Montana State Death Indexes


Montana State Death Indexes

MSGS offers 3 separate CDs, which together cover the recorded deaths in the state of Montana from the 1800's through 2012.

Earliest Montana Death Records through 2002:

The First CD is available in 2 computer formats: MS Excel 2007 [please note it will NOT work in earlier versions of Excel], OR in Access (pre-2007 versions of Access will work). It covers the earliest records through 2002. It is available for only $20.00 (postage & handling included.) It contains about 700,000 names, along with identification of place of death. This information is also on our website. No special software is necessary to read the online version. Please indicate on your order if you want the Access or the Excel Version.

Links to Indexes of Earliest Montana Death Records through 1953

Links to Indexes of Montana Death Records 1954 to 2002

Montana State Death Index 2003 to 2012:

These years are covered in 2 CDs, each featuring a 5 year period. Both are in MS Excel and will work in earlier versions of Excel. Each cover approximately 41,000 death certificates filed in Montana during each 5 year period. The first CD covers from 2003 to 2007 and the second from 2008 to 2012. This information is NOT available on our website, CDs may be purchased for only $10.00 (postage & handling included). As the sample below shows, they are very easy to search and use.


State File Number

Last Name First Name Middle Date of Death Year
Flathead 2231 AABERGE DAISY THEO LUCILLE 4/12/2003 2003
Lincoln 1315 AABERGE ETHEL M 2/19/2006 2006
Yellowstone 1912 AABY MARIE MARTHA 3/21/2007 2007


Orders for any of these valuable CDs may be sent to MSGS, PO Box 5313, Helena MT 59604

If you do find errors in any of these records, please complete the linked form and send to the Montana Dept. of Public Health and Human Services. They will check it against the paper copies in his vault and inform MSGS of the correct information so that we can improve our data.