Norske i Montana Marriage Index

Copyright 2008 by Richard H. Fretheim and the Montana State Genealogical Society.

Information compiled from microfilm from the Montana Historical Library of the Marriage Records of the 11/12 counties of North Eastern Montana that are indexed in Volume I of Richard H. Fretheim's book "Norske i Montana". These records cover from the beginning to 1930.

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A to Amsrud

Name     Spouse Residence Age Born Parents Date Place of Marrage County Cert. Comment
A__?, Alice see Fisher, George M                    
AABERG, Beatrice see Leiseth, George O                    
AABERG, Carl see Leiseth, George O                    
AABY, G see Thorsen, P J                    
AABY, G H see Aaby, Henry E                    
AABY, Henry E       Terry 28 Brookings S D G H Aaby & ??? Olson 27-Jul-21 Circle McCone 31  
      Mayme Dockstater Terry 20 Creek N D O L Dockstater & Lucy Madison          
AABY, Louisa see Thorsen, P J                    
AADLAND, Sena see Olson                    
AADNESDTR, Ane? see Walstad, Hans                    
AAFEDT, Ivar see Salveson, Bernhart                    
AAIGLE, George A see Spencer, Raymond Albert                    
AAIGLE, Love see Spencer, Raymond Albert                    
AAKER, Gunhild see Danielson, Ole C                    
AAKER, Lawrence A       Mn 29 Mn O H Aaker & Lucy Hove 2-Jul-17 Wibaux Wibaux 152  
      Ida M Pierson N D 30 N D Charles Thompson & Mary Anderson          
AAKER, O H see Aaker, Lawrence A                    
AAKRE , Almar       Reserve 48 Akre Norway Sevald Aakre & Olina Otness 5-Nov-29 Plentywood Sheridan 2505  
      Lena Sundmark Penser? Mn     Carl Sundmark & ???          
AAKRE, Sevald see Aakre                    
AALAND, Samuel see Samuelson                    
AAM, Aasta see Rose, Merritt                    
AAM, Annias see Aam, John                    
AAM, John       Pattonhill 29 Norway Annias Aam & Annie Hendrickson 6-Sep-17 Glendive Dawson 2245  
      Florence E Gustafson Nina 18 Forest Lake Mn ???          
AAM, Knute see Rose, Merritt                    
AAMODT, Erick & Johanna see Aamodt                    
AAMODT, Nels       Greenbush Mn 26 Norway Erick & Johanna Aamodt 24-Oct-16 Plentywood Sheridan 858  
      Lovise E Ladvig Greenbush 19 N D William Ladvig          
AAMOT, Amelia see Aamot, Arthur                    
AAMOT, Arthur       Saco 26 Mn   20-Dec-19   Phillips 479  
      Musa Goble Saco 33 Mn            
AAMOT, Arthur see Aubol, Almer C                    
AAMOT, Arthur & Mrs see Aamot, Henry G                    
AAMOT, Gunda see Olson, Halvor                    
AAMOT, Henry G       Saco 46 Norway   1-Sep-26   Phillips 909  
      Anna M Hjort ??? 40 Sweden            
AAMOT, Kjert see Olson, Halvor                    
AAMOT, Musa see Aubol, Almer C                    
AANDEIND?, Martia M see Osterwind, George E                    
AANDERUD, Dina see Story, John M                    
AARNESS?, Bertha see Astrum, Palmer                    
AARON, Edward Phillip see Aaron, Everett                    
AARON, Everett T       Cohagen 28 Corsica Edward Phillip Aaron & Lou Agnas Klinger 8-Jun-15 Cohagen Dawson 1721  
      Ollie E Fleming Cohagen 19 Ft Yates N D Benjamin H Fleming & Mary E Harrington          
AARON, Samuel see Gustafson, Otto R                    
AARRESTAD, Abraham       Glendive 28 Stavanger Norway Carl Aarrestad & Olama? Oma 21-Sep-09 Glendive Dawson 728  
      Enge Anderson Glendive 20 Bergen Norway Nels M Anderson & Signa Olson          
AARRESTAD, Carl see Aarrestad, Abraham                    
AARRESTAD, Oscar       Fallon 35 Stavanger Tonnes Arrested & Gorine Heiland 3-Jun-26 Glendive Dawson 3356  
      Edna Schmaedeker Fairbault Mn 36 Fairbault August Schmaedeker & Emma Achilles          
AARRESTAD, Tonnes see Aarrestad, Oscar                    
AARSTAD, Anns see Mathisen                    
AARSTAD, Daniel J       Wibaux 29 Norway Jacob Aarstad & Jennie Lagg 11-Apr-17 Wibaux Wibaux 132  
      Della Shibley Wibaux 18 Wyoming C B Shibley & Lula M Boon          
AARSTAD, Inga Mary see Hansen, Ole Edward                    
AARSTAD, Jacob see Aarstad, Daniel J                    
AARSTAD, Thomas & Gurine see Hansen, Ole Edward                    
AAS, Knud see Knudson, Knute                    
AAS, Martha see Millelson, Ole                    
AASE, Amelia see Kirkpatrick, Ralph T                    
AASEN, Fritz       Paxton 28 Norway Halvor Aasen & Inga Gitrud 15-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3278  
      Minnie Helgeson Sacred Heart Mn 30 Sacred Heart Halvor Helgeson & Sarah Tufto          
AASEN, Halvor see Aasen, Fritz                    
AASEN, Isabell see Grant, J P                    
AASEN, Marian see Weaver                    
AASEN, Nicolina see Austad, George L                    
AASEN, Sedride? see Haugen, Edward Randolph                    
AASEN, Sigrid see Chapman                    
AASHEIM, Magnus       Reserve 26 Reserve S O Aasheim & Martha Akre 30-May-36 Plentywood Sheridan 3020  
      Velma Clark Antelope 20 Antelope J L Clark & Pearl Hunter          
AASHEIM, S O see Aasheim Magnus                    
AASLAND, Carl C see Aasland, Carl J C                    
AASLAND, Carl J C       Glendive 27 Sola Nor Carl C Aasland & Carl Nesse 28-Sep-11 Glendive Dawson 990  
      Nikiline Kalberg Glendive 26 Time Nor Lars Kalberg & Grethe Tjensvold          
AASLAND, Karen see Fotland, Lars                    
AASLIEN, Anna see Akre, Ole J                    
AASPER, Sina see Granvold                    
AASVED, Annie see Akre                    
AASVED, Carrie see Paulson, Paul                    
AASVED, George see Aasved                    
AASVED, George see Egedahl                    
AASVED, George see Norbo                    
AASVED, George & Kasberg see Nelson, Martin                    
AASVED, Gertrude Charlotte see Nelson, Martin                    
AASVED, John see Akre                    
AASVED, Julia see Norbo                    
AASVED, Margarethe see Dawe, Glen B                    
AASVED, Ole see Paulson, Paul                    
AASVED, Wayne       Reserve 23 Norway George Aasved & Kaspara Johnson 25-Oct-24 Plentywood Sheridan 2006  
      Bodella Rasmussen Reserve 18 Iowa Walter Rasmussen & Mary Sampson          
ABAR, Florence see Lewis, Lee T                    
ABBEY, Elizabeth see Bendickson                    
ABBEY, Francis see Tieden, Edward                    
ABBEY, Sarah see Latterell, Arthur                    
ABBIE, Mary see Mejie, Ernest                    
ABBNORE, Martha see Allen, Charles Clay                    
ABBOT, Carroll L       Axtel 33 Monroe Cty Wisc G E Abbott & Tillie Downing 1-Sep-18 Richey Dawson 2417  
      Ida Anna Miller Faith S D 36 Beaver Dam Wisc Nicholas Mutziger & Katherine Miller          
ABBOT, Charlotte see Jackson, Charles A                    
ABBOT, Emma see Raat                    
ABBOT, N A see Jackson, Charlotte                    
ABBOTT, Adeline see Scheuble, Henry F                    
ABBOTT, Alice K see Haven, Ernest Robert                    
ABBOTT, Anna see Lown, Samuel R                    
ABBOTT, Carroll see Miller, Will H                    
ABBOTT, Carroll see White                    
ABBOTT, Esther M see Miller, Will H                    
ABBOTT, Eugene see Abbott, Frank                    
ABBOTT, Eugene see Abbott, George                    
ABBOTT, Frank       Poplar 22 Ft Belknap Eugene Abbott & Isabelle LaRoque 18-Feb-12 Poplar Valley 1002  
      Louise Dupree Poplar 20   Peter Dupree & Julia Cadutte          
ABBOTT, G E see Abbott, Carroll                    
ABBOTT, George       Poplar 23 Rocky Point Eugene Abbott & Isabelle LaRoque   ( Cert Blank ) Valley 570 (see above � Margaret Kline changed to Mary Lafornaise Marrried 24 Jan 1910 St Raphael�s Ch Valley #572 )
      Matilda Wallette Glasgow 20 Glasgow Joe Wallette & Margaret Kline          
ABBOTT, George H see Abbott, Paul H                    
ABBOTT, Gladys see White                    
ABBOTT, Loyd E       Leidy 31 N Y   6-Nov-23   Phillips 737  
      Jessie A Geiger Sun Prairie 20 Okla            
ABBOTT, Matilda see Baker, Nathan                    
ABBOTT, Nellie C see Smith, John Arthur                    
ABBOTT, Olive see Young, Thomas W                    
ABBOTT, Paul H       Malta 24 Ft Davis Texas George H Abbott & ___? Murphy 1-Apr-08 Glasgow Valley 349  
      Ethel Fryar Malta 25 Indianapolis Ind Charles A Fryar & Luella Torpening?          
