Left to Right: Betty Marshall, Carol Elliott, Verba Valentine, Terry Atwood, Mary Pitch, Shirley Rogers, & Shawna Valentine

Officers (2015-2016)
Office Office Holder
President Shawna Valentine
1st Vice President Verba Valentine
2nd Vice President Shirley Rogers
Secretary Carol Elliott
Treasurer Terry Atwood
Registrar Mary Pitch
Past President Betty Marshall


Committees (2015-2016)
Committee Members
Audit Pat Ludwig
Budget Terry Atwood, Pat Ludwig
Bylaws Verba Valentine, Shirley Rogers, Mary Pitch
External Affairs Terry Atwood
Membership Mary Pitch, Terry Atwood
Program Planning Verba Valentine
Queries Karen Huck, Mary Pitch
Awards Mardi Whitmore, Ruth Hoagland, Shirley Rogers
1st Families of Montana, Sales Al Stoner
1st Families of Montana, Vol. III, IV, & V Fern Kauffman
Nominating Betty Marshall
MSGS Library Karen Huck
MSGS Newsletter Editor Shawna Valentine


Appointments (2015-2016)
Historian Pat Ludwig
Memorial Service Judy Cohen
MSGS Website Shawna Valentine
Facebook Page Fran Jensen & Shirley Rogers