, Esther see Wright, G H                    
AUSTIN, Fannie E see Lawrence, Frank W                    
AUSTIN, Fred J       Nashua 21 New Buffalo Mich J B Austin & Lorina Stevens 13-Oct-11 Glasgow Valley 913  
      Bertha S Lindberg Waley 19 Minneapolis Mn Charles Lindberg & Betsy Olson          
AUSTIN, Harriet A see Robinson, George Newton                    
AUSTIN, Harry L see Austin, Theodore                    
AUSTIN, J B see Austin, Fred                    
AUSTIN, James Henry       Malta 39 Ill James P Austin & Betty McGregor 31-Mar-16 Glasgow Valley 1832  
      Mary Henderson Joliet Ill 35 Scotland Robert Henderson & ???          
AUSTIN, James P see Austin, James Henry                    
AUSTIN, John       Superior Wis 60 Sweden Nels Peter Ostin & Helena M Johnson 5-Jul-12 Glasgow Valley 1096  
      Johanna C Johnson Glasgow 44 Sweden John Peterson & Enga M Gunnerson          
AUSTIN, John D       Minneapolis Mn 27 New Brunswick Canada David Austin & Margery Rottary 11-Mar-09 Glendive Dawson 670  
      Emma Miller Minneapolis Mn 20 Iron River Mich Adam Miller & Mary LaCross          
AUSTIN, Joybelle see Lautzenhiser                    
AUSTIN, Lawrence E       Watkins 24 Morrison Ill Marion L Austin & Ella G Burdsall 11-Apr-14 Glendive Dawson 1474  
      Edna M Phipps Terry 15 Conde Mn Henry C Phipps & Eva Branch          
AUSTIN, Leslie       Glendive 21 Sundance Wyo W L Austin & Jennie Shilbey 27-Jul-15 Glendive Dawson 1750  
      Edna Parker Glendive 19 East Lincoln Wisc Anthony Parker & Christina Carlson          
AUSTIN, Luella see Baker, James A                    
AUSTIN, Lyman see Baker, James A                    
AUSTIN, M L see Lawrence, Frank W                    
AUSTIN, M O see Asby, Walter Floyd                    
AUSTIN, Mabel see Ashby, Walter Floyd                    
AUSTIN, Margaret R see Youden, Otis R                    
AUSTIN, Marion L see Austin, Lawrence E                    
AUSTIN, P H see Lautzenhiser                    
AUSTIN, Rececca see Young                    
AUSTIN, Sarah see Whitbred, William                    
AUSTIN, Theodore       Ynot 21 Mt   12-Aug-26   Phillips 905  
      Alma McMillan Ynot 18 Mt            
AUSTIN, Vinnia see Hasbrouck, Arthur LeRoy                    
AUSTIN, W L see Austin, Leslie                    
AUSTIN, Wm see Wright, G H                    
AUSTINE, Dora see Weaver                    
AUSTING, Mary see Amas, Percy E                    
AUSTINSON, Julia see Lee, Clarence Almin                    
AUSTMAN, Leichen see Partzach, Bruno                    
AUSTMAN, William & Charlotte see Partzach, Bruno                    
AUSTRIA, Anstera? see Douglas, Charles M                    
AUSTRUM, Antonette see Lovaas, Ingelbret                    
AUTH, Adam see Auth, Joseph                    
AUTH, Joseph       Dickinson N D 37 Gynd Hungary Adam Auth & Amelia Hon�? 15-Jun-09 Glendive Dawson 697  
      Agnes Essert Dickinson 27 Erdoveg? Hungary Anton Essert & Eva Kuri          
AUTHERLAND?, Dan see Sutherland, Billy                    
AUTINSON?, Julia see Lee, Albert Anneious                    
AVARIA, Anne see Feizette, Walter                    
AVARIA, John see Feizette, Walter                    
AVAZIAN, Alex see Bogasian, Sam                    
AVAZIAN, Siranook see Bogasian, Sam                    
AVERHILL, Elijah see Averhill, Harland E                    
AVERHILL, Harland B       Glendive 23 Andover Maine Elijah Averhill & Sophia Reed 23-Feb-11 Glendive Dawson 909  
      Margaret E Kohlhepp Minneapolis 26 Alma Wis William Kohlhepp & Sofia Burnhart          
AVERIL, Stella see Selden                    
AVERILL, Rose Elizabeth see Bell, Edward James Jr                    
AVERT, Rhoda R see Butler, A E                    
AVERY, A G & Mrs see Wilson, Egbert                    
AVERY, Atlanta? see McDonell, Willis S                    
AVERY, Babe see Legg, Earl                    
AVERY, Benjamin see Avery, Benjamin Chas                    
AVERY, Benjamin Chas       Cornach Sask Can 37 Manitoba Can Benjamin Avery & Ellen Kate Smith 11-May-29 Scobey Daniels 431  
      Lavada Britton Cornach 27 Eyebrow Sask Can Albert Britton & ???          