ABDA, Abe see Jaha, M S                    
ABDA, Sadie see Jaha, M S                    
ABDOUCH, Scheheny see Boutrous, Oscar T                    
ABEL, Albert G       Glendive 24 Manitowoc Wisc William Abel & Ida Jensen 7-Oct-16 Glendive Dawson 2018  
      Hattie Thompson Viroqua Wisc   Viroqua Peter Thompson & Elizabeth Peterson          
ABEL, Bertha see Schock, Gottleib                    
ABEL, Harriet see Broadbrooks, L A                    
ABEL, J J       Warroad Mn 60 Buffalo Mn Jacob Abel & Christina Erickson 2-Jul-28 Glendive Dawson 3600  
      Anna Carlson Wibaux 55 Delano Mn Henry Parslow & Anna Thompson          
ABEL, Jacob see Abel, J J                    
ABEL, Jacob & Anna see Shock, Gottleib                    
ABEL, James A see Abel, Thomas Morgan                    
ABEL, Lillian see Taylor, Harvey J                    
ABEL, Lillian J see Cutting, Wendell L                    
ABEL, Mary Belle see Peak, Wilford R                    
ABEL, Olga see Giger, Henry D                    
ABEL, Ollie M see Cutting, Wendell L                    
ABEL, Otto see Broadbrooks, L A                    
ABEL, Thomas Morgan       Chinook 31 Wasi-oja Mn James A Abel & Alvaretta M Phillips 3-Nov-23 Chinook Blaine 785  
      Katherine Lane Culbert Chinook 31 Leroy Kan H F Hays & Alice C Harper          
ABEL, William see Abel, Albert G                    
ABELEIN, Charlotte see Obergfell, Matthew George                    
ABELEIN, John see McCulloch, Edwin Julius                    
ABELEIN, Myrtle see McCulloch, Edwin Julius                    
ABELL, Emma see Barr, William                    
ABELL, Jennie see Garfield, Edwin                    
ABELL, John see Barr, William                    
ABELL, John S see Garfield, Edwin                    
ABELMAN, Christ       Phillips 36 Mn   11-Nov-20   Phillips 546  
      Elma McEdy Phillips 30 Mn            
ABELMAN, Christ & Mrs see Syth, Guy                    
ABELMAN, Fred       Dickinson N D 24 Fairibault Mn Henry Abelman & Lizzie Hecht 6-May-02 Glendive Dawson 250  
      Lizzie Hecht Dickinson N D 23 Fergus Falls Mn Wm Hecht & Lena Matheis          
ABELMAN, Henry see Abelman, Fred                    
ABELMAN, Henry see Kemble, Ralph C                    
ABELMAN, Lydia see Kemble, Ralph C                    
ABENROTH, Lottie see Mahouske, Richard John                    
ABERHAMSON?, Tomeni see Jorgenson, Gunvald Emil                    
ABERLE, Katherine see Lohmiller, Chris B                    
ABERNATHEY, Frank see Parker, G B                    
ABERNATHEY, Mayme D see Parker, G B                    
ABERNATLY?, Charles S       Medora 33 Graham Texas M C Abernatly & Martha Brather 12-Jun-07 Glendive Dawson 522  
      Lada Randall Horsewell N D 23 Eau Claire? Wis ??? Randall & Minnie Jempel          
ABERNATLY?, M C see Abernatly, Charles S                    
ABERNETHY, Idelle see La Fond, Fred                    
ABERNETHY, Richard see Abernethy, Wm M                    
ABERNETHY, Wm M       Beach N D 44 Beach N D Richard Abernethy & Margret Gibson 20-Jun-17 Glendive Dawson 2195  
      Ida L Turman Dawson Cty 35 Bartholomew Cty Indiana W J Burns & Mary Croft          
ABERY, Julia see Rush, Peter                    
ABITTS, Louise see Juderjohn, Ed                    
ABLANDER, Eva Margaret see Myron Duffy, Clarence                    
ABLE, Bell see Hall, James Calvin                    
ABLE, Gertrude see Frisch, Harold                    
ABLE, Hattie see Drysdale, Alex G                    
ABLE, Mary see Davis                    
ABLE, Olga see O�Brien, John P                    
ABLE, Omi see Schultz, John G                    
ABLES., Christine see Renn, Thomas E                    
ABOUD, David see Joseph, Elias G                    
ABOUD, Mary see Joseph, Elias G                    
ABOUD, Michael see Aboud, Thomas Michael                    
ABOUD, Thomas Michael       Bainville 21 Syria Michael Aboud & Nelsa Debs 13-Jul-19 Bainville Roosivelt 31  
      Helen Job Bainville 23 Calif M E Job & ???          
ABRAHAM, Alice see Pedersen, Sigurd                    
ABRAHAM, Arvid       Beach N D 28 Elk Point S D Seaver Abraham & Anna Christianson 19-Sep-25 Glendive Dawson 3264  
      Bea Horsman Beach N D 21 White Rock S D Charley Horsman & Phebe Corey          
ABRAHAM, Lizzie see Houck, Jesse E                    
ABRAHAM, Maside see Joseph, Elias G                    
ABRAHAM, Oluf       Beach N D 26 Elk Point S D Sever Abraham & Annie Christiansen 4-Nov-22 Glendive Dawson 2915  
      Charlotte Dobler Beach N D 19 Houston Mn Anton Dobler & Catherine J Munighan          
ABRAHAM, Seaver see Abraham, Arvid                    
ABRAHAM, Selmer       Beach N D 23 ??? Sever Abraham & Anna Christianson 7-Jul-22 Wibaux Wibaux 346  
      Marie Helm Beach 18 Portland Andrew Helm & Lydia Geyer          
ABRAHAM, Sever see Houck, Jesse E                    
ABRAHAM, Sever see Abraham, Oluf                    
ABRAHAM, Sivert see Pederson, Sigurd                    
ABRAHAMS, Sever see Abraham, Selmer                    
ABRAHAMSON, Alex       Phillips 24 N D   27-Oct-16   Phillips 151  
      Edith Hanson Phillips 16 Manitoba Can            
ABRAHAMSON, Alice see Kleive                    
ABRAHAMSON, Carl see Abrahamson, O J                    
ABRAHAMSON, Charlie       Phillips Cty 30 N D   22-Mar-15   Phillips 10  
      Anna E Oesfelt Phillips Cty 20 Sweden            
ABRAHAMSON, Charlie & Mrs see Thornes, Nels Gunderson                    
ABRAHAMSON, Edwin see Marshall                    
ABRAHAMSON, Effie see Marshall                    
ABRAHAMSON, Frank see Abrahamson, Ray W                    
ABRAHAMSON, John A       Bowdoin 36 N D   9-Aug-23   Phillips 724  
      Helen Ivernia Cookingham Bowdoin 17 Ill            
ABRAHAMSON, Joseph see Shannon, Robert                    
ABRAHAMSON, Laura Elizabeth see Shannon, Robert                    
ABRAHAMSON, O J       Danube Mn 44 Mich Carl Abrahamson & Johanna Peterson 6-Jun-27 Chinook Blaine 994  
      Evelyn Clark Harlem 18 Mn Frank Clark & Lavina Scott          
ABRAHAMSON, Ray W       Malta 22 Minneapolis Mn Frank Abrahamson & Hilda Johnson 1-Apr-12 Glasgow Valley 1028  
      Olga Danielson Minneapolis Mn 19   Edward Danielson & Agnata Johnson          
ABRAM, Ludwig see Fenske                    
ABRAM, Paulina see Fenske                    
ABRAMSON, Abram B       Divide Sask 22 Kipling Sask John Abramson & Ellen Erickson 14-Jun-29 Chinook Blaine 1133  
      Elizabeth Bell Davis Divide Sask 17 Fraser Iowa B F Davis & Edith Coleman          
ABRAMSON, John see Abramson, Abram B                    
ABRENT, Minnie see Schultze, Max F                    
ABY, Eivin Nelson       Pretty Valley Sask Can 43 Nor Niels Tollefson & Olena Evenson 5-Jul-16 Scobey Sheridan 759  
      Martha Jane Wicks Pretty Valley Sask Can 26 Yorkshire England John Wicks & Emily Griffith          
ABY, Lillian see Johnson, Elmer M                    
ABY, Louis B see Johnson, Louis B                    
ACCART, Jule see Beeler, Francis R                    
ACCART, Julia see Accart, Francis R                    
ACCOLA, George C       Genivieve 29 Wis John Accola & Agnes Nick 23-May-17 Genivieve Valley 2122  
      Ola M Hudspeth Barr 18 Ill Ed Hudspeth & Anna Walton          
ACCOLA, John see Accola, George C                    
ACH, Francis see Gunderman, Michael                    
ACH, Francis see Hiltner, John                    
ACHATO, Martha see Knudvig, Martin                    
ACHESON, Anne (Skerrit?) see Fleenor, David                    
ACHESON, Georgana Elizabeth see Skoglund, Edwin William                    
ACHESON, Samuel see Skoglund, Edwin William                    
ACHILLES, Emma see Aarrestad, Oscar                    
ACHILLES, Louis see Hermanson, Ralph L                    
ACHILLES, Marie see Hermanson, Ralph L                    
ACHTENBERG, Jeanette see Hohenhaus                    
ACKARD, Stella (Bolster?) see Jackson, L L                    
ACKER, Carrie see Laurie, Alex R                    
ACKER, Ida see Kauffman, Jacob                    
ACKER, Otto       Phillips 30 Wis   11-Jul-16   Phillips 118  
      Grace B East Phillip 26 England            
ACKERLAND, Sarah see Foss, Alvin M                    
ACKERMAN, Alvin       Devils Lake N D 22 Crary N D John T Ackerman & Martha Ike 30-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 976  
      Helen Wessner Froid 20 Colehar-bor N D John Wisner & Sarah Reichert          
ACKERMAN, Catherine see Dickman                    
ACKERMAN, Charles       Culbertson 22 Poplar George Ackerman & Alpha Scott 12-Apr-20 Poplar Roosivelt 121  
      Alice (Olive) Shields Culbertson 19 Blair Andrew Shields & Florence Lambert          
ACKERMAN, Charles       Culbertson 23 Poplar George Ackerman & Ellfa Scott     Roosivelt 100 ( cert not completed )
      Olive Shields Culbertson 22 Drew Andrew & Florence Shields          
ACKERMAN, George see Ackerman, Charles                    
ACKERMAN, Joe       Wolf Point 82? Sweden Jonas & Carrie Johnson 29-Jun-14 Glasgow Valley    
      Alberta Eide Wolf Point 37 Norway Peter Eide & Martha Lund          
ACKERMAN, John T see Ackerman, Alvin                    
ACKERSON, Carrie see Kramer                    
ACKLEY, Curtis A see Graham, Simeon P                    
ACKLEY, Kate see Baumann, John E                    
ACKMAN, George       Poplar 26 San Sabo Texas George & Sarah Ackman 10-Mar-1896 Poplar Valley ?  
      Alpha D Scott Poplar 20 Poplar ???          
