Milk River Genealogical Society

Chinook & Blaine County, Montana

A Local Member Society of the Montana State Genealogical Society


Thank you for your interest in this society.

For more information, contact the address or person listed below.

Mailing Address: Milk River Genealogical Society, 9995 Cleveland Road, Chinook MT 59523

People to Contact:

Elaine Vogt: 9995 Cleveland Road, Chinook MT 59523

Newsletter: None at this time.

Meeting Times: 4th Monday of the month during September through May at 1:30 pm at the Triple E Room of the Courthouse Annex.

More Information and Ongoing Projects:

There are no printed county histories as such. The Harlem area published a good one that is indexed and covers the eastern part of the county. It is out of print. Our society published a book about the 1991 fire which consumed 187,000 acres. We included land histories with the stories and a feature page on the schools and the church that burned. So it contains quite a bit of history including the Bear's Paw Battleground. Homes that burned contain a a picture of the original home with some history. "Fire in the Wind: An Account of the 1991 Blaine County Fire" immediately sold out.

Our Society has prepared a bibliography of books and materials in the Blaine County Library which can be used for research. (All local histories are out of print, except for a book about the town of Chinook entitled "Chinook: The First 100 Years". It is basically a pictorial, but it is indexed and there are a number of names, although little or no history with the name. It is on sale at the Blaine County Museum in Chinook.

We do llimited research, but there is not time to search newspapers unless the time is pinpointed. We're willing to check courthouse records and land records if basic information is provided. Indexed local histories can be checked also.

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