AVERY, Bert Rolland       Scobey 29 Beatrice Neb Robert Avery & Elizabeth Denton 20-Sep-29 Scobey Daniels 448  
      Evelyn I Ralstin Scobey 20 Grayford Ind Oliver Ralstin & Edna Golay          
AVERY, Beulah see Sage, Howard Irving                    
AVERY, Edith see Granes, Albert B                    
AVERY, Edith see Quick, Harold                    
AVERY, Eloise see McNamara, H H                    
AVERY, Francis A see Hoar, Herbert H                    
AVERY, John see Butler, A E                    
AVERY, Kate see Lee, Kittle A                    
AVERY, Myrtle R see Robinson, Alexander B                    
AVERY, Rhoda see Bergan, Abel A                    
AVERY, Robert see Avery, Bert Rolland                    
AVERY, William see Sage, Howard Irving Ayers                    
AVES, Millie A see Redfield, Wert C                    
AVILA, Anastasia see Ruice, Louis                    
AVIS?, Fredrick see Adams, George H                    
AWDE, Earl Lon       Seattle 24 Grand Rapids Mn George Awde & May Price 22-Aug-21 Glendive Dawson 2792  
      Marion Scott Bellingham Wash 22 Seattle Wash William Scott & Nellie Sheridan          
AWDE, George see Awde, Earl Lon                    
AX HANDLE, Agnes see King, Harvey                    
AXENESS, Hilda see Kasseth, John                    
AXENESS, Nickel see Kasseth, John                    
AXTEL, Edith see Sergeant, Benjamin N                    
AXTELL, B A       Opheim 26 Iowa E X Axtell & Effie ____? 8-Dec-14 Glasgow Valley 1602  
      Chloris Thompson Glasgow 18 Mo A L Thompson & Maud Thurber          
AXTELL, E X see Axtell, B A                    
AXTELL, Edith see Sergent, Benjamin Harris                    
AXTELL, Minnie Euphona see Burgess, Gabriel William                    
AXTELL, Rona B see Davis, Roy P                    
AXVIG, Ole T see Axvig                    
AXVIG, Oscar George       Kremlin 31 N D Ole T Axvig & Olena Strate 15-Apr-14 Froid Sheridan 215  
      Mary Edah Dunn Froid 25   Wm L Dunn & Isadora Hayes          
AYER, Evelyn see Rider, Ai                    
AYER, Harry D       Phillips 34 Mn   23-Feb-16   Phillips 82  
      Nellie M Barber Phillips 21 Mn            
AYERS, Charles see Bell, Edwin W                    
AYERS, Charles see Ayers, Ellis L                    
AYERS, Earl D       Glendive 34 Indiana L D Ayers & Margaret Livergood 4-May-20 Glendive Dawson 2636  
      Annie Cecelia Reinholz Glendive 25 St Cloud Mn August Reinhold & Julia Ropike          
AYERS, Ellis L       Glendive 36 Athens Ohio Charles Ayers & Carolyn Brown 18-Nov-29 Glendive Dawson 3812  
      Elizabeth Brown Beach N D 39 Money Creek Mn Anthony Dobler & Anna Kahoun          
AYERS, George see Milo, Addison                    
AYERS, Irene B see Bell, Edwin W                    
AYERS, L D see Ayers, Earl D                    
AYERS, Mattie see Metts, Rufus                    
AYERS, Milo Addison       Bainville 36 Athens Ohio George Ayers & Mary Jane Colmer? 26-Dec-22 Poplar Roosivelt 460  
      Ida Mathilda McNeil Scobey 34 Grafton N D Ferdinand Schrank & Bertha Kruger          
AYERS, Sarah see Arnold, Frederick W                    
AYERS, William R see Butler, William M                    
AYLWIN, Jennie see Smith, Wallace Y                    
AYMER, Clara see Coleman, Joseph                    
AYNE, J A see Peralta, Salvador                    
AYOTT, David see Ayott                    
AYOTT, Joseph       Ceylon Sask 24 N D David Ayott & Margarette Casey 31-Dec-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2397  
      Stella Blackmore Ceylon Sask 23 N D James Blackmore & Eva Redner?          