ACKMAN, George & Sarah see Ackman, George                    
ACKMAN, Louise see Hermansen, Ralph L                    
ACRIDGE, Henry see Acridge, James Conard                    
ACRIDGE, James Conard       Baylor 28 Okla Henry Acridge & Clara Runkle 21-Jul-20 Glasgow Valley 2701  
      Catherine Smith Baylor 26 Missouri John Smith & Delia Rush          
ADAIR, Maith Ann see Kincaid, George                    
ADAIR, Mary see Moning, J W                    
ADAM, Jane Mae see Dukes, Jacob Rufe                    
ADAM, Richard see Dukes, Jacob Rufe                    
ADAMS, A W see Rugg, Samuel L                    
ADAMS, Ada see Atchison, Richard H                    
ADAMS, Ada see Cole Elmer David                    
ADAMS, Addie Mabel see Bruce, George M                    
ADAMS, Alice May see Koechel, George C                    
ADAMS, Amos       Trenton N D 44 Mo William Adams & Mary Harrison 18-Nov-21 Poplar Roosivelt 315  
      Anna Adams Trenton 33 S D Oscar Olson & Helen Anderson          
ADAMS, Anna see Wangen, Theodore                    
ADAMS, Anna see Bilger, William                    
ADAMS, B F see Adams, Elster                    
ADAMS, B F see Cederberg, Albert                    
ADAMS, Benjamin F see Bruce, George M                    
ADAMS, Benjamin F see Johnson, John F                    
ADAMS, Bennie see Zbinden, Jester R                    
ADAMS, Blanche see Erickson, Conrad                    
ADAMS, C E see Shrum, Albert M                    
ADAMS, Calvin see Adams, Florien                    
ADAMS, Calvin see Adams, Clay                    
ADAMS, Calvin H see Stedman, Norman L                    
ADAMS, Charles see Adams, William                    
ADAMS, Charles see Adams, William                    
ADAMS, Charles       Kill Deer N D 40 St Cloud Mn William Adams & Elvira Fifield 3-Jul-22 Glendive Dawson 2876  
      Ruth Hayden Grassy Butte N D 21 O�Neil Nebr Edward Hayden & Lydia Harding          
ADAMS, Charles Wesley       Froid 28 Wis W C Adams & Effie Stillman 27-Jan-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1277  
      Zealan Smith Byer Okla 23 Okla B A Smith & Maggie Littleton          
ADAMS, Chas A & Anna see Sorgsanson, Marlin                    
ADAMS, Clara see Voss, Otto C                    
ADAMS, Clay       Glendive 23 Texas Calvin Adams & Mary Moss 28-Dec-08 Glendive Dawson 652  
      Violet Burton Foster 19 Foster Henry Burton & Myrtle Mackinson          
ADAMS, D E see Cessna, Glen                    
ADAMS, David see Adams, Velca                    
ADAMS, David Wendell       Oswego 26 Ft Ripley Mn John Columbus Adams & Eliza Jane Smith 25-May-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1176  
      Anna May Dobson Tracy Cal 19 Jefferson City Mo Gilbert Dobson & Ella Jensen          
ADAMS, Dora (Tuts) see Steffens, William F                    
ADAMS, Dorisel see Shrum, Albert M                    
ADAMS, Edith see Sorgsanson, Marlin                    
ADAMS, Eleanor E see Rugg, Samuel L                    
ADAMS, Elizabeth see Bundhund, John Henry                    
ADAMS, Elizabeth see Staton, Arthur                    
ADAMS, Elizabeth S see Brooks, James C                    
ADAMS, Elster       Glasgow 25 Marshfield Mo B F Adams & Mattie Trautheim? 9-Aug-25 Glasgow Valley 3149  
      Lillie C Johnson Glasgow 24 Waukegan Ill Herman Johnson & Dagmar Davis          
ADAMS, Emily see Leathers, Russell Charles                    
ADAMS, Eunice see Whiting, Walter Lewis                    
ADAMS, Eva May see Myers, Clyde William                    
ADAMS, Florien       Fryberg N D 29 Money Creek Mn Calvin Adams & Imogene Smith 26-Jul-30 Wibaux Wibaux 750  
      Vera Braden Fryberg 18 Fairfield Mn William Braden & Winifred Pierce          
ADAMS, Francis see Sawyer, William A                    
ADAMS, Franklin see Adams, George H                    
ADAMS, Fred see Voss, Otto C                    
ADAMS, Fred E       Chinook 41 Indiana George Adams & Lauretta Eggleston 3-Jul-15 Chinook Blaine 214  
      Millie Garre Wellington Kans 42 Wis William M Mcvay & Francis Elder          
ADAMS, Freda see Smith, R T                    
ADAMS, Geo see Reynolds                    
ADAMS, George see Adams, Willie                    
ADAMS, George see Adams, Fred E                    
ADAMS, George       Bainville 24 Iola Kansas John Columbus Adams & Eliza Jane Smith 26-May-18 Bainville Sheridan 1310  
      Leora Bell Lyons Oswego 24 Des Moines Iowa John Lyons & Mary Edwards          
ADAMS, George A see Hauge, John O                    
ADAMS, George H       Glasgow 60 Mount Morris N Y Franklin Adams & Emma B Clark 7-Apr-24 Glasgow Valley 3049  
      Minnie A Hovey Glasgow 61 Germany Fredrick Avis? & Hannah Bader          
ADAMS, George W see Myers, Clyde William                    
ADAMS, Georgia Fredina see Stedman, Norman L                    
ADAMS, Geroge W       Bonin 34 Kansas John C Adams & Eliza Smith 28-May-28 Plentywood Sheridan 2323  
      Clara B Selover Philadelphia Penn 34 Penn George Selover & Mary Durkin          
ADAMS, Guy Wesley       Dooley 24 Iowa Stephen P Adams & Allie Barge     Sheridan 352 ( not completed )
      Thora Dahl Dooley 27 Mn Ole & Marie Dahl          
ADAMS, Harrie       West Fork 23 Kansas L A Adams & Ula L Faddis     Daniels 405 ( cert not completed )
      Theodora E Belsvig Ossette 26 Milan Mn ??? Belsvig & Mattie Brende          
ADAMS, Harrie O       West Fork 23 Leavenworth Kan Lewis N Adams & Ula L Faddis 4-Dec-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1261  
      Esther Theodora Belsing Ossette 26 Mn Ole & Brenda Belsing          
ADAMS, Helen see Hauge, John O                    
ADAMS, Honnor see Johnston, David E                    
ADAMS, Honor see Johnston, George Edward                    
ADAMS, Ida see Gideon, Fremont                    
ADAMS, Ida A see Reynolds                    
ADAMS, Inez see Cessna, Glen                    
ADAMS, Isabelle see Campbell, Chester A                    
ADAMS, J C see Adams, Joel Oliver                    
ADAMS, Jeanette see Redstone, Norman                    
ADAMS, Jesse L       P�wood 25 Iowa Stephen Adams & Hallie M Barge 10-Dec-13 Plentywood Sheridan 140  
      May E Needham Can 16 England Alfred & Emma Needham          
ADAMS, Jewell see Cederberg, Albert                    
ADAMS, Joel Oliver       Wolf Point 36 Champagne Cty Ill J C Adams & Julia Smith 20-Aug-21 Poplar Roosivelt 274  
      Vera Jane Whiteside McCone Cty 18 Illinois Jesse Whiteside & Laura Smith          
ADAMS, John       Wolf Point 37 Wolf Point Warren A King & Looks Back and Walk 22-Jan-21 Glasgow Valley 2759  
      Janet G Redstone Wolf Point 41 Wolf Point William A Trexler & Hail Woman          
ADAMS, John see Clark, John Bernard                    
ADAMS, John C see Adams                    
ADAMS, John Columbus see Adams, David Wendel                    
ADAMS, John Columbus see Adams                    
ADAMS, John Robert       Frazer 36 Kansas John Adams & Eliza Jane Smith 14-Apr-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1155  
      Mary Lou Hicks Georgia 33 Georgia John Turner & Martha Bridges          
ADAMS, Joseph see Adams, Matthew                    
ADAMS, K W see Adams, Wm N                    
ADAMS, Katherine see Caplena, Newt                    
ADAMS, L A see Adams, Harrie                    
ADAMS, Leola see Petermann, Clarence H                    
ADAMS, Lizzie see Mcguire, Hugh                    
ADAMS, Louis N see Adams, Harrie O                    
ADAMS, Lucy see Fontaine, Peter                    
ADAMS, Luther see Adams, William                    
ADAMS, Madana see Estenson, Silas                    
ADAMS, Maggie see Plouffe, Homer                    
ADAMS, Margaret see Gasper, William Edmonds                    
ADAMS, Margaret see Frost, Ernest James                    
ADAMS, Martha see Gross, William B                    
ADAMS, Mary see Sibbits, William                    
ADAMS, Mary see Hancock, Thomas                    
ADAMS, Mary see Clark, John Bernard                    
ADAMS, Mary see Melby, Erik F                    
ADAMS, Mary see James, Aaron J                    
ADAMS, Mary see Dumont                    
ADAMS, Mary Ellen see Payne, Harmon P                    
ADAMS, Mary V see Clough, Raymond G                    
ADAMS, Mary V see Glendenning, Marshall                    
ADAMS, Matthew       Saco 35 Mn Joseph Adams & Margaret Lenihan 24-Nov-09 Saco Valley 535  
      Katherine M Brown Saco 22 Mn Robert Brown & Mary Folstine          
ADAMS, Minnie see Hubbard, Delma G                    
ADAMS, Mr ??? see Charlesworth, George                    
ADAMS, Nellie see Sowsgan, W E                    
ADAMS, R T see Schaffer, H C                    
ADAMS, Ralph see Petermann, Clarence H                    
ADAMS, Robert see Campbell, Chester A                    
ADAMS, Robert see Bundhund, John Henry                    
ADAMS, Ruth M see Curtin                    
ADAMS, S P see Curtin                    
ADAMS, Sarah see Dill                    
ADAMS, Stella see Ren, Emery Milo                    
ADAMS, Stephen see Adams                    
ADAMS, Stephen P see Adams                    
ADAMS, Susan see Herbert, David E                    
ADAMS, Vada Estella see Johnson, John F                    
ADAMS, Velca       Nashua 22 Indiana David Adams & Elizabeth Garland 1-Nov-19 Glasgow Valley 2574  
      Elsie Dascher Nashue 16 N D John Dascher & Therasa Shelle          
ADAMS, Venna V see Zbinden, Jester R                    
ADAMS, W C see Adams, Charles Wesley                    
ADAMS, William see Koechel, George C                    
ADAMS, William       Grassy Butte N D 21 Dickinson N D Charles Adams & Alma Mc-Kinney 3-Sep-29 Wibaux Wibaux 700  
      Margaret Blakley Dickinson N D 20 Dickinson C W Blakely & Bertha Smith          
ADAMS, William see Adams, Amos                    
ADAMS, William       Dodson 21 ??? Charles Adams & Genivieve Healy 8-Jul-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1342  
      Lucille Flynn Frazer 19 Frazer Thomas Flynn & Rose Butch          
ADAMS, William see Anderson, Thorvel                    
ADAMS, William       Belfield N D 21 Aberdeen S D Luther Adams & Annie Caffery 4-Jan-16 Glendive Dawson 1856  
      Lenora Gibbens Belfield 19 Toledo Ohio Delbert Gibbens & Elenore Sage          
ADAMS, William see Adams, Charles                    
ADAMS, William see Burch, Kenneth C                    
ADAMS, Willie       Sentinel Butte N D 21 Luverne Mn George Adams & Lulu Kearny 14-Nov-16 Glendive Dawson 2058  
      Winnie Holmberg Beach N D 18 White Water Mn Frank Holmberg & Ella Brown          
ADAMS, Winnie see Anderson, Thorvel                    
ADAMS, Wm & Sarah see Bradley, Samuel J                    
ADAMS, Wm N       Poplar Creek 26 Goodhue Cty Mn K W Adams & Lizzie A Day 23-Jul-1889 Poplar Dawson 28  
      Ellen Evenson Poplar Creek 25 Norway Even Evenson & Guner? Limburg          
ADAMSON, Florence Marie see Larson, Carl B                    
ADAMSON, Julia see Reetz, William C                    
ADAMSON, Ralph see Larson, Carl B                    
ADDINGTON, Abner see Ommar                    
ADDINGTON, Lucille see Ommar                    
ADDIS, Armindia Elizabeth see Ambruster, Herbert P                    
ADDYMAN, Herbert James see Addyman, William James                    
ADDYMAN, James see Addyman, Leroy H                    
ADDYMAN, Leroy H       Wolf Point 21 Iowa James Addyman & Klytia Demuth 12-Oct-19 Glasgow Valley 2562  
      Mildres Gibson Williston 19 N D Luke Gibson & Adele Maguliphin          
ADDYMAN, William James       Williston N D 26 Iowa Herbert James Addyman & Klette Deeman 18-Jul-29 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1350  
      Malie Zona Bettinger Williston 24 Neb Herbert Bettinger & Clara Whittiker          
ADEKERK, Isaac B see Adekerk, Ted V                    
ADEKERK, Ted V       Glendive 25 Gary So Carolina Isaac B Adekerk & Ella M Cooley 10-Apr-07 Glendive Dawson 511  
      Alice R Hewlitt Glendive 33 Montreal Canada Wm & Margaret Hewlitt          
ADELAIDE, Magdeline see Sayers, Patrick                    
ADELBUSH, Laura see Moxley, Curtis                    
ADKINS, Ermine see DeKoning, John                    
ADKINS, Etta see Rickett, Raymond                    
ADKINS, Frances see Burchette, Thomas R                    
ADKINS, Jane (Salisbury?) see Stanley, Alfred C                    
ADKINS, Ora E (Prichard?) see Rasmussen, S A                    
ADKINS, Rebecca see Tilton, Mark Sherman                    
ADKINS, Rebecca see Tilton, John M                    
ADKINS, Rebecca see Jones, Oliver                    
ADKINS, Rebecca see Nelson, Rueben Arthur                    
ADKINS, Robert see Adkins, William                    
ADKINS, Temperance see Magallon, Orval J                    
ADKINS, Vivian Aleta see Spencer, Clarence Leonard                    
ADKINS, William       Frazer 24 Hillman Mn Robert Adkins & Cena Connors 16-Sep-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1082  
      Marion Peters Frazer 18 Winkler Man Can Aron Peters & Lizzie Trinke          
ADKINS, William J see Walker, Glenn Wright                    
ADKINS, William James see Spencer, Clarence Leonard                    
ADKISSON, Elizabeth see Hunter, Malcolm                    
ADLER, Lena see Clarkson, George                    
ADRIAN, James see Robert John Wilson, Adrian                    
ADRIAN, Robert John Wilson       Paxton 30 Deer Creek Mn James Adrian & Rebecca McAmister 4-Aug-13 Glendive Dawson 1301  
      Minnie Motley Richmond Virginia 26 Darwin Virginia Elias Motley & Marie Gardner          
AEBERLY, Catherine see Trear, Peter D                    
AFFEN, Anna see Shettles, George A                    
AFFINS, Vanlula see Joslyn, Charles Edward                    
AFRAID, of Bears see Fast, James                    
AFRAID, of The Bear see Fast                    
AFRAID OF HIS TRACK, Charles       Wolf Point 49 Mt ??? 15-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 971  
      Mary Parnell, Wolf Point 18 Frazer Charles Parnell & Jessie Arrow          
AFROIN, John & Sophia see Eli, Theodore                    
AFROIN, Minerva see Eli, Theodore                    
AGA, Bertha see Ode, Christian Peterson                    
AGARD, Olga see Armstrong, W J                    
AGASTINELLO, Charles see Agastinello, Nicholas                    
AGASTINELLO, Nicholas       Poplar 24 Italy Charles Agastinello & Mary Petutunia 31-Dec-21 Poplar Roosivelt 333  
      Florence Dauphine Wolf Point 17 Culbertson Peter Dauphine & Eliza LaDuke          
AGASTINI, Cesare see Agastini, Emanuele                    
AGASTINI, Emanuele       Dickinson N D 34 Italy Cesare Agastini & Mei Eugenia 5-Nov-25 Glendive Dawson 3280  
      Agatha Lupo Intake 29 Italy Joseph Lupo & Mary Spialtini          
AGER, Ina see Cave, Ira                    
AGLE, LeRoy       Glendive 35 Toledo Ohio Loren Agle & Mertie E Brown 14-Oct-26 Glendive Dawson 3403  
      Zelma Mack Stipek 29 Canton Ohio Charles Hockwart & Elizabeth Ladewig          
AGLE, Loren see Agle, LeRoy                    
AGNENE, Christine see Buer                    
AGNER, John       Glendive 35 Tiffen Ohio John Agner & Anna Shank 31-Aug-07 Glendive Dawson 541  
      Barbara Berven Glendive 36 Norway Jacob Jacobson & Maline Olson          
AGNEW, Agnes see Brown, William R                    
AGNEW, B J see Smith, Richard F                    
AGNEW, Barney J see Agnew, Thomas                    
AGNEW, Ella see Jackson, Anthony                    
AGNEW, Mary see Hardy, Henry W                    
AGNEW, Mary Ann see Hardy, John P                    
AGNEW, Minnie see Geunther                    
AGNEW, Myrtle see Kelly, James                    
AGNEW, Nellie see Smith, Richard F                    
AGNEW, Thomas       Wibaux 22 Waseca Mn Barney J Agnew & Dora Ryan     Dawson 247  
      Pauline Nation Wibaux 18 Appleton Cty Mo (guardian)Charles Clark & ???          
