Anna Mae Hanson Award


The Anna Mae Hanson Award is given by the Montana State Genealogical Society in acknowledgement for dedicated service in the genealogical community.

It is named in recognition of Anna Mae Hanson, a dedicated genealogist who gave a great deal of her time and efforts without ever being asked. She was one of the founding members of the State Society, served as MSGS Historian until her death in 1996, and was a member of the Broken Mountain Genealogical Society. She was the kind of person that quietly gave many, many hours and never asked to have attention for her efforts.

Because of her fine example to other genealogists, it was decided to give an award in her name annually at the State Conference to a genealogist who also gives dedicated service to the genealogical community. She received the first award posthumously at the 1997 Montana State Genealogical Society Conference in Glendive. Since then, the following twenty outstanding genealogists have been recognized for their contributions through this award.



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