AYOTTE, Effie C see Lythe, Jay Lester                    
AYRE, David see Ayre, Robert                    
AYRE, Robert       Glendive 28 Glasgow Scotland David Ayre & Agnes McNeilly 17-Jul-11 Glendive Dawson 964  
      Mary Barbara Anastasia Reinholz Glendive 20 St Cloud Mn August Reinholz & Juliana Rathsike          
AYRES, Clark see Howe, Charles John                    
AYRES, Ella see Gore, Frank                    
AYRES, Ethel see Howe, Charles John                    
AYRES, Florence see Sharp                    
AZARIAN, Aryko & Heler see Azarian, James                    
AZARIAN, James       Snowden 39 Armenia Aryko & Heler Azarian 14-Mar-22 Poplar Roosivelt 357  
      Dora Fields Buford 41 Mo Charlie Frichette & Felicity Grovro          
AZELTINE, Annetta see Briggs, Ernest                    
AZUN, Frank       Malta 22 Malta Medas Azun & Mary Short 6-Nov-24 Wolf Point Roosivelt 689  
      Tillie Trotter Malta 18 Sask Canada Pat Trotter & Tillie Whiteford          
AZUN, Medas see Azun, Frank                    
AZUR, Emma see Montroy                    
AZUR, Peter see Montroy                    
AZURE, see Maine, Clarkson                    
AZURE, Alex       Ft Belknap 21 Malta Madas Azure & Mary Short 24-Oct-24 Zortman Blaine 156  
      Mary Enley Malta 18 Malta Lewis Enley & Matilda Lavedure          
AZURE, Baptiste see Azure Max                    
AZURE, Baptiste       Malta 19 Mt   5-Apr-23   Phillips 706  
      Celine Brian Malta 16 Mt            
AZURE, Cecelia see Gobert, Irvin                    
AZURE, Florestine see Larocque, Peter                    
AZURE, Gabe see Azure, Peter R                    
AZURE, Gabe       Harlem 26 Mt   21-Aug-23   Phillips 727  
      Mary Ann Minugh Harlem 25 Mt            
AZURE, Gabriel see Jordon, James                    
AZURE, Gabriel L       Zortman 21 Mt   11-Feb-23   Phillips 698  
      Flossie Gaurdipe Phillips 18 Mt            
AZURE, Gustine see Sayers, Louis James                    
AZURE, Henry see Yellow Hawk, John                    
AZURE, Jennie see Etcheverry, Jean B                    
AZURE, Joe see Fayant, Henry Joseph                    
AZURE, Joe       Zortman 25 Zortman Joe Azure & Mary Emely 3-Sep-30 Chinook Blaine 1225  
      Emma Ducharme   18 Dodson John Ducharme & Elixabeth Stolara          
AZURE, Joe see Doney, George E                    
AZURE, Joseph see Miller, William Henry                    
AZURE, Julia see Disjarlais, John B                    
AZURE, Justian see Constance                    
AZURE, Justine see LaFrance                    
AZURE, Justine see Lemere                    
AZURE, Justine see Sayer                    
AZURE, Madas see Azure, Alex                    
AZURE, Magdalen see Fayant, Henry Joseph                    
AZURE, Mary see Torgerson, Marvin Orlando                    
AZURE, Max       Phillips 26 Mt   26-Jan-26   Phillips 869  
      Jamie Guian Phillips 18 Mt            
AZURE, Mrs Fred see Holm, Floyd Carl                    
AZURE, Pat       Malta 32 Mt   13-Aug-23   Phillips 725  
      Zelda Jeanotte Phillips 33 Mt            
AZURE, Pat       Zortman 34 Mt       Phillips 753 ( cert Not Complete )
      Mary Laverdure Trine 19 Mt            
AZURE, Pat see Azure, Gabe                    
AZURE, Patrick A       Zortman 36 Mt   8-Mar-26   Phillips 876  
      Ida Helgeson Zortman 32 Mt            
AZURE, Patrick D see Gladu, James                    
AZURE, Pete see Azure, Gabriel L                    
AZURE, Pete see Doney, John D                    
AZURE, Pete R see Gladu, James                    
AZURE, Peter see Larocque, Peter                    
AZURE, Peter R       Zortman 25 Mt   31-Jan-25   Phillips 814  
      Mary J Lavadure Trines 20 Mt            
AZURE, Sarah see Regnier                    
AZURE, Theresa see Maine, Clarkson                    
AZURE, Virginia see Doney, George E                    
AZURE, Virginia see Miller, William Henry                    
AZURE, Zelda see Azure, Gabe