AGNEW, Thomas see Kelly, James                    
AGNOR, Amelia see Arendsen, Wm                    
AGNOR, William see Arendsen, Wm                    
AGNUE, Agnus see Lewis, Homer Wayne                    
AGOSTINELLI, Charles see Agostinelli, Nick                    
AGOSTINELLI, Nick       Poplar 31 Italy Charlie Agostinelli & Marie Prodro 1-Aug-29 Poplar Roosivelt 1353  
      Mary Marie Dauphine Poplar 20 Trenton? N D Pete Dauphine & Elizabeth LaDuke          
AGRELIUS, Hilda see Krass, Lewis E                    
AHEONS, Anna Josephine see Walker, William Bateman                    
AHERN, Jerry see Ahern                    
AHERN, Ralph J       Whitetail 30 Mn Jerry Ahern & Mary Gilligan 9-Dec-18 Whitetail Sheridan 1427  
      Marie Ranch? Whitetail 30 Mn Peter & Mary Ranch?          
AHLE, Anton J see Pearce, William B                    
AHLE, Mary Sophia see Pearce, William B                    
AHLEN, Conrad see Ahlen, John J                    
AHLEN, John L       Wibaux 24 Ft Madison Iowa Conrad Ahlen & May Berhart 11-Feb-14 Wibaux Dawson 1437  
      Mary B Malard Wibaux 29 Benard Missouri Lee Malard & Gertie Vogelsnott          
AHLERS, Ella see Lofgren L S                    
AHLERT, Herman       Cleveland N D 25 Jamestown N D Herman Ahlert & Katherine Hertel 3-Jun-30 Glendive Dawson 3871  
      Bertha Klostriech Cleveland N D 20 Wentworth S D Carl Klostriech & Julia Witt          
AHMET, (Ahrent?) Borghild see Sampson, Rasmus                    
AHNEMEN, Minnie see Snyder, George                    
AHNER, Lena see Graubman                    
AHRENS , Edward see Byxbe, Clive M                    
AHRENS, John & Louise see Walker, Hugh C                    
AHRENS, Mathilda see Byxbe, Clive M                    
AHSENMACHER, Catherine see Hoyt, Walter Alvin                    
AHUKS, Anna see Berg, Halver                    
AICHELE, Karl Henerich       Poplar 42 Germany Michael Aichele & Anna Vatter 14-Jul-23 Poplar Roosivelt 524  
      Freda Grotz Chicago 26 Germany William Grotz & Marie Bouslof          
AICHELE, Michael see Aichele, Karl Henerich                    
AIDER, Jean Marie see Cariburn, Peter                    
AIDER, Joseph see Cariburn, Peter                    
AIKE, Anna see Golterman, Joseph H                    
AIKEN, Alfred Euclid       Glendive 36 Kenmore? Chatauqua Cty N Y Alfred Aiken & Sarah C Chandler 25-Oct-1899 Glendive Dawson 193  
      Cora Miskimen Glendive 28 Cambridge Ill Harvey & Sidney Miskimen          
AIKEN, Ann Clara (Christenson?) see Hill, Alexander N                    
AIKEN, Benjamin see Aiken, Clyde B                    
AIKEN, Clyde B       Malta 27 Menominee Wis Benjamin Aiken & Bessie Bodette 10?-Dec-1906 Malta Valley 264  
      Elizabeth M Goggin Baeth 20 Olga N D William Goggin & Martha Laing          
AIKENHEAD, Nina see Henderson, Gilbert Ralph                    
AIKENHEAD, Peter see Ferron                    
AIKMAN, Sally see Felker, James                    
AIKMAN, Sarah E see Shiell                    
AIMES, Polly see Moore                    
AINLY, Alex V       Outlook 31 Can Wm H Ainly & Aletha Lambert 2-Jul-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1066  
      Olive R Walker Outlook 28 Can Wm Walker & Sophia Parlett          
AINLY, Wm H see Ainly                    
AIRES, Matilda see Huggins, Robert                    
AIRS?, Ella see Gore, Bruce                    
AIRSMITH, ??? see Curry, Claude                    
AITCHISON, Christine see Paplow, Charles W                    
AITCHISON, Peter see Paplow, Charles W                    
AKEA, Bertha see Estes                    
AKEA, M O see Estes                    
AKER, Ada Fay see Jelmberg, Victor                    
AKER, Alta Marie see Phelan, Gregory H                    
AKER, Carl see Phelan, Gregory H                    
AKER, Carl E see Jelmberg, Victor                    
AKERLUND, Emil       Phillips 38 Sweden   26-Jan-19   Phillips 408  
      Florence Anderson Phillips 28 Mass            
AKERLUND, Oscar A see Akerlund, Emil                    
AKERS, Cecelia see Whitwright, Chauncey                    
AKERS, Edwin see Moore, Donald Frank                    
AKERS, Estelle see Hughes                    
AKERS, Eula see Moore, Donald Frank                    
AKERS, George see Anderson, Martin Edwin                    
AKERS, George see Whitwright, Chauncey                    
AKERS, Julia see Holmes, George                    
AKERS, Lelah Ruth see Chelgren, Edgar N                    
AKERS, Ruby Louise see Anderson, Martin Edwin                    
AKERSON, Carrie see Skerrit                    
AKERSON, Carrie see Peterson                    
AKIN, C B see Goggin, William                    
AKIN, Dora see Cobb, Norval Emery                    
AKIN, Mary see Freeman, William                    
AKLASTAD (AKLESTAD?), Peder J       P�wood 37 Norway Matt Aklastad & Runday Myer 28-Sep-20 Plentywood Sheridan 1685  
      Barghild Roning? P�wood 18 Norway ??? Strom & Marte Larson          
AKLASTAD?, Matt see Aklastad                    
AKRA, Marie see Gjerde, Odin                    
AKRA, Mate? see Gjerde, Odin                    
AKRE, Alga see Johnston, George E                    
AKRE, Alman S       Reserve 34 Nor Sam & Olina Akre 24-Dec-14 Culbertson Sheridan 394  
      Annie Aasved Reserve 33 Norway John Aasved          
AKRE, Forrest       Hogeland 33 Rushford Mn John Akre & Mary Paulson 23-Dec-28 ??? Blaine 1103  
      Gertrude C Peterson Hogeland 25 Amery Wis John Peterson & Amanda Sandquist          
AKRE, John see Akre, Forrest                    
AKRE, John J see Akre, Ole J                    
AKRE, Martha see Aasheim                    
AKRE, Matt O see Johnston, George E                    
AKRE, Ole J       Hinsdale 51 Highlandville Iowa John J Akre & Martha Saervold? 31-May-21 Hinsdale Valley 2777  
      Gina Mathilda Toftness Hinsdale 37 Clarkfield Mn Bernt B Toftness & Anna Aaslieo          
AKRE, Sam & Oline see Akre                    
AKRE, Torny? see Wilson, Frank L                    
AKRES, David       Homestead 21 Poplar George Akres & Estelle Manning 4-Jun-27 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1033  
      Elsie Grunst Culbertson 19 Jackson Mn John Grunst & Bertha Wolfe          
AKRES, George see Akres, David                    
ALAVANA, Jack see Young, Joe                    
ALAVANA, John       Toledo 38 Jugoslavia Stefan Alavana & Mosie Radaka 30-Apr-27 Chinook Blaine 992  
      Myra Young Malta 19 White Earth N D Albert Earl Young & Alma Stearns          
ALAVANA, Myra see Young, Joe                    
ALAVANA, Stefan see Alavana, John                    
ALBAND, Evelyn M see Whitney, Nelson L                    
ALBARGIE, Josephine see Grele, Julius                    
ALBEL, Anson see Wood, Charles                    
ALBEL, Mattie H see Wood, Charles                    
ALBERS, Anna see Hoeck, George H                    
ALBERS, Anna see Hoeck, Ted                    
ALBERS, John see Albers, John Schubert                    
ALBERS, John Schubert       Flaxville 28 Ill John Albers & Mary Schubert 20-Sep-17 Glasgow Valley 2231  
      Jean W Smith Nahajo 28 N D James Smith & Margaret McIntyre          
ALBERT, Anna (Jacobson?) see Bergan                    
ALBERT, Esther see McCown, Sam                    
ALBERT, George see Albert, Virgil E                    
ALBERT, George       Gossett 31 Cass Cty Nebr John Albert & Maggie Hartman 16-Nov-11 Sidney Dawson 1008  
      Maude H Palmer Gossett 29 Washington Cty New York Earle L Palmer & Louisa C Ripley          
ALBERT, Harold Chester       Froid 20 Landers Ill Otis Albert & Maggie May Musgrove 11-Mar-28 Froid Roosivelt 1147  
      Verna Esther Griebel Watford City N D 20 Frye Creek Wisc Anton Griebel & Sadie Heff          
ALBERT, John see Albert, George                    
ALBERT, Otis see Albert, Harold Chester                    
ALBERT, Otis see Albert, Ralph Elonzo                    
ALBERT, Paul       Content 42 Can   23-Apr-23   Phillips 711  
      Ester Anderson Minneapolis 35 Mn            
ALBERT , Purdy see McCown, Sam                    
ALBERT, Ralph Elonzo       Brockton 24 Ill Otis Albert & Maggie May Musgrove 11-Jun-30 Culbertson Roosivelt 1456  
      Wilma Mae Prichard Brockton 19 Kansas Thomas Prichard & Elva Armstrong          
ALBERT, Virgil E       Wolf Point 30 Illinois George Albert & Mary Rosborough 16-Apr-19 Glasgow Valley 2494  
      Stella Marquis Wolf Point 25 Illinois Abraham Smith & Bernice Stomberg          
ALBERTS, George see Kurtz                    
ALBERTS, Lillian see Kurtz                    
ALBERTS, Lucy see VanDusen, Walter                    
ALBERTS, Rosie see Shoots The Tiger, James                    
ALBERTSON, Annie see Greenup, Clyde Riley                    
ALBERTSON, Breta see Anderson, Martin Edwin                    
ALBERTSON, Charles see Bunker, Frank J                    
ALBERTSON, Charles see Scarlett, George                    
ALBERTSON, Clara see Harness, Pleasant F                    
ALBERTSON, Emma see Okert, Harry                    
ALBERTSON, John H       Wentworth S D 35 Vernon Wisc Martinus Albertson & Martha Hjelstuen 22-Mar-12 Glendive Dawson 1066  
      Lilly Westby Fayette N D 24 Deuel Cty S D ???          
ALBERTSON, Martinus see Albertson, John H                    
ALBERTSON, Pearl see Scarlett, George                    
ALBERTSON, Una see Bunker, Park J                    
ALBIN, Ira O       Girard 24 Elkhart Indiana Luther Albin & Jennie Nelson 1-Jun-10 Sidney Dawson 805  
      Dagmar M Anderson Sidney 21 Fredriksvark Denmark Peter Anderson & Bertha Josephson          
ALBIN, Luther see Albin, Ira O                    
ALBORD, Cordelia see Quinn                    
ALBRECHT, Albert Henry       Wolf Point 44 Peoria Ill Ferdinand Albrecht & Elizabeth Porten 7-Dec-21 Wolf Point. Roosivelt 322  
      Virginia Hill Wolf Point 29 Staples Mn John Gish & Flossette Lee          
ALBRECHT, Anna see Graber, William W                    
ALBRECHT, Anna see Unruh, Anthony                    
ALBRECHT, Caroline see Grundman, Fred                    
ALBRECHT, Ferdinand see Albrecht, Albert Henry                    
ALBRECHT, Henry       Bloomfield 27 Marion S D Jacob Albrecht & Anna Graber 4-Nov-23 Bloomfield Dawson 3052  
      Leora Stanley Bloomfield 17 Mount Ayr Iowa Isaac Stanley & Manda Miller          
ALBRECHT, Herman       Zurich 19 Germany Herman W Albrecht & Minnie Fieland 23-Jul-26 Chinook Blaine 951  
      Sylvia Marie Hallengerger Zurich 17 Chinook Herman Hallenberger & Laura Hunt          
ALBRECHT, Hulda see Leonberger, Walter H                    
ALBRECHT, Jacob see Albrecht, Henry                    
ALBRECHT, Jacob see Albrecht, Peter                    
ALBRECHT, Jacob see Grundman, Fred                    
ALBRECHT, Jacob see Unruh, Anthony                    
ALBRECHT, Peter       Intake 22 Marion S D Jacob Albrecht & Anna Graber 10-Oct-29 Glendive Dawson 3786  
      Dorothy Fatzinger Bloomfield 18 Bloomfield Clark Fatzinger & Gertrude Shellhart          
ALBRECHT, Virginia see Kenny, Cyril J                    
ALBRICHT, Joseph       Phillips 27 S D   1-Jul-15   Phillips 28  
      Rose Hemminger Phillips 19 Russia            
ALBRIGHT, Anna see Senner, Henry P                    
ALBRIGHT, Chas C               28-Feb-1883   Dawson 9  
      Sucy Wright                  
ALBRIGHT, G B       Culbertson 25 Homesdale? Penn Geo Albright & Addie Allen 3-May-10 Glasgow Valley 625  
      Martha Stensos? Belle Fourche S D 21 Norway John Stensos & ???          
ALBRIGHT, Harry       Bloomfield 24 Parker S D Thomas Albright & Annie Sutter 19-Sep-21 Glendive Dawson 2797  
      Ida Albright Richey 27 Freeman S D Jacob Albright & Anna Graber          
ALBRIGHT, Ida see Albright, Harry                    
ALBRIGHT, Jacob see Albright, Harry                    
ALBRIGHT, Lucy see Whitaker, Ross                    
ALBRIGHT, Minnie M see Perry, Benjamin R                    
ALBRIGHT, Thomas see Albright, Harry                    
ALBRIGHTSON, Henry see Kniepkamp, Harry                    
ALBRIGHTSON, Hilda see Kniepkamp, Harry                    
ALBRYCHT, Charley see Meschke, John M                    
ALBUE, Sophie see Howaid                    
ALBURN, Mary see Crawford, Fred                    
ALCORN, James O       Glasgow 32 Indiana   4-Dec-26   Phillips 924  
      Ethel Kodalen Glasgow 20 N D            
ALCORN, Leonard C see Rowley, David William                    
ALCORN, Lillian see Rowley, David William                    
ALDEGUERRA, Emma see Malatarre, Charles Alfree                    
ALDEN, Delia see Chase, Clarence Herbert                    
ALDEN, Thankful C see Burns, George Floyd                    
ALDER, Eliza see Fornerook, Leon Dale                    
ALDER, Eliza see Fornerook, Ron Elton                    
ALDERICE, Charles Green       Scobey 31 Colo H J Alderice & Mattie Willies 26-Feb-17 Scobey Sheridan 963  
      Francis Pryby-lski Scobey 22 N Y Paul Prybylski & Florence Powers          
ALDERICE, H J see Alderice                    
ALDERMAN, Alice see Quinn, Ralph R                    
ALDERQUERRE, Richard R       Wolf Point 25 Philipine Islands Venito Alderquerre & Martena Rovate 15-Apr-22 Poplar Roosivelt 369  
      Emma Daniels Wolf Point 18 Canada Joe Daniels & ???          
ALDERQUERRE, Venito see Alderquerre, Richard                    
ALDRICH, Adelbert see Mozingo, A K                    
ALDRICH, Arthur E       Plentywood 42 Smithland Iowa Albert Aldrich & Flora Huntley 9-Dec-24 Scobey Daniels 180  
      Minnie H Janeski Medicine Lake 23 Mn ???          
ALDRICH, Bessie Pearl see Fox, George Edwin                    
ALDRICH, Cale see Songstad, John                    
ALDRICH, Cale M see Fox, George Edwin                    
ALDRICH, Charles see Hanson, Roy William                    
ALDRICH, Charles       Sidney 28 Mn Wilmot Aldrich & Mary Kirkpatrick 8-Jan-08 Glendive Dawson 565  
      Anna Schultd Sidney 22 Houston Cty Mn William Schultd & Elizabeth Linde          
ALDRICH, Eva B see Mozingo, A K                    
ALDRICH, Gilbert see Stone, Lother                    
ALDRICH, Gladys see Songstad, John                    
ALDRICH, Gwendolyn Mary see Hanson, Roy William                    
ALDRICH, Irma G see Sunderhauf                    
ALDRICH, Mae see Stone, Lother                    
ALDRICH, Malcolm J see Sunderhauf                    
ALDRICH, Maria see Ashford, Charles                    
ALDRICH, William E see Morrison                    
ALDRICH, Wilmot see Aldrich, Charles                    
ALDRICH, Winnie M see Morrison                    
ALDRIDGE, Rhuanna see Kernes, John                    
ALERSON, Carrie see Stastad                    
ALEXANDER, Ada see Osborne, Herbert                    
ALEXANDER, Albert M see Alexander, Gordon                    
ALEXANDER, Alice see Lamb, Elmer                    
ALEXANDER, Alyce see Sundquist, John P                    
ALEXANDER, Ben F see Scharff, John Jr                    
ALEXANDER, Clara see Samson, Ashburn                    
ALEXANDER, Dolly see Baker, George Everett                    
ALEXANDER, Emma see Leslie                    
ALEXANDER, Fanny see Tillis, George                    
ALEXANDER, Francis C       Enid 23 Wis Frank Alexander & Jennie Gillis 27-Oct-23 Poplar Roosivelt 563  
      Ruth E Hull Enid 18 Crane Frank & Hortense Hull          
ALEXANDER, Frank see Alexander, Francis C                    
ALEXANDER, George & Mary see Samson, Ashburn                    
ALEXANDER, Gordon       Ranger N D 21 Taylorville Ill Albert M Alexander & Luella Potts 15-Mar-30 Wibaux Wibaux 724  
      Wilma G Davis Amidon N D 20 Amidon Mark Davis & Julia Newcomer          
ALEXANDER, Ila M see Scharff, John Jr                    
ALEXANDER, J B       Outlook legal Morrisville Missouri J C Alexander & Stella A Wasner 28-May-30 Plentywood Sheridan 2529  
      Ellen M Olson Dresden N D legal Dresden A G Olson & Hilma Anderson          
ALEXANDER, J C see Alexander                    
ALEXANDER, Jane see Lund, Burdick William                    
ALEXANDER, Jesse see Tunison, Lyle E                    
ALEXANDER, Jessie Henly see Baker, George Everett                    
ALEXANDER, John see Reinhart, Charles                    
ALEXANDER, Joseph see Boroff, Louis                    
ALEXANDER, Leila see Tunison, Lyle E                    
ALEXANDER, Louis Silex       Glasgow 25 Mn Louis L Alexander & Anna Smith 3-Nov-26 Wolf Point Roosivelt 964  
      Inez Thelma Brown Wolf Point 20 N D Howard Brown & Anna Anderson          
ALEXANDER, Martha Evelyn see Boroff, Louis                    
ALEXANDER, Mary C see McClung, Glenn F                    
ALEXANDER, Mary E see Bish, Joseph                    
ALEXANDER, Samuel see McClung, Glenn F                    
ALEXANDER, Silex see Edwards, F A                    
ALEXANDER, Vida see Edwards, F A                    
ALEXANDRA, Bella (Bolton?) see Market, Richard Max                    
ALEXSON, Jennie see Kiel, Louis                    
ALEXSON, Neri see Kiel, Louis                    
ALFORD, Nellie see Breese, Paul Martin                    
ALFORD, Nellie see Breese, Claude Eugene                    
ALFRED, Anna see Maxson, Lewin L                    
ALFSON, Albert see Alfson                    
ALFSON, Ralph       Delamere N D 21 N D Albert Alfson & Emma Martin 30-Jun-19 Medicine Lake Sheridan 1534  
      Mabel Danielson Delamere N D     Haakon Danielson & Molly Olson          
ALFSON, Rina see Hill                    
ALFSON, Turine see Carlson                    
ALGER, Alpheus see Alger, Harry Elwin                    
ALGER, Harry Elwin       Fairview 21 Union Grove Mn Alpheus Alger & Minnie Hinds 27-Nov-20 Glendive Dawson 2713  
      Martha Coburn Glendive 23 Fort Bend Ontario Can John Coburn & Harriet Hunter          
ALGER, Laura see Benson, Clarence                    
ALGER, Lena see DeBord, Ira                    
ALGER, Lila see Cornwell, Thomas                    
ALGER, Lura see Liddle, George E                    
ALGER, R see Cornwell, Thomas                    
ALGOE, Elizabeth see Shriner, William D                    
ALGUIRE, Edna see Bear, Marion Lyle                    
ALGUIRE , John see Clark, Farrand                    
ALHERS, Anna see Palmer, Bernard L                    
ALICKSON, Nerie see Alickson, O B                    
ALICKSON, O B       Calvin N D 44 Mn Ole Alickson & Tilda Olaon 4-Jan-18 Glasgow Valley 2467  
      Mrs Jennie Kiel Guthrie N D 36 N D Nerie Alickson & Rachel Olson          
ALICKSON, Ole see Alickson, O B                    
ALIMAND, Emma V see Jensen, Erik Paul                    
ALINBERG, Enga see Moe, Emil M                    
ALISCH, Belle see Miller, Ross Frederick                    
ALISCH, Hattie Belle (Spencer?) see Gobbs, Spencer                    
ALKIRE, Elizabeth see Loofbonrrow, Frank L                    
ALKIRE, Fannie see Flaskerud, Christ                    
ALKIRE, Peter see Flaskerud, Christ                    
ALL, Good see Four Bear, Stanley                    
ALLAIRE, Ella see McNulty Frances Ignatos                    
ALLAN, Ella G see Burton, Lloyd E                    
ALLARD, Arthur see Peterson, Carl R                    
ALLARD, Hazel see Brown, Matthew James                    
ALLARD, Henry       Wolf Point 36 Green Bay Wis Joseph Allard & Jane Bodwine 15-Jul-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 150  
      Margaret N Tebo Wolf Point 41 Winnepeg Man Can Frank Tebo & Odilio Grombeau          
ALLARD, John see Covyell, John                    
ALLARD, John see LaRoque, Joseph                    
ALLARD, John see Korsmoe, Sam G                    
ALLARD, Joseph see Allard, Henry                    
ALLARD, Marie Louise see Olson, Ludwig Benjamin                    
ALLARD, Mary L see Hurly, Leo                    
ALLARD, Mellanie see Covyell, Lumon                    
ALLARD, Peter see Olson, Ludwig Benjamin                    
ALLARD, Urgel see Brown, Matthew James                    
ALLARY, Andrew see Doney, John                    
ALLARY, Elizabeth see Doney, John                    
ALLBRIGHT, Ella see Brown, Emory V                    
ALLDRIN, Helen see Gardner, William Ray                    
ALLDRIN, Helen G see Moore, Bert G                    
ALLDRIN, Helen G see Alldrin, Richard L                    
ALLDRIN, R L see Connor, William                    
ALLDRIN, R L see Finkle, Fred                    
ALLDRIN, R L see Taylor, Archie Glen                    
ALLDRIN, Richard L       Phillips 27 Mn   8-Jun-20   Phillips 506  
      Elizabeth E Holer Phillips 29 N D            
ALLEE, Agnes see Elmore                    
ALLEE, Pearl see Raifsnyder, Henry T                    
ALLEN, Addie see Albright, G B                    
ALLEN, Adrain? T       Wolf Point 31 Maine Chester C Allen & Mary C Poland 5-Jul-17 Glasgow Valley 2160  
      Jessie Mable McNabb Patton Hill 23 Texas Joseph R McNabb & Francis Brooks          
ALLEN, Albert see Tollefson, Thomas                    
ALLEN, Alice see Kennedy, Joseph A                    
ALLEN, Almeda see Gould                    
ALLEN, Andrew see Allen                    
ALLEN, Benjamin see Winterrowd, Benjamin Thomas                    
ALLEN, C E see Allen, Jno D                    
ALLEN, C W see Jensen, Olav Sigurd                    
ALLEN, Carrie see Dow, Howard                    
ALLEN, Charles       Arthur 30 Iowa Thomas Allen & Nellie Geerdet 2-Jun-15 Glasgow Valley 1685  
      Edith Haight Arthur 28 N D A Prentice & Sarah Birch          
ALLEN, Charles see Allen, Herman                    
ALLEN, Charles see Cooper, Karney W                    
ALLEN, Charles Clay       Wibaux 25 Montgomery Cty Kentucky Henry Allen & Martha Abbnore 19-Mar-10 Wibaux Dawson 782  
      Sarah Costley White Wibaux 28 Scotland John Costley & Margaret Fisher          
ALLEN, Charlott see Spellman, D T                    
ALLEN, Chester C see Allen, Adrain T                    
ALLEN, Clara see Evans, Merton                    
ALLEN, Clara see Coons, Ohenry Ray                    
ALLEN, Clara see Weinreis, Edwin                    
ALLEN, Claude J       Cottonwood 26 Wis par Thomas Allen & Pauline Peterson 14-Sep-16 Chinook Blaine 308  
      Selena Peterson Cottonwood 33 Granville N D Knute Peterson & Sigvar Exe          
ALLEN, Clifford       Malta 27 Ill   6-Jan-29   Phillips 1096  
      Edna M Millons Saco 19 Mt            
ALLEN, Dick see Sundberg, Wallace                    
ALLEN, Ed M see Kaepernick, Arnold                    
ALLEN, Edith see Cole, Irving                    
ALLEN, Edith see Hoerauf, Edward P                    
ALLEN, Edward       Raymond 24 Wis Richard Allen & Ella Maxey 16-Mar-16 Plentywood Sheridan 703  
      Lucy Langen Raymond 28 N Y Patrick Langen & Mary Glennon          
ALLEN, Elizabeth see Alm, Loyal                    
ALLEN, Elizabeth see Devine, William Roen                    
ALLEN, Ella see Staley                    
ALLEN, Ellen see Urlin, John A                    
ALLEN, Elsie see White, Jacques                    
ALLEN, Ethan       Spokane Wash 52 Dubuque Iowa William G & Hulda Allen 29-Dec-1889 Glendive Dawson 31  
      Eliza Burke Lake City Mn 38 Lake City Mn Joseph Clarke & ???          
ALLEN, Floy A see Thompson, Robert D                    
ALLEN, Fred see Alm Loyal                    
ALLEN, George see Allen, Sam S                    
ALLEN, George see Allen                    
ALLEN, George see Allen                    
ALLEN, George see Allen                    
ALLEN, George N see Allen, Roy George                    
ALLEN, Gladys Marilynn see Brolin, Martin Emile                    
ALLEN, Grace see Kuhnhenn, Dan                    
ALLEN, Guy see Bain                    
ALLEN, Guy see Smith                    
ALLEN, Guy see Allen                    
ALLEN, H T see Barrows, H C                    
ALLEN, Hannah see Spain, James                    
ALLEN, Harold       Bainville 27 Iowa Andrew Allen & Julia Gardner 7-Jan-18 Plentywood Sheridan 1245  
      Myrtle Stiehl Mondak 24 Ill Dan Stiehl & Nancy Hall          
ALLEN, Henry see Allen, Henry                    
ALLEN, Henry see Allen, Charles Clay                    
ALLEN, Herman       Nohle 52 Juno Cty ??? Charles Allen & Lydia Grich 18-Jul-26 Bainville Roosivelt 922  
      Mayme Ryles Nohle 57 ??? ???          
ALLEN, Huston       Glendive 43 Edgar Cty Illinois Robert Allen & Nancy Simpson 8-Apr-11 Wibaux Dawson 923  
      Tillie B Gullickson Beach N D 32 Black River Falls Wisc John Gullickson & Martha Holven          
ALLEN, Irene see Johnson, Lewis O                    
ALLEN, Isaac see Batterton, Harry L                    
ALLEN, James M       Scobey 23 N D George Allen & Elizabeth Harkness? 21-May-17 Scobey Sheridan 1026?  
      Rose Dickinson Scobey 17 S D Edward Dickinson & Clara Franks          
ALLEN, Jane see Stanczyk, Math                    
ALLEN, Jennie see Schwartz, William Henry                    
ALLEN, Jennie L see Smith, Fredrick Forte                    
ALLEN, Jno see Allen, Thomas H                    
ALLEN, Jno D       Livingston 23 Mandan N D C E Allen & Bertha Knutson 22-Aug-13 Glendive Dawson 1311  
      Rose Tocher Livingston 21 Livingston Patrick Tocher & Della McAndrews          
ALLEN, John C see Powell, Courtland W                    
ALLEN, John C       Reserve 30 Med� Lake Guy Allen & Jessie Quint 4-May-35 Plentywood Sheridan 2924  
      Bertha O Mork Reserve 20 Michigan N D Magnus Mork & Marie Valseth          
ALLEN, Joseph see Allen, Luther N                    
ALLEN, Joseph see Bonney, Walter L                    
ALLEN, Joseph E       Enid 38 Helena Joseph W Allen & Sarah Wright 10-Aug-12 Glendive Dawson 1126  
      Dolly Hartwig Enid 21 Chicago Ill ??? Hartwig & Hattie Keeland          
ALLEN, Joseph W see Allen, Joseph E                    
ALLEN, Joseph W see Mallet, Charles Newton                    
ALLEN, Josephine see Shane, Ralph F                    
ALLEN, Julia E see Hutchins, Frank                    
ALLEN, Kate see Cooper, Karney W                    
ALLEN, Katherine see Fairbanks, J A                    
ALLEN, Katherine see Kjelstrup                    
ALLEN, Katie see Sundberg, Wallace                    
ALLEN, Katie see Kramer, Charles K                    
ALLEN, Krowbridge see Thompson, Robert D                    
ALLEN, Leah see Johnson, Glen A                    
ALLEN, LeeRoy       Glasgow 21 Westphalia Kan Thomas Allen & Eddie Jurgens 30-Jul-28 Poplar Roosivelt 1200  
      Thelma Elizabeth Dumars Glasgow 21 Pense? Sask Can John Dumars & Sidonia Ridel          
ALLEN, Lillian see Oliver, William Charles                    
ALLEN, Lillian see Bain                    
ALLEN, Lizzie see Powell, Courtland W                    
ALLEN, Lois B see Tollefson, Thomas                    
ALLEN, Lottie see McDowell, Oakley K                    
ALLEN, Luther N       Mingusville 32 Williams Cty Texas Joseph Allen & Ruth Cowan 13-Nov-1888 Mingusville Dawson 19  
      Mary J Graham Mingusville 29 Crook Creek, Houston Cty Mn Patrick Graham & Annie Lewis          
ALLEN, Mabel (Fuller?) see Bucher                    
ALLEN, Maggie see Smith                    
ALLEN, Margaret see Dodge, Alpheus D                    
ALLEN, Margaret see Decker, Joseph                    
ALLEN, Margarett see Bonney, Walter L                    
ALLEN, Martha see Staffanson, Jessie                    
ALLEN, Martha A see Winters                    
ALLEN, Mary see Wynn, James Dewebb                    
ALLEN, Mary see Kaepernick, Arnold                    
ALLEN, Mary Ellen see Buck, Clifford Ronello                    
ALLEN, Milo       Flaxville 22 Mn George Allen & Cora Giles 22-Aug-17 Plentywood Sheridan 1120  
      Anna Lock Nebraska City Nebr 20 Nebr Mathew Lock & Mary Schin-chai?          
ALLEN, Minnie see Scott, Harold H L                    
ALLEN, Minniesee see Batterton, Harry O                    
ALLEN, Naomi see Barrows, H C                    
ALLEN, Nels see Johnson, Lewis O                    
ALLEN, Nina B see Spurgeon                    
ALLEN, Nora see Hagestad, Arthur C                    
ALLEN, Richard see Allen, Walter C                    
ALLEN, Richard see Allen                    
ALLEN, Robert see Allen, Huston                    
ALLEN, Roy George       Scobey 24 N D George N Allen & Elizabeth Hartness 26-Nov-30 Scobey Daniels 501  
      Elsie Kowcum Scobey 19 Canada Paul Kowcum & ??? Gaworski          
ALLEN, Sam S       Richland 24 Ark George Allen & Cora Giles 2-Apr-28 Scobey Daniels 375  
      Rorothy C Ribinette Scobey 18 Missouri William Robinette & (Eleanor Harmon?)          
ALLEN, Sophie see Mallet, Charles Newton                    
ALLEN, Tamer see Jacoby, William                    
ALLEN, Thomas see Adam, Charles                    
ALLEN, Thomas see Allen, LeeRoy                    
ALLEN, Thomas see Allen, Claude J                    
ALLEN, Thomas H       Maceo 54 Ellicott Maryland Jno Allen & Lucinda Ambrose 21-Dec-11 Glendive Dawson 1032  
      Margaret Dickman Glendive 48 Germany Jno C Dice & Elizabeth Nanpt          
ALLEN, W E       Besch N D 23 Mn Henry Allen & Ada Dempsey 2-Dec-22 Wibaux Wibaux 364  
      Rose M Theisen Beach 36 Wis Ferdinand E Theisen & Anna Honsella          
ALLEN, W G see Cole, Irving                    
ALLEN, W S see Allen, William H                    
ALLEN, W S Jr       Brockway 23 Lynxville Wisc W S Allen & Hattie Huard 28-Apr-16 Glendive Dawson 1914  
      Freda M Koch Brockway 24 Ferryville Wisc ??? & Margaret Harms          
ALLEN, Walter C       Hamblin 23 Oklahoma Richard Allen & Callie Grayson 5-Aug-14 Glasgow Valley 1522  
      Anna McCoy Hamblin 31 Glasgow Ken Cyrus Shant & Virginia Bowler          
ALLEN, Warren G       Flaxville 47 Mn George Allen & Cora Giles 14-Jun-19 Plentywood Sheridan 1525  
      Elizabeth Roufs Navajo 21 Mn William Roufs & Helena Hansen          
ALLEN, William & Hulda see Allen, Ethan                    
ALLEN, William H       Brockway 26 Lynxville Wisc W S Allen & Hattie Huard 22-Dec-21 Glendive Dawson 2832  
      Marie F Guldborg Brockway 25 Ellendale Nels Guldberg & Anna Hanson          
ALLEN, William J       Lodge Pole 27 Mt   4-Jan-25   Phillips 809  
      Charlotte First Chief Lodge Pole 35 Mt            
ALLEN, William J see Kuhnhenn, Dan                    
ALLEN, Wm see Hutchins, Frank                    
ALLEN,, Jane, see Wangen, Magnus S                    
ALLENSWORTH, Edward       Brittin N D 34 Brittin N D J H Allensworth & Martha Loudermilk 29-Oct-27 Wibaux Wibaux 589  
      Nora S Johnson Brittin 33 Bismark J J Lamb & Mabel Frood          
ALLENSWORTH, J H see Allensworth, Edward                    
ALLENSWORTH, Samantha see Shaffer, Evron L                    
ALLERS, Bertha see Willan, Joseph T                    
ALLERY, Andrew see Short, John B                    
ALLERY, Delia see Short, John B                    
ALLERY, Elizabeth see Doney, Alfred                    
ALLERY, Joe       Glasgow 23 Canada Joe Allery & Margaret Emlay 21-Oct-07 Glasgow Valley 314  
      Mary Milletere Glasgow 20 Mt Charley Milletera & Elizabeth Bocroft          
ALLERY, Joseph see Doney, Alfred                    
ALLERY, Louis       Phillips 26 Malta   6-Aug-15   Phillips 38  
      Jose-phine Lamers? Hill Cty 17 Box Elder            
ALLERY, Mary see Fanning, William Henry                    
ALLERY, Mary see Sutherland, Billy                    
ALLERY, Mary see Talamantes, Esquio                    
ALLERY, Mary see Vann                    
ALLERY, Pat see Fanning, William Henry                    
ALLERY, Rose see Ducharme, John                    
ALLEY, Georgiana see Parker, Harold W                    
ALLEY, Jess see Alley, T H                    
ALLEY, Jesse see Alley, John                    
ALLEY, John       Plentywood 25 Bethany Mo Jesse Alley & Josephine Pool 20-Sep-28 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1218  
      Irene McGarry Plentywood 25 Fessenden N D William Crocker & Emma Cline          
ALLEY, Mary see Trottier, George                    
ALLEY, T H       Plentywood 28 Eagleville Missouri Jess Alley & Josephine Pool 5-Dec-25 Scobey Daniels 237  
      Rosebelle Fink Outlook 24 Austin Mn Mike Fink & Anna Bisson          
ALLGOOD, A C       Jefferson Barracks Mo 54 Owensboro Ken A S Allgood & Mathilda Waltrip 23-Nov-23 Glendive Dawson 3061  
      Anna Bitzer Miles City 52 Colfax Wisc John Wade & Jennie Thunn          
ALLING, Abraham see Alling, Anton                    
ALLING, Anton       Duluth Mn 52 Elkhart Ind Abraham Alling & Ida Colman 25-Sep-18 Glasgow Valley 2428  
      Catherine Reilly Glasgow 47 Cailau Cty Ontario Robert S Fathes & Catherine Ann Staneley          
ALLING, I J see Playle, Jesse J                    
ALLING, Ira M       Sidney 37 Dutchess Cty New York John T Alling & Frances Mubbett 3-Nov-1897 Glendive Dawson 162  
      Minnie Hursh Glendive 20 Bluffton Mn William S Hursh & L M Brown          
ALLING, John T see Alling, Ira M                    
ALLINGES (ELLINGES?), Tabata see Beckman, Hjalmer                    
ALLINGHAM, Sarah Elizabeth see Sharp, John Richard                    
ALLISON, A J see Allison, J Clinton                    
ALLISON, Andrew see Barrow, George W                    
ALLISON, Andrew Moyd see Mathis, Luke                    
ALLISON, C B see Allison, Caleb R                    
ALLISON, Caleb R       Culbertson 21 Maeonh? Ill C B Allison & May Sanders 8-Aug-09 Culbertson Valley 494  
      Mamie Raither Culbertson 19   Barney Raither & Minnie Flynn          
ALLISON, Elizabeth see Scott, Frank D                    
ALLISON, Frances see Evans, Eugene                    
ALLISON, George see Allison, William C                    
ALLISON, Henrietta Crighton see Barrow, George W                    
ALLISON, J Clinton       Malta 30 Harrisburg Oregon A J Allison & L J Leakin     Dawson 58  
      Anna Vermeulin Malta 23 Des Moines Iowa John Vermeulin & Alinda Kirby          
ALLISON, James see Lawler, Joe                    
ALLISON, Jessie B see Mathis, Luke                    
ALLISON, Joseph see Allison, Van Rensalear                    
ALLISON, Mary see Baldwin, Aud Everett                    
ALLISON, Van Renselear       Cadott Wisc 76 Milo N Y Joseph Allison & Melinda Baker 24-May-19 Circle McCone 1  
      Sophrina Baker Circle 55 Boscobel Wis Charles & Sarah Sabius          
ALLISON, William       Lambert 22 Waterdown Ontario George Allison & Ansette E G Feilde 24-Jun-14 Sidney Dawson 1515  
      Valentine Agnes Martin Sidney 23 Columbia Falls Gaspard J Martin & Melvina Emery          
ALLMAN, A J see Allman, Lee Floyd                    
ALLMAN, George       Nashua 22 St Paul Mn Martin Allman & Margaret Fisher 22-May-36 Plentywood Sheridan    
      Joyce Henkel Nashua 19 Cando N D Robert Henkel & Lillian Larson          
ALLMAN, Lee Floyd       Portland 26 Golden City Mo A J Allman & Clara Ste___? 26-Apr-30 Glasgow Valley 3552  
      Ruth Behner Glasgow 24 Newton Iowa Chas E Behner & Maude Venables          
ALLMAN, Martin see Allman                    
ALLPHIN, Keziah see Morrison, J F                    
ALLSTON, Eva May (Dunning?) see Short, William Bartlett                    
ALLSTON, Marion see Mix, Henry E                    
ALLSTON, Marion O see Fisher, William C                    
ALLSTON, Marion O see Bell, Martin Averill                    
ALLSTON, Marion O see Emerson, Miles                    
ALLSTOT, Glen       Galva N D 19 Iowa Ray Allstot & Carrie Pokett 10-Jul-19 Wibaux Wibaux 244  
      Emma Wasman Galva 18 Iowa Henry Wasman & Josephine Newberry          
ALLSTOT, Guy Edward       Alpha N D 20 Shelby Cty #235 Roy Allstot & Carrie Poquit 24-Mar-19 Wibaux Wibaux 235  
      Sarah Gladys Cooper Alpha 16 Watertown S D W A Cooper & Minnie War-rick          
ALLSTOT, Ray see Allstot, Glen                    
ALLSTOT, Roy see Wassmann, George                    
ALLSTOT, Roy see Allstot, Guy Edward                    
ALLYN, William       Jordan 25 Armington Pergian S Allyn & Flora Miller 10-Apr-20 Jordan Garfield 24  
      Madge Clara Norman Jordan 19 Saline Kan Asa Norman & Julia Carper          
ALM, Chris see Alm, Loyal                    
ALM, Loyal       minot N D 21 Iowa Chris Alm & Louise Arness 1-Dec-15 Glasgow Valley 1786  
      Elizabeth Allen Minot N D 20 Iowa Fred Allen & Barbara Kroberger          
ALMBERG, Andrew see Moe, Bernard                    
ALMBERG, Ingaborg see Newlon                    
ALMBERG, Ingberg see Moe                    
ALMBERG, Ingeborg see Moe, William                    
ALMBERG, Ingeborg see Moe, Bernard                    
ALMBERG, Marie see Moe, Bernard                    
ALMBERG, Molly see Halvorson                    
ALME, Eliza see Molland, Peter                    
ALME, Martha see Igard, John                    
ALMY, Alice see Handforth, F Hunter                    
ALMY, Alice A see Johnson, Harry L                    
ALMY, Grace see Zolman, Anderson C                    
ALMY, Helen see Cain, Clinton E                    
ALMY, James see Johnson, Harry L                    
ALMY, James see Zolman, Anderson C                    
ALMY, James S see Cain, Clinton E                    
ALMY, Jos S see Robinson, Hedley V                    
ALMY, Nettie see Robinsin, Hedley V                    
ALNEY, Ella see Nichols                    
ALPAUGH, Fred see Hymer, Alfred W                    
ALPAUGH, Fred see Alpaugh, Stephen Darwin                    
ALPAUGH, Lucy see Hymer, Alfred W                    
ALPAUGH, Stephen Darwin       Williston N D 24 Williston N D Fred Alpaugh & Blanch Young 15-Jun-30 Bainville Roosivelt 1475  
      Marey? Nelson Hampden N D 20 Hampden Ole Nelson & Pauline Nelland          
ALQUIRE, Howard E       Wibaux 35 Ellis S D Robert Alquire & Josephine Hanson 25-Oct-25 Glendive Dawson 3285  
      Theresa B Myron Taylor N D 36 Taylor N D Torger Myron & Lena Rue          
ALQUIRE, Inez see Alton, Kenneth                    
ALQUIRE, John Clinton       Beach N D 22 Ellis S D Leonard J Alquire & Marie Evelyn Moulton 9-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 3584  
      Margaret Edna Jeannette Woods Beach N D 24 Forest River N D William J Woods & Sarah Atwood          
ALQUIRE, Leonard J see Alquire, John Clinton                    
ALQUIRE, Maurine see Smith, Zeno L                    
ALQUIRE, Robert see Smith, Zeno L                    
ALQUIRE, Robert see Alton, Kenneth                    
ALQUIRE, Robert see Alquire, Howard E                    
ALRICK, Nellie see Nelson, Oscar                    
ALSAKER, Gilbert S       Phillips 30 Mn   27-Sep-20   Phillips 536  
      Edith Alma Zabell Phillips 26 Ontario Can            
ALSEA, Aliza see Vernon, Rhode C                    
ALSETH, Anton see Evenson, Otto                    
ALSETH, Bertha see Johnson, Evan                    
ALSETH, Hans see Johnson, Evan                    
ALSETH, Olga see Evenson, Otto                    
ALSPACH, Grace Edith see Johnson, Louis                    
ALSPACH, Lester see Johnson, Louis                    
ALSTAD, A P see Larson, Halvor                    
ALSTAD, Anna see Larson, Halvor                    
ALSTAD, Martha Maria see Undem, Olaus                    
ALSTATT, Annie (Burton?) see Kestner, Edwin G                    
ALSTOTT, Vera see Wassmann, George                    
ALTENBERN, Frederick R see Smith, John Arthur                    
ALTENBERN, Mabel Francis see Smith, John Arthur                    
ALTERMAN, Israel       Glasgow 29 Russia Misco? Alterman & Sarah Lefslich 1-Jan-15 Glasgow Valley 1623  
      Fanny Schlain Philadelphia Pa 24 Russia David Schlain & ???          
ALTERMAN, Misco? see Alterman, Israel                    
ALTMAN, Arthur       Dickinson N D 29 Marinette Wisc Charles Altman & Augusta Zimmerman 24-Sep-23 Glendive Dawson 3029  
      Barbara Meyer Dickinson N D 21 Dickinson Frank Meyer & Mary Haffer          
ALTMAN, Charles see Altman, Arthur                    
ALTMEYER, Anna see Heikins, Mike                    
ALTMEYER, Anna see Heikins, John                    
ALTMEYER, Annie see Bretzke, William                    
ALTMEYER, Jake see Bretzke, William                    
ALTMEYER, Jaques see Altmeyer, Nicholas                    
ALTMEYER, Nicholas       Glasgow 26 Germany Jaques Altmeyer & Anna Bruch 27-Apr-03 Glasgow Valley    
      Margurette Hogan Glasgow 20 St Paul Mn T Hogan & Theresa Gullon          
ALTON, Allaveretta see Stoker, Vern R                    
ALTON, Arthur see Alton, Lee                    
ALTON, Arthur see Hermel, William A                    
ALTON, Arthur see Alton, Kenneth                    
ALTON, Ella see Newton, Ralph Allard                    
ALTON, Ella see Hickerson, A D                    
ALTON, Ella see Cummings, Joseph Alton                    
ALTON, Ella see Wagar                    
ALTON, Francis E see Hermel, William A                    
ALTON, Kenneth       Beach N D 21 Brookings S D Arthur Alton & Mary Howe 9-Jun-28 Glendive Dawson 3583  
      Inez Alquire Beach 23 Ellis S D Robert Alguire & Bena Hanson          
ALTON, Lee       Beach N D 24 Brookings S D Arthur Alton & Mary Hall 5-Apr-30 Glendive Dawson 3859  
      Lola Woodhall Beach 25 Beach William Woodhall & Nellie Kelly          
ALTON, Mary see Ebaugh, Anton                    
ALTON, Mary see Borigo, C E                    
ALTON, Mary see Borigo, Marion J                    
ALTON, Rose Ella see Cummings, Clarence Eugene                    
ALTOP, Violet see Lester, Mike Earl                    
ALVARES, Phillip see Proctor, Peter Jr                    
ALVAREZ, Elizabeth see Sibbits, Edward                    
ALVAREZ, Inez see Melbourne, James Mike                    
ALVAREZ, Joseph see Pereau, Vernon Jessie                    
ALVAREZ, Joseph       Poplar 28 Poplar Phillip Necklace & Rose Alvarez 8-Jan-20 Mondak Roosivelt 92  
      Elizabeth Pronovost Poplar 25 Ft Buford Joseph Culbertson & Isabel Laroque          
ALVAREZ, Nick       Wolf Point 66 Mt Philip Alvarez & Drop in Fire 28-Jul-20 Wolf Point Roosivelt 164  
      Two Eagle Iron Star Wolf Point 50 Mt ???          
ALVAREZ, Phillip see Alvarez, Nick                    
ALVAREZ, Rose see Alvarez, Joseph                    
ALVAY, Cynthia see Murphy, Chester J                    
ALVEREZ, Isabelle see Pereau, Vernon Jessie                    
ALVERS, Philip see Tatsey                    
ALVERSON, Glen D see Wetzel, Ernest                    
ALVERSON, Helen see Compton, Herbert K                    
ALVERSON, Josephine see Mathis, Luke                    
ALVERZ, Belle see Boyd, Carson                    
ALVIES, Lucy see Davis, Nimrod                    
ALVORD, M see Falls, Durfee W                    
ALVSTAD, Henry O       Sherwood S D 32 Dodgeville Kansas Ole Alvstad & Mary Olson 1-Jul-16 Glendive Dawson 1947  
      Ingeborg Holdahl Beldonville Wisc 26 Beldonville ???          
ALVSTAD, Mary see Olson                    
ALVSTAD, Ole see Alvstad, Henry O                    
ALZADA, Mary see Lonning, Jacob                    
AMAN, Peter see Kirsch, Anton J                    
AMAS, Percy E       Poplar 25 Union N D Peter Amas & Mary Austing 28-Nov-22 Poplar Roosivelt 445  
      Avis E Anderson Poplar 18 Elwood Indiana Martin L Anderson & Laura Russell          
AMAS, Peter see Amas, Percy E                    
AMATTI, Julia see Moran                    
AMBELANG, Hubert H       Scobey 44 Cascade? Wis Norris Ambelang & Lena Reinuland 14-Jan-29 Scobey Daniels 418  
      Alice Masters Scobey 41 Can ??? Close & ???          
AMBELANG, Norris see Ambelang, Hubert H                    
AMBERS, Hazel Chloe see Barrett, Almond                    
AMBLINE, Susie see Doney, George E                    
AMBROSE, George see Ambrose W R                    
AMBROSE, Lucinda see Allen, Thomas H                    
AMBROSE, W R       P�wood 31 Darbyville Ohio George Ambrose & Tilda Wheeler 5-May-10 P�wood Valley 626  
      Annie Manning P�wood 32 Minneapolis Mn Edward Goff & Kate Daly          
AMBRUSTER, Herbert P       Jordan 28 Ft Laramie Wyo Hubert Ambruster & Elizabeth Evinger 3-Jan-04 Glasgow Valley 122  
      Jessie E Darnell Trenton 22 Springfield Ill John Darnell & Armindia Elizabeth Addis          
AMBRUSTER, Hubert see Ambruster, Herbert P                    
AMBUHL, Katherine see Brathovde, Arnold M                    
AMELL, Ida see Brimley, Orla                    
AMELL, Samuel see Brimley, Orla                    
AMEN, Annie see Bush                    
AMENT, Joseph see Markey, Frank                    
AMEREINE, Katherine see McDonough, Joseph J                    
AMERICAN, Horses see Pireau                    
AMERICAN HORSE, Alice see Pereau, Vernon Jessie                    
AMES, Abb see Golden, Henry Lee                    
AMES, Alfred see Ames, Bert                    
AMES, Alfred see Roberts, Falton W                    
AMES, Alice see Vodopich, Mike                    
AMES, Bert       Tampico 35 Mich Alfred Ames & Emma Spencer 6-Dec-17 Glasgow Valley 2304  
      Margaret Gustafson Tampico 19 N D John Nicholson & Annie Haugens          
AMES, Charles see Wittfong                    
AMES, Charlotte see Boley, Earl                    
AMES, Dolly Vivian see Golden, Henry Lee                    
AMES, Francis Elizabeth see Pilgrim, William                    
AMES, Fred L see Pilgrim, William                    
AMES, Fred L see Ames, John Egnert                    
AMES, Gertrude see Wittfong                    
AMES, John Egnert       Williston 27 Devils Lake Mn Fred L Ames & Rose Kline 20-Aug-23 Sidney Richland 817  
      Jeanette Katherine Shipley res Bismark 20 Akron Ind? Earl D Shipley & Bessie Rader          
AMES, Mabel see Vodopich, Mike                    
AMES, Mary see Trumbull, John                    
AMES, Mary A see Sawyer, James R                    
AMES, Valentine see Roberts, Falton W                    
AMESTOY, Barnard see Amestoy, John A                    
AMESTOY, John A       Tobiason 23 France Barnard Amestoy & Graciane Etchart 21-Jun-18 Glasgow Valley 2390  
      Louise Valez Thoeny 19 Penn Phillip Valez & Josephine Courty          
AMICK, J F see Gookin, Frank T                    
AMICK, Marcia see Gookin, Frank T                    
AMIOTT, Archie see Poronto, Gabriel                    
AMIOTT, Archie see Amiott, Paul                    
AMIOTT, Archie & Bessie see Deserly, Weasel                    
AMIOTT, Fred       Dodson 28 Mt   16-Dec-26   Phillips 929  
      Dorothy LaValley Dodson 18 Phillips            
AMIOTT, Geneive see DeCouteau, William                    
AMIOTT, Maggie see Deserly, Weasel                    
AMIOTT, Maryon see Mitchell, David                    
AMIOTT, Paul       Dodson 24 Willow Bunch Can Archie Amiott & Bessie Anderson 21-Jul-13 Dodson Blaine 67  
      Rosie Pritchard Swift Current 18 Battleford Sask Solomon Pritchard & Rosie Lee Trochie          
AMIOTT, Zibit see Poronto, Gabriel                    
AMIOTTE, Archie see Amniotte, Archie                    
AMIOTTE, Frank       Glasgow 37? Malta Archie Amiotte & Elizabeth Anderson 29-Jun-26 Glasgow Valley 3222  
      Frances Grenache Eight Point   Merrimac Neb Peter Germane & Mary Greener          
AMIOTTE, Fred       Dodson 22 Mt   13-Sep-20   Phillips 534  
      Delia Emily Dodson 23 Mt            
AMLEY, Jassette see Short, John B                    
AMLEY, Mary see Sevan, John                    
AMLIEN, Bertha see Amlien, Halvden                    
AMLIEN, Bertha see Kirkeby                    
AMLIEN, Halvden       Farland N D 27 Norway Hans Amlien & Antrine? Vasboss? 26-Feb-13 Glasgow Valley 1260  
      Julia Marie Kirkeby Flom Mn 28 Norman Cty Mn Martin Kirkeby & Bertha Amlien          
AMLIEN, Hans see Amlien, Halvden                    
AMLIN, Virginia Lee see Crain, Rockwell                    
AMLIN, W O see Crain, Rockwell                    
AMM, Elizabeth see Rapelje, John M                    
AMMAN, Kenneth Paul       Paradise 21 Calama Wash Paul Amman & Constance Christensen 31-May-30 Wolf Point Roosivelt 1450  
      Grayce Gallagher Bainville 20 Shelby David E Anderson & Grace Fowler          
AMMAN, Paul see Amman, Kenneth Paul                    
AMMAR, Marie Antoinette see Johnson, William Julian                    
AMMER, Fred see Johnson, William Julian                    
AMMER, John see Eyer, John Harold                    
AMMER, Mabel Ruth see Eyer, John Harold                    
AMO, Albert see Donahue, H L                    
AMO, LaDella see Donahue, H L                    
AMONSON, Annon see Thorpe, Ole H                    
AMONSON, Chesty see Thorpe, Ole H                    
AMOS, J R see Laugh                    
AMOS, Leila see Laugh                    
AMOS, William & Nellie L see Byassee William, Edmund                    
AMOS, William C       Sand Springs 27 Helena William Amos & Nellie M Howe 27-Dec-15 �the Niles Ranch� Dawson 1842  
      Lena M Dennis Sand Springs 22 Ellensburgh Wash William & Mathilda Dennis          
AMRUD, Caroline see Stennis                    
AMSBERRY, Lester N see Gothberg, John                    
AMSBERRY, Vera Margaret see Gothberg, John                    
AMSDEN, Cora see Casey, Silas L                    
AMSLER, Edward       Bainville 28 Virginia Mn Frank W Amsler & Ella Burk 14-Dec-21 Poplar Roosivelt 327  
      Clara Larson Bainville 19 N D Christ Larson & ??? Kale          
AMSLER, Frank W see Amsler, Edward                    
AMSRUD, August & Sarah see Mason                    
AMSRUD, Josephine see Mason